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The Daily Canadian Dec 27, 1906

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Array Canadian
Fifty Cbnts a. Month
ih Grade Ore Proved
at 300 Feel
ager N. W. Emraans Tells
Done oa Property Dat
ing Last Year.
g in Kootenay Ib on the eve.
s Isoom, but ot a revival and ex-
The work being done quietly
v districts has lor a j-en-r paBt
iL-etlng with most encouraging
isini the development ol many
triii-a     haa    now    advanced    tar
Is I,, guaranty* their taking their
tin- nilika    ol    the    shipping
iisiii s>r Koolenay la no lull of
ni lhe promt time aa the
i,.nli ot the lakes, round Trout
iii.uiiis- uml I-oplar. Only a few
lines nl tliat dlatrlcl are well
1 he Kva, of course, has long
jognlied us ono of the big
���s.   others, worked for a time
t capital)  hnd    to be
ts-.l    Hut for the lasl year au
��� amount  of    dead    work  has
, i.-.]), and by the we-
sls-' .-.-suits will show
���   ~>_4_fiuerly^|
!..- ilmadvlew mine
lut Inks-, uml also of Ihe Silver
j at Camborne, arrived from the
(last nlghl nnd with Mrs. Eni-
land ill. ii daughter, is at tho
Broadview was formerly owned
bi. rated by o.  II. N.  Wllkle and
pub's, ami several shipments were
tin- Hull  Mines smelter with
(results.   About a year ago It waa
r.-.l   by   Mr.   Krumens  anil   W.  B-
rl    of    Cincinnati.      I_ter   they
?d ihe Ohio  Mines    Development
)  and acquired tho Silver Dol-
..titer adjucent properties, cov-
liractlcallj-    the    whole   of the
|t   Northern   lllll.    The  Silver  Do!-
quipped last summer wllh a
fi'snl aerial tram.
n ssf the work    of the   company
11       ver. been done on the llroad-
which gave promise of tho quick-
I conversation with a representa-
of The Canadian this morning.
Bmmens said;
e have completed 300 feet of tun-
g, by which we have attuincd a
ol 300 feet At that depth we
la body of ore 21 feet wide, aver-
:_��1- n ton In values In silver and
Knimcns    ls   entirely    satisfied
the   results  achieved  and   confi-
|of a prosperous future. The plans
company  which  he  represents
the development and operation
on ns practicable of all their prop-
al Trout lake and Camborne.
object of Mr. Emmens' present
I In Nelson Is to arrange for the
plutlon of a tram system for Ihe
dview to enable shipments on an
bmiral basis to be begun lmmedl-
Is conferring with W.  Perry or
���Crawford    Aerial    Tramway conifer that purpose.
Russia's Civil War.
he best proof that the term "civil
I'   correctly   describes tlle  present
|l!on of Russia is afforded by sta-
n of the killed and wounded dur-
Tthe  year ending October  17 lasl.
���umber killed was 7331, nnd the
er wounded 8681,      Among theso
3011 representatives of the gov-
(lent of various grades.     Of   tho
Bsentatlves  of authority  who  suf-
7fi0 were Cossacks, 452 were po?
Ben or watchmen, 266 were police
iJCors, 96 wero agents of secret po-
60 were Cillers of police, and 81
fro   govefnorsgeneral   or high   offl-
_} ���ICxchange.
Royal  Betrothal.
trJerlln, Dec. 27.���I'rlncess Alexandra
ctorla of Schleswig-Holstoln-Sonderk-
ucksburg has been betrothed to
Inco Augustus William, fourth son of
Biperor William. Princess Alexandra
the second daughter of Duke En-
ildch of Schleswig-Holsteln. She was
rn In April, 1887.
The Dally Blaae.
I Weston, Ont., Dec. 27.���Three young
Lldren of Stanley 81ngleton were
limed to death In a fire at Neater
intlon, n vlllngo near here, last night.
liter the family had retired natural
fit escaped from a defective valve, ac
cumulated, and an explosion billowed.
The children were Instantly .-uvi-lnpeii
In Dames und escape whs Impossible,
the rlames spreading to adjoining
dwellings, lour or which with the contents were destroyed.
Novelist Scores Women for Descending
From High Pedestal.
Chicago, Dec. *,!.���A Hpeclal from
London Lo lhe Tribune Miy-a:
Marie Corel 11, though her profound
tontemul Tor man In uvery n-bpect remain--. unUiJiiJiii.-ih-'d, doe_ uot believe
lu woman suffrage, sin; claluiH itiai
she can direct 50 men �� voles ut election iu auy way uhe chouses, hut her
i.nuwer would be destroyed if she lind u
vote of her own.
"It," ahe says, "woman haa the natural heritage of her sex, the mystic
power to persuade, enthrall and subjugate man, ahe has no need to come
down from her throne to mingle lu any
of his political frays."
She scores women remorselessly for
allowing herself to be given away in
iash'u:i imp* rs.
"There," Bhe says, "man Bees woman
aa the fool rampant. She is depicted
as semi-bald, holding her wig ln one
hand, ready to put it on. She Is shown
in a half-nude state, thin und scraggy,
hut a_alu uublushlngly holds n. Iflclal-
ly molded plump portions of her body.
which nature fatted to supply. In readiness to fashion over lhe hollow places.
She la exhibited plainly and pitilessly
as a swindle.
"Do women imagine that men ever
look at such papers; Never perceive
the hotd, prominent challenge of the
degraded advertisement which instructs them us to what a painted,
powdered, (Added, dyed, frizzled,
shameless creature a woman may be,
and often is?*'
Trial    Mtffjii    J*^ | 	
Unprincipled    Villain���Judge
Scores Defendant
A sordid romance, not without Its
pathetic side, was unravelled before
Judge Harrison last Saturday, says
Iho Naualmo Free ProsB, when P. P.
Wiley was up charged with stabbing
Ike Storey. Its the old, old story of
making a wrong start to solve one of
lire's greatest problems.
Some years ago Wiley Induced the
young prelty woman, 19 years of age,
who now peases as his wife, to live
with him. The relationship was con-
Unueil for five years. One child is tlie
result of the union. Wiley haa apparently treated the woman well and considers that by an unwritten law of
Washington state, where he has resided with her, that she Is legally bis
Some time ago he begged her to
marry him and go away to some new
locality and start life all over again.
Tho woman relused, however, and left
him, transferring her afrectlons to
Storer, who was a frequenter at their
home, and was Invariably received
with open hospitality. The loregoing
is briefly what led up to the stabbing
After hearing the pitiable story
Judge Harrison, while recognizing
Wiley's unenviable attitude in the
woman's history, gave Storey one of
the severest "calling downs'* ever
heard ln a Nanaimo court room, referring to his actions as contemptible, and
he as a traitorous, dirty false friend.
As far as was known, Wiley and the
woman were living ns man and wife
and apparently respectable when Storey came on the scene and broke up
the home to get the woman for himseir.
His lordship considered thc charge
as one to get Wiley away so that he
could tako the woman. He only re
gretted thut he could not punish Storey, who had gotten ofr so easily, and
warned hlm that he would recelvo tho
heaviest penalty ol tbe law it he ever
appeared belore him and was found
guilty of anything.
The Judge nlso snld the womau had
behaved shamefully, turning against
the father of her child for a contemptible wretch.
Ills honor let Wiley out on suspended sentence under bunds of (200, which
was quickly forthcoming.
Death's Harvest.
San Frnnclsco, Dec. 87.���Captain
William B. Seabury, commodore of tlie
Pacific Mall company.s fleet, is dead
at San Rafael as the result of a fall
about a week ago. Beahury wns 65
years of age. He was a native or Nis��
Bedford, Mass., and had been ln the
Pacific Mall service since 1805.
liudapest, Dec. 27.���Count Eugene
Zichy, tho Hungarian statesman and
Central Asian explorer, is dead here ol
apoplexy.   He was born in 1837.
Premier Scott's Condition,
Regina, Dec. 27.���Premier Scott's
condition Is reported unchanged today.
He Ib very Berioiisly ill, but the best
medical attention Ib being given and
all possible Is being done.
Foundations Laid Deep in
National Policy
London Standard Educating United
Kingdom ir Elements oi Dominion's Progress.
London, Dec 27.���The Dally Standard publishes u long article on Canada In which, as it says, It desires to
Inform its readers in the United Kingdom of the political and other conditions In the Dominion which hold out
Inducements to the proper persons iu
the United Kingdom io take a much
more genera] interest in the future of
the riling nation.
Au ex-Canadian, who is now a member or thu English bar, Ml. Wm. Mc-
Master, is authority for Uie salient
facta set forth lu this article:
lu auswer to our questions," says
the Standard, Mr. Macmaster declured
tuat thu prosperity of Canada today is
due to the great nutural reBourcts and
the opportunities for their development
aiforded by the wise and statesmanlike
policy iutroduced uud 1 irmly established by the late Sir John Macdonald aud
his colleagues.
Confederation was only the first step
in tne creation of the Dominion. The
Great Lone Land was still "withoul
the Kates," and so were Prince Kdward Island and Hritish Columbia.
Tbe two latter came lu the early
seventies, and the former (Ruperts
Land and the Northwest Territory),
with some important reservations, was
purchased from the Hudson's Bay
Company for $l,500,tKJi). Sir John Macdonald uml his colleagues were confronted with the gigantic task ot
welding together and developing this
veritable1 continent or territory separated by vast distances, and eacn
part, as far as settled, bred under its
own tariff laws. The first necessity
was to establish a uniform tariff for
the whole Dominion, so adjusted as to
give moderate protection to the nus
cent industries of the country, and the
second necessity was the construction
of a transcontinental railway connecting the Atlantic with the Pnctiic
ocean, and traversing each province
en route. This twofold policy���fiscal
and railway���both looking to the development of the agricultural, manufacturing, mining and transportation
interests of Canada was, uud is,
known as the National Policy. Adopted by the .Canadian people, it put the
affairs of the counlry~on a business
basis, and became a great asset. It
has been crowned with marked success. Before the adoption of the National Policy the United States waB
draining Canada of its best blood, and
stagnation in business prevailed on
every hand.
Manufacturer! had virtually collapsed, crushed by the overflow of slaughtered goods from the American factories. Groat numbers of people had left
the country heartbroken, seeking work
in American factories, on American
railways, in American mines, generally
as hewers of wood and drawers of wa-
te;. The National Policy gave employment lo both capital aud labor in Canada. Under its away industries flourished In thc old provinces, tlie fertile
plains of the western prairie were
opened to settlement, aud the mines ol
British Columbia to development���all
to a degree not dreamed of u generation before. Denounced at its inception in 1879, and for years afterwards
derided and condemned by Sir John
Macdonald's political opponents as legalized robbery, this policy has been
maintained by them substantially intact since they came into power. They
have become the unnatural beneficiaries of the foresight aud patriotism ot
the man they denounced in life. No
greater tribute could bo paid to a
statesman's memory.
The railway policy has heen a com
plete success, though at the time it
was proposed It was declared by its
opponents that ' tlie line would not
pay for the grease for its wheels." The
Canadian Pacific railway common
sliaros now stand at 200 in the markets of tho world. The Canadian Pa
clflc is the great pioneer transcontinental railway of Canada. It was built
under the National Policy, and, wisely
administered by strong and determined
men like Lord Mount Stephen, Lord
Strathcona, Sir William Van Home,
and, more recently, Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, lt has done more than
any half dozen agencies to open up
and promote settlement nnd development In Canada. Without It we should
not have a Grand Trunk Pacific (now
under construction),   or    that    other
marvellous pioduction of Canadian energy, the Canadian Northern (Mackenzie Mann system), now connecting the
Great Lakes and Winnipeg with Edmonton, and racing westward through
the Hockierf ,u the Pacific, and eastward  to the  Atlantic seaboards.
The contrail for the construction of
the Grand Trunk Pacific is a weak and
costly attempt at Imitation of the Mac-
donald-Tupper policy. It Is a good
bargain fur tne Grand Trunk, and an
expensive and Improvident one for
Canada. But it ts now the law of the
land, and the best should he made of
even a bad bargain. The Grand Trunk
railway Inter, sis, at all events, have
been well looked after by Mr. Hays
and his lieutenants, aud very properly
so. The old Trunk and the new have
an Important future before them. I
mention the railways especially, as
they have contributed, are contributing
and will contribute more to the progress and settlement of Canada in tlie
near future than any other corporate
or government influence.
And what do you say of Canada's
relations with the  United  States?
Our relations at present are of the
most satisfactory character. It Is true
that there are a few Important outstandings to be settled, but, with good
will on both sides, these are capable
of businesslike adjustment. There
have been Jj-Mnders in the past-
blunders not all attributable to the
imperial government-���but we cannot
correct the mistakes of tlte past:
they remain ty-icons for guidance In
the future,
New South Wales to  Erect Dam That
Will Cost |7r500,000.
Sydney, Doc. 27.���The New South
Wales parliament lias passed a bill authorizing the construction of a huge
dam at Barren Jack, on the Murrum-
bidgee river, at a cost of $7,500,000.
Thc work will irrigate and make
available for settlement 1,858,000
acres, and the catchment, or area from
which the water will he drained to the
dam, will be 5000 square miles.
Murderers End.
KocheBter, N. Y., Dec. 27���William
S. Bretcb, convicted of killing his
wife, Koxana, hy throwing her in the
canal last June, was taken to Auburn
last night by Deputy Sheriff Krawley.
He is uuder sentence to be electrocuted during the" week of February 10.
Suffocated by Gas Fumes.
Niiigara Falls, Ont., Dec. 27.���James
Harris, his wife, a sou aged 13 years,
and a little baby are victims of the
fumes of natural gas used in the house
for fuel. All were dead when discov
Heavy Gas Contract.
Brandon, Man., Dec. 27.���Messrs
Eaton of the Springer Electric light &
Heating company, Beatrice, Neb., have
secured a :.0-year contract to supply
cas to this city. Thev will erect a
1100,000  plant.
Killed and Wounded.
Kharkov, Russia, Dec. 27.���An unknown traveller dropped a bomb In the
railway Btntion here last evening upon
alighting from an incoming train. Two
passengers were killed and many were
wounded by the explosion.
England's  Incapacity  aa    an    Empire
Will Drive Canada to Merge With
United Statea
London, Dec. 27���"Tariff Reform"
writes to the Times regarding the danger of riclproclt) between Canada and
the United States as the result of
llrlllsh Indifference.
The Times, editorially, asks: "Can
we afford to let economic theories,
true or false, stand In the way of
measures which would safeguard the
empire against the danger of absorption of Canada into the United States?
If the government's attitude at the
approaching colonial conference Is
merely one of pnllte reserve and profuse hospitality, veiling the real indifference, then Canada, the sister to the
States, will inevitably come to the conclusion that England Is Incapable as
an empire, political or economic, and
will turn her attention elsewhere."
The opinion is growing stronger in
official diplomatic ulrcles here, that
Mr. Bryce will be named head of tho
llrltlsh delegation to thc next Hague
peace conference. It Is expected that
Franco will Join In this movement.
Reports have heen in circulation recently in certain capitals of Europo
to the effect that Great Hritain was
op|>osed to the American plan of submitting the Drago doctrine to The
Hni.;ue tribunal, but the* official exchanges going on here, have not disclosed the slightest opi��sUlon on tho
part of Great Britain to this stop. Mr.
Bryce's presence ln Washington Ib expected to contribute to an arrangement whereby Greal Britain and the
I'nited Statea may act along parallel
Old Instincts Revived Id
Helpless Occupants of Way Station
Brutally Attacked, Slaughtered,
and Building Burned.
El Paso, Tex., Dec. 27.���A special
from Nogales, Mexico, today says:
Details are arriving here of the massacre of a party of Mexicans by Yaqul
Indians near Valencia, 60 miles below
Guyamas. Eleven Mexicans and one
American were killed. From all accounts there were over 100 Indians in
the attacking party.
���____ _-
Los Angeles, Dec. 27.���Colonel H. B.
MaxBon, vice president of the National
Irrigation congress and secretary of
the board of education of Reno, Nev.,
who has been spending the past few
weeks in the state of Sonora, Mexico,
arrived here yesterday with a graphic
story of a massacre of Mexicans and
Americans which occurred at the little
town of Lancho, on the Canayeal Yaqu,
river and Paclf" railroad last Saturday afternoon. ..ccordlng to the statement of Maxson, his train stopped an
hour at Lancho. While there, rumors
were received that the Yaquls were at.
thu wurpath, and the few people in the
neighborhood of the station and railroad were in danger.
The station-master, a man named
Thompson, belittled the matter and
said that he and his wife would remain
at their post. The train bearing Colonel Maxson and party had not left the
station more than an hour when the
Yaquls descended on the little party
of Mexicans and Americans and murdered four of them. Thompson and his
wife had defended themselves back of
the barricaded doors of the station until a work train appeared, when the
Indians withdrew.
The train bearing Maxson and his
party continued to a station about 15
miles further along the line and then,
as the signs of the uprising became
more alarming, the party decided to return. The train started back towards
Lanchon and when It arrived there Ihe
station house had been burned and demolished and four human bodies lay
alongside the track. The party stopped a tew minutes In the hope that the
sur.Ivors might be found and taken to
a plaee of safety. While the train was
at. the ruins of the station, the desperadoes apn.ared in the distance but did
not .ore within range of the few armed p oplJ on the train.
Not many miles along the road the
scene was duplicated. Four more dead
bodies of Mexicans and Americans
were found along the tracks, the little
band at the station having been able
to repulse the attack of the Yaquls
with the loss of but four of their number. The remaining members of the
company refused to leave on the train
but said they could Stand off the Indians until the next day, when the
rural corps would reach thii spot and
summary justice would be meted out
to (hem.
Fisheries Abandoned.
St. Johns, N. F., Dec. 27.���Because
of the mild weather, the outlook for
frozen herring at Bay of Islands Is unfavorable. A number of American
fishing vessels have been ordered
home empty. This season there saw
the largest American fleet on record
and lt ls feared half of the American
vessels will fall to secure cargoes.
The United States tug Potomac will
leave today for New York. Friction
from thc fisheries dispute is no longer feared. A large number of colonial
fishermen have abandoned work for
this year.
Hyman Recovering.
l.oiu'.oii, Ont,, Dec. 27.���Latest reports from Hon. C. S. Hyman, who is
still in the South, say that he Ib improving In health. He haB been as
sured that there Is no organic com*,
p'.alut. He has been suffering from insomnia and nervous troubles of au
acute character aud lt iB hoped that
rest aud change of scene will provo
effective In restoring him to his full
Anglo-Chinese Nuptials.
North Battleford, Sask., Dec. 27.���A
marriage license waB Issued on Saturday to Nep Seek Fin, aged 25, Chinese,
of Dauphin, Man., to wed Elolse Louisa
Eglantine Willard, a pretty red-cheeked English girl of IG years, daughter
of G. Wl'lard, a wealthy rancher of
Marshall, Sask. Seek showed the written consent of the British parents to
the marriage. The Willards are from
Colllngwood, Eng., where Seek was attending school und met Elolse flrsl.
Seek came there from Canton, China.
He now has a dry goods Btore ln Dau-
phtn and Is prosperous.
Men  of  Mississippi   Unite  to  Enforce
Law and Order.
New Orleans, Dec. 27.���That white
men protected Innocent negroes and
that every effort Is being made by
whites to punish thorn; white men who
are responsible for the Chiistmas riots
ln Kemper county, Miss., was the information In a detailed account arriving here today.
A conference haB been held, these
despatches Bay. between the civil and
military authorities, at which evidence
was produced that will establish the
identity of five white men of good
families of the county who took part
in the attack on tbe negroes. District
Attorney Currle has made a public
statement In which he says:
"I find that the trouble was caused
by a lot of outlaws wbo openly violated all the laws of Goo, man and decency. Four were killed on Christmas
day who were not connected with the
affair in any manner. The men connected with tbe outrages will be captured if it Is in the power of the state
of Mississippi to do so."
The despatches say that tlie total
death list Is probably 12 and the mob
element among the whites has fled toward the Btate line, while negroes
have gathered at Scooba and Wahlak
to place themselves under the protection of the troops.
Sensational   Accusation   Made  Against
Respectable Lady by High Flier
In New York City.
New York. Dec. 27.���With ths arraignment in the appeal court today
ot Mrs. Alexander Trautman, the wife
of a prominent physician, on a charge
of larceny, came the final act of what
is believed to be one of the most deplorable cases of mistaken Identity in
police history. Mrs. Trautman was arrested on Fifth avenue on Christmas
evening on complaint of K. Hogan, a
salesman, who accused her of having
robbed him of .13 a few evenings before. Hogan said the woman had accosted him on the street and had invited him into a dark hallway, and
that when he left be learned thai the
money which had been in his pocket
was missing. Mrs. Trautman protested her innocence, but the policeman
whom Hogan had called to arrest her
took her to the station bouse. The
arrest of the fashionably-dressed woman on the crowded thoroughfare attracted a great crowd, which followed
the officer and his prisoner. At the
station house Mrs. Trautman again
protested that she was a victim of a
terrible mistake, and gave the sergeant
in charge the name ot her husband
and several friends, who she Bald
would substantiate her story. None of
those could be reached Immediately by
telephone, however, and Mrs. Trautman was taken to a gaol, where she
was forced to spend several hours ln
the company of half a dozen dissolute
women, who had been arrested on
various charges.
At that time friends of Mrs. Trautman had been notified of her predicament and hurried to the station house
to procure her release. They protested against the arrest as outrageous,
but they were Informed that it would
be necessary for them to furnish ball
before she would be given her liberty.
Ball to the. amount of J1000 was furnished and Mrs. Trautman was taken
to her hqpie.
When ^he appeared ln police court
on Christmas morning Hogan, the accuser, was there to press the charge.
He said he was certain that he could
not have been mistaken. He declared
he had followed Mrs. Trautman for
for several blocks, observing her closely, and was satisfied before he caused
her arrest that she was the woman
who Invited him Into the dark hallway.
On the strength of thiB testimony the
magistrate waB obliged to hold tho
prisoner for  further examination.
The case has caitBed very wide attention not only on account of the high
standing of the Trautmans In this
city and the South, when Mrs. Trautman came, but Isoenuse of a realization of tho danger to which any Innocent woman may be subjected. It has
been shown that under the present
conditions In the city, no woman, whatever h"r standing and character may
be, Is safe from positive arrest similar
to that which Mrs. Trautman has been
Prices of Mttals.
New York, Dec. 27.���Silver, 69 3-4c:
copper, 22 **-4c;   lead, JO.
London. Dec. 27.���Sliver, 32 3-8d;
lead, ��20.
Mclonis Exacts Heavy Fee
for His Assistance
Comingfrom Ottawa to Take Part
in Campaign���Money and Press-
age to Be Offered Freely.
(Spealal to The Dally Canadian.)
Ottawa, Dec. 27.���Mclnnes bas been
offered a safe seat by Liberal Leader
Macdonald. He will probably resign
and run for the British Columbia
bouse. He arrives in Ottawa from
New York tomorrow.
Victoria, B. C, Dec. 27.���The rumor
ls afloat here this afternoon that Mclnnes has stipulated as the price of
his coming to the rescue of the British
Columbia Liberals that J. A. Macdonald make public resignation of his position as Liberal  leader.
The Colonist charges that there la
only one explanation for the Mclnnes
intrusion, and it is tbat the Ottawa
government is going to use ever}
means in Its power, both in patronage
and money to influence aad defeat tbe
McBride administration. This view ol
the sm I. strengthened by the report,
which was sent from Ottawa lo the
News-Advertiser, to the effect that
the whole British Columbia delegation
la about to come west to engage ln
the campaign on behalf of the opposition.
Mr. Mclnnes' entry into the fight
also Implies that some arrangement
satisfactory to him has been arrived
at as to what shall happen ln the
event of the defeat of this plan. There
can be no doubt, however, that ln the
coming campaign the provincial government will have to contend with all
the agencies which the Dominion can
Such an Interference In the affairs
of the province will be met with the
most determined opposition.
The Beresford Mystery.
Portage la Prairie, Man., Dec. 27.���
R. H. McDonald, private secretary .of
E. Brown, provincial Uberal leader,
who formerly occupied a similar position with Admiral Beresford, says the
man who was killed ln a recent Soo
wreck seems to have been Lord Delaval Beresford, youngest son of the
fourth Marquis of Waterford and
youngest brother ot Admiral Lord
Charles Beresford aid Lord Marcus
Beresford, who has charge of the
king's racing stables. Lord Delaval
Beresford went to Mexico many year*
ago and started ln the ranching business. He there married and the other
man might be bis son. If it ls not
Lord Delaval Beresford lt ts only
some distant cousin. The head of the
family is at present the sixth Marquis
of Waterford, whose chief seat is at
Curraghmore, Perthlaw, in the county
of Waterford.
Fatal Quarrel Over Property.
Lansing, Mich., Dec. 27.���Elbert
Oonklln, a stone mason, was shot and
killed laat night in his home here by
his brother Melvin. They had quarrelled over property matters. Melvin
Conklln came to Elbert's house Wednesday night, called him to the door
and wounded him with a charge from
a shotgun. He then pursued him into
his bedroom and fired another charge
Into Elbert's abdomen, killing him Instantly. Mrs. Elbert Conklln ran from
Ihe house In terror and Melvin fired
a shot at her, slightly wounding her in
the arm. Melvin is under arrest and
appears to be Insane or shamming Insanity.
Pushing ths Track.
Toronto, Dec. 27.���Track laying
gangs at work on the C. P. R.-8udbury
line hsve gained a third point when
they laid the steel Into Bala by Christmas morning. They laid over a mile
of track In just four hours. Within ���
month they will be ln Parry Sonno*.
there being only 34 miles of track .to
lay, averaging a mile and a half a day.
Scott's Cricis Today.
Regina,    Sask.,    Dec.    27.���Premier
Scott's condition   Is very   low.     The
crisis Is expected today, but hopes of
recovery are small.
1       i M
11. The Daily Canadian
== STORES ^=^
Cool nigbts arc now in  order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws- have plenty of them In red anil blue,
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
These blankets aro Justly eel.'l.nitpii fur their excellence.  Wo alone carry
them lu Ibis city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters. Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing. Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions. Everything of the
Best  quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
CAPITAL PAID UP... .14,.'.00,000 KKST tt,500,000.
D. R  WILiUE. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
EVpoPit* received and intere*. allowed current ratal from date of opening of
aoaoont. and compounded half yearly.
NBL30M BRANOH        _J�� lVl_ LAY, A\nnagcr.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve $4,207,741
Total   Assets $41,860,353
Accounts nf firms antl Individuals opened on tho most favorable terms.
Thirteen  brauches  in  British   Columbia.
Special   attention   to out  of town business.
T. __, K1.NNY, Pres., Halifax.       I_. L   PEASE, Genera!  Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published nx dayi �� weat tiy the
Baker-St.. Nelsou, B.C.
HuburrlptloQ ratal, B0 cents a month delivered
in the ot&i ur |i_oo i, jeax u mat by man, whea
paid lu aavmu-e
AdvertlBlug rmw on Hpplicatlon.
All monies paid lo settlement ol The Daily
Cauadluu account*, ��� llher toi subscriptions or
ndvt: using must u- receipted (oi on the printed
form* of  tlie Oo_ap__y<   Olher receipt! arc not
__���-__. __M_3I_R  i7.  l��.(ir��.
���* By oue word we are souietiin-t*. lodged to ba
wise aud by oue word souielluu-s judged to be
foolish, i.'t ut lUereior�� be uaretuJ wnat we
lay."���Co. kith rs,
The n&fguaikm of  Mr.  K.  E. Green
fiom the  provincial    government    aud
his  voluntary   retirement   lo   the   rank
or a private citizen make lining some
extended reference   tu    tbe    business
ability aud singleness of purpose with
which he discharged  his duly ua chief
commissioner of lands and  works dining  his tenure  of office.    There have
been numerous aud important  changes
In  the management at ihe department
since it fell under Mr. Qro&'s care, and
tiiese have heen such as to material^
advance the prosperity of the couuuy
as a whole, aud some of its industries
iu particular.    Tin law by which EQ081
oi our timber   is manufactured   Into
lumber within the province is io he a
credited to Mi. Green's Initiative, and
as a result the revenues have  been m-
cieastd. and whai is equally important,
the Investment of capita] withiu Brit-
lab Columbia, the employment of labor
and a consequent increase Id tlu* cum
nierce   of the   country   have   followed.
The changes in the legislation govern*
ing ihe holding of timber (censes are
a.so to be placed to Mr. Greeu's credit
aud   while  the  resources of the  country   have   been   conserved   tbe  geueral
commerce in timber licenses bas beeu
placed upon a much more satisfactory
and   businesslike   basis  than formei.y,
.Licensees now have a legal status aud
their rights are guaranteed by the law,
so  tiial   a   transfer of license  may   be
secured  on   compliance    with    certain
well-guarded  conditions.      Thus, while
titer, has heen added Impetus given to
tlii* development of timber resources,
the revenues are further protected by
such provisional clauses as place the
3.cense fees absolutely under the control of the provincial legislature. The
Inducement for invested capital has
Thus been magnified and uot without
already favorable results.
More than this, the department of
public works has received the closest
attention of the ex-minister, and never
before withiu the same period have
ibe expenditures on public works been
made to yield such substantial returns.
While the aniouut at the disposal of
the department has ofteu been limited,
owing io the Imperative necessity for
retrenchment and economy iu every
branch of the public service, no real
need has beeu overlooked and whatever work has been done stands in the
nature of a permanent Investment.
The combined work of the lands,
works and timber offices has at al!
times received tlie closest attention of
Mr. Green, and llie reforms Introduced
iu the method and manner of discharging the public business have resulted
in obviating many of lbe delays that
in past years have occasioned much
annoyance to those transacting business with these departments. Never
before in the history of the province
lias the woik been expedited with the
laciiity of the present government,and
nny delays thai have been occasioued
bave been because of the Inevitable
routine of a system which it has beeu
impossible or inadvisable up ,o the
present to change.
While it is Impossible for a commis-
Bioner of lands aud works to avoid
causing antagonisms or arousing en-
miiies. no oue can truthfully say that
Mr. Greens department has not been
administered with the most absolute
Impartiality. No political or personal
fa.oritisnis have been shown and while
the discharge of his responsibilities
according to the letter and spirit of
the law have perhaps caused impatience at times, there will be no one
disposed to say that Mr. Green has
wavered in the performance of what
he has understood to be his duty. This
in itself, under such circumstances,
would be sufficient tribute to the
worth  of  the ex-minister.
To all excepting those to whom Mr.
Green confided the intimacies of his
private affaire his  resignation  at  this
time would appear inopportune. lt
should he Bald, however, lhat even a
minister of the crown is not wholly independent of his circumstances, and in
any case, the resignation would nut
have been long deferred, ll may not
have been accepted political expediency for Mr. Greeu lo resign at ihu
piSSent Juncture, hut it must be admitted that the occurrence displays a singular degree of political honor and honesty. Therefore, the suggestion that
there were embarrassing tijcunistanc-
t's calling for his action will be au rib-
ut - tl to discreditable motives and unworthy of serious notice or denial. The
tact that Mr. Green win accompany the
premier throughout the province and
will speak upon his platforms both in
answer to ciltlcisin of lhe department
ol which he has hud charge, and ln endorsement of the policy of the government, will iu itself be sufficient to give
the He to any statements that there
have been disagreements in the cabinet Those who know Mr. Green best
are aware that having adopted a cer-
laln course he is at all times and in
ull places prepared to justify his action. His campaigning for lhe premier
must then be accepted as final so far
as explanations, other than Mr. Green
himself has given, for his retirement
at the present time.
Now that he has vacated the office
the political animosities which are almost Inevitable will be softened, and
even those opposed politically to Mr.
Green will be disposed to tender him
their personal expressions of regret
ihat the government has lost a strung
member and the country a faithful and
efficient servant. We hope his place
will be filled by someone who will with
equal zeal for lhe public interest perform tlie onerous tasks which he has
iaid down.
The Vancouver World can see no
good in any act of any member of the
provincial government. Its hate and
rage render it impotent to discriminate
between commendable statesmanship
and egregious error. The charm of
consistency is absent from its pages,
while, like Mr. Chamberlain, its memory is goue, but unlike him, not even
the memory of great events is spared
il A few months ago the opposition
press uas calling down maledictions ou
the heads of the administration because nothing had beeu done���It was
alleged���by Uie government to ameliorate the distressing labor conditions in
the province. It we do not mistake
ihe World was one of the most vigorous kickers at his so-called do-nothing
policy. Now that Finance Minister
TatlOW has entered iuto an arrangement with the immigration bureau of
the Salvation Army for the importation of selected and able-bodied laborers from our mother country the
World is more enraged and unreasonable than ever. As a specimen of vampire journalism we reproduce the following from its editorial columns of
a few  days ago:
itU   kvWUvl    u_S   Luc   int.v.*i��l.Jl    *fo   uouu
u__   p(VV_Ui>_   ��i.n  uutottjj  ia__._v.*  iuDUi
U.tll uC-viiieU UlUu Uli U*iJ ua.iiiii..
tt   in. <*>'   turXDu     it    ientities   an   uie   a_-
i.v.t) anu tmargj y*. ���*. muoi organ-
iSStuOna anu  tne  pres:-*   lo  uti*c_UU.c_i(
uie machinations oi tn-e James bay
fcOter-iUKUi auu ueieat then scuemes.
ihe Cinanua minister is making another eiiort to bring in Cheap jaoor by
assisting members of the riaivatiuu
Army to leach our snores. Years ago
the late John itobson had a scheme
for the Importation ot Scotch crofters,
but he did not attempt to put it iu
motion until it had received the ap
proval of parliament. As we understand it. the "soldiers" will begin to
amve early In the year, and there will
probably be fresh scenes of wretchedness on our streets, the only difference being that the next comers -will
be Christians, while the Hindoos art-
heathens. The labor organizations are
already moving and will record vigorous protests against the Innovation It,
this constituency the opposition to this
scheme is marked and it is believed
thai public opinion will be exerted to
render it abortive."
Of Uie World screed we have lit'le
to say. A few days ago The Daily Canadian described to its readers the
conditions under which the government proposes to assist the Army immigration. We thought then and still
think that the government has found
a commendable solution of a very serious problem affecting Hritish Columbia.
We can only add at this time that
if the laboring classes in this province
permit themselves to be enticed into
hostility to the scheme eutered Into by
the government they will do themselves and their country such a serious
Injury that years will not suffice for
recovery from its effects. The labor
shortage in ihe West is one of the
most paralyzing situations affecting
the prosperity and development of the
country that could well be imagined.
The whole population Is almost a unit
on the desirability of English-speaking
and respectable Anglo-Saxon immigration, and as to such being preferable
to cheap Asiatic labor Hut labor we
must have, and if the labor organiza
tions allow themselves to be seduced
Into blocking lhe only feasible means
thai has been devised by which a high
standard of Immigration maj be maintained there will come a time whi n the
employer of labor will turn even as
a worm turns���und no amount ol high
sounding resolutions, threatened strike
or condemnatory speech making *11l
stay their hands. The) will have
Eor political purposes the World
would stir up strife and enpendi r hate
and opposition in order to obstruct desirable immigration. What In .us it to
the World? li has proved again and
again thai so far as the countrj is
conoerned it may go to perdition so
long as lbe political revenge ol the
World can be gratified Bul Isborlug
men have too much sense to be led In
to antagonism to those ol their own
language,  flesh  and   blood     It   nut.  tin*
consequences    will be   disastrous   to
There Is a mild breese ol criticism
detectable in the city over the taci
that there was no street Ulumlnatlon
during the festivities of Christmas eve
aud Christmas night, lu fact, the feeling ls prevalent thai the whole ol
Christmas week would have been gladdened if the street lights had been
brilliant in recognition of the occasion,
Doubtless the delicate position of the
city in the matter of \t\ arrangemeni
with the w. k. I. _ 1, Co is somewhat responsible for the omission, but
lhat excuse is not held valid by pedestrians and merchants on Baker street,
lo whom a brilliant light would mean
much pleasure aud many more dollars
during the holiday week. Il may be
thought carrying the criticism too far.
but it has been complained that on the
occasion of the visit of Commissioner
Coombs of the Salvation Army staff,
the city was Illuminated, while on the
universally observed anniversary of
the Prince of Peace there was uo recognition given in the same way. Tbe
illumination of the commissioner's triumphal tour may not have been an
error, although it was the establishment of a precedent which may become embarrassing at some future
time, but a special effort should have
been made to have the streets lighted
if even for a few hours ou Christmas
eve and Christmas night. a little
thoughtful attention to the relative importance of events would give less occasion for comment and perhaps add
materially to the eajoymenl of those
to whom one season Is above all
The contest In the approaching elections will be between the lobbyists of
the Grand Trunk Pacific with the understrappers of Sir Wilfrid's government on the one hand and Un free
and independent electors of Hritish Columbia on the other.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fans-v (Iroceri ���
Better, Ep(fs..
Camp and Miners* Supplier
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find It m their ad-
vantage to tis* our Piteh
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
jdaji after date I .������
Chief Coiamissioiier ol Lands md
d to spply to tht Hou.
-���_..i��n,iir, ,.; -.anlit mt,<f Work* to pur-
3   ����� r- <����� ��id Jr^-fcUr. in FI��   V*-.    ���
Iir f uk *������ i.4   k__.i -,....       .j    - -   ��� - -       _.."
tug i*n of ���wtioai ���> ___ io ?��*_.ij.*Lij- ti, tad
���     M folio.*.      I ..iLmt-n-Jn* t:  ,   a *.*.
marked F.W.J.e t ���' rtterud planted It -Um
northvett eoreer ot Wj     _        - -    mm___j>;
1-henoe "fM-vw-Lk;:.,   thenee  norlh  S.   _b��lbt;
_*_mjm** dteitu; :^nw woibtt-Lnil* i"
Kovt-jmber ZJr_ ..<���>
'   E. Ay*_fcLg  Ag>?;-
���Sutr Asm after <in*
miiohi to the Hm I
���u-J Worki tor peraimos V. purvhu-* the tot-
lowiar dtwrsbed Ut-at r<,mu.v*<* m- ��t tht
nortbweit comer -*f V 1***.-*; i,*.j.]J'-tion to
purehoe. marke-. ���< L U �� K. E _Wr." nan-
���Ut thenee so tttetm emtJm* t-.ne* �� chaini
weal, then'.* s*. e_*_a___ aorta* tMmamm thaAm
fait to the -point ot '.���������-���u'.��_ffu��*-_..ui u^duIlIdk
mo team, more or itm.
Bsttd tiie l_fih _ay of ->c_otier. IW*
CL L H_u*f)_!_._oK,
  E5 '  ^atOA.. Ageut
Sixty daj* afu-r (._> : mttud to luhtotbi
Chief Cominiw'.uu.' ���_.��� Uud** and Work* tor
t^nuiM.JonVjj-urvhahe   i_��  fnjlnwlnr _eh--r*Jb-*-d
land* in mteotmeey Dta-utet, ah-.'-t three-quarter.
of nille from Tbniiii'. ������__*:   r'jmto*-i,i-iv_ at a
imatmaeaam Um -. *   mtmm <f l gbw. iio\i\>
1, -Aetl K-.���*���*..; Mftrfct; tLeii_e ��-��f-tt*rlr
follow.Df* the north b-uudart ol L 4Mft 4'j
rhaiDi; thence n<.rlh 10 .haint-, Urtsam MM I
chain., moreor let*, be ttm m4 Vi corner of
U49Z; ihenc* **ouih MUrtrtmg db. wtatt hett l 'w\
ei I-6K93 lln bainf more or lea*, to j-laoe o) mm-
manrement. ron*-aiLn-ir _\j *a��*re��. more or leai
Dated thii t-ii daj* ol Itec-ember '.'*.*���
U. H��� J-ni. Lot*toi.
m.;:,-";',-r.......I' ��� >""" "i*''"'"*,1*'*:*:*
ss      i.s. ind about l mllo Irom Bp kam '"'���',
;,'      '   i       .,.��� inclni >t s, i is...'-
,thaili-baloato i.lis.-i- ol is.ni-
'1|l1',",;',,;���.l��� ...���,���������������>��� a, ii; ol laml.
''��'"���"*''   ,',",,'*"' li.M.l. ��,����..
.������,���,   ,. ,.,���.,��� svsssls.l ��i.1h)> ���!'>:'''"'*.��� '
L- ,���.",���,     I  lUcTni   ssl  ��  PM    plant.*.!  "'
v  ws*.  ilsss.-s i*orner, HenM wuth ��u
'   ,      ,|���. 1   10 slis.li.-  sis..is-  ...   !.;���>. I.s
106   -.1    II,.-.,.'.;
��� wi   "'��� *t
loll",-!., I . '     ' ���-'������'- '"'
, ,ii,isiit,iiii- W is- n - isi"rs --I Is-ssn.
....   :���,       ,     ate I .s.s-i-s toapply to ��"*
H *'* tMwlt and ��or*u,
���,,. ,s| laud, locaUdon
.......    ,,,..,,���u- i��-
.  ���, ��� pern ,i,���ik,   -I u ii ��� louthaai
.udbr'ngWi .-i.-iil ril.��Ml
,,.,,,, i ���     ���      il"  sS'.i"'.*
���,.., ii .,    s��� s���,  in (Oi-bilni; ils.nsv
, ... s ihi isln-ool IsoflnDlnr
���     . I��� ��� BKna.
parJ i nioiiwj
s.i,us. allei :,,-., I Inland to appl) W '*'��� H"11-
Chief i tin un, i ol uii'l- and Worka, J "
i.iriH tonurehiaa .'i" aem of  and ,,h��i,-,! hi
Kire Villi sign portlo actloni la
and 16 lu Townablpffli and deaoribed us- lollovll
, .    mi; Hi ss |,,-t |,ls.li!.',l ill Sis-- >,���itliws-.l
eornei   sl  Uu  ��outl i ,.-i uuarlei ..I leetlon I ���
Tomabip N ind  marked 1.0  B. t   conn,
thence north M cbaina; lbence weal w -hain.s
���outb 40 cbaina; tbenoe aaai 80 ehalni lfi
nlaei   ��� i- .���iiiiiint
Noeembef Bird HM.
'i-.l'H  S.lllws-Sl.
J. K. A-WAILX, As:, 111
I Special
a Bargains for
��� Christmas
Notice 1* inn hy Kirrn UiSt-90 fl��/l frnm date 1
iuicN-1 ta tpplj '" Hit* Honorablfl itn Chi*. Con<
mliilofier oi Landi ud Worki m parcbufl w*
(Mjn - ol Itn : li Mrlbed u tollowi; Comm��noin|
a\ n j-,.-*. plunte 1 on Hii* DOf_b bank of the Little
Mnvir rlrer, at-nil 3��i vardi> Iruni mouth, and
���nuked "R HeLeui'a H, w i imi i poit.
tliMiO. carl BO chUai, tbtlioe north m cliaina.
th.t, ' wetlt : ��iti*��. i he uee miiitli wx'hatn . to
plan mmi Qcementl_Ddooo_Unlnsft40aCT_i
in. re oi ������ ���-
Located 80th day Oct., ii��fi.      Hour M< LliJr,
Suty dari alter data i Lotead t<< appir to ihe
ilonar ol Landi and Worki,
Victoria * ; ���-��� ���*.- 10 acrei oftaod, iltnated
on the wait ilde ol Arrow l-ake, ahmit a1, mil'***
belnw Bartoo, mi'! deeerlbed u followi: Com*
meiicniK ��i ��� pwt pleated at tbe nortbeesi
corner of Lot7V70, and r.u��iiig uorth JO chainh;
tbenoe weel k" ebalni, ilu mi* iouth ��0f balm,
thenoe eait -    halm to plai e ol beginning.
Nov. llth, WOO, H   E.IUU,
J. K AjrVABUI, Agent.
sixty 'in���*.*-������ after date i Intend uiajipiy to the
Honorable the Chief Commliali ner <>f I-andi tnd
Work-*, Victoria, to purebaae lOOacree of land,
Located iei Kire Valley iml deaeribed an fnlio,'ni
ComtuL-iH ing at a poel narked 'r H HdCi N\w.
corner, and planted ��t the (-oiithweit corner of
Int >i">. and running eonth m chalm, tbenoe
cant Ji cliainx. ihence north 9u chalm. thence
��f m J    hi.nir. t.i place of beginning
Nov. lUih. liW6. t.to   B   Mr;MltUl��,
J. K. iJtKABUt, Agent.
BUtJ 'lays after d��te I Iniend loapply to the
Hon we Chief CommlMloner of _��ndi and Worki
to pnrchaee M0 a res of land: ruininenctng at a
im,**! marked "H. T. flit nntboaat comer itpct,"
iMtd poet being nl tht* ti'irtlieant corner of (>eo.
Hndaon'i pre-emption claim, about two mil��a
southeaft of Kurti'ti 'Ity. thence went 40 rhalni,
louiti'Ji cliain��, weM *������ i halne, norrt 40 cbalni,
ea-t BO chalna, wath J �� halm to place of com-
meneement, containing 910 acrei
!,..<'��u-i -!,', laj-c! s>.\ ::*<(���    NininT. Bir.��,
Blxty dari afterdate 1 intend toappiy to the
Hon. Chief Commlnloner of Landi anaWofka.
Victoria, to pnrehaae 131 arret of land tooaMn
ou the well ilde of Arrow ,&_*. _u_ lying directly
imrih nf Lot ".''���' ' ommeni :ng at a pom planted
nt the S, K cornet of Lot "..6 and marked 'B- B,
8   B and   running  north 8 chalm,
rhalni, tbenoe north 'JO chaini,
then-ewe*.: 'JD chalm, tliem*e loutb 40 cbalni,
ihence ea*t  4" chalm, to place of beginning.
No. mil, lata. Bkrtha Ba_DLir,
J. K. Aknasli. Agent.
Notice ll hereby given thatWdaei afterdate, I
intend to applv to the Hon. Chief Coiatnimlouer
of Lund, and worka for per mint on vj purebaae
the following deaeribed land In Weit Kootenar
diitrict: Commencing at a pom marked Hn. V,
A U-.iinn'i corner |K.����t, planted at the oortheait
���virnernf Section IT, Towmlte 7, running iouth
���i balni il,- dm west ��t chalm, thence north ��
chalm, thence eut 40 chalm lo plaee of commencement, containing 160 acrea, moreor (e��i
I'aied Nor. __<, 1906. Mm V. A. WtXtBtt,
J Wiuioy, AgenL
- ity days after dale 1 intend toapply lo the
Honorable the Chief CommiMioner of Landi and
W or* i, Victoria. Ui purchaie 1** acrei of land.
located on the wen ilde of Arrow lake, adjoining
Lot-MI,. and dew-ribed as followi: Commencing
at a pott planted on the weit boundary of I-ot
Mid. about 'JO chalm north of the S. w. corner of
iald lot. thence treat 30 cbalm, thence tooth 00
chalm, ihence eaat SO ehaim to tbe western
boundary of pre-emption No. 178, thence north
Co ehaim in place of beginning.
Located Oct. 'iS. I***. _ B.WAI__CT|
R J. Klliott, Agent.
���*��*.. Ian after date I Intend to npply to the
Hon Calf. CommlMloner of J__ndi and Worki,
- ii to purehaae IW acrea of land located ln
Fire Villey. being p��rt of rWtions Three and
l-'-r. Townabip W, Mu\ deaeribed as follows:
Commencing at a poit planted at William
Williams' N. W. corner, and maraed "B. E. W'*i
N. E. corner," and running 40 chains weit,
tnence 2u chains toutb. thence J" chalm east,
thenc**. 40 chalm loath, thence "JU chains east,
thenoi BO ehalni nortii io place of beginning.
November Mrd, Wt. Kwa E Wiluami,
J. E. A5NABLI. -Vgeut,
Bixty dayi after date 1 lutend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot Lands aDd
Works to pim-h-aa* 040 acres of land, located ln
Fire Valley, on weat ilde of Arrow lake: Com-
meneing nt a poit planted 4('chalns weit of the
HmthWM. corner of J. It.��bIuson'i pre-emption
and marked J w*. .- >:. corner, and runuing
north U0 chains, thenee weat 60 chains, thenee
!-.utb 80 chains, tbence ewi 80 chains to place of
Not. 1Mb, 1VA. Jikk William,
J. E. - ���������-.' ��� r Agent.
Nolle* is hereby given tbat 60 dari alter dale I
Intend u> apply u* the Honorable the Cniet Com-
��� i of Lands and Work* for permimlon to
purehaae tbe follow ing deM-rlbed lands: Com-
mtneing at a po^t placed 'M cbalm weit of th--
���> aaat ' orner o! Dot t'A!, inarke>l "R. A  Bell i
:.   :*.   **. .-.    ff rner.'"   thence    aoutb    ft  chalm,
��� ���->! a�� .halni, thence north 20 chalm.
thence west ft ehalni to polntof commencement,
oontaiping 40 metm, more or len-
Loe_tt_.thii6tbdayof Nov.,1906.   R.A.Bill.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to tne
Hon   thief Comuluioner of Landi and Worki.
��� to purehaae tm acre* of lind, lu Kire
1 ���*���   *        ���-���*/.���*- :...;.     ' . rnn ��� nciof  ti i   i-.*--.
B   efaalw KHt *,f iiiec. w 'orner of J.
' md marked W. w*i N
-        ������>'. BLd r.nrilog west 60 ehaim. tbence
mmm *��� 'halm. Ihenee east ��o cbaim, thenc*
north m ehnf-M u. pla*.* of bttpitming
Nor ]Kit��,jw��. William William,
1. E. ���*,-'���*-*,.:������ Airent.
Having purchased a complete line if T
manutacturert' gamplea In Ladlea' Silk i
Tlee, 8harf��, Stocka. Belti, Fani, On. ���
era Bags and Shawls, we are Mlllru t)
them at wholesale prices while they 4
last. No two articles alike and over I
700 Ladles' Ties to select from. We J
invite inspection. ���
��� FRED IRVINE & Co.!
.- it> dr.r�� hfwr date 1 p-arpose mating abtfl-
catlou to ti.e Hon Chief Commiasioner _.? Undi
and _.. ks ior permrursion to pureLaae the following deaenbod landi-. *tommeije|Dg at the
BArthwart emam el v.. a -"reasei app::-ation to
pur'haae. marked "W. i, '.*, g ���& ,.,rn��.r ������
running thene* W ehain* north; thence ��
���__\__*iaaam Vj ttteJae tanuk', tbenoe Wi
cbalm weit to polo' of w,u,meu'*ment, eoattia*
.hi '4  a'res. mor*- or leai.
_>at*td tbe lab dav _\ fj-V/btr, 1>_.
W   Q.QtWtTt,
  r-T J. riHIILL. Agent
___* ',* hmaat ���wea that .-Oav*alter dau I
intend Loapp-j i*. ibe Honorable the chief Com-
** '������ Lsiijds u.d W.jrki for permlaslon to
Vum-em Uy Stowing 4Mcribe4 landi situate
a��M I U :: ��� ��� .max of ibe City ,.j Neifcco on the
eonth mam :<: th*twos) Ann of Koolenay lake,
__meaatMTmtm$je4 a y*n pia_bd abom tt mutae
������ui'j of :;..yy^iLemst eoruer of t>/l itvu, marked
-    Tmtwwaw*a. W    --orner."   thence south   _w
aatau, tmaaae eaat jo amuaa, then-* north *>
chains, tbence west ao ebalni Lo point of com
L��aU:4 tba (-tb day o! Nov., 1806,     6. Tmovas.
ur^of Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Meu Our V��rlvt>- of   �� �� ig
Standard Fufnlfcfe G>mpany
Tomplelc House Furnishers
Undotikers,    Embilmcrs
Ma.s.is _ III.. I. I'i.rs-"
"r'-ris. - - MHltrsvlaa
Mai.lsall Hniitur) Hal
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd.
Nnllee  In  hereby  given that sixty dnyna-l-r
date I Intand to apply to the Hon. Chief | nmnia-
iloner of Undi and  Works fur pcrmis-ion to
onrebam-   the    following   deeerlbed   lands,   In
Weet Kootenay District; Oommeneim utantn-
lltal pott idar ted al  the m.uthcast corner t.f Mr-
Coy's iire-emplb.n, thcine 'Hi chslns ��ef>t to eait
bonndary ol  l_>t ciwl \hw* fottowtol "';'
Jmo^mwwm -fflSWjg*'"',Etd'
thenee lo chiiins weit;  thence 6u ���_     ___
thenee SU chains east;   thence Ji chalm Dffl._
���onthWMt OOnMf Ol  I/��t BS; Ihenee following  I
west Utiindary of I��t r_-. to Initial t��*t.
���September D, 1BU6. D, I). Wolff,
per  Kc.Nf-T W. l.i|.;vn.>
Notloe li hereby given that eo layi alter dau* 1
lutend to apply to The Honorable the (blef ��',.m-
mtnloner ofXandi and Wnrki, Victoria, B.C.
tor MrtnlHlon lo purehaae tbe following deeerlbed land, iltuated lu tlie Weil Kootana-f dlitrlet,
ou tba weit ltd* of �� nbamel (or Pix Mile) rreek,
on up'ir ilde of wigon road, about 21-, mllei
fro ii Wet-1 Arm of Ko*tenav lake: ' ��� ;*.* men-'ing
at a poat marked Mn Hatile Duek'i N.B corner, running .0 ebalni weil; theme JU cbitn*
south', lbence �� chains eaat; Uwnoa JO cbalm
north, to tbe point of couimencement, containing ���*���' acrei of land, mure or leas.
Dated the 17th November : "
Miu   Hattii Dr<g,
Johw 1.   TavujK. Agent
Hlxty dayi after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon Chief Commlnloner of Undi and Worki,
Victoria, to purchase UO aeres of Und abont two
mllei b'low Hurton CUT, Wagjt Koolenay, commencing al a p��it marked "J A. Irvltir-r'i east
corner ixnt," aald jx.st being cm the eesterly end
of an Island weit of I/MfiMT.and claiming all the
land contained tn said tslaod, being about one
mile In an easterly and weiterly direction aud
about ��i chains from north lo iouth.
Novemtrer llth, 19U6. J. A. Iavi.vo,
J E. A--s.ii; k, Agent.
Sixty days after date-I purpose making appli
cation to the Hon. Chief Commuiiloner of Unds
ami Works for penuliilnu to purchaie the ft>l-
lowlng deicrttx.*d lauds: Commencing at the
liorthwett eorner of I��. Dcdd'i application to
purchaie, marked "M. Va &. W. corner," running
thence Ho chains north; thence ft) chains, more
or leai, to the west ��hore of Whatihan lake, following tame db chains south; thence N' chaini,
more or less, eait to the point of eommetisement,
containing MO acres, more or less-
Dated the 12th day of Oetober, 1*6-
M   FAtgciia,
per J. tflilBLL. Ageni
*lxty days after date I purpose making application to ine Hon. chief I ommlssloner of Umli
aud Works for perminlon to purchase the following deacrlbea lands; Commeneing at the
nurtbeait corner of C. I.. Hnnnlngton'i application to purchase, marked "E. A. C. B. E. corner,"
running tbence ���**���** chains north, thencp SO chalm
west, tbenoe KO chalm south, thenee Ho cbalni
eait Ui point of eommeneement, containing MO
acrei, more or leas.
I'aled the Uth day of October, HMI.
��   A. CREAfll,
per J   r-ltll::.  Agent.
Blxty days after date 1 MtrpoM making application Ut ihe Hon the Chief CommiHiloncr of
Undi and Works for permission to purchase the
following deserlbod lands: ���"ommenclng at a
mut placed at the southeast corner of M. K.iireii-
fell's application to purcha*i\ marked "V. D's,
B. W. Corner," running thence ty chains norlh:
lo r.L.etmV, thence % ehalns east; thence w>
chalm iouth ; lhetice (Wi chains wen, (0 p-olnl of
commencement, containing M<j a- res, more or
Datwl the IHth day of October, llwfl.
Per J  BhJtUi Agent.
-SO days after date ] intend to apply to thc Honorable the Chief Commlisloncr of Utidi and
Worki, to purehaae IN acrei of laud: Commencing at a post marked 0.W.I N.K cornei
poit and planted on the west shore of Arrow
lake adjoining U>t X7S on the south side of snid
���Lot, theuce wesl wt chaini along the southern
boundary of Lot 8.3; thence south -WUB chains;
tbence easl W ebalns moreor less to lake shore;
thence north along lake ihore lo place of beginning.
Dated ��th day of Nov. 1906-
QlO. W. Htkel.
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date I
Intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission to purehaae the following denrlbed lands lu West
Kooteuay district, province of Hritish Columbia;
Commencing atapn-t marked "William Tolling-
ton'i northwest corner post," iald pent being
Slanted at tbe southwesi comer of the "Ciueen
��� ineral Claim," and adjoining the east line of
MePbaU'i pre-emption, ihenee south twenty (3JJ
chains along aald line, thence east forty (40)
chaini. thence north twenty t_W) ehains, thence
west forty (��oi chalm more or leai, lo tbe place of
Dated 1st -lay of Auguit, lt06.
By bli agent J. K. Taylor.
Mxty dayi after dite I intend to apply to the
Hon.lbeChlef Cornmihsionerof Undsand Works
to purchase 1C0 a*-re* of land: Commencing at a
poit planted on the West ilde of Hx mile creel,
on wagon road, about two and one half miles
from Koolenay lake, and marked -'Neil Mc-
Kechnle'i 8. Weit .orner j-oit," thence east Pi
chaini, thence north 40 chalm. Ihence wosl 40
chalm, then-re south 40 chains, lo place of com-
Located thU luth day of November, 1906.
NHL Mt Kg. hnji.
Hxty diys afterdate! Inteml  lo aett totkii
Holiurablethe ChiefCommlaslniicr (if lan-Jiut"
Works for permiMlou to purchase tlir Ituicnrui 1
detei-ib<��d lands in   Koolemy  dUtrin    r��.\
rnem-ingat a poet marked J. B. Ann .l.if'uorti. ���"
out eorner iK��t. Mid ���������� being ..l tbe -Muih ���"
side of  lhe Lower Arrow lake, eU<D. tei _|_i I
below  Murmn  OUyi  ibem-e aa.utb *��� rm��-i
thenre wwt JU chains; Hm-iim��� s.,uih i ���'me-1
thOBOS WSM *tl chains;  tbi i.r. north *_ .ttm '
1   30   links,   more  <������  j. M toUie ,���*_>, .'��� -
_,   ���     -it'- 11   - i-1   -i ���-*"**^    -ssafc ��� it.
il,%1*wWtamMM*amta0yit:w<.'liait.m taoreones*, ������
to the placoufbegtunl-g, conuinlng IC um
more or loss.
Hated thli&lb dayol N��vrtnl**r.l. I j
perK.L Bcunrr, Ag.nL
NotU-e Is hereby glTtn thai silt* tOt l!w j
date 1 intend to make appl usti-n wtb* Hwss 1
able Chief < ommlHtoner of Undi ind Worts it J
Victoria. B. t ., for permission to po rebus Iklfc. J
lowini ___erlMd land, iltuate lu l-.re Vallaf,]
Weit honi-nay diitrict. Com mi in n t. l**?f J
I lanied a' llo- stouttiacfl corner ttt J"��L.��_*
luson's pre-emption, marker! K.I. K'i^ to-MSfl
post, th-uce 40 i halm west, thetict- * fklSll
north, tbence 40 chains easti*. Jo-|ln-tK..Hiwrt
uorthwett corner, lbence wmlli *'iliilo��WsSS|
of commencement, contain 1m; l^'acr-i. Cutis'
Dated this -���* ������ \ day of Nov., I**.
 I^M. Kll��*wi_
Blxty days after date 1 Intend l" apr-ly w* I
Honorable the chief Commlwlori.'-.f L*d*1iuI-J
Worki Victoria, to purchase J'srei ���*! Mj.
located and described ai followi ( ctamsadsi j
at a poal planted at the louthwest ccrc-r-afil
Robinson .pre-emption In Fire Valley, aatata_\
five miles from Edward Uml tug- ��(*��� ���V*']
Arrow lake, aud ranked F O'iS �� coraffMl
running weit 60 chalm, thence i<.uth 51 rUiSSj
thence east to chaini, thenc* aouth �� (WM
thence easl 4<i ehaim, thenc-r i.r: -t ��� m;-<" :
place of beginning j
Not   Uth, 1V0��.                        Fsa>k "ia-wI I
J   E   A��.-Mi:f   *t*i*-_���:-!_  1
Notice li hereby given that 6" days alterdttll
iniend toapply lo theHon chief CdiinnltfloBBfl
Undiand Works. Victoria, for pumiasMi U1!*!
ehase  the following described laml. altnat����
the Wtit Kootenay district, mi tl ��� ������������''��� \
Huhamel (or Mix Mile) creek, n. hr v.at���* tm
about three mllei fnnn Kootenai \"e., v!
mencing at a postmarked *-Jan,t-*.    I��*i- * ������
post." running �� rhalni east, thence 3* itfc
north, thence �� chains weil, thanes *rl** ,
soutb. lo  tbe polul of OOflUMmi-ouenl. ton_a*s
Ing 40 acres of land, mere or lesi.
IHiled I��h November. Ittt.. I
���Locals. I.y JmnJ. !�����
perJoMNK   TaT1��s, Agetn j
Hlxty dayi after dat* I iBUmd ��" ftM}?*-*
Honorable the Chief Commissioner '"'*?"
tie -v met' oiiim*,*-**!....-������ ��������� ������������-���l, t
pcrmiisiou to porchsss the t��U��m I
deserllied lands in Kootenay dlstrci: <��"���������
Works for
;:r_J".T'aT���i"ftarte<r"A. J. lull*. """'"JI
eurner p.-..l.** tald poat U luf "n tka ""'���;�����
erly ahum ol the Lower Arrow lake an.|��lgj
slue eaat, oil tlie nortlirut eorner ..II ixn ���m
Urouj. l;ilien.-euorth(0sls.iii��:.a-|l"''.!2l
aoulb W ehalna. more or l.-��.10 Hie l��*"���5 I
ihenee follow ma laid ihora :n > ��* 'H """Ji
.llre.lis-imi slialu, more ,.r leu 1.1 the l��M��
beflmiiua, aonlalMM vt> aeraa, mm or ���1
llatesl tlsl. 5lh daj- of Nssveml-er. 1*"- ^ ^_  ,
 per K I. Bikmt. Utatj !
Noll.-.l. h.rehv jlven Ihu -    '���''"'lU'S
1 Intend. .0 applT lo lhe Draorj��eU��J��
CommlMloner ol 1 IW aiol Weils. "I    . I
.lon lis mrohaae Ihe Isillowliia .l.-��rll��naj"
Kontenay   dl.trlels     Ism 11.-ma   "; 'jr.
marked -J. H  Wall.ee*. ,i.,nliwe.t ""'.'C,
tal.l   l��.��t   bBlm   on   the eailerli   .l-l-   >a      .
Arn.w   lake,   anil   at the  aouthweM "'"^ I
l'.irt.r*,pre-em pllon elalm It Is..)" ea'i'yj- !
sls.is--  Ih XI ehalni. Ihelsse �����*��*', 231
Ihenee wsitti *�� ehalna, then.-.- ���i'I'-j
more or lea. to the Arrow lake. 11,. I.s e  nj"",, J
ea.u-rly dlre.-lloucoeli.liia. W_\!____
lila.-e ol I- amis me. euIILiultiK U" "' ����."���"
Hat. d thla ��th slay ol OotoMr,, IW- WlUi_,
B; hla ascent, Knsnil '    "' i"'!'_- ;
Tlxt7da)a after .lal. I purl-.;   ; *""'._��'
eatlon to the Hon. nsl.l C��nmUaloiw'"JB|
and Work. Issr peimilalon to ru" l"" ' al
lowing   de.orllj-d   landa:     ComnenflMXi
poat   piaeed   at   the   uorlliwea.  """" 'M
A    ss,..e*.   applls-atlon   10    pur.*ha"   ��_,
"K R'a H. E. eorner." runniiiK tlseis" -  MU,
north, thenee tl .hair., ��.-l, ""���'":'*,,._<*
aouth. Ihens-eKii el.aiin ea.l to point o"'
renieut. eoutalnliiK MO a.r. I. ""���''���''' "
lsale.1 llienihdayotOeli.l.er.l����u|]|IlW,
perl  mtltl.t-JSS���
SHUT daya afterdate I Intend ���"*[|[|1/1*
Ilou.<.*hleffomiiila.lssner of ui>' "ID,al
In purehaae l��-aerea ol land, esinsi s ns a^
p.,,', marked It. I'I tt.a-tomu r'^M
the N*. W s-orner of 11. " ��� M��'f ' ,"nB,l��'
weat,ide of Arrow lake, about foi" w_j
Burton l-lly, Ihenee weal M *J*JJ5j| ,
VM i-halna, Ilielne eaat au ehalna, tin'' Mt
SS ehain. Us Pla, 0 of be��lnnlll||,, entam"
aerea, more or leaa. BvaoaBW*
Dated ��lh day of ����'-'.'��lJ*_^.I"i' '�����*��� _
Blxty dan altar date I purpoae iis'>1"f ui��
eatlssu U, the lion. Chief 0nmnilail- ���"' lM Iilaud Worka for iH-rmlaalou to pi"' ���',*   ,t,fj
... .          ...   ���-itt P"r,''!,"'.,:".l*"i
lowloil deaeribed  landa:   I ..mom" ;'+������,>
laee.1 about hall a mile west 01tna ���    rir_i    ,
hal.han  lake, marked  "D. _t_._mit__
ruiiullil! theneo W ehaiiia aoulll; ii" ""^ M
eaat; thenee M ehain. DOrthl_""""saUlU'
wett to point ol essiisiinneeni.nt. I
"'ua'ted the iah day ol October. W* ��� j����
Per J. tsitiEl-l^-***'"'
	 The Daily Canadian
Dissolution of Partnership Sale!
The   Partnership   existing   between   ALEX.   J.   KERR   and   W.  J.  MEAGHER, carrying
on  a  Diy   Goods   Business  under   the   name of  Kerr & Co., will be dissolved on the ist of
January,  1907.        In order to reduce Our Stock a-* low  as possible before   a change   will  be
 made in the firm, we decide ou a "a"	
Two Week's Sale, Commencing Thursday, 27th,
Closing Saturday Evening, January 12th
Twenty Thousand Dollars Worth of General
and Fancy Dry Goods, Ladies Ready-to-Wear
Garments and Millinery Thill be on Sale at Whole-
v   sale prices.
Building Lots for Sale,
h. & mTbird.
All Goods not remarked thill be Sold at a
Viscount 25, 331-3 and 50 per cent Off our
Regular Trices.
NOW is the time to Supply Your Wants with GOOD NEW DRY GOODS At and Below Cost
RULES OP SALE: Strictly Cash, no goods on approval, no samples.
We would ask all our customers having accounts with us, to kindly settle by
the 15th January, at the very latest February ist.
Corner Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson, B. C.
lNHEUSER     ���and 1HE owginal
sUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       *"��� AS^i^lS��rtttaH    VICTORIA
|icat_ of the  Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Company.
'Companies Act, 1897."
B. CERTIFY lhal "The Llndslcv
'I'l'titty" hnn thin day been regliterea
tra-ProrlnaUl  eonpuy  under the
s Act, 1897," to carry out or .I...*l all
Hid object a .*r thu (.'uiupanv In which
>   ol the t_W_U*tUX�� Of British Ool*
I offloe of the cunipmiv lfi situate at
- I'nrtlHud, in lln-1 mint*** .'i Mnlum
oi Oregon..
"nt   ul   capital   of   tho  company   is
iliiMihHtxl    rin'lars,    divided    iulo
��� '..'I'lii'l shares of ten -lollrara
offlce nf ihe roinpitiiy lit th In province
it Nelaon. and Edward a. Lfndiler,
-hose mMrcsi Ih Nelson, Is the at-
';��� ���"inpaiiy.
i'*r my hand and sen I of ollico at
uvluoe ut itritish Columbia, this Dili
'Mihcr. one thotiNniid nine hundred
Koglitru of Julnl BtOOk Cfitnpniitca
"���   I:
"'���'���** h>r which  tho uuinpimy has but-u
"��� and tefltUund are:
���'Ofagfl In tuul conduct any mid all
�� "I uuilneu for tbe salt ud iiianulac
"'�����*r mnl forest produets, ties, piling,
"���'���" logi, hnn her, Umber, wood, shinnies;
"gage mnl i onduct auy and ull branches
daplurlB-l '"to thc iml* bed product ol
������ '*'"���.   in   any of lis forms, may enter
' tn put!; it mi tociiKatte in, com) uct uud
'''������' c-iiiTul or common business of the
' ������'  "I lumber in all lti branchcii.
��� '���'vnuf in and conduct a general loghIiik
!l ml Its hrmichoa, and Ui purchase or
���*'    .llpOM  uf,   and   deal   in   ntumpagc
'���' r> 'Icucrlpiiou:
" iinitdiitiurc, purehaae or other wine ac-
''   orjoihtrwlM dispose of, and deal lu
'"���'- wood uud fuel iu any and all their
'"iiiioni uud combiiiailuui:
purpltaM or otherwise acquire, sell or
'' 'Uspose of, aud deal lti raw materials
'"""'"les of any uud nil kinds:
���*���* '"i'l act as Knot for others In thu pur*
��� midlli ,: ���,,,!   iii.ui,-  ���f HUd ll) lugs,
*iia wood  in ttiiy and all Iheir forms,
is nmi combination*-.- wh-ther crude or
"ired, and other coin mod Hies:
,' "Kftg. In and conduct the business of a
���/;,',,in" tl1 "H it�� branches, and to store
"UB" (orhire:
'^""���"���'t n general merchandise business:
tisiVr  ���" 1'"' "r otherwise acquire, lease.
��� iruct, build, hold, operate,- onduct and
' ''".*���' mid all maimer of lumber mills for
"""nre of all kinds and descriptions of
ana uny and all docks, booms, piers,
I iiii" ���_' WBr��h��u'"'��. nulls, factories and
,   J. -*??' PUudlBgl, structures and on
' '" i kinds lhat may be required, or that
r desirable Tor any of tho
this corporation Is formed,
-'���sell, transfer, convey, or In any
bi daai   S*       MtliKtlir any part thereof,
'ni* m c, to amjulrc by purchase, lease or
��� ot pnsti,.HBi operate, and dispose of bv
.���i '!r.0,lu'rwlHe, aud to convey timber
'">��. oil, and aepbultum lands an
deposits, and lode** and veins of gold, silver, iron,
OOpper- stone, aiidatlolhurnilueralsHnd mlueral
lands, farming and other lands, city or lnwn Iota,
mill sites, waler rig lit* aud privileges, and nth '*r
righti, privileges and projKTty, real or personal.*
To. To acquire by pun'ltase. lease OT otherwise,
to erect, build, operate, uiuliitalu, possess and
dlKposc ot by sale, lease or oilier** lac, and lo convey tlumes, roads, railroads, tramways, steam
boats, and all other buals. scows, barges and
vessels; and to carry freight and passengers DO
any and ali such transportation lines, and to
charge and receive lulls and-rom pejutat Ion there-
11. To purohaae, 'ease or otherwise aeoulre,
and to erect, build, operate, maintain and possess,
aud dispose of by sale, ltase, or ntlurw.au, and
to convey, machinery for tho prodttfl
tion or generation of steam ur steam power, electricity, electrlo power, uud any oilier power
��� in**,*-, ii or hereafter lo lie discovered, aud to use
sell, lease or oihcrwise dliPOH of, and to convey
such steam, electricity and power for heeling,
lighting or other purpose*-, mui to erect and const uct poles, Wlte* and subways, or other neres-
sarv or proper means ami appliance* for the
iluet of electriciiy or eUrtric   power for any
Duke of Norfolk.
Henry Fitzalau Howard, Duke of
Norfolk, was born December 27, 1847.
His grace iti the head and front of the
peerage of Groat Hritain and in rank
comes next to tlie princes of the blood.
His family is the oldest Saxon nobility in England and were anciently thu
Herewards. As earl-marshal of England the Duke of Norfolk arranges the
provessious of state on occasions of
royal coronations and the like ceremonies. Although immensely rich, tlie
duke is one of the hardest worked men
in England. He has served faithfully
as county councillor of London, as
mayor or Sheffield and as postmaster
general of the kingdom. He is the
head of every Roman Catholic movement In the three kingdoms, and has
proudly preserved the faith of his
fathers through all the vicissitudes of
the centuries. Several ducal Howards
have Battered death in the Tower, hut
not forsook the faith of the famous
of the pUlp ises aforesaid !
U.   To subscrllH'  (0
for. purchase or otherwise
acquire, own, bold, possess, sell or oil ier.viae
dispose of, and to convey shares, stocks, bonds,
or olher securities or lUltranOH of lis own or
anv other eoiiipaiiv or corporation, and lo uuur-
aiitceor otherwise secure the payment of dividends on ah area or slocks of its own or auy other
oompany or OOrp ration, and the Jtilcrest OT
principal Ol bond* Of any company or corpora
11 To make promlpsory notes, hills of exchange and other evidences of initebledtiess; to
borrow or to loan money on bonds, debentures,
ur otherwise; to secure, In such inuQUpr aa to ll
may seem proper, the payment of uny promissory notes, builds, debentures, or other evidences of iMleloedues* of the corporation, and to
morteftie, pledge, or give or convey In trust any
or 111101 its property, real pertOnw or mixed, to
Mean _-��� peyroent ol mob promlnory notes,
bonds, debentures or olher evidences of the cor
poraiiou; ,   .,
14 -ToMiv,purchase, own, hold, ac(|iilro, vend,
sell, bnrler,' donate, mnrtg'igc, encumber, lease
manage and disposu of all kinds of real and per
sonni property.
15 Tontlil I, construct, iiniinlain und operate,
to possess and own hv lease, ��nreeineiit or other
wise, and to leuso or dispose ol the sume by
aiirccuiciit, saleor otherwise, all telegraph und
telephone Hues uud all Other means of com
muuicatlon, und to ebargfl and receive lolls and
coinin'tisutton for the same:
id The buslneu oft eoorporatJon or any portion thereof, may bi transacted, lu the stales of
Oregon and Washington, or to WtboijattM
states, or in any other parts of the United Malt _
Of America, or iii dependencies, ur in auy foreign
country or countries, or in nny or all of suph
states, ilopendciKiea or count "les: 	
17 To do and perform any aud all other matters'and things newiiiary, proper or eon��nlcni
lor the accouipliiliiiK'i'l ��' ��H or any ol the ob
jecls hereinbefore wpecllled _______
Old Curiosity Shop
11 you waut to buy or bbII any hi ���
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A v. *
lino of Japanese Goods now on saie. Al-
kinds of Dlnnerware in ��took ? *>
Getting Energy Frdm Fruits.
So far as fresh fruils art.- eonm-ned,
more energy can be extracted from one
isound of plums than can be got from
a i.Hiund of dried figs or a pound or
prunes. Thu recenl scientific analysis
from which these sulking facts were
obtained bus attraotsd great attention
on the continent. Strawberries yield
the smallest amounl of energy from u
given weight compared with other
tiuils. HuHpbenles stand next, then
���blackberries, then watermelous, then
cranberries, and these again are followed by currant. Oue can get three
times Ibe amount of energy from a
pound of fresh plums lhat one can gei
irom a pound of watermelon! or raspberries. There ls nearly live times us
much energy available for extraction
In a pound of fresh plums as In a
pound of fresh strawberies.
Teachers for Philippines.
Washington, 1). C, Dec. 27.���If there
U any district school teacher 111 the
tsnltod Stales who has not yet "done
lime" in the Philippines be or she nasi
tlie opportunity to obtain the position
by uiKing tue examinations staled to
bo lield today aud tomorrow in various .parts of the country. Nearly all
llle teachers who have gone out to the
islands during the past lew years have
either come home or married and retired, Jind so the government is great
ly iu need of 10b or more teachers to
take their places. Fifty will be appointed at entrance salaries of $1200
and the remainder at smaller amounts.
The teachers will be required to go to
the Islands under two years' contract.
Populist Party Dead.
Topeka', Kas., Dec. 27.���The Populist
tarty lu Kansas, or the remnant of tho
onoe powerful political organization
that twice succeeded iu carrying the
statts, has been given a decent burial,
following the certificate of death filed
Jn the shape of tho 1100 Populist votes
cast at the recent election. Pursuant
to the call of Chairman Hanna of the
state committee, a handful of the party leaders gathered iu conference here
today to take steps to disband the party formally and to wind up its affairs.
If the wishes of Chairman Hanna are
carried out the former Populists will
now ally themselves regularly with the
Republican organization.
This Date in History���
1714���George Whitfield, founder of
the Calviaistlc Methodists, born; died
September 30, 1770.
1811���More than GO persons perished
in buriug theatre at Richmond, Va.
1828���Rowland Stephenson, English
btnker and member of parliament, ab
schonded with $1,000,000.
isai��� Roger B. Taney of Maryland
became attorney general of the United
1S47���Duke of Norfolk born.
1868���New Adelphl theatre, London,
1862���General Sherman attacked
Confederate works about eight miles
from Vlcksburg.
1892���Corner stone laid for cathedral
of St. John the Divine. New York city.
NOTICE ia herehy given that an application
will he made to llie U-eislattve Ass.moly of the
Province of British t'oluinhla at Ito next neasloii
for an net ���.uthorlziuK the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place,construct.ond maintain,
ii -Uni Mt iiiim-. boomi] piers, ulides, and other
works in and uroli tlie Kootenay river at or
near Tlirnmn Station (about opposite Hub-lot IV.
of Lot 4008, Group 1. Kooteuay distriet); and In
and across the Little Slocan river; and io and
Mini*--1 the Slnciui river nt a point or points below the moulh of the I title H]ucan fiver; for the
purpime of iii .inr, rafting, sorting holding, and
inn uu fiu-turin? paw-logs and tinnier; to occupy
the surface of the iald rivers where necessary for
llie purposes nforeoaid; to clear, improve, and
remove obstructions from the said rivers for log-
djrlrinjr. raftliij.'. and booming purposes; to levy
mnl collect tolls and dues oil legs timber and
lumber of persons using or profiting by such
works, clearing or Improvement*; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; ainl do all other things
nccessitry, jncideutul or conducive totlieeier-
cine of any of the above powers.
Dated the loth day of December, 11W6.
Solicitor for the Applicant
imfortable quarters lu Nelson.
F Liquor* and - igars.
Only tho beat ol
Queen's Hotel
Bik.r Street, Nolaon. 11. 0.
Lighted by Klertricity and
Heated by Hot Air
KATL'H 13  r_K DAT
I*rjjs- ausl C'omtorUble Bedroom! .od Flrit-
cIhkh flliilng Kooin. Sample Kooms for Comm.r-
ssial Meu
JIBS. B. 0. CI.AAKK, Proprl.tnM
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day honee in the Kootenayi.
Roomi are well (orntihed.   Table as food aa any
tn Nelaon.    Bar supplied with food
liquor**** ana clean.
W. E. McUANDUSH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
European aad American PUB       '
Meal. IB cU.   Roomi Irom * ctl. lo 11
Onlr White H.lp Kmplojed.
Baker 81., Nelaon Proprietor!
B&itlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar la the Fluent.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephine BU
Lake View Hotel
Corner Ball and Vernon.
two blocks from wharf.
Ratoi $100 per day and up.
TeiophSJe i J..      NELSON, B* Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOK80N, Proprietor.
iVnirally Lo.sate.1. Open Day aud Night
Sample and Bath Rooma -roe.
Opposite Court Houst and Post Office.
Conor W��rd ud Vernon Start.
The Strathcona
N4l_ou, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu,
Royal Hotel
Bat-Mil and $1.60 a D��y.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder*.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsuu
for sale, from Businc*-**; Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have .0,000 Aem
Choicest Frott Landi in
EWttah Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
P. Burns & Co.
Branch Mark, t-s in   Roeslwid,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New.
I       Denver and Slooan Oity.
Ordera by mall to any branch will fa��r��
our prompt and careful attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
"ImprfM," "Climax." "Horaeihoe," "Queen,"
"Vnton Jack," situated in Nelion Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice tbat I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
tbe Active Oold Mining Company, Free Miner's
Certificate No B8��!54t intend, 60 days from date
hereof, tn apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate .1 Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown tiranl of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
Section S7, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvement!.
Dated Nelson, 13th Dec., 1U0C.
Certificate of Improvements
"Hatton" mineral claim, iltuated Iu tbe Nelaon
Mining Division of Weat Kootonay dlatrlct.
Where located:~On Toad mountain.
Take Notice that I, John MeUipblc acting aa
agent for (leorge A. Campbell, Free Miner's Certificate So. ...(177, Intend, sixty dava from tbe
date hereof, toapp y to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose ot
obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above claim.
And further taka notice tbat action, uu 'or
section 87, must bo commenced before the laau-
a rn* i* of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated thii 11th day ot November, lw��.
John McI.at* hik.
Certificate of Improvements
"Bpyglaii" and "Ulobe" mineral claims, altuate
lu Trout Uke Mining Divialoii.
Located on Poplar creek.
Tade Notice that I, Kruco White, acting as
agent for the Bpyglass Mining ��� o.t Free Mlcera'
Certificate No It h-J.'-S, Intenif, fO days from tbc
dato boreof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements lor the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Oraut of tbe above clatmi.
And fnrtlior take notice that action, under
Section VI, must be commenced before tlie iaau-
ance of such CertlBGate of Improvement!.
Dated Wtli October, 1900. Hkikk Whit��
General Jeb Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stevea, etc.
121 Eaet Baker 8t. Phone No. A114
PRUNING AND uhafti.nh carefully atuad-
eel lo. Apply
Silver Kim Hotel.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist   Baker Street.
West Transfer Co.
Geueral Tenmetera and Dealer* Id
Ooal and Wood.   Kxpreaa and
Bftggfwe Transfer
��__��." Office: Baker St.
W.   O.   aiLUBTT
Contraetor and
Sole agent for the Porto Kino Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and drewed lumber, turned
work and brackets. Coast lath and shingle*, rash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime tor aala.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall,
P O. Box BR-. Telephone 171.
Wboleeal. end ReUll Dulers In
Fresh aod Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notloe and
lowest price. Nothing bat fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Managtf.
i tmteeaaaaaam
l'l:   -,
The Daily Canadian
New Lines - -  Just Opened
SILVER DEPOSIT WARE, In n*a Sets, Bottles, Flasks. Classes. Toilet
Buttles, Vases.
JEWEL CASES, lu Gold and  Silver.
FANCY   BACK   AND  SIDE   CUMBS.   Id   tlle  newest   designs.
FINE LEATHER BAGS AND HLKSES, in styles that cannot be resisted.     Tbe  store   is  Open   every evening.
* **************************
' /XA_, ���
Cc��-��   ���-.--_
1 lb. box   -   50c
J-2 Ib. box -   30c
rfeawgood, are a* laa an  the nior<* expensive
ktti U. iin ������u.j .llffereu.e i* th. package.
Phone -.'.=1 Baker St.
{fad H Bnrns ft Co.
We joiu with the
Jolly Old  Boy
in wishing our many
friends the
oi the
Bell Trading Co.
���   - �����&
Coal and
Telephone 265
Boy Yoor Christmas
Groceries from JOY !
He bas
Grapes   from   California... .25c Ib.
Grapes   from  Spasn    35c Ib.
Table  Raisins  from    Spain .
 15c ar.d -Oc lb.
Chestnuts   from   Italy    30c Ib. (
Kootenay   Pears.   2   lbs.   for...25c 1
Apples���Roman   Beauties. Northern   Spy.    A   good   assortment   of'
Cur. V,rnon .....I  W'arU   Streets.
.*Nlil_i��0.*V.   B. C.
J.FRED UUMK. Proprietor.
D. A. Mackenzie. John Aluslle, Win-
Dlpai: Thomas R. French. Boss-lssirs.-;
J H. Ellis. Westley: L. F. Morrison,
lionnington; W. IJ. White. Geo, llatch-
elor. Spokane; J. M. Kettle, Revel-
-' ke; K t _*erguson, Claresholtn;
Gio. L>. Clark, Grand Forks.
John   Keen.   Kaslo:   X.  W.   Etumens
and  wife.  Trout    Lake;     Mrs.    Harry
Wright. Victoria;   F.  J.  Wright.  Van-
o.'iiv-, r. a  B  Watta, Wattsborg; Thos.
Price. David Chilton. Fernie.
0. J   Hansi'.ey. Ymir:  W. W. Tuttle.
Fern:e:  W. A. Clark. Lethbridse;  Mrs
C   H. McD.nald.  Cranbrook:    C     W.
J :.a-:-ii. Calgary;    J. Murray,    Cran-
br.��ok:  J.  Lepard.  Koo'enay  Landing:
R   N   Halfpenny. Saskatoon.
J  Cnpoir, J. Bouchey. Salmo: F. Le-
prerte. D. German. L. Clue. Trail: Henry Unden. Granby.
.1. dimming.. Phoenix.
J. Sanderson.  B.   H.   Hutchinson. D
Camler. W   Macdonald. Cranbrook:   J
R. Cook, I-mcaster Spur.
E. Goodworth. F. Oustot. H Peter-
man. Ymir; R. J. Foley. Koch Siding.
H. J. Wright. J. R. Murray. Ainsworth:
M. Smith, New Denver: F. W. Hasfe-
wood. Phoenix.
G. Forbes. Kokanee: O. Luizxio. A
Feltrocco, L. Rosso. E Favano. Shields.
R. Waddell. Second Relief mine: R
Young. Colton.
D M. McDonald. R. D McLeod. Gerrard; F. Sacresan. T. Sackresan. H.
Hewko. T Howard. Kaslo: J. Short
Shields; J. J. Lee. Vancouver; C. E.
I'ux'on. Ferguson.
A Merry Christinas
to you all.
Joy will  meet you  at the door.
, T  f r , r       , Pure Ontario Honey
.Joy slash Grocery J     5Po��ndc__s 90c
tO Pound Cans $1.75
Cor Jo��ephlDesD*l KOI $u.     Pinnae IJ
\V_i   M.s-c   ��     *** 1".^-V.is.lK
��_l_-.t_.l ���took nf
for  Xma** Trnda.
Stcor-vt. Cr-xts, Bar Foti. Tc_ ft/a, Be
Munroe & Nelson
}. A. IRVING & CO.
T-t-l***phon*- 181
 Hor_*Toy bu -ck	
A  M  Can  Soc  C  E
Mininsj Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Bniidln.    P. O. Uo
Baker Sl_  NELSON. B. C.
Order Your
Chris tais
Froit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
On *\n4 ��fier lV<**_ib*r l*t bt fce��un* azt*
pltmblBf btuiaew will be k-c*i**-*l la my new
���hep. t w�� dcor-i ttxtt ol op*r�� ho*km. ou Victoria
tree i-
Td. 181.      S. A, WYE
LARGE FIRE PBOOF SU F* --Jute sikt lire.
priceA. F Bother Und. Vfcoc-oc ���**���*���*. r. B  C.
THE RETrRS forthwith of -&U l-ook**! borrowed
of Kel**oii from the libr*rj- of Walter
t.r p^opir ���>* >._;*o*a from
w TUur. 'inidiiD ottre
TWO FIBfrT-CLASl :.       V-   il*sm :-��-.'     Ap
ply heuw.ke.-per. 3rd flat. K w. c. tlock.
Thore was a blank docket at the city
police court this morning.
A full attendance of lhe membera of
St. Saviour's church choir is reqt_e_t__
at  the meeting  U'luurru*  night.
John Keen of Ka&lo arrived at Uie
Strathcona last uight aud exchanged
Chrittmu greetings with old friends.
J A. Mara, of Victoria, aud Miss
Mara, will leave in a few. days for a
three-months' txii* to Jauau and C__L__l
Th.* ttajah of l\i_aia" was well presented hy the Jurenlla BoatoniftJll lust
night   to a   large  and  appreciative au
Th. ice at the curling rink is iu fine
condition this morning, and "the roar-
in gamv" will begin iu earnest this
Nelson lodge. No. .3, A. K. ic A. M..
will install officers this _-.t_D.i_g at
r.'iu. Sojourning brethren are cordial
ly invited to attend.
The entertainment committee of the
80,000 club will meet at & tonight in
J. J. Walker's store, to continue arrangements for the tlub dance ou January ll.
Thc sudden drop in the mercury has
gladdened other hearts besides the
curlers'. Skates and hockey sticks are
being taken from their resting places
and  prepared  for use.
The Juvenile Rostonians will pt_-
sent "The Gypsy Girl" at thc op-era
house tonight, when Habe Mason will
s>ng her popular song, "Iu a Land
That's Kar Away."
Th*.' late James H. White will be
buried at 10 a. m. tomorrow from the
Standard Furniture company's under*
taking parlors. Rev H. N. Powell will
conduct the service.
A. E. Wat.s of Wattsburg, who has
been confined to his home by rheumatism for several weeks, is again able
to travel. He arrived in Nelson last
night and is at tbe Strathcona.
H. Messelin of the Canadian Metals
company has received news from Paris
announcing the death of his father,
and will leave for home tomorrow
morning. Mr. Messelin expects to return to Nelson in about three months
A final meeting of the concert committee of No. 2 Company. R. IC R.. was
held in the armory" last night. The
concert by the Polmatier Sisters on
New Year's eve will begin in the armory at S:3" and end at 10:30. Dancing will begin immediately after.
The retiring members of the board
of school trustees are A. D. Emory.
Dr. G A. B. Hall and R. J. Ste-el.
M_��srs Emory and Steel are under
stood to be willing to serve again. Dr
Hall declines to be a candidate. A
worthy successor is required, as neit
y-ars board will have a bis problem
to solve in the matter of school accom
mod a tion.
The foneral of the late Mrs. G. M
Holt took place this afternoon a? 2
oclock from D. J. Robertson &. Cos
undertaking parlors. Rev E. H Shanks
officiatine. The funeral was in duice
of the Daughters of Rebekah and was
attended also by the l_adies of the
Maccabees and by the employes of the
Neison Iron Works, of which Mr Holt
is  foreman.
The death occurred this morning at
the   Kootenay   Lak-   G-:.*
of Carmine di Gibi. 4t y-ar*_ '. __.-
a native of Italy, but a rv-*:*.e__t c.
Kootenay for many years Tyj-hric
fever was the cause of d^ath The f_
neral will uke place ;r>morrow afternoon at 2: SO, to the Chrurfi of Mary
Immacu.ate. and thence to the c*en:/e-
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out thu line
we are reducing the price to
**..   We only haTe a limited
quantity ��... don't delay ordering if jou want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phoae 10.
New Navel
Nice red, ripe ones
25, 35, 40 and 50c
Per Dozen
Don't forget to send
that gift you
forg.'t to *t*ml before
C* Am Benedict
Comer Silica and Josephine Sts.
PHONB -���
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
OITli r.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
Ws* have a nice variety of the
Fancy Goods
still left
A shipment of NEW HOOKS
received today.
Office and Pocket Diaries
for 1907.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores..,
Half Pfice
On Calendars
Wa have still a number of Fancy
Calendars. Wc, of cour_*>', don't want
to carry them over, as they will be of
no use for another season. They art;
nice for New Year Cards and you can
have them at half price.
15c ones for 10c. or two for 15c.
20c ones for 10c
25c ones for 15c. or two for 25c. etc. |
W. G. Thomson
ESSSg* "J Nelson, B. C.
Phune J-*.
Silver advanced two points today on
the American metal market Other
quotations are unchanged.
An Englishman named James Donald had a narrow escape last night
at Erie. He was loading The Great
Northern train at Erie and fell between two cars. Before the train
could be stoppe-d a wheel passed over
his left foot, crushing the great toe.
His left hand was also bruised and he
was bad'y shalren. On arrival in the
city he was taken to the Kootenay
Lake Gen.ra; hospital and attended by
Drs. Hawkey and Wilson. None of
his injuries are serious.
Trams aod BcaU.
Crow boat���Two and a quarter hours
Coast and Sloean train���On time.
Bo-aa-dary traia���On time.
-:._ - - _"_.     ���;:-._:.���Oj   __!_;���
Stermed the Gaol.
L__s A____a= Colo, Dec. 27.���After
���ei-enl hours ot diligent effort at
storming the county gaol, a mob which
gathered after dark last night to
avetige the diath ol Henry Lavenmey-
t, a farmer, who was murdered in a
meat brutal way by a tramp, dispersed
and it is thought no further attempts
will be made to carry out the plans
of vengeance. Tbe mob worked it_
way into the gaol as far as the steel
doors by breaking down tbe wooden
doorm. but were met with a stern refusal by the gaolkeeper to turn over
the prisoner, and finally gave up. When
apprehended the murderer gave his
nam*-* as Lawrence Lebergent and
many believe him  to be insane.
Mow  About  Your
Guns and
Wi* have Elt-y's. Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's. Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
HantiiiK Kuiv.-s, Waiting, Belt..
Ortte, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       INelson, B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
The Juvenile
Sittu-Ur Matin*.*, at 2:30.
Prices���50c, Tic, 11 00
Matinee Prlcea���Adults, 50c;
children. 25c.
Plan now open at Rutherford's.
Monday, December 3 \
Tuesday, Jan.  1st.
Prices���75c, 5(*c,  25c.
llaiinee.  adults oftc.  children  25c.
Plan at Kuthertord's Saturday.
Pasteur Heads List.
Paris. Dec. 27.���An interesting contest Is in progress among the readers
of the Petit l'_risim to decide by vote
who Is the greatest man In the mod-
��� rn history of France. At present Pasteur, with 215.725 Totes, heads the list
Victor Hugo is second. Gambetta third
and Napoleon fourth Much public Interest is taken In the contest, for. ow.
ins to the immense circulation of the
Petit Parisien. the result will give a
very fair idea of the opinion ot the
majority of Frenchmen as to France's
greatest man.
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsl
They are beauties at the price.
���laphone 33.1.
Starkey & Co., *Sfi
WholcMiiin Prpvlttlona,
Produce, - Fruit.
Dominion Government Ureaim-rj One-Punnd Bricks main. ww-klrinJi
from Ihe clmru.    Kit wl.- I.y nil l.-nsliii.- ,.. .  ,. ' ���l
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 78.
Josephine Street.       - ���      Nelson, B. C.
HAmmorasni or thi osawksd
Repairing aod Jobbing a Spcciafif
Sh. <-r tni-tal Work, (*a��tinga, Builders' Material and Mining and UU1 Has.iKi.
Office and Works Koo�� of Park St.
IMiixiu    _l)4.
���N.lsj.m. aC
A Word to the Wa
This year we have apppt-utKl the   -.*,:,���- ������'. -_j��l
.toiuen aud have jj;*--- * i m.i stock tb.   1:
Good Cheer Art Base Burno
Thut itore w adapt _-d fnr hurl   -til '>_lr. and ip
mntfti-1 to (five WmtiLatat nun.
]* H. Ashdown Hard*
Company, Limited.
sv~*~~B. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON'
R-apalrlnff and Jobbing vivcutttl with Daapntch.   BhtttM*
Work, Mining nniTMIII Mnchlnvry.     Mn-nuf��ctur_rao<
Contrnwtiir*'   C��rr��.
Butlnvaa m��n,
Working m-wn,
M��m In drmmm utttro.
Aportlng man,
Handaomt n.��*n.
Men that'll full ut fir*:
fXITE ami  eiuft that   thc  VM]<nte\vai
Johu T. Piem* an. tbfl i-ntperthi*]
Mv la*, fall ihiptr.cnt hii. ;i>t anirfi I
th. in aud plare your onl-r Mirly for to"*1
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailo^
All Sizes 35 W 44 j
Kow u the tin*
t<i buv v,,sir
Wint'.-r iitcrmsl-
All Prices {ram $10 to $30
_��__��_ L��m__��, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turned Work and Hrn.k.tM.
Mui Orders i.f-ssl
Men's - $2._0 to S.l.SD
Women's 2-_�� to 3.SO
Mltwes'       ...       1.7S
VBRKOM 8TRHBT   .   -   -   >i:l.JM��. B. C.
Christmas Presenb
And many othtr suitable artic1"-
Wood, Vallance Hardware (a J


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