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The Daily Canadian Feb 1, 1907

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W* LefiS^
���MK I.    NO.  205.
\___. _
|de History of Grand
Trunk Scheme
kim bv p. lmn
of Plunderers   Waiting for
vs of Liberal Victory���Try
Wholesale Robbery,
sion occurred ai, the shale pit of the
Ontario Paving Bnolt company, on the
bunk of the JIutnber river, Scarlet Road,
ln a shanty where the company stored
tools and explosives for blasting.
Reported, Agreement to Let McGill Off
With Light Sentence.
Toronto, Feb. 1,���Cut and dried arrangements have been made ln the
���rase of CharlcB McGM, lale manager
of the Ontario Hank, whereby he will
plead guilty tomorrow to the charge of
making false returns to the govern*
rnent aad get a light sentence, chargeB
of theft being traversed to the next assizes and either dropped or _9*\\t with
by nominal sentence.
w.��.B.-RAT5 DEANE!
to The Dally Canadian.)
luuver, Jan. 31.���Inside    history
lug   the   moves   of   the   Grand
Patlfic siieculatlve  ring  follow-
refusal of lho McBride govern-
j subsidize that railway to the
uf  15,000   acres   per   mile and
, was given today by a rella-
onversant with details, close-
i with Peter Larson, tho Mon-
:sy contractor and millionaire
.... 'd In this province as a friend
Qrand Trunk.    When Frank W.
mil his crowd of Orand Trunk
were turned down by the gov-
Larrn n left Victoria and went
va ami Montreal to meet Hays,
nl of the railway,
was determined that lauds and
shi.uld he Bocured    along    the
���I ihe proposed railway.   Having
to tap the government for them
ixpanse of the people It was de-
sat tliey Bhould he bought.   The
.��� .jf Kaien Island was a transac-
it so profitable to the buyers as
-lie.l.   Larsen was the man who
d llie money,   lie gave the ring
thai all lands along the route
allway, which It was possible to
might bs- bought  from the gov-
anils secured among them, not
7000 acre* lu Bulkley Valley
ived to be such  valuable ac-
Ibai  tin' Urand  Trunk con-
when  ilie time  was ripe they
empt to si'cure a subsidy from
oliimbla. That attempt Is being
[now,   lhat   company    throwing
pngth and power to the Liberals
fcr that Ihey may be returned as
pviM-nlng   power   at   the   coming
1 the success of the Liberal party
come   the   advance   guard   of
< rs returning to British Colum-
s.-s-iire that which they were un-
obtain from the Conservatives
i" acres of land uot worth less
.'7.1100,000���or   more   than   three
I Ihe  estimated   cost of  the con-
ssf   lhe   railway   from   Yellow
|p,iss lo tidewater on the Pacific.
greater injury could be worked
ish Columbia bv any govern ment
t give those lands to any railway
uy.    They  form  an  asuet whicli
bringing seiners Into the coun-
hundreds and will attract them
ousiinds   In  lhe   future   provided
served to the people and
(Hided over to the (Irand Trunk.
Nechai'o Valley recently, tlie gov-
nt  has   sold   Its   surveyed   landB
extent of 41,690 acres, nt an nver-
. t'.l per acre, and In Bulkley vnl-
2.800 acres of land worlh on an
of |4 per acre have been sold
governmenl to locators.
_ money advanced liy Larsen io
fans! Trunk Pacific ring is being
the acquisition, of large tracts
c route of the railway from the
Jluail In ihe Pacific.   Some of the
(Valuable Irncts of timber ln  me
of Francis Lake, Fraser Lake.
Lake,   Fort   George,   Cheslata
Oolsabuiiket    Lake and Kutsuk
I have   been   staked  by  cruisers
lm  in   the   interests   of   Larsen,
Jiuiil other, of the ring.   All these
Jltlon   have  passed  inspection   at
of Lnrsen's financial agent,
���elng to It that his principal
r being buncoed.
I the face of the plainly apparent
ef the (irand Trunk Pacific full-
I.e hold up the people of !.ritt-!l
ihla lo lake 127.000,000 wo'th of
through the medium of Molnnoi,
ttawa nominee, 1 fail to ice. how
lectors can over be Induced to
lbe Liberals In power next Sat-
Junes at Westminister last night
'���I with a storm of hisses on ac
Pot hla references  to McBride.
Vlderman Williams, Labor candl-
:iil a meellng last night, scored the
I  candidates  and  wound up  an
...Idress by saying thnl he bello.ed
Bhe Grand Trunk Pacific is furnish-
���radically Ihe whole of tlle funds
Tie present Liberal campaign.    Co-
all that  had  been said,  he .con-
pd the  McHrlde   government had
I In Ihe Interests of tho people In
Kaien  Island  deal.    The    Ottawa
fnment was acting In thc Interests
rnilway hut not for British Co-
Vancouver   Conservative's   ma-
is growing bigger every day.
A general meeting is called for
tonight in the Conservative committee rooms. All supporters of
John A. Kirkpatrick are welcome,
whether members of the Conservative Club or not. Arrangements
for getting out a full vote tomorrow will be made, and short
speeches will be delivered liy the
candidate and others.
B. C. Mining Exchange Would Consider  Defeat of  McBride Calamity
to Province.
Doctvr- LertiFreu my sl ow r*Muf sw/tv.
The British Columbia Mining Exchange In Its January number, now to
hand, says editorially:
"Aside from any partizan politics, the
B. C. Mining Exchange has no hesitation in expressing Its firm conviction
that, from a Hnanclal point of view���
which is Ihe only part of the matter
really worlli discussing, a change of
government at the present time would
have a most disastrous effect upon Hritish Columbia's interests. It is not at all
a question of one group of gentlement
being noble and true and pure in motive, while another group of gentlemen
are ignorant and lazy and debauched
and dishonest. It is simply a fact of
the electorate being being asked, and.
ho far as Ottawa influences are concerned, asked with threats to exchange
the government under which, for The
past three and a half years, the province has enjoyed a degree of prosperity
and development which he has never
before experienced, for a group of absolutely untried and���in an administrative sense���unknown men. The domestic squabbles of the different parties, the accusations and denials of lhe
"Outs" and "Ins," do not effect the
main issue���that of Hritish Columbia's
financial advantage?���in the least llttlo
degree. Why destroy our present prosperity by a change?
"If you own a mlno���or auy other
business��� and you have a good manager, a good foreman, and good employees, and the mine was paying you
handsome dividends, would you dismiss
your staff at the request of a stranger,
of whose knowledge of mining you
knew nothing, for whose Industry and
honesty you had only his own bare
word, and place him in charge of your
mine. Instead of the tried and experienced miners who had made it pay?
Hardly, we fancy. Yet this Is what
the electorate of British Columbia nre
being asked to do. It is to he hoped
that the common sense of our people
will lead the mto reject these counsels
of those self-interested men who
would have them exchange the present
assured prosperity for a few empty
Rapid Growth of Business in Winnipeg.
Calgary and Edmonton.
Winnipeg, Feh. 1.���For the week ending vctferdav the bunk clearings were
|8,3^6,580; In 1906, $(1,727,707; 1905,
$5,180,170. Bank clearings for the
month ending yesterday were $14,420,*
'.{85;  190G, $. 5,G0(1,_58;  1005, $20.276,10.1.
Edmonton, Fob. 1.���Bank clearings
for the week ending yesterday were
Calgary, Feb. 1.���Bank clearings for
the week ending yesterday were $1,-
306,684;  for the month. $5,576,115.
Cranbrook Liberals Take
No Bets
East Kootenay Conservatives Certain
of Success Everywhere���Spirit
oi Opposition Broken.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Cranbrook, Feb. 1.���The skirmishers
have fallen back and the main divisions
of the three armies In the field an*
moving forward to a conflict at tht.'
polls tomorrow which will be grandly
notable in the history of Canada. British Columbia is in a battle with the
Ottawa octopus, which has tried almost unsuccessfully to strangle Eastern Canada and is now seeking to push
a tentacle into this province in the in
terest of the Grand Trunk Pacific We
may think that this election is of
merely local Interest, but the eyes of
all Canada are now on the struggle.
Money has been poured oul like water
but Ottawa will be defeated as surely
as a bet of $500 to $100 offered hy Peter Lund the other evening thai, the
government would he sustained, fouud
not the semblance of a taker. It is
now conceded that. McBride will surely
be returned to power With more power
to his elbow, and that .1. A. Harvey,
will defeat Dr. King. Money talks.
With some people, betting Is the real
touchstone in all speculative matters,
politics not excepted. For the information of such as gauge matters by this
standard, it may be said that .lames
Hates took a stroll around the city this
morning with a roll tbat was high
enough to tempt the cupidity of the
Liberals If they had the courage of
their pretended convictions. The fol"
lowing bets were offered with the appended results.
$300 to $200 the Conservatives win
one seat in Victoria.   No takers.
$300 to $200 we win two seats In
Victoria.    No takers.
Even money Mclnnes is defeated. No
$100 to $50 Harvey wins.    No takers.
$500 to $100 the government  Is sustained.   No lakers.
As a mark of respect for Mr. King
In his bereavement, the Liberals cancelled their meeting of Wednesday nnd
the Conservatives nlso called off their
meeting arranged for this evening. The
Labor party, howevor, held their ad-
tlsed meeting In their committee rooms
last night, nnd there the fine old crust
ed bogey of the unholy alliance between the Conservatives and the Socialist party got a jolt from which it is
not likeiy to recover. An affidavit
signed by George Casey, of Rossland,
and witnessed -by W. J. Nelson, was
read to the meeting. The document
proved that J. R. Morrison and Kenneth Martin were admitted members of
the Socialist party of Canada, lodge 25,
of the city of Rossland, on the 28th of
August, 1906, and November 25, 1906,
respectively. 1*. also appeared from
the affidavit that prior to their admission as members of the Socialist party
they agreed to enter into no relations
with any political organization. In the
face of that pledge these double-faced
traitors are now chairman and secretary respectively of the Liberal Association, and doing their worst in the Interests of J. A. Macdonald. That is
another of those touches of deliberate
treachery which makes the name of
Liberalism a stench and an abomination. The action itf Martin and Morrison is worthy o"i the party that can
mark its turnings hy the skeletons of
its one-time supporters, whom it destroyed the moment their usefulness
was sped. There are men ln Cranbrook marked so plainly for the same
fau- that one can read their doom in
their haunted eyes. Even they in their
hour of desperate travail have not now
the courage to dare hint of the unholy
alliance of that damnatory affidavit.
Election Conceded by all
But Davidson
Every Part of Riding Will Giv Bit
Majority for Conservative
Killed by Explosion.
fmlo, Fol). lr���By nn explosion of
ilie thut rnttled  tho windows of
f Ilm hoiiRos In Lambton village,
--   Mr-Farland, El well known man,
killed Instantly today.   The explo-
MAUL, O- A. B.
Thi. will ..cur. Reduction of Taxation. Better Term, for British Colum-
b,., ItabMUy and Progre... Down with "Machine rule" and Ottawa Inter-
ferenc. with  Provincial affairs.
Tomorrow iB the critical day for
British Columbia.
Shall we have a continuance of
the period of progress and pro.-
perity. or shall we return to chaotic and anarchical condition., and
give notice to capital all the world
over that British Columbia I. a
dangerous place?
Shall we stand firm again.t th.
Dominion government for financial justice for our province, or
shall we dismiss the man who
spurned an Insulting trifle, and replace him with a man bound to
take what is offered and be thankful?
Shall wc preserve the rich assets of our immense unsettled
areas for our own pioneer, and
for a source of provincial revenue,
or .hall we give away economic
control of the northern half of the
province to th. Orand Trunk ��yn-
Shall we entrust the government of the province to men like
R. McBride, R. G. Tatlow, F. L.
Carter-Cotton, F. J. Fulton and
William Manson, or. to. traitors,
liar, and slanderers like Alex.
Henderson and "Billy" Mclnnes?
A vote for John A. Kirkpatrick
is a vote for Richard McBride,
for safe and sane and .table ad-
ministration, for firm Insistence
on the financial right, of th.
province, and for defence again.t
spoliation by the ravenous corporation that now controls the Dominion government.
A vote for a Liberal���even for
a clean and honorable Liberal Ilk.
Dr. Hall'���is a vote for disturbance
of commercial and industrial condition, and the frightening of
capital, for chaos in th. public
school system of the province, for
meek surrender of British Columbia's just claim, for Better
Term., for unlimited concessions
to the Grand Trunk Pacific gang,
and for the disaster and dl.grace
a Mclnnes regime.
Electors,  choose between them.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Slocan, Feb. 1.���The meeting held
here last night ln the interest of William Hunter surpassed all records for
Slocan Cily In point of numbers, and
was undoubtedly In favor of the Conservative candidate.
T. McNelsh presided and called first
on Mr. Hunter, who spoke for only ten
minutes, humorously touching on local
matters, and declaring his conviction
that the McBride government is the
best the province has ever had.
A. B. Docksteader took even loss
time. He merely formally appealed for
support as representing the Liberal op.
W. Davidson took more than his allotted time, reciting the familiar monologue about wage slaves, soulless corporations and the good time coming.
F. J. Deane went over the list of Liberal scandals and eulogized the opposition.
II. M. Macdonald, in a fluent and
closely-reasoned address of about an
hour's duration, appealed to the Sloean to support the government, whose
administration had resulted in the re-
turn of prosperity to the mining industry. He ridiculed the various attempts
of tho Liberals to prove wild charges
of corruption, demonstrated the confidence of the outside world in the present government, and warned his hearers of the danger of Grand Trunk Pacific rule if Liberals were returned.
He pleasantly remarked that Mr.
Docksteader's return would mean two
members for Nelson. He closed with
a testimonial to the universal esteem
in which William Hunter Is held and
urged all to Miport him.
Indications trom nil over tho riding
today are that Mr. Hunter will have a
good majority over Davidson, wltb
Docksteader nowhere.
ho was decidedly Interesting and entertaining. He claimed the credit of being instrumental ln promoting many enterprises in Nelson, such as the waterworks and electric light, and asserted
that every building he had constructed
in NelBon was now occupied and payi.
ing tuxes. Mr. Houston then returned
to the political situation and scored
both of the old parties for what he
deemed errors ot omiBsion and commission. Throughout his address was humorous and entertaining and he received applause from his friends from
Nelson who ware present.
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, representing
J. H. Schofleld, defended the record of
the government and praised especially
its restoration of provincial credit and
the general financial administration. He
dismissed the various Liberal attempts
to fasten charges of dishonesty upon
different members of the government,
and then gave his attention for a while
to the record of the new Liberal leader, W. W. B. Mclnnes.
Mr. Macdonald was occasionally interrupted by a few Liberals from the
city, evidently there for that purpose.
He replied to them all courteously and
produced authorities for every count of
his Indictment against the ex-governor
of the Yukon, quoting the Toronto
Qlobe, Smith Curtis' letter, and the
resolutions of the Yukon Liberal Association.
Mr. Macdonald throughout his speech
referred again and again to the question of taxation, showing that the government took the best method of restoring the credit of the province. His
reference to the policy of Mr. Macdonald and the Liberal party was heartily
applauded. He quoted froip The Dally
News of a month ago, showing that
even that hidebound Liberal paper
charged the provincial Liberal leader
as being negative ln character and
lacking ln the ability to construct a
pol'cy. Mr. Macdonald's remarks
trought forth cheers.
Williams Ebbs followed, speaking
chiefly against Socialism.
J. Fred Hume then stated his case.
He claimed full credit for the eight
hour mining law, and charged Mr.
���Schofleld with opposition to the eight
hour smelter bill.
This was challenged by Harry
Wright, who took the platform and
br.efly but effectively refuted the
,iarge by reading the affidavit of J.
D. Anderson that Mr. Schofield's name
as signed as mayor without any au
t only from him. Mr. Wright also re-
���i.ed to ihe luB.nuiition made that employees of the C. P. R. were bound to
ol.s.w the b.ddlng of thai co.p..ra.ion.
in- isc.i uded ihat the simple tact of
a man bel.ig employed by the C. P. R.
should not disqualify him for political
preferment, any more than if the man
w- rked lor Mr. Hume. Employees of
the C. P. R. were free men and Uie Liberal party could not deprive them of
their rights.
Some one tn the audience asked,
"Why doesn't Schofleld resign?" and
Mr. Wright promptly replied, "He has
On leaving Uie platform Mr. Wright
was loudly applauded for his defence
or Mr. Schofleld.
Continuing, Mr. Hume attacked the
government on general lines, and surprised nearly all his hearers by con- '
lulling with: "If you don't vote for me,
ion't vote for Schofleld, but vote for
John Houston."
Mr. Houston closed the meeting with
another compliment to Mr. Hume and
a heated defence of W. W. B. Mclnnes.
To Withdraw Candidates
if Terms Given
Grand Tronk Agents Admit Control
of Opposition Campaign���Going
Down in Disgrace.
Harry   Wright,   at   Fairvlew   Meeting,
Clear. J. H. Schofleld���Speeches
of Other Candidates.
New Westminster, Feb. 1.
J. Kirkpatrick, Nelson, B. 0.1
On this, the closing day ot the
great campaign, I hasten to send
assurances ot    the great victory
thai awaits us tomorrow.   I have
before me a report   from   every
constituency in British Columbia,
which proves conclusively that as
the fight lias proceeded our cause
has grown stronger, and now, on
the eve of election day, with the
Conservatives of the province pre-
senting   an   unbrolcen front, and
with the support of thousands of
Liberals, the  return  of the gov
eminent by a largo majority ls no
longer   questioned.     "Hands   off
llrltlsh   Columbia."       "Let   well
enough alone."
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, B. O, Jan. 31.���Quite the
most sensational feature of the closing
hours of tha campaign la the announcement of yesterday, now confirmed, that
Premier McBride wag approached by
emissaries of the Orand Trunk Pacific
railway and asked to consent to certain
land concessions, the promise being
made that as a quid-pro-quo, Liberal
candidates would drop out in certain
constituencies, guaranteeing absolute
success to the government at the elec
The premier, as previously stated,
spurned the overture, preferring to
stand or fall on his position as advocating a measure of justice for British
Columbia, regardless of corporate Influence.
Nothing ln the  history  of  political
campaigns In British Columbia has been
so dramatic as thla eleventh-hour confession of defeat on the part of the liberals, who are thrown Into an absolute panic hy its publication.   It ts a
statement of absolute fact that liberals
a',  the   coast   have   thrown up their
bands; they admit ln the most matter
of fact way that there is now no longer
any doubt that the government will b -
sustained.   Ten   thousand   dollars   1
available to wager that McBride wi'
be endorsed and not a dol'a:* Is boin
ak'n  up.    As  far as   pubic on'nc
a*  the capital ls concerned   th   "'���
tons ar. mw o-er: It is only a   iw-
t on of countl g tb - b 1 os.
In couvetsa lon with  pio line     ' I
e a's   today,   your   correspond n     ss
lold that taev realised they were delta.
ed.   They b.ameo an on the mismanage
ment ot Macdonald and Mclnnes. in
.alter, they say, on consenting at th
be_est of Laurler to come West and at
tempt to grab British Columbia, snouli
have Insisted upon being given a spe
ciflc message In respect to better termi-
and also an agreement to assist In de
veloping  the  province.    Mclnnes,-    Its
their  opinion, has  proved  a gigantic
lallure.   As one prominent Liberal put
It: "We have lost and we know It; bul
tbe Liberal party will be rehabilitated
As a result ot this fool-play ln British
Columbia  by  our  party  leaders,  you
will see the Ottawa government send
out an organiser at a big salary who
wl'l put matters right.   The Conservatives are ln for another four years, bul
as long as Sir Wilfrid Laurler lives, the
Liberals will hold the federal government.   We have made a bungle ot It
this time; but we will do better; Mclnnes and Macdonald and all the rest of.
the Incompetents must go."
As Indicating the government will
be certainly victorious It may be men-
tloned that today, members of the government, received congratulatory messages trom prominent Investors ln
England, congratulating them on assurance which had been received from
banking sources that the government
would be sustained.
A well-attended meeting was held ln
Jiscowicz' hall, Fairview, last evening in tho Interest of Fred Hume. All
the candidates wore represented and
tho meeting could not be said to decisively favor any one.
J. A. Dewar took the chair Bhortly
alter 8:30 and called on A. M. Johnson.
who briefly and generally attacked tho
whole policy and record of tho McBride
Ho was followed by John Houston,
who spoke at groat length, and waa
,;lvon u patient hearing. He went In
���.rcat detail into thc history of British
Columbia governments for many yenrB
siast, and finally came down to tbe is-
suea of the present campaign. His
inlet constructive plank was the advo-
ucy of the immediate surveying of all
nndB In the province available for set-
Mr. Houston then drifted Into reminiscent channels, and told many things
'concerning tlle early history of Nelson
nnd the Kootensys.   Along these lines
One Wis. Liberal.
"I have all my available capital up
on the election already," said a good
Liberal last night.
"You're foolish; you'll lose," wae the
"Oh, no; I can't lose. I'm betting
on Conservatives," said one wise Liberal.
Ask Compulsory Arbitration,
Winnipeg, Jan. 31.���Resolutions
were Introduced Into the legislature today urging that a memorial be presented to the Dominion government praying
that a compulsory arbitration act governing all labor disputes be placed on
the statute books.
Price of Metals.
New York, Feb. 1.���Sliver,   68 l-8c;
copper, 24 l-4c; lead, $6.
London,   Feb.   1.���Silver,    31  l-2d:
lead, ��19 Iiis 3d.
The Result of the Canvass Leave* No
Room for Doubt.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, Feb. 1.���The Conservative
comlttee rooms have been crowded
since early morning, and It Is now possible to speak as to the result with
some degree of Intelligence. It Is certain that the vote polled tomorrow will
be an unusually large one, and lt ll
equally certain that the four Conservative candidates will be elected by
very large majorities. One bet has
been made that one of the Liberal candidates will lose his deposit. Despatches trom all over the province Indicate at least 26 seats for the government.
Vancouver Will Return   Five   Support
era of the Government.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Vancouver, Feb. 1.���As the chairman
of the Conservative campaign committee remarked this morning: "Everything Is now over but the shouting."
In the earlier stages of the campaign
the Liberals professed the belief that
they would elect Messrs. Neelands and
McLennan, but their final reports have
deprived them of even this note. Van
couver will resent federal interference
In provincial affairs by returning flvr
solid supporters of the McBride gov
A report from Richmond this after
noon is to the effect that Weart ha
ahandoned all hope and Is now flsrtit'n
to save his deposit. Mclnn-s Is sa1
to regard the whole campaign f>��
huge poke.
in ������������
The Daily Canadian
|    ln(
. . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 21 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
We beg to notify our customers that our Liquor Department will be
closed  all   day  Saturday next,  it being Election Day.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Columbia thnt the money power behind
tho Mclnnes campaign was that of tho
corporation whose outrageous demands
had been refused by the Conservative
What possibility Is there of honest
or able administration by a party composed of such as Mclnnes and controlled by such a corporation?
CAPITAL PAID UP... .14,500,000 REST $4,600,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-PreBident
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
account, and compounded holt yearly.
nbusoiv branch ��J.   M��   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310
Total Assets ..
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  in  Mritish  Columbia.
Special   attention  to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. 1..  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published BU days a weet by the   ,
Baker 8t., Nelson, B.C.
_n ascription mtt'!', 50 oenw a month delivered
In the city, or 16.00 a year if Milt by mall- when
paid lu adfancu-
Advertlsin_ rates on application.
All monies paid in HtUement ol The Dally
Canadian account!* -either i<>r lubacrlpUoni or
advertising, must be receipted for on the printed
forms oi tne Company. Other receipt! ure not
" By one word wu are sometimes Judged to be
win and by oue word sotnellmes judged to be
foollflh. Let us therefore be careful what we
Tomorrow the electors of Hritish Columbia will make a very important decision,
Some���probably the great majority-
have already decided how they will
vote, most of them, we believe, accord*
ine to hones! conviction, or to loyalty
to old party associations, which is entitled to all respect, on whichever side
it i_ displayed.
Hilt the castiiiK vole in every general
election ia in the hands of the neutrals,
who vote according to unprejudiced
judgment on the issues ol' each campaign. It lies with them now to decide
whether the party which has administered the affairs of ihis province for
the past three years shall he told to
continue its good work, or he replaced
by a group of men wiih no administrative experience.
Men who have acquired the habit of
independent judgment will not suffer
that judgment to be warped by petty
and unfounded charges or even a ser* .a
of t hem.
Whether James Anderson and others
made excessive profits as agents in the
transfer of Kaien Island lands, whether
the government might legally have refused to give to tho C. P. K. company
lands granted to them in 18!��_t, whether N. F. Mackay was offered stock by
a syndicate as an attempt to secure
the favor of R. F. Green, are questions
that may seriously affect the honor of
individuals. They are nol  public issues.
The only question that need or should
be seriously considered is: Which party
is likely to prove Uie more honest and
able in the administration of the affairs of the province?
On the score of ability there is little
Opportunity for comparison. The present government has brought order out
of chaos, and prosperity from the edge
of bankruptcy. That is the testimony
nol only of every business interest In
the province, Irrespective of politics,
including mine owners and managers,
smelter men, mill owners, merchants
and bankers, it is the unbiassed and
absolutely unanimous judgment of the
capitalists of Toronto and Montreal, of
New York, and of London, feely and repeatedly expressed.
The capacity of the opposition can be
judged only hy its utter failure to perform any one of the legitimate, constitutional functions of an opposition.
On the score of honesty the disparity
is, ff possible, even greater.
The cabinet consists at present of
H. McBride, R. T. Tatlow, F. L. Carter-
Cotton, F. J. Fulton and W. Manson.
Against not one of those men Eras an
imputation of dishonesty been made
even during a campaign that will be
remembered in the political annals of
Canada as "the slander campaign,"
On the other hand, who are the Liberal leaders? .1. A. Macdonald is, we
believe, personally honest and honorable. Hut associated with him���against
his will, we hope, for his credit's sake
���are W. W. H. Mclnnes and Alex. Henderson. Mclnnes has been denounced
by his own political associates, ln Mritish Columbia. In the Yukon, and in
Eastern Canada, in terms that have
never boen applied to any other man
in Canadian public life.
Alex. Henderson's short political career, from 1898 to 1900, is notable only
for the most, shameless political treachery in the history of the West.
Hut it is not only by their past known
misdeeds that these men are condemned. They are known to be engaged in this campaign as the servants
of the Ottawa machine, whose avowed
object is to bring all Canada under its
control, and which is itself the tool of
the Grand Trunk Pacific syndicate,
which, already guaranteed enormous
profits by the Dominion government,
is seeking to "hold up" all the provinces as well for further plunder.
It did not need the disclosures reported from Victoria and Vancouver last
night, startling and staggering as they
are, to convince the people of British
Probably no elector In llrlllsh Columbia Is half no much Interested In the
result of tomorrow's elections us F. W.
Morse, of the Grand Trunk Pacific syndicate. His substantial interest In the
result Is the total value of the following concessions refused hy the McHrlde
government, and certain to be granted
by a Uberal government, If one could
be returned:
1. Right of way, not exceeding 1100
feet, across crown lands, for main and
branch lines, excepting where additional widths are required, for sidings, stations, sheds, wharves, warehouses, embankments, cuts, bridges, culverts,
drains, and other works and approaches thereto.
2. Fifteen thousand acres of land for
each mile of main and branch line to
be constructed In the province of Brit
ish Columbia.
3. Exemption from taxation for 30
years from completion of said railway
of equipment, stations and station
grounds, workshops, buildings, yards,
rolling stock, appliances, and other
property required and used for the construction, equipment and working of
the said line of railway, and all personal property owned or possessed by
the company, also capital stock of the
4. The railway company to have tho
privilege to take from any public lands
adjacent to or near the line of said railway or branches all stone, timber or
gravel, or other material necessary or
useful for construction of the railway,
and also, where necessary, to fill ln lip-
on any public lands.
6. In case townsites are afterwards
created on any of the lands granted,
the provisions of the Laud Act (section 32) are not to apply. This provision not to apply to the lands on which
the permanent western townsite Is located.
Smith Curtis and .1. Fred Hume are
opposed to any aid to railway construction in any form. J. A. Macdonald
vaguely admits the possible expediency
of subsidies, but Is careful to specify
no form. Meanwhile, the last official
Liberal platform declares for aid, not
in land but In cash, to secure the immediate construction of 1700 miles of
railway. The fact of the matter is that
thc official platform was framed to
suit what seemed to be popular opinion
at the time; J. Fred Hume spoke without thinking; Smith Curtis has corporations on the brain, and J. A. Macdonald
know-B nothing about railways, commerce or Industry at all. Only one
hungry Liberal has a definite railway
policy. W. W. B. Mclnnes Is haunted
by no doubts. He knows exactly what
goods he must deliver to earn the
means of "drunkenness and Immorality" for the rest of his life.
Grand  Forks	
New Westminster
Dr. Young	
Win. Munson	
Chas. Wilson, EC, 0
L. F. j. Champion.
S. A. Cawley	
H. O. Parsons  ...
k. Grant	
W. Il.lla.vward...
J. .A. Harvey	
F. .1. MoKenste,..
R. MoBrlde	
('. E. Poole?	
W. U. Ksiss	
K Millar	
E O. Wnrnii	
A. H. sMcPhlllips..
F.J. Fulton	
N. F. Mackay  	
A. McDonald	
Dr. S.B.O'Brlan,.
J, A. Kirkpatrick.
J. W. Cairns	
T. Clifford	
Price Ellison	
Thos. Taylor	
F. L. Carter-Cotton
Rossland    L. A. Campbell
Saanlch  D. M. Eberts.
] L. W. Shatford....
W.R. Lord	
Win. Hunter	
I R.O. Tatlow	
j J. F. Garsleu	
I A. H.MarGowan..
I W. Bowser	
' Dr. McGuire	
I Hon. II. McHrlde
Victoria���2 j a. B. Thompson
���loftoria���3 ; H. F. W. Behnson
Victoria���4 j Aid. F. Davie
Tale  Chas. Srmlin	
Tmir i J. H. Schofleld ...
Cap. John Irving
H. BrewBter	
H. Jones	
II. Gorston	
('. \V. Munro....
W. C. Wells ...
J. 11. Bennett....
J N. Evans	
Dr. King	
John Oliver	
u. Jardlne	
John Jiinllni'....
W. M. Dicken..
H. W. Gregory  .
Q, It. Naden	
T. W. Paterson..
j. d. Swaason...
John Ketu	
M. Eagleson	
H Sheppard....
Dr. G. A. B. Hall.
D. Thomas	
F. W. lluway....
Dr. Mncslonnld..
R. Caley	
J.W. Wcart.
Boo., Labor or tod.
J, A. Macdonald
John Piercy....
Smith Curtis ..
Dr. Kcrgan	
A. It. Dut-kHts'ader
W*. W. B. Mclnnes.
T. F. Neelands...
It. P. McLennan. .
J. W.DfiB. Farrls
A Henderson....
K. L. Drury
W. G. Cameron
J. D. McNIven
Richard Hall
Stuart HendiTSisn
J. Fred Hume
J. Cartwright (Soc.)
Dr. W.J.Curry  (Soc.)
Thos. E. Kelly  (Lab.)
W. II. Moore ISoc.)
John Mclnnes (Sod
E. Dynes (Boo.)
W. J.Ledlugham (Soc.)
J. II. llnwlhornthwalt {So
Frank Phillips (Soc.)
P. Williams (Soc.)
J. S. Italncy.
J.W. Logic (Soc.)
W.W. La Feaux (Soc.)
Archie F. Horry (Soc.)
Geo. E. Winkler (Soc.)
W. Davldsssn (Soc.)
E. T. Kingsley.
It. p. PetUplece (Soc.)
A. Sti'bblngs (Soc.)
IC H. McVety (Soc.)
A. O. Perry, F.Williams.
Dr. Ernest  Hall (Labor).
A. Johnson (Labor).
J. Houston (Ind.)
ANHEUSER    """> THE ��n*_l
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beetl
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Moltf AkuiiIh lti Ili-ItlMh
claims the credit of Introductnng the
eight-hour law for miners. The state-
mem of A. H. MacNeill. K. C. that the
measure wus introduced by James Mar-
On, M. L. A. for Kossland from 1898
to 1900, can easily he verified hy thu
records of thc house.
Let us join in hoping that within a
few years the Liberal party of Hritish
Columbia will have purged itself of
traitors, liars and slanderers; will have
attracted to its standard a few men of
character and ability, and he prepared
to perform decently and efficiently tho
duties devolving upon an opposition by
the British Constitution.
The amazing appeal of J. Fred Hume
in Fairview last night, "If you don't
vote for rae, vote for John Houston,''
may enlighten some Liberals as to the
honesty of their local organ, which
spent more than a fortnight, insinuating that the Independent candidate in
Ymir was induced to run by Conservatives.
We are reluctant to have to record
that J* Fred Hume, in his address to
the Fairview electors last night, repeated a charge against his Conservative opponent which had already heen
disproved. We might suggest that Mr.
Schofield's re-election as mayor of Trail
for the fifth consecutive year, and hy
acclamation, was sufficient proof that
he had not antagonized smelter employees, who constitute a very largo,
part of the total Trail electorate. The\
ortly explanation of Mir. Hume's conduct that occurs to us is that he has
been too busy to read any news for
some .time, and that the channel
through which he seeks his news has
long heen dry.
We haven't time to discuss in capital
letters the question whether or not Mr*.
Green's suggestion of Mr. Mack ay's
name to Sir A. P, Caron as a possible
recipient of stock constituted a vicarious acceptance of it. We move lhat
the question 1k�� referred to a juvenile
debating society.
The Ottawa machine, through its
agents at the coast, has acknowledged
its responsibility for Willie Mclnnes
and Alex. Henderson. It was a humiliating confession even for the machine.
We are still waiting patiently for any
suggestion that the Liberals have any
policy other than persistent slandering
of their opponents.
The Daily News is a little unfortu-*-
nate ln its efforts at sarcasm. On
Wednesday evening, when a public
meeting had to be cancelled because
of the non-arrival of Martin Burrell,
W. A. Macdonald was in Kast Kootenay,
R. S. Lennie at Trail, R. M. Macdonald
at Nakusp, and R. \V. Hannington in
bed with la grippe. On two occasions,
though its whole membership was
available, the opposition post]K)ned
meetings because Willie Mclnnes failed
to connect.
By a reaarrangement of periods tbat
The Daily News appears to have overlooked, our friend Jack Hampson, writing from Alaska to wish his friend
Fred Hume success, might be misunderstood. After mentioning what he
considers the possibilities of "graft" In
Kootenay, he says, "This country is
full of grafters. I am doing very well,
yet I would rather be In the Kootenay
Wo would not grudge any man credit
that is justly his due, but surely Mr.
Hume makes a large draft on the _..*-*���
dullty  of his   fellow-citizens  when  ho
sixty davs after date I Intend 10 apply to the
Chief Commluloner of Lands  and worki  tor
permlulon to purchase tin; following   described
land: Bttuated on the eait aide of Arrow Lake
fn the   Went Kootenay dlitrlot, ahout 6 inih-s
above Burton City, commencing at a punt planted at the northwest corner of ���'��� Becher'l purchase, thenee east A) eliains, theme nnrlh 40
ohalm, thenoe wait 30 chains, thenoe south 40
ehalns to point of eommeneement mnl containing 8() aeres more or leu.
January 18, 1.907.
Wlmiam FlLLIKR,
Sixty days afler date I intend lo applv tothe
Bon. Chief Commluloner of Landi and Works
to purohaae 187 acrei of land, commencing at h
post marked B. B's N. K. comer post, planted at
the N. W. corner of (.. W.Steele's claim on the
went side Of ArrOW lake, about fmir mJlM above
Burton city, theuce wcsl -til ehulns, llieneo south
*4R..V2<haltiH, thencecast  ID chains, Ihcnce north
M,6_ chains to place of beginning, containing 187
acres, more or less.
Dated 20th day of Nov., 1906,   Bybon BUATOH,
J. K. Annable, Agent.
Notice is hereby Riven tbal two mouths after
date we Intend to apply to the ('hlel Commli*
iloner of Landi and Worki for a leaie of all thai
land being the foreshore adjoining lbe Canadian
Pacific Railway Shipyard on  the we-t, part of
Lot f��A, group 1, ana being on the iouth shore
of the west arm of Kootenay Lake, tn the district of Koolenay:   Commencing nl tins siinlher-
ly corner of lot7004. group Lj tbence along tbe
soutli Weiterly boundary0/ lot 70W and the extension thereof, in a north westerly direction, a
distance of ..Ti feet; thenee at right angles to
laid boundary In a south westerly direction, a
dlltanee Of 816 feat, more or lau. to the imrth
easterly boundary of tlie Clly Park, continued;
thence parallel to aaid westerly boundary of pit
70M. In a south easterly direction, a distance of
500 feet, more or less, to lhe northerly  boundary
of lot ma; thence following the northerly boundary of lot 56 A in a north easterly direct.on tothe
polut of commencement, the area boiii*. 3..'.i
aeres, more or loss.
Dated thll 7th day of January, A.I)., 1907.
fin duy ���-. after date I Intend to applv to the Hon,
Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works to pnr-
ohaie 830 adres of and located In-Ire valley being part of Beotloni 9 and io Township nu, and
described as follows: Commencing at a post
marked F. W. J. H. K. eorner and planted at the
northwest rorner of Wm. Williams' pinchase;
theneo west -10 chains; thenee north HO chains;
thonce cast -U) ehains; thenee south 80 ehalns lo
place of beginning.
November ��.rd 1900.
F. W. JoitiiAN,
J. K. Annahi.k, A gem.
00 days after date I Intend to apply to the Eton*
oruble tbe ���"hief Commissioner of Lunds and
Worka, to purehase 370 acres of land: Com*
mencing at a post marked 0. W. B. N. B. cornei
Jiost and planted on llie west short* of Arrow
ake adjoining Ix>t 873 on the south side of said
Lot, tbenoe weslHO chains along the southern
boundary of Lot 378; thenee south 40.83 chains;
thonce east HO ehains moreor less to lake shore;
tbence nortii aloug lake shore to place of beginning.
Dated '-'.nil day of Nov. 1900.
Oao. W.8TKBL,
J, K. Annahlk, Ageni.
Sixty days after dad
Hon. Chief (.'omtnlsslom
Victoria, to purchase 180
Fire Vallev, being part
Four, Township fly. and
('oinmcucing at a poi.
Williams' N. W. corner, i
N.  E. corner,"  and   run
thence 2n ehalni aoutb
thence 40 chains loutb,
thence00chalm noith to
November 23rd, lWfi.
J. E
intend to appiv to tna
rof Landsand Works,
teres of laud located in
of Sections Three and
described  as  follows:
: planted at   William
marled "R. E. W's
Ding 4n chaini west,
thence 'A) chains east,
thenc- 'Ai chains eaat,
place <>f beginning.
Boal E wn.i.iAHi,
Annahlk, Agent,
Notiee Is hereby given that 60 days alternate I
Intend to apply to tlie Honorable the Cuiil Commissioner of I .ands arid Works for permlMlon lo
purchaie the following described landi: Com-
intneing at a post placed 20 chains west of the
southeast corner of Lot 3643, marked "K. A. Bell'i
northwest corner," theuee south *' chalm,
tlience wast 'At -halus. tbeuce north 90 chains,
thenee weit 10 chains to polut of commencement,
Containing 40 aires, more or less.
Located this Iith dayof Nov., 1906.   K.A.Bki.l.
Sixty dayi after date I intend to apply to ttie
Hon. chief Commissioner of [_u_di and Works,
Victoria, to purehase <B0 acres of laud, lu Fire
Valley. West Kootenay! ''ommenclng at a post
planted 80 chains west of the 8. w coruerof J.
Robinson's pre-emption, and marked W. W's N.
K. corner, and running west 60 chains, thence
south no chains, thence east 60 chaini, thene**
north so chains lo place of Ix-glnnlng
Nor. uth, no*. wi].i,um Williams,
J. E. Annahlk, Agant.
The HaU Mining and Smeltin
Company, Limited.
Sixty days after date I intend toappiy to the
Hon, tho Chid Commissioner of tandiano Works
to purchase li<0 acres of laud :   Commencing at a
poet planted on  the west side of Six mile frees,
on wagon road, about two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Nell Mc-
Kechnie's ti. West corner post," thencr eatt 40
chnins, tbeuce north 40 chains, thence weit 40
chains, thenc*. south 40 chains, to place of commencement
Located this 10th day of Noreinber, 1906.
Nan. McKac-HNii.
Sixty davs after date I purpose making application to tlie Honorable the Chief Commisaloner
of Lands and Work-* for permission to pun-hase
the following described land: Commencing at
a post placed at ihe B, W corner of Lot B90Q and
marked "F. C. F.'s" N. W. eoruer, thenre follow*
int.'the southern boundary I am 6900, ft.r> ehains
moreorless east to the wed boundary of Lot
6001, thence following same south -Ho ohalns to
the north boundary of Lot &Wf, thenco about 70
chains   west aloug said boundarv to tlie lake
shore; thence north IK) chaini more or lesi following the laki) shore to point of commence.
ment, containing -117 acres more or less.
Dated December 17th, 1907.
F. (i. PAUQUtm.
Notice is hereby glveu that Sixty days after
dute I Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissionerof Lands nnd Works for permission to purchasc the following described l��nd
situated in the West Kootenay district: Commencing nt a post planted at tha "N.K. corner
of I. 1'orters's pre-emption," and running
tlience east 40 chains; tbence south 40 chains;
tbenoe wett 40 ohalns 1 thenoe north 40 ehulns,
to place of commencement, eontainiug 160 acres,
more or leis.
I>cfcmt)Cl 20, 1906.
Hahrv PlTOU, Locntcr.
II, K   MiljTAititiE. Agent.
Notice ift bereby given that sixty days alter
dale I Intend to apply to the Honorable the
thief Commissioner Of   Lnnds and  Works, for
permission to purchase the following described
lands situated in the West Kootenay district:
Comment ing at a post   marked   *'H.' H   south
west corner," and north of a h. _ucari, pur
chase olslm, on Band Creex] thenoe imrth 40
obalns; tlu-nce east SU chains; theuee iouth 40
chains; thenee 'At chains we.-t.  to  point of colli*
menoement, containing 40 acres, more or less.
December 30, iwj6.
M. R, HOQVA&ftll, Agant.
Blxty days after date I iniend to apply to the
Chief Commissi onei Ol Landi and Work's to pnr-
obaso 840 acres of land, located in Lower Arrow
Lake, west Kooteuay: commencing at a poit
planted at n n.\v. corner of Arrow Lake
hidn.ii Reserve": thenoe south ho chalm; theme
westBOqhaini! thencfl norih ho chains; thenee
nsuwuuBiuii nuiii*!'   imrin no cnail
cast KOciniiiix, to place of beginning,
1 ieu 30th day of December, IW.
SfXty days niter date I .mend loapply to the
Hou thei hieft ommlssloner of Lands and Works
to purchase 340 acres of land; Commencing at a
pom   markeii **N.T  B'llOUthesSt corner noi   "
Mild   post  being  at the northeast corner of (ieo
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about two miles
soulbenst of  Hurion City, llienee wesl Hi cbatii .
south w chains, west 40 chnins, norlh io chains'
east Ho chains, south 20 chnin-. lo place or commencement, containing 340 aores.
I/OcatedHth dayof Nov. 1906.   Nkttif. T. IIbkr.
BlXtJ days after date 1 iniend loapply to the
Hon. Chief Oommlisioner 01 Lands an/work-i"
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of land i Itn atari
or. the west side of Arrow Luke, '   "S
below Hurton, and deicrlbed U foffiws?ffiffi
mencing at a post planted ai the northaS
sss0^1 __%___ r,TinK ,,,)r|h ��*ass
thence  west UO chains,  lb, nee   .mih *J0 chMliiM
l'N,',v"ir,v.��""""'" "u"" *" >'">*""'i>i5
NotlojH hereto given that 00 diyi altar dtta 1
taurod toapply to ine Honorable t-e ohlel Com.
mlMliilii.r sit Uni, ssss.   \V���rk. |���r ,���.,,,, i.i ,   ,���
Fiiir���l..iu.,   ll,.. I..II      . i. ��� "  '   "'   J ' ' IN 'SSIOI1   [(,
lOUth  Ihon  Ol   ll���.W.,lArL       K ��,"!'_"' ,,'k'o
r,',,,M;;':n!:;:,;;!i;:,i,,;f",*"*""';i,�� y^.S,\i
���'���Tr hsw'rr. ^^__s*__m
olsalnK,  thence eait 2I. olmn.   hi,.,,"_, _
Dated thu Oth day ol Nov., 1100.    B. Thoku.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
tenth   Rossland ANNUAI<
Winter   Carnival
Five   Days
Feb. 12, \Zm __ 15 and X6|
BOnnd Trophies aud 13,000 In prlMS.       Two Hands lu Attendance
HOCKKY��� lnternutinmil mnl InttT-Pinvinciul (���.mmpiunshii*
SNl)\VSHoKIN(i~(-hiiinpi<mship(if British Cnlumbin
TOBOQQA1.Q-0���A mile �� minuta down the "/IH"
SK1INC1���-Jumping nml Baaing!   Ohamptmuhip of Canada
SKATING RACES���Kor Climn pious hip of British Columbia
CURLING���A Provincial Bonspiel
Oorse*Raelng-     Masquerading.     Togs-of-War ud other IntgrestUig eTcnti
Bedured mllwnv rutin on all lines, For further particular* apply to
J. 8. C. Fraser, 1'reiddenl (Jod Bate tht Miik B. Adams, SwreUlj I
Notice I" hereby glrrn that BO dayn ail.r datt 1
Intend i" apply to ihe Honorable the Ohlal Com-
mlssloner of Unds and ^V,>^L^, Victoria, 11. ( .,
inr permlaslon to purehase the followi**.,-* tfesi rlbed land, situated in thr \Ve��d Kootenay dlstricl,
on th(- w-Wt ilde of I uhamel (or Sit Mile) - m ek,
on   nii'-cr  side  of  wagon   road,  about 'J'3 Hilton
fro*o w est Am of Kootenay lake: Commencing
at a pout markeii .Mrs Hattie Puck's r* E corner, running*��o chnin* weit: thenoe .so chains
south*. Ihence -JO ehalns  call:   theme  ju chains
north, to the notm of eommeneement, containing SO acrei of laud, more or lesa.
Dated the 17th Miv?rnIk.r 1MB.
Mm  IUttik nru,
JoHM K   TaVI.ok, Aitent
Hixty days altur date I intend toapply to tbfl
lion, (hief -rum in 1*�� inner of [-ands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase LN a< res of Imul about two
miles below Hurton City, Wast Kootenay. com-
musing hi s jwist ntarsed "J. A. Erring-1* east
corner post," said post bei iik on the easterly end
olau island WtStOl bit 6.*. 17, ami Halmlntc all the
laud contained In nald islaud, being about one
mile in an easterly and westerly direction and
about 80 ehalus from north to south.
November llth, lttjfl. J. A. ht\ ino,
J. K. Annaiii.k. Agent.
Hlxty days afterdate 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase l_u acre* of land looated
ou the WA*tSl9*Ol Arrow like and Ivlng directly
north of Iajx "tflfi: Commencine at a poit planted
at thfl N K. comer of Lot "'/iii and marked *'B. B.
8. E jorner." and running north Ai chains,
thence west 20 ohalns, thence north 'jOctiains,
thenee weit 20 chnins, thenre lOUth 40 chains,
theuce east 40 ehaim, to place of beginninj<.
Nov. Mih, 1306. Behtua Hhaulky,
J. E. ANNAHLK. Agent.
Notice la hereby given that 60 days afterdate, I
intuiul to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following desoribed land in West Kootanaf
district: Commencing at n post marked Mr*-, v.
A Wilson's corner post, planted at tbe northeast
corner of BflOtlon 1?, Townsite 7, running couth
40 cbalni, thenoe west 40 chains, ihenee north 40
chains, i!i<-!ii.. east 40 chains to place of commencement, oontainlng ISO acres, moreor less
Dated Nov. 89,190f>. Mrs. V. A. WlLSOir,
J. Wilson, Agent.
Notice t* hereby glvt-u that mty dijiii
date I intend to make appl.catluuu. th; ��"
able Chief Commlnloner of UikIiioq--orl
Vi. :,,rin, It t ., fur I-eri'il**-]..!, '.- i ���* U-* '���'
lowing described land, iltuitt Is Pin .-_���
Wfhi Kootenay dlitrlet: ComnitDrl*.
d ai the southwesi corner hMo*
s pre-emption, marked K. 1. K'iH���-
Ihence 40 chaini west, thence �����
... thenco 40 chaini east to J��'(iu��R<b��
northwest corner, thence south ttchsusll
of eomineiuenieni, eoutalnliiK 1G0���(*.��,I
Dated this '23rd day of Nov., IM,
���������  dnv* after dH'e I intend to r-.-j'1'ly | '���'���'
chief Commlnloner of Landi sad wj
torla. to purohaae MO acres of nnil W��i
Kire Valley and being a ]K.rtlon oi ����������"���
and u in TownshipM and deserlbed �� H*
Commencing at a post planted at the-">'���!
corner of ihe loulhcaM -.Miikrter of �������
Township li. and markeii J 0. 3 K- w
tbinie north-to chains; thence -WlM
tilth 40 chains; thence e��t ��������
Notice ii herehy gl.fl& that GO days alter dnte I
Intend toapply to the Honorable tne Chief Commissioner of Landi and Worki for permission
to purehase UO acrei Of land, situate on the Little
Moyle river about 1 mile from international
Boundary and ..bout 1 mile from Bpokane Inter
national Ky.: Commetniug at a post marked
D, Qrant's *-*- B. corner OOBt, thence west 40
ehnins; thenos north 40 chains; lhetice east W
Obalns! thence north Ai chains;   thenre  eut  M
ohainst tbence south 60 chains to place of commencement, oonta-nlng 380 aorei ol land.
Located Oct. :t0th I'.Mi
Blxty days afterdate I Intend to aoplv to tba
Honorableithe chief Commissions, of Uands and
Works, \i��*torla, to purchase n.i un I of land,
located In Fire Valley and described ��* followi!
commanolng nt a posl murked ���*. it. Uo_Ts N w
oorner, and planted at the southwest oorner of
lot T8U, and  ninning Mouth Ko cliaiun, theuce
east'2n chains, thence north ho chains, lbence
west 20obalm t.i place of beginning.
Nov. 1 .tb, 1900. -Jito. B, McMillan,
J. B, ANNAHLK, Agelll.
Hlxty  days aller date 1 Intend lo apply lo the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works to purchase M0 aores of land, looated In
Fire Vnlley, on west side of Arrow lake: Commencing al a poit pla'tiU-d 40chaltiH wot of the
soulhweit comer of J, II ihinsonr| pre-emption
and  marked J. W'l H. ��.. corner, and running
north SO ohalns, tbence wen so chains, thenoe
mui t b HO chains, theuce eait HO chains to place of
NOV. IHth, 1300. .lANK WlLLUMH,
J.K. Annahlk. Agent.
Sixty days after date J intend to apply to ihu
('hief Commissioner   Of Lands and   Works for
permission to purobase ihe foUowlng described
lands In Kootenay Mstrlct, aboul three-onartar*
of mile from Thrum's siding : Coiiiim-neini. ���L a
pOlt placStTat thflS, W. eorner of I, -9688 gn.iin
1, Wesl Kootenay Dlitrlet; thence westerly
following tho north boundary of L4D-H 40
chains; theneo north 10 chains; thenoo east 40
Ohalni. moreor less, tothe N. W corner of
\MW.l; theneo Houth following (he Weithoundan
of imm. io chains, more or less, to plana of oom-
meneement, eonlaliilng 40 aeres, more or less
Hated this ��th day uf December l!>on
h. ll. Pitts, Locator.
Hlxty days after date! Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Ltind* und Works'
Victoria, to purchase LOO acres of land, located on
the west t^ide of Arrow lake, about Ova miles be
low Burton City, and described as follows' Com
mencing at a posl marked "P ii. h*��southeast
corner,  and being 80 chnins east of the northwest
eorner of Lol '/Jilt; theticu norlh l'l ehafin��� theneo
west -io chains; thence south 10 cha fnr theme
east 40 ehalns to the place of beginning   '
November 14lh, 1906. jr. ��  Bkkk
per J. K. Amun.,i:.    '
Sixty days after date 1 intend lo ipi*-;?tm
Honorable the chief commi*iiouerof tut*-]
Works for tft-rmlxidoii to purchase theft'
described lands In Koolenay dlitrletr
nenelng nt a i��-st marked J. il Anaib;��'ill
east corner jiost, said poit bcfnir no ttm
side of the Lower Arrow lake, about tit il
la*-low Hurton City; thonce Ktulh U rt
theme went 'A) ehalns; tlience toutb_)_i
thenee west Al ehnins; thence north Bti
and   M  links,   more or let* to.lhe ItktM
then n.lerlyalong lake 40 chatm. mort sl
to the pine*.- of t-rglunliiK. containing 1-*
mors oi b'si.
Dated tbi-. ���Jlh day of November. IW
PU K. L. Bt _._tt, Af.nt.
plnee of beglnnln
r Bird U
Jwirn (dart
J. E. Ayjiksis, ..(so
Notice Ib hereby given mat mnajtU
intend to applv to lhe Honorable thei-.
mlssloner ���>/ Unds and workstoPWjg
sere*- of laud described as follows:  ��� *����lf
at a post planted ou tbeiiorlli hunk o IW"'
Moyle riier. about _00 W-WWHJl
marked    "R.    Ufllean'S   B.    ��-   "'"L'tT
theuce east Sb'chaln-j ���Aww-ftTOSfl
thence west HO chains, thence so  li  *''MJJ
placoof ijoi__a_noflm��n_andooilta_oingsM
more or leu. l.�����-. \,,irJ
Looatad Hoih day Oct.. i.-6-     ^ M'lZ
KUty dnys after date I intend tO ��PJjt3
Honorable the Chlel I oinmlwlniiiTof uiw��
Works. Victoria, to purcbaseJW -^"��Ji^
locnlcdan.l described M follows: OWB��
it B pOSI |-laiitcd   at  the ^'\^V, ��� Sti
Kobinson's pre-emption In ���> Irel sllsy, *n����
five  miles  irom K.lwiird  L*��aW*U ^r~
Arrow inke, nud maiked P. osw r*, fll ftl-
runnlng west B0 chains, thence souhi g ^
tbenceeul ao ohaini, thence miu iui *
tbenee BUI 40 chains, tlicm*.- nnrUi -totB_-
placa of beginning. mtt_
n���v 18,1,..m    j _ An��ffij$n
Notloe li ii.-t.-i.y kivs-.i tin.; "{MJijSi
llili'llilKiBlllilJ-lnllli. BOH I l.ts-l'"" ��" ',,
l.��M,l.,i���lW.,rl...VI,-l..n.,l..r|..*r   I"     j
>���].��_-   tin. fiilliiwllllt  .I....Tll��'l   llSl'l.  """
slss. Woll Kiss.ls.iinv sllsstriit. un ""'
Issilissiiis.l (i.r 11. MUD iTi'sk. sss sss
aboul thr... isllli-ss from  Kootooa,
 iii-Iiss; nt ii poll marks'il * .Inns.--    '  ,vt
IsssHt," nintiliiK 'J' cbalni .**'��� '".'''I ,mM
lissrlls,  tlss'llii-  LIS s'hntllis  ws'.I. s'"*"1'      ,1,
��,���itl,;  I? point Ol sssmnsflssTSSss'll.""-'
Ing 40 iii-ri'si ssf hunt, lis sin- <>r li'""-
n.li'sl lath Novi'liilsiT, IWO.       IjlMK,J. Ftt
BlxtT slsij-n attft slain 1 I'll.'1"1 ""''fill
Honorable ths. Cblel OonunUilonjroiujsa
Work, lot pannlulob lo fimSffiB ru*
slOIOrlbad Isinsla in Kniili'iiisy 1 ll���� .'��� ���,!,��
Olbg lit 11 I'osst mssrlti'st "A. ���'��� " , ,,in,ibH
oorner po.1 " ��u,l poat belni "" '"'"".'in
oriv sshiins ol tins Low Arrow lake antlM
ilisi' rust, on   Use linrllsvsssst cssrlis-r   1    .rf
iirnsiii i; tbanoe DOrth W otuH'l wk,%JI
'.mil -iniiii. limns or leaa, w _ ���,,�������
thnopssslollowlllK .tllsl "hssris In ",""', ���IH
ilreotfon Ml ..liallia. mon. ssr lu" "    '  KI
bejlnnlnii uulnin, ��0 aorei, ��g"
Dhu-iI iTiIi sth day ol Nssvemlssr. IW*, Dnl
por K I.. Bt'B��rr. Aiicn^
Nolls.., la hereby given thBt "' JW.lilS
1 Inteliil. to ,i,,|,lv to the llnimrjWj ' ���
I'siinmlaHlom-r ol l-anile nnil �� 0rae rg
lion to tsurobaie ths. (ollowlng """"Ti I
Kootena;  iti��tnrt:    uoramt mg ���   ��
markeii -J. II. Wallaeo'a nortbweit ro���" fy
aiilsl nnsst being on the eaaterly -i'" , fWi
Arrsssv   lisks-.   sm.I   at tl ��"iwa!_l2_*
I'lirli.r'aiirs'.s.nsiillisni.liilm; tool ', vsls"*
Ihonoo .outh m obaina, l*enoo w"1.?,*!
iisi-ns-o shniii m obalm, thenoe ��'".,.,t..|
mora or to the Arrow laio,tben�� "H
osssils-rlv sllrs'.'llsssi liisolsnlnis, nsssrs' m ' ���   ^
plaoe ol beginning, oont_nini l'" ���'""'
Dated thla Mill slay ol October,,,llj"*��iLU��
B- bl. agent, Kemkiith h. im"1"1 The Dally Canadian
lenwood Sure to Elect
|nty of Government's Return
Icides Wavering Voters in
Its Favor.
It la also hlntnd that thc amalgamating
wllh tho Dominion Copper comisany
will also be discussed, and or course
tho official election of a new directorate will have to he accomplished at
thla meeting.
Word has reached here today from
Hedley City that the people of thc Simiikameen district are fairly up In
arms al. lhe federal government for Its
neglect in placing customs collectors
where required along the bonndary
Hue between Midway and Molson.
Wash. Under the present system the
railway Is badly hampered 1n the operating of their tralnB.
ciul tu The Daily Canadian.)
sivsioil. Jan.   31.���Little    or    no
mv ri-nialiiH as to the result here
Un- Liberal candidate, has ulg-
niliil in control the Literal vote
,. slss   Macdonald meeting held
kg-.  Saturday   night,  there has
feeling among all  parties that
tald baa no claim to the title of
i i.iini     lOvery  day  the feeling
| thai Use  Liberal   party  has DO
i ilu- province and tills feeling
,,r weakening Nation's chances.
| s._ole In* has developed Into nn
freak candidate and the Librium disappointed  that they
|l��� choice they did.
ilallst, Dynes, never hail uny
i] will not poll over ICO voles.
Iiik a popular candidate among
Dynes   hus   confined   his
, D to   platform   attendance   to
extent thai even Socialists are
|f bearing of wage slavery, es-
from  si   man  who  has  never
uss- symptoms of Investigating
til work really means.
{Conservative   candidate, E.  G.
ut ths- present time has the
���the tight   He Is a popular man,
k.| favorably  known throughout
pig, u (air mutt to the employed,
isrss-'-iiis a  front to the other
iss.   Unit   is   hard   to   break
While this Is called a Liber-
ainl Warren undertook a big
lo hrlug about  a  conversion
is many ttiiiins have worked ln
r. the principal one being the
��� that   Naden, prior  to the  dis-
|of iiie lionise, was making prep
in   leave ilu-  riding  for tho
I Whirs. Naden has carried on
lhanded campaign, devoting hlB
i to an aggressive personal can-
/ans-ii   lius   hud  the   undivided
of tin. Conservatives  and  a
ong working  committee.    Tho
fctlnn of  lhe   Conservatives    ls
and while the Liberals ure
fal as  competitors,  Noden  will
.   much    lighter   vote   than
I  isl in   1903.    The  final  result
ed by all Impartial estimates
ni first, Nation second, Social-
Brooklyn Handicap.
New York, Jan. 331.--The weights
for tlie Suburban Handicap were announced lust night. Each race haB it
guaranteed value of $20,000. The
weights for the two stakes are practically the same, lho dllferonce for any
particular hore not being more than
two pounds, while some are both the
same weight. The weights as a whole
art.* much tlte same as those announced
last week for the Brighton handicap.
Some of the horses entered for the
Brooklyn and- the weights are: Ac
countant, 126; Go-Between, 126; Sir
Huron, 11, Dr. Garen, 119; Dandelion,
118; Cotton Town, 118; Ten-Ya, 117;
Tokalen, 116; Whimsical, 115; The
Quail, 116; Nelson 114; Fur West, 112;
Inquisitor. 112; Loglstllle, 111; Elandy,
111; Salvador, 107; Comedienne, 102;
Demttnd, 102; Jack Atkin, 100; Tony
Fnusl, 100; Court DresB, 98; Horucc,
Superman, 96; Matorson, 97.
riding and are confident, of an overwhelming majority, hut they are not relaxing their efforts toward polling
every available vote, which is evi
deuced from the fact that men are beginning to drop into town who have
In some cases had to walk over 20 miles
In three feet of snow. This In Itself
1 sa sample of the enthusiastic regard
which Is felt hy all classes of men for
Mr. Mackay. This gentleman has Just
returned from a tour of the Lardeau
branch of tbe C. P. R. and Is most
highly pleased with the gratifying tokens of loyalty he has received from tho
voters In that district.
Number   of   Victims  of   Stewart
Explosion   may   be   80..
Churleslon, W. Vn., Jan. 31.���The dismembered bodies of at least 30 of the
80 or more victims .of Tuesday's disaster In the Stewart mine near Thurmond were found when the rescuing
party reached the mine level laBt evening. Becausse of u broken cage they
were removed with a bucket 'that was
at      first     used. Instant      death
appears to have overcome all tho miners and a thorough Investigation will
be necessary to learn the exact cause
of the disaster. Thut none of the 90
men who were in the mine when the
disaster occurred escaped death, now
seems certain and the rescuing parties
are looking for moro bodies as thoy
advance. Sixty coffins have arrived
and an order for 26 more has been
given by the mining company. The
rescuing party contrived to work
through the night, but hte taking out of
the bodies from the mine was delayed
until the wrecked cage can be repaired
one of the oldest-established florists of
this city ls due to McGee's work. A
movement is on foot to have the attorney-general's department take the matter up.
Fielding Annoyed    by    Western 8heep
Men   Asking   Higher  Duty.
Ottawa, Jan. 31.���In the house, Mr.
Fielding declined to accede to the request of Western sheep breeders, complaining that the classification of wool
was faulty.    They were too drastic.
Mr. McCarthy complained ithat the
trade was paralyzed and Australian
mutton was being sold In Calgary.
Mr. Fielding said that only the farmers of Calgary, in all Canada, had
aBked  for a duty on wool.
Mr. Knowles also urged protection to
the wool growers of the West. He
would like to see the general duly higher than 3 cents per p*ound In the general tariff.
Edward   and   Queen   Alexandra
ill  Spend  Week  in  Paris.
Jan. 31.���King Edward and
(Alexandra are to sepd a week
efore the opening of parlla-
I Their Majesties will start Feb-
|2nd   returning  probubly   Febru-
The   trip   ls   described  offl-
being  personul  and prlviato.
psws'ver, supposed that tlte prev-
of  King   Kdward  to   Paris
Jen followed by the strengthening
(Anglo-French understanding, and
i-ral Impression is that the pres-
|sii    will   assist    ln   tho   extett-
tin. understanding which some
is believe will ultimately result
Anglo-French   miliary   conven-
New York Financier says Condition is
Not Unhealthy.
New York, Jan. 31.���A Paris despatch
to the Times says that Jacob H. Schiff,
of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., New York, has
grven an Interview to the New York correspondent of a Paris paper which pub-
Used It yesterday. Mr. Schiff said ln
"The conditions in which we find
ourselves at present appear much mic-
understood .particularly in Europe. It
Is a fact that we are suffering from au
excess of prosperity which is simply
overwhelming ub. Our industries can
not find labor with which to fill the
orders pouring upon them. Our railroads are ln need of equipment and additional facilities to handle the Immense
business of the country and the banks
can furnish only a part of the capital
with which to do the unprecedented
commerce of the country. On the whole
the situation Is neither unhealthy nor
Superintendent A. W. B. Hodges Tells
Plans for New Equipment.
More Indemnity.
Ottswa. Jan. 31���In the house today
A. C. MacDonnell (South Toronto)
learned from Minister Lemteux that the
government had under consideration
the question of Increasing the salaries
of postoffice employees and that an announcement will be made shortly.
Tfc�� Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Room**.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet. Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
BATK8 ,.   l'KH DAY
Large anil Comfortable Bedrooms end Flrst-
olaai Dining Room. Sample Koomi lor Comiaer-
elal   M.u
MBS. E. C.CI.ARKK, Proprletreli
Heavy Lots in Cattle.
Medicine Hat, Jan. 31���The cattl^
situation Is desperate, and although lt
is "chlnooking" today the warm weath-
i r has come too late to be of much use.
Many cattle have died In the streets
of the city after drifting In along the
trails from the prairie.
End of Long Pastorate.
Belleville. Jan, Hll���Rev. Canon
llurke, for 28 years rector of St. Thomas* church In this city, died ln Carleton Place on Wednesday night of jaundice.    He was 83 years of age.
Premier Scott Recovering.
Regina, Sask, Jan. 31.���Wlthtoday begins the seventh week of Premier
Scott's Illness. Dr. Low, the attending physician, slates that while hsi
patient's progress was slow, during the
past week, very satisfactory progress
has been made and Mr. Scott ls now allowed to be up and around the house a
portion of each day. Dr. Low says he
has advised Mr. Scott that he must go
South for tlie balance of the winter. He
will probnbly be accompanied by
George W. Brown. They Intend starting as soon us Mr. Scott's condition
permits, but Dr. Low states that It is
yet too early to say when the patient
will be fit to travel.
Noted Australian Dead.
Sidney, N. S. W., Jan. 31.���Sir John
See, ex-premler and colonial secretary
of New South Wales ls dead. He wns
born In England ln 1852 and was a member of many Australian public companies and Insi H ut ions.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand ForkB, Jan. 31.���Superintendent A. W. B. Hodges, of the Grenby
smelter, in referring to the working of
the big reduction works, Is reported to
have said, "The copper production of
the Granby company for 1906 was 19,-
779,000 pounds. This is considerably
short of what we should have produced,
as, during the months of October, November and December our tonnage of
ore smelted was cut away down on account of the coal strike of the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal company, and although
this strike was settled In December it
was of such a long duration that a great
many of the" coal miners went away,
and they are not able to give us sufficient coke for our wants, but hope to
do bo very shortly now.
"We have increased our converter
plant by another converter stand, having three now, and it gives us a con-
berter capacity or 30.000,000 or 35,000,-
000 pounds per year. We have eight
blast furnaces nnd two of them are
latge ones, thnt is, they are 48 inches
by 208 Inches long. We huve three of
the six furnaces now enlarged, and
hope to have the other three enlarged
during February, which will make our
dnllv capacity about 3300 tons, or about
1,000,000 tons per year, which will give
ua a copper production of from 25,000.-
000 to 35,000,000 pounds iter year. Of
course, with the enlargement of the
furnaces more blowers will be necessary, and we are installing two large
ones, of the Connorsvllle type, each
having a capacity of 30,000 cubic feet
per minute. These blowers will be operated by electric motors. We have
also under erection a steel furnace
building, which we nre just about, completing, which ls about 90 feet wide by
300 feet long, which hns heen built to
replace the old wooden building that
was torn down. At thc mines, while
we have tunnels and shafts sufficient
for mining and crushing 3500 tons per
dav, we have been sinking a new three-
coin pari ment shaft in a cent rally-located position, which will be in operation
In about n month, which will give us
additional capacity for hoisting the ore.
In tlie nutter of all application for tho lamie of
a iliipllcKto of tin- Certllisntc of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 2, ands, Block 12, Town of
' Hotic'e Is hereby Kiven thai It ll my intention
���n lsFiie at th�� eipltatiou of one month from
llscflrsst publlciitton hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title ti the above landa tn the
name of Florence M. Hos!|jini which Certificate
lis slated Use 28th day of December, 1899, anil
numbered M61K. __  _  M..LEOr.
District Kegisstrar.
i.and Regl.trv Ofllce, Nelaon. B C
January Stlli, 19(��.
Certificate   of Improvements
Tremont Hotise
European and American Flan
Keali 25 cti.   Boomi from 36 cti. to 11
Only While Help Implored.
Baker Bt.. Nelion Propruton
Building Lots for Sale
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Maw-Day House ii Nelson.
The Bar li the Flneit.
White Help Only Employed.
jr-Mephlne Bt
Nelion. B C,
Lake View Hotel
Coro .r Hell end Vernon,
two blocke from wharf.
Rates ll oo_pcr day and up.
P. O. Box ISI.
Telephone ���!*������
Grand Central Hotel
Tnis hotel has lieen completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
KioTentP, Orlnoro, Queen Victoria Fractional
and OinOQO Fractional Mineral Claim-, iltuate
in Ihf Neliou Mining Division of West Kootenay
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beaaley Siding. ��� ��� m
1 alt? Notice tliat I, Frank C Oreen, acting as
agent tor Michael Kgan, Free Miner's Certificate
So BSU,_ntend, __rty a��yi from the date hereof,
tonpply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
I irOWD (i rants of tlie above elaims.
And lurtber take notice tliat action, under
section 37, must be cominenred before the
Issuance of such Certificates of Implements.
Dated this Mtfa day of January, 1907.
F. C. Orbeh, Neliou, B. C.
C.  P. R. Applies to  Use  Intercolonial
Tracks in East.
fy    Mining    Properties    to    I
Vorked on  Large Scale.
iai in Tin. ually Canadian,)
Porks,   .lun.   31.���Siip.rlnti.ii-
D  McPhoa or llii- (Irnnt mine-
ss. Wash., wus In (Iruiul Korku
Mr, MoPhoe slated Hint ho
" Bhip al leant three oarloada
1 Hu* Oranby   smelter   every
nm now on.   Ho nlso says that
[assays an average of fit) por
1 values.   At present Ihey havo
men at work   ut   the   mlue,
ikliiK force will bo increased
fl'ihiK.    Tho Grant mine is lo-
n elevation of sonic 1700 feet,
same as the Phoenix camp,
laes to be one of tho very best
'roportles   that   ship   to   tho
Imnt-ltor.    George  A.  McLeod,
known mining   man   of   the
sllstrlct, ls heavily Interested
(inning of an electric line lo the
mine ls now completed and
i' power electric pump will be
at once, which wjll iio away
steam pump used herelofore.
plnTty Is ownoil by the Dnmln-
' ' company.
>atoh reoelved here toilny from
p slates that the unnual medio II. O, Copper company will
on llie  lr.ih of February.    It
ed that this will hi; nn excep-
Important  meeting    fdr    this
as several Important mailers
** JP, among which Is tho on-
pf tho present reduction works.
Revivalist Yielded to Impulse to Marry
13 Times.
Chicago. Jan. 31.���A despatch from
Toledo, Ohio, says: ������Charged with
bigamy and credited wllh having  1:1
wives, Hev. Albert Holilen. reported to
hnve two sons under Indictment (or
bigamy, pleaded guilty -/esterday and
wns sentenced to serve six years In
the penitentiary.    Holilen says he mar-
married whenever the spirit moved him,
Ills courtships have always taken place
during one of his revivals and his victims were ulwnys one of those whom he
he hail taken Into the church. Jusl
before sentence wns passed Holden
bhIiI to the judge that he had been tte
victim of brain trouble and blamed his
many marriages on this affliction,   lie
said ho had Struggled against lhe sin
of bigamy but that nil his prayers hnsl
availed hlm nothing."
Ottawa, Jan. 31���A conference has
lieen arranged between the department
of railways and the Canadian i'aclfle
railway to consider the application of
the company tor running rights over
the Intercolonial between St. John and
Halifax, it will take place about the
middle of mxt week, probably Wednesday. The dete has not yet been fixed.
Hon. 11. It Emerson, Mr, Butler and
Mr, Porringer will represent the Intercolonial and Sir Thomas Shaughnessy
and Home other officials of the O, P.
11. will represent that oompany,   The
matter will he one of terms. The railway department oannot refuse the principle of ihe application any mors, than
the Orand Trunk and Canada Atlantic
iimlil when running rights were given
lo ills' Intercolonial railroad as far as
Georgian Bay, if iho c. P. n. win pay
the shot Ihore is no doubt ihe application will he granted. However, before
anything flnnl Is done th:' minister will
ay lhe whole matter before the cnb-s
I net.
By virtue ot a Warrant ot Exeeutloo lBBiied out
Of the County Court of We.t Kootenay, trnldcn at
Trossl Lake, at the suit of A. Crawford, Plaintiff,
assssnat IV*. B. Pool. Defenslant. aud to me direct-
est I havo seized and taken lu Execution all the
rlzbl, title anil tntercit of the said Defendant,
W 11 Pool, lu utsoisi ���xt.n.l.'i shares, wore or less ol
ths. capital stock of the 'treat Northern Mines,
Limited, and will sell the said share*, or as many
thereof as may be necessary to satlsly said Judgment slelst ansl costs al Public Auction, at my
s.tlli-c. near the csiurt bosisse, in the City of Nelson, B.C , on Monday, the lib day of February,
imn. at the hour of eleven o'clock tn the forenoon. . ,���       ., ,
Note I���Intending purchasers will satisfy
llsemselvis as tss the iutcrest ol the said W. II
pool, 111 the said shares of tho Bald Capital Stock
Hated at Nelsou, B.C., 23rd January, HOT.
Sheriff of South Kootenay
RATES : Rooms, 60c.  upwards ; meals   25c. ;
special rates by tbe week.
J. A. ERI0K8ON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court HouBe
and Postoffice, Nelson, B, C
Royal Hotel
Ratea 11 and 11.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Moet comfortable quarters ln Nelson
of Liqnori and s. igara.
PRUNING AND GRAFTING carefully attended to. Apply
Silver Kliui Hotel.
F. C. GREEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145   Phone 2el B.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
Only the belt
5 Roomed Building
H. E, Croadsdaile & _
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Excursion Rates
Rossland Winter
Fare and One-Third
For the Round Trip
From Revelstoke, Fernie and all intermediate and branch line points.
Will Be Greater Than R. t. Greens was
In Last Election.
(Speolnl to Tho Dally Canadian.)
Knslo, Jan. 31��� Everything In tho
political outlook Justifies the opinion
exproBsed by a prominent member "f
thi* Knslo Liberal-Conservative AmooI*
ntloti to the effect thnt Nell F. MeoKay,
the popular ctinillilato, will be returned
by a majority far lu excess of lite 1808
campaign. Tho committee In charge
of the present campaign have full ana
authentic reports from all parts of tlie
W. J. McGee Got Money From Friends
as Well as Employers.
Mnnlriiiii, Jan. 31.���As the investigation Into the nffuirs of W, .1. McGeis, the
Balf-oonleBBod defaulting treasurer of
thc People's Mutual Building Society
progresses, It reveals an astounding
Blnte of affairs. It Ib now estimated
ihat Medic's stealings will reach n
quarter of a million dollars, only a
Hiniill part of which the society will
lime. McGee succeeded In gs'ttlng thou-
snnds of dollars from Individuals, nnil
mnny prominent citizens arc heavy
losers.   The failure of Colin Campbell,
H.  &  M*  BIRD.
____��� T. G. PROCTER Si
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale*, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frott Lands te
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 a'cres to 2,000 in one bloc
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
I. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C
Heavy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies'
P. Bums & Co., Ltd.
He*. Ofifex: Nelson, B.C.
Orders by mill to sn/ branch -will htvt
oui prompt and careful attention.
We Cany
S__ Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Sm* Our Variety ol 300 Pleturas Prarnad In th*
Latut 8t> laa.
Standard Fatnitute Company
Mudd & Bisoh Plants*.
Ontarmoor Mtttr��MM
M��r��b��ll 8��ni!��ry Mittrene*.
Complete House Fornlshew
Undertaken,    Embalmer-
Ladles' and Chlldr-'n Club Snow Shoe*  S1.76 par pair
A NEW BOOK by a wall known Canadian Journalist, 'The Cameron*
of Bruce," by R. L. Richardson 11.28; postage 10c
Our Mail Order Department ls at your serrtoe.
Canada Drug <S_ Book Co
For detailed information apply to local
���_f A.O.P.A..VancouTer. D.P.A���Nel.on
NOTICK t�� bereby ifl"-en -bat an fcppllntlon
will be made to tlie UKialetive AM-mbly of the
rrovincvof British CuTumbla ��t lm next swulou
(or au ��'*t -_at_orlllBl 'h�� I'atrick Lumber Com*
(-.any. united, toplice.conitruot, mi maintain
a ilau nr datoH. boomii, ptttrn, ���UiIc-m, aud other
worku In aud at-roRi tin* Kootenay river at or
nearTbriim*-* Station (abom opposite Hub lot IV
ol Lot 4v.ni. tirouo I, Kootenay dlatrlet); and In
mid Hcro-s tbo Little Slocan river; and ln and
acroaa the Hincan river at a point or polnm (>�����
lovr tbe mouth of the I lttlo KloMn river; for the
purpoae of driving, rafttnj. aertlne holding, and
manufiir-uirliiK taw-logi and iinanor: to oecupy
the Nurture of tin- aahl riv-*i�� where nece*a>_ry for
lho ]'ui].uses Aforcaald; to clear Improve, and
remove obstruct lona from the said rivers for log-
driving, rafilu-z and booming purpbaea; to levy
and ooUect tolls and dues on loaa timber and
lumber of persona uni iik or profiting by suoh
works, clearing or Imprnvementa; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other thlnK��
tici-t'i-nry, incidental or conduolra to the ����������
cite of any of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, 19M.
Solicitor fnr tbe Applicant
A collection of all tbe Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
A. McDonald& Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Batter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Certificate of Improvemenu
"Emprei"," "Climax." "Honeahoe," "Quean,"
"Union  Jack," altnateil ln Nalion Mining
Looatad on Porcupine eraak.
Certificate of Improvements.
"May," ' B.O,," "Blralhrojs." ��� Jo,,"  "Jar Pr..
llnuat." antl "'otstt I) Mists ev" Nt'isaf.!rials,
felLusatfi] in LhfsSluean CUT Mining Dlalaloa .
tba W��.l Is ootenaj Dl.trlot.
Whara local*.-:���North ol la-alra Mile C,*M
about one and a ball rallat up.
Taka nolle - tbal I, II. R. Jorand ol iloaaa. ...
Free Miner*. aertlfloRta Vo R7MO). aaai tt I.
Horaee Q Van I'nyl, Prtw. Miner . oertlfl.-ata f *
Btflgl, intend, alxty daya frnm Ibed.t. hera*'
to apply so lbe Mining Recorder for a ' erllltfe"
of Improvement!, lor l*e porno*.* of o.la nlag ���
Crown ttrant of tba aald mineral olalmi.
And tsssther taka notiee tbat aellen and,
Bectlon tl. mud be eommeooe.s before tbe Mass
anise ol aueb Certificate, of Improvement..
Dated tbU ��rd Day of Jano.ry. IMI.
Take Notloe that 1, Frank Flotcber, agent for
.he AottTe Qold Minis.* Company, 1.	
Certificate No 1U23A9 Inland, so day, trom dale
        ..   ���asfei
the Active Oold Missis r Company, Free Mlner'a
..    ... ...   IHJ259 lnl,nn, an Jjy, [,,
ily to tbe Mining Recurs!
Improvement, for the purpoae ol
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Reoorder for.
Certificate of Improvement, for the purpoi	
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above elalm
And further tako notice that action, under
Bectlon IT, must ba commenced before tbe luu-
anoe of nnoh Certificate ot Improremente.
Datod Nelaon, IStb Deo., MM.
Fmunc niTcma.
Certificate of Improvcmrnti
"Hatton" mineral claim, altnawd la lha (.leaa
Mining Dlvlalon ol Weat Kootenay dleerte.
Where looated :���On Toed moutela.
Taka Notiee that I, John McUtohle- aesUa. aa
... -     eJiaartfBif.
nr aayi In   '
laing ��_eW
i, for ike pan
ie above atai
 ..   _���    _at aatlaa.
eeetlowir, muit ba oommenos
��i L,.Don acLaiaaii  	
agent lor Oaorge A. C.ropball, Free Mlaer-aC
tlnoete No.. BTOT7, Intend, r' '     '
And   ���,:>,, ut. r.s.i!ee tba; MtUa, *****
 oata No.  	
data hereof, to apply te
a CertlBcat* ol Improve	
obtaining a Crown Grant ol
Iniend. elity devej-reatka
a s-.rUficauolimpwem.oM.ksrlbeMijoaee!
aaatotmth CartiaeMaol
Da��d,tbU llth day _Ns
1 ���!.'
mama \
Your Old Jewelry
Will *be worth  something to you if you bring it to be fixed up.   Look
after your gems.   See that they are in perfectly safe condition.   We can
3     replace the claws or give you a new setting that will showthe gem to
S     the best advantage.
. ���
Of thc   aifferenci
between   1st.  and
Goods ���
We carry only
I Ine trial (.1 ssiir
iTartan   Brand}
�� *
.       will convince you   tlutt we       *
-Table  Fruit ���
earn* B full stock
Pie    Fruit
Maple Syrup ���
J Same Price os Inferior*
��� Goods *J
I t
I :
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
fo to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on aale.
All KhidB of Diunerwaro In stock. Mat-
;_V_>*u> My Friend\
Wouldn't you like something
these cold mornings; something
that would send the blood through
your veins and fill your heart
with Joy?
Kow. tell your wife to buy a
pound of lhat good coffee that Joy
sells, and serve some, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will look rosy all the day, and
| _r~0y foiU meet you at the door 1
{Joy's Cash Grocery
lor Joncptslnc ausl Mill Bu.     Plions- IB
We Ms, v..  i.  S|,i-,. i,s11\
Meleiit-stl Stock of
for XmudTrail-a.
SloD.ware, Crucki, Hue !'ot_. Tea I'oli. Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Cor. Vernon and Ward Straata,
FRED.J. HUME.��Proprietor.
,7. A. Macdonald, Rossland; "VV. Irwin, L. Homer, A. Erickson. Kaslo: A.
Ringel, Spokane; K. Chapman, Colville;
11. *Long. Toronto; J. S. Hogan, Vancouver.
P. Brookslsank. Yorkshire; F. S.
York. NakUBp; W. P. Goard, J. R. Harvey and wife; A. Slonian, Winnipeg; M.
Burrell, Grand Forks; A. Terroux. Montreal; A. S. Goodeve. Rossland; \V.
Turner. G. Forin, \Y. S. Cone, Bay City;
T. H. Trethewey. La Plata mine; A.
Pfau, Milwaukee; C. E. Cartwright,
Vancouver; J. T. Treeny. Greenwood;
J. D. Y-oung. Vancouver; R. Roberts.
Mrs. C. Andrews,  Spokane;    F.    E.
('lenient.   B.   Lancaster.   Yiytdrla;   ?*��.
McCarthy, Medicin eHat.
A. Q. Street, Rossland.
C. Coates. Kaslo.
W, Duncan, La Plata; C. Virtue,
Mib. P. Lemieux, Mrs. James. H. Devlin. A. Murray. Rossland.
.1. \Y. Ford, Procter; E. Warner, Creston; C. Casorto, Spokane; J. Y. Henderson, ltrtindon.
H. Pell. Portland; 0. Tunncliffe. Procter; K. iMacltitosh, R. Hinds. Ontario;
P. Currie. Alnsworth; A. Sherratt,
Cobalt's Product.
Toronto, Jan. Ill���The total shipments from Cobalt lor the first four
weeks of January were 1,715,198 lbs.,
or 85? tons. The estimated value ts
Placed at $1,500,000.
Notlo. Ih bereby Rivon that on Monday, Felt-
r*.itiryj.rjtli. I*****., that thi- Court of HeviBlon fpr
the Munii-ip-iiuy ol the ('ity of Hioeau will be
lu'l.l lu thc (')ty Hall on above date, at - i- in ,
(or the purpose of levt si iik the Ametament Boll
nt thc city of riliican- Thou*- malting roniplalntn
HKiilnnt tlielr oHst's-snicnt art* rf>i*uir��il to have
iheir pro urn* In the linn-lr-* ol the city Clerk ten
dayi previmir. lo tta- tirei llttlhg of the Court of
Dated u: BloCAtt. Ji.uUury Mtb, 190*;.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Iliscuits we recommend you to
try tlie
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafers  10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla  Wafers      10c
Society Tea  10c
Nes�� England Ginger Snap 10c
Krispo Ginger Wafers   10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk Toast   10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakes   (Salted)    15c
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stoves,  etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
Wc Have :
Cough Drops
That    Will   Relieve
the Whooping Cough
Choquette Bros*
I'm up in paokagSI and thus
ever fresh. II costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . l'hone 10.
We have just unloaded a car of
Putity Flour
Mudo from high Kruilo Manl-
toba Hurd Wheat. Without it
doubt it Ih th" bout Hour on
the murkot, Mouoy refunded
if uot HutlHfuctory.
j. A. IRVING _ CO.
Teliiphoiie 161.
The Daily Canadian
Electors in Fairview will vote in the
building between the old brewery and
C. Jisczowicz' store, not in the store, as
announced  in The  Daily  News.
Polling begins tomorrow at 8 a. m.-
not 9 a. m.���and closes at 7 p. m.
Operations at the Hall Mines smelter were resumed last night, ufter several day's close-down.
The Nelson hockey club will pltty a
return match iu Phoenix next Monday
Hev. F. H. Oraham has recovered
from his illuess aud will reBtime his
duties tomorrow.
The weekly choir practice of St.
Saviour's will be held this evening us
usual, but in the mission room, not lu
ihe church. t   *
The tramway receipts for the week
ending January lit) were $88.55, and for
the year to that date. $308.10. For the
same period of lasl year there were no
Tomorrow being tlie Festival of the
Purification of the Blessed Virgin
Mary, there will he a celebration of the
holy communion in St. Saviour's
church at 10:30 a. m.
The polls will he open in the, opera
house tomorrow from 8 a. m. to 7 p. ra.
They are five In number, to accommodate voters whose surname's Initials
are from A lo C, D to G, H to L, M to
R, and Q to Z.
Cleve Hall is known as a dog fancier
and a general good fellow. He is ulso
a persunai friend of George P. Wells.
As a political prophet he was "yesterday unknowu. unhonored." lly the way.
has Mr. Hall a vote In Canada?
A leading Conservative this morning
expressed Indignation at the forecast
published in yesterday issue. He says
that Mr. Kirkpatrick is sure of at least
450 votes, he would estimate Dr. Hall's
vote ut ahout 270 or 280. and thinks
Phillips may poll between 125 and 150.
R. M. Macdonald returned from Slocan today at noon. He says that at the
Liberal meeting in New Denver Tuesday night, addressed by .1. A. Macdonald, nine-tenths of those present were
Bupporters of William Hunter, whose
election Is now conceded by all hut a
few enthusiastic Bupporters of Davidson.
The enrollment ai the high school for
January wus 41, the average attendance, 31. At the public Bchool the figures were 343 and 244.39, the lowest
enrollment for several years, and the
lowest percentage since A. Sullivan became principal. La grippe and the unsatisfactory accommodations are the
chief causes, and ln many cases the
first can be traced to the second.
W. S. Pearcy has returned from is.
lengthy visit to his old home lu Toronto. Mr. Pearcy found many changes
since his last visit, about a decade
since, but enjoyed his trip n great deal.
The winter hack East has lieen very
severe, and especially so in the Territories. Passing through the cattle
range country he noticed hundreds of
cattle lying dead from exposure, The
Iobs to cattle men must he r. heavy one.
Laat Blast of Third Party Candidate in
Grand Forks.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Feb. 1.���Several hundred citizens gathered In the oporn
house lust evening to hear Messrs. Wilson and Goepel, the well known Socialist speakers, address the audience on
behalf of the candidature of the Socialist nominee, John Mclnnis.
The best of order prevailed, but to
an onlooker it was readily apparent
thai the rehashing of Socialistic print!
ctpies to Grand Forks people had been
worn threadbare. Neither the Conservative or Liberal candidates were at
this meeting. From the latest report,
this morning lt is [earned that the Conservative ranks are being hourly reinforced by voters from tlle lines of
the Liberal and Socialist parties, tlie
Liberal voters realizing that thev can-
nsst possibly elect Mr. Gregory, will cast
their votes for the Conservative i-nntli-
dlile sooner thnn support a Socialist,
while lhe Soclnllst voters for the very
sunn, reason are supporting the Conservative candidate sooner than a Lib*
lly adopting this system, Mr. Miller's
majority will likely bo greatly Inon-iis
etl. Advices from Cascade, Carson and
Bannock Oity today Bay that no per.
cent, of the voters In these parts will
vote Conservative. A great victory for
Mr. Miller tomorrow evening Is regarded us a certainty.
Cocaine Victim.
Montreal, Fob. 1.���James Queenan
maile a break for liberty in _he court
house here yesterday, after he had been
arraigned on a charge of vagrancy. He
was recaptured and a few hours later
attempted to commit suicide In his cell
ut police headquarters. Queenan tried
to hung himself to the bars of his cell
door with a scarf. When found ho
was unconscious und almost choked to
tleuth. Queenan is a drug fiend nml
when Chief Detective Cnrpoiitor wns to-
formed of the attempt he made upon
his life, he ordered that he be given
a little Oooalne to quieten him. Queen-
an said he would he a raving maniac
In a few hours If he did not get snmo
of the drug.
Trains and Boats.
Grow train���Cancelled.
Coast    nnil    Slocan train���One hour
llnsnland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Silverware ���]������
at Cost
1 have a few lines of Silverware
left from Christinas. This must he
sold at once.
At Cash Price
Knives. Forks. Spoons. Tea Sets,
Cake Plates, Uiscuit Jurs, Napkin
Rings, etc., all Triple Plated Ware.
Cm A* iBenedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Whsjlt-salc siis.l Kelilll Healers- in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied uu shortest notloe and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats uud supples kept iu stock
Mail orders receive cureful attention.
E. C. TRAVESs   Manager.
The Natural Desire
of every-cm. . In Bending away letters, thai they make a good Impression. A must Important factor to
that end i-s the paper and envelopes
you use. The heat of penmanship,
and expression will not leave the
impression you would like if your
letter is written on poor paper or
enclosed in a poor envelope,
On the other hand, a letter written on paper that in the very  feel
and   appearance   of   it   conveys   a
sense of quality and elegano., will
leave that impression iu the mind
of the recipient in   spite  of other
deficiencies,  and
You don't necessarily have to pay
a high price for lt either. We have
just secured a new Une of Boxed
Stationery   that   Is really   elegant.
It is called
Imperial   Linen    Price, 35c a  box
We have other lines from 25c to
$1.25 a  box.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel &, Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor.-laker   and   Ward   Sts.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitcb and
Bout Builders will lind it to their ad-
vantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
W. G. Thomson
igggga** ""��� Nelsou, B. C.
Phon* 34.
ContrHsjtor   (..id
Hole ngisiil (sir tlss- I'urtss Hit-.. Lumber 00., I.til.,
retiill ynrils..   Rough unsl droved luiiiliisr. turned
wnrk mid braolcetii < oW lulls sui'i ibinglea, mssls
iimt dru.rss.    < initslit, Isrlssk  unsl  liisiss t.sr ..nils.
Asitismatti' grinder.
Yaril siliil (iirlury: Visi-niili HI.. s;sint uf Hull
r. (i. Box ��'. Telephone i"��
All wuited on alike till after the election at the
Red Cross Drag Store
llaker HI., near JOBephlne, NoIhou, H. ('.
Coming Next Week
Will exhilslt   in  the
Opera House Building
For Six  Days,  Commencing
Monday, February 4
An Interesting and Instructive exhibition lor ladies, gentlemen and children.
See  Them Spinning,  Weaving and
Blowing Glass.
Ss.e tlie Little
This   lady's   dress  Is   made   entirely
of  itluss.  spun and   woven   as  fine as
Admission 15s and 25c.
Afternoons: IS to It.     Evenings; 7 to 10.
lCach visitor receives a preBenl  free.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: llealey Building.   P. O. Bon
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
All Kinds of Beating  Blunts in stuck
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
When you compote yom freight! you will buy in Nelson
D. J. Robertson & Co.
THE BIG -__A__eT
Will continue for ANOTHER WEEK
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsi
They are beauties at tbe price.
Telephone  .*l��l.t.
Starkey & Co., _^M
Wl.oit*�����ii��i Provldions,
Government Creamery One Pound KricbH received weekly M_
from the churn.   For sale liy all leading (frocers. "I
Office imd warehouse: HouBton Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -       Nelson, B. C |
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., LK
A Wc*d to the ..
Thin year we htivu tipproeinterl the want* of o
toni"! .*��� an-i huve iiits-'-i! into stock tie
Good Cheer Art Base
This tton is adapted for hiird ooal ouly.ioil
unti-cd to give Hittbifactiuii:
J. H. Ashdown Hardi
Company, Limited.
B. A.  ISAAC R.  W.  HINTON ~~���VN/W
l^iBpcilrlnic ttnil <��������< tbblnfl  -XkcuKd-J wltl-i I ib ***-*��� pt<t <- I--    -St-W*1
Work, Mli-iinK find Mill MiKi.mcrx.      MHnufncliir****-*-*0'
Or*-*  Curat,   U.   ht.   ContructorH'   iinrn.
NELSON,    B. C.
UNITE and niun that   the  uii|sssiM
John T. Pierre are the prill**'."2
My Inst full llllpmenl has Jnil M*_*__
them and pluce your order curly (or AU*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Toiloi
hunlnemi mon,
Worklnit mtsn,
Mv-n In UruNH uttlru,
.Spui't ittii men.
HundMumu mt-n,
Mom t lini'.*-. full of fire
Subject  to  Confirmatioi
We Will Buy
W��� wui s**-11
lii.iiuo Rambler-Cariboo  -i~%
f..  Mtllllvaii    117
lo.ooo n. c. AnmiKiiniuii.il Ooal..Offer
100 Sullivan   Moulin  ...
5,000 American  Mny  ������������
i.iioo international ('"id
B. B. Mighton <5_ C<
Draw.sr 1082
_iSSS Lt��mbe., Shingl��.
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windov**-
Turned Work and Bruckete. Mail Ordors promP .*���-.
Our ttock of Skat-i le bomplete ana varlei
Including  the  popular
BOKER'S  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladle**)
Wood-Vallance Ha*c(ware C


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