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The Daily Canadian Nov 5, 1906

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mi- I.   No. 130.
���_. ije dpaUy <��anaMcm
leij!;ii Farmer Wedded
ant) Deserted
lade Out Title lo Farm Before Cet-
lemony and Immediately After it
Wile Elopes With Another.
I       111, Nuv. I..���Action    has    hern
li need sn iin- provincial oourU _i
I,.. dlstricl   for tbe  reversion to  the
���msi'SsIoii "I iiis fisnnt'r owner of 150
I 1 iltivated laiid In the Strass-
liict, ;sl|s'��s-il to have been so-
|rcd Isy ilu' presenl holder of the title
r fraiiilnli-nl means.    The plaintiff In
;s  veteran or  the   Franco-
In.-1.in s,sn und an old soldier of the
lli'ilsiiiil     The   ili-feiidant,    erstwhile
lfi- <>[ ilis< plaintiff, hut now alleged
I hai    mlsi-ii up with    a man    more
rlj lm ;.-������. Is also of German de-
11    lluiii parties to the case lived
I Stran8liiirn  and    n-porta    aay    the
jacs-fiil calm of the inetro|Hilla of the
it-usaiit Hills branch hns been broken
I iijisui sssiii    there ia a    considerable
nf excitement there over what
bails' '"   their "flrsl  romance."
*:��� current in Strassburg, and
i- ilisiilslless the true one so far
b if  is  concerned,  at  nny
-s's-   lhal   the   Prussian   soldier
|lesl Iiis years of    drudgery    on the
-ins Iii-iii. stead, finally    obtaining
I i'ii' ui thereto.   He saved hlB hard-
iiss'is' >���  and   gathered   together
i sl nearly ��iooo.   But life
I tin? slrsary   prairie became too mo-
Iimiiiis Inr the former Oemelne and
1 :;ike    blmaelf    Into the
;<- ansl look about among the maid-
Sss into Stiassbrug he  look hlB
ly. marching over the mlleB with tho
ksf.'l- sic.  nl ime who waB used to the
fin; nf cities and facing the hand of
fcili 111 the cannon's    mouth.      And
I rmlned front was not to be'
ft ��ith failure. The old man���for ho
er ihi' hair century���met the
'ii nf his choice, ln the village
tolled suit    the    livelong day,
Plying 1I1,   wants of    the    enacting
Inters ansl receiving such kindness.
I':- wen bestowed upon her by the
Ivclllng    puhlle.      These    doubtless
I ; the attention paid her by
1 soldier veteran    fell not    as seed
[i'��'ii among the stony places.    She
Ix'sl Iiiiii kindly and to all Intents
|surp,isi-K Uss- old    man    won thc
tl of il,.. maiden.
II the world loves a lover, and so
B'led people of    Strassburg    also
k klmlly Interest In .the match-mak-
of so III fined a couple.   But the
iiik ���f the  girl   wero  here to  be
k"""'l  "ills   and   there   were   fears
���-"I  Uml   ���ome  objection   might
raised.   g0 a clandestine marriage
arranged and the soldier and his
"1  fiancee   look   the  cars   for
lliolr  to  have  their  happi-
,ll:"i'   oompiete  with    the    holy
"Is of wedlock.    In   Winnipeg the
ni'siiy was perfoniii-d. Around that
"'"  "l   ilie   story   there   hangs   a
8 and ih,. courts    will    doublless
11 dear  ii   before coming  to  a
'"' Blrl was not slow, after all. Al-
*' "l"'iiklug uu more or the king's
,*_ "''"' "as absolutely neceBsnry
taknlg ���r orders nnd  the un-
���'Ing   ssf "beefsteak,   pork   chop.
1 nml (.gg,,. _hfl W_B oji(i |(m nuk__
""'' i"v'*r The ���ld man wns by
���*��� i'lfiiiiiuli'd win, the maid as ll
P������lblo lo concelvo. Tuklng ad
"' Iiis stale of mind the young
up- That Is, meta-
' speaking she gol her hack
she bucked as only
,'m" ���'���'"��� nnd Rhe unit (he p-ilnn
."''"* '"'f lover that tho mutch
"" unless he handed over a
nl" ''����� quarter section homestead
1,1 'lard cash to the extent
(ol her back
Al a
Fifty Cbnts a Month
Whether or not the papers were made
out In her maiden uuuie yet remains i0
bu revealed.
lioth contracting panic were adherents to the Ohuroh oi Home, bin lor
Borne reason or oilier Uiev decided lo
be married by u minister of a I'rol-
lesiaui church. An Interpreter was secured and ll Is said thai the marriage
ceremony was duly performed. Aller
the union of the two us niun and wile
llie happy groom decided thut an elaborate weilding breaklusl should be
given ami Instructions were left Willi
lbe caterer to provide llie besl iu the
land lu honor of the occasion
The (Imu for the wedding breakfast
drew near and both bride and groom
repaired to the scene of their repast
Hut the lady excused herBeir before
the meal wus through, and leaving lhe
room was nol seen again hy the groom.
It is alleged that she has -doped wllh
another and younger lover and thai
lie two are now enjoying the best on
Use seven hundred and working out a
plan whereby they may make use of
thfl quarter section.
The first experience of Ihe old soldier with remlnlty wub not an encour-
'iglng one and he decided ihai Strass-
bnrg ansl life on the homestead were
good euougls for him after all. So he
went back to StraBsburg and out on
the homestead. Arriving there he pondered and il suddenly struck hlrn that
the land was no longer his, he having
given the title to Ihe place into the
hands of his bride before ihe wedding
ceremony, with ih.it he decided to be
up and doing and the action to secure
re-possession of ihe land was commenced.
Tin* (len
1 "Hll Ills ,
'''iiiiiu did nol iik.j lo
ash and land, but i tilth-
����� nan wllh lhe girl   So
[T'1-' foasonod It out wit* WmttK
��'����� ml ' ,""' ""*'" ,s m,ne ���"**���
win, ,,'" ",y "wn. '���'��*���' ho toll
,1 w��� . " """"gemenl.    Seven bun-
I* an* wli.8., "Um*-!* were ""������""���'I
s'i sli'si, .'���""' * little  Piece ol
1 �����'"."'" <"" Kir] wns  Uio
"r *8 lan.1 In spiosUon.
Killed In Alaska.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 6.���A despatch
to ihe i-ost Intelligence, rrom Jnnean,
Alaska. Bays Normnn E. Smith, a Ten-
akee hotel man and a lormer famous
bicycle racer, has been killed .at Ten
akee hot springs by Robert Held.
Smllh Is said to have a bad reputation
among the inlm-rs and Hold claims to
have been threatened by the hole!
British    Sailors    Resent    Reprimand,
Break  Ranks and Were Quelled
Only at Point of Bayonet.
Portsmouth, Eng., Nov. 5.���A mutinous outbreak on the part of 500 or
600 sailors last night necessitated the
Immediate mobilization of the entire
force In the naval barracks here in order to prevent the affair from developing Into a serious mutiny.
The men had assembled In the gymnasium when the senior officer, a man
of short stature, wishing to administer
a reprimand for breach of discipline,
ordered the front ranks to kneel so
tbat he could Bee lhe men ln the rear.
The order was resented and some of
the sailors who refused to obey were
Their comrades, aggrieved, ran
amuck, wrecked the canteen and other
premises, started to break out of barracks with Ihe intention of wrecking
the quarters or the obnoxious oflicer.
and were ouly prevented Irom so doing by the fixed bayonets of an overwhelming  force.
A number of Ihe men who attempt
ed to break out of barracks were also
Chief Deasy on Fire  Protection.
In the proosedingi of the fourteenth
annua] convention or ihs l*ae*.9e (Joint
Association or Fire Chiefs .here is an
Ink-resting letter from our own Chlel
lleusy on Ihe BUbJeot of the preparedness of our cllls's and towns for fighting fire. The chief points oul Ihnt all
atvtllMd countries keep armlet and
navies In llle highest possible slate ol
efficiency ugnlnBi nn Imaginary roe,
while a fire brigade is always on the
flelsl or battle, lis enemy Is always
prefect and therefore lis equipment
should always be of the best. The
letter is especially well written nml tin*
chief mnkes his (mints clearly and
forcibly. IIIb letter mny well serve as
a constant reminder to municipal and
other authorities to have their house
ln order. No s|iocln! municipality is
blamed for not having the best 01
modern appliances bin II Ib clearly
hinted thai In many cases lhe gear
which enablea fireman to do their
duty Is not always of the best or oi
that kind thnt modern Ingenuity and
workmanship has made possible.
Sam's Bumper Apple Crop.
New York. Nov. r..-The a 8 crop
In (he United Stales has jusl been es-
llmated at 00,100,000 barrels.    Thll W
12.025,000 barrels more than the 1��W
crop  and   may  explain  why the  New
YM* Central railroad Has been forced
to place nn embargo on the a a IW
ment. from lhe North.   The estimated
crop  In   New   York  slale  Is  1,000.0
barrels, or large by '.'����0-����08S
than tho production In any olher state.
The estimated.New York crop In Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee combined, and If
c'lually distributed to the people of
ills, stale 'would give half a barrel to
eaoh man, woman and child.
Customs Returns for October at Various Local Offices.
(Special to The .Pally Canadian.)
Griuid Forks, Nov. 5.���The following
are the receipts rrom the various district custom orrices for the monlh of
October, as received by R. K. Uilptn,
chief collector at Grand Forks:
Grand  Forks    $ 3,290.07
Midway        5,55] .50
Greenwood       5,00.1.2:1
Phoenix     1,808.07
Cascade       191.(1.
Sidley       174.85
Carson         48.00
Keremeos         2.1.00
Osoyoos         20.71
Total g1fl.Z39.OU
W. H. Covert, the veteran fruit king
of this valley, left here Saturday ror
llonnlngtnn Falls, where he has been
called to superintend the Installation
ol an irrigation system on the rrult
farm owned by Mr. Lome Canrpb-.il,
the general manager of the W -st Koot
enay Power ami Light company. Mr.
Covert Is considered a practical expert
on fruit Irrigation having experiment.>d
on frull growing in this valley for
twenty-one years. The famous Covert
fruit farm was started by Mr. Covert
who. In 1885 walked to Sisikane to
purchase supplies when he bought a
small shlpmeut of fruit trees consisting of twelve different varieties of
apples and two varieties of peach
plums, Ihe total cost of these trees only-
being 17.15. With this small assort
ment of trees Mr. Covert founded the
greatest fruit farm in Southern llrltlsh
Columbia and experimented with the
various varieties until loday the estate
consists of 11,000 fruit trees which produce dozens of carloads of fruit each
year, all the result of ono man's ener
gy and hard work.
World and Province Will Settle Circulation in Court.
' A case somewhat anlque in tbe annuls of the lawcourta of llrltlsh Columbia, and iiosslbly of the continent. haB
been Initiated by The World. This is
a suit against the Vancouver Printing
& Publishing' Co. lhat a statement
published in the Vancouver Dally Province, Issued by the defendant company, ls untrue and calculated to injure the business of lhe plaintiffs. This
Is the assertion, that the circulation of
the Province imper ls more than double that of any other evening pajier
published ln Vancouver. The World
Is the only other evening paper published In this city and it Is alleged
thasl the statement has direct reference
to It. Ab the case is sub jiullce comment is out of place at this time. It
may be isiinted out, however, that Ihis
Is probably the rirst occasion uiion
wlijs-h a question of circulation has
heen carried to Ihe courts ol law.
Tin- question at issue fs not u mere
abstract mutter, but one of vital Interest to the advertisers or both Ihe
papers concerned, who are entitled tss
know how rar ihey can depend ilisin
published declarations of the quantify
or circulation lor which they are paying. There seems lo he a fair chance
thin in lhal clly nt least lhe business
community will son be fully Informed
in  Ihis  respecl.
Mr. Job. Marlln, K. C. and Mr. II.
P. Wlllteniute Ills' The World's legal
reprosentnllves. The writ has been
served upon Ms-ssrs. Davis. Mnrshall
& Mar-Nell ub representatives of the
President Wants Next House to Be ot
His Political Faith.
Washington, D. C. Nov. C.���Today official Washington Ib looking forward
to the results of the elections I11T2
states wllh many evidences ol anxious
Interest The president Ib particularly anxious, too, that the next house
house shall be of his political faith. Although the Republic*!!! are willing to
admit lhat the democrats nre to make
gains over their present representation
in congress, they do not concede lho
former ull Ihey are claiming.
Although denied Iho right of suffrage, local Washington.' because of
the presence of the national government, takes the greatest Interesi In the
outcome. Many of the clerks, both
Democratic ami Republican, In lhe various department!, who sun hold their
legal residence In the stales from
which Ihey were appointed, have gone
home to vote.
Tomorrow Will Put Lid on
Candidates' Fate
Personality and Platforms of Office
Seekers Count For More Than
Old Time Traditions.
Nt-wYork, Nov. 5.���Today will wit-
neaa Ihe closing scenes in one ot the
moat remarkable political campaigns
in the history of New York stale. Hy
midnight the last public word will
have been sjHiken and nothing will remain but the story to be (old by lhe
ballots themselves. Who the hero of
the tale will be caniiol be predicted
with any certainty. Old time methods
of anticipating the results of an election have been rendered almost useless. Party lines In most sections of
the state have been thrown aside, if
not quite obliterated. Politicians of a
lifetime have been thrown aside and
thousands of voters tomorrow will follow their chosen leader rather than
any party.
As an illustration of the conditions
which exist, both Ihe resjrectlve, leaders of the great parties, basing iheir
estimates upon what they claim have
been careful and painstaking canvasses, have reached widely different conclusions as to what thc result will be.
The managers of the Republican and
Independence leagne campaigns each
announced himself as convinced that
his candidate will have a plurality of
at least 200,000 votes.
In some other ye*rs the Monday immediately preceding election baa been
largely a day of rest or has been devoted to the quiet work of arranging
the last details in preparation foi* the
real struggle which ls to come. Not
so today, however, as from the very
first the two leading candidates have
had a strenuous schedule before them.
Charles E. Hughes, the Republican
candidate for governor, will address
seven meetings this afternoon and evening in various sections of New York.
William R. Hearst, the democratic
and Independence league candidate,
will address three and possibly four
meetings tonight
Fears that the ballots for use in the
greater New York fn tomorrow's election might not be printed in time for
distribution as a result of the delay
arising from the nomination contests
in New York county, were ended today.
Karly today Ihe last of Ihe 2,400,000
ballots required came from the press
and the work of distributing them to
ibe pulling places was begun. At' little over 27 hours was consumed in
preparing the ballots.
Postoffice and Dry    Goods    Stores Devoured by Fire fiend Last Night���
Mall and Records Saved.
(Kpeelal  lo The  Daily Canadian.)
New Denver, ll. 0.. Nov, 6.���Plre
broke out in Ihe jKistofflce here lasi
evening nhoul s o'clock and consumed
the entire builsllng. The blaze waa
fli-rrc while II luted, the postoffice I"*
Iiik Hide more than an old shell, which
afforded rapid progress for the names.
All llle poKlal records and the undelivered nmllH were anved.
Tho fire spread lo the adjoining
building, known aa the Williamson
block, vliisli was alss, consumed. There
were two ptorea iu this block, one untl] recently occupied by Charles Rashdall, now of Nelson, and the other hy
Mra. Williams as a millinery and dry
goods alore.
There waa no wind and thnt fact, to
gather with the recent rains, prevented lhe further spread of the flames.
it is not known how the fire Started.
The loss is approximately $2111111 aud
Isi fully covered hy Insurance.
The Daily Blue.
81. John, N. II., Nov. 5.���Flro which
rued from midnight until II a. m. yesterday gutted Ungur's laundry on Waterloo street, and caused considerable
damage to W. F. & J. W. Myers, machinists; W. W. Myers, brush manufacturer; Sterling 11. Lordly, furniture
maker, and others.    The total loss la
estimated at $25,000. J. W. King was
found dead from suffocation ln tile
brush factory of his brother, where he
had gone to save property. He was
36 years of age, a commercial travel lei
and leaves a widow and little daughter
Magistrate la Doubtful of Guilt of tha
(Special to Tbe Daily Canadian.)
Fernie, B. C, Nov. 6.���The charge
against Lawyer L. I'. Eckstein for interfering with the course of justice waa
heard before Police Magistrate Whim-
ster on Saturday. It will be remembered that Eckstein was accused of
assisting a procuress to escape the
courts of justice and flee the country
about a mouth ago. and steps were
taken to Implicate him in the details
of the unsavory affair.
Tbe magistrate committed Eckstein
under the section of the code which
infers doubt by tlie magistrate of tlie
guilt of the accused.
No evidence waa given by Eckstein.
That of the prosecution waa contradictory and showed that Beggs, a consort of the woman of ill fame and who
admitted to five convictions against
himself, had been arrested for Indue-,
ing witnesses to leave the province
after being kept ln solitary confinement for some hours, went before
Chief Constable McMullen and Lawyer
Herchmer and confessed hla part in
all that happened. He claimed that
Eckstein had advised him tbat be
might do aa he did. Thereupon the
charge against Beggs was dropped and
an Information sworn out against Eckstein, who seeks a finality hi a higher
court He is out on his own recognizance and has been without ball up to
the preliminary hearing.
Massachusetts  Campaign   Draws  to  a
Cloae With Republican Outlook.
Boston, Mass- Nov. 5.���The state
campaign in Massachusetts reported
its eleventh hour today. Tbe heaviest
part of the work of arousing interest
among tbe halt mil'i.u voters in the
different boroughs Has been perfonn-
ed and all tbat rema'in i today wast >o
close up whatever gaps might have
been left In order that each side might
present a solid front for tomorrow's
It was arranged that both ca ididates
for governor should remain on tbe
stump until a few hours before tbe
opening of the polls. A market men's
meeting was scheduled at noon for
Governor Guild ln Faneuil hall, while
John B. Moran, the Democratic prolil-
lil'so.i and Independent League candidate, planned to make a whirl through
tile _j L)o_lon wards this evening, with
brief sp -ec-hee at each ward room.
Interesting contests are looked for
in tlie Fifth, Slrth, Tenth and Eleventh congressional districts and In a
large number of the senatorial and representative districts. It Is not expected, however, that the complexion of
the legislature will be .materially
changed by tomorrow's election and
that It will be strongly Republlciui and
will chose United States Senator W.
Murray Crane for another term.
��������� ���
Heavy  Iron Column  Craahes Through
Girdera, Killing Workman.
Now York, Nov. C���An Iron column
Hi feet long, weighing eight tons,
which bad just been placed In position
ou the second floor of tlie new Grand
Central depot in course of erection, today toppled over aud crashed Its way,
through heavy Iron girders to the base
ment, a distance of 60 feet.
lu Its fall it struck as workman named Feterson, who was at work on the
first floor, killing him instantly and
seriously Injuring another man. The
heavy muss of Iron did not finally find
a resting place until it had cut its way
through the foundation of the atruo
John Stattler, foreman for the contractors in charge of the work, and
John Wolff, who was In charge of the
crane which caused the accident,
were arrested.
Tha Sunday Quarrel.
Sandusky. Ohio, Nov. 5.���Forty I.ako
Shore sectionmen, all foreigners, engaged In a right last nlghl. Knives
were freely used. Michael Mitals Is
dying. Several others wero woiin-k-,1
and are under arrest.
See Meteoric Shower.
New York, Nov. 6.���Remarkable ato-
lies of a meteoric shower at sea last
Tuesday were brought into port yesterday by the Phoenix liner St. Andrew
and the Hamburg-American liner Bra
ill la.   One of the meteors which struck
the water leas than a mile from the St.
Andrew is described by the first mate,
V. Spencer, as being 15 feet In diameter. The first meteor was seen on
the afternoon of October 30," Spencer
Bald. "Tbe ship waa then about 600
mileB northeaat of Cape Race. I waa
standing on the bridge when suddenly an enormous fiery ball dropped dead
ahead. Just afterward three others
fell. The meteors travelled so rapidly
that they seemed only streaks of fire.
For several minutes after they struck
the water, spray and steam arose to a
height of 40 feet. If one had hit the
ship Bhe would have gone straight to
the bottom." Captain Ross of the Brasilia reported seeing a meteor at 7
o'clock on October 30 fn the same
Democrats Will Win.
Chicago, 111., Nov. 6.���Since the clo&
ing of the campaign on Saturday,
Chairman Boeschenateln of tbe Democratic state centra 1 committee, and
Chairman West of the Republican committee, have busied themselves ln obtaining what tbey term an accurate
forecast ot the result of Tuesday's
election. Tbelr estimates of the result
vary widely. Chairman Boeschensteln
claims the Democrats will carry Cook
county by 10,000 votes, and that the
Democrats will certainly gain 68 congressmen. Chairman West estimates
that the Republicans will bave a plurality of at least 35000 in Cook county,
anl allows the Democrats one congress
man in addition to tbe one they al
ready have for the Twentieth dlatrlct.
It ls admitted generally tbat the legislature will elect a Republican success
or to Cenator Cullom.
Shortage of Fuel.
Sydney, N. S., Nov. 6.���The blast
furnaces or the Dominion Iron & Steel
company were banked because of the
failure of tbe company to obtain proper coal for making coke. Unless tbe
furnaces are started up in a few days
the entire plant will bave to cloae
down, which will throw 1700 men out
of employment
Armstrong   and   Spullamcheen    Send
Complimentary    Endorsement     to
Richard McBride.
Tbe following is tbe text of the telegram Bent by the Conservative <i��uo-
clation of Armstrong and Spullamcheen to the Hon. Richard McBr.de,
un the occasion of tbe recent l-uuitet
given in bis honor at Victoria and lo
congratulate him upon his splendid
fight for British Columbian rights and
The telegram ran aa follows:
To Hon. McBride, Victoria: Armstrong and Spullamcheen Conservatives congratulate you* upon your noble right for provincial rights. The
province haa every reason to feel
proud of your action at the recent conference. Its people may with safety
entruBt its Interests to your care. The
Conservatives of this district will do
their share toward giving you another
term to oompiete the good work you
have already begun. Look well to the
Secretary Conservative Association.
Victoria, B. C, Oct. 29, 1906.
Frank B. Wolfenden,
Armstrong, B. C.
Dear Mr. Wolfenden: Your kind tel-
gram or October 26. expressing on be-
hair of Armstrong and Spullamcheen
Conservatives approbation of the course
I pursued at Ottawa Ih regard to Better Terms, afforded me the greatest
pleasure. We have a just cause, and
I feel that, in standing firmly for the
rigbts of the province. I would have
behind me the endorsatlon of the people of BrltlBh Columbia. There was
no part of the welcome home that I
appreciated more than the generous
greeting contained In your telegram.
Believe me, sincerely youra,
Shot the Colonel.
Nlznl Novgorod. Russia, Nov. 5.���
Colonel Bozehernnotr. of tho Viborg
regiment, of which the German emperor Ib honorary commander, was seriously wounded today by as bullet fired
hy a member of his own command
while the soldiers were practising vol
ley firing with blank cartridges. It la
stated that the shot was fired acci-
dently. During the Russo-Japanese
war the Viborg regiment distinguished
itself at the battle ol' Sha river, and
was more than decimated at the battle
of Purloff hill for gallantry, on which
occasion Colonel Boaeheranofr waa
decorated hy Emperor William.
Government la Aware.
Ixindon, Nov. 5.���Premier Camp'-ell-
Bannerman, answering a~queatlon".n
the house of commons today, said the
government was aware that Newfoundland had decided to enforce the ball
act but he declined to say what, If any,
steps would be taken by the home gov
eminent In consequence of the actloa
of the colonial authorities.
Winnipeg, Nov. 5.���Canadian Pacific
wheat Receipts to date are 29,960,000
Wm tie Mv ilie Election For Grits
Same Gang as Operated at London
Were Employed in Eastern
Toronto, Nov. 5.���In the Investigation on the charge of conspiracy
against Messrs. Reid, O'Gorman, Wiley
and Mulloy, of London, Antoine Wend-
llng of Brockville was tbe first witness called. He wished first to be assured tbat he would oe protected as a
witness of the crown. On the day of
the election one J. H. McNab bad given him ballots marked for a man named Comstock. which be waa to give to
two men named Mcintosh, who were to
walk into the booth, cast the ballots,
and bring back the two unmarked ballots to the witness. Who paid them
$10 for each vote. This waa ln tbe
election of 1899. McNab waa a G. T.
R. operator.
"Was Tom Lewis there?"
"I did not aee 1dm," replied the witness, who failed to recognise Tom Lewis when he walked Into court Witness
stated that Pritcbett did not stay at
his hotel.
Sherwood Elliott, of Sherwood
Springs, swore that when he went to
vote tn Brockville election, there waa
a man at the poll who asked him if he
had been at Stack's hotel.
"I Bald I hadn't, but I went over
there and waa given a piece of paper
markod for Comstock. I waa Instructed to cast it, and return with the unmarked ballot, whereupon I waa to receive $10. I voted for White, however,
and waa going down town to plaee tho
ballot ln the hands of Mayor Stewart
of Brockville. Witness stated that he
waa afterward offered $10, then 1Mb
and then $S0 for the ballot by the put
tiea from whom he received It He
produced the ballot In court, and It
waa tiled aa an exhibit
Mr. George Weatherhead, Brock*
vllle, waa called and swore that he had
aeen Pritcbett at the Brockville eleo-
Uon. Pritcbett waa called in, and witness Identified hlm as the num.
William Stewart or Brockville. one
of the scrutineers, then testified. He
had been placed at No. 1, Eaat ward,
because he could Identify all the voters In that part of the town.
"Do you recognise Pritchett?"
"Yes; he waa at No. 1."
Wltnesa also told of a ballot being
dropped on tbe floor. Mr. Richardson,
a Conservative scrutineer, tried to get
It, but did not. Witness did not know
If It went into the box or into the pocket of the deputy returning officer.
The former witness, Elliott waa recalled, and Identified, tbe ballot produced by Mr. Eric Armour as the one given to him. It waa marked all ready
for Comstock.
Mr. DuVernet���The Initials 'N. A.
B.' are In tbe corner of the ballot
That Is Mr. Booth, a deputy returning
officer.   We'll get him here.
Mr. William Spencc, London, an old
man. was 'called, and aald that his recent visit to his sons In Detroit was
not because hu kuew lie was going to
lie subpoenaed. He Bald no one had
spoken to blm ahout going away. He
came back last Saturday. He had frequently acted as deputy returning offl-
oer at London. '
Witness told of getting $15 from
Jerry Collins after the election, and
understood it waa hla reward for step
ping down. Another man was with
Colllna when he paid the money, and
he thought lt waa Lewis. Witness de
nled lhat he ever Bald that Collins was
appointed b-wuiise he would do the
dirty work.
Will get the Facta.
Toronto, Nov. 5.���According to ex-
Manager McQill'a statements, on record at the Ontario Bank, it ls stated
that the big New York brokers are
shown to owe the bank about $2,000,-
000. The accuracy of these statements,
however, Is not believed in, although
the prosecution may send a commls
sion to New York to look Into the facts
thoroughly. The court of Inquiry, beginning on Tuesday, will Include In Its
scope the probing of ali the ex-man
ager'a speculations. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We havs plenty sif them In red and blua.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7,50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blanketB aro Justly oelebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
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LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters. Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers . Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
s��.-,,msti,iiOii. CAPITAL PAID UP... ,$4,380,000
KEST $4,2HO,000.
D R. WILKIK. President. HON. KOBKKT JAPKKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits reoelved nml interest allowed at current rates from date of oponiii); account and credited half-year ly.
.nui.mon bhaincm ��J��   ISA*   LAY,  Manager.
The 'Royal Hank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130
Accounts of firms anil Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches in  llrlllsh  Columbia.
Sps-ciai  attention  to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Ilullfux.       E. L. PEASE, Ceneral  Manager,  Montreal.
Published nu dayi a wcck by tha
Baker Hi.. Nelson, B.C.
-HiliBcrlpliun ratea. ._j untl a inuiuli delivered
lu lho city, or KM). I year if lent hy mull, when
paid ln advance.
Advertising rut**"** on application.
All monies paid in lettlemenl ��f The Dally
Canadian account*., either foi lUhwrtptloni or
advertising, innst in* receipted for fin tlte* printed
form*, of the Company. uther reooipti ure not
>* By one word we are lometlmai Judged to bu
wiie ami by uiiu word sometime*. Judged to he
foolish. I_t un therefore be careful wliai ttt
*ay."Cot*: rears.���
It has become such an accepted ens
torn for tho Liberal papers tu twist every action of any Conservative government or mombor thereof within tho
Dominion of Canada Into an offence
against decency, morality and honor
that auch custom must be our apology
for calling attention to the somewhat
remarkable deal In lands in Southern
Alliertu liy   Hon, Krank Oliver and to
which we made brief reference a few
days ago.
In the last session of tlu* Dominion
parliament, Hon. Mr. Oliver, in reply
to a question by a member of ihe opposition, said that It was the purpose
of the governmenl   to sell   no more
lands In (ho Nor'hwesi en bloc to any
syndicate or company, and he gave
his personal pledge as a minister thai
all such hinds in future would be sold
only to actual settlers. 1 laving made
this pledge, which was acci pted by the
members of the opposition, tbe criticism of the administration of his department was closed.
Shortly after tlie making of this solemn covenant on the floor of the
house thu same minister transferred
en bloc, 880,760 ucros of land in Southern Alberta to a syndicate of three persona, composed of one J. A. McGregor,
A. Hitchcock and Major A. Aubyn, tho
first uf these being a personal friend
of Mr. Clifford Sirion.
The facts concerning this remarkable broach of faith were not disclosed
until the property hud been transferred
by these three men to an Kngllsh syndicate and the syndicate had published
and circulated the prospectus of their
enterprise In England. Then it was
discovered tha. the original jnirchas
era had already made un Immense prof
it from tbe transaction aud that the
syndicate itself expected tu realize
nearly a million dollars profit on its
operations within a few years, owing
tu the exceedingly favorable terms upon which it hud acquired the lauds.
The lands were suid at $u per acre
with a proviso in the purohaae grant
that on the completion of irrigation
works tbey were to have a refund ol
$2 per acre on the whole bluck, making a net cost of $1 per acre.
More strangely still, no money is to
be paid to the government for thu
land until 1_1U, uud successive payments are spread over a period of
years, which admits ut a scheme uf
speculation und peculation that is almost without parallel in Canada.
The Ottawa government organs
plead that the land is arid; thut it is
costly uf irrigation and worthless without it, and thut u million dollars will
huve to be spent before the lund is
cultivable or vuluable.
The prospectus of the syndicate,
however, states, ou the authority of
1 .oiessor Saunders, who was In the
employ of the Laurler government us
an irrigation and land expert and uow
In the employ ot tlu* syndicate, that
three-fourths of the laud Is Incapable
ni Irrigation and that without recourse
to Irrigation this land is worth, in various bloekH, prices ranging from 17,60
to $33 per acre. Only ubout one-fourth
of the hind in in need of irrigation
and the olher bloekH are already being
turned over by the syndicate a< proli's
that are immense,
The Toronto News (Independent)
commenting mi this sule hy the government, has this to say:
"Moreover, il is alleged thai the
lands are of no usi* unless they ure irrigated, and that no one would settle
upon them because of their aridity.
'Yet the report of Mr. Saunders, a
former governmenl employee, now re-
mined by the company, says the soil la
first class, and that those portions or
the land which cannot be Irrigated���
about three-fourths of it���will sell
at from lfi to $15 an acre.
"Tho fact remains that the company
fs likely to make a profit of over
$3,000,000, while the government win
get only abom }*_oo,U'W, und not all of
thai until 1!��15. We regard such a bargain us Improvident. The proper policy would have been for (ho government to havo constructed the Irrigation works, and to have charged the
expenditure on the hinds benefitted.
In this way settlers, who finally must
pay tho three million dollars profit,
would have secured the lund at a very
much lower price than they will pay
now. Surelv the Immigration department could fill up a tract of Irrigated
While we do not give publicity to
these facts for the sake of attempting
to discredit Mr. Oliver, ns we lay uo
claim to being expert in the matter of
land deals, we think the unbiassed
reader will agree with us that the strictures of the News are in good lasts
antl are quite in order.
The malicious practice of the local
opposition organs of bounding the provincial government every time it sells
a garden plot somewhere in tlie neigh"
borliood of the North pole Is iu strong
oontraet with the measured terms of
the Xews.
H is a matter or common comment
ou the streets und throughout the
Country that the attitude of the Conservative papers ou the question of
Premier McUrlde's uclion at the recent
Ottawa coufercuce is in strong contrast
with that of the uppositiun organs.
The particular respect in which this
difference is remarked ls in tbe frank,
outspoken aud unequivocal endorsement of Premier McBride on the one
hand and the shuffling and evasive,
when not contemptible, criticisms ot
the opposition.
Wbile the premier knew what he
wanted, knew what the country wanted, and insisted on the special consideration being accorded to Urltisb Columbia which the legislative assembly
by resolution affirmed to be Its due,
there has been only one course opeu to
any newspaper which has a spark of
loyally to the province or is able to
rise above the status of a purty hack.
That course was to endorse the firm
stand taken by the premier and it hus
not beeu a difficult task to find reasonable and weighty arguments in support of such a position.
On the other hand, the policy of tbo
Opposition organs has been oue conscienceless abuse, misrepresentation,
piffling und mud slinging, without any
pronouncement on the questiun of better terms for tho province. They do
not say that the country should not be
satisiied with tbe paltry addition to
tbe subsidy that was suggested by the
conference nor dare they say that we
should have taken it and been satisfied. As a consequence the organs or
the opposition rind themselves without
a policy or without nny rational ground
of appeal to the electors and the public at large.
In order that their evasion may be
made clear to a discriminating public
we propose to publish a series of questions which are being asked by tbe
Conservative papers and we shall
await with eager anticipation the answers that will (not) he forthcoming
from the opposition press.
'I'he questions were first asked by
the Colonist of its adversary, the
Times, but they are equally askable
of every grit organ in the country because tbe tactics of all these have
been equally evasive and afford no
belter clue to the position of the grit
organs than those of the Times.
"Do the opposition organs concede
(hat itritish Columbia Is entitled to distinct and separate relief, as distinguished from the other provinces?"
"Do they grant that tho cost of administration in this province la rendered exceptionally great by reason of
permanent  condi I Ions?"
"Do they admit that we must submit our case for relief to the adjudication of the Eastern provincial premiers?"
"Do they claim that these premiers
Constitute an Impartial and competent
"Do tbey Insist that the Dominion
parliament cannot grnnt Hritish Columbia exceptional relief without tbe
assent of tbe premiers of the Eastern
"Do thoy contend that Mr. McBride
ought to havo accepted $100,000 a
year for ten years in full satisfaction
and discharge of our exceptional
If our contemporaries will answer
thi'so questions without Indulging iu
flights of sarcastic fancy, their own
readers will havo some Idea of what
their attitude toward this great question Is.
'i'he local apologist for the spunkless
opposition has been somewhat silent
on tho question of Mr. McHride's "hit"
of late, probably for Ihe reason Ihnt it
has discovered thut whenever It opened
Its tnuulh on tho subject its uttorunces
furnished thc Conservative press wllh
tiio very best possible manufacture of
campaign thunder. If It will con do-
Hcend, however, tu answer tbe above
questions Ihe public will have a somewhat more definite Idea of where it
stands un the question of provincial
rights. Let no one suppose for a moment that it will do so. It haa no convictions on the subject, or if it has
any It knows full well that to utter
them would bo to brand It as u traitor
to lhe question of better terms and a
willing slave or tho policy that would
sell the country's rights that Its party
might feed at tho public crib.
The   Cranbrook   Herald   waxcB   profane and utters a whine of sickening
cant In the "1 am holier than thou"
vein of the hfstoric Pharisee, as Is
shown  in  tlie following paragraph.
"We are a close reader of tho papers
of Hritish Columbia* aud regret to say
that up to the present time not one
Conservative paper of this province
has ever mentioned the damnable conspiracy entered into by Foster, Hope,
Fowler, et al., to mulct the C. H. it.
and the Foresters' organization out of
thousands of dollars through lhe influence thut these gentlemen held as
members of parliament. We hope God
can forgive such miserable weaklings
iu the journalistic Hue, but If He can
lie  will  do  more  than   the   people."
We referred once before to the howl
that was being raised by the Liberal
organs over the actions of Fowler,
Foster et al., but we promise the Herald to give our porsonul attention to
the matter Just as soon as il will laku
tlie trouble ami pains necessary lo explain Hie Oliver laud deal, which wo
treat iu this issue.
When the Herald draws the name of
the Deity inlo its columns in llle way
it does it is nothing if not blasphemous.
Wu wonder if the uctiuns ot the Herald are tu be Included in the niautle
of charily and forgiveness that tho
Deiiy is suiveillugly asked to throw
over the press? If so, there was pro*
photic lustanct or necessary Inspiration in tlie utterances of tlie poet who
wrotu the hymn beginning
"There's a wideness in God's mercy
Like the wideness of the sea."
The local organ of the grit machine
says in its news columns of yesterday
"Mayor Gillett bad received no further intimation regarding llie contract
for the new courthouse up to a late
hour last night, other than the information givon him on Friday bv W.
W. Haer."
In order to put several people in
their right place in this community
Tbe Daily Canadian states that W. W.
Baer did not tell Mayor Gillett on Friday or any other day that tbe contract
for tho new courthouse had been
Awarded to Mayor Gillett. if Mayor
Gillett says so he utters what he
knows to be a falsehood. If tlie morning paper chooses to repeat that statement after the denial made by Tho
Canadian on Saturday, unless it is authorized to do bo by Mayor Gillett, it
plays one of the meanest and most
sneaking tricks that nn ordinarily decent mind can conceive.
It is a question of tbe verucity of
the morning paper or of the mayor and
the gentlemen must settle It between
Editorially the local organ of the
grit  machine says:
"Are we to assume that hereafter it
is to be the policy of the chief commissioner of lands and works to 'authorize' the announcement of lbe letting or the contracts for puollc wo.'ko
in Iho columns of government organs
We reply it ls quite unnecessary to
"assume" nnything of the kind. Nor Is
it necessary to "assume" that the chief
commissioner of lands and works "authorized" the statement made In The
Daily Canadian respecting the a-vhi-d-
ing of the courthouse contract. Hut
it may safely be "assumed" that the
grit organ in Xelson has no longer a
monopoly of news in this upper country. How or by what means The Canadian found out the facts announced
on Friday is a matter of no public
concern, but it is in bad taste for the
morning paper to keep up its snivelling
over the fact that, it got so sadly
scooped, not 12 hours, as usual, hut,
as It would appear this time, hy several days. We aro sorry to have ruffled tho pin feathers of the old monop-
list so rudely, hut a few more like
jars will perhaps shake some sense into tho organ.
Hose-Anna and Other Tunes,    .
She���"Do  you   play  on   the  piano?"
He���"Occasionally, I am a fireman."
Notlco is hereby given that 60 dan slier data t
UUeod in��miiy totho Honorable Chief Commie-
���toner ol Unds and Works (or permlMton to
purchase thf following described Unds, In Went
KiHil.-nity: Commencing Ht h poM planted nt
Hi" northeast corner of ml 4:hi.'., ii. I., marked V.
Pleteher'i north weil corner, thonoe -wuth >*o
��� imiii-: theuoa eaat 10 chains, more <>r less, io
tbe weitero boundary of Uo ami, 0.1.; thonco
north W chain* in Kuoieniiy river; thence west
following tald rtrer to poim ol oommonoement-
containing B0 acrea mor.* or lam,
-Oth October. 1906.
Frank Fi.rr* hkii
Notify Ik hereby alven thnt fio dan Hll-*r Muir-1
Intend to apply totho Bon. Chlel Gommlaalpne.
of Landiand Worku fur permission to purchase
thf following described lands situated In the
wait Ko.ii* nny dlitrlet: beginning Ht a pout
niarked "Herbert Warfoa'i 8. S. corner," and
planted on tbe w it ihoreof Whalabao(Cariboo)
lake, nl.mui one���quartfl! mil** norih of llie south-
crn end of tho lake] thence u est an chain-.; thenco
-.'Hiii HO chains; tnence east Wi chains, mort- or
lesi,   to   win-* Mb mi   oreeki   thonco following
north along tbo creek and lake ihore wi chaini,
mon-or leaa, to poini of Commencement,containing liio adreii morn or leas
Datod iiu- Mih -lay of October, woo.
llKimr.iiT W-Uumr,
P, i. Hammono, Agent,
Notloe ih horoby given thai eo dnvs afterdate I
Intend to apply to lho Hon. i hief Cnmuilsslouor
of Land, and Works for iiermlsHloii to DUrebaio
the followiiiK describe.r landi situated in tho
Weit   Kootenay  JiUtrlrf.    Heel mi In* at  a  post
marked, "Antoinette Kirch's N. K. corner," ami
iiiHiit.-ii on tin* more of Whatshan (Cartoon)
lake at the southeast corner of ihe laid inke;
thenee tooth io cb at nr*; tbenee wen .0 ohalna,
moreor less, to the shore of Whatshan creek]
thenee following iheihori line of said creek and
lake In a general northerly and easterly dlrao-
tloir HO chains, inon* or leaa, to polnl of com*
���nhnoemanti containing uo hitch, more or ic*i
OoU uth, wuo.
ANTomrrrK hmih.h,
By F. L, Hammond, Agent.
Notice la bereby given that 00 dayi ft/toi date I
intend to make application u. the Honorable lha
Chief Commisalonor o( Landa and Work*, rorner.
mission to ptirrhaac the following deacribeti
lands: Commencing at apoit piaeed a-ionnm*.'
th�� southwest corner post of Leon (Vataon'l .���.*
plication tn I'lirehamj, running *i elmim north;
thence 40 cbalm weat; thence ho cbaina aoutb;
theuce in chains eait, to point of commence
ment, eotiUfnlii); 8__ acrei moreor less.
Dnted October l-i, 190.
By hisajitui, Kkmu-st, W. KoBlwiOM
Notice is herebv civen thai 60 days alter date I
inlcnd to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commli-
hi.our of Lands and Work! for perniiesio'i to inir-
Cbase  tho  following   described   lands   lu   W,*M
Kootenay district: nctiimiinj. at h post marked
������tuio Hir-cir*. N w corner"' and planted ou
the wi st ahore of Vt'atlban Cariboo) lake, about
one-fourth mile weal ofthe narroffiof Whutshiin
lake; tbence sooth ho cbains; ihcnce OUt .'
chains more or leas to the shore of tlie Nainuvs;
tbenoe following the --aid shore in a genera]
northerly and westerly direction 120 chains re
or hs**, to the point of commenoomont, contain
iui; mo acrei more or leai
Dated thi.-Mb day ot Oot ��� i����.
Otto EIimch,
k L BammowPi Agent.
Notlco is bereby givon tbal alxty days aftei date
I intend to appli ion..* Hon i blel Commlaaioner
of Lands ami Work-(or permlnion to purchaie
the tallowing deacrlbed landa in West Kootenay
dlatrlct: Hf-KlmiM!*-,' "' '��� POlt marked "g K
Aldeu'l 9 K comer," and planted on the east
Ihore of W'butsbali (Cariboo) lake, about olii:
mile north of the southern end of tbe Inke;
tbeuce north ni chains; lbence WOSl 40 ehalna,
more or less, to the shore of Whatahan lake;
theuee followiiiK said shore ���.������,:��� v mi. -..uili
erly and ear-derly direction 100 chnins, mors 01
less, to the point of couimciii'cmilil, containing
a'JO aorei* more or leas
Hated tills Bth day of'bt , JIMS.
K   K    .\L1>_N.
 I-'   I.  IUmmoni. Agent
Notice i�� hereby given that slxtv days aftor
date I luicnd to applv to the Hou. Chlel Com nils-
bloiicr of Lands aiol Works [or permlailon to purchase the following described lands In Ib- West
Kootenay district; Beginning al a Don murked
"Berths Hlnoh'i N BToorner/'and i-iautod on
tho east shore of Whalshan (Cariboo) lake, al the
narrowiol the lake, and about om- mile south of
-VrrOW lake trail; tbeuce south HO chain--; tbenco
we-t 8u chains more or less to Die shore of lhe
narrows; theuee fallowing the said shore in a
general   northerly   and   easterlv   direction   I'-iO
i hhin.s more or leu to the point of commencement, containing 540 acres more or less.
hated this Hth day of Oct., IMS
K   L   llAMHoM', .-gent
Sixty days after date, I Margrett Mc-yimrr'c.
intend to apply to tbe llouorable the Chief Commissioner of bands and Works, Victoria, B. C���
to pureha-o the following described laud, Commencing at a post marked M. Mcijnarrte, on the
tank of Lower Arrow lake, Ihence 40 chains
weat; thenoe SO chaini north; ihenee *w chains
cast; theuce 110 chains south to place of com
meneement, said to contain 100 aorta more or
less.   Covering ground held by (i. B. Anderson's
Dated thii Hth day ot Beptember, i'<oo.
Vi. L, Pay SB, Agent
sixty days after date t purpose nuking application lo the Chief Coin mlssloner of Landa and
Worka tor permlaalon to purchase
described land:   Commencing at n
���K   Fs s K  corner," and Muir-tti-about onemlle
from siiv.r Tip Point, on Whataban laki. and
near Christie creek, running Ihence Miclimiis
north; tbeuce BO chains wesl; thenee no chalna
south, following the lake shore; ihcnce Ho cbalni
east to the point of commencement- containing
Mil acres more, or less
Iiated lhe lllh day of August, IWO.
K   FAiyfiaa,
Per K  U   FATyfiaa, Agenl
Nollee la hereby given that B0 daya after date
I intend to applv to tho Honorable tho Chief
Commission.-: of Lands and Works for i-ermls
lion to purchHFe the  following deserlhed lamls:
Commandos at spoat planted on the northeait
corner ol reh-r UcKaugklon'l application to
purcbue, running HO cliaina west along thc
northern  boundary  of  same;   Iheliec hn chains
north i thence to chains cast; thence hu chains
soulb, along the wesi bottUOarj of John Klllott'a
application to purchase, to poini of commencement, containing MO acres, more or leai.
hated Oct, 18, DOS, THOMAS Smith,
Hy his ageni, Fhnest W. Rocinhon.
Notice is hereby given that 60 daya after date I
Intend to apply to tin- Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works, at Victoria, It. C,
for pi-rml'sloii to purchase lhe following dope rlbed lands, situated iu the West Kooteuay
dlltrlot, lonth of Fortv Nine creek, commencing
at a poil marked*'!.. H OhoqUStU'l N. Vi. corner," thence W chains caM, thence 10 chalna
south, thence 40 chaini west, thenco 40 chain"
north to the commencement post, containing UO
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B. i', Uct. 16th, littS.
I.. It. CliOy. KTTK,
 W. A..Ionics, Agent.
Hlxty days after date 1 purpose tn*king application to the Hon. chief Commlnloner Ol Lands
and Work*- for permlnion to purchase the following deurlbed land: Commencing at a post
placed at theiouthwealcornerol B. vt, Hannlng-
ion's application to purchase, marked "UM.fi.
H'srt S. corner post,'1 running thence HO chalna
west; ihenee 80 chains aouth; theuee HU chains
easi; thence NO chains north to point of commencement, contHlulng iViu acres, more or lesa.
Ualed the 10th day of October, IMS.
h. m. s. Hjjtirnteroif,
ner R. Rhiej.i��� Agent.
.Jixy dnys afler date I purpose making application tothe Hon. chief Coinmlsslonuruf Lands
and Works lor petmtllion tO purchase lhe following dccribeil laud; Commencing ata post
placed on the north boundary of lot No. 864 and
about two chains ensi of W hnlsban creek, marked "M. M's. B. W'. corner," running thence 40
chains easl; lbence io ehulns north; tbence 10
chains west; thenee 10 chains south, to point Of
commencement, containing 160 acres more or
Iiated the loth day of October, 19of.
Notice is hercbygiven that sixty days afler date
I intend to apply to the Hon. chief OommtlSlon
erof Landl and Work! inf permission to purchase the following dcscrlls.il lands, 101) acres,
commenolng at a pnst marked John Tove, planted ou the east shoreof 1-owor Arrow lake, about
one mih. north of Hundilnc creek. Ihenoj forly
chains cast, thencfl forty chains aou'Ji, thettOS
forly ehalna wesi, thence forty chains north
along lake shoie to point of eommeneement.
Haled this Kith day of September, 1908,
John TOTB,
 ^^ ______    Haiiiiv (iinsoN, Agent.
Notloe Is hereby given that 80 daya after dato I
Intend to applj lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of undi and   Worku for permission
in pnrcbBAa the following described land, situate
iu Fire Valley, in lho WUI Kootenay dlatrlct, adjoining W. A. Cnlder's pre emption, Marling at a
pon marked  M, .Mct.uarrie's southwest corner,
running KO chains easl, H.  10 chains north,
thonce BO ehalOl west   Ihcnce 40 chains south to
poii,i ol commoncemont.
Dated thu Uth day of Beptember, UM
Mahy HCQUAUtl,
J. K. TayUj-h, Agent.
Hlxty days afler date I |uir|ioac making application io the Hon. Chief Commissioner of l,-.ud��
and Works lor |-ermlsslon lo piircliase the following deacrlbed land:  Commenolng at a poit
placed ��i the uorih cast corner of H. c Hklnnur'i
application to purchase, marked "II D's N.W.
corner post," Ibi-ncc following the easl boundary ol saliu* SO Cfaalm lOUth ; Oinueo miming N)
chains cast; theuce 80 chalna north; thence -HO
chains west to point o| commencement, containing 640 acres more or leaa-
Dated the loth day ol October, Usui.
II  Poim,
 Per K. Hhiki.u A-gent.
.10 days aHer dale 1 Intend to apply to tho Honorable lbe Chief Commiasioner of Landa and
Works, Victoria, II 0,(0 purchase fr-Kl acrea of
land situate weat of Arrow lake on tho woat side
of Whatchan creek aud Joining (he north Imund-
tiry of H. J. Annahie application to purebnau.
Commencing ���i ,, j,,,.,*. marked R. J. K. 8. K. corner nn.i running wes* no chains; (benoe north no
chains;  thence easl wichalna;  Ihenco Booth lo
poiui of oommencement.
Heptcmlwr 2nd 10o6. R, J. Ki.I.iot.
Notice la hereby given lhat f��0 dnys after date, I
Intend to apnlv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the loiiowing deacrlbed landa In thc West Kootenav District: lleglmilngat a post marked "W.
B   Blvldge's H   W*   corner/! and planted about
ono-quarter mile west of the west shore of wimi-
���han (Cariboo) lake, and about one and one-
quarter miles north of the southern end of the
lake; iin ii**.��� north KO chains; thenee east in
chains more or less to llie shore of lho Whatshan
lake; thenco following said ahore In a general
southerly and westerly direction 100 chains more
or less to a polnl on the ahore due east ofthe
posl of commencement; Ihenco west 20 chain?
more or less to the point nf commencement, eonlaliilng :mi acres moreor leas.
Dated tills Uth day of Oct., HUH
_. _, ___     w.s. tovtoos,
F. L   llAMHOHli, Agent.
JuBt reoelved, a n|ik*iiillil stock of Stamped Linens, (*uniiicm
Coven, Tea Cloths, etc. An elegant assortment for to w��rk f���J
Ninas presents,
We are also show-Inn a lot of new Fancy Tai�� anil Itlhlsoii \v���r_
Sis- our slissw windows for some novelties we havo fur Xmu
trade, which we hail made to onr order by the best sislmsii ',.,
fancy work In the Montreal convent. Now Ib the time for yon n,
make selections.
Notloe U hereby glv    .
intend loapply to the Ho
lays alter dale 1
 * hief Commissioner nf Laud-, and Work- [di permlaalon to pur-
chase Ihu lollowlng ,1( Mrtbed landl, situated ou
the eait side of Arrow lake: Comm. neliie al a
poll marked  A Mad I'i location poit, tbenee
south hrty ohalni, following w. Toye'i etitern
boundary; thence east sUiy chains, ty east bank
of Garibaldi 'reek:  theuce norlh forty chatna;
thence eait ilxty chllni to point of commencement, contaiiiiin 390 acrea- more or leu,
Haled September I, ItOt.       AJ.ksa HAC__0D.
Per N. 11kmkk��, Ageni.
Notice is herebv given tbal 80 days alter date I
Intend to applv to the Honorable lhe Chlel Commissioner of I indl and Works for pcrmi-*loii to
purchase the following deeerlbed lands. Mi ualed
on tiu eusi si.u-of Arrow i��*c: Oommenelng bi
the northeast turn, r of A Anthony s pun-hare,
thence north lorty chaloi- thenee west forly
chains, thenee souih fort) chains, theme IU)
forty chains to point ol i omuieucement, containing 160 acre**!, more or Jess.
Daied -September L lioi.    J AMU ���?- Kaolnd,
perN. DmtitJU, Agent.
Notice is bereby given tbat sixty days afler
dale] Intend lo applv tothe Hon. i bi.f Commls-
���loner Ol Lands and Works lor permission to
purchase    the    following    described   land-,   In
Weit Kootenay Dlitrlet; Commencing at an initial por-t planlcd at Hie toutbCUt enrner of Mc-
i nv s pre-emption, I heme JJ) chains ureal to east
boundary of un Bin: ihenee following aald
Uiiimlarv south to southeast corner of said lol;
ihence ll�� chains west;  IbOnce *'. chain*, .mild;
tbence 80 cbaina eait; thenee ji cbains north to
.onihwtst oorner of U>t w, thence following
west boundarv ol Lot _r_L' to Initial post.
Beptember al, mm-*. l>. l>- Vfottt,
per KasitaT W. BOBtnOM.
Notice is hereby given that f_ days afterdate, I
Intend to applv to the Hon. Chiel COUtDllllottor
of Lands and Works for permission lo purchase
[be following described lands, sltuale on the
But shoreof Lower Lake, about one and one
hall mile Bouth oj  Bdgewood,  B.C. and ad
���ojniug J T. Ileattle'h application to purehase,
and  commencing al u post marked   lionald Wil
sou's south Weit corner, thenco running North
sniv chains, tbence But forty chains, thence
South, ilxty chains, lbence West fori) chains to
place of eommeneement, and containing -M"
acres more or less.
iHjrUl.n W[tj,o��.
M. It. MOQI AHHII, Agent.
Haled tbii.l-.th dayof September- 10t)0.
Notiee li hereby given lhat two months after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable Chlel
Commissioner of l-nnds and Works for permll*
lion to purchase fi-IU acres of land, described as
follows: Commencing nt a i- -i planted at the
southwest of I , Kj Monl-oii's ranh in Urn
Valley, West KooUnay dlatrlet, marked "J. B.
Mn ni"'- northeast corner )s i-i"; thenc* 00 ehalni
west; thenco 80 chains south; thence ko eliains
cast; tbence SO chains north to thc place of commencement.
Dated nth day of Beptember, i��w.
J. B. UrN-aoK,
Vt'. A. I'Al.liKR. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lliHt 80 daj I after date I
Intend to applv to the Hon. Chief ' ommlMlone^
of bauds and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, sltuale in West
Kootenay dlitrlet! Beginning at a post marked
"Arthur Warren's H W. corner," and planted on
the t-a-i shore ol Wbalsban (Cariboo) Itikc, ahout
two miles nortb <>f the narrows of Whatshan
lake, and at the B. K eorner of Vi. Ber-Ombel ftp-
plication to purchase; thence easi io.ebalns;
thence north 10chains; thenco west 10 chains;
thenee soulb 80 Ohalni to point of coinmcnee-
meut; Containing BSD acres more or lesi.
Hated tbtlfltb duy of Oct. m��.
AitTiiru W'ailiii:.*.,
r. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice la bereby given that lUty_aw__ .
date I Intend toapply to lhe lb.in.*., 1.1".
missionerof I-audi and Works h���-
to purchase ihe following deacrll
uale In West Kooteuay District
at a |sist marked "A, llirseh's -
planted at the rl. W. corner id Lol
miles north of Burton City ami n
mile ��*st of tba Columbia -'��� --
Ucbalmi thi
��l' ItVlH
1 "���!..-t1
��i*>ni ;
-I     H       .   Is.,
ice easl lo ehain' lo
mnl, containing ;'v acrei
MII|1*J    j
Hilly 'lays afler date I inteml to applv to llie
Commissioner td Lauds ami Works, Victoria, to
purchase 100 sens of land, situate aud described
as followi: Commencing m ��- post plantefl on the
west ildcol Arrow lake opposite CarfbOO city, nt
or near lhe southwest corner of B. Hnlg purchaie, ind marked "U. M. A., h. K. comer," and
rnnuiug north 40 chains, thence wt st 4o chain.,
toll. Aniiahle's purchase, theuce south III chnins
moreor less in the lake shore, thenee along thc
lake ibore to place of beginning,
Auguit _Mh, I'M*. (i. M. ANN.uti.R.
Notlei Is bereby given ihat suty days aller
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Unds ainl Works, for
permission to purchase the following deserlhed
lands In the West Koolenay district: Beginning
at a posl marked "James'�� Fraser's N.K, corner,
and palltcd on the easl shore of Whatshan
fCarlhoo) lake, ahout one hair mile norlh of
Christie creek; thence south 40 chains, more or
less, lo the norlh boundary ol W. MOOmbe'l application to purchaie! theme west along the nud
boundary 40 chains, more or less, to the shoreof
the lake; tlience following the said shore In a
general northerly and easterly direction HO
chnins, more or less, to point of commencement,
containing iio aires, more or less.
Dot isth, IBM. james n. Piugs*.
F. L. Hammond, Agenl.
Notice la hereby given that sixty days alter
the date I Intend to anply to lhe Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to pureliase the follow ing described bind
In the West Kootenay district: beginning Ht a
post marked "H. It, Keil's N.K. corner,n and
jdanted on l he shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake,
at the northweal oorner ol said lake; thenoo K
chains west; lbence 40 ihains south; Ihence 1(1
'iniiii- eaat: thence I'l chains south; thenee oait
41) ehalni, inure or less to the shore of ihe said
lake; thftnOO norlberlv along the said lake thore
>_ chalus, more or tela, to ilia point of commencement, ion I alnlng Ino acres, moie or less,
Hated Oet, 13, I9UR. K. It. Kkii.,
F. I. Hamhonu, Ageut.
Notice Is liereby giTen that isidays after date I
Intend io apj.iv in me Hon. chid Commluloner
of Lahdl and Works fnr permission tn pureliase
lhe following descrlbeil lauds situated: In the
West Kooteuay district: Hcjnntiig at a post
marked   "William   Keil's   N.   W.   corner,"  end
planted about one mile tomb of the norih end
of Uhatshan (1 ariboo) lake,nbout twenty chains
writ of the wcsl-.bore ot said lake and ou Ibe
somh   boundary of  K   H.   Kelt's application lo
purchase; thence aoutb ftn chains; ilieui mfin
chains, more or less, to the ssld lake shore;
Ihence northerly along lhe said shore m chain..
_?��ffiP.i__(*_I !" tbi ,aM m""h  houndarv  ol
K  R. Kelt I application to purehase; Ihenco wesl
* chains, moreor less in the poini of commence
ment, OoUtallihip im acres, more or less.
Dated Oct. ]., hnfi, Wii.i.mm K rii���
By F. L   llAMMOMi, Agenl.
Notice Is harebr given that flO days after dale I
intend to apply Io the Hon, the Chief OomSSi
Sffi" 7 UV' ? H":1 *��/& h l��"-""��"don to nur-
SaS ."v i/':11,"*1"-* *1��Wl*b��3   hinds in   \Vesl
Koolenay dlstricl, province of Mriii-hc mbla
.ommoni-Ing at n post marked'".Vlllmm ToIHiik-
plinted at the southwest corner of ihcguecn
m Tba r """��� 'l?'1 joining the cast lino of
S.-i ? -.'    "OP"0,?! thenee wuth twenty <an
Jes f..'r I /Jol' 'i""*'111 t",'"t-y i,J"J ��"*Mi ����00_
'^mnien. em.ii't ��r       ' '" tlia |,lw!0"'
Hated 1st dHyn[ Augusl  lOOfl.
_.    , ,     WII4.IAM  Tor.LINIITON,
Hy hlsagenlJ. K.Taylor.
Sixty days after dale f purpose makhigapn lica-
WwkiforTnsSXI ��^tSBm nf ttnSS��.d
d, __:-i i t] r nl"! ��".to P-",-"->���>' tbe following
��� T'.h w : ''"'"'"'"'''"tf"! H pied marked
av rn io t'"T,lWT- "adj-.i'nlng ihe easl hoiind-
n-r) of ) Pierce's a[>pllcutlon tn purchase, run-
nibg   hence so chains north; theneeWcialoi
uSl'io'.    '.'", */ vAuiU>H Sn,1,,i; lhet.ee WlehaiUH
wei to iiulni of eoi 'iicemeut,  contaluluir I'-Ill
aeroi mo c or less *
Hated the Hth day of Auguil,, 1000.
�� a-   ��    '   Biiciit-*,
perF. 0. FAUyuiKH,
Ml. le -..,--,,. .  nsniiij; ,,��,, ,trrr>,<
Dated this Uth day of BeptMntx
I'erKAUu ^..i.Al'sn.1,
Notice ls hereby given that00dayi ificr.i.*.*
Intend to apply lo the Honorable the ('hisl .1 '
inlssiouer of Lauds au<1 Works for is'rnii..i���, 4
jinrchaN. the lollowlngdeecrlbed iaH.i�� ,7_S��1
from a pent marked W T'snorIli��,M ," , ,hV5
south *u chains, them-e easl hu ,.-,,,,. Z'* {
uorth 4(1 chains, them-e west Hi ehaim to wtotS \
pommanoemeni, conuinlng 3-ai aem, ,���,�����'��� J
less; adjoins on ibe east of A. Anihony's aiiLluT '
lion to purchase, ""* '
Dated thll Hth day of Augusi,..��.
W. Tort
  N. D-MRR.-.. Ag.ni.
NntH-i-Is hereby given that six t\ dav*. thu/Jam I
: Intend to appl); to the Hon, chief Com intake I
' "' Ul Ui I
of Land- and   Works fo
the following described Iai
sliiiiltiK  at  a  post mark.d < athcriiieioi
planted on the east shoreof LowerArmi
near Gladstone Creek,   theuce
leiice Si| ehatns nortii, Ihenee in
ke  more,   tbenco aouth along
lllll   Of   '   'Illlll.  TO'   llll-III.
Hated this lath day of UeplCinb.
Haiiki Ma-.!
rhaim eut, I
���   .[|- iTHll,   I
i* sh'ir* ut i
Mt TuTt
Notice Is hereby given that 00 dayi Utudittfl
intend to apply to the llouorable lb, I blfl
mlssloner ol Lands and Work*- lor permlai
purchase the following described landl dl
ou the rail side of Arrow lake: Comment!
the southwest corner of A Anthony*! pauflftf
thence iouth twenty chains, tbenco pail iwi-niy ,
chains, thence north twenty chalm, tin M-M I
twenty i balni to |Kiiul of coiuun iirem*_Dt.eoi*|
tainiug ni acrei. more or less-
Dated t-Vpteuiber 1, 19Cfi        BlHIl M JtniM
per N. DIM-**, .Agoni.
Notice Is bereby given lhat n\'j -Uvi ilur
dale I Intend toapply to the Hoimr -i'i.!.- i}���-f hid **J
Com ml.-*-1 ���*.!' .- ������: Landsand Work-.'..- is-rinlM
to purchase iho following deeerlbed .sikImii
ste in the WVst Kootenay ��� listiin, ���:,-] s.1}<iiu1h|
I'aill Andres  pn--cmptiou,   itartlug mi
marked a... i ..io*. n k. coiner, on tha weil
of Lower Arrow  lake,   thence   -i*  chllni
tbence   10 chains   SOHth,   theme  -"* i l;nui**nfl,|
theme 40 chains mirth lo point <>l conn
pated at Nelson, B. C��� this Hth day "iS-piea.]
bcr.lKO A ). Um, -f
Wu. Poi.uiui. Agent.
Nolk-ft is hereby given lhat sixty -Uy. tfKll
date I Intend toapply to the Honorable ���. ��� :-.| I
Coinmlssloin r of f_indsaui) Works forrsTKlaMV
lo purchase lhe following deecrlla-. Utidi sltuiul
fn West Kootenay dlstriclM'oitiiin u- invsl��f��l|
planted ai Robert Corleifi nonh e.n t
Met and marked  A. M's N, W. Corner UirMii
east 40 chains; ihenee ill chains south, more llf
lens to lhe Koolenay river; thenee 10rhalM*���
along   the   Koolenay   river;   tbence  M -bsira
nortii, more or less, to ihe place of i-iinmtDi**l
incut, containing KO acres more or I< si.
Fept-iul*r 14th IWI.
ANMK M.-'ir, |
William Itooai a* Ageni-
Notlcc lihen-bygiven Ibati-iidHysaMerdiireil
Intend loapply to ihe Hon. ibeciiiifcmm*!
sioner of Lands and Works for jH'rmls��l<ili >�� I
purchase the following described lsn.1-. in tWf
West Kooti-nay dlstricl: lleKiumm; si �� P^ 1
marked <��� H. Bell and it. Heirs ti. K. cruelr-MJ
about J inib-s east of the Haltium river and itsnti
', mile fnnn lbe I'end d'Oreille riier; ilieii'vj j
chains norlh;  lbence 40 chains west; tli.n.��*"l
���hamssouih; thenoo_)ohalni <-asi to i>iir.��l
beginiil- g.
Dated the 22nd day of Huplomhor, I."06.
K. M. Kg_gf_B.Agi
I!  ItlU
Sixty days after date f purpose mat lug npp'l-1
cation lo the Honorable |he Chief c.i unK-i^rt-J
of l.iiudsand Works for jKjrnilssion ,.��� pimhistl
llio follow lug deserllwd land: r.sin-n. m -ine il I
l poll maiked "D. I"s H. W. comer." ��ilj��Ini-|I
K. I'aui'iiler's application to pureliase, rimniBf J
the imv ho chains north; Ihence so i lniliiK ewjjl
Ihcnce SO eliains iouth; theme ni chaini _M
to Hip point of eommeneement, coutalnlBf **1
aeru . more or lesi.
Dated the llth day of August, Pjno.
I�� riRit-rc |
Per F. (1. KAl-yriKi, Agent.
Noilce U hereby given tbat 00 days nfler'UK-1
linend toapply |o the Honorable lhe i-i.irf'i*1
mlssloner of Lauds and Works to iJiirebase tM
hdlowlngdcBcrila-d lands,laiaere-, i ��� :��� .*H'-* L
commencing al a post jilanU'd on tin ��***; "��BI
of Holier Arrow lake at a point aboul i m|l<<w--i
low Siikusp.and marked (I. A. It It "��� B '"r"f .
poat: thence mi chains wesl; then*-* '"'", Sl
souih; Ihenco no chains east, more .r l'-si'��j*"|
shore; ibenee along lake shore to |snntott*' I
ii lata j
ii.M-.inrt I
Notiee Is hereby given lhat sixty day h
I Inlcnd toapply to lbe Hon lib lei Coin mlrtl��
of Lamls and Works for permission lo pun-Si
lhe following described landi, starling il*��
planted on tbo North West oornerol Utlf
lbence running   twenty chains .-South, ttieL
twenty . l,���io-   West, ihence  fori* chaini ^OW L
tbence twenty chains Kast, lbence U\��� 'i|)',,,',"l
Motuii to polnl of oommenoement, anil i*oiiwi>,|
lug hi acres moreor leas,
FI/ihxhi k llissl ^    -
W.J   ���lotl.A.rtl'l
Hilled Hie 1st dny of Oclohcr, IWO.
��i# L
ilau* I
Hlxty davs afler dale I purpose
cation toibe Ron. ChiefOommii
nml Works for is-inilsiion to |	
lowing described   laud:   Coin H'K �� . ,1*
plaeeilat lhe southwest corner oi U  -Mell"-?"
plication lo purchnse, marked ' '
nor," i uiu, in,' thenee Ml chains ii
I r���_
1 '_ I
lit'li'* *
point of oommenoement, oc
..lore or leas.
1 the Ullh day of October, I9U.	
I1   rAt .11"���
por R. Hmikii.
lug NO aorea more or leas.
. i ii"*"-
Notice is hereby givon that ���� dnv- at ���''��� fjjj
Intend   to   apply To tho Honorutile llie ^Ji
Coiiuiitssloiicidf Ijin.ls mid   Works  ���
���lou to purchase the following den n
In  Ihe West  Knolenay dlatrlcl:    H'n
I'osl marked "Kluannr llirich's H   u
and plinth d rm the we*t shoreof th
Whatshan (OarlDOO) lake, about om in
miles souih of Arrow lake frail; then
chains; thenco easl 40 ehulns more or
shore of lho Narrows; thenee tollowli
shore In a general southerly and �����'"'
Hon Ml chalus more or less lo polnl of i
ment, contain lug Itm acres more nr les
Dated Oot. Hth, lime. ftlAMcn
K. L   Hammono, A
|o I'll*" J
I nil l'lf I
Notice is hereby given ihatsi.xtydu.>
liiili.'inllo apply tothe lion CblcH ���
er ol Landsand   Works for porous i
Chaae the following described laud*
Kootenay dlstricl:   Beginning m �� P
"W. H��!coinhe'sH. K. corner." and phi
eait  ihoro  or   Whiitshan (Cariboo)
two miles   in,ub or the narrows or
lake;   theuce   north   M chains; then*-*-* ���*��� n(t ���
chains, more oi   less, to tbo lakci"'*   .,,-*, 1
following the said ihofe In a general son
niiduiuderly direction IJil chains, inoo or
the  pi'ini   of commcticcmoiit;  contn"11
Acres, more or less.
Halod this Hth dayol Oct., 1W��- ,,, u, .���
W .  rH1"
F.L, Uawioniii Ate*111
- --i^rsMilllglWIPUIWII '���-'���"
ANHEUSER    "AND rw original
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       ���****��� -V-EKl^S.. p,t,"h    VICTORIA
Burns <& Co.
Rott-jutd-  Trail,  NoIhoii, KmIo,  Sandon- Tim* Porta, New
Danvfet nml tUoton Oily.
[1011I to any branch will have
l mel < 11 refill attention.
Head Office: Nelion, B. C.
late 1 purpoae making appu-
1,1, ilu  il  11  �� lib I 1 oiunil'-sloiierot l.M-id-
H'arktlori 1-wliill  lo  pun-hase  the   (ol-
ni' iii*-.* nl-.il lands:   1
iitbwesteornerol-J.flblell   ...
1.1  1 -r. I   markeii' R.H'uH. K. Cor-
linr ilo-nee ni chains north, theuce HO
I, ll ni ohalm ini.tli, ihence HO
' ' nmuieneemelit, contain*
i'v more 01 leu.
lay ..1 October, 1000.
per J. HHiKii., Agent
. ��� .:������ ��� date 1 purpoae making nppll-
���1 to id.* lb.11 < bi. I'uinmlssloner of l-niids
rmission to purchase the fol-
111 Ii < ommenclng at a post
���i*i.*iiii ii.* northeast cornertun AhteH't
N(leii("|    -   liaw,  marked "M. K U's H. K
"   iiiiiiiiiK  Ilium-.- m 1 halus north lo tlie
iMuii.lsiy of T. LMB3, thence HO chains
ihalim south, thence HO chains
1 om meneement, containing Wo
��� ������ -.
uii iii* 1 tb day nt October, i����.
M.  K. lil'.fM Itl I ,
per J SKULL, Ageut.
'ii. I purpoae making appli-
ii     the (Thief CommMioner of
nil. rtorle lor |�� .mlulOII to purchase the
���Uie -l.-eri red   land:    romuieiiciuK  at  a
lhe junction of  Harues  .ml
Hi.uer,-, .     I cut  ol  K. J. Klliotl's  ap
Hum In |>n*i Imse. msrked "Vi. N   p's. H. W.
'���iiee HO chains north; thence
-.. bains soilLli; tbeUreHO
��� ���' i 'in of coi111-1e11ci.1-.1enl; contain-
��� ��� in "r less.
���I Hi lobor.lflOl
W. K. PoOU,
I'er J. Rnill.l., Agent.
lale I purpoae making appli-
-  lhe 'htef t.'on-imlnstoncr of
It m.l iwrk. iir penulMJon to purcbue the
I landi:   romurenelnir at a
"iiiheasi eornerof M. K.tireti.
��l'|'Ili*sii.ui   *,,  purcbaie,  marke*l  "V. U's,
un n_ thonce80 chains north;
  ni chains east; thence ni
lie   hll I,Hill-   Wesl, to point   of
i-eiiiein, containing md aorea, more or
lay ol October, 1MB.
V   IK1I1D
1'erJ. fihlell, Ageuu
I" "d'J given that fill davs after dale I
'  ..Hon 10 the Honorable the
1 Lauds and Works for per-
I-.-*-* the following deoorfoed
'���R  al   a  poet   OO  the   north
' <>'ii.I  si., ui .���cbaiiiH east of
Hmn.-i-.k   niiining mehalnseast; thence
< mem chaius west: thonce SS
int nf eommenoement, oon*
'"""������ ��� mreorleofc
Hy li" agent, Krnrnt W. ROBUteOH,
*   ���
tnuMl il'V ''���}"���'Pun"'"? m��Klng appli.
m  lion 1 net Commlnloner ol Unds
"ilsjlon to purchase the fol-
and!   I'onimcncliin ata poat
.... V""|H WM|  Ol  tlieVhatsban
��   �����d-ib��ii| iwo miles  lOUth   of  What
lite nisik,,|-u.r.H'sN  K. comer post,"
���,���'  '"" ���**���'   "*"   chains   south;    ihence   HI)
u   cbaltu  norih;  tbence Ml
'oinnieiiceincnt; conlaln-
Pi r It. BunUX, Agent.
nibiHu "/���',"������ .,-U'' -"tend toappiy to the
l   VU,; 'M'','"""""'-t<t��crol__��udsand
""������V  to  purchase  IHU an..*, .if land,
-   jBldeof Arrow lake. adioInliiR
���d iih follows;   Comnieuiing
Wini tl,.'
II t&O ���!.
iH-tt 1,1 ���,���."���"-���" ����� iohows: uonmeuoiuf
itsu V. 'i ,"" the wm( Iwnu'lary of to!
s .11 ��Indus north o( the H. W. corner of
��*-*. Kin- ecu :���� chains, thenee south M)
���       1 e cast  .hi ebalns tn the wislern
-   ' 1 I- em-Mien n... :t7_p tbenoe north
,1.. ���";���'"'l"*Kliinliig.
lhul,'lm-D , ���     MR.Wau.iv,
It J- Ku.iott, Agent.
11 tilsu'_., ..v,'h ""���1 *' ,la/�� tater ��l*-e 1
1 ;;;iiHi,l,|h'atlnuujtheBonoraljlethe
"�����   1 " -r nf Lands and Works fnr per-
1    ' *i|inc the lollowlng deimrlbed
'I ...     i'f "l " *""'1 P��*?W Hla.ul one
' ,V.,H",',HH  cieek  and  about  three
l:i; 'oii'iiiin lake, running Hn ebalns
��� ' ' Hains west; Ihenee Hll ehalna
���tll  ,,,,,,,',    1"V'*lNi'-  '" pnllilof com.
hi |iip (j!I,l51,j'J| 040 acres more or less.
li*  1,1. _      ,  ,. ���*,|tT|'h Mi NaiIcfHftX.
"""KellLKuNKST W. ItOHlNsoN
ft"'���Si".-!?'.?* rfhVsis** _.*_?��� tt^'A-** *
""���' ' I    V.   I a ,1    "��'"" lW _iU�� l'liU-f ��0m"
., t     I*.    1   and Works, Victoria, to pnr-
,f Ihirilui  i 11       ' . MmU' lil,n,lt OHO tnllo
'���serlb. 1.1,   1 11   �� ��*_l' "blunf Arrow
'I ut 11.,. .,., "WN,M"*tinmencingati
.���   V     ' ""heast enrner ol iotikWO,
1   "..,'".����������. thonoe wait��lOhalni,
iiiiiniiU      ' ,a��bee out 40 chalna to
��l 'll,
i. It. IltlNTKa.
lll'.l th,
Hon r 11 r, "rp<r.""lkl"K',l>P1t
( " �� le "ommlsslonerof I*mlH
ihe'i 1 1 "",!" Puwhaao Um fob
��� , wmt������ Commonotni ��t the
"rked -1* 1" iVTV "I'l'll'-atlon U��
" . im, ,lH,N*��*''��>mer."Hin-
wi i-bii,.�� ."" _.'��� thonc0 W ehalna
.,���, ,   ,',IN norih, thence W> chains
r, ,��� |J.^ollime'>o"nont,conta|Wtt|
2111 ,l��yi' Ootober, IWO,
l,l,r*J Hhiki.i,. Agent
h1���"fV fl,r l��*n    ,   ���   l""s""!",'rn' l**'����"
i'l|,fc|,fllH .' >'t purchase  tbo fol-
"' ll! lln' !��'i 'mnmenelnar nt a
11 I'l'! I ..n,,,, , W0I( r��r��or of "K.
'���"-11.1 *��� r,���, ",  I>ur,,||n-*ie, mark.d
"'��� ��� wi elinln. ..     ? l,H,"Ce HO ehatns
,vw,,bal rn..!.. 1 ' ,l'.onco H0 -'hnlns
at..,i ,;",lftl'iiii*j .iii,,;:'L" l,"lnl "Irominon-
I.., 1 u    K* Huhkhthon,
I'^J.Himbi.l, Agent.
.JtSMK " httfcby *ttvtMI ���"�������� r,�� <��ay*�� after date I
���_.' :V" BW 'V ,1"��� """"*-��''H' the Chief Oom.
SSSS? !i' fftfi  .",1 W,ork" f,,r l��nnl����fon U,
purehase    he following deeerlbed lands In   the
mSS 1." ,'"Hy ?lB*d**l Ib'giiinli.g at a post
marked "Alexander Fraeer1! n. w. corner " and
planted on the easl shore of the narrows of
JJtmisbH,, (Cariboo) Uke, at Ihe B. K. comer nf
B rnhard   Hlrsch's   application    to   purcbaw;
beii.e eaat �� chain*.; thonoe aouth fa ehalna
inflict. wesHo chains, more or less, to the ahore
/��� _,.' MET1., lh,',l('e f""''**'ii�� the said shore
11 a northerly direction B0 chains, more or less
to ine jsiint or eommeneement, containing 890
acres, more or less.
Od. mi,, 1906. Ai.a��isi.aK Fraskb,
by K. L. IImmono, Agent.
Hiny davs aftei date I purpose making application to tbe Won. l hief t'ominlsiioner of Lands
and Works for i .rtnliwlou to pureliase the lollowlng deieribe.1 lands: Com inenelng at tbe
northeast comer o| *'. I, llauniiigtoii's application to purchase, marked "K. A. C's H. K. corner,"
i uinilng ibenee Hu ehalns norlh, theuce HO chains
west, thenee BO eliains soulb. thence HO cbains
east to p.,mi of commencement, containing OW
acres, more or less.
Dated the Irth day of October, I90_.
I'-r J  HlllKi.L Agent.
Notice ts hereby given that (Wdlys after date
I Intend fn appli to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of Unds ami Works lor |K*nii!*slnti io purebaae
the following deaerlbod lauds in West Kontenay
District: 11. ginning at a post marked, "Hern-
hard llinich'r* S. K. comer," and planted on the
easl there Of tlie narrows ol Whalshan (Cariboo)
take; thence n^rth HO chains; thence west to
chaini more or less, tn the shore of Whatshan
lake; theuee following said shore in a general
southerly aud easterly direction 120 chains more
or lea, to point ol oommenoement i oontainlng
:>-���*.' acres, more ur less.
Date*] this Hth day of tht. I'm.
K. 1.. II vim..Mi. Agent
Kixty days after dale I purpose making appli
cation lo t'.p lion, the Chief Commissioner of
I .nn.1- and Works for permission to purchase the
following ���!. s.rn-i-'l laud: Commencing at a
���post placed aboul hair it mile Mil Of Harnes
creek, and about om* mile norlh ol the month of
the saniB, marked "J. S's. ti Vi. corner," running
tbonce so chains north; theuce h.j ehalns easl:
Ihfncc mi chains souih to the north boundary of
vi s. ]',.,,'.,'���- nppitcsiio 11<> purehaae; thenee ho
chains west to point of commencement; containing nn) acres more or less.
Dated the Uth dar ol ootober, m*\.
si\i\ iUt( ��(i t dan* I p,ir|��.M- uiaklng appll-
eatlon to the Hon. chief Commbalcnerof Umls
nud Works [or |**rmission to purchase the following deaorlbed lands: Commencing at a poll
plaeeii about half a mile west of the lower end of
What-!.nu Inke, marked ������!). D's. N. W .corner,"
running thence Hi) chains south; thence NO chains
eaat] thence*, chains north; ihenee Hi) chains
e-.-i lo j'otui of . ommemtenuint, contalnlni tvto
acres, moreor less
Datcl the i_th day of October, lWW.
D Donn,
Per J.SmXLL, Agent.
H xty dari after date I purpose making application to the Hon Chlel Commissioner ol 1 .iin-f*-
and Wo ks for pi'rmlsslon lo purchase the following deiorlbed lands: I omiucuelug at the
northwest corner of K. A. Creaie's aiinllcatiou to
purchase, marked "W. 0, 0'|. H VV, corner,"
ninning thenee HO chains uorth; thenee Hii
chailiteast; Ihcnce HO chains souih; thenee H0
chains west to point of commencement, containing <iln aeres, more or less.
Dated lhe 12th day of OotObOT, !'.����� '���
W. O.OtLlMT,
Per J. Siiiiu., Agent.
Hlxty days after date 1 purpose making appli-
cation to tlie Hon. Chlel Coinuilsilonur ol Lands
nud Works (or permission to pufcbMe tho fol-
lowing dcscrlbiil bind--: Coiuincliclng at the
northwest corner of D. Dodd'i application tn
purchase, marked -M. l-'s H. Vi. corner," running
lb. u.e ho. hui n- mn ib ; Ihcnce Hi) chains, more
or less, to the west shore ol Whnlshiin lake, following same Ml chains south; them-e HI) ehalna,
m.in* or b-xs, easl to thc point ol eommciifcein.nt,
containing Miiacics. more Of less.
Hated thc Ulh duy uf October, I'xi
M. KirgriKli,
per J. Hhiki.i,, Ageul.
Notice Is hereby given that slxiy days after
date I intend to apply to Ihe Hunorable Chief
Commissioner of hands and Works lor permission to purchase the following described lauds:
Commencing al a i>o*-i placed mi the north wist
corner of All-ed lilllotl'sappllcatloll to purehase,
running ho chains cast along the northern
boundary ol same; ihenee ho cbalm north;
lhetice W)ehnllis wesi; tll'lice Kueliains muth, to
polul of eoiiinuMiceiiHiit. containing <���*'�� acres,
more or less.
Dated Oct. W. iwiO. Jp��. Ki.i.mrT,
By bis agent, Kknkst W  Hoiiinson,
Hlxty days after date I purpose making application to thu Uon. Chief commlnloner of utndi
and Works for pcrmlsslou io purohaao tbfl following  deicrlbed   land:    Commenelm:  at a pMl
placed at tho northwwl odrnor of flJtoM'��� an-
���If all.ui to pUWhaie, marked "It U-HhH.I.
comer nost," ruuiiing tlience h.) chains nnrlh:
tbeuce Hii chains easi; theuee ho ehalns south;
thenee Hi chains West to point of eommeneement, coiiiaiiiiug 040 ueres, more or less
,,��"-"" mh']H>"',h'Tll'.lui.i.mirm,
ii.iii thpurahin  I-.""!!! ���"���< '���"" '" >'"
.sum- mi i'li>li�� miiiIIi; ll"'"''1* "','. ���. ;,,  i.i
il���-i���v*i,-lisiii.s. iis.iiii; Us **����� ''��" * "JS��
p.slnl ���l rssin s-ms-iil, HmMUIni milium.,
more or less. ,   ,.-,,-. u*., ,��?���
llylllLKssnl H.ISNKHTW.H ��"�����	
\���ii,.,-1��i���t,Iih-Iv sl -I uy.lays, nllcr iliiiu
Cli ill cn is uereoj ip ���� " ' ,, .   . ,   ,...,,, jHsb mer
I Inteml to Kpply Iiii he Hon. i mm .......i..,,,,,
of bands and ^^^^^^^1!^
thfl rollOff nr ����"" ' ' " ',, H noil marked
' iHitenav disiriei: hctfllini l " ���iVi,todabout
i'J. ti, Hlniilicu's S. W.��orner,   uml plautOO 000UI
The DaBy Canadian
,.Vr __! ..k    iii'l alissiil 1 mil,-, iiortli of Um
ah?,,: w*'."'*'".''""-������ ��DU ��lHie��-E corner
A..i,' �����      "m""' '" iiis imn isa��i corner oi
i,. . rnl.f ",*'" t"1'1'1" "'"" t" Plin-haae; men. e
i.r��lo?��ll'"" '" ,'""" "' '"mii'siissineiit. c-ou-
Ulniiii( (Hii sun-si. mors s,r Ism.
O... 131,,, !__,;. J. 8. SlKINao,
 _^              r. I.. IIAHMONIS. AKsllt.
s,.S: I V     '"s"'1'1' *,lven thl" <" 'l<ty ����sr 'late I
,nKViu.'."\'V",U": """��� CW '���""'i"i����ion..r
ihi ,il, s"rk",.'"' I"*""'""!'"! t" l'-ir.:lsH��e
mis lolloping deacrltwl iKniis. ��iiuaus!l in lha
,?s ... , , M��<sMI,eklliK'�� N. W. isomer,*, nnd
|il��nte.l s.is lhe ��e��l ulsssressl H'halislian (1'arll.o..)
une, ahoul llsssse ml;, nonh ol lhe Tppcr Nur.
rows.,, he ,,|,| lake ,���,| otno.lte the lihsnsl In
il, _ ' s'"f',; ""���'"'l' """"' ��� ,ll��lll��l 'I'sose
fSS     &&**��� '""."���' "r If"* '" tb* lake ibore;
llieim- lollnwlm, lhe Mil.] Hhore In a northerly
sisssl ws.lsrly s'lrestlon I'M ehalna, more or leaa,
, (JIJ".,1    "'''"'iimeni-enient ntalliliig Ilil) aere.,
Oot.ll UM. o ii, MacMickimi,
 Py F I. IIamhsssis, A|(ent.
Notice is birtbr given that ao days after dale I
Inieml loapplj to tbe Hon. the l-'hlef Coinmls
nloner of l.nti.ls .md Works for a ipeO*a) licence
toeutHiidcarrya-ii) llml^rfrom the loll.,w,n��
deaeribed lands:   Commeneing at a poit marked
".. j. Kan'aniaouthoaitoorner," planted ubout
live miles up (irmiiali ereek, which emptieaabout
one mCc west of Nelson; Ihenee west Wchains,
Ihence norlh IU) chalnr; thence east 4ueliains;
thenee aoutb ho cbains to point ol eommeiiee-
Dated Oct .10,1906. T. J. tii'AKUM,
W. J. McKihh. Agent.
Thirl}-day* after date I inu*ud to apply to thfl
H'*u Cblel roiiimlhhlon.T of I.��nd-> ami Worki
for a Bpeclal license to eul and carry away tlm-
bar irom the following described land: Commeuelng at a post marked "(ic-orge M. Uunn'a
southeast corner," planted about three milea up
.roiiian creek, which empties about one mile
wesl of Nelson; thence west 40 ehalns; thence
north 100 ehalns; thenee eait lu chains; Ihence
south U0 chains t*> point  f eommeneement.
Dated Oet-:��, 1800. ciurok M. i;itnn,
W.J. Mi Kikw, Agent.
Taf* notion tna. 00 dan attar dale wc in end
making application to the Honorable the Chief
�� ommlssloner ol Landsand Works (or a special
license to eul and carry away Timber Irom the
rOUOWlna described lamls sit tinted on tilae'er
ereek, West Kootenay.
Commencing at a post No. 1. placed abont HU
mllei from Dunean river, running lbence north
Iftoehalns; tbenco weit .llebains; thence 'outb
100chain**; lbence east 10 chains to point of commencement.
No 2���Commencing at a post placed about HU
miles from Duncan rivt-r, running theuee north
llVi chatm; Ihence wett Wohai-.il thence south
100 cbiins; Ihence east 40 chains to lioliit of com-
No 8. ���Commenelni at a post placed near the
second fork of liiader ereek, running Ibenee
east 4ochains; theuce north 1-0 chains; thence
west 40 chains; thenee south U0ohaini to point
ol commencement.
Dated this Wtb day of August, 1'JOO.
Watthbuho Li!��iiir.K Co.
N 1 U. 'Iiomkv. Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbat -;> days after dale 1
Intend toapply to ibe Honorable the ' l.i.-f I'mn-
iM ir-.-i.ni. r of Lands and Worka at Victoria, R. 0.,
for permlnion to oul andoarryawaytlmbar from
the following deWfibad lands lu Wfe��l Kootenay
No. l.-CouimLlicing at a poet planted al the
northeast comer of I>it 81*2, West Kootenay,
thence eait80 cbalni, Ihence north HU ehains,
thence west no chains, llienee soutli 80 chains
to the pUce of Commencement.
No * Commencing at a post planted at the
northeaat corner ol Lot BIS. West Kootenay,
theuce souih 40 chains, thenc*:-easi l__i ebalus,
tbenee north 40 chains, thence wesl i_*Mchains to
lhe I*-.ini of commencement.
No. 3. -Commencing at a poit plautetl at the
southeast comer ol No. 1, thenee eaul 80 chain--.
thenee north 80 chains, thenee west W) chains,
theuce south 80 chains to the plaoe of commeue-
No. 4-~Commeneing at a poet planted at the
southeast eoruer ol No. 3, thenee east HU chains,
thenoo north 80 chains, thenee west no ebalus,
theuee south 80 chains to Die plana of commencement.
No. .*>.- Commencing al a post planted at the
northwest corner of No. 4, theliee east m .���hum-.
tbeuce north *o ebalns, theuee west ho chains,
theuce soulb m) cbains lo the plaee of commencement.
No. ^���Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of No. A, 'hence wost l'Juehaliis,
theuee north to the British Columbia'.1. Southern
Itallway, tbeuce east l-'.i chains, theliee south to
place ol commencement.
No. 7.-Commencing at a -posl planted at the
southeast corner of No. 4, theuee east HO
chains, tbeuce nortii 80 eliains, thenc. west W
chains, thence soutb 80 chains tothe place of
theuce north 80 chains, thence west m chains,
thence houUi 80 cbains lotbe place cf coin meneement.
Sn 'J Commencing at a post planted at tho
southeast comer of No. 7, theuce east hu ebalni,
tbenee north eighty chains, tbeuce wesl mi
chains, lbence south eighty chalus to the place
of eommeneement.
No. 10.���Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast eormr of No 8, Ihence east Hi) chains,
thence nnrlh m chains, tbeuce wesl HO chains,
tlience south HU chaius to the place of eommenc��-
No ll.- Commencing al a post planted at the
southeast comer of No. a, theuce souih Hi) chains,
Ihence easl H>) chains, thenee north HU chains,
thence WOlt ���*> chains to ihe place of commencement
No. Vi!.���Commencing al a wist planted at the
northeast comer of No. ll, tbence south Mi
chains, Ihenee east 80 ���bains, thence north 80
chains, theuce went HO chains to the plaee of commencement.
No. la.���Commenefng al a post planted nt the
northeast corner of No. tl theuce south HU
chains, ihence easl HO chains, llienee north ni
chains, tbenoe west ho ehal us to lbe place of commence ine lit.
No. 14- Commeueiiig at a poll planted al thu
northeast corner of No. i:t, l hence south HOcbalns,
theliee east hii chalus, lbence north Ko chains,
theuce west 80 chains to the plaee of commencement.
No. l.'i. Commencing at a wist plnuted at the
northeast corner of No Ift, thence nor h (Ml
chains, tlience east 80 chains, theuce south 80
chains, lbence west ho chalus to Die place ol
No. III.- Commencing al a post planted at the
liorlhcasl corner of No. lu, lbence south KO
chains, theuee ensl HO chains, ibeii.e norih HO
ehnllis, theuce west 81) chains lo the place of
October l.lh, IAM. Vent LVMD,
Nolle. Is hereby given that thirty daya afler
dale I inteud to apply to thc Uonorahle lho Chief
Commissioner ot fund-, nnd Works for a special
Ih-uniu toeut ami carry away timber from thc
following descrlbeil lands: Commencing at a
post marked '.loliu McOarry'i northwest corner," planted about a mile west from Hear en ek,
and about four miles from Its mouth, which Is
six miles weit from Nelson; thence east 80
chalus, theuce south 80 chains, ihenee west 80
chains, theuce north 8(1 chains to the lull lal post.
Loca'cd October'.Wild, P.iOO.    John McOakry.
Notice Is hereby given lhat :Vi days after date I
intend to apply lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner
ol Lands and Works for a special license toeut
ami carry away timber from the following de
scrllied Iniids: Commencing at a post marked
���*K. T. Morrison's soulbcait corner," planted
about a mile west frum Hear ereek, and nbout
four mites from Its mouth, which is six miles
Weet from Nelson; ihence west 80cln-lns, thenee
uorih hi chalus, theuce easl K'l i-lniius. theuce
south Ml chalna to lhe Initial post.
Dm-aled October 93ud, HMI.     K. 'I'. HOMtlOOH,
Notice Is herehv given that BO dayi alter date 1
intend to apply to lhe Honorable Chief CommiH-
sionTof bands tind Works for a special li'-ense in
cut and carry away tlmher from thc following
described land*: Commeuelng tita post marked
M C. Mouaghan'H southwest comer, nl nted
about a mile west from Hear creek, and about
four mllei irom Its mouth, which Is six milea
west (miu Kelion] thence north HUchalnn, thence
east Hi) cHalns, tbeuce sunlit 80chalns, tbeuce
west HO cbains to the Initial polnl.
Located nJiui October, v.hs'i.   Id. 0. Monauiian.
Facto for tha Liberal Press to Digeat���
Compariaon of Methoda.
The manner In which Liberal papers
big and little (particularly little) are
neglecting the London by-election dia-
closurea, ln their intense desire to exploit the I. O. F. investigation ln which
the names of certain hard-hitting Conservatives can, with a little skillfully
applied iuuundo, be dragged into publicity fn a disagreeable sort of way,
will repay a little careful examination,
says the Hedley Gazette. The cartoonist of the Toronto World describes il
as a meau Utile trick on tlie part of
Laurier, Fielding aod the Hev. Toronto Globe, in starting u dog fight iu
front of the Indian doctors lepee
while the cabiuu of their pals of the
Cauada Life, Hun Life, Manufacturers'
Life and others are left iu quietude.
This iusurauce commission has, in
Bhepley und Judge McTavish, a pair
ol pliant servile tools who will do the
bidding of the Ottawa bosses as obediently aB any other commission, appointed by the same government during the past len years.
A while ago Ihey had the Canada
Life under investigation but when it
was seen how Pellatt and other pals
of lhe Globe and Sir Wilfrid were juggling with the company's funds through
the medium of mortgages and temporary loans to provide funds for private stock speculations, and the
amount of single loans to Pellatt exceeding by far the ugregatc of 1. O-
F. money or Union Trust money borrowed by the Foster, Fowler, Foi*
syndicate for their C. P. K. land deals,
how quickly Sleuth Shepley dropped
the scent. Now Ihey are wishing lhat
the I. O. F. scent had been dropped
aboul as quickly, for the further this
very fanciful investigation proceeds
the better does the position of Mr. Fowler and his associates appear in comparison with the others of the Cauadu
Life. Fowler was represented as getting tips from the Canadian Northern
as to lhe route to be laken by the
Mann & McKeuzie road, but now Dan
Mann, iu the witness box, laughs ut
the charge aud says that not only was
Mr. Fowler shown the route map but
every newspaper reporter who called
at the company's office; was shown
the same.
An amusing feature of the boomerang character of this I. 0. V. scaudal
is that in order to get a crack at Foster, Fowler and Pope, they have to implicate Justice Boyd of tbe Union
Trust Co., who did such yeoman service for them on other stuffed commissions, and also Peter Ryan, who
fought their battles in Uie Toronto
wards. And now we se6 the mess that
pal Peter bas got himself and them Into in the disclosures coming out of his
land deals with the late Ontario administration.
nut if Foster, Fowler, Pope and their
associates have done the I. O. F. out
of a dollar, why are they not proceeded against? T^ie answer to this is
that there haa been no wrongdoing upon which they cam lay a charge for
prosecution, aud the whole affair Is
to distract public attention from the
London by-election scnndals In which
a minister of tne crown figures ln a
very unenviable light.
When tho Foresters' affair was laid
.before the electors of North Renfrew
side by side with the Saskatchewan
land deals participated in by relatives
of federal ministers, lho answer was
1000 majority for the Conservative
candidate. It Is any wonder that the
Toronto News admits that things look
blue In Ontario for the Ottawa administration?
l-ove Is blind���and there would
probably bo more domestic bliss on tap
If marriages failed to act as an eye-
Usually tbe only love letter a woman
expects from her husband when she Is
away from home is a cheque.
Certificate of Improvements
"HpyitiiwH" nml "Globe*" mineral elatoUlftttnata
ill Trout LAU MllllliK lMvlnli.ii.
I'li.-Htt-it on Poplar crock,
Tado Notloe unit I, nruco Whim, hi _ iiik an
���awnI Mr llio Bpyglua MIuIiik ��� u.. Frw JHincr.'
tJortillc-Hic No fl MOT, Intcn-F, at) daya Mn the
data hereof, to Hpply to the Mlnliij; lfi-cor��lcr lor
a certificate of Improvement.! for tho pin-pone of
obtaining a Crown Orani. of tho above cl-Minii.
Anil further take notice that action, under
Section :(7, intuit ba com mc need before tlr.e l_*u-
ancoof iQofa (YiH-noni. of Improvement*..
Dated _-��li October, IWO, Briick Wl.lTt,
Certificate of Improvements
"Kcllpfle No. 9" "Vevey," "llappr Medium,"
"ItiternatloLHl" and ������a:.*** Fractional" mta-
cralclalmH, situated in (lie slocan tl'.iy Mluiac
IUvIhIou oi Wont Koolenay dlatrlet.
Whcro lociued:-North of 'twelve. Mile era**,
about two in I leu up.
Take notice Unit I, II. K. .lorand, i>_ Hlocau.F.
(*., Free Minor'a ��� crllCleato No. 078800, a* ��*���__*
Ior L. A. polo, Free Minor'alr-m.Ucate No. ��*��*���,.
Intend, list; days froni tho dale hereof, to ap-p-y
to the MlnliiK H��e��.nler for a Oirtlllcato ol lax
Uraiito*. aald mineral clalma.
Ami further take  notiee that action, under
section H7, mimt iw commeiieial bolore the taau-
.mcc of aiu-h Certllioalc of Improvement*.
haled thla'��th *lu.y of Heplemt*. r, 1U08.
H. A. JoaaNu.
Silver King Hotel
���an Brain*, niukmi
Bast Dollar a day home in the Kootenaya.
koomi are well lurniahed.  Table aa good aa anv
la Nelaon.    Bar itipplle. with good
Union, ansl clean.
W. S. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
European and American Plan
Meali 36 cu.   Roonu from 8. ote. to fl
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Proprietor
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Flu-eat.
White Help Only -employed.
/oaepblne 8t.
The Big Schooner D--- f A_
Or ������_-*.'-._.__��� *'   DCCl    1UC*
The only Glass of Oood Beer m Nelson.
Hotel ssi-s-ssiisisissiIhIIssssk isecond to none In Brit-
Lis risltsiisl,!.. KhUhs*..UUperday. Bpeclal rate.
to monthly bnarilcn.. Only home hotel In Nelaon
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Ratei fl 00 per day and up.
.e&Sone1?!.. NELSON,  B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EBICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Nl_ht.
Bample and Bath Rooma Free.
Opposite Court Moose and Post Office.
Coraer Ward ul Vernon Slrteb.
Tfc Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot Air
l.rki- and Comfortable Bedrooma and Flrat-
els- .a 1 i, suit Room. Bample Rooma for Coramer-
1'1-t! b.ss.1.
MRB. I. C. CLARKK. Proprletraaa
The well known
Onr Beer Garden ia
the Finoat in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Ratea $1 and $1.60 n Day.
Special Ratm to Regular Boarders.
Whpleialti and Kttlall Dealera In
Fresh and Salted Meats
-limi|iH ftupplitul on Hhortimt notie*.*. hi id
lowrat priii.. Nothing but fr. nli and
wholesome nit-mta and ftapples kept iu htook
Mnil ordure receive careful attention.
E. Cm TRAVES.   Manager.
W.   a.   QILrLrETT
Coat tract or anil
Hole nRC-nt for the 1'orlo Hint !-iimb*��r Co., Ltd.,
fctiul junls. KmiKh untl <ln��*Ku<l Inmln-r, liiriiou
��� tick Hnd lirackt'tH, Coaiit lath ami HhliiKl-i,mall
*a<i (iiMiro. Cement, brick and Uinu (ur aale.
Automatic (rrlmU-r.
Yard nml factory: Vernon Kt.. eaat of Hall,
P.O. Hox ���_:��. Telephone 178.
U   L.J-___-_ ���__���
West Transfer Co.
Uonoral TeaiiiHten antl Dealera in
Ooal and Woo..   Expreaa and
Baggago Tnuufer
pTofte'iS Office: Baker St.
1 '���
For Sale....
^oS^IXSLA Modern Residence
and part of three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. <& mTbird.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit Bearing Trees: also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings, Hay Shed, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply  to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frott Lands la
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Witt Sell
500 International Coat
tO Marconi* Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice'
9 I-2c
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Daily.
TORONTO, Wed., Frl., Sun.
MONTREAL,, Tito., Thur., Mon.
BOSTON,  Saturday.
West from Revelstoke
Daily Standard Slecprr
For berths,  ratea or detailed  Information apply to local agents or write
A.tl.l*. ...VsinssiMivflr. I>. P.A., N.lsson
Nssllsis In lien-lsy given th.t tiio |s_rtn.ri��hlp
tiers'U.forv HiibssiNtltig la-tweets its., the sssiil. r.lgii-
s-sl. ns. lintel keener* In tlie tsswn nf Klu.lt, Hrtils.li
t'tilssnslslsss, li.s lb In stay been ttissssslvtssl by mutual
Ilme.t Ibu -7(ls slny nt Ihstulier, num.
Wltneu:   Al.s��. Htewart, l'lilllp 1*. Met'ulliini
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or aell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Oooda now on aale. All
kind! of Dlnnerwnre in atock. Pr t-
ncoowomiuif MV.
Thlrty-xcoad Anaaal Cnration
American Bankers*
St. Louis, Ho., Oct. 16-19.1906
Knund trip rati*s tn St. LouIh
ami (-hit-ago uu Bale October
l_Oi to I:ttli.
Ht. 1,-inl*"...
lining tratmlt limit l��n il-jn-
from dati! of rial.', Final reliini
limit Novi>mlH>r iwiii, 19U0.
Round Trip Kates to Southern
tii.m-rt Oetohtr _��ib, ltnw,on
nali* iUll), hi.iiu-I to a inoiiiliH
In.in ilnli* (il miiU*.
oi Aagi'lctiaiiil Hanta HarUra   $ss.t0
I'aMiluna  #���>.jt)
Haiila Monifti  *m,30
lUvenlde and Hau llamardii-io.... tt.to
Budliindi  $t,70
For KurtlitT Iiilnnnatlon Apply to
City PaiiM!tiger Ageut.
A U. P. A., Health).
We're particular to hare only plpea
that we can guarantee���OBD, HUH, JE
���made from Ihe flneat French briar,
curved or straight sterna, amber or vulcanite mouthpiece*. All autes: 11.00
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
iv '!���
The Daily Canadian
WTo   Kmo  Clf^ovina  Better Value than ever, with
WC  Alt  UllCflllg   a great variety of designs in
Cut Glass, China and
It is not too early to buy for Christmas, and we can help you out i
making your selections.
****************** i
New Season's Pack |
Bell Trading!
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from J
the tree when you were a J
How nice it tasted then.
has some just like them.
Come and  sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
! Joy's Cash Grocery j
Cor. Joscl-hliH-ttti-1 MIU Bfe      Miotic 1
1 lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
Tbwgoodi ire n* Om -a*, tba moteexpertii.c
kiodi, ilu* only differ.ace la the ptokage.
Phone 25. Bnker St.
Next P. Hums & Co.
Cot*. Vwl-non and Wartl  Ssressls.,
.1. FRED HUMS, Proprietor.
S. D. Hirely. .1. 0. Mllllechamf), Vancouver; .1. K. lllark, Midway; E. U.
Watson, A. Barrett, Montreal; W. Hill,
ll. L. Edward, EL li. Morris. Vancouver; T. Iluycke. S. K. .McMurray, Toronto.
C. Si-well, Nell McKeclmie. city;
Miss Hlckey. Brie; C. Millard and wife.
Vancouver; C. s. Watson, C. H. Smith,
Sjiokane; F. S. Faugiil-r, Needles; Mrs
A. C. Yoder, Mrs. .1. Dugal, Nakusp.
J. Dempster, Coryell; F. J. Keating,
London, Ont.;  E. N. Lanchester, New
Zealand; J. A. Sweeney, Arrowhead.
J.  Ilsstes. Cranbrook;   D, Sutherland,
���Marysvllle: J. Graham and wife, Rev-
s-lsiusss-;  p. Edwards.
Mrs. A. Antoya. Hosbery;   11. Hotter-
ly,   Miss  A.   DohBrty,  Hoslon:   Mrs.   w.
I., l-arks. it. w. Parks, Cranbrook; W.
H. Armstrong, Peierboro: .1. Jackson,
Chi -ley, Ont: B. Brett, .Mrs. Lenen
velle, Vancouver; \v. ES, Mullen, Arrowhead,
\V. C. Mclnnes, Vancouver.
It. Weekly, H. Williams, c. Clemo,
1   P. Bell, Erie:  I). H. Snedden. Eholt.
W. ll. Beckett, Robson.
.1. C. Keene, Dayton,   Ohio;    W.  D
Murray, Wardner.
best.    Try a pound with
your next order.
Money refunded if  not satisfactory.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout HuiMern will lind it tss their ad-
vaiita-..- ts, us-e (stir Pits-I.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Telephone 161,
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Ftvlt, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
DttUvarifli mad'J daily throughout Nelson
and its -.uL-urb. Phone 148.
J II. Mckt-r-on nn*I J. H. Howarth  b_.e thll
'luv t-iiivM'tl Imn i t>-)'iirUi.*r-ln|t !-i <*nrrv on tlm
jewelry tool oiiti'-nl t><ir-.liH m In Si-l-on, under tlie
I) I 111 iidiiir Of AloMt-on 4 I.r��-��rlli.
DuU-tl Hit* 1 Vt ti siiv nf Oi-tfber. lttOG.
',.,���,.. .-.in my ��� ������-:.'nu ���- for i-M*��� ��� ���*i*(K'- In tli<*
put nnil Doping for n rout In nance of the rnimt* to
the new firm. Youm truly.
J. H, MI0KBB80N,
The Nelson    fire    depart ment    will
hold its weekly drill  ihis evening.
At the city police court this morning one drunk was given IU days to
H. S. Lennie, barrister, left for the
coast lasi evening to attend a meeting of the full court.
The Harold Xelson company will
open a week's engagement at the opera
house next   Monday.
The steamer Moyie is now on Ihe
ways at the shipyard, undergoing a
thorough refitting and fixing up.
Today's telegram giving the prices
of metals allows a slight decline in silver and a rise in lead ai London.
A sale of mineral claims for taxes
was held this morning by the gold
commissioner, H. Itenwick. A few ol
the claims were sold.
Sidney Nolan, for many years connected with P. Burns & Co., will
leave shortly for Bank', Ont., where
he will reside in  future.
The amount ol duty collected at the
Nelson customs house during Uie
month of October was $21,759.91, being an increase of about J.UUO over
the corresponding month of last year.
John 1 turns has commenced this
morning the building of a large warehouse for the 0. P. K. on the flats
near the old freight shed. He also has
begun work on a residence for Peter
Lund, of Wardner, on Silica street.
The members of the Nelson Curling
club will hold their annual meeting for
the electiou of officers and regular
business in (he board of trade rooms
this evening at S o'clock. All Interested in the winter sport will be welcomed.
J. II. Nickerson has taken into partnership in the watchmaking business,
.1. H. Howarth, late of Slocan City,
who is an English watchmaker and a
pioneer in the business in Kootenay.
The uew firm is going into the optical
business, in which J. H. Nickerson hus
had 2U years' experience.
The various secretaries of the lacrosse clubs iu Hritish Columbia have
received invitations from the management of the Exhibition to be held next
year in Ireland. They will co-operate
in organizing an all-British Columbia
team of lacrosse players to take part
In a tournament to be held during the
P. Hums & Co. havo recovered all
the cattle, 21 head, that were let out
of their corrals on Hallowe'en. This
senseless prank might have been attended with more serious results than
a simple financial loss. Tbe cattle
were wild and unaccustomed to human
beings, and had they chanced to meet
any people the consequences might
have  been  most  serious.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents pet Pound
In order to dear ont this line
we are reducing tlie price lo
400. We only have a limited
quantity so don't d�� lny ordering if you want nuy.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
'Ns IK -KM'KKIKNl'Kli  WAITRE88   salary
si's.   Ilsik-I Itsniic.
.'���u MKN, sit rsns-e, (of work lis tlso ivooilis.   Ai.i.ly
tss tt* I. Cooks, uwnilll. Kiul.i.
LADY KKKOQRAPHIB i���r position Inoountrr.
Good   Ilium-  wills  unployer.  family.     Api.fy
dox W., ('KiiRillan ssltlie,
BOSH]mkn.:mui Budi and togging Oontmoton,
ulw�� Engineer w*ui_urg i.iiiiiVt Co., nenr
Qsmnbrooki B. r
COMI'KTKNT   NOHSg   018L.    KM;   children.
Apply boi til,
llOfRK ANIs TWO  LOTH on I'lirlmualc
As-l iy It. is N.. Isssi-t.
TWO l-IRBr.rI.AH3 Its is IMS. mans Iss-alesl.   Apply hotuskespsr, ir.l Hit, K w. 0. block.
Good Tea
If you want a cup of
real good tea try our
T&B Blend
at 50c per pound.
Our 35c blend is the best on
thc market for the money.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sts.
A, McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Cnmp and Miners' Supplies.
Here Are
Two Snaps
A Parlor Billiard Board
A Large On��
y_5 ___i, $20.00
Worth |40.OO, for ���	
These Hoards are good value at the
original prices, but ihey are too expensive to sell, and we have put these
reduced prices, which are away below
cost, on them, to sell them. In all the
range of parlor games there is nothing
to equal these Ilillianl Hoards. They
are ns well made as a regular billiard
table, and you can play practically as
good a game on Ihem.
The more  you  play it the  more It
fascinates you.
W. G. Thomson
BSg8HF ""' Nelsou, B. c.
Rhone ..-4.
Potter & Cummings
Chief Deasy hud a
birthday last Fri-
ty.   The
oceasion  was  marks-
J by a
���esent of
a valuable
pipe niaik
by As-
slant Chief Phillips
on behalf
of the
Price of Metals.
New Vo
���k, Nov.  5
Wo; U
ad. ��D.75;
silver, 71c
Nov.    6.
-Sliver,   1
.'   .-Id;
ud,  ..111
"s Cd.
Trains and Boats.
Crow's Nest   boat,    the    Sloean aud
lluundaiy trrrius are all on lime today.
How   About   Your
Gun** and
We have Elej's, Kynork's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
XEynook'S) Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Banting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Goats, lfonts, eto.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 0.3I       [NwIhiiiI, li. C.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Ymir License District
Notice Is hereby given that E. E.
McArthur has made application under
Ilie provisions or the "Liquor License
Act. 1900," for a hotel license for a
building io be known as the Northern
hotel ai Salmo, and that a meeting of
the Hoard of License Commissioners
of tho Vmir Licence Dlsirlct, will be
held to consider such application, at
the Chief Constable's Office, at Xelson, on Wednesday, the fourteenth day
of November, 1906, at ihe hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nelson. It. C, 80th October. 1906.
All changes tor advertisements must
reach The Daily Canadian business
offlce not later than 10 o'-clock in the
morning ln order to insure Insertion
ln the iBsue of lhat day.
Many a fool has acquired �� reputation for wisdom by accidentally doing
the right thing ut the right time.
When a girl gels bold of a young
man's heail-Hlrings she proceeds to tie
them In it beau-knot.
Talking abonl it will neither put a
piano Into your home nor bring back
the days���valuable days���your daughter Ir wasting. I .ft us lell you how
easy we will mnke It for you NOW to
give your family the piano they hnve
Wished for ho lojig.
"Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Swell Modern 6-Room Cottage for Sale
Close to centre of city, all modern
conveniences, one of the finest properties iu Nelson.
A new range of  these good just to hand.    The very U-
prices will interest you.
Telephone a.*..!.
Starkey & Co., S_f
Wholesale Provision's,
Dominion Government Dreamery One-Found Bricka raooiTBd weekly rrs.ii
from tho i-huni.   For unit* by nil lundiug Kroccrn.
OlIUso nml warehouse: Houston Block,   Phono 7(1.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Shi-i-iiii.-lal Work, Casting)!, Builders' Mnti-rinl ansl Minim; and Mill ItaoMinj
Ofllce and Works Foot of Park St.
Phone   3114.
.V.Iw.su, 11. ..
A Word to the Wise
TliNy<*m* Wfl Imvo RppnotalCd the* ..nut*- tif owcii.|
tdttitTH tind luivf p--*-.-.-*-! Into |tOQ__ tht-
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
TltiK ntm.* is n<Ift|tti**l for linrd PCti] only, ami ^par-l
unt-aed to give witbifnctiou.
}* H. Ashdown Hardware]
Company, Limited.
Hupsililnif .ind .f..l.l.fnK s.ssstisli.,1 ���-ltH L>��anntvtl.    Slic-ot \,.,.l
Work, .Mlnlnic Hnd Mill M....lii..���.-.->.     Manulactunrsi ol
0�� -ar��, U. U.   Cssntnitlssr.' Cars.
Oorn.rolH..UM      NELSON,     B.    C. R'K
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Impurtui* of l?li_o
HnKlli.li   (I.ioUn
Jno. T. Pierre
Baker St.
Nelson, ll. C.
I Just Arrived!        A kr^ cons*u-
"*> 6 merit of
All Sizos ami Lowest IMccb
J. A. oilker
MANUFACTURERS   T ^       *L C4 *        _
and dealers in Lttmbet, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
-1-urnod Work and Brackets. Mail Or.ler. nrouiptly ntt.ixl*^ ����� j
 VUKNON HTRBIfl*  -  -   -   rNIil.soiv, B. C.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
Became we cannot procure a better, taking Inlo >c'
count de.lgn, workman.hlp, cooking qualities and Prlce
We will be pleaaed to .how you It. good points.
WoodLVallance Hardware Co'y


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