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The Daily Canadian Oct 19, 1906

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Array ���.-.
me I.   No. 117.
t isrcen's Estimate of
damage Very Low
|e>'or and Cruiser For Defendants
lace Amount of Loss Far Below Plaintiff's Claims.
is.niiiii presentation of evidence
e lumber coi.i,���;���.u., du~__tf
may be conoludod tomorrow,   II
certain thut lhe Judge uml jury
riivs-1 in Fernie and go over the
I Involved In the suit. The start
Neb hi   may  be    made    Sunday
inmost Important evidence put in
VYuslnesday   ls   that   ot F. C.
surveyor,    anil    F.  W.  Kelly,
who disagree entirely with tlm
less-s.-s  fssr  Ihe plaintiffs  as  10  llie
!��� nf limber destroyed In the Tires
nis,  1904.    Mr.   Qreen    estimate!
||. mi,' Lumber company's possible
:,i  200,000 feet, which, al $2 per
-ami, would  be worth $4000.    Mr.
has options on Umber limit a in
wiiiie    neigliliorhood,   which     ho
��� .-  an'   heller  than   those  In  dls-
-options secured    nearly   a year
|i the date of the fires���at ilil ceuta
1.   supreme  courl   was  ln   session
ilaj   yesterday  ami  good  progress
lis.tils'   ill   tile  presentation   of   the
���   for  tlie   defendants,   Stewart   H.
..si-, V. McDonald, one ot the sub-
rnctors, was twice recalled during
slay,   lie said he hail sublet a part
contract, but resumed lt.   From
I.', iss _:;,  Hint, his men  were all
king   between   Beotions   SMI   to  880.
iiis 23 they were nearly half a
' Irom tlie mill.
s1  11 11, P. I,. S., was the chief
usa .si ilie slay, lie had prepared
1,1 estimate sif the timber destroy-
Irom iiiiiisurenu'iils taken from lbe
I' ������ nis'i' It was felled. Ills survey
s.ss.' (1 j; days.   He had made very
1...1;  ihu whole urea damaged
Ire ami was sure of their accuracy.
; I...ii 1 ii much green limber uiuluin-
"i   ssiy  little damaged.    On lhe
1.'   Lumber company's limits much
is.   Umber  was at un elevation of
uinu i,,,|, nmi therefore unmer-
11.slil'v    Further, a   largo    propor-
"i iiis' una had been logged over,
isssiiiing left but culls und rotten
��� ssillii'ss thought Hint trees, even
Iss-iug kills-ii hy fire, may be mer-
iulalilu for a year or two.
I'ss estimate of Hi,' possible damage
lumber "is the Fernie Lumber com-
lis s limiis was nol mure Ihaa $1011;
���Hii Klk Lumber cnuipituv's limits
"ut  -sICD.
0 in the afternoon Mr. Davis be-
iiis   croBs-examtnatton    of    Mr.
Isi- witness said    that    the unused
lis in the area in dispute were slill
liy distinguishable.
|o was sure thai    llie    whole area
of DnynieiiHs _nmp had been log-
over before the lire, nnd nothing
I which 1 id he profitably taken.
flu'ii courl resumed this morning
sTisssoxaiuiiiiiHiin wns resumed,
I". Davis weiii nvs-r Hie surveyor's
antes in detail and wanted 10 know
{number of trees Hint went to each
In feet of limber, but Mr.
��� " I1111I kepi no count. He snid he
fdu ii���, estimate In reel sufficient
sure, however, that the Umber
[nil small.
!" Hie area of green limber Ins-
ately  norlh  of  Lever's house, he
I'1    swear positively lhat In no
Iiiiil llie fire run through it He
P^l"   not.      He had    searched   for
directions    In    which    the    fire
I" luive reached there from the ill-
of the right of way.    He hnd
, "ted  fruiii Station  ri.-l  for 2000
I'hrough the green Umber he had
��si several trees killed by fire.
I'    Davis  began  n  series  of  nuns-
l-*j n�� lo the location    of   the Hor-
��" license, the Fernie Lumber com-
" "He lo which might be dlsput-
Mr.   (Ireen   thought   the   desorlp-
"J Us boiindnrlcs very Inaccurate.
description or the boundaries was
'"it by Mr. Davis, nnd the witness
ln|,cd i^ coniii not lie found on the
md rrom such desorlpUon.
n rising to re-examine, Mr. nndw. 11
he iiiiesllon as to the 'lllle ssf
lumber company to the Bosworth
"s". Iml his lordship held  thnt de
'i possession, ev-n |f only for the
;" of cutting tlmlier, was good as
insi nie defendants,
Mr, Bodwell the witness snld llinl
iiiilss Fairy creek the ground dron-
Ihore wns good cedar there. Ho
csilmnted 2ri,ooo feat to tho aura, 11
dllllenll  to log nud hnd not been
logged very fat, us there was uo road
to Fairy creek.
Mr. Hodwell ihe,, tendered Mr.
Ureen s notes as evidence
To Mr. Davis tbe witness said he did
not know who iimi since cleared the
U'siar valley company's luiuis
1 V W., 1.<"".y' "ow a l"'ld��<' contra,
101, said he hu.l bad 2!i years' axper.
ence In all branches   of   the   Umber
Ho hmi gone over the land involved
in   the ens,-  In  e panv    wllh    ','   ('
!;''"'"��� , !''' ,l;'<l ''Iss. priced limber In
the vicinity 1111,1 obtained gome optlous
 '"'ber llniiis near    lhe    lands    in
iiiiesllon.    The prli ,������,|  ,���  ,hl,
Hon���read  y ,\ir. Bodwell���waa in
every ease 30 cents per thousand reel
except one option, which wail fur 25
-cms. He thought It belter suited and
situated tor logging purposes than the
t'elar Valley limits.
Askeii as to illrrerenl woods and the
erreel of rire uiwn Ihem. he spoke of
he danger rrom worms when hark is
Mr. Bodwell���What about tamarack**
w Itness���Well, lr any of vou gentlemen go fishing, don't look for worms
111 tamarack.
His lordship���QenUemen don't fish
v.'. : worms.
('nun  thess  r se for luncheon.
When court resumeii al 2:15 Kelly's
examination in chief   was   continued,
lis' wenl inlo a iletailed description of
the lands. He examined the standing
trees, testing Ihem liy tapping with an
axe. Many he found rotten, a condition not due to lire.
In his examination on his flrsl visit
In 11105, he allowed as damaged every
tree In- thoughl likely lo die as a result of fire. On his second visit, in
limo, he found many of such troes
wllh new life nnd-in good condition.
Ilia rirst judgment gave rather too
liberal an estimate ol the damage.
To his lordship he said the rire had
evidently heen severe through old
slashings, bul not at all so In lhe green
Trouble in Russian Mines.
Bssen. Prussia, Oct. 19.���The Mine
Owners' association or Rhenish, West-
phailen dlstricl, rejected the miners'
demand lor an advance In wages and
will recommend this course lo the National Mlneowners' association, which
will convene In Merlin this evening.
The Rhenish Westphalia association
admits Ihe workmen's allegations regarding the Increased cost of living,
hut says tlie government Is responsible
und must supply the remedy In revising ihe tariff law, referring evidently
lo the Increased price of meals since
the new tariff went into effect
Rich Properties on West Fork of Kettle River Shipping at a Profit Under   Difficulties���Dale's Condition.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Oct. 19.���A mining
iiian arriving hero from Westbrhlge, on
tho West Fork of Kettle Klver, says
that Triple camp is now experiencing
greal mining activity. The Sally properly, one of the besl developed claims
lu the camp, has lately shipped some
15 cars of ore which netted $;ititHI per
car, or $15,000 on the total of 15 cars.
The Rambler property, in the same
camp, hus shipped several cars of ore
whicli average $2110 to lhe ton. Beside
these properties fully a dozen other
promising claims are being worked by
Individual property owners und work
will be continued all winter. The
greatest difficulty iu shipping from
tills West Fork camp Is now Unit all
the ore has to be hauled iu wagons to
.Midway aud there loaded sin lhe cars.
The Duncan property, nu exception-
ally high guide cluliu, has shipped one
car of high grade ore tlial will net
aboul  $0000 to the owners.    Willi thu
presenl transportation   difficulties  to
overcome Ihe Wesl Fork mining district would lie practically a dead issue
ir il were not that Hie ore Is of ins high
grade a nature that it pays a high
prom after allowing for excessively
high transportation charges on Ihe ore.
Contractor Oeorge Taylor has com
menceil lo haul the building material
tor Un' big skating rink which is being
hum by the Grand Forks Amaleui
Athletic association ou Spokane avenue.
Contractors on the Kettle Valley
Lille extension  up Ihe Nortii  Fork urn
experiencing great difficulty In seour-
Ine enough men to complete their
grading contracts, Contractor Wood-
ml, wlio bus a big He contract, Is
working short handed, as well as nearly every other contractor on the lino.
Among the small mining deals clos
e,l here during Ihe last week for
Franklin Camp properties for snug
cash considerations, was a one-half In
ten-si In the CroBcent claim, wlilcb
was purchased by 11. .1. Averiil, the former owner being -I. Sprall; while Gilbert Carraher has acquired u hall Interest In Hi" I'-dna and Lucky Hoy
properties, Hie former owner being It.
In speaking ol the nnturo ol the self-
inflicted cuts on Murderor Dale of
Ciiinil, Dr. W. li. Dickson, the surgeon
attending Dale, snld: "There Is ono
gash aboul three and a half Inches
long, running diagonally across from
left In right of his throat, just below
und 111 Hie Junction of Ihe lnrynx and
Ihe wlndplpi'. There were two other
gushes, one through Hie skin nnd
muscles and tho other through the
windpipe-    From  ih"  general  appear-
Sk-Ug ��cmoMan
Fifty Cunts a Month
ances Ilu- cuts wero Inflicted probably
ball an hour before 1 was called in to
treat lhe patient Although Dule lost
considerable blood from the cuts the
greatest danger of his   death    will lie
fr  pneumonia and blood poisoning."
If Dale recovers he will bo taken to
Greenwood  (or trial.
Entire   French     Cabinet     Resigns   on
Questions of State.
Pnrla, Oc. 19.- -At Ihe cabinet meeting this morning Premier Barrlen of-
liciiiiiy Informed bis colleagues ihat
he had transmitted his resignation to
President Fullieries, whereupon tlie
ministers resigned iu a body.
The resignation of Premier Sariien
and the reorganization of lhe French
cabinet have caused a reeling ol apprehension ai the Vatican, where It Is
feared lhe conflict between the church
und state in France will become more
hitler If Clemuuceau assumes the premiership.
The session luster] only 20 minutes
afler M. Berrien had submitted the text
of his letter to M. Fnllieres, in which
he expressed deep regret at the fact
thai Ihe state or his health compelled
hlm to retire and thereby raise new
difficulties al a moment "when the Republican party should be united und
strong lo meet the attacks being or
ganized against It."
Foreign Minister Bottrgerea wrole a
collective loiter which all present
signed, joining their resignations, to
take effect wllh that ol iheir chief
The Daily Blaze.
Altoona, Pa., Oct. 19.���Fire stalled
today in the ninth story furniture
building of Oliver Rothert, and before
lt was brought under control property
to the amount of nearly half a million
dollars was destroyed. The Rothert
building and the new theatre of I. C.
Mlshlot were entirely destroyed and
Ihe building of the Order of Klks,
which had not yet been completed, was
badly damaged. The Altoona Trust
company and lhe office of the Pennsylvania Railroad company, which are
on the opposite side of tho street,
are damaged by fire and water.
Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 19.���A hoarding house, located al Twelfth street
and Third avenue, was destroyed hydro between 2 and :i o'clock ihis
morning. Between 11 nnd 15 lives wen-
lost. Up to 9 o'clock III charred bail
ies had lieen recovered from the ruins
of .Mrs. Moody's boarding house. Four
others were said to he missing at lhat
hour and the search was si ill iu progress.
San Francisco, Oct. 19.���Fire last
night in the freight buildings ot the
Southern Pacific railway. In lhe Horry
street disiriei. caused $200,000 damage. Surrounding property was saved
by the tire department. Four tracka
lull ol freight cars were consumed. It
Li thought most of Ihe cars wero
Victims of Juggernaut.
Ilranchville. N. ,1., Ocl. HI.���Mrs.
Henry Kays was killed liy au auto mobile yesterday near here, iu lhe Sussex county hills. She was driving a
wagon along a narrow r-jgfldftnd in the
vehicle with her was a baby. An automobile driven by Frank Alien of Ber-
nardsville met Hie wagon on a sharp
linn in lhe road. Neither Allen nor
Mrs.  Kays saw Ihe olher    until    ouch
had started to turn the bend in the
i-ud. Bach I lied lo avoid tlie oilier,
hut the road wae loo narrow and- the
distance too short and tlie automobile
bit the wagon, lhe woman and child
being thrown out of the wagon and
llie former's neck broken. Mr. Allen,
thinking Mrs. Kays was only uncoil-
scions, brought her nnd llie baby iu
his machine to lliiuichville. where a
druggist who was appealed lo ror aid
pronounced the woman dead.
Manitoba Christian Endeavorers.
Winnipeg. Oct. io.���From numerous
points both within nnd without the
provincial boundary lines delegates
arrived In Winnipeg today to attend
Hie tiftenth annual convention of the
.Manitoba Christian lOudeii'Vor society.
Tho arriving visitors were met by
members of tlie reception committee
and escorted to convention headquarters at the Congregational church. The
opening exercises take place tonight,
with addresses of welcome hy R. S.
McKenzle of Portage la Prairie. The
business ol the convention will he tnk-
en up tomorrow morning and the pro
ceedings will Inst until  Thursday. .
Negro Assaulter Hangs.
Hennettsvllle. S. C, Oct. 19.���Richard Dargan, a negro convicted.of criminal assault, was hanged here today.
Dargan's victim wns ft Mrs. Patterson,
whom tlie negro attacked one night ftt
her Inline in Hie country nenr here.
The woman recognized her assailant,
nnd lie was arrested lhe dny following
Ihe crime, brought to tills place, given
a spoetly trial and sentenced to death.
Provincial Government is
Not Wholly Landless
Cuban capital since midnight Wednesday, when a severe storm was raging.
Accounts which are being received
from Florida Indicate that the hurricane was furious along the southeast
coast of Florida and reports of serious
damage are apprehended when communication  Is  restored.
Approval of Department Given For
Taking Up of 15,658 Acres in
Kootenay���Only Begun.
Chess by Wire.
Witmlpefr,   Oct. li).���Tho    Winnipeg
Chute club defeated Montreal   fn   tho
Munich by wire vestm-day hy n Hcoro nf
<3!_ to 2%.
It has bftnn so often asserted in the
���press and on the platform that all the
public land in Kootenay has been given away to railway corporations, tbat
ihe public may be surprised to learn
tho extent of the land still in possession of the government and available
tor settlement.
For assessment pur|��ose8 the year
extends 'from November to October.
Applications in purchase land during
1.-5 were very few, and of those made
in 1906 only a comparatively small proportion have reached the stage at
which the approval of the department
oi' lands and works may be obtained.
Of the great number of applications
made during the spring and summer
of the current year the great majority
will figure in next year's returns.
During the year closing on October
I   last,  85  applications have been  approved.    These Involve 18,658 acres of
Itiiid, or about 25 square miles.
proved applications will he more than
Commissioner Ken wick is of the
opinion that next year's returns ot ap-
double those for the year Just closed.
Applications lately received covering
one block of land between the Pend
d'Oiielle river and the international
boundary line involve 8800 acres, or
V.\%   square miles/
The movement indicates not only
increasing revenue to the provincial
government, hut also a steady growth
of actual  settlement on  tbe land.
Memorial Arch Dedicated    by    Daughters  of  the  Revolution.
Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 19.���A handsome memorial arch to General George
Washington was presented to the clly
of Cambridge today by the Massachusetts, society, Daughters of the Revolution. The arch is situated at the
bead of Cambridge Common, near tho
spot where Washington took command
of the Continental army, and the exer*
clses of dedication took place in the
historic old Christ church, nearby, a
place where Washington once worshipped. Dishop Lawrence made the opening prayer and there was a greeting
by Governor Guild, and an address by
Hon. Herbert Parker of Worcester.
The presentation of the gateway to
Cambridge was made by Mrs. F. Adelaide Iugraham of New York, president
of the general society, and Mayor
Charles F. Thurston accepted it in behalf of the city.
The Cambridge Arch, as the memorial gateway is to be known, is of Mil'
ford pink granite. Two massive posts,
eight, feet wide, form the gateway,
which ts seven and one-half feet wide.
In the solid walls extending on either
side of the gateway, have been set
bronze tablets, one of which bears the
inscription: "Near this place, on July
3, 1775, George Washington took command of the American army." The other tablet reads: "Dedicated October
19, 1906, hy the General Society,
Daughters  of  the Revolution."
Jury Finds Conspiracy in Restraint of
Findlay, Ohio, Oct. 19.���After deliberating WI hours the jury in the case
of the State of Ohio against the Standard Oil company of Ohio returned a
verdict of guilty on tbe charge of conspiracy against trade in violation of
Ihe Valentine anti-trust law.
The verdict was i-endered at 4:35
o'clock this morning, the jury having
announced its readiness to report at
exactly 4 o'clock. The court and attorneys arrived in half an hour, when
the  verdict was  rendered, as follows:
"We, the Jury in this case, find the
defendant guilty in the maimer and
form as the defendant stands charged
on the information."
Attorney Troup, for lhe defendant,
said he wished lo make a motion for
a new trial of tbo case. Judge Ganker
assured him that all such motions
Would br entertained as n matter of
course.    The court at. once adjourned.
Tbe penalty In a fine of rrom $500
to $501)11, which may be repeated for
each day of tho offence, or Imprisonment  frnm six to twelve months.
Ute Indians Make Raid.
Chicago, Oct. 19.���A despatch to the
Chronicle from  Omaha  says
"An outbreak of the Ute Indians,
who hnve boon causing much trouble
ami worry In Wyoming all the summer,
occurred near Gillette, Wyo., Wednesday night. In a battle between cowboys nnd Indians Iwo of the former
were killed and a number of Indians
are supposed to have been injured.
The battle occurred when the Indians
attempted Io raid a cattle camp and
run off a lot of stock. The cowboys
were In charge of the camp which the
Indians tried to capture. The Indians
secured the cattle and, killing a number of steers, took tbe meat to their
No Color Line.
New Orleans, La., Oct. 19.���The supreme tribnnal. Knights of* Pythias.
yesterday handed down a decision annulling tho action of Grand" Chancellor
W. D. Ranisdoll of Massachusetts in
directing the expulsion of n member
from Freedom lodge, Worcester, Mass..
nn the charge of having negro blood
In bis veins. Tho case was remanded
for trial on Its merits In the grand
lodge of Massachusetts,
Cuba Cut Off.
New York, Oct. 19.���Up (o 9 o'clock
this morning Havana was still cut off
from tho rest of tbo world so far as
cable communication was concerned.
No word  had  beon recoived from  (he
Doctors in Conclave.
Calgary. Alta., Oct. 19.���There Is being held In Calgary this week, opening
this morning, a council of the College
of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.
This Includes elected representatives
of the seven districts into which Alberta is divided for medical purposes.
The meeting began on Thanksgiving
day. The sessions are being held in
the Herald block. The following doctors comprise the council: R. G. Brett,
llanrf; J. D. Lafferty, Calgary; G. A.
Kennedy, Macleod; Dr. Newborn,
Lethbrldge; Dr. Draithwalte, Edmonton ; Dr. I lobson, Strathcona; Dr.
Simpson, Wetaskiwfu. The doctors will
be in session for at least three days,
as there is much routine business to
transact. A protest against Dr.
Rrnlthwnite's election as a member of
the council bas been lodged by Dr.
Clendenntng, of Edmonton, who claims
It was illegal. "
Western Union Intact.
New York, Oct. 19.���The Western
Union Telegraph company announces
lho,', its cables to Havana are Intact
i: id l! at communication with its offices had been had, but no details as
to any ntnrm damage has beeu received, 'ih > opinion is expressed that no
greal >Iu...uge has occurred or information to that effect would have been
forthcoming. A man who arrived this
morning at Fort Pirate, 150 miles
north of Miami, Fla., says there has
boon great damage to houses and
Italians Versus Hebrews.
Toronto, Oct. 19.���Crowds of Italians
aud Jews, excited over an encounter
between an elderly Hebrew and three
young Italian laborers, caused a big
street fight yesierday in which revolvers and knives were used. Dominico
Trlvarl was shot in the hip by Joseph
fiurofsky nnd fn a hurried flight out of
reach of the weai>on plunged through
the plate glass door of Nieholettl's
grocery store, cutting himself severely.   Ho may die.
Shooting Accident.
Metcalfe, Ont., Oct. 19.���Harry Cum-
mings, a narnardo Home boy, accidentally shot nnd killed himself neat-
hero yesterday afternoon. He had gone
hunting with two companions, and
game being scarce, they started firing
in a mark. Cummlngs, not satisfied
with his own gun, borrowed a rifle
from one of his companions, and when
tbe rifle was being handed to him it
was discharged, tho bullet entering
Cummings' heart.
Ranch Cook Suicides.
Lethbrldge, Alta., Oct. 19.���This
morning George King, cook at Whitney's ranch, 10 miles from here, was
found by an outside door dead, and
with a rifle across his knees. Deceased had been drinking heavily of
late. The coroner's jury, after Investigation, decided that he had suicided
Price of Metal*.
New York, Oct   19.���Silver,   69%c;
copper, 20%c;  lead, $5.75.
London, Oct. 19.���Silver,   32   5-16d;
lend.  ��19 16s 3d;  zinc,  ��28.
llton yesterday afternoon. The battle
took place along the banks of Credit
river, the attacking party comprising
the Infantry of Toronto and a few cavalry squadrons, all of whom attempted
to cross the river by means of a brilliant flanking movement. The Queen's
Own of Toronto forded the river and
came on the defending troops at the
side. Their opponents were the Duf-
forln Rifles of Hrantford, who were
greatly outnumbered and who wore
driven back after a gallant stand.
Lord Aylmer. inspector general, was
present and gave the decision.
Dowie's   Downfall     Attributed   to
travagance of Hii Wife.
Soldier's Field Day.
Toronto, Oct.    19.���Troops    to    the
number of nearly   4000   engaged In a
sham fight between this city and Ham-
Chicago, Oct. 19.���"A woman's ambition caused the downfall of John Alexander Dowic, and It does uot excuse
him in the least that it was his wit*
and not auy of the younger women lu
his entourage, who entertained the ambition that led to his undoing and all
the woes of Zion," said Wilbur Glenn
Vollva in a sermon at Central tabernacle, Michigan avenue and Sixteenth
"I intend to make revelations that
will astound many persons ln Zion as
well as out of It. I will show that
Dowie's downfall was due primarily to
the fact that he allowed bis wife to
rule him���'boss' him, as the phrase
goes���in his later years, and that hi?
mental and physical decline began at
the time when he first submitted openly to bis wife's sway���the time when
he ordained her an elder and an overseer of the church, and at her command wrote checks at the rate of seven a day, which aggregated $69,000 ln
nine months."
With this forecast of new disclosures
affecting the affairs of Zion City, the
successor of Dowle gave a promise to
the 500 followers who heard him, that
the unwritten history of Dowie's rule
would be given to the public next Saturday in the form of an article to be
entitled, "Let all the truth be told."
Signals of Distress.
Detroit, Mich... Oct 19.���A despatch
to the Journal from South Haven,
Mich., says the passenger steamer City
of Kalamazoo has just been signalled
off that port ln distress. She Is drifting rapidly and may go on the beach
The steamer Southam is being made
ready to go to the assistance of the
disabled boat.
Convicted Murderess Shows No Apparent Concern That Today Was Fixed for Her Execution.
Stockton, Cal., Oct. 19.���This waa a
memorable date ln the career of Mrs.
Emma Le Doux, convicted murderess,
though neither by word or action did
ihe woman indicate that the day was
of any especial interest or importance
so far us Bhe was concerned. If the
seuleuce of the court in her case had
been carried out she would today have
mounted the scaffold in San Quentin
prison and paid the penalty of death
for one of the most diabolical crimes
committed in California in recent
years. As the case uow stands, however, the woman probably has many
days of life before her. Through au
appeal to the higher courts it is assured that the final end cannot be
reached for a loug time to come. Meanwhile, the woman, though under sentence of death, has made a display ot
uerve and self-control that has been
the talk of the prison attendants und
created great Interest among criminologists, physicians nml others' whose attention has bssen attracted to the case.
The crime of Mrs. l.e Doux was tlie
killing of A. N. McVlcar, who claimed
to be her rightful husband, by administering morphine after he had been
drinking heavily. She enticed him
awuy from Jamestown, where he had
been working, and is believed to have
made an attempt In San Francisco to
end his life. On the evening of March
24 the body of McVlcar was found
cruslieil into n trunk left on the platform of the Southern Pacific depot In
this city. The stench attracted the at
tentlon of the railroad men after the
trunk wns placed In the baggage room.
An Investigation disclosed the remains
and the following day an expreBB man
gave a description of the woman who
employed him to move the trunk to
the deiiot. She was Mrs. Le Doux.
who had hlgnmously married Eugene
Le Doux of Jnckson. Amador county.
The woman was traced to San Francisco and on March 26 was arrested
anil brought to Stockton. She admit-
-toil buying the trunk and ro|ie used
around the receptacle, but claimed
that a mysterious ".toe Miller" had at
the itolnt of a pistol compelled hor to
purchase the trunk and rope after he
and McVicar had returned from a
drlnklm; houl. The authorities proved
Miller to be n myth. The trial lasted
15 ilnys nnd proved most sensational
Joseph Savell Died in Few
Indies of Water
Eody of Deck Hand of Kokanee, Late
of Manchester, Hag., Found In
Cottonwood Creek Flume.
Slashed With a Knife.
Winnipeg, Oct.  19.���Louis flenwa, a
1600k In a restaurant, wns badly slashed with a knife in a fight with a negro
last night.
Joseph Savell of Manchester, Eng.,
was found dead at 7:30 this morning
In the flume through which Cottonwood creek croBses the C- P. R. yards.
Tbe discovery waa made by employees
iu the C. P. R. machine shops.
Coroner Dr. Arthur and Chief Jarvls
were immediately notified and hurried
to the scene. There were no marks of
violence on the body. The deceased
had evidently mlsaed hla footing on
the little bridge that crosses the
flume towards tbe stables of W. P.
Tlerney & Co. He had fallen on his
head and been stunned. He lay face
downwards in several Inches of water
and drowned.
Joseph Savell left Manchester in
June last, sailing to Canada- on the
steamship Victorian. After working
for a while at Calgary and around
Okotoks he came on to Nelson. For
the laat month he haa been employed
ou the steamer Kokanee.
Last evening he cashed a cheque for
$12 and spent the evening with companions at the No Place Inn. He left
there alone shortly after 11 o'clock,
and probably started for the steamer,
which lay at the C. P. R. wharf.
Savell was a young man, between 25
and 30 years of age. Aa far as known
here he waa unmarried. The only
known relative Is a brother ln Han-
cheater, who has been Informed of hla
When he was found this morning he
had $3.95 In his pockets. He haa also
a month's wages due from the C. P. R.
As the cause of death waa obvloua
and there wae nothing in the circumstances to suggest foul play. Dr. Arthur decided that neither a post mortem examination nor inquest was ne-
The body has been removed to the
Standard Furniture company's under
taking parlors.
United  Thanksgiving Service.
The Thanksgiving service, representing the united congregations of the
Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian
churchea of this city, and held In the
Methodist church, was In every way a
marked success. There was a very
large attendance and the whole service was marked by it heartiness that
spoke of the good will that characterized the occasion.
The service was conducted by the
pastors of the churches, represented.
Rev. Shanks preached the sermon,
taking as his text Ihe passage from
Paul's Epistle to the Kphesians, chapter 5, verse 20: "Giving thanka always
for all things unto God and the Father
ln Ihe name of our Lord Jesus Christ."
The choir of the Methodist church
rendered the anthem, "And He Shall
Reign." The male quartette also sang
a selection.
A special appeal was made for a
lhank offering for Ihe Children's
Home. The response was most pleasing, the amount contributed reaching
the record sum of $29.40.
A Cloud of Witnesses.
Montreal, Oct. 19.���Before the largest crowd that has as yet graced University field, in the local opening of
the Intercollegiate football series, Mc-
Gill scored a sweeping victory over
Ottawa college yesterday afternoon.
The local students showed superiority at every iiolnt with perhaps the exception of scrlnunnge, and when the
final tally had been registered the
score stood: McGlll, 27; Ottawa col-
lego, 1. Four thousand wltneBsed the
The Grand Burned.
Toronto, Oct. 19.���Fire last night destroyed the Grand stablea at the old
Mill building, with the horses, cattle
and BWlne herds of the Canadian National exhibition. The loss la estimated at $260,000.
The Daily Crash.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 19. ���It Is report-
ed that 100 persons have been killed
or injured as the result of an accident
today at Oka on the Moscow-Kursk
Raising the Interest.
London, Oct. 19.���The Bank of England raised its discount rate to G per
cent, this morning.
* The Daily Canadian
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pleasant dreams of
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These blankets are Justly celobrated fur (lit-lr excellence. Wo alone carry
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LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clotl;:ng, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
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Ss)Inscription rates, 511 cent! a mssiilli delivered
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paid Id auvsius-e.
Advertising rales on applls-atloll.
All monies pais! in lettlemenl ot 'rise Daily
Canadian accounts) either loi subscriptions sir
advertising, inns) lie refs-l|s!i-<! fssr sin Use printed
forms ssf tlie Company. Oilier receipts are lust
"By ono worsl we aro sometimes judged to he
ss iss- ansl hy oue svors] ssiinelllnci Judged to be
foolfsta.   Lei na therefore he careful  whal we
As was expected ami pedicted tiio
action of Premier McBride in his relation io the conference sst provincial
premiere has staggered the opposition
party press, who ure now apparently
ns disgruntled as it Is possible to become. While It not possible to conceive anything that .Mr. McBride might
have done, or left undone, that would
be in the least degree acceptable to
the grit organs ll is somewhat humiliating to find them Incapable of appreciating a statesmanlike act on the part
of the premier. As li has nut been
possible for all the readers of The
Canadian to carefully follow the history of the conference uf premiere a
brief review ol the situation will be
In order at this time.
The question of better terms lias
during tlie past lew yeara become a
limning- one in British Columbia This
province pays tribute to the Eust both
In customs duiles, in transportation
charges and in ihe purchase of the necessities of life, ihe chief of which are
the products of the Kast, more than
fourfold greater than any other ol tlie
provinces. Wu export little und must
lonBeguently pay out to the East tor
all that we require. In the disiiiljii-
tion of federal subsidies wo lull far
short of the proportion tu which wo
are entitled even if reckoned upon u
per capita basis. Hut the singular expensive administration, necessary to
keep Hritish Columbia progressively a
part of the Dominion Is, because of
ihe great distances, physical features
sparse settlement of this province, a
serious handicap with the per capita
grant that has beeu hitherto received.
So strongly has this been felt that
when It was proposed to give cabinet
representation iu the federal government to this province and the retirement of lion. W. Templeman from the
senate was arranged witli a view to
entering the cabinet, llie only pleu upon which he essayed to appeal in llio
electors of Victoria was upon that of
belter terms.
So pertinent was this pleu and so
faithful the promisee or the suppliant
for votes that a huge number of lifelong Conservatives In Victoria openly
advocated the unopposed return nf
.Mr. Templeman, and he wus conse-
qiienlly elected. Since Unit triumph
foi the Liberal party we have heard no
more about better terms from the followers of Sir Wilfrid.
��� ��� ���
The creallon of two new provinces
in the Northwest by the Laurier government and the necessity of adjusting their several relations to the federal grants, suggested the advisability
of holding a conference of lhe premiers of lhe old and the new provinces,
with a view to a readjustment of Ihe
whole system of federal disbursements
lo the provinces.
This conference has just closed, lt
was naively proposed at first that Premier McHrlde sliould take with hlm
Mr. McDonald, leader of   the   opposi
tion, tu have equal status in the confers uee with himself. The object of
this proposal must have been apparent
to everyone, It was too transparent
to have ever been taken seriously.
Willi a hardshell antl unscrupulous opposition such as we have in Hritish
Columbia there could have resulted
only wreck of ihe stability of the government and the consequent turning
back of the dial of time Inlo the state
of confusion iu which the McBride
government found it four years ago.
To suggest that Mr. McDonald would
have sought to help Premier McBride
is to expect the impossible and to express the established conviction that
he would have used his presence in the
conference to embarrass the premier
in every possibly way Is only to glvo
voice to the conviction which has beeu
forced  upon  the country  by  the cuu-
duct of the opposition leader.
��� *   *
-Mr. McBride therefore went to the
conference with two easily comprehended propositions. The first one
was a businesslike request lor a graduated grant per capita to decrease
with  the increase of population.
This was promptly negatived, though
the reasons for tbe negation are not
stated as yet. If they are good ones
they should lie forthcoming. When
that proposition was negatived the premier very properly asked that the
singular needs of Hritish Columbia
constitute the subject matter of arbitrament before au Impartial tribunal.
In any difference of opinion, Ihe man
who offers to submit his case to impartial arbitration must have supreme
confidence iu his ease, as well as be
seized with a sense of justice and a
spirit of willingness tu lie convinced.
All but one of the other premiers voted to negative this proposal also,
though as in other cases the reasons
arc not glveu. It must be apparent
therefore that the Eastern premiers,
acting under the guiding spirit of Iheir
Liberal bosses hud their minds made
uii tu force Hritish Columbia tu take
what they were willing to dole out
without respeot to the peculiar claims
of Hritish Columbia,
��� ���   ���
Stripped of all Its gilding and toggery this Is the naked situation and
when Premier MoBrlde saw this he
wisely refused lu further sit in the
conference. Of course his action in
ivithiiniwing is condemned. If he had
sat In the conference and allowed the
distinctive claims of British Columbia
to huve been comprised he would havo
been stigmatized as weak-kneed, Incapable, unfit to lead and a thousand
other tilings, by the opposition press.
Now (hat he withdrew he Is called a
"politician ami not a statesman." That
his action was tactful and statesmanlike Is easily proved.
We shall deal briefly wllh the criticisms of llie morning paper, which
asks: ���Will it In- contended for one
moment that bad the Conservatives
been lu office Premier McBride would
have taken the high-handed course ho
did? As a matter of fact it Is extremely Improbable that such a conference
would ever hnve been held hud a Con-
seivalive government been In office at
No! Certainly not. If a Conservative government had been In power at
Ottawa there never would have been
any need for the premier to withdraw.
He would have received justice. Do
we not know that it was the Conservative government of which Sir John A.
McDonald was the head, that forced
Hie East (o comply with the terms under which Hritish Columbia entered
Confeileialion? Then, as now, the
Liberals did nol believe in the West
and begrudged It every cent it got.
The   recenl   conference   shows   that
neither the spirit or policy of lhe Liberal party has changed as regards the
West and particularly British Columbia. No further argument is necessary.
.   .   .
The News approvingly quoted the
Winnipeg Tribune and says Mr. Mc-
Bride's action may have been good
politics but was not good statesmanship. We urge the contrary. Premier
McHrlde went with a proposition which
wus refused, ile offered an alternative which was also negatived. Hu
then, as statesmen have done in every
age, said, in effect: "Gentlemen, this
is my case. 1 shall go back to my constituents ami report to my executive.
I stand alone. If tliey do not support
me I shall full but In any case 1 take
the i-sjionslbility." A politician would
have said: "If I cannot get what I
want I will take what I can get Whether
it Is Just or unjust." llo would then
have come to his executive and whined
and whimpered and excused himself
for Ills lack of backbone and the country would huve beeu the loser.
As it is the country hus not lost but
gained, with the ease stiil to go to the
higher courts if the country says so.
We submit Ihut this was the act of a
statesman and nut thut of a truckling,
poltroon politician such us, the Liberal
papers themselves being witness,
would have been the course pursued
by auy member of the opposition.
The Ottawa Journal of the 16th Inst,
says: "The march of the provincial
premiers upon the Dominion treasury
lias won a commanding position despite the excess of zeal on the part of
the Hritish Columbia forces, which
would apparently carry off the whole
treasury if It were not ensconced in
a famous burglar-pruur vault. The
present likelihood Is Unit the other
eight provinces will get all they asked for, while British Columbia will get
a million more than her comparative
proportion, although many millions
less than she demanded."
The Ottawa correspondent of a coast
paper comments as follows: "This
paragraph is hardly fair to Premier
MoBrlde, After he had flatly refused
the sum of a hundred thousand dollars
annually for ten years he expressed
a willingness to consider any reasonable amendment to his sliding scalu
proposition. The conference, however,
would make hlm no offer, whereupon
he stepped out of the conference for
"Later ln the day Premier McHrlde
sent a letter to Chairman Gouin briefly explaining his position once more,
and again expressing his willingness to
consider any reasonable amendment to
the sliding scale basis. He made lt clear,
however, that as the reasons which,
it had been conceded, entitled British
Columbia to special consideration
must always continue, a flat rate offer
could not lie entertained by the province."
The board of management of the
Nanaimo Athletic club, by a unanimous vote at their last meeting, decided to allow no more professional prize
fights or fisticuff bouts under lhe patronage of the club. The reasons given
were that a large number of the supporters of the club do not approve
of these bouts and a growing sense of
the unfitness of such exhibitions generally led to the conclusion that It
does not pay to encourage this sort of
Yes! There was a little snow on
the mountains last night, but why publish the matter? It might be misunderstood In Burma and other places
where they never have snow.
It Is always good politics for a newspaper when lt dare have no particular
cisnvlclions of Its own to take refuge
behind the convictions of some other
Notice Ib hereby given that to (lay.- nfier -late I
Intend to apnlv to the Hon. ���''bieH.ommiKiloricr
of IaHioU and mirks for permihiion to purcbiu-ie
tlie following described lands Iltuated in the
West Kootriiav district: Beginning Ht a mist
marked " Herbert Warren's N. K, corner," and
planted on the w nt shoreof .Vhathhan (Cariboo)
lake, abont one-quarter mile norlh of lhe southern end of the lake; thenee woettOehelnai thence
south 8D chains*; thenee east 80 ehains, inure or
lesi*, to Whatshan ereek; thence following
north along (lie ereek and lake shore 80 chains,
moreor less, to point of commencement, con-
DilnjiiK 6-in acres, more or less
Dated ihi--.Ni day Ol October, 1006.
Heuhkht WJUtRnf.
F. I.. Hammonu, Agent.
Notice is hereby (riven that BO days after date /
Intend to apply tothe Hon. Chief CominiNBiontr
of Landi tnd Works for permlulon to nuroliaie
the following described lands situated in tlie
West Koolenay ill-lricl: Beginning at a POIt
marked "(). U, MaeMlekiiig's N. W. corner," and
Planted on the west shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake, Hbout three mil-* north of ihe (mier Narrows of the nabl lake aud onooslte the is In ml io
the said lake; thenee south St) chai ub; thencu
gait 40 chains, moreor less, to thu lake shore;
tbenoe following the said ihore in a northerly
and westerly direction 1_M Clinton, more or less,
Ui point of commenoement. containing .'i*.*)acres,
more or Icbk.
Oct. 18. IU0C. O. V. MacMicxin.),
By K. Ia. Hamjionji, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 daya alter date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chie' Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purehase the following deBcriljcd
lamls; Commeneing at a posl pianled on the
northeast en-ner of Peter HcHaUgnton'l application to purchase, foUowlng the east boundary of
name 80 chains .south; thenee 80 ehalns east;
thence BO Ohalni north; thenee B0 ehains west to
point of commencement, containing 6.0 acres,
more or less.
Doted Oct. 18, 1906. Ai.iiKrtKi.i.j��IT-
 By hii agent Khnest w. Rqbimqw.
Notiee is hereby given that sixty days after
dale I intend io apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Landl aud Works for pel mission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post placed on the northwest
corner of AI bed KM loll's a pplleatlon to purchace,
running ho chains east along the northern
botmdnrv of same; thence 80 ehalni north;
thence 80 chains west; thenee 80 ehalns south, to
point of eommeneement. containing tiio acres,
more or less,
Dated Oct. 13, loot. John Ki.t.iott,
By bis agent. Krkikt w. Kobinson.
Notice is hereby given tbat 00 dayi after date, I
Intend to apidy In the Hon. ('hief Commissioner
of I.Hiids anil Works for permlnion to purchase
the following deacrlbed landi In tbe West Knot
enay District: Beginning at a post marked "W
8. Mvtdge'i B VV corner." and planted about
one-quarter mile west ol the west ibore of whatshan (Cariboo) lake, nnd aimtit one and ono*
quarter mllei north of tbe loutbernend of the
lake; thenee north 60 chnins; theliee eail 40
chains more or less to the shore nf the Whataban
lake; thenee following snid shore in a genera]
sniitberly ami westerlvdirection L00 chains nmre
nr less tn a polnl on  tlie shore due east  of the
post of commencement] thonoe woat 30 chnins
moreor less tn ihe pniut of enninieiieeineiit, containing End aorei moreor less.
Dated I hll Bth day of Oct., I WW
W. S. Kt.Vlls.E,
K  I,  Hammond, Agent
-Notloe la hereby -men tbal B0 dan after date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the chief com-
niishlnner of Landl and Works for permission lo
purohaae the following duorlbed lauds situate
in west Kootenay District:  Commenting ai a
post marked ���*('. McArthur's N, W. corner post
situate near llie N. K. enrner of laml applied tor
by 8. McArthur thenee south .11 clot his, mon* or
less; theuce cast no eliains; theuce north 40
ehflins. more or less; thenco  wesl 80 chnins  to
point of commencement.
Salmo, n. c, August nth, 11*00.
]'. M( A utii in
Ti JI. Atkinson, Agent.
Notiee is herebv given that 80 ilavs aller dale I
lutend loapply to Ilu* Hoiiuriible Chief .'umml*-
ston<-r of tun,i- ami Works for nermlHlon to purehaae  the  following deserlbed lands, situate in
ihe weat Kootenay district, starting from n post
planted at the S W.cnrneinf Kmest W.ltnbinsou's
Application to I'urchnsc, and tin the north bank
Of the Norlh Kork of I og ereek; theuce 10 chnins
west, 80 chalus north. IfH) chnins easi, in .-hnlns
south, 20 eliains west, 1*0 chains sou It) tn intersection of north Miicof K. w. Roblnion'i Application
to Purchase, thenre 10 chains west and SO chains
sotiiii to point of commenoement, oontainlng B40
Datetl 18th day of August, 1908.
F W  Koui.vmon,
per Ernest W. Hoiiinson, Agent,
Notice is hereby given thai 60 dnvs aller date I
iniend toapply to the Htm. the < blef Commissioner of Lacdi and Works for permlulon to pureliase the following deacrlbed lands in West
Kootenay dlitrlot, province of British Columbia]
Commencing ata post marked "*.*. jlltnin Tolling-
ton's northwest corner post," laid pnst being
platitetl  at  the southwest corner of the '..iii-eii
Mineral claim," and adjoining the eaat line of
VePhiiM's pre-emption, thence south twentv (20)
chnins along said line, thence east forty (Jit)
chains, ihenee north twenty [k)) chains, thenee
west forty (-W) chains more or less, to the place of
Dated 1st -lay of August, 1008.
By hfs ageut J. K. Taylor.
Stxiy ilavs afler tin le f purpose making application to tlie Chief Commluloner ol Landsand
Works for permission to purchase llie following
desoribed land; Commencing at ��� posi niarked
���I i"s s w corner," adjoining tbo eaat boundary,of D, Pierce's application to purcbaaa. running  thenee 80 ehalns  north:   Ihence .Ml chains
east; tlu-nce ko chains iouth; thenoe80ehaim
west to point of oommencement, containing 840
acres mo e or less.
Dated the llth day of August, 1008,
I    I'lEHLK,
per P. 'i    FA 1*0.1*1 EH,
Blxty daya after date i pnrpoae making i
cation to tlie Chief Commhsinuer of Landi
Wnrks for permishlon   to pnrobaie the foil'
deaerlbod land; Commencing at a post in
���k.F'ns k corner," and situate about on*
from Silver Tip Point, on Whataban lata
near Christie creek, running thenee hoc
imrth; thenee Wi chains west; tbenoe80 C
south, following the lakeshore; theuce 80 c
east to the point of commencement, contu
6.0 acres more, or less.
Dated the iith day of August, lttOt..
K   Vavuv
Per F. Q  pAUQUIttt, Agent.
em ile
, am)
Blxty daya after date I purppae making application to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner
of Landi and worka for permlulon to purchnse
the following described land: Commencing at
a post marked "D, P'a fl. W. oorner," adjoining
K. Kantinier's application to purchase, running
thenoesO chaini north) thenee BO ehnins east*
theuee Ht) chains south; thence 80 cbalni we-t
to the point of oommeneement- containing 040
acroB, more or less.
Daied the llth day of August, l'JOti.
D. PllBCI,
Per F. ii. FAi'griKB, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that slxtv daft after date
I intend loapply to the Don. Chief Commission
erof Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following deaorlbed landi, 100 aorei
commencing nt a post marked John Toye, planted on the east shore of Lower Arrow lake, aboul
one mile north of Sunshine ereek. tbenoe fortv
chains east, thenee fortv chains south, thenefl
forty ehalns west, thenee forty chains uorth
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Dated lliis l'ith day nf .September, 1906.
JOHN Toye.
Ha Hit y (itnsiiN, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days alter ilale 1
Intend toapply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Luiids and W'tirke for permission
to purchase the following described land, altuate
in Fire Valley, in the Wesi Kootenay district ad-
Joining VV, A. Caider'H pre emption, Marling at a
post marked M, McQuarrie's southwest corner
running HO chain**) east, thence io chain--north'
thenetr 80 chains west   thence 40 chains south to
point of commencement
Dated this llth day of September, 1906.
J. k, Taylor, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai HO dayi from date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the chief Com-
ihissiouer of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands situate in West Kootenay District: Commencing
at a post marked *' K. -Stewart's N W, comer
post,"situated near the Junction of 1,-nst ereek
and South Fork of Salmon, llienee south -JO
chains, more or less; tlience east 80 chains*
thenc-  nortii 40 chains, more or less;   thence
west so chains to point of commencement.
Salmo, August Uth, ]��*.
K. Stewart
T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is bereby given lhat 60 days after date I
lutend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works to purchase the
���Ollowlng described lands,���__�� acres, nmre or less;
commencing at a post planted on tbe west bank
of uripcr Arrow lalte ata point about 7 miles below Nakusp.and marked <1. A. H. 11 , M K. comer
post; thenee 80 eliains west; theuee 10 chains
south; thenee no chains end, moreor less to lake
shore; theuce along lake shore lti point of begiuniug.
DatetlthlsMlidavo) 3cpt.JMW._U. A. B. If au..
60 days afterdate 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, 11 0 j to purchase (Wo acres of
laml situate west of Arrow lake on lhe west side
of Whatehan creek and Joining lhe imrth hound-
ary nf S. J. Annable application lo purehase
Commencing at a post markeii K. J, B, s. K. corner and running war ho chains; thei north 90
ehalus; thenee east 80obalmi thence smith to
pniut of eummeiieemeut.
September -ind iooo. h. j. Elliot.
Notice is Hereby given that 60 days after dato I
Intend to apply to the Hoimrale Chief Commissioner of Landiand Works for permlnion to pur-
chase the following described lamls, iltnate in
the West Kootenay district; starting from n post
planted at the N. B, eorner of F. w, Roblnion'i
Application to pureliase, thence .0 chains east,
Hn eliains south, ki chains west, W) chains north
**> eliains west, 'ki chaini north, 30 chains east, 40
chains north to point oi commencement, con lain -
ing 160 acres.
Dated 18th day of August, 1906
D. C. H. Rohinson,
per hK.Ni.sT W. IU.iiinson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Umls aud Works for per-
minion to purcbaie the following deiaribed
lan I on the west Ibore Of upper Arrow Lake and
Joining J. H. Keeney's pre-emption: Kunning
west 4o chains; ihenee norlh 80 chains, theme
oasllOchains, to the sliore of thc lake; ihenee
aoutb following the lake shoro to point of com.
iiienceiiieiit, containing ;i_0 acres more or less
Dated August 19,1906,
 J. ���/. Kelly, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty dayi after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable Ihe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following deacrloed
land on the west side of Lower Arrow Lake and
joining the soul h Hue of the Indian Reservation ���
Kunning west 20 chains; thenee south 80 chains;
thence oaal 20 ehalns, to the Ihore of the lake;
thence nortii following the lake shore to the
point of commencement, eon lain ing IflO acres
more or less.
Dated August uo, inon. W. B. Maclioo
J. J. Killy, Agent.
Noiiee Im herebv given lhat 80 days after dale
I Intend, to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner  ol Lands  and Works fur permit
sion to purchase the following described lands,
situate in _ie Weil Kootenaj district! Commenolng at a poit marked "A.'lurner's N.W. corner
post," iltuated ai the N. K. corner ol land applied for by B. Stewart, tbenoe iouth 40 ebalni,
moreor len] tbenoe easi Bo ebalni! tlience north
���in eliains, more or less; thence west hd chains to
point of commencement.
Halmo, B.C , Auguil 11. 1906. A. TPBH1UI-
T, II. Atkinson, Agent.
Noiiee Is hereby glveu that ft) daya alter dale J
intend (o apply to lhe Honorable (lie Chief ��� Offl
mlfiiooer id Undi ami Works ho- pormluion to
purohau tbe following described laud in Weil
Kootenay Dlatilct about seven miles south of
Iturton Clly:   Commencing nt a posl planted ou
the eait bank of Troul ereeJi ami narked Mrs.
W   II.   Hamilton'!  B,   W.  C.   Posl  mot   running
north80 obalm] ihenee eul no ebalni] thenee
south BOchalm; thence weatBO chains in plaoe
of beginning, continuing M0aores- more or less.
Dated this-_ud day of August, 1008.
Mas \\. li. Hamilton
W, 11   Hamilton, Agent.
Notice ii hereby given that 00 dayi alter date 1
Intend toapply to tlie Honorable tne Chief Com
mlnlonoi of Landi and Worki, Victoria,to pnrchase Ml acres of laud, slluate aboul nut' in lie
BUI  <'f  Hurton  -City on tbe easl  -ilde of   Arrow
lake, H mi descrlbeil ufollowi: Commencing al s
poil planted al the nortbeul comer of Loi MM,
tbenoe north 90 ObalU. theuce wesl I') chnins,
thence south IQcbaiui- theuce east-m chains to
place of liCKiiiuiNg
Augusl .Mil, I'.fOtt J, It. lll'MTKK,
Notice is hereby given thai 60 days after dnle I
inieml Iii npplv to  tlie Hon. Die Chief C is-
sioner nf Lands and Works for pormluiob lo purohau lhe following described binds In West
Km leiinv dl-trlci:    llegiuniug nl a post marked
"Otto Hiraeh'i N w rorner*" nnd planted on
tin* west ihoro oi VYatahan (���'iirtbnuiiakc, about
one-foiirlh mile west of the uorrowiof What shim
bike; thence south ho cbalni] theuce enst lo
obalm nmre or less tn the shore oi the Narrows;
theuce  mllmsiiig   th��   said   shore In  a   genera]
northerly and westerly direction 130 ohaini more
or less, to tht* point oi oommencement, containing 810 acres more or less
Haled this hth ilnv of <������ i , l'jufi.
Ono iiik.mii,
P. L. .lAMMnMi. Agent
Nntice is hereby given t hat slxlv ilm-t afler tlnle
I intend Iniinplvlo the Ht>u. Chief Ctiinuiis-inner
nf l.amls nnd Worka for permlulon te purcbue
tbe following deaorlbed lands in West Knott-nay
district: lleKiuning Ht a pnst market] "K K
AldeuV S K enrner,'' nnd plantcil on the cast
shore of Whatkhau (Cariboo] lake, ahuul one
mile north of the southern end of Uie Ink.*:
tbenoe nortb mo ehalnai tlience west-I'lehmns,
more nr less, in the shore of Whatshan lake;
ihence following aald shnre in a general iouth
erly and  easterly direetinn lOOehaius, more or
leu, tti the point of commencement, oontainlng
:.JU acres, more or less
DatOd thll hth day of Oct ,V.K(>.
H  k*   Ai.pKN.
I*"   L   H_.vmoni>, Agent
.... tndayialter
inteml toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
minloner ol Landiand Worka for permlulon to
purchaie the following deaorlbed landi in the
West Kootenay district, near Hiirlyn city; commencing at auosi planted at tib a ion theaat enrner
of (.enrge HuiIhoii's pre-emption OlaHtt. and
marked Harry U. TollillgtOn'l N. B. ('. post, and
running souih tt Ohalna, theuee wesl 20 chains,
thenee north -it) chains, tbenee eaat 20 obalm to
plaee of beginning, euntainlug 80 acres of landi
more or less.
Dated thll80th day of August, PJOG.
Hakhy 0, Toi.i.in��tow.
Noiiee Is hereby given that slxlv days after
date I inteml tu applv i tithe Hon. CnlOf Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission lo purchase the  following descrlbeil lamls tu the West
Kootenay llatrleti Beginning at a pun marked
"Bertha Ulrub'a N a. corner." ami planted on
ihe east shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) bike, at the
narrows of the lake, ami ubout tine mile south of
Arrow lake trail; tbenee south 80chai01] thence
west mi ohalni more or less t��. the shore of the
narrows; thenee following tbe laid ibore in a
general   northerly   ami   easterly   direetinn   UO
ebiimmore or less to the noinrof commenoement. oontainlng 5.0aorei moreor less.
Hated this nth day of Oct , 1808
iikhtiia HnacB*
F   L. EU-UtOKP, Ageni.
Notice Is hereby given that two months after
dale 1 Intend In apply to the Honorable thc ("blef
Commissioner tif Landl and Works for a Lease of
ali tbat land being the foreshore adjoining subdivisions 1, ;( and j of Lot HN- Uroup one (1)
Kooteuay, antl being on tbe soulb shore of the
West Arm of Kootenay lake, lu the dlitrlet of
Commencing at -a post marked "A. B. Watte'
soutbeast corner post"; thence 60 ehalna west,
thence ill chains north; tbenee 60 ebalus east;
tbenoe 30 Cbalm south tothe place of commencement; the said land am) foreshore to be Ij* used
for sawmill purposes.
Dated thiiZLitday of August, l**.
      A. K. Watts,
Notiee Is hereby given thnt On days after dato I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner nf Lumls ami Worki for permission to
purcbue the following deaorlbed laml in West
Kootenaj! Diitrloi about seven miles south of
Hurton i ity: Commenting at a post planted on
the east brink of Trout creek and marked Alex
Cheyne s N. W. C. Post nnd running south BO
chnins; thence east Ko cbains;thence nnrth w
eliains; them-e west Ho (hains to post tif beginning, Containingfitf aorei Of land, moreor less.
Dated this L_nd day of August, l!Kj��
ALU Ciikynk
W. II   Hamilton, Ageut,
Sixty dayi after date, J  Margrcti McWnarrle,
intend toapply to the Honorable tho Chief Com-
mlssloner oi Lamls und Works, Victoria, U. C���
P�� purchase the following deaorlbed land, Commencing at a poat marked M. UcQuarrla, on the
bank of Lower Arrow lake, thenee 40 chains
west; tlience 80 chains nortii; thence 40 chains
easl; tbenee iio chains south to place of com
meiicemeiil, saitl to contain 180 acres more or
less. Covering ground hold by <i. B.Anderson's
pre em j,Hon.
Haled this Uth day of -September, 1008.
W. L, I'avn-k, Agent.
Noiiee ls hereby given thai  I   Intend. 60 days
after date tt> apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of i RUdnntid Works for permission
to purehase the following described landi in
Wut Kootenay dlitrlot. about five miles south
of Burton City, commencing at a posi planted on
the east bunk t.f tract C. K.. and marked "W. R
Hamilton's -a vt. 0. poit," and running north ho
cha us, Ihenee enst MO chains, theuee souih 80
chains, thenee west HO ehalns to place of beginning, eonlaliilng 840 acres of land, more or less.
Dated this Ond day of August, IflOfi.
 W H. Hamilton.
Sotlt-e is hi iel-y given Hint fio days after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of l.itn.fs nmi Works for permission to
purchase the following deicrlbed landi, iltuate
in west Knob-nay district: Commencing at a
pnst marked "B. donkey's N. W.corner poil"*_)��
uate near lhe N K. corner of huid applied for by
R.B.-tbence b��o ohalni,mon orTeiv thenoo
east so cbains; thence norlh 40 chains, more or
less; theme west HOehalns to poini of commencement.
Halmo, Augnsi U, IMS, n. (Vinkky,
T. H. AtkimuiS, Agent.
Notiee is herby given that 00 dajB afler dat" i
intend, to anply .,, -.be Honorable tlie Chief Com-
miss Inner Of Lands ami Works for permission to
Purcbau the following described laudssliuate In
���A est Kooienav.Hsirlet: Commencing ata post
marked "It. Ilns-t's N. W corner post," situate
near the N. h. corner of laml applied for by A.
McLean, thenco pniith 40 chains, moreorless;
Uienoo easl NO 1 halus; thence north 10 ehalns,
more or less; lbence west 80 chains to point of
BalmO, August 11, IOOO. R. Ross,
 T. II. Atkinson, Aeeiit,
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply   to the llouorable tbe
Chief Oomminloner or Landi and Works for
permissirni to purchase the following described
lands situate In West Kootenay district: Commencing ata poll marked "A. McLean's N. W.
oorner post,"situate near the N.B. corner of land
applied for by A, McLaughlan, thenee south 40
chains, more or less; thence east HO chains;
tbence nortii 40 chains, moreor lens; thenee west
W) chains to point of commencement
Hnlino, August 11. IflOfi A. McLkan,
T. n. Atkinson, Agent
Notice Is liereby given lhat GO days after date I
intend to make application to the Honorable lhe
Cbl(.f Commissioner of I-mids anil Works fnr pcr-
mlsson to pureliase Hit- followlug described lands,
iltuate in West Koolenay district: Commencing
at a post marked "A. McLaughlin'* N. W eornor
post," situate near the tt. K, corner of land applied for by K McArihur, tbence south 40 chains,
more or less; thenco ensl HO ebalns; thence nortii
���t'�� chains, mote or less; tbeuce west HO ehalns to
point of commencement.
Salmo, Auguit 11, IWfi. A. McLaiijjiun,
T. H. atkinhon, Agent,
We   have  juat
splendid stock of Ladles' Shirt W.i�� fl
- in Cre��m, Navy and fancy colon ! fl
sizes from 32 to 42 Inches, and we aro selling these at h_-..ji ''
ly low prices while they last. ""S-inj
Notice Is herebv ��lven HihI 00dan aller dale J
intend to applv tO fhe Honorable Chief ComfflU-
���loner Ol Landl and Work*- fur perinifsloti to purchase the followlna described landa, situated on
lhe cast  side  01   Arm** hike: foinniclicliii; al a
post narked a. Macleod. loiaiiun post, thenee
south f riv eliains, follow liifi W. 'I'oye's aaitarh
boundary; lbence eaal sixty chaini-, id i-hsi bank
of (ia'lbabll Creek] Ihence north forty chain*.;
thence cast sixty chains Io point Of commencement, oontalnlne_9- aorei) more or less.
Hated Beptember i. l_W,     Auuu fcUcLMD-,
Per N. Okmkhn, AkciiI.
N *c I- herebv uiu .1 lhat fio dars utter dale I
Intend lo Hpply I" the Honorable the Chlel Commissioner <>( Lands ainl Works [or permi-slnn to
purchase the following deaeribed lands, sltualed
011 thu east *|<1c of Arrow like:   Commencing Ht
the northeaat corner of a. Anthony * purchase,
thenee   north   forty chains,   lhetice west forty
chains,  Ibenee south  forty chains, ihcnce cast
forty   chains   io point Of 'coinineiieemeiil, coii-
talnliJK 1'to acres, more or less.
Hated September 1,1900.     Jam a* V, Maci.eop,
perM, hkmuks, Agent,
Notice is bereby glren that BO dan albr date I
Intend to apply to ihe Htuiorable the Cnlet Com
inlsslouer of IjiinlsHud VV(,rk- for iwrniiNNion lo
purohaae tha following deaeribed lands: Oommenelng at a poil markea "J. w B'e 8. W. oorner," placed oU tbo eaal slier.' of I-nwer Arrow
Luke at Hie northwest corner of J- CbrUtle'l Ap-
pllaatjon iti Purehase, running tlience -lu chains
east; thence Hn chains north:  Ihcnce  |o chains
moreor leu, weat to the lake tho*e; thence fol
lowirrtt lakeshore to point of eommenoement
.' 1:.- v,.: ���:.**.�� acres more or less
Hated thi-Strti day of July, INSI.
j. w. bath.
Notice ii hereby gir��0 that slxlv dan after
date l iniend to applj totbeHon. Chlof Commie-
sioner of Landi and Worka ior permlaalon to
purebaae tbe followlni deaerlbod landa, in
West Kontenay Diatrtcti Commencing at an initial poil piantetl at the southi-asi corner 'ii lie
1 0) '** pre emptloui tbonce 30 chains well to eul
iH.inidary ol l-��l BlMj thenee following said
Imuintlarj souih tOaoOlbeail  corner id said lot;
thenco in chains west; (hence SO chain, wutbi
thenee UU eliains eust; ihenc.. Ji chains nortii to
smith wesl corner id  Lot  -_*_���;  lbence followiiiK
woal boundary n/ Lot ta to initial poat,
September BJ, l'.SSi. ... D. WOLTP,
per Burnt Vt, KoniNitoN.
S.dlee Is hereby given lhat 00 days afterdate, I
iuieiui to apnlv to the Hon. Chief Coianitealonor
of Landi and worka fin permlaalon to purebaae
the following doaorlbed lands, iltuate on ibe
Beat shore ol l-uwer  Uke,  about one and one
hull   mile Hoiitb   ol   h.U'i .*. 1.   1: r. Hnd ail
���Minim:  J. T. Ileattle's application to  purchase,
and oommwolng at a poat marked Donald WU
son's Booth West corner, tlience running North
silly eliains, tlience Kaal fortv chains, thence
South, sixty chalus, thence West forty ehalns to
pbMM of commencement, and containiuit '.ill
aeres more or leas.
Dona 1.u U'hjon.
M. II, Mt-yiAHKlK. AkciiI.
Hated this 25th day of Hvpt ber. Hue.
Notice li hereby glren that two months after
date 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner id Lands and Works lor permit'
���ton io purchase wo acres of land, deaeribed a-
follows: Commencing at a poal planted al Uu
southwest ..f 1. c Slorris.-n's ranch lu Kire
Valley, West Kootenay dlitrlet, marked "J. o.
Monro, northeast rornerpost"; I hence K) chains
west; lbence N) ebalns smith;  tbence 80chaini
east; thenee 80 ehalni north io the place of eommenoement
Dated nth day of September, UM,
W. A, Caiokh. Aitrnt.
Notice Is hereby alven lhat 00 days after dale 1
intend to npplv to lhe Hmi. Chief ( ommissloner
ol Undi and Works for permission io purchase
the follOWlUfl described lands, situate in Wt*M
Kootenay dlstricl: Beginning at a post markeii
"Arthur Warren's B, W. corner," and planted on
tbe east -bore of H'hnl-han (Cariboo) lake, about
two miles north t.f the narrows of Whatshan
lak��, and at the H. K corner of W, Secombe's application to purchase; thenee ea-t IU chain*-
thence north so chains; tbence weM 40 chains1
Ihenee south 8o eliains to point of commencement; Containing :r_o acres more orleis
Dated this 8th day of Oct. l!Mi.
Aktimh Wahiik.v,
  ft L- Hammond, Agent,
Notice is bereby Riven  tbat sixty  days aftor
?.?_���.I��lnlfln'1 u' *Pnl*f lo Ul�� Honorable Lbe
Chief f ommlsslouer of Lands and Worki for
permission to purehaso lhe rolloWlnt described lauds sltuale Hi lbe Weal Kootenay
district, starting from a post planted on the
norlh bank of tlie North Kork of Dog creek:
tbenee _o ehains west, ao chains north, 60 chains
weal, .0 eimiiis north, 'ki chains weal, 90obaina
north, XIchaini west, HO chains north, ao chains
eait, 40 chains aouth. '-0 chains tail, 40 chalus
south, ki ebalns east, -Hi chains south to point of
commencement, Oontainlng Mo acres.
Dated IHth day of Augmt, 1����
 ^^ Kknkht W. Hoiiinson
Hlxty daya aller date 1 intend to apply to the
Houoiabie the Chief Conimis.loner .d Lands ���nd
Worki .Victoria, to purchase M0 acres of land,
located and described as follows: Being the
northeast *juarier of Beotlon twenty-two. end
lho south half of the northwest quarter Section
twenty three, Townsblpsixly-nine.   And furthei
deicrlbed   aa   follows:   Commenelni at >.    r
marked J J. N. W. comer, and planted io JhffiS
easi of the northwest corner of Beotlon twenir"
two and rn inning eait lln balni, lhetice south ki
chains, theuee east .0 ohaini, tbence south 3_
clm na, theuee west ho t bains, tbenoe north io
chain* to place of beginning.
AugUlt -Isl, 1900. JAMKH .ItiUNSTONK,
 W. A. (.'alder, Ageni.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days alter date 1
in end to apply to flit- Honorable the chief Corn-
miss oner of Undsand Works for permission o
purchase  the  following described  lands:  Com
mencing at a post marked "j. a 0. R'fl w ar..
ner," placed at the northeail corner of Lot Mini
running Hu,diHles north ; ihenee nu chai JJ I s '
theme ��> cbHins south; thence 80 ehnins wet li
BoreiorlotammMoemattt. oontilnlng 040 aOrai
Dated lhe '-1st day of July IOOO.
J- A. O'ReiLI.V
Hlxty days alter dale 1 Iniend lo appjr t��� n,,.
Commissioner ol Lamls and Worli ViHmi,. ...
purehase .60 acre* t.f land, slluate t,."id dflic. VJ.l
hs follows: Commencing ala post plauied on tb,
west side of Arrt.w lake..ppu^.-rtn,;.'.1,
or near the soulhweit corner of H. Haltr nur
ohDie, und marked "H.M.A..H K ,.���, , Vi
running north   .0 chains, thonce west liiih- l
null', i?ffi2ftt RRTStP*.",,'",','MMI,h W chain!
moreor leas to the lake shore, thencealonJ ll_->
luko ihore to place of beginning. 8 Uie
_ August .fflth.ltt*. Wanna...*.
Notice li bereby given ihat no days after dH��. i
Intern to make application to the     ��
Chief Commissioner of Landiand WorkTr r mi?
mission to purchase about .'ion acres   r Iai   7. ���
Bled on lhe Balmon river, Weil KtX , ,y,","',
oommenefng at a post marked 8 H I      ,   �� w .'
Corner, -planted on the west bank . r in.   ,      '
about WmllcsnorllM.nheV;^
ary,   thence  west 60 chains, thei"    ��   ,,*  h
south, thenee east ab  ai    I   li i  n tin ru. I
August 18th, IMS. B. R, ���
'��� H. Alkjiison, Agent,
Notice la hereby given that iio <l,ivs after,l,,,..
i intend toapply fotheOblei Com&li Sli
Unds and  Works for  permIniilfiii  ?!.._.,    ?r *,f
the following descrlhi-.i |fSS& _ttl��t/B$H
Koolenay district: Commencing ' " J" . '
ed J. McArUmr'a N. W.cOrner S&S'U__Vi_^__5'
the N. K. corner of laml appll. ff, r fa* \ T2-SS?
llieneo south -111 chains, mora or om '.I I.,!, "rncr;
ft chains; tbence north 40 �����),-.,������, mow o?*t___t__J
thence west Mi chains to point of r,,,, ' ' V
Halmo, Auguit 11, ltf06. '��'��i ueeniei.l.
Nssllss-  I.  li.-r.-l.y ul\,.)s  -I,hi .1.,   ,
��� lull-   I   illt.-li.f ,.. ��,.,.]>-  |0 lho Hnn'mfHl
mUrtonMoi l.������,li '���'���, ��!, V'.'"'Ufa.
I"  l-lirs-lisusi- Ua. |���||������|,iK ,l,..,..,|.���|
ssaii- in Wut Kootenai i*. -��� r i..  , ,,lw*��
���is  t.  MM  iiuirkusl '���A.llir���.|,-,''B',;m��'>
|.lHlils-,lnl  111,. K. W. ,-���������., ���","���'- <_���
ml.����� ns.nil i.i _���,i������ ,|,v _,,  ,1,'Srtl
in.-iii s-.siisii), i-iintahiliiK :iji ���,.��� .   ' ""
DssU-,1 III,   Hll, i|,, ,slSs-|,|n,i|,.t lw
-N..I1.-U Is li.-r.-l.y Klv,-i, II,,,,,,,,,    	
llll.ll.l 10 ��|S|S|:- l��� ||K. II,,,,,,,.!,,,.,,        "*j
llll..l..lll-r���l I.��|���I,.������| W���r,.  ���      '.',ll_
punhu; ii���- tofiowKm .1,-,-ni,,.,  .'������'""���
lr���i,i h ps���i mirki-l W. T; norlli��M[iS,��l
i-sssslli III i-hiiin., llieii,-,. ,..., an ,..'���,,''"
north ��i .-Iniiii., i-,-���,r �����i��,,, h2h
oommenounoni ntalntni no am,, 9
hi ; adjoin, , nil ,.i a. Aim,,,.,- ,"'*���
Ilakssl 11)1, mil, ,lar ol AiiBiim, m��.
I Ii'l Is' ��|.|,l) to tb, llisll. I 1,1,1 i.mSS
i-rol  IjiiiJ- ati.l   Work, li,r,.-r���iU|,��� _!,
Chan ih,- loiSwIni .i.���t.i.-i r��,9
.IssrllliK  al   ,,   |�����l l.iark).,l|-,il���,|,���.ToJ"
planwd on in,, vam ,i,���r,. ���i i���l(l.r ��� "J
is,nr s,ia,l,i���m- i:ri-.-k.  il,,-,,,,  m ,h.ii,i_
lli.-n.rW cliaina north, Ih  K, chain. ����l
hike ahorc.  il,.,,,.,- ,,,,,,1, ���|���, , lli(.lhJS
Jn'llsl <st roiiilisi-iici'iiscsit. '
liati-il UU. l:i||i ,|aj'of_iaj.il-i.il.-r.U__.
< .TiiKHiv'rTonl
Ba����t liiiinia, amil  "
Nolli. I. Iicrchj. B|n.n llinl ..i.|,i,,i_tjj|
Iniend to appl, i��� u���. ii raw.. i���, iW3
miu oner al Undi ssml w.,,1- i,��� 1,,-,-JT
purehaae the soUowina ,l, ������ -,,i.,.i '
ois Use call ,l,le ssf Arrow lak-    t
ll,,- Msiilliiv.-Mt s-ornrrof A Audi,
tliciii-caouth iwoiiitehalni, iben ..in  ���
s'lisilss,, iln-iirc mini, tw.-iitv cbalm, HmnsriS
went, ohaini to point ot ooramnraanifl
hsiiiiisiiM ,i,-r,-, nonori-H r
llalesl .--i-ptcuihsT I, HJW,        Kr...llt .11 HTcm|
jut N   I'i vis... Ap.nl.
Nsills-s" Il hiTcliy alvili iiims -ivsv .1... ,
sis. I'- I I nl.-is,I toapply totl,.H,���]���fH'l,l,.|(i,c
-ommlaaionernl l.an,Lansi iv,,ris*rlirs,.rmi__|
to pnrehaae lha Eollowtni i,���-, ni.M hoiiiur
ais-lti Hi,- Weal Kis-.ts-nav-li-'si. i. flii,s.,|j.Mi-,
I'assi Andre*! pra-aupueu   -ssssiiiic .1,]
marks-.I A J. l,,���g. N. ���. ,,��� ,,. ,. ,���, ii,.���.t.i
of  1,-s.cr  Arrisw  lake,   11],sir,    JI    -.,..- .-J
llli'll'-.-   in s-halii, .mull, ihi-n,., a, chsmu��B
tlssim-..  10 i-lialliN norlh I.. |..sisi ���l i,,nunn_9
I,al,-,l al Nclsson, H. II., Ilu, Mis sl.ssisfn
Ikt. laofl i.j.iiSI
W'M  l-ris I akl,. .1,1-111.
N'.lt", I. hcn-liy Kivcn ll'.l .Ills- slrtjs, tiM
ilale I IliUn,I to apply to lis,- II rif.IMIs.Ch_l
I'l,III 111 IK,!,-,-I,    T..I   I.���l|,l.   ,1,1-1    SI      --.-/   I-  |.S[���,Wl.l
lo tsssrs-ha- lln- I,,II,,wInn ,1, - .-iN-'ll.asjiilliivl
In \\ eel Koolenay,listrls-t: I "iiims-si. sisr .1 * psj
plaiils-.l al Hsshert Coih-tt'. ss.sills s-.il s-ssrue
pi'hl and maikeil A.M", K. W. C.tsjtr Ills-Del
sn-l .', ,1,��,,,-; tlii-iii-e loclialls, Mssslh, ���ii'S''ll
le��, lo tlis- Koolenay rlrer; Hx-m-i-.,,'tnltsisnm
al.snii lhe Kootenav rive,; Ihe-M I" iliital
north, more or laaf, to the plan ol s-'sm-nal
uis-iit.,-,,si',-.',,,!,,: ino acre, mora or laa.
Boptfmbaf nil, U08.
AM.II Mow,!
 V/IU.UM  Ms-.HI ��s ...OL
Nsitls-c Iss lleretsy given triatt's,lHs-.��iltfsi��enl
Inieml to apply lo Use lis,s, ' !ii.-f,ssaa��|
��� Is,ner of I,in.lis ami Work, for s-isr,saW M
psircliiiw the follsiwlnx .!.--. rsi...I 1-i.l.ialkM
won Kootenay sii.iris-i: is. isn, ��i im
inaikeitii D. Ball and B. Beir. �� K. ���sin����i
,l."nl '.��issil,.. (a,t of the Halm.oi rsv,-r .-tiwl
U mils- is.,,,, th,. Ivmi d'Orelllo river; ti_��IJ
chain, nurth; Ihe'lre IU clialls- s.e.1; lisWf I
chain, wsisth; tlienie lllchalits. ea.1 I" t_*l
dali-.l tii,. '.'.nil slay of Beptember, DOS.       i
R. M. llar.vi:-, Ags-nL
Nollco ll herehy given that s-.s .!���,..sirsdiklsl
Inl-ll.l In npplv lolhe llnnoralili llis-rWrfMB
inS.-.S..ss. r ,.( I.iinslH nmf Work, for |-.nnl��flni��|
rsiirshsiH. the lulls,ivlng sle.i-rll��� .1 Ian' II JJI
Kssoleliav JILlrli'l nhonl put mil, - -"ill' "f i*l
hsll rily: eoissinciielllK ata poit ,,irtl.tt-l."���___���
ea-l hi, nk of Trout onei ami mirle* ' IfMM
er'�� N w . is. l-���,i anil riiiinliig ... sills �� ''*���
ll eeeaitao ohalnai thenee north ������
them-e weal 80 ehalna to Iho place "I i"��ili����|
nient, contulnIng mil acre., niore nr
Dated ihu ansl day nf Auk nil. 1* , .
w. ii. HAni-nnhAjBtt-i
.NotUse I, herehy given tlust "" 'Issy..!'"^1!
Isslissid to apply lo Hit- Hon. Chief i'sisii)nipK��|
of Unsl, ami Work, for periist-i'.n I'sPi^f
the following daaorfbed landa, niiiiilr* lijl
Kootenay d-ilrlot: Comiiieiielng ..t ��� l-" i1 ,1
esl "IlllWrl, K eoriier." planlcl on ��)'���'"���!���
l-ssver Arrisu- lake, ahoul one ssslls- ">"JJ|
l,lor,lon ereek (Jnlin.toll creek,) lli.sise����"JI
ohalna, tlience we.t ao oEalni. theoreKRtil
chaliiM, Ihence eawt 20 chain, I" p.s!iilof��a.
nieiii-ein.-iit, coiitnliilng Ifsil airs-, siine-on*
ami coiii|.rlalng al.allsloneil pre.-ml �����**
Slnke.l Ihi,'.Iih dayol Augns.1. It*.      _, |
II. II. WssS.viiio^. |
A. Ki Wol-viHK'N, Altft. j
Nol Ice l, herehv given that am l\ ins-ls"i'"��"
Iliililislloapphidilinlloli ChiefI' "��","!
ol i.niisi, and tt'nrka for permlnloii)" rm'*}\
Uio f,.ll,ii.liigslei,cril,i-,l lanil��,Miirliii��il;Bi
lllaiile.l on  lln- Norlh Ws-sst conis-rul I" '"J
tis.is.e running Mrentj ohapii h b, _%
Iwiiil, ,Iniiii, Weat, Iheliec l.srls . I'ssisi-��'*
th.-isce tsvs-ii Iv chain, Ka,t, lliesi'-e s,""lv rl""
Hssnlli in polnl ,,r cdiniiiellci rH....,��� I is'isi*"*;
lllg NOacrss, more or leaa.
W.l   IsilK.Al*!
Dlilcil the 1,1 day of Oclnlwr, 1IW.
Notice I, her.by glveu Unit 80 slss
;.:. >l
Intend loapply lo lhe Honorable II"'l'1"1'1, _l
inlaalonornf Unsl, and Wssrka. Is'i l�� sinl��� ""JI
pnrahaM lho following do.ori-.-,i lami>. '*���
III till'dlalrlct of   West Ko im ��� " ' " :l11" ���.|
no on the wan arm of Komciinv int."""'"il
���'lug at llie Initial  po,l placed ssl n  '",'-l
��.rucr of l.���l 7.��i,il!enia.l|i���rlliaicb..sis-.   �� JI
mnl ai ohalni. ihcnce >ouib aie "'""I
eiiNi Lllcbiiln, in iiiiliitolciiinliiem'si"*''.'',.. I
_ Haled Aug. 1Mb, 1U��. .!��<"* H:,nl-|
Notice I. berth, given tbal l�� d��r�� ""<" I'-'jl
llllensl l.i apply lo Ihu Honor.I.I. ""' ;i|
c.-ininlwlonorof Landa and Work, ''"I",'".,!
.ion lo purehaae Iho following sl r ! '������,���
111 lho Well Kool.iinydKlrli":    H.-iri.inl.W ��� !1
*-lt_y <L	
pom marked '���KU.anor Hlricb'a B �� '',""'_|
sili.l planlt.l sm Ihu weit ihore nl l lie """.Ml
f hatoban (Can ) lake, nbniit ..n.- ui-i ""^'el
mile, nouth of Arrow Ink.-Sssssl. Ibs-l"';' "",r",uP
chalnn Ihonoo css��l III rhalni mors' "''".'""d
"lion-ssl Hie Nnrrosvi; Ihenco dillonis'B "'.!��.\
than In n general wiullierly nml ws-l.-rly ,    I
H.sss hll clinliii more or lissin Us pisllll "I'���','��"""
uieiii, contain ing too aorei moro or le"".,.,^-,
Hilled t)0t, Sth" ll����. Kl.K.N'l; II'*	
P, L   Hamuo.nii. .\,:'"'    J
Nssth'e |, hcrcliygln.il tliiitiillilv'lay-is"
I Ild W apply to lbe Hull Chlof(-o' ' "J.
or of !.,,���,i-iiii,i Wssrka fssrpcrinl-i."1,"1 Ij
cbiiae lhe following deiorl-0- lamia "' "" ",j
h"iil..sinj. itliMeti   Beginning ul a !>,"���' I"". ,|,|
"W.Sooombo'lB. K corner," aiol phinie.li'     I
pill ilium of  Whnlabiin (I'liiHssso) I''1-'1 ���"��� I
wo ,���ii���,  norlh of Ihe niirrow, of "I'"';  ,>
'����",'   Ihenco   north   all chlillsll  111   ".'.,.,
ohaini, in.sre or leaa, in ibe lakoohorc ws
following lhe iiiiii ihore In a general '""!'", ,;,
and uaiterly sllrecllon l-.li ehaliiN, more oi ie '^
""'    pssllll   Of   CsillllllOlll'OlllOIll:    CIIIHISI"""'
as-rs-R, inure of leaa.
Datod till. 811, ,|���y ol Oct., 1006. _  ���_...���_,
F. tl, lUXIIOTO, Agl-nl
*���**>��� "rt��� -T'l! f_"CIf. __T*3 per iai Bank of Canada
H-.arl   rilTlr...     T a-
Head Giftce:   Toronto.
AUTHORIZED,.. .18,000,000.
. B, WILKIK, Presiiloiit.
HOl-.BOBBBT JA_ _ BAY, Viue-ProHiilont
Branches in British Columbia.
|, !,n,r,tdiw'hnfr ynHrir"9' a"0Wed " Ca""M ^ !"'m *�� <*W* -
,,..,,. imAM-H J.   M.   i_AV,  Manage.
'he ^oyal Wank of Canada
.--_,_ }39771803
Reserve Fund $4,092,043
 The Daily Canadian
^^^^^^   A88ET8
hal Paid Up $3,629,130
��� si.sis ot Hnni mm Individual! op-med on the mosl toyorabto lerran
Thirteen branches In  British Columbia
S|ii.(siiu attention to mn of town bi_ine_i
KENNY,  I'i,.., Halifax.       B. ...  .HASH, (lu al ���.i������1K(���, M���,,tr,,.l
_ Burns <__ Co.
M.trk'-ts in   KohhIhihI,   Trnil,
Denvor nnd Slo.nn City
Nt-tann,  Kftulo,   Siiiultiii, Three Forks, New
ii io iiny branch win imve
[111  I ftlteiiiton.
m bereby fieen Mint-miy dan alter
I.n. to -i|>|>ly to llie KonorHbb- lbe
���imlMiloner of Lendi end Worn- hir
n t.i purcheee the foUowtncueorlbed
be Weil Kootenay -U*-iri**t: B-tglnn.iif
si.fkttl - Jmtji--ft < i Kntiier'it N.K. corner.''
i.*ii mi ibr eaal ihore of wiiHUiiaD
like, ii bout one-hall   mile   nortb of
n-.-fc; thenoe iouth wenaloe, more or
i* nortb boundary of w. iseoombe'i an-
toi-ir baie: tbenceweftalons tbexHiti
<0i tiHiliN, more or lend, lo tbe hbore of
tii.mt' iui uwiiik tht- HHiti ihore in a
i-rliierly Hinl e��Nterl]r -llrrt-tloii W
��� ���f nr leM, to point tif commencement,
K Ift) hit*.**, more or lens.
'''������<��� JAUKMf, t l:��-KH,
F   I.. IlAMMllMi. Al(4-Ill.
hereby kIvcii tlifitf-n den nfier date I
ilHkeeiiplleatlOU lo tin- .(..nor*. Me ii,,-
minloner ol Landi and Work* for per-
��   I'linb-AM*   lbe   following   ilewrllwd
'intnenelngatapoel plaou edjolnini
hm corner poet ol I-con Wataon'i An-
I'nrchue, riinnlnK' no cIikiii* nortb;
iiainaweiti thenoo no . imiri*. smith:
* lou ub earn, ta j...un of  comincnie
wiitiiK-'-Wficreii moreor lenti.
t ober 15,1000,
- HK-tlt, KlfSKUT, W. KolUNHON,
���������by Riven tbat iio.iavB after <laie I
���<��������� npi-IJeutmii lotbe Iloimmble the
-I'Oicrnl Landl end Works for ikt-
1'iirebufl tbe following ileacrlV.l
inenolng at �� poM plneeil about one
"lirttNlmu  creek  Hmi  about  three
i   i vthataban lake, running 80ohalni
net Mi.-iuitnK went; thenoe 80 cnuoi
������   ni --bains eatt, lo poini ol com-
l, ''hiHiiiiiiii fiiii airch more or lew.
toberlS, iwm.
,     . , I'KTKIt  Ml NAKiHTO...
������   bl" agent, Khnk>t \V. Kohinkmn
- li.T.il,)' given tiiat Mtxtv tla>H after
Inieml to hoply |o ihe Hon. the Thief
""rof Landiand   Works  for  p-'niii*-
Head Office; Nelson, B. C.
Notice li hereby given that fiO dayi niter-late I
intend toapply to the Honorable tbe (.'hlel Coin-
mlMlonef of I_iii.Ij> ami WnrkH for permIknInn lo
purchaie ilu* following djuorlbed lamU m tbe
wt'-i Kootenay dlitrtot! Heglnning at n pot]
market) "Alexander trancr'n N. W. i-orner," ami
iilAiititl oh tbe eatit ihon of Hie narrows of
WhiitMliHii fi'arlltoo) lake, at the S. K. Corner of
H.-rnbanl   ilimcb'N   appl leu Hon    to   piirehiife;
tbenee - �����*( -mi ohalni; thenoe fonthw ohelni;
ilieni'e wt-nt .ot haliiH, mon> or [eel, to the alum*
of thenettowii tbence foibiwing thoMtd ihore
In a im. iii- riv direction hi chain*, moreor leaa
tothe point til commt-uceinetit, containing HO
aeren, more or lew.
ih t i.itb, liuti. Alekanhkr Krahkr.
by V. I.. Ham Mown. Agent.
''it Ko
* Ibu
rollowlng deeerlbed land
dlitrlot:   licginiiiiig at a
"teiiL, - 	
marked "!���; R KeHI N. K. ni'fm-_.fl ind
��i on Uo- -.hurt- of WhHtuhan (Cariboo) lake,
��� ���ii.nh-rt.-M corner of nntd take; thenoe So
��west, thenee lu chHiiot iouth; thenoe ��
- ��nHi: theme in ohalni MUthl thenoe eu*
��ui, more or leu*- to ihu ibore of tlie ahIiI
-����nee northerly alone ihe Raid lake ihore
un-. uitircr leBH. it) (b_  polul of eomhieii-
V,V>..,V,t.'"���*?' Ml acres, more or leaa.
I. I.. Hammond, Agent.
i'-** in lifiii.y Kiven that to dara after date
i-i toapply t.i the HonorAble lho Chief
""""jar of UjhIh ami Works for pcrmis
"lmr in-.,- the toitowt-Ufdeiorlbodlandi!
" ��� iiiuiu np.,,1 (.lanto-i on lhe northeait
���_���"    ii'It*r' -Mi-Ntiughtoii'N   application   to
uniting mi lialnl went nlong the
��� y oi lanet thenoe w onalm
imiin* caht; thenoe ��" obatni
���i bouuderyof John KUiott'i
baae, io poini olepinntunoo
to neres, thore or lew.
''��� I io mm- Smith,
"I. KltNKUT W. KneiNNON.
Notice It hereby given lhat 60 dayn -liter ilale 1
inieml toapply to the Hon. Chlel Com in lau loner
rn ).mi.i" ihhi Work*- for iKTinirvsion to nurobrue
the rollowlng dMOrtbed lamia aituatei. In the
Wist Kootenay Hlatrirt: llegiiinliig at a post
iimrkcil, "Antoinette Ilinh'H N. K. corner," and
j.htiii.-'t   ou   the  UOre of   Whalabail I'mil	
tiiki'nt the Nouthcaat corner or the m.i-I hike;
thence Houlli 10 ehaim.; tlience ��i-i 40 ohalni,
moreor [m, to the Ibore ol Whaicban creek:
tbenoe foibiwing the ihore line tif ��ai<i creek am)
lake i-j a general northerly ami caKterly direction wi cbaiiiK, more or lean, lo point of com.
meneement; i-ontaiiilug 100 acrea, more or l���v
Oct. 18th* 1800.
hy F. 1.. Hammonp, Agent.
Hlxty dayi after dale
atioti lti the	
. ...... -m���� I I'liipn-   making appll-
��.��*����� ic Hon. (-blef c.oiumlgaloner of Lamln
and Worka for permlaaion ui pnrehaae tbe following ileacrlbetl land: Ctimmenctng nt a poat
pltOOd at the north eait corner of B. U Rkiiuier'a
application to puroheee, marked **JI.D,i N.W
corner poat," tbence loiiowing the cnat bound-
ary oi aumeKO cliaina aoutb; tnence running -0
rbafiiMt-aat; tbciiro SU chalna north; thence HO
Ohaini weat to i������ ��� 111 r o| commencement, contain*
ing "-in aorei more or Iphi.
Dtitc! the luth day of October, 1906.
II. Dodd,
Per tt. shikll, Agent.
���rilxy darn afler ilale I juirpose making application to llie Hull. Cblel Coinmii-Miouer 01 Lamls
and Work-i for j��� >��� imission to pureliase the following tlesi*ril>eil laud: Com mencing hi a posl
placet! on the cam boundary of lot No. wu ami
about two chain* eaat of Whatshtin envk, marked "M. H'a. B, Vt. comer," running thence 40
chalna cast; thenoeiO cliaina north; thence 10
ehalna weat: thence -to ehalna Miuth, to point of
commencement, containing ii-o aerea more or
Dated the lOth day of October, 1906.
M. Sn m.i,
Per R. Bhiki.i., Agent
by in
o Ik hi
i Vi
ss-ii tliHUMIslHyssHfls-r .liils-
...s'llsiu  s  l,i..| I ,,||.t,tl-l,,|l,-|
,.i..'  ','"..'"r I'lsnislissslssii In isiiri'lulsi-
ssliK.li��s-ril,.,| Imul, |��� \v���| ���������i;.�����j
ii,,  '."'""'"l,' '" ii l��.��l iiiHrlnsil,'.|l..|ii.
���.M,    ''""'"���"'"" '""I-"' ��" 'I"'
��� " "' "is iinrmirs. ��f Wllstihr.il (Cariboo)
'           " ,"li  ��l  s-1,,,1,,,;   U���.||,.,.   i���.��|   |o
,,'""''"��� I"1;, I" Mi.' .Ii.srs- ssf H'Iissi.Iihii
'-ii'.-i.IIisi,!,,,, MH|,| ���|llir,. ,���  ��� -,,,,,.r,i
1 "":' ssi.|,.r|y sllri-islliiu |-.1l,.|���ili ���.
���      I1 Hit is   s'simiiit.iui.mi.lll;  .-.,], I.. I ti i it,;
is-, sis,,r,-or li-isii.
1 I'l" Mil liny of Oct. insi'..
Ul s:\li A Its. lliis-, il.
K. I,. llAMtllsMl, A^-i-iU
'"'���'���I'l-ri'liynlvon lli��UlxlyslBy��llfl|.riliilr
i i. .".''' >;'",">"���'on.llliletlimniiilmloner
���ll,;.. .   ""ik" '���������-pfl-n.I--.NI..H Is n-liKisss
,     '"��, -Mcrllio-   Intnl. iu iii,. Weal
' ,���,' '"',��_"���.KonliiiiliiK nliilsosil ssinrks-il
��� is iis-ii ssh. \v. i.���riu-i-,-���i,,i plantodAbOUl
"'Hill.  D-tUo!   Usi' Hlinn- of Wlssslislinii
'���'I In-o nii.l  ,ii���,in 'i m||M ,|���r||, ���, ,|���,
'l llsss niilii lake, iiiiii ill llio S. K. cornor
��.s -W? "I'i'lli'silloii  io rrnn-hMc;
,,.'""', S f (WI  II o norlh HO.-Imlii.l
i , WmI      ,'1"11"" ���" ""' norlliBMl tiirnor s.1
1 lis ,,',"" ���"WtMtioll lis ,>., r.-l.i.H.-; llionco
��     sin, i��� pointotoomfninoem-nt s-
n.l Hilt Sll-rs-H. mon- nr I,...
'  I'"'- J.Mi_*i_o,
I*'. LJIammono. Agfiit.
- ��� ,e after dale 1
.  ,  ������Iimi. Chief CoinmiHsloiier
..n..."V    " orka for peruiiaslon lo purclm.tc
"''owing dnorlbod lamia aitualed  lu tbe
bmrk-.J   ''Vv'.'n*.'  ,,lt,trb,l:    Be  inning  at a poal
poirk,,    'Wlllhim   Kell'a   N.  W.  eorner,"  ami
���  ion   one mile south of the north eml
_r tV     (  '""""���"Ha'te.nboullweiilyehHtiiK
La.?-��WMtVoro<>*  Held lako and on the
I. n i,l���ry ,,f i. k. Kell_ anpllcailon to
I11" , ihence Bptltb to ehitlua; theme enat'-"
.more  or   Ii-kk,   to   Ibe Kabl Ipkc abore;
'"Y'K'rlyHbiiig the snbl abore ��u ebnlna,
It   k'niii-    ' !" t,lt' ���Md aouth   boundary  of
i.*h..i, u' ""IM'iicailon to purebaae; them-west
��� mT !""!' "r l���',", ���" 'ho point of ((.niineme-
UaUid (in. iin8 m M**t, more or leas.
B��d0ct.U,r*i6. Wii.i.iaii Kkm.,
By F. L. ilAHMOMi, Agent.
I�� herehy given that (Vu dan
l""-l'l'Iy to tho r
Sixty daya after dale I purpoae making application to the Hon. Chief ('Ommlaatoner of Lamta
ami Worka for permlulon to purchase the following dcicril-ctl laud: (.'oinmcm-lug h( a poat
placed at the northwest corner of Ii Dod-'i ap-
plP'Htion to purebnic, marked "K W. Ire8, W.
comer Met, running thence 80 ehalna norlh;
thonoenohaini eaat; theuce so chafm eouthi
thenre *-*" ehalna weat to point ol commencement, containing MO aerea, more or lesa
Dated tlila Kith dav of October I'M'..
  jmr II. hhiki.i., Agent.
Billy dayN alter tlate I purpoto tnektui application ttt iio* il.ui i hief i ommtMfonerof i.Hmia
ami Works for pormlnlOU lo purchase tin- following deKcrlliitl laiiil: Coiiiuifn.-iug al a poat
placed al Ibcsoulhweal eornerof It. W, Hanning-
Ion's npplii-aliou to punhaac, marked"!,. M. 8.
ll'sH.K  r |'ii-t " i-uiiimiik   Ihcni'cHOchains
weal;   thenee W�� clmina smith;   tbt-uce 80 chalua
������usi, thenoo a�� ehalni uonii in point of com-
 menient, containing 540 aereK,   or leaa.
Dated the tnih day ofOotohor, WM,
iht K. Hini'i i , Ageul.
Hlxty daya after ditto I potpoee making uppli-
ran.oi to the Hon. Ohlill I-oiuiiilaalonor of I^imla
end Worki for permlulon to purehi��� ***** **���*
lowing dfacrllicd laud:   Cnmuieiii.iui
pluceilal the soulbweat corn.. ... 	
pliOlitlon 10 purohMe, marked "K. K'a S. K
ner," running llienee HO ehalna nortii; Ihen., ...
ohaini*ffOsti lbence ��o ebalna aouth; tbonet] -Hi
cb.iliiN eaat lo point of eoniinenoeiiient, coulaln-
in- 8_0 aorei more or leaa
ihii.'il lbe 10th day of October, LB00,
�� K. PAt'yt'IKR,
per R. Bhiki.i..
I tbefol-
.     ing at a pott
of M.Hhhdr*. ap-
Noticc is bereby given IhatfiOdava after date I
inteml to makeappMnillou to the flomirahle lhe
chlel Commlwioner of Landl and Worka for per-
���mission to purchnse lbe following dcacrihed
lamls: Commencing at a post on the north
hoiitiilarv of LotHC-lnnd abrul'2 ebalna cnat of
WbHlahimcieek, running lo cbaina eaal: Ihcnce
4l)chtilus uorih; tliencewohalni west: ihence Hi
ohelni iouth- to point of commencement, containing li'" acrea more or leaa.
bated Ootober It; IWO,
Lfon WATanN,
Hy bis agent, Krnkst W  Koiiinhon
Hlxty days after dale I purpoac making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamia
ami Worki lor permlulon to purchase the ini
lowing tleacillieil laml: Commencing Ht h poal
plneeil uiioiit HM ynr.ls west nl the Wbut),|iiiii
lake trail and aboul two milea aoulb of What
Khan lake, markeii "B. C. K'h N K. comer post,"
running thence K0 chaini' aouth; tbeuce sit
chalna west; Ihence no chains north; lbence 80
cbaina eaal, lo point o( commencement; containing uiu ncrt's, more or lesa
Dated tho lOlh day ol October, 1MB.
n      ��  o, HKINNIH,
Per R. Bhikll, Agent.
Bank Manager Speaks on Cheap Labor
and Kindred Oueetlona.
At a luncheon of the Canadian
club, Vancouver, Tuesday, Mr. Uyron
10. Walker, genera] manager of the Canadian Hank of Commerce, among stirring eulogies of British Columbia,
���poke on thfl (ltieBtioi) of cheap labor
us IoIIowb:
"In ibe matters that peQUire the Initial efforts of man llrlllsh Columbia
Standi paramount, Cheap labor wa�� an
absolute oeoesslty.    Hrtti-Hh Oolumbta
today wa�� a most expensive country to
IlVfl In and lbe cosl of labor was the
basic fan on which that conclusion
rested.    n�� thought  that the use of
cheap labor for canning, road making,
frull raising was only making Mulish
Columbia a better home for the high-
priced labor of the future, lie under-
Stood lhat thousands of dollars' worth
of milt had gone to absolute loss this
year because labor could not ho obtained io handle It. Then again thiB
section looked for trade to the Far
Bast Would lhe Orientals forever go
on accepting the insults lhat were be-
fng offered them? Sometime they
would revolt, and then to say "slay out"
would be the same as for England to
say today that n Frenchman should
not cross thc Straits of Ilover. He
called special attention to the fact
that Itritish Columbia's labor troubles
were being discussed outside of the
province. Much more than people here
wotted of. Capitalists were paying attention to the effect.
Mritish Columbia was in the Infancy
of her development and her infancy
came at a* happy stage in the electrical
era. She had au opportunity to start
on .a better way of exploiting Ibe
tilings of which she hnd a practical
monopoly and the department of the
Interior might well pay more attention to (his section of the Dominion,
fie called attention tu the wisdom of
paying attention to the tendency of
people who had grown rich fn the
wheat bell io seek a more congenial
clime. Toronto had grown groat
through making herself a pleasant
home place for those who had made
th'fllr money elsewhere. He could not
imagine any province in Canada that
had nny more right to feel Justly
proud II,an Itritish Columbia. He hoped
thai as the people Wenl on to create
the greater Hrftlsh Columbia, they
would create fn the minds of every
British Columbian born child a pride
In his national province, and In this
connection he emphasized the need of
a provincial archivist, such as Ihey
had fn Ontario."
at the Hume, and who has today started the listing and met with "great success, when Been by a representative
of The Canadian, stated that the company had broken all previous records
In the new Lyric theatre at Calgary,
aud had broken seven records between
that place and Port Arthur. This ln
Itself speaks volumes for the company
and Nelson theatre goers can look forward with pleasure to the opening of
Mr. Amsden's company in Nelaon. Tho
seat sale opens at Rutherford's on Friday morning at 10 o'clock. In the
meantime persons deHlring to secure
scat blocks should not fall to communicate with Mr. Hunt.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Foel
Sl Poultry Co., Ltd.
Silver King Hotd
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kooteuays.
Roomi *re well (urnlnhed.   Tabic M Rood u an?
in Nelaon.    Bar ���upplied with good
Ua uon ana cUtara.
W. E. McOANOLISH, Proprietor.
Tf emont House
European and Amerloau Plan
Heali tt ota.  Roomi from 38 oU. to 11
Only White Help Implored.
Deliveries made daily throughout' Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
Baker Ht.. Neltoo Pmprtetun
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a*Day House is Nelson.
The Bar la the finmt.
White Belp Only Implored-
ioeepbine SL
Nelaon. B. 41.
Experiences of a  Prominent  M.  P.
Buying Clothes.
T. P. O'Connor, M. P., who is very
fiuni of experiments and chuncos or nil
kinds, entered a small London draper's
shop lu Chelsea- aud urderod himself a
suit of tweed. The resuli was a suit
with a delicate feminine touch everywhere perceptible ��� particularly in a
low-necked cout. The only person
benefited by the transaction was the
draper. Aud his wife, who tells tho
tale, also points the moral, "Misfits
and cheap materials are always uneconomical."
With excellent materials, chosen with
taste, the Semi-ready tailoring has
captured lhe fancy of men who a few
years ago, would have scoffed at tho
idea of wearing a suit of clothes made
n-.- way one formerly had  shoes cus-
Certificate of Improvements
"JEHipMc No. 2," "V'evey," "Happy Medium,"
"International'' nnd "Ala Krai* tional" miu
ithI i-l'thi-M, Kltiialud fn tlie Slot -n ('ity Mining
Division of \Vi*st Kootenay dlitrlet.
Where locatedj���North of twelve Mile creek,
lllmlll   IWO  11! ill"-   II P-
Tftko notloe tluil I, H. K. Jorand, of HloeAn. B.
<;., Free Miner-*-, t crUHcftle N<>. 678800. aHnKt'iit
Ior L. A. Cole, Kree Mliier'd ('eriiflcale No. b_6.'U,
intend,Sixty dayN from the date hereof, toapp-y
tothe MiiiuiK Recorder lor a CerUflcateof Improvements, for tlm puri'ii-eofiitiiainini; al'rown
(���rani of said mineral claims.
And further lake nollee that action, un 'et
Section W| musl l>e commenced before the i-.-n-
hji't of Ktich I'ertllicate of Improvements.
Dated ihi.-. juii day of Septenilier, imt.
H. R. Joiukp.
The Big Schooner p_>_.��, f A-
o-������__-... H-ir  DCCI   tvt.
The only Glass of Oood Boer iu Nelson.
lllll.'l iiiv'.iiiijsml.stimiss ssss..nil |ii noOfl III Brlt-
l.li Coltuffbti. Il-ts-ss fl.lllip*ri!���y. Sjksi-IiiI rate.
Iss sssissiililv -tsarsli-m. Only Inline hotel In N-l.on
Lake View Hotel
.'..iTH'r Hull and Vermin,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates Ji .00 per day and up,
P. O. Box 161.
Telephone 118.
tom-made. One can buy five widths
in shoes and 175 styles���all fitting better Ihan custom-made shoes, and the
Seini-ready tailoring idea fs divided
Into physique types, sub-divided into
forms, and again  Into sizes.
J. A. CJilker, the pioneer merchant
of Nelson, has secured the agency for
the incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Claude  Amsden's Company  Will   Play
Three Nights in Nelson.
Thc next attraction at Sherman's
opera house and one that promises to
be the mosl popular. Is Claude Amsden's Musical Comedy company, who
are booked for three nights, commencing next Monday, October 22. Mr.
('hiude Anisden needs un Introduction
to Nelson niidiences, neither does Miss
Hazel luivi'iipuri. after having made
Hiieh a decided hit lu "KI ( .iplluti,"
when produced here by the Etoaolaua.
Mr. K. I*. Hunt, who is Mr. Amsilen's
advance   representative,   Is   registered
Notice In hereby ��l. en that, thirty days after
date, I Inlcnd to apply to the Honorable the
Chief ComiiiiHsioner of Landsand Work." for a
���pedal license toeut and carry away timber frnm
ill** f.illn.iinir desoribed Un .*���. -inmie in the
West Koolenay dlatrloti
Commencing ��i s post marked Kred Atkinson's
northwest eurner post, planted about one mile
vtod of Upper Arrow Uke hml joining I-ot ;i_8;
th-'iice east Htl Qhsins, thence Nouth Sl cbaina,
thence west 80 chain*, Ihence nortb HO ehains lo
poini of commencement.
Dated this ir li day of October, 1906,
Krid. Atkinhon,
 ciiah Ehi..
Take notice thai:��) days alter date we lutend
inakiiift application to the Honorable the Chief
t'tiinuiin-i-'iier of I-andu and Works for a special
license to cut and curry away Umber from the
following dencrit-ed lands; .Commencing al a
posl near tbe southeast eorner of thu K .<��� ...
llHi'way, Lot #k). near Little (ilaeier creek,
running theuee north 160 chains; theuce east
.'ichaius; thence south lfiodrains; Ihciict* west
40 chains to point of commencement
Dated, September luth, im
Wattkiutrh Lumhkr 0* mpanv,
Daniki. Ti'omky, Agent.
Noiiee is hcr.t.y jriven Unit*) duys alter date I
intend to Spplt to the Hon. the Chief Tommls
slouer of Lands tind Works for a special liceucu
toeut and carry a*ay tlmher from tho following
deserlhed lands, situate fn West Kontenay dlitrlet: Commencing ata post on Robinson creek,
three-quarters ot a mile northwest of Lareher's
Sre-cmptlon, thence weft 80chains- thenee uotth
> chain", thence easl ft) chains, (hence south so
chains to p> Into/ eommeneement,
Located July i!,-.h, l'.*0fi.
OWL llKKUltRHON. J.nOltor.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centnllr Locatnl. Open D-r -nd Nlghl.
-.ni|sle insi Balls Room. -rue.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corwr Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Net-on, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
tinder and by virtue of the powers of sate contained In a eerlaln mortgage which will be produced al tbe time of sale, there will be offered
Inr-nh* hv public auction on Saturday lbe 30th
day of Ootober, hth, at the hour of 12 o'clock
noon, nt the Hotel Hume, corner of Ward and
Vernon streets, Nelson, H. (!., by Messrs.< .uirlea
A. Wiilermnu ,_ Co., llie .olluwiuc properly, vix:
Lot* numbers llfteen (16) and sixteen (!'.). both
In block number leu (I'i), Ix'iug part of the sub*
division of l-*��l number nlncly six, Uroup one,
in (he disiriei of l.ootcuay, Hrftisli Columbia,
and known us Hn* Hume addition to Kelson,
B. 0 . according (o a map or phin deposited In
thc Land lieglsirv oltlcc and numbered '-M4 R.
I'pon thestibi Imul is creeled a large nud com-
moillonNii welling bouse In (Irsl cl��ss order, with
city waler. 'I'hi.t property is not far from the
business portion of (he city.
Terms and conditions made known at the lime
ut sn eor In lbe meantime upon application to
KDWAttD A GaitA^B,
Mortgagee's BoUeltor.
Dated al Nelson tile 17th day of Sept. pn��.
Queen's Hotel
Ba-er Btreet, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot Air
u.i-s. anil Comfortable Bedrooma and Plnit-
pl.ss. i-!*ilug Room-  Sample Room, for Cummer-
-l.Li Milt.
MRS. K. C. CLABKX. ProprletreM
The well known
Onp-BeerOarden is
the Finest in the
-  Kootenays.
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates |I and fl.fiO a Day.
Special Rates to KiKulsir Bcardet..
W'linletale and Itetatl Dealer* ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplii'il un shortest notice anil
lowest price. N'mhiiu. lint fresh ntnl
wholesnme nn-iits nnd snpplns kept in stock
Mail orders receive carefnl atteution.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manage-..
W.   a.   aiLUETT
Contractor antl
Hole agent for the Porto Klc-n Lumber Co.. Ltd.,
rctiiil yards. Hough ami d re-sad lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, sash
and doors. Ccmenl, brick and lime lor sale,
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall,
P, 0. Box 232. Telephone 17H.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Oonl ami Wood.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
l?o.pS_ri" Office: Baker St.
Residence for Sale....
Price $1,000
Terms $160 cash
balance monthly payments.
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. & M. BIRD.
I'lr-. and Aeeldant
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, IM.
Oldest estahlislicd Keal Estate ltf��f____.     W    **""*
Business in Kootenpy. J/NSISOn,   D.    _<���
I Hare f0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy uow and get thc ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and! Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Bttdweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
-Sol* Au-��ntH In Brltlah
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of Pin*
BriBllati  -floods
Jno. T. Pierre
Baiter St.
Nelaon, B. C.
October 18th
Fare and
For Round Trip
Tickets on Sale Oct. 16-17.18.
Good hi r-tiiriTuutil Out. With.
For time tables, rates, berth reservations tor boats, stamlaril or tourist
sleeiKsiH. apply to local agents or write.
A.U.P.t..V-ncouvor. D.P.A., Nelion
Thirty second Annual CoiiynUon
American Bankers'
St. Louis. Mo. Oct. 1.19, 1906
Kininil ir||. r.tcss 10Rl. Louis.
Rlisl lllsis'Rgo on Rait' "is'lolsvr
12th lo 1:1th.
Rl. Louis
��� Snl.oo
-Mum; trftti.it limit ten duvn
ttoni -im,- 0( gttle. final return
limit NovemtwrSOth, 1906.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
ht offer. Dfltobu *-_>tht iw.-fi, on
anl.   (Inlty, llmlt-tl t" ." iikuuIih
I10111 dn11* of KHlr.
us AtiKt'li"- hii.I Sunlit Hurlium    fS5,t>0
l'UHBtltftlll  S6.10
8ftnt�� Mon len  86.30
Iliven*Mi! nml hhii llnrtmriifiio te.to
Rl'll UtlrtN  ft.70
For furl her Information Apply to
City f'nuvngvr Agent.
A (I. I". A., Brattle.
_[_���_.-_,     *-** The Daily Canadian
Wo have  tbe  ln'st   mnl  guarantee it to give satisfaction, Thc styles
curry are the newest on the market.   How are these Tor prices:
Vegetable  Dishes  59.00
Pudding   Dishes    $0.00,   $7.50,   $10.00
Bread Trays  ...$4, $5.50, $6.75
Butter   Dishes    $1.65,  $2, $3.i
Book Ahead Fori
Preserving Pears?
��� :
iv  Hcuree.    We ���
Tho rifdit  kind an
have a nice lot oi   local  BartlottS ***
aud Flemish Beauties to arrive 5
Lowest marketprioes guaranteed, T
Bell Trading!
Company        ���
Coal and
Telephone 265
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builders will Iimi il to I heir advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
J lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box -   30c
Till IO k Ik   iil'c   lis   fllic us   lilt' moro OXDQDt-TO
Iciudi, Diciuily difference ii tho package.
Phone -���'). Baker St.
Next P. Burns Ss Co.
Cor* Vsrnon and Wnrd  Streets,
NBL-SON,  13. C.
.1   FKKD HUME, Proprietor.
J. J. McKay, J. A. Taylor, Mr. and
Mra. A. E. McNaughton, E-oenlgsberg;
M C. ThomBon, Vancouver; F. \V. Bullock, Mum real; Miss L. Logan, Am-
heist; D. l.urmer. C. .1. Davis, Montreal; A. T. Moran, Winnipeg; W, J.
Robson, Toronto.
ll. A, Osgoode, Washington;  G. G.
Ness, Penile; D. c. McGregor, u. D.
Turner, C. E. O-irtwrlght, R. A. Bain-
bridge, Vancouver.
.1. I;. Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; T, D. Woodcock. Slocan; H. E. Birtcii. Stanley; E.
O. Windsor, E. Zuu, Vancouver; G.
Thompson, Cranbrook; Mrs. Angrlg-
nmi. ,\. Wi'therliiuis. New Denver; K,
p. Moore. Greenwood.
.1.   M.  Brown,  Granite;   T.  Burbunk,
New Denier; R. R. Mclntyre, Calgary.
R.  Joyce,  W;   K. Belhiira,  Ymir;   R,
Tunis'. ItosKland.
D,  D. Green,  \V. ('.  Harvey, W. G.
Mclndoo,  Pretoria;  .1.  Murray, F. Da-
viilsini, W, Murray, Winnipeg;  H. D.
Lee, J. M. Farrell, Slocan;  H. Haiva-
sou,   Sirdur;   E.   Mile.  Greenwood;   H.
Forsyth, Bamberley;  .1.  Tilman. .1.  li.
Clay, Erie; A. Bennington, Spokane.
It. Gray, F. Forbes, Miuysville; .1. K.
Moulton, Salmo.
M. McLeod, Granite; .1. EUnger, Revelstoke; M. Kodama, Vancouver.
J. D.  Fruser, Bonnington;   C.  Mcintosh. W. May, Arrowhead;   W. Laurie,
Cnsieit;  N. C. Myers,    Winnipeg;    H.
Williams, Thirteen Mile Point.
.1. ilisniill. Sandon; A. Shumplon, S.
Kosovon, J. Shupenier, Boundary Fulls;
,W. Q. l'ssllssck, Pincher Creek; T. H.
Vslier. Sirdur; C. Meek, Westley; ,1,
N. Howarth, Slocan; E. I.. King. Qerrard.
Sherman'sjpera House
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
October 22nd, 23rd and 24th
Canada's Favorite Comedian, and
Nellton'B   Flivisrii,.   Soprano.
MONDAY���"The   Governor's   Wife.
Prides 50c, 76, ll.tiu.
Seats uu Sale m Rutherford's Friday
FRIDAY, October 26
and Saturday Matinee, Oct. 27th.
Westminster Abbey Choir
Seats BOo, Tr,c. Jl.00,
For Every thiiif-- Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Ggars, Tobaccos.
_>o You Kuuw Thurmau's Special Mixture?
Miss M. Hird of Spokane is visiting
rtlulivea in Nolson.
Horn, on Thursday, to the wile of
Homer Moore, Carbonate street, a son.
Mr. uml Mrs. John Teague are expect ed tu arrive from the coast this
Lead declined one point in London
today. Other metal quotations art*
stationary and high.
Thanksgiving day was very Quietly
observed I" Nelson yesterday. There
wjis DO docket in the city police OOUlt
tins morning,
The Flannel dance given in the ar-
mouries last nlghl by the Nelson
('Nek-*! chili was successful, socially
and Financially.
The tenders  lor Nelson's new c.otirt-
liniis<* were due in Victoria on Monday,
October 16. Presumably "they have
been opened." No word has yet heen
received as to the awarding of a contract.
Miss Winifred Crowley, who has
been scoring brilliant successes everywhere, will appear in Nelson with the
Itoscians in Agricultural hall on tho
evening of October I'I, in both perfor
malices, "Cavalleria Kustieana" and
The school sports held yesterday
were well up to the standard of former
years. George Gore won the senior
championship after a close contest
with \V. Browne. The High school
boys again won their relay race, but
'be public school girls were victorious
in their event.
Mr. Robert C. Buchanan of Rossland
and Miss Ida II. Hill of Eureka, Nova
Scotia, were married by Rev. R. Newton Powell at the Methodist parsonage
last Wednesday morning. Mrs. Buchanan has recently arrived from her
home in Nova Scotia, and was joined
in this city by Mr. Uuchanan. Mr. and
Mrs. nuchanan are spending a few
days in the city.
The Association football team of the
Cli inch men's club won from a scratch
team yesterday by .'! goals to none.
The scratch team was weakened by
the defection of several of the best
players who had promised to assist.
Their goalkeeper, picked up on the
field, had no experience at all in the
position. The churchmen played a
good game. W. F. Mawdosley refereed
to the genera] satisfaction.
William Irvine, grand chancellor of
Knights of Pythias of British Columbia, received a wire from New Orleans
this morning informing him that Noble
Itinns of Trail, B. C, who is the supreme lodge representative from Hritish Columbia, had been elected to the
office of S. M. at A. This is the first
time Hritish Columbia has had an office fn( the supreme lodge, and it will
be biirhly appreciated by all Knichts
of Pythias in this province.
Mining Records.
Two locations and five certificate.*
of assessment work were recorded in
the Nelson  mining office today.
Harris Ginsberg recorded the Surprise, located October 5, on Wild Horse
.lames Hlckey recorded the Lucky
Hoy. located October 5, on Wild Horse
creek. r,l1f
Certificates of assessment work were
issued to .1. K. Higham, on the Black
���lack. Old Timer, Uncle Sam and the
Black Prince; to W. Moore, agent for
A   Moore, on  the Boston.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
ln order to clear out this line
we nre reducing the price to
40c. We ouly have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu staple and fancy (irooeries.
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
to KKN, "I "i)i*i*, f'ir work in tlie w<ii>f.,s.   Apply
to W.K. Ccok--, mnvinill, KrmI*..
LADY STK Nu-J It A I'M Kit feir pn.lttim In i-nmitry.
Good home with employer'*- fun-fly.    Apply
nox W.. fMMHli-nioflU'*..
BHKHMKN.Mill Htiii(l--Hii')J_)aK|tig(.oiltrgi'turK,
alio hugitiwr   Wnttiburg Lumber Co., nenr
Cmnbr-iok, 11. 0
OOMMCTENT   Nt'KHtt   GIRL,    Five
Apply box lil3.
1 luivc put iu a flue Hue of Silver-
war csfor Xmas trade. This is th .finest line of Triple Plated Silverware to
be had.    Every lsleco is guaranteed.
Make  an   early  selection    Inr    ���
Xmas presents.
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
PMOINI-   7.
Bowling   oSe
Potter & Cummings
We want to clear out every Framed
Picture we have in the place, and we
have put such greatly reduced prices
on lheni as will make lheni go. '
Original  Price Reduced  Price
.75 5 .40
tl.Wi 70 and    .75
1.25 85  and    .90
1.50 1.00
2.00 1.25
4.25   2.110
COO 8.76
C.50 2.110
W. G. Thomson
?t��a��t.-Sher "d Nelson, B. C.
Pliot-ie ��_4.
Westminster Glee and Concert Singers
The advent ol Mr. Edward Brans-
combe's Westminster Glee and Concert
Party from London, who are announced to appear at Sherman's opera house
on Friday evening next, have the distinct fascination of presenting to us a
concert of a nature somewhat out of
the ordinary rut, at the same time possessing the charm of the highest piano
ol artistic excellence.
The sadient features in their programme is the introduction of uniic-
oompaniet- vocalization in the form of
a charming admixture of the old songs,
madrigals, glees aod catches of yore,
with examples of the more melodious
of the modern school of solo ballad.
In short, a popular programme, strictly in the sense of b_lng just what the
people love. It is moreover promised
from artists (men and boys) of high
training and intelligence, who havo
made a life study of the art of part
The party consists of four solo soprano boys, six gentlemen, supported
by the English contralto, Mine. Marie
llooten, and the English tenor. Mr. Edward Uranscombe. A novelty in the
form of a male alto solo is also promised.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
How   ,v in mt   Your
Guns and
We have Kiev's, Ilynoek's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's. Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       Nelson, li. C.
best.    Try a pound with
your next order.
Money refunded if not satisfactory.
Telephone 161,
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anylhing,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Prt-
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���One hour late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast,  Houndarv and  Uusslund  train
���On lime.
Men  Baldom  follow  good  iidvice  unless they pay for it
Talking about it will neither put a
piano into your home nor bring hark
the days���valuable days���your daughter is wasting. Let us tell you how
easy we will make it for you NOW to
give your Family the piano they have
wished Tor su long.
"Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Improved Kootenay
Fruit Ranch for Sale
Money maker frnm    the   start, containing 14 aeres of flrsl elliss frull soil,
level as a floor, every Inch under cnl-
liniiinn;    water running   through the
pn mlses;    1000    fruit    trees    planted,
���������������������������������-      some five years old  and  hearing, hal-
ance three yeurs old and will l.cin- next suiumer; large nuaiilliles of
riisiihei'lios, strawherrles and other small fruits; dwelling hoUBBI
triahle-; root houses; waggons; horses; tools; fullv fenced. We
positively guarantee that there Is not a finer ranch on Kootenav lake.
This place Is situated 18 miles easl of Nelson on the shore of Kiml-
enny hike; Is within one-quarter mile of good steamboat landing, and
cme-qilarter mile from C. P. H. sisiiion. Price $f>,ooo.
TfWm    ti-    _^_"^ FRUIT LANDS.
... HAIR
Numerous Designs and Low Price*
Call and Inspect.
J. J. WALKER, ���TOn?5^���<5��>ii
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
ShisistiinitoJ Work, Ilastiiigs, Builders' Material ami Mining and Mill Mas lim,.rt
Office and Works Foo> of Park St.
I'IIIIM-.-      2<tt.
NcIniiii,    ll, <;_
Kootenay Agents
R. A.Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
WhOIMaM Provisions,
Dominion Governmenl Oreamerv One Pound Brinks received weekly fn-ssli
from the s-liurn.    For sale hy all leading grocers.
Office and warehonae: Houston Block.   Plume 79.
Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
It your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If   not,   NOW
It the time to have It repaired.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.
PLEASE NOTE���Wo will not he responslhle for anv furnace not lnsha|sf
by October 1st, 1906.
l._p..irs.._- ����nil .l.��l.l.i.,fc; ex_i__lt_.l witli Dvsnrtt.h.    SIsll-s Mctl.l  '
\v<��rk, -lii.is.tc iintj miii Machinery.    MiiitultiLturttrsol
Ore Curs.,  U.  IV.   CsM.trnwt.irM*   t-lf.rM.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal      -       65c\
10 Marconi, Canadian     -    $2J5\
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice     -   9 l-2c\
McDermid & McHarctyl
I Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
All Si/.i's iiini LowMl Prices
MANUFACTURERS   �� * CtL*       t
AND DEALERS IN   l^timDef,  -_>_lI_lgleSt
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned -Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly ntt.mifd In
-   -   NI5I-SON. B. C. _
vbunon STRBBT
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we  handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
Because we cannot  procure a  better, taking  into so
count  design, workmanship, cooking qualities and price
We will be pleased to ahow you its good points.
Wood-Vallance Ha*<lwa*e Co'y


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