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The Daily Canadian Jul 9, 1907

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JUL 131307 j)
.UMB  2.     No.   30.
Fiftt Cbnts a Month
irthern Town Described
by Old-Timer
proves Company's Policy of Delay
and Says Next Spring Early
Enough  for  Rush.
I Th .
fhe   following   latter   was   received
morning   hy   a   friend  of  ex-Mayur
num.   who   kindly  forwarded   il.   us
piorlzcd, to Tho  Dully  t'anadlun:
arrived   here   yesterday    l Dominion
)   and have Been enough  to  satisfy
:>f one tiling, that Is. that  Prince Mil
will, in time, he to the north what
jtucnivi-r Is to the south.
rho   harlror   Is   better   than   Vancou
the entrance Is not so dangerous,
Bd  once outside  It   you are  practically
the  Paclllc ocean.    The townslte Is
uch  tho same as that of Vancouver,
il--    the   limhi 1    Is   scrub   cedar   and
ruce.        There   are   enough   u|>s   and
^wus to give good drainage and plenty
land on which  to build.    At prevent
bly   about  Bo   acres   are   cleared,  and
Bile one or two streets are located, no
huve   been   surveyed.      Tilt*   Orand
link Pacific  owns the  land   tor soon
111 own HI; but when any of It Is aub-
ded Into town Lots, one-fourth of the
revert  to  the province,  and   (Ih-hc
its will be sold al public auction, which
an advantage, as It  makes  the  town,
, a measure, Independent of the Grand
Iruuk Paclllc.
[While 1 am here, and have got a place
sleep and eat. and have my priming
jltflt under cover. 1 musi first get per-
����� ion to locate from the ti. T. V. head-
���rterB In Montreal.   So I do not know-
ben I will be able to get out a news
Inckay.  who  was   with   me  on   The
1I.UHO at Its start In 1S92. Is publish
a small paper ai Port  Ksslngton, 30
lies south of here, waiting to get   in,
|d I understand there are three other
riles   also   waiting  at   other   points;
I I am on the ground, and that may
an advantage.
i e Hank of Commerce has a branch
fr<\   and   the   Kelly-Carruthors  &   Co.
I groceries nnd dry goods.    The Unl-
Supply & Construction Co. sell hard
re  and   builders'  supplies.     There  is
fsmall drug store, n barber shop, and
eat market.   There Is also a church
fhurch   of   Kngland),  a   liost   office, .a
atom house, and a government  office
which I have my bed).    There Is a
���rmtll ten miles  up  the Inlet   .and  it
i preparing to Bupply the "town" with
fcctrlc light.
|The  wharf is 160 feel  wide and 800
Pg, and   n   contractor   tKenneth   Mon-
of Vancouver) is at work extending
J 1.200 feet.
|The constable is \V. Vlckers. who was
llevelsloke  and   Trout   1-ake In   the
Irly dnvs, nnd the collector of the port
ID. K. McDonald, rrom Hupsland. Tom
Bun is manager of the Cnlted  Suppy
Construction  Co.,   nnd   Pat   Russell.
ho is In Vancouver, is ut the hend of
finest  company   that  holies   to  be In
north   what  Pat   Hums   ��   Co. has
en In tho south, although Hums (un
another name) has Ihe only market
Ire at  present.
Ir. Harrow, who lived In Nelson for
Vernl years, wns Ihe first man t"
lake hntuls with me when I landed.
Is one of the O. T. P. engineers and
well liked. He goes lo Victoria on
b. Hint boat, taking his wife to the hos
tal there He has been here n year.
kPrlnco Rupert will ho n town, lull
fcxt spring. In mv opinion, will he time
(lough lo think of starting for hera.
pee tho O. T. P. Is completed to Kd-
onton so that people can go Kast by
111 from Prince Rupert, few people
km the north will go south of Prince
Iupert to either purchase supplies or
>ke train for Eastern points Prince
Iupert Ib between BOO and 700 miles
Drib of Vnncouver, which Is about two
��ys" travel by steamer, nnd in two
avs travellers to the Ball would be
-ear Winnipeg or SI. Paul.
pThore are no hotel accommodations at
iroBont, nnd as the 0. T. P. engineer In
Jharge of the harbor nnd townslte land
Ives here, he has the say (unless the
T. P. authorities nt Montreal give
him written instructions to the eon-
>nry) as to who shnll be allowed to lo-
ato on Ihe company's ground, and he
-oes not play favorites. He simply bars
Iveryone; and I think, under the exlst-
ng conditions, the policy is not unwise.
If you wish to, you can let tho reporters lit NolBon seo this letter, for It Is
It might goodB; and. It is also the first
_*ccurate statement lhat I have Been or
���Prince Rupert as It  Is today.
T  1 nm In good health nnd In good Hpir
Bits; but I do not know bow Ion 1 will
'continue so If I have lo lonr.
Yours   Sincerely,
against the Nashville ChlcagoSt Louis
road, held that where a railroad provides certain accommodations for a
first-class passenger ol the white race It
Is commanded by the law that like ao.
com modat Ions be provided tor negroes
who have purchased first-class tickets.
It holds that in this case it is iiinnit'cst
thut the railroad "has unduly and un-
Justly discriminated in some particular
against colored passenger*;, aud orders
lhat where the railroad provided a
washbowl anil towels in the coaches for
white passengers and a separate smoking compart incut, similar accommodations shall lie provided tor negro |tas-
Hengors paying similar Tare."
J.   P.   MeGoldrick   Discusses   Plans   for
Mill  in  Fairview.
J. P. MeColdrlok. who has been visiting the Kast Kootenay mills and camps,
was present at the lumbermen's meeting In Nelson yesterday. To a repre-
senlattve of The Daily Canadian who
asked as to the probable dale of the be-
ginning of operations in Fairview. he
"Our plans arc not quite definite yet.
We haven't completed all the Improvements we have planned for our Spokane
plant Cntll 1 have something definite
to say I don't wish to say anything. I'll
be here again within a month and may
have more definite plans then.
"Yes, 1 visited the site, and I was
surprised at the fecundity of the soil.
We left It cleared, aud In some way,
without any aid that we have been Informed of. a flock of ducks, a number
of pigs and a pigpen have grown right
out of the  Boll."
Mr. MeGoldrick was quite willing to
discuss the lumber situation generally.
He said: "I understand prices are not
going to be raised, and I don't Bee how
they can lie lowered. The price of everything is rising. Wages for labor have
gone up 50 per cent, and efficiency has
gone down SO per cent Horses that wo
got a year ago for $200 now cost |350
Hay has gone up In a year from $11 to
$21. and yet It is the farmers who are
making these profits that kick' about
the high prices of lumber."
William Whyte Speaks of Special Can
to  Assist   New   Industry  of
Will  Enforce  Equality.
|    Washington, July (I.���Tho    Interstate
-."Commerce  commission   today,  In   a  do-
IClsion  In  tho cuso of George   Edwards
William Whyte. of Winnipeg, second
vice president of the C. P. R. arrived
In the city from Spokane yesterday byway of the Spokane International and the
Crow boot. He made the Ike-mile trip
rrom Golden to Cranbrook in J. W.
Davidson's automobile, through the Kootenay valley along the line of the proposed Kootenay Central railway. The
party consisted of himself, Sir Daniel
McMillan, lieutenant governor of Manitoba, Mr. Davidson and several others.
From Cranbrook they went to Spokane.
J. S. Denis, who polned the party at
Cranbrook. went on to the Coast to attend the trial of the C. P. R. vs. Helnze
In connection with the selection of Koo-
ternuy   lands.
Mr. Whyte came to Nelson to meet
F. F. Husteed, superintendent of the
Pacific division, who arrived from the
Const. The two, accompanied by Divisional Superintendent D. C. Coleman,
left for the Boundary this morning.
Seen last evening Mr. Whyte discussed railway matters generally and
the progress of the country. He had
nothing definite to say of railway plans
except that there would probably be
further consideration of the Slocan's application for Ihe continuance of a daily
He was pleased at the evidences of
improvement and progresB throughout
tho West generally and especially In
Koolenay. He thinks tbe crop prospect
generally Is good, although the cold, dry
spring has done considerable damage in
the southern parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Referring to recent accidents on the
line Mr. Whyte Bald lhat tho company
was abandoning the use of acetylene
gas, explosions of which had caused the
accidents. He added: " 1 wish some
genuls would devise a cheap, convenient
nnd efficient electric storage buttery for
use In cars. Nothing so far Hied answers  the  requirements."
On the subject of the fruit Industy
Mr. Whyte expressed surprise that ventilator cms had not been provided, as
plenty are available, lie also said lhat
sperliil cars must soon be provided, lie
believes thoroughly in llrltlsh Columbia
fruit-growing, und Is convinced that
Chinese labor must be employed for
picking, ns is tho rule In Oregon and
Additional Appointments.
'Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, July 9.���Dr. Rose has been
appointed district medioal health officer, and B. M. Sandllnnds temporary relieving assistant for Registrar Bowman,
Dr. Rose is successor to Dr. G. A. 11.
Hall, who resigned the position on the
re- of the Inst provincial election, since
when It has boon vacant.
Subject of Discussion at
The Hague
Britain Maintains Right of Blockade
���Brazil Gives Qualified Support to America. .
The Hague, July 9.���The entire afternoon sitting of the committee on the
Geneva conference the The Hague
pea' e conference was devoted to a discussion of the American proposition.
submitted by Joseph II. Choate on
June 24th, regarding the inviolability
of private property on the high seas.
The committee Bat under tbe presidency
or Pror. Da Maartens, M. Nelldoff, (Russian), president of the conference, was
present. Joseph H. Choate, General
Horace Porter, i". M. Rose and C. M.
Huchanan, of the American delegation,
and David J. Hill, American minister to
the Netherlands, were present. Many
delegates surrounded the place reserved
for the American representatives, who
were busy answering confidential Inquiries regarding the scope and exteut of
the American doctrine.
Immediately after the opening ot the
sitting. Mr. Choate said the American
delegation regretted It was unable to
conrorm to the decision reached by the
president that all propositions be submitted by the end of the week, because
some propositions were not yet quite
ready. They asked to be allowed to
submit these later. The committee assented.
The discussion of the American proposition was then begun. This proposal
is as follows: "The private property of
all citizens of signatory powers with
tho exception of the contrabrand of war,
shall be exempt on the high seas or
elsewhere from capture or seizure by
the armed vessels or military forceB of
said powers. Nothing In this rule Implies in any way the inviolability ot
vessels which will attempt to enter a
port blockaded by the naval forces of
Bald powers, nor of the cargo of Bald
W. H. De Beauford (Holland) then
read a declaration stating that the
Dutch government adhered to the
American principle, considering It great
progress toward the humanitarian Ideas
prevailing in the present time, consequently Holland would support any pro-
posal  tending to secure this principle.
M. Ruy Hurhosa (llrazlll delivered a
long speech, In which he explained that
the statement made by him on June
28, owing to the semi-secrecy of the
conference had been wrongly Interpreted as an unconditional adhesion to
the American proposition. He wished
to make it clear that Brazil wus not
the catspaw of America, although she
supported this American principle. M.
Ilarbosa continued that as a general
understanding could not be reached on
the American proposition, he begged to
Introduce several amendments that
would constitute a temporary solution
or the matter along the lines bo far as
possible of applying the principles of
land warfare to private property at sea.
Prof. De Maartens read a declaration presented In writing by the Argentine delegation saying they were
favorable to the conservation of the
right of capture.
Sir Ernest M. Satow, then made a
declaration on behalf of Great Britain.
He said he realized the serloUB character of the arguments In favor of the
Inviolability of private property on the
high seas, but tho diBcusslon showed
the evident and logical tendency toward the abolition of the commercial
blockade. Sir Ernest demonstrated to
what an extent the limitation of block-
ados would complicate mnttcrs, and
create new causes of dispute, as a result of which the discussions between
belligerents would give rise to fresh
Irritation, which might tend to prolong
the war instead of shortening It. The
Inviolability of property and the limitation of blockades are Inseparable
questions, the English representative
continued, and Great Britain for the
moment does not find the movement
toward the Ideal aim, namely, the abolition for war, sufficiently accentuated to
bo able to associate herself with the
American doctrine.
"What Groat Britain thinks necessary
to establish." Sir Ernest then declared,
"Is respect for tho Interest of neutrals;
thnt Is why she proposed the abolition
of contrabrand."
Baron Marsohal Von Blerbersteln
(Germany) Bald that Germany would
be ready to collaborate In the projection of private property at sea but on
condition thai tbe queBtlon how to make
this protection efficacious be first eluci
dated. M. Tcharykoff declared that the
Russian delegation has profound respect
for the ideas set forth by Mr. Choate
Inn It did not think the queBtlon wuh
yet ripe for solution. Dr. F. Hagerap
then voiced the adherence of Norway
to tho American doctrine. He said that
Norway would vote for the American
proposition on condition that the question of coctrabrand was examined. The
Portuguese delegated subscribed to the
statement of the German delegate, that
It Is first necessary to solve the questions of contraband and blockade.
Old   New   Brunswick   Liberals   Oppose
His Promotion.
Toronto, July 9.���A St. John, N. B..
special received here today declares
that a strong undercurrent of hostility
to the advancement of Hon. Wm. Pugs
lev has developed in tlie ranks of Ihe
old-time Liberals of St. John. The Lib
erals. It la said, do not want the promotion of PugBley, and do not want an
added measure of David Russell Influence. They would turn Mr. Pugsley
down if at the same time they could
see their way to strengthen the claims
uf st  John to gain favor.
The Liberals favor the appointment
of Senator Ellis. This would be merely carrying out a promise made when
the Laurier cabinet was under construction In 1896. The New Brunswick portfolio was to have gone to Senator Ellis
but was handed over at the last moment
to A. G. Blair, notwithstanding which
Mr. Ellis has unswervingly maintained
his allegiance to the best Liberal tradition. In the rehabilitation uf the government. It Is urged, the appointment
of Senator Ellis would be quite In order.
Large   Party of Climbers in  Rockies���
Venturseme    Ladies.
Laggan. Alt., July 9.���Thirty-six people have qualified for active membership in the Alpine Club, camping in
Paradise Valley. More climbing has
been done this year than last, 80 people having climbed one or more mountains. Miss Finlatson was tbe only lady
to take the two days' excursion over the
high snow pass ot Abbott's Pass. Miss
Duval, Miss Helen Maekuy and Miss
Jean Parker, of Winnljieg, and Mr.
Watt, of Toronto, made Mount Temple,
11.632 feet above the, sea. Miss Parker
made it In the shortest time of any
lady, making tbe round trip in s hours
and 40 minutes. Miss Adams and Miss
Springate, of Winnipeg, climbed Mt. Aberdeen. There were numbers from New
Brunswick to British Columbia, and
many from the i'nlted States, climbing.
There are 160 people in camp.
Rome Declares War.
tu��me. July 9.���The Vatican has been
Informed of th*, avistence of a secret
International league, embracing Kalian
and Anglo-Saxon countries, of which, It
Is said, many members are of the German Catholic centre. The ostensible object of the league is the petitioning of
the Vatican for the suppression of the
Index Expurgatorlus, but it is stated
that Its real object Is to stir up strife
among Catholics, causing schisms similar to the ultra-liberal movement In
Italy. The pope, it is asserted, will
Bhortly take Bevere disciplinary measures against the new league.
Provincial    Ministers   Well   Received-
Westerners Want Only More
Port Arthur. Out., July 9.���Last
night's meeting of Ontario cabinet ministers here developed Ihe fact that bo
far as bccosbIou Is concerned there is
no sentiment here In that direction. Tho
utmost friendliness toward Ontario was
manifest in the applause and general
tone of the meeting. Mr. Preston, the
local member suggested thnt the riding
should be divided, and In this sugges
tioh wns backed by R. R. Gamey and
other New Ontario members. The min
istei-H themselves did not mention this
subject, nor did they reject It.
Mr. Cochrane, referring to the agitation on Rainy river, said there was no
way by which a division of the province
could take place. Perhaps by a general
vote of the people It could, but OKI On
tarlo would never consent to a division.
In the matter of Improvements, the government desired to do everything possible, but the growth had been so rapid
that difficulty to keep pace had been
experienced. On the policy or settlement, he declared against opening ot
townships lor settlement which do not
contain at least 40 per cent, of agricultural lands. TownBhlps which do not
come up to this standard should be held
as forest reserves. All roads should
be built before Bottlers are located. He
did not think it right to place families
In the bush away from highways.
Dr. Roaume's principal announcement
was that the government's local buildings should be Improved to harmonize
with the growth of the city.
Intrusive Advertising.
The land owners on the north shore
'of the Arm are aroused al tho defacing
or their property with advertisements
which they say they hove not authorized. The nuisance will probably lie
abated without any public action.
Shores of Pacific Arena
of Conflict
Press of Japan Remarkably Calm in
Discussing American Naval
New York, July H.���According to n
Washington despatch. Secretary of tbe
Navy Metealf will sail for the Hawalan
Islands July 25th to inspect the naval
base and fortifications there with a
view of recommending plans to Congress for ' strengthening the position.
Secretary of Commerce Strauss will
sail on the 3anie steamer to look into
the immigration system of the islands
and inquire Into the reports that Japanese are flocking to the Islands. Secretary Metealf goes to assist President
Roosevelt in persuading Congress to
provide for a larger navy, strongly for-
til'y the Philippines and Hawaii, and
strengthen the fortifications of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.
Toklo. July 9���The Anaki publishes
an interview with a Japanese naval expert who says: "It would be Improper to
Infer a demonstration In the transfer
of the American fleet to the Pacific. The
movement is part of a pre-arrangemeut
and is a result oi the constant growth
of the Americah navy and the Increasing importance of the Pacific from a
strategical ixrlnt of view No significance need be attached until nt least 30
ships have been transferred to the Pacific. The Ashal also publishes an article setting forth the same views. It
regrets the American fleet cannot visit
Japan to reassert her sincerity and to
reciprocate the naval hospitality evtend-
ed to the visiting Japanese warships at
Jamestown. The paper also urges the
abrogation of Article 2 of the existing
commercial treaty in order to put an
end to the cause of the anti-Japanese
feeling at San Francisco. Almost all the
papers treat the matter with calmness,
finding ti iwiuini Cot t*h�� United states
to re-distribute its naval forces as a result of Its Imperial policy. They generally express regret that It will be Impossible for Japan to extend hospitality
to American officers in return for that
shown the Japanese offiecrs at Jamestown.
London. July 9.���The Daily Mall, in
an article on the Japanese-American situation, says: "Around the immense
arena of the Pacific Ocean the embattled nations of the world are gathering
as the nntions gathered around the
Mediterranean 2,000 years ago. Careful
observation will cause universal agreement that the great events of the 20th
century will be around the rim of this
vast saucer. War between Japan and
America is unthinkable. We believe
the Intentions of the States, of both
countries, are profoundly pacific, and
that tho incidents at San Francisco are
not responsible for the movement of the
Araorlcan fleet. Japan commenced the
war with Russia without previous declaration by destroying half of the Russian fleet. Such a move was very effective the first time It was performed
and henceforth no nation will wait for
the formal declaration of war, but will
he ready to strike while there are yet
no signs of a diplomatic rupture. The
cautious and wise statesmen directing
American policy are not violating prudence In deciding to concentrate their
lores* around the region whore they can
delect the menace of the obscure
New Residents.
David Smith, of the C. P. R., with
his wife and daughters, has arrived
rrom Toronto to take up his residence
in Nelson. Miss Annie Smith will address Ihe next meeting of the Kpworth
League of the MethodlBt church on the
rec-'iit volunteer convention of the
league In the Enst which was attended
by 900 lady students.
day on the courts at Travers Island of
the Athletic Club. In the first round
F. G. Anderson, a Canadian champion,
defeated E. K. Olllett, New York.
6-1, 6-1.
Finished In a Week.
(Special (o The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, July 9.���Word has
reached here that Contractors Wall and
Creelman will complete tbe Kettle Valley Line bridge over the North Fork
river at Eagle City by the 15th Inst.,
when track-laying will be resumed.
Tho Nelson cricket club in lis malch
with Trail Thursday afternoon will be
represented by the tollowlng: A. H.
Coppen. II. E. Wnde. C. Bourke, E. Mason. 0. T. Partington. D. J. Elvery. A.
Treglllus, J. Tongue, Judge Forln and
J. B. Morrla. The visitors will be entertained to luncheon at the Stratbcona.
Railway Commission Orders Carrier to
Assume Risks.
Ottawa, July 9.���The railway comls-
sion has Issued an order approving a
new Canadian freight classification. No.
13, to become effective not later than
Sept. 1st next. The more important
features of this revised classification
are that some 240 commodities, which
have hitherto been carried at the risk
of the owner, will hereafter be carried
at tlie carrier's risk without any advance in ratings, and that on these articles, which will still he carried at the
risk of the owner the risk is to be specified and restricted to breakage, chafing,
leakage, sifting, loss, damage or deterioration by fire or weather as the case
may be. These restrictions are also intended to cover only risks necessarily
incidental to transportation, but no such
limitation, expressed or otherwise, is to
relieve the carrier from liability for any
loss or damage which may result from
any negligence or omission of the railway employees. These changes are distinctly an Improvement on the old system, and should prove of great benefit
to the public. Provision Is also made
against any special contracts on the
part of the railway companies to release
them from liability for damages from
any cause whatsoever except those expressly permitted by the claslflcatlon.
Lumbermen Await Belter
No Decisive Movement of Prices at
Present���Will Curtail Cot
Next Winter.
First Round to Canadian.
New York, July 0.���With an entry list
of   68   enmpetitors   for   the   New   York
state championship,  piny  began yester-
Men   In   North   Ontario   Camps   Want
Higher Wages and Easier Contract  Terms.
Cobalt, July 9.���The present trouble
at the Nlplssing, which resulted in
about 250 men walking out yesterday
morning, Is due, as gleaned by a correspondent from the manager and members of the Miners' Union, to a dispute
over contract matters and the schedule
ot wajces. Mr. J. MeOe're, the president of the union, and Mr. Arthur Betly,
the financial secretary, last night attended on Mr. T. R. Drummond, the manager, and presented him with a schedule
of wages prepared by the union. Mr.
Drummond is giving the matter of the
proposed schedule his consideration,
and will give his decision on Saturday
next, when it Is altogether likely that
there will be a settlement. In the
meantime, those who quit work are
quietly awaiting the result. They have
assured Capt. Maye, of the Nlpisslug.
that they have no Intention of making
any out of the way demonstration.
The property of tho National Silver
Cobalt company, which consists of three
twenty-acre lots, lying adjacent to one
another and one mile north of Cassldy
Station, is being thoroughly developed
this season under Mr. Joseph Hicks,
the superintendent. Mr. Hicks is also
the superintendent of the W. J. Trethe-
wey, which lies about one mile west of
the National Silver property. The policy
of the comoanv for the season is to
thoroughly prospect their lots by stripping and trenching when necessary. For
the present at least no sinking will be
done, owing the lack of machinery. A
force of ten men are employed on the
property doing the development work.
So far there have been exposed about
half a dozen fissure veins ranging in
width from bIz Inches to two feet, with
abundance of calcite, which show
stringers of quarts carrying Iron and
copper sulphides. In fact nearly all the
known sulphideB are present In most
of these veins, but there is no showing
of silver. Smaltito, galena, and some
zinc sulphide are shown in several
places. All told there has been done on
tho property over one thousand feet of
trenching, the width aud depth as necessity requires, running from three to
four feet. Although no sinking Is being
done nt the present time, several shafts
were being sunk before the new management took hold of the property. On
the most southern, near the railway, a
shaft has been sunk to the depth of 87
feet. Some work may be done soon on
this shaft, ns the vein showing here is
most encouraging, the vein at the bottom showing native silver, which discovery was made at the time the property changed hands.
Methodist S. 3. Picnic.
The annual picnic of the Methodist
Sunday school will be held at procter
ou Thursday. The steamer Moyle will
leave the city wharf at 8:30 a. m. and
1:30 p. ni. There will be the usual programme of sporta.
The meeting of the lumbermen which
waB in progress yesterday afternoon,
ended shortly before ti o'clock. O. P.
Wells, secretary, Informed The Dally
Canadian that the only business transacted was a revision and readjustment
of prices which would not amount to
either a general raising or lowering.
Mr. Wells tendered his resignation as
secretary, which was declined. W. A.
Anstie was appointed assistant secretary, his chief duty to consist of visiting the mills and keeping in touch with
conditions and requirements. Mr. Wells,
with additional assistance, will supervise the work of the central ofllee.
The rest of the business was informal
but not unimportant. It was stated by
many that attempts to buy timber sooth
ot the border had been unsuccessful, as
owners there are realizing higher prices
and greater net profits than those in
It was agreed that conditions In general promise improvement at once. The
mill men were glad of the recent comparative slump as it enabled them to
overtake the accumulation of orders.
Nevertheless, on account of the scarcity of labor, and the unprecedented cost
of material, equipment, supplies and labor, many have declared their intention
ot greatly curtailing their next winter's
out and reserving their assets until conditions improve. Such a policy, Mr.
Wells remarked, will lead to a scarcity
of lumber nest Spring as there will certainly be no reserve, or sn Insignificant
one, thla fall.
Depositions as to Bradley Incident Continued���Moyer Next.
Boise, July 9.���The reading of the
depositions taken in San Francisco in
connection with the explosion at the
residence of Fred Bradley, whom Orchard swears he twice attempted to assassinate, continued today as one of the
closing features on the side of the defence in the trial of William D. Haywood, accused of the murder of Frank
Steunenberg, by the state. The Bradley incident is looked upon aa one of
the most important features of their
case In support o fthe Orchard story.
The defence has all along maintained
that the attempt to poison Bradley and
his whole household and the explosion
at the house, which Orchard says was
caused by a bomb placed by im, are a
fabrication. Orchard says that he was
commissioned by Haywood to go to San
Francisco and kill Bradley, who had
been a consistent enemy to organized
labor. He swore he first poisoned the
milk with arsenic and, failing in this,
placed a bomb under Bradley's front
door mat with a string attached to the
handle. It was, according to Orchard,
one of the bombs invented by Petti-
bone. At the time given by Orchard an
explosion occurred at the Bradley house
just aa Bradley himself was coming out
of the house, smoking a cigar. Bradley
was terribly mangled, but recovered.
Shortly after the explosion the owner
of the house sued the company for damages and got judgment because of an
escape of gas, which It was claimed
caused the explosion. Bradley still
m.-tlntalns his belief that the explosiou
was caused by gas.
It Is not likely now that Moyer Will
go on the .stand before tomorrow. His
testimony will probably take one day
and on Thursday Haywood will be
called. His examination probably will
take up the remainder of the week and
the state's rebuttal is hardly looked for
before  next  Monday.
New Mining Recorder.
W. W. Bradley Is receiving the congratulations of his friends on his ap-
poitment to succeed C. D. Blackwood.
The new mining recorder was born In
Orangevllle, Out., and has been In Nelson for the last nine years. He has been
post office clerk, in the painting business with his brother. F. J. Bradely, and
for the yast year and a half chief clerk
tn the government office.
Gone Eaat.
J. A. Montgomery left for the Enst
yesterday morning. He will go as far
as St. Paul aud Minneapolis, returning
will attend the Winnipeg and Brandon
exhibltiens. Mr. Montgomery expects
to be away about three weeks. The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR  at all  prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc.,   etc.
HAY,   FLOUR  and   FEED.
In all these lines we offer  excellent qualit}** at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP ��4,7il0,000 REST   $4,7il0,0O0.
D. K. WILK1E, President.;        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
(iOLDfc-N,       NELSON,     REVELSTOKE,        CRANBROOK,
Deposits received fttirt Interest allowed at hiKh��st   enrrent rate from date of
opening of account, and compounded quarterly.
J.  M.  LAY, M
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D. 18G9.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund.
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
��� of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION   given   to  the I       HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
Savings    Bank    Department,    and .       ,.     .          ,     ,               ..    .,
Interest    credited    Quarterly    on on AppllQttlon, in Large, Medium
Savings Bank Accounts. or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Fublliiliec! six flnyB a wt-c-t  by trie
Baker St..  Nelson, B. C.
tJirnBCrlptii.il rates, fxi oantl a mouth delivered
ID the city, or $5.00 a year If seul by mall, when
paid In advance.
Advertising rates ou aprlleat-lou.
All monies paid In Hettlemeui oi The Dally
Canadian aeeounts, either tor subscriptions or
advertising, must be reee-ipu-d lor on the printed
forms of the Company, oilier receipts are not
Tuesday,  July  9th,   1907.
Aprojiros of tlie return nf Premier Mr-
Bride from wliat it is pleased to call a
"prolonged jaunt to EJngland." our esteemed locul contemporary is pleased
to remark:
"There will be some prelence of a
triumph achieved in London to justify
Mr. afoBride's long absence from the
province, but after the political fireworks are over it is to be boned thai
the premier will get down to business
and dispose of several matters lhat
have  long   been  held   over."
It would be Impossible for editorial
comment to be more Inept, II Knglish
words nu an anything tlie hurried business tri|i of the premier lias been anything but a jaunt. Ue lias not been
wasting his time saying florid nothings
at banquets and posing In plintngra-
pbers' studios or elsewhere. Canada
sent one representative to London who
can do enough of that for the whole Im
"Some pretence of a triumph
achieved" must refer, if the words are
lnlended to convey any coherent meaning, to the elimination of the words
"final and unalterable" from the
amendment asked to the British North
America Act's financial  clauses.
Lord Elgin. Mr. Winston Churchill,
Sir Krancis Hopwood and other olllclals
of the llrltlsh colonial office imagined
that they were recommending a very
Important alteration, the British House
of Commons look Ihe same view. The
press of Eastern Canada, Irrespective of
party, acknowledges the significance of
the omission. Hut these authorities are
nothing to our esteemed local contemporary, to whom It Is only "some pretence of a triumph."
But the logical conclusion of such a
statement must certainly have eluded
our contemporary. If the triumph Is
nothing, It can only be because Ihe
words  mean  nothing,  and   Sir  Wilfrid
Laurier is guilty of incorporating a
meaningless rhetorical phrase into an
Important amendment to the act which
is the constitution of Canada, it is im-
possible to belittle the achievement of
Richard Mcliride without impeaching
the intelligence of Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
Of course our contemporary didn't
see that.
Tho opposition press of British Columbia is seriously perturbed because
there is one empty chair in the provincial cabinet. There has been a period
of about six months during which the
department of lands and works has
been In charge of a minister holding
another portfolio.
Granting that It Is best, In the Interest of efficiency that there should always
be a res|ionslble minister In churge of
each department of the public service,
and that a double burden should never
be placed upon one man unnecessarily,
what have the Liberal press to say of
the vacancies in the Ottawa cabinet,
where two departments, the two most
important of all, public works anil railways, whose interests are not confined
to one province but extend from ocean
to ocean, are still without responsible
In ads? One of them indeed, the department of public works, has been vacant
for nearly  two years.
The situation is without a parallel In
Canadian history, as are the means by
which c. S Hyman was last elected In
London, and his clown play with his
seat and portfolio since he started on
his  nervous prostration holiday.
Of the situation and the hopes and
fears arising from It, the Toronto News
"It Is laborious work reorganizing the
Ottawa government during the hot season, and particularly dining the absence
of Sir Wilfrid Laurler. It was careless
of the premier to leave the country with
this task Incomplete. The suspense and
I lie hot weather may be fatal to some of
Ihe aspirants. It is trying also to journalists who have the burden of cabinet,
making on their shoulders. How can Mr.
Archie Campbell enjoy his holidays with
his gaze fixed on a vacant portfolio? Is
Ihe summer for Mr. Calvert, of Strath-
rody; Mr. Hardee, of Sarnla; Mr. Sutherland, of Windsor, to be a fragrant
memory or a life-long regret? We cannot answer, nor can they. Even the
fate of slippery William Ib unsettled,
but that Is a case where sea air and
sea bathing will give a measure of relief. Deep are mysteries of statesmanship, and footsore and weary are they
who go up towards the high places.
Hut It should be possible to get at Sir
Wilfrid by cable."
By the appointments to provincial offices announced yesterday, two faithful
and efficient public servants, 10. A
Crease and W. R. .larvis. retire from
positions they have filled In the public
interest foi- many years, anil another.
W. H llulliick-Websler, passes from Ihe
cnmniand of the provincial police In the
district, a position in which his services
have been an important factor in keeping a good name for Kootenay in re
spect of observance of the law. All
three pass Into other spheres of activity
and will carry with them the best wishes of their follow citizens, who are all
pleased tliat tho changes do not involve
the removal of any of them from Nelson. The new appointees have their
spurs to win. but It can be said that all
reflect credit on Ihe committee that recommended mid the government that appointed them. The retirement of Chief
.larvis from tlie head of the city police
force will presumably mean the promotion of Sergeant Arthur A. Pitchford,
who has well earned It by zealous and
intelligent performance of every task
hitherto assigned him
Canadian    Northern's    Detailed    Report
Shows  Northwest Crop  Prospects Excellent.
Winnipeg. July 9.���The Canadian
Northern railway crop report received
today Is one the most favorahle that
haa been issued for a long time. The
rainfall throughout the province has
been all that could be desired. Warm
rains have fallen everywhere, and the
growth has been very  rapid.
On the main line section nearly every
station reports having had rain, and
there is not a single complaint in respect to the weather.
Among the stations reporting "plenty
of rain," are: White Plains, Gladstone,
Dauphin, Gilbert Plains. Kamsack, Quill
Lake, Watson. Warman, Radissen,
North Hattleford, l���ashburn, Lloydmins-
ter, while showers are reported from
every other point. The weather is also
as good for rapid and healthy growth
as could be desired, and the reports of
the agents throughout the section generally conclude with words to the effect
that "Weather conditions could not be
improved." At Invermay the growth
has been splendid and the wheat there
is over 10 inches high, while from other
points equally favorable conditions prevail. At Mayment the wheat Is 20
inches high.
The Carman to Virden section has
been equally favored. Baldur, Ninnette,
.Margaret, Hellview and Virdeu report
plenty of rain, while Sandford, Carman,
Somerset, Swan Lake, Raldur, Minto,
Bl��;\n, iiin-ttii.y ttn-ii rtft��.T*.H i��i*��jri neal-
thy showers, and rapid growth is reported in every case. Fairfax reports
"Grain doing well, although a little
slow   on   account  of   insufficient   rain,"
160 Acre pre-emption, 2 acres cleared,
50 trees and some small fruits planted.
A 3-room dwelling, houses and sheds
for 400 chickens $350.00.
A pre-emption on Heaver Creek,
Little Slocan $450.00.
Baker St.,  Nelaon.
Fot Sale Cheap
One 60-Inch diameter, by 16ft. 8in.
long, underbred, return multitubular
boiler, in fair condition. Eighty-two
216-ln. tubea, 2 111 x 2 1-6 In. steam
dome. Boiler is good for testing to 150
lbB. per square Inch, ami a working pressure of 80 to 110 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of (ire bars and bearers.
One 9-ln. diameter x 14ln. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and holt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at tho smelter and Is In good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high. 10%ln. diameter with openingB
for 3-ln. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelting; Co., Ltd.
NEL80N, D. C.
and this is the only report from tliat
Section tliat can bo coneldered In any
way unfavorable.
On the Prince Albert branch, Tltls-
dale. Star City. Melfort, Klnirmtiiio and
Birch Hills report the pfOSpeotl favor-
able for a bumper crop iu every Hue.
Hains have fallen generally during the
pall   week.
The Neepawa section also sends favorable reports, and tlie fanners every*
where say they never saw things lit
bitter shape. They have bail slmwei-H
anil two nights' steady rain during tlie
past Week.
The t'arberry section reports: "The
heavy rains since last night have great*
ly improved things. A'.l vegetation in
the [link of condition."
All stations on tne Emerson section
report tain, and very favorable conditions, with the exception of St Agatha,
whi re the wheat is only eight tnehea
high, and the crop a little backward
Miami section���Morris reports favorably, hut wants more rain. Lowe Farm,
Myrtle, Koland, Rosebank, .Miami and
Altamont all report line rains and
growth all that could be desired.
On the Wakopa section every station
reports plenty of rain, and crops are
looking well and making rapid progrcaa.
The Kegina section lias a very fa\or-
able report. Condie. Ltinisden. HI-ley.
Chamberlain, Glrvin, Dundurn, Saskatoon. Hague and Prince Albert report
plenty of rain, and conditions excellent.
Other stations report warm showers. At
Osier the wheat is 2�� Inches high, and
at Uosthern about  19 Inches.
The VVawanesa section lias an excellent report. Hilton. Wawanesa, Meth-
ven Junction, Rounthwaite and liraiulon
report generous warm rains and rapid
The Swan River section has had 24
hours rain during the past week, anil
fall wheat is now 15 inches high. Prospects are very bright for a large harvest. 	
W.   O.    GILUETT
Contractor-   nnd
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yard*. Rough ami dresiiwil lumber, turned
work and brai'keU, Coast lath uud shingles, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for Bale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Ht., eut of Hall
MiLSON,    I*. C.
P. O. Box 2X1. Telephone 178
Brand New Art Bell Piano
ohea:\      APPLY
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
IN THE MATTER of tho Issuance of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and K. L. Reld to Lots 2 and 8,
In mock 12, City of Nelaon.
Whereas the document* hereinhIter mentioned
are not In the possession of the aforesaid Howay
and Reld;
And whereas production of them la re-ijuired
under the 'Land Registry Act";
Take notire that all or any person* baring
these documents In their possession of having
any Interest in the same are rnjulP-d to produce
the name to tbe District HcglMrarof '���*-*�� Titles
let  KegiMraroi V*      . ,   .
r l-Wo��� "M*D ,*r,l*tl dayof July,
at Nelaon, B.C
1W7 :~
Conveyance In Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated 29th October, lt(9).
Mortgage in Fee, fa.-m A. Carney and A  Parrelte
to M   MrInues  and  P.  Burns,  dated  the 26th
of November, 189-2.
Conveyance  in   Fee   under  power   of   Hale in
Mortgage from  Malcolm Mclnntsand P. Burns
to A. H. Buchanan, dated  17th  of  November,
Conveyance in Fee, A. H, Buchanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated the 24th of August, 1894.
Convevance in Fee,  Bank   of  Montreal,  to Rone
Mary  Heathcote   and  Joseph   Heath e ring ton
Bowes, dated llth Novemtwr. 1896.
Conveyance in Fee, of an undivided one-quarter
from   Roie  Mary  Heathcote to Haul Johnson,
dated the 29th of De< ember, 1898,
Dated this 29th day <>f May, A. P.. vac.
fl   F. MacI,KOI>.
 District Registrar of 1 and Titles.
Certificate  of the  Registration of an
Extra-Provincial Company*
"Companies  Act,   1897."
1 HEREBY CKKTIKV that tbe "Kinney Miil-r
Cedar Company.'' has this day been registered
as an Extra-provincial Company, under fhe
"Companlei Act, 1877," to carry out or effect all
or any of the objects of the Company to which
the legislative authority ���f the Legislature of
British Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company ll situate in
the City of Hpokane, In ihe Htate of Washington,
The amount of the capital ol the company is
fifteen thousand dollars, divided into one hundred and llfty Mum ��� of one hundred dollar*
The head office of the company In this province Is situate at Creston, and William Henry
Crawford, merchant, whoHe address Is the same.
Is the attorney for the company. (Not agn power
ed to issue and tranfer stock )
The time of the existence of the company Is
fifty years from thu flth day of March, 1907.
Tee company Is limited.
(liven under my band and seal of office at
Victoria, I'rovluce of British Columbia, this 21st
day of May, one thousand nine hundred and
[L. ������) H. Y. WOOTTON,
Reglsl i ,ir of Joint Block Companies.
The objects for which thla company baa been
established and registered are:
1. To acquire In any lawful manner, manufacture and sell or dispose of any and ail kinds
of cedar and other timber:
2 To acquire In any lawful manner timber,
whether standing or cut, timber laid* or other
lands, logs, poles, piling, posts, lumber, shingles,
shingle bolts, and any and   all  kinds of  Umber
f>roduct, to manufacture any and all auch, aud
o dispose of same in any lawlul manner:
3. To acquire In any lawful manner stores,
implements, and nny anil all kinds of merchandise or property not in violation cf law, and to
dispose Oi sntny In any 1-awful manner:
4. To build or to acquire In any lawful manner roads, tramways, or other moans of transportation   necessary or convenient  to the other
Jutrposes of the < orporalion, and to operate,
ease, or dlspt.se of same as may be deemed advisable; provided the same be private ways and
roads only, and provided further that this article Is not to authorize the Corporation to oper
ap; or maintain any public or toll road, nor any
public serving transportation system, nor to be-
como a com mon carrier:
6. To manufacture any and all kinds of articles and products as may be deemed desirable
and not In vlnUli- n of law. and to sell and
dispone of same lu any lawful manner:
0. Todo aiiya-d all other acts and things
necessarr or expedient for carrying on the bual-
neii of thu Company m hereinbefore set forth.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
wri"^r 25c Each
Furniture Stock and
Premises for Sale
TENDERS will be received by the
Undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon on
the lt'th day or July. 1M7 for tho pur-
cluisc of tho stock in trade of curpetM.
Furniture, eta., belonging to the aetata
Of the lata John K. Wood of Reveletoke,
and also for the purchase of the property lately occupied by him as a furniture store and rooming house, situated
ou lot ;i5, clock n:!. Plan 688A-, Bevel-
Btoke, Separate tendere may be made
for the stuck In trade and for the real
estate   or   tenders   made  for   the   stock
ami real estate together.
Thu highest or any tenders will not
necessarily be acoepted, stuck lists
and the property to be sold may be examined on application to the under-
Huvelstoke, June  111th,  1B07.
��    MeCARTER,
Official   Administrator.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivers and
Streams Act*' and amendment*
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company,   Limited.
Notice Is hereby given that 40 days after date
Tho Cauadlan PaatBel traber Company. Limited,
intend***- t<> *���'.-'.;��� to the Honorable chief Com-
inlsssoricr of ' i ������!������ and Works a **-������-��� (���->-�����; tinder
the provisions of the "Rivers antl Krvuni Act"
and amendment* thereto, for the rlitht to improve Trout t-rffk and its trlbutarltii from the
sources of ��uch creek and tributaries to the point
where the ittme flown Into Trout lake In tbe District of Wmt Kootenay, uud to remove obslrue
lion* therefrom and make tin- same fit for driv-
iuk. -i'-rliii- norlltiK mi i ����,<.ininn losH, rafts aud
crafts, and tin- flnm 11..; of lumhtr thereon, also
for the riirlii to collect tolls thereon.
The land-affecu-1 arc Crown lands and I^ola
770, 7ttW. 7BB, TJ2, 771 7<��. 7M aud 190. all In
(���roup 1, West Kootenay.
Dated tbl* 30th day of May. 1WJ7.
, COMPANY, i.imi I i.h.
 by their solicitor, R. M   Alacdouald.
Notice Is hereby m ������ ��� ti that after the ei pi rat Ion
of sixty nays from the daw hereof the Patrick
Lumber < 'ompatiy, Llioiud, intends to submit to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner ot Ixtids and
Works a |>ro|>osal uuder tbe provisions of the
"Rivers and streams Act" and Amending Acts,
fortherlyht to improve tbe ttlocan river from
the mill dam ol said .���..u.���*������*���.���������> (-tin.i. .i,out
three m"** above tbe Junction of said Hlocan
river with the Kooteuay river.> to tbe mouth of
the Little Hlocati river, and to Improve ih�� Little
HOSea river aud branches thereof to the northern boundary of sub lot 2, lot 71H0, and sub-lot I,
lot 7181 group one, Kootenay district, and to
Improve the tributaries of said rivers; and remove obstructions from said rivers and tributaries, snd to make thesame fit for driving, storing, sorting booming and lauiiig logs, timber,
lumber, rafts, aud crafts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The lands to (.��- affected are tbe following: (a)
Lots aiW, 7;����, MML MM, MM, 8610, fllW7, 'AAA. MAft,
70S, 706.'), KD, 4M12, all in Group one, Koolenay
district; also lands eovere-d by pre-emptions
numbered 4 a, lift, i.e. 143, ff| and ,V?0; aino
lands covered by timber licenses numbered HSM.
���"en. '���i. --.*.'*, -2m\..\ *7, aud v,w. ai,,, lands of
the crown.
Dated this 6th day of July, 19U7.
 by Its solicitor. R  W. Hapninotoh,
Take notice that I, Tbomu Harry Wilson, intend to apidy for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing at a
l-ni-t planted at the 8. K cornerof Lot fBSfi and
uinrke.t N. K corner, tbence aouth 10 chains,
theufu west 10 chains, thence south 10 cnalus,
thence west 10 chains thenre south H) chains,
th��nce west 10 chains, thence soutb 10 ehains,
tbence west lo chains, thenoe north 40 chains,
thunce east 40 ehalus to polut of commcncoincut
and containing 100 acres, more or leas.
Juue 7, lft.7 Thomas Henry Wilson,
William a i.ovz-. Mills, Agent
Take notice that I, William R- Jarvla, Intend
to apply for permission to purchase the following -described laud: Commeucing at il post
planted at the H K corner of Lot 1474 and mark
ed northeatt corner, thenco west 40 chains,
thence south, 40 chains, thence aast, 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of commenco-
meut, and containing 160 acres more or less.
June 7, i(K)7. William Rkoinald J AMY IB,
William Alonzo Mm.is, Ageut.
Take notice that J, Arthur Alex Pitchford, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the foi
lowing described laud: Commencing at a post
planted at the N K corner of I nt 1474 aud marked H K corner, thence north 40 clmtns, tbence
weft 20 chains, thence south 40chains, 'hence
east '20 chain* to point of commencement and
containing fW acres, more or less.
June 7. 1907. Akthiir Ai.ix. PlTcnrokii,
William alonzo Mills, Agent.
Nelson Land District. Plstrlctnf WestKootenay)
Take notice that Oeorgc Sturm, of Hillings,
Montana, IT H. A., occupation, merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following dcBcrlt'Cd land: Commencing at a
post planted on thn west shoro of Upper Whatsban (Cariboo) lake, and at the north weat corner
of i ot Bin, thence west XO chains, thenco south
40 chains, thence east 20 chains, tlience north in
chains to point of commencement, and containing HO acres' more or less.
May -Mth. 1007. CkOMKHTusM.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay.
TAkc notice that Waller McNeil, or Rllllngi,
Montana, V. 8. A., occupation merchant, intends
toapply for permission to purchase tbe following described land : Commencing at a post planted on the west shore of Upper Whatsban (Carlboo)
lake, and at the northwest cornerof Lot Kl.'Ct,
thence west 20 ciialns, thenco north HO chains,
thence east 20 chains, them a south HO chains to
point of commencement, aud containing 1A0
acres, more or less.
May '2ttth, l��Q7, Walter Mowgn..
I, the undersigned, after 60 days intend toapply to the Hon. thuChlcf Commissioner of Lands
and Works to purchase tho following described
land: Commencing at the N. E. U, of Lot 7f.;iv
U. I., thenco west 40 chaina, thonce north 20
chains, thence oast 4o chains, thence south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing ho
acre* more or less.
Located March 28tb, \wi. W. A. Mill*.
The Hall Mining and Smeltii
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Hlxty days after date I purpoae making appli
cation to tbe Hon. Chief Coinmuslotier ol 1-ands
and Works, for permission to purchase the following described luud : Comuieni tug at a post
fdaced on the west shore of Lower W'hauhau
k* -.'-..:*' mile from the outlet ,.( wis,
and marked "IL W'a. N.K. corner po��t,'' ruu
ning tbence go chains west, thenre mi chains
south, theuee 80 chains east, thence hu efesUai
north to point of .'onim- iii-i'iii.'ii t. containing
640 acres, more or lesa.
Dated the iod day of May, 1907
I-'*���,���   - i 11. '��������� �� i ��� i -
"AL'-yriaa. Agent.
Hottet is hereby given that <H�� 'lays after dale I
ii, ������: ' to applv to the Hon. Chief cotnrotMloner
of I andt and Works (or porrolsalon to purchase
tbe following described tract of land, situate lu
We*! Kooteuay dlstrlet: Commencing at a post
planted OS Placer creek, near its eoullueuce with
Summit creek, marked Margaret Mcl^ucblati's
N r- corner* thence south 40chaltis, then*m WtAt
HO flbaina, thence north 4<i chain* thence east au
i hains to j-.a- ���  of commencement.
��)rd May, 191/7. Mtxaiir M< Lac hlam,
William P*ki-< i a. Agent.
Niil Mi K r* m*-IK.
K  J   Ki.i.Ii��tt, Agent.
I, the undersigned. Intend a|ter<k)days toapply
to UM Hon the Chief CoiomUalouer of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the following
described laud: Commencing at a post marked
T. M Sharp's H E C . located on Ihe weal shore
of HltH-au lake, about twelve miles from the bead
of Hlocan lake, thence weat 40 chains, thence
north 4V chains, thence east 40 chains, tbeuee
south along nhore of Hlocau lake lo pniut of
I.o-rit!.-.: May 4th. T. M. ,-ii��ki*,
Nelsou I **-��� I District.   District of W>*t Koolenay
Take notice thai Edward  PeUtrs of Ymlr. Brit
isb Columbia, occupation, miner, intends to ap
Sly for pcruiisslou lo purchase tbe following
em n i .ft land: Commencing at a |mi>si planted
on the north hank of l.o��i creek, about three
miles easterly   from   the  Junction of  Loat crw-ek
aud    Sal i ii mi.    rlvwr.    in    th*    P*��ISOtl tatld dlatrli't,
tbence north Go chains, Uiciio* west fio chains,
thence south 80 chains, more or less, to Loat
creek, thence east lollowlng paid creek to |M>lut
ol commencement, and containing 4h0 acres,
more or leaa
Oat.,i June Mh, 1907 Rnwaan in�� *��
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that William David Anderson, of
Blrdar, occupation brtdgeman. Intend sio apply
for permission to purchase, the following describ-
ed lands Commencing at a post plained at the
north side of Hummlt creek, marked H. W���
thence north 20 chains, thence- east 40 pbglM,
thence aoutb JO chains, thence weat 40 chains
to point of commencement.
William Iuviu andemon,
W. J. tkwTT, Ageut
Nelson Land District. Dlstrictof West Kooteuay
Take notice that John I'hllbert of Nelson,
Hritlsh Columbia, occupation, saloon keeper, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following deat rlbed land: Commencing at a
post planted on the north bank l o��t creek, aud
about two and one quarter mllea easterly from
the mnttlOB of Lost creek and Halmou river. In
the Nelsou land district, theucu north 10 < bains.
thence wesl 60 chains, thence south Ho chains,
more or less, to }.,,n creek, thence easl follow ing
said creek to point of commencement and containing ini acres, more or less.
Dated June Mb, 1907, John Piiiliiiht.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice thai Frank McDonald, of Nelson,
Hritlsh Columbia, occupation miner, Intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a post planted
on the norlh bank of Lost creek and about one
mile easterly from the Junction of I ..-i creek
and Halmou river. In tbe Nelson land district,
theuee north fiO chains, thenee cast <H> chains,
tlience south 60 chains, thence west 00 ehalus lo
point of comiaeuceinunt, and containing NO
acres, more or less.
Dated June 6th, 1907. Frawk McDonald.
Notice la berahy given that 60 days alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase tbe following deacribed land, situate
in West Kootenay district: Commencing at a
post plant, d at the west boundary of I*ot b? (11.
aud about 10 chains south of the soulh boundary
of tho right of way of the H. C. Southern railway, and marked P. A. !"��� routhcaat corner,
tbence west 100 chains, theucu north to the south
boundary of th? right-of-way of 11. c. Southern
railway, thenee Inflowing said boundary of said
right of way In an easterly direction lo the west
boundary of Lot 362 Ul, thenee south to place of
cornmencemout, eonialulng 100 acres, more or
Dated thla Mth day of June, P.K>7.
Paul AVOtlST Pauison.
Nelsou Land District.  District ol West Koolenay.
Take notice that Edward Fraser, of Hillings,
Montana, U. fl A , occupation wool buyer, intends lo i.,>ply for permission to purchafe the
following described land: Commencing at a
post planted on the west shore of Upper Whatsban (Cariboo) lake, and at the southeast corner
of Ix>l H13t��, thenco west HO chains, theuco south
60 chains, thenco east KO chains, thenco south Lit
chains, thence oast 40 chains, more or loss, to tho
west shore of Upper Whatsban (Cariboo) lake,
thonce northerly and westerly along the ���-n.|
shore BO chains, more or less, Io point of commencement, and containing HA) acres, more or
May Mth, 1907. Bhwahd Kraskr.
(Hlgnod) R.HiiibLL,
perF.U. KAUquiBH, Ageut,
Hlity days after date 1 inteud to ���* ,     ���
Hon   Chief Commissioner of I.��-. ���- >-.- : ���* -,
fur  jutiiii.   inn  to  purchaa*   the   '���      ' ?t:.
arribt-d land   in   West Kootenay dim let   Csi
ment lug   at a   post marked  A  C   Hi ���.-���.*�������(
uorner   post,   running  4o chains ranwrlj si
the i s.'iar) of llmbrr liceuce No. /���'��� '.-.i
southerly 5o chains, tbenc�� westeny ��� fat���
thence northerly M chains abrng the r r ll
track tu r (��������� j t��t< .- "f i ..mini n- ��� in. i,: ' ��� ..:*.. :il
two hundrnf acres, more or leaa.
Located this ��tb day of May, 1907.
A. C  ic i-ji  Loratn
Hlxty days after data 1 intend to apfit U ml
Hi.ii Chiei Commlsaloner of !��:. n soil Wh|
to purchaae HU acrwi ot land located about Jala
southeast nf Burton: ' ��� m- ;������;,���. , at s >*|
planted at the south weat coruer of Lot SW1. u<l
nmrS-rd Q, A Hunter's southeast corner, ibfsal
north i ��� chains, thence weat A> chains, tbstail
south 4o chains, thenee ��� jlmi 10 ���;-.:������'; *'|
of iM-gluniag.
I... ��:.   l April 20th. 1W07. Q   A  Hem
per A. Km is  AgtaL
Nolln- ii hereby given that 40 dan sft^r Ostt-I
intend to apply lo the Honorable the < ' ' ' - |
mtasloner of I-a nil ��� and Works for permWiol ul
pun i>a��r the following ���!��� ..*���,��������� ������ '������*���'' 1
situate in West Ki>otenay district. Cotntnractel
at a r*"-: plant��<l on Placer creek, star IU fs��I
lluence with Hummlt creek, mark*. WlUM|
Harbour's .V W. corner, tbeuee south W thu
thence cast 40 chalas. thence north 40 rbsl
thence West 40 ehalna to place of comMSSBBSSfl
23rd May, 19o7. Williav Piasuri
Notice Is hereby given that ���> day* �����.���'.-'
iHteud to apply to Ihe Hon. Chlof c<,umiMlos��
of l * il- and Works lor permission MJUSS
the following described land In w��t MM
dUtrlet. on west shire of Lowrr Arrow ULt
adjouilng I>d Nn 4V4h. on the aoulh Hcgltituf
at a post marked 'Harry Mel,...:- HI ten*
post and planted on the shore of Uiwer Arrst
tjake, at the southeast corner of Capt ' * * u- !
. t ���!���*. thence west V ehalus, tbsnee soutb I
chains more or lesa to tbe north boundary of L
Fullmore's P. K , theoce an chains ea��l �� \.t';'
aald boundary Ui lake, thence north along Uj
lake shore Ai chains, mo:o or leas u> point*
11'iiijin m -einent.
May 2nd, 1WT. J   D  H'*>rx,
 Ageot for Harry Mcleod
fluty days After dale 1 InUnd to aprD   i�� ��
Hon.   tbe   Chief   Comuilaaioocr   of   Lands Uj
Works. Virtorla, to  pun-haae   120 acres of �����<
;...*��� i. d on tbe w.-t --idi- ..f Arr.-w lake and IjUJ
direct If north of 1-ot 7978: Commencing *;���:���*���
planted at tbe N   K. corner of I��t 7tf76 aud ra��rt r
e��l   "H. H. ri  K.  corner,"  and   running  nnrih JL
chains, thence west JO chains,  thence   nnrtb *
chains, iheuce  west go rhalos   tbence  -Miutn * |
ehains, thence easl 40 chains to point ���-:!*���<:��
April 23rd, 1W7. Bertha BMABfMt,
S, Y,  AHMAILI, Agent.
Hiitv days after date I intend to apply �� 0*1
Hon. Chief Commlaslooer of Lauds and ��oi��l
Victoria, B.C., to purchaae the fnlUositH ��I
- iii-'d land, situated in the West KootensHM
trlct: t'ommenclng at a poet planted "����* 1
west side of Kootenay lake, uear m\\\\owm\
point, and marked J. MeKlnnon's H fc. curta ���
Petti thence west ��0 chalas. theme uorU ��� I
��� hains. ih. to,- east 80 chains more or less te i"* j
shore. lhunc�� along lake ihore to point ol n*
mencemcut. ^-    ���
Dated April 4, 1907. Blgoed J   Mikim*<w|
Notice Is hereby given that ility dajsafter'WJ I
I Intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissi"*" I
of I.aiidi and   Works for (wrmlsslon to i tircha* I
the  following described tract of land ���itusis "J I
West K<Mdetiay district:     Commencing st ���V* 1
planted ebouj one-half mile norlh iron ton�� *
Hummlt  .reek,   marked   Jean   * amerou ��� ���*   "
corner,   tbsnee  east 40 chatus,   Ihenee norin e
chains, teUOMO   west  40 chains,   theuee sou in *
chains lo place of commencement _
3rd May, i��/7 J��*H csmisuK,
WlLLUW IlABIlOtE. Agent.
theuee  south  40 ehalus,  thence  east *" ''hl"r I
ibence north  40   chains to  place of com in""*
2lrd May. IS0T. John B. EfoL-iN i11-*"'
WILLIAM  BARK>t'K. Agent.    ^
Take notice that Harry Williams of S*w*
B   C, rancher, lntendi to apply Wr*nDUB��
to   purchase   the lollowlng  described   Is"1"
W cm Kontenay district: ..   ,M
t'ommenclng at a post planted adlanml WJT
southeast corner of Lot six thousand nin�� n��l
red and elgbtyftve  (fiUHft), H roup one (I).  " l"'
district, thence south twenty (SO) chains, '*"
west one hundred and sixty (160) chain--
north twenty (20) chains, thence easl 0P8 00i
red and  sixty (160) chains to the SOlSt ->l cow
meucement and containing B20 acres, more ��
riled the 19th day of May, 1W7.      M   iiiUI
1, the undersigned, after 60 davs >nten<H��,"P
ply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner " ''*V.
and Works for permission to purchase the i��"
lowing described land: Commencing s s l"'"
marked N. K. C , situated on the west IBSIS"
Hlocan lake, about twenty miles from flliK-ati nui
Ibence west 40 chains, thenco south HO ���������
thenco east 40 chains, tbence north ��l',n* "1.
shore nf lake 80 chains to point of oommrniT
Uicatcd May 4th. Bert BHASTi
Bhdcs Whitb, Agent. ___^
Hlxty .Uysafter dale I purpose making��i;P1'^*.
Hon to the Chief Commissioner of U0��'""
Works for permlsitoii to purchase the f"ll,,"il"l|
described land: Commencing at a post l'"1'.
at tho northwest corner of lot494��Cland m����
ed "P Mr.C'sH K cormr poat," running, ""'"^
M chains north theuee 80 chains west, l1"''1' ,.f
chains south, thence 80 chains east, to P(1,ni .
cnmineucemeiit, containing 840 acres, mon
Dated thi* oth day of May, 1907.
ty of May, 1907. ���_
(HlgnedJPinws M<.-C0U;tK��.
1> A. McCtiLLotH. Agent. ,
Hlxty   days  after date I intend to apply '" "'
Hon. Chief Commissioner of I*nds anil wotm
f land.altuateon the """
to purchase 240 aor<
side of Arrow lake,
outtwomllos froraBurlo
Commencing at a post planted at the B fCrorl!*i
of L OA47, and marked N. T IPs N. W. corner s����
running easl ko chains, thonce south 20 cm ns,
thence west 40 chains, thence south *>l!'!"',",'
i licnec west 40 chains, thenoe nurth 40 clmin- ">
place of beginning.
Burton, April JSrd, 8907.        NttUS T. BBSS,
A. A.Hl'aTOH.Ageut.
''-1'.:.,....    , ;���',...*'���..���:���
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ke notleo that Heuery John   Johnson,   Poster ol   Pernle, B. c.   Intends   to   apply  tor a
al  timber  licence  over  the  following des-
1.    Commencing at a  post  planted   lu   tbe
ktvt of Weal KiKtteuay, about twoniil*a north
e  international   bouudary   Hue  aud atmtit
nllewestof Boundary  lake  adjoining  aud
ecu licences No ttOli and HWW.  tlieuue south
alns, tbeuee west tw chains, thence north W
*'e east Ml chains to place of commencement.
kted June '���'-, VATi.        H.J. John BOW, Ixvator.
AWD. HacKSTT, Agent.
-Commencing  at  a post  planted  about
lie north ot the  northwest  corner ol 11. J.
iti's  No. 1 Umber  claim,   thunce  south  m
, thenco east n chains,   tbence  north m
0ns, thence west  Ho chains to  plaee  of commit
ale! Juue a, 1UU7.       H. ���'   Johns*��N, tJtOM%OT,
Ann. BseOSTi Agent.
. g, ���Commencing at a   poit  planted  at the
Ihweat corner of II. J. Johnson's No. 2 Umber
tbence   aouth  -so ^chains,   theuee   west W)
Ins,  tlience  north W chains,   tnence  east hu
tins to place of commencement,
kted Juue S, 1MT7.       H.J   Johnson, Locator.
Asu. ii��i ki.i,, Agunt.
-Commencing   at a   j>"-i   planted at the
beast corner of H   J. Johnson's No. S timber
, tbence  uorth  ���**���" ehalus,  thence  west 80
x, thenee  aouth  SO  ehalus,  thence eaat HO
s lo place of cummeucemeul.
i-d Juue a, 1W7.       H. J. Johnson, Locator
AND. Hackitt. Agent,
ft -Commencing at a post planted at the
tbwest cornerof H J Johusou's No. 2 timber
ihenee north flu chum*, tbence east HO
glim tnence south ��Q ehaius, thence west hu
Bin* to place of i-ummencemeut
bated June t, 1907.       H.J   Juuknon, Locator.
AMD. Iliinn, Agent.
���o.ft ���Commencing at a j->-'. planted aboat
I mile north of the northwest corner ol H. J.
Pa No.fi timber claim thence south HO
_ _ thence east ho ehains, thenee north HO
pins, thenoe weat   HO chains to  place  of com
Dat*-l June 3, 1907.       H. J. JoittrsoN, I,ocator.
Asu. llAiki.ii, Agent.
K*v ���     ''ommenclnK   nt n post  planted  at  the
hwast corner ol II. J. JohnsoQ's No. I timber
bun.   thence   south W chains,   iiu-n-.-   went SO
alns, tbence north ho chains, thence east HO
gins to place of commencement,
"ated Juue 3, HWT.       H. J  Johnson. I... nt..r.
And. Ha-kkii. Agent   .
o   8 ���Commeneing at a poat  planted  at  the
theast corner of 11. J. Johnson's No. 7 timber
thenee   north no chains,  theuee  west ��>
alns. thence  south 80 chains,  thenee east So
j lo place of commencement.
l>��ted June 3, i'>'~ H. J. Johnson, Locator.
Am.   Ilukin, Agent.
to. 9 ���Com mem
'thwest corner i. -
thence norlh  HO chains,  tbence  east HO
i.  thence etiulh HO ehaius, tbeuee west Ht)
dns to point of commencement
ated June 3, 1907.       II. J. Johnson, Locator.
e, P�����Commencing at a post planted at tbe
if thwest corner of nmb.-r licence  W74,   theuee
trth SO ehains, thence  east so chains,  thence
i 80 chains, tbence wesl So chains  to  place
atrd Juue 3, 1907.       II. J. Johnson, LocaUir.
AHl>   Hai kktt, Agent
Take notice that l��au Baker, prospector, of
o, B. U , intends to apply for a special umber
nee over the following described lauds:
-Commencing   at  a post planted lu the
juicl   of   West   Kootenay,   about eight miles
gitol ihe Kootenay river near the north bank
boundary creek and one mile north of the In-
national boundary line, which claims are deed  aa follows:   AI   the northwest corner ot
ur llcenw No. 8Qb7, thence north HO ehains,
_i>c east Hu chains,   theme soutb tK) ehains,
���nee west*l chains to place of commencement.
bated 1st June, 1907. U*N Bakrii.
-Commencing  at  a post planted at the
Dthwest corner  of   ^an   Bakers  No. 1 claim,
norlh   80 chains,  thenee west HO ehains,
���nr�� south 80 ehalus, thence east ��0 '-halus to
ice of commencement.
ated 1st June. 1907. l��*N Baker.
!.���Commencing at a post plauted al the
..-.west corner CM !>an Hakerrs No 1 -laim,
���nee north ho ehalus, thence east 80 ehnlus.
Slice south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
of commencement. ._
ated 1st June, 1906. 1>*N Baker.
-Commencing at a post  planted at  Ihe
jrtheast corner  of   Itou  Baker's   No. 2 claim,
���nee  north 80 chains,  thence wesl 80 chains,
nee aouth  80 chains,  thenco  east chains to
**e of commencement,
aled 1st June, 1907. *>*** Hakkr
-Commencing at a post pleated at the
rtbwest corner of timber licence No HC69,
e north HO cnalns, tbeuee easl BO chains,
e south 80 chains, thunce west HO chains to
of commencement.
sd JuneUh, l��n. 5>*�� Baker.
nenetng  at a post   planted  at the
ner ul II. J  Johnson's No c timber
enelng al a t>ost plaale*!  at  the
ttrOSr  ��d   Han   BOari  No   6 claim,
e  north  HO ehaius   thence  east  80 chains,
e soulh 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
of commencement.
Dated June 4th, 1907. DAM Bakkk.
. 7.���Commencing at a post planted at tho
Srtheast OpRU r of timber licence No. 8060,
iance nottb 80 ehains. theuee west 80 chains,
lence south 80 ehalus, thence cast 80 chains to
Rlnt of commencement.
ated June 4th, 1907. IUk Bakkk.
_.o. 8, Commencing al a post pinnted at the
brthcast corner of Han Baker's No 7 claim,
nco north 80 ehalus, thenco west 80 chains,
ueo south hu chains, thence east 80 chains to
c�� of commencement. ���
Dated June lib, 1907.  *>���*�� BaSSS.
otlce li hereby given lhat 00 days after date 1
���Vd to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
islonor of  Lands and  Works   for    ,-.   Hpuclal
e to tut  and  carry away timber from the
Ing described lands in Weal Kootenay all-
No. 1.���Commencing at a post marked William
'almsley, planted at   Kokanee Creek Hiding on
le  Procter  extension,  on  the west side of Lot
2, on the south side of the West Arm of Koot-
y lake, commencing at the N   K  corner poat
mug south 80 chains, west 80 chains, n >rth 80
Ins, cast NO chains to place of bcgluntug.
icated Drd Juno, 1907.
William Walmhlmv, Looatorj
Janes HtinuAPP as Agent	
ilson Land District.   District of West Koolenay.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days alter
ate I, J. P. Bwodborg, ot Nelson, B. 0 , miner,
Dtend to apply to the Hon. tho Chief Coiumla-
lonor of Lands and Works, at Victoria, for a
peclal license to cut and carry away timber
tho following described lands, situated on
uminlt creek. In the West Kootenay district:
No. I.���i ommenclug at a post marked J. P. H's
timber limit, buithe*S�� corner post, located on
gust  lork  of Hummlt ere*, about 8 miles from
?ialn creek, thenco rutiulng soulh K0 chulns,
hence running west 40 chains, thenco running
north 40 chains, thonce west 40 chains, thenee
Kurth 80 chains, theuco runnlnu oast 40 chains,
Klionce running soulh 10 chains, thonce oast 10
Qphalns to place of commencement.
W Dated this fith day of June, 1907.
J. P. Rwidiibhu, Locator.
ft He.'J.���Commencing at a post marked J. P. B's
���limber limit, northwest corner post, located on
Brest fork of Hummlt creek, about two miles from
Ejbinin ereek, thcucc running south 80 chains,
-'th'-nci- ruunlng east HO chains, thence runulng
���iliorth 80 cliaius, thence running wesl80 chains
Ho pla *e of Couiiuenceinent
���   Dated the 6th day of June. 1007.
J. P. Hivkuiikhu, Locator.
Nelson Laud District, District ol West Koolenay
ink*- notice, that Walter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B.C. -occupation cook, Intends to apply tor a
special timtmr licence over thu lollowlng described lauds: Commencing at a post planted
4U mllea upa creek riiuniug Into tho head of
Cariboo iake, on the east side of Carlt>oo lake
and marked "Wallet Edward's northwest corner," Iheuce -.-lit r* 80 chains' tbence east HO
chains, tbence north 80 ehalus, thenee west 80
chains to point Of commencement, and containing M" acies, more or less.
Date*) April 21lh, ISOT, Waltkh Kuwards,
by nls agent P. C. Manning,
Nelson Land District District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Walter Kdward*. of Kergu*on,
B C .occupation cook, inteuds to apply fot a
S|iei-lnl Umber licence over the following described Infills: Commencing at u post v 4 rail's
up Ms-rent creek and a \ mile east from A.
Kvan's corner poat No. 9, and marked "Walter
K'lwardas uorthwest corner post," thence east
40 chains, theuee south 160 chains, thence west
40 chains, thence north ISO chains to point of
cotnmeucemeut, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Hated Hay SOth, 1907. Walter Ei'Wakim.
by bis agent F. C. Manminu.
Nelsuu I Mel Dlntrict. District of Weal Kmdenay
TskS uotlce that Waller Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B. C, occupation cook, intends to apply for a
special limber licence over the following dea-
crllwl lands: Commencing at a t>o*ai planted
about a mtle from the head of Cartooo lake and
one mile esst of said lake, and marked "Walter
Kdward'* southwest corner," thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence south SO
ehalus, thence west 80 chains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or
Dated.Uay 30th, 1907. Walter KdwabIw.
by bis agent V. C. Mannim;.
Nelson Land District. District of Weat Kootenay
I ski nollec that Arthur K Kvans, of Beaton.
It. c, occupation cruiser. Intend* toapply for a
special timber IteentK over the following described lauds: Commencing at a post planted
al- >m S miles up Hteveni creek running luto the
eaat aide id Cariboo lake mark-td "A. a'. Evan's
southwest coruer post," thence north 80 chains,
tbence east HO ehalcs, thence south 80 ehalus,
thence west 80 chains to pjlnt of commencement, and containing MO acres, more or leaa.
Dated May Suth. 1907. aktiick It. Byank.
by his agent P. C. Manning.
No I. Notice ia hereby given that 80 day*
after date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner, ot I cud aud Works, for a special
li. cut to cut and carry timber from 'lie following described land-, situated on the southeast
side of Halmon river. In the district ot West
Kooteuay : f ommenclug at a post placed about
."������ yards west of Hose I>a( creek marked "K. H
Keeves's northwest corner," thence 80 chains
aoulh. thence HO chains east, thence 80 chains
north, thence ho chains west to place of commencement.
Located on the llth day of June, 1907.
K M. Rxivxs, locator-
No. ti Notice Is hereby given that 30 days
after date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mlsaloner, of Lands and Works, for a special
license to cut and carry timber from the following described lauds situated on the southeast
side ot tbe Hahhon river, in the dlstrictof West
Koou-nay : t'ommencliig al a poet placed about
���.���"���i vards weet Of Ki>se I.- nt creek, marked ������ It It.
Keeves's No, 2 southwest corner," thence 80
chains north, thenee 80 chains east, thence 80
chains soutb, thence 90 chains west to place of
co m m eu ce ment
I-., ated on the 10th day of June, 1907.
It, M. Kikvbs, Locator.
Nelsou Land District.   Dlalrlctof Weat Kootenay.
No. 1 - Take notice that tieorge A, Laurie, of
Creston, B C, lumberman, intends toapply for
a special timber licence over tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
soutb of the Lick cabin, on tbe Lick cabin trail,
on Inonakl in creek, tbence north SO chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or lee*.
May 1st, 19U7. "'ko  A. LaItiII.
Nelsou Land District.  District o( West Kooteuay.
No.'J���Take uotlce that tieorge A Laurie, ot
Creston, B C , lumberman, intend to applv (or a
special timber liceuce over the following de-
acrltieil lauds:
Commencing at a post plauted about oue mile
soulh of tho Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on Inonakhn creek, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
theuee west AOehains to the point ot commencement and containing t-m acres, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. Obo. A. Laurie.
Nelson I mid District    Dlstrictof West Kootenay.
No. S. ���Take notice that W. H. Page, of Fire
Valley, B. C, cruiser, intends to apply for a
special timber licence met tho following de-
scrilicd lauds:
Commencing at a p"-l plauted about one mile
south of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on lnonakliu ereek, Ihenee south 80 chains,
thenco west 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains,
thcucc easl 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. W. 11. I'aok. Locator.
CiKO. A. Laikik, Agent.
Nelson land Dlitrlct.   Dlstrictof West Kootenay.
No. 4.���Take notice that W. H. Page, oi Fire
Valley, BC., cruiser, Intends to apply for a special
timber licence over lite following described
Commencing at a post pla:iiod about one iiil'c
south of the Lick cabin, on tho Lick cabin trail,
ou lnonakliu creek, thenco north 80 chains,
theuco west HO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point of commence-
incut aud containing 640 aerts, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. W. ll. Paus, Locator.
Uio. A   Laikik, Ageut.
Nelson Laud District.  Dlstrictof West Kooteuay.
No. fi ���Take notice lhat QsotM A. Laurie, uf
Creston, B.C .lumberman, Intends tu apply for a
special timber license over tbe fullowlug described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
soutb and one mile west, of tho Lick cablu, on
tho Lick Cabin trail, on /nonaklln creek, theme
west 80 clisitiB, thence north 80 ehalus, thenee
east Hoclialns, thence south 80 chains to the point
of coinmeuccment and containing 640acres, moro
ur leas.
May 1st, 1907. Ugo. A. Laikik.
Nelson Land District.   District ol West Kootenay.
No.6.-Take nollce that Ceorge A. Laurie, of
Creston, It. C, lumberman, Intends to apply fur
a apeclal timber license over tho following described lands: '
Commeucing at a post planted about ono mile
south and one mile west of tho Lick caoln, on
the Lick Cabin trail, on lnonakliu creek, thonce
weat 80 chains, thenoe south 80 chains, thence
eaat 80 chains, thonce uorth 80 ehalus, to the
point of commencement aud containing 610
acres, tnorg or Icsk.
May 1st, 1907. (lea A. Laurie.
Nelson Inud District.  District of West Kootonny.
No. 7.���Take notice lhat tieorge A. I-aurle.of
Croston, 11. C, lumberman, luteuds to apply for
a special timber license over Ihe following dos-
"Tlbcd lauds:
Commencing at it post planted about ono
ouartcr of u mile lu an easterly direction from
fdck cabin, on Inouaklln creek, thenco south 40
chains, tlience cant 100 chains, tbeuee north 40
chains, thonce west 1(10 chains to the point ot
commencement and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
May 1st, 1907. UBO. A. LADSIS.
Sensational Attempt to Estsbllth an  Illicit Still In Heart of Canada'e
Montreal, July S. -Whut lookn like a
plot lo cstabllgh the biggest private still
yet eslabllHhed In Montreal, was dis
covered accidentally on Visitation
Every little while the revenue officers
And iruci'n uf a private still In and about
Montreal, but Ihe discoveries that were
made on Visitation street, right near
Sherbrooke, gave evidence of a gigantic conspiracy to defraud tlie Internal
Revenue laws. How many men were
mixed up in the attempt it Is difficult to
say, but it seems certain that Borne persons of great social au weli as financial
connections had a hand tn the affair.
Tbe dlbcovcry was made through suspicions aroused among the people who
live  In the  neighborhood of the   place
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George Alexander, of Kaslo,
B.C., Intends to apply for a special timber
licence over the lollowlng described lands:
Commencing at a post plauted at tbe northwest
corner of Section 12, Township 7, Kootenay district, being about one-third of a mile south of
the south boundary line of the Indian reserve;
thence south about % chains to the easterly
bank of Kootenay river; thence southeasterly
along Kootenay river bank about 00 chains to
the south boundary of Section 13, Township 7;
thence easterly about SO chains to the northwest
corner of Lot 861; tbence north W chains along
the west boundary of Lot S12; thence west m
chains to tbe point of commencement, and con
taining 640 acres, more or less
Dated July 4, 190T
Notice la hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend toapply to the Hon. ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special licence lo cut and carry away timber rrom the
following described lands in West Kootenay
district: Commeuclug at a post planted on the
" itb .'(ink of Ten Mile creek, about one mile
and a half from Hlocan lake, marked M. H. Pitts'
northwest corner post, thence east 190 chains,
thenee south 40 chains, thence west 160 chains,
thence north 40 chsins to place of commencement.
Datetl this 26th day of June, 1907.
II. H. PiTTi, Locator,
A. W. Stubbs, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
data I Intend to apply to the Honorable
Chief Commissioner of Lsvnds and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for s special license to cut and
carry away timber from tho following described
lands tn west Kootenav district: Commencing
at a post planted on tbe west bank of Smelter
creek, about one mile soutb of the City of Nelaon,
thence soutb 80 ehains, thenoe weat 80 chains,
thonce north 80 chains, thence east so chains to
plaee of commencement.
Dated this llth day of June, 1W7.
C. C. Clark, Locator.
D. Bears, Agent.
Nelson Land District. District of Weet Kootenay
Take notice that John I'hllbert. of Nelson,
British Columbia, suloon keeper, intends to
apply for a special Umber license over tbe following described lands: Commencing at a post
planned about three tnlles up tbe Brat rlitht
hand branch of Lost creek and about five miles
distance and tn a southeasterly direction from
the junction of aald lx>st creek and the south
lork of Salmon river in the Nelson land district,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement* and containing 640
acres, more or L *.
Dated June 12tb, 1907. John Philbjmt.
Nelsou Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that John Phllbert. ef Nelson,
Biitlsh Columbia, saloon Keeper, Intends to
apply for a special timber license over the following deacribed lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the north side ol Loat creek about
six miles distant and In an easterly direction
from the Junction of Lost creek and the south
fork of Salmon river in the Nelson land district,
theuee west 80 chains, tbence south 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chains, ttaenc* north 80 chains
to point of commencement, and con taint ns *'oo
acres, more or lesa.
Dated June 12th, 1907. Johh Philbkrt.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Joh.u Phllbert. of Nelson,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, Intends to
apply for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a noat
fi Ian ted on the north side of Lost creek about
our miles distant and In an easterly direction
from the Junction of said Lost creek and the
south fork of Salmon river in the NeUon land district thenoe westSOchaina, thence south 80 chains
tbance east MO chains, thence north 00 chains to
point of commencement, and containing 640
acrea, more or less.
Dated Juue I2tb,1907. John Philbmt.
Nelson Land;i>islrlct. District of West Wootenay
Take notice that John Phllbert, of Nelson,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, intends to
apply tor a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
about one and one-half miles up the tint right
hand branch of Lost creek, and about four miK's
distant ami in a southeasterly direction from the
junction of said Lost ceek and the south fork of
Salmon river In the Nelson land district, thence
north 80 ohatns, thence east 80 chains, thence
him ih 80 chains, tbence west 80 chains to point
of commencement and containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Dated June 12th, 1907. John Philbkrt.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice that fobn PUbert, of Nelson,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, intends to
apply for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
Elanted about two miles up the right hand
ranch of Lost creek and about four miles distant and in a southeasterly direction from the
junction of said Lost creek and tbe south fork
of Salmon river in the Nelson land district,
tlience south 80 chains, thonce east 80 chains.
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains ts
point of commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or leas.
DaUd June 12th, 1907. John Philbbrt.
Nelson I And District.   District of West Koo*��nay
Take  notice that  John   Phtlbett  of   Nelson,
llrltlsh Columbia, saloon   keeper. Intends to ap-
(ily for a special timber licence over the fol-
owlug described lands; Commencing at a
post planted on the north side of Lost creek aud
about four miles distant and in an easterly
direction from the junction of said I-ost erect
and the touth fork of Salmon river in the Nelson land district, thenea cast 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thenoe west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to the point of commencement
and containing 640 acres, more or less-
Dated June 12th, 1907. John Philbirt.
Notice Is hereby given that so days alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria,
for permission to cut and carry away timber
from tho following described lands, lu West
Kootenay :
No. 1. Commencing at a post planted on the
southwest corner of surveyed lot No. 72al Gl,
thenco cast 40 chains, thence north SO chains,
thence east to the southeast cornerof said lot,
thenco north to tho northeast corner of aald lot,
thence east to the west boundary of pro ompttou
No. 692, thenoe south to the north boundary of
timber licence No. 8548, thence west along the
said boundary to the northwest corncj of said
license, thence south to the north boundary of
timber licsnse No. 7018, thence wast to a point
due south of commencement, thence north to
place of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or leu
Dated May 2Mh, 1907.
P. A. Paulion, Locator.
J. A. M'tu.ivan, Agent.
No. 2. Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of Kurveycd lot No. 72atui,
thenco south to the northern boundary of limner license No. 7018, theuee west to the northwest corner of said timber license, thence south
to the northern boundary of lot No. 8'2, thence
following said boundary of said lot west to the
right of way of the B. C. Southern Hallway,
thonce following said rtght-of way in a northeasterly direction to place of commencement.
Dated May 26th, 1907.
P   A   PAULSON, Locator.
J. A. Sullivan, Agent.
where the attempt to establish the still
was made.
Even with that the work might have
gone on In comparative security if tho
man who seems to have been the executive head of the affair had payed his
rent, but the non-payment of the rent
and a subsequent seizure of the property discloaed such a remarkable state of
affairs that the officers of the law were
fairly nonplussed.
In the meantime the executive head
referred to cannot be  found.
Some time ago, a French-Canadian
gentleman of good address, rented a
warehouse belonging to Mr. Frank K
McKeyes, owner of the Dominion Mutton works, whose establishment Is at
428 Visitation street.
The warehouse rented is right in the
rear of the factory.
The gentleman In nuostion, who has
prominent social connections, paid his
rent a month in advance, and announced that he Intended to go into the
business of manufacturing Canadian
Later developments, however, have
given rise to the suspicion that this
was only a blind, and that in reality he
intended to manufacture Canadian whiskey on the quiet.
As soon as he took possession he
1 itiutrd the windows of the warehouse,
and started to acquire a lot of lumber.
This lumber, he told Mr. McKeyes upon
Inquiry, was intended to reinforce the
second floor of the building, where he
Intended to put eight big vats for the
reception of the wine.
The vats were delivered at the warehouse and they were immense affairs,
capable of at least containing 500 gallons each.
Then a very suspicious thing happened. Gangs of Italians were seen
coming Into the warehouse at early
morning hours, and sometimes at night.
What they did no one knew, but the
neighbors had their suspicions.
Gradually Mr. McKeyes, who owns a
couple of dozen tenements in the vicinity of the factory and goes around each
week in person to collect the rent, was
informed that there was something
strange going on, and when it happened
that the tenant asked for a small extension of time to pay his rent in advance last month, the extension was refused him.
The next thing was the mysterious
and inexplicable absence of the tenant,
an absence which neither his friends nor
his family could explain, and on top of
thsl came the Information that the revenue officers had stealthily visited tlie
Mr. McKeyes placed the matter in
the hands of his attorneys, and started
suit for rent and was appointed guardian of the place.
Then the wonderful discoveries were
made. The lower floor of the warehouse,
where a new wooden floor had been
laid just previous to the new tenant
corains in. was found to be in the
greatest confusion, xmu Un* floor had
been torn up, and in one corner was
found a deep hole.
On the ground were hundreds of bags
of fresh earth, disposed of between the
eight huge vats which *vere supposed
to hold the new Canadian wine when
it was manufactured, and in one end of
the warehouse was a mound containing
tons  of  earth.
The hole was Investigated next, and
was found*to be the beginning of a tunnel two and a half feet in diameter,
and running along the western wall of
the building for a distance of some 25
or 30 yards, terminating in a subterranean chember 10x15 feet.
The subterranean passage and chamber are very carefully boarded up along
the sides to prevent any cavein,
It is stated by some of the neighbors
who, with envious eyes, seemed to have
kept a watch day and night upon the
doings of the tenant, that ou the evening previous to the visit of the revenue men a big contrivance was taken
out of the warehouse, and carted off in
the dark. They claim that this was the
private still.
Information obtained from some of
the people who seem to have been on
fairly intimate terms with the lessee of
the place, who has disappeared, would
go to show that he has gone either to
Winnipeg, or to St. Paul, Minn.
He told Mr.McKeyes that he had a number of prominent gentlemen associated
with him In his undertaking, and a number of gentlemen at various times telephoned to Mr. McKeyes asking how his
tenant was getting ou, but Jhey always
refused to give their names.
Mr. McKeyes states that efforts are
being made to unravel the mystery of
the subterranean passage and chamber
both by the authorities and other Interested parties; but In the meantime Mr.
McKeyes will sell the gigantic vats to
make up for the damages which this
mysterious tenant has Inflicted upon his
For Sale
50 ft. Corner, Houston and ward, $375
B0 ft. and Cabin,  Mill,  near park, $275
Realdence���Centrally located, near station; six rooms and bath, electric
light, water, sewer.
Also bualneas property, factory sites,
etc., etc. ^
f*. bTlys
Weat Baker Street. NELSON, B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lance sod Comfortable Bedroomi sad First*
olasiDlulug Boom.   H.mplu Room, tor Commer-
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Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Kooma SO cents upward. The
dining room la unexcelled iu the city.
Houae healed throughout with hot
J. A. ERICSSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Rouse
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Rurope*ii snd American Plan
Mealn D6 ctt.   Rooms from 36 oil. to W-
Only White Holp Employed.
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprlatort
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar u the Fineet.
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Joeephlne St.
Royal Hotel
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Only the beet of Liquore end Cigars.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple aud fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs-
Camp and Miners* Supplies.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To rhurli's U. Simpson, or any other person
to whom he may have tranttfei red hla interest in
the "Mny Bloaaom" mineral claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a half miles southwest of Vin l -, in the Nelson Mining Division, of
West Kootenay District, and recorded In the
Recorder's i; :llce. for the Nelion Im vision.
You and each of you are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred and tl ve dollars
(205.00) in labour and improvements upon the
above mineral claim In order to hold tbe same
under the provisions oi the Mineral Act. and if
within ninety days from the date of this notice
you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which ii one hundred and two
fifty dollars (fU)��.o0) tor the two years ending
8th May. 1907.) together wUh alt costs of adver
Using, your Interest In tire said claim will become the property of the undersigned under
Sec. 4 of an Act entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Ymlr, B. C , 16th May, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor In council, under the provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right to improve Rykcrts creek, in the district of
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
tbe banks t he reof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chute*?, and make sueh other improvements as mny be necessary for th ��� driving and
rafting of loss and the llumlng of timber thereon
The lands to be affected are goverment lands and
Lots 251 and 983, Group 1, Kooteuay district, and
the tolls that ure proposed to be charged, if auy,
are such as may be fixed by a Judgjnf the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated tliis -'Tth day of March, A, D. 1907.
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificates of Title for tats 11
and 12, Block 31. Town ot Silvcrton (Map 074);
the south W of Ix>t8, Block 5, Town of New Denver���and Lot 1, Block 81 and lot 8, block 36,
MeGUlivray'a Addition to New Denver (Map 667);
Notice Is hereby given that It is my Intention
to issue at the expiration of ono month from tho
the first publication hereof duplicates of tbe
Certificates of Title to tho above described lands
in thu name of Henry Shcran and Harry Shemn,
which Certificates are dated the 17th .tunc, 1899.
the tth of October, lg'Jl, the 23rd July, 1896, and
the 19th January, 1898, respectively, and are
numbered 2tf21K, 10447A,732C and 88uK, respectively
District Registrar
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B *J
 29th. May. 11W7	
In the matter of an application lor the Issue of
a duplicate of tho Certificate of Title lor Lots
16 an i 17, Block 26, Town of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given that it is my intention
to Issue at the explrutlon of one month after the
flr?-<t publication hereof a duplicate ui th<�� Certificate uf Title for ttie above I.ot�� in thu name of
Frances tt I>ay, which Certificate Is dated the
19th September, l��9t, and numbered 2tftOK.
I*aml Registry Office, h'olson, H.c, 16th June.
1907. H. F. MaCLROD,
Plstrlct Registrar.
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On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
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for sale.    Apply to
The M. & W. Und Co., limited,
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
I'. 0. Box 145   Fhonc Jel B.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46*50
To Port Arthur. St Paul
Doluth. Sioux City
Chicago 964.00 Montreal $84.00
Toronto $78.50 St. John $94.00
St. Louie 860.00 Ottawa 888.58
New York $100.00 Boston $8830
Halifax $101.80
Oo Sale July 3. 4, 5.   August 8, 9, 10.
September U, 12,13.
First Chas Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions rrom all
Kootenay points. Tickets available tor
lake route Including meals and bertha
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station in Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.cl.l'.A.V.ncouTer. D.P.A.. Niilion
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townaite of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group One (1,) Kootenay, of record
in the Land Registry Office at Nelaon aa "626."
Take notice that on tbe 26th day ot July, A. D.
1907, at the hour of 10:*. o'clock la the forenoou,
at the Court llouan in tho city of Nelion. in the
Province ol Brltlih Columbia, application will
be made to the Judge of the County Court of
West Kootenay, by the Columbia and Kootenay
Railway aud Navigation Company for an order
that the plan of the said Townslte of Rebaon, of
record at Nelaon, In the Province of Brltlah
Columbia, aa "6 6" be cancelled, and that the
applicant may enjoy the landa comprised with-
In the said Town site free trom any ���aaements
or rights of any person to open soy. Und or
lanes, street or streets, square or squares, park
or parks across, within or ut<ou .am lands.
llated at the City of Nelson, tn the ITovlnce of
British Columbia, thla 37th day ol June, AO,
Agents tor Lougheed, Bennett, Allison, Taylor
A McLaws.   Solicitors and agents for the
Columbia & Kootenay Railway * Navigation Company, applicants.
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baton.   T. Auattn. Secretary.
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Hotel Strathcona
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Civility ami Cleanllneos
BnporViaed by proprietoi and wife.
H. P. Collins, J. Stephenson, Wlnnl,
peg; \\\ F. Alexander, Calgary; H. C.
Button nnd wife. Winnipeg; Mr. and
Mrs. Lachmund, Arrowhead; ID, G. Jackson. Toronto; F. S. York. Hnrton; S. D.
McMillan. W. White. J. F. Hane, Wlnnl*
pip;; J. A Hunter. Minneapolis; W. .1.
Mars. Brandon; R. W. Stayner, Clive
Prlngle, Ottawa; J. L. ReUiUack. O. O.
Buchanan, Kaslo; W. O. Minor. W. F.
Fopff,  F.  F.  Flusteed, Vancouver.
OOP, Vernon  ami \Vaat*d 8tre��t8,
MKLSON, 13. O.
Miss Shannon, Miss Doult, Spokane; M.
Ii. Rigging, San Francisco; A. Mcintosh,
Toronto: F. \V. Adolph. Baynes; A.
Leltch, Flko; T. W. Leask. Creston; P.
Lund, U. Lund. Wardner; W. Prior.
Winnipeg; W. T. Haynes, S. F. Wallace,
Pernle; .1. Perron, Pernle; A. staples,
O. U. Staphs. Wydltte; W. B. Hudson,
A. ('. Lockhead, Vancouver; N. Rogers.
Toronto; L. Ahraham, Montreal; E.
Harvi'v, Victoria; A. Lucas, Kaslo; J.
Habcock. Victoria; Mrs S. W. Miller
and son, Spokane; L. M. Morrison, St.
Paul; A. Leroy* Montreal; J. J. Mackay.
Vancouver; R. Clarkson, J. N. Sergeant,
Miss Xeinisk. K. J. Walton. G. W. Gil-
roy, Medicine Hat; C. Gooch, Trail; J.
S. Gusty, Ferule; N. R. McKinnon. Sil-
vevton; Mrs. Hcwes and son, Ainswortli; J. Glover, Edge wood; J. Rani*
buit, Vancouver.
J.  Costlgan,  M.  Morton. Rossland;   J.
M. Squires, Creston;  L. J. Fox, Ymlr.
W.   H    McBeath.  3.   Dlotte,   Beasley;
A.  McGillls,    Koch's  Siding:    G.  Matthews,   W.    H.   Cawley,   F.   D.   Moony,
Salmo;   W. McFarlane, Trail.
A. G. Mlain, Cranbrook; J. A. McLean. Ymir: N*. K. Paull., Sayward; G.
K. Fortler, Minneapolis; J. K. Fortler,
Plnnher Creek; P. Murphy, Crow's
Xest; F. K. Armstrong, Rossland; E.
Vanstone, Rosebery; J. Hough. Sandon;
J. Phillips, S. Sibble, Vancouver; M.
Tail. Ymir; W. Hattarber, Greenwood;
a\I. Koszko. J, Ko.szko, Trail; R. Hor-
iie, G. Soucey, Reaver; A. L). Lougheed,
Mis. W. H. French, Slocan; C. Curtis.
Shields; T. S. Grant, R. P. Brown. A.
P.vman, CranbtOOk; X. llason. Trail; .1.
Andiron, Cranbrook; S. Lancaster, Salmo; A. Hudson, Vancouver; D. Cory,
Crescent Valley; R. L. Crafn, Kimber-
ley; O. P. Beamish, Beasley; C. G. Fen-
wick, Deer Park; R. H. Evenly, Cran-
brook; H. Cole, Trail; M. McLeod, Ho-
den Creek; Mrs. F. A. Kellogg. Winnipeg; J. Pope, Vernon; .1. Thomson, Toronto; B. Borrowclough, England; G.
Miller, Pueblo; W. Patterson, North
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.   Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing, Address Box 796, Nelaon.
Will   flrnler  {dense them   at the Hudcim'H Hay
WOMAN KOKfJKNKKAL HOL'dKWOUK. Chinaman employed. Mm. R. H. Umnle, Hoover St.,
between �� ��. m and i p. m.	
fly houM'ki'-i-iHT. :ird flat. K. W. C. bloek.
BOOMED HODSB, i. loti with twnriDK fruit
trees, Observatory Htreet. 2 doors frojn Kooten
.   Two 0<M��   :
place tor ofll< es, rent
y, rent $18 00 pel  month.   Two Good  Koodib
bove our office, Hint the   plaee for oil)(en, rent
Toy* 4 Co., Baker Btreet,
116.00 pur  mouth
Nelion, B (',
In chambers yesterday S. S. Taylor,
K. C, obtained an order tor service ex
juris, in the case of Paulson vs. Hathaway.
Board of Trade.
The regular meeting of the Nelson
hoard of trade will be held in the court
bouse Thursday evening at 8:80. The
chief business to come up Is tbe auditor's special report.
R. M. R.
The annual inspection of No. 2 company, It. M. R., which was announced
lor today, has been postponed for a
week.' The members signed the payroll
at the armory last night
Kootenay   Exhibit.
Messrs. .1, Hyslop and .1. M. McPhee
left for Winnipeg this morning with the
OOlleotloD of Kootenay products to be
exhibited at the big fair. Everything is
In good condition and good results are
looked   for.
Several drownings are -reportiMl as
having occurred iu Easl Kootenay at
the end of last week. The Kootenay
near Wardner claimed two men whose
boat upset in rapid water, and one man
fell   from   a   bridge  near  Elko.
Shipment   of   Berries.
The berries shipped during the rainy
days of last week were swollen and did
not keep well. They also lost weight
during transportation. The berries coming in now are in far better condition
Only a comparatively small proportion
of the product of West Arm ranches
has yet found Its way to market.
Letter Boxes.
.1. H. Greenfield, post office inspector
Of the mainland of British Columbia, Is
in the city today In connection with the
location of boxes for collection of mail
which have been granted by the Dominion post office department on petition
of the board of trade and citizens generally. Mr. Greenfield said last night
that as many boxes would be installed
as he judged necessary for the convenience of residents of the city and
Year's Lead Output.
The total lead output of Kooteuay for
the year ending June 30th. 1907, is estimated by G. O. Buchanan at 18.000 tons,
a little over one third of which was
treated at the Hall Mines smelter. The
total is a reduction of more than "0 per
cent, from the product of recent preceding years. The decline, In spite of
the price of lead, Mr, Buchanan attributes to the inactivity in the Slocan.
due in many cases to protracted litlga
tlon and its effect on capital, and, to
some extent, to the delayed decision on
the American zinc duty, which has kept
many formerly large shippers idle. During the year the price has remained
steadily above the bounty. The St. Eugene mine is renponsible for most of the
Pythian  Sisters.
Last evening In the K. of P. Hall the
Pythian Sisters had a surprise party,
entertaining Mrs. W. O. Rose and Mrs.
J. J. Walker, who are leaving for the
east; and at the same time they entertained the Knights of Pythias, their
wives and -Birrt^T**. x very <it\tniy nprpaa
was put on by the ladies, after which
William Irvine, P. G C., took the chair
A very pleasant evening was spent,
finishing up with a nice little dance.
Prior to the entertainment the Pythian
Sisters held their installation services.
All the officers elect were the same as
last term excepting Mrs. J. A. Erickson,
who found it Impossible to accept the
position of K. R. and C. again, and
therefore had to resign. Mrs. J. C.
Thelin will fill this position for the ensuing term.
The Store of Quality
$2.00 pe* Crate
Fresh in every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
Rob. NL Hood & Co.
K. W. O. Block . Phone 10.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   8ta.
Our  prices  are   right  and   we   have   all
ingredients  for  preserving.
PINTS    $1.00
QUARTS       1.25
HALF   GALLONS    1.50
C A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine fits.
Fot iOc
We will sell for the balance of this week
all   our   15  cent   lines of   Cups  and
Saucers,  Plates,  Cream
Jugs, etc.
These are two articles that arc always getting broken ami needing to be
If you don't need any now, it is worth
your while to lay in a supply for future
needs at this price.
Don't put it off till the opportunity Is
W. G. Thomson
gXti* *nd   Nelson, B. C.
Phone .*���*-
Mrs. G. O. Buchanan arrived from
Kaslo this morning and is at the Strath-
Miss Hazel Gore returned last night
night from Toronto, where she has been
attending school.
A. Lucas, provincial nsessor. arrived
from Kaslo last night and left for the
Itoundary this   morning.
A. Sullivan, principal of the Nelson
public schools, leaves tomorrow morning to spend his summer holidays in
School Inspector I~>. Wilson left for
Victoria last night. The high school
examinations ended in Uossland. Grand
Forks and Kaslo yesterday morning and
in Xelson In ihe afternoon.
W. K. Cooke, of Kaslo. who has been
in the city for several days *�� oonuec-
tion with the rm<��*<~���� wt lumbermen, is
���., rttiKiim for tne building of a fine residence on the hill at Kaslo.
J. A. Honeyman, formerly proprietor
of the Nelson Iron Works, is In town
from Vancouver. He is delighted at
the many evidences of progress he sees
in Nelson. He will be at the Hume for
the next  few  days.
T. M. Bowman, registrar of the supreme and county courts, will leave for
a month's holiday tomorrow evening,
travelling to Ontario by way of Chicago. During his absence the office will
be In charge of K. M. Sandilands.
J. Babcock, inspector of fisheries for
the province, who has been visiting the
eastern part of his district for the first
time in several years, returned from
Kaslo last night with a 22% pouud salmon, which he intends to take with him
to   Victoria.
J. W. Davidson, war-correspondent for
the New York Herald In the Japan-
China War of 1804, later an Arctic explorer with Dieut. Peary, now a B. C.
lumberman, handling the Calgary end
of the business of the Staples company,
in which he has acquired an extensive
interest, was In the city yesterday. The
size, enterprise and substantial appearance of Nelson, as well as its beauty,
were a revelation to Mr. Davidson, who
promises to return for an extensive visit
very soon, bringing Mrs. Davidson with
Arrow   Lake   Fruit   Men.
W. J. Brandrith and H. KIpp, of the
B. C. Fruit Growers' association, are
spending this week visiting the ranchers along the shores of the Arrow
Lakes. A meeting was held at Burton
yesterday. Mr. Brandrith has expressed
the opinion that the Burton and Fire
Valley districts are two of the best, and
that Burton Is destined to be Nelson's
chief rival as a fruit-shipping centre.
WIiolt-HKle nikI   Retail Dealt'n in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampi supplied on shortest notice iuid
lowest price. Nothing but  fr��*>Hh and
wholesome incuts and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES    Manager.
lT5 5CEA1Er?Y
Its Business EriERGY
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500-
Easy terms.
5-ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit trees, etc. $1,600: one-
half cash, balance (15 per month,
6 per cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50: $375 cash, balance easy.
Rowboats And Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Aitent for Tnuaott L*unrhei
��� d<1 PatarMro c.nne..
Fine,! Lot ol   Boats in B I'.
Foot of Jowviiiine Ht.       Tel   A1S
1        JARS
Half Gallon Jars $1.75
Quart Jars - $1.50
Pint Jars   -   -   $1.25
Telephone 161.
Under tha  anppiOM  of  Ihp  LftdlM  Aid
uf ths Church of Mary Irmnurulntr;
Afternoon and Evening
FRIDAY, July X 2
Hedley Wage Scale.
P. A. Hoss, mnnat;-*r of Ihe Daly Ho-
duettos company, of Medley, han acceded to the requcal of the company's employees and accepted the new Boundary
scale bh the standard of miners* wanes.
We have just received
a consignment of the
for which we are sole
agents for this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
KODAKS And AI1 Accessories]
    (Fresh Stock Twice a Week)
This is the season for taking photos of
Kootenay s  unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything  in  the Kodak  line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone   81
^ryrYiViV " * * * *M����N**������^ *0t0*t*\ *i"i"i~i* *t*~^^*l^*l^*l^*^'^^*^*r*V^^rVV���^V^lruV<J^UW���
For  ai Stylish   Suit
Hiiilt to Fit the KiKtirv ,u���|  Keep Its Shape Not  Duly the Ktrst
Week   You   Wear   It,   lint   All   the   Time        (let    Q    Made   by
T��vi/m& Mc(Jt aichm.   the Relinl.Ie Tailor*, of Kootenay.
Absolute   satisfaction   guaranteed    or   money   refuno.d.
High Class Tailors, Baker St, Nelson, B. C.
k* A -fc -fc A a* A AAA a%. a% a*, a�� a%, afc-am. A a*a*.a% A +. ^a. ��|V|V*Vr^'��lV)YlVgV1iV^V>Aj^
i��aki-:k SIIUIBT, iniiumon.
WholeanlB  Provlalnna,
Product), - Hrvilt.
Government Orwunery One Pound Knclis received weekly trash from lbs   ( ���"*
churu.    Fox sale hy nil lendiii|r frrooers. / ]
Office and warehouse.: Houston Block,    Phone 70.
Josephine Street. Nelaon, B. C.
Sprfng i,s Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the ranchur, gardener or householder.   Spades,   |
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Foiks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt  attention  paid  to  letter  orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
'��. A.  ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON
K*pwr.'iy W|'',ljg��Mg>JM*SMtS)il with Dungtch.   Nh..i M.��"i S
Work, Mliilni sTOrMHI Miichlnery.      iwlaoulacturere ol
*Jr>*  ����r��.   U.   W.   Unntrectors'   Cera.
'nrniT of Hall snd
Front Rtreela.
���HOFicn-n, Lambe,t Shingles,
AND DEALERS IN ,     ���_ -    ,
L,oth, MoulcJiiiKM, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets
VBHNOIN HI huh i    .
Mail Orders promptly attended to
���   MJLSON, It. ��2.
Summer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallance hardware Co., Limited


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