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The Daily Canadian Oct 11, 1907

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,1.1'MH   2.      NO.    IIP.*.
Fiftt Cents a mon h
lazily Commission To
Be Petitioned
lard o! Trade Will Proceed With
Municipal Telephone Scheme
���Treasurer's Report.
ol rrri.i.- was in session ex-
ii) au hour 1-i-r nigbl and .lealt with
i.-. ImiKirtaui tuatters. On the que*
.. ir wan resolved to
foi presentation to tbe
I.     A seheme lor sul.
I tinder municipal oon
1    ��� ��� -I    au.l    referred    lo   a
in.. Bt!g_ti_1_      'I'll.'    late
:   was  loriud  to  be in
-!���   .|.t'.'lri. au.l was re
r:..l back :-��� !.;:..  !..!  .-V|.lauation.
promptly at s ;:". wiih
|r I K. A    Starkey   In   lhe   chair,
��� Ing \V. II. Jones, 11. <i.
\ ������   I.   i'.n-han, \V. I'..  Thomson.
i'   I',    Klrlrult.  A.   Lean.   W.
.    -    I., .rule,  C.   W.   Husk.   lJ.
\    Kelly,  S.  8. Taylor,
.   u QUiett, a. I', aiade, Q
:    l.    II.   McDt-imid.     The
I. :..-!    meeting   Were   read
i>>: adopt, -
I- .ri.-.1. tor ihe telephone
V ivlng   interviewed   11.    W
I -I lire ii. c*. Telephone
I di cllneS* to undertake an
p riM..:i ���  nnd ihe shoreB ot the Arm.
.      built   their  own  line.
..   would furnish  mail-rial ut
blmum coal and give connection witn
\f       centri   sl   ihe rule  ot  Do i-enT_
Mil lur   < a.-'.r  subscriber.
I* 8  Tsyli     raid the people of Cran-
-.i. I.nil! ill.-ir own Hue and con neet-
Iwlth man) out side |,..lnis, and wer<-
,��r cent, profit.   He thonghi
-rniiau;     r ..  to he fortued lu .Nel
1 ments should he made for
��� -h nslons to Yiulr. Slocan, Kaslo
f ghboring communities.
ii.. n moved that the corn-
it.- empowero-  to   add   to their
I and instructed to Invest!gate
f"'' report ..a the larger scheme.    The
!n,|,|ii "a      ��� ..n.l.'.i l,y C. W. Hunk nnd
secretary   then   re|*ottcil   on   the
lioBed change was wimlly UnsB-sfact-
tory,    Wliar   iltey  iiiiihI got, ir iie.-eHs.-try
through tha railway commission, is a
reduction on freight rates to Nelson,
s. s. Taylor said t__ oomtnlielon had
requested that ih.- hoard awsll the iKHue
or lire ne wlarliTH and tlleli preseul a
rime. He nlHO aaiil llial I*',. K. BeestOO
l.a.l ile- matter In hand ami could quickly allow the effect oi ih.. changes, lie
...id Mr I'ei.-rs had p**_le_t-d a hew
argument thai Nelaon ratea .ere based
on (;. N. lt. competition via K|>okane.
He thought Koine henelil to the board's
claim was to he derived from the (brow's
Nest agreement. He thought they were
very fortunate In baring tlie services of
.Mr   __*___*_ ami hoped adequate  pro*.
vision   would  he   made  to retain   those
services       lie   thought   li  well   worth
A motion was then adopted con���nu-
Ing Ih.-l committee in ..lliee. recommending that they employ K. K. HeeKton and
arrange tor adequate i_*n_|i__��_-_ for
hla services.
An there was no further business  Ihe
board then adjourned.
Important Discovery in Northern Ontario
Property ��� Reports   Prom
New Fields.
i aaurei s report, lie found
*'���.!. that thiee subscriptions
 .r.i  ami   nut  credited, thut
ni .1 members mill  figure on
thi   i I.. w.-ie very loose-
1 "'|.|. thai entries were not made al
line, iiiai alter the audit waa
t..i i i.- n was presented,
'"���ll'ts wore 181.26 while doposlts were.
���-���-'*��� .iu. evidently to tin- depositing
ai "l;" tlmu ..i earllei receipta. Be
''I ids., several discrepancies In the
Ills in .-..line.'lion with the hani|iiel
members ..i ihe Spokane Chant-
'"*' "i Commerce,
"u�� I. ,|
s s Taylor remarked thai  ihu dl��*
"���-pancles  were  probably  wholly acci-
";���'���" ""i thai all thai was necessary
"'- to can Mr,  Brydgea' attention to
"'" '" secrure rectification.
11 8  Lennie    thought    Mr. Brydgea
1,1 lie allowed to see the report be-
"������ action should he taken.
Huohan  thottght   Mr.  Brydgea
It., tho
He suggested 'hat a
accountanl    make a reviled
-I I
"' "'ready had ample time.
1   ���**   Lankan ami   B, W.  Monk  wero
''"i members or ihe board without
Utters fi
.uu several  publications. In-
'f'|"'l'"�� Uie London Times, quoting
*"i- for advertisements, were filed,
lets offers of publicity were referred
'" t-i 20,000 club.
8tanaing accounts ol f.G were passed
'" -ered paid,
A mouon by j. i��� Buohan thai tho
iba'i     '" " """ '"' '"'''i".'11 ""'i thai
to th     Boorotary's attention be called
ie discrepancies in acoounts, was
"'"""''���""���.ly adopted.
mr,.'' (l""','*v,! reported ror the freight
committee the result of the Inter-
*��� "'"' '"  w- Po'ere on Sept. -8rd
���.���',"   !'"'' al lh" ���"**>��� __d Hiiinmarl-eil
DoodI m*-ou-1--"*-- bis repoiM   Mr.
,.���.,."'" |,"*'""'l out lhat In ICiiKt  KOOt-
��,!,;,  |M" '���"*    Vancouver merchants
penao      "ilv ���'lvl""'i al  Neteon's ex-
Power Plant Not Giving
City Electrician Has No Authority
as Machinery Company Is
Still Responsible.
president remarked that the
Cobalt, Oct ll.���Word baa been re-
.-.-iv. .1 from Fairvlew of the Hading ol
a hi*: seam of well mlneraii/ed quarts,
-.1 f.-el from the croBH-cut of the stein-
v* inder Cold and Coal Mining Company.
Limited. This ledge is simiiar to quarts
.���nei.entered   on   the   _i.it-f.iot    level.   500
fee. east of the shall       The quarts is
all weil mineralized, and ihere it, ahout
two feet of almost solid niim-ral on ihe
hanging wail. After thia there is nlsrut
four feet of niinerali/.t-d rock. This is
clean Htuff. wllh no waste. Then roairs
almost solid mineral, with visible gold
in every piece.
Assays taken from tho laBt mincr-
ali/.i-.l rock show values of $G to the ton
in -.old. und *l.tt> to the ton ln -diver.
Four samples of quanz taken from a
lower level gavfl vain. -.. ot $7 ".'.i in gold
an.l $l.:tl. in Bllver to the ton. From n
sir. ak about two feet wide on the hang*.
Intrc wall the average assay waa $ln In
gold and H.S- In Bllver The vein has
been cross-cut nt the ..Hl-foot level. The
Hist two feel of the ledge Is roll of fine
visible gold, and then follows ahout
ol*-ht feet of good, clean vein matter,
well min.-iaii-ed with galena and tin.*
iron, show-in-- an average value of *>.-*.r>o
lo ihe toil. The shall Is being continued to ihe Finn-foot    level.
The company has ordered a new boist-
|ng engine, iwo gxra b-tlera, an elevator;
and   two   tart;.'   tanks   for  the   cyanide
plant, with other machinery needed to
run It.    Richard llnssull Ib president of
ib.* company.
Several iiilnltiK men who have arrived
at New Uskeard from Larder Lake on*
firm the reports of creut   discoveries
made on lite Highland Mary claims.
Which are situated near the northeast
aim of Ihe lake, and specimens contain
lnp much free gold are shown, and one
���ample exhibited had visible free gold
over its surface thai would assay many
dollars to tbe ton. tin these properties
may veins have been uncovered, and of
these, some are claimed lo be lhe widest In Ihe district. The good reaultl
from the Highland May claims have
made the owners of the aurroundlng
properties prospect their claims carefully and energetically. Labor keeps
scarce at Larder, and transportation
facilities continue poor. Owners arc
awaiting the coining of snow t table
them lo get in machinery.
11. Mi-Knight, of New Llsk.ard. who
has returned from Larder Lake after
doing assessment work there, says that
lhe veins will go down deep. He traced
certain veins lor one ami a half miles,
anil he found II no 1 rouble lo pan gold.
Provisions are dear In Ihe district.' Butter sells at forty-five bents per pound
and bread at twenty-five oenta a small
^"  Arl-ona Gun Tournament.
DoughU, Ariz.. Ocl. 11.���The fifteen*-
annual tournament of Ibe Arizona
Sportsmen's Association opened under
tlie auspices of ihe Douglas Qun club
today ami win be continued over Saturday ami Sunday. Tlie couteslanis In
elude  a   large   number   of  crack   shots
rrom Phoenix. Tucson, Presoott, Blsbee
ami other points.
Christian Endeavor Convention.
Omaha, N.'b. Oct. 11.���Members or
the Christian Endeavor society through-
OUt Nebraska rallied here 111 force lo-
day lor the opening of Ihe annua] eonvenllon of their stale organisation. The
reports for lhe year show thai lhe society has made a gratifying increase
In membership In nearly all i��rU "' -_���
During last week lhe electric current
supplied In the city has been extremely
t.a.l. Ilueliiatlng rrom extreme high to
extreme low every two or three minutes.
When it Is too low il knocks every motor
in town away below speed and the lights
away below candle power; when It ls
too high it makes every motor race und
burns out Innumerable lamps. This is
disgraceful after the clly has gone to
such uu expense lo put in an up-to-dute
F. A. Smith e*ty electrician, asked as
to the cans.', says he is pu.. >' ' ������ to net,
as the clly is paying the Allis-Chalm.-is
Hiilhrcw Co. $400 a month to run the
rxrsrer station until such time as the
company puts it iu condition to come
up to the contract.
The city hafi certainly been most
l.-ni.'iit wllh the company, giving them
lime enough to put up three plants of
thai size perfectly, and yet the city
plant is not running properly. Hefore
this last week the current has been
;..'..Table, hut since then it haa been miserable.    Why?
If the ciiy electrician is powerless to
act and remedy this stute of affairs, it
is time that the council should compel
the Allis-Chalineis-ltullock people to do
it and do It quickly.
ll is learned thai the druughl tube
from the turbine, not being braced has
h.-en loosened, admitting air which destroys Ihe vacuum which should protect
the wheel. Now the wheel receives the
full force of the water both directly
through the intake, aud reflex through
the draught tube.
An examination is to be made nexl
Monday us it is fearetl further damage
may result from the loosening of the
Bangs on the tube. If It Is found to be
broken, four feel of concrete must he removed to make repairs.
down lhe bank of a nearby creek, bul
was soon rc.'-apturod. In his possession
were found not only a liberal supply of
flreaf!_S and ammunition, bin also Bev-
eral slicks of dynamite.
Lethbrldgs, Oct. 11���Andrew Staple,
lhe farmer wht, two weeks ago disappeared suddenly after selling his farm
net- Diamond City to two Italians, has
al last been located. His brothel* George
has received a letter from hia Bister,
living in Great Falls. Mont., slating that
Andrew Staple had been there and had
left again stating that he wub going to
Hensall, Ont.. Oct. 11.���South Huron
Liberals have nominated Jacob Keller-
man, of Dashwood. aB candidate for the
Ontario legislature.
Montreal. Oct. __,���Knife voiinds in
the body of un unknown man found, almost completely bare of clothing, Moating in the river yesterday afternoon. Indicate that the detectives have a new
case of murder by fo.il play of some
kind. From the condition of the Hesh
the body Ib supi>OBed to have remained
In the water nine or ten days. The man
was well built of perhaps 150 pounds,
clean shaved and had black hair.
Toronto   Board    of    Trade   Disapproves
Adding to Public  Debt.
Halifax, Oct. 11���The Gloucester fish
Ing Schooner Fannie T. Preacott, seized
last spring try the cruiser Canada for
lishlng for mackerel Inside the three
mile limit, which hus been lying here
dismantled, was released yesterday by
order of lhe admiralty court on payment
of lines of $-ili> and costs.
Toronto. Oct. 11.���After having discussed memoranda ndvocating the
claims of the Ontario and Huron Ship
Canal, connecting Georgian Hay with
Lake Ontario at a cost I4G,0-0,000, and
tlie I-'r-nch river and Ottawa scheme to
Montreal at a cost of Irom $120,000,000
to $1 -.0,000,000, the Totouio board of
trade yesterday passed a recommendation to the effect that at thlB Juncture
It would be unwise for the Dominion
government to enter into obligations
that would further Increase the public
debt or add to the burdens of the people,
and tbat no private enterprise of this
discription should he encouraged except without risk to the public, it was
also urged that hefore adopting any
plan for deepening or Improving the
greal waterways ot the country, that
th.- Dominion government should investigate thoroughly the Huron-Onturio
Nelson Invited to Enter
Rifle Matches
Over Seas  Mail Conducts  Annual
Competition on May 24th���No. 2
R. M. R. May Take Part.
Doctors   of   Prairie   Province   Advocate
Reciprocity in  Degrees With the
Rest of Canada.
Toronto. Oct.  11.���The I.a Hose  Min
Lni oompany bu Bled notice of Intention
Ui m>i>'*ui t<> the privy council from the
.udgmen. of tin* court of appeals tn the
union ajalnal Hie Teniiskaininpue nnd
Northern Ontario Railway Oommiealon,
J.  A.  Bean-tent,  .1.   P.   Ilirk-scm  unci   tlu
Right ot Way Mining oompany.     The
mitt Is for the ownership of mineral*-,
and  Involved about  $1.01)0,000.
Toronto, Oct. 11.���Justice May bee has
diimlftaed the action tif II. 3, Wiley nnd
K. S. Wiley, executors of the estate of
the late Andrew Marks Wiley, who
Bought to recover $160,000 commission
for sale of mining property In New Ontario owned by Anthony Blum.
North Hay, Oct. It.���Cordon Hunter.
the Halleybury bartender found guilty
of mans.aughter In connection with the
death of BM, Bevlan, was sentenced to
one year in Central Prison, Toronto.
Winnipeg, Oct. ll.���A meeting of the
Manitoba College of physicians and surgeons was held last night. Though nothing definite was decided, nor is it possible to do anything for another three
months, the discussion on reciprocity In
resistriition between this province and
C.reat Britain showed that such a tiling
will doubtless be accomplished through
ihe provincial government. Reciprocal
ivnistratlon with Quebec, however, is
out of the question as that province will
not allow any alteration of its educational system, such as would be entailed
by the passing of legislation to effect
the desired end. As for Saskatchewan
and Alberta, these provinces are very
agreeably disposed towards the scheme,
and lt Is also likely that Ontario will
adopt the policy as well, while negotiation-, are proceeding with New l.runs-
wick. Nova Scotia and l-rince Bdward
Island. Hritish Columbia is also ripe
tor reciprocal registration of physicians.
The town of Neepawa ts voting today
for the tlfth time on  local Option.
Calgary, Oct. 11.���Hy a shock of electricity received through the head ut the
plant of the Portland Cement eompanv.
Waller BOgOi was killed and I_. Hutchinson severely burned and rendered unconscious. Moth ure employees, engaged
as millers. Ten thousnnd volts wore received by the dead man ud the injured
man Who rushed lo his assistance but
failed to save him. The dead man wus
45 vears old and leaves a family.
Winnipeg, Oct. 11.���I.leut.-Governor
Porgel yesterday Opened the new traffle
bridge ut Saskatoon connecting the old
ami new towns it is eight hundred feet
in length and cost $110,000. Il wus a
holiday in the town and n grout, day for
(lag Waving ��*nd singing by the children
in the schools.
Portage ia Prairie, Oct. 11.���a sensational urt'est was made here toddy* when
Robert Wilson, who was working at the
threshing tin n farm near lhe town, wns
taken by a polios otllcer on a warrant
charging lilm with burglary, lie made
tils OBcnyo   from    Iho    oflleer  and  hid
Kaiser To Visit England
London, Oct. ll.���Soon alter Sir .lohn
Pell takes offlee next month ns Lord
Mayor of London be will tie called upon
to offlelate at a most important ceremony���the presentation of an address
of welcome to the Kmporor nnd impress of Germany, The event will take
plnce nt the Guildhall and will be accompanied by much pomp and ceremony.
The arrangements for the entortaln-
nieut of the Kmporor and Kiuprens arc
being made on a most elaborate scale.
evidently with the idea of destroying
all foundation for the oft-repented
stories of alleged Ul-feelihg between
King Bdward und his Imperial nephew.
Tho imperial visit is expected to last
a wook and will be marked by great
official and social events In Hucklughum
Palace, tho Guildhall und Windsor Cas
tie. Tho npurtmeuts in Huekinghain
Palace to be occupied by the Kaisc:
and his consort uie being espeeinlly em
belllsbed. and King V.dwatd is giving his
personal attention to nil the chief ten
tures of the programme or entertainment.
Capt.Lorne Stewart has received, under
a covering letter from the organizer, B.
Wrench, editor of the Over Seas Kdltion
of the Oafly Mail, the following account
of their effort to promote efficiency aud
unity among the riflemen of the Empire.
together with a request that No. 2
Company, R. M. R., join the association.
Last year, the Over-Seas Daily Mail
tn conjunction with several rifle associations in different parts of the Empire,
organized an Inter-Colonial contest
which was shot on Empire Day, May
A number of teams in different parts
of the Empire, including associations
fiom such widely separated places as
the Channel Islands, Vancouver, Strait
Settlements, West Indies, Rhodesia.
Newfoundland, Hrltlsh Guiana and New
South Wales, took part In the shoot.
The contest was won by the Guernsey
and Alderney Militia Rifle Association
with an aggregate score of 776. The
inauguration of the competition has
aroused the liveliest interest in all parts
of the Empire and w*e have received
letters of congratulations from many of
the most distinguished generals of the
Lord Roberts, who lias the matter so
much at heart, wrote to us as follows:
"Anything that tends to draw closet
the ties that unite the colonies to each
other and to the mother country should
be encouraged, more especially a competition like this where the weapon it-
one the attainment of skill in the use of
which by ull good citizens will do so
much to strengthen the defences of tlu
Empire. I wish the competition all success and hope its scope may be enlarged
year by year."
Other messages of encouragement were
received from Field-Marshal Sir Evelyn
Wood, V. C. General Sit John French
aud Major-General 1-ord Choylosmore.
chairman of the National Rltle Associa
The "Over-Seas" Intercolonial Empire
Day Rifle Match Is fired under the fol
lowing conditions: Ranges, _J0t), 500
and fiOO yards. Rounds, the sighting
shot at each range; seven. Position, any
with head to target. Team, eight high
est scores on day of the match to count
as team.
All competitors to be bona fide members of tho association under which
they shoot, and Hisley rules for current year governing the conditions of
the match. The match to be shot under
the direction of an Independent range
oflleer, who will sign the score sheets,
which must record the conditions of tho
Each association to forward certified
score sheets by mail to each association
competing, and one copy to the Over
Seas Daily Mail.
All Records Gone.
Now York, Oct. 11.-��� Four days, nine
teen hours and f>2 minutes from Queens
town with every trans-Atlantis speed
record in her possession, the ma jest le
Cunard liner Lusitanla swept by Sandy
Hook lightship at 1.17 a. m. today, and
after u pause off thu bar to await daylight, the steamer slowly entered the
harbor to receive the teeognitlon of hot
title of Queen of the Ocean.
morning she received the extereme unction. It was frequently reported that
Mrs. Chadwick had made a statement
regarding her financial transactions and
It was expected that It such a statement had been made It would be given
to the public after he death. The prison
Officials declared last night thut she had
never made such a statement to them
and that E. Powell, her attorney here,
also denies the rumor.
Disciple* of Christ.
Norfolk, Va., Oct. 11���The national
convention of the Disciples of Christ,
which met in this city today with an attendance of delegates representing all
parts of the country, promises to be one
of the most important gatherings in the
history of the denomination. \n unusual number of questions of great Importance are slated for consideration
and action. Heretofore the annual conventions have consisted for the most
part of the annual meetings of the Disciples, missionary organizations. This
year, however, there is to be a special
convention to consider the invitation of
the Interchurch Conference on Confederation, which aaks that the Disciples
appoint official delegates Ui the Federal
Council of Churches of Christ in America, which is to have its first meeting
in L>ecembor of next year. Another
important matter to come before the
present meeting Is a proposed revision
of the constitution of the American
Christian Missionary Society, for which
a committee was appointed a year ago
at the convention in Huffalo.
Children's Annual Day uf
Grand Trunk Pacific Line Between Portage la  Prairie and Miniota
is Completed.
Winnipeg. Oct. 11.���L. B. Merriam,
divisional engineer of tht Grand Trunk
Pacific railway, returned to tho city
yesterday from Portage la Prairie where
he has been looking over that section
of the road. Everything is very satis
factory. Mr. Merriam says, and the con
struction work is being pushed ahead as
quickly as possible.
We have already received approval
to run cars over the line from Portage
la Prairie to Miniota," said Mr. Mirrtam.
"and every morning, except Sunday, at
:! o'clock a material train leaves Portage
and it cars are wanted along the line
by farmers they are taken out on this
train. Then when they are filled they
are brought back on some return train.
As yet the farmers have to load their
wheat Into t he cars from the ground
as we have no platforms built for that
purpose. I saw quite a large number of
cars being loaded on my way down.
Nearly all the wheat will be drawn from
this side of Miniota for after you pass
St. Lazare the crop is not so good.
"We have just the approval of the
line as far as Miniota, a distance ol
about 130 miles, but I think v Uhln two
or three weeks we will ask for the ap
proval of the road as far as our second
divisional point, which will be over two
hundred miles. What is troubling utmost is the scarcity of labor. We could
do with 500 more bauds if we could get
"How far do you think the road will
be run this year?"
"We should like to have it completed
as far as Saskatoon this year, and I
hope we shall."
No Concessions.
Stockholm, Oct. 11.���Admiral Hagg.
commodore of the Royal Swedish Yacln
club, ln nn Interview concerning tht
Swedish challenge for a race for America's cup said: "The reply of the New
York Yacht club hus reached me. I
naturally do not wish to say anything of
its contents until the meeting of the
club committee which takes place this
afternoon. After that, unless restraints
are placed upon me. I shall be able to
tell about R.-.U is evident, however.
that tho holders of the cup are going to
insit- on their rights to sail a large sized
bout, whereas we would have preferred
a small one. Hut that will not stop us."
added  the  admiral.
Nelson's  Growing Athletes   Rake
Very Creditable Performances
���List of Winners.
With ideal weather conditions the
fifth annual Field Day of tbe Nelson
achools was held on the recreation
grounds. A rumored boycott didn't happen. The boys and girls of Nelson
proved that they don't have to be bribed
with prizes to compete in athletic sports.
The feature of the day was George
Gore's winning of the championship for
the second time. David Hartin gave
him worthy opposition. The men of the
staff were assisted by Dr. Arthur, W.
Irvine and Dr. Gibson as starters and
by R. J. Steel, Rev. F. H. Graham and
Dr. Hall as Judges.
The events were won as follows:
Standing broad Jump: Junior, Arthur
Nickerson, George Swannell, Wilson
Newitt, 5 ft. 8 In.; Senior, George Gore,
Stewart Newitt, Harold Brett, 8 ft. 8*4
Running broad Jump: Junior, Wilson
Newitt, George Swannell, Elmer Anderson, 10 ft. Vi In.: intermediate, Milton
Newitt, William Qunn, Roland Brown,
13 ft. hi In.; senior, Gore, S. Newitt.
Brett. 10 ft. 11V4 in.
Running hop, step and jump: junior,
G. Swannell, W. Newitt, Carl Hamilton,
23 ft.. 2". in.; intermediate, M. Newitt,
A. Poupore, R. Brown, 28 ft. 11", In.;
senior, Gore, 8. Newitt, Brett, 36 ft.
8H in.
Standing hop, step and jump: junior,
A. Poupore. W. Gunn, M. Newitt, 19 tt.
6*4 In.; senior. Gore, S. Newitt, Brett,
25 ft. 514 In.
One hundred yards dash: Junior. R.
Brown, E. Matthews, M. Newitt; senior.
Gore. Hartin; junior girls. Earner Cavanaugh. Lllias McPherson, Mary Brown.
Two hundred and twenty yards: Junior, M. Newitt, E. Matthew_r A. Poupore; senior, Gore, Hartin.    '
Sixty yards: boys under 7, Earl Hume,
Elmer Anderson, George Cooper; girls,
senior, Muriel Bate, Edith Manson,
Edith Gilchrist; girls, of graduated agos,
Hazel Thomson, Ethel Jones, Amy Ebbutt; Edith Cavanaugh, Marjory Adams,
Annie Crooks; Ethel Hart, Edith Cavanaugh, Llllle Devlin.
George Gore won every event in
which he participated.
Both relay races were run by the high
school, the teams being as follows:
Boys: high school, D. Hartin, H. Brett,
S. Newitt and G.'Gore; public school, M.
Newitt, A. Poupore, H. Gunn and D.
Girls: high school, Edith Manson,
Muriel Hale, Vera McLeod, lleulah
Wade; public school, Winnie Ellis, Maggie McPhee, I ..ml,. Annable, Edna
The teachers' race was the best feature of Ihe programme. The following
started: Misses Oliver, Taylor, McVicar,
Thomas, Moffatt. Wade, MUligan, Bate
und Scanlun. It would have been easy
for Miss Wade but she unfortunately
slipped. Miss MiUignn winning, followed
by MIbs Taylor and Miss Scanlan.
Mr. Fraser declined Mr. Sullivan's
challenge, so tho race went to the public
school principal by default.
Three for Chicago.
Chicago. Oct. 11.���The fourth gnmc
for the world's clitiiniiionship In liiis-'lmll
between Chicago ami Detroit resulted
lu favor of Chicago. Score. Chicago li
runs. 7 lilts. 2 errors;   Detroit  1  run, r.
hits, 2 errors.
Visit Nearly Over.
New York, Oct. 11.���Bishop Ingram,
of London, who came lo this country to
atlend the Protestant Episcopal cotm-n-
linti iu lUchnumil, Va., is In town visit-
Ing the I..eul oiergy and their churcher*.
lie will sail fro lioine next Tluirsilu.* .
Made No Confession.
Columbus, O., Oct. 11.���Tho body ot
Mrs. Cassis Chadwick. who died In the
penitentiary last evening, was i.-iiiove.l
In a locl.r 'inderlnklng establishment rurrl
prepared for burial, lt will bo taken in
Cleveland by her son, Etnile Houmi
Mrs. Chntlwlck embraced Hie Roini"i
Catholic faith ami was baptised In It a
few days  before her doath.    Yesterday
Trainmen Want 8-Hour Day.
Detroit, Oct. H.���The delegates to
the convention of the Brotherhood ol
Locomotive Firemen and Englnemen
yesterday held another executive session. Beyond the statement that ad-
ilresscB were maftc by c*randmaster .1.
T. Ilaurultau and Second Vice-Grandmaster T. Shea, antl Fourth Vice Grandmaster A. P. Kelly of Chicago, nothing
waa made public. Grandmaster Haura-
Inin discussed the confe-ence to he held
at Buffalo next Tuesday, and the division chairman ol' the Brotherhood said
tbat the eight hour day probably will be
the burning question of the conference.
C. P. R. Mechanics From Fort Willlsm
to   Lagcjan   Benefit.
Long Overdue.
Kingston, Jamaica, Oct. 11.���Mall advices from Haiti state tbat sixteen men
were senieneed to dentil for cot-spltlug
to overthrow the uevernment of the republic. Many persons fear a revolution
Winnipeg, Oct. 11.���A decision regarding the schedule which will hereafter
affect, helpers to mechanical trades of
C. P. R., was decided upon yesterday
aa a result of conferences which have
been In progress since last Saturday
between the men and officials. The new
change which has been decided upon
will affect the men between Fort William and Laggan and south to Kootonay
Landing. Fort William to Broadview
the rate of pay will now bo 26*4 cents
per hour for boiler washers and helpers. Hitherto the rate of pay was 23
cents an hour, the Increase per hour
amounting to 3V4 cents.
On the division extending from Broadview to Laggan and also south to Kootenay Landing there Is a two cent difference, and the rate of pay for similarly
employed men will.now bo 28*.', cents
an hour. On tho division reaching trout
Laggan to Vancouver no declaim hus
yet been reached.
*-*���    >!    :
K ���
. -    '
^���>- i
? ���*>
:. --
I1'; The Daily Canadian
;! ni
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is bu^inuiug to arrive.
In about another week we will be able tooffer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you  to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized
Hest   . .
D. R   WIL.K1E  President.
Head Office:   Toronto.
HON. KOl.KKT^.IAKl'KAY, Vice-President
$10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up          4,830.000
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on  deposits  from data ot deposit and credited Quarterly.
tvKi.8or��  BRANCH
J.   IVI.   LAY, M_r_r____t_*r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  ISM.
Capltal $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all   kinds of  Banking   Business.
B1AL ATTENTION given to the
'.ae.ncjs Bank Department, and
-Ttterest credited Quarterly on
JLsvings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G- A. SPINK, Manager.
f'ubllBhL.d bu any. R weet dj the
���____M_JI PDBUBHIKG compaNv. Dm,
Ba-'-T nt.. Nelfou. B. t:
BnMK-natlor, r��k-t, so real* �� mourn flell
lu Hit* ctty. er Ift.ue a year Ir ���.<-..' bj mail   w '.- n
paid iu advau.-t.
Advert..rue rates on ap-.l.' rrLi.tri.
All muiiK- pai.l in Httlement ..I Tlu' Pally
Caua-lau a.-.-ubrrt*. l".H.. . lo, ... - *.r* .��� r.- ...
advertlblug. mam be r.�� -ri tt r [ax oi tne printed
Inrm, ot Uie Cc-mp_H7. DUiet le" Bipt, are net
Friday.   Oct.   11,   1907.
Tne neepon-tnle editor ol t-i   Di
Ts'ew-i   is  .still  away.    Obviously,    if a
humorist  ware  seeking a  m idel of utterly   foolisb   and   taconsequenl    arg.
tneut he could not lind :. bettei one than
our eontemporary b    editorial    of    tliis
murninK.    After readiuu ii oni
ted to withdraw ail char
al wrongdoing and sir-
ainiuatioir Instfiad.
Nu one ha.- S_E__-t_- Ilia'  _��_ fliSTPiS-
sal of Constables McBeath and   founa
aud  the resignation  Ol   Chlei  I'ltelifuni
���nd Sergeant   Wit-hunan  ir*   not   a  ��er
ions   matter   lo   the   clly   Bl   *.ell   uh   to
thems.���'���.���'-<     II   there   i..   an)   way -.till
left tu    regain    their    services,
means lei them be -alien.    Qui we havi
condemn*-.! and denonnced thi   policy ...
abuse and mischief making which bi
iM-.'ii    pursued,   wliiih   emb
dlsaKreement    aud    prevented    a    rap
Hut the suggestion thai tin appeal
to the lleuieuant-governor-in -council, or
dered liy a majority of lie council ar tl..
laat meeting, will be referred to thi ��� I
e__tive committee of the Nelson Con
Rervative anaoeiation is absolutely in
sane. Even a Liberal government would
not be so Imbecile as that Our con
temporary may rest assured thai any
appeal to the present British Columbia
cabinet will be dealt with by that cab
inet. The "I t is understood" recalli the
"it is said" of the last election campaign
which was the regular Introduction to
the products of deranged Imagination!!
Really -tt is understood" is n mi-Stat
ment. The mind that can Invent BUCh a-
ruiiini* eannui fairly be aooused of any
"While not defending the practice ol
the governtiieni o btainlng Information
in  tbe  Way described"���Is  musnlllcetii
N_-brns.kan    Orator    Will    Again    Appeal
To   Democratic   Party  of the  United
Richmond, Va.. Oct. 11.���William .1.
Bryan arrived in Richmond toda** tn -i---
ih.-r an address at tin- Virginia State
i On  the advice <-f Hose  political
a__Boetatefl with whom he has alread]
conferrt*d, Mr. Bryan, it is tmdori-tood,
will make his address mi tin* Issue-* of
the day. and in fl sense the speech a/ill
ii*. ;i purtaln-raJjier for the 1903 cam-
laCcording i<> those in a position t>>
Knew, h haa been Mr. HryiitiV Intention
all along ti* liefer the formal opening "t
his oampal_Pl until near the end of thi'
year. The activity of Presldenl ftoosi
wn. Vice President Fairbanks and other
Republican leaders has brought about a
. in iii*- plans of Mr Bryan bow
ever. His friends have urged him ��� "
��� I. t lare himself at once upon tin- politl
eal Issues of the day. They have Impressed upon the Whraskan tlu- necessity ior Immediate action in vie** or tbe
recent attacks upon httn. After filling
bit Richmond date he will make a rial!
at a number of other places in Vlgrlnla
and North Carolina. He will then -*���
north, stopping en route for a conference in Washington, and later will be
heard in a numb- i of cities in New
York State. He will remain in tin- Blast
for some week*- and according to
schedule win fill a number ot dates in
New    Kndand.
Our com- mporary dreams "1 an offenc-
ooeeds to castigate it.
I'h'  attempt   tu fasten  responsibility
l rvativei       dei Idt  ii;  funny,
of   the     two     groups     into
11   If   divided   are
MLa; r ��� Lid. Selous, both Lib
it '.-   ;���   smpted   ana   i
reform any
happier titan the rest.    H is. corrup
not. hor .pinion, -it  ��� it-
taws that  ���- change,    No one
in   Ni contemporary *
irrupt ton here-
Such an at can do no
harm  except to  the  bu tnesc   In *
a N- [son i: -
!.     But   what   shall   lie
said   o aphic   re
ports sent out hy the Dailj
ed tht
of  the  tt* w  poh ted     by t Ue
Ui��-   v. .... An   ;ti.;��*;il   Is
��� - iaor of the prov
Tht- new ���
B and i all's 8 One man,
ed wltl
Ing up a  nodi
il   neither  tne  at-
torm -via      doi   ���...
nia> or nor tl :  pi osecute
McKian    tvs god.    Mayoi
UHletl i. the cMi.li
cil las- in   h     il wrongfutl; entering into
���  inrtract  with  tin   city.    Purthei   proceedings  may    be tai . * . man*
Ftl fU W .Spokaie
Nelson,  Oct    B     I Special)���Tht   Cits
Council   last   nlghl   refused  to  pa)   tht
if the new p    ��� -���
pointed  by the  Mayor and Polio   C	
oners against the will ni the
Council, tlie form'.'; policemen being let
'-������' on trivial charges. An appeal will
a to l ie* I lovernor ol the province. The new police are openly called
Bcaba  and  rail was   spotters,
One man .James McKian, was charged
wiih sticking up a notice to this effect,
and committed for trial, but nelthei the
Attorney-General of the province not
the Mayor nor the police would prosecute before the assises here, and Mc-
E_ lan was discharged.*���Province, Vanoonver.
Tlie sending ottl of such reports may
not be provided for by the criminal
code, hut there will be only one opinion
of them in Nelson. The motive doesn't
matter, li may be personal malice, or
it may be mere Irresponsible perversity, but if the Dally News wishes to
maintain any slued of public rasped  as
ft factar in advancing the interest and
the name of Nelaon, it must dissoolate
itself from such  reports at  once-
New York W. C T. U.
Rochester. N. Y.. Oct 11 ���If a large
at tfiidance and unbounded enthusiasm
count for anything the cause of temperance is sure to be advanced by the statu
convention of the Women's christian
TN mperance Union now in session here.
The local organizations tbroqghout Ne*��
York have sent delegates to the convention and a number of prominent workers
from other states bave been secured
as speakers. The formal opening took
place in the First Methodist church today and it will be Tuesday nicht befon
the pn o ��� dings are brought to a final
Wt   have them  in   6tb   and   8   tb   Sizes.
Quota*ions   Riven on    any   Electrical
Henting Device on the Market.
In tho infttUT of h:i hn*:O-uti<m lor the ItWOm of
a <ii-pllf-ttrpf Ma r, r-ufi.-it..- <>f Title for lotJft
nun tb��- treat iialf "f lot SU, block 81, in tin Town
nf Kelaon
Notice i- herel j* ;*;---���.. thut it li my [lientlon
to i--ut at the expirsUon of one ni'-nth m'i-t tbe
ti r*u pnbllcatlon hen ol �� iliir*ii'*-it*1 "f tbe oerUfl-
��� .it** of title for tbe above IhihI-, in tht name ol
i.v ��� ih Bhieida, irhl- h certiftoate la d*ted tbe tlm
ii.t t.f liHc-nb-r, UMOt and numbered stSI a.
'ItllH sir  it. ...s'--..    ,MV
bdU numbered :iwl k.
h  r UUCCLbod,"
District K<-eiHtr��r.
Notice U hi.rci-y k|Ten that the ondsralciMd
bave aubmitted io the l_ti-utcnaut tiovuriior-in-
l oum ii a pnii-oaal iiutb-r iht- p_-oviatoni ����( tlit-
"Kiven and Btrouna Act," for cieHriu*. and n--
moving obatmeMoxti frmn<ir-at Biver and ��� e_t>
dow Creek, In the Dlatriot ��>f Weal Kootenay, and
lor making tht--.Bin--tit fur wtuni ami *inv
Ing thereon i"!*- Umber, Inmber, rHft*. t od orafti
ii ��� i - ni: mij-J main tain Ing booma f>.r
holding, aorting ami delivering i"��-* and timber
brougbtdown aaid ereek and rlvar. and fur at*
���hIimi;' i ma to tba ihoreof iald Break and
tit ei foi -���������t<! pnrpoaea.
The Landi u. Im* aCeeted bf laid work an-:���
Lota OlYl, 51*7, IfiOSt, aiifl nut- tota 1, 6, 11 IS, W uiitl
lfi of Ia<\ i'tr_, -��rc��ui> i. Kootenay Diatrlet.
The tolla proposed to beebarged are mi--h an
iiuiv i�� Hxeo  ox the-fndgeol theConntjrCourt
of VI ������-��� KtM'tftiay
Dated IU! -Ut\y, 1907.
Notloe la hereby given, lor tlu- it-*formati<-n <��f
Intending aetUera and utbora, tbat aeleotlon baa
I i iitii'h- i.f tin- :i,'>o'.,UU0 airn-i* of   latnl   xtliial-'-t
in tin Peace ttlvot Vallev, Provlnoe <��i r-rittab
Golurabia, granted to the Dominion Government
under tbe provlaloni if Section 1 of-Ai. ai-i
relating   IO   the   l-^aml    t'ailwuv,   the  ('ravin-;
Dock and Kallway i.aii'tK of the Province,*' ami
inch land to not onto to entry under the lami
law*, of tht- province
The block icleoted la deacritwd a�� followa:-
Oommenelug at apolntSS^j mllea aonth of tha
Pea e River on tne 120th Meridian, being tha
(���usU-rn liuiiii'lar\ o( tin- prOVlnOBi thi-uct' WOtt
76milefand88.Mcbaina, thence notth73 mllea
and 86.0R obaina, tnenoe eaat 70 tnilos and B8 6.
i-liali)--. tli.'ii'-e Honth to tin- point   of romim-iK ���'
mom following the i.mu, Meridian and oontalnlng approximately ..jtoojiu acrea,
Notice ��' kIki given thut. with a view to
ftii-nnutnij- netttement tn the vailova pi tin-
Peace, Paranlp and I'uck itivura, the follo-i-h-ic
belt of land -lu mllttt in width und i-xti-iniliiK
'20 tntluK oh ft*eh Hide of the   I'l-iiee,  t'ar*-itlf-  ami
I'uck Riven I'tif been renrvad for actual ncttler*-
to be acquired by pre-emption only under the
Land Act. auob land not Ik-Ihk open for saif,
leaae- Ucenoe or other alluuatioii under the an id
Act except by preemption:
Commencing at the lutenit-rttnnof the western
boundary of the   bio k   o|   lain!   Hleoted   I'}* the
' omioion Qovermnent   with the Peaoa river,
thence folbiwlnj. the Peace Itlvcr and I'araiifp
River to their oonfinenoe with the Pack Kiver
and thenoe billov-in-- th. 1'nek river to the
point, where  Mild    1'iuk     Itlvi-r   leaver.   Mcl-eod
Lake, and extendi D| for a dtitanoeoi BO mile-*
mi eaeh abb-of aald Rivera and approximately
17U i, ii.f in length.
All Jaiidft oulal'le tbe bonndariea nf the Dominion Qovernnten. Clrant and 'the leaerve
above deacrlbed are open for loeatlou under tbe
law** of the froviuet.
w. .1   BOW-UGR,
Ai'iniK ChiefOommlaalonerof __tndi ami Vfottto,
Lands ami WorKs Otipartmunt.
Victoria, HepiemUir 18th, 1W7.
i Lemon
Timber notices.
Nela in Land Diatriot<  Dlatriot ol Weat Kootonft
Take notloe that K. fc, r. Bm; ih, oi   Ho
r , ,..-t tipation iULul-t-rini.il, tut   ml--   to-spplyfor
a apeciaJ  timber licence over the  following de-
���cribed landa t
No. 1. t'oinmetieiug ata poat planted uear th<
Dortheaat pornerpoal ot Ltn ,>t* _-Vi.: mi I - "���
i reek aud marked k. B P. Bmytfc -
uerpoat No l, theuee -io ohalna north mt-,.
[eaa to about midway nl the aouth boundarj line
ol timber licenee NotUSB, thenoe HO chalui eaat
thenoe40 liiainu eouth,theboe 4fl cbaina eaat,
tbenoe-Q chatua ���onth, thanoe W   obi  ua weal
more or leal to the southeast i-urin r ol "'
Loi  Nc HMSsthanoi 10 chalna nortb  thenoe 10
ohalna waat to the point of oomu encemeut
ltiitfd J6th Julv, y.hr, k   B   H tlMYTIf,
Beury Relehert   Lgent
s. laon Laad luatrn-i   Distiiol ol Weal Kootanay
No  I
i.lk    notloe thatJ.lt. F   Btewart,of ("oiling
wood, OnL, oooupatlon lumnormau, lutei
appl; for aepealaj  tlmbei   liceni**   ���"������
im* in*- deeoribed landa:  Uommeuclna at a p"-et
planted about ������-��� rhaim- aoutb au I ���' i natui wt nt
,.: poal No. 2. marked .1. R P. Btewart ��� N   I
ti- : poat. thenee aouth iw ebalna. them-e weal ���
uhafna, tbanee unnii iwi chalna, theure eaai -m
��� ��� .. ,:i- to place of oommenoemenl i on tainlng MO
tx< rea mote or leaa.
Julj -.4th, mr;. Jan-lv B F ariwasr,
Nelson Laud lUatrbt     Dlatriot ol "eni Kuoti -tiny.
Take notice that Henry Belcherl oi Kelaon.B.
t proapector* Inteuda to apply foi a apeclal licence to cot and carry away timber from Uu* following duiKUibed landa:
No i,. Couinifueiug ai a *>**-*t plauted near tt"1
uortbeaat coruer pom ol i'���-. ' *��� VJD6
and marked Henry Relehert uorthweat comer-
poat No tl, theuce mj chaini -��� thenw BO
onalna eaat! thenee BO chaini north, tbenoa ho
i halna weal to plan of couunenoumeut.
Dated July ���Alth, lnu7.
No t Com nu ii--lug at a peat planted near the
northwaat corner pom ol tlmbei     ence_S
Hiiil inarxed Heiirv Reieheri a wuat uomei poat
No   7. Iheuce   U*0   ehaiat-   eaat   thOUW    -Hi   (bim^
nor tti, thenoa lfio -thtl*1-1 weai tbea w 40 -rh **!���**"
stiiith to jaiiut ol commencement.
Dated .luiy _��U��, l��n. "~-
No. B, * 'ouimeuciuK ai * poal planted on Monn
ment oreek abont Tuoha ..- more "i leai trom
where Munuiui-ut creel t-mptlea tnto Lemon
oreek aim marked lleur* Kelt heri northeaat oor-
uerpoat Mo h tbaaoeiou cnaina aoutb, thenoa i-��
ohalna weai, theuee Wo ehaina north, thenoe H)
i batna ���.���a.'-t to place of rommi ccement.
I'Hlftl July M-lh, 1W, llKNHV  KklCHKRT.
Nelson l_aud Diatrict.  Dlatri I oi Weal Kootanay
Notloe la hereby given thai R) daya attar .inn
1 inteud to rtpplj lo Ltn <!... ��� . : .I'-n'iur ot
UinlH and H'urkf. foi permlaalon Ui cut aud
carry away ttintmr tram the lollowlng daaeribed
No I Uonunanolng at h poat marked H .v H
N V*. eornei Jno ehatoa ���*��-1 "i th* N B. eeruer
of lot No *. _, pool Luarki-tl K r N K corhei,
thenee eaai BOohaina) Lheno- aouth 80 chalna,
ttience weat K, chain*., tbenoe north mi <-haiu* to
plai ��� oi i'. mmeiicemeut containing t-i- aerei
No    5    '    .iiiuii-ncliig at the   N. 1*. corner of S
.v.- tniiher iluim No 4, thence north BO ehalna,
thenee ea->t 80 ohaina, thenoe aootb *> ��� malne,
them i* went HO ebuiui. to plaoe oi ''oni:in-m*!iiient
nt location p ---t No  ;���, oontalnlng 040 au r.*-
1   o   r>'iiFh-MH'.'KN, Locator.
��� 00   Hunt rolt. Agent
D��led July Htb, 1071
Nelaon Land Dlatriot Dlatriot ol Weal Kooteuav
'it-i-,* notloe ehat i'aul Auj-unt Panl* a, ol Ki��
chener, Hi., oocnpatlon lumbannaii, lntenda
loappiy tm a apeclal timber J n-ooe over the lol-
ik-winj. dearnt-e'l landa: Uonmenoing atapo.m
plauted at the aonth weat eornei oi aor Bjred ot
7321-G 1 theme i-ouiti to the northern ������oundar.
of Umber Uoaooi No,7018, thenoe weat to the
uortnwehi oorm i ol aald tlmbei Hoopoe, thonoa
aouth to the northern bouodan ot lot n_L thenoe
loiiowmg -.act boundary, ol ��ani lot we.t le tha
right ot-way of the bri'i-l* Columbia -H>utbetn
Railway, thenee (oUoerlng Mid rigbt-Of-way in a
north-euMerly dlreot-on  to plaoa ol coBunonoo-
ijient. and containing 0MJ aertf. mora or leaa
Dated Julv 2nd, 1SW7.    PaOl Ai Ol i-i PAtnOtaK.
Notice la beret iy giveu that 00 dayi -.ttt-r date 1
lut-iid to apply to the Hon. i blel ��� onu Llaaionef
ot I-and- aud M orj-t- lor penni__DOn to pari.ha_.p
tbe lollowiug deeoribed land.* MU.au l -ii Vt*. -;
Kootenay dlatrlct:   Con*___en(_lttg ul h ---iiit mark
ed by name a* initial poet of the --outh K<*-k
branch, one hundred tool from the lunation ol
Lout ereek with tbe nouf h fork: thenee one*
.���uarter mile to the uorth we.t nu tier poet,th< !��� ���
one   mllf   t<i   the   northooarl   coruer poet, theme
one cjaartn mile to the aontbeaat oorner poat,
tbenoe one nine to  the place ol louiuienren-f u*
JtinaST, iSOT. Located by  Wn    GomaOULV.
Nelson Laud Dlatriot. Dixtrlotoa Worn) Kootenay
Take uotice thut  Moon,   Kepple ._    o., nf '*ar
land. Penn . oooupatlon lumiK-nueu, lntenda to
apply tor a -pacta! ttmber Uoanoa over tha foi
.ii i ti i*  11.,.,- .* i: j.ri   . 1, ,, ,1-.        I'limm.'tii'ihs   m t    u   i.... t
Tih 00ohalna, thenca argot *o chain-., thonoa
.nitti on chains, tbem-c eaat BO ��� :,iun- to point of
<..���:; im :.'������������__���. n: and eoutaining 040 acre.. DON
or leaa.
Dated lftth. July, 1007.     Moor*, Kiti-i-i.i: A Co.
John r. Qaucnej, Agent,
Kolaon i m u -1 Dlatriot, Dlatriot of ffeat Kootenay.
Take notice that Bvaa Mciieiiami  Praaer, ol
Pernie, B. C - clerk, intendi toappiy for ��� ipemaU
licence  over   the  (oDowing   tteoaribed   Lands:
t'ouimi-ming at a pout planted at-oiii eWOO
mil-* Went of tbe tCoOtenay river, and abont OOe
mile north of the International t-ouudury Hue.
and about oue and _iquarter imrtb-eaMO-rly from
tne north-eaM comer of ttmber Uoonoe No. Huf>7,
tbonoe aoutb _H> * Ihhdb, tbeuee weat MO chains.
theni B north ho ���.,-,-..- tbence eaat to chalui to
point of com int*m-emeul. aud eoutaining (Hn
acrea, more or leaa.
Located Uth   of June. 1907.
__\ai* Mc-i'MtU-Ai.  lt.*n
D-ited tbla Bth of July, lw/7.
Take notice that t: (.'. Clark, ot Nelaon, B C,
aaloou keeper, intendK to applj for a Hpi-ial Umber Uoenoe over the following daaeribed land.
Commencing at a pout plaute-J on Morning
Mountain, about one mile weat of Hm-lter ��� reek,
nod a'jotning < . i Clark-a ItK-ailon (or tlml��er
Ucenoe No. 1, and alaiut one mile aouth ol WeJ
hoii, them-e weet no chaum, thence aouth ho
ebalna, thonoa earn no ehaina, thenc* Dorib ho
cbaiim lo plaoe of U t-niulug.
Dated July mtb, 1UU7. C   0  Ol-ABK,
I'AVin Booth. Agent.
Nil on iaiiii Dlatriot.  Dlatriot ol Woai Kootonay
lake   notloe   tha'   UckUv    liovee   ol   Rltavllle,
Vt'aab  , oocnpatlon butcher,  lntenda to apply lor
eHiM-etai timber Licence over the foJlowlna dee-
ortbed lamia: on the eaat --ide <��t Prleat rival
Gommandng ata poat planted one n.iidahH,f
uiib a north ot the interuational  bouu'liiry line,
tbenoe weet SO chalna, thenee aouth to cbaina
tbenoe eaai W cbatna. ttience north BO obatna to
point of oommenoementi containing i*ie oorea,
more or lea*,.
Dated iM-pt   11th. 1007, WKai.Kv I'.nvaa.
K   W. OmJatM, Agent
Nelaou Land Dlatriot.   Dlatrlct ot Weal Kootenay
Take notice   that  Mimou Y. Kcbiffel,  of Nailer.
Idaho, occupation lumberman, lntenda lo apply
for a  apeoiaj  timber  Uoenoe   over   the following
deacrlbed landa; on the eaai. able of Prleal river:
Commencing ��it a post plantetl on tht cant aide
of Priori river, two ami a hull uilb a north of the
international boundary line, tbonoe north BO
chalna. thenee earn ho chaina, theuee aonth 80
chaina, thence weat80cbaina to potnt of commencement i Containing040 aerea. more or leaa
Dated He).i   lllh.iwrv. St mm I'  hi Hii-v-fi.,
K. VV   HMITH, Agent.
Nelaon Land Dlatrioi   Diatrict oi West Kootenay
Take notice that Clyde K McClure, of Hi ���villa,
VVsab , occupation barber, Intend-* lo apply (or
ii ipeclal limber Uoenoe over the following ilea
erlbed buida; 'Hi the eaat aide of Prleat river,
two and ti half milea north ol tbe international
boundary line:   I'l-mmem-tnir at a pom dented
tM-oi.n.1 h half mllea north of the In ernatlohiil
boundary line, them-e eaat 8ti cbalu*, theiM-e
BOUth 80 r halna.   tbence   weat 80  chalna,   thetiee
north 80ohaina to tha point ot oommenoemenl
aiic cum.lining 'i-lu aerea, more or !������>.��
fiated bept, Uth, 11W7. Ol vi>B K.  MoCl.ri-k,
K    W   HMirH, Agent.
Nelaon Land Dlatriot. Dlatrlctof Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that Jay BOVOS.OfJlitOVlHO. W��ah ,
oocnpatlon butcher, intend a toappiy foraapecui
limber   licence  over the   following   doaoribed
lOOdai on   the  eaet   aide of  l-rival   river:    Com
menclng ai a poat planted one and a bull mllea
north   of   interna  loin.)   boundarv  line,   thence
ens�� ho nhalna,  thence aoutb ho chaina. thenoe
weat HO ehaina. them-e north -*���' chalua to the
point ol I'onimeiiceineiil. coutaluiug 640 aerea,
more or )i-*-h.
Dated Sept. 14th,  IBOT. "V RovOB,
K. W.HMITN, Ageut.
Nelaon t.nud Plptriot. Dfttrtcl ol Weat KoqIi na
7ake notice thnt MooM. Keppli   A Co., i
land, Penn., occupation Inmbermen, itLU-nn t
apply tor ii no ��cb-l timber Doom ���   ovi i_f!c   lol
lowing de*( nbod landa:   Commeni tuapai a ;��� ������
pituiie-i on Mom-imjui iTwk,    n   thi   ���weal mdi n
Arrm-r^aae. aint litiPnr one hall mil'   .
s.t1!tivi-.*-^Vr_rnt._._jJ.anulaMM*HT'it No
Kotith KO chiLiua.   then.*,    weal   B0 Cbaina,   theuc
north BO chain*, then,'. Baal no ebalna tc p��   ot
oommeneement, and oontainlne 040 acrea, mor
i>r leaa,
Dated 1Mb July, iyo7.      Mooaa. I ii i : v a I
I mil K I'Ai.aiNa, Agent
. k\\u\tuM\io)io^uu
(Vgenta   Duttortck   ran
Nelaon Und Dlatrioi   Dlatriot ol �� aal Kooh naj
Take notu-c that ��llllam   Andrea    !
Ft run , ti  c , hotel keeper intend! to app '. loi
a ���peclal time i licence over th ��� follow lug dca
Bribed  landa:   Commencing at a poal   pi
about aix mllea weat ol  tlie Kootenaj   rn
I ��������� d    ret k.   in i be   Dlatrtcl   ol \\. at   K u.
aud ���>��� inn about ala  mllei  nortb ol tbi
tiati   iih!    tioim   riry    line,    and    ill
Dortbeeat eorner of William   tod re a   '"-     *���"
B timber claim, tbent-e nortb B0 ehali
.-������.! as chatua,  thenu   aouth Sn cbalm
. xat BO obaina, to th- nulni ol commcnei meul
l���M-ateii Julv Brd, I*.-***:
Dated the nth ot Aiu*   100.
Vt iu i iv \ goers I
Nelaon Lend IMatrfi I   Diatm i ������( ��.���*������ Kootanay
'Ink,   notice    thai    Qeorga   M. ihu.1i *   .���:
h  c.  lntenda   to applj   (or  * ipeclal   umbel
licence    over    the     tl    \ot   i������������     lei   I
���  * o| n'     p .������    pieui
��� ���'..������ iwtialilp"
' I   i i | oi
tti. aoatb Imiiiiui.iv  Um   ol  the Indian n
tnenoe aonth   aboul   ->   cbaina  ;
bank   of   Kootenay   :���
along  Kootenay   river  t.-.*,i.   ���  qg
the Mouili  boondar) ���.;  -��� ���  loo IS, Ti
ihenoa aaatei j about ������ - na
corner t>f Lol . ���! .    I bl DCI     0 -   alOMg
the ureal  boundary ol Lol  - weal BO
chaina to the polnl ' I nommei     tn< nl   and son*
talotng 540 io-'���. mon
Dated Julv 4  ton. UMmur vi ii.ni>ih.
A splendid stock of Coat* in all si/cs and styles to Q
aake  selection   (rom.    Prkei are  exceedingl-y low# K\
g Ladies* Dress Skirts from $150 to $25,00 i
in i
kg*       Bargains   in   Ladies' Raincoats,     Infants   White %
' oa    Hear Skin Coats from ��1.50 to $b each.
lake nolle
e la lowing
... tbat SO Am] - ntanS to
appiv   10 the   Hon 1 1111
Landi and   VFork     V'letorla,   lor  i"
eut mul carry   awaj   tlmbei it  tl
daacr tied lann   In Wet! Kw ���   naj
No 1    Commvutrmg m n  | planted at Iba
aonthweal  ������-.������,-     .*  timc-^r lieen*- ��� H
��f��i SO ei,.. laa. I a      ba ;-i-. theace
aaal m chaina, tbenei   i - ��� to place ol
Hand _(aj SL, ism I   B   Roaaa  Locator.
,t W   ��� ������ ai mt. Agent.
No .'    Common ing       ���   \- it planted at Um
m ��������� boool noi uei        , anosooal
BO ��� aatna tbei
rhaiio-    liiett  ���   mul    80 t ol OOfll<
Datad May a,lS07.       i   v Bvmowm Locator,
���   m*  | t- ��� ri I
We have   nothing of Questionable Qual ity.      Mail order* promptly    J&
attended to. '
'->   liVX \J
n.���.���mi i-nmi i'i*trn-i   hi-. Kootanay
Take noti.-.   ihat w��. -rrbll��ald Bremner and
Qeorg-  . cnittK. boi b ol Um ���
I'rovio*.    .-f   1 :    ��� ���;. ii. io
land l"     pi   |    ��������� *;������������. - ��.-i the
tt  lot i landa
���   ������.:���.���'.*.   at a poat
yard*   Weaterly Iroi ���   nor 1,
ar l main forka ol BumuiiI creek, i ���
into Kooienay rtverati
Kootena) lobe in ti ������ dm ricl  ol Weat Koot
ivhu ti -nni tion u  SO mlli - :t"in  the
m miii of  inch creek, tbea I      baina
aeal ISO cbaina, theuce north 40i
h.iii-e veal ISO ehalna to the polntof opi ���
mas  and containing ������*
AH' lllfAl.n   Hl'iKSIK.
Dob d tbli 4b ita s_ I ���- --
I Oommoneing at a pool plan ted about 3M
yarda ��. tha main an*! north torta ol
Rummll creeK,a creeli  llowlng  mi" Kootena]
river aootb of tbe *muthfru end nl I
in tba dlatrlct of Weat Kootenay, thi
ehalna,thenca waat40 chains., thence aoulh to
'ham-*, tbanee waat 4t nca north ho
chalna to i haina, tl   uei   north  to
i   chaii ��� to   be point ol m*a*
menoantont ��n*i oons rea mora ot
laaa I r mtto Vmm
Dated tin* ith -iaj- of Aogtut, Um,
I Commencing al ��� poal planted abont 100 toot
north trom th* ' ��� riiain Bommli   rook,
in, | abool I mllea waatei j Iron tba   anetlon ol
it ������ norm fori. aud th" main lork oi   mch
��� ere. k Boa tng into Ko,,:, ttay rival aonth of tba
era i nd  <f k-H.tenay Ukr in thi
fit*    Kootenay, thena   Hmtn 80 ebalna, tbenet
Beat B0 chain.*  theme   Dorth  ai*  nhalna   ���
iraatSO chalna lo tba   point ni  iror1 men"-*m**-������'
and oontalnlng 040 acrea mon ot laaa
AKi lltBAI.i/   BKOMJOtt.
Dated thla ith day ��� I Aiigm t. 1S07,
4 Cotmnonetng at a poal planted abonl
up   an   uu named   ereek   flowing   ll
creek from me wiuth at ataeit 23 mllea from tbi
month ol rtummit creek which   latter la a ereek
(low im- Into K.M.UjUay river aonth
am end ol Kootenay lake In tha di-.trt i _-( Weai
Kootenay, them-e north ah chain-., tbenct   ���
anaina to tba polnl ol oommenoemani and eon
talnti.g i.i'i hi rei- in ,t,- or lean.
niiwis vocko.
Dated tbla Mh day of Auguat, !'*���-*"
:* ' oiutnenrtug nt ii p<i��t   planted two   i.      .     ,
an unnamed  creek   Iiowiuk   ItttoSunun I
from the aonth at ahoiil 22 in lien (rom t h>   in,, nth
of summit creek, which tatter i* a creek doe mtr
into Kootenay rtver aootb ������( tba itonlbern and
of Kooteuay lake in   theOlatrlfftol   Weal
nay, tbenoa  lonth  *. ohaina, ihenoe eaai  no
chalna, thenoa uorih mi ehalna, tbenei   ���       H
i hum- to ttie point of oommeneement and eon
tainiiiK 040 aoroa more or lean.
Ah* iiiiiam.   Hi(r.-.Nr.k.
hated thl-i 5th day of Aiu-m.1, l'to7.
h Contmoudng  at a poal planted  ahout one
and h half  mllea np the north  fork ol  Bummll
-     a i ii oak flowing Into aootonay river aouth
of the ���outbarn end of kootenay lake in I
lni oi   Weal   Kootenay. thenee  ea-t   to  chant*.
tbenoe aouth 40 cbaina, tbenoe eai-t jp chalna,
thence    Honth 40 Ohalna, thei     we*t to   chain*..
theme north 40 cbaina, theme weal 40 i baina,
tbenoc nortb 4i chaina to the point of eommenoi
meul and eoutaining hI'i m.rei* mare oi leai
Bbosos got >*���
Datod thli--ith 'jay of Auttunt. m*7.
7. Commencing at a pom planted abonl one
mite and a IihIi up tba north fork oi Bummll
creek, a ereek (lowing into Kootanay rlvei aoutl
of the aonthern end of Kootenay Ink.- m tba
di-tnet of Weal Kootenay-thenoe north -Ouholna
tbenoa wi-i-t -*���' ehatua, thenee north 10ebaun1
lbenee eaai to 't1Hin., tbenei -ruth 40 ehalna,
theno* eaat 40 chalna, tbonoe aoutb lo ehalna,
tbanee wi il I ebalna to Iba p itnl ol oommenoe
in en i Hint containing ott aoroa, mon ui leaa
Dated thih hth dav of AHKUat. lWfT.
AllllllBtUi  llRIHMK
>* Oommenolng ai a poat planted abonl n
quarter of a mile waatern (rom tha north fork
of-uiiiii.it orooft, and abonl two mllei and a
ball up aucb north fork irom it* Junction witb
the main Bommli creek, a oreek llowlng Into
Kootenay rlvor. ���otttb of tbe southern end of
Kootenay lake in tbe dlatrtcl of Waal kootenay,
thenc north ao eh at na, tbence aaal *** chain*,
i *>- aonth 80 chalne, thenea waat SO cbaina la
thi* point of eoinmeli   eiiictit, nnd   consult,   i,,   .
io  ���-*. noire or leaa
Dated thin 81b day of A-ttguat, i&n
QSoajga . - :
o 0-_mn_a__u_tlng at a |K>-<t planted abonl %
uarter of a mile tveeterl) from the north lork
oi dummit creek and aboul three mllea ap auob
mirth fora from ItaJnnoUon witb lb* maloHum,
m t creek, a crook flowing Into kootena) rivet
������oiith ol the  aouthern   end   of Kootenay lake  In
the    dlatflOl     Weal    Kootenuy,       t|,eio'e     we-H     a>l
chalna, tbenoe nortb to obaina, thence eaai Bfl
cbaina, thence Boulb no ebalna to the point ol
nommonoament, and oontalnlng mo acrea, more
or lean.
Datod tht* Btb day of Auguat, 1007.
Aiu mi,i; i. Bg
in - 'ommenotni al a poal planted abont a
quarter of a mile weaterly (rom thi nortb fork
nt Bummll creek nnd about tit.-., mlloa tipim h
north fork fri>rn it-< jutictlou w ith tha main -nn,.
ml* ereek, a creek [lowing Into Kootenay river,
aouth oi the aouthern end "f Kootenay lako, in
i ii-trtct of Weal Kootanay   thenoa u.  ��� in
obaina. thenoe Kouth ib-i clialna   then ��������� *
ehalna, thenca not th 100 ohaini  to tha point ol
oommenoementi and containing 640 aorta, more
or [eaa,
Datod Lhfe20tfa day of Auguat, 1007.
Aft! tr 11: a :.i ��� BSl HKVB'
n I (ommenoing at a pod planted aboul ball ��
mile eeaterlv from the aoutb fork of Bummll
cr.-ck and aboul onemlla aoith ot tht main
Bummll   oreek, a creek fiowiuu   into  sootenay
river aoulh ol th ��� Hoiilh-Tli i ml of Koo'ennv hike
In tbe dlatiiet of Waal Kootenay, tbenm e��ei ho
obaina, tbence aonthfti rhalna, thenee weat B0
chalna- thence   north 80 ohalna   to tbe pului
eomuiiiiceiiH'nt ami oontalnlng tAfl acrea i	
or leaa. A.hciimui.0 Dbuiuvki
Dated thin ::\#i day nf Awtrm". 1007
Kelaon I*aml Dlatriot   Dlatrlct ol West Kootenay*
Taka notice that i, Lharloa Bidiicy Leary, ol
Burton City, B, 0 . oooupatlon (armor, luiend to
apply for permlrtatoii  to purchtte   the   followitt-t
deacrlbed it-mi: Oammoncing at a yt.*\ (lanled
about Ova mile* nprthweal from tin- inouth of
Montjuito ereek and mark, d "<'. h. t.'n uorthuaat
coruer," theuce aouth ho chalua. theime wssl ho
��� ���   north 80 i baina, thence eaat 8
,��� rtnt of commi ni tainlng
wo acrea.
7th, 1101 chaku* Btnm  leab'
. i ..f \s, ���\ k -otanaj
���   ���
i pnr< baa* ��� hi   tolloa
eni Ing   Hla nt   the
\   y,    corner L   i     '���' rancl ' In
.    , ���
������ ���    (4*0
-    .
ut,   and oontalnlng  one bi
-     i .;...    ..;   It*-.-,.
lofl.   ! . . s,  ��� -  ||*
lak> i that i   I aaa I   n
- -
>���     landa;
tbe X. y
 net aboul Itjj mUi * no-th "I tbi
���   ; eni. * areel
��� >f  UM
-���ii   tm mdari   ol        L Ko
i-'i.iii' aoutb,  lb< nn ���   i ba na  ai
t-hatna north, tbenoe so chalna eaat
of beginning,
Deled lni] .'I-:. 1807.
mmeneln*. nt ii pool   planted  f' the H    If
* halna.
ihenoe area plaoe ol het-inuing.
Doted inl] .'��� '
pool   plant d at Um **���   ���"
corn, r nl loca I 8    baina,
then,..   . i������ ��� -��� to i baina,
them-e weat '   i ������ ��� inning
Dai      :'
i    ' ���. er olio niiou
No. l. then e north ��� -ee weat SO
���   coat no
chain   to i ��.��� , i        ��� ���      ut tng
Dated Ju
.">    ' ommeni (ng �����       poat i��*ai     I ona mile
eaat of tin       I er of I    ��ll>u       ��������� then-1*
ioihI, W oba iti-    i-*'
I-H*.     |  JUl]
6    ru-nmettcing at a nod pla.ni   * attk
corner. i I ooal   ��� 10 cbatna,
thence we*  -   rbalua ui the piece ul beginning
Dated lu J Kb i. 1807
7.   Comi                 ��� . i o*i planted at Uu M   I
oornei of lo?aiion rt 88 chalna,
them ���   *       ��� e aonth 80 el alna,
thence wearn pi��Oi- oi ta-ginuiug-
Daied July .'��� ���
��� nnmonving ��t * t>o*t planted si Um K k.
i-orner ol ''���cation No   ��� tbi n��   north 80ehaina.
.   weat 80cbaina, tbenn aonth i**' rhalna,
i to tbi   plai i  if beginning
Deled (uly Hat, 18 '. Y.  t ELAeaa, I ��������� atoi
JiiHS Hk   WW, A(*eiit
'aud Dlatrioi Dlatriot of Wosl Kootanay
Take notloe thai t, KUaabotb _rorgn_am, od '
ton, brttiah Oi lombla, occujaatlon married wo
uinti Intend ��������� apply fui p rmiaalon lo pnrebaaa
tm folloarlng deaorloed \��nO ' ommencina at a
p,n-t planum 10 ebalni weat of the aoutbeaat eorner of aaotlon Z2, Townablp SS. Kootenay, and
marked ��� K K - H 1. eorner,''tbenoa areel a..
��� inun thenoe aoutb -to obaina,tbenoe
ebalna, theine nortb iO cbaina to the place ol
oommonoemenl ami containing mo acre* more
J eaa
l.*��lh Julv. A   l��. IHin*.    tUXATTtU Vr.< *_t lot.-,
by W . A   < Hhl-r, ttK.-nt
,s. Laon i.au't Dlatriot  Dlatrlei <>i Waal K nay.
Take notice t-,H- i, David <��� Kurt/, of Nelaon,
H. i .. o. ��� nnation men bant. Intend to apply for
p n ^'i-m to purchaae tba lollowiug deacrlbed
[and: Commencing ai a poat planted at the
urnet of aeotfon sl, township 09,
Ko* ay. and marked-*&.G K*afl w eorner,'1
then - nortb BO cbaina, tbanoa ooal 40 cbaina,
: alna, tbenoo weal -to t ham*
io ma poini of oonuaenoamonl ami oontalnlng
more or leaa.
Uth July. tlKi7 Darin <<   Krai/
w   a I'Ki'i-r, agent.
nuuoa tha- i. i bontaa Harrj W llaoti  into "pply (or !�����: a 	
;���  dcacrlbed land:   Come ing at a poal
pla   led i    tin -        corn r of lot ?&*���_. a.  Imarki t
h corner, thi noe  aouth   10  chalna, I
weat 10chaina  thenoa aootb  -,;  chalua, lbenee
.���!.i   ii ,tbenei  aootb   U   chaina, 1 bonoi
wei    i1   chalna, tbence toutb  10 cbalua, thenoe
0 chalna, then	
earn -h" cha ii-  to  polnl   ul  commeuuemont and
i mta mine 100 acrea, m
June'". v��,l in.ma- llr.NKV Wii.-off,
wn.i un Ajuoano -in ih,   gam
, Land i'_-n y i   j'lht- ici ol '., ���     Ko
'take notloe that 1. John Lang, of Hclaoo, fi ��   .
��� ������ i ion  ii* n*er  intend  to apply lor y< rniia
���ton  to purohaai the folltnrlng dc-acrtla i landa
Commencing at a poal  planted al  thi   N   h   ot
Lot 8iw2. thence eaat 80 cbatna  tneoci	
chaina, tbenoe * eal 90 - baina, tbi nee nortb SO
chalna lo polnl nl oom mi ncoment, oontalnlng 10
Hire,: more ni  i
August Snd,   I'M'", Jons i.A.-t..
��� berebj gn en thai '-', flai i
I loi date,!
lo tend to apnh to the Hon Chh I Coiamiaslonot
of Landa ami Worka tor permlaalon to -mri-iia**-
the following described laud lu Wosl Kootenay
dlctrti-f. on weal ahira ol Loner Arnta Lake
adjoining Lot Nu ItMS.ontbei nth: Ut-Kinoing
in a post marked "Harry Mi I ood'a N H uoruer
pustand hinted on the shore ol Lower Arrow
Lake, st thi sontheast curnoi of Capl Foslnnd 's
4048, ������< ehains,  thenc,. iouih  HO
chalna mor, oi leaa to tht   north boundary of K
f'uiiinor,'';. iv it .thonce a chains aaa alonn the
���aid   mdarj  tin lake   thence nortb alon
lake Mtore 30 chains, more or Laaa to point ol
i ommenoement.
Hay snd  190.
.1. D, Moors,
Agent lor Hurry HcLeod*
Seip-on Land Dlatrlct.  Dlatrlct ol Wesl Kootenay,
Take notloe thai (ieorge (tufusOarh I ol lUrdar,
,. tl m, bridgeman, In ten la  PpJy (or eor-
��� ilon   t-t purchase   tbe (allowing   not- rlbed
land : t <
tu un ii'ini: at post p. an ted at the north-
ijj-i of h, Robs' appth atlon to pur
marked H W��� tbenoe north 40 cbaliis, tb<
easl 10 chains, tbenoa aoutb 20 ohalna to a.
Curry'a pre-emption! in.-uce wesl 90 elm in-.
theme south t>i uhalns, the ios �����.���*,( so chain to
Plaoa of n d ne :ii   nontaiulna   I'iu acres
more or loan.
Datod .'uij ia, wn,     mk< <    . , %\ k\wtxo,
W. J   H(,.rr. Agent.
1, the nndoraigned, aftcf w* daya intend to nj*-
ply to (he Hon. i M* f ),���.��� rouiiulm-iooer of LatidS
timl Works to plUtChose 11 c lollowiiiK deierila'd
lami:   pommebulng ut the V.SLv.ol Dot 7880
B, 1.,  theuc.    wunl 44) !_������*.   theuco  north   20
< baina, thenc,. aaal in ohalns, tht:. . 1
an or lesa "wu-jib -j
'*-"-"''   Karahasth,Utn w A Mlll_
SUty dara after date I u
��� Umli an*, alii
I-.       li     < lo     i
trlct:    '   .iriineti   it'*-   1.'   ..    ,,,-���   \.iut.mtmZ
koOt.-llMl      [���.,.        .....    hUlJUlZl
-tiol   mark..! .  . y ,JZ ���
��� Lain*
ilon* lake ihoroiop.
I  April *. I8BT, H|VDn| J  V Ki��y��
Land Dtatrlcl    lMMnrf-f W-.
raki   tt,* ..,   -���,-��� phtli]   Hi "-. bani
11     ' '" '   ���*.'->. . -  I      ::,'.���!..j.   ���_���  IM_t>��
lan 1:1 -   n  po*u pi��: ���
weat -ti"!*- ol I p-u-.r W tiauihai
the -    I
thi  to .    -.,.,., ��� *  _��� (���_____,  I
lb    LMt*   I
northerly along the -. n rl um ���_�� :
��� I    P��uur Bksanamc
Hoi, ; U-i ]. ���.-.��� u��rti
("I   pero UoalM *���
.-  *  land  in   Weai Knotetwyiintrki: '�����
���   ��� ::.*i*ti��et
uoruer   (hi-:, ; - ajmf
��� a r_��_a.
thenoe northerly '���*��� ebalni aloatuwC. M
track 10 'lj,  place of co -..aaiBtat
two huudr.-i aerea. mi.-.
Located thu Jih <___y oi Ma
A '   R.-a.lMattc.
. ..<'_�����* J
��io. 1 M������. n
ti 1-  and   Wert* le ***a*ese
,      ��� *  th
at   Kooienay dlatrlct    t'leaaragais
poat plant  .1 at ihe
an I abonl 1" -ham* -*:
dJ   Um   rfuhl o{ way   t.f  ihe  fi L.fceiketOS-
Way,  and   marked   P.   A    Y _ n��'kmu\ twit**.
*.   *��� i ��� *. | '..'-'noiUioitM-aatk
l-onndary ol tne |igblH)f-Wttl ol I C Halfetfl
ratlwav. thenc*- folinwlng Raid '"-*- *" ���>J��**-
rirht of ��ii in au easterly dlrr*-tmnwihr��tit
arj "��� '���������' 108 OL thanes *xu. lophaa
��� ���omiiieii.euo it\,   i-outatnins   IN' attt* Bfllf St
l*aU*��l tbla Hth day of Jutt
Pats kmtn I'trum.
-..;   | and Dtetliet.  DlatrM al ���*ftt Kaaaay j
lak.  nottos thnt Paul  Luyosl l'��nia-a ��*�����
chener, n  t .. oooupai as it��i*oo
lot permlaalon i ��� poftskaM urf������*^���'
nut   <l.��enl*e_l   idti'l-.      i omn��**��-u-r. ���' ��� .���*
plHiileil at   thenouiti  l*niiii.lary ot  hi
h.v   o|   the   Hriiiah   ' olnmbU Beet
mi nnd aixiiit  -' chaui* **���-''
f.J on nald railway, them - ���ootk -1" I"i"-;.**!
eaai  to cbaina, tbenos aoutb ��t tf_a_M.saasj
aaal to obeli �� th* noe nofth u   ������
are of the tight nl wra\  ot
Mouiberu   I'.tiiu-iv.  thenca  itreatarii aluu �����
nald right of wh*  to | !t>' ���  ul
l��i_ti>a tbla tad day o( ^usu��t, i*r.
Pant An-nrr r*t ��*
Ntlaon l-alid Dlatrlct-   DlBt*rlOt0��WsstKSoaMl   j
Taka notioa that George Btom, ������'��� ".'"���J; ,
Montana,  D    8.  a., c-ccdpoltoB, k-�����^��
lemlc   to appiv  'or  i�� l tatael���-'* '��� * 1' ���'' "*"_, .
foUoartag   claserlbed  Und     ' t,ttTyVS*ui-
I-..-1 (dam don the waat shoreot Oj2"S  !
���hon(t-artboo) lake, and ai tin- ��"rtl*^r_Sfc
Ol    .   Ol   HI.;*'.      Ur-   11, e     "A-   hi     ."���   1 '       ' ,
U chains, tbonoaeaal -"��� ehaiii*. t,,,,,n'"''�����. ���
oba :i   to poini ol oommenoa-nool ani.wnw
lut ao acred- mtir* or leu*. ��.���,,,���.-ira
ftaj mh, 1901 QKMkmv_
tfalaoa Land Distrtet   Diatrk I ol ��": *-'1^''
rake nouoj thai WalMi   ����->'--.1-��'***36
Montana. 0 ft. A., occupation Mas*
loanpl)   (or permlaai. " ���; *"���'%..
ing Set- rlbed landi ' J-��w��n��.-X_iiffinM��
e.ionih. west shore oil pp '"'.kui ';'.:��.
Bd at the northweat . '-^'i:l<un.w
then.e weal to ebalni tm -������*>��� ���> '^,,,.,_.i-
thcnoeeaal 9U cl ��Sw*
point   of  Dommanoemsat, and Boo_ai_u-a
acre*-, ne ri  "th" _- \HXVl*>
MaySStb, mr: Waltisjh
BUrtj  day, aftei dab I Artbut Al   ���
ranch'r, ol Burt-.n �� ity. inn-nd   '���
.     ,     ".,    ,.        ..*
-orm, H   ������ . to purchaae thi  l��  -��J���
pom marked "A   A   B  ���outh*-  ��
planted ai the*   t   oorne *     .       , ���
nmnini I
.nonet South ��uohalna, thenos *<'>-1* "*"
������ * jss
tUa   t.otice  thai   Hngo  ]
Manitoba,    farmer,     l;  ���
permission to putt-baa
land:    Oommi-ntdUg   il   ''.'"Tv, _,,,,,un if"'*'
pevon mllea iron, lb* mouth ol ��"J3,wi,0B isj
-     ,t   tnlB     ��M ...-.'tillf;
"���"     ��d.��_5!_!���i*rtlt��
: ol ������"m
nt nortbeasl   oornei
marked "H   <"   ���"   r
W. elmlll".  Ih-nerwe-U   *��� ;| "' ,������������,
ehalna, thenoe east 80 ohato
mencement, conMiulug WO ac
Datod .-"'ti dayol au��"-i.   *      ^.^
M-Uonrjiuia_01��trloi. Dlrtrlcl m�� ***2j
THke    none  that    rraPs       ||iSl ���,  ��flg
Utona,    Manltobs   bro��J r   ���'    ,,ll(lWll,-; <�����
ror permission to putthtoo t.w *     plsliWJ
c i land:   '���oimneii i ��  "   ,��,������, .ot.ajj
thesouthoajd oorner ��'Jff*L,C,S��1S
��� ,leM ,.,.���,  tbi   ,n��"^.^n:run'��--W!__2
marked t   PH H E-i   rner,   and ru^      ,,n
iioMhancloiin* .he     ���,.,*:.,, ,.���.,.* m P"in'"
south BO chaini _hou�� ��� tuntcrt*
commenci monl   - " '"'V,     j-hV
Datod ��tn day irfAitgust. WW, s|��,(v
AHIU..- A   HVW#<**^
. ��� ��� ' ,, **m\ W[]"'
Nalaon Land DI tricl   "��� ' ;1   "        ,,���. ,.f M-
Take noiice that  Corn ''  ,,,,., leosf]
Sr^SSsalon  tc pu ''';���',,.! NfflJJ
crlbedlend:   Commcnoiiagal ��A,p��tMiJf'
^^^rc?rne?A \ffl��j
thanooi bHiichain-  ; Jj J     iontalini>8 *
aires of land, more "r'Sf'jv, ggSbTM ����***
Dated IWd *im(]m^{'a; Biiaws.***-1-' The Daily Canadian
If you knew you could buy
of finesl   t|
quality stamped "C.'iuada Approved"   by Gow.rniueiit
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly wlien it will Cost You Less.
We  have il   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding houses
hotels, 7. i-i and 2.S lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P, Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo. Rossland Boundary
Bi ,nd i-utri      ��� ���   lotol Weat Kootenai'
IVirl-l     t.. run.  .��(  Kelaon,
p    ior, lntandi i" apnlj
  ;'"   roU��wrnir
lni *���< ����� p'wt I'lrtlitwl
 ��� imi t-aing ���
���      1     iiitililllK    rn-uth   Kj
n     ihi noe nortb ���* i
. aaina t" -n>iut nl son
paraicsi r-iiKRAK,
Kaici eraastn, Agnrt
.  rn*' 01 Wi nt k't.iU'iiny
t      ,. t ami   th ��� ���  i.itipi. 1.1
U __ l-*-rmnii. itituiifln
, ��� iit, !���.���:    I loam ��� '   over   tht
[and*      - .���initu-ti' tut-   1.'   11
��� *:  t-a-torlj   poal ol lol 81-
1   ni timtM t  Uoanoa Ho thih.
11   thanoa r-aat -io obaina.
thenca wotl t" ohalna
��� ���  mi iii. -.mi Bontalnlna
I'KTKH i.iwn,
*   piitrid of Waal ICooti aas
tiottra   thai  PatUir Land, of
.    | 00  h;m hernia ti. li-u-iidi-
_   timbor Uoaau tor tha
.    laudC       t "lllii tiil'Ill-HlR    Nt H
��� an   t-aundari   -���( loi IU  LOO
��� .   ure TOIB nit I ���   ���
Lttim   N-i 1  than *   north
-  eh alna, thonoa aonth "*���
������   < baina to ' to- polnl ol
aud i-onialnina NO aeraa, nora
.*   ���   *������    h illl-.-IIU)
.  ll ���   'tint    l'.-**r   l.iiinl. nf
,. * inn Inn iiiTinit'i, Ln '
tu 1 ber Ltcanea otor tbi- fol*
< ntnmflnelna ��t h pr>_t
!- S      ln.:ii
. .  m   ������<> --, thanoa
aaal wi ebalna, thenca
-     '    .mi*  K.   [Niint   ;
and lonuiuliiR f'to acre*.  ;
Pens Una)
��� in K.  Inti.m . i-i.-rn. ni  -\rrow-   ;
��������� apply (01 h -porta! Lioi '.  ���
��� ������:   tha   iitiinH ing  Aasorthoa
in.-! VDobatBfl
i-rfj direction from OartbMi
1 1    fa-rior's, *a   Parklna' H W.
. touth tr) "i   I- N*�� 7'***.
0 Ti -. tlnnoa Mrtta to I
: 9u 1 ba 'ti*. them a in
l 80 1 tuUlU tO p**>lii!   ol   eni.*
-: *u til a |f*i-t j'Imp led to vtia Hi*-   !
diitriitio** trom Cariboo ;
-1-      h ri :n��',   lri�� Y   Tm u-r 1 -   S .
��� :  oa tba woel by T. 1.
and  w   Parkins' i ��� L>
balna, thanoa -mmi ifo
ohaina, thanoa wssl UD
m��ti polnl ol canunaaoamont
W     f   'H.ILVIK,
Ua Y T-vim.
Dlatrioi ot Waat Cootanay
��� ii Unit aodayaaftardaia j.
1. r,ol Halaon, 0.0..
t     < hial Oon_m_anoni i "t
la   Uoanoi to out nml
��� ,i  loUoa iiife daaorlbad
immti  oraaki in tin- Went
I., i   ���. poal Btfrttad J  K-Fi
nr-r   i- **i.   hM-ated   on
n ��� ���_ Htiimi two tnUaa trom
inning aonth ho -hum-.,
'������*��������� in i'iiain-i, tbt-nt'i-  ruunniR
; ���*. -i i" ohaina, thanea
.-.   running earn to obolnm,
i   ,   i, .11-   thanoa eaet �����
tn< ;i* ��� ini'Ut.
hi ill Au-riiht. I80T.
i  ii-. p.Bwansaao, UM-aior.
per bii ..��������� tn Pates atflDonaLD
uj a) ��� |toal marked J  P. N'**
-i corner  poat, lo.-ated on
reek   hUhii two mile*- Irom
running aouth to ebalni
i balni   ibi noa rnnnlng
��� -'i <   running mat SO obaina
i du ol Aucust, 1801
John f' Bwnnunw, Looator*
pei by Ream Pataa MoDostaCD.
District ol Weat Kootanay
'  B i . Stewart, oj Oolllng-
��� tion  lumberman, lntandi  to
tm���������>������   Ll ��� noi tnrai tht fol-
nmmenelng at n iM-��t
ream about om intla aoutb
��� i ead wrab ta*f<��ran
I, tt  i    ittawarfa n. R   Angle
��� ���      ���     ' i.   it,     ;   onoi)   wi-i-l   4"
I i ii    I  m f'-t-    w-'fit   2U
16 chalna, the 10a niat nu
north U chain     thenoa aroal 10
i omntaai amant, i-*'utaininK
Iamm r i an ��ak-i
"'- rli t. Dlatriot "i Waal Kootanay
No in Oommenolng ai a poal piantrii abonl '20
ehatna man or lam iouu Iron tha north-
weal eorner ol Im r-o _*.*-������ oo main Ia-hiou
creak and maraad Kenry Kotehart cant oornar
poat no to, than oi 40 obatn*-nortb moreorb-ai
ut about mi iii u u y ot iiif Hiiutii boundary Una ot
umbei   Hi u moo so   toot, thenoa ISO ohalna waat,
thanoo  *fl challi*  aonth, tbt-oi-c m> cbatna en*:
i" 1*01111 of oommanoam-KBt,
Dated -i'ii> -ntb. i��/7
No. ll  i ommanetag at a post )>)anted nn Miniu-
menl oruek, abonl Ttfi buna, mora or loaa, aoutb
(mm m bare ��� inomant i reek, mantyi into i>-in-
oa oreak, and  nam  Bnn  Etatonert nortbctiat
oornor p.'Kl '.( uinln'r lix-alinn no 8, nn-i markfd
'���Henry  K. iih'rt iiortliu��*i��t i-orner poat ��*o   11,"'
iin-ti'1 i'������i (-tutitin aonth, tbanoa40 ehalna eaat.
thanoa ISO ohaina north, tbanoa ���*������ iimm** weat
n> tba point o- -tomtnanoomant.
Dated July STtb, nan.
118181 Rvummn, Looator.
Nelaon band Diatrlet,  Dlatrioi ol Wotl rfootanay
'take none*' iimt i, BafOUl H. id-gaoomba, of
iiiiin-. ti t    alarli intend toappiy lor a apeclal
tlmbei ',ii .-n.i over the IoIIowIiik iliarril-fi-
' ommenoing at a poal pmnted at tiie con-
i>'. iii" north lurk --m I'orn criH'k ahout
two mth**! trom it* oonfloanoa with tba Main
oreak tbanoa aonth *J0 ohalna tbanee weal ISO
ohalna, thenoa nortb SB obaina, thanoe aaat ISO
i halm to 1 be i lace el Ikjkiuhiuk. roniainlng o*o
aoraa, mon or i��aa.
Uwated Anirtiat IT'h. 1901
1 ommenoing *i a poal planted on tba bank
ot tin. north fork ol lorn iirociS ahoin two uiili'H
from li* oonflnanoa with the -Main   ereek, thanOS
aout. hi obaina, tbanee waat nh bain*, tbence
nortb So chalna   tbm  i-wi h" cbaina to tbe
place ol i-eKiniiiiiR, conlaiiiltiK WU i-.crea, mor*;
or leu*
Looatad k-tgnsl i*M_. i*-c,t.
1 bmmoBOlng M a pi>.i planted on the bauk
ol the im- a. fork ol i om vrei-k ithout lour mllea
Irom us <*..iit'uenr,. with tlie Mal'.i creek, tbenoe
south Kit chatua, thewa ���-.-t BD Ohalna, thence
nonh80 e*balna, thanoe areal to i-haini- to tbe
ptaee ..f U-ginuiUf:, BonlajUUttg 840 acre*., more or
Umatad AuKii-'t I7in. IS07.
��� ommi Wdng ai a iiaiu plumed on the bank
"f the north lork ol Corn ereek abont6 nuie*
'���..in a*. ci.iillui:U'-e with  tin- Main cn-ek. thence
north<_0f-balna, tbence ea*t i��M*i-aina, thenoa
Miiiib so ebaina, thenci   waat i0u chain* i" the
i !   beieiliuliiK. cojitalliliig  '"I--0 acrei.   more
or loaa,
Datod auk nut iiiih, liar;.
 auaaaotng at a poal planted on the t-ank
ol the uorih tor* ol Oorn  proak abont_dx mUea
irom it- con Hue nee uttl, th- Main creek, thenee
����utb so chain*, tbanoa eaat80 ohalna, thenee
north  no (-liitiut..   1 hi uce   W(-��t   to   ShftljU   ����   the
plaoa of beginning, oontalnlng 880 aoras. more
. i lam
i .. ated Am-ii.-- 16th, lac;.
1    ' i mmanatns at a p,.m planied on tbe bunk
ofthi north lork of Oo_rn oreak about ��.*_ mtte*
tall ._��� ���*��� aith tin -Main creek, theuce
mm: ih Hi> eh a iii-*. them-*- -act ��*-> chain", theue-
north to ��� tiatuv. iheiiet- ea.t to cbulua to the
plaoe tti i.--i_iim.Mi|-. entitJiiniUK   i-fJ acrea,  more
.,!     It   *���.
Located AttRtnat ll>lh. 1��*7.
11. R. Knoai-OMBr. Ixvcator.
A.   Hackbtt. ARuUt.
MoBt Efficient Force of Its Size In Europe���Model   for   Britain's   New
��� ���   i    81 iwsrUol Galling.
.]""i'.i iuirii...rin..r.   intend.
... , I".......   i um ..." rr.i.r      ln'..rr..     ..
ber lis  ...   ...it  rl,.- lot
U        .  ���...it.. Dolns .. .. post
ll    ...I.  oi   .. -..null   .r-.i'U   .111.'
1 untsln  Hondo-, mlno, .,t....n sn
IBH I     mnit.'.l   I.   it   I"
I'"*'.. II.. r. ����r 30 ,haln>.
*  .1...li... ri,,.    ��,.., jo nlislns,
     rli.'ii,',. w.'.l ��l clnvlu..
nlna, ���.,. noe ......i m riiniii..
tn, to pi ,,-,��� ,,i eommano.
i I rm  ... rrsor Iss,
��� lAMS.  K    K   HK1C��AR'.
'���".. Un.. DI  ���   lol     DUtrlOt ol ��.'.! K....1,���.!,..
'.   vl..���i,.l,.r   ODlaspls, ..I
1     .". ���   il.c (ollowlni il.'��.iii.,,i
,,.,,',";:";'"".'.���..:... ��� iwt pi_nt��! hi lhe oon-
.rl ofl .'.n ,���,..,.. with it,,-
I,,! ,,,",'""'���, ' U. l...'l.,ili...   tbence .-nn
"��� di beginning, ooatnlnlng
u��   nth, 1MI,
u ,;���.','!".   "       poni |. .r. ���! ...i .I,. i���u,k
��� . "".,','   " ''"1"'*"���*���'' i"k'*1' '""'��� i"ii.,��
"���"���; -.'ill. the M.'.lu ��� ��� -I.  thonee
mi ... ..' \ i    �� rn    k>i i. ,n .. tbonoe
,. ,    n'oning, coutslning U r.... taore
'"',",';;;'''"'���"*. i um,
' '* l.'.r* I't'.'.'Ji1" "' ' ' l'l..ii''.'.l nil the l.niik
'" .i-.'i.ni ,,,.'     '"" '*"���'''' .''..".! lour I ille,
���'������!���' art ek, Ihet	
I? . ;; "    *-" '"""������ 'i'"1"*'
I*  ��� m ....   ,,,"'"  ml   *��' ��� .'���   i"    I
!>..,..    ".ii'i.iim. oouutnlngSIDsorss, mors
'"-led Auku.1 nth, nun.
Ai.kxa-.'..., Olttsspu, Inreaior.
a   Ha- k.-it. Ajvni
* '.,.:' j. Ilolohsrt.ol N,1	
I ���   ���,," to appl]   lot �� ipselai
���.'.wltiB described  iinS *w*-' " (r'"" lt"'
""""-r   ..r'.'i''.','    '' ,  '"'"I pl'irrl" 1 n.'iir   the
__������"�� li'iif   ��� '.  ,"   ' '' li ii noe No liii'.l
������''...���..I...I.\    l;;;1 a ��,* .��������� p<~i oi
��� ��� '.."in , mi     mi   '   i-i.iii".   | i
l.,V',,l"r    Wl   '.','' ',"���   ""*'1i. tl"'l  HO  I'll.illl.
li."!'"' i" im .        *""lth* ihsoss nu nbsUM
u��W.l���    ./,','" '..innu.uoi.menl.
Tlm.'|..r advertl.lns  exV;ndc-.I I.f the A,��lelanl
. ...tiii.i..l..n.r
N.im.ii l���nrt t)!��-.Tl.-t.   '.'.rr.'It i.l->��l K....len��T.
Takt ualloe tiial Tlio. 1- I U-gMT-Oj Bun-
net'. Kerry, <.<���"..i.ii'.li'r. pslnter, li,l-*rr(l. w apply
lor a r��|-t��'ta'.  i.iiiIkt   ll.eni't.   .... r   the   toDOWlng
daserlbsd r,      I ..n.-> ;:,k ..' '��� 1"'*' p'-*"*;''
ontheeonth n.le ..t .tonnUary atssK. sboul u
mile, wsst ..I till- Koot.way met, II..-nee weal ��"
ehalu.. tbenos Knxtll Ki .haln.. theuce ea.t m
il.Hln- thenoe north tuehaln. t.. rbe point 01
ei-mriieneamelit, aud .xitalullut Mu ki��.   -lore
I.'ki.'.'i .Iniy f,,h. lw-7. Tmomah K. L. Ur-A-.-
Nel-..ll I.an.l  iM-lri.-     I.ia'r.el ... We.t K.J.I.'liay
Tako notlee   Itiat  H.-nrv   Ueteliert.  ol ,Nel..��n.
II  ,   .  l.ro.lNi'lor. Inioud to apply  lor a .p**"lal
Umbel    ll.ell.e   .net    tbe    follow "re     _SSBrB__-
"*N���!'i.���Cou,monei,,Kata posl pl-tiite-l near H.
W.   u���rlb*.o��l    ,i.ri.er   no, t.   lol  No.   .(W,  an.l
in ark. -it
' k'.'ri'll.'t-l    ,..iitlt*.e.t
..... r -. r     -.leiir-r     u��*,ciiori    ,��-_..
poet " thonee s���� ehaln. nor.'b.   tbonoe  *>0 -----
ea-t.   tt......    -VI  chain,   aoutli.   lbenee Wl ehaln
Waat ... .1." point Ol "..:.i,rre,i rernenl
l��uu*<! Bepl   the J"!., l*"..
It KNRY   RKirUEKT. l.O.'HlOr
Certificate   ot   I__prove:ments
"Montreal*' and '"��r.'l-" " Mieer..! ��� lalrro * i'��*
ate IS the N,l,..n MlnlUK WTlSUBt, Of ��OBl
Koot. nay  Distxiot ,        ,,   .  -_ ���,
WlMue lncula-l' Weat l.ranel. oluortlilork.il
-alinoli rlTSr,  on   I'rat*;   Moniuaiu.   al....rt   nine
"'i:,i:.",';.:;i,;r*'ruo if___��. *tr,,,.-t.;,.u....e.*-roe
Miner. . en,lie,.'.. No. ����� !"��� lnien.1 ��� ��l-'* ">�����*"
1,..in the dat" lie..-..!, lo SpSlt W Ho Mini B
t;.e..r.l..r lor ., . e. ..ill. .He ... linpro* euielitrj. ror
thepurpOM of ..l.iainiiiu Orows ..rant, oi mt
"."ill 'luv't'lTer* Ink.,  noOce   Ural  a. u.   uudof
ween..11 a*;, i.nial I., o.m.rneiiee.1   beforeU��   l..u*
anee ... auoh <*. rlltlieie ol I mpr.ive.ni ut��.
Ilale.l till, l-rili daT Ort-SP-SSOS"   HHn.
Certificate   of  Improvemeiit-.
������1 in..,. ���Mill-ral .Tai,,. .rrrriile In rlre Nolrron
Mining I',.r-i,....... no Wsel ICowk-nsl I ��in i-
\. bare looated     .... I I Moant-ls WO-. ��
lo.lt rn'le. 'r ,11.   NolSOQ,  H   I". ,.,l���.a,
lake in.l.-i tll.il I. * * M���,l|.i.ia.t...e nut �����
ageullor    11.0*1.   -..rllrerla...!.   I'"*��� ���   ���"'";'��   .���'"���
uiiea.e :<���. ).,,..'-... Intend Mdafs t.���r. ��� t..nuts
...     il   io apply  m the Mining Baeords* for"
..*..i.;...e.Viin m.'iii-.i... '"���""���'���';:;:'���;;'
obtaining �� Crown   '.rant   ..I  tho ..    '   '   ���      ' "���
and t-nthai  take  ....nee Ibst >"''������'<��� ���   "''.
Beottontn 1.1   he   eoniliie i.e.l    holnto   till    1.
���nanceol atteh CertUlnawol i���,..r..veii.eni.
_��___���_. asrddaj j*��-P^g-*6K_i.i>.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral CUim.
ol.lrir-.'.l   IO  'I"    mi.ioTl.lene.1   Hlllla
,���.    Court     11"..""., ������"   'ho    ���"-.-",
,nl      I.,       PI iv.'d      ��P    "ll(   fi-
Lout oi .-.<>.���'... k,   in   tbi   afietrmoon,    ���'   ra
,l���v    *.r...-nlarr   lit,   UU?.   lor .UM jt"***?."1
Uie  " \!UH'M   Mineral
..tr. .    to
tHalrn. i.V.V *�����.''. -.ir-.".1t>,.1.;
Kooienay   niatrlcl.   ,vl���. I.  wi,. ''���-*',',.
i ri.'ii..". .,' tbe Oiwvn a* tb; ta- ����� ,'' ���^,'",,.".
en. ol i*..".......... ���  ��� ��U ��������� ','" r>, ''"",!,; .���.;
:,���,,���.���! laxa, npf. i Iun����i��.l-��.s_ii
���"n.-. ,.t ���., ,.,ieo upontbs ";..;' ,'","',.,*;''!:;,XI,'.V
  Inoln-i, the amount o  "���,"":"',���",,
^y��iT,z.u-<- miiei ^w*-^StWiJKaiSt;
I9tfl. HAltKY  WKH1HT,
iHiv.-rnni^ui Agent. UoleOH�� ���*���*'
nonpva, Ort. n.���Tlu* Swinn army
nmnociivrcH, which have JiiHt cnnrhid
i-i!. cstahlish thi- Eaet that the Swim* boI-
tifi'r Ik probably tin- bMt in Baropt, and
JiIh work upon Iho ilojdn; ici-riad paaki
tif hiit nutlvc Alps Iiuh Ihm'ii Himply mar-
The (JifllciiItifK which licHct NapoU'tm
In rroHBitiK thi-Kc mountuiiiB in 1800 ari"
lm( iriflcH to the Swiss soldier. The
bom with which whole reg.man.ta Kiide
down the hhow bIodoi Ih aatonUhing,
In doInK this the rifle it* placed on the
toi) of the kstapaaoki behin__ bli baad,
l'-;i\itm _B_U1*1 aims entirely free to manipulate the jiliMiislock. which Ih a neces-
BHi*y part of each ���oltBei-'a oquipmant
The Hki Ih alno used in Ihe army man-
oeii'.reK, and ihe Way the BoldieiK Klidp
aloiiK on It in tnoal surprising. Ona of
the movements recruit*- practice on the
barrack square is to lean on their left
arms on the ground while their right
arms are employed raisinK and lowering
big weights. Each man is heavily Inir-
(!��� Bed with a rifle, bayonet. BOO of BOO
rounds of hall and cartridge, several
days' rations, a steel-pointed alpenstock.
some Bllken or hemp ropes, snowshoes
or ski, blankets, and other Items, which
In themselves make up a serious load,
to he carried up great mountains by
paths, which to the uninitiated, look only
fit for goats. The soldiers become won*
derfuly nimble.
The Swiss army has repeatedly iu its
history hurled back the trained legion*
ari��'s of i.urope, and today fronts the
world In Its Alpine fastness, calm and
peaceful. It is decidedly more modern In spirit ami organization than any
other army In Europe, and just now a
mixed committee of both Houses of the
Hritish I'arllament is investigating tbe
.-.ystem, with the object of having ii
copied lu Great Britain.
Switzerland may he regarded as a
nation under arms, although its object
is defence, not defiance. A new a-my
act has just come into being, hut Is
only a slight modification of tbe old act.
According to It. every able-bodied man
must Berve In the Auszug from the agi
of 110 to BS, and there Is no means of
escaping this, for the lottery system of
���election is not  used.
From .'12 to 40 he becomes one of the
I-andwehr Uhe first reserve); from 40
up to 48 he ln-longs to the l.andsturm
tor second reserve!. Even then he may
be called upon if his country needs him.
and he may also have to join the fighting forces before be reaches the age of
20 If necessity arrises. All the men
forming tbe Auszug are called upon for
about a fortnight's special service BBCb
year, and are thus kept in constant
iraining. On joining the army for the
first time a man is placed in the recruiting school,  where    he    learns   hiB
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office.  Beslejr Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON.  B. C.
INBUSOIN,     -     B. C.
Piano   and  Singing Lessons
Given   by  Mrs.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certlflcate from Trinity
College. London, Eng.. for theory of nni
sic. Scholarship of the I^ondou Conser.
vatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796. Nelaon.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. (1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 X 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
In [_M matter of mi SflpUoaUOII for tin- |MM ol
.liii.l'O.ii'i ol tlu: Ci'iiUicali-- of Title to lotull,
19 ADO IS, Bnmp 1, Wi-pi Kootenay ntalrlcl, hImi
known hi* the ' Kootenay tMili-f," ������Comfort"ami
'Lulu" mineral I'lalm" renpe-'tlV"'"
���I   tlu
iiaiso ailllpfl.������   -..   *.*..��-.
WMtnuf   an   mi.llvlil-d lU-l-Oth-. ...   .�����-,. ...   ....
hIhivi- lot*, ii*ne-l on the   17tti day Ol   May. A. I>
1HW* in the in*im* of Ui-oi-i-e .1. AliiKworth.
Land UeKl<*try Otllee, Ne]non, B. O.i A QgUlt tilh
H. F. MacLbou,"
Dlilrln KiKtutrar.
9lO F��t_iR MONTH
We offer you bent fruit landH-
be��t. teriiiH; "bebt loratlon; best
climatH. AbHolule    ttlleB.       You
dun't have to u��e all of your moan-*
In payinR tor land. We want you
to put it into development. We
also bave tracts of 00 to 0000 acreK.
prices and terms the bast. We own
these lands and hamlle nothing on
Tf you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
Cleared,     cultivated,     planted
with   8o  trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
Tremont House
Kuropet-.i- snd Amnrlcau Plan
Weill -K> cti.    Ronmi frnm J6 eta. to 11.
Only wiiiie Help -employed.
Bstir Ht.. HelRon Fropriaton
Mont comfortable ---mrlcr-i       Nclfinn.
Only the bent Ol l-Iquora and i inarn.
Grand Central Hotel
drill. The period of early training extends ovur about two months for infantry, three months foi cavalry, and
betwean two and time months tot ar
tiilery  and   for  pioneers.
To the forces thus obtained m.iv bfl
added those comparatively few men
who, being exempt for one reason or
another, still wish the aervice, and are
known as the volunteers. Every
Swiss must serve, but if be is unfit oils unable to serve for some other approved cause, he must pay a yearly
militia tax. which ceases when he is 14.
The officers are, of course, permanent;
otherwise, in the strict sense of the
word, Switzerland has uo standing army.
The militia service of the Swiss
youth begins at an early age. lie
learns the drill along with his arithmetic and spelling book, and this begins when he is 11 years old. Later a
rifle club und gymnasium form part oi
his curriculum. When he becomes a
tledgling in the ranks he already knows
many of the duties which a trained
soldier must perform. The discipline,
while it lasts, is severe, at the recruiting school he must drill eight hours a
day, for forty-five days, if he be in the
Infantry; sixty days if in the cavalry,
and fifty-five days if in the artillery. So
strong is the military instinct oi' thise
Swiss that the progress made in this
short time is the admiration of European military experts.
Now Uie total of the army is nearly
half a million men, in a nation with a
population under ".,000.000. Every man
is a trained soldier, knowing no fear,
and ever ready to fight and die for his
To Hold  10-Mile  Run.
New York, Oct. 11.���No athletic event
held in the metropolitan district in a
long time has attracted more atteutiou
than is being manifested in the 10-mile
championship run to be held'at the Polo
Grounds tomorrow under the auspices
of the Amateur Athletic t'nlon. Many
of the best long-distance runners in the
country have entered for the event,
among them the crack teams ol the
New YorU A. C, and the Irish A. A. C
or this city.
The regulation gold, silver and bronze
A. A. I', championship medals will be
given to first, second and third men to
linish, antl an innovation will be found
in the fact that the championship committee has decided to give to the n, xt
seven men to finish souvenir medals of
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
CO to the Old Curlosiiy Shop. A new
line of Japanese Gooda now on sale
4.11 kinds of Dlnuerware In Btock. Pat-
Genersl Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, C.irpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
ing Stoves, etc.
T1 Esst Baker St. Phone No. A114
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDEH       A. H. GREEN
Qvil Engineers, Dominion  and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145   Phone 2(1 B.
Thorr.urrhly reDovatnd aud refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ER1CKSON, 1-TODnetor.
Telephone, 2BC.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. NelBon. B. C.
Qtteen's Hotel
Baker Btreei, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by El��:tricity and
Ueftt-ed by Hot Ai*
&ATKB  ti   t'Y.ti  DAT
J-h.������(���*'. r.-i'' I'ttirifitrlHl-U B-. ''rt-uiii-' RUd flri'*
clBifll'tclui* Koom Sample -.oon**' for OaaUMP-
������������:   Mt-u.
MRS.   K. t*.CLARK__,.   Proprletreffu
Bartiett   House
Best Dolkr-a-Day House in Kelson.
Tbe Bar it- the Plneit.
White Help Only Rmplorod.
'onephlDe Ht.
Royal Hotel
Rate** tl and fl.oO a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder**
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meat in the city.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
"Bli; Hope 1 ->���<���' 1,1 i ' Mineral < "mm- situate
Id the Trout Lake ViuIuk division, ot W��H
Knot uhj- IHf-trlei, Lo-**ite<t on ���',-������'.��������� creek.
Take notice that I,-t'. Pad ley Free Miner-.
Certificate No. MM���!'���.'., Intend GO day-- from the
date hereol tn apply to the Mlniug Recorder Ior
a Certificate of ImprovemenU Ior the purpose of
obtaining u Crown (.-rant of the above Clu.m
And further take notice that action uu U-r
Beotlos ���*���-. mum be commenced before the
issuance ol such Certificate of improvements
l>ated thin 5th day ol October. 1907.
In the Matter of    the "Land     Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
In the matter ot an application lor tbe is-mic of
ii duplicate ul the Cerilftuate of Title lor LoU
2301, '230-2. and 2��Ki,   (iruup 1, Kooteuay  Dlitrict
Notice it- hereby given that it it* my liucutiou
to is-cic at tht explratlou of one month from the
flrut publication Hereof a duplicate CertiOcati ol
Title to tbe above described Ititids, In the name of
,lai..es Roderick Robert-ton which Certificate is
dated the 9th da'* of August, '���-������ and Is numbered llCfo-k.
1-and Realntry Office, Nelson, B.C.. Slst of
August. 1907. H. F. MacLKOLi,
Platrict K-'Kihirsi.
,\o i ic;i -.
Iu the matter of an appltnatiou for the issue or
.i duplicate Certificate ol Title for pari (10 -soiy*-)
of Un Nl_,<i roup on  , iu the I.Utrh-t of Koot_npy
Noiice is hereby --iveu lhat ll Is my inlentiou
to imue at the expiration of one mouth Iron: t lie
lirst juiblicstion hereof a duplicate nt tlie r,r*
ilflc��tc ol 1 ith- for the above tatid.s in the naiat
of Andrew Morrison, which fertia.atc of Title
is dated the fttli day ��d March, VJOO. and num*
tiered JtilWK.
Uiud EUffUtn office, Nelson, ti. (:.,.September
IHth. 1-H37.
"H. F. MA.Lnon,"
Ulstrict Kegl-ttrar
I.   E.  Users of  Electrical   Sad  Irom
Tin- City Council has died u Bat rat*
of 50 ct'iitt* per month for each Klectric
iron used In private houae.. and tS.M
per month for each Klectric Iron used
lor  commercial   purposes,
Aud notice is hereby ��lven to all
those using Klectric Irons to make application at the City Hall (if th.-y have
not iilr* ;nl\ dune sol for pmvei ���-���������ulred.
AXYONK found iisini* Klectric Irons
or other heating device without first
miking appHcatton for power will ho
prosecuted without  further notice.
Ily Order, W.  E. WASSOX,
City Clerk.
NelBon, B. C, Sept 2Bth, 1907.
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended payments will buy a six-
roomed house and five lots; pood
location,   price $2,500
$000 cash and the bf lance on extended payments wl'ii huy an etpht-
roomed house and lot % block
from the car line, price. .. .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month will
huy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria Btreet, price... .$1800.
H. & M. BIRD
Flre, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability ItuM-vanee
Let us queue you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrea
of the
Choicest Frc-t Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
7 rooms and bath. 50 ft. corner lot.
centrally  located, one-half    cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
5 rooms and hath���excellent repair,
electric li*_.ht, water, sewer, 1  1-2....
lots,  on   terms $2000
3 rooms, water, electric light, cMck-
en houHe. woodshed; on terms..$ 750
5 rooms with two excellent    lots in
Fuirview;   water $1^50
Victoria  St.   (75  ft.   corner) $   500
Houston  St.   (50 ft.  corner) $ 375
Chatham St..  Falrview  (30 ft.) $200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access hy wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
F. B.  LYS
Real Estate Agent
315  Baker Bt.  Nelson. B. C.
Und dealers m Lt*mbe*t Shingles,
Lath, Moulding'^, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work and Brackets.
Mail Orders promptly attended I
>EL80N. B. C
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, Etc.
7.30 p.m.
No. 810.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"COMl-ANISi- Act, 1697 *'
I hereby certify tbat the "Pall*- Creek C-*;*per
MluluR -JotftVany. 1-im.u.M." haa ihi* i.ay t ��������� ti
-t-f*isten*��.<_ an nn Kxir-i-Proviucial Company un*
U-r the ' Coinpmiit'ri .Art. 1897," to carry out or
-'-Toe. all or any of the objects ot the Con-pauy
to whii-i- tin- lesulattve authority of the 1a-*;i��-
iiilure ol Hrltlsh Cuhimbla extends
the bum! oflh-e of the CnnM-niiy Is situate at
he City of Spokituc, -ttite of Washington. I   *-'.A.
Tba HDit't'iit -.i tba capital of tin- Ci-iui>..��y is
���ne million five linu<ir--r! th**" -nii-l u^llarn.
liVl'le-1 Into one milium tlve huti-Jretl thousand
iimi'* of one -lollar . nch
'I he head oflU'" of the Compmiv in Hiu* f'ro-
��� ttii't- is f-ltuate at Kelson, ami Mlchitel ��' Mini*
-Khan, Miner, who*-!--iddi-.---b Is toe same, is the
LlTcuiu'v of tlu- ("onipanv
The time of the exixtetiee of tUe t:omp��nr is
.iii*. Jtttt* frora the lftth MHr'h,llW7
Th�� Companr li spvelaily iinn'cd tiu'ior mc-
' ui H Ol thf ui>o\e ..ut-
tiiven imdor my lisnd iu<> sesl of Offloa it
V-.-torla, I'rovinf--* "���! BrttUtl ' nn'mhltt. (his 1 ">tti
���lay   of   May.   unc MkOOSOafl   nin.    hundn-d and
Iteglstrar of Joint -*iook C-nmpaulec.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Nf-ii-H- bi bereb) s'von that Wlltoa A*
filler. 01 the town of CreHton. lumberman, has been appointed the new at*
torney   of   "The    Cinni y-Miiier Cedar
Reglstrttr of Joint Btoek ('nmipanic**.
Vit'iutin, BrltUh Columbia, October 27,
All Kinds of Heating  Planth  ln  Stock.
Victoria 8t., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181.
To All   Points   In   Kootenays.
AND   DETROIT   TO   NELSON   $39.45.
MONTREAL, S46.10; OTTAWA*44.85;
HALIFAX,  *56.40.
Correspondingly Low Rates from and
to All  Intermediate Points.
Prepaid passaf;>> urran>;cd.    Reservations  s.-.'ur.'ii. etc.  ilin.iiKli  tills offlee.
For further 'iiartlculars call or writ*
'.<i.l'.A..V��U.*..uv..r. Ut.'., M.ISOD
��� y.;
::i The Daily Canadian
i ���
our stork fur the New Jewelry and other
goods we are opt alng up almosl every
,l;iy \\v are exhibiting Brooches, Necklets, Pendents, Bracelets, all in new de-
lh.- new Enamel Jewelry In
Flowers, Itii'ls and Bugs is most attrac*
O. Patenaude
" ^______^
it* msnntootarod -rom tne Dn__n tobMco, ���in-
ripened and dew nreeteoed     tt'i mild, full-
flavored and COOl.    A tobacco you
onghl to try
fobacconist.    Baker Slre-t.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & ___
Next Door to Rank of Commerce.
BUSH  &  MATT HEW. Props
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitcb,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vnnt'ii/.* to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Greenwood Anniversary.
Bunds) being the annlveraar- of ih*'
opening ���>! the Greenwood Methodist
church lie* It. N. Powell leaves tumor
ro.  iu preach nt the special aei-vl���..
Holiday   Rates.
I'm- Thanksglvlns Pay special rates
..f fare and one-third will be given on all
parts of the ('. I*, it system, tickets
being available Oct Mth, 30th and Mat,
rr.i.'.l nni: i \'..\   -nil.
;��,r. VsM-non   hiu' WarrcJ  Strwot-H.
NBU-tOIS. I*. O.
\  T. Garland, P. ll   Walsh and wife,
Casio;  u   11   Herron, New Uakeard; .1
V. M   'I'iiilin-'. and wife, Sllverton; F. E
iarrlson, .1    Fleishmann,  M.   Ft  Wynn.
I    \    Simmons, Vnncouver;  A. J. 1......I.
,1,'tr' real; E. E Di laplaln. . St. Louis;
.1 c. Moss, Milwaukee, A. K Watts,
-/attshurg; M, I'i ��� nr n, I Chicago; 1 J
. darysvllte; P. C. Theil
Any man able and willing to nurse
small-pox patients in case of need, is re
quested to apply to E. C. Arthur, M. D.
city medical health officer.
Best   Located   Hotd   in   Nelson
Under tho manaaemi-nt of II  v "*obls
late of Toronto, Ottawa an.l
.1. W. Parkinson, Brantford; l>. A. Mc
Kay, I'.r ��� di n; C. Stuart Morgan, Winnipeg; C B. Cartwright, ('. II. Halsi . 11
C. Dillon, Va icouvei; .1 !���',. Braillon,
Montreal; C. E Poerall, In dlanapolls;
Mr. and Mrs W. B. Douglas. Mlnneapo*
is: Miss Warner, Washington; Mr. and
Mrs. .1. 11. Van Wagner, Pittsburg.
.1. M.   Miller,  Seattle;   A. X.  Winlaw.
Winlaw;   B.  B   Phatr, Kaslo;  W. Allen
'ittsburg;  M. W. l.y'..-, Peter-
boro.   F.   T lornton, Woodstock,
E. II. Creelman, 6-Mlle; Mrs. J. li
Walker, Mrs. E. D. Rue ��� II, Procter; E.
Haywood, Calgary; A. J. Mean, Areola;
A. .1. Robertson, Medicine Hat; Ii. B.
Collier, Oxbow; .1. Finnerty, V. Campbell, W. c. Williams, lt..*,>..n: E. Keller,
A. Fedore, Streater; r. .1. McQowan,
Sloi nn .Inn. lion: .1. P. Bell, Brie; Q <:
Peters, Ymlr;  W.  I. Crawford, Spokane.
T. Hockens. Gerrard; -I. A. Fraser,
Ferry; B, Carr, Sllverton.
II. C. Haller, Rossland;  C. E. l'ilkin-
son,  Vancouver;   H   Crowley, Creston:
W.  Fleetwood,  P. Johnson, Granite;  .1
Young, Calgary.
It.   Williams,   Kaslo;      \V.   J.   Morley.
Ynrir:  It. A   Parker, Greenwood.
D. A.  R. Day at Jamestown
Norfolk,  Va.. Oct.  tl.���Tha manage
ment  <>!   the Jamestown exposition  Bel
today in honor of ihe Dapgbtera
of the American Revolution Mrs. Hon
aid MacLean, president of the national
organization, r.iid many prominent members of th" society in Virginia, Pi nnsyi
Mr.- j land and other states wen
in atti ndance This evening a reception in honor of the visitors is to be
given in the Virginia building.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent 'er Ir.i'.i.tt l.M.iii. In-!,
uli'l IVvr horo * SDOBB.
Km.--'   Let ��I   H'.MtK in   B. 0.
M.   L_.   LINDSAY
Ledell   Comes   Back.
Silas i.������'i-n. who was arrested by the
Nelson poll co and returned to Rossland
for trial, was brought back by Constable
Stewart al noon today to serve twelve
months in tin- provincial gaol.
Logging Accident.
Raj S Nichols, while cutting logs at
Six Mile point for the shin*:'*' mill last
night bad bis axe caught tm the limb ol
a tree with the result that he badly cut
his right foot IN' was brough 1 bom*
al once and attended by Dr. Hartin. He
will probably be laid up for stunt- tim*
but  will suffer no permanent  injury.
Golden West   Soap   Powder
in 3-lb_ packages, 35c.
C.  P.  R.  President's  Visit.
Sir Thomas Shau rhnessj. pi> stdent ol
1 be C P. H companj. and the part, ol
directors, will arrive In Mi*- cltj ton] ' l
ai i" o'clock by special steamer, si
panled from Kootenay Landing i>> K. F
Rusteed, superintendent uf the Pacific
��� li\Islon. At 9 30 a. m tomorrow thi
party will leave for Trail and during the
day will visit ihe smelters there and at
Grand Porks. At !��� |i ra, they will re-
turo to West Robson and start np the
Arrow lakes.
A   Messenger  Boy,
Is laughter s good thins? Thn laugh
ter which i* directed t.�� something
which falls tn comply with the Bocla] requirements, which is compelled by the
sight of incongruity or by sudden but-
All laughter al all events is not
good, The giggle nr Utter is laughter
debased. People who trifle with laugh-
*��� r <��niy sniff and Bulgger from the mouth
outward, while it Is true, hearty laughter
Is an Index to an honest soul. Carlyli
was right when ho said: "No man who
has laughed whole and hearty can 1><
^together bad." "A Messenger���-Boy*'
is guaranteed to cause laughter.���The
good wholesome kind and is a Bate, certain and speedy cure for the worst case
of "Blue Devils." On Friday, Oct. 18th.
cheer up.
Aid.  Irving's Opinion of the  New Westminster  Eehibition.
I-08T   a i.-W-VH i mukfu.a with cold rimmed
handle   left ��t  k   v   UhU, on nlghl ol 28th
-<*i*i    i iinii-i   please return i<�� Parker'! _-���'���-
ptoyment Ageney nn-i receive rewsrd,
QOLD CHAIN, between Hoovez hn-i Vernon
Streets. Bultable reward will he p��M for its
retnrn.   HeDennld .'.* MeJtardy.
a y<�� is hi BOi i. wm tainlng a llsued cheque <>i
the Second Relief Mining ('omi-aiiv, jiHj-Khh;
t.. t . c. Wade, and letters. Antler kiii-lly
Icave Ht N<�� Place Inn.
Aid. John A. Irving returned laat evening from the coast, after visiting the
New Westminster exhibition. In point
of quantity Mr. Irving says the New
Westminster exhibition heat the Nelson
Fair, but as regards Quality of exhibits
he thinks the home exhibition excelled.
He noticed that there were many vacant
spaces, and that then- was a lamentable
lack of enthusiasm amongst the spectators.
In respect to outside attractions, Mr.
Irving was also disappointed. The principal attraction was the lacrosse match,
ii*- remained on the grounds until the
score reached .�� to *_ in favor of New
Westminster, and then he left in disgust.
Business Ib very good in all the coast
Cities, but there' is not much moving in
the way of real estate. He noticed
many Improvements In Vancouver since
his last visit there.
He met a great number of Nelson
people at the Fair, and on his way back
spent an hour or two on the train with
Qeorge Bell, who was formerly connect
ed with the Imperial Hank in Nelson.
The Store of Quality
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
TWO FIBST-OX-ABB -COOMB, -.team heated     Appiv honaekei Mr.Srd tint. K. w. o.block.
WANTi' ti -Situation by Young Bcotmnan (mar
rlt ilL wtlltiiK  to tackle aiivlhlnj.*,   i-xpvrlf>nn-fl
in grocery, wtno  him -.pint  trade.    aa-Ir-hs
!>. I�� , I-ally ''.niadlati Oniitu.
A PAKTNKR  with (3.000 m   purchase a fruit
ranch near Nelion   A K'-'-d speculation. Partner need not Im> actively engaged on ranch.
For particular* apply 'J   ���; PBOCl Kit.
WAN'ihh   isteotrlcian,Kngltabi newly arrived.
wniil�� t-ltn-i Ltf*i. Iti iiiH'Hll-ttloii or hint liar work.
a (dress n. w. h.. Daily onadlan.
WAS < i.1  ��� fcCugllahinan lift, ivanta eliuattt-n for
W4*eU oi  lonii'-r.   good    ��--holir,   mm-iI   i<, ��l)t(-t>
ronift.o.    A-ti.' i.w  R   liallv ('itnNrii.n.
WAI'.n I Kl>   o Purtthassa   onn Uost- t-aali Buyer
Apply J. k. M.,(tare this oiii.**-.
Stationery that
Makes Letter-
Writing A
In Qm correspondence stationery we
t bit) the oelebrati d tCaton-Hulbei I
lines. Th<y stand unequalled for thelt
exquisite  daintiness  snd   line    qualitj
We have ihem In th I   popnlai   hlh
rlc effects in both white and tints
Prices range at 35c, BOc, and S6c per
box   of   note   and   envelopes.
Some vary nice lines at 86c a bos
Wholflsals sad ftotaU Dsslars tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
(���umps supplied "ii shortest notloe and
towesi price Nothing hut fresh nnd
wholesome meats and nipples kept in gtook
Mail onlers receive c-ireful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
We have just placed on view somi
beautiful ivory Plaques "f Celebrated
subjects in relief, Ln Imitation of old
irory carvings. They Include old
World castles and scenes of historical
Interest, and subjects made famous by
Dickens, Scott and Burns, such as Cot
tar's Saturday Night, Edinburgh Castle,
Westminster Abbey. Whist at Wardlea,
Bum's   Monument,   etc.
They range in price from %2.2't to
$3.60  each.
W. G- Thomson
8B~^,A0-l?o'il,_P^R'l,"1     Nelson, B. C.
Phnn. .14.
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown���Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
A. T. llarland, of Kaslo. is at tho
C. s. Morgan return-d from Winnipeg
last night.
P. II. Walsh ami Mrs. Walsh arc rliiwn
from Kaslo.
Mrs. McPhoB ri'iiirnod from the coaal
last evening.
Mrs. John Hall, of Vancouver, is visit
Ing with Mrs. John A. Irving.
a. k. Waiis. of Wattsburg, came tn
last night anil Is at the Hume.
C. E. Cartwright, of Vancouver. 0, P.
It. divisional engineer, Is at the Strath-
Geo. Keys, wife and family, will return to Nelson this evening after a
lengthy sojourn In eastern cities.
.1. II. Van Wagner anil Mrs. Van Wagner, of Pittsburg, are at the Strathcona.
Mr. Van Wagner is the owner of the
Wine   Ranch,  opposite   Nelson.
Sergt. Wheeler of the city police force
leaves tonight for Revelstoke to luing
his wife anil family lo the city, lie will
return Monday night. A temporary appointment has been made in the interval.
fl. N. Qtlchrlst nnd wire returned lost
evening from a visit to the coast ex
ten.ling over ten days. Most of the liur.
was spent  at  the New Westminster ex
K. W. O. Bloek . Phone M.
Sherman's Opera House
Friday, October   18
Geo. I). Sweet presents the Sensational
Comedy Drama
"A Messenger Boy"
A stirring story of street nnd town.
High   class   specialties.
Band   and   Orchestra.
Watch  for street  parade.
PRICES:   50c,   75c,  $1.00.
Sale   at    Rutherford's   Wednesdayk
iv. araiL-LETT
Contractor  and
Hole an'-nt for the Porto ttloO Lumber Co.. Ltd.,
retail rardi. Hough anddrMwa lumber, lurm-d
work mi'i bred-eta. Gout lath ntvi Bhlttglea, ttth
and doore. Cement- bftolf uu linn* for sale.
Aiitorn-Uii-grintlor. ��� ..,.,.
Yard and factory: Vr-rnoiiBt.. naiit ol Hall
INIil .HOIS.   B. C
P. O. Box 282. Telephone 178
2TEIIS03 fi
Its Scenery
ts Business Energy
Plums, per basket       35c
Peaches, per lb 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. (or  25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 161.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone  265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. Co.. Baker   and   Ward   St..
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy (iroceriefi.
Butter, Kggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies
Owing lo an Increasing husluess In
the regtll-r llnei of Drugs and Stationery we must have more room, and will
have  10 clou I   Hcvcrnl  of our  ' shin
lines" We commence with china
WARE. Our new ItOOk Is nil In for the
Xinas Hade, und It all goes In al oar
Clearing  Out  Prices..
A visit to this department will Inter
est   you.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone  8!
hihillon.   allhniitrh   the]   RftTe  oom i'l.-!
able time to other ootul cities.
Lost In Canaries.
Madrid.  Oct,   11.���The  Spanis-di   miuij*-
ii-r of the colonies baa rec< Ived a tele
gram Prom the goverdor "T the Canaries
relating to ths adv atures of an tVmerl
can iiaiiMii yVenco Kenlng, Mr. Hentng
left, t'uimar to wall, to Orotava. Tin
wear her became *���> misty that he losl
himself in the forest.   As la- weni on be
had the misfortune to slip and fall I	
a deep ravine and wns seriously blirt
The American consul al Santa Cruz de
TeneriftS reported in tbe governor thai
the man was mtssingj Detachments ni
gens d'armes stated in search of him.
lie waS found yesterday lying helpless
;ii the bottom <.r a ravine known as
EUsco de RJscalera, where he had kepi
himself alive hv eating plants and roots
from Sept. 2sth. the date of the accident,
PrincssE  May  Marry,
Rome, Oct. 11.���The pope has granted
a dispensation permitting the marriage
of Princess Marie Bonaparte- who is ;i
Catholic, to Prince ' Ieorge of Greece,
who is a member of the orthodox Greek
church- on the condition wiiirii Ih to be
set forth in a signed document, that any
children resulting from the union shall
be broughl up as Catholjcs, The pope
Ib understood to have hesitated before
granting this dispensation owing to the
fact thai similar promises in repnni to
the bringing up of children In ihe Catholic faith have not been kept, notahy in
the Case Of the Princess Maiie of Or-
leans, at Catholic, who was married to
Prince Vladimir of Denmark In 1885,
Ud whose sons huve been brought up
lu the religion of their father.
l.-ViS    AM)   60INTRACTUk8
lull  u-uciil'Hl with |)*ei-piit*.h.    Mhe__t M-.   ,
t-i��J   /Mill   ,%-|��v.l.l��.��r>.       Mi.i.ur��ctnr��rL7.(
rm.   M.   R.    *Contrii��t�����r��-   Cnrn.
ELSON,    B. C. V&lgli
The "Bare" Wear Only
would he eiioilKh to rpcommeni]..urlli-.
lookliiK and eaiiy-ftttlni; ShiK-n. lint ihn>
Is a siyliehni-sK abool them and a lut-
lliB shap.'lln. ns that In t__tti| ih-n
very i o'.ulai' anumi; "men xh.i km..*
Th.-y are made nn the D-nreH 'ast-,,*
the Im st l.aih.rR, and conform lo th��
most approved ntyles In msn'ri fr.)t��Mr
We are ready to Mt nil feet, an.1 tl
prloe, that make Rhnes look like a sUt
\\'ii, ri.Niiii    Prtivlelotm,
Government Crenmery Oue-Pound IlrurkH received weekly fre_h fro-_��
i-huru.    For aale by all IcadinK glOOMi.
Ofllce and warehouae I Honaton Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson, B.C.
We would like to gee all our patronacomfortable thla winter an.l In ��*��� ���'
do so we have in Block the beat assort ed line of betting sieves and cooUi*
ItOTe.  and   lannes  ever  before  presenti-d to the iiubllc In Kooienay.
We would lie pleaaed to ahow you our lino and before makltiB !'�����' r*
chase kindly aoe what wo havir to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelaon Brintk
Transform your kitchen Into a cheery dwelling houae by Installing
That l�� a factor you muat keep In mind, and the new comer "'''^.j,
Colombia wants a stove thai suits all purpose*,    llurns any I0(il, ���   "
ura     i��ihm''i.      .���"������" "     uwuniug     >-'��"1y     i.Hll     t-COUor...������-
the bee! for all cooking 04 be-tlng; the Btrongeat, the Bana��~��,
pendalile and  _T**8,tQ8t fuel-saver
ri.;,'' :   makes eookinK i*i*sy am'i eoonomtoaL ^Bnek'* ^-^JgtS
Standard Furniture Co,j
Complete House Furnlahora and Undertakers.
Agenta  Mason  A  Rlaeh  Pianoa
��� 1 in 11""-
WeClarry an Assortui'��*
Kxtensiv. niss and Varii'tJ'
Tools, Builders' Hardwart,
Ranchers' Supplies- Stows,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltdv
   ,.   _.<-_m_ Retail ___��i


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