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The Daily Canadian Jul 13, 1906

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Array Wc\z gUtilg tifcmoMon
I.    Nd. 34-
NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, JULY J 3, \ 906.
Fifty Cents a Month
rio's Terms to Miners
Are Harsh
liberie of Ymir, Explains Diffi-
I cultics Thrown in Way|
of Prospectors,
(mining laws of British Columbia
. perfect, hu)  they ;irc,    in
|, I,..,ii ni all nm mining men. Tar
io those nf tbe older province
l-i,,    \i.iin old Kootenay pros-
Is, hnve visited the new mining
of northern Ontario, unit,    wiih
^���(���[iiIuuh, they have returned; or
ni in ii inn. disgusted wiih con
there am! lhe hard terms'   Iin
[i    h, government on those seek'
develop iif country,
the original locator of
nr mm'.   has   returned   alter
|, ter part of a year In
ami (hi country north or It. His
hi in conversation with a mem-
iTiw Daily Canadian staff, ta not
lioj     He said:
im I first struck Cobalt it was
Iin kpi a place to sleep, There
|niii,' ih there from all parts of the
Now it is dead. Prospecting
li ally abandoned, ami the mln
lutng done only i>> the Uin aoiw
. ami most of ihem have lawsuits
iin* government ami may lose
propertl&S. Home have hi read)
Jin- laws are too hard ami expense!
tgh.    Vou have in keep banding
hiouey nil  the lime, and it   Is toe
0 gel a title.
the first place, you have to pay
i a license, then luu more for a
to prospect on reserved land, ftfla
|ij..'T']\  ail reserved,    a Itoensa Is
lor only  three locations, and.   to
Ed iliem you pay lfi lor the lirsl, |.
(llif second  ami $in for ihe third,
BU cents  axtri   In  each  case  for
|fter you have staked, you have lfi
' record, the same as here. Then
Iin thirty days you huve to survey
|i   boundary  Hues  must  run  norlh
Bouth ami  east ami   wesi.  wllh   a
il line all round, ami another from
northeast corner to tbe discover]
Hit you have staked, recorded ami
I >ed, you are not safe, Others
make new discoveries and stake
yon.   Then you appeal to   an    lu
��r ami he decides.
' nides, the Inspector takes his own
 I   your ore, ami  unless  It  as-
ir ounces he throws down   your
II round Cobalt there are lamls as-
1 to Bouth African war veierans.
arc not open lo prospectors unlil
have been transferred.    It costs
1 ii registrar's offlce to learn
iher any grant has been transferred
i Ihese things make prospectors'
1   h  pretty   small.    There are also
tuber limits that we are not al-
i "ii at nil.    The (11111k reserve is
pieti by watchmen,
believe that ihe whole mineral dls-
round Cobalt   la less than   two
nuare.    Bo far the mining   is
l> all by open Clltg.   They lake lhe
"'tl  as they go.    The values  near
airfare  are   very  high,  but     the)
:" down. The deepest shaft In
1 ''miry is not over 800 feel.
'"���Is, Doyle, who Worked (he Yan-
'���il Hour Ymir a year ago, Is fore-
"! a mine where good values were
' m ihe surface   He sank 50 feel
1   lied, ami  he told  me lhal    he
' nothing.
������ Of the mummers don'l   know
1 : about mining,   A western man
���'; ilng in an upper.   The manager
' nu whnl he was doing. He said!
'    putting In an upper.'
���i '!,' said ihe manager, "That'sthe
it' | ever saw u hole put In up-
��� wn,' and he made tho foreman
the miner,
it i'h a fair sample of the manage*
l'1''' do the btg companies lose rhell
"���rilest   Well, the government otii-
; ;,i ' Investigating titles now. Rome
"' mines were staked in the winter.
" of course, there could not have
1 tuiy discovery of mineral, und
''hire tho title Is no Rood
'  makes  no  difference  how  much
,M has been spent on a property, i
* ��no case of an old man who obey-
" ry  regulation    and spent  $8,000
I "> ��� his claim, or lot, us they call
II ro, He had heen working for
'' n year, when some one else
"'1 on his ground,   The old    man
ln' the Inspector, and Ihe inspector
l|"' &gatnsl  him, and his work nil
ror nothing.
(| "t'l say the country Is nn good.
mineral is there, lots of It,    and
nol ns rich ns some reports show,
1,1,1 laws and fees uro too hard.   A
man has to guild a lot of money before
he has a look ln.
"The property my partner, Bremner,
and I staked Ih away north of Cobalt,
70 miles. We have given an op'ion on
It, and Bremner is staying to see it
through. Thea he'll come hack to
"Yea, discontent Is general. The
Ontario men don't feel it, but all outsiders do. A little over B WSelt ago a
man named White, head of a big puny
from Dayton. Ohio, pulled out of the
Country. In Toronto he gave a long Intel view to ihe Toronto Globe, complaining about all the laws. The trouble is
thai lbe governmenl wants too much,
ami will hardly give tin! miners anything.
"I am going out lo Ymir tomorrow,
I have still some mining Interests In
Koolenay, and I think I'll slay with
They   Say   the   Managers   and   Editors
Are a Sorry Lot.
At ihe Baptlsl convention in session
at New Westminster, Rev, Ue Roy Day-
kin, t>t" Victoria, preached the annual
convention sermon. Discussing the action of tbe m. c. newspapers oo the
Sunday observance bill, Mr. DayUIn
"If we had the papers of Vancouver,
Victoria, New Westminster, Nelson and
the Family Herald and Weekly Siar
ranged on our side, the Lord's Day observance acl would be receiving a very
different reception at the present time.
If the managers and editors of these 'palters were good Cnristlan men, we
would not have ihem trying to burl; the
passing of the hill. Truly, we are handicapped by having these men at the
head of the papers. What can be done
when ho few papers are willing to support the bill?"
Elijah, the prophet of old, once had
a similar feeding. The staff correspond-
enl of the Climes") reports him us
saying  I Sec f. Kings, xix., it):
"And the word of the Lord came unto
Elijah, and Me said unto him: 'What
does) thou here, Elijah?' Ami he said.
'I have been very jealous for the Lord
Cod of Hosts, for the children of Israel
have forsaken Thy covenant, Ihrown
down their altars and slain Thy prophets villi a sword; and I. even I. only
am left, and they seek my life to take
ii   away.'"
Canada Gets Cup.
Blfiley,  England,    July    IB,���Canada
won   the    Kompore    cup loday  by    a
score of 789.
Creamery Experiment Successfully Con
ducted Leads to Further
Calgary, July 18,���The provincial department of agriculture has taken another step forward which wilt he appreciated by the people of Albertn In
general ami farmers in particular,
Realising lhe great success of the
creameries, and also taking nolo of lhe
tact thai large quantities of poultry are
shipped Into Alberta annually, ihe department has decided to lake the poultry raised hy Alberla farmers In the
autumn, fatten il, slaughter ll. place It
lu cold Storage to be sold al lhe mosl
propitious season ami then return (he
profits to the poultry raiser.
This method will lie somewhat similar to thai in vogue in handling the
creamery business, With the exception
ihat the producer In this case will have
lo wall some lime for his money, and
will receive, as yet, no advance, as is
the case in the creamery business.
The  Birks  Medal.
The medal placed at the disposal of
the Nelson fair directors by Henry
Mirks & Sons, jewellers, of Winnipeg,
has been received by Sccrelary Mc
Morris, nud is on exhibition    at  .1. O.
li Is made of heavy sterling sllvor
8 il inches lu diameter, heavily embossed and finished In French grey. On
one side is a llgure of ynnng Miss Canada, sitting In Ilie foreground, with one
arm resting on a shield, being the
Canadian coat-of-arms, and holding
aloft u wreath of maple leaves, while
She looks toward an exhibition pavilion
iu the background.   On the upper edge
of this side are the words, "The lllrks
Medal," and at the feet of the llgure the
words, "Presented hy Henry Mirks &
Sona, Limited." On the reverse side
of tho modal Is a simple wreath Of maple leaves lied with a how of ribbon.
The medal Is enclosed In a neat cthn
son velvel unit white sattn-llned leatherette case.
Cruelty to Animals.
New York, July 18.���A despatch to
the Herald from Carlsbad Bays that
Prince Alexis Orloff, who arrived there
a fow days ago Io tnko tho cure, received a telegram from Russia on
Wednesday nlghl Informing him thai
his famous stud horses had been burned and completely destroyed and hln
estnte ruined by peasants.
Seattle Murderess Makes
Public Statement
Confesses a Conspiracy Existed With
Widow to Shoot Her .Acquitted Brother.
Seattle, July 18.���George Mitchell, a
youth who recently shot and killed
Franz Edmund Oreffleld, a "Holy Roller" prophet, and was acquitted of the
(barge of murder on a plea of insanity,
was yesterday shot and lulled by his
sister, Esther, in the Seattle union
Seattle, July 13.���Esther Mitchell,
who shol and killed her brother, (leorge
Mitchell, In lhe union station yesterday,
made a public statement last night in
which she descrlbeil the murder as deliberately planned. George Mitchell had
recently been acquitted of the murder
of Franc Edmund Creflield, a "Holy
Roller" prophet, on the plea of insanity. He claimed ihat Creflield had
wronged his sister Esther, who was a
"Holy Roller." Esther later planned
her brother's death. In her statement
she said:
"Mrs. Crenteld and I talked over the
matter of killing George. The one lhat
had the best chance was to do it. Mrs.
CreilleUi bought the gun. This afternoon I though! I would have u better
chance to do It, and Mrs. Creflield gave
me the gun. We agreed that it must
be done as soon as possible. My broth'
er Kred was up to my room today, and
said that Perry and George were going
lo Portland this evening. I went to tin
depot and saw Perry purchase his ticket. At lust 1 tyw (leorge, and I shook
hands with him. He and Perry were
walking in front, and Fred and I were
walking behind. I was walking to the
door, nnd George was in front of me,
This was the chance I wanted, nnd I
shot him. My brother Fred grabbed
me, and I sat down on his lap and put
my arms abount his nock. I sat there,
and the officer came. I intended to
follow him to Portland if l did not get
B chance al him here. I am not sorry
l u.u the shooting; I am glad of it."
Mrs. Creflield, the widow of the dead
prophet, was arrested last night, and
admitted having entered into a compact
with Esther to kill the slayer of her
For Administration Ticket.
New York, July 13.���The hoard of
trustees of the New York Life Insurance Company yesierday announced the
appointment of tbe following committee to receive and vote proxies for the
"administration ticket" on December
1 Sth nexi: Alba It. Johnson, of I'liihi
del phi a, associated with the Baldwin
Locomotive Works; Rowland G, Hazard, of Peacedale, it. i., president of
the Peacedale Manufacturing Company; Judge Horace II. lairion. of Ihe
United Stales circuit court, Nashville,
Large Compressor Plant to be Installed
���Railway  Disputes.
(Special  to  The   Daily  Canadian.)
Grand Porks, July 18.���Contractor J.
W. Jones, of Ihis place, has been given
the contract for hauling the mining machinery  from   Danville,  Wash.,  to    the
Minnehaha mine. The machinery consists of a compressor plant complele,
aa well as other modern appliances for
mining. In referring lo lhe contradictory sialemelils of Mr. ,1. I,. Ilarpur,
published In a recent Issue of the
Spokesman-Review, referring to tho
curves on the Belcher railway spur,
Mr. Jones last evening said:
"Mr. J. L. Harper Is perfectly aware
thai my statements regarding thai spur
were correct. To my personal knowledge the Belcher spur Is made on a 4
per cent, grade, and has UN degree
curves, which are practically unworkable. The Great Northern copper spur
at the Granby smelter, which I graded
some weeks ago, had a Ill-degree curve,
and it was all that an engine could do
to travel round the curve. Mr. Harper ts quite a bluffer, but he would not
substantiate his st at omenta in the
Spokesman-Review to my face. Ho is
an old newspaper man, but grossly ignorant In all matters pertaining to'
railroading nnd mining , although ho
holds the position of general manager
of the Belcher Mining Company."
Your -correspondent has made some
Inquiries regarding this matter, and so
far all opinions obtained relative to tho
Belcher railway spur are directly corroborative of .1. W. Jones' contentions.
Jolt Davis, the pioneer merchant of
Grand Forks, accompanied by Mrs. Davis and family, arrived here today from
Ontario, where they have been visiting
relatives for the past six months. Mr.
Davis took the trip for the benefit of
his health, which is reported to be
greatly Improved.
F\ T. Andrews, right-of-way agent for
the Kettle Valley Line railway up the
North Pork, ln referring to the tlilli-
culty between hla eomnany and Mr. R.
A. Brown relating to the right of way
through Brown's land ai Volcanic mountain laii evening in an Interview, said:
"1 ottered R. A. Brown $80 an acre for
right of way through his land, and not
$1.1, as was stated. We are paying
from $15 to $40 an acre for land needed
for right of way. Where we pay $40
the land is cleared and near (irand
Forks, and is good agricultural land. I
made Brown a good otter, but he wants
the company to pay $60 an acre and
also build a tunnel, which our engineer
tells me will cost. $80,000. However, the
matter will be left to arbitration, and
we will continue const ruction work under an qrder of the court."
The management of the Pathfinder
mine have today laid off some twelve
men, bul will continue two shifts for a
short time, when the force will again
be increased to 30 men, as heretofore.
F. Starkey Tells of Prosperity and Con*
fldence  lit  Copper Camps���
Strike In Strathmore,
Fred Starkey returned last night
from a business trip to the towns of
the Boundary district. He reports
great activity in mining and railroad
construction and persistant rumors of
new mines to he opened and new roads
to he built, and that in all the towns
there is an atmosphere of hope and expectancy. Of the various projects talked or, Mr. Starkey says:
"There is ialk of new railways everywhere. The only one actually being
constructed at the present time is tho
Kettle River Valley line. The section
between Grand Forl���� and Republic,
known as the HokAlr line, Is being extended from Grand Forks up the valley
of ihe north fork pt the Kettle river
towards Franklin V.Vrnp. W. P. Tlerney
has a force of BOQ men at work, chiefly
Italians. They come into Grand Forks
every nighi.
"There seems to he no doubt that the
line Is also to he continued southeastward to Spokane to make a shorter and
more direct connection thaa by way of
"Franklin real estate Is being boomed In Grand Forks, and there Is some
speculation in ft. Its value will depend
entirely upon the results of operations
al the mines. The showings on many
of them are splendid, and men with big
capital arc Interested in their develop
"The latest excitement at Greenwood
Is a rich strike in the Strathmore mlno
near there of native silver. Tno strike
was made only yesterday, and Ihe extent Is not very definitely known, but
It Is salt! to he a wide vein and with
high values. Alex. Miller, of Green
wood. Is one of the principal owners,
"There Is a lot of speculation now
throughout the whole district as to
what ihe Great Northern Railway Company is going io do. It is involved in
disputes as to right of way with the
Kettle River line round Republic and
with the 0. P, U. west of Midway.
"The general impression, however, is
that construction will not be much
longer delayed by any of the companies,
and that the Boundary's prosperity is
certain to last nnd to Increase."
Accounts Tampered With.
Augusta, da., July 13.���Alexander &
Alexander, ono of the largest firms of
OOtton manufacturers In the state, are
financially embarrassed, aud discrepancies of about $145,000 were discovered
In Ihe firm's accounts, following the
disappearance of Thomas w. Alexander, head of the company.
Longest Body of Zinc Ore Yet Dlscov
ered In Southern British
(Rppelnl  lo  The Dully Canadian.)
Qrand Forks, July 13.���A messenger
arriving Hera tills morning from Prank'
lln cump reports a most sensational
strike having been maile on the bis
zinc property In that camp cnlloil the
Spelter King.
The rich llnil consists of a four-foot
seam of'zinc ore, which Is over 1,500
feet long. The ore assays from 30 to -IS
per cent. zinc. It is the longest body
of the highest grade zinc ore yet ills
covered In Southern Drltlsh Columbia.
Tne Spelter King is owned hy Arthur
Lnngford anil others.
As cuu ivntllly lie imnglneil, this rich
fnul has created intense excitement In
Franklin camp.
To Have Membership in
Legion of Honor
France Goes From One Extreme to
Another���Politicians Seize
the Judiciary.
Paris, July 13.���This was the closing
day of parliament, and It  was largely
devoted to the rehabilitation of Alfred
DreyfttB,  so  that the  national  holiday
tomorrow   may   witness  his  return   to
the army and the official effacement of
the slain placed upon his good name.
The Chamber   of    Deputies met    this
morning for the purpose of hastening
the parliamentary procedure, and War
Minister EUenne immediately presented two government bills,   one raising
Captain Dreyfus to the rank of major
of artillery and anotv^ nromoting Colonel Picquart to th
< r;il.    M. Etienne a
tion, adding that
ment's Intention  t<   ����� C.
name on the list o. .
cross of the Legion of Honor
nouncement brought out a storm of applause.
The bills were referred to the army
committee, which ut once went into
session, approved them and drafted
strong, favorable reports which will be
debated later. It Is expected that both
bills will become law before the close
of tlie day. The radical supporters of
Dreyfus are seeming to force the government to prosecute the many generals, colonels and high functionaries
responsible for his condemnation. Tho
amnesty law protcta them, but a movement Is on foot to amend this law for
the purpose of reaching Generals Mer-
cier and tiomez, Colonel Paty-du-Clam
and others who were instrumental In
the prosecution of Dreyfus.
The government newspapers declare
that the affair is closed, but others notably the Figaro aud Echo de Paris, report that Herce reprisals are ahout to
begin. The Figaro, however, appeals to
those who are prominent In obtaining
n revision of Dreyfus' trial not to attempt to obtain vengeance. The Eclair
asserts that the acquittal of Dreyfus
moans that politicians have seized the
judiciary. The prevailing tone of the
press testifies to the scrupulous Integrity of the court, and hails its decision
as a triumph of jusllce.
the fact that not long before his death
he sold $400,000 of his life insurance���
that Is, took his cash surrender value,
and sold his fine estate at Long Branch
at a great sacrifice. This he did to
fulfill his pledge to the trustees of the
New York Life Insurance Company
that he would personally make good
any money (if the company which ho
had paid to Andrew Hamilton and
which the latter was unable to account
for. Following this promise, he paid
over to the company $:...~,,<iim. About
$(jo,uoo of this represented the money
received for his $100,000 of insurance.
The appraisement shows that McCall
left no real estate. Tho entire personal
property amounts lo $74,000, from
which debts, administration expenses
and other disbursements amounting to
M8.165 are deducted, leaving $40,835.
Prize    Lists   and    Other    Information
Ready for Public.
The first bound copy of the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Society's
pamphlet for 1906 was shown to The
Daily Canadian this morning by the
secretary, Captain D. C. McMorris.
The pamphlet is a great Improvement on any of Its predecessors. It Is
neatly printed, arranged    and    bound.
On the front is a pennant in the Nelson colors, designed by C. W. Young.
Throughout are many photogravures of
the city, of scenes on Kootenay lake
and river, of orchards and gardens,
and of the various cups and medals, all
neatly executed and very attractive.
Ide reading matter contains a few
 tatabllngs Into rhyme, a brief descrip-
'   i of the city, the constitution   and
Ml*     i ' ..es  and   regulations  of  the  society.
7M��4N go flowing are the revised prize lists.
*" ^^^^The whole makes a very creditable
publication, in Itself an effective advertisement for the fair. A meeting of
the directors will now be held at an
early date, and the work of definite advertising outside the city will begin.
Canada to Rival    Historic    Europe in
High Altitudes.
Laggan. Alta., July 12.���The president, A. O. Wheeler, and the first vice-
president, Dr. Herdman, of tho Alpine
Club of Canada, went up tho Yoho Pass
early this week to ascend the Vice-
President and choose an easy upper
route for the first climb of new members next week.
Forty tents have been erected on the
pass hy the Yoho lake. The first annual meeting will he held there. Two
page hoys will be in attendance, and
there will be a daily mnil from Field, 17
miles away. Two Swiss guides will
conduct parties up the Vice-President
every day. and excursions will be made
urougb the Yoho and adjacent valleys
and passes.
Japan Learns from U. S.
San Francisco, July 13.���Ten Japanese army officers arc, It is said, to be
given railroad positions on tho Southern Pacific and allied railroads. The
object of sending these army officers
to this country is to,. ejwJ>le,,.,UpWL
through their experience here, to improve Its railroad service and operation, and also Us railroad accounting
Involve* Justice Department and Suggests that Law Can be
Seismic Shock Origin,
Snn Jose. Cnl., July 13.���Dr. David
sinrr Jordan, In n lecture delivered at
(he Unitarian church lust night, located
the origin ��f the recent selamic disturbances In Hehring Sea, and prophe-
cied thai the center of the trouble
would lie In the vicinity of Snn Lenntlru
anil  Hnyward's, Cat.
Steamship Arrival.
Siaaconaett, Mass., July 13.���Tho
Campania, Prom Liverpool, was In
wireless communication with the station here when 150 miles east of N>in
tucket lightship nt 8:40 n. m. She will
probably reach her dock about 7:30 a.
ni. Saturday.
Late President of New York Life Makes
Good His Pledge.
New York, July 13.���Tho Tribune
says: "The net estate of John A. Mc-
Call, former president of the New York
Life Insurance Company, who died on
February ISth, amounts to only 140,811!
according to the appraisement (lied In
the surrogate's office yesterday."
That bis estate is bo small Is due to
Annual Splendour and
Lord's Day Act Passed With an
Unusual Number of Private Bills.
A Winnipeg police officer, in discussing the criminal records of Canada in
Winnipeg, last Tuesday made the following sensatioua! statements:
"ln all the criminal records of Canada there is not one case where an
Italian has been convicted of murder,
sentenced and paid the death penalty,"
he said, in speaking about the likelihood ot a conviction being registered
uguinst Michael lvano, under arrest ln
Port Arthur.
"There have beon Italians convicted
of manslaughter and attempted murder,
but there is not a single instance of
an Italian being given capital punishment. Even In the United States,
where the number of Italian murder
cases is exceedingly large, more than
six times the number of Canadian
cases, there are not more than isolated
instances of where an Italian was convicted.
"The reaBon of this state of affairs is
found In the fact that the Italians as a
whole work together for their common
good. If one Itallun sees where he can
benefit another Italian he does It, even
though some other person may get the
worst of It. So it Is when an Itallun
Is held ou a murder charge; they band
together and supply the money necessary for his defence. Of the many Italians who have been under indictment
for murder, there bus never beon one
who lias been compelled to adopt tbe
without-money plea to obtain counsel."
The police officer above quoted
should make an honest attempt to get
next to tbe facts before expressing such
wholesale condemnation ot a very numerous class in western communities.
Tbat no Italian has ever been convicted
ot murder and suffered the execution
of the sentence Imposed Is as far from
truth as well could bo.
In the spring of 1893 an Italian at
Nanaimo, whose wlfo had deserted htm
for a young paramour, followed the pair
to their temporary shack at Northlteld,
and In the shadows of night stabbed his.
fellow-countryman, inflicting fatal
wounds. The trial and conviction of
tho murderer followed swiftly, and the
criminal was executed at the Nanaimo
gaol within two months of the murder.
In the spring of 1899 an Italian at
New Westminster shot and killed a
woman of easy virtue in a brothel quar-
rel. He was summarily Indicted on a
charge of murder, the case was proved,
and bis sentence and execution followed each other within a month.
Ottawa, July 13.���Tbe house of commons prorogued today, with tbe usual
large and brilliant attendance of fashionables and notables who Invariably
lend the splendor of their presence on
such occasionB.
The speech from the throne waB read
as follows:
Honorable Gentlemen of the Senate
and Gentlemen of the House of Commons: ln relieving you trom further
attendance in parliament, 1 desire to
thank you for the care and assiduity
exhibited ln the discharge ot your laborious and exacting duties. Tour Invitation to his majesty the king to visit
this part of his dominions was duly
forwarded to Buckingham palace. That
it would be a source of great rejoicing
in Canada if his majesty would favorably entertain tbe invitation Is confirmed by many similar addresses adopted
in tbe several provinces, cities and
towns, all expressing the hope that hii
majesty may honor us with another
It is very gratifying to note that Canada continues to enjoy a prosperity
rarely equalled tn the history of the nation. The volume ot exports and Imports during the year just closed exceeds that of any previous record. The
revenue also shows a remarkable Increase, the receipts on account of tbe
consolidated fund having doubted in the
last ten years. Tbe large number of
private bttUutiat, have receivedjmh^~*��
approval, having for their object the
incorporation of railway and other Industrial enterprises, affords additional
evidence of the general prosperity prevailing over the Dominion. The stream
of immigrants seeking homes ln the
western provinces continues to flow in
Increasing volume, and, owing to the
favorable conditions now existing ln Al-
lieria and Saskatchewan, their vacant
lands are being rapidly taken up.
Several acts of great public utility
huve been added to the laws In the session now drawing to a close. Among
the number I am glad to note an Act
tor the better observance of the Lord's
Day; an Acl In restriction of usury; an
Act to secure the better marketing ot
fruit; an Act requiring that certain articles containing a portion of gold and
silver when offered for sale should be
honestly marked; an Act relating to
Immigrants and immigration, which,
among other provisions, will enable the
authorities to deport undesirable persons.
It is earnestly to be hoped that your
example in passing an Act setting apart
large areas for forest reserves will be
forwarded by those provincial legislatures having jurisdiction over their
public domain, and that a system of reforestation may be adopted In all parts
of the Dominion, thereby preserving the
uniform flow of our rivers and of our
valuable water powers.
In view of tbe many Important acts
passed and of the numerous amendments made to existing laws during
this session, it has been found expedient to stay the issue of the volumes of
the revised statutes In order that tbe
recent legislation may be embodied.
Gentlemen of the House of Commons,
I thank you In his majesty's name for
the supplies you have so liberally voted.
Honorable Gentlemen of the Senate,
Gentlemen of the House of Commons:
A copy of the convention regarding
commercial relations between Japan
and Canada has now been received. The
treaty has been duly ratified and exchanged, thereby giving Canada material advantages in our trade with Japan.
I now express tho hope that on your
return to your several homes you will
find evidence that the coming harvest
will be a bountiful one, thus assuring
a number ot years of prosperity
throughout the Dominion.
Reported Slowly Sinking.
Salisbury, Eng., July 13.���The bulletin posted at the Infirmary here this
morning announced that Edward W.
Sentell, of Brooklyn, one of the passengers Injured in the railway disaster of
July 1st, was siowiy sinking. Robert
S. Crltchell, ot Chicago, another of the
injured, Is not bo well as yesterday. His
temperature rose during the night
fully  two-thlds of a college education Is more ornamental than useful.
It Ib difficult for a man with a boat-
rocking wife to paddle his own canoe.
A dozen men may make a club, but
one woman can make a home.
'J  ���
.; t
m The Daily Canadian
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Crown Gem Jars, Quarts per do*,, 1.25
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l��niii iu aavHiiif.
Advertising rates on uppiicfitfou.
All monies paid In settlement of The Dally
Canadian accounts, Dither foi subscriptions nr
advertising, musl bo receipted tor on the printed
forma ol the Company, uilu-r receipts art- mil
JULY   13,  I906.
'<By oiie word wcare nuiiit'ilmcs Judged to le
wIm and by one word lometlniei Judged Ui be
foolish.   i*m ui tberssfore  be careful whal ��e
HU>."     UOKI Ifl II   -���
Just how much philanthropy, both intended and bu to-conscious, underlies the
EtctiviUea i��f tne ordinary professional,
commercial and Industrial Individual is
a subject upon which II would be profitable for many of the class-conscious agitators of modern limes to reflect. A
selection may be made from almost
any walk of life to successfully Illustrate our argument The case of a physician us an Instance���a profession
which is fundamentally philanthropic,
for there can bo little that is ��<> much
(ike u divine visitation to a sufferer as
the professional services of a successful pathologist who administers the
means of relief. While ii is true that
the professional services oi a physician
are ordinarily rendered in the expectation thai remuneration will follow,
there are many cases on the call list
of tbe successful practitioner from
which no pay is ever expected, particularly among the poor. The doctor's
time is ai tlif disposal of his patients,
:iml no hour, however Inconvenient, will
lind the true medical man recreant to
his professional duties.
The barrister who lias an honest
pride in his profession, and who enters
it wiih high ideals of professional honor
and a deep sense pf his responsibility
to his  fellows,   in   the  devotion   of  his
energies and legal acumen to secure
justice for his oppressed fellows, is do-
Ing what is essentially a philanthropic
service to society. It is true lie has his
office hours and his fixed remuneration,
but the ambitious and honest in this
professional class earn their briefs to
their homes, and, in their concern for
their clients' Interests, often worry incessantly until a cause Is won or lost,
So we might enlarge and show thai
whatever the remuneration attached to
this vv thin form of service, the idea
which underlies it Is philanthropic. To
suppose thai a man is noi a producer
simply because he does not toil with
his hands Is, in the proacnl complex organization Of society, to lull into grievous error.
Bui it Ih our Intention more particularly to refer to a gradually decreasing
section of society���.thai class commonly
Known as the middle man���the merchant, the retailer, or, Id other case:..
the wholesaler; ihe man who. In modern commercial life, stanus between the
great producing centres and ihe consumers and forms a connecting liul. fnr
the convenJenl distribution of products
on lhe one hand, aud supplying of necessities on the oilier; the merchant
or nuinager of small businesses as distinguished from those who constitute
the employed class, as the clerks and
shop-hands. The agitation for class-
coiiHcious existence and recognition, for
better wages and for shorter hours, for
holidays and half holidays, for early
closing and late opening, have all combined to work a singular hardship to
Ihe employer of labor,
The  employee  who.  having  finish od
his day's work, and iu due lime    his
week's work, goes lo his borne or lodg
ing with no necessary care or responsibility iill the next day begins. The
day's business may have been profitable
or the reverse���it boots him not. The
thousand and one conditions affecting
lhe markets, the slumps or rise in
prices, are all one to dim, save as his
���employer may direct his energies and
systematize his labors, It is not so,
however, with the employer. His day's
work is never done. The burden of
his business is ever with him. He has
no hours that he can call his own, unless in very affluent circumstances or
in command of exceptionally successful
business. The keen competition of his
rivals necessitates thai he should ever
be on the alerl less some favored opportunity should slip past him and drop
into the lap of bis opponent. The balance on bis ledger is bis constant con
cern, and the thought, worry and care
thai must be bestowed upon a thousand details of his business are things
which rarely occur to his employee; His
business���that of bringing within convenient reach the necessities of life-
is essentially philanthropic, and if he
Is capable and wide-awake, he is doing
a genuine service lo his community-
one perhaps as valuable to society as
any other,
We do not argue for longer hours nor
for decreased wages, nor for any lessening of the rights and privileges enjoyed
by the employees as a class. , Rather,
If possible, the reverse. These present
day privileges are the result of much
well directed und some 111 directed effort. We simply plead for a recognition of the value to society that is rendered in the services of those who are
often looked upon askance by the
masses aud by agitators and demagogues as a non-producing factor in society.
Many a journeyman artisan or unhappy clerk has drawn his pay for years,
grumbling al the supposedly happier
condition of his employers, who in after
years, launching out into business for
himself, has found thai the happiest
hours of his life have been those in
which be worked for wages and with no
care beyong his strict obligations to his
employer. The strife aud rivalry, good-
natured as it is, bei ween modern business establishments is such thai no
one need feel envious at the apparent
happy circumstances of this class. Ii
is mil by stirring up class^conscious
feelings, engendering jealousy and bete
thai society will be regenerated, it is,
lirsl, by calm, dignified Insistence on
personal rigbls, and ihen by generous
and jusi appreciation of the righis of
olhers. The reflection that we are all
pans of an organic whole, nnd thai our
System is such, and always musl lie
such, I bat each man who in some honest work of life is seeking to serve his
fellows is entitled io lhe respect and
credit which he earns, is one upon
which we all may agree. But there
are many occupations in which men are
placed between the upper and the
nether millstones, and modern business
Ine is one of them. Respect tbe middleman.
Now that the city has again secured
the privilege of using the tramway
park, und has had some necessary
dealing of tbe grounds performed, It Is
Up to some one or more of the many
societies of the clly to make provision
for recreations and other attractions to
Induce the people to patronize botli the
park and the tramway operated by the
olty. The hoi weather is upon ns to
slay, and while u number of city families have ranches or camping facilities
across the lake, the proportion of those
able to enjoy these is comparatively
small. The closing of shops at the hour
uf C o'clock leaves months "I fine and
warm summer evenings to be spent
somewhere, and there is no more ideal
spot than Lakeside Park, within easy
access of tbe cltlzi US.
A systematic program of attractions
should be undertaken, not only for the
good Ihey might do and the pleasure
they might afford, but indirectly they
would materially increase the revenue
of the street railway. The pavilion at
tbe park should be kept open and not
locked. There are no vandalB in the
city, and the trump element is practically extinct as far as the interior is
concerned, so that little harm would be
risked by leaving tbe building open.
Tbe leasing oi the pavilion for refresh
meni privileges Is not beyond ihe
bounds of possibility^ ami that In itself
would afford some Inducement for peo
pie to spend iheir evi Qlngs by the
lake, ii is satisfactory to know thai
this mailer was discussed ar a recent
meeting of the Twenty Thousand Club,
hut so far as we have learned, the mailer has ended ihen', like so many other
proposals that are discussed and left to
die unborn. Visitors to ibe city never
hear of th'' park unless by accident,
whereas a program id' some sort a few
nines a week would make j; ihe subject
of talk, irathe would be im ceased and
an Important source of revenue to the
ciiy developed.
If, as reported in our news columns
yesterday, a carload of fruit on its way
lo this cily was held at the boundary
from Monday till Thursday morning.
there must be some other explanation
for the delay than the indifference of
customs authorities or fruit inspectors.
Whatever may have been the ca.use of
the long delay, were such to occur frequently, it would seriously interfere
with the Importation of the class of
fruits which are so necessary to urban
life and which are not Indigenous to
the province of British Columbia. For
some lines of food and fruit supply Nelson bus yet io depend upon Importations, and, as in, the case of bananas,
a fruit of a rapidly perishing nature, a
couple nf days' delay will mean Ihe loss
of a shipment of goods. This will make
importers chary, aud directly injure the
business of the city, which is a distrlb
tiling centre for a large territory. The
Importance of the subject should not
be overlooked, and whatever is the
cause of delay should be removed, and
prompt shipment should be the rule
wiibout exceptions,
The Pernio Ledger, in a lengthy editorial criticism of ihe speech of Mr.
.1. ii Hawthornthwaite at that place.
discusses the economic questions
which tbe speaker debates in a manner
free from any partisan references and
from a wholly fair standpoint. Unlike
the local "apologist    for"���well,   let's
see. just what -the Ledger does nol ge
out of iis way to make political capital
from the visit of a member of tbe leg
islatlve assembly. Locally Mr. .1. II. II.
apparently gets p breathing spell.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
k    - S ��� ���
 .MtJ  i
V  fiSJ^sas is ��cW ^s piij
Deliveries mads daily Ihrougbout Nelson
and its suburbs. 1'lioiie 1-1H.
40 Acre Farm
A valuable farm fur nnli'. situated In
ihi' heart -it the fruit throwing oountry,
4<s acres, :i acres well cleared ami nlimit
7ii fruit trees planted, are bearing some
thin year, a good oabln, runt house and
Stable on   the   property,   alsn a nice
HIirirtK. Tlie Inn.I Is ill' llle very best
Quality, anil can be nil worked. II Is
beautifully situated on Huwsor lube.
West Kootenay, one mile from i>���i office ami Store anil Iwo miles from <'. I'.
It. brunch In Troul Lube Splendid
farm for potatoes, There have been
four crops In succession without manure, anil the lasi crop was us good as
llio flrsl.
$800 Cash Takes It
Appiv - j0HN CANNING,
Grand Forks, B. 0,
Or to Win. Simpson, Bowsen.
And Builder
Sole went for the Porto Rico Lumber
Oo., Ltd., retail yards.
.Rough ami dressed lumber, turned work
and brackets, Count  huh nnd  shingles,
naab und doors,
Cement, brlclc and lime for s:ih',   Automatic sgrindefi
Yard and factory  Vernon, St.,
east of Hall.
Tdt^houe 178.    NelsOfls B. C.
Thirty iliivs nfier date I nil-ml miking apptl<
stlon w tbo Iloiii.rnMc lha ('bid! CumtfiiwloiM i
ufiiiti'ls ii ml work*, for a -j i��l I ice use in out
'��� ii��� I earr�� mviiy timber fruui III* rollowlufj  del
��� tiIi. ,1 lands.   C uuclug m ���> |wsi i>ii I on
the southern boundary ��>f I: cr L'ouiw   Nn
Nflft, mid ������ ii luiilialui n rlli ..I the N, W. corner of I 'i 'i-k it.��. Wi'M Ku..i'iim\ . rtinuitiB tii'Tii o
out Nii-hit in, thenoe nortii 80 chains in in mui oi
Dated 19th April 1006.
Thirty days nfier date I Intent] to apply lo tho
Commissioner of bands and Works, Victoria, for
aspeujid lloens" to out mnl curry away limber
from the following described lauds. Commencing nt n .posl marked J. K. a., b. W. comer, pimit-
ed i>n iii,. mi-m imnk <tt Cayouse Creek where the
i reek intersects Lbe easl boundary of lol 'mt ninl
rudnlng mirth 160chains, the" ceeasl 40 chains,
thenoe south 160 chains, thence west to point of
June 9th JM6.
Notice is hereby given that, thirty days after
date, 1 iiitemi u> npplv to tlie Honorable the
i hief Commissioner of lands uml Works for a
special license to em and carry hwhv timber from
ine following dew lb-1 innds, situate on Lemon
creek in the district of West Kootenay: Commencing io a post pi id nn  Lemon ere k,
eleven (iij n i hom Kootenay Uke. adjoining
l.i.l 2MB, tuarkitl '��H. W*s V K. cornr-r putt")
thence forty Hiij.-iuiiiu. west] ihence eighty iho
south; ihence fern- (in, cbitau easti thence
eighty (ft)' ehalns norlh io point of dominance*
mem, eniitaiiiiiiK thne hundred mid twenty (il-1")
acres more nr less
Hated theJQtb day ol Juno, A.D., iwh;,
BmcK Whits
Notiee Is henby given thai 00 dnvn from dale 1
intend loapply to the Honca! )������ the Chief Com.
uiiMdnrier uf Lambs mid Works, fnr nermestnn tn
purchase the following described fainn-. miuate
at the month ol Uutohi��on creek oa tb�� Armw
Lakes in the West Kootenay LMittint. About wi
acres ol land; commencing at a hom marked
w. H. I' B. w. post.thence uo-th 40 imaJns,��hen��
ee ea��t '20 elialnc. iheiee MUth 4n ehaitm, thenoe
wesl 90 chalm to point of commencement.
Dated this <th day of June 1.908.
William Hakky Parous.
wo i.i oi j. Tow, agkki
Notice i" hereby given ttiaLOO days Irom .lute I
intend to apply to the Hc.mmibl the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lands and w nrkN ror permission in
purchase 100 acres of laud at Van u on ten creek
In lhe Arrow sUkoslnthe West Kootenay I��is
irlel. Starting from a pout murk, d A. J, L.'N. \V.
post,   thenee 40 chain*  east,  thene-   III  chains
fcnu h, thenoe 40 chains west, thenoe 40 chains
north to point nf commencement
Dated this 4th day of June 1900.
AinitiK John Long
William J  Tim;, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given lhal 00 days after date l
Intend toapply to the Uonorahle the Chief 1 nm
mlssloner ol Landsand Works for permission i..
purchase the following dnsorltied lauds in the
Heal Kootenay district: Commencing ��t n post
marked M. Met*. N. H corner, planted Pchains
north nf theB. W corner of W A. (-aider's pre
Dtnplion I" I ire VaUcY, running 4t)ehiitn��. south
Wrhains west. -In chains north, 10 chains rust i<,
place of commencement
Mai:i.k McfiANhLtsii, i ator.
W   A. t'Al.hKI!,  Agelll.
June soth, 1906.
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days after date 1
int.11.1 to make application to tin- Honorable the
Chief OwMinlsetonorol I... mis mid works for per
mission to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing ai n posl marJtod a. W Cub
iter's southeast corner, section IS, Township flu,
running east twenty chains, ninth forty chains
west tw.-iuyijiiuN.K, north forty nhalns to plaee
JOHW   tlAS'liM
of eo	
Ihil'd .Inlv .1. Ill; Mi.
Notice |i hereby given that sixty [001 days after
date I int'ini m apply tn ihe tfooorablo the
chief Commissioner of Lands nnd  Worki foi
permission tn pnri'lniM- lho following described
trncl or imnl: situate ni Queens' Bnv on tbe wesi
shore of Kootenay Lake in the Disiriei nf Wesl
Kootenay, Province of britM. Columbia and
-in lain lug by admeasurement iw.186 acres be
'  lei
 iiHiig nt 11 polnl on the westerly 1 idary lif
L. 7080 O, 1 Wesl Koolenay District, being the
souuieasl corner of L Mirfa. Ij thonce westerly
following iho southerly bounder) of L, 0*��| u 1"
Hcrhiiiu- more or less io the H>mh west cor
ner of sold Lol 0894 tt. l; thence astronomic
south in chains nmre nr ii.w io the norlh
.���ih- boundary f H. H. Rnlloeh's Application lo
Purchase,'theuco eostorly following tlie north
erly boundary of said it. It. Uallnch's Apple	
lo Purchase 2*\872 chains more nr less in the
shore of Queens' fay; tli.-iii-,- follow Ing the slim
oslty of the said ihu re in 11 north easterly direction 10 chains more or less 1,. ihe smith west cor
nernfs.ui Lot7080O, I: tbenco northerly follow
iiiK the westerly boundary nf said Lol 7"hho ti. l.
1.006 ohalni mora or less lo point ot 001 moo-
Ii.H.-d Jim.- I,'., Iiski b. M. RxriXIM,
Notlic |i hereby itlveii tbat sl.vtv days after
date I intend lo apply to the Honorable tlici hf.-f
coinmi-sioii.-i ofLandsand Works for perm I vh.11
to putciiiiM* the h.tiow ink described tract of i.md
in Wosl Kooteoay district] fiegliining at a ik.-i
planted m lhe northwest oorner of Lot fi,M77on
non Creek, thenoe smith 40chains, thence wesi
4o chains more or loss, thenee norlh Kiehnito,
more or less, thence east to lake shore, and to
place of beginning, the mime is- Intendod toom
hme.. trluii is known ai Uie Bunion pre*empUou,
Pated July :., 1800. OBo. h. Whitk
PlXty days offer date I Intend lo apjilr in the
chief Commissioner of Landa and VVorku at
\ lotnrla, for permiNnloii lopurehnseom hundred
uml sixty o��n acres of land, located and deserlbod ns follows! Commenolng at u post phinii-.i
eighty(80)ehalnse��st of the N.W cornerofn
Bulger s pre-emption and marked "C, R, C's N. \v.
corner,    and running east  forty (-in) Dhulns.
theliee   snlilh  folly   (Itl) ehnilis,  Iheiiec went (l��l)
chains, ihenco north forty (��n ahalns u> pi,t,-,.,,(
���HllV7. HtoQ, r, E. CiiaisiiK.
N��.||ee  Is  hereby given   llinl sivtv davs uft.-r
Ihe date I inl.-tid to  apt.)* Ml the ('li'lefC ,|s.
sloin-r of Lands und Works victoria. ,wrperinlfr
sinn to uurrhsose lho followlug deinrlut'tl : f
situate In the district m Well Kootuimy, east
of fJrohman Creek: Starting al a polnl marked
John While's h. W corner Mlanled ahoulo
chnins south of ,| Maintic's luuiliensl enrner
milium.' norlh BOchalm, thencu east 10chains!
thenee soimIi DO cIlHllll.  theliee IV OH I  In rhaitis [n
polfltofcomtneneement. Joh* Wmit��,
June U, liwo, J.Fraxism. Ageui.
Bafgains   MILLINERY   Bargains
We will sell off our entire stock of Summer
Millinery at Less
Than Cost Prices.
Ladias' readyto-weai Straw Hats,worth $l.5��. $2.r,n uml |a ��.;,(.j, . ..
Ham worth |8.60, M-60 and I!  rm- rtM.
Trimnrad Pattern Hats wmili (6.00, $8.00 nml t7.un (Br j:;.r,n
Imported Pattern ilai�� worth |8.00, $10.00 and $ir,.(i(i f()r jr,.��
Bargains in Children's Straw and Mualln iiiiu and Intanu' Bogus
These Han. nn exhibition la otu store, ami win i ,, Kl\t. ^
All .New Oooda nnd thiM
Svnsvon'fl Stylsiei.
Fred Irvine c& Co.
Notice i- hereby riven lhat 80 May- rrom date I
intend ii.ai.|.!v to the Honorable the Coininli
m nift oi bunds nnd Works hu permlMlun io
purcliasK the hillon Ing desrrlbcd lamiN sltuau
initi.- Wesl K(M)tena) lllstrlot. tUarilujr Irom a
posl marked ����� ill lam Brnesl Davison's ft K. po��l
nl   noniiili.M'NMiil  l''''-r enik mi tin- Arrow
Uter iheucj  IOi ns soulh, Ihence In chains
west, thence 10 chains north, tlienoe easl lo (wlnl
oi run ���!!. -ul, cm ur aboul 100 acres.
Dated thli Blh daj ol June IfloO
William Kknest DaTUQN,
Noiii'i- Is hereby Riven thai OH days after dab !
im. nd uiappl) lo Mi. Honorable the Chief V	
mlwdnui - oi Landsand Works \m |>cnnlssloii In
niin'hnm* ihe n.l luv I ni;  described  lands In the
U.-.i KiMitcnny disiriei; eo m ing al s i--i
inarktHl "Natliaulel Mclntyni> ���- k corner,"
11|allied mi ih-   weal sld< ul the Columbia Kin r,
nl t7 miles uorlli ��l llurtonClt/.anilHU chains
north "l 'lo- -iniih tVL-sl corner nt Ud '-::. tliclict'
 ih HU chalus liieiice wesl --1 i lialus, tin nw
unit Hi HOchalim,   easl *��i liaili* Ui i--iiil ul
..iiiini. in ���< tn. ni. ' ontaluing BW acres.
Dated this 12th day nl June, IftSJ
S ,111 IN1KI   Mi IvTVIiK.
i  i   Makjnsoti, ^gntt.
Notice i> hereby given tbal 00 days alter daU' I
intend toapply Ui iheHouorable thi Chief Cum-
tnlasloner of Unds and Works for permission In
patchase the following descrllwd lands: font
mencing at a i>">i placed on the north shore ol
the west arm "/ Kootenay l*ke, at tbe oorthoasl
oorner ol John ftrauks' pre-emption, I hence
Wesi i" chains, more or loss, to Lbe southeast
corner of Lol No. 7405, thence uortb 40 chains,
thenoeeaat lOchalusmore 01 less, thenco nortb
40 chains t<- tbe polnl ol commencement
Dated June 15th, 1900.
O. B. Arii.triov.
Noil'- ti hereby given thai i intend (<o dayi
after dine lo apply to lha Chlel Commissioner of
Uindf nnd uorks for mrmlsslon to purchase
tlie followinn i*escrlbeo lands, situate ��t "
\'alley, Kootenay ' (strict onmencing ��i a
posttmarkeu L tiallegher���south wesl oornerl
piaeed ni the south wosl cornet of nertioa :ci,
township69 thenee north mm bains to Lhe north
west eoruer ni raid section BK; ihence .'.i-i U
ohalns, thence soutli ^' nhalns to 'hi- uuth
boundary ol said section S3, and Lbenu weal W
chains to the place ol h.-^iiiiiiin,: ciinuiimiK $&)
aores. and belUR n.- westerly half of fnni sieo
tion B8, township OS.
Dated at Nelson, B C. June r.in 1900.
L. liAI.UliHKK.
Notiee \- herebj Riven iimi findnv* aftei date l
Intend to appl j to ihe Uonorahle the Chief Commissioner "i Landi nnd Works lor j..-rmiMdnn to
purchase the following described tends, situate
in the Wesl Kouti nayulsstriel I Conuoeneing al a
ppii marked U McC H, w. corner, planted *���
chains west of I. c. Morrison's northwest corner
..I bis crown granted land in Kire Valley, run
niiitr 4" ohalni east, 40 ������ham* nortb, (0 chains
west, 40 chains south to place of commencement.
M. Mn'ANiii.isH, l>ui;ator
W. A. t. Al.liKK, Agent,
June 20th, -"""���
Notiii- is herbj given that I intend,oo days
after dale to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner ol
Launds and Wois�� [oi permlMlon to purchase tbe
following described lauds sdtoate al nre Valler,
Kootenay disiriei ''om mencing al s posl (marked Uoorgc Vooug ..;tti well corner) placed al
Lhe north wesi corner of .section w township 09;
thenrte east >vp i bains i<�� the imrUi eut oorner of
���aid section US; tbence sonth *0 chains, them*
west wi chains theuce north 4n <-haiiiK to the
place of beplnnlng containing Stt acres and
being tbe nonh. rh half of Mild section 98, township 09
Pated al Nelaon, H. v. June Mb 1900
Qaotwi \"i^,.
Notice is hereby glvm that 00dayi after date
we Intend to amity to ihe Umiurnbi*- the 'hief
1 nmmlsslottor ol i.iihi* mid Works ai Victoria*
B. C. for nennlwlon lo pun-hiine the foiinwint
dMcrlbedlands.sitnateiin Went Kootenay th>
irhi. i oiiiiii' HClng nl a poi.1 plantod at Thninaf
Jeromes N   K  posl,  and   niarlced   I'rti-r   Desell
and A Choquette n w. Corner; thenoe Wchains
Hint    lhei.ee 30 ehiiiiie SOUthi thenee HO chains
weal, thence fficbtlns north ta the oommendni
I��i'l, 'oiilnlniiiK -Hi aorei mure nr lens.
Dated May '��>,
W. A. Junks, Agent
Notice iMii ret>J ulven that MKty days after date
1 intend loapplv \o lhe Uonorahle the I'hief
Commissioner of Lands snd Works, Victoria for
permission tnparabBH the follow ink deacrlbed
lan-ih in W.-sI Kootenay. Coniuieiicina at a posl
marked I'dtf.ir W. lyne* mmmIi west eojner near
toGernei creek and about 2 mllei. hf)Mls}, llf Mos-
'llillo eieek ami ahout -1 miles Weil ol I oIiiniIjIh
Klver; thenoe north hu chains, thenee east hu
ohalni. theneesouili w chaini,, thenee west -in
ohalni in place of commenoement, con tain inn
NOacrafl, Wing the lame more or lens.
Dated June 4, HUG,
Kix.ah W. DthM,
v. Ijtnm Agent.
Notice li hereby given lhal 00 days after date 1
linen.] lo make application to the Honorable the
'hief rommlaslouer ol Luii.lsatiil Works lor per-
mlsslon ta porolmu   the  following described
lands: UOmmenolng at h posl jihie.-don tbe east
shore of Lower Arrow Uke, adjoining J Hates'
pre-oniptioti on the sonihwi-si marked "T *��� *b
N. ��    ������   Hior post."   Thenee   ruI ^   Ml  DuaUll
colli Lhenue *�� chains south; tlienoe Wnhains
mora or lasi, weat lothe lase shore; thenre foi-
lowing ink shore to point of commencement,
oonlslnlng '-i" acres, more or less.
Daiodun.7ihd.tofj .,��"'" K",'"',N-
Nollss l> IsiT.l.j Kiv.-ii Him tarm ���i, .r,i���u. |
I1'"!' ."- ">��k pilcMlon I.. Us. n r.blotbo
l.llll'f I lilllllllh.il i ol I.i.si.l. tu,.I W-.tk. (in iut
nils.Inn to |.ssr. liu.i- the f-ill.iiiniK described
i.nd.1  s .uiiiii.iii'iiiK ui ,i  i ,,|������.,, ������ ii,,
n.ii t Ii.-h.i ii.iiiit i.i I KlMitdni,'. /, iisilii-,1 lies in
fur, I,���.. . ���,. rk.-.l --0. ���-   ��� . ..���,,.���.,,���,!������ r,,,V,.,,!^
Bchain, un-i iiu-i. *i,.|i,uii, ��������ii,; ihence ��
oai w����l Ih.oo. Wlowln. I Kln.h.u'seui.
������iii .i.iiiiiin y i.. pomi ���[ cdnunsnuunrnt, containing hw sore r, ur b'Ss.
Hannah TlKHNKr.
I I this 7ih day ol lune,,- cm.
Notice ll li,;i,.| y nlvi'll llssllsliinvi mir, fl.W I
' '"';    i.k.appl .���.ijliui ii.ibi.f rs th.
i blejr'oiiiiuls.l! r���r Und. and Wnrlu loi mt-
ml��.liili   to   ,.niilii,.,.   ||���.   MIJuhiiik    rll.nl
land.: i ommstalBi ui h prat placed m ib ��� in.
!���' wib I iiiitiim boundary of] Bits.' mi-
euiptiou nml the north boundary olT Klnahsui's
A|i|i||i.,imiiii to iiirrbn.i. marked-T.K.Jr's - W
ooinarposl '��� 11, is.-.- (o lowing J, Batu'eutern
i; idary, 40 chains north I lhsnoeM^ejn5��Mti
tlienoe ��i chain, to the no tliern boundary nl
lliiniiiili m-iiiii'. applli-iiiiisii in l-nrchua
(hone, lollowlns tbenorthsrl. bouuds-yofisibis,
nnd iii.rlbi-rly I u.lmv .,( -J-. K llinlimi', aim ii
'��� ii inI'liniiii..',I...i...i i oi oo ic ���!,;
 iiiUiiiik82 res,moio orleis, '
I'lili'iUblsTlh dsy ol .limn, l'.����;. '''""*"��� ���'"���
Nnllii. Is Iii-is. y iilyii, i|������ | .mu-u.I. on dels
afterdate, toapply to the Cblal rommlssiois   ;,,
Lands nm    Wurk. lor |.,.|,in,.|���, ,*,",'"
the loltojrtn, ,i,.,.Tii,.,l ���id.,.itu,t.P2r��S
valley, KooAnay Dlstrlol .,,���,,,��� , ,lr
pos (i�����ik,.,|. acorgo y0���n, ,������,|, ,.���, ���� ��
i,ini,..i ni ilm in.ni. ni.i corner ui s  ,, ���"
I ated at Nelson, 11 0, JunoBth lWt\
0 QtOSQl Voi*N0.
Imperial Bank of Canat
Head Office:   Toronto.
0AP1TAL CAN) UP....13,000,000
ii. il WILKIK. President       Hon. BOBBBT JAPPEAT, Vloe-ft.
Branches in British Columbia:
AKIIOWIIKAII,      BOIiDKN,     .NKI.SnV.     BB7BL8TOEE     TUiiiit i
Depostta iwalv^ nod lntopMl aJinwiii at trarpeoi ntt* fnmt tiiiu*nffiin
niiiiit ninl oreditod half \i*ar)v
Ni:i..s<ir>  iinwcii
tin M.  LAY, MbimJI
P. Burns <& Ca
Branoli M.irkii. in  ii,,
���land, Trail,  Nelson, ECailo,  Btndo
DesTet nml sii��-iiii ony.
Tin.. Fnrk-.fc
"r.lirs by mnl! in snv l.rsiu b will h.TS
���'Ul |H |i| mi.l riirrlul .tUintlOO
He^td Office: NeIson,B.C
Notlo. Is bi-ri by (rlvt-ii ibsl BOdsn hIl-i dat. I
Intend i ��� sin.iy lo th. Bononbl. th.     i-
' iiiiiiiis.-i'.siiir ..f Ltuiil. hu.I Works [i.i portals
sli.u In piir.liH.e ibi- Inllim lost  'I'"" r 11m-.1   lends
siiiiHii-il  iu Mourn lii.frtri   Uommenclos Kt
north eul oorn-r i ��i Uu H.0, ihence runa-
I 'K .'iimi iflirbsnis.Un.orf eastlOol i.,thenes
north .1' rbsitis, Ut.no. ��,-! Bobains u,c y h.
rlKbt-iifWHy. following .mm- siuiili  ttt-m   in a
point Intercepting north m I Lol 1m.11. thenoe
eut to polnl nl i ssitin i-nipiit, containing nus
Hi-n-. mors or n-..
May Mil UN.
0.1.. Qaauga
NoUoe U hereby given th id.ys.ften  i
Intend loapply lo lhe Hossi.r.blt u,.- s i.s-1.'.-..,
miss i ..I Und i Works i mils.i	
purphue the billowing ,|, , ni��-.l Unds silo
hi.-i liiib.  Kootonay m-ns.-i.   Beginning sl s
post pi. <i i.ii nn- north .b..ri- i.i ii,.. i.,ti, i
arrow Ukeahout �� ohalns iieel ..| the wesl
boundary ol ' p K l,���i ton, Harked II . iv
s E corner, thenoe wosl gl chains, Ihentv iinrlli
oo chain., I hence eut 80 chains more or le	
l"k.. shore, thence In �� south wosu-rly dln-rtlsio
ul..iih Ink.- shon to i n.���! oomincuoeineul	
laiuing I'.is.T,-. more ,., Utu
l>H���||.,l   JU|||.   :<h,   ll,,-,,
II. A. IV..1 vim...
A. N. Wi.l ragTOK, Ak-iii
Notloe I. beret,) given mm two mou'l
date I Intend lo apply to in.. Honorable (.'bhl
���..iniiiiKii.in.r ni Unds mi,: Works lor pel	
sion lonn.jhu. .i\ bnndml ami  lortl   j.ij
"'* I lHlS.1. .|... ||l���.,|���, |���||������.     ,  ���, ,���   ���,.
'" �� P��tJ>l ' "' Ul. northwest cornel oi I
UUIegh.Ws.ppllc.tlon in purchue in Pin \'���:
ley, nn the \u-.i ni,. ,,i i.,,H,., ,\i on Ij.ki   n
Kooten.ydlitrlet,  rked ��������. A r'. \ , ,',.,
iii-r"; ibi-iii-i- running eighty (��) chains west;
tbenoe eighty (no souii i���,  L.i��bty in.)
chain, eul: lbcn,-e eighty (M) ch.ln.north io
plooe nf iiillllin-liii-iii,.|il.
I).i in ind .mi nl a���.,i.i-.m,AI "���""'���
Notice is horeby given ibm i intond.oo days
undiftSi ^*??!',��u,��c"ef ComwIulon.ro
umis nml ��,irk. i���r permlMao to porohuctho
toUowlog descrl .ml. ,i,.i promise ,. ..
m Kin- \ ui ,.y. Kootonay District    ��� ,���,  ,,!.
m ,. po.1 (marked P. H. i.'i���,,i���,r uorthoii.i,',?,"
iii-ri piaeed at iin- in,rib eul oorner nf , inn
U, liiiiii.InnOBJ lini,,,. ���,,,,,i, v, nh.lus, thcusie
west  III llimiin, Ibi-li.-i-  north   in i Im  i|, ,
��"��i'"i >��� '-I >ry ..is-ssbi �����-, _.,:���,,. ,,,.';
MOM limn, to the pleoa ..i t���.���,,���,,!.,,
quanoi nlu ictloi ll townahlpn
Nll.nll. B. o. JuuotUi looc.
I- II. Ill
Qsoaog Yoi.... An. in
i mi'i'Ti' '-'���������r"-,;>- kiv.-i, iiiaii,. v. i,	
I ini.ii.l in appl)   in the Honorable   Chlol
.nn   in i ii ri ha.i. lb.- i.,||,,n|t,K   , eH, ri)j,,d   |���,,,|,.
,':,"������ �����-'Ks"-i-i...yi...in-i; ,.,;,.'���"'��� ;
'."   Hlv.T.,,,,..,,, :i ., ,������ r |,���rln'   ,.   "
1..;'s""-ii-;lisg nl ii I...H ,11,1,1,1.1 Loom Winter's
��  " ��� i'"rii.-r, at Ihi. N, U   ,.,,rii,., ,,( j,   n   K���,,t,.
Preai limn, iiiiiii-���..,ii, I,! , ��� "u,'",,',',',,
or lento tho , ind.rj ,,, mm,.. ,,,,,,,i".
sS'loln��l!lJ'iV2-Ule,'?c"'1 -"'���i-m...   I,.-,',
KinWs^mnTol&r i:'""::;;:
linti-ii Hi i, .'mi day of June, uot,
1.1.11 M. Himi i,
Ralph Blys, Agent,
r.',,ii,.���i,l,'.ri.by given thai I lutond.a ,.
titer date, to apply to the Chief c nuiionorfil
I nll.l. hii.I Work, fnr larlnl.,!,,,, ,���    , ,,.|   !     ,
iJillowlngdeM. ii.'I...ii,i, ,.,,'|r,      ill
. ,"v.'v;h; -",' ������' ��-'i--"'is��ii.i..i, , t
rii.-s,,-.. ��,-��i is, olisla., thenee north ni 3 iins'
lionoe ,�������[ ��>, i,,nii. ami ibencc sonti ��i, ^
to the pltosoIhWuntngiOoSiKglftrei
lissli'il nl Nclsim, B.C. June Ml, moo,
.   I'. II.O'C.NK.in.
 (iriiiii.i: Yni'Mi, Agnni.
Nntli'i' 1. lu-ri'liy ksv.'Ii thai DO .lay. [r,,,,, ,1,,,,. |
r,,.-,,,i ....tppiy ���.,,,.. ,,,,���,���. ,1,,,^, I/I' ���'
miss iiui-rnf Uml.   Works f,.r |,,.,,ii,��.|������   ���
imi. hue Use lollowlng desci i   .ids, lis the
Wosl Ki.nli-niiy  BlstrTcl     K���,���|  |.,,,.,' .
;,.,i,,,bbi Kii,,,,i,,,,,, , ,,,,,,��� ���,;,  ; ���,
io",,',;;.",;!";,1;:!:.:: >���,'������.������,,���.,,������������:
Isulnd tills 1st liny nf Juno, lOOfl,
,��� 1'e.NK NORTtg.
 TJ   Maaiwows Agi'in
/my iiny. afterdate i intend to apply mil,,.
ComtblHInnorol Unds and Work., < ,'i���,��� ,    ,
pu.-ollaie 100 ni'i',.. nl laud   I nt nn,.,��� ,,���    ,
!'"��l PltlJK ii Ihe in.,! Uio,. ,, A ri ,   Uk    ���
iSnm,:,;;1::;:-;," TA^&
l.ni'uli',1 Mis), nib looo,
,  ,, A. caiiikk.
Ls. (lAl.uiill.H, LooatOTi
Notiee i. hereby given thst twi i eUs|
dalo I Intend t<,,,,.,... i.. u..��� if,.in.r.w(]
i ninl,,i..i..ii,.r ,,f l^iii.t. sin] ll���rt.f,.:wi
Sion to j.tiri-i.nN- .u bundml mi.l l.,mi
uraaol land,dewrtben a- lollon
nl  a   I--I   iilnnli'.l  nl  the i.
I. iisiinifii, r'. application i.. i
"1>. A. Ma. '. Miuilifn-i i-iirin-r'; rnsuu
i-lgbl) (Noibiitn. wesl; tb.ii" .
north: tbenoe . Igbty i-", cha
eight) (��i) chain, south lo lbs !���.. -
ii,',,..' III. riiOlalnltiK H*  ll'tll.lr'-O as
(sywj ,.-.,.. more "i leu.
ISnU.l lb,-<uil nl April. l��si
D   I   Mr"
W   A. I i: iir.   ,,
Notloe It hi nil gh   D tbs  I
Ini.i.'l in make a|,|,li'nii.,ii hilhi
i nn- i'..iiit,ii.,iiiti.-r "i Und, ib
muss   purchase  ths   Isi
l.udi    ( oiiii,ii-ii, i,m a, a peal i
liiirthwosl ...,,,,., ..I M.l l-
ti"ii  in  |.uri'l,a.i- It, I " ^ ill, |   i"""<
Mr   N.  li. I'.irii.-r,"  ninulug  '" ' ll ilm
chains south,  In , Inn,,- out. 10ebalMlSW
t'lni'f nf, ..niiiiilii'i'iii, ,,[.
K M   Mn'i.i.ll-n l.m*'
n   a - i   ',    IgeM
July 2nd. loos.
Nouoo ii Iii-m i.y glron tb.l M  ,
Intend lo hi.|.|v tn the Hminralsli :
nilKHlonir i.i Uml, ,,,,.1 ",rl- fin 1"	
purehoM the following des, ,,''-
in tbe Hi'., K....I. nn'. .li-iii-1 :C,ii
|."-t  ..n   lb.' CMlSilleol Tulip ''i"*-""
��rro�� Uke, snd marked "J- J. �����:ii"''
corner." thane, eul Bo chain, i '  *'
cl ,i,,,-. theuce w.-.s ni chains, il
��� limn- 1.. polnl "i .i.i.....������ ...-.-i.t.iii. ini,i.ts'a
���-' mora '" ieu 	
l.'��,ii.'l.lnli,. usili.lwsl. 1 > ��' ���!
I   11   w i: i iiv-'.. Ai-M    _
Kin, days alter dav. I Intern pN'Ja
' ummlwlonei of UnsU I form i I:  !j
8o aoru i.f land, rituate abnulonsmbrisSB
Hiirini, City, aud  ib'..'rib."l is le    '*'
in. ig ai'ii po.1 plmili'.l oo il" nurtbwaneu
m i "f I MO and riming wesl ��
north in chain., thei a.t ��i
south slung Im n'.'si in pisi't' ,,f begin I
July ith, 1000. J" U'~"'
nm 'luv. after aatellbwndtoHiteMJ
' ..miin n.ir ..I Unds nml Works,JI""";!
purchase thro, bund ed .uiltws-iilypW���!
fmnl near h,iii..n City, unit descrlbe/l"-"','J
Commencing at. po.1 nlantcl si il"11" ���"?
 ss.'li.f  llnil'lllnlg,-,..  mP""l"tt*��S
.'.1 "A. AH',   s  ��'  I",,,,.-,.",I	
sHialns, these. souUs loriy U'" ','",,| ,5
nn.i forty (in) in.in., iii,-,,..   north own
ahalns, i in.' wi-.i  right]  ,-'" ehtj" ,,���
si.iiib uiitiiv it,') i bain, t" I'l roeguswi
July Mi looo  AJ i
NniiiT is hereby givon Him ini'i,"""1
.1 I inn ml l..ii|ipji i.iiIh Ilm
l -111111111,. Ii. iii-i i.i l,iiii.l.i,,i.l Wnrks fnr I* '
inpini'lii,.,' lb.   following	
ns.' in  In.' Valloy "ii tits ii' -i -ib"1 u."
rs.n   l,nki', K....i.'iiin  .ll.lrni   ilcscrlo.
lows:   . i.nini. in ing   nl   ,,   |..-l   I-1"'
llnrlliwi'Stiy.rn  ��   .1   '..I'l"     I'
 rked   "A   Mcl.-s  III,.'-  '
Ibl'lli'l'  I,.I'l.   (1.1) .Illllll.  ..I-- '"���'
chains uiirib;  the  Inrl)   11"    l,"'"���,���.,i
'<"'  forty (Hi) .'bun il. '",     ,,'"��*
i.iiiiiti.'li. "iii.'iil,  i.iiiiiiliiln,:   one  linn',
fitly (im) aero, s.i'.ri' or lot -
Doled June a, HMO Amice * '���""!"
W. A  i sl'bl 1' x*
Notice i�� hereby slven that oo days "'"I'.'KL
Ifii-iil loapply in the Hnni.rabb' sI"    '"'',���,
mlsslouci ���( l.'ml. nml Wnrk, bir!��' '" �� ,��is! '
piinliH.,. ib,. fnllnwlng dwrlW.1 bus.  ���       M
In iFodUtrlcl ol Wesl Koolenay. s'lJ"1"".1
7lsii.it ilm Wesl ���tiii ol Kiinlenj) '���"*'  *
in. in lug nt nn   nh"'  posl pin,  ssl I'';  , lrn
Jfcsl isrof I...I 7:i.i; ib  norn -      m
thenoe weal 10 ohalni, theuce south n ; ,
thence ,������,-, in i-lintn. ui pi,in' nl cownii no
Bi I May IB, MM, j,. Kin'"
Wxly days sslli'r ilnln I Intend In, aRJttJiL H
commissioner ol U   I Works.* j^Jjy
.' i,
 dug ui ��� ��!. i'L' !;.���..i
. n i.iimi i
is.  Inlln...
I1 asi shore ol Arrow U-
uniting ni ilm .niilii wu.l "i"'",1'��� i  v ��.
���llll.vV nri'-i'inplliiii and  ii,iiil'il l   ��� u p
,. i'ii.i on chains, 'l",,l,l'.' jniri-
���i  west itl s'liiilns in ��"' I"" . ,,, rl
,-u, ,, g tho Ink,- shon ii. >���'�����"
f, l.\0"
IV. csi.nra. I.'ii'i""'
Juno aiiii ussi
Nun,',, i, bcrchy given llinlIJI "'of1 "Ki'i'i'ii
ir,ml loapply to lho HoiiaraUe U"'1' ,;.,nu I",
nlstloneriif HsiiiImiihI Worki l"' pri"!!  ,���	
 ,.  ,..,, I..-...-Ii.,.l ihii'i*   	
-.liilll'l-ill   llllli]|,llll,|   "in.-   '"    ,     ,.|,
rchnte the following ,l,'.,'iH��-  l"l"?,,���nii
lUllclllgalll poi nki'.l W   li   Mi    "  ',,.1,
ib I nl ilm N  w rnor "I ��   (
," .-mi ii in I'ln' Volley, ruoisuu
��� ni b, ini'liiilti. west, BO chnins souli'i
wttoplai (,' i ������ ui 	
W. II. (I.'IIM.II'I' ''',.
W. A. 0AUH��. Agoai.
.Illlso 'Jlltli, IIHHI. ��� ''���' ������_^'���'���'''^l**"^���'l<^^'*''������
The Daily Canadian
{Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
^^^ ���
inother of the $150,000 Novels X
The Man Between"   X
���    X
loyal Vienna Hand Painted China $
Post Paid, Cloth, 90c.
A shipment nf
��.2..so, Jc.V.S", *7.5n.
Pieces (nun 65c l<> &i,S.i>f>.
The Very Latest in Ladies' Hand Bags    f
[00 New Linen Papeteries f
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&/"*< Kootenay   Agents
I   ("I R. A. Rogers & Co.
y*0f!t       Limited, Winnipeg.
\\'hulastaal��4 lJr��>vi��l��,,-,����,
I "roUuuu.
1H111..11 lliiviTiiuii'iil I'lvsiiurry (in . l-miiiil Hrit-lis roodved vi-fklv I'rs-uli
I'rsssii tin- i-liunt.   V'ssr w Ir liy sill loading graooM.
i iilici' nml wiiri-luniw: I oasteu r.lm-k,   Phono TO,
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
ie Hall Mining: and Smelting
Company, Limited.
urchases Lead, Qpper and Dry Ores.
loal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Tlmbw,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Uiini Bnllden will iimi ii in Iheir ndvaotnffe i" "��' on* H*h.
helson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
"M Heating Plants uml Modern
Sauifcary AppUauoei,
NclSI, Opera House Bile. Box 401
The Latest Modern Appliances
' now in use at this
Atid DBUmffitTPRBB
Haker Street.     -     NELSON.
Judges Declined to Act in the Pendray
Thu Colonial, sets forth ihe reasons,
bo far an they are actually known, and
makes the following comment:
The provincial government has appointed M,r. Fred Peters, K. C, as commissioner to enquire into the charges
tbaat have been preferred against tho
department of lands and works in connection with the Pendray lots by the
Vancouver World. It will be remembered that il was at first proposed to
appoint a member of the supreme court
bench to act in this capacity, but as
the mailer of judges taking on other
duties than those for which they are
paid by the Dominion has had official
Consideration at Oilawii and has bi'eii
discussed in parliament, the local mem-
lii'iH of the judiciary naturally felt a
delicacy about accepting the eouiiiiis-
Blon. It is questionable, of course,
whether an enquiry of ihis kind would
fall within the ban of the law, as it
might very well be regarded as an invest igai ion in the public inl crest, in
which a judge, by the strict letter of
the statuie, would be permitted to act;
but our judges evidently decided t<> be
on the safe side, and Lhe government
was compelled to reaped their wishes.
Moreover, tlie authorities at Ottawa no
doubt feel thai there is an objection to
judges aciing In mailers in which po
liiical issues are involved, ami doubl-
leis have, by circular letter or otherwise. Indicated iheir policy in thai re-
gard. In this ca��e, the charges made,
of course, have a strong political complexion, and. to Koine extent at least,
won iii be embarrassing. Tho salaries
of judges bave been Increased in order
that no excuse can be offered for their
doing other than strictly judicial work.
In apiHiiniiiig Mr. Peters, we think
ihat the government has made a good
and a wise selection, it has shown its
confidence in the strength of Its own
case. Mr'. Peters, as is well known, is
a Liberal, and, therefore, it cannot be
said that any advantage has been
sought in the gentleman charged with
the conduct of the enquiry. Had a
Conservative, however well qualified to
try the case, or however fair-minded
lie might be, have beeu appointed, it
would immediately have been charged
by the opposition lhat it was for the
purpose of blocking a free aud full In*
vestigatlon of the facts. Now', however,
the position of the governmenl is unassailable, and. assuming ihat lhe finding
of Lue commissioner will be in its fa-
\or, it will have scored a great moral
and political victory over its opponents.
The investigation, we understand, will
proceed without   delay.
J. J. Hill Arranging to Build Factories
in   Duluth.
Winnipeg, July 13.���It was rumored
in Winnipeg railway circles yesierday
mat James J. Hill had completed arrangements for the -construction of a
large steel manufacturing plant at Duluth. Minn. Mr. Hill has returned to
Si. Paul from the easl, where it is said
he completed arrangements for ihe con
struction of the projected plant.
Practically all the steel of Ihe west*
ern states is manufactured in the east,
mostly in Pittsburg, I'a. With all tin1
natural facilities for the manufacture
or steel to be found ai the head of the
takes, Mr. Hill, it is said, believes that
the necessity of shipping steel from the
east to the wesi could be avoided. However, the primary objeri in determining
Mr. 11111 in ihe erecting of the steel
plant is the fact ihat ail of the sieel
rails of his railway would be manulac
lured ul his plant.
The erection of a steel plant at the
head of the lakes would mean a vast
economic saving to the west in freight
age, as ihe iron ore of the Minnesota
iron ranges is shipped to the large
plants In the east, lo be reshipped west
again In finished products. It was said
here lhat some of the capitalists of lhe
iron range district would be allied with
the Creai Northern magnate in the con-
���Uilbtlon of the plant.
Winnipeg  Street Car  Men  Conciliated
by Company.
Winnipeg, .Inly 12.-���The Street Railway Bmployees' union held a midnight
meeting in Friendship   ball   Tuesday
nlghl. aboul 200 men being present, to
receive and consider the report of Ihe
committee appointed by ihem to conduct negotiations with the company respecting working arrangements for iho
Sunday car service. The committee re-
ported having already met the directors, and ihat the following conditions
were offered by lhe company:
1. That runs for regular men conform as nearly as practicable to an
eight   and  a  half hour  work day    for
2. Any regular motormnn or conductor required to work over nine hours on
Sunday to receive pay a1 the rate of
time and a half.
The request for ten hours' pay for
eight nnd a half hours' work on Sunday
was refused on the grounds thai the
company had not asked for Sunday
catSj and at present were nol in a position to know if they could he operated
al a profit.
leorge Hm
tu M-e It-nil
TAKE MOT! 'K Him I intend to ntaplr m the
nit sititnt-soi tlie Poarn ef i.iiem-iiiBCatonti**
ioiuTN iur Uio City uf NeUnn.fora transfer i.>,
Miir-iM.n of "oIbou.B U.of ntv MuenM
il nml si'lrtlineiti liijimrn "li tin*
iireinuog unown tie tu1 Uke View Hotel. Vi-rnuii
(timet, M'lHui, n. c
Piitixl (lie-llii tiny uf.hlly, 11KM1.
Annul Thomas.
WUUi'SB, W. A Macimjnai.i>.
Notice In tifCBby B**sn that;J" '1��T* utter date J
iliUiid  to apply HI 'He Chief CumirisHMouer of
Landi nml worn fur h qpciftl litmus to eul an*.
orrv away Uiut.i-r Irom tlie [oUotrtOf dflwrlbed
IhiiiIh in \Ve��i Kootenuy dint nut:
Nu. 1.���f'uiiiiiiciieiUK at a jmikI marked "le
Oberg'i nuu Hi went i-orrier potli ami planted OD
Hie BUI lide of Dun (-an river, about ten miles
north'act of Went Fork of Ouueau river; thenu
W chains south, theuce HO chain* east, thenee 80 .
ehuliih north, thence 80 chains west to point of
Ho. 2.���Commencing it a post marked Ole
Oberg's Ho-ithvant post and pin ti ted "ti the east
-il. ii Duncan river, about 11 mile* rortbemrt of
West Fork ol Duncan river; ihence HO chains
norlh, tleiicd Mi chains east, thence W chains
smith, tbenoe BO chains west to pulut of commencement.
No. 8.��� Commencing at a pout marked Ole
( hirg's northeait corner punt, aud planted nn
lln- Besl *lde of t'lincBii river, iibuui 11 miles
u rili.-nt-i -if Weil Fork ol Piincaii river; thence
I'Ii-IihIiih wi-Ht, thenre U0 chain* north, thenee
MeOAlDI BMt. ihence. Hi" cha ine eoulh to point of
No. 1.   ('omiiiciiclng at a   pui-t   marked   Oil
oij.-ik'h MOtbwit co-hit mt, and planted on
the i-ant tide of Duncan river andabonl BW
mil.- aortbeael of weei Fork ei Donotn rireri
ihcnce w chaini north, tbenoe SO chnlni out;
tlu'liee 80 ilniiiie militli,   hence HO chaine west to
polnl ol eomuiciiCi-metit.
No. .'��.-('omiiienclUK   at   a  poet   marked    Ole
Oberg'i iioriiu-uet oorner punt, and planted on
lhe  i-ael  side of  iHiie-uli rtvi-r and ulioiil Vi 1 -1
musk nortbeut of west Fork of Dnntui river;
thenee HO (-hulne weet,   theiii-c HO eliaiiin north,
tbenoe B0 ebtinieefti thenee ho obnlmeontb to
polnl uf cuiniiiericeiiielit.
No. 0��� Cumini'iicltif* at a punt marked Ole
OtKrg'i nortbeul corner pOU, and planted on
Ihee el Hide of Piincaii river, aud a'jout l.'ll-l
iiiUok norllieiiHl ol V v��t Fork uf Duncan rh or;
tbenee Hii ehaine went, thence m cha'ns north,
tbenoe HU i-IihIiih eaet, theuce K0 cluiilie huillll lu
jioiiit uf cuinincucemeut.
Nu. 7. -ConimonelOg at a pOlt marked Ole
Osberg*! southwest enrner pom, mid nhuitcd mi
the easl elde uf Dnncan river and ahunl IS 1-1
niihs nortluiiel uf the Weff lurk uf Duncan river;
tbence h-i chaiiiK c����t. thenee ^> ebslni K)Qtbt
Ibenoe So chains WMt, thenee Huidiaiue nurlh tu
[H,ini of < iincncement
No, B. -CoiiiuifiicliiK at a pout markeil Ole
oiierg'sioutbireit cornet i����st. nnd planted mi
lhe eaat side of Duncan river, and about 14 J I
mllei  northeant of   the   Wen!   Fork  of Duncan
river; thenoe ho chaini eert, tbenoe hii ehaiios
south, tbenOQ HU chain- weat, theliee80 chnlni
norlh tu polnl of coiiiiiH-nceiiiclit.
No. 'J.- Commencing at a poni planted on the
easl side of IIuu-hii rlverauil uiark.-d Ole Oberg'i
euutlieitei corner \>oH, and ahout II 1-4 miles
nurlheael of Wut Fork of Duncau river; thence
fvii haitie weat, thenee BOeheini north, thence Hu
cbftini east, thence Hu ehains south tn point uf
S��� in.���Commencing at a pout marked Ole
Oberg'i lontheut corner post nnd planted on
the cast eidi- of Duman river and about lf> 1-4
miles northutiet nf West  Fork of Duncan  river;
thence 80 chains vest, tbenoe B0 chains north.
thence HUidiains eaat, thenee HU chains south Id
point of commencement.
No. 11.���Commencing at a poet marked Ole
Otierg's Southwest corner poet ami planted on
the cant side of Duncan river and about 15 1-4
miles nortbeut Ol Weet Fork of tbe Duncan river; thonce hu <-halne east, tbenoe ho chains: south,
thence 8Jchains west, thence HO chains north tn
point of commencement.
No. Vi. -Cummenclm; at a post marked Ole
Oberg's northeast  corner  post  aud  planted  ull
the eut aide of Duncan river and about lfi n
mllei northeut of Wesl Fork of Duncan river;
thence ho chains west, thenee BO chullie north,
thenee80 chains OUt, thence 80 chain- south lo
point of commencement.
No. in.���Commencing at a poet masked Ole
Obe i'l Booth west coram pott ami planted mi
the enel side of Duncan river ahout liil-t miles
northeast of the West Fork of the Duncan river;
thence 80 chaini east, tbenoB HU ehalns south,
sthenoe 80 obnlni went, thenee HO chains north tn
point of com me nee ment.
No. 14. Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'ieonthwwt corner post and planted on
the cast side of Duncan river and about 17 1-4
miles northeast from the West Fork ol Duncan
river; thenee 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
south, thenee 80 chains west, thenee 80 ehaiiiB
north to point of Commencement.
Nu, 16.���Commencing at a poat marked (He
Obetg's nurthcuet corner post and planted on
the eut tide of Dum-au river and about  i; II
miles northeait ol Weet fork of Duncan riter*
thence ��J chains weat-thenee Ht) chains north,
thence 8u chains east, thenco K) chains south io
imlnt of commencement.
No. lfi. Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'iBOUthWelt corner post and planted on
the eut Bide oi Duncan river and about 18 1-4
miles nortbeul "I the West Pork Ot Duncan river; thenoe BO chaini east, thence B0 obnlni south,
tbence BQ chnins west, thence80chainj north to
point ot commenoement.
No. 17.���CnmnifUciiiK at a posl marked Ole
Oberg's southwest Darner posl and planted on
the eut lideo( Duncan river nud ahoul 19 1-1
miles nortbeul Of the Weit Fork of Duncan river; thenee BOehalni cast, rJleneeSO obnlni south,
thenee 80 chains we*t,thehce80ohainj noth to
point of eoiniiielie.'ineiil.
Dated Jmictith rti'.        Oi,k unrito, Ua-ator.
Notice IB hereby u-iveii that 80deft after date I
Intend to applv to the Uhlsf Commiavionerof
Lends and Works toraipedai license tu cut ami
ciirrv awttj limber from the following described
laud's, situated In tbe West Kootenay district;
No. 1. -Commencing at a post marked O It.
Hoar's southwest corner post, and planted on the
BUI bank Ol Duncan river ami abont Lfi 1-4 miles
northeut Of west fork of Duncan river; thence 80
chniiif. east, thetni* Hi chains south, thence HO
Chalm west, theuce HU chains north to point of
No. 2.��� Commencing at a pott marked <>. D.
Hoar's northeast corner past, nnd planted oil the
east side of Dum-an river, and about ��i 1-4 miles
northeast of wesl fork of Duncan river; tbence so
chnins west, thenoe B0ohalni north, thenee 80
chains east, theuce 80 chains south to point of
No !!.���Commencing at a poet marked O. D.
Hoar's suuthwest corner post and planted on the
cast side ol Duncan river, and about 20 1-4 miles
northeast of the weet fork of Duncan river;
thenoe HU chains north, tbence K.i chains east,
thence Hu chains south, thence HU chains weat to
|M,inl of commencement.
No 4.- Oonunenclog at a poBt marked 0, D.
Hoar's southwest corner post and plauied on the
east bank of Duncan river, and about 21 1-1 in lies
nortbeut of the west fork of Duncan The-;
thenoe 80 chains tiorib. them-e Hu ehaius eut,
thence no chains south, theliee BO chains wesl to
point ol conimencnneut.
Nn. S --"Commencing at a post marked 0. it.
Hoar'* southeast corner post and pltiuled on the
chM sldeol Dunc + u rivet, and nl till 1-4 miles
northeast ot wesl fork of Duncan river; IhenceH.i
ohalni north, tbence hu cbalm eut, tbenoe 80
chatm south, thence 8u chains wesl to point ol
No IV- oinmenctng at a posl marked O. D.
Hoar's southeast cottier post and plumed on the
east side  of  the Duncan river, and about 22 1-4
mil- s nortbeul of tbo west fork of Dnncan iivcr;
tueiice hu ihatus north, thenre 80 chains eut*
thence Huctuilus smith, thenc* Hucioiins west to
point ol commencement
No. 7. - Commencing at a post marked O. I).
Hour's totilliMcM noiicr post and planted on tne
easl s de uf Duncan r vor, uml abu.it 22 1-4 ml  s
nortbeul of the m-i lotk of Dnncan river;
tbence 80 chains east, theuce K.I chains south,
Ihence HOehallie west, Ihence HO chains north lo
point of coinmeucenieut.
No 8. ���Commencing ul a post marked 0, D.
Hour's northeast cornet post and plauied on the
east side of Duncan r.\er, aud about 21 l-i miles
soiitlieusl of west lotk of Duncan river; th- nee Ho
ehulns weal, thenee HO clmim north, theuce Hu
chains east, ihrirjc BQ Oh-tlni south to polnl of
No. ��.���Commencing at a post marked <i I).
Hour's southwest corner post and plauied mi
the east side of i tilinin river and aboul IU 1-1
tulles northeast of the west lork of Duncan river; Ihence HO chains cast, theliee H,l ehiillis south,
thence HO chains West, theliee 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
No. HI.-Commencing at a post marked 0. I).
Hoar's norlheast corner post and planted on the
ensl side nf Duncan river and about 22 l-i miles
bortheut of tbe wesl fork of the Duncau river;
Ihence Htl ehalns, west thence 80 chnins north,
thence 80 chains out, thenee 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
No. H.���Ciunuiciu-lng al a a poal marked 0. D,
Hoar's southwest eoriier post and planted oil the
east side of Duncan riser and about 381*4 miles
northeast of the wist fork of the Duncan river;
ihence HO chalm uut, Ihence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains Weil, thence 80 chains norlh to
poiui of commencement.
No 12.���Comniencinu nt a post marked O. D.
Hoar's northeast corner post ami planted on lhe
east side of Duiiian river and about 89 11 miles
northern t of lhe Wesl fork of tbe Human river;
thence ho chains wesl. thence HU chains norih,
thenee 80 chains east, theuce Hu chains south to
point of coiumeiieemenl.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Booms .re well furolsbeil.   Table as good u edt
Id Nelson.    Bsr supplied wllh good
Houm-sanil ilxars.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Propris-tor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meali 2fi eta,   Roomi from 26 eta. to (1
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelson Proprietor!
Battlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The B.r Is the Finest.
While Help Only Ksntilnycd.
Josephine Bt.
The Big Schooner IV,       |A
Or ���.���JUll-iml-Hilf"   DCCl    1 VLo
The only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.-
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Colombia.
Special Kates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Vielto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blockK from
Rates 11.00 per Day
and up.
Telephone 118. NELSON,   B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J   A. ER1CKSON, Proprietor.
I'eiilrally Lot-iited. Open Day .nil Night.
Hampleaml Bull RotituB Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good    Sample    Rooms,
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
ijtrce ami i^omfortalile Bertroomi and Flrit-
clam iiniiiij- KiHim. Sample Koomi for Commercial Mm.
HKH. K. 0, Cl.AKKK, 1'roprletreai
Tho well known
Our KeprOnrde.ii is
the Kinent iu the
Cr \
West Transfer Co.
Geni-ntl Tesmstan and Dealers in
Coal and Wsjo i.   Express imd
1'ii^KiiK'- Tmnsfer
ffWffJ Office: Baker St.
No 18.���Comntanelag ut n post marked o. p.
,.,ii'- v.uninvi'M corner )>osi nml liliinteil on the
i��Ul'k'of the Piuiean river unit about :'l 11
itlcs uortlieiiHt of the wewl fork of thu Duncan
ver; thelieu 8ll chaltiB cant, thence HO ehulns
nitli, .hence HO eluilni  we-t,  thenee  mi ehalim
ortii to point oteommebcement
No. M.���Commeualttf ��t IpOal murkeil O. V.
oar's uorthwi'Bt corner post inn) plunled on the
mlKiileuf Duncan rl cr end noont 211-1 miles
orilicitit of lhe west forkof ibe Punetii river;
leuctM en ni ni weiit, thenoe hu ehalns nortb,
ICHIT -Mli'llHIMS ru-1,  llls-ll.'i- Nl   ehulllH   MOUtll    lO
..ini of eomineneenieiil.
PiiteM .lime lit 11 L90B. O. P. Hutu, U.eutor,
Hy his Am'til.lU.I: Oliltlt.,.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   TJ       O      JtJK     Df f> T\
and examine our list.   JTX��   Q*W   ITJLt   JDlstvl^
IN8URANC&   Real estate ana Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldnst established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson. B. C.
I hare for Sale the Choicett
Frait Lands In this district.
M06t of it sitnato on the West Arm and Main Lake.   Bee me before yoa decide to locate.
' s^*s*��.**s*ls*ls^��^^^s*<s%*��*s^><��^**s^����<����V����**��s��sV.��
We Will Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frait Lands tn
British CoHunbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B. C.
Round Trip.
Ou Sale July 30th to 27th.   Good tti return until August 2nd.
AtfJMv   %stem,
Dates  Excursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-10
St. Pnnl Chicago
Ontario (^iuIht
Mwitimu Provices.
For mt��8, berth reservAtioft find detailed
information api>Iy to lonnl agttLit or writo
A.ttj*.��., Vtuiconver.
D.P.A., Ni-lNi��n.
Whulenultf nnil Ut tail Deulers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
I'ainpK supplied ou Bhorteet uotico aiid
loWOBt pt'ife. Ncthiutf but frtwh aud
wliolcKoiue nu'iitH und supples kept iu block
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
90 day Eastern Summer
Good going Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Stop-overs   allowed west
Missouri River.
8t. Poal
Minneapolis , -,., ���,
Fort William - *""M
Kaunas City
Chicago 04 00
St. Lonis 80.00
Toronto dil.OO
Montreal 100.00
Ottawa 100.00
New York 100.00
For rates to all other
points apply
City I'tiNKi-tiger Agent.
A II. P. A., Hrilllli'.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu staple and fancy Orooeries.
Batter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies. I   fl:
The Daily Canadian
The finest stock we have yet shown.    It includes some
special pieces iu new and   beautiful  designs.     In
smaller pieces the prices are quite as attractive,
Finely cut Nappie and Bon-Bou Dishes at
$3.00 aud $5.00 are onr leaders.
X\.����9* ���
Refreshing ���
1     Drink j
*       __      !
* *
* To one quart rather sueel X
f lemonade add one tumbler of J
: :
I      Welsh's
Grape       l
Juice x
, Plain 40c. -   Quarts 70c f
Everything to tempt the appetite will be found at
this store.
��� :
I Bell Trading!;
I        Company
44 <A Tip" for a
44Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
I Joy's Cash Grocery!
If yon don't Uke stale
deal whore Uio dado is so brisk that 1
fn-sli supplies nil- received
every day.
Some of the Nice Things
Today are:
Home Cooked  Boiled Hum,  j��r *
pound BISo.
Orossc &  BlttOkwell'S Potted Fish (
mid Meats.
StirdiiH'H���Sportsinon, King Oscar,
and JiasM'tl.
Fresh Strawberrioa und Tomatoes'. *
Jello IooOream Powders aud Crosse,
& Blaakwall's Bonnet Tablets,   Also)
Ltqold   Bennett   for   making curds
1 aud whey.
JOY will meet you at
the door.
Oor-Joiopbinesad mui Bti<    Phono w
Bargains in
"The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery And
Ice Cream.
Phone 98. Baker St.
,,r  Vwrrson ��n<J Ward Mtrwot*,,
.NtiUSOlN.   H. C.
.1. FRED HUME. Proprietor.
Cricket  Practice.
Yesterday afternoon a close coin
was played by two teams of eight,
the married and single organlzatl
did 11111 turn up.
The scores were:
Vice-Captain's Side���
Treglllus .'	
.Marks,  K. J	
l-hverv   .
Hull.   V.   W	
Howe, 11	
Captain's Bldo-
Corry, K	
. 20
. 4
. 1(1
. 4
.   1S
Grand Chancellor'. Visit.
W. Irvine, grand chancellor nf the
Knights of Pythias for tbe domain ol
British Columbia, returned lasi nlghl
from an otHcial lour to the Boundary.
Wednesday nlghi at Greenwood ho
conducted a joint Installation for the
lodges of Qreen wood, Phoenix nml Midway. There was a very large attend'
unci', nml the reports presented show
lhe order lo bo ln a nourishing ciindl
We are receiving strawberries
direct from tlierachers. Place
your order for preserving
at ouce as they won't
last much longer.
Telephone 181,
for Bveirtbing Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurman's Special Mixture?
A full lino of Cniukcry,
.   Chltl'l   IHU]   (HllHNW'irsK
Alio8eflond iihihI Roodiof Evert Deiorip'
linn,   Wf Iihvi> cot tin- k-h.iIh ninl wil ai
Lnwiivi Prim in Town.
Bnker Hi., nuxt to 'MMt Ticket Offlco.
K. J. o'ltt'illy, of Victoria, who has
been tn the city for several days, left
tor Hie ooast last night
The tinal meeting of the Dominion
Day celebration committee will be held
in the city hail tonight at 8:30.
Intending exhibitors at the Nelson
iuir may Bocure copies of the prise lists
by calling ou Captain McMorrls, secre
H. L. LiinJsay requests publication of
the statement thai the launch which
broke down on Sunday with a party of
.Sons of England on boa id was not iiu
\V. .1. Wilson returned last night from
a trip io the railway construction camps
in thi Boundar) district. He says thai
the country looks good everywhere,
and there is no Blgu of depression.
Tin' statutorj quarterly meeting ol
the hoard of license commissioners lor
the city of .Nelson will be held in the
council chamber tomorrow al 12 noon.
li is expected thai the report or the license Inspector will contain some Interesting matter and Borne Btrong reo*
Vcsiniiay in Victoria chief Justice
Hunter heard an application on behalf
of the Slocan Star Mining Company,
made by Bodwoll and Lawson lor l.ni
iiic and Wragge. li was asked thai n
sale of the property of tho plaintiffs,
the Star Mining ami Milling Companj
of Sandon. be sold lor costs. It was
ordered thai tho title deeds to the prop
arty, the llabbli Paw and Heber fractional claims, be deposited wiih ihe
registrar of the supreme conn nl Nelson.
The parish clerk was told to give out
ilie notice: "On Sunday nexi the service in this church will be held En the
afternoon, and on the following Sunday
ii will be held In the morning, and so
on alternately until further notice."
Whai he actually did give out wus as
follows: "On Sunday next the morning
service in this church will be held in
the afternoon, and on the following Sunday the afternoon service will be held
In the morning, and so on to all eter
Two   Excursions   on     Kuskanook    Pay
Well  and  Delight  Many.
The two excursions of the Twenty
Thousand Club yesterday afternoon and
evening carried 252 people passengers
to Procter. After the C. P, It. company's share of iho receipts is deducted
and all expenses paid, the net proceeds
to tbe Twenty Thousand Club will be
aboul $75,
Apart from the financial profit, the
excursions were thorough!; enjoyable
in every way. Tjjhe weather was perfect, tho crowds "in good spirits and
sociable. The Kuskanook was al her
best, and all the trips were made
smoothly and In good lime.
Many of the excursionists Indulged
In dancing In the evening at the Outlet
hotel, the large dining hall accommodating all comfortably. The aocompa*
ntmenl by Irwin's orchestra was splendid. .Miss Pill ;ii the piano being par
tlcularly good.
Many musical people are emphatic In
expression of opinion that Irwin's orchestra as al prescnl constituted is tbe
besl ihai Nelson has ever had.
The entertainment committee which
organized and managed the excursions
Is composed of: I. ti. Nelaon, chairman; ll. E. Douglas, J, E. Taylor, .1. .1.
Walker, G. P. Wells and M, 8 Parry.
II Is generally conceded thai every
promise made to the public in connection Willi the excursions has been more
than fulfilled.
Trains  and  Steamers.
Crow boat���On time.
Slocan train���On lime.
Spokane train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���Fifteen minutes late.
Evans for Governor.
Nashville, Tenn., July 13.���Henry
Clay Evans, former commissioner of
pensions and recently American consul-
general In London, was nominated for
governor by the Republican stale convention here Inst night.
The Store of Quality
Do You
Want something
Very Delicate in
I'nelteii by ourselves, mrery paok-
use ill-lira our own name, Hun being a
minriiiitee nl' iiiirlly. \u iiem-or limn
other teas of Inferior iiuaiiiy. D*or Hint
reason we osli you to try it. .. won'i
ensl you u oenl If you ilon'i like II.
IVttd   Label  ��Oc
Blue Lubtil 30o
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10
Pure Maple
'Direct from our otun Sui/ar Bush.
It's too good lo pill up In tins. I've
had It shipped ln bulk, and I bottle It
Imperial Quart Jars   -   -  70c
Imperial Half Gallon -   $1.35
Special prices for 5 gallon cans
Glome in nml sample it
Cm A* .Benedict
Oorner Silica and Josephine sih.
is not complete without a good
We have a full line of them at prices to
suit your purse.   Alvn Wash Boards,
'lulis, Clothes Plus, Clothes
Lines, Pulleys, Ete.
Nelson Hardware Co.
.... A
Doll Chance
We havo BOme Dolls wi- want t-i clear
out, so thai we won'i have a lot
of old slncli in show nt
$2.00 and $2.50 Dolls for $1.00
$2.00 and $2.50 Do,Is (damaged) for .75
$125 Dolls for 75
$1.25 Dolls for 50
50c and 60c Dolls for 25
40c and 50c  lines for 25
75c to $1.00 lines for 50
$1.50 lines for $1.00
W. G. Thomson
ES^"'M Nelson, B.C.
IMiiiiiL 34.
Thompson & Douglas
I'AiN'iijMs und
Kltri, Wi-itlni! 11 Specialty.
Wall paptrend i*u.-i.��i-��.
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
.Now, as the season is cioslim. and I will
see that your order la tilled wllh the
best fruit to be had at the lowest market price,
Hafclewood Ice Cream
Phone 206.
To the Members
20,000 Club.
Patronize the 15000 who are
here now, ami we will
bo ii bug wny toward oor .goals
Thorpe's Lithia
is equal in any aperient
iiiiti-rlii'UtiiMtii' witters bottled in
tin' United
If you ass enough <��f it wo
fun Mippurt another
f:iiiiiiy in Nelson,
& Co., Limited.
I W/iA.'.'i I.'-, dntbiaf sptiits in diliM
VBcj/orxltlk b!is���'/Jntim-/kinXt,i,ilit;M. \
iimi the drlnki pervad atourBodi Fountain
bad  tonic prnpoftiaa btt*dei rafresbtnirt
��c iih- only ri-Hl fruit pyrUM o\ Hit* iiin'M
quality      Fountain, counter, rlaaiei 1.1,1
rooeptaclei aru kept scrupulously olesn
lUkes Strost, Ni.'min. II. 0,
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit,
Thorpe's nloo cool diinks.     Imnohea
pnt up a specialty.
W.J.Walker,   lit
Mining  Records.
One location and seven oertlllcntcs ot
assoBsmenl work were recorded in the
Nolson mining ofllce today.
s. u Myers recorded iii-' I.uoky liny,
12 miles from Bjrlo, adjoining Iho Boo-
-inii iti-lief on the north,
Certificates ot work wen- granted to
('. ('. I.ailil. on llle Clarenilini;  In I.  I.,
Myers, on the Oroenliorn: to B i.. Myers, on iho (inod Hope: to .1. 11. wiii
laee. on  llle Loehllllier;  t-s   P.  Batllglla,
on the .Maillda and wild v-.,i, anil lo l-:.
liailini-ss, on ihe Annie.
Price of Metals.
Now York. July 18.���Silver, tiri is;
copper. 17 7-8; electrolytic copper Hlnclt,
IS 1-8018 8-8l lead, $5.75.
London, July 13.���Silver, so l-s; lead
till  I7s lid;   zinc,   CHI  IBs.
Gait Coal
Torms Hihii I'nsli
Tslsphona am Biker Hirwi
IKKIAl. '111 AM WAV.
Bhi-dlinotal Work, Custinu.-, linililirs' Materia] ami Bllsl
Repairing and
l"l,i���,t-    JII4.
Offloe mid Works FiKit of I'nrk St.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Li
mii�� T-- II. KKI.-H'KKhK A III.
Brewers snd Bolllen of
Fine Liger Beer and Porter     j   Every Known Variety Sod liu.i
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
TBLBPHONB  >s>. 34.
I". <��. BOX   JIM.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or s.-ll Anything
so to the Old Clirloilty Shop, A new
Hue nr Japanese Qoods now on sale, ah
kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns.
If yon wanl to pines- your feel In luxurious quarters take a look at our
Fancy CottotiB at 25c and 35c.
Llsles at 50c to 75c.
Cashmeres, 25c, 35c and 50c.
r.window forgndorw  v���n���.��   n���i.
��� I l��l.    Nllllllnl H'������| ,r	
11.111 ll|i
urn.  it..in
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ll
We would Invito yon to Inapeol Dot sutfge mnl vtxtied stookori
Nn need to staffer from boal if y<
will only 'nil nnil link to st-i> ot
.' Hot Weather Requi'
���Stors- open trom 7 a.m. tn li p.m. every day except holiday! mill Sands;!
Wcpiiirlnu  and  .I.iI.I.Imk  ���XVOUt'MJ With  ht'ilviUh.    ShuulW��Ul
work, MiniMfc- and (Villi Vl��ghin��ir>-.     .Mitnufiictttrurno/
<>i-c Com, iv. (���*.   Ooniraotora* l'.h-..
NELSON,    B.  C.
<:>>irL"t(,. ''���>    ��� ',��� .���.<
���'��-���"-'''���-    ���    ��� ��� ,-������.--.-��� . t/.^v.s.r. vo*\<��Ku>ro.>-vnMMm
. I,'V,:(\i/'C'^v.V, .���Xf.VX'iuS" .-.-..'   '^
1 The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilfcer's is lie
Superior in make and quality.
., J.3. giLkerI
SRSSSR Lamfee-, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Wos-k and Braokatsi, Mailorders priropBysU���
NI!I.H()N, H. C.
have demouBtrated to us, and if you will let us makey��
one suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make are superior to all oilier makes
in every detail of
Hlgh-Olnas Tailors, * HiiI.it SI    Nel-"i>. "���''���
Watches! Watches
'I I"' l-e-t ;:i'iii|i-k iii Ann riniii iiioveini'iil*
 sj.il.. with lOimlern hiiiiwn   PlOU 1""
repairing nml opflo, onr ipoolnlv'
IEWELER       NELSON, B. C.       OPTK*
Carpet Sweeper
Ai-so Aoknowladsad to ba Without " Kh'
WB -Ss,n ti.u.,1.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y- W


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