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The Daily Canadian Oct 17, 1906

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 <��_% -Daily ��ctnaMun
IE I.   No, 116.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
Jury Elects to
I Sit Tomorrow
of Eye-Wili-esses is Long
|id Cross Examination
���lnli  day of  the  trial  of the
 panles' damage   cases   le
iiii' call) Ih not yet In sight
,.|t fii'il thlH morning to sit
I ii;nikt,jslvlng day���us they
i. anxious to get through with
Uinu is> take n holiday. No
luted mnl it was bo agreed.
s ills-nee   of   Clauikl   Sehorield
nil  morning ami part of the
lie    .set    out    fires   for
nil ;-|sssks- positively art to the
of the various Urea that ex-
frliir Isi July  2;{.    On  IiIh crosa-
issn be wuh u little l.'HH posl-
explained that he did not re-
uli details accurately at this
in  time  from  lhe events ho
mill ting.
Inlay afternoon the croasoxam-
ni Smith Angus MoDonald, the
-mini- who hud  the portion of
ht of way Immediately south of
told  of  seeing  fires  conlln-
[ on   the   West   Fernie  townsite.
lhe light of w-uy wuh only im-
nil account of fire for ono day.
fins of July    23 came   from
If lhe right of wny.
P.'isIk usked  lenve lo recall the
foi'  croHH-i'Xunilniition    later.
ciiiliniK ahout the fires on the
emle  townsluj  und   wanted  to
galss      further.        -Mr.    Hodwell
lirsl   witness  lllin  morning was
Siiiisflt'ld. who net out the fires
pniiT.> nn  his  right of way.
hi of the fire fighting on July
|1 the men from Stewart's camp
ul.   They used water, wet hlini-
[nil green houghs, hut within n
lisilcH the wind Increased to a
i,| the fires got    heyond    their
examined hy Mr. DiivIb he said
now in the employment, husi-
Spokane. Since tho spring of
had ' ngnged In many different
i  sn irk ln    Nelson    and    else-
s'd  tils  work  on  the  right  of
islstod In setting the fires.
id iiis' smly fires he saw on Ihe
ul .Inly 2.1 came frnm thesaw-
i. off lhe right of way.   Twice
Is' he hnd It out.    He was In
"is to see any fires that there
Ihotight  there were Intervals nf
in hour between the  first  and
and second und third fires.
��� was. he admitted, fire also on
iggon  mud, which at that  point
In the right of way.
[Davis wished to ask If the wit-
lad heard Quaiffe make a certain
ent nl  the fire Inquest, hut Mr.
fell objected and was sustained.
ivus iiuite  certain  that  no  flro
en Hid nut hy Quaiffe or any of
Jen up lo July 2:: between Stations
nisi  iiilll���and Slid.
���d  why  he did  not mention  the
ihe aawduBl pile nl the Inquest
Blness snld  he    was    not  asked
1)1: he thought It hnd nn hearing
hlg fires which were being In-
hied, nnd  the  report nf the In
,iis very  Inaccurate, anyway.
court  resumed    nt    2:15, Mr.
lint  in Uu- evidence    given    hy
leid at the nie inquest
cross-examination or Sohotleld
esiiiueil  hy  Mr.  Davis.      He    ro-
ii\ witness Hint at the Inquest he
i'l  thnt  some of Quaiffe's  men
nrklng at Stntlnn 880, 4000 feel
Ills.' nrigin of lho fire.
Hodwell���Thai mny menu tluil
Inn��� wns '000 fel nwny.
Davis���My learned friend's In-
y in reconciling these State-
is wonderful
|. iiiiiiwoii���l defy anyone in make
mt of the reiKirt of Hint Inquest
t' witness then volunteered nn
''i to n i|iiestlon about which ho
nol give n reply In the morning.
how remembered th" burning of
|t ISO feet of the rend, which
account for the burning of Tut-
fiitlnnlriK. he did not think that
old I rail could he Identified now
|pt where It left the right of wny.
examined I'V Mr. Hodwell he ex-
Bed the liHleflnitencsH of some nf
answers hy snylng Ihnt. he had
!r ilscerlnlncd tho exact distances
llle fire Inquest he lind heen qites-
ed hy ninny nt n time, nnd his noil was probably not connected,
e caused snme amusement hy add-
"I think 1 gnve them n pretty
Poisoned Pears for Police,
eiiln, Oct.  17.���Every    mnl!    from
iss the Russian border brings fresh
'les  Illustrating the  Ingenuity  and
activity of the revolutionists. The latest Is of a young man who approached
u police iifricer on duly In u Moscow
Btreet and, after some conversation, offered hlm a pear. The officer nie lhe
pear, und Immediately afterwards fell
in ih,. ground In a state or collapse
He wuh taken In the hospital, where
in- wus found m ge suffering rrom tin.
elfecis of piiliiniilng.
Duncan  Ross  Leaves  for  Ottawa   Via
ISpecial  tu The Ually Canadian.)
Greenwood, Oct. 17.���Sympathy Is
generally expressed in Qreenwood fnr
.lanioH Dale, the founder nf Garml, uml
uncle nf lhe yniuig muil who wuh responsible for lhe dentil of ul least two
men ul Carml Sundny lusl. In Ills anxiety to iiKHlst his relatives hack In Illinois and Missouri, Hale has brought
several uf them here in the lust few
yeurs. The present is not his rirsl
grief nver the isHlle OS another nephew
committed suicide In Greenwood over
a year ago. The elder Dale und his
b.o.uer, reside**! of Carml. father nf
th" miirilen., . .e highly respected
liuth her und nt Cftrmi,
The Hiiundiiry Creek Times company
has iiuichnsed of IV Hums _ Co. twu
lots ninl n building nn the corner of
Governmenl and Greenwood streets,
nnd hns iM-giiu conversion of the building Into n piini  shop and offices.
Duncan floss, m. p., leaves in u few
duys for trip Into the Simiikameen.
On hln relurn he will proceed In Ottawa, accompanied hy Mrs. itoss, to
get ready for the approaching session
of parliament
Will Build Dreadnau.ht.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 17.���The admiralty Intends to build a battleship
of the Dreadnaught type. In order to
overcome Minister of Finance Kokov-
stiff's refusal tn supply hlm with Hinds,
Vice Admiral Hlrlnrf, minister of marine, appealed direct tn Emperor Nicholas, whn brushed obstacles aside nnd
nrdereil Knkuvsofr to trnnsrer to Ad
inlial  lllrlnff |!l,000,000.
Price of Metals.
New York. Oct. 17.���Silver, CS%c;
copper,  20%r;   lend,  $5.75.
London, Oct. 17.���Silver, 32 5-10(1;
lead,   fl!) 10s;   -Inc.   ..28.
French Plunger Lutin Disappears With
Crew of Fourteen Men���Salvage
Steamers Hasten to Rescue.
Purls, Oct. 17.���A feeling of the
deepest pessimism prevails al the ministry of marine here on account of thc
disaster to the French submarine boat,
the Lutln, which left Hezerta, Tunis,
yesterday, for plunging experiments,
having on hoard u crew of U men,
commanded hy Lieutenant Phoepon,
and whicli wus reported last night to
hnve disappeared.
The principal hope of filiating her In
lime tn save the lives of the Imprisoned men seems to rest in the assistance of thc Danish salvage steamer
Hornier Wllhelm. which happened to
be nfr Cape Karnln nnd which was Immediately asked for assistance. She
possesses machinery capable of lifting
1000 Ions. Hill the submarine lies in
SO fathoms of water und lt is pointed
nut thnt the submarine boat Aarfadet,
which sault last Bummer In the same
viclnitv. but in only 10 fathoms of
water, was nine days nl the bottom,
und when she wns refloated nil her
crew were dead.
Marine Minister Thomson hns ordered
two salvage vessels, thc I'ollpheme
nnd the Dininndale. to slur! Immediately trom Toulon in the scene nf the
dlBaster and assist the Cyclopia, Isthul
ami Peber, with the Bormer Wllhelm,
already on the spot.
It became known toddy thai the Lutln hnd nn hoard two suppls'liientury
engineers, who hnd been detailed to
watch the diving experiments, hut ii Is
uni definitely known whether ihey are
Included In lhe 11 men who. ns un
nounced from Dlserta lust night wonl
down In the siihinnrine hunt under lho
command of Lieutenant Phoepon.
Phonograph and    Moving    Pictures to
Personate  the  Candidate.
Now York, Oct. 17.���Arrangements
have been mnde lo Introduce phonographs und moving pictures Into the
iicui-i campaign.
Mr. Hearst bus planned personally
Isi appear at least once in ull of the
larger places In Uie state, hut in the
villages and hamlets Inaccessible by
special trains, he will nppeur automat-
Between now and election ovo Ihe
Bpeclal attraction on every vlllnge
green will he Mr. Hearst talking
through lhe gniphnphnno and In the
background Mr. llenrst in nctlon on
canvas. Nothing hut high power ap-
paratua will he used.
Sn to correct this embarrassment nn
much ns possible, Mr. lleurst spent
much lime yesterday milling "hot
stuff" Into a big brass runnel, while
his words were being burned Inlo "records" enough lo last until election.
Alter that wns done the moving picture machine took hlm In hand, and
everything wns ready for the performance on tho vlllngo green.
Boston Congress Assembled Today
History of Organization Thirty Years
Old Now Covering Every Nation on Earth,
BOfltOD, Mass., Oct. 17. Since lhe
rirKt appearance of women In the field
til' politics and social reform there hat*
never been mich a demonstration an
that, which began in Boston today. Tho
occasion is lhe seventh triennial convention     of     lhe     World's     Woman's
Christian Temperance Union, which
was ushered in today with an all-day
service of prayer in the vestry of Park
Street church. This evening at Tremont Temple a banquet is to he tendered the distinguished guests from
afar, witli Mon. John I). l_ong, former
secretary of the navy, na toastmatiler.
Tremont Temple will he the scene ot
three business sessions dally during the
remainder of the week. In the absence
Of Lady Henry Somerset, the president
of (he world's organization, lho sessions will be presided over by Mrs. L.
M. N. Stevens of Maine, president of
the National W. C. T. U.
The magnitude or the organizations
which are participating in this convention is hard Io realize, and compared
with their modest beginnings their
growth is little short of miraculous.
Thirty years ago or more such a thing
as a Women's Temperance Union was
unknown. Throughout the United
States and and iu England there wero
a number of temperance societies, but
they were distant from each other and
worked independently, HOveri iu those
days there were some who dreamed of
having all the societies combined under one head, to found one grand non-
sectarian union which would take in
every prohibition society in the world.
Miss Francis B. Willard was the leading spirit in this new movement, and
her associates numbered women scarcely less qualified than herself for
their chosen work. Among them wero
Mrs. Louise Rounds of Chicago, Mrs.
Mary Clement Leavitt of Boston, Mrs.
Mary A. H. Woodbridge of Cleveland,
Mrs. J. Ellen Foster of Washington,
Mrs. Lillian M. N. Stevens of Maine,
and Miss Julia Coleman of New York.
In 1874 their dream came true and
the cherished hope of a Women's Temperance Union was a reality. Its success wns assured from the start. Local
unions sprang up all over America, and
these were federated into state and
provincial organizations. After Canada
and the United States England was
the next to fall into line, but though
she adopted the American system, she
chose to be known by the name of the
"Hritish Women's Temperance Association," there being some objections to
the word "union." Itut the English
proved themselves none the less ardent
workers, ami today there are branches
in every county In England. Scotland
and  Wales .
The comprehensive programme arranged for the present convention
tells a story of good work done and doing. The fact that sixty teuntrleS of
tbe world are represented among the
delegation shows hnw new fields have
lieen penetrated fnnn year to year.
Not only are the United States and
Oanada ably represented, but some of
the mosl remote countries of the world
have sent delegations. Mm. Kaji
Vajima of Tokyo, the president of the
Japanese union, represents that country. Far away Africa has sent her
president, Mrs. Mary F. Fermie of
Natal. From Germany has come Baroness Von Hansen, a recognised force
in educational circles as well as in the
social life of her home eity, Dresden.
Austria is represented hv Fraullen
Julie Knssowltz. Mrs. Alii Trigg llel-
onlUS of Helsingfors Is the delegate of
the Finland W. C. T. U., and from the
antipodes has come Miss Ida Henry,
representing New South Wales. Other
delegates from far-off lands are Mrs.
Harrison Lee of Melbourne, Miss Uogo-
berg of Sweden, Miss Helen Uuuhill
of India, nud the Misses Cnlleoperl of
(i recce.
The United Kingdom has a most distinguished delegation headed by the
Earl of Carlisle and his daughter,
Lady Dorothy Howard, representing
the Countess of Carlisle, who Is president of the Hritish W. C. T. U. In addition there are delegates representing lho local unions of Glasgow,
Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham-. Lpn-
don. Paisley, and numerous other leading cities of England, Scotland and
Tho register at convention headquarters shows delegates here also
from l.urmith. Chile, Culm, Bulgaria.
Brazil, Uruguay, Syria and the Itaha
Price on Czar's Life.
Zurich, Oct. 17. ��� Thousands of
pamphlets have heen secretly printed
In Zurich and (.eneva. offering $25,000
for tho life of tho czar, and half that
pum for his son.   The pamphlets have
heen smuggled across the frontiers into Russia. The notice-, which does not
state how or by whom the money will
he paid, ends ns follows: "Rest assured that the Hum mentioned above will
he paid to you, or, If you die in doing
tbe glorious ami heroic work, to your
relatives within three dure of the accomplished act. Free ub from ozardom
aud slavery and Hussla will bless you."
Third Townsite to Be Plotted in Franklin  Camp���News Notes.
(Special   to  The   Ually   Canadian.)
(Irand Forks, Oct. 17.���There IS
considerable hustling here among the
householders In the city, as they musl
all file the requisite declaration with
the city clerk by thu end of this month
In order to comply wiih a recent
amendment to the law dealing wllh
householders who wish io vole at tho
civic elections in January next.
James McDonald of Eholt aud A.
Chisholm of Franklin (lamp are of the
opinion that the two tAnsites already
on the market, in Fraukliu Camp will
not be sufficient to accommodate the
congested influx of settlers in Franklin Camp, and in consequence have
plotti'd a third townsite some two
and a half miles from the Manner property and in the northwest, portion of
Franklin Camp. The name of lhe new
townsite has not as yet been learned.
The Kettle Valley railway are completing tho building of the spur to
the Lone Star and Washington property owned hy tho 11. C. Copper company. It Is also announced today that
this railway wfl) start work on the big
bridge across the Kettle river at the
head of Fourth street on the 20th of
this month. It ls also intimated that
work on the depot in the centre of the
cily will he started this fall. Thc piling for this big bridge has already
been delivered at the bridge building
John Rogers, superintendent of the
I'athfinder mine, wil) leave Immediately for Franklin Camp to make an exhaustive Inspection of that camp on
behalf of the Granby company. He
will likely be gone several weeks.
Last Saturday evening about CO of
the citizens gave a farewell banquet
to George A. Fraser, M. P. P., at the
Yale hotel, on the eve of bis departure
for Victoria, where he will reside in
future. Although the gathering waa
not a large one a most enjoyable evening was spent.
Although it 13 yet three months until the civic elections the municipal
political pot has already started to boll
and from present appearances there
will likely be more candidates for the
mayoralty plum than any year since
the city was Incorporated. The names
most prominently mentioned for the office of chief magistrate are Mayor
Button, Alderman F. E. Cooper, Alitor
men McDonald and Gaw.
High Up on a Reef.
Victoria, Oct. 17.���Last evening the
steamer Princess Victoria, while on
her run from Vancouver, struck on
Fiddler's reef, off Oak bay, on the
western side of Vancouver island. The
night was Inky black and squally. As
viewed from Oak hay the Princess
Victoria ts high up on the reef, but as
the locality is comparatively protected
from the prevailing winds, her position
is not dangerous.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, Oct. 17. ��� The steamer
Princess Victoria was successfully
floated at 1 p. m. today. She proceed
ed to Esquimau drydock. It is not believed thai she Is badly Injured.
United States Congress Will Be Asked
to Adopt Turbine Patterns in Constructing New Warships.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 17.���The
United States secretary of the navy
has received and turned over to the
naval construct Ion board a lot of the
data pertaining to lhe new Hritish
armored cruisers of the Indomitable
class, directing special attention to the
turbine machinery and ujion the report of the construction board he will
probably base bis own recommendations to congress at Ihe approaching
session relative to new naval construction.
The construction board rejected the
turbine machinery when last offored,
but recent reports touching the performance of the Dreadnaught has Inclined then) to reverse their judgnie*!
and It Is probable thai turbine engines
will he proposed in the plod's for the
20(000*ton battleship to be submitted
to congress at the ucxt session.
Details of the construction of the
Dreadnaught are coming lo light and
they show lhat the objection to the
turbine on the points of ntanoeuvering
capacity has been overcome. This is
accomplished by equipping the big
ship with four separate propeller
shafts and with two great rudders,
ono behind the other, giving great
power of steering.
Intimations hnve been reeolved
from some American shipbuilder to the
effect Ihnt with tho experience gained
In Ihe recent construction of merchant
ships aud yachts, equipped with turbines. Ihe cohI of these engines can
he considerably reduced.
What B.C. Premier ASK-
ed For Province
Expresses Surprise that Government
Could Constitute Two New Provinces But Helpless Now.
The Culonist publishes the following
special rrom oiluwa under date of tho
14th in-taut, anil reappears In the
Daily News thin morning aa part of a
"Bpeclal" telegram from Ottawa to
that paiier:
"The inter-provincial conference concluded iis labors this afternoon, but
concluded theni with one province unrepresented. That province was British Columbia. *
"Hon. Klchard McBride this week
has put up the fight of his life, and although he has not succeeded he will
go back lo his native province a greater man than ever.
"He has compelled recognition of
lust claims uf Itritish Columbia to additional compensation. An offer of
$75.01111, subsequently raised to $100,-
POO, to meet this contention was
promptly rejected hy him as wholly
"Coaxing, cajolery and bluff were
tried upon Mclirlde, and when he
found nothing better was coming to
him he, this morning, formally bade
lhe conference adieu.
"An Idea of Premier Mcllrlde's position can be had from the text of his
proposal, after arbitration had been
refused him, which is as follows "That
lu case the proposed readjustment of
subsidies, as set out in the resolutions
of the Quebec conference of provincial
premiers, be accepted by the Dominion
government, there shall be paid to the
province of British Columbia each and
every year, ln addition to the payments and subsidies otherwise provided, an amount understood to be what
the Dominion of Canada Ib willing to
pay and the province of British Columbia to receive as a nominal recognition of the disabilities borne by the
province owing to the. peculiar physical
conditions and for the other causes set
forth in the case of British Columbia
for better terms, and the accompanying memorandum that the said annual
amount shall be fixed ln the following
manner. One dollar per head until
Ihe amount reaches 1300,000, to remain
fixed until the population is 400.000;
75 cents per head of the population
thereafter until the amount readies
ft"i|.li(iO per annum, to remain fixed
uiiti' lhe population 1s 800.000; 60
cents per head of the population thereafter until the amount reaches $500.-
000. 11 ic-nalii fixed until the population Is ' r J0.000; 3H 1-3 cents per head
thereafter until the amount reaches
$1100.000, to remain fixed until the impulsion Is 2,500,000; 25 cents per head
of llie  population  thereafter.*
"It wns Sir Wilfrid I-aurlcr who
gave the blow lo British Columbia's
legitimate aspirations. The Liberal
majority In Ihe conference, who had
been taking their Instructions from
the federal premier all week, had
promised not to go beyond the $100,-
000 offer.
"Premier McBrlde's withdrawal was
a staggerer, and for some time Ihe
other delegales knew not where they
were at.
"British Columbia'- premier followed np his withdrawal by sending a formal letter lo the conference, putting
the rensons Tor his action on record
and protesting against, the decision of
Ihe conference.
"Seen by the Colonist corresuondent
tonight. Premier McBride said: 'You
know what hns happened. I withdrew from the conference beenuse I
believed British Columbia was being
unfavorably treated. I regret that I
had to do this, hut I could not do anything else.
" 'That British Columbia was enlllleil
to sneelal consideration was recognized, bul the sum offered Is slninly
nlwiinl. I retard It ns a strange thine
that eighteen months ago the Dominion government could undertake to
create Iwo new provinces without consulting the other members of 1he confederation: nnd now the Dominion
lavs down the doctrine lhat no Rpeclal
elnlms enn he considered without the
C'inRent  of all provinces.
"I return to Brlllsh Columbia In a
few davs and slinll make a full reporl
to my executive.'"
Result of Balloon Contest.
Berlin. Oct. 17.���All tho balloons
which started frnm Ihe Teghll on Sunday In a race for a cup offered by Emperor William, have landed except tho
Frnnken. of the Prankish Airship club.
Carl Rochstotter, aemnaut, was sighted Monday morning In Bohemia. The
longest distance made by any of the
contestants wns by llie Sohnko, of
Ihe Munich Air Navigation dull, which
was sailed by Dr. Rinilen. This balloon landed Monday afternoon near Or-
loff, province of Warsaw, Russian Poland, having made 266 miles. 'The
Ernst, the smallest of the 17 starters,
was handled by Dr. Rrockelman of the
Berlin Air Navigation society, which
landed at Brleg, In Austria, 200 miles
from the point of ascent, haa won the
race because of the distance travelled
with a capacity of 050 cubic litres of
Hoppe, th*    Youthful    Wonder,  Malta
Agtd Veteran Tonight,
New York, Oct, 17.���Before hundreds
of students of the green table siport
Willie Hoppe, the youthful wonder
wllh the cue, who wrested the world's
title from Maurice Vlgnaux, aud Jacob
Sehaefer, tlie aged veteran, long known
as "the wizard," will decide the world's
championship at the 18-inch bulk line,
one shot in, the masters' game of billiards, in the Madison Square Garden
concert hall tonight. The game will be
at 500 points and the winner will receive a gold trophy emblematic of the
championship, In addition to a purse.
For over a month each of the principals has been training and practising
for the big strain he will have to undergo tonight, Hoppe has been playing sleaillly against the old shortslop.
Edward McLaughlin, and Is tuned up
to excellent form. He feels quite certain of holding the honors but Sehaefer
is out for Uie title, and has been training faithfully at McOray's academy
since he returned from West Baden.
On account of his youth, his victories
over Vlgnaux ind Slosson, and his
great exhibitions, Hoppe has been
made a favorite In the betting, though
the veteran, Sehaefer, has many ardent admirers, who are disposed to
take all the Hoppe money offered.
Another match of scarcely less interest Is slated for tomorrow night,
when George Slosson and George Sutton will contest for the 18.2 world's
championship emblem, now held by
Heart Failure.
Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 17���Louis A.
Gelsler of Paulding, a senior at the
Ohio Wesleynn university or Delaware
and right end on the varsity football
team, fell dead on the field yesterday
afternoon after running down a punt.
Heart failure wu the cause.
Big Event of th* School Year In Nelson
Takes Place Tomorrow at th*
Recreation Ground*.
If the weather tomorrow be favorable the annual field sports of the pupils of the public and high schools of
Nelson will be held in the Recreation
The following program has been arranged:
Boys���Standing broad jump, Sen.;
running broad jump, Sen., Int., Jan.:
running hop, step and jump, Sen., Int.,
.Inn.;  backward jump, Sen. and Int.
Girls���Throwing basket ball; egg
race; thread and needle race; n.ill
Boys���Sack race; faligue race;
wheelbarrow race.
100-yard race, girls, Sen. and .Inn.-.
buys. Sen., Ini, -Inn.; 60-yard race,
girls, Sen. and Juu.; boys, Juu.; 220-
yard race, boys, Sen. and Int.; backward race, tmvs. Sen. and Int.; relay
races, girls. H. S. vs. P. 8.; Div. III.
vs. Div. IV.; Div. V vs. Div. VI. and
Relay races, boys. H. S. vs. P. S.;
Div. III. vs. Div. IV.; Div. V. vs. Div.
VI and VII.; Div. VIII. vs. IX.
Race, girls of 6 years; race, boys of
6 years.
Hammers, sacks, eggs and spoons
must, be provided by pupils. All should
be sharp on time, as In many cases
two events will be run off together.
This will be Nelson's fourth field
day, the first having been held In October, 1903. The winners of the athletic championships have been Bert
Wallace, Clinton McBcath and Fred
Points for the championship nre: 3
for a first, 2 for a second, and 1 for a
third. In actual running and Jumping
A charge for entrance of 10 cents
will he made to cover the expense:'
.if the dny.
Great Gains and Progress.
Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 17��� The closing
sessions of the American Missionary
society began this morning with addresses by Alexander McMillan of
Winnipeg, Man.; S. T. Willis, New
York city, and W. II. Shlffler, Memphis, Tenn. Itejiorts from the various
affiliated Interests of the society were
received, namely, the National Bible
School assoclutlon, National lleiu-vo-
lent association, National Christian society and Business Men's association.
The National Benevolent society has
under its control nine benevolent insi I till ions, curing for 600 children and
n large number of Infirm people. Its
Income this year Is nearly $100,000.
Reports from the several bureaus of
llle r.eiieinl organization of Uio Disciples discloses great gains and progress in all branches of the work.
Passed Greenwood Under
Cover of Night
Lodged la Gaol and Attempts Suicide by Cutting Throat With
an Old Knife.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Greenwood, B. C, Oct. 17.���Dale, the
Carml desperado who succeeded In
avoiding the police while passing down
the river, succeeded In getting through
Greenwood under cover of darknes*
last night, but was captured this morning by Constable Diusmore while attempting to board a Great Northern
train at Grand Forks.
He was Immediately taken into custody and locked up, charged with the
murder of the two men, Goudreau and
(Special (o The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, B. C, Oct. 17.���Dale,
the murderer of Carml, was arrested
here this morning by Provincial Constable I. A. Dinsmore. Dale had left
Carml and headed for Curlew, where
he caught the Great Northern for
Grand Forks and wag captured goon
after his arrival and placed In the provincial gaol. Shortly after he wa*
locked up he attempted to commit suicide by partly rutting hla throat with
an old knife. He was at once taken
to the Cottage hospital. .Hla recovery
Ib doubtful.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 17.���The monarchists' congress now ln session al
Kiev, discussing the election law yesterday, placed Itself on record as opposed to any parliament and In favor
of n return to a regime of unlimited
Daring Officer   Held*   Up   Regiment,
Steal* Ca*h and Decamp*.
Berlin. Oct. 17.���A unique and daring robbery waa committed at Cop-nick, a small town seven mile* eaat of
Berlin, yesterday. The robber, In the
uniform of a captain of the guards,
met a detachment of 12 men on a
street in Berlin who were returning
from target practice. He produced a
forged cabinet order authorizing him
to take command
The men recognized hla authority
and he then ordered them to march to
Copenick. Upon arrival there they
proceeded to the town hall, arrested
the burgomaster and took possession
of the cash, $1000.
The robber then despatched several
of hla men to conduct the prisoners to
headquarters. He ordered the remainder to hold the town hall for an
hour. He then rode off alone In the
direction of Berlin with the money.
The burgomaster and the treasurer
were greatly mystified at tho meaning
or their arrest. Upon their arrival, in
custody at headquarters in Berlin they
learned that the ostensible captain
was a fraud and were Immediately discharged. The bogus captain has not
been heard from. The police and military authorities are without any clue
whatever as to his identity.
Jealousy Leads to Unintentional Stabbing of a Friend.
Berlin, Oct. 17.���A sensational crime,
reminding one of some gory "dime
novel," has just been committed at
Munich. A girl named Therese Nled-
ermalr had amorous relations with a
man named George Duni, but the lady
proved fickle and arranged to meet
surreptitiously another candidate for
her favors. The tryst, however, waa
observed by one Max Gundlflnger, a
bosom friend of Dunz's. who was not
slow in informing the jilted lover of
what he had seen.
'ibe latter, furious with jealousy,
rushed off with the Informant to the
girl's house the same night and demanded admission, threatening to
broak open tho door. The panic-stricken girl opened the door, but had the
presence of mind to extinguish the
light first, then slipped behind the
door and darted through, while the
maddened lover, who wag armed with
a long knife, rushed Into the darkened
room. Striking blindly about him, he
plunged the weapon into the body of
hla friend, Gundlflnger, who fell mortally wounded. Dunz then fled, but
was pursued and captures!.
Adopt the Metric.
London, Oct. 17.���The commercial
eomniunity in Great Britain ls greatly
Interested tu thc decision announced
yesterday by the Kynoch (Umlted)
ammunition manufacturers of Birmingham to adopt the metric system, both
In weight and measure nnd monetary
dealings. In England the metric system is permitted legally, but It Is not
compulsory. In editorial articles this
morning Ihe newspapers express keen
interest In the experiments.
��� The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wo hav:- plenty Of them in rod and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7*50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
The.se blankets art- Justly celebrated for their excellence. Wo alone carry
Ihem in this city.
LUMBCRM'__N.���Pil!o-v&. Comforters, Gloves and Mits. Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers . Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Published ilx dayi a weet by ttie
Baker St.. Nelson, B.C.
Subscription mien, bo oentl ft month delivered
lu the ell?, or J...OU h feet it BSD) by mail, when
{���aid Id advance
Advertising rates on application.
Ail monl�� paid tn letUement nf The Dally
Canadian accounts either foi subscriptions nr
advertising, must be receipted for on the printed
formi of the Company. Other receipt* are not
OCTOBBR 17, i _h>o.
" By one word ire are Bometlmei lodged io he
VlM and b; one word Bometlmei judged to he
foolish. Let us therefore be careful what we
lay/'OoKTO irs.���
Tho telegraph is a great Institution.
Not only is it possible to transmit a
literal message by means of the wires
but even the spirit of the sender may
be appreciably sent far across a continent. So it transpires that the Liberal party press has been regaling its
readers in British Columbia with
varied versions of What is taking place
in the conference ol premiers at Ottawa now in session.
Singularly enough we read little of
what is being done except that whicli
is being done by one man, Richard
McBride, premier of this provlnee. Mr.
McBride Is such an important figure
in the conference that he lias had tbe
limelight ever since the conference
opened. Special telegrams have informed us that he is obstinate, unreasonable, sulking, recalcitrant and if
there he any other words in the English language by which lie can be described as anything but a gentleman
wc may yet look for fresh character
The business of sending uujl also of
publishing special political telegrams
is curiously and wondrously managed.
We have beard or read somewhere of
the immense amount of time, energy,
care and even money that lias to be
spent before a newspaper can secure
a select staff of special correspondents
and we can readily understand this to
be the case. There is however, one
compensating advantage. After hav*
having spent a mint of money iu building up a special service a newspaper
can usually rely un getting Just lho
kind of service its business requires.
Whether it is to blast the reputation
Of a political opponent, slander the
Character or a private citizen, or boom
the interests of this or that corpora*
Uon, special correspondents when so
instructed will usually do as they are
told. That is to say after due care
has been made in their selection and
the proper amount of remuneration
paid them for their fragrant work.
We are inform* <l by a local paper
that Mr. McBride played a "baby
trick" at Ottawa. Thai In* "would
rather have a grievance than a subsidy." That he had to he "led back
to the conference by Premier Hublfn";
that he insisted on submitting his case
to arbitration, whereas then' was notb'
ing to arbitrate. These choice ('-need*
abiscuft wafers taken altogether with
the delicious aroma of Inuendo that
runs through the whole series of despatches leave but one conclusion, and
that is that the conduct of Premier
McBride Is attracting attention at Ottawa. How little veracity there is In
these despatches need not be Inquired
Taken in Iheir entirety they tell us
really nothing except that Mr. Me-
Bride wishes tor a graduated annuity
the terms and conditions of which are
set forth In a telegram we reproduce
elsewhere. K will be observed that fn
fhe despatch published in this paper
Mr. McBride Is "quoted," and U may
be presumed that he authorized the ex
act wmding of the telegram. This is
the only sort of news that is reliable
fur upon it the sender must stand or
fall. The proceedings of the conference are exclusive and secret and
what is sent over the wires is otherwise mere surmise.
In order to inquire as to the probable fake nature of these telegrams it
is only necessary to recall the genial
personality of Hritish Columbia's premier. He was never known to be a
political "sulk"; he has no reputation
for getting in a huff and running away
from pulitical caucuses. In his reasonably lengthy political experience ho
has never heen guilty of baby tricks,
or al least if he has, then the conduct
of his political opponents and several
gentlemen in the opposition must certainly be characterized as monkey
The facts of the case are probably
that Mr. McBride, thoroughly convinced of the righteousness of his cause,
Insisted on due recognition being given
to the special claims of Hritish Columbia, it might not be easy to make
the other premiers see this with tho
same force that lt appeals to Mr. Mc-
Hride; indeed it is probable that they
would not try to see it for a large majority of them are grits and their sight
where subsidies have to be distributed
Is proverbially guggle-eyed.
But supposing that all the small potato, political, special despatches are
true. Supposing that McBride did
leave the conference and admitting
tbat he refused tu return. Hritish Columbia will be proud of a premier
whose motto is admitted by his political opponents to be "no surrender."
If such is the case it is the second
time in the history of the province
that we have had in office at the head
of our government a man who would
not truckle and makeshift and compromise on any sort of sop that the
Liberal gourmands al Ottawa have
had the bad grace to throw from their
richly-laden tables.
All honor to the man, who when his
political slanderers have said their
worst will return to the province hav-
ing kept sacred his trust. It were far
better lo have an honest grievance
than to accept a subsidy ur a compromise which even the pulitical foes of
McBride would have hastened to stigmatize as a betrayal.
Lei the specialists go on delivering
the goods. When Richard McBride returns to his native province we shall
hear him, and hearing we shall believe
and we have ;io doubt the country will
honor htm as it has never had occasion to honor any of his predecessors
in office.
There is generally expressed regret
al the proposals of the city council to
place the old courthouse on the site
which has been selected for it as a
new library building. Apart altogether
from the Inadvi&abtlity of placing a
public building on leased property���
the point raised In objection by Dr.
Hose���the locality is one entirely unfilled for the purpose of a library or
public building such as it is proposed
to make of tbe newly acquired structure.
Looking but a few years into the future, there are many people in Nelson
who expect to see the waterfront built
Up solidly with wholesale warehouses
and other waterfront and shipping facilities und the adjoining streets studded with manufacturing industries.
Such a part of the city, If these hopes
materialize, will be the least suitable
that can be imagined for a hall of
public assemblage and a public library,
it  may be pleaded  that the expense
of purchasing, a suitable property for
the proposed structure is at present
beyond the ability of the city but such
surely cannot be the case. We believe
that if tho matter were taken hold of
in the proper spirit the citizens would
authorize the borrowing of the necessary amounl of money to procure a
couple of lots, move the old courthouse, thoroughly refit aud furnish it
and have it as a center of interest for
tourists, travellers and transient visitors as well as to serve the purpose of
a hall of assembly.
At any rate we are sure that the
present proposal if carried Into effect
will be regretted within a very few
years aud tbe same or perhaps greater
expense Will have to be Incurred at an
early dale as would finish Ihe case
When  calling attention    to    lhe  tin-
suilability of the site it is unnecessary
to mention somo other things that will
suggest themselves even to the superficial  reader.
Tomorrow will be the day of National Thanksgiving. C.fve thanks for the
exposures of political rascality iu high
places. It is better that they should
be exposed than that they should ex-
1st   and   not   be exposed.
sixty da.yi aftor date I nurpoae making application in the Hon. Chief commissioner ol Lamia
and  Works for permission to purchase the tol>
lowing described land: Commencing atapoii
placed abont 100 yard! weil of the Whatshan
IiiketrailMiidRbi.nl two miles south of What
.shan lake, marked "B. c. n'_ n E.co.cer poiL"
running ihence so ehalni iouth] thence .so
ohaini weit: thenoe SO ohalni north] thenee so
ehalni eait, to polntof commencement] containing MO acres, more or leu*.
Dated the loth day of October. 1000,
a c, BxTtntte,
__ Per K. Sin km., Agent	
Sixty dava after dale I purpose making application to the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands
aud Worki for permission to purchase the followiiiK deicrlbed land: Commeneing at a poil
placed at the north cast corner Of B. c Hkluiier'��
application to pnrehaae, marked "H. D'i N. w.
corner post," tbenoe following the east boundary of sHme so chains south ; tnence running Bo
ehatnleut; tbenee 60 cbalni nnrth; thence ��0
chains west to point oj eommencemeiit. containing MO acres mere or lesi.
Dated the loth day ol October, 190G
H   DoWj,
 Per ll. Siuell, Agent.
plxty days after date i purpose making application t���� the lion, chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works lor permission to purchase the following deicrlbed laud:  Commencing at a poet
placed on the east boundary of lot Ko,fjJN and
about tWO eliains eait of Whatshan creek, marked "M. B'l. B. VV. corner,'* running tbeuce -10
chains east; thence 40 chains north; tbenee 40
chains west; thence 40 ohalni south, to point of
commencement, containing 160 aeres more or
Dated the loth day of October, 1906.
M. Hhiei.l.
________ Per R. skif-i.l, Agent
Sixty days after date I purpose making appllca*
tion to the Hon. Chief CoramlsftioDer of Lands
aud Worku lor permission to purchase the following deicrlbed land: Commencing at a post
placed at the northwest corner of 1! Dodd's application to purebaae, marked "H W. H'lS. W.
corner post," running thenee 80 chalna north;
thenee80cbalni east; thence 80 ebalni sooth:
thence 80 cbains west to point of commencementi containing tHO acres, more or less
Dated this loth dayof October ito.
R   W. IlAN.vr.K-JTON,
per R. Shibi-L, Agent-
Blxty days after date I purpose in-ik'ng application to the Bon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the following deicrlbtd land:   Commeneing at a post
placed at the southwest corner of It. VV. Hanning-
tou's application to purchase, marked "L M ��
U's-l ft, corner post,'1 running theme80 chains
west; thence NO chains south; tbenee 80 chains
.east; thenre SO chains north to point of commencement, containing MO acres, more orleil.
Dated the loth day of October, 11XW.
L. M. H. Hanningto.v,
_    P" R. Phiki.l, Agent.
Blxty days after date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl
and Works for permission to purchase the following described land: Commem ing at a post
placed at tbe souihweit corner of JUrShfcH'a application to purebaae, marked "F. P's p. L. eorner," running thence 80ehalni north; tbence 40
chains west; thenee HO chains south; thence 40
chains east to point of commencement, containing t'JO acres more or less.
Dated the 10th day of October, 19Wi.
K. Faiviikr,
,     per R. BniSLL,
Kotiee is hereby given that IH) davs after dale I
���-ad to make application i<> the Honorable the
Chief Commlnloner or Landa and Works for permission to purehaae the following deacrlbed
lauds: Commenolng at a post ou the north
boundary of Lot804 and about _ chains east of
�� im Muni creek, running 4o chains east; tbence
_0chalna north; tbenoe��chains west: tbenoe40
chains south, to point of commencement, containing 160 acres more or less.
Dated October IS, lSKHi.
���   , , Lko.v Watson,
_.-B-T "j* ttK*'��l> KRNm W. Kohi.nj-.on
Notice it- hereby given than*) davs after date I
intend lo apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purohau
(be following described lands situated in the
West Kontenay district: Beginning at a post
marked "O. V. MacMlekiiig's N. W, corner "and
planted OU the west sboreof Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake, ahout three mil *s nortb of the Upper Narrows of tlu* said lake and oODoslte tbe island in
tbe said lake; Ounce south so chains; thenee
cast 10 chains, moreor less, to the lake shore-
thence following the said shore In a northerly
and westerly direction 130 chains, more or less",
to point of commencement- containing no aorea.
more or less.
Oct. IS. 1006. O. I'. MaC-MickINo,
       By F. L. IUmmonp, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 davs after date f
intend to apply to tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner
of i-atid" and Works for permlnion to purchase
the following described landl situated in the
WeSl Kooti nav district: Beginning at a post
marked "Herbert Warren's N, K. Comer " and
planted on the w st shoreof Whatshan [Cariboo]
lake, about oue--*iiHrter in tie nortb of the southern end of the lake; thence west (JO cha ins; thence
Bouth 80 chains; thence east ho cbains. more or
less, to Whatshan creek; theme following
north along the creek and lake shore so chains,
more or lens, lo point of commencement, containing 6lu acres, more or less
Dated thii8th day of October, 1W0.
 F. h. __________ Agent.
Notiee is hereby given tbat 60 davs afterdate I
intend toapply fe the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Worki tor permisidon to purchase
the following descrllieif lands Ml mated in the
West Kootenay District: Beginning at a post
marked, ���Antoinette Hlnth'l N. K. ������������rner," and
planted on  tin* shore of Whataban [Cariboo)
lake at the southeast oorner of the said lake;
thence souih 10 chains; thence west 40 chains,
more f>r less, to the shore of Whatshan creek
tbence following tbe shore line of said creek and
lake in a general northerly and easterly direction M) chalnn, more or less, to point of com-
Hy I**. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice ls herehy given  that sixty days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands aud Works for permission to purchase the following described lands-
Commencing at a post placed on the nortbweet
corner of Albert Klliotl's application to purchase,
running mo chains easl along the northern
boundary of same; thence HO chalna north!
thonce 80chalm west; thence Ho ebalns south, to
point of commencement, eonlaliilng HO acrea,
more or leas.
Dated Od. ia, pjos. John Ku.iorr,
By bin agent, Kknkht vv, Kojttwsojt,
Notiee is herebv given tbat 60 daya after date. I
intend toapi.iv to the Hon, Chiel Commluloner
of Lands ami worki (or permlnion to purohaae
Ihe following described lauds 111 the West Kootenay District:   Beginning al a post marked "W
S Klvldge's a W comer," and Hauled about
one-quarter mile west of the west shore of Whatshan  (Cariboo)   lake,   and about one aud  one-
quarter miles north of tbe loutherneud of tbe
lake; thence north Ho ehalni; thence eait 40
cbains more or less to the shore of the Whatshan
lake; thenee following said ibore In a general
southerly and westerly direct.- u Iini chains more
or leu tO a jwinl 011  the shore due ea-t ol thi'
poat of oommeneement] ihence weal 30 chains
more or les*. to the poi in Df eommenoement. containing* ODDacres moreor less.
Dated this Hth day of Oct , IWW.
k 1. Hammond, Agent
Notice is bereby given that B0dayi afterdate 1
intend loapply to (be Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permlulon to
purchase the following denrlbed  lands  situate
in  West Kootenay District:  Commenong at a
poll marked "P. .Mi-Arthur's NW. corner posl
Iltuate near tlie N. K. corner oi laud applied for
hv S. McArihur lbence south 40 chains, more or
less; thenee eaal so chains; thenee north ��
chains, more or  less; ihence Veil H" chalna to
point of i iiuimeucemeiil
Salmo, B.C., August J Uli. 1806,
P. Alt Ahtiii I
T, H. Atkinson. Agent.
Notice ls herebv given that 60 davs alter "late i
Intend to apply to the Honorable Cblef Commlailon -rol landi and Worki for permlulon i<> pnr-
chase thc following described land-, situate in
the Welt Kootenav dUtrlci, starling from a poil
plan ted at the fl W\eornerol Erneit W.Roblnion'i
Application to ) urchasc, and on lhe uorih bank
of (he Norlh Fork oi I og creek ; thenee U ehalni
treat 80 chains north. 100 Hiatus easl. In �� hains
south. -0 chains west, ki chains sou ib to Inter* o*
tion of north line of k. w. Roblnion'iApplication
to Purcbaie, thence 40 chain- west aiol JO chains
s .nth 10 point of commencement! containing mo
Dated 18th day of August, LM6,
K W Kobinson,
per Kknkst W, Hoiiinson, Ageut.
Notice is hereby given Dial 60 duvs after date 1
intend toapply to the Hon. tbe Chief Commli-
sioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described Ian.Is in West
Kootenay district, province of ilriti-h ('i.Juml.ia;
Comment ing m a post marked "M illiam Tolling-
Ion's nortbweit corner post," -aid Mil being
nl anted at the southwesi corner of the "Queen
Mineral claim," and adjoining tbe eaat line of
Md'hail's pre-emption, theuce mmih twenty (ki)
chains along said Hue, theuce cast fortv (10)
chains, thenee north twenty t'ki) chains, thenoe
west forty (40) chains more or less, to the place of
Dated 1st day of August, 1006.
By his agent J. K. Taylor.
Sixty ilavs afler date J purpo*.' making application (o the Chief Coiiimlssloik-i of I-ands and
Works for perm fusion l.i purchase the folio*,-, ing
described land ;   Commencing at a post marked
���I i"ss w corner," adjoining the eaat boundary of D Pierce's application to purchase, ninning tlience 80 chains norih; theuce BOchalm
east; thence 80 cbains south; tbence00cbalni
west to point of commencement, containing 640
acres mo e or less
Dated the llth day of August, 1906.
1    1'IKRlK,
per F  (J. KAl'vllKh,
Sixty davs after .late I purpose making application to lln* Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permlulon to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a posl marked
*K F'nS K corner," and situate about one mile
irom Silver Tip Point, on Whatshan like, and
near Christie creek, running Ihcnce Sn chains
nortb; tbence 80 chains west: thenee 80 ehalni
south, following the lale shore; thenee80 chains
east to the point of commencement, containing
640 acres more, or less
Dated the Iith day of August, 1900.
K   PAVquURi
Per P. G   FaI'wI'IM, Agent
Sixty dan after date I purpose making appll-
cation tO (he llouorable the Chief Commissi,.--. ���
of Lands and Wnrks for jwrmi.��� ioti to pur'base
the following deeerlbed laud: rommeneing nt
a post marke-J "D. I"s tf. W. corner," adjoining
K, Fauquier, application to purchase, running
Ihence soehains north; ihence Ni chains east*
thence SO chains south;  thence 80 chaini   weal
io the point of eommenoement. oontainlng tao
acres, more or less.
Dated the llth day of August, 1900.
Per F.G. PAVQDIBB- Agent
Notice la hereby glren thatilxty dayi after data
1 intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commlnfon
erof Lands and Works for permission lo purebaae the following-described lands, b'-O acres
commencing at a post markeii John Toye, planted OU the east shore of Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north of Hinishine creek, theliee fortv
cbaina east, thence forty chains south, tbence
forty chains west, tbence forty chains norlh
along lake shore to point of eommeucement.
Dated this 13th dayof September, 1906,
John Toye.
tunny Qtnoir, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 dayi aller date I
intend toapply 10 the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission
to purchase the following described land, Mtimto
In Kire Valley, in the West Kootenav district, adjoining W. A. I'nlder"*- pre-emption/starting ai a
post marked M. Mct.uarrie's southwesi eorner
running 80 chains east, thence 40 chains uorth,
tbence 80 chains west theuce 40 chains south Io
point of commencement.
Dated this mh day Df Beptember, inofi.
Mahy M.-qrAHKIB,
J. E. Taylok, Agent.
Notice Is bereby given that BO days from date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works for permlulon
to purchase the following described lands sit-
uate in West Kootenay District: Commeneing
at a post marked *' K, Ptewarl's N W. corner
post,'rsituated near tlie Junction ol Lost creek
and Houth Kork of Kalmoii, thenee Bouiii 40
cbaina, more or less; tbenee easl ��o chains*
thenc j north 40 chains, more or less;   thence
west 80 ehalni to point 01 oommencemenl
Salmo, August llth, 1906.
K. Htswakt
T. tt. Atkinson, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days afterdate I
Intend toapply to the Honorable theChlaf Commissioner of Uiuds and   Works to purchase the
following deaorlbed landi, Sao acres, more or len;
commencing at a post planted on the west bank
of Ciiper Arrow lake at a point about; mil. h below Nakusp,and marked (��. A. 11. II., N.K. corner
post; thenee m chains west; (bene,. 40 chaini
south; thence 80 ebalns L*ast. more or lesn to lake
shore; theuce along lake shore to point of beginning.
DatedthliSthdavofBept.1806.  Q.A.jB.Hall,
fs) days after date I Intend lo apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Undi and
Works, Vietoria, IJ C , to purchase 640 acres of
land slluate wesl ..f Arrow lake on the Welt side
of Whatohan creek and joining Ibe north boundary of h. J. Annabh* application fo nun-hiis.-
Commencing at a post marked H. .1. K fl K corner and running w.V 80 chains; tbenoe norlh 80
chains;  Ihenc-east 80 chains;  thonoe south to
point of commencement
September 2nd lOOfi. ){. j. Ki.i.iot.
Notice is hereby given that GO days after dale I
intend to applj to the HonoraJe Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to pur-
chase lhe following described lands, situate in
tbe West Kootenay district; starting frnm ,, mist
planted at the N. K, corner of V. VV. Roblnion'i
Application to purchase, theuce 40 chains eut
80 chains south, 20 ohalni west, |0ehalni north'
40 chains west, 'JO chains norlh, 20 chains east 4.
ihains north to point of coiuineiieeunnl contain-
ing JOOacreB.
Daied 18th day of August, 190.
1). 0. K. BostRSOK,
per KitNKMT V\, It011 in.son, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty davs after
dak' I Intend to applv to the Honorable the
Cblel Commissioner ol Landsand Works for ikt-
misslon to purchase the following dSMrlhed
bin I 011 the west shoreof upper Arrow Lake and
Joining J. H, Peeney- pre-emption: Illuming
west 4o chains: thence north HO chains theuce
east 40chalna, lo the shore ol the lake; tbenoe
south following the lake ihore to point of commencement- containing 820 acres more or lens
Dated August 19,190c.
II. F. Maci.kod
 J. J. Kelly, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend to applv to the Honorable tbe
Chief Commissioner of hands and Works for permission to pnrobaie (he following described
laud on the west side of Lower Arrow Lake and
Joining the aoutb lino of the Indian Reservation*
liuiining west -ki chains; thence south 80 chains;
thenee oast'JO chains, to the shore of the lake'
lbence norlh following tbo lake shore to the
point of commencement, containing ICo acres
more or le**.
Dated August 20,1900, VV. B. UXCLtOD
3. J. KSLLY, Agent.
Nolle,, is herein  given lhat 110 days after dale
I intend, to apply te the Honorable th. ' bid
Commlnloner ol Lands and worki torpermli
aioii to curobaM the flowing deicrlbed landi
sltuale in be West Koolenay dlitrlot: Commencing at a po*-* marked "A. Turner'** N. VV. corner
post," iltuated al (he N.B. Corner of land applied foi by K Stewart thenee iouth 40 ebalni,
moreorless; thence easi 80 chains; (bene* north
40 chains, more or less; thence wesl 80 chains to
point of commencement
Salmo, H.C, August 11.1900. A. TiRNKii,
T. II  Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhal 00 days after dale 1
intend to apply to the llouorable the Chief 0111-
miiisioncr of Landi and w()rks for permlnion to
purchase lhe following described land lu Wi sl
Kootenay District aljout seven miles south of
Iturton ('ity: Commencing a! a post planted ou
the cast bank of Trout creek and marked Mrs,
W JI. Hamilton's B. Vt, C. I'osl and running
north 80 chalm; tbenoe cast hu ohalni! ihence
iouth 80 chains; tbenoe weit80 chains te place
of beginning, eonlainlng (iin acres, more Ol   less.
Dated Utlisnd day of Auguit 1906.
Mh��. W. II   IJaMI! TOS
w. 11. Hajiiltoh, Agent.
Notice is herehv given lhat BO days alter date I
intend toapply loihe Honorable tne Chief Com
mlulonoi of (.uu 1U and Worki, Victoria, lo pin-
Chan 80 acres of land, situate BDOUt one mile
east ol Hiirioli Citv on (be cast side of Arrow
lake, and described as follows: Commeii. mg ul h
posl planted at (he n��rlhca-l corner of Lot 0000,
theuce north 30 chains, Dunce weft i'lchaiti-,
theuce soulb 80 chains, Ihcnce east 4(f.hains lo
place of beginning
August .'th, IWG J. It. Ht'NTik.
Notie,. is hereby given imn *wi dari after date 1
Inteml lo apply lo the Hon lhe Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Worki for peiuilssion lo pur
ehaaa the following deicrlbed lands in  V.Yst
Kootenav district: beginning al a post marked
"Otto Hlnch'l N W corner'' and planted on
ihr weal ihore oi Watahan M'anboof lake, about
one-fourth mile weal of the uarrowiof Whataban
lake; thenc- south xo chains; llx-nce east 4o
chains more or less (o the shore of lhe Narrows;
then. Ilowlug lhe said   shore in a  general
northerly and west, rh direction UOohalm more
or leu, to the point of eommeucement, contain-
lug ������-''��� acr.--- more in l>--
Daled this 8th dav of Uct , IH06
OTT" HiasiH.
F   L  HAJUIOKn, Agenl.
Kotlce ii hereby given.hat ilxty dayi afterdate
I inl.-iid loaiipl*. to the Hon chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following dc-eribed lands in West Kootenay
district: Beginning ata post marked -*K K
Aldeli's S K .orner," and planted OU the cas|
shore of Wbatihaii (Cariboo) lake, about one
mile   norlh   of   the  wmtheni end of the lake;
thenoe north 80 chains; thenoe west 10 ehalni,
more or less, lo the shore of Whatshan lake:
lbence billowing said ibore lu a general southerly  and  easterly direction Kill chains, moreor
lev-., tn the polnl of commencement, con mining
:i:W acres, more or less
Dated this Dili day nl Oct .likfi.
K. K, AUHtH,
P   L   HiMfONO- Agent
Notice is hereby given ttiat (KI Hays aller date I
Inlcnd to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of undi and Works for permission to
' illowlng ieaorfbed lands in "
dlsirlct, near Burton City)
'   ' 'edat the southeast OG
 pre-emption  claim,   and
marked Harry (i. TWUngtOO'l N. B. C. post, and
ninning muth to clmius, ihence West kt chains,
thence norlh 40 ihains, ihence east'Ji chains lo
plaeeoi beginning, eonlainlng 80 acres of land,
mon* or len.
Dated thll kith day of August, 19i��.
Hakhv Q. Toi.i.isoton.
Notice Is hereby given tbat sixty dtflftftel
date I intend to applv tothe Hon. I hief Commissioner of Umds and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands In tbe Wet
Kootenay dlstrl. 11 beginning at a pott marked
"Bertha Ulnch'l N K. corner." and planted oil
the easl shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, at the
narrows of the lake, and about one mile south of
Arrow lake trail 1 thenee south 800halni; Ihenee
west HU chains more or less to the shore of the
iiarruvs; thenc* following Iht- said shore In a
geio-ral northerly and easterly direction 130
chillis more or less lo the point of eommencemen t. containing mo acres more or less
Haled (his sib day of Oct , PJOfi
Bairrtfi Breaoa'
k L ium*om>, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that two nionlhl after
date I intend to apply Ul the Honorable the Chief
1 nmmissioiier of Lands and Works for a Lease of
all lhal land being the foreshore adjoining ��ul>-
divi-iotis 1, .1 and 4 of Lot 800, Croup olie(l)
Kootenay, aUtl being on the south shore of tbe
West Arm of Kootenav lake, tn the dlitrlet Ol
( ommenclng al a -post marked "A. R. Walls'
southeast corner post'; Ihence 00 chains west,
thence DO Ohaini north; thence 00 chains east;
thenee 80 chain- south tothe place of comuieuee-
menl; the said land and foreshore to be be uw-d
fo. sawmill purposes.
i'ated this .1st dayof August, IflOO.
  A. K. Watts.
Notice is hereby glren that 60 days after dale 1
intend loapply lo the llouorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
1 urchasc Ibe following descriU*d laud in West
kootenay  Dlsirlct about seven  miles south  of
Burton City:  Commenolng at a po*t planted on
the east bank of Trout creek and marked Alex
Cheyne'l N. W. c. Post and running south ��<i
Ohalni! thenot east no chains; Ihence north MO
chains; lhetice west 80 (hains ti, poit of beglliu-
fng, containing e_0 aerea of bind, moreorless.
Dated Ibis __*nd day of August, 190C
Aua cram
W. if  Hamilton, Agent.
Sixty days after date, I Margrell McOuarrie,
inteml to applv lolhe Honorable the Chief Commissioner o( Landsand Works. Victoria B 0
to purchase the following deaeribed land, Com-
mem .na at a post marked M. McQuarrle, on tbe
bank of Lower Arrow lake, (h<*nce _0 ehalns
wesl; Iheliec fiO chains norlh; thence 40 chains
OUt! lhetice fiO chains south to (dace of coin
meneement, said to contain 100 acres more or
less.   ( ovcring ground held by <;. B. Anderson's
Dated Ihis Hth day of September, UM.
.���   ,   _, .Makuiikt-j MOQtUBntl,
W. L, Payne, Agent.
Notice is bereby given that 1 iniend, GO dayi
after date to apply to the Honorablt Ilu-Chief
l ommissioiurof . undsand W'orksforiiermisslou
to purchase  the following descrlla-d lands  in
Wui Kootonay dlatrlet, about Ave m Union th
of Burton City, Commencing at a post planted ou
heeas* bank of trad C H., ami marked "W, If.
Hamilton's h w. c, post," ami running north ki
e.hains, ihence easl m chains, ihenee south BO
chains, ihcnce wesi no chaini to place of begin-
nlng opnialuing Mo ayres oi land, more or Leas.
Dated this *-_nii day/f August, 1906.
W  H. Hamilton.
Noiiee Ii hereby giyen that 00 daw alter date I
Intend to apply tothe Honorable Chief Commissioner of Hands aud Works for permission to
purchase the following dcscrlb-d lands, sliuaU*
in West Koolenay district: Commencing al a
pOlt marked -B. Conkey's N W.corner post " sl"
uate n-ar Ihe N K. corner of laml applied fol by
It.tt., tbence south 4!) chains, more or less; Ihence
east HU chains; thence north 40 chains, more or
lc*s; theliee west SU chains lo point of commencement.
Halmo, August II, \tm _\, ConkBY
                'I'. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is lurhy given thai CO days afler date I
intenl, loal.ply l.nheflooorablell.eChL.fCom:
missioncrof I ands and Works lor permission to
purchase lbe folb.wingdcKcribed lauds slluate In
Wes Kooienav dlsirlct; Commencing ata post
marked -It. fioss's N. W corner post," siluale
near ihe N. K, corner of land applied for by A.
McLean lbence south 40 chains, moreorless;
Ihiilice east 80 chains; thenee north 40 chains,
more or less;  thenee wesl 80 chains to point of
KaJlno, August 11, 1��0��. R. Kosa
 T.H. Atkinson, Apent.
Noljee Is hereby given lhat sixty days afb-r
date I inteml to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Cornmlswioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lands situate in West Koolenay district: Commencing ata post marked "A. Mcl-can's N.W.
eorner post,"si tuate near the N.E. Corner of Und
applied for by A. MeUughlan, thonco south 40
chains, more or less; theuce cast Ni ebalus;
ihenee north 40 chains, moreor less; thenco weal
80 chains to point of commenceineut
Halmo, August 11, ltsjll A. McLkan,
T. H. Atkinson. Agent
Notice Is hereby given that 00 davs after date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of bund*- and Works for permit-sou to purchase I ho fol I owing described lands,
slluate in West Kootenay district: Commcuclug
at a post marked "A. McLaughlin'i N. W comer
posi," situate near the N. V��� corner of land applied for by P. -McArihur, Ihence south 40 cha'ns,
more or leis; thene* cast HO chains; lbence norih
4'l chains, moreor less; ihenoe west W) eliains to
point of commencement.
Halmo, August 11, HfUO- A. M(-Lauuhi.an,
I, II. Atkinhon, Agont.
��� We have just received a splendid .took of Ladles' Shirt w I
in Embroidered Cashmere in Cream, Navy and fancy co|��� * I
��� sizes from 32 lo 42 Inches, and we are selling these at ���������_ M
���    ly low prices while they last. I
Notice Is herebv gt veil t hn I W days alter date 1
Inlcnd In npplv In the Honorable Chief Coin m Is-
nloner of Undi and Worki loi permlnion i" pnr
chase the following deMllbed laud- Mtuated on
lhe  eail  Ilde  <>'  Arrow lalo-: CotiiiiK-ui Ini*, al a
poet marked a Macleod'i location poet, thence
south f-nv ebalni, following W.Toye'*intern
boundary; thence eail ilatj chain", to east bank
of Oar) bald] crc.-k; thenoe north forty cbaina]
thenoe eait lixty chalm i<* point of commencement, containinc'.'_*) acres, more nr less
Dated September 1.1000,      Mtw lUo__on.
Per N. Dnmna, Agent.
Noilce I- hereby given HihI ��0 da] ��� gltOI dale 1
intend to applv to lbe llolinrable tlie Chief Com-
miss!r>!ier<'f I ands and Worki b.r permission lo
purchase the follow Inn deicrlbed lands, Minuted
on the eaat ilde of Arrow lake; Oommenelng at
the northeait corner oi a Anthony i purehaae,
thence north forty i hains, thenee weit forty
chains,   Ihence  south   forty  chains, ihence easl
forty chains lo point of oommenoaAont, oon-
lainiiig 100acrei. nion* or less.
Paled Hepteniber 1, itton,    Jamk- K. Macleod,
perN. DKXKh.-, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given ihat 00dan afler dale I
intend to apply to tio- Bonorable tne Cniei Com-
missioncrof Landsand Worki for i��*rm|siioli to
purchase the following deeerlbed   lauds:    Cotn-
menciogatapoit m��rkc,i ") w j_- h. w cor-*
oef,*' placed on the aaai ���here id lower Arrow
Lake at the north weet eorner ot J UbrlaUe'i Application to Pnrehaae, running thence to chains
eait; tbenee00ehalni north; theuce to chains
moreor leai, west to the hike ibo*e; tbenoe foi
lowing lake shore to poini id eommenoemenl
containing ito acres more or leaa
Dated the* ��1rd day of Julv, Is-mi
, i. vi, b_tm
Notice Is hereby given lhat slmv daya a.Ier
date I intend lo applv to tin* Hon, Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Works, for permission tn
purchase the following described lauds, iu
weal Kootenay District: Commeneing mmi initial jMi-i plan led at ihe lootheaal corner of .\|r
coj> pre-emption, tbenoe DO ehalni wait to eaal
bonndary of Lot np/j; theme loiiowing wi.)
iHinndary south toioutbean oorner of -aid lot;
tbenee iu chains weat; Ihenoe 00 ohalna aoutb;
thenoe 00 chalna out; thence an ehalna nortb i"
southwest corner of i>.t 332; thenoe following
went boundary of i^.t til u> Initial poat.
Pepteuib.r il,iyo*i. D. D  ffot-FT,
per KaMEsT W. Hohisson.
Notiee is hereby men ihat 00dayi afterdate, I
in lend u> kpriy t" the lion. Chlof Coumiwloner
of Lands and Work- lor permimlon Hi pun has,,
the following deaerlbid lands. *ituale on Ho*
Kusl ibon Of l^iwcr Uke. al.oiil one sml (ilu*
half mile Month of BdgOVOOd, It C and ad
joining  J. T. Ilcallle's application ...  pnr. base.
and oommenelng at ��� pon marked Donald Hii
son's Booth West corner, thence running North
sixty ehniht, thence Kasl forty chain-*, thence
Nouth, sixty chains, tin uee Wall  fortv chaini lo
place of oommencement, ami oontainlng _.o
acres tm>re or less.
Ikjmid W'm-oi*.
IT. U  Mi'.iAkHia, Agent,
Dated this 25tb day of Hepteniber. 1906
Notice lt hereby glren thai two mouths after
dale 1 inieml to apply to lhe Honorable chief
Couimissioncr of l_iuds and Works for p--rmti-
Pioii  to  pun-haw  OM acres of land, de��- nlwd as
followi: Commencing at 0 !��>st planted at tha
southwest of i . c HOrrfaon'l rancp n Fire
Valley, We,i  Kootenay distrlt. marked "J. o.
Munrii's northeaatcoruerpoet"; thenee00chnlni
west; theme no ehains s.iuih; thence 00 cbalni
cast; them. Nj ehains north to the plaoe 0(10,11-
men cement
Dated llth day of Hept.mU'r, IWG
J. H. Mt'NROK,
W, A. Ca*.-,jsk. Ag--nt.
Notice is loreby given lhat 00 dayi after dale 1
Intend ... apply to the Hon. chief Commiatloner
of Lands and Works for permission l��. purchase
the following described landi,iltuate tu Weet
booti nay disiriei. Beginning al a laml niarked
���'Arthur Warren'i H W eorner." ami plani.d on
the easl shoreof Whatshan (Cat|l��ai> faki-, aboul
iwo mih-s norih of the narrows of Whatshan
lake, and al the K. K corner of W. Kocombe'*. application to purchaw; theme eaal 10 ehalns;
theuee uorth -) chains; theuce wesi 10 chains;
thenee south so chains to poim of commencement; Containing Wlacre*. moreor leis
Daied IhliMh day of Oct. IWH.
K. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notiee is bereby given (hat Ilxty (jays after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable ihe
chief Commissioner of Und* ami Works for
permission to purchase the following de-
wribed lands situate In the W'esi Kootenay
district, starting from a poel planted on the
north bank of [he North Kork oi Dog iick'
thence., chains west, to chains north, ft ehalna
we��i, tt chnlni north, 90 ehalni weat, web-uns
north. _0 ehains west, 20 chains north, Wi chains
eatt, 20 chains south. 90 chains .ait. 40 chains
south, 20 chains east. 40e|njus sooth lo polnl of
oommeneement, containing mo acres
Dated 10th day of Augusl, 1000.
         meet w. Bobw6m
Sixty dayi nfier date I intend to Hpplv to the
Honorable the Chief c(,mmis<ioner of Lands and
World, Victoria, to purchase 240 acres of land
located and deicrlbed as follows: Being lhe
northeast -jUarler of Keeiion tweniy-two and
the iouth half of the northwest i*uartor Kecllou
twenty three, To-.vnshipslxty.ulnc And furthei
deicrlbed as follows: Commencing "t a posl
marked J J, N. W. corner, and plauied 40 chains
eaxl of the northwest corner of Hection twenty-
two and running eait 401 hum, thence south *.)
chains, thence east 40 chains, thenee smith SO
ehaim, theuce well BD Ohalna, thence nortii io
chnins to place of beginning.
Auguit 21it, Jfc-OC. .Jahks .tonnhtonk,
W. A, Cabler, Age-Ill.
Notice is herehy given that (10 Hays afler dale I
intend to apply to the Honorable (he Chief Com
mlssloner of Undsand Works for permission lo
purchase the following described lands: Com-
mencing at a jiost marked "J. A O.lVB.W corner," placed at the northeast comer of Lot OOd
riiiiuii.gHochHimi north; thence mo chains rasi:
theme ij)chains aouth; ihence ��0 chains wesl io
point of coniineueemeiil, Containing (>4U acri'i
more or less.
Dated the 21it day of July HWfi.
J. A.O'Kkii.iv
Hlxly days after .late 1 intend to appiv i��� me
Commlnloner of Landi ami Works, . .< ion��� i,
purchase iflo acres of land, sltuale and ilcscribed
as followi: Commencing ata post plauied on the
west able of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo t'llv "ii
0�� near the southwest corner of B, JfalK 'pur
chase, and marked '���(). M. A., H. K. Oorner " .ml
running north 40 chains, theme waif �� .'hains
Ui 11. Aiiilable'H purchase, lhetice souih 40 cha m
moreor less to th- akeihOrtl, thencea oug thi
lake ibore to place of beginning, K
Augu*,t2Slh,Itf06. 0- M.ANNAl.Lg.
Notice li hereby given dial go days after date I
ntend to make application to 'he lion, nib ,_
Chief OommiMloOflr of Unds ami Works Ior wr-
tiilisloii to purchase about IK-t aces of bit dVl.u
ated ou the Halmon riv.-r, West Kooienav d Itrl,
commenolng at a po-,1 murked H. H Bul . r's N V"
Corner planie<I on the wesl bank of the river"
about 4��i miles mirth of lhe iut..r..ali, iai a ,,, ,f:
ary, thence weat m Bilging. UlM_00 M e___Jni
���OUth, thence easi aboul 20    I ��,,��  0The riv r
August ISIb. I IMM..
'��� H. Atkinson, Agent,
Wi.-lice south 40 ehatns, more ,,r i(,<M.',j    ��� """-r.
BOohafllll lbence north 40chaini mo. ! ,He/!llNt
thenee weal michains to point of conn,....... .    ss.:
Halmo, AugiiNt II, 1900. '"""HOieeineni.
Notice  Is   hereby given thu ���,. .
date i intend toapph i, i      "r>l
miaaionerol Landi and Wo!ki%,��!P
lo purehaae lhe followlni- ,],..,. '.r J*r��
uale in West Kootena, |lSh?r__?
al a Mil marked "A rilra ,\ V'
planted al the H. W .eorn.r . t S"_L_
mil-, norih of pllM���N w ' Jj^jjjl
mile weit of the Columbia "* ,r ,   '1
IWrhallis; llienee   Weit ('-    hi a. *!____���
�����= M1W��W4_Ut4l^XBto!a
Iiicnccioeiil, coillaliiiiiL- %% ��, r,    '"""��
Dated ll.isllth day ..Nr,IllN-f m
iVr llAi.,.. HLYUwl
NOtlM Is hereby given thatttdiWif
in tend to apply to ibe Honorabl, KJf.%
mlssloner of Uim. ami W���f..,���   ,, ��a
parchaae the following detc ri___ iiStm
from a po��t mark.-d W n miriln.,.i-::
WUtb & ehaim, thence eail w rKJj
"M.rthttchains, thence weM^iura
couiiiiemcmcti..  containing IK^Jf
eaa; adjoins on tha aaat of X AattanG
don to purehaae. '"
Dated (his !_��th day of AuguM !S��.
 . s  "������XUi-A-m"
Notloe Ii hereby given ihaitith ���]�����
I inieml toapply to the Hon i |,f,.f ,',���
. rol  Lands  and   Work, for |-ri*uwio
the followiiiK doKriuH li-gd)
���darting at �� (M.r-t marked Catb_r_M_
planted on the east ibon oi i. .
., ar Oladatone Creak,  thenee .u       1
tbence W ehalna north, ihcnce CMmo-,**
lake   abOTO,   Iheliec   ���outb   nU-tlf lai_ ,
point of i ommauooment.
Haled Ihli Mih day ofSeptembei 1��,
i iranfB'fl
JfARKV iili:s.,x. Iml I
Notice is hereby given thai Hi-iayinwj3
1 loapply tothe II.moral 1
intend i   ..,,
inl-Moocrof Undsand Worki t<. i-mai
purchHM- tha following d. .*.. nM uni.rtS
on the eait side of Arrow late: i..!������_.,.��
lbe sontbw.*i corner of A A
thcii.T south twenty chain-
chains, thenoe north twcniy ��� li��ini, ibfwj
iwciity i hallli to janni o! i.uioii.iaviMtti
taming no acrei, more or |< s. ]
i'ated f-cpU-mber 1, I'fl.       H*w-rt g _ni-
per N. Im.mkim, Apit
Notice i�� bereby given thai ��� a
dan-1 intend toapply to ihe liooonUtMl
Commtaaiooerol IaihI-h', ; ��<,r_.',,r*.���-!������
io purchase lhe followiM,* deicrlbed uaQ
ai.- in the Wen Rootoaay -Juiriet, *ti<ii
Paul Andre'** preempn-.n   itarthu n
in Hiked A.J. L-mtfi N   K  COther.OlltMII
oi Lower Atrtrw lake, ihenc .i. .f���ic.i
Ibenee 40 chains lOUth, thttMa *t)(_g_
Ihemc 40 chains uorih io j��iiih ,.f mam
naled at Nelson, H. t'��� lliis Sil, li.tolfcaL
ta-r. !��fi Ay imi
Wm IV_Ulft_mt
Notice i" hereby given tint uiir ihyi-
data I intend v.,.,:,.,t to n.i Htmttwtfei
'   ������������������'.���   '.:���   '   ���   I   I  'i-i-J*   ������ ,..-;,���;..
to tiurehas-- lhe following t\,-<��r.Mludi*ltt
in Wesi Kootenay dlatrlet ���< riii-i--wiBgnai
planted al Itota-rt Corlett'i north tut C��L
IM.m and matked A. M's .V W. Oirner tk
east 40 chains; lhetice 40rl,��lni Mnth. am
leii lolhe Kooteuay river; theoa f-liiiw
al.-ng (he Koolenay rlTari ihrni*. 1* ���*
nortii. more or less, to (be plif-i* nf na
ment. eotitaiutiig nu acres Dion etna
SeptfinlK-r )4tb l'JWl.
axkii Vocal
       William Moou i��ApitT
Noiiee if, herehv given thHt-'xIiyiinrr'iatf
intend to apply  to the Hon the Chief'
���f Landi  and   Works for ten
dnrribad li
ay dlsi:
d a  I). H. I) nnd I-  ltd
purebaae the following den ni-rf iaa--ha_|
Waal Koolena
disiriei;  lieginniiiji tiifl
II and It. Bell-8.1 "���naif
... milea eaal ol lhaflaimon rivi-rnd*
'.mile from the Pend d'Oreille r:ur; vmtm
chains north; theme 40 chains aesi; lBB*l
chains soolh; thcncv-Wchalits nil iuMtf
bt-KlllUl   g.
Daied Ilu- 'kind day ol September,!**.
<t i St-1
H. M. KgKvEs, AiriL
Notice is hereby given lhal '-' ���!��>'*""*������
Innnd to npplv io the Honomb: I* ' 'l*"!r*J
missioiier ol Landsand Work- (or |*nil����i��|
purehaae lhe following deacrlbed iimi "���-^
Kiwiteiia,. Dlltflol abonl six miles w��utb *�����
ton City; commeneing ai a pent (iiniM;*-!
east bank of 'I nnit creek and marW ' L  *
crV N   W, 0. Post and running -"iih ��' _
ihem *i-chs ihu chains;  ihcme m.rtli*'!
Ihenoe weat 00 ehalni to tbe pla�� ol ''"m
men l, eon lain ing 040 acres, more erlf**.
Dated thii rind day of Augm-i, i��*
 W. II. Ha-WHTiiS. t**��T
Noilce Is hereby given lliat "' diyiiiit.f*|
intend io apply to the Hon. Chief rmmiet--
->f Landl ami Works ior pcrmis*l"ii t<ipa��
tbe following deaorlbed landi, iltwwM
ICooteoay district: rnmmencfmt aiip-tag
ed "BEW H, K corner." planted UO llK'^f
bower Arrow lake, abom om nill.* w��a5
Cordon cr��*ek (Johnston creek,) tln-n----'n*0*
chains, Ihenci- west 20 chains, tlieO.*'*"-"J
chnins, thence east Hi chains W p'iiit-"
meneement, eonlaliilng l��i acrei iimtw*
and coniprlsiiig abandoned pre empN"'D>
Btalted this Mtb dny of AoftUlt, \��t .
H R. Wci-viP*!
A.N, WOMKMo-.   -IH'I''
Notice is herebv given that mm ^ daysfr""*!
I int.>ml tnapplvto the Hon chin l wiuin-"*
"I LamiKHtid Works for perml��i��n W P-WJ
ib<* lollowlng deaeribed land-. it��rtlnf��Jl
planted on the [forth Weal eornerofi#]
Ihcnce running twenty cham* -"*ii''. lrj
twenty ehaim Weat) thai  l"^^, * *���"���""'__
tbenco twenty chains Rut. tbenei iwcjnv _
Kollth tO polnl of comiiiencemeiil ID���' ' l
ing so acrea more or less, _   .,,
W.J. Tori, *9_
Dated lhe 1st day of Oclola-r, IO0O.
Nollee la hen by given lhal 00 days tr_**jm
intfiid toapply t.f tl,.- Honorable the* l> ��^B
mlssloner of Lan_| ���,,.] Works, foil" '��il��"J
narobaii the foiiowiug damrlbcd i"*''''',^^!
in im-disiriei of Waa. Koolenay,edjol
700 on tbo weat arm of Kootenaj lake
cing al tbe Initial  post   placed at M"'"
corner of Lol TOO, thenoe norih "-'"',IMI,l'*,h-i
"'est 'JO chains,  thenee  south aOclialtK.**   -
cast 30 chains to point of comm''!1
Dale.) Aug, l.'.lh, 1IKW.
Jah�� i*'**-11-:!
Nollee li hen by glren thai 00 daj l afler JijJ
Itand t. apply .o thc Honorable IHJ M
miinh-siouer of Undaand  Works t��r V"^M
iniend   t.   ��pply lo the Honorable Id"
t uminlisioucr of Undi and  Works fori
Hon to purclia-ie Ihe following d r"11" ,', .-ij
Hi  the West Kooienav dlsirlct:    Beg iBOWjl
pust marked "Kleanor Hlricb'." H
and phiuledon the we��t shore of Ih.
WbaUhan (Oarlboo) Wm, about om
miles souih of Arrow lake trail; Hi I
chain--; Ihence easl 40 chains imin* �����   ���
"ion* of the Narrows; Ihcnce followi ugfj."!
shore in a general southerly und w-lcrl) "n(tJ
Hon 80 chains more or less lo point of i'"tfl"11'   ���
'iieni.contniuhig IflOaoraamoroor h,M*  ��-*
Dated Uct. Hth, Mlifi. Ki.r.*v" "'���"
K. L. IfAMMOWU, Agenj
Notice Is herol,yK(venihalslxtyd..^��l"r'" &
Mntemflo appl/tolhc Hon  ChiefC	
er of Landsami Works for perm'������fi0,l.r;;*aB
cbasethe following described lamb III tf "���
Kootonay diitrlpti  Beginning nl a poj m����g
��.H**eouibe'sH. K  corner." and pbi'H'11  V,n|
<;ast shore of Whataban (Carii i '��LJ;;,,.|i.i|
tWO  in.les   imrth of lhe Harrows of   ������ ''H' ',., ���
hike;   ihence  nnrlh  HO chains;  then" *��� ,
chaiiiH, moro or  leas,  to  thu  lake -lo;'* ���   '' ',,
following the laid Hh.in-In a general-" �� .
iimi oaatorly dlrootlon 190 chains, in"" '"', t
'he   poim   of commencemciil;   conlu'iiu'--
acre-,, moreorless.
J>ak-diliHgihdayorOrt.,.flU0. ^ 0|M)MjA i
K. L Uamnonu. Agent The Daily Canadian
of  Mlm-ral   Claim* foi-  Unpaid  and  Delinquent  Taxe*  In the N.I_on
A��*e-,_n.e..t L��l_trl_t, Proving of Brltl/*!. Columbia.
Jj hereby give notice that on Monday, the fifth day of November A. D   IMA .. Mi* kM.<_M   .1    ���  .    ..    .
I,    -r lor sale by public auction the mineral claims in lhe list *.';*,, ^
1  e i��..i. issued  for tha Uim ramalninrimn-l 1,- 1 , . ''   ' "'" l*PrK<J"it "> N'-i'1 IW hereinafter set oul, of which mown
U the S.S ta��l dM^liSJw^ Wlhquent by said persons,,., the :10th day of June, IWO, and for costs and e^etSet 0f
n-wnandfl. Fohtu..
Id .Mining Co.
.���I,, A. Obyette and J. a. (.uIj-i*ii.	
 I A, Julieli 	
, Id Mining Co 	
Ii    I    I or).-II and J. A   <.-imh-.il	
11 King il Mining Co       	
Vmlr Hold Mining Co , Ltd	
Vmi. '.old .Mining Co. LU	
.....Id .Milling Co. 	
rrll and Itose   Mc'iJyin.	
*. ek Hidden Treasure (odd Mining Co	
1,old Mining a.id Development Co
. 1. Peers, Chaa. Dundee and T  McPherson.
Bti iu and 1 Upper*, and L. Mines, Ltd.  	
Heath CoM	
Jtl. I.eod   Caiii|ibeil     	
Kearui         M	
nit) Mining and Improvement Co.	
c Bride      	
old Mining Co	
. Porter.    	
Copper t.iiccn	
Canadian Pacific..
Canadiaii Belle.
Camprey lilen   . ���
Copper King	
Chihuaha ���....
1 Mining Co.  	
I honiNon. .1.  Vdamsiiii. A. Fcrland and J. A   Cowan
Vmir Cold Mining .V M. C, Ltd., N. P. I	
[ll. , J, A. ...iinlan and K. Coryell..
I   '.allon, K. Peter*. T.H. McPherson
���*. Milling Co., Ltd
v Milling Co.. Ltd    	
* iionnai and Doi]ih Boyee
|ll. Caldwell, It. Thomas, J. A. TiiMier, P. N. Mel-cod and H.J. Healcy
..old Mining A D.-vclopnicut Co., Ltd   .
nane.J.K   Sl. K.<rial.-and Audrew hoslad
- lam. Cod  Mining A Development Co,, Ltd
aeo.na L. C. Mining Co , Ltd   ...     .
King dill Mining Co   ...
I'h'   I hoin.soii and James Adamson
J   Hughe*., Cyril A r.*h. bald, Neil McU.ii._ii. K. llradlevA Mary J. Hugh.
*, 1, A. rurln and J. A. Maceo.iald	
1 b Henley ,	
tn. *'"  ,	
Ltd  ..
olden Calf	
Unod Hope	
"ond Hope ftee No. 1.
ood Ki.ough	
'iibrallar 21M
<>bl M
-lacoma C c Minim
���Ji Vmir Mini in; Co., Lid
[jgen. J. H. Po*id amic. m. Oaeec
old  Mining I
American Trn��t CO
..bl .Mining Co
I ton Hii l ton. aduiiiil-.ral.iroI estate of Herman Docker, dee-cased
���>! ghan
an Kaglcohl MiiilngCj	
[Uold MiningCti      	
��� Gold,tillvarand Copper Mug. Co., Ltd
c.dd Mining Co., Ltd 	
ton D.-V. WyiuL, Lid   	
���bllberl and Oliver Blair   	
Hloi-Vuiir c.dd Mining und Milling Co., Ltd., N* P. I.	
i*.".'1'11       '.	
Brack Hidden   Treasure Uold Mining Co	
|ran.le .Mining Co , Ltd 	
old -Mining Co -.	
ijlon Suit in- a Imtnlstralor of eslacof Herman Lneker, dooeaaed
[t I*' Dodd  	
rdlK-rg, 0. W  Amleriou am) J. Malone	
blniing and Milling Co        	
���*���������*��� "mir Gold Mining Co., Ltd	
��� obi Mining Co.. Lid      	
mui nud Jens Olseil	
old  Mining Co     	
.botl, Henry Abbott and K Healev
Hidden Treasure Cold Mining Co
bl Mining Co
Annie Muv
Atlllie ,'iae
Dig Hump
bully Hoy
Hroa.i Axe
II. .V M ,
Muck Hon
leu ��� inn]
.. 2 Oil
... *-___*
. Aktt
. aim 1
.. am*
. IHO'i
Hidden Treasure    	
Humming Bird 	
Henry Clay	
Hal lac   	
Iron Cap   .   	
Iron Arm	
Imperial Krae., Fractional
Hi-I.i H.art
Laat chance
L. Bt. Frar
Inn,a Dooilc
',,   41!
. _.-__
Money-Market ififlW
Michigan M_0
M.H   ��hi
Mnrlllde  387t
.'>_".* >
Old Hill	
Ontario SOW"
Parker  UU
Plcton SUM
Pat 2IW
Prince*. Krai-., fractional WW
I'lalol Frac      8.52
Koaa Mi'-f-
apeciord 3-13&
RioUrande Frac	
Randolph M4*
Bohmulha 3*7!
Bnowallde ��w
Halmou M-ir 3W2
Stanley 4sm
Summit   4Z&
Seattle  -Wfl
Suniel.      8U71
Trout M_B
Delia Hoy  408
Vancouver    ��7_7
W, J. Hryan MM
White i'hie 4004
:i nri
lu 76
111 A0
in -iiii tO
tt .INI
tt IIU
11 .'Al
11 50
11 75
IS. 7..
11 00
\1 -VI
7 25
12 0U
11 ou
10 fill
_ .*��
8 BO
11 .35
6 fiO
2 25
7, fill
_ 75
Q 75
Ll (M)
6 25
12 25
13 00
tt '.fl
13 OU
10 IS
3 60
13 IIO
13 Ul
13 (Nl
4 25
U 75
11 Ul
a 26
13 IU
13 Ul
Costs and
K_ pel. sea
2 Ul
2 ui
2 Ml
2 (Ml
2 00
t 00
2 ut
3 .in
2 Ul
2 00
2 00
3 Ul
3 Ul
2 Ul
2 ui
2 Ml
2 Ul
2 IN)
2 Ul
2 (Nl
2 IN)
2 IN)
2 Ul
2 U>
f I:i (Nl
12 75
11 75
12 50
12 35
13 36
11 U)
11 UO
12 (HI
15 Ul
18 75
14 75
i.i (NJ
14 60
14 U)
lit SB
11 36
15 INI
15 Ul
11 25
15 .(Nl
12 26
14 an
15 Ul
4 50
14 26
15. Ul
15 00
li 25
10 25
bated Hi Nelaon, B.C.,thii4tb dayofOch bar. 1806.
l>epiily Assessor and Collector
, Nelsou Assessment District.
iperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
I'AL Al)THOKIZKU,...|0._00,000. OAPITAL PAID UP. ,,-|-,��0,000
BK8T >l,2S0,0-0.
K. W1LKIK, Pnwid.iit. HON. HOBEllT JAKKKAY, VioD-PreBidout
Branches in British Columbia:
Diipimibi r����iv��l and interost allow id at current rates from date of opening ao-
ht untl ci's-iliii-il half-yearly.
Iii.i.som branch -1.   ML   LAY, Atanager.
\he T^qya/ ^ank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
\>ital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
"inns of firms and imlivliliinls op-Ufld on the niotii  favnrulilu Iitiiih.
Tlilrii-isii  branohei In  British  Columbia.
Bp-olaJ   iilti'iitliin   to oul  uf town  hiisliii'HS.
E   KMNNY. Pn-B., Halifax,       K. L,  PBA8B, (lonoral  Manager, Montreal.
_ Burns S* Co.
Notice is lien-Py Riven lhat, Uiirlv dflys afler
dale, I iniend to apply to (lie Honoraijle tlte
Chief ComiiiisMoiier of 1-atidn and Works lor h
neclel license incut and carry away Umtwr from
ihe Following deeerlbed lAndi, nttute m the
Weal Ki.nifiiHv dimrlct:
Commenolng al a poxt marked Fred Atkinson'**
iiiirt!.wi-si corner pout, plumed ebont one mile
east of Upper Arrow lakeHiid Joining Lot8M|
thence eacl XI) chains, ihenee WUttl fl" ehuiiiH,
theme west-Uehnlua, Ihence north HU chains to
point ol commencement
Ptted ihfa -ttii day of October, ison.
frnm. Atkinhon,
    Cms Hh_.	
Take notice that :-Hi day**, after dato we Intend
mekini eppltcatlon to the Boncumble the chief
Ct.uuiiihMiiiiiT.il Laud-, and Works for H special
Heeliae lo cut Rial carry hwhj*   limber from   the
following deeerlbed landi]   Oommenelng ai a
nor-u near the Koutheasi corner Ot lhe K.AH.
Hal way, l.m H'ki, nenr Utile Clacler ereek,
niiiniin- thence north 160 ohftini! theuee east
4 I'liuitia; thenee aouth lfioclntin*; (hence went
40 obtina to point of eommeneement.
Ualed, September IHth. Utori
 IUniki. Tpo��kv, Agent.
Noilce In hereby Kiven that .'Hi davs after date 1
intend toapply   to  the  Hon. (he chief Com mln
���loner of Lanoa and worn for a apeo.al ltoenoe
toCDt and carry h** ay tlmher from the following
deaeribed landa, slluute in West Kootenay distriet : ComiueiiciUK al a post on Hohilisoii creek,
lliree-ijuartcrs nf a mile northweal of l-archer'*
{ire em i>i hm, tbenco weit 80 ohalni- ihence north
0 obalm, thenoe eait ho chains, Ihenoe south w
chain-, tn p Intof commencement-.
I-oealed July iHli. 1'.*m.
Hko. IlfrNOKHSON, l.iieiilor.
puiofa Harketg in   R___lftOd,  Trail,   Nnlsoii, Knslo,   Snhdnn. Three Korku, Now
Donvor muil Slocan Oity.
glen by mall to my branch will have
Ir prompt and careful attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
"Kellpse No. 'J," "Vevey," "Happy Medium,"
������liileiimlitniitl" mnl "A In Kractioual" miu
eral claims, situated in thcKloeau Cily Milling
Division of West Kootenay district.
Where located J��� Norlh of 'Iwehe Mile creek,
about two tulles npr"
Take notice lhat I, 11. K. Joraml, of Hlocttti, B.
O.i Free Mtner'a < erlifiente No. H7H.IO0, as agent
for I.. A, Cole, Free Miner's Certificate No. B-ktt,
Intend, sixty days from lhe dale hereof, to app y
tothe MluiiiK Recorder (or a Cerlllleale 011111-
rovenieuta, for the puruoHeo'
iraiii of -nld mineral elalms
And further inke   noi'ce lhat uelioii, under
���Section 37, n��mi be commenced before tne Imu-'
ance of inch Ccrtillcaleof Improvements.
Hated this .will day of September, I'.in.
       .   H- It. JOBAWI>.
Under ami hy virtue of the powers of sale contained Hi a certain morlgaK- which will he produced at the time of sale, there will he offered
for sale hy public auction on Haturday the'JOth
day or OetoiK-r, mu,, at the hour of 12 o'clock
noon, Ht lhe Hold Hume, corner of Ward ami
Vernon streets. Nelson, li. c , hy Messrs. Clmrles
A. Waterman -V Co., Ihe followtiij properly, vi*.:
I,ois numbers fifU-eu (id and tdxlccn (Iii), both
in Hioek number leu (lo), being pari of the aui.
division of I-ot ninulter ninety six, Croup one,
Hi ihe distriet of Koolenay, llrlllsh Columbia,
and known as lhe Hume addition to Nelson,
ll. c , iifi'.iidiin: to a map or plan deposited In
the [.ami Begirtry Office and nurabereo_8.11.
Ciinii the said land Is erected a lurj-f and eoni-
moiHonsdwelllug house In first-class order, with
eity water. This property Is not far from tho
business |iorlloll of the eity.
Terms and conditions made known at the time
oisa'eorin the meantime upon application to
Mortgagee's Solicitor.
haled at Nelion the 17th day of Kept. WW
Nelson    Merchant!    Declare    War    on
Railway Companies for Fair Freight
Rates for Nelson.
The wholesalers of Nelson have re-
wived to carry their case to the railway commission if necessary for fair
rates for Kootenay.
The meeting was held promptly at
8:30. Those present were; F. Starkey,
president; I. O. Nelson, G. Nunn, II.
Li. Ooodeve, J. A. McDonald, J. A.
Montgomery, J, A. Irving, W. G. Gillett,
S. M. Ilrydges, K. K. Ueeston, J. K.
Hunter, K. Ferguson, E. F. Gigot, 1*
b&mont, R. M. Hood, W. G. Thompson
aiid others, ahout 25 iu all.
The minutes of the last regular
meeting and a special meeting were
read aud adopted.
The president remarked ihat the officers had held office for five months
beyond the time of the annual meeting. The elections were, however,
postponed   to  another  meeting.
The chief business of the evening
was then attacked. A letter from the
hoard of trade containing the resolution adopted last Thursday night on
the subject of freight rate discrlmfna-
fliin against Nelson was then read.
The chairman briefly recounted the
circumstances  already   published.
G. Nunn laid before the meeting the
figures oblalned by ��� Mr. Macdonald,
showing the discrimination In favor of
Vancouver against Nelson in shipments
hi Crow's Nest points.
After some discussion on the differ
ences In rates on different articles, H.
G. Goodeve said: "I think our main
contention Is that we should not pay
a higher rate from Montreal or Toronto to Nelson than is paid from iho
game   points   to  Vancouver."
This position was endorsed hy F.
Siarkey and others. Mr. Slarkey remarked that Bpokane merchants were
gradually winning a similar fight
against Seattle.
li. F. Gigot advised that an expert
be employed lo carefully prepare Nelson's whole case iu the matter, lo be
suhmflted first to the railway companies, and Uien. If necessary, to the
railway  commissioners.
J. A. McDonald remarked that express companies should he included, as
they were giving the same rate from
Vancouver to Fernie as from Nelson
to Fernie.
It was resolved on motion of H. G.
Goodeve and J. A. McDonald that a
committee be appointed to engage
some one to prepare a case with full
data, to be laid before railway and express companies, or before the railway
commission If necessary..
The president appointed G. Nunn, H.
G. Goodeve and J. A. McDonald to act
with  the president and secretary.
Mr. Nuun advised thai a finance
committee be appointed, as such a
campaign wutild involve funds.
The treasurer reported -16 on hand
and dues for the current year still to
he collected.
The president appointed J. A. Irving,
P. Lamont and .1. G. Nelson.
With instructions to all committees
to get to work early the meeting adjourned.
Notice fa herehy Riven 'hat iixty daya aller
date I intend to apply to the Honorable llie
('hief Commissioner of I__nda and Works, (or
piTiiits-fon 1.1 purchase the following described
lands in the Weit Kootenay district: Beginning
al a posl marked "Jame-tii Fruiter'fl N.K. corner,
am) p anted on the east shore of WhaUhao
(Cariboo) lake, aboul one-half mile uorih nf
Christie ereek; thenee aouth 40 chains, more or
lens, lo the north boundary of W. Seeombr's application io pun-lniM-; tlu-nce went along the said
boundary 40 chain*, more or leas, to the flhore of
the lake; thenee following I'm said shore in a
general nnrth. rly aud easterly direction W)
chaini. more or less, to point of eommeneement,
containing 100 acres, more or leas.
Oct    l_lh,!!W> JAMM1.  KtiA-KH,
F. I,. Ham mom-. Agent.
Notice is herehy given lhat 1-0 days after dale I
intend to make application to the llouorable the
Chief Commisaloner of l^tnds and Work.*! (or i>er-
infsxiou lo piirchH-e the following described
landa: Commencing at a post placed adjoining
the southwesi corner poel of Leon Watson's Ap-
plieatiou to Purc-baM*, running so ehalna north;
lbence U cliaina west; thenco SO ehulns aomh;
(heme l1' chains east, c�� point of commence-*
ment, con tninlng JlsfO acres more or leas.
Hated Oeluber 13, 1!KHi.
hvrvii Wjnteb,
 By his agent, Krnkht, W. Hominson.
Notice is hereby given thai <��U days after date I
inieml to make application to Ihe Hoiiorahle the
(-hlel Commissioner of Uuids and Works for permlnion to purchase the following described
lands*. Commeneing at a post pbieed about ono
mile easl of Whalsoan creek and ahout three
mites toutb or Whalahan lake, running 80 ehaim
south: Ihcnce HO chains west; thonce 80 chaiDi
north; thence SO chains east, to point of commencement, con til Hi-IK M0 acres more or less.
1 ninl OctoberU, IWo,
Parse MiNacohton,
Ity his agent, Kkm-xt W. Hoiiinson
Nollee Is herehy given that 60 days alter date I
intend to make application lo the Honorable the
('hief Commissioner of I .tun In aud Works for per-
mission to purchase the following desc*lbed
lauds: Commencing at a posl planted ou Hie
northeait corner of Peter MoNuughtoii's anpiieu-
tlon to purchase, following the eaat boundary of
���ame "-i chains south; thence Nf chains east;
theuce Ho chains north; Ihenee so chains west to
point of commencement, oontainlng tint acres,
more or less.
Holed Oct. It, 1906. A I.11KRT feUlOTT,
By his agent Kit not W. Hoiiinson.
Notleo Is hereby given lhat ihi dayi alter date
I Intend loapply to the Honorable the ciilet
Com mlssloner of Lauds and Worka for jieriiils
sion ti) purch'i.-i- the following described lamia;
Commeneing at a post planted on the northeail
corner of Peter nCNahghtOo'l application to
purchase, running ao ehalni west along lhe
northern hotiodary of same; theuee 80 cluilns
north; Ihence HO ehnins eatt; thence 80 chains
south, along the wesl boundary of John Klliotl's
application <o purohaae, to point ofoommenee-
iiieiii, containing r>lil acros, more or leis.
Dated Oct. HI, Wfl. Thomas Smith,
Hy hIn agent, Khniht W   Homnm.n.
Notice Is hereby given that ��0 davs afler date
I Inieml lo apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of Lands aud Works for permission to purchase
the lollowlng described lauds in Wesl Koolenay
iHstrie': li.'glniiiti'ss; ui a post marked,"Bern-
hard Hlrseh'sH. K. corner," ami planted 011 Ihe
east shore of the narrows of Whatshan (Ciiriboo)
lake; Ihenee n*rl,_ KO chains; ihenee west lo
OhalM moreor less, lo the shore of Whatshan
lake; Ihcnce following said shore In a general
southerly and easterly direction l-A)chains more
or less, to p int of commencement: containing
i-.it acres, more or less.
Dated this Mb dayof Oct. 1008.
Hkiiniuhh Htitscn,
         K. u, Hammond, Agent
Notice ts hereby glveu that sixty days afterdate
I inlcnd to apply to (he lion. Chief CommiMioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands In tho West
Kootenay distriet: Beginning at a post marked
"J. K. Hlmllieo'N H. W. corner," and planted about
one-half mile east,,of the shore of Whatshan
(Carlboo)Jako ami ubout fl nULeH north of the
narrows ot the said lake, aiol altheH, K. eurner
of Arthur  Warren's   application   to  purchase;
Silver King Hotel
Be_t Dollar a daj house in the Kootenays.
Rooma are well furnished.   Table ac good ai anf
ln Nelion.    Bar supplied with good
ilaunrs and claart.
W. E. HoOANDUBH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
-nroptaa and Amnrlcstn Plan
Me.li _ ctl.   Room. Iron �� cu. to 11.
Only While Help Implored.
BUer St., Kelion Proprleton
Baftlett   House
But Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar U tbe Ftneit.
White Help Only Implored.
Joeepbtne St.
The Kg Schooner n___  f A_
Or "Hill ind Hill"   BcCl   1 UC��
The only Glass of Good Boer in Nelson.
ilote] sss-.'ssisissiinlssiiisiiR .ei-G-il to iione In Brit-
ii-i Column!*. Riitpsfl.l.i|��erslaj-. Hpofisil rate,
to monthly boanter.. Only Imine hotel In Nel.on
Lake View Hotel
Oorner Hall and Vernon,
two bliwki from wharf,
Ruled 11.00 per day and up.
Telephone 118. NiELSON,   B* C*
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally I-K-ated. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Roomi Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corn- Ward an. Vernon Sired-.
Tfce Stfathcona
Nelion, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Kooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
-ante and comfortable Bedroomi and Flrit-
rl,,-- I lining Boom.  Sample Rooma tor Commer-
ClKl  M. II.
MRS. K. C. C1.ARKK. I'roprlsjtreaa
The well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest iu tbe
-  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Bcardem.
ilitiurrii-i 80 ���'Imiiin; thenee north NOcIiaIii*;
thenco wesi mi cha ini to the nnrthea��i oorner of
Arthur Warren'* application to puri'hatie; thenee
m iii ih NO clmi nn lu p..ml nf i tiiuuii'iH-iriU'iil. con
uiiiiii*. 1140 h-ti-h, more or Ion*.
(ict. l;itli, liXKi. J.N. Sim i.s ko,
_ F. L. Hammond, Arcui.
Notiee It hereby given thai fio dayr after date I
Intend to apply to the Uonorahle the Chief Coin -
in jNniiuur ol f-ands and Worku for pernilMlon lo
iHin-hitHt- tin* following dei-crlhed lands in the
Wt-Ht Kooteuny dlHirlet: Ilegtunlng at a post
iniirki-d "Alexander Primer'r N. W. -.-orner," and
planted on the east shore of the imrrows of
Wlintshnn (Cariboo) Uke, at the H. K. rorner of
H Tiihiini Hlnwh's application to purchiiiu-;
thenee east .0 t-hulus; theiu-e itoiith Wclialnn;
thenee west 40 ehalns, more or less, to the shore
of the narrows; theuee followlug the said shore
In a northerly dlreettou mi ehHlns, more or less
totho point of com iur ucu in en I, containing :iji
sen-s, more or leu.
Otd. lilth, MOB. Ai.K\amh;k PtAHKH,
 hy V L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is loTfiiv given that sixty days after
the date I Intend to apply tothe Hon. the Chlel
Commissioner of I^ancTs and Works for pejmls-
slon touurehase the followlug deserllM'd land
In the Weil Kooteuny district: Heglnulng nt a
post mirkcil "K. It, Roll's N.K. corner," and
planted on the shore of Whatalmu (Cirlhoo) lake,
at ihe northwest corner of tald lake; thence Hu
.chains west; theuce .0 ehalns nouth; thence 40
chains east: thence .0 chains south; thenee eas-
Hlchaius, mon Or itm to the short- of Ihe said
Inkc; thenee uortherly along the aald lake rrhore
NobaJAl* more or leas, lo tn. imlnt ofeonunen
cement, containing Ino acres, more or less.
Dated Oct. U, INK u. r. kiil,
V. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that <kl days after dale I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
nl Und-- ami Works for permission lo purchase
the rollowlng deacrllwd lands situated iu the
West Kootenay dlatrlet: He liming nt a poat
marked "William Ki-ii's N, W. corner," aud
planted about one tulle south of thu north end
o{ Whatshan (Carllwo) lako, about twenty chalus
west of the west shore ot said lake and ou tin*
south boundary of K R. Kcil'n application to
purchase; thenee aouth 80 chalna; thenee eust 'i >
chains, more or less, to the said lake shore:
thenco northerly along Ihe snld shore HO chain ,
more or less, to the said south houndarv of
K It. hcll'N application to purchase; Iheiie- woM
'20 chains, mora or less to the point of ('ommencc
uienl, coutaiuing ll'-n aeres, more or teas.
Dated Oct. IH, ll��W. William Kkii.,
Ky K. L. Hammo.su, Agent,
Residence for Sale.....
Price $1,000
Term* ��I60 cmih
IihIiiiiiis monthly |iayiiiisnt��
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. <& M. BIRD.
��� ���
insurance.   Real Estate And Miolsg
Manager for the Kootena*/ Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest e-tablinhed Real Estate
Bn-inem iu Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Actea
of the
Choicest Frstt Landa la
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy uow and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
ANHEUSER   -" ��� ��"�����-
busch...       Bttdweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON      ***__!_____���. Ht,-h    VICTORIA
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importar of Fin*
I��..itUni. Qoodn
Jno. T. Pierre
Bak.r St. Nalaon, B. C.
October Idtb
Fare and
For Round Trip
Tickets on Sale Oct. 16-17.18.
(IihkI tu return until Opt 90lh.
For time tables, ratea, berth reser
vatlnnn for boat-, Btamlaril or lourlal
sleepers, apply lo local agents or write.
���      A.(i.l'.A..V,iiss-osiss-r. II I'.A . N.i.dii.
Thiily-sKO-d Annul Gnvmllon
American Bankers'
Sl. Louis, Mo., Oct. 16-19, 1906
Kmitul lri[> ri��li*M in HI. Until,
fttt't Chli'iiito uu Sale October
l.ili to |:ith.
St. I.nuis Stooo
t'\\\e*vf,o  Wg^
tioiuR tnuioU limit ton dnvs
from ilaiu of Hale. Final return
limit Norembt-r :Mtli, 1900.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
Iti tlte. I Orlobcr a.th, l����, on
Mil'   'iHllV. Illllllr.l    t(�� H   IMIMlltlS
fn.iii -late of Hale.
os Aiigi'leHHiid Hanla Burtmra,   Mk,tO
I'HHailciia..   atii0
Santa Mi.nl.n ^jq
Jtlvertti-l-Miti-i iton |iarnar<|lni>.      se.io
RedlamlH _m^0
For Further Inforniatlun Apply id
('lly Putwen-for Agent.
A ll. P. A.. Suallli-. ii
ki m
The Daily Canadian
V,.  hav.    sis     bMl   r111.!   faarantM ll lo Kive satisfaction. The styles
runs   ai-'  llss-  newetl   mi  ili.- market   How are these for prices:
Vegetable  Dishes  S9.00
Puddinsj   Dishes    $6.00.   17.50.   $10.00
Bread  Trays  ...$���>. $5.50, $6.75
Butter  Dishes  ....$1.65, $2, $3.75, $4
!Book Ahead For!
Preserving Pears!
���      The right  kiwi Eire scarce.   We
4 hare a nice lot of local Battletta **,
__   and Flemish Rcauti-.- to arrive J
Lowest market prion guaranteed, j
Bell Tradingj
X        _.ompany        ���
��� ���
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from j
the tree when you were a J
How uice it tasted then.
has some just like them.
Come and sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
| Joy's Cash Groceryj
Cor. Joseph Inr nud Mljl Sti-.      I'liont U
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it tn their advantage to use our fitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Thorpe's Lithia
���.        SYSTEM
Thorpe & Co'y,
��� ���
J ib. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box -   30c
Then goodi are h.�� Biu h- the more expentlve
ki.cl-. Hi.' unly difference is till* iiackti-jc.
Plume It. Baker St.
Next P. Burns & Co.
Uor. Vernon nnd Word Street-*,
,1   FRED HUME, Proprietor.
E. C. Binkier, S .J. Thomson, J. W,
Kerr, 11 A. Small, Vancouver; F. R.
Mucsloiialtl; Toronto; A. Lucas. Toronto; C. M. Bourke, Clubb's Lauding; H.
C. Day, Ottawa: B. H. Eskuche, Milwaukee; P, Hunt Chlcasgo; .1. E. Wilson, Chicago; W. 11. Dench, Owen
Sound; II. M. Chllds, Second Relief;
II. Deana, Winnipeg.
11. Irving. \V. C, Zwlcky, .1. L. Retal-
lark, Kit.-lss; J. O. Trethewey, La
Plata; .1. P. Couldrey, Rossland; W. Q.
Btephen am! wits-. Banff; Q. Bliss, F.
W. Western, Toronto; W. O. Donovan,
Winnipeg; \V. C. Watson, Vancouver;
C. H. Medol, .Montreal.
S. M. Manuel,    Ksquimault;    J.    II.
Wlnlaw, Wlnlaiw; W. H. Shafford, Revelstoke; C. Seech, Rossland.
I.   M.   Fosdyke L.  M.  Josephs,  San
don;   P. -I. Smyth, Alnsworth.
-I. Mentuth, Windsor: D. J. McFar-
land, G. M. Brown, Ymir.
Mrs Smith, Wiulaw; F. L. Simmons,
II. Arundel, II. Hudson, Bonnington:
w. C. Harvey, Pretoria; R. Donaldson,
Harrlston; W. G. Mcintosh, Winnipeg;
L. P. Rodin. Greenwood.
B. Mtheson, Ymir; H. T. Jones, Calgary; J. Brown, Salmo.
H. T. Petit, Cranbrook;    B.    K. Josephs, Trail; 11. Kllllgren, Rossland.
C. II. Droadfoot, Seaforth; S. J.
Dunn, n. A. Campbell, VV. Frame, Halifax; R. Lee, Red Deer; E. F. Crawford. Three Forks; J. Dunn, Truro.
W. McCauley, Sandon;  D. Munro, .1.
Sheran,   Kaslo;   J.   I.udwig,   Movie;   J.
Moraveak,  Rossland;   A.  J. Gra'v,  Kokanee;   M   rsslism, Spokane.
��� Rii-1 Retail PcHiers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied nn shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing lint fresh nnd
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Pole iiK'-m for iii-> Porto l.i1*" I.innt>c*r Co Ltd ,
rclatl yard. Rough and Are wd lumber, tamed
work nn. bracket*. Ooui uth nnd ���hln-rlet rmh
uu.i doori. Cement, brick tnd lime foi uie
Antcitnatli* grin .--r.
Yard u��<. factory: Vernon St.. eut of Hall,
.NELSON-  H. <j.
p ��  ""* -���-��� Telcphnni- 17k.
For Kvervthiutf Wood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurman's .Special Mixture?
r/l MKV. Ht s.iiri-. for wssrk In Hit- wOOdl,   Apply
tn W   K. S'������ls,., Mwmlll, Kn.ln.
I.AIIV STKN'llilliAI-IIHR f,,r |,,���lll,,n In i-immrv.
OOM   home  ss ills  s-ssiplssyi-r's.  lu.-silly.     Apply
l.llX  W.. "Hll.'lltSII SS-llS'.
uri-H.MKX. Mill llsui.ls.ssis.1 Utnlng-otitn. urn,
ssl.ss  KDKIni-sr     WsttUtrarg l.tmiVr I'm., nssssr
COMPETENT   NUBS-   lilRL.   Tilt   rlillslrc-n.
Apply box G13.
Bom, yesterday, to the wife of B.
McN't-ily, Fairview,  a  daughter.
Horn, this morninp. to the wife of
Oliver T.  Ford,  Vernon street,  a son.
I'uion Thanksgiving service will be
held iu the Methodist church, as announced, tomorrow at 11 a. ui.
Tomorrow being a statutory holiday
the general wicket at the post office
will be open only between 10 and 12
a. m.
All members of both Association
football teams which will play tomorrow, are requested to be on hand at
tilt- lti. creation grounds at 1:13 p. m.
sharp, that the game may Interrupt the
school spurts for as short a tijne as
Tomorrow being Thanksgiving day
and the festival of St. Luke, there will
he services in St. Saviour's church as
follows: S a. ni., holy communion;
10:30 a. ni.. matins and holy communion. The church lias been appropriately decorated. There will bo special music at the later service.
John Towler of the Hudson Hay company's local staff and Miss Jessie
Blrss were married quietly last evening by Rev. J. T. Ferguson at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs.
Brown, Carbonate street. They left
this morning via Spokane for a trip to
the coast cities before*taking up house
In Xelson.
Asked as to the feasibility of heat-
in., the Exhibition building for the opera on Hallowe'en night, W. G. Cranston says that the only available opera
house in Edmonton is a building of the
same kind, and no difficulty is experienced. The Auditorium in Winnipeg is also similar, hut much larger.
It Is sometimes used for operatic performances and Is comfortably heated
in mtdwtnted by six stoves.
Mining Records.
Three locations, one transfer and
four certificates of assessment work
were recorded In the Xelson mining
office  today.
Mrs. h. Laib recorded the Carbonate,
located September UU, near Kitchener,
and the Dominion, In the same locality, located October _.
G. A. Hunt recorded the Black Jack,
adjoining the Carbonate, located October 13.
N. \. Xattstead transferred the Walla Walla placer claim, at the mouth
of Whiskey creek, on the Nortb Fork
of Salmon river, to J. J. h. Peel for $_.
Certificates of assessment work were
issued to F. S. Clements, agent for H.
Cane, on the Black Pine: to K. K.
Lalb on the Red Top; to S. Hasha on
the Venus Fraction Fractional; to D.
Nichols, on  the  Alice.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clenr ont this line
we are reducing the price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
aud its suburbs. Phono MS,
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
October 22nd, 23rd and 24th
Canailu'H Favorite Comedian, and
Nelson's   Favorite  Soprano.
MONDAY���"The  Governor's  Wife.
Prices son, 75, ji.oo.
Seats on Sale al Rutherford'- Friday
I have put In u fine line ol Silver-
war efor Xmas trade. This In th efin-
est line of Triple Plated Silverware to
be had.    Every piece Is guaranteed.
Make an early selection    for   your
Xmas presents.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica aud Josephine Sts.
in tlie price of
Post Cards
3 for 1 Octs.
W. G. Thomson
fT��A0T._._kKR """ Nelsou, B. C.
I'll-ine 3-4.
A, McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and. fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp aud Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Prt-
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Coal nud Wood.   Express and
EagKaKe Transfer
i>__g. ill Office: Baker St.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
OOOD8   CAI.I.I.I)   I'Ol.
Baker Street.     -     NKLSON.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
How  Ahout   Your
Guns and
We have ..ley's, Kynock's, Winchester, and QpffgweU &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester nnd
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Contfl, Punts, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      NelMon, B. C
best.    Try a pound with
your next order.
Money refunded if not  satisfactory.
Telephone IB1.
Potter & Cummings
Talking nliinit it win neither put a
iiiiinii inio your home nor bring imek
the days���valuable _ay__-your daughter Is wasting. Let nn mil you how
easy wa will innki- li for ymi NOW to
give your family ilm piano they have
wished for so long.
"Acts IVot Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Houses for Sale!
Can sell you one at a very low price, if you buy quickly,
Come and see us about these.
I'hone 2��4.
Box KI.
Watches! Watch*
We are Headquarters for the Host
American Watches manufactures! We
are making every effort to meet tlie
requirements of railroad  men..
J. J. WALKER, >E���Z^.0^
luwriiKi,    R-pairiDg and jobbing _ Speci.|ty
Sheet-natal Work, (*imtiii|is, BuHder.1 Material anil Minion and Mill MiuTmiiitt
Ofllce anil Works Foo�� of I'ark St.
I'll,.lie   1.1*.
>'����lM..I.,   II. y.
Kootenay  Agents
Limited, Winnipeg.
Whole-.-.Il<_:  I'rciviNiniiM,
I'rod uee.
Dominion Qovernnient Oreamarv One Pound Bri'-ks raootve. weekly irr.ii
from tlie eliurn.    Kssr sals* !sy all leiulinj.' Kroccrs.
oilice nnil warehouse: Honfton Blook,   Phone79,
Nelson, B. C
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If   not,  NOW
Is the time to have it repaired.
]* ft Ashdown Hardware Co,, Lti
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be resiionslble for any furnace not io shape
by October 1st, 190C.
R_sp.ilrir.ic and .lol.hl.iK --cetit-sd with DMMtetl.   Shot Metal
\v����rk, ..iissssssi "nu Mill Maehlnary.    Mmsuisiciurvi-.-s <>t
Ore Cum, u. I..   Ciiistrii-liirs' Corn.
-NELSON,    B. C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 l-2c\
McDermid & McHafdy
�� Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
All Sizes nml Lowest 1'riei
MANUFACTURERS   | ^UUi    ��.__.��!,__.
AND DEALERS IN   L^Utti^tf   _>_li_lglCSt
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and I truck ut m. Mail Orders prompt, attended I*
 VHWNOIN MTI-tlilil    .   .   .   INKI.SOIN, B. C
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
Became we cannot procure a better, taking Into account design, workmanship, cooking qualities and price
We will be pleased to show you its good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y


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