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The Daily Canadian Dec 14, 1906

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I,   No  163.
Fifty Cents a Month
Church Makes
Large Concession
((solutions Adopted Bridging Many
Clauses in Matters of Church
Policy   Getting Closer.
millionaire lumberman, and five do ,.
!"e" ,',"���"  In the buoungham labor riots, ��,.,,. oommltte. tor trial yat
Judge   Unique!le.
lerduy  by
Ai 1 in- general
��� coninuii.. nis-. Hub on churoh anion
I.   nigiii ilu   Mine  suss (Iran  ui,  to
Iss ���     ���  1 lenos   from   the
lutiinsu .1: List chnrehM, staling
I'.,- 11  tin   quettlOQ  ul  ur
ic.. :. with llie three de
li .: is.,:   uow   have  It   under
Di isssiss HuplisU ot tne
���Biniiins' inuviiice shows that the
Ittun-li 111 ih> East does not tiauk at
li; ; . u! organic union as be-
In- sel 11 spi-tilis luvurulji)
Is    .       . iuu     liupiists thruughoui
_'..' unada appear (llapoaiq
I*. ���    and cssusid.-r wiiai
l-s 1 1 < is     'Ihu lust coaler
lenct- ui i:i,j.,-    appointed the Hissing
I*- ll   could name,   but  so
|i- 1 been tukeu in ine
atiei ssl utti.-i ihan their expi��-Bs<-u
Imitrsj us si,,  invitation extended to
jn'��� wllllngnaM  to  cooler
|' ��� ���:- ssn iiie subject.
 Ilook bo far Is iiidcn-
AjigUoan church, it
I*- ll ss]K-n to lake pre-
I11 -.ssisi    ihis  und.      11
pitim 1.- .-!, mi  wiili  iho Church 01
tlSlsslis:. futli cardinal  pullllB will huve
|u*; J"*,'��� ��� ��� 111 ��� -1- iis nominations,
f- Bible Is the sole rule
pll.ssiis,  si,,    apostles'    und    Nii-one
P '.'a   winds "1061111111011 ol
fm |in-ci-sj,  ii���   iwo sucrauicnis, and
>* 'I'. In    ninl   continuity  oi   the
preb rannui bi   broken.   The church
���' - du .sway with the liturgies
|:    '' ss.- isl worship, but win
f* Held in- above points.
Uit ro|iori ol the subcommittee on
|��e chur.-h policy elicited considerable
objection raised to
ubmltte. waa lhat n
"'. II wus felt lhal a
{Unite, clear, businesslike system ol
* son n   . ns sliould be proposed
 lea of churches Inter-
IW would ��,si, 1. have a eh,nr llu.
[^Willis; ���i  what  the  proiiosul  in-
Hi.- re|Kirl was, therefore, at-
"I Hie first two cluus-
��� reported imck io the subcommittee
It. im.,-, ��� ,,������.,, jgtgjjgj statement
d "Wl in is later date at this con-
Pnw- ��r al a    luture    meeting as
fl tt COIIVs'li.-U.
I* clails���, ;,s submitted and dls-
|".Bl ��"rs' sl    ���ws*
Islsni" s"'1* '"cal 'if nl�� of the lndi-
L' r|""fl1 charge, circuit or oon-
,���,,,'" " '"isiiugod by the conKie-
lis-,     "*''���* '"' t't' local boards, ses
lisib i,r
,        ""iniluees subject to the sev-
[     minis,   bases and illsclpllne oi
,..'     '   church,   and   that   such
.msmsiiiii. ,���. committee, be oon-
!'r,s..|i[   ,
ected or appointed* as
��� si-cted nt the oplion ol
"usi,.      chargea,   circuits   or
I, !["""'" formulation of tho plan
' liti l'IKI"""ll"s "f the new chars*,'*
ri|       ' " '   general  uasoniblv. cssn
purch  ��,',,'    '""'"'"    ot    ""'    '"""'"
|     '    ""i.  liinii   nmy  a!   anv  time
-���"opted 11
suiting   ohuroh,
iri'iiii or congregation.
a report  nf  ihe  committee  on
F181111 ""' f"lluwl"K introductory
*�����,'', '"used some illscussioir.
In, ".""���' iin- sleslrabilllv of pre-
Itai,, '"" essence of both seltled pns-
lorih '   "Iherancy, thiB coiniiiiii
I. ' "k* I'lsililim   ,,,���.   u���	
of holh
and Hint the lies!
line,, '' "l"ili<,n Hint harmony
lm,Z ls ,"",B"'1'' ani ll"*, ������- ���
|lni-,l     ... '"'I11  system* may  he r>*
I ���     "'*���    therefore,    recommend
jiinie ii,',",,,",.sorvlcc Bh*>" be *'i*"��"
Phiblnun"'""ni",PK recommendeil the
iliirnt  ""  "'   ""'  B>"Bt(!m  of settled
i* Hi,',"1"' 'tlneranoy,    nnd    there-
1'Hsliiral ss-rvlce shall be with-
'fl.-.l  V"  "'""'       T1,lB     clauw   MAt
nm."!' sub��equently modined by
I'll.'' ,,, 8l��"  of   the   court   to  which
iwistor or people mny havo
'"' Hls-
imieht ��.,  . "2.  ��r R change    being
i*"l>����t��� lh(' Intention   ia   that
Iiib na ,,     y n'mnlii In one place so
I "" iii'sslnn nnil people wish.
Illwa    C��',lmltt's'J 'or Trial.
t'C 14���Alexander McLnren,
Workman    Lose,    a    Hand    Through
Homeone't Blunder.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Urund   Kurks,   JJee.   14.���To   huve  a
istiu pounii hammer drop m feel on the
Hut ot his bund wus int. ttwiU| KX[K.
rseiice yesterday o! Han UampbeU, au
employee of Wall unsl Creelman, the
blillge coutlaclors who are now employed in driving lhe pinng toi tUS
i'ourih street budge acroBs lhe hs-tue
river. 11 seems lhat the victim or tins
uccldeui hud his hand directly under
the hammer while engaged lu doing
some repair work, when by a terrible
mistake the huge hammer wus allowed
to drop M feet ou the unlortnnau
man's huuil, completely llaiuuing n
ou' lo practically the thickness of paper, ihe poor Callow, overcome with
lbe shock win unable io walk anil was
conveyed Io lhe Collage hospital in a
sl.-igh, where the hand was amputated.
'ihe patient ls reported lu be recovering as raplslly as cun be expi ed under  the circumstances.
i.-, t'",':0,n""K u'��t country. Thc ol>
leoi .st this agreement is th,- malnien-
auoe ol u���. utiitu q���o and tlie principle
"i lln- open door.
Royalty   Returns   Home.
London,   Deo    n.���King    Haakon,
IJtl'-i-u Maude and (he crown prince ol
Norway, left London today for Uer-
many. They will stay a couple ot days
with Umperor William nt llerlln before returning to Chrlstianla. King
Kdward, the Prince and Princess ol
Wales, the .Norwegian minister and
others gathered ut the staliou to bid
farewell to lbs- royal travellers.
Plaintiff's    Action    Against    Winnipeg
Free   Press  Dismissed   With   Costa
���Manitoba   College  Exams.
Winnipeg, lx-c. li.���A haunted house
In the uorih end ol this city creuted
considerabls- comment a year ago last
summer. 'I'he Free Press made news
paragrtphs of lhe crowds around the
leslds-uc- und of what attracted people
there. Mrs. ltuoy. owner or the place,
which was the finest in that part ot
lhe cily, entered action against the paper, claiming flO.OOU damages. She
said It was iniiussible to sell tne
property afler the articles apiieared.
Siveral real estate agents testified
along this line in her favor. TUis
morning Judge Macdonald dismissed
Uie case wllh costs.
Winnipeg, Dec. 14.���The council oi
Ihs- Manitoba university decided to recognize examinations aud standings
given in the incorporated colleges al
Hrandun. Kdmoniou. Calgary und British Columbia Institutions.
John Hagerty    Will    Receive fait tor
Injuries at Sullivan  Mines.
The local registrar of the supreme
and county courts received Ihis morn-
lug the award of his honor Judge Wilson in tho claim of John Haggerty
against the Sullivan Croup Mining
company, brought under the Workmen's Compensation Act. S. s. Taylor, K. C. appeared for the clnlinani
nml A. H. MacNelll. K. C, for the company.
Ills honor awards the claimant, m
compeiisali.sn lor injures received,
the sum of ��1U a week until he has re-
oalved t'i'i'.i. 	
Steamship Ashore.
Atlantic Cily, N. J.. Deo. 14.���The
Manloloking lirestivlug stulion reports
a sieunier ashore off Ihut station. The
llfe-snvers have gone to her assistance. The identity of lhe vessel is not
yet known. The Mantoloklug Station
la 24 mllcB suuth of Sandy Hook.
Atlantic City, N. J-. Dec. 14.���llie
steamer ashore near the Manloloking
lire-saving station is the Austrian
freight sleamer Clara, rrom Trieste
via Bermuda, bound for New York.
Prices of Metsls.
New York, Dec. 14.���Silver, B8 l-toi
copper, Hi 7-8c;  lead, |(i.
London, Doc. 14-Silver, 31 11-Wdl
cad, illll 7s (id.
Form Nev�� Drelbund.
London, Dee. U.-urenl Britain, if
uly and France have signed un agreement With the approval of Menellk,
king or Abyssinia, tor the malnten-
mice of the integrity ot ab**s*Ma and
preserving the common action M the
three  po-wers 1" ��"  f>""re 00nth"Wn'
Sweden  Anxiou.  Over  Serious  Condi-
tion of Monarch.
Blorkliulm, Sweden, Dec. 14.���King
Oscar's oonditlon today bIiows considerable Improvement inward uoou tne
Ouard's olflclal   bulletin   wub Issued:
"King Oscar passed a quiet night.
II*. slept six hours, only coughed a Utile aud his temperature this morning
was 10U.il Fahrenhell. His pulse still
Is Irregular, but there ls no increase
ul Phlegm ln the lungs. The patleuis
general condition is fairly satisiuc-
liulletins will be published herealter
twice dally, al 11 a. m. and ll p. m.
The olflclal bulletins had the elleci
ot reassuring the public, but the hope-
Iiilness created thereby wus somewhat
shaken when it leaked out In the
course of the afternoon that camphor
aud digitalis had been used freely in
tlie treatment of the patient. The impression is gaining ground that hlB
uiiiii-Kiy's cssndltlsiu is much more serious Ihan represented by the bullelms.
Crown Prlnoe Custar arrived here loday from Berlin and assumed the regency, which he will hold dnring Ihe
Illness or hla father.
Yesterdays Blaze.
Londonderry, On!., Dec. 14.���In a
destructive blaze here yesterday the
loiiowing rinns were burned out: John
Mclnnes, grocer; Munro, hardware;
McLean, boots and shoes; James Har
rlson. confectioner, and Alexander
Dough. John Mclnnes lost his enure
stock anil hooks burned In the sale.
Munro lost part or his stock, and McLean and Harrison saved the greater
portion of tbelr slock. Families burned out saved their household eflectsJ
The Masons and Knights or Pythias
meet In the upper flat of the building
occupied l��y John Mclnnes and they
lost all their properly.
Heavy Lift for Loot.
New York, Dec. 14.���A safe weighing a ton was carried from ihe residence of Charles Oakley in East W'U-
liston. L. I., by burglars last nlghl,
draeged out to the rear of lhe buuu-
lug. blown open and the contents that
could be used taken by the robbers,
'i'he robbery was no! discovered iinlli
today. |160 In cash with several hundred dollars worth of Jewelry and silver plate was stolen.
The drop ln the mercury today hus
gladdened the heart or the Scotch.
They are now promised an opportunity for sweeping nnd yelling tomorrow night.
Silver recovered one point today on
both metal markets. The American
lead trust has raised the price per
hundredweight from ?0.7G to $li. Copper Ib still at 21 7-8 ceuts.
One week remuius belore tlie west
Koolenay Power & Light company
will refuse to press the button tor
.Nelson. H Is confidently asserted
that the city's plant will be In operation iu less thun a week.
Iu the city police court this morning
a vagrant, remanded   yesterday,   was
given  Iwo  hours  lo  relieve  Nesou  oi
ins presence. The chier constable's us-
soclutlon Is making Kontenay anything
but u happy home lor the anti-labor
P. McL. Korlu will leave by tomorrow's Crow boat lor the East. ins
destination for the present ls Belleville, his old home, where he will Bpend
the winter. Mr. Forin will be missed
In legal, military, niusicul and social
While removing an awning Irom a
building In Chinatown this afternoon,
Fred Suulre fell 20 feet from u ladder
and sustained Beverai bruises ou tne
head and body. He was dazed ror a
lew minutes, bill soon recovered. HIS
injuries wero attended to by a surgeon.
A. H. Kelly, who wns one ol the
most enthusiastic advocates or the
Kootenay river roads and bridge at
lasi night's board of Irade meeting, is
convinced lhat tho host place for thc
bridge Is nt Williams* Siding, where It
will serve all the ranchers ns well as
lhe Queen Victoria mines, antl any luinher camp likely to be established.
French Clergy Offer No
Violent Resistenee
Socialist Organ . upetutes an Absurd Scare���Archbishop Expects
Expulsion by toiice.
l'arii, Dec. 14.���The ttm (lay ol tne
regime or _epa ration or church una
maLe having paused withutil grave ilia-
orders, public intei-vst in the detaila
ol the tou'tlnuatiuu ot the struggle ib
already Hugging, it \& now apparent
ihat the. reHiatance ol the clergy will
he purely passive aud that there ls no
prospect ol religious patulous being
aruu.si-d uuiess the -hurenfes are closed. The government ihereiore Is resting on IU oars aud will continue to _o
so until parliament authorizes the drastic measures which the cabinet is preparing.
in the meantime in this city, except
iu the churches wheru legal applications were filed, the police again look
notcB ot inrractioiiB ol the law at uie
morning masses. Cardinal Hichards,
archbishop or Paris, is awaiting expulsion rrom the episcoiml mansion, 'ihe
government, however, deBlres to avoid
even the appearance ot torce in the
case of the aged primate, who ia Iu
bad health, and Is postponing action
ln the hope that he will soon depart
or ins  own  volition,
The Action, a violent Socialis. organ," today made an attack ujion the
government and created an absurd
scare by calling attention to the fact
that the Catholic Dynastic societies
had a number of rifles. There is not
the slightest evidence, however, that
armed   resistance  is  contemplated.
Marine Mortuary Statistics.
Chicago, 111., Dec. 14.���One hundred
and twentysix lives were lost In navigating the great lakes this -season.
Compared with the loss or _1G lives in
U��U5 the season^ death list appears
small, md yet with hut iwo exceptions
it wan the largest in the decade. During the year 38 persons were lost overboard, 15 fell Into the holds of vessels
and were killed, 11 met death by machinery accidents on shipboard, t committed" suicide nnd 3 died from natural
causes aboard vessels. Kilty-two were
lost when their ships foundered and
5 were drowned in collisions.
Grand  Forks Conservative  Association
Holds      Enthusiastic      Meeting���
Elects Officers and Committees.
(Special  to The Dally Canadian.)
Oranil Forks, Dec. 14.���A most enthusiastic meeting of lhe Conservative
association was held last evening ln
the opera house, there being about 31111
persons in attendance. The object was
lo consider the appointing of officers
ror lhe ensuing year anil also, in view
of the approaching election, lo appoint
Uy a unanimous vote of the meeting
the following officers wore npiminled:
President, B. "Miller; vice president,
W. ninsmore; secretary, D. Mcl'allum;
tr. asurer, II. C. Hanlngton. A strong
executive committee was also appointed.
The meeting also elected by ballot
17 delegates for tlle campaign. A committee was also appointed to corner
with thc Phoenix and other neighboring town associations regarding agreeing on a date for the final convention
for the selection of a candidate.
The best of feeling prevailed thiiugh-
oul the meeting, there being no division in the Conservative ranks. He-
fore the close of the meeting a unanimous vote of confidence In the present Conservative government was laK-
en. This was one of the largest Con-
s-rvatlve gatherings ever held in
Unuid FQrks.
Elect for Prison,
l^nilon. Dec. 14.-Flve of thc female
sulTragtsts who were nrrested for attempting to hold a meeting within tho
precincts of parliament last night, resulting in nn exclling scuffle with the
police, today were sentenced to pay
fines of ?5 each, or iu default to go lo
gaol for a fortnight. Following the
precedent In the cases of the earlier
prosecutions, the women elected to go
to prison.
Farmers  Deluded    In    Supposition  ot
Profitable Industry.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 14.���The internal revenue department Is being
swamped with letters of inquiry from
all parts or the country iu regard to
lhe manulacture or denatured alcohol,
the new law relating to which is to become effective the flrBt ot the year.
From the letters lt Is evident that
many larmers and olherB are ot the
mistaken opinion that the manufacture
of the alcohol will be a simple niatter
aud lhat great profit, are to be re-
rived from the business.
The internal revenue cumniissloncr
desire.s to have It understood thai tins
is a mistaken Idea, lu the optntou hi
the department lt will be Impossible
for the farmer, or even for an association of small tanners, to engage profitably In the manufacture of denatured
alcohol, ln the first place, it Is absolutely obligatory for the makers ot
the product to own not alone distilling
machinery, which is costly if the product Is to be made on a large scale, bui
lt Is necessary, under the law, lor the
manufacturer of denatured alcohol to
have one bonded warehouse uiion the
premises for the storage of natural
spirits as they are first distilled, ano
another bonded warehouse adjoining
the first for the denaturing or poisoning or the tax-free alcohol. The changing of natural spirits Inlo denatured
spirits is to be watched by the government just us jealously ub the production of the original alcohol or the
manufacture of whiskey by the recti-
Plans for Next Year Project Vast Improvements in Kootenay.
Winnipeg, Dec. 14.���William Whyte,
second vice president of the C. V. K���
left for the West last evening. At
Calgary and Vancouver he will meet
It. K. Jamiesou and It. Marpole, general sujierlntendents ot Western and
Pacific divisions respectively, with regard to appropriations tor next year.
Each winter the estimates for the coming season's work are prepared ana
are submitted at the general meeting
lu Montreal iu the spring.
it is understood that the estimates
this year will contain figures for several extensions in the West, as well
as several new branch lines. There
arc B( vera! extensive changes proposed for the Mountain division, whereby
the SxlM'ng grades will be considerably lowered, making heavier trains
and faster time possible. Several new
branch lines ln Saskatchewan and Alberta will also be passed upon, as wen
as Improvements on the Crow's Nest
Pass route and new lines In the
lloundary and Kootenay country.
No Law on High Seas Against Experimental Marriage.
Mew York, Dec. 14.���A cable to tne
Journal from Purls says:
"Kugene 11. Hlgglns, the New Vora
millionaire, uud Emma Calve, thc dramatic cantatrtce, It Ib learned, have
put into actual practice the trial marriage theory of the American woman,
Mrs. Herbert Parsons.
"The experiment ls now being made
on board Hlgglns' yacht, on n cruise in
tlie Mediterranean, extending possibiy
as rar as Japan, wllh a few friends or
the diva and millionaire. Calve and
Hlggins want to see if their love for
eacli other will stand the wear and
tear of a usually disillusioning lire, it
they find they can Btund each other
��ill get married.    If they  don't, tbey
Nelson Sets Example.
This morning the following 'telegram: "Por Information of yuebec
Business Men's league please wire
amount of subscription your Tourists
association received from your city
council," was received by the secretary of thc 20,1)00 club.
Mr. Chadbourn Immediately replied:
"J200." Evidently tho fame of Nelson's advertising organization has
spread throughout the Dominion, aud
Its example is being followed.
Shah's Condition Critical,
bntidon, Dec. 14.���A private telegram
from Teheran  received iu  London loday announced the shah's condition as
continuing critical.
Teheran,  Dec.   14.���The    shah    has :
again rallied.   Another slight improve  j
ment iu his condition wub noticeable
today. The heir apparent. Prince Mohammed All Mlrzataw, arrived recently
nt Kabll, on his journey to Teheran.
American-Zulu Missions Are a Menace
to Government.
Loudon, Doc. 14��� A blue book deal
ing will) the nature or the recent disturbances lu Natal. Issued last night,
contains correspondence between tlie
Nuial government uud the American
body ol loreign missionaries concerning what tlie commtssiouera of the
board considered "apparent discriminations against the work ot the American-Zulu mission lu Natal."
ln forwarding t his correspondence
Colonel Sir Henry Edwards McCallum,
governor of Natal, points out that ot
the two large mission stations in
charge of the guard only one native
preacher and three followers remained loyal to the Nulal government ana
the whole of the other congregation
joined the rebels in the field. Tne
American-Zulu mission congregations,
he declared, are now beyond the
hoards control and a danger to ine
No Reprieve for Wooley Bear.
Ottawa, Dec. 14.���The cabinet has
decided on no reprieve for Wooley
Hear, In gaol at Brandon for killing
anolher Indian at Qrlswold. He Is to
be hanged  on  December  21.
Onta.lo Centenarian.
Toronto, Dec. 14.���Mrs. Featherstone Osier ls celebrating her one-hundredth birthday. George Osier, E. li.
Osier, M. P., aud Dr. Osier ot Oxloru
are her sons.
Race    Degenerates    Into    Mechanical
Exhibition of Brutal    Strength-
Foul    Is   Claimed.
New York, Dec. 14.���The contestants ln the six-day bicycle race were
grinding out laps in a mechanical manner this morning after au uneventtui
night. The positions, however, were
unchanged, according to the scores, although many of tbe spectators believed
Stole and Georget had been lapped alter a sensational sprint at 1 a. in. 1 nis
spurt, as have beeu so many during
the race, was started by the Walthour-
lledell team. Walthour aud Hedeii,
smarting under a decision rendered au
hour earlier, when a spill robbed them
of a lap that they had nearly won,
started out at a mad pace that kept
all the riders bent over their handlebars to do their best, and kept tne
spectators lu a continual roar of cheers
and excitement. Relieving each other
al every few laps, Walthour and lledell kept going at their best pace and
forced the other riders to call on their
partners tor help and relier. Georget
and Stole, whose partners had been
hurt lu the spill at 2 a. in., were the
only riders who could not get reiiei
and they bad to bear 'the brunt ot the
tight for their teams. It was killing
work and they finally lagged to such
an extent that It was thought they Had
lost a lap when the spriui, after continuing for 14 minutes, was suspended.
The score, however, when il was hung
out at 4 o'clock, Bhowed uo change.
lledell and Walthour are in good
shape and they have promised to make
the race Interesting tor the others before the day is out. They proleuieu
earnestly early today when, just as
they seemed about to gain a lap Fouler tell, causing a spill. The rldei-s
claimed the fall occurred purposely
und for a time tliey refused to ride
again until Bomelhlng was done. Eventually they were appeused and ine
race, which had been delayed an hour,
was resumed.
The score at 8 a. in. was: The nine
leaders, 1730 miles 3 laps; Walthour
and Bedell and Breton and Samuelson
each one lap less, and Calvin and Wiley, 17311 miles rial. Record , 2iin
In Memory of Prince Albert.
London, Dec. 14.���The forty-fltth anniversary of the death of the Prince
Consort was observed today with impressive services held ln the mausoleum nt Krogmore. The services were
attended by the king and queen am
other members of Ihe royal family.
Tho exercises consisted pr a bnei
memorial sermon and appropriate music. At their conclusion many handsome wrea*h8 and other floral otter-
Ings w erehenpeil about the tombs ot
.lueeu Victoria and the Prince Consort.
Ware the Poison.
Montreal, Dec. 14.���Having swallowed three strychnine pills while her
mother was not looking, Sarah Shader,
3 years old. died In terrible agony lasl
night, hnlf an hour afterward.
Foremost Name Id list
for Ambassador
County Councils Must Provide Funds
to Pay for RelAfious Instruction In Stcokr Schools.
London, Dec. 14.���Parliamentary circles here show much Interest in the
prospect of James Bryce's appointment tu the ambassadorship at Washington, and some of the Irish members
asked the chief secretary for Ireland
if they might congratulate hlm. Mr.
Bryce did not deny tbe report but
merely replied, "You must not believe
everything you hear."
Should Mr. Bryce go to Washington
It is by no means certain that Winston
Spencer Churchill, now under secretary for the colonies, will take his
place In the cabinet as has been suggested.
Thomas, Shaw, the lord advocate
lor Scotland, a man of great ability,
is said to be anxious to obtain the
Irish cblef secretaryship. The (act
that filling the vacancy will Involve a
by-election favors the appointment ot
Mr. Shaw, whose seat is safe, whereas
Churchill's seat at Manchester is regarded as being far from secure,
London, Dec. 14.���The house of lords
have reversed the decision of the ap-*
peal court ln the West Riding case in
regard to the payment for religious Instruction and holds that the county
councils are bound to pay for the
whole curriculum, religious aa well aa
secular. The law lords thus uphold
the original Interpretation of tbe act
of 1902, under which the "Passive re-
sisters," headed by Dr. Clifford, were
fined and imprisoned.
The Education "Act of 1U02 was intended to compel local authorities to
pay for religious Instruction ln tne
voluntary schools and led to the "Passive registers" movement, under whicn
numbers of nonconformists refused to
pay the rate levied to cover this expenditure. The education bill waa introduced to remedy this condition, in
tbe meantime the county council of
the West Riding of West Yorkshire
refused to pay teachers for tbe time
devoted by them to religious Instruction.
The board of education then sought
the assistance of the courts, the court
uf appeals deciding -In favor of the
Yorkshire council. If this decision
had been upheld by the house of lords
to which the case was carried, it
would practically have accomplished
by a legal stroke what the hill of the
president or the board or education
alms at, and furthermore. It might possibly have enabled a largo number or
passive resislers to bring action tor
false Imprisonment.
London, Dec. 14.���The bouse of lorda
today passed the third reading or tne
Merchant Shipping and Trades Disputes Bills and sent them back to tne
house of commons for consideration
of the amendments made by the upper
Discuss Orave Questions.
Berlin, Doc. 1'.��� Kmporor William
lunched with Chancellor von Buelow
at the chancellor's palace today and
presumably they discussed the poi. 'cal
situation brought about by the dissolution of parliament.
The emperor and chancellor have
been lu complete accord throughout
on the treatment of the colonial question and desire to relieve the government from depending on the clerical
parly. This, lt appears will be as much
an Issue at the coming elections as tho
question of tho retention or the German colonies. The imperial govern-
ami the Vatican have got along lainy
well since the beginning of the lale
Prince von Schenloh's chancellorship,
but tbe radical attitude of the counter
or clerical party of recent years has
been one of annoyance to ministers
and court circles. It Is not Intended
to completely break with members ot
the counter party, but only to show tne
senate that they are Indispensable.
uawMmi'M* The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws havs- plenty of them In nil and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Those blankets are justly celebrated fssr their excellence.  Wo alone carry
them In this cily.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mlts, Socks, Shirts and
Under.lot.hi-g. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and 8hoes and Rubbers. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality snd prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
CAPITAL PAID UP....*.,'.����,000 HEST 14,000,000.
D. R. WII.KIK, President. HON. ROBEKT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit-*! rt'ccivcd nnd Interest allowed at highest current rate from date of
opening account, and compounded half yearly
-ni.i.ho-n dmanch *J��   IVI_   LAY,   Manager*
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital J3.734.31U     Reserve $4,207,741
Total  Assets $41,860,353
Accounts nf firms anil individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen   branches  In   llrltlsh  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       EJ, I..  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published ill dayi n treat by thc
Baker Ht..  Nelson, D. C.
-hibscrlpllon rut***. DO cents a month delivered
In thf cltr, or 15.00 it year if sent by mail, when
ji��M lu atlviini't'
Ad ver lini rig rate-" on nppll' nllon.
All in-nii.* pnld in mui.-ment nl The Ontly
Canadian account*, cither lm subscriptions or
Bdrwriiflinij, must ho receipted for on the printed
furmi of tiio Company, other receipts art* not
i)i:ci:\mi:i; 14. i��xx��.
"By one word we are sometimes jndgyd to hi*
wIm aud by ono word lomellmei judged to he
loollih. L��t ns therefore 1- I*n-fiil -a.'ihi wc
The petition oi' the settlera along the
shores of tlie Kootonay river and up
through the Slocan valley lor lhe construction oi a wogan road 10 afford In-
Kress and egress to the city ol Nl Ison.
is a step in tlie right direction. 11 win
hring to tin? attention ol the govern--
ment the actual conditions as tn the
tin ruber nf BQttlera aud BOme 01 tlie
dCftaila ii tne prolmhle cost of construction, together with the advantages that
will accrue from ihe expenditure 01
any sum nt public money iu this way.
11 ls not to be expected lhat the department oi landi ami worka oan bi
familiar with tin* needs ol every pan
of the province, imi with the rapid development that is taking place even 111
some of the most central parts. .Nor
do the representations of a single individual awaya carry the same wel bi
ab those or u community acting Intelligently and unitedly loi itn* common
The amount of money Invested In
clearing land ami Improving farms
along the BlH'-res of the Kootenay river during the last few years is Hie
beat guarantee of the future develop-
ment of that section, while the lands
which have been acquired hy purchase
and which are being brought under
preparation for cultivation are an assurance that both banks of the river
will become ln a few years a thriving
aud busy accession to the number 01
fruit growing and farming areas of tlie
The further parcelling out of large
tracts in the valley of the Sloean river
with the prospect of. almost Immediate settlement  by purchasers of small
holdings is a further sanction to the
movement for better transportation facilities. The petition of the settlers
is therefore assured of a cordial reception, and its prayer will doubtless
receive thc careful consileration of the
Fortunately the proposed roadway
involves the levelling of no expensive
grades, nor do the physical features
ot the country present any serious dii-
ticulties in the way ot construction,
and a moderate outlay in the near lit-
ture will furnish the foundation ior
what may in a short time become one
of the best highways in the province.
As to where the bridge should span
the river is a question which must, or
course, be reported upon by competent
engineers. Not only has the convenience of the settlers to he considered
I161 ihe cost of construction will be an
important factor in the decision, ah
things being equal it would appear
that the suggested crossing at or near
Uranlte would meet ihe case, as it
must be Immaterial to the settlers ou
the norih side of the river which shore
they traverse so long as they have a
good road, while ttiose ou thc sotnn
shore of the river already have a passably fair roadway as far as Korty-
Mne creek.
wnii the presentation or ihe petition
the matter win become one to be ot-
iiciaiiy deal) with hy the department,
and we hope (o see in the estimates
Tor next year a substantial sum Bel
;i ail lor the prosecution of this work,
which, It must he acknowledged, ls no
longer a matter of convenience bui an
Imperative  necessity.
That Mr. Peter Verlgin, the apostle
oi the Doukhobors, has gone to Russia
on more than a personal mission is
apparent from the serious comment
that is going the rounds of the Eastern press at the present time. In the
several interviews accorded the press
oil the eve of .lis departure for his
native land, Mr. Verlgin loudly sang
the praises of Canada and expressed
every confidence that the communities
of Doukhobors already settled in the
Russian colonies on the prairies would
become loyal citizens and valuable ac-
quialtlons (o the farming communities
ol the Northwest, Whether there is
any truth In the report that he is mak
ing arrangements for their repatriation is not Tor tht nonce the most serious questiou arising from his present
mission to Russia. Notwithstanding
the large sums that have beeu spent 111
seeking to domesticate the Doukhobors
there Is a growing feeling In Canada
that if they would voluntarily return
to the land of their nationality there
would be experienced a sense ot relief. It is scarcely likely that this ls
seriously contemplated, because sucll
a proposal is in contradiction oi the
further report that Vengiu proposes
to biiug 10,000 more Russians lo Canada to pei form the menial tasks ot
clearing and grading ou   the   railway
hues that are in process ot construction in the northern regions ot the
piaii.es ami tile west.
it ls well known that this worn is
about the only employment in which
the Doukhobors have exhibited any degree ot Interest, and it is no tar st retell
ol the imagination to supiwse ihat railway constructors have Induced \ en-
gin to go forth to Russia and bring
over more of that class of laborers
who have all their lives been accustomed to drudgery and want aud who
possess au unlimited capacity ior hard
We are informed that Premier Stolypln advised Verlgin to go 10 the districts of Russia where famine had prevailed and where want had most severely pinched the peasants to recruit
the hordes with which he proposes 10
Invade Canada in the iuterest ot railway corporations.
While too much reliance must not
he placed upon press despatches, it is
far from improbable lhat just such advice would be given by Stolyplu, lor
nothing would he more agreeable to
the Kusian premier than that, it there
is to be eniig ration to Canada, It should
be from among those least able to
care tor themselves in Russia.
While the problem of railway construction is a serious one and the
most serious factor in that problem is
the question of suitable labor, it would
De a shortsighted policy fur Canada
to tolerate the importation ol a horde
of Russian peasants, the best ot whom
have been nothing better to us than a
hill of expense and a cunstaut source
01 irritation, annoyance and anxiety,
Aud since it is the Drand Trunk Pacific, that pet scheme of Sir Wilfrid,
that Is at the bottom of the proposed
to import them for this work, It will
not he amiss for the whole country to
keep a vigilant watch on every pro-
iwsal that is made to pour into tho
country a stream of undesirables who,
alter their slavish task is over, wm
have to bo cared for by the country
itseir. Canada can assimilate a moderate number, even of undesirables,
but to have a whole Russian pauper
commune dumped on our shores at one
time is a prospective evil too great to
he contemplated with equanimity. Del
us hope that the alarm Is more lau
cied than real.
The Mall and Empire has an intelligently written editorial on growing
Canada inspired by the recently proposed C. P. R. developments on Vancouver island. It sets forth in sane
and measured terms the latent weaih
ot the various parts of British Coum-
bia and concludes as follows:
"The remarkable fact with reference
to the Dominion is that we never seem
to reach the end of it, either as regards area or promise of wealth. New
centres are opening up in ali directions, and in out of the way places,
and every such enterprise is based upon a sure foundation. Some ot our
itritish contemporaries are discovering
that there is something in Canada alter all. We in the Dominion cannot
blame ihem for being somewhat late
In finding this out, for It took those of
us who are on the spot some little
time to appreotate ihe situation."
The proposal to delay definite nction
in the matter or church union among
Presbyterians, Methodists and Congre-
gationansts until the Anglicans and
Baptists are ready to amalgamate, wm
not hasten but delay final action. .Noi
lhat there are greater fundamental
doctrinal differences between these
latter and the others than between the
two former. Hut the bigger the bony
to be fused ihe more heat Is required
to reach the fusion point, and the heat
of passion for church union is about
the only thing lacking In the movement. "That they all may he one" is
procrastinated by the question, "Union
According to newspaper reports the
Sociaists intend to place candidates in
every avallnble contest at the next
election. That is as It should be. The
sooner the Socialists learn that they
are a valuable element in society, because they serve a good purpose hy
continually emphasizing the Inequalities and Injustices of economic conditions and thus conduct a valuable campaign of education, the better for an
classes. The sooner they learn that
this Is about the extent of their Impor
tance and that society as a whole win
never follow their wild dreams, tuo
better, too.
Cobalt is experiencing a milling
hoom similar to that which is now a
matter of history concerning the early
days ii^Hritisli Columbia. Without at
all discrediting the ore deposits 01
Cobalt, the easy marks who are buying
ever] tiling In the shape of stock tbat
has a corporate seal on its cover will
get just what the same get-rlCb-QUICK
people did in the boom days Ol thS
Wesl. Cobalt will get its black eve
through the manipulators ol stocks,
anl then the really competent Investors
will come Wesl again.
In Ontario, too, since the removal 01
Hon. (1. W. Ross, the Liberals arc
casting aboul for a new leader, -lodging by ths press comment, there is me
same paucity of good material there as
ts conspicuous in Hritish Columbia.
Sixty 'Uv Hhcr date 1 Intend 10 applj <o ilie
Chief Commluloner of Landi and Works for
permlulon to purcbau tin* (ollowinfc denrlbed
lnnds in Kootenay Pistrict. about three-quarteri
nf mih' frnm Throw'**��� Filling: Commencing nt rt
post placed Hllliefif. W. corner ot I, 6898, group
1, Weet Kooteuny District; thence wuterly
followiiiK tin* nonh boundarv ���'( '��� |V"'- ���**'
ehalni; them-.* north lit ohalui; th.-nce east m
Obalm, more i<r leas, to the N. W corner "f
L0B9B; thence iouth following tbe .treat boundary
nf UW.i In chalim. more or less, t<> -jiliu'c nl nun
menoement- coinMning 40 acroSi more or leu.
Datcu ih'.sftth day of December, 1906,
11. n Prrre, Locator.
���so iIbvs afterdate 1 Intend 10 -apply to the Hon*
Oruble    lhe   Chief   CommlUlOOCl   >���(    Landl   illlll
Works, io purchase 870 acrei ol land:    Com-
mencing at a poit marked Q. W, 8. N. E. cornei
pott mnl   planted  on  the  wc*l   eh..re*  ot  Arrow
lake adjoining Lot 878 on the toutb tide of uld
Lot, then e w_p.hu ehnins along the southern
boundary of Lot P8i thenoe lonth 46 ���-' obalmi
thence east 80 rhaim more or leu to hike ihore;
thenee north tilling lake ihore to place ol begin*
DatedS9th any ol Nov. n__.
J. e. akhablb, Agent.
sixty day.- afterdate I Intend to apply to the
Hon.chiefCommissioner nl Lands andWorkii
Victoria- to purchase 120 acre-nf html located
on the weite.deof Arrow lake mi i lying directly
north of Un .<.<.*'���: Commencing al n post planted
at the N E. oorner ol Lot 7976 and marked "B. B.
S. E corner," ami running imrth '20 chnins,
thence WSIt 80 chalm, tbenoe north '__ chains,
tbence weal 3D obalm! tbence iouth 4o ebalni,
thence enst 4h ehalns, to place ot beginning.
Not. Mill-1800, Bkktha Ihui'I.kv.
J K. ANNAHiK Audit
Notice Ut hereby given thatilxty daye afterdate
I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commluloner
of Landl ami Work? fur permlulon to purchnse
the following described lamls in tho Weet
Kootenay district' BcpiunIiik at a poil -marked
"J. B. Bbnlneo'i 8, w. corner," uml planted about
oiie-hnif mile east of the ihore of Whatihan
(Cariboo) lake ami about 2 mllei north of the
narrowi of the said lake, nml tit thfl S. K. corner
of( Arthur Warren's application to pur<-hn-c;
thence eait so rhaim; thence north 80 chaini;
thena* west HO chains  tothe Qortbeul corner of
Arthur Warren'i application to pnrebaie i thence
miiith Hit chains to point of commencement, oontainlng B40 aens, more or less.
Oct. Uth, 1906. J. 8. HlMlNEo,
I*'. L. Hasimij!*!,. Agent.
Notice ll hereby giTen that BO dayi after dale I
intern! to make appl lea Uon lo the Bonorable thf
Chief Commluloner ol bnmli ami Works for permission to purebaae the following describe.!
lands: Commenolng at n post on the north
bonndary of Lot 884 and about 3 chaini eust of
Whataban creek, running 40Chalm fa"!: theoi I
.0 chnins norlh; tlience 40cbalm west: thenoe 40
chains south, lo point of commencement, oontainlng IM acres more or less.
Pated October 18, 1906.
I.eos Watson,
By his agent, K-r.-_.-t W. Kohinhon-
Blxty dayi after date I purpoie making application to t'-e Hou. the Chief Commissioner of
l.amls nnd Works for permlulon to purchase tha
following deserlbed lain!: Commencing at a
POIt placed about half it mile west of names
ereek, and about one mile north of the month ot
the eame, marked "J. B'a H W. enrner." running
thence80Cbalm north; thenee B0 chains -eait.
thenee 80 ohaim aonth to the north boundarv oi
vi. N. Poole's application to pnrehaae; thenee no
chains west to point of commencement; containing -MO acres more or less
lintel the i.ith dav of Ootober, law.
Nollee ls hereby Riven that 80 daya after dale I
Intend to apnlv to the lion. Chief Commissioner
ot Landi and worki for permlulon lo purcbau
the following duorlbed lands situated ln the
West Kootenay dlitrlet: He.Inning nt a post
marked "William Keil's N. W. rorner," and
planted about one mile smith of the north end
of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, about twenty chains
west ot the wait ihore ol iald lake and on the
south boundary of K H. Keil'H application lo
purchase; thenee anuth Hi) chain*; thenee east '20
chains, more or less, in the said leke iborOi
thenoe northerly along (he snid shore so chain**,
more   or   less,  to  the  said south   houndarv   of
k it. Ketl'i application to purehaae) thenee west
'20 chnins, more or less to the point of commencement, Containing 180 acres, more or less-
Dated Oct. U, 1906, William Kkil,
Hy F. I. Hammomi, Agent,
Sixty days al - r date I Intend to apply to the
Hon the Chief (.nmmisMiuier of l-aitds nud W ���rks
to parobaae 240 acrei of land: Commenolng nt a
post marked "N.'l B'llOUtheait corner poit"
said poit being at the northeait corner of Geo
Hudson'**, preemption claim, nhout two mllei
southeast of Hurton Clly. Ihence weit 4�� Chalm,
���Odtb80Chllni, well 4n chains, north 40 chain",
eaat w chnin-, south ao cbalm to place of commencementi containing 340 aorei.
I^icatenfith day or Nov. 190B.   N kttIE T. Upkh.
Hixty days after date I lob-nd to npiilv tn the
Hou. Chlel Commluloner oi Undi and Worki
Victoria, to purchase IflOaoruoi Inml located tn
Kire  Valley,  being part  o| Section*. 'IhrccHiid
Pour, Township BO, mid deirrlbed ar follows*
Commencing al a poit planted at William
Williams' ti. Vi. comer, mnl marked **K. B, W>
H, K. corm-r," and runi,ing tn chains wesl,
thence 20 chains souih,  thence .tl chains eBct
theme -to chains south, thence 30ebalni east'
thence 60 chalm norlh to place of b-giuniiig
November 23rd- 18 0, Kofll K Williams,
J. K. Akkamlk. Agent.
B0 dayi after date I intend to apply to the Hon
Chief ( oniinlssiom-r of Undi ami Worki to pur-
obaie 830 aerw of and located in (_re Valley being part ol BectloniB end in Township 00,and
described as follows: Cuiinniijclug ut n post
marked K. W.J. H, E. corner nml pltinted al the
northwest eorner of Win   Williams' putchaio:
thenoe west lOehalnii thence north ho ehains;
theuce east 111 chain-;  thence smith 80 chains to
plaee of beginning
J, K. Annahlk, Agent.
. ember 38rd W08,
Notice Ib hereby given tnnt 80 dnvs Irom date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds ami Workn to intrcbHSe >HD
acres of land deserlbed as follows: Commencing
at a post planted on the north bank of ihe Little
Moylo river, alwiut 200 yards from month, and
marked "K. Mol.onn's H. Vi, corner post "
thenc*' cast ft" chains, theme north w) chain's
thenee west W) chains, Ihenee souih HOc-hnliis, to
place of oommenoement, end containing040aeru
more or less.
Located 80th day Oet., 1808.      Horn. McLean.
Notice Is herebv given thai 00 dnvs niter date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the chief Com-
mlssloner of 1-and.i and Works for permls-iou to
purchase the follow log described (and*- -.finale
about ID miles east of the City ot Nclsoti, DO the
iouth shore of the West Arm of Kootenav lake,
aod eominencng at a post placed about 80 ihains
-south of the KLtttheait oornerol Lol ������r.i-', marked
"8, Thomas''.**-:.  Vi   corner,"   thenoe  nouth   _��
chains, thence east ,v chains, thence nnrlh 30
eliains, thenee welt 20 chains to point of com
Dated thii oth day of Nov., 1900,    h. Thuhah.
Notice is hereby given that W dayi alien at. I
Intend to mako application to Uie HonoreWe the
Chlel CommiMioner ol Lands and Worki fo   I     -
ptoioo i" purchue the loinming ducrlbed
land*-: Commencing at a poet placed adjolniiig
the louthwest corner poit ol Leon Wataon I Ay
i.licntioti to Purehaae, running BO Chaini north;
thence lOchalmweit; thence *> chains south;
theuce  W chains ensl.  ta  point of  cominence-
ment, containing 880 acres more or leu.
1 'O0tob.l-l8.WM- -___, ���,__���.,
By his agi nt, Kkvk.-T, W. Koiunson
Notice ti bereby given that no dayi alter date I
intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlnionei of Undi and Worki or pemUrion
to Durohaae-_BOaoruoflandtiituateon thei.ittie
Moyie river nhoui i mile from International
Bounder? nml almut 1 mile Irom Bpokane luier
national By*:  Commeneing at a poil marked
li    Qrent'l   B  B.   corner   nost,   tbenee   west
ohalm; tbenoe norih to cnalm; tbence aui
chalus; ihence north 80 chains;  then	
cbalni; thence iouth 80 ebalni to Place ��>i com-
menoemont, conta'nlng 280 aorei ol land.
Located Oct miu*, Mm.
IHNim. i.Hisr
Nolle, is hereby given lhat bodiiys aller dale 1
Intend to apply to lhe Honorable Chlel CoinmiJ-
Honor  of  l.nnds ami  Works  (or  permlttlOU.   tO
purchase the rollowlng deicrlbed landi, in Wet
kootenay; Commencing at a put planted at
the northeast comer of toi t.'V< I., marked P.
Kletcher'i northweil corner, thonce iouth ni
ChalOli Ihenee   ensl   10 chains, more  or   i.-". lo
the weilern boundary of Un 800 Q I.; tbenoe
north 80 cbalni to Kootenay river; lbence west
following Uld nver lo point o| loinnicuieiiieilt,
containing -**" neres more or l< *���>
ami Ootober. low.
KlUMt ll.ET.HKB.
i.-t 80
���     New Styles in Long Coats for Ladies    ���
 ' "    ' :
��� The Latest New York Shapes. Best man-tailored
T fiuisli, in light tweeds and plain cloths. ���
<+ Prices from $10 to $25 each i
Bixt)   dMI   after dnte I Intend loapply tO
Hon. Chlei Commluloner ol Utodi and W<
Victoria, to pur. hn*-. ino eeruol land, locate
the "est side ol Arm*,*-, lake, about live mile*-
lot. Hurton City, mid ducrlbed as followi: ���
menolng al i poit marked "F, Q. B'l routt
rorner." and b. [nggOohalmeutol lhe north
corner of l.oi 871*9; thence north40ohalni; th
weel W cbalm; ihem*,. .outh tO cbalm; th
eaal 10 obalm to the place of beginning.
November Mih. lm, t. *������ Bt:i
Q ' .lavs after dale I Iniend Lo npplv lo the Hon.
Chlol Commissioner of l.amls end Worki, Vie-
torin, to purchnse 240 acres of and located in
Kire Vallev mid being a portion ol t-e. tions IS
nnd 16 In Townshipil'.i mid described as followi*.
Commencing at a poet planted *i the iouth wut
corner of the lOUtheait .iiiarlcr m icction !'.
Town-hip 69 mid marked J. 0, B, b. corner,
thence north 40 chalna] thence west to cbalm;
thence iouth 10 ebalni; tnence eut do chains to
plnee ni beginning.
November H8rd I9U6.
 J. K. ANNAHl.K, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that 00 dnrs afler date
I intend loapply to the Honorable ihe Cblel
t'ommifsloner ol Landl and Works for permi*-
ilon io purcbue the following ducrlbed lands:
Common 'Ing at n pott planted on Ihe northeast
corner ot Peter MeN a ugh ton's application tu
purchase, n,-*ning Ho chaini west along the
northern boundary of same; thenee Nl eliains
north; thence80 iriatni east; thence BO rha'ii*
south, along the west boundary of John Elliott's
application lo purehase, i j point of commencement, Oontainlng M0 acres, tu ,-'* or leu,
Ihited Oct 18, [80S, Tl 'mas Smith,
By his agent. KuN-WT W. RoaiHlO)*.
Notice is bertby given that 60 daTI after date 1
Intend to apply to thc llouorable the Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works, nt Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the following do-
MTlbed Unds, situated In the West Kootenay
district, south ol Fnrtv N'lne ereek, commencing
at n poat marked "UH Choqnetle'i K. W, corner," tbonee Ol chains east, tlo-nee 10 chain-
south, theliee to chains west,  theme 4" chains
nonh to the commenoement post, containing leO
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B.f , Uct. lf.lh, 1'JiV
W. A. JOKV, Agent.
Blxty day*' after date I i-urpose m��klng apjilba-
tloti U) the lion. Chiel Commissioner of Landl
and Work- for permission to purchase the following described bind: Commencing nt a post
placed nt the southwest corner of K.w. Hniiiiing-
ton'.s application to purchase, marked "I,. M. S.
H's 8 B. corner post,'1 running thenee80chaini
west; thence KO chains south; theme no ehalim
enst; tlu-nce B0 chains north to point n| commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Haled the 10th day of October, lHOfi.
our K. PutKt.L, Agent.
pixy davs after dnte I purpose making application lo tne Hon. chief (.----mlssloner ol Lands
nnd Works for permission to purchase tho following descrlbe.l land: Commencing at a poit
placed on the north boundarv of lot No. HM and
aboul two chain*- eut of Whatshan creek, marked "M, B'l. B. Vi. corner," running theuee .0
ehains oasi; thenceiO chains north; thenee .0
cbalm wut] tbenoe40 ehalni south, to point of
commencement, oontainlng lfio eerei more or
Dated the 10th day of October, 1806,
M. SniEi.i.,
Per R. BBIBLL, Agent.
Hixty days after date I Inteml to apply lo lho
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to parahue 640aeru oi land, located in
Fire Valley,on weit ilde of Arrow iake: cOIn.
mencing al a pott planted uehalni weit oi tbe
southweii comer of J. Roblnion'i pre emption
nml marked J. Wi B. K. corner, ami running
north Wl ehnins, thenre west 60 chains, ihence
south ho ehalna, thenoe east 8u ehalns U�� place of
Nov. Huh, UM, Ja.nr William.
J. E. ANNAlil-i, Agent.
Nollee is hereby given that M daya alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the On lei Commissioner of Landl and Works for permlulon to
purchase the following deseilbed landa: Com-
mtnclng at a post placed MVobalm west of tbo
lontheait corner of Col U43,marked -'K.a. Beli'i
northwest   enrner,"   thenee   south   M ohatOl
thenoe out 90 chatna, tbence north 80 ohalni.
tbence WUI K chains to point of eommeneement,
eontainiug 40 inns, moreor less
Located thii Oth dayol Nov., 1006.  R, A, Bill.
Sixty dayaafterdate I purpose making application to the lion, chief Commissioner of Undi
and Worki lor permlulon tO purehaso the fol-
lowing described land:   Commencing at a post
ier of B.C Bklnner'i
nse. marked "H.D'l N. VV,
following the east bound-
lOnthj tlience  running D
hnlns   north;   thence  Hi)
lowing de-crlU'd lm:
placed al th. north <������
application to
eorner post," th
ary of sniio* BO C
chnins ,-ast; tin
chains wesl to point til i imeiicement, Contain
ing wo acre* moro or !*�������
Hated tho luth day of October, I9n6.
Per It. HHIKI.I, Agent.
Pixty days  after date I Intend to apply lo ttm
Hon chiel Commluloner of Landl ami Works,
Vlotorla, 10 purchase 4M acres of land, In Pin
Valley, Weit Kootenay: Commencing ata post
planted 80 ehulns wut of  the H. W. corner of J
Boblnion'i pre-emption, and marked w. \v�� n.
B. Comer, ami nnmlng west W (hnlns, then.*,.
soulb HO chuliiH,  lheni tst fin chains,  thenee
north *-n. luilns lo plncii of tx-gliming
Nov. IHth, lane. wii.i.uh Willumb,
J. K, ANNAHLK, Ageni.
Bixty dari after ditd J pnrpoii mating aoolh
cation to tb.< Hon chief Commluloner of Landi
and WO ks for permission to purchase the following duorlbed landii commencing m the
northwest corner of R._ Creaie'i application to
purchase, murked "W, (J. ti't. H W corner."
running thenee HO chains north; tb.-nea hii
ehaim euti thenee BO chains south; thenc no
chains west to point of eomuicnct-ment, eonlaliilng fi-luiicres, moro or less.
Dated the 13th day of October, lUt-fi.
W. o.un.t.t-rr,
I'er J, Hniai.1., Agent.
Sixty days nfter date ] purpose making application t.. the Hon. Chief Commluloner ol Lands
mid Works for permission to pnrebaie the lollowlng described lands: Cimitneiirliig nt the
norlbwcst corner of U. Dodd'i application to
purchase, marked "M. F��| S, W. corner," running
tbence BOchalm north; thenco hii ebnim mor.*
or less, to the west shore of  What -hnn take, toh
lowing lame 80 ohalnieonihi theme bo ehalni
more or less eatt to the point of commcti.emcul.
oontainlng640aO es. moreorless.
Dated the 12th d,.y of October, IQTfl
^^^^^ per J. BtflgLL) Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days after
dale I Intend to npply f. the Honorable Chief
loininlsitotier of l.��m!s and Wi.rks for perm 11
lion to ptiichase th- following described lands*
Oommonolng m a post placed on tbenortbw si
eornerof Albert I'll ioh'h appl Icntlon to purehase
running B0 ehalni eait along tha northern
boundary ol ume;  thenco  ho chnlni north;
thence hu chnins wesl; lliMice M ehalns south   t_
point of oommenoement. oonwn[ng Mo aeru
more or less, *
Dated Oet, 13,1'jufl. John Elliott
Uy hii agoot, RMBfT w. Uobinion.
Snow is Here
BTfir A Speeder Sled or Cutter
We llnvc Th��m nt All PrlcwN.
Standard Futnittire Company
AQBNTSi r__   , __ IT r,     .*        *
UUOD A Rliob I'lauos.
Oitermoor MnitrcsseB
ia.de Wernicke h'.ok f_w>
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Enibalmers
Notice ts herebv given that i-lxiy dav�� n.'tcr
dnte 1 in lend to appli Wthl Moll. Chief Com mis-
itoner of Lands ami Works for permission to
purcbau    lhe    following    lie-crib-.-.!   lnnds,    111
Wui Kootenay Dlilffct: Commencing hi hu Initial post plnnled at the southeast corn, r of Mc*
Coy'i pre-emption- theme 30ohalni wut to east
boundary ol Lot Bigg Ihence followiiiK snid
boundary aouth toeonuteul corner of said lot;
thenee lb ehnins WUti  thenee DO chnin- south;
thence BOchalm eut; Ihence 20obalm north to
southwest corner of Lot 223; thenei- following
wut boundary of 1 .���*. R3 lo initial po-t.
Beptember 21, nwi. I' D Wowr,
per Khnkst Vi. *sS<hiinson.
Nollee Is hereby given thai 00 dnys alter date I
intend toapj.iv to the Honorable tne Chief Commluloner of Lands nnd Works, Victoria, II. c.,
lor permlulon to purchaie the following deeerlbed bind, situated In the W��t Kootenav dl-lrict,
on tbv we��t side of I uhnmel (or Sli 11 fie) creek,
on upper ilde of wiiqd road, about %\_ mUoi
froji Wui Arm of Koit. nay lake: Commeneing
at a post nmrked Mrs llnttie looks >- I. por
ner. running to chains west; thenee 90 chains
���outb; thenee 40 ohalm euti thenee 90 ehaim
northi to tha point of oommenoement, coutMin-
int; SO acrei of land, more or less.
Datod the Wth Horember i��wi.
Mks   Hattie Dt'iK.
JOBK K   TiVl-oH, Akcih
Notice ii h, reby given thai oo dnys altar date I
intend toapply to the Hon, Chief Commluloner ol
Undsand Works, Victoria, for |KTmtssii>ii to pur-
chase the following deioribed laud, Mtuaied In
tlie West Koolenay dl"trl.l, on the WWl lldf of
Diihutnel (or Six Mile) ereek, near unKoii road,
about three miles from Kootenay lake: Com-
mincing at a poit marked "James J Duck's R w.
post," runulug '20 chains ea**t, th-uce in chains
north, thence rn ('hain- west, thenee JOchaltis
south, to the point of commencement, Oontainlng 10 acres of land, more or less.
Dated Uth November, I����.
i.m.'ated by J ASM J. Dt'CK.
per John K. Tayi.oi*,, Agent.
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to llie
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase -10 acres of land, iltnated
on the west side of Arrow  Uke, about ;���)'*, miles
hvinw Hurton, Ami duorlbed ai follows: Commencing nt a |w*t planted at the northeast
corner uf LotTVTO. and running north JI chains;
thence west ro chains, Iht* nee south ffl i hnlns,
thencecast .'o chains lo place of bent lining.
Nov. llth, 1906. H   K.lMt.I..
J. K. AmruLi, Agent
Sixty days after date 1 intend toapply to the
Hon Chief Commluloner of Unds and Works,
Vietoria, to purchase. Vo neres nf land about iwo
miles bffloW Hurt.m city, West Kooienav, commencing at a post marked "J. A, Irvine's enst
eorner nost," said post bHng on the eaiterly end
of an Island weet ol tot_5_7,and claiming all the
land contained lu said Island, being about 006
mile tn an easterly and westerly dinotlon and
about 2o chains from norlh i'i ��Onth.
November Uth, uu. J. A. irvino,
 J E. Ann*i i-. Agent.
Notice la hereby given tha' Wdaj' afterdate, I
Intend to apnlv to the Hon. Chief Coumtallpner
Inteml to apply to the 1
of Lands and Works fo
..-.,.���. ... <-i'i"> in un- iimi, \ mi-i i uuinii -"oilier
Lands  ami Works for  |.. rn,;.-:, .n :,,,,.       .-,-,.
ie following deaorlbed land in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post marked Mr- \
A. Wllson't corner post, planted at the northeast
corner of Bectlon IT, Townalte 7, running south
40 chalm, thanee west tu chains, thenee north 40
ehalni to place of commencement, containing 10
acres, more or less.
Dated Nov. 29, UOB. Mm. V. A, WllSQ*,
 J^Wiijion. Agent.
Hlxty days alter date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
nud Worki for permission to purehase the following deicrlbed land: Commeneing at n post
pluced at the northwest corner of H Dodd's application  to punhaae, marked "K  W. H'sH. W.
bonier poet,'  running thence BO cbalni borth;
thanee80ehaim euti theme Bo cbHins south;
thence Ho chains went t'�� point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or lug,
Dated this luth day of October. IW*.
R W. Hanninoton,
^      HHir-u, Agrnu
Notice Ir hereby given thatilxty days alter
date I intend to applv to the Honorable the
(hlel Commissioner of Unds and Works, for
permlulon to purchase the following described
lands In the West Kootenay district: Beginning
nt l postmarked "Jam��G Krnser'i N.K corner,"
and ti nnled ou the east sh.-re of Whatshan
ft itrlhiMi) lake, nbout one-half mile north of
( bristle creek; thence south In chains, more or
le-", to the north boiindarv of W S, Combe'l np-
Pllcstloii to punhifc; thenc w. st along the said
houndary Ml chains, more or le.--. to the shore ol
the lake; them-e following the -nld ihoro In I
general   northerly    nnd   .nsl.rly   direellon    BO
.bains, more or less, to point of oommencement,
oontainlng ISO aeru, mor.* nr len
net mh, ns* jama ti. Plana,
  K. L Hamwom,. Agent.
Notice  N  hereby ghen  Um.! ,uIv days afler
tbejdatal Intend to anply to the lion the Chief
Comn issloneroil.am.sand  Works lor permis-
.:"i, ".!:".''���."'"' lha'.!l0��l��>l deacrlbed land
In the Wesl Koolermy district:   M.ginnlntr nl a
post   tni.kc.l  ��l   H, Keil's N.K   ffinwr-"l_d
f Untadon thsiihore of Wh.tih.n ((S32o)Uk��
Jtibenortbwui corner of iald akei thenoe Uo
cha ns west; thence lu ebalni souih; tbenee 4(1
chnins euti thence H) cbalni aouth i thenco cai-
411 ebalns, moreor les, ���, thc shore of  the   aid
lake; thenoe northerly along the uld aka.hopo
�� ehaim, more or leu. to Ke poSt
.-...,"'"     **"**���    P'Oill Ol CiUI
ontniniiitf UO ai-ren, more or less
I. I. IUmmonp, Agent.
'ineni, conlnlniiig
Dated Oct. 12, I'M.
K. It. Kkil.
Notice Is herebv Klven thai fin t\���vu mtt...  < ., , i
l*?.!.!:..!?.".*:i'',j ""li.- I-".'S.__ii}__S?i.
........r ���,,.��',:,,; ��v,-.r��--.,ry;-,*.VrV;..m,,^;:.'I,,;,1 ,,������
--  ilssss'rllH.,1   l.nd, i���   \V,.��,
-lsii.i-  liso  "l���i
n'mi's'S.l',',',;''','''' l'""'!'"'", "i tirilMi l*���r������,l,i���;
tniii.t,��� t i'   '","' ""���'">' f"l��""". *-B��no��
P*slllll'.'ll'Ulls'llI ""''' "r '"""' '" "l0 ft"''�� ��l
"Hi'*'! Ill-lsiJ-olAliBi���|  1000.
wm.i.iah tgtxmoioi.,
 ��r hi" nsetlt J. K. Taylor.
Iliill'll,,'!"!'!   ,"ri'   ''""��� ' """"" I" "PPly IO  IHO
lip''..1,: i ��""::,",,':',',',lr."',-' ��>",.'������"'"���
from R___a_?__' i__out lvL�� M . ��"11' hnlf iiiIIch
Kechiile-i y   _.'    I"k,'���   "",1   "^rlted   "Nell   Mc-
elialm  th,,.-.       _2r _��r _0I.,��" ">Ohoe enit Jn
moncimen? ohain1' ���I,u'*',,r ,",M|-
WMtOd this lot), day of November, I Wfl,
Notice 1- Je reby given thnt >"yi davs after .i��  i
intend to apply to The Hon. Chief _onmta____J
OfUndland Work- for pen,il..i,.,i Vt,,,��� "
th.* (ollowint deacriSdilffl  '       - ' h^
W��    Koolenay   dUtrloti     Heg|limu_   at 1 .    .
marked -o, c Kaolllekini'i * u corni'-ffl
(���hinted on the west shoreof VUUban I' ariw. I
lake, about three mUji north oi ii,. t  ,H -T1
roWl Of the snid lake nnd ODDOIlle the lil.nriT-.
tho "Hid lake; thence south Hi . ,J)r*. '., '
. Ul   U Ohalni,  moreor Imi, |u tt'.  |"k,S
thenoe lollowlog the uld ihon .nanorthirt.
ami weiterly direction i_u Bbatu.monor___
io point <ii oommenoement,*con tain im laiim '
more or lesa.
Oet. US, 1900. fl  r  MAiMlcKiMi
By F. L, HaKMomj. Ageni
Notice is hereby given lhat suty ,l,v, _'��,
dnie I intend to mnke apph. aii.u, to tba Honor
able chiel.Commissioner ot Uud- md Worki it
\ ictona- h.c, for MrmiMton to piircimH-tiir. foi.
owing deMTjbed inml, iltnati Id Plre W.
West K-.H.1, nay district*. ComiiirneingitapA
planted at the toothweet eorner of Joshua ib!
I mon i pre-emption, marked B.I. K'i H K..*,��n,M i
po-t. lbence 40 chains we-t, theme 1" ���Ut'.iit
north, theiic-4H chains ea-t to J..*.!,!)^ ft,pbm-mn*,
uortbwesl .orner, them* south lOcbilnitoptiri
of lomtn- n. ciueiit, containing It*" arr.-s, mure or j
Dated this _3rd day of N0T.,1W.
suty days aller date I Intend p. sh ;*, ���;*.
Bonorable the chief Commhadooer ol UnUiDfl
Works, Vietorln. to pnrebaw j��i ��. rci u| liad
located and described aa follows: ('..mme mini
ai a post planted at tha eoothwut ooroff ofj
Kobin-on's pre-emption lti Fir-* V allay, led item
tlvt* mile*- from Kdward Undlng. w*si tide^
Arrow lake, and maiked V. O'l M K .nrm-riDil
running ifest fO chalm, thence south f ��� .titt,
theme east 51 chalm, theuee smith At ehi:*_,
thenoe east 40 chalm, thence norlh 4'u luim t6
place of beginning
Frank Ouget-
Nov   Inih, iwjO.
J. ft. AttSAiu.K, Agent
Blxty days after date 1 intend to ipt>ly tolht i
Honorable the Ctiief Commlnloner of Uii-litnl
Worki foi la-rmlsslou to purchase the loilowmi  \
described  lauds  lu   Kootenay  dlitrlel      I   I
manning at �� poal niarked J. Ii. Aniiabh-'ninrui-
eul corner iHist. said pout being on the *-"iib
-Ide ol  the Lower Arrow lake, about two ffillrt
below   Hurt.ni   City;   thenee aoutb to rhiloi;
theme we-t  J") chalm;  thence south 30 chilli;
Ihenee west .*>) chains;  thenee north s_ ehuu
and   '20   links,   more or less to the lake*!o<re;
them-e easterly along lake-Ulrhaliii.nnrer.rlrH,  :
to the place of t>..gintilng, containing h. in** ���
more or les*-*-.
Dated this Mh day of November. ll��������*
 per K. h. Hi'bnet, Ag.Ol
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply :n thi
Honorable ihe Chief Comm Is-b,mr of Limit ml
Works for PermlMlon to purebaae the f..llewlti|
deacrlbed landi in Kootenay distriet: t'omaw-
clng at a post marked "A. J.Dili's sniithwHl
corner post," said  jM.st bUD| on the imrthwal*
erly shore ..[ tl,,���  Voettt  Arrow lake and tt Untl
due enst, nn  the northeast eorner ol Lot Ttii.
Oroup 1; theuce north 00 ehalni; east 40 chaiMi ;
south 4o chains, more or less, to the like shift, ;
thenc,. followlni said shore in a smiU.weit��IJ j
direction fit) rbnliis. tnon; or less to the pile _ ;
beginning, eoniainlng UO (teres, more or 1*
Dated this Mh day of November, lit*
A.J. Dill,
 per K h. Bpawrr, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after <liW j
intend, to npply to the Honorabl'' tht ""���'
Commissioner of Lands tnd Works fnrr
I Intend, to apply to the IlotinraDI** theChlrt
 'sslotier of Lands and Works (brPOT* 1
tnn-baie  thu  following described lin.li.  ,
Kootenay district: Commencing it a I**
nmrked "J H Waliace'a northwest corner tnnt.
-snld post being on Ibe easterly Ilde of I-*-*���
Arrow   lake,   and   at the  MUtOWttt earner ol
porter's pn* emptlonoUlmitoenoeeutnchilBi
thenee south 90 chnlni, thenco west Jtihiiiu,
Ihence iouth '.si chnins, thenee west W rhiiu
mure or leu lo the Arrow lake,theme Inanorth
eaaterly direction00ohalni, moreor lew in tb*
place of beginning, eonlaliilng 1*0 acres, more��
Dated thii BOtb day of Ortober, 19-
J, J|   WiLLiCI,
 By his agent, Kemheth L BraiOjt	
sixty dayi alter dato 1 Intend to apply to lbe
H Hide the chief Commissioner of I ari'lr** ��n-i
Works, Victoria, to purehaso IW aen - ol UtiO,
lo.ntedin Kire Valley and described as loll""*:
C. mmeiiiliig at a post marked ti. II. MeM " >���"���
eorner, and plained ut the lOOthWMtcorurn
lot thi.1., and rutin lug nouth B0 ehaim, tb��w
east SO ehalni,  tbenee north B0 chains, llif-nei
west '211 chftuiN to placoof bcgllillltlg
Nov. IHth, mor., ilRo. B, MCMltU*
J. K. Annahlk, Agent
Sixty dnys after tlate I purp- naking ipP";
oation to the Hon. Chief < ommiuloner of i-*1"'
and Works for i.-rmlssloii to pnreha**"' otv *��**-
lowing dccrlbcd land: Commem Ing ��' * I'11"
placed at the southwest corner of M, ffllleill IP
plieatlon to porohau, marked "F Y"' f Bf0fj
tier," running thonoe mi chains nonh; tlietii'*,j
chnins w.-t; tbence no ehnins south; lll*,'1'v"
chains ea-t to point of comincnccinciiV, COOIIW1
I114 B30 aem more or less.
Haled the 10th day of October, IWrt.
F. F*i"-i
__ peril Siiimi
Hlxty dnvHNftdi .Into I purpose mitkiiig *if'"
eatlnn to the Hon. Chief Comuilssloner of UJJ
nml Work- for p-imslsloii to ponhnu the w
lowing doiorlbW lands: CommendU **/
poii piaeed at ihe northwest corner 11.5
A. Oreaie'i application to pnwhua. �����*3
"K.R'i H. K. corner,'* running thence *- < h�� ��
north, thence SO (halm west, theme. 80 ll111'
���outh, tbence BO ohalni east to point oi 1 ���o:m��w
ecmeiil, oontainlng 640 acres, morn or less
Dated tbo IStb day of Oetober, IW    ltgnt$.
 twr J. PHiKLt,. Agent_^_
Sixty dayi aftor date I intend toapply tci��J
Hon. Chief Commluloner of Landi and ��''"_
topiireluiHe 187 acres of land, OOmmonci 1     l
post mnrkcil II. II'h N- K, corner post, plant'n
the S, W. cornor of O. VV. Btoele5! claim 00 W"
west side of Arrow lako, iiIhuiI four mil �����'   h
Burton city, lhetice west 40 clmlns, tin""'��       (|l
4A..2ohalni.thenoaeaat 40 chnins, tbenco no.
���in M chain- to place of beginning, oonttimm
neres, more or less _       , ,������,T���.-i,
Dated 39th dny 0 Nov.. IOM,   BTROW WKtW'
J.K   ANNAHI.B, '(."���I"     _
Notice li hereby giten thai tv; dan tj^JffL
Intend lo mnkc applloatlon to lln; gonoriw-' m
Chle' Cominissioiicr of Lands and _ MBi" .i
mission   to   purchnse   the   following  W^K,
lamli:   Commeiielmr at n. poll I>]."u'.' ..,,,,nc*-
...........   ��� ,
It to
northeast eo. nor of Peter MeNnugl
Hon topurcliHs-, lolloping lhe eUi i"
mme M obalm lonthj thenee. ��id
Ihenoe Bo ohaini north thence so ';ll"l':l,l ftl.r,.*,
point of eommeiieeinent, ooutalnlng tw aw
more or lean. ,.   _.,_ ��*, 1 h-it,
By hi. ��m-ii 1 K��nbit W. lloBiM""- ���Maraaa
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Deliver find Sloenn City.
sm*h will litre
if*, mimi.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
"Mm ���(*.. * inie 1 porpMamaknueupli'
��� ttibvHiin - hief Commluloner ol Until
������ 11 1.1 tmrohiM Hit* (ot-
*f m-rib-ei. lan.li    l'-omm_nolQi at a post
���" 4l ������" wm Ml. *-rn. r of J. ���bloU'l hp-
iiion lo pun base, marked "H.H'sH. K. eor*
room-mill.*.!,- ni i-liKltm nnrlh, thenc�� tw
��� so riiHiim south, thenoe 80
������en to pmi       i'.mmenc*ment.oont��in'
H *���" tn, a:i..r.  i ��� ,,���-.,
'��� '   ��������������� isyol October. 1906.
K. HHHEl.I.,
per J. KlIIKf.L, Agent.    _
I''.:V'V   ��� '"'    I I'Mrp-jK." making nppll-
���'"' '" �����'���:. ��� : -if i.-moilsslomrof Und..
: ion to purebu. Die UA*
���i*"" lhe :- nhout corner otRAtolHl-i
!���*"����� to |>ur. : ,.,-, marke.. "M. K (._���____
"*. ninning ,,-DW >,-,, |IAtM north to the
1J '���������.'���'��� oi i i. om. thenoe *> ohelni
u''""" �����������������** ���ouln, thenoe 80 ohelni
���T-gJ'��{ a-mmenooment, Bontelnlng Mo
m. B,aunm_-,
 per J. AHULL. Agunt.
J5_M_/_fr(,,to ! punw�� making appli-
Imi'i , 't'' ' iwrmlutontopttreh-ietho
^'"'i Umi; Oommenelng nt _
���[ n��e junction ol Btroei ond
 l.Hit ..( it. J. Klllottl nil
msrked "W. n I"h. h. w-
��� ueenoohaini north) thenre
1 'I'Muholnifouthi thanee W
.nm i.f commenoontontt oontoin-
* ���! October, 1B0B.
Kor J. Hhiki.i.. Agent
1 Inlo 1 purpose making nppll*
""' tlm itiii'i OoounUmoner ol
�����inr iiermlulan to purchase the
"' i ininis:   Commencing ��i ��
* xiiitheutearnorof M- B.Gren-
:i i<> purrbuOi markea "v- D'8i
""'���Iiik thonoe so oh_lm north]
'������'���m  .i fimiiiH oketi thenoo 80
;' ""fliitin*. woit, to point ol
��� t'tmuinlug ino atTcit, more or
fW'ht 13U, -lay or October, 1*306.
l'or J.HhleU. Agent.
.,',;,",���;' 'if'"1" 'lun* I inirpoNo ninklng nppll
Wi V. " ���' ''h'ft'ommlMihinorol Ufidl
m-,[,,���,,    '"'ini^t.m to purchue the lol-
rh��Mi ���.,,,, '""���ib. Commenolng nt tin*
'���'Wf h ..l. ,,f V* "odd'i applfntton to
; Ibwf5t��fe'! "' ''- ll'H N* K.Vurnor," run*
��� cfiaini uuth, tbenoe ho ohelni
N ohnlai north, thenoe 80 chnlni
mi c,[ oommenoement, oontelnlng
Noitrc- ii herebj given turn ��) ten nfter time l
inini'l lo apply lo Uu- HoiiorHtile the �� iil.-l I'mn*
nu-r-iiiin-r nl !-��� ml- nn*l W..--L- lor permlulon to
I'iir* Iih-*  Ilx* .nll'WiiiK  doesrlbw Un-I**  ill  the
����'ni fm 11 ii ii**)' rttiii im Beginning et n pout
marked "Aloxandor rrueri n. w. oorner/' and
nlmilfil on thv i'a.��l uliori* o( lho narrowi, of
WhuhliHii c'ltihoo) taki*. nt theH. E. i-orner n(
II rnli��ril   Dlraoh_   nppMi'alloii    to  jpurcha-i':
tbenn �����*. to ctiHint; tbenoe tonth80ohalni]
thenee veil io Bhelna, more or Iwa. to tlie ihore
of Che narrowi; thonoe following the aald ahore
in a northerly dlreotton so > iiriin-. mor*--or w*t
tothe point  ol  ronilii'iiceiiit'lit, coiitnlnlng 8'JO
aoneii more or leu.
Oct. llllli, 1'JtW. \;iv.��msi:h Frahkr,
hy K L. IIammosu, Agont.
Blxty dayi
ration to tin
ami Worka
lowing de*
tton to pure
ninning the
weHi, thenc
east to poln
arret*, more
DatL'il the
i nfU-T date I imrpoflu mnking appU-
��� Hon. Chief ��� oniminloner of tiandl
tor i'i*Tiinsi.ii.ii tonurobefo the fol*
i*rit.e<l landi; ('oinineiieing nt thc
orner of t'. I., llaiinlngton'i nppllea-
hase, marked "E- a. ora h. k. oorner/'
UOe 80 ehalns north, thenco HO ehalns
���p Ko eliains south, ihenco St chains
: of eoinmeticeiiieiit, containing C40
or less,
luth day of October, 1808.
K A. ���the a (Hi,
Iht J. Bhiki.l Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thnt 80 ilaji alter dale I
Intend lo a pjil v to the Hon. chief Commissioner
.*) htndl nmi Works for pcrmhtlou to purchase
ih.* following duorlbed Inndn situated In ttio
Wait  Koul'nny dlsirlct:    Beginning at a pout
nmrked "Herbert Warren*!' lr, E. coiner," and
j.I.i nt.*.I on the W st shoreof w ton-Imn i<'��n......)
lake, alH.uI oiie-ijuarter mile north of the koillh-
eru end of the lake; thenco WUtSOOhalOlj thelico
soutli B0 ehalni! thenee east hu ihains, more or
loMi   to   Whatahan   oreeki   thenee following
north along lhe creek nml hike sin.re Nl Bhitni-
iiion* or les, to polut of commencement, oon*1
lalnlng fi-lii ROrei, more or less
Dale, this Mih day of October, 1908,
F. I. Hamnond, Agent.
The Daily Canadian
Board of Trade Endorses and  Adds to
Petition  of River  Ranchers���Many
Questions Discussed.
Tin hoard of trade meeting hisld lam
u-Klii was Dot as will ali'iidisd ua lho
Importance of the niuitoi-s dlscimsoii
cli-m TVI.-U.
Tin- iiioM Inlci-i-HtliiK dlHciiKHlon was
i'ii lln lubjaot of fiicilltiiss for travel
��nsi iruimisiii'iiiiiisii between Nelaon ana
lis; tsrrttorj Immediatel)* io the west.
A itnni ii-wsi'1111,11 was Onally usui|>i-
s-si, siisssiii; iiisssii tin. i.iis.iiKsiiii govera-
nisnl lln- DOOfieetty Issr ihs- early eon-
Ktriictlon or a road along thfl nnrlh
Hli.tr*- ssl [lie Rootenay from lleasley lo
Isislisun. unsl uf a btldgfl ueross tho
river lo eounecl Biich road with the
preaaot wagon road to NolHon.
(iihs-r (iiii'Hllons dean wllh were:
'leelmlcal education, Improvement or
]>rmiai faeiinis-K, ansl ihs- preservation
of lhe Wait Arm of Koolenay lane
aKainst any scheme for draining lhe
The hoard met at S::i0. There were
present: P. Starkey, In the chair; 8.
U, Brydgea, .1 1.. iiik-ik.ii. .1. U. i.ay.
Q. Nunn, A. II. Kelly. .1. E. Annable. J.
Johnstone, s. s. Taylor, W. O, Gillett,
A Lean. K. Phillips, \V II. -Issues. I.
(1. Nelson. K. B. McDermid, 0. P. Mcllardy, G. K   llrown.
A cominiinieution from Edmonton,
fiom ihe Aaodated Boards of Trade ol
Western Canada, asklnc lor Improves!
posial fsie.llilles ln lbs- West; lhal new
Tender***, iddnisad to the nndemigncd, at hl��*
offlct |n t*_o oonrt bonae, in thei-Hyo. Nel nun,
���will  be  received  up tl 1 the hour of fi oVlni-b In
tlie afternoon of ThoWlar, Jaanati 3rd, WOT, for
the juirchttse of tlie "(irlzziy Beur" lnlncrnl
claim, l^��t No. HI'., wlilf^h wa-* deelHred to he for-
felted 1.) Hi** Crown at the tax eiria held In the
t'lty of Nelitoii on the Bth day of November, L9 2,,
for di'linqticni taxei ui> till June Both, '>**, and
inpeel prloo upon the said mineral claim,
���1 includes the amount of aeHnonent taxeti
(��Ftf. at the time of forfeiiurt', \1ltl1 Interest,
whii'h hnve Flncc* ncerucd, rosin 11 ��.lv#r-
tlfliiK, and lee for crown pant (!*���>.'KI) Is fl-OSS.
which it the h-as-t amount UiMt will W con��ldere<l
as a tender.
Each tender min>t t>e ftooompftiUod by an an-
ctptcl eheqne for the full amount of the tender,
pH vat ite to thf order of the Deputy Oo__Xnl_etO_ei
of Und>., 11 : Worka, at par at VletorlM, B. C.
Dated nt Nelaon, li.c, thin .mih day of November, ItOm
(iovernment Af.cnt, Nulwii, H. 0
Nollee tr* here-y given thatu court of Ravlcion
and Appent, under Ihf provisions ol the "An ess-
ment Act," lBoB," and Amend tna Acts, ami the
"Ful.llc School. Act" will tie held In lho court
bOOJOi In lbe City of Nelaon, on 'I l.ui>dny, De
oembcT 87th, VJod, at the hour of 10 nVlnck In (tie
ii.rcm.oii, for tlie Nelson Aaswamcnt ill .trlct, ami
the Homo School Dlitrlot, Ymir Bohool Dlitrlet,
Kaltno trehOOl District, and GroKOO School Dls
Uict.iontnlne'l tln'retn.
Judge ot t'ourt of Ucviftoii ��nii Appeal.
Dated nt Nelson. B. O.,
thin itn dav of Decomlwr, 190ft.
NOTICE ll herehv Riven thai the Court of -��V
vision tO correct and revise the VoWn' 1-lsl for
the year ISOI, for thOBftld City of Sandon, ar* prepared hv lhe Clerk to the Council, will meet Iu
the Council Chamber, Oity Ball. Bandon, u.e,
on Frldav, DeoombOTSllL 1-08. ��t BColoOk, n. in.
Dated atFandon��B.C
, December 10th, IP
aX. LYONS, i. M.��.
TAKK NOTICE Ihat a Court of Revision of the
Voters' hist of the City of Kaslo will sit on the
Jlst day of December, UtoO, at eleven o'clock,
a- in , 11.>r��l lime), and continue from dav to dny,
tf reqnlalt-1 at llie Council ("liiiiubers of lhe Cily
of Ka .il ll.O.
Dated this 10th day nf December, IWO.
clerk ofthe Municipality.
r**'i th. i
���������> day oHlctoher, ltKKl.
per J Hhiki.i.. Agent
utoannt_ht. __Vefl ibaiWiUyB afterdate i
""���'-nn. \\ ,"1,,|l;tH""-chief OommiMionet
'���'* iwina '"r pormliaton to purohato
! K'""*imv hi'     '"' lllll,h "lH'f-tcil In the
*' '��� ������Am.;,,, ,,trM,:,,,*'K1ii,,,��k Ml H i"""
,:,.    wioinoitolltroh'i H. fi. corner," and
"at in,. -.,  M   l,tn' "' VVhataUa. (Ootibon)
"���"���"'iiili i    r'T   Oonter ol the sahl lake;
('"r Iph i, i.    ".'' tll>,'',"^, STWl W ehaliiR,
"���"'"ll'iwii...,!''    .luri' "f Whatahan creek:
- '1" a aem'   I "iro ll,lL' "f ���"���������d l"m*lt ���*"������
���" "O chains     ""rUl"rly and eaaterly dlrcc-
���'111 ��� i-,'���,, ", \ or lt,'",< to point of Opm-
ili,iw�� l"lllll"�� ,fl(> aerea, moro or lens
Hv tt  i    ..       ANTOINITTK HIHHCI1,
nJ v. L. UamoKi), Annt
Hixty ,lftv- after date I intend lo npply to the
Hoiiorahle Ihe Chief Couiuils,ioiier of I.mol- and
Worlii, Victoria, to purchase IHU acres of laud,
I... ni..I on the went sldeof Arrow lake, adjoining
l.i mih and deaorlbed ��- follows: Oonunenolni
at a poit planted on the west houndary of Uit
imIS. nlmiit .'.) chalna mirth of the 8. W. corner of
Raid lot, thenee wesl SO chaini. theuee south ft)
cliHln-,   ili.*m*e  east 30 chalnn to the weilern
boundary of ore*emnuon No. 378, thence north
6nehtilna to place ol heitltinliiK.
Located Oct. J8,1808, m b.wa_4Jt,
R J. Ki.i.iott, Agent,
TAKK NOTIC . that   a Court of Revision of
the Voters' ' 1st of ihe City ol Cranbrook will nil
on the stiit day of December, 1008, al n o'clock
(local tunc), and continue from day lo day, If
requtatte- at the Council Chambera, Cranbrook,
Daied this t'.th day of December, i**��.
TIlOMArt M   ROUia.   '
Clark of Uu* Uumoi|H
Notleo Is herehy Klven that 00 days after date 1
Intend to make application to the Ilonontblu the
Chief OotnmlMloner ol hands and Works fnr permission lo purchase the followiiiK dcacriWd
lnnds: ComnieticlUL' Ht a post placed Hlmut onu
mile cant of Whatslinu creek and ahiiiil three
miles t-outh ol Whalshan lake, running So chains
south; thence HO eliains west; thenee 80 chains
north; thehOO HO chains cast, to point of com-
menoement) oontainlng 840 aoree more or less.
' ated Oi tnher IS, IflOfl,
By blaagenti Bsiran ff, robihsoh
niAKliik' appli-
loner of Unds
chase the fol
Blxtv dBysnflerdijtelp
.atlon to the Ho", chief (
and Works for peruitsstoiiit
aim   nuiaaiui n���.  ��� r.
inwiiiE dejoribed land: Oommonolng at a poll
placed about 100 yatdl west of llio Whatshan
lake trail nnd ahout two miles smith of What
shan lake, marked "B. C. B'l IS B. corner post,"
iiiiinliic. thenco 80 chalus south; thence 80
Ohalni weat; thenee so chains north; theuee W
���iiuiiiheiisi. in point of commencement! contaiu-
ttiK till) acres, more or to
Dated tt  '
Hires, more or it*"- ,_
l-c, B. SHlilU, Ajelit.
Notice Is herehy given that R0 days alter .late I
Intend making application to the Uonorahle the
Chief Commissioner of Undaand Works lor a
special license to cut and remove tlmher Irom
llie fo'lowlug deserlhed lands, -situated on the
Commeneing nhout fr) chains north of the
s null.���km corner of Lot 2*9, Vale distriet; thence
running east fortv (40) chains;south one hundred
and sixty (100) chalm**); west forty (40) chains*,
north one hundred and sixty (IH)) chains, to
place of oommencement.
Dated Oetoher 16th- 1008.
I. Tminhi),
Thirty days after date -         ._
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works,
Intend to npply to Ilie
'  and work"
t and ea**:
Victoria- for n special licence to cut inn cany
away tlmher from the following tract of laml,
situated oil the N. .v R rallwny, tn the Wesl
Koolenay distriet: Commencing at apoitpUnt-*
ed near the N. B corner of A. It. Plngland'l
tlmher claim, thenee wrst80chnlns, theiite north
8o chnins, thence c st ho chains, thenee south 80
chains to point of commencement.
Nov. 6th, 1906, I*. J. OAtXAQBll
Sixty don aft-r date I purpose making nppU-
Cntlon to the Hon. Chief Couimiailrtier of hands
and Works (or permission to purchase the fol
Pg doecrl-bed  lnnds:   Commeiicin,,
ilaeeil ahout half a mile west of the lower end of
lowing deserlhed lninls: Commencing at a p.
placet ahout half a mile west of the lower cm'
Whalshan lake, marked "D. D's. N. W .corn.
running thenee 80 ohalni south; thenre ho chains
east; thenee BO chains north; thence 80 ehalns
west to point ot i-omnQiuement, coutalniug ti-10
acres, more or less
Dated the mh dny of Oclohor, 19011.
D. DODb,
I'er J. Shiki.i., Agent.
offices be ostabliBhRd au needed, and
that a deputy minister be appointed,
resident in the West, with power to
grant new offices without reference to
Ottawa. The resolution was unanimously endorsed.
8. Walker of Cariboo City, and J. hi.
Annable then addressed the board on
behalf ol the residents on the Arrow
lakes, who complain of Inadequate
HDamer service.
On motion of .T. 1_. Annable it was
resolved that a deputation ot the board
interview the C. P. R. division off_o.aH
ond ask for Improvement or the Bor-
vlec to ihe exlenl of making 0OHB_K>
lions ut RobtQ-t, The prfsldent ap
pointed U. Nunn and J. K. Annntiii< tor
Hint purpose.
A resolution or the Crnnbmok board
Of trade wub forwarded by C. IhiiiKer-
It��t'd-l'ollen, secretary of lbe Kootciiny
Centrnl railway, asking co-operation tn
urging the provincial government to
assist in hastening the construction
Ol ihe railway.
lt. was explained lhal the provincial
government had offered a bonus, nut
it had lapsed, ^
w. H. Jones thought there was lime
to be gained by helping la company
which was unable lo go ahead.
S. S. Taylor replied that the resolution was partly for ihe purpose of tnst-
���ing ihe govt'i-nmont's assuiance mat
such a road would be built  by the C.
i'. it. oompany.
After further discussion tbe resolution was endorsed,
The petition for a road to Thrums
and beyond, published in yesterdays
issue of The Canadian, was then read,
along wiih others endorsing it.
Jamea Johnstone strongly advocated
Its endorsement by the board.
The president thought lhal mere en-
dorBement of the petition was inadequate lo the occasion. He thougni
that the many interests to be served,
Including   the   Queen   Vietoria   mines.
made it a matter of the first importance. He thoughl. a sp'-cial Oommlttee
should be appointed to draft a resolution.
.lames Johnstone then raised a bigger question. He thought before many
yenrs there must be a bridge over the
Koolenay at Nelson, which, he claimed, WOUd serve all purposes for ever.
S. S. Taylor thought that If a bridge
were asked for little would be given
for rOSds, He suggested cable f>rrles
instead and pointed to lbe example
of Kdmonten.
A. H. Kelly opposed the suggestion,
lie thought the bridge would not Ho
cosily and would be paid Tor a thou-
snndiold by the development of tbe agricultural anl mineral wealth of the
Kontenay valley, which he Claimed is
superior to that of any district in the
The petition was then endorsed and
.1. M. Lay, J. E. Annable and D. It. McDermid were appointed a committee to
draft a resolution.
A letter from the Kingston board 01
trade asked for the oo-operfillon of alt
boards of (rale In urging the Dominion
government to improve the canals. As
the members of the board knew nothing about the matter they declined to
act and filed tbe commiutUaliou.
a long communication from the exploiters of Seattle's proposed Alaska-
Yukon exposition asked for approval ot
llrltlsh Columbia's participation and
Financial support. The mutter was
then referred to n committee���*1, u.
Nelson and H. U. Uoodevu*��� to report
ttt the next meeting.
The Manufacturers'   association   ot
Toronto asked the board's support ln
urging upon the Dominion government
the importance ol establishing a national system of technical education,
which, ii Is claimed. Is supported by ull
manufacturers! by   educationists   ami
h> Organised labor. The resolution
was endorsed.
A ettor from the Ymir Citizens' association asked aid In securing government aid fur a rond from Nelson
to Ymir. The letter wus left over lor
consideration at ihe next meeting,
A letter from Avomlale, -Colo., asked
tor iniui in.iiinn about farm lands. It
was referred lo the secretary of the
_tt),UU0 club.
A petition asking the provincial government to take Step! to remove the
dearth of labor was read, but no nelion was taken.
S. S. Taylor urged thut before uny
consideration Is given to n scheme
for draining drowned lands at tbe head
of Kootenay lake, every care be taken
to Bee that Ihe West Ann he uot injured, either as a navigable body of
water or as n natural beauty spot, Ho
thought that tho matter was or vital
Importance to Nelson. On his motion
the board went on record as being opposed to such u scheme.
The committee on wagon roads then
presented n resolution to he forwarded to the provincial government urging the construction of wagon roads
along tho Kootenay river and connection with Nelson by a bridge at u sull-
abe crossing.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a daj honse in the Kootenays.
Kooms ��re well furniwhert.   Table ft* good u any
ln Nelion.     Bar Biipplled with food
IIquoth and c__trt,ra.
W. E. HoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tf emont Hotise
European and American Plan
Meali 36 eta.   Roomi frnm '* Ota. to 11
Only White Halp Implored.
Bakor St., NoUon Proprietor.
Bartlett   Hotise
But Dollar-a-Day House In Nelson.
Tbe Bar 1, the Flneftt.
White Help Onl; KmplorM*.
Building Lots for Sale
Joanphlne St.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Wrnon,
two Moofcl from wharf.
GKORGK HARRISON, proprietor.
RkU'H |1 00 per ilny mi'l up.
P. O. Box 161. tJ-T C/}XJ     D    (
Telephone l!B. iV____-_J-_/_V,   __>.  ���*_*.
Grand Central Hotel
J   A. KRIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally tSMNttofl. Open Pay an.l Night.
SMMfif mhI l-i.tti Roome Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Q-teen's Hotel
Baker Street. Nelion. B. C,
Ltgbted by Electrtoity and
HrafcKl by Hot Air
Large aud I'ssmlisrtatsle Badroonii and Ftrat*
clan, ntulUB Room. Hample Rooma for Commercial Mil.
MRS. K  c. ct.ARKK, I'roprletresu
Royal Hotel
Raton II and tl-SO a Hay
H)*riiil Katsea to Regular Boarders.
Mont .'.iml'MlHhl*' qnnrLprr. fn N-ctFon.
Only tlie -tint of L|.|uorB and i l-gari.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, J**itch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will lind it to their nd-
vnntngo to nso our I'itcli.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
H.   &   M_   BIRD.
��T ��       . f s��p,  TO   TAKE  OUT   AN  ���
lNOW IS the lime Accident Insurance Policy
I Represent The Railway Passengers* Company
The Oldest Company Doing Business in This Line.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acre*
Choicest Frott Lands ta
Brtttah Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
vvin.|i"-.ah' mnl  Retail Dealem In
Fresh and Salted Meats
New Year
Ticket* on ealo at. all Onundiati Pacific
Railway Olllces, Port Arthur to Vancouver, and nil iutormediute lirauch line
Kiut**, December Sil. 22, 2S, 24, 2fi; also
tcoruber 28, 21>, HO, 111, aud .Tanunry 1.
Good Return! g Until January 3, (907.
A.tl.l'. *.. Vaiiroiivei
ILP.A., Nrt'on
( .imps (-supplied on nliortent notice and
loweHt price. Nothing but fresh nud
wholoKOimmicata nnd fmpplen kept tn-fctock
Mail orders receive ctireful attention,
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
C<mtrn*vti��f nnd
���Sole nRpnt for tho Porta RkW Immbw Co., Ud.,
n lull YFir*!-s !t>'iti:li nml (Iro'iBil lliinlidr. turnetl
wnrl; nnil brack-*!*--., i i-n-t tatli nnd ililnnip-*, ruth
nn-! dflOn. '".idi-iiI. i.rli-k mnl Hum; [or salt)
Vunl ami factory:   .'union Ht.. -mat of Hall,
P. O. Mux i3_. Telophone 178.
Certificate of Improvements
"Mellon" iiifnt'iiil i-liihn, ill inti-.l in Mio NpIniiii
MllllliK IMvlsfoii of Wc-i Kooti'iiuy illslrti't.
When*- loi'Bli*-*!:   f)B Tom) ntOantftltti
Tnke Not Iro that I, John McLatrble acting an
Miner's ('pr
^^^^^^^m^^^^^^���iT.         *��ya from tin
'late hfteot, tonii|i'y tn tho MlnltiR Hi-vonler for
RK��nt for cicorgc A t'am[ibi*-ll, Prco Miner's T
tnicato No. h7077, Intond, njxty  day�� from the
a Ortiflcatonf lni|troveinenti��, forlliuptiriHinw of
nhlattiltiK a t'rown Urant of tho attovc claim.
And fnrllicr tnk*> notice that action, un er
Hcotliui H7, im-nl DC i*omincm*fd Iwtoreme l����o-
anci> of hiii'Ii Ccrtlllcati; of linj��rovtMnenR.
Dated thin 17th duy of November, !!����.
John Mrl.ATcnir.
Certificate of Improvements
"Hjiyglajw" nnd ' Gjpbp" mineral (ilninio, sllnnte
In Trout Luke Mining nivlnlon.
1-ocr.li-d on Poplar creek.
Tndo Notloo that I, Brnee White aciing it
ngi nt fur (*Mrita>yKtaii-> Mining o-, I'm* Miners'
t'ortlflOMlo w?TTi Mi'6, intend, ffl darn from tbo
dale hereof, to applv to the. Mining Recorder for
A (-'erHflcate of Improvements for tbe purpose ol
obtaining a frown Grant ofthe above claim*.
And further tAke notice tbat action, under
-Section-<7. must b0 commenced bpfnro tho Issuance of such (.erttfltate of tutptcttfaeoit.
Dated 2r��lh October, I'm. IlRrtie Whitr.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
%%* $78.25
Corresponding low rates to
polntB east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nor. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Qood for three months
with ptlvtlege of extending limit
Oolng via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowed east of St.
I'nul and Duluth.
Oolng via Chicago stopoverB
allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
For   further  Information  call
ou or address
I'Hy PasM-nger Ageut.
A i: I*. A.. H.-nlll.-.
P__fS��N J<*5<>
PBUftlRO AND (IKAK-rlN.I Mrer.slly -lleml-
pd lo. Apply
Silver King Hole!.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking aud most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baiter Street.
Nollco \i hereby given that- nt a meetiUK nf the
Hoard of License t-'ommltmloiicrs, to he he'd <it
tbe Chief Con .ttble's ofllce. Nelson, on the Iith
December, we, 1 Intend to apply for a transfer of
mv liueiise for the-trove. Hotel, Falrvt.w, Nelson,
toC K. Wnlmslev.
hated 1-Mh Nov., 190fi. J VV CHOW;
 pe**- Wii.-f .WNKM,. Attorney.
No ice la hereby kIvcii tlutt nt a meeting of the
Board of License (-oinmisiPoueiR, to he held In
tlhfef (.'onstable'soffice, at Nelson,nnlSlh Deeem-
ber. I,90flt 1 Iniend t-> apply for a trnus'er of my
hotel license for the 1'ttlaco hotel, at Vmir, to
Archibald A Davis
.tb November, 1906. MJTCIIKLL TAIT.
1 i
.imi. vm  libwWI
s_mnMNM ���
. ti
The Daily Canadian
Cut   Glass   Bonbon   Dishes,   eacn J2.25, *_.._
Hand-Painted  China Cups and  saucers,   eaoh    J2.50.J3.bu
Sterling   Coffee   Spoons,   per   set $2.75, $3.00
Sterling   Souvenir   Spoons,   each $1.25. $1.35
Sterling Photo  Frames,  each $1.25 to $9.00
Back Combs,  each      $1-00
Fine Leather  Bags  and   Purses, each   $1.25 to $25.0U
Silk  Umbrellas.  Silver and  Gold Mounted   Handles,  each $5 to $20
Electric  Lamps,  each    $14.00 to $25.UU
i **************************
_. w
.. *
Take Old Santa's Advice and Buy'
Your  Xmas Groceries  Here.        '
Our   Latest   Arrivals   Are:
Harry Webb's Genuine English ;
Plum Pudding
1   lb., 40c;  2 lb.. 75c;  3 lb.. Jl.iu.;
Just i.iks- Mother Makes.
CHOCOLATES. 35c per Ib.  ',
1-lb. Fancy  Boxes. 50c and  /*5c.  |
MEAT,  Mb. Jar,  20c:   2-ib.
Tin,  35c:   5-lb.  Tin.  75c. '.
Bell Trading Co J
Coal and
Telephone 265
$1.75 pet* Box
Joy's Cash Grocery |
Wa   Mnv-w   fl   .S|'��c-c>iillv
ScktU-ii Stock of
for   X nut's   Tr (ide.
Stoneware. Crocks, Bean Fots, Tea Pols, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
aud designs
Choquette Bros*
( lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
Theiegooda nr-' ks fin*1 as Uie motsaspentlVfl
klinli". the only different*), i* iho packago*
Phoue 25. Baker St.
Next P. Burns & Co.
Cor, Veniiiss and >Vs_r_1 Street.,
ISBUSO.X, t��. a.
.1. FRED HUME, Propric-tor.
O. E. Conner. Cincinnati; W. H. P.
Clemeint, ('ransl Forks; J. H. Gaine,
Victoria; W. J. Hill, L.,). Marphy,'Winnipeg ; Hssury Step,', New Denver; F. O.
Ojarkson, K. Claiksssn, Toronto; Huph
B. (iUiiiisur, ,1. .1. Whalen, K. H. Sim-
motlfl Vnuessuver; T. A. Jones, Arrowhead ; U. Mathews, Montreal; W. H.
Montis-ih, P. H. Carpenter, Spokane.
W. E. Zwjoky, Bandon;  W. P. Fess,
Winnipeg; .1. E. Harjser, Rossland; H. E.
Fisher,    New   Denver;   P.   H.   Auger,
Toninlo; H. A  Ba_nbrldg8, Vancouver.
Mrs. D   Clark, Mrs   Charles Sawyer,
Pilsst Bay; C. tiood, Vancouver; J. O.
Carmthers, Trail.
J. Wslkiusssn, Thus. Henderson, Arrow
head, J. P. Mulliu and wile, Ymir, Miss
Bdlund, R. Speedr, Spokana; G. Bravo
and wife, J, .1. Robinson, Yanr-onvsr;
Hol.t, llalerow ; L Hayden, J. J. Lucia,
Qreenwood; J. E. Hammond, B. Willserp,
Westminister; F. M. Southnioyd and
family Ynhk
J. McCallum. Ymir; W. Hill, Silver-
B, Reads-, Vancouver; J. R. Thompson,
Revelstoke; A. Watson Winnipeg; M.
Young ,Moyie; F. E. Clements, Victoria.
W. It Brislneford, Dan Park.
J. E. Hammond, Priest River.
M MoQuire, J. Baffin, W. J. Frasor,
Bonnington; 0. A. Hood, F. Brown, D.
A. Dimoan, Hagerman; E. F. Wheeldren,
4!i Creek.
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
10 Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone 101.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on Bale. AU
kiuda   of   Dlunerware in   stock.   P. t-
A. U. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offloe; lleaisy Building.   P. o. Box iM
Baker St.,  NELSON,  B. C.
Wl-li Is. islsssss- ISssvssl  llHISlt ssl ssais^u.
SO MKN, sst ssiss-i-, fssr work Its the wrsgte   At-lsly
Is, W. E.Csss.k,', -uiwmfll. K"l".____
I-AIiV PTENOlillAI'HKH I���r j.s.Billisnincountrr-
''��� 1  li'si'is* wills employer'! fssinily.     Apply
isms ��..s-,,i,a,||���,|���(|i,.,.. ________
i��*snMi:N. mih Ban.sand Logging Contractors.,
also BD.loeet    WBttsi.sirn Lumber Co., uestr
TWO riKBT.l-I.ASS KOOMS. Btfam liralcssi.   An-
ply lsssusst-ki's-jstT, lirsl Hat. K W. c. bl(��ck.
\\". S. Pearc.v will leave tomorrow
morning for a tew weeks" visit to ms
former home in Toronto.
Samuel A. Wye, of Nelson, and MUs
liena Anderson, Formerly of Nelson*
were married yesterday in Spokane.
There win be a meeting of Nelson
Encampment, I. O. 0. P��� No. 7, \ 11 its
evenlug lor tlie election of oliicers, m-
tUatiooe and coulerring ol  degree.;.
.), B. Tlerney returned last nignt
liuiu a six-weeks trip to Chicago in
the interests of a Boundary nmung enterprise. Mr. Tlerney says that his
tup was entirely successful-
The Nelson-Bruce company arnveu
from llossund at noon loday and the
members are at the Queen's. Since
Its last appearance here the company
has beeu strengthened by the return oi
William Yule, considered by many
good judges to be the best comedian
who has ever appeared in Nelson.
The Koscian Opera company concluded its'engagement last evening when
Balfe's '"Bohemian Uirl" was presented to a fair-sized audience. The production was about up to the average
in artistic merit. Mr. Wallets, Miss
Nola and Miss Godfrey carried oft the
honors. The chorus work was very
good, and altogether the performance
was an enjoyable one. The engagement
of the Kosctans cannot be said to have
been a sucessful one from a tinanciat
point of view, but it must be admit tea
that the company is one of the best
musical organizations, if not the gest,
that has ever visited Nelson. Lack or
patronage may be attributed to several
causes, the principal one being that
the holiday season is ut hand and the
people who are accustomed to spending money on the theatre are now saving up for the demand that will oe
made upon their purses lor Christmas
presents. Tonight at the opera house
tht Nelson-Bruce company will present
the Western melodrama, "Arizona,'
with which they scored such a success
on their last visit. Tomorrow's tix-
tures are: Matinee, "Soldier of J*or-
tune";   evening,   "Prisoner   of   Zenda.'
Trains and Boats.
Crow    boat ��� Three    and    a     I
hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���On time
Boundary train���On time.
Kossland train���On time.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out thin line
wo are reducing the prie-e to
40c. We only hnve a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering If you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poaltry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and   Ward   Ste.
Ship Your Christmas Presents
by Dominion Express Company
Cheapest, safest and quickest means
or forwardfng packages or nit rchan-
dise, valuables and Jewelry to all parts
or the world.
It Is strongly recommended that
shipments be sent so as to arrive at
destination some days In advance,
thus avoiding the rush and ensuring
most careful handling. Arrangements
can be made for delivery the day before ChriKtmans when desired.
Special attention given to ablpmcnis
for Ureal  Hritain and EurO|>e.
For further information npply to
company's office on Baker street.
Phone 113.       0. E. FORD, Agent.
Ter Gallon.
Cm Am .Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Bts.
PMOM3  7.
A. McDonald & Co-
Doalers iu staple and fancy Groceries.
Bntter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners1 Supplies.
Boys' Coasting Sleds.
Spring Runners, 90c,
$1.25 and $1.50.
Dolls, Toys, Games
AU   new   goods  and  prices   low
Kodacks, ?,:'"!.���.,��,
Albums, Stamp and Post
Card Albums.
All thc New Dooka are li.ro���
bonks Tor the young in erery
conceivable style���Gift Hooks,
Beautiful Hooks in binding and
letterpress, ah the now tiim-sn
In fiction.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Don't Forget
No matter how ninny nthor things
they may get, Xmas is never complete
without a pretty Picture Hook lor tne
little one, or a good Story Book ior the
boy or girl.
Our stock of books this year is very
complete, and includes
All thc Most Popular Writers of
Boys' and Girls' Stories.
They range in price at from 2bc tor
a full sized cloth bound Book to 4Uc,
60c, 8bc and  up to $1.50.
Also we have
Boys* Own    J2.2S
Girls'   Own    S2.25
Chatterbox    11.25
Sunday    $1.25
Chums    $2.25
Young Canada   $1.^5
Insure against possible    disappointment Isy doing your Xmas buying early.
W. G. Thomson
8bt0*0tk.oen,^r ""��� Nelson, B. C.
Phone 34.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsttfrs and Dealers in
Cool and Wood.   Exprt-Hs and
Bappnge Transfer
__._���_!.  Office: Baker St.
Tht Great McEwen Coming.
"There are more things in heaven
an earth than are dreamt of In thy
philosophy, Horatio." and after witnessing a performance of the Great
McEwen and his company one ls compelled to exclaim, "Will wonders aevej
The mysteries and wonders of the
osophy and spiritualism which jvir.
Mcl'-wen has ipenl years lu torrattgat-
Inn. are hroufcht home to eaeh audience
In tlu* expy.tai.on hy him of many oi
their most subtle discoveries and inno
His hypnotic, demonstrations are genuine, scientifically Interesting ami
highly amusing, and his mind reading
la the superior nf any living exponent
of this branch of mental philosophy.
Supported hy a company Including
several well known vaudeville acts,
the Great McKwen comes to Nel BOD
.Monday,  December 17.
How   Ahout   Your
Ciuns and
Ammunition ?
We hnve Eley's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's. Winrhester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Finn ting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Goats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box o3l       Nelson, B. C
Sherman's Opera House
Keturn   Engagement
Nelson-Bruce Company.
Saturday Mallnee���A Soldier of Fortune.
Saturday���The Prisoner of Zenda.
Prices��� 5lic,   75c,   f 1.00.
Plan at Rutherford's Thursday, Decera-
Commencing   Monday,
December 17,
The Great McEwen
And  his Company
Prices���76c, 50c,  25c.
Beats al  Rutherford's Saturday.
Uss sssssl Bins, D__-ml>M Int my liss.tliin ansl
.limbing Isimhss-isis will Ihi Ioi-bIisiI In my new
���tuns, iwss soon ,-us.t ssf f,|H-rii hoiiHP, on vietoHi
Tel. 181.      S. A. WYE
Something for Xmas
Nothing more acceptable by any
member of the family than a pair ot
Slippers. Whether it be Warm Blip-
pers or Fancy Slippers we wish to say:
"We can show you a swell assortment.
The ROYAL Shoe Store
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsl|
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone .t.t.t.
Starkey & Co., ����_���__
W'holeaaie Provlalona,
Dominion Gtorarnment Ottamm one Pound liricks rood���) weekly (n.his
from the i.hnru.   For sole by ull leading ssjrooers.
Office and warehouse: HonstoD Block,   Phone ?!i
Josephine Street.       -       - Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty |
Shoetmetal Work, CbsiUirb, Builders' Mntcriul and Mining and Mill Ibotdltn
Offlce and Works Foot of Park St.
Phone   Jt)4.
\.AX,\< .|.l*-.
.Nclwiii,  ... C.
A Wof d to the Wis
Tins Viiir \v.- have nppnvint^l tlit' want?- of onrciul
lOOMIl und have pMtod int-ri stock the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This Kkivi* is udftpUH. fnr hanl coal nnly. unil i>pa_fl
antaed to gin Hntisfm-imn.
}. H. Ashdown Hardware!
Company, Limited.
We,Vj.rl".*   -"V1 "Jobbing netulwl with _>��s-,p��tch.   8h��t Matal (
�� ork, Mining anu Mill Machinery.     Manufacturer* t,l
Or-a Car*.  M.  kt.   Contractor.'  Can.
.-.I...H...     NELSON,    B.C. .��.!��(
lUmlncHH men.
Working men,
M*n In cl recta attire,
Sportinii men,
HandHome men.
Men thftt'M full of fire
I'NITK uml siu-v.  tbat   tho   ini]*trtntimis of
John T. Pierre are the prej��<*r thing.
My lant fall shipment him jn. I arrived.  Sf*
(jhem and place yonr order early fnr Xiiiup^ih
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now ifl the tins''
tss Isuy }*our
Winter Overcoat
AU Prices from $10 to $30
J. a. qTLker
MANUFACTURERS   f _ _*_t       1   ���
AND DEALERS IN   M*HlDe**   _>IUflgleSt
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turnau Work and Brackets. Mail Ordem promptly ntt. iidwl �����
VHHINOIN HTRRI3T   ���   ���   ���   NHL8QN. B. g.	
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoua Kootenay Range?
Becauae we cannot procure a better, taking Into account  deelgn, workmanahlp, cooking qualities and price
We will  be pleaaed to show you Ita good points.
WoodLVallance Hardware Co'y


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