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The Daily Canadian Apr 15, 1908

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Array ASK
monarch   of
all  the  time..
bottled  at
Vol.UMK   2.     NO.   272
AP* 21 ,908   ^
W.,��*���. xIAN
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cents a   month
(lost Accessible Port on
Fresh  Waler
jOVERNMENT'S promise
rill Make Deep and Straight Channel
From New Westminster Down
the hraser to the Gulf,
e��   Westminster, April   IS - Within
|i:. ..   years  New   Westminster harbor
ill be one of Hi** most easy of access
md !, 11  tit-shwater porta In the world,
md the Dominion government has Just
idopted   plans   to   spend   u  million   dol-
,!.. Id improvement works.
Cltl en . have beeu working for years
11 Improvement schemes for the* river,
,:,.!   recently  Francis   Leliaron,  an  ex-
irbor engineer, was engaged and
examining  ihe   harbor   ami   tha
compiled   a   complete   report   on
rk  lequited, and this repurt haa
��� 11  presented to tbe Ottawa gov-
���:   al   by   Mayor  Keary,   J.   li.   Kin
. .I.v M.  P., and  lit sldcnt Engineer G.
i   Keefar   of   this   cliy,   and   Kngincer
in.     Last  night.  Secretary   A.   E.
\ bile     received    word     trom     Mayor
IKeary  that LeDaton's  report  bad  bun
1     The  telegram   In  as  follows:
Wlih   J.   B    Kennedy,   M.   I'.   O.   A
Keefer  had  a final  meeting  this  afler-
 1.   with  Hon.   Mr.   Pugsley.   minister
'.   1 ublic   works;    Hon.   Mr.   Fleldlug.
,-r of finance, and  Hon   Mr. Tela
I 1 ::.dU.
BagtMM  J    FranCiS   Leliaron's sup-
���. "Utary   report   was   practically   ap-
roved with slight modifications made
y   dominion    hjnglneer    Keefer.      Mr.
juedy   la   entitled   to   all   credit   for
success   of  the   mission   on   which
U   sent   me   here.     Mr.   Keefer   being
:'Sent. expedited  mutters and greatly
.-. isted.
Work Ib to be commenced after cs-
mates are   isaaed.     The  undertaking
il   take   about   inree   years   to   coui-
,��� te.
We have been treated  mom  courte-
Ij   by Premier Laurier and the mem
I Vis of his cubinet.   Make what use you
slab of this telegram. Our people should
and  1  hop*  are,  pleased at the  remit of our mission."
Work   on   the   hurhor   Improvements
arm  lie  commenced this  year, nnd  ow-
.   to the large amount of work to be
���    it   will   lake  three  years  to  complete.    The  improvements  Include con-
.1 r.ib'.e    dredging,    especially  at  the
mouth of the   river,   where  a  new   and
��� -lit channel will be cut across the
Qdheads to   deep   water,   and   a  Jetty
1 .!   be   built   111   the   river   at    places
���There 'he current will be used to keep
I- channel deep enough.
D graced    Italian   Friar   Got   Rid
Duke and  His  Household.
April 15.���Padre Valerlano,
War ol the Order of San l'asquale,
sad resident chaplain of lhe late Uuke
"i Monforte, has been arrested ul Na-
Pies nn charges Involving robbery und
wholesale   murder.
ilie old Duke expired suddenly Li*-'
I'eai at bis villa, Lydla, near Naples.
��hlch he had specially constructed in
Jli�� youth as a present to his young
English bride. Alter the wedding day
lhe Duke nnd Duchess of Monforte
Were absolutely boycotted by the oilier
branches of the ancient family because
lhe duke's bride, who was of Protestant
ancestry declined to embrace the Ito
man Catholic  faith.
The Ducliesa or Monforte was, how-
>ter, an ntlrncllve figure In arlstocra
tic circles, and ahe endeared herself
i" Neapolitan* not only by her aurpas-
���lag   beauty,   but   by   her   benefit 06.
The last years of 1 r married life were
embittered by the . tleness or the duke
wd the Intrusion .ito lhe sumptuous
home of a pretty - nine, (Icriniin gov-
"nusa, named Pranceica Bugner. Then
the duchess was re uoved by �� sudden
and unaccountable death, while not
'nany months later Ihe governess met a
Mmllar mysterious fate.
AJ1 this time the Duke of Monfortt
bad besides hiB ohuplaln a special fn
'orlte in a Cnlabrlau valet, bearing the
'""he Sicilian!.
The friar and the valet piny a big
Part in the drama recently unfolded,
'"'��� the police accuse them not only
of having poisoned the duchess and the
governess,    but    Dually   Uie  old   duke
When the duke's relati eg cue turn
Paris on his de>*a-.o to UHt. possesion
they were am ized , n���,j ,Uu j,*., e(j
itrong-room   ipii'e   <vupr,. th.ugh Le
Seals   were      noi     M.pire.i  <y    l..|nperi-
wlth. They tried to keep tlie affair
secret. but Ilie Naples chief of police,
alter discovering that Padre Valerlano
had pawned about 120,000 worth or the
Monforta Jewels, pounced upon him us
he Was bidding Ins mistress udieu before taking his departure for America.
The auperiors ot the order of Pus-
quale, to which Valerlano belonged, disclaim any responsibility, as tbey say
the trior has lived outside his monastery for over a year, und had previously
been  suspended  a��   a sequel  to  the  dis-
coyery or a disgraceful correspondence
Willi one of his fashionable penitents.
Little Is known or the aged duke's
lusi dajs, as, after his dual bereavement
he lived a retired misanthropic exis-
tence. Since tlie duke of Monforte's
deaili his renegade friar had been living
in tlie finest holelB in Naples under an
assumed name. His arrest was quickly
followed by that of the valet.
According to their version, the old
duke, just before breathing his last,
made a present of all bis Jewels to
Valerlano and the bonds to the valet.
The valet, needing ready money, gave
a parcel (,i tlie bonds to ValurMuu, who
paid him oul or ths p-oceed-; or the
pawned Jewels.
Two   Small     Places    Swept    Away   and
City of Great  Falls  is now in
Gravo  Danger.
Helena, Montana, April 15.���An uncontrollable flood Is rapidly advancing
today upon Ureal Falls, a city of 15.00U
people, and ll Is believed that the Boston aud Montana smelter, one of the
largest In the world, ls doomed to destruction. The smelter, which is built
on the river bank, employs more Ihun
1.500 men. The employees were engaged all night ln the construction of
a "wing dam" around the smelter.
Preparations have alBO been made so
thai the dam at Great Falls, from which
the smelter secures Its power, may be
dynamited as a last resort.
Craig, Mout., probably has heen wiped
"IT the map although as fur as is known
all of the four hundred inhabitants escaped. Cascade, a twon of four hundred
population, sixty-nine miles rrom Helena and twenty-three miles north of
Craig, is now under water and In danger
of being swept away. Tlie river Is
thickly strewn with debris or ranch
bouses and many animals ure battling
lor their lives in the flood.
Pontiff Receives Von Buelow.
Home, AprW 15��� The Pope received
today in private audience Prince Von
ltuelow, the Imperial German chancellor, and Princess Von Hueiow. The
pontiff said thut he hoped that the sojourn here of chancellor and his conference with Cardinal Merry Del Val,
papal secretary or state, would bring
about an understanding in regard to
the Catholic questiou  in Germany.
Reference to Hague.
Washington, April 15.���The British
and I'nlted States governments are
planning to submit lo the permanent
court of arbitration at The Hague the
task of Interpreting the Newfoundland
fisheries treaty of 1818,    In settling this
controversy The Haugue win have to
decide Whether state or colonial laws
and regulations shall be permitted to
Interfere  with the  terms of the treaty.
Hoppe Won Easily.
Cleveland. Ohio. April 15���Willie
Hoppe, tbe 18.8 balk line billiard champion, eusily defuled George Sutton last
night In a four hundred point 1811
match by u score of 400 to 189. Hoppe
was ill line fettle while Sutton played
In poor luck Hoppe made a run of 111
In the lirst inning und 140 in tht
He ran the game in nine Innings
ton made  uo good  runs.
Refuse to Postpone.
New York, April 15.���Postponement
ror one month of the international boat
rnce for the llnrmsworth cup. requested
by Ihe motor yacht club of Great Britain, was refused last night at n meeting of the motor boat club or America,
held at the Waldorr Astoria. The refusal wns bused upon the fact that nil
arrangements for the regatta have been
completed, nnd the dnte originally set,
August 1. was set by the British yacht-
men some time ago.
Laws of Naval Warfare.
Berlin, April IE.���It Is reported Ihut
the great powers us a sequel to the
conditions' nt The Hague peace conference, are arranging for u national confer! nee for the. discussion of laws governing maritime warfare, to meet in the
autumn    No confirmation of this report
cun be obtained In official quarters.
C. P. R. Company Offering Special Terms
Many New Privileges for Ti ivelkrs
to the West���Canada fi m
Ocean to Ocean.
Calgary, April 15.- .he C P. R. have
announced their annual home seekers'
excursion tor 1908 and have as a special feature fixed to the dates so that
the people of Ontario, New Brunswick
and Quebec will be able to leave those
provinces on either June 9th, 10th, 23rd
or 24th. the former tickets being good
until lhe 11th and 12th and the latter
until the 25th and 26th of that month,
enabling them to reach Calgary in lime
for the Dominion Fair. Hound trip
trip tickets from any point in those
three provinces as far west as Port
Arthur, to Calgary will cost $40.50. the
passengers having the privilege of taking a tourist sleeper right through. For
the sum ol $42.50. they will be able to
continue their trip aa far north as
Strathcona and as an extra inducement
the railway has decided to allow an
extension on the tickets for one or two
mouths on tbe payment of $5 per
mouth extra.
Hamilton. April 15���The basket ball
championship of Canada was decided
here last night when the Hamilton
senior team defeated the Montreal
seniors by 47 to 13.
Woodstock, April 15.���Earl Cooper, a
fifteen year old lad, Is ln a somewhat
serious condition aa a result of being
stabbed  by  a companion.
Milton, April 15.���Richard Newton,
C. P. R. brakeman, is on trial here
charged with manslaughter in causing
the death of Engineer -Charles Armstrong at Guelph Juuction last month.
It is understood the charge may be
amended  to  criminal negligence.
Macleod. April 15.���The funeral of
Constable Wilmoa, the mounted policeman who was so foully murdered at
Frank, was held here yesterday afternoon. All the available members of
the force ln this district turned out to
pay their last respects to their dead
comrade. Up to the present the police
have no clue to the murderer.
Kegina, April 15.���What In many respects was the most notable political
demonstration ever held in this city took
place last night, when over eleven hundred members of the recently organized
Liberal club gave n welcome home to
Premier   Walter   Scott.
Fillmore, Sask.. April 15.���A bad
prairie fire swept, over the country west
and north of here Mondoy burning considerable hay and several granaries,
A high wind wus blowing at the time
and the settlers in tlie path of the tire
had bard work to save their property.
All the farmers turned out to fight the
tire but In spite of this many buildings
und much liny and grain were destroyed.
Lanlgun. Sask., April 15.���A. J. R.
Robinson, formerly of Winnipeg, proprietor of the snsh and door factory
here, was Instantly killed today. He
wns cnught in the engine drive wheel
and  bell.
Sf. John, N.  B,, April  IE���Henry W.
Barker, manager of the National Drug
and Chemical Co. or Canada, tiled suddenly this morning or heart failure. He
wns 54 years old.
Toronto, April 15.���Mrs. Carrie Rowland, aged 25 years, was arrested last
night on complaint of the Toronto
brunch of the Daughters of England, of
which she was secretary, charged with
misappropriation of  funds of the  ns-
Koclntlon to the extent of $170. She
was remanded in the police court this
morning and wns released on  bail.
Mrs Rowlnnd declares she is Innocent
of the charge preferred against her.
though she may have been careless In
her  book-keeping.
Ottnwa. April 15.���Nearly all out or
town members have already bidden
good bye to the parliamentary precincts
until aher the Easter holidays.
Leamington. April IB.���Pere Marquette express No. 2 crashed Into a
freight car near here this morning. The
caboose of the freight wns wrecked and
n number of curs derailed, Engineer
Crubh of the express was slightly injured. None of the passengers nre Injured although nil were more or less
shaken up.
who is ln the city in consultation with
President Plumber, of the Dominion
Iron and Steel Company, regarding a
settlement of the dispute between the
companies issued a statement last night
night that' a good start had been made
towards tbe adjustment of difficulties
uud that lie had good reason lo believe
there wuuld be a satisfactory conclusion.
Toronto. April 15.���Bennett Aqua, a
student ut high school, missed his tooting while attempting to board a moving
car this morning and fell in Tront of
the trailer, the wheels ot which passed
over him cutting his body in two. He
was 14 years old and wus on his way
to school when the accident happened.
ThlB is the third street car fatality
within the last two weeks.
Kingston, April 15. ��� G. S. Fife,
Queeu's University, has been awarded
u Rhodes Scholarship. Mr. Fife comes
from Edmonton where hia father Is a
teacher In the high school. The scholarship is from the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Mr. Fife haa not completed his course here yet, but will
leave in the fall for Oxford before taking a degree.
Quebec, April 16.���No Immediate or
general reduction of liquor licenses in
this province is provided for ln the new
government measure to be introduced
In the legislature. On the other hand
the bill has established a gradual scale
of reduction owing to a provision that
In future when once a liquor license Is
withdrawn for infringement of law, it
shall not be renewed again until a certain limit is reached.
Napanee, April 15.���T. C. Carscallen,
M. P. P., is nominated by Lennox Conservatives for the legislature at the
next election.
Milton, April 15.���Richard Newton,
C. P. R. brakeman charged with causing the death of Engineer Armstrong
at Guelph, on March 11, by leaving a
switch open, was found guilty at the
assises here this morning, and sentenced to nine months Imprisonment.
Toronto, April IB.���The steel-coal
conference is continuing here today and
no conclusion seems to be likely for
some days. President Plumber of the
Steel company today said that while
adhering to his contract, he might consider the questiou of the price of coal.
This ls linked upon aa a likely basis
for the compromise.
Toronto, April 15.���The divisional
court today is hearing the argument of
the city of Toronto against Chief Justice
Meredith's quashing of the by-law to
reduce the. number of liquor licenses
rrom 150 to 120. Corporation Counsel
Fullerton arques that the chler justice
should not have quashed the by-law on
account or a technicality in the wording,
but should have considered the Intent
of the city council, and the powers
given it under the statute.
Toronto, April 15.���Mattle Perkins,
who was tried at Cayuga ior the al-
loged murder or her husband and acquitted, has Issued a writ for unstated
damages against George Dowllng, of
Hamilton, lor alleged slander.
No More Race Betting.
Washington, April 15.���The senate today  passed  the  house  bill  prohibiting
race   track   betting  ln   the   district   ot
Strike Chief Offender.
Washington. April IB.���As a result of
the tirst conviction under the pure food
and drugs law, Robert N. Harper, president or the Washington chamber or commerce, formerly president ot the American National Bank, a drug manufacturer, and one of the best known citizens or this city, was today sentenced
by Judge Kimball ln the police court to
pay a fine ot $ 500 on one count, and
$200 on another count, on an indictment
recently returned against him far man-
facturtng an illegally mislabelled pharmaceutical compound. President Roosevelt Insisted that the prosecuting officer
demand   a Jail   sentnee.
Killed for  Dismissal.
Northampton. Mass., April 15.���John
Tracey, a discharged employee of the
Btreet department, shot and wounded
George F. Blrge, superintendent or
Btreets, in the latter's ofllce today and
Immediately returned home and shot
himself. Neither man is expected to
suivive. Tracey, who Is 65 years old
and married, was an employee of the
stieet department for ten years. ' No
cnuse for the shooting Is known other
than the Discharge of Tracey on Friday, on account ol lack or work.
Collision on Hudson.
Catsklll. N. Y., April 15.���During a
gale on tbe river early today the Caver-
hill line steamer Onteroa ran Into a
southbound tow. One of the boats or
the two was sunk. A lighter and two
conl boats were set adrift but were
picked up and towed to Casklll Point
by the Onteroa. The crew of the
lighter, which sank, was rescued. No
one on the Onteroa was Injured.
Toronto,  April   IB,���James  Ross,  president of the Dominion Coal Company,
Friendly Suit.
London. April IB.���On an application
made by Specyer Bros, the London
house of Specyer & Co., New York, Sir
George Glbb was today appointed receiver and Manager of the underground
Eelectrlc Railway company.
Lethbridge Men Pleased
Wilh Robson
'More Contentment to Square Inch'
Among Robson Fruit Growers
Than Anywhere Else.
Few of the new settlers in Nelson
can be more enthusiastic in praise of
their homes than are Messrs. Jordan
and Foster, of Lethbridge, who have
Just completed Jointly the purchase ot
33 acres ot orchard land at Robson.
Mr. Jordan has spent 21 years in the
newspaper business, and is at present
connected with the Lethbridge Herald,
but he has decided shortly to abandon
Journalism far the rreer and healthier
occupation or fruit growing. Mr. Fosler
has already had experience as a
They arrived ln Nelson Saturday-
night by the Crow boat, and they admit that the panorama of tlie lake and
snow clad mountain, however grand
and beautiful, did not prejudice them
In favor of Nelson as a centre of a Trult
growing Industry. But since then they
have been on the land itself and all
their misgivings are dispelled.
Mr. Jordan said, to a representative
of The Canadian: "In the west we are
accustomed to a fair measure of prosperity and confidence, but I don't think
I have ever seen anywhere as much contentment to the square inch as I have
seen at Robson. The people are all
clearing their land as fast as they can.
and building homes���good substantial
comfortable,   permanent  homes."
Mr. Foster was equally pleased with
the bargain he has made, and declared
his purpose, as soon as he can arrange
his affairs, to establish himself on his
newly acquired land and become a permanent resident.
The Robson settlement already contains over 50 men and Is growing
Army   Ban   on   Cigarettes.
London, April 15.���With the object of
discouraging cigarette smoking, Gener
al Lord Grenfell, commander-in-chief of
the farces in Ireland, has issued an order to permit pipes only to be smoked
on such occasions as when the men are
resting after field operations and maneuvers. His order contains the fallowing remarkable comment:
"The Commander of Forces has, during recent visits to military hospitals,
been again struck with the harm that
the Increasing prevalence of cigarette
smoking ls doing to the health of the
army. It ls not confined to the army,
and parliament is soon likely to deal
with It as affecting the national health."
Railways Indicted.
Little Rock, Ark.. April 15.���Alleging
that the Elklns Act has been violated
indictments were returned yesterday in
the U. S. district court against the Missouri Pacific and the St. Louis. Iron
Mountain and Southern railroad com
panics. The indictments contain fifty
four counts. Process was Issued against
the railway companies as soon as the
Indictments  were returned.
Koch in Chicago.
Chicago, April 15���Dr. Robert Koch,
or Berlin, the^ German bacteriologist
and combatter or tuberculosis, arrived
here from Niagara Falls with his wife
yesterday in a nervous condition. He ls
on his way to Japan and Is stopping
here to see his nephew. Prof. W. Koch,
of the department of chemistry of the
University of Chicago.
Squires Wants Another.
London, April 15.���It Is practically
settled that Tommy Burns, the champion heavy weight pugiliBt. and Bill
Squires of Australia, will meet in a
twenty round contest on May 11. af the
Stanford Bridge Athletic grounds ln
Chelsea. Burns will start far Paris today where will meet "Jewey" Smith, n
South African boxer, ln a ten round
contest on April 18.
International Chess.
Vienna, April IB.���The American
chess player, Johner, won his game in
the 17th round of the International
chess tournament yesterday, while Marshall lost. Schlechter ls still In the
Adrift in Gulf.
Vera Cruz, Mex., April IB.���The first
engineer and the" crew of the disabled
steamer Sonora, which has been drifting
helplessly ln the gulf lor a week, arrived In this city yesterday ln an opeu
boat.    They travelled 230 miles at the
mercy of the winds and currents of the
guir. They left the Bteamer Sunday at
daybreak in the boat. Vessels have
been sent out to locate the missing
steamer.    She has a cargo or cattle.
Killed for Revenge.
Chicago, April IS.���Vleto I'appa, a
laborer, was shot and killed last night
under the Chicago ot Pacific tracks
near Clark street. The body was discovered by the police who believe Pappa
was a victim of the "Black Hand," but
Ibey became convinced later tbat the
murder was the outcome of a feud. D.
Valeniiu, a saloon keeper, said Pappa
had some trouble last December with
Juseph Bertucci, who ul lhat lime shot
him in the leg. Pappa swore out a warrant for him and it is the theory or the
police that the murder was committed
for revenge. Bertucci was arrested not
far rrom tne scene of the murder an
hour alter it occurred.
Sir Charles Tupper Resents  Rebuke to
His Friends from  Vancouver
Conservative Executive.
Vancouver, April IB.���Local Conservatives are much agitated over the action
uf a number of the party to have Sir
Charles Hlbbeit Tupper as a candidate.
Last week the executive Issued a signed
statement say nig lhat the matter should
come up in the regular way before the
convention, and before the party makes
its selection. All public or private canvassing Is premature and detrimental
to the interests or the Conservatives.
In reply to this Sir Charles Tupper,
Bart., addresses a letter to Mr. G. H.
Barnard, president ot the British Columbia Conservative Association, which appears this morning in the News Advertiser, the leading Conservative paper
here. Sir Charles states that never
ln his fifty years of public life has he
ever seen anything so insulting addressed to the electors, and doubted if
a parallel could be found outside of
Russia. In his opinion the fullest opportunity should be given to those interested.
Quotations on   Spokane   Exchange   and
New York Curb.
Bid Asked
Alberta C. & C $      .IS    $
B   C. Copper       4.25 4.50
Chas. Dickens 17% 18%
Can.   Con.   Smelters..    72.00 75.00
Copper King 03 .03%
Dominion Copper ...      .162% .1.75
Galbrailh Coal  .27
Gertie 02% .03%
Granby        85.00 92.00
Heela       3.00 4.25
International C.  &  C.        .74 .80
Kendall       1.12 1.35
Missoula Copper   ....        .09% -11
Nabob 03% .04
Oom Paul 05 .06%
Panhandle 04% .05
Rambler Cariboo 26% .27%
Rex 11% -16
Snow-shoe 09 .11
Snowstorm          1.98 2.02
Sullivan 00% .01%
Sullivan   Bonds              .. 65.00
Stewart 75- .87%
Prices  of Metals.
New York. April IB.���Silver, BSc,
London,    April    15.���Silver, 26%d.;
lead,   ��13,  lis., 3d.
Opening of Copper Quotations.
I By McDermld &  McHardy.)
New   York,   April   IB,  1908.
Granby    $91.00
Dominion   Copper...      1.87%
B. C. Copper       4 62%
His Honor Judge Brown held a chamber session this morning and heard two
applications. In Wall and Creelman vs.
Ontario Accident Insurance Co., H. C.
Hall far plaintiff, R. S. Lennle for defendant, the application to strike out the
defence, resulted In an order far the
answer to interrogatories not later than
10 a. m, April 21st, In derault of which
the plaintiffs may on two hours notice,
move to strike out defence. In re Kinney-Miller Cedar Co , R. M Macdonald
applied under the Creditors' Trust Deeds
Act to settle farm of security. Tht application was referred to His Honor
Judge Wilson.
Fire in Business Section
This Horning
Hardware   Company and  Clothing
Firm Were Chief Losers���Fire
Brigade Did Good Work.
Victoria, April 15.���Fire which started about six o'clock this morning ln tbe
Mahon block on government and Lang-
ley streets gutted the uuildlng before
the firemen got the upper hand. The
fire started in the furnace room near
the Langley street frontage and completed burned out the upper storey.
Damage to the building will amount to
about $10,000 and stocks ruined by water
and smoke will amount to twice that
amount. The Ogilvie Hardware com-
paad, and Sea and Uowen, clothiers,
will be tbe heaviest losers. The insurance will cover the loss.
The Ogilvie Hardware company's
stock, value at $3,000, is ruined by
water, insurance $18,000.
Sea and Gowen, clothiers', stock ls
valued at $32,000, with $8,000 insurance.
Probably   Taft   Although    La    Follett*
Ha*  Many Supporters.
Minneapolis, April IB.���The city <s
rapidly filling with delegates an i visitors to tomorrow's Republican state
convention, which la to meet for the
purpose of choosing the delegates-at-
large to the national convention. The
convention will consist of more than
1,000 delegates and will be the largest
state political convention ever held in
In no state throughout the country
have the La Follette supporters been
working harder than tbey have in Minnesota during the past few months.
Headquarters have been maintained In
the city and organizers have been busy
in almost every county. Their active
campaign a certain amount of sentiment
ln favor of the Wisconsin senator, but
the recent county conventions gave unmistakable evidence that Secretary
Taft is the choice of the majority of
Minnesota Republicans for the presidential nomination. No other candidate besides Taft and La Follette has
received any attention in Minnesota.
The Taft managers today appear confident that the state convention will decide to Instruct ^or the secretary of
W. W. ("Pug") Heffelfinger, the former football star, will be one of the
delegates-at-large. Those most prominently mentioned for the other places
on the delegation are Frank B. Kellogg
of SL Paul, E. B. Hawkins of Duluth.
and a fourth man representing tbe
southern part of the state, probably W.
P. Parsons of Winona, or Frank W.
Hunt of Mankotu.
Three Roads Combined to Raise Rates
on Dairy Products.
G. O. Buchanan arrived rrom Kaslo
last night and is at the Strathcona.
His Honor Judge Brown arrived lrom
Greeuwood Inst night and Is at the
H. P. Renwick, surveyor, arrived
from Rossland this morning and ls at
the Hume.
Vcn.  Archdeacon Beer came In from
Kaslo lasl  night  and left this morning
I for Greenwood,
Chicago, April 16.���A temporary Injunction restraining officials of railroads
from putting Into effect an advance of
100 per cent, in milk and butter freight
rates was granted by Judge Kohlsaat
here yesterday ln the United States
circuit court. The bill for a permanent Injunction was filed by the Butter
and Creamery company and the Blue
Valley Creamery fallowing an announcement by tbe Michigan Central, Orand
Trunk and Pere Marquette roads of 100
per cent, advance. In the bills the
roads were accused of conspiracy to
raise the rates in violation of tbe Sherman anti-trust law. The advance was
scheduled to go Into effect today but
the injunction will prevent any change
of rates until the hearing of the case
far the permanent injunction comes up.
Austrian Steamer Sunk.
Trieste, Austria-Hungary, April 16.���
The Austrian Lloyd steamer Oalatea,
outward bound from here, collided bow
on yesterday with the Moleatsebenlco
about 70 miles trom Trieste. She was
badly broken below the waterllne and
sank.   The crew were saved.
I ���
... ��� ���
n 1 ..^ Dally CaiiadliLi
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Suppplies   and   the    heading
We keep the best of everything, and the best only.
Our Immense business and praetical'y unlimited capital give us speci.
id.antages in buying, so that we can   sell,   and   do    sell,    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS at   prices  generally  charged   for  INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorlzad   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   up $4,925,000
Rest    $4,925,000
D  R   WILKIK. President. HON   ROBEKT JAFFKAT, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on deposits rrom date or deposit and credited quarterly.
NBLSON rmanch ��J.   iVI.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund     s.4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking Business.
SPECIAL  ATTENTION  given  to the
svings    Bank   Department,   and
-.teres!     credited    Quarterly    on
isvlnga Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Neison Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publlibed six lay. a wees Dy tne
;;a.nap:a.s pi'BUiUI.n'G ton pan y. Ltd.
Baker St..  Nelson. B O
SUDscrlpllon rates. '*, cents a month delivered
m ibe city, or V> 00 a year It seal by mall, when
paid id a'lvabre
Ao>er:>ma rates on application.
AH monies paid id settlement ol Tbe Dally
I'sasdiab ai-iouDl*. either for subscriptions or
advertising, must be reeelpte<i for on tbe printed
fonai ol tne Compauy. Other receipts are not
Wednesday,    April    15,    1907.
The followers of the present Dominion government never weary of claiming for Sir Wilfrid Laurler and Mr.
Sifton entire credit for the developmeni
of the Canadian west. Mr. Slfton's
connection with It is obvious and is
unders'ood lo have been a very profitable connection for him. It must also
be conceded that It has been profitable
to the west. Mr. Slfton's adminlfitra
Hon and his policy which Frank Oliver
still tries to follow, are good for th<
west, though Canadians cannot help
feling ashamed that one ot their ablest
public men paid himself so liberally in
It is perhaps not known to those who
now acclaim Mr. slfton's work, it is
evidently unknown even to Duncan
Rosa, that Mr. Sifton's policy was a
complete reversal or the traditional.
Liberal treat ment of the west. II Ib not
twenty years yet since Sir Richard
I'artwright was telling American audiences, with the evident lull approval of
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, that the Canadian
prairies were a frozen waste, unflt for
human habitation, and be frothed at the
mouth when Sir Charles Tupper predated that he would live to Bee the Northwest produce 100,000,000 bushels of
The uccepted view of the west among
the Liberals, down to 1898, was of a
place where Conservative governments
squandered money to Had useless work
for favorites to do.
Mr.   SI 11 on,   knew   better.    He  Knew
the capabilities of the west and appreciated the wisdom of Conservative
treatment of it. Fortunately he was
strong enough in the cabinet to make
his views prevail although It involved
some very vigorous swallowing for most
of his colleagues Including Sir Wilfrid
In his recent speech on the budget.
In reply to Mr. Foster. Mr. Sitton airily
waved all such matter away "to the
limbo of forgotten things." It Is a
very convenient and comforting thing
to be able to do. From Mr. Slfton's
iwlnt of view It is hair justified. He
was not responsible for the imbecilities
of Sir Richard Cartwright. To be sure
he endorsed them for election purposes
in the east. It was dishonest of course,
bue we have never detected any symptom of respect for honesty ln Mr. Sifton's   career.
When a man like Duncan Ross tells
a Liberal nominating convention that
Sir Wilfrid Laurler's policy has made
the west, he Is talking nonsense. It
was Mr. Sifton's masterful appropriation of Conservative policy at a favorable opportunity that has enabled the
west to flourish as It has within the
past tew years. The most charitable,
and by long odds the most likely, Intel pn ration Ib that Duncan doesn't
really  know any better.
The Ontario government has decided
that the general elections shall be held
all on one day. There Is no reason
why the same should not be done in
lhe Dominion elections except that
���Otne Liberal candidates are alrald of
a straight decision, and want bye-elections.
The Liberals of Yale-Cariboo have
unanimously renominated Duncan Ross
as their candidate for parliament. Dun-
��� an probably, from a Liberal polntTif
view deserves tba doubtful honor. No one
c lUld conceive of him taking any attitude   but  one  of  slavish   unquestioning
obedience to his party leader Tbe silly
adulation of the resolutions adopted by
the nominating convention, and the
thuroutrh-goiug acceptance of every act
of Liberals and condemnation of every
act of Conservatives, are familiar phenomena in connection with such gatherings.
After all the flagrant dishonesty that
has been exposed at Ottawa within the
last few months, a vote to sustain the
Laurier government would be equivalent   to  compounding  a   felony.
Insane     Austrian     Adventuress     Duped
Many  Victims.
Vienna. April 15.���What is probably
one of the most extraordinary cases
of fraud on record Is now being investigated by the Vienna police. They have
arrested a woman named Margaret Erb,
who has for years past been victimising residents in the humbler sections
of this city by giving herself out to be
a prince, forced to adopt female attire
to escape intriguing  relatives.
The accused woman ��� possesses a
STlking personality, and her masculine
features and deep voice helped her ln
gaining credence for her amazing story.
A fluent speaker, and of refined habits,
she firmly convinced scores of people
that she was indeed "Prince Egon,"
as she pretended to be, and from one
shopkeeper and his relatives she obtain nearly $4,000, for the ostensible
purpose of bringing legal proceedings
against princely relatives scheming to
obtain unlawful possession of an imaginary estate worth some millions of
The lmposter went further than this,
and obtained the consent of a respectable merchant to her "marriage" shortly after,with his daughter. The intended bride was completely duped, and
even now declines to believe that her
"lover" Is a woman of forty-six, a
former inmate of a lunatic asylum.
Bliss Carman's Birthday.
William I Bliss i Carman, the well
known poet, editor and journalist, was
born at Fredericton, N. B., April 15,
1S61. He was educated at the Collegiate Institute and University of New
Brunswick in 1881. and later took postgraduate courses at the University of
Edinburgh and Harvard University. Before entering upon his career as a
journalist, he was successively a law-
student, a civil engineer and a school
teacher. In 1890 he became one of
the editors of the New York Independent and remained with that publication
two years. During the past ten years
he has been a writer for various metropolitan papers and magazines. Mr.
Carman's best known publications include "Low Tide on Grand Pre," "Behind the Arras," "Ballads or Lost Haven," "By the Aurelian Well," "Pipes
or  Pan,"  and  "A   Seamark."
No change will be made in the rate
fixed by the late or any future inspection until the next regular inspection Is
made; and all inspections will be made
without notice or warning to the consumer. Any person refusing admittance
to the Inspector will immediately have
his or her light cut off and the same
will not be again connected except subject to a raise in rates charged ot at
least   twenty-five   per   cent.
Electric  Flat  Irons,  Heaters
and   Electric  Power.
Any person using electric flat Irons,
electric heaters or electric power without reporting the same to the City Clerk
within 80 days irom this date, will be
proceeded against lor THEFT or elec-
tricul current, pursuant to the Criminal
Code or Canada.
By Order,
W.   E.   WASSON,
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, April 7th. 1908.
Take notice that thirty days after
date, I. Harry Rhyme!!, Intend to
apply to the License Commissioners of
Ymir district for a license to open an
hotel in Kitchener, B. C.
Dated this 25th day of March, 1908.
Wednesday afternoon, April 16th,
from the hour of 12 o'clock noon, U
hereby declared a public half-holiday
for the purpOBfl of affording household
ers a special opportunity for clearing
and beautifying their premises and the
lanes and streets adjacent thereto.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
"April Kool" No. 2 Mfncml Claim, HtUftte
lo tlit1 Ni-lftun Mining i-ivj-i uol Weit Koott-maT
Where located: Between Knsle and Sandy
rrneki, and Hbdiit one half mile from the four
man Mill
I ��.*<! u'ltice that ., F  ('. (/reen, acting an agent
J. F. Hwedb-erK.   Free   Miner'!  Certificate Wo.
H7476, Intend, ilxty day*, from the date hereof,
to ftpptff to tha Mint iik tCooonOl for a Certificate
of i tn pr-\ "in* i, ts  for the pttfpOM of obtaining a
Crown Oranl of tne ahov,- claim.
And   further  tuke   in.tire   that   action  under
section 37, in tmt \>-  commenced   before  the laiu-
ance of tiuch Certificate of tmprovementi
Paled i mi JHth day of January. A. ft.. 1W7.
F. C. (.Ufa-iCN,
Nelaon. B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. co.. Bsker   and   Wsrd   Sts.
We hare one English miliar, one
Aniericsn  Billiard and one  Pool  Table.
Ws oarrjr the beat lines ot Cigars and
Notice to Creditors.
In the  matter of the estate and  effects
of  Georgs  Harrison   (deceased.)
NOTICE la hereby given that all
creditors and others having claims
against the estate of the said George
Harrison, deceased, who died at Nelson,
British Columbia, on the 27th day of
December, 1907, are required on or before the 20th day of April next to send
by post, prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, their Christian and surnames,
addresses and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their accounts and the nature ot the
securities (lf sny) held by them:
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties
entitled thereto having regard only t j
the claims of which he shall then have
notice, snd that the said administrator
will not be liable for the said assets or
sny part thereof to sny person or persons of whose claims notice shall not
have been received by him at the time
of such  distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 17th day
of March, A. D. 1908.
Solicitors for the Administrator,
James H. Harrison.
Tremont House
���turoDean and American Flan
IfMlt �� eta.   Roomi from X eta. to ll.
on.y White Ueip Employed
Batter Bt.. IgjlgMI  Proprietor*
Moit comfortable quarters      Nelson
Only tht beet of Liquor* and cigars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur
nlahed. Rooms 50 cents upward The
dining room Is unexcelled tn the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor ���
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
snd Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. C,
t*n.   .nd   (Jomlortabie   Bedroom    and  First
class Dialog Room.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprieties.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Only Kmploy.d
.fosephlne Rt
N.-l.,,n   R  i.:
Royal Hotel
Rates II snd $1.60 a Do*.
Special Rates to Regular Boarrlera
Tenders Wanted For the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tho undersigned, at his office in the Court Houae,
In the City of Nelson, -will bo received
up till the hour of live o'clock In the
afternoon or Monday, May 4th, 1908,
for the purchase of the "Sitting Bull"
mineral claim. Lot 2690, Group 1, Kootenay District, which waa declared to he
forfeited to the Crown at the tax sale
held ln the City of Nelson on the 6th
day of November, 1906, for delinquent
Fred   Irvine & Co.
We are showing thit wetk some lovely models In Ladies' Costumes for
Easter   Season.
Jackets and coats are somewhat eccentric In their shapes, one being
made of two pieces and joined along shoulder, forming waists with sleeves.
Butterfly. Angel and Japanese sleeves are shown In many models with pleated
Skirts, with flare bottoms trimmed with same wide bands of material and
strappings.     We   invite   your   attention.    Come and see them.
Pretty White Skirts for spring wear.     Splendid   stock   of   Ladies'   Dress
More new, lovely  models just in   by express.     See them  on  second floor.
New Dress Material and Silk just   received.
Fred Irvine & Co.
taxes up till June 30th, 1905 and costs
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, which includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
time of forreiture with intereHf, taxes
which have since accrued, costs or advertising and tee tor Crown Grunt
(125.0U) ls (1170.00) which la the least
amount that will be considered as a
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable to tbe
order or the Deputy Commissioner or
Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C,
at par.
Dated at Nelson, Ii. C, this Gth day
or April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   B.   0,
Tenders Wanted For the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his ollice In the Court House, in
the City of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour of five o'clock, ln the
afternoon or Monday, .May 4th, 1906,
ror the purchase or the "Yellow Jack '
mineral claim, Lot 2G89, Group 1, Kootenay District, which waa declared to
be forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held in the City ol Nelson on the
6th day of November 1905, for dolin
quant taxes up till June 30th, 1905
and   costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, which includes the amount of
delinquent taxes and costs at lhe time
of forreiture with Interest, taxes which
have since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant ($2".Ynii)
is ($124.75) which Is the least amount
that will  be considered  as  a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for tbe full
amount or the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner ol
Lands and Works, at Victoria, II. C, at
Dated at Nelson, II. C, this 0t.li day
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   It.   C,
Dated at  Nelson, I).  C, this  Gth  day
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent.   Nelaon,   13.   C.
Tenders Wanted  For the Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his office in the Court House, In
the City of Nelson, will lie received up
till the hour of live o'clock In the after
noon of Monrlay, May 4th, 1908, for the
purchase or the "Sitting Bull Fraction"
mineral claim, Lot 209:1, Group I, Kool-
enay District, wbich was declared to
be forfeited to tbe Crown nl the lax
sale held In the City of Nelson on lhe
6th day of November, 1905, for delinquent taxes up till June 80th, 1905
and   costs.
The upset price upon Ibe said miner
nl claim, which Includes the amounl
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
time of forfeiture with Interest, taxes
which have since accrued, costs of nd-
vertlflinK and fie ror Crown Grant
($86.00) Is ($54,401 which is the least
amount that will be considered as a
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque ror the lull amount or the tender payable to the order or the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, H C
at par.
Tenders  Wanted for the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed lo the undersigned, at his ofllce in tbe Court House, In
the City of Nelson, will be received up
till the hour of live o'clock In the afternoon of Monday. May 4th. 1908 for the
purchase of the "Yellow Jack Fraction"
mineral claim, Lot 2111*2, Group 1, Kootenay District, which Vas declared forfeited to the Crown at the tax Bale
held In the City of Nelson, on the 6th
day of November, 1905, for delinquent
taxes up till June 30th, 1905 and costs
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, which includes the amount
or delinquent taxes and costs at the
time or the forfeiture with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, costs
of advertising and fee for Crown Grant
($25.00) is ($54.40) which is the toast
amount that will be considered as a
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for lhe full amount  of the ti mier  payable  to ii t
der or the Deputy Commissioner of
Landa and Works, at Victoria, B. u,
at  par.
Dated at Nelson, II. C, ihls Gth dav
of April. 1908.
Gov't   Agent.   Nelson.   B.   C.
Tenders  Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe undents*-
eii ai his oOoe i" the Court House, in
He City or Ni ...ii. will be received op
Ull the hour of live o'clock |n the afternoon of Monday, May 4th, 19ns. for the
purchase of  the  "Blue  Jack"   Mineral
Claim,  Lot 2G88, Group I, KooteiiHy  DIs
trlct, which was declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the tax sale held In
the City of Nelson on the 6th day or
November, 1905, for delinquent taxes
up  till   June   30th,   1905   nnd   costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim which includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and coats at the
or forfeiture with interest, taxes which
which have since accrued, costs of ad-
vertising and fee r..r Crown Grant
($26.00) is ($166.66) which Is the least
am unit   tbat.   will   be   considered   as   a
Bach   tender   must   be   accompanied
by un accepted cheque for the Tull amount or lhe tender payable to lhe order  or   the  Deputy  Commissioner  bf
Lands and Works, Victoria, B. C, at
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this Glh dav
Of April. 1908.
Gov't  Agent,   Nelson,   B.   C.
Tenders  anted   For  the   Purchase   of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the Undersigned, nt his ollice In the Court House,
In the City (,r Nelson, will he received
Up till the hour or live o'clock In the nr
ternoon   or Monday,  May  4th,   1908   ror
the purchase or the "Blue Jack Fraction" mineral claim, Lot 2GII1, Group
1, Kooteuay District, which was declar
ed to be forfeited to the Crown ll I
tax sale held In the City of Nelion <
the Gth day of November, 1905. lot (
In:.in. nt taxes up till June 30th, Ut
and   cobIs.
The upset price upon the said ml*
al claim which lnclud.es the amountj
delinquent taxes and costs at tbe f-^
of forfeiture with Interest, taxes M
have since accrued, costs of ad"���
iriB and fee for Crown Oram il!>��
. ($68.75) which Is tlie lent amor
that will be considered as a tender
Each tender must be accompanied!
an accepted cheque for the fall ami*
of the tender payable to the order <
the Deputy Commissioner of Land
aud Works, Victoria, B. C, at par
I >ated at Nelson, B. C, this 6li ����
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,  Nelson, B.
Tenders  Wanted for the Purchan s|
Mlrreral    Claim,
Tenders addressed to the under**
ed. at his office in the Court Hon".'
Ihe City of Nelson, will be rewired!
till the hour of five o'clock In thfsij
noon of Monday, May 4th, 1908. Tor ���
purchase of the "White Cloud; ml*
al claim, I,ot 2687, Group li h0|'"7!
District, which was declared to �� '
felted to tho Crown at the tax"
held In Ihe City of Nelson an UM '
dav of November 1905, for MJM��J
taxes  ���p till June 30th 1905 and ��n
The upset price upon the said mm*
si  claim  which  includes the ainoim
delinquent   taxes and rnsIR al tne '
of forfeiture with Interest, l��e�� ��
have   since   accrued,  costs of M"'
log and fee for Crown Oranl ""<
($160.86)   which   Is   the  ie*"  WW".
thut   will   be   considered   an a uera
Bach tender must be accnnipanm
an ace-pied cheque for the f���� an�����
of  the   tender payable  to IM ��*���y
the   Deputy  Commissioner   <"   ''
nnd   Works,   Victoria,  B.  IV %T2
Dated at   Nelson, II. C, tWl ���� "1
or April,  1908. ...mr-HT
doVt Agent, Weljon-J^
Tenders  Wanted for the Purcbal����';
Mineral Claim.
Tender! addressed l�� lb* ""''uoirK.
ed. at his ofllce In lhe Coil" ' ^
In tho City of Nelson, wl" ^Juiesf
up till the hour of live n'tWJ '�� 8 (,[
ternoon of Monday, M*T**2, onM
. ,o purchase of the ' lI'lU'L . Kool
��� inernl claim, Lot 104T, 0����gJ>j Jl
.cay District, which was detlare��   j
forfeited to the Grown on. ��* i
of November. 1904  for ueUnQUsa*
up till June 30th. 1901. a��d *;��'* ^r
The upset price upon HW "'" ������,, i
el claim Which Includes tlio aIJ'he ||0(
delinquent faxes and costs al ^a
or forfeiture, with Interest, ��*J���dv(,rtlt
havo slnco accrued, COM 01 .0
IriK and lee for Crown Gram is��� x
is ($123.95) which is the ","8,(,n(t,r.
tbat  will   bo considered as ���"-jeJM
Each tender must be W000W��rf&
nn accepted cheque for <<>>''"   r(|... ��'
...     .....     . Sm     ,..,:, I,h        III     "H ,
an  nccepicu  cna-que .... ,���.���,., .-
or  the  tender payable  I" ��'   ,   undl
tho   Deputy    Commissi""1'' pgf,
and   Works,   Victoria.   �����<.;.',;i|   ttt
I mud   Nelson,   B.   C   thi��
or April, 1D08. |l!irr
OoVt  Agent, Neb*"". ����� The Daily Canadian
When You Buy Fruit-Land
DON'T be attracted by cheaper,  Inferior or  Inaccessible  lands   which exist In the Kootenay, as elBewhere
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Kootenay Orchard Association
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Yuu cannot dine ou FROG LEGS every day.     We furnish the
Beef,   Pork,    Mutton  and Veal
Hams, Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
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Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland     NELSON,  13. C' Boundary
N.lnon Lau.1 Umrlri.   DtlBlOt of Went Kooteuay
Inke notice lhat Hurry  Bint, ot Neltmn, otvu-
irttum   roal   i-htaU* anvil t.   Inieudu   tn  apply Iur
.x.inlu.oli to inin-hwn) the   followliiK   deacrlbwl
Until: t'oiinin iHina ata poit planted at lhu
Qorthaaal  ooraer  of un f*%  taoiam ntnnlni
i...rtti SOChsUnS, thence weat'JO rhainn. thence
���oulb90abalnff. more ur leaa, to the northerly
b. in.lary of Lot 313, thenee followliiK north
boundary Lot '<&$ IO point ol t-ummuiicenuiit
��� ������iitaiiilUK <0 aerea, more or leaa.
Hated February lAtn, WOK Harbv Hihi>,
K. C   tiRstKN, ilgtOt
������ [MO Laud DUtrlOt, DlttrlOt ol WOit Kooleuay
rake notlM that Fred. J. Gammons, aRent lor
! ��� 1 ,1 Tan tier, of Nelaon, occupation nut-li-
linker, intends to apply for perinlRcion to pur-
i bate the following ilewrlned landa: ' oinmen-
-uiKiilH iiohi plantM aUiiit 2}-* miles east of
nllVmoraelt,   ttlOnOO   4"  chain-   in   an   ,-aMcrly
ut.-.11011     lhence   90 chalna    south,   lhence   W
��� imiiia lit a westerly Uirectiou, thenee U-' ehi.lns
north io the point of coinmenceinuul, containing
hi in res, nmre or lesa
1'aU'd Nov-loth, l��n. ���,���_���������
Khimki, k   Iohn Tanker,
F J   rfiMMosa. Agent
wim,h Laud IMatrlct.   LMmWi ol Weat Kooteuty
lake notice lhat   Fred J    Summons,  agent ior
���*   A     i.allard,   of   PTOOtor,  OOOOpatlon   riiiKhii,
inu n i*. to apply for iHTiuiaiiuu to pun haw tlie
 ring    described    imida:     Commi neiiig at a
put! i.Uute.taboutl'.milcseaslof WllHoncr.ek
ico toutbwHi au uhalna, tbanoa northwaatao
hatna thene* nortluaat lit'chalni., them * IOUUV
��� Ul ID obalOl tO U�� the point Ol commencement
"iilainlug 41) aerea, more or lesa.
i'Hle.l Nov.
i-th,  IVo't
AKflllHAl.li  AMtKltaos  Bai.i.ami,
Agelll   F    J    l-AMMONl.
Neiwn Land DUtrtet, DUtnotol Woai Kootonay
Ink.- notice thai W. A. Hiulson, Umber cruiser,
ol -pot.,*.,,,., Bpokane county, WashniKioii, o-.e
�����i tbe I'ntleil HUtesof America. luH ml��i lo apply
luraipaolal timber LloenH over iho following
������*��� rli.e-1 landn:    Commend tin at a post maiacu
1 - i,planted on ib�� ""rib bank ot t orn 'reek,
i 'he junction of lhe North mrk Ol Com creek
wnti the main at renin, aboui live miles in a
���voitorlT Ulreclimi from contlucucc of li in uoro
reek vUlh the Kootenay rlv��r; theuee north J
1 liHins; lhence wesl   Ittu chains; lhence aouth *u
batni]    lhence east    100 chains  to p..lilt 01 0Om-
inencemont, oontalning MU aorei mora 01 torn.
Maid laud Mljohn. limber limit No J OH the
'���v"-i an.I timber limit   No. H ou ibe south, as IO*
Mod by me.
Loeaieil i\ovumher7, llk/I.
William A   IIi'Phon, Locator,
WltnoiMd by Patrick 0. Bhina
Deolarad  an.) aigne.l by the within namc.l W
1   Mu.lson   ou   thoSO'l    lay of November, a   ft
IWI,   i.cfore  me  at   I-    i   *O0,   Hpnkmie.   CoiiitA.
^anhliiKlon, oinsof l1,     i. ite.l SlatOiOl Amcrl. u.
1'ATKHK 0. Shine.
rlut.   I'UlrietoI Weal Kooleuay
��� tbat Is.il.   I.. lM.irce,    f Straasburg,
i married
���etinlNalon   Lo   pUri
'1 lnn<ls:    Com me
intenda   tO  apply
the   following  del-
ng at a poat p.anwd ni
way right-of-way, about one ami a half miles
westerly from the northwent coruer of lot WHS,
group 1, KiMttehav, theneo ���outh SO chaina,
thence east 8U chalua. thence north K0 chalna to
southern boundary of aald rlght-oLwav, thenee
weat IM) chalna aloug aald Houiheru boundary to
polut of commencement, and containing 600
acres, more or leaa.
Dated November ��th. 1907
Nelson Land I'i-Hrtct.   D,m run of VV est Kootenay
Take notice that F. 1*. Hnrdeu, acting as agrfut
torJ.H   llurden, of   Pokiok.   N. B-,  occupation
mechanic,   Intenda   to apply for   permission   to
purchase the lollowing described   landa:    Com-
UtOOOlng at a poat planted on the easterly ahore
of Atrow hike and ubout IU ehalna north of the
S. K. coruer  of   lot BIAS, thence east 90  chains.
theuce nortli-IU chnlns, more or Ian, to the lake
shoie, lhence southwesterly along the lake shore
to ihe point of commencement,   and   containing
h i acre-, more or lest.
i Med November IStb, 1907. Jamks H Bosom)
F. F    HpiuiKN, Agent.
Nelson Land Dlitrlot.   Histrict of Weat Kootenav
Take   notice    that   John  James   Cameron,  of
Fernie.   Hrilisn Columbia,  occupation   contractor,     intends     to     apply     (or     pormisMon    to
purohaao the following deenribed land: commencing at a post planted on the southern
boundary of the Bi 0. Southern right of-way
aooul 40 chains wesbrlv   from   the IV W   corner
of lot 3'jha, group l. Kootenay. theneo ���outhW
ohalni. tbenoe cast M chnlns   thenoa north w
Ohalni to lhe southern boundary of tbe said
right of way. tbiu.e wealcily along said soulh
,in   boundary   of right of-way   (0   the   point
oommenoement, and oontalning M0 aerea, more
or less
hated November Oth, IW>7.
.1   ns Jamks Camkron.
Nelion Land Dlitrlot. Dlitrlot ol Weit Kootenay
Take notloe UUt JobO Hhlell. of Needles, H (*.,
ocoupaUoD ranchor, intends to apply [01 per-
mtiafoo to purchase the following deierlbed
landi Coramenwng ai a pail planted at the
uorthwwl oorner of ixu fan, tbence west io
ohalni, then..* south Bo ohalna, ihenee eait40
ohalni, tbenoe north 80 chains to the pointof
i .uiiiiu nceiui nt, and conialuing BIO acres, moro
"\ ated lflih Ootober. lwff. .Ustrs Bhmu*,
r   i.   FAt'urtKK. Agent.
Nelson Land Dlitrlot   Histrict of West Kootenay
Take nollce that Angus McGlll, of the City of
\els,hi oooupatlon fireman. Intends to apply for
permission to purchaae the  following  u.serlhed
innds: Oommenolng at a post planted at the
.n   \v   comer L   c.  Horrlion'i ranch, Ln Fli
alley, lb. rce north forty (40) nhatm, thene
ast  fo"ty (to) cnitnii tbence south       My CM
ains, lhence wen fort) i-U') cbelm        olnto
mmoncement,   and ��oinainn.g  one hundred
d sixty (iiib) aen s. more or leu
IHed Septenbcr Bnd't 1901
A Mil'S    R" t < ��� 111.
the Inl��reaction of the north  bouiuuiry ��
Med, aad th�� cast boundary  oi  Ia>i no.
Mieiueeast>M chains, moro or less, to the north
t'Hst comer ol Timber Limit No. 1011, thence
porth 80 chains, tbenco west 30 chains, more or
<��� s, to th* eaitilde ol Whauhan lake, tbence
loi lowing same lu a southerlv ami westerly
direction 100 uhalna,   more or   lesa   to the inter-
fection with Lot����, UjenooM ohalni, more or
'"���I, following easterly   boundary  oILotftuOtO
*'"ilil of cominenciuueiit.
"ated7th Ootobeti 1807.       Ihamlua PtnMl,
f. ft. FauuiiiKit, ��gent.
Nl'lfon Laud Iilatrii t.   Dialrietof Wesl Kootenay
'���'"ke   DOtlOi   that    Alexiuder   J     McConl, of
���ornle,  11. (3,, occupation clerk, inleuds to apply
I't'iinintdon to purohaio Uie lollowlug des-
udind:  Oommenolng at a post punledon
Uii.iiij   ci B. C. Houtheru  Kail
Nelson Laud Dlitrlot.   Dlstrlctof Wesl Kootenay
Take notice that   Hugo CaiBteis. of. Winnipeg,
Man.    OOOUPaUOO   publisher,   inieu.ls   to  apply
fur   permlulon   to   purchase the   following described laud : ....
Commencing   al   ��   posl pbinte.l   on    llu'   west
onndary of L. 4'212, ft. 1. (about b miles lrom Arrow Lake, on   .Mosquito  Creek) and Jl   chains 78
links soulh of   the N. \V. ft. of said   lot, running
thenoa weet 80 ohalni, thence south 80 chains,
iheuce east ho chalna, theuce north 80 chaini to
place of oommenoement, oontalning 840 acres,
more or lesi.
C11A111.RS M.MlSlIAt.l,,
Auent  for   Hugo Carstens.
Dated 2X December 11*07.
Nelson Laud Dlstrlcl      District of West Kootenay.
rake notfee that Levi George Payne, or Ncudies,
H   c    ncciipation   rancher, inleuds   to apply   for
Dermiiiloo to purchaae the following described
landll Connuciiilng at a post planted aboui lb
on el ill west oftWhatihao creek and 88, W4 chains
���outh of the lOUthWOIt comer or Lot So 8o48
r.111 I >i tb��-ncc norlh SO ohalni. thenee wealHO
a aus lhence south la Ibb chnlns, thence easl
���-'���ns chain*, tliciee south 07 B48 ehalns, thenoe
Mitfl ehalns east to point nt comineneeinent.
.���.oitnlnliui 1HI acres, now surveyed as lot HiMfi.
Daled Hlh January, 1008. LlVl Uboboi 1'avni.
Nelson Land DlHtrlct.   District ��t Weat Kootenay.
Take notice thai Tina Bergman, of Altona,
Man , ooonpation wire of C. Bergman, farmer,
Altona, Vim , intends to apply for permlulon to
purchase the following deicrlbed land:
Commencing at a pott plsnied at the N L. ft.
ot Hugo Oanteni* application to purchase and
in nning tbenee west Hu chalni thence north so
chalne, thence east 40 chains, thence south ft
chains '2b links, theuce east 40 ccalua, thence
south 71 chains 76 links to point ol commencement, containing 607 acres more or less
charms Marshall,
Agent   for  Tina  Bergman.
Dated 23 December 1W7.
West Kootenay Land Dlatrtct. District ot Goat
Take notice that I, George A. Hunt, of Kit
chener, occupation tlmoerman, Intend to
apply for permission '.������ purchase tbe
following described land: Commencing at a
post planted about 40 cbnini, west ot Thompson
marked N. \\, corner, tbence south 10.3* chains
theuce east 44.67 chains, thence north 31.46
chains, thence west along B.C. Southern hallway to place of commencement, containing 98.18
Dated January 8th, 1908.      Gaoaei H. Hunt
Ne!sou Land District. District of Wett Kootenay
Tahe notice that 1, Frederick Adle, of Waneta,
R. (.'., occupation merchant, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
laud: Commtmciug at a post planted about 10
chains west of the N K. coiner of lot 8623, thence
north -" chains, thence east 80 chalna, thence
south 20 chslns, thence west 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 160 acres, more or
Dated January 21st, 1908.      Frbdiuck Ann.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
Take notice that Marlon Isabella Crease, of the
City of Nelson, ln the 1'rovinceof British Columbia, occupation spinster, intends to apply for
f-crmission to purchase tbe lollowing described
and: Commencing at a post planted at tbe
l.ign water mark of the Salmon river distant
about lit miloi ln a southerly direction from
isalmo, B C, tbence north 40 chains, thence east
4o chains, theuce KouAh 40 ohalns, more or less,
io the high water iflirfc of the Halmon river,
thence west 40 chains, more or less, along Skid
high watermark to tbe pointof commencement,
and containing 160 acres, more or lesa.
Located ou the 1st day of February, 1908.
Daled 10th Februarv. r-vh
Kdward Manly Petkhs, Agent.
Nelson I^ind District. Dlstrletol West Kooteuay
Take notice that James William Gallagher, of
the city of Nelsou, In the Province of British
I oluinbiu, occupation merchant, intends lo apply tor permission to purchase the followliiK
deacrlbed laud : < ommeii.nig at a post planted
at the high water mark of tbe Halmon river dts-
iKtil aooul 12 miles iu a southerly direction from
salmo, B. ft., thence north 40 chains, theuce
weal 40 chains, thenee soulh 40 chains, more or
less, to the high water mark of the Salmon river,
thenee cast 40 ehalns. more or less, along the
said in h water mark lo the place o) beginning,
coiilalning LN acres, more or less.
'seated on the 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 14th February, 1908.
JAMB*   WlillAM  liA! I.AUHIK,
Kdward Manley Petehs, Agent,
Nelson Land District.  District of West Kootena
lake notice that I John Arthur Foott, of Mono
Centre, out., occupation farmer, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following do
scribed land at the mouth of Hummlt creek:
Oommenolng at a post planted at the southeast corner of lot Kit** marked N. K . thence
south 40 chains, theuce west 20 chains, thence
nortli 40 chains, thence east 20 chains to place of
commeueemeui <:outaimng 80 acres.
John Arthur Hcott,
W. J.Scott, Agent.
Dated Feb. 18th, 1908.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take nollce that 1 Christie Scott, of Menu
('outer, Ont .occupation married woinau, intend
to apply for permission to purchase the following described -aud near Summit creek:
Commencing at a post planted at the south-
cast comer of lot 8780 marked S. W , thence
north ,'t> chains, theuce east 20 ohalns, thence
south 20 chalni., thenee west 'iO chains to place
of commencement containing 40 aeres.
W. J. Bcott, Agent.
Dated Feb 18, 1908.
Take notice that we will at the next
meeting of the License Commissioners
apply for a tiansfer of the liquor 11-
reuse for the No Place Inn on Jose-
l'hine street, Nelson, from Pollard and
Wade to H. H. Moore.
Dated at Nelson, this 9th day of
March 1908.
Infant.   Traved    From   Whitehorse    to
Dawson Without Harm.
Dawson, April 15.���Babes of tender-
est age, mere buds ln arms, are coming
over the trail from Whitehorse to Dawson without auy trying experience.
Many a wee kiddle has gone from
Dawson to the outer world wrapped In
the robes on the luxurious stages, and
many a one has come in, and no serious
results have been experienced. If anything, the youngsters thrive and grow
fat on the trips. They can be held ln
arms aa the rig files along over the
Hiiowy rooads, drawn by Ihe four never-
lagging nags, or can be made equally
comfortable tucked away In the bottom
of the stages, close beside a charcoal
foul-warmer. With a large fur robe
wropped eaiefully about the diminutive
humanity, there Ib scarcely any attention   required at tlmeB.
Mr. and Mrs. Neubaumer, of lower
Dominion, who arrived this week,
brought two little ones with them on
on stag*, The youngest child is four
months old  and  the eldest 20  months.
Alairie Seguin, who got in the day before yesterday, brought two samples of
inanity who have more endurance on
the trail than the hardiest man. They
are two youngsters, two and live years
of age respectfully. The children who
are large enough to run about have
more vitality and endurance than older
people, and the majority of them go
without fur coats.
During the trip just made by Mr.
and Mrs. Neubaumer and Mr. and Mrs.
Seguin from Whitehorse the temperature was nearly 50 below zero, the coldest of the winter. Every twenty-five
miles there is a roadhouse at which the
stages stop, so the babies In arms can
be taken out in the middle of the day
and at the end of each day's Journey
and given all the comforts of home until the start ls made behind the big four-
horse team bright and early the next
Agreement in Michigan.
Bay City. Mich., April 15.���The Michigan district convention of the United
Mine Workers of America adjourned
last night after adopting the scale
agreed upon Monday by the operators
and  miners.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British Colombia
Tickets on .ale Feb. 29th, April 29th,
1908.   Corresponding low rat** from Intermediate points.
For further Information aa regards to
ratea,  etc,  apply  to
o e. Mcpherson,      j. hoe,
Q.P.A.. Wlnnlpec.                    0 P.A.. NeUon
rn, Ktlann. B.C.
In the matter of an applloatlo'i for a duplicate
Certificate of Tltlt* of an undivided one-quarter
in lerest lu Lot 87, Group One, Kootenay Dlitrlct,
known aa "Let Her Uo Gallagher' Mineral
Notice Ib hereby given that It li my Intention
after tb" expiration of one month from the firm
publication hereof, to laaue a duplicate Certificate of I ltle on the above deicrlbed one-quarter
tntere-t In the name ot John F. Steveni, wbich
Certlfleate of Title la dated tbe 6th April. 1800,
nnd uumbered RUWK ,
t and   Kegiitry Office, Nelion, B. C. March S.
H. F. MacLeod,"
Tllntrlr-t R*��vt-*r��ir
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Marshall Sanitary Mattress,
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Complete House Furnishers, Funeral Directors
i ���
FOR SALE���160 acrea on the Pend
d'Orellle River, and outside the frost
belt south of Nelson, containing 100
acres of natural meadow land, balance
open land, easily cleared, part Improvements.    Price 625 per acre.
For particulars of this and other
propositions reply
BOX  687,  NELSON,  B.  C.	
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch In the beat fruit growing dlstrW.
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ln the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innis. Coats A Co., and the Nelson
Rlectric Tramway Co.
For full particulars aa to pricea.
term.-, etc., apply u>
H.   ��&   iVL   BIRD
Partly Fvtnahtd Modem
Rcstdenc* aad Thf��� Lota
Situated on Hoover St., between Stanley and Ward.    Bight Rosa
Basement all ready  for furnace.    Now rants for $35 par month.
PRICE: $4,000.00.   TERMS: One-Third Caah, Balance 1600.00 par year at
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L,��th, Mouldings, Doors, Window**
Turned Work and Braokata. Mail Order* promptly attended
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Not everyone can claim the diamond for a birthstone, but anyone
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Phone 2J7A. P.  O. Box 155.
Three   Room   House   on   one-eigth   acre
adjoining     city. Lot     cleared,
fenced and  planted.   $350 ONLY.
Building Sites
200 ft. corner, short distance from
car   line $1,000
75 ft. corner, ilanei excellent site
for business man near centre
of city $1,100
corner, in  Fairview���near
lake  and  cars���good  soil. ...$-800
Land for Market Gardens
5 acres w;th,u un-j-naif hour of Baker  st.
14 acres within mile of city( would
subdivide, i
Real Estate Agent
US   Baker   St..   Nelson.   B.  C.
CIGARS     \
The Best 2 for 25c Cigar on
the Market.   Fresh Picked.
���AT THE���
L* Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  &  MATTHEW,  Props.
Special for Saturday
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and MIIIh Sta.
Phone   19.
A ! I
t*~. J
Oor*.    Vernon anu Ward   straets
m.l��o.>. fcs.c;.
W. Cllne, D. K. Hook. A. M. Birr. Toronto; M. S. Sutherland, London, Eng.;
P. II. Burnham, Grand Forks; Q. B.
Edwards, arid wife, (What Women Will
Do Co.), P. E. Armstrong, C. Dundee,
RosalandfB Archdeacon Bier, Kaslo; T.
L. Griffith, Slocan; Capt. Paddon. Crawford Bav; L. C. Wynne, wife and family, Hedley; A. J. Taylor, C. Marshall,
A. P. Donnelly. D. C. Fraser, Vancouver
J. II, Green. Lethbridge; J. L. Farner,
New York: .1. M. Kallmeyer. Montreal;
L. M. Johnson, Addy. Wash.; .1. Mao
lennan, Edmonton; F. C. Farnham,
Salmo; J. J. Grady, Creston; .1. R.
Brown. Greenwood; G. W. Binney, Spokane:  S. F. Griswould. Poulsou.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
G. O. Buchanan, Kaslo; C- W. Spencer, wife and daughter. Montreal; H.
Atheron and wife, Quebec; J. C. Barker, St. Louis; J. B. Tierney, Hosmer;
R. H. Jamieson, Victoria; .Miss Smith-
son, Miss Palmer, Revelstoke; J. M.
Cameron, Grand Forks.
W. Jubilne. Vancouver; C. Milne, Lo-
gantown, A. P. Pownall, D. G. Mosser,
Bonnington: A. R. McDonald, Phoenix:
C. .-���!. Kidd. Winnipeg; G. Stoll, B.
Campbel', slocan; D. Davidson, Boa-
well; A. t;. Wright, W. Mlckle and wife.
P rfear-. S. Geborat G. Marius. P. I'.
Poff,  Hosmer;  G.  Stephens,  Kitchener.
G. R. Reynolds, Miss 3. M. McKinnon.
Miss E. Knight Silverton; R. Tierney.
Granite; G. F. Frosse, Kaslo; A. S.
Maurer. Slocan: H. B. Landis, Rev. F.
C. W. Whlttaker, Frabiton; P. Verigin.
N, Zebroff, S. Reibon. Verigin.
M. Craig, Slocan; A. Stevenson.
Fernie; A. Bennett, F. Foster and wile,
England; N. Regg. Hosmer; .1. Currin.
Spokane; .1. McPhee, Salmo; Q. B.
White, Deer Park; F. Hocklns, Paulson
K, Carter, Westlej.
R. Craig, T. G. Fellows.A. Roynrk, .1.
Wol.-liYli. A Robb, Grand Folks; .1. M.
James, L. Lav-ill, Vancouver; W. V.
Ross, J. E. Anderson, Salmo.
R. JesBup, H. Crandall, Silverton;  G.
R. Bunce, L. Fosby, Rossland; L  Rose,
Ainsworth;    .1     Briggs,   Blue   Bell;    M.
Jarvla, Salmo.
���VII  KindB  or Heating  Planta In  Stock
Victoria St.. Nr, Ooera Houie.       Tel. 181.
To Gannre W    R.*��l-, ft* run.-rly of  ttubsoii, n. o,
and (taboo, B.c
i heu-hv gtvt yon notift? ihHt unii-'M yon tin
h Ron.l Hini '���l|<| objootlon thereto in wrHin*- l
(���hall hi tht* cxpiriitl'in ol It -Ihv* from   tiie  datn
biT nf proceed to tbe reft^trtutoa <>f thp title nf
The Columbia an I Kootenav Hallway aii'l Navl-
Kmtliill < on. jmnv in fee $lmple in   re*j�� Ot tn that
piece of imi'l known ai Lol 8 in ttlntk 8, Rob-son
rownalte Group One, Kootenay ntttrlct, accord
in�� m plan thereof, Jll<-<1  ai   Kuptber 626, no t-
wit hf ati'lliiK tin- OOn-prod net inn nt tin* Ortlfl-
[���ateof un** thereof.
I'atftl ��l ,Ni-lMm. H.C.,tills 31 vt MH��olMnn-ti, 1'KJW.
If    F   MAsJl.ROh.
Dmirlft   Reglouar.
Wall   Papers
Our new stock is now in.
Borders same ns hangings.    Largest variety ever shown In Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of the city   on application.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd,
School   Board.
The board of school trustees will
meet in Dr. Arthur's office tonight at S
R. M. R. Dance.
The weekly viatic,' at the armory will
b* li- M tomorrow night instead of Friday nigh'.
Special   Choir  Practice.
A special practice of the choir of St.
Paul's church will be held this evening
at the usual hour A full attendance of
ni> mii, ra i.* reQuested.
Easter  Week   Festivities.
Imong the Boolal events arranged for
next weel are (he Oddfellows ball Monday night, 'li" hospital ball Wednesday
night, and the Sons of England banquet
Thursday  night.
Metals  and   Stocks.
Silver made an advance on the metal
markets today, the ti'-st in over a week.
Lead .suffered a further decline on the
London quotation. Boundary copper
stocks  have  all  weakened.
F. O. E. Roll Call.
The annual roll call meeting of Nelson Aerie. F. O. E., will be held in the
lodge room tonight. An excellent programme has been prepared but the
chief feature will be short addresses by
the charter members.
Carpets   and   House   Furnishings.
The Standard Furniture company will
start a special sale of carpets and house
furnishings. The stock carried by this
company is the largest in the Kootenays
and the prices will be found to be the
lowest for the class of goods ever asked in Nelson or the Kootenays.
Cleaning  Day.
The clOBing of business houses for
this afternoon, recommended by the
mayor and council, was very generally
observed, and in spite of wind and dust
citizens set to work manfully to clean
up their premises. The results will no
doubt be increasingly visible. In the
morning there was some complaint
about the dust clouds on Baker street,
but shortly after noon the sprinkler ���p
peared and ended that nuisance.
Appeal   to  Charity.
The local Women's Council and Women's Hospital Aid Society are appealing for assistance for a special case.
An English girl. 17 years old. has developed tuberculosis. On that account
���he is unable to obtain employment,
and Is living in Nelson with an aunt
and uncle who have three young children whose health is endangered by her
presence. It is desired to send her to
her home in England. All who will assist are requested to send contributions
to Mrs. A. L. McCulloch before Fridav
Card  of Thanks.
Goo. F. Motion wishes to take this
opportunity of thanking all his friends
and acqualntenances for the many
kindnessea and expressions of sympathy
shown to him in his recent bereavement.
A. M. Can. Soe. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Oflice:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Blk    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker  St..   Nelson,  B. C.
Car Early Rose
Seed Potatoes
Send   us   your orders  early  to   avoid
Telephone 161.
Wo   have   opened   a   moat rni.rkf.-t   In
McDERMID'S     BLOCK,     WATER     8T.,
auri wouhj solicit trade from Fairview
residents, also a share ot tho patronage1
of the citizen* of Nelson.
will  guarantee  pfoxnpi  delivery and
satisfaction in the Following "nea:
Fire Insurance
Insure your bOUM an-*! furniture In
Do Dot put It. off. Delays are dangerous. Call at 31*2 Maker street, or lf you
have not time to cull drop a line to
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Agents wanted In all Kootensjr town*.
P. O. Box 534.
Do you want a new Broom, Mop,
Scrub Brush, Washboard, Fibre Tub,
Brushes, or Gold Dust. Pearline, Sa
polio,   Boap,   Soap   Powder,   Lye,  etc.
We   have thsm  all.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts
on which we pride ourselves is our line
of Fine Correspondence Stationery. On
its completeness and quality.
We have selections to meet the requirements of the most fastidious, as
well as the plainer lines.
A few of the favorites are
Eaton's   Hot   Pressed   Vellum
Per  box of note and envelopes $ .75
Per five quire box of note    1.80
Per five pkg, box of envelopes..  1.80
Scotch   Raglan
Per box of note and envelopes..     .65
Crash Linnenette
Per box of note and envelopes. .     .50
Imperial   Linen
Per box of note and envelopes..    .35
Per five quire box of note 75
Per five pkg. box or envelopes  .     .60
Also a number of very ui-'e lines of
Boxed  Stationery at 25c.
..Writing Tablets at every price from
15c to 50c each.
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, B. C.
Phon* 3-4.
By virtue of a Warrant of Execution
issued out of the County Court of East
Kootenay, holden at Cranbrook. in an
action whereof A. G. Bowness is Plaintiff and M. J. McPeak and Louise E.
McPeak are Defendants. I have seized
and taken in execution all the right.
title, estate and interest of the said
defendants, M. J. McPeak and Louise
E McPeak, In tbat certain hotel build-
ins, situate In the town of Sirdar, B. C,
and now in the occupation of the said
defendants, and will offer the same for
sale by public acution, at my office in
the City of Nelson, B. C. on Wednesday, the 22nd day of April, 1908, at the
hour of twelve o'clock noon.
Terms of sale, cash.
Intending purchasers will satisfy
themselves as to Interest and title of
the said  defendants.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, 14th April.
S.  P. TUCK,
Sheriff of South  Kootenay.
Lieutenant (Jovemor.
Edward the seventh, by tbe f.���*������������ of Qod. of the
I'nfU-d   Kliiif'loni ������'. '.Jt-Ht  Britain, *t.-i   Ireland, and the Brltlih Dominion* beyond the
Heai King,  Defender ol  the  Faith, Kmperor
of India.
To all to whom thene ptMSOlS ��hall coma,���
Vt. J   BOWUHL Attorney <r>ner��l.
Wh����-a�� by Motion 6 of the "'Janie I'rotertlon
Art, ;v - ��� a* re -en MtM by Section 19 of tbe
"fiatim I'rott'cttnn A t, Amendment Art, 190ft,"
it It enable*! that It shall be lawful for the l.ltti*
tiiiiant-'Joveriior In Council, by l'r'X-lamaMon to
be piibllfbt-'l In twu micteMlve lamien of the Hrli-
tali Columbia OoMttO, to declare a cloae aeaaon
fur |OSflt in any pari of thu Province lor an*
period "f time, aud
'���'* ! ���*.*��� our aald I.lcutenant-I'loveruor, by an<l
with the advice of hia Ka.-.-iiI i v.* C.mum ll, i.-..
boon plOMM to direct, by an Order In Council
In that bchall.a clone -'�����.�����.n for K**exe wltbln
the County of Kootenay, until and lncludl v
���i.> ..<���: day of August, one thounaod nine bun
dre-d and eight.
Now Know '< ������ therefore, that la pursuance
thereof, we do hereby proclaim a cloae auaanri
for geeae within the County of Kootenay, until
und Including the IUl day of August, one thou
naud nine hundred and eight.
In teatlinony whereof, we have canned the��n
our letters to be made paiutit and the Ureal Heal
of the I'rovliHre to be hereunto affiled.
WltneM��, His Honor .lainea Dunainiilr, Meuteri
ant Governor of our aald Province of British
'olumbla, in our City of Victoria, in our said
Prnvinoe. thin 19th day of February, In the yriw
of Our Lord one thousand n ih* hundred and
eight, and lu the eighth year ol our relgu.
By command,
Provincial Secretary
Notice Is hereby Klven that the Government Lots in the townsite of Hosmer will be offered for sale by auction
at the Lock-up in Hosmer at ten o'clock
ln the forenoon, railway time, Wednesday,  April   22nd.
Bids below the upset price will nut
be  received.
Terms, one-third cash, one-third 1st
ot November, 1908, and ooe-thlrd 1st of
May, 1900, with Interest from 1st of
Mny. 1908. A fee of $10 will be charged
for each Crown Grant when Issued.
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for (he Soutnern Division
of East Kootenay.
Cranbrook,  30th March,  1908.
WhoIe��ale and   Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
These blocks are absolutely the best
material to be had for building purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or atom*.
Tenders given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:  Baktr Street, Nelson. B.C.
In the matter of an application for tbe lasua of
a duplicate > .-���.;..���������-. oi Title Ior lota -1. 6, 9, 11,
19. 25. and 92, of lot 09). Group One. In the
District of Kooteuay (MapftWj)
Notice la hereby giv��n lhat tt ls my intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after tbe
first publication hereof a duplicate nf the Cer
ttfif-ate of i ltle for the above mentioned lots lu
the name of Richard Helme, which Certlfleate of
Title ia dated the 24tb day ol Nuvember, l**.
aud   numbered 631UA.
Laud Registry Ofllce, Nelaou, B. C, Jauuary
���H. F MacLeod."
Oistrn-t Registrar
Tsse uotlce tbst Alfred i <���.,��� : Wsus,
Wstl.burg. Brltl.n Columbia, lumberman, lu
tends to apply fur purmlsslun to ..���.-��� tbe iol-
.><�� i:,.: .l,��� i .:������.! laud, situate uear rrocler on
tbe south sbore ol tbe west arm of Kooteuay
i.nk.' more particularly described as follows:
Commencing at tbe uortbwe.t corber of l.nt 4
of Lo" SUM, o.oup I, West Kootenay Distrust,
tbence ltou feet (25.aft cbalnsj westerly al-^us; the
.outb sbore Hue of tbe weal arm oi Kooteuay
1-ase and belug tbe nortb boundary of i.ot . of
J.01 SUV lo tbe northwest comer ol J.ol 4 of uol
autf, tbence 22W leet {44 ��><��� halnsj along the south
sbore line of tbe west arm of Kooteuay 1 *.se aud
belug tbe nortb boundary of i,ot it, 01 Lot .*<,,
'jroup 1. Weal Kooleuay Iilatrk-t: theuce uorth
142 leet t2 chain.); UMBOS eaaterly . "���> f*��t
(tio.oti chains) and parallel wltb tbe .outh shore
llueofthe west arm ot Kooleuay 1... theuce
wiuth 132 feci (2 rhitln.) to point of '-.miueuce-
ment. and cuntalniug ..* acren, more or leas
fJaied this 12th day of February, A  It.. 1*A��.
A. K.   WATIM.
Notice Lb hereby given that applies
tion will be made by the underaiKtiMd
at the next sitting of tlie Board 01"
License Commissioners for the CHy of
Nelson, to be held thirty days after the
date hereof, for a transfer of the liquor
license standing ln the name of the
Estate of Oeorge Harrison (deceased!
for the premises known as the Lakevlew
Hotel In the City of Nelson, situate on
Lou lo, 14 and 16, ln Ulock 67, Subdivision of Lot 95, Qroup 1, Kootenay
district, to Napoleon Mallitle of the
���aid city.
Dated this 17th day of March, A.D.
Administrator of tlie estate and effects
of Uoorge Harrison   (deceased.!
Corporation of  the City of  Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given that under the
pruvuiioub of Uy-law No. 80, "Pound
and Dog Tax Hy law," h ,. unlawful
for auy person to suffer auy horse,
mule, bull or cow, sheep, goat, pig or
oilier cattle, or poultry to run at huge
within the limits of the City or Nelson.
livery owner of a dog In thu CHy ol
Nelson Is required to pay annually a tux
of two doI.am for euch dog owned by
No poi nn shall suffer or permit Ills
dog to run at large lu the City of Nei
Hon for which such person has not paid
the tax required ui him and unless such
dog shall have around his neck a collar or strap to which shall be attached
a metallic plate to be supplied by the
oily on the payment of tlie said tax.
Warning Is hereby tilven that any
purson guilty of an infraction or violation of auy of the provisions of the
above named Uy-law Is In addition to
the fees and churK��'B nei forth therein,
liable upon summary conviction to a
penalty of One Hundred Dollars and
ihe costs of prosecution, nnd In default
of payment to Imprisonment for a term
not exceeding two mouths.
By Order,
W.   E.   WASSON.
City Clerk.
Nelson, n, r, April 8th,  i't'ii
w.   a.   GILLETT
Contrngtor   miu;
e agent for the Porta RtaO Lumber Co., Ltd..
1 yards.    Rough and ilreaawd lumber, turuoa
and brackets. Coant lath and -h im-i. ., saah
'loora.     Cement, briel.   aud   lime for  aale
matte grinder.
ard and factory: Vernon Hi., east of Malt
NBLSON,   ll. C
O. Box a0'2 I an?io . in   17;
Eye . .
Thai ��� the way we teat   Usually the eyes dlfrer in sU'ht
suits one eye injures the other, ultimately  both suiter
appliance! and the ireataat care to avoid" a mlHnt.    ,\
your eyes  ;uui our reputation
Fine watch  repairing B ipedalty.       Mall   orders
A glasH which
"��e modem
would hun
recelY!   our
J.   J.   WALKER,   Jewele,
\\'|-|<)Hjja<tnj  Mrovlsalorw,
IVodute, - Fruit.
Government Creamery One Ponnd Ilrickn received weekly fresh from th
churn     For sale by all lending grocers
Office and warehouse : Hnnston Block,    Pnoue lu.
Josephine Street. - - Nelson, B. C.
"ir, the Spring the young man's
fancy lightly turns to thougnta of���
Surely that Is the time he wants to be most daintily dressed, and be:t
la the place he oiiKht to come for his stylish outfit. We have now rrtdt
for ihowlng the very neweel Itytaa and pattrrns In Spring Suits ind
Overcoats, and we are so stocked with varied sizes that any shspe ol I
young man can get his tit accurately   and   quickly.
Thin  ia   the  l-MSOn   of  the   year  when   you  devote your attention to thill
houMi'h'ild duty. Wo are prepared to meet your requirements with & full line of ]
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colors, Varnishes,    Stains,   Enamtli.
AI a bast ine,    Mur.ro.
Evorything   necessary   for   the   renovation   of  your   nous*.
J. H, Ashdown Hardware |
Company, Limited. Nelson Bra���*.
Jobbing  promptly attended  to,    Pluta
and KHtimateH.
Apply 415  Hall St. Box 335.
Pure and Cheat
We have 1000 pounds of
which we will Ml] nt n hnrcaln
5 lbs. for $1.00.
Sp'Tlal  prices (nr larger lots.    OotDfl
In   nnd   Inquire.
CMoquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE  Un-tn-Onte  Bakm
C. OHhtN A.l*. KUKUtN        A. H.GRhEN
C'vil  Engineers, Dominion  and  BritisL
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. bos 145    Phonr 2.1 K.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Stajl
Geo.  P. Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT    BLOC^-
fNELSOIN,     -    B. Ce
We   make  a  epeclalty of
Hardware Svfplies
For   Ranchers
3ARB   WIRE FOR   FENCING,  ��*��>.
Hnnd  tin your mall ordll*
Wood-Valiance Hardware Co
Ret* H


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