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The Daily Canadian Oct 27, 1906

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Array �����%? JUtUy dkmttMttn
fcuMB I.   No. 124.
[emier's Account of iiis
iBriJe Tendered Flattering Recepllon at   Which  Non-Political
Iinthusiasm Runs High.
|Hisi s ,.ii tn Tha Daily Canadian.)
i'i,ii'i.-i, 11. 0��� i'i 87.���Premier
Ills isl" mi IiIh return to lliis city last
tiiiuii whh given a magnlfloent ik*m-
ptratlon. According to the arrang.-
already announced he wuh met
wharf isy u large oonconria of
a's besl citizens and wns os-
y,,l hy 11 torchlight procession to
\ (i r. W. hall, which was pack-
si overflowing with an enthusiastic
i. ins- of listeners to hear hlm give
it'iiiiint of his stewardship and the
bttnent he hud received at Ottawa,
|*he meeting was called to order by
|]. 11. rkwltli who. In a few brief ex-
sins of congrtaulation to the pre-
iiiH'iliately made way for the
minister of  llritisli  Columbia to
tnii-r ucBride   at   once launched
111 account of his mission to Ot-
siii.I did so will, a frankness and
Itn   mess   iltul  carried  his audience
Iii Iiini from the start.   He siioke for
I sm hour on the proceeding of lhe
fiT.'iii'c   of  provincial   premiers  at
awa ainl at no time did hu display
party feeling, succeeding through-
In.- address In keeping the broader
1. - well lo thc  front    lu    his ml
s ..isl that throughout the confer-
I- ss- Ottawa he hnd taken the only
bus open to him. Ho had Ii-iind
���ii lie arrived at the conference that
������ were six  Liberal  premiers pres-
who had already prepared cut and
cl proposals for submission 10 the
'.. m's'. unii they' all seemed mix-
-  s.s   rush   these   Ihrough,  conclude
lustiness and get hack    to    their
r- inlsr  laurier had    verbally    ad-
1   Uie  right  ot   Hritish   Columbia
lietter   terms and  to  special trent-
imi unfortunately when be cime
mt lliis in writing in she shape nf
ilnute for the adoption of the con-
" li<- had so hedged It abo it
' provisos anil conditions thai any-
; iiks- a satisfactory provision fur
province hnd been practically nul-
fUn'ii he (McBride) hail been asked
iilunlt a siatement of what he
; li'   would   be  fair as a  hnHls of
��� nienl he did    so on    a    sliding
��� ..f a per cupit.'i allowance, the
lis sir which  were already  familiar
��� hearers,   Thesss proposals were
eled.     A   long   discussion  bail  fol-
.1 111 which he had laid hefore the
i ���:''lies-   In   a   sustained   argument
"I  up  with  figures and  statistics
".'Hilar conditions of  llrlllsh  Co-
bin  which  ..ml  moved hlm lo asls
whal he had done.
In. conference w-us much iin pressed
i*ii his presentation of lhe ease ansl
'    Hon.  W. S.  Fielding  proposed
.iiipioniise, ihai the province of
Columbia   Should   receive   $4(1,-
ton years nud $:;i),uO<) per tin
.      s perpetuity,
|Ms Miililde said that he lind pollle-
corned Mils offer and (hut he rook
' 'sin. lis explain that 130,000 would
1 'Iss more Hint) hiiild a good wagon
'"I in some one of the numerous
'"ssi districts that were being hain
!'l and hindered for luck of mini-
flallon facilities.
11'"nil nfter poini was scored hy the
'inter lu n calm nnd dlspiiHHloiiule
���' Is. which won ror hlm the rosps'il
I confidence of Un. Victoria people
n   way  lhal  he h.-is not  botec en
II concluding his speech  he acored
veritable triumph ami wns*-apiilauil
main and    again when    he    said:
he only position for British Colum-
1 to assume le to   insist   on   simple
["1'ce and If need arlee to do so In or-
r to obtain this, let .us  .carry .our
Jims to the court of last resort."
I'"her brief add/Osses were delivered
"    Hie   tenor  of  the  tneetlng  being
guide, lhe pieiiiler has solidly en-
fisseil   himself In    the    confidences
1 pride of the victoria people Irre-
dive of    political    comiilexlon,  hy
���'���  manly,   firm  and   courteous  slanil
" look ut the conference.
Gendarmes Wounded by Bombs.
Is'-  Petersburg, Oct. 27.���A bold at-
|"ipl   was made nhout noon today In
' '���'���ulre or ih,. city tu ,.���|, ,|lr, wngnii
flcli wns conveying cash from Iho
|sloins department of tho state trims-
!>��� Iwo bombs were thrown ln quick
���Bconslon at. lhe vehicle na lt was
V"ing a cssrner near the Katerlnak
���mil, close to ,, branch of the treas
ury, .ho gendarmes escorting the
wagon, although wounded hv tbe explosion of the bombs, flred a' volley at
the robbers. One of the latter was
killed, another wub wounded and a
third was captured. Many bvstanderB
sustained Blight Injuries as a'result of
the explosions.
Duke and    Duchees    of    Marlborough
Will Live Apart.
London, Oct. 87.���The afternoon papers here quote the Manchester tliiaril-
lun us saying thut a deed or sepura-
tlon between the duke und duchess of
Marlborough hus been signed, on the
ground of Incompatibility of temperament, by the provisions of which the
duchess keeps Sunderland House, London, und her dowry, but Is precluded
from going lo Blenheim. The document, It Is sulil, wus signed October 2:1.
Tin. duke is now ut Blenheim and the
duchess is staying at Sunderland
.....uugh 'lhe principals concerned
maintain aiis^iuu silence aud decline
tu furnish any Informution, all indications tend to corroborate the stories
thut tt climax hus been reached in the
domestic affairs ol the duchess of
Marlborough. Mnth the London nnd
provincial papers gave circumstantial
details, saying that.llie deed of separation between the duke and duchess
has lie '1 signed. 'I'he duke and duchess have been Invited to confirm or
deny the reps.rt but bolh are mute, the
duchess sending word that she has
instiling to say on the BUbject, while
the duke has nol ansi s.rpd the telegrams addressed to nim at Blenheim,
where he is at present. Thu mystery
wllh which the principals are thus
Shrouding the arruirs has been further deepened hy a statement made by
the duke'H regular lawyers, who say
they are entirely ignorant of the existence of a deed or separation and
ihat ir a separation bus been accomplished ll must have been carried
through  by olher attorneys.
Fifty Cents a Month
nese and more easily controlled. Ho
had no doubt lhal, ub regards tho less
robusi or ti,e8e people, ready employment could bo found for them In the
t-ast In domestic service In hotels and
private homes, where tbe problem of
obtaining help was becoming very
Deputy  Minister of Interior in Ottawa
Government Says They  Will  Ultimately  Be  Good Citizens.
W .W. Gory, deputy minister of the
interior In the Dominion government,
is ut present on a visit to Victoria
with a party of relatives In the course
of a tour of the provinces.
In au Interview with the Colonist,
Mr. Cory explained that his visit was
merely pnrt of a series of domiciliary
visits he Is paying to the various representatives of his department iu different parts of the Dominion In order
to confer with tbe suld officials on Uie
various points of interest on the spot.
Dr. Milne, the medical health officer
at tills isirt, fs the only representative
iif his department at Vietoria. in company with him he Inspected tho site
which it w-as proposed lo adopt for
llie erection of 11 detention house here
and he hud no doubt tluil the government would decide to establish such
au Institution which, in Ills opinion,
was very necessary, ua well us one al
Vancouver, for lhe reception or such
Immigrants as, rrom time to time, it
might be necessary to ih'tiiiii tor Inspection or treatment or return tn the
purl from whicli Ihey came for rea-
sssns within lbe sco|n> of Hie Immigration Act. ,
Interrogated in regard "> the Hindu
question .Mr. Cory said thai up to the
ii  of iiis departure trom Ottawa he
bail beard UUle aboul ihis matter, lie.
however, thoughl Hint 11 was u much
wider and more Importanl iiiiesllon
ihan was generally recognised. Then,
was no gelling away trom the fact
lhat Ihese men are British subjects.
subjects, moreover, many of them who,
ilk., their fathers before ihem, bud
fought for the Hug In many a deadly
nay and bad iliiiu' yeoman service tor
England In time or stress, Therefore,
ir there was anything In the Imperial
sentiment ihai permeates the empire
in nil its integral parti, those subjects
ot the king siionhl certainly be accord-
esi Jusl and reasonable treatment In
whatever pun of the empire they may
set foot H whs perfectly rlghl nnd
reasonable thai those who were rejected upon medical examination us ilke-
lv Iii become u charge iipnn the community sliould be refused admission
ami deported whtaoe they oame, but
these were lu a greal minority, and
the rest were, tor the most part, men
or line physique and bearing who,
wiih adequate sustenancei thai is by
b.iug induced to supplement the spun'
diet   In   which   th'')'   were   iiccusloined,
i,v something more substantial, would
soon form a reserve of labor mosi desirable in a country where while labor
was practicably unobtainable, chiefly
rrom the (aol that the while Ininil-
aranl experts to become und lo a large
Stent dees become almosl from tho
outset hiiiiscir an employer ol labor.
', st.. be had. Canada* from 1 ..si
> west is in want of labor and ibis
term of Wbor.lt it proved timmable to
certain oond Morn hero, as hud been
* ,       proved In tb< ony of Natal
Output Restricted    Because    of    Coal
Strike���Stock  Quotations.
The mining situation or the week
shown mile change, Except In the
Boundary und at isolated mint's uot
depending upon the supply or coal, the
output ol the big shipping properties
haa been gradually restricted on account of the Btrlke of miners In the
Pernio fields, und Its effect upon the
No new discoveries have been repotted during the week, but many Important deals are understood to be in
progress, affecting especially properties at Alnsworth, on Sloean lake, un
Poplar creek and in the Sheep Creek
The stock market for the past week
has been rather more inactive than for
the past two months. This is accounted for to a certain extent by Interest
hitherto manifested in the shares of
this district by ..astern Investors, now
being turned to Cobalt stocks. Spokane exchange continues to trade In
the shares of British Columbia, and
interest is being stirred In these securities in the coast cities.
There have not beeu many changes
fioni the market of last week, though
Inlernaiioual Coal has become much
stronger aud has every indication of
reaching par before the first of the
Denora Mines is in great demand
and has advanced several cents in the
last week, with hut few shares offered
even at the advanced quotation, which
is below the e .peeled price in a month
North Star weakened slightly, but is
holding firm now, and any changes
will no doubt be on Qje rising side.
Sullivan gained several cents in the
last week, but the present high price
is thought to be the top to be reached,
and a decline is now looked for,
California has been offered nore
freely than for some time, and is consequently dropped one or two cents.
Consolidated Smelters and Canadian
Cold Fields Syndicate remained almost
unchanged and if anything show a
slight  weakness.
Rambler-Cariboo advanced 2 points
at the first of the week, but has since
declined, with every indication of go
Ing still lower.
The   following  are   the  approximate
quotations for the week ending today:
As.-ed.        Bid.
American Boy 03?.      .02%
Alberta Coal 4U
B. C. Copper 14.B0      14.-'R
Beatrice  .18
California 07%      .06U
Consol.  Smelters..   . .140.00   185.00
Can. Cold  Field 08 .07
Carlboo-McKiiiney   ...      ,Q6H      .06
Denora Mines 09       .07*55
I.iireka Copper 10
49 Creek Roc 08        .06
Granby 14.60    13.50
Handy   Gold   Mines...      .05 ,03
Inter.  Coal 63 ,61
Inland  Railway       BO.00
Lardeau Mines oi        ,00%
i,n Plata Mines 2::       .20
Monte Crlsto 04 .02
North  Star 27 .2:1
Northwest Coal     1.60
Nicola Coal         0716 ,06%
Itanililer-Ciiriboo   ..    .      ,86 .32*%
Rooky  Moun.  Dav,   ..     .05
Referendum oo ,06
Sullivan I.'i ,10
Western Oil 10 ,1S
Germany Making Peace.
Rome, Oct. 27.���It Is believed In dip
lomatld circles here that Bmporor William   Is  planning a visit  to  (his city
and thai  It will probably occur on tbe
ocoaaion of the unveiling of the bust
of Wagner- which he is presenting to
the QltJ oT Venice. Ii is asserted In
(Ills connection that Ihe visit of the
(Soman foreign secretary, Herr Von
Tschlrsky, to Rome, was Intended to
Improve tho relations between the
powers tormina the triple alliance,
and lhat with the same object fu view
tho German emperor Is nnxloufi to
strengthen his personal relations with
King Victor Kmmnnuel. These relations were somewhat, weakened after
the former's last visit to Rome nnd
the German altitude at the Algcclrus
conference did not tend to Improve
Reports of Cyclone Damage.
Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 27.���The
cyclone which did so much damage on
(he Island of Curncurn and Its vicinity
about, the middle of October, struck
Puerto Ouuelo, and going south destroyed every house In lis path, Including all Ihe buildings In (he village
of Trinltheras. During the progress
of (he storm  ll   rained  heavily  fop*26
hours without Interruption.
United States Federal Relations Readjusted
Former Embarrassing State Autonomy to Be Hereafter a Thing
of the Past.
Tho wife ol a inun wim plays tiio
races never lins In wuhIii nny llnni
figuring mi wimt. Bhe will ilu with tlm
moniiy ssli,. wins.
Now York, Oct. 27.���Washington advices to Ihe Tribune point out thut for
the lirst time In the history of the
United States the sixth article of the
constitution Is to he invoked against
Weal authorities within a state, to
compel respect for the provisions of a
treaty with a foreign power, and the
doctrine of state rights seems destined
to receive the severest blow lt has experienced since the Civil war. Present
administrations have remained helpless In the face of local action, whicli
has seriously embarrassed the nation
In its relations with foreign powers,
and outrages within the boundaries of
the several states have gone unpunished by tbe federal government because
of the belief that the federal government was without Jurisdiction.
It has remained for Elihu Root,
the present secretary of state, to enunciate the iiriuciplc lhat the constitution of the United Stales affords ample authority to com|iel observance by
any state of the provisions of au international treaty.
Article Bl of the constitution of the
United States declares:
This legislation and the laws of the
United States which shall be made in
pursuance thereof, and all treaties,
made or which may be made under the
authority of the United States, shall
be the supreme law of the land. The
judges in every state shall be bound
thereby, anything in tbe constitution
or laws of.the country notwithstanding."
Confident that Searetary of State
Root Is correct In his belief that there
Is full authority under the constitution, the administration will promptly
endeavor to put a stop to the recent
discrimination against Japanese citizens, which local .authorities within
the state of California have been and
are practicing in violation of Article
1 of the treaty of 1894 between the
Japanese empire and the United States
nf America.
Will Quell Fanatics.
Paris, Oct. 27.���The French government has been advised thai the Moroo
can authorities, ns the result of (he
energetic representations by the
French officials at Morocco City, havo
agreed to send aid to Southern Morocco for the purpose of quelling the fu-
naticul tribes there nnd persuading!
them tn nhnnslon their project of de
daring u holy war after the Ramadlan
festival. No change Is reported lu the
situation of nffnirs in the northern
pnrt of Morocco.
Port  Arthur  Ib Offered  It Laid   Down
at $15  Per  Horse  Power Per Annum- With Maximum of 920.
Port Arthur, Out., Oct. 27.���A ape-
rial meeting of tho city council hotd
last nlghl considered a iirotMmition hy
whicli electric |H��wor Is to he laid
down in port Arthur for Jlfi per hOMJ6
power per annum. The proposal comefl
from 'the Nip-agon Pulp �������� Paper corn-
puny, micci'SHors to Iho Original syndicate which wen* granted iho water
power concession- The company proposes to erect pill]) and paper mills
on Nlpegon rlvor, whore the power is
to lie developed.
The power is to ho brought across
Iho country ahout CO mile's to Port
Arthur, and the lown given MOO horse
pbwer at the rate named. Then 7000
additional fs to" bo delivered in Port
Arthur as occasion mny require at a
cost of |20 per horse power per annum. A representative of a steel
company of Sydney, C. B., Is here also
wiih a proposal to establish works
for ihe manufacture nf wire. He looked al possible sites this morning and
will be In conference with the council
this afternoon.
Grange, from New York September 23,
was abandoned on tire on October 24.
The passengers and crew were all
saved and landed here by the steamer Matatua. The Haversham Orange
was bound for Australia and was own-
ed by the Empire Transportation company, a British concern.
British  Steamer Burned.
('ape Town, South  Africa, Oct. 27.���
The      Hritish      sleamer    Haversham
Sad Story of Marital Infelicity Ends In
a Tragedy.
New York, Oct. 27.���U>uls G. Hamilton, secretary ot Uie United States
Trust company of this ciiy, shot and
killed Victoria 1. Taczkow, a beautiful
young woman, in the Hotel Griffin ln
West Ninth street last night, and then
committed suicide. Hampton was infatuated with tbe woman and they
had been seen together many times
during the past month. They had
been at the hotel where the tragedy
occurred since early yesterday. Whether it was the result of a pact between
him and the woman to die together
has not been determined, but the circumstances seem to show that tbe
young woman bad agreed to die with
her companion.
Hampton leaves a wife and two children. Mis Taczkow was 29 yeara old
aud lived with her father and invalid
mother. She was employed in a Fifth
avenue department store.
Tbe United States Trust company,
of which L. G. Hampton was assistant
secretary, is one of the largest and
strongest trust companies in New
York. Ex-Secretary of the United
States Treasury Lyman J. Gage was
its president until recently.
The events leading up to the tragedy have been traced by the police and,
according to them, the last chapter In
what looks to be an Illicit romance.
On Thursday afternoon last, Hampton, a distinguished-looking man of medium height, about 60 years old, with
iron grey hair, called at the Hotel
Griffin and engaged a room. He said
he would return later that night or
the next morning and expected to have
his wife with him. Friday morning
about 9 o'clock he entered the hotel
accompanied by a woman, and going
to the office registered as "Mr. and
Mrs. Sinclair, Burlington, Vt." The
woman was an unusually handsome
brunette. She was wearing a tailor-
made skirt, white shirt waist and carried in her hand a small traveling bag.
After registering, the couple went to
the hotel dining room and breakfasted
and then went to their room. The
woman left the} hotel several times
during the day, but Hampton remained
in the room. Soon after Bhe returned
from one of these excursions early in
the evening, a light dinner was sent
Up to their room, and a request was
sent to the clerk to call them at 11
o'clock last nlghl. "We want to be
called at 11 so that we may catch a
train," said Hampton. '
At five minutes to 11 a maid went
to tbe room to call them, but her repeated raps at the door brought no
refliro me, and she notified the hotel of'
rice. Accompanied by the proprietor
she relurned to the third floor and, after lapping several times, opened the
door wl Li her pans key. In an instant
tho L.lenci was explained.
On the floor, betwoen a large mirror
aud a dresser, lay the man, stretched
out on Iiis back. In his right hand was
grasped a revolver, while his Derby
hat was held tightly in the left hand.
Blood was everywhere around him and
a hasty examination proved that a shot
fired into his mouth had entered bis
brain, killing hlm Instantly. On the bed,
half seated and half lying on the edge
nearest hlm, was the woman, also dead
and bathed in blood. Her left arm
lay across her face as though to shield
it, and In tbe arm wore three bullet
wounds. Might under the left armpit
was a fourth wound, tlie result of a
shot fired after she had raised her arm
to her face. The bullet had entered
her body In n downward direction and
must have gone through her heart.
H&mpton leaves a wife and two children.
Second Vice Presldenl Kingsley of
the United Slates Trust company said
thai  Hampton's accounts Were correct.
Swlthchmen Refused Increase.
Chicago, III., Oct. 27.���The railroads
today Informed Grand Master Hawley
of the Swlthchmou's union that the demands of tin; men for an eight-hour
day and an Increase in wages would
be refused. Tbe offer of an Increase
of 2 cents an hour was repeated, but
the mon were told mat. this would be
all thoy could obtain. The refusal of
thu de.n]ands of the switchmen was
also made to apply to all other organizations of railroad employees who
have of late presented demands for
shorter hours or Increased wages. It
was made clear In the reply to the
switchmen that the requests of the
Brotherhoon of Railway Trainmen, to
which a reply was asked by Nov'ember
1 will be refused. Grand Master Hawley has called a meeting of the switchmen hero for tonight, but no strike
action will be taken until there has
been a referendum vote.
Nothing Daunts Fallleries.
Paris, Oct. 27.--When Presldont
Fallleries received the members of tho
cabinet, shortly after Us formation, he
made the following statement to M.
Vlviaul, the minister or labor: "No
doctrine, no reform, no    matter   how
bold, frightens me. The government
as constituted must be marched st tlie
head of the democracy, consequently 1
look with pleasure on the creation of
ministry of labor. In the present state
of the economic evolution tn France
such a ministry ls absolutely necessary."
Hindus Arrested for Vagrancy Locked
Up and Refuse Food.
(Special  to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Oct. 27.���The Spokane
company that have been working the
Copper King property, up the North
Fork, have discontinued work on that
claim owing to the fact that there appears to be a cloud on the title. It Is
reported that W. K. White, a pioneer
prospector, has a prior right to the
claim, and this fact was only made
known to the present holders recently,
who wero making extensive preparations to work the Copper King all winter and were putting up substantial
winter quarters with that end in view.
Following the report that the Hindus
were In destitute circumstances here
and were bogging from door to door,
is tbe announcement today that some
of these people were last evening taken In charge by Chief of Police Savage and locked up for begging. The
question of dealing with them ls a
problem and It Is probable that an effort will be made to have them deported. A pitiful sight waa witnessed
here when these people were arrested,
as when they realized that they were
really prisoners and were going to be
locked up, they at once fell on their
knees and literally kissed the shoes ot
Chief of Police Savage In their earnest pleadings not to bo locked up.
It is reported today that these Hin-
dues confined In the city gaol on a
charge of vagrancy, absolutely refuse
to eat anything handed to them by the
city police, and it Is feared that they
may suffer unless they can be convinced that the food will not harm
Performance of Westminster Glee Club
Transcend. All Former Concert!
Heard In Nelaon.
"The beat ever heard in Nelson"
was the unanimous verdict of tho
crowd that left Sherman's opera house
this morning���at 12:20 a. m.���after
Ihe performance of the Westminster
Glee Club.
Manager Horstead had an anxious
time early ln the evening, as he assured the public that the concert
would begin as soon as the Crow (boat
arrived���at 9, at 9.30, at 10. As a matter of fact it began at 10:30. But Mr.
Horstead's diplomacy was amply justified by the event He stated afterward thai but for his conviction of
the excellence of the company he
would not havo attempted to hold tlie
When the concert began the house
was well filled. When tt ended no
one regretted having wafted, and all
were pleased to learn that the company would appear again tonight as
well as this ariernoon.
Every member of Ihe party is perfect. The favorite was probably Master Albert Hole. No sweeter or clearer voice was ever heard in Nelson, and
his "Cherry Ripe" will not soon die in
the memory of those who heard It.
Mr. Branscombe's "Rocked in the
Cradle or the Deep," followed by "Och,
the Dear Little Oirl," earned a burst
of applause second only to that which
greeted the boy soloist.
Mme. Marie Hooten's clear, sweet
contralto ln "Down lhe Vale," also delighted hor hearers.
Every number on tho _ program,
sacred, sentimenlnl nnd humorous, was
a gem.
Speclnl praise Is due to Mr. Harry
Ivlmey. Nelson lins heard many humorous entertainers, but none of the
same class ns Mr. Ivlmey. His caricature of drawing room amenities and
of comic opern were exquisite.
As announced elsewhere the company will leave for Ihe const  tonlgjil.
The Dally Wreck.
Port Mnhon, Island of Minorca. Oct.
27���Tho French steamer Isaac Perrl-
era wont on the rocks nortii of the
Island of Minorca In a dense fog today.
Her passengers and crew, numbering
72 persons, were saved with difficulty.
The steamer is aj complete wreck.
Gold From South Africa.
London,  Oct. .27.���Tho   largest  consignment  of  gold   ever  shlpiied   from
South Africa arrived In London today,
rts value was $5,000,000.
Castro le Dying.
Caracas, Venezuela, Oct.  27.���President Castro, who has been In 111 health
ror a long time past, Is still exceedingly wenk.
Secrecy Id Event of First
The average doctor would die of
starvation If his patients had no more
confidence in him than he has In himself.
Edward's Dream of World
Peace About to Be Realized in
New Made Alliances.
New York, Oct. 27.���A London despatch to the Sun Bays that the close
secrecy which for a considerable time
has surrounded an event of first magnitude ln international policies ls broken by the announcement that a military convention, which In effect
amounts to a full defensive alliance,
has been made between Great Britain,
France and Italy. This momentous instrument has not nominally come into
effect as yet, but in reality it is already an almost dominating factor In
the European situation. It becomes
operative whenever the triple alliance
between Germany, Austria-Hungary
and Italy, or rather the three treaties
usually grouped under that designation
shall expire, either by expiration ot
time or by other cause.
This regrouping of the great powers
Is a natural outcome of the destruction of the balance of power In Eu-
rope consequent upon the paralysis of
Russia by the Japanese war.' It is an
Important step In the formation of a
league of peace, the great object which
King Edward has labored to achieve
ever since he came to the throne of
Great Britain. It hu behind tt the
cordial support of Spain and Portugal.
There Is good reason for believing that
It commands also the sympathy of the
United States government, which haa
been well aware of Its Inception and
The freedom of the new international compact has been accompanied by
and forwarded ln spite of various difficulties and even dangers. First and
obviously was the fact that Germany
would regard it not only with natural
resentment but as a direct menace.
It was negotiated on the eve of the
Algeciraa conference, and lt can hardly be denied that Ib was designed to
some extent to act in restraint of Germany at that time.
Its purpose, however, is In every
respect nonaggreqstve and It was and
Is Impossible for the Germane mperor
to criticize except by abandoning his
oft-professed love of peace. The political situation in Europe as a whole
Is more satisfactory today than lt has
been for several years.
Pessimists point to thc fact that the
death of the sultan must he exiiected
within a few months, and that the de
raise of the Emperor Francis Joseph
may create a crisis at any time, bill
the safeguards of peace grow stronger
day by day. King Edward's league of
peace should be able very soon to bear
any strain that may be pnt upon it.
Prussian Prince Forgoes Large Part of
Fortune to Merry Favorite.
Berlin, Oct. 27.���German, and particularly Berlin, society la deeply stirred over tho wedding ol trxu.% ��� Joachim Albrecht of I .usala, aucoud s_ 'l��!:i
of the emperor, and the German actress, Mme. Maile Sulser, which Is an*
uounced to take place tmiHirrow.
Prince Joachim, second son of the late
Prince Albrecht of Prussia, ls 30
years old, and holds the rank of major
In the First regiment ot Grenadier
guards, stationed tn llerlln. He possesses exceptional musical talents and
has composed several light operettas.
He is also a painter ot no mean order.
Mme. Suiter Is about 10 years older
than the prince nnd Bhe Is not very
beautiful, nor Is she an actress of tho
very first rank. Sho plays second-
rate roles at tho Trianon theatre,
where French playB of a certain character aro regularly produced. She ls
unusunlly tail, and her dimensions are
Hlmost gigantic.
In the ordinary course ot things
Prince Joachim Albrecht would have
Inherited about $7,500,000, but under
Ilm specified provisions of Is father's
will he will rtcelvo only $4,000,000. He
thus sncrlflc.'s a large sum by Ills attachment to the actress.
State Monopoly.
Lisbon. Oct. 27.���The house of representatives today passed the bill establishing the slate tobacco monopoly. The Daily Canadian
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED....��6,0O0,000. CAPITAL PAID UP,,. .$4,980,000
BEST 14,88(1,000.
D. K. WILKIK, President. HON. ROBEKT JAFKRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at currant rates from date of opening no
count and credited half-yearly.
Ntji-soN branch ��J_   ML   LAV, Manager.
The 9fepa/ 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130
Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accomim or firms nml Individuals opened on the most favorable terras.
Thirteen branches in Britis-sh Columbia.
Special  attention  to out of town business.
T, 10  KENNY, Pies., Halifax.       BL h. PEASE, General Manager. Montreal.
Putsiis-in'st nu day, is week isy in.
Baku St., Nelson, a. c.
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lu tlie city, ssr fc's.uu ss yssar il Bent Isy uihsI, when
paid iu ddyinii'S'
Ailvi-rtlsiiiii: rate, un is|spli!',iilim.
All nissssli-s. i'Mi.1 in s.-iil, i.i.-m ol '!'!������ Dalls
('Hsssiitiiiii accoanu, either ������ subscription, or
udvcriisssiK. inust be receipted lor "ii (lis- printed
tonus ssl the Company,  Othei reoelpla are nol
OCTOBER 27. !.<��>.
isl ws' ssri: huiisftiinib judged  lu t��ss
me wssrd Bomotlmei jinissisd to be
is. therefore be eurL-tui wissst we
The enthusiasm with which tbe premier was received on his return to
the capital last evening is bul a fit-
ting recognition by the people ot thai
city of the fact thai the governmenl
Is guided Isy an official leader wild
ktiows what devolves upon a statesman in the disehnrfre of Ills ajways
onerous and sometimes thankless
Hitherto ll has been the practice of
lirltisli Columbia's statesmen and pn-
liiieal officeholders to go to Oitawn
wiih the understanding thai if they
would only in- servile tools �����! the administration, they would obtain, by
their meek assent lo the nroposats ssi
ilie maohlne and by Favor, such things
ns could nm hs> obtained as a matter
of simple Justice, in iiii'i li may be
truly said, ilint until the vlsll "I Pre
isiii'i McBride, the attitude or British
��� Columbia has been ut Ottawa, thai uf
a "beggar with hai in hand," thankful
for the driblets of party favors doled
out to ihe representatives of the province.
II must have been a new thing In
federal und Eastern provincial circles
to encounter for the flrsl time a Western premier whose visit was devoid of
sentiment, parOtanshlp, party feeling,
und which meant business from first
to lust. It i.s no wonder thut some of
the Eastern men, who hud never met
anything like this from the West before, should be slurtled Into the Blip-
position that Mr. McBride was too
I'Irm or even that he wus stubborn.
The sudden rebellion of a province
from llie position of u servile suppliant to thai of a people Inhabiting un
immense  area,  demanding  Its  rights,
musi have been almost us great a
shock at Ottawa as the -errands of
tbe Kussuin tlsiiimu were at St. Petersburg.
There can lie no greater tribute I"
the diplomacy ul tlu- premier than the
now admitted fact that Hon. Mr. Fielding offered, its a final compromise, to
use his personal endeavors to secure
an addition lo lhe grain for Hritish
Columbia, which bad been placed In
tin eul and dried" schedule of the
other Libera] premiers. That these
others went to Ottawa with a cut and
dried scheme is umulier evidence of
llss' laet thai the East understands
very well bow the wheels iu the ma-
chine as'' supposed to go round. Tlie
conference with them was a merely
perfunctory affair to give the scui-
blanoe of provincial consent to arrangements prepared blghei up iu tbe
seals of llie mighty.
That the West broke away from
Ihese traditions Is to lie wholly credited to tlie premier, backed as he was
by botli sides uf tho house and car-
Ding away with hlm, as lie did, the
oonfidenoe thai tlie people of Brltlah
Columbia would endorse the Btrongeal
action lis' mlghl lake m securing simple justice for the province,
We may therefore Issuk for a uni-
versa! and general endorsement or the
action ssf ihe premier throughout the
im.sins'- ami  those who criticise bis
'' lucl unfavorably may lie good par-
titan isssiiiii'isin.s hm they win be written   dossil   liy   llir   p..,,,,I,.   _,   |���.im.   (||,;
loyal, rm' partisan purposes, to the
best Interests of British Colombia
Tin' Toronto News, n paper which
has never lotfl its reputation ror independence and which Is remarkably fair
in lis diseiisslon of all political Issues
arising in Canada has its say upon the
mission of Premier McHrlde In Pre-
Muting the cluinis of Hritish Columbia
ul the inter-provincial conference, He-
moved as tbe News Is from the arena
it partizan conflict and withoul being
in a position to breathe the atmosphere
of tho Wesl its words should tell with
the thoughtful student of the affairs
with which the provincial premiers
dealt.   It says:
"The vagueness with which the Ontario case was put may be compared
witli tbe course pursued by Mr. McHrlde. His province Ib hard up and
does really need the Increase. We must
confess to being much impressed by bis
presentation of the difficulty antl expense of administrating that "Bea of
mountains" with Ha thread of population sifting here aud there through tlie
\alleys, each sparss'ly inhabited valley
meaning enormously eostly roads to link
it witli civilization, and the setting up of
llie machinery ot government. Mr.
McBride really wanted the money; he
knew exactly whin he did want; iio
came prepared with definite und detailed arguments; and lie submitted u
definite proposal. This proposal has,
in our judgment, Improperly been
Blyied an arbitration; us he expressed
it, it was rather au investigation of tho
facts by a competent commission; the
finding uf tluil body might be left to
work its effect upon the governments
oenoerned. Having a elear-eut case,
Mr. MoBrlde muck io it with a tenacity
whicli must increase the interesi which
his fellow-Canadians will lake in him.
Viewed from tlie strictly poiiiieal
Standpoint, his course, ut first sigiil at
ull events, seems clever. Hrltlali Columbia win g.i anyway the Increase
grained to the other provinces. Per-
hups she wil] get tin- additional temporary graut of (100,000 which has
been recommended! U the Federal government refllBOB this it will expose
itself to the imputation of trying to
punish tlie; province for the premier's
contumacy, Meanwhile Mr. McBride
is free to urge his extreme claims, fortified by an express declaration from
all the other provinces tha't British
Columbia's conditions merit exceptional treatment. He has his money und
iiis grievance; could an Irishman be
One aspect of the matter is gratifying. Apprehension was felt that the
Dominion would use the demand tor
money us a lever for an inroad upon
provincial rights. It is probable that
some disjiosiiion to do so existed; but
tlie provinces showed no inclination to
submit, und the only concessions which
they made related to the commercial
travellers' 'tax���confessedly an abuse���
and certain aspects of the taxation of
corpo.alt.ioi|s. This represents a danger escaped. We are by no means
sure, however, of lbe wisdom of the
annual assembly of this conference.
It opens the way for possible developments quite undreamed of In our present constitution; and it may In the
future lend itself to strange uianisfes-
tations, The best safeguard to provincial rights probably will be for provincial ministers to stick to their own
provincial capitalists. "
The king's printer at Victoria has
issued, under authority of the legislative assembly, bulletin No. 10 in a
fifth and new addition. The Information contained is revised and brought
thoroughly up-to-date and the booklet
is one of the handiest and most complete that has yet been issued. Not
only does it contain valuable information of the resources of the province
but It has minute directions ub to how-
to reach each point. The cuts aud illustrations are very fine, comprising
every industry of the province, One
full page page illustration shows au
arrangement of Kootenay strawberries
which In themselves are sufficient advertisement of the fruit-growing possibilities of this district. The distribution of the bulletin will be the best
kind of advertising Hritish Columbia
can obtain. Send to lbe department at
Victoria, obtain copit-B and mail them
to your friends who are prospective
Anxiety in Wall Street Over Prospect
of Stringent Measures.
New York, Oet. 87.���Financial circles in this city are very much Interested in that portion of President
Roosevelt's forthcoming message to
congress which is expected to deal
with the subject of taxation of Income,
Inheritances, etc., aud the general
question of control of wealth amassed
from public privileges. Wall sliest
fears that the temper of the country.
Supposed to be responsive to tlie unti-
capitalistic appeals of Hryan, La Fol-
lette, Moran and others, may encourage the president to draw it pretty
Strong in his suggestions for taxation
oi wealth.
In iiis public utterances untl writings for nearly a pear past Mr. Itosssi-
veil has approached the Question tentatively. In 1i1b Pennsylvania speech
a shun time ago he elaborated somewhat bis vis'ivs. untl it Is suid by those
who have talked with him recently thai
in' win be isisjsssieii tss address congress still more definitely, Be may
imi Iny down the uctual lines or proposed legislation, but II Is quite generally believed tba; he will arouse the
country ami set the senators antl representatives to thinking and tulking.
Legislation upon these questions must
conform to past decision! of the supreme court, in substance aud spirit,
iinloBs, indeed, the reorganized court
mny be thought dependable to give
broader interpretation, The president
is authority ror the statement that the
court hus been wrong In some instances In the past, and It lii.y be thai
the rilling or one present und another
prospective vacancy by his appointment, may alter the opinion of thut
augusi body.
Since the president's signal success
Willi railway rate legislation, Wall
street will noi believe anything too
hard for hlm to accomplish. Consc-
qusstly there is a great deal of anxiety lo know just how rar be will go
In Iiis recommendations to the approaching sesBlou.
sixtj-duvH after date I purpose wet lag application to tin* Hou. Chief Ciomiiiiaslonei oi Lands
and Worki for permission tc purchase the following described lands; Commencing nt tin*
northwest corner of V. Dnd.i-. application u>
purchase, murk i.i "O.Jt.H'fl N, K. corner," run-
niitg tbence mi chains south, thenoe k�� chains
went, thenoe hu chains oorth, thence80 chains
fUMi to tin* polnl of commencement, containing
r<ii) acres, more or less.
Dated the Mth day of October, iitoc.
J.t'r J   Siiii.!.:.. ,.���_������ in
Kixtj- days aftei date I purpose making application tothe Hou Chief Commissioner of Lands
und works inr i-vrniisHiuti to purchase thc [ollowlng described iunds: Onmmen__ng ut the
iini-tlit-iif-i corner of C. I. Hannlngtan'i application lo purchase, marked "H. A. C _ 8. E. corner,"
tuiiniiiK thence BOcbalns north, thence HO chains
west, lbence Bo cbalni south, thenoo 80 chalm
ciiMt to |ioiiii of t menoement, oontainlng MQ
aorei, mon* or less.
Datod tbe luth dny of Ootober, ISM.
K A. riiKi-t;,
j'i'i' ,1  Smikix.   .i*i*iii.
Sixty days after dato J purpose making application io tin* lion. Chief Commissioner ol Land*
unit Work*, for permlaalon to purehase ilie following described lands: Commenolng m the
northwest oorner of V. Dodd'i npplloatlon to
purobase, marked "M K*i B. w. corner/'runnlng
tbenoe 80 chains north; tbenoe no chains, more
or less, to the west shore of Whatshan lake, following sunn* no chains southutlienoe Bu chains,
more or ii-ss, easl to the pomnif comment emeu t,
contHiiiioK tiio aces, mon* or U'.-s.
Dated tin* i-hh day of October, idCfl.
M. Faiuuikii,
 per J. shikll. ak**m
Blxty days after dato I purpose making application to the Hon. chief Commissioner of Lunds
and Works for pernulsiot) to purobase tin' fol-
lowing described lands; Commencing hi s
post placed al the uortbwesl corner oi "K.
a. Crease1! application to purchase, nmrkii
������K.K'h .-*. B.corner," running tbenoe �����" chains
north, thence BO ehniim west, thenoe 80 obalns
Bouth, theuce80 chains cost to poim of oommen-
cement-, oontainlng r*tu acres, more or lest*.
Dated the 12th day of October, 1906
 per J. Sim:*.i.. Agent.
Blxty days after dateJ purpose making application to tin* Hon. tin- Chief Commissioner oi
Lands ainl Works for permission to purchase tbe
following described lands:   Commencing al u
posl placed at tlie eoothcU'St eoriier of M. K.Gren-
fell's implication to purchase, marked "D.D-i,
S. W. Corner." ruimint,' thence Mi chains north;
to T L.0888; tbenco nj chains east; thence Bo
ehatns BOUtb; ihenee BOcbalns west, to polnl oi
oommencement, containing 640 acres, inon* or
Hated the l-.th day of October, 1906-
H Dodp
 Per J. Bhleil, Agent.
Blxty days after date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. rhief Commissioner of Lands
und Works for permission to purchase the Following described lands:  Commencing in u poal
nluced nhoul half a mile west of tlu* lower end of
IWuttshuii  lake, marked "V. D'a. N. VV .comer,"
running thanee su ehalni* non th: thenco W chains
east; thence80 ehalns north; tbenee so eimina
west to poim of commencement, oontalnittg 640
ai*r>-s. more or leaa
Dated the l_tb day of October. V.W.
 Per J. SHiKU, Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 purpose .nuking application to the Hon ChJe/Commissioner oi Lands
and Works lor permission to purobase tbe following desoribed lands:   rom mt'net ok ut tbe
n-irtlinest eorner of K. A Crearse's ttpiilii'Hljon to
purehaae,   marked   ������\\. Q. <;_. H   W   corner,"
running thenee ho obaina uorth;  thonoe tut
ehain*. eii*-t; thenee HO ehalna  souih;   ihenee SO
chains weat to poini of commenoement, oontainlng 640 acre*., more Or len.
Duted tho 12th dav of October, lit. ii.
W. Q.OiUlTT,
( fer J. Buiell. Agent-
Blxty days ufter date I intend to apply to tbe
Honorable Llie Chief Commissioner of Luhds aud
Works. Victoria, to puohaie 100 aerea of land.
located on (lie west aide of Arrow lukc. adj-.iitln-*-
Lot Lllh and desoribed as follows) Comnieneinir
at a put planted on tne weal boundary of Lot
6818, about 20 chaini. nnrlh ofthefi U. corner of
said lot, tlience wus I 30 Chains, theuce south 60
chain**;,   thence   easl   30 chains  to  the  westeru
boundary ol pre-emption No. 878, thenee north
f>ii eJniiii-i to place of tieginnlnf,'.
Looated Oct, SB, i!x��. M. K. Waiipv,
It  J, Km hut.  \k, hi,
Notiee I*-herebyKiven that sixtvdavsHfier dnle
1 Intend to applv to the Hon. Chief Commluloner
of Lands and Works forpermisslon to purchaao
tbe foiion ing described lands in tbe w est
Kootetmv district! Beginning m a posl marked
"J. B. Bjnrineo's B. w. eoriier," ��ud planted about
one-half mile eaal of tin* shore of Wlmishan
Coriboo) inke and about J mile* north of the
narrows of the said lake, utid ai iheS.E corner
of] Arthur Warren's application to pnrchase;
tbenoe oast -so chnins; tnence north w) chain*;
thence west 8(1 chains to tbe norllieast corner of
Arthur Wurren'supnllcaiion to purohaae] tbenoe
south 80 chains to poini of enmmeucement, containing W0 acres, more or less.
Oct lath, 1806. J. S, BiMUtto,
 t'l- HaMMOMi. A(-eu[.
Notiee is hereby given that W davc afterdate 1
intend toapply to the Bonorable the Chief Commissioner oTXands and Works for permission to
purchase Un* followiiiK described lands in the
Wesl Koolenay disiriei; HcKlnniiiK ut u p,mt
marked "Alexander l-raser's N. W. corner," and
planted on the eust ibore of the narrows ol
whataban (Cariboo) lake, at the B. ��, corner of
Bombard Hirseh _ application to purchasei
thence east 40 ohalna; tbence south 80 chains;
tio nee west 4u eliains, more or less, to the fchore
of the narrows; thenee following the said shore
in u northerly direction 80 chains, more or less
to the poini ol eommeneement. containing .ito
acres, more or less.
Oet. 13th, WOO. ALS.U_.nm FB-tSBH,
by p. l. HaimoHP, Agent.
Noiiee ta herein* given lliui Oh rims alter date I
intern! loapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lumls uud Works, Victoria,to pW*
ctbase so acres of land, situate about one mile
east  of  Hnrton   Citv  on the east  Bide of  Arrow*
lake, ami described as follows: Com nclug at t
post planted at the northeaal oorner of Lot MM,
tlience norlh  JO Chains,  thenee  west JO chnins,
lbence south 2n chains, them-e easl .u chains to
plaoe of iM-giniuiig
] Angnst v th.lOO-     J. R. Hctto.
Notice Is hereby tfjvcu ; tint Wldavs afterdate I
intend toappiy to the Honorable the Chief commissioner of Lamls and Works to purchase the
following desoribed lands,Biai aeres, in,ire or less;
commencing al �� posi planted on the wesi bunt;
of Upper Arrow 1 ike ai a point uboui 7 miles he-
low Nakusp,and murked fl, A. M. IL, n B. �� orner
posl; thenee no ihains west; thenco 40 chains
south; Lbence ��o cbalni eust, more or less to lake
Shore; Ihenee iilonK  bike shore  u>  polnl "i le
Dated thlsflth dav of SoOt..l8W,  0. A.B.H��i_l
Notice is hereby given thai 00 day* after date I
Ifitead to ftpnly to the Hon Chief Commiaslonei
ni ..am ���- und ftprks for permission to purchase
he following descri I landi iltuated in the
West kool.nav district! BeslUttlng ul a no.-
murked "Herbert Warmr- n.i, oo'Uer''j_n_
Wanted on the w ��t shoreof w hatshan [Cariboo]
lake, aboul one --Hurler lull.' m-rth ,,* n,e non them end of the lake; tbence weti tn chains; thenee
souii* au ehains; tbonce eaal U chains, mon* nr
less in Whataban creek; thence foii-minc
north along the creok and lake shore BD ��� hains,
moreor less, lo poim ni oommenoomeut, containing Mo aores, more "i lesi
Hated thisatb day Of October, LOOO,
HiRuma W'AnBnf,
  F. L Ha.vmqni., Agent,
Notice is hereby given that BO davs after data I
intend toapph to tne lion. Chief Commlssloni-r
of Lends and Worki for permlaslon tonorohaas
[ho trowing desor I .audi lUtmt.d'"!, Z
Weet Koolenay disiriei; BeKliiuinK at a post
marked "O. D. MacMifkiiiK'a ft, W. corner " un��l
planted on the west shoreof whuishan (Carihooi
lake, uboui three mil rs norlh of (he fiuicr N��r
rows ol tlie said Inke ami onimslte ihe isliiml in
the Mid hike; Ihenee south WI chains; (hence
east  ill chains,  moreor less, lo the bike shore*
thence followiiiK the suid shore in a northerly
and westerly direction i_n obalns, more or lesi
to poini of commencement, --oiMulijiiii; ;L**Oaerci.'
more or less.
Oet. 13. 1W��. O. D, ILkO&UGRlKO
Bv_J_: '* "AMM'tNb. AkciiI.
KotioO is hereby given Hihiboouvs *fiejdme i
'     "l>l�� to w_e Hon. Chief Commiasioner
rjjennisslob to purchase
intend lo apply lo Ibe 11
Oi Landl and Works for
-d lumls ,
aletl in the
weal Kooienav District;   Beginning ai a poat
murked, "Antoinette Uln-h's N. JJ. corner,'* and
planted on  the shore of Whalshan (Cariboo]
lukeal the southeast eorner of Ihe said lake;
ihencesoulb 10 ehains; thenee wesi in chains
moreor less, to Die shore of Whatshan creek:
thence following thc shore line Ol said ereek and
take iu a general northerly and easterly direction mo chains, more or less, to poini of com-
mi'lice nt; containing  IIH) acres, more  or  less
Oct, httli, loon,
���     _   . ANTOINKTTK HllWCll,
hy i. L. hammukij, Agent*
Notice Is Iuti i ������- ^ i i.n that OOda/i afterdate I
Intend 10 make upplieation to the Uonorahle the
Chief Commi-noner of Lauds and Work*- foi per*
mission to purchase the following described
lauds; Commeneing at a nasi placed adjoiiniiM
the southwesi eorner posi of Loon patsuui -\r
plication tn I'iirchaae, niunfun Ha ebalus north,
thonce 10chain aesli ihence mi rhalni wuth:
tbonce 40 chain* oast, to point of commence
ment, contalnlni!  .K) aeres more or less,
Hule.l Oclobci IH, 1008.
Urns U im n:
My In- Hgi III   1 BNB8T- W. UoKi.v-.'N
Nnti.e is hiireby given thai 00 dai'sattei dati i
iniend to uppl\ to ;in Hon. the Cltlol i ommli
Blouer of Lumi- mui Works for permission io |>ui
chase the loUowing deserlbed lands in Wesl
Kootenay dlstricl: Beginning at u post marked
"Otto  llirseh's N   W   ihiiiit" and   planted on
the wesl shore of Walshan fCunhooj lake, about
one-fourth tnlle west ofthe narrows of Whatshan
lake; ihcnce SOUth 80 ChalUSj ilicliei easl I"
chains more or less tc, the ihore ol the Narrows;
theuee following ihe said shore m " general
northerly mid westcrh direction W0 chnin- more
or less, i" the polnl of commencement, containing :.'���> ji'ii" inon -si lesi
J >ii!cd 11,1*- si |, ,iti\ if Oct., ''���"'���
Otto Uiasi h,
I*'   I     :iAMM0KP,   tgCllI
Noi ice i- herebj given that slaty days afterdate
I Intend to apply to tlie Hon. Chief Commiaslonei
of Lu nds uml Uorl.- :������! permission to purciiusc
the toil,-Mini; deserlhed landi In Wesi Rootenay
district; Beginning ata posl marked "t K
Alden'i - fl corner," and planted on the coal
shor,. oi P/batshan (Cariboo) lute, aboul one
mile nortii ol [he southern ond "( thc lake;
thence north 80 chains; thence ureal 40 Ohalus,
more or less, to the shore d! Whalshan hike;
thenoe following said ihoro in a general southerly and euslerly direction 100 chain*, more or
leas, to the point ol commencement, containing
DUO aeres, more or lesi,
I'aled tin*, sth dav ol del  , t'.Hfi.
I.   K   Aim:*.,
J*'   I.   (lAMlIOJ j-   Ag( iii
Notice i�� hereby given that sixty days after
dau* I intend touppu tn the n.>u chief i ommlaaioner ol Lund- ami Uorfcs for permission to pureliase the foiiowiuj: described lands in the West
Kooteuay district;    KcL'inniin; ��l m poSI murked
"Bertha Hlrscb'a N KT oorner," and planted on
the eaal shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, ai ihe
narrows of thc lake, and ubout one mile soutli ol
A mm lake trail; tbenco south 80 chains; lbence
wesi an ehnins more or leal tc, ihe shore of the
narrows; ibenee (ollowlng the suid shore in a
genera]  northerly uml easterly  direction i_u
chtlns more or leai to the polntof commencement, containing 040 aores more or less
Luted this8th day of Oot , l��W
I*'     I.    IIaMMi'M.,   \ L-i Tl*
Sixty duys iiftei date, I Marcreti .Mei'iiarrie,
intend to imply tothe iloiioruble the Chief Com-
mis-oner of Lmids uml Works. Victoria, B. C,
tc purchase llie folhm |nK daaorlbed lund, Cnii-
mencing at a posi marked M. .McQiuirrie, on the
bank  ol   Lower  Arrow   lake,  thenee  iu chatm
west; thenoe00chains north; tbenoe 40 ohaini
east; thenoe fio obalns south to plaee ot com
menoement-aald to contain 160 ueres more or
less. Covering ground held by 0, B. Anderson's
Pated tins nth dav of September, mm.
W^L, Pavnk. Agent
Sixty daya after date I purpose making application to the chief Commiasioner of Lands and
Works for permission tn pun-base the following
desoribed land:  Commencing al a post marked
*'K l"s B i; corner," and sltnate about one mile
from Silvt r Tip Point, on Whatshan hike, and
near Christie creek, running tbence ao chnins
UortbJ thenc- tJurttaiiiK weal; thenoe80 chains
south, [ollowlng the hike shore; thence 80 chains
east lothe point of commencement, eonlainiii(r
Wu aeres more, or leaa
Pated lhe llth day of August, 1!H��.
K l-'Arynsit,
��� 1 er Iv fi   KAl-yriKK, Aueut
Notiee In hereby given that W day* after dale
J intend toappiy to the llouorable thfl Chief
ComiulKKjnuer of Lands und Works for permission to purehase the followiiiK deaoribed lands;
Commencing ai a post planted on tbe northeast
corner of  i'ctei SleNaughton's appUcotlon to
purchase,   runnlUR   m chaini   west   hJ.iIik   the
northern boundary of same; thenee ni cbalni
norlh; thence ��n chains eaal; theme Ni chains
Bouth, along tile Wesl houndarv ol John Klliotl's
application io purehase, to poim of commencement, containing UO acres, more or less.
Dated Oct. lit, 1!M. Thomas smith,
Hy hii* agent. Ki;nkst W, Kohinmon.
Notiee is herthy given thut B0 days afler date I
Intend toapply to the iloiioruble thfl Chief Commissioner of Lands und Works, ai Vietoria, H c ,
for permlulon to purehase the following described lauds.   Minuted  in  the Weal Kootenav
district, south of forty Nlo-Mnek, oommenoini
st a posi marked -L. ll Choqnette'sN w. corner," thence m ehains cast, thence III t huins
south, thenei--to chains wwt, thenee -11) chalna
north to the t ommciicement post, containing IbO
aeref, more or less.
Nelson, H. O. Oct. 10th, ltfO,..
l. h, CHoqnvm,
      W, A. Jonks, Agent.
"Sixty days after dale 1 purpo__ m-ifclng i-jipliea-
tion to the Hon. Chief C'ommiwdone: of Lands
and Works for perm union to purehaae the follow
Jusl reoelved, u spli'mllil Block    of    staiuimd     Uneru    ami
Coven, Tea Cloths, etc,   An eleKuni   iMortmenl   foi in
N mas 111,'ss iiik
Wc are also showing a loi of Dew Fancy Tape anil Ki
Si's' siur nlio.v windows for some Qovoitjes
wnrk I
"bijou rtlirk
v.,.  Inn',,     i,,,.    ,.
trade, which we had made to our order by   the   hem
fancj  sss'iis in the Montreal convent    .Now is Hi
make Beleotioni.
WllOOl    1,1
tune I,,i ,!,��� 1(,
Non,*.* is h.T.io gin ii tbal Wdanattfli flat* l
Intend to appl] '������ tbi Honorabh Cbfef Commie
sioner of Undaand Work- for permlaalon to purchase tba followlna de-aeribod landi iftnated on
the eaal ilde ol Arro* lake Commenclogal h
poat marked A Macleod'i locatiou poat, Ibenoa
aouth f* rn ehalna, following W Toye'i eaatern
boundarj. thena eaai ilaty ohalni, to eaal imnk
oi iorihrti.il Creek; lhene_ n rth forty cbaina;
Ihenoe eaat eizty ohaini to point of oommenoement, i tmtalnlneiM) acreii noo. oi leai
Dated Beptember I, IBM       Alcxi Uaoi na
i'er N. Pi K] U  AgeDt,
tog deacrlbfd land: ('ommeio*inc ut H poat
placed al tin'Boothweetoornero! 8 w. Hauuiug-
ton's Hppiieatiou to purohaae, markad "L. M.R.
II 8 M K cornerpoBt," running thence 80 ohalni
tbenee Bo chaini aoutb] tbenoe 80 ebalni
ensi; thence ao chains north to point of commencement, containing 640 acre*, more or len,
Hated lhe 10th dny of Ocloher, IMS,
L. M. S. IUnmnoton,
wr K HHiKt.i.. Ageni.
pixy  days after date I purpose ninking  appli-
ealion to lhe Hun. Chief Cominissioiier of LuimIn
and Uorks ior permlaalon to purebaae tbfl fol
lowing oeacilbeo land:  Commencing at a poal
placed on thfl north boundary of lot No H64 )it,'!
Jbout two chnins east at Whatshan creek, marked "M. g*i, ri. \v. oorner," running theuce .n
malnieaatl thence tu Obaina north; thence 40
chains west; thence til chaius aouth, to point of
commenoement, oontainlng lfi_ acres more or
Pated the pith day of October, iButi.
M. HHIKI.1.,
Lerjt. hitiKi.i., Agent.
Notice is herehy given that -Mix tydaw after date
1 Intend ta apply to the lion, chief Uomxalulon
end Lands und Works for permission to purchase the following deeerlbed landa, 100 aerea.
twmmenolng til a poll murked John Toye, planted on the eul shore of Lower Arrow lake, ahout
one mile north of Sunshine creek, theuce fortv
chains east,  tliciicu  forty ehtiilis south, thenei-
lorty chaini weat, thenee forty ehnin�� north
along lok. ibore to pomi of commencement
iMied ihis istfa duy of Beptember, i mm;.
Joan Tuva,
 IlAhllY GlHhitN, Agent.
Noiiee is hereby given that fio dayi alter dato"l
intend to apniv lo the Honorable ine Chief Com*
inissioiier of Lands and Worka for iiermiaslou
'���H/r.-ini-. .he folh^ngdMcribedland.altuatfl
in Fire Valley. In the Weet Kooteua) dlatrlct a.|
joiuiiiK W. a Calder*! pre emption, atartlog al a
j.osi marked M. McQuarrio'i wuth woat cornor
running an chains cast, thonofl tu ehulns north,
thence Wi ehains weil   llienee IU ehnins south In
poim uf commencement,
Haled this nih duy of September, 1900. -
.M-uiv Mit/i AitftiK,
.1   K   fi.vi.oi.. Agent.
���-IM'  iIhis lift..i .hit,- | purpose   rmih inn  ni,ii||
"^ono.tnoium.f  bommiiBlouero. Undi
ami VorkifoMwrm-Ulon to purohau tbo fol
lowing ueacrloed land:  Commencing ut i post
plac-jdiit the uorih easl rorner of H. c  Milliner's
application to pnrehaae, marked "H. D'i n \v
ocrner poit,   tbenee following tin- eail bound-
'.v,,t same ��;. clmins s-mih. il,,.,,,*,.  i ung BO
thmu- ru-t; themr h< ehnins   north;   Ihenee HI
cholui wesi lo polul ol oommeneement. eofttaln-
Iiil' I.4H acre- more or lesi.
Hated lhe llith day of Ocloher, 1'Hlfi.
H  D0DD,
_,    I'er H. Siiiku. Agent.
fin days ufter .lule I iniend lo apply to thfl Holi-
oruhle   the  < hief  CommiBBionu of   Lands and
worka, Victoria,B C,to purchase is-iii ttarei ol
Iam! situate weat of Arrow lake on the weal side
01 Wbatohan oreeli nml joining the north boundary of H. .1,  Annahie upplh-Htloli   to  pUfebUfl
Oommenelng at a port marked ft. J. k. h. e corner and running wes* 80 ehiiins; thenee north HO
obaina; thenoe eait BO chalna] thenee south to
poini of eommencemenl.
Heptemlier '2nd IIKKJ. It. J. Ki.i.iot.
Notice is herehy given thnt (Hi days after dale, I
iniend io apt, v to the Hon. Chiof Commissioner
pi I'limlsaii'l Works for ncmiiasion to purohaae
the following deserlhed lands in (he Wesi Koot-
enay Jiistrlet: Beginning at a poat murked "W
.-    aividgOl S   \\    comer," anil  planted  nhoul
ouequartor mile weal of tba weat ibon of what-
man [Oariboo) lake, aud about-one and one
uuHrleruille.s north of lhe southern end of the
lake; thence north HU chains; thenee ens! .(>
ehains more or less io tlte Hhore of the Whatshan
lake; ihenee following snid whore in a general
soulhcriy mid westerly direction imieliaioa more
or Jess lo a polnl on the shore due cast ofthe
post of eommeneement; theme welt 20 ohalni
more or less to the point of eommeneement, containing ;ilii aerea moreor leas.
I'nled this Hth duy of Oct., HKIfl
F. I. IUhmonp, Agent,
Notlo la herehy glren that 00 dayi alter date I
intend to applj to 'hi Honvrable the Cblel Com-
miaaionerol landiand Worki for permlulon to
purebaae the following deserlhed Innds, situated
.in tba eaal tide of Arrow lake: ��� cmmenclng at
the northeaat corner ol A Anthony i purchase,
thenofl north forty chalna, tbence weal forty
chaini) thenoe wutfa fortj ohalni, tbeno* aaai
forty chains to poini oi oommenoamattt, con-i
talnins 180 acrei, more or leu.
DatM Bflptembei 1,190B Jajuci t. KoOLioo,
perM, DflMtaa, Agent,
Notiee li herebj given thai ilxtj daya aftei
date I intend to applv tothe Hon.' blef ��� ommli
ilonei ol Landi and ""rks foi permlaalon to
purehaae the lollowlng deicrlbed tan i1
Wi ii Kootenay Dlitrlet: Commencing ut no Initial port pUiiie'i at the loutbeaii ier ol Me-
Coy'i pre-emption, thence DOrhalna-weattoeaal
i��Miii.ittr\ of Lol 0109: ihenci following laid
isoindarv aouth tOfoutbeaal comer of laid lot!
thenee  ll) chains wesl,   thence   *������ > liliiti- vmii h ;
thenoe W chalm bbiIj tbence 20 cbalni north to
Montliwehi eorner of Lol ����_; thenco following
��,.-[ boundary ..f Lol KSi tu li itlol poir
Be] i*niin i .-I, luwi. ii. d, Woire,
per KaNKsi w. Bobiwor.
Nmiec i* hereby given thai BO days afterdate, I
Intend io apply to the Bon. Chlel < ommioilonar
of l.e.iMls and Worka for permiaalon to purcban
the following deacrlbed landa. dtuoti oo tbfl
Bail thore ol Lower Lake, aboul one and one
hall mile BpUtfa of Kdgewood. B. C nie! ad
joining J, T. Beaitie'i aj.plication lo purehaae
and commencing ui u port marked Honai-i wu
Hiu'aBoulfa Wert corner, thenre running North
ll��t��  chnins, thenee  Lusl  forty   chalPI,   theOPfl
south, ilxty chains ihcnce Wert forty chaini to
plnee of oommenoement. aid oontainlng M0
acres more or left,
iK-NAI.Ii  Wiijion.
tf. it Mtvc-utBix, Agent
Hated tbifl 36th day of September. i-SOfl
Notice is hareby ginn that two mnntbi after
dale I  inieml to apply  to llo* Honorable Chief
('ommiw-ioiiir of Jjimis and Worki for permia-
rttm to purehaae MO aero* ol land, deaorlbed aa
follows: commencing si a  poal   plumed  ut  the
���ooihweil nf i-. t Horrlion'i rom-ii in nil
Valley. Wert Kootenaj' .ii*trt i. marked "J n
Monro's northcasl cornerpoet"; ih, m-canehulns
weatj thenoe BO cbalni wuth: tbence tv cbalni
eust; thence sn chnins north to thc place of commencement
Hated Jith day of September, inr,
J. it. Kmnog,
W. A. C__i_p__E, Agfiil.
Notice Ih herehy given iiitu oo daya after date 1
iniend lo apply to the Hon. chid Commiaalonai
of Lands and Works lor permission to purcbaie
the loiiowing desenhed  lauds, situm,   u, \\,.t
Kootenay dlatrlct; Beginning at anon marked
"Arthur ���Warren's B w. oorner," ami planted on
the caul shon-of Whntsh.ui (CarilHM,) \ni, about
two utiles north of ide narrows of Wi-nishen
lake, ami al theB K corner of W Becombe'aap-
plleatioii to purebaae; theme eeei u> chalna;
tnence nortb 80 ebaltui thence weal W cbainu
thence south w ohaini to polnl of commencement; containing ano aem mor,* or ie��s
neut; Containing ano acres m
Hated this Bth duy of Ocl  If
I. L IIanmonii. Agent.
���Sixty days after date I inteml to apnlv to the
Commisaloner of Unds uud Worki, Victoria to
pun has, IBOacrei ol laud, rttuau- me] deacrlbed
aa mil owe: i meueiug ata post planted .1 *
went aide of Arrow Inke opposite Cariboo C||y. at
or DflU  the southwest corner of B. Hai-*   pur-
chase, mid marked "G M. a., s E.oorner?* and
running north 40 ohalni. thenee weat 40 obajni
U. H. Amiable - pun hnse, thenee south I" chalitft
moreor le*s to ihe IflkfllbOn, thence nlong the
Iftkeehore to place of beginning, "
Auguil _ftth. IMM. 0. M. AJWA.BU.
Notiee is horflby given that sixty days aller
date I luieioi lo applv to thfl Honorable tl e
(hief < ommtssli.tur of   Umls  and   W,,rks   for
permlirton to purehaae the following deicrlbed
lumls iu the Weil Kootenay dlatrlet: Beglnnlna
at n port marked "JameflG Prmaer'iNJ^coraer^
fr*>? "I"'* , "" !'"' <',i't, h,,"re oi Wheiahan
Jj aribooj inke, about one-half mile norih of
Chrfsiie ereek: thenee south 4(1 chains, mon or
less, to thfl north boundary of w Becombe'i an
I! no'i'l"1 'i;i,l'r,,,""",: Utflnflflimatalong theaaffi
oiimlary 40 ehnins, more .,r less, to the shore .,(
the Ink.*; ihcnce following thfl sab! ihore in I
generul   iiorilifrly   and  easterly   direction   Hii
'���Hi ns more or leas, to point of oouunencemant,
eoniuintng illo acres, m,,re (,r leas.
Oct 18th. imm. JAimG-ftu-tt,
r, I. Hammovo, Agent.
Notice Ik hereby given that ality dayi after
the da el intend to nn,,!, U) tbe Hon   the Chief
Commissioner of Landsand   Works  for  oeruiis
ilon to purohaae the following dcHerihe-i ihm'.i
Ib the #eet KontenaydUtrtet? %$ ' "JR
post tnirked -e. h, Kell'i N.K  Mro8i_"an_l
P anted on the shore of Wbnlshun (c���riiK((ij |^ "
al ihe uortbwesl corner of Mid lake; ihence Bo
emus weht: thence in chains south ;  ihciec 40
en. ns cast: tbenco40cbait��aoutbi'uwhm��S
��i ehalna, more or leas |��� the --hore ���f the ���������,*
bike; henoB northern along the suid ink,. tSSrt
aOehmtih, moreor leis, to i|,h point of com men
cement, containing i�� acroa, more oi eu
I'ated (let. 13, IMS, K  Jt  Krir
        V- L  IIam/oMi, Agent
Notiee is beret.y given thu! (to dnv- niter ,|uie I
il.tei.il loapi.lv i.,th, lion  Chief i ,���iJ      ,
of Landi ind Works tor pormlaion to purehaae
he following dworll andi iltuato. in th_
Wert Kootenay dfatriot:   lie inning al anl
mnrkcl "WlOUai fvfill'l N W c',f���e ���" '"J
phinieil abom  one mile south of the .mnl,    ,. i
S2hlBa��a^__f!_H 'T
asurssa il Wffiittio._.o._l
S'lllUll..     1111.11'     ���l      1,-NN,     I,,     ||u.   .!,���!   I,,,,.   .'      .    '
<*������������������������ ls.srll..'il)'���l������h- ll,.' ,��"|" ,���.��� ,.,',';���
isiiirs'  su   liss^. I,, ||M. Nn���| hNlllh   i������,���rt���i,   ' ;
.11 shniii., iiiisr,. sir Is-m i��� ||���. , ���*,, ,���'','���'
inim, I'lssiliiliilnu Hiss,,i'i,.,, in ��� .,���,""""""'
"'"" ""' "* V K   1     I " 'L':'"' ��'�����������
__^       ,f.i r. I. lUMWiiMs, Akciu.
Nisllisis ii, lu'ri'iiy Kiviii n,ut no -.,. lStu d ta.
Illli'issl to H|,|> y Is, ii,,. II,,n   ,]���   <i,i    ,��� .
...iss,���. tha Adiowui .i.'.,iii,,'i i,,,","',",''r:
Ksioli'iiuy sIlMlrli'l, pi,,vim.,. ,,f Brltlih , , i���, i
iiiiiiiiin'iii'iiiK ui b isssssi marked ���� uss,,, ,-V ],,'"'
lou'i northwui ooraoi Sit" 1,,,,, ' ,"K'
iiiiiiiii'.i ssi ni.- ss.sssiiiws'M ,.;,,���;    !.���'."'"'*
}lllii*r��l I'll. *' nml   ���  ���       7,    . .   ', """'",
Mi'i'iiiiir, ,ss',-isni|,ii���ii ii ,. ���.."" ,, """ ��"'��� "I
"insi,,. ni,:,,,, ���iI,,' |_,'", ,���",*".;, "j;;;.'' ffl
IsllllllH, ll.SSlll'l'  llnrlll  IW.'lllv  | "111 ,|   ,|���.   ,V     'U'
wut forty (,u) .hauuoon,', ��� ', "A""' U'1'""';
isoinisioiustsmisiit. " ' w "1L l,lAt;t "I
llultiil l��t rttty ol Allium, IliOfi.
   Bylll����ll'-s,i.l  |c. T��yl���r.     '
KlxtyslHvs, sifter ihilo I l>iin���,M'i,ii,ki���..',,���,i
��s,rks. lor |���'NiiIkiIi���i t, ,,.1,,,.   ' '*��'i'l" mui
-Uqrlbo. land:   I ml .Ins, ���i ���      '""""H'l-
' I l"���� w. noma, RadjU._S,V_'_'.,,8**l''*ilJl
��ry of 0. Pietoe'i apiUJijauS .,, ��� ,",'l""""*-
I'lssi! thenoe *l rliallw issirll,; i,.i ,':',*' ; n"-
���Mil tbence mi nisaiin, boiui,   ii,.  ,.S   '" "��
a-;l.l���',',^;!,,,,lr'l'l'..';"""""""���m,"l, -UMtSg
Sated the 11tt. day ol Antnit, Hon
_,,. .    ,,    ,.   . !    I'lKIUSK,
���J��**J_o_n-SVp5r��� _Vif���',S_
BlMlOMfoi undi .id K0tU '"
Is.  |'Sir,'l,��M.  ll,��� loll,,,,,,,,      '   *'l-i
.IBS" II, W','., K'SS'S.,,,,' it ,,"',* '"'I
a B MM oinrtHi ...i |,,,.,(| .', "'"'"!
islBins'.im the 1 w corne _iii!
mleenorthol tunon Un ���,��� ,l���,''
mils' ��,'��l���f i|���. Colunbl. river C t
wss'liBin.: ins'iii'i' at-Bt is  ,i���,���. '    . '
��=1 tlo'ii,'.',...,,., ei,,.,,,.',,, ,!' ",
lll,'lli,|||,-III., U||.I||K   SS,,,,, ,,,,     '    "" "���
H��lod Usl. Ulli day s.fh,',.,,.,,,,,.,.,^
 1V.IU,.,',, Btrt^
Kotloe s- bereby m,. ,,,���, ,��� ,,���,.
liili'inl Ui.ni'l)' te the II..,,.
miaal ml Landiand is,,-,, ...,,���., '' *
Isiin-baH' the lollOWln, doK-l i i������i'    ""
Irom a |ni.l inart.-.l W. I", ii,,nl,.,,��,,��_
.���'lllll   III   rnBlllh,   SllS'Ss',   ,,.       ���       .     .
north ��ochain., thena ��.-,.. .,H      ���= 1
oomrnoneemu,., oonialnin, ,,, ���',',. ,gW
Dated tliih_8th day uf Attfuat, IBM
N. pi a'l-j*. Ajtcnt
���"fiH I
Notloe is herehyKivcii thatili
i Intend to appl* to the lion i    ,   ,
erof Undi and Worki for permiiSS���
the/ollowlng deaeribed
nrtiiiL- a. ..
planted on the paal ibon ot Umoi ti
near i-iadstoiie Creek.  Uient. to -i.-m, '
il..-nee HO ehalna north, the-i-.- (������ .-liam> ��t_iia__i
i��k- ahore,  ihence iouth alonH !,k,'k|w9
point or eoinilieneeinenl ***
l��au*d thu Uth dfl) oi s pi, ... i-cr.iM,
( Aiimi.<-icTiiTi|
lUaav UitUHitt, Afeat,
Jtotlffl  U hereby frivin thnt BO 0_THtt_r _____!
Intend to npply to [ho Uonnrahl. theChk" ���
mlBflonar of Utndi and Worku       .-.
pu��h_H the .nib.* iiik deaeribed i.n.u ���
OU lhe east Itdfl (rf Arrow Ink'
lhe Mouth wert comer of A. An tbi dj i m
tbenee aonth twaatr ehalni, tbrnci ��� ��>: iw^tu J
chalna, ihenee north twentv ehalni, !i,i*n-.��-af
f-V-Ill)  I Itailll    to   J-Oillt of i*r.ll|!li, IMi-riielit M.1
11> lulu-* Ho M.T-*  imni.' or leaa. i
I'aled HpU-mber 1, UM        Bwn M tfttt
per N. I'i.mi i -   \,,.|,,
Nolle- ||   liereby riven   thnt   mtl   a.yi _,__
date i intend toeyptf tothe n ,.11, ���*���,, i^l
Com miaaionerol l_nidsntoi u nrkaforwrnM
to purohaae tbe (pUowlng dew rlbed i���iii> hi
ate in Hi- Jwaal Koot,nay dlatrlct, iRduflaj
I'atii Andre'i pre-emption iui , ��� ���
nmrked A.J.i^ina.N k eorner,m LbiwutH
of Lower Arrow inke, tbence ti r_ah��H
Ihcllle   40  chaitlH  Wlllih,   tii,*l,e, || ....
thanee to cliallis norlh to poini of eni'1-iifH.i
ment P
imie��i at Nrlann, II. ('., tills Hth .\k\ iifs.*w��|
bor, UM A.J.Um.
Wie. I'oi.uki-, Ajfiii
Notice i�� hereby man thai ilxtj djoi^H
int. I inlcnd to anply to tlie H-.i, .���.���,!.],��� hirCfci-jl
I oiumllrtoii.-rof Ullds nn! \\nrk- (nf |>>-mi-_��|l
lo pnrehaae theajSowlnf deacrib.        ���  m I
in West Kooteuny dlatrlcl ;Commi w nif-tltjail
l.lnnte.1  at   ttoheft  ' orlell'i  north t-an rontfl
poet nud luntktd a. Ms N. �� i orner thriai
BaataOfihatns; thflnoa torlmius iouth, mwiFl
liau lotbe. Kooteuay river; thence 4"-���haluse_j9
��� l.'iia ihe Koot-nay river; tbenee it" '-itfl
north, morf or less, to the plnee of -ommew-l
ment, oontalnlflf K _ acrea more or li-ai
Sept.inlr.-r Hill 1WK.
ANxir Hf��u,
Wilu** Itfooai at Aient   ;
Notice Is hereby given that CO (Inv* sltor_rt �� I
Intend   lo  npplv   to the Hon   th. I
���If mer fd Inn.Is nud I rks for j- -rn.i.-i. n tf I
imn-liHsSe   the   following   ..es. libe.f  Inlull 11 tt\\
Went Kootenav dlstricl:  Bealnnlni sl ��
murked (i   li. fh-ll mid k. Itell's r-  h  .���..rmrt��*a,|
about 8 miles eaat of thebaimoti rhi*r nudilad
U mile from ihe 1'ejul d'Oreille river; 0ira(rtn
eliains iir.rili: lheijee_o chain**  .-*  -   Dwbh
ehnins south ; theiiceiichniiis  ��� ..-*  ;������ vhrt-I
li-Kliinl  r.
Dntfld the Bfid dny of Sepl-mher. 11*16.
'���   I'.JUU
i: Ilia,
E. M. KEKVK-    tgui
BlXtj davs Hfterdale I jturpi.>,   n,*i".us appfl-1
enllon i��� ihe Honorable Hie 'hief ��� nmnilMq
of l.iuids nml Works lor jhtuhsmmii   ;������ \��������� ��� i>
the folbm Iiik ileM-rilied   Ikiii):    ( .iliiiiicn_lDf ill
a port marked "H. I"�� s. it, c-.rin-r. ���.iij.-iiwH
K   I >, u.,ii].t',. nppljeiitl.,11   fi,  pur. loi-.-. fiumm J
thrtii*. so ehalni norih; tbence ���*" ci.aiiw ttuM
Oienoe80Ohalni tooth) Ihenee W i limnii ����]
If" tbe  point of conimeiieem.m    m       IP| '*
acrea, moreor leai.
Imu-.i the lllh dayof Auiriisl  I ���--
Ii I'lMiX
I'er F. O. f_VQ\ ������! I,   _TMt
Notice is hereby Rlren that ikhIh^ a 1 Ier dat* 1
intend in applv to the Hon ('hie! i einmiwH'nrt
of l,nnd-and Works lor iktjui--i *   '������ I'un'ii*
the followiiiK d.MTih-d lands   sininteil m ���*���
���v.-oleuKi .li^trn t: Commem-inff nt " p'wim**"'; j
��� *.| "BKWh, H corner," plnnle.I on I in* shnre ��1
Lower Arrow lake, about on- mil. souih at J
tiordon creek (Johnrton creek,) He iiifiKirUll*
ohalna, tlience went 21) chains, n '" ��� ������*������'���*
cbalni, thanee east _ti ehalni t�� is.minlcmi-
menoement, coninnilnn IM acr-*- n."n* nrl* i
��nd cotnprlrtOK nliandoued pre em pi ton no*��� !
Htakcd UtlfMUl dny of Auui
it. it. woLvmffi
A, N, Woi.vkhio*-   U-'tn    _\
kliifl si'l'l" I
. ,n IjiimIi I
, , thf fa)
Notie. |i herebv (firOil that Mxl\ nay tmni*I��
I Intend toapplvtu tlie Hon I'hlcfi ���"
of Laml- nnd tt'urks lor pernilart"" '" \">'"ht*
the roUowlnsdoierlbed land   nti      - "'"I''!1.;
I'lnnled  ,.���  tlie Nortii W>sl  eoric r-I \ottV,4
'hence miniinc   twenty rhalni
twenty chalm Weat, thenre fori- ��� I ������ "***}* ���'
thenoe twentv oliulnsKosI, thenc ���    ���!,:��� it.'""
South lo polntof eommeneemeiii ami n,ll""n' ]
itiK Ml aeroi more or less.
ftOBKNiK Bl "'
w..i n ' -i*!
Itetod the ki day of October, mm
BUty  dnys  afterdate I purpos.
cailon tothe Hon chief imlm
nml Work! for permlulon  lo pn
lowinir denerlbc.l laud;   Canmie-ii   eifs1"!""
Pfnedatihflaontbwoit corner ui M -.e-iu��i; 1
pllnaitod W pnrehaae, marked    i   i ��� - '������'".
ner. ' runuing thence an chain* nortl - tbaiiwj
'hains wesl; Ibenee an obalm ��"'���      I1,,
fbatnaeaat&polntaJ a neucem'i" """'*���" .
itiK 820 acres more ,.t less
I'aled tbfl Itllh dny of October, IWti.
a |M-r K  rtlillU* ,#_ ]
Notice Is hereby alveu that an dnys ���*"��'']*I'J
intend   to  apply In tbe Honorable Hie <"" 1
toininiSHlonerof Undsand   Works   i  >  I"*"'"
rton to purehaae the follnwliia deseni-'l l*11"*'
in lbe West KootonaydlatrloL   li-r""1111" * S i
P'ist marked "Klcanor lll-scrT'sH   w   t'tiriier,
and planted ou the mnihonof lln   """"',
WbatahHii (t'ariboojlake.aliontoneiin i "'1,,|"lil
iiiil-sNoiithof Arrow lako trail! thete- Mt'"1"
'���I'Hins; thenoe east n. ohaini mor " '"'
chore ��,f m.  Narrows; lliunee Pdlo" "���'' I1"'���',
ahore in n ueiierul autitherlv and are-tcrlyflif^
Hon buebainn moreor loiltopoltil ( ���'���I|ll',in
ment, containing itm acres more or h--
I'ated Oct, (ith, IIHKl. ftjUN'iH H'"'"11*
/F.L, IUmmoni". U'"1'
Nt'il'eisheret.vKivonthatalxtj d�� i "���'JJ!
Mntondto applyfcthfl Hon ChieftiominWW
Ot ol Lands and Worka fprpennlwf'"i
;:hnsetiM* followiiiK described laud- n.
kooteuay district: Beflhitlng at a po-
"W.Seoomhe^B K corner," and planifl ��
'���ast shore of Whalahati (Cariboo) I'lke. ��'*"
two milea north of the narrows of ��haUj"J
Uke; tbenee north m ehnins; Iheii-' ��'*'"
chalm, mora or lesa, to the lakesh""   ln*���
f'-llowlUK  the *,iid  Hhore In a Keli - '���"��'"
and eaaterly dlrontlon l_fflnbatna,roor "-^
toe pniut (,f oommencementi eoiiin'i1''11*
aertia, more or less
DtM thll 8th dayof Od , IWfl.
W   Hi
. ill im.
K. I  JUttNU.lli, Afc'eNl TYPE  B.
Semi -ready type B i, the average normal
physique ol Canada.
It represents physical perfection-not too
tail���not too short���not too thin���not too fat
Every limb in proportion to the trunk of the
body, every bone normal and every muscle
properly, but, not abnormally developed
The height of this type varies from' 5*
-Ji" to5'-l I".
AH the parts of each suit are basted-all
the seams made with outlets-we guarantee
absolute satisfaction as to fit before you pay a
farthing. *^/
| Semi-ready Wardrobe, J. A. Gilker, Nelson, B. C.
afti ��� *int" I purpose mnkIni: ii|>pli'it
iimi i hii i bommlndoner <>i Unei
foi permlaalon to pnrehaae the follow-
: land:    Uommenolnit nt n imnt
i, northweal corner of ll  Uodd'sip-
i in haae, marked "ft m   H'aft W.
��� ������ ng thflnee BO obaina north;
>    n- eaat; theue,< ho ehalna aontli;
fin 11)3   well   |0  polnl   of  eoinni'-liee-
tti-iini* MOmfTee, more or lev.
mih day of October 1936.
I!  W. Hannim*ton,
���por II. Hmi'.u,. A_:ent.
i   date i hnrnoafl makina eppU*
Moil   the   I hief  r>>minir<--l'>Iier  of
��� rk- fur ponnlHion '����� purebaae bhe
��� ril,.*.|   lind:    ''..inmenciiii- nt  a.
: nf the Junction  of   Mhiii,--   nml
���k-  tt:.,] i--.it ���f  It. .1, HliOU'l  np
purehaae, marked "*W. n i����. h. w.
... doc 00cbalni north; litem*-*
. flu-iier h i ,'linilo suiilli;  theliee Nl
��������� |oint of commencementi oontaln-
,r. or lew
��� *t,iv of Ootober, mn.
w.n. fools,
I'er J. Hinail., AkciiI.
>*. eiven iimi 00dan after date!
ppllefttlOl] to tin* Honorable the
HK-i of I-nnd* nnd Worki fur Mf-
��� rn--.   the ioiiiivsiiiK duorlbed
*'., iieitiK at ii post pbi.ed nbout one
V- liul*.ii*.n  crook  nnd  aboOl   Ihn-n
ivi utabantake running H-u-batiia
-ji ������Inline  Wflat!  thence ho chains
*i eiiKiiis eaat, to (mint oi oum��
.iitaltllna nt" niTer-. more or less.
. liua.
Paraa m.Nai v-mui,
iiReni, Kus'Kkt w. n-nannan
-ebj given Hint 00 dan after dnie I
application 10 the floliornble Uie
ner of l.nri.i ami Worku for per-
it-.*   llie  followiiiK   denerllied
in lug nt ii poHt   on  lln*   north
"imi'i about3ohalna Baal of
-K running 40 ohalna aaati tbenoe
���h; thence .ui-linln*. we��l: tbenee IU
lo   jH.iiil  ol  comniellefinelit,  eon
- more or leaa.
������ ��� I_,_BO0-
1-KoX  WaTmoN,
��� uneni, Eknknt W. KolIINOON
nfler finte 1 purpose lUHklllK   appli
n chief Commlnloner <>f Lands
i-ermlMion to purehaae tb< ftU-
��� i land:  Commenelni m n poal
w yanli weal of tbfl nhntanan
���.lit  two   mile--   nolllh   of   Whm
ked ������B. C. K'aN  II corner  post."
���ji Bbalni  Minth,   thenee mi
��� iieeanclmim-i north; lbence m
point of coiiimeiicemelil: contain
ore oi una.
la) -.1 October,UOA.
li c. hkinmh.
I'er It. HlitKI.!., Ag-uiit.   _
"In given thai 001inw* after dnle
Ij l.-thellon,Chief Comml-Moncr
U'.Tkc for pernilxHlou to purclm*-*-.'
lenerlhed lands In Went Kootenay
lining at n poKt marked, "Bern-
-  li. corner," and planted on lhe
tinrrovvsof WhaLnhnu (Cariboo)  ,
n  nh Ko ehulns: thence   went   IU '
li -*. to  Ihe Ibon of  VYhHtnhnii
'���'Mowing  hii Id  Hhore  tn  a  general
eaaterifMllreatlon 130 ohalni more
tn of oommenoement: oontainlng
oi loaa.
daj of Oct. iMgi.
F. I.. HaMMiimi, AkciiI
Competition the Life of Trade.
Bttrifagton. Vi��� Oct. 27.���The Inland
Seaman., union, which has been in
competition wiih tbe regular tranaptjr-
iuilun companies on Uke Champlaln
during ilu past season, has met with
such success thai a fi por cent. dividend was declared and a new tog win
be added to its Qeet next yua*r. The
union wus organized because of alleged
exceeslTO ratea charged by tranapor-
Uilion QompanJei for towing canal
boate between New y(,rk and Canadian points, it ik composed <>r 876 captains, controlling 470 canal boats plying between ports in New York, Vor-
moni and Canada.
Only the oldest inhabitant can remember anything he wants io without
fear of contradiction.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Ga rden
���| {Iron Usui im.i��). mist si-i.' 1 \
"|.plt.-HLI..ii t�� Ih. Hnn.ir_.blF Uiv  i
Issuer of UitulKHi,,] Wssrkts lor pisr- I
!'"-'    Ills'   Isslls,ism.   il,.���-rli������|
, I'ssM   |S|HI11,-Sl.'
"I Pour Mo'N��ng���loD'. ���pplln
��� I"1I"vs1iiii llir Hat Iiiiiiu.liiry a
'"' ' '"IIH.   SSlllUHlll|tlK   MH  |���;r,.N,
. I'AW. Al-IIKKT Kl.l HIT,
"SS'lllKllMWTW. Its.islNwsN.
."���'���>' m.'.-ii ilini ilxtj ,i���v. ,,ii,.,
" sil'l'ly Is, Ilu   ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,'������.,
1    "i'l" nml Worki lor i.-niils.
"si' Inllnwlni ,l,'��,Tll,,.,l l,si���|I:
""' l��'-l I'Ib,', "I ssn ll���'ii���rt|,s,  K|
is'I1ms|.|,||s'���i|���,i I nh,,,!'.
um...    '.','"     *'���"��    ""'     lllTllHSIII
""   "', ' "'""l  WI  1-il.iln rlls:
1 iio. , its iiAHsionain. '"iiili. to
""���iiss'iil, oouU'nllll '���"�� nsr.ss,
'- rn..     ';',u!,'i"'.'." '" I'""'""-- "so
1 "I 'I 'I lulls' WM) nl llisrni'.
���, ",,'.'.' 'i1'1" '"''.''I'"' ll"' iss.sssil, ot
���,sis ,,,'is.' ,. " ''"""'f."rnimloK
"'        ',1,11   1    si"""" "' '''""""   l'��''1'
- i oi ll.���        ,'"' "'"' ' tt! "f
I,    ,  ," "  '��� raliaM! tl ���- m
'stli sIhv ni o'otobor, 1906,
Canada Drug & Book Cii's
....Cash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
The Daily Canadian
Christ's Warning  to Apostles���Effect on
the  Church���Holy    Days���Services
Announced for Tomorrow.
Tomorrow win bu the twentieth Bun-
day alter Trinity, and alBo the festival
or st, Simon anu su Jude.   Thursday
will be All Saints' day, preceded on
Wednesday by All Saint's eve, or All
Hallowe'en, ori^nally this fast, audi aw
by the (.union oi thu church precedes
a!)  holy dayti.
Tile gospel tor St. Simon's ami St.
Jttde's (lay Ib from St. John, a pari
of the later direct teaching of Christ
lu Mis apostles shortly before His as-
oension- especially JIIb warning them
of tbe hostility of the world: "If ye
were of the woild, the world would
love his own: but, because ye are not
of I in* world but 1 have chosen you
oul of the world, therefore, the world
hateth you."
From such teaching the early church
came to think of Itself as a small army
In an enemy's country, with no concern lor worldly prosperity or success.
Us mlBBiou was to win others from
such cares and to keep itself "unspotted from the world." Hence the other-
uotldliness Of the church, resulting,
in individuals, in reuuueiution aud asceticism.
With the revival of Greek learning
at. the end of the fifteenth century the
joy of life, breathed in all Greek art,
melted the austerity of the church,
and then began the opposition of Iwo
forces in Christendom, and an allempt-
ed reconciliation of Chi.stianity with
worldly interesi and activity. Its first
impulse came from a Pagan, and to
that extant, anti-Christian source. The
extreme, perhaps, of tlie attempt to
unite the church and the world may
be found in the demand of Socialists
lhat the church shall side with Labor
In its war against. CapiLal.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow In the churches of Nel
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; twentieth Sunday after Trinity; holy communion. 8 a. in.; morning prayer and
holy communion, 11 a. tu.: children's
service, l!:;t0 p. m.; evensong, 7::.0 p.
m.    Rev. F.  H. Graham, rector,
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary lm*
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: I-m-v mass, s a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. in.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m,; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev,
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. ni.: Sunday school, 2:30 p m. Rev, R. N.
Powell,  pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
MM: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
Ing Bervice, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
0 a. m.: holiness meeting, 11 a. in.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m : salvatiou
hm vi ing at 8 p. m.
Request   for    Information   as   to Conditions of Farming Around Nelson.
'������ Mon (&! Wwe "-ilkIds ��p|��l|.
irrtitd ffiS���11 .r?J__*r_hMe ihs foi-
'.rIu6d lands.'
!!!"'.'.''"fi f1.?. tHWi
"'���X llss'ii,.,. s_ ,',.,*' ,���K:,^ * 1 |l-- o.r-
'' iii'iisv m vim ! i]"'!!:-Hwnn'm
' i" poim i.i ii',.,*"'",," '"'��� ���*������ *"
l��'i J. Niiiki i  'ijtnl"''"
liniUB north to' the
-,- ; ��������� ���*hains"siitu% V''1''1' 51 $*****
*,.lir|l      lauDftomeut, oontainlng C.o
I'tTJ.Hmtu., Agout.
The following letter, addressed to
Mayor Gillett, has been handed to the
20,000 club:
"Dear Sir, Please so good to be to
seud all pamphlets on immigration at
Nelson and  surrounds.
If there are Belgians af Nelson will
yon give their names and address?
I hope that you will give full particulars  on  climate,  temperature, etc.
I am u farmer and Should come for
farming work (poultry raising, cattle
raising, fruit growing). What is the
ln'st branch for farmers with little
money (I have 1000 dollars). If you
have pamphlets in trench do you will
give their?
"Many thanks.
"Hublze Brabant
The  Information   requested   with   all
[available pamphlets Will he forwarded
liy  Secretary  Chadbourn.    It  would be
leteresting to  learn  by  what  channel
tire reporl of the riches of Nelson dis-
tafd   has   reached   Ihe   people  of   Bel
DsliverieK made daily throughout Nelson1
and its suburbs Phone 14_.
Potter & Gainings
Mrs. T. P. O'Connor, a London lady of
Wide Renown, Discusses thc
Sterner  Sex.
Id nn article on Men's Dress, Mrs.
Bessie O'Connor, wife of T. P. Q'Con-
nor, M. i\, says thnt some men are
vain enough to imagine thnt neither
men nor women pay any attention fo
the clothes of the man. There never
was a greater mistake than this. Sure
ly women, who are constantly studying the eut, Uie lines aud the fashion
of Iheir own clothes, necessarily observe lhe cut aud 'the fashion of men'fl
"It was rather the custom of man to
associate the Idea of a well-dressed
man with an empty fop," she forcibly
writes, "but Uio modem man has au
eye for beauty and appropriateness of
attire, combined with greal cleverness
In other directions."
The Seini-ready idea in men's dress
perniltB the w-onrer lo see a suit as it
will look when he wears It. He dons
It al  tlie Semi-ready Wnrdi-obe just ae
ii stands ready to finish up. Tailored
superbly, designed in a smart and cultured style, the fabrics are the best
from England's mills. The modern
man known thaL misfits and cheap
materials are not economical, for one's
success in both social and business life
depends upon good tailoring. There is
a Semi-ready tailoring shop in nearly
all the chief towns of Canada.
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant
ot Nelson, has secured Ihe agency for
the incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple nnd fancy Grocerios.
Butter, Kggs.
Onmp and Miners' Supplies.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or B"ll anything,
go to the Old Curiosily Shop. A new
Une of .Isijisiiis-ssi' (jsssssis now on Bale. All
kinds of Dinnerware ln stock. Pr t-
Thirty-second Annual Convention
American Bankers'
St. Loui-, Ho., Oct. 16-1 . 1906
Kouni] Irlp rrttfK to Ht. Louix
and GhiMfO on Bale October
1Kb lo I Hll I.
S5;J____^ $eo.
t bingo    m.
lioiiig tnni-n limit len iImv*.
Oom elite of Bale. Final return
limit November WOi, IWO,
Round Trip Rites to Southern
in cnvi'i Ootober .Bth, 190Q, oo
Bate dally, limited to :: nmiitkix
from date of Kale.
of AngelOl ami Hautu Itarliara.   f85.o0
i 'it *-lt.ie*ni 8��. 10
BevtiL Monica   8t.3o
KtverKirtt-ami Sail Harnardino.... 8��.I0
Bwlltiiirtt*.   *9,70
For Furtlier Information Apply to
City J'HHKeiifrer Agenl.
A B.P.A.,-otttle.
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Dally.
TORONTO, Wed., Fit; Sun.'
MONTREAL, Tne., Thur., Mon.
HOSTON,   Sal in-day.
West from Revelstoke
Daily Standard Sleeprr
For berlhs,  rales or detailed  Information apply to loeal agentx or write
A.U.F.��..Vi.ui.'ouviir. D.I'.A., NoInud.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day honae iu Uie Kootenayi.
Booma are well forolflbed.   Ttble as. good _a __f
Id Nelson.    Bar aupplled with food
Uuuori' and claata.
W. E. McCAKDUSH, Proprietor.
Tf em ont Hotise
European and AmarlcaD Plan
Meali 'Jt eta.   Roomi from a cu. lo 11
Only White Hnlp Jtmpioyed.
Baker St., Nelson Propneton
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tlit: .Inr li the Flli.nl.
White Help Only Employed.
Joieplilne St.
The Big Schooner D/_**_*��i  I A-
Or "Half awl-Half"    DC CI    lUCa
The only Glass of Crood Beer iu Nelson.
Hot_l Mi*tnititin"lii[uni* scciii'tl to tiODe In Brlt-
i*-[i Oohunbla. i:��i''- -fi >*' i*i-r ��� J*iy. Special nu*
to iimuttily lnmvil��*[s Only ln.im- hott-l In Nt-lxon
Lake View Hotel
OiniT Hall and Vernon,
two iilin'k.s from wharf.
GEORGE HARK1SON, Proprietor.
Khit*ii %IM0 per day and up.
P. O. Box 151.
Telephone 1IK.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor.
���Ten I rally liOnated. Open Hay and Nlfbt.
Bample and Bath K-mhiih Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Slr��t-.
Tnc Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Toinkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B, C.
Lighted by Eleotricitr and
Heated by Hot Air
1-r.n unsl OomforUble Bedronrae and Firtt-
ss,,-- 1 , lug Room. Bample Roomi for Commer-
vmi Ms 11.
MRB. I. 0, CLARKK, I'roprlistren
(fjnr\*ir*C The weU known
XifY I' U��        Our Beer Garden U
the Fitii'st iu the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.60 a Day.
Speisial Rates to Regular Boarders.
Wh-ult'Nalf- and I.etui I Dualern in
Fresh and Salted Meats
(���iiiupK Hupplicid on hhurlcHl iiotict) aud
lowest priou. Nothiug but frosh aud
w Iml chimih! iiicn 11* uud tmpplefi kupt iu btock
Mail ordtTK rooeive ciiroful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
w. a. ai_,_,ETT
Cuntruutor and
s.ii.* ftgQttl tor th-i Porta Rloo bnmbu Oo., Md..
ifliiil yanl- Kungli mnl dri"Hud hiiiitwr, tunii'il
work mi'l tn Ht*ki-is. Ctnisi iHtli aud mIuiikIcs, fhhIi
hihI iIimt".   Qement, brick and llu*a for nal*.
AlilotilHlir k'lill'ltr.
Vani.iinii (Mtory: Varvon hi., out of Hall,
I.BL80N,   B. C
P. 0. Hox 23_. Telephone 17K.
West Transfer Co.
Uiineral Teflinst^rs and Dealers in
Onnl and Wshs- .   Kxpress and
Bbkkuko Transfer
?_1SS_.  Office: Baker St.
Residence for Sale....
Price $1,000
Terms *1B0 rash
balanco monthly payments.
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms aud a large basement
and is well situated.
H. <& M_ BIRD.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit Bearing Trees: also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings. Hay Stieil, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Siirlng Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices;
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Tlie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead,. Copper and Dry Ores.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
ImporUp of  Pin*
Enftli��h Qooda
Jno. T. Pi
Balf r St. Nolson. B. e.
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
nelson     a��,-Aa;_.t.__;_f-,t,-h
P. Burns & Co.
Branch Market* in   Rowland,  Trail,   N* Ison,  Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Fork*, New
Denver and Slocan Oity.
Or-dem hf mull to nny bn.u.-b will have
our prompt aod Rare-til attention.
He^d Office: Nelson, B.C.
Certificate of Improvements
"K-rllpa.! No. 2,"   "Vey-jl
'I liter national" uid "A ta Fnio'lloual" inln
ttUppy Mt-ctiiiin,'
.t'riiallt'iif*!" uid "A ta Fra��tIouu)" in iti
cral I'lahiiH, f-liimit-rl In tlu* HIocrii (Miy Mining
Dlvlskm ol'Weiit KmiVenay dYatritt.
Whore Itiratod: -Norlli of Twelve* Mllerreek,
uln'Ut Iivh milcN up.
Take mttiee that 1, H. K. Jorand, of BlooMt **!
0��� Proe Mlner'H ertlllrato No. m;khmi, en RK��nt
for t. A. Cole, Free Miner'* Certificate No. b4iWi.
In tend, !*> i x t y <lnyw .ruin the date beruof, toap.i V
to thr MitiiiK Heporder for a ('ertlfleateof Jiu-
l>rM*,(*uii-tilH, Ior tin* puri'iirtcof ohtHiiiitit: nl'm .n
lirtuil ofHald mitirral <*l��inis
And further take notl**' that action, uu er
Section 87, innnt be oomtneni-ed before the isau-
riicc of Nii<-h < tertl Urate of I in prove meu tn.
Dated thh JOtli day of ���Septemtwr, HHNl.
fl. R. Juu * sp.
Municipality of the City of Nelson
Any iiih'c or female, l��t'ltip a Brltlab aubjeei of
tli��* foil ��������� of U years, who ha�� paid all the
ivies mi'l nixes for lbe current year, and liaa
eoutluuouKly resided within tbe munlciimllty
Fin��*e tin* flro) dn> of January, I'M*.', aud who In a
hi<ii*n*inii-ifr'or M"cnHe h.iliti'i* with tu thr, municipality, may reft later ami votor for the year llkfl,
If lhe lUi't'hHiirv dfelaratloii in depoalteu at thla
offloe on or iH'fiirc Oct.81 next. Fcreon*-* i|inilfy-
liiK a>_ lUrciiM* holders, wbo are not property
ownera, inu*t atteml to reglatratton of their
iittnieHini lhe Hat. I'crtious who line beeome
properly owntrn.wlthin the munlc'pallty niiut!
Dec. Slat, 1��K, arc requested to inform the iiu
dersif nnd al once.
W. K. WASSCN, ('. M  C.
City Clerk's ufflce, Nelaou, U, C, Oct. 18, imni ___-_���__*-
The Daily Canadian
.tr      *.. (\ttnJ.-rt Better Value than ever, with
WC  Ate Ulie.ing a great variety of designs in
Cut Glass, China and
It is not too early to buy for Christmas, and we can help you out in
making your selections. ^^^^
* 1
��� New Season's Par,!_.
Bell Trading j
Company        ���
Coai and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from (
the tree when you were ai
How nice it tasted then,
has some just like them.
Come and sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
| Joy'sCash Grocery]
<;or. JoRephtm*mid Mill Hi*.      1'hone l!i
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will liusl it to their nd-
vantage to uss- onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co-
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
I lb. box   -   50c
I -2 lb. box -   30c
Therogooda nre us fin-, ns the morecxpansivo
kinds, the ouly difference la the jiHckti-j*.'.
Phono 85, Baksir St.
Next P. Burns & Co.
Cor. Vvrsiun and Wurtl Stre��t_,
rsHUSO.N,   B. C.
J. FKED HUME, Proprietor
Captain Paddon, Crawford Hay; C.
W. Bourke, Thirteen Mile; .1. Barnes
Kelowna; .1. 0. Nelaon and wife, Stillwater; .Mrs. 0. E. Lyons, London; H.
Wright, -M. S. Cnndy, Vancouver; O.
II. N. Wilkle and wife, Trout Lake; B.
tl. McLaughlin, Duluth; K. A. Chaster,
Trail; C, Hc'dlii'k, Montreal; F. Robin-
son, .Mrs. .]. Crawford, Pernio; T. Evans, Calgary; E. A. Kraum, .Moyie;
O. Parry, Toronto; K. W. Qrlgor, Rossland.
A. .1. Bell, Bonnington; P. M. Lindsay, Vancouver; F. L. Allen, .Milwaukee; F. McQray, Winnipeg; \V. .1. Matthews and wife, New Westminster; J.
R. Anderson, Victoria; E. lt. Lake,
Cornwallls; Mrs. E. Kempling, Cal-
L'ssr.s; N. T. McLcoil, Lethbrldge; E. C.
Smith, F. L. Tolinau, Chicago; A. Miller, Greenwood.
tl. A. Reudi'll and wife, Greenwood;
Westminster Glee and Concert Party,
,!.   Gillespie,  R.   M.   Foster,   Moyie;
(i   McCormlck, Revelstoke.
F. E. Chapman, II. R. Whlttal. Rossland;   G.  M. liurtou, Seattle;    R.    11.
Rest, Fort Steele.
II. Holden. P. Harris, O. McCormick,
R. Gordon; A. Mayne, Ymir; 11. Gal-
braith, .Moyle.
S.  M. Runners, Rossland;   E. P. Berwick. L.  Nicholson,  Spokane;    T.   G.
Fletcher,  Greenwood. ,
II.  Greenwood,  Cranbrook;   It. Dewar, Blalrmore; W, Powell, Phoenix; c.
Jensen, Forty Nine Creek.
E. Stewart, Chewelah.
best.     Try a pound with
your next otder.
Money refunded if  not  satisfactory.
Telephone 161,
The Annual Meeting of the Nelson
Agricultural ami Industrial Association
Will be held In the Board or Trade
room on Thursday, November 1st, Rinii,
at 2 o'clock In the afternoon.
D. C. McMORRlS, Secretary.
BO MKN, Ht Once, 1st wnrk In Hiss wisiislss.   Apply
l,s \V. K  ('s.s,It.', ssiiwiiiill, KhssIss.
LADY BTKNOajtAFHSRtof position incisiiuiry.
iSisssil li,mi,. wills employer'! fHlnlly.     Appfy
'���.��  ��'.. IHSISSSIIHH .Still's-. '
hishmkn,.mui H��n_��_ndHoggingOontrtcton,
silssi  'engineer     Wnttsl,iirg l.unibssr Go,, liesir
I'ralibrnok. B. I.'.     	
cO.Mrn'KNT   NUBB��   OIHL.   Five  children.
Apply lisix 613.
HorUE AND TWO  ".Ill's ssn Curlwn.le meet.
Apply 11.11. Ni.lMisls.
Silver advanced tno iioiuts today hi
London and New York, its A mencan
quotation is now lt)% cents.
The regular fortnightly mooting oi'
llio cily council will be held In Ihe
city hail Monday evening at 8.
The select committee of the Wholesalers' association have chosen Mr. 1_.
K. I toes ton to prepare ior them Ihe
comparison of freight rates and lo
make  a  report thereon.
Mayor Gillett returned last night
from the municipal convention at Kamloops. All citiies affiliated except Fertile were represented. Mayor Gillett
regards the union as u valuable institution.
The committee in charge of lhe Harold .Iarvis concert are being severely
criticized for the low prices of admission fixed, which are lower in fact
than have been charged in the Eastern
Rev. P. IT. Graham, E. A. Crease
and Fred Irvine have returned from
attending a business meeting of (he
executive committee of the synod of
The diocese of Kootenay, held at Revelstoke.
This morning's session of the supreme court was taken up by arguments between Mr. Bodwell and Mr.
Davis as to the questions which should
he put to the jury. The jury were
meanwhile excused from attendance.
At the Baptist church tomorrow evening the choir will render an anthem,
"As the Hart Panteth," by Mark Evans, The subject of the sermon will
be, "The Man Who Prayed In Vain."
Morning (heme:  "Out in lhe Deep."
,1. R. Anderson, deputy minister of
agriculture, and Professor E. R. Lake,
of the Oregon Agricultural college,
are addressing the Farmers' Institute
this afternoon and evening in the hoard
of trade rooms. Professor Lake's subject Is "Commercial Fruit Growing."
This morning, at 10 o'clock, at the
home ol Pastor Shanks, Mr. Richard
T. Symms of the C. P. R��� and Miss
Alice K. Edwards, of London, Eng.,
were united fn marriage. Mr. Symms
came out from London some months
ago, and his bride arrived yesterday.
They will make Xelson their home.
At the Methodist church, on Sunday
evening, Rev. R. Newton Powell will
lake as his subject "The Serpent and
the Rod; a Story of Transformation."
The choir will render the anthems. Dr.
Stamer's "What are these that are arrayed in white robes?" and "Lead,
Kindly Light," by Dudley Buck.
It Is witih pleasure that the management of the opera house announce that
the Westminster Glee and Concert
Party will give a performance tonight,
arrangements having been made with
the C. P. R. whereby the Choir will
leave by special train immediately after the performance. There will be an
entirely  new  programme presented.
Gross Superstition.
Many people in Nelson havo received copies 'of an endless prayer chain
purporting to be authorized by a Bishop Lawrence and having attached to it
threats of misfortune to those who will
not use and distribute it, and promises
of benefit  lo those who do.
We desire to say that this prayer
chain is without authority of our respective churches, and that we condemn its threats and promises as gross
tSlg.)    FRED.   H.  GRAHAM, Rector.
(Sig.)    J.  ALTHOFF, Priest.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���One and three-quarter
hours late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
Spaniards Seek Safety.
Cadiz, Oct. 27.���The Spanish cruiser
Donna Maria Moline left here for Arz-
cilla, Morocco, today to lake on boffrd
the Spanish subjects there, whose
lives are endangered as a result of
lhe occupation of that town by Insurgent tribesmen.
Price of Metals.
New   York,   Oct.   27.���Silver,   70%c;
copper, 21V_c;   lead, $5.7;..
London. Oct.  27.���Silver, .'12  .-Hid.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
Iu order to clear out this line
we are reducing the prico to
���10c. We ouly hnve a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Fresh, Crisp and Appetizing.
25c per pound.
This is a fine Hue.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Hiiiv   About" Vour
Quns tind
Ammunition ?
We linvi' Kiev's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Oog9well&
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester mill
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knivs, Wading, Belts,
('outs, Punts, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      Nelaon, B. C
Numerous Designs and Low Prices
Call and Inspect.
We have just received u consignment
of ,\e-$' Records, both Cylinder and
Disc. This shipment was selected personally and every record is a choice
Disc, 10 inch    each 65c
Cylinder each    35c
Cylinder, gold mounted.. .each 45c
W. G* Thomson
B'lOK.tl.l.ER and   M���1-���_    r>   f.
STATIONER. iNClSOn,   15. l_.
Phone .14.
Sherman's Opera House
By Special Arrangement
Westminster Abbey Choir
Seats 50c, 75c, 11.00.
Sale at Hnilierford's.
MONDAY, Oct.29th
Change of bill nightly.
Zinn's Merry Musical Travesty Co.
and Famous Dancing Girls.
Tuesday "The .lolly Musketeers."
Wednesday "The Sultan of Morocco."
1 tss- greatest k'i! i-oh yssu ever ,.vt.
t'rici-s .-.I,-, 75s-, ��1.00, Mntln>-c- Be and 'st*
Sale opens Hnoir,iiiy morning ssi Rutherford's.
We're particular to have only pipes
thui we can guarantee���GBD, BBB, J__
���made from the finest French briar
curved or straight stems, amber or vulcanite mouthpieces! All sizes: $1.00
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Talking ahout it will neither put a
piano Into your home nor bring back
the days���valuable days���your daughter Is wasting- Lot us tell yon how
ea��y we will make it for you NOW to
give -your family the piano they have
washed for so Ions-
"Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y. Limited
The Greatest ShoTD in the History of Nelson
Auspices of the T%enly Thousand Club
-orvii vn ii ii
T)ouble 'Bill, Grand and Comic Opera, bv the
Porfect Beating and Boating of Building,   Modern Elevated Blase
-.vitii Apron uu.i Bounding P-mnls    i-iim open ��i Loiigiiiirr-rt-*. n
��i. m., Thursday, Oet.astli   NO suunkji,
Reserved Seats $1.00.
General Admission 75c
Tin- officers pi tin* Twenty Thousand Clob guarantee the memberi and
pUbllQ tin* musical treat iif lln- xi-ii-Min.
Swell Modern 6-Room Cottage for Sale
Price Close to centre of city, all modern
<J��-2 | BQ        conveniences, one of the finest prop-
' ' erties in Nelson.
I. J. WALKER, ^.^P��c
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialtj
Shi'iitiiH'tal Work, Outings, HuiIsIitk' Material mnl inning nml um IboUgn I
Ofllrp nml WnrkB Foot; of Park Ht.
i-i!...it- ���"'.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay  Agents j
R. A. Rogers �� Co.
Limited, Winnipeg, I
Whol-Htsf lJrovt*��ion*��,
Dominion Government Oroamer** One-Pound llris-lm raoelTed weekly inru
from tin' '���Imni.   For siilr by nil It-nriiiif; Kr<*''''rn.
Oftii-t" mnl wiiri-limisi': Hisu.-ston lllm-k.   Phono 7!'.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
A Wo*c! to the Wis
This vnir .vi* have approot&tadl the wanti of oq
.-niii.-rs nnil huve plllliort into st-tck tho
Good Cheer Art Base Burner!
Thiw stove ik nd.pt-i .1 fnr hnrrl ronl only, tt&M
iinteed to kiv*' tuitihfHrtiiiii.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwa
Company, Limited.
.���"-"WN^^v^ B. A.  ISAAC R.  W.   HINTON'
Repiiirliiic ��">* JobblnB wtaautad with DMnatoJi.  *4hc��t M.ml
Work, MIiiIi.k ..Md .Mill Mnislilisory.      Mi. m.l.i.t tir.s'�� s,l      I
Ore Cars, iv. i..  Oontraotors' Cum.
!_L7s,t'.'     rNELSOIN,   B.C. ; ;��� , I
We W-11 Sell
500 International Coal     -     ti
10 Marconi, Canadian    -   $21
1000 Yale-Kootenay) Ice     - 91-1
McDermid & McHardJ
A large consign^
incut of
1 Just Arrived!
ah Biiea mnl Lowest I .icon
MANUFACTURERS   �� 4 ->4 ,       t__
AND DEALERS IN   MJlIiDe*,   _>h__lgleS*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*]
Turned Work and Bracket*. Mall Onion, promptlj ��*M*1
 VI*KNQN BTWBHT   .   -   .   Nl :i..SC>, .. H. C.
J_��2otenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Rai#'
Because we cannot procure a better, Uklna l"'�� *I
count design, workmanship, cooking qualities andP'"* j*
We will be pleased to show you Its o����d Polnt!'
Wood-Vallance Hatdwafe Co
,-���   '  *1>i i
���-_-^> kiAto'j^Mmmm&ijriM


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