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The Daily Canadian Aug 7, 1906

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 _l)e  iOaihj Ccmafcitm
N->. 55-
Fifty Cents a Month
ii lias Monopoly of
Lion of New Industry Under-
lg by Kootenay Engineering
Works in This City.
Ilu-     distinction   til
Is     pity    ill    Cmi:iil:i  lu
iramwayfl  art-  muntifur
Industry   In  u   very   im
siiirt- such tramways ai
: i,.111;.i,i.-  mining  in  a
country,    where    the
.. steop r<>r rallwaya.
uni iiiiulilo   rope   aerial
isisiiiifii at tii" Kootenay
,'urks.   The Inventor and
���:   i-'.   Crawford,   nnil   us-
liiin   In   the   enterprise
ivi8, iiroprletor of tho en
tss, and \v. Perry.
tl working wero ex
Mi  Crawford ihis  morn.
r of the Canadian
live foal lire nf the triiiu
Idis'iM- rope system; tlie buck
I nn ii pair of upper rapes,
e ;.,'it and stationary, ninl
sell I hy u pair nf lower
:, ihe machinery is manufae
\'elsnn. The ealiles are pur
Bull   ills-   preferences  nf   in
I    S     SIS.-SSS,
Crawford explained 1  "A Irani Ih
nj  uther article nf  niunufac-
lln everything else there are a
|r i.i ii\t'.i   principles to be foi-
llif  construction   of   a   Irani-
kssvtrlieil  by the ualllre of the
il.   iis,'   grades,   the   length,   lhe
ami  length nf Hpuus uml  the
i" lie h lied."
Crawford  <-.<t,l,l  therefore  give
ilefluiie  Information  abonl   tha
Bins is  ssssiiiti apply in nil cases
.sis isiii'iniii ut (tt,, ttppr terminal
fluiwever,    fully    explained, and
''I   nn   a   \isil   to   Inspect   lhe
model   which  Is  Installed  In
���menl    of    tbe    Ilelulen  coin-
sarehoUBe,    There ll  wns sen
'iis.    Tho Liu Uei  hangs in mi
Iiiiiiic sn adjusted ami attached
upper   rope  Unit   II   hangs  per-
Icularly   im  niuiier  wtial   inuv  he
liinii uf ihe cable,   11 is equipped
a detachable    clip    lhal   workH
| si  linll  nml   socket  Joint,   with   a
nsiirnw   race,  mil)   r.   Inches,   In
ihe wear on His- i able,   The
Ims   I ii   tested   anil   fiiilllil   In
:'.""n pounds welghl al the ver-
withoul uni strain. As it has
nr "ni.  i,;,nn pounds at the hor.
ll,   il   will   hi'   seen   llllll   lllere   Is
iiicl  ii  big  margin of  safety,
milior novel  mnl  Important  tea-
- Hie traveling hopper, fnr rapid
uatlc  loading from  the  ore  bin
.in Btoppnig nr Blowing ilnwii the
A'lerrlng  for a  concrete example
I'll'' limn  lini' which Is now  being
" twl i'sir the silver Dollar Mln
"ini'imy. in  iin' oamborne dis-
W  iiy w. Perry, Mr. Crawford e*
I'1' 'I llinl the tonnage to iss- hauled
Inns    in    len    hours,    The
o> uf the  tram Hue Is 7,000 feel.
im  purpose buckets  1,000 feet
Unvoting about 860 feet  a mill
'Mil  lie siiiricii'iu.    Ah  tlie  In-
'nl in'tween the arrival ot buokets
1   bo,   therefore,   nearly   three
ii  is quite possible and nol
for one man nl the top of the
Tllllhnl   to   work   Ills'   tWO   ve,'
1 levers required in op into the
md iiisn tbs slanting lever ih.i
1 m iiniir or the feed bin, which,
'" IO" position ho cnii ensllv over
c   economy  in   operation   made
'"h'le hy ilissi iiieunB Ir very conslil-
i!m. us  in  systems  Involving  th'
of   ilu-    Irani    for    loading,
"   'i  fsnir mull ure regiur.11 nl  lho
in. ...I
ihe traveling hopper iirs eis
" '''I iis lonti into the 1.1 ike- ii is
"iiutinclly closed anil rolurnuil to
firm position.
"hen the bucket reaohe* i.n' lower
','" ' either in n mill or the polnl
''ni'us,in. automatic machinery is
1,1 "niplnyed In empty 11, also
1 "" causing any stop or slowing
*  ihe line,
'"" i"��uliir normal siiourt of Ihe
"m whloh will usually bo from BOO
, '" I' i n iiilniiie, will, therefore,
' 'c Interrupted for imv purpose
Ti ""' houf* "f operation.
,""' line is designed, however, lor
1 uses besides die handling of
'I '"in be iisoil for lhe carryini:
r of any size or weight thai
required in mines, or for unv
''" of any  kind.
' Limb,
His   !,.
Timber  would
nol be attached to a bucket, but to
ii special aerial car, designed for the
Mr. Crawford has heen working oa
the scheme for about three years,
viul, having completed il lam summer, secured patents In I'minslu uml
the    united   States.     Asked   if   h_
mcani  is. have li  patei I elsewhere,
he said:
"No. I think not. We ure nol in n
position in present to extend our operations io other countries,    Besides,
|n  irly   level   countries, wiili only
low hills, like Bouth Africa und Aus-
Inula, aerial trams are nol required.
Railways ure much better and more
"But, ins the mlnlni! Industry In
Mulish Columbia improves, and II Is
doing sss now very rapidly, ws. expect
thai tbe demand win be very constd'
A Small Blaze.
Bridtgeburn,    Ont,    Ann.    7.���The
Qrand     Trunk    railway    alnllon   was
burned   here yesierday.
secretary  of   Women's   Institute  Tells
of   It6  ActivityCanada  as  a
Field  for  English Girls.
Miss Marie limit-", nf London, Ellg..
sister of (1. C. Hodge, nf Nelson, has
been In the clly for several days, vis-
lilng her brother. Miss Hodge Is the
secretary of the Wiunen's institute, a
luireau of Information affiliated with
women's cnuncils in most countries
of tho world.
Seen last evening by a represents*
live of Ihsi Canadian, -Miss Undue
gasve a brief account of Ihe scope and
objects of the Institute, which was es-
tabllshed In ts'.iT hy Mrs. Wynford
Phillips, a wealthy Jewish lady, who
tins since, on account of ill health, retired frnui active work ill connection
with it.
Miss Undue said: "Our object is
the advancement of every interest of
women everywhere. As an insiitulc
wo are not committed to advocacy of
woman suffrage, though I fancy a majority of the members approve of it.
We tin   ool   advocate, however,   tho
election nf women lo Incul govein-
iiient boards, But our general aim is
to Improve (he imsltinii of wnmeu, In
.lividiimly  am)  collectively,
"We have committees fnr detailed
work, such as suffrage committee, U>
cui government, education, emigration,
employment and many oilier comti>
lees. As a rule Inquiries ure referred
by ihe iiistiiuie to the special committees.    We  receive  Inquiries from
nil over llle world, iniiii yfroin newspaper men who haven't ii meto search
aB we have.
"As an example of some of lho
work we do: Teachers In lhe United
kingdom are registered according to
qualificationsi n is not n.n easy matter to quality for the register, A
proposal wus made in Ireland to abolish the registers. The qualified
teachers wished to petition against
its abolition and wanted statistics of
the number and names of all teachers
in Ireland, classified according tn
ineir qualifications, Ws- compiled It
for them al less cosl than ihey could
have obtained it otherwise,
"We have frequent metlngs for ills
CUSBlon and lectures, hut we pass only
Formal   resolutions.     Two   subjects   of
discussion are forbidden���religion ami
party politic*], our membership includes iisll religious deii'iinliinllAiis and
all political parties.
"Yes. there tire some questions we
will not answer. We never give private  information  about Individuals.
"We answer letters asking for advice chiefly by giving nil the Information available on the subject.
"Aboul advising girls in come in
Canada! Before, such u question
voiild have been referred to the era-
Igratlon committee, Now ,i think i
have learned enough aboul conditions
iu Canada lo answer such questions
"I do nut see nny opening here tor
British women m' girls in occupations requiring education. I think
Canadian girls can fin -ill such positions, Mm l believe thBre nre openings fur thousands of girls in domes-
Us- service at wages fur belter tliiin
ihey   cnu  ciHiiniiind   al   liiiine:   Ind I,
.nr belter iiiiiii many highly educated
women can learn at home,
"Yen, I know UnU English girls In
l nun.lll   niilii   lhe    United   Sillies   sunn
acquire the same Independent Ideas
Unit  Canadian   mui   American girls
havo. I ilon'l Ihlnk II Is an evil. A
great change in the same direction
Iiiih   taken   place   at   home.    I   believe
tinii employers of servants win have
to agree in much shorter hours nl'
work ansl far greater liberty. The old
condition, In which n girl had but
nne evening n weet. to herself, WM
not a healthy one.   I don't mean that
. servants should inslHt Invarlabjy
on n definite time limit ,ns labor
unions do. bul normally the working
hours should be fewer Ihnn Ihey nre."
Miss Hodge is making o leisurely
���md thorough study of indii.lirial conditions for women in ail parts of Canada, having already visited most of
ihe targe American ottlea, Pari ol
Insi week wns spent In Knsliind. Miss
llodgo left for Greenwood this morning.
Workingmens' Council Will
Announce Tonight
Government is Prepared  For  the
Worst -Holding Military Trains
at Many Points.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 7.���The Workmen's COUDCll lias decided to call nlf
Hip HlrlUe In SI. IVtHrKinirg. me announcement will be IhhikmI tonight or
tomorrow. This action does not ai��-
|tly to the provinces, hut there is lit
tic doubt Uml the workmen there will
follow  the St. Petersburg example.
More than hau of the factories
here have rauimed work today, und
while the employes of some of the establishments at Moscow are still out
none ot the predictions of the strike
organizers wus fulfilled. Many of lho
trades unions totally refused to join
iu the movement. The railroad men,
whose co-operation was vital, could
not be induced to recognize the signal
for a general strike, and there was no
sign of a peasant movement. While
the repressions and arrests of the
loaders undoubtedly were u great fac
tor In bringing about the present sit
UOtlon it Is apparent that the move
ment was ill-chosea for a strike. The
peopl were not ia the temper to support it. As a consequence the revolu
tionary leaders who Inspired It whh
Ihe intention of tranafdrntfttg the
movement into an urmed Uprising
have suffered a sevre loss of prestige
The government, which had pre
pared for the worst, holding military
trains iu readiness at all centers, had
even made arrangements to send the
foreign mails by torpedo boats from
St. Petersburg, mm naturally Is great
ly  rejoiced  at  its victory.
The leaders of the non-revolutlonan
parties do not conceal their satisfaction at the defeat of their old allies
on the extreme left, as they feared a
great strike, with widespread disorders entailing repressions which
'might be used as justification of a
new parliament. With comparative
tranquility ahead they can hold the
government   to   Us   promises.
Moscow, Aug. ".���Several red flag
demonstrations were broken up last
night by dragoons, but the city generally is quiet. The central committee of the Railroad union hero refused
to co-operate in the strike.   Many of
tlie factories hen' are resuming work
and the electric plant is again hi operation. The social revolutionists favor n strike In Ihe autumn.
Suptriority   of   Canadian   West   Over
Dakota  for   Wheat   Qualities
Is Evidenced.
Lethbrldge,    Alta.,    Aug. 7.���P.  N.
SUiist'U  Imlliy  pill   nil  tilt'  llllllget 2.SII0
bushels of Alberta red wheal from
acres ileal- this clly. Ik' simply disk-
barrowed tin' imni lasi maimer and put
in un' seed withoul plowing, it would
have been it heavier -rop bul wus
thinned by u local ���bower nf hall.
Tito ht'iuis un' verj long tii'" year,
with from "sii to uu rows across tin'
Raymond, Alia,, Aug. 7.���The Al-
iisiisi 1'iti'ifit' Elevator people otter
Mr, Silver between 00 and OS cent*
per bushel iur his wneal (or Oootber
ili'llvi't-y. They uio shipping to Dakoiu
und Nebraska, lbe home ot tho Turkey
rod, tho Alberta roil, which, through
lis Improvement on the parent stock,
is greatly preferraiblQ for sct-il, demonstrating the superiority of this comity for wheal  production.
10. I'l. Tliiinipsiin ot I Hull river blade
Mr. Sliver un offer of 711 routs per
liusliiil for 1(1,01111 bushels, delivery ta
be uiudo us soon as tlie grnln '.vns
Ireslied. Mr. Silver lias hud some ox-
iiociiiiinii or building uu elevator on
ills big inrin n,ear Lethbrldge, but hue
now nonrly decided to store lu Alberta
I'uciiir elevators, owing to his farm
requiring bo much of bis peaonal attention he is bUtldl&g a haute which
lie will occupy during the season for
plowing, seeding and cropping the
Zlan  Deeply in  Debt.
Chicago, 111., Aug. 7.-���The most do
tailed  statement yet heard of tho In
debtedness of Zlon City was given to
the investors at a meeting held last
night. The tables showed a total of
nearly $5,000,000 which It Is jiroposcd
by Overseer W. G. Voliva to pay by
funding the entire Indebtedness for 18
years and to Issue bonds bearing C
per cent, interest. The proposition
was oecepled by an almost unanimous vole of Ihe 850 Investors present, there being but two dissenting
voles. It Ib the purpose to relieve
the present financial difficulty by a
mortgage on the 4,000 acres of undivided lund In the clly. Twenty-five
per cent, or Ihe grosB earnings of the
city will he sel aside for a sinking
liinii to pay on the principal lndeht
A Night of Worry.
Detroit, Mich., August C��� About
l.rsOO persons from Toledo and other
Ohio cities, who left Toledo yesterday
morning on the Bteamer Greyhound
for a day's trip lo Ibis city and return,
s|ient an uncomfortable night aboard
the steamer, which waB blown hard
aground on a shoal at the foot of
Hickory Island by n sudden squall
about 7 o'clock lust nlghl. The passengers were In no danger, but there were
many  and considerable  discomforts.
Dunsmuir Vs. Dunsmuir.
London, Aug. 7.���The Judicial committee of the privy council today recommended the dismissal of the appeal of Dunsmuir vs. Dunsmuir and
Hopper vs. Dunsulr. ThlB appeal resulted from the suit of Edna Wallace
Hopper to break the will of the late
-Alexander Dunsmuir. The former
premier of British Columbia was the
principal  legatee.
..   R.   McQuarrle's   Account   of   Trip
Into   Hills   Near   Burton   City-
Fifty Mountain Goata Seen.
The near approach of the hunting
season has already Bet local sportsmen thinking of new hunting grouds
and mentally comparing the atraclions
of rival localities. Probably no other
city on the continent has so many
districts rich In big game, all wlihin
easy reach, as Nelson has.
The divide east of Kootenay lake Ib
famous for goat and cirlhoo. The
valley of Salmon river, ^f the Little
Blocan, lhe valley of Bear lake, and
the Ijirdeaii dislrlct, all abound In big
game. But a new field, almost untouched us yet, is likely to be the favorite this year. The high range lying between Ihe Slocan and Arrow
lakes has hardly been explored. It
has not attracted prospectorB or timber cruisers to any extent and settlers
are fe won either si deof lhat range.
But casual visitors have seen enough
to convince them that It Is, beyond
any other district, even In Kootenay,
the sportsman's ideal land.
A week ago Dr. Kerr of RoBsIantT,
who was camping oa the shore of the
Arrow 'lake with a fishing party, told
of a couple of deer passing between
his camp and the shore.
M. It. McQuurrle, who has recently
returned from a trip to the same locality, lulls a story even more conclusive as to Uie abundance of big
game and their evident unfamlllarlty
with   human   enemies.
Mr. McQuarrle was at Burton Cily
and wus told that 25 mountain goats
hud been seen together In the hills.
He was surprised, because few hunters have ever seen more than two or
three together. He traveled on horse
hack seven milea up Ibe valley of
Snow creek and was rewarded by see
ing below him, on n lick of blue clay,
n whole herd of the animals numbering over fifty. He regretted not having a camera, as he could easily have
obtained a splenuid picture.
He was Informed that about the
middle of August the goals retire further up the hills, hut that In July
Ihey are often seen In conslderubld
numben within ��� few miles of the
lake shore, leading on tho lowel
Hinges  where the snow  has molted.
ine country, he was told by a few
settlers who huve made trips in it, Is,
also rich In cnrimio. mid bears, in
Oludlng grizzlies, are plentiful. He Is
certain tbat no other known game
country offers anything like the samr
attractions,  In number or variety.
Damage   by   Floods.
Dnllns, Tex.. Aug. 7.���A special to
Ihe News from Bellinger and San An
gelo reports a thirty-foot rise in the
Colorado and Conchor rivers. Much
damage has been done to Ihe lowlands
and ninny head of fine callle and
snoop have been drowned. At Bnlltn-
Ker a man and team were drowned
and on the Blsmark farm near Snn
Angelo  a  tenant,  his   wife  and   itiree
ohlldre   were   drowned.
Cannot Face Provinces.
Montreal, Que., Aug. 7.���It is authoritatively staled here that the In-
terprovlnclal conference proposed to
he held nl Ollawa has been tndefl
nltely postponed.
Will Oppose Request Made
by Fruit Growers
Says White Labor Can be Obtained
if Fair Wages are Offered���No
Reed For Chinese.
The union labor men of British Co
lumbia, as might be expected, are pre
pared to oppose, if It seems necessary to them, the concession asked
for by the Kootenay Growers, of a remission of the prohibitive head tax on
Chinese in favor of agricultural la
borers and domestic  servants.
Frank Phillips, president of the
miners union In British Columbia, ln
terviewed  last night,  said:
"Of course we are against it. There
is no scarcity of labor. Any man that
wants laborers can get ihem If he
w... pay a fair price. I can get a
good many right here.
"A fair price? Well, $3 a day. A
man can't live In this country on any
less. Now, ranchers don't offer any
such wages as that, and that is tbe
reason why white men don't care to
work on ranches.
"Can the fruit InduBtry stand the
payment of such wages? I don'l
know. If it can't the sooner It is
dropped, in my opinion, the better.
"But, judging from the prices
householders here have to pay foi
berries, I think the growers can af
ford to pay decent  wages.
"The landowners here claim that
their land IB the best ln the world for
fruit growing. If that boast depends
on getting cheap labor it should bt
withdrawn. Other fruit countries gel
on without Chinese labor or any
cheap labor, and fhe growers make
good profits.
"If Ihe Kotenasy fruit growers can't
do that, and some of them are quit
willing to try, they ought to get out
of Ihe business and make way for bet
Ier men that can."
Mutiny in Canada.
Halifax, N. S., Aug. 7.���Three men
accused of being ringleaders in a mutiny among Canadjam artillery soldiers, have been sentenced to tn days
ln the cells of tne military prison at
Melville island. The remainder of
the prisoners, except two non-commis
stoned officers, are to be confined to
the barracks for seven days, where
they will do fatigue duty and be com
pelietl to answer to their names ev
ery half hour. The non-commission
ed officers were reprimanded, which
means that for six months theli
chances for promotion are taken
Absconding    Bank    President    Leaves
Land of  Brave and   Free for
Allen Shores.
Chicago, Aug. 7.���President Paul O.
Miensland of lhe Milwaukee Avenue
Blute bank will probably be arrested
as soon as he enters Chicago or can
,.c found. Bank Examiner Jones, who
closed the bank yesierday, said today
lhal Mr. Stenslimd surely had guilty
knuwledge of looting the bank. The
22,0(111 depositors in the bank are
gradually losing hope of recovering
llie 14,2011,000 they liui'iisled tu ins
ca.e. Detecllves are now seeking
Cashier Henry Herring, the alleged
embezzler. Detective Cannon, who has
uie warrant for Herring's arrest, said
today: "1 secured Information from a
reliable source that Herring left tor
Detroit Saturday night'. I understand
...s  destination   Is Canada."
A crowd of several hundred working people gathered around the bank
this morning. Notwithstanding the
doors were closed and there was no
prospect of recovering funds during
the day the people perBlstenly re-
mailned. Their evident misery was accentuated   by  a   drizzling   rain.
the sidewalks. Men. women and children crowded the public fountains during the night. Two persons who wero
sleeping on lire escspes fell to the
street and were killed. Three pros
tratlons from the heai were reported
Declined to Fire.
Paris, Aug. 7.���General* Andre and
Negrler fought a duel with pistols at
4.. 5p. m. today in the park square
Burroundlng tbe residence of Prince
Joachim Murat. General Andre firetl
without hitting his opponent, and
General Negrier declined to fire, lue
principals  left  the  field   reconciled.
Toronto Players Defeated.
Toronto, Ont, Aug. C���By a majority of 74 shots the British bowlers
yesterday afternoon again defeated
the Toronto players. Last night the
visitors were entertained at a dinner
In the King Edward hotel.
Letter    to    Nelsonl.es    From    Agent
General   Shows   What   Is   Being
Done for British Columbia.
A resident of Nelson who is doing
a great deal of quiet and valuable
work for the city and district In sending out views taken by himself and
descriptions of the attractions, has
received the following letter, which
explains  itself:
Office of tbe
Agent-Generasl for British Columbia
Salisbury House,
Flnsbury Circus, E. C,
London, July  25,  1906.
I was very much pleased to receive
your highly interesting letter of the
Sth Inst., which came to hand yesterday. Your glowing description of
Nelson and Its surroundings is likely
to be useful to me in putting the advantages of British Columbia before
inquirers, of whom we have many of
the right sort, 1. e., those who have
capital and are anxious to work, and
who very generally purpose going In
for fruit farming. The fact of it ls
1 know your description ls correct, as
1 have paid many visits to Nelson,
have sen and appreciated its beauties
and advantages and greatly enjoyed
tbe fishing below the falls. Oh, how
1 should like a day now. I am fully
aware that the finest kinds of fruit
Is raised in that part of the country���
we had some at our show here last
December and it elicited great adml-
admiratton from the visitors. There
is no doubt that fruit growing Is going to he one of the most profitable
and delightful Industries of the province, and. eventually, when a market
is wanted outside the dominion, London can take at a good price all you
have to spare. The demand for fruit
is growing here more rapidly than the
supply, asnd the British Columbia
fruit sold here, to test conditions last
winter, proved that an excellent profit
can he made on it for the growers.
One of the great dealers, probably the
greatest seller of fruit in Europe,
told me there Is millions In It for
British Columbia as long as they produce the ' quality such as has heen
sent  here  from   thnt   province.
I shall not fail to bring the advantages of your district before the public here on all occasions. I have just
Induced a gentleman who was going
for a trip to Norway to go to British
Columbia Instead and take as cruise
up the coast, visit itB thousand Islands nnd fiords. He sails on the Oth
of August and purposes, tf he ilkes
the place, to arrange for a large party
or his friends to visit the province
next year. 1 shall propose his going
to  Nelson  this trip.
Yours sincerely,
J.   H.  TURNER,
New York's Annual Fever.
New York, August 7.���There was
some relief from the torrid conditions
which have prevailed here for threo
days. Further relief is expected by
the weather bureas from thunderstorms and lower temperature tonight.
Throughout last night every breathing spot In the city was crowded with
sweating humanity. The parks were
packed and many personson the east
side slept on lire escapes and even on
Used Forcible Language.
New York, Aug. 7.���The Times
says: "Because he called the mayor
and aldermen of New Rochelle bood
lers nnd Bald that Sing Slag prison
would be n good boarding house for
them, Chtwles D. Sibley, editor of the
Saturday Evening Area of New Ro
chelle was arrested yesterday on a
charge of criminal libel made by
Mayor Henry 8. Clark. Mayor Clark
has also brought a civil action against
Sibley for I2B.000. For weeks Sibley
has been qrltlclzlnjz political conditions In New Rochelle. He was admitted to ball.
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���Two hours  late.
Slocan   train���Half   hour   late.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
-On time.
Price of Metals.
New York, Aug. 7.���Silver. 06 1-Sc;
copper, 17 7-8c; electrolytic copper
stock,  18  3-8c;   lead,  $5.75.
London, Aug. 7���Silver, 30 l-8d;
lead,  ��10 is ud|   zinc,   ��20 15s.
Founder  of   White   Star.
Liverpool,   Aug.   7.���William   Imrie,
one of the founders of the White Star
line, died today.
How Things Are Not Done
in the Boundary
Ranchers are Left in  Lurch
Laurier and Member For
The  people of Greenwood    and    of
Yale-Cariboo are not wholly enamored
with the action or rather inaction of
their representative at Ottawa.    Complaints trom various quarters are coming ln showing how Important matters
are   allowed    to    drift,   with   the   result that the rights of settlers are utterly ignored.    The Greenwood Ledge
says:  R. G. Sidley, J. P.. of Sidley, B.
C, who is one of the most prominent
Liberals ln Southern British Columbia,
and who bas taken an active part in
campaigns in the district for the past
fifteen years, was In the city Monday,
and like all bonest Liberals ln Canada,
ls disgusted with the Ottawa machine.
Mr. Sidley took a prominent part ln
the election of Mr. Hewett Bostock In
lS'jo,  and in the election of Duncan
Ross two years ago.   As a worker ln
the party he was entitled to some con- ���
slderation when his interests were in
accord w!Vi the avowed policy of the
Liberal  government  ss  expressed  by
the premier in the house.   Mr. Sidley
is one of the large ranchers In Southern  British  Columbia,  owning  Borne-
where in the  neighborhood of 12,000
acres   along  the boundary     line    between Washington and British Columbia.   He was very much Interested in
the construction of the V.. V. ft E., aa
It would give transportation facilities
and a market for the produce of hla
ranch.   When the V., V. ft E. UU was
before the   house,   the Hon. Geo. B.
Foster pressed an amendment to compel    the    promoters to construct the
road within Canadian territory, where
engineering difficulties did not necessitate, crossing the line.    This resolution was defeated. Sir Wilfred Laurier
stating tbat the government would see
that tbe terms of the resolution were
carried out.   The government did not
see that the Intention ot the resolution
were carried out   In .consequence, the
farmers ot Anarchist Mountain will be
greatly inconvenienced.   The road was
constructed on tha American  side at
additional cost, in order to build up
towns In the United States, and force
tbe farmers of the district to either
drive  ten  miles over  a  mountain or
ship their gootls in bond.   Porter Bros.,
contractors, who have acquired a timber limit on  the Canadian aide, are
compelled to build the sawmill in the
United  States,  thus  an  industry  employing between fifty and a hundred
men,  is established on the American
side  instead  of in  British  Columbia.
Mr. 81dley wrote 8lr Wilfred Laurler.
protesting against the road being built
on  American  territory,  and  directing
the premier's attention to his promise
In the house to see that the terms of
Mr.   Foster's   resolution   were  carried
out.   Sir Wilfred replied that nothing
could be done but to see Mr. Galllher.
Instead of Gallihor he saw I. sss, Sit
wufred evidently not knowing of Mr.
Robs'   existence.     The   member   fo.
Yale-Cariboo���or  rather  the   member
for  Pntwelch���laughed  at  Mr.  Sidley.
The matter was too trivial for a person of his ability to be bothered with.
Tlie    ranchers  of Yale-Cariboo    were
easily hoodwinked  when election time
came round, but the V., V. ft E. contractors   and   promoters   was   "n   very
present   help  in  time of  need."    Mr.
Ross  Is  not   altogether to  blame  for
building up the U. S. ut the expense of
B. C.   He Is a part of a great machine,
owned and controlled by  the railway
interests  of the    United. StateB.    He
does   not represent    Yale-Cariboo.    A
poor man could not he elected in this
large   constituency    without    financial
assistance.    This bejng the case, Mr.
Ross must do the work of those who
elected  him.'   The  ranchers of Anarchist   Mountain    are    merely  voters.
There Influence ls only of a few weeks
duration at  election  time.    The  railroad  Influence  Is  continuous.    If/ the
member elected by them falters in his
allegiance, he Is down and out for all
time.    If he proves false to the electors, he may be able to   fool   them
again.    He  cannot  fool  the  railways
more than once.
While Mr. Ross has been devoting
so much time to the provincial government, a great injustice has been
done an Important farming section ot
his own constituency through his neglect at Ottawa. Industries are being
driven across the line, and ranchers
will be forced to great inconvenience
to transport and market their produce.
* ������:
I The Daily Canadian
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���' By out- word we are Hometlmi i judged in te
wise and by one word lomotlinei Judged t'�� be
foolish.   Let ui therefore bo careful whal we
���ay "���CoXFtJCIOB.
Under the above caption Uie Inland
Sentinel returns to iis attacks on the
Canadian ami accuses this paper nt
some things of which it bas nut been
guilty on tbe one hand and for which
it should receive no credit nn the other. The Sentinel complains that the
lour of tht.' Socialist leader bas been
a rampant one and that the only papers to attack him and offer any surt
of resistance have been Liberal papers, nnd that on tbe platforms the
only speakers who have dared to face
him have been Liberals. It actually
accuses the Conservative papers of
running to the rescue of Mr, Hawthornthwaite, Mere is a quotation respecting this paper:
"The Conservatives dare not say a
word in disparagement of their ally,
the man who has kept them in power
and at whose beck and call they arc.
Un the contrary, ihey stick up for
htm, and while the Liberal journals
are taking Uio opportunity to expose
Mr. Hawthornthwalte's chicanery, the
Conservative organs are either silent
or even venture to come to the rescue
of the party's ally. Such an one is
the recently established Daily Canadian, the' provincial government's 01-
gan at  Nelson";
in the first place, we have never
heen aware thai the Socialist bader
waB In any need of rescue from his
Liberal opponents. It is true that he
has, in every place where be bas
spoken, thrown down the gage of battle and that in Bome cases bis challenges were accepted by the Liberal
representatives present, but it is
hardly true tbat in each case be httu
received Revere oastlgatlons, as the
Sentinel asserts. Reports of the meetings held and of tin* honors nl' victory are very conflicting and We believe that the Conservative papers
are the only ones in Lhe province
mat have fairly and without partisan
spirit reported lhe meetings. The
Liberal papers have so far over
stepped the mark ia the partisan
spirit of their reports tlial a Bevero
castlgatlon has been administered
them by the Grand Forks Gazette,
which speaks on, lu this ivtse, in a
lengthy and well-written editorial on
"Tbe Higher Politics," and refers to
a   report   or   Mawihornihwaltea   meet
ing. which appeared In a local paper:
"Only  the oilier- day   the  Mows  it
Keif and   oilier   Liberal   paper;-   at   tho
coast published a lengthy reporl oi
a meeting in Greenwood in which ono
speaker wns dismissed with a para*
graph while the opponent's address
wus given columns of space, with ail
the necessary eulogy and padding
The public might agree wllh either
or neither of the speakers, but though
party advantage may be secured by
these methods, we are positive, that
lhe  public  good is   not   promoted."
The Canadian, however, has consistently affirmed that Mr. Hawthornthwaite justified himself In the nm
Bonn he gave for supporting the Me
Bride administration by his vote;; in
Lue house. Thai Is all we care for,
We are not concerned much with Mr.
Hawthorn thwalte's socialistic theories
ami are willing to let tbe people think
nt them whai appears to lie rlghi
I.ut when the Liberal papers en
masse misrepresent the Socialist
leader and report in terms of fulsome
flattery the speeches of the Liberal?
who attempted to criticise him, we
would not he just did we not do our
part to correct their false reports and
obviate the false Impression tbat may
be made by them. Neither would we
worry much i ft he opposition papery
confined iheir remarks to the editorial
columns, for I ben the public would
understand, but when the editorial
tactics of the Liberals are carried into
the news columns of their papers we
think a protest Is in order.
The discussion of the inefficiency
ol' tin* postal service Is not a political discussion, but unsatisfactory service In renpoct of the mail delivery
and transportation is a fit and necessary subject of criticism no matter
what political party is in power. Citizens of the frontier in Canada are
willing to suffer some inconvenience
if they can be convinced that the
best that ls possible is being done,
ami more especially would this be the
case If tlii' postal department were
losing money. When, however, the
department is making money and creating a surplus, and the liberal administration is boasting oT this (acl,
there is a natural disposition on the
part of those suffering inconvenience
to air their grievances and to point
out details in which the service can be
made much mote useful to the business and other enterprises of the
Thus it has transpired that from
Winnipeg west a storm of protest
bas been raised at the obvious delinquencies under which the people are
.suffering. The prairie provinces are
heavy losers because the contraeis
for mail transportations have been allowed to run on the same lines us
tnose In effect when the demands upon the service were far less important than they are at present. In
Itritish Columbia matters are even
worse. As a case In point, the attention id' this paper was called to a
glaring case of neglect in creditably
arranging lhe transfer of the mulls
between Crows Nest line points und
the city of Kaslo. A gentleman whose
home is in Kaslo but who Is at present residing iu Cranbrook, has pointed
out that be can mail a letter at Cranbrook ut noon of any given day and.
alter waiting till the train for tho
west leaves that point on the day fob
lowing, be can still reach Kuslo aboul
ten hours before the letter arrive...
Hy the same token, u letter mailed In
Kaslo on Saturday noon can be beaten in its journey to Cranbrook, even
if the sender does nol leave Kuslo
nil   the  following   Monday   morning.
We nre nware that the explanation
of this curious phenomenon is that
Un* passenger will travel over two
lines of transportation while the let-
ier in question Is, under the present
contracts, conveyed by one transportation company. We are aware, also,
that we shall be told that to carry
Into effect, an arrangement by which
tbe malls will travel as speedily between these points as a passenger
enn do will Involve a slight Increase
in the cosl of transportation. We do
not see that this unswer will avail,
because the transportation of the
mu..s is often more Important than
tnat of n traveler, as tu n very large
majority of cases when n man travelB
&____<     ���""'*���'--tMkem
some distance on business he knows
exa-cUy the time it will require to
reach his objective point, while the
tardy trip of the letters to and fro
causes great inconvenience. If the
country were poor und the postal department piling up heavy deficits
from year u> year, some consideration might be given to excuses and
ill-advised contracts, but with the Liberal boast of a handsome surplus the
patience of the people ls sorely tried.
These instances all go to show mat
while much improvement has been
made In postal falllties "the authorities who have the matter In hand ha.e
utterly failed to grasp tho details of
their business and are either inom-
potent to administer the department
or ate sacrificing the convenience und
prosperity of tlie country in order thai
they may boast ol dividends, We
make these comments iu no hostile
spirit, und only with the view ol calling attention to the glaring defects of
the  postal  service.
Tin* Christian Guardian, official organ of the .Meihodisi church in Canada, has made a practice of printing
front year lo year a full-page group
picture of the presidents of lhe. now,
seven conforeaccs thai compose the
middle and western branches of thai
church. This year the Guardian lias
struck a snag, as may be inferred
from ihe following explanation, which
appealed   in   the   lasi   issue:
"Because of our difficulty in securing photographs of nil our annual conference presidents we have not yet
been able to publish our group picture
of them. Were ft not for the fact
that the wise man has said that there
Is nothing new under ihe snn. we
would conclude that we had really
made a discovery when we cann
across a president of conference so
extremely modest that he did not wis1]
to have his photograph published or
have anything said about his virtues
aud excellencies. No, we are nol going to tell you who he is."
That a man can be found who is
strong enough to refuse tn enter tho
galaxy of popularity hunters who infest, not alone the Methodist (lunch
but most all others, is refreshing indeed. Anyone who witnesses the mad
haste with which members of conferences and assemblies get into the
limelight of the photographer's lens at
the annual gatherings of religious and
fraternal assemblies has much to reflect upoa, and it is a matter of common sarcastic remark that ambassadors and nobles, kings and princes
and preachers, put on at such times
the sickly smile that gives the world
anything but an opportunity to judge
from their photographs something of
their true character through the infai-
lildes linos of facial expression. We
should like to wager who the clergyman who has refused ihe buardlan
its annual tribute ot flattery to the
Labor is scarce in Canada, and wb>
shouldn't it l��e when the youth and
chivalry of the country Is busy play
ing bowls or golf.
Revenge is n boomerang that often
returns and puts the thrower out of
O/r si/t cftkn
"Widbutfic (hidndtng spirits in thlight
uio vol; k.now
t' ni ' li-' 'ti iii l. ��� 'i-rv"1 a' in r Koda Knun'titn
im i tonic prnpertiei hen dn rofrrablngf
We u i- on'y '"til fruit syrup* nf tie- fin- ��t
uuainy Fountain, counter, glaievi him)
receptacles ir-.- kept icropalonsty clean
Hsik-i-r Street, Ni-'.ssti, H. i'.
Noiloo li hen by given thnt mi dayi ai'erdtte i
iiii'ti'l t iitjrlv t.i lha Heu.iruli].' thfl Chief
Commissi"! erof T_aod�� and Wnrks fnr permit
plan to purehai" the billowing dof-nrtbed lands,
ittuated In the Weal Kootenay dlatrlcl, adjoin mc
C. L. Pearson'* on Lhe imrth, about .mc mid one-
quarter nilli-H from the f'ciiil d'Orelllu river, own-
moneing m u poit marked C i: Caldwell'.* S. K.
eorner poit, thonco mi Hmini north- lliotieo 40
etialm weet. Ihence m chain* south, thonoe m
ehnlni oasi fa place of commencement
Located IJic fat dny oj Annum. IS ��.
lli.jni.w Hrapbb, Agent.
Notice li hereby given lhal BOdityi after date I
Intend ta apply tn theHon. the chief Commli*
���loner nf bunds  ji iii 1   Wnrks  fnr  l<i-niiisr*inn   In
mi rutins. Ihe --dli.wihj- deacriljcd IhihIi in tin-
won Kootenay dlitrlet-; i-vj-iniiitij,- ..t �� nom,
marked It.Dell'1 B. B, corner, ahoul iwo miles
eail nf the Balmou river, mnl Unit u mile from
the Pend d'Oreille riv.-r, thenee ni chaini north,
Ut chnins weit, Nii-iuiih. snn iii nh't nn hnjiis ciiht
topbiccof lii-KlllIlillif.
Paled 27th day nf July, 1000, J{. 11. hr.t.l.
Notice Ir given that flO da-** after dale I Intend
toapply to the llonorablo tin- chief Oomiaf*
Honor "I Und* and Works fnr pt-rmliiloii to
purefcue the following described iuinH In the
weil Kooteuay District: Cniumeneing at m post
marked U. C. Poynti Und ���-. '��� Corner placed
near the Pend d'Oreille river m Boundary creek
eut aide of Salmon river, thence eail w' chaini
aimiK the liitcrtiHtimml Boundary Une,tbenee
_i_>rtn 40 chaini, thence wesl BO cbalni, tbence
���outh -40 chains to plaee "' i ommeiioement.
Dated the 20th of July W06. i.e. Povhts.
By AjoiSBW A DIB, Agent,
Notice Is herebv given tbat ilxty dayi after
date 1 intend tu applv to tin- Bon. Chief Commissioner of Landi ana Worki tor permlMlon to
mireliase the following deacrlbed lands s-'tuate in
West Kotttetiay dimrut. adjoining the international boundary tine, about four mllei eait ot
the Columbia river, oommenelng at a poet marked "I. M P��| S, \V, comer." situate on tbe international boundary line, at the -southeast corner of J, s. c. Fra-ier'Miami; thenofletitlOchoina,
chuntT nortb 6u ohaini, thence weit 8o chaini,
tlience south 60 chains to the place nf coinmcnre-
menti containing tin acre* mare '>r leu,
Dated86th Junei two.       i.aika m pjuiut,
P.J. O'fleilly, Agent,
Notice i* hereby given that ilxty dare Imm
date t Intend to apply to no- Hon. Chief com-
tnlasloner ot Landa ami Worki for permlulon
to purchaio the followlna deicrlbed landi iltuate in Weit Kootonay Dlatrlct, beUoeu the
Pend d'Oreille rirer au-i un* inn ruatlonal
boundarj line, about three inlli�� from the Columbia river. Uuminsbclng at a poil markod
J, U, c. F*! B. W. corner iltuate on the interna
Hanoi 1 inr\  line, about half a mile cam ul
ih,- .usl boundary oi the N, AK. H. Hy. landi;
thenee nonh to chnins, thonce eail Hi chalm,
thence soutb Mobaln*-, tnence weit _Hcha!ui, tn
die place of commencement, oontalntng tntOaeree,
more or lorn,
I'Htiii _tfth June. WO""'. '. B r. ftusBB,
 K, J.O'ltellly. Ag.nl.
Notice Ii bereby given that ilxty daya from date
I Inteud luantily to thu Hou Chief Cominiuloiier
m Untie and Svorld i'>r [wrmlulan to purebaae
Uo- following deacrlbed landi iltuate in Weil
Kootenay Dlitrlet, adjululug tho lutcruallouaj
boundary line, about Ave niiloacaatoi the Columbia river; COmniOUOlug a I a post mark< '1 n.
U'eH. VV corner,on theintcniatiHn.il boundary
lineal l.iniinM. Kraser'iaouthcail corner,thence
north si chalm, thence east m ehaim, Ihcnce
south mi rltaim, theuco weal to chalm in tho
place of com mencemont, containing  S20 acrei
more or lett.
Dated Mth Juno, h��'. Kalpii (111 i fflfiH
Nuiic is hereby given that -i\tv days after
dale 1 Inteud io applv toil.,- Hon, Chlel Commit
sioiu-r oi Undi and Worki lor itermhaloii to
purohaae the following dcacrlbod lands in
the Wimi Kuotouay dlatrlcl, mjulh of tin Pend
���rorelllo nver; Commencing ai a |.n-t marktal
r. lis s. k, enrner. iltuated  ou ihe  trail  near
chalm, ti ���-���
Pend d'Orolllo
tii hank of the
river-   theliee following  111
Peud d'Oreille river aouthcaii *>o cnaim. more
or leu; thence iouth 20 chaini, moroorieu to
lhe place of commencement, containing  (wo
acres, re or less.
Dated '.tn July, imv chablbs Bibsbl,
 F. J. O'Rlelly. Agoni
Notice is hereby given ihai Blxti dayia.ter
��� late I Intend tn applv to the Hon. Chief Commfi-
sioner nf i.muts .out Worki for permission to
purchase the followi ng described lands, in
ihe West Kootenav District, east of and adjoining JionesN. M'a.-keii/.n - land; Commenolng at a post marked A.S'sS. K. corner, on the
south bank ot the Pend d'Oreille river, Just
above the nmuih of the Bali i nver, thenoe
west SO chalm, thenre nortii 00 .-hains more nr
leu tn the Pend d'Oreille river, tbenee rollowfng
the south hank of ii.e said river in a southeasterly direction to the place of eointnencoraenti
contain ins StU aeres. more or leu,
Daied tth .July 1900        A bth us Bchxbipbr.
Notice fs hereby given thatslxtj days after date
I intend to apply to the Hou. chief Cummluf oner
of Lands auu Vvurks fnr permlulon to purchase
tlm following described lauds iu West k.-oleum
plltrlcf smith of the Pend d'Oreille river. Com-
ineiu-iiik' ai t posr.unrkc'1 1.. I Ms. N. K. corner
��� u the south bunk of the Peud d'Oreille river,
ahout a utile ami a half east oi the mouth ol Fish
creek    theuce south  so chain-., tin-lice  west no
chains, tbeneo north 40 cltaius nmre nr leu io
the PenddCProllle river, tbence following the
south bonk of tbeiald river In a northeasterly
direction to the place ,,r commencement, containing 4&n acres, nmre or leas.
Dated 2nd July Iftifl, Ku.a T. .Ma. kk.vzik.
Notiee is hereby given that iH) ilavo after date I
in tend in applv to tbe Hon. Chief i omrolulouer
oi Landi ami Works f<>r permtnlon lo purchase
ihe following described  lands, iltuate in West
Kootenay District smith of the pend d'Oreille
river; Commencing at a po-t markeii A. H.M'm.N.
Vt   corner situate fi! (tie wuth hank ol th.* Pend
d'Oreille river ai j.iih P. MaoKenile^ north east
comer pout, tbence south mi ebiiiu.s. thenee east
Mi chains, thence north ni chains nmre or lou lo
tin- I'.-iiil d'Oreille river, thence west mi eimiiis,
following the bank of the said river to the placo
of commencement, containing W0 acres, more
nr leas,
Dated 2nd July 1006. A, li MacKXtrsra,
Notice Is hcreay given tliatalxtydaysattcrdatc
i Intend io appl; lo thu linn Chief (Annmtufon
er nf l.aml-nml Work- forpermlulau In pnr
chase ih.< following described loodi situate tu
w.-st Kootonaj District, lonlb of lhe Pend
d'Oreille nver. coinnioncing at a post marked
M.II'sN.:-;. corner, situate uu the snuth bank
of the Pond d'Orolllo river al .lames N. Mocken-
lie'saottthwesteorner, ihcnce south I0dchal.ii,
Ihcnce   vve-t SO eloiin*, Ihence   llorlh   7l> Chalm,
more ar lou in the i'end p'Orollle river; thence
following tbo smith bank of the said river tn an
easterly and northeasterly direction i<> the place
of commencement, continuing 040 acres, nmre or
Dato Brd Julv, Muni.      Maboabbt Harcourt,
Arthur Schneider, Agent,
Notice Is herebv given that sixty davc after dnle
I Intent* in apph to theHon. Chief Comrafuioner
uf Lands ana Wnrks for permission to purchase
the following described land- In West
Koolenay  District,  smith of  Hie i'end d'Oreille
river, commenolng a: a post marked J N.M'i
9, w. corner, situated on the soutb bai k m the
i'end d'Oreille nver, opposite the moutb ol IS
Mile (reek; theme cos I ni chains, thenee mirth
40 ehalna more or lento lho Pend d'Oreille river,
thence following the soutb bank of tbesald river
in a westerly ami routhwosterly direction to the
pla... ol con n cement, contain ing B20 acres
more nr leu,
Dated 8rd July, mu.      Javbs n. UacxXNug,
Arthur Schneider, Agent
Notice is hereby given that sixty daysafter date
I iulctld to applv [o Ihe Moil Chief Commissioner of baud- and Works for permission In purchase    the   following   deserlbed    lands   in   West
Kootenay District, south of tin- Pend d'Orelllu
river, commencing ��t b post marked A. i"sN. \v
corner, situated at the BOUtbwOSt corner of ],,,t
.435, ti, I., thence east mi chnins, (honce iouth (10
chains, theme west &��� chains, [heucotiOTth i>>
chains to tlie place of commencement, contain-
ing imi acres, nmre or leu,
billed .-.nh   une, 1000. AMNIS Piusku,
F. J.O'HclH . Agent.
Notice iA ticrebv given that Ml days after date
I Intend toapph to ihe it mi Chief Coi issj.mer
nf bands ami  Works for permission to purchase
the following described land- in West Roolenaj
district, south of tin- Pend d'Orelllo rlvor, easi of
i'i-i. creek, com moneing at a post marked i'. VV,
Ji'sN w corner, aboul half a mil-en.t ,,r tj,..
norlheast corner of Lot 4426, O, I., tbonce south
II ohalns. ihence east mi ehains, thence norih i.
chains,  thence  west Ml chains  to  the place of
commencement, containing Eft) acres, more or
Dated 2nd Julv IflOO, KitKD W, IfARCOURT.
aktiiih s. iiskiohh. Agenl
Notloe i" bereby given that ilxty daysatter data
[ Intend to apply i.. ib.- lion Chlel Commlnlon
erof bands and Works lor permission to pur-
cbaie tbe tallowing duorlbed lauds in Weil
Kootenay District, south of tbo Pend d'Oreille
riv.-r, commencing at a pnst  marked   H  |{ M's.,
n Vv. corner, situated on the iouth bank of tha
I'end  d'Oreille  river at JamM N. Mnekcmto'8
iouth west corner; thonce east 40 chains, ihence
sooth iu chalm, thonco west ,n chains, thenco
imrth 40 chains to the place of eo qnccmoitt,
contrlnlng lou acres more or leu,
Dtttod Brd July lilNl.     PONAUl It   MAClAa'int.
 AinHt'li HcnSKiiiglt, Agent.
Sixty  days afler date I intend |0 apply to tbe
c miulotier ot bands ami Worki to purchase
100 acres of land, near Burton City, commencing
at a posi plained at the southeast eoruorol I.ol
No. Sii-.i. and marked J. D. Mo'l lOUth Wesl corner,
and ruiinliig north 40 chnins. thenee easl -III
chnins, thence south 10 chains, ihence west -m
ohalni in place id beginning.
July 18th, 1900, .1. li. Mi-ceu-uCii.
A. A. Hurton, Agent.
Notice is bereby gtroh that two mouths -aftoi
date I intend to applv to the Honorable lhe
chief Commluloner ol bauds mid Works f,,r
permlulon to purchaio tlm follow tug described
binds ll Itl A tp ou the west arm of Kool.-n.iv l.akc
III Hie Oislricl of Weil Kootenav:    CommoilCltlg
Ht ii post marked "William Ruerby'i N.W, poet*"
thonco west twenty (Wi ohalns; thenee south
twenty (20) chains'; tbence past twonty (liij
chains! tlienco north twenty (an chalm to the
jmiiit of commencomenti Ooutalnlng forty (4ti)
acres, more or Ichm
Haled July 7, iuu). 1. U, Nkijion.
Midsummer Bargains In Prints, Muslins sand Ladies' Ready-
To-Wear Goods.
LADIES'  DRES8 8KIRT8, worth $4.75   for	
LADIES'  DRES8  SKIRTS, worth $5.75   for .!.,'""
LADIES'   DRESS  SKIRTS,  worth  $7.50   for .'.','.
Ladiea' Tailor-made  Suits  regular prices Just cut down to cost
All  Ladles'  Trimmed  and  Pattern Hats at Half Price.
New Fall and Winter Goods arriving every week.
��� 12.75
s 3.7S
���   4.75
ii,ii,,ii. Ins Delluenloi In
oar 11.0(1 in ssi,niii's'.
lol Hiss:, is, k I'attl rn.
Fred Irvine Sz Co.
Notice (n bereby given thai DO dayi trom date I
Jni.n.l ioat.|iiv lothe Honorable ihe Commli.
Holier of Uuiti and Worki tm permtsilon io
purcbaia the following lienerlbed laudi.altuite
In tbo Weil Rootenay I'l-ui't. rltarttug from a
poll marked w lliiam Brni il Dai lion'i * K, pmi
nl i two mllitoajtol Ueer park on tbe Arrow
Lakea tbenco 40 cbalni iouth. tbeuce to cbalni
woet, thenee lu chalna tiartb.iheueeeai>l to point
ol e meiiceliietil, Cnntlttllng lli.olll  100 Here-.
Dated ihis mh day of June. ,1000.
William kbskst Davibok,
Noi tn hereby given lhal Milari aftoi date I
intend loapply io ilie Huiiiitrii.il' the Chief Cam
iii1m i oi Landi ami Works (or permliil	
i)iirc|iH_-e tbe follow I u�� deaerlbod landi in ihe
Wesl Kootenay illxtrlct; commeiiclna nt u poil
marked '-Natnudlel ��clnlyiw*i H, R. coiner,"
I'liiiiiis! <>u iiie weal ildeol the Columbia lliver,
abdiitT mites north of Iturton t'ity,and HUebalini
imrth of the muth weal eorui-r ot bot ;r.:l, thenw
north 80 I'baiiiB, thenee weal mi chaina, thenei
souih BU chalna, ihen, _��� enal HO chains la point o(
<-> neein, ni, eon lit IU i UK I''MiiiIi'.h,
Duled this t'-'lh day of.luuc, IDOtf.
T. '���. Unklnaoti, Agent,
Notice is herebv given that CO daya aftor date I
ill lelld l,Mi|,|,iv to lhe II, ruble the I'll iff I'	
mini irof Undsaud Works for permlulon to
purchaao Lbe followtng described lamia: com
menctng >u a past placed ou tbe north shore ol
Hi, weal arm oi Rootenay Lake, al the northeast
corner of John htranki1 pre-emption, thenoe
west id chains, more or less, to the southeast
corner nf Ul No. 7-163, tlience north 40 ehains,
thence eul If Cbalni more or less, thenee norih
40 obalm to tbe polut of oommeneement.
Dated June Iflth, 1900.
0,  R. AN'l.KTON.
Nolle-is hereby Biveu that I intend 60 day.
after date to apply to the L'hlef CommUsfooer ol
uinda and "orka for petmlsalon *o purohaae
tl'O   follow im;  - escribed  lauds, iltuate ��t   Kire
Valley, Kootenay isirict. ��� ojiinenclog at a
poit(marke, b i.at agher- south ��<-si eoraerl
pluced tit the louth   west  corner of  section 88,
townabipGu ihence north su chalna to tbe north
west corner of .u"i wttofi tB', thence eaat to
ohalna, tlience south mi chalna to the souih
boundary of said aectlon 88, and thenee west tu
chaini to the place of l-cKtuiitni. oontalulng 830
acrea mid being the westerly half of laid ho*
tton 8S, townabip U.
Daied al Nelson, B C. June .Mb IAM.
L. liAl.l.AI.KkR.
Notiee is hereby givon tliHt flOdays after 'lute I
Intond tonppiy to ihe il ruble tfn- Chief Com���
minloner ol b li and Wurki far permlulon ta
purchase Uo- follow nu', deacrlbed lands, snuate
in ib,- Wesl Root, tiaydiatrlcti Commencing ui c
post marked M UcC, .*'. W. corner, planted B
chain-, wesi of I. c, Uontson'i nurthwesl corner
of bin erown granted land in Kire Valley, run*
uitiK io chaini east, to chains north, 40 cuilni
west, tui iiain* -.outh to place of commencement.
M. UcCaMOL su. Locator.
\\. A. ���. Al.liKH, Agent.
June amh, wot.
Notice is herby Riven that I Intend,60 dayi
after date to apply to ihe Chief Uommlulotier of
bands and VV,, k- for permission to pun base the
following described lauds situate at hire * alley.
Kootenay district. Commouelngat a posi (mark-
ed Qooree Yo.,iiK ^orth west corner) placed at
the north wesi comer oi seotloh 38 township '���'���';
tlience ensl B01 Iui Ins to the north eHsl corner of
said section ft; tbenee sou h tn chalna, thence
wtst m chain, thenco north tu ihuiiiH to ihe
place of bet*llilil_ig.  eunlalnlnt; WO acres   mui
b< iiik the northerly half of said section it, town*
Dated al Nelson. It. f. JunoBth IB B
QROftQg VoiNO.
Notice j> herebv given ihat GO daya after date I
ni [--till to npiih to the lloti. Chief Commissi,, i,,.r
of Lands and Worki for permission [,, purch	
 foiloMim- deserlbed trad of bind iltuate in
Weal Kooierun  District:  Ci oneing at n,e
Hiutbweai cornor of bot 7*900; ihence rnnina
ue-i m ehalns; thenco norlh 30chains; tbenee
wesi in ohalns; tbeuce north SO chains; tbenee
easi nu chains; thence south tn ehalna to polnl
of commencement, containing 840 aeres, more or
Dated at Nelson, IJ C��� this 38rd dav of Julv,
���'t"-' .Maiiv Ecamum,
per k. C. Qreen, Agent,
Sotice is hereby piven that80daya afler dale
I intend toapply io tbe ilom.ruble the Chief
Commlalonorof Lauds and Works for permlulon
I., purchase tho following described lamls in tbe
Wosl Rootenay District;  Commencing ai a post
marked .. ll Kreiichc's bund s j-;, corner placed
near C. C, I'oynlz s. Vi. corner, tbence east h)
chalm, thenco north ���<> chains, tbonce weal ni
chains, thenee soutb 10 ehalna to place of commencement.
Dated 30th day of July 1000,      T. It Kkkmii
Hy am iikw Adik, Agent
Notice ih hereby given that i<" davs after date I
intend to make application to 'he Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landiand Worki for oar
mission to purchme the following deaenbod
lands: Cpmmeuclugatapoatnlaeedou 'beeaal
shore of  Lower Arrow lake, adjoining J  Haten'
IVV,'.'"'!''*  tbosputhwesi mark&'-T *-.*!.
N. ��..- mcrp'.si." Theme running 80 ehalns
easi; tbenoe HO ehalda aouth; ihcme 80chains
 re nr leu, west to iho lake shore; thence following lak-t ahoro lo point of commence nt,
con t- thing IhQ acres, mure or less
Tlloj Kinaihs-
Dated this 7lh dav of JllllH, 1000.
Noilootsjtoreby given thatM  avian rdatoj
inieo.t to uuikeapi atloo lo itu> Honorable ib.-
Cbief Commission 'r of Laudsaud Woiki or i,.
iniNslou tn purohaae the foib,v,iuK des* ii,.|
lands.  Commenolng a] a posi placed od ihu
no th.-n-t /���rner of T RlnaliHii'* Application to
l'urchaw.m-rked''i(. i >a/_ neriim "rujunliw
80ehaiu*ea.ti theuco80ctialnsaontb; thcnoial
ohalus wcalt tbeneo following T Rlnai.fi'seaat-
otn -nnda y io pomi oi uotomeuueimtit, co_
tainlng NO aorei, mor. or less.
Hannah lanutgy,
Dated this 7th day of Mine, I 06,
eoiner poat" ;ii, noo toiinwiuK J, utee*eutu ,,'
mil iisiriin.riv bniiniUrv ,.i . SS,',"'"'",''���
" 'I Hil.7lll.l��vor Jllttf. Ills.;,
'l-.Kls.lus, Jit.
Notice la Is.
J."'\''"..,.ll."t "'I'l'li'l,'
ssll.-r,.,,,,'; ���,,,���,���vfttocffi^S&,l'l*��
Vssll.-v, K im, uislrir       Vn, ',"', "'  Mr"
chains, tbeneo north Wchaina-�����' "^WM' "'
tu chain" to ihe
wuiiains to the p'ace of bee ,. , """" ���'"*'
830 aores, ami Imltia the on_it��->ii i.-��j L'','nl��lbliig
Hon B3, io* nshlpW, y hn" "' ������� wo-
Datod at Nelion, B.C. June flthitw
QlOMI Vuifi.o.
N'uin i || hereby given tbal 60 davs after date I
Inteud toapph io tin* Mou. the Chief Commls-
���Inner of Lands and Worki for permission lo pur
clots,- the followlUg doSCrlbod lauds III We.t
Kootenav district, piovtll t Hrlll-h Coliiuiblii;
c ncm ing aia post marked "William rolling
ion's northwest corner posi," said posl belug
plunteil  at  Hn-  BOUthwesi cnii'i ol th<  ���HjlieeU
Mineral Claim,'1 and adjoining the east line of
Mi-I'haii's pi,- emption, ihence souih twenty (SSii
chains along laid tine, tbenee easi forty (40)
ehalna, thenee norih twenty (30) chains, thenoe
wesl fortj (40) chains moro or lets, to the placo of
i ollltllelll'elllelll.
Duled 1st day of AugUSt, 1008
WILLIAM  Tol.l.lM.Tov,
My hlsageui J   1   Taylor.
Sm ue i> hereby given that tio days after dato I
intend lo applv lothe Honorable Ilie Chief omul ll r,d Lands aud Worka for punuimfon to
purebaae the bilbo, me de erthed bands sit���-
ated pi the Roolenay DUtitcl. Beginning -h.
i".-i planlcd on the north ihore oi the Lower
Arrow   Nike nl t   IU cliaina  wresl  nl  the  west
boundary of C f n b,,t i'", Markol II * �����
H K corner, lbence weal to ehalns, thenee north
OOrbalna, iheiuvcasl (ft) ehalna more or less to
lake ihore, thenee In a south wester)] dire-tion
along lake shore to polul of, ommououmciit, containing 100 acres more or leui
Localed j ��, 1006,
If.  A    W .'I \ lltTOM.
A, N   WoLVIRToM, AgeUt.
Noilce is hereby Kironitiat...
-...o.uusionero, ili'il1;;,,!!",,11
Notice li hereby given that two iuiiiiMik afler
dill'    I   intend   to npplv  In (he  Honorable I'litef
Commusiouer ol Landi mui Worka for perm is-
���ion to purchase six hundred and  (urtv (_-4oj
aires ollmul, described as follows: Commencing
nt a post planted at the northwesi eorm ro| i
Oaliagher'sapplication to purchase in Kire Val-
ley,  on  the  west side ol   Uwei   Ar nu Lake, in
Kootenay dlitrlet, marked "W. A < - N <��� coi
ner"; tbence rutming eighty (80j chains west;
ihence eigbty (80) aouth; ihem. eighty (80)
chaini eut; thence eight; (*'��� cbalm norih to
place of commencement.
W   A   CaLDBB.
Dated the-.'ml -luv of July, 1906.
Notice li hereby given that BO dan from date
l intend io apply to the Honorable the Chlel
Commissioner ol Lands aud Works tor pcrmis-
ifon to purcbue the Mh>��'inK deserlbed lauds,
in the Wesl Kooteuay District, eui aide ol Col
umbia Klver. about -��� milea nortb ol Uurtnii City,
Commencing at a posl marked Lebll Wtnteri
B W. oorner, at the N.W corner of R.U.ilmlih'a
preempt! tatm, ihem.' imrih to obaina more
orless to the south houmlan  of  Mil,-  Larroll'l
preemption claim tbeow eul K0 chains, tbenee
miu ih tu chains more or lesi in the North boundary of it if emttb'i preemption claim, iheno
wesi si chain- io pomi of commencement; con.
la inun; Mi He-f. mora or ie*-.
Dated thli3nddayof Juuo, IfOO.
Lao M, wimkh.
Rai.i-m gLva, Agent,
NoUceli hereby given that I Intend, W dayi
afterdate, loapply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Landsand Works (or permlulon lo ttirebase the
followiiiK deacrlbed lands, iltuate at Mr.- Valley,
,"V '.!H> P'**r'��t- Oommenelng ai a i��o-i ima-t
cdf.ii ii Connor   iouth out cornet) placed al
in- north easl .orner of seen ;_, towuihln 80;
theuce wuttfl chain-, then-.��� north m chains
thenee east to chains, and Ihence south BOcbftlUl
io tt,.- place of beginning, containing 880 aeru,
Daied at Nelson, B. C. June 5th 1906.
I*. II. O'l osm.k.
tiBOtog Voi ko, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that oo dayi from data I
inu-iid loapply to the Honorable the Chief l ���
miulonorol ban,:-ami Worki for permiuion to
purchue the followlni deserlbed lands, In the
Wosl Rontons) Disiriei Kand Island, In the
Columbia klver about 4 mllei north ol Bo rum
Hy; all of ufd Island above high �� ir, being
10 acrei mora or leu
Dated this 1st Day of June. IDOfi,
T, c HavtMsoN, Ageui
8Uty days afterdate 1 Intend toapnh to the
i ommliitnner of Landiand Work- \ , i,���ln i,,
pn-e,;lsciuiH..r    of laud.  CommonciSg at a
laail planted on Ihe west shore ���| Ar������v U_k. (ll
the south east corner of.I  .1  ChrllHe'l Ourchua
running north BD cbilni. tbence east * SaKI
thence south 80ohalni, them*, we.t BOchaiui to
place oi commencement.
Legated May, Bth nam.
,  _ a. Cajuttx,
u. (rAU.AuuKB, Loeator.
m sore, o  lind, iliuaie ssi -m one ioi'bmsi .,i
Burton niy. and i rtbod ,,. i���n������.   , ,������!
!,"r,'. 'lfi I-'-!!,'"."'. I'1'";1'"1"" IhtnofthwMlcor.
sss t o, I st -., .' .is,,! riinl,|K U(,.t j, , ]Lt|i|1H   tl,,..,....
""'"'" I lolMMI fbeglnnlni.
A'_.J*"_ J.ll. II, s,,���.
Notice la beniby rinn ibm slxtj ,i���, ,
ii',,',',',', i'',",' '""i'i;1;,.""'"' "���". ��� in.-.' ,.������,.
:i.    f:: r:::-;'""
j \\, ,,.i. 1" ' v""'������ ���'" ��� polnl ii'ljiiinlutt
J. .Meceher s bind   a     Wesi,-,n   Louiel,, r.    ilo...,.!i
ui'ssi .1 ��� , .1..        .i  'i, inni i \     nielie
ZOiS "' ,""���'"���'��� north  in elialne  the	
Jl",'-I,ll'l'""i J.H.ViMTORI
I' II   Alklll.ssn, Agent.
liii',Mi',M���l;,',',',T,'.'.,V fil'S """ ""'��>'" '""i ''"I'' I
minloner,,, Umln ������,, M   k s
purpliua tii,' lollowlng - r 11>... i ���,   , .,,,..
fttliomonihol iii,t,i,i.������ ���"",������..',"',
!...������- in lbe Wesi k���������.������f ns.1,1,,    ��� ,r,'i',
W 11 Vi W     '',,"l::"'"''l"l! I" n |. i.rked
��>n Jii'iiiiiii, i,. i'���,���i ofoooimonooment.
DIM uii in, si,,- olJnno n��...
Wll.i.uii ||A|���IV vmM.
Wll.l.i.sli J. TsstK      ,,EM
N'.'li's" I. bereby glsvis sis," svs.|���,., , ,,���t<.7
Is- .   Blsrllng In,.,, a poll mar. ,1 A   ,.   .'-���' v
""'; "V  ��n eb.ln. east, thenos lis ,i, , ,
���on  i. tltent.. ��i .bull,. ��,..,, tl,,.,,,.,. {J I.,,,,""
in.rut lu in,i,it , 1 iiiiiiiii,.|t,.,,������,t|i
I'nleil tbla Ith dsy ssl Juno 1'jtm.
AkTIII'lt lens l.tist,
��ii.ihm J Tnya. Aeent.
(iolloe li lierob" given Iiiai no dayi afler dab^ i
"���"'"l to apply to Iho llonorablo llio Chief " ���
it, ...i'   ",El''i,'",'',: ",,i"",""'"'ii i"��i	
 i soil  di, .��ici . >   j_  eonier   i,I,,i,i,,,i   ,������, i    i,
imrlli i.i ih,. n. w earner nl ��' i    ,i.i ���'.   .
J-njHnj '" ' ire Veil,.;, riii^lnVi-elSnia'offl
pl����.SIt I"'",""��l"��' I"
Mai i.i: slOOANIAlalt, Loonlor,
June Mil,, 1�� "  A '.U...K,,, .,���,.,���
lnili��ni^nUn,te.lJi'.v''.. ""I' "> ''I"' ����** '
ni no io mate appl i ,��� ftonornlile ibe
' lil.f Commlaaloiitirnf Unda and worki lo "nor
Ste���?n,���_!,"",  '"iWr/werlne
running etui Hi j chain., louth f..r, v .-!,.,it.'.'
was wawtfsa
It'llk   1,111
Haled July., im,
 ib������i.,b.��� .ib.,1, ,���.;���;;;: ���."��;""",���
al n I.....1 planted sit n,.. si������i,��,���"*��
I. (lallaglier's api.ll.,  ,���.,���,
"Ii. A. Hac'aaonihoaai e���������.tl ,'��".����
eighty (Ml ebnili. ��,.,-,|��� ���',.;., '"'"U
"'���'Us: "i. ��� ��� '��� elgbly (��", |, ' " N'"
eighty ,�����>) ebalni ��,,uil, ,��� "i , '*',: *
nionce Ill, eonullllng >lv __>�����_" '
(Mil) aeres, Kitiro or leu" '"' *l
Daiod tho ind of July, im.
" �� ��0   I
�����   VI'.I.KIS. |���
Nittlfe is hereby given Ilnsi i���   ,    .
Intend Iss lssists.,s|,���li,��� , ,���,,,    '
i lie    '''.iitinlh.lisiis.r..( l.usi.i. ���|���] ..''"".
''"���*'"" .'"   I ���       I-:;
lands:  (s sii's,,|ng ���t ��� j^., b. * T*
n.irlli��e>l e���rser..l U.sl.le ��� ���
is,.,,   l���  |,���rel,���...  ,���H,,.V���||      ,n     W
'" riiniiliig knl,,Yi"j
;"u" fltalu l.tflchSSa
 I -neciu.-hl. i
�� a i uiias,Au3|
Jul; /nd, IHM
Notieej. he-chy 4 (von that ni .i��i_.su
In lend tunpidy to lbe (tanuiable UwO
tiM.Kiouer of Lands and Works for tm
i . i . ������ ibe MIowiua descrlhedluS
i . !. Weil KooiemivdiMrj,, :(Vim
posl on the cast nidu nf Tuln, i>.,_.
Arrow Ukt>, and marked "J J WX
������ imi r - ih- nee eaal ni chaini ill.* .
chains, thenoe wait m i-hnUir thtm
. hum- io  jK.nit of inn i,.. i .,���������..���
.(.'" acn i more or lem
Lot ated June iniii, 1MB j j ��
r. ii Hiti.ua  ���   .
Blat) days after date I tnti ti | I
L'hlef Commis-donet oi Lands mi. fj
\ lOtoria, lor j�� rralaslon to pan ii*��fini-i
nnd .imv (b-i)���cn,. ���| land.l ���!_���.i._1
ed   i- rollowa; i omraeni Ini nt �� i..-j_
eight. [80) uhaftts east of the N  ���
Buiaerh pre-emption and marked "C -
corner,"  Hiid  ruiiiitiiK   east   f-irij- j*���} ���*,
Ihence south forty (��) chnlui, ili-'ii'. irtl
'  loilll-.  Ho lie.-  Hi .Mb  I..''. I
Im Kin ulna '
���tuivT. !���'���. ai oh
S'oiice i- b- rebyflven thai flHanifc
Intend to apply to the Ibm ibi ti....,
���loner ��l Unds ��nd Wtut* f.ir]H-nai������i
chase thi follow ini deirrlbed Ua* ,t
K,.,,!. na> dlsu-icl, province <-t itrubbi^
fon tu-tiiK  'ii  h  l��'*i  un rked  \ \ ������
S   tt   corner, mi [In- ...ml, -
aboul two miles oaal ol Hurton < k -*i
and al the northwest corner of M_u
in -  jn- filiation i Inim, th.-	
thi ine norlh no chains, ihi-nce ��-*������**����,
them,. Hotith 00 chains to lhe |>Ui. iktUlMf.
contain lag ^toacit** mnreui lesa
Dated ihti jnh day of July, IM.
Soli . i�� hereby glren lhal I - ���   ���   ���-���>
date I Intend to appl) lothe il'iii.mtili-iti-i
' uminlMlouerol Landsand Worki Hjeru _
tn purebaae the  loiiowing ilfsrri-M i i-..ii>* I
uie in   Kire Valley on the I
roa Uke, Kootena) district .i,Hni--.i uM
lows: Commencing hi m t��."i iium.-'i ulij
north weal corner of tt'. A.i ahlei i| 11
marked "A McL'i wulhwi it con : I
Ih.ui.   lorlv  (id) chains cast; tin I I
chains north;  thenoe forty f��j ��-h*ir.�� istl
theliee   fort)   (IP)  . hn) iih  Iii lbs i-Ma
iniiiiiir tn. in,nt. contain ing one I Bdmi
sixty d"i) acroi inure di I   -
Dated June 33, UDfl Ami i llclarontf |
W. A, t'Al Uia Art-Hi-
Notice la hereby given thai l ini'n.i.**ij)j|
after date to n|>|dy to the Chlel < niii'iii**. su*!
landsand Work*, forpermlsi P��***5H
following described lands and prenl"
hi Fire val'ey. Kootena) Dtsti	
hi k poal imarked P. ll <-'< onnor eortl
10 rj (.lined nl ihe north   easl   n-ru. f ���
It, township OB; tbansa south 10 chili
weal lu chalm, ihence north *i . Imn-1 - o*
northerly boundiry of aald -ci nun U;srwlM
ceessi id ehalna to the piece <i beglnnlBtni
lalnlng if" acrea, mid being thi noi
tjnarioi ol Mini wotloQ U, lowasbtp'*'
Nelaon. h O.Juueftlh U06.
p. h tyftsftx
(t)..i;..l-   VOI Si     '������  ���
wmi s
Buty dayi after date I intend to applT Kl!
commiasloner of Landi and Works, u
purobase iMo acres of bund iltualeiadd
m followi Commencing ������! i i-"' I������
the eut shore of Arrow Uike opposlt* *
landing ui ibe south ireil cornei p
0'RiloyYi ).re . mpibm and marked P
cornorj thenco eaal 00 abalni. iJi.-i>�� *-
chains, iii in c ur.i 00chaini i" '"��' ^v
lbence north iilolig  tlie lake ibon lo I'.
Jniii-'juth 1008,
p UltlM.
\v. Oayaa. !������
Notice li hereby given tbat 60 dayi ���-tt'j'ffl
Inn-mi lo apply to Hie II irable tiu-'')^"'*
iniNHimiiTof i.iHi.lmnid Worki fot peimlr"-1
pu rebate the followiiiK deicrlbed landi
moneing nta |h��i marked W a Ut  ���- I j
planted at the N   W. corner of W A.Ci
pre-emption In Kire Valley. runolMiJW
north, 10 chains weit, B0 chains sooth, 4.CWJ
tail to plaoe otoommoneement.
W, ft. HflCAHDinBi !-�������*�� |
W. A.t'AII'KK, AKCIll-
Juneaoth, itns,
uml  v<
Nollee i^ helebv gfVCU tbatllXly I
dale  I  Intend  to apply- io I'
chief Commissioner uf l-m
l"i m no.ii.ii io purchase lbe following in*-
trHi't nf inn.I: Hitiii.k- ni Ouccni' Bay "ii ii�� rr
-noi,. mi Kootena) Uke In lbe Pirfrlrl i
Kooionay. l��rovlnoo of  Urin-h <
coniiiiuiuK by admeaaitrement IW.u�� ��
tbe same more or less, which parcel i
 re  par li-uiiirly  doacrlbed  "- i""1'"'
mencing at u point on the westi <^ ta��"
b. 70BU t, i tfest Kootoney IHslrht, i��
���oath easl oorner of L WWQ li ihencei
bdiouing the southerly boundir) nt u��
*ichii|n> in,,).' ,.r I. U In lhe huiiIi f
tier of ����id Lot OtHH 'b ti thonn .<>i'
iouth 40 chaini  more or I-- te lhe  m
erly boinutaiv    f D. ����� Dalioch'l  ApptW"''
Purchase! th, not oastorly following Utr,]',.
erly boundary oitM^ib.K.BnlbK-h'iApplirt1
to  I U re hast* ___.g7il
lo I urebaao tt.ttil i-haiii�� i ' '**S "'���,.
ihureofwueeni'Bayi thenoe f ��i����   ' fSJ
oaityofiheiald ibore lu n nonh i
. hntni more or tei
slli'il   IO""1''
Ing tbo weiterly buundery of mid '���"��� - .
[.dnSohalni more or ton to polnl ���>! ,llm",
i i
:     i.creby  glv
ie lb.
I'l   lOIIIilil
���laiiorofLundsaml ffa ���
base the folbHVlnp (Id
I   KooletliiV il
a, M. "'MViii
fixu dnyi!
: Heniu
! but i
,, (hew
pSintc,   ,i[   ibe   nurlliHi-l
Mug c*ri>. u. Ilu-hoc innth WoHaini
���in chnins more or lew, them  "     .'.in
moro or lens, thence call to lakeihon*.��"(_,
h'acoof biginninr. Hn* eauio i- Inb-n '"'  ,,,,:,
lirnc a-liat l-ku i n> Ilie linn  1,T ' ..���
PatodJtilyM-Pd '*��"��� " H|:IT  t
Notlco Is horoby given tlial iMVffljJt.
thoilato l inieiul tu InnM totho �� liter
Honor ui Landsand worn Victoria, w
���Inn to purchaao the loiioHiiu. H wxw
nI ��� in the disiriei or  Weil b'""01";'^'^
of (i rob man Crueki Btnrllugal �� ! ," ,.
Juhu Wllltb'l B, W. corner, ftlanlc'i '
chuiiiH ion Ui uf ,1. Malone'fl ���Muiiifft"
runiiiutr norlh Hflfhnlus, Ihence ensi ' ,-
theliee loiltll IH) (dial111, til
point of cnuiliicncuniolll.
-lune   1, IiHHb
. Wcnl 'IM'!"
���WI^WMHHWilliisWi" ��� m
The Dally Canadian
Canada Drug and1
Book Co'y, Limited
Council    Provides    for   Issue   of   New
Loan���Power   Plant   Machinery   Is
Still  Delayed���Other  Business.
'flu- kind that puzzle Ilie average npti-
i inn are tlie very one; we are after, tbere-
liv deruottstrating onr superior ability anil
skill. Conic and sec what our eye specilist
II Mecklenberg, M* A*
do tor you.
satisfy you.
charge unless  wc
Prices Right.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
* ��-* r*>*> ���������������.^���������* *���������������������
iperial Bai k of Canada
Canada Drtig and
Book Co'y, Limited
Head Office
|H1'\I. ['AID UP.,..(8,800,000
H  WlLKtE, President HON
Branches in Br .ish Columbia:
Wlii'.vi).      aOLDKN,     NKLSO.,     BBVEL8TOKE,     TROUT   LAKE,
ul isurtvtit rules, from dliti' of openiiiK lie-
Deposits received ninl lutarast llllows
ssi mnl credited hull.yearly
M.    LAY,   MnniiKcr.
fhe Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing P-toi and Paints.
llisiu Builders will iimi it to Hiei.BdTOntagB'ton-e-m'I.toh.
< Ison Coke ami Gas Co., Ltd.
Burns & Co.
Murttota in   Rosslnnd,   Trail,   Ki Ison,  Knsln,
Doiivor and Blooarl City.
Sandon, Three FtuliH, New
"sii iis any brano- will isavo
Held Office: Nelson, B. C.
The issue of an additional loan by
the city of $50,000 for the completion
of the power plant requires the rais
ing of the rate of municipal taxation
to 2D mills, which waa resolved upon
last  night  by  the  city council.
Other matters dealt with Included
the vexed question of Fred BoiQUet'fl
menagerie, the cinders from the Yale-
Columbia Company's sawmill, the report for July of the chief of the fire
department .and the further delay by
lhe Allis-Chalmers-Hullock company  in
forwarding the machinery for the city
power  plant.
Aid, Scions expressed the couilcH'h
sympathy with Mr. and Mrs. J, Fred
Hume  In   their  recent loss.
The meeting was called at 8, with
Mayor Olllett in the chair, and Aldermen Hume, Selous, Amiable, Irving
and [lose phesent. The minutes of
ine last meeting were read and ap
A letter from Dr. Arthur, city medical health officer, stated that in his
opinion Fred Bosquet's menagerie
was no) a menace to the health of
neighbors, though at times the burning of refuse undoubtedly created a
disagreeable odor. He recommended
that in future all refuse lie removed
and burned where it could not inconvenience  any  one.
Aid. Selous thought that, since lhe
health officer did not Specifically describe the menagerie as a nuisance,
the council could not act.
It. Robinson, invited to address thu
council, complained of the nightly
howling of the coyotes and the odor
at  times of cleaning out  the cages.
A. Thomas, who has repented of tne
statement to which he placed his Big-
nature, stated lhat while he was a
friend of Mr. Bosquet, he found the
ouor of the menagerie intolerable at
After som econsullation of author-
ltles it was agreed that the council
would later resolve itself Into a board
of health   to  deal   wllh  it.
.1. il. liitlings then addressed the
council, staling that the cinder nuisance at the Yale-Columlba sawmill
could be obviated by Introducing
draught through the stack, at a tost
of $1,000. He promised that it would
be done as soon as the mill could be
closed   down   without   great  loss.
Mr. Billings also asked for a tease
of the foreshore near their til for the
purpose of filling it in to lengthen
their siding. He said that it would
improve lhe water front and interfere
with  no one's rights.
The latter was left over until the
next meeting, permission being given
for enjoyment of a right of way in
the  meantime.
Chief Deasy's report for .July
showed no alarms of fire. One member of the department was fined two
days' pay for absence wtlhout leave.
He recominnded that hydrants bo inspected monthly; that additional pipe
lines be laid in the business district;
that two condemned buildings be removed; lhat a'l unoccupied buildings
be securely closed, and that the practice of depositing ashes in wooden
boxes be slopped. The report was referred to the fire, water and light
Aid. Rose introduced by-laws 1G8,
109 nnd 170, dealing with city revenues, which were twice read by title.
The council went in committee of the
the whole with the mayor In the chair.
The by-laws provided for sinking
funds and general revenue, making
taxes   payable  on   September   1.
On Aid. Selous' motion 1 mill was
added, making the total rate 2tt mills,
for provision of Interest and sinking
fund for the proposed new issue of
debentures, and a clause was added
fixing November 1 as the limit for
rebates. The commlttee then rose
and reported the three by-laws complete, as amended. They were then
read a third time by title. Aid. Rose
gave notice of  the  final  motions.
A petition for the submission of a
by-law authorizing the issue of $r>0,-
mto  debentures   was  read.
Aid. Selous then gave notlco that he
would   introduce   such  a  by-law.
The mayor referred to tho letter of
\V. ED, McCundhsh In lhe Daily Canadian, referring to the power plant,
which he said contalnetl many Inaccuracies.
Aid. Selous thought uo notice neod
be taken of it.
Other aldprmetl thottghl anine explanation might he given to the public.
The city engineer said that the tall
rnces wero sufficiently excavated for
the operation of the plant, und that
any extra head obtainable by further
excavation would be of no advantage.
He added that the water Is now going
down at the rate of two inches a day,
and is now at the level of the turbine
The mayor stated that his only Information he had from the Allis-
Chalmers-Bullock company was a verbal message from local manager Gib
lice, to the effect thtft the electric
machinery ls completed but is held
waiting the completion of the hydraulic machinery, that none has yet
been shipped; that Mr. Gllllce has
repeatedly askod for a definite official statement from the company, and
so far has not obtained any.
The mayor stated that by the last
agreement, signed by W. F. Ulel,
holding power of attorney from the
company, |50 a day was payable by
the company to the city since An*
gust  1.
Aid. Selous then, on behalf of the
council, moved, seconded by Aid. Irving, a resolution or condolence and
sympathy with Alderman and Mrs
Aid. Hume briefly thanked the
The council then adjourned to August 20.
In session immediately after as the
board of health the matter of Bos*
quet's menagerie was again taken up.
On motion of Aid. Selous, seconded
by Aid. Annable, the menagerie was
declared, on the evidence of many
residents of the neighborhood, to be
a nuisance and Mr. Bosquet was ordered to remove it.
The mayor raised the question of
the nuisunc** of the Stanley street
sewer. Several other nuisances were
also discussed, but no definite action
was taken.
Whok'.-nlo und Retail Dealer, ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
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Mail orders receive careful attention.
Saver King Hotel
Beet Dollar B, day limine in the Koot.-nnrs.
Rooms sre well lurntssliesi.   Table ts good ss in,
lu Nelsou.    Ber supplied with good
tlouors ansl tigers.
W. B. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and Amor Iran Plan
Meala �� eta.  Kooma from _a eta. to It
Only Whit* Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
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Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
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and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
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Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Resl Estate
Business iu Kooteuay.
Nelson, B. C.
Lake Vieto
Hall and Vcraon Sts.
Two block-* from
Rates 11.00 per Day
Rlsd up.
P.O.Box IM.
Telephone 118.
E. C. TRAVES,  Maiag.r.
Nnt ice is b reby pi u llinl 60 Java alter date
wc intend to in nly io Hie HmmriMc Die Chief
CuminlMl(>n**r ni Lam)* ami Worki fur a npefital
license  lo cut  ami carry ttw-iy Mm! vr fritm the
following described lands:   fifftttuoenelng at a
post  nmrki-d  U. P lal.lHcll   ubout tWO and OQfl
hull miles from the Peiid d'Ornlld river, on tbe
eait tide of Fifteen Mile Creek, thenee80 chalm
e.i-t, thenee m> chains loath, tbence Ni chain*
west, llienee HI) .-.mill*, nortb to place of cuiiiineii-
Coeated the lit day Ol August, 1906,
Herman Iteajier, Agent,
Notice tr- hereby given tbat sixty days after date
I Intend toapply to the Houi.n-.l_ie th* Chlel
COinmlsalOUer ol   1/iti-l- nml Works [tiri -|i.','ial
lloetue io eul and curry away timber from the
following described lands: Commenolng at a
post marked ���Fred Adle, lr., abonl one ami one*
Imir mllei from tumuli of IVud d'Oreille river oil
the eail tide ol fifteen Mile Creek, ihence no
chains north, thenoe B0 chains west, tbenee no
chains south, thenee su chainsi.east to place of
located the27th day of July, iam.
KitKh Awe, Jr., Locator.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Ustv and Night,
.ampleand Bills Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward ini Vernon Streets.
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
I have for Safe the Choicest
Fruit Lands in this district.
Most of it situate od the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before you decide to locate. .
Choice Fruit i ���** i0^ *��"
Choicest Fruit Lands tn
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Notice In lien-by given that 60 days after date I
intend toapply lo the Honorable the Cblel Omn-
nilKHinner ol i- ndi nud Worki* for atpealal 11-
i-eiiM1 to rut mnl carry away timber from tbe following deM-ribed landl! t'oliimetielng at�� pwt
marked Herman Reaper, about two and one-half
mlloi from Hi-iid d'Oreille river, on tbe east side
Ol Fifteen MllQ Creek, tbenee BO chains  west,
iiit-ii't' 80 ohalna bouui, thenee ��o ohaini east,
thenoe SOrhalninorihtoplaoe of commenoement.
Located tbe 1st dav of Annuel, 1906.
Heh.ma.s- Kkai'kh, Locator.
Notice if herein- given tbat, thirty days after
date, 1 Intend to apply to tbe Honorable the
Chief Comminloner of Lands and Works for a
ipeotal license lo ont and carry a#ay timber from
the followiiiK described Unde, lituatO on Lemon
crock in the district of West Kootenay: Commencing at a post planed on 1/emoii ere k,
eleven '11) mltcs from Kootenay Lake* adjoining
Lot 26*1, marked -B. W's h. K. corner post";
thence forty (40) ehains weat! thence eighty (W)
south; Ihenoe forty (���)") chains east; thence
.'Ighty (Mi chains north to point of commencement, containing three hundred and twenty (3.M)
acres, more Of less
Dated tbe Mln day of June, A.I>., 1906.
Bhi-ce Wurnc
���^  Limits. Woodberry Uroek,1
Tender for Timber
" 111 be received
by th- undersigned up to noon ol Saturday, the
ifthdtivof UgU.t, 1800, from any p rsoti desiring t-i obtain inocial timber llcei.cciti.eut and
Carry away timber from the tollnwlug desrribed
l.nds, situate . n th - North l'ork of Wo dberrv
Cieek, in tin- a In w�� th Mining Division of We.'t
Kootenav I' slrl-C
Lol 1. r< mine t-ing al a stake planted on tho
Nortb Fork 01 Wm.dborrv Creek, about live
miles from Knotcnav Lako; th. nee south HO
chains; thenco wi st SO chains; tbence north tw
ohalna] theuce QUI SJchaiusto the point of commencement.
L.it 'J.--Commendni.- at a stake p'atm-il 011 the
North Pork of Vt Iberry Creek about six miles
from Kootenay Uke; tnence iouth 80 chalnn
tbence west 80 chains; thence norlh flO chains j
thonoe out 80 chalm totho polht ol commencement.
Lot 8.���CommonoftiR at a itako planted on the
North Kork of Woinlbcrrv Crook, about sercu
miles irnm Koolenay Lake; ihence south so
chains: thenco west Sii chains; thenee north 40
Ohalnii  tbence cast So cbaios   to tbe point of
Lot I-Commencing nl ;t slake planted on the
Norih Fot-k nf Woo- berry * reoti, about dghl
mllei Irom Kiotenav Uke; theliee south SO
chainil tlience west mi eha.ns; thence north 80
chain-*) thenoo cast so chains in the pomi of
ciiiiliueuccineu t.
Th0 perann offer lug tho highest cash bouui will
bo entitled tnineoUl licences covering tbo Hm*
lis* renewable for twenty -one suceosshe years.
Kiich lender must be accompanied bvacortt*
fiod cheque, made ptyablo at par tn Victoria to
the undersigned, for the amount, fltlo.oo, or Ibe
llr-t year's fees for such ���pedal licence*, and the
iniioiinl of the hiiitos tendered, him also a certified cheque inr ��10 Uit for cosl of advertising said
Deputy ''omnilsslolier of Landl and Works.
Lauds ami Works Department,
Victoria, ��. C.July ltfth, Not).
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms,
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Ltrge antl ComlorUble Bedrooms and First*
class Tiiuiiti; Room, .ample Rooms lor (lommor*
"Isl Men.
MRS. K. C. 1'l.ARKK, Proprietress
WiimipeK Port Arthur
St. Paul,    Dulnth,    Sioux City
The well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest iu the
Knnsiw Oitv $58.25. St.Xouis $110.00.
Chicago $114 00.
On sale August 7-S-9, September 8-10
Final limit October 31st.
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Kufs to Regular Baurders.
A. McDonald & Co-
Dealers in staple aurt fancy Groceries.
Butter, Kkks.
Cnntp nud Miners' Supplies.
West Transfer G).
(.unornl Tcnisti^rs and Dealers in
CtnU and Woo i.   Express and
hsggage Trans/, r
.olop!',!:,'"i?2 Office: Baker St.
W.   a.   GILUETT
Contruu.ctr  nntj
Bul Id* r.
Stilt- figont for the I'ortn Kfid LumbQT Co., Ltd.,
n-tiiii yiinin.   Ronghand<ln id lumDor, tiirni><!
Work anil ltr**Jt��t��, Connl nlli hh'I iltltiglu, te-h
inn) door*,   Uament, i��ri��'L ami time tor tele,
Autotnalli'. itritiilur.
Yard nud nuiforyi vanton8t..e*atornnil,
NBL8UN,   Ii. C.
]'. O. box Wi. Telephoiiu 17S.
Toronto $7it.fi5.   On sale September 8 0-10
Limit November 30th.
Milwaukee $62.20    On stile Aupust 7 8-0.
Limit October 31st.
Through rates all stations���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New England, Mori*
time Provinces on application.
a.g.i*. v, Vancouver.
.1. S. CARTER,
D.H.A., Nelson.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout. Nelson
aud iis suburbs Phone HIS.
��� ���:
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y*
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will ls'iive Nelson nt 8 :S0 a. m.
will arrive at Nelson at 7:3fi p m.
will leave for Kaslo at 6:4- p. m.
will arrive at Nelson at fl :10 a. ni.
City l'ii8Ecnger Ageot.
A tl, P. A., Bottle.
The Latest Modern Appliauges
now in use at this        j
noons CAL.L.BO tor
Anil  ni_l.IVI.WBl> PRBB
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
For Everything Oood
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Pears f
Will lie coming in
regular shipments
from local and (>k-
anagau   Shippers.
Bell Tradingj
Company        ���
44 cA Tip" for a
44Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
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go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
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0. K Melllsh, F. ttorlaser, Vancouver;
S. H. Bri,!(;.-s. Blverside, Cal ; B. I Kirk
��� wood, Sl'��-iiu; (i. 0. Williams, k.k kft.nl:
i; E. Henderson, Oanton; W. D Cornel],
I Chicago; 0. E. L.-(.'i*. Spokane; (I \V
i Myers, New York i .1. W MoBurner, Se-
I utile; F. M. Stevenson, Midway.
(I. Kerr. Winnipeg; A P. Lane, Ottawa;
M. Johnstone, L. Pulist, \V. K Htt, J. R
DormAn, 3. A. Morgan, Lethbrldge; Miss.
Wearer, VV. 0. Smith, Spokane; W. Robertson, NaknspJ (j. Clayton. Derby; W.
Marriott, Vanoonver; M. Averv. Arrow-
send; Belle Ohisholme, Boston; P. l>.
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and Mrs. lJriilt-iiux, Pilot Buy.
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IJ. Fiilnniiv, -itillie tiibsoil.
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Vancouver; 8 Farri-11. N'akusp.
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Qreenwood; N. McDonald, Oranbitnk.
W, W. Trisp, Westley, J M. Babtssu.
F. Johnson, Seattle; R. Jackson, Bpo-
.1. A. Dmiiilil und wife. Medicine Hut;
J. Ii. Wlnlaw, Winluw: p. Stevens ami
wife, Barton; E. 0. Rolf. Rossland; Mrs.
Brett, Miss Brett, J. Qenelle, Nakusp.
II. H. Davis, Seattle, H. Raiubo, Du-
Inth; J. D. McDonald, 7-Mile; li. K.
Meuiv. Deer Pi.rk ; F. I'nfnetl, Ssiluio; A.
Johnson, Alnsworth; Mrs R. McPherson,
John, McLean, R. McPherson, New Denver;?. Metro, J. Robblioau, Creston; .1.
Laing Ymir; R. Bheeley. Bpokane; Mrs.
H. J. Welliugton, A. Johnson, Nipigon,
0, 0. Pnliii. Cranbrook; F. Harris, .1.
Johnson, Nakusp; C. Hirst, Fernie; 0.
Ragi ii. Winnipeg.
Tolephom' 161.
nn: BXCLUiUVJC privilege nf n��*iiihk rafreib*
id mi Lhe (oeiety'a ground! iiurinj. the Pall
r. September IO*20-2f,   Noinlrltuoui lf*|ii<.rs
-allowed.  Tin* IiIkIh*-! or hiiv fender nol necee-
-ii-ily acceptor).   A certified i-he-ine (or full
amount to accompany eacli tender,  addren
i). c. UoMobru, Becrelary(
Nelion Agricultural and iiuiiiMrini Anoelatlon.
KeUon, B.C. aiikmm 0. iw��.
OTTAUK nf mIx rooms, beautifully lituated oh
iliuil.U nut; Dice Imvn and lame fruit! tOOD
riifh, balance aa rent.  Corner Btanley mi.l Ob
niK OFPICB SALOON, Baker itreet.   Apply to
(lurk .i. Thoimmn.
IHMT     .\ L'nnil  riUVillKPMIIIW. flttl-1  Will) Mill llllll
new imrM.    Por particular! apply to H. w.
Palcouer, Canadian offlce.
ROOM���Fronl bedroom in nice cottage, on Mill
Btreet, n-'tir Jotepblne.  Suitable for two gen-
ill-nun; references required,  appiy Canadian
SO Mies, ai bnce, fnr work in tin.- woodt.
m \.\ B, Cooke, uwmlUi Kuxin.
LADY 8TKN0UKAPHKR for poiltloi* In country.
Oood home with employer! finally-    aw'v
lm\ IV., i uJifi.lhin uflli'o.
The Mountain Lun_ermeh'a association will be in session here tomorrow.
Born, on July 5, to the wife of John
McBride, corner of Cherry :iinl Hoot*
ver streets, a sou.
A colt was foaled at the circus
grounds this afternoon and was immediately   christened   '"Nelson."
A  handsome  belt, the prite for  the
v;ilt/.ini;  contest   at the 10,000  Club's
'lame  this  week,  i> on  rtew   in .1. J.
WalUt-r's window.
Th.-   annu.i!   picuic  <>(  St.   Satioar.
thoir  wil|  in-  held    tomorrow    after*
noon.    Lftonctaea  will  leave   Lin
wharf at  ;t. tS  a.  m   -sharp
A   new  folder  is being prepared  bj
the advertising committee of th.   _".
'   Club   in  deal   with  all   tn.-   Industries, resources and attractions of the
Rev. Ur. K. D. McLaren, home mis-
euon secretary of the Presbyterian
church in Canada, will arrive in Nelson this afternoon from Slocan City
;*nd will address ;i meeting in Si.
Paul's church ha.:  in the evening
Thr funeral of the late IV H. Smith
nf Thurso, Scut land, who was killed
in tin* Hall Mines Bmelter last Friday,
tuok place this afternoon from the
Standard Furniture company's parlors
Rev, J.  T-  Kergusun  r.-ad the service.
J. Dtirtfiteer was arraigned before
bupendigry Magistrate Crease in Uie
provincial ploice court today at noon,
charged with stealing a barrel of beer
which had beeu moored in the river
by J. Poloski. lie pleaded guilty,
paid the value of the barrel an 1 th;
costs of the court and was let go on
.���-us|-ended  senteuce.
Al Gray of Kokanee will leave tomorrow morning on the Crow boat
lor a trip to Halifax, to visit his parents, both of whum are over 9U years
of age. Al has a return ticket and lias
no Idea of leaving Koot-nay permanently. He has also an accident policy for $6,000, so that if anything happens to him he will feel easy, He
lotetfdfl to use his inllueniv throughout the dominion against any reduction of the Chinese entry tax.
Mining Records.
Four locations. 17 certificates of
work and one transfer were recorded
in the Nelson  mining office today.
S. 'Ross recorded the Albion on
Coon  creek,   located  July   lit.
John. Swanson and' Albert Garvin
recorded the Red Line on o.Munt Ver
non,  located   August   2.
Oscar Hartman recorded the BI-
metalllc on Summit creek, located
July '.:,.
Krapk Aiken recorded the Hidden
Treasure, on the north fork of Summit  creek,  located  July  25.
Certificuie1. of work were granted:
To M, Zattotn, on Uie Vento; to J
narrlson, on tbe Yuma Fractional,
Twin and Last C'hnnce; to Elisabeth
Stevens, on the Kalispell; to I. (;..-
roux, agent for J. Sturgeon, on the
First Chance; to E. Peters, on the
No. it!*, St. Thomas nnd Telegraph: to
0. Huscroft. on the Ontario; to Joy
Holland, on lhe Tellurian. Flyer and
Clorlde! to J. Campbell, on the Great
Western, Ritai, Stronghold and Topsy.
T. F. Mc Finland iranslerred to \\*.
Connolly a fourth interest In the
Henry  Clay for $426.
Mother   Lode   Case.
In the Mother Lode case In ihe provincial   police  court   this   morning   the
cross-examination   of   the   complainant
John   Paiterson.  by   \\\  A.   Macdonald.
The Store of Quality
While Tkey Last
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Ulock . Phono 10
Wc have the remedy- Our
expert opliciau is giving satisfaction. We guarantee to satisfy you, if you give us a trial.
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
J. J. WALKER, fcli^
Have You Seen It ?
Makes work easy.    Ask to see
them.    25c each.
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, ns tba season Is closing, nml 1 will
si'e ihnt your order Is DHed with the
best fnill In hi' Iimi al lhe lowest mar
liet  |ir!rt\
Hazlewoodi Ice Cream
C. A. Benedict s.H.SEANEY
C.rn r Silica ailsl Josephine Sis.
'hone 2d6.
Gait Coal
'!���-..���> .-;--���-. Tub
Telephone *'���
This is the minnow season.   We
have a full stock of
Pails at $1.00. $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
Commencing TODAY We Put On a
Clearance Sale
I \\Y have tb<- greatest vnriety of Spinnen
ever shown in itny tackle storo.   Drop
in nnd look around, nnd KB for
Vfe don'i neod i" omke a big Ulow iboQtooi
Barnltu.   wv u.ii juai mention m teyt
ben nud tb��j wllUpoU tut
Jl.&O   Bi-oker   Razors   for 95c
25c   Shaving   Brushes   for 10c
$1.25   Wall   Pockets for 90c
75c   Wall   Pockets   for 50c
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONK l.".        NKLKON. B. ('.
Worth   85c,   $1.00   and   $1.25.   for....
 50c  per   box
50c packages Note Paper for 25c pk'ge
Black   Ink 5c   bottle
Colored   Ink,   red.   green   and   violet
 5c per Cottle
Thompson & Douglas
*Sll��ii   \\'rltiii|f ii   -S|.t;��_ inlt*. .
Whh Paptr and huriap.
W. G. Thomson . Nelson!   Rossland!
BOnK.KU.KB sind   -NTplc-,,    R   f-
K. C, was conclnded, nnil Brgument
Patiurson ailmlitfil Uia�� he foresaw
tne forfeiture of A. F. Dix'-siTs bond;
that he hoped lo dispone of hla own
bond; that he gave an option on It
to (i. . Mt-Mlllan for J2.".'ii)'i more than
hi.i own bond; that he hail negotiated
wiih .1. l.eiiviek anil \V. II. Pool. He
bIbo admitted that he had not put
live men Ui work on ihe property on
Aiikum   1  an required  hy  ilu-  bond.
The court resumed at '���'��� is. m. today anil Is mill  In  lesslon.
The Mother Lode rase, ih.- charge
Thursday, Aug. 9th
Recreation grounds
Commencing 2 p.m.
rAimission  and Grand  Stand
Fifty Cents
. ._ _
ssW Ml
in   1'
.   really
K' 11 111
<l   Willi   t'OMlH
,- tii
in uf-
$i0, (2.50 end $J5
Our LONELY Sale only ^
occurs once a year, and is
now in (nil swing.    These vj
suits are ''M
All Fit-Reform Gords,    i
the  best clothing   on   the m
market,made by high-class |k
workmen. Conn- in and Wt
lake a look.
1 Fit-Reform
I Wardrobe.
EMORY 8 Mliy
MANI'KAIIUKKUH OK TIIK  I1KAWFOK1) D��--:.i-���        Jr..,
AKiiui. TKAMWAY. Repairing and jobbing a Special,-.
.siieetinetnJ Work, OuUngB, Builders' Material nml Mining and inn u
Odlee antl World FOOt of 1'iirk St.
���bona -<i-��
'-"-'"'"Oil. I,.c
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd,
ss-  iss It, IIKISTKKKK ,lt 00.
Brnran >nd BotU-n ol
Fine Lager Beer and Porter
M-tiiii(,ir|tir.r, ol
Every Known Variety Soil n,!,-..
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
TBL.8PHONB ><>. -1.
P. O. BOX  -<i t.
WM. GOSNELL, Manage,
_    _ _ _.�� r -*"*v>w
* Co, !SS
U'lllllUMIII.   I *,-.>% iMi.lllH,
I 'roillieu.
Dsiiniiiiitii (Isiveriiinetit Cii-iiun-ry One Pound Rrioks n ivs.i weeklj Irs-i I
fnuii the ehurit.   Kor wile I.y all leading graders. |
/ t lines- itiin win
<|       Josephine Street.
oiiieeiinil warehouse: Houston Blook,   PboneTO.
Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
Is your furnace in shape to  start  the winter with?    If   not, Wl|
Is the time to have it repaired.
I. He Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltt|
PI.RASK NOTE���We will nm l.i- responsible for nny furnace nut lii-pe
hy October 1st, 190C.
.;OU.MI>I.K_�� AINI>
Rapalrlns andJobblnii sxauutad with Dunatoh.  sisssiiu.1
WOrk,   Mining nnil  Mill  Msidslsi.-i.,.      M,,,si,l,,_ls..cs'�� sil
ore ears), u. R.  Oontraetora- Oara.
,?_PS�����Wlf:"i,���''->i|���"���,^, :'-���.,.���",',
The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilker's is the S |
Superior in make and quality.
j. a. gTLker
ahd dealers in Lumber, Shingles,
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brackets. Mnil Onl.-rw ,.r..ni|><l.v nt''111'"'"'!
VBRNON 8TRBBT   -   -   -  NBUSONi B. C
We Will Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDerci-d & McH&ti)
Onr mock  of HAM)   SAWS if  vorj  W"l
lnolndlng grades tu suit nil reqtiireuieuts, ,
If you wisth n low priced saw we oan supply >'""'
ftlmi eiury the best qnnlltlen iniido by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y* ^


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