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The Daily Canadian Aug 6, 1906

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Array _lje  iOa\[\\ Ccmotocm
limk I.   No. 54.
Fifty Cents a Month
Vancouver World's
Ciiarijes Are False
Kgreen exonerated
bustivc   Review   of   the   Evi-
Ideuce -Commissioners Report in Full.
.u it August -I���Tho coniinis
uit]ioiiitL>d to Investigate the
,. ui the Vancouver World in
>i ,,t iin- Bate or Ii-hhi- of ibe
j, i.iIh completed Uh work, and
;,] Cetera, K. C, hail seal hla
; s.s isi     honorable    lieutenant
    i mi' ss Dunsmuir.
. |srs-iiiulilo Bete forth tbe foetid, ;i|i|iislntinonl of tbe conunia
ill, taking 'if the niilii, ami tlu-n
owing finding.:
Iml sin (acts relating to said pro
���    ilit-Bc:    Mr. Pendray
oi certain property on
t . Polnl. which   he   lines   for   hla
blob   adjoins   lot   TiTol!,
i ia reaaona was desirous
.'iT'ili.    In order to ac
liurppse  be opened  no
11 buy Ihi- lot wllh the lion.
' s ptember,  1906.    T.iesc
s :    carried on partly by
|l I'srsiinally ami partly b]
irsi'ivis. iiis agent,
��� I'.-uii wns thai Mr. Qreen signl
..  Ilnxnesa to sell tin- lot  by
counselItlon, viz:   either by len-
r l'\  imliltc auction, al  thi- s	
mnkltid ,s stipulation that the lot
I'l nm in iml up lor tender unless
liiviitiisiyi wuh prepared to put in
ilmtanilal    lender,    ami     ll     was
-I   Im   at  least  12.1X111 should  be
|i'nj 11 iimi that this stipulation
nvl-e, ..ml iii the public Interest).
Ireen ;ss tin  same time suggested
ii mlghl  in-  better to ss-i]    the
Jperty by auction, tiB under the ten
ii a slightly  higher tender
I'" lie pui  in. ami Pendray    thus
Hi-   property,  whereas al  auction
[ would know Jusl  what he bail    lo
i. nml could act accordingly.    Tho
hoi of thi. matter waa that the tin-
system was  adopted, and on the
i  "i  September,   1906,  Mr.    Percy
nm. ngenl  for  Pendray,  put   In  a
Iten lender for $2,000, and put up a
IWcd check lor Unit  amount    This
'Ier itns nol aealed, hut wus open,
reason tor nils  being thin    Mr
"��n   wished   io   assure     Mr.   (liven
u  Pendray was  bona  lisle keeping
bargain as io ilu   ainoiinl in- would
I'i Hu- circumstances, I cannot
'in ihore wns anything wrong in
ireen accepting the open tender.
I li idors wero then called lor by no
'luted the ..nd September, 1B05.
ihe terma of that notice ten-
��'"��� in he made by  ii o'oloek
"I 'he 7th Oetolier.  1005.
"n recelpl of Mr.  Pendray'l tender,
'���reen locked ii   up In a  private
��'er In his offloe, apparently    still
 i sealed up, and the evidence
���''   thai li  remained in thai
*<' until after 12 o'oloek noon of
itli October, 1906.    It is also clear
_ iiii'im in the Unds and Works
'���rn.    other  than    Mr.   Qreen
"���elf, saw ih,.  pendray  tender, or
'�� lhe iiiiituiiii hint,.,i in It, iinill af
1 -' o'clock noon of the Vih October,
shortly before 11 o'olook noon or the
11 -loiicr, mi.  Harrison, proprietor
111,1 I'iInd hotel, ami a Mrs. Loggls..
' n igrnphor employed al  the  Drl-
 o  in  He-   Lninls  ami   Works
���   '"'in  ami  put  lu  a  tender  for
igglo for $2,liiu.    This  tender
I'ulotl, mui enclosed with u  was
Loggia's cheek on the Canadian
| Commerce for lhe 18,100 duly
1  ' '���   There were no other   ten.
siii 2 o'clock on ilm same day
11   " I' Ids   were   opeiietl   In   the   pros-
' "  Mr, Qreen nud thu then depu-
��tr   W, S, (Issre, whin, of course. II
"'i-ini thai the tender of Mrs. i.og
������ the higher.
' of lhe opinion thai  if nothing
"' intervened, the tenders would in
;    iiuy course havo bean luld be
'i'" coiiiicil,  probably with    Mr.
'' ��� ii'i'i'ii iilallon thai the  Lug-
lender ho accepleil, Inn  something
"I   ntervono,    The board of iradu, a
"i   ' ' alter tho 7th Oclober, sunt
('legation   to the   government to
,,"" "": Unit the lot iii question
"""�� im ho allowed to full Into iui-
1"' "unds, tor the reason thai if a
1 n'll'ding was eieeted ut lhe end of
�� I'olni, It wolud Intercept Iho view
'ii vessels iippi'oachlnt! each oth
"'"'i opposite  sides  ol   Suhl   Polnl
n'." |;;"i;|' ii nieniu-e to navigation. To
hi umenl the government acoed-
��� ""' imih tenderers were Informed
" wr��.ig that the lot would not. he
".hii I ih,. ruiiBon for tbo refusal
I'll waa given.
'"' sa'-e  by  tonder  having    fallen
thiough,   negotiations    lo    lease    the
.oi'""',?' W1;re ''"l"rei1 lut" ��r Ponoray
with the department which an- not
jet eomplelo, they having been delay.
I'd by reason of negotiations with the
government or Canada tor the aouul-
slllon of lhe lot for lighthouse pur-
poaes. 1 he proposed lease lo Pendray
was not produced. 1 understand, however, thai ii contains, or will contain,
certain clauses allowing its cancellation   ou   notice,   this   being   necessary
in order to allow uie government of
UrltlBh Columbia n free hand In lis
negotiation with the governmenl of
So far us the action of the depart-
nieni  la concerned, what i have al-
leiuly stated Is ii history of lhe whole
transaction, und upon lis face I can
s milling In the least  wrong ahoul
'in the 10th May, imni, i,u editorial
appeared in the Dally World, a newspaper published iu the cily of Van-
coiiver, ssl which Mr. I). W. 1 Imuilis Is
editor. This article was headed "Anderson and Anderson Again in Dm-
ilsiiee," and will he found in lhe enclosed exhibits, marked Exhibit 4. It
contained certain charges.
Tlie lirsi named article was followed by a second lu the same newspaper, In the Issue or tbe J8rd May, imni.
also lo be found in thu exhibits, repeating and milling to the charges already made. And a third article in
the same newspaper, dated 26th May,
n-iiews tin' sunn- charges, with added
sleiiiils, ami they are reiterated in a
fourth article on the fiih June, 1900,
Tlss- charges made lu these articles
may   be  formulated us   follows;
1. Thai Mr. tlreen. or some person
in the department savt) away the
amount of the tender to Mrs. .lames
Anderson, or some other person, he-
lore 12 o'clock on the 7th October,
with the object of fleecing Pendray.
2. That Mr. Qreen agreed to lease
tlie lot in question lo Mr. Pendray at
a nominal rent, under a threat trom
Pendray thut unless the land was given to him be would expose the whole
3. That tbe tender put lu by Mrs.
Ixigglc wus noi really hers, but that
ner name was ouly used as a blind,
and that the real tenderer was Anderson.
After carefully considering all the
evidence adduced���nnil 1 have been
careful to obtain every witness who
could give any Information���1 am
clearly of the opinion thai none of
the charges are true, and that the evidence given very clearly establishes
their falsity, aud that with regard to
the whole transaction nothing has
been done hy sM1*. (ireen. or any otll-
clal In the Lands and Works Depart
ment. In the slightest degree worthy
sit   censure.
I shall proceed to give my reasons
for thin Hading. The first charge is
a  very  serious one.
it win be apparent that if Information us to any particular lender is given out to other tenderers, the whole
system of sale by tenders would he
useless. Such a proceeding Ib not
only unfuii' to the person whose tender Is disclosed, but is calculated to
cause Iosb to the province by tending
lo keep down lhe amount of subse-
queui tenders,
The grounds upon which Ihe charge
in question was founded was thai one
Peroy Brown (Pendray's agent), a real
estate ags-ut    ot repute,    had stated
that before 12 o'clock oil the 7th ���October, Mrs. Anderson had come to his
ofllce ami shown that she knew tbe
exact amount of Pelldt'iiy's lender, and
had stated the amount to him. Iltowu,
and told him he should bid more If
Pendray wanted to get ihe property;
and from this It was assumed ihat
Mrs. Anderson must have obtained
her Information from the department
't'lie evidence satisfies tne that Mrs.
Anderson did not know the amount of
iiie Pendray tender, but from calculations made by other parties (to whose
evidence I will refer). she wns possesses! of a very close estimate of
what Pendray would probably tender:
that when she went Into Mr, Brown's
ofllce she was by no means certain of
the amount of (he Pendray tender;
that she weal there for Ihs- purpoau
01 geiting Information upon 'hut point,
uml by ihe rathei* sharp ruse sif pretending to huve Infoimillion, which
s.ie did not huve, she threw Mr. llrown
off Ills guard In such an extent that
he himself actually gave her the required information, und satisfied her
tlial   the  calculations  she already   had
were correct, so thai ir knowledge of
ilie Pendray lender wus obtained at
all, It was so obtained���not from Mr.
Qreen, hut from Mr- llrown. I mny
say tiuu Mr. llrown now practically
iiilinlls this lo he Ilu so In Ills evidence
Tbo hlstpry ur how the Loggie lender came to be pm In now follows; Th*
notice culling for lenders came to lbe
eye of Mr. Murray, 11 real estate ngenl,
and be Immediately oame to the conclusion lhe he would lly to get one
id hts Clients In lender. He tvus
moved lo do this hy Iwo reasons;
firstly, he had been concerned In he
sine io Pendray of IiIb property on
Seal's Point, and he contended thnt In
some way (nol necessary to enquire
Inlol he had not been well Irealed iu
the matter of ihe commission, and
thai Mr. llrown hud reaped Ihe re-
'Vnrd oi his (Murray's) work. He felt
sure Pendray would tender for the
lot, and he thoughl ho nilghi g'1 even
wil li Pendray on the old score If he
got someone else pi lender enough to
.oat Pendruy's probable offer, Secondly, lu- BBW 11 fair chance or making
money on lho deal.
Having eisncliidoil hu would Inilucc
some person 10 lender, hu made n
careful calculation in ascertain what
Pendray would probably tender. I mny
say that Mr. Murray was ln a peculiarly good position 10 make tills calculation. He was Intimately acquainted with the property, and with Pendruy's Ideas of value, and I see nothing surprising in the fact that he und
Pendray came to about the same valuation. 1 ne result of his calculation
was that he concluded that Pendray
would probably value the property at
$2,iiiui. That, in order to cover that
value, he (Pendray) would probably
lender $2,(irsll, or thereabouts, aud lhat
a second lender of 82,111!) would he
successful. Having come to this conclusion, in- approached Ur. (libbs on
the subject, showed him the calculation and tried to gel him 10 lender.
Dr. (ilbbs was msi then able to go Into
tbe matter, lie next tried Mr. Laird,
and gave him the sitiiie information,
if we slop al this point, il will he seen
lhat before -Mrs. Anderson or her husband had anything whatever to do
with the transaction, Murray hud settled the amount or any second tender
he eon lit get, and had given lhe figure's to Hr. (Ilbbs and Mr. Laird, who
were hoih called as witnesses. It is
clear tlial .Murray goi no Information
from the department, bul tbat tne
amount of $2,111111 was arrived at hy
well considered calculation. 1 think a
lair consideration or this evidence re-
mssves every slued of suspicion thai
might arise from Hie fact of the- ten-
tiers being ssi nearly of the same
l'p to Thursday before the tenders
were to be put In, .Mmray had accomplished nothing, bin on that dav he
met Mr. James Anderson in his club
and laid lhe matter before liini, giving
bim the same liguros he bud given tile
others, and also a Bkcu-h of the property, Anderson seemed pleased with
lhe proposition, and sjioke of some
person in Seattle who might take it.
Anderson told his wife ahout the mut-
ter, and particularly upon Friday evening Anderson and his wife talked the
matter over, ansl it is clear Anilei'sssn,
gave his wife tlte particulars of Murray's calculation. On Saturday at
about 11:21) a. in. Mrs. Anderson had
the Interview with Brown before referred to.
Brown's office Is on Broad street,
uear Trounce alley. At the very same
time Anderson meets Harrison, of the
iii'lartl. also on Broad street, near
Trounce alley. Anderson says this
meeting was accidental, and also that
it was 1111 accident that he should he
on Broad sireet just when his wife
was at Brown's office, I have my
doubts on Ihis point. I am disposed to
think the whole thing was arranged
between Anderson and his wife be-
forehansl. I will state my reasons Tor
this view later, and will now continue
the narration of the facts. When Harrison and Antlerson met. Anderson
explained the poaitlon of affairs to
Harrison, and gave him the figures
and advised him that It was a good
chance Harrison Immediately went
to i\lrs. Loggie. who is a stenographer
at the Drlard hotel, and laid the matter before her. with a strong recommendation that she should tender. Ab
a result of this, she, In company with
Harrison, drove down to the department and pin In the tender. .Neither
Anderson nor hla wife had any communication witli Mrs. Loggie, ln ract.
she did not know either ol them. I
am perfectly satisfied that so far as
Mrs. Loggie is concerned, she put the
tender in, relying solely upon the
Judgment ot' her friends and adviser.
Harrison, and that she did so too*her
own honelit. and was not acting tor
anyone else. Mrs. Loggie gnye her
evidence In a very satisfactory manner, aud by the production of her haul;
book, which she allowed me to see.
showed clearly that she wns well able
to finance n transaction of this kind.
The charge thai Mrs. Loggie was lot-
lug ns a blind for the Andersons wns
in reality not strongly urged,   in fact
In an arllclu in Ihe Issue of the World
of Ihe linh or Mny last, II was practically withdrawn. Whilst entirely believing thnt Mrs. Louie's tender was
for herself solely, and thai the Andersons had no Interest in It whatever, 1
am not satisfied that the Andersons
slid nsil hope at some later dale lo try
nnd obtain nn Interest in the ileal lr
Mrs. Loggie succeeded, probably by
re-purchilse rrom  Mrs.  Loggie.    I    am
saiisiieii ihe Andersons thoughl the
deal promising, and I (-annul think
they would huve taken the trouble
ihey did about If If in some way they
did not hope io profll by ii. I consider, however. 11 is utterly immaterial
to ibis enquiry in speculate whether
or not the Andersons had any hope
to get into the transact Ion Inter on
or not nnd In any case I have only
lhe evidence nl' the Andersons upon
Ihe point and the last rew lines ol
Mrs. Anderson's evidence referred to
her having hy signal, told her husband thai lhe amount of the lender
was all right, and her subsequent complete change of "lis statement, such
change being made nl lhe Instance of
her husband, convinces me that no
finding depending solely upon their
evidence can safely he made.
As to Ihe second charge, namely.
Hint Mr. Qreen hud agreed lo give
Pendray a lease under a lineal ot exposure, It will be stilncli lit lo suy that
tho evidence clenrly shows that no
such throal was ever made, und there
Is no foundation whatever for the
Ab Io Ihe third charge, namely, that
Mrs. Loggie was merely a blind for
the Andersons, I havo already disposed of IhiB.
I mlghl stop at this polnl. ns what
I have already reported disposes' ol all
Iho matters referred to In my commission, hut in falrneas to the editor
of tho World, I think 11 proper to express the opinion which I have formed
���that the editor of the World cannot
Fatality at Hall Mines
D. H. Smith, of Thurso, Scotland,
Found Dead This Morning
in Ore Bin.
The Hall Mines smelter has been
the scene of very few fatal accidents
(iurins the years of its operation. A
year ago an employee of the C. P. R.
company was caught and crushed between a car and a platform on the
smelter spur, and smeltermen have
died from injuries. But the accident
discovered this morning is the only
case of an employee of the smelter
company   being  killed   while  at   work.
D. H. Smith entered the company's
employment about July ISth. Nothing
was known of him except tliat he had
lately arrived in the city from the
Last Friday morning he was assigned the task of loosening the crushed
and caked ore from a mechanical
roaster no longer in use. The ore occupied about half the bin in which
he was to work. He was intended to
loosen it and bring it down gradually,
so thai It might be shovelled out and
the bin cleared. The entrances to the
Dill were from the shfe a ml from
above. Work of exactly the same
kind has been done again and again
in the smelter without accident, and
has never been considered dangerous.
Smith was chocked by the foreman
ami the timekeeper at noon on Friday,
when he seemed to be making fair
progress. He was never seen alive
He was missed on Saturday, and It
was seen that his work was not finished. He did not report for duty this
morning, which caused some surprise.
Then a message came from Mrs. Fin*
nerly, proprietress of the Sunnysida
hotel, where Smith was boarding, saying that he had not been there since
Friday  morning.
Manager Hedley and Foreman Saunders then began to investigate. At
first glance at. the bin it seemed to
both impossioie that the body of a
man could be there, as part of the floor
was still bare and the space covered
by the fallen ore was very small.
Mr. Hedley, however, ordered the
space to be cleared, and a few minutes' shovelling discovered the body
of the unfortunate man, doubled up,
buried by the mass of ore he wus
stooping to loosen, evidently working
from the bottom instead of the top.
Dr. Arthur was immediately summoned, anil be und a representative of
'I ne Canadian arrived soon and saw
the body removed to the Standard
Furniture Company's undertaking parlors.
On inquiry at the Sunnyside hotel
It was learned that the deceased arrived In Nelson about three weeks ago
from Brandon. His trunks arrived on
Friday last after he had gone to the
smelter. A lwst card also arrived addressed originally, "D. H. Smith, Thur*,
so, Scotland," changed later to Brandon, and then to Nelson. He was
probably about 80 years of age-
Whether he wns married or not is
not known by anyone in Nelson.
Correspondent   Corrects   Error   of  the
Daily   News���Grand   Forks
News  Items.
I Special  In  The  Daily  Canadian.)
Grand Forka. August 0.���with refer-
euro to lhe eiise or C.eorgo Pnvis, who
he Illumed lor publishing the charge
lhal Information had lieen given out
from the department at lhe time lie
did. 1 am further induced lo express
thin opinion upon lhe ground that Mr.
Taylor, counsel for Mr. Green, cross-
examined Mr. Hlgglns very closely
with a view lo showing Iho contrary.
In ordor In arrive al u Just conclusion
on Ihis Question, I must put myself In
the position of lhe editor at the time
he published the articles and forget
the evidence that I have before me
now, but which he did nol have then.
I ihink the story told by Brown, unexplained by further evidence, was
calculated to arouse suspicion���a suspicion which has happily been completely  rtfiioved.
Appended hereto Is a complete report of the evidence and all proceedings had before me, with the several
exhibits produced! also . tho original
All of which  I  respectfully  submit.
(Signed)     FREDERICK   PETERS.
30th July, 1000.
was seatenced here a few days ago
by Police Magistrate Cochrane to
three months' imprisonment, and in
addition was fined $100, and, in default
of payment of the fine, to an additional charge of three months, on a charge
of "wounding William Hoffman, with
Intent to do grievous bodily harm,"
thiB man was charged as above, and
not with 'wounding with Intent to
kill." Your correspondent has made
Inquiries into this case, and finds that
there were extenuating circumstances.
The accused Is a cripple, he not having the use of his left arm. The evidence in the iiollce court went to
show that Hoffman wus the aggressor,
Davis being brutally assaulted, knocked down and otherwise abused. This
being the case, and the charge being
that of assault, the penalty imiiosed
by tbe trial magistrate was not a
light penalty, which it would huve
been considered If the charge had been
as it was at drat reported, "wounding
with intent to kill."
E. R. night has just arrived hero
from Bonanza Mountain, where he
has been doing development work on
the Copper Monarch group. Mr.
Knight corroborates previous reports
regarding the Immense ledges of high-
grade copper ore on this group. In
an interview lust Saturday evening he
said: The claims in this group aro
the Copper Monarch, Fairvlew, Blue
Boy and Blue Boy Fraction. There ls
a large quart, ledge, with an average
width of from 30 to 40 feet, with' a
strike ln a northeasterly direction and
a dip to the southeast, although this
ledge is apparently barren on the
surface. Assays have been obtained
from %'i to $3.50 In gold. A remarkable feature about this quartz ledge,
and which Should draw the attention
of mining men, is that along the contact of the ledge on either side are
copper outcropplngs assaying from $20
to $30 in copper and five to ten ounces
in silver. The outcropplngs to the
eaat seem to be the richest, being
found on the Blue Boy Fraction, where
the outcrop has been stripped for a
distance of 40 feet In breadth. Magnetic Iron, copper carbonltes and chal-
copyrite take place the entire distance
across. Assays taken from this par
ticular spot run from 5 to 10 per cent
in copper.
Bonanza mountain is the third big
mineral mountain up the North Fork,
the first being Volcanic, some ten
miles from Grand Forks, while Bonanza mountain is 17 miles from Grand
Forks. While comparatively little has
been known of Bonanza mountain during the past few years, the immense
bodies of copper ore now being opened
up in that camp are bringing tt hue
early prominence.
(Special to Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, August 6.���The colony
of eastern mining men, some of whom
have been In town for some weeks,
keeps growing: Saturday's hotel registers show the names of Warner Mil
Ier, Samuel Newhouse, M. M. Johnson,
James Donahue, H. H. Melville, J. W.
Traylor, Richard Armstrong and others, representing New York, Boston.
Chicago and Salt Lake City.
Extensive repairs and enlargements
are being made to St. Jude's hall.
The recreation park has been recently enclosed with a high board
fence and a commodious grand stand
erected. Now If It could be bodily
moved in towards the heart of town
about a mile it would be better.
Dwellings are above par here now,
owing to the scarcity, and an opening
exists for some one to make a good
Investment ia a Bcore of neat cottages
that would rent at from $12.50 to $15
per month.
A syndicate of local men Is being
formed to take over the E. P. U. mine
This property lies Just east of town,
and has shipped considerable first-
class ore.
Circus Tomorrow.
The late Robert G. Ingersoll once
said, "The more I know men, the better I like dogs." There ls food for
thought in this apparently frivolous
remark. There is no discounting the
fact that a horse or a dog is a true
friend. The many remarkable Instances of devotion disolayod by the
four-footed creatures is sufficient to
prove this assertion. The Intelligence
displayed by many animals of the lower order Is truly wonderful. Wiih
Burch and Reiss' World's Greatest
Dog and Pony Shows, which will exhibit In this clly on Tuesday, August
. ..i, are over 351) animal actors. These
four-footed crealures display Intelligence that Is almost uncanny. Pontes
go through a military drill with tho
precision and willingness thnt would
pul to shame many mllllary companies. They obey every command, nnd
perform 'the most Intricate manoeuvres; there are pontes that count, multiply, subtract and tell Ihe different
colors. There are ponies that will
act as servants, nnd will bring any
article the trainer may designate.
There aro clown ponies, and ponies
lhat perform the most difficult of nets.
The dogs, monkeys, goats, zCbus, llamas and camels all perform surprising
acts. The man who says that animals
do not think will feel ashamed of himself al'ier seeing these shows. Animals In comedies and little plays, animals In tragedies and animals ln dozens of wonderful acts all go to show
that they think and are capable of
making themselves understood. In
conjunction with the multitudinous
animal acts will bo presented famously funny clowns, Japanese acrobats
and aerlallsts, Lilliputian performers
and many new and novel features never seen with u show along these lines
before. Gregory's Royal Italian Band
has been especially engaged for the
tour of Messrs. Burch and Reiss'
shows, and is unquestionably the fin.
est musical organization ever carried
with a tented exhibition. Another special feature of these shows Is tbat tbe
100 Shetland ponies will be placed at
the disposal of the little men and women after the matinee. Every child^
attending theBe shows will be given a
free pony. ride. Under no circumstances will this feature be omitted.
A grand free street carnival and children's fairyland parade will he given
on the morning of the exhibition at
11 o'clock, at which lime the entire
aggregation of animal actors will be
Cowes Yacht Races.
CoweR, Isle of Wight, August C���
The Cowes regatta opened today under the most brilliant auspices with a
program of races under the patronage
of the Royal London Yacht Club. The
roads were crowded with yachts of
various rigs and with stately warships
guarding the kings of England anil of
Spain, who, with their consorts, watched the races from their* respective
royal yachts. The weather was bright,
but the wind was very light.
The chief event of the day was a
handicap race for schooners exceeding 100 tons over a 4S-mlle course, In
which Emperor William's Meteor,
Claude T. Cayle's Adel, Herr ^..t-
laume's Clara, Viscount Iveagh's Ceto-
nia and other big yachts started.
Another race for 79-footers, the competitors being George W. Watkins'
yawl Navahoe, Myles B. Kennedy's
cutter White Heater, Sir James Pender's cutter Kariail and R. N. W. Ye-
tung's cutter Nyrita, will take place.
Italian Steamer Sirio Went
Down Saturday
Frightful Scenes at Shipping Offices Seeking Word of Three
Hundred Drowned.
Russian   Labor    Leaders    Hesitate   to
Precipitate Horrors of Civil War
Throughout  the  Country.
St. Petersburg, August 0.���Late this
afternoon It was evident that the government had practically succeeded in
crushing the organization of the strike
leaders here. A central committee of
the several democratic societies was
captured and imprisoned in the early
hours, and the greatest confusion now
prevails in the revolutionary camp.
The hope of the revolutionists is now
centered In Moscow, as the St. Petersburg railway committee has decided
to await the result of the strike there
before attempting to order out the
Wednesday is now the day on which
they say the railroad strike will begin, although the employees of several
of the street railroad lines which
struck Saturday have resumed work.
The prefect of police of Cronstadt has
notified the striking longshoremen
that unleSB they return to work tomorrow they will be expelled from the
A private despatch from the West-
Inghouse Branch at Moscow received
late today Bald that the men are at
work, and that the manager has been
assured by the prefect of police that a
general strike ln Moscow was impos-
Genoa, Italy, August 6.���The wreck,
of the Italian steamer Sirio on Saturday off Hormlgas Island, near Cartagena, Spain, caused Intense excitement
among the relatives and friends ot
the Italian passengers and crew, most
of whom lived here or ln this vicinity.
me offices of the captain of the port
and the Italian Navigation Company,
to which the Sirio belonged, were so
besieged today by agonized throngs
seeking Information that the police
were compelled to establish barrlcadea
to hold back the crowds, gome of
whom assumed a threatening aspect,
declaring that facts were being withheld.
The Sirio bad seen 23 years of service, but she was considered to be seaworthy. Her captain, Giuseppe Hara-
dta, was a native of Genoa and a veteran  seaman.
The Italian General Navigation
Company, owners of the wrecked
steamer, received a despatch* last
night purporting to be from the captain of the ill-fated vessel, reserving
his report of the details of the wreck,
but Baying the crew were safe. This
raises the possibility that the captain
ultimately was rescued.
Cartagena, Spain, August 6.���The
Sirio is considered to be a total loss.
A number of bodies of tbe drowned
were buried today. Ten passengers
died after being brought ashore. Tha
survivors say the ship sank with rapidity. Many of the passengers were
on deck as the steamer disappeared.
The. boats were so overcrowded that a
number ot them immediately capaixed,
throwing their occupants into the water. Quantities of goods and clothing
for the survivors are arriving here
from all parts of the country.
Madrid, August 6.���The naval authorities here have opened an Inquiry
into the wreck of the Italian steamer
Sirio. The officers ot the Sirio will
be detached at Cartagena ba await the
Chicago  Contractor ia Charmed  With
Beauties of Nelson.
L. T. Dlcknson, with his wife and
children and their governess, left for
their home in Chicago Saturday night,
after spending a month in Nelson and
on the waters of the West Arm.
Mr. Dlcknson Is a wealthy contractor, and always takes a month's holidays In the summer with his family.
He has visited most of the summer resorts of the continent, but hereafter
ho will experiment no more. He has
discovered ln Nelson ihe spot he has
beeu looking for, and declares his intention of being a regular summer resident.
Mr. Dlcknson chartered a houseboat
on bis arrival, and spent the first fortnight cruising on tbe Arm uml the
main lake, fishing and exploring. The
remainder of the time war spent In
comfoilaulc quarters at tho Strathcona.
On leaving Mr. Dickason expressed
the opinion, which is fully shared hy
the resl of the parly, lhat lu beauty of
scenery and glories of climate Nelson
hasn't an equal on the continent.
The party viewed the N. P. A. A. O.
regatta, and greatly enjoyed a spectacle that they hardly expected to see ln
a Imni of mountains.
While In Nolson they made many
friends and greatly enjoyed the social
life of the city as well as its natural
Mr. Dickason is so enthusiastic that
he intends to tell all hla friends in
Chicago of tho treasure he has discoverer and Invite thorn to share It
with him next year.
A Lord's Marriage.
London, August 6.���Lord Haddo,
eldest son of the Earl of Aberdeen,
lord lieutenant of Ireland and former
governor-general of Canada, was married to sMrs. Cuckmayne, a widow, at
St. Columbus church hero this afternoon ln the presence of a large and
fashionable congregation.
The Printera' Strike Forcea Open Shop
New York, August 6.���Lithograph
work and printing representing thousands of dollars is tied up in this city
as a consequence of the strike of lithographers and assistants. At this time
of the year much colored calendar
work Is done for delivery in the fall
and unless the orders now in hand can
be promptly filled the loss to the employers will, it Is said, be considerable.
The president of one of the large lithograph concerns in New York last night
estimated the number ot strikers ln
that city at 8,000, and the total
throughout the country at 20,000, or
about two-thirds of the whole number
of men engaged. The week opens
with little prospect ot an early settlement of the trouble. The two sides
to the controversy give different explanations of the trouble. The strikers Insist that they seek only a shorter day and conditions consistent with
ine class of skills_d work in which
they are engaged.
On the other hand a representative
employer said last night: "Tho length
of Ihe working day is not Included ln
this dispell-. That could easily be adjusted. The real point at issue Is the
substitution of the open shop for the
closed shop. There aro not lithographers enough In the country to handle
the work during the busy seasou and
thero will never bo under the system
of apprenticeship In vogue in the closed shops. This Is because the Union
will not permit sufficient new men to
learn the trade to offset the mortality
among the older men.
"Working eight hours a day we
could not fill our orders. What we
want Is more lithographers, but wo
cannot Introduce new men except
through the apprenticeship of the
Union. Now, what we propose to do
Ib to establish the open shop, hire experienced men whercever we can and
encourage young men to learn the
Chicago, August C���The Milwaukee
Avenue State Bank, one of the largest
hanks outside ot the down town district, today closed Rb doors following
a run. Henry W. Hering, caahler of
the bank, is missing, and a warrant
charging him with embezzlement, has
been sworn out. At the same time
the state bank examiner. C. C. Jones,
issued a statemnet to the effect mat
tbe whereabouts of the three officials
of the bank ls unknown today and that
the bank Is without an official head.
'I i
\m The Daily Canadian
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1d lhe city, or |5.00 t- yen. if KDt by maiJ, when
paid in MTance.
Adrertuina ratec on application.
All monlei puld in MtUement of TheDelly
t'a-jaitlnii account*, either foi ratiicrlptloni or
adrertiiiiiK. moit tf receipted for on tbe printed
fomu of tbe Con-puny, uther receipt! ��r.- nm
AUGUST (y* l<X>_.
- By one word we are nometlnKS Judged io be
wiw and iiy on*. worJ umetlmei judged to be
foollih. i*[ ui therefore be eare.nl irhat we
���ay "������COXFOCIOB,
The commission recently appointed
to enquire into the charges of the Van-
couver World in the matter of ilie
Pendray Iota ut Victoria has concluded
Its labors and reported to his honor
ihe lieutenant-governor, in another
column we publish the commissioner-
report in full, and It sets at rest the
matter as far as it concerns the responsibility, good faith and business
administration of tlie Lands and
Works Depart ment of the provincial
The absolute and complete vindication of the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works, Hon. K. F. Green,
will not come as a surprise to those
who have any knowledge of the faithfulness with which he has administered the affairs of his department
since be took the oath of his office,
and po comment on that aspect of the
case is necessary. The political harpies of the opposition press have ev
ery occasion tor humiliation, for in
their eager haste to follow the lead ot
the World they have shown a degree
of readiness to engage in any sort ot
political vituperation, misrepresentation, and even slander, that they think
will further their own c|US0 and damage the fair names of iheir political
The humiliating confession of the
World editor thai he sent the copy ot
the charge that originally came to his
Office, "with a few pencil changes, to
the printer within an hour," is evidence that he was actuated with an
amount of personal animus that should
disqualify him for so responsible a position as thai which be occupies. No
public man is sale in reputation, hou
or or domestic relations, or public con
tldence, if it is possible to hnve news
paper editors rush charges of malfea
saace of offlce and corruption, togeth
er with other malevolent Insinuations,
into print without the slightest invs
Ligation .of their truth or falsity, The
further failure of Hlgglns to disclose
the name of the tradUCer of Hon, Mr.
(ireen Is OOnolUBlve evidence that In
must have hud suspicion of the falsehood of the charges when they Wei"
first made. His statement, made under oath, thai the production ot the
name of the writer of the document
which Hlgglns first published would
not necessitate the calling oi further
Witnesses, was evidence lhat the original maker of the charge either knew
its falsehood, and made It from whole
cloth, or afterward discovered his
mistake, and, instead of tendering a
satisfactory apology and amending his
error, was willing to have the country
put to the expense of an Investigation
and to keep the public in suspense as
long as possible In the hope that something might  turn  up.
British Columbia has nol boon without some curious political sensations,
and some of the things done in past
years, as, for instance,  when  Mr. Jo
seph Martin was premier, make interesting reading. But we know of no
Conservative newspaper, in the heat
ami acrimony of political debate, thai
evtT stooped to the contemptible meanness of the World aud the coterie of
small-calibred echoes that whistle its
sentiments. Higgins. a disappointed
and discredited political renegade, has
had his last fling, as he will never he
taken seriously again. In the meantime, no better service could have
been done the public than has been
done by the Chief Commissioner in
demanding that the facts be brought
into the fullest light. The Liberal
scandal-mongers who have a scent for
offal, having been so long accustomed
io it in their own party, and having
become so habituated to making mistakes in British Columbia politics, will
profit little by this last experience.
They will all be ready to do it again
on the slightest suspicion, but the people have learned a lesson, and this
time a wholesome one. The country
will not soon be set by the ears by
political falsehoods gendered by personal animus and disappointed rage,
as was the case of the Vancouver
A few days ago The Canadian joined
in thu long profession of papers of
both political parties in complaining
about the inefficiency of thf postal
service in the west generally, and in
particular with respect to the complaints of Phoenix and Creenwood in
connection with the unsaiisfactory
conditions which prevail there. We
took occasion to quote from the
Boundary Creek Times, Mr. Duncan
Ross" paper, aud succeeded in showing that the Times says too much. It
inadvertently remarked something
about Phoenix "being a hostile camp,"
and had got all that was coming to it
and more. In a moment of weakness
the Times said too much when it called attention to the hostile attitude of
Phoenix, but that paper reads us a
lesson in morals and good conduct and
some other things In its issue of last
Friday.    It says:
"The Daily Canadian Is never happy
except when It is unfair and incousist'
eut. Its editor's early training und environment are evidenced in every editorial which has for Its object ihe con-
demuatlofl of those pestilent Orlts and
glorification of those heavenly Tories.
It has discovered that Phoenix is be-
ing punished because it gave a Ton
majority in the last Federal election,
ll liuds evidence to substantiate this
charge in the treatment accorded that
enterprising town since the elections
have taken place."
No, we dlil not "find evidence in the
treatment accorded that lnwn slncu
the eleotlODB took plaee." We found
the evidence lu the editorial columns
Of ib.- Times in an article written by
Duncan Boss, and thai is where the
shoe   plncheB  onr  contemporary.
We did not  know that  ii  is editorial
etiquette to refer to "early training
and environment,'* especially lu thfl
sneering way to which the Times resorts; hut we will tell the Times, since
Mr. Ross has chosen to Invite this
stylo of wnrfare, that Mr. Boss, M. P..
has achieved a reputation for political
trickery, unreliability, shifting evasiveness and other things that are not
to be accounted for by his early training and environment. Tho only possible explanation of Mr. Bosh' vagaries
is that so far as politics is concerned
lie was bom crooked.
The Victoria TlinoH, In summing up
the report of the commissioner In the
Pendray investigation, concludes a
coarse editorial  with these words:
"While the government remains the
adventurers will be with u>.. living
In luxury, roiling in affluence, upon
tin public property they have been enabled  to make their own."
Victoria is just now having trouble
with the Dominion authorities over a
proposal to remove the lazaretto at
DArcy island to a point some miles
nearer the city, and the Times, in
common with other Victoria papers, is
raising its worthy protest. At this
distance the question loses some of
its interest, but wc sincerely hope that
for the sake of tbe lepers themselves
they will bo kept as far away from the
Times ofllce as possible.
Calgary Is not satisfied with the official census recently taken by the
governmenl. The cily council has resolved to have another census taken
under its own authorisation. Calgary
is DOl lhe only town thai thinks it is
bigger than it really is. Ymir. for instance.
li is not difficult io freely forgive
those who have injured us, but it is
an impossible task to forgive those
H bom  we ourselves  have  wronged.
"('zonk the czar" appear-
itchword oi the Douma.
tu   Ih
Horrible Scenes at Shipwreck.
Cartagenia, Spain, August C.���Reports continue to arrive here of the
terrible scene attending the wreck on
Saturday evening oft Honnigas island,
not far from Cape Palos. of the Italian steamer Sirio. resulting in the loss
of over 3iM) lives. The drowning of
the Bishop of Sao Paoloat. Brazil is
now attributed to the action of an Argentine passenger, who forcibly took
from the bishop a life-belt with which
the latter had provided himself. One
Italian woman kept her three children
afloat on a plank until they were secured. A bridegroom who was on his
honeymoon lost his bride ami sister,
and one older man who was saved lost
three children. Captain Giuseppe Pa-
radio, commander of the Sirio. was 02
years old and had 46 years' experience
in  navigation.
A Scotch f'ergyman. md a local ono.
however, has clinched the credibility
of the Balaam story by asking. "Why
shouldn't (i-iil make an ass speak? He
made me speak."
Cyclist���"My bike has got damaged.
Are    you    a    mechanic?" Highland
Blacksmith���"No;    A'm    a Macpherson."
For Everything t :(><>��� 1
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurman's .Spcria! Hixlurt?
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Fresh and Salted Meats
damps mijipliiil on shortest notloe and
lowesl price. Nothing bnt fresh and
wholesome meats and Bnpples kepi in stork
Mnil orders twelve oarefol attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manager.
On sip cf His
milhiiu thedmhng spirits in ili/in/ii
llsal lbe rtrlnkl.erveilsl OUt" Joda fountain
had iniiii- properties    -..it, refrelhlngT
"i'i "'J I'-isi Iran ��}r..|.�� s.t th Un-n
ininllly       I'iiiiiiIssiis. i-iiiiini-r. glutei nsssl
raoaplwlH ar.  kspi sorupulously s-is-ass
Baker Stmt, Nelion, B. 0.
Notice if hereby given iimt tKhloy* nfier dato I
Intend to rtppjy to the Won. LWcommli
Honor ol Undi nnd Worki tor twrm.nlon to
purohaito the foi lowing dHcrlbnf Innrlitt tiio
u.-si Kotltepny dtitrtoli beginning nl n hum
mprkod K,Bell'i B. R, corns* nboni two JE
out ... the Bali i rlvei. and haB a mile From
thel'ond d'Orelllo rlvor, the 80 obnlni north,
���m chalm weit, 80ohelnuoutli and tu 1i,���,,,,, ,.���������
tn place of beginning.
Dated g7th day of July, 1MB, u. n. iiKII..
Notlco If given thaiJJO days after dale J Intend
toapply to ih.. Honorable the Chlof Com ml*
Honor uf Land- and World (or pcriulNdou to
purehue tbe following descrlbeil lan-Ii in thr
Weil K.miU'Iihv Dlitrlet: Comnii-uriiii: hi a DOS]
marked U.C. Poynti Land B, K I'nrner placed
near tlie Pend d'Oreille river ai Boundary creek
eut sole ,��f shIumhi nut. tlience eail 80 cbalni
Hiutin tin- intermiiinniti Bouudnr) Line, thence
north 40 chaini, thence west ��i chains, tbenee
���outh -io chain* tn place <>i oommencement.
luted tticLtitlmf Juh 1906. t.f. I'm. sully Am.rkh Anil, Agent.
Notiee is bereby given lliatatx.) dayi afler
��� lan-1 Intend toapply i�� tbe Hon. chief) ummu*
doner of Landi ana Work* for permlialonto
purohaae thefollowlngdeaerlbed lanais'tuateiu
well Rootenay district, adjoining the interna'
tional tiiMindarv Une, abom four mllei eul of
t lie* t'nhimiiiii river, comment dog ai a poal mark*
ed"L M Fs B. W. corner.' iltuate uu the In.
ternatinnal boundary line, hi (beioutheut cor*
ner of J. a. C. Fmuer's land; tbence eait 80 chalna,
thence nurth Co chains, thence weft so chains,
thence iouth 6n chaini to tbe plaoe of oommeneement, oontalnlng tin acrei nmre ur i��_s.
Dated 2-th June, 19U0. LaVka M. I"has.:r,
F. J. O'Kelllv, Agent.
Notice is hereby given Hint sixty davs from
date I intend to apply to the Hoo. Chief Commluloner of Landi ami Worki for permlwlon
to purcbue the following deicrlbed landi .-it-
iihic in Weil Rootenay IMitrtct, between the
IVnd d'Oreille river and the International
boundary line, about three mllei from tbe Col*
thi.bin river. Oommenelng hi a pott marked
J. S. C. F'e 8, W. corner iltuate on ilie intcrim-
ttmiKi uuiudrtr. line, about half a mile eul ol
the eul boundary of the N. iftF.B. Ky. landi;
thenco nortb 40 ohalni, thonce eut flu chaini,
thenco Booth to chaini, thenoe weil gnchafui, i-��
tbe place of oommeneement, containing DXi-aorei,
more or leu,
Killed 24th .lime, 1(100. J, S. (*. FjUaXR,
 V. ���'��� P'l'ril1y...)..'Ul.
Notice i.-herein givon thai ilxty da>i from date
I intend lonmih uithe Mon Chief Com m loaf on ur
of Undi and Works for pormiiifon to purcbue
the following described lands iltuato in Weil
Kootenay Dlitrlet. adjolnlug tbe lutcrnalfonaj
boundary line about five mlleseutol tbe Columbia river; commencing at n poet marked K.
U'iH, W punier, on the International boundary
lineal Laura m. rruer'i aouth eul corner, tbenco
north ni chalna, tbenco eul 10 eh aim, ibenee
south 8n chalna, tin ine weal io chalm to the
place oi commencement) containing (80 acrei
more nr leu,
Killed -lith June, 1006. It.l.rn 1.1 ..UGSPIB,
Notice li hereby givon thai sixty days after
date I intend toapply to tbe Hon, Chief (fommlr*
sioner oi Lands mui Worki for iieruit-udnn i"
purebaae Ihe hdlowing denrlbed laudx in
me Weal Kootenay dlitrlet, sonth ol the Pend
d'Orelllu river; Commencing al ��� put marked
l:. U'i K. K. comer, situated on the trail  near
Uear creek about a mile v  the International
boundary Hue, Ihence weal ta chain*, tbonce
north-Hii-hniii- more or lesa to lbe Peud d'Oreille
river- thence following tlie south hank of the
I'end   d'Oreille river lOUlbeUI BU cbalm, more
urlen; thencoiouth 20 chalus, moreorioai to
the place of commencement, containing Sfiu
aorei, more nr leu,
Pared ."'th July, 1906, CHIBLU BlUBL.
 F.J. O'Hlelly, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that sixty dayi after
date I Intend toapply to Uie Hon. Chief Commla-
sloner of Lands ami Work- tor permlulon to
purehue the following deicrlbed [audi, In
tbe Weal Kootenay Dlitrlet, Sui ol and ad*
Joining James N. uaekeniie'i land: commencing at a poit marked A.S'iB. ��. corner, on the
south bank of the i'end d'Oreille river, juii
ai��nethe niotjih tif tho Salmon river, ihcnce
west 80 ohaini, thenoo north W chafn. more or
len to the I'end d'Oreille river, thenee following
tho south bank ot the laid river in a loutheut*
erly direction to the place of commencement,
containing 250 acrei, more or leaa.
Paled .tii July lonfi Aktihii in OMtlDKB
Notiee is hereby given tbat ilxty daya afterdate
I intend to applv to the lion. < hlefCummhudoner
of hand?. Hint Work j* for permlaalun to purchase
the following deacrlbed )��mi- In Weil Kootenai
Dlitrlet south of the Pend d'Oreille river. Com-
menelna at h poit marked K. T M'i, N. ft. comer
n the iouth hank of tbe Peud d'Oreille river.
about h mile ami a half easl ol the mouth ol Fish
creek    thence south  HO cbalni, theliee  well  80
chalm, tbenee north 40 chain- more nr ie>s i,>
tbe Pend dO'rellle river, thenee following the
���outb bank of theiald river In a northeuterl]
direction to the place tl( commenoement. containing 4��i acres. re or len.
Pated -lid July 10U0. KLU T. MuaUtltUt,
Ahihi'k s. hkeiobb. Agent,
Notiee is hereby given thai On davs after date I
Intend toapply to the Hon. Chlel Con nloner
oi Landi ami Works for parmlailon to purcbue
the following described laud-, situate in \v.-��t
Kootenay   Pislnct  .OU.b  of ihe  peud d'Oreille
rlverjOommenelngata poit marked A, B .Ms. N.
W corner situate at tho south bank oi tbe Pend
d'Oreille river at l-.Ha T MacKenzie's north east
comer poet, thenee iouth SO ehalna, tbenee eul
sn chains, thence north so <haiiis more or less tO
lhe I'end d'Oreille river, thence west hoclmins.
following the bank of the -aid river to the place
of commencement, containing MO acres, mor.'
Paied and July nm. a. u Vackwiii.
N'otlceli hereby given that ilxty dayi aftor date
i intend io apply (,,iin ii,,n Chief Coramlulon-
er of Lands ami   Worki  for permission to pur*
chau the following deicrlbed lands situate In
w.-t Kootenay Dlatrlct, eonth nf the Pend
d Oreille nver. commencing at a post marked
M. lis n. K. corner, iltuate on the south bank
of u.e I'end d'Orelllo river at .James N. M-token-
ile'i louthweil corner, thence iouth lOOebafm,
thence weal HO cbalm, thence north 70 chaini
moro or leu to the Pond p'Orelllo rlvor: thonce
following tho south hank of the naid river In an
cuter!) and nortbeuterlydlreotlon to tbe place
of commencement, containing frtu acres, more or
Date 3rd July, woe.      HAnoARKT Habcoobt,
ArtliurSi hnetder. Agenl.
Notice is bervhy given lhat slxtv days after dote
I Intone" toapply to the Hou. Chief Commlnloner
Of Lands and \V,.rks for permission to purcbue
the following deicrlbed lands in West
Kootonay Dlitrlet, nuth of the Pond d'Oreille
river, commencing atapoil marked J  N.M'i
8. \V. comer, situated 00 lbe south bai.k of the
Pond d'Oreille riv.-r. opposite tlie monibof i..
Mile creek; thence eul Bochaim, thenee north
K) obalm more or leu to the Pend d'Oreille river
llienee following the south bank of the laid rlvor
in a westerly ami nnthweaterh direction to the
place oi commencement, oonuinlng 820 acres
more or less. .
Pated Brd July. [000,       lua* N. Ma. kknzie,
Arthur Sehnei.hr. Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that slxtv duys after date
I intend [..applv to ihe ii.,n chief Commlnlon
erof Undi and Works for permission to Mir
chase the following deacrlbed land- in Woa)
Koolenay Diitrict. iouth oi the Pend d'Oreille
rher. com moneing al a pdn marked -\. Fs n i\-
comer, sltnated at lhe southwest corner of i^oi
1488,0. I., tbence eut BU ohalni. thonce south m
chain*,  lbence west BOchalm, tho  norih in
d <'< loncement, contain-
[ IM
or lei
N w. corner
Pond d'Oroll
Dated 20th  urn-, loos, Annir PaamtB,
f. J. O'Reilly, Agent.
Notlco is homby if ran tbat 00 days after dale
I'll11'"; 'Pplytotltoiion CblofC nlnloner
oi Lanus and v. oris for nermlislnn o> purchase
th.- toi uwlno doicribcd lami*. in Weal K uaj
dlitrlet, south oi ti," Pondd'Orellloriver, eul ol
Fiiii crook, i nclnu at a poil marked H. W,
ll - n w oorner, aboul half n mlloeao oi the
iiortheul corner ol Ul I4M.O. I., thencoiouth
I'cbalm, Ihenco cut 80 ohalns, tbenoe north li
chalm, ihence weit so ohalni to tbo place of
commencement, containing No acres, more or
Dated and July 1900,       i-'hki. w. Uahcoobt
AiiTlttii fkHMKingH, Agent
Noiiee liherehyglvonthatilxtydayialtordatc
i Intend to apply to tbe ik.u Chief Uomminloii
erof Land-  in-I Worki for nerroiuion i r
eioise iho following doiorlbod landi in Weil
Kootonaj District, south of the fend d'Orolllo
 ��' " posl  marked   P  It  MS.,
clou the south hank of ihe
er al .Limes N. Mftekonito'l-
sontlivtest enrmr;   tllQtlOOCAII lOehnills, IhetlCO
sonth io chains ihenco wui 40 ohaini the co
north iiiehiiin-loin.'pim f commencement
con trilling lOn acres more or less.
Paled Brd July 1000.     DOHALD It MACKBNEII.
 Ahtiii'r Si-hshipku, Agent,
sixty dayi gftor date I Intend to apply to tho
oi���m.ssioner oi Landiand Worki to purcbue
JOOwrci of land, near Burton City, commencing
ai a post platitetl al tbo southomi cornor of Lol
No. m,:', uml marked J. D, Mo'i southwest oorner
��'"d running north 4ii ohalni, tbenco cut 40
cia us, Ibenee souih   Hi chains, thence west -|i|
cbalm to place of beginning.
July 18th, 1900, j. p. Mcculloch,
 A. A. Hurtnn, Ageni.
Notiee Is. h-rehy given Mult lw< mills aftei
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable iho
hief CDtnmln ir Ol   Landl and   Work-   for
ncrinisson lo purcbue tbe followiiiK deiorlbod
and! s Unite pn thp Weil arm of Kootenav  l.akr
In the Dlstrlol ol Weil Koolenayi  Co enclim
ftl i post marked -William Buorby'i N.w. nntfi
thenco wui twenty <�� ehulns; thenee wuth
w<   i>   (ii) chains: thenc isi  twenty   (20)
���    ns thonco north twenty (fti) cbalm i '
acres moroo i'C   omeut' oaula",il,B forl>' W)
Dated July 7, limo, L (J. Nkujon.
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Fred Irvine <& Co.
Notice If hereby ntveii ihul GO dayi Irom dale I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Commit-
si.mer of Landi ii mi Worki for permlttlon to
purcbaix lbe follow m* doiurlbed landi, ��itn��te
in ihe Weil Kooteuay Dlitrlet Hurtm* Irom h
poit marked * 111 iam Brunt Davlion'io. >>- poil
aboul two miln eait of Deer jwrb on the Arrow
Uikei tbenco m cbalm sonth, tbence to cbalm
west, thenoe 10 cbalm north, tbence easl to point
of cointnenconioot. i on tain Ing about 100 aorei.
Dated thi.Sth dayol June, IfltB.
W J 1.1 HM   FBNH1T   IUVIsoN.
Nollee |s h.lthv tilveti thnt 00 dayi alter 'Uie I
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chlel Cora
miiiioner nl Undi and Worki (or penniwlon to
l.itreh.ive Ihe   fflllOWlUK   deicrlbed   laudl in  Ihi'
Well Kootenay dlitrlet; ��� icncluK at u poll
marked ������Nathaniel Mclntyru'i s E corner,"
planted on tbo w.st aide of tho Columbia Rlrer,
aboul 7 miles norih n| Burton City, and iu chalm
north of th.- sonth wenl corner of Lol 378, thence
imrth 80 rbaim, thence WMt BO cbalni, tlience
.-onih IU chalnn, thence eail BOchalm to point ol
I- 'ncemcut, containing W0 Hcres.
Dated tins IStth day ot J , IflOd.
NiTHANIII   M'Istvhk.
T. c. MaklnMin, \gt nt
n " H herebj pven tbat GO dayi after dale I
Intend toapply to ihe ilom>rHhh-ih.- I'hi.-f Com-
minloner ol Landi and Worki for permlulon to
purebaae the following deicrlbed landi; Commenolng nt a jKt-t placed on the north ihore ol
the weil tirm of Kootenay Lake, at tha northeail
corner of John fetranki' pre*empUon, tbenee
west iu ehniti-. more nr len, lo the nutheait
corner *��f f-oi Ko.7466, tbence north 40chalm,
tbenee eail i" chaini more ..r less, thence north
Mehaioj to the polnl of commineement.
Dateil Juno Ifith, 1*��.
0. B. An-i.KToN.
Kotlea li bereby Kiven th��i I intend 80 dayi
after ilaie to apply to the Chief t'oiiinilsHhuier of
I-HtHlh ami ' orki for permission to pnrchau
tho followfii). eicrlbed landi, iltuate hi Fire
Valley, iLooteoay    litrjet.     onmenclng at a
p.'Sl (mark.1 .   I. <<n\ Bgher-south  west corner)
placed at the -onth west corner oi motion xt,
township'.'.' thence north mj ihain* to the north
west COmer of >nu\  ne-tion It..;  theme east 4(1
cbalm, thenee toutb wi chalm to the wnth
boundary of laid leetlon S3, and thenoe weit 4��
cbalm to the ptai e of beginning containing t3Q
aorei, and U-Uuf the westerly  half  of  laiU   no*
Hon 98, townihlp N,
Dated at Nelson, B 0. June Mb 1908,
L. (Jaii.ai.hkh.
Notloe i* bereby given tbal 60 dayi afterdate I
Intend t<> apph to [be Uonorahle the cblel Com-
minloner ol Landi and Worki for permlulon to
purebaae tbe following deacrlbed landi, innate
in the Weit Koot*, naycTlitrtet: Commencing Ht k
poit marked M UeC. tf. W. corner, planted 40
chain, wesl ol I. C. Monisoii's nortliw cut comer
of Ills crown granted hum In Plre Valley.run*
uing -in ohaini eait, to obalm north, iu cbalni
west, 4ti chaini sonth to place of eommencement,
M   Mit ..MU.'sit, I^K-alor.
W. A. I Al.liKK, Agwats
June 90th, 8008.
Notice In lortiy (-iveii thai 1 intend, 00 <layi
afterdate to apply to lhe Chief ('oiiimiimlom-rof
Landi and wora�� for perminion to pnrohaH the
following described lands situate al fire  valley,
Kootenay dlitrlel. Commenolng at a posl (marked George Young *ortb west corner) placed at
the north WCSl Ci rm r of HOttOO 38 tOWMhlp 88j
thence east Bo. balm to the north eaat oorner of
���am section 28; ihenoe sou h 40 chains, thence
went m ehaim. thence north 40 Cbalni to the
place  .,f  beplnnlUg,  containing  KB  acres   ami
being tbe northerly hairoimiid section tt, town-
Dated at Nelson, It. C. June ."ith 1908
(rKOKIlE Vorsu.
Notice is hereby glren tbat 60daya after date, I
intend toapidi to in.- Ifon.tihlef Commissioner
ol Landsand Works for permission lo purchase
lbe following described irael ol land muihic in
Vvost Kooteuay District: Commenolng at the
louthwcst eormr of hu 7J0O| theuce runlng
west 4o chalm; thence north 90 ebalns; thenoe
west   in ehains;  thence north 90 chains; thei	
easi mi chnins; thonce south 40 ohalna to point
p��c mencemont, containing 940 acros, more or
hated at Nelson, B 0., this 9Srd day of July,
per V C, (ireen, Agent,
Notice Is bereby glren tbat 80 days after date
I Intend toapply i>. the Honorable the Cblel
��� omminloner of Landl and Works for pcrmlmdnn
to purchaao tbe following desoribed binds in the
Weil Kootenay District: Commencing al a post
marked t. It. Krenche's Land 8. K. oonier placed
tear  r. (', I'oyiil/ 8. W, corner,  theme cast N>
cha ins, thencenorth in chains, tbenee west 80
chains, tbenco sonth 40 cbalm to place of com*
lUiled -11th day of July i-KMi, T. It. KjtKN, H.
iiy akdhbw Ann, Agent
Notice if bereby given 'bat do dayi after -late i
Intend to make application to tbe Honorable lbs
i fiief' oiiinihisiomr oi Landsand Works for permission to purchase lhe following desoribed
lauds: OpmmoneJngal amstpla Ion i bo eut
shor- of   Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J   Utiles'
pre emption ou the sonthw.-st marked "T ��� .'i
h. w. o mer |io��t," '(heme running ��i obalm
east; theliee Ho  ehaln^ s.m'h; ibenee 80 Chalm
more or leis, west to u.e iHiq shore; thenco following ink- shore to point of oommonuement,
coni mint; 040 ai-res, mure or lesn.
Duled Ihis Tlh dav offline, I
Not l,e is h.rehy given Unit 00   ay. nfi  r date I
ini.n.i to make^application to tin Honorablethe
Oblof ( oiiimiKsioii. r ,,i Lanuiand Works for per*
mission lu purchase the following dose lbcd
laudsi Commenolng at a i���,m placed on ihe
moth.-H,. .orner of > KlnahVn'i Application lo
Purchase, m rked "H.'l ieo>uerpoil "rnaniDi
m cbalm fn-i; thenee su cbalni notilb; thence ni
ohalni west; Iheuce fi.llowln�� I Klnahan'seasl
itii bounda y to   poim ,,( eummeii.-eui. nt, eon-
talnfng 040 aores, mon or less,
Hannah 'Iikknkv,
Dated this 7th day of 'une, I Iff,
Notice i- hereby given thai 00 nan uft��rr date I
intend to iohIcc uppi cation lo the flmiorabir the
Chief i ouimissioner ol Undi and Wnrks for per
mission to purohase ibe following deicrlbed
ids   ( nmrnenclng ai a posl placed at the In-
teieotli r iho east bo laryofJ Hates' niv<
amptlonand ibe north btmn<*ary -it Kinaba?i
Application lo l nreh.ise. marked ������T, K. Jr'i- \\
comer poil " ;i h doo following J. Batei'eaitard
b-UMi.lary.lo.-l.anih norlh; IhcneeWi. hatnue Jt
���erne 4o ehains to  the  m. Ihe.n boundary .
' annul,   "hrn-Vs  Application  ...   PuFohL.
ihencu followiiiK the iiortherlt hom.day of sams
""; northerly bom rv of r. Klnahan's Appii.
Cfttlon to I'on hahe, lo pol   t 0f eoinmeiie,,, , ,
containing Nu aorei, more or lets, "mi,""rui1*'
"ated ihis 7lh day of .lone. iK'N'WUN' J"-
Noilce lii here' y given that I intend, Mi dim
Kn��A.78ti$t msaffS
ml (i....k,-,i ..,.���rK,- Vonnn nort?_Mto_r_*r1
liliu-cil ssl His- nisrili titssi oonior ���i ... .it , ',/
lowinhlpMl tbenee south Mcnaln, i,,.i,,',..���;,'
tion 89, lo-nihlpflfi, "ll"141" ���**
Dated at Nelson, h. 0, Jane Oth iww
OgOROg Young,
Notloe is hereby given thai 00dayi after date I
Intend to apply lo the Hon. tbo Chief Comrali-
slonoi ol Undi and Works for permission i" purchase the following described lands in Wosl
Kooteuay district, province Df Mmuh Columbia)
C m iiik at a poil marked "William Tolling*
ion's northwest eormr poxi," said posl being
planted at the iouth weil corner oi fhc"(.neeti
Mineral Claim," and adj g the east lino of
Mi Thud's pn emotion, thi ni ������ south twenty (_UJ
chains along -aid inn. tbenco wui forty (to)
cbalm, thenee north twenty (90) chains, tbence
wesl forty (40) chalna mure or lesi, to the place n|
Dated HI dayol AugniL 1900,
w in i tn Toi i whtdi*.
By hla agent .1   K. Taylor.
Noi.ee is h.t. hv given that OO days after dale I
Intend toapply lothe Honorable the Chlel��� om*
minloner of Laudi and Works for perminl	
purebaae the following de - rlbed Undi sllu
ated I'l th.- Kootonay District, li.uinuiiit; Ht ,i
post planted on Lhe noriir ihore of tin- Uiwor
Arrow    Uk.-iihoul   IU  chaiti-   w.-sl   of   Ilie   w,sl
boundary ol C v k \a,i ifiw, Marked ll a W
H K, corner, tbeuce wesl tOrhaim, thenco north
BO chalna, Iheueo east hu chalm more or less to
i��k.- ihore, thence In .. wuth westerly direction
along lak<- shore to point id commencement, run*
taiinm. too aores more or less.
Located June tt, 1900.
II   A, WoLVBItTOlf,
A n WoLvnarott, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given thai two momhi alter
date I intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Unds and Works (or permission topi.'.iiHhe s|\ hundred ami forty (iv4o>
acres of land, deserlbed a* follows; Commencing
at h post pliiiit.'d ai the northwest eorner of L.
uallagher^application to pur. has,- in Fire Volley, on the went hide .if Corel ..row Uke, lu
Kootenay dlstrlot, marked " W. A.C's N. b .orner"; tbence running eigbty (80j chains west;
thence eighty (80) south; Motor eight) (80)
��� hains eait; thenee eighty [3D) chains north to
plaee of oommeneement.
Dated tbe 2nd day of July IWO,
Notloe Is hereby given that 80 days from date
I intend to apply io ih.- Honorable the thief
Commluloner of Undsand Woiki for permli
ifon toonrchase the following deserlbed Unds,
m the w,..t Kootenay District, oasi side oi Colombia Klver.atn.ut I mlh-s norih ,.f llnrloii City.
roinnieiielng at a [>ohl  innrked   Uo M   W'lnler's
8 W. oorner, at lbe N. W. corner ol k. H.amith'i
preemption claim, Ibenee norih 40 enains more
or less to the sonth bounder, of Miles �� arr.di'i
preemption claim theme .-h-i -jo cbalus. tbenee
..initi 40 eiiallis more or less lo lhe North honnd-
ary ,,f r ii Smith's preemption claim, thenoe
west sfo etiain* to i��iii.i oi commencement; eon*
mining B0acres more or leu
Haled thih 2nd day of June, I90ft.
LtO  M.   WlNTKR.
Rai.ch Hi.vk. Agent.
Notice In bereby given thnt  I   Intend, '���ip.iIhv"
afterdate, to apply to the Chlel Commissioner ol
Undi and Works for pmnlulon to Durchase tbe
following deaorlbed lands, innate at Kir-- Valley.
Koolenay District.  ( oinmeiictng at a post linark-
eo P. H 0' Connor  south easl oorner) plaoed at
lhe north east -orner of seotfon 19, township B9;
tbenee West 40 chains, tbenee north 80 ehalns,
thence eait 10 chains, and tbenee Mntb liclulns
to the plaee of beginning, containing tn soree*
Dated at Nelson, B. C. Juue .'ilb 1908.
r. H. O'CoKiroa,
OlOaOl ?QWQ, Agent.
Notiee is bereby given that 80 days from date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable tne Chief Com*
mlssloner of Undi ami Works for permission to
pur. hue the following described lands, in tbe
Wesl k enay District    Nnd Island, n. the
' olnmbla hiv.r abonl i miles north nf iturton
' ity; Hn of md island above high water, being
10 acres more or leu.
Dated thmiht Day of June* 1908,
PtlNg  NokTov
T. C  MakINho.n, Agent
Sixty days afterdate I Intend to apply to the
l nmiiilssloi.cr of Lands hiiu  Works, Victoria, to
purchase 160 acres of und. Commenolng nt s
post planted on the west shore of Arrow Uke, al
the south eai comer of j J Christie's purebaae,
running north B0 oh sins, thenoo oast no ehains,
theliee south HOellHlns. theliee Weht ftochallli to
place of commencement
Located May, 9th 1900,
LQaLUOtou, Locator,
HiJily days after date I intend to applv to lhe
Commissioner of Undsand Works to nnrehaae
mi sores ..f land, ittuate about one mi.V easl of
Burton City, and   d rlbed   as follows;  Com'
m.n. ing Ht a posl planted on the northwest corner of lot wo and runlng wesl 30 chains, lbence
north W chains, thence can 90 chains, thonoe
south Htoiig lot BUM i,i phtoo ol beginning.
_Ju!y'!h,PJu.i. _ j,it> ���, M(|[
Notice Is hereby given that ilxty daji after
date   intend kapoly Hon.CbisIC is
shuieruf Uu.l I Works for norm lsaloii topur-
- hase ih.- lollowlng descrlbori landi iltuate In
��� ���-���-���t Kootenay   dhtr|��-l; r on, in.- ,,i ,,  ,,,,���
uoiikod.i &. Vansione's8.K. eorner i-mt.slltiate
in th.-Salimm Klver Valley, at a ) i adjolmbg
J. Meecber's Und at wostom boundary, thenco
vest so ehalns, thence north U chains, thence
east hi chalm, thonce sonth M) cbaltu to poim of
July94Hi, 190B. ,i ii Vakitokj
r. II   Atkinson, Age in
Noilce i- hertb) givon tbat oo days from dale 1
" emt.o apply .., ll,c Hnno,P,l.|,. the ��'������.( r,������.
mlssloner of Unds hii.) Works, for perml*slnu to
V;1;; "���;' ';'"1VW'���� '�� rlbed fanoiiuatS
a    lo- monih of  Hutfbl�� nek on  Lhe A.row
Ukosin tbe Wesi Kooiensy DlstrloL   Aboutao
w   ii   d'Jut     "���"""'���"'���I'll.' hi |  post   marked
w il p 8 W. post,thanoe no'th m ehains, then*
Meanjophalns, ihenoosonth i<> .hams, thenoo
wisi -ueneini to poim of oommeneement.
Dated this lib day of Jiiim��� 1900,
Wll.MAM H.HUiy 1'HTKItS.
Wii.i.um J. Tow;, '.,i:m
Nolle.- II hereby glvell thai W day* |.��� ������. |
inland to .inidy to the Hpn��tabl ihe Cblel Com-
mlssloner ol Landi and Works for permission to
purchase 160 acrei of land ai Ven Ronton creek
ui the Arrow Ukeilntha Weet Kootenav Dlitrlet, starting from a post mark'd A i, l n w
posl, thOllOe 4n chain* e.ist, thenee |i| ->], |n|
souh, tlience 40 chalm  west, llienee  tu ehalns
north io point Picommenoemeni
l��nled this 4th diy of June 1900.
amtiiph John Lono
.      w"d.UM J   I..VK, Ae.-m
Notloe Is horeby given that flo days after d l
intend to apply to tbe Honorable the "hief!'.!..
mlssloner ol undsand Works for permission to
purchase tho followlni described lands In the
Wesl Kootenay district:  Commenclna ai i iO...
marked  M..M.".'- N   B  eormr   n ,,i t 'l  4 Vlo
north of tberi. w comer ol W J,^Caldor's nre
emption In FImVbIIw, running 40chalns south
40 chains west, 40 Chaini north, III ehalns east
place of commencement
Ma.ik McCannLrtu.Locator
June20th, 1900        W  * ' ^.u:,,, Age,,.
,>ouce ii nereny giv.-i, Mon Ml.|Hys alter dal,- I
Int.-mi to make application to tbo flonnrli i,
Chief Commissioner of bands a !ii ,,?.?. ,',M'
jnlihion   to   pnrchase   u,,.   following deierlhcd
dera aouibcnii corner,section l9.Towmhin na
running east twenty chains, south forte ,,,,(.
w.st twenty chaini, north forty chaini to n&
ofcommenoement J   ""l,,n ���" piacc
"���tod July MM. loHKfliM,
Nssllss-   Is,   Ittsrs-liy  ���,.,.��� ||    , ,
  i Intend lo inpi, ���,,",,,'/
(.'mini is, ol ____, i w_._'._
.Inn   In  |siisilini...  u,   I,,,,,,,,,,! ,.,.",'1
"������ ���_"������, ���iii--i.s-:..ii,1!,."",1!;:
fl   �� ,1"'"      I"S I   "I    	
.'.-,,'_"'!. Ii".r ��� ".'i ���"��"'" i'ssisis.1;
"V. A. Use', siissllis-is-l i,.ts���.r''. ..',*; -
iisirii,: ii,,....,. ctahty is.,,   ,'' "''' '"uSi
.���sillily (mi chsim Htul is. ,.,V   !"*"
isis'ii's'i'ii-iil islsslsslist -it htntif'r "a
<iw��.crra, rn or less ' ' "MH
i'l ..I July. I'..,
II A.JItr,
Jttly.nd. lam,
���J|   Ms I  S M,1,1.IS  |,���a
W   Ai..... '
Notts - t. ii,in i.y itven Uisl ttdsrai
"""'"I l'SM|.|.|y I., Il���. 11..,,..,_.,.,,.,',,,,
���i|..l,.ss.r ,,f l.isit'1. snd 11,-sks (01 Is,,
|,i|i,l,i.-,-   llss- I,,II,.stiiii, ,|,.,,,...
In III.- Ut'stl K...I. ti���, ,||.i,���,   i ������      ,     -|
l-.-l  on  ll���- etui .life ..I Ti 'lis I������,, ..{EM
Artsstt   I.ttkf, tttt-l  .....rk, .1 "J J WNlk.-.TtST
cornor." tin nos .ss.t ao chain., ll
chslns, tii.'ns-s- ttf.i sis .(.,,,,. i,���.,,,,.,
, Intnl. io ,H,siii ol eon net nenj      t.
IU0 Sen * siiiir.- ..r I. -.
ljs.s.is-1 Jssiie mtii,im. J j H,sJ
T  II   Hi.   :,��-,.   St*
.-ivit .Ut. .sfs.T dste I sin., ��� I
uhlel Commissions, -<i l.ss, i. .tt.i nj
VlotorJs. (ortiermt-iiontopiii .
snd ,l��i (ii.i),..s,-,,i im I....,
i-.l is. issll.-it.:  Ci Denclne ssi . [.-.iti.
, IsllsIS   l"'),|,stll, I   Ull    V    .'
Bulger's pre-emption and intuited i i-.sil
corner," mid piiiiiihb ss.-i |.us- {..; luial
Ihence ..sssils Issrly (is.) chain, .   |
risstin.. Ihenoe ti'.tiii forty (i..|. ii.in, wa��,i
Julv :. i-... c | ivr.
N,iii.v is hereby glren snssi im : ��� .
liti.it.I!.. apply in the ll-.n the
slonsr of lands and Work, (or pel
s'lsn*.- she fssll.stt Intr described  landi :��� l
Kootensy district, province itl Ui
Commencing at a post instils.-I a a su-.
B W eorner, on lho south aide ol CaittMt
silmiss   tt...  iiille.  est.t   ..(   H.IM..II i lis ii,mt��.
and at the northwest oornerol Hill-nfcfl--
ISS -   |.r.  ,-ins,Hi.ii   ilHlin.   Itieitf,.  ...tSdUL  -
Ihence tn.ttlt fin t-isaln.. ilu-tiee st<-t,d_e,
Ihence -..sills in chnlni i,. the i.Usv...(*mb,.
ss,ii iss in iiik MO seres iiiisrs. ,,s lea,
listed Hii. -'till slay .��r Julv. I/.,.
A. a taw.
N.-lls-s- I.  Iiers-lsy slvels  llsal Iw,t_.-Rlls.alST
slsst.. I lltli.lt.I to Apply I" Ills- H..ls..raMi-lbeCMI
'  nl..l.,ii,-r,,( lj,is,|.,sis,l W..rt,!.s:is,TmsatsB
lo purobsse the Is.Hs.wiiik ,i,., siu-i l.n.kssa
ats- III Kirs- Vallt-y s.it Ihe veal .l.ls-s.l Usmlfl
r,,tt   l-stk... Kissitt-tiay district. .Is^fiil^l .11*,
I......  Commencing ai a jm..i i.i.ssis-1 .nh.
lnirlliwt..t ,,,riser ssl W  A lahl.rt lsK*stus-J
ititsrits-,1 "A. Ms-i.'a southwest oorner; ns.iar
tlsi-s  f,,rlv (lis) ch-lns .���ss-s   Uwoi  l.i'; s
,-lsaiti. north]  tis, ii,',- forly si") sfcsls, -rf
thenee lorly (i.si .liasss- .,,ssils is. Hit- [bos-
commencement. .-..t.iMirsicik sisss- isiiii.isrfiM
SlXty (Is,.) airi'. intire ,,r le...
1'ate.l June '--, I'M.. Av-ss I HcUt-nfl
VV. A  ' ,!,.SK Aftei
Notion Is bersbi glren iiiai I lslsnd.nl*B
alter .Ihi,- l��� h|,1>I>- lis tlie ffsl'l <'.-s,, its i.��: li.r -I
i ii ml. nis,I ��,sr��. (nr iMTml��l,.ii tsipun-ltswlW
following described lamia ��ni prcmheMiis*
sti Fsra tislity. Ko,sli-nay District liiiisssis'tss-ni
HI ss |.,,.l itiiarkesl I'. II. sl'C.lslmr nssrlli s-s
iss-ri placed nt the ss.srih t-Hs-i ,.,iu,i ��
tl, township-B| llss-iss-s- , ll  in ��� li.iss,, llsrinr
West in s'liassih. llis-si,'.' nisrili is' 'Is.l'i' '" "''
lls.rlliiTly I ss.l.ry ,.1 ssnl.l ��-, ll.'ii .'I: ami lis"-
eeessl uohains to tha pi  i-timHm.""-
issiitint; ins acres, and being the nortii oul "Dr
s|SiarlsT ill -ai.l ..111,111 ;l. 1,1st 11.Iii[.'..s
N.-li-,.it. B. 0, J sin.- Mli UO0,
c 11. irs ,,-ioa.
 OIWIUIK VtslMl, Agetil_	
ci.i\ .li,s- ���M"r .Int.. I liilen.l '.' -II T '" ,!w
commluloner ol Uml. an,l Wotsi.T.'��i_
purebaae W sens nl l-nml iltuale ami sls-a-rllw
H.  I.,11..it.    fiisiiliss'll.-llltl ill 11 poll I'lrtil \
Ih,- c���s.l shore ..t Arr.isv l.s.k. .,j,|.,-ts- '���'l��';".,_
Uli.lllstl   al   Hit*   s-ssiillt   itsssl .-..rin-r ol ���'.m'1
O'Blley. pre-emption and msrkesl p I. *\
oornerl lbence east s,s .-tt.iinm. ilss-u.,- ...ii"i "
ehalns, thenre weatoochslni !���> ,,.e t��he shore.
lbence north .ti,.uK tbe lake ihore Is H""""
JllSlr Jllll I'J.i.
P   l.tVSlvf.
\V. f.ll,|-!s. I...'.st��l
Ns s' ii horobyglron that��dsy>slirr*r'
Intend 1,. ���.!'].Is Its llss- Honorable lhe I '   '
miu , ss| I ,,11.|. nn. 1  H'orltl rssr|��-rllilHU����"
I'ssr.'  Uie I wing dcacrll...! Ian.
incliclng at a pra ik,,l ��   K  M,   - I ���
plautod nl llss- N   IV. .-..rn.-r ..I ��   A. n
pro-omBllon  In  Kir,- Valley, running �������""
insriis. lb chalna west, Bel 1 It. ""Il"n
nasi lo place .si eommei tin-isi
(V, 11 M.'i lanuiH, lomiW'
W. A.iAii.Kis, Agent"
June aoth, Hon
Notice 1- hereby siren iIi,h-imv s"l).i.'v,'ll_
date I  Inlcnd  lo n|.|.h   lo lhe Ilm * ',,
insist Commln 1 ..1 Uml'  ' ��."',
I- rmleslon Ui pun ��� Uie lul m -i-"'-':
Irss.'l ,,l Inn,I : .nuns.��� .11 i/'i. .'is-' ll..s ..'. Im "'',
.Is.srs.ii k 11,1,  Ijike III lln-  I's-iss. s "! �� '
K....l....sy,  prsstli'i,,.  ,.l   llilli-ls   ' "I1".''
nnnlHlnlng by admeaaui nl lit�������� ��'"" Z
narilnulsrly ,1.
IS,   sslil. I.   }.hi.
II I SI I.."-!'-'
incneins ni n ,...���,.t on lho wciterl,
l��� tiki ..   ��� Wosl  Kools s.-.s   Hl.lrli'l
'mnil in.-i cornel nl 1. m ; 1  ""'",
lollowlng the southerly I Isryol 1. '-"i"
*",���! - more ", loss 1,, ids' nniii	
mi   ,,l   .,,1,1   I ��sil  (i. I; ilivii �� ' '
" h  11 ohaini more ,.r len to Ujs ""'"
iilv boundary -l n 11 Ballocli'i  i| 1 ".
I'urohssei thoncoeaslerly lollowlmi lll'Hl",l'
������sis 1 laryolaald I). I:.Bsllos b'< 'i'l'11'"1
10 Im, l,���... ������.:.. r,, 1- D, 1 s I��� "���   "
��� IWuoons' Bar! thonco follow-Ing li'-"!
oslty 0/ Us,' ssld lliorc 111 rI. cailerly ' i"
11..is Tss.'Ins lis. ssnsri' ssr Is-.. In Iboinulll wc",
m-risls-nll l.���i niwm. I; tlts-tit'.. in.rllsssly'"!: ,
Hilt Ilie tv.-.terlt  bssuii.lnry ss( hiI.I Ull sTW      ���
Iimi ohalns mora or loss to pssiiu "' eon '"
llalisil Juii,- is. ino f M H��"">'��
Notice  ll   lis-rs-liv  tilvetl   llinl ��lxl)' dl     ��
duto I Intend iplyl ,g......r..f. 1. tin '��� ���
''' ��� Holier of 1.1 ll'.l'11 lid Work. I.n l��'"'���;'   1
10 purohaae (nllnwlng dosor l*J'"J
In IV.-.I  K..,il..|i..v .lls-lrl.'!: H.'(.-liinli��s; '"''' M
Pbiitleil sst lis,' lu'srllist's rnerol l-"l ''"'' ,,
!'..�� Crock, tlienoe s-miiii 40ohalns. l_"*E5h__si
*i s'lissiu.  re ssr Is-", 11 ��� '"' "' , ii,.
'ts.irs. sir I.'sh, thenc, 't lo lake shore, w��
n'neo of beginning, ib,- ��ssiiie i> int.-N-i.-.i '���
uraee whal 1, known as llio Hnnson prc-emi
Datod .inly.-.. um. Ofo. "��� ��'��m
Ns.I lee in  hereby nlv.-n  lhal .IM} ','"';,""';'
'"���'Issls'MssI, 10 ilW.l.v is. llsvi'l.'','   ;'.'..
nloner nl I ...,.,- I Worka Victoria, 1. r i>  ' ,
'Isiii   to s.sirelin'e Hie rolloit Int.- .Iiwrsl"'1    '    ,
Iltuato In Hit- tll.lrlrl "l   Wosl h ""'kVd
of'Sr.iiiBiiisu Crook: siHriiiiKtii is point "r j
i ssi...
ulhi-si-l '
..  While's   S.   W.   .
I'lniltiss ssstills nt  .1    Msslolu-'i
r Illk' nisrili SfJollSlnl, ll s "",.''. n.li
tbenoe south mi chains. H o wosl "';:!",
imliiloleiuillnoileolllolll. -'"���'-- ",
Juno ll, iwjb, J,raA����. Agiint- ���������������������������������:���������������������������*������������
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y., Limited
The kind that puzzle the average opti-
, i.i 11 are the very ones we are afler, therein demonstrating onr superior ability and
skill. Conic and see what onr eye specilist
M. Mecklenberg* M* A*  t
do for yon.     Ko charge unless we
satisfy you. Prices Right.
Satisfaction Guaranteed      \
The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
\*>* ���������������������������;->���������������������������������������
iperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
!'H, PAID DP....18,000,000 REST $8.1100,000
ll Wll.KIl-:, Prraldent HON. ROBERT JAKKRAY, Vice-PrnHicleiit
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit*, received nnd Intsrost nllowi ,1 at curnsiit rutt-s frmn tlnte of orxuiiitK iui>
���> ninl credited liiiir-yuarlj-
'i.sn\ branoh ��J.   "Vl��   LAY.   "Vl._rs_.gcr.
[he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
}urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Illllll lIlliltlit'H will final it III I lu'll' llilvillltlip' Iss DM OUT Pltoll.
ielson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd*
. Burns & Co,
Martrataln Roadatid, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,  Bandon, Three Forte, New
Denver mnl Blooan City.
Millmen at St. Eugene Ask Reduction
of Working Hours.
Tho concentrator men at tho St. Bu*
gene are asking for an eight-hour day.
A iiotition ia now being circulated
among the millmen, and it 1b said that
there are no refusals, it will be a
unanimous request. The company is
given until August luth to ponder
over it, and they ask lor a reply on
that date. The men are asking for an
eight-hour day at the present scale of
In the Coeur d'Alenes the tniuers
and millmen have heen working eight
hours since the lirsl of lhe month, aud
3,000 men ure affected hy the change.
Tlie mine owners vera prompted to
mis action by the scarcity of mon, and
they made a cut in tho hours ns an
Inducement to bring mineri and null
hands from Other camp*, As a result
men are leaving in good-sized number., from Moyle ami the other camps
iu B. C. for the silver-lead district in
Tbe St. I'.ugeno millmen (eel lhat
their request is reasonable, and they
do not contemplate any opposition to
it.���Moyle  header.
' "mti t.nniy brunch win have
'r|11 *������"! I'lir.'inl Htlrtnltiii.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. G
Dirigible Baloon Voyage.
Nnank. Conn., August (J.���Dr. .Julian
P. Thomas' balloon, which left a point
near Port Morris. New York, late last
night, landed here at r,.-it> a.m. Afler
securing water (?) the passengers reentered the car and the balloon was
released, sailing in a north-easterly
direction. Dr. Thomas said the trip
had been one of lhe most successful
he had ever taken and so far had been
without a mishap of any kind. The
trip from Port Morris to this point
covered about 12b miles. While off
Bridgeport Dr. Morris Thomas' balloon
descended until the aeronaughts came
close enough to Long Island Sound to
enable them to carry on a conversation with a yachting party. This was
at one o'clock in the morning. Dr.
Thomas asked where they were, and
after declining an invitation to come
all the way down, the ballonnlsts arose
aud disappeared.
Sunday  Observance  in   New  York.
New York. August 6.���In compliance
witli the recent ruling of the department of commerce and labor, Ellis
island was shut down all day yesterday, and will be on all Sundays hereafter for the next three months, much
to the discomfiture of the thousands
of emigrants comnlg In on the big
ships  that   may  dock   Sundays,     Last
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
HOODS   tAl.l.l-l,   FOU
Baker Street.    -     NELSON.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliver!-! mads iliiily throughout N. inon
nml itntniliiiriw. Plume lis.
night nearly 2,500 Bteerage passengers slept between docks on four big
liners which reached their piers and
discharged the first and second-claBS
Nelson Fruit at Brandon.
The British Columbia fruit exhibit
occupies one corner of the building.
Preserved fruits of all kinds are shown
and shipments of fresh apples, peaches, cherries, plums, apricots and tomatoes of this year*s growth have been
received specially for the fair. The
average Manitoban Iooks wistfully at
the tempting array. All the fruits aie
of large size anil perfect In appearance
and llavor. Tlie collection of bulbs,
iris, tulip, crocus, narcissus, etc.,
shown is claimed to be equal lo those
of European growtb.���Winnipeg Free
0 Limit*, Woti.lt.vrry Urcaki" will t��received
i,v ih'- tiiiaonliaoO up t<> noon ut Batu.rd_.yi tha
luhtUyol tuguit, iwo, from ��nyp n*.��u ii<*ir
iiik itM'i.iniii H|nvUt timi��r Unticot toCUl Mnl
parry away iimlfi tt  tho IdIIhwiiik rtewrlbed
UmlV, Niniiiir fit <lui Norlh Pork ut \. <> illxTry
Ureek. m the Afn-worth Minim* DiiUlon of Wo*.
Kootenay DiitrK-t:
i .ui i   I'luinf-'iiiiK at a irtaka planted ou tba
North   I'mk   Df   VV Hurry   Um��,   iil.uiil   five
iiiiIch imni Kootonay C-ako; tin imv Miutu �����
rhaloil   LhattOaWsil ����i rluiifi*.;  tli.'i.r.i norlh HO
obaluii luaDoeeutBQohalnato tba point otoora*
bOl   .'-      I'lillMMi In III-   ill  il  -lltli''  |i'illlt,'.l   OU   III''
North Pork "( woodborry Creek abom ilx miin>
from Kootonay Luke: tlianoa iouth 80 obaltiii
thi'tiri' wut SOobalmi tlience norih BO cbaluai
Ibooou eaat*i < hiiim- to Uu- jioini m oomtnoauo*
l.ni B.    i tiniiii 'iniiii: nt a sink.* planted nn thi'
North l'ork nf VVoonWry Crook, Hhout wwi,
miles from Kootonay Lako) tbenoe smith su
i-iiaiiis: tbonce wut BO obaluij tbenco north 40
cbain��] Ibouco ihni mi obalm to tbo point ol
I ..I 4   -Comini'tirliiK at n Itako plunti'il nil tht>
Nnrlh   l'ork ut Wpoi Urrv i ivok, ahoul   i-lj-ht
in iii���i imni Kootenay Uko) tbenoe ninth ho
cbalbai tbenoe weal BO chat ni; tbenoe nortb Bo
.iniiii*; tbonoo eul ni obalm to tho point nf
Th*1 prrHoii nffrriiiu (Iii; IiIkIiosI nuth hniiua will
booutiued tnapealal llaenou covering tho Ilm*
its' renOwabio for twenty-one luccotilvo yoart.
Bach lander mtint bo aooompanied byaoorti'
Red cheque. Made p*yabla al pur in vlotorlato
th<! ini.|.'i'M,:iii"l. fur (hi' amuiint, HiW.tH), nl the
tl r it vtiir'H ii'.'N (or Niich ipeolft] lloanoea. nml tbo
amount of lite br-miii U'liiifri'il, uni rIsim. ci'rl.-
fk'tl ChCQAlO loi   . I lot niM of ii'lvi'i-lisinn NaM
1 i in IU,
Di'puly ComtnlUlOner of lninls uml Works.
Landl mui vvnrkfi i>i>nartniL'iit,
Victoria, B.C .July itKli, 19oc.
Will Stay at Home.
Berlin, August 6.���The foreign office
authorities authorize    the    Associated
Press lo say that lho German government  requests that the plans of    the
mivy department for the niutnoeuvera
in September Include every ship avail*
able, and precludes di-taehlng vessels
lo visit lhe United States on lhe occasion of the Ainerica-G|erm&n yacht
races off Marble-head.
The Daily Crash.
St. Genevieve, Mo.. August C���
Twenty persons were cut and bruised
in a head-on collision between a passenger and a freight (rain train on
the 'Frisco road yesterday. None
was fatally injured. The locomotives
were demolished and three coaches
derailed. It is stated lhat the accident was due to lhe freight train running in on the main irack from a
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Wiiinips'g Port Arthur
Bt Paul,    Dulnth,    Siooi City
Kiiukiis Oily t-iH.-.B. St. Louis $ttt).0O.
Chicoito *04 (X).
On milt- August 7-8.9, September 8-10
Final limit OrtoberHlst.
Toronto 176.06.   On sale September S-9-10
Limit Novviiilmr .10th.
Milwaukee 189.80    On wile August 7-8-9.
Limit Octolier ;ilst.
Through rnti-s nil stations���Outnrio,
Qttebeo, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces on application.
e. j. coylk;
i.i'. !,,Vatli-sstivsir.
���I. S. GARTER,
H.KA.. Nt-lt-i.ti.
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will Uiavo Nelson nt H :80 11. ui.
will arrive at Nelson at 7 :IWi p m.
will leave for Knslo at 0:46 p. in.
will arrive at Nrisen nt tt: 10 n. m.
Cily I'licxi'iigor Agont.
A II. 1". a., Buttle.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Booms are well famished.   Table as good a. any
ID Nelson.    Bar supplied witb grsod
liqisor. and cUara.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Heals 26 cu.  Rooms from lfi eta. to 11
Only While Help Implored.
Baker si.. Kelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Diy House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Pineal.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
NeUstn. B. 0.
The Big Schooner D/./,*, f A/.
or "h_h-m_-h_h" Deer 1UC��
The only Glass of Good Beer In Nelson.
H���!fl HS's-sslslIintslsitfonH sss-essr.sl to nssns- lit Brlt-
issh Columbu. Kait-s flJJOperday. Bpectsl rates
to monthly boarders,. Only borne hotel in Nelson
60R1NI iH SIAM.lsV antl 8IUICA.
Lake VieM
Hall and VernoniSts.
Two I,lurks from
Rates $1.00 per Day
and np.
p. o. Box ut.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Nlghl.
Bample and Bsth Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward ind Vernon Street..
Tn�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
een s
Baker Btreet, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Urge and Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
class I'sislsiii Room. Bample Rooms for Commercial Hen.
MRS. K. C. CLARKE. Proprl.treu
The well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest iu the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
A. McDonald &Co,
OenlerH in Htnpleniul fnucy Groceries.
Butter, Ettgs-
Camp nud Minora' Supplies.
West Transfer Co.
General Ti<iinst<>rs anil Dealers in
tiitnl ami Wihi .     Express antl
I^HKgnKe Transfer
FKtTYni  Office: Baker St.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
l-'lt _   ami   Accident
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district.
Most of it situate on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See tne before you decide to locate.
; S. M. BRYDGES, "**$����"*
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fruit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
TUESDAY, Aog��st 7th
Performances at 2 and 8 P. M.
Contractor and
Bole iif-ont for tlu' Porto Ulcu Lumlicr Co., Ltd.,
retail ViinK Ituii^h iimi tlri". ril hliulnT, llirui-U
WOfk mi'l linii'kt'f, CtfUt Intii mi'l kIiIpkICS, ^iish
uml limns, ri'im.nt, lirirk uml lime for sale.
AntmnAtlc grimier.
Yiml 1111,1 nu'liirv: Vcriiot. Kt.. chbI of Hall,
I*. 0. iiox aai
a. c.
Tvlcptiouu 178.
2 O-F U N IN V
O L- O W IN S-2 O
Lilliputian Performers.   Tr< upes of Acrobats.     Scores of
Gymnasts, Bycyclists, J lgglers, Wire and Rope
Walkers, Necromaacers, Atheletes,
and. Japanese Performers.
man school riding
Gregory's Royal  It .lima  Banda Rossa
rjrjr^rj Every  Child   Attending the Matinee Will
rk\CCt  Be  Given   a Pony Ride,   Absolutely Free.
Grand Free Stroe> Parade 11 a. m. Dally
Popular Prices.    Tents Near C P. R* Depot.
' ���'���
i "ih
il ���
The Daily Canadian
. . ��� -....       ...   \����.., -
\\ .   -in  ..ll. lini; -SOI r"''11 ll
i  il".   in Till  I !lits��
,-i I'm (HatM Suit
I'l'l   ,|   |. Ill   ,.|   I 'ill   l i|_t_,l  Suit \
iii.I I', uui i ill si ti i ���   Nt. i Inn: v
i -. i.   .   \ l   .1 v
J i  ���     78
;       J, o. PATBNAUDB,       i
^ ���,,,,,,.,. ., tvs . t, t.  ���.\,s   -s tt ,.t t ��s, I'l'lltlH \
I     > . .   .. \  . .   -. N   ��� .   -.      .        ���.   . ,  \    .     \'1\��.  S^   SW\^1
ih.i   M
,-�����,. I III \   \K"s iHHNti FAST   v
|   iv.kh Plums
* W\\wV 1Y1_*1��mi\
I      W.itY-iiwto.w
���    -        '    ���
"Ilu- Store ot Swuts."
'   .      .      ,.-���..   ',-.,    t     ....
\s   ��\t-
!    I0.AI   -VM> PR0V1NC1AI
li.    1.1, stl���    ssl     \ ., is,-,s        tl i. ,-        SS,'���l
. ,-..,,'    sss   ,,|    111.'   ,,-Ss.l   IS,-,,   ...    ,!,,���       ,���,'.
.I. s, ,,) j s.ss iiis' km !-.i.��
lis,'   ss���'iiil,,i��  ,.t   tl,.-   M.-tss.t     ss   1 SISSI
|.,sississ ��      \ ., ',    s",,ss     �� HI     ..- I   t. '..I
!..     , |1 >     I,>sn,-...-st     ttl.'H.,-,..S   ,'SSS,1   ,'ts'SS
s   '.I      Is,, .1      tis, ll      Sss.-SI' tl   ,       :'.','    1 ' SI f
.-it   H ...IrnxslK,   (ss   sll.'  ,s��-.fs< ss loss   ,,ils,,'
���'    ..,'',    . ., ...
'.-..    ss | [j    :���,     '���   t. I,, .i   .:���..-...���    ,'.i.-   "    , .-   ,-s
I   '...,,-  ,-s     !s,'   >. |l
M,    ; I.., ���      .
,'..,   ,-s   ."..'    | ".','.'.     Mil I   ��� -.  ��|'!l
v|iV* '������  "'V
At   ..... .-.
We have th- remedy. Our
expert optician is giving satis-
faciion. VVe guarantee to -'-it-
isfy vm'., it yon give us .1 trial.
Consultation fttt.   A Visit SoBcfted
Repairing and Jofcfc
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Cherries and
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The Nelson Brewing Co'y, LtdJ
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C A Benedictl&R-SEANEY
I Starkey & Co.. &��%&
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Gait Coal
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Don't Forget
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I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co.
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iEmAmmmm I
NELSON.    B.  C.
^ . G. Thof-ii>^a
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X      M -V  ���
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T_  liVLV.  A-TTT
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_ ���
A.G. LAN 1 BERT & C0\
��� ���
���  ���
J<) i��._?l Lam be*. S_ia$'leSi
\\   -.
- 'fMj^W. t-K    *.       . .
; ; MM'fitilhi[.i��
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^^  " ���
���    ���    ���   ��  ..,    .
-���   . .      .    .-. .
Th/itn-^r k rt.ipn,-
____________ JS10. 12.50 and S15
Kor One
week    J LONELY
We Will Sell
:: ��^^c.
ix 5-r-. - :���;
"   ' v V r
"    - s 5ITT5-
�� V   "��*��**_ *l>>.
hi ~   '. m an Cv
McDermid & McHa**
'���""111 *nvi _ k M i r\'
������ v*^^*'  *�������'**���>���   ���    '������'""
;    '..-.,   ;   l-t    Tiri-i..   t__H   IH   ���"-��
"     -j.rr   th-   NM
>Tr* .    ^t
W Wit-'
_5_.-rv.i *: .-'T
-ii ��_p>cvi ��t -s?** ^m ^nn-^'


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