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The Daily Canadian Jan 29, 1907

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_J_ ^-;^e /Q
Volume I.   No. 202.
s?vbtt Cents a Month
Fven Joseph Martin Can't
Stand Liberals
tx Premier Declares He Will Support Conservative Candidates
in  Vancouver
(Special iu Tht; Dally Canadian)
Vancouver, 11. C, Jan. 28.���Joe Mar-
i states that lu* will -vote the Con-
rvaltve tick ot because he wishes to
i against Intorferance by the Do
iloc govommwil in provincial poi-
Frank   Burnett,   a   staunch   Liberal,
I te   Conservative because a number
lo-callfid Liberals banded themselveH
igelher and called themselves the Lib-
���raI party, whereas they merely repre-
kn' the Qrand Trunk and the federal
H, -J   Duncan,   barrister.  voteB Con*
prvative because it was simply a case
which side will Rive stable govern*
cat   He believes the McUride record
���itlties  it to the confidence    of    the
Other prominent Liberals have open-
stated their solid vote wil be given
pr Conservative candidates.
Promtneni Liberals here, who are
BtUng <m the defeat of the so-called
���beta, ticket, concede Mcllrlde's ma-
priiy will be at least seven straight
1 \V. \V. H. Mclnnes is not likely to
.ect either Bowser or Haw-
lortiwuUhi'.     Hanson's   majority    in
pi������ rn   Is plllim up    It ts not a ques-
of his Kt'tiin-. In  but one of ma-
FTlis'   Liberal   scandals,   like   boom-
fauns, have driven voteB away. Every
circulated lias been (Unproved. The
-Man imki'd on Ihe street Is, "what
llll l��. the ns'Xi canard?"   II. F. Oreen
- Issued  writs  for dumages against
Vancouver World, et al.
leorge W   Stnitton. employeil nt the
iv.  I.nks- Power company fi-ll In the
er on  Friday.    Ills  canoe  capsized
! Is. was slrowned.
flPBOintmenti by First Principal of Dominion  Chapter.
Toronto, Jan. 28.���Orand first prlncl-
Iml nf lhe urand chapter of Uoynl Arch
ktasona of Oanada, M. E. Comrade.
hn Leslie, of Winnipeg, hnR made the
following appointments: Comp., J. W.
landers, Pott Hope; Qraml Senior So-
isiirner,  V.  E.   Comrade.   II. S.   King.
J Toronto; Orand Junior Sojourner, R. T.
Comp., J. H. Nixon, Toronto; Lecturer,
V. Comp.. Alox. Currle, London;
sortl-bearer, V. E. (leorge, II. Lanlgan.
pi.smllton; Master of first veil, V. E.
"nip, S. II. McCluug, Trenton; Master
s-i'iinil veil, V. E. Comp., N. F. Town-
���iitl. Itiisslund; Master third veil. V. E.
uniu. Arch Oralinm. llrlckvllle; Mas-
it fourth veil, V. E. Comp., A. Mc-
|rs'iiry. Vancouver; Standard-bearer. V.
Comp.,  J.   W.   Pattorson,   Carleton
Ilace; Director of Ceremonies, V. E.
iinis .1 T Cameron, Sault Ste. Marie:
rmuiiHt. v _, Comp.. E. Mlllwnnl.
shy: 1'ursulvant, V. E. Comp., F. A.
|niii|ilii ll, Kenora; Steward, V. E.
nuiii. .1 F. llnte. Helton: Steward.
E Comp., .1. P. Kennedy, M. D.,
liKliani; Sleward, V. E. Comp.. Wil
McQulre, Blmcoe; steward, V. E.
nip Richard Douglas, nnwson City:
eward, v. e. Oomp., W. T. Wilkinson,
nherstburgl Steward, V. 10. Comp.,
In Fish, Orangevllle; steward, V.E.
|'ii|s. ltii'iiarii Bain,Toronto; Steward,
mini.. II. A. McOlbhiin. Port Ar
Mxeeutive   nppoliilnienIK:   R.   E.
. William Forbes, (Irlmsby; D. H.
fcKlllop, Carleton Place;   F. W. Ilar-
I'li'l.  Toronto;   Oliver  Ellwooil,  Lon-
Jamei McLaughlin, Ownn Sound.
Jclicss   Tactics   of  Opposition   Make
Government Votes.
inon. Jan. 28.���The results of tho
hpalgn   which hns  been  carried  on
"ughoirl the district during tho past
' Is huve been decidedly encouraging
[Hi" friends of Mr. Price Ellison, who
now  moro certain than over that
'ir I'liididate wil recelvo a largo tna-
|'iy of the votes cast on February 2.
'!0  Ellison  hus  hold meellngs  al
fillctnn,   Penchland,   Westbank   and
"wua, nt all  of which  ho was ac-
led   a   reception   that  augurs   well
Ills success, whllo his ready refutn-
i of the opposition arguments cannot
greatly have strengthened his post-
n wherever ho has spoken. Majorities
J Mr, Ellison ure assured at all these
|iln*rn  polnta.
Mncdonuld's meetings have been
attended by J, A. McKclvle, who Iiiih
proved nmre than a match for the Liberal candidate, his style of lucid exposition, clear logical reasoning, and
slashing criticism never falls to urouHe
the enthusiasm of the audience.
A feature of the opposition campaign that will be worth a great many
voles to Price Ellison's supporters has
been the Importation of Duncan Hobs.
M. P., for Yale-Curlliiin, and his activity
in the district. Mr. Hohh has, personally, no Influence whatever ln the district, anil his presence iu the riding Is
generally taken as proof conclusive of
the objectionable Interference of the
Ottawa machine lit provincial polltlcH,
and Is far more likely to prejudice than
to serve the cause he deBlres to advance.
Rival  Organizations Fight for Control
of Winter Sport.
New York. Jan. 29.���The board of directors of the National Skating Association ni a meeting last night, decided to
cs.mply with the ultimatum of Preal-
dmt J. E. Sullivan, of the Amateur Ath-
1' tic Union, thai unless the National
Association receded from a resolution
it recently adopted giving support to
the Amateur Skating Association of
Canada, In preference to the Canadian
Amati'iir Athletic Union he woulil break
off Ihe alliance between the Amateur
Athletic Union nnil the National Skating Association. The directors' mes t-
lng of the National Skating Association
was called last night at the request of
President Sullivan of the olher association, who asked that they n'eonslder
their former action to rescind th<" en-
slorsement of the vote, which stuod 7
to 6. The trouble was caused by the
endorsement which the National asso
rlatlon gnve to the meetlnir which Is to
be h"ld In Montreal next Saturday under the aiiBpices of the Amateur Skating Association of Canada, and In opposition to the Canadian Amateur Union,
which attempted to assume control of
the sport. The Amateur Athletic Union
sloes not sanction the Montreal meet.
Pope and Bishops Offer Suggestion to
French Government���May  Errd
Parlfl. Jan, 29.���The proposition
which tho French bishops, with the approval of the pope, huve now submitted
hi the government, seepis to offer the
first real prospect of an adjustment of
the conflict between church and state,
under the separation regime. While il
Involves a modification of the position
taken in the last, papa] encyclical, tlie
proposition put forward has all the appearance of an ultimatum. Whether
tin- government ln spite of concessions,
made and making, in the interest of
religions peace, will accept a settlement based upon the absolute recognition of the Human hierarchy, remains
to be seen. The mutual contract which
the bishops have submitted provides
tor virtual lease of the churches ity
perpetuity to the parish priests by the
mayors, the lease being for 18 years
and renewable hy their successors.
The leases are invalid without the
express ratification of the bishop and
becomes null the moment the parish
priest loses the bishops' authorization.
The bishops must act together to insure the acceptance of the contracts
everywhere and by everyone.
Prince  of  Monaco    Reports    Valuable
Scientific Work.
Paris, Jan. 2i).���The French Academy
of Science has received from thi* Prince
of Monaco a report on the chief features of his scientific campaign in the
Arctic last year. Nine nationalities
were represented among the scientists
aboard the two vessels, the Princess
Alice and the Quedjor. The difficult
work was the geodetic survey of the
hitherto unexplored mountain region of
BplUbergttn. Under the guidance of
Caplain Isaacson who, with Sverdrup.
was on the Frum expedition, a party
of seven Norwegians and one Frenchman covered 1600 miles over the interior glacttMs. camping between the
en-sis without other resources than
those carried by dog train. The party
Obtained t\ OOmplete clinr. of the region
which ls covered with glaciers, only
the summits of tho mountains showing,
Tho nv'teorulnglrnl rapflrlm��ntn Wftr*
esnt'clallv ltitarOBBting. Pilot balloon
despatches from the Prlnoess Alice ox
plorrd th*- atmosphere in to \)v hitherto uooitnln. d h-M'r.t of 90,000 feet.
The air wn so euro thnt tho tfnv balloons, which ouly measure three by
four feet, OOUld be followed with the
eye for a distance of 12S miles, Dur-
In*, the hydro^rnnhte researches in
Cross Hay Icebergs Of exceptional dimensions were observed. Their circumference wns ns much SS 1700 feet
nnil height 90.
Offensive Letter Withdrawn.
London, Jan. 29.���The Associated
Pro-s lenrns that tho International
phase of lhe Kingston Incident has
been finally closed hv Governor Rwet-
tenham formnllv withdrawing his let-
tor to Hear Admiral T)nvls and oxnr��*ss-
lng his regret for having written It.
Contest in Greenwood is
J. A. Macdonald at Public Meeting
Left Slanders Severely Alone���
Made Many Friends
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, Jan. ���!'.,.���The meeting
held in the auditorium Saturday evening lam: in the interest of Mr. Naden,
:h'. Libera: candidate, was a great success! In point of numbers and enthusiasm. It developed inlo a great field
day, however, rather than into a party
rally, wltu slight odds, though It would
seem, In the Liberal favor.
Dr. Mntheson presided, and prompt,
ly at the hour called on air. Naden.
Whether il was because Mr. Naden
was at his own meeting or because he
was supported by the presence or the
Liberal leader, or because he has be-
cume moie at home on the platform
than he appeared at the late Conservative meeting; for some reason, however, he made a much better impression than before ami when he had cou-
cluds'd he had shown lo a divided audience and a manifestly hostile gallery
that he was fearless and Independent,
and evidently able to take care of hini-
sUf. He patiently listened to questions intended to embarrass him and
just as patiently answered them. He
suited his claims to the recognition of
Ihe electorate on three grounds���his
record locally ln civic affairs, the record of the Libera] party in the provincial parliament, and tlle misdeeds of
the McBride administration. He closed
a frank and manly address with the
declaration that If elected h" would
hold himself superior to the domination of anv machine or anv corporation.
.Mr. Warren's address was brief, as
became him in an opponent's meeting.
Tis appearance was greeted by loud
npplaust. and the points in his speech
were received with enthusiasm. His
appeal for support next Saturday rested on his personal record and on the
administration of the government for
the last three years. He asked Mr.
Mncdonalil to fell the audlenoe what he
would do in powei Be knew what he
was as a critic of sMcBride. but lie wanted to know what he proposed doing If
entrusted with tho reins of government.
.Mr. Dynes, the (Socialist candidate,
was fearless in his attacks on Mr. Mac-
disnald, Mr. Mclnnes and Mr. Naden.
but Indiscretion marred what he evidently intended for a big effort. He
was particularly unhappy In his determination to hold the platform long after his time was up. and the chairman
had so announces!. He seemed to forget that he was the guest of fhe Liberal party and to think that the host
who has invited one to spend a day
may take exception when the visitor
proposes to remain a week. His party
must have felt chagrined at his explanation of the "red" flag of his party. He claimed that all races, white,
black, red. yellow and brown, had the
same colored blood���red���flowing in
their veins, anil the red flag stoud for
a universal brotherhood. If this be so
the point of criticism urged against
Chinaman and Hindoo appears obscured.
Mr. Deane. of Ihe Nelson News, did
not meet with a very hearty reception.
Whether It was a somewhat patronising air. or the manner thnt Implied
that Macdonald, and 1. and possibly
Nails.n. are ihe factors to be must considered, that weighed wiih the audlenoe
II cannot be salsl. but evidently he had
n bad Quarter of an hour before deciding ihai lils mission lay elsewhere and
sat down. The meeting hardly did Itself Justice In Its treatment of Mr.
Deane, however, a spirit of fair play
b -Ins.* noticeably absent.
When Mr. Maeilonald rnfe Iss reply
It appeared for the moment ns If he
was to meet Ihe same fate as Ihe pre
ceding speaker. But lie soon showed
Whai nn able mail can do with a critical audience, nnd before he had proceeds'!! far he had the best of order
antl attention, broken now and again
by questions which he considered fair
anil which he answered In nn eminently cnnilid and painstaking wny. His
speeob of over nn hour was a clear
presentation of the Liberal case submitted to the people ns lo a sworn
lury, desirous of finding a Jusl verdict.
II,. deall with no scandals and iiii bear-
say, nppeallng to the nets of the Me-
brlde government as his only grounds
of arraignment Whether lie made
voters for Mr. Naden or not may only
be conjectured, but he certainly made
friends for hlmsrsif. nnd when lie con-
Oluded the verdict of all must have
been, "nn able mnn. Conscientiously pre-
aentlng a casn he believes In."
And now that all the big meetings
of the campaign, bo far as known, ar2
over, your correspondent believes the
issue still in, doubt. Without familiarity with the doings of any of the committee rooms, ignorant of the complications of any of the party committees,
judging only from street talk and pub-
lie meetings' results, he still believes
the contest a close one, with the odds
iu favor of the Conservative candidate.
An unknown current, uot apparent
on the surface to him, may be setting
strongly in favor of one of the other
candidates, but he ililuks election day
will show thc contest rather equal,
with no candidate far ln the lead. Little bitterness between parties has thus
far developed, for which happy issue
the credit may bo divided between the
nominees whose first effort appears to
have been to be gentlemen in the campaign.
City  Council   Disposes  of  Annual   Department Reports.
The adjourned meeting of the city
council was held last night with Mayor
Gillett In the chair, and Aldermen Selous, Annable, Irving and McMorris also present. The minutes of the last
ni ctlng were read and adopted and
routine business, consisting of dealing
with Insurance policies, was disposed
Long reports were received from tlie
city engineer and the superintendent
of electric lighting. The report of the
former was ordered to he printed.
On a trivial request from the fire department driver for an increase of salary���an Important principle was established on motion of Aldermen Selous
and McMorris, that such requests must
come through the heads of departments.
It was resolved Lhat steps be taken
to collect isl! arrea^n of water and light
tat' s and In futuri. to keep them closely Collected. The council then adjourned to February 1\
Socialist  Orator   From    Seattle    Aske
Subscriptions   for   His   Paper   in
Public Meeting.
{Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, .fan. 29.���A moat enthusiastic meeting of citizens, numbering about 600, tt_..embled last evening
in the opera house to nek? W. T. Mills
of Seattle, the Socialist orator, address
the meeting on behalf of the local Socialist, candidate, John Mclnnes. Mr.
Charles Hunting acted as chairman and
introduced the first speaker, Mr. John
Mclnnes, who at once read the Socialist platform. He then launched into an
attempt to cast discredit on his political opponents. He said that after the
election Mr. Miller would be looking
for a long job similar to the one Judge
tUement secured after he was defeated.
His remarks in this connection were
not received well by the audience.
He was followed by Mr. W. T. Mills
of Seattle. Mr. Mills Is unquestionably a good speaker, and retained the
attention of his hearers while he explained the principles of Socialism, after which he openly ridiculed the Idea
of H. \V. Gregory, the Liberal candidate,
representing himself to be a Liberal-
Labor candidate. He said that Gregory
was n^ver nominated by any labor organization In the riding. Although a
good speaker, Mr. Mills as a vote-
maker for Mclnnes was a failure, as
the labor party in Grand Forks have a
stroig feeliug against foreign agitators
comlnp- into Canada and trying to secure votes. To put a climax to the un-
pnpulaiity of Mr. Mills at this meeting
In c ncluding his speech he intimated
that be Ind a double purpose ln appearing before a Grand Forks audience
on tbe present occasion, tho first being
tn support the candidacy of Mr. Mclnnes. while he appeared ns a newspaper man to collect subscriptions for a
new Socialist paper he was about to
start and edit, and he would Uke a show
of hands who among the audience
wou'fl be PuVserib'^rs tn his paper. Out
nf Bympithy for tbe old man a number of bands went up, but even thev
most enthusiastic Socialist now regrets
lhat the meeting was held at all. rt
Ifl now admitted here that the Soclnlist
vote as well as the Liberal Is complete-
ly divided, nnil Mr. Miller's election is
generally conceded.
Explanation  of    8ir    James    Swettenham's Acts Will Be Made by Him.
New York, Jan. '2'1.~According to a
Kingston (Jamaica! despatch to the
Sun under dole of yesterday, as a result ->r the attitude of Governor Swet-
lenham in regard to the American fleet,
the British government is likely to order a commission to enquire Into the
���.<v.lim*nt of Hear Admiral Davis. This
investigation will probably be started
with a preliminary enquiry by Sydney
Oliver, chief of the West Indian department of the colonial office in London.
Sutton and Sehaefer to Meet.
New ork, Jan. 29.���George Sutton,
ibe world's champion billlardlst and the
only player thnt ever held the 18.1 and
18.2 balkllne titles al the same time,
has accepted the challenge of Jacob
Sehaefer, better known as the "Wizard," for the 18.1 title, and the game
will be played ln Chicago on March 11,
at Orchestra Hall. Sutton has only
held this title for a few weeks.
Germans Combine Against
Conservat-vts, Liberals and Radicals
Forming Plan For Co-operation in Future Elections.
Berlin, Jan. 29.���The political parties,
except the extreme radicals, are combining against the Socialists in the ballot which istss be taken ln the electoral
districts, where none of the candidates
for the reichstag succeeded in obtaining a majority. The party leaders met
yesterday and decided not to support
any of the Socialist representatives,
and   representatives   of  the   Conserva-
erate a mill of some kind up the North
Fork and thus dispense with the river
driving process this coming spring, although no announcement from tbe lumber company has as yet been officially
What might have been a most aerl-
oub accident occurred yesterday at the
Oranby smelter, the victim being Mr.
Gerald Hay, son of Mr. Charles Hay,
one of the pioneer land owners of this
city. It appears that the young man
was engaged on a stag train at Uie reduction works and carelessly let hia
fool hang over the car, when the itmb
came in contact with another car standing on the track, the result being that
every bone In his foot was broken. He
was at once removed to his home in the
West End, and Dr. Kingston was summoned. It ls feared that he may loae
the use of his foot.
Investigating Banks.
Washington, Jan. 29.���The comptroller of the currency today issued a call
for a statement of the condition of all
national banks at the cloae of the business on January 26.
Political  Intrigue    In    Venezuela    and
Armed Conflict.
Wlllemstad, CXracoa, Jan. 29.���Ad
cording to advl/es received here from
Caracas today Governor Mata,. at the
head of a body of armed troops, Bur-
prised a secret political meeting in the
Green Wildly applauded
His Own City
Liberal Meeting Converted Iito Rally
ior Conservatives-
Seat is Sa
Kaslo, Jan. 29.���The Liberal meeting
here laat night addressed by tbe opposition leader developed into a great Conservative rally. Green's explanation of
tbe various scandals that bare been
charged against him by tbe opposition
press and speakers were fully accepted
as satisfactory and tbe audience
cheered him to tbe echo. When Mr.
Macdonald took tbe platform he denied
The pathetic appeal of the local Liberal candidate for a rest ln the quiet halls of the provincial parliament I
inspired the office cartoonist, wbo suggests the above, and the following sweet and appropriate lines:
"Please go 'way and let me sleep,
Don't disturb my slumbers sweet;
Sleep to me ls such a treat
That I'd rather sleep than eat."
tive party from all the Btates of the
empire determined last night to unite
with the other parties against the 8o-
ciall:s[3. The delegates of the national
liberals! aud two radical groups met
today to devise a plan to co-operate for
the remainder of the campaign.
German Susceptibilities Hurt  by  High
Handed Seizure.
Constantinople. Jan. 29. ��� Fehml
Pasha, chief of the secret police of the
palace and a confidant and favorite of
the sultan, has come into serious conflict with the embassy, owing to his
action ln causing the seizure recently
of a ship and cargo deHtined for Hamburg. The sultan tried to pacify the
embassy officials by Immediately ordering the release of the cargo, but
Germany ln a forcible note to the Porto
demands the pulnishment of Fehml
Pasha, pointing out that he was guilty
of an infraction of the penal code, rendering liiiiiH.'lf liable to life imprisonment.
Log  Drive on  Kettle  River Threatens
Grand Forks.
(Special  to  The Dally  Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Jan. 2!).���A most serious problem Is at present confronting
the Yale-Columbia Lumber * company,
Ihe Granby company and the residents
of this valley, which ls no less than the
fact that at the present time nearly
6,000,000 feet of now logs are being cut
on the North Fork of Kettle river by
contractors . employed by the Yale-Columbia Lumber company. These logs
will presumably be brought to the company's sawmill at Cascade by driving
them down tlie Kettle river. If this Is
done what will become of the big dam
at the tlrauby smelter? This is the
question that is bothering tho public
just now. It is Intimated that a log
chute might possibly be built over the
dam, but If this was done and the
chute should fall to do Its duty, tt is
hinted that the smeltor dam might be
seriously Injured and possibly carried
completely away, In whicli case the
city of Orand Forks would be flooded,
entailing n great loss of property and
possibly some loss of life. From present appearances the Yale-Columbin
Lumber company will be forced to op-
yard of Vice President Gomes at Caracas, Venezuela, during the night of
January IT, and ln the fighting which
followed Governor Mata and several
others were killed and a number, including the commander of the troops,
were wounded. Dr. Luis Mata, ex-minister of public works of Venezuela, was
appointed governor of the federal district of Caracas on the recent return
of General Castro to the presidency.
Natives of   Java   In    Arms���Hurrying
Troops Forward.
Amsterdam. Jan. 29.���A serious revolt has broken out in the province of
Kedirl, Island of Java, Dutch Bast Indies, according to a llinavlu despatch.
It is stated that 300 natives have taken
up arms and that many of the Dutch
officials and their adherents bave been
killed or wounded. The vice-governor
of the province ls said to be among the
wounded and the chief of police is reported killed. Troops have been despatched to the scene of the outbreak.
Thaw Trial.
New York, Jan. 29.���It Is confidently
believed by counsel in the Thaw case
lhal the jury will be completed today.
Thirty-five of the original panel of 200
talesmen remain to be examined and
If these fall to suffice in the selection
Of the three jurors needed, another 100
tnlesinen who have been summoned
will he drawn upon. Hut for the per-
sletency of the prisoner in challenging talesmen the jury would have been
completed yesterday. On three occasions Thaw has challenged poremptor-
'ly men accepted by his counsel. Two
of these challenges he ordered last
week and ono yesterday. The morning
*es3lon of the Thaw trial adjourned
at llll p. m.
Adrift on lee.
Riga, RusBla, Jan. 29.���Fourteen
ilshermen nre adrift on Ice In the Gulf
of Riga. The men were fishing when
the ice broke and they suddenly found
Iheiuss'lves being blown out to sea by
a strong wind. Steamers are now
marching for them.
Tolstoi Dying.
Stockholm, Jan. 29.���A despatch to
the Dagblad from St. Petersburg sayB
that Count Tolstoi, the novelist and social reformer, is dying.
that the opposition were carrying on
a campaign of slander, and ln the next
breath be repeated the slanderous statements tbat have been given such wide
publicity, and added further misrepresentations ot the actions of the members of the government. In the midst
of his tirade of calumny a large majority of the meting Interrupted him
with cheers for tbe Conservative candidate. His address must have been a
disappointment to even hla warmest
friends. As an exposition of the policy
of a party coming from the month ot
its leader, nothing could have been a
greater failure and even he himself felt
the eftect of his antagonistic audience
as shown ln the lameness of his re-
marks, and admitted that their only
policy waa one of criticism and faultfinding. He closed without touching
upon many of the questions of importance such as Better Terms and what
the Liberals would do If they attained
Tonight's meeting demonstrated one
thing very clearly tbat Neil MacKay
will be Kaslo's next member, and that
the people of this district take no stock
In the campaign of slander carried on
hy tho Liberal press and speakers lo
ihis campaign. ^^B
Thero have been several bets made
on the result of the elections In doffr-
.���nl districts, but it ln Interesting to
note that no Liberal has been discovered who Is daring enough to take a
chance on the prospect of hla party
being victorious In the province,
F. G. Fauquier has Just returned*
from a trip to Winnipeg, St. Paul and
Minneapolis. While East he sold a
niim'.pr is1' parcnlB df fruit lands located along the Arrow lakes.
Frank Phillips', Socialist candidate
for Nelson, Benjamin F. Wilson and
seevral local orators, addressed a large
meeting In Miners' Union Hall laat
night on the political Issues and things
In general, from the Socialist point ot
Tralna and Boats.
Srow train���Seven hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
RoBSland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Jan. 29.���Silver, 68 7-8c:
copper, 24 Mc; lead, $6.
London, Jan. 29.���Silver, 31 1-l'd;
lead, ��19 15c.
I The Daily Canadian
_______.__= STORES =====
. . Jttst Arrived . .
EngBsh Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .^.,500,000 REST $4,600,000.
D. K. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vtoe-Pre_ident
Branches in British Columbia:
W. T. R. Preston was thc. organizer of
that sang of nrofeBsional corruption!sts
designated by J. P, Whitney as "the
dark lantern brigade," whose misdeeds
so thoroughly aroused old Ontario
that the Liberal party in that province
was nearly wiped out at the polls.
In spite of his notorious offenses,
and of his later connection with the
North Atlantic Trading fraud, Preston
is still retained in the service of the
Laurler government, and "the machine"
that hu created has been developed into an organization as wide au the dominion. Liberal cabinet ministers direct its work and benefit individually
aa well as collectively by its crimes.
Thai machine has now undertaken
the conquest of Hritish Columbia. Here
it is somewhat handicapped by the fact
that its most expert ballot-box manipulators, personutors, and bribers, do not
know local men, and Westerners are
not much addicted to selling their
votes. But unfortunately there are
enough unprincipled Liberals in British
Columbia to furnish information and
The main effort of the machine Is*
however, the campaign of W. \V. B.
Mclnnes, the "expert" as "a liar and a
slanderer." Mclnnes' funds are drawn
straight from Ottawa, there is no pretence of local control. The effort is a
desperate one and could only be made
by the most abandoned political gamester. Mclnnes has no capacity for administration, but he is, the Toronto
Globe certified even before the attained his present proficiency, "an expert
at the business" of "lying and slandering."
We are confident that the electors
of Hritish Columbia will administer
such a reproof to the Ottawa corrup-
tionlsts that their filthy hands and
filthy tongues will leave Hritish Columbia alone for years to come.
Dr. Young.
Win. Munson.
Cap. John Irving
JI. Brewster	
Chas. Wilson. K. C. I H. Jones.
L.F.J. Champion.
S. A. Cawley	
II. C Parsons   ...
Comox IK. Grant	
Cnwtclian ! W. II. ll&ywani..
Cranbrook i J. .A. Harvey	
Delta ! F.J. McKcnzle. ..
Dewdney JR. McDi-id.	
Ksqiiiraalt : ('. E. I'onlcy	
Fernie   W. lt. Hisss	
Grand  Forks....    K Miller	
Greenwood I K. G. Warren	
Islands i A. !���:. McPhlllipa..
Kamloopa    V. J. Fulton  J
11. Gorston	
C. W. Munro...
W.C.Wells   ...
J. B. Bennett...
I J.N. Eyana	
> tn*. Klni;	
John Oliver	
It. Jardlne	
John .lurillne...
.   W. M. Dicken..
! li. W.Gregory .
tl. It. Naden	
i T. W. Paterson.
Soc, Labor or Ind,
New Westminster
Okanagan j Price Ellison.
Revelstoke  Thos. Taylor.
N. F. Mackay   | John Keen.
A. McDonald	
Dr. 8. B.O'Brlan,
J. A. Kirkpatrick.
J. W. Cairns	
T. Gilford	
.lowed current rates froi)
J.   M.   LAY,  Menager.
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310
Total Assets ..   . ���
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  In  British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       K. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Pub)telle:! six days a -week by the
Baker St.,   Nelson, B. 0.
Subscription int.*-. MJ cents a month delivered
lu thf cut, or 15.00 a year 1( Bent by mail, when
pala lu aavaucu.
Ad.iTliuuti rater-i ou application.
All iin-iii*-*- paid In settlement of The Dully
��� auadlan account***, Qltber fur subscriptlona or
lotvurtising. muit ht* receipted for on tbe printed
jirws ui ilif company.  Other receipt* nre not
JANUARY 39< l_K_7_
'* Hy one word wl* are sometimes ju.t*<ed ti
wise ui* i iv "ttf wonl sometime! judged ti
foolish.   Lei un thereto���  bu careful wiiat   we
Bay. ��� QOKfUOrai.
There wan a time, and still not far
enough removed for the younger readers iu remember, when Canadians iu>-
sumed u lofty torn' In discussing iho
political methods In vogue in the
United states. "Machine politics"
were then held in contempt, and both
Canadian parties could truthfully assert ihai their organisations for campaigns did not deserve to be called machines,
Some day, perhaps, when all voters
are equally learned, Intelligent and honest, there win be no place for convass-
log, do need for speech*making at public meetings, nor for party newspapers.
Every question will he decided by a
majority of the voters calmly and without prejudice, ���
Bul in the present imjierfeet state
or human society���and of human na**
tlir*-���the triumph of even ihe greatest
and soundest principles is never achieved without highly organised effort ami
the exercise of ull available powers of
it is quite legitimate, and in the public Interest, that the rival parties
should present the merits of the policies they respectively advocate as fully
and as forcibly as possible.
Bul such effort costs money, Committee rooms, halls for public meetings, printing, stationery and the travelling expenses of speakers, amount In
the aggregate to huge sums,
"Where do the funds come from7
Recent Investigations In the United
States have shown where a large part
of tbo enormous: Hepubllcan party cain-
patgn  funds of    1898,  1900    and   1**04
came from.
A big campaign fund is a source of
danger. There is a limit to legitimate
election expenses. The results admitted in the United States and already
frequently exposed in Canada, are the
use of the surplus for utterly corrupt
purposes during the campaign, and,
worse still, the creation of a permanent party organization with a secret
service committee called the machine.
In the United States, in city, county,
state and even federal elections, many
times the choice of candidates, and
even the choice of issues was dictated
by the party machines..
It is unnecessary to say that the establishment of such a system would
ieduce constitutional government to a
lu the United States thc power of the
machine is already on the wane. Theodore Koosevelt was never the choice of
the managers of his own party. He
was forced upon tbem by the overwhelming strength of public opinion in
hits favor. In thc smaller spheres of
stairs and cities also, a new development of awakened civic conscience
has now broken the evil power of the
greatest menace to American peace and
Hut  as it Is being eradicated in the
neighboring republic the pernicious system has fastened Itself upon Canada,
where ten  years ago lt   was unknown.
Sir John Macdonald was a great or-
ganlser, bul Ills organization was created for each individual campaign. Never In his career did he maintain ')r
penult to be maintained, nn army of
professional political workers. Never did he permit the creation of a Dominion Conservative organization for
the purpose of destroying political opponents in lhe different provinces..
The healthy political independence of
the provinces was well Illustrated in
the cases of Ontario and Nova Scotia.
Holh returned large Conservative majorities In Dominion elections during
the long regimes of two provincial I.lb-
eial premiers, Sir Oliver Mowat and
W. S. Fielding.
But the last ten years have seen a
significant change. It was first brought
to public notice by the publication of
W. T. H. PreBton's Bcandalous cablegram from Ixjndon to his former co-
operators, after a successful campaign
of    corruption���"Hug    the    Machine."
Rlc-nionii ' F. h. Carter-Cotton
Rossland    L.A.Campbell .
Saanlch  D.M. Eberts	
Simiikameen     L. W. ShiUfonl..
Skeena    W. it. Lord	
Slocan  Wm. Hunter	
Vamcourei*���1   li. G. Tatlow	
Vancouver���2.... 1.1. F. Garden....
Vancouver���3  A. H. MacGowan
Vancouver���'...-. *W. Boireer  J W. DeB. Farris
Vancouver���5....  Dr. McGuire A Henderson....
Vlotoria���1 i lion. It. McHrlde    : R- L- Drury
Victoria���2     A. B. Thompson        \V. G. Cameron
M. Baglaaon	
H Sheppard	
Dr.O. A. H. Hall.
li. Thomas	
F. W. lloway	
Iir. Macdonald..
R. Caley	
J. W.Wrarl.
J. Cartwright (Soc.i
Dr. VV. J. Curry   (Soc)
Thos. K.Kelly   (Lab.)
W. II. Moore   (Soc.)
John Mclnnis (Soc.)
10. Dynes (Soe.l
W.J. LeiliUBham (Soc.)
.1. II. lluwthoi-nlliwait (His
Frank Phillips (Soc.)
P, Williams (Soc.)
.1. S, Italney.
J. W. Login (Soc.)
W. W. LaFeaux (Soc.)
ANHEUSER    j�� THE o*__3
BUSCH...    Budweiser Bee,
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Molt* AgenlN In IlrltlMl.
CM tlumhlu.
Archie V. Berry (Soc.)
Geo. K. Winkler  (Soc.)
Victoria���3 H.P. W. Behnson   i J. D, McNlven
Victoria���4 ; Aid. F. Davie ; Richard Hall
Tale IChas. Srmlln I St nart Henderson
Ymir    J.H. Schofleld ... \ J Fred Hume
J A. Macdonald
John Piercy.*..
Smith Curtis ..
Dr. Kcrgan I
A. B. Dockiteader   \V. Davidson (Soc.)
W. W. B. Mclnnes.1 E. T. Kingsley.
T. F. Neelands. ,,|R, 1\ Peltiplece (Soc.)
A.Stebblngs (Soc.)
K. H. McVety (Soc.)
A.G. Perry, F.Williams.
Dr. Ernest  Hall (Labor).
A. Johnson (Labor).
H. 1'. McLennan.
W. W. B. Mclnnes, speaking in Nelson, described as "most preposterous"
the charge made by The Daily Canadian that he was in charge of the Liberal campaign aa the hireling of the
Ottawa machine, and that the object
of the fight ls to secure the return of
a government that will do the bidding
of that machine. The Liberal press
seconded Mclnnes' reply with expressions of feigned Indignation. Every
Liberal who is taking an active part
in the campaign knows that the charge
is absolutely true. The following is
pan of a despatch to the Toronto Mail
and Empire from Ha special correspondent at Ottawa:
���'Highly significant is lho expedition
sent by Lhe Laurier government to
Drltish Columbia to fight against
Premier McUride and his cabinet lu
the provincial election now being held.
The Inteution of the federal ministry
to interfere was decided upon at a
meeting attended by Sir Wilfrid Laurler, Mr. Frank Oliver, Mr. Templeman
and Mr. Clifford Sifton.
"At that caucus the situation was
thoroughly discussed, and the determination to offer the conduct of the
campaign to Governor Mclnnes, of the
Yukon was decided upon. Mr. Mclnnes
is to be financed from Ottawa and ls|
to bu accompanied by a number of machine M, P.'b, who will take charge of
various districts."
Tho map of Kaien Island and vicinity
on the third page of this paper is full
of Instruction. It shows what has been
sold to the Grand Trunk Pacific company by the McBride government. It
also shows what the Dominion government had the effroutery to suggest
should also be given to that company.
The Dominion order-ln-councll giving
advice and instructions to provincial
governments is a now development in
Canadian politics. There can be no
pretence that the Dominion has any;
control In tbe matter or that the general lntorest of Canada Is at all concerned. It is purely a provincial matter. The provincial government is "advised that 11 would be in the public interest" to -surrender to the Grand
Trunk Pacific company, practically the
whole of the coast line In the neighborhood of the proposed terminal site. It
is only intelligible as a threat tbat. If
tbe government has the hardihood to
refuse to pay blackmail, the whole
strength of the machine will be directed agahist them. Premier McHrlde did
have the hardihood lo refuse. The machine is at work. What will British
Columbia decide?
When a party veteran like Joseph
Martin, who has spent a Ilfo time fighting Liberal battles and denouncing everything connected with Toryism, declares his intention of voting for five
Conservative candidates, thore is food
for reflection to every thinking man.
No one cau deny that with all his
faults Joseph Martin is a man of strong
convictions, and that he Is generally
In earnest. The reply may be that Joseph Martin is still angry at tho Ingratitude of tho party'*-, treatment of
him ln 1896. But In spite of that, Joseph Martin was a consistent Liberal
in   BritlBh Columbia    politlcH    for ten
J.Houston (Ind.)
years. Ills revolt now is provoked by
the flagrant offences of the party machine and its avowed intention of
bringing British Columbia to heel.
The Dally News confesses editorially
this morning that the campaign bas
not been won on the platform, that the
large Independent vote is, so far as Th��*
Daily News is aware, still Independent
Such a statement would not bo surprising but for the. character of the campaign waged so far. Surely it musl bo
assumed that the greal majority of independent electors are honest ami intelligent. A well grounded charge that
a minister of the crown accepted a
bribe with the consent, even aftor the
fact, of his colleagues In the cabinet,
should be enough to defeat any novern-
ment ln the British Empire. We now
have an unconscious, ami therefore
probably perfectly truthful, statement
of The Daily News' real opinion of the
Vancouver World stories.
Sixty days after 'Ute I Intend to HppJv tn tha
Hon. Chief CommlMloner Of Landiand Work*-,
Victoria to pureliase UK) acrea ot land located In
Fire Vallev, beiuir jinrt of Heetioim Three aud
Four,  Township OS,  and   described  as  follow*-*:
Commenelni  at   a  poit plained hi   w 1111*111
Williams' N. W. eoruer, and marled "K. K. W��|
N. F.. eorner," and running 40 ohaini treat,
thenee 20 ohalni iouth, thence 80 chatna aaat,
theme ttt chain*-* south, thence 'M ilia ins eaat,
thence60ehalni noith to place of beginning.
November _8rd, 1900.        ftou B William.
J. K. A..NABI.K. -v-itent.
Notice lr* hereby given thntAOdays alter dale I
Intend to apply In llie Honorable the Cniet Commissioner of Lauds and Work*- for permlMlon to
porohaaothe followm** deioribed Landi:  Com-
mtncli.K at a post placed _U chains went of the
���ontheaal corner ol Cot BM2, marked "K. A Bell's
northweal corner," thence iouth N chains,
thence east 'At �� hains. theme north 90 ohalttl)
thenca weat Mchaini to point of commencement,
containing 40 acres, more or lean.
Located this tit huay of Nov., 1906.   R.A.Bill.
"Drunken and immoral." "utterly
unprincipled." "a liar and a slanderer"
���are three testimonials to the character of W. W ,B. Mclnnes. all from Liberal sources. The first is from the Liberal Association of the Yukon, the second from Smith Curtis, the third from
the Toronto Globe.
to tha matter of an application for Uie luup of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 18 of Lots 2, and :t, Block It, Town of
Notiee ii hereby Riven that it in my Intention
*o Issue at the expiration of one month from
theftUt publication   hereof a duplicate  ot  the
Certificate of Title to the above lands tn the
name of Florence H, ffodglni which orttfidata
in dated the Uth day of December, 1899, and
numbered BBQIK.
ii. i'. Macleod,
Dlitrlet Beglitcar
i.and ReRistrv Office, NcIhou, B ('
January fflth, i&fi.
Blxty daya after date I Intend to apply to tKc
Chief Com'mlssloner of Lands and Worku for
permisNlon to purehase the following denurilied
land: Hiualed on the east -ide of Arrow lake
lu the West Kootenay distriet, nbout .. miJ-B
above Hurton Cltj . Oommenelng at a pnit planted at the northwest comer of <'. Bather's purchase, thenre east 90 ehalus, theme n* rth -to
"haliiH, thence west 90 ehains, Ihenoe -niiiii I"
������h-iiiis to point of commencement anil containing Ho aotel more or lues.
January 18, 190.,
Wli.ua*. Fu.UKii.
tilxtr 'Ikv after date I Intend to apply tothe
Bon. Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and Works
to pnrebaie is? acrei of land, oammenolng at b
poit marked B, H's n. E. corner coat* planted ai
the N. W, corner of 0, W. .Steele's claim on tin-
west Ride nf Arrow lake, about (our miles above
Hurton citv, them e west -tn chains, thenoeaoutth
40.53Cbalni, theme east 40 chains, thence north
-ie *_! chains to place of beginning, containing ten
acres, more or loss
Dated _5tb day ol Nov , 1900,   Hviion Ucuton.
J. K. Annahi.k, Agent,
Nntice la herehy Riven that iwo months after
date we inteml lo apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a lean* of all that
land le-inn ilie foreshore adjoining Ihe Canadian
PaClflO Uailway Hhlpyard on the west, part of
IxUMA, grOQp 1, and being 0_ the south shme
of Hi** �����������*. iiiiii '���! Kootenay Uke. lu the dls-
rlel of Koolenay: ComineuciliR at llie hii'iUhm-
ly comer ..j I   I h��.\. Rroup  I;  thenee  kIoiik  llie
iouUi weiterly boundary of lot TOM ami the ex-
tension thereof, lu a north we.tcriv direction* a
distance of -4M feet; themv nl rlnlit ancles to
said houmlary In a south westerly direction, a
.IM*ii. c .if .ti:. b-.���-, more or lesn, to ihe nnrlh
easterly houmlary of the City Park. QQQttnued;
thenre parallel to iir-d weiterly boundary of lot
7(KM, In n south caaierly dlroclloii, a dUtftttOe of
fie.) feet, mnre or less, to the northerly  boundarv
of toi .'* \; nii'ii-1- roiiowinK the northerly bound*
ary of lol ���> ������ in a north wnsterly direction tothe
roint ot commencement, the area being BJM
m*ri".. more or Ions.
Dated thin 7lh day of January, A.D., 1907.
10dayi alter dale I Intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief CommlMloner of Landsand Worka U) purchase 821) ai'res of and located In >1re vaiiey being part of Beotloni 9 ami lit Townihlp 69. and
described* as follows: Oommenolni nt a posl
marked P. W, .1. H. K. corner and planted at tna
northwest corner of Wm. Williams' pu chase;
thenee west-Id chains; thence uorih hi Hi-iln*-*,
thenee east -tu chains; ihem-e 1011 tn Ht* ohalni Io
plaoe of �����.���-,*tn u mr
K. W, JflKllAN,
J. K. Annahlk, Agont.
Blxty days after date 1 intend Ui apply to tne
Hon- Chief Commissioner of lAiidi and Worki,
Victoria, to purchase 4*_i acres of laud. In Kire
Valley, West kootenay: Commencing Bt a po��l
planted ��) chains west of the t. W corner ol J.
Hobhisons pre-emption, and marked W.W'i N.
K. comer, and running weet 60 chain**, thence
south Ho chains, thence r.,-t fit* chain*., thene*
norih W chains to place id i- /iiin. n.:
Nov. 18th, 1906. Wli-LiAM William,
J. K. Annavlg, Agent.
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Sixty days alter dat* I intend to apply to the
Hon. tin*'hief Commissioner of Landiand Worka
to purchase ltio aeres of land: Cominenclun at a
post planted 00 the west side of H|i mile ereeit,
on wagon road, about two aud one half miles
from Kooteuay lake, and marked "Neil We-
Keebuie'l ���-������ West corner post," theme east 40
chains, theuce north 40 chains, theuce west 40
chains, thence south lu chains, to place of commencement
Located this 10th day of NoTember. 1906.
Nan. MlKkhhii.
;y davs after date I purpose makloc applt-
latlOtt t'> the Honorable the Chief Commlialoner
of Lands and Works for permission to purohaae
the (ollowlng described land: Commencing at
a post placed st the B, W corner of I,ot ����*0 and
marked "!���'. ii. F.'s" N. W. corner, theneo follow*
HiKthe southern boundary l^it 6900. ft,, chains
moreorless east to the west boundary of Lot
6001, thence (ollowlng same south B0 chains to
the north boundary Ol LOtMOlj thettOO about 711
chains west aIouk said boundary to the lako
shore; theme north ���'��) chalus more or less fol-
lowing ihe late ahore to point of conimeuee-
menl. contaltiliiK 1117 aeres moreor Uu,
Dated Decemhe. 17th, 19,11.
K. Q. Fiuquiaa.
60 days iiiNr dale I Intend lo applv to the Honorable the Chief CommlnHlone: of Lauds and
Works, to purchase 8711 aeren of land: Commencing ai a post marked 0, W.B N. K. eortmi
post ami plauteil on the west shore ���>( ��rrow
Inke t..tj'-l ii in-.; L��.i ::';.; ..ii lhe s..iii l.   sb*i   nf mid
i-ot, tnence weitfio ohelni along the iouthorn
boundary ol Lot am; thence south *mr-_ chatm;
thenee east HO chains more or less to lake shore;
theneo north along lake shore to pi  of beginning.
Dated _Wb day nf No.. 1MB.
010, W,.TKKL,
J. K. Annahlk. Agent.
Notice is- hereby glren that slxtv days arter
date 1 Intend to apply to ti.e Hon the Chief
Commissioner of Lanus and Works for permission to j.urchasc the following descried land
situated iu the West Kootenay district; Commencing hI a post planted at lhe "N.B. noruer
of L. Tor ten's pre-emption." and running
thenco east   49 eliains; thenee south 4U chains;
thence weit-Oohalhi] thenee north 40 ohalni,
to place of commencement, containing 160 acres,
more or less
December 30, IflOB,
Hahhv J'i'icns, I.ocater.
M. K   M< -I'ahkiic. Agent.
Notice Is liereby given that smv days alter
tlate I intend to nppy to Hie Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works, for
permission to purchase the following described
lands Hituated lu the West Koateiiay district:
Commeneing at a post marked "H II south
west comer." ami north ol A B. Lueais, pur
chase eliini, on Hand Creel) lhetice north 40
chalus; Ihcnce east 30 ehalus; theliee south 40
chains; thence 20 ohalttl WOlt. to point of com-
meticeimnt. containing 40 acres, more or less.
December SM, laoti.
M, K. McUUakrik. Agent.
Wlxtv days after date I lot* nd to apply to the
Chief CommlMloner ol Landi end Works to purchnse till* acres of laml, located lu Lower Arrow
Lake,   West Kootenav:   < ommeiiclng  al a post
pisincd at the "N.W. corner of Arrow Uke
Indian Iteservc"; lhetice south HU chains; theme
wc. ho ,-haiiis; thence north m chalus;  the?	
nsl HO Obalttli W place nf begiutilni
cnsiHo obalm, to pine of beginning.
Located9Btb day ol Deoembor, iitui..
Hixtv davs nfier ilate I Intend toappivlo the
Hon lhe Chief Commissiohcroi Lunds ami *niii.
lo purchnse M0 acres of land : Commencing at n
posl marked "N.T H's southeast corner post"
iald post Icing at (he northeast corner of Deo.
Hudson's preemption claim, aboul two miles
southend of Hurton City, ihence west 41) chains
���OUthSO Cbalni* west 4n chains, norlh tu chains,
east HU chains, smith 30 ���hnlns to place Of eom-
meuceiiielil, containing Btt acres.
l_icaU'U 8th dayof Nov. UOB.   NirriKT. Bllft,
apply lo Hut
ami Works,
BUty dnvs after date I intend
Hon. Chief Conimissloiicr of Lauds
Victoria, In purchase 40 acres of land, slluate..
OO the weat lldO Ol Arrow Lake, aboU-B-4 mil,-
below Hurt.n, and deserlbe.1 as follows^ Com.
",,:ti",|t,��. ',l.SJS01'   f,,H"N'1   "'   ll1" "ortboail
���nr  erof Lot JWD.ftttd running north 90 chains;
hence  west   *.(! cinlns,  Ihuiee south ��) chains,
Nov   UtffiUOB, ||    K. .JILL,
���J. K Annahlk, Agent.
Notloe is herein given that B0 daya attar date r
httand 10 apply to the Honorable ft! 0   lei Com
pun nnse ine loiiowing deser bed   lams  Mltimi..
__h' iS"of'iis,h sa -I _r������. ouh!
Kinilli Hlissrst sil  tin-Ws-sst Arm ist Ksisstisiiay liikis
J i ,*..'" '"" ''""ii"of Ultima, mstrkrU
"H iisssiusis,* n. w oomar," !_-___ m.,,,!, �����
ohtlni,  th.no. out M   l._tii., t.i",,-..,. r, ��
DeUss- thll tth il.j of Nov., U06     8. Thoiiu.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ore
Rossland annlal
Winter   Carnival
Ftve   Days
Feb. 12, 13, 14, m and Ul
ft Qrand Trophies aud |*J,000 In prises.      Two Bauds in Attendance
HOCKEY���Int. rniitiniuil nnd Intcr-Proviiiciitl chuiiipioiiahip^
SN()WHI1UKIN(;-L-'buinpioii.ship (,f EWUlh Columbift
TOBOGGANI_SrO���A mile n minute down the "ZIP1
BKZ'-KGh��� Jtunplng and Baoing.   _s__tunp-_i_i_ap of Canada
SKATINtf RACES���For (.hntnpioiiiihip of Ilritiflli Columbia
CURLINC;���A ProvinrinI Bou.piel
Horpe-ka'inn      Uaaquendltti.     Tn|*4>f*'Wet ��'��<i other InteiwUoj e-renu
Iteduced railway rates on all ll
J. H. O, h'r.t"*     I'rusldcut
For further particulars apply U>
Oo'l Have tbe Kin-* J��. Admi", i_*ctetuj|
Nolle* Is herehy iflveu thnt "t> den att**r dr��te 1
intend to apply to the Uonorahle tne t'hlcf ('ommlssloner of lands and Works, Victoria, B.C.,
lor permission to purchase the follow In it deserlhed land, situated lu the West Kooienav dlstricl,
00 the west ilde ol l tihamel (or HU Mile) creek,
00 umer side of wtf[ou road, alaiut i1, mllo
fro n West Arm of Kootenay lake: ConUDeUCtU|
at a post marked Mrs. Hattie imck's h. K corner, rtinulti*. 40 obalns west; thence 'to chain*
south; thence 40 chains . ��. *, tlience 'A) etialim
north, to the [Hiint of commencement, couutlu-
iiitf r*o nerea oi lan<I, more or less.
I'Ri.-.j the i7th horember IKS
Hm   Hattik Iil'C-K,
JOBtH B.  IaVI.uk, A-gent
Slxtv davs alter date I intend to applv to the
Uon. Chief t;uinmissl��ner nt Und*-. and Works,
Vtuturla, to purchase l'>o a< rei id laud ahout two
miles below Hurton t'lty, Wast Kooteuay, com
mencluti at a post marked "J. A. lrvnut's mm
comer ixist," **.; : post helh|[ on the easterly cud
of an Island wesl ol !������'' *-���������. a:. I clalmiiiK all tbi
land contained in aald Island, Uiuk ah.iut one
mile lu an easterly and westerly direction and
ahout'Jo chains from norlh to south.
November llth, 19U6. J. Jt. lav ini..
J E. Annabli. Airent.
Hlztydays afterdate I intend to apply to the
Hoo. Chief Commissioner of lind-. and Works
Vietoria* to purchase 1'JO aerea of laud lootttM
on the west side uf Arrow lake mil . v i.r direClly
north of *_ot197e; Commenelnt; at a i��* ������ planted
at tbe N K. conn r of LotTVH and marked ������B. H
S. K .-orner," and running north 'A> chains,
thenee west BQ ehalns, thenee north 90nb_inii
thence west 'A> ehalus, iheme i-.n* < > .halus,
thence vast 4ii chains, to place of !��������������,mi,n,,-
Nov. Mtb, ta00. BiaTHA BhAui.iT,
j. k. annabli. Agent
Notice is hereby gtren that w dan alter date, t
intend to apply to the Hon. chief rommiaslolier
nf Lands ana works for permission to mi rehire
the foiiowinr deaoribed land in Went Kootenay
district:   Comment-in-*-! at a post marked Mrs. '��� .
A. Wilson's eoruer post, planted at the nortlieast
corner of Beotion 17, Townsite 7, running lOftb
40 rhalns, thenee west 40 Ohalni, thOQCe north 40
ehalus,  thence  cast 40 chain* to plaee of i-(|in-
menrement, oontninlug 1W> acres, in oro or loss
Dated Nor. 10. ����f.. Mas. V. A. Wiuw..,
J. WujtoN, Aitent.
Notire li hereby siren that >������' days aller dato I
intend loapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works (or permlllVO
to purehaae 'lfti acres ot 1 and, situate on the Little
Moyle river about I mllo From In let national
Boundary and IDOUt 1 mile from Hpokatie Ints-r
liallouil Hy.: Commeneiiix at a post niarlced
1" 'irant's H. K. corner post, thence went 40
Ohelni! thence north 4o chains; thenee east H)
Ohalni) them, north _t) chains; thence east 60
chain**; lhetice south tU) chains to place of lom-
meiiceuicnt, contaHilii_ _au acres of land.
Looated Oct. ;wth IBOs.
Daniil ukant,
Hlxty days after dato I Intend to apply to iha
Honorable the Chief Coinnilssiuner ol Lauds add
Works, victoria, to purohaae ifto acrei or und,
located III Fire Valley and deserlbed as follows;
CnuimeiicliiK at a post marked ii. It. HoH'l N.W.
eoruer, and planted al tho Hniithwem corner ot
Lot 1Hir>, and running souih BO chains, thenca
eaat 'At chain-', thenco north N> ebalns, thcii't
west ,:" chains to place of Ih-ktifniin-
Nov. lath, 1"UC. (Iio. ��, IfOKlLUK)
J. Ei A*.nai.l_, Aitent.
Hlxty dnys after dale 1 Intend to apply lo the
Honorable the Chief Coinmissloiii-r ql Landl add
Works to purchase 640 aorM of land, located in
Kire Valley, on west side of Arrow lake: Com-
mencliiK at a poat plauteil 40 chains we-t of the
sotithweit corner ���( J. Kobiuaou'i preemption
and marked J. W's H. K. corner, and runiiiiik
north HO chnins, theuce west Mi chains, thence
south HO chains, thence oast B0 chalnn to place id
Nov. 18th, 1-W. Jank Williams.
J. K. ANnaui.h. Agent,
Hlxty dayi after date 1 inteml to apply ty thu
Chief CommlHslouer of Land* mid Works for
permission to purchase the following deioribed
lands Hi Knolenay Dhtrlcl. ahout Ihree iiuuriern
of mile from Thrum's sldliiK: QotDmiDOins at a
jxwt piaeed at tho H. W. corner of I, 8BB8. itroun
I, west Kooteuay Hlstrlei; them ������ wer-Inrtv
following    the   north     boundarv  of L 4.VJH   ih
chains; thoncn north 10 chains;  them ��\ 40
chains, moreor less, tothe N W corner of
iAW.\; thence suutli (oIIowIiir the ffeitboondan
of 1_��W.., HI chalim, more or less, to place of com
im-niieiuciit. eontaitiliiK in acres, more ���r ],���������,
Dated thll 6th day of Heeemhcr 1006,
^^^^ II. IL I'li-iN, Locator,
Hfxtv days atu^r dale 1 Intend loapply to the
Hon. Chin Commissioner of Lunds ami Works
Victoria, to purchase UK) aeres ol land located mi
lho west Bide of Arrow lake, about llv�� Ullu be.
low Burton t'lty, and desiTltied 11s follows- Qntri
mencing at a poat marked "K. t;, B'l louthout
enrnerr end being M ohaini eaat of tl rthwaat
oorner of Ixit _71��; thence northWnhalna. .1...
west 40 chains; lbence souih 40 chains- ihr.tr
east 41) cbalm to the place of hettluuiiiK
November Hth, 19tA. p'li. _ng
por J. K. Anmauu.     '
Hlxty days afU:r date 1 ;*n--*i'. to **.;..��� J
IIdii ii, a Ute tht Chief Comniicstotitrot UBM
Wn'.i for iNjrmlailon to purchaie \btfaai
.fenerlU'd Un.In in Kooteusv (tlllrld* i
mencing at a pnit marked J. B- AudiLI-.1_I
aaat corner pout, aald poit belnB ud t_i_{
side ot the Ixiwer Arrow Iskc, loomti
below Hurton City; then it* toutb 30a
then..* west 90 chains; ihence muth Cd
theuee west 'Ai chains; theme portb te
ami 30 link*-, more or less to the littM
thenee eaMcrlT alouir lake-tUehktni.iDoml
thuu o   ' ^^^^
r less.
KlnniiiK, cm ilium*/14 d
I'ated this ,'ith day of November, IW
i.i. imd
per K. U Btisn, tfat f
Notice Is  herehv giren that tuff fllfl l
date I intend t.i  make appllcill.-Mlif Hm
able ChiL'f Commissioner of Un .1 k4 *_el
V|. toris. B.C., for permission *��� i ������ ' *- ;-'l
lowing deaoribed   laud, situate 1   """
Wett   KooU'tiay district:   CommsMtnUl
nlaiitcd ai the wouthweiit corner ot J��' '
liiM.n'*, pre-einption. marked It. I.K'iH-b
post,  thence 40 cbains  west,  thenre
north, tbence 40 chalna east to Joshnil"
tinribweet corner, tbeuce south i".;..:
of commencement, i*ontalnln|- ltio sen
Haled this _W day of Nov., IdOfl.
K, I. KriOl
!���" days atu-r date I Intend to apftt
Chief ''onimUiilonerof Unds ansl
tuna, to iitirt'hase MO acres of land
Plre Valley  and being a porttOO "f '�������
and 1-AliiTimiiihlpevaiiddvierlbe.i k'��
1 onunendng ata poet plantedetiwi���
corner of the southeast (insrtti of ��� .
Townabip BB and marled S.ti.l___f
thenee north 41) chains; iheiu** atit *___,
thenoe south 40 chains; thlOM vui ���a*ej
place of i"i'in 1.1 in.
NoremlierWrd DOB.
Jcwirs oie
J, E AmuiMl"
Notice is hereby alven tnstdOasvs rome
inteml loapply to the HonoraWlUiiWBtt
mlssloner of Unds and Works to ywtm
aeres of land ���JetOrlbM U (OllOWl! UKitnll
at a poM planted on the north bao. ��___
Moyie river, about WSl yard' from BOUM
marked    "H    Mclean's   _.   w    c<,?ir-~
thenoe eaat BO cheinii thence nflr-!)*
thenoe treat80 chains, theooeiontn a*hxm
placoof commeneeuienl.aniUoiiUiuiiiJ-**"
more or less. u_if
Located flOth day Oct., IW-      KoitT. M^
Blxty davs afterdate I Intend to spplfjf
Honorable | |,e Chief Commlisintiorel UW
���Aorks,  Victoria,  lo  piin-lia-e'-WiU'-W* "J
located and deaoribedai tollowii
at a poat planted at the southwest ���-.#
Bnbliisou's pre cm pllon In Kire \ alley. 1MB
Hvr miles from Edward Liuilliin.��� w* ���
Arrow lake, and mil ked V. '���"*��� N t       ���
running mil 80 ohelni, ihi-fi---1 *,*"U,J1 .��� S
tbenoe Sail -SO ohalni, then* *$M__\
tbenoe eaat �� enelne, thenoe north ���������
place of beKlniitnit. _,    ,_. nlli
Nov lath, mm nuw OJ
Noilce Is hereby given thai BOdayiWj
intend loapply t.i llie Hon. t'hl.'ICeni.'i';*
Landsand Worki. Victoria, f" '"*1"1"1'1
chase   the fnliowluK deseril
(lo- V. ,.*.! Kooteiiuy  district
I to I  (or Sli Mile) are
about  three miles from   Ki
m uclug at a post marked "
post," runnlog -ti chaini ei
north, thenee *o ehalns wo*'. '
souih, to thepOlDtOi commein*
lug lu acres of land, more or les��
Dated wui Nor em ber, iimi.
;���) pu^ia
per John K, TAYXOl
Hixty days aller dato I Intend tOBBjfl
Honorable lhe ('hlel ('omnihilcner ol W"J-
Works for permission lo purchase tlie  '"'J
deaoribed lands in ttootaney diitrMtt �����
Olbg  at  a  post marked  "fi. J. Dlh'1 WM
comer post," said post being ��n lie 'fl
erly shoreof lhe L0W_r Arrow lakr si ^-
duo east, on the nnrlhcM curlier 0L-MfJ
OrOUpll Ihenee nurth Ul ehalns: ei}"'*'ja
south 40 chains, moro or less, to tM ��"3
thenca followiiiK said shore lu ���*I05H��1
direction M chains, more or less to "W    *.
begtndlna utainiuu: IflO eere*. -""'r0
Dated (his Bth day of November, '���"1j_[
per K I. BtiaNiT. AJjl
Nollee is herabv Riven Hnl ^ ,1"-vl>nl&
I intend, to epnly'to the HonojiWa
Commissioner of Lauds ami etatUmtt
lion to .n_ohaaa tlu* toll off ing duonM"
Kuoleniiy district: Commcii' H'�� " .
iniukcd '-J. H, Wallace's norihwrn'��''"' ,'
Mid   poit   being ou the easterly �� l '
km      l___,     IMld     Hi    tt**     *" "-,*'1"
i  JOfll.
,t go <"l3
Purler's preoiupliouclaini; l hence es
the nee iouth SO chains, thenoe wis
Ihenco south 'Ai cluilns, thenee WW
m-iroor less to the Arrow litke.lhelin ������- B��
easterly direction ftOohaliis, more DI' ^tam
place of beginning, oontainlng hii io,r,J*
less. ���
Uated thin nth day ot October, l��J* ffilit. ���
By bli agent. Kihmitm L. m**' ���
��� The Daily Canadian
'. is__Si^ ^J^soheaat n*->��iW>**P*-V
rial lo Tho Dully Canadian.)
fla,   B.   0���    Jan.   28.���Premier
has Inspired his followers at
. with tremendous enthusiasm
reports of certain victory he
Sack iit'u>r _i8 remarkable lour
Itl'i' interior.   In a meeting with
crvutln-s   the   premier  said
fr a careful Hlze-up ol the whole
lie could not see tow the Lib-
Iiiiil expect to secure any more
I" Bout. Iii the next parliament.
Westminister was certain to re-
mas Qlfford, Delta had turned
ui John Oliver, Dewdney waa
plnsl bribe, lhe only means by
l>rdina and his uxents who were
the roadsides could  hope to
'I constituency from himself.
*ac_ Charles Munro hud bui
K'liiiuci. of getting back into a
M In the hiiu.il.
Imloops  the   premier   nuifl the
J   Fulton   had   his   opponent
''"in  the start, and   al   Bevel-
hi Cayley had po show iiKiilust
Taylor, the Conservative mem-
"' lust nBsembly.
I'niilila rldhiK, which W. C. Wells
for the opposition in the last
|el'ctloii, II. Q. Parson, lho kov-
candidate was  too  strong  a
lhe beaten.
Ilectora  of   Nelson   hnd   made
"imlar demonstration for John
flck lhat Dr. Hall, lho Liberal
I wan merely making a struggle
''Is deposit.
nbrook thore was unmlstnkablo
Unit Dr. King would be kept
this time, while J. A. Harvey
"inl to the cnpltnl to support
't'vnlivn government during its
"t*m In offlco.
nl" the Liberals wore divided,
fus conceded thnt all tho sup-
���' William H. Ross, the Con-
had to do to secure for hlm
"majority, was to keep up their
JJtil.v demonstration that wns
|1<* In Rowland In favor of .1. A.
|ld was confined to n few Do
minion employees nnd a very small
army of Grit heelers. Lorno Campbell,
who was one of the moat prominent and
most respected men of the Kootenays,
had an enormous following, and the
fact thnt he accepted a nomination to
oppose the Liberal leader, was to the
opposition workers like a disastrous
bolt from the blue. In addition to being widely popular, Mr. Campbell had
shown himself to be a man with a firm
grasp of political affairs, and one who
would make the best representative
that the riding could wish for.
James Schofleld possessed the unlimited confidence of Ymir and when Hnr-
ry Wright, who was expected hy the
Liberals to cause a split in the Conservative convention, mnde the nomine*
nation unnnlmous and called for the
united support of the party, Fred
Hume'B chances dwindled Into lnslgnlfl-
At tlrnnd Forks the Conservatives
had In Brneat Miller one of the strongest candidates In the province. Tho
only forces he had to reckon with were
lhe' Socialists, Gregory, the Liberal, being considered out of the fight.
In Greenwood the public meeting had
proved that while the Socialists had
somo strength, tho Liberals hud practically none, and E. 0. Warren was without doubt as to his success on February 2nd.
In nn Interview the premier referred
to the supnnsed scandal which has
been unenrlhed by tho opposition ns a
political rom-buck. He said: "1 fully
endorse tbe statement 1 made al Vernon lo the effect that there Is nol a
word of truth In tho slorles which have
been circulated and the government
courts the most searching engulry. The
licenses wore granled lo Caron and his
associates In the usual wny nnd were
not Jeopardized to tho slightest extent."
In dealing with the Kaien Islnnd mailer Premier McHrlde wns equally emphatic. He spoke of Ihe bnrgaln entered Into by the government ns a pood
one, and pointed out Ihnt the strongest
supporters of tho Libornl party had
been unable to advance anything I""
Ineffective criticism In attacking the
policy of tho administration In thai retard,    At ono of his meetings he had
personally Invited W. C. Wells, formerly chief commissioner of Lands and
Works to attend ln order that he might
have an opportunity to lay before hlm
the arguments of the opposition against
the course adopted iu granting thc
Grand Trunk Pacific railway a site for
its Pacific coast terminus.
"At any rate," he continued, "anything of which the government might
be accused sinks Into Insignificance
when compared with thc attempt of the
Dominion government to defraud Hritish Columbia of a large urea of the
choicest lands In the vicinity of Prince
Rupert in   behnlf  of  that  corporation.
Take notiee that tlilrtv days after <late 1 inteml to apnlv lo the Chief Commiaelonar ol
Laiulu ami \Vnr**n at Victoria for permission to
cut nml cam* away  timber frnm  the  following
deeortbed landi in Weet Kootaoayi*-
No 1,- Commencing at B poet pi-.tiled at the
lOUthwtll corner of timber licence No. 7881]
in ii'-.** i'ii*.i  torty chains; Ihenee imrth eighty
iJiiiiii-; thence eait l/O obaina. thenee ninth to
northern houndarv nf timher licence H.MS;thenee
west along said northi" n boundary 1"
the north* west corner nf naitl licence;
then smith lo the northern boundary
Of timber licence 70is; thence west t.i
a point due mui Hi of tbe point of commencment;
tlience north lo the point of commencement.
January l.th, IIN.
No, 2 ���Commencing at the northwest corner
Ol timber licence 7821; thence gr*ulh to the northern boundary of timl*er licence 70l��; tbence wi i'
lo the north-west corier of Haiti Limber licence]
llienee sou h to tbe northern boundarv cf Lot
BUt| Ihenee following sal.) houndarv Ofial'1
lol went to the right uf way of tbc 11. 0 houlh-
ern Hallway; thenee following nald right of way
In a north easterly direction to the placoof eommeucement.
January Uth, 19T7.
No.il��� Commencing at a aoutheait cornor of
llniher licence No. 7K21, nbout ftfLy chaliiH muiih
of the right ot way of the H 0. Southern Itnll-
wayitbanCeeaitlBQ chains; thence north forty
chains; ihenco west lti) chains; ihence south
fortv chains to place of eommeneement
January 1Mb, M>7
vo. 4.- Commencing at a post planted at tbe
Intersection  of  tbe   southern  boundary ofthe
right ol wnv of the ii. v. -Southern Hallway, ami
the eastern itoundary of lot MK7; thenee routh
tn the northern boumlarr Of 11*061100 npphe.iii.oi
No :i: thence tail I tin chains; lbence ncrthlo the
southern boundarv of tlmher licence No 71��|
tlience following the southern boundary of mi !
licence westerly about sixty chain . moreor toil
to hu eastern houndary of aald llceiiru; thence
south forty chaius; thenee we-t elghtv distils;
then north to the rlaht of **trv of the H 0
Southern Hallway, Ihenee following snid right
of way in a soulh-wcsterly direction Io the place
ol beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No. > ���- Commencing at a poat planted at the
southwest coruerof . nib ��������� licence ���..-...���*���. tnt-nco
weatilxiy ciiiini mure or ion to a point due
iouth of ihe southeast corner of licence application N i 8; thence nortn lixty chains more or
lesa to the south boundary ot licence application
No. 4; thence north to the northeast corner uf
shI'I licence application No 4; ihence eost to tbe
southeast comer of timber llcencr 7105; thenco
north forty cbains more or less to a point due
west of the north-west corner of timber licence
6t>35; thenee eait to the noilhweat corner of said
timber licence No. 6635; theuee south lbO chains
to the point of commencement.
January i-5th. 1IW7.
Nu.-a.-Commencing at a post planted at the
son theaat corner of timber licence libit j: thence
went to the southwesi corner of licence application No. 3; thence north to southern boundary
ui licence application No, 3; theuee west to the
norm-aem corner of licence application No. 1;
tnence south lo the northern boundary oi
mui ei licence ___..; ihence cu*. io the northeast
euruer ,of timber licence 8M.; thence south
thirty chalus; thence east to the weBt boundary
ui timber licence WM2; thence north to the place
uf begiuniug.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 7. commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of timber licence (.M.;, thene.-
soutli forty chaini more or loss to the nortii
boundary of timber licence aVtilt; theuee eaul ltw
eiiaius; tbenee north forty cbaina moreor less to
ii point due east of the southeast corner of tlm
"k r licence 8518; theuce west ltiu chaini to lhe
place of beginning.
January 15ih, T'.kjt.
T**" Stf athcona
Nelion, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Biker Htiecl. Nelaon. H. C
Lighted bv Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large tod Comfortable Betlrooiai and Pint*
cU*. Lining Koojii.   Bamplo Booms for Commercial   H��0
UBS. K. C.CLAKKK. Proprletraaa
Tfemont House
Inropean and American Plan
Heali tt cti.   Boomi from 25 oti. to 11
Only White Help employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelson Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Bat Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Ber I. tbe Flnaat.
White Help Only Employed.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rates li.cxijper day and up.
P. O. Box Bl.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.   .
Centrally Located. Open Day and N!_ht.
Sample and Bath Booma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Wui ud Vcnnn Street..
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to R��rrular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarters ln Nelaon
Only the best of Liquors and Lilians.
No. s. -commencing at a post planted ttt the
nm .ii'.'iiM fin-in r of timber licence Wo. a&ib;
tlienoe soutli eighty chains; thence caul I'luiiiy
. iniiii**; thenca north olfcbty chum**; thence west
eighty chains to place of commencement.
January ]_*_, 1907,
No u,���Commencing at a pout planted at the
southeast corner of Umber licenuo \Av, tlience
uorth eighty chains; thence eaat eigbty uhafue;
theuce nortb IA) chains more or leu to the north
oast i orner of licence application No. 7; tlienco
wont to loutheaat coruar ol timber licence t*o,
H5��; iheuco north to the southern boundary of
licence application No. tl; thence eaat to
tbo went boundary of timber licence Mo.
K642; tbence aoutb to the southwest corner of timber licence Nil-; theuee weit
to tii norm went eoruer of timber licence Nn.
BM.; thenee Mouth to the horlhe-esi (rorner of
timber Uuence No. 8M&: tbeuce west oighty
cbaina; theuce aoutb to a polut due eaat ol the
southeast corner of timber licence DS17; theuce
weht to place of aommeuueiiieut.
January 16lh, W07
No. 10.���Commenoiugat a post planted at the
Houtbeaatoornerol timber licence 85iu; tbence
Houth eighty chains; tbence west to the east
boundary ol Lot BIS] thenoe north tothe southern boundary of timber licence No. 7-018; thence
aaat to the eouttieait eoruer of timber licence
7018; thence north to tbe south boundary ol timber licence 8649; thence east to place of commencement,
January 15th, 1907.
F. Luno, Locator,
Dam McDO-jQ-U,, Agen t.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. m. Daily.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
Se S�� Princess Victoria
Arrive Victoria 6 p. ni.
One Night Bu Roite.
Connecting with
S, S. Princess Beatrice
Building Lots for Sale
H.  &  ML  BIRD.
Standard Sleeping Car
Berths, $1.01), can be occupied 9 p. m.
*** T. G. PROCTER ______
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Hare f 0,000 Acres
Choicest Fratt Laadi In
British Columbia*
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies'
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders by null to anv branch will bare
onr prompt and careful attention.
HeadOBfce: Nelson, B.C.
_-^__._. Fine Bderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
S��_ Out- Vaarlsty ol 300 FHstui-aa Pramad In Mm
_f>t��at styles.
Standard Ftt*nitttfe Company
AOBNTSi      ^^^^^^^
Mason A Riach Planoa.
Oateriutior Mattraaaea.
Marshall lanltary Mattreaaea.
Complete Boose Furnishers
Undertakers,    Emtahnen
Ladlea' and Chlldra'n Club Snow Shoes  S1.TS par pair
A NEW BOOK by a well known Canadian Journalist, "Tha Camorons
of Bruce," by R. L. Richardson SI-IS; postage 10c
Our Mall Order Department ls at your leirloe.
Canada Drug & Book Co.
A.U.P.A., Vancouver. D.P.A., Nalaon
De-Blera iu staple and fnucy Grooorius
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miner--' Supplies.
NOTICE Is hereby nm-n that an application
will bt' made to the I-nglilatlve Assembly o( tho
Province n( HrltUb Columbia at Its next aeBilou
Tor an ant authorliiuff tho Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, tupla-ue.coniitruci.nud maintain,
ailam or dams, booms, piers, slides, ami other
works in and auross tint Kootenay river at or
near Thrums Station (about opimslte Bub*lot IV.
ut I-ot -1A08, Uroun 1, YtjMtenay dU-trlet); and in
aud across thc Littla Sloven river; anil in and
ntT<nii tin- sinctiu river at a point or points Ns-
lovf* the mouth ol the Little Kluean river; for the
purpose of driving, raftinft, sortlna. lioltlliiK. anil
inatiiifitcturlnit saw*logi and timber; to occupy
the surface o( the aald rivers where neeeuary for
lhe purposes aforesaid; to oloar, improve, and
romuve obatr-icllimit Irom the aald rivers for log*
driving, raftiua. mil booming purposes; to levy
and ri.llfi-i tolls and dues nn lots timber and
lumber of portions using or profiting by such
works, eli-arlni: or lmnrovetneuts; to enter upon
and expropriate lands: and do all other things
necessary, incidental or conducive to the oxer-
olso of any of the above powers.
Dated tbe 10th day of December, 1M6,
Solicitor for toe Applicant.
Certificate oi ImproTemcmts.
Certificate of Improvements
"Kmpress," "Climax," "Horseshoe.
_         'Queen,"
situated In Nelion Mining
"May," "B.C.,'* "Strathroy." "Joy," ---Icy fraia*
tlnnal," and "John D Mabley" Mineral Claims,
iltuated ln the Blocan City Mining Division ol
tbe Weat Kootenay Dlitrlet.
Where located:-North of Twelve Mile Cre-ak
about one and a halt milea up.
Take notie j tbat I, If. R. Jorand of Stoeaft a..-.
Free Miner's certificate No. BTMCW, as ag nt for
Horace tl. Van Tuy I, Free Miner ��� certificate No.
B*fi2l, intend, sixty days from the data hereof,
to apply-to tha Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purcoae of ontaining a
Crown Grunt nf the snld mineral claims.
And fmthor uko notice tbat action under
Aectlon 37, muit oe commenced before the leiu-
ance of tuch Certificate! of Improreracnts.
Dated tb is Brd Day of January, MOT.
Certificate'of unpfOT-r-neiiti
'union Jack
Division. ���������������������������������������m
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice Uml I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the .-civi* Uol'i Mini��� g Companv, Free Miner's
Certificate No B8*jivi intctxl, 60 daya from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of liupr-vemetith* for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown ��� :nnt of the above clsliuB.
And further take m>t*ce that action, under
Bectlm Bt, must he lomtucnced before the lasu-
aneoof sucli Ccrtlflraloof lt.iprovoments.
Dated Nelaon, lSUi Doc., lUMJ.
t'KAUK   Fl K1X1IKH.
"Hatton" mineral elalm. situated In the Nalaon
Mining Dlvlilon of Woat Kootenay dlitrlot.
Where located:���On Toad mountain.
Take Notloe that I, Jo_in MeUtehle. aetlna aa
acant for George A. Campbell, Free Mlner'a Car-
tineate No. 17077, Intend, alxty dayi from tbe
"   l-oorder far
dnte hereof, to apply to tha Mining ftt
a Certificate of improvement*,forthepurpoae
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above elalm.
And further taka notiee that action, natter
see turn ft, muat ba eommenoed before the Man-
anae ofkneh Certl&eate of Lsaproresaenta.
PatadfthU 17th dayol KoremW, IW.
��� i
im- lt
i ���**���*"""""""""""""""""""""""""���'
r    i
i $!
''     '.
.    V
The Daily Canadian
Vour Old Jewelry
Will be worth something to you if you bring it to be fixed up. Look
after your gems. See that they are ln perfectly safe condition. We can
replace tbe claws or give you a new setting that will show the gem to
the best advantage.
STOP!    |
Of the   difference   there is
between 1st. and BUDS. In
We aurr
Goods ���
F 1 R S TS
One trial of our
Tartan  Brand!
will convince you   thnt we
carry a full stock
i Table   Fruit
Pie    Pruit
��� Maple Syrup <
{Same  lJrlce as Inferior I
Goods *j
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to tbe Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
Ml kinds of Dlnnerware in stock, "-*
; Now My Friend \
Wouldn't you like something
Uieae cold mornings; something
that would send the blood through
your vf-'inR and fill your heart
with joy?
Now, tell your wife to buy a .
pound of that good coffee that Joy
sells, and serve some, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of tha/t coffee, things
will look rosy all the duy, and
| %foy H>ill meet you at the door <
J Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mill ��ts.      Phone 19
We Huvs  it   Hpusclully
S-.locti.-_ Sto<wl_   of
for  XmiiH Tr fi.ic*.
Stoneware, Crocks, Bean Fots.Tea Pots. Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
*, Wak
w%z _
Cor. Vtrnon and Ward Street**,
Msl.SO.\,    H. C.
FRED J. HUS-E,|Pronrietor.
J. Hushuian, J. A. Macdonald, Q. A.
Mclntyre. J. Stone, Vancouver; J. H.
Pinchbeck, Slocan; H. C. Martin, Toronto; J. P. Gleazer, Ymir; S. F. Tel-
mie. Victoria; A. E. Werry, Capital
City, Manitoba; M. B, Summons, Fred-
eric ton; D. H. Telford. Saskatoon; E.
H. Polity's, Spokane; J. A. Macdonald,
Mrs. W. F. DuBois, Arlington mine;
W. J. Lacelles, A. Watson, J. Squires.
E. A. Rolf. Rossland; 11. W. Lloyd, W.
���I. Stewart. Toronto; W. M. Archibald.
Truro; P. D. Abler, Phoenix; E. James,
.Mrs. II. T. Irvine, Spokane; T. Ber-
geaw. Brandon; T. W. Blngay, Trail;
J. Lawrence, B, W. Montgomery. Winnipeg; 11. E. Nevell, C. E. Cartwright,
Vancouver; A. T. Mills, Seattle.
F. Phillips. Saskatoon; G. F. Wilson.
Berkeley; C. M. Edwards, Cranbrook;
X. Burnman, G. D. Bishop. ,1. I.angworib
and Wife, Greenwood; A. P. Stevenson,
J. Fordycp. L. Graham, Slocan City;
R   K. Montleth, B. Forbes, 0. Browne,
Ymir; R. D. Montague, Rossland.
J. Tonkin, S. Silver. Shields; J. Wil-
fang. SI. Paul; A. K. Llllie, Kentucky;
.1. 1). Morrison and  wife. Spokane;   C.
Petty.  Youngstown;   A.  G.  Lehoux, E.
W.  Molloy, S. L. Oppenhelmer, Venetian Glasa Blowers; G. Shrupp, W. lies-
ton. Pass Creek.
II.  Waite, Rossland.
W.  Pnttiplece. W.  E.  Woods.  Revel-
stoks-:   E.   P.  Mills.  Mldale;   I..  Snedden. Eholt;  D. Sutherland, Wiulaw. R.
Horrle, Slocan.
.A. Johnson, Ellsworth; W. A. Edwards.
St. Paul.
J. A. Harrison. Lethbrldge.
Silver and copper both declined fractionally  on  today's  metal  markets.
Mj-b. T. G. Procter of Nelson is visiting old friends in Victoria.
at Cost
H. W. Hannington is confined to hii,
bed with  the prevailing Illness.
J.   S.  Carter  went  to   Rossland  this
morning. *_ _ , -jf'fl
K. tt, Mucdonald is in the Slocan this
week delivering addrtsseH in the in-*.
teresU of William Hunter. '
The Venetian Glass Blowers will up-
[> ar at Sherman' supera house lor one
week, beginning Mommy. February 4.
Phoenix hockey players, on their return home, had many pleasujit things
to Bay of iheir treatment in Nelsou.
The Stanley street rink has been re-
B*ar-.ed by the Skating club for Wednesday night.
Many of the residents of Fairview
are having their houses wired preparatory to the installation of electric light.
There are half a dozen or so applicants for the position of warden at the
provincial gaol, made vacant by the
death of Robert Lemon.
In a well-contested hockey match at
the ska.lug rink last night the West
Ward representatives defeated their
East Ward rivals by 6 goals to 4.
W. M. Jameson, wife and child, left,
yesterday for Aberdeen, Scotland. They
will sail on the Empress of Britain February ���* from St. John, N. IJ., and expect
to be absent about three months.
The funeral of Robert Lemon took
place this afternoon. The pallbearers
were Harold Selous, W. H. Wilson,
W. A. Ward, A. H. Kelly, J. A. Gilker and John A. Kirkpatrick.
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, will return
from Cranbrook this evening, where he
aildressed the electors last night in the
interests of the Conservative candidate.
I have a few linen of Silverware
left from Chrlsiuias. This must be
sold at  one-.-.
At Cash Price
Knives, Forks, Spoons, Tea N<-ts,
Cake Plates, Biscuit Jars. Napkin
Rings, etc., all Triple Plated Win,-.
ai*.' and Retail Detie
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but frs'sh nnd
wholesome meats mid supples kept ln stool
Mail orders receltS careful attention.
E. C, TRAVES   Manager.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
1906 Magazines
25c   a  Bundle
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fro tt,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
This is your opportunity for
some Cheap Reading for the
winter evenings. We have uu
accumulation of unsold copies
of last year's Magazines, including the popular Story Magazines, Illustrated Papers, Mining Journals, Tit Bits, etc., etc.
We have put them up in
large hundles, and are selling
thnn at 25c a bundle.
Notice '.h herebv given that on Monday, Feb*
man 38th, 1007, that the Court ol Revision /or
thi* Mu tiii'i pull tv of tha City of Hlix-an will be
bald In tbe city 11 nil on abort date, at 2 p m ,
for tbe purpoae of revtalog tba A*He����nient Roll
of the City of Slocan. Tboaamaklnrcomplaints
ayalnal their aaiaaniie\tit an* required to have
thi'lr nro��t'-.tk in the hati.n of the City Clerk ten
dayi previous to the 1) rst alttlUK of the Court of
Dated nt Slooan, January Mtb. ism.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try  the
20th Century Package
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
We Have .
Cough Drops
That   Will   Relieve
the Whooping Cough
Choquette Bros*
Vanilla  Wafers    	
Milk Toast  	
Dainty City Soda  (Salted)
Saratoga  Flakes  (Salted)
le to
I'm up iu paokftgBfl antl
evi'r  fresh.    11  costs  IIU
live   them  a  trial,   ami
prove themwlvei worth lt.
F. G. Fauquier, of Needles, who has
just returned from a trip to the East,
received a telegram on his arrival at
the Strathcona informing him that his
house and its contents were destroyed
by fire last Friday.
The prizes awarded the Nelson curl-
era at the Cranbrook bonspiel are now
on exhibition in the window of Emory
& Walley's store. They are numerous
and bear witness to the prowess of
Nelson curlers.
C. Q. Broadwood and his two daughters will leave for Victoria tomorrow.
It is understood that Mr. Broadwood
will lay out the new golf court at Oak
Hay, after which he Will take a trip
to the old country,
Dr. R. ft. Boucher, who has resided
In Phoenix for more than seven years,
will leave that place shortly to take
up special medical and surgical studies
in Germany, intending later to locate
in Vancouver.
Your    mall    orders
promptly attended to.
W. G. Thomson
���__SH_* ���"" Nelson, B. C.
Phonu .T-4.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils (or
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Fitch aud
Bssat Builders will And it to their advantage to une imr Pitch
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
Every elector of Nelson should attend the meeting In the Nelsou opera
house, when Martin nurrell will dlsi-
cuss the political Issues of the day. Mr.
nurrell is a pleasing speaker and possesses a thorough knowledge of the political situation in British Columbia.
The Scarlet Mysteries company will
appear at Sherman's opera house Monday evening. Pehruary 11. This party
of entertainers, who are touring under
the direction of Edward Branscombe,
whose name has been associated with
several previous successful venturs In
this country. The Scarlet Mysteries
tiling with ihe ma reiulatlon of slxj
yenrs' standing, duiln*; wh'ch period
they have attracted large audiences In
the old country, t'-e'r success and pop-
larlty remaining undiminished.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
We have Just unloaded a car of
Putity Flout
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt lt Is the best flour on
tho market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
All waited on alike till afler the election at the
Red Cross Drag Store
llaker St., near Josephine, Nelson, 11. C.
5 Roomed Building
Price &000.00
H. E, Croadsda-e & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
fRU.NlSil AXll ORAJTINa carefully attend-
ed to. Apply
Silver KlliR lintel.
f I5��� $1.50
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes,    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Coming Next Week
Will exhibit In thc
For Six  Days,  Commencing
Monday, February 4
An Interesting and instructive exhibition for ladies, gentlemen and children.
See Them Spinning,  Weaving and
Blowing Glass.
Telephone 161.
See the Little
This lady's dress Is made entirely
of glass, spun and woven as fine ass
Admission  16s and 25c.
Aftemoons: 2 to 5.     Evenings: 7 to 10.
Each visitor  receives a  present  free.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
We start calling In our stock
Tuesday, the 29th.
Our storo ou that date will be
closs'il and remain closed until the
DOW firm takes ovor the business.
Customers wanting to pay their
accounts can como in the store
through the millinery department
or liy the Ward street door. We
would Impress upon all customers
having accounts to siM.. them paid
or arrangements made before the
1st. Uy doing so you will avoid
trouble and extra expense.
KERR & Co.
The  Leading Dry Goods and  Millinery
On ami alter  Ih-f-rmln-r L*t my hcntlug ttnil
plumbing btutntti win iio lo-dated ��� ������ -��y now
���hop, two doon eut of opera abue- on Viotori*
Tel. 181.      S. A. WYE
When you compare your freights .vou will buy in Nt-lsi
D. J. Robertson <& Co.
Will continue lor ANOTHER WEEK
Fifty Cent Hand Bai
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone .1.1.���>.
Kootenay Ah
Limited, Ww
Whole*��iie Provisions,
Produce, - Erult.
Dominion Government dreamery One Found Bricks recalled mm
from tho churn.   For snlis by all leading grocers.
Oflico and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, En
Bohemian Be*
The Nelson Brewing Co.,
A Word to the
This vr-nr we have appreciated tbe *|__l
toman and bare paaaad into itock _
Good Cheer Art Base Bu
Thih Ktove iM adapted for bard ooal imij.n
anteed to ki>>* BtUketk__
J, H. Ashdown Harfl
Company, Limited,
s^\^~*^~^B. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON**"'
sRwpitl-rli.y- unci .lohhit.ii cxvluIviI wllh [)��**p��tch.    **M**lj
Work, Mlr-tln* nnd Mill Mti*-hlno, v.      Miint*il<iutur��n*l
Or*  Carat,  W.   Iv.    Contructum'  Cars. ���
Uu*lneNH men.
Working men,
Man In druMM uttlrw,
���Hportlntf mon,
HnnilNomu niun,
M��n t lint'* full of flrti
UNITE und  sing thai   the __m
John T. Pierre are the pmptf*^
My but full ihipment bai jast amj
them and place yonr Order early wr-lP
JOHN T. PIERRE, ArtisticJjjjj
Subject  to  ConfirmatiJ
VVe Will Buy
We Will Se"l
10,000 Rambler-Cariboo   27*54
B.000 Sulllvnn   07
10,000 ii. o. AnuiiKiiiniiii.il Ooal. .Offer
100 Sullivan  llonils
5.000 American Uny
i.hoo International O
B. B. Mighton 8z <4
Drawer 10
SK Ltimber, S_ingl��
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, WindoV
Turned Work and Brackets.
Mail Orders pwmp
VKRNON 8TRKI!T   -   -   -   INBL.SON. B. C.
Our ttock of Skates Is complete and ���'
Including  tha  popular
BOKER'S  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ledle**)
"Wood-Vallance Hatdware f


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