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The Daily Canadian Mar 19, 1907

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 ME  I.     NO.   244.
Fivtt Cunts a Mouth
|l, Patrick's Society of
Nelson Assemble
(eland's National Festival Duly and
Appropriately Observed���Toasts,
Songs and Speeches.
iTtiss iunrtli annua] c'.-lebratton of SI.
(urlck'a Day by the St.  Patricks Soul Nelson waa held In the Knlghta'
ytlhlaa hall lust nicht.    In spite of
unfortunate    but   unavuldable ab*
e ul many prominent member tlit
1* waa voled a  success.
Tlss- chair waa taken at 9 o'clock and
-sisisiit  Clark   welcomed  the  guesta.
referred  to the lamented death of
Ksl.* president, O. K. G. O'Drlscoll,
kd tss tin.1 absence of many more old
ie tssaat of "The King of Ireland"
duly honored and followed by the
ina] anthem.
i, land" waa the neit toaat and the
s mun  responded with a  eulogy on
hs-h national character and expression
the hope that aotne day Ireland may
|isa,si  Us,*   pence  and happtneaa  Intro
ed !>>  liei* patron saint.
Is,* issaat  "St.   Patrick's   Day,"  waa
lit-d  to  by   Chief   Iteaay,  who   waa
lisisi  of the  evening,  eontrlbullng
several   songs   and   u  Jig
i-r   iiss-ntlonlng   the   fact   that   his
|t'is-r wsiss born lu Cork, on March 17th.
lief spoke as followa:
I Mr President and Gentlemen:
li in hardly necessary, ln an assem-
s.*> <>! Irish Canadians, to speak of
Ills* work of the patron saint of
.'au'l .if our forefathers. Through
���im ssf centuries the good acconv
:fil Isy St. Patrick brought emotions
���*.s"-. resignation and joy to the
i Isi-art. The pages of history are
|iiiiii,us with examples of noble rno-
*������- ainl heroic deeds springing from
islssrlisiis example of this humble
in s-'ntatlve selected to lead a nation
in Uie darkness of Idolatry to the
witness ssf Christianity. St. Patrick
- I'srii In the decline of thc fourth
iturj and, although there has been
iii'i with regard to his birthplace,
believed that his parents lived In
lown of Kllpalrlck, at the mouth of
lllver Clyde. In his 16th year he
s carried into captivity by barbarl
is- and laken to Ireland, where he was
bilged 'is keep caitle on the mountains
|nd iu ihe foresls. in hunger and naked-
amdist snow and rain and tee.
Villi'- hi- lived In this suffering condi
<ni liisi heart was touched by faith
|ts'l iiis suffering a source of heavenly
-nedlctions, becuuse he carried his
uss iii true humility. After six months
'���ii' In slavery he returned to Scot-
i '1. where he remained for some
us ami was again led captive to Ire-
n<l His stay there was brief, but two
ninths. Returning to Scotland he
sails- preparations for Mb mission lu
is oountry of his adoption. He for-
*"k his family and sold his dignity and
itlirlght to serve strangers, ln this
���position he passed Into Ireland a
sird lime, to preach the gospel where
[Is- worships of idols generally reigned
le devoted himself to the sulvatlon ol
hese barbarians, to suffer Imprison
'���nt and all kinds of persecution and
give Ills life with joy if God should
* in hlm worthy to shed his blood In
i muse.   He travelled over the whole
'ainl. peni'tratlng Into the remotest
mors,  without fearing  any   dangers
* "��'k nssthlug from Ihe many Strang
- ivlinm he baptllml and even gave
'���k some of Ihe little presents laid on
* Hilars.     He  always  gave until he
���Iml no more to bestow and rejoicesl to
r*" himself poor. SI. Patrick laid the
foundation or Ireland's churches, schools
pud universities. From a count ry then
considered ihe utmost extremity of the
uncivilized and barbarous world he sent
the most renowned teachers and
IjailUcK, and ln this vineyard cultivated
���Hn- virtue of chastity acknowledged
���Trom lhe time when the mythical maid
"f Mnor, ot the snow white wand with
" ilng oi gold traveled unprotected
|Hirongh the green isle, down to the
inl day has been the home oi re
* purity. So SI. Pnlrick began to
preach In Ireland in Ihe year 4:12. and
niter slxlv years of constant, labor died
i" the year 528, nged 120 yenrs. His
J>ody wns Interred in Ulster, in the
town or Duwnpntrlck I" n calhedral
which was destroyed during the reign
of Henry VIII.   ThiB brief history of the
Ipniion saint of Ireland ls the most
authentic extnnl of a man who lived In
daily expectation of dealh, but feared
I nothing, All his notions breuthed hu-
mlllty end loday, after fifteen centuries,
the sons and daughter of the green isle
I Iheir descendenU, scattered
���throughout tho whole world, celebrate
I lhe anniversary of the birth of St. Pal
j'-'k. in the calender of saints; In Ihe
I history of nations, the life work of the
nible man stands pre-eminent. Where
Hi" heart of an Irishman heals the
'liinii. brings forth emotions of Joy and
P��ve,   in that land across the sea, the
I adopted hume of St. Patrick and our
I own little Isle, may heaven ever guard
her. We are proud of her sons who
were ever foremost In advancing the Interests of the land of their adoption.
VVe are proud of her daughters, fair as
IMH and pure as the oci.au foam that
whitens her rocky shores. I will conclude with the words of a modem
writer: "Every mountain uud hill has
lti; treasured name, every river some
solemn title, and every lake and valley
Its honored register; and till the moun-
taltiB are worn out, and the rivers forget to flow, till the clouds are weary of
resplendent springs, and the springs
forget to gush, and the rills to Blng,
shall the name of St. Patrick be kept
fresh with reverent honors which are
Inscribed on the book of national re
"Irishmen In Canada" drew speeches
frotn Judge Forln and Dr. Arthur, who
dwelt on the great debt that Canada
owes to the IrlBh emigrants whose hope
and courage carried the country
through [ts darkeBi days.
"SlBter Societies" were represented
by George JohnBione and fi), J. Marks
who spoke briefly and wittily, conveying fraternal greetings. Olher Bpeeches
were made by J. J. Malone, N. J. Cavanaugh and G. P. Downey.
Chief Deasy isang "The Harp That
Once through Tara's HallB," and lhe
Minstrel Boy"; A. Sullivan gave
"Father OTIyun, and W. J. Meagher,
"Come Hack to Erin." Songs were con-
trlbuted also by B, Ms-son and E. J.
The gathering broke up just at midnight with "Auld Lang Syne," followed
bv "��ere's lo the Land of the Shamrock," and "The Wearin' o' the Green."
Death of a Veteran,
Washington. March 19.���Brigadier-
General John M. Moore, U. 8. A., retired, tormer surgeon-general of the
army, died here yesterday, aged 81
Prices of Metals.
New York, March 19.���Silver, CG9ic:
���copper. 19c;  lead. $6.
London March 19.���Silver, Sid; lead,
till, His., Ud.
Fire In Frame Building on Baker Street
Confined and Subdued by Fire
Chiefs  Promptness.
At 4:30 this morning the lire depart,
ment wus called out to a tire In the
two-story wooden building on Baker
street occupied by Taylor & McQuarrle.
The tire was discovered by Sergeant
Pitchford aud the alarm was promptly
turned In from Hox 24, at the corner
of Ward and Haker streets. It was ap
parent tto the flremen, on ieaving the
hall, that a test ot their promptness
snd efficiency would be made from the
dense volumes or smoke rolling over
the neighboring buildings. Fortunately
this -police officer prevented outsiders
trom breaking Into the building until
the flremen arrived, thereby confining
the tire within the premises.
Driver Murphy made an excellent run
to the nearest hydrant and was followed In quick time by Fred Hell, with
the combined truck and hose wagon. A
line or hose was laid rrom the cornel
of Baker and Ward streets and the
chemcal hoBe carried Into the store.
The lire was then breaking through and
falling from the upper story to the
ground floor. Fireman Hoy Sharp kpel
lbe (ire from spreading below while W.
A Grelg and W. Hipperson attacked
the lire on the upper floor with a
stream from the line attached to the
hydrant. Assistant Chief Jeffs, aided
by W. Pearcy, W. Davison and E Lan-
Chester ascended to the roof with a line
connected from the hydrant at the cor
tier ot Vernon and Ward streets, ln tho
nn amine- a third line ot hose was attached lo the hydrant at the corner ol
Uaker and Josephine streets. Considering the large number of high wooden
buildings In the neighborhood, Chief
DeaBy prepured to meet nny emergency.
The chemical engine was doing excel
lenl work and the one stream Inside
lhe building wub directed towards the
rtar of the building, thereby avoiding
damage to the large stock of cloth in
the front portion of the store. Within
20 minutes after receiving the alnrns
lhe flro was suppressed without duinag
lug more than the workroom on the up
per story. Although the fire depart
ment caused little If any damage In the
front portion of the store the fire and
water destroyed a large quantity ol
clothing In the two workrooms. How the
lire originated Is a mystery. An em
ployee of the firm visited thc premises
at 11 o'clock last nlghl and considered
everything sate. The chimneys nnd
stovepipes were placed ln good ordei
u short time nun. ln a box on the uppei
Poor a quantity oi mutches were fotlnd
this morning, and It Ib supposed thai
mice gnawing them caused the lire, lis
lhe box wiih the charred matches u
quantity of paper ami cloth was found
The building Is not damaged to any
great extent. The slock carried Is
vulued nt $5,000 and the insurance car
ried $2,000. lt Is estimated that the
losses will not exceed $1,000, although
no definite total of the damage done
will be known until tire adjusters com
plete their work. Within the past three
months fires occurred In Ihree buildings
in the Immediate neighborhood of
Haker and Ward streets ansl were ex
tlneulshed with little loss. As a mark
of appreciation, Taylor & McQuarrle en
tcrtalned the firemen at breakfast this
morning after the arduous and success
ful work In saving the city irom a con
Preference Is Shelved for
Six Years
Debates oa Mutual Trade Concessions
Within the Empire Distasteful
to the Government.
Ottawa, March 19.���For a whole day
tho house dehated a resolution declaring that the Uritftih tariff preference
bhould be allowed only on goods Imported through Canadian porta. Tbe
motion was amended by the premier
who added Uio proviso that the policy
shoud not go Into effect until authorized
by order-in-councll. The date mentioned
by Sir Wilfrid Laurler was 1913, six
years from now when the transcontinental shall bo finished. This shelves
the questioL ti .be life of the present
and tbe nex. ���      .anient.
Three yea .; , �� at] tbe ministers sup.
ported the n.i. . ..ion in the same terms
as the one which ls now headed off
with this dilatory amendment. They
have modified their views since then
or have been influenced. But the tariff
of this year showB a more rapid change
of opinion on the question. As introduced in November the tariff gave no
prefW-s&Ot to Canadian ports. As Mr.
Fielding amended the bill on February
Hth it was provided lhat preference
should be allowed only on raw sugar
Imported when it came "by ship to a
port in Canada from a British country."
On March 15th Mr. Fielding abandoned
thc Canadian port restriction and
amended the clause so that the preference woud be allowed on sugar brought
in by foreign [ports. It will be Been
that the ministerial mind ls changing
with startling rapidity.
Another futile attempt has been made
by the commitlee on privileges and
elections to find out whether Mr. Hyman has resigned hia seat. The effort
has failed. Mr. Ouffleld of London, who
has been ln telegraphic communication
with Mr. Hyman, was summoned to appear on Thursday and tell what he
knew about the minister's Instructions
to him to get Mr. Jarvis and Mr. Beale
to sign the second .resignation as witnesses. Mr. Dufneld did not come and
sent no reason for his absence. So the
committee concluded to wait another
week and get the sheriff to look for
the witnesses. As Mr. Duffleld confessed In the Toronto police court that
he paid a former Conservative worer
$40 out of his own pocket to cut down
the Conservative vote by forty at his
polling place, it is evident that be is
much Interested in Mr. Hyman's success at the polls. Since Mr. Hyman
selected this gentleman to prepare the
ground for the next campaign we are
free to judge for ourselves what kind
of a campaign Mr. Hyman wants.
The magnificant triumph of the Roblin government in the Manitoba election
gave great pleasure to the Conservatives in parliament. It is known that
thc Laurier administration was using
all the influence it could command to
crush out provincial administration.
Most of the government supporters
from that province left the house of
commons Borne time ago to take a hand
in the campaign. They will be back
next week sadder or wiser.
On Friday the flag of parliament
building was at half mast. In the Senate announcement was made of the
death of Senator Casgraln of Windsor.
a greatly esteemed member of the upper chamber and da loyal Conservative.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Mr. Borden
at the same time paid their tribute to
the late Mr. Edward Cochrane, Conservative representative of Kast Northumberland, one of the senior members of
the commons. He was described as an
Impulsive, warm hearted man of sterling character, a ready and witty debater with a clear intellect and a great
fund of knowledge. t
Georgia Town  in  Flames.
Augusta, Ga., March 19.���At 3:35 this
morning Are broke out ln the building
occupied by the Augusta Chronicle and
thc Western Union Telegraph Co. By
6 a. m. the building was completely destroyed and the Are was spreading to
adjacent buildings, among which is the
Chelsea hotel.
The fire started at 3:30 o'clock this
morning. The office of the Augusta
Chronicle was ruined and the main office of thc Western Union Telegraph
Company and the union city ticket offlce were destroyed. Bight type-setting
machlneB in the Chronicle offlce were
wrecked and the presses of the paper
are badly damaged. The loss Ib estimated at $75,000 to $100,000, fully cov-
ered by Insurance.
Great Scientist Dead.
Paris,    March  -9.���The    newnpapers
here unite in  recognizing that in  the
death   yesterday  of  M.   Berthelot, tho
the celebrated chemist, who wae for
eign minister in Ute Bergeols cabinet,
France lost perhape her greatest ���dentist.    The Petit Parisian says:
"The twentieth oeatury will leave ao
greater name to posterity. Tbe cabinet
has decided to ask Parliament to authorise a national funeral for M. Berth-
dot, and his wife, who died shortly before her husband, but the deceased
scientists wish was that his funeral be
devoid of display,
Examination* oit Surrebutted  In Thaw
Cau Dragging���Net Llktly
to End Thlt Week.
New York, March 19��� Uuleas all
signs fail, today will see the completion
ot the evidence of the long-drawn-out
Thaw trial, and on Friday the cue will
go to the jury after nine week* before
the court. Four more medical experts
will be called to the aland today by the
defence. Dr. Charles W. Pilgrim, superintendent of the insane hospital at
Poughkeepalc, N. Y., Dr. McOregory,
superintendent of the psychopathic
ward at Bellevue Hospital; Dr. Britton
D. Evans and Charles O. Wagner, the
two latter having already testified for
the defence. Each will be aaked, basing his opinion on the district attorney's hypothetical question whether, ln
his opinio*. Thaw, when he ehot White,
knew the nature and quality of hla act
and that _tt_W** wrong. Each will reply-
that ln hi��*opinlon Thaw did aot. Mr.
Jerome's croa-i-istamlnation will probably be brief, and there ta little dowbt
that all the evldenoe In the case will
be In before the court adjourns tonight
Thaw's attorney's stated last nlgbt that
Evelyn Neabltt Thaw would not be recalled to the witness stand. The only
thing ahe could do would be to again
deny that she lold Hummel that she
had been beaten by Thaw, and deny
again that she knew what was In the
famous affidavit when she signed it. It
is not believed that this would be of
any value to the defence aa ahe has already told all of her aide of the Btory.
The attorneys for the -defence state
that they do not consider that the introduction of the affidavit has done
their caae the slightest harm, while District Attorney Jerome ls quoted as saying that he considers It one of the
strongest features-* ot his case. Under
the agreement, each side will take one
day for the aummlng up. If the case
Is finished today, Mr. Delmas will begin
Thursday morning. It ls probable that
Justice Fitsgerald will charge the jury
the following morning and the case
should go to the Jury by noon Friday.
Mr. Delmas ln his address to the jury
will urge the acquittal of Thaw on the
theory that he was temporarily Insane
at the time he killed White. He will
argue that the defence has shown beyond doubt that Thaw's mind was unhinged by the story which Evelyn Nesbitt Thsw told him before they were
married and that lt was while In a condition of mental Irresponsibility that he
took White's life. He will attempt to
discredit A. Hummel, who has testified
that Evelyn Thaw told him everything
that was ln the affidavit, by showing
Hummel's  record.-
District Attorney Jerome will urge
the conviction of Thaw for murder In
the fl-rst degree;,he will claim that
there ls nothing ln the case to show
that Thaw suffered from anything more
than jealousy, and that his hatred for
White, who had been his wife's lover
before he married her, with full knowledge of this fact, led him to revenge
himself by taking White's life.
The case has been fought to the last
ditch by both sides and what the jury
will do no one can tell. In case of a
conviction, there will, of course, be an
Immediate motion for a new trial. Mr.
Delmas has saved all his exceptions,
and his constant objecting may have
served to inject reversible error into
th�� cnse.
District Attorney Jerome, at the
Thaw trial this morning, continued his
cross-examination of Dr. Smith Ely
Jollife, one of ihe alienists for the defence.
"In your answer to th---**, hypothetical
question, doctor," began Mr. Jerome,
"did you Interpret the question ln the
light of facts which * are ouuilde tbe
'Why, fn a way, eertninly." answered
Dr. Jollfe, "My knowledge of tbe alphabet allowed me to read the question, but
there ls nothing about that ln the question."
"Did you answer it ln the light of Information furnished you about this defendant, not ln the hypothetical question?"
"I did not."
"Did you have such Information?"
"I did."
"Did you deem thiB Information of Importance?"
"I deemed it of value."
"But you excluded these facts in
framing your answer?"
"80 far as It Ib possible for the human mind to exclude such things, I did.
I have tried to answer conscientiously."
Mr. Jerome produced a -book edited
by Dr. Jollife and attempted to Induce
the alienist to admit a classification of
Insanity contained therein. Mr. Jerome
took up each class of Insanity mentioned therein, and asked the witness
If that was the class of Insanity Thaw
was suffering from when he shot Sanford White. The witness, before answer-
lag each question Insisted upon reading the descriptions given in the book.
The cross-examination dragged along
at great length nnd was something of
a surprise ln view of Mr. Jerome's expeditious handling of the experts yesterday.
Unionists Preparing for
Iaf taential Deputation Interviews Hr.
Balfour Who Pledges His
Party to Resistance.
London, March 19.���The Unists' campaign against the legislation which the
government proposes to introduce after
Easter, giving partial home rule to
Ireland, was formally opened today. A
deputation of residents of Ulster, head,
ed by the Duke of Abercorn and Lord
Lansdowne, had a conference with A.
J. Balfour, the opposition leader, and
urged the necessity for an active propaganda to combat the government's
Irish policy.
Mr. Balfour declared himself authorised to pledge every member of tbe
Unionist party to fight everything In
the nature of borne rule. He added
that he believed the sentiment of the
country had not varied on the subject
since the defeat of the late Mr. Glad
stone's home rule measure.
In the Shooting Belt.
Birmingham, Ala., March 19.���H. H.
Chamberlain, formerly of Richmond,
superintendent of the mines of the Crescent Coal Co. at Sloes Ala., and Joe
Creek, a miner, are dead, and Will
Creek, the latter's brother, is dying, as
a result of a three-cornered pistol fight
at the mines late yesterday. The two
miners were drinking and were creating a disturbance. When Chamberlain
tried to quiet them Jot Creek fired on
him. Inflicting wounds which resulted
In Chamberlain's death. While lying
mortally wounded, Chamberlain fired
several shots, one of which killed Joe
Creek, and fatally Injured his brother.
How Rumors Grew.
Teheran, March 19.���The alarmist reports regarding the arrival here of numbers of RusBian troops are unfounded.
Thirty Cos-Backs without their horses
have arrived to relieve the guard at
Kerman, Kormanshah and Ispahan. The
Russian legation at Teheran has a guard
of fourteen men all told.
Kept a Souvenir.
San FranciBco, March 19.���The Call
today aays: "Senator Clark of Montana,
and his associates, have sold their stockholdings ln the San Pedro and Salt
Lake railway to E. H. Harriman; they,
however, retain possession of (35,000.-
000 of the road's bonds."
Spanish Mine Explosion.
Madrid, March 19.���A despatch received here from Cordova reports an
explosion of firedamp In the Bai d'ln-
ferno mines at Fente, Ovejuna. No
precise details of the gravity of the accident are given but lt is said that a
number of miners have been brought
lo the surface, dying of suffocation.
Shot by a Woman.
Guthrie, Okla., March 19.���The body
of Dr. J. W. Davenport was found on
a read near Ardmore, I. T., Saturday,
and yesterday Mrs. M. Brooks, a neighbor, was arrested. Bloodhounds followed a trail to her house, where a revolver with one empty chamber was
Council Protects Workers.
Paris, MaTch 19.���The municipal
council has decided to Incorporate in
certain electric lighting contracts aboul
to be concluded a clause that will ensure to the electrichints their demands
for which they recently went on strike
ln this city.
Ship Blown Over.
Copenhagen, March 19.���The Danish
training ship Viking was blowu over
during a storm in the ship building
yard here today. She had four hundred
workmen on hoard at the time. Ten
workmen wer Injured. There was no
loss of life. The Viking was a new shin
lu courae of construction.
Tralna and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Itossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Fatal Accident at Kaslo.
Word reached Nelson this morning of
the death of Nicholas McKlan at Kaslo,
As near aB could be learned McKlan,
who ls a blacksmith by trade was working nt his forge when a spark Ignited
a package of caps nearby. Tbe result
was a fearful explosion, and the mang
ling of the body of McKlan. Medical
aid was summoned, but It was no avail.
Deceased lingered on during the night,
but died early this morning. Nicholas
McKlan was well known In Nelson, having resided here with his brother for
several years. He was born in Lanark
county, Ont.. two miles from the town
of Perth, nearly 40 years ago.
Oiacontent of Peasants on Account ef
Taxes Causes Anxiety.
Bucheraat, March 19.���The agrarian
movement In north Moldlva, where the
peasants are in revolt against the exactions and tyrany of the the farmers
and the new taxes recently voted by
tbe Roumanian parliament, ls rapidly
spreading and ls causing much anxiety
to the government. The town of Boto-
sanne was raided yesterday by two
thousand peasants who plundered the
Jewish quarter and maltreated the Jewish storekeepers. Troops have been
sent there and to Interior points where
disturbanpes bave occurred. The government is preparing to take active
measures to suppress the agitation.
Peasant Member*   ef   Russian Douma
Enjoy Aristocratic Quarter*.
St. Petersburg, March 19.���The ministerial declaration netting forth the
government's programme for legislation was read this afternoon by Premier
Stolypln, before the lower house of par
llament, assembled in the Hall of Nobility, instead of the Taurlde palace
which Is undergoing repairs.
Becoming Civilized.
Harbin, Manchuria, March 19.���Aa
the result of a collision today between
a passenger and freight train at Turu-
shipe station, seven persons were
killed and 35 injured.
Grading for Kettle Valley Line at an
End   Other Newa ef Towna
In the Boundary.
(Special to Tbe Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, March 19.���Boyd *
Clendanntng. contractor* of Vancouver,
have jusst finished their grading contract on the Kettle Valley line extension up the north fork, and left here
a couple of days ago for tbe coast
These are the contractors who first
brought the Hindoos Into this district
for railway work. It la quite likely tbat
Messrs. Boyd and Clendanntng will return ln the summer when the railway
continues to build to Franklin camp.
Dr. Truax of this place bas been officially appointed a quarantine officer
at Grand Forks; at present the nearest
case of smallpox, so far reported, Is at
Orient, Wash.���some 20 miles east 01
Grand Forks���and every precaution will
bo taken to prevent It from spreading.
At the various churches here yesterday petitions were largely signed asking the attorney-general to give the required consent to the enforcing of the
recent Dominion Lord's Day Act ln this
province. Many hundreds of Grand
Forks citizens have already signed
these petitions.
At a meeting of the local lodge of the
Independent Order of Foresters, held
here a couple days ago, at which R. W.
Tlmmlns, the High Chief Ranger, was
present, the following officers were installed: 1. A. Dtnsmore, C. R.; L. J.
HlgginB, V. C. R-; W. E. Hoadly, Rec.
Sec; W. H. May, Fin. Sec.; W. K. C.
Manly, TreaBurer; Dr. Truax, Court
Physician; E. Spraggett, Court Deputy;
F. Buckle, 8. W.; R. C. Brewster, J. W.;
S. F. Newbaur, S. B.; Charles Fisher.
J. B.
The Grand Forks 20,000 club, at a
meeting just held here, dealt with sev
oral matters of Importance regarding
the welfare of -Qrand Forks, among
which was the question of the location
of the Great Northern and C. P. R divisional points at Grand Forks. At this
meeting Captain bisbrowe surprised
1 hose present by producing fine samples of tobacco grown ln this valley,
which were actually smoked by the
members of the club.
The funeral of John Malcolm, son ot
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McLeod, took pace
this afternoon at 2:30 from the family
residence, corner of Stanley and lnnes
streets, Rev. J. T. Ferguson reading
the service*.
C. Dudley Blackwood was notified by
wire today of his appointment as acting government agent, gold commissioner and assessor In place of HI Renwick appointed deputy commissioner
of lands and works.
A man named Shipley, who Is the
iwner of a valuable tract of fruit land
at Lnnacaster, two miles from Slocan
Junction, has arrived there with a car
load of settlers' effects and will engage
In fruit growing on a large scale.
A man named McDonald, baggageman
on the Crow's Nest Branch, tell 35 feet
from the whari at Kootenay Landing
yesterday afternoon. He was brought
to Nelson and tended by Dr. Harton at
the Home hospital. Fortuately no
broken bones or Internal Injuries resulted, and he will recover from his
bruises In a few days. ,
Premier's Resolution Is
oo Order Pap
Copies To Be .Sent to Doa-toron Government and Colonial Secretary
���Proceedings li Bone.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, March 18.���Today's
of the legislature was rery brief, and
wa* almost -confined to routine buslntas.
Members on both side* bave so far refrained from oratorical displays, and
every disposition 1* shown to expedite
tbe work af tbe seslou.
Attorney-General Fulton Introduced
four new acta: To amend tbe Administration Act; to amend tbe Supreme
Court Act, an ast to -revive aad continue the existence ot certain companies, and to amend the Probate Duty
Three bills were advanced one stage
each without opposition.
Tbe finance minister moved for committee of supply on Monday the 25th
The premier placed his resolution on
tbe Fair Terms question on the order
paper for next Wednesday. The preamble Is an extended historical and
analytical treatment of the financial
relations between British Columbia and
tbe Dominion since thla province entered Confederation, and a statement
of the special circumstances which entitle lt to exceptional treatment. Tbe
declaratory clauses are as follows:
(1) Tbat thi* house endorse tbe
tbe eonne taken by Premier McBride
at tbe aald conference in respect to tf 1
tke foregoing -described action*.    -
(2) Tbat this iam* Is of the opinion
tbat a matter of anch a voluminous nature aa tbe claims of British Columbia
for -special financial recognition by tbe
Dominion government was, and ts, not
of anch a character aa can be justly
considered by a conference of tbe kind
-above mentioned by reason of the fact
tbat a proper Investigation wonld occupy much more time than would be
available at such a caucus were the
claims of British Columbia only to be
considered, aod tbat a proper Investigation of anch claim* would -entail
those charged with visiting Brltlah Columbia and examining tbe conditions on
the spot, aad that aa independent trt-
bual, such aa suggested In the memoranda mentioned above, wonld be tbe
naly Inst mthod of arriving at�� proper dseUoa aa to sash claims; aad that
particularly In view of tbe tact tbat
otber provinces of tbe Dominion are
making similar claim* of a financial
character, there la neb a conflict of interest a* would militate very strone'y
against an equitable decision aa to the
claim* of Brltlah Columbia being arrived at by a tribunal composed In Its
entirety of representatives of other
(3) That an hnmble address be presented to the lieutenant-governor requesting that a copy of this resolution
be forwarded to his excellency the governor-general for consideration; snd
tbat a further copy thereof, accompanied by what documentary evidence
hla honor the lieutenant-governor may
deem expedient, be transmitted to his
excellency the governor-general with a
request that It be transmitted, through
proper channels, to the right honorable
secretary of state for the colonies.
The Return I
Company a 1
I ef the Asmsdtn
In Every Wsy.
The general verdict of those wbo attended the performance of the Claude
Amsden Musclal Comedy Company at
Sherman'* opera bouse laat evening
wa* tbat the company made good. "Olivette" I* a charming opera, and while
lt wa* not given in It* entirety, the substitute waa most acceptable. Tbe oompany ba* been somewhat strengthened
since Its but appearance here, and now
Includes many artists of international
reputation. Of course Claude Amsden
was strongly ln evidence, and It ia not
flattery to say that hla presentation of
"Coquelicot" was admirable in every
respect. Miss Jenkens was seen here
few years ago with the Olympia Opera
Company, and her voice bas not loat in
either volume or quality. In tbe title
role she is really above criticism. Miss
Davenport Is always a favorite ln Nel-
son, and her performance last evening
entitled ber to a continuance of tb*
favor in which ahe bas been esteemed
In tbe past Tke other members of tb*
company were all that could be desired,
and the chorus, while not strong, was
ln perfect harmony throughout. Tonight
tbe ever popular "Mascot" will be presented, and no doubt tbe audience will
be quite aa large a* hat evening, when
the house waa comfortably tilled.
M li
The Daily Canadian
Two Cars of the Celebrated
A. B. C,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP ...H,700,000 REST $4,700,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HOX. ROBERT JAFFRAT, Vice-President
Branches is British Columbia:
Deposits received nnd interest allowed current rates from date of opening ef
scsouiit. and compounded quarterly.
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Cjrtu'. J*��/ Pese-te
TotAt Asset,
Deposits of Jl.uv and upwanls reoelved at highest current rute and interest
paid quarterly iuxtuad of semi-annually, as heretofore.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.	
l-'is..;*..- : in :,j. .wets by tbc
Baker St., Nelwts. B. 0,
Suooertpltoo rates, tt; itnui month delivered
in the cut. or Vtisl a sea: D -wnt by man, when
s.t' Id a! -.:.-,
AslTcrl-ulUK :,.-��� on .pplleallon.
All _...:.:-. paid id mstliemem of Tlte Dally
Canadian -eeosinu*, either {01 lUbfrnpUODs or
odv.rtutng. muit I��� receipted Ior ssn tbe printed
form* ol ine '.ompany. uther reveipls, .re nol
MAMCn iy. 1907.
One Liberal journal in British Columbia is making a very sad exhibition on
the question of Better Terms, lt will
probably be comjielled to trim shortly
as J. A. Macdonald is very unlikely to
swallow his campaign uus-ninces and
become an apologist for tbe Dominion
governmenl as against this province.
So one has ever denied that J. P.
Whitney and R. P. Roblin were as un-
s; mpathetic to British Columbia's
claims as any of the Liberal provincial
premiers. Sir. McUride has never made
any distinction of parties in his references to that conference.
But British Columbia has no relations
with her sister provinces except temporarily and artificially at such confer
ences. Our relations are with the Dominion government and it is to that
body that we are entitled to look for
justice. The political complexion of the
present administration at Ottawa Is
also of absolutely no importance In this
controversy. Party politics have nothing to do with the case. The issue Is
between British Columbia and the res'
of Canada as represented by the Dominion government.
The introduction of the names of Mr.
Whitney and Mr Roblin and the sup
gestlon that they, not the Dominion
ministers, are the enemies of British
Columbia, represent a point of view
which, If honestly held is superlatively
silly. There Is 110 obligation on Mr.
Whitney, Mr. Roblin, or any other premier of a province to understand the
circumstances peculiar to British Columbia any more than Mr. McBride is
under obligations to study the peculiar
conditions! of Prince Edward Island.
Tbe attempt to shield the Dominion
ministers behind the provincial premiers is either dishonest or imbecile.
The   characterization of the resolu
tions introduced by Premier MoBrlde
a, "grand stand play' betrays a very
low standard of political morality. The
���resolutions are full, clear and faultless
ia tone; they are a fair and moderate
statement of the claims of British Col-
unmbia. and unless we have greatly
overestimated the wisdom and integrity
ssf J. A. Macdonald. they will receive
his unreserved support.
Conservatives generally will entirely
appreciate the tender concern of the
Liberals for the supposed difficulties of
Premier McUrted ln filling his cabinet.
Speaker D. M. Eberts and Mr. Fulton
are said to be hopelessly indolent, and
-ave solicitude Is expressed lest the
public Interest should suffer by the
work of two such Importanl departments as the attorney-general's and
sands and works being entrusted, even
temporarily to such weak hands as Mr.
Pulton's. The public generally feel no
alarm. They know that the administration or every department of the public,
service Is cleaner, more efficient and
more prompt now than under any form-
or government. Assuming that the opin-
ion expressed of Mr. Fulton Is perfect-
ly sincere, it indicates true grandeur of
soul. Only a few of the mightiest Intellects are capable of preserving so
lofty a contempt for their vanquishers
The Union of British Colubla Municipalities is certain to prove a very valuable public institution. While many,
perhaps most, of the members of the
legislature have had experience on mu
nlcipal councils, the interests of the lat.
ter are often extremely divergent and
sometimes even conflicting. The work
of the municipal committee has always
been hampered by efforts of municipalities to secure special amendments lo
meet their special requirements, which
might be, and often were, entirely out
of harmony with the general tenor of
the Municipal Clauses Act. But the tin-
Ion can now speak authoritatively for
all the municipalities and all conflicting
Interests are reconciled before auy requests are presented to the governmnt.
From the present provincial admin isl 111.
tion at least the recommendations of
the union are sure to receive intelligent and sympathetic treatment.
The number of dealers In Kootenay
fruit lands doing business In Nelson has
nearly doubled since last year. As the
additions aie generally of shrewd business men who have carefully studied
the situation, it is a fair indication that
greater activity than ever before Is
looked   for  this  season.
The work of extending and impmv
Ins the lighting of the city streets is
proceeding very satisfactorily, and good
progrs/ss Is being made with the repairs
of the street cars. In a few weeks at
Iht- most arrears of work will be ovssr-
taken aud Nelson will look Iik, is dtj
St. Patrick's Day is past, St. (ieorsae's
Day is still a month away. Belvlll, Tom-
kins has been wished good luck, but
there is a deterred 10,000 Club smoker
which may be launched on au innocent
public at any time. There's no rest
lor the weary.
Tory   Members  of  House  of  Lords  Are
Approving  Principle and  Making
Practical   Suggestions.
London. March li*.���Lord Newton has
put forward proposals for reform of the
House of Lords which he hopes will
prove acceptable to the peers and also
to the people. His proposal is outlined in a published memorandum:
In the first place tt reduces the preponderance of the hereditary element
in the House of Lords by providing
thut the possession of a peerage by descent shall uot, of itself, give any right
to a seat in the House, and that a peer
entitled hy descent shall not receive a
writ of the summons unless he has held
one of certain high offices, or has been
elected twice, before succeeding to fate
peerage, to the house of commons; or
unless he is elected as a representative
peer under the bill. The representative
peers will be elected for a parliament,
and not for life. In the second place,
the bill gives the crown power to aj>-
point life peers up to a total of lou.
The bill also contains clauses providing
for tlj The reduction of the number of
bishops in the house; i2i Assimilating
the system established for England and
the Scotch and Irish system of electing
representative peers; and loi Enabling
any hereditary peer who is willing to
give up his chance of becoming a representative peer, or of sitting in the house
of lords as a qualified peer, to stand for
the house of commons.
"The high offices" which Lord Newton suggests should qualify an hereditary  peer for a writ of summons are:
"(li High judicial offlce within the
meaning of the Appellate Jurisdiction
Acts, 1876 and ISS?; (2) the offlc* of
first lord of the treasury, secretary of
state, chancellor of the exchequer, president of the council, or head mot being
a permanent civil servant) of any other
government department; (3) the offlce
of lord lieutenant of Ireland ami secretary to the lord lieutenant; Ui office
or viceroy to India, or of governor of
the presidency of Madras or Bombay.
or of lieutenant governor of any province of India; <5i office of governor-
general of the Dominion of Canada or
of the commonwealth of Australia, or
of high commissioner of South Africa,
or of governor of any colony; (6) the
office of parliamentary under secretary,
parliamentary secretary, or permanent
under-secretary, in any government department; (7) offlce of lord of the admiralty or member of the army council;
(8) offlce of minister plenipotentiary, or
any higher office, in His Majesty's diplomatic service; and 04) oflice of the
vice-admiral, or any higher offlce, in his
Majesty's naval forces, or of lieutenant-
general, or any higher office, in His
Majesty's land forces."
Lord Curzon, of Kedleston, who has-;
strongly advocated the adoption of reform of the Lords by the Conservative
party, has written an open letter to
Lord   Newton  as  follows:
My Dear Newton���1 have read your
hill for Uie reform of the House of
Lords with great interest, and am glad
that you have introduced it.
Admitting that the future of that
House is certain, at no distant date, to be
brought before the electorate, there appear to be three methods by which
the Unionist party might deal with It:
(1) To defend tbe existing House
without alteration.
(2) To reform it upon lines not inconsistent  with   its   constitution.
(3) To substitute for it a new chamber, constructed on some different lines.
The proposal to leave the House of
Lords alone, hut to destroy or to cur.
tail its veto can obviously make no appeal to us, since it is only assassination in a thin disguise, and ff we are
to cut off the arms anl legs of the Upper House we might as well cut off It-
head at once.
Of the methods open to our party, I
earnestly hope that we shall associate
ourselves with the second���I. <;., a definite and well-thought-out plan of n
form, designed to meet the principal
criticisms urged against the House of
Lords���namely, its undue numbers and
sparse attendance, the absence from it
of representaiives of important classes,
and the excessive predominance of one
political party. I have always argued
that the process of selection from the
existing body of hereditary peers can be
best effected hy applying the teat of
public service; and I therefore heartily
(Continued on Page Three.*
Hill Street, Nur Silica.
Danght-pr ansl pupil of Dr. Torrington, director
I "iiiiii,, College of Millie, desirea a limited
number of pupllaln
Apply it mildence or by mall.     Boi lion,
Punitive  Expedition in West Africa on
the Defensive.
Hurts. Mnrch 19.���The Echo de Paris
pnbUshos .1 desptaofa from Konatry,
oapltaJ ��f French Qulnea, Weal Africa,
laying that a Preach column Buttered
a serum- :.������..**-. as l']sjt,-r Guinea
while attacking Thoman'a tribesmen,
��lsss were stron.aly i'sss litis-,1 in u vil!*i>:s>
Ss-\. n French offlcera ��ere badly
wounded, nml eight sharpshooters ware
Killi-il ami U ware wounded. The
column antrenohed iiself and is no*
a**ailing thc arrival ssf artillery.
"Companies Act, 1897."
PKovisr.: ok Burn.-iH OOLDMBU,   >
no. tin.
nth B*TO C*KT!FY thai the "NaktUp tftttii
Uml>. Limit i\"t* autbnrtted end Hennaed to
ear> tm bo-SIMM within Un- prarinee of British
Columbia, nnl to carry oul it effect all ot a.iy ol
tbe object- ol Ibeconip bt lo whleb the \e_lsls
uvt- autii.iniv uf t_K* Logulalun oi i ritlsh Uol<
umbla extern....
Tii.* UvA,\ office of (lu* company Is situ*!*- *t tlu*
cm ,-i Wlnnlpea. Piortnoe ol .Manitoba.
T'h<-amount ol tMOftplUl il theeonrtpani I- riv.
hunilreU thou��*nd Oo Iste, divided Into Iwo
thousand Bve hiindnul ibara <���! ton per cent
preference <kvk nf tin* pa: *��� -.. .��� ��������� om* hundred
dollar> ��?aWi. and twt'Uiy-rHv lunulrtil -hr-ir** ol
(.���omnion-ii.-tk of the pa: val in- of OM hundred
dollars Hob
The iK-aii offlee of Uwcompuiy In thii province
lB*iluaie at trie C ty of .n.i-:. ami Hubert Wet-
inor\' 11 an ni tig ton. barn-:*--: who e *..-���--���-
the same. l�� the ��ttorney for tin- ��otnpanv.
Utven under mv band ind m*I of office, Vlc-
toria. Province t>f Brm-ii ttolumblft. thi* 16th
nay of February, one tnoui*and nine hundred
and *fveu.
(L.8.) B  V WUOTTON,
lietristra-of J.uir. Stock < ompaniei.
the objects for which tbe company h*> been
established and Jht'ii-mi are:���
(a.) Buying, RtllinK. leasing or deposing of
coal mine**,cualaml wood iamU. farnitnK.BrajiUK
ami fruit lands, an-* unite: limit*, anu to wort
and develop the same:
(b.) To carry on lh,e luiiinesi of immigration
and colonixation agenti. make advances to
auist icttler* on lands purchased from the
comi��ny and to ��ecure tht* repayment of ��ueh
advances with intereit on inco terms and m
���uch manner by way of m-mn-n- ut agreement
as may be mutuelly agreed upon.
(c.) To tarry on tbe btltlDMi of ranching,
breeding, sellint; ami dealing m taiilc, hordes,
sheep and other live-nock;
(il.) To pur-ebsa, foil and deal In lumber,
wood, coal, mine-mil, gram, jToviaions. clothing
and general mpplies;
(e.) Toi.'arryon trade U general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To Isiue in payment of anr property
acquired by the company, tuaresoflhe capital
stock of the company a" fuJiy paid up and nonassessable or otherwiu*:
(e.) To carry on the bu'ineswof manufacturers
and dealer> in power generator-* mid motors of
everydeseripiion. toVOUtrael and operate all
cla��ses of M'hiiies. ncrirulnral Implements,
marhitn-ry, boats, Henrner*. barge'* and ferrye
in which thefcald motor- ar* u-e.t; tOCOtUtrnel
and operate boat lines an.l to carry on the business of carriers, cartage and parcel deliveries,
to own rami operate omnibus lines and vehicles
and boat- for hire; to Mil. lvase ami supply
electricity: to owr: and operate electric plants,
and generally to carry on any of the business
inci'ienu: t.. the ftfwvMfd purposes ami ohjects
of tbe company;
(h.) To purchase, take on lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire or di-pose of any reat or
I*ers��ual pro*^erty, and any right-or privileges
which the company may consider Decenary
for the purpose.-, of their o-jierations;
anil to 1*11 HU-t di'poM* of any lauds or other real
���-stat' and persona] property at any time owned
or run trolled by thicompuny oraiiy pan 'hereof,
or auy control there In. or claim thereon, and gen-
eraiiy to do nil such inlng* Mare Incident b
oreonduciv-* to the carrying out of the objects
of the company;
(I) To oecome shareholder's in any eziftlni or
proposed company, ami to promote and av-i-t in
promoting any company carrying on ��� bnalneM
Perttinlng to the objecti for which this company
ifc incort-oraterl. and which may prove u-ful ti.
tht- company, aii<| to acquire, take over and op-
��� rate the business of any such company or eora-
panuM, and to enter into an agreement "for .-bar
ing of profits, union of interests, recipriKwl con*
ceatlons or otherwise, with any j��er��on or com
pany and take or otherwise acquire or hold
shares and securities of sueh company or companies;
(j) To acquire nnd hold lands by gift or purchase or as mortgagees or otherwise a- fully and
freely as private individuals, and to sell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate tbe same and to
exercise all thc powers set out In the several
Sixty days aftor iUte I inteml to applr to thc
Hon. the Chief i.'ommissioner of Laml h an-i Works
Victoria, P. r , to purchase 12o acres of laud
iltuate ln Fire Valley. \\>st Kootenay, ana described as follows: Commeneing at the northeast
coruerof Lot IMS. and running north 60 chains,
tbence east 80 chains, theuce iouth CO chains,
thence west JO chain*-* to place of beginning.
March 4th. 1907. W  W. Hkadlkv,
J. E. ANKABLE. Ageut
Sixty clays after dnte I intend to apply to tne
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands und Works,
Victoria, to purehase 4S0 acres of land, In Kire
Valley, West Kooteuay. nnil desoribed a* iollows:
Commenelni! at a poet p'anted at Winter hull's
norlhweat corner anil marked A. H's H. K. corner,
and running north 60 chains, thenre wpst 80
chaius. thence south tVi chains, thence east wi
cbains to place of beginning, and being part of
MOtloniM and :t> in Township 71 and a portion
of Sections 1 aiol 2 in Township (ii, Group I.
March ith, 1W7. A, Uji-IM.
J. E Ahhablk, Agent.
Hixtj days after date l intend to appiv to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of laml* and Works,
Victoria, B. C��� to purchase ma acres of land, in
rire Valley. d��scribed a^ ;ol nwa: Commencing
ata post planted -Wetufns went of Walter Bull's
N. Vt. corner aud mar'-ted J. W Holmes' Jr. S. K.
corner p st. and running Miutb 4o chains, theuce
west 6o chains, thence north to .hains. thence
eaat fi) chains to place (lf oeginning. mid b��ing r
portion of Section ;15, Township 71, West Koot-
March .Mb, 1907. J. W. Hoi.mis. Jb.
J. E. ANNiMLI. AiliNT.
Sixty days after date i intend to apply to the
Honorable tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purchase Mu acres of land,
situated on the west $tCe ot Arrow lake, and described as follows: Commencing at a post marked J. H's N, K corner and placed at ihe southwest coruerof Lot 7803, Group 1 West Kootenaj,
and running west *�� chains, thence south ���
chains, thence east ��" chains to the akc shoie,
thence north along the lake to place of beginning
March Sth, 1W7. J EUlOB*,
J. E. A.hnaiilk. Agent.
Sixty days after date I iniend to applv tothe
Honorable the Chief Commissionerof Undsand
Works, Victoria, to purchase ������*> acres of land
located nn the west side ol Arrow Inke and de-
ae*crihtd as follows: Commencing ��t a pott
marked I' A's jN. E.corner, and plan'.-d ^chains
no'th of the southwest eorner of Lot 7101, i.roup
1, West Koo*enav and running south -to chains,
thence west 'Jj chains, 11 ence north to ihains,
thence cast 'JO chains to placeof beginning
March llth, Pfc7 1', ah.saiilb,
J. E Awhabi.*, Agent.
Sixty days afur date I intend to apply to the
Hoo. Chief Commissioner of l^nds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 't*J acres of land in West
Kootenay, dm*Mi-ed a- follows: Cormnen-ing
at a post pi iQ'ed up Mosquito creek, about eight
miles from the mouth and marked E. Cross' S W.
corner, tbenee nort' W' chains, thence *��� chains
east,  thence 8o chain- south, thence to chains
New Spring
Dry Goods
We arc now ihowlng a splendid stock of Advance 8tyles in Ladi   *
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west u.place of beginning
Feb. 18th. 1W7
E. C'aoee,
J. ��. Amusu, Agent
Nollee Ii herebygfree mat two months alter
daic w Intend to appl] to the thief Commie-
ilone of Landaand noraaforateeaeol aiithat
--tnd being tin* (oreenore adjoining the Canadian
��i*uh Railway Shipyard ���� >!"��� atat, part ol
Lottt-A.-group 1.ana belason th** iouth shore
of thc west arm of Kooieimy i-*kt*. In (be dl��-
:i'*i .if Kootenay ;    Coiniut licitlg at tin* souther-
t-f corner of lot TQM, group i. Uwooo aloog tbe
MOtO western l-oumlar*. of lot 7oi*4 and   the c\
tenauw theieof, ln a north westerly direeiiun.a
dlataneeOl O* fflWt; thence at right atigles to
said boiimlarv luasotith weaterly direction. *
di"t��ni*v t>f 11 f.*ct, mure "r less, lo the north
eatlerlv boundarv o( thc Ciiy I'ark. .oiitiuued.
thenct* parallel to said westerly boundary of lot
"tttjti. in a touth easterly direction, a di-unoe of
BOO feeti more it \eea, tn the northerly bouuuarr
ol lot Stt.K: tbeuce followlnn the imrlherly boundary of lot ."��* \ in a north easterly direction t.�� the
IMjltit ol commencement, the area being *M
acres, more or lew.
.Hated this 7th dav of January, A.D., IW*.
60 day* after date I intend to apply tp the Honorable ' the Chlel Commissioner of l-mid.- aud
Works, to pnrebaee WO acre** of land: Commencing at a ptut marked i.. W B N.K uiruet
G>st and planted on the west shore of Arrow
ke adjoining U>1 T,:i on the south side of tald
Lot. thence westi*1 chains along the louthern
bouudary of Lot ttt; theuce south mXU chains;
Ihenee east ftl chain* more or Ws�� to lake shore;
thenoe north along lake ihore to plate of heginniug.
Uated Wth day of Nov  1906.
dlo w.html,
J, E. AsMi*,. e Agent.
8Uty days after dau* I intend to sppiv to the
Hon. Chiel Commissioner of Lands ami Works,
Vietoria. to purcha.se 1C0 acres ot land loealed In
Fire Valley. t��eing part of Sections Three and
h'oiiT, Township 6y, and deaerlbeil as follows:
Commenciug at a poat planted at William
William*' N W. corner, and marked *'K. K. W's
N. H. corner' mid running 40 chalus west,
tbenee a> chaini vouth, thence 20 chains east,
tbence 4o chains south, thence'JO chains east,
theuce 60 chain** notth to placeof beginning.
NoTenibor Ord, 1906 koac I WiuiaMl,
J K. Aniublk. Agent.
Notice It- berebf given that Oj davs alter date I
Intend to apply to ue Hon the ciuef commissioner of Land.- ninl Works, Victoria, lor per
mission to purchue tbe following described
Und:    Commenting at a pott at the lnlersecllon
ot tio  too it   boundary ol lot aJ��;. and east
boundary nf   ������i.dlden yueen"   mineral tlaim,
UmomweaatitMehaloe,"moreor lest*, to south-
eaat corner post ol lot hW, thence north J��
chaius. more or less, to northeast corner prii of
lotftin, thenee etttOO chains to the southeast
corner po*t of lot 'i*HS. thenee south 4o chalnt,
thenei sreet 00 ehalna, mon* or less tothe e��*t
boundary ol the "Uolden Queen" mineral claim,
thonce ainng cast boundary "Golden tju-eti"
mineral claim to polut of commencement, In
ehatns. more or less.
Kelft D, B C , March IJ, 1W7.
John Ciiabi.tok,
Per Wm. 'Ioi.i.inoton, Agent
Notloe ll hereby given tliat fsi dnys alter date 1
iniend tn apply to the Hon, Chlel < ommlntoMz
of Lati'!- anu Worki-Ior |iertiits��ioii to piirrhaw
lhe follotrlng deeoribod land-, situate in West
Koi.teiiHi di,*".rn*t: loiumenclng at a post marked J I*. 1'orter's N W. corner, tlieinc south Wi
chains following the eastern boundnry of H.
Heloni application to purchase; thence east 4o
ohalni; thonoe norih (*>rhatus; thence west 40
ckalns to point of commencement, containing
Ig metat more or less.
Dated tins Uth day ol March, I��7.
Slxtv day- aftei date ! intend to applv to the
Hon ' htef Commissioner of Lends ami Works
for permission to purchase the following de-
sc'lbed property at a post niarkeo "t; M ,-.K.
eoruer, ' thenee 4b chains north, thenee40Ohalni
west, tnence 40 chains south, theuce 40 chains
eait to point of commenceineut, a relocation of
the abandoned pre-emption inl of w c. Knapp
and 1* the eaat half of the northwest i|imrter,
and ihe west hull of the nortneaat ouarter of
seetionT, township "o West Kootenay district, on
the west shore of the lower Arrow lakes, con-
talttlBS h'-o acrei, more or less-
March 1-it, 1SX-7. QSOMl Miltok,
M. I:   Mn/i��� mhlK   Agent.
Nolle o Is hereny given tliat sixty days after date
[Intendto applv tothe Hon Chief Coinmiiilon*
er of Lands ami Works for the right to purchase the following described lands: torn-
menolni at a post marked "M. J Cameron's
N W comer post" planted at the H.W. corner of
tne K. and b. block, No- (KU, running eaat IJo
chain*; thenoe MU h l.uO feet, moreor less to
the C.I' k. Hue. thence west UO chains to the
Arrow lake', thenc north Hs�� feet following
(he shore of tbc Arrow Lake to the -point of com
Hated this lllh dm of February, 1907.
M    J. i'.AMSmOa,
J. M- CAMKroN. Agent.
Hixty dayt* nfier dale I intend to apidj* to t>ie
Chief Corninisxioner of Landl and Worki for
permission to purchase the followlug described
laud: hluatcd on lhe east side of Arrow Cake
in the West Kootenay district, aboul 6 mil-*
above Hurton Cil>, commencing At a post plant-
ed at the northweit eorner of c Bacher's purchase, thtnoe east J"* chains, theme n nh lo
������hains, thenee west Jo chains, thence south M
cbains to point Of commencement and contain,
ini: Wi acres mop* or less.
January It, Iy07.
Wlliuu Fiu.ua.
Sixty rtejl after tlate I intend to apply to the
Hon the Ch ef Commissioner of Lands and
Worki. Victoria, to purehaae BSD acres of laad(in
West Kooienav, detcrlbed as follows: Commencing at ii post planted about H miles up
MtiMjiiitu Creek from the mouth an>l marked
"A, U." N W, corner, thence south *i chains,
thcDCOOaet 40 <-hatns, thence north 80 chains,
Ihence 4o chums weil to place ot beginning.
February I6th,iur*7. A. iIkahajc,
}. K. Annablk. Agent.
sixty davs after date I intend tn apply tothe
H.n "to* Chief Commissioner of Ijinds and
Works, Victoria, to pureiias" 640 acres of land, in
West Kootenay, describe 1 nt follows: Com-
meiKlng at a post marked "l>. B " N.E. corner,
and beinj[ ,it the N.W. coruerof A. 'irabam'i
application to purchnse which is about �� miles
Up Moeqolto Creek frorr, tfte mouth nnd run
ning **i chains smith, theuce wi 'hain* west,
thence*, c ains nor h, taence BO chafas east ir.
place ,,i beginning.
February 16th, 1UOT. p. Hrn*ro5.
J. K. A.VMIIAM, Ag<"Ill*
SUty dayi after dnte l intend tf) apply to thi>
Hon   the thif-f ��� om minloner nf Land* and
Wo ks. Vietoria, to pO"*h��se W, a. res ..f   nn.) in
Weet Koui en ay, den (bed s- follows: Ommen-
'ing at ti 'ot plumed ^boin a;^, -. ,ui UJ)
MooqnttoOroofc and Joining t. ��>.-������ anp.-eation
to purchase, and matke��l C. M's H k corner
Ihenee north m chains, thence weit W��.-bain?'
thence knulh ��J chains, thence ea*t *> chslns to
p itet-of beginning.
Feb. 16lh, 1907. r;. ��AM��4LLf
                                          J. K   Ax\*a*\\,%,
Sixty day* aft-r dat* J intend to ap, ��� :.,���;,.���
u��"i '"�� ' "i,i' ' '""""niunor of Und- end
Works. \ ictoria, h ( . u, pnmhgeti n> s-*r��i of
and. situated on Ihe west side of Arrow lake In
Ue-itkftoteriay.aflddrwrrHsi.-dai follows; Com"
menotni at a pon marked H S'i - K, poth*t and
piaeed at the eoo'hweil comer nf Ut i*m, o'rniin
I, and rtinnioK nonh *, tbalm Ibann inw J,
chains, thonce south e ebaliM, Ihenca ��mi ��
chains to plac- of beginning.
March Stfa. UR. hot nun
i Jt. A!<ft.��ir. Ag.n:
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry m
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitcfish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qoaltty.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
iy mall to any branch
upt and careful alteuu
Head Ofllce: Nelion,fl
Notice ls hertny given lhat U) days -. :��� * date I
Intend loapply to the Honorable the Chief�� om
mlssloner of Lands aud Works for permlMtOD
u. purehaae MO acres of land,r��liuaieon the Little
Moyle river about i mile from International
Boundary and sVnu I mile from ti|x>kaue Inter
uatioual Ky.: t.'omnienclnii a( a poat marked
Ii <trant's ti. E. corner mmi, thence went to
chains; thence north 4u chains; thenei- can w
chaius; thence north 'A) chalim; thence can U)
chuui; ttiem-e nouth Oi chains to place of com-
meneement. containing ttOaom of land.
taenia. 0ei.l0th i����.
IlA.HHI. (.fU.HT
Hiirty days after datt I purpoiM* making appli
aatlOD to the Honorable the Chiel < oiiimitaiouer
of Londl and Work" for perttlotfon  to [iitrthase
thefouowine; deeerlbed laud:  coinnicnctnfr at
a p-tst pla^-d rii then. Vt corner of l_oi wmj and
marked �������� l, K.'i" N. W. corner, LhOOOe follow-
Inirthc noulhem boundary U>t G9UU, fio chains
more or leas eait to the weit boundary of Uit
6W1, Ihence followlUK aame soutli Jo chains to
the north boundary ol l_ot OWa; thence about 70
chains west along said bouudary to the lake
ihore; theuce north gO chain* more or loss followlug the Uite shore to point of rommence-
meut, containing 31? acres more or less.
Hated Heeembei I7th, IW..
T li Fai yiiia.
Klxty days after date 1 intend u, apply to lhe
llouorable the Chler<'ommlsslouer of l^nds and
Work* for permission to purchase the following
deenrfbad lauds in Kootonay dlitrlrt: Commenclngat a post marked J. ll AihimM- '- uorih
cast corner post, said post being on lhe souih
side of the Lower Arrow lake, about two miles
below Hurton City; thence souih X) chains;
thenee west _W chains; tlience south at chains;
thenre west 2<l chains; thence uorih -ti ehaiuu
anil 'JO I ink ii, mon* ur leas to* the lake shore;
thence easterly along lake Wchains, more or leis,
to lhe place of beginning, containing 10ft acres,
more or lesa.
f>ated this fiih day of November, 1��W
J. H   *.'������- u*: r..
per K. I> BOWRi Agjnt.
BlXty days alter date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of \ ������vv.- and Works for
permission to purchase ihe following described
lands in Kootenay DfctriOt, about ihri-e ��iuarters
of mile from Thrum's siding:   Commen.lng at a
rn placed at the8. W. corner ci I. 6��M. group
V.est Kootenay Hlstrlei; ihence weaterlj
following the north boundary of I, tm, *)
chains; thence north 10 chains; ihence easl 40
chains, moreor less, tothe N W corner of
UWJj theuce south loiiowing the wesl boundary
of UWXl   Id chains, more or less, lo place of com-
menoement, containing toa.res, mor* or less
I'ated this 6lh day of Hecember. 1906.
H. H. I'tTTS. locator.
Notice is nereby Bivcn that ����� davs after dale I
Intend to apply to the Hon. thi Chief CommU-
sioner of Lauds and Works Vietoria. Ji.c , f(,r
iKTinisslon to purchase the following ileser:)H I
landi In Wen Kootenay district. Comnieiicing
at a post planted at the southwest corner of'ot
7701 group 1. and runutn.-* JochaiiiHto the south-
ean corner of lot 770*i, group I, then in an easterly direction -M chains,  then   north   V   chains.
then weet go ehalni to point of commencement,
containing 40 aere^ iuon* or less.
I->cated KehrWiry lllh, 190*7.
1'HiLir W'Afir.. Iwator.
'        '"       ���        ������   '  ���   ���    ������    !*������    ���   ���������������
Notlci- Is hereby given Hut mt
date I intend to make appiiratioai
abb-Chief CommlMloner of Landsi
Victoria. B. i ., lor permission lapu
lowing described   land, sttaaie ll
West   Kooteuay district    < otnintLrmmjl
rlaliteil at the aouthiiest corner of i*tom
Inwm's pre-emption, marked K. 1 K>bI*
post,  theuce 40 chains -nest. IMwftftM
norlh. lbence ��i chainseastloJistuIi
northwest eorner. thenc* soutli**'    .
oF eommeneement. containing lktrfttiMi
Hate.1 this '.3rd day nf Nov.. 1*��
is" day* after date I intend t<r apply um
Chlol Commissioner of l-aud* an-i "of
tori*, to purchaie M0 acres til land b
Plre Valley and being a |>ortton ���( 'f
and Ifl In TowmhlpfWainl levrihefl ill
Commencing at a post planted it ihtsr*
eorntr Oi the aoulheesl oiisrier ol ���
Townihlp ���>'-' snd marled J
Ihenee north 40chflns; tlwnc* wti *���
ihence south 40 chains; thence est! Mar
placeof beginning
November iflrd l!WC.
i. K  Ay*i*ii,kp*M
r-Utr days aller dale I ititni-1 loip>T��|
Hon Chief Cfinmlasioiier of Unm """l
Victoria, to purchase UOacteiof linUWl
miles below lliirtoii City, Wesi KnMtiH.'f
meliciiiR a' a |xisl maik.d "���' * '"251
corner poet," said l>ost bcliii:"!i tfi** raittW"
of au Island wen ol l.ot ���'������'C, stul cisiail��a*a
land.-onlaltitil in said isl*-l. InniiMl
mile In an easterly nud westerly diwuaa
a boil I -Jo chains from north to south.       1
Novem I'er llth, 1906. J ,1_!_T
J  K. t\MtSMJt,mf__
Sixty days afterdate 1 intend ��__]
Hon. Chief Commlaaioner ol ^*~*>,ufM
Virtorla, to purchase 1J0 acres ef laM ttf
on the west side of Arrow lake an<i ","'���
north of Lot 7V7fl: Commeiicliir sl s P"*1^
ut the N   K. corner of Lot 7'J7rt and m'\*"l_v
8.   E    .-orner," aud   running north *��
Ihcnce weat 30 chains, tlu-nce H"���"5	
tlience west 20 chains, thenco ^'i**1 * Jj
thence easi ���� chains, to place <*: U('a'2t|
Nov  Mth. IOM. ItBITH* Hl**��.f
j F. AJdUBi-k Agtat
Nov ��th, 1��W.
Notice Iv horeby given that sixty <iavs after
date I Intend to apnlv to the Hon tlie Chlet
('onimlsaioner of Ijinus and Works for permission to purchase Hie following deeerlbed land
situated In the West Kootenav district: Com-
meiieitis at a post plained at thu "N.K corner
of L. Forlers's pre-emption," und running
thence east 4�� obalns; uonoolODth 40 chnins;
thence west #) chains; tbonoe north 40 Ohalttl.
to plaoe of commencement, containing lfio acres,
more or leu
December 'X), 1900.
Habrt Ptrng, Locator.
M. K   MctJtiAitHiK, Agent
Notice Is hereby given mat fiO days alter date I
ltttrad to apply to the Honorable the Cniet Commls"! mor of Unds and Works for pcrmlsflloti tn
purchase thc (ollowlng deserlbed lands: Communing at a post placed 'Ji chnins west of the
���on Hi east corner of Lol m\\*% marked "K. A Bell's
northwest corner," thence aotifh in chalnn
thence eaat 30 (hains. thenre north 90 chains,
thenee wen 0 ohalttl to polntol torn meneement,
containing *> acres, more or less
Lncatr1lhls��th dayof Nov ,\m.   R. A. Hill.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 davi atier date 1
Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief I'ornrnisHoin-rol
Landiand Worki, Victoria, for permission to nur-
chaae UM following deacrlbed land, sltuabsil In
the West Kootenay distrfct, on thc wen ilde ol
Iiuiemel for Hlx Mile) creek, near wagon road
elKiiii thrH; rnlles (rom Kooienav Uke: Co-n-
mencing at a post marked "Jarnes 'I. Duck's 8 \V
p*��si," -tinning >��� chains east, ihentv 20 chains
th, thence to chains we��', then��'c 30 chain
Noilce is hereby given thst ����iyjjffil
date I iniend to apply 10 Hie Hg
Chief Conimis.��ioncr of Umls and worn.
m*rmf��sloii Ui purchase th** (oll.twinriw" ���
lauds  sltnaled   In  the West  Knolenay ������
Commeneing at a post narked ' �� -
weet corner,* and north of A H- L���$J\
rhaaei'Mm. on Han i Oreeg; ^"Han
ohaloti theuce east ?> thslat;to***'SB
chains; tlience 90 chain' Weal   I" P01"}],
meneement, containing^ acres, wottm-
December 20,1900. |[j;s_v )|in))||
IC. K, Mi*n'Aits'ii.��^
"lutTdir^iTftor date I inteud to ����gl
Chief Commlsslonei ol Unds ami ��orsi
chase fit" acres of land,  looated Hi"���'r
Lake. West Kootenay:  Oomw*aytt��A
Plained   at   ti N.VV.  corner' *t*l*\
In.tl.ni Keserve"; theiuesoull. MOM"�����
west H.I chums: llicu.v m-rth ��> chalu-��
easl HO chains to place of beginning-
LogfttM 2b th dHy o( Deoember,1"*^
VI iniend lo applr ^
mol UndaanrfWorMffl
OOdan after dav
Chief Commlaaioner oi '���*��,>""'",;,'" Y-_il.fi!
chase m acres Ol and located Uj ���UJH
lnK part of fteotlooifl and 10 JJJgWa
described as follows:   I omnn ��' ����. , _,t
marked V  W. J. H. P. corner and P<**n,����
northwest corner of Win. WbiiHi'    t (i0
tbenoe watt 40 chain*! thenca no"',-hligi
thence e��(t 40 chains;  thciue snutna
place ol bcitlnnliiK.
November23rd 1*306. - V,J__M\
J. E. ASSAiii-K-A-*"1^
h ID riii111!
-    ' chief CTtft*H5
Notice Is hereby ,,,,,���*
.sll.ssii.ls .ss.i \\ssrk- (sir P��f?> ��� !    ioo����
ciij.tri.-t:  Cammanaintait i"'"',.,���,vl���eii^%
A Wll.s.s,-. furrier p,.��l, I'laiil-J ��'   ���|���, t_\
iwnw ol Hi-otl.ii li, Tsssssii.il.* 1, '"<" y_T
s-ls.l,,,, Hi-m-i. nil ��)i*lj�� ��",;,'*;�������K
D.lc.l Nov. ��, wm.
Slxtv .l.v. attuialMl !���>}<��'%'$%,��
Hon. Dlsl.l l-���,j���,sl��.lo..or ol U       J,,.,,, ll
���onth, l,, the polntof eomniens-euiL-nl, eontalli-
ss^ *>.ersM ol lars I. m  re or lessss.
I^terf IJtb Wov,-ml*r, liw,.
to pn reliant'1*7
Locate'] by Jamkr J. |>ijCk
per loan K. Tivtott, AKenl.
poll niarke.l 11. B's- S. *_<*��_%,_',_��imOM
tl,e N. ��* .*���,,ser ol >',. �� *,w"*". " r mllnifl
we��l ��,.|,'nl Arrssss Ink.'. "'*" " ,,," ,1,W|M*3|
Burton eity, tis.-n.-e mnl 10 i-m  '��� '���'������ ��_\
UM ob.lni, Ihenee e.'t �� *���>'", ""*,, ii.niM-*
MM eb��ln�� tn plaee o/ be|{lnli!l,tl, l"��
aerei. hist- or Int. ��y,0li W**
Dated !Wth day ol *f^$_atf��, ��<"��� The DdyCanaOin
Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P, Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
lee i* herehy Kiven lhat Wl dayN aller date 1
! tn iMipl***.   lo  the   Hon   llie Chief UotUttll
��� Landa and Worki.  ��ictoria, for per*
oa to cut ami carry a   uv  timber fr,.in  thu
,:ru deaerlbod landi in wut aaitemtfi
omtnenelng at a i>"M plauied alxi'iieiKht)'
( weat of the mouth ol aureka creek, where
*������  into Barn-* ���  creek,  ami  un the north
f Korean creek, anl inarkiM B. A.LaurltVs
eait comer |��ut, theuce woat eifth y chain*,
.- north eighty  chalna, thenc*! eatt eighty
��� thenc- mmib ��� iclilv chalm lu point ul
ed Jan Uth. 1907    0 A. Laurie, locator.
ommenclng at a post planieil eait uf and
[iinij <��� A. Laurie'* loeatlun |n)it Nu. 1, and
ed 0, A- Laurie'i smith weit t-iiruer [kjhi ol
location, tbenee caul eighty chaiua, thenc*
i Ightv chain-, theuce went eighty cbalim,
, south eighty chalna to point ot coinmeii
ed Jan  2Mb, 1907.   G. A. Laubib, Locator.
i'n in mencing at a po��t planted about eight y
��� south ot aureka creek where it tlnwa into
�� creek, and marked tl. A. Laurie'* south-
rorner punt, on location Ko. tf. Ihence eaat
ji imiiin. thenco north eiKhlrchalUH, thence
tight) chain-, ihetue iouth eighty chalnn
ml ol ���oiiiineiiceuieiit.
il Jan. ...th. 1*1107    U. A. Lat'Eia. Locator.
i ommeneing at n post planted aouth of
|; h .   ilnlDg 0   A   1 .a1111���>��� *, location No. B, and
rkeil <i   A. > aurluV northwest co-tier poit.
ee eait 90 chains, thenee aouth   8u i imm-,
nee we��l wi chatm, ihence north Hn chalnn
mint ni commenoenent.
|��Hte*'. Jan. 25th, IWI,   U, A. Lai'HIE. LOOMOT.
[imiaendnjl at a poit planted eighty
��� i-aMatid lorty chaini aouth ol location
i ��� l. and marked W 11. I'age'n noil th weit
In, r poil ol Im'alion No b, theuee eait eighty
L " < :i'*e north eighty chnin-. thence weit
���lit���; chain*. Dieuce aouth eighty chains to
iui (-11 oitiinencemeut
-iJaii i��th. 1'JUT.    ft ll. 1'aqe, Locator
ii'liiK at a pott planted   iouth   ol
t. .   ing locailou ho. ... and marked .V. II.
.weil corner poiiof location No 6,
'<>'   elghtv chalnn. thence wnitb eighty
��� nee went eighty cbalni, ihence uurtli
nj i is ni in t.> point of commencement.
nd Jan. ath, 1807.      W. H. PAOB, Ux-ator.
1 ummenolni al a pont i-Uutcd ��Ighty
li*eait and twenty chalnn nouth ol loi atlou
No      -i :��� '.  i., ���: li. A. Laurio'n noulhweit
er po.t of loeatiou No.1, thence eanlelKhty
ti* thenoe nortii eighty chalna, Lbenoi went
ty cliaim,   thenee   aotith  eiguty   chalnn to
- "iinnencctnent.
l'l Jan. ath. 1-UU7.   0   A. Unas. bOMtor,
I ommenetni   at   a   poll    iilantetl   eighty
!i- uMi ��� 'i i eighty ciiAitii nouth ot location
No. 7, and marked ti. A Uurle'i southwest
'-'   poat  ot   location    No. H, Ihence   eait
��� ��� !..nu-. thc-iee north eighty chaini, thence
Ightj chaini, thence nouth eighty chaini
tint i'l commencement.
l Jan ath,iw7.   u. A. Laurie , locator,
'ommenclnit at a pnit planted eighty
ni aut ami eighty chalnn aoulh of location
\ Hinl marked ti A. Laurie'i nouthweit
bi oj location No. 'J, thenco eait IWchalim,*
<" north in chalnn, thencu weit 160 chaini,
< if oiith4uehaniitupolnto|coinmeuccnieni
La I Jau   aih, 1907.   tl. A. Lavrie, UMMOTi
Oomntnetng n�� i-""1 rlanted ah-mii ilx
��� down baruen creek from the muulh ol
km reek where It llown into Karnei creek
toutbeutarlj direction, and markeii 0. A.
ie's souUtwMt corner pont of location No
lenee wast eigbly chains, theuce north einhty
m>, tbeuce well eighty chain*, thence iouth
pigmy chains to polntof commencement.
Dated Jan. 28th, 191)7.    >>  A. Laurie, Locator.
11. Commencing  at  a   wml   planted   eighty
iHlnieanlot location No 10, and marketl It.A.
mirlc'i south went comer poil-mf location No 11,
lln nee cant eighty chain*, tlience north eighty
rhaini, ihence weil eighty chsini, thence south
giinluy chalnn to point of comme-i-cenieni.
tied Jau.Mth, 1907.   U. A, LAi'Hia, Locator.
I oinmcnclngala poit planted iouth of and
.'inlng looatlon   No   11, and marked W.  11.
fage's northwest corner pott ��(location No. li,
uee eaat eighty analog, theuce south eighty
in*, tbenoa west eighty chaius. ihenco norlh
ity chain- to point ot commencement,
bated Jau. Mth, 1907.      Vi. ll. 1'agi, Locator.
ia -Commeneing at a post  planted  eighty
hiilus east and elghv chains south ot location
"' li ami marked Q. A. Laurie'i northwest
orner post o( location Ko, 18, theuce east eighty
���halni, thenco aoulh clehiy chaltis, tlnnco wuit
Igbti chains, theuce north eighty chatna to
'���'int of I'ouiniencemcnt
bated Jan ajtli.iixi.,   ti. A.Laurie, Locator.
it   Oommenelng al �� post planted north ot
���nd adjoining iocaliou No. IH, and being nmrked
��� A. Laiirln'n southwest corner post 01 location
-'��� It, tbenoa eait eighty chalnn, thence north
'iKhly chalm, lhetice weat eighty chalui, thence
"iith elglity cliaina to point ol eommeucement.
bated Jan. Mill, 1907.   O. A. Laurie, Locator.
1     1'    Commenolng  at  a  pint   planted eighty
I chaiua nortb of location No. u and marten W.
li  Haoa'a aottthweal corner pi it ot looatlon No
lo,  ihenc  , au c|fchiy  cim ui,  thence  north
eighty chains, ihence welt eUhty   halui, theuco
���"���nth eighty chains to point of commtneement.
baled Jan. will, 1��)7.     W. II, 1'aue, Locator.
hi-Commencing at n poit planted eighty
' li ��� 1 meant of location No   15, and markid 0. A.
Uurle'i soiiihwc-i corner p-stof location No.
lo, theuce eait elghly chains, t' ciice north
* Ighty chalim, Uieinc weatckht? dial"*, tlience
���"with eighty ehuitiH tu point uf commencemenl.
Looated Jan. 29,1907.    0, A. Lavrib, Ixtuator.
17.���('ommenclng a' a posl planted nouth of
and adjoining location No. K>, and marked O. A.
l-anriu i northwest corner post of location f o.
17, thenoe am! eighty ehHlns, theuce aoutb
��� *i>iJH.v chalna, thence WOlt eighty chatm, thence
north eighty chnlna to point of commencement.
Datod Jan. 2ttih, 1W7.   (J. A. Lauhii, Looator.
is.-Commencing  Rl * P,,Bt planted eighty
''hhlmsniilhof looatlon  No 17, and murked v\ .
' Page'l northwcit corner post of location No.
ii. theno* eait eighty chains, h ncesouth eighty
ihai..!, ihence west eighty chalnn, thenee north
I'ijihiy ohalni to p dm oi commences en I.
Located J��u. n, ioo7. W 11. 1'aoi, Locator,
19 ��� OonUaenOlng at a fwit planted 0 ghtv
Cbaina south ol location No.18, am marked O,
�������� Laurie'i norths eni corner post of location No.
1 .   thence   east   cluhtv   ehalna    Ihence   south
eighty chalna. tbeuce wen eighty clnlni, ihenc-
nnrlh o ghty elmln. to miint of coiiimcnceui* tit.
"atuilJaii aith, 1907. U, A LAtnilB, Iaicnor
-I' ^omnu'iicing at n UQIt planted about
eig'ityclin na can of ihu moutii of Kighl Mile
i��*k where it umptlea Inlo luonoakln creek,
m 1*,",""*"l,uth bank cf inonoikln creek, and
'"���triied i,. a Laurie's northensi comer poat of
*"'��Uou a\o. 2o, ihenco ioulb UO chaiua, theme
weit to chalm, lbence north 160 chains, tbonce
can u ehains u> point ot oommenoement
Haled Feb 2m], 19u7.    (J. A. LaUrib, Locator.
21.-Commencing at a pnst planted forty
chalna west and eight} chaiua lootn of locution
No in, ,iid marked W. if. I'age'a nor hCMt corner post of location No. 21. thence wesl eighty
chalitn. ihence south eighty chains, tbence eaat
eighty cha,nn, theme north eighty chalnn to
polntof commencement.
bated Keb. 2nd, 1907.      W. H. I'aok, Locator.
22.���Commencing at a post planted eait of and
adjoining location No.'ill, aud marked (i. A,
Laurie's northwest eorner poit of location No
2*.' thence souih 1GU ehaim, thence ea t-Ui ehaim,
theuu.' north I*i cbalm. ihence west tt chatna to
point ot commeuceuient.
batud Keb. 2nd, 1907.    0, A. I Ann:., Locator.
SB.���Commencing at a poit planted forty chalnn
east o' location Nu. 22 aud marked W. H. Kage*!
northwest corner noil of location No. 23, thence
aouth Itiuchainn, thenco east (orly eliains, tlience
north UM) chalna, thence weit forty chains to
polntof commencement.
Dated Feb. ind, IVk.7.      W K. Pace, l>ocator.
21 -('ommeneing at a poit planted lorty chalnn
cant and eighly chains south of location No. 23,
aud marked U, A, Laurie'i northwest cornsr
|M��t of location No 21, thence Routb elgi.tr
chalnn ihence eaat eighty chalm, theuce north
eighty chatm, them* weal eighty chains to point
of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4lh 1007.    Q.A. Laukii, Locator.
'A.��� Commencing at a post planted eighty
chains eait ot loeatlun No. 24, aud marked 0 A,
laaurle's northweit eurner poit ot loeatiou No.
2 , thence south eighty chalm, thence eail
eighty, thonce north eigh'y chalm, thenco went
elghly chaius to point ol commencement.
Dfttid Feb, 4th, 190..    O. A. LiVBM, Locator.
a.-Commencing at a pont planted about four
and one-half mllen unwn Inuuoiklu creek, from
the mouth ot Klght Mile creek where tt flows tutu luonoakln creek, and on the east bank ot
luonoakln creek, and marked Q A. Laurie'i
northwcit corner poet, thence iouth eighty
chalnn, thence eail eighty chalm. thence north
eighty chains theuce went eighty ehaim to pulut
of commencement.
bated Feb -ith. 1W7.     0. A. Laukir, Ixwator
Take notice thatl Intend, thlry days after
date to apply to the Honorable Ihe Chief Commluloner of Lain- ami Works fur a apeclal
licence toeut and carry away timber from the
following descrlta'd   lands, situated ou Sandy
Creek, In Weit Koolenay district: Commencing
at a poet planted ou the weit aide, of said creek,
and marke l "J 1', H'n" northweit corner; thence
running south elghly chains; tnence east eighty
rhalni, thence north eighty chalm; thenee weil
eighly chains to place ul cummeneement
I, I'. rwenHRHo,
bated ilil- mh day of February, 1W7.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 daya after date
I intend to anply to the llonorablo the Chief
Commisaloner of Landl and Works, Victo'la.for
a ipeclal licence to cut and carry away timber
irom the tollnwlnc described pfoon of land ln
West Kootenay dlitrlet; Commencing at a ton
planted 20 chains Irom lhe east sho o of Upper
Arrow lake aud adjoining block 3Vn on (he south
and marked "Chas. Mil's" northwest comer,
thencu south 90 chalm. then-e eait tt chains,
thence north 80 cbalm, thonce west 80 ehains to
point ot commtncemcnt-
bated the Ith day of March, 1907.
in An   Kin,
Take notice that thlrtydayiafler date I Intend
to apply lo the Hon-the Chlel Commluloner ol
Land-, and Works at Victoria. M. t\, for a ipeclal
liceme to cut anil carry away timber from the
(ollowlng described lands in We-t Kuotenay:
Commencing ai a poit planted 20 chalna weit
of tbe northeaat corner uf Lit 812, and at the
aouiheait euruer of lot 7786, thenoe eait 20
cbalni, tbence aouth 40 chalui, thenee eait 40
chains, thence north 40 chalm, thence ea't m
chains, thence north 40 chalm, thence weat 120
chain*-, theuce south 10 chalm to place ot commencement, containing &40 acrei more or leaa.
bated March 9th, 1907. Pirin Luwd,
Notice is hereby given tbat thirty days alter
dale 1 Intend to apply to lhe Honorable the Chief
Commissionerof Landiand Works. Victoria, for
permlaalon to cut and carry away timber from
the following described lauds In Weal Kootenav
Limit No 1.���Commencing at a poit thre*-
euartersof a mile up Nine Mile creea, on Kooteuay river, aud marked William Walmaley'a 8 K.
coiner post, tbence 160 chains wit, thence tt,
chalna north, tbence 160 chains east, theuce 40
chains to the point or beginning.
laical*! March 8th, 1W7.
William Wai.mii.it. Locator.
F. siiisuK. Again.
Limit No. 1���Commencing at a poat about
Ihrae-nuartars if u mile up Mite Mile creek, on
the Weit Arm uf Kooteuay river, and marked
William Walmiley'B N F. corner post ihence 160
chains weal, Ihence 40 chalm aoutb, ihencei 160
chrtii.ii ea.i, and 40chains north to polntof beginning.
Located March 8th, 1W7
William Wai.msi.iv, Locator.
P.auiRAM. Agent.
Take notice that I intend, thirl days after
date to applv to the Hon thu Chief Commissionerof Landsand Worki fjr a special licenae locm
am' cany away limber Loin lhe following described lands, altnatod on Handy creek, in Weit
Kootenav district: Commencing at R poll planted onth* weal aide of Bandy creek and callod
J. P. H's southwest corner post, thence running
easl BQ chains, thonce north 40 chains, theuce
weat tt chalna, thence north W chains, thence
weal 40 chaini, thence south bid chalna to place
of commencement,    ...    , ���
bated this Uth day cf March, 1007
J.FiSWIiOUIOi I-neator.
, ake notice lhat I intend thirty days after dab-
to imply 11 the lion, the Chief Commiasioner of
Undsand Wo-ks fnr a spoils', license to cut and
(am awnv timber irom the lollowlng dear. Ued
landi. altuated eul ��f Dog week, ln the -dlitrlet
of Weat Kootenay: Commencing ata pn��t parked ��� The Houiubirv I umlierCompauy'i northwest
corner posl " planted nbout a mile east of thc
Co umbta mid Wet.'- n r-llroed.and nbout three
inlieaaoitih  rthetiig runnel, thenoe���� ehalni
south, ihence 60 chalnn east, lbence 4i> chaini
aouth lhel.ee 1W�� chalnt call, thence 40 chains
north, thencu 80 chalnn west, thenco 40 chains
norlh, thenoo 80 ehulns  west to polntof com-
fcltedlth March, WW. J Gbnklli,
Agent for The boundary Lumber Co.
The Greenwood Times hus Installed
u new cylinder press and also manifests
other signs of prosperity.
J. H. Howes, for many years a practising barrister in Nelson, has taken
obarge of the law practice of J. I'elly,
ut Chilliwack.
The directors of the Kootenny Fruit
Growers' Association will meet in the
offloe of ttie secretary, D. C. McMorris,
Thursday afternoon at 2:30.
It was not W. W. Bradley's dog that
was discovered Sunday, but a canine
that bore a strong resemblance to that
animal. Last night Mr. Bradley's dog
turned up ail right, and the owner is
therefore happy once more.
Payment of the last $3,000 on the
$30,000 bond on the Skylark by the
Skylark Development Co., which was
not due till April 1st, has already been
made to Ihe Butte owner, from the proceeds of ore mined and shipped.
Patrick Burns, or Messrs. P. Burns
& Co., the well-known cattlemen and
butchers, has donated $1,000 to the fund
being collected for the erection and
equipment of a sanitarium at Kamloops
lake for the treatment of consumptives.
There is a young man in Nelson who
may get himself into serious trouble if
he does not mend his ways. This fellow has been following young women
and causing them much annoyance by
his conduct. The other evening a young
iady living In the outskirts of the city
wag followed by the offender and waa
badly frightened by his unsolicited attentions. She reached home In a fainting condition, and caused much alarm
to her parents.
Old Ci't  osity Shop
If you wanl In buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bos
Baker St., NEL80N. B. C.
Taku notice that I Intend Ihirtj days aftor dale
n anply to tho Hon tho Chief Commissioner of
Landl aud Works for ainoeUl license to cut and
earrv awav limber from the followiiiK described
lauds, situated on Hob OTeel, In Weal Kooteuny
district: i ommeucliiK at �� poal planted nn the
eaetalienf ihfrol.HiHiiand ���Aoitem J^lMftd;
on or ahoul len chains ensl. and marked * lho
[Vmiidnrv  Lumbar i-mtipany's post,   an.l about
a mllo and a hah with ol the Big Tunnel, the
northweal oorner. ihontw 'Uniting smiih i��o
ehalni, ihenc- eaiUUi hnlns, thonce north IM
chnins, -hanee west 4d chains to place ot commencement. . -_..,.,
Ugtou .��.arch ttn, 1W7.              J Qshslis,
Take notiee that thirty days aftar data I intend to apply to the Chief Commlaaioner ol
Landsand Wor*>s at Victoria  for permission to
out and earrr away umber from the following
deeortbed lands In Wert Kootanay:���
Nn l.-t.'omiutniltiK at a post plnnted at thc
snutliwcut corner of timber licence No. 7821;
th"ncc eaat torty chains; thence north einhty
cbains; thenoe eait bjO chains, thence aouth to
not them boundary ol timber license IHStthanoe
west aloug said northern boundary to
lhe north-west corner of said Itceuse:
then aouth to the northern boundary
of timber license 1U18; thence woat to
a jwitnt due south ofthe polnl of comment-men t;
lbence north to tbc polnl ot commencement.
January 15th, 1007
No- 2 ���('ommenclng at the northwest corner
of timber liceuie 7121; thence aoutb to the northern boundary of timber Uremic 7018; thence wru
to the north-west corner ot aald timber lloenae
thenco i>oii>h io the northern boundary cf boi
612; thence following said boundarv of aald
lot west to the right ot way of thc H. C Houthern Hallway; ihence following said right of way
in a north eaaterly direction to thc place of commencement.
January 1Mb, IWI.
No. 8 ���Commencing at a aoutheast corner of
timber license No. 7821,aboul fifty chains souih
of the righl ot way of the B C. Southern Kail-
way itbeueu east 100 chalna; thence north forty
chains; thence weat lfio chains; thenco south
forty cbaina to place of commencement.
Jauuary 1Mb, 1007.
*'o. 4��� Commenclngat a poat planted at the
intersection of the aouthern boundary ofthe
right of way of the 0. C. Southern Hallway, and
the eastern boundary of Lot 5187; thence nouth
to the northern boundary of license application
No 3; tbence test 1-30 chatna; thence ncrlh to the
southern boundary of timber license No. 71W;
thence foUowlng the aouthern boundary of aald
iteenae westerly about sixty chains, more or les*
to an eastern boundary of aald liceme; thence
south fortv chains; thence weat eighty chains;
then north to the riuht of way of the B tl
Southern Hallway, thence following nald right
of way tn a south-weaterly direction to tbe place
ot beginning.
January 15th, 1907-
No 6.���' ommenclng at t poat plauteil at thc
no ut Invest coruerof timber licenae ttMKS: theuce
west alxty chains more or lesa to a point due
aoutb of the southeast norntf of llceuae application No. I; theuco north sUtr chaiua more or
lean to the aoutb boundary of license application
No 4; tbence east to the southeast corner
of aald license application of Nu. 4; thence
north to the northeaat corner of said licenae
application No 4; thence east to the aouiheait corner of timber licenae 719&; tbence
north forty chains more or leaa to a point due
wertof the uorth-weat corner of timber license
06-3-.*; thenco eait to tho northweit corner of aald
timber license No. 6686; tbence aonth 100 cbalni*
to the point of commoncemont.
January 16th, 1907.
No.fi��� Commencing at a post planted at the
soulheait corner of timber liceuie 0685; theuce
west to tbo southwest corner ot llceuae application No 6; thenco north lo aouthern boundary
ot license application No. 3; theuce weat to the
northeast corner ot license application No. 1;
thence aoulh to tbo northern boundary of
tlmher Hconio 8548; thenco east to tho northeast
corner of timber liceuie SMS; thonce south
thirty chains; thenco east to the west bouudary
ol timber Uccnsu 11612; thenoo uorth to tho place
of beginning.
January 15th, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted at thc
northeast eoruer of timber license 854i; theuce
soutli forty chains more or loss to the north
boundary ot timber license 8.>M1; thenco east lfio
chains; lbence north forty chains moreor leaa to
a point duo east of Iho southeast corner of tlm
ber license 8.M8; thonce wost lfio ebalna to lln*
place ot beginning.
r January 16th, 1907
No.8.��� Commenclngat a post planted at lho
northcasl cornor nt tlmher license No. 8640;
thence south eighty chains; tlienco easteighty
chains; thence liorlh eighty chnlni,; theuco west
einhty chalnn to place uf commencement.
January lftth. 1907.
No 9,���Commencing at a post planted et lho
southeast corner nf timber licence 8647; thenco
norlh eighty chalna; thenco cant elghtychalns;
thonco north 120 chains more or lei-s to the north
enst i orner of license application No. 7; thenco
west to southeast corner ot timber license No.
8648; thenco north to the southern boundary of
llceuae application No. fi; thence eaat tn
tho woat boundnry of timber licenae No.
S..42; thenre south to tho southwest corner ot timber lleenie wNj tbence west
to th northwest corner of limber license No.
hmi: tbeuce south to Iho northeast cornor of
timber license No IWI Ihcnce weat eighty
ohalna; tlience south to a poiut duo eaat of the
snuthoa*n corner ot Umber Ibenae 8647; thonco
woat to place <��: commencement.
January 16th, 1907
I'. U nd, Looator,
Dak McDouuiix, Agent
(Continued from Page Two.)
sympathize with thla feature of your
proposal. The member of one party can
satisfy any such test as easily as tlie
member of another, and there can Ins
no suspicion of party manipulation.
Whether the further reduction of the
<-xisllng numbers should be brought
about hy the election of a certain number of peers by their own order Is, per-
hapB, more open to argument, since
here, even with minority representation, the criticism that one party would
continue to be unduly ' represented
might be held to apply.
Whatever may be settled about this,
I should hope, ln any reform, to see
the principle of life peerages admitted
ou a large scale, partly as a counterpoise to the hereditary element, partly
with a view to representing classes of
the community or of the public service,
such as the different religious denominations, other than the Church of England, the Labor organizations, the Indian Civil Service, the Colonies, and other
important interests at the present unrepresented or Inadequately represented in the House of Lords.
Might not the power also be given
to a prime minister to recommend the
appointment of a considerable (though
not unlimited) number of peers In the
first session of a new Parliament, so as
to produce a closer corteapondence, if
desired between the strength of parties
in the two Houses?
1 hold most strongly that the hereditary peer who is debarred from the
House of Lords Bhould be at liberty
to enter the House of Commons, but 1
agree with you that his choice, lf so
made, should be final. Personally I
should like to see the ministers of the
crown permitted to speak ln both
Houses, aB Is done In many foreign
These, however, are details or accessories of any scheme of reform, and
much discussion will doubtless be required before a measure can be devised
which will reconcile the aspirations of
all the reformers of different schools
The important thing is the adoption
of reform as a principle by the party
by whom alone, so far as can be seen,
it is at all likely to be successfully carried Into effect. There are, I am convinced, hundreds of thousands of voters���and I believe that one day we shall
find them to be a majority���who have
not sufficient confidence In the Houss:
of Commons to wish Its measures to be
free from all revision or control, and
who, therefore, regard a second chamber as Indispensable, but whose respect
for our existing Upper House, so far
from being shaken, will be greatly enhanced If its supports come forward
with a plan of reform which, while voluntarily surrendering many of the privileges now enjoyed by the Peers, will
obtain by this sacrifice a second chamber entitled to the trust of reasonable
men of all parties. If the Peers themselves were to take the Initiative In
such a proposal, as they have already
twice done, with the surrender first,
of the privilege of voting by proxy,
and , secondly, of the right ot voting
on legal appeals, they would be playing a similar party to that enacted by
many of the great hereditary nobles of
Japan at the time of the Japanese Revolution, when by voluntarily divesting
thmeselves of much of the prerogative
they built up the fabric of the reformed
Constitution and started their country
upon the advance which has had such
astonishing results. I sincerely hope
that your bill may receive the favorable consideration of the House of
Lords, and that the Unionist party will
accept the principle of reform as a feature in thetr policy and push it to a
practical Issue as soon as they may
possess the power. I am yours sincerely, CURZON.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Pratt,
Feel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E.cor.Biktr  and  Ward  Sta.
Ca��rtlfluMt��   of Improvemente
llio Tentc, Orinoco, Queeu Victoria motional
aud Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claim?, niton tf
In thr*. t>elaon Minlnn Dlr-Jllon of Weet Koolenay
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beatlty Siding.
Take Notloe tbat 1, Frank C Oreen, acting a��
Arent for Michael Kgan, Free Mluer'a ('ertiflcate
No. BM6,futf>nd, alxty daya from the date hercut,
toapply to the Mining Recorder lor Certificate*
of Improvement, far thu purpoae of obtaining
Crown Uranta of the above elalma.
And further take notice that action, undet
Hec*ton  37,   rauat   be  commenced    before    Ihe
Issuance ot such Certlflrates of Improvement*.
'January, MOT.
. ORiaN, Hiijios. It   C
Certificate of Improvements
"Portia," "Amos," "Beat Bide No. I" and "Bet-
Una Fractional" mineral c alms, altuated in
tlm fllncan City Mining Division of Weat Koot
enay Dlatrlct
Where looated: At head ef Springer Creek, near
the Arlington mine.
Take Notice tbat', Frank C. Green, acting as
agent tor th" Arlington mlnea, Limited, free
Mluer'a Certificate No. H����, Intend, alxty dava
from the date hereof, toapD y to the Mining Be
corder (ora Certificate of Improvemente.(orthe
purpoae of obtaining a Crown Grant o( tho above
And,' nrther lake  uotlne that action. uu<<er
Mellon t/, muat be commenced before the lean
anne of <uch Certincatc of Improvemente.
Datod  Mr mh day'December, MOV.
K.c.uaaiH, Neleon, B. a
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Totnkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooms,
Queen's Hotel
Bsker StiMt, Kelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity nnd
Heated by Hot Air
Large auA Uomlortoble Bodroomi (fend Pint-
cs�����m inisstug Uouia.   -sample- fcoom. lor Cubuisvi *
eUl  U.tt
MRS. I. c.CI ARKK. ProprletreM
Grand Central Hotel
Tnia hotel hu been completely renovated and
newly (urnlahed with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
KATES : Rooma,  fiOc.  upwards ; meals   25c. ;
apeclal ratea by the week.
J. A. BBIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Poatofflce. Nelson. II. C.
Tremont Hotise
European and American Flan
Meala K cu.   Roomi Irani H eta. to II
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt., Neleon Froprlaton
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la tho Pineal.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeepblno Bt
Royal Hotel
Ratea tl and $1.1% a Day.
Special Ratee to Regular Rrarders
Host comfortable quarters* in Neliou
Ouly Ue best ot Liquors asi'l cigars.
Colonist Rates
Kootenay and
Nortii Pacific Coast
Ontario, Quebec,
Marttiae Provinces,
St. Paul, Chicago,
aad United States,
On Sale Daily Till 30th April.
While the rates are low. Full partii-
ularft on application to local agents
or write.
A.n.P.A.. Vancouver. D.P.A., Nelson
Wbolwle and Ketall Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
I hp,ve for sale Good Fruit Land
in every part of this district
Certificates as to quality of Soil and my
Personal Standing furnished by
Responsible   and  Reliable  Parties.
S. M. BRYDGES, Imperial Bank Block
Gamps supplied on shortcut notloe and
lowest price. Nothing bot fresh nnd
wholesome meats and supples kept in stook
Mail orders receive carefal attention.
Fine Building Site
Chaapent Buy
....In  Town
120 Feet x J20 Feet
One-half block south from Baker St.
Only $4,000, on termi.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acta
m~\\���**^m^^M\   V*���*���m\�� T  ������ ��� -*���   ���* ���
\m**\mtjK*stm rron i wiwi to
BrtttBO *wOs0fllvaUk��
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
For Sale at $40 per Acre, on Tctmg
160 Acrei on
Kootenay Rive, and
49 Creek.
8 milt* from Nalaon. Gaad wagon
rasd running through tha pro-party.
M acrea olaarad and. in. maadow;. fp
aerea partially cleared. SO fruit trees,
out 2 years. Oood house, fwobarneand
chicken houae. Air Ideal fruit ranch.
Apply to
In the m^Uer of an application for thc iMua of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
nmlividoil 1-8 ol Lota 2, and 3, Block 12, Town of
Notice is hereby given th i ilt U eej Intention
to tulle at tbe expiration of ontt month from
tli�� flrsl publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above lands in the
name of Florence M. Hodglni which ( frtlflcats
is dated tiio 38th day of December, WW, and
numbered 2G6IK.
DUtrlct Keflitrar.
i*nd Registry Office, Nelton, B C
January THth, 1907,
Certificate of ImpgQTf nwtiffis
"May," 'B.C.," "Btrathroy/' "Joy,** "JeyFrec
tional," and "Johu D.Mab'oy" Mineral Claims
situated in the Slocan Citv Mining DlvUlon ot
the Weit Kootenay DUtrlct.
Where located -.-North of Twelve MUe Creek
about one and a half miles np.
Take notlo that 1, II. B. Jorand of Slocan miu
Free Miner's oertlneate No. B7S900, as aa?nt loi
Horace (1. Van Tuyl, Free Miner i oertlflcate No
B4fr.il, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvemenu. Ior ttie pnrnoM of ontaining t
Crown Qrant of the aald mineral claims.
And further take notice that action under
Bectlon 87, must be commenced before the Ian
ance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd Day of January, U07.
Certificate of Impiofytn-yiiti
"Empreas," "Climax," "Horseshoe," "Queen,'
"Union Jack," situated in Nelion Mlnlu,
Located ou Porcupine creek.
Tako Notice that I, Frank Fletcher, agent lithe Active Hold Mlntng Company, Free Mlner'a
Datod Nelsou, IStb Dec., Ut
Certificate No HfQun intend, �� days trom date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Reoorder for a
Cert iu ca to of improvemenu tor the pnrpoee ef
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, undet
Bfjctlou 87, muat be < ommenoed before the Imn
ance of such Certificate of improvemenu.
riumt KL-rrcHiit.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Certificate of Improvements
"Arsto" tofnorsl claim, sltusts-, IB thc Slu-nan
City   Mining   Division   ol   Wesl   fcoolsasr
Wlicro Iss Rt,-,ls Ou BpsslQfcor Crack nesr the
Arlington sewssstll
Take Notice thai I, Frank Ol Qreen, aetlu as
agent lot the Arlington Mines-, limited' Free
Miner's I'erllrloate No. BMW, Intend, cut, data
f nssss date Iscrrof, to apply to t*-e Minlns Recorder
fur a Certificate of Improvements, lor tha por-
sss.Nsss.f obtaining a Gnwn Grant ol the above
And further take notice that -action, nnder
section HI. must be common ed before tho
tssssiftusse of ssu-h Certificate of Improvemenu.
Dated this Uth nay ol Deoember, IMS.
F. C. Oaaaa, Kelson, ��. C.
"Companies Act,  1SS7."
Pbotihob or British Oolukeia. j
Mo. ns.
THIB IB TO CERTIFY that the "Coloabla
Valley Land Company," laanthortaert and Ueeo.
���ed to carry on bnalnaaa within the province el
Ornish uAamMa, and lo carry oet or efect all
oranyol Ue objeete ol the CaatMOr to which
the ltilalatlve authority ol tha UriMamn ol
British Columbia extends.
The head omee al the Company la situate at
ie city ot Winnipeg, province of ttaaf '
Tke -annul of tae caplt.lot the iald
la one hundred tkoaaud dollaia. div
the city of winuipeg, province of Manitoba.
.__ id tkonaand dollaia, i    ���
one thousandahares oi one hundred dollara each
ilvldad into
The head ofllee of the company In thla prov-
Inoe ta altuate at the Clt;
Wet-more Hannington,
la Nelaon. B. C, Is the attorney lor the ceataany.
Given under my hand aad teat of enseal
Victoria. Province ol British Columbia, thla Ith
day ol February, one tbouoand nlno hundred
and seven.
(La.) 8.Y. WOOTTON.
Reglatrar of Joint Stock loin pan less.
The objects for which this company hu born
(a) Buying, aelltng, lieelag or dispoatne of
eoal mlnea, ooal sand wood laiufa, farming, gracing aad iruit lauds tan tUiibcr limits, ud ta
work aad develop the aame:
(b.) To oarry on tha business ol emigration
and eolontaalion agenla, make advaaeea to assist
r ttiera on landa pureh-sMed from lhe company,
and aeon-re repayment of such advanoaa. with
tnteret, on auoh tsrm, and In anch manner by
way of mortgage or agr. ement aa may be mutu>
ally agreed upon.
(o.) To oarry on the btulneaa of tucking,
breeding and selling and dealing In cattle,
hoteea, siheev ud olher live stock;
(d.) To purohaae, evil ud deal in hunker,
wood, eoal, mineral, train, provialom, clothing
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry on the trade aa general maveh-
anu aad forwarder,:
(i) To lasue In payment of uy property-acquired by the oompany shares ol tho capital
atoek of tke ooninaay as fully paid npaad aaa
asseaaable or otharwue:
a.) To carry on tho bnalnaaa ol sauuteetnrers
dealera In power geueralora aad mot-ate ol
every de.crlntlon, lo construct aad operate all
olaaaca ol vehlclea, agricultural Implements, ma
chinery, boats, ataamera, barges i
which the said motors are uaod; to woatruot and
operate boot lines, aad to carry on tho bntinees
ol carriers, cartage aad pareel delivery; to own
. trtege aad panel delivery; to own
aad operate omnibus lines aad veklalea ud
boeu for hire; to sell, leaae aad (apply power,
and to generau and sell, 1-Mse, and supyiy electri
city; to own and operate eleoirlc ptaaUsaadgu-
orally to carry oa uy haalnate laeidaalal to Ihe
aforeeald purposes aad objeete ol tke oompany:
fh.) Topurchaaa, take or leaat, uehaagec
therwlae acquire aad dupeee of aay real o
F.C.CREBI      F. MURDER      A.B.6UDI
Qril Engineers, Dominion aad British
Colombia Land Sorterors
coR.vinoRiA a mot nut sis., mi sm, a. c
r. 0.1-MU5   fksatMl t_	
PRUNlNs AND OUAFT1KG carefully alluded lo. Apply
���Ivor Stag HoM.
peraonal property ud auy rlgkUand prlvltagea
which the oompany may consider nseocaaary lor
the purpotes ol their operations, and to sell ud
dispose ol uy luda or other real estate aad personal property at uy time owned or controlled
ky tho oompany, or uy part thereof, or any oSa-
trol therein or claims thereon, aad gone-sally lo ,
do all such things as aro Inoidulal or ooadaclvo
to the carrying onto! theobleelaaf theeo-apany:
(I.)  To become aharehoiderTtn any evIT*
or proposed oompany and to promote ud a	
In promoting uy company carrying oa a h-anl.
nees pertaining to Ue objects lor which "*
oompany la Incorporated ud which may P
aaelul to this oompany, and to -acquire, lake	
and operate tke boslaeva ol uy rath oompany
or companies, ud to eour Into engagomenta lot
sharing prolu, union ot Interesi, Joint adventures, reclproca|-j��ns_taelo-_a or othowlao with
any person or company, pad take or otberwtso
acquire and bold shares ud eeenrltlea ol as oh
compel*; > oroompulca 	
which thla
has made application aader the provlatoaa al
thc "Uouor Li-Mace Act, 1��>," lor a hotel Hoaaoa
lor tha Jaokaon Hotel, at Wkltaweter, nnd that a
meeting ol the Beard oi Licence Coasmlasloaen.
oftKeXusaronh Uoence , utrict. will be held
to ooaaMtae-eeb applK-aUon. at the Kaalo Hotel,
mmVi'*A**X^ilX^eV*aa^'�� -
Ohi-al Ifiaaaaa
Belaoa. S.C., Mid Hank, INI.
Ms    |
l    ��� 1
The Daily Canadian
Good Fortune
attends those who wear their btrthstones
and for this month we have some fine
_ ______ BLOOD STONE8, in various sizes, suit
able for rings which we can mount up
for you in any style desired. Why not have a look at our stock of loose
stones.    They are excellent  wine and we   have   many   suggestions to
make as to their mounting.    Our gold quartz  cut ready for  mounting
may interest you.
Of tho   difference  (be
between  1st, aud vnr**
t Cdimed   Goods *
? Wis oarry only e>
|       FIRS TS       ���
M Ono trial of imr ���
��� ��
{Tartan  Brand!
��� will oonvince .vim  that we       *
��� carry u fall stock ���
f = *
��� Table Fruit ���
��� ���
$       Vegetables J
2 Pie   Fruit t
Maple Syrup*
(Same Price as Inferior]
Ooods _
| Bell Trading Co.:
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'  Eggs.  Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make  your  selections  while  the  stock
is complete.
S.   M.   SEANEY
Phone 206.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
All KlndB of Heating Plants in Stock.
e Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find It to their ad-
vnntafte to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep-
.       Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, ate.
121 Eaat Baker 8t. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Cor. V_,rn��i-n und Warcl iitr__>lM.
J. FEED HUME, Proprietor.
G. P. Brown, H. R. Cornish, I). F.
Rlddington, G. P. Downey, G. J. Smith.
S. II. Miller, R. Weaver, Vancouver;
C. .lames and wile, R. H. James. Arrowhead; \V. L. Mclntyre and wife, Grins]
Forks; I.. F. Wilson, W. S. Hurley, C,
H. MoNaughton, J. G. Wilson, Winnipeg; T. Moffat, Fori William; J. Barclay, Greenwood; D. V. Wood, J. W.
Bruce. Washington; c. R. Sherwln,
Blue Bell mine; C. Faas, Creston; C. E
Stewart,  Woodstock.
A. .1. Beil. Bonnington; W. Nicholson,
A. Mackintosh, Miss L. Lake, Vancouver, L. R. Tillery, Trail. A. T. Duke,
Montreal: .1. Shaver, A. Coleman, Cranbrook; C. L, Fisher, Winnipeg; E. D.
Orile, Rossland; R. H. Jamesson; Vic
toria; H. G. Whellams, Kaslo.
C. L. Copp, 0. .1. Handley, Trout
Lake; D. Parker, Portland; A. Williams.
G. Williams, C. I). Sewell. Bay City;
C. C. Brown, Vancouver; A. J. Fee, G.
Fee, Red Deer; J. Wilson, R. W. Cobb,
E. F. Wilson, Spokane; C. E. Barber.
A. McLennan, R. Gillett. Slocan; Mrs.
Bessette. Vernon: Mrs. .Miller, Arrowhead; Mrs. N. C. McKeeu, Grand Forks
J. H. Willis, J. Lynch, J. W. Morgan,
Winnipeg; .1. Johnston. Kokanee; F.
Randall, H. Crabtree. Slocan; J. V.
Vounghusband. A. Douglas, Ottawa; R.
Stewart, F. II. McKenzio, Farron; F. J.
Winkler. Spokane.
V. Dukew, London;   G. Curtis, Creston; A. Sowerby. M. A. Hall, Cranbrook
J. Francis. Burton City; Mrs. Hicks,
Procter; G. Dalton, L. Dither, T. Nicholson, J. Usher, Tunnel.
C. Rempeaux, E. Tollman, A. Young,
Gerrard: C. Morgan, Kaslo; A. McKlm.
Arrowhead; .1. S. Kramer. Phoenix; H.
A. McMillan, Shields; J. F. Burn. Grand
Forks: M. S. Clark, T. Bishop. Slocan;
J. Connett, Eureka; C. W. McGlli. Cres.
ton; O. Poulsen, Wardner; D. Spencer,
T. Spencer, J. Lasiire. Salmo.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Telephone 181.
A. McDonald & Co.
Deulttrs in Rtnpl�� and fancy Groceriii-;
Butter, EgKB.
Oauip and Miners' Supplies.
part in
MnulHllnt P��rty meet** every Friday
evening at �� n ta��� lu Un* "���ilnenr I'mon Hew.
All Hte invited; any ojie allowed in uk
tin- deb��ten.   T. ABltifl, Keeretary,
In take OliAKSOf little jfirl of tliree year" and
iissjsi tri b plain needlework, mu*lc��l prefer
red      Apply Madame Webb, Htratlnoim Hotel
A I'OHITION A-J fLBBK, by a book keeper who
is <iulck an 1 accurate a�� figure*. Addreis Hyd-
oey F   Hail, box 503, Keg ua, 8**k.
WOMAN BKCOVD COOK, 140.00   WaltreM tttOO
M once     rf, I'arktr.
TWO Pia8T.CI.A88 KOOM8, stetm heated
plTlioiiflfikeei.fr. 8rd (lit, K, W. (.'. bliwk.
TWO POOL TABLEH and one Combination Bib
Hard and Pool Table. Kvcrytbtug complete
ainl In good iMii'iitioti. S, J, Mlghton, Tobacconist, Cranbrook, il. V,
Joseph   Patrick   will   leave  for   Rum
luups tomorrow nomioff,
Further bearing is fixed fur Vlotoria
on April Sth of the Star vs While appeal ease.
The next general praotloe of the Nel
son Choral Society has been postponed
Ull next Monday evening.
Silver suffered a big deeline on both
nietai markets today, reaching ihe low
est Quotation recorded for many months.
Lead declined one point on the London
vV. s. Rlblet will plant 1,000 young
frull trees on bis ranch at Slocan June
lion this spring. Air. Kiblet also contemplates other improvements on his
uroperty in the near future.
Yesterday Stubb 4_ Pitts, real estate
dealers, sold 20 acres of the Redding
ranch, at Crawford Hay to A. Morgan,
uf Winnipeg, who will engage in iruit
growing. The land is admirably adapt
ed for fruit culture.
An eastern settler has arrived at Itm
lon City, and the Importance of his ur
rival is further increased by the fact
lhat he has brought with hfm seven
handsome daughters. This will give fl
romantic turn to residence in tbe nclgb
borhood of Hurton City.
R. S. Lennie has received a copy ol
it resolution of regret and condolence
on the death of the late O. A. Noble,
adopted by the bar of Alleghany county
It contains the information that Mr.
Noble was in his 55th year, and he
leaves a widow and two children. It
is an eloquent tribute by his profession
al brethren to the esteem in which he
was held.
There are now (i? pupils on the roll
of the Hume school, and the number la
constantly increasing. The trustees
have decided to engage an assistant foi
Miss Hate, who cannot possibly look
after the education of so many children.
Miss McLennan, now teaching in one
of the up-country schools, has been engaged, and wil! go on duty immediately
after the Easter Holidays. The second
room in the school will he fitted up with
seats at once.
C. E. E. Usher, the recently appointed
passenger traffic manager for C. P. R
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package
Graham Wafera  10c
Lemon  Cream  10c
Vanilla Wafer*     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera  10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk  Toaat   10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted) 16c
Saratoga Flakea (Salted)   15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth it.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes aud Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Contructor und
Bole (iKi-nt tot tht- Yono Rico Dumber <*o,, ua.,
retell yanlh. ftough and <1re*B��<l lumber, turned
work tnd brfleketn, foam Utii awl f hinges, cnnh
Mini dooro. Cement, brick and lime for nale
Automatic irrluder.
Van! and factory: Vernon 8t.. eait of Hall
P. O. Hot 282. Telephone 17k
NotfCfl In hereby Kiven that at a meetlnn of tho
DOtra <if License CommlMlnners, tn ins held after
toeexplr-ttion nf Wdmi, j intend toapp v for a
tru'mfur of my hotel timeline for the "rove hotel,
at Fairvlew, tu B, U Borden
Acknowledged by critics to be
Best Blended and Most Suited to the waters of this
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sts.
Balls at 10c, 15c, 20c. 25c and 50c.
Bats at 20c, 30c, 40c and 50c.
Catchers' Mits at 35c -15c and 75c.
Catchers' Gloves at 25c and 75c.
W. G. Thomson
88990* "d Nelson, B. C.
Rhone BA.
western lines, with headquarters at
Winnipeg, ami E. .1. Coyle, assistant
general passenger agent, Vancouver,
will arrivs. hj the c. 1' it. train tonight
Their slay in Mellon will he short, as
they will leave at once for Bpokane to
arrange for the passenger traffic on thu
uow lins- to that city.
Late yesterday afternoon after pro
longed argument Judge Forln gave
Judgment in the now famous .Jackson
Mines case. The application of counsel
for the judgment creditors for the pay.
ment out of the money In courl admit
ted lo he dut to Coitiana was refilled,
and an order was made directing lhal
Issue ho joined between the judgment
creditors anil Ihe lien holders. Further
appeal is not improbable.
On April 1st, a local dally passenger
service will be inaugurated on the Spokane International Hallway between
Spokane anil Eastport. The train will
leave Spokane about 6 a, in., connecting
at Kingsgate with the Canadian Pacific
Hallway Coifspany trains for .Moyle,
Cranbrook, Fernie, Michel, Frank. McLeod, Calgary, Hanff. Edmonton and all
points in the Canadian Nortbweit ansl
at Calgary and Medicine Hal with main
line trains of the Canadian Pacific for
nil points wesl to Vancouver and east
to .Montreal; and via the Soo line from
Portal for Minneapolis and St. Paul.
The regular train will arrive in Spokane about 8 p. m. II Is intended to
sstablisb a regular through train service between Spokane and Minneapolis
"bout June 17th.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
Yssu havs' a perfect right Is' insist
upon a perfeel ht mid perfect style
when you are paying from $15 to
t'iu for a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfill your highest expeotatlom
iinsi your nissst exacting demanda
They are the neareil approach to
perfection that we Had in the tailor
ing world. Ws- can prove thesi'
facts to you If you will but give us
tlie opportunity.
$18.00 Style and Value for.. .$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regular  $4.00  Box  Calf
Shoes   for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Sssie of Mens' Underwear at $l, $1.50 and $2 per  Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday and Tuesday,
March J 8 J 9
Claude Amsden Musical Company
3(> PBOPL.K 30
Prices 50c, 75c, $1.00.
Sale of seats at Rutherford*! Saturday 10 a. m.
Red Cross Drag Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
llaker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B. C.
>olls*s; iss hcrs'tjv given that 1 will spply st tlie
next uict'tiiiK ssf us,. Uoenoa GODU-alulonefs tor
the City of Nolstssis lo have Hie ilspissr lli-cnce of lliis
���-strsiths-isnii Hotel   irttiissf-.-rml   from  niysielf iss
RMtOald ',s-,sri|t' Wsslsls of tli��� citv of Nelmso.
IlsUtssI tliissDtlt slay of March, Ait}., 191X7.
II. Tomkinh
The Razor that requires no honing, and is sold on
au absolute guarantee.
Canada Drug: <S: Book Co.
Wo havo notlco from our landlord to vacatn our storo by April 1st. In
order to roduen our stock before moving we will soil *_,'(kkIh now fn stock
at. greatly reduced prices. If you wnnt bargains fn Clothing and Gent's
Furnishings drop ln  and see for  yourself.
Fifty Cent Hand BagS|
They are beauties at the price.
I ��-li| .lioric   .l.H.
________________ Provl��lone,
Produw-B, - Pruit.
Oovernmeut Dreamer? One Poand Hnalts received weekly frethim-J
churn.   Knr sale hy all lending grocers. '"',
Office and wiirehnumi: lluustnu illock,   Phone 70.
Josephine Street.       - -      Nelson, B.G
2Sli doz. Linen Collura To He Mold ut
$1.50 per doz.
iiaki:u ���J-RKBT. IMl.LSON.
We nns
Just ill  Receipt of u I mi,,ad of
These nre tin* fittest grade of nro Barks in tin**
market ami dot price* are right, if you an- in
need lot uh bear from jou.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw;
Company, Limited.
R. W.  HINTON ���
Rupiiit-li.lt ttffici .Inhhlisu esssstolistl with I latMtell,    .Slse,t Mrfril
Work, Milling mill Alill JVUit-stiJlivry.     Miii,ul��tjtur��rs*��ol   ���
One  -wtii-M,   te.   te.   Contruutors-*'  Car��.
l*i> .-..iA|
UN1TK imd nine thnt   the  iuipormti-w _
John T. Mem* ani the prssper ttunf- r
Mv lust full -liipiiis'iit Iiu* just nrrived.
ihem and place your order early torSi���*
JOHIN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Runln��n�� mum,
Wiipklnjj m-ttn,
Mun In UroMM uttlr-w,
Hportlnif rrttm.
HandNomi) men.
Men thot'H full of Hfv
Spring Stock Just Opened Uplj
Cnrloiici Liniileun-iN and C��irput��
From Qlfutgow, Soot landa
Bent Quctlltlt-s.4 nt Low Price*.
Standard Ftttnittste Company!
Mumui Ai Ki-.-ii I'UiioH.
OsicriHour UftttTMMl
Marniirtli .im iy Matiresn��fi.
Complete Howe Furnishes
Undertakers,    Embalms
AND DEALERS IN   Lttttibetf SbAtlgl&,
Loth, Mouldings, Doors, Windows*
Tiirn��d Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly ��������''
VBRINOrw STRBBT   ���   -   -   INt_l_HOIN. B. C.
Galvanised Iton Work
are unequalled In the Kootenays.     If  you   require  air P'JJ
scar*or 6pedai wo^aJis^turRAwNTi|
Wood-Vallancc Hardware Co., Ii


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