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The Daily Canadian Apr 8, 1907

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V'OLUMR  I.     NO.   258.
University Club Objects
to Reduction
Resolution Adopted Urging Government to Pass Endowment Bill
as Introduced.
The attack of the two opposition .parlies in the legislature upon tho Provincial UnlverBlty Endowment bill has
rnused the friends of unlverBily education tbrouBlioul the province. Party
lines are for the moment forgotten and
all arc united to urge Premier McUride
und his colleagues to adhere to the
terms ssf the bill as introduced.
N" organisation in the province has
slssiis- so much In urging the estnbllsh-
1111 in  unsl endowment of a university
ai tin* Unlverslt) Hub of NelBon.   For
three  years the campaign   was   maintained by lhal club almost single-hand-
s-sl,   When the Endowment bill was finally   introduced ths- club unanimously
adopted a resolution  expressing grail-
floatlon and  forwarded  I,  to the  premier..   The standing committee of the
club on Ibe question was retained in of-
llrs', althougb  Its  functions  were considered practically nt an end.
The news that the opposition parly In
the legislature was united In an atlack
on the bill roused lbe committee to action again.
A special meellng was called Satur-
day afternoon at 4 o'clock In Dr. Arthur's office. The members of the com-
millse are: Mrs. B. C. Arthnr. Mrs. W.
S. Pearcy, Rev. F. H. Graham. llev. J.
T. Ferguson, Dr. E. C. Arthnr, A. L.
McKillop, C. M. Fraser. W. J. Balrd and
R. J. Clark. All but two were present
ut the meeting and the absentees' opln-
Ions were represented.
The chairman briefly stated the rea-
aon fssr calling the meeting, read thc
original bill, and the amend ments pro-
poss.(i by the loader of the opposition.
II was then moved by Dr. Arthur, sec-
rndcsl by Rev. I-*. 11. Graham, and unanl-
uisiiissly  rs-solved:
"That the University Club of Nelwn
regards the proposal to deduct from the
land grant lor the Provincial University all revenues derived from minerals,
coal and timber In or upon such lands,
as a menace to the future efficiency If
not to the very existence of the university;
"Tnal it Is the conviction of this club
that such deduction would render the
grant utterly inadequate for the purposes for which it Is Intended;
"That this club, therefore, earnestly
requests the government of British Columbia to adopt the endowment bill as
Tii'* chairman was Instructed to telegraph His- resolution to the premier al
oiirss ami t��� ma|| |t l0 a]j t|,��� members
of the legislature representing constituencies asljacent to Nelson. The instrur*-
tlons were complied with 8aturdny
United States Supreme Court Sitting on
Important Appeals.
Washington,   April   8.���Tho     United
States supremo court reconvenod todny
after a two weeks* recess. Several cases
"r more than ordinary Importance are
''���*>   "us   oalendar   for   early   hearing.
���among the number Is the case of the
"hod States iignlnst Ilolnzon & Com-
1"'"y* "WoWing lhe tarlfT on articles Imported inlo the Philippine Islands from
"' Lnik'a Slates between April, 1899,
��� November, 1901.    Thla Is tho last
of ""-��� Philippine tost cases.
A CU8�� ��r "lore than general Interest
j""- Importance   Is   that   ot   Damselle
"ward   against   the   Illinois   Central
Wroail. involving the constitutionality
'he railroad employers' liability act,
���rosed at tho last session of Congress.
"is case  waB tried by  the   United
��os circuit court for yie wostorn dis-
�� uf Tonnessoe. which held tho first
Otiou of the act, abolishing tho follow-
B��vanl rule, to bo unconstitutional.
he cnse is eonsldorod to bo of great
;;;;;^Hico   ������, nnly becau-80 __ the
arisen .a.    ..!""""r cns���  *��  have
I,",,1, W"  "rlBe hm to*������ nf the
8 1 ���,��� h'I1���'1*   "hm *���*<���* umtea
Vail   1, ct  ,'m"'t  h��M  "be  net   In-
Proslil n?rs 0f ,,s "���������'lt"tln"nllty
"����_.��� :!!:rm"V nt ",,ce ,ook"" *��
tu the h Lh���i.   '""" ,0 """, t"0 WMtton
10 llleh8��t a>urt with a vlow of hav-
Ing the decision revorss-d. Only once
before, it Is said. In the hlBtory of Ihe
department of justice bus similar action been taken by the administration.
Cobalt Proves Rich in Rare  Mineral���
In Good Demand.
Toronto, April 8.���M. II. Dreany, of
Dreuny & Company has received an
(srder from an Kngllsh syndicate for a
carload of molybdenite. This substantia
Is now being mined on the Temagamo
claim, which has the largest deposit
thereof in the world. sMolybdenatic
acid Is used In the tempering of the finer
grades of steel and cutlery, aud the
market for lt Is confined almost solely
lo Liverpool and Sheffield. The annual
production of the mineral in Norway Is
14 long loiiB, and In the United Slates
30 short tons, and these countries hitherto bave practically controlled tbo
world's supply. On the Temagaml claim
at Cobalt, which Is 30 acres in area, 20
veins of molybdenite have been discovered. Molybdenite ls a sulphide! of
molybdenum, and lt Is worth about $500
a ton.
Word has been received stating that
Cobalt Is being boomed In the English
ppers, and that an English syndicate
is preparing to place 500,000 shares of
mining stock on the London market.
Mr. M. J. Patterson, a mining engineer, reports on the Ontario-Quebec,
Gilpin and Wonderland, claims that
their elevation ls 100 feet above the
level of the Cobalt lodes and so the
shafts will require sinking to tbe depth
of 100 feet to get at them. Some native silver Ib being found In the shafts
on the way down. The shaft on tho
Wonderland Is npw at lhe 100-foot level
Prof. Schoonmakcr reports a find of
native silver ou the Coyne property.
Cobalt Lake stock will probably be
placed on the market today. Allotments
were yesterday sent out to different
Two Big Companies Preparing to Operate Near Alberta Capital���For
Qold and Gas.
Edmonton, April 8���Two large mining companleB are announced in Edmonton as being ready to commence operations on undertakings which will be of
very great Importance to this city. They
are the American Canadian Oil company, which proposes to operate ln the
Morlnvlllc district, and the Clark Dredg.
Ing company, of Chicago, which proposes to work gold drcdgeB on the Saskatchewan between here and Strathcona.
The American-Canadian Oil company
is backed by Seattle capitalists, and
tbey have leases on a large tract of
territory In the Morlnvllle district which
Dr. Dawson and Dr. Selwyn and JoBeph
Tyrrell pronounced as an oil field nearly ten years ago. The manager of the
company, 11. L. Williams, put down a
test well ln 1905 to a dept of 550 feet,
proving the presence of gas in large
siuantities. He now has eleven carloads of drilling machinery on the rail
from Pittsburg, with which he proposes
to sink to a depth of three thousand
feet If necessary. Mr. Williams Is a
pioneer In the Summerland oil fields of
California, and Is expected to be competent driller aud a very successful
Tho Clark Dredging Company's work
il ln the hands of Horace J. Clark, of
Chicago, president of the company. He
Is bncke,d by large capital, and the
dredge will cost $60,000. The latter is
now on the way from Chicago. Clark
admits that there havo been many unsuccessful attempts to work the river
gravel, but ho Bays that ho uuderBtansls
lho proposition and thai he has taken II
only afler having made thorough tests
of Ihe river bed. He has secured a lease
of 15 miles of river bottom from the
federal government.
Plans Nearly Completed.
John McLatchle, of Nelson, who has
been in Calgary for the past four
months, working on the right of way
plans of Candlnn Pacific railways In
Hritish Columbia, has Just about completed his work. Mr. McLatchle mask:
surveys of the British Southern, tho
Columbin Western, und the Columbia
& Kootenay railways with tho object
of determining the right of way and his
work has been to make plans for the
same, bo that tho necessary land might
be secured.
To Hear Rate Complaints,
Topeka, Kan., April 8���The Interstate Commerce Commission mot In Topeka todady to bear the complaint ol
farmers, merchants and shippers' cluhs
of Kansas agnlnst the Rock Islnnd nml
Santo Fo railroads for alleged unjust
rnloH on wheat and corn from Kansas
points to Kansas City, (Inlvostnn, Gains-
vlllo and Fort Worth.
Fifty Cm-its a Month
New Ontario Dissatisfied
Ith Lot
Meeting Held to Initiate Movement
Is Unanimous-- Want Local
Fort Frances, Ont., April 8.���A big
masBinccting of both political parties
waB held last evening to Initiate the
movement in New Ontario of secession
from tbe old province and forming a
new one embracing Algoma, Nipisslng,
Thunder Bay and Rainy River districts.
For some lime there haa been a grow-
ing feeling of discontent over the way
this district has been treated by the
Ross and Whitney governments, and
which has been intensified by the utter
indifference Pr imler Whitney and his
colleagues haves manifested towardB,
not only this part of the country, but
to the districts ot Nipisslng and Algo-
ma. Tho fact that ln spite of remonstrances from all sources and from both
parties as to tho continued robbing of
the districts mentioned by sale of timber, collection of unjust dues, inlqul-
tious mining and Umber laws and the
absolute refusal to return even five per
cent of thhe revenue so taken, has led
to a deep fellug throughout the entire
country that If those districts would
grow aad prosper they must not look to
Toronto for further assistance, but secede and legislate for themselves.
The feeling that New Ontario has
been tho milch cow long enough has
come to stay, and It is not likely to end
as long as Old Ontario holds the balance of power and retains all the revenue without an adequate quid pro quo
ia return.
After a number of speeches had been
made by tbe reeves of the several municipalities and other leading citizens
of both parlies the following resolution moved by Dr. F. H. Bethune, secretary of the district Conservative association, and seconded by W. I. Price,
a leading Liberal leader of Buriss, was
carried by a standing vote:
"Whereas, New Ontario comprising
the following districts, Nipisslng, Algoma, Manitoulin, Thunder Bay, Rainy
River and that part of Ontario lying
north and west of the French river, if
tliat part of Keewatln east of the Manitoba boundary bo Included Ib sufficient
In area to form a new province, as lt
has an area of 032,815 square miles, 1-0
of the area of Canada, and larger than
the combined area of Alberta aud Saskatchewan and 12 times the combined
area of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
and Prince Edward Island.
"And whereas: The legislation of Old
Ontario has uniformly followed the system of collecting revenue out of the resources of the dlBtrlct and has never
made any return for the same.
"Therefore, it is resolved that a committee be appointed to communicate
with the various cities, towns and municipalities, throughout Ihe districts of
Oatario lying west nnd norlh of the
French river, and endeavor to ascertain
thler opinion concerning the advisability of seceding from Old Ontario, nnd of
forming a new province, and In event
of their being in favor of the same to
endeavor to have a meeting called at
a convenient city In ench district, wllh
lhe object of appointing a board or com.
miltee, to arrnnge to have a plebiscite
taken of the above mimed districts to
ascertain the feelings of the people in
ihe matter."
Hume School.
Hume school reopened this morning
with an attendance of 66 pupils. Miss
McC.lellan commenced her duties In the
second room.
Industrial Workers.
A meeting of tho Industrial Work-
ors of tlle World will be hold tomorrow
evening, when the question of co-operative stores will be discussed.
Concert Tonight.
The Fletcher-Qlorza-Impala concert
tills evening should be liberally patronized. The performers nro artists of
recognized merit, and the programme Is
oils1 that should give enjoyment ,0 Ihose
who Will bs- present.
Destruction of Property.
Many complaints are mails' of the de.
striieilve habU of certain boys living up
the hill and tbe seeming neglect of par
ents in bringing up their children. The
electric light globes are being smashed,
and It may be that the city will be
forced to shut oft* the light In certain
pails of the city altogether. If something Ib not soon done to restrain the
destructive habits of these youngsters,
the aid or the police will have to be
called In.
Home Again.
P. Lamont, manager of tile Canada
Drug & Book Co., Ltd., returned last
Saturday ovening from a four weeks'
visit tu California and Oregon. Most
of Mr. Lamont's vacation was spent
amongst the orange groves of California, and lt Is needless to say that he enjoyed himself Immensely. At Lob Angeles It was raining and this somewhat
interfered with the pleasure of his
visit there, but he was able to take a
run out to Pasadena, Santa Monica and
olher points of Interest. No place
seemed to possets the same attractions,
however, as San Diego and Its surroundings. Coronado Beach was visited, and
a day or so was spent very pleasantly
at that famuuo tourist resort During
his absence Mr. Lamont met many former residents of Nelson, all of whom
are prospering'In their new homes.
John McGuire Dead.
Those who have taken much Interest
in theatrical matters In the West will
regret to learn of the death of that veteran manager, John McGuire, wblch
took place at Monterey, Cal., a few days
ago. The deceased was the pioneer
of Butte, Mont., but visited nearly every
city in the West during his managerial
career, which extended over a period of
40 years. He was ln Nelson on several
occasions, and those who met him were
greatly Interested in the old man's
reminiscences of early theatrical
events. Besides being a manager Mr.
McGuire was an actor of the old school,
and in character parts had few equals
ln the West. He also contributed largely to the press, and at the time of his
death, was editing a newspaper at Monterey.
Ksl log-Hurdle.
A very quiet wedding was solemnized at the Royal hotel at 6 o'clock this
morning when Albert Kellog and Miss
Dora Hurdle, both of Nelson, were married by Rev. E. H. Shanks.
After a wedding breakfast given by
Mrs. Roberts, aunt of the bride, Mr. and
Mrs. Kellog left for Spokane and other
Washington cities. They will return
about May 1st and make their home In
Nelson, where Mr. Kellog ts a trusted
employee of the Nelson Transfer Com-
In Chambers.
His Honor Judge Forin held a chain
ber session of the county -court.
H. C. Hall, for the C. P. R. Co., ap-
pied for an order of cancellation of the
townsite ofLemonton. E. C. Wragge, on
behalf of two property owners, opposed. The application was adjourned
till Monday, April 15th.
In Roberts vs Anderson, J. O'Shea obtained an order for payment out.
In Bank of Montreal vs Thomson, E.
C. Wroggie obtained an order for ser
vice ex Juris.
Expert Witness In* Buchtmann  Inquest
Says Machinery Was Protected
As Well As Possible.
The Inquest on the death of Hermann
Buchtmann In the sampling mill of the
Hall mines smelter tlie morning of
March 30th, was resumed In the city
hall at 2:30 p. 111. todny.
Coroner Arthur presided, all the jury-
men were present, E. F. Gigot H. Byers, J. E. Annable, F. A. Brewer, A. D.
Emory and (!. W. McBride, and J. J.
Campbell, manager, and E. C. Wragge,
solicitor for tbe Hall Mines Company,
were also present.
M. Swartz was the flrst witness. He
told of thc accident.
S. J. Blaylock, superintendent of the
smelter, described the machinery ln detail, nnd the precautions taken to ensure safety. In reply to the coroner
he staled that any attempt to protect
by boxing would bo more menace than
B. C. Travis, manager of the Kootenay Engineering Works, knew the machinery in question, had seen lt before
and since the accident. It had the regulation safety collar over the set screw.
He knew of no other usual precaution.
He considered thc protection ns ample
ns possible, consistent with efficient op-
erntlon. As to the suggestion of box
Ing lu the shafting, he agreed with r.ir.
Hiaylock thai It would rather Increase
I hnn lessen tho danger,
The hearing Is still in progress ns
Tho   Dally Canadian coca to prea3.
Premier's Duplicity Fully
Custodian of Honor of Parliament
Declines to Permit Charges
To Be Investigated.
Ottawa, April 8.���Last Tuesday's debate ln the House of Commons will remain historic in the political annals of
the country. That was the day fixed for
Mr. Bourassa's motion for an Investigation into matters affecting the honor of
ministers and members. The Independent-Liberal member for Labelle moved
a resolution calling for the appointment
of a special committee to enquire Into
the conduct and character of members
and ministers against 'whom charges
and reflections had been made. Mr.
Bourassa referred to Conservative members whose names have been mentioned
ln the Insurance enquiry and also to
any ministers and members who might
be Implicated In the "wine, women and
graft" suggestion of Mr. Folwer.
The motion for an enquiry was voted
down at the request of Sir Wilfrid Laurler. Not a single regular government
supporter voted for lt. \On the other
hand, every Conservative member, except two, wbo refrained from voting because their names were mentioned,
gave their voice, for a full Investigation
and enquiry, aB did three Independent-
Liberals, Mr. Bourassa, Mr. Lavergne
and Mr. Robltallle. lt was thus practically a straight party division. Mr.
Borden and his whole party joined Mr.
lionrassa In the request that all charges
and reflections affecting the honor of
members of the House and their worthiness to sit as representatives of the
people be cleared up. Sir Wilfrid and
his whole following voted against such
It should be remembered thst from
the opening day of the session until Mr
Fowler gave notice of his intention to
carry the war into Africa, government
supporters lost no opportunity to throw-
out insinuations and sneers against
certain of their opponents. While carefully avoiding any direct charge which
could be taken up and Investigated tbey
have been free with Imputations suggested by the grossly unfair and apparently malicious report of the Insurance
commission. Who would have expected
such a remarkable outcome to the demand for parliamentary Investigation?
We find that Mr. Foster, Mr. Fowler,
Mr. Bennett and Mr. Lefurgy, the members mentioned fn the insurance report
not only ready for an enquiry but even
demanding it. On the other hand, the
ministers and members, Including thoso
who have instigated nnd promoted the
political excursions of the insurance
commissioners, and all who have assisted or encouraged tbe assaults on
the character of Conservative members,
now coming forward ln a body to deprecate and head off a parliamentary investigation. Had a commltteo been appointed the majority of tho court would
be government supporters. The minister of justice, whose partisanship Is narrower and more bitter than that of any
previous occupant of his ofllce, would
hnve largely controlled lis methods and
procedure. Notwithstanding this lho
opposition was ready to accept tho investigation. Tho government would
have none on any terms.
Of course It was not to bo an Investigation Into Insurance matters only. Mr.
Bourassa ln the preamble of his motion
referred to Insurance reports to remarks
mado In the House by Mr. Carvell. Mr.
Ross and Mr. Devlin, all Liberals, to
Mr. Fowler's notlco that the true Ilyman story might be told, and his further
intimation that If the House Intended
to go into the discussion of private affairs ho would himself "discuss the
character of members opposite, whether
they be ministers or private members
and their connection with women, wine
nnd graft."
Mr. Bourassa's resolution then pro-
"Thai these statements have hs*eome
ti matter of gons'ral comment and have
aroused public opinion throughout iv.'.
country, so thai an Immediate enquiry
'a Imperative.
Thai Ihe prime minister and his wl
leagues, being the principal gnai,!.::���:.:
of Ihe honor of Parliament, should take
lhe initiative In such an enquiry;
That the government should .therefore, ask the House to constitute a special committee to conduct a strict and
Impartial enquiry as to whether any
ministers of tne Crown or members of
Parliament havo improperly made use
of their positions ns such Tor their private gain, or have otiierwise boen guilty
of personal misconduct under such circumstances or of such a character as to
justify the Intervention nnd censure of
this House;
That any charges that may be preferred against any member of the government or of the houBe should be formulated before lhat committee; and
that membeis of this House or other
persons who have material or data at
their disposal with reference thereto,
should divulge them to that committee;
That such committee have power to
employ and hear counsel, to send for
persons, papers and records, to examine
witnesses on oath or affirmation, and
to report to the Hon.**..- during tho presenl session.
This was the motion that Mr. Bourassa offered from his seat on the government side of the House. It is the
motion which tbe opposition leader and
party supported to a man. It Is the
motion which Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
the whole of his regular party opposed
and defeated. It Is the motion which
Parliament rejected by a majority
of 64.
In bis argument Mr. Bourassa made
some personal allusions which he did
not obtain from Mr. Fowler, and which
were more direct and striking than any
statements previously made ln Parliament. We do not quote these words
here. He summed up his case In thla
"In regard to the general accusstlon
nbout 'wine, women and graft,' I claim
that if any ministers of the Crown���the
truth of which accusations I do not
know and speak only of general facts���
are connected with wine and women In
such a way that has become a matter
of public scandal;lf they have used the
property of the government to carry on
their profligate acts; If they have been
guilty of this conduct with women, and
if anybody has a knowledge of these
facts, he must make them public."
Chinese  Quarter of Stevetaon  Visited
by Disastrous Flre���Lost Estimated at 110,000.
Vancouver, April ��.���A Ore' which
broke out at an early hour yesterday
morning in the Chinese quarter of Stev
eston, the cannery-packing village about
10 miles south of here, completely gut-
tod the quarter ln which the Orientals
live, doing damage to the extent of ap
proximately $10,000.
The knocking over ot a lamp was the
cause of tbe blase, which started about
3 a. m��� apd -came dangerously near wlp
ing the entire place out of existence.
To the heroic work ot Chief ot Police
Morrison, Constable McKay and many
other volunteers, including Japanese
and Chinese, is due the fact that the up
town portion of Steveston was saved.
About 100 Chinamen saw their homes
licked up by the flames, which were
fanned by a fierce southeast wind. For
tunately, the progress of the flames waa
stayed before the white men's dwellings were reached. As it waa the
Sockeye hotel and the barber shop had
a pretty close shave.
The principal property owners who
suffered losses are Messrs. James Fur
long, Vancouver; Lee King, Sam Kee
and Quong San Lee.
Many Immigrants Land.
St John, N. B., April 8.���The C. P. R
sleamer Montezuma, Captain BIrsch
man, arrived In port today with 1,1*8)
passengers. There was not a single
case of sickness during the voyage. The
passengers were Oalliclana and Italians, with a sprinkling of Germans, Hollanders and Belgians. All but 78 are
going to tbe Canadian West. The steam.
er had 16 French horses consigned to
Tho Cassandra, tho big new boat ol
the Donaldson fleet, also reached port
this morning from Glasgow, wltb 785
Revenue Increasing.
Ottawa, April 8.���Tho revenue of the
post ofllce department for the nine
months of tho fiscal year closing March
31st, wns <5,U64,347, nn Increase of
���$���596,363 over tho corresponding period
of 190-06. The revenue for March was
{610,172 .11 decrease ot (13,758 as com
pared with March, 1906.
Winnipeg Public Works.
The estimated cost of proposed civic
works to Winnipeg that have been ordered ls 11,800,000.
Manitoba Legislature.
Tho  Manitoba  legislature will meet
April 22 for the despatch of business.
Winnipeg city Council decide to allow
the government to install a telephone
rv(s*-iii nftor n conference with Hon.
J. H. Howden.
Bell Transfer
Famous Properties in Sheep Creek
Valley Acquired br Idaho Operator��� Relsoa Owners.
One of the pending deals for prop
. erties in Sheep Creelf Valley Is within
sight of completion.  '
George S. Bailey, of Lewlston, Idaho,
president and manager of the Wild
Rose and Osark mlnea, at Peine City,
Idaho, ha* Jnst closed a deal for the
purehaae of the Mother Lode and the
Golden Bell group* of mines, near Salmo for flM.000. The properties wero
owned respectively by Thomas Bennett
and F. P. Drummond and others, and
by F. P. Drummond and C. E. Bennett,
and had been operated by them ln a
small way.
Six carloads ot ore shipped from the
Mother Lode to the Trail smelter gave
returns of 1113 In gold and two ounces
in silver. There are large quantities of
oro on the dump that will aaaay $40-
The ore shoot trom which this oro wa*
taken haa been proved to be from (oar
to live (��*t wide and has been explored
for 700 feet.
To the Spokesman-Review, Mr. Bailey
said: "Ores appear to Increase ln value
nt the 60-foot level aad (rom laboratory
testa show that (rom 76 to 80 per cent
can be saved by amalgamation. The
remainder of the values can be saved
by the cyanide process.**
The mines aro well known In Nelson
where they have In the past been tho
subject of many negotiations and some
Tbe Mother Lode group consists ot
shipping mines, and a lot of development has been doae on the Golden Bell
The Bennett brothers and Mr. Drummond bave still many valuable Interest*
In Sheep Creek valley, Including the,
Kootenay Bell mine
Street   Placer   Mine*  Exist  Only   ht
Newspaper Column*.
Vanoouver, April 8.���The vivid account of the wonderful Eldorado die-
covered ln the Bast End of Vanoonver,
which appeared In the column* ot one
of the evening papers, may, a* stated,
start a stampede towards Gore and Dun-
levy avenues, but It Is more than likely
that the wonderful discovery of gold
will be aa quickly forgotten aa the report waa sudden. Mr. R. J, Skinner,
wbo Is the one at the -court house who
Issues licenses, state* that the seven
licenses for mining claims were duly
taken out by men who, It Is reported,
have formed the syndicate, and Mr.
Skinner still further says that lt Is
quite possible tbat gold was found, Just
as haa been deacrlbed by Mr. Phil. W.
Harner, while he waa digging the ditch,
but where did the gold come from? Mr.
Skinner Is an old mining man himself,
and, what ia more, something of a geologist, and In hla opinion, there la no
placer ground In this peninsula oa
which Vancouver Is built. The utter
lack of any waah, and the impossibility
of Its ever having formed the bed of any
stream, precludes the possibility of the
present lind resulting In placer fields.
It Is hardly creditable that the gold
could have come (rom any lead, which
would mean a quarts ledge, and those
who. best know the formation of the
land, which is composed (or the most
part of clay and sandstone, will take
the tidings of the wonderful gold discovery with s large pinch of salt. Mr.
Skinner states that It is possible tbat
In some way the gold waa dropped or
lost by some one long ago, and ha* possibly settled down to the hard paa
from which it wu unearthed.
The mining license* taken o��t were
In the names of Phil. W. Harner, Che*.
W. Murry. Frederick P. Murry. Whitley
Murry, Russell Barrett, Colin McCualg
and one other.
Falae  Report.
There Is no truth In the report that
insurance rates aro to railed la Win
London, April I.���Load, ����. lis. 3d.
No other quotation* received. ���i
the Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
be adequately endowed. The endowment proposed by Mr. Macdonald ls ridiculously inadequate.
No advocate of the university seeks
party advantage in connection with it.
All deplore the fact tbat it bas become
a subject of dispute. But, unless Mr.
Maedonuld can be convinced that his
policy is destructive; the only hope
left Is that the premier and bis col-
Uui;ui'H will pass, In spite of all opposition, iho most liberal, progressive aud
far-slfihiod measure Introduced Into thu
legislature for many years.
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR at oil orlcea
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX,  MITTS,  etc..  etc.
In all these Hues we offer excellent quality at very
[reasonable rrices.
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAPITAO PAID OI1....$4,1*00,000
D. B  WILKIK, President.
REST M, 700,000,
HON. llOBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-Pi-Mideut
Branches in British Columbia:
DcoositH reoelved >��t**.(I Intewwt all-wed onrreat rates ft-oin dnm of op-Milng of
nooonot, aud coinjjuuiutcd qusirt_rly.
inbl-idn branch *��J��   JV1.   LAY,  A/_anatj,*r��
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund $4,390,000
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Published s*:. ���.18J-H a weftr by ;he
gr 8l., Nolson, B. C.
. _ntcs. '*t rents a month delivered
��� tit.oo h year il sent hy mail, when
i edfautt..
AdvcrttBlue rati* ou application.
All woolen paid lt) settlement ot the Dally
Uauadtnn accounts, either (or lUbECrtptlont or
advertlMnj;, muat be receipted for oj tin.* printed
forms of tne Company,  other recolpti arc not
APRIL. H. 1907.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest, current rate, nnd credited quarterly. Depositors are subject to no delay
whatever in the withdrawal of the whole or any part of their deposits,
 Nelson Branch, G>_A. SPINK, Manager.	
1 h��p not of the type of their self-con-
I stituied    representatives  who  mistako
bkiianl lung power for knowledge and
But the attack of J. A. Macdonald,
himself a member of a learned profession, is a different matter.
We do not propose al present to deal
With Mr, Macdonald's m otives but only
with his proposals. He will hear in a
few days, if he has not already heard,
from more enlightened members of his
own party, who may bo pafoly trusted
to point out to hlm the fatuous nature
of the course he ls pursuing.
Mr. Macdonald urges that the grant
be reduced to l.OOO.OOO acres, and that
even from the 1,000,000 all revenues
troni coal, minerals and timber be diverted from the university funds to the
revenues of the province for general
if Mr. Macdonald had not explicitly
staled lhat he favored the establishment of a university, the only possible
Inference that could he drawn from his
amendment, would be that ho sought
to make such establishment Impossible.
His proposals differ not In kind but
only in degree from those of Mr. Hawthornthwaite that the grant be reduced
to 150.000 acres, and that all coal, mineral, timber and agricultural land be excluded.
One clause of the endowment bill already provides that:
The said firunt of land shall not In
The attack on the government bill
to endow a provincial university out of
the public domain, made in the legislature by J. A. Macdonald, Uberal leader, last Friday, came as a shock to the
advocate of endowment ihroughoul the
For three years and a half the friends
of education in British Columbia, led,
both In time aud effort, by the University Club of Nelson, have been urging
the immediate provision by endowment
for the establishment of a university
which all are convinced, is essential to
the completion of ilie educational system of the provlnoe.
Their efforts were at las) rewarded
by the introduction, early in Uie present session of the legislature, of an
enudowment bill framed on generous
And   Intelligent   lines.
The chlet clausea in the bill are;
"It shall be lawful for the lieuienant
governor In council to grant lo the University of British Columbia lands in the
province nl' British Columbia, not exceeding 8,000,000 acres, in aid of higher
educatio:   in this province."
"All revenues derived from aald
lands, or from the sale or otber disposition thereof by the said university,
shall be t'Voted to ihe maintenance by
said uuiversiy of the following faculties; Aris and Science, Medicine, Law
and Applied Science."
The bill was immediately attacked
by thc Socialists in tbc legislature.
Their attack neither requires or de-
serves much consideiation. Their only
pretence of an argument destroys itself
They say ihat the well io do, for whom
universities are maintained can well afford to send their children to eastern
institutions���they can. It Is for the
talented and deserving Children of the
poor that a university within the province is chiefly required. Fortunately all
the working men of British  Columbia
Sir Wilfrid Laurler's reasons for voting against Mr. Bourassa's motion for
enquiry Into G. A. Fowler's genernl
charges of corruption, are as puerile as
anything he has ever said either in the
House or on the public platform. Me
objected to having Inquisitorial functions Imposed upon Parliament, and regretted that Mr. Bourassa's motion ud-
mi tied of no amendment. The second
statement was flagrantly dishonest; he
himself had dictated the form of the
motion. Even if It were true It would
mean that Sir Wilfrid wished an opportunity to express a pious opinion
without committing himself to any line
of action. As to his first objection,
whore, If not In parliament, are such
charges to be investigated? Sir Wilfrid quoted with his usual unction the
time-honored phrase about parliament
being the custodian of its own honor.
Parliaments have always recognized the
obligation of purifying themselves of
unclean members. Mr. Gladstone did
not ignore even street gossip when it
touched a member of his cabinet. Sir
Wilfrid has shirked his duty and left
to the public press the duty of driving
moral lepers from the cabinet council.
The dismissal of Lord Aylmer from
the command of the Canadian forces is
but one more act in a long and unbroken series since 1896, that demonstrates
tl)rj purpose of the Ottawa machine,
of converting the Canadian militia
like all other departments of the public
service into a political engine for tbe
advancement of purely parly Interests.
Lord Aylmer is a thorough soldier, of
high ideals, straight methods, and popular with the rnuk and flip of every
military unit In the Dominion. For political jobbery however ho has neilher
taste nor capacity, nnd therefore he
has not won the favor of his departmental chief, Sir Frederick Borden,
and therefore he has to go. Lord Aylmer Is In good company. Among thi;
other soldiers who have beeu found too
honest for the post are General Herbert, Geueral Hutton, General O'Grady-
Haly and Lord Dundonald.
George P. Graham, leader of the Liberal ojfpwiiitliyi. Jn the Ontario legislature, has not yet ehowp h'tyse'f to be
a statesman, but lie has earned a certain measure of public respect by declining to accept a salary as leader of
the opposition. Mr. Whitney was perhaps right in offering it. He had the
examples of Sir Oliver Mowat and Sir
Wilfrid Laurler. Mr. Graham might
have quoted oue precedent for acceptance, but he choBe to follow the earlier
and more honorable precedent set by
Sir William Meredith.
Dr. Hall asked a question in the legislature last week. He wanted to know
how n.aijy special permits had been
granted to t��a��di*rx In 1905 and 190(1.
Of course the superintendent of education or any clerk lu his office could
have given the Information, but Dr.
Hall Is quite right In using all available means and opportunities to familiarize himself with public speaking
John Oliver's strictures on the public
school acts of 1905 and 190G were sufficiently ridiculous, it might have been
thought, to debar that learned member
from further contributions to debate on
questions connected with education.
Hut modesty Is not one of John's weaknesses. He has now constituted himself an authority on the requirements
of universities.
User, who crossed Canada with Mackenzie in 1S.(H( and who was the author of "The Hunter of the Lone West"
Another cousin, Sir William Palllseft
invented the Palllser shell. Major Edward Palllser distinguished himself iu
the Kiel rebellion by running the blockade In a canoe full of ammunition to
relieve a fort. On his mother's sid.> the
admiral was a nephew to Captain Mur-
ryat. the famous writer, nud the inventor of the system of marine flag signalling throughout the world. Word of his
death was received In this clly on
Thursday by It. C. Campbell-Johnston,
who was a nephew of the deceased. Atl-
mllar Palllser was very [onfl of British
Columbia and had Intended to como
bere to fish this Bummer. He is survived by Mrs. Bury Palllser. There
are   no  children.
B. C.
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Bntter, Eggs.
Oamp an,i Miner a' SuppH'js.
Notice In hereby given that ata meeting of lho
Board of License Commlulonen, to be held After
the expiration oi 80 dayi, 1 Intend to appiy for a
transfer of my howl llncenufor tlie drove hotel,
at V'hirview, 10 K-it Horden
elude any Inn do held by grant, lease,
agreement for sale, pre-empt Ion or
olher alienation hy the Crown, nor shall
It Include Indian reserves or settle-
mentfl nor military or naval reserves,
nor lakes or lands in wbleh any person other than the Crown shall have a
vested  interest."
Now, it Is obvious that any other
land that may be granted for the university, if it Is to afford any revenue
within a reasonable time, must carry
with ii all possible sources of revenue.
Mr. Macdonald's proposed deduction
would leave nothing but potential value
as agricultural land, nnd ns no university board can go into the business of
land prumoUng, the market value of
even such parts of the grant as might
bo favorably situated, would be at the
most but a few dollars au ncr*.
A university is necessary to British
Columbia for the training of its youth;
It Is necessary even that the best may
b.e made of the public and high school
establishments. If it is to accomplish
anything, if it ls even to exist, lt must
Easter Millinery
We have just received another shipment of American Pattern Hats which were too
lale for our -display but arc uow ready for inspection.
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Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fftilt,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  Sts.
Notice is hereby given Hint m days alter date I
lulend loapplj to tbo Honorable tho Chief Com-
mliilouer 0' Lands mut Worki for permission
to purchase nhout l76aCTU0f Imul, situate near
Utfl Pfind d'Oreille river, West Kontenay district,
mi'l deioribed as followi i  commencing at a
posl market! li. K. 'JhonuonS N. W. corner pout,
sit 11 fti*c*i oil tin* KOUth hoiittdurv and XI clmlliN
troffl H. W   post Oi Lot 7104, thenee south about70
cbftinsi thenee eaal nbout U6 ohalni to a poim on
ihe mil boundary and Uohilni from B. w. poit
otLotT741, tbenco nortb "u chains ami thence
west ��.S ehatliH to the plaee ot bt'*g1nuti)K-
ti. K, THoluroN,
A. (i. LssiXO, Agent.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Sijtt) dayn after date I Intend to npply to lbe
Hon ('hief Commissioner of Imn!*' and Wurks,
VieloriB, 8. C��� lo pu reliant* M0 IOKI ol land, lu
Klrr Valley, d��nrrfhed na 'ol.ows: Coinmenetne
hi it |*"-t piiiiiird io riniiii- v..*-: ni Walter IluU'n
Mi Wi corner and marked J. W Holmes' Jr. N. K.
eornur pnt, and running routh 40 cIihiiih, tbmoe
wesl W cbalni, thenee norlh 4V eliains, thencu
MJt00 cbalm to pluce of heirfnnluu. and belli* a
portion ol Sectlou 36, Towiihhip 71, Weht Koot-
March .Mh, 1907. J. W. EOUOl, Jr.
J. K. Annahi.k. Aoint.
2Mb March,IWI.
Sixty days after date I inteud toapply to the
lion Cblel Commissioner of Landu and Worku,
Victoria,   B.C..  tn  pu roll Me  the  followlni; <tc-
���crlbed lind, iltuated in ibe West Kootena; dlitrlot: Commenolng at a post planted on the
tfeit Ride ol Kooteuay lake, near KhlnoceroM
point, and marked 3, McKitwon'i B. K. corner
pnst, thenee west 80 chains, theuce north 40
Cbalni, tlience easl 8u chains more or lew to lake
ihore, tbenei alon^ lake ihore lo point of commencement.
Signed I  McKinnoh.
-Sixty days afterdate I intend to apply t�� Ihu
Hon, chief Commissioner of Lands ami Worka
to purchase :W) acrea ol land lu Kire Vallf-v. Weat
Kootenay dlsirlct aud deicrilnil af (oilowi:
Commenolng at a post marked J. K'�� H. K
corner, and running north so chaini, thenee
������ 10 chains, Ihence south KO chains, thlttCe
east 40 chains to pUi. .*i \��� trnih vn- and l��-lne
tbe west one-half tif the B. E. otn--i|iiarter ninl
the east One-ball of (he B. W. tme-ouarler. Hinl
the west one-half of tbe N. K one-niiarltr, and
tht; east ene-half of tlu* *N. W. ouv-<|Unrter nl
Section 31, Township 71,'U. I.
MHrch Wth,l��n. JOHN Ennimt.
-���ixty days after date I intend to apply lo the
Chlel Commissioner ol I.n i\ ',- ;��������� t \V��rks to
SUty days after date 1 iniend lo apply to thi
II *D. the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase loo
acres, more or less, situated in West Koolenay
dlitrlot; Commencing at a poit Plauted midway
on the north boundary of Lot 7011 aud adjoining
o, w corner of bit SU'.;!, tlienco north 16 chains,
ihenco west 40 chains, thena' south 40 chalm,
them* MUt20ohalni. thenee north 24 chalus,
tbenee eut -"J chains to point of coratnencemcut
Located March 90th, 1807. 1. 3, BCAMUK.
purohau the following deeerlbed laud l
in Plre valley distriet ol Weil Kootenay: Commencing at a post plained al lhe H. E. eorn.r of
John Hangs'p'u-einpt lou. thence south H) ehalns,
thenei west 40 chains, thenee nortii so chains,
thence eaat 40 chains to plnee of beginning, containing UO acres.
Located Manh llth, J'JOT
D. A. Mcl'uie, f.o(-Hlor.
J.J   KKI.1.V. Agent.
fr> dnvs after dnte I intend to apply to lhe Hon
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, V_fr
to* la, lo purcliKMi '240 acres of >atid located Id
Flre Vallev and being a portion of flection* IS
and Kiln "TowiislilpO'.'and d'sertbed ah followi:
Commencing at a post plann-d at the aouthwest
eorner of the southeast quarter of wut lon lb
Toulishlp 0M and markeii J. li. H. k. corner,
Un in<< nor'h 40 chains;  thenoi woat GO chaini;
tbenoe nuth to chains; thenoe east go chains to
plac** of beginning.
Nuvemberk��rd 11W6.
J. K. Annahi.k, Agent.
BlXty days after date 1 intend to apply to tba
Honorable fhe chief Commissioner of Landsand
Works, Victoria, to port hase Wo ttnt ot land,
situated on tlu- west sloe of Arrow lake, and de
sen tied us follows: lommeli'lng at a poat trark
cdJ. H's N.K corner and placed at Ihe southwest coruerof Lot 7ttM, (irotip 1, Went Kimtenaj,
and running west to chaltis, tbenoe south K)
ebalns. thenc-? east to ihains to the lako shoie,
thenOfl north along Ihe lake to place of buglnnlng
Mareh 8th, iWJ. J  Haioiii,
J. K. Annahik, Agent.
Blxty dayi after date I intend to Apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Woiks to purebaae the following described
lindi: Commencing at a post planted on the
east side of U*mon (Seek at the moot hot the flrst
nortb fork and marked "Jt.Cooper's southeast
comer."running 80 cbglm wuat, uorth 40ohaini,
east K0 chains, aud k,uth 4o chain- to place of
Datod March 20th. 1007. R Cooi-kb,
J. T. Tli'l'tNO. Agent.
Notice is herehy given that I will apply at Hie
next meeting of the Licence Commlnlonen fot
the City ot Nelion tohavetbeliquor licence ol tbe
Strathcona Hotel   transferred   from  myself lo
Reginald QeorgC Webb of tbe City of Nelion.
Dated this 9th day of March, A.1) , 1907
fl. Tomkinh
Certificate of Improvements
"Argo" mineral claim, situated in tbe Slocnn
City    Mining    Division    of    West    Kootenay
When located: On Springer Greek near the
Arlington Hawmill
Take Notice thai I, Frank C, Green* acting as
agent foi the  Arlington   Mines',  limited'   Free
Miner's CertificateUo. B4A06, intend, ilxty davs
from dete hereof, to apply to t})^ Mining Recorder
for a CeriUlrate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining u <"r:>wn Urant of the ahoy
And further tako notice lh*t lotion, under
toi lion    171    must    he   eommcli ed  before  the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvementi.
Dated this l'jlh nay of December, HMI.
Pt 0. GlggM, Nelson, It. 0.
Sixty days afterdate I Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works    to   purchase    the   following   described
lands: Commencing at a post marked "L  a.
Tipping'* southwesi comer post" and planted
near li. D. Curtls's land, nbout half mile from
Blocan City, ruuning uorth 40 chains, east 'ttt
chains, south 40 rhalUB, went 20 chains to place
of commencement
Dgted Mareh 14lli, W01 It, A. TTPPOIO,
J. T. TiN'lNU, Ageut.
Sixty days alter date I Intend to app'y to tho
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landl and
Worki to purchuM* the following doicrjbeo land
located tn Tin \ alley dUtrbt of weit Kootena) :
Commenolng at a post planted at the 8. W. corner
of John  Bang' preemption, then.e 80  chains
south, theme 40 chains west, thenee 60 cbalni
north, theuce 40 chains easi to place of beginning.
RiCHABO Kkitb. Locator.
J. J. Kklly, Agent,
Career of Former Commander of Fleet
on Pacific Coatt.
Vunoouver, April 8.���Admiral Henry
St. Leger Hury PalHsor, "Fighting Hal"
of tho Royal navy, paasud awuy a few
days ago, at his residence, Hqlnaker,
near ChicheBter, England. Death wna
due to heart failure. The admiral, who
way uu Irishman by hla father's side
anw owned Warden Court, Id County
Waterford, came of fighting ancestors,
who attained to prominence in both
services. As a midshipman ho fought
in the trenches at thc Battle of Inker-
man In the Crimean campaign, along
with his father and two brothers who
wore in the Eighth Hussars. The admiral enjoyed the distinction of being
a fellow middy with the late Duke of
Edinburgh, The deceased wns often in
action. Me commanded tho Pftfllfto
oquadron in these waters shortly before his retirement
The Pallis.''r mnge, tn EaKt Kootenay,
| is named after his cousin, Sir John Pal-
Certificate   uf  IniprovurrientM
Rio Tentc, Orinoco, Queen Victoria fractional
and Ornnco Fractional Mineral Claloif, Hltnnte
in thc Neluon Mining Division of West Koolenay
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
BeaabiV siding.
Take Nollee thai I, Frank C .'Jreen. acting a��
atrent for Michael Rgnn, Krre Mlner'i Certificate
No. bTilS.lhteinl, Hixty dan frott tluidate hereof,
loapply lothe Mining He-or.Ier for Certlfiuatei
of Improveiiieii s, for the porptte of obtaining
OrOWt) ti ratlin of Uie ahoye claims.
And  further take ootid' that  action,   uiuler
���action :n, muil he oomminfed   pefore   the
luuanoe oiiuob Oertlfloatei ol Emprovomenti.
Dated thuSAth day of Jim nary, W07.
K C  Crer*v, Nki-on, B. C-
Certificate ot Improvements
"Portln," "Amon," "iSast Ride No. 2" and "Bat-
tloa Fractional" mineral c'almit, (.iiuated in
the Rloean Cily Mining Dlvlidmi of West Koolenay District
Where located: At head of Hpringer Creek, near
the Arlington mine.
Take Notice tliat I, Frank C Ureen, acting am
agent for the Arlington mine*, Limited] Free
Miner's Certificate No. OWSt, Intend, nixty dayi
Irom th" dale hereof, to app'y lo the Mining fto
oordor lor d Ccitifieate of Impl'tvemclite, nt the
purpose olnhtalning a Crown Grant of the a hove
AJid'urtiier lake notice lhat action, un*'er
leottonlf, muit be commenced before the tutu
euro of ituVh Cerillieale of Improvemeuts.
Dnted  bfn i��tU day w Dercmhor, iWti.
t. C, liMiN, Nelion, B, c
Notl'-'t* if herebj given that 00 dayn alter date I
intend to make appiieatlmi to lhe Honorable tho
Clite  CommlMloner of I-nud.*- and Works, at Vie-
toria for permlMlon to purchue the following
descsllieil.lanrtB: Commenelni: al a poit planted
nt the aoutheast corner of lotS'.i.., group 1, thence
���OUth S0 chalna, thence east 0u chains, thence
north 26 chain*, thence west W) chains to point
ofe.immeneeini.nl, containing IM acres, more oi
NelPoll, March Hth, tttfl, As*MK b, WaDI.
P, Waok, Agent.
Notice is hcreli- given that 00dari alter dale I
Intend tonpply to the Hon the Chief Commli.
���loner of |_*nai t\}0 WorkH. Viciorla, for p*r
mlsMoii to POKUM Uu* [oUowlUI described
Landl Ooipmen< lug nt a Mil at the intersection
ol tin1 mui in boundary of lot SAIS, and easi
boundary ol "Golden Queen"  mineral olalm,
llo uii* east lil.tVi chair.h, u,or" or  less,  to south-
easl corner   post ol lot B30,   thenee nortii 3D
ehalna. more or len. to northeait corner poifof
tOtftPQ.thenoo eut40 rhalns to the southeast
corner post ol lot 2'Ah. ihenee south *4u 'hnlns,
Ibenee Weet 60 chains, more or less to lhe OUt
boundary ot the "tioldeu ijueeu" mlnerul claim.
thenre along cast Ijouiidary "tioldeu Queen"
uilncral claim to polut of commencement. "���
chains, more or less.
Kelion, B.C., March 18,1901.
John chahi.toh,
Per Wm  TOtUMOTOlt, Agent.
i  Kootenay dlatrlet:    coi
narked J. 11. AntiKblc'6 nort
Hixty dayi after date 1 Intend to apply tothe
Honorable toe Chief Commissioner ol Landa aud
Works for permission to purchase thc following
described landi lu   "
menolni at a post nu ^^^^^
ea.st corner post, said po-' belni on the south
side of the Lower Arrow lake, about two mllei
below Burton City; then-e Botilh 30 chains;
thence west 20 ehalna; thenre south '20 chaini;
thenee west 20 chains; thence north -it chaini
and 20 link*, moro Of less to, lhe Inke shore;
thence eaaterly along Iaku40chaius. more or less,
to the place of beginning, containing 10& ncrei,
moro or leu.
Dated tbla 5th day ol November, 1900.
J. B. A SN A BI.K,
per K. I,. BfBNKT, Afr.-nt.
Sixty days aller date I Intend to anply to tho
Hon the (.'blef Commissioner of utnda and
Work|< Vietoria, to purchase 040 acres of :<.v. ��� in
West Kootenay,described an follows: Commencing at a post planted about eight milea up
Hofijuitp creek And joining K. Crosr' application
to purchase, and nmrked C. M's H K. comer,
thence north 80 chains, theuee wut SO chains,
thenee kouth -" chains, tbence cast to chnins to
placeof beginning.
Feb. 16th, 1W7. C. Maiishau.,
J. S   AKSAI.1.K.
OOdav-i after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria to purchase 160 acres of land lu Fire Valley,
West Kootenay district,and described nt* follows:
Commencing at a po"t marked W H Wright's
8. K. corner, and running north HO chalus, theme
weat 20 chains, thence toutb -" 'hnini. Ihcnce
cast 30 chains to plaee of beginning, nud befog
thc west one-hall of the N, K. quarter of Hccium
2ft, mil the west half of tho R. if. one-quarter Of
Soctiou 8.'t in Township 11��.. I.
March 30th, 190.. W, H, Wriout.
BUty days aftor date 1 Intend loapply lothe
Honorable the Chief Commission'*; of Irfinds ami
Works. Victoria to purchase I.1*1 acres ol hunl
In West Koolenay. and d�� scribed as follow/!
ruinux'ticliig at a i��ist planted on the east lide
of Arrow lake at tbe ionthjrait corner of l.'oo*
and marked "J. A. K's N.W. corner," thenco
east 21 chains, Ihence south 40 chains, thenee
ca--t 80chains, thence souih 20 chains to More
heimer's pre-emption, theuce wesl HI eliains i<��
Fauquier s application to purehaae, thence north
tt Cbalni thenee west 20 chalus to lake ahore,
thenoi north nloug the lake ahore lo plaee of
com in* Beemenr
Marcii Uth, 1907. J. A  Kii.lt.
Uxty days afterdate I Intend to apply to the
M. i, tbc Chief Commissioner of l.nnds and
Works, Victoria to purchaie the following <Ie-
scribed Uud: Commencing ���>' �� poo* markedl
M H'sS, W. eoruer. ond planted near the northwest corner of Lot 3H12, about one mile west ot
Slocan river, nml running cast 40 chains toluol.
���LSI, thenee north 40chalns, thence west 4nchalus.
thenee south 40 chains to place of bcgiuninK-
March -3th. 10U7. Mu.pa Hadck,
I'At'i, IIArea, Agent.
Slxlv days after dnle 1 intend toapply to lhe
lion. ('hUl Commlnloner of Lands Hnd  Works
for  permlulon to purobaie the following de-
scrlbc-l propeny at a post iiiaiki-i "ii..*d.S.K.
oorner.' thencu 40i-hiilni north, thenc-4*,ichatns
WBlt, thenoe*0 chnin-* nouth, thonco 40 chains
east to pout of commencement, a relocation of
the abandoned pre-cmnlloti Tte of W <'. Knapp
|Ud II the OMt half ol lhe northwest quarter,
and   Ue west hull of the nortlieast quiirtor ol
Beotlon Ti townihlp 70 Wui Kootonnyoiitrjot, on
lbe   wi'St short: of the lower Arrow lakes, con-
taintne ICo acres, more or less.
Mnrch 1st, llh.T. GMVOB Miltow,
M, U. McQnueiC, .'gent.
Hlxty days nCcr dnte 1 intend lo apply to lhe
Hun. the Ch let Com mlssloner of Landsand Works
Vietoria, B, C , to purchnse 120 acros of land
Hlluatein Fire Valley. We��l Kootonay, and described U follow'-: '' >ni mencing at the northeast
corner of Lot ~-.i'>. anl rutnilng norlh (UlchHlun,
thencecast 20 chan.s, tbenoe touth 00 chaini,
theiiro west BOohatm to plaoe olbeeliinlng.
March 4th, 1907. W. W. BllBL**,
J, K. Annahlk. Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that six tv dayi after dete
llntend to apply tothe Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for the rlcht io purchase thc following described lands: (um-
mcuciug al a post marked '*M. -I Cameron's
N.W. corner pnst" planted al the MV. corner of
the K. and h. block, No. 868, running Mil 120
uhalns; thence sou h l.Onll feet, moreor less to
thc Cl* R. line, thence wesi 120 chains to tbfl
Arrow Lake; ihenc norlh iooo feet following
the shore of the Arrow Lake to the polnl of com
Daied this 1Mb day Ol February, 1M0..
i. M. CAMKroN, Agent.
Hixty days afler date I intend to apply tothe
Chlel Commluloner of I-ands and Works for
permission to purchase the following denrlbed
lands in Kootenay District, about three quarters
of mile Irom Thrum's siding :   Coiniuiin ing ^l a
rst placed at the H. W. corner of J, 689*% group
West Kootenay Distriet; Ihenco westerly
following tbe north boumlarY of L 4.MW, 40
chains; thence north 10 chains; thence east 40
ehalns, more or  lct.��, to tho   N,  W    comer of
follow I Of t
nore or les
ol tXfi~   ID chalus. more or less, lo pirn
'red, itn "in or leflS.
unber. PJ0C.
ii. ii. I'tiTH,Looetoi.
ClV'icemcnt, lonlalntng 4o nc
Dated thla 6th day of Deceir
Inteml to
is hereby given that AU du;.: utter date. I
,d to apply to tb�� Hon "
sioner of Lands and  Vockl
i) days utter <
he Chief Coi
ply to the Hon. thc Chief Coinmis-
 ^^^^^^ '���. Victoria, B.C., for
fiermlsslon to purchase llie following described
an<lu lu Wost Koolenuy district: Commencing
at a post plauied at the Ho,ilhwcst corner of!ut
7701. Rrouji 1, nnil ruiniin. ifo chains to tho Houth-
eutoornerol lotTW, froup 1, then in nn outer*
ly direction U chuiiiM, theu  uorih   90  chains,
then west K) chains lo point of oomm��nceniont,
cqptftiniBt W neres more or less,
located Febrrury llth. iwi7.
I'uit.if Wai.i, Locator.
BlXtf days alter date \ intend lo apply to th*
Bon. Ohlflf C'lmmtusioiioi* oi Ctinds and Worki,
Victor in, to pureliBHe 42*J aeres of land in West
Konteutiy, deioribed us follows*. CommonotoK
at a pnt i*i in'i '. up MoHqmio oreek, nbout ��� hrht
miles from the mouth ainl marked K, Cross'SW,
corner, ihence north Ml chains, ihence 40c1ihIiih
easi, tnehoe fm chains south, thenco (Oobalni
west tb plnee of beginning
Feb. liilh, 1U07. E. ( uu.d.
Sixty days nfter dnte I intend to applv to Iho
Hon- Cblel Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase ISO acres of bui 1, In Flre
Valley, wut Kootonay, and deivlbed as loilotaii
Commencing nt a post planted at Wal'wr lmU'a
northwest corner and marked A. B's H. ��.. eoruer,
and running north ���*��������� chnins, '.hence west HO
ohalni, tbenco iouth 6n ebalni. tli��nceeait Wl
chalna to place ol beginning, and iH-tug part ol
Beotloni 34 nu'l f\'i in Township 71 and a portion
ofSeotlonfll mdaio XownahirfW,Group t.
March ��h, 1UU7. A. Iml,
S. ��,. AnVaWLK. Agent,
Notice ls horeby given ihnt SO dins afler date I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Himiiihislouor
of Landu ami Works for permlulon to purchase
thv following deaorlbed lnnds, situate in West
Kooteuny dlsirlct: Commeneing at h post marked J. L. Porter." N. W. comer, thuice south  BO
chains following the eutern boundary of H.
Bolous applicnlion  lo pUrehuej thenc e'enst 4u
chainv;   thenee north BDchllOl) Ihenee we-d 40
chnins to point of commencement, containing
8*0 acres moreor less.
Datad thla Uth day ol March, 1907.
J. L. PouTSR.
Sixty days arter date I Intend to apply lo the
Honorable thc Chief Commisaloner oil-nod* and
Works, VtotOfl*) to purchase the lollowlng
deserlbed lands in West Kootenav district:
Commenolng at a post planted at the eJt, coiner
of Win- Lnvelt's purchase L769C and maiked
"K. M.rf's N.K corner," and running south 60
ohelnf, thenoo west 40 chains, ihence north 60
ohelni, tbenoe eut 40 ohelni to place of beginning and containing 240 aerea.
Mareh Bth, 1W7. E. M. Shaw,
J.K. Annauli, Agent.
Sixty days nfier dato 1 intend toapply to tha
Hon the Chief Commissionerof Lauda and Works
Victoria, to purchase 040 aeres of land in Wcsl
Kootenay (Ilatrict: Commenciug si a post
planted about bmbes from the mouth of .M. ���
(|iilto creek and abont one mile weit of the satf
creek and murked "H.H.B'sf��.W corner." ami:
running north 80 ohelni, Ihenee east 80 rhiu*.*-
thence houth M chaiua, thence west 80 chalu ta
place of beginning.
March lfith, 1BOT. II. II. BOSS.
J. i   Annahlk, Ag��it.
Blxty dtyi after date I Intend to apply to tbo
Hon. thfl Chef Commissioner of Landl and
Works. Viclorbi, to purchase lltf) acres of laud, ll
Weat Koolenay. described as followi: MB'
mencing at I pont planted about B miles "P
-Musoullo t reek Irom Ibe mouth and markt'd
"A. d." N W. eoruer, thencu aouth 80 ofiattis.
thenoe OUt 40 chains, theuce north 80 chain*,
thence 40 chains west to place ol tieginnlng-
F.-brunry 16th, 1907. A. GUwBi
J. K. A.NMi.i.t.. Agent.
Hlxty days after da'e l Iniend to applv tolb��'
Hon 'he Chlel Commissioner of Laiiili and
Works, Vietoria, to pUT-abUOB40 acres of lind, iu
West Kootenay. dcsertla-1 ai follows: Cnm-
laeiieiiig at a poM marked  "D. H."  N.K. corner.
and belni st the N.w. rorner of a. Hrahan'i
appltcalion lo purchase which ll iilwnl 8 inlU"i
no .MoMjulto Creek from Ihe moulh and run
nlng 80 ehains  south,  thence   SO   chaini  we*",
thenoe BOobalni north, tbenoe w ohalni*out to
plnee of beginning.
February ltith, 1 _**r7
D. nt'FTOS.
J. It. ANNUAtK, Agent'
Sixty .lays al*t t date I iniend to apply lo tbfl
Honorable Uio Chiel Commissioner of Undi ami
Works, Viciorla. to purchaie 80 acres of land
loenied nu the west sldo oi Arrow lake and de-
U-t oribid ns follows: Commencing at a pMl
marked t* A's N. K. corner, and planted 40chains
uo'tb of tlm southwest eorner ol I^ut 7104, (troop
I, West KoO'enay. and running south 40 cbalm*.
theneo west '20 chains, tlience north 40 chains,
'henee easl 20 ohalns to place ol beginning
March Uth, 1907. p, annaiu.i:.
J. E. Ahuabi.b, Agent.
BlXty dayi aller date I Intend toapply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Lands nml
Works lor permission to pun'husu the following
described land in Wost Knoiotmy: ('oinmenCUif!
at a pout aboul one and a quarter miles 0\) from
layonbo Landing,and marked.nulla Bradley'*
���a., uni,.   i ;ui*i un:   mm   nun ceo  i,i'i/ii   nrauiej ��
I, B corner, thqnee north 80 chalna. Ihence west
11S. Ihenee   snutb L-UelmlnK. t l,.n *.i*-l -' '
Hnyonno Landing
 , ���icure utiiiii nuumbij menu: ��*
-   .hnlns, thenee south iii chains, thence east
cheiio to utlnt "f ''omi.icnceinent.
Mnrch viud, 10OT.     (Hlgned) BffLU BMHUT,
HoiiKnT Uoihnson, Agent.
Hlxty duys liter dale I intend to apply tott*
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ofLanda en1*
Works for l i-:-miis-  to iiiirehnse the   folU>wln-E
deserlbed land iu West Kooteuny : < niitii\��tieiiik
nl | ihini planted on the uorih bank idSuiiiitiii
OreoJt, about three QUirteriOl �� mile Ironi BlOUtB
of creek, anrt marked Kva Cull's W. K. corner.
Ibenee  m rlh  90 chains,  thenee   i,lf:  wi'lim1*'
thenoe aouth 20 ohalm, thence ettn BoMIm '"
point of commencement,
March SSudt iao7. tfUgutd} Kva cuu-,
RruiKHv Rrj-MNso-N, Agent.
BUty dnvs afler "late 1 Intend In apply lo th��
Hon ihe Ohlal Coinmlssiounr of Lands nti"i
WorkH for [iTini'slon to purchn>e the followlm;
described land In West Kootenav:  CnniW��uciiig
It a put planted od the iouth hank of summit
' reek, a'nut < no mile fiom mouth of creek, ID0
miuked "It. Itoblniion'fi N W. oorner," theiici'
aouth Hit phalni, thonco oaat 40 chalna, thetmj
north 80 ohaini, tbenco west 4ft chains to point oi
March !Und, 1007.
(Signed) Robut Bowhion
in iwMMtmm Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
it float in
(miik "1 Bo
I,*raii. Locator.
wn-icoii I hy ��lven lhat 80 dayi after data 1
Inland to appli   Wtho lion, the Chief c<.mmU-
Kf of Undi and  Works,   Victoria,  lor   per-
,  -,,,nt ami carry a ��ay   Umber from   the
Suowlni deurlbed Unds in West Kootenay:
i ommenetni ai a put planted about eighty
t,i *.>. ���) ol rlo moUtb of aureka creek, where
lo Barnes oreek< and on tho north
���.._��� i r..k. anl marked H. A.Lallile'H
nrner poit, thence west eighty chain*,
tbuei north eighty ehalns, thenc-east eighty
ctaiim, tbenoa south eighty chains to point ol
 ut . ,
j,., i Ian ZMh.WW   ii A. Lamia, Locator.
1    ommem mg il �� post plented east of and
adjoining U * l,a':M- r. location pott No. 1, ami
imirked '���- A- Lturic'h loulhwest corner post of
Ko [location, tbence eut eighty chalna, thenca
north eighty chains, tbenoe weel eighty cbains,
uth eighty ebalu to point of common-
. A. Lxt'RIK, Locator.
Commenelni at a put planted about eighty
chains south ol Kureki creel where it Hows into
Bsrnei creek, ami marked (J A. Laurie's eoulb-
weit corner poit. on location ****-o. 8, thenco cut
eighty chains, ihenee north eighty chains, theuee
west sight] chaini, Men*, south eighty ohalna
to polnl otoomminoea
Dated Ian. tWO, UB)
i    Commencing at a post  planted   south  of
i ind adjoining U   A   Uurle'i location HO, I, gad
marked ������   \.   lurle'i northwait oorner poet,
lbence eail 80 chains, thenei  Mmth  BB chains,
thence weit BO cbalm, thence norih IB chalnn
In noiiil of 000119101 IBM Bl
Dited/an Mth,WOT. <��� t. Lac bib, Locator,
I   ��� omtnendng   at ���*  poit   planted  eighty
cbalni east and fortv cimim-, south of loeatiou
posl Ko 4, ind marked "A    11. Page's MiulhwesL
corner |��'-i of liM-ation No. fi, thence cast elghly
-.balni, thenre north eighty chain*, thence west
light; chalm, tbenw uuth eighty chains to
[Mint of commenoement
Wiili Jan 36th, 1*71.    W H. Paob, 1/icator.
b    Commencing sta post plnnted   sooth   ol
mil adjoining location So   5, and marked w. II.
Plgl'l   DOrthWUl   DOmei   poit id   loeatiou No ft.
Mil eight] chain*, tbeuce south elghtv
rbaloi, tbenoe wesl eighty ohalni, thenee north
m.-'.ity rhaiiit t.i poi it i ol commencement.
Dated bm. Mth, wot.     W, ll. Pan, Ixwator.
:.   Commencing   nt   a   post   planted   eighty
rhsinsuil and twenty chaini aouth of location
posl No ft, and morked <i. A, 1-a'irle's ntm th west
i rnerpoMol looatlon No 7, thencecast eighty
ri.slnti, theuce uorili eighty chains, tbenei weti
eighty chatna, thenoe miu in cignty chains tu
point of commeneemi nt
Dated .Lm. Mtb, 1997,  0 a. LAt'Hti. Locator.
I Commencing at a post planted eigbty
Cbalm east ami eighty i halus south  of location
poetNo.., and narked Q.A Laurie's southwest
enrner pan ol location No. a, Ihenee east
balni. tbenoe nortii eighty chatm, theuce
west eighty cbalni, thenoi sou;b eighty chaini
to polnl ol r--.mnieneeu.eut.
Ut .1 Ian  Mtfa, IWI.   ������- A   LaTRII, locator.
I. Commencing at  i post  planted   eighty
Ihllmeill and .Iglity chalus south ul location
Sn -. ami marked G A. Uurie's southwest
Cornel ol loutlon Ho, 9, thenee east lfiochalns,
thenoi north W chalna, thenee wut IBB ebalni,
tin* tut *oiiihtOehai tn lo-point olcnmmeticoment
bated Jan Mth, IWI.   Q A. Lacbik. Locntor.
10  Commencing at a noil planted abonl six
'��� ��� an Barnes creek from the mouth of
Rurekacreek where it flows lain Barnu creek
Id i loutheaiterly direction, and marked i*. A.
��� louthweit corner post of location No
tbenn eut eighty chalna, thanw north eighty
cjittins, thenee wait elghly chains, ihence south
elgiiiy cbalm to point of eommeneement.
Datod Jan. 2��tb, Wot.   (i. A. Lauhii, Locntor.
IL -Commenelni st a post planted eighty
ehaimeaitol location No. IB, and marked <T. A
ti�����in.- - *.,:i\:,v,,..\ .-orner pom ,d location No 11.
luence eut eigbty chains, tbence north eighty
'hence wen eighty Ohalna, tbeuoe toutb
eighty chains to point of commencement.
filed Jin.Mtb, iwj.  0. A. Lai-rii, Locator.
Il-Cotamenclngii a pout planted soutb ol and
MJ Inlng location No 11. nnd marked W. H.
i ige i northwest corner post of location No. 12,
ihenco eut eighty coalni, thence loutb eighty
ehalni, thence weil eighty chains, tbence north
eigntj chaini to point of oommenoement.
Dite 1 Jan. 28th. 1907.     VV. H. Pauk. Lo.-ntor.
i -commencing at a twst plained eighty
jnaini eut and eighty ehalni south of location
mVm�� *     "���rked fi   a. Uurie's nortbweit
r L,l '?,"" "' ''"'"'bm No. 13. tbence east eighty
c is in, t unci- souih Glibly ehalns, th- UM west
n.t.i,/"lm' lh,"('" n,,r,h eighty chalnn  to
point of eomminoement.
I'HtcUsti ��th,1907.   ti  A. Lacbik. L
and. i T* "'��KI * YoU planted north of
���n" "joining location No. It, and being marked
Ni, i'i ti ' *"llll��*��t eoruer post of location
v-\,.,t\:'"''"'"''y1 'ighty chnins, tbenee north
*.,',,, i? imm!a,'.thMBi wut eighty chaiiii, thence
���"'tn eighty ehain*. to point.., comiuencement.
[>*�����"<������ Jan. aitb. mn.   u. A. Lai-me. Locator.
i*u'i,.-!l,",".,!!'l"^!'l( ���*' * P��"t plnnted elghly
J* ��u'0orth ol lo.-nii,,n No. l-l nnd marled W.
r.   nr,.,, 'M corner post ot location No
cijh���,",'". '���'��������� bty Ohaini, thence north
srathebh   ,V(U,:'��"'west ei.; Iity * ballll, theme
>��   giit> i-hitiu to point of eomminoement.
| *<-* '��n nth, lw.    W. h. p*u��. Locator.
chslM�����lUl��DiCl(>B ttt n Post plnnted eighty
| ��� iniout of location No. It. and marked 8. a.
I,, tin-,,"'"'"' '""ier p-mtof loenllou No,
piit luv .���iai.*,,'V, vl*K1,l>' cbains, thenco north
sfMiiiiei**-      ,1,;",t' *Mt l'Uhty ohalni, thanw
".nt. riiKlin. i��� ,Hll���, ���( coiunn-ncement.
��MWtl Jsn. 29, IW.    q, A UvMlti Locator.
����"'l ii'lj'',Vmn'Jl,'l!:*; .nt t l">Ht Pl*��l��d KUft ot
U. rles       Vn',L,ll,n N"* iB. ami marked ti. A.
". une! ,"l'w'-' 1M,ru"r putollooatlon fu
elihtr chain. !i.*l,t"tJr  ohalna,   theneo  south
��������'��'�� ";    ^���"-���'���'Kbty ehalus. thence
k"> i imins in point of eommeucement.
-U";;,,N" -,1!'*l>i;     ,, A   1A,.MK, locator.
�� lhal ii,ir.ffrt.,..-_nl,rrtat0 i intend
oiuniisBlouer of
..,    . C., for a special
1 CUry awny UmU'r Irom the
b'lippli ti*   lll'-*ty days after f
lltwuo rn ��.? ,*lVlotor���� 'V('-
followih i Aim!, l.1"1 c'*rr>' awny llmlier in-m the
i .,:,������,,. .? riU'* l��tids in \l,'^t Kootenay:
1,1  'li'  hn,ti," ",  !1 f""u  Plnnted  2u cluilns west
,i]iN|[ii   - uiit>i ,,,r||.,r 0| U|| ilit Miid at thc
chllni 'iiii-ii,    'r "'  Lot 7:s,t* thenee eaBt 10
''"'���us thenrS !i""th 40 oh��*?*i Ihcnce out 40
���is. ti \\.n' , "���""' �� '"bains, thence eUt H"
'��iUk I, ,'-, ri1! '"OhaUll, tbence west iai
'-""em,. ,   .   *"!'Ul �� oh��lM to place of com
i m. i onutnlng 540 acres more or lew.
Uftwd March ��th, lwj,
��� *jjUoi is bereb
y flyea that thirty days aftor
iSSSa l" BB
rof .Huds and Works, Victoria, for
1" bilbiwuo. ,i,.1 .."\ V"rr>' "WHV tlmbw from
lUlHet:      ��� ,l(*l'rll,l!'i hinds in Wen Kootenay
"marteno?n 1__.i__WWIS!*|I ttt "post three*
"""���riv.* . ' "I! )[1^, Mi���� creek, ou Koot-
,nM,,r l"M     1,   I^V'^'Hnm Walmsley's H h.
c qi   ,.��� ',,   VL1.1-' lW,,nH,HtllH west, thenco 4i.
ch,ll���� lo i     ,���XKSSJS cbains oast, thoueo 40
Loonbu. iS   |l. Ul ,,( beginning,
""��nic,t March sth, nur?      ,UK-
Wtu.it**, Wai.msi.bv. Locator.
Uttlt  No   i    n s��k��an, Agent.
^*'"���-��� <|imr era d 1'0l��']'MI,,lnK  at a post   abonl
x ;!l'i*Mu Wu sieUv .��� IV Jil"' lu"1 merkod
'��� I'linn v,..t ,{    '        '��� ^mor post ilience lfii
1   ,:, ?'     V'r��''"ains souih,   h��nn    '
glnSSJ1 l',uid *>clialu�� north to
Ljtaaxl Ufkroh'8lh, I9ti7
WiLLuai \VAi,MsutY, Locator.
P. UHaiUN, Agent.
��� polntof bo-
Take uoliec thnt .'to days after date I inlcnd to
apply tothe Hon the Ohlll Commissioner of
Landl and Worki, Victoria, for a special lb-enow
to cut and carry awny timber frnm the following
descr.bnl land, in Weit Kool-imy: Commenciug
at a post planted nt Kokniiee Hiding, on Hand
Polut, ou iouth sido West Arm of Kootonay
river about U mllei east of Nelson, B C, marked
"C. K Wnlmsley'i N.K. corner post," thenoe HO
chalna iouth, tin nee m chains west, thenee 80
ohalni north, thanoa u ohalni to point of oom*
meneemen'. oontainlng NOaoreii mor�� or leu.
Located March Mtb, DOT.
Oajii, F. Wai.mblby,
P. Hheiiak, Agent.
Take notice that! Intend thirty days afterdate
lo apply 11 thc Hon. the Chlel ''ommiitalouer of
I.aui- an.) Works for a special license toeut ami
parr? away timber irom thc following described
lands, sltualcd east . i Hog creek, In tbe district
ol West Kootenay: Commencing at a poll mark
ed 'The Boundary Lumber Company'! northweit
corner post." planted about a mile enst of the
Columbia and western railroad, and about three
miles totiib of the Big Tunnel, thence 40 chains
south, thence 0U ebalni east, thence 40 chain*
south, thence 100 chains east, thence 40 ehalni
north, thence HO chains west, thence 40 chains
nortb, theuce 80 chains weit to point of com.
Hat. i 4th March, 1907. J <itxr.; :.i.
Agent for Thc Boundary Lumber Co.
Tan- notice thnt I Intend thirty dnyi nfier date
to apply lo lhe Hon the Chief Commissioner of
Lands aod Works for n speclnl license to cut and
carry awav Umber frum tbe following described
lands, situated on Hog creel, in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at n post planted on tho
eaai aide of the Colombia and Western railroad,
on or about ton chains east, ami marked "lho
Boundnry Lumber compnuy's post," and about
a mile aud a half south of tbe Big Tunnel, tho
northweit corner, thence running nouth lfio
cbains, thence oast 40 (hnlns, ihence north 160
rhalni. thanee w..st ��> ehalni to place ol com-
Dated Mnreh tth, UOT, J OgHBLLE.
Tnke notice that I intend, tbirtr tinyn nft*r
dnte, to ni.ply to the Hon the Chief Commlnsion-
er of Lands aud Works for a special LloenM to cm
and earn nwny timber Iiom the lollowlng deserlbed lnnds, sltunteil on Handy creek, ln weit
Kootenay district: Commencing at n ixist planted on the west side of Hnndy creek and called
J. P. B'g southwest corner poat, tbence running
east Ivi ohalna, thence north 40 chains, thenee
wesl 40 obnlni, thence north HI chains, thence
west 40 chains, theuee south l��) chaini to place
of commencement.
Hated this ��th day ol March, 1H07.
J. Y. IWUDBIM, L-wntor.
Notice Is hereby given that HOdaTI alter date i
Intend to apply to the Honorable lhe Cblef CommlMloner of Unds and Works for n s]ioclal
llceuse toeut aud carry nwny timber from Uie
following described lands ntunted on the west
���ide of Big Bhaap CraaC Vatliy: Commencing
nbout three nnd a half miles north of thc luter-
nallmial l>oundary Hue and about one and a
half miles west of the Nelion and Port Sheppard
Hallway company's land grant in the district of
West Kooteuny:
No. 1 -Commencing at a post planted two
miles west of Big Hheep creek, known as the
south well coroer post, JOUiingJ, &. Crautob'l
limber clitim No. I, claiming 80 chains north,
tbence HO chains enst, thence SO ehnins soulb,
tin*:i-c MUchaini west to polntof commencement.
I>K-nted March Slst, 1907
No '2.���('ommenclng at n post planted at the
southwest corner of locntlou No. 1, known as the
northwest comer poetof loenllou No. 2, claiming
HO chains iouth, thenee 80 chains enst. then e 80
chains north, thence 80 chains weat to point of
Located March 21st, 1907.
No. 3���Commencing at n post piaeed half n
mile west o( location No. 2, known ai the southeast corner, claiming So chains north, thence 80
chalus west, thehev 80 chains south, thencu 80
chains east to point of commencement.
No. 4 ���Commencing at a pnit planted at tho
southeast corner of locntlon No. 3, known as thc
northeast eorner, claiming 100 chains south,
thence 40 chaini west, thenee <���>' chains north,
thence40cbains cast to "point of commencement.
Locoted March 21it, 1907.
J. P. t>WBT)IIEBO, I.O'iitor.
K. T. Kxgbi.sk j in, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that S) dayi from date
I intend toapply to theHon Cblef Commissioner
of 1 .mnl- and \\ orks for a special license to cut
aud carry ftway Umber Irom the following described landl In West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted on tbe north
bank or 10 Mile creek, about one mile and a hnlf
from Klocan lake, marked K Strand's northwest
corner post, tbonce cast lfio cbains, thence south
4ti chalus, thenee west 160 chains, tbence north
40 chaini to point of commencement.
Dated tills 21st day of March, 1907.
��. 8-rBAHn, Locator.
Notice is hereby given thnt 30 dan alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the ('hief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, for a
special license to cut and wry away timber
Irom the loiiowing deicrlbed land in West Kooteuny :
Comineuclng nt a pont plnnted about eight
milei Irom the mouth of Oogt creek, and where
It Hows into the Slocan river and aboul six
chains from lhe creek upon thc r-outb bank,and
joining 0, "- Hlttle's location on the west line
snd marked F. Batle's louthcast corner post,
thence west IflO chains, theuee north 40 chains,
thence ea-t KKi chains, ihence south 4u chains to
point of eommeneement
Located March 28th, 1907
Jarr Batt, Ixwator.
perC p. Him*. Agont.
Notice is hereby given thai 30 days alter due I
Intend to apnl* tO Hie Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Landl and Worki, Victoria, for a
ipeolal lleenie to i ut and carry away limber from
the lollowlng deicrlbed land in West Kootenay :
��� ommenclng at a pO*t pbiuted about six miles
from the mouth of t-Joat crc-k aud where it flows
Into Slocan river, and about IR chnlna from the
oreok. upon ibe south bank and martw q li
Hlttle's southeast corner post, tbence west Inl
chains tbence north 40 cbalni, them- oasi 180
chains, th-nre lOUth 40 chatm to point of com
0, B. Hit i.b, Locator.
The Dally Canadian
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days afier
date 1 intend to applv t . tbfl Hnn the Chief
Commissioner of Unds and Works, ut \ Bl rla,
for a Miecml license to cut and carry away timber
irom the following described lands in Wes
Kootensv,   that   Is  to say:     ��� omnuncing   at
lliiMcrufiH   and  ���aoharmarhorn'i  post ho   *,
running tbence easi 80 cbalni, theme lOUtngO
ebalm, tbenee west 80 cbalni, tbence   norlh to
chains to point of eommeucement post No. 3,
coutnining OP) acres of land, more or less.
Dated at Creston,B.C., thW22nd day of March,
AD,,1M7, qko. mwaopr,
Notice li borebv given that thirty dnys alter
date I Intend to apply tothe Hon. thd blef om-
mlHRioner of Lands nnd Works, at Victoria,
for a special license to.ui and can ynv.ay umw
from iho foUnwlng deicribc I lands in TOI
Koolenay, thnt 1�� to uyi Commencing nt a
P int 80 chaius east of die nortbweit opriMtoi
lhiiomltand S'hcrnierhorn * p *' ha. i.fW'
niiiR sotKli 40 cbains to nost -o 2, the WW
ensl 80 Ohalni, thence nortb to ebalni. hence
we-t 80 ohalns, lbence lonlh BO chnins to place ol
cominonccmetit post So. 2, contnlnlng MO acres,
'"dmcIi at Creiton, B.C., this ��nd day of March,
A't)" mi f)KO   BWCBOltj
J, C   i-CllKKMKKlJOItN.
Library Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Nelnon
Library A8B6olatlon will be held In the
OOlUlQll chumbur Wednesday ailernoon
at 4 o'clock. A full attendance is requested.
Fair Director!.
A meeting of the directors of the Neluon Agricultural und Industrial Assocla.
Uon will bo held in the city hall tomorrow night at 8 o'clock, to receive re-
porta on priie Huts.
School   Inspectors.
Owing to Uie Illness of J. D, Olllla,
Inspector of public schools for Kooteuny, Inspector Wilson, of Victoria,
mnde a trip Into Bftst Kootenay. Mr.
Wilson returned last nglht and left for
Victoria this morning,
No Hotel Room.
On account of the rush of travel and
the limited accomodations In Nelson,
the Hume Hotel Billiard room has had
to be surrendered to commercial travellers for ubo as a sample room. Today
the billiard and pool tables, window
sills and even chairs are piled high with
samples of clothing, boots and shoes,
and fancy goods.
School Plana.
Dr. Arthur has received a letter from
C. W. Murray, secretary of the Vancouver board of school trustees, stating, in
reply to Dr. Arthur's Inquiry, that the
plans in the Vancouver board's possession cannot he loaned to another board
without the consent of the archtects,
Such was the opinion of Mayor Gillett
when the suggestion to apply to Vancouver was fir.-d mooted. The only
harm resulting is about a week's delay.
A meeting of t;i joint committee of
school board ant! council will he called
for tomorrow or Wednesday evening.
Tike notice thnt thirty days uft.-r dite 1 intend to apply tothe Hon. Chief Commissioner ol
Landi and Works ui victoria. B. 0.. for a ipeclal
license Ut cut and carrv away timber Irom the
bdtowini ii'**-* rr.,i .11 mel- ir, Ains*orth division:
Ciiiuiaenc'tig Ht a poet marked Chu. K. Walmsley's sionlhinat post, thenee north 80 chains,
tbence e*st to chains, llion'-e aoutb BOchalm,
thence west BOebaini to point ol commencement
the said Und I., iiu: situated on tbe east side of
Case ole creek, about *}_ milea south ol the l-ir-
denu river.
Located March 12th, WI.
Chai. F Wauuley, Locator.
P. mi vi*. w Agent.
2���Commcncina at a post marked Chas. F
Wslmslcy's northwest post, thence soutli 80
chains, thenoi east to chaius, thenc north 10
Ohalni, thenn west ao chains to -point ol commencement, tbe said land being situate on thc
cast tide of Ciieade creek, about eft miles south
of Lardeau mer.
Located Mareh 13th, Iftff.
Ciiai. 1". Wai-hhlky, Loealor,
P. Phebaw, Agent.
s��� Dommanelna &1 i p��>t marked Chai. F
WaliuhK'v'f lonuiweat iMist. thenee south 80
chains, thenee cast 80 cbalni, lbence north 8*'
chains thence west HO chains to polntof com-
meueemeut, the said land being sltuale on the
oast side of Cascade creek, about 4\. miles iouth
of I*rd au rlter.
Located March Iith. ISO.
Chai K. Walmsley. Locitor,
��� P. SHBKAN, Ageut.
Notice is herebr given that thirty dayi after
date I inteud to make application to the Honor-
aide Chiel Commissioner ol Landl and Worki et
Victoria. B.C., for a ipeclal license toeut end
carry awnv timber from the following deicrlbed
lamle in West Kootenay district:
' un mencing at a jiost planted about twoitllei
and a quarter up a leathern tributary of the
Little Aoeao tint, on the creek commonly
known as Boulder creek, nnd a quarter of i mile
from the Forka, and marked A L. Stewart's
southwest corner tost, thence north 80 ehalni.
thencecast ������" chains tbence aoutb *>ehalns,
tbence west SOchains to place oi commencement
Notice is hcrecy given that 30 daya alter date 1
intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Cnlet Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut and carry awuy timber from the
following deaeribed linda in West Kootenay dis-
Commencing at a post planted about two and
a quarter miles up a southern tributary of the
Little blocan river, on the creek commonly
known as Boulder creek, und about a quarter of
a mile from tbe Forks, aud marked A.L Stewart's
no'lheast eorner post, theuce south 160 chains,
th-nee west 40 chains, thence north lGOchaiua,
thence east 40 chains to place of commencement.
Dated ibis 1st day ol April, 1*17.
a. L Stew art, Locitor.
Notlco Is hereby given that 80 days after date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to cut and carry timber from the following described lands, sltunteil In the valley of
Bit Sheep Creek, commenelni! 3}.*j miles north of
tbe international boundary Hue, Joining the
Halloa and Fort Shoppurd Uailway Company's
land grant in tbe district of West Kootenay:
No. J.���Commencing at�� post planted at the
northeast corner of A. H. Christie'* pre-emption,
claiming 40 chalna south along tbo east boundary of A l>. Christie's pre-emption, thence east
60 ebalns, to Nelson and Fori Sheppard survey
line, ihcnce north M chains, thence west 100
chains, tlience sou h 4o chains, tiuuee east 4u
chalna to point nl oom neneemant.
Ideated March Mrfl, MD*       J. 1', Bwanaaao.
No. ^.-Commencing al a post plHUted at the
hou ib weal corner of location No. 1 on the cast
boundary line of A. n. Christie's pre-emption,
''.aiming IW chain- south along thc east boundary Une of I. It Cranston's pre emption, thence
���10 chains east, lolhe Nelson and Fori Sheppard
survey line, thence HU) ehulns, north, tbonce 40
chaius weti to poiti' of commencement.
Located March Bird, UOT.
J, p. BWBDHIM) I-ocator
Nollco ls hereby given tbat thirty days after
date I inieml loapply to the Hon. the Chief Com-
mlnlonef of Unds and Works, at \ Ictoria,
for a special licence to cut and carry away timher from the following described lands in Weit
Kooiennv, that is to sny: Commencing at a
Mil planted U chains easl of the northeast
corner of block   111,   (post marked 812 K   6 ,1
thanoa running out BD onalni, thence south eu
c'lalns thence west 80 chnlna. thence north 80
chains' to   location post No. 1, containing 640
acre of land, moro or less, .��,___*,
Hated at Creston, B.C, this 82nd day of March,
iitto. Etnoaon,
j. c. Bchermkhhorw.
Take notice that I Inteml i hlr y days after
date lo applv tn the Honorable the thief UOffl*
mtHloner of Landl and Works for a special
licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands, situated on Sandy
Creek, In West Kootemiy dlBtrlct: Commencing
nt a posl planted on the west side, of said creek,
aud marke l "J. P. H's" northwest comer; lbence
running Miutb eighty chains; thencu east eighty
chains tbenee nortb eighty cbains; thence west
ettfhty chains to place of commencement.
*    ' '. P. bWUnSi
Dnted this PJth day of Febnouy, 1UU7.
Notice is hereby given that 3:> days afler'data
I intend toaeply W tho Honorable tbo Chief
Co ,misslouer of Lnnds and Works, Victoria.for
Bi |a licence to cut and carry awey timber
irom the lollowlng described pice * of land in
Weat Kootenay dlitrlet! commencing at a rout
nbinlcd J0 cbains Iroiu the cast alio e ot Upper
1 rr. v {��* and lOJoinlnii block BW on the south
,uid  nmrked   "Ohaa.  hhl's" northwest  corner,
enoeiouth ��' chaini, then'-a cast 8ti chaini,
Sence uorrt 80ohalni, thence west 80 ehains to
point of oommencement.
Dated the ill. day of March, WW, ^^
Big Electric Plant at Kakabeka Falls on
Kaminittiquia River Now Ready
for Operation.
Fort William, April 8.���A project
long dlacuBHed and variously conaldered
haa at last been cryatallzed Into fact
by the Kamlniatlqula Power Company,
and thiB town ls now being supplied
with electric energy generated at Kakabeka Falls, on the Kamlnlstisqula river,
25 mileB weBt of Fort William. The
power Ib transmitted to the town by
two lines on a single right-of-way, and
la there distributed from a substation.
The electrical equipment, which was
manufactured and Installed by this Canadian General Klectrlc company. Is
of the most Improved and modern pattern. The buildings nre absolutely fireproof, being built entirely of structural
steel and reinforced concrete, and the
plant as a whole will bear favorable
comparison with any of its kind In tho
At the generating station the installation comprises two 5,000 k.w., 4,000
volt, three phase alternators, each direct connected to a 6,786 h. p. twin reaction water turbine; two 150 k.w., 125
volt, direct current generators, each dl-
rect connected to a 250 h.p. turbine and
two banks of three transformers each,
each transformer of 2,200 k.w. capacity
of air-blast type, 2,300 to 14,475 volts.
The electrlcy is conducted in leaden-
cased cables laid In tyle ducts underneath the floor from the generators to
selector switches, located fn cells near
the transformer air chamber. For
handling the heavy parts of the machines a 35-ton Nile crane has been Installed. The crane motors are supplied
with current from the exciter generators.
The switchboard Is thoroughly up-to-
date ln the manner of control, and also
in the apparatus used. No voltage
higher than 125 volts Is found near It.
The transformers are set ln concrete
cells in a gallery beneath the 4,000 volt
buses and the current transformers are
placed on the concrete shelves ln similar cells behind the high tension oil
It Is dlfflcult to realize what the Installation of this Important plant really
means to the town of Fort William and
Port Arthur. Admirably located at the
extreme end of Canada's extensive
system of waterways, these towns bid
fair to become great industrial .centres,
were It not for the difficulty ot the fuel
supply owing to the great distance from
the coal fields. Now that an abundant
Bupply of electric power ls available nt
reaBonable rates the growth of these
towns should be materially accelerated.
Already a number of big Industries are
nearing completion, while several others are projected. These comprise the
Altokan Iron company, the Canadian
Northern Coal and Ore Docy company,
the Melsel Manufacturing company,
said to a branch of the Port Huron
Harvester company; the Semans, Kent
company, woodworking plant; the Canadian Iron Foundry company, while the
Northern Steel company, of Colllngwood, are negotiating for the erection
of a plant for manufacturing wire and
nails. This Is only a partial list, but it
sufficient to indicate that the twin
towns, as they are sometimes termed,
arc on the high road to Industrial pros
Trade Marks Which Have Become Invaluable Through Merit.
All cameras are not "Kodaks."
All piano-players are not "Pianolas."
All ready-to-flnish   clothes    are not
These three well-known trade mark
names have taken a permanent place
ln the English language, though they
did not exist fifteen yenrs ago. They
have been made to mean so much that
the public applies the name generally
to anything that resembles them.
Merchants and manufacturers who
have Imposed on the general acceptance of a name have suffered by their
Infringement of the Trade Mark Act.
By enthusiastic and Intelligent promotion, the owners of a trade mark
such as "Semi-ready" have succeeded
In revolutionizing an Industry and have
Incidentally created an asset valued In
the millions. As a great American
millionaire observed, "I had rather own
a well-known trade mark than a million dollar plant."	
I have Just returned to Neleon and
have opened up at the aame old stand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
PMJNINt. AND GRAFTING curnlully attend
ed to. ��PPly
Rllvor Kin* Hotel
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offloe: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo*
Baker St, NELSON, B. C.
Tn�� Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Biker Street, Nolson. B. O.
Lighted by Eloct/icity and
Heated by Hot Air
l__krge ��ud Comiortabli B��lroomi sn<\ Kir��t-
cuinMuing Room.   Sample Kooinn for Coiatnur'
-Ih!    Mm
MRS. K. G.&ABKS, t'rnptietreii
Grand Central Hotel
Tnia hotel ban been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATES : Rooms, 60c. upwards I meals 300. J
���special rates by the week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Inropt.n tost American t\sst
Meal, as (sti.   ttoomi Irom 'J6 cu. to li
Only White Help Employed.
taker St., Nelton Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House is Nelson.
The Bar U the Finert.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephino Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates *1 and *1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder*.
Most coralortable sjuarter. in Nel.on
Onlj* the best of Liquors ansl s ig���ri.
Canadian m
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trans-Atlantic passengers arriving on or subsequent to April
from points In Ontario, Quebec, Marl-
time provinces, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United States.
Send For Yoor Friends
Full  particulars    on    application  to
local agent or write
A.G.P. -..Vancouver. P.P.A., Keltou
rVholc&Mo and R��*tnll Dealen Id
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest, notice and
lowest prioe. Nothing but fivsh and
whol-asame mtsuts and suppless kept In s-rock
Mail orders receive carcfnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
ET.D Q A T 17     ON kootenay outlet
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
tii besirinu- orchards nnd running water ou each property.    These prop.
tics (.mi bo pnn-hssed on ress*,liable terras if sold at onoe.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acre
Choicest Pratt Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
For Quick Sale ��
Home] $.2,400
On Chatham St. Fin* location. Clot*
ear Una.   Houm built of brlek flrtt
���tony.   Nicely furnished.
and Two Lots
1700.00 cash,   balance  on assy term*.
Certificate of the Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies Act, 1897."
I HE* KBY CERTIFY that the "Krw BUTer
Lead Mn ing Company, Limited," haa this day
beeu registered en aa Kxtra-i roTincial Company
under the '-Compflnica'a Act, IW," to carry out
or effect all or auy of the objects of the compiny
to which tlie legislative authority ol the Ugla-
latureot British Columbia extends.
The head offlve of the company is aitoate at
Phoenix, Territory of Arizona, U. 8. A.
Thu amount nf the capital of the company la
three million dollars, divided Into six hnndred
thousand shares of Ave dollars each.
The head otilee of the company in this prorlnee
is situate at Kasto, and W. K. Zwlcky, mining
en ni -our, whoso address Is Kaslo, B- 43., is the at
torney lor the company.
The time of the existence of the company is
twenty-five years from the eighteenth day of
uctober, i��06.
1 he company is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of ollce, Victoria, trovinee of British Columbia, thla 82od
i uy nl March, one thousand nine hundred and
���seven. _
[L.H.] 8. Y.WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The purposes for which this corporation it-
f rmed arc lo buy, hotd, .eare, wil, work, explore, develop ana operate mines an-i mining
claims, and all kinds ol mining property; to locate and procure patents for mining claims; tn
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire and
sell mills, smelters, concentrators or other tt-
ducltou plants, and to run and operate the same
in the reduction ot ah kinds of ore, and the extraction of mineral tberelrom; to acquire in any
num iht all kinds of real estate ncc��tsarv for the
economical and expeditious operation of Its mln-
tiiK and amcltin& and reduction business, and
other tjiiMUe****-* incident thereto; to buy an-l sell
and otherwise acquire ai.d dispose of any and
all kind - of personal property, m-chiuery, tools-
and merchandise, for the convenient and prac-
t cal operation of Its business in anv branch
thereof, and to that end to establish ana conduct
stores and merchandising establishments, for the
purchase and sale ol all kinds of . oods and merchandise; lo acquire in any lawful manner telephone and telegraph Hues and rights of way; to
operate and conduct mi*-1i lines In any manner
nei'c-Mirv or convenient for the operation of Its
mining and --.inel'iug and reduction business or
any branch incident thereto; to build,construct,
equip, operate aud conduct railway and tram
lines wherever necessary an ' convenient, to lha
proper operation of lis said lines of business; to
bay und sell or otherwise acquire and dispose of
the slock of other orpuratlnns wliiuU may In lta
judgment contribute to the success of lta operations, or which in Its Judgment may be for the
beut'iu uf Its stockholders, to acquire in any
manner and to dispone of water rights, ditches,
ilunii-x, pipe lines or other aqueuuuta, which
mny be ueeCfsarc or convenient for aupplyinf
water to Ihe various pi .in t.s of the company, and
loni-quiro In any manner nud lo establish ano
operate plants and lines for operating, heating
orllKhiluir thu pr"i��ortj or plants of lhe company, and to aoqutre in any lawful manner, and
iodUp:��eof tuwnslios, or any portion thereof,
and to In Id. operate, sell, snd dispose of water.
��� ii:;u and lu-ut for the purpose ol lighting, heat
lug or (urni��hii)i{ water to said townsite or
lovtultes, and each and every portion thereof,
���r.i I v'U: '-t'-iv to do any and all things and to acquire and hold and dieposu of ali klods of prop-
t*iiv, mid io manage, operate and conduct any
and nil kinds oi plants aud business which In the
opinio i ol the directors and stoiikholders may
be n��M:(j*H!*nry for th�� convenience and s'iiksssI'm
opcratl'in of IU buslnen as a mining snd smelt
lug and reduction company.
In the matter oi an application for the issue of
a duplicate of thc t trtttlcate of Title of LoUS and
4, Illock ���-��::, 1.018. Muck W and Lot 12, Hioek W,
Nelsou Xtiyplapsftitf and WA )
Notlco is hereby given tha'. lt is my intention
to Issue a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for
tho above lots at tho expiration of oue month after
tho first pu blicution hereol iu the name of Frans
Ja.:cby and I mil I'oli'l which' ertiflcate yf Title
i-i datod the ith day oi January, i��07, and numbered 4'289 -4.
H. F, HacLBOD,
District KegUtrar.
Laud IteciMry OfflOO, Nelson, B C
4lb, April, 1907.
"CompanlK Act, 18*7."
Pkovxmjk or British Colombia, t
Ko. 37ft.
THIS IB TO CERTIFY that tht "Colmrabia
Taller I*ad Company," is authorised and licensed to carry on business within the pronnee rl
British Columbia, and to earry ont or elect aU
or any of the ���bJeaU of the Company to which
the UglBlatlve authority of the Legislature of
British Columbia extends.
Tha head offlce of the Company 11 sltnate at
the City of Winnipeg, province of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital ot the eald company
ls one hnndred thousand dollars, divided into
one thousand shares of one hundred dollars each
The head office of the oompany In this province is situate at the City of Nelson, and Robert
Wet-more Hannington, barrister, whose address
Is Nelson, B. c, la the attorney for the eompaay.
(liven nnder my hand and seal of oaeeet
Victoria, Provlnoe of British Columbia, this Sth
day of February, one thousand nine hundred
ana wren.
[L.s.1 8. Y.WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Block Companiea.
The objects for which this oompany hae been
established and licensed an:
(a) Buying, selling, l.aatng or disposinc af
coalmines, coal and wood lands, farming, gracing and fruit lands and timber limits, and to
work and develop the same:
(b.) To carry on the business ot emigration
and colonisation agents, make advances to assist
s-rttlers on lands purchased from the company,
and secure repayment ol such advances, with
Interest, on such turms and ln such manner by
way of i__.ortgagu or agreement as may be mutually agreed upon.
(c.) To carry on the business of ranching,
breeding and selling aud dealing in eatM*.
horses, sheep and other live stock;
<d.) To purchase, sell and deal ln lumber
wood, ooal, mineral, grain, provision!, clothing
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry on the trade u general merchants and forwarders:
(i) To Issue ln payment of any property acquired by the company shares of the capital
stock of the company as fully paid up and non
assessable or otherwise:
3.) To carry on the business of manufacturers
dealers in power generators and motors ol
every description, to construct and operate all
clasdes oi vehicles, agricultural implements, machinery, boau, steamers, banes and ferries In
which the said motors are used; to construct and
operate boat lines, and to carry on the business
of carriers, cartage and Mitel delivery; to own
and opernte omnibus lines and vehicles and
boats for hire; to sell, lra*e and supply -power,
and togeuerataand aell, lease, and supply electricity; to o��aiM operate electrlo plants and generally to owrry ou any business incidental to the
aforesaid purposes and objects of the company:
(h.) To purchase, uke or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dispose of any real or
personal property and auy rights and privileges
whieh the company may onualdar necessary for
the purpose- ol their operations, and to cell and
dispose of any lands or otner real estate and personal propeny at any time owned or controlled
by tbe company, or any part thereof, or any control tlu rein or claims thereon, and generally to
do all such things as are incidental or conducive
to thc carry Ihh out of tbe objects of the company
(I.) To become shareholders in anye*b*ing
or proposed company and to promote aad assist
in promoting any company carrying on a busi*
ness spertalnlng to tbe objects Ior which this
company Is Incorporated end which may prove
useful to this company, and to acquire, tstke over
and operate tbe business of any such company
or companies, and to enter into engage meals for
sharing profits, union oi Interesi, Joint adven-
turcs, reciprocal concessions or otnewlse with
any person or company, and take or otherwise
a'quire and hold shares and securities of such
Moiloe la har.br il-f.atk.tJ-u.il GoodMoaih
bu m.sl. .pplicUom u.d.r tb. pro-rUlna* nl
tbe "Liquor l.lcno. Act.lflOO." Ior.botelllc.nss.
loi lis. WhlMw.tv Uqul.it wblwmMri ud th.i
i mtotUK ot tbo mun oluo.net CmmiMtow >,
of the Alnisorth Lloisuo. - litrtot, will be b.l.l
to rsomtder i-sieb -utpU-satlon, at tb. Kaalo Hftlai
���t Ksulo, on TamAaj, tb. Utb April, IMI, al Ih.
hou ot eight o'clock In thi-aueruoon.
Chl.1 UeaM* laap-Mtot
Nalaon. B.C., ath Hank,IW. -  !-
1.~ 4>aily Uuiadittit,
Optical Department
Thin department la in ohargo of
a Skilled optician-   A OOUIUlU*
tion wiih iiiiu will oonvlnoo you
I'HONE 333
BOX 157
�� a****************> ***+**+t I
*To Arrive f
or Easier i
IBeil Trading Co.!
:                I
8tore will be closed Good Friday ���
Jand Easter Monday. ���
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'  Eggo.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make  your stslections while  the  stock
is complete.
S.   H.   SEANEY
Phone 206. __-__-.
firat-claas repair; one block from car
Price $1,400
$500 down, $100 in six months, balance on mortgage.
H. L Croadsdaile k $2.
Next Door to Bunk or Commerce.
AH Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boot Bnilden will find it to tholr nd-
v Antago to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean-
Ing Stoves, ate.
121 Eaat Baker 8t. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Soolallail    t>ett*t% ieti ovary   Fridiiv
.-. 1'iiinK nt -h i' in . i" foe KHuetf Union Uni1
All nr** im in Q; unj i'ii** allowed i<> taka pari u-
11m- debaton.  'J, AUHttn, Booretary.
The Jeanle Fletc-hor Company, B
memberB; sMIss M. R. Campbell, Helena; A. II. Gracey. Montral; F. G. Hhii-
������, Vuncouver; R. A. Choquette, Calgary; t). Wilson, Victoria; T. w*. Bin-
gay. P, W. Ouarsney, Trail; .1. A.
Wright, Montreal; Mrs. J. J. stroll,
Whitewater; Mrs. J, W. Cockle, Kaslo.
Cot*. Vernon imd Wt.ru mi-^wis,
J. FKED HUME, Proprietor,
W. .1. Twlss, A. Suiirisz. \V. J. Hai-
sey, Vanoouver; N, I-*. McNaught, BU-
verton; T. MoNelsh, Slocan; N. C.
Sears, Oniahn; II. O. Nlcholls, A. H.
Tuttla, Ymir; K. Qernaussr, Obtoago;
G. Heatssn and family; I.nchei* Creek;
R. A. Chapman. .1. A. Mcllaln. Toronto;
A. E. Booth, Montral, M, R. Grant. J.
A. PurkliiU. .1. W. Leathorn, Winnipeg;
S. .1. Short, Edmonton,
P. E. Elhutt and family. Laoombe;
T, 1*. Moran, Proctor; D. M. Sullivan,
Revelstoke; J. T. ilealhy. London; It.
Lawrence, Rossland; N. Gastelger,
R. W. Mifflin, Sllmo; A. Brimmer and
wife, Vancouver; H. Polfus. Spokane;
���I Thompson, H. A. Loudon, R. E.
Riiodes, Wolseley; G. ,McKay, Victoria
mine;  M, McKlnnon, Procter.
Miss T. Mullin,    Misses   I!.   and   N.
Qrfftnme, MlBsoula;  J. Bwanflon, Hall;
C.   Tapping.   Crnnbrook;   J.   Anderson,
,1.   Howard.  Qreston.
A.  Sniitli   Spokane;    R.  .1.  Pearson.
Oranbrook;    ,1.  lnstone,  Pittsburg;  J.
Davison,  Arrowbssad.
O. Iversay Leith, G. M. Little, Wln-
ni])ssg; It. L. Worthing, Brandon; M.
R. .Macdonald. Fernie.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
A. H. Gracey  Returned.
A. II. Gruc.'y, tnauftgor or the Kva
minon, returned lusi niglit from a trip
to Qastern Oanada.
Telophoiw 101.
TWO RXPRBIBNCBD Waitukhskf.   Apply at
Hum.- llolel
tOK -Holot, ?W). Wniirt.'iiH,|:tt; ul DUflP   Phone
Vou / man ��'iiii kixhI oiiico i-xpiTitrtK'i' ffouicH k
pMttloD   Apply i'ox .m��, Kelion, n, 0.
\ i'uHiTioti a..   j.i.kk. by ii book-ko-jper woo
i*-. qnlok mui aoa urate m Qgurgi.  Ad<lrc*sH Hy<i-
Hi-.- Y   Hi '. box 5*V'. Kpp tin. Hunk.
iVUM.t ^ -i i.i   li < uoK, no.uo   Waitre-s* f.T,.uo
A-tonoa    W. Parker.
TWO riKsr-ci.ArtH hOOMH Btoam beated,   Applv liouiMjkeeDcr, flrd Oat. K. W. C. block.
K(Hr8 BUPPLtBt from the leadlnR vfirletfeft of
I'ure Hr��d I'oiillry, guaranteed true to niinp,
Apply.' 0, Dixon. Uox 170, Vancouver���Sue')*,
nf the Vuin'ouver Poultry anil 1'   AHuoolntlnii.
TA ��� I'.uiL TAHLUB ami one Combination Wil-
li.ird nm! Pool Table. Kverylhiutr eonipletii
aii'l In u*H"l cmiilltiuii. 8. J. Mlghton, Tobacconist, Cranbrook. B. C,
Finder ruiui u to ihlo OlflM aud receive reward
Late Train.
Tin* Oreat Northero train frum spo-
Uinu'  (MicdiHiictfil   u   Kiuull   rock   hIIcUi
aear Hull siiiiuj; lail niKkt and was do*
layed sevaral hours.
Choral  Society.
Tin* regular meeting of tho Nelson
Choral Soch-ly lor rWu*ui*Bul will Imi
held in tho K. ul P Hull tonight nl S
0'clOOk. Ab only a fortnight remains
before the production it i�� Important
Lhat every member attend.
Good iis Okanagan.
w. n. HudBon returned last night
from u aix weeks' trip through tbe
Okanagan. lie thinks Kootenay is at
least aa good. Even in fruit landB
there is aa much activity in Xelson as
in ali the towns ol tlie Okanagan.
Delayed Mails,
There iu much dissatisfaction over
the handling of mail from the coast, especially trom Victoria. Letters and papers from Toronto reach Nelson as
early of those of the same date from
Victoria. No blame is attached to the
Nelson post office.
Still Falling.
A portion of the new atone wall on
the aite of the old Victoria hotel fell
down Saturday night, and caused so
much noise that residents In the vicinity thougbt it was a visitation from an
earthquake. S. A. Wye's plumbing Bhop
had a narrow escape from serious dam
G. B. McMillan.
George 11. McMillan returned last
evening from a four weeks' trip through
California. Oregon, Washington and
Montana. Everyone be conversed with
was anxious to learn about Hritish Columbia, and of course Mr. McMillan
game them tbe right kind of Information.
Boat Upset.
A lady and gentleman bad a narrow
escape from drowning yesterday afternoon. Their boat unaccountably upset
in the middle of the Arm. Tbey succeeded in clinging to lt until employees
of the Nelson Transfer Company who
saw their mishap put out in a boat and
rescued them.
Police Court.
Two offenders faced the police magistrate this morning. One was arrested
Saturday night within an hour of his
arrival in the city. He was Inoffensive
though drunk and was let go. The
other, an Italian, had got drunk in his
own shack aud made a disturbance on
the street ahout 8 o'clock last night. lie
paid $10 and costs.
Forty  Hours'  Devotion.
The Catholic clergy and congregation
commenced the celebration of the exposition of the blessed Sacrament, and
forty hours* devotion, at high mass on
Sunday morning. Hev. Father Althoff
was the officiating clergyman at tbe
mass and the Inspiring sermon on the
descent of the Hoy Ghost on the disciples was delivered by one of the visiting priests from Spokane. The ceremony connected with the Exposition included the procession of priests, acolytes and school children, tho latter
dressed in white garments, and tbe red'
tution of the litany of saints. This
morning five masses were said by visit-
in?, priests and the faithful were in at-
tendanoe during the whole day. The
ceremonies will end tomorrow evening.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crlap
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Soolety Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk Toaat   10c
Dainty City 8odo (8alted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes  (Salted)    15c
Put up in packages and tlssis;
ever freah. It coata little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themaolvea worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10.
Garden and Flower
All fresh seeds aud guarauteed
to do the business.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine BtB.
If you are a
and would like lu keep in ilu* Kruni Rank
of your enllinK, you must k<'t*i�� youraflll
punted as to ilu* besl methods relating
thereto, und nlso un tlle new Improve*
nieius nnd dlSOOVeHes. This can beel
uud mosi readily be done through tbe
medium ol books. We have on our
shelves a very extensive lint of the
latest books, and latesl editions hy th<*
higher recognized authorities, on all
then** Kuhjects. Come In uud look
through them, We have jusl prepared
a list of them which we win be pleased
to send you if you will apply lor ll.
Drop us a card.
We   can  procure   for   you,   on   shortest
notice, any book published.
See Display of Them in Our Window
W. G. Thomson
Kt.oSr111' u:,d Nelson, B. C.
Phone 84.
Furnished Home
FINE 5-ROOM HOUSE with neat
furnishings including a 2-ycar old
piano. Two good lots and chicken
house. Good location on Carbonate
Price $2000, Cash Only
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
F. C. GREEN      F. F. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O.Box 141s    I'hisiis* 261 li.
Left the. Track.
A c. P, li. engine roi (iff the track
near the quarry this morning. The
troubles wub u broken rail. Nis one waa
hurl, inn the Boundary train was de
layed several huurn.
Council Meetln-g,
The regular fortnightly ins'i-tlua ot
the ciiy council win lis- held tonlgbl al
8 o'clock. Tbs. BOhool loan by-law will
in.' Introduced and probably pasa at
leaat itn HihI. reading. The estimates
ot revenue and expenditure for the current year will probably be brought
down. Tbe resignation of the isssssi ol
city engineer by A. L. McCulloch win
be received. Mr, MoOUllooh him tilt;-
covered thai his engagements as a land
surveyor will take all his linie. and that
he cannot remain liny longer in llie
city'a  service.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You have a perfeol right tss inaisst
upon n perfeol in and perfeol style
wbs-n you are paying rrom $l.rs le
fill lor a suit.
20th Centtfpy Brand
win ruliin your highest expectations
and your most exacting demands.
Tbey are tlie neari'si approach to
perfection that we bad In the tailoring world. We can proVe these
facts to you if you will but give us
tlie opportunity.
$18.00 Style and Value for...$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Mrn's   regular  $4.00   Box   Calf
ShoCB   for $3.00
Boys'  regular $2.50  Box  Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens' Underwear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
(lltPIIll U UUl
W.  Baker St.
NEL80N, B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
Fletcher - Giorza - Impala
Concert Company.
ycottiHh Prima Donna,
Italy's foremost Composer and Pianist.
Celebrated CnrnetlBt.
Prices line, 75c. $1.(10.
Seats on sub, at Rutherford's Friday.
For Sale...
In Fairview, 2 Lots, a corner and
adjoining lot. Enclosed and culti-
va��*=d. $350  cash.
Eggs for Hatching
Pure bred S. C. Buff Orphingtons,
Bull Leghorns, and White Wyandottes.
$2.00 per setting. Nine chicks guaranteed or order refillod at half price.
D. WADDS, Crawford Bay.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Cuusl  and Sloean train���Thirl y minutes lute.
Boundary train���On time.
Itossland train���Ou time.
Kaslo boal���On  time,
Churchmen's Club.
The Churchmen's Club wil be nt
boms, tonight to all Its friends from 8
We have notice from our landlord to vacate our Htore by April 1st. In
order to ruduce our stoat before moving we will sell goodB now In Block
at greatly ruducud prices. If vou want bargains in Clothing and GeruVft
Furnishings drop In and see for  yourself.
Stud Time,
Let us give you quotations on your seed order. You
cau save money.    Buy your seeds in bulk and secure
the best to be had.
Special Prices to Market Gardeners and Ranchers
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd,
Whoist*mlt* ProvlMionK,
Government Orenniery One Pound Bricks rs-ccivi-d -weekly fresh from the
'shorn.   For sale by till leadiuK irriKsers.
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phoue 7��.
Josephine Street.       - Nelson, B. C.
2S9 doz. Linen Collars To Ite Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
Spring ia Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all till
requisites for tbe rancher, gardener or householder.   Spades, [
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Prnners,
Tree .Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
FtvpnlrInn end _lfih*blnK ��x..c:Ljt��cl with DeupBtch.   Mhcvt Mcisil ,
Work, Mlnlnk- "till Mill .Mi-ilslisi-i-v.      Mnrsuluutumrs ul
Or<r Cin-fc. Iv. te.   t/i>s,lnstUsi-��- Cara.
r.o. hot io** I
Spring Stock lust Opened Up/
Carload Unoleums and Carpeta
From QlasEow, Suotland.
i-tuMt Qualities at Low Prices.
Standard Furniture Company
Mhhdii A KIhcIi 1'In imn.
OjrtannMt mUMmm,
MnrHtml! Suinm;. Mutirt'ft��t>n.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS   �� _______________       CO       1
and dealers iN Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, MouIdinKe, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brae k I l����. Mnil Ordcini prompjly attended ��|
  BTHEBT   -   -   -   INI5LSON. B. C
Launch and Boat
V/t always carry In stock and will be pleased to supply i**_
wants in
8ut-.li t,H
White Waato
Mixed 1'ftintn
Worry WroH.' lioal* Vnrnlith
Ktc, tile.
Alliiuiv tlTOttsv
Arctic Uu* Uroaie
Vhmiuij" Marine Mol��W|
(In um- gallon cent.)
Wood-Vaiiance Hardware Co., Limited
. -   ..


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