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The Daily Canadian Jun 8, 1907

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Array <%\)z gtoilig  Canabi
No. 5.
ration of Policy as
lo Hague
Replies   to Interpellation
<ialists���Favors Everj
[Effort for Peace.
me 8 Speaking In thr eham
titles yi-sUTilay (foreign Miu-
ui (It'llm-d Frnncp'ti poaltion
pn- peace conference. Buying
uni' uf model iti lon and nm
resaenE,    Socialist, who |>ro-
Dterpellatlon on thin subject,
be the duty of ihe republic
advanced position in titvoi
uctlon of armaments.    War
nj? ESuropg down, (be speaker
. aud iiif Question of render*
11  rutttOQI  and  savage wan
and  not to be treated  wltb
itil   tbe   main  problem waa
llir -suggested that thla be ac-
either   by   proposing   that
maintain a peace army in
<>   its   population, or tbat
|;      :.. ii a uiaxlmum aum for
pip uditurea.
log bli addresB M   Pichon paid
Ibute to the work of the flrst
aference   and   then   declared
(approaching conference must
develop the work then begun.
Prtance of this aecond confer
created l>> the larger number
fries represented* ne Ba*-**-*���*-*��� and
fconslder meani of making war
���and more humane by rules for
f warfare, the transformation of
pmwit  Into warship tn time of
ghta of private property and
Italian of tbe principles of the
QVentloQ to maritime warfare.
fnunent, In formulating its in
1 to tbo French  delegates  to
ie, M   Pichon declared, intends
thi-  fullest  liberty of action,
that they always will be actu-
be lofty principle of Bubatitut-
' .* "f peace for one of war. The
11'. the  foreign  minister con*
heen urged to force the ques-
compulsofy    arbitration;    lt
thing   better  and   as  for Uie
Bim.tiitiun of armaments, Great
Ispaln   and   the   United   States
pad announced their purpose to
propositions  to this  end.    The
eminent would wUllngly PV'
the dlHciiHslons, bul tu order
it any  result a concrete for-
ould lie  unanimously  adopted.
nmla bus not yet been found.
Q Buelow, the German Iruperl-
Hor,    had  declared Germany
participate In the discussion
Hnn, which, fn his opinion, if
'"'is was certainly lmpractlc-
���trla look a similar position,
snd Japan were ready to dla-
natter, but under the reserve
|lbi-rij of decision.
in the midst of such a dlversl-
ws, .Minister Pichon asserted,
:;'in assume that  role of mod-
'1 conciliation so brilliantly dl
M. Bourgeois In  18W.   For
���Wl tlie project seemed chlmer-
froal good came of such con-
i,?* for instance the settlement
��Ker Hank difficulty.    The In-
1 the peace of the world proved
���rtance of the   work   done  In
fh" republlo confided  to  Its en-
I1' mission of pursuing the solu-
'"'-''national  dlffloulties  In ac-
' w,tli right and Justice iuul the
and records of the French dele-
' a guarantee that tliey would
|l��Kly fulfil ihe duty allotted to
'"I merit  the  trust   reposed   In
���Jatement or the foreign minister
T'^'ied with a round of applause
T��n a vote being taken it was
1   ''ndorsed.
Fifty Cents a Month
acreB. The purchase price wan aboul
$00,000. Thero wore no Intermediaries;
tlie ��ale was made directly by vendors
to purchasers.
prina�� Ranch, Owned by Dr. La
f" and 8. M. Brydges, Sold.
fy be that "other and still larger
t'liln aris In process of ncgntlu
I'"11 tha one concluded at the
I""*1 hotel Hut night was large
B'"flnni enough not to require any
1 .'���"������'olllKhm-ont.
���of 11 H|"'I"K', ranch on the aouth.
���fen...".' Wt'81 Ari" of Kootonay
Wnti by Dr. D. Imllau and S. M.
Vu. ? "?,]i ,0 Arthllr D- Francis
-  wvlle Francis.
I   "' ""cage ot the ranch Is 600
Japan Is Serious.
Toklo, June 8���I Afternoon) After a
conference with tho older statesman
and cabluet ministers today Vlscounl
llnyashl. tho foreign minister, proceeded
Immediately to the palace. It l�� believed lhat diplomatic affairs of Importance were discussed during tins confer-
once among them the American question,
Arch-Crlmlnal Waa Once Prominent In
Religious  Circles���Member
of Church Chroir.
To the Editor:
Dectectlve McParland, who Is responsible for securing the confession of
Diehard, attributes his success to the
fact that the arch-murderer Imd received some religious Instruction iu his
youth, and lold bis story of the crimes
in a lit of remorse. That be had at one
period of his life openly proclaimed himself a devout Christian is borne out by
a young woman who has been In .Nelson
for the past few weeks, and who for obvious reasons declines to have her name
connected with the villain. Tbls young
lady knew Orchard aud Mrs. Hattie
Simpson before tbe latter was married
and when she wus Hattie Hussell, living on her father's farm tbree miles from
llnghton. The story related by tho
young wumun referred to, Is that Hattie
Ktissell us a young girl was deeply religious, aud possessed more than ordl*
nary attractions. Her religious fervor
was a matter of general comment. She
belonged to the Methodist congregation,
and was foremost In all matters per-
talnlng to the advancement of the cause
of Christianity. When Bhe mai rled
Alonzo Simpson much surprise was ex-
pressed by her friends. As a matter of
fuct, his inclinations seemed to run in
au opposite direction. He loved horses,
and was rather sporty. This was a
source of much annoyance lo Mrs.
Simpson's parents. They were anxious
lhat their daughter should marry someone who would perpetuate the rullglouB
traditions of the family. Moreover,
Simpson was uot very well off iu this
world's gnosis, and the Kunsells hud
been thrifty und had accumulated con-
si durable property. Possibly Hattie
thought she would reform her husband
In time. If Bhe did so she made a mis-
take. Even with the difference ln religious views the young couple manifested many open signs of deep affection. One day, some months before Mrs.
Simpson's elopement with Orchard; her
husband sustained a severe fall. He
was brought home In what was believed
to he a dying condition. Tbe doctors
diagnosed the accident as concussion of
the brain, and expressed Ihe opinion
that It would be a miracle If he recovered. Mrs. Simpson was nearly frantic
with grief and declared, between sobs,
to her young girl friend that If Alonzo
tiled she would never marry again. She
prayed fervently that he would not be
laken awuy from her, and those who
doubt the efficacy of prayer, be convinced, for Mrs. Hattie Simpson's supplications wero answered. Her hUBband
was restored to her. Orchard, or Horsley, was also a member of the congrega
tion where Mrs. Simpson worshipped.
He took an active part In church work,
und wus thrown much ln Mrs. Simpson's
company. It was only natural that two
young people of strong religious natures
would sooner or later be drawn closer
together. More particularly so, when
lt Is considered that neither the husband
of the one nor the wife of tho other
ever made any open acknowledgement
of religious conviction. They used to
meet at revival meetings, at choir practice and at bocIbIb. Horsley always escorted Mrs. Simpson home, and the hus
band, luallzlng that a man of his worldly .solllsh ways, was not a lit companion
for such a good woman, never registered
any objections. The factory where Horsley used to make cheese waB situated
about a mile aud a half from Brighton.
MrB. Simpson's parents lived two miles
farther along tho same road, lt bo happened that Mrs. Simpson usod to make
frequent vlBlla to her old home. On
these occasions she would tnke one of
her hiiBband's fast roadsters, for she
was fond of driving. Sometimes she
would take a rest when she reached the
factory. Hut nothing wub thoughl or
Ihis, at least until nfler the elopement.
It was generally believed, und no doubt
was tbe cuse, that MrB. Simpson wus
watching Ihe Interesting process of mak-
lng cheese, for dairying about, this lime
bad developed Into one of tho staple Industries of Ontario. Hero It may he
said that thc report that Horsley board-
od at Simpson's house, ie not true.
Two brothers of Simpson bonrded at h s
houso, and to these brothers Mrs. bl nip-
son seemed very much allacliecl. But
to make a long story short, the *W">��
people of Brighton were greatly si r-
prised and scandalized when they die-
covered that Mrs. Simpson ��|od eloped
with Alfred Horsley, and UtUeWtdor.
Tho unexpected return of MM. MB*
son to her husband was attributed to
many causes, but the one that obtotaed
the greutest credence was tha ��h�� was
strlckon with remorse And foi tic
same reason Horsley ������"�����* hl��
crimes to the detective. He had not ror
gotten his early religious Ira nIng. nnd
when the detective Wp*"*-* ^SS
with his duty to society and Wa MOT
of repentance, the rest. **" ?��* T��!J2
Is a moral ln this story. Truly, ttewMJ
man has written: "Train up a child in
Uio way he should go. and when he is
���,d he will not departfg*^
Lawlessness Reported in
Nine Counties
Agrarian Agitation Is Worse Than
Ever and Constabulary Reduced to Danger Point.
London, June 8.���Prime Minister
Campbell-Bannerman Ingenuously In-
foi-med the House of Commons the
other day that the situation In Ireland
was uow "very satisfactory." The expression has a [seculiar meaning. Un-
repressed disorder exiBts openly and un-
denlably In nine counties of Ireland,
namely, Silgo, Leltrlm, Roscommon,
Mayo, Calway, Clare, Kerry. King's, and
the western part of Cork, and the agitation Is spreading also to Queen's and
Mr. Justice Curran, of the Irish High
Court, in openlug the (piarter sessions
in King's county; this week, affirmed
from the bench that, "although King's
county Is officially reported as peace-'
able, It Is my emphatic declaration that
the county waa never iu a worse state
of disorder and disruption thun at
A London Times correspondent on the
spot wiri'd as follows:
"Preparations are being made throughout the south und west of Ireland to
make the new phase of the agrarian agi-
tatlon universal. Heart has been put Into
tbe movement by the failure of the
crown to send any of the numerous
prisoners charged with driving cattle
from ranches to trial. The graziers realize thnt Iheir occupation ls being maile
Impossible, und many have in the past
few weeks surrendered their grounds in
response lo the demnnd of the people.
Numerous public meu In sympathy with
the Nationalist movement were created
magistrates by the late administration,
when devolution waa ln tlie air and
there was a promise of peace and prosperity. Hoth devolution and Chief Secretary lllrreli's bill have been blown lo
atoms, and now the new magistrates
have It ln tlieir power to send agitators
forward for trial or not as they wish.
Up to the present the men arraigned
for cattle driving here have been liberated, notwithstanding the positive
swearing of the police.
"In the hopeful days of devolution the
constabulary force was considerably
weakened by the government, who be-
ieved they had done with the agitation.
This force Ib now found to be too small,
and men have to be drafted from the
more peaceful dlstrlctB to uphold the
law where antl-grazlers are active.
Towns in the disturbed districts are like
armed camps, and strong bodies of po
lice are stationed at ranches where cattle aro grazing. When the agitation
spreads, as It will do Immediately, lt Is
believed thai the militia Willi have to
bo called In to assist the constabulary.
"The people demand that the vast
grazing rnnches shall be divided among
them, and a drive through the affected
parts ahowa that they have some reason
for their stand. It is quite common to
lind cabins of peasants clustered In the
congested districts, their so-cnlled farms
being reclaimed bog, or unproductive
clay, while cattle are ranched 011 wide-
spreading grass lands of Ihe finest soil.
The officials at Dublin Castle regard the
situation as the most serious In the
past IB years, and the United Irish
I.eaguerB are confident that their movement will result In the abolition of the
present grazing system within tho present year.
"Not many weeks ago the league was
regarded as moribund, but sluce the
presenl agitation Btarted new members
have (locked in. anil a spirit of fierce de-
termination has again become manifest
"A few sparine Instances will show
Ihe nature of lho situation which Prime
.Minister Campbell-Bannerman pronounces very satisfactory. ln Sllgo
there exists a conspiracy to compel two
farmers, named Armstrong and Cooke,
to surrender certain lands which they
hold ln the Tubbercurry district, under
tho ordinary tendancy. The Moylough
branch of the leaguo has called upon
theae persons to sell their lands to the
Congested Districts' Hoard Orange. The
branch Ib adopting a Bimllar procedure
towards Owen Bradley, who holdB graz
Ing land ln Dromoro West. The branch
recently referred to a local grazier In
the following (orms:
" 'The league haB him under treatment and will continue to ndmlnlstor
to him large doses of that well-known
patent medicine, tho effects of which on
his whole being, physical, menial and
moral, are evident to the least observant. Day and night, poor man, he
now considers It necessary for hia preservation to act, move, und even sleep
In Ihe shadows of policemen.'
"In Leltrim, Caretaker Brady Ib rigorously boycotted and Is under police
protection. In a large area of this country no process server dares to serve
processes or execute vi "'ts. Eviction!
are pending at Balllnaglera and elsewhere, and the tenant* have announced
their Intention to resist, the officers of
the law as they have done on previous
occasions with complete Immunity. In-
tlmldatory resolutions appear every
week In the Sllgo Champion from the
league blanches ln this country.
"Over the whole of North Roscommon
the graziers are completely Intimidated
and are surremlerlng th-elr property lo
submission to open Intimidation. Collisions have occurred between the police
and the rloterB. The government
knows that It Is quite useless te bring
these offenders before tho ordinary
courtB, and has beea compelled to resort to a statute of King Edward IU.
Eleven persons have been held in ball
about Elphln and Strokestown lately,
and of these seven haw- gone te lati In
"A report of certain proceedings at
Athenry In the Irish Times shows that
the result ot the disorder In that locality
has been to intimidate witnesses and
lead them to commit perjury rather
than incur the risk of offending the
conspirators. Over 30 farms have been
surrendered in Roscommon since May
1st iu obedience te the order of the
league, while fierce riots which raged
at the Carnek-on-Sliannan last Tuesday,
ln which the police drew their batons
and men were badly hurt on both sides,
reveali a state of affairs which recalls
the days of tbe '80s.
"In Mayo the Holders of the Crannagh
farm, near Halllna, are still under police
protection, and in Oalway the district
around Athenry la in a most dis-
com aged state. In Clare there have
been aeveral bad shooting outrages
lately. Since March 1 two tenants on a
farm near Corofn have been fired at
and wounded, and shots have been fired
Into the house of a third man named
"In Kerry there has been a bad outbreak of 'Moonlighting' near Brodna.
Houses have been attacked by armed
gangs who asaulted the Inmates and destroyed the property. Those are but a
few random notes of the Bltuation which
confronts the government. They pre
fesa to regard it as satisfactory, but
one wonders how they can describe the
dilemma ln which they And themselves.
In deciding how to deal with It they
must decide to do one of two things.
They must enforce the law, in which
case the Nationalist members of parliament will definitely desert them and
Join the opposition, or they can let anarchy run riot until things go from bad
10 worse and universal public Indignation In England will compel tbem to act.
They cannot, affaa^ te break definitely
with the NatioiiiW~L"ts, for the dlsaffer-
Hon of tbe other branches ot their
loosely allied sup[iorters is becoming
serious. Oreat Interest attaches, therefore, to Sir Henry Campbell-Banner-
man's declaration of a revised programme which he has promised for
"It ls reported that Mr. Birrell will
immediately retire from the Irish secretaryship, but will remain In the cabinet,
and that In deference to the revolting
attitude of the Nonconformist members
the government will put forward Mr.
McKenna's bill to harass church schools
and force It through the House of Commons by means of closure."
The American branch of the Irish
League continues to take a prominent
part tn the agitation in Ireland. They
are among the bravest In Iglvlng belligerent advice to their Irish brethren. This
Mr. O'Callaghan, of Boston, secretary
of the league In the United States, who
was Introduced at an Irish meeting as
a man who would not be afraid to shoulder a rllle and go out to meet the one-
my on the field, remarked that he had
been criticized by the British press for
statements that the Irish Council Bill
would make lt difficult for England to
preserve her so-called good relations
with America. He could assure them
that the United States wanted no British friendship. He advised the rising
generation to fight it out. Let the
youth of the country be more bold, let it
be more thorough, and it would receive
the financial and moral support of the
Irish In America.
Dr. Tlmmins, another American, also
insisted that a proper solution of the
Irish problem was to treat a non-Na-
tionallst as the Boers treated the British In South Africa.
List of Members���Vancouver and Victoria Well Represented.
Ottawa. Juno 8.���The completed list
of the Canadian rllle team for Blsley
was Issuod this morning. Col. Oibson,
of the 12th, ls In command: ndjiiiiiiil,
Capt. J. Duff, 6th D. C. O. R., Vancouver. The shooting members are Staff
Serg. Graham, 48th, Toronto; Serg.
Morris, 46th, Bowmanville; Capt. C. N.
Mitchell, Winnipeg; Capt. W. Hart Mc-
Harg, D. C. O. R., Vancouver; Col.-Serg-
Moscrop, Vancouver; 8erg. Kerr, 48th,
Toronto; Serg. Greengan, R. C. 0., Quebec; L. McVlttle, 48th, Toronto; Serg.
McKay, 60th, Montral; C. W. Moore,
42nd, Perth; Serg.-MaJ. Caven, Victoria;
J. Wetmore, 74thi Clifton, N. B.; Serg.
Carr, Victoria; P. E. Smith, G. G. B. G���
Ottawa; Lieut. Converse, 7th Hussars,
Uarnston, Que.; Pto. Mllllgan, 48th, Toronto; Pte. Stevenson, 43rd, Ottawa;
Corp. Fisher, 6th, Victoria; Corp. Snowball, 43rd, D. C. O. R., Ottawa; waiting
man, Capt. Hunter, Prescott.
Witness for Defence.
Cripple Creek, June 8.���Mrs. Ida
Toney, whom Orchard married in Cripple Creek, left for Boise yesterday to
appear as a witness for the defense In
the Haywood trial.
R. L Borden on Imperial Conference
Describes Results as Negative-
Trade Returns for Last Fiscal
Year Are Disquieting.
Ottawa, June 8.���R. L. Borden, the
Conservative leader, addressing his constituents at Stittsvllle today made the
first announcement for his party on thc
results of the Imperial Conference. He
said: "The Imperial Conference has concluded its labors. The results have been
of rather a negative nature. During the
closing hours of the conference a reso-
lution was passed for the establishment
of an Important line of steamship communication on Atlantic and Pacific
oceans. Undoubtedly the proposal haB
merits but it cannot be considered until
we know more of its details and until
wc know what the country will be
pledged to pay for lt. I have said that
conditions bave changed since 1896.
They bave changed especially ln this
respect that the necessity of thorough
and effective freight service with complete and efficient system of cold storage at lowest, rates possible is more and
more apparent.
"Not one per cent, of the population
of Canada cross the Atlantic In any one
year, while 76 or 80 per cent of the
population of Canada is interested In
freight rates across the Atlantic and ln
a thorough system of cold storage. The
best possible passenger service is desirable but this must not be secured
a the expense of our farmers and producers or at any expense of our trade
with the United Kingdom."
Sir Wilfrid Laurier does not appear to
be receiving much commendation trom
his fellow delegates of the Imperial
Council. The Australian and New Zealand premiers did not get assistance
from him ln their efforts to further the
Imperial Trade movement. The premier of Cape Colony has no compliments to pay. But Sir Wilfrid haa one
Intense admirer. General Botha, of the
Transvaal, is not very well satisfied
with the attitude of Dr. Jameson or of
the Australian and New Zealand premiers, but he iB enthusiastic in his
praise of the premier of Canada, who
stood with him in resisting Imperial
ideas. The utterances of Sir Wilfrid at
the council are not the first words of
our premier which commend themselves to General Botha. That gallant
Boer officer has been reminded more
than once of Sir Wilfrid's famous declaration that his government could not
and would not send troops to South Africa.. It has been explained te General
Botha that Sir Wilfrid was forced hy
Canadian sentiment to abandon this policy. Botha ls generous, and will recognise Sir Wilfrid's friendly intention.
The government has given out trade
returns for the year ending last March.
It Is called a great year for Canadian
trade. The Imports of the country, exclusive of coin and bullion, were valued
at $330,000,000. The exports were
$272,000,000, of which a little less than
1240,000,000 was Canadian goods. Thus
the imports of merchandise exceeded
the exports of Canadian products by
The exports were $30,000,000 more
than the previous year.
The Imports gained   $60,000,000.
Canada shipped to tho United States
goods to the value of nearly $110,000,-
000, a large part of which waB gold and
silver bullion as produced from the
mines, which does not have to seek a
foreign market.
We Imported from the United States
merchandise to the value of $209,-
That ln to say, our friends to the
south bought from us about half as
much as we bought from them, even
when we Include ln their purchases gold
bricks, gold dust and silver ore.
Prom the rest of the world we bought
no more than those countries bought
from us, but the United States is a
privileged customer.
We hear a great deal about the pros-
perlty of the country, but some day wo
shall have to account for the $90,000,-
000 of goods which we have bought over
the value of our exports.
The duty colleotod ln the 12 months
ending with last March waa $63,000,000.
This Is $8,000,0000 more than was paid
in the previous year.
It is $21,000,000 more than was paid
five years ago.
It Is $33,000,000 more than was paid
ten years ago.
The people of Canada are paying this
extra taxation.
It is worth while to give a little more
attention to the task of finding out who
gets the money and what value ls given
for It
A.  Carrie  Will   Design  Nelaon*!  New
Public Sichool.
A special meeting of tbe hoard of
school trustees was held ln Dr. Arthur's
office last night for the purpose of
choosing a plan for the new public
W. Irvine, chairman, presided, the
others present being Dr. Arthur, A. D.
Emory, R. J. Steel and F. W. Swannell.
Four pencil sketches had been received, two from Nelson, one from Victoria and one from Winnipeg.
The members studied the plana In detail, and Anally decided unanimously In
favor of plan No. 4, which ls that of a
12-roomed two-storey building, designed
to adjoin the part of the old building to
be retained, without destroying the unity of the plan. The front, on Stanley
street, will have slightly projecting
Wings, accommodating altogether, four
classrooms on each floor. Lighting and
ventilation are admirably provided for.
A special feature is the number and arrangement of fire escapes, which run
from basement to attic.
Dr. Arthur Informed hia colleagues
that an expert to whom he had shown
the plans had strongly recommended
plan No. 4.
After lt bad been adopted by formal
resolution Dr. Arthur consulted the accompanying sealed envelope and Informed the board that the plan was that
of A. Carrie, ot Nelson.   *
lt was resolved that Mr. Carrie be instructed to complete and elaborate hia
plans, that tenders for the building contract could be advertised for In the
local press and ln a technical journal
at the secretary's discretion, and that
Information be Bought as to the relative
cost of brick and cement blocks.
The board then adjourned.
Big Suburban Block Acquired by Syndicate of Toronto Men��� Bond
on Gold Drop.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, June 9.���-Corroborative
reports have reached here today from
tho weBt fork of Kettle river substantiating the report circulated a few days
ago that a New Tork company had juat
acquired the Gold Drop property at
Westbridge on a working bond. It la
further stated that by the terma of the
new bond, the consideration of which
Is in the neighborhood of $60,000, the
new company must start development
work Immediately aad continue lt during the life of the bond. The advent
of this New York company Into the
camp means much for the West Fork
district, as other Investments of Eaat-
era American capital is aure to follow
this deal. The moat prominent properties in the West Fork camp now are the
Gold Drop, Carmi, Duncan, and Sally.
These properties have already been regular shippers, their ore being sufficiently high-grade to warrant lta being
hauled In wagons to Midway, some 60
miles, before being loaded on the cars
for shipment to the smelter.
Jamea C. Dale, who was recently
sentenced by Mr. Justice Clement to be
hanged at Kamloops on July 18th for
the murder of Joseph Cell at the Carml
mine last October, Is reported to have
retained the services of Ernest Miller,
the city solicitor of Grand Forks, who Is
moving In the matter of urging a commutation of the death sentence. A petition ls also being circulated strongly
supporting the application.
The largest real estate deal ever made
In this district haB Just been completed,
whereby W. J. Brown, of Toronto, hae
acquired the well-known Davey ranch
adjoining the city limits on the east. The
price paid waB $60,000. The new owner
will subdivide the whole ranch of some
1,380 aeres into 10-acre plots for fruit
growing purposes. This deal was closed
ln Victoria yesterday, according to a despatch receleved here today.     ���
Prince Fushlmi Arrive!.
Montreal, June 8.���His Royal Highness Prince Fushlmi of Japan, accompanied by Earl Grey, the governor general landed at Quebec from the Empress of Ireland at about 8:30 p. m. yesterday. She made the voyage ln six
days and nine hours, the fastest run
yet made via Cape Race. The mails
could not be landed at Rlmouskl on
account of a heavy swell. The overseas
mall left Quebec an hour after the arrival of the steamship.
Better Lights.
Tho 4 and Sep. lights that have been
used on the streets are being replaced
by 18's. This will supply even a better
quality of light than has been given ln
Ihe past.
Increased Activity Id AH
Outlook for Summer Very Encouraging���Lardeau Bos*/��� Quotations on Stock Market.
Prleei ef Metals.
New   York,  June  8.���Sliver, 6614c;
copper,  22%c;  lead,  $6.76.
London, June 8.���Silver, 30%d.
The week In mining In Kootenay ha*
been marked chiefly by the announcement of Important strikes In Alnaworth
camp, which is a scene of great activity.
Great activity Is reported also from
the Lardeau, both in the established
shipping properties and ln undeveloped
or only partially developed prospects.
Work ln the Boundary la gradually reluming normal proportions, and new
work ls greatly stimulated by an Influx
of American capital. Intended chiefly,
apparently, for the development of copper deposits.
The stock market for the paat week
held firm, and though there were but
tew fluctuations in any ot the stocks,
tradings were very active. Eastern exchanges are still quiet with prices below normal. The condition of the Spokane exchange wu much the aame a*
locally, there being no special feature*
ln the tradings.
Rambler Cariboo had a alight advance
during the middle of the week, but toward! the cloae dropped a point or -no
and was offered at about the aame llgure aa the opening. Sullivan had a
alight advance, and held very nrm
thoughout at higher pricea.
International Coal fluctuated a point
or so, but on the whole changed but
���lightly. Alberto Goal ft Coke waa In
greater demand than alnce being listed,
at prleei S or 4 cents above the usual
quotation. Thla advance Is accounted
for by reason of the management withdrawing their offering! from the market.
Consolidated Smelters and Canadian
Gold Field! remained w-eak and uninteresting. B. C. Copper Bhowed almost ae
change. Dominion Copper dropped
nearly $1 per ahare during one day'!
trading!, but rallied Immediately, aad
cloaed at about Monday'! opening.
Following are the approximate quotation! for the week ending today:
Bid      Aaked
Alberta Coal ft Coke $     .83   $    .36
American Boy 01
B. C. Copper        8.00        8.26
Breck.-Lund Coal  .112
Belcher  .42
Con.  Smelters   110.00     120.00
Can. Gold Fields 06 M
Carlboo-McKlnney ...       .02 .03%
Denora Minea 07 .10
Diamond Vale 22 .24
Dominion Copper ...     6.00        6.26
49-Creek Receipts ...       .06 .06ft
Granby   ..'  126.00     146.00
������Giant          .01%       MM
Inter. Coal ft Coke ..       .60%      .72
La Plata Mines It
Nicola Coal Mines  .06
North Star 10 J6
Rambler Cariboo 36 .17
Sullivan 0��M      .10
Stewart      2.00        2.12%
Snowstorm      2.88        2.91
Tel-Kwa Mines 13 .20
White Bear    06 .06
Western Oil (com.) .     1.76        2.10
Western Oil (pfd.) ..     3.60        4.00
Cyclone In India.
Bombay, June 8.���A destructive cyclone swept over Kurrachl yesterday.
Several steamers were driven ashore
and hardly a building remained un-
wrecked. The casualties have not been
Bombay, June 8.���It ls estimated that
damage to tbe amount of from $3,000,-
000 to $6,000,000 was caused by the cyclone wblch swept over Kurrachl on
June 6th. The lighting system for the
city was wrecked.
_]T I    No News From Boise.
The Canadian has put forth every effort to secure a report of the trial now
ln progress at Boise, but without result.
At 3:30 this afternoon the local offlce
was notified from Vancouver that nothing had been sent out from Montreal today regarding the trial. This means
that so far as the evening papers In
Canada are concerned there has been
uo Associated Press report from Boise
London Via New York.
London, June 8.���Richard Croker has
decided that Orby, the winner of the
Derby, shall not race at the Ascot meeting.
W. W. Astor has distributed $60,000
to four London charities.
i i: s
Is      I
ji .
The Daily Canadian
- STORES =====
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
"ENTS   - l     I :tt t-7 .-. ;��tl
FLSSEP5  :���-.   -  -   SK.S  C_:~-  '. i.
OVERALLS a-: .- w = E = S
'. : - = '. E - -   ::   *     r- tea
-_; = :'.    Bs.    E-i'.-'E'S   ��-r   CJ.'NADIA'-H   BLANKETS.
F��� - ! t; T P:.-sa
;; -,;    r   ;    ,-:.   ,-_i
C--C:E=  ��5  i-:   --Z .' 5 CSS
HAY. FLC.S a-c  FEE3
; -e  :fer  excellent quality
.-*esi?sa':*Ie prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ofilce:  Toronto.
CAPITAL. PAID rP....*H.^9.
D R WT7.KTE, Prssrient.
,000 REST   itrso x��.
Brudkes in British Cabonfeca:
I**-���������*:> reeeivtc and izwr���: allowed &i L:��i--;   correal rate from date of
o-peoiflg of ac-o-oant, and compact^adwi quarterly.
���vguato.N- branch J��   Mg   LAYf ManagT.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Pa tin besl six dett a "wl ty lhe
!"��""��� niMJHM OOKMMT, Ln>.
Bsaker S7. Seit-sa. B C
euD*:rlp.tloa relet, ts, cent* . mtmm deliTered
la Use cur. or S. i. a jtst :1 Kt: ly mut. when
:-. '. Is ,*,.:���-
sl:-.::. l^ relet ou a; :. seat]   :
AU ll ,.   .  ;,.    -Jt   MMMM tt Ska Daily
Canadian account., titatj tot t-t-^cnpuons or
���adTe.-iltla-c. mui*. be receipted for ot ttt printed
fomi ol ice Compaay. tttte.- r-Kelpu are Lot
Saturday. June 8lh,  1907.
R. L. Borden, leader of the Constnra-
tjre party ic Canada, in addressing his
oocstLiuents of Carleton countr. has referred to the Imperial Conference.
In general terms, and on genera]
grounds. Mr. Borden expresses agreement with the Epirit of the resolution
hastily passed at the last session of the
conference in favor of ac '"Ail Red"
route from Britain to Australia v:a
Canadians have a peculiar temptation
to be pleased with such a resolution and
for many reasons. It was the nearest
approach to achievement recorded at
the conference. It was moved by Canada's representative. It -seems the natural and atting corroliary* of the * All
Red ' cable route projected by a great
Canadian. Sir Sandford Fieming.
As Mr. Borden remarked, the general
results of the conference were of a
"rather negative character." It fa lm-
possible to become very enthusiastic
over the change of name from Colonial
to Imperial Conference. The London
Times sees the greatest gain In the new
attitude taken up by the British premiers from the colonies. But, unfortunately, there Is, In that reflection. Ilttie
consolation for Canadian's. That attitude was stubbornly opposed by Canada's representative.
Under the circumstances, it wonld be
an ungracio-sts task to throw cold water
on the one apparently progressive recommendation, or to deny Sir Wilfrid
his need of praise for its authorship.
Mr. Borden does neither. He ana
Ivies the proposal quite calmly and
practically. He wants to know what
the enterprise Is going to cost Canada
and whether anv similar provision is to
be made for an "All-R��l" freight service
as well as for mail and passengers.
The questions are eminently practical
and pertinent. As Mr. Borden quite
rightly points out, for every Canadian
in'erested in a fast passenger service
a dozen are concerned in an efficient
freight service, and the latter has a
far greater influence on the development of closer trade relations with Britain  and  Australia.
it has already been pointed out In the
Eng)l=h press that all that has been
adopted so far is a recommendation for
investigation, and that In all probability
the present arrangements with the Cunard and other mail lines wil! for a considerable time debar the British gov.
ernment from taking any action on the
It is Indeed to be feared that Sir Wil
frid's eieventa-hour proposal was made
without very careful consideration and
was prompted chiefly by the reflection
that till then his contribution to the
work of the conference had been utterly
The announcements of successive surpluses by the Dominion finance minister have been received with pleasure by
all Canadians and with special enthusiasm by the Liberal press. The rapid
growth of the uncontrollable annual ei-
pendlture -and the huge sums charged
against capital account, have perhaps
caused occasional anxious thought to
thoae who acalyze the figures. But. on
the whole, it is very nice to know that
the revenue la Increasing ao rapidly
that the growing burdens -are hardly
felt, and that the development of national resources haa been ��o great tiat
Canada's debt, re'atively to her r/tten-
tial   wealth,   seema  insignificant.
It ic hardly worth while, or in fart
necessary, to remind any one that th*
results now- being obtained are the outcome of Cohserrative measures, ot the
building of the C. P. R. of the ado-ptioa
of the National Policy, and of the measures begun In the early ttt lor attract-
ing settlers to Manitoba and the .Vorh-
west Territories, now the provinces of
Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Liber
als in 18*t foond everything ready la
their bands Although Oat, bad imi mil
at and belittled the work, they arimttj
availed themselves of ita rerolta. The
seed had been well and faithfully sows
by Conservatives -ie harTe*t waa
reaped under Liberal asp-ices.
Canada haa enjoyed tee yean of materia! prosperity and ieveJopmaiL   Her
a.-*  :.:-��   :<t*::er  to:*-  '-Ms?
?..77S77   77:--.. :	
tit- - it-    :���---    :
ftree-j     Ix: w triiij
:���:::���.=.   ts--. rjc
Rev   Fa��er AL-_i Z.
Pre! tr:*:7-17    ���--���
liz-'zf '���fr-'rr""-":
P:w;L:   ;ar::
'���: '""y.-.zy.. .-".'I'"-.-. "a
.tt_ serr-.ce. ?:*>���*' ;. :r-. S.r
: :.:   r   a. R<t. E   H   Sis;
jiVa;  --     ._Ji--, __r..-.-_. ;
:;r-a r.re-et   w-r.    ' .'.��-;:
: ��� 7.:.:zess reet--g .. a
-s^- r-e':ir at 2 ; ��� . s*L
i-7zt a: S p m.
lav ath i��i mam
i��f :rr 4 iiT-r- *< *"-
JsiT :cr <sxi s:
i>',-���<-'< Wc*.- i:
S,-<ai: I>ssr-: Pn;u
Special Sale of Children's Wear
C-   3-*^'l  L **-  Drttaes fer
C Sr*-  W" U   D-ts����l lor
C*   ,rt- ,  Wf t��   PercaU   Os-T������S
C-.-d-t-'s Wntt Un-Ms-shsrta 	
-'a-a   i   : S�� is trm-r, 	
,-'i-*4 V.i ��� B:"'t'.l       	
������-'t ��� t  C-��j- Ccati '-cm
��� '��� t,-.A ��
Fred Irvine & Co'
5c::;c :: Dtlisc^n: Co-(Hit:.
J-      - -I-  .z.j  z-:z:'.zi. r. .?
it   Cwr-.   ls  &  vbole U tpetwHwg
The ^traadoi ***$ c:--tr^yei ia ow
tfwg cr'^rzzs yes'erdsT iz.&; iht ci^cu
:;~r :f lit Si'.ijz I'.z: c!-b szz'.i _:::>
��.:.;��� a;;>ea! :. ;.z'r.Z: :'. zz.z:-*: 5;-'.".
. 1 N dMM f-:r toMU a&si��*.ADC^* in
E^ijiig crews io tbe N. P. A- A. O. re-
zaiza. Tbe appeal itterres a generous
rehouse. Tbe boat dob it 20',. and
mtmtt has heen a close corporation.
Membership in it ari*h all its privileges
is open to all, and tbe fees are kept
low OMMffe to exclude none. The clab
bas -lTe&<iy been of -CTeat advantage lo
Ne's-'jD- It has for manv years afforded
opportunity and means for clean and
healthy athletic sport, and its participation in international regattas RgStari
crews from cities of the Coast, bas been
a splendid advertisement for Nelson
and Kootenay. The club has no source
of revenue except from its membership
fees, and from the nature of Its contests
it can never have any gate receipts. Its
entertainments are always open to tbe
public. Tbe same is true of the executive of tbe -V P A. A. O. Its members
trave! at their own expense, and its sole
revenue is from club fees. It is well
worth Nelson's while to eitend such encouragement and financial assistance as
may be required to enable the Nelson
Boal Club to sustain iu reputation.
There will be general gratification
over the fact that in a competition con
ducted fairly and without favor, the
plans of a Nelson architect were found
to be the most suitable for Nelson's
new public school. It will also be a matter of gratification if. after tenders are
called for and considered, the building
contract also can be awarded to a local
Parable of the Featt and the Two Invitation*���Services Tomorrow
in City Churches.
To morrow will be the Second Sunday after Trinity. Tuesday will be the
festival of St. Barnabas, -called the "Son
of Consolation." It was be who was
sen to call Saul to become an apostle.
They are first referred to as Barnabas
and Saul but in a short time the new
apostle's eloquence and force won him
the precedence, and they became Paul
and Barnabas.
The gospel for the S-eoond Sunday after Trinity contains the parable of the
feast and the reluctant g-ue-sts. wbo "all
with one consent began to make eicuse."
The reference ls probably a double one.
firrt to the Jews, the chosen race, the
first invited guessts. who would not hear
the call, and generally to the indifferent of all ages who are kept from spiritual communion by worldly carts that
seem of more immediate import
The command "Go out into the high-
ways and the hedges and compel them
to come In," Ic one of the earliest intimations 'hat the church of Christ was
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yafe-Kooteaay Ice, Frait,
Foel A Poster Co., Ltd.
N.E.WT.Wamt and Ward ata.
Fof Sale Cheap
One   -..V.:.7h   d:antrter. by   '.il-.    **:-
long,   -.ttierf.-ed.   return   77. ���: ���: :.\ *: .-.-
:��::.er.   :i   f&tr   c-3r.-iitt:-s      Eighty-:*-**.:
iVin. !'t*es.   ! |.J 1 1 ;-S In.   steatr
Lome    Boiler ls gs��J fer testing to IM ; '
.*-  ;-: -fjsstr ir::   .7 : a -*: r.-:tr.g ;r��� .
sure of y.' to Ss-G lbs    Mountings cons.-*.: '
of   safety    valve,   stop    vaLve.    wa:��-r
gauges,    try  cocks,    sludge  cock  az.i
check vaive, set cf fire bars ar.1 besrvrs
One S-ln. diameter 1 Hln. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly w'eel
and belt pulley are those not originally
npffl-a-J with the engine bat are suitable for ordinary re-qiirement- ITagli
has been used to ir.Tr ��� ���
at the smelter and te in gx-i crndttka
One vertical WMtJktMmmmt eihaost
steam heated feed-wa:rr ieater, 4 ft.
high. lO'iin. diameter with openings
for J-in. exhaust p:;*s Corrugated copper tubes inside thr :_��� ��� the f���i
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. A?ptr ;o
Tht Hiii Mining fc Snd-isg Co- Lti
nelson, b. c.
:��� --  ::���
-..  -,: ���
������    1 . -
.: ���   ���    ���
:��� -*    .
.    1       .
*-.   ���:       f
,    ��� .*   ������
Notloe w her*tt- f.'*i��*o ti��t tT t -��;:ar c
himsri ol Itc���tteCaenmtmtBmen. ta be tt j*
iht expir��U -r. :;.::t etyt '. .z'.tzi '��������� i
for a irsnt'.tr *������*:..��� :.  :*: '.���v~z.:~ :<���_.* ;te *. r-
hOtt\.S\CTfStOT.   10 *s*tOl_\*! MtsSA.
lsh;z Miy. Mg g J a_t
Xotif�� is beretj f.rtn that I etd ��p^Ti ��t tht
aen aeeuij oi i^* Liftr.f*  roEEHi'ic-o-t-rj l:r
we City &f >elioa w c��re tht iiisor 1k*h*s ol
:h* No  Piste Iid.  trsn��ii:iT*4 irva Art&'.OaLl
MOM taU lo isr��e!L
I>����d May -9th, V*-.. ������� OOZSEXL.
____ By Power ri attatmej.
NotJM U hereby fiT��a tbi*; ifcirTT i��*n t*Jtei
dMe I isiciii to a-pi-lr \o ite Bt*r: of Ur*a��
Cost-ciMiooen fo; ue Ymir dtstnet Jor t trtnt-
ftr 0'. \��t licence held by me lor Ue Fort ifc*p-
psr4 bote] to F. Adie-
wapma_\ a m. *���nvt,
_____________ E ___, Mat laUiaT,.
Ko:;?e :��� hervi-y firtn :h��: I wi:; ��7;:t at tbe
sext ni-��*t;Lsf ol the Lixtnta ''-onniwioatn.
for the City of StCaos. to b��Tt :te '.���_���-, :or ik**a**e
ol tb* Silrer tint Howi truulerre<5 from mr-
hI! to Eoben DiH^ of :fce *_%___ ol Neitoa.
tatti UU ~:h *Uy 0.' Miy, Utiff
Cotifiate of thc Registration of u
Extra-Prorincul CoGipur.
"Companlet Act,  1897."
I HEKEfll CEET.TV tbu tbe Tfr���J ��lll��l
Catsr CtEpiST ' bu thii 4it been rt��i*tered
u tc Extr*-pr-ontte4--aJ Cotn*f*LT. cno��r th*
���Xhaajaatw Atu vo:." to c��rry oot or ttt-a eM
or i^y ot tbe ���bjwu of tbe Compcay to whtcb
tb* ii|i��Ut:re icUKinry of :be L*��uUnre ol
h-v; ���   ..-���;���* -i--:..
Tbe be*d ofi<re ol tbe ('���:-rz;tasHT u timet* in
th* City of r"tKttaat, ia tb* testa of *fsatiation.
V. r. A.
Tl* tnr.cot ot tb* c*piul 01 tbe t*sj~ipmnr u
Uttaa thOmaaai doiltr*. di*rld��d into oa* b-nn-
-l(*d aai ttxj thertt ol oa�� bnad.**-3 4'Alan
TV-krioOte of tb�� ��kf*bj In tblit-ror-
:=.*����� -i *.:.��'' st Crestoa. aad '���*: .il-. Heary
Crsaiort, a*rtb*ct, ahta* ��ddr*o u the ��*&���>'.
ti tbe evar^er lor tbceosfALy. (Set emaaaae*
*A to t��a* *>d tr*afer ttock )
Ths ttm* oi the ��tlfi���� of tbe��nBp*BT i��
rSfty yean Wntm tt* hth d��y ol lUrrh. IW^    '
Tre eompszT i�� ilsited.
GSttb oaier ay hsst aad nel oi office ��;
xmarim. Pronaee of Enutb Coloiabia. tbli 2i��t
*i��y of May, out thousand aiae handre-ijacd
p! a] t~ T. WOOTTON.
tatftttat of Jciat etwk Comptai*-*.
Tb* objects for irhttb tbti ooapaar bu bees
e��t��ba��btid aa: r-��if-.tred en:
1. Toaoaulreu: aay lsw'-ol Eaaaer. mace-
���*acf3i*aiH3 Kii cc dtfpc*eof aay aad ail kiad*
of <#dar*ad other tlnsVr:
�� 7-*. a* -���;-.������ :a aay Urfnl -cjaaaer tiaber.
vbrti��er tteadtsf or mt, timber laadi or other
lasit. hta*. ^W.pCias. fortiJnttbf !���-...
MMI bolt*. e-^iBT aad ali hSmOe ot tizaber
prodcrt, to-cJLaaiaffareaay aad ail lath, and
o t ;i ��� ��� * of a
1.   Toawju!
. la aa; uwru: naaaer i
. _ aoquirt le aay laainl saaaer Mona,
; = ���;>���=.��=:*��� ��:'.t:Ti'i *;: ti* it *���; -,' v :.l- ���
di��e or r-roperty &ot la rjolatiao of U��, aaa to
::i ;�����*���**��� >f f-t r..- la aay lawful aaaaer:
4. It" tmiM or w aa]*otre ifl any la-rfo! maa-
a*r roosda, traawarf or other taoartof ;ra-i^-
iwrtatV's a��-����T/ or ����BT*meat '^ the other
SIMM *M the CorporaUoa, and to ojierate,
a*, or dirj-oae of uct a* Biay t* deeiLf-j ad-
Ttaahae, pr*i>Tjded tb* utnt \*t prlrat* ��bti aad
road* ���'���*-.' and i!ti:*;��: farther t'-it tbi* ar-
tiel* U not tr. ic:aoru* tb* Corporation to o-per-
ale or malatala aay poblit or toll roai, aor aar
f :.IZ'. wrr.ir irann-ortation rrrtea, aor to bo-
������ st a ovBQcs carrier:
a. Tc c>:. .:a :_���* ���>. ���. j* aad aU ktodt of ar-
tKJea aad jrt^urta ava-hy oe deeded dedrabi*
aod BM 3b Tiolatlos ol lav. aad la tali aad
���31i;rf.**e of feats'- :n aar .awlu! maoatr
I. }oeo aay and ail other act* aad tiisp
MMMMf or **;-���-.. .t-vz: ior carrrtag oa :h�� hate*
ntm U the Cvapsaj m hereto before art iorUi.
1-t.'-: i*. "��� ;*.
- ���-- * -.    tii
r*4 aod eijhtr fin
- ,-.   - ,-
*-*:    :-       '.irtC
1   ��� ��� i :��- *: -'    J
_:��... :if KA   arr
Paud tae ;y^ day of JUy. 1WT.
HiUT   -'
I, tb* sa^cmifaed, after et dan taie-ad to aa-
p.r tothe Hoa t^eCbtef Ommtatlamaratlaz u
���i     :   *   :���*"?' ; ..- law :zt
-  _i     -��� -    -     .i:. -. n-:   .ir a: �� .* ��;
aartH V. �� C . tttcated os tae aem share of
Aocaa lake, ahoot nreoiy aiie* tram Moeaa < Ity,
tb*aoe ��ett # rbaiaa, thea?* aootb �� ehaiaa.
tbtaot eaat C tie^t, theae* aortb alaa? l*at
thort ol Isht ftt rhaia* li prtai of oooumm*-
= -:���.
[MMri May *:b- Barrr 5��aaj.
Bi-rx VHrnt, Afeit.
-  1  t   .��-. ��f>-    ��> , ;    ���;.  '-    "ka  ** r n: :      ��
tio�� to tbe Chief Com awaiooer ot LasAa aad
Worfcj l-.-r leraiaafoe to parcaaoe the folknrlaa
devrr.b��41aad- Coaaffincx at a peat piatai
at tb* aorth*ve��t oc:a��.- ol lot arts'', aod marked -P McCt* �� eoraer jmau" raaotfli tbeac*
H ��� ��..!��� : :;:':���:.���> :��.:. ��������: ���_.-1 - -
ebalaaaowtb. tbenoe��cfcaioa eait. to potatt!
!*%**& thu fib lay cf Kay. 1WT.
pt; V. A. Hit :zu*za. Ajeat
?.ity ia.i afler cat* 1 :nwra-l to applr to Boa.
tbe ( a;ef '."oaai^wMr of Lao-da aac wort.* (or
;-'i.'?;:::f..*  ;.**.*��-;: r :  .   ���* =f   ;c��.-r.:r;
lu -f .^ k'o^teaay dHtnrt.   Coatteodaf ai a
-*>at: -cari-M Brar* WUM N. W. eoraer MM,
ttMM at th* aortheart eoraer ot P. �� JOaU-it
a  cUe  **Jt  ol ^.oras   rlTer. tbeac* aooth a>
rbaiaa. theaoe w��t X chalai. lh*ae* aoath 10
i m   Tbeaf* -fcatt ��i ehaiaa, theace aortb ��
*..:.'   theate ta#t to ehaiaa, theae* aortb e,
ehaiaa. ihea^.*  met; 00 caala* to poiat o* ;> m-
gicflffeatat. eoataialaf ttu acrea, aore cr ieaa
Lpcate��! Marc:. Wth_ l*T.. BWim
I. the oaifrn:fo<d. alter ��aayi lateai w apply to the HoaoraU* Ut* Ch��*f Umtwx.i-tr of
Lavada raad World lor perab-rakm to parrtaae tb*
foIJOTiar laad: C-ocan*aetac at a po*t =ark��
a- t C. ol Lot L5J, theon veil %> cbaiat, IkMM
��ath 2j cbaya*. theace aeat 30 ehaiaa, theare
tooth 30 ehaiaa, tb-ar* sts*. M cbaiat, tbeaee
toaih �� eaalni. theoee eaat W chsiaa, thsaet
aortb to ehaiai to poiat of eoaie*eea*BL
Located Ma��h ?Tth. lKC.     M  S. McSsnat,
N. P KCKUMff, Ajea;
?irt# dayi a-^er dat* 1 parpoae isaklar app-ii-
catica to tb* Hob- Chief ComaiaaVvaeroI Uodj
and VTorti for penabMoa to purehaae the loi-
lowtas deacriWd laad: Cotaaecelaf at a toft
piaeed oath* ireet ihore of Lower wkatwa*
last, abc-tit a U ��im froa tbe oatkt of Mme.
and taaraed - Ii. W'i_ $jt eoraer poat,' raa-
aia�� tht nre ����� rbaiaa ��ett. theace te chalai
aoatb. tbeaee M chain* ��aat. tbeaee�� ehaiaa
north to poiat of rounencemest, coLtaiaiQf
M0 acres, aoreor lesa.
I>at��d tit* 2ad iay of May. IWT
iftune>i)H. wlUP
pM-f 01 Pars/riaa. AMM.
?*.2iy dan lite.--lat* I ptirpof* inatiac ap>!i-
raiKO to IB* Hoo. the Chief Oomaiaaioner ci
Landi and Worhi for perataafoa to parroaae the
foiioalni; d*ocrit*4 laad- CoBuocarme at a
poat placed at the northeaat eoraer of B *..'-
���k tone?'i app.Kratioa to porrbaw ttarked
"B Te, X. W_ eoraer port" tbeaot foi.o-riB* the
eaittra boa ad ary of wid applicatkia K> rhalai
".::,. '.bfBoe maalB-r Mebajni eaat, theae* h)
chalai north to tb* tootbera bocadary ol *. w.
Haaaicctoa't appltcatloa to porchat*. thean HO
cbaiat weat a.oax aac* to r-oict of rae
neau coaiaioiat Mc- oat*. More or leaa.
Uated tod day of May. 1*JT.
g:rned)E. Paixtx,
perF-G  r^rvTiBk. Ateci
Slity dayi after date 1 isiena io apply tothe
Boaorabletae CMlCOCMMlMMMi of laadt aad
Work* for peraiw^oa to parcbant the fo'lc-a-jaa
dearntre-i laadiia ��'***! ��oo!*aay diatric-t: Con*
mtn.-tne at a peat pi.aat**1 oo tbe aoatb abcrre of
Kocttaay lake, aao a��>oiatnjC. P. k Mill *e
1*9. aad aiarked 'Tob 'J*->rtoa i nortb vtat rcraer
paat." tbeaee tooth ��f chaina. Uteoee rar. *
''�����"-' ���������_,- ���::.'. Lt:.*�� ri^r* :���: .*-** v
Lake S-fcore. theoce wett lb rhaim to poiat ot
l>ated thu **h ol April. W,.
Tom Bmmm
Sixty dan afler dato 1 intend to apply to tb*
Hoa Chief ConabMoaeT ol Uinitaii * :t��
for aensiaifoa loawtbaae tht fo.ioidM de-
tertbeA laad io ��al Kootenay dirtrlrt: Cci.
eeaaataa, at a fat narked a c. ���*��� i
noroer pott. nMMag ��� 'aa;ii MM I a ���-���'i
tbe boandary ol lictur li-enr* No. Wp��. tbeaee
tootberly- B0 cbalaa, Ukeaee weateny ��� cbaiat.
tiente aonberiy ia chalai afottf ibe C. P. K.
trad to th* t-A-ia ot conaea-maeat. CMtau-u
two htadrt-5 arret, aor* m iam
Located thii Kb day oi May. 1KT.
A- C Brrn. L.-. a ��� / ���
euiTdaii anerdate j.iaieaa to apt;j to the
Hoa. Chief CosntiMiot��r of Laada a��fW��eta
V:--:.r.a v. j -ia�� :- : .. . -f -., r\^.
��:.i��a:. -_.it -r- ��-- - it" - ..**-, K--
*nar:   Coaaetcpi-r a; a ;**-. t.aaitd   a:  ib*
marked E w ��� i w. e��n�� peM, theate jpcaalai
���nffrt* **���/ tai* �������. ixtnw at)?haiai **��:
tata-*-* -*- :iiL.v.:: :i-.-. 7 -. ��.:. ��..; -.-
gsce ot berfBMar. oc-attuin* eh ami, nor* w
April U. W*.
trjLTK Watica.
SlxtT dart ahrr dat* 1 wm to appir to U*
Hoa. /-blet OoMai��u��oej of Uad^id W��S
���oatheaM of Banot:    (.onaewtai it a im
carted G A Hunter 1 te^tbcaMeoraer Lkn^I
Loeatod April ��th, MR, G A Hnrrxi
K' A- ��'.��.ii Af��L
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
WhoieAHlts I^rovlslon*.
Produte, ��� pruit.
G-orn-niatot Cnas<7T Otf Pound Brett rer��lT��J -a-��ekl-f trmh It*
r-hisn.    Fssr n-U* tr all I'-ft-ling gryxn.
OfB�� and irarfa-iuw   Hoti��-mo Block,   Pbooe ;��.
Josephine Street. Nebon. B. GI
NoOstt u fc*T*t*f stt.a tt.t aci oar, i:ter 4au 1
: vel.I lo .inl; us A, Boa Cilri ssiisUmssI
^*=sli usi m-.tt. \ ;--..-r.t  : ��� f-r=.J����.ir '-. p<;i.
t>-::- ��� .   .... :.. -.-���  .   :
al . -M��t pUatrt ** Ut w�� -ua, of Mm* lata
uid -ife-oat two alki aorta of tram, crock. u4
s-. r        ��� - ........
���lonis ;-jisi>��i��f ikon oi ua, utoauM. a. o����
����l��� casusu, dM*��unia k> s*usu. sinn
eul fcs <h��Uu to gwlol of (-soi.tcr.oti-, as.
���sstrt, mor, or ;*m
L��soi��i arm ��� M>.
0*o B 0*aaar7, Lvsnor.
Va cusr��i.A{nt
Kit, sun uu o.u 1 uncan 10 wi to ta.
Boa Caul CoB-osHdoaer ol U��l> lid Wora> to
r-fM! tk. followlna dw-rlMd laad tratM
so fit* r.i*y dutnet ollltrt IsooVM-f: Cm-
E��ix:of .1 . [��.-. runt��i .t ia, b r tsora��r of
. .-. ^ttftptm*mmsm.mmmmtmamm*mma*,
tbeoc, w��t *) rt.lai. tbeaes, aorta �� ehaiaa
'.besot mj*. as-aalm 10 *^sjh-. . ! setsiB-Ji no
Usc'^1 M.rca llta. BH
D A ��rpwar. toeotor.
IJ   kt��� 1    Afeat
T.ie notict that 60 don .fur i.ic 1 lattad 10
ow-It �� Um Baa. caw Coaauttoetr ot Uadi
�����d ��Mh. lot ptnsxdoa tofKn-twia* W-
.owiaf dew-rib-e-d laaaa: tssaamsjir .t tat
K.=the��ti Kintr <X lot (H. tieost *mt ��
.-h.iaa. thtaot nnil st :ts.iot. tatoev t^tt ��
tbuat. thcat* aorta ^.rts.iat. ta,&r* west Is-
eh-un, to ptrta, of oofciitt*c��BtLt. er.3.^^1-,
*: mrt,. mort or Iom
f>��t��j aiwtl l��ia. lie: r 1 Bausur.
a   W. Ba.rsiar. AflMI
I. ia. sadtrtVatd. trur ��� itnnK,
s* ��� H -- tas ��� .'.CmaammM
a. I �� orta M mr,haat tkt WMMC
laad: (taaatln .1 u�� * 1 tf_
', 1. ifctatw wm �� cauu. tmaf
.   -���    sl- ���   t   .m.   ,     :. -..   -.-.ttt^
tat.01 a pout ol notiii ii
term sort or Woo.
Lora-M Hana Uta. BR.
fair   -aotte*    tbal   ssiisj   -itji All
1 Ijlttsd w  OM-i-f 10 tat BtaatiNltF
* . * IAS.S. tr: W.n
tlua to por-eaaaf ta* Mlr^ac I
t:i-.tlt-] la ta. Ww tsMW IIIM
rn.iss.fif .1 . poot aia-ntd �� mi tr
:.*.���.*- . ���-. ���:..������
imuKsiMeHi la^t ttaaitVitilia
���ootawm ooraar 1 mtt sm. taonjl
tu-.its^atar* t* raatat M, lb-a>a>l
aorta lopiatotrfoaaKaaaBtat  "
Apr.! fa-!. MF.
i . S .O :. U
si trail
(stiy daj, -Aftor d.1, I lawnd lo aniT to tba
Ho=.  tat Chlel Coaaianooor of Laadt tM
a ttt t io pare aa-aa '.K.t-n��ct laad: COK-attaclac
.1 a poal puoitd o�� tat weat sodt 01 Ilu i.-eii
00 lit wa��oa ro��! ahem Jl, itiin from Kooi.
eaaj lale. stad Kartad Sen aeS-H-hait'i >ooia-
*te*l oorats pott, thears, weat ad chalai. Iheaot
aorth ��i ehalat. itetsse eait a. chalnis, tkeacw
Ksalh aachaiat la pUot ol t^wlnatat.
Uxaltd till ttri is, ol AprtL If,
xa^. v 1st j-.t.
k. j r.-. 1 if-rr, Aawat.
htxse. it tstrtor titta ia.i to ear. -tntr ���:.*. I
laitfii vo a-tp:t to ta, Booora^t tha Coiti ton
ia-jt'->-atr af Uadi aad Worht for -f*rrj:latloo
loporr^utalool l^ocrtaof lud. rltuttt orwr
tfct r>asi l*artt*it -rtrtr. Wtwt Eooteaar dtilrtn.
aa-1 deawotd aa follow,: CoM-sta-rtfi, at a
p-��t BA--ies! 0. I 1 fio-aioa'a M. V. eoraer poet.
Mtmtgtm lb, moth hoaadarr aad SehaUu
���1 - - �� ;-��i : *. .r.* ::.-i t . .l ahaatH
cbstlai. theaM eaal ahoalS ebalm to a ;<iioi os
tie w��n booadar; aad *i rbaiaa froo ��- W �������
if Ut IMI, lbtoe�� saottb 7a ehaiaa aad UstLaet
wett ft taaiai 10 tba plats* al UctoDlac.
>:b Mtrei. IWt. '.   I   -%  ,. .
A 0 Lajw. Artnl.
-   .   s   ���,,.   ,-vr   ���. . *.   1,-nl
Hoo   lb,  Calel Cmmssltmmm '���'��� sst*
Work*. Victoria.��� C, w rmttmti
:acl    s;m*��tactag-aiaaa��Mi--:>i��
of .-selK't ill ootmti p*7. -3 lAtttuM
tatat x rbaiaa aoeta. theaie aaa ��f
- j,    a. u   ..  : - suslsl"
yalal of w-ftaiasot.
Nelaoa. a ,  . Apr.: .1 ���     W
Xouet ll btrtbf rirai u*ala-(iil��t|
laload K> npir 10 tht H��-^��l��"^y
Val *��
. f "Uadi Val -���   :,��� -tor IMBW*M-
lha Wlowtaf deae-rlbtd aoi J**'
dlatnrt. 00 wwal ah at, af !������� 1*
-bd>cBtBff Lol Iio. Mb. aa tbi wall.
ai a [..1 csarl-1    oarrT h'1*"',!
KI saod 1 laa ltd asa tht ahae �� "-J-
t. at tht aootboaat oaseait al__*��_,
7*Mt, tbeaea wt�� �� eiaUk **ja
ehaiaa aor, or leaa ta iht anew ttmm
Tttiimcn: r. b , ihaanaSa-tMaataH
aa.J bonodarr lo lale. tmam*ma*L
lata abort �� rhalaa. nott -ar ����� "I
1 tt
51ity da-ra ttmt slalt 1 laitad l
Hoa. ia. Chief OaMlailiaar -_^ia
; Woikl. Vle-iorla. 10 ; .- laas .7 *?7j1
lotsattd 00 tba woal aadt of ammtmtm
dlnrlif oorth ol Loi Tn '-����<55*Jj|
piaalsad al tht 1 E. roratr ll Tc- mmm
ed -B. Ill esorarr." aad l��""5l
rb.laj. th,aee wwal �� chalai. ih"" \
rbaiaa. ibtaoe we.-..- -:��� -' :'-',!f
cbalaa. Ibaaoe eajs e. :���-.���-' '������ P*"~
April Sri. IW.. I Mm.
I. lha o-adtTtif rtd. alltl SO slaf I lattad 10 apple W tbe HoDorwMe the Cblef toma^-ataoerTf
Ualt -aad Wall 10 partbaat lhe Mlowlof dc
5n**$ I**6 '��� C��B����ia��; at a puel called
.*> >. s. . ailaatt al tht taoolh of Cott creel oa
wok .hor, of Ooeaa Uie. tbeaot weal Jt
th, laa ibtacse wsatb at ehaiaa. iheaot w*at Jo
cbaiat. tbeaot aoati X ehaiaa, Iheae* weal as)
- - -������- , -.:��� ::.; , .... .
rbaiaa. thenea aorth WcUlat 10 aotat ol c��a.
Ij^mied Mstrch rth. IW!      >. T Mc>*atio��7.
. !* "''��laderrtf aed. laitad -tlttrWdara loapplr
��iht Rob. the ihitl ComiBlaaloatr atX.1,1, S3
,    ���" -L-* ;-*i=.s.    ���-:   ; .    :.����  :��� . I   .  , ��� ,
vsy-'-   . ���   -    ,-��������� .:��� ���������   .-.-'
iUJ��ar��J * B C . 100.10,1*00 ibVwnt .bore
���J �����*���" ���a ">oal Iwelt, lallesa Iroia tbe bew-3
���KJBjaeaa lalt. lieae. weal to cbaloa. lbtore
aattt O ehaiai iteaee tool ao cbaloa. Ibeart
���   ���-.-   .....   ���:    ������   ii   r.-.t,   .,,:��� it. [.it:   .���
Lsjcwled Mar lib. T. M.8��a��.
����� daft afler date I loitasl to applr to lha Boat.
niialai.c.Dtr ol Laada and Worli. Vic.
tfnatoptir.-liaeeno*Acr��niMdla nrt Vailer.
����i looitBardtatrlet.aBddet<Tloe��Ia��loi]owa:
Coneselac at a poat war kerf W H Unahn
��. ��. c��ratT. ao'l raaasaf oonh �� rbaiaa, thtaot
wt*lm ehaiaa. tteac* touth m chalai lhtBC��
eaat��ehaiaa to puce of L*rlBn:a��. saod t��lBa
Wa wett oat-hall ol tbe S. E. quarter ol i-tdloo
Jt apa at weti bail ol the S a. oiia-j-.saiier ol
oe-e-tloa B ib TowBthlp -.1 0. L
Mar-ch mt. jKn tt. B. vsu-.m.
fJtr d.Tj ^terdalel laleoa 10 ap*plr lathe
Bob Chief 1 oaalaaloBtr of Uada aosi Worki
to purebaat no aerea ol laad Ic Fire Valier.Weal
lyoltfiat dinnctaod dearnted al loilowa:
Co��sitacla�� at a poil auked 1. E*a S. E
ecroer. aod raOBlBf Borib * chalna thesce
waits ehaiiia. Ibeoot aojifc tu ehaiaa. tbeBce
eaai at* ebalna to plaoe t,| t^nsootae. aod belni
tte weat otie-h-afl ol the I E. sm. vsarui and
tbe eaat one-half of tbe S w, ont-iioarler. aad
tte w��io��e-ba:i of Use N r. oat-qnarlar. aad
Ibt eaat one-aaif of Ihe tt. ��. one-qaarter of
fetllOn II. *     . ���..-. ;;. 71. Q. J.
Jl.rchajlb.ixn. Jo��K KxwlM.
.���'otsoe ii beret; 1 lttn ihai ��s dart -after data 1
aiea<: 10 apple to tbc Hon < h!elCoanila>l^-oer
M Uadi aad Rorka for |*rnsla��i<o lo purebaae
tbe lollowlnr deaolbed laala. tltoate In Weal
"������aaa/ dliincl: t'oametsrlait al a -poat aaik-
ed J  L. Poler'a B. W. comer, thenre aoolh ��
��� :a.a. * ,..,r, ir. .,,.. .,, i...-.,:.zr:.: n
aalaai appllealloB 10 purebaae: itrmeraai ��
chalai: ibtnoe north Kehaini: Iheaot weat ao
clasna lo point ot coaacoeetatnt, ct'bUlnlna
tm aerea more or leaa.
Datod -.a.1 uth daj of March, IW!.
Ratr data afler dait 1 iatt,"-1!__*
Hon (blef CoaMlaalowr ol imm "J
Victoria. B. c. 10 pnrehaa. it' ���-' _J
aenbed land, iltnaled 1= bt *rt*.*;:VJ
trl��: Co��atnrt-of al * J_**t_**___l
waat aide ol Icaitaaj lake mat a-"j
poim- and aarltd J. -*��"*SiaSI
poet, thenre weal �� ehaiaa. MMmjt
chalnt. ihe-aoe eaal ���ehaiaa ������""ja
ibore. Iheaea aloaf lata i-kceta* fss, ���
*"��<"*��"��� npst*)*^l
eiatf da., alter dale IB""'1",'flil
Hob the Chit! Coaau��15��" ___S_f_f
Worki 10 , irehaae ibt '.V'*'%!vu*f
let.:.-! la K.f.Va:*,-. dlal.-.al o'""', 7i
Ct-anstn. ,nr al a poat fianled all;'- , i
of l.-'.-.i ��.Lt- pitampis -,-,-:J;% ti
ao-otb. theace tt fhaini ".l-}*^_ir
HtllTdari after dale I ������'*."*. ^"-jiaj
Cllon 10 tie Chief s>.>l**' JJ ,J
Wurki for peraiaaliMi �� ____M__'_\ 13%
deaeribed Uod: CoaBieBrsr.| 11 \,'_,m
at tlie aontbeaat f>-��roer .-I ' , ,.g nl
applliaUoo 10 por. haae. oa-��e fim
eoraer.** ruBBlaa ibtact *""'":., H*
as (balni eaet, lbcns-e �� s'.iai" >- .ma-
ehalni wait 10 polnl olcon-ctast*
la j ��*1 as-rea. ator. or '.rm
ualed tbettndAT of Apn. ���*���  K y,t,
rm T. 0 raKifn��a_��5j
SUlj dart afler dale 1 f___1Sit0m^
cationfinite Hon.iralle ihe< ik* " ���
of Undaand ��orki MttatV'SZmaM
Ihe followine doacrlbesl .and. ��� __��
a tK��! plsateJaboot one am! MP* g,|
sifrei lip i-osbi.ob Mptuma {JWI
lit creek maiked -T M.M.M*-M__ ^ im
Bine ibttse ��� tbalna went ��� ���'_-.��� a) m
by f 1. Hammond, aa aatn . w a j
norlh. theace ��chaini call V��JT>bV"
aoulh 10 polnl of co-ami BCtme.-.
���Warret, moreor'eat- ,vr
Iaaled Ihe ��th day ol April. ij.��������� a,rt
Tmt 0_ts^^A
SUIT .lay. ajieTdatt ''���''".iSJaoi.jl
Hon. fhlel CommMlrn'i _���'",,<*___\
10 rnr^hsaae ?!���* acnaol lan-i. ������ [r-a'a
aid', of Arrt-w laic. fe"*Jf,, _u I tM
CtsmirsenrlBt al a ___M}(^tS_*_\ \, wflJT
ol I. a*W!. aBd marked > ]"'��� -otlfS
nsnnlna eaal a. chain.. iy^*M,l> *]%
lh.Drewtai ��' cbaini. *��"',������>*> **l
ihenoe wc: acstbalna. Ibtst* "* >
plaoe of teflnairi. M.i"Ll
Borion. April jW. S**^ ^n,. Al*'1* The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
ie BACON We Sell
: (lives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Kxcellent  Also.    All  Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
\ Burns & Co., Ltd.
tnttj if iv en i (mi 80 dars alter date I
,]v tn thf tlnuomblu the L'nlet Oom-
1 Lnti'lH and Worki for a apeclal
ii mnl earn awnr (lmlmr from tbe
���. rlbed lands In Went Kootenay dls-
i I (omiiicnclnj at apost planted
i Sunk of lit n-tii-rrj Greek, about
ip Uir ��� n-'-k from mil wny track,
,���.,** Mi.'iici* MO cits-Inn iouth,
,m weat, tbeaot 40 cliaim north,
in-4 weit, thenee *i' hnini. nortb tn
> i. Ootnmana-ifli at npott planted
fpii cornerol Umsmidd No l, tbonce
��(, thence 80 ebalni north, thene**
thence to chains notith, tlience ����
thence 40 ohelni aonth to point of
s'n  i    I'ommeiirlnjt at a post plauied
dl "f   :i--r": ��� r eurner of Ujcallou
(40 chaini nouth, tbeuce VJU chain*
"i ijiitliin north, thenee 40 i-haina
* 10 chain* nouth theuce 30 chalna
t "I commencement.
��� r< by Kirnu ttiat 30 flays alter -Int*** 1
Li.plv   to the Honorable the  Cblef
��� r if i*,:-*l- ami Worka, Victoria.
mh to cut ami carry away timber
ill owing   deicrlbed landi, lu Weit
.sin ik lute at a pont planted on lho
rner of aur?eyed lut No. Tit\ Ol,
vi i hftini, thince north W chalna.
I"'.lie noiitheaat coruerof laid lot,
I to the northeait corner or nald lot,
* *   .1 went bouudary of pre emption
i iou Lb to the north boundary of
in '<������ H5I8, thence went atony tho
irytotba northweat cornei of said
iii -Mnib to the north boundary of
w No. 701*. tbence weat to a polnl
' 'ifimenccment, tbe nre north to
nmenOMnaotj containing ��o acre*,
* Bth, 1W7.
P. A. P*\Vt*Oa, Locator.
J. A. Bii.i.iVAft, Agenl.
mm'-m-tug at a P"*\ planted at the
orner of aitm-yed lot No. HilOl.
ii i'i tbe northern boundary ot tlm-
.j 7018, theuce weit to the norm-
ol told tlnii-r license, thence notitb
ern boundary of lot No. fit, thence*
ild boundary ol aald lot went to tlie
ij cf tbe H. 0, Houthern Kallwar,
uniKxald right-nf way In a north-
���* tion to pleat of commencement.
r��th, wtfl.
P A   I'ai-i sow, Locator.
        J. A. HruivaM, Agent.
11- bereby glveu tbat :i i days alter dat. 1
I* ipply to Tbe Honorable the Chief Corner nf 11*.ii.s and Work*. Victoria, for a
f to oil and ca-ry away timber
I following deacrlbed lami In thedlrtrlct
bncing at a pom about aeven milea from
Rti of nuuiniit creek, ln a weaterly dlrec-
Jrkcd Q    M   Ib.-iiuy'a northeaat corner
ii" ��� 80 cliaim went, thence 40 chafna
ence 40 chalnn weat. thenee 40 chalna
'ine 80 i i.niiiH eaal, tbence 4o cbaina
|ence -hi chalnn eaat, tbence 40 cbaina
;.i of commencement.
Qi M Br*NV, locator,
A Nora IH'BHIK. Agent.    _
���1 Dlitrlet. Districtof West Koolenay.
tke notice that (Jeorge A. Laurie, of
' . tuintierman, Intenda toapply for
nber licence o*er the following de-
[ ��� .* at a poit planted ahout one mile
J the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
|m in creek, thence nortb 80 chaina,
V< ����� rhalni. thence nouth 80 chains,
t ***U chalnn to thc point ot commence -
��� '������:I ni tig 610 acrea, more or leu.
lit, I'M, GEO A, LuniK.
(and District. Dlatrlct o( Weat Kootenay,
T-Take notice that (leorge A Uurle, ol
. . lumberman, Intend to applv for a
��� llmlier licence over the following de-
lHictiig at a poit planted about one mile
I thr Mck ,-abln, on the Lick cabin trail,
pklw creek, thence soutli 80 chaini.
put M) chains, thence norlb 80 chalna,
i ^'chalnn to thc point ot commence-
"iilalniug M0 acrea, more or lean.
IW17. Uko. A. LaI'RK.
|Uii'i imtrlct Dlatrlot of West Kootenay.
-Uke notice that W. H. Page, of Fire
. t <:., crulaer, intenda lo apply for a
I limber licence over the following de-
_     nig at a poat planted about one mile
��� the Lick cabin   on the Lick cabin trail,
Kiiklin  creek, theuce  nouth  80 chains,
*J chalna, thence north 80 chalm,
��i ebalna lo lhe point of commence-
ntaiulug 640 acrea. more or lean,
lit, VMI. W. H. 1'aoi, Locator.
Uio. A. Lai'hik, Agent
|Un<H>litrlct. Dlatrlctof Weil Kootonay.
j~T��ke notice lhal W. II-  I'aic. ot Flre
lBI .erniaer, Intenda to apnly for a apeclal
| Htviiec over   the   following deicrlbed
Jjtnelng at a poil planted about one ��!'���
|f th.- l.ick cnf.ln, on the Lick cabin trail,
hn  creek,   Iheuce   north 80 chalm,
I sm m chains, thonce iouth 80 chalm,
ni chains io thu point of commence-
"Niriiniug 640 aeru, moro or leu.
W II. 1'aoi, Irfxator.
Oio. A  Laurik, Agont.
( Un.l District.  Dlitrlot of Weit Kootenay.
Take notice that (leorge A. Laurie, of
��� " '.lumberman, Intends toapply lor a
Hl    Jet Uoeoie over lho following dci-
iuiciiring Ht n poat planted about one mile
������'i'l one mile went, ofthe Uek cabin, on
I.*\atjiti trail, on Inonaklin creek, ihenee
urn i iik. theuce nonh 80 cbains, thonce
"hiiini.. thence nouth Wchalm lothe point
1    '"einctiiHud containing 640aercs, more
���it, IWI,
I l��t, 1907.
(ito. A. Ltriiir..
J Und Dlatrlct. District of West Kootenay.
B Tiko notice that Oeotie A. Laurie, ol
Iiii I, ���'���'""itwrman, Intend* to apply for
|li,[|n.'M'r lloenM over the followlug dei-
|''i��iieiiiK m R ]mt ,(iftIltcd Ri���)Ui one mile
���ana om. mllu westof the Lick OtDlD, on
K. ., V',n tr��il. "�� luonaklln creek, thenco
 "��� tbenco aouth 80 chains, thenca
Ihence north 80 chains, to the
Commencing al a poat plnnted on lbe north
bank of 10 Mile creek, about one mil. and a balf
from hloean lako. marked K Hlrand'a northweat
corner poat, theuce eaat IW chalna, thenee south
40 chnins, thence west iw cbaina, thence north
40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated thll Hit day of March, 1907.
K. Btrand, Locator.
Notice Is hereby given that 80 daya alter date 1
intend toapply to the Son, the'.blef Commit-
���ionor of Landa and Worki, at Victoria, for a
special licenae to cut and carry away timber
from tha following described lands In Vale district:
No. l.-CoiniueiH'ing ata poat planted about 10
chains cant of malu Kettle river mil about one
mile more or leai nortb of 0, F H. Block No.
'Mfi, and marked Houmlary Lumber ('o'a fl. K.
comer i��ost No. 1, thence 80 chalna n"rth. Ihence
80 chalna went, tbence 8�� ebalm aoulh, theuco (JO
chains eaat to the point of commencement.
Dated Mar. h 2-n.l, 1IW7.
N*. 2.~f'ommenclng at a poat planted aboul 10
chalm eaat of main Kettle river about 80 chulna
north of Houndary LumberCo'a Location No. 1,
aud maraed Houndary Lumber Co'i & jc. corner
roat No. 2, thence 80 chalm north, tbence 80
chafna weat, thence 80 chalna south, thence 80
chalm east to the point of commencement.
Dated Und March, 1907.
No. 3.-Commencing at a post planted about 80
cbaina east of main Kettle riverand about 80
chains north of Houndarv Lumber Co'a location
poat No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a
<��. K. corner post No. 8, thunee 80 chains north,
thence 80 chaina weat, theoce 80 chalna aouth,
tbence 80 chalna east to the point of commencement-
Dated Mareh 22nd, 1907.
No. 4.-Commencing at a post planted about
lOchalm eaat of the mnlu Ketlle river and about
80chaina north of Boundary Lumber Co'i location poat No. ;i. sinl marieil Boundary Lumber
Co'a H. K. corner poat No 4, thence 80 chalna
north, thence 80 chalm weit, thence if) chalm
ioulb, lbence 80 cbaina eaat totho polut of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No S.���Commencing at a post planted aboul
i'i chains eait of main Kettle riverand about
two mllen north, more or lens, of boundary Lumber * o'i Location No. 4, and marked Houndary
LuriKt Co's 3 E. eoruer post No b, tbenee W
chains north, theAce 80 chaini west, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chalm eait to the polnl
of commencement.
Dated Marcb 23rd. 1907.
No. 6.��� Commencing at a poat planted about 2A
chalus eaat of main Keltle river ou C I'. K. Hue
bloci No. -Z714, aud about 80 cbaini north of
Bouudary Lumber Co'a loealion poat f>o. '>. and
marked Houndary Lumber Co'a .-. K corner poat
No. 6, thence bl) ehalna nortb, following 0,1'. B.
line block No 2714, thence BOchalm went, thence
80 chalna aoulh, thence So chaini eaat to tbe
polntof commeiiceinuut.
Dated March xftrd. 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted about
15 chaina weat of the malu Keltle river on 0 I'.K.
line block No 2714, and about 80 chalna north of
Itoundary Lumber Co'a location poil No. 6, nnd
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'a H. K corner p��st
No. 7, thence 160 chalna north, following C. 1'. B.
Hue block No. 2714, theuce 40chaim weat, thence
160 ihalna aouth. thence 40 cbaina eaat to tbe
point of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1907.
No. 8���Commencing at a post planted about
20 chalm weat from river bauk and about Smiles
south, more or leu. of the last eaat branch ofthe
ea-t fork of the main Kettle river or about 18
mllei north, moreor lesa, of C. P. B. BlMI No.
*/J14, on eait fork of Keltle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner post No 8, theuce
80 cbaiui east, thence 80 chains south, theuce 80
chaini went, th- nee 80 chains north to the point
of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No.��.��� Commeneing ita post planted about
20 chains weit from river bank, on the eaM fork
of Kettle river, aod about 80 chains iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit No 8, and
marked Boundary lumber Co'i N. VV. corner
post No. 9, theoce 80 ebalus cast, thenc 80 chains
aouth, Ihence 80 chalm west, tbence 80 chaini
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. 10���Commencing at a poat plantad about
ao chaini weit from river hank on the eait fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalna touth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poat No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. YV. corner
poat No. 10, thence 80 chaini east, thence 80
chalm iouth, thenee 80 chalm weit, thence 80
cbains north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 26th, 1907.
No. IL���Commenclngat a poit planted about
15 chaini wett from river bank on the emit fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalna aoutb of
Bouudary Lumber Co'a location imat No. 10, and
marked Boundary LumberCo'i N.W corner poit
No 11, thence 80 chalm eaat, thence 80 chalm
���outh, tcence 88 cbalm west, tbence 80 ohalm
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907,
No 12.���Commenclngat a poit planted about 12
chalm west from river bank in the cast fork of
Ke tie rher, and about 80 chalna aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poat No. 11, and
maiked Boundary Dumber Co'i N. W. corner
pot No. 12, tbence 80 chalna east, thence 80
chalm aoutb. thence 80 chalm west, tbeuce 80
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. Is.-Commenotng at a poit planted about
12 chalnn went from river hank on theeastfork
of Keltic river, and about 80 chalm south ol
Bounilaiy Lumber C-o'a location poit No. 12, and
niarked Boundary Luub��r Co'i N W. corner
met No Mi theuce 80 chains eaat, Ihence M
chaini mnth, lbence 80 ohalm weit/thenee 80
chalm north to iho polntof commencement.
Dated March 96th, 1907.
No 14-Commencing at a poat planted about
io chaini w at from river bank on the cam fork
,�� kettle river, and about 80 chalm iouth of
Houndary Lumber Co's location oont No 18, and
marked lUn.lary LumberCon tfw. cornor pos
No 14 thenoe BO OhalW east, thanee 80 chalui
io iih thencu 80 chains went, theuce 80 chalm
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 96th, 1907.
No. 15.-Commcnclng at a post planted about
10 chains weal irom river bank on the eait fork
of Kctllo river, and about 80 chaltis iouth o
B,���,, lary Lumber Oo'i port No 14, and marked
Boundl ry Lumber Co's N. VV. corner post No. 15,
,\ \,l.,, tt c Ins curt, thenCO 8<i cha na mnth,
iUeScc Smint%tS, tblSE 80 chalm north to
oolnl ol comtmsns'einmil.
Dalcsl March ��thi UW.
, 1101, tlsssisco h.mil! no chains, thence
""ii". lliisns's! nssrlh 80 chain., n, HM
Ls.,i���,'""''ii'-iiccmuut and cmitaltilng mo
,iiiiiis. sir lUBBi
''��� "*"��� a       010. A. LaimK.
'""' DlMrlot. niatrlot ssl Wml Kootonay.
Km -u"?*"* V""""" "'��' O00IH A- Unrlcol
J.L..I ii,,,i*,[",",1.L"-:.r'l."'n* luton.l.x.to ��*pply,'o��
f_ Issisili
���issr ni"'"''i, ftt ft  I"1"1  plnnlod abonl ono
Issalil i .".'  " '" "n eaaterly sllrocllon Irom
��� ""in. on Inssisisklli, cieok; thenee aouth 40
���i iisirliiiisiH, thenee north 40
CommiMion Hearo Many Recommendations���Compulsory School Age
Raised to 25 Years.
Frank, Alta., June 8.���Shortage of
earn uml Hip (raqumt iilisnncc of timber
Intorfi-rt! wllh mlncrB mscurlni! steady
work was this deelurutltm uf three wlt-
ni)HHi-�� employed at tho Western Canadian ColllerleH coal mine at llellueve
before the eoal nnnml��slon here today,
f'lemen SlnbliH said he had earned al
hlKh us ,127 a month and as low ub
$8.75. Kvuns' highest pay check had
bean |n�� and the lowest $18 for twelve
days'work. Anron Moseley bud only
nvoruged fourleen ndys* work per month
last winter during Ills employment at
(he mine. His biggest monthly check
had been $1.*12 and the lowest $44. They
placed the reason for the remarkable
difference at the shortage of cars and
the necessity of being compelled to quit
work owl^ig to the scarcity of timber.
The system of paying wages was objected to on the same score as the
Frank miners. Wages were paid monthly and thle they said worked a hardship
on them alnce they purchased In Ihe
erators to afford every protection to
men In mines and statistics proved that
in countries where such an act existed
the number of accidents decreased. Such
an uct did not encourugo men to bo
careless. Experienced men wero aV
wnys careful.
The act forced the miners to secure
capable miners. Most of the accidents
happened to experienced men who constituted a large jiercentage of the employees In the mines. The money se
cured by an Injured man through a com.
pensatlon act never fully recompensed
him for his loss, but It prevented him
becoming a cast-off. Men were careful
at all times. They always looked after
their safety (o the best of their ability.
Mr. Stubbs urged that all miners
should be able to speak some English,
lllusi rating his argument by the statement that In the case of an English
miner wanting to notify a foreigner of
a possible accident It was impossible
to make him understand before the accident occurred. The three witnesses
thought minors engaged*in Ihe working
places In a mine should pass an examination, they could get their experience
under an apprenticeship aa in otber
trades. Stubbs complained there was
no wnsh house at the mine. The company would tax them for It If was established and he did not think that was
right. He also said that a law should
be  passed compelling the company to
. Ills* I
|i;iswn'!.",n ""I' m ���iMWto'flS point ol
I, "mmi mui oontainlng MO acrea, rooro
aHaiSI, m. u������,r
���U'ltoa ,,' > 1i?*B **����� *> a��>" Iroin slate
*i"l���� 'se "',"'." """ '���'���il"' '���"iiimlai.loiior
����'ir ii.."f?",!"r ""Pedal lleenae to oul
Nlaii'Cf.M,"".1^' I'omtho lollowluii de-
I   ""Mln Weat Kootenay dlatrlot:
No i6.-t:ommeucing ��tapojtJrt��Wed ��*!��'.
8 chulni went Irom river bnnk on iho oaat irk o
Kell e river, and about 80 ohalna JO Uh of
Boundary Lumber fo*. location Milt "OjM. ��'���'
narked llouniiary Lumberro*�� N- n���f���,r,S' ?!
N* ut. thence no ohalni tut, MmjJJ �� JBJ '"
"outh, Ihence sl eli.lnaweal.lhei.ee 80 ehalna
north to tlso isoint ot commencement,
llatesl March iith, 1*17. ,
No n.-Csimmonelnit at �� P��t P,ljnf''|Wffi
lt���u..'"ry Lsimber fo*. [ojatlonm N��- ^"J
"ated M.rch 25th, 190J.
No. l��.-f ommenclng ut �� l��.t Ptantj_**��__
4.,n. ��.. ot tot***** z!��! _Wi)
mmr-y '���**-"   ""��� ;*'������ '*'     .  .-
\\" v- y     ���'.      ���           ���' ���             ������������
\l*im   *\   W.
^Mw\ *^*\                    Wm      ^���Ljfs^BiDt
' *m ��: t                     Uem    V      ft
_\m                                               ___a__*h
__J___t__    ||(i
^                                               KT ^^^k
^^^mwmm~m^^mm****t\W   "*^^
They favored the cash system as 11
enabled them to get far more for their
money, but they maintained that legislation should be passed compelling the
company to pay the wages every fortnight. When It was suggested that they
should carry Insurance to protect thein
against accidents and sickness instead
of a compensation, as they contended
thoy only obtained barely enough wages
to live upon and could not afford to
carry Insurance. Any way the premiums were too high, as insurance companies considered mining a hazardous
A compensation act compelled the op-
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
���aker St.. NELSON. B. C.
F.C GREEN      F. P. BURDEN       A. H. CREEK
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145   Phone til B.	
sst Kettle Hlver all'
UosiiisUry Lumber fss".
''"���'���""'��- 0,��.��r'ng
������l limrtosl Boundnry . ll til herOn����� "*,���,,��� __
p������t No. IJ, thenee M   . .    '�� ��   . m
(Balni .ssuth, thenee m ch il �� ye"
thenoe 90
XEBKi ft"��' "T5B5SS
I    �������*����� u'rch aiSii??or Bound.ryI.niab.t Co.
Afint lor Boundarv I
Notls-o U hereby given that thirty daya alter
date I Intend to apply tss lho llonorab e tho Dalai
Commissioner ol Lands and Works, Vietoria, lor
iseroslsslim ..! out and carry away timber Irom
the lollowlnl i eisrllsesllsiisils: Commencing al
. mis marae No. 1, K. Hiottx, nnd planted at
thfaorlhiwif corner' ol Lot aims O I' B block,
near tlso west lork oi Keltic rlvor, Yale dlitrlel,
B "'..thonce riiniilnir SO ohalna east,80ohalns
south 80 chains west, 80 chalUB north to point ol
Dati'd April 27th, 1907.
No. *J.���Couimenelug al tho northJR.t comer ol
No  t. thons-e runntns cast 80 chains, ihenco
smilh 80 ohalnii theme west so ebalus, thenco
north 80 s'hsiiu. to polut ol commenaemont.
Ilatod April 27,1*17.
No a���Commencing at. point atout ono hall
mllo west ol the northeast eoraer ol c P. It.
Illos-lt No. :ir.:w. thonce running nssrlh 8s) s'hisliss,
iheiioo west 80 ehalns, thonco roU*h8H s-halns,
thonce east ws s-lnslns to point olcommonccisiont.
Dated April Mil, 1907.
No 4.���Commencing at the norlhcnst corner
nl Nss 3, theness running north 80 chains, thonco
w.|t80 0h��lfi��i thence soutli 811 eBolus, tbenco
east 80 oh.lna to Mint sst coinmoucilmout.
"aid April 2*.llli,1907
No s.-t:ommenclng��t n post plapted north ol
Cosskllim s-rcek, ncisr wcsl lino ssIL. I. It. Block
tin "7o4 thoueo running west 80 ehnins, thenco
"ussith nss S'lialus, tht-ns'is easl 811 chains, thenoe
north 8(1 chains to point ol oomnioaessmont.
Paled May lit, WW. K. Biota, I/icator.
provide a proper place for the storing
of explosives. This witness also fathered the idea that all persons should get
to school until they were 25.
"Who would support thorn until they
were 25?" asked Chief Justice Sifton.
"The persons who were responsible
for their existence," was the reply.
Stubbs. who Is only 23 and seemingly
a very sensible fellow, thought the mln-
ers should be allowed to participate in
framing the rules of the company and
afterwards passed upon by the minister
of public works. These rules should be
lived up to and rigidly enforced, and
miners failing to obey ought to be punished. He said If operators were willing
to pay the proper wages for the work
they employed men at they would not
have any difficulty in securing men.
There were always good men looking
for work.
The Important suggestion was made
that the mine Inspector after he inspects a mine should post his report in
a .conspicuous place, so that the men
would understand the bad places ln a
mine. That was the law in British
Stubbs was asked If men spent less
In drink could they not afford insurance.
In reply he staled that some miners
spent money on liquor, but few could
afford 11.
All the wlnesses declared the mine
wns well ventilated.
Th' Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
laker Street, Nelaon. B. O.
Lighted by Bleotriolty ud
Heated by Hot Air
Largo and Comfortable Bcdroomi and Flnt-
ClUMlllnlog Boom,   tmniplu Boom, lor comuius-
el.1   Man.
BBS. X. C.CLAKKK, Proprlotrca.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur-
nlsh'ed. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICSSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Home
and Postoffice. Nelaon. B. C.
Tremont House
European tnd Anericau Plan
Menu 38 cu.   Roomi from 2ft ete. lo ll
Only White Help Employed.
Bnker St., Neluon Proprlaton
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DoIIar-a-Diy House to Nelson.
The Bar ia the Fiueat.
White Help Only Implored.
loeephlne Bt.
Nelaon. B. 0.
Royal Hotel
Ratee fl and $1.50 a Daj.
Special Ratee to Regular Boar-den.
Hoet comlorUble quarter. Id Nelaon
Only tbe beat ol Liquor, and uigan.
Ae McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Bntter, Eggs.
Oamp and Minera* Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Notice le hereby given that George Bourgeoli
has in mi o cppllcftuon under the provisions of
the "Liquor Llceniio Act, 1U00," for a hotet licence
for the jtri'iniscd which he proponed ioereotat
Oreroent Valley, about two mtloe northweat of
si ora n Junction.
The application will he considered at tbe regular meeting of the Hoard of Lleence commlsalon-
ers, at the Court House, ut NeUou. on the 16th
day of Juno, 1007, at the hour of eleven o'clock Id
tho forenoon.
.list Hay, 1007. Chief licence Inspector.
In the matter of nAapplicatlon for the luue of
s duplicate of tbe *��tittcatcn of Tltlo for Lotsll
and i-J, Hlock 31, Town of HHvortou (Map674);
the south \% of Lot 8, BUxik 6, Towu of New Denver-ami lot 1, Block It and loi 8, Hioek 36,
McGlllivray'^ Addition to New Denver (Map 667);
Notice Ih lierchy given that It Ifl my intention
to issue nt the expimtlon of ono month from tho
the first publication hereof duplicate* of the
Certificates of Title to the above do*crlbed Umls
in the name of Henry Bhernn nnd Harry Bheraii,
which Certificate! are dated the 17th June, 18W,
the Uh of October, IMH, the 23rd July, 1896, and
tbe 19th January, W\ respectively, and are
numbered 1W21K, HH(7Al732C and SMK, respectively.       *<
Omtrlut Registrar
- Uud Registry Ofllce, Nelson, B.O
lt��th, May, 1907.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his
ofllce, ln the Court House, In the City of Nelion,
will be received up to the hour of five o'clock,
lu the afternoon, of Friday, June 28th, 1907, for
the putchase ol the "Tumarac Mineral Claim,"
Lot 3804, Croup l, Kootenay district, wbleh is
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
sale, held in tbe city of Nelson, on the 0th day of
November, 1906, for delinquent taxes up till
June SOtb, 1906, and costs.
The upset price upon the Bild mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, wltb intereit,
taxes which have since accrued, costs of advertising, and fee for Crown Urant (126.00) Is flW.90,
which is the least amount that will be considered as a tender.
Each tender must ba accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. O, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 2(>th day of May,
Government Agent. Nelson, B.C.
We have five desirable residences for sale. Call and make
us an offer for all or any of these
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Lti
Notice Is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor tn council, under the provisions of tbe "Klvers and Streams Act." for the
right to improve Kykcrta creek. In tbe district of
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the ohstruotluui therefrom and .straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chute-t, aud make such other Improve*
ments as mny be necessary for the driving and
rafting of logs aud lho Hum fug of timber thereon
The lands to tie affected are govermont lands and
Lots 2.r>l aud 26*2, Group 1, Kooteuay district, and
the tolls that nre proposed to be charged, If any,
aresuuh as maybe fixed by a judge of the county
court of West Kootenay,
Dated tbls 27th day of March, A, D. 1B07.
I hive Juat returned to Nelton and
have opened up at tha aame old atand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
3 Improved Ranches Fo* Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acres
of Oe
Choicest Pratt Lands la
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Rare For Sale Oat of tte PretHeat Homes la
Nelion, Situated to Falnrlew, Cloee to tte Cat Line
Large 7-room houaa. Stone foundation and flretclaaa collar. Complete water ayatem. 10 lota under cultivation and plantad In largo, bearing fruit treee.   Thla la a anap.   Far particular, apply to
For Quick Sale c��*�� R*��* �� am
���g Awn of Kootenay Lake
Six acres, all cleared ot timber, with 300 frnit treee planted out. Three
roomed dwelling, already furnished, and two chicken houses with number of
chickens.   Lota of water.   Price complete, only $950.00, on very eaay terma.
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
^^.Bf^^^lSMS     -     NELSON, B. Ot
IN THE MATTER of the issuance of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. L. Retd to Lots 2 and 3,
ln Block 12, City of Neleon.
Whereas thc documents hereinafter mentioned
are uot In tbe possession of the aforesaid Howay
nnd Beld;
And whereas production of them It required
under the "Land Registry Aet";
Take notice that all or any persons having
these documents In their possession or haying
any Interest ln tbe same are required to produce
the same to the District Registrar of Land Titles
at Nelton, B.C., ou or before the 15th day of July,
Conveyance In Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated 39th October, 1891.
Morticage ln Fee, faom A. Carney and A. Barrette
to M. Mclnnes and I*. Burns, dated the 35th
of November, 1892.
Conveyance, In  Fee  under power  of  Sale In
Mortgage from Malcolm Mclnnis and P. Burns
to A. H. Buchanan, dated 17th of November,
Conveyance in Fee, A. H. Buchanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated the 34th of August, IBM.
Couvevaifce in Fee, Bank of Montreal, to Rose
Mary Heathcote  and Joseph  Heatherlngtou
Bowes, dated llth November, 18*.
Conveyance in Fee, of an undivided one-quarter
from Koie Mary Heathcote to Paul Johnson,
dated the 39th of December, 1896.
Dated this 39th day of May, A. I)., 1907.
Distriet Registrar of Und Titles.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rlvora and
Streams Act" and amandmtnte
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice la hereby given that flO days after date
The Canadian i'aclfle limber Company, Limited,
inu>nil!i to submit to tbe Honorable Chief Com-
mlHaoner of lands and Works a proposal uuder
the provisions of tha "Klvers and Streams Aot"
aod amendments thereto, for the right to Improve Trout creek and its tributaries from the
sources of such creek and tributaries to the point
where the Fame flows into Trout lake in the DUtrlct of W,eit Kootenay, und to remove obstructions there trom and make the same fit for driving, storing, hortintc ami booming logs, rafts and
crafts, nml the flumtng of lumber thereon, also
for thc right to collect toils thereon,     . a .
The lauds affectel are Crown Unds and Lots
770, 7950, 7951, 773, 771 789. 782 and 190, all In
Group 1, West Kooteuay.
Datod this aoth day oi May, 1907.
by their solicitor, R. M. Macdonald.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
St. Pint Duluth, Sioux Ctty
Chicago 164.00 Mantraal t*4M
Toronto 178.50 St. John IM.00
St. Leula $60.00 Ottawa 682.66
New York 8100.00 Boeton $85.50
Halifax 6101.80
First Class Round Trip, 90
Days Limtt.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through ratea quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces oa application.
A.O.P.4..Vancouver. B. P.A.. N.l-wn
-Contractor mtttt
Sol. agont lor the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarda. Rough and drened luDsl.it, tnia-ad
work suid braeket., Goait lata aad ahlogle., ml
and door.. Cement, brick aad Hu. lor iate.
Automatic grinder. .
Yard and factory: VeraonSt.. Mat af Hall
p. u. Box at, Naakos. MS
'   fl
J V J'
' ������ ���*
1 ���Mi    I
���   )
The Daily Canadian
Watchmaker and Optician
*************m**+******M** ���
| Our Stock is Complete |
J Here are two Soap Specials:
,25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   S4.5C '.
>72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for J2.7S *
, Tills, store will Is Clofcsi Evry T
Aftssruoon lu June. July ats.l Auirn.t
PRUNI.Ns AND GRAFTING tarelullv aliens)
a to. Apply
HII-TS.S- Klrss? Hotel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to bus* or sell anything,
go to tbe Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinner-ware ln stock. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Froit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms,
E L Croadsdaiie & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St, Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181,
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to thou* advantage to nse our Fifcih.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean.
Ing Stovea, etc.
121 Eatt Baker St.        Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
fohaccooist.   Baker Street.
.s.ssji.ili-st    l��nrty   meet*  everj   Frl<t��T
In* at a p  m , Isi  ttie ilincre' flilon Hall
> allsswt-sl lo Uke part lti
n1 tee.   'I. AtsMitj, Secretary.
t al B p
-Cor. Varnon and Ward streata,
NBLSON,   El. C.
J. FKED HUME, Pronrietor.
C. H. Wallace. J. H. Alexander. Toronto; P. H. Walsh. C. P. Caldwell and
wife, Kaslss; H. Nichols ond wife. Ymir:
R. Hell, Salmo; R. \V. Perry. W. C. Addison, Vancouver; H. Crowe, R. W.
Gibson; R. L. Richardson. J. Cronin,
Spokane; H. E. Chapman, Rrockville;
J. W. Grifflln. Hamilton; P. G. Spenoe,
St. John; M. Cralgle, Cranbrook.
F, B.York, Arrowhead; G. \V. Hughes,
Kaslo: F. W. Guernsey, Trail; M. Care,
Victoria; A. D. Wheeler, Spokane; F.
II. Elkins, Greenwood; F. H. Hillam,
C. H. Wallace, Castlegar; 0. H. Hur-
den, Crawford Bay; A. G. Ulalne, Cran-
brossk; .1. R. Winlaw, Wlnlaw; Mrs.
Ross. Ymir; Miss Bedell. Spokane; T.
J. Pearson, Trout Lake; A. Macfarlane,
Vancouver; T. J. Graham, Eholt.
0. White. Port Hill; J. Bolton, T.
Thompson, Creston; G. Doherty. Spokane; J. Comeyeau, A. Orant, Moyie; R.
W. Waterson, Howser; H. McDonald,
J. P. Phillips, T. Murray, H. Jackson.
Revelstoke; F. Anderson, Vancouver.
C. Marsden, Lardo; T. Prettyman,
England; W. Taylor, Calgary.
G. Fahland, Calgary, M. B. Gorman,
A. C. Allan, Fernie; W. W. Lock. Medicine Hat; J. Bishop, Cranbrook; J.
Smallwood. Reasley; K. T. Engelskyjen,
Rossland: .1. Gibson, Edgewood.
What Better Location
Could you desire than a fine 7-room
house, all modern, with corner lots and
overlooking the river. Close In and on
the car line.
$1800���One-Half Cash
balance  monthly  payments.
B. C.
A XI-RSK HIKI., about  IS yeara old.   Applr at
Bfltar Klai goal
TWO SMART ItlsYS-Sindj. work; aoosl ��aae��.
Apply Messenger Offlce.
BOOK-llolel, (no. Waltre����,l35;atol-sce   Phone
You  i' msiu wills Boss-1 offlce experience seeks a
posshlon.   Apply Box 51s, Nelson, B. C.
IWO FIRST.fi.AH3 ROOMS, steam heated.   Ap.
tslv Isousekcei-er. 3rd flat. K, W. C. block.
The Person, who took a Lady's t'mhrella from
K. p. Hall, Will kindly return at once, to this
office.  Phone 105B.
BUNCH  OF KF.V8.    Return to Chas. lonit-
BRASS CORNET, Two Shanks b and a, With
Case. For Price, Apply M. J. I). Box 1103,
I ROOMI!) HOUSE, t lota with bearlnr fruit
trees, Observatory Street, 2 doors from Kootenay, rent Its HO pet sss.sss th. Two Good Rooms
above osir offlce, just the place for offices, rent
115 00 per month, Toyesfc Co., Baker Street,
Nelaon, B. C.
Presbyterian Service.
At tomorrow evening's service in Si.
Pauls church Mr. G. K. Brown Will sing
'The King of Love My Shepherd Is," by
Uo unod.
Railway Change.
The chunge of time on the Spokane
Fa 11b & Northern railway will go iuto effect tomorrow. The train will leave tho
union depot at 12:30 a. in., arrive
at 1:55 a. m.
Methodist Services. ....
Rev. R. Newton Powell will preach
ut both services in the Mcihcdlut church
tomorrow. His Uiemes are: Morning,
"Every Christian a Minister"; evening,
"Tbree Anchors of tho Soul, a Sermon
un Doubt."
University Club.
The June meeting of the Nelson University Club will be held iu the city
hall this evening at 8 o'clock. All interested are invited to attend. The subject of the paper to be read ls "Tbe
Literature of Revolt."
City Park.
Mayor Gillett states today that a man
has been employed cleaning up the city
park sfnee Wednesday. He assures all
who are interested that tbe council is
neither ignorant nor forgetful of the
needs of the park, or of the expediency
of making it an attractive pluce.
Recovering Slowly,
A letter receievd from Vancouver last
night announces that W. J. Eaton, formerly of Kelson, who suffered a serious
accident ln Vancouver some time ago, is
still in the general hospital. Uut hopes
are entertained that in a short time he
will be able to leave the hospital, at
least partially recovered.
Capt. Johnstone's Farewell.
Tomorrows Salvation Army services,
especially the evening meeting in the
citadel, will be of the nature of a farewell to Capt. Johnstone and his family.
The social features on Thursday evening
were very successful, about -300 friends
of the captain being present. Captain
Johnstone has been in charge of the
Nelson corps for nearly a year and his
comrades are sorry to lose him.
Lady Editor Sues.
An interesting case* will be tried in
the Vancouver courts next Tuesday.
Mrs. E. Morrison Grout, as former editor of the Bulkley Pioneer, seeks from
Mr. John Dorsey $283 on a three-
months' contract at $21.50 a week. According to the papers filed In the case,
the plaintlfr claims from the defendant,
salary for nine weeks of the three
months during which sbe was not permitted to direct the destiny of the Hulk-
ley Pioneer, published in Vancouver.
She was, she says, "wrongfully dismissed."
Sports Committee.
Tbe Dominion Day sports committee
met in G. P. Wells' offlce last night and
perfected organization. Sports were
placed in charge of individual members
as follows: Pony races, J. I... Porter and
H. Gibson; Caledonian sports, C. Walms-
ley; cricket, F. Starkey; football, H.
Harper; trap shooting, W. A. Ward;
baseball, W, R. McLean; children's
sports, J. E. Annable; tennis, H. Selous;
lacrosse, H. Wright; water carnival,
Capt. Gore and G. P. Wells. C. A. Waterman will be marshal! of the day. A
telegram has been received stating that
the Coal Creek team will be here to
play. The next meeting will be held
Tuesday evening also in Mr. Well's office,to fix appropriations for the various
The Store of Quality
Per Bottle 25c
Per Bottle 25c
Per Bottle 25c
Per Bottle 25c
2 Tint 25c
Those goods are low In price but high
In quality. Give them a trial and be
���We per Pound.
K. W. C. Bloek . Phone 10.
For Sale
1450.00, 2 lot! on Latimer etreet.
$325.00, 1 lot on Latimer and Stanley.
$200.00, 30 ft lot on Chatham near Pine.
$175.00, lot on Carbonate near Park
$450.00, 16 lota on Innea atreet.
Weat Baker Street        NELSON, B. C.
I have a full line of the best
known scrips at prices
(5c to 50c
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
A Few
Aids to Enjoyment
for the children in their outdoor play
The more genuine enjoyment tliey
get out of it the more good it
will do them.
8PADES, 10c and 25c each.
GARDEN   SETS,    Ispade,   rake
hoe,) 25c, 40c, and 70c each.
WATERING CANS, 25c each.
SAND PAILS, 15c 20c and 40c each.
RUBBER    BALLS,    (all   kinds   and
sizes,) 5c to $1.00 each.
TENNIS BALLS, 38c and 50c each.
GIRLS'   BALL   BATS,   10c,  15c and
40c each.
SAIL BOATS, 25c 75c, 85c, $1.50 each.
45c, and 50c each.
Also    Carta,     Wheelbarrows,
Waggons. Doll Carts, etc., etc.
W. G. Thomson
HSHK1*"1 Nelson, B.C.
Phone .34.
C. W. Dusk is registered at thc Hotel
The Vancouver Province says that \V.
H. Smyth, late of Nelson, will locate in
N'ewton Vf, Emmens, manager of the
Broadview and other mines in Camborne district, is at the Hume.
C. F. Caldwell, of Kaslo, is In the city
today. He has just returned from
Skagway. While away he bonded two
copper properties, at White Horse.
C. N. Sainsbury, of the staff of the
Manitoba Free Press, returned last
night from a week's visit to the Boundary, and is at the Strathcona.
J. S. Carter came in from Spokane
last evening, and Is today arranging
his papers, etc., preparatory to taking
up his permanent residence in Spokane.
He leaves for that city tomorrow
Boat Club.
In referring to the .Velson Boat Club's
regatta crews yesterday, two names
were omitted, those of Mr. Lee, stroke,
an old Cornell oarsman, from whom
much Is expected, and X. Mcintosh, a
member of the senior crew wblch represented Nelson at Victoria in 1905.
Distinguished Visitor.
Among the arrivals In the city last
evening was R. L. Richardson, of Winnipeg. Mr. Richardson is one of the
best-known newpaper men of the West.
For many years he has been connected
with the Winnipeg Trlbue, the last 15 or
10 in the capacity of manager and editor. For one term he represented Llsgar
In the Liberal Interest In the Dominion
House, but he was not a subservient
enough follower of Sir Wilfrid Laurier
and the Liberal leaders, and he practically became independent In politics. His
open letter to Sir "VJfllfrirl was a scathing arraignment of'the Liberal leaders
and the policy of the party. But Mr.
Richardson is not altogether indebted to
journalism and politics for his fame.
He has written two novels that have
been widely read In the West. The first
was "Colon, of the Ninth Concession,"
and the other, "Camerons of Bruce."
The first named give a fair account of
conditions prevailing In the farming
communities of Lanark, county, Ont.,
where Mr. Richardson was born, and the
second Is a story of the early Scotch
settlers of Bruce county. The distinguished journalist and novelist is spending today fishing at Procter and will re-
turn to Nelson this evening.
Wholesale and KoUU Dealer! It)
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on -shortest nntice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
One of the Host Scenic Locations on
Kootenay Waters Is for Sale.
The property comprises about 130
acres of timber and fruit land, having
half a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Xelson.
The central portion of about 100
acrea, with buildings, fruit trees, (lower
gardens an living springs thereon,
will be sold as a whole, leaving an ox-
tensive lake frontage to the north and
south which I will offer in acre subdivisions. For price ami terms apply
at my home.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by  Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Addreei Box 796, Nelton.
Liptons^ Teas
We are In receipt of a shipment of
Lipton's Teas direct.
Half Pound Tins  No. 2  25c
One Pound Tint  No. 2  50c
Half Pound Tint   No. 1 ....'...',...Mo
One Pound Tint  No. 1   60c
Telephone 161.
        HOUSTON BlsOOK.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
160 Acre pre-emption, 2 acres cleared
50 trees and Borne small fruits planted.
A 8-room dwelling, houses aud sheds
for 400 chickens $360.00.
A pre-emption on Beaver Creek,
Little Slocan |460.00.
Baker St., Nelton.	
Sunday School Presentation.
Before leaving Kaslo ,the Rev. S. J.
Green was prevented with a beautiful
pair of gold ruff links and Uie following
address Isy tlie members of his Sunday
school Class:
To the Rev. S. J. Green:
With love and best wishes from his
Sunday school class. We beg of you
to accept this token to show our respect
for you. We sincerely hope you will
meet with success and the good will of
the people to whom you are going. It
Is with much regret on the part of all
that we bid you farewell.
Signed by the members of your Sunday Bchool class of the Methodist
church of Kaslo: Ruth Rlvln, Irene
Sph'rs, Marie Broohler, Agnes Vnllance,
Clara Stephenson, Millie Goodwin. Effle
Clark. Mary Vallance.
Workingmen's Shoes
The workingman's shoe should be
made strong, honest and In a painstaking manner. The Btock should bo dur-
able, and they should look well and nt
the same time be comfortable.
Our shoes meet all these requirements.
&?yal, R. ANDREW & Go.
Wo Hnvi* n LarKO Variety of the Lata
Current Fiction. Tho cheapest Edition
in Whicli They Are Published Is 75ct��
eaoh.     ..��m���    Titles    to   tk-lert   from   at
25c. Each.
Seaside Library of Standard Authors /5gj|
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Li
COR BAKER and WARD.       Phone 81
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargainslj
Oor Fancy Vestings Most Be Sold
This  Month   Regardless  of  Cost.
You can buy Wash Vestings for $1.00, worth (3.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00, worth |7M I
See them and buy now while the selection  Is good.
A' * Sin"'."6"01 Baker St., Nelson, B. C
Summer Clothing	
X?I2.SI��� $7.50 to m
Spring i3 Here
We have prepared for this season by passing ipto stock all t
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spade,|
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter order*. '   il
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Rapalrlna and .lobbing e��visut(d��*lth OMMtoh.   ghHtM-MI
Work, Mlnlnt enifMIII Mnuhlnsry.     Munutaiiturara ut
Ora ears. u. ft.   Constructor-**' Cara.
Corner of Hall tnd
Front Streets.
NELSON,    B. C.
Telephone* I
P.O. Boi��1
Spring Stock Just Opened Uplj
Carload Linoleums and Carpet*
Prom Glasgow, Scotland.
Beat Qualities at Uow Pricea.
Standard Furniture Company I
Mmoii A Hindi Hanoi.
QitermooT Kattnuw,
Mar-Minn Haiiltnr)* MaUreaiiea
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
AND DEALERS IN   LtttllDei*.  SHlIlgkS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned "Work and Bracketa. Mnil Ordom promptly attcndedHi
VBRMON STRBBT  -   -  .   NBI.SOM, B. C.
Summer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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