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The Daily Canadian Nov 20, 1907

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Vou can pi
buy a purer o
ay more, but cau not
r better MINERAL
than " HALCYON.'
��l)e ��ailtj
VOLOMB 2.    No.   1.13
***>*��� ***������	
QWill  beV*Hi��.ered    svery
-**#&��� do61*--fci
averting    st
a. c.
ieriiian Socialist Leader
Going Abroad
I'jrpriscd That Cause Makes Little
Headway in Chief Sufferer
From Capitalism.
20      li.-rr      II.-I..1.    the
, ii    S...-i:ilisls.   has
m I,,   tour for tho pur
.,i,i.'.*i. .1 ���.   ..I the
ol  working i.i.u.    He
[ .,  ,..,��� i.i, rsble attention to ths
��� n> in learn why it Is
rotmlry which, in his * i, v..
,    ...    real moneyed
ha    made    m.    little
In  ��� u a wealth) inun
..'. .n ii. many Hla
10 tu aggregate l BO,
��� ��� quests (min
, **iii. i. business ilirlit
: ���,..'..I   I  ��� I.. 1      is   How   SOT-
|di - old.    He   wus born in
a ol  a  German  arm.
.  i ttood ii.- s*aa ap
|: ��� .,  turner,    After setsmu
i l|.  ba   tramped  about
ii   wandering  j..m u
ban .ii ll"  lu"il  "i" in"I  a
^      * md  there Joined tba
.. in.'tit.
ii...   Bats i Iiiul ai-
ii ..( ih*. government
leraneaa on Socialism,
h in prtaoB tor his loach
���._  ,.  wus arraatad srtth the
Uebknechi on u charge of high
WUS       S.'I';I,-IH'...|    io    two
I ������.���!.,-in in ih... fortress .,(
I . ��� ru'
has i..'. i. i��..iiiini the
��� ������ n months for political ot
..���.    i'uslM-rii   forlrt'ss   Babel
l.1 i.i.i.kii-'-iii wen   '���'���. Hi- i. uml had
. ... ,. ...|,  ih,.|r  Ideal  on   Bo
Illsm    Then    i ebel   wrote   hla   beat-
svins.il    book,   "Woman  In   tha   Past,
ind Future,*" in which ba ar-
the   equality   of   the
..r n Bocialls! Ian
I ih.  . it. naton of ih.. minor
lo i.. tpzig. Bebol wus top.
:.   In ihui dtj.    He wus
l  ... his profitable hnsl
li. .     Ill"  11   Ills   Ml,'   llUS   ll.'.'U
el)   to  tba   SoclaUsI   props
d "i'ii ;. suoesss attained b)
.. ..i    r. ii.i hus been  s
|r thi  .late parliament ol Bax-
.; in Hi.- Reichstag tor
���*��� o nd h; itrlcl   Hamburg.
���  inn.  Debet baa bean in the
f ii i    back io the days
1 .kill in debate wus plclures-
I   ��� n  u contests win. Bismarck
-his ntt. ��� :,i. .      inr...   nuviT   full.'.!   lo
J . I]   upon   his   hearer*.       The
I sokes no when Bebel u.lks.
he th. in.-, wh. tl.er opposition
���:i"i.' money for warships
nunclatlon of ths emperor uml
'! "ii i.i nn-... who love noi the so
oi  iii.. usually .try subji bi  ot
ii lleves thoroughly in the*
lallsn.   ns   laugh!    hy   Karl
lain,    ii    uxplaLna bis tdens i.s  foi-
i,.  Boolallsm un .'iiiiri- re*
��� ii i.i society���a change, tor
J, im greater than thin from
I i i.i th,. pros, in tree capital-
I . ii .'i.ii ,i ,;ik.' too long I'I
]r          !" details oi th" matter, bnt I
Btv.   j ..i sun., ol  ihi'  ihui"   point I.
1,1 ''"��� Bo.    l.i.. i.i  or aoclet) . a    '
'���';'" to call ii, nil lands and tba means
I 'i.hi. us weii ns transportation,
1 ���   , nolualvely in th.' hands ..I
I''�� I * ople, uml IH,t us now. In iho hands
',' " fiBrtlcular class.    Everybody win
in. I., wn.K,   Than, will I... no drones
and .'luii parson is to ho
*"! according to his work, be it ��r the
_* oi brain    Bul money win nol be
, ""��� means of payment    A  simple ex-
,   ' ���  "i goods or isrvlce Is to take
I ot or it, and these goods or ser*
] [ in.i  io be appraised  accord.
I P* to -l.-ii worn, In money.   Only the
���wi. expended on thorn will determine
*ti exchange value, and no middleman
"commercial exploiter will be allowed
"���enhance ii    |mlee '   uch persons will
' >! I when   I elalli m is in working
'"'. for snd, ty la ti   bs ths .m.* and
<   u�� ��� 'iiii'i'ini.ti, in  and employer."
Baltimore  Electric   Deal.
ib- < h.su,,..uk.. ��� potomao Telephone
oompany, The deal is of Interest to
ths genera] public. Inasmuch as It means
Hi- ��� ni ol the rata war which has been
going on between tba two corporations
sin��� ihu Baltimore Electric began
Fraud and  Intimidation Exposed by Ontario   Attorney.
Toronto, Nov. JO.��� A collecting
agency scheme which compels poor uml
Ignorant people to pay -nosey hus been
disco*, red   by Crown  Attorney  Corley.
"The case was brought to my notice,"
li- Bald ihls morning, "of a young la.ly
win, bad received a letter from an
Bgenc called tba Whitney l.aw abso-
.iaiion, which, l believe, is practically
Mr. li W. Dunham, tha manager himself, I.. the effect that some case
against her had been In court.
"The roung woman owed the money,
bul ib- matter had never been In court,
mul tbe iiilsr-pi-s-ntuiion was evidently rn sears her Into paying tha account
"I'll- letter wan partly primed nnd
partly typewritten ami stated thai the
CSS. had come up In S certain court before u Ju.l"- wboae name wus left
blank, on a cunt day which was alao
represented by B blank. The pretended Judgement wus also placed In tbe
sie-riff s hands on another day represented by a blank, and th. costs were
ordered to be paid  l.y the debtor.
"I have reported Ihe matter to the
jmisi office authorities," added Mr Col-
T.. Imitate tbe process of tbe court,
sad i" Indue- Ignorant |k...|.I<- to he-
Hove ;i case hus oome up In court
wh-n it  has not. is an offence
"Prom ih- fact  thai  a printed form
was   used.   It   looks   us   if  I'-is   kind   of
thing had h���n carried on extensively,
and I  am anxious  to see other people
who   hav-   received   similar   untie, s'
A summons was issu-d this morning
against U, \V. Dunham on an information laid hy Mr Andrew Mcllirr. tit
l'-'ikit* Sn���i. tor lailiii- io account
for $7 said to hav- been collected by
I .unburn  for   McGirr.
Indian   Who   First   Discovered   Gold   in
Klondike  Makes Annual  Trip
to Victoria.
Baltimore, Nov. 10;���Stockholders of
^Consolidated das. Blaotrlc Ltghtand
'"'' company of ihls .ity in-i today
'''' took lavornhle action nn n proposl*
.'."' Wng to the absorption of the
J,',"' "  BHeotrlo   company,   the   rlvnl
BJ '" locally. The Baltimore 111-.'
Til, '''""imny controls Ih- Maryland
j, "'""in- company. With the eonaoli.
E ,'1'1 "t iii- two lighting companies
lihun""1"'''1''1 "'"I the Maryland Tele
i "nn company will be taken over by
Vi-ioria, Nov. L'n.���Jim Mason. "Skoo
klim Jim." the Silk Indian, who was lie
first to discover gold in Ihe Klondike.
Is In the city on his annual visit to
civilization, lie makes his home in Car-
cross. Y. T.. and spends the tlm- mostly
in shooting, now for pleasure, however,
in.I   not   for   ll   livelihood.     Times have
changed greatly for Skookum Jim since
the day In 189(1 wh-n his cousin Charlie
and   his   brother in -law.   a     while     man.
c.org- Carmaek, he was shooting near
-skookum gulch on what Is now known
as Bonanss creak. Hn. told the story
last evening to a r-port-r,
'I'll- little party with nothing hut Iheir
rifles, some ammunition and a hag of
salt had started up th- BUkaen on ���
shooting trip, bunting for food. Jim.
..u- day in ih- neighborhood of Bonanss
creek shot a moose ami ran his quarry
io earth near Bkookum gulch. Aa he
wa-* stopping fOT a drink of water after
ih- kill, he noli���d something bright iu
th- water. He picked i< up, hit 11 and
found thai it was gold. H�� now wears
ii.in Identical nugget In his neck tie.
How Jim, his two cousins and Cur-
mack, the white man, staked claims and
look millions ...it of them, how Carmaek
deserted   his   Indian   wife   and   ran   on*
with u million dollars of Jim's mon. i Is
now old history. Hut Jim tells th- story
very readily and Ih- siury ns told hy
.lint' win always be Interesting.
Jim is especially proud or ths facl
that h- is a Canadian Indian. Never
ii Roman of old boasted greater pride
In his birthplace than Jim does in bis.
.11,,, had a nephew Charlie. Charliepaid
$.,iuii   to   h-   naturalised as a i nii-d
Slates citizen.    The next year they took
ii away from him.   Jim laughed at him
for Jim has always I. i of the opinion,
and be has n-ver v-t Been any reason
for doubting It, I Imi s Canadian is the
,,,,,,..; wort ol Qod. Hni. ii "'uy ho
aald. ls ii member or the Free Masons.
Last summer Jim went prospecting
l��� the Peace river oountry. He wen'
,, in,' as lhe Mackenzie ami In the
-treat unknown land he had a wonderful trip Bplandld bunting he round
there and -oai nnd other minerals In
abundance. ���,      ,.
Jim returns to Caroross nexl ruesdaj
and he will Bh.iiit rabbits and other
cam-  all   winter nnd  III  tbe spring  go
pToBpecUng again ror he is proud ol his
appellation of skookum and prosperity
hii hurl Kin. n�� i""" ���* '"" i'"'*'1"""
With him Ibis year came Ills daughter She li going east to school. Jim
has ���o sons, bin ii nephew, Sum Smith.
^oSriWha.  vlslied  boforo,  bul
in ih- last two years thai he has bean
win- great changea haw taken place.
Ho confessed- Hint ii- had great   rouble
In fuming ''i" *_* '<���������''���'<���������'������ -ity* ""���
landmarks so changed,    lb.* C,  t ��� ".
I",., .truck  him as the ultimate and
���,���  word  In nil  mm   wis imigtilncni.
,,i nu- iii hotel buildings, and he will
put up there: on the occasion of his next
Mines of Hastings County Proving Rich
in  Gold and   Copper.
Toronto. Nov. 20.���Mr. VV. I.. Spear,
managing director of Spear's Canadr
ian Mining Institute, has received word
from Superintendent George H. Rogers,
relating to the development ot certain
mining properties of the syndicate In
Hastings county. On ibe mine No. 1
shafl has been sunk to the Ill-loot level.
Ou the foot wall there is a vein or cal-
cllo 18 Inches wide, richly charged
wilh copper pyrites, showing un increase in width wiih dgptb. Tbe whole
vein is eight feet wide between tow-ails. Tlie whole formation, so far as
It iu possible to ascertain, is of slate
schist with veins of calcite running
from the south to the north through the
shall. Mr. Rogers believes that pay ore
will he reached in lhe shaft at a depth
of 50 to 60 f-et. Assays from samples
laken from the 25-foot level showed a
little over 11 per cent, of copper, and
B1_0 per ton In gold. At a depth of :ir.
feei. ih,. assays yielded -t per cent, of
copper wilh a tracing of gold. Work
will be continued during the winter,
when .be shaft will be put down at least
inn feet. The oompany is also planning
to drive a cross-cut through tin- western
, ad of the property, cutting several sur-
lace veins at a depth of li... feet.
Mr Spear has just closed a contract
for the development of the Hogerlon
mine, in l.unganmin Township, Hastings county, Th,- property consists of
150 u-tes. and it is one mile from a railway station. No. 1 vein has a percentage "I ni-kel and copper, and at a
depth of mn f���i it will prove to bo a
rich copp-r and nickel lode from 111. to
H.I. feet wide. No. 2 vein is four feet
wide, and it has a rich showing of nic-
e.tlit.' between two well defined walls
of .limit... No. I vein is three feet wide
and  il contains silver, nickel and gold.
On Ih- . ast end of the property there
Is a large lode of mica 40 leet wide, and,
apparently, carrying  little  Iron.
Railroads to Fix Rules.
Chicago. Nov. 20.���The operating vice
presidents nf nearly all the principal
railroads of the I'nlted States met In
conference in this city today to consider
a new car hire agreement which will insure the more prompt return of cars to
their home roads aud thereby reduce
the oft-recurring car congestion. Holes
Imposing a penalty or |8 for the diversion of a freight car from its home road
after being received hy another line
have been drawn up for consideration
al the meeting. The railrouds claim
that mUCfa of Hi- car shortage Is due to
the fact that they are unable to keep
their cars on their own roads. Twenly-
two roads have agreed to abide hy uny
rules made by the conference for a
period of six months, and it Is hoped lo
bring all the m hers of Ihu American
Railway association into the agreement.
American    Revenue   Cutter    Returning
from   Newfoundland���Modus
Vivendi    Obaerved.
Washington, Nov. 20���The state department has received Information that
the revenue cutter Gresham. which has
been In Newfoundland waters In the Interest or American fishing smacks, has
started home. The Gresham will coal at
Sydney. N. S.. and proceed to lloston. It
is presumed that Professor Alexander
or the American fisheries commission,
who was sent to Newfoundland waters
t.. ael as adviser to the American llsh-
eiiiian. is on board. The latest reports
received from Professor Alexander staled that there had been no difficulties
encountered by the American fishing
fleet and the Indications were that the
season would close without disturbances. Tin* American fishermen have
been operating under last year's modus
Speaks  Cape   Race.
New   York,    Nov.   2H.���The     Cunnrd
steamer Mauretania from Liverpool and
ijii-ciisiown for New York, was In com-
inunicallon wilh the Marconi stntion nt
Cape  iince. Newfoundland, ut  ~:'.^ today.   The distance Is not given.
Coatty Ride.
Buffalo, Nov. 211.���John Wind nnd
Hugh Dugan while stealing a ride io
their homes iii Wilk-iibiirre, on the
l.elgh Valley treigbl train, last night,
fell Irom lhe train beyond Ilepew. Wu.'d
wus ground lo pieces under the wheels
and Dugan's left foot was so badly
crushed that it will hnve to be amputated. The men were round by the engineer of the train following. Dugnn
wns brought to u hospital here.
London Papers on Outlook in America
Rockefeller Said To Have Hundreds
of Millisns of Bonds in
Wall Street Vault.
London, Nov. 20.���The measures taken by Secretary Cortelyou to deal with
the financial crisis in the United St ates
are discussed at length in the financial
editorial columns of the I^onUon newspapers today and various opinions are
ventured  on  their  probable  efficiency.
The Daily Mall says that even if the
financial crisis is passed it has left commercial depression in its wake.
The telegraph declares lhat in the
pi-sent plight of America it is no slight
success to create a favorable impression and Secretary Cortelyou certainly has done that.
The Tl mes, in an editorial article
says it thinks the measures taken by
lhe government should induce hoarders
to renew confidence in the stability of
tbe banks und that the tangle into
which affairs have been allowed to
drift, may be straightened out, if there
general determination on the  part
of  the  banks  and   the iteople  to  work
unanimously to that end.
New York, Nov. 20.���There ts current in Wall street the amazing rei>or.
that John D. Rockefeller has stowed
away in the vaults of the Standard
Trust company at No. 25 Broad street,
one hundred million dollars worth of
government bonds*
If this be true, and those who recite
the tale assert that there can be no
question about the authenticity of Its
source, John i>- Rockefeller is the creditor of the United States government
to the extent of a little less than one-
ninth of the interest-bearing debt of the
people. The aggregate of the government interest-bearing debt is $1)25,158,-
If It be true that Rockefeller Is hoarding $H)0,0b0,0��u in government bonds,
the complaint of bankers that they are
unable to get bonds upon which to raise
currency would seem to have some
The possessor of a fortune of $100,-
000,000 in government bonds could exert. If he wished, a financial pressure
such as the country is feeling today.
The vaults of the Standard Trust
company are the largest in New York.
lt is said that Rockefeller has one vault
or room ln the steel burglar and fireproof caverns of the concern that is as
large as the average business man's office, and that In this room he keeps his
wealth locked up.
Rockefeller is said to have visited
Wall street three times in the past
month, and on each occasion he is said
to have gone to his strong room and
taken out securities upon which money
has been raised. On one of these visits,
It is reported, he showed two visitors
the vaults in which are his hordes of
ln addition to his government bonds.
Rockefeller's visitors said he has Standard Oil stock worth a vast amount of
money stacked away in orderly piles In
the steel bOXea. and also bonds and
docks of enormous value, issued by the
ending railroad coriKjratio.i.-..
Waa Too Persistent.
Ruffalo, Nov. 20.���As the result of the
refusal   of   1-utgl   (.amburta   to   pay   a
gambling debt which i-Ymoni alleged he
owed him, (lamlmrta drew l_ stiletto and
���tabbed Feineni to death at the oornar
Of Mississippi and Ohio streets in the
presence of nearly 100 Italians pnt-mlng
On their way to work. The two men had
heen arguing over the alleged debt.
Oamhurta was captured after a long
Council of Six Nations.
Syracuse, Nov. 20.���A council of the
Indians of the Six Nations began at the
council house at the Onondaga reservation today, to decide whether an attorney shall be engaged to sue the
United States government for Interest
on the $2,000,000 Kansas award. The
Kansas award of $2,000,000 was made
when the treaty of Buffalo Creek was
signed. Jan. 15, lSItK, giving the Indians
that sum for land in Kansas. Now the
Indians believe they are entitled to Interest al the rale of 5 or 0 per cent.
from the time the award was made
Keventy years ago. The interest would
amount to mon- than $7,000,000 and
would mean $300 for each member of
the Six Nations. The Indians interested include the Mohawks, (.ayugas, One-
Idas, Onoudagas, Tusearoras and Semens.
Fad  for Long Distance Record Walking
Spreads to United States.
Chicago. Nov. 20.���With a view to
making the reception of Edward Pay-
son Weston, attempting a 1250 mile
walk at the age of more than G9 years,
on his arrival in Chicago next week.
worthy of his performance, negotiations
were started yesterday for the use of
the Colliseum or a similar building, for
a big demonstration by Chicagoans.
The reception will be in charge of the
Illinois Athletic club and efforts will
be made to iclude the mayor and the
city officials in the reception as has
been done in other cities through which
he has passed.
New York, Nov. 20.���"Dakota Rob," a
picturesque western rival of Weston,
the pedestrian, started on a walk from
New York City hall to New Orleans
yesterday, afjer getting Mayor Mc-
Clellan to write his name in his book.
Governor of Porto Rico Travels to Washington  to  Explain.
New York, Nov. 20.���Governor Post
of Porto Rico arrived today from San
Juan. He will go at once to Washington. The governor denied the report
that he had been summoned to Washington by the president to explain certain charges concerning his administration.    He said:
*T came home to report on the affairs
of the island, and while In Washington
expect to take Op these charges. Tbe
fact is a short time ago a nasty news
paper article was published in Porto
Rico and I am going to Washington to
see about it. 1 can not say anything
about it at this time. I shall go to
Washington today."
Not Raymond.
New York, Nov. 20.���Jealous because
of her husband's attentions to another
woman. Mrs. Hitchcock shot and instantly killed her husband, Robt. Hitchcock, as he lay sleeping in bed in their
home in the borough of the Rronx early
She then turned the revolver upon
herself. Mrs. Hitchcock inflicted several wounds on her head and bruises
from which she Is expected to die.
Hitchcock was a compositor on a New
York newspaper. The man ami woman
were married about a year ago and had
an apartment in East 105th street.
Lately they had frequent quarrels and
Mrs. Hitchcock has repeatedly complained to her neighbors that her hus
band has been spending a great deal of
bis time with another Woman when not
at work.
G. T. P. Official Says Line Will  Reach
Albertan Capital   by Summer���
Camps Are Healthy.
Edmonton, Xov. 20,���Dr. H. R. llislop.
me.lie.al superintendent ol the G. T. P.
eonstruetlou camps from Kdmonton as-
far as Manltoiilin, has returned from
the Inspection trip of his division. He
reports the work on the line as progressing rapidly, und everything point,
to the completion of the line as far as
Edmonton next summer.
The health of the men of the various
ramps ia excellent, and there were onl>
two eases of fever reported.
Asked as to the progress ot the grad
Ing between Edmonton and Saskatoon
Mr. lllslop stated that the grading rrom
Saskatoon to the Haul.* river was com
pletcd with the PXCsuuon ol about four
teen miles of the portion of lhe line
known as the Ulbstone river section as
in three places In that section there was
a lot or Ticavy work to be done.
At Hut tic river, where the line will
cross, a large force of men are g.'ttin!'.
the material ready for the const met ion
between Edmonton nnd llattle river, n
distance ot about 100 miles and abonl
one-bait Ihe grading is at present completed.
Referring to the health of tho various
camps along the line ol construction,
Dr. llislop said it was excellent. There
Is a resident doctor to look after the
health of .the camps every fifty miles
and hospital accommodation the same
distance. Since the work began on the
first of May. there have been only two
eases of fever and n few minor eases
The eompnny are prepared to handle
their own sick. The section west rrom
llattle river has been locate* under the
charge or Dr. SI cite, and one Is now In
course ot construction  at   llattle  river.
association that formerly controlled the
racing. The A. A. I handled the ice
skhtlng well last sea. on but it Is glad
to shift the control of roller -katlng.
lt Is understood that the t* ��� ^delations will rule the roller uk* ^. - a
firm hand. '  a��y
Money Found to Handle Crops of Three
Northwestern   States.
Portland, Or., N6v. 20.,���To move the
greatest wheat crop in the history of
the Northwest and with the money obtained for Lhe grain relieve the financial
stringency, is the object of a special
meeting of the loan committee of the
clearing-house this afternoon, at which
shipiiers are invited to be present. R.
Palfour of London, a member of the firm
of Balfour. Guthrie & Co.. is in Portland, and will probably attend this
meeting. While refusing to be interviewed, Mr. Hal four, through a representative, stated he would attempt to
formulate some plan by which the present shortage of gold in the west, which
has a tendency to disturb the shipping
and exporting of grain, could be reliev
The wheat crop of Oregon. Washington and Idaho is estimated at f>0,000,00_
bushels, and will bring $40,000,000 to
the Northwest. A fleet of fast sailing
vessels to load grain for Europe arrived
at Astoria yesterday.
H. Giegerlch, of Kaslo, Is a guest at
the Hume.
George IV McMillan is ex[>ected to return from the east next Saturday.
J. A, Montgomery left this morning
on a business trip through the Slocan.
G. O. Buchanan came down from
Kaslo last night and is in the city today.
Mrs. P. W. Gordon will receive at tha
home of Mrs. E. B. McDermld. corner
of Hall and Hoover streets, Friday and
Saturday afternoons of this week.
Augustine Birred.   Irish Secretary,   Has
Solution to Offer to Parliament.
London, Nov. 20.���According to the
Evening Telegram, Secretary of Ireland Birrell's Irish University Bill will
proi>ose the establishment of a new university at Belfast and a new university
to supersede the existing Royal University which consists of Queen*s College, Galway, and New College. Dublin.
Each   Witness'   Examination    Expected
to Taxe two Days.
Edmonton. Nov. 2".���The supreme
court has spent two days examining
one witness in the lumber conspiracy
case. Thirty-one witnesses have been
summoned, many of whom will take
at least two days iu examining and
cross-examination. At this rate the
trial is likely to last for two or three
weeks. Counsel for both sides have
made elaborate preparations for conducting the case. Considerable cross
firing has taken place between Deputy
Attorney General Woods and Mr. Ben-
n*'tt, and vigorous arguments with respect to the law of evidence. Each
counsel Is armed with voluminous t>l>e-
written notes and extracts from various
authorities on points of law Involved
which are cited to the confusion of
everyone except the inperlurable chief
ast Indian Railways May
s   Be Tied Up
Famine Districts in Urgent Need of
Supplies���Travellers Stranded
at Remote Points.
Calcutta, Nov. 20.���T raffle on the
East Indian railway, 2,105 miles long
and the second largest line in India, is
rapidly becoming paralyzed by strikes.
Trouble originated with the engineers
who are almost entirely Europeun. and
yesterday and today great numbers of
natives belonging to the traffic staff
joined in the movement. The most im-
|...,taiii station or lhe road from Calcutta to Allahadad is practically tied
up, and already 6,000 passengers are
bi randed at Azanol, Bengal, the Junction of tne East Indiun and UengaJ Nag-
pur railroad, where the strikers are
threatening violence. Reports are con-
siuntly coming in of engineers leaving
their trains at the remotest stations and
In some cases driving off with their locomotives and leaving the cars.
The Jute mills are also affected by the
strike as they have been obliged to stop
work In consequence of shortage of
cars and coal, and it is feared that the
tie-up will delay outward bound ships.
The strikers complain of overwork
and poor pay. The strike at the present time Is specially serious in view of
the famine conditions which are becoming daily more widespread, necessitating the speedy transportation of relief
King and  Queen  of  Spain   Will  Danes
In Underground Chamber.
London. Nov. 20.���King Alfonso and
Queen Victoria of Spain who are guests
or tbe Duke of Portland, will attend a
ball tonight given in their honor tn tbe
famous underground ballroom at Wet-
beck Abbey, which was excavated by
tbe fifth Duke of Portland, and which
has not been used In years. The whole
suite of subterranean chambers und the
passages communicating with them are
dazzlingly Illuminated with electric
Japanese  Consul  Will   Not  Accept His
Expense Account.
Good Will Sold Cheap.
New York, Nov. 20.���The Herald
says: "Acting for Thomas I'uiiui. ns-
slgnoe of Ihe New York Daily News
Publishing Company, Harry Moses,
auctioneer, yesterday sold the equity in
the name and good will of the defunct
Dally News to Archibald R. Watson,
a lawyer, for ?'*���!��. There were two other
bids, one of twenty-five cents by Herbert Illngham, manufacturer of printers' rollers, nnd one of a dollar by a
representative of Oeorge II. Merrill and
Company of Printers' Ink. The name
and goodwill nre subject to a mortgage
. of $500,000 held by Frank A. Munsey.
Athletic Merger.
New York, Nov. 2 0���The American
today says an alliance was formed yesterday between the Amateur Athletic
Association and tin* International Sknt
Ing Union, and tho latter body will
hencelorlb control roller and Ice skat
Ing. This matter was brought up Monday nt the annual meeting of the A. A.
W. and a committee headed by Harlow
S. Weeks, was appointed to look Into
the matter. The committee made a fnv-
..ruble report nnd the alllnnre was grunt-
ed.   The International Bleating I'nlon is
comi*oscd of  the   members of   the   old
Annoyed by Photographer.
New York, Nov. 20.���Count Szech-
enyl, fiance of Miss Gladys Vamlerbtlt,
and Mitnson Morris, a wealthy club inun.
chased F. J. Perrett. u snupshol artist,
for several blocks and then caused the
photographer's arrest, because he annoyed the count und u party of ladles
by endeavoring to take flashlight pictures as the party wus leaving the
horse show. Later In court, Perrett
told nn Interesting story of the dlllleul-
ties of his profession nnd th��* etULitoas
he hud to tnke Magistrate Droege In
tllcted only u smnll fine, saying he ,11.1
this ln view of the camera man's frankness.
Vancouver, Nov, 20.���The Japanese
government through its representative.
Hon. K. Morikawa, has returned to
Commissioner W. L. MacKenzle King,
C. M. G.., deputy minister of labor, the
cheque for $1,000 which was recommended by the commissioner and authorized by order-in-councll to be paid
to the consul, being an allowance on account of expenses In the preparation
and presentation of estimates and claims
of losses and damuges sustained by the
Japanese population ln the recent riots.
Of the $1,(00, payment of which was
authorized. $1,000 was for legal expenses
nnd the remulnder for amounts expended by the Japanese Iconstilate In the
preparation of estimates and losBes.
Hon. M. Morikawa -lutes that while appreciating the high and honorable motives which prompted the Dominion government lo send u cheque for $1,600.
he regretted that It was impossible for
the Japanese government to accept a
reward for protecting the Interests and
property of the subjects of Japan.
Japanese Competition.
Madrid. Nov. 20.���The Liberal today
publishes a statement to the effect thnt
Japan through the Japanese minister
ut Madrid mnde an offer to the Spanish
government lo construct the new wnr
vessel planned for the Spanish nrniy at
u price much below the estimates already submitted.
Moorish Rebels Defeated.
Tangier. Nov. 20.���lt. Is reported here
thnt General Ungdlu. chief or Sultan
Alidul Aziz's army, has met and defeated the troops under the command of
Mulnl Rnchtd. commander of the forces
I of Mulal llubd, Suiian of the South.
Fight for Carnegie's Dole.
New   York,   Nov.  20.���That the  Car-
negle   foundation  ror  the   advuncement
of teucbers should award  pensions for
retired  professors of state universities
us well ns those of other Institutions of
learning, wus   considered ut a meeting
of the I.i.un 1 of trustees of Uie federation  today.    Henry   S.  Prltchett, president or the Massnchnaotts Institute of
technology nnd of the foundation, also
contended thut the vurlous suites should
tnke cure of lhe university professors,
suying that if tho foundation pensioned
them   It   would   establish   u  dnngerous
precedent und  relieve the stiites ol all
responsibility.    Dr. C. R. Vanl.lse, president   of   tho  University   of   Wisconsin,
who represented u committee of Btate
university president:'., maintained, however, that the university  president has
no control over the legislators and un-
hss their professors were pensioned by
the   foundation    they    would  probably
never be  pensioned  nt  all.    Action  In
the mutter  wus  deferred.    Among Ihe
trustees present wus Wm. Peterson, Mc-
Glll University, Montreal.
->';!;; The Daily Canadian
t !
.  j.
Clothing.    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered iu the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000     Capital Paid Up ...
r Rest    $4,860,000
D  R  WIL.KIE  President.
HON. KOBEUT J AFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on   deposit!   fi >m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
nelson bhancm -������ --��   1V1��    LAV',   AA-ariager.*
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporati d  A.  D.  1869.
Capital J3.900.000     Reserve Fund ��4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking  Business.
_IAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publlfltjed Mi iin."*- a wee* t>y the
Baker Ht..   Nelnou, B. C
BuDicriptlnii rati.-**, bt) 00���tl a month dullvered
Id the <:lty, nr tb.ou a JOOX xt it-iit by mail, when
paid Id '.���.������:.<
AdvertiMiix rater*; on application.
All monlM p��i��i in  wttteme-t ol The Dally
Canadian   aOOOUntl,   either   Im  huhneriptiontj or
adveriiHtiik', mum bv reoelpted (or un tin' printed
form* of thf ( omptiuy. other receipt! art* not
Wednesday.   November   20,   1907.
Four vacancies in the Dominion
house ui commonfl bave recently been
filled. St. John city, Baal Northumberland) London und North Wellington.
Four art* or will lie vacant1 ;ti one* .
Ntoolet, Labelle, one of the Ottawa
Ht-aiH and Centre York, ui tht' four
already    beld    the    government1    ami
OpppOBttion  bave  won  two each  ami  lln
parties  an- exactly   where  they   were,
ihe   Conservatives     surrendering     S'.
John   and   Liberals   surrendering   Lon
don.   Tin- voting strength of the partit
in the lioube has no)  been affected
The four vucanch'H to be Blled before
tht* end oi* tlie >i ar bave nil been beld
hy Liberals, though one of them, Mr.
Bourassa, could nol lit called a supporter of the government The Liberals1
only hope of a KUin ��� '��� tli*" resull ties
in replacing Mr. Bouraasa by a Ma
ohlne LUh.tuI who knows thai ne is nol
expected to think ot talk but simply to
vote, lt Ih noL likely that Mr. Bour
aaaa can elect a supporter ol bis own
in Labelle, he has announced thai ht'
will not himaeU be a candidate, and thi
Conservatives, though they will contest
the riding, have little hop"' of victory.
The name may lie said ol NiCOlel which
Mr. Devlin has resigned to enter the
provincial cabinet. In Ottawa, the
French vote is large, ami the dlrecl In
liuence or the government Is ven
strong, and the odds are in favor of the
government) candidate, in Centre York,
however, the Conservatives huve an opportunity. One source ot Liberal
strength there was the personal popularity of Archie Campbell.
In G-eat Britain hye-electlons are always followed with the keenest Inter-
all because they are a valuable indication of the trend of public    opinion.
There, since members of parliament
have no patronage, it is no advantage
tti a constituency to be represented by
:i supporter of the government. As a
matter of fact, it is not the exception
bul the rule for bye-elections to be
decided against the government of the
day. T be voters there take party platforms and candidates' promises serious
ly. and they begin to punish for the
Brsl   aeglecl   or  failure.
In Canada it is an almosi unheard of
thing for a government to lose a seat
in ;i bye-election. Until this last year
it had only happened before on rare
occasions. Just before the general elections of IS'.fi a seat was won by the Liberals in a byt-elertion In Quebec. But
the rule has been almost invariable for
constituencies given a second chance
to pronounce to elect a government supporter  for  the  sake of patronage.
It is the prevalence of that custom
thai makes exceptions Of this year so
significant Neve, before since Confederation has s governmenl Intrenched
In power, surrendered a seal to the op
position ai London was surrendered. In
a provincial held, the Prince Albert
election wai aearlj as significant At
��� ori:e\ General Turgeon may be elected
by partisan courts, whose constitution
was denounced even by Liberal organs
in   the   we.*-:,   but   the   decision   of   the
in ii,. mstter ofsn appUosUon f..r lhe isine���i
nuplt.aie.of lb. UerttScstiaol Title to i��tsn,
i-' .....I 18, .roup 1-We.t Kootensy instn.-t. sl.o
known ..* ti... - k....leu,,> ciia-f." "Comfort**snd
"l.iiur mineral claim, te.peotf.sly.
Notli ��� la hereby given thai lt i* mj Intention
:.. issue ,u tn. expiration nf one num.). ��tit,*r iii,-
P ibllCStlni. I ...Ik ,lli].li.���l.' uf Or.UK's.,'
uf  Mil,.   i>���. Willi, ,,(  un   u.i.IIvIiiim! Sllnotlis   In
���'... i ... ii..' I. ,.v.��� i.its, issued "ii Hi" ntii dsy ,.i
���fay, a i. 1886 m the name ol John C.t-inswortb,
and also a dupliaate ,,f Certlnoate .,f 'nu,' No.
woosol ���..  iivi.i...i in-i...t.issi in  asohoi the
shore lot., hissed .in th.-  nil, dsy of  May, A. li
liw.. Ill Hi.- nam.. i,f Qeorge .1. Al.iswnrtli.
inn""' "CK"ur) t."1''1-'. Niisim.H. (.'.. Ai.Kusistl.
II. r   M.cl.si.li,"
J.lstrn.l U.julstrar
Notice la hereby given thai ai th.'
next ni...'tint; or the Board of License
Commissioners tor the Dlatrlol of Ymir
io he hold alter the expiration of thirty
days, i Intend to apply for a transfer of
ilin License tor the Grove Hotel from
inyH.'ir to William QosneU.
Braes! o. Borden,
Hy liin attorney, Win. Goanoll.
Dnted this lath day of Novunihor,
Is always appropriate for Wedding Gifts, Birthday
Gifts, Birthday Presents, etc. Nowhere can yon find
so extensive or so attractive a display of exquisite
as here.    Bon bon Dishes, Forks, Spoons, Servers,
Ladles, etc.
��� ���������* ������������������������������������������������������������������
electorate  against him was  uninist.uk,*-
These things Indicate widespread and
profound dissatisfaction with the present administration, which will Hud more
genera] and more vehement expression
In the next general elections.
Hob McPherson, M. P. for Vancouver,
Is to be appointed warden of the provincial penitentiary. New Westminster's  loss is  Ottawa's  gain.
English   Architect's     Opinion   of     New
York's   Skyscrapers.
Sir Asluon Wclib. of London, Eng..
who recently made a visit to the
I'niled Stale, ln giving some impressions of his American trip, Is quoted
as approving the skyscrapers as a necessity, but as a necessity only. He commends the building law of Boston,
which prohibits their erection; but for
New York, with its restricted area, he
sees no other course than submission
to their domination.
In fact, he expresses an opinion ihai
New York, "when completed," will be
Impressive in its architecture���as in
the old story of the countryman who
said New York would be a line town
when it wus done. At present it seems
to the Englishman not more than half
finished, and he points to the bare walls
and  universal   lack ol" scale.
There is to be, no doubt, as building
continues, a raising of the average
height of commercial and lofty structures in New York; but most Americans, recognizing the practice of protecting skyscraper light hy the purchase and retention ol small buildings,
do not look for much improvement In
the scale. Big buildings and little are
to dwell side by aide.    Bui  at  least  the
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned persona have made application under the provisions of the "Liquor License Act." 1SIUU, for Hotel Licences at the places set opposite names.
John Marshall, Marshall Hotel, Kitchener
Fred Adle, Fort Sheppard Hotel.
\\ aneta.
O, T. Snow, Outlet Hotel, Procter.
C. E. IlurgesK, Kdna Hotel. Patterson.
Archibald & Davis, Palace Hotel.
.1.  W.  Masterson. Y'mir  Hotel, Ymir.
E. M. Peters, Sl. Charles Hotel,
.lohu Breau, Cosmopolitan Hotel,
O. S. Coleman. Waldorf Hotel. Ymir
Samuel  Miller, Miller Hotel, Ymir.
Louisa McPeak, Sirdar  Hotel. Hirilar.
Wm. Closnel], Grove   Hotel,  Fairview.
Malette _ Johnson. Kootenay Falls
Hotel, Sli*can Junction.
J.  It.   Hunnex,  Mersey  Hotel,  Erie.
E. E. McArthur, Northern Hotel,
Geo.   Mead.  Creston   Hotel,   Creston.
Alex. McKesson, Brie Hotel, Erie.
Joseph Walkur, Erlckson Hotel, Erlckson.
Edith Clllle. Vancouver Hotel. Ymir.
Wm. Gray, Balmo Hotel. Salmo.
Geo. Mui.ro,  Munro  Hotel  Creslon.
A meeting of the Hoard of Licence
Coram Isaioners, will be held to consider
such applications, at the Court House,
ai Nelson, on Monday, the nith day
of  December,  1907, al   the hour of 2
o'clock in the afternoon.
W.  J.   DEVITT,
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nelson, 11. <���'., 15th November, 1007.
little will have the merit of letting rlfti
of sunlight and fragments or breese Into the canyon Iik.- streets, that were
otherwise  gloomy  and  breathless.
If the effect will not be as harmonloua
the fact simply emphasises the critie'e
objection���that skyscrapers should be
suffered only  when a  necessity.
After Prohibition Convention.
Chicago, 111.. N..* 20.���Following the
custom established in former years, the
Prohibition part, will h*- first in the
field with its presidential candidate
next year, in reapons. to the fall of
Chairman Charles K. Jones, of Franklin. Pa., the members ol 'he national
committee assembled iu this eiiy todas
to discuss the time and place tor bold
ing the convention. Delegations are
here with invitations from several cities. Chicago will bid the Prohibition
ists welcome, though no especial effort
will he made t,. secur. he convention
Ashbury Park and Oc n. drove tin*.
Joined in an effort to have . 1, * - convention held at ihe twin cities ol iii.' New
Jersey coast. Atlanta ls also putting
forth a Btrong effort to secure the gathering, using as an argument ths
South is now 'he Btronghold Ol the Prohibition pan* in ihis country. 1' is
probable thai the convention win be
held   about   the  middle   of   May.
t        Mix t tg
NELSON,     -     B, C
F.;C. GREEN       F. P. BURMJ.        A. H. GREEN
Qvi. Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Bui 145    I'ii.itif 261 11.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale
All kinds of DInnerware ln stock. Pat-
Balaton L*.int DtttflOt.   IH*trlnt of Wttnt Kih.i.'iihv
Take   DOtlGfl   tin*.   Churn***   Q,   Boeder, Ol  BpO
kana, in the State nt Washington. D  ha, tin
aii'.lal aj-iiit,   Intend**   in apply (nr h Npeelal tlm
bar Iloenoe o��ar tha following deiir*rii*.*d land**.
(l)   Oonunanolni hi �� pom planted about .-mj-i
feci uhki n( the weal (nrk of M t.��r-i��>ii oraek, on<
imlf mile imrlli nf tht* International hniind��r\
line, about ten tttUai uant of Icykt-rt-,, II U ,
Undue xinitli 4u rlmlllH, In Mil' llltertiritlnilKl
.���oiim.iirv Line, thenee went l'U ehtiin*., tliem*,
north Hii-hHlHH, thanoa enat 1 *���*>P chuliif- tn ttle
point of ni'iiim_ii('(-i]>eiit, uml OOntalninfl 640
af'rt-H, more or It--**..
I.tM.Hte.1 the __nd '*<.ln.H*T, A  I> . IWr7
('i-AH.i.RH<i, Rrann,
fl)   Cutnmi-mihK nl it  ikihi   hIumii   hull il mile
i-unt Of the nrUt fork nf MiMr-Inn  ereek. ahoiM one
Hinl h   half   mill!*'   north   of   the   Inirrmiii i|
boundary line. Htxnu un  mllai ���*u.**it ol Ryaeru
B   <:  , thenee went   Hn   i-IihIiim.   theinn;   nortli   BD
nhiiiiio, thenea u,hiihi obalna, thanoa aontb ho
t-liHiriH to the |.iiint of eoniiueticviiu'iil, mi'! eon
tiillllllK IJ4H aOTI I, more tir l')HH.
LtH.iiteii the 22xxi\ flay of October, A-D, iwr..
ClIAI.IK* ti.   KRKIiKR.
(:l)    Oonunanolni at a pout mi tin: Ititenintlnn
al boundary line one mile Mai or the caNl fork t>f
M iMr-lfiu   creek   ithoiit   \i   mflt.-x   cant of   Kykt*rta,
K   <;.,   thenee   -.���ant tn  t-hnlliH,   them t>   north   Im
ohaini, timnee ho t-haiin- wcHt, thenoo 40 ohaini
���oath, thenee -tn ohaini aut, tbanoa no ohaini
hoiiIIi lu the (mint nf rnmmeiieeiiient ami eon
tain Hi** OM ttereM, more or leaf.
..ofiiLic. theZIrd tlay of OotobOT, A.I> , IW7.
Notice is hereby given that nn dayv atlor <lttlf I
Intt-nd to apply to the lion Chlof ('omuitHnlotiur
of (.ami-, nnd u orkH for |H*nnl*��Hioii to pnrehaM-
th** following deiortbafl landn, nttuatt-d In Went
Ktioieiniy diltrlOt: UonunonOini nt a poM mark
���0 hy tiaim-   in*   Initial   pont   nf   the   :���.,.,��� i    Ktirk
branob, one hundred fuut Irom tlm inm'tinn of
I-tmt   Otaok   with   tht-   ��� -11   fork;   tfiuiict'   one-
-111.1n.'i tun. tn tin* northwutcmruurpint,thene-j.
ni"' milt-  to thu uortbeut corner poit, tht-nu-*
Ladies' and Children's
Winter Underwear
Bargain Prices on all
Ladles' Kieeeed Lined Bhlrts and
Drawers  ragulaU GDr   for 4Gc each.
<,h '""'"   1'n.lerHhlrtK   and   |)rnwcra
i".:iii!.i pries ir.e at a&c ,.ac*,.
Odd nlze,i in Vesta and Drawers half
Vou can  buy a lo-acrc Fruit Ranch   iu   the hest   fruit-j-rowinj; district
in British   Columbia by paying   "Jio down and Sio per   month.
Even as au investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within on year. What will it do next year?
waivd stl*i;i:t, NQt^aroiN
ono-qaartn mile to tha innthaaai enrner poat,
thanoo ona mtw u> thi pi *w ol i om_tanoamant
Juno 27,1W7.        Looatadbf Wk  Ootnasu*!
Relaon Land in-in* i   Dlasrietol ~aatUCootana_
Take   DOtlM  that   I. ' h-.rl.*M Hldm-y   l^.��-\    of
Hnrtmi ("Ity. It   C . occupation fanner,  I Of) to
appl) fnr pernii--ioti to pn*nitu_i thi tollowina
deioribed land: Oommanotu ai h t...-t pl-toted
about fl*a mllai pprthwaai from tne mouth ol
lloaqulto ere.'k ami m-trited "f s L'i nortbaaat
oorner," thanoa aontb in chalna, thane, w-mi n
ehalm..   thanoa north -*11 < haln��.   tliem.    aaal   BO
ohaini to imint of eonunanaaniant, e,,in_inin((
MO aoraa,
B--pt.7tbiUin. ciiARi.-j*. Bunrn L__bt
Nil-on I���ml 1 n** t rift.   PlaWMtl or Waal Kn-'i-iiiiy
lake notice thai 11   WiUlatim. MOUpatlOO  ran
��*h* r; B 8 Haatinaa ooanpstlon alactrli lan: ami
it b. P   Bmrth. ocoupatlon lumbermen! all of
Procter, h v., In tend  to ��ppi\ for ��� n ui tlm
h.-r iii'i'in'. ...... tba fiiii'.wttiK den rlbt I  landa
Commendna at * poat aimnt three mllai eaat ol
WllaonCreei on eooth ahoraol Kootenay la*k��'
thenee loutfa (*��� ohalna, tbanai aaal n .ham*.
thencenortb Ui chalna. thanoe  tveits, coalne to
point  of  iiiiiimeneemt'nt,   OOUtaiUlni Ml    m'rt".
mon* nr laaa
H��|>ti>niiavr Mth, lw/7. ll   w n.i ums,
It   h    I'. hMVTII.
Ni-uon Land MatftoC.  Dtttnsl nl we-i Kootaoa]
'lake   linlii'i    that 1. lohn   .Isiui'i   < arm-ron. Q
Frriiit*, H c��� ocoupatlon   aontraotor. Intend t<-
appiv tor a ii iki umhoi Itoaoai o*ei thi uo
lowlni daaenbad landa:
.No    1 Colli tllelMlUK  '-'     *���     POO!    pi It tlle'1    ill
three    miles,   irom   (he   wi-.i    loop   of   th,    II     r
Boi there Bj .on CarroU meal. an.i adjointni
A.i M. h, w oornar poat No   i  oialm, marked
"j, j. c. n   \\    oornai   naet-"  than t-i   n
ohalna, thenee wuth80obalna, thann   vaat wi
ohaini, tbanoa north NirimiiiMn the place ol
oununanoamottl abstalnlni *������� aoraa, note oi
Dated Octobai Bfttb, t*��7.
No. X ' iinmeiieiiiK ai a pfwt planted ahtnit
two ami a half mil**** from the wait loop of the
B. <:. Botithifrn Ky  onanmall   ittrenin   ���mptjlng
into Qarroll Oraakand markad "J.J 0 n v\.
oornar poat-11 thanoa noutii m ohalna, thanoa
aaat80ohalttii theme Doftfa *>i ohaini, thaooi
aroat 80 obalna to tha point ol aommoncamant,
eoiitnliilii*.: ll|n aere*., more or It-nr*.
Dated October nth, iwn.
No :i. fomnietieiiiK at a p.iHl plnnh ���! ahout
one half mih' Irom the writ loop of tin It C
Boutbern Ky.. on ..'arroll crcok tonrkt-d "J J. 6,
S    ^^    enrner poat, Iheliee r-niilh BOohalUI, theliee
sait 80 chalna, thanoa north *��> ohaini, thenoe
we*-v. ohaini to tha place ol oommeuoemant
enniainiiiK <>>" aoraa, more t��r taw.
Dated Ootober98tb, iwr7.
John i .mi- ��� >  * "(.,...* , LoOAtor,
- ���%. ^ ���%���������%% ^-%.-%-% ���%������%���% %%V%%%+>*
Have yon heard  of It!   in "
' tux    made   sspeclallj  te f'1
.*Iki.   th..    \*..i    srestbi
Mad.'  In  men's and  Woi
('air Dppors, and i'ull DouMe Boh
Price. Women'. ....
R.   ANDREW   &   CO.   Proprietor.
��� Hoi f
il. Boi   i
��� ������������������������ ���������<�����������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������ ������****���*{
:       BEAR THIS IIN MIND    i
\\'*>  curry   tlie  flni'Hf   IIip-h  nf     Katicy
Woratadi,  UburlotM,  Wm-tbtna, Scotch
uml IriHli TwimmIh Iu til*' w.-m.
i.\< pj i';iriiii*nt in gimrnnt���fl, to he in
th*'   inoHt   i-ctrri-ct   fuHhlim.
Motion i-ami DUtrlot Dlattlol ol Wool Eootauay.
Tako nollee that 1,  Alt���xamler  JoOOTlh  Me' ool,
of Pernio, It <-., oooumUo*-u botel-kaeper, mtetifi
10 app!\ tor n Kpeelal llinhi-r UflalHM 0TO1 Un
'otlowinj. dt-Hcrlhed landa:
Nol     I '.iiiiineiielliK   at a   pont   phi n ted   ni i
throamllai from tht* H 0 Hotithern Ity weKl
loop  on   ("arroll   OtOmk,   nmrk-.fl   "A. .1   _,   H. K.
corner poat," tbanoa north 10 ohaini, thenee
w. ���! wi ehiiims.   thenee  -.t.utli wi eliaHi-,,   thanoe
ea-t m etiain*. to the piaee of oonunanoamonti
 ' m  nt" acrcH, more or !'���-���
Dated Octobei 36th, iwn.
Nn.il ( ninmi'lieiilK Ot O pOfl planted ittHiilt
one ami a half mih* from tin- wen! loop ol Unit C. Southern Hr.on a --mall ntte-un runniiiK
Into Carroll   Orook   ami   markeil   --A. ���>   M    '���  \'-
rtornar pont, thanoa *-< nth 80 i-hann-, thenee aaat
HOehHliin theme north nu Qbaini, tliitm't- went
HOehHtiiH to the plaoi ol eointmilieumunl 00������
laiiilUK fl "' ni-rtm. more ni Iuhh.
Dated ootober98th, lwn.
No il Ci.mmum-liiK nt a poll planted nbont
two niilt-H (mm tba went loop of the B. <:. Houth
erli ltv. on Carroll crctik. marked "A. J. M H.lt,
i*ornur poet." tht'iiee vy,>nt Wi eliatnn. limine
north Mo ehalliH, them-c   eant  Mil  ��� liallll,   thetn-e
NOIllllHO   fhlllli'      ��� nliiel c     IVIU    BITOM,    llllirt'    lir
imu-d Oetobur -.tli. 19U7.
Ai.8-Aiiiiiji Joaim Mi cih-i., Uicator.
������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ********
Notice Ik herehy j;lven thai the un-
.l.'i'.il'.ii. d have m.tiniilted to the Llell-
i.-niiii' (i.iveriioe-lii-rotinell a proposAl
under the Riven and Btrenmn Act for
Uie . I. niiio' iiml teliio.ilm oh.'il ril.:li'..llH
ll'.lll.     tile     I.llhaniel     Cleeh     lolhel'WlHe
known us ilx-MIlo Oreak) in ihe Ula-
iini ol w.Hi i.o.iienaj, Province of
British Oolumbla, and for making the
Bald eie<-u tn inr rftftlng and drivitm
thereon logs, timber and lumber, ami
i..< creating ami maintaining damn on
the Hi.ui oret i.. nnd fur oonatructlng
ami maintaining booms for holding,
sorting ami delivering ina*. and Umber
thereon,  and   for  attaching  booms on
Kent.'liny Lake at the in,mill of Haiti
The lands to he affected l.y auoh
work are Lota 7x7. 7kk. 7801, 777::. *3B4,
Kill anil Mi:: ji!l  In Qroup One. Knot.'
nay Dlstrlot, and other lands not Crown
.iiiiiiied. oocuplsd or Improved.
'ihe tolls proposed to he oharged are
mi.'h an may he llxed hy the Judge of
Hie   Oounty   linirl   ,.f   VV'eHt   Koolenay.
Dated ti.,- .sn, day ��f October, inu7.
the POBTO ltioo i-u.MHEH COM*
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897.'
Notion is hereby siven that WUWJJ*
.Miller, of the town of i.'realnn, lumw
man. haa heen appointed ths '"';.'
torney of "The Kinney-Mlllor t-eus
Itoglatrar of Joint Block CorapU*1**
Victoria, liritish Colun.hla. Oowlmr-''
Certificate   of   Improvemeots
St.   It,   tl,.-   N.-l    B '��   "u'*' .   .
Kni.tonsy  lilslrl.'l. ,,���������,,.   ���( ni.rlli I""'1
vVh.r.loost��ti   **_�� "-��� '   ���,, ���i.,.u ���'
Hnl.nnii rivi.r.  nn   UnilK   M.i'in"'"'.
mill's Irmn Srlu, H.I  dnlliip.';'.'
I ..... linll,',' thnt . A I..'1* hr", . i .i,ly '111'
MI, r'. ' IIle��l�� Nn H��l��. "" ''i ." BU.1M
,,, ,. ,|������.   EsMOf,   IO sl'l I) ,'"..,,, ���.|iu.t'>l
,h,pni-BM   .,1 ,,i,i��iiiiim "���"""
sb',v,'.l,Llliis. ,.������  ,..rtt  h.'II""' "...n-
Allil   Ilirth.T   l���k..  II""" ,.',','  |���.|���|.'Ill*' ""'
s...tlnll  SI. 1.1 """'IS .,,*.' !�����
Sll,,' ..l.M.'l. l'��rll'1l','*,,',,_l___JS wm.
IJsl.nl this mil 0��)' 01 *Hil'Wu""''' B*M '
It you knew you could buy
-���finest   quality Stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We  have it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding bouses
laud hotels, 7, M a*ld 28 llj- P*-ils; 6o **>��� total.
The fraDy Cmdioii
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
rsieLsors, tB. c-
Kaslo, Rossland Boundary
Wholesale Provlelone,
Qorsmment Oroiunery One-Pound BnckB received weekly fresh from the
.nun.     For Bale hy ull landing grocers.
Otlloe nud warehouse : HouBton Block,    Phone 7B.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson. B. C
Snaps mi Saturday night :    Extension tables, Kitchen tables,
cook stoves, beaters, iron beds at bargains.
We want your   second hand   goods.    See us before yon sell.
We pay the highest cash  price
Ni *       int. I'm net.   IMsurt'-t of w'-��. Koon-nay
I alia Plana,   f ftnartraxsj
woman, intonoj to apply
parebaaa the IoLIowmik <!-*���
lenotnn al * poet piant--d at
the   norm   hi.nmlarv ot  i_r��i
iik.- boundary oi  U*\  No   a ins.
more or Leaa, to the oorth
I- ol  llmb��(   Limit   No. 1SJ91,   IbcBM
I i -I-   tbe nee wefti _n trhalns. mon* or
Itm. i-ih** .',.-��� gtdi   of wtiMUban lake, thanoe
Mluwing paim    in   a   r-otittiorlv   end   westerly
ihm re  or  li-hp.  lo tin* Inter
thanoa to ehaii.j��.  more or
iterlj   houndary  ol I-ot BlK. to
������ emant.
* r. 1W7. l*j_BI.I.U  1'IIKCK.
P   Q, Fii'gi'UK,  *||ent.
| Ktlmii Uie; l-iitr.'       htmrU't of Went Kootenay
ft   'itm  lob n   Bhloll, Of NiM'illw. B.C.,
| Intandi to apply fnriwr-
��� i       beac    the IoIIowIiir    fle��orfbe*.
.    al   a   poat   planted   at   tha
|t.nrthwp��i ,,)    l_,,t   "jj-iO-I.   thence   vtt*��t   40
-'. ohalna, them -
I - so ohaini to tba potm of
| ncnt   i.i.'I  tontaintiiK 3*f"  aert-R, inure
-*������      -    Ociotar.lfOT- Y-uaafi-cnx,
t  '.. KAiijnita, Mont
I HtJioii Und DUtrlot,   li-titM-*- ot Wt*��t K.n.ten-vv
��� lhat i   i.-hn Lang, ol Nalaon, B, i .,
Inn ni  to apply f"f pe*nua-
��� *��� th<  (ntlnwtu--aeecrtbod landa;
at �� poet   pittite. ��i the  N  I ol
. limine, thanoe tooth '-*>
i ran ui- ii,...,,,  *,.������ nj obalna, thanoa north 20
mm* tn pom 1 oi commencement, enntaiuin-- 40
I '
1. \*n. 3cm* i-Ai-ti.
I ��� fl nutrlot   inmrii't of Waal Kootan-sy
#10 DOWN
#10 _->E3R /MOINTM
IO ,\_.-fI_*S
Wo offer you host fruit lunds:
boat terms; hest location: host
cllmatu. Absolute titles. You
d.m't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
lo put lt Into development We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the hest. We own
these lunds and huudle nothing ou
If you don't see Fruitvule you
miss tha hest In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street,  Nelson, B. C.
,    Tilr
tl     "ml   ,\.iriis  M.'Ulll. nl th. Ctlf Ol
.|...ii..ii lirenmn. Intends t��� applv I".
���      .-    ... hue in.' loiii.w.nx .1 -. ii'-"i
1 nmmsuolng st s post planted si In.
..-ii.T  1.   c.   Morrlsnn's  run,.!.. In   Kl r
 Ml,  tnrty (-to) t-linli... tli~i,c
'   (IU) chains,   tbsnae   south   lurly   l...
��� ������ ...'-t forty imi ,'iisii.B        ..un n
kii.I   . i.i.nunin,-    ,.ii.   hundred
 *  more ... u...
i'i tad, mn.     ak.i.'s MiU.i.1.
���JjW Un.i DUtrlot. Iuslr.otol Wesl KiHilonay
' ths - I'll 11.,. l.r.i.i.sbsiik.i.lN.-ls.in,
...inn rsnehor. lot.,...is to api.lv lor
Certificate   of Improvements
11*.' .
��� si
.1. to pur
,��... .,,.,. ,,ii,,���...  ,,, .).....   ....
I...-.   11,,*   I..1I..W1IIV   ,l..s.rll-"l
nik-.it  r,   |,..sl   planted  nil   th
ii'S     ...     .,     |.I.S.      I...,,..'.     "I.
I I"...', W'tiHtslmii (I'srllH,,,) Utk. ��� ...
ii > ..i loi US>, iii..,,,-,. wpsfsiohsin.,
���:"'" M,""i'"" obalna, i'.".. s.i   -i ohslns,
1"   III.'   shore   Ol  ll"'   1st...   ll..'111'.'
DOS the -..1.1   sl.nn. W  i'lialiis,   o.nr.'
is..     "'I'mnl sf e,.mnieiioeiue.nl. i-nutHliilus:
I ���'!..  I*.        1'II.U.II'  1H..,..K.IIASK
��*"�� Uml DllWOt.    Dlslrlet,,! ffwl Konlunsy
Jl/.V'i"""''' thnl HiiK" Cn.tuns, ���l Annus,
I..'in.r. Int..inIs to apply Inr
'" l"ir.'l,as��. tht'  li.Ilnwli.K   desertlM-d
imeuoinfl   at h i>.,si   plant.-.i  shout
' '."in tin- ll.nllll. ill Mi.siinlUn oreek,
last .'.,rn..r nl tills nppll.-iUlnn and
H ' N. K oimier," anil running south
III.-li.-.. w.-sl su. nhalllH. thenee north (Ml
__TJ ''I'''"''' "hsI Hn chains  in  pnliu ,,l  com-
i,,, ,":'"'��� containingswaums.
'""IHIlli .lay ���| AiiKiist, 10U7.
���_ AhTH.lK A. H.'Bton,  AKent-
' i1"", Und DUutst. DUtrlot nt w,..i Ksotsnaj.
I Ulan. '��"''.'' ""ll r'*��* F- "ion...., ol
... ",',,.,M""""l>��. hrnker. li.lolirts tn apply
"H...1 ,'"" '" Pi.rnhas.. the Inllnvrl.iit Uus-
llii'N,,,,,," . r"iiiiiu,n,!|ii. at n p..st pistil.-.1 at
r.,i ,,,. , ''"r,l*'r "I laml applh-.l Inr, ahnl.t
n.ti, . _"L" """ nimiih of Vosqnltto i-reok
"Vii, m..,y ,H s- K ootnsr," ai.,1 tunnlni thenee
ins, thenoe
to point ot
"Pnlnn" Mineral I'lalm situate In thr Ncl.ou
llliiiiiir lllvlslnll   ,,f th,- West  Kunlonav lHslrl.lt.
White lo.-.l.-.l: -<"i l"a.I Mni.l.tal.i lwnan.1 s
hall mill's >m.n  NeUon. B. C, ...
i_tenotlo.tn.tI, **. A -sodonsja sottnsss
aaunl lor  lliifli  Bnlhsrisnd,  Ir.-,-  Miner �� Icr-
tni.ai, n��� Bft._, intend id dsy. from ths dsts
here..I, to apply   10 the   Mining   Keeorder  Inr a
. vn,Heal,   ol Imprnyeinenls. Im   lhe  Plirp.m'���1
,.1.1���......,��� . Orown '.mn' of th. sbo��� otauj.
An,I   i.ir.her   lake   II..1H'.'   that   aellmi.  USS.SI
Section   17.   pinsi   h mil..-'I..'.'"I   l.el.irc   III.'   ��s-
s.i��� nl s.i. I' ' erllnostool Hiiprnveineuls
i:..u*ii mis aim .!��> '" * <������ " '' r A v   ,*"
Certificate  of  Improvements.
-Hla  llnpe   Frs.'tlnll"   Mineral   .'lalm.  slluate
In   lie  Tr.nl    Lake   UlnlnS    l'lvlslnn.  Ol   ��est
!"l.av   inslrlel.   ls.eal.'.l   n"    POPlSI   trcok,
Take   nn
that I. .'��� 1'ailley PfSa Minors
IO.'.'."*. Intend SOdSM Imm the
.. herenl innppl' I" Ih'' Mining Keenr.ler Inr
, ,.r 1.1-a e nf KprOTSmSOl. t"r the purpose nl
,h.a nli.u ��� Orown '.ran' "' the nhnve I lain..
'  A*.I     nr her  take    nnllee  .list   ..elliin   ini'ler
BeoUon   :r,.  musi   ho romtnancsd   isiinre   shs
Usuana. ofsuoh Oertlfl ���'' leinmveniouls.
Iinieii this ..ti, nsy ..( Ootober, i��i_,. pJU)I>K,
'""""''."llMla'ymAni"""     ""'"""���
isi, vxn.
1 K.-.NK F, MtKMA
III"*. A.  HtlHTON.  /
In th
e Matter of    tho "Land    Reglntry
A(-t" and Amendments thereto,
*-Itinlinai?-!11*?' -���* ���_ i-PpH'-atmn tor the Inane nl
-^'t.-ir.'���  " ", ."'."  ''���"���llh"''ate  of Title  lor l-*ot��
���I.* i |
1 MOB, Group I, KooWiiay lHatriet
ny Riven lhal It in my Intention
M'lnitlon ot one month from Ihe
i hereof a diM,i,. m,   llertltHate ol
'W*'' deeaiihad landa. in thenaiuetif
i ii,  \\'.V''U  ���-"Iwriiion, whleh (wUflCOte  in
laj' of Annual,   IH'JH,   und   ls   iium-
l��i I
kH<m i_��    ,r>'   ��*l-*;e.   NulNon,   B.C.,   Hlit   of
Unique  Connrcss in  New  York���All the
World  Invited to  Air   its
tauSifTO-try Offlw. N"1"""- B.C,Sopt��nb��
iMth. J'Jtr;. t,l{   F M_eI.aoi>,"
ntiurlet Uei;l��irnr
The Silver Grill haa opened under now management. White labor
only employed. The bent 35 cent
meal In the city. '
New York. Nov. SO.���Srvurul hun-in-d
ininlHti-rs. pili'KtK, rabtrli and rfltlflotUI
loadera of every faith will nit bealnd
Qoreraor iiuKiH^ in Oarnegl- nail if>-
ni^iit ui tin- opening neeUns of th* or*
ganls-tlon which, under tht; nanm of
Ih*' ('Hie Forum, prtltnlMI l" uttracl
l he attention ol the civilized world.
Tin- nri_aiitz.it ion in Osaigttefj to cxi-rt
a national und Internatlona] influunce
for higher mnndarde t>r civic hitvIcc,
nnd tu promote International good win
through addn.HHi'B hy emln.nl Atncr-
icaiiR and reprasentotiVM or foreign
The Civic Forum will Offer the American rlRht of free Hpe-ch to subjects
<if the most autocratic governmeiru.
At Hk periodical meetings tn be held
In Carnegie Hall orators from all tin-
world win he given an opportunity to
.-.peak their miwlB on any political or
uncial problem. Clans, creed and party
linen will be Ignored. Labor men, capitalists, clerks, professor.*, merchants,
politlcianH and students are equally wel-
.-onic to join the movement and attend
the meetings.
Among the American speukers. In addition to Governor Hughes, will be William J. Mryan, Secretary of Slate Root,
Joseph \V. Folk of Missouri. liavid J.
..rewer of the United States Supreme
Court. District Attorney Heney of San
Francisco, Governor Johnson of Minnesota and Kdwin A. Alderman, president  of Uie  Vnlversity   or  Virginia.
invitations have also been extended
tn Kudyard Kipling, the author; John
l-nrns, labor leader and member of parliament; l.jotnsjerne Hjnrnson. the Norwegian author and reformer; Lord Cur-
zun, formerly governor-general of India
and now ehnnce'.lor of Oxford University; Paul Mllyutikov. the leader of tin-
.��� institutional Democrats in Etassia;
Jules Siegfried, member or tlie French
Chamber ot Deputies; Frederick van
E-den. an eminent literary man ol Holland, and Str Uolx��rt Hart, for more
titan twenty years in��lR'Ctor general
ot' customs  m China
Each orator will he left perR-clly Tree
to choose as a subject any gp-at political or public problem, and be will ho
giv*��n a latitude ol expression only possible In America. Diplomats of every
nation nre already anticipating the utterances which orator* from their countries may make on the platform of the
Civic  Forum.
Kev. Lyman AI>l��ott is chairman of
the council of the forum. The vice
presidents include such eminent men as
Samuel Gompers. John Mitchell, Oscar
s. Straus aud Justice David .'. Brewer.
F.dward Everett Hale. William H. Taft,
William J. Hrvnn. John Graham llrooks.
Archbishop     Ireland.     Bishop     Potter.
���COM FAMES    ACT.    KH..7
or    ItrUii-U
Columbia.   \
Nn.   407. .    _
This is ;o uertlty that "Western Canada Timber Company Limited." is authorized* and licensed lo carry on business within the Province of British Columbia, and to carry out or effect all or
any of tin- objects of the Company lo
which the legislative authority of the
Legislature or liritish Columbia extends.
Tin- head offlce or the Company Is situate al 161-4, lm.shwood House, New
Broad   Street, in  the City or  London.
The amouni of the capital of the
Company is one hundred and seventy
live thousand pounds, divided imo one
hundred and seventy-live thousand
Shares of one pound each.
The head otUce of the Conipnny In
this Province Is situate at Nelson, and
Leslie Hill. Manager, whose address Is
Nelson. B. C. is the Attorney for the
Given under my hand and seal of office ai Victoria. Province of British Columbia, this 16th day of October, one
thousand  nine  hundred  and  seven.
I 1,.S.I S*  Y.   WOOTON.
Registrar  of Joint   Stock  Companies.
The Objects for which this Company
has been established and licensed
are:��� _       ,
ta.l To carry on business In Cnnada
nr elsewhere as saw-mill prop ctetora.
Umber merchants ami timber growers,
and to buy. sell, grow, prepare
ket. manipulate, import
deal In timber and
and to manufaclur
of all kinds in the
timber  or  wood
lor niar-
export. and
rod of all kinds,
and deal in articles
manufacture of which
is used, and to carry
business n_s ship owners and carriers
by land and water, and so far as may
be deemed expedient the business of
g. ne.al merchants, and to buy. clear,
plant nnd work timber estates and limits:
tb.) As the flrsi operation of the
Company to purchase or otherwise acquire and take over as a going concern
the business and undertaking of the
Canadian Pantile T tmber Company,
Limited, and all the timber limits.
lands, buildings and erections, water
rights, llxed and moveable plant and
machinery, tools, utensils, logs and
lumber, live nnd dead stock, stores and
effects, and other the property and assets or that Company in British Columbia and with a view thereto to execute
und make the agreement referred to in
Article .1 of the Articles of Association
of   the   Company:
(c.) To seek for and secure openings
for lhe employment of capital in Canada nr elsewhere, and with a view
thereto to prospect, entiulre.. examine.
explore  and  test,  und   to  despatch   or
employ expeditions, commitwlonera, experts  Alld other  agents:
id.) To institute, enter into, carry
on. assist or parMclpat- lu llnancial.
commercial, mercantile, industrial,
manufacturing, mining and other businesses, works, contracts nnd undertakings and financial operations of all
kinds, and to undertake and carry on
any business transaction or operation
commonly undertaken or carried on by
financiers, promoters of companies,
miners, bankers, or underwriters, concessionaries, contractors fur public
and other works, capitalists or merchants, and to carry on any other business  which  may HOfini  tn the Company
capable  of being conveniently carried
on iu connection with any or the objects
ol' the Company or which may he
thought calculated, directly or indirectly, to enhance tin-value or or render profitable any of the Company's property
or   rights:
(e.) To open, promote, acquire, construct, equip, main-tin, improve, work,
manage or control, or aid In or subscribe towards the promotion, acquisition, or construction, equipment, maintenance. Improvement, working, management or control of works, undertakings and operations of all
kinds, both public and private,
and in particular ronds, wuys.
tramways, railways, telegraphs, telephones, cables, Bhtps, lighters, harbours, piers, docks, quays, wharves,
w arehouses, bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, reservoirs, embankments, waterworks, water-courses, canals, flumes.
Irrigations, drainuge, sawmills, crushing mills, smelting works, iron, steel,
ordnance, engineering and implement
works, hydraulic works, gas and electric lighting, electrical works, power
supply, quarries, collieries, coke ovens,
founderles. furnaces, factories, cement.
Mmestone and other works, carrying
undertakings by hind and water, public
and private buildings, townsites, residences, cottages, stations, stores and
shops, whether for the purposes of the
Company or for sale or hire to or in
return for any consideration from any
other companies or persons:
(f.) To promote, make, provide, purchase or otherwise acquire, take on
lease, or npjreement. acquire running powers over, lease, let, grant
running powers over, work, use,
sell and dispose of railways,
tramways and other roads, ways and
means of access to any part or parts
of the property of the Company, and to
contribute to the expense of promoting,
making, providing, acquiring, working
and using the sani", and to purchase,
take on lease or otherwise acquire and
bold, and to erect, alter, pull down, rebuild, and adapt houses, cottages, warehouses and buildings, and to purchase,
construct, erect, hire and maintain.
work, us e, lease, sell, charter or let.
rolling stock, plant and machinery.
trade utensils and appliances, locomotives, engines, waggons, trucks, carriages, ships, tugs, barges, piers, harbours, wharves and other appliances.
works and vehicles for and used in
connection with the transport by land
or water of the produce of the Company's works  and  properties:
(g.) To make and carry into effect, arrangements with land owners, railway.
shipping or canal companies or owners, carriers nnd any other companies
and persons for the purposes of the
Company, and to grant mining and
other licences over, or leases of, any
part or parts of the property and rights
of the Company:
(hi To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold , sell, exchange, mortgage.
charge, convert, turn to account, dispose of and deal in real and personal
property and rights of all kinds, and
in particular lands, buildings, hereditaments, business concerns, and undertakings, mortgages, charges, annuities,
patents, paten! rights, copyrights, licences, securities, grants, charters, concessions, leases, contracts, options, policies, book debts and claims and any Interest in real or personal property.
and any claims against such property,
or against any persons or company, and
to finance and carry on any business
concern or undertaking so acquired, and
t.i keep up nr abandon all or any of the
properties, businesses, patents or privileges now or hereafter to he acquired by
the   Company:
(1.) To transact and carry on all
kinds of agency and commission business, and in particular to collect moneys, royalties, revenue, Interest, rents
and debts; to negotlute loans; to find
investments; and to issue und place
shares, stocks, bonds, debentures,
detn-nturo stock or securities:
tj.) To obtain, acquire, woik. let, or
dispose of any concessions or authorizations of any Government, municipal
body, or other authority, for any works,
or undertaking which the Company may
desire to promote or carry on. and to
obtain the promulgation of ahy laws or
decrees which the Company may think
necessary or expedient for or ln respect
of any such works or undertakings, and
to construct, equip, maintain and work
any such undertakings or works, and
generally curry on business as contractors for public works, or to sell and dls
pose of any such concessions or author
(k.) To contract with or aid any Sovereign or other Power, Government, or
SjUate, or nny municipal or other
body, politic or corporate, or
Company, or persons for or in
relation to capital, credit, means,
or resources for the prosecution of any
works, undertakings, projects or enterprises; also to contract for and act as
agents or otherwise in relation to loans
or securities issued or proposed to be
issued by any Government or State, or
municipal or other authority, or company or corporation, or persons or person:
(1.) To acquire any inventions capable of being used for any purpose connected with any or the businesses or op
erations of tbe Company, and to acquire
or cause to be applied for aud obtained,
any letters patent, patent rights, licences, contracts, options, or concessions,
In any part of the world, and to grant
and issue licences for the use of the
same or any of them upon such terms
and   conditions   as  may   be   considered
(m.) To subscribe for, underwrite,
buy, sell, and deal in stocks, shares,
debentures and aecurltles of any  other
Foreigh, or of any Government or nu-
thorlty, supreme, municipal, local or
otherwise, or of any compuny whosn
operations may lie beneficial to this
Company, or with a view to assist any
company which may carry on, or lie
about to carry on, any business useful
to this Company:
(n.> To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any pari of
the business, property, nnd liabilities of
nny other company, firm or person., the
objects of which shall he altogether or
ln part similar to those of this Coin
puny, or to make anil carry into effect
arrangements with respect to the un
ion of Interests, co-operation, partnership, or amalgamation either In whole
or In part, with any other companies,
corporations or persons:
(o.) Tn sell, lease, let on hire, exchange, or otherwise dispose of absolutely, conditionally, or for any limited
interest, nil or any part of the undertaking of the Company, or all or any of
the lands. hereditaments, i.ropnrty.
rights, or privileges of the Oompnnv.
or all or anv of its undertakings, and to
accept payment therefor in money,
shares, stock, debentures, or other obligations, either bv a fixed payment or
by payments conditional upon or varying with the earnings or profits of the
(p.) To establish and promote, o-
concur in establishing and nromoJlnr
associations, companies, syndicates an*1
undertakings, to pur���base or take over
thr- whole or any part of the property of
this Company, or any concessions.
rights or property in which this Com-
nany has anv interest, or for any of
the objects mentioned in this memorandum. To secure by underwriting or
otherwise the snbscrintlon of any part
of the capital, whether original or increased, of th*s Company, or of any
such association, company, syndicate,
or undertaking as aforesaid, and to pay
or recnlve any commission, brokerage.
or other remuneration In connection
therewith, or for obtaining applications
for or placing or guaranteeing the placing of anv debentures, debenture stock,
bonds, or other securities of this or any
other company, and to make or recolve
such payments or remuneration either
in cash or shares, fully paid or otherwise, or debentures as may be deemed
(q.) To guarantee the payment of
money secured by or payable under or
in respect of bonds, debentures, debenture stock, contracts. mortgages,
charges, Obligations and securities of
any company, whether British, Colonial or Foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise,
or of any person whomsoever, whether
corporate or utiincorporate:
(r.) To pay Tor any rights or property acquired by the Company, or any
services rendered to the Company, in
fully or partly paid shares or stock, debentures or other securities of the Company, and to makes such payments or
gifts by way of bonus or otherwise, and
either in money or in any other value
as may from time to time be deemed
expedient for information or advice
given or for services of any kind rendered to the company, or in connection
with which the Company may lie directly or indirectly, interested, and generally to make any payments or agree to pay
any commissions, with or without any
consideration moving to the Company,
If it Is considered by the Directors in
the interests or, directly or indirectly,
to the benefit of the Compuny to do so:
(s.) To lend money to such persons
and bodies, whether upon security or
otherwise, upon such terms as the Company shall think fit. nnd to guarantee
the perfomance of any contracts entered
into by persons having dealings with
the Company:
(t.) To borrow or raise money nnd to
issue debentures or debenture stock.
either redeemable or irredeemable, or
bonds or other obligations or securities
of the Company, or to create any mortgage or charge on all or any part of the
property and assets of the Company.
including its uncalled capital or otherwise in such manner as the Company
shall think fit; to take money on deposit
at interest or otherwise, and to make,
draw, accept, and endorse bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes, and
other negotiable instruments:
i u.) To invest nny moneys of the
Company not immediate) yrequired In
such manner as may he thought, fit:
(v. I To make donations to such
persons and in such cases, either of
cash or other assets, as may h*. thought,
directly or indirectly, conducive to any
or the Company's Objects, or otherwise
expedient; and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent
objects, or for any exhibition, or for any
public, general or other object, and to
establish or support, or aid in the establishment or support of associations,
institutions, conveniences, funds and
trusts calculated to benefit any of the
employees or ex-employees of the Company, or the dependents or connections
of such person, and to grant pensions nnd allowances, and to make payments towards insurance, and apply the
money of the Company in any way in
or towards the establishment, maintenance or extension of any association, institution dr fund for protection of ihe
interests of masters, owners and employers against loss by bad debts,
strikes, workmen's combinations, fire,
accidents or otherwise, or for insuring
or re-lnsurlng with any company, firm
or person, any risks, guarantees, or obligations undertaken by the Company or
to which It may be subject:
(w.) To distribute any assets of the
Company among its members in specie:
(x.l To do all acts necessary to procure the Company to be duly constituted or Incorporated and registered, or
recognised, as a corporation or association In Canada or America, or elsewhere:
ty.l To carry out the above objects.
or any of them, either on account of the
Company alone or in conjunction with
any company, association, firm, person
or persons, and in any part of the world,
nnd generally to do all such acts and
things as are Incidental or conducive
to the attainment of all or any of the
above objects, ami the Intention is that
the objects specified in each paragraph
of tliis clause shall, except where otherwise explained In such paragraph, be In
nowise restricted by reference to or Inference   from   the  terms   of  any   other
"~n ���    "^-i ���
Wo have for Bale six of lhe finest building lots In tho city, situated at
tho corner of Josephine and Hoover streets. These lots are cleared and
IVneoil and command a nii.Kntficent view. Price, $2,000 for the six or
will be Hold Heparately la deiilred. waaa*.
ROR I'UUI. I-��A��-
���riCUI.AMK Al>-
H. & M. BIRD
A groat many sales have been  made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelaon and only a few beat lots are left.
Office Rooms For Rent
Suite (2 rooms) ol Office Rooms in Alan
Block, facing B-.ker St. Particularly good
IVlcDermid & McHardy
T%jr~I    Crixi     S3      _r���* SV
Wharf G a. m. daily for Kootenay Landing and all points east. Cloae connections for Spokane. Returning arri.es
City Wharf 7 p. m.
TRAIN NO. 45 for Rossland and all
Coaat points, connecting with Steamer
Kuskanook leaves C. P. R. Depot 7.15 p.
m.   Wharf 7.40 p. m. dally.
TRAIN NO. 43 for Slocan, Rosoberry
leaves depot dally except Sunday 9
a. m. Returning arrives C p. m. daily
except Sunday.
TRAIN NO. 41 for Rossland-TJoundary
leaves Depot daily except Sunday 9.45
a. m. Returning arrives Nelson 10.30
p. m.
daily except Sunday, leaves City Wharf
7 a. m. Lardo days: Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.
For further particulars call  or write
A.G. P. A.. Vaurnuvor. D P. A.. Nelson
T*emcrnt House
Kuiudm.u and American Pitt
���(���tli as cu.   Eoomi from V ata. to V.
only White Help MmtiioyotL
Baker St., Nalaon Preprtetezs
Host comlortAbte qa.ner.     Nelson!
Only the best ui Liquors sail ulcers.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled in the city.
House    heated    throughout   with    hot
"***'   . J._U_
J. A. ERiCKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson, B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baku street, HSlson. B. c.
160 ACRES���About eight miles from
Nelson. Frequent trains, cabin,
springs. Owner would subdivide if
necessary $20 to $25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson���Hood. road.
Water rights.  Small house. Stable.
Fruit   treeR,   bushes   etc $4.0.10.
Also land   on    Kootenay and    Arrow
lakes, Slocau and Salmon rivers, etc.
Lsaise  snil   IJomforUble   Bedrooms snd Flrai-
dM. Hiatus Boom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE. Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
1 compauy, whether liritish,  Colonial or I paragraph or the name of the Company.
Real Estate Agent
815 Baker St., Nelson. B. C.
Tenders Wanted.
in pursuance of the order of the Hon.
Mr. Justice. Morrison, dnted the 15th
Ociol.es, A. D. 1907, tenders will be received hv tho undersigned for the purchase of lots 594, 595, 717, 1S4S. 1S49,
2348, and 593, known as the "Blue Jay,"
"Starlight No. 3," "Last Chance," "811ver
Cord," "Blizzard." "Little Widow,"
"Starlight Fraction," and "Galena"
minerals claims respectively; one hundred tons more or less of zinc ore,
whereof sixty tons are now lying at
Kaslo, and forty tons at the mines; and
all other the assets of the Last Chance
Mining company. Limited.
Such tenders to be made ln writing
to me on or before the 1st day of December. A. 11. 1907.
The highest or any tender will not
necessarily be accepted. Further particulars of the property will be furnished on application.
Dated the 17th day of October, A. D.
Official Liquidator.
The Last Chance Mining Company. Limited, Sandon, British Columbia.
Best Dollar-a-Day Home in Nelson.
Tbe Rs. ls tbe Fiusst.
White Help Only KmployM.
Josephine hl
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and 11.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarrlen
All Kinds nt Heating Plants in Stock.
.   1 f***\
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 111.
Contraetor send
Builds, r.
Bole UK.-!,, to. the t'oru. Hi.-.. Lumber Co., Ltd...
r-.tiil! yarns. Rough snd dress...! lui.tlsur, turned
work and bracket*. Coast lath aud shingles, sash
���nd doors. I'puinnt, l.ri.-k and lime lor sale.
Automat*.' grinder.
Yard aud la-lory: Vernon St.. out ol Hall
e. o au. au. Telephone ll
j   : X ��� 4
_______k: B
f *    1 .*  !
������: *
Tne Daily Canadian
Long Winter Evenings
Should vou be troubled with your eyes or have difficulty In see-
lngSne prlnl ai night, glasses will again give you the power you enjoyed years ago .       .   ,
We Bave all the facilities on the premises to do this work perfectly and promptly.
Watchmaker and Optician
��� ta>. "ai^"��**a**?i -������-
An ideal winter garment
made of heavy quality English Moreen. Pleated
flounce, good wide skirt.
Colors, black, navy and
myrtle.  Each
$.,011, $.,50 and $31
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.!
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & _.
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vintage to use our Pitch
Nelson Coke _ Gas Co.
Lsfmll fc-u.
West Transfer Co.
A  consignment of
Peterson   Patent
In   all sizes, shapes and
Queen Cigar Store
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers ln Btaple aud fancy Groceries.
Batter, Egf-tR.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Worn a Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker ��t��� NELSON, B. C.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks front Depot.
P. P. Burden, Needles; J. ?���:. Allison.
Wawanesa; G. O. Buchanan, ECaalo; B,
il. Hamilton, Calgary; C. J. Whiten,
Winnipeg; A. ll. Ross, Vancouver; A.
M. CreBSfleld, Burton; C. K. Hooper.
Spokane;  H. N. Bode. St. Louis.
Cor*. Vernon   .��,,... Ward Street.,
R. W. Dawson, Willow Point; C. F.
Caldwell, A. !'. <J. Iluljlj, Rev. D. Robin
son. Miss il. Pining, 0. Sharlwain, W.
LeOallals, It. I. Kirk wood, H. Olegerlch,
Kaslo; S. M. \"<>.s, G. Bailey, Winnipeg;
l. Jacobson, RJondel; T. Hollmaster, A.
McDougall, Toronto; I.. Camp, F. J.
Kelly, Spokane; H. C. Newmagne, Colorado; J. A. Campbell, New Weatmin*
F. Martin, J. P. Lalns. Rossland; 11.
Skoning, G. Doherty, Blocan; A. Mc-
Master, Greenwood; II. Crow, C. Mar
donald, La Plata; C. w. Shaw. Phoenix,
''. G.-insner. Gnmilc: Miss Rafts and
family, Quebec; T. Page, Grand Forks;
' I'. Lester, Michel; .1. M Grubb and wife.
J. M   McLeod, Cranbrook; J. II. Camp-
' bell,   .1.  M.  Oil.li.  Ymir;     J.   Gillespie,
i  Lethbridge.
F. w. Burgess, Grand Forks; n .1
Graham, Wlnlaw; .1. M, White ami wife.
J. W. Law, Fernle; fl. Furlong, Ross-
land; T, Abrlll, Nakusp; K. Qerrard, 1..
Hopper, Nakusp.
.1. Brown, M. .1. Hayes, A. Saarl, Spo
kane; .1 A Marshall, J. Beckett, 6-Mlli
W. Kennedy, J. a. Fraser, .1. It. Jacobs
Cranbrook; L. Kennedy, D. McMillan,
Chicago; J. ii ubbard, Bonnlngton; a.
Meara, Beaver;  P. Kobgraff, Yale. S. D
.1. W. Martin, Y'mlr;  ii. T. Rile, N. K
Murson, Slocan:  .1   R. .Lines. Calgary;
J. Massey, p. Hayden, .1. Bagan, Burton;
.1.   McDonald,   A.   McLeod.   G.   McDonald.
Ssotland;   J.   James, Cardegan;   J.   M
Giant. Winnipeg.
F. R. Clement, Victoria;  A. Vernier.
Granite;  i. Priest, shields; R, Reynolds,
Grand  Porks;   A. McKay, T. Nicholson.
.1. Shannon, Shields.
ANTED    Henri   WnltrcHB  for   Hole,' Btntth-
t-or-a     Apply Manager.
WANTED TH* Mt.lr.r*. thi- Tien t<- ,>������ Fir, Tamarack ur Pine���wl 1 K.ve n cents each in thi
���trine, till   ttooi]    Umber.      Apply    to  Joseph
'il IK III , ('RVft-'e.
vVAKT_D    Sllimtioli by  You tin Boottmea   (mar
n-r-t) willm-* in tackli.' anrtnlnff, e_perteno*d
in rtocotf, wlnt- ami upl-it Inn..-. Add rent*
D   P., Dally C niaiilan Offlce.
A   PAKTNKH    with   JJ'J.OIX)   to    purchaM*   h   trnlt
ranch iii*nr Ni-Ihoii    A good RpoonlftUOIl.   I'art*
m-r need not ���>*��� n'livi-ly ".ikiik--<I on ranch,
pply 'lr  UTROCTKK.
For piiriiciiltiri- apply 'I
LOST- A LADY'fl UMBRELLA with gold rimmed
handle���left at k   r   nHii, on in-*)it o( am,
Bfpt     Finder   plSSSS   rcliirn   to   Parker'*   Km
pl'iymi'ttt Akcih y and receive reward.
4  C'oml'.itnblc Home ior a Young I���<ly, would
���*'_i""ft i-ltlu-r nclmol teacher, or yo.ii.K lady m
business.*  the city.    Aiidreiw K. c. Daiiv
TW') KiBST-O-AM hOOMH, it.-am betted    Apply house-keeper, 8rd hat. K, w 0, block.
The i-i.i\ change recorded on the me
tnl market1 today is a decline of two
points in the value of silver in both
London and New York.
LocAL^��jErajAL^J Roquefort Cheese
Court  House.
The last row ��>f atone on the south
Bide of the court house haa been placed
in position. The west and north walls
will be completed today or tomorrow,
Leased  a  Theatre.
Geo. B, Howard, whose company _ave
several first-class performances in Nel*
son during this month, has teased the
Lyric th aire at Vancouver, and will
play there permanently for months to
"Uncle Tom's Cabin."
Although this is the second Uncle
Tom's Cabin show to visit Nelson this
season, no doubt it will be well patronised, stetson has a wide reputation In connection with companies pro
duclng the popular drama.
Eagles' "At  Home."
The EBagles' "At Home" this evening
in Fraternity hall promises to be -��� success.    The   early   part   of the  evening
will be devoted to progressive whist, for
which four prizes are offered. After
luncheon there will be a dance.
A  New Store  Building.
Fleming & Son, the Fairview grocers.
contemplate the erection of a two-store;,
brick building In the spring. The new
structure will be on the lot occupied
by the firm's store al present, and haa
been found necessary on account of ln-
creaaed business.
Selling   Rapidly.
Votes are selling rapidly tor the choc
olate set to be voted upon at the ball iu
aid of the Provincial Sanatorium. Nov
26. The set, which was donated by
the Canada Drug A: Book Company,
Ltd.. is now on exhibition In the win
dow  of   the Standard  Furniture Co.
Slocan   Looking  Up.
It. J. Kirkwood is down from the Slo
can. He reports a better feeling in a
business way throughout that district
There is great activity in the lumbering
industry. The Patrick Lumber companj
has a large force of men engaged In
getting out logs for their mill on the
Little Slocan.
Rally   Social.
The rally social at the Methodist
church last evening was very successful
in every respect. Several young people
joined the Young People's Society, and
arrangements were made to place that
society on a firm footing. Refreshments
were  served   during the evening.
Technical  Objections.
When the fire by-law case came up
in the city police court this morning
A. M. Johnson, counsel for the de-fen
dam, argued against thr* validity of the
by-law, and moved for dismissal. The
motion was refused by the magistrate
and the case was enlarged (ill tomorrow
morning when the city solicitor will appear for the lire wardens.
The coasting season began in Nelson
yesterday afternoon. Indiscriminate use
of all sidewalks should be prohibited at
once and the prohibition enforced. If
thi-re are streets where the practice
may be indulged by children without
danger to the general public, such
streets should be Specified and the aporl
limited to them. The beginning of the
season  is  the time for regulation.
Houses Scarce.
A gentleman was requested hy a
friend In Itussland to secure a desirable
house for himself and family. The gentleman in question visited every real
estate office in the city, lint was unable
to secure a desirable residence. He was
informed that there was not a dsslrabli
residence vacant in the city, and that
many applicants for*good houses were
received every day, hut none were available. It seems as if money could be
made in building a lot of substantial
dwelling houses.
Curling   Club.
The   annual   meeting  of   the   Nelson
curlers   was  held in   the   parlor of  the
2 lbs. for 25c.
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Btty Nov/
Wc have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
A new shipment of the   genuine   article 6oc   per lb.     Also
Genuine Swiss
35c per  lb.
Limburger Cheese
60c per   brick.
Corner Silica anil Josephine  Wis
Over 600
Post Card Albums
THAT      GIVES       YOU      A       FEW       TO
We have them to hold 100, 800, 31 0,
40U,  500. and   1,000 cards.
in artistically decorated cloth bindings  at  from 50c  i��> $4.00 each.
In heavy cloth boards, leather back
and corners at from $3.00 to $"..7.". each.
In handsome burnt leather covers a'
from 86a to $...7Tj each.
One of these would make a particularly  handsome gift.
The picture post card Is more popa
lar and more of them are b.ilng sold
thanever before. They are with us to
slay because tiny answer a prac. leal
purpose. They eon,.' ni so handy just
to say Hello to a friend or acquaint*
ance when you haven't time or don't
feel   inclined to  write  a letter.
Nothing is more Interesting than to
collect these cards, and a poBl card album will always lie an acceptable gift
W. G. Thomson
KSSSS" "Dd    Nelson, B. C.
Phon�� - *.-*.
Hume hotel last njght The attendance
was not large, ah i ii 30] bul many who
could nol attend the meeting, hav.- sis
niiied their Intention ol joining for the
���season. The election ol officers resulted    as   follows:   honorary   president.   L.
B, de  Veber;  president,  N,  J,  Cavan-
augh;  vice-president, J   H   i-*<��\; seen
tary, *;.  a. Hunter;  executive commit
tee, it   W. Drew, C. i��   Blackwood and
H.   Bird;  classifying  committee,   A.   T.
Wa'by,  .).   H. .Wallace,  J.   Knx.   ice com
mittee. Judge Porta, A   T. Walley and
C. D. Blackwood; membership committee, F. a. starkey. .1. <;. Banyan, ti. P.
Wells,   Dr.    w.  B.  Clayton;    umpires,
\V.  Richardson. A.  Carrie,  H.   Bird;   del
egatea to Kootenay Curling Association.
Judge Forln and F. A. Stark- y El was
resolved to invite the Kootena> Curling
Association to hold the lftO.S bonaplel in
Nelson, a meelinn ior the election of
skips will lie held later.
galicians in  trouble.
Manitoba     Homesteader    Murders     Hie
Brother anrt   Escapes.
Selkirk. Man., Nov. 20.���Investigations
have been held all dav into the murdei
of Maxim Hispalko at Conor last nl^h*.
by Ills brother Paul. The witness's, ol
the tragedy were   the  wife of  the  mm
dered man, hii brother wasyie. and a
neighbor of the name or Baleskl, and
from the evidence it could not be found
out if the shooting was really murdei
or not. as none Of the parties were in
toxicated, although there was a little
wine and whiskey in tha house. The
witness explained that this liquor was
for use on (he lollowinu day at a wed
dinu which was to take place further
The murdered man has been In this
country for Ave years ami was married.
The brother who did the shooting has
only been oul about two montbs from
(Jaiida ami had been sent money by
his brother to come out.   The shooting
look place fn ihe house of the numb in id
man which is a small shanty with Just
one room.
After ihe shooting Halckl, who had
his ear shot off, ran out of the hous
yelling. His yelling quickly attracted
some of the neighbors, who decided
they had better secure the man who did
he shooting but be heard them talking
and ran out of the house and before
they could stop him, made his escape
Chief Baker and Detective Parr ha-,,
been scouring the country In every dl
rection but ho far have, found little
trace. The witnesses all claim thai
they have lived very quietly and havi
bad no quarrels or disputes nnd eannol
understand  the act ion of tlie accused
City of Nelson License District.
We, ih.. underilfned, awe potlce thai
at   Ih,*   next   m.'.iiInK  of   Hip   Boat**   of
talc***-*. l'i,liiliils:.Ioni.|'H  wn lnt.'l.ll I" up
ply for a truiiHfor of Iho llconHo of lhe
No Plain. Inn from Wm. OoMioll lo
Nelaon, Nor. 19, 1807.
w1.--h-t.-4k- mul KiiHii Daslan tn
Fre.sh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price.        Nothing but   fn-h and
Wholesome meats and BUpplsa kept 111 stock
Mail orders receive careful intention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.    Manaj-r-r.
Is Removwied
and* ������������������;,"./...
$ J .00 per Gallon
"(Telephone 161.
Sherman's Opera House
Thursduy   Nov.   _1
PRICES:  $1.00. 75c and 50c.
Be&ti ..n  Sal<.  ai   Rutherford".
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fratt,
Fuel ��� Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co,. B.ker   ��nd   W.rd   8t..
Geo.   P.  Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK
Of electrical work finished nnd charged
for  from  this Shop   will  .show  you  how
squarely and honorably we conduct oui
Those who employ us need not WOITJ
about our charges nnd as to workman
ship they know It Is tho best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc
promptly   attended   to.
P. O. Box 16D. Phone 227 A
NELSON.     ���.��� {**' .->
This Entertaining Game is
fnr Everybody, Old and Young
and can be played indoors or
outdoors. It's a craze the
world over
PRICE $1.50
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone 81
bipiilrii-K   iii��-.t ftlobtslnS ��i����cul��J *.-. HI.  I >_..| "it i_ li.    Nh����t Mtu
Work,    i.i'.iiii;   i��ii��1   JM1U   JMii-wliliuBf-y.       Mn nuteet urtri _j
t li-**.-    Giat'**,    to.    to.    *_�� ml t-ii*_t (*rn'   Gnrm.
at r ..I Hn I mi'1
nit LHrarts
that U f-ihlonable and durable can be
bought now at a price that ii iu-e to
tempt you. Winter stylet are bc-ng
shown. Come quick and get tt-e pick.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore. Med
ium and Heavy Weight Pajamas am
Night Shirts at proper prices.. Particu'
lar people will be pleased with our offtr-
We would Ilk.' to s.'o all our patrons comfortable this winter no* rn onf,r��
do bo we have in atock the bint assort ed lino of h.-iitlnt; ��tov.*�� and cooklns
stoves and  ranees ever before presented to the public In Kootenay.
We would be pleased to show you our line and before making ycur pw
chase kindly soe what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Neieen Bra��-i.
Tllmr  Ifir IIIIIU   Places to have your prescription, filled.
IHrHruKHMDNY D" *�� h-<^ ,hem p"p��rl>',nd cinM,y
I lli.ll���nilii llinil I    compounded    a.    your   phy.iciaa   ar.
scribes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Pooie-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
Baker and Josephine Stn.
Sn2_fS Lumber, Shkngles,
Lath, /Yloulcllnj*r��, Doors, WIndo       *,_
run-Md Work and Hrnukuta. Mail Orders promptly ajren*
VI1HNON 8THHHT   -   -   ��� * MMJOKl ������ *��*"
We have a full  stock of the
Lime-Sulpher-Salt  Winter Spray
In 50-lb. and 1 gal. tins.
The Brackman-Ker  Milling Co^Ltd*
We carry a large stock of Cereal
Cooker., Kettles, Stew and Sauce
Pane,   Fry    Pan.,   Tea    and   Coff"
Pots, etc.,  etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd*


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