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The Daily Canadian Jul 6, 1907

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Array 7 ^.,u^,t r .     \
Imb 2.    No. 28.
Fifty Cunts a Month
:ulatlon Rife in Ail
lents od Despatch of Fl ct to
Pacific Keporttd From Tokio���
I   W. J. Bryan Taiki.
). July G.���Nlchl N'lchl in a It Mr
jw wilt way: "The American feci-
ward Japan uppctirH to ha/t
I almost nn hysterical Stage in
pprehension adopted by the Ju
chamlier of commerce ia an iu-
tu boycott American good��. An
aation of huc)i un attitude may la
t in their own fear regarding th*
outcome of the San Francisco af-
A complete Holutlon of the quey
without leaving the least element
ffereuce between the two countries.
preHHing necessity."
^Bklo.   July   G.���A   report   from   New
that   President   Roosevelt  had  of
Sly confirmed the despatching of  1G
Ueships    to    the    Pacific   coast   pro-
J   little   comment  here.    Some art
%$ I^BmmI   to   read   between   the   lines   el-
1 a sinister motive on the purt of a
ain   section   of   Americans   affected
a  mania  against   ihe  Japanese  or
^'machinations   of  a   tool   of   a   third
which   is   trying   to  benefit  from
Iquarn-lH of others.
lanlla. July  G.���The reported*  naval
Irlty  Ib 1 an.aiii-. much excitement In
^Philippines.    Leading Filipino Inde-
orgaulzutions   have   announced
,  side    with    tho    Americans
Burnt the Japaneae.    All the- Japanese
Hpreis employed  In  the navy   yard  at
-^bjagupo have been discharged.
Plew   York,  July   f��.���According   to a
a despatch to the Herald all of the
cue  working on  the  fortification*
iround   the   Okmgapo   and   Cavlte
MkTn! Btutlona have been discharged, In-
Ini;  experts   who have   been   In  the
���Ice   for some  time.    It  1b  asserted
Ulcers stationed at Manila, the Her-
toeclareB, that the orders for this Became direct from  VVashinKton and
peremptory.     When     Interviewed.
Admiral Hemphill and other navy
ra   denied  that   uny   extraordinary
rations were under way.
ili>d ��
ndon.  July  G.���The transfer of an
rlcan fleet to the Pacific is n matter
������great Interest  to the Hrlllsh   press.
''ffie Tost  In Its .���dltorlal arllcles sayB It
.^Mtarils   this  move   ils   a   most   natural
���V aM Intelligible olllcomi- of the new po
'-% ,��Won ol* Ihe lulled Slates as world
\l pernor. Ihe only wonder Ileitis thai lliis
* decision was not taken before. The pa
per thinks lliis transfer is not lira's-
eartly connectetl with the Japanese
trouble, and II regards a serious quarrel belween .lapaii and Ainerlcn in the
near flllure as unite out or the question.
"Moreover," the Post eonl llllles. "this
ia a clever move In domestic politics.
It Will emphasize In the eyes of the
eounti v the etiorinoiis disliuice dividing
Ot* Atlnntlc and tin- Paclllc coasts and
jit;wlll miil.1- tin- American people mix I-
Wig to provide money not only to speed-
fig complete Hie  Panama cannl, hilt to
bUHd   allot her   licet "
Hpcrlln, July fi. The    reports and  do-
Mils   ri-giirdlag   American  naval   movents   are   printed   conspicuously   and
mented on by the tensity of the re-
ons  between  tbe t'nited  States and
in.     Such   a   demonstration   as   the
alch  of  Iho  American   Heel   or tho
later part of II, to the Paclllc would,
lording lo some of the Gorman crlt-
sult In Japan attacking any Ainor-
'essols caught In tlie I'aclllc. wlth-
 it waiting for tho concentration or the
JBnerlcau warships.
BKTIii- .laiianese officers who recently
jHslteil Germany with Admiral Ynmii-
Blolol and (hose attached to The Hague
'Oelegallon  lo  Hie  peace conference,  who
sepcnl   some  weeks Iii tli-rniauy,   placed
JIO orders with Ihe German ammunition
'���>r small arms factories.   They were on
Ble lookout  for new machine guns, but
[d   not   find   any,   bo   far  as   can   be
arned.       They   placed   an   order   for
mo    12-Inch    naval    gunB    with    the
riipps, hill  Ihe number ordered Is not
other trust magnates to prison for a
long term of years and one of the most
vital questions before the people of this
country will have been solved.'" declared William Jennings llryan yesterday at a banquet given in his honor by
Dr. Sol. C. Dickey, president of the Winona Lake conference.
Referring to the controversy between
the Untied States and Japan, Mr. Hryan,
who, during his trip around the world,
visited the eastern empire, said a little
more backbone al Washington would
settle Hie difficulties for all lime tu
oome without a conflict lielween the two
nations. "Japan will follow the path ol*
Spain and other nations, once powerful,
unless there Is a religious awakening m
that country," tie said, ''here is but
one thing that can save Japan, and that
is  Ihe spread of Christianity."
San Francisco, July G.���Intensive additions to the government yard and dry
dock facilities on the I'aclllc coast will
result from the coming of the battle-
ship Meet, which was announced by Set;-
retnry Metealf In an Interview on Thursday. Secretary Metealf bad little to add
to what he i-.aid of the coming of the
fleet. "We have already arranged for
a new dry dock at llremmerton," he
said, "and ollu-r Improvements In the
repairing facilities on the Coast will
have to be taken up by Congress in the
fall." The large dry dock at Mare
Inland Ib accessible to battleships of
deep draft. It had been suggested that
the government might have an interest
in the construction of the proposed
mammoth graving basin at Hunter's
I'ofnt. plans and specifications for
which have been prepared, but the secretary said he was not aware of any
part tho government was taking In the
building of this dock. When completed
It will he of sufficient size to accommodate any two battleships at one time.
Chicago, July  fi.���A despatch   to   Ihe
coord-Herald from Wnrsaw. lnd., Bays:
iBeml John O. Rockefeller and a dozen
Repor-tg of Strikes Suppressed for Business Reasons���Quotations on
Stock  Markets.
Nothing new has developed in Kootenay mining circles during the last week.
at least no new developments have been
reported. It is known that, although
the report of rich strikes at dept in tlie
i;u .- luuri mine lias Deen denied, recent
developments have been more than satisfactory.
In several Ainswortli properties rich
strikes have been made but deilnite information has been withheld for business reasons.
Sandon, which has been a quiet camp
for many years, at last, shows signs of
revival. The depression in Sandon has
not boon a��*�� wholly Q�� chiefly to the
loss of pay-streaks. Suspension of activity on account of litigation has
played a very important part. Most of
the law suits are now settled and the
end of the long-drawn Slocan-Star case
is in sight. Sandon men speak hopefully ugain, and it is within the range of
possibilities that even the present season will see a marked renewal of activity.
The stock market for the past week,
being broken by the holidays, was hardly as active act usual, though prices remained Arm with a slight advance In
one of two securities. International
Coal, after feathing $1.03 per share on
Saturday last, dropped again to about
85 to !M, and during this week fluctuated a few points between these figures.
Alberta Coal H Coke remains Arm at
the present high quotation, though with
but   little  bUtineM transacted.
Cariboo-McKinuey was more active
thftll for some time, but SHOWS only a
slight udvance. Operations by the leasees of this property will commence
shortly .and it Is quite possible that
these shares will lie In demand at higher llgures In the near future. Consoli-
dated Smelters had a slight Hurry at the
end of last week, but sagged again an<)
are nut In great, demand at the present
time. Canadian C.oldllelds Syn. also
sold higher, hut dropped with the Consolidated shares. Hamblei'-Carlboo remains weak aud inactive, and it would
not lie surprising to see these Hhares go
several rents lower before any advance
takes place. Sullivan remains linn with
a great deal of business transacted.
While Hear was the cause of several
Inquiries and seems tu he on the verge
of another boom. Western Oil Consolidated remains Arm and almost unchanged.
Kol'owlng are the approximate quotations for the week ending today:
Hid        Asked
Alberta  C.  &.  C $      ,:t"    9      .40
Alameda       17 .18
n. c Copper      10.87V6 n.no
Break-Lund     M
cons   Smelters      no.oo   .125.00
Can. Qoldfieldft Syn...         .08 .07',$
California  ,ntiV4
Cnriboo-McKinnev   ...         .04 .nB
Dominion Copper        6.87^ 6.12i��
Uonora  Mines  .08^
Diamond  Vale 20 .21
Furnace     50 .fi2^
Uranhy           122.00      130.00
Giant 02 .03
International   Coal   ..        .85 ,90
tiA Plata Mines  .17
NlCOla Coal Mines ... .04 .05
North Star 10 .15
Humbler Cariboo 28 M\h
Sullivan    10 ,10tt
Tel Kwa  Mines U .17
Western oil Con      1.60 2.00
While Hear 05 :07
Important Portfolios Are
Liberal Party Sadly Lacking in Good
Material���Pugsley Weak
in New Brunswick.
Ottawa, July 6.���It is now pretty clear
that when Sir Wilfrid Laurier comes
home he must find a new minister of
railways and u minister of public works.
Mr. Hyman has resigned and the vlndl:
cation of Mr. Emmerson has been indefinitely postponed. Mr. Emmerson
was Interviewed In Toronlo after the
libel proceedings and intimated that he
would take no further interest in the
matter. There Is no probability that
anyone else will Inierest himself in Mr.
Emmerson's viu.1.ration, and as the case
has been postponed until next January
at the earliest it Ib not likely that it
will  ever be heard  from again.
it was three mouths on Monday since
Mr. Emmerson wrote to Sir Wilfrid Laurler his letter of resignation in which
he said:
"Mere gossip is difficult to meet; but
when the medium of the press has been
sought to name me as one of your colleagues In a slander, false on its face,
I have directed that proceedings be taken against certain newspapers for the
purpose of vindicating myself, not only
against the direct charge but also
against the Insinuation involved therein, aud 1 am conscious that I am In a
position to be exonerated in the eyes
of the country and yourself. My object In taking these proceedings is to
vindicate my character aside from al)
political consideration."
To this communication and the notice
of resignation Sir Wilfrid Laurier at
once  replied:
"My Dear Emmerson:I have come to
the conclusion that the course which
you take is, under existing clrcum-
sUuices, in Ihe public Interest. You owe
It to yourself, to your colleagues and
(eUnAs. tn clear your character of the
charges leveled against it. tou could
well ignore mere insinuation, but direct
and specific charges you do well to face
as soon as uttered. I will place your
resignation In the hands of His Excellency."
This correspondence took place April
1st, and on the day following Mr. Emmerson made a statement In the house
declaring that the statement in the
press concerning his conduct in tile St.
Lawrence Hall In Montreal were absolutely false, and that he was relieved
to lie at last uble to meet his traducers
face to face. He asked the house and
the country to await the verdict and
suspend Judgment "awaiting the day
when I can meet face to face those who
have been striking me under the belt,
and In meeting them I have this confident assurance that I shall be able to
to vindicate ny nonor. to vindicate my
character." Mr. Emmerson announced
that he had taken civil action against
the Frcderlcton Gleaner, the Halifax
Herald and the Toronto World. Afterward he instituted criminal against Mr.
Crocket, the mannging editor of the
Without going Into the history of the
criminal trial or suggesting In any way
what the verdict would have been It
may be said here that Mr. Crocket declared tho statement true which he had
made, aud contended that publication
was made In Ihe public Inierest. The
prosecution declared that the SI. Lawrence Hall statement was not true and
that publication would be an offence
even If tho statement were true. Mr.
Crockett brought as witnesses three employees of the hotel and one or anothor
Inn, with a guest who occupied the next
room in the St. Lawrence Hall to the
one In which the events were said lo
lave taken place. The Judge ruled
against the legnl objection of Mr. Eni-
merson's counsel Io tho plea of Justification .and was ready lo proceod with the
trial. At this stage the prosecution re-
fusocl lo go on. the trlnl was postponed,
witnesses were sent home and Mr. Em-
morsoii went off to West Vlrglna declar
Ing thai ho look no further Interest in
Ihe   proceedings.
There may be ground for the view
that Mr. Emmerson was not treated by
his lender with the same consideration
that wbb extended to Mr. Hyman. Mr.
Hyman's name was mentioned In the
house In connection with the "wine, women and graft" discussion. Sir WlllAi
Laurler stated that rumors had been
brought to him concerning Mr. llyninn's
conduct. They were of such a character thai he sont a friend to Mr. Hyman
to ask him If they were true. The friend
brought back Mr. Hyman's statement
thut Ihe ihnrgos were raise. Later,
when Mr llvtnan handed In his resignation  of his  office,   Sir   Wilfrid did   not
accept it. Now Mr. Emmerson did not
wait for Sir Wilfrid to send a friend to
him. He went to the premier himself
and declared the charges raise. He told
Sir Wilfrid that he was going to court
to prove them falae. Yet Sir Wilfrid
accepted his resignation and told him
|Ui the letter |al>ove quoted that he
oug'it to face the direct and specific
charges "as soon as uttered." Mr. Emmerson has not faced them out, neither
did the other minister. There appears
to be some discrimination in this treat
ment of the two ministers, though In
the end It has come to the same thing
The department or railways will not be
held open until next year, and a minis
ter of public works  must  be found.
While it is ihe c-ommun opinion al
Otiawa that ex-1'remler Pugsley. of New
Ilrunswick, will succeed Mr. Emmerson
in the cabinet, it is not at all certain
lhat he will be minister of railways.
In seeking any cabinet position he has
in his own province to meet the vigorous rivalry of Mr. Carvell, the member
for Carleton. who demands the vacant
portfolio from his province, and is said
to have the support of the whole Liberal delegation of New Ilrunswick. Mr.
Carvell is able to say that lie Is a Liberal of long standing, while Mr. Pugs-
ley's connection with the party began
suddenly when Sir Wilfrid took office.
In the winter of 189G he was the candidate in King's county, supporting the
Tupper government. In July he was a
supporter of Sir Wilfrid. Mr. Carvell
is not allowing this to be forgotten, and
Sir Wilfrid's colleagues are made acquainted with the posibility that at the
first crisis, Mr. Pugaley might again
change sides.
There is great trouble still over the
succession to Mr. Hyman. Tho gove-
ernment is admittedly weak In Ontario.
It was beaten In the province in 1��00,
and though the constituencies were readjusted in 11102, It was beaten again in
1904. Sir Wilfrid has no longer the
support of the Ontario local administration. The London conspiracy case
has weakened his hold and shattered
the machine and the exposures of graft
.have alienated may Liberals. Sir William Mulock. the most influential minister he had in Ontario since the retirement of Sir Oliver Mowat, has disappeared and the premier has found Mr.
Aylesworth more a weakness than a
strength. Sir Richard Cartwright and
the secretary of state are of no political
va'ue. and MTV Puterson. though a painstaking official, seems to carry no weight
with the constituencies. All kinds of
suggestions are made as to a possible Ontario leader, Including the promotion of
Mr. MacKenzie King, deputy minister of
labor, to the iiosltlon of a cabinet minister and leader of his party in Ontario.
Another view is lhat Sir William Mulock should be called back from the
bench. All the suggestions agree that
no Ontario member of parliament is
equal to the emergency which has now
arisen, and that Mr. Aylesworth is a
ridiculous failure as a party leader and
a public man.
Suing Ottawa College.
Ottawa. July 6. A writ has been issued
on behait ���c HQa Joseph H. Legris,
against the corporation ot tne t.iuoa
of Ottawa. The plaintiff is suing to recover damages sustained fc*by himself
and son, Wilfrid Legris. resulting from
und due to an assault upon the said
Wilfrid Legris, while in the dormitory
of the defendant college. The charge
Is that Father Dube, of the college, who
has charge of the said dormitory,
abused the boy.
Committee   on    Exhibit   for   Winnipeg
Satisfied With   Results���Will
Leave on Tuesday.
The respu'nBe to the appeal for contributions for the exhibit to be sent to
Winnipeg was not very generous. However, Ihe committee gave up hoping for
spontaneous offerings, and began soliciting with excellent results. A very fair
collection Is now available and will be
shipped to Winnipeg Tuesday morning.
Samples of grasses and clover, of excellent size and quality, were contributed by Messrs. McDermld and Mciinrdy.
from their ranch at CreBcent Valley,
and by others from Columbia River
lands . They are being prepared for
shipment- today by Messrs. McPhee and
In the city no difficulty was encountered In gelling an excellent collection
of fruits, belli preserved and fresh In
alcohol. Thai pari of the exhibit will
lie at least equal to anything hitherto
sent from Nelson.
Secretary Ebliutt Is quite satisfied
with the collection of photographs he
has secured. They are of all kinds and
sizes, representing benullful scenery,
sceni'S descriptive of the mining, lum-
boring, and trull-prowlng Industries, and
scenes suggestive of successful sport
with rod and gun.
The exhibit will leave Nelson Tiles
day morning, Monday being devoted lo
packing and shipping. The men in
charge will be amply supplied with advertising literature, as far as It applies
to Ihe district generally.
Auto Race Authorized.
Trenton, N. J., July 6.���The house
yostorday passed a bill authorizing municipalities and the slate motor commissioner to permit the holding of aulouio
bile races In Now Jersey fur Ihe Vau-
derbilt cup.
British Parties Divide on
Fiscal Reform
eial world Is keenly sensitive, and if
consols and the stock exchange can be
taken as a barometer the political situation would be described as threatening.
Unions Issue Rival Manifestos���Conservatives Officially Pledged
to Preference.
London, July 6.���The radical trade
union M. P.'s manifesto against the
colonial premiers and the preference
which has been in all the papers Ib the
best evidence of the uneasiness with
which the ministry and the whole ministerial party watch the rapid growth of
the Imperial preference movement. It
is to be answered by a counter manifesto by influential trade union leaders
who take Ihe opposite view.
Another striking evidence of the
strength of the preferential cause with
British opinion is the fact that Lyttel-
ton, as the official spokesman of the
whole Unionist opposition, has chosen
the preference situation as the ground
for a full dress attack on the ministry.
The Times speaks of the trade union
manifesto as amazing In its Ignorance
of facts, superb In its dogmatism, and
utterly parochial in its point of view.
It shows an entire failure to realize the
standpoint of the working class populations in other parts of the Empire and
is directed- against the bona fides of the
colonies and their spokesmen.
The Times adds: "Deakin uud iiis colleagues probably realize that 22 members represent on this point no more
than a fraction, and we hope a very
small fraction, of their countrymen.'*
Hague    Conference   Sits   While   Sign*
Point to  Many Conflicts.
London, July 6.���A congress of all the
nations of the earth is sitting at The
Hague seeking to devise means to inaugurate universal peace. To the east
of it Russia is in the throes of what
perhaps may be described as a passive
resolution. To the south of it a considerable section of France is in active
insurrection. To the west ot It Ireland
has started a fresh campaign for the
overthrow of the existing scheme of
The rustle of the wings of the angel of
peace Is already drowned by the clamor
of strife, but the seeming mockery of
the spectacle has nbt the gloomy significance which many cynical pessimists see in It. It has been one of Fate's
favorite ironies to make almost every
peace conference to be preliminary to
the outbreak of a serious war, and diplomatic circles have been disturbed this
week by graver uneasiness that that
caused by the three specific popular
movements refrred to above.
This was hinted at by M. Clemen-
ceau, the French prime minister, when
he informed the chamber of deputies
thut If his ministry were overthrown
Its successors would have to deal with
more serious matters than the insurrection In the Midi. The diplomatic world
Interprets this as an allusion to the situation created by the latest agreement
between England, France and Spain in
regard to the Mediteranean and the Atlantic. This measure la naturally calculated to Inflame still further Germany's resentment against the great
cumblmitlon which now circumscribes
that country's ambitions.
It is well understood that Emperor
1 William will not hesitate to give expression to his Indignation in decisive action the moment he sees an opportunity
to break the diplomatic cordon which
surrounds him. He has entered i\ protest against the Franco-Japunese Far
Eastern agreement, but his action lu regard to Iho new Mediterranean understanding bus not yet transpired.
It Is difficult to see what effective action Germany can take at the present
moment. A general conflagration In Europe could hardly result to her advantage.
Herlln advices are to the effect that
the insurrection In France Is being
keenly watched und that Count Von
lluolow's visit to the Emperor at Kiel
on Thursday was directly connected
(herewith. The German foreign office
deuies strenuously that any diplomatic
crisis Is pending, but this Is done as a
matter of course In any situation.
Germany within a few years has resumed the policy of pinpricks against
France In regard to Morocco, which
France is resenting as vigorously as
during the regime of M. Ilelcasse. Ger-
manv will s'.vk u predominant Influence
at Fez, but tne nrmlnul cnuse of the
tat-'st dispute is the open door sugges-
tl n In leg.ird to the coust between
Tane.le * and Algiers.
The general public knows nothing of
lh.se iliploin.it:.' a'aims, but ihe finan-
Zelaya   Reported  te  Aim   at  Union   of
Central America.
Puerto Cortez, Honduras, June 27,
via New Orleans, La., July C.���Within
tbe last few days a new combination
has appeared on the Central American
checkerboard whereon President Zelaya
has been manoeuvring for several
months by means of revolutionary plots
to consolidate the five republics' under
one government.
The new combination is reported to
be Honduras, Guatemala and Salavdor.
Their understanding was reached at
Tegucigalpa, Honduras' capital. Its aim
ia  to   defeat  the  consolidation.
The first move of the new combination was to force the evacuation of Honduras by the Nicaraguan rtoops. Thereby Puerto Barries. Guatemala, has within the last week been relieved of the
menace of the Nicaraguan General Estradas' army, which for many weeks
camped in Honduras within a few hours
of striking distance from Guatemala.
Since the evacuation the defeated generals of former President Manuel Bon-
ilia have been returning to their country and some of them have been invited
on missions to Tegucigalpa, which is
considered  significant.
It is reported that Zelaya did not
yield to the demand for evacuation until
his envoy, Gomez, who recently conferred with President Diaz, or Mexico,
refused the request of Diaz to act with
Nicaragua In an attack upon Guatemala.
Joint   Action   Proposed   to * Avoid   All
Grievances in CeHecMM of Sue-
cession Duties.
Toronto, July S.���The government of
several of the provinces ot tbe Dominion have intimated their willingness to
consider favorably the opportunity offered by Ontario for a reciprocal arrangement in reference to the collec?
tlon of succession duties. New Brans-
wick Is the first province to formally
enter into such an agreement. Ita kid-
ministration has passed an order-ln-
council extending the provisions of tlie
New Brunswick Act so as to harmonise
with section 6, sub-section!}, of the Ontario Succession Duties Act. Thla' simply means that New Brunswick will nbt
collect duties on the devolution of property situated In Ontirto on wkldi the
latter province has already levied a tax,
on condition that Ontario retrains from
taxing the portion of an estate In New
Brunswick. Thla plan la intended to
prevent the double taxation of estates,
situated partly in one province and partly In another, as Is possible under the
present law. Provisions will, however,
he made for cases in which the rate of
taxation in one province exceeds that In
the other.
-The Ontario government will now
have to pass an order-in-councll smlilar
to that passed by the New Brunswick
Section 6, sub-section 9, of the Succession Duty Act says:
"Where any property locally situate out
of Ontario or any interest therein as
aforesaid shall have paid any estate,
succession or legacy duty or tax elsewhere than in Ontario an allowance for
the amount so paid shall be made by
this province, and the property upon
which such duty or tax has been paid
elsewhere shall be subject to the payment of such portion only of the succession duty provided for tn the preceding
sub-sections of this section as will equal
the difference between the duty payable
under this act with respect to property
in Ontario, and the duty or tax so paid
elsewhere; provided that allowance for
any estate, succession or legacq duty
or tax payable elsewhere than In Ontario shall be made under this sub-section only as to any country, state or
British province or possession where an
al-owance Is made for the succession
duty paid under this act on property
situate in Ontario, passing on the death
of any person domiciled elsewhere than
In Ontario and the lieutenant governor-
In-councll, by order-in-councll, shall
have extended the provisions of this
sub-section as to such allowance by this
province so as to apply to such country,
state or British province or possession."
Passed Bogus Checks.
Woodstock, Ont��� July 6.���Alex. Coulter, who said he lives a mile and a half
wost of Toronto, was this morning
sentenced by Magistrate Hall to five
years In Kingston penitentiary on each
of two charges, one of passing bogus
checks on Garner ft Co. and the other
of attempting to pass one on the Crown
bank, sentences to run concurrently.
When confronted with a record of five
convictions in Toronto and one in Stratford, most y on similar charges, during
the past three years, the prisoner, who
had up to this claimed hli name was
John O'Brien, admitted bis guilt and
pleaded for leniency because of his wife
and three children. He said that drink
was the cause of his downfall and that
he was crazed with liquor when he commit! ed the offence. . ���
Prwte Vis Big Credit
Finance Minister Tallow Estimates
-Splendid Margin oi Revenue
for Fiscal Year.
Victoria, July S.���The McBrlde government will be able to announce to the
people of British Columbia a surplus of
$1,000,000, the greatest surplus of any
which the Conservatives have been able
to pile np on the deficits of previous
The fiscal year ended on June 30th
and the returns made to Hon. R. O. Tat-
low, minister of finance and acting premier since that date, shoar that the record-breaking mark of $1,040,000 will be
reached when the balance for the year
1906-07 is struck.
This aplendid showing reflects unbounded credit upon the administration
of the finances of the province by Hon.
Mr. Tatlow. Aa Is well known, when '
he took hold of the finances the treasury was not only empty but obligations
contracted by nrevloasr governments
had to be met In order to save the
credit of British Columbia. Not only
was the situation saved at that time but
tbe internal affairs ot the pprovtnce
were thenceforth ao skilfully handled
that annual surpluses have been resulting ever since.
One factor of the situation which haa
enabled the production of the million
dollar surplus has been the Immense development of the natural reeoareee ot
the province under the present administration. The vast timber areas ot the
province during the past fiscal year produced over (800,000 ia revenue and the
receipts from that source will next year
run greatly In excess ot the million
New York Tourist's Most Vivid Imp-resale* ef British Columbia.
Winnipeg. July ��.���While returning
from the Coast, A. L. Harding, 4 prominent banker of New York, spent yesterday In the city.
"Thla Is a marvelous country," he
said. "It la the first visit te this section ot the continent and I have been
greatly surprised at the conditions.
There seem to be unlimited possibilities.
In this western country, and for the
thrifty man It looks aa if a fortune could
be quickly amassed.
"Though not very well acquainted
with Winnipeg, from Ita general appearance I should say that it had all the
earmarks of a great city. A most noticeable feature, and one that the citizens of any city might well be proud
of, Is the splendid width of the streets.
They appear to be kept In a fairly good
condition, but nothing like the streets ot
Vancouver. In the latter city I think
some of the cleanest In America will
be found.
"I note that thla city has got a number
of fine-looking commercial buildings,
while the residences are first-class and
seem to be above the average that are
found In a place of thla size.
"Great credit Is due for the festivities
of the holiday passing off without any.
fatalities. Amusements are to be found
here in great numbers and 1 have no
doubt that they are well patronised.
Wherever I went on Monday I found
great crowds of people, who, while en-
Joying themselves, kept great order.
"The trip through British Columbia
was h magnlcent one. (The grand
scenery and mammoth rocks form a
picture that one will not easily forget.
I have been reading quite a bit about
the crop outlook In Western Canada,
and from observations see no reason
why the peop'e should apprehend any
danger. Districts In Saskatchewan and
Alberta looked most promising. While
the growth In Manitoba seems to be
slightly behind those provinces, I might
add that the grain presented an appearance every bit as good. Grain grower*
seem to be very optimistic and some
look for record yields"."
Presentstlon te Mrs. Baer.
Members of the choir and congrega
tlon of the Methodist church assembled
In the parsonage last evening to make
a presentation to Mrs. W. W. Baer, who
has resigned the position of organist,
and will leave shortly for Vancouver lo
join her husband. The presentation,
consisting of a handsome collection nf
cut" glass and silverware was made by
Mrs. Nagte and C. A. Benedict. The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR  at   all  prices
From 8 to  12  Pounds.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc.,   etc.
HAY.   FLOUR  and   FEED.
Iii all these Hues we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable  prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP f4.7S0.OOO RKST  ���4.730.000.
D  R   WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAKFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
DopCWitB received and interest allowed Ht hij��:i��\-i    current rate from date nf
opening of auuuunt, ftud eompouudHd quarterly
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.  D.  18G9.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
.   $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking   Business,
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published kix aays b weex uy the
Baker au.  ���<���������-���<. B. c.
Saturday, July  6th,  1907.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler has developed a
sudden enthusiasm fur a faster mail and
pMsengor service between Great Britain and Canada and for ClQser Hade relatione that will thereby be made possible. This was the subject of his solitary contribution to the deliberations of
the Imperial Conference, aud was the
subject of his speech at the Dominion
Day banquet  in London.
These circumstances together with
others, such as the delay in filling the
vacancies in the cabinet, the nomination
of Liberal candidate.-, and general preparatory work, have Induced ifit- belief
in some quarter! that Sir Wilfrid contemplates an early appeal to the country, it might be added that the expec
tatiou ut' a financial stringency and pus
Bible period of depression consequent on
tbe Condition*, ibaf have led the ('ana
dJan banks to shorten sail may hasten
the government's action. Any administration would prefer appealing lor a
"renewal of its mandate" during the full
tide of prosperity to making such an
appeal after the ebb has begun. Gen
eral prosperity lias often been a gov
���ernment's only claim to re-election. It
was so in Canada iu 1900 and in 11*04.
In the latter year it was strength' ihu
by a special appeal to the West for ap
pro\al of the Grand Trunk Pacific
Whether an appeal be made thin
year or uext., or not until tin
present parliament has run its full
course of five years, it Ib evident that
tbe All Red Route and improved trade
relations with tbe Mothei 'and are to
figure prominently upon the next CaiM
dian Liberal programme.
Who suggested either to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier at the present juncture, it Is
Impossible to say. Hut ft is hardly
credible that either occurred suddenl>
to Sir Wilfrid during the last hours of
a conference in which Sir Wilfrid's
single aim had been to assist the British ministers in blocking every effort of
(be colonial ntutuamen to make or recommend any forward step.
To consider first bis advocacy of the
AU Red Route, no one can have forgotten that a contract had been made with
the Peterson company in 1S96 by the
government of Sir Charles Tupper for
a fast Atlantic service at a cont to Canada of $375,000 per annum. The
scheme now proposed, If it Is carried
out at all. will cost Canada $1,116,000 a
year. Why Sir Wilfrid should have been
so opposed to a fast Atlantic service in
1896 as to cancel a contract already
made, and be so eager for it now as to
be willing lo pay exactly thre timeB as
much for It. Is probably known only to
himself. It can hardly be that he had
any serious objection to borrowing his
opponent's policy; he had already borrowed po much that a little more or less
was of no con sequence. There is no
'hinge In conditions to warrant the
contention that a fast Atlantic service
is more (billable now than in J8!��G. Sir
Wilfrid's belated advocacy of the
scheme therefore involves a confession,
which of course he will not make dire- tly, that he made a mistake in lfct*fi,
and that Canada has lost for eleven
years the commercial advantages that
will  accrue from such a service.
On the question of closer trade relations his course is even more lncoher*
ent and Inconsistent. For many fears.
before 1806 Conservative statesmen had
endeavored to direct Canadian trade to
Britain, since nil i-fforts towards securing fair terms from the United States
luid failed. Their efforts had been ridiculed by the Liberals who pointed to
the adjacent "natural market" In America, and proclaimed their ability to secure the terras that had been steadily
denied to Conservatives. Their efforts
failed of course. The Joint High Commission has never dissolved but Its recess has lasted nearly ten years.
The preferential tariff, the only step
so far takeh towards promoting trade
between Britain and Canada was Indeed
carried out by Sir Wilfrid Laurier but
It was first advocated by Sir Charles
Tupper, and, of course, opposed by Sir
Wilfrid Laurler, who was then s free
trader. Free trade admits of no tariff,
pr. f. tentlal or other.
Sir Wilfrids present advocacy of a
fast Atlantic service and of better trade
conditions between Britain and Canada,
will, of course, receive the support of
Conservatives for the same reason as
they support the policy of protection.
They are part and parcel of the Conservative National Policy, to which Sir
Wilfrid has been so slow a convert.
If his contemporaries fall to perceive
the absolute inconsistency of Sir Wilfrid's whole career as a statesmen, it
can only mean that no one expected for
a-moment that he would attempt to put
bis own notions into practice, and that
the Liberal professions of twenty years
were consciously and deliberately dishonest.
There is a tradition among Liberals
that their leader was once an orator.
But the most devoted can hardly claim,
without a smile, that he is a statesman
In eleven years of power he has never
initiated one policy that is not an obvious Imitation of the measures of his
predecessors, nor indeed done anything
but copy, slowly and reluctantly, the
policy that his whole career In opposi
tion  was  spent  in  denouncing.
Justifiable Homicide.
Belllngham, Wash., July t>.���Jake Terry, ex-convict, smuggler, train robber.
and fugitive from Justice, was shot and
Instantly killed yesterday by Alfred
Lindsay at Sumas in the presence of
Mrs. Lindsay at the Lindsay home.
Eighteen months ago Terry entered
Lindsay's home, drove Lindsay out with
a revolver, and kept Lindsay's wife
with him for several days while fight
Ing off officers. Later the sheriff arrested Terry and took him to Canada to
protect him. Yesterday when Lindsay
went home to luncheon he found Terry
In the house and fired first.
Furniture Stock and
Premises for Sale
TENDERS will be received by the
undersigned up lu 12 o'clock noon on
the mb day of July, 19U7 for the purchase of the stock iu trade of carpels,
furniture, etc., belonging to the estate
of the late John E. Wood of Revelstoke.
,and also for the purchase of the property lately occupied by him as a furniture store and rooming houBe, situated
on lot 25, Ulock 23, Plan 636A., Revel
stoke! Separate lenders may be made
for tjje sfock in trade and for the real
estate or tenders made for the stock
and re��| estate together.
The highest or any tenders will not
necessarily be &coeijied- Stpck lists
and the property to be sold may be examined on application lo the undersigned.
RevelBtoke, June  12th,   lliuT
Official   Administrator.
In the Supreme Coort of
British Colombia.
To All Whom It May Concern :
Notice Is hereby RtTen that ��n applma'ion will
be made to ihe prtaidlug Judge lu t'liamlM-ra, at
ftlWlrt#��fWf HiCiM'. "IliU'lums'oi
10.30 o'clock, lu Ihe (. -renoou, for an order eiuutl
ingtbe time for registering wfth the negistrsr
ot Joint Murk Companies, a certain trurt deed
W-ariug date tbe 25 tb dav of lurch, 1907, made
between Tbe Ymir "old M lues, Ltd , of lb��- one
part *nd Charles Morjand Cunyngbame Hughes
and Oliver Wethered of the other pari, untlltbe
.' .ti tiny nl July next, 1W7 Any person wishing
to oppose such application mint enter an appear
MKH personally or by solicitor with tbe Keg I*-
trar of thin Court, at Vancouver ou or before the
Mb dayof Jujy next, and in default of aueh
appearance n, h ��gte>uap:>n of time w111 be gran-
("1 without further order.
Dated ttila 2lut day of J'ine, 19 ������
A. E  BftCK,
Lennle Ai Wragge ,        DlnrUl Beglstrar.
Solicitor*- for the Ymlr [
'.nil .Mm-*. Limited.   )
IN THE MATTER of the IsBtiance of an
indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and E. L. Reld to Lots 2 and B,
In Block 13, City of Nelson.
Whereas if,, documents hereinafter menMoueri
are not In the possession of the aforesaid Howay
and Reld:
And whereat production ul them ll required
under the "Land K-pglitry Art";
Take null e that all or any persona baring
these documents In their posaosslon or hsvlug
any if. * i>--\ lu the name are required to prod got
the Hume to the District H <���* lal m i of Lund 1Itles
at NeUon, B.C., on or before tbe 16th dayof July,
1W7:- ,
Conveyance lu Foe, from A. Barretle to Alexander
Carney, dated 29th October, 1W1.
Mortgage in Vuv, thorn A. Carnt) and A  "arrette
to M   Mclnuns aud  i'    Iii, * mh.   -Intel   the 2 th
of Nov   iniiH   latfi.
Convttasat   in   Pea   under   power   of   Hale  In
Mortgage from Kajooln M-i-m. and r. Barm
to  A. H. Buchanan, dated   17th  uf  November,
Conveyance lu Fee, A. 11   Buchanan to the Hank
of Montreal, dated (he 24 th uf    tigust, 1891.
Conve   ance   DfM,   bsnk   of   Moi treal,   to Hone
Mary   Heaibco'e    and   Joseph    I!.*   Mh-IukI   ii
Hnwei, dated Uih N.-vember, Irijc.
Conveyance fti Pat, of au undivided one quarter
from   Bote   Mary   Ileathcnle In 1'aiii  Johnson,
dated the 28 th of < -efetiiber, Ifcufl.
Dated tbta .Wit) day of May, A. Ii.  1907.
II   V  M.ULr.OD,
DUtFltt HuKUtrar of L��nd Titlea
Notiea la hereby Riven that 1 will apply, at th��
next meeting of the Llcetine Cntmnlniioneri, for
the Oltf of HeUot). to have the liquor IlflUU�� of
LMsfQ Place Inn. transferred from Archibald
rarfUMI "e d to mynelf.
Dated May ��th. 1V--T. Wm. i.ohnki.L,
By I'ower of AHornty.
f. C. GREEK       F. f. DURDE*       A. H. 0REEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Ul US   FhoK U\ B-
Could'nt Stand Teasing.
New York, July b\���An Altoona, Pa.,
despatch to the Herald says thut being
unable to stand the continual twtttlngfl
of his friends about the failure of the
scheme to make ashes burn, which he
had backed financially, Dr. H. K Hoy.
one of the best-known homeopathic physicians in the state and one of Altoonn's
wealthiest men, committed suicide yesterday by swallowing tlie contents of a
bottle of carbolic acid. Dr. Hoy was 58
years old and had a fine practice as an
eye and ear specialist.
Fot Sale Cheap
One 60-Inch diameter, by 16ft. Sin.
long, und��rflred, return multi-tubular
boiler, in fair condition. Eighty-two
2^-ln. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-6 in. steam
dome. Boiler is good for testing to l&U
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pre*-
sure of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, Btop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of fire bars and bearers.
One v In. diameter x Min. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and Is in good condition.
One vertical multl-tubulur exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, 10-^ln. diameter with openings
for 3-ln. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelting Co.* Ltd.
W.   a.    GILLETT
Contract ot*   ��nd
Sole agent for the Porto BttOO Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yardi. -Rough and ilr.-> ���n/ii lumber, turned
work and bracket*, Coast lath and -n ; \.���- .����������. rub
and doors. Cement, brick aud .un. for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard ana factory: Vernou St.. eaat ul Uall
MJL8().>,   l��. C
P. O   Box 2X2. Mr!'ion* 178
Nelfton Laud District. District of West Kootenay
'lake notice that George Alexander, of Kaslo,
B C, occupation mine manager, lntenda toapply for a special timber UMNMMI over the follow-
lug described land: Commt-uciDg at * pout
planted at the north-rant ooruer of 1 ���������. luuti.
'-r-nip 1 Kooleusy Diatrict. tbeuee west CO
<halus, tbence south 40 ehalus, thetio*' cast 6u
chains, thence north 40 chains to the (mihu of
commeucemetit, aud containlug 240 acred, more
or lesa.
Dated June Z7, 1907. gkokgk alcxa*ni>rr.
N< Imii Laud District.   District oi w*tat Kootcuay
Take DOtiM that  George  Alexander, of Kaslo,
B.C .occupation mine mmihicr. intendfi :.. sp-
fdy for a s peer lal timber licence over tho follow-
���g described lauds: t'omniemlng st a post
planted Ht the Houthettiit corner of 1 ot 1W)6.
Group 1, Kootenay Dlstr^t, thence north Mi
ehalus. theuee west DO ehalus, theuee south su
chains, thence east 8U cbaiua to point of commencement, and cuutaimug 640 acres, more or
Dated June 27, 1907. hzoaut Aum***1    "
RaJjm* i������* �������'riet.   UttlHflt of West Kootenay
Take notice that George Alexander, of Kaslo,
B 0 , occupation mine manager,, intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following described lauds: Coinmenclug at a post
plauted at the southeast -turner ol l.-n !������*��� .
Group 1. Kootenay District, tbence north 90
chains, theuee tapl flu chains, tbence south SO
i In.,in-, thence welt ty chains io tbe polut of
commenceroeut, and containing iSO acrea, more
or lesa.
Dated June 27. ltftB. gkoh.-k ALkXaNPER.
Nelson Land |>istflct. Jilatrict o| West Kootenay
Take notlct thai Geotgt. Aiexandei, of Kaslo.
B. C. occupation mine manager, intenda toapply for a siHX-lal timber licence over tbe foil >w
Ing   described   laud*;    ( oinnieuclug   at   a  post
Slanted al the norti>east corner of Lot 1004,
roup 1, Kootenay Diatrict, tbence west 40
chalua, theuee aouth leu ebalUH, Iheuce MH 40
chains, thence uorth It) chaina to the point ol
cotnmeucemeut, uud a miaiulng blU acrea, more
Dated June 27, UN/7
Neloon l^nd Diatrict.   filst-lct of West Kootenay
Takc notice that George Alexander, of Kaslo,
B. C, occupation mine matager, intends  to ap-
rly for a special timber UotBM over the follow-
ug described lau.is: Commencing at a post
planted at tbe ->������ \'.. ������������ *. corner of Hectlon 18,
lowmblp 7, Kootenay Diatrict, tbence north 40
chains to the soutb boundary of the Indian
Reserve, thence eaut about 10 chaina to the
southeast corner of said Indian Reserve, thence
north 4u chains, thence oat about 70 chains to
tbe west boundary of Lot 812, (hence south A0
chains, theme west tft> ehalna to tbe point of
commencement, and containing 000 acres, more
or less.
Dated June R. 1*07. Gko*Uk ai.sxani.kh.
Nelson L��nd Diatrict.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that  George  Alexander, of Kaslr,
B. C, occupation mine  manager, Intends to ap-
fdy for a apeclal timber licence over the follow-
ug described lauda: Coramenclug at a poet
pi Anted at the Inversection of thu uorth .lue of
8*- tion 24. Townahlp 7, Kootenay District, and
the eaat line of the Indian H" serve,Ihenee ��oulb
80 "Iihiik, tbence eaat about 70 chains to the wesl
boundary of Lot US* tbencf; north SO chains,
th��nee west about ?u e)ialna to the point of cm-
inducement, and containing <*tt0 acrea, more or
Datod June 27, 11*07- Gwniog AlxxxNDRk.
Nelson Land Digiriot    Dlstilet or West Kootenay
Taae notice  that George  Alexander, of Kaslo,
B. C , occupation mlue manager.  Intend* to ap-
F] v for a iMHU Umber licence over the follow-
ng described laudn: Comm*>neltig at a post
tlanterl at the Intersection of the south Hue of
ictlon 26, Township 7 Kootenay DMriui. and
Ihe eaot line of the Indian Iteaerve, thnnee east
about 70 '/hsini to Ihe west boundary of \a>\ 812,
tbence north W> chaina tu the aouth bank of
Goal river, i|ieu-'r wenterly 80 cIihIus along
south hank of Goat rl* *ur tu tbe wast |iue ot laid
section 2ft, ilieiM'. south 8" chains to polnl of
commencement and coutalnlng 66 > acres, more
or leaa.
Dati.'l June 27, )UU7. GSOhMk aii;unitk.
Nelson Lanri Dutri.'t     DUtrlit of W.-m Kootenay.
Take notice  thnt frcorge   Alexander of Kaslo,
B  Oh oocopailnu   mine inatjag'-r, lulends lo ap
Fily for a spetlal tluiher Iloeuce over the follow-
ng described lands: Commencing at a poat
planted at thi south weit corner of lyot 62fl, ftroup
1. Kootenay dUtiict. iheuce south LQD chains,
tbetitie east 60 -*�� nin> to the northeast aoriier of
the Indian pMBfTS] Uion.-e north about no chains
to lioat rlveri thcucc wvWflf along the aoutb
bank of Goat flrtr about 16 chains to he aouth-
west enrni-r of Lot I'm, theucu north about HO
chalua to the imrtliwest corner of aald Cot 401;
thence east h>>< u' 7* I haltis to the southwest
com. i* uf L��.i �����-!, bcitfie uorth about 86 chains
to the a >ut!i��e>it <. nier of Lot;i2ti; iheuce west H
chains to the point .if cimmeiirwiuetil, aud con-
lafnlng 400 acre*. iuoie or less.
P��t��d June 27,1W07. USosob A j xi*i;pkh.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
Regular Price 50ct,    J^Q,    Each
We Se I Them at . .    ******    ��� *���������*'*��
Certificate  of the RegistratioD of an
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companlei   Act,    1897.'
I HEREBY CKK'JiFV that the Ktnuty Miller
Cedar Company." has this day beeu registered
as an Kxtra-provlnclal Company, under fhe
"Compan lea Act. lstfT," to carry out or eflaet all
or any ol the objects of the Company to which
the Uftltlative authority of tbe l.t-gUtature of
lirlltnb Columbia extciKl*
The head i.fliic of the Cotnpany ia aitiiatetn
tbf City of BpOsTsUl*, In the Male of Wasi.lugton,
V   H   A.
I he amount of ihe capltul ot trie company la
nfto-ii thousand dnllara. divided iuto one hundred and fifty shares of on��< hiindrwd dollara
The head office of the company tn thla province la situate at Crtatuu, and William Henry
Crawford, merchant, whose addrehs is the same.
Is the ..���.-���"--.,-. for the i ompany (Not empowered to Issue aud iraiift-r stm-k )
The ilmt uf lue rxislvuct*- of the company Is
fifty years from the Hth day uf March, 1W7.
T< e company is limited.
Given under my baud and seal of office at
Victoria, Pmviu.-e of British Columbia, this 21at
day of May, one thousand uine hundred |aud
IL. a.] B. Y. WOOTTON,
Kcgtatrar of Joint HttM-k Companies.
The objects for which this company haa been
eatabllKhed aud reglinU'red are :
1. lo acquire in auy lawful mauner, mauu-
facitire aud fell or dlapose of any and all kiuda
of cedar and uthfr timber:
2. Tu acquire in any lawful mauner tlmti-er,
whether standing or cut, timber laads or other
lauds, logs, polea. plliug, posts, lumber, shingles,
shingle bolts, iliI auy and all kinds of llmt>cr
product, to manufacture any and ail audi, aud
to .li-�����..-. of same Iu any lawiul manner:
3. To acqu re In auy lawful manner atorei,
ImplemeniD. and any aud all kinds of merchandise or property uot in violation of law, aud to
dispose of -.,'.-.���  lu any lawful manner:
4. To build or to acquire in any lawful man
tier roads, tramways, or other means ul transportation necessary or convenient to the other
purposes of the ' orpor-sllou, and tu oit*rat��,
lease, or dispose of lame as may be deemed advisable; provided the aanie be ���..���:...:.��� ways and
roads ouiy. aud provided further that ihu article ta not Pi authorise the Corporatlou ;,. oper
ale or matntaiii any public or toll road, uor auy
public nerving trausuortatiuu system, nor to b��-
< otne a common carrier;
6. To manufacture any and all kinds of aril' lei and products as ta*y be deemed desirable
und not In violation ol law. and to sell and
������;-;���"-���  of same in any lawful mauuer:
6. To do any and all other acta and tilings
nucessart or ei podtOOl for carry lug on the hual-
n.-ss of the (ompany as herein la-lore set forth.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivers and
Streams Act" and amend me nta
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
company,   Limited.
Notice is hereby given that SO days alter date
The Canadian I'acifli-i imber Company.^(mlled.
Intends to submit to the Honorable cblef f tun-
mUsaon-rr of I^uda and Worko a pr posal uuder
the provisions ol tbe "Klvers and dtreatna Act"
and amendments thereto, for ihe right to Improve Trout creek and Its tributaries from tbe
���nurces of such creek aud tr:l.iitarim to the polut
where the same IUws Into Tmm lake In the 1>U-
trlelof V\cst Ko(;teuay, and to remove obit: ue-
lions therelrom and make the same tit (or driving, storing, soriiUK and poomiug logs, rafts ami
crafts, ami the Homing of luiubvr thereon, also
for the rlaht to collect tolls ther*on
The lands affveu- 1 are Crown lands and Lots
770, 7��60, 7ttM, 77'^, 771 7C3. 762 aud 190, all In
GrottS 1, Weat Kootenay.
bated this .tuth day of May, i.��r.
by their solicitor, K. M. Macdotisld.
Nelaon I.-imI lii.otriil. Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice that livorge flturm, of Hillings,
Montana, V 8. A., m-cupatlon, merchant, fn-
tenda to apply 'or permission to purchase the
following des'Tlied land: Cumui-in itig tl a
f>oat plauted ou the west -Jiyiy vi Upper Wbat-
shan (I'artbooj lake, aud aline uorth west corner
��� '.-������> ��;.:'i thence weat *) chains, tbftOOa south
40 chains, thence eaat 2u chalua, thence north 40
������iiKin- to *������ !!������ of ��� .-trim.-ri-i't'iiietit, aud coutaln-
ng WJ aercr more or leaa.
May ."."!,   !���-,
Qacnwi VrDBK.
ValAOD Laud District.   Diatrict of W��l Kooteuav.
Take notloe that Walter McNeil, of HILllngi,
Montana, D H A.. oc��'tipatlon merchant, intends
toapply for pcrintaalou lo purchase the following described land : ppnutsnaTng at a p<��et plant-
ad on the west ���horoof I'pper Whatshau<('ariboo)
lake, aim ui the northwest corner of Lot nin,
theuee ueat 2D chaina, thence north M0 chalua,
Iheuce cast 21) chalua, thente south MO chains to
point uf I'umtneucemeut, and containing \w
acres, more or lena.
May a��tb, 1W7 W*ltk(i Hcntn.,
Notice la hereby giveu Uk*j 60 days alter date 1
Intend lo apply to the Honorable the Chief ��� nm
'������ .'���i-iniu-r of Lauds auu Works for permission to
puiehase th" following dim i if.t-d tract uf land
situate lu Weat Kooti'iiay diatrict; Commencing
at it poal planted ou Haeer creek, near its confluence with Humtnlt creek, until,*,, Willmm
Harbour's N. W. corner, thence aouth 40 chains,
thence east 40 chalua, thence north 40 cbalna,
thence Wen40 chains to place of commencement.
23rd May, 11W7. Wimjan 1 akbouk.
Hlxty days after date l purpose niakfDf appii-
cailou to Um* lion ''hii'f Conimlsfliouer Of Cmu
and Works, for permission tu pufhaaa the following  described  hind.   Commcuclug at ��� poat
I'l'iH.inii i|,r wi-i shore oi l,..vv i Wtiatahau
oik.-, .ii"M:i ,i '. mile from the outlet of same,
and mm ked "H. W*Js, N>. corner post," run-
ultig tbence to chaina weat, theme Ui chalua
aouth. thence 8*0 chains e��st, them ,-. hii cbalna
north to p nit <-i oomine>i<'eiiieul, eontalulug
640 acres, mure or leSN.
Dated the 2nd day of May, I��U7
(feigned) H. Wam
l�� i r   ti. I'Afyi'iBK, Agent
Hlxty days after dau> I luiemi to apply to Ifce
Houorable ihe Chief t'omutiaaluuer of *anda aud
Works for permission lo purchase the fo'Iowing
described Isuda lu Weat Koateusy diatrict; Onto*
mem-lug at a post planted on the aouth slime of
Kootenay lake, and s jmIiiii.i/I r li block No,
10, and marked "Tom Oordoti'L north weat corner
post,"   tbence  -south   -10  ��� l ,   thence fast 40
yhalua,  llieuce norl h SO ehalus.   more or loea, to
jike  mom,   iheuce  weat  40 chains  to polnl of
uom men cement
Dated thu .*>th of April, Jinn.
Tom UuiUKM,
The Hall Mining and Smelting]
Company, Limited. \
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Sixty davs alter date i intend to apply to tbe
lion Chief Commissioner of i ai. :��� and Works,
YlcUirla, to ] Tcbaae tb following dSSl rl M
laudt adjoining the Arrow >akt-a tn w��g| KiHit-
euav i oinmeuciug at a post planted at the
t>. W. corner of J, H. Porter'" pre emplioii. ami
marked t w�� H. W corner post, tiieu'e JBeoaLu
imrih along lake shore, tueuie aOonslM SSSt.
theuee Ju chalua south, theuee A) ehalus we��t Pi
nlace uf begtnuiug, coutalulug m U res, more or
April IH. 1W7. KvKLTK  WatmiN.
Notice Is hereby given that SO days after date I
Intend t" apply Ui the Hon. Chief I'oinmlssioner
��� d l.ai.:. aud Works for permission to tittrchaee
lbs following d< ��crl!M*d traei of laud, siluale In
West Kootenav diatrict: Commencing at a (-������l
planted Ml MwBSrnMstj uear IU coultuem e mm
hummit crOSk. marked Margaret Mil.aut hlall's
h K inrii' "' lUenct- south -Ki. Iiilim, IbSBeS Wasl
Ni ubaiu"   lhi*nee north -to chains   iheuce east do
( halllS l*U  i'i��H   of       'it. !"��� ;-..���:. '
23rd May. 19U7. Mo.' .m:  MCLaOI IiuX.
WltUAM   .���.������������     i      i,
Sixty days after date I lut*-ud lu apply to Ihe
Hon the Chief ��� ���>n.u. ^%, -u<' of bsVuds aud
Works t��ipiircUatuinoKi resul laud : i OBMWIU Ins
at a JwmI [il.i.it ��� ou Ibi- Weat side ol < M ... r- . k
on the vvaaou road a^'ut &4 utiles from K.��.l
to ay lakv, and market Neil flrkn huh % southwest corner post thelu'e -west 40 t hains, thence
north ��i hains theui-e east (B chains. thoOOS
south 4o i halna to place of ifegiunins
l-"-��U"'! I'll x4t<\ nay of April, llkif
mat mikkhmi.
R   J    KI.1.I..TT. Agent.
1, the uinlerslguid. luteud alter ftldays toapply
lo the H'.n the chief Commissioner ol i-atnis at.i
Works lor p"rtuI��*]on to puiehase the lo,lowing
d�� seribt-d Und : t ouiim-uctug at a post marked
T. M Mba-p's H | t . local*,l oa the WSSt shore
of HIiM-ait lake. alHMlt twelve tulles from the h-ad
of HI oca n lik-. thenco west 4tt chalua. th. n- ���������
north 4*!�� chain* them* east 40 chains, tlftuce
south aiolig shore of HUm an take U�� point Ol
commen. etueni.
located May tth. T. M. Hlnai .
Nelson land District Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice that Kdward PotSZt of Viulr, Hrit-
Ish Colombia, oo> n pa tlon, miner, luie'ids to ap
ply for permission to purchase the lolu.wiug
desert tied   land      Commvnolug al a [nisi planted
ou the north  bank  -f  I ���*-1 orook. abont Khrao
u.lles , a-terly from the juuctlult of I^ist creek
aud flalmon river, in the Nelson land district,
iheuce  north  ui diaips, Lhtiit-M ��vl""-���������",'
-.Ss-vw   ......��w.   a*   **���_*��!>.   ttiom   nr    lens,    I,,   I ojSI
cisek. Ibence ca��t  hdlow Dig said BrsSI lo iH.lt.t
ol  commvueemeut,   aud   ���*���..��� ,i.fc    i-.    ftapf,
more or |c��*
Dated June Mb, 1907 Kpwaxu I'ntu
I'lstrt'l ul West Kootenay
lake a.,the thai William David Anderson, of
Hlrdar, o��-cupatiou hrldgeman. Intend slo apply
lor permission to purchase the following described lauds. �� ouiimm tug at a \hj*\ p.auiM at the
north side of Hummtt creek. uarksd - W
(bancs north Al chains, thence ���<��< 4o chains
thence south Ai chains, theme w, ��t 10cbalna
lo polut of commehccineni
William I tATIS ANhXh.sosj,
 W   ^   B0OTT, Agent
Nelson L��1M) Dl��tricl. District ol West KooUnay
Take DOtlcs that Juhu Philbert of Nslsos,
Btltlsh 'olumlda, occupation, aaloon kee|>er, in
tends to apply (or perUttsalou Ui purchase the
lollowlng OsocrlMd land: commcuclug at a
post planted on the North bans Loot creek and
about two and one quarter mtlcs easterly from
the lun.tlon ol Lost creek and Halmou rlTSr In
tlie NeUon laud district, thence north 0Q c haUia
theuee weal 60 chatus, thence south m eaalus'
more or less, to l^.��t .-reek, thence catt billowing
said creek to p.dm of < omuien-vemeni an-l c.n
taluing 4A0 acrea, more or b.-s��
Dsled June Ml,, rv", Johh Pmilmsht.
Nelaon Laud Dlslrici. District of WoM Ko<iienny
Take ttoUoe lhat Kink McDonald, of Nelaon.
Kritlsb Columbia, wiupatton miner, intends tn
apply for MmiaslOII to pOrODOOS the folios-tug
described lauds: Commencing at a post wanted
mi Ihe north bank of Lot)! OfSSS and BDOOt DOS
mile easterly from the jiiuctlou pfLOSt . M-.-k
and Halmou river in the Nelaun land diatrict.
thence north W) chains, theuee east 00 chain-
thence south 6o ehalus, tbence wesl 60 chains l��l
polut o' ��� ���-hukvlc. m.-r.i and containing MO
hi rcii. more or lesa
bated June 6th, HW7. Frank  UaDOIULtfc
Notice Is hereuy glveu that Ao davi alter date I
Intend toapply to thu Houorah> As Chief Commissioner  of Lauda  aud   Works  for permission
Cblel "',,���,
-��� ���    ���������  ""������'    ���"������-���-   wi permission
P. purcliaae the follow ,u-j deacrllied laud, situatu
in West koou-uar diatrict:   Commencing at a
Post plant d at the west boundary ..( l>.i :trtj .,l
and about 10 chains south ..I thesoulh boundary
of the rbchlofw��y of the H. c. Houtheru rail
way, and marked P. A P'a sou L.c*nI corner,
thence went |U0 chains, thence uorlb Pi thesoulh
boundary of the right of w��y of H. C. Hoiilheru
railway, thcucc foll.nv;ua said boundary of aald
right-of-way lu au easterly direction lo the wesl
boundary of Un JM (It. theme soutb to place txt
coiuuiencuuietil, conhiluliig 100 acres, luui'e ot
Dated this i tth day of June, IIK1".
PAtlli Ayoi'tT l'AWtaoN.
Nelaon Laud Dlstrl'-t. Dlntrlclof West KOOtWBM
Take uotlce th.t H,|wfl,d Kraser, of IllUings,
Montana, t'. * A, oaonpotlon wool buyer hi
ipuds to apply for ponDlaslon to purchase thy
following described mud : i'oinincucLug at a
post planted on the wttt shore of Uppsr What-
ahati (Cariboo) lako. ami al the southeast corner
of Lot ��IHtf, thence wesl jo ehalna, tlience south
fiOc.alus, thence east Ai chains, theuee south ao
chalua, thence Ml1 40 Obaiai. more or logs, io the
wosiaborv  of   t'pper   Whaiahan (far o) lake;
Iheuce   uurtberly  and   westerly  along the .���-.!
shore HO chalui,  nprs or  lesa, to pidut of cotn-
menceu,iont,   and   containing  tfD acres, more uf
May Wlb. 1IW7. EuwAiin Ksasss.
Hlxty day* afteidiU) I OUTposs making ��apj|-
cation tome  iiyu.  tho Ckla|CaxnmlssloDftfol
bUOl and ITOfkl fy�� permUabm to purchase the
fallowing doscrlbinl land: Comtueuelug at a
[uvd placed at the northeast c mm , ol B <:���
-kmuvr's   spnllestluu    to    purcloue    marked
*'H 9% N. W 00(001 post" l><OiOt foilnwnig tbe
eaabT't bowndaiyof said Application 80 chains
aoutb. theucu running HO ehnins salt, theme ao
chaina north to the southern l.onmlnry of K. w.
llaiinlugUiii'a ��i>i<I'mi  to pnrciiiu.e, tbence HO
cbalne  weat   along Mas  to point Oi coiunifuce-
ineiil, containing HO a res, more or leaa
Dated **ud dayol May, 1907.
'Hlgm d) K   HHJKIL,
perF.U. yai^tixa, Agnil.
Hm> cia)*> after date 1 intend to ��i , . ��� ��� ���*���'
Hon Chief commissioner of Land* and Wsrti |
for i*^rmi*sioii to purchase the foIluwlDf i
scribed land in West Kootenay district '.w
mencing at a post market] A C H's nortb��W I
m<m,-i post, 'tinning 40 chains easterly akiH I
the boundary of limber licence Ho. ��*H, tbran I
s'Mitherly io chains, tbence westerly 40 cbauu. I
tnsBOS ri.irth.rl> .'�� chains along th* C Ktl
tra. s ui the place ..f commencement, coauimtl I
two hundred acres, more or leas.
Located this ni, day of May. 1W7.
A. C. Bl'SM. I.- .���: -
Hlilr <lavs alter date I Intend lo apply U> Ik* I
Hon 1 hiei C'lnimlsaloni-r of l��nds and Worli |
to pur. hsss -��� SsXeas ol laud located about a <���>
southeast of burton Commencing at a f��t mi
mantsd at the southwest comer of b.t Bi6i. m ���
marksd (* A lluuter'a southeast corner, ihrnw ���
north ��o chains, tbence west 30 chains. th*w ���
south ���' 'hains, fbence east Ai cbaiua to plM H
of tiegiuniag
l-o- alr-l   April  JUth.   1'SIT 1.    A    Hi Mil        3
per A   Ksblbk. Agent
I. the undersigned, after 00 days intend leas-
ply tn the Hon- tbe< blef Commiasion-rr of lafifli
and Works to purchase tbe following !���*���-. f.te) I
land Comaenr-tng at the N K i of 1..: '��
ti. L, thence west 40 chains, tbenoe i; "' > I
chains, ihrnce east * chains, tbence auutk I*
chains to point of commeucemest, couuinlng ����
gOTM more or tees.
located March 3Hh. ISffl; W. A   MtLU
Notice Is hereby given that ��0 days aJsardaW.I j
latcnd to spply u> tbe Hon. < hi��-f r'noaaiisaion'r;
of \ *-. t- and W (trks for permlsslua io purrlisw
the following described Und In Weat t-toiemt
distrlit. on weat shirs of I��ws> Arrow lakt,
a.|joimug Ixit >o. 4via. on th* south :   Hegtustst
at a (K.S1 marke^l "Marry   McLeod's   NE   vsrati
C.��t and tlanl-cd ����n tba ahore of ].���������: Arroa
ake, al the southeast corner of (apt ' ���."!��" ' ' ,
i IMS. then.*- vui j, chaina, th. m-��- -.mi. i>
chains more or leas to the uorth boundary of k
Kullmorr'a P. K . thence J" cbaiua east ak>ng iU
aald boundary U> lake, thence north along ': * ,
lako sbote jo chalua, mora or less to ^dntol
May .lud. 1W7. J   D. Moors.
Agent lor Harry UAmm
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend to apply to :t��
H'.n the chic! i .���-ii-i-ii.-i.-m-r of tanaa ����� i
Works, Victoria, to purchase 1X1 acrwa nf UaJ i
I.m aied ��� t.-i Ihe weat side of Arrow lake aud .. ���-
directly north of UilTV/S: i'��sameireing at a >����t
t^.,.t..i ��i ine *% i eorncr of Ix>t '. >:i> and i..��'i
ed ���H. P r t corner," and running nestb i
chains, thence weat JU chalua. ihe new Ip*ik. j
chains, thence west jo cbalna thence aouth S
ehalus, theuee east 40 cbaiua to potns of b -.m
April 23rd. ISKff. HurtlM BmAMfclfa
J. K. AmtaaLa, AgeuL
Hlxty days after dais 1 Intend lo apply lo U.
Hon t hlef lotumlaaloner of Landa and Worlt
VIctoHa, HC, to purehaae the following 4r
���w-rltM-d land, moated In he Weal KcoUtsaydl*
trlct: Cuxnuivuilug st s .-o-i plants oa lb-
���" ������ '.i. of Kootenay laka, near Kkln.Hcro
i .1 and markad J. M> K u> tn.n's .- t ��� ���������
1 ��� -i thch'-e west ni chains. tban#e Uorth 4
*��� ha Ins. Iheuce east HO chains mo*** or less to ">
shore, thencs along lake i boos tu point of cow
Dated April 4      "���: >wni-.t  I   M<KlH��a*
Notice Is hereby BfefM that slitv da> " ufler-rfai
I I ii lend tii a i. pi v w the Hon. Chief Coininlsetunt
01 l-and* i.>.'. Works for permission to purrhas
the folU.*4Wg i|i'M'nt...| traol of laud sltaate Ui
W e-pt, KwuWuay district: ('nmmiu'iitl at * [**
[���(.-i..i ab��>ul one-half mHc uortk Irom f''*.' W
iilHimlt i r--. k . marked Jean *. aior-i -.ii '��� �� *
comer, thvnce east 40 chatas, tbeuee iiotttt ���'
chains, thence weat 40 I galna theuee sontk ��-
chains to place of conuneueemeiit
Krd May, li*u7 Jkik CAwaao".
William BAnOOS, Agsat.
Nonce 1* fcervby given   thai   slxiy  da
"��tiee is -. r�� r.�� given lhat sixty u��?s n��'
date 1 mlcnd lo apply lo the Honorable I h*r'
1 oT^tatuloner of l.ands and Works for iwrwl*
ttoa io purchase the following d ear rl lied tract id
laud, situated In West Kcttfc usy district -. Com
menetnj at a post pl��nia��l on Hummll creek.
��b��Mit oue half mile tkurtbweat from forka, marked J.H McL'- N K corner, theuee west iu chains.
theoce '..,.. ��^ ehaln-, thenco eaat 10 chapw.
tbence nor-iU so chaina u. placn of comiumee
ment. '
ar'I Way, IW7. JonmH. K4LAW*B-A*'
W1I.I.1AK  iiui-oi 11   Ages..!
Tske notice that Harry William" of N���!������������
B I... rancher. Intends to apply for perwtsiioo
U> purchase the lollowlng .Useilbed landa in
West Ko<>i��nay district:
I omntSO0Ul| at a post pUstvd sdiaceol loth*
iHtbrait corner of Lol six thousand nine hull''
...I    ..,..!    .. J.. I. ��� -.    .1 . ......a.       ... j,.      1..    , 111!
" ���"'    "*U   \'v\if   ��� ii ni ii*   ui   me   [������ i|si   "���   ��� ���"-
mem ctnisui and   couttiining JWO acres, more *>r
lesa. ���
t ateil thi- mth day of May, HWT.
Hahkv Wrt.LiAS*
1. Ihe titnlersigued, after 00 dava intend to apply to the Hon UHo chief Commissioner of Laoda
and Works for permission to purvhasti the f',l(
lowing described laud: Commencing n* a p*st
marked N tt. C , situated on the weal ahoie*"
noeau MtV, Sbont twenty wUeafrom IMMMta tllf*
Iheuce west 40 cbalna, therwa south *> rhsin*-
tbsnot east 40 cbaiua, thance north ���!����* the
shore of lake HO chains to point ot |M1BW-*'
men i.
!.�����' nt.-.i May ith. Bsst Hhabt,
IIbits Whits, Agent.
Hlxt> ilaysufter dale I purpose making*fiP**^i
tlon to the Chief Ciuiimb-aioner of I��mude an��i
Works lor permission  to purehaae the following
������  i .   ..   .   a   placed
��� mm i,." r... - n . . or. j*. -.-.   ���j i ion ii h   easl,   to   pol.-> - -
fouiuwticeaicat. containing (40 sores, more ��>i
Dated thlsflth il-.V  Of Mhi.  1'.S>7
th day of May, liar;
(Hlgned) I'ngK MtCUl-UaW.
perl)  A. MiCni.UKH, Agent-
Hlnty days after date 1 intend to apply '" tU "
Hon. ('hlef Commissioner or Lauds and WorK*
lo pun-base 1H0 artre* of land, aituate on the ���*'*
slile of Arrow lake, about two miles from Bnrioii:
CouiMiem-HiK al a post planted at thsH K.cornrr
ol I. f..->47, and uierked N. T H'a N. W corner sn��
runiilug eaat Ho chalua, Hicnca aoulh'kMdiHlns.
Iheiicewcsi 44) cbalus, MieiH'e soutb J(0 chains,
thelice west 40 chains, Ibaoce uorth 4U cbalna i"
piiM-c of hngliinlris:.
burton, April lord, ����07
NsujbT. Hass,
A. A. Uuhtmn, Agent.
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���o   <
��� nott'-e that Hutu-TV John  Johnson.   I'ost-
r i.i   Kernle. B  c.,   Intetidi   to   apply   lot a
l Umbos Ueonot ovaf U-s lollowlng am-
1     Coinim-ticl'ii*,' n' *   post   planted   lu   the
���t ,,f W    il kinii. -ii'       li -w.. niil-s north
tntetiiatioual   'M.iMio.ny   jlti     ��iid alxxit
ntl.w��-t..l  noiuolarj   lake   ad)olniMg   and
ices N"  ""74andf>��W,   ' Inin-,  south
m-f wi��t *> chains, tb.-ti*".-n-rtli Ki
|Ece east ho ahnittl to place oloommsnoemooli
���d June H, 1W7.        II. -I. JoHJ-'KU*. UHAXott
Aau. Ii*. Km, Agent.
Bo.-'     ( oniUH-nciug   at  a post   plauted   about
lie north ot the  northwest   corner ol II   J.
0*0*1 No I timber claim,   thence sout'i Ml
i, thence east ��n chains,  thence  north mi
|[ns. thence west  B�� chains to   place  of  BOOP
Oted June 3,1907.       11   J. Jomksos, locator.
Ami  liacaKiT, Agenl.
-Commencing st a   post  planted  al the
est corner ol if. J. Johnson'* No. 2 limbi-r
i; ������hi.   south Mi .ehalus,  tbence   west Ml
ins,   thence  north ��0 cbalna,   tneuce eaal N
"ns lo place ol cornireucemeut.
led J una 8, 1907.        H.J   JulfwhuK, Locator.
AM* llAi'ggTT, Agent
i 4.���Commencing at a post planted at the
beast corner of IL J. Johnson's No. 8 Umber
Im. tinui" n..rth mi cbaiua, Ibence MM *>
ilus, tlience aouth ��o cbslua, thence east m
,1ns in plu�������� id rommeiui-uient
ted JuneS. Ufl        HTJ   J""Hao��. I-ocator
AKu. IliiKiTT, Agent.
. '. ���'omincncing al a txist plauted at the
irtbwest ooruero! II J Johnson's No 2 timber
Hu tbenca uorth MO chain*, tbence cast M
Sin a tneuce soulh ti chains, tbence west hd
���Ins lo place of commencement
Dated June S, llWL       H. J   Jnnvxrt*. Ux-ator.
\- i. ll ��� Km. Agent
Jlo.6 -t'ommenctng at a jw**t plant.-d about
Hi in:, north of the northwest corner of H. J
Ebnauu's No. 5 timber clslm thenja south "0
sins, tbeuee sstst *> chains, thence north B
alns. thenco weat HU chains to place of com
Dated JuneS, 19U7.       II. J   Johwson, Locator.
���"���*-:���   lh'Ki.1. Agent.
. 7.���Comnienclna at a Post  plauttM  at tlie
brlhwest corner of It. J. Joiiusou's No 6 tlraiH-r
,   lben<*e   aoulh "O-i-batn*.   tbence   weft Nl
 >, tbence north 80 chaina,   theuee east HO
alns to plaee of i-uiumviicwineiil.
filiated June 3. lihR.       II. J. Joitusow, Locator.
And. Hii kktt, Agent
��� ..-niii.-ri- iUK at a post  piaut^l  at  the
Drihe-wd corner 0J H   J .Johnson's No 7 llmb.r
dm,  theuee north *> chains,  thence west *)
kalua, thence  south *>  chain*,   iheuce  east  BO
aim* io place of comraeu'-enient.
' iiB!..! ;,-...--. 1907.      H. J. Johnsok, locator.
Ami HACKtrrT. Agent.
No 9    Commencing at a wist   planted  at the
brlhwest corner of 11. J   Johnson's No. �� timber
Sim.   thence north  HO chains,   thence  east  Ml
aln*.   thence south ����� chains, tneuce WOStSO
alna to point ol coinmeiicctnent
piated June 3. Ii*n.       If. J   Joiisimin, Ix>cator.
|j(0 lo.���Otimincucing at a p����t planted at the
Drthweat corner Ot timber IP-euce tBH,  thence
J>rlh W  shatns. tbt-tiCe  east  HU  chains,   i in n  .
Kuth SO chains, thence we��i Hn chain*  to  plai'e
j coiumeiMMiinenl
fpated June ��, 1��/T.       II   J   Jotixaox, Locator
AHIj   liAcaa-n. Am-nl
Nciso'i L.nd hiHtrlct    Ii|Ntrl<-t of West KooUnay
Take OOUoS thai Walter Bdwards, ol K.-rgu��-ou,
B.C. occupatlo-i nook,   intend*  to apply   ior n
tpooia] tin bar llconos ov�� the loilowtng dos-
i rioi-d land*: Couim>*u��)ng at a po*t planted
���I1, mill"* up a creek running Into the head uf
Carlb ><��� lake, on the easl side of Cariboo Ink.-
and in..- .:. .i "Waltei Kduard'a northwest corner," thence south SU chain*' tbence "ia*t m)
chains, theuee north 80 chains, theuee west Ni
chaina to point of commencement, and coutalli
Itig Aid n> -���, -   more or l**ss.
Dated April /Tth, 19<7 WaI.TKK  KiiwaHIjh,
by tu- agent F. C. MaK.nino.
Nidson Laud iMstrb-t    District of West Koutcuay
Take noli.c Ihnl Walter Kdwanl*, of in^i, ,
b 0 i occupation rook. Intends to apply Tor a
special tl ni bar LlosOOS over the I* Mowing 'Inscribed laii'l*: C'unmch'dng at a po*��t .r>'�� mil s
up Elevens ereek and a l�� mile ea*t from A.
Kvan's corner post No. if, o-ud marked "Waller
Kdwards a northwest corner post," thence east
40 chain*, theuee south leO chains, thence we-vt
40 chains, iheuce uorlh H's) chains io point of
commencement, and containing M0 acres, more
or long.
Dated May 80th, 1907. Walter Epwards.
by u. agent F 0. Manmi.no.
Nelson Iiii'i Distrlcu District of West Kootenay
Take uotlce that Walter Edwards, of Ferguson,
B. c: , occupation cook, luteuds to apply for a
special timber licence over the following d����.
Crlbed lands: Comaieucing at a ;*'.m planted
about a mile from the head of Cariboo lake and
one mile Oast of -:-.!���! lake, and marke.l "Waller
Ktlward's ���southweat comer," tbeuee north 80
rhalus, thence east HUchalun. then-ce south SO
ci.ain*. thence west HO chains to point of com-
meuceineut, and containing &4U acrea, more or
haled May 3t.ilh.  1907. Waltxk Kdwasiss.
by his agent F. 0, Maknino.
Nelsou land histrict. IMatrlct of West Kootenay
Taae notice thai Arthur K Evana, of Beaton.
1'.. i'.. i�� ��� upation criiiM-r. IntemW toapply for a
Kpeclal t.mber licence over the following described lands: (Xrmmenclng at a post planted
about 6 mllea up Stevens creek running into the
east aide of Caribou lake matktd*'A. a., bran's
southwest comer )-.���-'..'' theuee north BOchalui,
theutv eaalHu vhal's, tbence south BU chalua,
thence west 80 chains to pilnt of commencement, and containing tHii acres, more or leaa
Hated May Sutb, 1907. ARTH0S v. *>vank.
by hla agent F. C. MiNMMi.
Take  notice   that   Dab   Baker,   prospector, ol
ko. B G ��� intends to apply for a aneclsi timber
euro over the lollowlng describetl Unda:
iWo. l.-*.U>mmencing at a pout planted in the
OtrlCt   of   West   Koolenay.   about eight tnl.t-a
est ol th- Kmneiiay river near the north bank
Boundary creek tnd oue mile no-lh of the In-
iruational boundary Hue. which claimi are dc-
Jgrltied  a* lollowa: At   the uorth west corner ot
Ember  UoonOa >n.*obl, thence north HO chains,
lience east 10 chain'.  Iheuce south HO chaiin.
bence west 80 cbalna to place of commencement,
i Dated lat June, 1WL I>AN K*hKK
o 3.���Commencing al a post planlod at 111*
Ihwest corner of 'an Baker's No 1 claim,
hence north HO chain*, tbence west Ho chains,
hence south 80 chains, thence east HO chains to
Baoeof commencement ��.���..
1 l>ated 1st Juue. DW7. >'*N ��*���������
\ho. S.���Comincnclng at a p^at planted at the
oTlhweat corner oi han Baker's Mi I -laim,
pure north HO chains, thence rail 80 ehalus,
���eucc aoulh 80 chains, thence -west hu chains to
liace ol commenccinetit.
I Hated lat June, 19i��. Da* Bakkr.
f No. 4.��� Commencing at a post planted at the
lurtheaal comer ol han Baker* Ho.1 claim,
hence north HO clmina. thence west HO chslns.
bence soulh mi chains, iheuce east chain* to
llace of commencement
Dated lal June, 1907. D** DakSS
^Ko. L���Oontmonslni at k p4.st planted at the
SKinbwcst corner of timber licence No HLfilf,
thence norlh Ki ciialns, tlo-nce eaal ho chains,
(bence south hii rhalus, thenre west ��> chains to
Mace of coninieiiccincnl
PT.listed Jutic-Ith. 1��>7.
Mo. 6.���Commencing at a post plaaled  at   the
-1  sera No
Dan Bakkr.
st   ll
Borthu.-sl  corner  of   hati   Baki
tbence   north   Ho chains   thence   cast  M  ehalus.
theme sou'li 80 cl^ln**, thence weat 80  chains to
place of commencement.
'flitted June 4lh, 1W7. Dan BakBR.
K No 7.���Commencing at a post pointed at the
Unorilicasl corn r of timber licence No 80>sl,
ikthence norlb 80 chains, thence west Ho chain*.
���hence south 80 ehnins. thenco cast 80 chains lo
Kolnt of comme'iuemcut.
��� Haled June 4th, 1907. Dan Bakkk.
No. a.--Commencing  at a post planted  at   ihe
iorthssst   corner   of   Dan    Baker's No   7 claim,
hence north no chains, thence  west 81) ehalna,
Jienec south 80 chains, Iheuce easl 80 chains lo
blacn of cimimeiieciueut.
Dated June 4th, 1907.   D��n Baker.
Notice !��� hereby given hat 00 days alter dale 1
Lo apply to the Hoimranle the Chief Com-
bnlHsloiier of Lands aud Works |nr a special
Bice use to Mil and carry awav timber Irom Ih*
Tlollowlng described lands III We��l Kootenay dis-
HO. 1 -Commencing nt a post marked William
ft'alinsloy, plauted at Kokanee Cieek Siding on
the Procter exteuaioii, on the weal side of Un
te, on the aoulh side of the West Arm of Koot-
bnay lake, commencing at the N E corner pnal
Running soulh 8ti chain*, weal 80 chains, north 80
fcbnlus, east 80 chains to place of beginning.
Located ilrd June, 1907.
William Wai.mhi.ky, Uieator,
 Jam��h HnmtARp sa tgent
I Nelaon Laud Dlatr.cl. hletr et of Wesl Koututiay
I Notice is herchy given llml ihlrtv days alter
E date I, J. I*. Hwedbcrg, of   Nelson,   B. C , miner,
��� Intend l'i appl) to the Hon. tlie Chief Counnls-
L sloiier of  Lauds und   Works, at   victoria,   for   a
special ItOeUli to cut an.l curry ii'HV timber
'from the following described lauds, situated ou
! Huuimlt creek, in tlie West Kootenay district:
* No. L- otnmcnclug at a poal marked J. P. H's
timber limit, northeast corner post, located on
west lork of Hiiminlt creek, about 2 miles from
main creek, thence rutiulng south 80 cbulns,
thence running west 40 chains, iheuce running
north 40 chafiiH, theucu we*t 40 chaina, theme
north 80 chain*, thence ruunliiu east 4(1 cbalna,
thence running Hotith 40 chain*, theuee cant 40
cIirIum to place of commencement.
hai-. .I ibis Mh day of June, 1907
J   1*. HwMHilNH, Locator
Ifs. 2.~-''oinmeiii'ing alHp<>*l tnark'-d J. H. r\'��
timber limit, uurlhwivu corm-r post, located on
west fork of Hum Ul it crock about two in lie* from
noun creek, thcucc running soulh hu clnth-s,
thence rtiniitiia casi HO chains, tlience runni'��g
uorth 80 clniina, thciiet! riiniiing weal Hu chain*
lo pin  e id conum'ui'euieul
Aisled the Mb day ol 'line, lls-7
J, 1*. Hu Ki.iiKKo, Unator
No 1. Notice Is hereby given that so davi
after date I tnlend to apply to the Chief Commissioner, of Laud and Works, for a special
:; .������*>-������ lo cut and carry timber from the follow.
;io.* 'i- -- ii- ���' otn '- Hltuated on the southeast
side of Halmou river. In the district of West
Kootenay-. Communclug at a poat placed nli.ui
WH) yard* weat of Koae I��>af creek marked "R. M
Heevess northwest corner." theme Hi) chaina
aoutb, theme NO chains east, thence 80 chains
north, tbeuee ho chains west to place of commencement.
Located ou the llth day of June, 1907.
K   M. K.'-csvgs, Locator.
No. 2. Notice la hereby given that 10 dayi
afler dale I intend to upidy to tbe Chief Commissioner, of   1 an.)-,  and   Winks  fnr a special
license io cut and carry timber from the folloi
Ing described lands situated on--the eoutbea
side of the Halmou river. In the district of   W��at
Kootena? , *tu��Miiiwuf Lug at a post placed about
200 vards west oi Hose L-e-arcreek, nfnraen ����������� sa.
Keeves's No. 2 southwest corner, ' theuee HO
chain* north. Ihenee 80 chains east, tbeuee 80
chaina aouth, thome SO chains west to place of
Un-ated on the loth day of June, 1907.
K. M. KESVKfi, Locator.
Nelson Laud District,   histrict of West Kooteuay.
No. 1 ���lake notice that tieorge A. Laurie, of
Creston. II 0 . lumberman, luteuds to apply for
a special timber UceucAi over tbe following de-
ecrlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted almut one mile
south of the Luck cabin, on tne Lick cabin trail,
ou lnouakl iu OTOnfci thetiee north W) cbaiua,
Ihenee cast 80 chaina, thence south SOcbalua,
tbence weal 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing 610 acres, more or leas.
May 1st, X9T3. bEO  A. Lat'RIS.
Nelson [aud District.  District of West Kootenay.
No. 2 ���Take uotlce that Ueorge A Laurie, ol
Creston, B C, lumberman, intend to applv for a
special timber licence over tbe following de-
acrtU-d lands:
Commencing at a poal plauted about ons mile
Mouth of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on lnonakliu creek, thence soutb 80 ehstna,
thence t aat HO chain*, thence north 80 chains,
theuee west HOchahib lo ihe polut ot commencement and containing <>4U acrea, more or lesa.
May 1st, 1907. (JEO. A. Lac Rig.
NelHon Land District    Diatrict of West Kootenay.
No 3. Take notice thai W H. 1'age, of Fire
Valley, I��. C, cruiser, intends 10 apply for a
special Umber lleeucu OTSI the following de*
scribed  lands:
Commeucing at a post planted about one mile
vim ii of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cablu trail,
on lnonakliu creek, ihenee south 80 -jhalna,
thenco west 80 chain*, thence north 80 chains,
thetiee east 80 chains to the point of commencement and cotilalulug 040 acres, more or leaa.
May 1  i, 1907. W. 11   I'xQg,  Locator.
>.>'o   A   1 av mi. Agent
Nelson Land Dittrlct.   District of WY-i Kootenay.
No. 4.���Take notice that W. II. Page, 01 Fire
Valley, B 0��� crtlUer, Intends to apply lor n -.perl nl
timber ile.uce over the fullowlug described
Commencing ��t a post pbclud sbotil one ml o
soutli ol the Lick cabin, ou the Lick cabin trs<l,
ou lnonakliu creek, theuee north 80 chalua,
thence west 80 chaina, thence aouth 80 chalua,
thence eaat 80 chalua io the polut ol commencement and containing 040 sen a. more or leaa.
Mn v   1st, I'*'"*. W. II    I'Aiig, Lot at or.
Oku. A   LAPHtg, Agent.
Nelson Laud Dlltrlttt    District of Wesl Kootenay.
No fi ��� Take notice that tieorge A 1-aurle, of
Creston, 11 ��� .lumberman, tutends to apply foi a
special timber license over thu following described lauds:
Commencing at a po*t planted about one mile
south and one mile went, of (he Lick cabin, on
the Lii k Cablu Iran, on liiniuikln creek, thence
west 80chaltta thence liorih 8o chains, thence
east HoeliHlns thetiee soutti HO chain., to the point
id coin metiieioent and con lain lug ft-to acres, more
or leas.
May lat, 1907. i.m.  A.  Lai itig.
Nelson LklUl histrict.   D strict ot West Kootenay.
Kofi Take notice (hat <-eorg<> A. Laurie, of
Creston, IL C , lu in henna n lu tends 10 apply for
ii special limber license over the following described lands:
Oomxnottolni at a post planted alxuit one mile
soulh and one mile west of the Lick cabin, on
the Lick Oil.in imll ou lnonakliu creek, thence
west ho t iialua, ihenee south 80 ehalna, thence
east 80 chains, thence uorth 80 ctmtnn, to the
point    of    comtuem-einciil    and   containing   010
scroll more or leaa.
May 1st, 1907 010. A. Laurir.
Nelsou liuid District    Dlalrlctof West Kooteuuy.
No. 7.-Take notice th'U lieorgc A. Laurie, of
Creston, It <: , lumberman, intends to apply for
a .|. ��������� Li) t imli.i license over the following dea-
irlbsd lauds:
' "in in in*.-    at   a    post    plained shout one
uiiarter of a mile In ati easterly dlreetlou from
Lick <���ni.ni, on lnonakliu ereek, iheuce south 40
chains, tlicnce east ion chalua, Ibetico north 40
I'ln.iii", thttitce weal 100 chains to ths point of
commencement and containing M0 acrea, more
May lit, HWL Olo A. tsUMU.
Christ's    Denunciation    of    Hypocrisy���
Services in City Churches for
Tomorrow will be the Sixth Sunday
after Trinity; no holy daya occur during the following week:
The goBi>el for the day Ih from St.
Mittihi*w'a/ account of one of Chrlst'a
sermons to his discifjleB, beginning:
"Kxcept your rlghteoUHness of the
BCTlbM and Phuriwes, ye shall in no
ease enter into the Kingdom
nf        Heaven." The        world        has
i ravelled far since then but
the race of Pharisees Is not extinct. The
sin of the Pharisees was hyiiocrisy.
Duly and punctually, even self-sacrlfic-
ingly, pHrfornilng all duties prescribed
by the ceremonial lawn, they llv��'d to
and for themselves, despising all others.
Trusting to the ���efficacy of external conformity they neglected to cultivate spiritual virtues. Their conduct in human
relations  was  unaffected   by  the  creed
Nelson Lsnd Diatrict.  District of West Kootensy.
Take notice that 'leorge Alexander, of Kaslo,
B C , intends to apply for a apevlnl timber
licence over the lollowlng deecribefl landa:
commencing at a post planted st tbe norlbwe-ft
corner of Hectlon 12, 'cwu*hlp7, Knotensy district, beln-g about one-third of a mile south of
the aouth boundary line of the Indian reserve;
ibence -outh about i'> chains to the easterly
bank of Kootenay river; tbence southeasterly
along Kooteuay river bank ��'iout OOchalm to
the aouth boundary of Section 12, Township 7;
thence esaterlv about 50 chain* to the north weat
corner of Lot g&l; thence north M) cbalna along
the wet boundary ol Lot SU; thencs weat SO
chains to the point of commencement, snd con-
Ululng 640 actea, mors or leas
Dated July 4,1W7. Gscimx AtzXaxncK.
Notice la hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Hon. theChlef Commissioner of Lands aud Works for a special 11
���fence to cut and carrv away Umber from tbe
following described lands In West Kootenay
district: Commencing at s poat planted on the
ncrth bank ol len Mile ereek, about one mile
and a half fr,-m Klocan lake, marked EL H Pitts'
northwest corner post, thence ea*t ISO cbalna,
theuee soutb 40 chain*, tbence west 160 cbalna,
thence north 40 ch-itm to place of comnienc-e-
Dated this 26th day of June, IW7.
H. H. Pitts, Locator,
     _^___         A. W. Bttbbs. Ag*��nt	
Notice Is hereby given tbst thirty dayi after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable
���'hlef Commissioner of Lands snd Works at
Victoria. B. i ., for s speclsl licence to cut snd
carry sway timoer from tbe following detent ci
lands In West Koolensy diatrict: Commeucing
at a poat planted on ��� lie west bank of Smelter
creek, about one mite south of the City of Nelaon,
thence south MO chains, thence wenW chains,
theuee north 80 chains, tbence east so cbalna to
plaee of cotnmeucemenl.
Dated thla llth day of June, loffT
0. C. Class. Locator.
P. B-rQTH. Agent-
Nelson L*nd District. Diatrict of West Kootenay
Take notice tbst John I'hllbert, of Nelaon,
Brltlab Culumt ia, aaloon keeper. Intends to
apply for a special timUT license over the following des 'rlbed lauds: Commencing at s poet
plsn'ed about three mllea up the nrat rlicht
Baud branch of Lost creek snd about five mllea
distance and In a aouthi aaterlv direction trom
the Junction of aald '..n-t creek snd the south
fork of Salmon river lu tbe Nelson land district,
tbence uonb So chains, Ihenee eaat Ho chains,
thence mo)tli mi chains, tbence weat SO cbalna to
point of - ommeucemeut, and containing 640
acrea, more ur leas.
l'��ted .lime uiii, lis/r. John 1'hilbbkt.
Nelson Lund District. District of Weat Kootenay
Take notice th a John Fhllbert. ' f Nelson,
Btltlab C Jiii:ii>m. saloon Keeper, lntendi to
apply tor a special timber license over tbe fob
lowing dsaenbtd Unds: Commencing at a post
planted on Uiv uorth side of Loat creek about
six mile- ���li-tMiit and in an eaatarty direction
from tbt- Junction ot Loat creek and the aoutb
fork of Salmon river in the Nslsoc land diatrict,
.t.. ���.-.. w. -i so chains, thence aouth 80 chalua,
thence east 80 chains, thenca north go chains
to polut of commencement, and containing >\tii
acres, more or leaa.
Dated June Utb, 1W7. John i'lin. isbt.
Nelaon Lend District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that John I'hllbert. of Nelsou,
Brltlab Columbia, saloon keeper, lntendi to
apply for a special timber license over tbe following described lsnda: Commeucing at a uo-t
planted on the north aide of Ix>at creek about
lour mile- distant and iu an easterly direction
Irom the junction of said Lost creek and the
south fork of Salmon river in the Nebon 1-s.nd district thence wi at NO chalua, thence soutb ��o ehnins
ibence east 80 chains, ihenee north 80 chalua is
point of commencement, and containing 64^
acrea, more or leal.
Dated June mb, 1907. John Philbbbt.
Nelsou Land.Dlstrlct. District of Weit " ootenay
lake notice t';tit John Pbllberl, of Nelson,
Brlllub Columbia, saloon kaeper, Intends to
apply lor a ��� pedal timber license over the following described >ands: Commencing at a no��t
abou one and oue-balf mllea up tbe ii r l right
hand branch of Ixist creek, and about four mlloa
dlatant aud in a southeasterly direction from the
Junction of mitd Lost c eek and the south fork of
Saimou river In the Nelaon land district, thence
north 80 attain*, thence east 80 chalua, tbence
south 80 chains. Iheuce west 80 chains to point
of commencement and oontalnlug 640 acres,
mure or lesa.
Dated Juue i-ili. Hn*7. John Phiubbbt.
Nelaon Land Diatrict. Diatrict of Weat Koolenay
Take notice that fobn PUbert, of Nelson,
Brltlah Columbia, aaloon keeper, Uitcii s to
apply for s special timber license over tbe following described lands: Commencing at a post
plauted about two miles up the right baud
branch of Lost creek and about four mllea distant and inn southeasterly direction from the
Juuctlon of aald Loat creek and Ihe soutb fork
of Salmon river In the Nelaon land district,
theuee south 80 chain*, thenco eaat 80 chains.
t hence north 80 cbaiua, thence weat 80 ehalna to
point ot commencement, and containing 610
acrea. m��re or less.
Dattd June I2tb, 1907. John Phii.bbbt.
Nelaon Land Dlstrlet. Dlalrlctof West Koo'enny
Take notice that John I'll IU- t of Nelaon,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, lntenda to apply for a special timber licence over the following deaerllied lands; Commencing at a
poKt planted on tbe north al le of Loat cr ek and
Kl.ont four mllen disiant aud in au eaaterlv
direction front the junction of aald IxjU creek
un.i the lomh fork oi Salmon river in ihe Ne]
aon land diHtrlct, thence i-aat 80 chains, thence
south m-i chain*, thence west 80 chaina, thence
north ho chtilim to the point of coiumencenieut
and containing 640 acres, more or leas.
Puled June Uth. HKl7. JOHN PmLB   BT,_
Notice li hereby given that so days alter date I
Intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief
Oommlsaloner of Lands and Worka, Victoria,
for permission to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands, in Weat
Kootenay :
No. 1.���Commencing at a post planted on the
couth went corner of surveyed lot No. 72*1 Ul,
tlicnce cant 40  chains,   i h-m e   north  80  chains,
the enst to ihe  southeaai comer of aald   lot,
thence north to the northeast coruor of eald lot,
tlienoe eaat to the went houudary of pre eruption
No. Ml, thunce aouth lo tho north boundary of
limber licence No. k*��ih. theuee weat along tho
said boundary to the northwest coruej of aald
license, thence aouth to tbe north boundary of
timber iic-iifc No. 7018, thencs weit to a point
due south of commencement, tbeuee north to
place of commencement, containing M0 acres,
inure or luis
Pat-cd May 2fith, 1907.
P. A   1'aii.son, Locator.
J, A. Hn.I.Ivan. Agent.
No. 2 -Commencing at a poat planted at the
soniInvent comer of surveyed lot No. 72*1(11,
thcucc aoutb to the northern boundary of Urn-
iter license Nn 7ol8, thenen wont to the north
west "ortii-r of sn! l timber liceuae, thenoe aoutb
to thu northern boundary of lot No, 8 2, thenoe
following tald boundary nf said lot west to the
right of way of (he H. C. Southern Hallway,
thunce following aald right-of way iu a uorib-
uaaterly direction to place of commencement,
Dated May 26th, 1W17
1' A  Paulson. Loc-ttor.
J, A. HtLLivAM, Agent.
their Dps confessed. They were hard,
selfish, dishonest and cruel. Modern
Pharisaism hardly differs from Its ancient prototype. Church connections
are regarded as a business asset. Only
those sins are denounced towards
which the Pharisee feels no temptation,
and because of the example of Um Pharisee kindlier natures are alienated from
religious  associations.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nel
Church of Bnglana���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica street
Sixth Sunday after Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer and
holy communion, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school. B;S0 p. m.; evensong, 7.30 p. m
Rev. F. H. Graham, Rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Im
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
etreete: Low mass. 8 a. m.; high mass
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff. priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
oer of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.    Rev. J, T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sun
day school, 2:30 p. in. Rev. R N
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p.  m.  Rev. E.  H. Shanks, pastor
Salvation Army���BarracTcg on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.: a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.: salvation
mooting at 8 p. m.
Fourth of July Casualty List the Worst
on Record.
Chicago, July 6.���With the grim returns still coming in, the number of
Fourth of July casualties for 11*07 up
to 3 o'clock this morning had eclipsed
all records made by the Tribune in the
last nine years. The total number of
dead at that hour was 09. ThiB figure
will be eight more than a year ago at the
same hour, and was only equalled twice
before in the nine years, in 1900 and
1905. The total number of injured at
midnight stood at 3,807. This total
eclipses all records in the nine years.
Ex-Senator Dead.
Larklnsville, Ind., July 6.���Former
United States Senator J. C. McMicken,
of Ohio, 61 years old. died suddenly at
a sanitarium here last evening while
conversing with his wife.
No Universal Suffrage.
Hrussells,   July   6.���The   chamber   of
deputies has rejected the hill providing
universal   suffrage   Issued   by   Socialist
and Liberal deputies.	
Notice Is hereby slven that after tbe expiration
nf sixty nays from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, intends to mlui'i to
tbe Honorable Chief Commlaaloner ol Landa and
Workt * propoasl under the provision* of tbe
"Rivera and Struami Act" and Amending Acts.
for the rfuht to Improve the Siocsn rtvtr from
\bemill dam of said company (situate about
lV SllytsJafagy* *he junction ol aaid Hlocan
river wlOflhe ~-?t-*i^�� river,) to tbp mouth of
the LltUe Blocan rlverrsua to iiurmu o^ Little
Slocan river and branchei thereof to th* nom.-
ern boundary of aub lot 3, lot 7l��u. and sub-lot 1,
lot 7161 group one, Kootenay district, aud to
improve tbe tributaries of said rivers' and remove obstructions from aald rivers and tributaries, and to make the same fit for driving. stoT-
ing, anrtlng boo < lug snd rsi ing logs, timber,
lumber, raftR, snd crsfts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The lands to be sff- eted sre the following: M
Lots SU'i, 7369, &400, 6451. &4.S \ 8S10. 0Si��7, Hit, :i<*>'J
7S2L 7iHi.-") 3b20, 4812, sll in Uroup one, Kootenay
dlstrtct; also lands covered by pre-emption
numbered 46, 103, 113, 185, 118, 164 and 571'; slno
lsnda covert"! bv timber licens s numben *1 5856,
5508,6581,5585,6586, 6187, and 6688; also lauds of
the crown
Dated this 6th day of July, 1907.
by Its solicitor, R W. Hafninutoit,
Notice is hereby given that *> day? after ds*e 1
Intend to nrnke application to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commit)-*-!loner ol Landa und Workfc, Victoria, B. <\. f r ti spt-ilal lnvin-e to cut timber on
the following described lsnds in Went Kootenay
district: Commeuclug at s post nitiiHi��d on
Blueberry creek, abontlourniIlea from Its mouth
and adjoining the H. W. corner of my application No. 1, thence south 80 chains, thence wcri
Mi ehains, thence north 80 chains, ihenee cast 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated May 19th, 1907. ��. w RomynoK.
Take nolle" that D. U. Telford, nf Saskatoon,
Saak , occupation aawmill operator, Intends to
apple for a special timber licence over the foi���
lowing described lands:
No.l. Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast cornerof Ix)t42r2, HO qtiltocreek. West
Koot-nay, thence nt rth K0 ehnins, more or less,
to the cornet nf Lot i212, thence weM 4" cbalub,
thence north 6<i chains, thence ea-t 80 chains,
tbence south 80 chains, thence west 48 chains io
point of commencement, and containing 6>iU
acres, more or less.
Bta.ked May 81, 1907.     luvin If kkhv Tsi imkh.
No. 9 Camtuenelng at a post at the Inner
angle of lot Wi. MOKqtiltoureek, West Kootenay,
thence norlb I6t) chains, Iheuce east m cIimIus,
thence soutb 160 chains, thence west 40 elm in-.
to place of commencement.
Btaked Msy 81,1901.    i avid Hsnky TKi.rosn.
No. 8. Commeucing st s post about three miles
northerly from the nnrthesst cornerof Lot 4 78,
Mosquito ereek, West K.Kit.iiay, thej.ee south 80
chains, tbence cant 80 i hslns, thence north 90
chains, tnence west 8o chsins tn place of com-
meuoement and containing 640 acres, more or
Btaksd June 4, 1907.     DAVID Hsnhy Tki.hihu.
r- o 4 ('ommeneing st ths northwest corner
of No. ;t, thetiee north 8(1 chains, theuee east 80
chains, thenoe south 80 chains, thence west 80
chaina to place of commencement, and containing 640 acres, mora or less.
staked June 4,1907-     bavin Henry 1 klford.
No. & Commencing st the northwest corner
of No. 4, tbence north 80 chains, thence eatit 80
chains, thcucc soutb 80 ehalna, thence west 80
chains lo point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less
.staked June 6,1907      David HVHHY Tri.m.iii).
Take notice that 80 days after date I iuteud to
apply to the Hon thu Cht-f Commissioner ot
Lands and Works Victoria, tor permission to
out and carry a-say timber from the followlug
described lsnd, in West Kootenay '.
Mo. 1. Commencing at a post planted st the
south weat corner of tlmuer llei-ime Hton, thence
west 80 chains, tbence south 80 ehains, theace
east 80 chains, thence north 8ti chains to place of
Dated slay HI, 1907.      J. T Brmi*M, Localor.
J   W    t'OLSl'KN. Agsnt.
No. 3. Corauienclng si s post plauted at thu
southeast corner of application ,-m��. I, tlience east
wi enaitiK. thenoe north DOcbslns. theuee west 80
chains thence south 80 cbaiua to place of com.
Dated May 81, lit"7.        ���   T. Hukokss. Locator,
J. W   Coi.BUan, Agent.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Strael, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Electiicitj sod
Heated by Hot Alr
Large ani  Comfortable Bedrooou and Flret-
clai.IilulUK Koom.   bample Room, for Comuer
da)   W*rj
.    MRS.   K. <* (T AkKK.   Froprlelrea,
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
d.niny. room Is unexcelled In the city.
House healed throughout with hot
J   A. EBICKSOK, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Pogtofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and Aajerlcan Plan
Heals J6 eta.   Bootna Iron *�� Ola. to tl.
Only While Halp XmploTed.
Baker St., Nelaon
&   TKKOIL1.U8
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar 1, the Flseat.
White Help Only Implored.
Josephine BU
Nelaon. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates 91 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder*.
Moat comfortable quarter! In Nelaon.
Only the beat of Llquuri and Cigari.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Clamp and Miners' Supplies.
Notice to Delinquent ,Co Owner.
r��i cimrlt'j* <i. SimTMoa, or any other person
to wbotu be may have transfetred hit Interest lu
the "Mav Blosaom" mlner-tl i-Ulm, situated on
Urowu Mouutatn, two and a half mllea southwest ot Viul i In the Nelson Mlninr Divirion, of
West Ktitiii-ti-iy IMtjtri-'t, and recorded la the
Recorder's i fflce, for the NeUon Division.
You and each of you are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred and live dollars
(2uft-iO) in labour ai.il Improvements upon the
above mineral elatm In order to hold the mme
auder tbe provlal >qr oi the Mineral Act. and 11
wiiliIn ninety days from the date of this notice
rou fall or refuse io contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (wh'ch i�� one hundred and two
fifty dollarH itlWUOl tor the two years ending
Mth May. ltfcft,) together with all cosw of adver
tlKlns, your Interest In the said elalm will become ihe property ol tbe undersigned under
too. 4 of an Act entitled: "An Act to Amend tbe
Mineral Act, IWO."
Dated at Ymlr, B. C , 16th May, 1907.
Notice is hereby given' that tho Wattsburg
Lumber rompauy has applied to His Honor the
Lleutena-'t Governor In council, under the pro-
vi<tions of the "Klvern ami streams Act," for the
right to improve Kykcrta creek. In the dlstrictof
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstruction's therefrom and straightening
the bauktt thereof, aud to count:--.?������> I'.ams, boomti,
slides ami cbiito*t, and make such other Imp-ove-
tnentH as may be necessary for the driving and
raftlOK ot Iokp and the fiUmiug of timber Uaroon
Toe lauds to 1k> affected are guverment lands and
Lot* '251 and 2.V2, n roup 1, k ootenav district, and
tbe toll* lhat are proposed to be charged, If any,
are such km may bo fixed by a Judgjof the county
court of West kootenay.
Dated this 21th OAJ of Varch, A, D. 1907.
In the matter of au application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate* of Title for Lots 11
and l& Block 3.. Town of Sllve-tou (MapA74);
Ihe ftonth }i of Ia*X *, Hiock h, ��� own of New Denver-a< d l��'t l, Blo<k 21 and lot s. nlo. k S9,
Mi'OillIvrayS Addition to New Denver (Map MV7);
Notice is herooy given tba* It Is my intention
to iss-iie at the expiitttfou ol one month Irom the
the first publication hereof duplicates of the
Certificates of Title to tho atxivo described lands
In the name of Ilenrv tiherati and Harry Rheran,
which ' crtiflcat'H arc dnled the 17tb une, 1WW,
the iih of Uctobor, 1894, tho XSrd July, !*.���:.. and
tbe lUth .lanuary, 1890, rcspoclively, and are
numbered Wist, lOMTA,7nC and 88tiK, respe:
H. K. MacLEOD,
Dlstrlut Ueglstrar
Land Keglstry ORlce, Nelson, B C
���jwth. ������av.lftn
In the matter of an application lor Mo -ue of
a duplicate ol the Certificate of Ti * 1 ��� - or Lets
if. an I 17, Bl -'k :���<������. T-iwr of Nelsou
Notice Is hereby ��iven that it Is my intentlou
to tM'ie al iso cxidrallon of on* month af^ar the
firt iMiMl'-ailoii hereof a duplicate of tho Certifl-
utte oi Title lor t e above Lota lu Ihe name ol
Kraiicct Day which Cyiiilcate Is dated the
19th Heultrabor, iww, mul nutnberod 2WVOK.
I.iiuii itculi-ti v Office, .-inl-.iiii, It.** , 1Mb Juue*
1W07. II.  r. MAC'LhOD,
District RegUtrat.
3 Improved Ranches For Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Pratt Lands la
BrltlBO COHaaaabfaU
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc v.
' Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE.    -     Nelson, B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes sa
Nelson, Sttoated ta Patrvtew, Close te the Car Line
Largs 7-rootn hou���. Stons foundation and flrstalass collar. Com-
plots water systsm. 10 lata undor cultivation and planted In largo, boar-
Ing fruit trass.   This Is a snap.   For particulars apply to
Something far ths practical man.
Just Investigate!���That la All wo
ask of you; and you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
on  1(00  acres,  south   of  Burton   city,
for sals.   Apply to
The M. & W. Land Co., limited,
A. If. Can. See. C. K.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
Office:  Hcaley Building.    P. O. Box 414
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C.
Notlo* la hereby given tbal thirty days alter
flats 1 luteu > to apply to the Board ot l.leenoe
CoirunlMilooeri tor the Ymlr district tor a Iraui-
ter nl the llcenco held tiy me lor the Fort Shwp-
pard hotel lo r. Adle.
(mined) A  U. hmislw.
Waneta, 11. V., May lat. 1MH.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
St Paol, Dtdatb. Statu Crty
Chicago M4.00 Montreal $84.00
Toronto S7SJ0 St. John $94.00
St. Louis $00.00 Ottawa $SZJ��
New York $100.00 Boston MS.50
Hsllfsx $101JJ0
On Sale July 3,4.5.   Aogust 8,9,10.
September 11, 12, 13.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Days Limn.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.(l.r.A..VaneouTer. D. P.A.. Kelaon
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townolto of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group One (1,) Kootenay, of record
In the Land Registry Office at Nelson aa "���M."
Take notice that on the -J6th day ot July, A. D.
1907, at the hovavpl '!>:���� o'clock In the forenoon,
at ihe Court !**���*' 1" the city ol Nelion. tn the
Province ol ���)!'���>> C lumbla. application will
be made to twl Judge ol the County Court ol
Weit Kootenay. by the Columbia and Kootenay
Kallway sad Navigation Company tor an order
that th* plan of the aald Toenails ol Kobeon. nl
racor] at Nelaon, In the Proviso, of Brltlah
i-olumbta. aa"S 6 ' be cancelled, and that ths
applicant may enjoy the landa eomprtasd within the laid Town Bile Ire. from nay eaaemenli
or rtghu ot say parson to dpei say lead or
lanes, street or itreeta. square or sonars*, psrk
or park* seross. within or upon sska land,.
listed at the city ol Nelson, In ths r rovluce ol
British Columbls. thls'illh dsy olJaas. A.D.,
Agsnts lor Umghssd. Bsaa.lt, Allison, Tsylor
A MeLaws. BMsrllars sad sasa
Oelumbia A Kosuasv BaUwsy ,
tios Cumpsoy, spplleiau.
BsUway A Nsvlsja-
To K. BELL a COMPANY. The Daily Canadian
Our stock of SOUVENIRS cannot be surpassed in variety and beauty
of design. We have over -10 different designs in Spoons which range in
price from 60 cents to $2.50. Besides Pins of all descriptions, Belt
Buckles, etc.
Watchmaker and Optician
f Our Stock is Complete
���J Here are two Soap Specials:
[25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $-t.5C '���
���72 BARS  GOLDEN  WEST for $2.75
| Bell Trading Co. |
I This tors will bs Cloasr] Bvsrv Thur.-lrtv X
.       Afternoon in Juue, July und August        2
I.**.**** ������*���*>������., ���,������������������.��������
fKITNINR AND UKAKT1NO carefully  attend
to. Apply
Old Curiosity Shop
II you want to buy or soil anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Jai.ani'BH (!<xuls now 00 Halo
A.JI kinds of Diuucrware In stork. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Jasy Terms
froadsdaile & 9k
Next Door to Bank of Commerce
All Kinds of Heating  PlantB In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
**'        Roofing Pitch and
Boat BuilnVrn will find il to tlii.tr ad-
vanUiK" to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I .ImltsKl.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Craning, Fixing and Cleaning  8toves,  stc.
111 East Baker 8L Prions No. A114
-*��� = 9	
Our Thurman Mixture
I:i mnnuracluri-'il  from  tho ilni'Hl tobacco, sun-ripened and dew Hweotened.
It's mild, fiill-llavored nnd  cool.    A tobacco you ought to try.
fob.itonist.   Baker Street.
SoetallsBt    Pttrty   meeti ever)   Fr dMjr
> -iiiiis ni 8 i.  in , i ���  i  e    (ti th' Union Hnif
��� It are Invited! i,mv one allmietl lo i��k.- part in
Patronized by Earl Grty and Nobility
Hotel > trathcona
best Located Hotel In Nelson
Apartment! kipkhiu.   calcine pbolout
civility and Cle*nltne*if.
Su pervtfed t��y proprietor ami wife.
ll, Broadwood, Bonnlii I n: u. J. W'il
Hams, W, S. Cain anrl ;amily, Kua'c
L. KaufTinnii. Bonntpgton; C. H. Rev
noids. Trafalgar; Mrs T. Hoeliel
Grand Ftuks; Mr. and .Mrs. Macmicklng
LethbHdge; Airs, dray and child
Sm.th's Kails; Miss Macmlcking. FerR
us; W. it. Barnes, Portage Ia Prairie;
\V. J. Trethewey, La Plata Mines; M
L. Conner, Golden; P. Johnson, Minne
;!]iolis; II. J. Oroushore, Pittsburg; F
H. Peters, Philadelphia; O. W. Mc
Queen, Kamloops; C. H. Hooper, Spo
��o~. V��rnon   mntl Ward MtrwetM,
.-Nfcil-Sors, fc*. C
S. \V. Brown, Spokane; G. H. Brown,
Victoria; L. L. K*gjsay, C. K. Mellish.
Vancouver; E. K. Devlin, wife, and child
Alia. J. VV. Baker and .sou. Winnipeg;
L. Haz*Jwt>od, Long Beach; A. F. Dudgeon, L. A. Esty, J, A. Kqox, Revel-
yioke; F. HoiAimotu Summit; W. J.
Brown. Grand Forks; R. \\\ Bngor,
Res aland; F. \V. Ores ham, H* W* Green,
Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Marshall.
Calgary; F. Rose, Kdranoton; E. Wy-
gan, New Westminster; Rev. T. G. MacLeod, Ii L. LaRoy, Grand Forks; C.
Wolfe,  Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. Bfrce, Vancouver; J. R.
EU-tnonson, Procter; W. F. Nawdsleep
and wite, 1*. Chapman, Blrminham; W.
H. Cray, Mru. Clarke, M. Kealo, Ger-
rard, C. Scotl, wife and child, Carlylu;
R. S. Seeman, A. Seeraan, London; Mrs.
and Miss Anderson, Brandon; J. R. Re-
vill and brother,  Flower.
It. Gregory, Siocan.
W. R. ChfiBUje, A. J Bath, F. .Nolan,
Salmoj E. Utt|t\ A. B. Glrurd, Nakusp;
J. Smallwood, Jjeasley; W. Coy, R.
Reid. Cranbrook; H. E Aledcalf. Slocan
City; S. Smith, Rowland; C. Brice,
F\   Fp/nwick,   Dt;er   l*ark;    H.   Cole
Trail;   R,  J'. Brown, Ashland;   T.  Lan-
castle, Ymlr.
N. McMillan. R. E. McMillan, Neepa-
wa; J. II. Stevenson. M. Tapay. Winnipeg; J. Mast, M. Wieringer, T. Look,
W. M(Kee, W. Knoblonsh, (Cranbrook;
T. O. Li'ury. Rossland; F. C. Morrison,
DdgOWOOd; W. King. Arrowhead; F.
AicArthur F. Spemlng and wife. Greenwood; F. Downey, Burton; T. F. Hunter, Salmo; W. B. Barnes, Portage la
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.   Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of uiu-
Slo, Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
haying. Address Box 796, Nelson.
NI< K   Kl.onK  I.AYIMi IIKNH.���Apply at Mont
i-onu-ry'H ("Hinly Knetory, Victor!* Hi
t OW DARK BLI'li QOOQLES, on   Hake*
'I   HimIlt  plesK them   at the Btt-itOB'! Ha
U38IRTA.NT- Bonn lu a. in. lo 9 p. in.     Apply Kt
Hurl'* liuHihoUM*	
Vi\l \"-' I'OH UKMCKAl. HOL'riKWOKK China
man employed. Mra. K. h, Lcnnic, Hoover Ht..
I.i-twi**"ii 'J a, in  ami 1 p. ni	
i wm  KiUH-i'-. i.ArtH UOpMjk iteam heated     Ap-
nlv hounrkeeiwr. ani flat, K, W. V. Mock
I ROOMK" BOOTS, 4 lota with bonrinv fruit
i r.-�����*. Obaervatory Street 2 doom from Kootun-
ny, rent %o\t0 p��l month. Two <iood Koomi
iidovi* our ��>m*.-. jnat the p!aoe for ofDoe*, rent
���1ft oo p.T month. TojeA Co., Baker Street,
Nelaon. B C.
Nearing Completion.
The 20,000 Club building is nearing
completion. The roof is now on and It
is hoped to have it ready for occupancy
In a week.
Baptist  Ladies'  Aid.
There will be a devotional and business meeting of the Ladies' Aid of the
Baptist church in the church .Monday
afternoon  at   ;i o'clock.
Likes the Kootenay.
Fred Ross, of Ross Bros., merchants,
Edmonton, is in the city, Mr. Ross has
been making a tour of the province, and
while he likes the country generally.
Nelson and the surrounding country
suit him best.
A Record Catch.
The ladies' record for fishing on Kootenay Lake has been won by Mrs. Brun-
ton. of Kaslo, who landed a 2')1J pound
salmon trout. It was one of the finest
fish ever caught in Kootenay Lake, and
if dptured by her a few days sooner,
Mrs. Biunton would have been the winner of the Rambler silver medal.
Short   Measure.
Complaints have reached Nelson from
Calgary and other Eastern points that
most of the berries shipped East are
short in weight and measure. If true,
the practice should be stopped at ouce.
It will be ruinous to fruit growers if
the impression once gets abroad that
they are guilty of systematic dishonesty
in  the  matter of marketing  their crop.
Latest Publication.
"West Kootenay, Its Resources, At-
tiactlons and Advantages," the latest
pamphlet of the 20.000 Club, will soon
be ready, and will be a very creditable
production. Secretary Eubbutt has received the proof sheets, which indicate
that all illustrations will come out well.
The arrangement also Is very neat and
suitable  for  rapid   perusal.
Methodist   Church.
The subjects of the sermons to be
preached tomorrow by Rev. R. Newton
Powell in the Methodist church tomorrow, are: Morning, "How Jesiis Christ
Spent His Holidays'*; evening, "Who
Are the Rich, and Who Are the Poor?"
The male quartette will render a selection during the evening service. Tbe
Sacrament of the lord's Supper will be
administered at the close of the evening service.
Baptist Services.
Communion of the Lord's BttppOT and
hand of fellowship to new members at
the Baptist church tomorrow morning.
preceded by the Bible school, which
has been changed from the afternoon
to the morning for the summer. The
girls and boys will meet at 9:45. In
the evening the service will be illustrated with the electric lantern. Mrs
shanks will sing Burnett's "Abide With
Me"   wjth  lantern  illustrations.
The Store of Quality
$2.00 pet Crate
Fresh in every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
K. W. CI   Blosfc  . Phnne 10.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
IM. E. cor. Baker   and    Ward    Sts.
For Sale
50 ft.  Corner,   Houston  and ward, 9375
50 ft. and Cabin,  Mill,  near park, $275
Residence���Centrally located, near sta
tlon; six rooms and bath, electric
light, water, sewer.
Also business property, factory sites,
etc., stc. .
Wast Baksr ttrsst NELSON, S. C.
Our  prices  are   right   and   we   have   all
ingredients  for  preserving.
PINTS    $1.00
QUARTS       1.25
HALF   GALLONS    1.50
C A. Benedict
Comer Silica and  Josephine StH
WnolflSalS and   Itclutl Dealem In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   truth and
wholatonto mfiati und tupploi kept in Ktock
Mail enters receive OfUttfu) attention.
E.  C   TRAVF.S    Manager.
W. G. Thomson
lr0*0T'iSKN1k,B""<,  Nelson, B.C.
PHon. .14.
*- AMD
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500.
Easy terms.
5-ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit trees, etc. $1,500; one-
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6 per cent.
6 ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50; $375 cash, balance easy.
Mrs. S. Haimon, of Kaslo, will leave
shortly  for Kngland.
Mrs. J. W. linker and son, of Winnipeg, were in Che city yesterday. They
Visited l>r. Baker at his ranch on Koolenay Lake.
Dr. S. Petersky, resident physician
at the Kootenay Lake general hospital,
has resigned bis position and will enter
on general practice in Nelson.
Ed Devlin, wife and child, of Winnipeg, were in tbe city today. Mr. Devlin has disposed of his interests in Winnipeg and will reside in Victoria in the
\V. J. Brandrith and H. Klpp, of the
provincial fruit growers' association,
who have hern holding local meetings
in the fruit-growing district** of Kootenay, will return to the city this evening.
British Free Traders Must Be Shown
Error of Their Ways.
Winnipeg, July I.���S. D. McOailum, of
Perth, Scotland, accompanied by his
wife and four sons, arrived in the cily
yesterday and proceeded west last evening. He will visit one or two points
on the Manitoba & Northwestern railway and If possible enter for homesteads as well as purchasing additional
In a conversation Mr. McCallum said
farming did not pay In the old country
and things were getting worse year after year. The English market was flooded with foreign food stuffs and the
farmer had no protection whatever. Mr.
McCallum was a great admirer of Joseph Chamberlain, whom he looked upon
as the greatest and most daring statesman Kngland had produced during the
past century. Mr. Chamberlain, he said,
fought Gladstone In u manner and with
a success which over-shadowed even
tbe great Ix>rd Ileaconsfleld, and if he
had but been a younger man, today it
would have been better for the farmers
and everyone In England. However,
things would finally right themselves.
Stern facts und c*pedonees were Impressing on the slow English mind that
protection was, to aay the least, the
hast of two evils; Engluud'i> best runners were leaving her because they could
not live at home. Fortunately, the best
were coming here or going to other colonies nnd would still remain British
He believed if England Introduced
some measure of protection Us benefits
would soon be recognised, and the principle would become nn firmly grounded
as It Is on this continent.
1        JARS
Half Gallon Jars $1.75
Quart Jars - $1.50
Pint Jars   -   -   $1.25
J, A. ffiWNG & CO.
vetapnottt) mi.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent f<>r iruicott LatraohM
niel I'l-ifrboru C��m>e��.
Fluent Lot oi Boeta In b o.
Foot nf JoiH-ptilni- St.        Tel    AIM
B. C.
160 Acrs pre emptlon, 2 aor��s clcurcd.
BO tret! and H.mio small fnillH planted.
A B-ronni dwelling, bouses and hIiciIs
lor 40i| chlikitiiK $350.00.
A |nc cm pi lou on Heavor Greek
I-lttlu aiooan 1450.00.
  Baksr  St..   Nelson.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
Tohn T. Pterre, Baker St.
.We have just received
a consignment of the
for which wc are sole
agents for this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
KODAKS And All Accessories 1
���    ( Fresh Stock Twice a Week)
This is the season  for talcing photos of
Kootenay s  unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything in the  Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book CVy, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone   81
For  a ��Sty.i.sh   Suit
Hull! lo Kit Hi.- I'lKiiri' mid   Kssp lt�� SIiii|n' Kut Duly I In- Kirnt
Wwk Ton Wi'ur li,  Hut All ih- Time     Del   it   Mads iiy
Tayiok*   McOjuuuk   tin'  Kidlsble Tuilom, of Koolt-nny.
Absolute   satisfaction   guaranteed     or   money   refunded.
High Class Tailors, Baker St , Nelson, B. C.
Wholtuun*  Provisions,
, J
UovrrniiH'nt Crwimcry On,1 Pnuiul Hrn-k* rtyrivwl wnekly fresh from ths
'huru     For auli- tjy nil lnulina; irrocers.
Oftlow and wiirvhousM: HuunNm Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       - Nelson, B. C.
Spring to Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock aH tfit*
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.   Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Folks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt  attention  paid  to   latter  orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
B.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON i
worn. Moling iin.TMIIIMschln.ry.      M,,nul.clur.r. of
Of*  Cnra.   ht.   M.   Ciintrautors" Csrat
f'.rn.r ot IU I >ii<!
KrnDI Hir,. I.
MANUFACTURERS    T  ^^tLam..,     CUl~~1~e.
and dealers in l^<*mbe*f z>liingles.
L,��th, Mouldlri'grs, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and llinukclM. Mnil Ordnrs promptly aMsstled tn-
 VHHNOIN UTRHRT   -   -   -   INI tl .MOIN. ��. IS.
Stimmer  Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited
Wholesale INUUMOIN Retail


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