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The Daily Canadian Apr 11, 1907

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Array StatiUj  Canadian
VOLUMR I.     No.   261.
itv Secures Architect
as Engineer.
! Board and Council Agree on Policy
That Will Save $3,000 on New
School Building.
An Important step has been taken by
He committee of the city council and
I achool board, which will doubtlessly
be ratified by the full council at Its next
meeting. If so the city will have at once
I tit- services of au engineer ond. unless
other architect! offer belter terms, ol
a designing ami superintending archl-
I teet.
At tin* meeting : "Id In Arthur's
office laat nlghl all were pr of tbi
ll.imrd and council'! representatives ex-
opt W. Irvine.   After a long Informal
Idlsuisslon It was agreed that preliminary plans sliould be slsawn by Mr. Law-
frence, nn English engineer und achitect
psliss applied for the vacant jiost of city
Competitive designs will then hu
called for, but as a civic employee ls
iisiillable, there will h,. no necessity for
nds ling a bonus for the plan!,
Ai soon ns preliminary plans are pre-
* pared another meeting of the board
ninl committee and Mr. Lawrence
atiiiiilcl nis-et on the srool grounds at :t
js in. today but no one had arrived by
The plan proposed promises to effs-ct
:s-i i-conomy of about J.I.IKIU.
Winnipeg   Receives   1.400   Immigrant!
in 24 Hours.
Winnipeg, April 11.���a tuigc imrtlon
of the p.sss-ongers of four ocean liners,
In all  so    1,400  bouIb,   reached   the
city between last  night and  yeaterday
lalternoon,    Yesterday's arrivals got  In
alissut 6:30 p.  in., nnd  were a contingent of  the   sleamer   Dqnilulon   from
[Liverpool.    They   were   practically   all
[Hritish    Immigrant!,     and     numbered
labuttt :n��>    The majority left the city
liln   same evening  for western  polnta.
lYeslcrday's arrival!  were  mainly  for-
tlgnors, having come In tho Montezuma
II* 'in  Antwerp    Amongst  the  arrivals
la number ol Uoiikhobors, Gallclans and
lltallans   of   characteristic   apiiearance
were noticeable, aud also a contingent
of Scandinavian!, many of whom were
|typlcal llght-haired Norsemen.
I:* '*"'"    and 400 llrltlsh also ar-
s*il yesterday afternoon, having come
' 3'ugow sm the Pretorlnn and Cns-
Isandra. Altogether about 1.100 reached
[tlii city yesterday In threo special
[trains, wild pulled In between four
am] live o'clock In the afternoon. Near-
j ly all the passenger! Is-ft Winnipeg the
���"in- evening fur the West.
n" majority of tho foreigners will
employment In rnllway construe-
Jtlon work i��� the Wett   I-'rom their ap-
llr,"1""'',,""' ""'" looktd well used to
|*i -seal t��� i. sturdy In frame and with an
agei loos |��� their eyes.    They seemod
'    only   capable  of  doing   the  hard
-roue work of the Weat, but of devcl-
''���hg "do good Ciinuillans.
,'""   ���' Igration   hall    conlalns    n
J ''*",  "'"���'���   nt   llrltlsh   nnd   others.
|   "' have arrived dining the past week
1 *_,*n  king around ihe city
tils. ��!',   " ""'I'lo.vnietit.      Last   night
"Is*   \\ sl    ss,       .   ,. ���     ,,     _,
f the C. I'. R. wat:
hours with a crowd of
..... "siting
fl-h'il for lay
loiter Wt||man Starts for Spitsbergen
'or Aerial Flight.
Y"-'l*-. April 11.���Walter    Well-
"l"' ll1"11' bi> 'fiends ln America fure-
I   eu thia morning| ���ll(, whe_ h() .___,_
I '"''" Win he hopoa Ihey will hall hlm
l���*     ' 'll8c"verer of the North Polo. He
���"����� to leave for Tromsoe, Norway,
about j���
of th.
Fn��TT Cbnts a Month
'"*' 1st, nnd before Ihe middle
tersTs -i"','!"1 t0 bB al Wl winter quar-
slbie I   ''"'���"wil.   U will not be pot
.,, ,        '.ver, lo begin lho trials of his
'.' " ""oro the second week In July,
���aitls likely to ba the laat of July or
In Augusi before a start enn be
est consignment, of political exiles sent
to the far eust for several months past
and Ib a result of efforts to clear the
prisons In view of expected raiding
under martial law.
Unimportant Letters of Montagninl Given to Public.
Paris, April 11���The Figaro this
morning publishes a letter written by
Mgr. Montagninl to Cardinal Merry Del
Val, the pupal secretary or state, Informing hlm that Prlnco Victor Napoleon, the hope of lhe French Koyallsts,
had lost many adherents by attending
the christening of the Crown Prince of
Italy, but that he was Torced to do bo
by the threats of the royal family. Mgr.
Montagninl wrote also that he had
learned that Ihe Kngllsh nnd American
Potestants were collecting money for
the purpose or buying or renting
churches in France as soon as the Catholics were turned out of them.
Socialists Threaten Republic.
Paris. April 11��� The national council of the Socialist party has Issued a
spirited address to the workmen of
France protesting against the attitude
of the government in the matter of unions among employees of the stale. It
tells them that they must clearly organize and then make the ministers and
deputies "tremble before the Indignation of all tollers."
Spoils of War.
Tangier, Morrocco. April 11��� Kald
Mchnlla. acting for the minister of war,
has captured live negresses. wives of
Italsull. The women were abandoned
by the bandit leader. They have been
brought Into Tangier anil imprisoned.
West  Indian Colonies Have Failed So
Far To Reciprocate in  Tariff
Prlson Capacity Overtaxed.
Si.   Petersburg,   April   11.-A   I
ye-.to.dav ��iS   _,.!1,io"'   ���n{'��   <�����   here
J-ittrday ror aiborla    Thlg ��� the larg.
tisi I n
Kingston, Jamaica. April 11.���The
commercial delegates of Canada have
completed their tour of thc Windward
and Leeward islands, ln a conference
at Ilarbadoes the delegates expressed
the opinion that efforts should he made
!���) establish reciprocal trade arrangements between llrltlsh West Indes and
the Dominion. The delegates Beemed
lo have arrived at the conclusion, afler
examining the various tariff! of the llrltlsh possessions in' this part of the
world, that at present Canada Is not
receiving fair play In thc West ir'**8���
that the tarlffB press more hardly ss*'
the products of thc Dominion than on
the manufactured goods of the Mother
Country���and -consequently they suggest thnt the manufactures nnd products of Canada should be placed on the
same basis as all olher llrltsh products.
Thai Canada has Just cause to complain against this state of things ls the
opinion expresBed among the business
men of this colony. If our schedules of
Import duties are closely scrutinized It
will be found that Ihe minimum amounts
have to bo paid on munufctured goods,
and the maximum amounts on flour,
meat, food products, or, generally speaking, the necessaries of life. No* the
Mother Country Is our principal source
of supply for all manufactured goods
On tho other hand, Canada and the
United Suites are our chief sourceB of
supply for tho necesarles of life. Hut
whereat the goods which are manufactured In Kngland come Into this Island
on an Import duty of IC l!-:i per cant,
Hour has lo pay a specllc duly of |2
por barrel, and keroslne oil lias to pay
a specific duty which works out at
something like 120 per cenl lt Is not
dllllcult to perceive that such a state
of affairs when fully understood musl
he reverse of satisfactory to the exporters both of Canada and the United
Statea. Within recent years the Dominion hns boen granting u preference
to sugar produced In the llrltlsh West
Indes, with the resuli lhal practically
the whole of the sugar manufactured In
Ihis Island Is now going to Halifax, instead of New York, Canada, however,
enjoys no reciprocal advantage. If It
Is taking a larger percentngo of our total exports It Is nol sending any more
o' its products to our shores in exchange for them. And sooner or later
Canadians will argue, "why should we
holster up the trade of the West Indian
colonies If the effect Is simply lo enable
lho colonists to Import larger quant I-
tloo of manufactured nrllclcs from
Great Hritain?"
Canadians will shortly havo an opportunity of seeing In the flesh Sir .lames
Alexnnder Swettenham. tho llrlllsh colonial governor, who snubbed the American Admiral Davis when that admiral
camo to Kingston shortly nfler Ihe disaster to render aid.
Sir Jamoa. who has resigned   ne governorship    on    account    of   "old age.
haves Ihis Islnnd In June for England.
Thence he will go on to Japan and gp
across Canada by the 0, P. H-
Moors Alarmed.
Paris, April 11��� The official despatch-
ea    received    from Fez say that the
1-rench claims were presented to the
Sultan March :ird. The news of the occupation of Oiiilja by French troops arrived at the Moorish capital March 29lh,
the day the column entered Moorish
territory, The impression prevails that
the Sultan will concede all the French
demands. The energetic action of
France caused consternation among the
court entourage at Fez, and Is expected
to insult In a prompt reply, but no official
notification of its nature has vet arrived here.
Sir   Robert   Cranston   Advocates   New
Form of Imperialism.
Toronto, April 10��� The Imperial Idea
was eloquently elucidated before the
Empire Club at the St. Charles Hotel
by Sir Robert Cranston, ex-Lord Provost of Edinburgh. He took It for
granted that laying aside petty and paltry considerations, they were all looking for a united llrltlsh Empire. While
not ln sympathy with the present British government he had no doubt but
that lis members were true and thorough gentlemen ln every respect, capable business men, with the best interests of -he Empire at heart. A difference of opinion on public questions was
always allowable, however, and one of
tbe most important questions, debated
every since 1884, was the cry of Ireland for the Irish and Scotland for the
Scotch. The speaker didn't believe a
word of It. There was no such thing in
any policy looking to the well-being of
the country. lie favored local self-government as far as lt possibly could go,
for lt was Impossible to legislate at one
central point for all the countries under
the Hritish Hag. He referred to lhe
great Increase in the number of English-
speaking people, but with the language,
he also wanted the Hritish character
to go, so that there would he a Hritish
nation all over the world.
What he woud like to see was a parliament of all UritlBh people, with delegates from every country, meeting iu
London, or in Toronto, perhaps. There
should always be someone iu the government of the Empire thoroughly acquainted with conditions in every outlying portion of the Empire. He also
wanted to se free trade all over the
world, and Canada should be willing to
open its ports lo Britain. In many respects he upheld the Ideas of Joseph
Chamberlain, but uot in all, as he would
give free entrance to all British products and foodstuffs. He thought Can-
aslians shuuld impress on the world that
they were Canadians and not Americans. He closed with an appeal for unselfish work for the general welfare of
the Empire os opposed to party advantage, saying that one of the greatest
calamities that could occur would be
the breaking off or disunion of any of
the colonies. That would Boon result
,n the disruption of lho Empire. The
loyalily displayed in the South African
War had bound England more closely
tn Canada than anything else. Today
the British banner was more respected
than*ever, and to the colonies must be
ascribed a great share of the credit.
Instances of shoplifting in NelBon aro
rare, but one case of the kind occurred
yesterday. An elderly woman entered
a down town store in the morning, and
when she believed the clerk was not
looking, slipped severnl small articles
Into her satchel. It so happened that
the. clerk had been paying special at
tcntion to Ihe old lady, and Immediately
accused her o.f having stolen the artl
cles In hor possession. She confessed
her guilt, but snld she was not the only
woman In Nelson who was In the habll
of picking up things In lhal way. The
police were notllled of the theft, bul
the proprietor relented, and tho woman
wus allowed to depart In peace. She
Is well known In the city, and regarded
by mnny as being rather eccentric.
Board of Trade.
The regular monthly meeting or the
Nelson hoard of trade will bo held ln
the hoard rooma tonight nt 8:30. The
delegales to the Associated Hoards will
report. Recommendations from tho
(lame Protective Association will be
presented for ondorsalioc. It iB likely
Hint other new business will also bo In
Dissolve Partnership.
A. .1. Kerr and W. J. Meagher, who
hnve been carrying on a dry goods busi
ness In Nolson for many years under
tho firm nnme of Kerr & Company, dls
Bolved partnership on Monday, April
Sth. The bUBlnoBs will be continued by
Meagher & Company.
A disputed water right on the main
Salmon river clnlmed by Iwo applicants,
Hammond and Clurkson, was heard by
Harry Wright, ns water commissioner,
yeaterday afternoon. On the advice of
the commissioner lhe parties Bottled by
mutual concesalon.
Jury in Thaw Case Wants
Evidence Again.
Professional Goesscr Predicts Dis-
Agreement���Prisoner Still
Expects Acquittal.
New York, April 11.���Dawn found
the 12 men who are charged wltb the
duty of finding Harry K. Thaw guilty
or not guilty of Stanford White's
death at his hands last June, still
locked up within the jury room in the
criminal courts building. They bad
been confined there since 11:20 laat
night, and they had the case committed to them shortly after 5 o'clock yesterday. Fewer rumors than usual are
filtering from the court house when a
great case is being tried, but scant and
comparatively valueless as these reports were, their trend was all fn the
direction of disagreement. Of course
guesses, some of them based on shrewd
deductions, and soAie of them on mere
hearsay, were not Infrequent. Daniel
O'Reilly, one of the prisoner's lawyers,
who has been credited with a successful forecasting of tbe way the jury
stood in the Nan Patterson case, said
that the jury stood ten for acquittal and
two for murder In the flrst degree. Mr.
O'Reilly was also convinced that the
Jury would agree by 10:30 o'clock. As
for the defendant the cheerfulness and
gayety wblch marked his recovery from
the gloom which almost overwhelmed
him when District Attorney Jerome excoriated his wife, and Justice Fitzgerald solemnly adjured the jury to do
tbelr duty, remained with him until
late into the night. Indeed, through
Clifford W. Hartrldge, his personal
counsel, he sent a message to one of
the newspapers, which quotes him as
declaring that he had the absolute conviction thnt he would be acquitted, and
added: "I fear no electric chair, nor the
mad house, for my act was justifiable."
After what is believed to have been
a fruitless night of discussion and hal-
lotting, the jury ln the case of Harry K.
Thaw was liberated from the conference room at 7 o'clock and taken out to
breakfast. The night had been a hard
one for many of the jurors and the
strain of the long trial and the longer
hours of deliberation upon a verdict
plainly showed on their pale faces and
reddened eyeB. The Jury, locked up to
consider a ca.su is given no comforts.
The Thaw jury has been a cheerful
body of men but today their countenances wore a serlouB look of men at
Issue with one another. There was nothing ln their demanor to denote that
they had reached any sort of conclusion. Justice Fitzgerald's charge of yesterday gave the Jury the choice of four
verdicts and it was said this morning
that the disagreement of the Jury may
havebad to do with the degree of their
verdict as much aB with the broader
queation of guilt or innocence. If the
Jury should come Into court today and
report their disagreement, there Is little doubt that Justice Fitzgerald will
send the 12 men mack to continue their
After deliberating for more than 18
hours without being able to reach a decision, the jury, into whose hands the
fate of Harry K. Thaw was given at
5:17 o'clock yesierday afternoon, reported before Judge Fitzgerald at 11 a.
m. today and asked permission to examine many of the exhlbltB Introduced during the trial, and also asked to have
read to them the (eBtlmony of several
oi the eye-witnesses to the tragedy.
Among the exhibitB called for wero
the.letters which Harry Thaw wrote
to Attorney Longfellow shortly after It
is alleged lhat Evelyn Neablt told him
in Paris the story of her relations with
Stanford White, and the will and codicil which Thaw executed the night of
hlB marriage lu PlttBburg, on April 4th,
The letters and will wore Introduced
hy Ihe defence lo allow that mental
storm which lt Is claimed was brought
upon Ihe defendant by the narrative the
girl related. The jury also aaked for
the diagram, of Madison Square roof
garden as It was the night Thaw killed
White.   This diagram was held up be
fore them as the court stenographer
read from the official record of tbe testimony the evidence given by James
Clinch Smith, the brother-lnlaw of Stan-
ford White, to whom Thaw talked for
more than half an hour the night of the
The evidence read included that of
Meyer Cohen, the music publisher
whom Mr. Delmas had quoted in his
summing-up address as saying thnt
that Thaw, after he had sent White to
his death, held ont his arms in tho
shape of a cross as a priest, might do ut
some sacrlflcal ceremony, the testimony of Henry 8. Plaze, of Paul Brudl,
the flremen who disarmed Thaw, and
other witnesses.
At 11 o'clock the jury came In for
further instructions and asked for
The action of the Jury In asking for
tesltimony of the eye witnesses of the
eye-witnesses of the tragedy led to
many conjectures. One of these was to
the eftect that the jury wanted to fix
ln lta mind either tbe question of deliberation and premeditation on Thaw's
part or else the rationality of his acts.
The plan of tbe garden was held up and
the testimony read to them.
The trial which began January 23rd
last haa cost New York county many
thousands of dollars, haa blocked the
criminal calendar more than at any
time for many years, and has kept the
jurors away from their business interests for an interval which in several
cases has meant a serious financial loss
to them. All these things being taken
into consideration will, it ia believed,
induce Justice Fitzgerald to hold the
jury at Its task until all hope of a verdict is given up. In the event of a mistrial Thaw would be remanded to the
tombs to await a second trial. This
would mean another Bummer for him
in the city prison, for his case could
not be reached again, even with extraordinary pressure applied, until early
In tbe coming fall.
When the newspaper men came near
the Tombs this morning and sent a
message to Thaw asking him how he
felt, he said he was still confident and
hopeful of a favorable outcome. It was
said that he had a good night's rest
after returning to his cell shortly before midnight. This morning the guards
at the tombs Bald Thaw was packing up
his effects ready to leave the prison at
a moments notice, should the hoped
for acquittal become a fact.
It waa two,minutes pas nine o'clock
when the jury returned to the criminal
court building from their breakfast.
Their meal seemed to have cheered
them up. They were Jaughing and talking among themselves* and seemed to
have the frown'of depression off their
faces. The twelve men went at once
to the Jury room, where they had spent
the night, and again to their deliberations.
Thaw today sent this note to the
newspaper men: "I am told that it ls
Impossible to tell what any jury will
do, so I am attending to my ordinary
affairs and preparing for the best, as
it is simpler to unpack my things, if
necessary, than it would be to return
here for them if the verdict is favorable.
I had a very good cold bath. The bath
room always is filled with fresh air
ln the early morning���with the same
temperature as outdoors. Next I had
weak coffee and rolls as usual. These
details must hare Interest as they are
often ralstold.
(Sigued)     HAKRY K. THAW."
Meyer Cohen la the witness whom
Mr. Delmaa quoted as having testified
that Thaw threw out his armB In the
figure of a cross after killing Stanford
The jury also asked that the tesi-
mony of Harry 8. Plaze, another eyewitness of the tragedy be read to them
and thia was ordered done. As to exhibits, Foreman Smith said the jury
desired the originals of Thaw's letter,
will and codicil, as they were Important copy. All were furnished. AU the
members of the Thaw family are in
court. Thaw came In carrying an armful of newspapers he bad been Industriously reading. The jury's action is
taken to Indicate there Is still a possibility of a verdict being reached,
though not soon.
The testimony of Paul Brudl, the
fireman who took the revolver from
Thaw immediately after the killing, was
read to the Jury. The testimony of
Gordon Paxton, the engineer of the
roof garden, was also read.
The Jiiry'then aBked for the testimony
of Jamea Clinch Smith, Stanford
White's brolher-ln-lnw. who had n long
conversation with Thnw an the roof
garden a few minutes before (he shooting.   Mr. Smith's evidence was read.
Fruit Growers Join.
Jamea Johnstone, president of the
British Columbia Fruit Growers' Assn
elation, returned last night from the
Okanagan, where he has been presiding
at thc quarterly meeting held at Sum-
merland. Mr. Johnstone also gave ad
dresses at Kelowna and Vernon. At all
places he secured promises by resolutions of support for his scheme for co-
operation In distribution. Loss has been
suffered in the past by lack of method
In shipments, the market being slaught
ered in some places while others havo
been entirely unprovided. Mr. Johnstone will also bring the ma iter before
the Kootenay association nt lis meeting
Saturday afternoon nt 2 o'clock In Ihe
board of Irade rooms.
throughout the land aa a result of the
continued drought. Cuba has not had
a good rain since the October cyclone,
and the crops are suffering greatly from
lack of water.
Great Eastern Company In Hard Luck
���No Casualties Expected.
I>ondon. April 11.���The Great Eastern
Railways Co.'s steamer, Grussells, went
ashore tn a denae fog off Harwich at 11
o'clock last night, while outward bound
for Antwerp. She remained fast all
night long with about 00 passengers on
beard, but was not considered to be in
any danger, as she was resting on soft
bottom. It fs expected that the vessel
will be hauled off at high water todady.
This ls tbe third of the company's
steamers to be in trouble recently, Including the Berlin, which was wrecked
off the Hook of Holland February 21st,
with the loss of over 100 lives.
Deitroyers -Collided,
Dover, England, April 11.���The British torpedo boat destroyers, Colon and
Falcon, put In here today, having been
badly damaged ln collision off this port.
More for McGIII.
London, April  11.���Mra. Grace Red-
path, widow of Peter Redpath, of Montreal, who died here recently, left |150,-
000 to McGIII university, Montreal.
Prices ef Metal*,
New York, April 11.���Silver, 65%c;
copper, 24%c; lead, |6.
London, April 11.���Silver, 30>_d;
lead, ��19, 18a, 9d.
News From Cobalt Indicate* Dally New
Discoveries���Mineral Area
Still   Expanding.
Drought in Cuba.
Hanvnna, April 11.���The rural board
reports tho death of hundreds of cattle
Cobalt, April 11.���The big discovery
on the Temiskaming and Hudson Bay
to the northwest ot the town, has aet
all the mines in the vicinity digging
and trenching.
The U. 8. Mining company baa 40
acres in the first concession' of Burke
and 40 in the third. They are considerably gratified by the find on the Temiskaming and Hudson Bay as their
boundary line on lot 7 is only 200 feet
from the new discovery.
Mine managers who have not yet installed new machinery are becoming
worried. The rapid thaw will soon rot
the ice and aome ofthe shipping mine*
have no roads from Cobalt that do not
pass over lakes. These will either have
to wait until the heavy machinery can
be ferried across the lake or tediously
cut and grade new roads.
A small calcite stringer has been cut
in cross-cutting at the 100-foot level on
tbo Amalgamated Cobalt property.
About 20 feet of cross-cutting has been
done and a station ls now under construction. A small boiler and half duplex compressor plant to run six drills
is now on the cars for the Victoria
mine. It should be Installed and working in two or three weeks.
The Right-of-way is now engaged engaged in clearing out of No. 1 shaft the
ore from the Tlmmins drift
The Nipisslng Is still withholding
shipments and only contributed 117,720
lbs. to last week'a output. The O'Brien
was the largest shipper, with 145,990
pounds, or almost 73 tons.
The Beaver company is hauling In an
80 h.p. boiler, part of their -.!<������ -ciint.
The Coniagas ls rapidly puali.s�����
ahead the foundation work for the concentrating plant.
In a little while a group ot buildings
will cover the east side of Cobalt lake,
tho property of the Cobalt Lake Mining
company. At no mine In iho camp haa
there been such rapid development.
Slartlng from the east tbe buildings
uow up are the cobb-house, a blacksmith shop, 16 x 20, oil house, machine
shop, and next to the office the powerhouse, 5C feet by 36 feet. It will accommodate two one hundred horse
power boilers, both of which are on the
ground, a 15 drill compressor and a 200
light electric light piant. To the north
the foundations of a bunkhouse and a
kitchen and dlgglnghou.se to accommodate 50 men are being laid. Last month
an average of 55 men were employed.
The company has procured the services
of Mr. Croft to take charge of the underground work, tinder the supervision
of Mr. Fraleck. Two shafts are down
30 feet, and oro quite free from water.
There will be no lack of means of
Insns.psirlaiiiin up tho Montreal river
this spring when navigation opens. A
new Liskenrd company, called the Upper Ontario Sleamboat company, has
beon formed and will place boats on
Larder lako and  Mnntronl river.
A branch of Ihe Hank of Ottawa has
been opened In Cobalt.
Premier Answers Attack
Dreary Budget Debate Continued ty
Opposition���Amendment by
(Mirer Defeated.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, April 11.���Premier McBrlde's
last Speech tn the legislature for this
session was delivered yesterday afternoon. R contained a forecast of legislation for next session to prevent, or at
least discourage, the export of Iron ore
from the province for treatment in the
United States.
The debate on tbe budget was continued, many of the new members ot
the opposition contributing speeches.
Oliver's amendment in regard to tbe
abolition of toll* on the New Westminister bridge, was defeated by a majority
of ten. Munro, of Chilliwack, protested
against the attempt of Mr. Fulton to at
tend to the duties of two such big departments as those of the attorney general and lands and works.
The premier replied to the attack on
the University Endowment bill made on
Tuesday by Macdonald. He demonstrated that the proposed grant of 2,000,-
000 acres, with their royalties, waa not
an excessive provision for a university
which wu Intended to be worthy ot
British Columbia.
Premier McBride left Victoria laat
night en route for London.
AttorRsy-Qsnomt     Wants     Injunction
Agalnat Companiea.
Albany, N. Y��� April 11.��� Attorney
General Jackson today caused to be
served upon the defendants the summons and complaint In an nactlo
brought In the name of the People ot
the state of New York agalnat tha
American Telephone A Telegraph Coot New Jersey, Title Guarantee A Trust
Company, Security Trust Company, ot
Rochester, Qeorge Eastman, Hiram Sab-
ley, Jas. 8. Watson, W. S. Duffey, T. W.
Ficaune, and Edward Bausch. This action ia to prevent the consumation ot
an alleged agreement for the acquisition by the American Telephone A Telegram Company, known as the Bell, ot
the United States, and Pendent Telephone Company and lta subsidiary -companiea ln Rochester, Syracuse, Utlca.
Rome, Herkimer, Jamestown and Inter
mediate town* and cities.
Incidental to the bringing of this action the attorney today obtained from
Supreme Justice Befts an Injunction to
be continued pending the action and
the substance or which the attorney-
general seeks to have made permanent
restricting the proposed merger.
Still Talk Secession.
Kenora, April 11���A circular was re-
reived at the parliament buildings yesterday from the Rainy River dlatrlet
It purports to be a summons to the people of tbe neighborhood to attend a
meeting to have been held on Monday,
for the purpose of discussing the advisability of forming a new provlnoe, ln
eluding the territory In that vicinity,
It Is signed by the chairmen of both political party n��uelatloni.
Qood Scotch Advice.
London, April 11.���The Dundee Ad
vertlser says: "If Mr. Bryce wishes a
great life he will not aim at settle
ments at all. The truth about Canada
Is she Is becoming too big to have her
differences with the United States settled for hen, even If not quite big
enough to settle them herself."
Ls* Extradited.
London, April 11.���The presiding
magistrate at the Bow street police
court today granted the demand for the
extradition of Froderick L. Lariway,
alias, E, L. Lee, ex-clerk In the offlce
of the city treasury of Albany, N. Y.,
who was arrested here March 28th at
the request of the American authorities.
Bslllgerent Bakars.
Pari*, April 11.���Detachments of cavalry are partrolllng the Place de la Ro-
publlque aud the vicinity of the Labor
Exchange, where 20,000 bakers, including many men out of work have voted
tor an Immediate strike.
N*w Driver.
E. J. McOregor has been appointed
driver ot the wagon for tbe fire brigade
In place ot Peter Murphy, who goes to
Fend*. The Daily Canadian
Miners' and AU
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR  at all orices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc..   etc.
HAY.   FLOUR and   FEED.
Iti all these lines we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable rrices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
D. R W1LKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
De-posits redirect und Interest nUow-ed at highest   current rate from dat* of
Opening <.'f tuvouut, and compnaiHled quarterly
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches ia British Columbia.
A Genera! Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1.00 and upward! received. Interest allowed thereon at highest current rate, nnd credited quarterly. Depositors are subject to no delay
whatever ln the withdrawal of the whole cr any part of their deposits.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.	
Published fli days a weel by the
Baker St., Nelson. 3 C.
Buoseription rate*, M MUSI a month delivered
lo the cut. or 15.00 a feat if * nt by miu, when
paid in matrntttt
Advertising rates on .-..; i II ttlon.
All moMe* pcid m settlement or The Daily
Canadian accounts, cither lot subs- np:n us Ol
advertising, must be receipted tat oc ;h�� printed
formi of tne Company Uiher receipts nre uot
A.'H!L 11. 1907.
The Liberal press and Liberal orators
of Uie Dominion nevor weary of proclaiming the virtues and high standard
of personal honor of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. They seem to think that the clean
;ter��ona! record of their leader ie a
cloak large enough to hide all the sina
of all his followers, and that while ht
is not personally attacked, his name
will be enough to maintain the ptlty.
It is conceded that Sir Wilfrid Laurier (s neither a debauche nor a thief
He has gained no pecuniary BdraotKCI
trom his t^n years tenure of the highest office In ihe gift of the people of
Canada It i.s not many years since a
number of Liberal WB*toq ..nd members of the Commons subscribed a sum
sutlicleat to relieve their leader or financial embarrassment, an act honorable to both givers and recipient.
flut ptftOIMd rlfMinHmtl and hon�� sty
have ribt been so rare among ('ana !.'.'-.
public men as to entitle their possessor
to a pedestal. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in
h!B character U a man and gentleman.
ha* never yet been attacked. But Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, the leader of a great
party, and for ten years prime t_iir.is.er
of the Dominion, must submit to a higher test.
"A good man but a bad Kin;:.1' a oner
popular description of Charles thu First.
was rldU uled by Lord Macaulay. "A
good man but a bad premier" rests on
no better basis. The leader whose fol
lowers disgrace their cause cannot escape the blame. Sir John Macdonalc
in like case could protest these hand.
are clean," but he did not attempt U
save himself by sacrificing his colleagues in detail. He bore the burden
and the blame and went down with his
Tbe Toronto Qlobe and lti ex-rev-
} erend editor have put forward a singu-
i lar hypothesis that each successive minister's disgrace and fall only makes Sir
Wilfrids virtues shine more brightly.
As well might Dickens' Fagin protest
that he trained the boys to steal merely as a foil to his own spotless innb-
I co nee.
In a recent memorable debate in the
Commons Sir Wilfrid rhetorically,
though not originally, protested that
parliament was the guardian of its own
honor. Mr. Iiorden most justly replied
that the premier was himself its most
responsible guardian, and was in a special sense the custodian of the honor
ot his own cabinet.
In Britain, and surely the standard is
not too high for Canadians to accept,
the leader of a party accepts as a matter of course the fullest responsibility
for the acts not only of his chief colleagues, but of his whole party organization.
It would be cruel perhaps to hold Sir
Wilfrid responsible for such orgies of
political corruption as the last election
of Mr. Hyman in London, and similar
horrors in Brockville. Huron and Elgin.
Uut it is hard to exonerate him from
complicity, even granting that he
sought no personal gains, In such deals
as the Grand Trunk Pacific's attempt to
despoil Kritlsh Columbia, and the organization of the silly Mclnnes crusade
for that purpose.
Sir Wilfrid's idea of personal honor
ls xxj doubt very high, but his idea of
the obligations of friendship and party
association is peculiar It Is not forgotten lhat he was the personal friend,
as well as the political ally, of the no-
t�� rious Count Mercier, and that even
after the full disclosure of the latter's
dishonesty, did all he could to restore
his prestige without unduly risking his
Since 1&96 the country has seen a
long procession of cabinet ministers
come and go. More than half of the
resignations���so called by courtesy���
have been due to public dishonesty or
private immorality.
It fs Impossible to avoid the suspicion
that the fall of ministers has been due
not to their character or their offences
���they could not have been unknown to
Sir Wilfrid���but to the fact that they
were discovered.
The plea of innocency entered on behalf of Sir Wilfrid is of no more avail
than the same plea put forward by Mr,
Hyman.   An boneit man will no more
accept the benefits of theft than steal
himself. The Liberal party has been
maintained in power by a system of organized corruption of which its leader
cannot   plead ignorance.
It is Sir Wilfrid Laurler's imperative
and immediate duty to cleanse his party
in parliament at least, and in the civil
service, of the open and notorious evil
doers. If he cannot or dare not do that,
let him step aside and make way for
mm who can and will.
J. A. Macdonald bas sounded the
depths of political pettiness in the few
wetks of this session of the legislature
in which opportunities for opposition
have been very few. His choice of issues has bean singularly fatuous oven
for him. The Better Terms resolution
and the University Endowment bill
should have been passed unanimously,
at least as far as Conservatives and Liberals are concerned. On both tho Socialists are committed to the declaration that until "The Revolution" is
achieved they have no interest in anything. On the Better Termi* resolution
the people of the province had spoken
decisively. Mr. Macdonald admitted it.
He could not pretend to disagree with
its declaration. But he chose to quarrel with the wording of the preamble.
Mr. Macdonald's peculiar theories on
phraseology are of no particular interest to any one but himself, but the calibre and capacity of his following may
be judged from the fact that they followed him to a man. His course on the
University Endowment bill is still more
reprehensible. Provision for higher education will never evoke the enthusiasm
of the general public. It must always
depend upon the efforts of an en'ight-
ened few. Here again Mr. Macdonald
concedes the wisdom of the general purpose of the bill but quarrels with the
methods proposed and wants a less generous provision. There are but two possible explanations; either Mr. Macdonald's mind is so narrow that he really
and sincerely feels impelled into such
courses, or he is opposing for mere obstruction's sake. If we could determine
which explanation is tbe more charitable to Mr. Macdonald we would cheerfully adopt it.
The Associate Press reports from
New York are conflicting and confusing,
alternately announcing acquittal and
disagreement by the jury in the Thaw
murder trial. It s��_*eius certain, however, that today or tomorrow at the
latest will see the end of one of tbe
most squalidly disgusting sensations
that have ever wasted the time even of
American criminal courts. It has beeu
from beginning to end a story of low
life, all the lower because of its luxurious setting. The life lived by Stanford
White and Harry Thaw���they differed
not at all in morals but only in intelligence���is a national disgrace. The motive of the murder was mere animal
jealousy and Mr. Delmas paid his countrymen a poor compliment by calling it
Dementia Americana. The trial reflects
no credit on either of the eminent counsel engaged. Mr. Delmas' fulsome
praise of the murderer as a modern St.
George, was an Insult tto the intelligence of the jury. Mr. Jerome's denunciation of him as "a common,, tenderloin murderer" rings false after his
impassioned declaration of hfs conviction that Thaw was and is insane. The
natural reflection from it all Is that the
administration of criminal law in the
United States leaves much to be
Attention of citizens is gradually being concentrated on the problem of effective dealing with juvenile depravity
in Nelson. Instances of pilfering and
destruction occur daily. While there
is no doubt that the blame lies entirely
with the parents who shirk all their responsibilities in the matter, the duty
nf curbing such lawlessness lies with
the city police authorities. Let the first
boy convicted be fined a substantial
sum, wi'h the alternative of a month in
gaol.   The parent who pays the fine will
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eor. Baker and  Ward  SU.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Une of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dtnnerware in stock. Patterns.
PWTMINw AND GRAFTING carefully attend
ed to. Apply
Mirer Slag Howl.
be more careful ln future. Or If one or
two boys serve terms in gaol the example of their punishment may save
the rest. Under preaent conditions It
car.not be said that Nelson Offers great
attractions as a place to bring up
While there is no doubt that the citl-
sens generally endorse the majority of
the council fn authorizing the raising of
$60,000 for a new public school, they
will certainly approve of Uie determination of both school board and council to
exercise the strictest economy compatible with satisfactory results.
Belgian Crisis Averted.
Bruaaola, April 11.���it is now believed
that the threatened ministerial crisis
has been definitely averted. The right
party at a meeting yeaterday came to
an agreement upon the question of the
limitation of the hours of labor in the
Easter Millinery
We bave just received another shipment of American Pattern Hats which were too
late for our display but are uow ready for inspection.
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B. C.
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P. O   Hot __t T>Upbnne ITS
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri M
Batter. Kf?ps.
Camp aad Miners' supplies.
F. C GREEN      F. F. BLTUJLN       A. H. GREEN
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Boi 1*5   Pbon; 261 B.
Notice ti hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of License Commissioners, to be held after
the expiration of ."-sn dayi, I intend to app'y far a
transfer of my hotel Iimtnse for tbe Orove hotel,
at Fslrricw, to E   <1 B-rden
PHAS. P" WAunurr,
Noll*-*-* is hereby given that I will apply at the
next meeting of tbe Licence Commissioners for
t he Ciiy of Nelion to have tbe liquor licence of lbe
Strathcona Hotel transferred from myself to
Reginald (Jeorze Wcbb of the City cf Nolson.
Dated thll ��tt day ol March, A.D.. 1907
B. TUtfkJM
Certificate of Improvements
"Arzo" mineral claim. situated ln the Slocan
City    Mining    Hlvision    of    West    rootenay
Where located: Oo "aprinfer Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that I, Frank C, 'iresn, acting a"
aitent int the Arlington Mlne> . l.lmr- I l'r> .���
Miner's Certificate nc B4tta\ Intend, ilxty davs
from dale heu-of, loapply I >t*e Mining Recorder
for a Certificate ol Improvement* for the purpose o{ obtaining a Cr iwn 'irant of the above
And further take DotMa Hut a'ti.>u. under
section 87. Diutt be minrrt-ti ed before tbe
issuance of stuh Certificate of Improvements
baud thla l'-Un nay of I MMbtr, I9>6
K. V. tittttrt, NvIiod, B.C.
Cvrtlfluatas   of  Imp-rcn *;m��iilM
Rio TeDte, Orinoco, un��.-n Victoria rra*tlitiat
and Ornoco nutloul Mineral! l��(toe*aiiuatc
In the Nelson Mining Division of West Kooteuay
Utmtai on yneeu Wtoria Mountain, netr
Bea*ley Siding.
Take Notice tbat 1. Frank 0 ^reen. acting at
a*ent for Mli-hnti Ep��.n, tret) Miner'* < -rt::ii ate
No- B.*.!*,Intend. tiMijaajt trom the d��te hereof,
toapply to the Mining Recorder for Ce*ttflcatei
of Improvement, for tb- ptttMM ol obtaining
Crown Grants of tbe above elalma.
And further take i. ���: ..* that action, under
���ettion 87. must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certlflcntes 01 Iinproremtnta.
Dated tbi* -Mtb day of January, 1907
F. C. GUKK, mmmmea, B. C
Certificate of Improvements
"Portia." "Any*," "Meat fide No. 2" aad "Ret-
tin*. Fractional" mineral clalmi, ktttUktad l;i
th�� Plocan City Miuing Dirliion of Weft Kool-
cniy District
Where located: At beadol Springer Crttk, near
tbe Arlington mine.
Take Noll'*.* that f. Frank C Green, acting as
agent for the Arlingto-i mine*, LlinltM, Free
Mlner'a Certificate No. R4t*!*i, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apj. y to the Mining Re
corder for a Certificate of Improvement*, far the
purpose ot obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
Andf Miii'.*r take notice tbat action, tinker
section ir, must be i nuinivn'.-ed before tne lisn
���nee of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated  bis 1Kb day rt* December. 19U0.
}'. C. '.atin. Nelson. B. C
I. the undersigned, after CO days Intend to apply to the Hon. ti e Chief Commis*ioncr of Lhui!s
nnd Works to purchase the following ���*!. - r;1-.:
land:   Commenolng nt  the N. K. i . o(  Lol 7iay
g. I., theuce weat -tu chains, thence north jo
chains, tbenoe east 4-> chains, thence south 'M
chains to point of comtnencemeLt, coutalnlug flo
acres more or Ume.
Located March >ih, 1W7. W. A. Mills.
Take notice that dJEtf dayi after data
I intend to apply to tlie Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner oi IJinds and Works for permission to purebaae the following describe! land
situated In the West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post ;. lau ted at the southeast
c-jrncr of Lot 122, ou the south side of the West
Arm of Kooteuay tak��. theme W cbnas west to
southwest corner of ssirl lot, thence'JO chains
south, tbence tO cbains east, tbeuce ID chats'
north u< place of eommeneement, communis 160
April Jml. 1*307. CHASUM BOBSBSBOVi
per KBNEHT W. KuBIMiON, Agent.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
HottM i* harabj given that O0 days alter date I
Intend toapply to the BoaoAbla th? chief Com-
minloner of Lands and W'orks for permission
to purchase about 17.; acres of laud, situate near
the I'end d*Urallle nver, West Kootenay di.��iru;.
an*! deaeribed as follow*: Commencing at a
;*'-t n:n-k.'ii 'i. F. ': homson*! N. W. corner post.
situated on the south boundary and jo chains
from 8. Vi post of Lot 71E4. thence south about 70
chains, thence east about '22> ch��tns to a point on
the wnt'. boundary and ii chains from ri. W. post
of Lot 7741, thence north 70 chains and theme
wesl .     balni to the place oi beginning.
���28th March, i%7. g: �� Thomson,
a. G. Lamb, Agutt
ttxtg days afler date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon Chief CommlsMouer ol Lami* and Works.
Victoria.   B.C.. to purchase thc follow ing de-
ribed land, situated in ibe West Kooteuay dis-
Irtot: Commencing at ���* I^t planted on the
weal -iie oi Kootanay lake, near Rhinoceros
[>oint, and msrtiil J. M<*Kinnon's 8. E. corner
:-*--.. :nence west 80 chains, thence north to
chains, thence ea?l 80 chains more or less to lake
shore, theuce aloug lake ihore to point of commencement.
Signed J  McKinnon.
Sixty dajs after dale I intend to anply to Ihe
H-n. tbc Chiel Commi����ion..r of l-ands and
Works, Vietoria, for permission io purchase UO
acres, more or less, situated in West Kootenay
���'lstrict: Commencing at a po*t planted midway
cti the north boundary of Lot 7611 and adjoining
8.W '.-orner of Ixi rX6A. thence north 16 ehains,
thence west 40 chains, then e south 40 chains,
thenc etas fit chains, thence north 24 chains,
lbence east JOchatna to point of commencement
Located March 20tb. 1ST,. 1. J. BCSWTJW,
.^Ixty days after date I intend to apply to tbe
IIon. the Chiel Commi���:-- uer of Lands and
Works io purchase the following daaorfbed
lands: Commencing at a post planted on the
ea't side Oi Lemon Creek at the monthofthe first
north fork and marked **K. Cooper's southeast
eorni-r," running no chains weit, uorth 40chains,
ea-t H chains, and south 40 chains to place of
Dated March 2Mb, 1907. R Coot-En,
J. T. Tipping, Ageni.
Sixty davs after date I intend to apply to the
Bod. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Work<> to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing *t a poal marked "L A.
Tipplng's southwest corner post" and planted
near H. P. Cum-- '.aud, about half mue from
Slocan City, running north 40 chains, east JO
chains, south 40 chains, west 20 chains to place
Of commuDf tnieiit
Dated March Uth. I9n7 L. A. Tims*.,
J. T. TiPPtso, Agent.
Sixty days ailer date I lnter.d to app y to tbe
Hon. the thief Commissioner of l-ands antl
Works to purchase lhe following described land
located in Fir* Valley distrist of w.<*; Kootenaj:
Co LU inenelng at a poat planted at thi * W <��ner
at J 'tin Bang' pie-..iiiption, thaata BD ifllins
sontb, thence 40 chains west, thence AO chains
nortb, thence 40 chain*east tc place of beginning.
KiCHAitn Ejffrt, Locator.
J. J. Killy, Agent.
Noil- e is hereby given that ftl days alter date I
Intend to make application to the r ouorable the
Cblel Commissioner of Lands and W'orks. at Victoria lor PermlMlon to punhase the following
de*c.-iU'd.lau'iP: Conuaenclnc at a po*t planted
at the soathi art eomai ol lot y.��j, group l, ihence
aooth 20chains, tbenn east go chains, tbence
ebalni tbenoe weat at) ohatha to point
ofcommenccmeiii. con taming 166 acres, more ot
Nelson. March 271b, 1*C.        Ak.mi I., WiDg.
I'. Wade, Agent.
N..:n i Is h.-rebv gi\<*n that *> 4a*s alter date I
intend to apply to ua Hon ihe ciiieit ommis-
iioii-r of I>iU'ls and Works. Victoria, lor permission to purchait the following described
land; Comnuraeini at a jK��-t at the intoraai tion
nf lot !>2*'-'.. and eaat
f ��� ���������id- n Qneen" mineral claim,
tbtst   eaat If-tt chains, mora or iesa. to south-
eut corner   p"��t of lot 130,   theu.e north 'J)
chains, mi e or leaii lo nor thea-11 ornoi t��'-"i ol
���   .**��� .tbence eaal W chains to ihe siiuiheaii
corner post ol lot i'4H. thence toutb 40 chains.
taina, n.i r.* en les*  t*- the aen
boundary oi the "uoldeu Queen" mineral claim.
thanes along   east boundary "ijolden Quean"
nuueral   claim u> point of commencement, 10
chains, more or leaa
Nelson, B.C., Nanh 12.1901.
I'er Wm, Iollikotu*. Agent.
Sixty davs aftei date 1 intend toapply to the
Hon- Chief Commlpsionsr of .Land* and Works
for permission to purchase tbe following de-
iclbe l property at a post marki-i "ti m , S.K.
corner.' them-e 40 chains uorth, thence40chains
west, tnence *Q chain* soutb, the uee 40 cbains
east to point of ccinm*,ncetnep!, a relocation of
the ab#iridooed pre-eniption 72Uof W c Knapp
aud is the east half of the northwest quarter,
and "hr west balf o( the northeast quarter ol
section 7, township70 West Kootenay olstrlct, on
tbe w-st shonr ol tbe lower Arrow lakes, con-
t��*.*ui:c Ifloacres, mure or less.
Jsiatci: 1st. 1907. UI0t.6g MlLT"K,
M. R. Mr-qt-AP-Rtl, Agent.
Mxlv dayn after d-.tc I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief commissioner of I-andsend Work*
Victoria, B. C , to purchase 190 lo-res of land
situate ln Fire Valley. Watt Kootenay, end described as follows: '���onimencliigatthenor!hc*M
corner cf Let 781."i. an 1 running uorth TOch-tlns.
tlience east 20 chain*. ih��*nce iouth CO chalnt,
thene   ���������.st 1)ebalns to plans of baatnnlnn.
March 4th, 1*307. W W. BtADLKT,
J.E. AF^Abt-K, Agent
Sixty d^Ts aftssr date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon Chief Commissioner of Unds and Worki,
-Victoria, to purchase 320 aeres of laud in West
Ko'itctiay, described aa follows: Comm* nciog
��� t a iHikt'pltntfsl un Mosquito creek, about eight
miles from thc mouth and narked B Cross' ���; w,
corner, thence norf ^ihains, theuce 40 chain*
east, ihence do chaius soutb, thence *o chain*
west Ut plac-** of beginning
feh. i6tb,iw7. r. nam.
Jr.   A>f.kh,\. A-rflUl
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Btxtl days after data I ll :> nd to apply to the
Hou. Chief Commissioner of ?-**:.���!���* mid Works,
Victoria, B. C, to pun-base 54U acres ol land, itl
r'lre Valley, dtwribed as rol ows: t uniioiicliig
at a posl planted At chains west of Waller Hull's
N W corner and marked J W Holmes' Jr. H. E.
eorner p st, and running south 4U chain-. UtUMi
mat ���0 i hains, thence north 40 chains, thence
cast 60 chains to place of beginning aid leing a
portion of Section 35, Township .1, West Kootenay.
March .*Jtb,IW7. J   W. HOLMB.JB.
3. E   AS>AHL��, AOBXT.
Sixty days afterdate! intend tOSppiY t< the
Hon Chief Commluloner of Lands and WorhS
to purchase .t20 acres of land ln Fu-\ alley, Weat
Kootatta* district and described af Icilons:
Commencing at a p< il BUtffcad '. B's B, K
and ruuulcg oof.b BO chains, thence
v" ���: i" ��� riains ibenos sontb B chains, thenca
eaat40ehalna toplaos o( iweinning. and balni
the west one-naif uf the -'.TE, otte-quasler and
tbe east one-half of the s. w otHKinarter, and
the west one-hall ol tha N.K ooa-qnarbar, anl
the east ene-balf of the R. U. otw^nartat of
Beetlon It, lownship7i. s l.
March ajth, isu7. John Krvmt,
BUtr days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon ��'ble( Comiiuavioner of Landsan-1 Works lo
purchase tbe followlug deaerlbrd land located
In Plre -.alley distriet ol Wart K
tr,*:. vm at a port planted at the -s i- oom t ol
Jlthn Banfs1 p*a-enintlon. tbencesouthturbaina,
thence wen 4t> chains, thmr-. north -co chain*.
theme east 40 cbalni to place <-f beginttlngi Con��
tail log tat sere*
Ua stad Mareh Hth, Wl
Ii  A. MoPne, LtK-alor.
J. J   KtLLY, Agent.
fuiy days alter date I Intend to apply tothe
HoLuiaMeibe Chief t oramiasioucr of Lands and
Work* for permission to purchase thc lollowlng
de-scribed lands in Kootenay district: nmi*
meiKing at a post marked J. B Annable's north-
easi corner post, satd poat being on tbe south
side of tbe Lower Arrow lake, about two miles
bei-����� Hurton City: then,,- aonth w chains;
theme west 20 cbains; theuce south '20chains;
tbence west 20 cbains; ihtnee north 32 chalus
and 20 links, more or leas tr (he lake shore;
thence easterly along lake40chains, more or leaa,
to the place of beginning, containing 106 acrea,
moreor Itas.
Itait-i tbls&tb day of No-reinber '9u6-
J ti Aksarlz,
per K. L Britifrr, AE.-nt.
-Iity days after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon the Cblel Commu��ioo<*r of Lands and
Works, Victoria, lo purchase Mo acres ol i��nd lu
Wert Kootenai*,deeerlbed as follows: c.ttnmen-
ring at a post planted about eight miles up
Miiftqulto creek and Joinlns K Cnisr appllcaUon
io purchase, and marked ' . M's t* t. corner,
theuce north 80 chains, thence west M> chains,
thence aoutb W chains, thence easl 90 chains to
pia'-eof beginning.
Feb. 16th. 1907. r  Maexpall,
J. K Ainunu,
������' days alter data I Intend to apply to the Hon.
'blel Commissioner ol Unds and Works. Vic
torla to purchase 160 acres of land iu Flre Valley,
Went Kootenay district, and -described as follows.
Commencing at a po��t marked W H Wrights
P. E. corner, and running north *n chains. Ihence
west 20 chains, theoce /outh IB chains, thence
cast J�� chains to place ol t��t-glnnlng. and being
the west one-hall of the N. E. quarter.-! - *,.
26, and ihe west balf of the H. a*, one-quarter of
tkTtion �����'��� in Township 71 G. I.
March 30th, 1W7. W. H. Wttawx,
Notice ls bere uy given that sixty days after date
llntend to apply to the Hon Chief Comtulsdlon-
er (if Land�� and W'orks for the right U) WU-
chaae the following described lands: t ommenclng at a post marked "M. .1 Cameron's
S W. eorner post" planted at the H.W. corner ol
the K. and b. block, No. (A3, running cast 1,20
Khain*; thence sou h l.o��o faeta more or leas to
th- < I'tt. line, theme west 120 chains to the
Arrow Lake; thenc- north 1000 feet following
the shore of the Arrow ten to the point ot com
Dated ihi* lllh day of February. 1907.
M   J. I aaiao**,
J. M. OiXtmil, Ageni.
Ulity day* after date I Intend io apply to the
Cblel Commissioner ol ljtods and works for
i-ermlaslon to purchase the lollowlng deserlbed
lands in Kooteuay District, abo'it throe- Ottftrtl rs
ol mile from Thrum's siding:   Conunendng at a
rt placed at lhe ti. W. corner ol I. (*$**, group
wst Kooteoay Dlstrli C. thence westerly
lollowlng the north boundarr of l.4tm. a)
chairs; lbence north 10 rhaln*; thence .*���.r t.i
ehalni mon, or leas, tothe N w corner of
L&W-t; theuce south following the West boundary
ot liVsa:-; in chalm more or Waa. to place of com*
mcticumeut. containing 4o acres, morw or i��*
Dated ibis 6th day of I��.,*.*uiU-r 1906.
H. H. Pitts. Ixtcalor.
Noilce is bereby given that *" davs after date 1
intend io apply to tha Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works Vietoria. II C, for
permission In purrhasc thc following described
landa in W'est Kootenay distrif t; ConmeDHng
at a post pianu��l at the s-> :'.h"<*.t corner of'ot
7701, group 1. and ruhuln.- 20chains to the south
eiui corner of lot "tri, group I, then in an cast, r-
lv direction 20 chains then north 20 chains,
then west ifl chains to point of commencement,
containing 40 acres mere or less.
Located Febrrary llth, IW..
FHlLir Wadi, Locstor.
Slity dap after date I Intend to apply to tbe
Hon Chlel Commissioner of Unds and Worhx
Victoria, to purchase 4W acres ��| Und, ln Flre
\alley, West fto<dcnay.audle��arlbedi. follows-
Commeneing at a port planted at Walter Buu'a
northwest corner and msrkcl A, S'i - k"corner
and running north M chalna, thence west*.
ihains thence south Co .hstns, thencecast vi
chains to place of beglnulrig, and l-*i,lK mh ...
Sections M and * In T���w,���i. ip hnSl K ion
ol Bi-Ptloaa 1 and 2 In Township*.*, SroopY
March Mb, 1W. 1  aires
J.E   AMCABLB, /gent.      '
Notiee Is herehy given tbat CO days after date I
intend to apt.lv fo th- Hon. Chief KmtaisSona!
nf Lands an.l Work, for ,, rmli ��� -, Spu��h!!I
the following deacrlbed lands, sltnate In w��t
KontPu.T district: ComraanclnV at.��� p., ma-S
ed J. i. forteri H. w. corner, thince wtlth m
chains, loiiowing the eastern fiinndeS of m
Selous application c> p -, llNM . Jj���
chan*; Ibenes north * chains. tK0�� ,/., u
SJ*'"'' tf' Poim "J com* ,.T..,..-,;., ., '
**t acres more or less. anting
DaUd this Uth day ol Slarch, IKr..
J. L. 1'okTis.
Co days after date I intend toapply to tbsfla|
Chief Commiasioner of  Unds and  Works, V��
torla* to pnrehaae tto acres of .and ljcate-ds
Fire Vallev   and being a  portion  of l>e(iioni!
and Win Townt-blptW and described as foll��wi|
Commencing at a poat planted at the souttiaeal
corner   of  the southeast uuarter of sectlot IT
Township  T*'*   aud   marked   J. (i. iL t.   corntt,!
tbenoa north 4u chains;  thence west 60 chsiM;|
theuce south -tttchaiui; thence eaat fiOcbsliutl
ptaea nf beginning.
November iflrd IB06.
lOSKPH      '!-.���>
J. i:   AXXASLS. Ageut.
-i-.it days after date 1 Intend to apply tots*
If* o irabls the Chief Commissioner of UiVlt id
Works. Virtoria, to purrhaae 64'i acre* of *:-:
situated on thi,* west sli-e of Arrow lake, a D'l dr
.* rib) d *.- lolli.ws: I'onimcneing at a postmark
ad J. H's N. K corner aod plai-ed al the soutt-
waat corner nj Lot "f.Stt, '��roupl, M'cst Kontenij,
and runt,ing west SO chains, the tin* sou to If
chaius. thi.Dc* east MO chains to the ake sfioif, I
theuce north alon/ the lake to place of U-giunlnj |
March Sth. IW7. J Hai'.ki,
J. y   A>\.*��tu g. Ageot.
Hixtv days after date 1 Inteud to apply tout I
llouorable the Cblel C-ommlsiioner of Unds sod ;
Worka*Vietoria to purchase 130 acres ol land
;n Weet KiH.teney. and de*cni��ed ��> tSOtm \
��� ommenclng nt a i-oal plantcil on ibe east s; 1* j
,d Arrow Uke at the southwest corner of L7&S
,i.i-l marked "J. A. K's N W. corner," thearf ;
: ��� !.Aiti*,   theun-  south 40 Ohalns, ih'Dre
. .i-t �� i hains, thence aouth 20 ahaou to Itssa i
lo itn-T'i. pre-emption, thence west .11 chains to
Fauquier ��� application to purchase, thence nortb '
F'lt.alii" thence we^t 20 chains to lake abort-,
north along  lhe  lake shore to place iif
i i-inm-f neemea'.
Mar. j. Nth, 1907. J. A. KlUV.
Blxt) da;s afterdate I inteud lo apply to Uie
Hen the Chief Commbsiouer of Lands and
Works, Vh torla to ptncha'c the following de-
- ribs 1 land: Cf��Binu Heing at a pot* marked
If H's 8 W. coroer, and planted near ihe north-
waat comer "f I "'��� ^12, about one mile wesi of
.-.'"I au nver, and running easi to chains 10 Ut
������:���*! thene** north 40chain*. thence west *��ichains,
SOUth 40 chains  to place ol beginning.
March ?th. 1907. Mil.ru HaiTca,
ParLHarck. AgBUt
Slity davs after dale! intend lo apply lo the
lionnrabte the Chief Commissioner of Land*atni
W'orks, \ Ictoria, to purchase the lollowiuf
deacrlbed lands lu w'esi Koolenay district:
Ing at a poal planted al tbes.K. coiner
"f Wm Uvea's purchase L7M6 and ma*ked
��������. M.H'a V.fc corner," and monlng southe
chains, thence weal 40 chains, theuce nort��ie
chains, theuc* cast 40 chains 10 place of begii-
nttig and containing 2*40 acres.
March 5tb. 1907. E. M.Pn\��
J.E, Axkahls, Agent.
SixtT days after date I iniend to apph :��> tba
Hon the chief Commiasioner of Und* and Wmti
Vietoria. to purehaae 540 acres of laud In w��:
Kooteuay tfistrict: Commencing at a wat
planted aUui t miles frnm the mouth of nos-
qulto ( re. k an! about one mile west of the mi
cn-ek and marked 'H.H.K'sHW corner." sod
running north m chalna, theuce east HO chaini,
thence south M chalna, ihecce west K chains t>
place of beginning.
March Itih. lsVJ. II .11. Bow,
J. E. Av".;i Agest.
Slit) days after dale I Intend u> apply tntk*
Hon. the Ch el CommlasloQer ol Unds sad
Works. Vi, torla, to purchaaeS20aeresoflaiid.il
Wet-t Koolenay, described as follows: C��a-
mencing at a pnst planted about 1 miles til
Miisqulto ( reek from ths mouth and raarkra
**A t, " n \v eornrr, ihence south ��> rhaau
> asl 40 OheUy, tbeuce nmth a) ehsuu.
thence 4" chains weal to place ol begin:ilug
February 16th, 1ISJ7. A OsUllft
J. K. asn -tn: 1   Ageut
���fixty days after da'e llntend to apply '���C'-*M
Hou -he Chlel i-nmmissloner of Unrtt vti
works, V|(-i< ria, to purchase M0 acres of land, tt
Went KOOtenaj, describe I as follows: Cal-
taeiiclng at a [��wi marked "D B" S ��. cot*
and being at the N.W corner ol A. lirakaat
application lo po'chase which Is about *��� n'1*1
ut. Moduli.. Creek Irom the mouth aud mining so chains south, thence W) chain* ��������*��
thence V) ct ains nor,h, tbence 80 chaici e����l��
placeof l<egiiinlng
February 16th, l>n, D   Pt'STu!".
____^ 1- K. ASNBALa, Agent j
Sixty days after date I Intend to applv ftbj \
Honorable the Chief Com mlssloner nf Land* so*
Works, \ 1ct1.ru to purchase W acres of Iif1
located on ihe west side ol Arrow Uke saJ nt
���li**rt!Ui| as follow*: Commencing ���' �� P0"1
marked I1 A's N. t.i-orner. and planu-d *ocbafns
north ol the southwest corner of Ul 7IW. "">0>
'��� A' '������ ^ naj    and rontiltig south 4* ��h��Hi',
lli-iii*e wi st  *} chains,  theuce uortli  W chaloi.
ihxni'i-Mst-JOi-halns to place ol beginning
March Ilth,llW7 p. -inuiUi
r         J.E   -UQUJI1,Ifeol
Plltydays alter date I intend to apply to t����
Honorable thr Chh-11 ommissioner ol Unds snd
Morkt. for permission to purchase the lollosHU
desirita-1 land iu W��st Kootenay: CotnuicEfllEt
ata poet about one and a uuarter mile* (i:*l ""���
Bayonne Unding.aud rnarked'Iiella Bradley"
B. K comer, thence north a> chains, thenos**|
W Cbains, ihcnce south rt chains, thencses'i*
chiins to point of commencement.
March ��ud, 1W7.     (Signed) Bslu BrAPi.sr,
Korert Honiiesov, Agent
ui"lxty days afterdate I intend lo iRplJ I"11!
Honorable the chief Commisalonar of f-niidi tw
Work- I.r T'crmiaslou to purchase the Ioll����W [
desertIwd Und In West Koolenay: Cotnmiii'M
alapost pla iiuii on the north honk "f Hnmm"
creek, about three c|U��rU-rsof a mile from iti"11"
of creek, and marked K**% Cull's S B WffJ
Ihena north 20 chains, thence west 4i>chsl��
thence routh 20 chai* s, tnence east 4�� 1 hain' v>
Ii.int of commencement.
Mnrch 22nd, lju?. (fllRm>d) Kv* 'tt
Hur.vRT HoBijtKo*. agenl
-:x:y day-afler date I intend to apply I" Ij.1
Hon   the 1 itti<r ConsvlMloner nf Undi ��� w
works For permlnion i�� pwrrha*eihef"H"'*|,lt
- r:bc| Uni In West Kootenav: Con,r.:cii '������<���
ata post pisnted 011  the sottthbaut ol-mn'"1
reek.a'-not ne mile fioni month of cm-k,��'_
inatked  "K.   Kobinson a  N W    corner.'' '''',l"
���1 ls "'i ih��iris th-imv ensi f cha't.v '-������*''* .
north SO ohalns, thence west tOchaius to p i"-"*
con lenremani
March 22nd, WTT.
(el��ned) KoBMT lLom>��0!*
���     ������'.^' '-.ii. i'.'m.- ��� tm:  ���     ���.   ... l'~ JI.���-
[Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
Lnhe Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Boras & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
\ ,��� n t�� giren That M days after dnte I
L  in apnl) i" iho lion the Chief Commls
Lr ol Umls and Works,   victoria, for   per-
Lioti to out aud cany a*ar tlmher from the
'     ��� ���...*        rlbed lands In West kooteiiuy:
Icommenefng at a pnst planted about eighty
���at ot tin  raOUth ol lUireka nreek, where
.*,. into Barnes oreek, mid on the north
t '.,, |    .,.__,. creek, an I marked ft, A I-uuite'a
,,.,:., n.rn.r). M, thence wet elithy cliaina,
X-* north eighty eimins, thanoa aeal eighty
|,    ��� ������ I,-,. Bouth algbty chains to poiut of
|i,*<lJaii 'AHh. 1907.   <i A. Laraii, Locator.
nmmenclng sl a post planted cast of mid
Ilium*. A   Uurli - i-i "'on post No. 1, aud
V,   .    \ Uurle'i -.ni'.-est oorner poet of
| m, il,. ie*. eaal eighty chains, theuce
i .      iyi balds, thence west eighty chains,
i       ith eighty chains to point ol commen-
���t,-1.inn   25tb, 1907.   ii A. Latbik, Locator.
mmenelngats post planted about eighty
outh ni Eureka i reek where it (lows mto
. i   Mid marked <j   A. Laurie's ���outb-
I ut, on location "0   H, thence east
hence north   ighty chains, thence
elghly chains, lbence couth eighty chains
iiini ul commencement,
|i-.l lau. -*th, I'JU7    ti. A. LiiRiK. Locator.
Commencing at a post planted   south of
f. Laurie's looatlon No. 8. and
.1 i.    k, i aurle's inTiliweat wiier poat,
thence sontb en chaum,
��� w,-* B(l chains, thenea north W.i chalna
lint of comi ��� i - *.i mt
���������.!���>���:      a Una,Looator.
t-O'ommenelng   st  a   i��isl    planted   eighty
Ins east and Ut-.v i huius souih of location
I .No I,and murked  rt    H. Pane's  Miulliwettl
er posi ni location No i\, theme eat-l eighty
ine north eighty chain--, thence wesi
in*,   tbenee   *ouih einhty chains lo
aimenei ment
|>at.-d .'an  aSthtimn,     W  fl, l'AUt, Locator.
omnanctng  at a  post  planted   south   of
adjoining looatlon :*-���   :>. und marked w. ll.
northwest corner poatoi location No fi,
i eighty ohalna, thenos sonth eighty
thenos ��'**��i eighty ehalna, thanee north
kin* ebalni 11 point ol witnntennemenL
Dsted Jan, Will, 1��)7.      W. H. Pacjk, locator.
'imiH-ne iik   ul   a    post   planted    eighty
east and twenty chains south of locution
i*   mi ii, und morkaa Q, a Learla's sootht*est
m.-r post ol  loeuitoii No, 7. thence east eighty
sine, thanoa north eighty chains, thenc** wem
iity ohalna, thenos soutb eighty chains to
��� - ol i oiniiicncemcut.
Dated J mi. Mth, mi7.   Q   A. Lai-rie. LoQftSDt.
���    Commencing    at   a   posl    planted   einhty
bains east and eighty ebalni sontb of location
L No. "I, and marked O.A  lytiiirlc'mouthweiil
posl   of   locution     No.   I,   thence   aaat
Ighty chains, thenoe north eighty obaina, thence
rest i ghtj chains, tbenee sontb eighty chains
nt of I   "iiiiiieliceiuelil
|)al d -'a:;   Mtb, 11*1.,   tt, A. I.At'Kir, '-oca tor.
���'   Commenolng at  ���  poal   plented   eighty
mains eul and eigbty chains south of locution
and   marked fi    A.   Uurie's  south weet
' ni' r ttl location Ko, ��, thenee eaat ItiO chains,
"tci,-*   nurth 10 .halus, thence west IW) chaius,
tn*   south +<''hatiiMo point ol commencement
Dated Jan Jf.tli.iw:.   <���  A   Lairie. Ltwafor.
I herebj given that thirty davs alter
| idto  riukeapplleulU.il to the Hmior-
��� ��� ��� *��� i*   I oiiimlssioner ol Unds and Works at
1* ,; '     lor a MH-clai   license to < ut and
I Hmoei Irom lhe following desoribed
it* - :.. w.-i.\ Kootenay district:
\ ommenclng al s posl planted about two miles
i quarter up n soothers tributary ol the
hloean   river, on   lhe   i reek   commonly
.     ���  ii*I  ., ..Uu: ter ot i,  Iiili-
��� ki   'id   murked   A.  L   Hlewari's
* ier poii thanoa north m chains.
_ i-halns   thence aoutb (in chums.
I WS oi commencement.
m' L��J" oi April, 1SWT.
A. L. BTiwaaT. Locator,
rake notloe that 80 days Hiu*r date I Intend to
apply  lolhe  lion    ihu  f,ht  I  ('oiiiiniHimmer of
Lands ana Work*, Victoria, iom special Ueenoo
to eul und curry uwuy timber from lhe following
deacr.bed land, lu Weal Kooi nay: Commencing
alu|M.Ki planted at Kokanee Siding on Kami
Point, oil  touth  ��lde  Weal   Arm   of   Kootenay
river abonl ll miles eaai of Kelson* B C .marked
"'" �� Walmsley's V.K.corner pout," thenoe >'i
chains south, ih* lice Ht) chain*,  weat,  then-e Kli
chain-, uorth. thenea HO ehuin* to point Of com-
meneement. coiitiiliiinK ft" acrea. more or less.
Located March ltlh, 1907.
Chas. p. Walmklky,
P. Ehkkah, Agent.
laketinUce thatl intend thirty dajn ufter date
to apply t , lhe Hon. the Cfajflf Commissioner of
Unds aud Woiks lor a special license to cut ami
(airv awuy tiiiiht-r from lhe following described
lands, situated east Lf Hog creek, ln lhe district
of "Aehi Kooieiin>: '-oiimieueljig ul a poM marked 'The Houndary I.umberC'ompuuy's northwest
corner pout " planted about a mile eut Of the
Coittmhiu and Western railroad, aud abont three
miles south f the Big Tunuel, thence*, tihains
south, thenoe OO cbului eu.-t, thence 40 chains
Mnith.lhei.ce iui chains east, thonce tf chains
uorth, 'i 'tn i. HU chains west, theuce 40 chains
north, thence 80 ehalns west to polut of commencement.
Dated 4th March, 1W7. J Gikeli-I,
Agent Ior The Boundary Lumber Co.
Tase nntice Unit 1 Intend thirty days after date
to apply to the Hon the chief Commissioner of
Lands and Worn for a Ipeolal llceuse to cut and
curry awav timber from the following described
lands, situated on ltog creel, in West Kootenay
district; Commencing at a post planted on the
eaat Bite of the Colum- lu and Western railroad,
on or about leu chain* eaat. und marked   "The
Bonndary Lumber company's post/'and about
a mile and a half souih ol the liig Tunnel, the
ixrthweat corner,   theuce   running   sontb   lfiO
ctains, thenc- aaat801 huius, tbenoe uorth im
chain*, ihence west 40 chains lo place of com-
nie nee hi ent,
I'ated March 4lh. IV07. J Oikku.1.
Take notice thai I intend, thirt- days after
date, to apply to thc Hon the Chief Commission-
er ol Lands aud Works lor a i-perlal license lo cut
and oarry away umber f.<nn the foJlowingda-
firlbed lands, hituated on Sandy creek, iu West
Eoottnay district: Commencing at a post planted on Ut.: west side ol Handy ereek and called
.1. Y. H's SOOthwest corner poet, thenre ruunlug
east *' chains, thence north 40 chains, theuee
wi 'ni 4ii chaius. thence north ttl chains, ihenee
weal 4o chains, thanae south Uo ehalns to place
ol commencement.
Dated this ''ih day oi March, MOT
J. P. BwaauBlio. Locator.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days atler dute 1
itt-ud toapply to the Holiorublv the Chief Com-
mlssloner of   I- I-  and  Works   for  a   special
.ollMli tiereDj gtten .nai30(lay* alU-rdate 1 .
k'iMl I- apj.h tn ib- liouoable the Cnlel Com- ,
���M.mer  .*i   Unds and   Works for a  special !
|i"*   �� cut snd carry awny timber from the I
V       ig described lunds In Went Kooteuay dis- !
Doing sta post planted nbout two and
guariei miles up u southern tributary ol ihe  I
.     '���"'.',!i ���''���'-'   on the creek oosamonly
Iu��rf" '",'1'11,'r('"-��'k. and abouiaiiuarterof ,
Jio -   un tin lurks, mid maiked A L titvwart'e  ,
���     ""   "et  |>OSt,  thence  south IWI ehnllis,   .
alto chains, thouoi north lfiociiaina,
��i w chaini in place of eommenoement,
nil Mdn> o| April. 1901
a. l. htkwart. Looator.
I'. !   '',: xivcn that n;i days alter date I  |
���nd to spply to ih, flonorabla tbi Ohlal com- !
F��Mi   "i    Unds  uud  Works  lor a special   i
���^ -ut uni. Hi-ry umber from ihe follow- I
jl"-u.l.c.l   hni.l-   situated   in   the   \alu-v of
ommenclng IU miles north of
.;, '   ","V"":1' '""""i��ry line,   Jolntng  the
l\m,. .. V H,llePP��rd Haiiw.iv ooinpany's
��� grant iu thrdlMu, ��� d| Wiat KooieliuJ*:
ii'i'*\l>'V'!!'',','.''1,'.,;ll,'t!,!1'." uf���.4 jp1*?**! Rt.the
hilstle's prt-eniptimi,
Hills,,   ll,      i  *   ���    "     "HI*   1-    l'l I" CUI 1*1 II Ni .
'"'I.      ' S Illllll. Mllllh   ���|������-   ,|���.    ,,������    ||,'���|,,_.
���    '    ',    sstl.-i,*. |iri-...|ii|,i|mi,  llinlfrss. cut
[JJ-j? M��nu uid Port siicpiuinl nan,
sirs* 11in-    .
. ""��� ""-I	
I ' ' B s,���
* WUI   lull,
>'isls-,l )
'ls.slli.,  tlss-IU'O  sis��l   lllll
7 Li ilsHinsi.  Illl-llIM) cl   4li
sis- is isr.i.mc,.     l;t,tm/nmm.
'.", '*" '���'"III "I ll   |sc.��t   lilsslltcsl   lit   till-
"' <;< losssiissn Nss. l mi tin* ..at
1'   s hrlHtlc'ii tirc-cinlillssli,
���outh tin sit His., ss.i  mil
si-ism ���  |,r,. i-mpliiiii. tlicitssis
���s; Nelaon aod Kssn BhopiMia
IJI ���'��   u,,n���. iii.1,.1,,,1,,,. ���,.r,l,. ilictit'c .li
J. I*. hwkisisiiio, Looator
I|.|.'"'���"'.,':".; ''""S .1..V- ,.,,..,  .!;,!.. 1 Intel,,,
)> isss.i \s,i ���'",' ,!'"* ''"ii" OommWloaot ol
, ,., ,,"!'",' (i'*lssii��, il. c, tor �� -.pci'lol
ssIisb il,",', " '""' "����v 'liii.x-r frum tin.
isi,,,.in,,.  ' "sssil. iu \t',..i KooMmayi
c nortl,,..., * ,l"*t  I'lmilcl  *Jll chalim wet
Jl'i'-iim    ,r,   , ''".r"vr "' '-���" ��12- "'"I"1 "�����'
Ilm-   III, I       .,���",', ''"   ""��    ">����������   "��l   H
11,     ""' "' 0h4lM, Ihcnce Mil ill
theism, ,..*���'  '" I'lmlnii. thonce o��"t IW
ii,, '.,, "��"i; in t'lmina, tiiiiniai int iao
���icorni ,"!"'' -WohiiM in ,ilni-cotoom-
��� "���""""liiliieWUBcroiiiiisrcorlcini.
I    " ���"��"���!. mn, iw, m,�� ,,���������,
. hm,,,, ? pjta thut thirty days altor
'����iw m..r, !,'Wy u,l],v Spnorafletfia chief
miMhui t���  .,,'"",v ,in'1 "orka, Vit-iorin, for
n.i carry away lliuhor from
iMcriDea lunds in wui Kootenay
r ".Mil,, 'n,;'^mviirlng nt n mist tlire^-
l,n f'vei I, '' "I! ?&! ���fiWEon Knot-
I111"' lulii U.2SM Uilllll,�� walmitay'jB.X,
I"""* uorth tV ' lfl" Vh-*I���� west, thenre 4v
'i   i .'������   ;',)',1WI l'll,ilnH ,;il��t. thunoe 40
W>��.I.IAM WaI-MSLRV, liocator.
Il.i^ll   Nn   ���>    ft *'' R,1KK*N' AB����t.
���r UMilp'iK Tf ��m,..c,1Lln_?   ul P-POit  about
��t   Ann  , r  i-mlU' ��_P ****" ���**�� ������. "��
I"11'" west \&$��}l S I;t,rtl"r W *����� ����
iiiti"��B i,i I      ,;1,,i,i"t i,vuth' it,,|i,','fi im
|hning '"I'hiiluH north to point of be-
' ,|,,l,^M.in-li8ii,,min
WiuiAM WAi.MHi.iiy, Locntor.
Y. hhkkan, Agent.
tloanas toeut and carry asray Umber from the
followiiiK daaodbed lauds iltualfl on the west
Bide of Hlg Ktmop Oreek Valley: Commencing
about three and a half miles uorth of tbe International boundary line and about one and a
half indes west of lhe Nelson and Fort Sheppard
Hailway company's laud grant in iht- district of
Waal Kooteuny:
No, 1 - Commencing at a poal planted two
miles went of Big Kbeep ereek, known as lhe
southwest eorner post, joluina J. K. Craaslou's
timber alalia No. 1, claiming ho rhBitis north,
thenee 80 chains enst, tht nee m chaius south,
tlience WJclmiiis wem toitoiui id commencement.
Located March -.'isi. lftrr.
No 2���Commencing at a post planted at the
sontbwast oornerol looatlon Ko. i. knosrn as ihe
northwetit corner poatoi location No. 2, clHiming
W chnins south, thence Wl chains easl, then e A
ehaUtl north, thenee Bti chains west to point of
J... nt.-. Mm. Ii Hit, 1W7.
Ko. .1��� Commeneing at a post placed half a
milt- west of loeatiou No '.���, known as the souih-
eum troiner, claiming K)obalns north, theme ho
chalus west, thenee M chains houih, Ihence W
obalns earn to point ol oonunenbanient.
No. 4 ���Commencing at a pent plautetl nt thc
southeast comer of Looatlon No ;i, -known es the
northcHHl eorner,  claiuilng   KKi  ehains south,
thence 40 ehains west, theuee   Gil chains north,
thonoe40chains test to point of eomnienoemetit.
LOOOtOd March '^Ist, 1'A'T
5. I'. BwsruiEno, Locator.
K. T. ENoiijthJK.*. Agent-
Notice Is hereby given that Wl flays frtundate
I intend toat'i'lv lo the Hon Chief Horn mlssloner
of l-ii.ii*!- und works for a special UceiiNe to cut
and carry sway Limlter from the following de-
SCtrlbad land* lu West Koolenay district:
i i.miiieiicint, at a p.-si pbiiited on the north
bank ol lu Mile creek, ah,nit oue mtle and h half
in 'in *���!' ���cun lake, marked E Strand's northwest
comer post, thenee east 160 chains, theneo south
40 chains, them-e west 1C0 ehatns, tlu-nce uorih
40 ehalns to point of commencement.
Dated this vital day ol March, I9C7.
K. Btranu, lxicator.
Nolt��*e ls herehy given Uiat 30 days atler date I
intend to apply to lhe Hnuorabie tne Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lands aud Works. Victoria, for a
special license to eut und oii'ry awny limber
from lhe follow lug deserlbed laud lu West Kooienav |
Commeuelng at a post  plauted   shout eight
miles from the month ol Goat mew, inn whsu
It Hows Into the Nlocan river and uboui six
chiiiU" from the Ofeek upon the touth bank, and
Joining 0. H. Hlttb.'s location on Ihe west line
���tnd marked ��. Ilutle's southeast eorner post,
thence weal UD chain**, theliee liorlh 40 chains,
theme rait UK) chains, llienee souih 4o cliaina lo
polut of commencement
Located March nth, Ittfl
JUtrt Watt, Locator.
por c li. Htrri.R. Agent.
Notice is herehy given that ;I0 days alter date I
llil.-lid to applv to lhe Honorable the Chief < .mi
mlsslonei of Lauds and Works, Vietoria. for a
special It'-iiisc to ut and carrv away timber from
the following deHcnbod laud in Walt Kootenay:
* ommenclng ut a post planted about six miles
from the moulh of uoal oreek and where it Bom
Into Sloean river, and a* oul Iii dbslni from the
ereek, upon ihe aoutb bunk and nmrsed C It
Ulttle's southeast corner post. Ihenc*'west 1H0
chain", thence north 40 ehalim, Ihence east UU)
chnin-., tbenoa south 40 chains to point ol com
limed March Mth.lSn,
C, B. HlT'LE. Locator.
Notice ls hereby given that thirty days after
dato I intend tn apply to the lion the Chlel
Commissioner of Landl nnd Works, al \ loto'la,
lor iispnuliillicense toeut und carry uwuy timber
mmi the following described lands in West
Kootenty, that Is to say: ��� oinmencing ut
Hum-Toft s and Hehermerhorn's post No t,
ruuning tlience eaai Wi ehulns, theme south BO
ehulns. thence wost Hu chulus. thence north W
chalus to point oi eotumciiecmciit pust No. 8,
containing Ml) ncros of lund, more or less.
Hilled at Creston, B.C., thii Und duy of March,
AH , iwn.
oro. Hwaiorr,
j  0. PcnE��nBniii)UN.
The Daily Canadian
In Neluon. April 10th, lo tlie wife of
Charles  Hipperson, a son.
Memorial Service.
There will he n memorial Bervice at
the Salvation Army barrack* next Sunday evening for Mrs. Mary Hanna
Handcock, who died last Tuesday.
Fancy   Applet.
A carload of fancy apples came In
yesterday and are now on the market.
This will be the last chance of the sea-
won to secure good table varieties.
Provincial Assessor.
Alex. Lucas, provincial assessor, of
Kaslo. wus In the cily yesterday looking
after certain matters in connection
With the assesHmenl of tov/nsite lots.
He left  ibis morning for H'-velsloke.
Improving  the  Barracks.
Capt. .lohtiHione has planted several
beautiful trees In front of the Salvation Army barracks, and will make several Internal Improvements in the
building in the near future.
Will Be Buried in the Eatt.
The body of the late Martin F. Garrison, of Alnsworth, hns been embalmed
at the undertaking rooms of the Standard Furniture Co.. and will be shipped
to Kalamazoo, Mich., for interment. Deceased has been a sufferer from
Brlght'l disease, and died last Tuesday.
He was 58 years of age.
RoBcians Disbanded,
After a week's engagement in St.
Paul, the Roscian Opera Company went
to pieces in Minneapolis. The trouble
was poor business and the inability of
ihe manager to r.iise funds to finance
the company. Braipeu was good in the
Dakotas, but bad in Minnesota, lt is
announced that Miss Winnie Crowley
lias Becured an advantageous engagement with the Boston Ideals. The other
members of the company at last accounts were out of employment.
Notice is hereby Riven that K dayt- after date I
Intend io t*pe&i ta the Hon Chlel uommlstlonar
Ol Lands and Works, at Victoria, lor a apecial
lirense to cut and carry awny Umber from thc
lollowlng described landi in Wost Kauteuay:
Comment-in*.-; eta po*i (-hinted on the east line
m Lot tilt, two miies nouth of the aouthern
boundary of my Timber Licenae No. Jb, thence
east 4u chains, uorth If) cha'.ns, west 40 chains,
north Ro chalus, weal 40 chains, aouth Ml .-Inuns.
east 40thalns. aouth 80 chalna lo place of commencement, oontainlng M) acres, more or leaa.
April ��ih, 1907. P. Ll'Nn.
Nollee is herebv niven that 10 days afler date 1
intend to Hpplv to the HOO. Chief Commlaaioner
of Lands and works for a (.pedal Itnanaa to ont
nn.'. carry away timber Irom the following de-
serfbe-d lands, altuated on Corn Oreek in the
Qoal Oreek ttirlllon In BonthWett Kootenay. B c.
���*A"���Comnuucluir al post "a" plained about
1��) chalna w**t irom aoutheaat Comer of Hioek
No 1W>. and marked " **��. L Beckwith hy I J
Lucia uent,northeaat corner post," about two
chain" north of the Straaffl, then wcM 1��< chain*,
then tt ehalna Mitch, theu ea��t 160 ehalns, then
40 rhii'i" north to pout of eommeneement.
Dated March 6lh, 1907. W  L. BicawiTM,
by I. J Lucia, Agent,
''B"_'Jommeni ing at post "B" planted or *'tn
���onth fork of Corn creek, aboul N chnlna irom
where lhe stream empties Into the Main stream,
marked "W. L. lieekwnh by I  i unda. agent.
northeaat corner pnst." about three chains eait
of iitrenrn, then IW ehalna south, then 40 chains
WMt, then iwi chains north, then 40 chaius east
to point of commenoement
Dated March 7th, 1907 W. 1. t�� ens with,
by 1. J. Lucia, Agent.
on"���Commencing   at   post   "C"  plauted   BO
chains sooth oi northwest oorner ol Block "B"
marked "��' L Beekwlth by I.J  Lucia, agent
norlheast Oorner post." abnut ten chains weat of
stream northeast corner, then IW chaiua south.
then 10ehalns west. ti_en 16ti chaiua north, then
���in chatna e��-i to post of eommeneement
Hated .March Sth, UOT, W. L. Hkckwith,
by I. J, LrciA, Ageut.
Take notice that thirty davs after date 1 intend lo apply tothe Hon. Chiel Commiasioner of
Lands unu Works at Vietoria, II. 0., for a special
license to eut and carrv awuy timber from the
following denrlbed lands in unieorth division:
Commencing at a post marked Ohai, F. Walmsley's southwest post, thenee north 80 chains,
tlience antl BO cliaina. thenee south HO chains.
thenei west no chains to point of commencement,
the said hind being situated ou the eaat side of
Out 'de creek, ahout *% miles aouth of tlie Lardeau river.
Located March ll>th,1907-
Chas. F- Walmslky, Locator.
1' -SlIKRAN. AgCIll.
1���Commencing at a post marked GhtS. t
Walmsl *va northwest posl, thenee south 80
ehtlnii theme east 80 chr.ins. thence mirth 80
ehalni1  theme  weat  80 chain.',  lo point of com-
meneement. the uld Landbelntntnatnon the
��hsi fide of Cascade creek, about 8l, miles south
��if I*ideau n��er
Located March Uth, 19W.
ClIAK. F. W.ims:.n, Locator,
P, -Nueran, Agent.
R���Commeneing   at   a   post   maiked Chas, F
Walmalev's   southwest    pOSt   thenee   soutli   80
.-hums,  thence uast 80 chalna, lhetice uorth ft
ohalni tbenoa west n chains to polntof oom-
meneement. Ihesald laud  la-lug altuate on the
easl aide of Cascade creek, abuut i1*,- miles aoulh
of Lardeau rtvar.
Lmiatcd March UQl.UW.
chas K. wai.msi.kv. Locator,
I1. HtlKKAN, Agetll.
Noilce is herebv given thai thirty daya alter
datel Intend to npplv lolhe Hon. Ihe Chlof Coin-
,i,i*.i,.ii, r of Lands and Works, at Victoria,
ior h aticeiul llcenc" to eul nlid cany awny tlm-
!���,* (-"'is, llss-I, K..s.*ln*<.l.-.rll..-s, Isil.sls. Ill ��e.l
KssisU-niss*. tlm,  1�� I" "��y:   l'n������i,i-���,-lnK   Bt is
DOll     Wllllts-.l   -US   lIllllllB   HMI   Cl(   lil.S     llSSrllll-IIlt
rssriii-r ol bltsisk hla, (Insist markisd 81-J K H ,)
llii-niTrunnluioMl W <-tint,iss, tlienoe lOUthJO
<*>,Bln>, tlience wort K> clialm. lliens-i- north Ml
s-h��ln�� to loi-Btlou po,t No. 1, i>i.��,iiinl,i| Mil
Bisre* ssf lBti-1, more or h'M.
liBicd ,t Crnton, 10., tlsli Kn-J tiny ol MBrt-b,
(IKO.  HtHsCBO-fT,
Jiotlre i�� lii-r.ilis* glvisn LliHt thirty .l.,v�� nit"
llBtss I hili-nsl lis isi.iily li.llii' Hon. ilis.rliirllinii-
mlwlnnor ol UiisIh sinil WOtlu, ��t VWtorU,
(sir ii .isrelBl Iktom' to inl unsl .ssinj sissss; tlnilier
lioni tbo loll..Willi.- sls-s-srllss-' liinii. In ��Ml
KossKsiiiiy, iimi i- In issy: OommonolOl .it is
issiniwii-hBinssiviKi of Uu- nortliweil oornoroi
Ilii.s-iss'lBiiil K, l,t-rinvrl,ori,.> po{, ��0j '���,''""'
nliiK   "onth   111 (st'Blnis lis   V'>bl N"   -i I'.'i"'''
CBS.IKI   S-lllllllH,    IISS-II.SS    IIOrllll.ll   S-llSSllISS,    llsi'll,'!'
WIWtWOllBlWi, tlM',l,*.-��l>���,l, mis'lsssilisst'sl'l  "I
S'OllllllOlK-l'llll'llt ]SO,t NSS. B, ISOIltSslSllllH I'*,"  SIS-H'N,
linns' ssr Iom, . ,     ...    ,
Isnti-sl Bl Cro��loa, B.C., till. 2211*1 ''.isy o. M.n-n,
AU'' mg tlf��suorr,
J. 0   tsI!ll<ll��t����OKK,
Tnks- nsstls-.- tluil 1 Iniend, Uslrty tiny, nfler
\lnle to uplilv Iss Ilu- lliiuoralslc tlie l.'lillsf Com-
minloner dl Unsl, nml Works for ,1 ,|.i-s*lnl
ll,.(.|ii*|.|or.utiinil s-sirry niray timber from tbe
i illisislnu ils'ssirlbiil InndB, iltiiBtesl on Sandy
i-rusk Iss W.-mi Kssisi.naydlistiii't: Cisliiinoui-Hn
���  a ,���',��t islnssu-sl on lho mil HA*, of "Bid tsroi-k,
nsl inisrki-1 ".I >'��� B'B" ns,rtbwi'��t s-omisr; ttioni-e
riinnlnsi mssith s-lKhly s-hnliul -.uent-n enm eighty
.���I alms, tin mi* nnrth slRlsty isbsiln,; lbs-nee went
���eighty ishiilu. Us lilaue of iiommenoi'mcitt.^
llalesl thll mih rtay of Kebrunry, 1��07.
,,,���... i. hereby ��Won tliat an slum iit.er date
s Intend tssssss.lv' to V"�� Honorabl'! thi* Chb-I
,   ,,,  ���s.l..ss��r'..ll'��i"ir��n.l Work,, VielorlB, for
,;,,.i,, I'lsiitoi'iil ,,���.l earry nii-ny timber
* from the  s.sviin.- domifMd |,i  ol bind Hi
\ ,..t Kssmis'ssiis dutrlot: Cssniiiu,ii-liiKiit��io��t
nlulili'.l 2ii ilsuinss (risin Ibis s'lissl Uio is ssf l!|i|ier
1 rr," Issu* isli'l ss'l)s'l"l..ll WOO* ���'"< 'hoaontb
���i,l inn k.-sl ������.'hii". Isl.l*"" :iorlbsvs'��t isomer.
IbVoceroulh w .'baiiiss. then'.' ins-l ��i i*biiln��,
slssniseiisirthSlli'lissliia, llntlee vv.'.l UO chsllna to
ssistnl ol I'oiiinislii'S'inelil.
'"I'na"! Uie Us, ilny of Morel,, IW ^ ^
Sketch of Conservative Member Whose
Speech Caused Emmerson's
Looking down ou the houne of Commons at work with its two hundred odd
members gathered from the four corners of the Dominion, und belonging to
the various classes and races composing our population, a spectator would
Bcarcely select Mr. Geo. W. Fowler, of
King's and Albert, N. U��� aB the embodiment of parliamentary amiability and
line feeling; aud if one made such a
selection he would lind alter listening
u day or two to the debates that he had
made a mistake. Mr. Fowler'B face is
certainly a strung one. there is much
determination in it, great will power
antl keen intelligence, but withal it Is
the fact of a man who makes his way
by means of strenuous pusbfulness
rather than by conciliation and sunny
smiles. When he is on his feet in tlie
Mouse everything about tlie man suggest that he is the adversary of some
one. "Belligerent" Ib stamped all over
him, on everything he says or does. His
whole attitude Ib that of a fighter. His
gestures are always emphatic and there
is a good deal of the clinched fist and
swinging arm about them. His tone,
when not taunting, Is defiant and he
rings out what he has to Bay with a
clearness that leaves no doubt as to his
meaning. Mr. Fowler belongs to that
class commonly known aB "born fighters." His ability in this direction has
had during the present session pretty
full scope.
The general elections of 1900 gave
Mr. Fowler a seat ln the house of commons. He won it by a majority of 183,
and four years later he held it by a
majority of 369. The constituency seems
to be pretty safe for the sitting
member. Col. Domvllle, now in the
senate, represented it during four parliaments and II was there that the Hon.
Geo. E. Foster won bis first victory in
1882, when he was elected as an Independent Conservative. He was also returned In 1887 and in 1891.
Before coming to Ottawa Mr. Fowler
had sat for King's in the New Brunswick legislature, so that he entered the
federal arena with a good preliminary
training apart from lhat which he received in the law courts.
Col. Denlaon'i Proposal to Develop Big
Naval Reserve.
Toronto, April 11.���Lieut. Col. G. T.
Denlson in addressing the annual dinner ot Lodge, Commercial, S. O. E. B. S.
in the St. Charles hotel made a strong
plea for tbe passing of navigation laws
for compelling all trade between the
colonies and dependencies of the Empire to bo carried in British bottoms.
He reviewed, the history of the marl-
u.*s>e powers in the past, showing lhat
their supremacy lay in the command
of the sea. The flag of Holland 200
years ago flew on 10,000 of the 20,000
vessels then engaged in the commerce
of the world, and England had taken a
great part of this trade from the Netherlands by her navigation laws. Lleut-
Col. Denlson then told of his campaign
against commercial union with the
United States, and for preferential
trade within the Empire, and expressed
the belief that afler the pre-ent generation of British politicians had passed
away, or even before then, his doctrine
would have become au accomplished
Hon. Dr. R. A. Pyne thought the
school children could not be taught to
have enough respect for the Union Jack
and he intended, through tho public
schools to inculcate ln their breasts tho
proper reverence for it.
Reports  Adopted and  All  Officer*  Reelected���Good Year's Work.
London, April 11.���The shareholders
of the Grand Trunk railroad of Canada
at the semi-annual meeting todny unanimously adopted the repon of the board
of directors and re-elected the retiring
members of tho board. The president,
Sir Chat-leu [livers Wilson, reviewed
11,,' accounts and the work accomplished ln Ihe exteiiHlons of the road.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo-
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C.
Notiee !��� hereby given thnt the Wtttsbtirs
Lumber company bu applied to HI** Honor tho
Ut'iiienR"! linviTiiur In eonncll, under tho pro-
vImihih ol tin*- "River* nnd Btreami Act," lor the
right tn Improve HykeilH creek in tbe dlitrlet ol
West Kooteintv, British Columbia, by removing
thc obstruction" thnrefroin nnd Htratghtclilng
tlie bank* thereof,nnd toeooitruet'dlunH,bouraa,
slldenand chute*, ond mnketuch other lmputve-
metitH m intiv be i eei'Huary lor the driving and
railing of Iojts nn'1 tin* ll inning of limber tlTi-reon
Tho landB to iMtufffft'tl ire government latidB anil
liOtH'i.M and 2.7.2, (<ronpl, tootenny dlatrlct, and
Uie IoIIh tbat ure |nn|n>Ncd to be cha'ged, lf any,
nre Nin'h Sf intiv In* li v*d I.y-a jmt-K-��!' ��� he county
court of Weal Kooteiiuy-
Dated thla _T7.li day of March, A, I). lOtff.
Tke Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Biker Street, Neleon. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large ead Comfortable Bedroom, end Pint-
sslisMi.siii-K Boom.   uero]il, Ktiomi. lor l.ommsss-
Slftl   u.u
HIW.  T.. C.CLARKK.  Propmire,,
Grand Central Hotel
Tins hotel haa been completely renovated and
newly furninhed with all modern equlpmentx.
Hot waler heating tlirotiirliitnt.
AATF.S : Rooma,  50c.   upwards ; meali   t'n: ;
apeclal ratea by the week.
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson, B. C.
Tremont House
European and Ajnerican Plan
MhIi 36 Ota.   Roomi from 2fi eta. to H
Only White Halp Implored.
Baker Bt., Heleon Proprietor*
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar le the Fineet.
White Help Only Employed
Jonephlne Bt
Royal Hotel
Bates II and tl.fsO a Day.
Special Bates to Begular Brat-den
Miwt comlorteble quarter, In Nelion
Onlj tbe beet of Liquors* and i igara.
Reduced Rates
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trans-Atlantic passen-
geri arriving on or subsequent to April
from points In Ontario, Quebec, Maritime provinces, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United States.
Send For Your Friends
Full  particulars    on    application  to
locul nsent or wrlto
A.G.P. V.Vancouver. D.P.A.. Ns-l.ssis
Wholesale ami Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothiug bat iri'sb nnd
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Hail ordore receire careful intention.
..******... **i*^\yr,*i^VifVifVvvyMV^visvv^^^^*^*^^,-^,
$100 down and easy payments
for balance buys a very nice Residence. Offer open for 5 days only
S. Me BRYDGES,    Imperial Bank Block
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With U'AriiiK orslmrds nnd running water on each property.    These proportion ran 1* purchased ou rwim.uublo terms if sold at once.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
Cfeoiccat Frott Lands in
Brtttah CofamfeU.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres'to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
For Quick Sale
s   and Two Lots
On Chatham SL Fine locatloh. Clew
to car line. Houm built ef brick fn*
storey.   Nicely furnished.
$700.00 cash,   balance  on  eaay terms.
Certificate of the Registration of An
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies Act, 1M7."
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
I HE< EBY CERTIFY th-At the "Kr*o Sllrer
Umd Mini on Coraptny, Limited," hu thll day
bueu resmcred an an Kxtra-Provincial Company
untliT tin* "CompmitoiTB ��ct, 1897," to carry out
or ffft-ct all or any of the objecti ol the comp--. ny
to which the luglnttiUvi' authority of thc Legli-
uitii fin :ritl��h Columbia extends.
The hem! office of tbe company U altuate at
1'hoenlx, Tim riu-rv of Arlaoua, U. tf. A.
The amount of the capital of tha company In
three million dollars, divided Into ilx hundred
ttiotiMtml slum** ol live dollan each.
Tne head office of the company in this province
Is situate at Kaalo, and W. K. Zwltky, mlnln��
engl-.eor, wbonu mlilri'ss is Kaslo, B- C, !��� the at
toruey tor tbc company.
The timu ol the existence ol tbe company Is
twenty-live yean Irom the eighteenth day of
���j c tu ber. 1*6.
>be company U limited.
Givon under my band and Meal ol office, Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this Hnd
nay uf March, one thouaund nine hundred aud
lL.fl.1 8. Y. WUOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Btoefc Comnaulua.
Tbc purposes lor which this corporation li
f'rmedarc to buy, hold, :ea>c. sell, work, explore, dcvelup anti operate mines an-i mining
claims, and all kinds ol miuing property; to locate uml procure pat-nta for mining claims; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire and
turn mill*, smelters, conceutraton or other reduction t-iiiui!-, uud tu run and operate tbe same
in tbe reductt'ju of nl. kinds of ore, and the extraction nf natural thcrciroiu; to acquire tuuny
Manner ull Kindt- of real cuatc ner, man* for tbe
ecunnmlcal andexpeOltlouH operation of lti mining and ��meltiu& and reduction business, and
other business Incldeut thereto; to buy and sell
und otherwise acquire aud dispose ol any and
all kinds of neriouel property, machinery, tool*
uud merchandise, tor the convenient and pruc-
l eat operation ol its business ln anv branch
ihereoi, and to tbat end to establish snd conduct
stores and incrchundbiiug establishments, for the
purehaae aud sal 1 01 all kinds nf 1 nods aud merchandise: to acquire lu auy lawful manner telephone and telegraph lines and rights of way; tu
oi" rate and conduct tsii-h Hues In any manner
necessary or convenient lor thc operation of 1U>
ininiiik- and smelilug and reduction business or
huv hmich lucldetit thereto; to build,construct,
equip, operate and conduct railway and tram
liuus whuievcr uueessary uu 1 convenient, to the
proper operation uf i-saaid ltuusof buslnesa; to
nny and ^-ll or otburwiae acquire and dlspuae of
tho slock of other corporations which nuy In Its
judgment contribute to tbe aucuow ol its operations, or which fn iti Judgment may be for tbe
benefit of Its au*vkholders, lo acquire In any
manner and to dispone ol water rights, ditches,
Humes, pipe Hues or other aqueducts, wbleh
nmv be uccessarv or convenient for supplying
wutur to the various plants of thu company, and
10 un 1 mn* In auy inunuor nud lo establish snn
operate plants and lines for opcruttLg. heating
or lighting thu pr iporty or plants of lhe company, aud to acquire in any lawful manner, and
10 dispose of lowusttes, or auy portion thereof,
mol to hold, operate, sell, and dKpuse of water,
light and heat for tho purpoae of lighting, neat
lug or furnishing waler to said townsite or
mwiitdtci, and each and every portion thereof,
and gem-ruiiv tn do auy and all things and to acquire nnd hold nnd dispose of ah Ll ds of properly, audio manage, operate aud conduct any
and all kinds ol plants and business which tn the
opiuiou of the dj.ccU'i-t and stockholders may
be ufcesmiry (or tbe eonveuieu'-e and successful
operati <u of lti business aa a mining snd smelt
Ing aud reduction company.
In the matter ol un application for the Issue of
a duplicate ot thcCcnilicateof Title of Lots 3 and
4, Block Bt, Lot 9. Itloek fti and Lot 12. Hioek 60,
Nelaon City (Maps ttd and SWA )
Notice is hereby uKcn lha- il is my Intention
to Issue a dupllcuie of the Certificate of Title for
the above lols nl the expiration ol one month after
the tim publication heron! in the name of Fran*
Jacob? ami ��tniir��hH which- ertiflcate of Title*
is dated tho 4th day of January, issff, aud numbered 4*7 A.
H. F. .wmUJCOP,
District Registrar.
,l*ml R-ulstry <*>tllr4.. Nelson, B O
lib, AU il.ltw..
"Companiee Act,  1897."
Proytnoe or British Ooluxbia. \
THIB 18 TO CERTIFY that the "Columbia
Valley Land Company," uauthorised and licensed to earn on builnew within the province of
British Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
or any ol the objects of the Company to which
tbe legislative authority of the Legislature of
Hritish Columbia extends.
The head offlce of the Company u situate at
tne city of Winnipeg, provlnoe of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital ot the said company
is one hundred thousand dollars, divided into
one thousand shares of one hundred dollan each
The head offloe of the oompany ln this province ii situate at tho city' of Nelaon, and Robert
Wet-more Hannington, barrister, whose address
Is Nelaon, B. c. Is the attorney for the eomnany.
(liven under my hand and seal of omeeat
Victoria, Province of Brltlah Columbia, this ith
day of February, one thousand ulne hundred
and seven.
[L. ���.] S. Y. WOOTTON.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Tbe objects for which this company has been
established aud licensed an:
(a) Buying, selling, basing or dlspoalnt ef
eoal mines, coal and wood lands, farming, grating and fruit lands and timber limits, and to
work and develop tbe same:
(b.) To carry on tho business ot emigration
and colonization agents, make advanoes to assist
s.ttlers on lands purchased from tbe company,
and secure repayment of such advances, with
latere t, on such urms and ln such manner by
way of mortgage or agreement as may be mutt-
ally agreed upon.
(c.) To carry on the business of ranching,
breeding and selling aud dealing ln cattle,
horses, sheep and other live atock;
(d.i To purchase, null and deal ln lumber
wood, coal, mineral: grain, provision*, clothing
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry on the trade aa general merchant* and forwarders:
(I) To issue ln payment of any property acquired by the company share* of tbo capital
atock of the oompany as fully paid up and non
assemble or otherwise:
(g ) To oarry on the business of manufacturers
and dsalen lu power generaton and moton of
overy de-crlntlon, to conftruot and operate all
da**! of vehicles, agricultural implements, machinery, boata. Bteemen, barges and lorries in,
whicli tbe said melon are used; to construct and
operate boat lines, and to carry on the business
of carriers, cartage snd parcel di livery; to own
and operate omnibus lines and vehicles and
boata for hire; tn sell, lee��e aud supply rower,
and to generate and sell, lease, uud supply clcctrl '
elt); to own sud operate electric plants and generally to carry ou any business Incidental to the
aforessld purpoaea and objecti of the company:
fh ) To purchase, take or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dlsposu o/ any real or
pergonal property und any rights and privileges
which the company may o��mstder neecsaary for
the purpose- ot their operations, and tn sell and
dispose of any laud* or otner real estate and per-
sounl property at auy time owned or controlled
by the company, or any part thereof, or any oon-
trol therein or claims thereon, and generally to
do all such things aa are incidental or ���
to thu carrying out of lhe objects of tbe company
(1.)  To become shareholders in anyevlsttng
or proposed company and to promote and assist
ln promoting any company carrying on a bust-
ne*s pertaining to the object* Ior which this
company is incorporated and which may prove
useful to this company, and to acquire, tsjte over
aud operate the business ot any such company
or companies, and to enter Into engagements for
sharing profits, unlou oi interest, joint adventures, reciprocal concessions or o tbe wise with
any person or company, and take or otherwise
e"quireand hold abares and secnrlttts of such
���nnanv or companies.
has made i.npUvatl<>u under tha provisions of
thu 'Liquor I.kence Act, IMI," for a hotel ltconne,
foi llf Whitewater llolel.at Whitewater, and thai,
s meet lug oi ihe it.terd ol Licence Commissioners,
of itm Ains**. ith Lloouce    httrtrt, will be hold
to '-ou-idir Mioh application, at tha Kaslo Holnl
at Kaslo, nn Tuesday, the Mth April, 1M7, at the
hou of eight o'clock iu the aiierooou.
Cblel Uee
Nelson, ��.C, *tt Manh, tm. !
the Daily Canadian
Optical Department
Thin department Ih in charge of
u skilled optician,  a consultation With him will convince you
BOX 157
t Oar Stock is Complete f'
Here are two Soap Specials: *
|25 31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD  $4.50 j
[?2 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 J
| Bell[Trading Co J
Ornamented Chocolate  Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make  your  selections while the  stock
is complete.
'X first-class  repair;   one  block  from car
Price $1,400
$500 down, $100 in six months, balance on mortgage.
E E, froadsdaile & ___
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Uliig Plants* In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout BuilderH will lind it, to their advantage to ubo our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpot Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, etc.
121 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
.    Bouillon.
Tea aud Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Socialist   Party mss-ts overs  Friday
evening hi 8 s, m., iss tm- Miners' I'ntim Hull
All iirss llsvllsssi; anv sslll' ssllsssv,-,! Iss Inks' pnrt ill
ihs- debates,  'I. assmUis. tiooratary.
Cor. Vernon find Ward  Slrcsstss,
J. FllED HUME, Proprietor.
A. Lucas, Kaslo; Bev. J. A. Cleland,
Rossland; R. Stewart, J. Oppenhelmer,
Vancouver; R. E. Hooper, W, Henderson. Victoria; A. R. Temple, New York;
C. Williams, Woodbury; G. C. Manning,
II. Lenms, Revelstoke; R. E. Beattle,
Cranbrook; .1. Henry. Alnsworth; J. G:
Davy, wife and daughters, Winnipeg;
ll. Rookfort, Edmonton; T. McNelsch.
Slocnn; G. SlelglUluslme, New Westminister.
W. J. Lascelles, Rossland; S. Blath,
Chicago; 10. Henderion, Windsor; W.
li. Bisliup, Grand Forks; A. D. Wheeler
anil wife, Spokane; W. C. Smith,
���I.    C.    Carrulhers,    Cranbrook;    J.
Thompson, Poplar; J. W. Bennett, Alnsworth;   G. Cooke, Rossland; J. O. Mc-
Buin, Grand Forks.
II. Johnson, Seattle; A. G. Watson,
Watson's Siding; W. Burrell, B. Winn,
Koch Siding; W. Johnson and family,
Colville; T. Gibson, Armstrong; R. McMillan and wife, i\ew York.
R. Jackssin,   Spokane;  J. R. Macfar-
land, Ymir.
C. A. Denton, J. Pope, Vernon.
C. Cottwell. Ymir; G. 1). While, Deer
Park;   J.   Fox,   Holland;   W.   Hubbard,
Greenwood;   S. Dodd,   W.  Balderstone,
If you want to turn your property into
cash or your cash into property see us.
Five houses and six building lots sold
in the  past 30 days and we -have customers for more.
Eggs for Hatching
Pure bred 8. C. Buff Orphingtons,
Buff Leghorns, and White Wyandottes.
$2,00 per setting. Nine chicks guaranteed or order refilled at half price.
D. WADDS, Crawford Bay.
''OOK���Hotel,WW. wmin-KH ��:w;ntoiici;   Phone
Vou f. iiMii wiili echx) offloeexperlenra tttk* t
poiliJod,  Apply fox ftis, Nolami, h. 0,
A I'hsitios ah i r.K.HK. by a book-keeper who
liqolok mil ii . iimi.-ii   figure*,   Adilreca Hyd-
iii-y K  Ball, box ttt, it fit nn. Bute.
Al once,    W. I'arki r.
TWO FIRB'IV;i.Afl3 KuOMd, ("team heated.   An-
riv hnn��>k��iwr. Brd Aat K. w. (1, block.
.. __ng
urn Hred Poultry, guaranteed true to nanu*.
Apply.I C niXOn/Btnc 176, Vannouvur- Her'y.
ot the Vancouver Poultry and P  AsHooiatinn.
TWu POOL lABI.KH aud one Combination BU-
litird and Pool Table. Everything com [dete
and tu ir 1 cnudltiini.     8. J. Mlnnioii, Tobae-
Fmder return to tbUoftke and receive reward
Tho spring assizes will open ln Nelson on May 1st. li is not known ynl
which of the justices will preside.
Hospital Ball.
The hall given last Thursday evening
In the armory by the Women's Hospital
Aid resulted iu a net profit of (182.85.
Church  Building.
The first meeting of the building commiltee of St. Saviour's church was held
last night. It was decided to have
plans for the chancel prepared at once
Tramway  Returns.
The receipts from the street car ser
vice for the week ending April Sth wero
$150.45, making $1,061.86 for the year
to date, iis against $702.65 to the same
date last year.
May Invest Here. ,
James G. Dagg, wife and two daughters, of Winnipeg, are in the city. Mr.
Dagg is Interested in real estate In
the Prairie Capital, but is looking over
British Columbia with a view to investment.
Shippers  Alarmed.
The fruit ranchers on the West Arm
nre disturbed over a report that the
Great Northern Company's time-table is
to he changed, so that its steamer will
leave Nelson at 7 a. m.. They say that
the hour of departure of all the steamers is most Inconvenient to shippers of
Nelson Appeals.
The appeal of the judgment creditors
of Cortiana in the Jackson Mines case
against the order of His Honor Judge
Forln that issue be joined between
them and the lien holders, will come
before the Full Court at Vancouver on
April lf>th. The appellants have retained Sir Charles Tapper.
H. G. Watson, for the past four and a
half years editor of the Fernie Free
Press, has severed his connection with
that journal, and the name of the new
editor will be announced next week. Mr.
Watson is an able writer, and under his
editorial control the Free Press
achieved a due measure of success.
Kaslo Is Prosperous.
C. F. Caldwell came down from Kas
lo last evening, and is registered at the
Hume. Mr. Caldwell has heen, through
the press and in other ways, directing
the attention of capitalists to the advantages offered by Kaslo and surround-
rounding districts as a field for investment. There la every reason to believe that Mr. Caldwell's efforts in this
direction have borne fruit. In any
event Kaslo will experience a return of
its old-time prosperity this year. Already a number of families have settled
there, as a result of the operation of
the sawmills, and, as a matter of fact,
there is not a vacant residence in the
The Store of Quality
II you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafers 10c
Ltn-ion  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafers     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlspo Ginger Wafers   10c
Butter���Thin 10e
Milk Toast   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes (Salted)    16c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themHelves worth It.
K. W. O. Block . Phone It.
Tender* at a nominal flpure (ire dualreri by the
Avrif-iilrurrtl and IiidiMtilitl asnouiRtton lor tbe
priming nl Ihe prize lilt lor the Iruit fair thin
autumn. Tenderer** mtint print according to the
���MJllOSUoni which are with tho secretary ot
the asiorlatlnn, miiBt give a bond lo complete
thc work by ��uly lfi next, the advfiKtiilng rates
rudiig at tbe discretion Ol the tenderer. All ten-
dura mint be sent in aealed nnd Will bo opened
on Tiirs liiy next at noon at the mfflco of the
D. c. M0MOBB1B, BecreUry.
For Sale...
In Fairvlew, 2 Lots, a corner and
adjoining lot. Enclosed and cultivated.              $350  cash.
Garden and Flower
All fresh seeds and guaranteed
to do the business.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
* M
* #
���'���������*.**/*.*****,.  *!********���.  I******   <���*
A fresh consignment just received.   We
have a very complete range of
Lunch Baskets,
Shopping Baskets,
In Satchel Style,
Travelling Baskets,
in Club, Gladstone and relesbopfl
All sizes In Chip,  Bamboo, Cane and
Chip Lunch Baskets at 20c, 25c and 45c
Bamboo Lunch Baskets. This makes a
very strong, serviceable basket, 50c,
76c, $1.25.
Cane   Lunch   Baskets  70c, $1.20,  $1.90.
Wicker Lunch Baskets. A very handsome basket, and durable, 85c, $1.15
$2.00, $2.25.
Satchel Shopping Basket (or hand bag)
35c, 40c, 50c, 65c, 70c and 80c.
Club Bag Style (for shopping or traveling) 25c, 40c, 60c, 80c and $1.00.
Telescope Basket (for lunch or travelling,)  75c. $1.00,  $1.50, $2.00,  $2.50.
Gladstone Travelling Basket, 90c, $1.35,
$1.75, $2.25 and $2.65,
W. G. Thomson
MK8 "ad Nelson, B. C.
Phone cl-4.
On Monday, April 8th, In Spokane,
the marriage was BOlemnlzed of Clarence D. Goepel, of Nelson, and Miss
Elhel  Weaver, of l.ewistun, Idaho.
University Club.
The full title of the paper which will
be read by Dr. Petersky before the Uni
versity Club Saturday nislrt is "Demoe
racy ln Oreat Britain and in the United
States: a comparison."
Silverton Suicide.
Dr. E. C. Arthur, district coroner, left
for Silverton Ihis morning to Investigate the circumstances attending the
death there yesterday of F. G. Erb,
who Is believed to have shot himself in
a lit of melancholia.
Called East.
Mrs. Thumas Midden and two children yeft for Quebes this morning. Mrs.
Madden received word that her mother
waa very III, and for this reason she
was anxious to arrive at her old homo
as soon as possible.
Crushed  Foot.
Yesterday afternoon while removing
some big rocks from his garden Alex.
Fife, the barber, wus unfortunate
enough to have a big houlder roll over
on his fool. The injury was a painful
one, and Mr. Fife will he Incapacitated
for his work for some weeks to come
Fair Plans.
President Musk, of the Agricultural
Society, proposes, and other members
of the executive agree with him, that
hereafter the whole central space ln Ihe
main building shall be reserved for fruit
and flowers, all vegetables shall be
placed In the original annex; the side
spaces of the main building shall be
used, first for distlct exhibits, then lo
local manufacturers; only what is left
will be available for mere advertising
Library Meeting.
The annual meeting of the friends of
the Nelson library wus held In the city
hall yesterday afternoon. The officers
for the ensuing year are: President,
Rev. J. T. Ferguson; vice-president, E,
A. Crease; secretary, Mrs. A. L, McCulloch; treasurer, Dr. Rose; directors,
(he officers and Mesdames Huehnu,
Beer, Rlblet, llannlngton, R. M. Mac
donald, N. Cummins, Arthur and Rose.
The treasurer reported a credit balanco
for the year of (iiDij.llll.
Trains and Boats.
Kaslo boat���On  time.
Crow beat���On time.
Coast and Slocun train���On lime.
Boundary train���Ou time.
Rossland train���Ou time.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
Yon havo B perfect right (u insist
upon a perfect tit nnd perfect style
when you are paying from $15 to
$25 lor U suit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfill yssur highest expectations
and your most exacting demands,
Tbey are the nearest approach to
perfection that we lind In the tailor-
lug world. We can prove these
facts to you If you will but give us
the opportunity.
518.00 Style and Value for...$13.00
&20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'   Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regular  $4.00   Box  Calf
Shoes   for *. $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes  for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens* Underwear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
W. Baker St.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
I have just returned to NelBon and
have opened up at the same old stand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
No Seizure.
The cily street car stopped this morning for half an hour immediately In
front of the offices of the sheriff and
the provincial police. This together
with the coincidental appearance of the
city solicitor ami the chief of police
gave rise to a rumor that the sheriff
had seized tho car. It was learned
later that this was Incorrect, the only
trouble was u temporary failure of tho
electric current,
New Passenger Service.
���I. S. Carter returned last evening
from Spokane, where has had been ma-
kini? final arrangements for tho inauguration of tlie pasfcenger service on tho
Spokane International. Tho llrst train
went 0111 Monday and connected with
the main line of the C. P. R. at Curzon.
Por the first three days of the week
the average number of passengers has
been above U0 each way. lt will now
be possible to leave Nelson hy tho
Moyle In the morning and reach Spokane the same evening.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 161.
Sulphur and
An Excellent Spring Purifying Mixture
A specific for boils. Tonic for the liver and a valuable
medicine for indigestion and geueral debility from a disordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lti
Wholesale Provisions,
Government Oreamisry Ouo Found BncSB received weekly freeh from the
ehnrn.   For milo by till lending grocers.
. Ofllce and warehouses: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
289 doz. Llnon Collure To Be Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
?Q W i MS? lr'- i*^��_B ??__*9��()Sig
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.   Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to letter order*..
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Rvpalrltiu and .InhhliiK executed with D.apntch.   Sheet Metal
Work, Mining and Mill Machinery.     Manufacturers of
Ore  Gmrm,  ft.  R.   Contract.,rn'   Cara.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up I
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
From CIIiimkow, Scotland.
Best Quulltles at Low Prlees.
Standard F<��nitti*e Company
HftlOD 4 Ktmth 1'laiion.
<MtTiiii.nr MaUri'-AHeM.
Marshall Hnnltary MtUiretmoti.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers-.    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS   T _(..���     QUi**,***.*,
AND DEALERS IN   l^tHOlDef *  MllllgleS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets.
Mail Orders promptly attended to
M'J.NIIN, It. tf.
Launch and Boat
We always carry In stock and will be pleased ta *ww"y t""
wants In
Such at*
While Waito
Miied Patau
Horry 'hob.' Roati VarnlHh
Ktu., otc.
Aiimtiv Greaie
Arrtio OupUruaiB
flU KiiRlnu Oil .
Vacuum Mtirlnn Motor Oil
(In nim niiilmi calm.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited
Wholesale NELSON Rtt*S
.  _-...      *    .....    ��� '     --���:���---:    -- *


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