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The Daily Canadian Jan 9, 1907

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 ��rje -glaUig (jfomatta
1)I.1'MK  I.     NO.   185.
irxt(pBNT8 a Month
icclonald-Mclnnes Show
Not Appreciated.
{st Shot at Capital a .Squib, but
Conservative Meeting Displays
Union and Strength.
ed the Bteamer.   It doe,B not tally with
tbal of the Pence, which ls overdue.
ipeclal to The Dally Canasllan.)
jiisii'isi, Jan. S.���The sorriest lot of
|ce-Beeking politicians who ever
esl certa'n defeat at the oulflet
B campaign were Io be seen ln Vlc-
a tuslay.
heir discomfort ure being due to lho
all of the fiasco at the opera
sjise lasl night. It was advertised as
U 'rally" lhat was to have struck
nn Into uie hearts of Melirido
c 8 Iin solt* result was to expose
absolute Incapacity of both J. A. Mc-
iald and W. W. 11. Mclnnes to devel-
a line ot attack on the McBride
ministration which would win a
g'e vote.
llss, general Impression around the
1 tssslay Is that lhe besl thing that
i happened to the government was
Ms Inni'K intrusion, as the Liberals
1 stakes! Iheir all on this and have
Conservatives arp In fine fettle,
[���nthusiasni bs-lng stimulated to a
arks'd degree by Uie circumstance
.1 H. 1'. Klthol, of the wholesale house
II. 1'. Rithet & Co., iupporti the Mc-
sis, governmenl lu the most emphat-
md convincing fashion. Speaking at
��� Conservative nonrnation conven-
n. he said:
"Most emphatically that Premier Mc-
ie was entitled to the support of
his was true for "good and sufflc-
.nt   reasons."    In  the first place hlfl
vs-rnnii-nt had csime Into power when
s* finances were in a deplorable con-
Hion.    Conditions generally had then
ti so depressed that everybody was,
a large extent, discouraged, It was
���rials  of the kind that,  no matter
hat  government had come Into con-
I, It would have had to take drastic
li-ps in the efforts to place them upon
more  satisfactory   basis     The   Mc-
ride   administration   had   taken   the
reiser course.    Its members had faced
issues boldly.    In doing this they
nd ilssne two things which were always
nisotiular.   They   had   Increased taxa-
issii nn i decreased the public expendl-
Thls was as difficult a projKisl-
issn as could confront any government,
ut tt had met the questlonB with course   and   with   a   satisfactory   reBult.
'hi' latter statement was justified when
t was remembered that It was possl-
'  to rs-port a surplus in the provlncll
('usury   (Applause)   tills   waB   Bome-
bng wheh had never occurred ln his
���collection   before.     (Continued     ap-
Premier McBride had included In his
latform one plank which, tn his mind,
sis   of   supreme importance, namely,
belter tcrmB."    He remembered that
���I the laat days of the government of
hieb he had been a member, he had
tated, in addreBBing the house that he
as in favor of better terms for British
olumbla;   that he believed  the  prov-
nee was entitled lo this, and that it
necessary   that  eom? concession
hould   be  socured   in   order  tliat  the
untry   could be  properly  developed.
'Inch successive government had prom-
sed lhal the matter should be taken
ip  and   aottled.   and each  successive
government   had   failed.    The  reason
for that, he believed, was that not until
now had the importance of that question   really   been   appreciated  by   the
people.   (Applause)   Now  that  general
sentiment had been aroused he thought
that   attention  or   Ottawa   authorities
Mould    be    forsed    and   that   "better
terms" for Ilrlilah Columbia would be
accepted  more   seriously by   thoi e  ln
linrllment al the Dominion capital than
In  the past."   (Applause)
"The country." Mr. Rithet continued,
"could not be developed without the assistance of railways. While a member or the hoiiBe, he had advocated a
railway, the BrltlBh Pacific, but then
the government had not supported it
mid the public was half-hearted. Owing
to this he had felt and believed that
It would be a waste of time to go back
In Ihe legislature. Now, however, both
the measures for which he had fought
were being undertaken. The McBride
government included them ln its platform. It stood for "better terms" aud
the railway was built. "Without as-
| slstance from the province" he wished
lo say that the latter point, ln his mind,
wns exceedingly creditable to thoBe in
control of the reins of government."
(Enthusiastic   applauBe).
Two to Die on Gallows.
SI. Louis, Mo., Jan. ll.���Unless Governor Folk exercises clemency at the
eleventh hour two murderers will die
on the gallows In lliis state tomorrow.
William Spaugh ls to die in Iron county
ami W. K. Church In Warren county.
William Spaugh and his brother, Arthur Spaugh, together with their mother, were Jointly Indicted for (he murder
of Sherirf Polk ln Iron county. While
Ihe Spaughs were Imprisoned In Jail al
I ronton an effort was made to lynch
litem. The brothers were badly wounded hy shots fired by the mob and were
brou*rhi to St. Louis for treatment and
safe-keeping. Afterward they were
tried In Reynolds county. Arthur was
given a 52-year sentence, the mother
was fie- d, but the other son and brother, William Spaugh, was sentenced to
be hanged.
W. E. Church, who Ib to be hanged
in Warren county, was convicted of a
crime unparalleled In the history of the
state. His victims were his foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Yeater, whom he
murdered In their beds, cutting their
ili-oats with a razor. He made his escape ami h id r ached League Island
navy yard, Philadelphia, where he enlisted ln the United States marine
corps, when apprehended. Upon his
arrest he made both a verbal and written confession of his crime, whloh was
api arently without motive.
Faithful Rewarded.
Ottawa, Jan. 8.���Several appointments will be made without further delay. Hon. O.W.Ross, Hon. J. Costlg-
an. M. P. for Victoria. N. II. and Dr.
Gaudet of Westmoreland will, lt Is
expected be appointed to tjie Red
Chamber. JaqueB Bureau of Three
Rivers, who Induced Dr. Legrls to
retire from contest in Nicolet will be
solicitor general. Bruneau. M. P. Is
looking for a Quebec Judgshlp and will
probably get lt.
Hub Furnishing House   Entered    Laat
Night by Man Drunk and Insensible���Confession.
The possibility   of   committing the
crime of house-breaking    when   drunk
and irresponsible adds a new terror to
over-indulgence.      It was    realized  ln
Nelson last night.
This morning when A. D. Emory
opened up the Hub furnishing house,
he found the back door broken in and
signs of the store having been entered.
He sent word to tbe police office at
ouce and Chief Jarvls began Investigations.
Nothing appeared to be missing but
a dreSBlng gown was somewhat disordered and had evidently been used.
Other signs pointed to the temporary
occupancy of the store by some one
much the worse for liquor.
The gown was covered with splinters,
evidently from the broken door. The
chief came to the conclusion that similar splinters would be found on the
coat of his quarry, as he had evidently
fallen frequently among the wreckage
he had made.
Accordingly, he set out to look fo a
drunk with splinters on his coat. While
inquiring at the Tremont he heard that
a man had complained of having the
pocket of his trousers, containing his
money, cut out while he was drunk.
The chief waited and the complainant
soon arrived. Hla coat was still covered with splinters of wood.
The chief listened to his complaint of
being "rolled," and suddenly asked:
"Where did you sleep?" The reply was
the story already constructed by the
chief from the evidence at the rear of
lie Hub. The offender knew nothing
of his night's atlventurs's up to 4 a. in.,
when he awoke and found himself ln
the store. He could not find his hat
and wae loo frightened to search for it.
His story is ao obviously true that
Measrs Emory & Walley will probably
not prosecute. Of courBe he has no
Idea who robbed him, or when or where
Europe owing to his frequent visits.
To Evangelize the World.
Philadelphia, Jan. !'.���Plans to even-
gellez the world within 25 years are
being discussed at the thirteenth annual conference of the Foreign Mission
boards, which opened today at the Y.
M. C. A. in this city. The movement
has been endorsed by laymen representing every Protestant denomination.
Several wealthy business men are Interested, and It Is understood money will
not be spared lo carry on the work.
Among those taking an active Interest
in the movement are Samuel 15. Capen
of Boston. N. W. Harris of Chicago,
John W. Foster of Washington. Major
A. P. Burchll'dd of Pis' urg, Joshua
Levering of Baltimore, and John S.
Huyler and William Jay Schleffelin cf
New York.
Another Loat at Sea.
Philadelphia, Jan. 9.���Captain Cover-
dnle of the schooner George May, to
this port from Fernandina, reports that
he passed on January 7, 60 miles below
the Delaware breakwater, a steamship
wllh two masts, apparently with lis machinery disabled.   He partially desciib-
California Unites In Resistance to President Roosevelt.
Sacramento, Cal., Jan. 8���Governor
Pardee, In his annual messnge which
was presented to the legislature today,
devoted much space to the Japanese
school question. "It Is safe to say that
the president when he presented tho
portion of his annual message upon tho
opening of congress ln which he refors
to treatment of JapaneBe lln the San
Francisco schools was not aware of the
conditions of the country, and especially In California," said the governor.
"In common with the people of the east
who have had no experience with the
unassimllable people of Japan and
China, the president does not understand the radical differences between
Ihe Japanese and Chinese and people of
CaucaBlan blood, having come Into
cintact with only a few cducaK-d and
Intelligent Individuals or these two
races The people of the eastern states
do not understand that to permit the
Immigration of only a small fraction of
the whole number of these people
means the monopolization by them of
the Pacific states. This would not militate against the public good were the
n onopollzers capable of being absorbed
into thc body politic in Ihis generation
or even the next, and becoming Integral
parts of our cosmopolitan people.
"Under the circumstances lt ls not at
all strantse that there ls an aversion to
the mingling of the children of the
two usees, and, therefore, California has
decreed that wherever It is so desired
the local school authorities may pro-
Tidj ae arate schso's for these Japanese children In which they shall he
tausiht as Caucasian children and there
have equally capable teachers.
"In the case of Japanese, the separation seems to be the more necessary because of so many foreign people who
desire to attend our schools are so
much older than the Caucassian children with whom, on account of their
Inadequate learn'ng, the Japanese must
be classed. It is not at all desirable
that youths, even Caucaeion youths,
of eighteen years or more of ags-,
Bhould be assoclat'-d In school with
children of tender ages. The reason,
therefore. Is sufficiently explained by
Its mere statement. The laws of California require separation of the Japanese children from the Caucislan. The
treaty as I read it does not require that
the Japanese shall be put in classes as
our children. To give them as good
school facilities more than complies
with the treaty. Therefore it would
appear that Sao Francisco, in providing separate schools for the Japanese,
ls adhering strictly to the letter and
spirit of the laws of this state and ts
In no way acting contrary to lhe treaty
with Japan.
"The State of California as a sovereign state of tie United States of
America, has no quarrel with the governments of Japan or China, but, nevertheless, until the courts of this country
shall have declared that California has
no right to do bo this state reserves
to itself the richt and privilege to conduct under the law of the state, national
or treaty, Ub schools ln such manner as
seems best to UBe in this matter without the slightest disrespect to Ihe government of the United States or the
subjects of sny foreign station."
Death of Shah Officially
London Views 2.? to Probable Effect
on Foreign Relations���Britain
and Russia Agree.
Ample  Provision for Militia and Rifle
Cluba of Edmonton���Other News
of Alberta's Capital.
Edmonton, Alta., Jan. 9.���Colonel T.
D. Evans of Winnipeg, D. O. C, military
district No. 10, today completed the
purchase on behalf of the department
of militia and defence, of 140 acres for
rifle ranges for the association of Edmonton and Strathcona, the Canadian
Mounted Rifles lalely organized and
any other corps which may be formed
later on, as well as for exercise and
manoeuvrelng grounds for Buch troops.
The upper plateau Is Intended for a
Bite for a barracks and park ground for
a unit of the permanent force, which
11 is expected will be established here
ln the course of a few years. The government Is to be congratulated on having secured such an elaborate Bite. The
building will cost from $50,000 to $100,-
000 when erected and the expenditure
upon the force will be from $50,000 to
$75,000 annually.
Frank Goode, proprietor of the Imperial hotel, haB entered action for libel
against the Journal Co., claiming $10,-
000 damages.
Charlie O'Connor, thc East End gro-
ceryman who yesterday staled to lhe
press that he had been aandbagged and
robbed of $200 as he was entering lbe
back door of his store on Jasper ave-
tine Saturday evening. January 5. con-
rosBed to Sergeant Tlbsley last night
that the story was fnlse and Invented
by himself for a purpose.
Strike and Civil War.
City of Mexico, Jan. II.���A telegram
from Orizaba received last night says
lhat. the value of property destroyed by
the strikers totals $1,500,000. The strikers who have escaped the soldiers have
fled to the nearby mountains and aro
being sought by gens d'armes and
troops. So far as known none of Ihe
28,000 textile strikers have returned to
work. The factory owners announce
their Intention to open up all the mills
that any attempt by Germany to obtain
political or commercial ascendancy at
Teheran as Is sometimes attributed to
her. Instead of being a wedge to drive
Russia and Great Britain out would
unite the min their Persian policy.
In Freedom's Cause,
St. Petersburg, Jan. 0.���General PaV-
lofr, judge advocate general, was Shot
and mortadly wounded at 10 o*clock this
morning In front of the military court
building. The assassin was captured
after killing a ssolict nuiii General Pav-
loff was prominent during the sitting
of the last parliament in answering interpellations. He especially exeprated
the revolutionists. The allegation is
made that he delayed the reprieve of a
number of the llaltlc mutineers, who
had been convicted by drumhead court-
martial until tbe men wero executed.
Teheran, Jan. ��.���Official announcement of the death of the shah at 11
o'clock last night was made this morning.
London, Jan. 9.���The death of the
Shah of Persia removes a picturesque
ruler, who was well known to Western
Europe owing to his frequent visits to
France. During the visit of 1905 the
shah and his suite made a dazzling appearance on the boulevards and In tho
music halls of Paris. They were treated as national guests and poular enthusiasm was markfed owing to the shah's
good nature and lavish charity. At
that time his majesty looked old and
feeble. cH invariably wore a radical
costume with richly embroidered coat
and red fez. T8e sbah'B death copies
at a time when European governments
are organized ln a struggle to strengthen tholr positions In Persia. This Strug-
tie Is due to the geographical position
of Persia as a buffer between India
and Russia's southern possessions,
stretching toward the Persian frontier.
Still another International question
has recently been introduced by Ger
niany's commercial and railway activity
along the Persian frontier. The late
shah was strongly Prussian in sympathy, and as a result Russian influence
had been predominant at Teheran. An
Angln-Riiseian understanding has recently been negotiated and the announcement of Its terms Ib considered
Imminent. By this agreement Great
Britain and Russia will cease their rivalry over Persia and unite in a joint
pilocy. At the same time Germany has
been extending her influence in Persia.
Because of American Wife.
London, Jan. 9.���Louis Harcourt, Liberal member of parliament from Lancashire and son of the late Sir William
Harcourt, is understood to have been
appointed to the Irish secretaryship to
succeed James Bryce. Mr. Harcourt
today said that he "never denied such
announcements." This is In conformity
with precedents, as official statements
ln such cases come from the premier.
The appointment would surprise the
parliamentary and political world, as
Mr. Harcourt has not been considered
a candidate for the post. Mr. Har-
court's situation, however, is regarded
as peculiarly appropriate, not only because of his father's lifelong advocacy
of Home Rule for Ireland, and staunch
support of Mr. Gladstone when the Liberals split on this queBtlon, hut also
because his wife ls an American, formerly Miss Burns, daughter of the late
W. H. Burns of New York, and her
sympathies would therefore be more In
accordance with the Irish Nationalist
aspirations than They w>uld be ln the
case of an English woman.
A leading Persian official here in an
an interview said he did, not believe
that international troublt would follow
the shah's death, as the people are devoted to the present dynasty. Foreign
controversies are not underrated. The
British foreign office ls in touch with
the situation. Exchanges of views between Russia and Great Britain have
brought about complete accord by
which they will act together in a crisis
i to maintain the status quo. Consequent-
{.ly. no fear ls entertained that any other power will try to disarrange the existing political conditions. The personality of the new Bhah Is not well
known here, but his public declarations
are favorable lo a liberal policy and the
constitution whicli he haB since planned Is said to be satisfactory, though
it does nol indicate his capacity or policy. It is also pointed out that thc
chances of International disorder are
meulmlzed by the fact that the successor of the late shah Is already Installed.
Preliminary funeral ceremonies will
probably be held at the royal palace,
where Muzaffar died. The body will
lie ln state for eight or ten dayB ln the
splendid hall, where the miracle plays
are annually performed. Crowds of
priests will surround the catafalque, Incessantly chanting prayers from the
Koran, nnd the public will be allowed
to file past the coffin. The body of the
shah will b? burled In Abdul Azln
mosque. The funeral procession will
closely follow the lines of similar ceremonies in western countries, with tbe
usual display. A proclamation announcing the accession ao the throne of Mohammed All Mletza Is expected ln the
course of the day, after which the high
clergy, ministers and public functionaries will immediately repair to the
palace and recognize the new ruler. The
coronation of the new shah will probably take place shortly after the funeral.
Berlin. Jan. 9.���The death of the
shah seemingly does not affect Ger-
manv's a't turte of simple observation
In Persia with the Intention of maintaining equal trade opportunities for all
countries.    It ls commonly  remarked
Budget of Mining News   From   Qrand
Forks and Greenwood.
Grand Forks, Jan. 9.���In conversing
last evening with a prominent mining
man of the Boundary your correspondent learned that the matter of consolidating the British Columbia Copper
company and the Dominion Copper company has been considered by the directorates of these two companies and the
idea of forming an amalgamated company has by no means been abandoned.
If this amalgamation la consummated
in the near future lt will mean that
the new company will be of gigantic
proportions, as the combined capital of
the two companies now is $7,000,000.
The British Columbia Copper company
now haB a capitalization of $2,000,000,
while the Dominion Copper company
has a capital of $5,000,000. It is also
intimated that should these two big
companies combine their Interests the
new company would confine its attention to mining and smelting, and would
devote much more attention ln the future to the developing of promising
properties; ln fact, one branch of the
new company would be devoted exclusively to the developing of likely
The many stockholders of the Athelston property throughout the Boundary
district will be gra��ifled to learn that
the Dominion Copper company, which
recently acquired the Athelston property is now developing that claim ln a
systematic way. The work of unwnter-
Ing the shafts Ib about completed and
when lh s is done crosscuttlng at the
200-feet level will be started. It ls also
the intention of the vendor company
to build extensive tramways from the
Great Northern track to this property.
It has also been ascertained tbat some
years ago over 16,000 tons of ore from
the workings of the Athelston were
treated by the Montreal & Boston smelter and showed an average gold value
of $16 per ton. It is now expected that
in the work of crosscuttlng at the 200-
foot level the ore will increase in gold
values from what has been already
ed by S. M. Brydges and adopted.
8. M. Brydges reported progress with
the pamphlet. E. K. Beeston explained
that the sole cause of delay now wae
the delay In completion of the power
A. Lean added that Mayor Gillett had
told him that the plant would be ready
for photographing In a few days.
Mr. Beeston also added that funds to
cover the whole expenditure were ln
Mr. Parry objected to the delay and
thought exterior views would be sufficient.
J. J. Walker reported for the entertainment committee that preparations
for the club ball ln the opera house
the evening of Monday, January 14,
were completed, music and refreshments arranged for, and, the thought,
success assured.
The next order was election of officers, but as only 19 members were ln
attendance out of a total of 355, the
chairman suggested that elections be
deferred for a week or even for a
E. W. WlddowBon thought that aa
ample notice had been given, and there
was no certainty of a larger meeting
at any time, elections should be proceeded with.
He masde a motion to that effect,
which waB seconded by M. S. ParryTTmt
found no other support.
It was then moved that the annual
meeting be held on Thursday, February 14, which was carried.
A. W. Dyer renewed the suggestion
that a smoker be held in connection
with the annual meeting.
Secretary Chadbourn advocated measures similar to those adopted by the
150,000 club of Spokane, whose members, ln groups of 100, propose to form
"holdup" gangs to force the sale of
After further informal discussion on
many subjects, A. W. Dyer's motion
for a smoker the night of the annual
meeting was adopted. The arrangements were left to the entertainment
The meeting then adjourned.
not am FAULT
���  ->
Story if Refusal ti Alter
Plenty of Opportunity for Testing
Power Plant Machinery���
Defective in Itself.
Affairs of 20,000 Club in Excellent Condition, but Annual Meeting Poorly
If the Nelson 20,000 club Is to continue as 1 factor in the upbuilding of
the city and district, lt is imperative
that greater and more general Interest
be ta:;en In lt than Is manifest at present.
The annual meeting, of which more
than a mouth'B notice had been given,
was held in the board of trade rooms
last night. Out of a registered club
membership of 355 there was an attendance of 19 men, of whom two were
press representatives.
Nevertheless, the reports presented
show the club to be inahealthy condition financially and doing good work,
although the whole burden of lt falls
on a few.
Among those who attended the meeting were I. G. Nelson, F. M. Chad-
bourne, S. M. Brydges, A. Lean, J. J.
Walker, E. W. Wlddowson, A. W. Dyer,
M. S. Parry, E. K. Beeston, A. Jowett,
W. H. Jones, G. Horstead, H. Wade,
Dr. Hall, D. Gillies, J. M. Lay and
Shortly after 8:30 I. O. Nelson was
elected to the chair and the meeting
was called to order. The mlnuteB of
the last general and committee meetings were rend and adopted. A point
of order having been raised the minutes
of the organization meeting were read
and adopted.
The financial statement for the yer,
already published In detail, was road.
The receipts and disbursements were
ln the neighbor hood of $2000. .A balance of $2.39 ls ln the treasurer's
The chairman called for suggestions
for future action.
M. S. Parry thought that though the
balance on hand was a small one, tho
club might fairly congratulate Itself on
what had been achieved. He thought
that a really remarkable amount of advertising had lieen done at comparatively small expense. Some expenditures,
unfortunately, hal not resulted ln direct returns, but he felt lhat they had
not been wasted.
E. K. Beeston, ln moving the alop-
tion of the report, endorsed what Mr.
Parry hal said. He also explained that
a large Item of expenditure for the
pamphlet now in courBe of preparation,
anl a large Item ln the assets, the subscriptions promised, do not appear in
the statement.   The motion waB second-
Verdict of Coroner's Jury on Death of
Dr. Johnson, Victim of Portland
Portland, Jan. 9.���There were no developments today ln the mysterious
death Monday night ot Dr. Phillip Johnson, the physician whose dead body waa
found under the Ford street bridge
Monday night. The coroner's Jury, after a brief Inquiry last night, came to
the conclusion that robbery waa the motive. Dr. Johnson waa murdered and
his body was thrown off the bridge.
The murdered man, Dr. Johnson,
came to Portland with hla newly wedded wife two months ago to establish hie
borne and to practice hie profession.
The couple bought a site for a home
in a fashionable section.
Mrs. Johnson, before her marriage
last tall, was a Mra. Scarborough. She
is a daughter of former Governor
Hoadly of Ohio. Dr. Johnson is a son
of Episcopal Arch-Deacon Johnson of
Staten Island, and a graduate of Columbia university.
Shortly after dining with his wife
last night, Dr. Johnson announced hla
Intention of visiting a Doctor Penton,
one of the state examining board, but
agalnBt the protestations ot hla wife
who feared highwaymen. On his
way Dr. Johnson called upon hla cousin
Alvord, assistant cashier in a local
What happened- at Alvord's house
has not been learned, Alvord refusing
to make any statement for publication.
Alvord's parents however, told the police that after leaving their home Dr.
Johnson walked two squares toward the
Ford Street bridge, two block's distant
to go to Dr. Penton's home. A short
time afterwards a car conductor found
Johnson's body lying ln Jefferson
street, 117 feet below the bridge.
Johnson's pockets had been turned Inside out and hll watch removed. Dr.
Johnson's empty pocketbook and a key
were found on the bridge above. There
were no evidences of a struggle.
Alvord when first approached by the
newapaper men for a statement waa
apparently eager to talk but excuaed
himself a moment and went to Mrs.
Johnson's room. Returning be informed
them Mrs. Johnson was prostrated and
all further efforts to get him to make
a statement were unavailing. The police met with no better results. Alvord
later on visited the police headquarters
and endeavored to secure possession of
some articles found on Johnson's body
hut waB unsuccessful. A visit to the
coroner had better results, that official
turning over to Alvord several articles.
Captain Bruin ot the police department inclines to the murder theory and
yet according to his statements to
newspaper men, he does not believe
Johnson was robbed, but Insinuates hla
belief of murder with some motive more
sinister than robbery.
Corbett and Murphy.
Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 9.���Though no
championship title ls Involved an unusual amount of interest Ib being taken
hy the sporting fraternity in tonight's
go between Young Corbett and Tommy
Murphy. It ls to be a six-round affair
before the National Athletic club. Both
fighters are counted upon to make
their best possible Bhowing In order to
retrieve their reputations as fighters,
both having several defeats chalked
agalnBt them. Each of the principals
declares there will be a knockout before the hell sounds for the beginning
ot the Bii*h nund.
Owing to the public interest in the
power plant question the city engineer
waa interviewed by a representative of
The Dally Canadian. In reply to a
question aa to when the new plant
could be operated safely, Mr. Mculloch
said that It was Impossible to give any
definite Information until the expert of
the Allls-Chalmers-Bullock company had
Inspected the plant and decided on the
necessary changes. The addition of as
oil pump and the fitting of the bearings
to permit of oiling under pressure
would probably cause a delay of a
month or more.
Referring to the report published ln
The Dally Canadian of the 8th instant,
Mr. McCulloch stated that the generator had been tried under the day load
of the city, about 330 horse power, and
had run so hot that the test had to be
discontinued. As the plant was not
running satisfactorily, It was not deemed advisable to attempt to carry the
city load during the teBts. The eon-
tractors can obtain sufficient resistance
for testing by means of water rheostats.
As to changes ln the designs, the
shoe is on the other foot. The city
wished to make changes so as to make
use of the 10-foot extra head to be obtained by the dam of the West Kootenay Power ft Light Co., but the extra
price asked by the contractors waa m
exorbitant that the matter was dropped.
Mayor Gillett, when interviewed by a
reporter of The Dally Canadian, endorsed the statement of the city engineer, and added that the full city load
was over 600 horse power, but as yet
only the day load of 330 horse power
had been carried by the new plant   .
Scores to Date In Club Tournament���
Blackwood Leading.
C. D. Blackwood's rink, with two
games played, ls at present ln the lead
In the curling tournament with a score
of 23 points. J. H. Wallace's rink ls
second with 20. while N. J. Cavanaugh'a
and Judge Fortn'a have each 17 points
to their credit. So far 13 out of the
144 contests have been decided.
The game* played last night reaulted
as followa:
Walley, 7; DeVeber, t.
Nunn, 5; Hawkey, 7.
Starkey. 14; Hedley, 10.
Wallace, 7; Forln, S.
Cavanaugh, 10; Carrie, 4.
The matches scheduled for tonight
7:30���Blackwood vs. Forln; Walley
vs. Hawkey. ���
8 p. m.���Richardson va. Bird.
9:15 p. m��� DeVeber vs. Starkey;
Nunn vs. Hedley.
German Statesmen Decline to Slve It
Serious Consideration.
Berlin, Jan. 9.���The German government was ready months ago to send
delegates to the second peaoe conference at The Hague, but no hint came
from St. Petersburg regarding Its date.
Aa Germany has never taken tbe Initiative ln peace conference matters there
Is a feeling that If an Inquiry la to be
made of Emperor Nicholas concerning
the probable date of the meeting lt
ought to come from some other government, the United States, for Instance,
which made the first move ln the matter, or Great Britain, whose premier
takes a deep Interest tn the conference.
The question ot the suspension of armaments was attracting attention in
the United Statea and Great Britain,
and It Is asserted here that It cannot
seriously be discussed by responsible
German statesmen without impatience.
The declaration of the French premier,
M. Clemeneeau, regarding the necessity
that France be prepared for Instant
war ls considered by the German government an expression of the temper
ot the present French administration
as being alone a sufficient indication of
the fact that limitation of armaments
by agreement ts not yet within the
hounds of practicable statesmanship.
Object to Machine.
Ottawa, Jan. 8.���The vote here yesterday was adverse to making the city
federal   dlatrlct  slmiliar  to   Washington.
Ship In Distress.
New York, Jan. 9.���A schooner, name
so   far unknown, is ashore off Forked
River, N. J.   Tho life saving crew haa
gone out to the vessel. The Daily Canadian
. . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 21 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITA.., PAID UP... .fl,500,0OO KKST $4,500,000.
D. R. WILK1E, President, HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
llowed curr
J.   M.   L,AY,  Mana8��r.
Deposits received and Interest allowed current rotes from date of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve	
Total  Assets $41,860,353
Account-  of ffrina and individuals opened on tho most favorable terme.
TlilrU'en branches In British Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E, KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       ED. I..  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published is* -my. si wt-s-k liy Use
Baker dl ., Nelsssssi. B. O,
aiilsis-rlisilsiis rHts'ss, .w oents a tinustls slsslIvisred
Id lilt- Isllv, or f.'s.0si ss year 1/ sst-sil hy isissil, when
psstlit III .slv.lli'ss.
Adrertlslna rats-a mi gppiissHtion.
Ail sssuiili-ii ps.1.1 sss settlement ssf Tlie Dally
Cstl-s1i.il  KCOOUDtS, i-illss-r  lisl SUbSOrlptlOM <>r
sdf.riissinK, iisiissi ise reoelpted f<<s.>t. ihs- printed
iwrisn di ihe Company, oiiss-r receipts are n,ii
���JAsNUAMY   -. 1907.
'���By one word we are sometimes lodged to bo
wile suisl Isy (sue wsss-.l sometimes jssslKsssl lo Ise
loolleb. I-I ssi lliprelure be s-nrt-fiil what we
We thouBlH Uml In the resurrection
of John Olivers grievance al not being
taki-n into a Conservative cabinet 'three
anil a half years ago, ihs- opposition
hail reached bedrock iv. tbelr delvng
for maleral for criticism; We were
mistaken. I'l has now occurred to the
Nelson Daily News ihat Mr. McBride
should be condemned for dissolving ihe
alslature!    ii is a common complain!
���joppoaltlons and  oocaslonally  li  is
ni grounded. If sn administration
villi a fairly Iisiik tenure of office before It, uss burning question under dis
OlMson that was nol before Ihe ele-slo-
rase ai iin., preceding general elections,
dissolves suddenly to inke advantage of
division among tbelr opponents, ii may
be reasonably denounced ns a breach
of tie unwritten rules of tbe game. Hut
in tbe present case tbess condlUons do
not obtain. The present governmenl
hail, In anv event, only six nissiiihs
longer to retain office withoul Dissolving. Tin- Liberals have, ever since
Iheir defeat in 1908, professed themselves ready and eager for an appeal io
the people. In many constituencies. Including Nelson, their candidates were
already chosen, formally or Informally,
Their newspaper seers were so sure of
an early dissolution that many of them,
again including The Daily News, had
already fixed seveial dates for the else-
tlons, rill earlier Ihan the one named
hy the premier. Finally, then? is a
new qu'Bllon U'fore the electorate,
one which unfortunately has been made
a campaign issue by the Liberal press
���the question, "Shall llrlllsh Columbia
support her leader In his fight for justice in the financial relations of this
province with the Dominion government?" An editor who Is weary of reiterating the silly slanders about Kaien
Island and the Pendray lots, may well
be excused for trying lo find something
new to revive the sadly drooping spirits of his constituency, but his first
effort has been a most unhappy one.
li cannot be accepted as sincere even
by Ihe most loyally disposed members
of his own party.
The opinions expressed by It. P. Rithet of Victoria at the nomination meet-
In-, at which four Conservatives, led
hy Premier McBride himself, were
placed In the field as candidates for
the representation of the capital city,
will be echoed by business men, Irrespective of former party affiliations,
everywh- ns throughout the province.
Prosperity and progress have not of
late been such frequent visitors to
British Columbia that we can arford to
una them Ihe cold Macdonald shoulder
just when they seem likely to make
themselves at home. Iu the days before 18!>K, when there were no clear (II-
viding lines In provincial politics, Mr,
Hlths'i sat as senior member for Victoria and wns a valued member of the
house, enjoying the respect and confl-
il.-n, e of both parties. After 18118 he
withdrew from politics to devote hlni-
selt more closely to the big business
he hail built up In Victoria and San
Francisco, He has nol recorded any political opinion, and has not taken an
active pail lis nny campaign from that
time In the present Now he comes
forward, not ai a Conservative but as
a representative business man and as
:s patriotic llrlllsh Columbian to protest against any change of Ihe administration of tin- province which, within
the last three years, has been piloted
from bankruptcy to solvency, from depression to prosperity, Ills testimony
Is all tho more valuable because II Is
thai of a man who knows what he Is
talking about, and whose sincerity none
will question.
The local campaign committee rooms
arc designated respectively, "Liberal-
Conservative Committee Rooms" and
"Dr. Hall's Committee Rooms," The
difference Is significant. John A.
Kirkpatrick Will be elected partly because ho Is John A. Kirkpatrick, but
chiefly because he stands as a supporter of the most efficient administration
llrltlsh Columbia has had at least since
Nelson was a city���that of the Liberal-
Conservative iiarty. Dr. Hall and his
friends, on lhe olher hand, aro well
aware that any lingering   hopes   they
may entertain must be based on the
undisputed popularity of Dr, Hall. Any
claim based on the record of the Liberal party lu llrltlsh Columbia could
awaken oniy derision.
Isn't 11 time n new epithet were dls-
covercsl for Mr. Willie Mclnnes? He
Is now labelled powerful and merolless.
Hi- might be callesl invincible only for
a few incidents In his career which
rudely inconvenii'iit memories still retain. The flics of the Toronto Globe,
about the period of Willie's first scintillations at Oltuwa, contain a few,
Many good Liberals keep files ssf Ills-
Qlobe,   They will easily be found.
A 81 range lethargy has come over the
Liberal press of the province. Not only has the Vancouver World foiled to
launch a new sensation fssr some weeks,
hut evi'ii the Victoria correspondent of
The Dally News has forgotten that his
eontrai-t calls Issr something more than
mere reports of meetings and nominations. ,
Won't the Dally News vary even
slightly lhe diet It supplies to lis readers dally. "Roast beef and plum pudding" is royal fare, but continued day
after day Indefinitely It would certainly pall on the healthiest appetite. Similarly even the most thorough-going
Liberal must suspect that he is being
mocked when every Issue of his organ
tells him of another monster mass
meeting of his side with unprecedented
enthusiasm, followed by a new split iu
lhe Tory ranks. Surely there Is a limit
even  lo Grit credulity and gullibility.
Ills Honor Judge Henderson has resigned from the county court bench to
be a member of the Liberals' forlorn
hope iu Vancouver. With thai strange
lack of humor that formerly characterized his efforts as a public entertainer,
Air. Henderson���as we may now call
him���compares his position with tbat
of Sir John Thompson and Sir Oliver
.Mowai. His resignation from the
bench is the ouly point of resemblance,
Alex Henderson has already had a public career. Ill 1898 he was elected for
New Westminster In tbe interest of the
Turner administration, defeating J. C.
Brown, who stood for the Semiin opposition party. As soon as the late Lieutenant Governor Mclnnes began his remarkable exercise of his prerogative
by dismissing Mr, Turner, Alex Henderson deserted the party that elected hlm
anil went over to the enemy. Later,
after Joseph Martin was dismissed liy
Mr. Semiin, Alex, being the only lawyer on the government side, became, perforce, attorney general. But he knew
Hint his race was run, and soon afler
accepted a county court judgeship���not
a greal prize for an ex-attorney general. He probably feels now that with
vacancies on the supreme court bench
coining fairly fast, he had better make
a martyr of himself In the hope of Increased reward. While seeking to extenuate his treachery in 1898 his chief
plea was that all he bad said was "that
he had no use for the opposition." Evidently his contempt did not ap^ly to
lhe Semiin opposition particularly, but
to opposition generally. The opposition
benches are cold, hard and bare. Alex
likes warmth, comfort and at least opportunities. To such standard bearers
the Liberal party Is entirely welcome.
The dissatisfaction with the action of
lhe Otawa machine In pltchfoiklng Willie Mclnnes into British Columbia politics as a leader���if not the leader���is
nol confined to the Victoria Liberals,
ll is bl:t rly rejented by many of the
LMieial members * and candidates
throughout the province. John Oliver,
for Instance, has borne the burden and
heat of the fight for six years. He has
not spared his voice or his conscience.
He has exc lied even his present���or
former?���leader, J. A. Macdonald, ln
his zeal to find or make scindals. Why
should John be forced lo step back to
mako way for pushful Willie? To be
Sure, his ape- lie s are often ridiculous.
Hul what about Willie's? And John has
not had the distinction of being called
a liar and slanderer by the Toronto
Globe. But, If the Liberals plead, as
well (hey may, that poor John la an Impossibility as cabinet timber, whal
ftboUt Patterson of the IslnndB, Monroe
of Csililiwack, King of Cranbrook, or
Fred lloway, the Liberal candidate for
New Westminster? Fred Howay and
\\ 1 lie Mclnnes were schoolmates.
Those who know both would smile at
a comparison. Mr. lloway has been a
successful and honorable lawyer; he Is
sane, sober, diligent and has some
knowledge of the principles of government. In two respects only is he Inferior to Willie, In platform acrobatics and as a freak voice manipulator.
In his natural desire to make out a
good long brief from which to speak,
the lale Liberal leader has Included everything that tho McHrlde government
has done or left undone during their
three years of office. With the great
majority of the government's sins of
commission, Mr. Macdonald has no
fault to find except with the manner
in which they were done. This applies,
be It known, even to the Kaien Island
Soc., Labor or Ind.
JI. Hrs-wster	
Wm. Manson	
J. Carlwrlght (Soc.i
11. Jones	
c. Wilson	
C. W. Hunrn	
S. A. Cawley	
Thos. E. Kelly (Sne.l
Dr. King	
J. .A. Harvey	
11. Jardlne	
R. McUride	
slolsn .larsllns'....
C.H. Fooley	
.Iniiii Mclnnes (Soc.)
E. Dynes (Soc.)
(I.R. Nad.-n	
B.O. Warren	
T. W. Paierson,.
A. 10. McPhlllips...
W. J. Lesllnghain (Soc.i
J. D. Bwanson,...
M. Eagleson	
Hawthornthwaite (Soc)
Dr. Q. A. B. Hall..
J. Kirkpatrick	
Frank Phillips (Soc.)
P. Williams (Soc.)
New Westminster
F. W. lloway....
T. GUford	
Dr. .Macdonald...
Price Ellison	
.1. W. bogle (Soc.i
Thus. Taylor	
It. McBride (Ind.)
J. W. Wearl	
F. L. Carter-Cotton
S. Livingstone t lusl.-Con.)
Geo. Kllby (Soc.)
H. Tanner	
I). M.Eberts	
L. W.Shatford....
A. II. Dockets mler
W. Davison (Soc.)
W. W. n. Mclnnes
It. G. Tatlow	
10. Kingsley (Soc.)
T. F. Neelands...
.J. F. Garden	
It. P. Pl'ltlplece (Soc.)
..P. A. Gilchrist..
A. II. MacGowan..
A. Stebblnge (Soc)
J. W. Dell. Faitis
W. Howsor	
K. 11. McVely (Soc.i
0. TosSel	
fi. l. Drury
llon.R. .McBride
in*. Brni Bl Hail (Labor).
\v. G. Cameron
A. 11. Thompson
j A.. Johnson (Labor).
.1. I). McNIven
H. F. W. Behnson
Richard Hall
Aid. F. Davie
smart Hendersoi
land grant. lint one coiiHtruclive measure passed by the government. Mr. Aluc-
tionul.l object., to subatuntivcly-���name-
1>, the School Act. liy some strange
c.infusion ol terms Mr. MftCdODflld has
convinced himself that a school system mainialned by public money, partly granted from the provincial treasury and partly administered by local
Loards of trustees on lims defined by
statute, and regulated by a provincial
superintendent and inspectors, is not
state education. How he has accomplished such a feat is n psychological
problem which we haven't time to investigate. But he has given no hint of
what he would do tf returned to power to renit dy a condition that he imagines is dangerous. Would he amend
the School Act or repeal it? If so, to
what extent? Evidently, from his utterances, lie thinks it a great hardship
for the ratepayers to hflffe lo tax themselves directly for the support of their
tree public schools instead uf being taxed for them indirectly by the government of the province. If tbat is a hardship for rural municipalities, surely it
fe also a hardship lo the cities. Does
Mr. Macdonald advocate a return to the
paternaism of the period before 1891,
when officials at Victoria had the appointment, payment and dismissal of
all 'teachers, and it was no business of
parents���except as Ihey might affect it
through their representatives In the
legislature���who taught their children,
or what remuneration he received for
teaching them. If Mr. Macdonald is not
a mere critic, if he really has any ideas
on the subject, it is his plain duty to
develop them. It is easy to say that
everything Is wrong, but It is not very
Notloe U iit-ti't.y given ii.hi go daya alter date I
Intern) I" apply to the Honorable tlie GlUef Commissioner nl Lands and Works torn lic<*n��e to
prospect fnr coal and petroleum over the folio w-
lug i***iil: Minuted 10 mile*, nortii ot tlie inter
national boundary line and OUt of tlie 1'lalhend
river* beginning at a posi marked w, K, Cooke'a
N. E, eorner posl, theneo 4 inns south, llieneo
80 chnins wesi, thenee Hn chain* nortii, thenee M>
chains etui to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 13, 1906. W. K COOKI.
Notice Ih hereby given lhat sixty ilayn after
date I intend to apply lo the Honorable the
Chief (���oiiiijiiHwloncr of I__ihIh and Works for
a Poetise lo proipOCt for coal and petroleum over
lbe followiiiK land: HU tut ted 10 mllei florlb of
tlie internal.onal boundary line nnd cast ol ihe
Klathead ri.er- beginning at a post marked v. li.
Cooke's   N.  Vv, corner post,   thenee KO chains
south, thenCO ���*���*' chains east. Ihenee Nl eliains
iii'iih, Ihence "0 chalna wesl to point of com*
Pated Nov. Vi, HWtl. K. If. Cooke.
Noi.cc Is hereljv*n I ven l li at sixty days after .late
f Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissiun-
erof Land., and Works for a license to prospc. I
for coil anil pe.rolemn over the following land :
Hniiaed IU miles north of the intenniiioniil
boundarj line and east of the Flathead i-iv. r,
be*Inning ata post marked C. Cook's H. W.corner
post, t ence HO chains north, tbenee HO ebalus
'���ri.it, thence ���*" chains sonth. thence HO cIihIiis
w< it to point of commencement.
Pated Nov 18,1006. 0. COOJtg.
Notice 1�� liereby given that sixty dajfl after
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable Chipf
Coinniltsioiier of Landl a id Works for a license
to prospect Ior coal and petroleum over the following land: Situate, nine miles uorih of the
international boundary line end chhi ol tb**
Klathead river, beginning at* Pol' marked H.
Krneger'i N- w. cornei post, thence ho cluilns
sonth, thenee HO chains cnat, ti ence W> chains
rorth, thenoe HO chains west to point of commencement
Pated Nov. 13, lflOfl II. KftUMIB
Notiee is hereby Riven that sixty days niter date
1 Intend to apply to the Hon. ('blef Com mission
erof Lands and WorltH for a license to prospect
for coal and peiroleum over the the fallowing
and: Hlluuted nine mllei north of Ihd Ini' rtia-
tlonal boundary line and east ot tlie Flat bead
river, beginning at a post marked <*. KniCKcr's
N. K. corner post, their o -90 chains nouth. thence
to chains west, the uee m chains north, theuce 60
chains east to point of commencement.
Pated Nov. 13tll, 1900. Q. KltUKOKli
Notice la hereby glren that 00 <laj> afler date 1
Intend to npply lo the Honorable the Chief Commlaiiouer of Lauds and Worka for a licctiKo to
prospect for eoal and petroleum over the followiiiK land: Situated two in Hue oor h ofthe inter-
n ti.-lini boundary Hue and West of the I lutheal
rive, ben*lm njiat'u post marked a folium' h. K.
o inter poit, thenc�� �����*���' chains norlh, thenee HO
chains west, theme *-������' clmiiiN aouth, tlience HO
eliains past  o point -<i cum mem*  mt-ni.
Pn.ed Nov. 14, Its��'-. 8. COLLINS
Notice thai thirty days  alter date I intend
making application to the Hononihi' the chief
''ommlaaioner oi .Umda aud Worka lor a apedaj
Heeiiue to eut and carry away timber from the
rollowlng de-vrlbed lund, situated  on  the right
bHim of Kokanee creek, about Ave milei from the
lake, commencing nt a poal marked "Urtiee
White, ti. E. Corner." Tbeuce north HO ebalns,
Ibenee west <0 chains, thenee nortii ��) chains,
tbenee west 40 chalna, thenee south >o chains,
tbence east 40 chains, them-e south ft'ch-ilD*.
thence cast in chains to point of com meneement.
Hated .\ov. luth, 1900.  Battel Whui. Locator,
Notice in bereby given Wat two month* after
date we intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands mid Works for a IftaN of all that
land being the foreshore adjoining the Cmiadlan
Pacific Railway Shipyard on the west, part ol
Lpt fiXA, group 1, und being nn the aouth ihore
Ol Ihe west arm of Kootelmy Ijike, in tbe dls-
rlct ol Kooteiiuy:   Commencing at Uiu aouther-
ly corner of lot 7064, group ij thenoe along the
south westerly boundary of lot 7ut>_ and the ct-
teiinioii thereof, in a north weatarly direction, a
distance of 436 feet; lhetice at right angles to
said boundary in a south westerly direction, a
dlttanoeof Bid loat, mora or lesa. to the north
easterly boundary of the City Park, continued;
thenoe parallel to aald westerly boundary of jot
(004. in a si.uth easterly direction, a distance of
000 feel, more or less, to the northerly bouudarr
of lot 58..; thence following the northerly boundary of lot 5HA in �� north easterly direction tothe
point of eommeneement, the area being 3.H4
aires, more or less.
Dated this 7th dny of January, A.D., 1907.
Sixty days after date I purpoee making application to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner
of Unds and Works for permission to purVhase
the following deaeribed land: Commencing nt
a post plared at the S. W corner of Lot H���� and
marked "K. 0. K.V N. W. corner, thence following the southern boundary Lot W00, 80 chains
moreorless easl to the west bonndary of Lot
H01- tbenee following aame south BO chains to
the uorih boundary ol LotBttt; thenee about :o
ehnins west along said boundary lo tbe lake
shore; thenee north :J0 chains more or lesi following the lake shore to point of commencement, containing 317 -acres imin or less.
Hated Deogmhei 17th, ibo7.
F. U  K*U4t;iBH.
Notice Im hereby given that sixty daya after
date  llntend  to   apply to the Hon. tbe Chief
commlaaioner ol Landa and Worka for itermis-
sion to purohaae tbe following duorlbed land
situated In the West Kootenay district; Commencing at a poet planted at the "My B, corner
of  l. Tortora'a   pre-emntJont" and   running
thenco east w chains; tbence sou Hi .0 chains-
tbenee wesi 40 chains; thence north 40 Chaini,
to plaee of commencement- containing 160 acres,
more or leaa.
H__tBT Pima, Locator,
M. R. UcQtUJtSlg, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thatilxty daya alter
date I intend to applv to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works (or
permission to purchase the following described
lands situated in the West Koolenay district*
Commencing at a posl marked "ll. 11. nouth
west corner," and north of A.   It,   Lucbb'b, pur
uhaae claim, on Han* Oreexi tbenee north 40
chains; tbence cast 90 chains; thence south 40
cbains; tbence 20 ehalns weht. to polntof commencement, containing 4ft acres, moreorless.
December 30,1006.
 *!__?��� McJiUBftia, Agent.
Hlxty daya after date I intend to apply to the
chief Commlaaioner oi Landiand Worketopni*->
ohaw MO aorea of land, located in Lower Arrow
Lake, West Koolenay:   Commencing at a post
planted at tbe "N.W, corner of Arrow Lake
Indian Reeervo"] thence south (to chains; theuce
west no chains; thenee north HO ebalns; theuce
east KO chain*, to plane of begiuniug.
Located Mtb day ot December, Iwo,
, ___.       ixxiator.
HUt*. dnys after date 1 Intend toapply to tlie
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds and W'orks,
\ Ictoria, to purchase IflO acres of land, located 00
the weat tide hi Arrow late, about five miles be>
low Hurton City, and described us follows: Com-
inenelng at a posl marked "F '1. H's southeast
comer,' and being *j0 chains east nf tlie north wcsl
coruerof Lot UTIOj thenee north 40 ehalna; thence
west 40 ohalna] thence south Mohalna; thence
east 10 ohaini to the place of beginning.
November lllh, lttKi. Y. (1. Hkeh,
per 3. B. Annahlk.
Kixty days after date I Intend to apply to tbe
Hon tin- 'ini*' i Miu in i-*-in in* I* i>i Lund** nnd Works
to purchase 840 acres oi land i Commencing at a
post markeii "N.T H's southeast corner post."
itald poit hiing al the northeast corner of Geo
Hudson's pre-emption claim, abQUl two miles
sou l ben st of Hurton City, llienee west 40 ehalur*-,
mui :ir_n .*ii., iiih, west 40 ehnins, north 40 chains,
enst HO chains, south 90 chains to place of com-
mencemeuti containing 940 acres,
Located Sth day of Nov. 11106.   Nhttik 'I', h tt rn
���Hixty daya afler date 1 Intend toapply to tbe
Hon. Chi* f Commissioner of Landa ami Worka.
victoria, to pnrehaae 40 aorea of laud, situated
on tbc west side of Arrow Lako, about 8W miles
below iturton, and deaeribed ae follows: Commencing at a post planted at lhe northcasl
corner of Lot 7970, und running north 30chalna:
ihcme west ��) ebuHis, tln.nce sontb SO chains
tbence cast 2tt chains to place of beginulnir '
Nov. lllh, lOW, H  K.lnu.
J. E Anna?��t,b, Agent.     '
NollOe Is bereby given that fin dava alter date I
intend toapply tO Ihe Iloiioruble the chief Com-
mlssloner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase Hie following described binds situate
about 10 miles cast of the City Of Nelson, on the
aouili ihore Ol the West Ann of Koolenay lako
and oommenong at a post placed about ft chalus
soutb of the syulheast coruerof Lot8641, marked
"fl Thomas' N, VV corner," thenoe south 90
chains, tbence cast 'JO ebuins, tbenoe north 20
chains, thence wesl 'Jo chains to polut of com
Dated thla 6lh day of Nov., 1906.    H. Thomas.
__-_��_.- Fine Eiderdown Quite
From $6.00 to $35.00.
���Set Our Vmvlttty Of -dOO l��i-wtiir��M I'mmod In thu
l.lltWMt    ("itvlwM.
Standard Fatnitvte Company
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Emtulmers
Msssssin A iiisssii Pianos.
Ostarmoor Usttrsuu
Misrs.lsisllH.slill.ssy MhII
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Notice Is liereby liven tliat tto days falter date I
Intend to apply to lhe Honorable the Cblel Com-
mlssloner of Landl and Worki, Victoria, B. 0,|
tor permission to punthue the followiiiK deacrlbed land, NltUMh-d in the Weit Kootena) district,
ou tlm wesl side of i iihaintil (or Hlx Mile) creek,
OU up"-r line Ol -Wina road, about J*a ititl'*a
(ro n wesl Arm of Ko' teiiav lake: Commenelni
at h post mark- d Mrs Hattie DOOk'l > . I. inr-
ner. running 40 Obalm west; thence _��J chhlna
south; tbenee 40 chains east; ihclice 'M chains
north, to Hie nolnt uf commencement, containing BO aorei ofland- more or less.
Dated the 17th November itm.
Haa. Hattik DOCK,
J'iiin K TaVLub, ttfent
Sixty davs alter 'late 1 Intend toapply lo the
Hon. Cblel OonUnlUlonef nf Lands and Works.
Victoria, to purclia,e lAOwrel ol land about two
miles below Hurton City, Weet Koolenay, coni-
meu'*in(t ai a j>ost marked "J. A Irvine's e��-i
corner MIL" said post lad tig OO the caMetly end
of an islnnd west of Lot66...and claim lug all thc
lend contained  tn said island, t-'hig nbout one
mile In an tuttuly and trmletlf direction and
about -ii chains frum north to aouth.
November llth, lUUti. J. A. UviNo,
J E. AnnakI K. Akchi.
Hixty dava afterdate I inteml Lo apply lo the
Hon. Chiel Commissioner of Lnnds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase J JO acres ol jund located
on the west side of Arrow lake mid Ivlng directly
north of l_>t 7U76: Commencing a* a post planted
at Lhe N K. corner of l,ol 7.71. and niarked "H, 11
& K corner," and running nortii lm chains
tbence west Jo chains, tbenoe nortb .iichains,
thence west 20 chains, tbenee soutli 40 chains,
tbence east 40 chains, to place Ot beginning.
NOV. Will, t-06. HKKTIU ItMAIiUY,
J. K, Annaiii.k, Agent
Notice Is bereby given tbal GO dan alter date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. chief ('ommissiom-r
of Lauds and Works for permlaalon tonnrobau
the following deacrlbed land in Weat Kootenai
district: Commencing at a poil marked Mm. V
A- WlUon'l corner post, planted at tbe northeast
QOrnarol Beotlnn 17, Townsite 7, running routb
40 chains, tbenee wcsl 40 chains, thenc,. nortb to
chains, tbeuce east 40 cluilns to place of com
meneement, containing UU acrea, moreor less
Hated Nov. 29, 1000. Mm. V. A. Wit-tor,
J. WllJHj.il, Agent.
Notice la herany given that 60 daya aller date I
Intend to apply to the Hooio.at.le thc Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki for permission
to purehaae 880 acrei of land, situate-mi thel.utle
Moyie river about 1 mile from International
Boundary and about 1 mllo from Spokane International Hy.: Commencing at a poal marked
H. lirant'B B. E. corner post, tbenee west 40
chains; Ihence north tu chains; lbence cast SO
Obalnil tbence north JO chains; thence east BO
chaina; theuce south 00 chains to place of commencement, conuinlng 280 acres ol land.
Looated Oot. mh 1Mb.
HAKtII, i.kam
Hixty daya aftor dato 1 Intend io apply to tha
llonorablo the Chief Oonunlsaloner of Landa and
Works, Victoria, to purchaie 1 tio acrea of land,
located in Fire Valley ami described as follow*-*
Commencing it a poat marked 0, It. McM'i N W
corr**_i,*nd planted at the southwest corner o(
Lot 781.., and running south ���*���**-'> "l:****����, tlieue.
casino chains, thence north *. - bun,-, LhenOJ
west JO chalna to place of beginning.
Not. 18th, 1406. Tigo. B. McMillan,
J. B- ANNAHl.it, Agem.
Billy daya utter dato I Inteml to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner Of Unds and
��orai to purchase 640 acres of laud, located iu
Fire Valley, on we��l side of Arrow lake: Con.
mencing al a poat planted tochaitia we*t ot the
aouth weit corner of J. Itobinsnn'i pro-emptlon
and marked J. W's 9. E, corner, and running
north 80 chains, tbenco west ao chains, thence
aoutb 80 chalna, thence east 80 ehnins to place of
Not. )8th, 1906. Janr Williams.
J. K. A.NNAHl.g. Agent.
Blily days after date I intend to apply to ibe
Chief Commissioner   of Lnnds and Worka for
permlulon to purobwe ibe following deioribed
lands in Kooteuay Dlsirlct, about three-ouartwra
of mile from Thrum's Biding; Cojnmenclne at a
(Mist placed at the ti. W. corner of I, 6__:i, group
1. Wtlt Koolenay District; tbence westerly
following lhe north boundarv ol L45M, 40
Ohalltll thence north 10 ehulns; theneo eaat 40
eJ...li!H, moreor less, tothe N, W worner of
U808J tbence south following the west boundary
of U098 to chalna, more or leil, to plaee of corn
meneement, containing Inserts, more or lets
Dated tlilia 0th day of December 19ofi.
H. II. Firra, Locator,
tio days after date t Intend to apply to the Honorable lbe Chief Commissioner of Unds and
Worka, to pu reheat 870 acros of land: Commencing at a poat marked 0, W. SVfl, E, oornei
poit and planted on the west shore ol Arrow
ake adjoining Lot :i7;i on tbu south side of said
Lot, th��nee west mo chalna along the southern
boundary of Lol 873; theme south .A,0_ chains*
thenee east 80 chains more or less to lake shore*
tbenoe uorth along lake ahore to pfgee of beginning.
Dated 29th day of Nov. 1WXS.
fiKo. W_final,
J. E. Annahlk, Agenl.
Notice ia hereby given tbat 00 daya alter dale I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cnlel Commissioner of Landiand Works for permfsalou to
purchase the following described landa: Coin-
mmeifig at a post placed SOcbalni west of the
aoiitheaat corner of Lot Km, marked "It. A. Bell's
northwest c.rner," thence aouth M chalna.
theliee east 20 (.hnlns, thence north 20 chains
thence woat M chains lo point ol eommeucement,
contain ing 40 acres, more or lestt.
Located thiiotb dayof Nov., 1008.   It. A. Kill.
Sixty daya after datol Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Land:, and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 480 acres of hind, in Fire
Valley, Weat Kootenay: Commeneing nl a post
plantcil fiO chnlna wcsl of the M- W. corner of J.
Roblnion'i preemption, and marked W, W'a N.
K, corner, and ruuning west tio chains, thence
SOUth 80 chalna, thence eaat fio ehains, theuce
norlh SO eliains to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, 100*1. WilliamVilliams,
3, K. annaiii.k, Agent.
Hlxty days afler dato I intend toapply to iho
Hon. theChief Commissioner ol Landiand Works
to purehaae 100 acres of land: Commencing nl n
poit planted on the West side of Bu mile crecu,
on wagon road, about two and one half milea
from Kootenay like, nnd marked "Neil Mc
Kechnlo'a 8, Weat comer post," thenco eaat 40
cbaina, thenee north 10 chaiua, thenco west 40
chalna, thence souih 40 chalna, to plate of commencement
Located this 10th day of November, IW..
HI ity days alter 'late I intend  to apply tittlur
Honorable tbe Chief 'ommlailoiier of I ..*.;. ,*
Works f'ir isrrmission to purchase the lollowloi
described  utttdl In   Kooteuay   district      (Jon?
mencini at a pott marked J. ft, Ainitbli'-. uorih
cast eorner post, iald post being on tbi muni*
side of the Lower Arrow lake, abo'ii two tailti
below   Hurton   city;   thence   south   80 chaini]
tbenoe weil 90 obalnil theuce south aici-aiur
llii-n.c Hi-Hi Jit chains; thence north ���..��� . r.��ini
and   *_W   links,   more or  lesi  lo lbe Ink. Mnir-f
tbence eaaterlralong labn40obaina, non mImb.
lu the place tif hegtlining, ejuUlnlng lo., acrn
more or leu
Dated tbls&th day of Novemlwr, \vm\
J. ti. ANN A BLI,
pel* K. L   BtFBNKT, Ag  lit.
Notice is bereby given thai sixty dayi nirr
date llntend *io Dueappnoatlon totfa-t ilonoi
ablcCbl-af Commissioner of I��nda and v\���rkn it
Victoria. B. c, for permission to pnrebaie n��* <������'���
lowing deaorlbed land, altuate in fire
West Kooienav district: I oirimeneing al _ .,
planted ai ihe southwest corner of J-.sbun it.,b
inaon'l pre-emption, markiil It. I K'aH K lurn**/
post, ihenee 40 ehaim west, thence tt iliaua
north, thence 40 ehaiu.tcasl lo Jo"hua Itnl-iiist.n'i
northwest corner, thence s.i uth 4<>cfial!i->lo|.|i,*
of commencement, containing lOo acres, uon tt
Dated this Bird day of Nov., Itn*.
K. 1. Ktaawooi).
t>" days after date I Inteml toapplv tp tht lb>D.
Chlol Oomnuaaloner ol Unds ami Worki, Vietoria, to purehaso 'Jio acrea of rand located in
Ptri Valley and being a portion of ���>eello_l l-i
hii.I hi in T.iwn-hlptiy ami descritied as lolloti:
��� omnenulDI at a poal planted al the |OUtbW_fl
conor   of   tne southeast tniarler Ol lection If
Townabip 89 and  marked J. ii. h, k, comer-
Ihenoe nortb 40 obalm j iheuc�� went 80 ebalnii
thenoe south 40 obatnij thenee east wi vhatm te
plaoe of beginning.
November gSrd lHOfl.
JOaVtl "ilKM'N.
J. Z, ANNUL!, Agent.
Notice Is hereliy given mat 1(0 -.lays from dale I
intend to npidy to the Honorable the Cblel Con*
DUMloner of Unds and Worka to purchue 640
acres of land deeerlbed as follows; ('oiniiM*i,'*mg
at a po��t pliitit.*.! on the north bank of the I it'.l<*
Moyie river, about IAW yarda front moulh. and
marked "K Mclean's B, W. corner poll,"
thenoe east BO chains, tbence north �� efiilBfc
thence west NO chains, lbence aonth wi chain***., i��
place ol commencement, and conialni tig 640 rum
more or less
Looated With .lay Oct., 1K0��.      Koirr. Mt LtiN
Hixty days nfter'lale 1 inteml to apply ti
Honorable lho Chief Commissioner ol Uml,
Works, Victoria, to purchase9QO acres of
local,.! and described as follows; Cotnmei
nt a posi planted at lbe isiuthwcst eornei
Kobfnaon'l pre emption in Fire Valley, audi
five mile- fr.un Edward Landing, wes' si.
Arrow lake, ami maiked f, O's N. K. cornei
running wt ��t bO chain*--, tbence aouth ��'eb
thence east i-0 chains, thence aouth 90 cb
lheme east 40 chains, thence north 40chai
plaoe of beginning.
Nov. 18th, Hsj0. KiuNK un**-
J. E. ANNAULa, Agent
��� the
1 Slid
of J,
Notice is hereby glveu that 50 daya alter date I
.apply to the Hon. ('hiefCoiuniUiloiiernf
I-audhaiid vVorks, Victoria, for i*ermlaslon to pur-
Intend loa
lhe following deacrlbed laud, aflualtd
the West Kootenay district, on the weat side "I
sDobamel (or 61_ Mile) creek, near wagon road,
abotn Dirco mllei from Koolenay lake: rem
mencing at a post marked "Jamea i. Duck's H W
post," luiining ao chaiua east, tbence 30 chatm
uorth, tbence ro chalna weal, thenee SO cbalni
south, lo the point of commencement, contain
lug 40 acres of land, more or leaa.
Doted lath November, Iflofl.
Located by Jambs J. Hues,
per John K. Tayiob, Agent
Sixty daya alter date 1 intend toappiy to tin
Honorable the Chief Commisaloner of Lauds nn.l
Worka lor permission ui purchase the follownm
described lauds in Kootenay district: 4 omtioii*
eiug at a post marked "A. J. IHll'a soulhwc-l
corner post," said posl being on the northwesterly shore of the Lower Arrow lake and uMluki
duo eait, on Uie northeait eoruer of Lot TiW-
tiroiif. t| tbence norlh 60 ehalns; eaat 40 chains;
aouth 40 chains, more or lesa, to the lake shore,
thenc**- following said shore In a soulhweMei ��
direellon M) chains, more or leaa to the place .-4
beginning, containing 1B0 acres, more or len
Hated this .',th dny ol November, 1906.
per K L. BtinNiT, Agent.
Nolle,; ia hereby given that -at) days alter -iai*
I Intend, to apply lo the Honorable the chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Worka forrwrml'
aloii to purehaae the following described lati-l-.
houtenay district: Commencing at a pet
mmked "J. II. Wallace's northwest corner poll "
said post belDg on thfi easterly side of Lower
Arrow lake, and nt the mmi .iwoal corner ol
J'nrier'a pre-emption claim; tbence eaat;*) chain
thence south 20 Ohalni, Ihcnce weat a) chain*-,
tbeuce south 80 cbains, theuce west 00 chain*
more or Ices to the Arrow lake, thence In a uorth
easterly direellon Ml chains, more or leaa to lb*
place of beginning, containing 110 acrea, inoro ol
Dated this ���J-Jth day of October, 1.0(1.
J. II Walla-k,
 By his ageni, Kknnktii L Huknkt.
1 Hoi
j pur-
00 dnv-after dnle I intend to apjtly to the II
Chief ( onimiNsiouerof Lands and Works to 11
Obaie ^20 neres of nnd located In Kiro  Valley being part ol Beotloni 9 and lo Townabip fi��, and
described  na follows:    Commencing at a post
marked F, W. J, 8 B. cornor and planted at the
northwest corner of Wm. Williams' ptUObaie;
thenco west ill chains; thenee north ��0 chains;
lbence east 40 chains;  tbenco Houth 80 elm Ins to
place of beginning.
November iflfnl 1900.
 J, K. Annahlh, Agent-_
���Sixty daya after date I intend to apply tp tbe
Hon. chief Commissioner of Luuda and Works
to purebaae 187 aorei ol land, commencing at a
post marked IL B's N. K. corner post, planted sl
the N. W. corner of <i. w. Bte-ue-j claim on the
west*, ide of Arrow lake, about four miles above
Hiirlon clly, Ihence west 40 cliuina, Ihence aoutb
-J8.N chains, Ihence east 40 chnins, theneo north
���lfi oa chalna to plnee of beginning, containing 18.
acres, mor^ or less,
Dated IStfa dny of Nov., 1900,   HvRON HURTON.
 r        J. K. Annaiii.i, Agent.
Hixty dava after datn I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamia ana Worki,
Victoria, to purchaao IfiO acres of buid located In
Kirn Valley, being pnrt of Hccllolia Three and
���Hour. Township fio, and deioribed as follows:
Commencing at ���> post planted at William
\\ , ..niiii-1 N. W, corner, ami marked "R. K. W's
N. K. corner," uml running 40 chains weat,
thonco 80 chains south, tbence 20 cbaina east,
thence 40 chains south, thonco 20 chains cast,
tbenee GO chains norlh to place of beginning.
November 23rd, IMC Hiwi E- williami,
J. K. ANNAii.e, Agent, The Daily Canadian
Stock-Taking: Cleanup Sale I
During the First Two Weeks of January We Offer Big
Bargains in Staple Qoods to Clear Out Odd Lines.   .   .
China and Glassware Department.
3 Butter Dishes, nickel top and stand, glass bowl,
regular $2.50, at - - - fi.5o
2 Butter Dishes, regular $2.00, at - -     $1.25
4 Royal Crown Derby Vases, $7 and $8, at Half Price.
1 Blue Copeland Dinner Set, $32, at - - $20.00
Vases, all kinds, at One-Third off regular prices.
1 40-Piece Tea Set, regular $6.50, at       - -    $4.50
Royal   Crown   Derby,   Copelands,   Miuton,   Doultou,
Wedgewood, Coalport, and  Beleek  China
Goods at One-Quarter off.
Book Department.
2-Vol. Sets, regular ���} 1.00, at 75c. Set, postage 20c , comprising Conquest of Peru, Data of Ethics and
Education, Descent of Man aud Origin of Species,
Lincoln���His Life and Times, Napoleon and His
Marshalls, Washington and His Generals, etc.
S-Vol. Sets, Publisher's price $5, our price $1.25, postage
30c. Works of H. Rider Haggard, Mary J.
Holmes, Edna Lyall, Charlotte M. Braeme, Rosa
N. Carey, Alexander Dumas, McAulay's England,
R. Waldo Emerson, Cooper's Sea Tales, Mysteries
of Paris, Mayne Reid's Works, R. L. Stevenson.
Shakespeare's Works, 14 vols., in box, large type, $4.75
Postage 55c.
Medical and Reference Books.
Wagner's Standard Horse and Stock Book.
$1.50 Gleason's Horse Book,      -       $1.10, postage paid.
$1.50 Dr. Chase's Recepies, large ed., $1.10 "
The Home Doctor, - - $1.25 "
The Care of the Sick - -    $1.25 "
The New Tokology        - - '        fl.35 "
Dr. Chavasse Manual for Wives and Mothers.
Maidenhood and Motherhood       -      $1.25 "
Koradine Letters.    Cassels Family Doctor. .  *
Standard Fiction at 20 per cent. off.
Thin paper Limp Leather Editions, regular $1 lines, at
75 cents each.
Over 700 12 mos. at 25c, 35c, 50c, and 75c.
Framed Pictures.
All sizes and prices at 1-4 off regular prices.
Miscellaneous Goods.
A large variety, consisting of Suit Cases, Handbags,
Wood Carved Screens, Fancy Clocks, Candle
Sticks, Bouquet Holders, &c, &_., at prices not
near their cost, marked down to Hake Them Go.
Every article is new in good condition.
Dolls and Toys 1-4 off.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
<ELSON       ""'""..aia.1?**"'-    VICTORIA
Object of Attack by State Legislatures
..���Other Telegraphic News
of Interest.
avy Hams
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies'
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders Isy mmi losnr tirsnssli will have
i our prism pi ana issrelul ���tuiuilon.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C
_cate of Improvements
NOT ice
"Ollmax." "Horseshoe," "Qoaeil "
|n. JK*,-"  ��|lu��t.sl  In N���l,������  Mlnlii,
ssn l'ssri'upino creek.
"uvi ."{It'.' "tf* ""toiler, suet lor
C mil,'.'}".". "'."l",")'* lrr��� Miner's
��� ESiiW .""''.v:**m *\wlmm ''Ait
p��i'l'i) iss thu -MiuiiiK Recorder Ior��
r ni improvements Inr llio purpose ol
la r.swn (irant ol the above elaims.
"II er lake nolls-e that action, uinlisr
fcli, ���',,,"' ',",l'!'"*ns*s-.l before thu issms-
���11 cert iis-atooi improvements,
poison, 1:1111 lieis., iissl.
Frank Piktrhkh.
iicate of Improvements
t."l)i'vir.1i,'!lal,8sl ".lu����.l la 'ho Nelson
|JK Division ol West Kootenay district,
locatedl-0B Toasl mountain.
���s'l!!?."".1 . Jllhn "eUtehle. anting as
���o ��9SS.A*.SfmBbo1 ' ""���" Miner's Ser-
_\': """, Intend, sixty days Irom the
_. loipps, to n,��� Miiiiii, KeoorderVi.
t, a il,.,"M;r"v.iiieiit��, lor Use purpose ol
frtl,,;,"""lu��nl.if tho above elalm.
W. musl ?���." """''*' t",r" "���""". <">l��r
JieI.dr  n'���"'"."���neeii before tlie Issu-
���  1. iV i,""1; "1 'mprovouioiils.
|tiin nih slay ol November, l��0tl.
John MuLatchix.
A. M. Can. Soc. 0. R
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Dealey building.   P. O. Uo*    W
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Montgomery. Ala., Jan. 9.���Railroad
rate reform and a general regulation of
common carriers and public service
corporations is to he the most prominent feature of the Alabama legislature's present session, which is now
under way. B. B, Comer, the new governor, was elected on a platform pledged to railroad rate reform and aa tlie
legislature Is in sympathy with his
ideas lt is 'but reasonable to expect
that the session will devote considerable time to an endeavor to wring concessions from the railroads. Governor
Comer will assume office next week
and will then set forth his views at
length ln his Inaugural address.
As the Alabama legislature meets
regularly but once in four years there
is always an abundance of business
awaiting its consideration. Good roads
and the improvement and extension of
the public school system of the state
will re elve attention. Local option
also wilt be the subject of debate.
Flans to promote immigration will be
the subject of another measure to be
Introduced. A bill to prohibit bucket
shops hns been prepared. Anti-child
labor laws also will he considered and
acted upon.
Notice l�� hereto giTen that 6o*iavs tiler date I
Iuit'iiil tn apply tu tlie Hoiiorahle < 'hlel Commli-
���louerof 1*111In ami Works fur h lireiiv In pros-
peot for coal and petroleum ove* the following
laud: Situated two miles uorth of (lie iuu*rn*i-
tional boundary line am) west of the Flathead
river. Beginning nt a pout marked J Collin*.'
N. E. eoruer |ii>.-(. theuee HOohatQI couth, theme
Mo elial'iH weit, llienee 00 ehains north, theuee Ni
chalnn east to point of eoiiimeueeuieiit.
Dated Nov. H, 1����. J   0 U-tKS.
Notiee ia liereby given tliat 00 On v.-- alter date i
intend to apply to the Uonorahle the Chiel i-'mn-
uilHMioner of Lands aud  Works lor a license to
f-roapeet lor eoal and petroleum over tho follow-
ttg land : Situated two miles north of the international houmlary line and west of the Flathead
river, Segtmiliig at it post marked W. U'linlluis1
N. W. eoruer post- theuee Hoehaius south, Ihenee
HOelinliiseatd. thenee HO ehnins uorth, thenee K0
ehalns west to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. H. lit* W. I-kUali-ais.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Bnilden will find it tn their ad-
Vfiutage to um our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Notice Is herehy given that nO davs arter date I
Inteud to apply lo the Hou. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and -'orki for a liecnac to prospcet for
eoal and petroleum over tho following land:
Hituated two milt* north of tho International
boundary lino and west of the Klathead river.
Beginning at a post murked 0. C. HJhorus' N. K.
eoruer poM, theiien HO ehains smith, theneo 80
chains west, thenee Mil chains norlh, theuee HO
ehains east to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 1-1, IIW6 Q Ot Bjhoriis.
Notiee Is herehy given that CO days alter date I
intend lo apply to tlie Honorable the Chief ('ommlssloner of Lands anil Works for a license to
proipeot for coal and |MJlroleum over Uie following land: Hituated two miles north of the International houndary Hue und west of the Flathead
river. Beginning nt a po'l marked L. B Molaud-
i*i \ N. iiT corner poit, thenee bo chains south,
thenee R0 chains east, theuce 80 cbains north,
tli.iii-ii Wi ehalns west to point of commencement.
Pated >'ov. H, 1006. h. H. MOLANbKR.
Notieu is herehv given that 611 days alter dat* 1
intend (o apply to the Honorable Chief Commission rof Landl and Works for a license to prospect for coal and pciri.leiiin over the following
Inml: Situated two miles norlh of the international luiin.Inr*. line and wcsl of the Flathead
river Heginniug at a posl maiked W. Tinker's
S. W. corner post. Ihence 80 eliains norlh, theuce
m ebalns east, theuce HOcIir-im south, theuce HJ
chains wesi to ]>olnt of commoiieumeut.
Dated Nov. l-l, Wixi. W, Tinkh.
Notice is hereby given that sixty dayi after
date I intend to apitly lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lunds and Works for a license
lo prospect l >r coal and petroleum over the following laud: Hituated ll miles north of the international boundary line and east of Ihe Flathead river. Beginning at a post marked R. 8.
1'arker's N, W. corner post, thenee 80 chains
souili, thenee HO chains east, theuee HO chaius
north, thence HO ehains west to point of coin-
Dated Nov. 16,1906. R. S. PAUUU.
Notice ls herohy glveu hat 60 days after date I
Intend toapply to iheHonoratde the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to
rrespect for eoal aud peiroleum over the follow
'igland: Hituated 7 miles north of the International boundary line and east of the Flathead
river. Beginning at a post marked J Urlbble'i
s. K. eoffeier post, thence HO ehalus north, thenre
60 chains wesl, Ihenee to chains south, thenoe 80
ebalns east  lo point of eommeneement.
De'ed Nov 16,1906. J. GkljMLK
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 daya after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works for a license lo prospect for
con) and petroleum over the followlug land:
Hituated six miles north of the International
boundary line and east of the Flathead river.
Begiuniug at a posl nmrked A. Hunt's H. W
eorner posl, (hence 80 ebatus north, thence hi
chains east, thence "-*���> chains south, thenee 80
chains west to polut of commencement.
Dated Nov 16. l����. A. Hurd.
Notiee Is hereby given that 60 daya after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of [.amis and Wurks for a license lo prospect for
coal and petroleum over tbe following land:
Situ "ted six miles uorth of thc International
boundarv Hue aud east of the Flathead rlrer.
Beginning at a post marked K. H third's N. W
co iht po-t, thence 80 chains south, Ihence 80
chain*' east, thenre 80 chaiua north, thence 80
chains wc-i to point of commencement
Dated Nov. 16,1WJ6. K. 11. Hurd.
Certificate of Improvements.
"May," '���B.C.," "Htrathroy." "Joy," "Joy Fractional," and "John I" Mabiey" Mineral Claims,
situated In tlie Sloean city Mining Division of
the West Kootenay Dislrlct.
Where located:-North of Twelvo Mile Cteck
about one and a halt miles up.
Take notie* tha-1. 1, H. R. Jorand of Sloean B.C.
Free Miner's cerillieale No. It7f-.no, as ag nt for
Horace (1 Van Tm I, Free Miners certificate No.
B462I, intend, sixty days from Iho dote hereof,
to apply lo the Mining Recorder for a Cerllllcate
of Improvements, lor tne puroose or obtaining a
Crown tii uni of the aald mineral claims.
Aud  further   lake   nollcu   lhat  action under
Sen ion Ti\ in ii at tie commenced before  the Issuance of such eni iili'ii (es of Improvements.
Dated this Brd Day of January, 1907.
M(ist;i-,siiili>siHl,li- ssiiiirtvrs lu Nelson.
Only Use best ol l,fi|iiors anil , ixssrs-.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. 0,
Lighted by Kleotrioitj and
Heated 67 Hot Air
Large snd Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
sslsss-s liluliiK Boom.  Bample Rooms (or commer-
Glial Uisu
MRU. K. C. CLARKE, FroprletrssM
Boat Dollar a day honae in the Kootenaya.
Roome are well famished.  Table as good as any
ln Nelson.    Bar supplied with good
liquors ana clears.
W. K. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Silver King Hotel B___ting Lots for Sale
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meals �� els. Booms Irom as eta. to 11
Only While Help Employed.
Baker si., Nelaon Proprietors
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DolUr-a-Day Houst in Nelson.
The Bar l> Ihe Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
.   two blocks from wharf.
Katun IKK) par Jay and up.
P. O. Box 161.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KR10K8UN, Proprietor.
Ceulratly Located. open Ilay and Night.
Bample and Haiti Booms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Toiiikins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Royal Hotel
H.  ��&  M.  BIRD.
���<_��� T. G. PROCTER ______
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have f 0,000 Am
Choicest Frott Lands 4a
British Columbia.
Cau sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc*.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
Bates tl and (1.60 a Day.
Bpeoial Rate* to Regular Boarders.
l-BI'NINil AM) UHAFTINU issrislnlly attend-
s-sl to. Apply
Silver Klin Hotel.
Contractor and
Sole agent for the Forto Rico Lumber Ca, Ltd..
retail yardi. Rough and drer*s��_ lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coaatlath aud nhluglei.rash
and doin*.-.. Cement, brick and lime for aale,
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eut of HaU,
P. O. Box 232.
D. C.
Telephone 178
A I'l HIT Kit  al tbe Huyal  Hotel.
NOTH'K la hereby given that en application
will he made to the Legislative Aiaembly ol the
Province of BrltlHli Columbia at lti next session
for an act authorising the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place,i-minlrut-t, nnd maintain,
a dain or dams, booms, -piers, slides, and otber
\rorkr* tn and acrort the Kootena* river at or
near Thrums Station (about oppoilte Sub-lot IV.
of Lot 4fiW, Group 1, Kootenay district): and ln
and across tho Little Sloean river; and in and
across the Slocan river at a point or points below tbe mouth of the little Sloean river; for the
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting holding, and
manufacturing saw-logi and timber; to occupy
the inrface of the said riven where neceMhry for
Ihe purpose! aforesaid; to clear, improve, and
remove obstructions Irom the iald riven Ior log-
driving, rafting and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tolu and dues on logs timber and
lumber of persons using or profit lug by such
worki, clearing or improvement*; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other things
necessary, Incidental or conducive to theexer-
else of any of tbe above -powers.
Dated Ihe 10th day of December, 1906.
Solicitor lor the Applicant The Daily Canadian
January   Clearance  Sale
Of Cut Glass $6.
Berry   Bowls       Each
Yoa want llir Bowls,   We wiuit tho room.   Don't hubs tho chance
[Looking for Good N
(Things for New Year #
Oranges,   Sween   Navels    25c
Malaga   Grapes    35c
Pears, 2  pounds  for 25c
Bananas,   per   dozen    50c
IMutt, per  Ib 25c ���
X   Layer   Figs   .per   Ib 25c
Y      Let us have    your    New Year's
X order  now    and    avoid  Monday's
��� rush.
��� ;
[Bell Trading Co.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or soil anything,
go lo the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
Ml kinds of Dftinerware In stock. I *at-
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, ate,
121 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your Neftb Year
Choquette Bros*
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
<Jor. Vernon and Ward Streets.,
MlJI.SO.-S*.   B. C.
J.FRED HUME, Proprietor.
P. ll. Walsh, Knslo; E. G. Richardson, .1. H. McDonald, J. Y. Collls, C. E.
.Mellish, A. lirignanil, Vancouver; 0.
D. Bell, Salmo; .1. E. Read, Erie; VV. A.
Cameron, Montreal; J. P. Forde, Revel-
BtokGj W. O. Gaunce, Greenwoodffl 11.
N, Scot I, Calgary; W. II. Crawford,
Creston; D. c. Robertson, W. Molrldge,
Edmonton; E. Dedolph, Marysvllle; J.
McLeod, Flagstaff.
U. Irving, Kaslo; J. C. Dufresne and
wile. Pllol Hay; E, B. Hash, Greenwood; ,1. Bulital, B. E. Neville, W. E.
Hodges and wife, Vancouver; 0." V.
White. Sandon; C. P. Morgan, Winnipeg; J. Leconte, St. Boniface; H. N.
linier. Coleman.
W.   Simpson.   Howser;     C.   Goocli,
Orand Forks;  I,. Hooper, Miss Hooper,
Winnipeg; R. R. Weir, Lethbrldge.
,1. W. Taylor, Kaslo; R. A. Evans,
A. Templeman, Vancouver; T. F.
.Mackenzie, Cranbrook.
D. Stewart, T. Whiting, F. Lister, T.
Gower, Cranbrook; J. Harris, Procter;
I. Olaspln, Comapllx; C. A. Mix, Grand
Forks; .1. M. Farrell, Slocan; W. Munro, J. Smith, Vancouver; C. M. Patter-
sssn. Ymir; W. Wallace, Creston; C. P.
Deuholm. ,1. Campbell, Parry Sound; M.
0. Berg, Lethbrldge; .1. H. Whltehouse,
W. T. Wkkliam, Lloydminster.
W. ,J. Walker, H. Jones, Revelstoke;
A. R. Leonard, E. D. Frank, Midway.
Geo. Matthews, Salmo; 0, Pavoluccl,
A. Gollnl, s. Benedltl, B. Golini, G. Go-
linl, Revelstoke; J, Harris Procter;
Hobt. Thompson, Ottawa Mine; A. Mc-
Cualg, Bonnington; W. Panlon, Victor.
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���Three hours  late.
Coast and Slocan   train���One   hour
Houndarv* train���On lime.
Rossland train���On time.
New York, Jan
copper, 2'
��19 16s
l-4c;  1
.Ian. 9.
ead, $0.
-Sliver, 32
To One and <All
Our Many
Customers We
Wish a Happy and
NetD Year.
Telephone 101.
On mnl after December Int my Ih'rImij* and
plumbing bu din ess will he located in my new
"hop. two doon east of open bouse, on Victor.*
Tel. 181.     S. A. WYE
James Cranio and X. J, Cavanaugh
visited the  Queen   Victoria   mine  yea*
Lead advanced another point lu London today* Silver dropped one point.
Copper is unchanged.
The fire hydrant at thc corner of
Ward and Baker Streets was found to
be leaking. The water was shut off the
main for a short time today to permit
ot repairs.
Dr, WUlSOD States today that the infant son of .1. Fr_d Hume, while suffering considerably from the shock, is
resting  easily  and   progressing  favor*
W. .1, Qoepe] left this morning fin-
Victoria. He will probably act as deputy commissioner of lands and works,
the office recently rendered vacant by
the resignation of Nell F. Mackay, who
is tho Conservative nominee lu Kaslo.
George P, Wells has heen feted by
the Hoo H00B of Bpokane, It was coming to George after presiding at two
enthusiastic Liberal meetings. The Spokane Hoo lloos will bring a special
train to Nelson for the convention of
worshippers of the Black Cat. to be held
here eWdnesday, .January 16.
The hockey match announcement in
our esteemed contemporary this morning is, "it is said"���by Mr, Pool���a little premature. The Hudson's Hay team
will not be ready for several weeks.
Mr. Pool disclaims the achievements
credited to him and yields all the
palms to R. Hell, formerly champion
skater of Central America.
This evening at Sherman's opera
house, the Rosclans, Nelsons favorites
among travelling companies, will present the musical and spectacular attraction, 'Said Pasha." The performance will be the last by the Rosclans
for at least two years. No patron of
music and drama should miss it.
J. O. Patenaude closes his store at
5 p, m. loday in order to tender an outing and entertainment to his employees.
The party, consisting of the staff and
their friends, ahout 20 in all, will drive
about six miles down the Gianite road
to Laviolette's ranch. A fiddle will accompany the parly and an old-time
dance, tu be followed by a supper, will
be indulged In.
City Engineer McCulloch states that
there Is plenty of water in the creeks
for the city's needs, but the water motors in use and the practice of leaving
taps running to prevent freezing havo
taxed the capacity of the 14-inch main
and thus lowered the supply in the reservoir. Unless the heavy waste of water is stopped it may be necessary to
cut off the water motors at present in
use. At present the water consumption of the city exceeds 1,000,000 gallons per day.
Sherman's Opera House
Wednesday, January 9
In the Laughing Success,
Said Pasha"
Final appearance in Nelson for 2 years.
Prices, $1.00, 75c, 50c.
Seats at Rutherford's Monday morning
once.    Apply Dally _,dr_Iau olfls-o Mssnslay
The Store of Quality
Apples Today
at $1.50 per box
K. W. 0. Block . Phone 10.
TWO FIRST-CI.AHB ROOMS, ��ls-��iss Iss-ssts-.I
lily hsssuiskssisiscr, 3rd flat, K. w. 0, block.
Vienna Sausage in tins, 2 for 25c
Pork and Beans, large tins 20c
French   Mustard,  per  bottle    15c
Ham Loaf and Veal Loaf, 2 for 25c
Chicken  Loaf, 2 for   25c
Herrings  in Tomato Sauce, 2 for..25c
Kippered  Herring, 2 for   25c
Sardines  in  Tomato Sauce,  3 for..25c
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Do You 'Paint
or on CHINA.
We have always in stuck
Windsor & Newton's Oil Colors
Fry's cOitrifiable Colors
Windsor & Newton _ Water
For China Painting.
f     Sable
Oamel'fl Hair
*    Hog's Untitles
Water Color Paper
Sketch Mocks
Academy .Board
Pnllcttes, Pallette Knives, and nil required
We cAlso Carry
White China For Decorating
Wood Blanks for Burnt Work,
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, B. C.
O. V. White of Sandon is at the
Strathcona. He reports less snow in
Sandon than In Nelson.
Louis Pratt, manager of the Lasl
Chance mine at Sandon, is at the
Strathcona. Work on the property Is
progressing satisfactorily. ,
F. O. E. No. 22.
Regular meeting of above tonight in
Fraternity hall at 8 p. m. Installation
of officers. Visiting brethren curdiallv
Whole��� I l* mid He Ull Dulefl in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on nhnr.t08t notice and
lowest price. Nothing but frcHh and
Wholesome meats and supples kept i.i ht-ock
Mail orders rweivo earoful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
A. McDonald& Co.
Dealer* in staple and fancy (Iroeerin
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Ulnars' Supplies.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. m. Daily.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
S- S. Princess Victoria
Arrive Victoria 6 p. m.
One Night En Rovte.
Connecting with
S. S. Princess Beatrice
Standard Sleeping Car
Ilerths, $1.00, can bo occupied 9 p. m.
A.0.1*. ... Vanisnuvcr. O.P.A.. Nfilnon
Public Political cMeeting
cA public meeting in the interiests of %f* cA.
Kirkpatrick, the Consefhativs Candidate at tbe
approaching Provincial Elections, will be held
in the Opera House, cNflson on
Friday, January ttth*
'Tbe meeting frill be addressed by the Premier,
Hon* Richard McBride,
W*J* Bowser, M*L*cA*,
J* A* Kirkpatrick*
An invitation has been extended to Dr. G.
A. B. Hall, the Liberal Candidate, to be present and address the meeting.
Chair taken at 8 p. m.    Everybody welcome.
Seats reserved for ladies.
D. C. McMORRIS, Campaign Secretary.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
'telephone 333.
Starkey & Co., g^g
Wlicilt-Mdic I 'rovlaloriH,
Produ.)*, - Fruit.
Dominion Government Creamery One Pound I'rlcks receiviil wivkly f^
from the churn.   For sale by all leudiiJK gtOMfi.
Oltli'o nnd warehouse: Houston lilock,   Phono 711.
Josephine Street. Nelion, B.C,
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd,
A Word to tlie Wise
Thii yitir wm have appro* in t<-.l tho Wintl of onrc#|
toman .mil have pOIMd into Httx'k lhe
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Tins Ktovn is adapted for hnnl ronl only, uml iB|jnr|
anti** it to givfl Hat it. fact ion.
]* H. Ashdown Hardwart|
Company, Limited.
*V'**'w���B. A. I8AAC R. W. HINTON'
H��ps��lrlnit and dobbins ��x��st;ut��s<J with Dupntch,   abHt M��t��l
""rk, Mis.Is.u ii.sti Mill Muchhierv.      Mssssulsss.1 ui-.1 - ul
Orn Cnra,  w.  tt.   Contractor**  Cars,
Corner of IInil tnd
Front s-sir.-.-tN.
Telephone ��
Uu��tn����B rnvn.
Working mvii,
Man In drvMH attire,
Hportlnu niun,
Handnomt men.
Men that'll lull of fire
UNITE and -sinK that   tho  importations of
John T. Piorru aro the proper thin.!-
My lat*t fall Hhipniont bns jnflt arrived.   S��
thOll] awl place your ordor early for XmaKsuiU
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now is tho time
to liny your
Winter Overrun!
AH Prices from $10 to $30
j. a. gTLker
MANUFACTURERS   �� M^U_._.    CUi^MvUe
AND DEALERS IN   l^t-fl-De*,   _.H_flg_eS;
Loth, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Order* promptly attended w |
VBRINOIN H I Rl sli I   .   .   .   IMI3L.SON. II. 0,
Our stock of Skates |a complete and varied,
including  the  popular
BOKER'S   BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladles.)
WoocC-Vallance Hardware Co'y


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