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The Daily Canadian Jun 14, 1907

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Array Slje JUvUxj  Canadian
No. 10.
Fifty Cents a Momth
|ope of Verdict Till
[ounsel Will First Attempt to
blish Correctness of Details
loi Orchard's Story.
, June 14.���Additional   evidence
| un the story told by HaiTy Grit in., attempts tu kill Fred I.rail
jBau Francisco, will be Introduced
���tale today. Laurence I,. Gulb
proprietor of the store near
idle) home. Is the flrsi witness,
that Orchard says ho made
pdezvous when he was watching
house, (iiilbbinl, an Italian,
bn here for several days. He la
man, quick and Intelligent. Or-
ir Kerry, us ho called himself,
id the Qulbblnl store and mude
>.r> popular with the family.
) proprietor who went out and
the room opposite the itradley
nun which Orchard said he
ok into Itradley a dining room
It lulu exact touch, which would
| him io plant (he bomb at the
i. It is unlikely that the stale
>le to conclude the San Fran-
iii'iiiy today, ns two witnesses
nil .'..i> from California and
< In ii' in time. One of these
nan from whom Orchard rent
while In San Francisco,
ourse of his cross-examination
-oil he had received a regis-
i containing Htm from Petti-
' "I the witnesses to bo called
tin registry clerk, and It Is
hot the tracing of the letter
Htrong piece of evidence. A
iw on tile way is said to be
who sold Uie powder with
bard made the bomb, lieing
conclude corroboration of the
purl of Orchard's story the
��ill take up some of the minor
In lleved that Steve Adams will
iti il in Ogden by some of these but
ho San Francisco matter is loui-
.' pin-sod the evidence will not be
importance for the rest of the
It is possible that Judge Woods
Itljuuru  court  over Saturday  but
1 state Is under great expense in
ptter of witnesses it Is more prob-
i session will lie held on Sat-
I In order to dispose of those who
><l    ilrst    Importance in the
I case.
re will be some documentary cor
Itlon of points of Orchard's state-
1 'hat la likely to prove damaging
i defence. Among other things a
|*'lll he Introduced as "Moyor to
chard No. 2," written at the
Prehard was on his Sun Fra,ncisco
In the letter Haywood null
' Orchard they would send
ey as often as needed. Orchard
t'l they ugroed (o do so, but failed
pi' the agreement, a fact he did
fun for a long time.
will be ample corroboration of
lid's statement of transmission of
' Mm from federation headquar
plnle he was In San Francisco. In
ihe slate will prove the send
f'l delivery of a registered letter,
Filler It will prove transmission of
' by wire. _.
|l' McOaughy, usslslunt postmaster
1 Francisco, Is here with the rec
the delivery of a registered let-
Orchard, and  its  sending  rroin
f will bu proved In the same man
Ihe records of tho Postal Tele-
J company will also be In evidence
Inn   ihe   transmission   of   monoy
I Orchard sitys he received In that
Is some other correspondence,
tie of the  tellerB of the  First
I hank will present a record of
iber of transactions showing re-
between Orchard and Haywood
a drawing of money which was
I to the emergency fund account
��n the court does adjourn tonight
turday, it   w|u  ue ���ntn  Monday
'"n or 'I'noHdny morning as Judge
will have to hold court on Mon-
tiorniIls at Caldwell.   The case of
Orchard, charged with the mur-
Frank Steunenberg, will be sailed
dwell and will be postponed until
"XI term.    Orchard, who reached
'max of his testimony yesterday
1MB sensational story came to an
[ u ilmmullc manner, Ihe counsel
" defence leaving him pleading
lire or a fellow mtirdorer, re-
a to the penitentiary after he left
he court room. Warden Whitney said
his prisoner appeared to be In better
spirits than he hud before for man*
months.. '
lie shows not Ihe slightest evidence of
fatigue or nervousness und ute a hearty
meal after lie reached the penitentiary
Cupt. James Mcl'aiiund, the funious do-
tectlve who has figured so lurgcly In
the testimony and who has been attacked by the counsel for the defence
prefers not to be Interviewed ul length
on the subject of the Orchard confession.
"It would be luparfloui for me to reiterate," he said yesterday, "Orchurd
ha. stold Ihe literal truth about the con
fesslon und the wuy It wns given U> me.
1 made him no promises.
"I never made n promise to a criminal
In my life. Orchurd Ilrst confessed to
me but said he was not quite ready to
give It to me finally. I promised to
hold It for some time und I did so. lie
told me that when he wns ready to tell
the whole story that he would let me
know, and sometime later he began to
tell me the Incidents of his life, leaving
out nothing; every word he has suid on
the stand us to the confession, is the
truth and there Is nothing to add."
The state experts to close Its case In
HI days or two weeks. Clarence narrow, for the defence, says their case will
take about four weeks, though it Is possible It may be concluded In less. It is
generally conceded, however, that the
verdict will not be reached before
Harry Orchard has been a revelutlon
to those who have watched him and
listened to his evidence. At no time
did he show uny sign of breaking down.
Even Detective Mcl'arlund, who has had
years of exiierience with the worst class
of criminals, Is amazed at the nerve display id by Orchard throughout. He en
deavoreii to send Haywood and his associates to the scsffold witli the same
sung frold with which he admitted mur-
deriug a score of men. lie Is a nondescript, without conscience, without Im
agination, without sentiment, and only
betrayed emotion when speaking of the
wife of his youth. In all his replies to
the defence he was frank and free, and
never attempted to screen himself. He
did not profess to be a zeulot, nor did
he talk like u funatlc. It was only after
the Information was dragged out of him
that he disclosed his desire to lead a
different life or made public his confession of change of heart. Taking him
all In ull he must be regarded as the
most accomplished assassin of this or
any other age. His career has been
that ot a savoge, but he does not take
the same pride In his accomplishments
the primitive savage did in his achievements. If he felt any relief when he left
the witness stand he did not betray It
to any extent.
Burglars Tampered With Hudson's Bay
Co.'s Safe at Port Simpson���
Used Nitro-Glycerlne.
Victoria, June 14��� The wrecked safe
of the Hudson's Buy Company's store at
Port Simpson has arrived In Victoria
for repairs, and It now develops that the
principal damage to it was caused by
a test applied to It by Manager Sharp,
who desired to ascertain if burglars hud
used nitroglycerine on It.
When Mr. Sharp opened the store one
morning about 10 days ago he found
the door of the safe well started, some
powerful explosive having apparently
been used on It. The seams around the
edges of the big door were plastered
with soap, and a peculiar liquid was
quletlly dropping from ono of the cracks
to the floor. Mr. Sharp with hia knife
started to scrape away the soap, when
a mining friend happened in and took
In the situation.
"For goodness sake Sharp, quit fooling with that knife���that may be nitroglycerine dropping to the floor, and
you'll get your head blown off," advised the mining mun. "The only way
to see If that stuff is explosive Ib to lay
a fuse and cap to It, and hike to the
woods to await developments."
A thunderous roar shook the earth
and the atmosphere Ave minutes later,
and Ihe two experimenters, who were
safely hidden, thought possibly a pint
of nltro-glycorlnc hnd been poured Into
the safe. When they looked at tbo
wreck of the Bafe and office, they concluded that four gallons had been lu-
Jected Into Its steely anatomy.
It Is believed that tho burglars run
Into Port Simpson on n launch from
Ketchikan to do their work. There
wns about ��C,000 In tho Bttfe.
Blames Whisky.
James liurrcll will not come up for
preliminary hearing until next Tuesday,
as witnesses httvo to bo brought from
Alnsworlh. liurrcll Is only 28 years
old. Ho run nwuy from homo at 18,
was followed and taken back by his
father, attended the Toronto veterinary
college but did not graduate He attributes his downfall to the drink habit
Induced by an unfortunate mnrtlago and
the elopement of his wife. He still
hopes to reform.
New Professors.
Fredorlcton, N. D., June 14.���Dr. Philip Cox of Chatham, William P. Cart-
mel of Greenwich, Eng, und Charles Mc-
Donald Carson of London, Ont., were appointed by the senate of the unlve'sUy
of New Brunswick today to nil the va
"ancles In the chairs of natural history
and geology, electrical engineering, and
chemistry retipeollvoly.
One of H. R. Emmerson's
Land Deals
Unsuitable and Costly Site Purchased
for Intercolonial Ronnd
House at Truro.
Ottawa, June 14.���The public Is already in possession of the essentia!
facts regarding laud purchases for the
Intercolonial at Halifax und Moncton.
In Ihe t,rsi Moncton deal the government paid Matthew Lodge, the middleman In the deal, 118,880 for four lots of
laud which Lodge bud just purchased in
the open market for $5,076.
In the second Moncton deal the government paid the same Intermediary
$10,4110 for properties Just bought for
in the Halifax deal Mr. II. F. Pearson,
M. P. P., and Ins partner, Mr. Henderson, bought six lots In Halifax for $18,-
7611 and immediately turned them over
to the government for 845,400, retaining,
however, one block. The profits of this
deal, ascertained by the amount paid
Mr. Pearson as his half share of tho
gain, were 118,8*1.42. The legal agent
for the government In this' deal sued
the Halifux Herald for libel In consequence of certain criticisms of the transaction, and the Halifax Jury found a verdict In favur oi the newspaper.
Hut there was another land operation
of the same class which has not yet
been fully exposed, though its character
may be pretty well understood from cop
respondence brought down in the House
last session. Truro, Nova Scotia la the
scene or tins trausaction. The Intercolonial required additional land for a
round house at that place. Correspondence on the subject opened In April,
1003, but nothing important transpired
till July, when the general manager of
the government railway wrote to the
ihlel engineer telling him that $76,000
was to-be expended that year at Truro,
whereupon the engineer asked Superintendent Price to indicate a suitable location. The superlnteudent the chief
engineer, the local superintendent, two
trackmasters and the mechanical foreman examined the ground, and Mr. Price
reported on several possible sites.
As to one the report said that Engineer MacKenzie estimated the grading at
$60,000 and therefore Mr. Price thought
It not worth our while to consider the
place." However, the trackmaster was
asked to ascertain the price of this land
as well as tho othe/B, and reported that
Mr. Hiram W. Yulll represented the
owners and asked $11,000. The track-
master reported "I do not consider the
price a reasonable one." We may anticipate by saying that this was the site
October arrived, and It was soon revealed that Mr. Yulll, who was an active
party man, had bonded this property
from the owner. Another site, which
would be much leBs expensive, was favored by the chief engineer and other
officers. This was culled the Dogget
property, which Engineer MacKenzie
hud shown to Mr. Fielding, acting minister, and to Mr. Pottlnger, tho manager.
Ou the Cth of January, 1904. Mr. MacKenzie wrote of this site, "I consider It
toy bo a fairly suitable location." He
added that the foundation was likely to
be satisfactory, and said, "I enclose you
herewith a copy of an offer for all land
necessary and Is Is a very reasonable
one. An early decision in this matter
will enable me to proceed with the plans
and specifications."
The engineer gave estimates ot the
cost of land and ot grading on these two
sites as well as .three other locations.
The comparison between the Dogget
property and the one which Yulll had
bonded Ib as follows:
Yulll   Dogget
Site        Silo
Land and legal expenses$12,000   $ 1,600
Excavation and grading 46,000     16,000
Drainage    2.000      4,300
Track    approach    and
tracks and turnouts..   8,600      6.800
Ash Pit     1,000       4,000
Coal handling plant.... 17,000       6,000
Engineering, etc  21,300     16,410
The other ItemB such as the water
Btipply,  the  construction of  buildings,
heating plant, holler plant, oto, were the
same for both.   The total cost was:
For tho complete outfit on the
Yulll  site    .- $233,200
For the complete outfit on the
Dogget property    $180,510
Difference     �� ��2.��90
This might be supposed to settle ihe
matter, since the Dogget site had all the
advantages, but another person appears
on the scene and engineering questions
cease to be of account. Nothing has
been done since June of 1904, which Ib
election year. The vote of money passed
and u new vote was taken. Mr. 11.
F. Pearson, one of the partners In the
Halifax land deal, proprietor of the Hall-
fax Chronicle, a government organ,
member of the provincial legislature,
writes to ask the chief engineer to meet
him in Truro "to take into consideration the proposed new round house."
Mr. Pearson said he wanted "to have
this matter settled" before he went to
Newfoundland. A fortnight later Mr.
Pottlnger was In Ottawa and Mr. Pearson had evidently been heard from
there, for Mr. Pottlnger wired the chief
engineer not to forget that he was to go
to Truro and see Mr. Pearson. On the
16th of August Mr. Mn< Kenzlo wrote "I
have no Idea what sit- will be finally
selected." This was probably a candid
statement. It had become a question
of pull and not of engineering. People
who were not engineers were settling
the matter on other grounds. Before
the month was out five residents of
Truro had signed a kind of certificate
that Mr. Yulll's price, then stated at
$11,600, was reasonable. This communication went to Mr. Emmerson, and a
few days later Mr. Pearson's son and
partner was Informed that Mr. Emmerson would like to have the wording
the certlfllcate changed. Thus we see
who Is working out the programme. On
the 10th of September Mr. 'Emmerson
sent Instructions to purchase the properties.
The last report from the engineer and
other experts favors the Dogget site.
The last estimate submitted to Mr. Emmerson, according to thai return, la the
one quoted above. Bui- Influences In
favor of the purchase of the more expensive and apparently less suitable
property prevailed. It may be remarked
that the election was only a few weeks
off when Mr. Emmerson wrote to Mr.
Pottlnger: "I wish you would please
make arrangements to purchase the
property referred To for the purpose of
a roundhouse at Truro. I do not know
the names of the parties but Mr. O. F.
Pearson, of Halifax, could give them to
you." Mr. Pearson, Jr. furnished the
Information, but Mr. Pottlnger seems to
have proceeded with less rapidity than
the political situation  demanded.
Consequently on October 3rd, Mr. Emmerson telegraphed to Mr. Pottlnger In
the following hysterical language: "Secure that land for Truro roundhouse Immediately at price named In paper appraising value. Oet Mr., Laurence to
search the title. Rush thKwork with all
possible speed.
"(Signed,)       H. 11. EMMERSON."
Mr. Laurence was the government
candidate for tho House of Commons
and he threw himself Into the work,
spurred on by a telegram from Mr. Pottlnger to the engineer: "To push It for-
waord as fast as you can." Mr. MacKenzie telegraphed to Mr. Laurence to
hasten "so that the transfer can be
made and the cheque written at once."
The cheque actually arrived to Mr. Yulll
by the end of October, several days before the election.
The property which Mr. Yulll, as Intermediary, sold to the government had
been deeded to him In two lota, one on
October 7th, and the other on October
12th. His own deed to the government
was given on October 17th, bo that he
was in possession for five days of part
of the land and for ten days of the
rest. It is understood that the price
for which he settled with the previous
owners was nearly $1,000 less than the
amount the government paid him, but
all hands appear to have shared In the
sudden rise In the value of this property. Mr. Yulll seems to have differed
from the other middlemen In that he
shared the unearned Increment with the
original vendors. It Ib said that the
value of the property when negotiations
bo-an was not more than $4,000.
But the government did not get for
$11,500 anything near all the land which
Mr. Yulll had purchased for $10,660. The
plans brought down In the House show
that Mr. Yulll was able to retain out of
his purchase a block of land fronting
893 feet on Queen street and 150 feet
deep. This area of more than three
acres, or a fifth part of the block gives
the middleman In the case as part ot
Ihe rake-off 18 splendid building lots.
On account of their location these lota
will probably be worth more to him'
than all the property transferred to the
government would have been.
Thus It has come about that the people of Canada are paying $50,000 to $60,-
000 more for the additional accommodation at Truro than It ought to cost. The
dual shows how a man with some political Influence, assisted, by others who
are themselves successful middlemen, Is
In much better financial circumstances
than he ���would have been it the Intercolonial engineers had been allowed to
proceed on business principles.
Drastic Proposal of Premier Stolypln���
Threat of Dissolution.
8t. Petersburg, June 14.���Premier
Stolypln today demanded that the
lower house of Parliament exclude
from the house all the members of the
democratic faction, numbering 55, and
sanction the arrest ot 16 of their leaden on a change of entering Into a conspiracy to overthrow the government
and establish a democratic republic.
Continuing the premier announced that
unless the house Immediately yielded
parliament would be dissolved.
Prlcsa of Metals.
New York June 14.���Sliver,  6614c;
copper, 22%c: lead, $5.76.
London. June 14.���Sliver, 30 %<!.; lead,
I ��21, 5s.
Immigration Returns Are
Emigration to United States Has
Practically Ceased���Few
Undesirables Come.
Ottawa, June 14.���From the following
countries, considered desirable from an
emigration view point, viz: Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Belgium,
Servla, Montenegro, Denmark, France,
Including Corsica, New Zealand, the
United States, out of a total emigration of 1,100,735 for tbe fiscal year
1905-6, received 38 per cent of this entire number, while from Italy alone the
percentage was 25 per cent., and from
Russia, Including Finland, 20 per cent.
From the last three countries the percentage, 46, is greater than from the
first named group combined.
During the same period Canada received, out of a total emigration of 189,-
064 from the favored countries, 56 per
cent, of the whole number from Italy,
4 per cent, and from Russia and Finland 2 percent. From the United States
Canada received 30 per cent, of the entire emigration or the year, while the
United States got in return from Canada and Newfoundland combined, leas
than one-half of one per cent, of her entire emigration.
Meetings in Nelson and Procter Tomorrow and Monday.
A session of the West Kootenay
Farmers' Institute will be held In Nelson tomorro wafternoon and evening. J.
R. Anderson, deputy minister of agriculture, will not be present, but addresses and demonstrations ot a very
practical kind will be given by W. S.
Fraser and W. E. Dunham.
In the afternoon at 2:30 the institute
will assemble at the court house. - First,
on the grounds adjoining, Mr. Fraser
will give a demonstration of Judging the
points of a cow, and will then deliver
an address In the court room. Mr. Dunham will speak on "The Layln Hen."
In the evening at 8:30 another meeting will be held Ib the court house, at
which addresses will be delivered by
Mr. Fraser and Mr. Dunham, the latter
on  "Incubation."
O. G. McLaren, secretary of the institute, Is charged with the duty of providing a cow, a cock and a hen for the
various demonstrations.
On Monday, on the arrival ot the Kus-
kanook at Procter, another meeting will
be held. Mr. Dunham will speak on
"The A. B. C. of Poultry Raising." Mr.
Fraser's subject has not yet been decided.
Tak* First and  Fourth  Places In the
Detroit Tournament.
Detroit, June 14.���The Detroit Country .Club of six men, yeaterday won the
golf championship of the League of the
Lower Lakes Association, defeating Rochester by 14 up, and Toronto In the
afternoon by 2 up. Buffalo forfeited to
Toronto, two men of the Buffalo team
falling to arrive In time for the match.
In the Individual qualifying rounds
there were 42 entries. Qreig S. Lyon, of
Toronto, made the best gross score for
36 hits, 61 In the morning and 91 in the
afternoon. Wylle Carhart, of Detroit,
marked up 83 in the afternoon. G. Curtis, of Rochester, and K. T. McMillan, of
Detroit, with 177 each stood next to Mr.
Lyons. Hayward, of Toronto, with 179
stood fourth and Wylle Carhart was
litth with 180. Brown, of Toronto, the
16th man In the list of those who qualified, made 188.
Epedemlc of Suicide.
Toronto, June 14.���Two suicides of
old people took place at Stratford yesterday; Samuel Ralntatn, about 60 years
old, left his home at 2 o'clock yesterday
morning and last night his body was
found In the river at the rear of the
House of Refuge, he having committed
suicide. For some time he had been
brooding over financial difficulties,
which no doubt caused him to commit
tho rash deed during u state of temporary Insanity. He was highly esteemed and had been In good circumstances before he met with certain re
verses in business speculation. Mrs.
Patterson, aged about 70 years, was
found drowned In Victoria Lake yesterday, all the Indications pointing to suicide while the victim was in a state of
temporary Insanity. Deceased had been
brooding over the Illness of her
Mackerel Appear on Coast After Hop*
Waa Abandoned.
Halifax, June 14.���After abandoning
hope that the much prised mackerel
would strike in on Nova Scotia this season, the fishermen on tbe coast west of
Halifax were rewarded by one of the
richest catches In recent years. The
mackerel season 1b more than three
weeks late and many of the large fleet
of American seiners have been awaiting the arrival of the mackerel schools
from the south bad 'sailed for their
home ports, their captains believing
that the fishing would be a failure owing to the unprecedented Ice conditions.
Yesterday the mackerel suddenly appeared on the coast and Nova Scotlan
shore fishermen at several pointB got
large catches.
Why In Trinidad?
Port of Spain, Trinidad, June 14.���Col.
Kotlarooff, deputy commandant of the
port of St. Petersburg was murdered
here this morning by a workman in the
admiralty section ot the city. The
colonel was recently sentenced to death
by the revolutionary fighting organization because he recommended a reduction of the working force In the admiralty works. The assassin waa arrested, but it Is believed that he had accomplices who escaped.
Journalist's Strang* Fat*.
Alleghany, June 14.^-D. C. Henderson,
once secretary to Horace Greely, and for
many years publisher of the now defunct Alleghany Journal, waa yesterday
taken to the Insane asylum at Kalamazoo.
May Play Mikado Music.
Chatham, Eng.. June 14.���The order
prohibiting the playing of music from
"The Mikado" by the naval and marine
bands, which was Issued at the time of
the visit of Prince Fuahlmi to
has been withdrawn.
Many   Nations   Represented   In   Motor
Car Races at Hamburg for
Kaiser's Cup. -
Hamburg, Jane 14.���The automobile
race for Emperor William's cup began
a few minutes after 6 o'clock this morning under favorable auspices. The rains
of yesterday had ceased and the roads
had partly dried off during the night,
while the sky showed signs of clearing up.
The Imperial party left Hamburg at
5 a. m., reaching Klostert at 5:45, where
the court tribune had been erected and
where Prince and Princess Henry of
Prussia, the Grand Duke and Grand
Duchess of Hesse, Prince Frederick
Charles of Hesse, and other princes and
princesses occupied seats. The court
tribune and all other stands In the
neighborhood were rapidly filling up
with motor parties lining the route. Excursions brought thousands ot people.
The contest had a marked International character. The participants represented France, Italy, Belgium, England, Austria and Switzerland. Ninety-
one machines started, ot which 31 were
German, 21 French, 19 Italian, 10 Belgian, 4 English, 3 Austrian and Swiss.
The circuit selected for the race covered
the distance of 126 kilometres, which
had to be traversed four times In order
to complete the total distance of 600
kilometres, or about 313 miles. The
prizes, consisting of a huge cup, a vase'
and a table centerpiece from the royal
porcelain manufactory at Charlotten-
berg, were placed In full view of tbe
contestants. The first machine to complete the first round was a German. The
time was 1 hour 27 minutes and 17 seconds for the 78 miles. An Austrian machine completed the first three rounds
In 4 hours 15 minutes and 46 seconds,
and was considered as likely to win tho
first prize. A Belgian machine made
the second best showing In the first two
rounds and an Italian machine made the
third best showing.
"I    | *T| 'i ���' "I   Improving.
J. H. Nlckerson heard from his son,
David, who recently had part of his foot
amputated at Grand Forks. The letter
says that the young man is recovering
as rapidly as could be expected under
tho circumstances.
Improvements to Ridea*
Residence of Canada's Govenor-
General WillBeKade Imposing and Comfortable.
Llctm* Board.
There will be a meeting ot tho board
ot license commissioners of Ymlr district tomorrow. An application for a
license nt Crescent Valley will be resisted. ,
Ottawa, June 14.���It Is the intention
of the government to make alterations
and extensions to Rideau Hall which
will make It an official residence worthy
of the Dominion. The exterior character of tbe building Is to be altogether
changed and a large extension Is to be
made to the apace intended the accommodation ot guests at the official functions which the governor-genera) gives
from time to time. Plats have been prepared and tenders will soon be invited
for the work. A hundred thousand dollars Is available with which to make ��
beginning this year. When the plans
have been carried ont there will be In
place of the unsightly brick affair, an
imposing structure of classical design
ot gray Stanstead granite The brick
casings of the ballroom and tennis court
which forms the two wing* of the present .building are to be removed and replaced with granite walla. The greatest change la to be made In the character ot the front, now dismally bare
and Inartistic. A great entrance kail
and promenade, 110 feet long and too
feet deep, will stand out from between
the two wings, and in front of this will
be a handsome porte-cochere. Thla will
provide a royal entrance hall and promenade within on the ground floor. The
floor above will be divided into drawing
room* and toilet room* for the me of
tbe guests at the balls and reception*.
Those accommodations have been sadly
lacking in. the pact. The ball at the
entrance will be an Impressive chamber
of great height. From the ground the
hall will rise three storeys to a dome at
the roof. Thla will be of stained glass
set In lead, through which the sun will
throw a toft and varied light in the
day time. At night it will be artiatical- -
ly lighted with mapy electric lights.
There will be two elevator* to convey
guest* from the hall to dressing room*
on the floor above. A feature of the
Interior hall will be a magnificent mar
ble stairway leading from the promenade to the floor above. It la estimated
that it will take about a year to complete the work. . Sixteen thousand
square feet will be added to the floor
space of Rideau Hall by the change.
W. H. Boyd Leaves for Lardeau to Cor*
plot* Work Begun In 1MS.
W. H. Boyd, of Toronto, of the Dominion government geological survey,
department, who ha* been in town for
several days, left for the Lardeau this
morning to begin work.
Mr. Boyd Informed The Dally Canadian that a large part of the work was
done In 1905 towards preparing a geological map of the ' Irregular mineral
belt extending from Revelstoke to the
north end of Kootenay Lake. The work
waa discontinued that year on account
ot smoke from forest tiros, and publication baa been suspended until It can be
Mr. Boyd does the surveying and general topographical work and will be fallowed later by R. W. Brock, of Kingston, who makes tho geological survey.
When the work In the Lardeau is finished, Mr. Boyd says, and they expect,
his part to be finished by the end of
July, he will proceed to Slmllkameen,
and begin a similar campaign there. Mr.
Brock will arrive In Nelson about the
middle of July.
As New York Likes It.
London, June 14.���At the opening yesterday of the Queen's Photo bazaar, organized by the lord mayor, at the Man-,
alon House In aid of the crippled children of London, Queen Alexandra took
special Interest In the American stall.
This was presided over by Mrs. Ronalds
and attended by a notable number of
prominent Americans aa stall holders,
Including Mrs. Whitelaw Reld and Miss
Reld. At the American stall Her Majesty's attention was attracted by a
pineapple cheese. She Inquired: "What
can that be?" and when enlightened she
purchased the article and Insisted on
carrying It off herself. She entrusted
the numerous other novelties purchased'
at the bazaar to her attendants.
f:  i
*:' iff
-ggg The Daily Canadian
r ������1ir
f.:j h
- STORES ===
Prospect ors'.
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS ��� a    f :tt i^z *--- c*ts
LVOEPWEAR ��: a ' r- .-rs
-^3S0N    EO    ;H'.iE*S  j-t   CtNAD'AN   BLANKETS
Fw �� tr T PMmda.
sox. v ���?   sec  s��t
a--o:r-   ��S  2-.-   ffRO\:S:OHS
HAH    r.r . R a^;   f��ED
la a".", these liaes we offer excellent qns'ity at very
iuso**sMe prce>.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
D E TCTLKIK. Presiaeni.
' REST    ....     BfataysW.
m, BOBEST UBzUT, Vjr^PrtscsEt
Briacbci is British Colanbi.:
Deposits received and interest allowed at hi��hi*t   current rat* traw Isti of
opeolns rat ���oaooos, and compounded quarterly.
J.  M.  LAY, Manas****-.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
London and rteewh-. - - arc ~.h(vkel a:
tfie su��*res;x^i, of a war between .heir
{caatr? e*| the \zvod. SUtea. FW
sibj-r the rumors ol |X*|nilsU exdiemeat
in JaT>&n, isd of secret o��J��>rs I . "
Dt-se th\ .. , s:t  ;\:itv.F
Ml  :hx   f% 9m   ... ���
ronmries Be*~ crea Lfl - Mm Threat-
t:. *.j. m        -���   ���  ��� t cl  con-
en r|  n n >   ��� -��� -    ..  of ��u-
:. . *>: :- ;*.--* :.:,    , :    ' ���   ;   ���..-.      H.:l. ::.
���1 es^ee. have dSM by far the u,rj-
e*t iBNBaWtfn el dM MnTteg tn
Peoefte Caa*a4a's etemre in th&t
:r*.Ot :.- ctc* .nc fas., hot it s*vms be-
riftM rirals for some
lime ems. Xv Japan and the Dalted
tetee (mm hater* af 11m -
:ha. no :nteihjr*?nt obswrviT *
p��ae   n   '..",*:   the aetata   in-t:.
��� meet, which has
.: a? an ufao. B3 American
.:-    i    :. expleeeel myth.   The
yeeeac that vouM deal v.tb the oRfaeaa
of .ifcpan ams? he prepared :o irea: them
is e*qsiOs.
II i snggeation of lieiinliij liiX ca*W la-
: ....'������ atftag of tea berry crop.
m.'.i-t :.: ;!-. :-:^:c ...:' ::���*_
nice;, h^s (fee charm of origins.!::;,   at
leas:     '<j    ~ucoess   is    prob]t?maticai
Tbtre a.r-. in Nr.soc it-5 >...
Odraa of school age. About half
:���.:.; a* ; iceraMi hwajr, an aU
enouffh for the work proposed. The
problem . of accommodation on the
r..r.;:t; wJ ;rM:0y be found difficult
' ?. i::;on. It may be j-re-mised that
san�� parents are not going to aiiow theii
SiHi fet Iwa ni beeta al -- be shore.
l%en reeutai the boys eetwoee Bh
.-.����� I Sat H and 2fi Thf exx^eriment might
H eeeal for the boys, but it wouM prob
���Hi at :lbc Bat Bae ben n
Rev. T. A. Moore. ��f the Lord = Day
AJliince. has t.oid a MeLboaist confer-
bbcm .:. Qeterb BMI " - D I Ba*oai E'er-
c-nLmtOi:. dot tS�� '.^tsTioe i= r-f ;��o��uib3e
for any de'wts in tbe bord's Dby Act
Tlif Btatemt-nt is scarcely inreaoeos-
Thi art had to be passed X-y .' -
���iiffniWrl i>ut it was buneal bf 'he aJ-
zssaTsHsi and leneel t'.1 n^UK el ;.'.-- b
loi.liy camjiaipn. TabeR is bewiiiea. one
::������������������:. ben t*ei a^**a*aejOB^ pete ri vtei
which wti.i iie ea&ur forgiven in
CoJasabia. the enrrteteej that the act is
of no effect without the ��onsen* el :'.���:
provincia]  attorney -general.
PcMlEhed us aayi a ��ut ny tiie
casadun rrausHisti iomi-any, ltd.
Bi.t-:: S:     N��:��on, B. G.
ffuosxTlpuon r��te��. SO ctuu ��� monih tlelireretl
la lae cut. or ��.;. a * year l( Mnt by mill, wben
psaja la a\Jviiift-..
AdTertUunr rftWs on applUAtion.
Ail nidtilfs p��ld id MtUotntni of The Pnily
C4��.;;i;. h.". .���.,:::*. eilbrr lOl s'.ib*vrlptlODs or
a4rtriuing. mn��t ha rtKf lpted (or on th�� prioirJ
foraii of uit C*3at\paar< other reoatpta ��r�� not
Fr.day, June t4. 1907.
The most important matter discussed
at the meeting of the Nelson board of
trade last night was undoubtedly the
QUtStion of means of sale-guarding the
interests of purchasers ef fruit iand
While small patches of fruit land in
the lake and river valleys of Weal |K***t>
tenay have been cultivated for several
years, the vast extent ef cultivai'ie land.
��hich may be sonsidered pountialiy orchard land, is a rvvriaiion of ihe las:
few yeara.
There are some who maintain, aiid
eejpon for their new is gr.wing sttiadi-
1} etnejejer that m a very short time
fruit grom.nc ft... bl fti dbW ;
of Kootenay and more jiroductive than
mining and 3nml��enng combined At
pr**i n: i.f c- .��-i>t i- l:.;��� l . .
net is inwcnjh.Ai.; eel than
vine per cent of th< BVJeAeUt fru:; land
of Keenaej is eaeer Bah teaiei
now. and but a sinali erea^twUee of that
one per cenL cortains as yet aaj  teaei
old enouct to tear.
The fnCt Jand resources- el BM district art nei peejM . _ tnown
outside of Kootenai and tbe demand lor
AMI iand is causing what is ���
boom. Tbe nuro^r ��t>f Me) eetaei ; nea
in Nelson has trebled m the lai
and there are man? taBU and md^Vidu-
ais without offict? in Nelson who are encaged in buying and staling Kootenay
frnit land. Probably ovei mnetj pei
oeDt of the land offered js good land
and suitable for fruit growing- But it
would only require one instance of mis-
rep-ewenration to be published to frighten inr<��ftors and settlers away. For
that reason none c&n be tee careful in
the matter, and tbe Ne'sor board e|
trade, as the unofficial guardian of the
financial interests of West Kootenay
and the most influential body in the district. it> well advised to tate steps in ad
vance to prevent misrepresentation and
It is well known in Nelson but not.
probablv, iu the cities where the fruit
land is being advertised for sale, that
the only titles existing to much of the
land are the acceptances by the provincial lands and works department of applications fur permission to purchase. Iu
Lhe majority of cases, no doubt, valid
titles will follow. But in some cases
there will be found conflicting Qlaime,
arising from the covering of the same
ground by two or more applications, or
by applications for timber licenses.
These can only be discovered when thtr
land is surveyed, and until then there
cannot be a valid title.
���Laain. wfeea ian��; ta acquired in large
blocks, and subdivided only on maps and
pians. the purchaser may have difficulty
in locating his own. or may even find
it consisting of rock or stream Such
cas-. s may be very few in proportion to
tan rtote, bal we cannot afford to have
"\\ here the purchasers are companies
ln| for investment, with the perpoae
of selling agAin, improved or unimproved, they may safely be trusted to
teak after their own interest*.
But, when land is being sold to actual
���etlten wUcfc la db        ..      . -  ���
dee o.' aJ: the iand \h< purchaser is en-
::'J**d ' stecdee, and it would
bf inju.-.ous ;c Ute intertst of Neison
and of Kootenay to allow one prospee-
' 5- ieO te .���e jeniinl. if it cui be
We do not ;h;nk that the conditions
BaBjBjBBBM, h| F L Hammond as the
bHta ef t receaeaaeaktattea by the board
���1 bade. Beta ��� il baa ettfot Possably
baf were too concisely expressed fc-r
.n-.modia te pom prebend on M r Ham-
m;nd thougrht that a prospective actuai
��� :jt* is entitled to look for a valid
titie. not necessarily complete but cap
able of completion, for bis tot to pa def
iXsltftlT located and distinguished from
Bflea pufjulj. and for means of access
from shore or railway to his property
That dft* not seem to be too much to
guarantee to a roan who comes, probably with small mean? to settle upon
the land and become a producer of
wealth, and a usrful oKJeea or the
There was b^th truth and relevancy in
the remark made by J. E. Amiable last
Li^t:. on the subject of tbe exhibits
now being prepared for Winnipeg, thr,:
while the real estate men are the first
beneficiaries from the arrival of new
settlers, their profit ceases witb the sale
Of the land. All the permanent benefit
is derived by the merchants of Nelson,
and the owners of cfty property whose
value is enhanced by the resulting
growth of the city's wealth and population.
Orchard is now off the stand at Boise
and the trial may be expected to proceed. The man has shown extraordinary
.composure but it is very hard to reconcile his closing professions of penitence
and religious emotion with the eeay nonchalance with which he recounted the
events of a career 6f crime that can
only be equalled in buccaneering annals
Salvation Army Progress.
Toronto,    June    14. ��� Commissioner
50 ft Corner. Houston and ward, $375
50 ft. and Cabm. Mill, near park, $275
Residence���Centrally located near station: six rooms and bath, electric
light, water, sewer.
Alaa business property, factory  sites.
etc., etc
Weal Baktr Street. NELSON. B. C.
���?6& Aere pre-empt.on. I acres (
.'���   treee and some prr-ai! fruits planted.
a  .Vroom  dwe]i;r;c   beeeei eeal  sheds
for 4O0 chickens    .$:::."��.
A    pre-emption    on    i^eaver   Creek,
Little S.ocan,    MCAjM.
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker St.. Nelion.
The report* boa 7. kt< n-v muflictinp
aad    confusing     .lap&ntw abroad, in
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yarf-Kooteaay Ice, Froit,
Foe! & Pcmitry Co*, Ltd.
N. ��. oor. Baker  and  Ward  St*.
( ��� he at tn. Salratlon Army, has left
foi :ht fur we>: to open a new citadel
and nun's netropole in Vancouver on
few ttad
Trjsl the Garment  Which   Bears This
Signet  cf Surety.
On a shield there is shown a coat,
and guarding the shield is the British
Ben rampant with :ru- American eagle���
- -:..���;rtac the international reputation
of the "Semi-ready." This is the trade
rr.ark which the customer must be
BBOWa on every Semi-r. ad.v garment.
Any neglect to show it may well arouse
Free Lessons in Art Needle Work���Conticelli Silks
Miss Lockwood. an experienced teacher in Fancy Art Needle Work,   will commence a series of ctis����. 1.1
Knights of Pythias Hall. Every lady In the city is especially invited to   avail   herself  of the.e leswns fn. L
For   further   information apply to Fred Irvine * Co., who h.ive a complete aiock of zUmped goods jmj,|||_ J
Classes every day from 10 a.m.   to 12 a. m.; 2 p. m. to 4 p. m.
For Sale Cheap
One 6Mnch diamoter, b.v 16ft. Sin.
Ainc. underfired, return multi-tubular
boi.er, in fair condition. Eighty-two
iVin. tubes, J 1-3 x i 1-6 in. steam
dome. Boiier U good for testing to 150
lbs. per square inch, and a working pressure of ftO to K' lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
aback valve, sei of fire bars and bearers.
One din. diameter x Win. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion.
valve er;iri::e wi:h governor. Fly wheel
and T>e3t pulley are those not originally
rap] ed with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at tbe smelter and Is in good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater. 4 ft.
high. l'.'V-Q- diameter with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper Cepavae inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and aafatf va^ve Apply to
The EaM Mrrrtng k Smelting Co- Ltd.
A. II. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Worn a Specialty.
Office: Bealey BuKdine.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C.
Kmi*��? i? bfwbr pir*a \tt'. ��* t n.e*tiniT of the
��kat>rJ o! LK-43��Ccniin����ionera. u> t>e hrldtviter
ibe rtpi^B:l^r1 of tli.riT ftays, I in.end to apply
for m iransffer M itit hoifl Iiaear* for the CreJlon
iit*tt>l,at Oft*;. Ji- u- Geoirt Mr*wJ.
litb JUy.lSM:. ��.
Notice taeetcb; giieo tfatt I wt;i apply, al the
Den roeeriiig i.f ;tif L]pen��* rpir.niis��:oDeri for
tba ��"ttT of ��ei��n- to hare the iiqnor tanen of
the No Plavoe lun. t rainier red from ArchlbaJd
Ft-rpaava te ij to rr.T-*��?i(.
D��t*d Kay ��it :<��� -. w% go?nell,
By f\imi of Attorney.
Notice is hereby ptrrn thai thirty dan tfter
dsite I intern to applv to the Bomni of Uwnee
Comiaifisioser* for ib* Ymir dlvtnct for a transfer of the lieenre held by me for the Fort S-hep-
p*t,1 hotel toF. Adtt.
;rifDt-d) A  M. PhiIUJ*.
VaeeU B C . Kay im. iwt-
Kotire b herel-T jiren that I will applr at the
next meeting ol the Lioenve Cotttniiiioner*,
for the*'iiy of Neiaofi. to bare the Manor lieem*
ni tht BUfef Kine Hotel tr��oi*rerrf-.; from myself to Ro\*t\ Ita'f jel. of the Vny of Nejaott.
I>*ted tL�� Tth iay of May. 1KC
t M. Mrt'ANDUSH.
Certificate of the RcgiitritioD of an
Eitri-Pn7��*cul Company.
"Companies Act,   1897."
1 HEKEBY CtV.T FY ir.at ibe -Klnney-KJller
Cedtvr Coapany." i>*a Utl| day been re��i>iered
a*   an   Extra-provm*.*!   fompany    unaer  fhe
��� i-kziw ah, lsrr/ to carry ont or efleet all
(iTa.ny��j! ihe ofctf-ru of tbe C-ompavny to whirb
:it l.(iRlatue aniboniy of the LejulatGre of
' i ��� itends
Tbe head office ef the Company �� ultnau in
! Bfafcaassxaa the 8uieoi Waaunjrton.
7"he aisonat of tbe rapitaj 01 tbe eoffifzanT ii
-. ;:.c'j��*ni 3oilart. dirided into one acn-
-Ired and tfty atanM of  one buodrt>d dollar*
tail .' ael offioe of the ooicf*nT la thi��r.roT-
:noe if sttuate a: i renoc. aafl William Hearr
��� -a��.'c<rt��. BsMtriaeait. ��-LOf��e addrca* i�� tie ana-i,
j�� the attorae; .'<���: ibeKimiskiiT (>"oi eap/.vier'
t-* tm i��Tie aalinml^ritta-tca )
Ttii Ximf o,' :���-( ti:onre nf the companr i��
fifty tear* Iran tbt ftit. da.i of Jfart-h. lifcX.
I    ( DOBtssVai]  .���
GiTin tuider ity hand and araJ of oflSf* ai
Vlrlona   h -.urnbia. this 21m
A*r t*i May. one thouamnd  mne hundred -aad
,.- I 8. Y WOOTTON,
Eetnairar ol Joint Bioci < ompaDte*.
11m ''.���'���'*.��� I : v.-ui Mi (���c.Ej.ait bu been
eUabb^hed and re^riMered are:
L   7osMXUJr( it  aa;   lawfnj minrier, ma-cu-
Jftfanre andatuJ w diayKwe of any and ail kind*
oilter ejml��w:
�� T��acqvlr��Jti any la*-ft.J manner a*mta>
whether rttndinf "T rut. iimttrr laad�� o: f.thcr
mnftf Jnp*. frtiifcKTditsK. fttet*, JnmtieT ������ bj ������
.'.. .t b daa a- : an] and l.J kintlf d| tiaiiaer
i-rodtKi, to mzUinfacrnrt any and a,;i eiafh. and
it- d����ri**- M Mine jt wit lawttl manner
sMafl re  m  may* kwfui  manner norea
rati   bijC uny atid  c!" Jriadr r.; me-f-han-
rtiw (,' frntHott not in Tii.Jtuon of lav.imo u-
Raw 1:1 any ;aw:ul m*iiine.T-
4    1- tmiia 01 u ��f(juirt in ajoy lan-f^ man
��� -i I tran*a|��, or other tutMilis of trait*-
l��i'-'h-.,'L nwfWMiry f-r oonv<Aletit aata^f t*thTi
"'"���*'���- " 'i' ��� rpoTaUlon, and to (.iH-ra.tel
lean   t��    wpom t.'-iu,. L* Dug  Wdormfd #d-
���*��� -fcini in tirit-ats veuiDi
n-adf-oi:m. Hal p-t-v: H-d funhtr il at this ar-
CaCH if in- BDtn . ; ��� rifuratioL u opej
1 ��� ��� Miro? 1'iiJ rtaad t(- in
'��� I ��� �������� :<r i-Kii^onaiicD vTtneap. nnr v-)>e-
ww aorqg torn mxrk 1
I 7-- ni.: 1 'ijijaure uvj tad aU ktodi ad a'
tide* Hj'1 ].--. nrtt af m*} it deemei' de*ira,Me
and noi ba -; lam-a t.: ,�����. und to aei; ana
a��m< .: ai. ��� ia�� ���:, bbm m ���
(.. Tt dt ai< a : l���; fitrr a(!t# auc ihinct
ntf[��a*arr t exiHtdieni for t*rrrint on the i.ud-
nsM a! Ux Onapmer ���* bwWnbeJoit atn iorth.
Notice liherebv given that .leorjte Bourgeola
baa made tppli'-'ation under tbe prorinonBOf
ibe -Li.juor Lieenae Art l��n," for a hotel llrence
for the premise* which be proposed to ereei at
i're��ceat Valley, itmui two mllea oorthwesi of
r?loc*n J'jnciloii.
TTie applicalion will be coaMdered at tbe reRU-
lar meeting of the Board ol Licence consml*'if<n-
erp, at tbe Court House, ai Ntlson, on the loth
day of June, 1907, it the hour of eleven o'clock lb
:he forenoon.
31-t May, 1W. Chief Licence Inppector.
to the
Sixty day* after dale 1 Intend to apply to
Chief Yommiaeioner of L*nd�� and Wt.rki for
pennlMloa to purchaae the following deacrlbed
land* la Watt KaotmMj Diitnct, on the aorth
side of giimmi: ereei:. commeocinf; at a post
plan ted at the aouthe*i>t corner of Angut (urrv'i
pre-eniption. markevi N. E.. thence south Si
chains, thence ��e*t 40 chains, thence north 'ii
chaina, thence e*M *b chain* to place of com*
W  li. Akdiuov.
^^^^^         W. J, nott. Agent
The Hall Mining and St
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead* Copper and Dry
Tavke notice that Harry Wmtaau of Nelson,
B C��� rancher, intends to apply for perm iu ion
to purchase tbe lollowlag described lan>i�� in
�� est Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the
southeast corner of Lot six thousand nine- hundred and elgbty-flre ���.-;���'���;. Group one (1), in this
district, tbence south twenty ���..-.: (haiua, thea^<
��est one hundre<l and sixty '��������� chaina, ;:.-���:..���
north twenty (A) chains, theace eajtr,n�� hand-
red and sixty (160) chaiai to ibe polat of com
mencemeat and conuming S.v acres, more or
��ated the 19th day of May. 1907.
H*aar Witxtuis.
Whoieasanea Provl��iona*,
Produce, - Prult.
I. the undersigned, after ���*��� davs intend to apply to the Hon tbe Chief 'ommittionerof Laedl
��,;,': -.\ .-rt- for permtaaion to purchase the M-
lowing described land: Commencing at a posl
marked N, ��. i*, situated oa tbewesTahore of
.-.." bl lake, about twenty milea from Blocnn city,
thenoe west 40 chains, '.:���:,- south ��..��� chains,
thence east 40 <hain��. thence north along the
shore of lake SO chains to point of commence-
Located May 4lh. _ Baar Ssaar,
.  Barci WHtra, Agent
Gorernment Oreaiuftry One Pound Brlcfca reoefred woekly freah froali
charn.   For sale by all leading grocen.
Office and warehooae: Hoaaton Block,   Phoae 7��.
Josephine Street. Nelson, &C|
Pixtf jsrislter in:. I ; .-; :i:.i!r.s ��; ;���     .
tion W the Cbi��f ' .r..y.i-,...!..: ol Luili ���- :
Works for permission la purrlisM lhe follow in.
deivribed I��nJ: CommrD'-inf st �� port plsxt--:
st lhe norlbwert oorau ol lol 4HSC1 and asrk.
t^l "P. kftO P E. c-orhir post." ruhhing Ibt-DC*
SO rhsins horlh thence * chains west, thence no
chain, Boala, tbence *i chains ��--: to point J-f
commencement, conuming 610 seres, more or
]>k!ed thi,6th ilkT olMkT, 1S01.
(dlgne-1) PETkk McCnxoca.
 perl) A. McOoujcS Agent.
Bxtl day, kfler dale I intend lo spplr t. Hon.
the Chief loxnmlutoner of Land, and Work* for
permission to purehkke the following deaerit��d
lands in Kootenar dl.irlct: Commencing st a
post stacked Bruce White's M. W. corner post,
musled st lhe northeajt corner nf P. R SO atoci
a tntle east of ^loran rlrer, thenee south .-'.
chains, thence -����� -: -��� chains, ihtnee sooth 60
chains, tbenee east SO chains, thenee north ft
chains, thence east * chains, tbenea north ��
chains, thence west 60 chains to point of commencement, containing 440 seres, more or leas.
L-xlfl Uarch >:t. 1WT. llki CI �� �� ~s
1, the nndersigned, aner SO da.v, Intend to sp
pic lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of
L��nd, and Works for permission to purchase the
following- land: Commencing at a post marked
S. J�� C. of Lot 1&3. thence west w> chains. -.Lence
souih 2u chaina. thence grast ru chains, thence
soulh 3('chstns, thence west 40 ensms. thence
sou -b 40 chains, thence east tsj chains, thence
north HO chains to point of commence men t.
Located March nth. 19m.     M. S. WrSsooHT,
BtxtT dsrs after date 1 purpose msklBgapph.
csticin lo the Boo. Chief Commissioner o? Land,
snd Works, for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing sis post
placed on the weal shore of Lower Wbatehan
lake, about a l, salle from lhe outlet of same,
and marked ��� H. W's. S.k. corner post,' running tbenee go chains west, llience *' chains
south, thence H) chains cast, tbenee fa chains
north to pMnt of eemm, noement. containing
6*0 acres, more or leas
luted the ad da; of y, ���  .*������
(Signed) n  WitkD.
per F cl. fiirsjB*Jl_ Agent.
" ' ���.' dsrs aftej dsie I purpose msking spplj-
cauon to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lani, and Work* tor permission to porrnaae the
following described Isnd: Commencing at a
post plaoed at the northeast rimer of B C.
-kltiner* application so purchaa* marked
���R e's. N. M comer posi thence following the
eastern boundarj of said application SO chain*
���onlb, thence runnings*) chain* east, thence fv
chain* north to the southern roundsry of a tt.
HanLlngton's application lo purchase,'itienes so
chains west along sam- tc point of eommenop-
inenl. containing 64/i a- re*. more or Jes,
l>su-d Snd dsr ol Ms)-, lw:.
eignediR sgigti,
per F i, p*rwrigk. Ageni.
Notice Is berehf gleen that 60 osj* site* date I
Intend lo aoply to the Hon Chief Commissioner ol
Landsand Works. Virions, lor permission to purchase the following described Isnd . Commencing
si s post planted on the west side of slooan lake
snd about two mile, uonb of Kvan* rreak and
marked li. B. CCs *ouihea,t corner ,o*l. thence
north following ihore of iske loo chains, thence
west 6��. chain*, thence Ki-tlh |i0 chains, Ibenoe
east I. chaina lo point of (ommencemeul aw
seres more or less.
Located April 2). fisn.
Gao  B iIarbbtt. I^H-ator.
  Wm cioh.h,Agent.
nisir dat, alter dale I intend lo applr to tbe
Hon Chief < ommlssloner of Und* and Work* lo
purchase the following described Isnd located
In Plre teller district ol Wort stootsna) ������ Commencing si s post plained si ibe s K comer ol
John Bsngi'pre-euiption. thencesouthHOrhsins
thence west 40 chains, thence norlh so cbstns
Ihence ��� .-i 40 chain* lo place ol U-glnnlni. containing no seres.
Located Msrch 14th, issc
I; A. McfHje, Locsior.
 I- 1 Kkl.tr. Agent.
Take notice that M days sfterdsu-1 uitj ad so
, M�� ihe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Ui. Is
snd Works, for permission u. pur, base the lol-
.owing described Isnd.: i omnnncinc at the
southeaat onrner of lot UX,. tben,-e west 10
chslns, thence sooth �� cbslns, thence atst ��
chains, tbenoe north a, chains, ihenoe wesl 10
chains to point of commencement, containing
40 seres, more or less ���
Dated April l��th. 1��W P   J. BasbUT
__^ W- w. BiAi.Lgv, Agent.
fill) dljt siler d��ie I trilend lo sppij to ::.,
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of land* snd
Work* to purchase 160 ac.-,., of land: Commencing
al a post planted on tbe west side ol 6-Niie creek
on lhe wagon road about ju mllw from Kool-
ensy Iske, and marked Sell McKecbmc* *oulh-
ZI'.fL?"^���- ","'D,V ����i��chains, thence
'i1 .�� 5hams. tr.ence east *ichains, lh,nce
*i->uih 40 cnsln* to plsce ot bewlnnins
Located IhU Z��r.; dsy of April. I��rf
Ml.  V.Ki.bvi,
R 1 Kluott. AgenL
Slity dsy* sfl*.r dste I Intend lo apply lo let
Honorable ibe Chief Commissioner of Lsind* and
��� orksfor permission to purchase tbe following
described Isuds In W est Kootensy district I Con,.
menring si s post planted on ibe sonlh shore of
Icoolensy lake, sni s'jolning c. P. R. block Ho.
10. snd marked 'Tom Gordon s northwest corner
post." thence south 40 < bains. Ihence saat 40
chains, thence n..rth ag chains, more or lea* lo
Lake r��bore. thence west 40 chains lo point of
iJsied thl* urn of April, inr.
Tost tiosicw
��it. dsv* after date I intend lo spply tothe
Hon Chief Commissioner of Land* snd Works
for permission lo purchase the following described land in West tcwlensy district: Com-
menring st s i-osi msrked A c B* northwest
iiorner post, running 4!' rhsln* easterly along
the boundsry of TlmUr licence No. atV* thence
���orjlteriy SO chain*, thence wejter.y ��� chain*
Ihence northerly M chain* along the C P r'
track lo the place of commencement, conuming
two hundred acres, mors or less
Located this >th dsy of Msy. larr.
  A. Q Brsn, Locsior.
Silly asjs alter dste i intend to apply so ue
Hon ft iri Commissioner of UnJs lid Works
Melons, lo i -rcbase in following tlevriie.;'
.and* adjoining the Arrow lake* In Veil Kool
n.,s��^F w.."i icfi Pon" ' Preemption, and
HS**, , f.W ''on"' P"*1 ihence JOccsins
north al(*g lake shore, tneoce 20 chslns east
*"�������� .***��>**��*����*, thence * chain. we.i to
fei       '"winning, oonialning H seres, more or
April It,, inr,. EelXTt* W.rsCT.
u^'/J^T'r.l',r\i"' ' lnl��>>d lo^ipTr" to the
Hon (blet Commisslonn of Unds and Work.
u IliUfJgSljagsjg of Iu i LaeaaM Ms. ,t i.i"
st.u-.l.eist ol Bunon      , omrnenrtna si s no.!
m'^Ut^^" ��"'"M��al <��rn,r. ihence
.Si!,?.,.'',c'K"' ""' *'chains, ihence
�� biinnli "' 'bM"' ""   ��� ���������" ��� SS
Located April Mh, sjga 0 A Btm.
per A tiui Agent
>otlc�� is hereby giren last to day, .iter dste I
intend lo apply io ihe Honorsble the chief Commissioner of tend, and Works for mfeaS
to pur- hsse sboni IU seres of Isnd. iiiusle near
tbe I eno d Oreille ncer. We*t Koolens) di.trl.-t.
and de��cril��d ss follows: Cotumeu'trig ^t s
post marked ,,. s. 1b���m����'. N. ��""',���,', ����
Ji!,��/V,J.h* ,*<;'"1' ^""""ry and j.chVlii,
frmnf W postolLoinw. ihence soulhsNiui���
chain*, ihence east abool 3 chain* to a i*:nt on
Ibe wesl l��undary and Jo chains fn.m S W post
i'iTL"!1' ""hce north 70 rheln.snd ihsnee
weans chsms to tbe pleoe of bcginnlug
J��ih IMarch, inn. 0. ��. Twosnoa.
 a. (1. Lasso. Agent.
J, ,"1*,",J""��I"��!'-a1"��aajs tnle'nd uTirT
Pi-'','.'^f."""orahle the Chief Commissioner f>f
LUds snd Works lo pur.!:.., ibe following de-
scrioedland:    I ommencing st a pon marked
ire west ,bore of S!o<��n Iske, thence wesl JO
cha n*. thence south �� chalu*. Ihence we.i w
chs ns. thenee south so chslns, ihence east no
isr ����"b *"h*"" '" po,m ��< ��-���
Ixwsled March -ib mr>      N. P MiXspomt.
JtSflSfSUSA 'hlchdafleraod.ysto.bpl,
��Vek. so. 1 ,h"'' """"Isalouer of Un.l. and
descr?hed lln In,",,o:"" '"'"���>"���* "" following
rsS.i" : ^'-mmenelngsi a post marked
of ffiSft??-1 i. ' ' loc*'", OD ,he *0�� """re
nTawtaT*,,"elSt' "I"'* "" *' rb*""' "���'��<���'
"'! fL'D*'��'  ��""oe east 40 chain*, ihence
cS.me'.��B',n;U,r' '"  "��"��   "�� W >*'��' ��'
Loe-ated Msy 4lh. T. M.8Hsar.
I. the nnderslsTne-l. sfter W asrnslL-
ply to tbe Hon. the < Li.! cornreiMlossTsI
and Works to purchsse tie : :.-<��iigga
Isnd: Commencing st Ihe N leafs,
Q. I , tbenee wesl 40 chsloi, '
chslns. thc-jre east so chatns. i:iescea,
. I.sui. Iu point of r.-ri.c. roeneul.c*
acres more or less
located March l��lh, lar;. T.il
Take   notice    that   slaty   day, l_
I intend to   apply to Us, liouorasbtS
Commissioner of Lands snd Work. Iffl
slon to porehaae the fonowtng >l
situated in the West *... i.usy dlslrst:!
mencing at a pon plsmed si la* ajfl
corner ol Lol ZS-J, en the koulh ulr uttr
Arm of Kootenay Iske. llieace *6ckss>s]
southwest corner of *s|.| 1st, tbesnl
south, theocw so cbsir.i es*l, Ihearslfl
north to place of commeuremenl.toslsl
April 2nd, 1107. CHsaiat I
I- r Katkrr W   Knanrsos.ial
-tic days alter date I Intend lo *
Hon. Use Catei Commlssionsr sf I
Works. Victoria. B c. to i-uretis*.*S
land: Comnaeaelngst s p>Mt plsolrdsflJ
of Nelson* 8. E corner p"*t "0 kootassl
Ihence JO chains south thence sen M
thence north 30 chslns. In.lice esttSgr
1-cinl of oommeocemetit.
Nelson. B. c April .'4, Hi      I.J.C
Notice Is hereby given mst 60dsn
itend lo apply to the Hob. chief CO!
of Lends si,.l Works for pcrmiMiost.:
tie tallowing described Isnd is Wutll
district, on west store of Lower AraeJ
adjointOf Lot No. I -I ��� on the soutk: sjaT
st a pool Marked "Harrt Mcleod's flat
post and  rlasted on the shore ol LotvJ
Lake, at lhe soothes*! corner of .'apt ~
. c-i\ Ihence west 30 d-sin.. iksrsei
chslns more or leas to the north !>o��a*l
Fullmore's P. K . thence Jcb��ln.e**tsl
ftald boundary to Iske   theme norlBHT
lake shore 20 chain*, more or tea) wp
eommencemenl. . _ u 1
Msy 2nd. 1507. iWB
Agent lor B*rrf*
r?lity dsys alter dsu- 1 mleiid lo spadySJ
H--n    the   Chief  cornc.:-:crier  cl ISSSL
W orl.   Victoria, lo  pur. hsse Ml a���JB
located on the wests!-).    I l"<���" '"'"!���
dire. Ill north of lot 7��7t   I oBmeKMJJ
plained at lhe if. E. corn- r ,.| I/nTHialf
e.1 -B. B. b. a. comer, '.snd mnrilsl J-
chsini, thence sest JO chslni, ibew J
.bsina, tbeoce  wesl fO rlisin. tnrn���5i
chains, tbeaos east 40 chslns u> pJIBiai
nlag. ,
April 3rd. lar/1. ��"""L|
J  K Untsall, siowj
--my days alter ds
Hon  chief Commissi-
,: '. I.'irr-i,
..! Uod. ajr
Victoria. B.C.. to porcl.ase IW W��J
scribed land, situated in ibe ����""!J
Ulct: Commencing si s l��*l pl��"J
west Side ol Kootensy isle, nes' "9
point, and marked J M-KinnoDi��a.
post, thence west �� chsiss '"������"���"_���
chains, theace east eVchain* c">"ZmI��
shore, ihei.ee along Iske ,borelop����,|
Hsled April a. !��;.
Slaty day, alter dale I launj '��� ��� H
Hon ibe Chief Conimi.-i-��r "I "3|
Work, lo purchase the !.-"-wiosdsK -a
lK-ale.1 10 Pirs Valley ellsinsiw, "--.TSJ
Coanmencing sis post |isn���" ���'���'���
of John Banf p e-ampti-n i��.-- �����
souih. tneb<�� 40 chain* i���'
m .1 t,'i^"" "*" ��' *�� ���*��� ��j Idarlcr ol oeri   *
SH?ili.',"T ""' "' "����� *��� ����� ooe-uusMer of
section Sf, in Township 71 u 1
March ��rth. )W7 '   w, H. Ws.r.srr.
Bw^ailVS ���"���"'Alel intend l��� spply aa ihe
Hon i hlel commlasloner ol Und, aid? Works
��l��g��*w>*f��a acre, ol land In fire Valley, Wes!
koolensr di.inct and doscrlteyl af follow.^
.���n *"**.*' " * P"" "harked J. IS S.K
-��s.40'eh.? "������V."""  n"rlh * co��""' "�����<���
fh Ji., ��*i��J?"7 '," "ozmnlne. and l*lne
he wen one-hall of the I K on "quarter and
he east one-half of Ihe S. W one-c/uarVe, and
he west one hell ol Ihe N. K oneou.rwr "d
&,o���vro.ku.���,^tbl; f ����� -^-"��1
M.rch zothntw, Jom. Kmnar.
lausnd u . W ��'����� '"ai 60 dsrs after dale I
�� fInd^.,'T'iIv'"sth. "'���" '''"" I ommiasloner
he loltai, a'.L"', l"""l����lonlop.ilrha^.
Kct.ii.wi. li ' ?0,,'rt��', lands, sitnaleTn W',-si
���afj L lv,r,.r-."w "i"""""'". ���' a post mark.
chslnr tan '"��� ^."oorner. tbenee south W
cnsin*. lol tawing the eastern t��.undary of II
chiin's-'R""*"��� Jf R!*���� lh��n<ee..t "(i
ci.\i 'ta ^ta,��",rth *"������"��.��� 'hence wen 40
S wre. bo"*, ���, Et""w��"����>�� oonumin.
Bated this nth day ol March. l��n.
I ol bWH
,1,1 Ikes
Ihents ���
,l ihroeta
north, thenceanchalnsessi tonlasts,"
J J Ksur,sl>*J
Slaty days after date 1 rurpo^eaa .
miss"* lo the Chlel Commi-ooo"'�� (
liorl, for rwrmlssion lo r r'"'f,1,1 ���
.lescr.l.d fan-l.    lommcncing *! ��� rj^s.
st the soulliea.l  corner �� * \ ���^f
sppllcatlon to purchsse.
corner," running Ihence *
So chains eaat, thenee soc'i*
cbalos west to point swoon,!
lag 040 seres, more or less
Haled the Mb dsy of Apr,!
Silly dsn after dale I P"'!**,?,^*]
mood to the Honorable (be <'���    ' !JP
ol Lands and Works for l-cr"1"1?" .i
tbelollowlni dcecrlbed i*110-. ,( Busia
s post Placed about on- s:i! n, ,. rrfSfH
Silver Tip Point, on Wbalsbso ia.   -^ m
tie creek taarked -r w��� I  * ��� '��� Ulj g*
nine Ihemw K chains sresl "I;'     >*
byf 1. Hammond, a, age"",-   I,n,e��<
north,  ihence a�� cbslns '>���''��,  ���,��!
south to polnl ol commeioim'
oso seres, more or less. r -
l>ated Ue��Oj day of Apr.. 1J."U Bl^sa|
 p��f o r.i'-o��k'jt-
Slity days alter dsie ' ,L'"ji0d.*ti
Hon Chief Commtssii'iK . ',"   .,,^1*onIpL
Ui purchase 240 acre* , I .s!i - m,]fl frtsat
'.! !"
aide ol Arr.iw Uke. sl-o . ��� ,i tne-- -���a��i
Commencing st s poll fan""' v r.atfjaaj
ol L (V147, and marked N T ����� ��� w0,b J��
running .-ssl wo ch.n.- '���"""f,uib "JT
tbenee weal *) chain, ,!'ie" n,.riii ��*^
iheooe west �� chains, theJ<e�� .
plsce ol heclnnlng. viJl''.,   ���
BurtoaTiprU ��Jrd- ��J\ Brf^a|���� Prospectors
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
lhe BACON We Sell
jit Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent Also.    All Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
The Deity Canadian
\ Burns & Co.. Ltd.
Kl K
eby Klvcti thiil thirty Maya after
to   HiM-ly    to   tbe     Jhiiinmlili-
��� ������,������[  nl   J.s.iiiIj-  nii'l   Works   at
fnr a apfdal  license lo cut and
ter from the following .Icaerlheil
��� ������ 11*t>  ilUtriut:   Commencing
1 on toe wast bunk of Hmelter
mv mlleaoiitbofthi! t'lly of Nelson,
no I'liii.iis, tlii'uce weal BO chaina,
*j chains, tlitiire east wi chains to
I. Ill ('tl)L'Ut.
lib day of Jane. i��n.
0, 0. CLamc, Isolator.
D. Booth, Agent.
r,.> bcreny gHeu tbat 30 days alter date I
In ripply to id.- Honorable the < nlcl Com-
i.f i.nii.i" and Works for a special
f to nit and carry kwkv timber from tbe
|i, described lauds in Weal Kooteuay dls-
n No. I -Commencing ai a post planted
nitti Imuk of Id leburry creek, about
.. up the creek from railway track,
..'.-��� uM. thence SO cli-irir, aoutb,
i-liami west, thence 40 chaina north,
rhalna weit, theoce 40 chains north to
b, I we.
ti .v.i. 2.-Ci>inmciii��lngat a post planted
".1-v.c.it cottier of Location No 1, thonce
��� ... -t, iheticcHO ohalni north, thence
eail, thence 40 chains south, thence (to
;��t, thenee 4fl chaina south to j>olnt of
li. 191)6.
n No .! Onminencirig at a post planted
i wi-xt of north emit comer of Location
int t-ichains south, thence latcbains
mi-no chalni north, thence 40 ebalna
in'.u chain* south thence Sit chains
hi.: rif commencement,
h, luoa.
��� J hereby kits... tbat to days alter date I
i> apply  to the Honorable lhe Chief
' loner of Unda and Worki, Victoria,
itwinn to cut and carry away Umber
i       low in*   described lands, in West
     ��� in log at a pout planted on the
corner of surreycd lot No. 72ii Ol,
i'i id chaina, thence north 80 chaina.
i*t to ihe .southeast corner of aald lot,
ruin to the northeast corner of aald lot,
tit .,��� the weal boundary of pre empllon
lo-iice south to the north boundary of
.(���nxeNo. MAW, thence weat along the
i'lary to the northwest cornw of said
ti'-uce south to the north boundary of
.:m' No. 701*. thence weat to a point
Iml commencement,  thence norih to
- :i-���.���incut, containing (40 acres,
lay i'-th, 1SVJ,
P, A. I'arLsoif, Locator.
J. A. HtutvAM, Agent.
: .��� m uiK at a poit planted at the
i orner of suru-yed lot No. TitUil.
mi!, to the nortbvrn boundary of tim-
m. So. 7ul8, ihence weat to tbe nortn
i' r of -at timber license, thence south
rihem boundary of lot No, 8>3, thence
:��h!-I ��� mii'inrv of aald lot west to the
*a) or the B. 0. Southern Railway,
(-���mingaald right of way in a north-
���  'ii tn |i)ace of commencement.
���It) itttb, lim.
P A  I'iPLnori, Locator.
J. A. rtft.i.ivAn, Agent.
t Und IMitrlct. Dlitrictof Weat Kootenay.
Uki' notice that (leorge A. Laurie, of
i t: .lumberman, intenda to apply for
tin.Iter licence over the following dc-
ii'-i-K at n | i.i>,i planted about one mile
he Lick cabin, on ttie Lick cabin trail,
iU in creek,   tlieucc   north   HO chains,
"t Si chains, thence south Mil chains,
m mi chainn to the point of commence-
��� "tiuinlug tiio acres, more or leas.
IW7. Geo A. l-ifsit.
t Urn) Dlsirio.. District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that licorge A  Laurie, ol
B ��:., lumberman. Intend to apply for a
timber licence over   the   following de-
I NfUig st a post planted about one mile
' " Uck cnliin, on the Lick cabin trail,
'���'-.in creek,   thenee   south HO chains,
"-'  ""i chaitia, thence  north HO chains,
f,��i KOchalus to the point ot commence-
"1 '"titalnlug 640 acres, more or less.
'   ' "'" OHO, A. I.At'RlK.
*��<1 District District of Weat Kootenay.
Tike notice that w. H. E'age, of Fire
��� ' , cruiser, intends to apply for a
timber licence over  the following de-
��� i" ing at h post |>lunted about one mile
'he Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
isb in creek, Uicuce south HO chains,
T ' N1 clmlim, thence north 00 chains,
�����' mi rhMiuM lo the point of commence-
11' nitHlniim MO acres, more or less.
II '*"?. W, H. !���..,��.  Locator.
dso. A. Ltt'Rti, Agent.
*u.l Dlitrtet, Dlmrictof West Kootenay.
Use nolloe that W, H. Pin, ot Fire
��� < rulser, intends to apply for a apeclal
licence  over   thu   following  ..escribed
{"���V1*1?? ?' a P0,t Pl��n'��d about otic ale
��� ute Lick cabin, (iu the Lick cabin trail,
iuimi croek. thence north ho chains,
��'--t m cimins, thence south HO chains,
'���' mi i>iltt||IP1 l() lhu |,���|,jt 0# commence-
11.. '1',L"-"lllll,1K **��� A('r�� ��i more or leas.
|iiMKn. w. li.l'sHi.laotator.
Hso. a  l.AUHtit, Agent.
-��'i-l Dlitrlot. Dlstrlclot West Kootenay.
,!HiV'1 JM that (leorge A. Uurle, of
���',;mlM>niiau,lDtaiiria to apply fora
,u,l"    Mc6I"e "vcr the following des-
J''|11 [Jig at a post plautcd about one mile
���(,., n,"" V wl,"t.��Mho I.lck cabin, on
i iiBiiifl .'i ' "" ,,'"����-tkim creek, thence
hn"1'1". thenee north n chaius. thcuce
'��ins tbonce^south WohiHltolbpOlat
��<< "lent ami containing (HO acres, more
1 ' Jr!" "no. A, Laitrir.
'���''"'t District. District of West Kootenay.
'"^''"ih'c thai Oeoraa a. Uurle,ol
I'mbcr li,' !'ri"au' lI1,t)U,'�� to apply lor
|lands-Mrll0en"0VH tho following doa-
"dn'S in,!"1"1111*0*?1 ��l����t one mile
ahii.ir.iii .    i   " lheI'lfik caoin, on
nil- ��..?..     " '"""-.kllii creek, thcuce
��� in*:  ti .       """ll H0 Rhnlns, thence
I'"  ��"''..i       1 h,,,rl11 w ohaltwj to the
|taoreorUf,|Com(,nt   ��n<1 ''"ntatnlng 040
lint. linn.
] i,,..,, ... . . (-��0. A. I.��rhii
J  "^^'^ms.rb-t of West Kootenay.
I'"' Hiiih.r ." *"��� llllon,1�� toiil'I'ly for
license over the lollowlng dea-
'"'^ , phnited about one
I's-i timber Hi
Pbin .      ,,,'      ' easterly
E then ,. ,.l,,.'l?lln '���"���i'k
direction from
. -.���, thence south 40
iminn, th.-nco north 40
"���/lialnstotho pulut of
'""liiiugiito imrua, more
__       Oto A. UOftlt,
JLVSt&Sfa at I P?'1 P1"-*^ on tbe north
tr.ii ���B.fln"' ?b'lllt 0,,e mile and a hair
fromBIocan lake, marked E Ktrand's northwest
corner post, thence east 160 chains, theoco s��n,.U
111 ���|*'u".��h��u��'weHt 160 chains, thence north
Mobutu to point ��,f commencement.
Dated this 21*1 day of March, 1907.
 K, BTBiAUD, locator.
intend to appU to the Hon. the (Thief ( ommi*.
Doner Of Utids and Works, ai victoria, tori
specia llcemc to cut and carry a*ay timber
from -he lollowlng described lands In Vale dls-
No. 1.-Commencing at a post planted about 10
I'baliis-east of mam Keltlo river and about one
mile more or less north ol C. J* K. Block No.
'fM7, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i H k
corner post No, 1. Uieuce 80 chains n-rth, thence'
N cIibIun west, thence SO chains south, thenee 80
rhalitseui lothe (mint of commencement.
Dated Mar.h 22nd, 1W"7.
.Nf- *������rommentlnf at a post planted about 10
chains east of main Kettle river about W chaina
north ol Boundary Lumber Uo's Location No. 1,
and marscd Boundary Lumber Co'lft K. corner
post No. 2, thence SO chaius north, tbance ��o
chains west, thcuce 80 chains south, thence MO
chains east lo the point of commencement.
Dated 22o�� March, 1907.
No. ...-Commencing at a post planted about a)
chaius cast of main Kettle river and about SO
chaina north of Boundary Lumber (u'h location
post No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'e
H. E. vomer post No. 8, Ihence 80 chains north,
Ihence 8o chains west, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains east to the point ol commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No. 4.-Commencing at a post planted about
10 chains east of the main Kettle river and about
80 chains north of Bouudsry Lumber Co's location post No. 8, and marked Boundary Lumber
Co's B. X. corner post No 4, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains west, thence80 chaina
south, thence 80 chains east to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907
No 8.-Commencing at a post planted about
16 chains east of main Kettle river and about
two miles north, more or leas, of Boundary Lumber ��� o's .location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co's H E. corner post No. 6, tbenee 80
chains north, thence 80 ebalns west, thence 80
chains south, ihence 80 chains east to tbe point
of commencement.
Dated March nSrd, 1107.
No. 0.���Commencing at a post planted about 2S
cbalus cast of main Kettle river ou C P. It. Hue
blocs No. 2714, and about 80 chaina north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post ao.fi, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a B. E. corner post
No- 0, thence 80 chaina north, following C. P. R.
line block No 2714, thence HOchains west, thence
80 chains south, thence 80 chains east to the
point of comineucemenL
Dated March *8rd. 1907.
No. 7.-Commenctng at a post planted about
11) chains weat of the main Kettle river on C P.M.
line block No. 2714, and about 80 chains north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 8, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co's B. E. corner post
No. 7, thence 160 chains north, following C. P. *.
Hue block No. 27.4, Ihence 40chains west, ihence
100 vhalus south, thence 40 chaius cast to tbe
point of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1907.
No. 8 ���Commencing at a post planted about
'.���Othafns west from river bank and about 3 miles
aoutb, more er leaa, ot the last cast branch of the
eat fork of the main Kettle river or about IS
mllea north, more or less, of c, V, It. Bloek No.
/��� '4, mi east fork of KetUe river, marked Boundary V.i in tier Co'** N. W. corner post ho 0, thence
80 clu ina east, thence 80 chaius south, thence 80
chain h west, th nee 80 chains north to tbe point
Dated March 2fith, 1907
No. ��. --Commencing at a post planted about
20 chains west from river bank, on tbe east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
post No. 9, thence 8n chains east, these  80 chains
''.mil. theme 80 chains west, thence 80 chaina
north to tbe point of commencement.
Dated March 2Mb, 1907.
No. 10 ���Commencing at a post planted about
20 chains west from river hank on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
post No. 10, thence 80 chains east, thence 80
chains south, thcuce ho chaius west, thence 80
chain* north to the point of commencement.
Dated .March iMh, 1W7.
No. 11.���Commencing at a post planted about
lft chaius wc>t from river bank on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 10, and
marked Boundary LumtterCo's N. W. corner post
No. 11, thence 80 chains east, thence go chains
south, thence 88 chains west, ihence 80 chaina
nortn to the point ol commencement.
Dated March 2fttb, 19u7.
No. 12 ��� Commencing at a post planted about 12
chains west from river bant sn ihe east Ink of
Ke tie river, and a>>out 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumbar Co'a location pout No. 11, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
po*t No- 12, thence 80 chains OUt, thence 80
chains smith, thence 80 chains west, thcuce 80
nortli to the point of 00 mm, nee men I.
Dated March *5lh, 1907.
No. 1.1.-Commencing at a post planted about
12 chains west from river bank on the cast fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ohalua south of
Botindaiy dumber Co's location post No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N W. corner
post ho. 18, thence 80 chains east, thonce 80
chains south, thence 80 chains west, thenee 80
chains north to the point ol commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No 14,-<'(imm��nc1ng ntapost planted about
10 chain" w.st from river bank on thu east fork
of helll" river, and abOuHH) chains south of
lloundsry Lumber Co's location post No. 1.1, and
marked Boundary LumbertVs ti W. corner [Hist
No 14, thcuce 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
south, Ihence 80 chains west, thence 80 chains
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25th. 1907.
No. ��.���Commencing at a post planted about
10 chains west irom river bank on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about M chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's post No 14, and marked
Boundary Lumber Co's i> W. corner post No. IS,
Ihence 80 chains east, thence go chaina south,
thonce 80 chains west, thonce 80 chains north to
point ol commencement.
Dated March 28th, 1907.
No 16.-Commenclug at apost plauted about
8 ohHlna weat from river bunk on the cast tork ol
Keltic river, and about 80 chain* south of
lionndary Lumber Co'i location poll�� o. 15, ami
marked Boundary LtimberCo'sN. W. corner post
No 16. tbenee 80 chains east, thence HO c ia ns
south, thence 8> chains west, thence HO chains
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March25th, 1907.
No. 17.-C, mmonclng at a pMt planted about
6 chains west from river bank on the rust furic
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south ol
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. W, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co I ����� w. i Draw
post No 17, thence 80 chains vn��l tb��D W J
clmlns south, thence N chains welt, thonce 80
chaiiw north to tho point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 18.- Commencing ��t ��� post planted about
(.chains west of the river hank on he east fork
of Kottlo Klvcr and about 80 chains mntb of
Boundary Lumber Co's location T��fi ������� "
and marked Boundary . umber ( o s N.W corner
post No. IB. thence 80  clmlns eas , "��� K
chaius south, thenee 80 chains welt,_ tho ��e N
ehains north to tbe Mint oi wmmogBmMl.
Dated Marcb25th, 1907.   n      iJJt&SfiUtO*
Agent lor Boundary Lumber co.
Boundary Lumber Co'a location post No  8,
maiked Boundary  lumber Co's N. W. cot
Nelion Board of Trade Watching Interest* of Settlers���Will  Endorse Exhibit.
An Imiiortanl and well-attended meeting of the Nelxon board of trade was
held In the cuurt licm.se laat evening.
The two chief (HhciihhIoiih were connected with fruit land", one on tho exhibit at Winnipeg and the other on protecting the Interests of prospective settlers.
Thoro were present: P. A. Starkoy,
In lhe chair; P. a. Ebbutt, secretary; T.
O. Procter, J. M. Lay, W. W. Beer, I. O.
Ne'son, A. Lean, W. H. JoneB, F. L.
Hammond, H. O. Ooodove, C. B. Miller,
T. Morley, J. K. Annable, II. Uyers, IJ.
C. McMorrls, F. W. Swannell (representing S. M. Brdydfel), P. J. Deane. P.
Lunionl. M. II. Farrar, W. J. Meagher,
11. 13. Douglas.
The minutes of Ihe lost regular and
special meeings and a council meeting
were read and adopted.
II. Byers reported tor tbe special committee on the Slocan Lake service, all
the proceedings and results of which
have already been published. The committee wns discharged.
The president reported having laid
several requests before the officials of
the G. V It. company on their recent
visit, and having been promised favorable consideration.
The auditor's report ordered at the
last regular meeting was not forthcoming. F. W. Swannell suld that he would
be able lo present it In a few days.
The president remarked that the financial affairs ot tile board Beemed
rather laugled and he would like to
have a statement presented.
The president was instructed to secure a post office box and have tbe mail
delivered lo P. ti. Ebbutt, assistant-secretary.
The president further recommended
that the offices of secretary and treasurer be distinct hereafter.' He asked for
notice of motion in that direction, which
was accordingly given by W. W. Beer
as a notice of amendment lo tbe constitution.
P. Lumoni. moved that a special meeting be culled tor next Thursday evening
to receive the auditor's report.
F. W. Swannell explained that the delay was due to him and not to. Mr.
Mr. Lamont's motion was adopted.
Applications for membership were received from J. Laing-Stoeks, R. G.
Webb, E. W. Wlddowson, R. W. Drew,
F. Irvine & Co., and W. A. Thurman.
All were elected  without ballot.
A bill of 119.60 for advertising In the
Manitoba Free Press was presented. The
secretary was instructed, on motion of
T. Morley. lo ask for particulars.
A letter from. J. Greenfield, poet of-
Piano and Singing Lciboos
Given by Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Bug., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796, Nelson.
Nelson, B. C, June iota, 1S0T.
9KAI.KH TKNDER8 will be received by the
Uim-rnmcnl Agent, at Kelson, B.C., until noon
June 2Slh.   1907,  (or supplies ol meat, bread,
9r"cerles, hardware, boots and shoes, clothing.
ry sjooo*. lucl. and drugs, (or the Provlnoial
ilaol. at Nelson, li. U , lor one year Irom July
1st, 1907, to June 30lli. 1W��
Forms ol tender ran be had, and aamples of
clothing aud dry goods seen atjtlie Provincial
Gaol. Nelson, B. C.
Tne lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted.
Government Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that S3 days alter date 1
itend lo apply to lhe Honorable the I'lilei Commissioner of Lands aud Works, Victoria, tor a
special license lo cut and cs-ry away timber
Irom the billowing described land lo lhe district
ol West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post about seven miles (nun
the month o( Summit Ogees, In a westerly direction, marked G. U. Bunny's northeast corner
posl. (bene, 80 chains west, thence 40 chains
south, thence to chains west, thence 40 chains
south, llicnco m chains seat, Skene* 40 chains
north, thence 4(1 chains east, Ibencc 4U chains
north to point o( commencement.
Isicalcil May 7ib, KhT.
O. M Bxnny, Locator,
Anaus Oiiaais, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days alter
date 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ol bands and Works, Victoria, for
permission to cut aud carry away Umber (rom
the (oltowltig described lands: Commencing at
a post marked No. 1, R. Hloux, and planted at
the northeast corner o( Lot 9M8C. 1* R block,
near the weat fork ol Kettle rlvar, Yalo district.
B.C., ihence running HO chaina east, 80 chains
south. 80 chslns west, 80 chains north to point of
Dated April J7lh, 1007.
No. 2.���Commencing at the northeast corner o(
No. 1, thence running east 80 chains, tbonce
south Bo chslns, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chslns to point ol commencement
Dated April 27,1907.
No. H.- Commencing at a point about one halt
mllo west of the northeast corner of C P. K.
Illocg No. is'c'lH, tbenee running north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, ihence south 80 chaina,
Ibcucc east 8,1 chains to point ol commencement.
listed April 2Uth, 1907.
No I. commencing at the northeast corner
o( No. .'I, Ihence running north 80 rlialna, thence
west 80 chains, thence south SO ohaina, thence
east ho chslns to point ol commencement.
Dated April ffltn, 1907
No fi.���Commonclnf at a poet planted north of
Conkllng creek, near weat line of c. P. K. Bloek
No. 'i70t, Hit ncc running weat 80 chains, thence
south 80 chslns, thence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point ol commencement.
Dated May 1st, WOT. K. K101 z, Locator,
flee Inspector of Vancouver, asked for a
plan of the city in anticipation of a reference to him of the petition for street
letter boxes.
The secretary was instructed to forward a plan.
An invitation to send delegates to
the convention of Associated Boards of
Western Canada at Prince Albert on
June lSth, 19th and 20th was filed.
T, G. Procter, for the special committee on a tourist hotel, reported that he
had Interviewed all the capitalists In
Nelson and found no capital in tbe city
available for that purpose, and he had
dropped the matter. He did not wish In
"butt in" on the promotion of the new
opera bouse.
D. C. McMorrls called attention to
the menace to the strawberry crop���the
best ever grown in the district���by the
Impossibility of getting pickers.
T. G. Procter said thero would lie
work for a month for about 200 people.
Others agreed with the estimate.
T. G. Procter said, In reply to J. M.
Lay, tbat the labor suitable for berry-
picking, waa useless as a rule for clearing land.
A. Lean suggested Spokane as a labor
market, but was reminded of the Alien
Labor Law.
Tlie president suggested asking the
C. P. R. company to announce an excursion for laborers, 200 berry-pickers, and
D00 men for clearing land.
T. G. Procter suggested the employment of school children during the
school vacation.
The subject was discussed in a rather
amused way for some time and the
Fruit Growers' association was recommended to employ C. A. Waterman as
labor commissioner.
J. E. Annable stated that the 20,000
Club had Initiated a movement to advertise Nelson at the fairs at Winnipeg and
olher prairie towns, he mentioned what
has already been done, as published.
They wished It to be under the auspices
of the 20,000 Club, board of trade, and
Fruit Growers' association. He remarked
tbat while the real estate men got the
first benefit from new settlers the permanent benefits were received by the
business men. The exhibit is Intended
to be thoroughly comprehensive of all
products, and accompanied by a good
supply of advertising literature.
F. L. Hammond added that It waa
meant to Include all West Kootenay,
and he suggested a committee of three
representing the three bodies.
On motion of F. L. Hammond the
president was appointed to act by himself or deputy on the committee.
The fair at Winnipeg begins on July
13th, the others in order are Brandon,
Reglna, Moose Jaw and Lethbridge.
On motion of H. G. Goodeve the 20,-
000 Club enterprise was approved and
The president informed the board that
the government agent offered Improvements to the interior of the building if
the city, through any body, would paint
Ihe exterior.
In reply to F. L. Hammond the president stated that the council had dealt
with cases of misrepresentations by
fruit land companies, the Flsher-Ham-
ilton, company and the Nakusp Fruit
Land company. The former promised
explanations as soon as they are furnished with a copy of a letter of complaint received by the government
agent. The Frontier Investment company, agents for the Nakusp company,
attempted a justification of their advertising.
F. L. Hammond suggested three conditions that should be Insisted on for
land sold to actual settlers: valid, complete title, subdivision, and a good road
or other satisfactory means of access.
W. W. Beer and T. G. Procter were
unwilling to impose restrictions,'especially as to title.
Mr. Hammond replied that title was
of the first Importance. He pointed out
that apart from C. P. R. lands, no title
passed until after survey.
F. W. Swannell thought suitability for
fruit growing was of even greater Importance than title.
The motion was not pressed and the
hoard adjourned.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles 0. Simpson, or aby other person
to whom he may have trsnslot red his Interest la
the "May Blossom" miners) claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a ball miles southwest ol Ytnlr, In Ihe Nelson Mining Division, n(
West Kootenay District, end recorded In tbe
Recorder's office, (or the Nellon Division.
You and each ol you are hereby notified tbat
I have expended two hundred and Ave dollars
(206.00) In labour and Improvements upon the
above mineral claim in order to hold the aame
under tbe provlalons ol the Mineral Act. and II
within ninety days (rom the date of this notice
you (all or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which I, one hundred and two
fifty dollars (1102.50) lor the two yeara ending
8th May. 1907,) togctlnr with al, costs ol adver
Using, your Interest In tbe said claim will become the property ol tho undersigned under
Rcc. 4 ol an Act entitled: "AnAci to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1900." -
Dated al Ymlr, B. 0 .16th Hey, 1907.
In the natter o( an application for the Issue of
a duplicate ol the Certiorates ol Title for Lots 11
end 12, Block 81, Town of Bllvcrton (MapMt);
Ihe aoutb H ol Lots, Block 0, Town o( New Denver���and Lot I, Block tl end lot S, Block 80,
MoGllllvray's Addition to New Denver (Hep 667);
Notice la hereby elven that It la my Intention
to Issue at the expiration ol one month (rom the
the Aral publication hercol duplicates ol the
Certificates ol Title to the above described landa
In the name of Henry Hiieran and Harry Sheran,
which Certificates arc dated the 17lh June, 18W,
the 4th of October, 1894, tbe gird July, 1(96, and
tbe lath January, 1898, respectively, and are
numbered J021K, 10447A, 7��2C and 8MK, respej-
H. P. MsoUtOD,
District leelstrar
Land Registry tifllce, Nelson, B.C
29th, May, 1907.
Tb* Stfathcona
Located in the Finest Position of
A Residential and TourlaU' Horn* from
UBwCT Fmortfl Supervision of Proprietor and Wilt
Queen's Hotel
laker Street, Nelson. B. a
Lighted by EleotrlottT and
Heated by Hot Air
lauw* and Comfortable Bedrooms and Flrtt-
claasDlnlng Room. Sample Rooms for Commercial ktaa.
MRS. I. C.CLABKK. Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 150.   Opposite Court House
and Po*toff!ce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Plea
Meals sf eta.  Booms from 21 eta. to W.
Only White H*i* Implored.
Baker St., Nelson
Battlett   House
Best DoHir-a-Day House ia Nelson.
The Bar la tbe Finest.
Walt* Help Only employed.
Josephine St.
Nelson. B. O.
Roy��U Hotel
Rates II and 11.60 a Day.
Special Rate* to Regular Boarder*.
CORlTElt    '
Most comfortable quarters In Nelson
Only tbe best ol liquors and cigars.
A. McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Batter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' .Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Pwcluse of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenden tddnued to the underafxned, kt his
office. In tbe Court House, In the City of Nelion,
will be received up to the hour of five o'clock,
in tbe afternoon. of Friday, June 38th, 1S07, for
the puicbaee ot the "Tamarac Mineral Claim,"
Lot WW. Group 1, Kootenay district, wblnh la
declared to be forfeited to tbe Crown, at the tax
���ale, held in tbe city of Nelion, on the 0th day of
November, 1005, (or delinquent taxce up till
Jane loth, 1W6, and cotti.
The uptet price upon the aald mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and coeta at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxes which have since accrued, costs of advertising-, and fee for Crown (.rant (926.00) Is IU0.U0,
which Is the least amount tbat will be consider*
ed as a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an ac>
cepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to tbe order of the Deputy Commissioner of Unda and Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par
Dated at Nelson, B. C., this mh day of May,
Government Agent, Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lleuienaut Governor In council, under the provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right to Improve Rykerts ctook, in the district or
Weat Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
tbe banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and makesuch other Improvement)* as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of ions and the Hum.tig of timber thereon
The lands to be affected arc goverment lands and
Lots 2ftl and 262, Group 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to bo charged, If any,
are such as may be flxed by a judga of tbe county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this 27th day of March, A, D. 1907.
I have Just returned to Nelson and
hav* opened up at th* aame old stand,
and now r*ady to do all kind* of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
We have five desirable residences for sale. Call and make
us an offer for all or any of these
Brydges* Blakemore & Cameron. Ltd.
3 Improved Ranches For Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.  Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acres
Bcltlsli Coa*wnbi*Vs
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,006 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANN.ABLE,    -    Nelson. B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettteat Horn** to
Nelson, Sttzsatetl to Fslrrtew, CJose to the Cat Line
Large 7-rootn houw. Ston* foundation and flrtt-ola** cwllar. Complete water system. 10 lot* under cultivation and. planted In large, bearing fruit tree*.   This la a enap.   For particular* apply to
H��t_   1|>__   D ^^st. ���a.Wlnn you can secure a good horn* staQ
TT liy   IT Ay   <tveOt R*a*onabl* coat, on good term*  *T
Well built 11-room house, Carbonate Street, SMM, half ca*h, balance mortgage, 7 per cent. '
Five-room houw, Robson at., ��1,700   half each, balance one and two yeara.
Six-room house, Carbonate St., $3,300, half cash, balance mortgage.
Four-room houee, Silica St., $1,500, half ca*h, balance $20 monthly.
Six-room house, Josephine St., $2,500; $1,000 cash, balance $38 monthly.
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
Phones 147.       P. O. Box 44a
IN THE HATTER of the Issuance of an
indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. L. Reld to Lots 2 and 3,
In Block 12, City of Nelson.
Whereas the documents lierelnaiter mentioned
are not la the pasf-esslon of the aforesaid Howay
And whtreai production of them Is required
under toe "Land Registry Act";
Take notice that all or any persons having
these document* In their possession or baring
any interest in the same are required to produce
tbe same to the District Registrar of Und. Titles
at NcUon, B. C, on or before the 15th day of July,
Conveyance In Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated .fifth October, WW.
Mortgage In Fee, faoin A. Carney and A- Barrette
to R. Hclnnus and P. Burns, dated the vBth
ot November, 1892.
Conveyance. In Fee under power of Hale tn
Mortgage from Malcolm Mclnnls and P. Burns
to A. U. Buchanan, dated 17th of November,
Conveyance In Fee, A. H. Buchanan to tbe Bank
of Montreal, dated the 24th of August, 18N.
Conveyance in Fee, Bank of Montreal, to Hose
Mary Heathcole  and Joseph  Huttberlngton
Howes, dated llth November. IN*.
('otiveyanco in Fee, of an undivided one-quarter
Irom Koie Mary Heatboote to Paul Johnson,
dated tbe 29th of Ueccmber, IBM.
Dated this 29th day of May. A. P., 1907.
H. F. MaCLkOD,
District Registrar of Land Titles.
IN THE MATTER of th* "River* and
Stream* Act" and amendment*
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
Th* Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that M days after date
The Canadian Pacific Timber Company, Limited,
loiemlMo submit to the Honorable Chief Com-
mliasoner of Lands and Works a proposal under
the provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act"
and amendments thereto, for the right to IB*
prove Trout creek, and Its tributaries from the
sources ol such creek and tributaries to the point
where the lame flows into Trout lake In the District of West Kootenay, and to remove obstruction)* therelrom ami make the same At for driving, storing, sorting and booming logs, rafts and
crafts, Hnri thetluming of lumber thereon, alio
for the right to collect tolls thereon.
The lands affect*i are Crown lands and Lota
770, 7950, 7961, 772, 771 7C3, 7*2 aid 190, all In
aroup 1, West Kootenay.
Dated this itvth day oi May, 1907.
by their solicitor, K. M. Macdonald.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52*50
To Wtan*ptg, fort atrthnr.
Chicago WOO Montreal 184X0
Toronto 178.50 St. John 894.00
St Louis 8(0.00 Ottawa 882.5S
N*w York 8100.00 Boston SStUO
Hallfax 8101.80
OnSakJoly3.l,5.  Augtut 8,9. ,0.
Stptemfcr II, 12,13.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths
on lake (teamen. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario. Quebec ot
Maritime provinces on application.
A.Q.P.i..VanoouTer. O. t. A., Helsoa
w. a. aisCeLteTT
Bole agent lor Ike Porto Rleo Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Bough end driand lumber, turned
work end brackets, Coast lata end shlngUs, seek
and doors. Cement, brisk sad llase fee gel*.
Automatic ploder.
TaMaaafeetory: Va��oaM..***a*iat*U
NBUaON, B.fik
r. U. aVaa tct Talaakoa* M
I: The Dally Canadian
j     LOCAL AND GENERAL      i
Lad;'s aggstti
h..v,. same *w culling ai this office-
,25  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   pUK
��� 72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for 82.75
I Bell Trading Co*
kTt.ii Store will be rio*>ed Every ThurvUy
AfWrooot. In June. July unJ A��g*ct
rSCNINW ASP GRA1TINO rarcluilt sltend
d to. apply
hiitp- Kmr Beset,
Old Curiosity Shop
If yon want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of .Ispanese Goods now on Bale.
sVlI kinds of Dlnnerware In stork. Patterns.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & !��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock
Victoria St, Nr. Onerg Houee.     Tel. 181.
Cor. Vernon and Ward street**,
,vi:i.sii>,  it. c
J. FRED HU11E. ProDrietor.
F. E. Arm^troni:. Rossiand: J. J. Do-
ran. D. \V, Clark. Toronto: John A. Turner. Victoria: G. P. Downey. A. G. i'rqu-
hart, W. A. Alien, Vancouver: F. E. Har-
rison. Niagara Falls: A. B, Griffiths. La-
p'.nka: A. A Dick. Mrs. G. Dick. G. E.
Wood. t". E Crandall, M. Wilkinson.
J. Small. Calgary: L Hanna. Kaslo: P.
H. l.'urnham. Grand Forks: W. Mcl^ean,
.1. II. Knbinoorish, Montreal; W. .May-
berry. Clifton; E. G. Iladow. Bards, A.
.1. Davilsnn. E. Stansburv. S|vokane: C
P. Itlel, Retina.
Ft  Smith,  Winnipeg;   0.  J.   Brown.
Moos,- Jaw; A. Johnson. Slocan; R. Rob-
son. Revelstoke: H. Edmonson. Procter.
T. D. Wilkinson. A. G. Hamilton. Ross-
land; F. Hall. J. Allen. Toronto.
J. Smallwood, Beaaley; J- 0. Husband.
Waneta; J. K. McLean, Revelstoke; T.
Tlialr,  Kaslo;   C. W.  Herbert.  J.  Em-
mette. J. Green, .1. Colllth, Vmlr.
W. Cliffe. J. Shannahan. Saniion: G.
S ucey. Koch Siding; R Waterson. A.
Johnson. C. Baker, Howser; A. It. Rood-
ner. Vancouver: T. A. Weldon. Vernon.
Mis. W. Cooper, England: Miss
Eraser. Seattle; A. W. Barrow, l^eth-
bridge; A. Roeg. Vancouver.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving T'icber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bos, Builder, ajfl tnd n to tbetr ad-
viLiasT^ to tme ozi Pllct
Ndson Coke & Gas Co.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
General Job Work. Chimney Sweep-
lass, Carpet Cleaning. Fixing and Cleaning Stove*, etc
111 East Baker at.        Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
rohtttorist  B��ker Street.
F. C GRECT      F. P. BlTOtS       A. E GHEES
Crril Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Bar !4��   Pbo�� JslR.
B. C.
lBBifuii'tlT.   Apj.lT Ssrrf��5
HwTtft.   WW . lUi.T Cscsxlisj,.
IWU "MART BOVr.-.*trt<iT wort: jt^
C <tK-Hoie!. WO. Wiutw* OB; t, oa��.  fbtmt
Mt hoawAwtafT. Urd flit, K. w  c  t ,-vk
flRASS COKNET. Two Sb*Ltu \, ��.;��� ^ W;ii,
I'Mt- For Trie*, App.x u j. i>. Zjt lllffi
I.mOIIET. BOOR   i Km *m. IssVtH
irtt-h, Obwrrs,,-.'-*, Sitttu 2 d'Kiii from EbsMbbb*
st, rent IIP Of pti raftcib    7*p Gntrf Keen,*
st-o^c wtmm. .us. um pim* ior mam, lv.z..
J1.S ��i p-r month.   Tojt i Co    ~
Nelson. B. C.
B*.kcr Mren,
Celebration CommittM.
jteDfrAl njeednj: o>f :'     .���>      ktosi  Da.*
:t**    in    tbt1    <\*ur*
:   ..^-  Ddi eveaiai: ax $ o'ctoefc.
Token ��f Esttem.
T. Deny, 61 Mi >on> fire &*-
pirtrner.L  rl-cf:r*-l1  a haaJsorot? waich
eterai fnttrdsaj fro n.tht tttm
lM :he A  O   V   l'   ii �� !-'.'
oroide nrrtow i> i tfesi R��*e
art   :^.t  lms>b (rf :..���   .������-���-���
Zirvc Men t>eiay.
Q. W. Kuih-. I si :S- Luc-kv <Ai
DrisVM :s Is. Town from K-u*.d Be IhimiTf
SMI ��� I Lw BstOs actiTiTy in due min-
ing ** KiX��!tii��T ---.;; | ��� . - .
nbtMtoi on (jbbb AmenciT; z.+c BMM r ....
:-. '. ::.-. D tti bMi Um raSBK o^
���.-.-. appra se: of cusiom*.
Re*.o:ng Out ef Fas'-.on.
A Ne.i^ ltookj.f!.er si-Sied T��?sierday
:h&\ in Tfce iasi fsjstt sales of bmiks, Bt>
peciaJ]?- of Uie novels, have declined
slou; TO ;>er cent- He does no* know
whether the decline is dne to the grv-U-
er efficiency of the public library or
io the fascinations of bridge.
After the  Re-cord.
With another advance of four points
today, following one of ten featerdftj
and two on Wednesday. mwMng ��1 in
three days, the London price of l����ad
seems fast approaching the figures of
L900. Today s quotation is ��11, 5s. Silver dropped one point. Copper is unchanged.
Road Race.
Someone has suggested that a road
race, op*?n to all-comers, similar to' those
which are now being held in the But,
would be an interesting feature for the
second day of the Dominion Day celebration. The event could be repeated
every year, and the prize might be made
large enough to encourage runners from
other Kootenay towns.
Anglican Synod.
The synod of the diocese of Kootenay closed its session at Vernon yesterday afternoon. Rev. F. H. Graham and
A. W. Dyer will probably reach Nelson
tomorrow night. George Johnstone and
Fred Irvine, the otherrepresentative- of
St. Saviour's, will go on to the Coast to
attend the annual meeting of the Masonic grand lodge.
Return of Old-Timer.
T. \V. Lambert, a former resident of
Kelson, and a brother of A. G. Lambert, is !:ack in the city after an absence of six years. Since he left Nelson Mr. Lambert has been living at his
old home in Thornbury, Ont. Recently he sold his farm there, and then he
made up his mind that he would visit
British Columbia again before making
a permanent settlement anywhere. He
may return to Hritlsh Columbia to live,
but his future movements will depend
altogether upon circumstances.
Fruit Exhibits.
The east side of Ward street from
B&ker north is now nearly all taken up
with real estate offices, and most of
:heir windows contain exhibits. The
Koo.enay Land and Investment company's window contains ripe cherries of
the Governor Wood variety grown on
R. W. Hulburt's ranch, two miles*west
of th? city F. L. Hammond & Co.'?
window contains a fine enlargement of
he view of the fair fruit table, beside
which are seen F. Starker. .T. J. Malone,
D. C. McMorris and R   M. Palmer.
The Store of Quality
P��- tv.*tie 25c
'f 6-.~ ;  iv:
0AV1ES' SsVEET P :.*L��4.
Ps- &K-. t &:
Per  BrM e  iS'
2 Trig 25.:
Ttese goods are Joav la price awt feicfc
in quality.    G)Te ii*m a in*: as?   >*.
40: per Pound.
K. W  C   Bsort . Pfcoiw '��
I Lave a full line of  the best
known soaps at prices
>5c to 50c
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica taal J-.ser.bine Su.
No book suits erery on- but in buy-
ins book* we select oaty 'bose sihicb
we belieTe to have merit. *o that, whatever kind of books you prtfer. you will
find on our she.Trs only the best in their
"NORROV."    b]   Howard.   Cloth..$1.50
-THE   TREE   OF   HEAVEN," by   Robt
W Chambers, t Author of   The Fight-
Ins  Chance." I   Cloth    $1.35
"A STRONG MAN'S VOW." by Joseph Hockinc A-delightful love story
of strong characterization portraying
tenacity of purpose on the part of
the hero, and charm and sweetness on
the part of the heroine. Cloth $1.35.
paper  75c
"HILMA." i Another Graustark, bj William Tillinghast BBdridge. Cloth $1.50
'THE END OF THE GAME." by Arthur
Hornblow. Cloth  $1.50
by Kate and Virsii D. Boyies. lA good
stirring western sto:y.i Cloth ...$1.50
good western stoiyt by B. SI. Bower.
Cloth  $1.35
LIGHT," bv Norman  Duncan.
Cloth .$1.35
"SHORT CRUISES." by W. W. Jacobs.
Cloth  $1.50
Klein-Hornblow. Cloth $1.50
���NIMROD'S WIFE." by Grace Gallatin
Seton. tA delightfully told narrative
of the ausasOIww**1 most delightful ei-
IK-tienc,s on foot and horseback in
the Sierras and Rockies.) Cloth .$3.25
W. G. Thomson
KgSSSL"^ Nelson, B.C.
             Phone 34,
Frank Fletcher is in (own after a sur-
surveying trip in the Elk River country.
John A. Turner arrived from the
Coast last evening and will spend a few
days here
L. J. Seymour, in the Land Registry
office at Vancouver, is spending a few
days in NVlson.
C. A. Adamson, awarded thi& year's
Rhode? scholarship of Saskatchewan, is
a member of Frank Fletcher's surveying staff.
Rev. 1). E. Hall, general superintendent. 0f Baptist missions, will supply next
Sunday in ihe absence of Rev. E. H.
\V. S. Frauer, of Bradford, Ont., one
of the lecturers at the Farmers' Institute meetings tomorrow. Is a guest at
tlu- Strathcona today.
J. H. Scbofleld, M. L. A. for'Ymir.
will leave for the Coast shortly to attend the meeting of the Masonic grand
lodye, of which he is nuu-ter.
Wb. Martin, the Rossiand merchant,
returned heme last evening, aft.-r p<v
eral days spent in .Nelson and vlrinlA
He claims to have made the biggest
catch of fish jr. the Kootenay Lake this
Pleasures   of  Boating.
A well-known citizen went to his boat
house this afternoon, got his boat
ready, opened the doors of the boat
bouse, and then changed his mind, lay
tack and went to itoep. Be was ob-
wrred there by scares of passers-by.
Whole**.*? ..nJ  Kctitll DeBlort ID
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps anpplii-,1 on shortest notire and
lovr.wt pri(>'. Hotting but frush and
wholesome meats and supple* kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES    ManaKer.
Sheriff's Sale
By virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias
issued out of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in an action whereof
George li. McMillan is Plaintiff and Alfred L>. Wheeler and Jennie Sutton
Wheeler are Defendants, and to me directed apinst the goods and chattels of
the said Plaintiff, George it, McMillan. I
have seized and taken in Kxocution all
the right, title and Interest of the Baid
George 1). McMillan Is th" Mineral
claim known as and called 'Robinson '
situate in the Ainsworth Mining Divis
ion of the West Kootenay District and
recorded in the office of the Mining Hi-
corder at 'he City of Kaslo, B. C. on
the 13th day of July, 1H04; to recover
the sum of J7T3-15 and 13.50 for costs
of execution, and also Interest oq |773 ���
IS at five per centum per annum from
the 23rd day of May. 1907, until payment: and shall sell the said Mineral
claim, or so much thereof as will satisfy tbe judgment debt and costs, by pub
lie auction, at my office in the city of
Nelson B. C. ou Saturday, the 22nd day
of June, 1907, at the hour of eleven
o'c'ock In the Forenoon.
Term of sale, cash.
Intending purchasers will satisfy
themselves as to interest and title of
the said Plaintiff.
Dated at Nelson. It. C, 12th June, 1907.
Sheriff of South Kootenay.
Lipton^ Teas
We are in receipt of a shipment of
Upton's Teas direct.
Half Pound Ting  No. 2  25e
One Pound Ting   No. 2  50c
Half Pound Ting   No. l    30c
One Pound Tin*  No. 1   60c
Telephone 161.
Another  Snap!
FINE 6-ROOM HOUSE, all furnished
neatly, electric light and city water, Two
good lots, level. 15 fruit trees, splendid
garden and lawn, Large shed for chickens, $300 cash, balance ��1300,at $25 per
month, 6 per cent.
The Age Limit Raiaed.
The city of Victoria haa made a
change In its "Curfew and Public Morals" bylaws The age of children to
��hom the former act applies Is made
It! Instead of U years. The following
clause has been Inserted In the
\outh,.' Protection Act: "Any person
whu shall sell. give, or cause to he sold
or given, any wines, spirits, beer or
other fermented or Intoxicating liquors
to any person having reasonable cause
to believe BUrh iserson to be under th,-
age of 1> years, shali on smnmarv conviction thereor before a justice of th,.
pence, be liable to a penally not ex
ceeding >50."
We have just received.
a consionnieut of the
for which we are sole
agents for this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
We Have a Larue Variety af^the Late
Current Fiction. The Cheapest Edition
in Which Tliny Are Published Ia 75ct��
each.     600   Titles    to   Select   from   at
25c. Each.
Seaside Library of Standard Authors /5fl
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, m
COR BAKER and WARD.       Phone 81
For a Stylish Suit!
Built to Fit the Figure and Keep Its Hhape Not Only (he Kirst
Week You Wear It.  But  All the Time      Get  It  Made by
Taylor & MOwJOARBis?, the Reliable Tailors, of Kootenay.
Absolute   satisfaction  guaranteed   or   money  refunded,
High Class Tailors, Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
I Slimmer Clothfog*...��.
All Sizes.
$7.50 to $10
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock iffl
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spada,!
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to  letter order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw;
Company, Limited.
K��l���,lrl,,H and Jobhlng ssscuted with tMasgssstch.   HhawstKV
Work. .Mining sand Mill .Msiuhlnasry.     Masnuls.cturs.re "I
0r��. Cars*. IV. It.   Contrssatore*' Cars.
Spring Stock lust Opened Upt
Carload Linoleum* and Carpet**
From Cilasagow, Scotland.
Beest Qualities at Low Prlasasa*.
Standard Furniture Compel
Msson a Rlsrr, Hstjos.
OsWmrrftr M.i':.....
Msrshsll ��.nilsrr ���UttrsSasM
Ompkte House Fortushm
Uudtrtakcrs.    Email"*''
*m!S% Umber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windovv*
Turn��Ki Work and Brack-sate*. Mail Order* promptly ilW*"'
IS'BI-1M>N. B. C
Sfimmer Necessities
And CLIFf �����
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., U^


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