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The Daily Canadian Jun 4, 1907

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Array m\
2.   No. I,
e JUxUy  Canadian
of State Counsel
at Boise
p^lcy's Opening Address to
-Sttunenburg Only One
Many Victims.
un<- 1 -The trial of Win. I),
secretary   aud   treasurer  uf
.su   .'-duration   of    Miners,
ish Ihe  murder of  Stuenen-
ler governor of the stute of
Lniius-ncs'd    ia    earnest    this
|ht-u nt 9:80 o'clock, J amiss 11.
idlng counsel for the prose*
is ins opening address to tho
in yesterday, to try what ls
is most important case ever
is a court in this country.
rt;i-   against    Haywood   has
ui murder, lu  lhat  he con-
i Many Orchard, who, by his
mlou, It is alls-gad, committed
l"U with the llrst charge to
lis- scope of the caBe will be
ii least in part    The charge
ai Haywood, one of the high
! a powerful  labor organiza-
ng been glveu authority by
ers lo use his ofllce and the
|the Western Federation to pro-
Interests, purely   as  a  labor
pou, so iiHeil Ills office us to be-
1 of the secret leaders ln a gl-
bt t>s revolutionise society and
fr and lerrorlsin to bring ubout
tlial    threatened    existing
Jod will be iried tor the murder
nberg.    Tlie state has yet to
|vii!s  Us.   actual murderer, tte
laid the bomb at the gate of
Hies- of ilm governor, who hud
situ politics and was pursuing
iheep farmer, but who, when as
eutlve ssf his stute, in spite of
ijQct to union  labor through-
Iworklng life, had shown thut
first and last for the law and
��� murder of Steunenberg antl
-'>'ii of Orchard that laid
allogad plotB and counter
"i 'ss tins arrest of Haywood,
��uti Moyer, the president of
���ration, unil Pettlbone, one of
" in- iiitiors. The caso has been
i generally for moro than a
'!.* itl'" sif the prosecution hus
s*is i' vealed und even now much
i-'! is iho I'V-ltlenco and from Its
;* in* i.t the .us., will be full
���*'*���* Coungel for the defence
���sl ihs. slevelopment of the case
* Plots of much larger dlmen
hi thois hluti'd ut by the prose-
lil'.'  Miy  that thu capitalistic
* aroused a sentiment ggalBIt
icsDH and wish to crush out the
I' union lulior.   They charge thnt
Hsion of Orchard, who,
ia the niurderor, and  the
liti'il by the state, Ib a fabrlca-
farb liullt up by tho aid of de-
} 1��<1 tliat their clients nre inno-
"iig doing, or In nuy wny
P'f'i in the murder or aeries of
charged by the stuto against
* Moyer and Puttlbono.
���cue nt ||���,  Btule, |t [s  H���|d,  will
lint iiu lesa than 'Mi murders were
''ll liy what Is known sb Iho "in-
I*-*-*" "f lhe federation, It will be
|tl. Independently nnd without the
uf tho members, and at no
iroceedlng will an effort be
I" s|iuw lhal more than a score
'mil any knowledgo of what was
M-Me, It is believed, will show
8 president of the federation and
'retary-treasurer were ambltlouB
i* Plans untl that It was hoped to
Fifty Cbnts a Month
���male this
powerful labor organli-
with others throughout tho coun-
(wat they might become a polltl-
{;""��� untl a dominating influence
"iiniorlcnl strength and flnnn-
"ifllsiiiltuia of the hundreds of
l'libo"' W"rklng nien wh0 n��l>P��rt
*��t witness will be a person who
'���   "plosion of the bomb thnt
t Mu,!r'rK ,U C��ldwell on De-
faaeotlnn , r T,lllB wl" 1��"d "���> to
��e m ,uf Harr* 0'chard with
. it l,V. " ,c��t'mnny of Orchard,
expected, may be broached
some time this week, will bring out thc
entire extent of tho alleged plot.
Haywood Ihib been suffering from the
nervous struln of tho cuse, und liijutll.
clotifl living, but thiB morning In spite
of a slight return of Indisposition appears to he In good condition.
Court opened at 0:40 a. in, und at
9:40 a. m. James (I. Hawley begun his
address to the jury. He suit! thut they
expected to prove that Hie offlosrs and
and executive committee of the Western Federation of.Mlners wus responsible
not only for the death of Steunenberg
but of a score of others besides. The
defence objected but the objection was
In reply to a ipiestion from the court
i\tr. Hawley said he expected to prove
everything he Bald, and that in his opening Ktiiiem,.ni he would keep "far
within the scope of the evidence."
Hawley said the ������Inner circle" of the
Western Federation of Miners alwayB
aimed at controlling not ouly the organ-
ization of tbe federation but lbe government of the different states where the
organization existed. Mr. Darrow again
objected on the ground that thc Btatement was a "pure piece of rhetoric aud
uo part of a Btatement of lhe case."
Hawley Bald he would prove that the
Weslcrn Federation of miners "left a
trail of blood, traded In blood, hired
paid assassins," and collected huge
sums of money which they UBcd and
squandered to carry out the objects of
the few meu of the "inner circle." He
said he would show that tbe inner circle" used this emergency fund to hire
the best legul talent to defend those of
their circle charged wltb crime.
Hawley, after describing Steuncn*
berg's doulh und Orchard's arrest, said
he would prove that after Orchard's arrest he received a telegram signed
"L" which was followed by the presence
In Caldwell of Mr. Miller, one of Haywood's counsel. Hawley said tlle prose-
cutlon would produce letters from Pettlbone to Orchard when the latter waB
In Jail. He also announced that Orchard
had made a "full confession" to Mc-
Partland, und that Orchard and Mc-
Partlaod would be on the stand.
He reviewed events Immediately preceding Steunenberg's death aud told of
the positions held by Haywood and Pettlbone In the Western Federation of
Miners. He said that Hurry Orhcurd
was also a member of the federation,
as was Jack Slmklns, wbo has never
beeu arrested. Mr. Hawley told the
Jury lhat while Haywood, Pettlbone snd
Moyer are not speclllcally charged
with having thrown or exploded the
bomb, it is not the pentose of the prosecution to prove tbat they were even In
lbe state at the time of lhe crime. Under
tlie laws of this state, however, accessories before the fact are not recognized
ub such, but must be charged with the
crime as principals.
"It Is our purpose," the attorney for
the Btate went on, "to show thut the
death of Steunenberg was the result of
thc conspiracy with the understanding
and collusion between the leadens of
the federation and other persons. We
claim that the leaders of this union are
responsible for this outrage antl it will
be our purpose to prove them such."
Mr. Hawley then went into information
of the federation, saying lt was organ-
Ixed In 18113. The executive committee,
he explained, wns given almost absolute control of the body. He said the
rank and llle knew little of whul was
going on thc few men and guiltless of
the crimes alleged. "Hut we will show,"
he said, "that the leaders of thla organ-
Ization have been responsible not orly
for the death of Steunenberg but of a
BCoro of others besides."
Attorney Dnrrow, for the defence,
bore declared that "the death of scores
of otherB" had nothing to do with the
case. "The court cannot tell at this
lime whether the statement is objectionable or not. Objection overruled." said
Judge Wood. Judge Wood nsked Mr.
Hnwley If he expected to show by evidence the responsibility of lho defend
ant lu the federation's alleged unlawful
acta and received a reply In the affirmative.
Settlement Approved by
City Fathers' Protracted Meeting-
Appeals for Library, Band
and Motor Users.
British 8choon��r Taken   by  American
Revenue Cutter���Within Protected Waters.
Washington, June 4.���The secretary
Of tho trensury has received a telegram
from Capt. Alnsworth of the revenue
cutter Rush, stating tliat he hnd seized
tho llrltlsh scaling schooner Charlotta
0. Cox, which was found Illegally catching senls in fnlr weather grounds off
Alaska. Tbe Cox, It Ib said, evidently
was taking seals during the closed sou-
son within the area of the award In violation of the articles of the Tribunal of
Arbitral lon agreed to by the governments of Orcnt Britain and thc United
States. She had 77 fur soalBklns on
The department has directed the commander of the fltiBh to tlelivor the Cox
to Ihe British nuthorltleB at tho nearest
port In British Columbin, ln accordance
with the Joint recommendations of the
two governments ln case of seizure. The
Rush also reported the presonce of
Japanese seniors in the snme vicinity
with u large number of sealskins on
board. Tin* Japanese sealers, however,
are nol subject to seizure outside of
territorial waters.
The council meeting last night lasted
over two hours. It was robbed of some
of its promised interest by the non-appearance of W. P. Tlerney. The provisional agreement with the West Kootenay Power and Light company was approved though It wan agreed that the
full text should not be published, for
obviouB reasons.
OrantB were made to the city library
and tlie city band.
A re|iort from the Hoard of works was
received and some sidewalk construction was authorized.
His Honor Judge Wilson presented a
reijuesl for a settlement of his account
in connection with the W. K. P. & L.
cuse which was referred to the city solicitor.
The council met shortly after 8 with
Mayor iiills.it in the chair, others present being Aldermen Hume, Selous, Annable, McMorris, Irving and Rose. The
minutes of the last meeting were read
and adopted.
Rev. J. T. Ferguson, who, with F.
Starkey, appeared on behalf of the public library, asked for a guarantee of |500
for lhe curreni year, expressing the
hope lhat the whole ot that amount
would not ho required, as the directors
had still a small balance from the proceeds of the Kirmess.
The delegates were promised consideration at the next meeting.
F. J. Deane asked that the electrical
engineer be Instructed to give definite
Information as io tbe kind of motors re
quired by users of electric power. He
had already secured motors hut found
that they could not be used.
City Electrician Smith explained that
the 110-volt motors wllh one-horse power would not be satisfactory; they must
be 230 or 440 volt. He also thought lt
very bad policy to couple lighting and
power service on one circuit. The only
three circuits he would recommend are
220, 440 and 2,200 volts.
Mr. Deane was assured that he could
be accommodated temporarily ln any
The finance committee then reported
recoumiending payrolls of 1117.25 and
1204.30 for streets, sidewalks and electric lighting and a bill of |1,060, the
second payment to the Nelson Land and
Improvement Compuny.
Chief Deasy preBentcd the report of
the flre department for May. There
were no fires, Die usual drills and inspections, and one change on the staff,
already reported.
Alderman Selous asked as to the ownership of firemen's uniforms when the
wearers left tlie service. He was told
that tho city paid only a part of the
coBt. Sometimes, ub ln the latest case,
the early resignation of the members
made reoovery difficult.
Thu resolution ot 1905 that a fireman
leaving tho service within 60 days of receipt of a new uniform pay half the com
was read, and the clerk was instructed to furnish the chief with a
City Medical Health Officer Dr. Arthur reported the result of his antl-
dandelion experiments���which wore not
a success.   The report was filed.
The board of works reported recommending extensions of sidewalks: West
Bide of ward, Latimer to Hoover, and
from C. H. Ink'B residence to Observatory stf-get; grading of alley between
Ward and Stanley, and alley between
Hoover and Observatory; Ward street,
east side, from Houston to Richards;
south elde of Richards street, provided
debris be, removed by property owners;
and nlBo that property owners be ordered to remove debris deposited on the
The report was discussed clause by
clause and adopted, with the addition
to the last clause of "to the satisfaction of the eity engineer."
Alderman Hume also suggested that
a bylaw be passed ordering that all vac-
ant lots be cleared.
Alderman McMorls drew nttentlon to
the condition of the sidewalk on Lati
mer street near Cedar, and also to the
defective street lighting.
Chief Jarvls asked to.be relieved of
the duties of sanitary inspector, as tliey
prevented such efficient performance of
his duties as chief of police as he
wished to gve.
The mayor reported that ho had al-
ready cngitged K. MeCregor, an expert-
i-iitcil man, for the fluty at $100 a
On Alderman Selous' motion, second,
ed by Alderman Hume, Ihe chiefs re-
iiesi wub granted and Ibe mayor's appointment confirmed.
Attention was drawn to the stabling
of cattle within the city limits.
Chief Jarvls stated that, he Intends to
have the premises examined by the
health officer.
The mayor reported that the park pa-
vllllon will be moved to the new site as
the water rises.
Attention was drawn to a camp on the
city's park and It was agreed that the
campers be given notiee to quit.
A letter from the executive of the city
band asked for a grant of 1500 In consideration of public concerts. The letter was accompanied by s largely signed
It was agreed to grant $25 a month
towards a bandmaster's salary, and a
grant ot $100 for Incidentals.
A letter from City Solicitor W. A.
Macdonald, K. C, assumed responsibility ror all acts tit II C. Hall, acting
city solicitor.
A letter from Judge Wilson, former
city solicitor, asked whether he should
presont his bill ln the W. K. P. ft L.
company cose, taxed, or confer for adjustment wltb the -present city solicitor.
The letter was referred to the city solicitor.
A letter from J. Walxel presented an
offer for firemen's Insurance. It was referred to the flre, water and light committee.
A letter from the Union of British
Columbia municipalities reported the
success of all Its applications to the
provincial government, asked for the
early payment of the city's fees, and for
the presentation of further suggestions.
The memorandum of suggestions
made by the Union to tbe government
for the amendment of the Municipal
Clauses Act was read. It reported endorsement of requests from Nelson,
Rossland, Victoria, Vancouver and other
places, and tbat all such requests had
been acceded to.
The letter was filed and payment of
fee of $12 authorized.
Aid. Rose moved that the agreement
between the city and West Kootenay
Power and Light company, entered Into
on May 22nd, be approved.
Aid. Rose was informed that the company would submit plans for the dam
and raising of the walls to the city for
The mayor remarked that while he
had no wish to have any proceedings
behind closed doors, it was not expedient always to have details of negotiations published.
Aid. Selous strongly endorsed the
latter part of the mayor's suggestions,
and thought that tentative agreements
should not be published.
After a long and general discussion
on the subject of the expediency of
publication of the agreement Aid, Selous
moved, seconded by Aid. Annable, that
the council go Into committee of the
whole, which was carried, Aid. Irving
The agreement was then read in committee and reported.
Aid. Rose'B motion of approval was
then seconded by Aid. Selous and adopted.
Aid Rose said he understood that the
present caretaker of the cemetery waB
keeping no record ot Interments. He
urged that the cemetery be plotted accurately and full records kept.
The city clerk said that he had a
record of all Interments ln the public
plot but not of those controlled by
churches, lodges and societies.
Compliance with Aid. Rose's suggestion wub agreed upon.
Aid. Rose alBo drew attention to the
curbing ,it the corner ot Hall and Baker
Aid. Rose was Informed that A. Mc-
Kenzle had been dismissed from the
tramway service for disobedience of Instructions ln the matter of carrying unstamped parcels.
The mayor reported having been Interviewed by union delegates on the
subject of David Woods' salary. The
council had raised Its laborers' wages to
$3.00 a day. Woods had been excepted.
He was satisfied at first, but some persons had Instigated him to demand the
raise and he had left. A younger and
abler man had been engaged at $3.00 a
The union delegates had admited
that they could not take Woods Into
their union. They hsd declined the
mayor's Invitation to address the council
on the subject.
The mayor reported that Mr. Johnston, a new employee, had been placed
In charge of the car barn, and B. Bishop
put on In McKenzle's place.
The expense of tramway operation for
the first four months has been very
heavy on account ot repairs to roadbed and rolling stock.
The mayor reported that he had had
two dolphins put tn to protect the city
wharf, at a cost or $80.
The council then adjourned to June
System of M Service
Writer ia Ottawa Periodical Tells
How Position and Promotions Are Secured.
Ottawa, June 4.���A recent article in
the Monthly Calendar of St. Patricks
Church haB caused a sensation. The
aVithorsliip is credited to Rev. Father
Whelan. The subject ls that of "pull
ln the civil service. The writer states
tbat competency and' qualifications do
not count It is a question of "pull"
as to getting in the service and promotion within. Political "pull" ls the last
of all necessities to getting on now. It
is the friendly or personal "pull," and
above all the sporting "pull." The
Capital lacrosse team ls instanced as a
prominent example, and sarcastic refer*
ences made to Its amateurism and British tour.
The article ls as follows: Space forbids examination Into tbe Individual
merits and evils of these "pulls," but
there is one of tbem in particular that
deserves special notice, because lt seems
to be so easily operated, and because
those who have succeeded by it bave
such a good time afterwards, lt is the
sporting "pull." As a single example
Is often time more Instructive than a
whole essay, we will draw from the
Capital lacrosse team, which has recently been enjoying a royal old time
and triumphal marcb throughout Oreat
Britain. The members ot 'tbls team
are, of course, amateur players; It Is
only the lacrosse they play tbat ls professional. The name of the team is a
misnomer; lt should be called the Civil
Service team of Canada, for, if we are
correctly informed, all but one of the
members are civil servants. Sport, lf lt
be of a right kind and under honorable
conditions, is both useful and admirable; but this grand tour of the Capitals to the Mother Country lacks both
the propriety and Independence tbat are
wont to grace clean amateur sport. If
the members of this team are public
servants, should they not be at their
desks doing their work, or iB lacrosse a
branch of some of the departments of
the public service? Their leave of absence is currently said to be three
months. Who are doing their work
during this time? Or ls their work of
such small importance that it can be
permitted to fall behind, or be dispensed with altogether? Are they receiving government pay during their
absence? In fine, are these young men
to be regarded as civil servants of
standard merit and usefulness, or merely as national athletes fed and favored
by the government? Wltb their salaries
running on and the emoluments derived
from playing lacrosse, these exponents
of Canada's national game are doing
pretty well���for amateurs. Who, then,
cap doubt or deny the power or* tbe
sporting "pull?" Young men and women, pass the qualifying examinations
lf you like, but get tbe "pull."
In the making of promotions, too, the
sume disregard tor the provisions and
spirit of the Civil Service Act prevails.
Kllieleney, length of service, and Just
order of succession are of little account
when up against the "pull." Thus, tho
promotion examinations have beon
brought into contempt and deprived of
their value and eftect. The saying Is
common among civil servants with regard to these examinations, and those
who conduct them: "Oh, if you are to
be promoted you'll pass." Men who
have given years of efficient service are
passed over by new men who have the
pull, while capable servants who have
not the pull are superannuated to make
place tor those who have.
The newly appointed civil service
commission is now sitting. Other civil
service commissions have sat before,
and that was about all they did id addition to drawing their salary. It Is to
be hoped that this one will get down
to solid work, and bring about a mens-
ure ot relief and contentment to that
long-suffering body, the civil servants
ln Ottawa. It Is further to be hoped
that the reiiort of the commissioners on
the increased cost of living and present
conditions will afford the opportunity
and data for the city to open negotiations with the government, with a view
to a more equitable financial understanding, and on a fairer basis than that
which at present prevails. Tbe tact
that the civil servants here are citizens
of Ottawa gives tbe city a right to take
an interest In their affairs, and at the
same time to forward Its own Interests,
which are theirs as well.
lt Ib suid that the order In-council
under which the commission is appointed gives it very wide powers; but these
wide pnws'is do not appear to extend to
the questions of how appointments to
positions In the civil services are made.
And yet this may reasonably be considered the beginning of al] the trouble,
just us the questions of salaries und
promotions are the continuance of lt.
The service Is made up of an aggregation of appointments, and these appointments honor or discredit the minister
who makes tbem, just as they are In accord with the provisions of the Civil
Service Act, or in violation thereof, and
Just as they are efficient or Incompetent,
it Ib the .appointments that give tone,
complexion and action to the whole service, and for them the ministers themselves must be beld solely responsible.
But bow are many���wonld lt be too
much to say most?���of these appointments made? Any schoolboy or schoolgirl In Ottawa will tell you you can get
Into the service if you only bave the
"pull." But which "pull?" There appear to be so many. To mention those
most frequently In operation, there Is
the social "pull" gradually coming to be
recognized as the exclusive property of
a section of the fashionable set who are
desirous of serving their country;
there Is the sporting "pull," which supplies the brawn and sinew deemed necessary in certain ministerial circles to
wield a pen, thump a typewriting machine and handle the more ponderous
matters In tbe departmental offices;
there Is tbe personal or friendly "pull,"
the last resource of the time-servers
and sycophants, and there is the "pull"
politically, which of late years has come
to be regarded as tbe weakest "pull" of
all. It Is a fact notorious that positions ln the service are continually secured by one or other of these pulls,
or by some adroit combination of them,
and this utterly regardless of the requisite qualifications or technical knowledge. Graduates from the civil service
examinations are legion, but the positions go to those who have the "pull."
As for political or party service, the
only time when lt seems to have any
show at sll ls during:the exciting and
promising days that -Immediately precede an election.
Revised   Programme   of   Meetings   of
Farmers' Institute in Nelson District
A change has had to be made ln the
programme of meetings of the Farmers'
Institute of West Kootenay.
G. G. McLaren, secretary has received a letter from J. R. Anderson,
deputy minister of agriculture, revising
the dates to read as follows:
Monday, June 10th, Slocan City;
Tuesday, June llth, New Denver; Wednesday, June 12th, Nakusp; Thursday,
June 13th, Nelson; Friday, June 14th,
Tarrys; Saturday, June 15 th, Neleon;
Monday, June 17th, Procter.
An accompanying letter from Mr. Anderson gives information and makes
suggestions as follows:
The flrst tbree meetings will be attended by W. 8. Fraser of'Brantford,
Ont, and myself. Mr. Fraser Ib an expert on the following subjects: Noxious
Weeds, Seed Selection, Clover, Sheep,
Hogs, Cultivation ot Soil and Under
Drulnagcnll of which are more or less
ot Interest to your people. I will speak
on Institute matters and on fruit The
other four meetings will be attended by
Mr. Fraser and the Rev. W. E. Dunham
of this place, who Is far and away the
best poultry man we have ever had, and
for whom I bespeak a good reception.
I You should give these gentlement an
opportunity for outdoor demonstrations.
Mr. Dunham is particularly good ln demonstrating how fowls should be killed
nnd dressed for market
Sailors Expected to Return to Work at
Once���Agitators Fall.
Paris, June 4.���The seamen's Btrlke
Is regarded as being virtually ended and
the men are everywhere expected to re-
sum work within 2-4 hours. Tbe navigation companies have accepted the gov-
ernment recommendations and will restore tho officers and men without in
sisting on any penalties.
Havre, June 4.���The only discord appears to be at Bordeaux, where some
ot the delegates, notably a man named
Buscallles, finding that the local organisation Ib discontented with the proposed compromise arrangements, are
attempting to secure a reverse of the
decision to resume work but apparently
without any chance of success.
Ymir District Unamlneus
Id Request
Democrat Elected.
Portland, Ore, June 4.���Harry Lane,
Democratic and Independent candidate,
wns re-elected mayor of Portland yesterday by about 1,500 majority.
Petition Presented to Government
Agent for Better Mean
of Transportation.
The project of building a good wagon
road Into tbe Sheep Creek valley has
been mooted for several years. Its ad-
tages are obvious and tbe only good
reason for delay ao far bas been the
necessity for the most rigid economy In
provincial expenditure.
The agitation ls op again ,thls time
in very tangible form. A petition was
presented yesterday to Harry Wright,
government agent, by R. C. Alexander
of Salmo, signed by every business man
of Ymir,' Salmo and Erie.
The Sheep Creek valley contains already such well-known developed and
shipping mines as the Queen, Yellowstone, Kootenay Belle) Mother Lode and
Nevada. There are scores' ot other
prospects still undeveloped because
they are more remote, and the coat of
getting In machinery for development
is greater than the present owners can
But there has always been, for the
last three years, a very considerable
force of men employed to the valley.
Their means of communication even
with Salmo, the nearest point on the
railway line, are inadequate.
The Interest of Nelson in the enterprise lt greater than at first appears.
The trade of the Balmon valley belongs
to Nelson. No arrangement of transportation service can take lt away. Tbe
whole district from Ymir to the American boundary ta rich in minerals, timber and agricultural lands. The district
is capable of great development and
every gain It makes will be a gain to
Nelson. Nothing will contribute more
effectively or more Immediately to such
development than adequate means of
communication - and transportation
among Its various parts.
There is a apeclal reason why a road
should be .built through the Sheep
Creek valley, which stretches towards
tbe American line, and which might if
neglected from the Kootenay aide, become commercially tributary to North-
port and Spokane.
The petition of the business men of
Ymir, Salmo and Erie deserves every
Biipport that the business men of Nelson can give lt, and will undoubtedly receive favorable consideration from tbe
provincial government, which has already dealt most generously with other
parts of Ymir district
Britain and France Said to Contemplate
Exchange of Colonies.
Paris, June 4.���A report has been ln
circulation on tbe continent that negotiations were In progress between France
and Great Britain tor the exchange of
the New Hebrides ln the Paclflc Ocean,
having New Caledonia on the south and
tbe Fiji islands on the east, which are
administered by a mixed commission of
French and British naval officers, for
Sierra Leone, the British colony on the
west coast ol* Africa, which extends as
a narrow border strip from French
Guinea on tbe northwest to Liberia on
tbe southeast Inquiries made on the
subject at the foreign offlce today ellc
ited an absolute denial of the report
Plans for Observance of Dominion Day
on 8locan Lake.
(Bpeclal to The Dally Canadian.)
Silverton, June 3.���At a meeting of
the cttlsens of Silverton, held at the Victoria hotel on Saturday last It was decided to celebrate here on Dominion
A good programme Is being arranged,
football game, launch races, rock-drilling and Caledonian sports being the
chief features of the day. A good time
Is promised to all who come.
Prices of Metals.
New York, June 4.���Silver,
copper, 2314c; lead, $G.
London, June 4.���Silver, Sid.
lead, The Daily Canadian
j**.;: I   i
1 ; }
= STORES      '
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TESTS   n i    s :m a-: ���� ;-���*.��
LSDERWEiR a: i    :'sea
fro-r, s to "2 Pou-sia.
SOX.   VIT-S   tt:_  tU~
G^OCER ES  a-:   PRO\   S CNS
HAY    FLOIR a-s   FEEO.
In ail these lines mt oner excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
i gtrr-ous and rcore buailiating. B has
t��c*cD made a haven of refuge for coa*
I ncied crirtinaia. _-r.b*rs. per&ocaiere.
! perjurers. baUct-U-x 5'uffers and ma-
I nipttla.ors. bafltffcMMftcfcaqt and wboJe-
I sale eorr-qptloBHi ��rr,erallv.
The first step on the -iray to reform
J will be the cleansing of the semce
j Raising it ahore the influence of party
j may coae al'.-r
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
D B WILDX. Preedect. HON. EOBEKT JAJ-TRAT, Tioe-Pmsdeal
Branches ia BritUh Cotsmbu:
3old__s,     sauna,    BEVKLSTOKE.     CBAXBBOOK,
Depodts pEoe;re��_t and in tews. ��ok>v��3 ai inghest   cnir*Bt rate from date of
opening of aei-xrant, and compounded qoart-etljr
J,   M#   LAV,  Manager,
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
 Nelion Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publiahed ,��lx ior* a -reel nj tne
msmstmsm pUBUIRINi* COMPANY, Ltd
hattr si ,  Nelaon. B. C.
���anaert^tion rates, tt) cent* a non Lb dellaered
a the cut. ut ts.ao a year i! *���.-: ly mall, ahen
eald iB afrsL r*
AdTertuiax ratoe od eppiicafi ;���-..
All mode* paid in wttit-rafLi ot The bally
Canadian eucoanu either fo: mbacrlptjon* or
i*iTf,:.;.i*; :_._��: be receiptee for od iht printed
termi of toe Company, oiht.* receipt* are not
Tuesday. June 4th.  1907.
With today's issue The Daily Canadian enters on its second year of publication.
The past year has been one of varying
fortunes but on the whole a successful
The Dally Canadian entered the world
ot newspaperdom at a time when many
doubted if Nelson were big enough to
support one daily newspaper. The
great majority were quite certain that
a second daily could not possibly sur
viTe three months.
Ilb flrst year has demonstrated lhat
there is in Nelson a field for a live
newspaper that will furnish accurate
and reliable newg of the world
The year has been one of tic:-- .:���
and ptress. There were times when the
financial horizon was not tna from
clouds, when circulation was unoertaic
and advertising patronage fluci uit tine
ta those times are past Tbe last
three months of the year he*! tamtam '*
great, impro-vemen* hi UN paaafh pros
pecis. It r.ow n|Dfa a substaatiaj anc
wholly ie-Eitimate pattattaaai t*oth in cr-
cu.a..oij and in advertising Iu patrons
in both respects express aatUn i  ��� -���
Tfce fire: aim of The Canadian is to as
sift in promoting the welfaie of Nelsor
and of Koolenay by ttfatf legjuma:*
means, t'sually that purpose may be
followed with offence to Done, but when
the inieresis of Nelson and ihose of
other cities or districts conflicted, we
hare not shrunk from vigorous eham
plonship of Nelson's cause.
Because we be.ieve that tbe interests
of Nelson coincide with the larger interest of British Columbia and of Canada.
and believe that the interests of British Columbia and of Canada wil] be best
���erred by the success of the policies
and ideals of the Conservative pany of
Canada, and for no other reason, we
have given, and shall continue to give,
consistent support to that party so long
as we are able to approve of iu policy
and leaders.
At all times our aim has been to give
to the public, at the earliest possible
tlAjte. all news of public Interest, accu
rately and as fully as the public interest
demands and to comment upon current
events and tendencies intelligently,
fairly and without prejudice or malice.
We print today a despatch from Ottawa containing a summary of a trenchant
article on the corruption of the Canadian civil service. By a peculiar coincidence our local contemporary printed
this morning an editorial from the Toronto News on the same subject- The
latter is almost wholly expository, showing bow the civil service might be made
clean and efficient, and filing as examples the successful efforts made in
other lands.
Canadians have never doubted Un
liossibility, but under present circumstance's ihey may be pardoned for
scepticism as to the probability of an;
serious attempt being made.
Reform of the civil service was one of
the pre-election pledges of the Canadian
Liberal party, but alas: so was Tre*
Trade as they have it in England.' so
wa= Retrenchment and Economy, so
wfes Purity m Elections, so was tbe
Sacredness of Provincial Rights.
When aJi the other pledges have been
trampled under fool without remorse ot
shame, there is no ground for the expectation that Civil Service Reform Mtt
_*ave any different fate under LJberaj
On this, as on other subjects, il is
o;��en to politicians of the Fielding and
Emmerson type to reion that they are
ao: the only sinners.
Conservatives must sorrowfully admit
that the civil service bad under their regime heen used for tbe purpose of rewarding pany service.
But there are depths sounded by the
Liberals to which Conservatives never
Chief Jarris has been relieved after
nearly two and a half years service of
the extremly onerous addition to his
duties involved m the office of sanitary
inspector. During ihhi time the sanitary service has been made efficient.
and has been made also more than fa*
f.-r :;**If. This is a highly satisfactory
l t ..:.;.a But the saddling of one faithful s-rivant wuh the duties of two such
offices was utterly unjustifiable from the
start aad the act of the council in
lightening the buriec is entirely com
Yes:erday we conveyed to the public
a raaaaat trom the executive of the Nei
���son BOM Club for such accommodation
:. ::z"It.zc rrews as :��� ;oss:b:e 7:.-.
.--. ;_-.���_���: suggesu more. It is greatly to
be ragrattei that a; all regattas. locaJ
' and of tie N. p. a. A. 0., held on Nel-
=-.:. iir:-;: c:-��: c:ffi-:_;::y toj :-een ri
| periecced in keep the course clear. It
is, of course, not due to malice, but to
thoughtlessness, and therefore tbe
slightest suggestion should effect a
The decision of the city council to
assis; tbe NeJson band wii; undoubtedly
be approved by a majority of the citizens. Pre* musical concerts ere. or may
be. a factor in popular education. The
allocation of a specific amount for the
payment of a competent instructor was
s wise move, made at the instance cf
Alderman Seious. Possibly this is an
opponune time to suggest to the executive of the band that "rag-time" airs
have no educational value for eitber musicians or aodience.
One instance has lately been referred
to by Prof. Goldwin Smith, the degradation of tbe bench by the appointment of
inferior lawyers with no other qualifi- I
cation but party service.
Another use of it is eves more daa-
Success of Crop Depends on Favorable
Winnit-eg. June 4.���F. W. Haultain.
of Regina. ex-premier of the Northwest
Territories. speaXlng of the crop outlook
in the Wesl, stated that the general conditions had experienced a great improvement during the past week because of
the favorable weather and the abundance of rainfall.
The farmers of the older, settled districts, while not disposed to look upon
the situation with alarm, are well aware
that matters have been formerly unfavorable, and tbat practically everything
depends upon the conditions which will
exist during the next few weeks. IWth
everything favorable for rapid growth
from now on, however, it is generally-
conceded that the possibilities for a
good crop are as favorable as could be
expected. While no growth mentionahle
has as yet taken place, this same condition existed in numerous instances in
practically all otber years, even when
the grain had been sown three weeks
before it was this year.
The farmers do not look for any
growth worthy of mention before the
last week in May or the first of June.
As It is, Mr. Haultain says ihat the
prospects are very favorable.
Edna May Married.
L-ondon, June 4.���Edna May, the
American actress, was ��� married this
morning at the registry office at Windsor to Oscar Lewison, son of Adolph
Lewison of New York, is the presence
of a few relations and intimate friends.
For Sale
tAmM. 2 tots on Ljtimer (tree!.
1325.00, 1 let on Latimtr ana Star .ev.
t2O0.00. 30 ft. lot on Chathim near pine.
$175.00. IM on Carbonate near Park
M50.00, ',8 lou on Inn** afreet.
Wot Baker Str-eet NELSON. B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yak -Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Foe! Sl Poo hry Co. t Ltd.
H. E. cor. taker  and  Ward  Sts.
Tutr bone>moon wii; _* =;-^t: ll
oring tour on the eovttMBl
State Tr.a; in Mex.-co.
Mexico Ctiy, June 4.���Tbe   trial   of j
Morana D. Morales, charged with a&sas- ;
sioating  former  President  Barillas   ot I
Guatemala, will begin today.    Mora
in the proceedings is so great thai *t ]
has been found nt-cessary to issue tickets of admission -and already every seat
In the court room bas b^en allotted.
Off  for   Spitsbergen.
Tromsoe. Norway, June 4���The Arc-
::c s:eamer Fritbyof left here yesierday
for  Spittenberg. having  on  bou
airship and all other appurtenar. -
tbfl   OUcago-Recvrd-Herald   ex;- I
The Siberian sl��Jge dog^ bave not a:
rived    and    wili    BoPO-w    on
Cx^sz,c;zZi IrrniiT.
Hit ::-::. ii; .���::-:���
icf !��� 4 iiT��. r< tM
StT kt f.xi of
Chii-a's Wei: i*
Special Sale of Children's Wear
C*   dim's Lmen  Dresses for  	
C-   ATM  MfMtfl   Dresses  for  	
C*   3t~'t  W**!e  Percale  Dresses
Ch   tfre*'s Wh.te Undershirts 	
"���'i-a   5  p  Shirts from  	
-'a-n  V-s'.n Bennett	
-*a-:s' C-T-ttM CcJts from	
H.O0 lls|
Judge Morrison's Mother Dead.
Halifax. N. S.. May tt.���IV
MUU104 yesterday a: Sydney of Mrs
Cbi -��� phe Morrison, in the Mth year
of her age. Mrs. Morrison mas the
mother of Judge Aulay Morrison ol
Fred Irvine & Co'
5^bcc io Ddic^aai: Co 0v-u.
For Sale Cheap
One &(Mnch diataetrr. by mt Mn
iong. underfirei. :e:urn ^iu*::i: _'.-.r
boiier. in Cal r condi tion. Eighty-two
l)|rta. lubes. 2 1-3 x - 1-6 in. sieam
dome. Boiler is good for testing to 150
lbs. per square inch, and a working pressure of N :o M lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
Ei-jces. try cocks, sludge cock and
���:teck valve, set of fire bars and bearers
One &-ln. diameter x 14In. stroke, high
pressure, variable cat oft* expansion
Taive engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the -smelter and is in good condition.
One vertical multi-iubular exhaust
steam heated foed-vater heater, 4 ft.
high. H'tjin. diam-ier with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and .safely valve. Apply to
The HaU Mining k Smelting Co�� Lti
Tr> -7Lti-ft ���'���   - "" ���"���*���' '���      ' ��*T ���" ''  :
to tttcxL he tssy barr trai : ���   aienatti
nt - Xkt ttataam    r. : ���-���>   etelm. *     ���
Inn M-v-uuLia ta*  sm   k I�� mi
we*; etVmtt .' .: i vt --:  V .:  -1   '
a .*��-.   t;. ;*r.i*    : .*:- s:
���.-     -���-���.-���--    ������*,;���  "      ���   *     ��� *   i     '
t- - ��� ,. ��� , ������ ���  :      * -'    ���: k
��� < ���.,.;---..-. . i.- -     - 1-t
.���.   '     r' .-.    -   ��.' - -       ���     foa iht
l:. ���    r:-: : --Xt mmt
::-���������::-:-    .*��-:���      .; -   ' '
wtti i  :.tfr aaae bam the YsateitasM nottca
��� _,        ���-...- .......,.-     .     ;
��� ���'.- - l   l it--.-.: v-   tat tan
ttt] :....*���>  t'-.v jor the asm y**-* tmtaea,
*:i Vfc? :.**"   taeetharart���hah tarn a aaam
��� . - i --...    z :.*t*   tmst   s.s n   v
nam tht :*��� :~-.i  ��� ���. ttm   eaAetttepsei    i ���-���
Ba   '   '��" ���*- i *���-���..���.-+���-   -At Act io sjamt tba
Dated �� fmix * C . Mi aay :tr
The HaU Mining and
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dryl
S":.:t :t ii*r-*i t rtttz ;t4t i* ��� n.��::-r ' '
shosri o. livers,'.*C^itcc te eatt : te i>tjd*ft*
:_i* txy.ral):<Ts ���:: *.**_::.< :ij* . .:>:: '.; n-;
fork tr��ii��J��r oi iht Ik ;*1 lineif* lot tha Crtaao
haeei *.; * raalaa iboeorf-f* Hvsa
tteh Xt? tm r J Hr*zxs
Brand New Art Bel) Piano
John T. Pierre. Baker St.
LjLVD notices.
1. tb* UOd#n_fQ��d, mstu-r �� i��ri istsni u ��;���
p.'T to tbc Boa tttCbiei '.'ossiwiaaer at lanzt
aai W'orkf kt penai��i*M id purehaae iht W
lowiuf 4t~Til*td \axfi: t'ois-xseacisf at a if.K-.
msrted K.1C, ��Hu*i*-J aa itte aest ifcorr oi
Slotsn \skt:_ LbcsttwentT n-.t-t '.romSots* cjrr,
thenoe *�����i * rhiia*. taeaaot tvath K ehsiaa
thenoe eatt t^ Efcafaa   themes sunt ak��af tha
tbor*- nl  take 90 fh��tB�� Io p-MOl ot HMM��
L*#*lt*t M*y -ttli. hurt eatst,
Bi.:ti WHrrx. AfeaL
V\'hong��tti�� Provlalona,
Produce, - Pruit.
Government Qhh On^-Pound Bnclrs rece^vwl weekly fnahM
chum    For sale by all leading grocers.
Office and warehouse i Houston Block,   Phone f$,
Josephine Street. Nelioo, ELl
Kotir* ii berely fUen that I wO app}x, al tbe
o<��it taaattaa ot io�� Uoeni* OaatmtStemaa b>
tee City of -V1i>od. io hare tie :isuor Itcaxue oi
tae So Haoe Icu :raia_ferr*-tii ik-hb Arttit*:i
fhtfemea ae I to arielt.
_, Bt Po*wtr of \ttomfT.
Sonee ta beretj flrea that thirtr dan kiitr
dale I intern to appif to lhe Board of Uoezte
CoamtaaioDen fo: tae Ymir di��tnct Jnr a ;.-���*;..
fer of the licence held bj me for the Fon satp-
pard hotel to T. Adie.
*        r. ^ *       (-sifD^) a v tamaa.
W��a^u.. B r . Hay Iiu 1*7;
.-:xi�� dan a'.let ^a> i foifammaitaaeamM *
tion to ibe Thief C*n.E.imumtet ol Laad* asmi
a orki for ftemiiaioB u, -purehaae tbe toUowixta
deaeri bed land: Comaes- .nt at a pan j&steZ
at me ftorthireai earav <*f tot titm:'. aad mart
���ed -p UcV't S E corwr pMl ru&ciaa ih��**o��t
���4. ,:.i;_i north tbence *�� ckaisi -aeat, theare rt.
tsbaiat aouth, ihear-e W'Aaint tast. to point-.'J
rOE-__..at*iD*i*at. container 4*t0 aerta  mote vt
haitKl tha tth da-r of afar. :*���*,
\i*ifntrZ] Pirn ���CC'TLUCH,
pert A. M..Cruoca. Afent.
&i:t davi after aat* 3 intend to apply to H-._.
tbe Chief 'OEomiwk.ner of Land* and worat ior
p��miaawa to porrbaae tbe followmf  d��arr'VJ
.i_n4i ib Kaataata taattet    i cnjmencjnt at ���
!  ;���:�����: e��.*(-*i  Brui-e w_.:;ei  S  W. eoraer m
|  !���:: _*'.rtj kt the northra*: eotaMa of P. R te aW��c:
a E*iie  eaat  of rloeau   river, tbence aonth X
chain*, tteace we��t 2 chalna. thenoe aDnth ��
�����.:.��   theaat eeei ���   r-ta-.oK ihenoe north a
thalna. theace ew; *��� chaini. lhen��  haev  *
ttaint. tbeat* w��: fa* rhaia* io point of <v��
meneement. co-ciammf 44G acrea, more or ieat
Utcmtei Marth ttlk, lhfi. Buxa Wh.tx
;. the undenif n*&. atter 60 daj** intend te ap-
EIt io tbe BonoraWe the Chief t-oamUaloner cf
and* and ��orfc* ior permlaslob lo jmrcfcaae ttf
tollowlor land. Lommencinf at a noai ma.*��ea
a. E C. of LotL52. tbeare wesl �� chaini theae<
aosith A.i cikt::t. thence weat ao cbaina. lbence
w>Gth AH r *j��iaf. Uieac* wea; 40 chain* titc"*
poti h to ch��:n��. \tenc* east * ch*J���� ibeac*
north ��j cbaini io polnl of oommencemexi
Lxale^l Manh Tth, 1��T. M. h\ McNaTcar.
>. Y McSnear, Arett
Notice :* ber.* t given tbat I wi:: hy,.t at tbe
next meeunf of ihe Liceaa* CoEiLUrtalien
(ortbef'itTof Nelaon. to bave ihe li*j*Q--r lioent*
of the meat KiL* Hotel tr*neferrec from my-
leif to Robert I>a:��:eJ. of the City of Ntiaon.
Daw^i U.U Tlh day of M*y, lf^C
Certificate of tbc Registration of m
Elba-Provincial Company,
"Companiea- Act,   1897."
I HKKEBY CERTIFY that tbe "Kinnev-MiUer
Ce��iar Coapaay." hai thi* dav t��*n rtxutervd
a*   an   Extra-pravinri-ai  Coapacv.   unafr  fhe
-Oamaaaaa Aet un." to earn-cut orefre^ai'
or aay ol the objecti of the Company tc which
tbe Ierfelame aoiborlty of the Wu.aiure oi
Briti-th CTiIursbta extendi
The hen! offlce of tbe Comparv *�� ilinau in
tbe C'liy of Spotme. in u.e ,-utt of WeaLiatnae
D .-A. *
Tbe amount of tat capM��i oi the *xtmp*nv u
4fte*n thoaaaod dollara, diTided into one httn-
dred and fifty iharei of oa* hnndrt*d doiia-f
The head office of tbe company ta :t ���> ��� ��� .-.
tne* t�� iltuate at - re*",:, aod William K��rv
Crawford, merctant. wfcoae addreea u ibe aaa��
�� iheattorney (or ihecompa-av [lol ecu mtt-
e4 to Mmi and tranfer nntt )
The time of ibe exigence of ;:.e com par, v <*
fifiy jeartfrom lh*Mbda-fof afarch lwf *
Ti e company it limited
Given ander my hand and ata] of office at
Victoria ProTiaoeof *r.tl��b Columbia, thii Mn
day of May. ow tbouaand nme huadrwd land
I*- ��-) S Y. WOOTTON,
Refiairar of Joint bhttk Companiw.
Tbe ofcjeru for which thia oomtAnv  hai t**n
eaiablUbe<landre��iiler��iart: ****am
1. Toaooulrein any lawful manner, maat;-
facture and aell or diapow of anj* and a^: kind*
of opdar and other ilmb-tr:
2. Toaoqnirela aay tawflaJ ra��aner umtier
whether aundinjor cut. umt*r Laad* at other
l*nda. loca. poie*. ptlin-f. ptnti, lumber. *hia��le��
ihinriaMlu. and any and all -kind* of ttakat
psatfaat, taweaaateahm aay*D��i all auch, and
la uhm ad aame m any lawn.: matner
8 To acqo re in aay lawful n.-.cner rrtcrt*.
im;.]emenr*. and aay and all btndi nf mercban-
diae or property nul in violation oi l��w, ��aa to
���:i��j��o#e m aame m any law.ul manner:
i. To balld or to acquire in any Uwful man
ner roada. tramway*, or other toeana oi trant-
po*tati"n neremmarj ��t NniTenieat to the olher
purpoata Of tbe ��� orporatlon, and to (*;*r��te
leaae. or di��i��>*e of ahme ae mar be de^m*d ��d-
ftJMfta; provided ibe une be "private wiriaad
road* only, and proTMed farther t��at ihi�� ar-
ticle ia not tn auUnrtre the Cortoration to ow-r.
ale or m*lotain any public or toll road, nor mat
public aer-rlng tr��n��i��ortanon Fyatem, nt^r to be-
ouma s common carrier:
i. To manufactora ��ny and all kindi of article* and product* aa may w de-eme-d desirable
and not in vitiation of law. and to aell and
dli;��'*e of aame in any lawful manner!
��. To do any ard afl olher a��la and thinri
naoaaaarr or eij*dient for carrrin* on the ..oai.
aem et the Cempe&y u b��rflntwior-�� aai forth.
Sotiee la htrety riven teat ao aayi alter dale 1
���.mead tciMiv to ibe Hoa Chief* ommimonerof
ALiikbd ��..-!�� \ vuttta, tt* i*rrvau��lut\ to par-
l-i.Ki��[..,,it.ti|.j,�� rit**-t .��^ :   <-.:���..-... i.* -v. i
'��� a; a poat punt*--; "Z the �������: n4r oj S*>.*d :��ae
��- : KkMM two mite* north oi  BnMM cra��-k . and
aarkwl <*. �� u ��*i>uibea*l <\>mer  peat, theoce
��� rta f^.oataj abore of lake 1�� t hain*. tbe&co
��� wifc cbaina. ni��... math tot Aaim th��at-e
*a��: o tm-ln* lo pcint of commencement, �����
�� r**. more or J^aa
U��caieJ Aprti 2D, IW-C.
oao  B t.aaaart. Urator.
!            *��� c^o-.��a.Afeni-
-ntyaavi aiwr mtttmtaaH to a��fii      the
' hoa CbaeiCoouaiaimcerM Uu i�� and Worka to
purebaae tbe fotlowlnf deacrit^d land located
:a rire valley dutrici oi W**i K.-.u-nay : c0m-
menunj at a poat planted at ibe �� }. ���'���
���: un Bang*' pre-emption. tbei_<-eM>��th ��chain��
thenca woat ��0 cbaina, tbenoe n>rth a.' obaina,
thenee eaal to chalai to place of becinainc. con-
,     located Mareb Uib. 1KT
V- A XcPHie. Locator.
,   i.i  EkU-T. A-yenl-
I. the   -. ������ ���*���__... :. after to :r< :i
ply to tbe Hon. tht* ( bW OMUM
and Work* to purchaar it-     UattM
iaod:   t'ommencinit al tbc.V-E.rtfl
'���   I .   thf nre   weet -*> chal&i. IumI
��������*:-    lbence eaat 4u chaloi. lbnM|
chain* to point of cummencenrat. e
acrea moreor lea*
Uaairu Marco Jltb. IW,. *,l|
Take   notice    tbat   liny  oayi trf
I   intend to   apply lo the iloopr��b>��
Cummiaalonei^Di Land* aad Wortiia|
i������>n io porcbaae the following <,
alluatrd in lbe W��at K..--i.*t����  ifiot
:���������.*...*   Bt   a   poet planted at la* l
rvrner of Lol KS, ��a tbe aoolh tide ttt]
Arm of Koalraa;' lake, tbence > ,-.i::'|
��"uthwe��t coroer of tald lot. thewN
���'.'Uth. tbenoe aO chalai eait. ihenn **
nortb to place of tomtoeDCeBfOt.caiua
April 2nd. lar. cbiiluK
t*er Xaxarr 9, MMM Aifl
���at, <!ayi after dan I intend t
Hon    tbe   Chief CommiiMooer of 1
Work*.  Victoria, B CL to parcha** * tf
land:  Commeactnf at a poat planted ill
I Kataosal h, eoraer p*��t MaMWl
ibencr 30 chalna aoolh. thence wti U
tbea��* north'At rtsist. theace eail ��� cr"
Take notice tbat �� day* after data 1 intend to
apply lotbe Hoa. thief lommiaa loner of Unda
��cd -Acrki. lor perminion to purvhaae the lol-
i lowwi deacrlbed land* Commrncinp at tbe
*outhea��t aoraer of lot ��W. tbence w^t JO
'hain*. ihenoe aooth to cbaina. then*-- eaat�� .
, ehalna.  tbew�� north *,< chain*,  thenoe weil 10 Nelaoa. B. tl. April * UW       *��� J*(
���*iaiL*�� to poiat of '���omraencement. rt��at��lnma
��� �� aorea, aore or laa* " ���
Dated April Mih. UM p   J. BaauLTT,
w   W. IUai.ixt. Aj^nt
point of <x>mmenoement
Sixty dayi after date 1 parpoae makia* appti-
caiion to theHon. Chief Commu��i,^ncrci?Und*
and Work* for permiaaion to purebaae the (&;.
lowinx deeenbed Land: Comment ini* a; a iHr.it
frfac-edonthe we��t more of lowtr WfiiULin
lake, about a *, mile from the aaOat oi aame
and marked *H. W'a N.I corner po��t." run-
ehatj* thenc-e*' chaini wnt. ttoMM * cbaini
aouth. theDceW riaalw t-a*;, thence ft.* (halm
nortb lo p_>iai of eotnatneemeat, eonuanm*
MO acrea, more or leaf.
I'ated tbe 2nd day of bUr. isiCT
.'.-irnt-t. H.W*��mji.
perF (kWAtafiom, Ajtent.
(���iity dan aftej .ate I MMM makina application to the H-ja iht- chief Cor miaaion��roi
Laa-.**' and vt orki ;<*rpenriwon to pnrehaae ihe
.. "it,*; deat-rtt-tsl ,���.*..; Cymmencme at a
poat piat-e-d at the northeaat wrner of B. C-
-aiLCt.-1 MpHfaUoa tm purcbaa* marked
I -. W.a torcer port' tKence followiae the
eaitem boundary of aaid app;icath>a * chaia*
n>ath. tbenoe running m chain* eaat, thenc* ��
chain* north to the aootbern tK-un'lary of k. W.
Hacnin^ton* ���pphcaooa u> purthaae, iheoeeK'
chaini ve��t alone aame to i��ini of commenrt-
ment. containlnt MO acrea. more or 1��m,
��� Birard) R Sattti*
tarw.Q F*tvr:kv A|*:ni
&liiy tiara after date I .Mend to appli* to the
, Hoa^ the Chier comm*...: mat oi  LinJ.  aiw
,  Workitoparehaael��acrKi,f land-Commencing
at a poit planted on the ��e��t .,���!* ot i-M:ie creek
on the wa��on  roa.l  a*u*.i tU milea fr-��m Koot-
tcay .Ue. and marker. Neil HcKecbnwr i *oult-
aw eoraer pot:, thamet  ��e��i ��irbafai, thence
i ��ortb ��0 tbalni.  thence eait a-chalna, tbence
aouth ��0 chain* ur- p.ace of be*ionini
Located tbi* __M day ot Apn: u7
Nlll MrECTH51l,
R J Rluott, Afent.
Mity dayi afterdate i intend to appjy to tbe
Honorahiethe cbief(oisniija)oiier of Land* and
Work* for permwnon lo purebaae tbefo'lowinf
d(*r-*-:t*d landi in w��t Rootenay djainct* Com"
meLc :nf at a ;��:#t p.aated en tbe aooth ihore of
kootenay lake and a\ioint��r*- ** R block No
10. and marked **7om *jordoa ��� northaeai corner
non." tbenee aouth ao ifaain*. ihence ��a��t ���
chain* thenre north a chain* more or lea* to
Ufa ~tort. ihente we-at m cbaini io po.-t of
I>at*d thu itah of Apn), l��n.
Ton beau���
Notice ii here; y I!Tfa thai �� daya after date 1
intend u>applr to ibe Honorable the ��� Aiefi ommlaaioner of Undi  and   Work* for permwn.n
taaraat 9 OretBt rfrw, *aM Kooienav dutri-"L
ana mnmm ai ioiiowa: Coaameacini at a
poit mar*..'.   ,  I. .a-.maoa'i N   W. cora��r poat
SSaVT *** .*Vuai b��"d*^r ��B'i A*hVlaa
iro~ .- ��   ;.;*: n| UtTTM. lbenc*ioutr, aU<tiiTe
chain* IMaa ea*t aJtaat S- rhaia* M a i<.int on
,t W*S- to"-*iiArT��J J'cfaainafrom 6. *   p_��t
w^'l.';!  HU,tW*vB0rtb ? caaiaaaad tbence
am rS chaini to lbe plaoe of Uwiaam*
Ait March, l��n. J,  E 7-r.aaon
A. G. Laxc. AjenL
\Lt l^....-aina d(**-'��*a iana iu "i�����~|
dlatrlct, on weet ihif* of Lo��' A,!,","J
adjoin I nj Lot > o ��*. on lhe muth: tMM
at a peat marked -aam \aaam I *m a
poii and tlanted on ihe than of urnj
Uke. at theaouibeaii'oi*��t "��2 fJ
teatt. theaw waa *> ^_^����m
i chain . more or lea* to the north s_m
I Fui:-xor*'ap. R ,theamttaau��� aaa
aaid  bonndary to IsSe, theae* noom
j lake ihore �� chain*, more or IW ���!��
commenctmcat. . n u-
j "" -������"������""-   t______*>3
la i.t. ��ii��i tan i n""*1 "' i_\
H.sj il,. cb*l i*j>-��nii��i"ii" t'^sja
���.ill, VirlsrU.W vttmm, '-���* "'".jl
l.-.lrd oa m, IKI .Islt ft Sim. IS   ��������
: diro-ii, nonh oi Loi :n omamamm
I p!_m<_ at ib, N t rorner s>! I*' ���['"_!
I f-1 "B. B i a. iwn��r.*' wa <"_'"l "
I -rli.lni. Ib,nt�� ����l Is rb.im, ���������" '
���is.sn..tb.n���� irwl�� rtutti 1 ��>�� 'm
| rh.ln.. ibenc* eut �� cb.loi 1�� P��i��"l
��� "iphiBri.un. "'"VOldS
J. K. Assists, spmm
i.tttaa4*tammta.*n*sma*T, mi,n<i u,��^
'.��� ��^!lTg--g'.'' ,U 7h*< ' "mmttnoatrot
liSSJSt ?0'k' *imi*M**t :b, loiio.in, d,.
������*   i. I . Ulu.u-  S   _m MS* .1 , . ��� _r,SS}_ ~
tJ*H*. ')!*** ���Mt m ��MS iheno, .���, a,
?"���"��� tant* K-.tb x eb.itsi. ib.nw -.,,1 io
it*',"'��� }*""* ���*"���"'���' ** '*,.'*.��� Itrot. .���, m
<-^^*i��lc��Borti��tb.ln. lo Kim ol cam-
~ I
Lock, Hiii-ii rib lttn     .v. r Hcs.mi.
Us th. Hob tb, I bl,f t-omsttlmloat, ol _��ns!. iai
*,tri'J��'-fT'7:*':""'to,"'!.''""' '���*" Wl"��lat
7,.   ..' ���; * -* *    -.������'��� ������!��� i.-.. 11.111 *t,
1 ������.?. i,   JT*'   ""*���* *"*' * rh.l.i��. lheni.
, oonb 0 , bi:,.,   :i.,n�� ,1.1 �� rh.lb, th,ncr
���_ SSI "-���'"* "' ��o<��n   ..,. to -uotnt ol
Uril��l M.. <tb T. M. Sn.tr.
Suit st.,. tmt i.t, i inwnsj to .ptji t. ,-_,
Hon   Chit} Oo*_sml>��looei ol Ulssji ��t,.'*�����.,,
lo: iwnaisujon lo j.urt_iiie tb, lolswwin, d,.
K-dbed unsl jn Ut.1 hoolemy sSwlnsi    l:���n.
mmmm t, . ,*m m.-t^S A t   & , :_r,nb��t-,i
norner mm. -uaaibf tt tb.ini nnillj ,.oar
lb, sxsnnslirTof 7lnb,. .     ���   . \    .....   .   *
K,oiberij Ks cbiint. Ustno, mmur,. isi'thiis,
tbtnts, northtri-i ix thism *if.&| tb, C p k'
tru s lo tb, riic ol fsottEtnM-ibK-sl. malini-M
two hnndred m-rta. mort or jtw
Ukiim thii hb di, ol It... llie:.
       A. u Sr,B. LnMtor.
sutratri tamtam , intrea to �����*���*, to th*
Bon ehiticwr-nlMiaii t.| U��_, -_7��o,t,*
llissl. ..-K'tosnt sot ���::,.��   um .:,  ..��� _,,T.
mta: tSmmmmm_*_ ��t . j.��, ,..._,__ _.'��,
Eiyns"!*! l-i fort,?. ;rUi,.?,._' &
north isott Ui, ibw. uuw MttLuasiS!.
lb,n�� Jithilatiotiu, ib-n�� *,u*j����-eSTv
jJMt oi hepnnlb,. mini l|�� ��� SSS IS or
Ami u. txn, Ercre i.n,.
n'W^fy.***^** J ""Hu ��*-Wl io th,
Hon. (btti CMslmsmB i. UaataiwJI.
'.*.-.-,i,t   >,:  ��s-s���: ,!_*;���_, .1, ,Z-
^'Z-U. ���������:-':.:.;".   ;;; '*��� ���
SSMS.^-*lh""' <"'��� * ;-*'*����� hS
iamtaMi���umm,mL      g A lmn
ft A Ztcsi  (,,-; ^
6litj dir, ilitr dil, 1 l"it��'_Sl,
Bon. CbleA'oamlMiour <������ ST__S
Vlrtorl*. B C. to pureh-ut IV J____\
���rMbed Imd. .tinned In M*Mm**B
I  trln     I'nbmtn-tnl 11   ��� J*MJ_"___
��� wm nit ot Kocurn.-f late, "Sll
polnl. ind mir-steJ J   XsklnoM'' '
poll.  Ibenw weM �� rbill.  ""n,:JT_.
riis.lt,. ibi-nct oiil tn th.in ai-.,": ,M
��� hot,. lb,..<�� -^onf l.*r �����*�� " l��""a
menoement ^^McW-f
"7*i"tj dny, nier diTTlTnleii-J \___M
Hon the (."hlel I'ssimi"*'*'" ?ZSM
Work, io prnvhtar the fo��u*'"t'*?t3e
lasaud la>li<V��:lrr dlitrlM. "I **',_1
��� c. ��� ���*:  ,:., ll 1 poll plia'ed "'" "j, 1
ol John  Bin��* pit^niplls-is   l__l*,_
���ontb. thenoe to rhum �������>_______M
....,,i   .,..__._-srs,.sn.rlil Is* Fs.'**���7*J
J   1   KILIT.*(*|
r-Jf f*J!' *"" 6*" ' l��������d to ipplr lo th, Hon.
Chit! (ommismoner ol Lind. inj Wwta, \ ir.
lon. tt,pntrbi��e 1�� lens, ol und in Plr, Viller
" ��I koo-*n��; d Jtrirl. ind dr.rrlt.td it lolloni:
j laaMmiat M i po" mirked w H wnaht'i
* 1- mner. ind rnnhtsi 0 irth an rh.ini. theno,
srwtis rbiia,. tbence "onth *' rhun,. tb,ni>
tMtaithilD.topiiet ol btcinntnt. ind b.in,
the ��e.l ow-hill ol the JC. H qutritr ol iswnon
�� ind ii, .mt bill ol (b, s ��. one-in.rter ol
s^< Hon �� In To��n,hlp Tl o. I. c""~""'n" ���
Mirth ��tb.l-w; m. H. Wucht.
toutb. tbenoe w rlmni *���"
north. thence ����� chitn,eul m
u ... ,-7 ���""*��<������ Iniend w ipplr u tht
Hon chief! oamusuoner ol Landi tnsl Kork,
to purrhM. (X> ,. ���., ol lind In Fire Viller, Wm,
Kooltn.r dLirlrl ind dete rll^d tl loslowi-
l .-.mmenclnf it ��� po��t tn.rktd J. tt; 8. E
"���'Z Vs naal*t n-nb Ms ch.ln.. llstnoe
��<stt��.,h��loi. ibtnot K.mb n ebiln., tbence
tut tdchilatio Mart ol be��innj_t. ind s..:.*
Is, ���<-..   cnt-L.fl  ,1   lb.   ��   t   s.��'VJ.,l��� .;,.?
Ibe tin <.::,-...,, i ol Ibt ? �� ont-unai'ter, ind
th, �����t ont hill ol the N.E one-ouirier. ��nd
the ti��i ant-hill ol lhe N. W. ,-.���_. :,.,,.. ���l
ntc-llo_��i, lownssshlpTl.t; l '
Mirth tfitb. law. jog, Exjb,.
Notice ii btrtby ri'tn ll.n ki iIits ilwr ditt I
intend to tfmt. io ihe Hon Chlel Comminiontr
.1 ,n,*rl 9* "oikilor i^rtnliwlors to purcbiws
lbe lollcirlnit dt��trll��d lindi illuile in W��t
KMaMV dmrltt: Com-ostnclti-c it i p����ii nsirk-
td l. L. Porlef, a. W. corner, mine* aonth l*
cbilw. ioilovln-c lbe tulern boundary ol H.
aelou. ipplltitlon to porrb-ue; tbence r*,t 40
tbilnt: tbenoe north Bakafat] thenre well tts
thiln, io point ol :..-.~i: ���:..;,,. oonlsuisina
����� acre, more or leai. ^"
f*s*t Mtt Ulb day ol Mareh, IW.
J. L. poaraa.
SUIT dari sitter dllt I _____**}_*
ration to lie Cblrl OaaawaMaai', t_M
Work, lor nermliiion to I2��?!r.a_ll
dt-wnbtd find: Comnifniiiic sss *r___U
��� 1 Ihe ..-:::: s.-s torntr ol ��� " ��J r,|
ippllcillon to pun hire, -a*-'1***; n_ri-|.1
' ...in, r.- rannlnj Ihenoe ��� eb.itsinM"Sp
HO, bun.,-ul. Ihen.e MjSSiSS���t
i nun. wtK io polnl ol conna-""*"**"*
He f*i ��<rt��. more or let*        _
Cittsd the tth dij ol April. ��� ' K Flt��
Per F. C. riTvirliil*��J*|
61-.tr diniIttr"d^P��:K*r,K�����
e��u..t, Io Ihe HoaoraMr lh' < '-,"��� LT.
ol Und. .Bd Worku inr pt.-ni" '.'��'IJ
ibt followlna dwrrlt-ed bad.Jji^Sl
,.,.,; 11. .: At..\.: ont lis i  -'���''    _^x_\
ti*. i Tsp Mat, on Wk-aiatoa "t,-.^tSt
liecrmk m.rkod "F MVB H'l M "JW
met thence �� thnn. well to.w ��� " ^f
byf L Han-aoad.ai iiteni.   !'""ud
norlb. thenct WMinn, csul   m_*_TK_<t
tomb  lo pomi ol tso-anncnstme'-''-
tto term. mot. or M%       , ,__ J
Paled thefth ,!���> ol April m (. g,oill
p,rF ii  t.v**i��s___t}
Suit d.r�� antrdattlia'"-"-1''*.?-,-!.*
Hon Chlel fcnamteioatr *t _____mM
lopurrhi-��i��Oat!��aol U��d "SahmtT
ilde ol Arro. ,.k,* ibout"" P!!,., s-i,
C<,smin,-niint .li potl plifte'.-*\;,,�� ^
o!Lfi<:.in,*l marked N��� ' " "J*. lt ��#
runnln-c rii.l ����� clil-��."-'n".,1..[ (*
Ihtntt ��e��s ,. .hut;,. !����"<* ,,S wtb
Ihtnct wctl fcs chalsoi, Iht *��* n"[1
pilot of -Mylnnl"! __, -irT' ,
Eutlon, April ��rd. **!���������   K��,;u_lM \
���BHHiiLSaej^aaeii rospectors
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|e BACON We Sell
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Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
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L Burns & Co.. Ltd.
glten that SK) daya atter date I
i ihe Honorable llie t'mo! Com-
|l 'Uimi* and Worku for a special
id carry nwtiy timber from the
fcifrlbod lamls Hi West Kootenay il...
i iiiniDUtii'lni at a poit planted
sunk tit  Blmberry  creek, about
it,.- ', ..k fr--ut ratlway trai k,
ut eait, tbaotH ���*���" ���ii-m- nouth,
iweal, tlu-nce 40 cbaina north,
14,-t. thenot 40 chaiua north lo
l siii'-u'-itu,* ��t a poat planted
��� iraerol l>K;atlon No 1,thenue
lbence 80 ehalna north, tbonce
���. in*.* M ebalns aoutb, lbence 80
im lit chalna aoulh to pniut of
1 r��>m inenelng *t a post planted
t of northeast eoruer of Local lou
loihttltm nouth, thence 1.U chains
i ftialni tiorlb, lbence to chaini
i itiMjn* aouth tbenee 80 cbaina
if i'otn meneement.
lereby given that 30 daya atler date 1
���>ii!> to the llouorable the Cblef Com*
I ��� :   ��� ������  "ni Work*, Victoria, for a
.tv away timber
jk deaerlbod land lu the dlitrlel
t a [Mint n ho tit acven mllei from
nm it creek, in a -weaterly direc-
M Hen ti > '���*- nortneaal corner
cbaina wen, ihcnce +i chaiua
i chalm went, thence 4ti chain*
f cliaiun eait, thence 4" chaiua
cbaini eait, thence 40 chains
' ���iiiiineticeinenl.
h, 1%7.
0. M   I'.knsv , Locator,
Aunts (,'iiBBtf, Ageni.
en that ;�� daya alter aale
llniMtrnble the Chief Com*
< nnd  Work*   for   a   apeclal
carry  away Umber from the
land* situated on lhe weat
���k **h.*.*j) ' titS Valley:   Commencing
a ��n��l n half  miles north of tbe luter-
Hiiiiidary lm>- and aboul one aud a
ren ul ttie Nelaon aud Fori Hheppard
mpanj'i land urarit In tbe district of
ommenclng  at * poit planted   two
^        Hiii  -i .-.*[i i reck, known aa  the
enrner pott, Joining J. K. Cranaton'i
timing 00 chain*  north,
jctnini east, thenoo 80 chaini aoutb,
���reit in ;nl cominencemenl.
IMarch list, U0I
���ommenclui Hi . poit plaulcil at the
I corner f i.- nii.-n No. I, kuown aa the
" cornerpofto/JocaUOttilo.8, claiming
oath, ili'-in-i mi rhalni east, then c 80
rth, tbence ���**' ���h��ln* west to point of
mh Jilt, 1907.
nnicn*"iii*< ai ra poet placed ball a
iin'ailoii Nu. 2, known aa tbe south-
���Ulmin,   -Hu chalna uorth, thenco Ml
at, tbence *j chalna south, tbence mi
noiiil W eommanoament.
J.}'. Swaim-cM, Locator.
K T. KmiaiJtKJKM, Agent.
nivcu timt :w daya after date
���I] W ihu Hon. Chief Commission*
ad Worka for a apeclal lleenae lo
sway timber irom the following
a in li <���:tutted on the west aide of Big
eek \ alley, commencing about 4', mllei
the 'ri'.riiatlonal boundary line, aud
ii mill weat of Big Hbeep creek lu tbe
f*A.*t Kootenay:
nanoing at a poal planted about
of Hig Sheep creek, kuown ai the
er ]���..-(. claiming 80 chaiua aoutb,
i" wait, iheuce 80 chalna norm,
is eut lo polut ol commencement.
��� cueing at a post plautetl at the
er of location No. 1, known aa lhe
�����tcorner i-.-t, claiming80 chalna uortb,
JiihHliiM cam, tbence 80 chalm aonth,
!'���������'������ '���'���������-I to point of commencement.
-.������,* mn at a poit planted at the
rornerol location No 2, kuown ai the
coroer pont, claiming 80 chains north,
chaini west, tbence So cbaina aouth,
������vi'luiu, (,KMt I(, point of commencement.
"'J April laili, UK/?.
J. P, Swhdbero, **>cator,
K   T   KNURlAKtKN, Agcnt^
(Tttntwr Limit to.t.)
BU hereby given tint 80 day* after date 1
I'mmilytn ihe Honorable the Chief r0m*
P'f "I UtuiH -mi) Worka for a ipecial
1 Oi .ut and carry away Umber from the
���;���'''��� :-t laud, altuated ou Kooakanax
���fa Wait Kooteuay dlatrlct:
f��-nriii|[ at a poat planted at the north-
Jfucrol Timber Limit No W141, aud mark-
I' *-*������'* ""titliweBl corner ptutt, theuce
I?1 i'lialna. tlience eaat ��0 chalna, lbence
. thenee weal 80 chaini lo polntof
W Marcli 'At, 1907,      H, D. Lla, Locator.
(Timber Notleo No. U)
meg utii poal planted at the aouiheait
St> * limit, and at the north weat coi tier
fhieiiHo No, 102-M, theuce norlb ISO
|"��c eail 40 chains to weat line of
man No lifji*., following line of No.
��� *i i'*" .imi uh. thence rollowlng line
' wna�� No. 10046 40 chalna to poiat of
I1'-' March 9B( 1907.       H. I). l.Ei, Locator.
(limber Notice No, 4.)
11* hereby given timt BO dava afler dato I
J��"l��l'iy tothe Hon. chief CommlMloner
'" ni'l * ..Ik 1 lor a Ipeolal  liceme to cut
Hr'V away Umber from the following de-
Wi. "��"(ih, Mltiintud on  KooaktttiMn creek 111
'"Unay ilbirlct, BDd  about   five mllei
Imr Arrow Inke:
������etic|nK Rt a  ,H)llt plants  on the north
I..!!   , V,"1,ll1'""1 ���*������*�� ��� mllo from creek,
so. II. D, Lea'a lontbteat comer poat,
11,1 w chaina, tbenoe wMt80 ohalnii
��*ih wi rhiijura. thence eait Ml cbaiui to
|��a Mareh 81, vm,      H D L��a, Locator.
., (Umber Notlco No. 5.)
J^'tieliiK a, H pom marked II. O. U#*
��� .m t orner pnat, thence north 80 chain*,
P ri.-t'"','l"aIl'ieo( No 4 location, tbeuce
;��"i, lbence loutb 80 chain*-, theuco
Had M.. 1' l.'',ll,,t ol eommeneemenl.
r     M"on 31' WW.      H. D Laa, Ixicator.
(Timber Limit No. li.)
I  nun-f . y Rlvi'n Hurt alxty dayi after
CoS. 1 ' *M*7   lo th��  Honorable lhe
nffiS1?0" 0'Unda and Worki for a
Ithelfll 1,��/" l'ut *11'1  ttm ��way timber
ftiiu ii;jinA;��.��orlbedlMd,$rwaW|5oat
'���being at._
nper Arrow lake on Rons
Kootenav all riot:
1 *) poat planted and marked H
"hi corner poil,  thonce Mil BO
���i.thoiTfi" ,1,"".h m '"balm, thenee weit �����
|��uieiit ln Wohnlna to point ol uom-
llte"> Match 31 ,om       H. D. L��a, Ucator,
aroh Rl.i-gm.
l*'* imn ,. .,l ,,,lsl Henteii and marked II.
���R loUowini\g0tniB'! P"ii. tlienoe aonth 8(
IhswniK ,nc "Wl IIU ol No,6 limit,
---      ., .   ,, 1      tuiu    Ul     11J|U     Illllll,
,'">"����, thenee north B0 ehalni,
:,1|i�� to poini ol commencement.
W.     H.D.Lia, Locitor,
]���� hereby"
tV'y I''*hV'[!(n Lor r "Pwlnl" Tlo'en'aVto'out
r**1 l��8di in W_!_VtV ,rom lhe following do-
���'" n��t Kootenay dutridti
'liven that ��') days rrom dato
 Hon Chief coinmiiiloncr
-Sot ,1 "u * I p'",t P|Btl1*'"1 9��*i north
bank of lo Mile creek, about one mile and a half
imm Hloean lake, marked E Htrand'i northweat
corner poit, thence eaat l(to chalui, thence iouth
I Mmi on, thence weit IW chalm, thence north
40 ebalna lo polut of commencement.
I>ated tbla D|t day of .March  1*7.
 k. htkand. Locator.
Notice |B hereby R|ven tbat 30 <laya alter dale I
Inteud to appli io t|���. Hon. lbe Chief lomrala-
iloncr of Lauda and Worki, at Victoria, for a
ipecial lleenie to cut and carry a*ay timber
from  the following described landa in Vale dla-
No. 1.���Commencing al a poat planted about 10
ehaiiia eait of main Kettle river aud about one
mile more or leia north of C. F K- Block No.
i��37, and marked Bouudary Lumber Co'i H. K,
corner poll No. 1, ihence 80 ehalna n Tth, thence
10ebalni weal, thence** cbaina aouth, tlience 80
chalm eaat to the point of comaaucement.
Uated Mar; h Wna, 1907. ^^v
N��. 2.���'ommeuclng at a poat planted about 10
chalna eaat ol main Kettle river abont 80 chnlna
north of Boundary Lumber Co'a Location No. 1,
aud maraed Boundary Lumber Co'a 8. k. eorner
[-oil No. 2, theuce 80 chalm north, ihenee 80
ehaim weit, thence 80 chaloi aoutb, thence 90
chalm east to the point uf commencement.
Dated 22nd March, 19U7.
No. 8.��� Commencing at a poat planted about 80
ehaim eaat of main Kettle riverand about 80
chains north of Boundary Lumber Co'i location
poat No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i
rt. K. eorner poit No. 8, thence 80 cbaina nartb,
thence 80 cbaiui west, tbenee 80 chaina aoulh,
lbence 80 cbalm eaat to tha point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No. 4.���Commencing at a poit planted about
10 chain* eaat of the main Kettle river and about
Webains north of Boundary Lumber Co'a location post No. 8, aud marked Boundary Lumber
(.o'a H. K. corner post No 4, tbenee 80 chalna
nortb, tbenee Wi cbaina weat, thence w chaina
aoutb, thenee si; cbalm eaat lo tbe polut ofcom-
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No tt.���Horn mencing at a post planted nbout
lb tbalm eaat of main Kettle river and about
two milea north, more or leaa, of Boundary Lumber > o'a Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Oo'i H K. corner poat No 6, thenee W
chains north, theuee HO chains weil, ihence 80
chatni iouth. tbence80 cbaini taat to the point
of commencement.
Dated March .'-'inl, 190*7.
No. 6.���Commencing at a poat planted ahout 25
cbalm eait uf main kettle river on Q V. H. tine
bloca No. 2714. and about 80 cbaini north of
Boundary Lumber ' n'**- Ineaimn p��M >>i. ft, ami
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. K. corner poat
No. 6, thence so ebalni north, following C. P R.
line block Nu TM, thence HO ehalna weal, tbence
HO chaini aouth. thence 80 cbalm eait to tbe
polut of commencement.
Dated Marcli xSrd. I'.'-T.
No. 7.���Commencing at a poat planted about
15 chaina weat of the main Kettle river on C P.K.
line bj vi. No 2714, and nbout 80 chaina north of
Bouudary lumber Co'i location poit No. 0, and
matked Boundary Lumber Co'a 8 K. corner pull
No. 7, tbence 100 chaina north, following C. ['. H.
line bin* k No. 2714, thence 40chaim weit, tbenoe
160 ahalni aoutb, Ibenee 40 cbaina eait to the
point of commencement.
Dated March 2ard, 19U7.
No. 8 ���Commencing al a po��t planted about
20chatm weat from river bank aud aboul 3 milea
mutb, more er leu. of tbe laat eaat branch of tba
ea-t fork of the mnlu Kettle river or about 18
mllei north, more or leai, of f. 1'. K. Itloek No.
2714, on eaat fork of Kettle river, marked Bouudary Lumber ('o'a N, W. comer poit No 8, thenee
80 chalna eaat, tbence 80 cbaina aoutb, thence 80
ebalni weat, tb -nceBO chains north lo lbe point
of commencement,
Daied March 25th, 18C7.
No. >.��� commencing at a poit planted ahout
20 chaini weit from river bank, on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chaini aoutb of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poit No 8, and
marked Boundary lumber Co'i N. W. corner
poat No. 9, thence 80 cbalm eaal, thenc 80 chalna
aouth, thence SO cbalm weat, ihenco HO chalna
uortb to tbe point of commencement.
Dated March inh, 1907.
No. 10��� Commencing at a poat planted about
20 ebalna weat from river hank on the eait fork
of Kettle river, and aboul 80 chalm aouth of
Houndary LumberCo'i location poat No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner
poal No. 10, tbence 80 cbalm eaat, theuce 80
chatm iouth, tbeuce 80 chatni weit. tbence 80
chains north to the polut of commencement.
Dated Mareh 25th, 1907.
No. ll.���Commenelng at a poat planted about
15 chalna weat from river bank on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 cbaini iouth ol
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poat No. 10, aod
marked Boundary LuinberCu'i N. VV. oorner poit
No 11, theneo 80 cbaini eait. tbence W chalm
iouth, tnence 88 chalna weat, tbence 80 chalai
nortb to tbe point ol commencement.
Dated March 2flth, 1907.
No. 12.���Commencing at a poit planted about 12
chalm weat from rlvur bank in tbe eaat fork of
Ke ii.* rher, and about 80 chalm iouth of
Boundary LumberCo'i location poit No. 11, and
in 111 bed Boundary Lumber Co'i N. VY. rorher
iio-t No. i'i. tbonce 80 cbalm eait, theneo 80
ebalm moth, theuce 80 chalna weat, thenee 80
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March H6th, 1M7.
No. 13.���Commeuelng at a poat planted about
12 ehaim weit from river bank on the cast fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 cbaina houth of
I but 11 dm y Lumber Co'a location poit No. 12, and
marked  Boundary Lumber Co'i N   W. corner
II m -mi i;t. theuee 80 cbaina oaat, Ihcnce no
cbaltu aoulh, thenco 80 chalna weat, theuce 80
chain* north to thu point of eommeneement.
Dated March 25th, 1807.
No 14,���Commeneing at a poit planted about
10 ehaln�� w- at from river bank on tho eait fork
of keltl" river, and nbout 80 t halui aouth of
BoiiudHrv Lumlier Co'i location poil No 13, and
marked houiHary LumberCo'i N W. corner poit
No 14 thenee 8b chnim enat, thence 80 chalm
iouth' theuce 80 ehaim weit, thenee 80 chalm
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March i.th, l��n.
No. lft.-Conimencing al a poll planted about
10 cbaini weil irom river bank on tbo eait lork
of Ketlle river, and about 80 chaina aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i poat No lV��^Mf����
Boundnry LumberCo'a;*-. W corner put No. 15,
I,,.,,.,. ��0 �����!����� l,aM' tDW0S 8-;ehaim aouth,
tSenoeJQ ohalni WMt, tbenco 80 chains north to
iwiill of eommeneement.
rated Mnrch 25th, WW.
No 16.-Commonclng Ht a post planted about
8 ebalna west from river brink on the call lork ot
Ketlle river, and about M ehain* aoutb of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location pnit o. 1ft. and
narked floumlary LumberCo'i N. tt , -ftgWfg!
No 16. tl'enee so chalna eaat, thence HO cha *
aouth, lbence Hi cbaini weat. thenee 80 ebalni
norih'to the polnl ol commencement.
Dated Marcli 25111,1907.
No 17.-Commencing al a pMl planted about
5ehal.ii weit Iron, river banjtopl&j ��UtJpft
of Kettle river, and about 80 ebalni iouth of
Houndnrv Lumber Co'i twMIolJ wet No. 16, an-
marked Itoundary Lumber Coi N.w. eorner
non   No.17,   tbence  80  ebnini  enit, tbence 80
Sbalni wufo tbenee mi obaloi w��& $ffl*m
cl a "1 ""rth to tbo point of commencement.
Dated March 25lb, 1907.
No. i8.--Commeneing ata poit P&**fCS
6 chaini weat of ihe river bank on |ta "jMm
of Keltic liver and nbout 80 cbaiui "omn 01
mmndarv  Lumber Co'i   JJgKuH finS
l aim iouth, thenee 80 chain* wOjj�� m
oSalDI tutrlh to tbo point o- 00WUg��M(<
Dated Marchmb;ffirBouo^^��;rUo.
The Daily Canadian
Provisional  Programme  Drawn   Up  by
Sports Committee���Water Carnival a Feature.
The subcommittee on Bportt for the
Dominion Day celebration held lta Becond meelng la��t night ln O. P. Well'8 office. The following membera were
preient: W. R. McLean, O. P. Wells, R.
G. Webb, F. A. Starkey, H. Wright, A.
T. Walley, A. Thomas, T. Deasy, W. A.
A provisional programme was drnfted
as  follows:
Monday, July 1���Morning grand pa-
radej children's und Caledonian BporU;
]Kiriy races and lawn tennis; afternoon,
lacrosse und water sports; evening,
hose races on Baker street.
Tuesday morning���Junior baseball,
Kaslo vs. Nelson and cricket match;
afternoon, football and lacrosse matches, lawn tennis; evening, water carnival,, grand Illumination and fireworks.
Other sports will be included if the
number of entries received warrants
the    necessary    expenditure.      Among
Nelion Land Dlatrlct. I>litrlctof WeitKnotonar.
No. 1 ���lake notice that Geowe A. Laurie, of
Creiton, B. C, lumberman, lnlendi loapply for
a apeclal timber licence over tbe following deicrlbed landi:
Commencing at a poit planted about one mile
���outb of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on Inonakl ln creek, tbence north 80 cbaina,
tbence eaat 00 chalna, thence aoulh 80 cbaini,
tbence weit 80 chalm to tbe point of commencement nu-l continuing 610 acrei, more or leai.
Miy lat, 1907. Uio A. LlDllR.
Nelaon Land Dtalrlct. Diitrict of Weit Kootenay.
No. 2 ���Take notice tbat (ieorge A Laurie, ol
Creiton, B. 0., lumberman, intend to apply lor a
ipeclal timber licence over the following deacrlbed landi:
Commencing at a poit planted about one mil*
���outh of tbe Lick cabin, on tbe Lick cabin trail,
on Inonakha creek, tbenoe aouth 80 cbaina,
tbence eaat 00 cbaini, tbenoe north 00 chalna,
lbence weat ���*)chnin*- to the point el oommencement and coutalniDK I'M aorea, moro or leai.
May lat, 1907. Geo. A. Lacaia.
Nelaon Land Dlatrlct   Dlatrlct of Weat Kootenay.
No. S.-Take notice that W. H. Page, of Flre
Valley, B. C, crulaer, iniendi to apply for a
ipeclal timber licence ovei the following deacrlbed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about one mile
���outb of the Lick cabin, on tbe Lick cabin trail,
on Inonaklin creek, thence aoutb Hu chalna,
lbence weal 80 chalui, lbence norlh 80 ehaim,
tbenee eait 80 cbaina to the point of commenoement aud containing 040 acrei, more or lesc
May lit, 19OT. W. H. l'aoi, Locator.
Gao. a. Lauris, Agent.
Nelion Land Diitrict. Dlitrlctof Weat Kootenay.
No. 4. - Take notice tbat W. H. I'age, 01 Flre
Valley, B.C., crulaer, intend! toapoly for a special
timber licence over tbe following described
Commencing at a poat planted about one ml e
���outb ol tbe Lick cabin, on tho Lick cabin trail,
on inonaklin creek, thence nortb 00 cbaina,
tbence weit 80 chaini, lbence iouth 80 cbalni,
thence eaal 80 ebalna io the point of commencement and containing 640 aen tt. more or leaa.
May Ut, 1907 W. H. Vane, Locator.
G10. A LattBia, Agent.
Nelaon Und District. Dlatrlct of Weat Kootenay.
No. .*>���Take notice that George A. Laurie, of
Creiton. B.0 .lumburiuan, talents toapply for a
special timber license over tbe following described landa:
Commencing at a poit planted about one mile
iouth and one mile woit, ofthe Lick cabin, on
the Llek Cabin trail, on inonaklin creek, theuce
west 80 chains, tbence north 80 chains, tbence
eaatSi.cbalus, thence soutb ��0cbaini tothe point
nf commencomentand containing M0acres, more
or less.
May Ut, 1-W7. Geo. A. Laurik.
Nelion land District. District of Weit Kootenay.
No.��.���Take notice that <?eorge A. Laurie, of
Creiton. It. (,'., lumberman, intends to apply for
a apeclal timber license over tbe following described landa:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
soutb and one mile weit of the Lick caoln, on
the Lick Cabin trail, on luonaklln creek, thence
weat 80 chains, ihence iouth 80 cbalni, tbenco
east 80 chains, thence north. 80 chains, to the
point of commencement and containing 610
acres, mure or less.
May l>t, 1907. Glo. A. Lai'RlR.
Nelson land Diitrict. District ufWest Kootenay.
No. 7.���Take notice tbat George A. Laurie, of
t'reaton, B. C, lumberman, intends toapply for
a special timber license over the following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted about one
quarter of a mile In an easterly direction from
Lick cabin, on Inonaklin creek, thenre aoutb 40
chaini, thence eaal 160 chalna, tbence north 40
chaini, theuee west 160 cbaina to tbe point of
commencement and contalnlni; aiu acres, more
or less.
May 1st, I9M7. Gno. A. LaraiB.
Notice la bereby givon thai au dayi alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Landa and Worki, Victoria,
for permission to cut and carry away timber
from the lollowlng deaorlbed lands, in Weit
Kootenay :
No. 1.���Commencing at a post planted on the
southwest corner of surveyed lot No. 72*1 Gl,
thence cast 40 chains, th��uce nortb 80 chains,
thence eaat to the aoutheaat eorner of aald lot,
thenco north to the nortbanat corner of aald lot,
thence cast to tbe west boundary of pre emption
No. 69J, thence south to the north boundary of
timber licence No. 8M8, thence west along ibe
said boundary to tbe nortbweit cornei of nld
licenae, ihence south to tbe north boundary of
timber llcinse No. 7018, tbence west to a point
due south of commencement, tbence north to
place of commencement, coutaiuing 640 acres,
more or leaa
Dated May i'.th, 1907.
P. A. Paiilsoh, Locator.
J. A. Sn u.l van. Agent.
No. 2 -Commencing at a post plauted at the
southweit corner of surveyed lot No. TUMI.
thenco south to the northern boundary of timber license No. 7018, thence west to tbe northwest eorm-r of mid timber Unenio, thonoe aoutb
to the northern boundary of lot No, 8'2, thence
following raid boundary of said lot west to lbe
right of way of the It. 0, Houthern KhIIwhv,
tbence following aald rlgbt-of way ln a northeasterly direellon to place of commencement.
Hated May i'.th, 1907.
P  A  1'Ai't.aoN, Locator.
J. A. Hru.ivAN, Agent.
Notice ls hereby givon tbat thirty daya atter
date I Intend to apply to tbe Honorable tbe Cblef
Commissioner of Landi aud Works, Victoria, for
Krinlssl-in to cut and earry away tliubor from
e following deserlbed lands: Commencing at
a post marked No. 1, B. Kiotix, and planted at
the northeast cornet of Lot 8638 C. P K. block,
near the weat fork of Kottlo river, Yale district
B.C. tbence running NO cluilns east, 80 chatni
south 80chains west,80chatni nortb to polntof
Dated April 27th, 1007.
No. 2.���Commencing at the northeast oorner of
No. 1, thenoe running east 80 chalm, thence
south 80 chains, thence weat 80 ehalns, thenoe
north no ehaim to point of commenoement.
Dated April 27,1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a point about one balf
mllo west of lbe northeast oorner of C V. It.
MWick No, MM, tbenco running north 80 chaina,
thence west 80 ohalna, t.henco south 80 chains,
thenoe cast 81) chains to point nf commencement.
Dated April 29th, 1907.
No 4��� Commencing at the norlbeaat comer
of No. 8, tbenee ruuning north 80 chains, thence
went 80 chalna, iheuce south SO chains, tbence
eait 80 ebalna to point ol ootninoncetnent.
Dated April 29th, 1907
No fi Commencing at a post planted north of
Conkllng creek, near weat line of C, V, K. Hlock
No. 2704, thence running went ho cbains, tbenoe
south 80 chaina, thence eaai 80 cbalm, tbenoe
north 80 ebalm to point of oominoH'-<>ment.
Dated May lit, 1W7. Jt, Riot t, Looator.
them are: Rock-drilling, log-chopping,
Trap-shooting contests will be held
under the auspices of the Neluon Gun
It has since developed that is ls very
doubtful if arrangements can be made
for an association football match.
A special feature will be made of the
water carnival, for which Nelson has
unique advantages among all tbe cities
of the province, and which will be an
admirable method of advertising the
city's scenic and climatic attractions.
It will be remembered that in the celebration of Dominion Day in 1899, one of
the beBt ever held, the water carnival
under the direction of H. B, Thomson,
wub unanimously admitted to be the
star attraction.
Contract   Let   for   Continuing   Shaft-
Grand  Forks Newt.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, June 4.���At a meeting
of the shareholders of the Little Bertha
Consolidated Gold Mining company just
here Ib was unanimously decided to let
another contract for the continuation of
the shaft sunk on that property. At
this meeting it was also stated that
through the energy of Mr. F. H. Knight,
the general manager of the company,
Nebraska capital from the city of
Omaha, has recently been interested In
the property to the extent of some $30,-
000. It was therefore decided to invest
this amount of money in developing the
property and building a tramway. It
is also stated that a cyanide plant will
be erected as soon as matters are In
readiness. The Little Bertha property
is situated on the line of the Kettle Valley railway, some 12 miles up the North
Fork river from Grand ForkB.
Last Friday evening the well-known
Club saloon went out of business for
good, which the was the result of a deal
whereby a syndicate of local hotel men
have purchased the license and good
will of the proprietors of the Club sa
Awarded on Foul.
New York, June 4.���In a most unsatls-
factor 10-round bout, Harry Harris of
Chicago, defeated Tommy Murphy, "The
Pride of Harlem," in the eighth round
on a foul, before the National Sporting
Club at Lyric Hall last night Murphy
was disqualified for using his head
while in a clinch. Whether the foul
was Intentional or hot, the spectators
could not decide, but Referee White declared It was and made the announcement from the ring.
Americans Beat British.
London, June 4.���In a boxing carnival
at the National Sporting Club tonight
Sam Langford and Sammy McVey,
Americans, easily got the better of
their British opponents. Langford
knocked out Jeff Thorn in the first
round, and McVey put away Ben Maylar
in the third round. Jim DriBColl defeated Joe Bowder, the bantamweight
fighter In the 17th round.
Poaching Sealer Seized.
ttSear York, June 4.���A despatch from
Washington says: "It was reported last
night that a British sealing vessel has
been captured by the United States
revenue cutter ThetiB In the Behrlng
Sea while poaching. Capt. Ross, chief
of the revenue cutter service, was seen
at midnight, but declined to discuss the
A. H. Cap. Bm. C. B.
Mining WitrR ��� Vpaclalty.
Offlce: Healey BWilding,   P. O. Box 434
Bakar it. N (\tSON. B. C.
" sm
F. C GREEK      F.
Civil Engineers, I^'toiion and British
Columbia Li,*.1" Surveyors
F.O. BoxHSe'-WaKMIB.
Notlca tt her.by *l.t'f iai (.WiigeSooraeoli
hai matlo applleatloa���f 'tsr t. to provjaion* ot
Ibe "Liquor Lleenie \ . 1U0," fa fa hotel llceuce
tor the premlHH wht? *\ proiia.es! toereet at
('recent Valley, aaos . o ml laa northweit ol
Hloean Junction.       s6 r- I
Thc application wUlvJoullldl mi at the roRU-
lar meeting ol the Hor"" ."Lls-w in commlmlon.
en, at the Court Hon Jtt Nal nan, nn tbe 16th
ilay of June, 1X17, al th=E��r of eliana o'clock ln
the forenoon. i.o _ ___
tliat May, IW. CM Lice ����a Inspector.
���=*==���=arn *= _-__���____!���_=
In the matter of an application I or the lasue of
a duplicate ot the Certificate, of Tula lor Ustall
ansl IJ, Block sl. Town of mlvssn.ui (Hap Kit);
tho aouth ,_ of Lots, Block 6.'lown of New Den-
ver-and Lot 1, Block il and lot *. Block H,
Mcdilllvray'. Addition to *w Denver (Map MI);
Notice li hereby liven tbat It la isiy Intention
to time at th. expiration of.one mo nth from tbe
tho flrat publication herflof slupllcatoi of the
Cortttlssalci of Title to the above slc-rltsct Unda
tn the name of Henry Hherau ansl 1U-t>* Bharali,
whlssbl'ertlllcatcN are dated tha 17th: t une, MM,
thc ith ot October, IWI, tha Mrd July, tw.. and
Iho 19th January, tWB, respectively, aud are
numberesl *.*ss->IK, IsslllA, ItK and MBK, napec-
"V�� ' H. If. MadUOD,
Dlitrlot Hffillrar
Land Reglatry Office, Nc|iou, B.C
The Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Bakar street, Kelion. B. 0,
Lighted br Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroomi aud Flrat-
claaimalng Boom.  Mmple Koomi Ior Comiuei-
sslal  H.n.
���BB. I. C.OLARKK. ProprletreH
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and r-afur-
nlahed. Rooma 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout - with hot
water. ���
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
Ud Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
European and Anerloaa Plan
Maali 26 eta. Boomi trom 36 cu. to U-
Only While Halp Employed.
Baker St.. Nelaoa Proprlaton
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DoBsu-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The 3.r la tha Itnaat.
Whlta Balp Only Imploy-ad.
Jocepblne Bt
Kelaon. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and 11.50 t. Day.
8peoial Rates to Regular Boarders.
Moit oomlortable siuarten ln Nelaon
Only the belt of Liquor, and Clgan.
Aa McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu staple and fancy Groceries
Batter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addreued to tbe -undersigned, at his
ofllce, in the Court House, In the City of Nelson,
wilLbe received up to tbe hour ot live o'clock,
In tne afternoon, of Friday, June 28th, 1907. for
tbe nuichase ol the "Tamarae Mineral Claim,"
Lot 8802, Group 1, Kootenay district, wblch is
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
���ale, held ln tbe city of Nelson, on the tith day ol
November, 1W6, for delinquent taxes up till
June 3oth. 1906, and costs.
The upset price upon the Haiti mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which have aiucu accrued, costs of advertising, and fee for Crown Urant (|_tt.00) Is fltt.M,
which is the least amount that will be considered as * tender.
Kach tender roust be accompanied by an ao
cepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable lo lbe order of the Deputy Comnilsslou>
er of Landsand Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 'i��th day of May,
Government Agent. Nelson, B.C.
Notice ls hereby given tbat tbe Wattsburg
Lumber company haa applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor in council, uuder tho provisions ol the "Klvers nnd Htreams Act," for the
right to improve Rykerts ereek. in the district of
Weat Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the hanks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides aud cbutea.and make such other Improve-
mentH as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of loss and the IIliming of timber theruon
The lnnds to be affected are govertnen t landa and
Lots 251 and 'iiii. Group 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, if any,
are such as may bellxed by a judgoof the county
oourt of West Kootenay.
Dated this 37th day of March, A. D. 1907.
I have juat returned to Nelaon and
have opened up at the aame old etand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
We Have Two Very Desirable
Victoria Street Residences
For Sale
Brydges, Blakernore & CameronJLtd.
TWO LOTS AND 8-ROOMED HOUSE, 40x22, baeement and flrat
atory brick and atone. Hume Addition. Price 12,500. Term,
one-third eaeh, balance on time.   Apply
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Pratt Lands la
BrtUah Cofaunrau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C. f
Nelson, Situated to Fattvtew, Close to the Cat Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and flrat-clau cellar. Complete water ayatem. 10 lota under cultivation and' planted In large, bearing fruit treea.   Thle la a anap.   For particular, apply to
Secure Your Own Home
We have for sale a 5-Roomed House, bathroom, shed,
etc., Robson St., near car line. Small fruits, bearing
fruit trees. Cash $850.00, balance reasonable terms.
Good Business Block, Ward St, at an inside figure.
Furnished House to let, Hoover St.
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
ALAN BLOCK. WARD ��T. M INF*| JftOIV      Fl.  Cm.
Phonv 147.       P.O. Box 44a        *        l^��3rl-*oWl^l��    D��W��
V    ���AND���
IN THE MATTER ot the issuance of an
indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. L. Reld to Lota 2 and 3.
in Block 12, City of Nelson.
Whereas the document* hereinafter mentioned
are not in the possession of the aforesaid Howay
and Held;
And whereas production of them ls required
under the "L&na Regis try Aet";
Take notice that all or any persons having
these documents tn tholr possession or having
soy interest in the Bame are required to produce
the same to tho District Registrar of Und Titles
at Nelion, B. c, on or before the 16th day ol July,
Convoyance in Fe*, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated Sttth October, 1891.
Mortgage in fee, faora A. Gamey and A. Barrette
to M. Mclnnes and P. Burns, datad the ttth
of November, 1892.
Conveyance In  Fee .under power  of  Bale ln
Mortgage from Maftolm Mclnnis and I'. Burns
to A. H. Buchanan, dated 17th of November,
Conveyance in Fee, A. H. Huchanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated the 14th of August, 1894.
Conveyance m Fee, Bank ot Montreal, to Kose
Mary Heathcote   and Joseph   Hettherlngtcn
Bowes, dated llth November, 1896.
Conveyance ln Kee, of an undivided one-quarter
Irom Koie Mary Heathcote to Paul Johnson,
dated the 29th of December, 1890.
Dated this 29th day of May, A. D.. 1907.
H. F. MAcLhOI),
Dlatrlet Registrar of Und Titles.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivera and
Streams Act" and amendments
���AND��� \
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby Riven that 60 days after date
The Canadian Pacltlc ' imber Company, Limited.
Intends to submit tothe Honorable Chief Com-
mtesMiuor of Unds and Works a proposal under
the provisions of the "Riven and Streams Act"
and amendments thereto, for the right to improve Trout creek and Its tributaries from tbu
sources ol such creek and tributaries to the point
where llie >ame flows-into Trout lake In the District of West Kootenay, and to remove obstructions theretrom aud make the same lit for driving, storing, sorting and b v miug logs, rafts and
cratts, milt tho (liming of lumber thareon, also
for the right to collect tolls thereon.
Thc laud�� affectel are Crown lands and Ix>ta
770, 1'JM, 7WI, 772. 771 769, 762 and 190, all In
Uroup 1, West Kooteuay.
Dated thii SUth day ot May, 1907.
by their solicitor, R. M. Macdonald,
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52*50
To Winnipeg, Pott Arthur.
St. P��al MoUu sSlo-ai City
Chicago $64.00 Montraal W4.00
Toronto $78.50 81. John $04.00
St. Louis $10.00 Ottawa $12.85
Now York $100.00 Boston $85.60
Halifax $101.80
On Sole June 6th. 7th, 8th.
First Class Roond Trip, 90
Daya Limit.
Corresponding reductions trom all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.O.P. 4..Vancouver. D. P.A.. Jl.Uon
W.   O.   aiL,L,ETT
Contractor and
Sole agent for the Jwrto Hiou Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Kougb and dressed lumber, turned
work aud brackets, Coast lath and shingles, sash
and doom. Cement, brink and Ume lor nla.
Automatic grinder.
Y ard and factory: Veraoo Bt.. eut ol Hftll
P. o. Eos Ul Teiethoae IM
I    I ���ll*
The Daily Canadian
���, __��� 5J____Tthe ftn-ST, fittest -strongest bivder i.n the
kabket today we are ring makers, and yo!* are bound
to get exactly what toi" want ik the king line beING RING mKCFACTDBKBfl WE SAVE YOU MONET
Watchmaker and Optician
��� ��l-**-l
Our Stock is Complete
Here are t*= Soap Sptc-'als:
2S 31b.  BARS   HOMESTEAD  S-:.
Bell Trading Co,
Tf.i ��-.  **- i..:  :- ' . ->���>���- Ki--- T;   -*-'-_'
hMaeaaaa :r Jan*. July and a ._*���_���!
Sawialiwt   Part*    MM   wean   Fl lu
:,-��-.*;:   =    !s   ::.# Jftiterf' t'-^ioa Hall
1-! il-ove*** :-; *^tt par. 12
Ai^Ul  s**_-'. T*:srr
Cor. Vtrnon and Ward Streets,
���NELWN.   B. C
J. FRED HTMK. Proprietor.
C L Grin.::. Grsii-i F?rki: E. _V
Meddy. Vtenfe; ' rMhfcawi, J. J
'WliaJen. J. F. Murrar. YancouTer: S. E
mritaey, Winnipeg: Mr sad Mrs. De
gatt, E_ Coven. A. F. Smith. A WatsoM,
Cranbrook' A. Mc Vicar. fTluriB. G. H.
Avlward. New D?cver: N. F. Nc.WJgfc*.
Sil Tenon: G S Appleby, Montreal: G
Munroe. Creston: T, Parker. S:. John.
.f*       ^J-^C*    *-a�����*��:*'
rursiNs anis OE-tfTiso auateUj ��tw-_d
fl to. i-t'Pif
en.*. Ksnsr Hf>l>l.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to bnv or sell anything,
CO to the Old Curiosity Stop. A new
Une of Japanes. Goods now on Bale.
All Unda of Dranerware ln stock. Pat-
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 8*00
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
E L froadsdaile & &
Next Door to Bank ef Commerce.
AH Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock
Victoria St.. Nr.Ooera Houae.      Tel. 181.
A. G. Donohue, T. Scrivener. F. F.
Busteed. W. A Miller. C E. Cartwright.
S. Phipps. A. D Ayer, Vancouver; F. T
McCallum and wife, Spokane; J. C
Macfarlane. F. Clark. Montreal: P. G
Stanley. Toronto; H. S. Jones, Calgary;
G. J. Warren, Burmah.
A. H Blumenauer. New Denver; J. H
Jewitt. Wardner; F. Sterman. D. H
McGlllivray. F. McOIUivray, Fernie: J
Bennett. Creston: H. L. McMeraey, Van
couver: 0. Sproule, Custer; 0. H. Bur
den. Crawford Bay: J. Scott. Medicine
Hat; Q. K. Wark and wile. Toronto
Junction: H. ft Wood. Procter. G. W
Stead, Philadelphia.
F. Bayer. La Plata Mine: C. Cohn.
Rossland; D Downey. Langton: W. J
Daniel. J. E. Finn and wife. Slocan; W.
Coop, Fernie: M. Gillls. Gerrard, B. X.
Holmes, Grand Forks.
D. A*nderaon. T. Holllngshead. Ross
land; D. M-cCallum, Fernie; A. Mucbin-
son, Spokane.
H. Rockford.    Slocan:    J. R. Miller,
Revelstoke; T Murray, Victoria.
W. Craig Blue Bel!; B. Reid. Salmo;
J. Swanson. Hall: J. Launoa, Wentrose;
R. S. Willis. A. Stoba. J. Blrson. Cranbrook; D. Taggart. D. Dwyer. J Sia-
more. W Martin. Burton: A. Covert.
Koch's Siding.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Bniider* will find it to theur ad-
Tintaee to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm in Alberta,
will exchange for Nelton residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Baker St..  Nelaon.
B. C.
O-aaenl Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Flainj and Cleaning Stoves, -etc.
111 Eatt Baker St        Phone Ns. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
s A SVSSZ lilKL. sio-ot I, rear-i old   A-ejslr.l
|     tllrtt Klac Hotel
���*    -:::;.-. I tk-Mtaattt rnmtl ,��� ���  .,...
I     Aj.-f.1T H**bt,t Cs-fcfce
t ��������� ��� .���- __
; COOK-Hoi*. Ms  m.lltmt IB: u oat.   Fb&ae
fofauconiit.   Biker Street.
Vtm**! ttfcL  a\th fowl offi** erper.*a'.e at*At ���
App.y Boi &M.5e-l*09, B. C
rwo f]B*T^art boomb, tttam b*��i*a   sp-
r-.T ��� - a* j.- ;* ��� < ��� -* Bat. k. w. c. block.
JCTCH  OP  KE.5.    B��tars  to r^st   Long-
BRA*  CORBET. Two ������.im��  b and  a, Wnfa
'.'i��e.    For I*nce, Appij- it   J. D. Boi UM
YES,H0NEY! west-looms
Two for Kwor��Q.
Bom In Nelsca. June 5rd. to wife of
Kiroug Wing Cteng. a son-
Manager Re*ign��.
Pa:rons of spcr. in Nelson will iearn
wiUi regret th*t J. L Meighan bas resigned the .position cf secret&rr and
m4na^er of Aa As*oc:aUon Football
Baptist  Mission*.
Mrta| tie absence of Rev. E. H-
Sbants from the city. ReT. C. Padley
wi!3 occupy ihe Baptist pulpit on Sunday, June Sti. aad Rer. D. E. Halt.
M. A., superintendent of miesaons. on
June Iith. when the special collection
for home missions will be tahen up.
Bat: st  Progress.
Rev. E. H. Shanks and Mrs. Shanks
leaTe tonight for Robson. where tomorrow a bt ginning vffl t-e made c*n the
new Lapust chapel of which Rev. A. W.
Dyn_..x*��: will hate charge. Tomorrow
night they will leave for Revelstoke to
attend the meetings of the Erangelisuc
Retcvered Heavy Damages,
Arthur Dutton has been awarded
tl '��:��� catnaces in Vancouver in his
���ft against Kenny Brothers & Mitchell.
Dutton was injured severely while working 'or Kaaaay Brothers & Mitchell on
a building for which they had the con-
traci. Dutton was formerly a resident
of Rossland. In UM he ran for the
provincial legislature for Victoria.
Illicit Still.
A Japanese named Ochamara has
been arrested for illicit manufacture of
whisky on a small island in the Eraser
river near New Westminister. His still
�����as seixed by the excise authorities and
2,000 gallons of whisky dumped in the
river. Besides the liquor, which is said
to go So per cent, above proof, there
was a large quantity of rice and a flat
pale yellow bean, much resembling an
ordinary garden pea in taste. Both of
these are used in the preparation of the
liquor, but just how, the officials could
not tell.
Baptist Social.
The Conversazione in the K of P.
ball last night under the auspices of the
Baptist Ladies' Aid was a great success.
Standing room was at a premium. The
only item of the published programme
not presented was the solo of Mrs.
Briggs. who was unable to be present.
The other soloists acquitted themselves
well, as did Miss Boyes in recitation.
The Living Melodies was a novel feature aod verj' pleasing. Six vocalists
sang in turn, with only their heads visible. The musical programme was followed by refreshments, and a very
pleasant evening resulted. Tbe net
profit of the ladies' enterprise is over
T. E. Cross, Calgary, is registered at
the Hume.
G. Munroe, Creston, was in tbe city
P. J. Gleazer of Ymir, was in the city
Dr. J. B. Thorn, Winnipeg, la visiting
bis sister in Nelson.
F. W. Busteed, Vancouver, is registered at the Strathcona.
Jake Serson will leave for Frank in
the morning, where he will load a carload of machinery that is being moved
to the Blue Bell mine.
F. Robertson of Cranbrook, is in tbe
city today and will leave tomorrow
night for Summit lake, where he is establishing a lumber camp.
Mrs. W. Rutherford and daughter left
last evening for the Coast. They will
visit a sister of Mrs. Rutherford who
lives at Oayoquot. on tbe west coast
of Vancouver Island
Specials Jofoy
Strawberries per Box 25c
| Cherries per Pound 35c
! Jelly Powder per pck. 10c
All flaron including Port, Sberrr, Claret
: RCOl-riD HOl'SI. 2 lou ��1!b bearing Irsisi
tret*. ObM.valol-J Sirs--*:, 2 -floaci from KiKtlett-
.r. rent 110 00 pei inc&lb.   Two Go"<*l Kooa,
ss-���������������- <>���:. oS* - '" lb, :.--.. rtot
115 sXs p.r ������sodUi- ioj.a (.��., gtttr Street,
���VlKta. B C.
K. W. C  GDock     Pbooa 10
-������^���y,***":- ,'��� ' ��nit '������qJiHJJH'l'11 tmrnmrnmrn
Pare Ontario Strained       p^ afld  Salted MeatS
5   Ib.   TINS   11.10
California Wild Rose Honey   ��
s-D-s-srest :
3 lb. GLASS     75c
Hail orders rewrt can-.'-LL ��;>it.:r
California Wild Rose Honey   E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Ont of thc Mas* kcrj.* Lcci'josi oa
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica -ind Josephine Su.
Koot-uit Wmkta h ior Sik.
For the Office
First, Foremost and All the Time
The   pn ;- ���"���        ------   il
-��� -   ::   *::: :--.,:���:-.'
half a  :_:.;���   ti  Itkfl  ErattfM   -
���';;��� ��ttl   KelMft.
The centra] pMtftaa of about IM
acres, with buildings fruit trees, flower
gardens an lir\ze ttr.szz* thereon.
will be eo'j as a whole. leav.np an extensive lake frontage tc :b^ aorth and
south which I will offer in acre subdivisions.   For price and terms* applj
It is onr pride and aim to Iteep our
stock aa complete as possible in al] the
various iines and articles required in
tbe office.
TYPEWRITERS.    We are sole aeents
tor   tie    "EMPIRE'*    Tj-pewriier.
J125.CHJ   of   value   itakine' price of
otber higb-^rade    machines    as  a j
standards   for $60.00 ;
Papers, highest grad. in the nsar- i
ket $3.75 per box
TYPEWRITER PAPER, in special mani- I
folding paper we offer the biggest j
value lo be had anywhere.    Write j
or   phone   us for special  price   in
standard high-rra'je Ribbons. $1.00
each, $10 per dozen.
Spring���So*.. $1.5'':   lib.. $2.25 up.
Balance���Jl.oO. *5.5'j and $9.0*0.
A full assortment of Inkstands. Letter
Baskets. Waste Baskets. Files of almost
every description, etc., etc.
W. G* Thomson
SKSSSS*""1 Nelson. B.C.
Phont 3-4.
O. K.
Fine 5-room, all modern, close
in. Latimer St.,
$1,500      $300 CASH
G.  N.  R. CHAN0E8.
Notification Received  Today  by  H.  E.
Douglas,  Local Agent
H. E. Douglas, local agent of the
Great Northern Ry. Co.. has received
today the following instructions from
Seattle. Wash.. June 4th.
H. E. Douglas, .Velson.
Important changes take place In the
S. F. & N. schedule next Sunday. &th
Inst. Oroville through train leaves Spokane I'.'slo a. m; Marcus, 2:4''' p.m.;
arrives Oroville *5:30 p. m.; leaves Oro-
ville 6 a. m.: Marcus, 12:25 p. m.; Spokane, 5. pm.: Buffet parlor. Spokane to
Through train to Nelson will leave
Spokane 4:25 p. in.: Marcus. S:45 p. m :
arrives in Xelson 155 a. m Leaves
Nelson 12:36 a. m.: Marcus. 5:35 am.:
arrives In Spokane S:45 a. m. Equi[sl
ment includes bdffet'sleeping car. Particulars by maij.
Hymn Slides. ��
F X. Gillies, photographer, has made
an excellent,j*t o-Thymn slides ofr lantern usse by fcv.'I. H. *?h:.nks.
Lipton's Teas
We are In receipt of a shipment of
I Lipton's Teas direct
Half Pound Tins  No. 2   25c
One Pound Tins  No. 2  sjoj
Half Pound Tins   No. 1   30c
Ont Pound Tins  No. 1   s50c
Amoy.  China,
of the insurgent
sued an address
support the  mov
themselves for tl
���The leaders
-���Hnese forces have is-
honing the people to
lent and to confine
present to guerilla
tactics It apperfj that the attack on
the officials at Jut precipitated an outbreak against ih< | overnment the dale
filed for the up: "ng being June J4tb
)* A. IRVING 4 CO.
Telephone 181.
Jus ".rrived,
New Tork. JuAl ���The steamer C F.
Tiegen of CopelHgen. has  arrived In
Piano aad Singing Lessons
Given by Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte plaving
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London. Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatoire of Music for singing and piano
[slaying.        Address Bo�� 796, Nelson.
Murder and Massacre.
Lodi. Russian Poland. June 4 ���
Three detectives were killed and two
soldiers and three olher perssons were
wounded In th street hre loday by a
bomb thrown at the i^lice officials bj
terrorists A pa'rol of Infantry attracted
by ibe expjusiun. appeared on the soene
sown ahurwards and opened flre ou the
crowd, wounding 13 persons Thirty ar
reats were made in ronn-ectlon with the
First Bhlpraent of limes of the season
received. Gin Ricky's at Nelson Hotel
Workingmen's Shoes
The workingman's shoe should be
made strong, honest and In a painstaking manner. The ,tock ,boaW ^ d__
able, and tbey Bhould ls��k well aad at
the same Ume be comfortable
Our shoes meet all these requirements
royal, R- ANDREW ft Co.
Ws- Hav,- a Larjtc Variety of the Late
Cnrrent Fiction. The Cheapest Edition
in Whis-li They Are Published Is 76cts.
each.     -500   Titles    to   Select   from   at
25c. Each.
Seaside Library of Standard Authors J
Canada Drug & Book Co'y,
COR   BAKER and  WARD.        Phone 81
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargain
Oor Fancy Vestings Moat Be Sold
This  Month   Regardless  of  Cost
You can buy Wash Vesting! ���'or $1.00. worth $3.00.
H��ndic>-rie Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00, worthpJ
See them  and  buy now white  the selection  is good.
Baker St.. Nelson, B.C
Summer Clothing	
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock llll
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spar
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwa*
Company, Limited.
******** a. K  ISAAC R. W. HINTOH���~,v,*A��/%/,"
Repairing nssj Jobbing tswutsHl with Ovassrtatcb.   SH*-*' Mfl
Worlc. Mining ami Mill Machlnarv.     Manulauturara ol
Or*  C��i-��,  iv.   W.   Csssslratlsins'  Cars-
Spring Stock fust Opened U|f
Carload Linoleums* unci Carpet*
From aicugow, Scotland.
Be��t Qualities* at Low Price**.
Standard Futnitute Company!
Vs.- . ���. Rus-h Pl.t-sot
Ott*rm_r *'.������...,
Manbsssls *s��rs:ur-s- \u   -.....
CooipItU Hook Furnish"!
Undcuk��$,   hatha
STSSSfS L��mbef, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turn��d Work and Bracket.*. Mail Orders prompt]* alM*"
^^^^^^    VKRIMON 8TRHBT   -   .   .   NELUON, B. C.
Summer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood Ifallance Hardware Co., li


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