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The Daily Canadian Oct 25, 1906

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 ��b^$k.Uig CcmaMctn
VOLUME   I.     No.   122.
NewrouiKlicinds Rights are
Given Away
Fifty Cents a Month
I Modus Vivendi With United States
Arranged Surrendering Rights
of Ancient Colony.
London, Oct, 20. ���The following
itatemenl has been i isue^ by the for
i i.n office:
Certain Question*) which tl was nut
iioHslble to settle before the beKinnintf
ul the winter season, having artm-it
���.mMi tin* l'uiti-^1 Htulc�� Bovcrnnifiit
.1 in ilu* conditions ou which the
Mnerlcan fishery rlj^litu on the coast
mi Newfoundland under the convention
nl  IMS ure to he exerrfied, his mnjes-
h government huve ooneludsd with
tin i iiiicd Slates Kovornmetit, pond'
iii*-' iiini withoul prejudice lo the fur-
dlseuiston of those questions, n
iiravlslonal arrangement in the nature
i b modus vivendi applicable to the
I-resent season on the following basis:
His   mujusly's   government   will   uot
ri Into force thu Newfoundland
! 'H imi Fishing Vessels Act, 1HUG,
which Imposes ou United States fish-
.,.. vessels certain restrictions in ad*
; ticm to those imposed by the Acl of
and the provisions of the first
-������inn of the Act of 11105 as to hoard-
and' bringing Into port, and also
In whole of sectlou 3 of the same
uct, will not be regarded as applying
in   \merie__Q fishing vessels.
HI majesty's govermtteut further
1 m * nt to the use of purse seines by
���>! ��� rican flsliermen during the ensu-
teaaon, subject to duo regard bailie paid In the use of such implements
tn other modes of fishery.
The   I'nited   States   governm -.it,   in
rn,  will    direct    the    musters    of
American  fishing  vessels  to conform.
when   pliyslcully  possihle     to     do   so,
with the colonial customs law as to re-
I ing at   a custom house on arrival
in and departure from colonial waters,
in pay light dues, uud to abstain from
.Sunday fishing.
Hn    United   States  government   fur-
' while muinlalng their right to re-
i mt Newfoundlanders for the fishery
mi side territorial waters, have assured
hii* majesty's government thut such
made al   u  sufficient  dlstnuce  beyond
ii    ilure tulle   limit.
Ileutor's Agency understands that
Hie suggestions of u surrender on the
pun of the Itritish government und
He* assertion lhat tbe clniius of New-
���-intiilluiid have been overlooked are
unwarranted. Much delay look place
iii the COUQlUBion of the modus vivendl
hei-auso the colonial office wus oontin*
'lull} referring matters to the Now-
'"inidlaml government. At the same
thu-' the concessions inudo by the
Americans are very real. Noi the
'���usl of these In the ngromeni not to
bsli mt Suuilu: Taking into account
tin- shortness of tho season ami the
���'"'i that the .small fishing craft are
*������'>' far from  their bnse, this ounces-
;  uf one duy in seven Ih fell   io lie
���ia important one. The modus vivendl
'-' "iiiy applicable to this season.
in trustworthy Quarters at Bt. Johns*
b is atnied thnt iho government's
���"hief grievance is the Invasion of tits
W-uny's      undoubted        const liutlouul
���'Klits by ilu* modus vivondi cancelling
���I" nd pussed liy tho roeonl BSSBlon
"' the legislature preventing New-
bi.mdlanders from joining American
vessels. Under the Unit Act. passed
���" 1887, which Is effective today, Now-
1 Handera are liable lo fine and hn-
I'l'lHonment for selling'bail to French
rtshermen. Tho ministry contends that
���he colony possesses the same right
hot} to enact u law to forbid Usher
""���ii to Join American vessels. The
Imperial cabinet, u is declared, not
"'il) tramples on that right, but the
luudus vivendl permits Aiuericuns the
very facility denied them by the law.
" is under-stood thut the govern-
'"eul decided not to resign, hut In*
lends retaining office In ordor to
riKhl the matter to the bitter end. It
I'l-opDHUH rigorously to enforce every
colonial statute possible against Americans, lo confiHcnte, instead of fining.
��very American vessel offending, and
to refuse Americans every accommo-
datlon not allowed by treaty. It also
proposes su.'.pending the local ordinance agalnsi the use or nurset seines
by colonial fishermen, thus enabling
colonials to occupy the waters first
"'"I to stultify to n groat extent the
American design of profiling by Mils
appliance, The government has ordered the colonial cruiser Fiona to the
Boy uf Islands Immediately to begin
p&trol work. A second cruiser, tlie
Neptune, will also proceed thither on
u similar mission, Uompetent authorities believe taut these measures wui
partly cripple the Americans, or, at
it-msl, seriously inconvenience them.
Thu  .toman   Catholic urchlnstiop  of
St. Johns, lu au address ut a parochial festival lately, declared tnat the
Anglo-American mudim vivendl was a
Khomeini betrayal ui the Interests ol
Newfuundluuu, uud advocated agitation against it. He cit.:s the agitation
in lhi>t, when u convuuiiun wus ar-
ranged by the Uritish and French gov-
ernments granting  French fishermen
exclusive rights on Uie west coast ot
Newfoundland. This convention, although signed by Uueen Victoria und
the emperor oi the French, was with-
drawn us a result of the Indignant protests of the colonists.
Sir I*.. P, Moiiis, minister of jus
UOS, Speaking ut (ho same festival, of*
lii'mcd thut the colonial government
was unaware of tbo terms of the modus vivemii, hm had done everything
in iis power lo protect the colony.
Tbe Telegram, the recognised organ
or the premier, in a hading article
lately did not seek to miafity its Ian-
q in denouncing the modus vivendl, whici, il U-tCribed to "the craven
policy of timid Downing street bureaucrats." The article proceeded to condemn the "little Dnglander" policy of
(he colonial office und to express the
hops that tho colonial governmenl will
show us much resentment ami tint
same spirit of determination us Natal
had done a few months ago.
The controversy excites great Interest In NatuI, The Mercury says:
"Tho conclusion or the modus Vivendi
Is u blow lo the entire system of colonial autonomy and raises an important issue-." The journal emphasises
tho importance of laying down clearly
the principle that the affairs of a self-
governing colony shall not form the
subject of correspondence between the
imperial government and a foreign
slate Without the concurrence of the
oolony interested.
Church   Congress   Discusses   Problems
Affecting  Political  and  Social
Relationships Existing.
Toronto, Oct. 25.���The News here
says questions affecting labor and its
social aud political relationships, perhaps, never were so keenly debuted in
Great Britain as now. With the defoal
of the Unionist party at the recent
elections the spirit of social and do
mettle reform has revived iu the old
country and Imperialism iu ho fur us
this represeuts foreign policy and
schemes of national extension and
conquest has been set iu the buck-
there are signs likewise of a struggle
gle on betweeu the orthodox Trades
Unionists und Uritish Socialists, aud
there ure signs likewise of a stru gle
between orthodox Liberals und the Labor element iu  the constituencies und
in parliament
Olher recent developments affecting
the social aud political relationships of
labor in the old country arise oul of
the ���conference' of the Amalgamated
Society of Railway Servants and Unchurch congress, liy l!7 votes to lithe conference decided thai all parlia
mentaiy* candidates sigu and accept
lhe conditions of tlie Labor party, and
bo  suhjeel   to   its   whip.
The claims and Ihi* position of labor,
the poor uud the unemployed worn
keenly ami fully debated ul tho church
congress. Nothing could better illustrate the uow spirit which has entered
British polities than this extraordinary
���concentration of attention on social
and domestic Questions. Equally re
niiirhahle wore the utterances of cer
tain   delegates   to  the   congress.      Tho
dean of i.iy declared himself to be u
Socialist iu the sense in which ('buries
Kingsley, Maurice and Bishop Wosloott
were Socialists, He did not believe
that society existed for the sake of
private properly, bui that private property existed for ihe sake of society.
If we were all (Mirlstians today wo
might safely bo all Socialists tomorrow. The time might come when, Instead  of capital   hiring    labor,    labor
might be hiring capital, _tut there could
be no such Change of national condition which was not founded upon
Change nf character, because true Hfo
worked frnm within outwards. Mr.
Siimmerholl, M. I'., announced that bo
was a churchmun nud n Socialist, nnd
said that Socialism was never moro
healthy, and its outlook never more
encouraging than at present, A large
number of the clergy of the church of
England hnd Openly nnd boldly declared Iheir belief in Soclulism and
lhe practicability of its realization,
nnd the people wore being converted
dally tO the justice of tho demands
made. Mr. Lansbury dwelt on tho ovlls
of  nn   Industrial   system   under  which
the laboring classes wore In the great
est straits, while the markets were
glutted With goods. In Great Ilrllaln
today the leaven of democracy Is working ns It Is working nowhere else In
the world.
Memorial to Its Dead.
Springfield, Mass., Oct. 25.���A handsome monument In honor of the dead
of the Second regiment of MnsHnchu-
BQttfl ttnlleil Slates Volunteers, wns
unveiled today with interesting ceremonies    Tho memorial Is, with the ex-
c'-ptlon of the one at Los Angeles, tho
nrst to be erected to men of the Span's" war. The statue shows a soldier
<d KI Canny, molded In bronze, standing on a pedestal of granite, hearing
ta"IelK with Ihe names of the soldiers
<" the regiment who were killed or
died during the Cuban campaign
Big Iron Find on North Fork of Kettle
River���News Notes.
(Special to The Pally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Oct. 25.���Mr. John P.
Loft iih uud Miss Mary Kennedy were
united in the holy bonds of matrimony
yesterday morning at 8 o'clock at the
Roman Catholic church. The ceremony  was  performed  lu  the  presence
of u few immediate friends by the
ltev. Father Bartmah. The groom is
an old resident Of Grand Forks and Is
holding a responsible position at the
Oranby smelter, while the bride is a
highly estimable yound lady with a
host of friends in Grand Forks. The
happy coujde will take Up their residence iu the North addition immediately.
.lames Welcher, commonly known as
"Dead shot Jim," is coming Into prominence not only as a mining man, being one of the fathers of Franklin
camp, but as a farmer, for on his
ranch at Danville, Wash., he has
grown potatoes with groat success for
quantity and size. One of these mammoth vegetables has just been measured aud 11% inches long and lfi'/,
Inches in circumference. Mr. Welcher
says that he has bushels of potatoes
nearly  us large as the one described.
George W. Wooster, treasurer of the
Oranby smelter, has just returned
from Xew York, when- he attended the
annual meeting of the Granby company.
w. a. Pounder, the owner of tho big
iron property known us tho New York,
situated on the North Fork river, says
that he has just encountered an immense body of iron ore which assays
fit) per cent, fn Iron. Mr. Pounder is
making all the necessary arrangements
io start shipping as soon as the rails
are laid on the first 16-mile extension
of the Kettle Valley line, ond he Is
willing to stake a wager that the New
York will be the first property to ship
over the newly-laic]  track.
Under the Stars and Bars.
Dallas. Tex., Oct. 24.���Hundreds of
visitors were In the city today to attend the opening of the annual reunion of the Texas division of United
Confederate Veterans. The meeting
was called to order shortly before 10
o'clock. The city hull was packed to
the doors when, after a prayer, General 11. W. Graber Introduced Mayor
Cur'is P. Smith of Dallas, who welcomed the visitors. M. H. Thomas delivered n greeting ou behalf of the Dallas Commercial club. General Graber
ihen turned the convention over to
General Van Zandt of Fori Worth, tho
division commander, who introduced
lion. T. M. Campbell, the next governor of Texas. Mr. Campbell was received with enthusiastic cheers nnd at
the conclusion of his address there
was unothor round of vociferous applause. The afternoon session was devoted exclusively to the business of
the convention. Senator Culberson
win address the convention tomorrow
Report of Annual    Production    Shows
Steady  Increase  Each Year���Statistics for Two Years.
A   reporl   issued   by   the   goologieul
survey at Ottawa states that the mineral production of the Dominion In
LBOfi wns valued at $08,674,707, which
compares well wllh the V_0,S4S,000 of
IHHI, and exceeds (hi1 previous highest
total, tbat of t!M)|, by aboul $2, .(Mill.
Fifty-four per cent. oT the total, or
187460,880 represents the metals. Gold
figures at 114,480,889, or a little more
Ihan the record total reached in 1000,
On the other huud, sllvor, |B,60B,057,
shows an increase of (lit per cent, for
the year, and nickel, |7,500,'800, uu increase of no less thnn 7!> per cent.,
while copper, $7,480,461, shows nn increase of 84 per cent. Load also shows
a large increase, and cobalt appears
for the first time in this year's list
with n production of about $100,000.
The conl prodUOtlon of last your Is
given us 117-668,000, showing an in
crense of uboui $8,000,000 for the year.
It is not surprising to learn that the
manufacturers of mining machinery
have nil they can do to fill the orders
they aro receiving.
To Banquet Upton.
New York, Oct. 25.���The Brooklyn
Yacht club has completed elaborate
preparations for a imiujuct at Dolmen*
Ico's tonight in honor of Sir Thornus
Upton, who has relurned to New York
from his western trip. Sir Thomas
hus accepted an Invitation to visit Boston next week.
Remains Are Identified
Reverently Buried
Dies Alone in Wilds of Yukon���Bones
Found After Years of Search
by Affectionate Brother.
With a pari of the skull, a rib, a
piece of .ae collarbone, a portion of
the femur und hits of clothing by
which the Identification was made
possible, Professor Hewitt returned to
Duwsou on the C. fl llumilton with
ali lhat remains of his Bister, Dr.
Edith Chambers, for whose body he
has been unremittent in the search of
for the |iast two years, says the Yukon
World. The discovery ot these tew
hones and the iwsltlve knowledge of
the fate that overtook Mrs. Chambers,
sets at rest the mystery concerning
her disappearance and rings lhe final
curtain un a tragedy thnt, for gruesome details, has seldom. If ever, been
surpassed in the North.
For many, Alaska and the Yukon
are associated with bitter remlnls-
ceuces und dlsappqjnted hopes and
Professor Hewitt ls ono of them. The
North has not only robbed him of a
sister, but he has been compelled to
witness the mute evidence of her sufferings, to realize her body has been
devoured by ravenous wolves and ls
denied the privilege of according the
remain.*-; a Christian burial saving only
such as will be given the handful of
bones he has succeeded iu recoveriug.
No mention is made of the fruitless
errand undertaken last summer for the
Bame purpose, and the long, arduous
trip alone through the wilds this year.
the duys of tramping with a pack on
his back over the hills and through
tbe swamps that he might learn more
of the fate of his siBter. His was a
labor of love, and when the ghastly
relics now iu his possession are interred in Seattle and a headstone
marks the grave It will be with a realization of a duty well done, more than
Which was beyond human agency.
Dr. Edith Chambers was a native of
Wisconsin, a graduate dental surgeon
who came lo the Yukon in 1900 to
practice her profession. Owing to being an American and the difficulty of
securing n license, she soon abandoned
all ideas of opening up an office and
eutfcred the employ of the Lndue company, remaining in that position for
some months.
Within a comparatively short time
the prosaic life became Irksome, and
being of an adventurous disposition,
fond of adventure uud travel and of
literary taste--;, having been n frequent
contributor the various mngnzine-H and
periodicals she arranged to make a
trip through a little known section of
the territory- gathering material for a
h::ok that was to be published upon
her  return  to lho outside.
The Itinerary decided upon was one
that would have appalled many an old
prospector, und her friends did their
be-st to persiiude her not to ut tempt
it, bui she was absolutely fearless,
handy in maWnS a camp and caring
for h'Tself under ordinary circum-
stanc s. ami mi .Inly 24. 190J., she loft
for l-'ortymlle on the trip from which
she was never to reluru.
Arriving at Fortymile she secured a
pacic animal, loaded it with   n   camp
outfit aud a couple of hundred pounds
of provisions and set oul entirely alone
for llie headwaters of the Fortymile,
Intending to eioss to some of lhe tributaries of the Tannnu, build n raft aud
float down that stream to the Yukon,
returning from the lower rlvor by
Steamer the same fall, mid proceed to
the outside al once.
From the time she passed the mining camps on tbe Upper Fortymile,
Mrs. Chambers was never Sf-on again,
and her travels, hardships, sufferings
nnd ultimate fate are only known
through various h tiers she wrote and
a dlnry that was kept and which wero
found by lhe merest, accident some
years after her death.
Nothing further was learned of Ihe
fate of Mrs. Chambers until hor letters and diary were discovered three
y ars ago by Sorgenut Meyers of the
United States signal corps. Thoy de-
finrlh ��� her w.nderlngs and 'howed
whore her remtins would probably he
found, but none of the Alaskan authorities had the humanity to make
an investigation, contenting themselves with mnking a memorandum of
tbo discovery and forwarding tho letters to the nddress given, which wus
the first tntlmntlon Professor Hewitt
had of the death of his sister, three
years  nfter  her  disappearance.
"Where the remains wore found."
soya Professor Hewitt, "Is nt a point
about 85 miles up the Goodpaster,
which I easily located from the directions given In my sister's letters. It
was a beautiful spot, lying high on a
high-cut bunk of the river, with huge
trees growing all about and an abundance or tht; greenest verdue, an ideal
place tor a camp."
Eldest    Living    Heir    of   Archdeacon
Comes to His Own.
Calgary, Oct. 25.���W. H. Mannix of
Okotoks, It is understood, will shortly
receive the first money coining due
him from a legacy left him by his late
uncle, Archdeacon McCarthy of Cork,
Ireland. Mr. Mannix wus calling on
friends iu the city on Friday last and
revealed the good news to them that
he thoughl the entire value of the estate left him would amount to over
$100,000, hut tbat he expected to derive his first-revenue from it not later
than yesterday, the exact amounl of
which he did not state.*" Mr. Mannix
was residing at Okotoks two years ago
when his uncle died, but be had no
anticipations that he would fall in for
any part of tbe estate.
He later became aware of the fact
through correspondence, however,
that he was the oldest living relative
of the deceased und last spring he paid
a visit to Cork.
There legal complications arose In
connection with the distribution of
lhe estate through It being contested
by several relatives. He, however,
was the legal heir, the court decided,
aud ho relurned to this country. Most
of his income from the estate at the
present time will come from rents.
Mr. Mannix's real name Is McCarthy, that being his father's name, but
he has gone under the name of Man
nix while in Ibis country. On Saturday last he removed from Okotoks to
a point 25 miles west <_f Red Deer.
What Canada Pays for Trans-Atlantic
Ottawa, Ont, Oct. 25.���During the
last fiscal year steamship subsidies
amounting to $1,227,560 were paid out
by the Dominion government as compared with 11,027,074 during the fiscal
year 1905.
Nearly half a million of this was
paid for mall service, and the encouragement of trade between Canada and
Groat Britain   .
The Allans of Montreal receive
$282,390, or $43,116 more than during
For the Australian service $186,970
wus paid, and for the Soutb African
service, $122,222.
The maintenance of a service to
France cost Canada $73,000. The West
Indies and British Outana services
cost $54,905, and the Canadian service
rail-py received for its China and Ja
pan service the sum of $70,600.
Did Not Deliver the Goods.
TV n mo. Oct. 25.���In tlie Loudon
brib i j (flection case this morning,
John 1_. oAlpine, a painter, swore to
receiving $5 in the general elections
and $10 in the by-elections to vote for
Gray, Conservative, but did not vote
at all the second time. Still he got his
money. McKuy, who was returning officer, snld he did not remember pay-
lug McAlpine any money.
Costliest and Handsomest War Memorial In  United States Is Dedicated Today.
Vlcksburg. Miss., Oct. 26.���8|H��clal
trains that reached this city today
brought hundreds of veterans uud other visitors from Illinois to attend the
dedication of the $200,000 temple-mou-
umeul erected In the National park to
the memory of tbe Illinois soldiers
who fought and fell In the historic
siege of Vlcksburg. Governor Dlneep
antl other official representatives of
Illinois, the members of tbe state commission, and the First regiment, I. N.
G��� of Chicago, are among the arrivals.
Governor Vardnmun of Mississippi and
Governor Blanchard of Louisiana,
with many veterans of the two states,
have accepted Invitations to participate In the ceremonies.
The Illinois monument is one of tho
handsomest and cosl Host war memorials ever erected lu the United States.
The monument Is ln the form of a rotunda or circular temple and hours
considerable resemblance to the Grant
memorial ln New York city. The
temple Is nearly 60 feet In diameter,
and from the bnse to the top of the
dome the height Is 62 foot. The entrance Is through a tetrastyle Doric
portico 32 feet wide and projecting
l l'/_ feet on the south facade of the
temple. The pediment Is supported
hy four Immense columns. The face
of the pediment Is ornamented with a
sculptured group representing History
enrolling the names of the Illinois
soldiers and sailors who took part ln
the great cumpalgn and siege from
March 29 to July 4, 18C3. On tbe
frieze ts inscribed in raised letters the
word  "Illinois."
Around the exterior of the temple
are engraved In bold letters the well-
known, phrase from Lincoln's Inaugural: "With malice toward none, with
charity for all," and the last phrase In
General Grant's farewell order to the
army: "Let ns have peace."
The interior walls are covered with
bronze tablets bearing the names of
all the Illinois soldiers who took part
In the siege of Vlcksburg, according
to the organizations of Infantry, artillery and cavalry to which they belonged, respectively. Directly opposite
and facing the entrance is a large
bronze panel, upon which Is Inscribed
in appropriate phrase the date of dedication, the names of the members of
the state commission, etc. Immediately above this large panel is inscribed
the name of Abraham Lincoln, and Immediately underneath tbe name of
Richard Yates, the war governor of Illinois. On the right Is the name of
UlyBses S. Grant, and to the left that
of General John A. Logan.
White Ribboners Gather.
Hartford. Conn., Oct. 26.���Every
train nn ivlng In Hartford today
brought its quota of delegates to the
annual convention of the National
Women's Christian Temperance union,
which Is to begin its sessions here tomorrow. The register at convention
headquarters Indicates that the attendance will probably eclipse that at auy
previous convention of tbe organization. Nearly all of the prominent foreign leaders who were present at the
World's W. C. T. U. convention In Boa-
ton last week will be In Hartford and
will speak before the convention of the
national organization. Mrs. L. M. N.
Stevens of Maine will preside over the
V _________
Premier McBride'**  Return to Victoria
Will Be Biggest Event In Political
History of the Capital.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, Oct. 25,���Death laat evening robbed Vietoria of two widely-
known and respected pioneer residents
in the persons of ex-Alderman John
Kinsman, who passed away very suddenly ub a.result of heart failure, and
Marcus Bantley, the latter succumbing
to an Illness which was of about two
months' duration.
Under the auspices of the Victoria
Conservative association and all classes of citizens, irrespective of party allegiance, co-operating, a monster reception Is planned for Premier McBride on his arrival on Saturday night.
He will be met at the wharf by a
torchlight procession, with a band, and
escorted to the Victoria theatre, where
tin address will be presented.
Mr. McBride will then deliver an address, giving an account of his stewardship, and there will he speeches hy
other prominent men. Nothing in the
history of politics fn Victoria ls more
surprising than the unanimity with
which the general public endorses Me
Bride's actiou.
Pope Receives Pilgrims.
Rome, Oct. 25.���I.apponni this morning that the pope's condition hud
improved. The swelling of his foot
had almost disappeared, the pains had
ceased aud his temperature wus normal. He was therefore allowed to receive the British pilgrimage, but instead of the audience occurring ln the
hall of the consistory, us prearragned,
and which would have made It necessary for the pontiff to walk, It wns
held I lithe throne room. The pops
was casried to the throne aud the pilgrims filed before hlm and kissed his
hand. Although the pontiff was languid and pale his general condition
seemed  satisfactory .
Semi-Official Censure.
Cologue, Germany, Oct. 25.���The
Cazelte today seml-olficiully affirmed
thut Chancellor Von Buelow does not
approve of the attacks made by the
German press on the new French premier, M. Clemonceau, and that the
chancellor sees 110 reason why the
friendly relations existing between
Germany nnd Frauce should not continue under tbe premiership of M.
North Bruce Nominations.
Port Klgln, Ont., Oct. 25.���John Tolmie, Liberal, and A brain McLellan,
Conservative, were nominated for
North Bruce yesterday to fill the vacancy caused by the death of L. T.
Bland, Conservative,
Socialists' Demand.
Paris, Oct. 25.���The Independent Socialists demand that the new ministry
Include ln its program the compulsory
arbitration of strikes.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Forty-five minutes late.
Slocau train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On time.
Kootena; Lumbermeo Get
Larger Profits
New and Improved Equipment of Big
Rills Enables Ihem to Prepare
Lumber For Builders.
The condltt-DB of tbe lumbering industry In Briti-h Columbia, esp-clally
perbaps in East Kootenay, have enabled the operators to make an important change in their methods, which
seem- like!)) to huve til* effact of
substantially Increasing their profits,
and, to a large extent, cutting down,
if not entirely abolishing, the profits
of the middlemen on the prairies, who
for the past few years have been making very large profits.
The change consists in concentrating
the business of the East Kootenay
comi>anies at large central plants,
which have been, and are still being,
greatly improved and developed. At
such plants the timber is dressed and
classified and is ready for gale to the
building trades direct Uutil this year
the dressing and classifying was done
by jobbers in Calgary and other prairie
centres, whose profits from the band-
ling of the lumber usually far eioeeded
those of the actual mill operators.
The change Involves a further movement which cannot fail ultimately to
be of general benefit to Kootenay lumbermen. Not every company bas the
necessary plant and equipment for
completing the work as deaeribed.
An informal system of cooperation
has been duveloped, the larger and
better equipped companies taking over
the lumber cut by the smelter oom*
The latter mentioned movement waa
really forced upon the larger companies by the difficulty of keeping pace
with their orders from the ever-growing market In the new provinces. IU
secondary advantages are really a byproduct.
A. Carney of Kaslo, provincial timber inspector for East Kootenay, is ln
the city today, having been summoned
as a witness ln the case of the Pernio
and other lumber companies against
the Crow's Nest Southern Railway
company and Its contractors.
Seen at thei Hume this morning Mr.
Carney said In response to the usual
"New mills have been built lu many
places, especially along the Kootenay
river and near Baynes lake. The otli-
tv mills are enlarging and Improving
their plants. I have seen most of the
changes and additions reported In The
"One new feature this year, however,
tbat I think has not boeu mentioned
before is the gradual consolidation of
business Into the hands of the bigger
companies, aud by them luto their bigger plants.
"They have taken a very Important
forward step. They are resawlng and
dressing the lumber, so that when it
t;oes to the market lt Is ready for the
builders. Tbat Js certain to cut out
tbe middlemen lu Calgary und elsewhere who have been making fortunes
out of the dressing and classifying of
British Columbia lumber.
"The demand from Alberta and Saskatchewan ls greater than ever, und
there is no sign of any chunge In that
respect. The demand is, iu fact, so
keen that the buyers are no longer
squirming ahout Hie prices. They
want thc lumber and must have lt at
any price.
"In their efforts to meet that demand
the big companies have been buying
up the season's cuts of the smaller
companies. Even with those at their
dlnisoHul they will probably not be
able to meet the demand.
"The growth of the Industry In the
last year and Its present prosperous
condition can hardly be exaggerated.
There are more mills, bigger nnd bettor mills, more lumber cut and better
prices fof it, and a larger share of the
profit coming to Kootenay.*'
Summon Bank Advisors.
Toronto, Oct. 25.���The curator and
Isoni'd of advisors have decided to call
u meeting of the shareholders of the
Ontario Bank for December 11, the
earliest date at which It can legally be
held. Half a dozen witnesses have
beeu summoned by the ocowu In the
case against President Co-kburn and
General Manager McOlll.
She Is a wise girl who knows
enough not to pretend to know too
much. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are uow in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We hnvs plt>::r. of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Point;, weighing a-out 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing ab-wl 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets sire Justly colebratod for their excellence. Wo nlone carry
liiem in this city.
LUMBERMFN.���Pillow., Comiorters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Cl-thing. Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes ano Rubbor,.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and pries surprisingly Low.
Imperial Batik of Canada.
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED....$5,000,000, CAPITAL PAID UP... .fl,-*0,0O0
KEST (4,980,000.
D. K. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit's reoelved and Interest allowed at current ratea from date of openlnp account and credited half-yearly.
nelson BRANCH _J��   N_L   LAV,  Manager.
The ^oyal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms ami Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  lu   British  Columbia.
Special  attention   to out  of town business.
T. !���:. KENNY, Pres., Halifax,       K. L.  PEASE, General Manager. Montreal.
Published six days h woe* by tbo
Bator St., Nelson, B.C.
tinbKi-rtpitou ratea, 60 oenu n month di livered
in the (-*���---
paid id
in the 'ity. or 16-00a year if scut by mall, when
m au vi
Advertising relet nn i.j'i : .��� Hiiou.
All tunnies paid in settlement ot Thi.* Ihillv
Canadian accounts, *-niit-r i.n subscriptions or
adrertislug, rami ba receipted for on Hm* primed
forms oi tne Company. Other receipla art. not
"By one won! we arc soiUt-Liuit. judged   to  be
wise arid by one word ���omotlmei judged t. be
' liinii.  Let iik therefore b_ careful what we
" i'CoNH'CILS.���
Thc most respectable journals of
both political parties in the east are
now discussing wiih a seriousness that
is full of promise, methods of putting
a period io the scandalous circumstances connected with many election campaigns during recent years. There can
be no denying thc fact that lu spile of
the Impossibility of literally observing
election laws, the extremes to whicli
corrupt practices have been developed
have during recent years thrown discredit upon the party system in Canada. While we have been accustomed
to revile our neighbors to the south,
their unscrupulous methods have, little
by little, crept into our own practices
till we have not much left with which
to reproach them.
It fs refreshing, therfore. to lind Ihe
press, that most powerful of all mediums of reform, turning to the task of
arousing public sentiment against cor-
ruptlon in any form, and if this feature
of journalistic enterprise were entered
by all party and Independent organs
is would not be many months before
we should find a more healthful condition existing in the body politic.
It is worth while, however, to go
back a little way in the history of Canadian journalism and seek to discover some of the causes which have led
to the present lamentable conditions
existing in Canada. Not alone is the
degraded and corrupt agent of the machine responsible for the state of affairs, nor is tbe machine itself wholly
to blame. The press must be held accountable to a large extent for the low
moral sense thai pervades the popular
elements of Bociety. The methods of
political  warfare    engaged    In by the
partizan organs have been such as io
demoralize the high ideals of the people and the persistent policy of damning men iu public office on any and
all occasions is largely responsible for
a condition which it is now sought to
II has been the deplorable habit of
lhe [tarty press to hold up to ridicule
and scorn, public men and representatives of the people whether the occasion would warrant the attack or not.
The private walks and business career
of statesmen have been invaded for
tbe purpose of making political capital
against them whenever possible. Cases
that have been sub judlce have been so
minced and hashed by the press lhat
In many cases when a decision lias
Ik en rendered by tlie courts its force
and effects have heen completely nullified through the prejudice created in
ihe minds of the people by the columns
of speculation and iuuendo and reproach, on the one hand, or justification ami glorification on the other.
There can be no denial of the facts
as above set forth and that the Dominion Is today reaping the fruits of this
policy on the part of the press is evident upon .he surface of the case. No
sooner is a man attacked than the
whole coterie of partizan opponents
stand together to put the worst possible construction upon every circumstance In whicli suspicion attaches to
the accuesed, while on the other hand
every attempt is made by the opposite
coterie to shield the offenders.
While the safety of society is guaranteed by the freedom of the press and
on the whole a measure of security
has been reached by that liberty that
is commendable, there can be no disputing the fact that the liberty has
often degenerated Into license and, as
in al) cases, when this has taken place
society has been taxed to pay the cost.
In the province of Hritish Columbia
we have seen during the last three
years the most discreditable attempts
on the part of the opposition press to
stigmatize and defame the men who
have held important public trusts.
Rumors and canards have heen treated
with all the seriousness of sworn testimony and where these have not heen
forthcoming (he fecund Imaginations of
a hysterical press have sought refuge
In actual misrepresentation of the
characters aud deeds of public men.
It is true that we have not yet had
party government ln this province suf
ficiently long for the "reptile press,"
as it has been called, lo get in its full
work in the deceiving of the electorate
but the intention is there and unless a
halt Is called we shall have in British
Columbia just the same loss of moral
sense on the art of the people against
which the east i.s now crying out. The
same loss of confidence in public men
aud lhe same generally cynical altitude
toward all that makes for good citizenship and Inspires men to offer themselves on the altar of their country's
service will assuredly follow.
The convoking of llie Spanish cortes
with the resignation and reconstruction of the French cabinet, both of
which occurrences, having taken place
chiefly because of the necessity of settling the relations that are hereafter
to exist between the state and the
Roman Catholic church, have a worldwide interest. In the republic the battle has been long aud bitter but there
seems no disposition on the part of tho
new cabinet to retract from the advanced position taken by (he respective governments during the past few
It would be Impossible for Spain,
lying so near to the republic, though a
monarchy, not to catch something or
the spirit of the French reformers and
the cortes will have to face, seriously,
for the first time, the attitude that Is
to be maintained toward religious or
With the complete severance of
church and state in these two nations
ihe question of the civil supremacy of
the hierarchy will be practically settled for all Europe,
It is reported that his holiness is
not averse to a modus] vivendl and
while the lerms upon which he is Willing to arrange such are not fully stated in the despatches, it is evident
that his holiness is a diplomat and a
man of peace. The inevitable separation of church and state must take
place with tbe increase of the spirit
of democracy and there is apparently
uo good reason why It should not be so.
The Roman Catholic church Is nowhere more powerful ami influential
than In America where her authority
is not artificial but apostolic and where
her reliance Is placed, not In arlbtrary
conditions but on sane and proper relations to the state.
The battle has been one of centuries
but history teaches lhat the church
has gradually receded from untenable
positions and has been the better and
stronger for doing so. If France and
Spain can free themselves from the incubus of hierarchial control they will
make the same religious and material
advances that other republics have
done and the church will not suffer. It
would appear that Pope Plus understands this and is about to act accordingly.
The Winnipeg Telegram, speaking
of the peculiar judgment of the full
court of Saskatchewan in the case of
Sinclair,  the  ballot box stuffer, asks:
"Why bold an election at all? A
party In power has only to hire a thief
and perjurer to fill a ballot box and
make such false entries as are necessary for the purpose, and there is not
a seat in any legislature, Dominion or
provincial, that cannot be filched from
the electorate and handed over to tho
man with the power of appointment.
According to Mr. Justice Wetmore the
simple audacity of the outrage keeps
It within the law. What need then
for any controverted election act, or
for that matter, for any election act
at all. One perjured thug can thwart
the will of all the people of any constituency and elect at pleasure���and
without penalty���anyone who may be
chosen to fill lhe dishonorable billet.
To follow this to its logical conclusion,
a party in power, by adopting lhe
James Sinclair method, can always remain in power, and only a revolution
against the whole government can
have the happy result of returning
anyone in opposition."
The Twenty Thousand club have undertaken something heavy in the way
of responsibility Jn negotiating for the
services of the Rosclans to play under the auspices of the club. It Is not
so much the cost of the company as
lhe fitting up of the Agricultural hall
(hat demands the outlay but, having
undertaken it, the citizens will be
pleased at the pluck with which the
club Intends to see the venture
through. Though there Is much criticism of the club it Is calmly and vigorously pursuing Its publicity policy
and has done more than any other organization to make Nelson known to
the world at large. The entertainment
under their auspices next week, altogether apart from tho merit of the
performance demands thc heartiest
Support of the people.
A rural district not a thousand
miles from Winnipeg recently called
a conclave of its citizens aud passed
resolutions protesting against tho
practice of some of tho good people
of Winnipeg who Invade the quiet
Sabbath sanctity of tho suburb lo
practice shooting on Sunday. Among
those specified was his excellency
Earl Grey to whom copies of the res
olution are to be sent. The resolutions point out that wlille the inhabitants of St. Marks are truly loyal to
the king and to his representative
they think that the example sel Ity ibe
governor general was not such as (o
commend it to the Sabbath loving people of Canada. We wonder if the
Lord's Day Alliance branch at Nelson
would have had similar courage.
Goes Up for 1 rial.
Winnipeg, Oct. 25.���Chief Justice
DubUO sat yesterday morning in ihe
court of king's bench and delivered
judgment in the crown case reserved
of the King vs. Duggan, returning officer for the Dominion constituency of
Selkirk, who was charged at the fall
assizes last October with tampering
with the voters' list, in which caso
Mr. Justice Perdue withdrew the case
from the jury and ordered a verdict
of uot guilty to be entered. Mr. Justice Richards and Mr, Justice I'hippen
delivered lengthy judgments overruling the decision of the trial judge and
ordering a new trial to be held.
The court held that the judge had
erred In withdrawing the case, and
that it was a proper case to go before
the jury for trial.
In consequence of this verdict Lawrence Duggan will again have to bo
tried on the original charges.
Noiiee is hereby Kiven that 00 dnvs nfier dute
I intend to applv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Landsand Works for permission to purchase
the following described Jhd.I> iu Wesl Kooienav
District: U-ginning ��t h poel marked, "Bern-
hard Hlrsch's H. K. corner," and planted on Uie
enst shore of the nnrrows of What-dinn (Cariboo)
take; thence n-rih .sn ohalns j Hi.iht weel i��
ohalna moreor leai, to the ihore ot winu-han
Uke; thene*- following said shore In a general
southerly nnd enslerly direction IJ" chnins more
or less, to point of commencement: containing
820 aeres. more or less.
Dated this8tli dayof Oct. 1000.
K. I,, Hammond, Agent
Notice is liereby given that iio dav ufter date I
intend io niBke application to tlie Honorable tint
chief Commlnloner of Land, nnd Works for per-
raii-sion to purchase ihe foUowlng described
lamia: Commencing at a poal placed adjoining
the southwest corner post of 1,,-on Watson's Application to Purchase, running Hit cbalni north;
thence 40 obaina westi thenee ho chains south;
thenee   1(1 chnins east,   to point  of   comiilelicc-
menti containing :���:.- acres more or leu,
bated October 18,1900,
Berue WiNTKit,
By his agent, Khnkst, W. RoBWBOM.
Notice is hereby given thai 00 davs afler date 1
intend to make application to th-? Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for per-
mission to much use the following deserll*-ed
lands: Commencing nt a post placed nhoul otic
mile east of whataban creek and abont three
milea iouth oi wnatshan lake, running BO ohalni
souih; thenee HO chains west; theliee ho chains
north; thence 80 chains east, to polntof commencement, containing Giu acres more or less
rated October 18,1000.
By bis agent, Khnkst vv. Koiunhon
Notloeisberebyglventbati_a.ru .��� ��� ��� ������.;�����
I Intend to apply to tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Landi and works for permission to purchase
the   followiiiK  descrlbeil   lands in tio* Wet\
Kootenay district: Beginning at a posl marked
"J. H. Bimlneo'l 8. VV. corner," and planted about
one-ball mile easl {oi the shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) Uke and nbout '1 miles norlh of the
narrows of the said lake, nnd at the S. K. corner
of]Arthur Warren's application to purchase;
tlience east 80 eliains; thence north Wcbalni,
thenee wesl 80 chains to the northeast corner of
Arthur Warren'sapplication to purchnse; llienee
soutli w) chains to poini of commencement) eon-
tn In ing fHO acres, more or less.
Oct. J-th, iwxi. J.8. Siwmso,
V, l- Hammond, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat tX) dayi after date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chlel Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to
pnrchase the following described lands in toe
West Kootenay dlatrlet: Beginning ai a post
marked "Alexander Praaer'l S. W. Comer," and
planted   on   the  east  shore  of  the narrows of
whatshan (Cariboo] lake, m then, B.corner of
Bombard Hlrscbi application to purobase;
thence eMt 40 chains; thenee south hu chnins;
th.*nce west-io chains, more or less, to the shore
of the narrows; (hence following tne laid shore
in a northerly direction so chains, more or loss
tothe point of commencement, containing ;t_ij
acres, more or lens.
Oot. 18tb, 1906, AJ-stXAKDM FlfASKK.
hy K. I,. Hammond, Agent.
Sixty dare after date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing nt a post
pieced at the uorih east corner of B.c Bklnner-.
application to purchase, marked "ll. D's, N. vv,
corner post," tbeuce following the eait bound-
nry of lame BO chains sr_iilh; thence ninning hi
obalnseastf tbenee 80 ohalni north; thence B0
chains west to poini ot commencement, oontainlng 640 neres more or less
Dated the 10th day of October, I WW.
     _    I'er U.KiiiKu,, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thnt 00 day* nfter date I
inieml to apnlv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of i.auds ami Works lor permission to purchase
tbe following descrlb-il landl situated in the
West Kooo.nay district: Beginning at a post
marked " Herbert Warren's N. K. corner," and
planted on the w.st shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake, about one-quarter mile north of tne iouth*
era end of the lake; thence wesl W'ch.ihs; llienee
iouth 80 chains; tbeuce east BO chains, more or
lew. to Whalshan creek; thence following
norlh along the creek nnd lake shore B0 chnins,
more or less, to polnl of commencement, 0oD<
tabling 640 acres, more or less
Dated this sth day Of October, 1906.
IlKlUlfcttT  WaJ'HKH,
K. L. IIammonu, Agenl.
Notice is herehy given ihnt BO days nfier date I
intend to npplv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purobase
the  following  described  lands   ..United   In the
west Kootenay district;   Beginning at Knott
marked "O. I'. .Mnc.Mieklng's ft. Vi. comer," and
planted on the wesi shore of Whatshan (Carlbo_1
lake, nhoul three mil -| north of the I'ppor Nar
rows of the said lake and otroqalte the island Ua
the snid lake; thence south Wi-chnins; thenee
cast 40 Chains, moreor less, in the lake shore;
thenee following the said shore in n northerly
and westerly direction 1*30 chnins, more or less,
to point of commencement, containing Ago acres,
more or less.
Oct. 13. I9W1. O. U. MacMickino,
By P. J, Bammohp, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 duvs afler date I
intend to make application lo the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landl anil Works for per*
mission to purchase the following descrlbeil
lands: Commencing at a post on the north
boundary of Lot 664 and about.; chains east of
Whatshan ereek, ninning Hi chains east; thence
10 chains north; theuce lo chains west: Iheliec lu
eliains south, to point of commencement, oontainlng 100 Adrei more or loss,
Dated October Ll, 1906,
LVOV Watson,
Hy his agent, ElU-flEST w. ROBIMON
Notiee Is hereby given Ilm t BO nays nfier date I
intend to apply to the Hon, chid Commissioner
of I,unds and Works for permission to purchase
the loiiowing describe! lauds situated In the
West Kootenay Dlstiict:   Beginning at a post
marked, "Antoinette lurch's N. k, eorner," and
planted on lhe shore ol Whalshan (Cariboo)
lake at the southeast comer of llie snid lake;
thence south 10 chains; theiu-e west 40 ehalns,
more or less, to the shore of Whalshan ereek:
theuce following the shore line of said creek and
lake in a general northerly aud easterly direction ho chains, more or less, to point of commencement; containing itio acres, more or less
Oct. [Bib, 1006.
An.oini.ttb iiinsni.
By K. L. Hammond, Agent.
Nollee is hereby given that 00 ilavs atlcr date I
intend lo anply to the Honorable tlie Chief tom
mlsslonei of undi and Works, VJi lona, to pm
chase Ho acres ot land, situate aboul one mil.
east of Huri'.u ''In on the east ..ide of Arrow
lake, nml rtesi rlbed us follows: Commeneing al ��
post planted at the northeast corner of L ��
thenoe north M chains, thence west40chaini
thenee south 30 chains, thence easl 40 chatm ti
plnee of beginning
August '>��� lb. IWM
J. it. HtnrriB.
Notice is bereby given thai B0 days after date I
intend to apply to Uie Hon. lhe Chiel C ll-
nloner of Lauds an I Works lor permission n�� pur-
chase the following deserlbed lands in Wesl
Kootenay district: Beginning at n post marked
"Otto Hindi's N W corner" and plauied on
the wesi ibore ol WaUban (Cariboo) i���kc, ubout
one-fourth mile west of tbe narrows id Whai-dum
Like; Ihence souih B0 clmli s; thenoe east 40
chains more or leu to the shore of the Narrows;
tbenoe following the nsld shore in n general
uoriherlv and wester); df rod ion 190 cbalni more
or less, to the poim oi eommenoement, uon tain
Ing 820 aeres mor ��� lesi
Dated thlaSthdai of Oof ,1906.
Otto Hhucb,
K   I,   .'U.-iiMoMi, Agent.
Kotiee ISbereb) given that sixty days afler date
I intend to apply to tbe Hon, Chief Commissioner
of Lauds mid Works for permission to purchase
the rollowlng described oind- In He-l Kooteuny
district: Beginning m �� poll marked "K. K
Atden's 8 K comer," nml plantcil on the east
shore of Wlotuhun (Cnrlhooj lake, aboul one
mile north of the louthern end of the lake;
thence north hi clonus; tbenoe west W chains,
more or less, to the -bore of Whatshan lake;
thence following said ibore in a general southerly mid eust.riv direction 100chains, more or
less, to the |>'iint of commencement, conlainlng
030 aores. more or less
Dated thlxSth dayol Oct ,10C6.
B   K. A HOW,
I*   I,   11a\i..[omi, Agenl
Notice fs hereby given that sixty days after
date I Iniend Io npplv to ti.e Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ��nd Works for permission to purchnse lhe following described lands lu (he West
Kootenay district:   Beginning nl n post marked
"Bertha Hlrsab's N ET oorner," and planted en
lhe east shore of Whalshan (Cariboo) lake, at llie
imrrows of the lake, and about one mile south of
Arrow lake trail; thenoe son ih B0 chains; thence
west 80 ehalns more or less lo the stone of the
narrows; theuce following the said shnre In a
general northerly and east*rly direction 120
eh. Ins more or less to the point of eommeneement, containing M0acres more or less
Daied this 8th day Of Oct.. 1906
Mkhtua IIikscii'
K. L, Hammond, Agent
Sixty davs  after dale, I  Mnrgrell  McQuarrle,
i litem! lo npplv lo tlie Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works, Victoria,B.C,
to purchase the following described land, C- ui-
mencing nl a post marked M. Mi 'juarrle, on the
bank of Lower Arrow lake, ihence 40 chains
west, tbenee60Cbaittl norlh; theliee 60 chains
east; lhetice fo chains soutli to place of com
menoement, said to contain iwi acres more or
less.   Covering ground held by li. 11. Anderson's
Dated this Hth day of Hepteniber, 1906.
MaKoiiKit HcQUABtfl,
W. L, I'avnk, Agent.
Sixty dava aftor date I purpose making application to ihe Chief Cnnniiissloner of Lands aud
Works for permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing ata post marked
'K fifl K corner," and slluate about onemlle
from Silver Tip Point, on Whatshan lake, and
near Christie creek, running tbeime an chnins
norlh;   llienee ho ehnins west;  theuce NO ehnins
south, following ihe lake ebon; thenee 80 chains
east to tbe point of eommeneement, containing
6lo acres more, or l.*ss
Dated the lllh day of August, 1000.
K   FAiyrieii,
POT F. Q. r'Al'uviKB, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given thai B0 days after date
I intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Loads and Works for permission to purehase the following described lamls;
Com nieming at a post planted on tbe nortlieast
corner of Peter ItoNaufhton'i application to
purchase, running 8u cliaim west nlong the
northern boundary of same; thenee no eliains
north; them-e 80 chains fast; theme 80 chains
south, along the west 1-oundary of John BLUotri
application to purchase, to point ol commence
ment, containing 840 acres, more or less
Dnted get, 18, Wc_. Thomas Smith,
Hy his agent, Khnkst W. Koimnson.
Notice Is hen by given that 00 -lays after date I
intend loapply lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works, at Viclorja, H. (,'..
for permission to purchase the following de-
m*rlbed lands, sftuated In (he West Koofcnny
district, south of Forty Nine creek, commencing
al h post marked"!,. H OhOOOBtte'S N VV cor-
ner," theuce -10 chains east, Ihence 10 chains
south, thenee 40 chains west, theme 4o chains
norih to the commencement poit, containing uO
acres, moreor less.
Nelson, B.C, Oct. Kith, 190-i.
W. A. JOHN, Ageut.
Blxty days after date I purpose ranking application to the Hon, Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for permission to purehaso the following described lind;   Commeneing at * poit
placed at Ihesouihweslconierof K. W. llHiuijiig-
plication  to purchase, marked "L. M. 8.
orner post," ninning ihence ho chains
wesi.  Ihence ao chains south;  Ihence Hit chains
east; tlience 80 chains norih to point of commencement. Containing 640 acres, more or lew.
Daied the llJth day of October, lSWfi.
L. M. S, Hanninoton,
p��r K. Hhiki.i., Agent,
pixy dnys afier date I purpose making appli-
cation to the Hon. chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to purobase the following deurlbed land: Commenolng at a poll
placed ou the north Itoundarv ol lol No. H04 and
about two chains east of What-han creek, mark-
ed '"M. S's. 8, \\. corner," running thenee 40
chains east; thence 10 chains north; thenee 40
chains west; llienee 40 chains south, to point of
commencement, containing 160 acres more or
Dated the loth day of October, 1006.
M. BnilLL,
Per U. till IBM,, Afeni.
ton's appl
Notice is herebyfiren tbatitxtydaysafter date
I intend toapply lo the Hon. Chief Commission
erof Landi ami works for permission to pur-
chase the following described lands, UQ acrei*,
commencing nt tip,-sl marked John Toye, planted on tha ensi shore of Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north of Sunshine creek, thene* forty
chnins east, theliee fortv chains south, thenee
forty chains west, ibenee   forty  chains   north
along inke shore to pomt oi commencement.
Dated thu Uth day of September, iwc.
 HaKiiv Ciiiso.v, Agiint.
Notiee is hereby given that wi dayi alter date I
intend loapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Linds and Works for permission
to purchase tbe following deaoribed lamLsitimte
In Fll-Q Valley, in lhe Wesl Kootenav district, adjoining \\. A.Calder'.sprceniptJou.'siiirlliigal H
poit marked tf, MoQuorrie'l soiiliiwesl comer,
running 80 cbalni east, thenoe 40 ohalna north
thence 80 chains west   tbenee 40 chains south to
point of commencement.
Dated this nth day of September, iwo.
J. __ Taylor, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that W days nflsr date I
intend loapply lo the Honomble the Chief Commissioner of Lunds mid Works to purchase the
following described tnndf, KM aeres, more or les**;
commencing at tl post planted on the west hank
of I i.per Arrow lake nt n point nbout 7 milei below Nakusp, and marked O, A. II. IL, N.K. eoruer
post; theuce 80 chains west; theme 40 chnins
south; tbence 80 chaini east, moreor less to lake
shore; theuco along lake shore to point of beginning.
Dated this Oth dnv of tieot., 1906,   ti, A. B. Ham..
60dayi after date I intend to apply to the Honorable  the Chief Commissioner of Unds and
Works, Victoria, B 0 , to pnrohait 640 acres ol
land situate west of Arrow lake on the west Hide
Of WhatChon creek aud joining the north bound*
ary of 8. J. Annahie application to purchase.
Commencing at a post marked It J. K. H. K, corner and running WM* 80 eliains; thence norlh 80
chains;  thenee eant HO chains;  thence south  to
point of commencement.
Hepteniber 2nd 1906. H. J. Kl.l.IOT.
Notice Is liereby given that 00 days after date, I
iniend to apply to the Hon. Chlof Cominissloiior
of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lauds In the West Koot
I'nny Dlstricti Beginning-, a post marked "W.
B Klrldtt- H W corner," ami plnnicd nhout
one-quarte/ mile west of the west shore of What-
shnn (Cariboo) lake, and ahoul one and one-
<jHurler iuUch north of the southern end of the
In lie; theruo north 80 ��� hnlns; thence east 40
chains more or less to (ho shore of the Whatshan
lake; theuce following snld ���horc In a geucmi
southerly nnd westerly direction n��i Hmli.s more
or less io a point on fhe shore due east of the
post of eommeneement; thence west 90 ehalni
moreor less to the point of eominenceineiil, containing 830 aorei mmi'or Ichi.
Dated Ull I 0th dayof Oct., IWt
W, 8. Klviiioi,
F. L. IUhhono, Agent.
���������������������������������������: ������������������������������e-u i
Jum reoelved, - ��iiirmii<i "luck   <>r   Stamped    Unena
work r���.
Tea Cloths, etc.    An -l-gaiil   a-sortniciit   for I
xnwiH protente.
We are also showing �� l��t Ol new Faney Tape unsl Itl Mum \s/,lrk
S.m> onr show  windows luv ��<>nm novelilcn    we liiuv   for   x__
trade, which we i���i made to onr order hy   the   bs-��i   school i,r
fancy work In the Montreal convent   Now ls the iimss ror v,m 2
iiinke selection!.
Nollee is he rub v given Hint U 'lavs r.lti r 'lute I
intend toapply lo the Honorable Chlel Commls
llOOer Of I-nndsand Work- for nermbsloli lo our
chase the following described lends, UtOSti d toi
(lie easl  side of  Arrow hike: Commencing nt n
postmarked a.MhH r�� location post, toenea
���outh f nv chnins, following w. Poye'i eastern
boundary] tbence eul lixty chain-, to east ttonk
oMiatii-aldi Creek; thenoo nortb torty ehalns J
thonoe east sixty chsini to point of commencement. contalnlno2_o acres, more or leas.
Dated Beptember 1.1000.     Alxxa Maolboo.
I'er N. DllUtaa, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given Mini ��i dnys alter Mate f
Intend to applj to the Bonorable tne Chief Com-
mlsslonei oi I andi and Works for permission 10
pnrebaaa tbe following described lands, sliunled
on thu ess) side of Arrow like: Commencing ��i
tbe northeut eorner of a. Anthony * purchase)
thenee north forty chains, thence west forty
chains, theuee souih (oriy chnins, thenoe easi
forty   chnins   to point of commencement, eon-
taming md acres, more or lesa.
Dnted He pie tuber 1, ihoo,     JUmo Y Macleod,
perN. DUgXI, Agetli.
Notice Is hereby given lhat sixty days afler
dale 1 intend toapply tothe lion,Cblel Coininis
iloner of Lands hii. Works ior permission to
purebaae tbe following described lands, in
.Veil Kootenay Distriet; Commenelni al nu In
itinl posl plauied at the southeast corner nf Me-
Coy's pre-emption, tbem e 20 cbains wesl i��> cast
boundary of Lol _1W lbence [ollowlng said
boundary soutb tosoutneut corner of said lot;
thence 111 ehnins west;  them1" \i chnin" loutbj
tbenee B0ebalni ensi; them-e jichnlus north to
southwest corner of I_*��t ._-���; them., following
Wesl houtidnrv Ol 1-ot KB to Initial posl.
Beptember SU, woe. n. |i Woi.kk,
per Khnkst ff. RoetMKUt.
Notice is hereby given thai 10dan afterdate, |
inteml to apply fo Uu* Hon. Chlel Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purebaae
the following  deserlbed  lands, sltuale on   Ihe
Ku*i ihore of Lower t-nke, about one undone
half   mile   Soith   ol   Kdgewoo.1.   ll. C. and   ml
joining J.T. Seattle's application tt. purobase,
ami commencing nt a post murked Donald wu
son's South West corner, Ihence running Norlh
rixty chains, thenee  Kasl fortv  chains,  Iheliec
���South, sixty chains, tbenee West forty chain* to
place of commencement, and containing NO
acres more or less.
I'ONA I.D   Wll*OK.
M. h. Mivjt \aaiK, Agent.
Dated this'J..th day of Hepteniber, I'Jul
Notice Is hereby given lhat two niorrllis nfter
dnie 1  Intend to apply  to ti,,   Hon..rable Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works (or i*-ermis-
iioii lo purebaae 040 aeres of land, described u
follows: Commem ing nl a post planted Sl ihe
southwesi td I. t. Morrison's r_n< 0 in Kire
Valley.  West  Kootenay  dlStrttt,  nmrbed *'J. 0.
Monro's northeast oornerpoat"; Lbence80chalni
west; thence Ni i hain-. south; tbenoe80Obalftl
east; thence N) chains north to the ptneeof torn-
Dated Uth day of September, 1906.
J. It. MtNKOK,
W. A CAinrn, Agent-
Notiee is hereby given that 80 days after date 1
Intend to appl* tothe Horn hief Commissioner
of Landl ami Works for pennlsaioii to pureliase
the following deserlbed lands,sltnate in West
Kootenay district: Beginning sts post marked
"Arthur warren'a fl w orner," and planted dn
the east shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, hU.ui
two miles north of the narrows of WhHishaii
lake, and at the S. g   eorner of W. Berambe'l a|.
plication to purchase;  thenoe eul  io cbalni]
theme north ��o chains; thenc west ,u chains'
thence south  K) ebOlni  Io  point of commence-
ment; Containing 190aores moreor lets
Dated this sth ��lay of (let. 1908.
AftTliil: WaW'.in,
k. h. ham-monij, Agent
���Sixty days nfier date 1 Intend to apply to in-
Commissioner of Unds ami Works, VTetoris to
purchase 160acre! of land, iltuate ami described
as followi: Commenolng ata post planted on the
west side of Arrow Uke opposite Cnriboo < lly, At
or nenr the southwest corner of H. Hnig pnr
chase, ami marked "O, M. A.. B K. Conor " mid
running north 40 chtlns, Ihenee west 40 cbalni
to ii. Annable. purchase, thence south mchains
moreor less to the lake shore, thenee atone the
lake ihore lo ploMO- beginning.
Auguit 38tb, 11(06. u. M. Annaih.f.
Notiee Is hereby given Uiaiuxiy days aller
dale I inteml   to apply lo the Honorable the
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for
permission to purchase thi* (ollowlng.dcscrlbed
lands in the w.st Kootenay district: Beginning
ai a post marked "-James- Kraser'sN K corner "
ami panted on the easl shore of WIihIsIihd
(Cariboo) lake, nbout one half mile norlh of
Christie creek;  tlience souih 10 chalus, more or
less, to ihe nonh boundary of w. iecombo's application to purchase; thence west along the said
boundary to chains, moro or less, lo Hie shore of
the lake! Ihenee following tbe said shore Iii ,i
general northerly nnd easterly direction no
chains, more or less, to point Of commencement
containing too ansae, more or less.
OM   Uth, I HUG. JAMSstJ. Fkaskii,
                             K. I,. Hammom.. Agent.
Notiee fu herehy given that sixty davs alter
lhe date 1 Intend lo  apply to the Hon. tlie Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permfs
sion io purchase the following deserlbed laud
iu the West Kootonay district: Beginning alls
post marked "E, H, Ken's n. B corner." and
plarite.l ou the shore of Wlialalian (('nrlhooi lake
nt ihe northwest corner of said Inke; tbenoe Hu
chtlns west; theme 40 chains souih; theme .u
ehnins east: thence io chains souih; thence e*w
10 chains, more or less to Hie shore of the -mid
bike; Ihenee northerly along the .,,,1 |,,ke ibore
HO chains, more or legs, to tin. polul of eoi-mo-ti-
ecmeiil, Oontainlng 480 neres, more or less
Hated Oct. I_, WOO. k. It. KKII.
                   K. I. Hammond. Agent,
Nollco is hereby glren that 60 days ntu-r dale I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
id Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands situated In the
West Eoototuy district] He Inning nt h post
marked "William Rsil'l N, w. oorner," oOd
planted nhout one mile souih of the north mui
of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, about twenty chains
west of the west shore of snld Inke and on ihe
souih boundary of K R, Kell's application lo
purchase; llicrire south Ho ehains; theuco eail SQ
chains, more or less, io the sold lake short;
Ihenee northerly along the said shore HO chnllit
I-."o,'i-".n1,;"M' f? _?��� ""Id south boundary 6
K It. hcll'H Application to pureliase; Iheiieewest
jo chains, moreor less to ihe poim of commencement, oontainlng 160 acres, mare or lesi.
Dated Oct. ll,flp9. WH.UAM Kan,,
My F. L Hammond, Ageni.
Notlco is hereby given thai 60 days after date11
intend to appy in the Hon. lhe ('hief Co,,,,, js.
sioner of Lamls ami Works for permission r-
chase the following described hmd-, iniff al
Kooteiiuy district, province ol British Columbin*
Commenolng ata post markofl'-WtUiamToUin*
ton's northwest corner post," snid nost be tun
6hinted at the louthwoil oornorof the *���.)���... .\.
Ii.eral Claim," aud adjoining the out llie ���
McPhall's pre-empllon, ihcee simth iw. i ��� ia
eha.is along snf-l line thence eut forty 10
ehains, thenee north twerrly (_ii) chains   thence
ffiUS&Tt!,alniimoro *'r l""1- totSJpBS?5f
lJsitt'il 181'lay of AiiKii.t, MKsfs.
     y    " "'""' '��� K- Taylor.
Blxty slnyssafter 'Into I luirsss.M' in_kji._nisnll...
lion I.s tbe OUM <'miil���i.ii���,���" ���, M '',',,";
worki (bf nrmlnlon is, purchiue llio Wlowine
"I l"��K W.,.ornor,"��ilj.,.���l,,��� ��� .' "',',,���,i
nryssll)   l'|,.r,so'�� ai.plli'illon  ,, ,,',����� I"[*����' J
"L'K 1101  ��ss i-lsolli�� isssrlls; Ihonoo-0s5l.il".
Msit; UiS'lii'O HO sinnlli, ssoiilli; lho ��     S!
,,e"11 i"i oomi loment, oontiinlni-i
OiSi'isss mo is or Isv.H. '   '"s-s "l"
Intel diss lllh day ol Auguil, linn.
_ ,, ���   '��� 1'iRRor,
Nolls-ls  I,  IssTi'liy KlS'S'ii HihI mi ...... I
.la... I l.s.so.l ..,���'���,",, to u�� $��>$>_
.nn��loii.Tol l.an.ls. ass.I Work. !.��� ,��l"*l
... punthue iiii! lolii,��inK -o^_|SS'_r
ssalss  111  WUI Ko-lonay   Is,,,,,,.,    , ,   1M"*',
ai ss poel marked -A. Illwh', , ��*SfM
|ilaiil.'l ssl   Hi,,  rl  W.iuiin.r ,,| 1, ( ri   , **^
mlloj north pi Usui,,,, n,, md .bS,,"'"; .
'""���' �� I tlie Colombia n����� igA'M
Nlrhnliia; llii-nsv s,M ,��� , l��������� '     . ,' "���*!
HchaloeiiEa ui tsnd ,m��� .1 '   ,"��>|
liisiiifiis,.nt, |.ontainliiii;l_ airi.      "" or _��.���
iiuii-.i tlii. I.ih day ol September, lf��
l*er Raii-ii OnSS* '
Notice Is hereby given thnt ���'-'Jdarsafie^ *~-l
Iniend toapply to flu Bonorable the Ch__t___i
mlssloner of Lands nud Works f.,r i,ri*|
pnrehaae lbe (oUowfng deecribsd l��n_7_!_2B
from a poit marked WTT'snorthWuttintL___9
���outb  U chaius, theuce eut K ebttu __2
nortii toehnllis, theuee west Hit t loilin t,)>-*?2
oommeneement, cotiiaiuim.' NO urn mSe
less; adjoini on the east oi a. An.hon7iu3l
Hon to purehaso. ^*1
Hated this ttU dayof August, im.
n. DnmtMmu
Notiee is hereby nl ven lhat si xn diiv*��fi.r-__
l Intend to spply to tbe Hon. cKlci c-im_*w_!
erof Lands atoI Works for pi-rmisoimi toii
chase the followiiiK described IninN wj**
stnrtine at a [H��st murked CitlierlDSTVia3
planted OD lhe eait shore of l��m-rAr*nifliZ|
u-ar i.ladstone Creek, thenee In < |,��<t>i n
thenee Hoehalns north, lh�� ���,.���,. H <'!iaitn wmuS
lake  shore,   theuee souih nli.ox 1st. ���bonel
point of oommenoement, ���
Hated this i;uh day of September, XM,
      HSMrOiBsaji, A|ent   i
Notice Is hereby glren thai 00 daTl fttferlsM
Inlcnd lo npply to ibe Houiirubb- if,..��� rUdf-*!
mlssloner of undsand Worki lot pemMeiM
purohaae the following described Uu*!. -iiuidl
on theeait side of Arrow Ink.', ' omm.u
Hie southwest  eorner of A   Antlim-v- |.iif.*i�� 1
theuce tMHitti twentr ehalns. ihsooe ���������ii i*nSI
ehulns, lbence norih twenty chi-fiis, iK-nt-fUJl
twenty Cbaltu  to point >d cninin. ;...-ni.iit,(o(|.
liilninc  -i ecree, more o   I til.
Omc-. Beptombor i, UM     Bissn m ^tub
per n. Dkmkm, a-*,.!.
Notloe i-  hereby given  Hint ilxtj .tin Om
dale I Intend toapply lotlu ��� Hutiomtil. ih(CWl
Commlaaioner ol Unaaand v\ork-furptrniti
to pureliHse lhe   followiiiK dCflPrlbed inleli.il
ate In lhe weal Kooteuny dlstrli '   and I'lHriiii^I
Pnul Andre's  pre emoiiou,   slailiiif- st I a\_
marked A.J. l_oug- n k. corner,on   ������'������> I
of Lower Arrow  lake,   thenoo   -ii eluitti tfrntM
thenre -to chains south, ihenoe !���> ''ii��isi��a|
theuce io chnins norih lo poim ol OCHUgH
ment I
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this Mil davnlrinhaJ
ber, iw.- \.i.im,i
Wm. I'oi.uki., Agent.
Not ttt- is hereby given thnt silly dayi tfltfi
dnle I Intend l" nPply to the II.ci,.*.i(ilMb-*(._tfI
Com mission : f ..i t ... - ... j -1 Worki      ,:!.���*. I
to pnrchase tbe foUowlng desi rlbed un-untuu
tu Went Kooteiinvdistrict M'oiniuiiflrlngStSlH
planted nt Robert Corlctt's north t*��t rwiil
posl nud marktd A. Ms N. H Corner tbtttS]
eul lochHlus; thenre -tOchnlns kouHi, -��� -r I
less to the Kooteuny river: them-e to eh tlm well
uloiiu ihe Kooteuay river; thenoe Id ��� '��� I
iiiulh, more or less, to the place ��t rwmnteaw|
ment, coniHinlng ino seres more or leii.
Beptrmber Uth itm.
William lfooai a* ^imt*
Nollee is hereby given thnti-UslH*��� murdnlen I
intend   to apply ",<��� in.  ii..;.���������        ������*���.��� |
'   r of l.nnds nnd  Works for perm Woe ���
purchnse the followiiiK dest n!.ed Imi-Is Id _t|
West Kooteuny district: Heclniiliiit tlimtf
marked Q, 1). it. I] nnd ��. BelPi B i. eorosrM *
nbout 2 miles eMt ol the Hnhmui riv riinlim |
K mile from the Pend d'Oreille riier; llifStfP !
ehalns north; theuee 40chains west; iIhskD
ehnins south; thence 4..eliains easl l-> !'l*��d 1
bewinni1 g,
Dated the22nd day of Beptember,i.-o.
o,D. W
11. Hill,
R, M. Rmrns, Afeot,
Sixty dnys nfier dale I purpose mslilip application io tlie Honorable the Chief Cun dipsMM I
of l.nnds mnl Work** for permission lo |-nrr___f I
the folhiwlntf deseriln"! Isnd �� .iiitimiicliu'U 1
a post maiked ������H. |��a H. W. corner," H-tJiilnlBtl
K Fsnqnluf- npplleation to purehase, rn*_fln| f
theuee eo ebalns north: thence *> chalm
thene.   -i chains kouHi.  llo ice su clmlns
to the  point .if eommeni'eiioti'.ei'iiisiiiiiii! �����
acres, moreor lens.
I'nted the inn day of August, 1-08*
Per V. ii. I -.1.' IS?;  ^''"|-
Notice is herehy given thst Wdtrssllerdslsl
Intend to apply to the Hon Chief i-niiiiiiiMliiKi
of l.nnds and Works for pennlsslon topniewj
the followlni: described Isnds. situated In Ihi
Kootenai district I Comim-tn'iitK nt n pes mined "BHW S, tt. corner." plumed OD tlieslinreW
I-ower Arrow Inke, Hbout one mile WUlM
Oordon .reek (Johnston creek.Mbence norm J
ebalus,   thettOC  west W chnin-
ehnins,  lhetice east HI ehnins
mencemont, containing 100 acree mpisw��a
and coinprlsiiig nbatidoiied pre empMnii >i'*'*
Staked thisWtfi day of ���*uKIl|,KJi1J';iIiVHTlMt1
A. N. Woi.vKhioN.A-.in    J
���lllliS* I
t of tnra-
Notiee In hereby given thai BttIj
'   "id t
II ii lend toapply'lothuHon chid
nnd Works for permlMi'
higdcseriln*!! land-,
pin i on lhe North Wesl ���  .
thence  rnnnii.c   tweniy chains Souih, IWJ I
ittfiitywuiliia West, thenee fortv etiaiiis>sr��
thence iwi-iity ehalna Kwl, ihence i ���.eiiiyci's"
Bouth to point or oomraenoemont,sno i f*1
ing so acres moreor less. ���    _,,
W..I  Tot k. Agent j
Daied the 1st day of October, IW.
Hlxty days arterdate J purpose meklug s��J|
cation to the Hon. Chlel t .mini i��-i' ' " .','
uml Works Ior pormlssioii to pun h**v ��' ". I
lowing described  land:   Coin ?"',,V,�� I
Pjooedsl tho southwest corner ol M.jJhWi"��j
plleallon lo luiri-liiisu, marked "F  fat.^1.
uer," riiiiuing thence Nlrhnlnf norla. I'11
chains west; (henee  so cluilns
ohalns east in point of common
lug 8*Jt acres mueo nr lesn.
Dated the H'th day Ol October, l��fly. (.   .,���,,
heme V I
Intend   to  apply  to tho HonorafcU- ���������---��. i
Commissioner of umds and Works i-r i��<'    i
sion to purchase the following aescr bwj '���" ,
lu lhe West Kooleiinydlslrlel:   Beg .nIll"lTn!,'
posl mnrked "Kleunor llirrch'sf*  ��     ,nl,M i
and plnntcd on the we"I nhore of Uie """.,���..,[1 \
Whaishaii (CHrlhnn) tnki!,iil>ouloiic,in>i c"'' '   , 1
milessouihof Arrow lake trail; llu-in'i' n���* 'M '
Chains] Ihenee eaat 40 chains mon* ill ""���';     o
shoreof iho Narrows [ thence folloHinu in * ��
ibore in ��� KL-noral Houtherly nnd w***b*'i>   '   .
Hon hu chains more or lesa to polnl ol ���'"
men I, containing Uio neres more oi 1* --���       ...
Muted Uct. Hth, itma. BilWNoit ui"*"'
 K. I.JlAMMONb.  \i;,,M
Noilce Is hereny given liiatslxtvdn:   ui.-rdjW
I liiiciul Id apply tothe Hon ChlDfCiuiim	
er of [.nnd-und   Works  for pormlsslull M  F",
obaae tbe following deserlhed landu m '"!;_)
koolcrmy disiriei;   Ilcglniilng at n|'";   '    ������.
"W.Becombe'lS, K eoruer,'* and phm'"'"'Nl1n
enst   shore   of   Whatshan {Cariboo)  li-ke,
two miles   north of lhe inirnuvs ol ��h"S*g
lake;   tbetioe   north   WI ehnins;  Um*  ", ,..���.
Ohalns, moreor less, lo the ukealinrr. iw���.
following  the said  shoreiliageuehi)"" "J ,;,
nd easterly dlrcciion I'M ehuius. more -������ "���*-ff, i
ni;   eniiliiiNiii'-       |
r less.
poini of commomtome
teres, more or less.
Duled UiisMli day of Hid , UHKI
W. HKi"*""1'
F, L  JlAHNUNih A��i'Ht
���rv i ��� ���i��i^��ai|wi��"ii��'W INHEUSER       -AND T^ ORIGINAL
tUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sels in.
NELSON       s",u  ...liL1,.,.*.!... ������,t,M"    VICTORIA
urns __ Co.
ir_<���������__ In   Rowland,   Trail,   NHhoii,  Kimln,   Sftudon, Tbrpe Fni**   Nt-w
Denver tmr. Hffwtn City.
iv until loniiy branch will have
a pi nud cHreiut attention,
He-��d Office: Nelson, B. C.
liereby jfiveii Mint thirty ilayn niter
imn piil y lolhe Jloiiomhlc thc chief
ii ..I Lands and Works lorn Rpfdal
i nod eMrry a��ny limber from llie
scrlbad lands: Commelieliif; al *_.
1 'JohU McO.trry's northwest cor
! ibont n mile west from Hearcreek,
mir miles fr.un its iiroith, which Is
resl fnun Nelson; thenee enst KI)
n-c nouth Ho ehnins, thenee wc*-l flu
��� ���* north t��i eliains to the Inllial posl.
tuber22nd, r.��fl.    j-.u*. IfoOAJW-
��� T-'i.y Kivi-ri lhal.��) davi* after date I
[ily to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
: W.i-kf* f.o n s|M*clal Iluense to cut
vay timber from the following de
-:   Commencing nt h  *...-i marked
iron's Roatheasl corner," planted
���.���..������-I from Hear'reek, nmi nbout
rom Hi mouth, which Im six mile*
-.ii. theuee went ���" e limit.-., thence
���iIns, tbence east M) chalna, thenee
ins io the Initial pool.
[ol_r_2nd, l-OC.     P. T. MoHiusod.
i'-Iif .:.'���:* lhat Ndtfl niter Onle 1
v lo the Honorable Chief l oininfs-
!- nod Works (ora special lieeime to
I sway limlier from the (oIIowIiik
li     i omiiieneliif* nt n |w>-*l marked
k'han'i sontbwasl oornir- nimned
ae*l  from   Hear ereek, a ild about
��� in   Its  mouth,  which  ISSlxmlJeS
���i ii ; thenee north nchains, theooe
lis,   Ihence  ttutlth  Welitlns, thuuee
- in ihe initial point.
ul October, I'JOK.   M. ('. MoruiiiiAN.
r��'l v (riven that Al dnys m.-r dale 1
tothe Honorable the Chief Com
l.niidi   nnd   Work-   for a special
nnd carry away timber from ibe
*    ita-d  lands:   Oonunencing at a
I   J Hcniiiaii's northeast corner."
n .1 mile eresl from Hear creek, and
lies from   Its mouth, which Is six
in Nelson; ihenee weet ��ochairs,
-*t chains, thenee eaat SO chalna,
-v> ohaloi to the initial point.
���������t.-r Wml, 1SW.        T. J. BCAHUM.
in i- i.y fftren that thirty dajn after
I im nppiv to lhe Honorable the
i-iiiner of  Innds snd Work" for a
to cut nml enrry away lini ber from
K   doacrlbed   lands, nit tinu- in the
��� ���) dlatrlct:
: m ui a ������..-[ marked Prod Atkinson _
ior |iost, planted about one isilc
"��� Arrow Inke nud joining Lot Hi j
"���" ehalni, llienee south *-' chain*,
"'chains, thenee north ho chnins lo
11 nielicenn nl
��� Uli dny of October, 1908.
Chas Kill.
���    lm!  HI-lni> alter date  we  Inieml
1'i'iicatj.in to thc Honorable the chief
"ii.Tof LniuN and Works for a special
i and carry away timber from the
icribed  lands;   "
ComineUi'lllK   at   n
uer of the K._fc_-
Utile   Olaeier  ereek,
|iiu:   thence north   H
iee SOUth Uio ehnins; Ihence w<
ini of commencement
iiber IHth, IMM,
V-'ATtHBtmO   I.T'MliKIl C'M'AKV
liANikl. TOoMKt, Agent.
i* i- liereby gt*ftm lhat MdOH afler dale I
""ji'l'ij m the Hon. the Chief Commls
"I Unds and Worku for a spee'al Mceuce
mil carry %m*%j Umber from thu following
* ; IhihIs, nit uate in West Kootenay dls*
1 "iniiieneing nt n posl on Kohfusoii ereek,
iiarten of a, mile northweal ol Laroher'l
I'-'oil, ibenee went BO chains, thence iiorlh
"Mheiicoeosl Ki) chains, Ihence south Hll
M* iiii ii? commoneomenti
1 Bth, 1906,
iii"     lllNI.-.'11-i'N.  I.o.'ulor
>�� after .Isils- I purpou mnklllK Gssppll-
li.. Hon. I'l.li'f s ,,1.11.11..1..11,1 01 Lninls-
W"r*. "ir permlnion ts. pgrabue Hns f..l-
'-.'il.f.l Inml;   Oo-hmonolllK nl si boll
"I   1'.' yssrslss vveM ul lis,. WIsssWIiiili
- is.I llli.snl   Is...   mil,.,   HSIIIIl   ssl   (Vim!
���'"���.. iiiisrk,..l '���-. r.X'n.N li. ..inner |..s��l,"
::    is..-  ill  ,.1,111,1,   miiitli;   llmnoo  ��l
ss'-li Hss-iii... ssili'litihiss nisrili; tli.'iii'.' WI
sssn,lo |s,,ini of oonimonoelDonti rnntiiiii-
s" " -. sii.ire nr It-,*
 ��� H'lli slss)- ssl O.-lol.ir, lUWi.
II  ��'. HKlNN.ll,
1'i'r II. SniM.1. Ak'slM
'ihi" !'i""r '}',":'! B51XW making Ml.f.tl. ..-
ilu- Hon. chlol is���!iiiiii���i���ii,.r .ii I.,,,,.,.
"> l.sr |s..rinl��hlon In punshaae Use follow
��� ss ���,i   Isrtit.l:     ( oinmisni'lng  Bt   n  |,.,s
"' inn nortliweil ..rnef ol 11 Oo-d'i an.
,: "...Isssrilsiisii., marki'il "II W. H's. s. w.
I"�� . riiiisililu Hulliis Ha rlialln si.iiili;
^'s'Sisiiiih ,.M,t; tlsclii's- Hss .-Iniiii, mintli;
��' i'lis,lii> ws.��t In point ol rsilniiiflici-
I. s   !  "",',I",B llln "rr���. ">"��! ���>' li'ssss.
^ ' u'lss 101 li ,liiy of (t,,toner, mis.
It Wi Hankikoton,
|>s'r It. Hiiiki,!,, Ak.'HI-
S~ 1,,-rfl.y KlVf'Il Usui I'.liliij-iiiilliiriliiU. I
"' "ink..i application ujlh, Rnponblg tlm
'immiMioner ssi i,���,i,i, ���,���i w,srk�� lor par-
i"  itsir.-liiiHi.   tha  lollsiwltiu sls-rn'rllss'il
' ""' "-Iiik hi ii insist plmitoil on tbo
���s .1.'.. ,..  .'u,l'r M-Naoanton'iapplloa-
r |.i    rl,   ,v, Is.llllsH,,,. tl���. ,)�����l l���,|������l,|,v ..I
1; ..', "'" I tBanoe m ohalni will
 ��i�� nisrili; ih,.ii,.,. s.1 I'linins ws>ssl In
;^'.|lltlH.||,.,.moill,   l-OlllHltllllg  M0 lUTL'N,
l.v'h,f.i����.     ,                  A.,l,���HTl!l.I.IS,lT,
"! llllSSS|j|.||| HllSB-TW. || Mum.
!?.l',''."'.''!' !"v''" "'"l "ixly _��yi ..ri.r
'"���I   t�� nppl)- !,, l|,o lloilorabll' Ohlel
sl..,., " , uT1?, "'"' "���"rk" mrpermli'
'''"���" llss'Issllsswlna slssmsrllssiil liiinl��:
��..( (i ,.,.���.',' I""'.1 I'l*1'.'.! on Usssiiiirllssv ,1
In- ��i ,., v""u"l,l"'",'llll"" t'>|sori.|iii��f,
Inrv  ,,l  ...."   '',*"'   *'""��   "'0   nnrlhiTii
|',-,.,' .," ��l  iisssiss-e H dbalni north;
I,.I   .    ���"'""'! "' '"���"��' islliilliss.oiltli. lo
I.,, i..-,"" ���"���������..���������'���"-lit. oontainlng mh aorei.
By In, ntji.nt, ii���M(,T W, llo-imiw.    '
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Potter & Cummings
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Dolivtirics made tl��Uy Ummghout Nolson
lind its stilinrls. Plione 14S.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at lliis
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
The Daily Canadian
8trata  Yield Under Unequal  Preisure
Sai i to Affect Whole Earth.
Our globe is still perilously vital,
s-js Miss A. M. Gierke, the well-
siiosvn sd-ntlil- writer. lln actual
sliupu and 8i_t. re8U|t (rom tj,e UIlt_g.
oiilssic |,luy of bcut and gravity, Uie
-Lturbanc- of which is at auy tuo-
ui.'iit liable to produce a destructive
acwss of instability. Some such dls-
ttirnancu buj doubtless been tho uu-
-OHj/ing cause of the recent succession of seismic cutustrophes, the lat-
Mt, though peihups not lhe last, of
which took place at Valparaiso.
Kaiihiiuukes, il |S true ure in one
si-iiKis local phenomena, 'ihey ensue
Immediately from a yielding of Uie
strata under a strain or nuoiiual
preatun which lists been In course of
accumulation probably for many do-
cades. 'I'h us one part of the ui-eu will
he lightened by denudation, while another becomes loaded !>y deimslllon,
until ull at once the bearing strength
of the rocks underneath being over-
lax.d, a fracture ensues, and tho
world is shaken.
The equilibrium, however, is ou the
verge of Instability long before it ls
actually overthrown; the security of
the tbueatoueol district remains, unknown to tile Inhabitants, iwlBed ou a
knife-edge of opposing Influences, and
the Impending disaster may be accelerated by a full in the barometer, or
the minute relief of pressure due to
Ihe moon's passage through tlie nearest point of her orbit.
Evidence, morevoer, is accumiilaling
i hut earthquake production is promoted by some cause affecting tlie earth
as a whole. It is by no casual coin-
clsleuco that the Uharmsala earthquake, the earthquakes of San Francisco and Valparaiso, to say nothing
of the Vesuvlan outburst���undoubtedly a co-ordlnute manifestation���havo
followed close on each other's heels.
And wo know that the figure of the
terrestlal spheroid Is not strictly Invariable. If it were there could be no
"wandering of the pole."
Tho axis on whicli our planet spins
shifts Its position within it by describing a highly irregular little orbit, some
few yards In diameter, In a period of
about 4110 days. This Is both an effect and a cause. It is an effect, we
must siipiiose, of slight changes ln
the distribution of matter upon the
earth's surface; and it necessarily occasions, owing lo the forced alterations
of centrifugal speed accompanying lt,
certain Infinitesimal strains within Iho
terrestrial substance.
A maladjustment of figure and rotation Is continually arising in circumstances that vary incessantly. An exceptional stress so generated would be
quite likely to provide seismic and vol-
canic ii-rturbitions in widely separated regions. It would Just give the
decisive touch lo the Inclining balance;
it would add the last straw to the
barely supported burthen of tho
weighted strata.
Advances  Being  Made Today Just as
Actively as in the Past.
Quarter of a cenlnry ago there were
many makers of custom.made shoes in
the cities. Is there one known today
���really known?
Machinery, supplemented by method,
made belter shoes, finished lheni liet-
Ism-, and fashioned them right, so lhat
all men could get the style tbey wauled, the sl-e they wear, and llle width
that would fit.
A Bhoe In 11 width does not necessarily in,-an that Us wearer must buy
a suit of clothes of Semi-ready physique type n. Hut the physique lyi��e
system of tailoring, used only bo the
Semi-ready tailor shops, assures lhe
same variety In slses of suits or overcoats ns do the shoe sizes and widths.
With this perfect system It Is possible
to mnke up, rendy to bo filled on and
finished in nn hour, a suit of clothes
from tho best and most expensive
cloths. It can never be dead slock.
For every Soml-ready type there Is a
.1. A. Qllker, the pioneer merchant
ot Nelson, has secured the ngency for
the Incomparable Seml-rendy tailoring.
Ancestor of Modern Labor Orlers Celebrates.
Milwaukee, Oct. 25.���Tho feast of St.
Crispin, which occurs today, Is an anniversary now forgotten by the shoo-
mnkers and most everyone else, though
thero was a time when the dny was
religiously observed in many parts of
this country. One of Iho pioneer labor
organisations of tho united states was
the Knights of St. Crispin, which was
eomposed of shoemakers. The movement wns started In Wisconsin just,40
yours ago and spread rapidly eastward.
Its alms were similar to thuse of lhe
labor orguiil-atlons of today, hut tho
principles iiihiii whicli It wns conduct
ed were different After flourishing a
few years the organization became defunct and is now scarcely remembered,
even by the oldest members of the
St. Crispin, in whose 1k.ih.i- tho organization was named, was a shoemaker preacher, a teacher of the
Clirlstiun religion in barbaric Gaul,
and he suffered a cruel martyrdom at
the hands of the heathen Roman Consul of Oaul, in 2S7. There Is a tradition that he preached by the duy and
made shoes by the night and gave
them to the poor, an angel supplying
hlm with leather.
This Date  In  History���October 25���
1400���Chuucor died.
1415���llattlo of Aglneotirt.
17115���Karl of Peterborough, Kiinllsh
leader iu Hie war of lho Spanish succession, died.
1751-���Extraordinary eruption of Mt.
1780���John Huucock chosen first
governor uf Massachusetts.
1810���Ueorgo III. of England completed fiftieth year of his reign.
18110���Luxor obelisk erected in Paris.
1847���American fleet under Commodore Perry bombarded Tobasco.
1870���Convention in Cincinnati to
urge tlie removal of the nationul capital from Washington to some point
1898���Pierre Ptivis de Chavannes,
mural painter, died In Paris.
18!)!)���Grant Allen, novelist, died;
born, February 24, 1848.
1902���Great loss of life and property
by eruption of Santa Maria, Guatemala.
1904���General Kuroputkin appointed
cumiuunder-iii-chiof of itussian army.
Gunter's Fifty-Ninth Birthday.
Archibald Cluvering Guuter, the popular author and pluywright, was bom
in Liverpool, Eng., October, 25, 1847.
He came to America as a young man
und studied lu the School of Mines in
Sua Francisco. After his graduatlou
he was for a time a civil engineer for
the Central Pacific railroad and later
worked as a chemist in the California
assay office, lu 1875 he became a
stockbroker lu San Francisco and
three years later removed to New
York, In which city he hus since continued to make his home. The work
which made Mr. Gunter famous was
his novel, "Mr. Barnes of New York,"
which wus dramatized and has been
seen on the stage throughout America,
and In England and Australia. Others
of his books that are well known are
"Mr. Potter ot Texas," and "Miss Nobody of Nowhere." The successful
play, "Prince Kurl," is also from his
A treat is promised next week in the
coming of tlie Zinn Musical Travesty
company, which appears at Sherman's
opera house all next week. The Walla
Wulla Hulls sin of a recent dale says:
/.inn's Musical Travesty company
gave a clever performance at the Key-
lor Grand thcittro last night, and the
large audience was highly pleased.
With the Zinn's there is something doing ull the time, and while the plot
could hardly be found with a microscope, it detracted uot a whit from
the enjoyment,
"When the comedians were not on
the stage, the girls were, antl it was
one continual round of jokes, songs,
dancing and amusement, nnd without
vulgarisms. It is the kind of a performance that takes, and It has surely
caught on In Walla Wnlla."
If you wait for others to do things
for you tliey are apt to do you while
you wait.
When a woman knows hor husband
like a book, il is usually his iioeket-
Wo'ro particular to havo only pipes
thai we can guarantee���OBI), MIH. JE
���made from the Quest French hrlar,
curved or straight stems, amber or vulcanite mouthpieces. All sizes: $1.00
Tobaccookt.   Baku Street.
A. McDonald & Co.
-Oaltw in staph aud fancy GrocerioH-
Bultor, Ekrh.
Ctunp aud Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of .lapuneso Goods now on Bale. All
kinds ot Uinnerware tu slock. I'rt-
terns.  . .
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house iu the Kootenays.
Roomi tro well furniihed.  Table M good u aw
Id Nelion.    Bar iupplled with good
Ilu uon mod clean.
W. B. McOANDI-ISH, Proprietor.
Ttemont Hotise
Ksitojhs.u tnd Am.ricsstn I'l.r,
U.tU Vt cti.  Kossiis. from 'Bt rl* to fl
Only WblU limp F.nplortd.
Bnker Ml. NellMI Prnpr
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day Hoosc Id Nelson.
Tht Bar !��� tho Pineal.
While Help Only Kmpioyed.
ioMphlUf! Rl.
The Big Schoona D/��a�� f A/��
Or "H-Jii_-I_lf"   DCCI    JUL*
The only Glass of Oood Beer iu Nelson.
II..S.-I ssi-s'.iiiiisisisIhIIisisss s..'1-.iisil !.. untie III Brltlab Columbia. K-leH fl'K! per slay. SpcssUI ratea
tss monthly boarslere. Ouly home hotel In Nelaon
Lake View Hotel
Corn'T Hall am) Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Katei 1K00 per day and up.
Telephone lis. N*ELSON,  B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Locat-d. Open Day and Nl_hl.
Sample and Bath Rooma Free.
Opposite Court Hoax and Post Office.
Ctn-tr Ward ud Vernon Str-rb.
-D* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. c.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
1 ssri-.s anil Comfortable Bedroom! and . Inst-
cl.i.��I'siilns Room, -ample Rooma for-oinmer-
(SlKl  Mull.
MRB. K. V. CI.AkK-.  Proprlelreaa
Tlie well known
tl^^'I'La'T        Onr BeerGardon is
UU A JEiJU        tbe Finest in tbe
j~5______25-_-_r Kooteuays.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.1)0 a Day.
Spwsinl Rates to Rcfrnlar Boarders.
Wlioleoale ami Retail Pflftleri In
Fresh and Salted Meats
(lamps supplitwl ou shortOHt notie*-- aud
lowest price. Nothing hut fre-ah nnd
whnl-'KoiiiH nicjitH nnd supples kopt iu btook
Mail oi.lt.ru rooeivo careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manage..
w. a. oiuuett
Contractor and
Bole agent for Uie 1'nrti) Klin J-timbr-r Co., Ltd.,
ifiHll yard*. Kniigli ninl <lrt"M,il lumber, ttirneu
work anil ItrarkotH. Cnait lath nn . Mlifiigle---, rath
ami doom, t'ctnent, brick and lime for uate.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vornon St.. ��wt of Halt.
NKI.80N,  B. ii.
P. 0. Mot _:.������!. 'IVI,. 11 In me 178.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters nnd Denlers in
t'sml nml Wihis.   Express and
Llfutgngo Transfer
_"-__�� _J Office: Baker St.
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
Terms ti.vi cash
lsnluiii-1' monthly jKiyments
House and Two Lots for Sale in.
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
aud is well situated.
H. <& M. BIRD.
Insurance!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest estntilished Real Estate HI   _ D    f*
Business iu Kootenay. INeiSOn-.  D.   _����
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
of the
Choicest Frait Lands ia
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
New Fafl
Goods Arriving
Importar of Pin*
Bngll-at.  Clootie*
Jno. T_ Pierre
Baker St.
Nalaon. B. C.
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL. Daily,
TORONTO, Weil., Frl., Sun.     I
MONTRBAI.. Tne., Thur., Mon. !
BOSTON,   Saturday.
West from Revelstoke
Daily Standard Sleeptr
Por Berths,  rates or detailed Infor-
malion apply to local agents or write
A.U.!��.��..Vnns'ssuvt-r. D.H.A.. Nelisen
Certificate of Improvements
"Eisllpsws No. -," "Vevey," "li_|s|iy Mtsdlu-i,"
"liiioriistloiial" anil "A la l'ia.li..iiHl" mineral slalssiss, ssiissalfsl iti this Slocan Oity Mining
l>l\ Isslini ol Wi'sii Kisotssnay sllsttrli't.
Wh.ro lootted'i���Korth ol Twulvo Mik-s's.vk,
alsssssl two lislls's up.
T nks> notts-e that I, II. II. Joranil. ol si......... n.
Ci Frets Minor's, tsrlllii'alss No. ltr_.i. ass ts.s.-ist
for L. A. Cols.*, Knso MiiisT's c.rtlSi'atc No. LlsSsM.
inteml, Hlxty slays, from Use tlate hereof, loam, y
to tlse Mitiiiisr iSs'i-i.r.lsr l..r a (Sertillrateof fin-
s-r.'S's'isis'iiti'. fssr Use pisriss.ss-ssf islslainliis: a Cri.wn
llraist ssf ssas.l mineral elaliiiss
Ansl further lake notice that action, un er
Section :n, sississt Ui cssinineiis-s'sl before the isessi-
anceof aui'li rertllis-ate ot liiiprssvementst.
Pated this. Jllti day ol Sefsteinber, IMS.
H. tt. JuRANll.
Thirty-scam. Anniul Convtallen
American Bankers'
St. Louis. Ho., Oct. 1.-19,1906
Kouiiil trip rr-Ui-.i to St. I_oui_i
���mi Clili-ago 011 Sale October
l'-th to 13th.
fit. I-oilis tto 00
ri!i.��RO    tldlof
flohift traimft limit ten tl��yn
(rum th-ili-nf Snle. Kilutl return
limit Nov-iuUr.loth, lttUfi.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
in Bftoet October aath, imm, on
fKl��* (tully, IlintUKl to 11 mouth*
In.in -l-iteuf siilc.
oh AtiKPlfHiuiil San tM Harhara    S$S,mo
PmHMI      faiQ
Santa Moulea        ,   M #
Itiveriide au-t San Harnanllno ..   39.10
Pedlamta mm.jq
For Further Information Apply to
City l-ii*-���*.*jiger Agent.
A ti. r. A., Seattle.
Hunldpallty of the City, of Nelson
Any ma'e or female, Ih'Ihk a Prtlish mibject of
the full age nf *_!l jrun, win. ha*, paid all the
ratea and taxe* for the current year, and hns
eoutlnuouKly resi'M within the muntplpaltty
ilnce the first .In*-, of January, IMU}, -tod who in a
houaeholderor H'eusf holder within tht niuni-
elpaltty, may reBicler an a voter for lhe year l��i*7,
If the nwcMuiry dcelaiatlon ia d-'iKmlted at llitn
offlce on or Wfnre Oct. 31 next. Puitona tftialfv-
in��t aa Mcein-e liolderti, who are not property
owtiera, nnn>t atteml to reg 1st rat Ion of tnelr
names on the Hat.   Tereons who have become
6roperty owners within the munlelpality aluee
_c. 3Ut, IWVi, nre requested to Inform tne un
deralgned at once.
W. K. WAHSON, V.. M  (1
t'lty Clerk's olllee, Nelson, B. C, Oct. IS, l-Jul. The Daily Canadian
Book Ahead For|
Preserving Pears:
Tho ri^ht  kind are source.    We ���
***   have a nice lot of   local Burt let ts ay
and Flemish Beauties to arrive.
Lowest market prices guaranteed,
Bell Tradingj
Company        ;
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
Tlie apple you took from j
the tree when you were a'
How nice it tasted then.
has sonic just like them.
Come and sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
Ijoy's Cash Grocery;
:. JoscphliH'Riiil Mill Wu.      J'hone 11'
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bonf BnUdetl will find it tn thoir ad-
VB-ttBg. to ukis nur Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
l lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box -   30c
HieM-goodi ar*,* a* One u iiu* motsoxpciiilvi
.ilm!.-., ihe only differeno. in the package*
Phsims Sii. Bnkur St.
Next P. Borne & Co.
C ,,-. \_ri.oi. end Ward  Slpc.ts*.
NBI-SON,  a. c.
,T. FKED HUME. Proprietor.
.1. Cronln, Mrs. Bentley, Spokane; d.
McCallum, Slooani P. X. Waltera, W.
Craneton, E. Ilorton, II. Claireniont,
Ii. J. Ward, A. Friede, Rosclans; F. W.
Store;). Vancouver; X. ('.. Osilvle,
Norfiport; .1. II. Bastedo, Toronto; H.
ll. Richardson, Vancouver; .Mrs. li. F.
L'haote, Eholt.
Mis. Hunter, Bonnington; A. McLennan and wife, Slocan: A. ,M. Fraser. Winnipeg] Irene Palmer. I.ticla
Nola, Winifred Crowley. Rosclans; F.
c. Merry, Ferguson; .1. I.. Retallack,
Kaslss; F. .1. Hunter. Winnipeg; It. .).
Smardon, Vancouver; A. J. Jackson,
lt. Balnbridge,  Vancouver.
.1. II. Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; Mrs. G. R.
T, Crilchey, New Denver; T. K. Finises, Slocan; .Mr. and .Mrs. MoAUtster,
Ottawa; U. Hoffman, E. Thornton, E.
Wossd, .1. F. Logan, .1. S. Lanetown,
Itsssciaus; Miss Muller, Oreston; Mrs.
S. O. Muller, Vancouver, J. C. Cat-ruth.
ere, Salmo.
.1. Wallace. .1. Kyle, Vancouver; W
C.  Burns, Winnipeg.
W. McQear, Chicago; R. Woods,
M. McPherson, Thrums; .1. A. Og.
den, Trail; II. C, Depew, E. Wills, Winnipeg; E. lltlrey, M. Dewey and wife,
ROBolans; A. Williamson, A. Bohoon-
ers, .1. Moran, Vmlr; D. Jones, A. M.
Good, Alnsworth; T. Ryan, Granite.
Mrs.  J.   10.  Fenna,  Koch  Siding;   F.
Lawson, Bonnington.
J. Clarke Shields; T. Morgan, Slocan.
E. Cainplisson, A. McGuire, Arrow-
bead; T. Williamson, Paulson; A.
Gray, Kokanee; It. M. Irwin, Hedley;
W. M. Pinchlar, Vancouver; II. Chambers, Revelstoke; J. M. Turnbull, W.
Harkness, Trail; A. McKee, Ryan; G.
Cole, O. Olsen. J. 11. Arthur, A. Clark-
son. Winnipeg; R. II. I Ian man. Hon.
lilugtssn;   I..  Gallagher. Granite.
N.  MoKechnle,  Silverton;    W.    A.
C.'ilslcr. Fire Valley;   W. D. Hescott, J.
w. Hescott, Warsaw.
best.     Tr}' a pound with
your next older.
Motley  refunded if  not  satisfactory.
Telephone 1(11.
The Annual Meeting of tho Nelson
Agricultural ami Industrial Association
will hu held In lhe Hoard of Trade
room on Thursday, November 1st, lBOfi,
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
D. C.  McMOKUTS, Secretary.
.TO .MKN, al ODOe, fnr work In tlie wihwIb.   Apply
Ui \V. K. Oooke. ����win ill. Kaslo.
LADY BTBNOQHAPHER for pnul linn In Country,
(ioinl   bonfl  wild  I'inploycr'jt  fiuiillv.     Apply
pox W��� fitpaduo offlra, ________
HISH:MKN, Mill llHsiidv.iiKll^KBlnKContraclor.x.
nlso Knplut'tT WmiM-nrg Lumber Co., niter
Cranbrook. B. c
Apply box 613.
Fi%*e  rhll(lr_ii.
Horn, iu Nelson, Wednesday, October 24, to the wife of John Richard*
son Houston street, a daughter.
Alexander Morton of Spokane uud
Miss Evelyn Held of Toronto wvi'v
married in this city yesterday by Rev.
J. T. Ferguson.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. ltuchunun, who
have  been   visiting   friends  in  Nelson.
Rowland and the Boundary, are leaving for San Francisco.
The local QQfps of ihe Salvation
Army will be At Home In ihe bunacKs
tonight from 7;3-. Music aud refreshments will form the program.
The Westminster Choir Party and
Albert Hole will appear here ut the
opera house Friday evening, October
2ti, and Saturday afternoon only.
Thc plan for "Cavallerla Hustlcana"
and "Pinafore" opened this morning
at C. H. Honghursts. The sale during
the first hours was exceptionally good.
The supremo court expedition to
Fernie will return tonight and tho
trial of the fire damages cases will bo
resumed  tomorrow  morning at  10:80,
The committee of the Wholesalers'
association appointed to select an expert statistician to collect material for
the association's protest against
freight rate discrimination will meet
The cast of "Cavalieria Kusticana,"
whieh will be presented by the Hoscian
Opera company in collection with
"Pinafore" at the Exhibition building
Wednesday evening, October 31, is a
large one, including Miss Lucia Nola
as Bantuzea, Frank Walters as Turri-
aii, ililliard Campbell as Alffo, Miss
Carrie Godfrey as Lucia, Miss Winifred Crowley as Lola, Edward Flavell,
Carl Hoffman, Miss Irene Palmer,
Miss Estelle Thornton, Miss Evelyn
Horton, Louise Dewey,
A very quiet wedding took place this
afternoon at 2:30 lu St. Saviour's
church. Rev, F. il. Graham, rector,
solemnized the marriage of Kenneth
E. MacKenzie, manager of the Kossland branch of the Royal Hank of
Canada, and Miss Edith S- Shrapnel,
of Victoria.
Mining Records.
The only entries in the mining recorder's office today were two certificates of assessment work, issued to
Roderick McLeod on the Major and
the Invincible.
To Study American Methods,
Washington. D, C, Oct. 25.���Major
C. F. Close and Captain Firth of the
topographic division of the Hritish ordinance survey are expected in Washington next week on a mission that is
without precedent in the history of the
friendly relations between the United
States and Great Britain. The purpose
of the Hrlish oificers in coming here
is to study the map making system of
the United States. The British ordnance survey makes the official maps
for the British empire. It is reputed
to be the foremost organization of Us
kind in the world, but at the same
time there are some points in which
the map-makers of the United States
geological survey excel. One of these
in particular is the system of printing
maps in three colors, brown for the
contours, blue for the rivers, and black
for the roads and towns. The method
has been copied from the United
States by the French, Swiss and German governments, and it is expected
thai England will follow suit. During
th��ir visit here th<| British officers
will be afforded every facility for investigation by the war department, the
geological survey and the coast and
geodetic survey.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear ont thiB lino
we are rodnciiiR the price to
'fie. We only hnve n limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if yon wnnt any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Fresh, Crisp and Appetizing.
25c per pound.
This is a fine Hue.
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sta.
We hnve just reoelved n consignment
of New Records, both Cylinder and
Disc. This shipment was selected personally  and   every   record   is a choice
Disc, 10 Inch   each 65c
Cylinder each    35c
Cylinder, gold mounted.. .each 45c
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, B. C.
Phone -/_4.
Cockburn Declines Election.
Toronto, Oct. 25.���G. H. Cock burn,
president of the defunct Ontario Hank,
who was also president of the "Consumers' Gas company, declined today
to offer himself fur reelection aa
president of the latter company. In a
letter presented at u meeting of the
board of directors of the Consumers'
Gas company today, Cockburn stated
that in view of the present state of
public feeling against him and tlie affairs of the Ontario Hank there will
not be a vindication of himself before
the annual meeting of tlie shareholders of the Gas company, on October 29
ami in lhe best interests of the company he withdraws his name.
How   About   Your
Ouns eind
We have Kley's, Kynock's, Win-
OhSBter* and Cogswell it
Qarrlson _
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Wlnohester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Snivel, Wading, Belts,
('nuts, Panto, s'le.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      INulHon, li. O.
Sherman's Opera House
FRIDAY, October 26
and Saturday Matinee, Oct. 27th.
Westminster Abbey Choir
Seals TsOc, 75c, ?1.00.
Plan now open ut Rutherford*-,
MONDAY, Oct.29th
Change of bin nightly.
Zinn's Musical Travesty
and the Famous Dancing Girls.
Tuesday   "The   Jolly   Musketeers."
Wednesday "The Saltan of Morocco."
Tlit* greatest ifiri ihovr jrou ever ��aw.
PrioM Wc, 76c, li.oo.       Matinee ���=*-�������� snd BOc.
Salt* (-.jhiis .Stitur-iiiy morning al Bnthorford'a.
Medical Society Anniversary.
Paris, 111., Oct .25.���Hhe Aesculapian
Society of the Wabash Valley, the oldest medical society in this section of
the country, celebrated its sixtieth anniversary with a reunion here today.
Many prominent physicians and surgeons of !'_astf*rn Illinois and Western
Indiana attended  the  gathering,
A man saves libs  religion    and    his
best  suit of clothes for  Sunday.
Talking about it will neith-T put ft
piano Into your home nor bring back
the days���valuable days���your daughter Is wasting. Let us tell you how
easy we will make it for you NOVV to
give your family the piano they have
wished for 80 long.
"Acts INot Words"
The Greatest 5/io_* in the History of Nelson       ll
Auspices of thc Tiecnly Thousand Club
-<��i:   -Kin i
1>otible 'Bill, Grand and Comic Opera, iv the
IVrf.ct M��-allii({ ami 1l,-atluKnf Uni 1*1 Ink.
wiili ajiioii uml Bounding Poardi.   Han
a. m., Thursday* Oct. 36th   ni
Modern Blevatod SUM
ilii-ii al   f ������iH-h'ii-r-. il
General Admission 75c
��� offleen <>f tin* Twenty Thousand Olnb guarantee the taoubon end
public thu ninwlr-Hl (real td Uu- leaJODi
Reserved Seats $1.00.
Improved Kootenay
Fruit Ranch for Sale
ance three years old and will
raspberries, strawberries and o
stables; root houses; waggon
positively guarantee that thor
This place is situated 1'! milea
enay lake; Ib within one-quart i*
one-quarter mile from C. P. R.
*T**OV__J    0_    _f*_f\ FRUIT LANDS a
1 !__# I C OL KaaXJ.f BAKER ST,
Money maker from the start, containing 11 acres uf first class fruit soil,
level as a floor, every inch under cultivation; water running through the
premises; 1000 fruit trees planted,
some five years old mnl bearing, bal-
bear next summer; large quantities of
ther small fruits; dwelliug house;
s; horses; tools; fully fenced. Wc
e is not a finer ranch on Kootenay lake,
east of Nelson on the shore of Koot'
ndle of good steamboat landing, and
station. Price $5,000.
Numerous Designs and Low Prices
Call and Inspect.
J. J. WALKER, *""?������!**
Repairing and Jobbing a Sped
Btaeetmotal Wnrk, Outblgli Etattdm' -fstwtnl mnl Mining nml Mill Marti
Ofllisn iiiiii Wi>rkn Foot, of Pnrk 8t.
l>h.mo   im.
&{* Kootenay AgeatJ
I  O R.A.Rof,m��b|
^���t       Limited. WinnipJI
Wholesale Provision-*,
Dominion Oovdrmnenl dreamery One-Found 1'rir.hK raoeived vwkljbfl
from Hi. cliuru.   Fur Wilis I.y till luiilinK gVooen,
Offioo&nd warehouse! Boujtad Bloofc,  PbonoTD,
Josephine Street.       -       -       -       Nelson, B. C, s
Don't Forget
Ii your furnace In shape to start the winter wills/   If nol, I
Is the time to have it repaired.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware Co.,
PLEASE NOTE���Wo will uot (so re_ponn!ble for any furnace not li
by October 1st, 190C.
Uepulrlnir and .l,,l,t,l,tu ssscs.sit.ssl witti Llvspiltuh.   she-l Mill
Work, All..1.._ nnd Mill   M���s.hissci-v.      M..in,r..k.l sis-wrs* ssl  |
(>, - -isi-s,,  u.  I..   Co.,t..i_;tor��*  CnrH.
NELSON,    B. C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
tO Marconi. Canadian    -
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice     -  91
McDermid & McHai
�� Just Arrived!
A large consign*,]
incut of
ah Blxea nmi Lowest Prta
SfffiS Lumber, Shingles,.
Lath, Moulding*., Doors, Wlndo-^j
Turned Work and I track cts. Mail Ordore ptra
 VBRNOIN STRBBT - . .  ini'.i.so,>. I��. c
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Rang''j
Because we cannot procure a better, taking I
unt  design, workmanship, cooking qualities ����
We will  be pleased to show you Its good poin
Wood-Vallance Hardware


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