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The Daily Canadian Feb 9, 1907

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Array ft*-
FEB 131907 |
/CrOF?!A. B. *%
'MP.  I.     NO.   212.
ing Men Impatient for
vorth, Lardeau and Sheep Creek
Be Busy Districts���Week's
Stock Quotations.
men throughout Kootenay in*
Impatiently for the coming of
, enable them 10 resume oper-
K. developed properties are loin lhe weather only as lt transportation of supplies 'and
. Issu to the new or only partly
.1 propertMa spring will be the
is   lhe  beginning    of    activity
ever before been seeen In
Queen Victoria    copper    mines
seen steadily worked through the
and  shipments    will    begin  in
.1   sl.sk.
rhief central of new or revived
y will be Alnsworth. Lardeau und
lock market for the past week
nn steady with prices firm.
I. .Iis-ri' were no very marked
en ihe slocks as a whole sold
Mih a specially good demand
'astern points.
* s  Copper was Ihe moat active
copper   Ktocks.    These  shares
nrliangud until Uie last day or
* is an advance of over 110 per
nok plaee. This may be account-
b> reason of this stock now bo-
'.���sl on lhe New York exchange,
and Dominion Copper make but
stiges. No interest being appar-
wever, nnother advance In holh
. stocks will undoubtedly uke
:, the near future. "Tips" to
(eel regarding the litter stock
Ing  freely    circulated    from all
"ml Vale sold more freely with
a few  joints lower, which en-
iif shorts to cover up.
mitlonal Coal Is a little strong
ii a number of shares In demand,
rta Coul is    very    strong, with
ie bid ami asked prices higher
�� are In evidence to the effect
.is stock will touch BO cents in
I months.
���i-s*Cariboo it the beginning of
"k sold very weU at a higher
i than bas heen aaked (or some
I    *  weakened toward tlie close,
now offered freely at the prestation.
an wuh in demand to an extent
ure almost unchanged from quo-
ssf thc last few weeks.
Firry Cents a Month
thus far escaped. A number of bombs
and 60 pounds of pyrollne were salted
at the university.
Important Papers Will Be Submitted In
Thaw Case.
New York, Feb. 9���When the Thaw
trial Is resumed on Monday It Is expected that Mr. Delmns will make a vigorous effort to Introduce Thaw's will In
evidence. It is believed lo lie strongly relied upon to show the effect upon
Thaw of the stories related by Evelyn
Nesbitt to him. lt is said to have been
written on loose sheets of paper, partly typewritten and partly ln handwriting. According to a report today the
will is expected to show that Thaw
feared assassination, and lt is stated
that in lt he ordered that thc sum of
$6(1,000 be devoted to the prosecution
of his aasassln ami Investigation of his
anticipated assassination.
Among other provisions Is one setting Hide a fund of 176.000 for the
care of women whom he believed to
have suffered through Stanford White.
The names of these women are reported to be given lu the will.
It Is also reported that the will contains a provision for the education of
Howard Nesbitt, Mrs. Thaw's brother.
and that an allowance was made for
the care of Evelyn's mother during her
i. last few weeks ,    ,_,k-j through the land
d Smelters and Cinidlan    ��'��'����� *_._,,. Ihi
leldi hnve been weak but wltb
i 'aration of the dividend an nd-
will without doubt  be ln order.
���Isno-McKinney   and   White   Bear
lowing are the approximate quo-
for the week ending today:
Asked. Hid-
������-.tn  llnv 02 .01
Coal' 33Vj     -32
Lund Coal  ..,,
. ���,
.      .07
(old  Field!  ...
.      .(IB
i.-MrKinnoy   ..
lun  C*i>p|ier ...
.    7.25
s Coal Mines ..
.      .07V4      M
. Vulley C. ft 0.
ler-Carlboo ..  .
.08%      .07%
.      .07
jm Oil Con
i Hear. H4c pil.
.      .06
Cnotenay Ice ...
.       .09
Women In the Plot,'
|cow, Feb. 9.���Tho   headquarter!
flying group of terrorists whence
were sent out   to execute the
sentence on   General    Ignatleff,
nl    Governor   I'avloff,   Major
Von der Luunltt and Governor
idrovnky  of  Pensea,  have  been
it the Moscow Female unlvor-
��� �����) police searched the uulver-
tuMdings and  nearby  tenement!
rrested eight girl student! and a
r of men, but the leaden hive
Career of Late Timothy Eaten Should
Be Inaplration to All Buaineaa Men
���Personal Sketch.
Whatever may be the prevailing
Western opinion resiiecilng the patronage of Eastern departmental stores,
the history of a successful business
man, such as that of the late Timothy
Eaton, Is worthy of business emulation.
The late Mr. Timothy Eaton was born
in Ireland, at Clogher. so miles from
Belfast, and nut tar �����n. Slcmlsh,
fumed in in., vatnatH as the place wuera
Sl. Patrick herded sheep during his sojourn in Ireland. Mr. Katun's forefathers migrated from Scotland nearly
200 years ago. They, with many other
Scotch families, formed a settlement,
and for several generations engaged in
agrarian pursuits.
He was the youngest of a family of
nine. Before his birth his father died,
and hla widowed mother faced the
world with a dependent family and
nothing to support IL She was ambi-
Houb tor ber children, however, and
managed to give them the advantage of
such education as could be acquired at
the national school In Clogmr. Farming In those days was not conducive to
the acquirement of great wealth. The
most favorable years found the tollers
little wealthier than before, and when
calamities In the form of crop failure
befell, they were In dire need. The
year 1846 was one of the darkest lu the
history of Ireland. The potato crop
was mined with rot; other crops were
partial or total failures and starvation
stalked through the land. Those who
were able emigrated; the others bore
their sufferings patiently.
Among those who left tor other lands
to seek their fortunes was lbe eldest
member of the Eaton family, About
the same time, Timothy, the youngest,
waa apprenticed to a draper at Port-
glenone, a small market town on the
bank! of the River Banu, celebrated as
one ot the belt fishing streams ln all
Ireland. Portglenone Itself was notorious tor the free fights lhat characterized every market day, fights that al
last became so furious that the market
wis abolished altogether, and only
within the last few years has permis-
���lon been granted for Its re-establishment At the end of five years, the
term of Ibe apprenticeship, the subject
of the sketch was given his wages,
which amounted to something like
��100, and with thii be took passage
to Canada.
He arrived In Canada In 1857, and
loon afterward opened a store at Kirk-
ton, In Huron county. At that time
little money waa lu circulation. Produce waa traded for goods, and goods
in turn were bought for produce. Roll-
ways wer eunknown, and the merchant
was compelled to do his own freighting. With wagon and oxen he hauled
his produce to the nearest |K>rt nnd returned laden wltlh merchandise, which
was again exchanged for produce. After astay of short duration tit Klktton,
Mr. Eaton moved to St. Marys, where
he conducted a store for some years.
Not satisfied with Ihe trading system
there In vogue as elsewhere, he diced-
ed to move to Toronto, where money
was sufficiently plentiful lo permit of
his desire to conduct business on a
cash basis. Thi! he always regarded
a, the only sound and honest system.
and thla system he Institutes! in his
wide builnesi sphere when ho established In Toronto.
In Toronto he opened a small store
on Yonge street, below    Kins     These
quarters were abandoned for more
commodious ones at 178 Yonge street;
and these were later on vacated when
still more desirable accommodation was
secured nl 190 Yonge street, the preaent address of the company. The reason for the Inst move wbb thut Mr.
Eaton looked Inlo tbe future. In his
imagination lie pictured the present establishment, und he saw clearly that
expansion was Impossible In the block
below Queen street. A blrdHcye ulew
of the present premises bears out the
wisdom of the move. The enormous
growth of the business is u standing
testimony to the truth of the old adage,
"Honesty is the best policy."
The history of Mr. Eaton's late years
is the history of the growth of the
business. He was Its Inspiration, Its
mainstay, Its guiding star. Through all
the stages of its development he had
held the tiller; he steered it clear of
shoals, and at last brought il in safety
to the port that he had striven for, to
make the business a national Institution, an institution that ministers to the
needs of a nation, an Institution that
occupies an Important place ln the economy of the country. While in St.
Mary's Mr. Eaton married Miss Margaret Beatty. of Woodstock. They had
five children, three sons and two
daughters. All are still living except
the eldest son, Mr. E. Y., who died five
years ago.
The late Mr. Eaton's successor at the
head of the T. Eaton company will be
his eldest son. Mr. John C. Eaton, the
present vice-president of the company,
who has been closely associated with
his father In the conduct of the great
establishment. It ls largely due to his
untiring energy that a store has been
established in Winnipeg. Of a buoyant nature, be was seised with the spirit of the West, and like many other
business men. he sees a great future
for the granary of th eempire.
Causes   and   Chamber    Motions to Be
Heard at Civil  Sittings.
Hedley City lotbe Grip ol
the Storm
remporar-f Inacti-rty Only Uu Forerunner of Great Development
With Warmer Weather.
Civil sittings of the supreme court
will begin in Nelson Tuesday morning
next, February 11, at 11 a. m. It is
not certain yet who will preside, probably Mr. Justice Irving.
The following chamber motions will
be made:
ln  Blomberger vs. Moyer ot al.,  J.
W _Mi_a   >w>    |,.��.��....       -.���Z     ___ '
In the matter of the Last Chance
Mining Co., A. M. Johnson, for Loutsi
Pratt, liquidator, will upply for directions as to payments.
In Pulasky vs. C. P. R., J. O'Shea,
ror tbe plaintiff will apply for the appointment of an arbitrator.
A number of cases are set down for
trial, but already notice or motion for
postponement has been given ln one,
that of McMillan vs. Wheeler, for commission on the sale of the Krao mine.
The list as it stands, is as follows:
Highland Mining Co., Ltd.. vs. Maryland Cacualty Co.. A. M. Johnson and
Macdonald A Hall.
Snow vs. C. P. R., Eckstein and Gray
and Herchlner.
Ferguson vs. Probesky. H. A. Stewart and ft. W. Hannington.
Curran vs. Gosnell. J. O'Shea and II.
A. 8tewart.
8now vs. C. P. R. Is a claim for
$7500 for personal injuries to an employee caused, it is alleged, by negligence of the defendants,
A continuance of mild weather will.
It is hoped, have the effect ot restoring communications that have been sadly interrupted everywhere tn the West.
A meeting of the directors of the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association
w||l be held next Thursday, February
14, at 8; 30 p. m., In the office ot the
secretary, Captain McMorris.
Captain Lorne Stewart says that
hereafter Ihe armoury will he available
for noll-uillltary dances only twice a
year, once each for the hospital and
the library. There will be a ball for
thc benefit of Ihe hospital Immediately
after Easter.
It looks likely that the Interior :i\
least will be well represented at thd
annual meeting of the Provincial Association of School Trustees to be held
In Nelson next Wednesday and Thursday. It is also certain that all the
coast cities will be represented.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Nelson University Club will be held
this evening at 8 o'clock in the club parlor, formerly the parlor of the Success
club. Rev. F. H. Graham will read a
paper on "Ethics and Politics." A
cordial Invitation li extended to all
wbo are Interested to be present.
Nelson's publicity campaigners have
still a lot to do to enlighten the benighted East. II- C. Bullis, hydraulic
engineer ot the Allls-Chalmers-Bullock
company, recently sent to his home In
Cincinnati several views of Nelaon, In-
eluding one of the fruit exhibit at the
Fair of 1906. In a letter received tn re
pl> occura the following: "I can't believe that anything will grow In such a
Godforsaken country as that The fruit
is artificial, Isn't it?" ^^*���"
(Special to Tbe Dally Canadian )
Grand Forks, Feb. 9.���Word has
reached here today from Hedley City
that lhe famous Nickle Plate mine aa
well as the stamp mill have been forced to close down owl(ag to the extreme
cold and the great depth of snow
which has prevailed In those parts for
the past few weeks. Tbe power plant
at Hedley City has also been forced
to close down, and 'al there is very
little coal oil in Hedley City It makes
the question of lighting the little town
a most serious problem. Fortunately
there is a large supply of candles m
the stores Bt Hedley, which are being
held In reserve and will be used as a
last resort,
Logging contractor! in thla diitrict
arc completely handicapped In thetr
work by the great depth of snow they
have to encounter. In many places the
snow Ib from foul- tu six feet deep and
in consequence many of the big cimps
have been forced to eutirely cloae
down until early spring, and those
camp sthat are still working are forced
to provide miowshoes for their axemen
while they are al wprK.
It ls now announced that arrange
BWP'WE-J-Jif!*-!1-? mite for the lyetem-
ing properties on Hardy mountain "nex't
spring, Among thpse properties wblch
will be opened up is the Monte Criito.
Monte Carlo, Little Babe, Oold Axe and
Caledonia. It is tbe intention to put
as many of these c'aimi on a shipping
basil as possible, all of which claims
are owned by local parties. There will
also be great mining activity on Fourth
of July oreek. The New York lyndi-
cate which recently bonded several
properties on this ereek will expend
many thousands of dollars ln the early-
spring ln endeavoring to ascertain if
Ihe immense surface showings go down.
The well known Wolfred group will
also be the scene of great mining activity in a few weeks now, as soon as
the extensive'mining machinery can be
landed at the property. This group
was formerly owned by Captain Rogers
and others.
Antl-Tuberculosli Society Fairly State!
ita Strong Case���Money Badly
leal economists thinking very seriously.
It is a responsibility too vast to be
measured by mere figures or described
in mere language.
No fanciful theories, untried methods
or mere experiments are proposed. The
simple God-given remedies, viz.. Fresh
air, suitable food, rest and exercise,
under expert supervision, and suits.
ble cheerful surroundings, have more
than proved their efficiency. Practically speaking, these requisites are obtainable only In a sanltorlum.
A further advantage connected with
such an institution is tliat the admission of a patient means the removal of
one source of contagion from the general community, and when, after treatment, such person is returned cured,
or otherwise, to the ranks of the public, be or she is an educational centre
of first importance, because the first
principle Impressed on a patient on entering a sanatorium ls the care he
should exercise In his personal habits;
the necessity for cleanliness, for care
in disposal of anything about him
which would spread, or even be likely
to spread, contagion: In a word, he Is
persistently taught to move and live
so that no otber human being shall be
likely. In the remotest sense, to suffer
on account of any thoughtlessness on
his part tn tbe care of hlmielf. guch
a person, when discharged from the institution Is, by his training ln the sanltorlum, not only Impressed with the
necessity for continuing such caution,
but because of his knowledge so gained, becomes in bis family and general
surroundings an educational Influence
infinitely more effective than all the literature and arguments of physicians
and authorities on the subject.
The condition! as to consumption are
not only fully -understood, but are well
recognised, and it la now an accepted
fact that consumption Is preventable
and may be cured, or Its course arrested. That being so, Inaction is. to say
Ihe least, criminal. Il is our duty to
endeavor. In any case, to stem the progs ess of this sacrifice of human beings.
lt Is imuposed to build a sanltorlum
in British Columbia. The provincial
government is prenareii to assist, and
the people generally, through local societies formed all over the country, are
willing to maintain. You are asked to
help us build. Action, Immediate action, is imperative, If we wish to stem
this awful tide of mortality. To stand
idly by any longer la tantamount to
being willing participators in -something
worse than race suicide.
The men were caught through a fire
which started upon tbe fourth lift, cutting off their escape.
Balfour Says   Unionicti   Need Net Be
Driven Into Orthodox Fold.
London, Feb. 9.���Mr. Balfour, speaking at Hull, said monthly bulletins of
his opinions were not needed. They
were not subject to monthly variations.
Further study and thought of the flacal
question but confirmed opinion! long
held and often expressed. He asked
was it not a serious thing that colonial
ministers were coming here In a tew
weeks, and that tbe party in power had
aald not a single thing publicly, Indicating tbat they sympathised with tbe
means which the self-governing colonies proposed for the carrying out of
the unification and solidification of tbe
empire. He added that he could not
accept the policy of driving every
Unionist into the single orthodox fold.
Fiscal reform remained tbe main oon-
itruotlve plank of the Unionist programme, but let tbem not become a
party of one Idea, because if they did
Ihey would fail to carry even thlt one
Idea to a successful Iiiue,
Prlee of Mettla.
New York, Feb.    9.���Silver,
copper, 24'Ac; lead, 16.
London,    Feb.    9.���Silver,    31V4d.
Militia    Men
for    Important
The Brltlah Columbia Anti-Tuberculosis society is endeavoring to raise
6100,000 for the erection of a building
for consumptives. James Dunsmuir
has contributed $10,000, provided $60,-
000 more can be raised. The appeal
Is made to the public in this way:
One hundred thousand dollars,
($100,000) asked for���fifty thousand
dollars $50,000) needed, to entitle committee to Hon. James Dttnamulr's
grant of ten thousand dollars ($10,-
Is a consumptive sanltorlum ueeded?
During the month of September of last
year a boy 19 years old became consumptive. He lived in a hotel and was
dependent on his own efforts ae a laborer. As a result of bis disease he
was turned out of three hotels and refined admisalon to a public hospital.
The boy is now dead. A man wbo befriended the boy wrote as follows:
"God have mercy on us for our neglect
ot such cases!" Need we further ask
is this Institution needed?
The death roll from consumption In
Canada exceeds 12,000 yearly; In British Columbia lt is over 200.
The number of persoui invalided
from consumption Is authoritatively
estimated to be five times as great
as the number ot deaths therefrom;
therefore, we have some 60,000 Invalids In Canada, and 1000 ln British Columbia.
Wc have, therefore, before us tho
appalling fact that yearly we* -lose the
benefit of the service! and earning
powers of thousands of citizens who
are incapacitated by Illness, and others
we lose outright by death, through thii
one cause���and that a preventable
cause. This ls something to Bet pollt-
...wu .miv. 16,1906. ���."ll. Ilrai,.    I r. O. Box m.
Military circles ln British Columbia
will be very active and animated during the next few months. Throughout
the Dominion for some reason, militia |
men bave been taking a more serious
view of tbelr work during the last few
years than ever before. Militia units
generally are keeping very near their
full regulation strength, not a few of
them above It, and officers and men
alike are taking a keen interest in
their work and doing everything pos
slble to thoroughly qualify for it
Tbe Dominion militia department, to
encourage and foster so satisfactory a
spirit in the forces, has arranged for
courses of definite Instruction at al)
military centres, and has placed three
officer! on circuit in British Columbia.
They are: Major (brevet Lieut-Col.)
J. C. MacDougall. Quartermaster-Sergeant W. J. White, and Sergeant J. J.
The course of Instruction they give
qualifies for certificates as field officers, captains, lieutenants and ser
The course in Nelson will last from
March 1 to March 30, and will be taken up by t he following members of No.
2 Company. R. M. R.:
Captain Lome Stewart
Lieutenants A. Carrie and C. T. Partington.
Lieutenant V. W. Odium, of the 8lxth
battalion D. C. 0., Vancouver.
Supernumerary   Lieutenants   J.   W.
McKencie, G. Anderson and J. D. Nickerson.
Color Sergeant E. J. Marks.
Sergeants   J.   Teague and D. J. El-
Corporal! A. H. Coppen, G. King, G.
Blanchard Johnstone, A. Hanson and
W. C. Jowett.
Private! J. Richardson, J. Fooles, W.
B. Clayton, H. H. Avery, G. K. Beeston,
H. Lawrence, A. Warren.
Indiana aa British    Subjects
Right to Govern Thern-aelvea���
Liberal Policy.
Calcutta, Feb. �����.���Ten thousand people atttended the Indian national congress recently, at which Dadabhl Nao-
roji, in his presidential address, demanded that Indians, aa British subjects, should be granted tbe right to
govern themselves, and urged that
there should be continuous agitation
to bring about that end.
He suggested that Indians should
ganda. 'With this "niftr tutr MBtNb
organize a body of able men and good
speakers to go to all the nooks and
corners ot India, and inform the people in their own language ot their
British righta, and how to evercln
and enjoy them.
They should also lend to England
anoth.-r body of able speakers to bold
large meetings to convince the British people that they muit have all the
British rights of self-government
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman had
told them that good government could
never be a substitute tor government
by the people themselves. "These
words," said Mr. Naorojl, "cinch the
"The peissants of Ruaila are fit for
ind obtained the    douma   from    the
4 greatest  autocrat In  the  world,   and
Increased Demand Stimulates OM Industry
Snow Storms Race at Coast and in
Fraser Vally���County Court
Bugler R. E. Cummins.
The  Kaelo oompany  has also mustered a large enough class and will receive a course    of   Instruction   from
March 16 lo April 15.
the leading statesmae, tbe prime minister of the tree British empire, proclaimed to the world: "The douma la
dead.   Long liv ethe douma!'
"While China in the eaat and
Persia In tbe weat ot Asia are awakened, and Russia is struggling for
emancipation���and all of them despotism!���can the free alliens of the
British Indian empire continue to remain subject to despotism���the people
were among the first civilliers of the
"But I do not deipair. The itudy ot
the preient revival ot the spirit of liberty among tbe Liberal statesmen of
tbe day haa produced In my heart full
expectation that the end of the evil
system and the dawn of a righteous
and liberal policy are at hand for
Without Arbitrament of War.
Ottawa, Feb. ��.���Mr. Louis, M. P.,
aaked Premier Laurier In the house of
commons yesterday to make ��� declaration of the sympathy of the houie with
the people of Newfoundland in tbelr
trouble! with the United Statei over
the fisheries. Premier Laurler iald
that whatver difficulty there waa to be
aettled would be aettled by peaceful
meana and not by the arbitrament of
(Special to Tha Daily Canadian.)
Vancouver, Feb. 9.���No county court
Judge haa yet been appointed here to
fill the vacancy caused by tbe resignation of Alex. Henderson. There are
over 100 cases awaiting decision aa a
result of the unwarranted delay.
G. F. Kane has received a special telegram from Ottawa to the effect that
hii appointment to tbe vacancy awaiu
only the -signature of tbe attorney general.
Laurier reported yesterday to the
house of commons that Hon. C. 8. Hyman has withdrawn his resignation and
will remain ln charge of bis portfolio.
It li probable that Hon. F. Carter-
Cotton will be. elected tbe next speaker
of the provincial legislative assembly.
The Chehalis cue, which ii being
heard before Mr. Justice Martin aad
two aaaeasors. ia attracting wide attention, the damage! claimed amounting
to over 1100,000.
Tbe heaviest tsnrfwitorms and severest weather experienced during many
yeara are being recorded on the coast
and up tbe Fraser valley. Tbree delayed transcontinental trains arrived
yesterday, though more anow ts report-
pfDJsesea lie nfcadlfi  ���  tfffcrv  _����  -���-���. -���	
tight to outclass the dementi.
Several new lumber mills are contracted for here and will be erected at
various point! along the coait in the
early spring.
The demand for lumber ii ao great
that increased facilities are necessitated. The Bupply of logs this year, owing to the hindrances of bad weather
hai proved utterly inadequate, and a
large lncreaae ln tbe lumber buaineaa
la anticipated In the early spring.
Succeed* In Saving Valuable Painting*
Laat Night.
Philadelphia. Feb. 9.���Former Post-
maiter-General Jqhn Wanamaker,
whoae beautiful country home at Jenkins-town waa destroyed by tire last
night mid he thougbt that $1,500,000 ic
a fair estimate of the damage.
While many of the valuable paintings
were destroyed, Mr. Wanamaker aald
that the two great paintings by Mun-
kaciy, "Cbriit Before Pilate," and
"The Cr-ndflaiou," were lived. Thece
maiterpieces were contained in framea
io massive that the paintings had to
be cut from their framea In order to
save them. Theae picture! alone are
worth 110,000.
Mr. Wanamaker'! famous paintings.
"Breaking Home Tlea." and "Bringing
Home the Bride," by Hovonden, wero
not at Lyndeuhurst
Report! Confirmed.
Paris, Feb. 9.���The rumor that the
Count de Castellane has appealed trom
the decision of the courts in November
granting a divorce to his wife, who wns
MIbs Anna Gould of New York, Ib confirmed. Probably several month! will
elapae before the matter cornea before
the courts.
Cut Off Escape.
Wllkesbarre, Pa., Feb. 9.���The seven
men entombed last night In No. 19 colliery ot the Lehigh ft Wllkesbarre Conl
companv were found dead today.   The
*^,mt^sataim,*m:a:~ *** T
Stopped thc Preca.
Ottiwa, Feb. 9.���The postmaster-
general has been asked to deny the uie
ot the malla to all local -paper! which
printed the details of the evidence of
tbe Thaw trial ln New York. The postmaster-general said he had not read tbe
report ln the newspapers but the law
was clear upon the point and he would
see tbat tt wu enforced. Any newspaper publishing filthy evidence of a trial
In court, he iald, would be guilty of a
misdemeanor under the law.
Typewriter Lawcuitc.
Toronto, Feb. 9.���The Underwood
Typewriter company, after nearly ten
yean of litigation, hu wcured In the
United Statea circuit court ot appealc
a dectilve victory over the -company
confronting tbe Remington, Monarch,
Densmore, Callgraph and Yost
The decision of the court auatalna
the claim ot the Underwood company
to the original patent! on tabulating
devicea. and t hat all auch appliance*
u the Oorln tabulator, manufactured
or sold by other companies, aro infringement! of their patent!.
"I wonder who Invented the phrase,
'Silence is golden'?" ���	
"Probably   some  poor  beggar  who I    Hosiiana train���tin ume, >-.
had a wife, a parrot,   a   tm.-*mr^iAii~^Hii__r^ti*nt-__ilo_i^
The Dcily Craih.
Halifax, N. 8., Feb. 9.���Two persons
are reported killed ud leveral Injured
In a collision upon the Halifax ft South
-Shore railroad near Mahone Junction.
Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 9.���Passenger
train No. 3 on the Frlaco line from
Memphis, due hero it it m��� MMM
-Wrecked near Piatt City, Al*. Two per*
sous are reported killed tnd 12 hurt.
Tralm and Beau.
Crow train���One and a halt hour*
Coast and Slocan train���On time; w��
Rossland train���Ob time,
I tt
'  It
f ���'*!
Xv_.WU��A*��)0__ATSrS..llttS��.I.C   *X^i.5^__��.!!!E._S^
Tent-bo*., in I r. 0. In US  ttm Ul 1 1 lout *��*_>�� maMMMmam
the Daily Canadian
. . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ofllce:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .14,600,000 REST 14,600,000.
D. R. WILK1K, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vine-President
Bunches in British Columbia:
Deposits received aud Interest allowed current ratal from date of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly
eviiably out*eighin_ those ot our Imperial allies who had not that ability:
Hence surrenders. Surely it was plain
that the only certain Inducement to
this country to uphold the Imperial In-
tereal would be the belief that national
Independ-anoa may be guaranteed better by Imperial alliance .an by any
foreign combination, if the younger
nations made equality of sacrifice the
baiia of Un Ir defence policies this country would read!)) Incur greater rlikfe.
���lb, lecturer dwelt al length on lhe Importanl i  South  African  federation
in order to complete the national units
of  Imperial organltatlon.    In   respect
,.:  sis ��� develo) m  ol  lhal  organlia
lissn. lie pointed mn lhal there is a
,-i,,,i,, helwet si two methods, One
method, which wai baaed upon the aa*
sumption that tbe existing organltatlon
li impel!-ssiy deficient, postponed ipe-
i-itis- acta of Imperial cooperation,ludh
as reciprocal trade arrangements or
consultation aboul foreign attain, until
tin machinery shall huve been Initalled
which, ii is Imagined, is required for
dealing with euch matters.
The other method which be ailvocat-
ed was to loee no opportunity of effect-
inn the particular acta of co-operation,
using whatever makeibift machinery
already existed, In the expectation that
the attendant diftlcultlel should themselves suggest the necenary Improvementi. He concluded: "History '">
doubt leaches us to anticipate the day,
however distant, when the Instinct of
patriotism will really lei the general
welfare or the Empire before lhe welfare oi the particular fatherland, At
some future date the goverpmenta in
iiiiileieiire may agree m subordinate
ihemselvi's 10 an external authority,
flrsi advisory and afterward! legislative nnd executive. Bul il is my humble belief thai for our generation the
principle of national government! In
conference, with a growing equipment
of subsidiary machinery, represent* the
lasi   word   lu  Imperial organization."
Preparations for Big Event Being Energetically Pushed.
The exposition for llitiii   ui    Seattle
continues io grow In popularity a.-, the
affair assumes utotc definite shape and
the support given It by the people and
liovi'inmeiiis of the  Northwest in the
United  Slates and Canada    lakes    on
more tangible form    Thin exposition iss
to be an eye-opener inn  only to ihe
peoplo inn* iu the uorth weit, bul iss
the people of tha world.   There is only
one Alaska: there Is only one lliiwson;
there is only one Victoria, and one \'na-
couvi'i*; there Is only one Pugel Bound,
one suite ni Washington snd ism- Be-
aitle; there is only une Idaho, one Montana, one Oregon; then1   is   only one
Northwest,   and   tills   is  lis   be   ;s   show
for them  all.    Each  city aad  each   locality win bs- here   wltb   the various
works of an and use which they have
and each locality will be liberally rep-
resented by the various types and classes of people who go lo make up the life
there  Found,    It   is  expected and  the
entire efforts of the mnageinent of thc
Alaska-Ynkoli-Piiclfic     exposition     are
centred  upon  making  this a  tUfferent
kind of fair from any preceding.   It Is
to be n show- all to Itself in class and.
In comprehensive character and size It
Li to surpass any one previously glveu.
All  conventional Ideas are  to be cast
aside and a game with new rules Is to
be promulgated.   The free, iiiiiiatnmel-
ed Western spirit is to pervade all de-
partnicnis and it is to be entirely rep-
resentetlve of lhe country it li held to
��� -
-Isl 111
Itl  III
llll 411
J.  M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital         $3,734,31U    Reserve	
Total Aaaeti $41,860,353
Account! of firms and individuals opened on the mut.tavro-ahUi ">	
npedSil  attention  to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, PreB., Halifax.       B, L.  PEASE, General  Manager,  Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
, h we-M by Use
Itl.Nll COMKANV, Ltd.
W-ataoa, B. c.
SBr��ii.rl|illuu rati-K, fas s-imiih i innsitls delivered
In tin- city, ���r IA.00 is year If lent by mail, when
paid lo advance
Advertising rates on H|il-]lctitJon.
am monlei paid in settlement ol The Daily
Canadian aceounta, either ti.t nibacrlptloni or
advcrtleln-z, mint i,,- receipted lor on tbe printed
forms, ���f sin- -company,  uttier reeeipte nre nut
PBBRUARY '). I<*>7.
" By one word wa arc Kuaeumai Judged to be
wlae aud by one worn Bometlmei Judged ti be
tool-Mils, u-s u�� therefore be careful wbat we
Mr. Richard .lobh. author or "Studies
In Colonial Nationalization," who visited
Canada a year ago. ami has since vlalted
Australl, New Zealand and South Af-
rieu. recently delivered an address before ihe Royal Colonial Institute.   He
look for Iiis subject, "Notes on Imperial
Orgnnlaatlon." Dr  Qeo  It. Parkin was
In ihe chair.   Mr. Jehb st.-ni ,1 wiili the
Idea tlsai the siniimiM nt a new and individual nationality, lu ihe modern and
political rather than the ra< al sense of
the term, was a growing -and permani at
Characteristic of Canada, Auitrala, New
Z. aland and Bouth Africa, thai it la already strong   enough    ts.   wreck any
���cbeme of Imperial organisation wblch
ae-'ins   lo aniagonli    it.  anl   that   Im-
peilal union DUgbi its be contemplated
as a close form of International alliance
lather ihan a  loose  form of national
unity.       That  being ss,. tbe practical
question was bow t" develop gradually
the machinery requisite for sn International co-operation  far mon-  Intimate
nnd  comprehensive  than   Is associated
wiih the ordinary Idea ot alliance.    In
lils view ihe central principal of Imperial organization was to bs. sought In a
system   of  consultation   between   lhe
government* of the allied  nations by
nn ans of frequent conference! and permanent ambassadors; lho Colonial or
Imperial confeneuce   and    Ihe -agents-
gcneral seeming to hlm to be a  good
starting poini. The conference, confined
to  reipomlblc   ministers,   was   coterminous with the national governments
��ollocH��ely. and  true to  the  principle
of alliance.   But a conference admitting
aon-mlnlsterlal members would be ex-
t- nml lo the governments collectively,
and therefore would represent rather
the principle of federation.
Auy additional machinery which
proves necessary for si, ciflc purposes
as time goes on should be created by
ausl strictly subordinated to the govern-
in. nis in conference, lie expressed a
strong belief In the supreme importance
Of preferential trade, wjleh he regarded
as much the best, if not the only, means
ssl making the Umpire a living everyday
reulily to the masses of its people.
There were people opposed lo prefer-
ence in tbe colonies, the notion bl Ing
ihai England is being asked to sacrifice
herself on the Imperial nllar. Me therefore suggested to tariff reformer! that
Ihey slisstilsl treat Mr. Chamberlain's
proposals as primarily an Insular question, and only Incidentally an Imperial
question. He noted, in respect of Imperial organisation, thai preferential
arrangements have already been concluded between certain of the partner
nations, and declared that he could not
sec- how preferential trade could be
discussed In conference furthei than it
bai been until we had adapted our national tarlfr to the Imperial purpose,
The idea ol alliance suggested that
lhe scleral nations iuil-Iii tsi maintain
naval ami military forces of their own.
and this conception of Imperial defence
was gaining ground, especially in Australia and Canada. The obvious policy
"was to encourage the younger nations
to lay the foundations of future navies
which might relieve the I'nled Kingdom
of posterity from single-handed and
Over-costly Imperial responsibility. The
notion of alliance did not preclude but
positively sanctioned the idea lhat each
partner nation should equip itself for
war on a recognized scale, it implied
a contract covering willingness to fight
and  ability  to fight.
His eoneepllon of Imperial defence
would be fulfilled as regarded defence
when each partner state gave all Its
young men a rudimentary military education, entrusted home defence to an
efficient "citizen" army of whatever
kind It preferred, supplied contingents
to an Imperial striking force stationed
centrally in Souih Africa, and furnished
a national squadron or squadrons to an
Imperial navy. Our special understandings with foreign natious embarrassed
us ln Imperial conference about foreign
affairs, the claims of our foreigu
friends who had the ability to fight In-
It was against a combination of men
and money and slander and falsehood
that Mr. McBride led his party to victory, relying upon the sound common
sense of the electors as a whole to do
him justice for his capable and efficient
administration, ami to continue hlm in
orflce chat ihe policy that had proved
so beneficial should be -continued for
anoihir term al least,
iiinilh'a'u' glov,ing tribute tu Mr Mc-
Bride personally, and an expression of
approval of his administration. It ls
.its earnest of the demand of tho province for better terms, it is a mandate
lissiii tbe mass of the people to ilu- premier to continue to press upon tlie fedora authorities the claims of British
Columbia for fair treatment and a revision of the onerous conditions existing
between the province and the Dominions It justifies, it justification were
needed, his Intrepid course at the Ottawa conference when, rather than sacrifice tlie rlghis be was determined to
maintain, he withdrew from the dellb-
er.'itltins altogether, and refused to accept the unsatisfactory compromise or
lie placed in ilie humiliating position
i-iir Wilfrid Laurler was pleased to offer
him.���Winnipeg Telegram.
Tin1 public wlil now await w-Ph interest the settlement in be made with
(s'X-tlovernor Mclnnes and ex Judge
Henderson by their masters at Ottawa,
Persona] lact-fficei these men made,
not for duty's sake. Inn because It was
demanded ol them by those to whom
ib. y unworthily owe their allegiance.
It bin remains for Sii Wilfrid Laurier
lo pay them for their set vices. The
Mclnnes proposition is the hardest
Unless in- be reappointed to ihe governorship, which is still vacant, then- an-
few billets be can fill in ibe gift of
ibe Dominion lhal win provide hlm
wiili anything like iiie emoluments he
gave up. Possibly the Grand Truiil-**)
Pacific may claim Iiis valuable serxlces.
As for ex-Judge Henderson, ii win only
oompiete 'in* Indecency of his reiire-
tueut from the bench to again place
hlm upon ll. And it is doubtful Indeed
if lhe honor of Ihe judiciary will be any
more besmirched by his going bacH
than ll was by the fact nud circumstances or bis resignation���Winnipeg
Broke From Moorings.
Tou'on, Prance, Feb. 8.���The French
battleship llrelltls broke from ber moor
iugs during a severe sionn yesterday
snid grounded near Hyeros. She was
subsequently got off with considerable
difficulty and then returned here. She
sustained much damage.
Oppose the Step.
Uio de Janeiro. Fell. 9.���The Bragtl
ian government has decided In order
t,i avoid disagreeable Incidents to ex
elude negro sailors from the Brazilian
squadron which Is to. visit the United
States. The opposition newspapers at
tack the govs-rnment for this Hep.
Hlxiv davs. alter tlate I Intend to HP ;ly to
Chief Cammlailoner ..I Lamia sndWorki
pi-rnilaMon tss ullii-ls.i-c Use following   'b'���'' *
lalld:   Si liale'l s.ss the eail llda ol Arms,
lu   llie   WVt   K -UA.   dlitrlet,  absssil   s
above Burton Oity, commencing sts poel i
.-,1 al llie uorlliiu-l es.tlicr ..I 1 - Ba, Is. I
ebBM-, tbenee eas-t *-���" chalm, tbenn-
"balms, thenee weal .*" ehalni, Ihenee
obaina io point oi mneueeinenl isu.t wsiwa.-
lug 1*0 aeres mere or less-
^eaxxm-->W1. u n .,.M _Fll ,,EK_
Blxty <Uv_ afurdau-J ini. nl m ��i'i'��> tuiiie
ll.,n OblefCoinmluloDei ol laaot ami \\mk>
to parcliaM ill tetet ot land, commencing 11 i
poil murked it* B's N- t. porner mm*. pMled il
the N. w.m.i n.i ofG.-V Utaelre cMp on.UH
hwimiIi'o! Armw l&ke, aboul four mllei above
iin ri.in citv, thenc* irwl lOeliatn . tin hithmuui
U__tebelui. tbeuoe eul tt ebftlni thenee north
4642 ehalna to place ol beginning, ooBUUntiif in
iii'ica, more or l**��s.
Datod ��th dti ol No. , IBOfl.   BvaoH Bwtot.
,i  K ansahi.k, Ajreni
Notloe li herehy given tnai two month* titer
date we Intend toapply lo the Chief Coraiule-
���loner <>f Landi hii.i worki fur a leue ol ��n iiiai
iHii-i Ii-hiik Hn- foreihore u-ijoiiiin*.* tbe fmiH-iiHti
Pacific Railway -Shipyard ��>�� tbe weat. pari ol
LotbgA-groupl.and belni on ihu *���""''' Hl'"'
uf the woit arm ol Kootenay Lake, ni the nli-
rici of Kooteniy;  Commend na ��i tin* lorither
ly cnriKrof ! ilTlKl-1. Kfimt)  1.  thenoe  liong   llll
lootn weeterlr boundary of lot 70W ai��i the e*>
teniion thereof, in a north weiterly direction. ���
dlitiiifwof lis feet; ilnnte at rittbi anslei to
���aid boundary iu a nouth weaterly direction, i
dlatancf ofSlSfeot, mon* or lew. to the north
eaiterly boundary of tha City l'ark. rantlnued;
thenue parallel tohHi.i weiterly bonndary of toi
70M. In a iouth eaiterly dlrectioDi i 'li-unoi* of
r-rtHi d'ci. moreor leu. to tin* nonix-Hy i.ouu..��rv
nl lot _KA;tiieu��c loliuwiuk th** northerly bound
ary of lot f#\ in a nortb eaiterly direction tothe
polnl of oommeneement, the anu balni --:l-i
aorei. moro or Ibik.
!>n.t��*l thia7lbday of January. All m.
BO iiav*. afu-r .lute l Intend t.i apply '����� lbe Hon.
Chief dommlnloDer of Landl and w.-rkMo pe*.
c1ib.hu n) asm of and located In rire railey i��'-
iiiR part ��.f BectloniS end 10 Townihlp W.rad
(lemTiiw.i a�� follows:   Commenelni at a pun
markt'd F  Vi. J. H. K. corner aii'i plan It-1  a!   the
nortbweit oorner of Wm. Wllllami' pn ehaiej
ihfuoe west-i(U'heiu": tlienoe north BD ebalnij
1 hence ea-st -tuclieiu*.;  lliun.-e fsouih U0 ��� haiti* to
place of bcginnliiK.
NovcmlK-r _3r��l ift*.
K. Vi. Jori.a-h,
J, H tYVitlM, At;t-iii
Budweiser Beet
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
The Hall Mining and Smelting!
Company, Limited.
High Runs in Pool.
New York, Peb. B.���In ilie tecood
fidmu of the world's professional championship pool tournament, between
Thomas Hueston or SSranton, iJa. unJ
Erward Dawson '>r si. Uiuls lasl night
the scores was, Hueston. I98j Dawson.
143. Tin' iu��ni to *lHte Is, K uee ton, 4'Hi;
Dawson, l'7T High inns lasl nisht
were, Mut-sion. 26; Dawson, L'4,
Takf notloe thai thirty tlarH after 'lal'* 1 intend Wj apply io the ciiiei Commluloner ol
L_uidi ami wor' i at vlotoiia foi pertniHlon to
.*ut au-l ratrv awav tnntK-r Iron th��* EotlOWtm
deeerlbed lands in West Koolanay :
So l.���Commeneing at s poit planted at the
lonihweat oorner of tlnjhei Ueenoe No _vs\\
th-nce eait torty ehatni] t lit uee north eighty
:. *i!i- thence eiNt UU ehaluo. thenre nouth to
northern boundary of timber Jlcvnae 8*ilH;theuce
weal ml'iug laid nnrtbe n Wu,'"'f,,rvi'->f,'
iheu mime to the northern boundary
������< timber UoSQM 10IS; thenre wett to
a point dueamith of tbe |iulut olctiinuienemtBUt;
'.:.-w - nort). to the ; .i.i of * '.inioeiiccuietit.
January 15th, IW,
No, 2 ���Com me tiring at the northwest corner
Of timber ItceDhe 7121; theuce s��uth to tby north-
'-rn boundary of timber 11 <**-nao "OIK; lbence weat
to the north-west corner of aald tlmbei .;.-ciibi
ihenoe aou'h to the northern boundary of Lot
tit; thence lollowlng said boundary of iald
lot weat to the right of way of thw B.O Southern Railway; thenoe following "aid right of way
in a north eaiwrly direction to the plaoe of com*
January r.th. 1 ht.
No. 3���Commencing at a idnlbeait corner i.f
timber licetiRe No. 78:M, about Hfty chalna itoutli
nf the right oi hbv ol  the ft   0. Noutheru Ball-
way; theneeeaat flo ohalna; tbenoe north fort/
chains; thence went 16" chalet]   (hence aoiitli
forly chain* to place of oommeneement.
Jtt' uary 15th, 1W7.
*fo. 4���Commencing at a poet planted at the
intersection of the aoutheru bonndary of tlie
right ol was of the 11. C. Southern Railway, und
the eastern bonndary of U>t 61*8.J lhetice aouth
to the northern boundary of UOenie application
KoSj thenot tast 100 chelttl] llienee ii. rth to the
���outborn boundary of timber HceiiMt* tio. Til*;
ihence following the southern houudu**-. ofaanl
license westerly about ttxty tliaittf, more or lea*
to mi eattern boundary of aald Itpenie] thence
���Ontfa forty Oh aim ] thence west elghtv chain*;
then north to tht riant of way of the 8 C.
SonthernBat]way,thence following iald right
if way in a south-westerly direction lo the place
���f beginning.
January IMh, liKri.
No ���_.���'ommenclng al ii post planted at the
lOOthweit corner oi timber license ti��ftr>: thence
weat sixty chalna more or ltir>s to a  point due
-outh of the toutbeatl oortttr of IJoenie applies-
non No. 3; theuce north hixlv chuint more or
���"i- to the a*?uth bouudary of, ��� ���*ii* ������ apphcutlon
No 4; thence north   tn the nortlieast coruerof
iald Iteenteapplloatlon Vo4; ihence coat tothe
loutheait oorner of timber lleenie iw'i; thence
uorth forty ohalni more or leti to a point due
west of tiio north west corner of limber Ucentt
DUVJil thenot eul to lhe northwest cornet  uf naid
Umber Uoenn No. 6U6] thence aouth L60 ohelni
to the point of oommenoement.
January 1Mb, 10OT.
No, ft.-Commencing at a pom planlcd ai ihe
toutht|ti oornerol umber license ms6] thenot
west io thf MUthWeil comer of llceune apjilh n
tion No I; tbenoe north to souiiiem boundary
of llcetue application No, B] tlniicc ereal to the
northwest oorner nf liosntt spplfattlon No. li
lheme amith to thc northern boundary of
timber Iiccum* H'Wi; lhetice ,*a*-i to tht tioilhcH-t
corner of Umber IJoeOlt Kri��; thenoe aoulh
thirty chains; thence Mil lo the wesl boundary
Of limber llceuae 85i'J; ihenc.- north to tbe place
of beginning.
January lftih, 1901
No. 7r���Oommenelng at a poll planted at tht
northcan corner of tlmbei' llOOOH 8.'��1*; thenot
lOUth forty chalm more or less to lhe north
boundary of timber license &'��*!.',; thenot ��� -*i��� < i*-��� ���
chains; tnence north forty chalna moreor lesa to
a point due oaat of thc southeast corner ot ttm
l��'i* license SMI] thenee WOSl I"" chaini to Ihe
plant ol Iteglnnliig.
Janniry I8th,7P0T.
No. 8.���Commencing at n poit planted at tht
northeaat eormr of timber lleenae No. ftt Hi;
thence south eighty chains; ti.en.*.* eaxteightv
chaln��; thence north eighty chains; tbence weit
eighty chalna lo plaee of eommeucement
January Uth, 1907.
No ft,���Commencing at a post planted ut tht
southeast coruerof Umber, license 8J4"; theuce
north eighty ohtini] thencecast eighty ohalni)
thence north IW ch"liis more or less to the nnrth
east t orner of license application No. 7; theuce
west to aoutlieast corner of Umber UctntB No.
K5t8; thence north to the aouthern boundarv of
license application No. 6; thenee easi to
the west boundary of timber license No.
8H2] tlience south to the -southwest corner of timber license S.I2; theuce wesl
to th northwest corner of timber license No.
KMS; thence south to the northeast corner of
timber license |Po. 8.'*4.'>: thence weRt elghtv
chalus; thence nouth lo a point due east of tlii*
southeast corner of limber ll enac 8.r)*i7; tbenoe
west to place of commencement.
January 16th, lftti7
No. Kt.���Commenclngat a post planted at the
southeast corner of timber license 8ftIB] thenoe
I*, iuih eighty chains; theuce west to the cast
bouudary of * otll'J; thane-* north to tlie southern boundary of timber lie use No, 7018] thence
east to thc southeast corner of timber license
7MH; theuce norlb tn the south boundary of Umber license 83-tft; theuce eaat to place of commencement.
January 1Mb, 1907.
P. Luwd, Locator,
Din McDovoaLL, Agent
80 days after date I intend to appiv to tbc Honorable the Chief Commllllottei of Lands and
Works, to purchase 'Hii nvrva of land: Com*
mencing ata poll marked Q, W. 8 N.K oornei
(.out and planted on tht w.-l shore <tl Arrow
fake adjoining Lot :r7H.ni the "outb side of -aid
U.l, then e wett 80 .hains along the southern
boundary of Lot 878; theuce south MJU chalnn
thence east IK) chains more or les* to Uke short-:
thenee udrtb aloug iake shore to plate of beginning.
DEted OU) d*T of Nov. 1906.
Ono w. stkki.,
  J K. AKNAHi.g. Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 inteiiu to appiv to the
lion. Chief Commissioner <d L*ndj ana Works,
Vh-torift, t<i purchase 1-Wi acres Of Und lOetttd in
Kire Valley, being part ol BectlOUl 'Ihit'L' and
Kotir, Township e!*, and descriU-d as follows;
Commencing ul a post planted at William
Williams' N. W, corner, atid marked "K. K, W'i
N. E, corner." and rutiniug tv chains west,
tbence 20 chains -south, theuce 'Jochsliis cast,
thence 40 chains souih. thence 'JO chains east,
th* ii-������ '���'��� chains noith to place of liegiiiuing
November 'Jard, lftOfi. [..,#,��� _ Willums,
J. K.  \ ������������*.*; a   Agent.
Notice is bereby given tbat bo days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Hoiiorahle the Oniel Com-
��ii'.-i >ii**i "i Landsand Works lor permission to
purchase the hdlowiug described lands: Com-
mmclng at a post placed ��i-aatus west of lhe
south-cast corner ol Lol ^>Ci. marked "K. a. Bell's
uorth west corner," tlience south Jrti chains,
thencecast 'Ai ihaluif, then M north 90 ehelni,
in. ii--*- wesl DO chains to polut ol ��� ..unio-n ���*���;;.- i,i
eoutaiuiug -Wa. re**, mort or less.
Located th Is tllh day of JKor , I-M.   H.A.Hiu.
,��Hlr'r(l\%r\i_iU_IiiiiVl?1her'"or ___ndl and Works
Victoria, lo purchaie -wo acres of ~_ n, rite
Valley, "est Koolenay: Comineuclng at u pott
Pltbted 00 cbains west o| the ��. W coruerof J
Kobinson's pre-empllon, and marked W. W's N
F- corner, aud running west UO - im.n-. theuee
soutli m chalus. thenee vast <Kf chains, thence
north (ki chains to place of beginning
Nov. Uth, nwo, William Williams.
             J K AirwABi.e. Aeent.
Hixty days after d te I intend to applj to the
Hon. the Chief Commluloner oi f^ndiano Worki
lo purchnse liiO acres ��f land; Com mencing at a
post planted on the west side of Six mile creel
ou wagou road, about two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, and tuarkod "Neil Me
Kechulu's B. West eoruer post." thence east 4ti
chains, thenee north 40 chains, thence west 40
chains, thenee south W chains, to place ol ��oin-
LooatM this 10th day of November, 1M6.
 Neti MrKetHwi���
Klxty dnvs after date I purpose making nppll
cation to the Honorable the Chief Couimlsajoiicr
of Unds and Works for pernios inn to purvhase
the following deioribed laud:  Commenelni at
a post plac.-d mi the.". W emm r of Un mm and
. marked "K. 0. F.'s" N. W. oornvr, thence fo'low-
j ing ih-u southern boundary Lot bftoo, 06 chains
more or less east to lbe west boundary of l_>t
0001, thenot following same south so onama to
the north bonndary of Urt ttdt] tbenee about W
��� halus west along said houndarv to tht lake
-hore; theuce norih !Hl chains more or les* following the lake shore u�� point of commencement, containing ��17 acres more or lens.
Dated Deoembt 17th, 1W7.
-_���u f^tjwtaa.
Notice Is hereby given that alxty nays alter
date 1   inlcnd to   apply to ihe Hon  lhe Chlel
Commluloner of Landiand Works for perm la
.:"' ,t,V'1,,r';ill,i,.,ll,l',.,ll,^l��s qieerlhed land
���ituated In the ��u��t Kootenay dlitrlot:  Com-
iiieticiug at a post   planlcd  It tht "N. B   eoruer
oi L loners'* pre-emption," nnd running
ihcnce east 40 chalm; thenee soutli 40 ohaini.
thence wesl 4*J chains;   theuce HOI th 4U ahalni
's. place of oonuntneemtnt, contaluim too arret
more <��r less. ��� '
Dedemoer ao, iwo.
iiakkv pg nt, Locator.
..       M. B   WcQoaesis, Agent
Notice li hereby giren ibatatxty dan alter
date _ intend to ipp; to the Uonorahle the
thief Commissioner of Unds and Works foi
permhudon to pnr. bane th- loi'onmg deheuhed
lunds  situated   In   U.e  West   Koolenay dJMriet*
Uuntnenalna st a pool  maiked  -h   h   wuth
we.ll comer/ and uorih of A H, LUCIft, WiT
i-huat-i I Itn, on Hhii1 Oreeg] theme north 4o
.huiii'. tin nee cast lm chHiim* thenee s..mil 411
chains; thence * chain��we.1 i- SoIntofSm-
iiienci-iiieiit, ountalulng *���: aeret. more or len,
    M    It    WO   fAHHIK
Blxty days after date I lntuid to apply t,
MllefCnmiiillHlMiierol Lands and  WoHtltonui
chase (Un acr*-* ol laud, l,.eate.|   in Lower Arrow
Lake,   Wesl  Kooienav:   ( on.mcn  Ing  at   | post
planted  at the "N.W. corner ol Ar��ow t___a
Indian Hcserve"; thenee uuth 88uhalni| thenoe
wettMnbatnij thenot north On chalm; thence
east 80 ehalni, to place of beginning
Lootted wtn day oi December, im.
.__ ___.. _.  Looator.
Hlxty days Hftcr dale 1 .uicnd to apph to the
Hon thei ulefOommliilonerofLandaand SnSs
to purclmse MOurei of Und:
post marked "N. T H's noiiUi
-aid post b'lng at the norlh
Hudson's pre-emption claim
i-ncing si a
rner post."
t IWo miles
 ���, ...   .-���,,������ , ,,j, i|Jriu,- -.vest 40 i lull
iouth30 chaini, west 4u cbalni. north tfuhaf
east SO chains, south 20 chains to plaee of com-
meneement, containing 24b acres.
LocBtenSth dayof Nov. IWli.   Nettie T- Bikr.
,.H1xH.i"'��?" ���ft**'', dale J iniend lo applv to Uie
Hon. (hicKoininlssiotierof Lands ind Works,
-Iclorla, to purchase 40 aires of land situated
OU tot weat side of Arrow Uke, sKT&a&S
below Burton, and deicrlbed as follows; Com.
mencing at a post plauied at lhe northeast
coruerof Lot 7tf7o, and running north SO chi mr
hence w-esl*_ chains,  thtnM lofiS _0_h__ns
Nov. llth, 1WC. ���   K.^lu
, ���_.., .SJ Mt* Annablk, Agent.
Notiee la hereby given lhat oo dnvs alter date I
lutend to apply lo the Honorable the chief Com-
mlssloner of Unds und Works lor -aemLaat-ni _
purehaae the following deKrlbfi 5 ',
about 10 miles east of ihe SS I o' Nelw.J on the
south shore of [be Wttt ArgSf IoSSuUS
and eommencng at a posl placed about yo 1*1 "fns
"B - hon-.es   N. W   corner,"  thence  iouth  ���__
cha na, ;theure e.st au chains, thenot no ���  , 20
menS?miStnCe ���l ** �����������!�� to iAbio.S���
Dated thii Oth day of Wo��.( uoo.    u Tsonu.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter   Carnival
Five  Day.-<
Feb, 12, 13, 14, tS and 16
b Orand Iropbies aud fJ.UOU lu piites.       Two Bauds iu Attrndat.i-
HOCKKV- IiifmiHliimiil nnd Int'T-Proviticinl chuiniiHiushiix*
BUOW8H0KIKG- OhnffiplonAlp of BlltUb Cvluiubin
TOBOOGANINO- A mfla ��� minute down tht* "/IP'
SKllNd���Jumping nml Kiu-uiir.    I *hanipioiichip of Ouitds
SKATINU HACKS���Vot i'lmnipioiihhip of Briti-.li Columliiin
CURLING���A Provincial BonipM
Ilorse-Kariug.       Masipurading.       Tugs-ol-War and other . :,*������! i -,n* r .��� ,-'���������
ined ���-Ailway rates on all !i
J. B, C Preeer, I'rcsid.-nt
For further particular" app'y '
ie King a. Ailam'.
Notice is bl reby given that ft) dayi alter date 1
intend lo Hpj.lv to the Honorshle the Chlel Commissioner of Lauds  and Works. Victoria,  H. ('.,
lor pet tubs ion 10 pnrahaM tin-1 oil i. wine detertb*
ed land, kituaird in the Weit Hoot, lav dlitrlet,
OH the ��est Bide of I uliamel (Or Sll Mih) creek,
on up er side ol wvguti road, about 0], mllei
fro n \Vc��l Arm of Ko-leiiav like: <. uuniieu*-tug
at a i-osi marked Mrs Uatfil I'urk s P" K corner ruutilug-40 chains west: theuce Ai .httus
soutli; tbenei*-w ��*���'��- "*���'_; thenee Ai cbal����
itig 00 acres of land, mort or leas
UStod the ITih ^oTtlllber 1*0
Mu lUmit Dnati
John E TAVi.ua. Agent
flUtf davs alter date I intend to applv to the
Hou Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
X I.1"-*"!**,1" purchase IN a< res of land ahout two
miles b*low Borton Oity, Weit Kootenay, com-
���'"���uelug a'  a (Mist marked "J A. Irrlng's east
-������"���"���   -*   ���   ��"'������   tmrntrnma      j    a-    it-.ii.,*'   . .>i
���orue' poit   said jk��.i being on the eaitetly eud
���   nn   1.1.,. A   ......   _> . _. ������_, _.,..       .. ....
V : I '.'    ��--. I-.'-' '"...k "��� sis,: in.s, uy i-usi
,sl nil l.lnlld ��i-��l in Lolli-H-.ma cUlBlni all tlir
Ulssl i-iiuuluril  Iss  ���!,.]  l.l.tsU. bi-llig ,l,s,ul on��
mile 111 ,u ra.lrrly and  tmlMtB .irrr.-llisu aud
alsi.ui ass-hatii, Iruui m,rtli toauutli.
K-mabuatbiHU. J. a. Ikmso,
J   E. AKKABLI. Agrm.
,,Hlxt/.'1,tl" u"*rdate 1 ilitrnd In aiildy lis Iht
Issn. Chl.IsOonmlUlonM ol Unds, aud Work.,
Oi'lurla, lis iiurrliaii- lju irn,ol laud liKsai.-d
-,ii tlir iss*M,|sl.-s,l .now lake Htid Iviuk .Isrw-tW
nortb ol Um tot,: Oonu����ni iiik at a possi plant*!
��l tlw N K, inriier ol Lot ?v?sl ansl luaiki-il "B 11
-I E .'isnii-r," anil rinniltin umtii :��,i rlsaliia.
Iss-iiii- u.-.i ju i'lialna, thruce uortl, ."..isasss.
* H'llir n-r.l 2ls ilialu., llit'lin. antith |., ,.|���|U,
slirui-e eail ��u i-tiain,, lo plai-e o| br��liiuluii
Nov. mill, lime. r ii����tha imAuiiV.
J   ��. ANKAflLE. Af, ls|
Ns.l !<��������� li Isi-relsy Kin-,, ||,at Us daya all.-i ,|alr, I
iHleml tn a|,i.ly l��� t|,e ll������. Chltl Coutnmloolt
',ll.alid. ami Work, lo, p. riiileslim i��� ,������,���!,���,.,.
she follow ur ileai-rlbed land In ��,.��� li������i,.������-
',.'",'��� 'olutneucliijntiiiiial marked Ml. V
I �� ll�����ii ��� eoruer pOtl, | !iu,i. .! in u���. ii���,tl,.���t
..riierol Seetl ll K, Townislle 7. runniiiK ,���iit|,
li c sain, thene. we.l ,0 rhaliia. Ihenee Horn, ��
Isalin, lli.us-e rati .Oelinlu, lo jilaee ol eolu-
.sseuteuieilt, iK.nlaliilu*. ICO assre.. mote or leaa
Uatesl .Nov. M, ll����. Mm. V  A   Wiijki,
J. WnaoN. A^etit.
Mstlee ll hi-retsy kiven that Oil day, niter dale I
,is lend tni|iiilv to tin-Ilooi raMr lhe Cblel Con-
nlMoner o f..n.i, .,,d �����rk. lot permlulon
!o|,iir,-lsii,e_s>u.*re�� olland. ale "is lbs Little
Moyle slier al���,s.| 1 utile lioln Ins,-, isalls.ual
lossiidary anil i'�� llle Irom 8n k..s���- lni,.r.
II,    Tail   .   h  I    ,���:���,.,    ���������,   tl,, ,,r.t.   ���.,..,   ���,
nbtlui ti.sissi- north ������ rbalu; lbence wui hi
' '"I"*: 'I'"" >"l. -'I' .I'asss,;  s  - ure ,-,,-s s.s
shsslii,.; Hi. ns,-mssiIi s.s. IihIii, Hi |,!a s ,,.,n
ISM'lll'S'llll'SlI, ,-lillSrt   ||l|;tf  '.'S   p I
l.is.'Bl,-sl Usi   .!, tb lum,
Slaly ,|���y,  all,., ,l,t,. |  |��� d In applv Iss III.
IsSsiss.ral... Hie hi,, l���,m���,���,,,net oil', s���l, ,,,d
,""',"*���  Oelorle, In |i>sli'ha,n lllll Here, .,( laud,
���>i��lr.l In  Klrr Valley at ,.��, ,,|, ��� lilff���
l.elnmeiii'liiKal 1 Wit marked O B. Mi-M'a N ��*
'���orner and planleil at the inulliwi .1 I'mner o|
lot ,��1��. mid riiniilui Miutb �����, ' i.-in- sin me
,i' WMI tlseiue nnrth 80 ehaiiia, tbonee
sss'Sd as i'lialna to plaee ol btseliinliiu
Nov. mils. 1006. "iwi. H  M.MII.1.AW,
J. K. Akkaiile, Agrnt.
Slxly dayi alter date I Intend lo apply to Hie
Honorable the |-blel<Somiiil,,losss-r,,ll!��,,d,a,,d
"isrka tji pumhlM 6.0 anreanl laml, Isiiated In
Kins \ alley, on we��t aide of Armw lake: tSom-
nii'lli'lnit al e p,���i planted Wcb-'na Wfl ol the
JolltbWMt eoruer ol J. Roblnai i pre-empllon
and uiarled J. H'a fl. K. tinnier, and rtmiilni
north HO ehalni, tbeisi-e weat 80 ebalua, tbenee
,ositb Wiltalna, tbonee east 80 ebalna to plaee ol
Nov. 18th, IvXKL Jam William
J. E. Annahlk. AReut.
hlxty daya after dale 1 Intend to apply to the
Cblel t'ominlaalotier ol Landa and Worka (or
permlaalou lo purchaie Ihe followiiiK iMerlMd
land, In Kootenay Dlitrlel, aboul three-miar ,r.
ol mile Iron, Tlir...ni'a aiding: Commenelue at a
|��ihI glared at the fl. W. isomer ol L C8��a, Kr���ub
. Weal KooUsnay Dlatrlc.; theuee weiierlv
following the north boundary ol I. .ssl* ,'n
elialisi; lbence north 10 ehalua; theuee eaa'no
.halus. moreor le���, lotbe N, W eorner ol
I4MI Ihenoo aoulh lollowlng tbe weftbomidaiv
of LHMI3 lo chalna. more or leaa, to plaee of emu
metsisement. ronlalulng-to aerea, more or lean
Dated thll 6th day ol December 1900
 II-H. rim. Locator,
fllxl, daya after date I Iniend lo applr to the
llo-i.-fSblefCnmralialoiierof Und, aii,l w���r,,
victoria, lo purebaae 100 acrea of land, located on
the wekl aide of Arrow lake, about flea mile, l,e
low Burton City, and deacrlbed a, follow,- Oom
inenelng ata no��l marked "7. Q. B'l loutbiui
conier,"and being 10 cbalni outof the north well
corner of IMHIlt; thence north*!chain,: thenca
weat 40 chain,; thenca iouth ��cbalni; thrm���
ca.l tn chiin, to tbe i law, si beginning
Notciiiber Ulb, IX*. F.T1 Bug
ft J. I. AKNABUt.
Klxty dayi afterdate J lulend to applr U_>
Ilnnnfitiletlie rblellSommlialsstn-r nfusdigl
Wo. k, lor j- in i.-i.i, to piirrha��e Um follo-flf
sieMTiU-d land* In Koolen,y .li.srus 0
meii'-liig at a p,���t marked J H Aumbli-'iu
��� a,l eoriier ie���t, aald poat l-eltsi sm ILi h
,lde ol lhe Lower Arrow lake, absml IWli
btls.w Hurton City: thence is-sslli le tlsai.
;!.-s is- : .��1 ���'���"''"- tlience mulls Mm_
lioln.   HH   -*s 'iinlli-     Ibelis'e   tssifiL Ctl
��� ud  'Ai  link,,  mure or leaa tn.ilns lake al
* l,��� sn . eaiterly along lakcutlsaln. nssis-silia
In Use plait- s,l   U-glliulug, eoutalsssU, 1IAH
mure ssr leaa.
Dated thii.Mb day nl Novembri, I'M.
i B. AklAltl
fser K. I. B-mrtr, A|inl.
Notice ll hrrrhy given lhal .Ills* ,1.1* **
dalr I mil it.1 to m|ke appllssallnis lis the Hn*-
able Chlel i omiislsuioher,'.' Uss,:. mjcI Wurbi
VlcUirla. H, i ..for permlulon lo purebiMlWl|
lowing sls-iM-rlU'd lansl, iltualc in Hr.- tlm
Weal Kirf.leiiay dlHlrlet: Comnscnrlis.ilini
s l.iisi .I al the iisulbweit eorner ssl Jtalsuib.
Inniu'i prt.-emptlt.ii, marked It 1 K', t* I nsiig
poll, Ihence 40 i halm we.t. Usrssre 4- rm*
liorlh, thence 40 chain,call loJos-tiis, Rublaa*
nortliweit i-iirufi. Ihence M.istls 41'chain,ospta��
of ci .is, sm in ��� su, ns ' in. saiiiissi.' J" acre*. mssitH
Dated thla *.':ii.| day ol Nov.. 1 "*���
K l.KlUwm
fk'davi alter date 1 Intend to applv lis Us,��
Chlrl isommliilotier of Land, and Worki. l>
torla. Is. purebaae '.MO aerea ol ussl ls,:��l^ _
Fire Valley and being a |M,rt'on nl 'ecllisul
ainl ll. lu I,.,, ii-lii|.s,:. and ile.s-rll.i-'l a" lolloai:
i omuieiii-liig al a pint plalitesl ,,l sli,- nniltsi*
corner nl llir loislbrait sinartrr ill mllsiBlr
TOWttiblp IW and inarkrd J ', * I Wf"*1.
theuie nssrin 40 1'halui; thence well ���� shllMl
Ihenci' ,.,nih 40 chain,; Ibencr ea,l -jechilu.**
plas-i of b'Slllltllllg
Novensber -.-Itrd 1U0G.
loam HI""'
1. E. AvNaeiJi.Aiett
Nullce ii hereby given tnaioonav. ircm-twl
lulend lo apply Ul the Honorable ifss-1 IsSrll'saj-
minloner ssf lAlidi aud Hoiks- In iiirsslii.,*"
acre, nf laud .ieicrllsed ai fullsswv s usisnienri*
at a port plantcil ou the norlh bassk of Use Ull*
Movie river, al.oiil ��ll yard, fsosss siis.ulll,����
murked -K. McLceii'a S W. ...rn.-' H��'.
ili.siO'* eaat hn chain,, Ihenee norli *'�����*��
tbenee we,t 8llcliaitli, lbence aou'ls "-1' InUs*.*
plaee ol coiiiroi'neomeiil.an,ls's,niai[i;[sK,*K,lr
inssrs- or len.
Ia,s-ated SOth day Oct., Iua>        ll.nn  McUtf.j
Flxly day, after date I Iniend lo ipjll,��"}
Honorable the Cblel fniiiml her ol  <*'"������'',
Worka, Vieiotia   lo purabmM *0 icrei ol _*
lsscisli',1 nnil  .leM-rlbc'l a, Inilow,'   t  isseucln*
41 a po.i |ilanl,.,l hi Use MUlhWeil cotgir WA
Kolilnior.'iiiri. einpllnnln Kir- V,'!,' ""'T, ' ,r
live mil,., from Ldward Lasi.llSi, ts.-.' Usl. sss
Arrow lako. ami in-iked F 'li N K inrneriil
ruuulng weti ...iniiii. tbenee ioulb *> titm
Ibl-Ui.c call  .11 cbalni.   Ihell.e  losslli  -'*' '�����"*
llseus'e ea.l 4ls cbalni. thenee nortb Uttmttm
place of ta-eilittlin.
Nov   lllh. )��W1                             l,l�� ""*"���
J   K   AKNABLi. Ajelil	
Nollcii li hereby given tbal HO dayi m" "������J
llileinlloanplvlolTiellon rhlefl'olisi'sl""1"',,
Un.l.aiisl WssrkI, Victoria. ls.r|.crlssl��n..ii'.*W'
cbaic lbe followlug deicrlbed land. ��l|""*s*'���i
Ibew,,, Kontenay dlitrlel. on tbiWMtmJ!
Ilubaiiiel (or fllg Mile) creek, near ��iii'�����"'
abs.sst three miTri frssm Konleuay libij __
mrlicliiial a poll inarkrd -Jninr. J Do; '''Z.
poil," iimnliig 30 chaini rut, thenee ���>!' '|���
norlh, thenee SO chaini won, Ihence t>''__
issilUi, In tbenolnlol coiiimenermeiil, 0*BMm
Ing 40 acrea of land, morn or leai.
Dated lath November, 1900. , ���_-
Located by.lAgieiJ. lumper John K. Tavlok, Agenl-
, Hlxly day, aller date 1 Inteud to��li|'iT**J!
Hssiiorablelbe Chief CommISNlssner ssl l-st"'1 ,'
Wssrka for periiiliilon to puislsaie Uss* '"1,l'_'���
disierlbed landi in Ksioleliay illilrlct. """"J_
dug at a pnit markesl "A. J. Plil'1 !��___
corner pnit." iald pssil being on the '��;''"!;",.
erly ahore of the Uw.1 Arrow lake ussll____\
due eait, ou ihe oorlbeiul corner ol !_*___
Uriiup i; thenre nortii ro chalm; eail M'."__
ioulb to ehalna, mnre or len, to Ihelakein""'
llienee following iald ihoro in a ��0'b��j����"L
dlreellssii so rhalni, more or leal lo the ___
begliiulng. rnutaliilng 100 aorea, more �� '"*'
Ditod thll .'ith diy ol November, IW,    D,u,
perK L. Bu����it. A��e-��t ___
. Notice li bereby rjlrcn lhat ro dara after ?�����
I iniend, lo apply lo the Honorable llir'�����"
CommlnlontT nl Undi and Wnrk, __t___\
llnu lo I iiri'hnae the fulluwlng ileacrllnd IWJJ
Kssolenay dlilrlet: Commcncliig *' *__TJ
markeii "J. H Wallace'i norlhweil corner po".
Mill pint being on lhe ciitcrly ilde ssl ""J,
Arrow lake, and at tho "ou'hwwl ���T.|ai
I'orU'r'i pre-emption claim I Ihenneeait ���*'"",
theuce iouth at) clialui, thctitse well "'JHSj,
tbence aouth ���SI ebalni, Ihcnce writ W '"��� ,
mnre or len to the Arrow lake, theiu-e In ��� ".'*,
eiiUsrly direction OOolnlnl, more or lew ''
Plice of beginning, conuinlng 140 aerei.mo���-"
Ditec thii 3tnb dar ol IJ��'ob''',;"j[ Walu*
a- bla -grot. Kuam b boin". To Consumers of Coal
and Wood
undersigned beg to notify the public that:
IOn and after the ist February, 1907, orders for Coal
Wood will only be executed when accompanied by
$11. This course has been rendered imperative owing
hugely increasing list of our customers and the
|tli,it we pay IN ADVANCE for all fuel (including
hi). We find we must either adopt the CASH
THM or RAISE the price of fuel���the latter course
re reluctant to pursue.
Thanking our patrous for past favors and trusting
i.iitinuauce of friendly relations,
We are, yours obediently,
on, B.C., 31st January 1907.
The Daily Canadian
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Approach    of    Penitential    Seaaon    in
Chrietian    Churches���Services
for Tomorrow.        ,
Tomorrow wil] be Qiilnqtiagesima
Sunday, or the Sunday next before
I.ent. Tuesday will be Shrove Tuesday,
uml Wednesday Ash Wednesday, the
first day of the season of Lent, and
Thmsiluy is St. Valentine's day, hardly
a rellKloiis festival, alihotiBh named
from s iilotiH Ins-Insji of lhe early church.
Aliliisiss'.ii iireteded in tlie church year
hy another period of fasting und abstinence** (Advent), Lent ls and has always
been the great penitential season of
the church.
To many Lent signifies only a period
during which public festivities and entertainments are suspended. But to
the serious il Is a nol unwelcome season for review of spiritual growth, or
decline, and for meditation on the later days of Christ's earthly ministry,
and what Its significance i6 to the
world. It is the serious and solemn
meditation, not the refraining from
amusements and pleasures, or the par-
tiui abstinence from meat and rich
fare, that Ib the essential feature of
Lenten observance, although undoubtedly the double seir-denial Is an aid If
not a necessary condition to the spirit
or meditation and self-searching.
It is considered not unlikely that
Pope Pius X. will absolve the Romanist
world from fasting during Ixnt of 1807.
as Pope Leo XIII. did In 1S90. and for
the same reason an almost world-wide
prevalence of la grippe witli Its weakening effects, whlph would make fasting dangerous to health
The following services are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nelson*.
Church of England���8t. Saviours,
corner Ward and 8Uica streets; Quin-
quageslroa Sunday; holy communion, 8
u. m.; morning proyer and litany. 11
a m.'; Sundav school, 2: HO p, m.: evensong. 7:30 p. m. Hev. V. H. Graham,
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
atreeta: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10*30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rar. nther Altholf, priest.
Preabyterian church���St. Paul'i, corner of Victoria and Kootenay street*:
Morning aervlce, 11 a. m.; Sunday
achool, 2:30 p. m; evening aervlce, 7:30
p. m. ' Ref. J. T. Terguaon, mlnlater.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Joaephlne streets:    Morning aervlce, 11
�� m , evening service, 7.30 _ m . Bun-
day achool. 2:30 p m. Rev. R* N,
Powell, paator.
Baptlat church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning aervlce, 11 a. m.; evening aervlce, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. B. H. Shanks, putor.
S-alration Army���Barrack* on Victoria Btreet, weat of Joaephlne: Special aervlces for tomorrow. Knee drill,
��� a. m.; holiness m-eeting, 11 a. m; a
praiae meeting at 3 p. m . salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Maniteban Expresaea Vlewa on Faulty
Arrangements of Government.
Winnipeg. Feb. !) ��� "The mall service
in Manitoba is simply execrable beyond description of the most Indignant
patron's of his majesty's service."
So sjxike a resident along the Carman branch of the Canadian Northern
railway, who was In tlie city today.
"You will understand,'* he continued,
"that we do not kick at missing Ihe
mall for a day or two, hut when it
tomes to a whole week the thing Is
past a joke. Now, fo, Instance, one
week ago we were without a mall at
the point where 1 live for six days, and
again we had no service from Thursday last until this morning. Mind you.
we are only 25 utiles from Winuipeg
and there ls a line of railway, the C.
N R. running within a few hundred
yards of the postoffice.'*
"What have you done in the matter
of mall service?"
"What can we do? We have had the
mall sent out by a team. It would
probably have remained in the poet-
office another week If we had not taken some action. Surely there Is some
penalty for the non-delivery of mails. If
the railway cannot carry out their contract the postoffice authorities should
hire a rig and charge it to the com.
pany. The government has no business to let Ihe people suffer this Inconvenience. The i-oads in the country
are not first class bm a good driver
will huve no difficulty In making seven
miles an hour witli a good team and ���
light load. I hope you win publish my
��� ���������������������������<
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
bllions   of   Dollars   in Alberta   Oil Fields
\****************************************************************** ********
The Canadian Northwest Oil Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
iu the centre of the Known OH Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, aud withiu a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share in
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reinsures into the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developement only at 50c per share to be
paid in four instalments���25 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
T^ Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
laker Street. Neliou. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity sand
Heated by Hot Air
RATK8 ft riK IMY
���na nm.
Sample Ro trai for Commop
MRB. K. C.CLARK.:. ProprletreM
Largo ond Comfortable Bed
etuiDlulHK Room
Will Finance Railway.
Winnipeg. Feb. 9.���It Is reported
here that the Manitoba government
will undertake to finance a railway line
dlrecl from Winnipeg to a port on Hudson Ilay, t hus making a ahort route
to the European markets. To the people of the Prairie province this would
mean a saving of several million dollars yearly, the water route being n
considerably cheaper way to ship to
Europe and doing away with the long
train hau lacross the continent, entail.
Ing heavy freight rates. It Is planned
to start the construction of the line at
once to avoid possible competition.
Notice of Sale
Under and by virtue of the powers
of sale contained in a certain mortgage, which will be produced at the
Ume of the sale, there will be offered
for sale by public auction on Friday
the 1st day of March. 1907, at the hour
of 2130 o'clock ln the afternoon, at the
office of the undersigned, by C. A. Waterman & Co., Auctioneers, tbe equity
of redemption ln the following property, namely: Lou 23 and 24, Block 44A,
Nelson City, and the frame residence
thereon situate.
TERMS: Ten por cent, of the purchase money to be paid down at the
time of sale, balance to lie paid In 20
For Information as to prior Incumbrance, and for further particulars and
conditions apply to
Baker St.. Nelson, B. C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 7th day
of February. 1907
A. M. Can. Soc. C. B.
Mining Work a Specially.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Boi
������ker St., NELSON, B. C.
***************************************** t***9t*********************
Send Applications to
bt more than 5,000 or less than I00 will be sold to
any one person. 2
A* McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Qroeeriis
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hill and Vernon,
two block����� from wharf.
Ratea $1 oo;per day and up.
P. O. Boi Ul.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
Tin* hotel huh .it-i-ii rompletely renovated and
newly furnlitied with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATES : Roomi, 50c.  upwards ; meala   25c. ;
ipeclal ratei by the week.
J. A. ERICSSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 2.10.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
���Drop-Bin and American Plan
Mm), X cu.   Roomi from tt cts. to H.
Only While Etlp Implore.
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dofor-2-Dar House in Nelson.] |
The Bar la the Finest.
White Balp Onl; Implored.
leeephlne Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.60 a D��y.
Special Rates to Regular Bcardm.
Most comfortable qnarten ID Nt-lsson
Only tbe beet of Liquon ansl Llgari.
Excursion Rate
Rossland Winter
For the Round Trip
BoMag Lots for Sale
H. & m7 bird.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
Choicest Frott Lands ia
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Full Stocks
B.C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddiet
Manitoba Wttfttf_*_.
BEEF, PORK aad MUTTON of Fiaest Qoaltty.
P. Barns & Co., Ltd.
Hc%d OxHoc: NcJboiif B* C��
Orden by mall te ear branch will bave
oat prompt and careful attention.
NOTICE li bereby given that wisp]
mi application
 -  Memhlyof tha
Province of British Columbia at IU next Milan
for an act authorising the Patrick Lumber Corn-
will be made to tbe LegUlative Ai
   Colum t
pany, Limited, to plaoe, construct, md maintain,
a dam or dune, boomi, plan, slides, and other
worki In and acros* the Kootenay river it or
near Thrums Station (about opposite Hub-lot IV.
of Lot am. Group 1, Kootenay dlatrlct); and in
and across the Little Blocan river; and ln and
across tbe Blocan river at a point or point* he-
low tbe mouth of the Little Slocan river; lor the
pnrpoee of driving, raiting, eortlng, holding, and
manufacturing saw-legs and timber; to occupy
thc inrfaoe of the eald riven where ncceeaary for
tbe purposes aforeeald; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from the iald riven for log-
driving, rafting, and booming purpoaei; lo levy
and collect tolls and duei on logs timber and
lumber of personi using or profiting by lueb
worki, clearing or Improvemenu; to enter upon
and expropriate landi; and do all other things
necessary, incidental or conducive to the exercise of any of the above powen.
Dated the 1Mb day ot December, 1906.
Solicitor for tha Applicant.
Trains leave Nelson 9 a. m. and 6:35
p. m. Returning, leave Rossland 8:15
and 6 p. m.
Notice in hereby given tbat 00 days alter date I
inteud to apply to tbe Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki for a license to
firuipect for coal and petroleum over the follow-
ug land: Bttuated two mllei north of the i titer*
us tional boundary line and west of the Flathead
river, tegiunlug st a postmarked W. Letiallali*
N. W. corner post, tbeuce Mtchaini south, thenca
80 chains ���.���act, thence HO chaini north, thence (HI
chains west to point of commencement.
baled Nov. 14.1W6- W. I_HiaM.AU.
Notice ls herehy given tbat ��> days after date I
intend to apply to tbe Hon. Chip! CommlMloner
of Lauds ana Works for a < toenae to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the followlni laud:
sim iied six mllei north of tbe international
boundary line and eaat ol thc Klathead rlrer.
Beginning nt a poet marked R. H. Kurd's N. W
corner po t, tbence W ehalna aonth, tbence SO
ehaim eaat, tbeuce 10 chaini north, thenee 10
chalna weht to point of commencement
Dated Nov. 16, IfHW K. H. Himo.
For detailed information upply to local
In the matter of an application for tbe issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for au
undivided l-l uf Lou '2, and 8, Block IS, Town of
Notice Is hereby given that it li my intention
to Issue at the er;uatlou u| oue month from
the flirt puiilU'atlon hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to tbe above lauds in tbe
uaiueof Florence M. Hodgina which t'erufloale
is dated the _sth day of December, 18SS, and
numbered MC1K.
ii. K. Macleod.
Dlitrlet BegIstrar.
i��nd Registry Offlce, Nelaon, B C
iry __th, ���
Certificate of ImpcOTtmutiSs
May, ���  "Hit,,   --ci����-hi,ui'uj,
tional," and "John D.Mebley"
iltuated lu the Blocan CUT Mining Dlvlilon
��,C," ������Btrathroy," "Jo*
'Jot Frae-
n of
the Weet Kootenay Dlitrlot.
Where located :-Nortb of Twelve Mile Creek
abont oue aad a halt milei np
Take notie j that 1. H. R. Jorand of Slocan Mm.
Free Mlner'a cerllllcate No. Mntat, as agent for
Horace G. Van Tuyl, Free Miner e certificate No.
Bettl, intend, lixty dayi from the dete hereof.
to apply to the Minim Recorder Ior a Certificate
of Improvement!, lor Ue purpoee ol oouunwi *
Crown Grant ol the eald mineral elalma.
And further take notice that action under
Section tl, maat ne oommencod before the lieu-
ance of inch Certlflcateeof lmprorementi.
Dated tbii 3rd Day of January, 1*107.
Certificate of LnproTtmrafs
Climax." "Horaeehoo," "Q
-iltnated In Nelion
Notiee *a hereby given that on Monday, February -Mli, 1907, that thc Court of Kevlefon for
the Municipality of tba City ol Blocan will be
held in tbe City Hall on above date, at 2 p.m .
for the purpoie of reviling the Assessment Roll
ol theCltyofdlocan. Thoee making complaints
agalnat tbelr aiMument are required to-have
tbelr protest* ln tbe banda of tbe City Clerk ten
daysprevlouato the first sitting of the Court of
Dated at Klocan, Jauuary '14th, \tm.
A.U.P.A.. Vancouver. D.F.A., Nelaon
W.   Q.   GIULiETT
Contractor nnd
Bole agent lor thr Porto Hli-n Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarde. Rough and dreed lumber, lu ��� tied
work and bracket., Coaet lath aud siliioglee, - mh
and doon. Cement, brink and lime for n.lt.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and laotary i Vernon St.. Mat of Ball
NBL.80N, B. O.
r. O. Hat tu. Telephone 17��
PRUNING AND UKAFTINO earelully attend-
���il lo. Apply
Mlnr King Hotel.
"union Jack,
Located oa Porcupine creek.
Take Notiee that I, Frank Fletcher, agenl lor
 Me No. B*xa_. intend.'to sla-r.
t'ertUcate <
oblatalage _.. 	
And further take notice that aetloa, Bader
���action tl, muet be commenced before the lieu-
anee of eoeh Certificate of Improvemeate.
Data* Neleon, Uth Dee., MM.
run Furrcikl.
Cvrtl-flemt*  of Impravam-antB
theAollee Gold Mining Company, Fre	
CerU��eate No. BUM. Intend, tu slay. Irom dale
 .  ._ nnply to the Mining Recorder for a
i of Improvement! lor the purpoM ef
a Crown Grant ol the ahore elalrni.
Rio Teutc, Ortnooo, Queen Victoria Fi-actioaal
aad Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims., iltnata
in the Nelion Mining DlTiMon of Weit Kootenay
Dlitrlet.  ,
Louated on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beailey Biding.
Take Notice that 1. Frank C Green, acting ae
agent Ior Michael Kgan, Free Miner*, certificate
Nu. BMM utend. alaty dayi irom the dale hereof,
to apply to the Mining Reoorder lor Certtflcatea
ol Improvements., Ior the purpoee ol obtaining
Crown Uranti ol the above cleiiui.
And lurther uke notice that action, under
lection 87, muil his commenced before tb*
liauanoe of iucb Certificate, ol Improrementi.
Dated thu ��th day ol January, IMI
F, C (Jim, NauoR, B. c.
F, C. GREEN      F. T. tWttS"      A. H. GREEK
Civil Eogineers, DomlnJoo ui British
Golunib Us4 Ssmron
r.o.icius tawi
Certificate of ImptovtSMwtB
"Uattoa" mineral claim, iltuated la the Nelioa
Mining DlTialon ol Weit Kootenay dlitrlet.
Where located:���Oa Toad mountain.
Take Noli��� that I, John McLatchle. actlaf al
agent lor ueorai- A. Campbell, Free If laer'l qar-
tlBisatc Ko. trim, intend, liaty dura lira the
date hereof, to itip y to the Miaiaa R*eor4er far
a Certificate oi rmprovementa,fwu��p
obtaining a Crown Grant of "���- -*-
Aad,' urther lake **"���
leetloaff, mnit be_ com
ence ol ea^h -tArtiefalin
IdH *'
I % il
m ���i
'   ���
jj    : .*
j___,. ^._.__j____>Sk_jM .-^Ts^-i'%&*&
W    \_*__*__._* "J Alarm Clock*, each   , ..*l.bO and *tM
.^a-lJC-KS    ������* Mission  Clocks, each    $6.00
  Oak Clocks, each  $12.00
S�� On Fine Display of Bedroom Clocks, each    $4.00
Clocks- All Ntw. All lhe Bel Chime Clocks, each   ..,$20.00 to $35:00
thr Market Offers.
Now lithe lime whamou need irooI UMBRbLLa.    mirllmk Kncsrab.l si|. in
dale mil every L'liihrella li i.iiBrauteed.
t      :
t       Of tho   diffori'iirn   there is
��� between 1st. ami Bndb. In
J Canned   Goods
t We oarry only
��� One trial of onr
���JTartan  Brandj
��� will eonvinoe yun  thai we
X      cany a full ntoi*k
[Table  Fruit
Pie   Fruit
��� Maple Syrup i
[game Price an Inferior-]
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want lo buy or soil anything,
go to tbe Olif Ciii'ioally Shop. A new
line of Japanese Oood�� nuw on sain.
All klnde of Dlnnorware In slock. Pat-
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Wouldn't you like Botnetbing
these cold morningsi: something
that would semi the blood through
your veins and fill your heart
with Joy?
Nuw. tell yom* wife (o buy a
pound of lhal good coffee thut Joy
sells, and serve some, good anil
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will lonk rosy all the day, nnd
\_Toy Toill meet you at the door t
Joy's Cash Grocery
(.'or Joffephlneand Mill Bin.      Phone 19
\V��  Hhvu  ft   Mpeclnlly
eteluwt _><l stock of
f<��l*  XntH.H Tl uU��.
Stoneware, Crock... bean FoK Tea Pots. Elc
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Btovea, etc.
121 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. At 14
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Oor. Vornon and Ward  .Street**,
FKBD J. HUME, Proprietor.
A. B, Bnokworth, F*. 0. Otarkaon,
ynilr: .1. H. Martinson, Wlnrilpeg; Mrs,
Oaven, (.'ranbrunk; W. Shelton, London; J. A. Kinney. CftStlegar.
Mr. aud Mr*. ItobitiKtin. Lethbrldge;
Mi*,   and   Mrs.    MacBacborn,     Plnchei
Cieek:   Miss Cm-ley, ,1.  D,  Macdonald,
E. \V. Dynes; Greehwood; J, ll  Poole,
J.  D. Mclnnes.   .1   Hall,    Kaslo;  0.
Nelll, Ymir.
A.  P, McCarney, Kaalo;   D, Martin,
P, Halpin, Pernio.
G.  Cllnkerbottom,   Midway;   A. Mor-
b'iu, Cranbrook.
T.  Ireland, Westley;    u.    stoll,    B.
V\'(iodHide. Slocan.
R. Dewar. Midway; 11. Harris, Greenwood; .1. W. Barrade, Wiulaw: J. Don-
os an. RosKlanii: .1. Abraham. Eureka,
.1. Ilusher, Winlaw.
the Dally wnadian
Wa have juhL unloaded a enr of
Purity Flour
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheal. Withoul a
doubt ft Is the besl flour on
the market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Buildera will And it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Sherman's Opera House
Two Nights Only, Monday it Tuesday
February J 1th and 12th
Mr KiiwMii Bnuuoombe preieuti Hi a Unoui
"Scarlet Mysteries"
From  LoDdoAi England, prttentlllg the Utrot
London Ni��veliii+in Bcfincl Muijoal Comedy
Prices; 50c., 76c., $1.00
Peaic ou Halt? at RutertOTd'l Balnrdiiy
All Kinds or Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181,
KM. INCh It iill-1 HI 'S'l MKN at WiitHliiim Mill,
iis-sii l.rsisslsssnik, Ii.s', silssss Hubliisis-li nl l'l ,,<���(,-,
Waiuburg, B.C.
TWO FIBiri'-CLABB ROOMS, Mapm hiatal.   Apply iiountkmscr. 3rd flat, K. W. C, block.
Mi'chunicN Hens 10 the number of 46
were tiled flguinst the Ynilr mines this
Horn, in Nelsnn yesterday, February
B, id tbe wife of u. \v. Qunn, Mill
Street, ji daughter.
John Toye, formerly of Nelson, lately building eontnit'lor of Winnipeg, Ih
In the ciiy o.t p visit.
The regular fortnightly meeting of
iin* oity council will be bold In the council chamber next Monday evening ui s
a clock,
Thi* annual general meeting of the
2o.otMt eluh announced for February H,
already once postponed, i.. again defer
red Indefinitely, owing to the multitude
oi meetings to be held in Nelson on
Mint date.
As probably the lasl ball before the
beginning of Lenl tbe dance in the
armoury Monday ulgbt under R. M. It.
auspices is certain to be largely attended. The music and arrangement--.
will be fully up to it. M. ft. standards,
Members of the board of trade who
have any mailers which they wish
brought before the Associated Hoards
are reminded thai their last opportunity will be at the regular meeting of
the Nelson board of trade next Thursday night.
A passenger to the city on Thursday's Spokane train, while reluctant to
spoil a good story, states thai the facts
wore hs follows: The trfliu did not run
north of Ymir nt all Thursday night.
On Friday morning a work train was
run to the scene of the slide, carrying
most of the passengers, who easily
crossed the slide and walked to the
city. Had a sufficient number of hand
cars heen available Bl Vmir the whole
party could easily have reached Xelson
Thursday night.
At the M-thodist church tomorrow
morning the usual children's service
will be held, when the pastor. Rev, R.
Newton Powell, will give a chalk talk
on clocks and watches. At the evening
service the pastor's subject will be,
"Turned Into Another Man." The evening service will be followed by what is
now familiarly known as "The Family
Circle." al which Mr. Joseph Patrick
of Montreal will tell the story of "A
Young Man's Life." At the evening service the Misses Annable wil] sing a
due. (.
Benefit to    City Band���Programme    of
Music and  Humor.
Will .1. White, entertainer, arrived
last night, aud the band concert will
tnk" place tonight at S:30 in the opera
house as announced. Mr. White has a
high reputation as a skilful and witty
platform entertainer. The programme
will be as follows:
Part I.
Piano Solo���"The Maple Leaf"	
Miss  Hazel  Mel).
Musical Sketch���"Character Impersonations"       White
Will   J    While.
Selections by Hand   	
Musical Monologue���"Enquire Within"      White
Will J. White.
Part II.
i'iano Solo���"II Trovatore"   Verdi
Miss Hazel Bell.
Comic Song���"Reuben liaskins" ,.
Will J.  White.
Selection by Band 	
Comic  Song���"Private Sqeers". .White
Wilt J. White.
Selection  by   Hand   	
Comic Song���"Looking for a Man".
Will ,T. White.
"Ood Save the King."
The Scarlet Mysteries.
The Scarlet Mysteries, from London.
Kng., who have heen booked for a Canadian   tOUT, aie to appear    at    Sherman's opera house for iwo nights only.
The Store of Quality
if you  likis nice,  glean, orlap
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20th Century Package
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Graham Wafer��  10c
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Society Tea  10c
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Kriapo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10e
Milk Toaat  10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakea (Salted)    15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresti. It coals little to
give Ihem a trial, and they
prove themselves worth it.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10,
A Good Laundry Soap
3 Pound Bars
2 for 35 cents
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
The Newest Things in
Novelties, Cards, Post Cards
and Fancy Valentines
Our pew valenrlnen have Juki arrived
and they eeitamly make o fine display.
fa comic novelties there are some par-
tieulaly good things, and In the fancy
valentines the erentlon* are more beau*
iltiil and artistic than ever. In special
Valentine Poal Cards loo, there are
semu beautiful things. Both designs
ami coloring are simply exquisite. They
also include several good comics.
Entrust us -frith your mail order. We
will HII it to yom entire satisfaction,
and will forward the goods hy return
W, G. Thomson
_?____* ,Bd Nelton, B.C.
Ptione .it 4.
Three Furnished
or Unfurnished Rooms
or Part of House,
Room 1. Hudson Bay Block.
irholoala ausl Remit Dwltn in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampa supplis'il on shortcut nolii-i* nml
lowest prion. Nothing but fresh unsl
wholMome meat*and supples kepi In ttou
Muil orders receivs- iiiri'l'lil attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward   Sts.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   M�� Street.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E. Croadsdaile & _
Next Door lo Dank of Commerce.
on February ll and 12. Tliis ulaver
combination of artists have earned for
themselves a brllllanl reputation in
England, where for six years they have
enjoyed an  unbroken  record  ol sue-
When this company was first formed
In England it was the method of these
gentlemen to travel incoRniii, ami hide
iheir identity by wearing cloaks and
masks, ami ihis custom, which is still
adhered to, entails rather an Interesting episode relating to the origin and
ns'Kanlzation of the party.
It appears  that   during the  summer
season in London, when Ihe clly theatres are closes], a well-know ihealrlcal
huieasi had contracted to fill sums, provincial   dates  which   al   lhe   lasl   mo- I
ment  disappointed  them.      They  were !
driven in their wits', ends to find an- j
olher attraction  to fill the gap,    The
dilemma   was   mentioned    to    several
good nriisis wins happened i<> lis- in
tin-  entreiieiieiir's   office   al   the  time.
Red Cross Dfgg Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Maker St., near Josephine, Nelson. 11. C.
The adjourned annual meeting of the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association
will be held In the Board of Trade
rooms at 2:30 p. m., Friday. February
22, to receive the auditor's report on
thc accounts cf 1906.
D. C. McMORRIS, Secretary.
when one or them, with a fertile Imagination and a love for adventure, suk-
(tested that ihis helm; Ihe "ofC sea-
sson ni the ciiy theatres li would be
very Inteeratlng t" experiment by get-
tn,! together a company nl the very
tsest (unemployed) talenl and hide
Iheir Identity beneath masks.
Under the Btyle of the Bcarlel Mysteries such a company was funned and
the enterinlnmeni Ihey provided proved
such a succi sss thai from an experlmen*
lal stage ihej bocame an established
organisation, and are now for the first
time widening tholr sphere of notion by
sisiiinj; the colonies
Wheu you compnre yonr freights you will buy in Nelson
D. J. Robertson <& Co.
Semi-Ready Clothing
For 1907 ut now to hand
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsl
Tliey are beauties at the price.
lulophono  AAA.
Kootenay A*
R. A. Rogers I
Limited, Wb
Wlioit-j4.il>.- Provision**,
Dominion (iuvernment Dreamery OnePonml Bnckit nceirtd weekljsj
froui the nhnrn.   For sale by nil leudinK grocers,
Offlce nnil wnrehoninj: Houston Block,   Phone 7(1.
Josephine Street. -      Nelson, B.C.
Bohemian Beei
The Nelson Brewing Co,, Lti]
A Word to the Wi
This year W6 hnvn appreciated th'1 wantinfa
tniiHTN uiirl luivc pusM-<l into -ink the
Good Cheer Art Base Bund
Thii store is adapted for hard eoal only, undid
Miit���� .l to give satisfaction.
J* H. Ashdown Hard.
Company, Limited.
Rapnlrinif and Jobblns Mwut-Ml with OtMpatcti.   .sliMt
Work, Mini.lit and Mill AUiuliliwr).     Mansutaclusraraol
Or* Cara, tt. H.   Contractora' Cnra.
UNITE nnd siu|{ that  this  ins|��sr��tii��(
John T. l'iorni nro tho pniptr thinf.
My Inst fall ihipinent has Jn��t nrrircA I
thoin nnd place jour order early issr XwH*
JOHIN T. PIERRE, "Artistic Tailor
Busln��H tutu,
Working men,
.Men In drw��H attlr*,
SportiiiK men,
HandMums men.
Men tlinf.H full ol fire
Subject  to  QonfirmationI
W��� Will Buy
We Will ��ell
10,000 RnmlilPr-Cnrlhoo    27:>i
5,000 Sullivan    07
10,000 11, ir Amalgamated Coal,. Of fo
100 Sullivan  Bonds
5,000 American Boy  .
1,000 international Coal
B. B. Mighton & Co\
Drawer 1082
I'hons i
AN^DEALKf-N   LuHlke*,  S\���1lgi^Sf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turned Work and UraekaU. Mail Orderd promptly attend***!
VBRNON HTRBIfl'   .   -   .   NBUSON, t��. C.
Our (took of Skatti li oompiete tna varltd,
Including the popular
BOKER'S  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladle*)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co!


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