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The Nelson Canadian Jun 27, 1906

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Array 3V
elson Ccmabian
NO.   2f.
Imment Building Road
in Fire Valley
Wright, M.L.A., Describes
IWcallh in Mines, Timber
���ind Farming Land.
|(  ���   the promising   districts   of
wiih     great    undeveloped
in mineral, Umber uml agrloul-
smirr-ca, lliere is probably none
...   ui   inure easy of (level-
ilittn Fin   Valley, on lhe west-
uf lhe Arrow hikes,
alley is Included in the Ymir
I riding, and, like all olher
t insi scattered constituency,
I) lieen receiving attention from
telle representative In ihe leg-
11.iri> Wright.
Wrighl visited Ihe valley last
in.! arranged for the construc-
iln road for which he had al-
erured an appropriation. Seen
ay. Mr. Wrighl said In reply lo
m the prospects of the
Valley is one ot the best parts
��� nay.    I have seen some of the
rinltiB districts of Ontario,  and
a uf any section superior in
i ��� In.   Valley,   In the variety
itpabllllles, il Is, I believe, supo-
tither   part   of   Kootenay.
inning, dairying and grain grow-
prusper there.
nuvernment has appropriated
lei a road frunt Kdgowood lo
'lining Peak Mining Company's
The work lias already begun
in   supervision of Mitchell Tail,
Lightning Peak Is being work-
. i In w. A. f'alder. I can'I
ii any doHnlte Information about
I 1 now lhal Mr. fabler la satis
li 'lie outlook, und that a lot of
lieing done.
re ;ire nu other working mines
valley, inn there nre many very
ii^ prospects on which develop
���Hie is being done.
re ire aboul 40 settlers In the
a t. w uf them being married
I'll families. Tlte tolal area of
"irni land taken up Is aboul 5.000
li I.  iiklgewood Dairy Company has
Inn o ilniiisatnl acres. One Held
fiy i^ mure ilinn n hundred acres in
In1,  anil   is   tie.  finest   hay   Held   I
ever   s. r|i
d'in'l think thai  ii would be nuy
'���i niilon lo estimate the available
ullural land in the vnllev at 10,000
li  Is all fertile, and   lhe    hills
i nclose  ii   are  well   wooded   with
and probably, judging by
[overles already made, very rich In
Tlie   valley  should  hnve   a
1   future.    The   road    now    being
win provldi  transportation fnelli
1  practically all the settlers and
larently    No    Unadulterated    Food
stuffs   Obtainable.
s City, Mo., June 27.���A client
analysis i.r Hamburger steak,  ho
sausage,   loose    suusilKe,   Polish
1. Frankfurters and welitenvursts
In in Hie open market from three
packing  companies has    con-
1 I in   n. w. UndberB, professor m
nml toxicology In   the  Kan
'   '   llnhnermann Medical College.
'  samples contain BUlphltes,   In
iple from two houses, and lit
I live- uf ihe others' samples,
"ere foiimi.
City Revision Court.
1,1   dly euiirl  of revision sal     this
UR al in o'clock to hear   appeals
1   Ihe  assessment   for   the   year.
ere present Mayor (lllleit, Al
raien Hume, Irving and Annable.
; appeals  were received, utul
,  Images were made.
assessment of  property  belong
R ��> Sharp & Irvine wus reduced to
���    value    of   Improvements    was
I'"1.' "'i rrom the Yale-Columbia I.um-
,    l'any; i-:. Booth's property was
l|  l0 ROOOj   E.  Wilkinson's    to
;',.   ' '"vetnenls on   I). Campbell's
iwo lots of H. Bird's to $800
  adjourned  at  noon wiih
��� ended.
Arrives to Inspect Meat.
ik. June 27.���l.leut.-Col.  Per-
Hobbs, chief Instructor of the
fRll"!;  army  corps   school   al   Alder-
 ��>"> arrived here today  on    lhe
"" Urinanla, comes here as the
representative  of bis  governmenl   io
inspect meat In the United Stales for
Hie lirlllsli army. Ills appointment waa
a direct outgrowth of ihe Investigation
uf Hie packing Industry made hy the
United Slates government and the re-
lioris uf ihe Inspection which were
published a few weeks ago.
Officers Will Display ��200 Sterling on
Complete Uniforms,
New York, June 27.���The Times today says: The Englishman who Is to
suggest Improvements In the uniforms
uf the United Stales army arrived yesterday fruui London on the Kron Prlns
Willieini. lie Is George B. Winter, and
lie came wllh his son, 0, B. Winter, Jr.
To some one on hoard it was repotted
thai Mr. Winter said lhat uniforms
would cost each officer from ��100 to
��200 sterling for his entire uniform.
He wns also said to have told a passenger thai the American soldier was
better dressed than any other soldiers
In the world. Several soldiers who
were passing to anil from Governor's
island wete asked what ihey thought
of the proposed improvement In the
uniforms, and two of them said:
"ll'a all right, so long as Ihey don't
put ribbons on our rllles."
"Can't you lell us what you will do
for our army?" some one asked.
"Well." said Mr. Winter, humorously,
"I am going to make your privates look
like officers, and your officers like gen
Double Contracts for Railway Grading
Let���Tlerney to Work  a
Steam Shovel.
(Special   to   the  Daily   Canadian.)
���rand Porks, June 27��� W. P. Tlerney, who has the contract for the
North Fork extension of the Kettle
Valley line (o Franklin camp, has let
a Iwo and a half-mile contract to W. H.
Fisher, of this place. This section Is
just outBlde the cily llmils. and Is very
heavy work, there being a long cut 20
feet deep. It is expected thai Mr. Fish
er will work a steam shovel on this
portion of the work, which will lasi for
several months.
Fred Lane, a pioneer liveryman of
lhe Boundary, was also given a contract for some two miles of grading,
his work being directly north of Mr.
Fisher's contracl. There are now over
SO0 men al work in tbe various railway
Fulluwlng the bunding of several big
copper properties in Franklin camp by
strung companies comes the announce-
ineiti uf the bonding of other famous
properties in lhe Boundary, the very
latest being lhe bonding of the Snow,
shoe mine bv Ihe 0. P. B. for a sum reported to be $15H.O0O, although the ex-
net umounl has not been ascertained,
The Snow-shoe group consists of four
claims called the Bnowshoe, Pheasant.
Alma Fraciion and Fairplay. On (his
group over (140.000 has already been
expended In development work, which
was done between (he years 1S911 and
HKI2. The ore from ihis property has
been heretofore heen snipped lo the
Greenwood nml Boundary Fails smelter,
as ihe Bnowshoe is situated on lhe
weslern slope of Ihe mountain, giving
a downhill pull to lhe smellers. The
Bnowshoe has already shipped over
95.000 bins of ore. It is thoroughly
ciiulppeil with modem mining machinery, and II Is now sialed lhat lhe Vendor company will put a.1 large force of
men af work Immediately and start
shipping without delay. The ore of
the Snow-shoe is low-grade, bul Is pruc
ncaiiy unlimited.
Word has jusl reached here thai lhe
Greenwood-Eureka Mining Company,
with u capital of (860,000, has just been
formed lo operate Ihe Utircka proper
Iv In lhe high-grade belt It Is report
ed thai Mr. Wellwood is heavily interested in ihe company. The Eureka is
one of the drawing cards of tho Bound
Word reached here yesterday thai
up lo the present time 11,000,100 of (he
$1 pur value shares of the Dominion
Copper Company have lieen changed
Into (he new Jin certificates, it is es.
Ilmaled thai 500,000 shares of the old
slock nre owned by Grand, Forks people.
Fifty Cents a Month
gallon, defectives were senl in various
directions looking up Thaw's haliils In
New York and Investigating Ihe many
slorles told and published concerning
Stanford While's conduct. Thaw Is
advised by some of the most prominent
lawyers of New York and Pittsburg.
Mrs. Thaw Is with friends, ready to respond lo a call from the district attorney's office.
Perhaps the most Interesting development late last night was the announcement lhat Mrs. Thaw told her
husband's lawyers yesterday that she
had received many letters from Mr.
While since her marriage. One of
these she threw on her dressing table
B few days ago, and her husband found
ll and vowed vengeance on the writer.
While (he finding of the letter may
have been (he direct cause of the tragedy, Thaw's jealousy of and haired for
While were of long slanding. and (he
young man had made frequent threats
iu kill him.
Thaw Found Letters to His Wife from
New York, June 27���Wllh the police coroner's and dlslrlcl attorney's
offlce working practically day and niglH
to learn all the details of the events
which led up lo Ilie murder or Stanford While by Harry K. Thaw, and all
services silent as lo their discovery,
(here was much Worn for speculation
today on nil phases of the case. Tho
motive tor ihe murder, ihe pol  believe wns outlined in Thaw's brief
statement thai bis home hud been ruin
ed, and wllh Ihis as a basis of investi
America   Remarkably  Individualistic  in
I/union, June 27.���M. E. Ingnls, lhe
chairman of the municipal ownership
commission of Ihe National Civic Federation of the United Stales, in an interview published here yesterday said
he noted as the most striking feature
of British municipal government, the
number of men of first-rate capacity
and Integrity who were willing to devote tbelr time to civic affairs. Such
men in Ihe United States, he said, generally were engaged about their own
affairs, and had no time for municipal
w-ork, and therefore municipal government in the t'niteii States is rarely so
good as here.
Mr. Ingals further said lhat conditions in America are distinctly averse
to municipal ownership, and that it
does not follow, because we have a system working well here, il can immediately he transplanted lo lhe United
Stales, Besides, we find many instances, such as gas works, where private companies are doing public work
with  equal   efficiency.
Mr. Ingals observed that it was curious that monarchical England was tending so strongly toward socialism, while
republican America was still remarkably  Individualistic.
He Says He Acted Only for the Depart
Ottawa, June 27.���At yesterday's
session of the public accounts committee several telegrams and letters were
read from Ix)rd Strathcona in reference
lo the North Atlantic Trading Company's contract. His lordship endeavor
ed to make It clear that he was not in
sympathy with the contract, although
he consented lo it and was only tiding
for Ihe department He bad nothing
lo do with organizing It. He makes no
objection to the governmenl Withholding fhe names of the members of the
company. Upon that point he has
nothing to say.
No Casualties, but  Many  Houses  Do
stroyed at Cardiff and
England a Haven For
Closer Scrutiny of European Immigrants Recommended
to  Britain.
CardllT, Wales. June 27��� Violent
earthquake shocks were experienced
throughout South Wales at 9:i5 this
morning. Houses rocked, and many of
Hie cheaper ones were damaged. Hundreds of chimneys fell, pictures were
shaken from walls, occupants of dwellings were thrown lo lhe groitnd and
people fled from Ilieir houses, shrieking
In panic with visions of the San Francisco disaster before them. Though
there were tunny narrow escapes from
falling chimneys and houses, there
were no casualties.
Shocks were also felt al Bristol. 11-
fracomlie nnd elsewhere. They were
accompanied by loud rumblings.
Milking the Trusts.
Ottawa, Juno 27��� Twenty thousand
dollars of ihe profits of the International Harvester Company will be applied
lo pay fines Imposed upon H under the
anti-trust tnw of Arknnsns. The linn
vester Trust Inserted a clause ill Us
contracts wllh agents and dealers pro-
hibiilng the sale of any goods tnado by
competitors. The Irusi on Monday insi
pleaded gullly, and tbe fine Imposed
was all the rale of J2iiu per day since
January 88, moo.
Trains and  Boats.
Crow boa!���On  I lino.
Slocan I rain���On time
Coast.  Boundary and Uusslanil  train
���On time.
Paris. June 27.���Special representations have been made' by the French
government t/> the government of
Ureal Britain on the subject of joint
measures to prevent e anarchist outrages.
The French government Is particularly anxious lhat the aliens act passed
by Mr. Balfour's government should
no applied so ns lo exclude all persons Buspected of anarchistic sympathies, and that an understanding should
be come to by which the police of
lioih countries should keep in closer
touch with one another.
When Sir Henry Campbell-Banner-
ntan's government relaxed the aliens
act so that political offenders should
not come within its terms, it was stated by a section of the; French press
that Herbert Gladstone's exemptions
would make England tbe sanctuary of
anarchists compelled to -flee from other countries.
As matters now stand, the must noto-
tious anarchist need only say on
reaching England that he is emigrating to escape the penal -es of a political offence, and, accon lug to the
government's instructions'.' ,'..? rjri'.i^ii
immigration officers must give him the
lieuefll of doubt;
An iufliteniial official of the French
pulice today said that one of the greatest difficulties of his subordinates is
ihe want, of a systematized method of
dealing with crimes of this description.
For want of such a system the threads
of an incipient plot are lost in four
cases out of five.
He declared that If England would
only agree to some method of watching
ihe anarchists she already harbors, and
refused to receive others, a great deal
of good would result to every country.
The police of every capital would then
look after their own anarchists, instead of casting them out to batch fresh
crimes unhindered in London.
The nearness of Paris to Ixmdon
makes the execution of a plot that has
been launched In London an easy matter in the French capital.
The enormous number of travellers
who cross the channel between France
and England every day makes it almost impossible for French officials to
exercise the same scrutiny over suspected persons as they can al frontier
points converging from  Paris.
The French government is also heartily seconding the proposal for an international anti-anarchist congress
made hy the Italian government, nnd
is anxious lhal it should be held with
fhe least possible delay.
will to the new minister. Revs. J. T.
Ferguson and E. H. Shanks were present, and spoke briefly, welcoming Mr.
Powell to the ranks of the Nelson ministry.
On behalf of himself and Mrs. Powell, whose illness prevented her from
being present, Mr. Powell thanked his
congregation and his fellow-ministers
for their kindly greeting. He referred
feelingly to his pastorate at Vancouver,
which he left with great regret, but
added that already his heart waa centered In the work at Nelson. Briefly
he spoke of the relaiions which he
thought should exist between the
churches and society, saying that a
church was either a moral force or
nothing. He appealed especially for
the co-operation of young men.
A musical program was rendered, Including solos by Mrs. Thurman and Mr.
Shaw and several quartettes. Later all
Bai down to dainty refreshments provided by the ladles of the congregation.
Daughter Recovers Princely Fortune of
Nearly a Million.
Chicago, June 27.���Mrs. Ethel Field
Bealiy, daughter of tbe late Marshall
Field, will receive stocks and bonds to
tne value of $857,000 by a decree entered yesterday by Judge Walker In Iho
superior court. In the contest made by-
Mrs. Beatty, it was shown that some
months before his death Mr. Field told
bis daughter that he intended to turn
the stocks over to her. Wen he deposited the securities with the United
States Trust Company of New York,
be left witb them a memorandum thai
they belonged to his daughter.
Provincial  Government Seeking  Better
Terms for B. C.
Diamonds of    Bessie    Bouton's Slayer
Realize $1,000.
San Francisco, June 27���The diamond rings and other personal effects
or Milton Andrews, the slayer of Besslo
Bouton nt Mount Cutler, In Colorado,
still who, with Nulda Olivia, lured William Ellis from Australia to Berkeley,
where Ihey attempted to take his life,
were sold in Oakland yesterday at a
public atirilon by the public administrator, The valuables were those left
by Andrews and the Olivia woman last
winter when he killed bis companion
nnd himself to escape the clutches of
the police.. The bidding for the gems
was brisk, and from these relics of a
life of crime the estate of the noted
criminal has received upwards of
$1.00(1. The money belonging to the
eslate Is lo go lo the widow of Andrews,
who lives in Ihe easl.
Victoria. June 27.���A better system
of police protection on the Fraser river
during the salmon Ashing season than
haB ever before prevailed is planned
this year by the provincial government,
which Is seeking assistance of the federal authorities in the matter. Correspondence on the- subject is now passing between Victoria and Ottawa, and
it is hoped that satisfactory arrangements will be concluded in time to permit of the establishment of the police
patrol by July 10th, when tbe fishing
season opens.
Although no statement haB been
made by the provincial authorities as
to what aid Is expected from Ottawa,
canners believe that the province desires to get some financial assistance
from the federal government. The Do-
minion receives a large amount of money from the sale of fishing licenses, and
possibly it may be Induced to spend
some of It on the policing of the river.
Grand Trunk Securities.
An Ottawa despatch received on Saturday states lhat the Grand Trunk Pacific may deposit standard securities
with the government in place of the
$5,000,000 cash which the company had
to put up as a guarantee of good faith.
We suppose Grand Trunk Pacific stock
will he regarded as a standard security.
Nelson   Methodists'   Reception to   Rev.
R. Newton Powell.
There wns n good atlendance In Ihe
Methodisl, church last night to formally welcome the new pastor, Rev. R. N.
ll. Aulas presided, and In a neat,
short speech conveyed the good wishes
of Ibe congregation, expressing Ihe
hope that Mr. Powell's pastorate might
lasi   five years
A letter of regret for his absence wns
received from Rev. F. 11. Graham, In
which he conveyed a message of good
Revival of the Open Death Penalty to
Strike Terror to the Hearts
of Natives.
Cairo, Egypt, June 27.���The trial of
the natives concerned In Ihe attack of
June 13th on the party of five British
officers while tbe latter were pigeon-
shooting nl the village of Demshawai,
near Tanfah. resulting in the killing of
one of the officers. Captain S. C. Bull,
of Ihe Slxlh (Inniskillingl Dragoons,
and the serious maltreatment of the
others, has resulted In four natives being sentenced to death, four to penal
servitude for life, three lo 15 years in
penal servitude, six 4o 7 years and
three td 1 year, and five to 25 lashes.
Thirty-one of the accused were acquitted. The executions and tbe floggings
will occur at Demshawai.
All the men sentenced to death will
be hanged hy turns on one gallows In
the presence of tbe villagers.
ell boat Krelgh Collins (American) after a hard bat He. Tl.e scores were G-4,
4-C, 0-4, 4-6, 0-2.
In the first round of the doubles
Krcigh-CnUlns and Raymoud D Little
(Americans) were given a walkover.
Little was also given a walkover In tbe
third round of the singles.
Race Records Made In the Automobile
Le Mans, Department of the Sartho,
France, June 27.���Minister of Public
Works Banhou and the Grand Duchess
of Mecklenburger were present at the
start of the second and last day of tbe
automobile contest over tbe Sarthe circuit for the grand prize, a total distance of 1,230 kilometres.
Slez, who finished first yesterday,
started at 5:55 a. m. today, and did the
first round in 1 hour 2 minutes and 15
seconds. When he passed the timekeepers be was driving at the rate of
148 kilometres per hour. The other
leaders completed the first hour as follows:
Clements, of France, 1 hour 3 minutes and 2 seconds: Nazzardo, of Italy,
1 hour 13 minutes and 48 seconds:
Heath, of France, 1 hour 11 minutes
and 55 seconds; Richez, of France, 1
hour 29 minutes; Slez completed the
second round in 1 hour 2 minutes and
33   seconds.
Siez held the lead throughout the last
circuit, which he completed In 1 hour
7 minutes and 34 seconds, thus winning the grand prize.
Queen City Chosen for  First Summer
Assembly of Baptists of
Nelsou Is the scene of a large and
Important gathering this Bummer, from
July 25th to August 6th. If h��* been
chosen for tbe first summer assembly
of the Baptists of the Dominion.
It will not be, as Rev. E. H. Shanks
explains, a business meeting in any
sense, but purely a rellgiouB gathering,
which is intended to be hereafter an
annual event for Canadian Baptists,
who will come from all points, from
Vancouver Island to Cape Breton.
Among the distinguished visitors
will be Rev. Dr. S. A. Northrop and
Mrs. Northrop, of Los Angeles. The
doctor is one of the most eloquent
preachers of the Baptist communion In
America, and Mrs. Northrop is a famous singer.
The meetings will be held in a great
tent capable of accommodating 000 people, which will be pitched In a central
One of the features of the assembly
will be a musical festival, a detailed
program of which will be published
On August 4th the visitors will be
taken for a trip on one of the C. P. R.
steamers to tbe north end of Kootenay
The organization of the assembly is
in lhe hands of Rev. E. H. Shanks, who
organized the first Baptist Young People's gathering in Michigan, which Is
now the most prosperous and Important
of its kind In the United States.
Ned Year
Proceedings of Provincial Institute
in Session at Victoria���Delate
University Question.
Anti-Semitic Barriers  Have Now  Been
Stevedores Must Keep Working.
Hamburg, June 27.���The Hamburg-
American line recently brought suit
against 142 stevedores, who were employed on wtiltn contracts, for laving
their work May Day, and (he court today decided that a breach of contract
bad actually occurred. The amount of
damages will be fixed Sal unlay next
nt a special session of the court.
Wimbledon Tennis.
Wimbledon, Juno 2C���In the second
round nf Ihe tennis championship
games here today, Raymond D, Little.
American, beat T. G. Pipon by a score
of 8-1, 0-4,  7 5.
In the third round (singles), K. Pow-
London, June 27.���King Edward has
made an Important concession to the
Jewish people. Courts hitherto have
always been held on Fridays, thus preventing the presentation of Jews. By
command of the king, lhe third court
of the season has been fixed for Thursday, June 28. and it Is expected that
the Innovation will become annual.
The announcement Is regarded as the
most sensational event In the social
season, nnd Is destined lo break down
the remaining anti-Semitic barrier-,
and as being not unlikely to find an
echo in Russia.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, June 27.���At yesterday afternoon's session of the provincial
teachers' institute, the invitation of the
school trustees and city council of Nelson to hold the annual convention of
the institute for 1907 in the Kootenay
metropolis was accepted hy unanimous
Last night's session was taken up by
the papers of J. D. Buchanan on "The
School as an Agency in Training for
Citizenship, and James L. Hughes, on
"Dickens as an Educator."
Mr. Buchanan advocated a detailed
and sympathetic teaching of history,
especially of. the history of Canada in
all its parts, a closer and fuller study
of Canadian literature, and attention to
current questions in the national life.
Mr. Hughes' paper on Dickens dwelt
on his sympathetic insight into modern
life and his treatment of the apparently
trivial interests of the units In the
mass that make up the nation. The
paper was at once scholarly and popular In style, and was greatly enjoyed.
Today the institute is divided Into
sections, as described yesterday. The
three public school sections, presided
over by Inspectors Wilson, Stewart and
Gordon, are discussing conditions of
"High School Admission, Departmental
Instruction, Three R. Proficiency, Individual Instruction, Inductive Geography Teaching, Non-Essential Arithmetic, Literature Teaching, Nature Study,
the Time Element In the Lower Grades,
Field Work, Text-Books and Juvenile
The high school teachers, presided
over by Principal Stromberg, of New
Westminster, are considering "Junior
Grade Time-Tables and Examinations,
Options and College Work."
Manual training directors, with H.
Dunnell in the chair, are considering
"Metric Measurements as Compared
with English, File and Glass Paper, the
Woodwork System, Color Work, and the
Ethics of Manual Training."
In the domestic science department,
under Mrs. Jenkins, school trustee of
Victoria. "Sewing and Cooking, ai> Subjects of School Study," are being discussed.
In all sections the discussion Is open
and unrestricted. A few speakers have
been named to open each debate. Ample time Is given for question and discussion, and full advantage Is taken of
il by the teachers generally.
The arrangement has been found
most satisfactory, and it is the general
opinion that the present is certain to
be the most helpful convention! to the
rank and file of teachers in the history
of the provincial institute.
This evening there is to be a public
meeting in the Victoria theatre, at
which the subject of discussion will be
the question of a provincial university.
The election of officers will be held
tomorrow morning, when all business
will be concluded. James Leamy. of
New Westminster, Dominion timber
agent, will speak on "Forestry."
Tomorrow afternoon and evening the
visiting teachers will be Victoria's
guests at the Gorge park.
Charters for Pan-American.
Mexico City, June 27���J. M. Lehind,
vice-president and general mnnagor of
the Pan-American railway of Mexico,
has left for Oautemala City to secure
permission from President Caberera for
building Ihe continuation of the Pan-
American railway. It Is hoped to obtain charters for the road in Salvador,
Nicaragua, Honduras. Costa Rico and
Panama, where connection will be made
with the canal works and lhe Panama
Railway Company. This system will bo
financed by both German and English
capitalists. Surveys have been made
during lhe past few weeks In Panama
Price of Metals.
New York, June 27.���Silver, (15; caliper, 18 1-8; electrolytic copper stock,
18 1-4018 1-2; lead, $6.75.
Ixmdon, June 27��� Silver. ''0 1-lCd;
lead, JUG 12s Cd; zinc, ��27.
Denial of Reports thst Frontier Forces
Are Increased.
Berlin. June 27.���The foreign offlce
denies the reports that Germany and
Austria are strengthening their military forces on the Russian frontiers owing to the Russian disorders, adding
lhat Germany does not need to Increase
the strength of her garrisons, as they
are already ample enough for all pur.
A Sudden Check.
Oh,  Aylesworth   laughed   and   laughed
and laughed,
And laughed till his sides were sore,
But Laurler gave him a serious look.
And a serious view of the matter took,
Then  Aylesworth  laughed   no mote.
���Guelph Herald.
O. W. Bartlett returned last night
from Ten-Mile creek, on Slocan lake,
where he spent last week with W. J.
Richards reopening the Fermoy and
Dunlea mines. Work will be prosecuted all summer and autumn, and, if sufficient is accomplished in that time to
make it feasible, also through next winter. The Dally Canadian, Jam 27, *906
= STORES =====
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing-.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
��� U'SWMMMBISL. :-jr*w**sx
Published pi\ daya n week by Iho
Baker 31 , Kelson, li. ('.
Eubsarlpuou ratci, M centa n month delivered
in tho city, <>r (fi.00a year if sent by mall, when
paid iu advance
AdvurllHiiiti rules on itp)ill''iition.
All monloi paid in eottlomoni of The Dally
Canadian accounts, either fur subscriptions or
advertising, nni��i bo receipted fur mi the printed
forms nf the Company. Other receipts are ih��i
JUNE   J7,  1900.
" By one won] we are sometimes Judged lo be
tfln and by one word sometimes judged iri bo
foolish. 1*1 us therefore be mri-fiii what �������
���ay."���C'osn ciub,
Tho practice of reloaBing prisoners
from oonfinemonl under what is known
as ihn tlcket-oMeave sysiem is one
which n few years ago was favorably
reported upon In numerous instances
where it had been tried both in this
and oihcr countries. The ideas under*
lying the adoption of the system were
wise and humane, and with equally
wise administration tho system itself
would doubtless prove to be B valuable
aid In tl)<} reclamation of the fallen and
the reform of tho criminal. Whal was
intended to tie���ami. under judicious
administration, would doubtless have
proved itself to be���a strong Incentive
to good conduct on the part of those
serving terms in our penitentiaries, lias,
under an unwise administration ol tlte
net, led lo a clamor for Its repeal.
Among recent occurrences, the ease
of Brothier, released apparently under
lhe provisions of this aei, is fresh In
tho public mind. A notorious criminal,
with tbe foulest reputation, convicted
of a peculiarly revolting crime, and regarded by those most Intimately acquainted With his career as guilty of
various offences of the vllesl character,
Is pardoned by the governor-general nn
Iho advice of the minister of justice
afler having served only two of his
seven years of sentence. The feeling
throughout this province is very strong,
and In effect thai a serious miscarriage
of justice has taken place. It is reported thai Mr. McPherson, M. P. for
Burrard, stated on tbe floor of the
house at Ottawa thai if be bad had to
choose bet wen the release of Hill Miner,
who so recently was sentenced to penal servitude for life, and the notorious
scoundrel Brothler, he would certainty
havo selected the latter for tho clemency of the court. These remarks indicate one way by which the act in question is  being  brought  into discredit,
Among other utterances discrediting
the administration thai this acl bas
boon receiving, we iimi the following
in a recent Issue of the Toronto Globe.
Ii is a statement of Dr. Gilmour, warden of tho Central prison. Toronto, in
regard lo its effect Upon tbe criminal
classes as observed  by him:
"The present ticiict oMeave act," declared Warden Qilmour, emphatically,
"gives the pull to the man who can
hire an excellent lawyer, or who has
Influential friends at court. Men have
come into the Central prison cracking
Iheir lingers tit tne as they cam", and
saying they did not can. for me; they
had a pull, and would soon be out It
was true, too, and they wen.' out cracking their lingers at mo again' This was
an injustice keenly fell and bitterly
resented by other prisoners who had
no Influential friends or money, nud It
increased the difficulties ol any real reformation   work..'
Concerning this statement of Warden Gilmour the Montreal Star remarks:
"If the notion gets abroad that the
working of so delicate a system as the
tieket-of'-Ienve law goes by favor and
not by justice, public opinion will demand its repeal.    Nor could  the inde
terminate sentence system survive such
a suspicion. II is an experiment to permit anyone but (he (rial judge lo say
how long a criminal shall remain lu
prison; and such a charge as that of
Warden Gilmour puts the experiment
decidedly on Ihe defensive. It would
Certainly seem that this statement cannot be permitted to remain in the air."
Wisely administered, this acl should
be productive of excellent results, but
unwise administration of it is causing
ti vigorous clamor for its repeal. If
Warden Gllmour'fl statement, from
which tbo above Is extracted, Is true���
and of its truth Itrolhier's release is an
exemplification���pull and Influence
wiih the Ottawa authorities, and not
exemplary conduct, govern its administration, It is not penitence and reformation which secure a favorable
consideration of the case of a prisoner,
hut personal and party influence. Administered thus, lhe effect of this system upon the criminal can be only injurious. It works no reformation in
the prisoner, which was obviously tho
intention in introducing the system into Canada; it brings; into vigorous exercise and expenditure money. Influence and pull. Hotter to have (ho act
repealed than through it havo Insubordination introduced into our prisons,
and have our prison doors thrown open
prematurely t�� unreformeii and unre
peaiitim criminals,
The cily council was called upon on
Monday night to make its first division
on a question after a good-natured controversy, over the request of the Salvation Army for a contribution of civic
funds to its rescue work. Without suggesting thai it speaks either well or ill
for the harmony of the council that
(hey see eye toi eye on so many questions, the one above was not one upon
which they should have been asked to
go on record. The petition or request
of the Army officers put the members
Of the council where they wore.forced
to choose between their personal or humanitarian feelings and (heir sense of
public trust. That they acted wisely
in declining the request we think must
bo apparent. This is without intended
reflection on the good work of the
Army, for whoso persistent ami usually
successful work this paper has the
greatest res poet nnd admiration. But
the principle of devoting public money
which the council holds in trust, nnd
which Is levied from all classes, religious and Irreligious���from those who
favor rescue work and those who do
not, alike���lo the assistance of this or
that religious body, would be to establish a precedent which would undoubtedly work mischief in the future administration of civic affairs, One of
the saddest and most bitter occasions
of strife in Canada und other countries
lias been the alleged favoritism shown
by governments in diverting public
funds to assist in the educational nnd
other affairs of religious bodies. There
is, first, the Jealousy aroused between
the rival recipients; and in lhe next
instance, Ihe temptation to scheme and
Inveul methods by means of which a
good case for further appeal may be
made out. Happily in British Columbia
we have so far been free from sectarian
strife of (his kind, nnd, howoer deserving ihe individual case may he, the
principle of voting public money to be
used for religious or humanitarian purposes other than of the mosl general
nature is mischievous.
Rainmakers' Mistake���Nelson, Too.
That rainmaker who was employed
by the Yukon government floema to be
producing results in the wrong place.���
Itraniford  Expositor.
DM Fi-IOii
This Year's Celebration Will be Equal
to Any Former���No Branch of
Athletics Overlooked.
Final form was given to the Dominion Day celebration program last night
ai a largely attended general meeting,
the mayor presiding.
<;.  i'.   Weils,   for the sports  committee,   reported   the   following     program,
which was adopted without change:
First Day.
10 a. in.���Trap shooting on Gun Club
grounds; children's sports on Vernon
10:30 ti. iu. Pony nice, ret reatlon
grounds; quarter-mile heats, besl two
in three; first prize, $30; second prize,
11 a. m.���Baseball match, recreation
grounds,   Nelson  vs.   Trail.
1:30 p. m.���Baseball match, reeroa-
tion grounds. Nelson vs. Colville.
_( p. m.���Trap shooting* 'Gun Club
3:30 p. in���Lacrosse match, recreation grounds, Nelson vs. Itossland.
7 p. m,���Basket ball match, recreation grounds, high school VS, H. M. H.
Second  Day.
0:30 a. m.���Log rolling contest at city
wharf; first prize, $15; second, $5.
lu ;i. in.- Trap shooting on Gun Club
grounds; Caledonian sports on recreation grounds���100-yard dash, amateur,
flrsl prize, gold locket, second, safety
razor; putting shot, first prize $5, second prize $2: three-legged race, first
prize, gold pendants, second prize, scarf
pins; 50 yards' fat man's race, first
prize, meerschaum pipe, second prize,
box of cigars; 220 yards, amateur, first
prize, gold charm, second prize, locket;
sack race, first prize, gold links, second
prpize, gold pin; prospectors' race, carry 50-pound pack, first prize, $10, second prize, 1; catching greasy pig, the
pig to be the prize.
1:30 p. in.���Football match, Nolson
vs. Coleman.
3 ]). m.���Ixjg chopping contest.
3:^0 p. m.���Baseball match, Nelson
vs. Colville.
<! p. m.���Drilling contest, corner Hall
and Maker streets; first prize, $125, sec
nnd prize, $60; three teams at least to
7:30 p. m.���Tug-of-wur, Baker street,
smeller  vs.  Nelson.
Besides the general program aud tho
trap shooting, a tennis tournament and
a series of launch races will also be in
The following subcommittees will
take charge of the various sports:
Trap shooting, W, A. Ward; children's sports. .1. B. Annable; pony
races, Hurry Gibson; baseball, c.
Walmsley; lacrosse, CI. P. Wells; bask-
cl ball, .1. E. Amiable; log rolling and
chopping, w. E. McCandlish; Caledonian sports, Harry Wright; football, J,
L, Meighan; drilling contest, Frank
1'hillips and F. A. Brewer; lnwn tennis, W. P. Dickson; tug or war, C. Hurt.
.Suggestions for balloons and fireworks were favorably considered and
referred to committees.
The meeting then adjourned to Friday nighl at 8:30, when all business
will be completed.
Hams and Bacon
}* Y* Griffin & Co.
A, McDonald & Co,
Dealers iu ataple and fanoy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' .Supplies,
.Noil.,, i, bereby hIvoii UiatMxty (WJ dnyi a/tor
dale J intend to applj to the Honorabto Uio
Chief CommlMlonor ,,f Lands and Worki f-.r
permiMloB opurcbane tin- following dworlbod
tract nf land: tttfuato ��i Quoena' Bay on Uio woai
Blioro of Kootonay bake fo tho Dlstrim of Wesl
Kootonay, Province of British Columbia and
contain Ing by adincmsuremeni vm.vm, acres be
tin- same more ��>r leas, which parcel may be
more par'Icularly deicrlbod ai follows, torn-
iiu'iii'iiig at U point on tbo westerly hmnidiirv uf
J.. 7080 8. i Iffil Kopteno; DutfFet Kg "he
Nimtli eiut corner nf l 68W Q, ij thenee westerly
following the southerly boundary of L 0884 a f
BOcbalng more ����r less to tlm h.imIi weat oorner of said Lot iftii (,'. J; Ui once astronomic
south in chains more or leu m the northerly boundary tt P. It. Balloch's Application to
nirchaae; thonce easterly following Ihe northerly boundary of#al^
lo Purchase 2K.873 cbalm mora or ton to the
shore of 4 neon a' Bays Uioneo following the sinuosity of (he said shore In a in,rih easterly direction 70 chains more nr leu to the south wesl oor-
nor nf sal' Cot 7080 0.1; thonco northerly follow-
ingtbe ffoatorly boundary ot said Lot Ttwo O, i,
1.008 ohalni moro or leu to )>uint of commencement-
Dated Juno 16, iww,
8. M. Bbyiwkb.
Notice In bereby givon iimi (Sudan from date I
Iutend i oappiy to the Hono.,aM ��� too Chief Com-
inissioru-rot Landa aud Work-, for norm! sion in
purchase the following deicrlbed lands, situate
at Iho mouth ol Hatch!<ou creek on the Arrow
Lakes In tho West Koolenay District Ahoiiisn
acres of lanu; oonuuem-ing m a post nuo-ked
W. II. >*. H. W. |���,Ni, Uumea "" "' WphalDi, tben-
' nit 80 chains, Ihence ������outh u> chalna, tbeuec
west 30chains tn point of commanremont.
Dated im* ith flay of Juno looo.
William Harry Pktbks,
William J. ToYK, AOgNT
Notice 1* hereby given timt M days f'om date I
tiiifii.i to apply to the Monoiahl tho Chlel Commissioner nt Landa god Works, tor permission lo
purchase 100 aorei of laud m Van uouten creek
In tho Arrow uikoilnthe Wesl Kootonay Dlitrlet. Starting from a poit mark'd A '. L'n. w.
post, llionco In cIihUih oast, thonce in clulm
Bou'li, theuce 40 cIihiiin west, theuce io chaini
mum i.i point if commencement
Datod tiiis-ith day of June I DM,
Arthur Joiis Loho.
William J Toyb, Agent,
Notice is bereby kivmi tton so dayi after data
welntond to aooly to tbo Honorable tbo Chief
Commluloner of Lands and Works ut Victoria,
B C. for ne*-mls��Nlnii  tn  pUrChftBO  Ho-  followlllg
dtiertbed landi, iltnato in Wosl Kootenay ihs-
(Met.    ('oti)Ui' licfiiK al a poll pliiiilc.l a' TnomaS
Jerome's N K. poil and marked Peter Deioll
and A Ohoquotte n. vv. Corner; thence UO chains
east thenee 20 Bhilai with, thence 10 chaini
west, thence 20 oh tlm north to the commencing
post, containing 40 ���area more or leu.
Dated May 38.
W. A. JOBBB, Agent
Notice In bereby givon thai 80 days after date i
iiiti'ini to apply in the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands mTill Works f..r permission to
purubiso Die following described lands, sltnated
tn tbe district of Weal Kootenay, adjoining lot
700 on tbe wosl arm <>( Kootenay Uke. Com-
mencing at an Initial poit placed at tlie routh-
wesl corner of u*t Wo, theuce north VQ chains,
tlienoe west 10 ehalns, thence south 80 chains,
tbence rant 10 ohalni to pointof common�� ment.
Paled May 28, IOOfi,
 Jai. Kii.mai
Noti.'u is horeby given that sixty days afterdate
t Intend in apply to tbe Honorable tbe Chlol
Commluloner ol Landi and Works, Victoria, for
permlulon to purchase the following described
lands in West Kootonay. Commencing ai a posl
marked Kdgar w. i ynci south west coiner near
In damet crook and aboul 2 inllrs sonth of Mos-
(i mto meek and about 4 tulles weit of Columbia
Klvor; thenoe north no ehalns, tbence east jo
chains, thonoe south 80 chains, thence west id
chains to place of commencement, containing
B20 acres, being tliu same more or loss.
Da led June-1, 1900.
HiH..iR W, Dynfh.
  V. IiYNfti Agent.
Notice i*3 hereby givon that 00 days after dale I
Intend to apply tn the Honorable the Chief
Commluloner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands,
situated  in tUocon District.  Commencing ai
north cast corner post of LottJ8 0, tbence riinii-
iog south 80 ehalns, tbence easl locbaini, ihence
north 40 ohalni, thenee ffwt 80 chains to C. P. K,
right-of-way, following same south weit to a
point inteneptlng nmtb line of Lol E830, thenco
east to point of Oommencement, containing 180
acres mora or le��H
May 80th 1000,
C, I..
Notice Ih hereby given -hut oodays afterdate!
intend to moke application io ihe llonoraolo the
( blef Commlosloner of Uadsano Works for permlulon tu parahaie the following dcaoribed
lands: Commenolng hi a post placed on the cast
shore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J. Bates1
pre-emption on the southwest marked "T v.'s
N. VV. e, rner post."   Ilie  running BO I'luiiim
cast; theuce Ho chatim south! thence BO Chains
more ur less, west to the lake shore; thenee followiiiK ink., shore to polut of commencement,
oonbifning (hoacres, more or leu,
a TMOfl  KlNAII.iN.
Dated tills itl'day of June, 1000.
Notice is hereby given that ii" days Hft< r ilate 1
Intend to make application to tbo Honorable tbo
chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for ner-
minion to purchase the followiiiK described
landi I Commencing nt a post placed on the
noitheast corner of r Kinaban's Application to
Purcbate.marked "ll. I 'a corner poit" running
B0 chainsea��t; thence80 chalna south; thence BO
ohni ns west; thence following T Klnahan's eastern bouuda*y to point of commencement, containing tun acres, more nr less.
Hannah Tikhnky,
I'iitcd this TU, day of June, J'-nii.
Notice is hereby given that IX) dim aftf r date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Con manor al Undi and Works for per-
[illusion to purchase the following deicrlbed
lands: < ommencing ut a post placed at the in*
te-section of the east boundary of J, Bates' pre
einption ami th.> north boundary of t.Klnahan's
Application to j nrchaie, marked"T, K..tr's a w
pomer post " Tbence following J, Bates'eastern
boundary, 10chains north; thenceSochalnseosti
tbence w chains to tbe no'thera boundary of
Hanmill Tierney's Application to Purchase]
Ihence following the northerly bonndatyofsame
and northerly boundary of T. Klnahan's Appll-
cation to Purchase, io poiol of commencement,
containing 820 aorei, more or less.
T. KlNAHAN, J��.
Dated this Tlh day of June, IlHHi.
Notice Is herhy given that I Intend, Go ilays
after da to lu apply to the Chief Commluloner of
I ands and Wnrks for permission to purcbau tbe
following d��serihnd lamls siliiatt'at Plro  Valley,
Kootenay district Commencing ai a j ost (marked George Young North wist corner) placed at
Hie imrlli west corner of section 2H lown-hip 80;
Ihcnce east B0 chains to the north easl corner of
saf't Section 28; thenee south 10 chains, thence
wesi so chains, thence nurlli 10 chains to the
place of beginning, containing Sgfl acres and
being the northerly half of laid seotion 88, township nn.
Paled at Nelson, B. 0. June 6th ID 0
Qborqb Young.
Notice Is  In le-y  given  that I Intend, m days
alter date, to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for neiinlssloii to purchase
Hiei following descrih-,1 taints, situate ai Mre
Valley, Kootenay District Commencing ai a
post (marked Qeorgo Young north easl corner)
placed at the north east comer of section 8%
townihlp 09j thenee lontb 80 chains io the south
east corner of aald   section  82;  thence wesl  lo
i ha ins, ihence north BO chains, and tbenci  ease
io chains 10 the place of beginn ng, containing
no acres, and befna the easterly half of said sec.
tion Iw, township lift.
Dated at Nehon, ti. C. June 'ith l��6fi.
,  liKolti.K  VotNo.
Notice |n hereby given Hon I intend M chuw
after date to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
.amis  am)   -t0rkl  for peimlssluu  In pnrclnise
iin- following deicrlbed lauds,situate at Piro
Wiley, Kootonay [ iitrlot.   rojiinenuliig at a
P.st (market l tJallaghor- south west corner)
placed at ihe south wesl corner of section 83
township88 ihence north 80 chaini to the north
west corner of mid section 88j Ihence east to
chains, thenco south ho chains to ihe suuih
boundary of said section 88, and thence well m
cbalm to the pho f begluning containing 880
acres and being the westerly half ol siihl H-e-
llon -fct, towushipr.9.
Haled at Nelson. R 0, June Bib IMtr,.
  '������ Oallaohkb.
Notice Is hereby given that I Intend, M days
aflei dale to apply to the Cblof Commissioner of
I amis and Works for permission to purchase tho
following dflscrlbod lands and premises, situate
at Fire Valley, Koolenay District CoinincncinK
at a pout (marked P. if. if't'ouiuir north oastcor-
neri placed at the north oast corner of section
WitownibipfJOi Uience south �� chains, ti.ei.ee
Wesl til chains, ihoiii-e no Iii -In chains lo the
northerly bottndiry of said section 21: and then
cooast Wobalns lo the piece ol beginning, con-
mintng t'Oacres.and being the north oast one-
quarter of said section 31, township 69.
Nelson, D. C. June 6tb W06,
P. ii. O'Connor.
, Qborok Young, Agent,
HotlCO is hereby given that 00 days  from  dale
I Intend  to apply  tt��  the  Honorable  Ihe Chief
Lommissionerof Landiand Works for permli-
sfon tu purchase the followiiiK described lands,
H W. e
to the
in ih- Wast Koolenay District eait side D r$b
umbia River,about 2 miles north of Burton (living at a post   marked  1*0 M  Winter's
rner, hi the n. w. corner of R. H. Smith'!
, thence north 10 chains more
. h bonndarj of Miles Carroll's
preemption claim, thenoeoaat 20 chains, thenee
smith 41 chains more or leil to tho North bo... d-
TJ&h   J. "),"<'" P""11 "f comiuencomenti con.
tafnlug-80 acres more or less.
Dated this 2nd day of June, 1908,
Lbo M. Wintkh,
Ralph Slvr, Agent,
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Blouse Waists from fci.ooeach to $6.50 each.
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Dnek Shirt Waist Suits.
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styles, $2 eaeli up to $53.
New Store with a
most complete new
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Fred Irvine & Co'y
Notice is hereby kIvi-h iiiai I intend, 00 days
aft it dnie, to apply to the <:hlof Commissioner (,f
Lands ami Works for permission lo purchase the
following described lands, situate at Fire Valley,
Kootenay District. Commencing al a p��h (mark
ed r. II, b' Connor south easl corner) placed at
Die north cast mruer uf icction :<.', tmwinlnji 09;
thence west m chains, thenco imnii m chains,
Ihence eaa|40 chains, and thence sooth HOohalm
tu tin- piaee of beginning, containing B80 aeres*
Dated hi Nelson, ����� ('.June 5th l'JOrt,
r. H. O'Cokkob.
(jBoaoi YuiMi, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given thai oo days from date i
Intend to apply to the li ruble Ihe Chief Com-
mlssloner of Unds and vvorks fur |H-rmissiun tn
purchase tbe following described i��ndn. m the
West Kootenay District Hand Island, in the
ColombiaIilveraboiit4 miles north nf linrtun
Cityj ail uf said wmid above idKh water, being
lo acres mure ur less.
Dated this 1st Day uf June. 1906.
Pbakx Norton
T. C Wakinsqw, Agent.
Blxty day." after date I intend to apn y to die
Commissioner ������< Lands ami Works, vlcwrfSr. in
purchase 100 aires uf land. < ommendng at a
poit planted on the wesl fchoro ol Arrow Lake, ��t
the louth easl i orner of J, .1 Christie's purchase,
running north 80 chains, thenee east *93 ohalni,
thonco south 80chains, thonce weit Bu chains to
place nf comraenremonu
Located May, 9th 1906,
A. i'ahiuk.
 L, OALLAonBR, Locator.
Notice [i hereby given thai 00 days from date I
Intend toapply to lhe Honorable the Commissioner nf  Und*  and   Works  f,,r  jHTinliNhui   to
nnrcbasethc following deicrlbed lands, ntnate
In the West Kootenay District.  Hinriinif (mm ��
POIt marked M'HIhim Kmesl Davllon'lB. K, posl
aboul two miles east of Deer park mi tbo Arrow
Lakes thence 10chaini south, thonce lo chain*
w.-st. thence 10 chains north,tnenceeasl to polnl
of commencement, containing about 160 acres.
Dated this 8th day nf June, lflOt.
Wii.i.iam Kbnkht Davimok.
Notice \s I ehv (,'lven that iVi davs afU-i -iitu- I
Intend toapply to the Honorable tne Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission to
purchase tho following described lands In the
Heat Kootenay district; commencing at a posl
marked "Nathaniel Mclntyre's s. fi. corner,"
planted on tho wesl ildo of the Columbia River,
aboul 7 miles mirth ot Burton City, and 80 chains
north of the.smith west crimr of Lot 378, thenee
rmrth hii chains, thence tveit 80 chains, thence
south 80chains, thonoe oast80chains to point ol
commencement, containing 010 aorei.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1906.
T. C. Malt in ion, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that B0days after date I
Intend toapply tu the Honorable tlie Chief Com-
mlsBlonorof Undsand Works for norm union tn
purchase the following described lands: C -
mencing hi n posl placed on lhe north shore nf
the west arm nf Kunieiuiv Lake, ni i)H. northeast
corner of John Btranks' pro-em pi  thence
west Hi ehalns. mure nt less, I" the soulhcasl
corner of Lol No.7406, thei  uorih 40chalna,
ihence easl 10 chains more nr less. Utonce north
���io drains tu the polnl of i mencoraenl
Dated .'line 15th, llNKf.
0. R. Arri.KToN.
Thirty dayi after date l Intend toapply to the
Commluloner nf Undi and Works, Victoria, fnr
a special llcensRtocul and eerr)* away limber
from the following described lands.  Coi ���nv-
Ing nt ii post marked J  K. A., H. VV. enrner. plant'
ed "ii ihe west hunk of CayouseCreek where thr
creek Intersects [lie east boundary of lot Mt7 and
rudnlng nortii 100 chalm, thence east in chalm
thonoe south IGO chains, tlienoe west to polnl ol
June 0th 1900.
J K. Aknaiiik.
Sixty days after dal�� I tnteml to ��\>u\v tn the
commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria to
purelinnMUnereiD/ hand sit mi i doscrlbed
as ioiiowi   Commencing at a post planted on
he oaatshoro of Arrow Lake.,, auttOKfm	
ran ding al the south wesl corner of James
n Htley v pre-emption ami marked P i.  N vv
eunier; thonce east 00 ehalns, Iho  south ni
chains-, thence weatOOchaini in me take shore
thence-north along tho lake *hure m ninco of
beginning. ���
Juno 20th igisi.
P. Lamont.
VV. (u.i.kii. Lueatnr
Notice li hereby giron thotflO daya after date I
"""'"I'.MU^VN. .he llum.mhle the Chief r J.
mlislonerqi I,.mis ami Works ror peminlon to
purchaBO the following deaeribed "tanas   Com-
mencing at a posl marked VV  it   V|,., h  K corner
Planted at the N. W. corner ol vv A. Colder"
Pieeinpiinn in 1'ire Valley, running 80ohatns
north, fp ohalni wesl, 80 chalm south, 10 chalm
eait tn piaco of eommonfloment.
w. u. BfoCANnisisH, Locator
, vv. a, ctuiKu, Agent.
Nutlet, is UvvUy (,'lven that IUI ilayw after dale I
'""'"> lo apply u ��� Honorable K! Chief Com
raissonarof Landiand Works fur nermlsslon in
imrehase  the  lollowinf doBOribeil  binds In II ���
West Koptenay dial rial:  Comntenolns ataiwlli
marked M.MoO.N  K enrner, iilante KVi
nprth of IheM.VV enrner of VV A. Caidor'l    're
emp inn in itreVaiie,-, running IQchalnssouth,
io chalm west, loehaln.s north, 40 chains oasi
pinec of commencement
Mahmj JCcOanouih, Locator.
Juno aoth, ifloo,      u A' ��UDBB' *�����*���
NntleelsherehyKlven thai 'Ki davs after date I
ol hisinrai nr ������ ,��� fltl, v ,} ���'"����
... . *;':McOa��iii.i��ii,locator,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....$8,900,000 KKST   p.��|
I). R. W1LK1K. President,        HON, ROBBBT JAKFHAV. Vloel'n.i.ki
Branches in British Columbia:
nc|��)��iiK reoelTed and Intend allowed nt oturent rni.ii from date ��r molw
count nnd otedited bait-yaarljr.
NBusoiv hhanch J.   M.   LAY,   Mnnngur.
P. Burns & Co.
Branoh Markets it.  Roaalnnd, Tnnl,  rfalaon, Baalo, Sandon, Three Foriw j
Denver and Blooan City.
Orders i.y mall 10 an�� brsneli will ban
mir prompt and careful attention.
Heid Office: Nelson, B.C
&/"* ��� Kootenay  Agents
LQ4t        R.A.Rogers&Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
Wholagale Provisions!
"' """ Qoywnment Oreftmery One-Pound Brioka rooelvBd wookly tmi
iinni ii���. ohnrn,   For tale l..v nil leading (mxr���.
Offloeand wnwhonao: H6niton Blook,  Phone TO.
Josephine Street.       -       .       .       Nelson. B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores. I
Coal Tart Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boat liuilclrrs will lind it tn the
nr HdviUltOffB to mm our Pitch.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Lt<*. Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
We haT?e a fet�� SlolPo Goods and Odd t
Lines of stock that we wish to move
out this "Meek. Cost does not come
into the prices Ifoe are selling them at.
j SLAT HAMMOCKS, just the thing for a
shad)' nook, rain won't hurt them. Original price $2.25, clearing at each
M LUNCH BASKETS, the regular 45c, 35c
ami 25c kinds, clearing at each
; BABY HAMMOCKS, regular price $1.50,
clearing at each
75c ���
regular 57.50, clearing at cach$4.75
10 LACROSSE STICKS, regular $3.00, clear- .���
ing .'it        each$t.00 '
75 One Pound Packets (4^ quires) Cream Laid
Sui Octavo Notepaper, worth 15c per quire.
Clearing at a packet    20c
Square or Oblong Envelopes to match, a packet       5c
1 Twelve Inch Hand Hag $3.00, for	
1 Fourteen Inch Hand Bag $3.50, for...
2 Sixteen Inch Hand Bags #3.75, for
2 Eighteen Inch Hand Bags $4.35, for.
2 Suit Cases S3.50 each, for	
.: Suit Cases #4.25 each, for 	
1 Suit Case $5,00, for	
$*.5o \
i.75 4
l.oo  ���
.io 4
2.25 X
Canada Drtig and
Book Co9y9 Limited
>44444444444X ������������������������������������������
��WAVaWA��M��/��WW/ vwsw/wwwv.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
am tn K. UBMTKBKB Ik vet.
Brewer, and BotUttl ol
I Fine Layer Beer and Porter
MiinufHi [iihts of
Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
And the Celebrated "Red Ribbon Beer."
rn:i i;i.ih >N|.; >,,. n.
' >. II, >\   j|,4.
WM. GOSNELL, Manager
'vvww>AA<VVV\lV\A'V*V**WS',i ��vyv��w��w>v>vysAA)
Dominion Day
i Base Ball
OnlvOlo vs. Nolitoii Senior
j Caledonian Sports
I foot Ball
Oolomnu n, Nolson
I Base Ball
Trail vs. Nolson Juniors
Rowland VS. NoteOll, .Inly 2nd
Rock Drilling
Gun Club Tournament
Log SAppbt Contests
Launch. Races
sic by Nelson City Band
Special Rates on All Railways
elsoii, B. C
The Dally Canadian. June 27. 1906
Members of 20,000 Club Consider Many
Important Questions���New  Blood
on the Committee.
Tlm Twenty Thousand club has
passed BiiMy through itn experimental
rtage. Last night's general meeting
wan largely attended, unci progress waa
reported in every department. Two
Importanl suggestions won' made���by
vv. ii. Thornton for a permanent ��ource
of Income, nml by K. Btarkey fur u more
determined eHort to secure a linger
Klmru or Ihe tuiirlxt truffle of lhe con-
I inont.
Though no definite action could bo
taken al ouco on eliner suggestion,
fbelr reception left no doubt thai both
will receive full attention.
Tbo meeting wan held In the board
nf Irade rooms at 8:3(1. There were
presenl T. o. Procter, vice-president,
In Ihe chair, und J. M. Lay, W. W. Ilcer,
I., li. de Veber, P, A. Starkey, I. (1. Nelson, j. Praaer, ii. Williams, ii. E.
DoiiKlas, B. W. Wlddowson, J. J. Walker, I''. M. Ohadbourn, n. G. Qoodeve,
if. S. Parry, A. Lean, W. W. Baer, W.
II. Jones, .1. L. Buchan. W. G. Thomson, .1. E. Taylor, S. A. Kelly and others. The minutes of the May meeting
were reatl and adopted.
J. M. Lay, treasurer, reported that
$111 had been received Irom tbo popularity contest since the lasi report,
making, with lhe balance on hand ihen,
18811.40, Expenditures amounted lo
It-Is.25, and $250 more was authorized,
leaving less than f>00 to meet other
prospective liabilities.
W. W. Beer, for lhe advertising committee, reported that no new work bad
been undertaken, bul lhe circulation of
news was steadily maintained as authorised,
M. S. Parry asked If any replies had
been received, and the secretary replied
���as at the executive committee meet-
inn, and previously published���thai
many mining papers in San Francisco,
Seattle. Oakland. Denver ami other
Cities were regularly publishing the
mining statistics smt out hy the club
M. S. Parry then suggested lhal Inquiry be made, and thai the statistics
heb no longer sent to papers that do
nol use Ihem. A motion to that effect
was adopted.
W, W. Beer suggested that no haste
be used, as some distant papers were
only now receiving the reports The
suggestion was recommended to the
new advertising committee, as was also
A. Lean's suggestion that an effort be
made io Interest agricultural papers.
I. (I. Nelson, for the entertainment
committee, reported lhat the lies! terms
obtainable tor an excursion on Ihe
steamer Kaslo was 76 cents a head. Negotiations had been attempted with lhe
headquarters offlce In Seattle. He advised against an excursion euiller than
the middle of July.
.1. L. Buchan thought there was still
a possibility of securing the Kuskanook. The committee was instructed
to secure it if possible.
T. G. Procter reported thai the may-
or had offered the pavilion at the tramway park fo the club for entertainments
free of charge except for maintenance.
On motion of F. A. Starkey, the offer
was accepted.
W\ G. Thomson advocated a regular
Subscription list to provide a steady
Income aud create a permanent fund.
J. M. Lay and W. H. Jones favored
the Idea, but thought It should not; be
attempted al present. II was deferred
till the August meeting on motion of
W. H. Jones.
The secretary read a letter from Hon.
.1. 11. Turner, ageni-general lor the
province, thanking the club for litem-
ture received, which, he said, was ex-
actly whal he wauled aud was occom-
pllshlng good results.
A letter was also read from .1. .1.
Qilbertson, C. P. H. agent at Liverpool,
to the same effect.
Two letlers were read from the secretary of Ihe Winnipeg fair asking for
exhibits from British Columbia's fruit
disiriei. and asking what space would
be required.
F. Starkey remarked that the Fruit
Growers' Association was already attending io ibe mailer. The chairman
and others warmly approved, anil it
was resolved, ou motion of .1. M. Lay.
that Ihe club support the fruit growers
in every possible] way.
A letter from It. M. Palmer, secretary of the provincial bureau of Information, which has already been published,
was  read  and  filed.
The nexf business was lhe election
of uew committeemen. The retiring
members were w. w. Beer. P. Lamont,
.1.   L.  Buchan, I.  G.  Nelson.   I..   II.    de
Veber ami il. w. Hannlhgton. Thoae
elected were ll. B,    Douglas,   W, Q.
Thomson. .1. .1. Walker, I. G. Nelson, A.
Lean nnd J. K. Taylor. The old members nre W. II. .lours. S. M. Brydges,
F. .1. Deane, G. P. Wells. T. S. McPherson and A. W. Ilyndman.
The chairman then appointed Iho
new members to committees ns follows:
Advertising���S. M. Brydges, V. .1.
Donne. W. H. Jones, A. Lean, W. G.
Thomson and T. s. McPherson.
Fnierlaiumenl���1. G. Nelson, (I. P.
Wells, A. W. Hyndiuun. .1. F.. Taylor, .1.
,1. Walker and 11. E. Douglas.
F. Starkey urged thai an effort be
made lo have more of Ihe tourist traffic routed through Koolenay.
II. E. Douglas said that tourist tickets for Nelson were already advertised
by the transcontinental  bureau.
The matter was referred lo the an-
verllslng commiltee for early Investigation und action.
The chairman urged Immediate organisation of the committees.
F. Starkey, replying io the remark
thai the railway companies alleged
want of hotel accommodation as a reason for not bringing more tourists, said
that if neither company wouid build, a
company could be formed for the purpose.
The   meeting  then   adjourned.
Later Mr. Starkey stated lhat he was
certain that tiu.oiiii could be raised In
Nelson at once without difficulty to begin lhe construction of a tourist hotel.
For Everything Good
Ui Smoke
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Bo You Know Tliaiman'j Special Mixture?
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Arid  i>i;i.i\ BRBO PHlill
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronise tho 6000 who nro
here now, mid we will
1>e a loriK wny ti>
wnnl our goal.
Thorpe's Lithia
is t qn.-il In nuy iiperieut
itiiti-rhiinmatio waters bottled ia
the United
If you tue euon^'h of it we
can enpport another
family iu Nelson.
& Co., Limited.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, F��el
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
Gait Coal
Ttsrm* Snot CmIi
QXAttBD TENDERS, miirknl, "Ten.Ier to- Tim-
vj bet Limit. Rootwuy I'jslr.ct." win w �����
I'tivtii by the uu.iVrMKiU'ii. up to noon ol Sninr-
i!nv. tin1 BOtb nuy nl June, 1:M>. from miv perftm
desiring t.. i.i>t>tiii n opeatil Ulnber llaeim to cut
..ml t'liny hwh.v IiiiiUt from Lot T,W1, Group 1.
Kootonay District, situated near UoJieulte'ii lad-
ins:. "�� 'in- lino ol tbe Crow'i Not 1'hks Railway
Mi.l niiiiiilnliiK ll.lticrrs more or lens.
The person offering the highest rush bonua
win be entitled to a special Ueonie covering the
lata lot, renewable tor twenty-one itidosilve
Bach tender wuit W accompanied by a oertl*
Bed cheque, made payable ai pur in victoria to
the undersignedi for tbe amount, ?ii.'��.oo, ot the
first year's tees lot suoh cpeciul llcease, and the
amount of *ho bonus tenderedf and altoaeertl<
tied cheque tor 1262.70 for cost uHm utlnj;, adver-
Uilng and surveying of said lot.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Lands and Works Department.
Victoria. B. C,,7th Juna, jskw.
Thirty dnyp utter dale f Intend making iippli-
cation to the Hnnnrahlt' tho Chief ComniisKionor
of Lands and work*, for a special lloanio to cm
and crtrrj- away Umber Irom the futiuwtuK des-
crlbcd lands. Commencing at a post placed on
lhe southern Imiim. iry <if Timber UCeUM No.
5375, and about iii.-IihIiik w rth o( tije N. W. cor-
iur oi lot 628 li. i. Wi-m Kooeuav. running thenee
wo<t m chains, thenee muth xo chalus, tbence
e.iMt Wi cha ih. ihence north HU chains to point ot
Dated ll��th April IWO.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Kooms arc ivcll furnft-lied.   Tsblfl hs Kood hs any
In Ncltoli.     )i.,r v:|,|.il,,l wltli duod
UuuorssiKl (.Uars.
W. K. MuOANDUSH. IV.prietor.
Tiemont House
European nnd Amirt'-au Plan
M. hIi- .'.'. cU.   Itoomi from A cts. to 11
Only White U��lp Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar )��� the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
The Big Schooner T%ont. i A _
Or "Halfand-Hall"   DCvI    \\J\.*
Tho only Glass of Good Beer iu Nolson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia.
Speciul Kates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in NgIbou.
Lake VielPo
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
Bates $1.00 per Day
anil np.
No Chinese Help employed.
Telephone lis. NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Looetod, Open Day and Might
Baniple anil Bstti Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Sheets.
Th�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Rooms.
Bakwr Street, Nelson. B. C,
Lighted hy Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large anil Comfortable Bedrooms and first-
class Dining Room. Sample Rooms tor Cummer,
e.sl Muu.
MRS. K. C. CLARKE, Proprietress
Tho well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest iu tho
West Transfer Co.
General Teiiinsten nud Dealers iu
Oonl and Wool.   Express nud
tiauKniio (Transfer
p. o.i.oi no
Choice ��tvAt      g 4cres and
x        4 ^" Acres.
JwAIlOS**** Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
OloariiiK light and soil excellent.
Very easy terms on payment enu bo arranged.
Phone 2.7.   Olllee next Ouuadinn Bank of Commerce.   P. O. Box 626.
We have Improved and TJnimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   If     j��      <mjm     TVff)T\
and examine our list.    ILM.*   QU   1Y.1i   DLm^MJ
insurance.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Bnsiuess in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Safe the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Most of it situate on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
We Will Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Whnlcstilu nml Retail DnU��ii in
Fresh and Salted Meats
CampH supplied on shortest notion aud
lowest price.        Nothing but fresh mid
wliok'some metitis nnd supples kopt iu btock
Mai! orders receive careful nt ton tion.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
Slim  Writing fs Spsclaltj .
Wall Pcsp��rtsnd Burlap.
B��""   ���   NELSON
First Clous Hontinpt Pliuita nml Modern
Snuittu-y Appllnucos.
90 Day Round Trip
UdM ****
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duliith, St. Paul.
Phone 181, Opera House Bile. Box 401
Through Exemption Unti-s
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dates of salo : June 4, 6, 7, 23, 25;
Julj- 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8. 9;    Sept. 8, 10.
'I'li-I.oiB lubjcct to usual rarlationa or
route and Include meals and berth on
C. P. R. steamers on Orcat Lakes.
Full particulars from
D. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C. The Dally Canadian, Jime 27, J906
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find*
We have about 80 different binds,
In Stirling aud I'liumel, ranging
in price fri.m SOcts io *���,' 60 each, and must <��f tbeui nre new designs.
In Pins, Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper Gutters, eto., we have
nil die latest Canadian and Nelson Souvenirs.      If yon are
looking for a Souvenir we oannot t'uil to suit you.
Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention.
Three Big Leaders
For Hot
iMonseratt Lime Juice!
AM. * *%
Cooling nnd Refreshing.
I Welch's Grape Juice I
* To ono quart sweetened lemon-X
ttrlo add ouo tumbler * Irnpe ���
.luiee, nnd vou have a dolloiousT
beverage. ' 2
Morton's Raspberry   :
Vinegar \
The only genuine. We hnvcj
others but those ore the season's T
favourites. ���
Bell Trading!
Company        |
44 cA Tip" for a
44Canadian Morning.*
tenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
[Joy's Cash Grocery!
14 Pound Boxes 28c per pound
28 Pound Boxes 27c per pound
JOY'S Cash Grocery
Oor, Josephine aod Mill Bti.    Phono 10
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in the Land.
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confeitionery and
Ice Cream,
Phone 86. linker St.
* Mm
^^;.:'u4,��r<.-.;J,w'ftfe!SiSt-'i(!t-''*S :
. ��� -'---    *--       _ \^.J^-     ^/*.v    j
c.i*. Vvrnon <��n.�� Wnri. .sirou.N,
NLJL.SON,   ts. O.
,1 FRED IIUMK, Pmiirietor.
P Angrigon, New Denver; N Gpeth-
ing, S N Long. Slocan; F McLeod, Pilot U:iy; II ii .McMillan, Victoria; A
Holier. Berlin; H H Blanohard and
wife,  C  It Duratnl, Vancouver.
(I Huston, Sandon: A 11 Flngland,
Three Forks; .Miss Cameron, H Camer*
on, Xew York; S W Ray, Port Arthur;
F M Cray, Miss (Jray, Toronto; A E
Ridley. Vancouver; Mrs. J W White,
Huntsville; Mrs. .1 T Harris, Craven
hurst; Miss Whiteside', Greenwood,
.1  W Bennett, C MoKensrte, C Inglis,
Pilot Hay; J Franks, J R Mcllan   Ross
F Gilraore, D Evans, Ymir; T Mallot,
F Leavick, Cranhrook; G Falrbalrn,
Cobalt; T Vlckery, S IVnron. Calgary;
It Sheedy. Spokane; .1 C Dewar, Ynilr;
li R 1 Inn. Moyle.
P  Dudham,  Montreal;     R     .Marquis,
Vancouver; A L Duncan, Rossland.
.1   Wilson.   Cranbrook;   O   Anderson.
P Murphy, Movie; A T Siniih, Spokane.
I. II Chown, Everett; W Grant, Alnsworth;  John   Miles.  Miles'   Ferry;     W
May, Snlnio; .1 Pranck, Spokane; .1 Sullivan.  Trail;   W Howler. Wesllev;  (1  F
.Marshall, D Fraser, Nakusp.
G  Esplln,  Trail.
ll Johnson. Kaslo;  F Edwards.    \Va-
vorloy; F Doyle, J Cllne, Wesllev.
Wo have jusl received a shipment of
Shirrill"s Jelly Powder In the following
Wild Cherry
St row be rry
I^ine Apple
Telephone 101,
Monday and Tuesday,
July 2nd and 3rd.
Return engagement of
Maharas' Mammoth Minstrel
2�� (Colored Start. 2��
Presenting the oleverest features of
Minstrelsy, Opera and Vaudeville.
Mnlinrn'a Ohollonge Rand nn<l Orchestra.
VVnte.h for Rig Street Parade.
Usual priees.   Seats on Sale at Rutherford's Saturday,
lintel girl.   Apply nt Club Hotel.   IS,
.1. Cumin.
liny wanted Immediately, aged IB;
permanent joh. to work on steam launch
and do chores in garden, ele. Further
particulars from W. D, Husk, room Nn.
1. K, W. 0. block, between the hours of
1 and :i p. in, except* Safu'rday.
The only change on Hip metal matt
keta in Ih In the quotation ot zinc,
which has fallen six points. Today's
London price is   u^'T per ton.
By a curiously suggestive clerical-���
��i rather painting���error, a sign on the
window nf a Baker streel office de
scribes the occupants as "physicians"
and Burgeons,
ll. -U. Billings, of Salmo, for himself
and associates, bas recorded tho as<
Bess ment work on the bqvou claims
comprised fn thi* Mother Lode group in
Sheep Creek  valley.
Thr tallest man In Nelson today ia
Qeorge Qsplln, of Winnipeg. He stands
G feel 0 Inches, ami Is huilt In proportion to his height He is stopping at
the Silver King, where the beds are
huilt to accommodate anyone from four
feel up.
Col, s. w. Ray, of Port Arthur, pros-
Ideni of the La Plata Mines, Limited,
arrived lasi night, ami is nt tho mines
today. Colonel Hay hns nol visited lhe
property since a year and a half ngo,
shortly after the reorganization of the
company, formerly the Molly Gibson
Mining Company. He will spend several days al the property, and will look
up some old friends In Nelson before
returning eastward.
It has been learned today by members of the Twenty Thousand Club
from officials of the C. P. U. passenger
and navigation departments thai tho
Btoaraor Kuskanook will be available
fnr a club oxcurslon on Thursday, July
��21b, for Ihe whole day. The company
asks only 50 cents from each passenger, and no guarantee. There la no
aoubl thai the opportunity will be ta
In the provincial police noun this
morning at 10 o'clock "Doctor" Kam
Von appeared before Stipendiary Magistrate Crease charged with professing
to practicing medicine for hire. BJ. C.
Wragge appeared to prosecute for the
provincial medical council, bul the accused pleaded guilty. He was lined $26
and costs of $2 25, with, the option of
two months In gaol. The line way
We have just opened up a stock of
Princess   Enamelled   Ware
Imported Direct.
We have Tea und Con,-.  Pols, Cream Pitchers, Cups, S '�� and  Pistes In
all fancy and delicate shinies ih.-il resemble genuine Chlnaware.   Jusl
the ihins for camping.    Won'l   break.
Hot Weather Drinks
Tomorrow afternoon the merchants
of Nelson and their employees will observe the usual weekly half-holiday.
Tne sporting fixture for the day is a
baseball match between teams representing the Odd Fellows and Foresters, which will, weather permitting, be
played on the recreation grounds in the
afternoon. There will he no special
hall-holiday next week, or in any week
containing a general holiday.
In addition to all the other vaiiei
tractions provided tor Monday
Tuesday next by the Dominion
celebration committee, there will 1
street parade at noon each day by
band of Mahara's Minstrels. Man;
liorslead lias secured the company
the request of the celebration com
tee. for the Iwo nights to provide
ditional attractions and round off
ie a
i get'
The hoard of license commissioners
for Ymir district met this morning al
It) io consider the application of John
Miles for an hotel license at Miles' Ferry. .1. A. Dewar and .1. A. kelley sat,
the third commissioner, J, Kearns, of
Vmir, having left the district. \\\ a
Macdonald, K. c, opposed the application, which was refused on the ground
that an hotel at Miles' Ferry is not required for the convenience of ,he public. Mr. Miles wants to know who Instructed the city solicitor to appear,
but so far has not been able to learn,
The Store of Quality
The Good Old
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Arrangements for entortalning the
Visiting crews al the N P A A o re'
gatta nre being considered,   A special
'"",' wl" ��o i nted as soon as the
���nt of Dominion Day is over.
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a shin Is comfortable bul It  takes an'oxnerl    . ,
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Oar Sta-Zon Will Salt Yo��
I Standard Fatnittite Companyj
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tifobo 1.' ".I '.<- fl""1- us
Complete House Furnishers and UndcrUkoj,
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i*******, *9************************************HH
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Ore  Ciu-w.   IV.   IV.   Cnntriic.orN'   Ciir...
i Don't Forget we are SEMI-READY   ii
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Ca*pet Sweepers
.... .._.. . '��� L
Wood-VaUance Hardware Co^H
Arts  Aukno^'luJifu^i   to  Ise   Wit
Wli  .Suit TI10111.


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