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The Daily Canadian Jun 24, 1907

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V! C
���i\ v ^
gtoiltj tifanoMon
;i.MH  2.    NO.   18.
NELSON, B. C, MONDAY, JUNE 24, 1907.
Futt Cents a Mouth
lisiiliitiwi Last Night
lo J. S. Carter
jral.r District Passenger  Ageot
j Hears How He Is Regarded���
Children Remembered.
Ill,, return ��' J. 8. Carter, lata ills
uajwngi r agent ot the 0, P. It..
pciipral  |ia.����nger  agent   Tor   lilt'
|i> company In  Spokane,  wus mad*
I, iii.mn nl a demonstration by his
Liy friends In Nelson of Uu* esteem
|��liirii Mr, Carter Is held.
e had  been aaked   to meet  a  few
nds in Ihe iliiiiim riiuni uf the lluuie
tl al   K 30.    There  wore  fouml  us-
jibleil F. ,\ Starkey, B, A. Crease, H.
Douglas, It  S. Wright, Capt. Ci. Rob-
on, J. II. Taylor, .1. II. Fox. W. II.
con. v.. .1. Travera, w. J. wUsou,
McDonald,    W. A. Tliurman.    li.  1".
.1   F, lluuie. (i. 0, Hodge. Hurry
fight,  V I.urns of Kaslo, M. S. Parry,
\   Hall, .1. A. IMhson, H, F. Mel d.
rVslxel, *V, Irvine und many uttiers.
���J  Starkey presided  and.  after, a
speech stating the purpose of lhe
ring,  called   upon  H   K.  Douglas,
read the following address:
(Ur Carter:���We, your brother  rail-
men and other fre-nds. desire to
our very hearty congratulation,! tu
on tlie occasion of your promotion
Mi.- i uiploy of the coi'iioration   you
served no ably and faithfully.
Hi'' same lime we wish to express
.inch'  regret  al   your  departure,
Sin   Nelson,   where   your   unvarying
ilin-ss  and   contteay,   your   public
rlt as a citizen, and your marked ex-
live ability, are recognised and  ap-
|cialerl   by ,||.
.'(��� therefore beg your acceptance of
Utile  parting  gifts   for  yourself
|<   vein children as a Blight token of
esteem and regard. (Signed.)
��' G   lill.I.ETT, Mayor.
I' A  STARKHT, PreB. II. of T.
M   K   DOUGLAS, G. N. K.
II   .S   WRIGHT, C. 1'.  R.
Kelson, j������,. 23rdp 1907.
A  ii. use than presented Mr. Car-
with a gold  locket  and chain,   the
bi containing a diamond, and with
told watch and chain for each of bis
|M!   Carter made a very happy reply,
pressing hlB regret at leaving Nelson,
ho   hod   formed    many    valued
���t'lnlslilps. and his deep appreclnlion
ill" remembrance of his children and
��� ndlng  to all present  an  Invitation
[make the C. P. H. office their head-
tb in Spokane,
glasses were then filled and after a
ch by Capt. Robertson on tlie good
Itlea of the guest of the evening.
iiiasl "Joe" was drunk wllh all the
>r.<. and the captain, afler a mur-
���d protest about the Sabbath, led
111 lies a Jolly Good Fellow."
fin proceeding* then became Inform-
"I, 111 the bidding of the chair,
lies were made by It. J. Clark, liar
right, It. S. Wright, E. A. Crease,
II' Undue, G. p. Wells and A. Lucas.
C. Ilcwic,,  Kave the tonst. "Isabella
I Stanley," for Mr. Carter's children.
Joe," who had to respond  many
. gave iho toast, "Nelson and Koo-
ihe home of good fellows."    The
""-: Hien broke up after singing
Lang Syne."
���eceecling* Against Manufacturer* Refusing Information.
aT"H.iwa. June 24.���Criminal proceed-
have been taken by the govern-
em again*! incnnailliin uianiifnctiirliig
hcerns for falling lo furnish Informa-
"1 to Iho department of census and
I'lstlcs, which has recently been com-
I'i'ig a census of Canadian mitiiiifae.-
i. A blank form was mailed Homo
ago to every manufacturing ('im'
{111 In Caunda lo lie filled out und ro-
rned. A number of IIi-hib demurred,
Jld protested that they should not ho
(quired to dlscloBe their condition. Tho
Apartment sent a second circular as-
'riiig Ihem that tho Information given
""Id be treated with confidence, and
fining out Ihe penalty for falling to
Willy with the demands.   As a result
11 gave the Information inn 10. The
pi provide* penalties severs enough to
mke things Inconvenient for (hose who
piuse to give Information when asked
hi BO.
board. Olher members will join the
purly at Kingston, afler which the Alexandria will sail down the St. Lawrence
river to Montreal and Quebec and
thenco ret urn hero.
WollKnown   Hockey  Player  Fractures
Skull in Diving.
Novel  Excursion.
I Charlotte, n. y��� Juno 24.���Tho ���team-
Alexandria   sailed   InBt   night   for
[Ingston with some r,fl members of the
"w York stato Chess Association, who
[HI hold their midsummer meeting ott
Ottawa, June 24.��� Hodgson Hluaii, of
Ottawa, known ail over Canada and
the hockey districts of the United
Slates as "Hod," and lasl wlnlor the
famous cover point of the champion
Wanderers' hockey team of Montreal,
was accidentally killed at Belleville Oils
afternoon at :i o'clock. Under his father,
Wm. Stuart, of Ottawa, who bus the
contract for the erecllon of a new drill
shed at llellevllle, Stuart was acling us
overset r. and owing to the heal of tlie
day decided with a couple of coinpaii-
iens to go bathing. At the end or the
(J. T. it. Irack Stuart undressed and
swam lo Ihe lighthouse ulioui a Quarter
of a mile from shore, where he climbed
to the rocks and evidently decided lo
turn and dive head foremost lulo the
water ul. a point where it was only two
feel deep. As ho did not rise lo the
surface, those wiio saw him dive knew
thai some thing was wrong and immediately put off ln a boat. Arriving al lhe
scene the party soon found the poor fellow's body dragging on lhe boitoni. Ho
was beyond aid, and medical examina-
lion revealed the fact hut Ills skull was
fractured and the neck broken from
coming In contact with the rocks beneath.
Contervative    Leader    Denies    Alleged
Prophecies of Impending General  Election.
Montreal, June 24.���Mr. R. L. Uorden.
thu Conservative leader, who is in the
���'Hy, today met a Dumber of friends and
lalked over party and other matters.
He may go west shortly.
Mr. Borden had his attention drawn
to an alleged Interview, which staled
that ihe leader of the opposition was
approached by a newwpa|>er representative, to whom lie "Intimated, with a
semi-conlMentlal air. that he expected
liiu happenings In the near future," and
that "it would cause uo surprise whatever were the announcement of a general
election to come within the next two or
three months, and the election itself to
be fought before parliament meets for
business iu autumn."
M,r. Horden emphatically denied the
alleged Interview. He said, "I have nut
been approached by any newspaper man
since my arrival iu Montreal, I have
nut given any such interview, and I
have not used any such language
Great interest Is being shown in
local Conservative circles in Uie opening of the Quebec provincial campaign
at Three Rivera on June 28. La Fontaine club of this city have chartered
a steamer and a large numl>er of peo-
bta will go down to Three HI vers to
bear the opening gun of perhaps the
most Interesting campaign in provincial
politics since the memorable days of
Cbapleau, Mercier, Angers and Joly
de Lotblnlero. The Conservatives in
this district are thoroughly alivu to the
importance of securing a perfect organization at a very early day, and with
this end In view all the Conservative
organizations are being called together,
and every effort made to push the political campaign ahead with all potllblQ
vigor. It Ib now believed that, owing to
bOO, Baron IV Spine experience at Quebec, Premier Gouln will not risk an
appeal to Ihe people before hold I rift
another session of the legislature, and
It Is even stated thnt the Quebec premier will hold back lhe provincial elections until the Dominion elections have
been held. The Imim-Hslon is gaining
ground In political circles that the
Laurier government will spring the election at an early date
Died While Swimming.
Harold l'nynter, receiving teller of the
Kant Km! branch of the Hoynl Hank of
Canada al Vancouver, was seized with
heart failure while bathing al Kuglish
Hay Friday aflcrnnon, and died belore
be could rouei! the shore. I'aynter, with
several other men from the bank, had
gone down to the bay as soon aa the
dny's work was over with the intention
oT having a bath. The; reached the water at about hair past live and immediately proceeded to wade out to the
raft. Thoy were out about a quarter
of an hour und then returned to shore.
Upon reaching land Ihey found that
Paynter was not with them and a
search waa nt otico made, L, G. Henderson, of tho Henderson Directory company I'ound the missing man. He was
coming ashore at the time nnd stumbled
against the body, lying between the raft
and the pavilion, the water in that
part being four feet deep. He gave the
alarm aud Paynler's companions waded
out to the body and bore him ashore.
A doctor was summoned, who, with ihe
companions of Paynter, worked for over
an hour In the hopes of reviving him,
bul their efforts were ln vain. Upon
examining the body It was found that
there wan no water In the lungB so tho
) doctor   came   to   the   conclusion  that
death had been due to heart disease.
Remits Enormous Sum to
Action Already Approved by Congress
and Communicated to Ambassador for China.
Waablaatoa,    juue    24.���President
Roosevelt hus Just mnde the most stupendous gift tu China that the United
Slates or any olher government has
ever made io a foreign nation. Through
Secretary Hoot he today notitled Sir
Cbentung Liang Cheng, lhe Chinese
minister that with the approval of congress Uie United States voluntarily
would relinquish the difference between
the total 01 expenses and claims incurred in the suopresulnn of the boxer
revolt In l'JUil iml the amount which
China agreed in |iay this country In
satisfaction thereof. The difference Is
lixed officially at the enormous figure
of J27.OU0.OOO.
beyond the mere generosity of the
gift there are international aspects of
the president's action which will be
promptly considered by the foreign
chancellories, in the Hist place tbe relinquishment of the difference between
the amount China agreed to pay und
that Justly due establishes a precedent
Tor like action on the part of Russia,
Germany, France, Japan and Great Hrl-
lain each of which demanded indemnities far in excess of the damages suffered by their subjects.
ln the second pluce Japan will look
upon it as a tremendous bid by the United States for the sympathy and friendship of China, something she has been
endeavoring ..* secure through upholding the principle of Bticial equality between the white und yellow races iu
the San Francisco disturbances.
This Is the second time the United
State has sought to ease the tremendous financial burdens which the Boxer
revolt placed upon China's shoulders.
Following the invasion of China, the
capture of Peking, and the suppression of the Boxer revolt, representatives of the powers al Peking adopted
a Joint note to the Chinese government
in which one of the bases of negotiations was staled to be :"The equ1 tble
indemnification of the various p.wers
for losses and expenses incurred by
them in China and tn sending expeditionary forces to relieve the legations
and foreign residents at Peking and restore order and also the securing of Indemnities to societies, companies and
individuals for their private losses
i It rough anti-foreign riots.
In the negotiations which followed
the American government advocated
that the sum total of these indemnities
should not exceed a reasonable sum,
well within the power of China to pay.
After a careful Inquiry, John Hay, then
secretary of statet. reached the conclusion that with her resources and liabilities China could not pay more than
$200,000,000 and that an exaction of any
larger amount would not only entail per-,
nianent financial embarrassment to the
country, bul possibly result ln international financial control or even loss of
Representations to this effect were
made to the powers and it was further
suggested that the payment Bhould extend over a long period of years at a
low rate of interest.
Protracted discussion failed to bring
about an agreement and finally It became necessary to accept the proposition of other power to demand of China
ln totnl of their losses and disbursement* the- enormous sum of $333,-
Among the paymenlH China agreed lo
make were:
Russia  $87,500,000
(lermanr      60,000,000
Franca     Gfi.000,000
Great Britain    24,000,000
United b. itos   2:1,440.77!!
Japan     22,600,000
Italy       14,000,000
Austria, Spain nnd Holland 30,559,221
Belgium        6,000,000
Total  $:!:i3,ooo,ooo
Tho powers agreed to permll the payment to bo spread over a period of 40
years, the debt to bear Interest at four
per cent
This meant that the aggregate amount
of principal and Interest China would
have to pay would be 1728,720.700,
Of this sum the United States would receive 163.254,000. ,
In the opinion of the president und
Secretary Root such an enormous indemnity wns unjust and would mean
nothing more or less than blood money.
Their willingness to adopt this view
was augmented by the regard they had
come to entertain for Sir Chentung Lian
Cheng. This diplomat, probably the
nblcBt of China's new school nnd a
thorough patriot, had aroused the sincere respect of the administration by
his efforts to remove nil obstacles in
tho way of friendly relations between
his government and the United States,
while at the same time Insisting tenaciously upon the observance of China's
Just before his departure for Oyster
Bay the president Instructed Secretary
Root to speed the departure of a minister to Peking by handing him a
formal note relinquishing the principal and Interest on the indemnity beyond Ihe total of expenses and the
claims of American citizens.
Up to this time China has paid in
niinuul Instalments to the United States
16,010,932. The secretary has eslimuted
that lhe total sum originally due this
government was $21,655,40:'.. China will
have to pay lhe United States $15,000,-
oilO   more.
The United States went to war with
Spain lo liberate Cuba, and then, after
complete victory, took the unprecedented slep of paying the conquered nation
(20.000,000 for tlie Philippine Islands.
II has now put a third action to its internutional credit, and has given a lesson of unsefllshnesB and consideration
for a weaker power which diplomats
here say will have a greater effect ujion
future American relations than all the
conferences at The Hague.
Eastern  Manufacturers  Blame  Government for- Neglect.
Toronto, June 24.���Dissatisfaction
was expressed at the regular monthly
meeting of the executive council of the
Canadian Manufacturers' association,
with what was termed the continued
IHilicy of the government in reference
to the importation of skilled labor.
The executive felt that the extensive
use that has already been made of Its
employment bureau in Lonodn demonstrates the absolute necessity for more
skilled help if the industries of Canada
are to take care of business offering.
Tbe association 'has also been trying
to secure the benefit of the French
minimum tariff to more Canadian ex-
perm that at present enjoy it. Tbe
Canadian secretary of the British
chamber of commerce at Paris has been
communicated with in regard to extension of the Franco-Canadian treaty of
1903, but It is believed that the quid
pro quo which France would likely demand would result ln a strenuous opposition to the proposal in certain
quarters. Should legislation along this
line bo Introduced by Mr. Fielding at
the next session the association will
make Its feelings better known.
Small Fruit Crop In Other District* of
Canada Damaged.
Ottawa, June 24.���The small fruit
crop of Canada will he light this year
and the crop of larger fruit will be
heavy. The fruit branch of the agriculture department Bays that the plum
crop will be the largest on record. The
Indications are that apple, pear, cherry
and peach crops will be good. The apple crop of British Columbia is said to
be assured.
Delegation to Regatta th* Beat Trained
Crew Ever Sent From Nelson
���Chance* Arc Good.
On Wednesday the representatives of
the Nelson boat club will leave tor Seattle to participate in the annual regatta
of the N. P. A. A. O., to be held on
Lake Washington on July 4th and 5th.
Nelson's entries are as follows:
Senior Singles, T. Oesbrisay.
Junior Doubles, A. Poole and F. Nott.
Senior Doubles, Desbrlsay (md Nott.
Junior Fours, A. Bishop, how; Ferguson, No. 2; Mcintosh, No. 3, and Lea,
A representative of The Dally Canadian was taken over the course In a
launch Saturday evening to watch the
Junior four. The water was rather choppy, but It did not Interfere with the perfect movement of the crew. The time
mnde wub faster than that which won
tlie race In other yeurs, and all were
fresh at the finish. Nelson has never
hud a better trained crew nor one bettor balanced. They will make a determined effort to land the cup. If they
fnll It will be because the standard of
oarsmanship In the N. P. A. A. O. has
gone up.
In the other events also a good showing Ib expected. Del. Desbrlsay Is train
lng as hard as his pupils and will do
his best to regain the senior single
G. C. I lodge will probably accompany
tho crew.
Apparently the whole Interest of the
club this year 1Mb centered on the regatta crew. This Is not quite as It
should be. If public Interest Is to be
sustained club regattas should not be
neglected. Only a few can be sent to
the Association regatta, but all who can
row can compete at home.
Automobile Score* Again.
Dieppe, June 24.���-An automobile ln
which an American, John Ryan, and his
wife nnd three other persons were riding was ditched yesterday ln trying to
avoid a car. Mrs. Ryan was killed and
several other received severe Injuries.
Mr. Ryan represents an automobile firm
ln France.
Brlflsii House Unanimous
Tributes to Loyalty of Pacific Province and Rcccfnition of Ability of Her Premier.
London, June 22.���The House of
Commons yesterday unanimously
passed the second reading of the British North America bill after a short
and interesting debate, in which the following participated: H. W. Foster, opposition whip; Sir Frederick Bandbury,
llamar Greenwood, Sir J. Jardine, R.
Duncan and Winston Churchill.
Several complimentary references
were made to British Columbia, repeated tributes being paid to the loyalty of
the province.
Both Mr. Greenwood and Mr. Churchill referred in appreciative terms to the
position taken by Premier McBrlde and
the able manner tn which he had represented the province.
No doubt Ib felt that the bill will pass
through its remaining stages without
difficulty in the shape described In a
former despatch. There is no inclination shown in any quarter to seek its
amendment and all parties agree in approving of the stand taken by Premier
McBrlde on bebalf of the province.
result of carelessness of employees and
not of gas. The miners had a quantity
of powder and caps In a tool box in
the mine against orders, and these were
exploded when a blasting shot went off.
Draft  Resolution*  on  American  Question to be Forwarded.
Toklo, June 2'..���An informal meeting
wub held this afternoon by the delegates from the chambers of commerce
at Toklo, Osaka, Kobe, Kioto and Yokohama. A report was drafted indicating
the grave danger facing the commercial
relations of the United States and Japan owing to the anti-Japanese sentiment on the Pacific coast. The necessity of resorting to speedy measures to
remove this obstacle to the development
or trade relationship was pointed out.
At the next meeting, to be held within
a few days, the resolution will be given
official form and then wired to the
principal chambers of commerce In the
United States asking their co-operation.
Captain   Bacher   Killed   While   Fitting
Guy* on a Dredge.
Revelstoke, June 24.���A terrible accl
dent attended by fatal results ocurred
here Friday morning on the dredge
shortly after 11 o'clock. It appears that
the dredge hands were engaged In taking oft and fitting new steel guys to
lhe iron frame crane on which the
dipper shaft for dredging is being operated. Capt Bacher, W. J. Banting, F.
Harris and S. Dale were working at tbe
extreme end of the crane, which was
supported by a tackle, the old guy
wires having been previously removed,
and had supported the whole weight of
the crane on three turns ot half-inch
steel wire rope which was passed round
the crane head below the sheave, into
which was hooked the block of tbe supporting tackle. This apparatus had been
in position for nearly an hour and the
men were at the moment of the accident
engaged fitting the new steel guys.
Without a moment's warning the crane
head fell, the block and tackle being
violently hurled back to the deck of the
dredge. Capt. Bacher was flung six
feet back and fell head downwards,
half under water between the A frame
of the crane, striking his head violently
against it, smashing IiIb Jaw and chin,
causing almost instant death. Banting
and Harris escaped with slight injuries
and were quickly rescued from the water by the deck crew. Dale, in falling,
was pinned by the left arm between the
iron frame and the dipper shaft, and
was only extricated after two hours, the
solid wood of the shaft having to be cut
away to release him. Capt: Bacher was
picked up and brought on board the
dredge, but life was extinct. Doctors
were hastily summoned and all possible
aid rendered to the injured. Dale was
removed to tbe hospital, and he now
lies In a very critical condition.
A jury was empanelled, and with Dr.
Cross, coroner, visited the body and
the scene of the accident during the
afternoon, the evidence there showing
that the sling into which the tackle supporting the crane head was hooked had
either parted or slipped. The jury met
in tho evening to hear the evidence
given by the witnesses, which went to
show that the apparatus used was too
light for the work. The attention of the
deceased had beon called to the Inadequate size of the appliances, but deceased said that rigging was quite safe,
and that If they were afraid to go out
he would lead the way although the
crew had misgivings all along. After
deliberating for some time the jury
brought in Ihe following verdict: "Wo
find that Captain C. G. Bacher met his
death by striking his head against the
Iron frame of the dredge crane when
the crane collapsed by reason of the
breaking or slipping of the temporary
slings supporting the crane, used while
new guy wires were being fitted. We
also find that this accident waB caused
by the use of appliances Inadequate tor
such work being carried on."
Deceased sustained fractured skull
and jaw, fractured and dislocated elbow
and bruised hip. Arrangements for the
funeral nre not yet to hand, and the
remains nre now lying In Howson's
undertaking parlors.
Due to Carelessness.
Fernie,   June   24.���The explosion in
Prospect mine hero last Friday, which
caused the death ot two men, was the
Arrival* at Banff.
Banff, June 24.���Mrs. Huyter Reed,
wife of the manager in chief of the
C. P. R. hotels, accompanied by her
son, nephew and Miss Field, arrived
here from Montreal this morning. Mr-
Reed, who was expected to arrive here
in a few days, has been detained on account of the serious illness of Mr. Phil
lips, manager of the Chateau Frontenac
Japanese Prince in Provincial Capital-
Will Attend Official Ball Thi*
Victoria, June 24.���Prince Fushlmt
and suite arrived here yesterday after
noon on the C. P. R. steamer Princess
Victoria, the company having placed
that magnificent steamer at the prince's
service. As the steamer passed the aa
luting battery at Work Point barracks,
the regulation 21 gun* were fired ln
honor of the royal visitor. At the
wharf which, as well aa the steamers in
the harbor, waB elaborately decorated
with bunting His Royal Highness was
received by Lieut Governor Dunsmuit
aud Mayor Morley, and a welcome ex
tended on behalf of the province, and
city. The Fifth regiment, which 1* now
In camp, turned out to a man and supplied the guard of honor. The band ol
the regiment played the Japanese national air as the Prince landed.'Enter
lng the lieutenant governor's carriage,
Prince Fushlmi was driven direct to
Government House hy way of the embankment and Government and Yates
stteets, the entire route through the city
being strung with the regulation gala
streamers and decorations. Tonight the
city is Illuminated as a mark of respect
to Britain's ally, the piece de resistance
being the brilliant appearance of the
C. P. R.'s new EmpreSB hotel, the entire
facade of the building being outlined ln
electric lights, while a design representing the Union Jack and the Japanese
flags crossed with the royal crown of
Great Britain and the rising sun of Japan on either Bide has been worked out
in colored lights. This afternoon a
civic reception will be held at the par
llament buildings and a dinner followed
by a grand ball will be given by Lieut
Governor Dunsmttlr in the evening.
Big New York Deal.
New York, June 24.���The Fifth Avenue hotel, one of the meet famous hos-
telries in this country, has been sold
by the Amos Reno estate to a syndicate
ot capitalists, headed by Morganthau,
president ot the Henry Morganthau
real estate concern, for 17,250,000.
When the lease ot the present tenants
expire, a year from next October, the
structure will be raxed and a modern
office building erected on It* site. The
brown stone building adjoining the hotel on 23rd street and the Madison
Square theatre on West 24th street
were included In the purchase.
New Record.
New York, June 24.���Martin J. Sheridan, of the Irish-American A. C, established a new world's record for
throwing the plate yesterday at the
men's games at Celtic Park. He hurled
the plate 146 feet 10 inches, beating his
own record made In Montreal last year
by 17 Inches. Among those opposed to
Sheridan was Lee Talbot, the young
Mercersburg academy champion, who
was second with a throw of 125 feet 3
inches, ,
Blahop Dontcnweir* Visit
At the church of Mary Immaculate
yesterday there was special music, Mr*.
Roth singing during the offertories.
There were other special features also.
Before the second mass tho bishop confirmed 14 candidates, after a very Instructive address. Father Althoff then
presented the cancelled mortgage. At
the evening service the blahop expressed his gratification and hi* appreciation of the splendid work of Father
Althoff In Nelson.
Ireland as Hostile Now
is lol798
Nationalist   Members    Discussing
Ways and Means ef Harrr-
ing British Government.
Dublin, June 24.���John E. Redmond
delivered an address at Wexford yesterday at a ceremony attending the unveiling of a memorial to Wexfordlans
who fell at the battle of New Ron ln
1798. He gave a defiant warning to
British statesmen, saying: "We ten
England that we hate her rule aa bitterly aa did our forefather* when they
shed their blood on this spot. We tell
her that she can change that hatred
only by granting freedom, and so long
as she withholds freedom It will remain
merely a question of expediency how
and by what means we will strike at
the power that holds our country ln
Charles K. Dolan, member of the
House of Commons for Leitrlm North,
ha* now decided *o resign hi* seat in
the house and a; peal to hi* constituency for re-electiOL.
Mr. Dolan at a recent meeting of the
national directors of the United Irish
League supported resolutions calling
upon the Irish members of parliament
to resign. These resolution* were proposed and defeated and later Mr. Dolan
wrote to the senior whip severing bis
connection with the Irish party but declining to resign his (eat
Ex-Judge Loving on Trial for Murder
Killed en 8u*pi*M>n.
Houston, Va., June 24.���The trial of
former Judge W. Q. Loving, of Nelaon
county, for the murder of Theodore Baton, (on of Sheriff M. K. Eaten, of Nelson county, began in the circuit court
todajr. Judge Marksdale presided. The
trial promises to eclipse ln Interest and
sensation the McCue and the Staother-
Bywatera case* ln Culpepper. It will'
again put to the teat the "unwritten
law." Judge Loving, armed with a
double-barrelled gun, Instantly killed
young Eaten while he wa�� unloading a
car of fertiliser In Oakrldge on April
22nd. The shooting waa the sequel to
a buggy ride taken on the evening prior
to the homicide by young Eaten with
Miss Elisabeth Loving, the 19-year-old
daughter of Judge Loving. The girl,
when brought home, had been drinking
and It Is alleged that her eacort had
maltreated her. Acting under the belief
that hla daughter had been drugged and
assaulted, Judge Loving immediately
went In search of Eaten. After the
shooting he said: " I shot to kill, every
drop of blood ln my body called for
vengeance. I would have gone a hundred mile* to kill him." Backed by tbe
millions of Thomas Ryan, of whose Virginian estate he baa been overseer for
a number of yeara, and with powerful
political Influence, every device known
to the legal fraternity will be utilised
ln the efforts of the counsel for the defence to acquit Judge Loving. The plea
ot the defence will be emotional insanity and the "unwritten law." The relatives of young Esten, whose family connections extend to the governor of the
state, will exert every effort to clear
the memory of the dead man from my
stain of wrongdoing. Miss Loving, vho
has lived In seclusion since the tragedy,
appeared In public yesterday for the
first time. She showed no signs of her
experience. s
Irrigation lij Boundary.
Grand Forks. June 24.���W. J. Brown,
of Toronto, who has recently bought the
Davey ranch of 1400 acres adjoining the
city limits of Grand Forks, is Installing
an irigation system which will be a veritable eye opener along the lines of Irrigation. The Irrigation plant will consist of a gravitation system supplemented by an auxiliary pump which will be
an absolute guarantee of water for the
entire eatate. Several miles of woodun
pipe will be used for conveying the
water over the entire orchard. Partiea
owning land Mn other part* of this valley are now considering adopting Mr.
Brown's system of Irrigation. It la expected that about 500 acre* of thi* estate will be planted this fait In fruit
trees carrying the highest market
values, which will mean to the valley n
large revenue, as there will be In all
some 35,000 trees planted.
Plnch*r Cr**k Drowning.
Plnoher Creek, June g4.���A. M. Gordon,    police    magistrate    here,    was
drowned yesterday In Plncher creek.
. Vi'
ill :|
1 .t^1
jThe Daily Cana<fian
���=��� STORES =
-t% Campers' Supplies
������ ��.%*i an �� ��_��	
Miners" aai All
-r-._S   - a    i ret :-: ��r r~-��_
ls:�� = *:'= ;���  i    :--r.n
HCDSO*l   Z1 *   = -���-'..��"5   *-:
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H i    M ���':    ������:.   a**
;=::���= e; -.-: - = :��� s : ����� s
--���   =--_-_--���-: t;--;
'.im: ah   s.ts. E~5
ZiL��..i ^      ^ ��� "t str-
-   -     ::
Faf Sale Cheap
innf    nai)��it-*f.>-.*. 	
.    :; -        S '.������ -    r   :.' '.        *     --r    ' -
-.--.��� -      ���- . .     : .-
rf   ��Tfc5*c?    rt   i ra)**!.   *naer
in ur--s.      :���    r.-cifc*      * ".-:.i -     ��� ������ ���    -*.:
i��� i ��� a.   -   .-t    .    : ��� ���  :...-- i_i<; :���    ���> -��
; ; -  S .:   ; xr.    ���' :    ���  ..���-.���    !  .*
V.:n     ir.
S   J   Nj    5   %_.
mz   *tt-fc
. ckotr Bt 3Sbaz Saxf. prx&t
7        T: ������_     l
F:# Lessons Ln Art Needle Work���Conticelli Silks
���Knouts ;* P-t* au -a
:���*��� t -:tz  tf a
-. Fancy Art Needle Work,   wilt commence a tenet of cta**e�� ,
tt,   �� tie ctj   i etc-ec.ally inv.ted to    avail   herself   of theie   leatona   fr*.
t:  *-?:   '�� ���< 4 C:    *"? *ave a complete ��tc*k of tUmped p^cdia^d i >t
i ���    t;   'Is   -. '  T p. m. to * p. m.
.       .1-    -i-
The Hall Mining and Smeltiai
Company, Limited.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hr-ai OSice.   Toronto,
C'.rTJAl PAIS ���... .��-, "      '-��� REST H.7X-M.
D E  ��~r S~T Praaect. H05. BOREBT ."AiTEAT *-Ba*-*rn>stanwn1
���* T-E v. ��� ��= r* a- to:
""--* :.*.:i- n��r. *���
Cc�����-������   - -tec.
- *r- - -  -'
-.wis ! = ;=���;=- :\s
:  S-:- :e-f:   Us-   :i   i  "s-
Zc���bcs k UU CobEbia:
ajaaWWBBAC       tKiIX-i-S"       S"EL-rO>".     PIETTLSTOKI        CRAyB&OOK,
;-:--::- r-.:--.--: i-i; :-:-r*-n C'���^-i :.; l.��l-.-*'.   cztt*zi r*t* froni dat* oi
J.   ML   LAY,  Atanaar**1".
foam  VTX   f-^D = ---*      -BA.-1...    ���   - -as
2��rbpu-( 5  *  twwr. sfcaaMt .i.l_i * : ii--:��
���:..,.    -      ' <   ; ���      :���-.''.   ~ '.   -       �� ' *
-     - ���
art a*; ar *:^i tajju:i-
*rar�� ��l,CT��r'rr^<t taaa�� a*^ aoer*��. :
j aKMB** w*4air l* ax*E B****nlu. t*c CHaaf Ca*>-
= _"   :������        :*: :���
tt 11   **������ a* ����a��
a ��ms lu.aiiu.
: . :. -.��� -  .- ;���-   ���- >
(W i��*l'd-��*T �� tax B v  Iniiaiiinadv
_j . ac 1*	
rsawr rf ta*. r��*n-rf-����j alt
Purchases Lead* Copper and Dry fa
Whoieaai* Provialona,
Produce, ��� Fruit.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
CetifiaU cf tit fepi-.-aticc r: ��;
EitJi-Prornxiii CccpiaT.
Nelaon Branch. G. A. SPINK, Manager.
i*j.- -        JTe_Ki    ^    .
"���...   ���-:--'      7":.-   r..-;.ii_-   iri:   >i.>-
:��� '  rr;.  i.'-r     Ac     fo��    r:_c^:-:    -1
-r-ran.   :���.-"           -   "-     ���: ;:.- :.-     -    ;  :
-"    :.- '.:.l.   -���*������:.--:,:    -       .
;-.   -..- - ills
'   latAraMiK    ^    ar-r the sd-k-Is
w;-i..   ..-< ;-:-    -K-
Tw: j*c  '��-�� .Ftcsx aaTe *eea aa
���a******] oecm of rtTrfanooarr atllriu
:i -f - .:- ���.'-���-���-- Tl- : t- '-���
daa of the Kaaata* Daauaa sac keea
Wknnaj kr mtamj ia tke Bi*ct Sea
f ��� ti: l --v.:. ':���-���--- ir.i")
.1 i- ���_; li Ti- -r; -��� '.-..' '.--������-
lawrl.i are i* a " ehroak tetmem
aaasaat A* atx* cf tie dicuiAn d��*ta
': ���-���--- ������- - Tn: :-." .: >,���:;.
,L' 1 .' S. -���' -" --.: :��� ������ ��� -ii ���
*raka I* cVrpradetu nana (ka alalia'"*
ii- .--..-"'.     -  ... -r    ;.   ,:r.t��  ii.
I?-, we:
Ir :-*o om of the four case*. Praam
aad Cential America, lie form of gor-
eraBKBi aaainst which popular oaMoo-
tect i* arotoed if repablicAc aad oeaao-
cratic; PortaesJ it a constitBtional moil-
*rchr 3��oell��d apon that of Britain
aad IMantVd to follow the same prt>
oedsre. Roasta the one despotism o!
tbe fowr. U In a class by itself. If the
establishment of rej��re*>e:r.ai!ve gorera-
cett be the goal of national effort, th?
peo.ie of England were fanner advanced under their eariy.Sa.on king.
than the Russians are today. Russian
discontent is due to two wholly dissimilar and almost unrelated causes. With
the great mass of the people the more-
mtrLl is wholly economic. H is a protest
against the ever-present danger ol starvation, due to oppressive taxes, to the
withdrawal of the able-bodied manhood
of the nation from industrial life to
n-alntatn an enormous military estab
lishment in time of peace. That pn>
te*t i�� voiceless except when de��peraie
��� -:.= of Russia, there is a peculiar-
ve other cases that make* them
' I   ���;.-. time of even greater interes-..
"-���   ��� -;��� :.'.-:   .'   :-:!.    n:..   .lithe majority shall rala.   But. as it is
abaointely impossible for a majority to
le most it can do is to choose
ft* rulers, and on the wisdom of that
choice the welfare of the country de-
.. worthy of attention that nowhere is the conflct one of principle,
: - enrrrtcR merely of persons. The
The HWuu of nearly all the Spanish-
--���_-. -.:-: :-.i.-.- ��� .- i :..-��� -. .: i i.:
eetaaos of dictators, elected by a major-
.'  liv   ;*..��vie and again   deposed.
Tl-    =���-!.��� 1   -:   ..    ...   a.-;   1; ,;.    --   .-.>;
-.   ��� ������..-.- -      :   pewer  between the
leader* of the majority and the mfaor-
'���������>������'���       i:-.:   :-.-��� ���..-:-   l-.ai n,
been a I;.;;., escaatkat.
Portugal s case, as far as very meagre
Associated Press references enable as
to judge, is somewhat similar a
premier, the peoples choice, ha* arrogated all power to himself and 'ie
i ' '. :. - - . ::.- r. . -; .i - -.
'   -  auihority to Interfere.
��� " ���   ���-.:..- .1 ;-.:..   j   ���,:.- i   -���
-  , ��� blem of all.    France is
a y    governed    by    referendum.
ni else can the momentary wish
---: I i/'reaeloa
���     ���-' -   ������"    '   .:.- '    l     Tl- ; ���-.���-_���
government commands the confidence
of an overwhelming majority of ���**.
electors. But one industry, that of the
ptoduction of wine. Is suffering from a
variety of causes, many of them, such
as increase of foreign competition, being entirely heyond the control of the
ircent. Those who suffer look to
the government for reiief. and aim at
compelling it by strikes and violence.
None of the movements have any element of the class war between capita]
and labor, which has been prophesied
.'or centuries and which Socialist orators are constantly warning us Is at
'.and. Even In Russia the revolutionary
movement Is led by members of the upper, educated class.
Apparently It Is only in Ang'c-Saion
and other Teutonic countries and in
Japan,  that  conttltutionil government
Brand New Ari Bell Piano
John T. Pterre, BaJcer St
'6*. A:-* r.'e-e'-Ei:'   1 &----   ..ii.--
'.-  ='���    .1::-:--- S ������:���.
A    ;������in;-, r.    :i    Beaver    Creei
Geo. g. McLaren
Bake- St_  N��!,��n.
*Companie�� Act   *
tr :   .'il-TT: :i.a' .:-
-t....- -
*tf���. ���
j:.t*   tV.i : r.-j   :���'    i
:���. ir:; ���-> *:  ;: it
s     :      ' ': -    i: u     *
; -wsu. :       -in    : .t .r
v t
1., .a
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frtrtt,
Ftttl &, Poultry Co.. Ltd.
N. E- cor. Baker  and  Ward   St*.
" *X*   1.
��� :*     -:i   -':    :�����'      '   -**^-��
. r. '   t    ���    . ;*���     :   n   -:i-;i:   -
-   .--:-.--    ;   '.      '.r.3**kM   -it
Jaiirn ���*,<���   ***��<     C<a��**t**����c*��c  *^ ��
i   :- :   ���      hi   -������>:  ���-����. *-*Z
i-    _i- t-   -:    ���   ���������**' *  irun
r.    : a i.     i*- -*.:"-*.  **   'i-Bw-X-a.
*�� lHatai ��| ommmmmam**' u>* ��*
���   .)���-                ;. *?�� f'i:-a��?
.j. : L.
. : .- ���       . ��� ���     .���--���-�� .,-'iA?
VA *mmX��Cl*m crm* ���****. a**w��M
ni, ��� raMiw   Ttiara ��**w ��� t*au***v.
i*     _ *,    >         .  ��� * - >   ���'���:%-->'
v. -i ���:   - u ���"-       *. - -      i.'ixi.iaj *-
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-  .   :    .i.         ��� ���    :    -   ���-.-            *���<*.��� ���-*��:
i         ���*-.. .   n n-   i>��a�� v> *vf-
*   -'   '" ;
n             :.;            j ��   a :��� ��: ;.k.f.t- -
���  -                          ���      ?!.--������ ��� *
-.   -   -       ���:    -        ��� ..   - -     -     --       ���      �������     V      1---4'
-._ ,.     -
l     *"                 ElTa-LI ?*��TT��
��� Pound Bnckt r��oesved w��4)j- fresh fron ia j
i a sale by ail leavdina* grocer*.
02�� and waret-o-me   Houston Block.   Phooe ��.
Josephine Street Nelavaav B. C
Meat �� ltr��tT rrr,a M at s��y�� ana ��*M I
r1-^ : ** ^7-juita.Ho�� *.a**rfC*aaanaa.n*iijaf
-ai:,.-;W  ,.,, -.,.._ -^ ja,|*r��J**��ow*>**ir-
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aa< *i��ti iw�� auk. wtt ol Inanrt. i&i
'1 ��     ��� ��� M1MU1   <~TLet   >��**. laiaa.
����t* hakMrtac star. �� iat. �� ckara*. u*.*��
.-   1.        . i.      !���-.   ���  - .     . :   -
<�����: ** <Ua I* Ka*! ��f i mmnam. **��
a  -  .  - ��� --     -   -.��
-..<���: ..;.-_ .'    ..-
uao E '...at*--. U����u,i.
*"��. c^ot��s. asesL
arur ��au i him u ^jvli t* tka
'    U.I   .-^-   r.i,    .    .->: .;;    ,
: ,: -r.ij. i- ��� ...��� , ... ��� a -..
v>fi��oa. *. | -rtia*�� u x L��wiaf_Mniri
^��4* adjatalaat ���t arrow KA�� bV�� Km
n*2 c��a*av��*Ki2i. .1 . |*ui tosiri a. t*.
* w 5cr����7 of ;. B. r*mrt pn-oaaooa. aa*
*���*-: i   �� . -   a        ���:      ;���- ��� .        .     ���
1.1*. asd^iajwad. after d fiay, :etn��ui��
Hj to Um Bow. tt�� Ckl.10**uala��Marif II^
.svd Wort* lo awnaoM l*. *��l**wla| 4nrr..._
land: row,*HS<-t*c al u*t > aMWlalafl
'��� I . tWwn wm ��� fkal.a tkaaa Hnill
laaiaa. imm aaac ��� eXaist, taoef MtktB
ih.ln, li, |w*iiii afi���aaiiiniii uai mannmlM
...     <������     -��� ���    ������
w. i Jlnu
aorta aioae U*. a*o��. i*��r* X -sal*.
%K>��d*U��mia. !>*.�� mctiala* wnt to
K..S. ol ��earuala( rwilalaiti* at avt.-o. aaon or
Ajrim,!**:. Irai.ni w.-no*.
SiMt. ta tanty etna, u*at *t (ay.aaa* *MJ* I
: i-n'.-z.:* i---i:jii: , i,l;i '=.-:.:
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:< **   ' **^- s. *iT  *��-f.   *ti-.!-
* --..-t  i tir   *��ii. nti
I��a: o! w��; Koovwsy.
nt -.���� tax Wliim D.r*ttaa*ca***.of
-      .-        .  -      - :,-: *-     i^i: ,i   *:;  -
:-���.-.   -:   ; .- ;���.- :i-    - - ��� .u :-^ ���-.:-
-:.;:, -=-:     M i-   ��:������-:;  *;-^-". *:::��
1-1   ���   .- - -^r..:     ---*     :  .  I- '    -     .
.:-:   ���   1   -      J      -. -���     :��� - ���   -��������    ��     l��.li
tteawe Mia IcUw  -inn wow ��ea*ata*
��n:r*w D*va>anaaacs.
*r. J. ooott. A*tal
T^- : ��� -.:.: r .~n a; .-*=' ' >-.i.-i
B c. rancher, late**, to aawly tor iimlaalaa
-. :.-..-..- -i- . -.--i ir.-.--: ..zt .--
* ��-. to-wiaj ixna-.
--������_   -r ��: * ;..: ; n--. *.".. -;-.-. .-.i.
t     -i-��.-     -_������   ��� -..- i.i -: : _��*!. :::. :���.:���.
*j>: ii*iij aia aaaax b***** **��� a., ia iam
-.:i :��-:
:x����4 w.jUi *��� th*Boa Ckief
ol Las*, aaa! Worts tor tereiario* to n -  -.
Tat Kooteaay dawn*.: fniaiam. ., a fan
fianawl oa r^eercrost. sear iu laatnan wltk
awauail owtk, auitod Kaicarn Xdai-ilaa-*
!> t ��n<r UWKwaa ��cUu>. Oun .ol
>   .-. 1.      .-.   * 1 ���-.;  - .-������_.  -a.:  ���
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iAri at.y. ��?:.        M.o.*a*T siUri.iuA
 WBUAn_B.li      i
atiry day. aAer Bate I lairae lo a����iy ta th*
���   - ���...   aaa    ���  Laa**.  aa*
- *���:.;. -:u* :s , tw ..' : v z: .11,
*   * :..- : ,:>: aa :���- -   -   ��� I ',    ���    r-.*
: '-- *w   --   r-*-   *:��� .'-:.. k .
.nay laa*. and aaaited S'eil leS��i.K'i *octA-
���--.. .. --- - ;..-.   - ��� i       .-*: *    ;..-.   :
* csaiaa. tkoaw cut ateamtna, ta>*nc*
��� "����� to *aoa. ��tocuian.
��� atr: tan al a��ru. tnsrl
M:. XcKarajti,
B I Ziaactt. At*at
:��--_--   j      ��� ..^-   .i.i'.
>':-..'H -i :--��� ���. r:'-l ;i*: .' *: .,:��� t *i ii,
B**staaa��tlanT*<awa t-i".ii�� ba**slB*l***ia lor
um . .:t al XeLaon. to naTe ti* lienor hecaaw of
in, ������ f.M* Ian. traiauciiea fmm J^tsunaU
;.-...--.-       .....
���j%-*>. x.v ana. aw:. n ooatiLL
��;��� ?  at- .' . -:i,r
LN THE MATTEP. of ie isftiacce of an
::-'ii :���.- T::>. :o F. W. Kowav
uiB L Reid ta Lata : and 2.
ln Block 12. City of Nelson.
Vbtre*. int doraavesta bentnarte-1
.-- 1 ������.���.:- ;..���.. i :���-, ,r ���, K-.*.
Bad wke.-M. ondnruo* o) tkea* a* Ranlie*
on'er tbe "Land BesiKry Ar:":
Baa* not;-* tbat all or any person, baring
...     .    -..-.. :���-���   :.��,-*.    i  :-:*..if
.ay ia:.r��*. la lb* asf ar. reqnlmd to protfw*
tb. *L2&t to lit lnRr��t Brrttrrw of Land Titles
at Kenan. B. C . oa or teJort tne Hub dayol J��ly,
Cos rmzm la foE. from a. s.rr*it. to flrraloat
Carney, dated 2Kb October. URL
Kcrrart '-A r**- Iva A. ramer .no A *an*K*
to bt- Mtlsz** Kii P. Burn., dated tb. SAA
ol !fores,t*T. 1SK.
Conrejanc* in  r*.  under power   of   Salt la
norriac. froa* Valorlic ��.-!=.:* ul P. Bens
io a H, B-jtbarun, dated mi of *o*��t����.
CoBTryane* Is .**. a. B. Bnenaaan to ti* Baik
of Voatreal. d.tM tb. iu* of inarm. t*M
Cosre*anr* m Fee. Bask of ktostnaU. ta Base
Utrr Heatir/.-ie   tzi JomoA  He.tb.n*wtoa
Bowea. oaled l!tk 3<o��elat*r. 1(W
���    :   .;��! -   -  ?~     ' *i .: ���-    ..--    i--    t->-
Iron, ��.** klirr H��*tboote to P.ni Jobnaaa,
daud tb* Mt'ihKaU.' Ul*.
Dsioj tsii jnb d.y t.i au< a p_ r��r.
: .i-.r.e; K.r-i r��r of Laii TitSna.
Rotia to IJdicqocnt Co Owner.
T. Ciar.e. G. Snwoa. at any orner atmn
to ��to!t ���. su- a*t* uanatrrrad bi. lnlrra-. is
:A* n.T Tflaaaimr nUner.1 rlatni. atroated an
Browt Xonaut*. two aad a bay aallea aontb-
���er. of Tit!-, in u* 5*a*oa saint Dmrion. of
Won Kwtes.y Dutryt. and rraorded la the
���-!-.-:.-,���". '--.i.v..r: ...   z
. *---. -i :-.��-. ���.-,;. i Had -ii:
::i-.iiC-.W:.-:.::..tu: '., 1:...-,
:> ��� - >:���..- ,:: =;--.,=.. i-., .;..: -.L?
*:���:--��� - !���-. * -. -:-��� : ������ i- ��r.
.it.- ::��� :��� , j ���:. ���-. ������ i-i . ���: LL-
wubta sinetr day. boo lb* date of Un noaoc
���   . '*      ��� ���.*.*��� -    ������ i- -. .>  . ��� .- ;. r.. z ������
��� ���::-:     :���.-.     .:     i   .    ., ��� .::-,   ill :.
'���:; :   . .-,   t   . . :       .   :���      r.,-,   ,z:  :,
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man*. Twer tnteren ia tb. all claim wfOl be-
toaa. tb* frontrty of tb* sndendtned tbier
Ser. I of a* An eauued: -aa an to anno tb.
Xieral an. y�� -
Datof. .: Ya:r. B C . H-.i K.j ;-r*
Beaaos Land ZhaArtrt. Instrinof *wl����l��i*r
Tu. nMtoe tfaat 00.1.1 Sanaa, of BJiine.,
Maalena. D   f. A oreanaAton. aaerebaxi, is-
'Z ., 1 *:: t ��� - ;.-r ... ���- -. ; .- :*^ ��� .
������ .-w.-.r ... r - *-.: '.in.-, -r .- >
boat staaud oa tbe wen **>cr af Cp|*r Wbat-
���:.: ar.-��������� u- 11- * :: 1: -.: ... - -
of otll*). tneno. weat at cbatna rbtawa aoatb
���: -ia:ii ���������-��� -*���: ': n.-.i.ii: . 1 ���������:: *
ebatna 10 ootnt ol toainiau ant, sad eoslats-
tor at *v-r*r- m*n or le*s-
Ki:i.: -.:'. Gs-jsea tT.vu.
5.1��.E laai L>iatri��. otr.rw-rof WwtCo^-tMa?
Tax.   lirio.   ti-.t  Iifwari TnMS Of Blfjfjar*.
Xnun r. i A . wnjatrai wooi boy��rTb.
Boat pbunrd oa to. w**t tnorcof fsaer
ill .-.::��� iiii-"i.;-i...::,u:>-..
of Lot tilt, tbenor wok TO .bun. tbeixe anu
ta t.*lat, in.ai* eart�� cnala*. taeaee aonth St
tun li.r:. *M" .: '-l..n. = -r.'r .��. z: tl,
west ��b*r�� ol rawer Wb.bBaaa rCartb*��l lake:
tbanae aonnnfy and wmeriy Uon* the mM
abore SB efcata.. n-wr o�� '.'��. to j��.;bt of oc.il.
r-*-- t :.'.-. 1*. tl i .iiaiif ��X' M-res. Ibor. or
11--- -
n*nkr*n*rf(*J)ekanaa. tnene* out on. bbn*-
���-; ul  i.::t   .,     -it :i :. ;���   1     '      =
���niinaa at and oont..i:lT.| rjB acre., star, or
' r.tod tie llti day of May Iter.
H.i.iT WiiLiun.
-: 1 - , .: -: ..'--.. :* . .i:,l: ' .;-
; 1 ' ���- :-: I :��� - ���: -:: ������ I'rIUl.l
and Wort, anr pentanaa I* porrnaa. tb. foi-
-.11   :-. : ���>. :   .*: :  - .-.    -1 f t ;...:
ntnei '.-' I ��� . >.->-: 1 -.it ��*.: 11-r. :������
tSotanbtkt. ^jozt. rwexty ndle. froa* alocan nty.
a -1 * wed .      ' . :..    :i-l  -   .   .1   *      : . : .
ta*x�� out ��� cneaaa. taeaot nan* atan* tb*
���1---    ���  .*!���   ..    i.ti  .    ;'..::    '   ���   :: _-r  -
BkA-t raiar,
Wirrrs aa***.
- i-.- -*'��� t   ������   ���       :     :��� -- ��� 1 ���  .. ,- .     ,
:.   1    .     11,   ��� :   - ::���.:���- Ul   . 11;
1       *���      ---.,.: ;���������*��        -...-.
aearsOedisnd.'  r,��n,.rr��lBg at a aoat kwaatd
��    :������ 1   ���:: ��������� ,-*���       ,;      .,-,
*���-.    r   a ,       .   :-
��.    :.:,:-���    11   - .     - 1  -. ,   . -��       : ���: . a
:,:.���-       .:.-.--     ��� .   : .   ...      -     ;.    -.;   t
J. ta* snd*J��lBra*c ��.t.r at lar. tsteni to ��b-
:���-.������-. :it a.i -*���       ���       .........
land, and wToct* l* jaiibaa* tb* koQawrn* de-
���erfbadlaad: Cocaaeaelnf at a soot mart*
���.at.I aita.-* ��: u�� tv2tA 0f ^^rt <reet m
tke wen Hxn V S,oe��a lake, taeao, weat ��
rbalaa. tbene. ��.^tt a .balsa. iktM ��e��l X
-Aatn.. tt.i~ . .;; /��� ,ia-b*. tn.*** w��t ��
rbalaa. tbene. n.stk as ebalnf. Ikeac* eait *v
rbatafc tbeno. aortb larnalnj to aatnt <���:<*���
lnealol libra, gib UR      b. T hSi��n.
-.ill ray. .fur oat. I tbund to ..pira*
Hoa    tbe   Catef "iTt|-|nr of taaa bt
Wort*. Vlriorta, B C, to bUrxaM �� KM*,
land: Coaaateaetar a: . as*: T-uirfillkia. I
af Bolaon'.a.. B-oamer bom. as Caatcr rnai
i-ese. f* .AUna aoatb. tbabor wt.1 ��� tUla I
tbeao. aank faraata*. tnesn aa*l>eklUl*|
Xetooa. It. aani St. Han.      a. 1. Ciuu
Sotlo. fc> korwky e-rrra tau a lay* alar ata.11
Intend to aonlr to tne Ban. catef toiiiniMira. I
...     ���   .      -���*.,: brrwancriwpiirthal
:.      - -   - :   ��i :   1 '* r��l E.��.:en*f ���
d��lri<t. on wo*, dm of l����n Arro. UliI
aia.-i.aiaa; Lot .to ataa. aa tbtaeatk: laf1<ii"4|
al a aast aurted  utrn bciaoi'i S.a rorM|
....       . . ...  L.-t Hll
laa...: ta**oulb*aal wm "fC.pl Italian!
law. tbene. wo*, at t���M tbraot nad,������
rL.-.z. c:rr ar Ma. la lb* bortk boob.l.rroia.|
rallmor*-. r. T. . tkenw* ��a��lat��*��'.*lon<��|
said baandary 10 las*, taeaot bono *lotf��|
lake abore 31 chaina. nan or In* u poBl.l
apjt for HtrryVd** 1
- -       .-...--..���     ��� 1   *vr.r t" a
Han. in* Chief ~  of  Laaii*
* c**��. Vk tor**. 10 pvr.a** t�� wre* al ���
lotaled 0% t��* west ,1V ll a��o�� lAkr.MW
���iirenir aortl of la* rw* -ota*artli| U�����
l.ui^ ai tb. X t. earner at lm m ��al aJL
ed -B. BAB. oorsar.- aad rtaalaf a��*|
lArnea aaa*
:-,��-. ^olll!
-: 'fa* I
.*;:.   .-��� :   ....-
felly day, after tmz. I Ck**nd
Ban. Catef Cewamhsawate al Lam
Vlewsrta.  B C.
to scrrbfc*
- .1   tt *
irln:   _
...t *ii�� cl Koobrna. *aa..
botat. and atarknd J BeKu
���   ah**a>
-   .1
Work* for t*.n
T  v  .i,.; ,
:-f ^:<*a ^kt. thenc* at.: .
���   *. ��� ��� *i��  ��� -- -   -... . ��� .
���oath atan* ahore of atocaa lake to loist of
I-B5. "barns S I C.tocatai catb. west chore
���:f,.boitrwe:,e =.::-. braaa ib.iewl
Lxatol K.i lit
T. S
���       .*.: ll
:���,      ���
X     -   ...
-it; l.;i t-v- 111- .   1 ���:���   ���     .-.-���
--:.i -1:..:: ���    1,.       :: - .. ���-..-      u   :, ,
*art�� far j*i  ���**>!�� ar-'Wn a*
z*r~.:z ^111 .-. *-��� A -.   ��� 1. - :.,--
= ���1 ,-.r *��� .;���.-: .:~:   z -....- .���   ���. ...
Lake ra>of*. tbene* a*at ** tsain. toaotstof
Isuad inn aw, of aaru. !*r.
- tr:   1.;. f:--   ..-. .   -���-- ��� ���    ,;;  ,..,..,
Ban   Chkf Oc-ns^aBtoner al Land.and Wart.
I': i[-.Vr/.L.:V^i.% ���:.-:��������.���-'
men-H-f at a ban sta-ted a c a, amtaaali
AV-^-z^v?.- ':::���,���-;',���.;.-
(���   .::������ :   s   .11 :,   ������..���_ . .., .. , ,
thenee northerly I* thain. alone the til
Lotated inn hi <bty ol Bar. wic.
Ittt-r day. after dale ! ttte-bi 10 .;��. to tb.
Bon (r_tn Coramm.lc��r of InnaaaS.I w.rkr
:::-'';'".*,i:r "-*���   ���---�������� .-.-..= .���
I .saLhtod at lie K-.-iaar- ���  ran e< lSi "h:.Kd
LSSTn ^*.��-^-��>t-��"t����r., O^nee
.i-.-.t. 'M-.I   lira, i-u:   j-. -i.iai 1* tiac.
afaaafasaasw. """''--���
lneaiad arn ana. inn. o.a Bt-rrta,
1 wainunioi
amiaiaatam toaareba** tke to'T   rto*  i.-,--r.!*d
.1,    1   a-. :-:.*���   ��� ���   . -  ,- .
, 'taurtaa Iraee Vhite-l 91 w eoroe-r t-i*A
m -ot l.ia*tx*tl*-a��--ora*rof r. B Mabowl
'o-. east m taotan  rivet, then** aaeth k
:..- -.i.i - ... .��� . .. : . . . ������ ..
cba-a.. theno. out ����� rbalaa. thane* north at
���balna tbene* eaai �� ebelss. ihene* north ���
enatn.. then** weal m chain, lo aolai of cobb-
Bbtaa-eabeat. eoc-aiblBd MS acre*, more or lea*.
Loral*! Ila-Tt. M. am. Bstr* Wslrs.
I. tl* vnden-d sod. ��ter m day. lotead to .b-
aiy ta the Baaonal. th* Chief Cammlarioaer of
i'**a aa* trorki lor BetmlMon to barvtM. ihe
toltawsn* land: Comm.orlu .1 . pool mailed
A B_C. af Lm UU thtne* wm a> ehain*. lb.be*
aosrh �� ebatna. thane* weat strbaia*. ti.-.-*
���owth at chaina. Ihene* west W chain*, these*
ion k �� rbain^ thenc* out tD ehaia*. Ihence
north I* chain, to noiat ed cna-tmeooe-b.Bt.
lacaasd starch rth. ItOT.     hi f. Ucx.Kar.
>.r BcNaiasn. Areot
etity day, aiter date 1 bt-rpca* maktai .pMi-
tnajo* to IA. Bos Chief Coauau-noa*r oi Und,
and wort*, lor BermlSKton to parebaar tbe rot-
-an '--* -.tr : ..-.: '.-i-r.-:.,:.- ,.��;..,-,
ft* red an tbe we-t tbort of Lower WbaubaB
it* 1*. -:��', Biie frv.a :tc ociiel >j ,..::.
'B-i warke-a B. W'a X.B. corner nc*l.' n:n
at** tbene*ft. chain, wnt, tbtc.-* ��� chain*
***** fhenc*** ahnla* asat. thanta* ,:..ii���
north I* biint of canubencam.at, cont*:nin.
AS! wre*. tar re or let..
La.tol th. end d.y of M.y, OK
irltl:: :; B, *Vi��]ta-5.
 leifirit.rin, ..rent.
tasty d.y* .rtei dale I rciro-K tnaklnc aaadj.
ralx-n to Ui. Bon. the I blef O.Mntni.nnner of
JnabBjand Work, lor permusion 10 parch.** ibe
ABtABWIn* d<-Krtbed Ltnd: C'.Btrn. oetne .1 .
Post Blaoi-i .1 lb. norlbea.i c" roer of B C-
S-*rj   ��pp.!;at>0B   u,   porch.**    marked
s * ,. *f w t--.rt.er pea:' : - ,v l.llnaiB* the
e*��erb bootd.ry of *a*d arrltniflll* dlfcllaa
aoatb. tbea, e roasts*: S> chain* c.il, thenre ��>
CAbiii norti 10 ib. boslherb honnitatT of K- n.
='-a;-��a��'' .pplKatie** to purctaj*. ihence ��
��j.:bi *re.i ��lnn. *atc. to point of c-om-cebce-
"r^h ^i1*    '"' ��"'����� "ore or lea*.
Dated 2nd l.y of a.y.iair;.
vSlraed) B Samx,
>���:   r.Q  r.CM-.:ia.t,tbi
.Xotle*t.b*ree-rrT-m Oat .ill! w___% I
of land, aid Work. -Mraa-atiauoa UMasan
the lallowlscdearrihod Ban of land ��*��""-l
Wen Kootensy dtau-tn: Commca ;=!�����'Jfi
alaated sbant caaa-half a*n* nsnb bm* ten ���
Mmmll erca-k. marked -'eas '��r-"--Viil I
earn*!, thenc* east a) chain*, itcoce��__, 1
chaina then** west at csiuaA ���belic��*<�����   I
��� . :.���    rt.    :
art Bay. BW
jau (-tir*-"-
W1111.B B.tBc a I****-.J
-Xc-llc* U hereby flees thai ftp ___ '.j, I
dale I Intend to .paly ta the Hon,-.* *___ I
Cosasanauner of Lands .ad * '". ,^.'��l
*1ob to parrb.*. tb* Wloalbl ������ "-. T��. I
land. tn-i.K-1 lb Weat Kootenay dtatnci ,
rr.er.ricr al * pem planted oa S-13
eboot one-half mil* aanhw.H Iron I
bdJ.I BcLTslS Eearner.thenee *w
tbene* *o*tb �� ebalm. theac* eea
tb.se* north *9 ehalns ta place ol
nrd htar. um.
lc.l> '���
wim.a Bitr-r* .
���taiy day. slier date I pors-mr ^ft'SlPSt
���      ni tbe ctief c��mm��*:r.��.r ;   l-_tS_\
*<rt. for rermnaion to parch"* '"T-^iM
de��rrtt*d land:  t ommeacin* _ ��� ._ ', Ef"
���t it. *onlhe**1 corner of * "   "1 r*V!
���polKallon to pcrchaw. Bk*r*M___��� '-
corner.' renall* tbene**3ebal��B*n��
ft chain* rat thenee �����enala. as***., ���-__��� *
chain* *w to point cdcnntmnswwasn--"
:*c ���*  .   -- ���  rr   -.    " --�����
C.ledth.��bd.yol April. lKt       r,:,:��.
Per r. 8. yitvnra lf___
rmr d.y.afie7aal. 1 P-ripca* ,""i'i',��a9-' I
catl-n 10 t>>. aoaorshle U>c 1 bief t-r��-��JB5
01 UaJ. and Wort, lor l��-'-*unS��'l,if��i *
th.followiae deacribed !And:   'ftfJJTii-
��� pcatt-lat-t-dsbotil on. .n1 "."L^iVSr-** I
riirer tip roln., or Wh.iib.n La> ���'���"" i>
lie creek m.rked "T ��.., II'. .-L "Jfia^
mai iteoc* a. cbalb* wm "���)"';.'V.    ��? I
by T I. Hunmond. u ����rtit,   bcn_c       .ta
aorlb. Jicne*��lcb.!n, ee��t. ___���"
MMilb to polbl of commeoennen-.
UO wre*. more or lea^        . ^^
:-.:���: Ibe SUB d.y of April. l*m-fi  HJtt.*��.
Pe, f. G. F.rarira. if&	
  ���������   ^,,tic
Bfatn d.y. riter date 1 lat'".-1 w'-t't: .irtj
Hon (hie! lommlKionei .! *-t-.i,o*iA��"f
lo purrhrJ* m a^re. of las I ������"��� ��"��� m��i-
irrow ..ke..bobliaobiii��.r-",. ���,rf
of L K-lT. .nd mMited R. T �� *j\    t ��r��**
runnm-; Mat tv��� en��>��--:>*B",J ,h !"_�� I
thenc**.-! 4.1 ch.in*.  new' ^. _ cUm*' I
thenc* wc-M �� chains. th��uee nan*
place of bcrlnnlcj; vsurlT��� **���
Burton. April ard. twt.   ,��i^r. ajesl ominion Day Celebration!
Base Ball
TRAIL       KA8LO       NELSON
Caledonian Sports
Foot Ball
Lawn Tennis
by the
Pony Races
Gtf n Cltf b Tournament
Log Rolling
Launch Races
Fire                    Firemens'
Worka           Tournament
If \ AND 2  NELSON B. 1,
Who Want a Good Arcticlc Will Buy
ie BACON We Sell
iGives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.    Our Hams Are
Excellent  Also.    All Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lurd in All Sizes.
\ Burns & Co., Ltd.
jaii'i Di-iri l. District of Went Kool-'iiny
Ji-hii   PhUhfTt. nt Nelaon,
ultinitii,   saloon   kotjpeti   iDtondl t��
wui  timber license over tlio (ol-
"1 lamia:   Coinmoni'liiK nt n DOlt
���'"in Uir-'c  inili'M  up   tlie  (lrwt   rlK.it
* I  --I i-rt'cfc itinl   about ft TO mll*M
��� and In n -uuthcuiterly dlnotlOB from
Ilmiof vi,i,i U>*,i cret'lt and the tioulh
mlnum river in thaNeWOtl Und dli.trlri,
i��i'.l, ^'"liHliid, tlii'Ori' east ttfl clitiln-.
��� halus, tliem-i' wi'M ������" ')>>i.n- t.��
i-iii-i-inelit,   nnd    coulalulug 6*0
John  I'm:...KKT.
11 r lui
f mit l.'th, 1907.
(olid District,  Dlatrlot o( Went Kootenay
Mi��.t John I'hllbert,   nt Nelson,
Columbia,  ulooa  aaepor, Intenoti tu
���jjeclal limber UmOm OTW the fol-
I scribed UtHU: CouimeurinK fctaPOtt
north mde of ..out creek almnt
iHstant and tn au easterly direction
thmof \a\%\ OTMl, and the noiilh
IiDoD rivt-r iu the Nelson Und district.
' chaina, thence south no chains,
1 <:.-,-. thence north HO chains
iiiiK-ncemcnt, nu<l containing Mu
one 12th, 1907.
'iHliet. Dlitrlef of West Kootenay
Hint John riillbert, of Nelson,
ihta, khIoou keeper, intends to
���'Ml timber Uflftl*M over the fol-
"1 lauds; CnmineneluR at a unit
���'* north aldeofLOtt OTOel about
tint and tn an easterly direction
ctloti of said Lout creek and the
talii.ui, river In the Neltou Uud dis-
*ataui halus, tbenee aouth 80<dialna
ehalns, thence north HO tmalni to
"ni'iKfinunt,   and  containing M0
"oelath.iwj, John 1'hu.bkkt.
"I'l.I'lNirlct. Dlitrlct of West Kootenay
��IM I'-.ul John PhMbert, of Nelson.
I'"I'nil,in, Miiooti ktifjier, Intends to
���^''������iul umber Meonse over tho fob
���Wrtlted jands: Coin tun net njr. at a pout
' *n<l one-half miles up tliu lira right
"'I'��f Lost creek, anil about four inlbw
! hi aMiiitheftHterlydlrei'llon from the
"'"id i i.-i (Meek and the south fork of
v��r hi tbe Nelson laud district, ihence
'"'ins. theuce east HO chaius, thence
���Willi, ihenct; west 80 ehaliiN to point
in I'meiit   and   t:oulah.ltig *��� *��-�� acres,
o 12th, 1007. John I'iiilbkrt,
��� Utnl nistrlct. Dlstrletof West Koolenay
Inotlea   that    John   Filbert,   or Nelson,
1 ' "luinhU,   saloon   keeper,   intendr. to
F] " 'pecial timber license over tho fol-
I'U'Borlbod lands:  Oommenolfl| at a post
iiout   two   inil.-n up the right band
I     Uintereek and about four miles dis-
"I a southeasterly direction  from the
Df laid bust creek and thu south  fork
ii  river tu the Nelson   land district,
''i. HO chains, thence easl HO chains.
| north SO chains, thenco wost HO ehalns to
pf commencement, and containing MO
" """ or luss.
ie Uth, 1907. John 1'HIi.iiiRT.
I Land Ditfirlot Dlatrlot of west koo'enay
1 ii'itice that John   I'liMbe-t  of   Nelson,
f ��� "luiuhls, saloon   keeper, Intends lo an-
�� special Umber licence over the fob
oeaeriitod   Inndi:    OommenotUg at a
���anted on tho north iMc of Loit creek and
I'0"/ miles distant   aud   In an easterly
ion from thu Junction of said Loat creek
le Hjuth fork of Balm on river In the Neb
*<1-ltstrlct, thence�� ail au chaina, thenco
*n chalni, thence west HO chains,  thenco
h..i.i"lllHt,�� ,h" Point of commenccinent
P italnliiK MO acres, more or less.
*?.J_"��;"th��1W* John I'iulb-ht.
rt!,a(,l,c,reb.y KlvnIl -'ui thirty dayi alter
ll'ttttn,1. ,to *P-?'-V '�� -he Honorable
I t-omniliwhmer of Unds and Worka at
E,,!'. ,,,,,nr,* N,,e<'lttl MoeOietocnt and
lhV\L,.mrt,r(n,m ""- �����0Wing described
I t ..?.. (K\,,,u'I"l,v dUlrloti OommenclpB
..i.,.1���V,twl ��P ���iieww�� b'i��K of Smelter
/ Ai.iV.V'alJv1- ,Vll,'Mt,��t>�� *��f tint ruy of Nelxon,
��� Vi.VriVS. ,'11,|"H' thenee weaCftO chains,
Jjr commSuiS It!",;(, CftSt m CBfclM to
0. C. Ulahk, Locator.
U.B.oni, Agent.
Notlee is hurebv Klvcn that :w days from date
I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chicl Commissioner
ol bauds and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following de-
crlbcd landa in West Kootenay district:
(kftnttenelne at a jhisi planted on the north
bank of \i> Mile creek about one tulle aud a half
from Shiran lake, marked K Strand's northwest
corner post, thence taat 1W chain-, thenee south
40 chains, thence west ItiO chains, thence north
10 chains lo polut of commencement.
Hated this Hat day of March. 1907.
K. Btband, Locator.
Nelson Und Hlalrlet.  Dlstrletof West Kootenay.
No. 1 ���Tike notice that Heoree A. fjinrle, of
I'restou, It 0 , lumberman, luteudn to apply for
a special timber licence over the following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
south of the Lick cablu, on tne litk cablu trail,
on Inonakl In creek, thence north HO chains,
theuce east W chains, thenee aoutb HO chaius,
thence w-.'st HO chains to the point of commencement and containing i-*0 acres, more or less,
May 1st, 1U07. <iio A. l.Ai-hiK.
Helton Und District.  District of Weat Kootenay.
No. 2��� Take notice thai QeotM A Uurle, ot
Crestou, R C, lumberuiau, Intend toapplv for a
special timber licence over tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about one mile
soulli of the 1.0'k cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on iuouaklin creek, thence south 80 ohatnf,
thence east K0 chains, thcuce north 80 chains,
thcuce west HOchalns to the point ol commencement aud eoiiUlniug 010 acrei, more or leu.
May 1st, 1WI7. <>ao, A. Laukib.
Nelson Und District   District of West Kootenay.
No :..���Take notice that W. H. Fane, of Fire
Valley, B. ('., cruiser, intends to apply for a
tipecial timber licence over the followlug deacribed lauds:
Commencing at a po>t planted about one mile
south of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on Inonaklln creek, thence aouth HO chains,
thence west HO chains, theuce north HO chains,
thence cant ni chaina to the point uf commencement and containing 040 ueres, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. W. H, Faqb, Locator.
Oao. K. Lai'rir, Agent.
Nelson Land DlltliOt Dlstrletof West Kootenay,
No. 4.���Take notice that W. H. I'age, o: Fire
Valley, B.C., cruiser, intend! to apply for a special
Umber licence over the followlug described
lauds: \
Commencing at a post plaMad about one ml'c
loiilh of the Lick cabin, ou thu Lick cabin trail,
on Inonakllu creek, thence uorth SO ehalns,
thence west HO chains, thence south HO chains,
Ihence easl HO chains ��o the point of commencement and containing (Ml) acn s, more or lens,
May ui, 1907. w. ii, I'aor, Locator*
Oko. A  1-AiKiK, Agent.
Nelson Uud Dthtrb't   Dlitrlct nf West Kootenay.
No.ft -Take notice Unit (ieorge A. Laurie, of
Creston, B.O .lumberman, lutcu<<s to apply for a
special limber license over tho following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about ono mile
south and one mile west, of the Lick cabin, on
iho Lbk Cabin trail, on Inonaklln creek, thenee
west HOchulns, thenee north 80 chains, thence
oastK'-chalns, thonce Bootfa HOebaini to tho point
of commencement and coutainlng 610 acres, more
or less.
May 1st, 1907. G*0, A. Laiikik.
NellOtt Und Dlltrlet, District ot West Kootenay.
No. 6--Take notice that George A. Laurie, of
(JrcHton, 11. ('., lumberman, intends to apply for
a special Umber lleenio over the followlug del*
crlbed lands: .*.!..
Commoucing at a post planted al>out one mile
south and one mile west of the Lick cabin, on
the Lick Cablu trail, on Inonaklln creek, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chaina, thence
eaat 80 chains, (hence north 80 chains, to the
point of commencement aud containing 640
acres, more or less, _   .
May 1st, 1907. cito. A. Laurie.
Nelson 1 and District. Dlstrletof West Kootonay.
No. 7.���Take noUoe that George A. Laurie, of
Cruslon, 11. C, lumberman, intonds to apply for
a special Umber license over the following described lands: _\    .     .
('Viinuit-iudnir at a post planted about one
quarter of a milii in an easterly direction from
Lick cabin, on Inomiklln creek, ihence south 40
chains, tbenee east 100 chaius, thence uorth 40
chains, thence west H-i chains to tbe point of
commencement and containing ��40 acres, more
or less.
May 1 it, 1907. G��o. A. LiUHl
The Daily Canadian
President   Declines   Advice   to   Divide
Fleet by Sending Ships to
Washington, June 22.���ln spite of the
Clamor Df the cities on the Pacific slope
for battlushipH to afford them protection
In the event that Japan aiiotild decide
to make war upon the United States,
the president will not dispatch vesseln
or this elusB to the western ocean. Such
a move at the present time would inflame the Japanese more, perhaps,
than thtic attacks upon their fellow subjects In Sun Francisco.
Agftdn, the navy dcpjirtinenl would
not cunsont. lo divide lhe hattb'ship fleet
now lylnj; at UampUm Roads, for tho
reason that to do so would be to Invito
the disaster which overtook the Itus-
uliiiiH diirin gthgjr war with Japan. The
Nelson Land Dill net.   Dlitrlct of Weil Kootenay.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days alter
date I, J. I', Swedberg. of Nelaon, B. C , miner.
Intend toapplv to the Hon. the Chief tlommla
siiiuer of LaikU and Works, at Victoria, for a
stieeial license to cut and carry anay timber
from the tollowlna described landi, iltuatcd on
Hinnmit creek, In the West Kootenay district:
No. I.��� ommenclng at a post marked J. P. 8'i
Umber limit, northeast corner post, located on
west lork of Summit creek, about 2 miles from
main creek, ihence ruunlng south bO cbaini,
thence ruunlng west 40chains, thence ruunlng
north 40 chaina, thence west 40 chains, thence
iiortb BO chains, thence runnlinr eaat 40 chalni,
tbonce runulng south 40 chains, thence east 40
ebatna to place of commencement.,
Oatad this ftth day of Jnue, 1907.
J. I', tfwr.bi.kiu). Locator.
N- 2. ' omidi'iii iiik at a post marked J. P. 8'"
timber liiuii, northweat corner post, located on
west fork of tiuiamil cruel, about two miles from
main creek, thence running south SO ebatna,
thence riitinlug aaat SOebalns, tbenee runulng
north HO chains, tbcuce running weit HO ehalns
J. P. SwU'BKrij, Locator.
No 1- Notice is hereby given that HO dayi
after dalv I luteud to apply to the Chief Commissioner, of l.tui.. and Works, for m special
licenie to cot and curry Umber from the foilow-
tiiK deicrlbnl laud-*. Mtuated on the soutbeaut
slue of Salmon riv. r In the district of Weat
Kootenay: Comnienciug at a post placed about
800 yardk west of ROM I-eaf ereek marked "H. M
Keevei'i northwest corner," theme ��0 chains
south, thence HO chaius east, thence BO chaina
north, thence SO chains west to place of oom-
i uc n cement.
Located on the Uth day of June, 1007.
It   M. RiavKB, Locator.
No. at. Notlee U hereby given tbat -to days
after dale 1 intend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner. o( Landa and Works, for a apeclal
Ilceuie lo cut and carry Umber from the following diK-rlhcd lands moated on the southeast
aide Of the Salmon river, in the dlitrlct ol Weit
Kootenay: Conimcncing at a poit placed about
'AW yards west of Kose Leaf creek, marked "KM.
Reeves's No. 1 aouth weat corner," thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chaina east, thence*)
chains south, them e ��0 chains west to place of
Ixwaled on the 10th day of June, 1907.
R. M. RaKvu, Locator.
Notice is hercDy given that 80 days alter date 1
intend to apply lo the Honorable the Cntei Com-
misHiouer of I-auds and Worki for a special
UoenM lo cut and carry away timber from the
following described lamia ln Went Kootenay district;
Location No. 1. -Commencing at a post planted
on the south bank of BI lcberry creek, about
lour miles up the ere** from railway track,
tnence 190 chaina cast, thence 80 eli-ins south,
tbenee W chaina west, thence -io chains north,
thenee so ehalns west, thence 40 chains north to
point nf eommeuoement,
April 5th. 1908.
Location No. -.���Coinmencingat apost planted
nt toe north went comer of Location No I, thence
120 chaius west, thence HO chaina north, thence
40 chalua eaat, thenoa 40 chains south, thtnee 80
chains wesl, theuce 40 chaius south to point ol
April Mb. 190ft,
Ixxjatlou No 3 -Commcncinit at %,\o%\. plaited
1-ju chains west of northeast corner of Location
So % thence40chains south, thenre lWcbalus
east thence m chains north, thence 40 chalni
west, Uie nee 40 chains south thence 90 chaina
west to point of commencement.
April Otb. 1W��. ,  ���
Ernest W. Koamaoif.
Notice li hereby given that W days alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria,
for permission to cut and carry away timber
from the followlug described lands, ln West
Kootenay :
jj0 ,._Commencing at a post planted on the
aoulhweit corner of surveyed lot No. 7*m Gl,
thence easl 40 ehalns, th-Jnce north 80 chains,
thence e��st to the southeast corner of laid lot,
ihence north to the northeast corner of said lot,
theuce cast to the west boundary ot pro emption
So. 592, thence south to tho north boundary of
timber licence No. 8518, thence west along the
aald boundary to the northwest corne.1 ot said
license, theuce south to the north boundary of
timber Ueenae No. 7018, thence west to a point
due south of commencement, thence uorth to
place of commencement, containing 640 acrea,
more or leis
Dated May 26th, 1907.
P. A. Paulson, Locator.
J. A. Si'lliVAN, Agent.
No. 2 ���Commencing at a post planted at the
aontnweit corner of surveyed lol No. 72*101.
thence south to tho northern boundary ot limner license No 7018, thenco west to the nortn-
west BOrner of said timber license, thenoe south
to the northern boundary of lot bo. BIS, thence
following said boundary of said lot west to the
right of way of tho H. C. Southern Railway,
thence following laid right-of-way in a northeasterly direction to place of commencement.
Dated May2fith, 1907.
P. A Paulson, Locttor.
,   J. a. Sullivan. Agent.	
Notice is hereby given tbat *) .lays alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
rnlaiioher of Lands and Works, Victoria, for a
special licens- to cut and ca-ry away limber
from the following described land In iho dlt-trint
of West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post about seven miles from
the mouth of summit creek, in a westerly direction, marked (i M benny's northeast corner
ihimI, then"! 80 chains west, thenco 40 chaina
Houth. thenco 40 chains wost, thenco 40 chains
south, theuce 80 chalua cast, Ihence 40 chaius
north, Ihence 40 clmlns east, tbonce 40 chains
north to point of commencement.
Located May 7th, 1907.
0. M Benny, Locator,
Anous CUHRIB, Ageut.
Notice Is hereby given that tlilrtyiiays alter
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Uinds and Works, Victoria, for
permission to cut ami carry away Umber from
the following described lands: Commencing at
a post marked No. 1, K. Kioux, and planted at
the norlheasi corner of Lot ,u.:(8 C. I' R block,
near tho west fork of Kettlo rlvor, Yale district,
H. C., thenoe miming 80 chalua east, 80 chains
MHLth. 80 chains west, 80 chains north to point of
Dated April 27th, 1907.
No. 2.���Commencing at the uortheast corner of
No. 1, thenco running cast 80 chains, thence
aouth go chains, thence wost 80 chains,' thenoe
north 80 chalas to point of commencement.
Dated April 27, 1W7.
No. W.���Commencing at a point about one halt
mile weat of tho northeast corner of C P. It,
Block No, :w.8, thence running north 80 chains,
thenco west 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains,
thence easl 8u chaius to point of commencement.
Dated April 29th, 1007.
No 4.���Commencing at the northeast corner
of No.:., thenee runulng uorth 80 chaius, thence
�� est so chains, ihence south 80 chains, thcuce
cast 80 chaina to polut of commencement.
Dated April 20th, 1907
No 6.--Commencing at a posi planteil north of
Conkllug creek, near west llntAof 0. p. R. Block
No. 2704, thenee running west 8V chalm, thorn a
���o nth 80 chains, the nee eaat 80 chains, them j
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Datad May lit, 1W7.        X. Rioux, Locator.
fact that the navy department has been
taking cognizance of the Japanese situation (Joea not mean that hostilities are
Impending or inevitable.
It is simply a wise step taken for the
purpose of having tho United States
prepared for any eventuality that may
arise. The general board, ol* which Admiral Dewey is president, has considered at various'meetings plans of a
campaign for adoption in the case of
In none of these plans Is there Indicated any intention to divide the battleship fleet.
In a war with the United States Japan would have the same initial advantage she had during the war with Russia. A part of the Hussian fleet waB
at Port Arthur, Chemulpo, Korea and
Vladivostok. This section was inferior
to the Japanese navy. The strong section of the Russian fleet was at Kron-
stadt, in the Baltic, 11,000 miles from
the scene of hostilities. In Asiatic waters the United States has a weak
squadron of armored cruisers, protected
cruisers and gunboats. Its main fleet
Ih in the North Atlantic, 17,000 miles
Tro mlhe  Philippines.
The demand of the Coast cities for
battleships is about as idiotic a proposition as wetl can be imagined. Such
a separation, of course, would enable an
enemy's fleet to attack Uie ships in detail and destroy them without much
danger to itself. For this very important reason the general board has decided and the president and Acting Secretary Newberry have approved, that the
battleship fleet shall remain together in
North Atlantic waters.
There are now in Japanese waters
four armored cruisers���the West Virginian, the Colorado, the Maryland and
the Pennsylvania. At Chinese ports
there are six protected cruisers and
four gunboats. In the Philippines are
two monitors, six torpedo boat destroyers and half a dozen small gunboats. In
addition, a number of colliers are attached to the Asiatic squadrons.
On the Pacific coast of the United
States are stationed four ships which
are practically armored cruisers, a number of torpedo boat destroyers, submarines and other craft
All the armored and protected cruisers In the Pacific would see kto keep
out of the way of the Japanese until
they could effect a junction with the
North Atlantic fleet. The Bhips which
would be left in t^ie Far East would be
the monitors and gunboats, all of which
probably would redezvous at the Olong-
opo naval station, near Manil, where
there is a floating dock. As long as
possible this harber would be protected and every effort would be made to
defend It for at least the length of time
required for the battleships to find the
Japanese squadron and destroy them.
That considerable time would elapse
before the North Atlantic fleet could
reach Asiatic waters is evident. On Ub
famous run around the Horn, just prior
to the Spanish war, the battleship Oregon made an average speed of about 12
knots. Travelling in company, however, the speed muBt be that of Its
slowest unit. At least three months
would be necessary for the battleships
to make the voyage. But when the fleet
did arrive it would be of a size to do
There are now in commission 18 battleships of the first class. By next January the government will have available 22 battleships of the first class, not
counting the Oregon, Massachusetts and
Indiana. In addition there will be in
service 14 ships classed as armored
Against this formidable command
the Japanese have only siv first class
battleship, not counting those captured
from China and Russia, which have
been rebuilt, and 12 armored cruisers.
All of these vessels are in Japanese waters, except the two or three which are
visiting European ports.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holdB certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London. Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser-
vatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796, Nelion.
Nelson, B. C, June 10th, 1907.
BBALKD TKNDEK8 will be received by tbe
Government Agent, at Nelson, B.C., until noon
June '26th.   1907,  for supplies of meat, bread,
Sn-ceries, harilwara, boots and shoos, clothliift,
ry gooas, tnel, anil driiio, lor Ibe Provincial
Uaol,at Nelson, B.C., for one year from July
1st, i.H.7, to June :nuh, iiws
Forms of tender can be had, and samples of
clothing and dry goods seen atJUie frovluelal
tiaol, Nelson, H. C.
Tne lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted,
Government Agent.
In the Supreme Court of
British Colombia.
To AU Whom It May Concern:
Notice is hereby Klven that an application will
be made to the presiding Judge in Chambers, at
the Court House, In the City of Vancouver, on
the 10th day of ��� uly next. 1907, at the hour of
10,30 o'clock, lu the forenoon, for an order extend*
ina the time for registering with the ucgistrar
owolnt Stock Companies, a certain trust deed
bearing date the '25th day of March, 1907, made
between The Ymir Gold Minus, Ltd., of throne
part and Charles Morlaud Ciinynghame Hughes
and Oliver Wethered of the other pari, until tho
20th day of July next, 1907. Any person wlshlug
to oppose such application must enter tin aiipcnr-
ance personally or by solluitor with tho Registrar of tbls Court, at Vancouver on or before the
sth day of inly nexl, and In default ot such
appearance such extension of time will he granted without further order.
Dated this 31st day of June, 1907.
Lfinnie iii Wragge >       District Registrar.
Solicitors for tho Ymlr J
Gold Mines, Limited. )
Queen's Hotel
Baku olrwt, Melton. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Larse sua Comfortable Bedroom, and Flrat-
claaaDlDlaa Boom,   trample Boom, lor Comma*.
elal Han.
MRU. E. C.CLAKKE. Proprieties,
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EBICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Heal. 95 ou.   Boom. Irom 2a Ota. ta SI.
Only While Balp Employed.
Baker Bt., Kelso* Propria****
Battlett   House
Best Mar-a-Dar House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Nelson. B. 0.
Royal Hotel
Rate* 11 and |1.SO a Day.
Special Rate* to Regular Boarder*.
Moat comfortable quartera In Nelson
Only the beat of Liquor, and Clears.
A* McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oainpaud Miners' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe tindersiKned, ��t his
ofllue. in the Court House, In the City ol Nelson,
will bo received up to tbe hour ol live o'clock,
In theatiernoon.of Friday, June 28th, 1907, for
lhe puiuhaseol the "Tamarac Mineral Claim,"
Lot3*'i. Group 1, Kootenay district, which ti
declared to he forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
���ale, held ln the city of Nelson, on the 6th day of
November, 1906, for delinquent taxes up till
June 3 itii. 19GS, and costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costa at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxes which have since accrued, costs of advertising, and fee for Crown Grant (92S-00) is 9l.KJ.90,
v.iU'h is the least amount that will be considered as a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for lhe full amount of tbe tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C., at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C., thli 29th day of May,
Government Agent. Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor In council, under the provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right to improve Kykerts creek in the district of
Wist Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct damn, booms,
slides and chutes, and make ouch other improve
meulr-aamay be necessary for the driving and
rafting of lott* and the lluming of timber theraon
Tbe lands to be affected are goverment lands and
IaOtStVtl and m% Group 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, if any,
are such as mav he tl xed by a Judga of the county
com I of West Kootenay.
' Dated thla 27th day of March, A. D. I��i7.
Tn the matter of an application for the issue of
a duplicate of the Ceruttcates o( Title for Lots 11
and lit, Block 84. Town of Sllverton (Map 5.4);
the south U ��' I-��t 8. Block B, Town of New Denver-and Lot 1, Block HI and lot a, Block :w,
MeGlll.vray's Addition to New Denver (Map 667);
Notice Ih hereby given that it Is my intention
to issue at the expiration ol one month from the
the first publication hereof duplicates of the
Certificates of Title to the above described lands
ln the name of Honry Hheran and Harry Sheran,
which Certlflcatea arc dated thu 17th June, 1899,
the 4th ol October, 1891, the :13rd July, itw*. aud
the 19th January, IBM, respectively, and are
numbered 20ilK, 10447A, 782C and 88ttk, reepec-
District Registrar
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.O
In the matter of an application lor lhe Issue of
a duplicate of the iVrtilleate of Title lor Lots
18 and 17, Block "fl, Town of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given that it in-my Intention
to Issue at lhe expiration of one mouth after the
first publication hereof a duplicate ol tlio Cent ft-
rate of Title for the above l.nin iu the name of
Frances K.Day, which Certiilcate Is dated the
19th September, 1899, and numbered &150K.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.C., 15th June,
1007, H. P. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
3 Improved Ranches For Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.  Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Ftirit loadu lo
Bftttan CoHMBMa.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get tbe ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Ha* For Sale One of the Pwttteat Homes ta
Nelson, Sttoated tn Fatrvfrw. Cloae to the Cat Line
Large 7-room hou**. Stone foundation and flrit-clas* cellar. Complete water ayatem. 10 lot* under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit tree*.   Thi* I* a anap.   For particular* apply to
Fire Valley Fruit Lauds
We offer 160 acre* of flrat claaa (elected level fruit land In the famoue
Fire Valley Dletrict, adjoining a highly cultivated property. Good wattr ��up-
ply. Well located. Fruit grown in thi* dletrict ha* secured several flrat
prize* at Nelson and Winnipeg Fair*. Fin* fishing and hunting. Good transportation and markets.
Price en bloc $20 per acre.    Terms 1*4 Casb. balance 6,12 and 18 months
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
Phonal 147.        P. U. Box AAA
Something for th* practical man.
Just investigate!���That ia All we
ask of you; and you owe that much
to yourself,
Notice la Hereby given that thl'ty <lavs after
date I lntenj to apply to the HiM.nl ol Lleeuctt
('ommlNSlonuni for tnt* vmlr tltHtrict for a transfer of the llneuve held by me for the Fort Hhep-
pard hotel to F. Adie.
Watieta, B. 0., May lit, li
(.Signed) A  H.Bhiilui.
Summer Exctii-sion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52*50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
St Paul, Dulotb, Sioux Oty
Chicago SM.00 Montreal 184X0
Toronto ��78.50 8L John $94.00
St. Loul* $60.00 Ottawa $$2.55
New York $100.00 Boaton $85*0
Halifax $101X0
On Sale July 3,4, S.  August 8.9,10.
September II* 12.13.
First Class Rotmd Trip, 90
Days Ltmlt.
Corresponding reductions from all'
Kootenay points. Tickets available for .
lake route Including meals and bertha
on lake steamers. Through rate* quoted
to any station ln Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime province* on application.
A.O.P. ...Vancouver. D. *. A.. Nelaon
XV.   O.   aiL,L.ETT
Contraotor and
Sole agent lor the Porto Kteo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yard..   Kougli and dreawHl lmnl*>r, turned
work and bracket., Coast *-c ���������	
and doom.    Cement, ' ~*
Automatic grinder.
V.rd sad factory: 7ernou St.. east ol Ball
NELSON, is. 6.
P. O. Box m Telephone IM
.nd drJsaud lumber, turned
oast rath and .hiugle., wah
, hrjck aad. lira* lor sale.
I il i
: ���
The Daily Canadian
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Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
tobacconist.   Baker Street.
8o<��Tall*��t Pnrty mreiN even Prldty
frenltlR nt h 0 in , in tea Miners' Dillon Hull
All are mvltfiaj hhv one ailnwi-ii to taka p��rt in
Mir ilrbi'IcB.   T. AnVtin, SciTfliiry,
Patronized by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Bu! Located Hotel In Ntl.vn
ApHrtmeiitw elegant   Cuistne the cholc-
ett, .-nr,.h.i : wnli civility and
cleaiiiinflB*.  Psraoaall. sup-
t-rvj.od by proprietor
and wife.
it. L. Orant, Montreal; D. Wilson, Victoria; J. Foster, BoSSland; Col. Davison,
England; K. T. Nlohols, Plnoher Creek;
('. J. Hooper, G W. Hushes, Spokane.
Our. V.rnun and Ward Streets,
Mil.8t),\   B. C.
J. KRED HUME, Proprietor.
W. F. Gundy, Toronto; F. T. Moore.
Seattle; A. V Barber, New York; 11. M.
Stevenson, Alnaworth; E. s. smith.
Winnipeg; K. W. Coulthard, Fernie;
W. P. II. ClementB, W. J. Cork, Grand
Forks: Mrs. .1. MCKle, Vancouver; A. E.
MoKenzle, Brandon-; P. Rhodes. London; 11. B. Ollmour, Vancouver; P. A.
Paulson, Kitchener; S. Roso, Salmo; T.
H. Ellin. Westley; S. F. Pensen, Trail.
0. J. Marsh and wife. Vlcloria; W. C.
Adamson, A, G. lllaln, Cranbrook; 11.
Rusiad, Lindsay; J. Morrison, Miss A,
Morrison,  Winnipeg.
G. Pollock, Quarry; J, Williams, Creston.
D. Harrington, Sandon; W. Davis.
G. II. White, Deer Park; W. I.. Payne,
Ivy Dale Ranch; A. 11. (luand, Muncio.
A. Young, F. .fames, Club's Landing:
W, Green, G. Surgony, Cranbrook; W
A. Calder. Edegewood, J, A Kennedy,
K. C. L. Ganidal, Six>kane.
For Sale
50 ft. Corner,  Houston and ward, $375
50 ft. and Cabin, Mill, near park, $275
Residence���Centrally located, near station; six rooms and bath, electric
light, water, sewer.
Also business property, factory sites,
etc.. etc.
Weat Baker Street.        NELSON, B, C.
NELSON,    -    B. C.
F. C. GREEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145   Phor,. 2.1 B.
No Chamber Session.
There was no chamber session of either supremo or county court today, no
applications offering.
20,000 Club.
The regular monthly general meeting
of the 80.000 Club will be held in the
city ball tomorrow evening at B:80,
Funeral of W. Henderson.
The hue William Henderson was
buried yesterday morning by his
brothers of Nelson aerie, F. O. K*. who
turned out in a body.
A.  J.   Rainviiie   Burled.
The late A. J. Rain Villa was burled
yesterday afternoon under the auspices
of the Knights of Pythias The funeral
was very Largely attended.
For the Celebration.
The   Moyle   will   run   a   special
OUTSlon from Kaslo for the Dominion
Day celebration, There will also he a
special train from  Kossland.
Lawn  Party.
The lawn parly to be given by St.
Saviour's branch of the Woman's Auxiliary on the grounds of Mrs. Barnhart's
residence tomorrow afternoon, will begin at 3 o'clock.
Prospective Ranchers.
Heal estate men report many enquiries after good fruit land. There
are a large number of prospective buyers in the city and many sales will be
announced within the next few days.
Band Concert.
Yesterday wns an Ideal day for an
open air band concert, and the afternoon performance at the city park was
very largely attended. The band gave
a very enjoyable series of selections
which were thoroughly appreciated.
Apart from their beneficial effect on the
tramway receipts the Sunday afternoon
concerts are meeting a real want.
Cement Blocks.
The Boundary Creek Times says
Mayor Hunting is exhibiting several
first-class cement blocks which have
been turned out by his cement block
machine. Mr. Hunting Is erecting a
building for the Greenwood Electric
company at Boundary Falls. Cement
is the coming building material and Is
bound to revolutionize the building
Getting Ready for the Exhibition.
The gentlemen who are getting ready
the exhibit for the Winnipeg Exhibition
report that they are meeting with
every encouragement Already a number of jars of canned fruit has been
prepared, and the committee is desirous
that every one who has anything to
send to the exhibition to communicate
at ouce lhe nature and extent of their
exhibit. After the Winnipeg Fair the
exhibit will be taken to the different
fairs In Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Smith Curtis arrived from Rossland
this morning and Is at the Hume.
Mrs. Harry Wright and son have returned from a short visit to Spokane.
Blake Wilson was registered at
Cteenwood the last days of iast week.
G. W. Hughes returned from Spokane
this morning and is at the Strathcona.
G. W. McBrlde, manager of the local
brunch of the Wood-Vallance Hardware
Co.. left for Seattle Saturday and will
be absent about three weeks.
R. J. McPhee. the popular mining man
of Slocan, Is at the Hume. Though he
is still confined to his room Mr. Mc-
Phee's conditions is much improved.
Dave Hardy, who resided in Nelson
several years, has again taken up his
residence here. Since leaving here Mr.
Hardy has spent most of his time with
the Hrittannia mine at the Coast. Six
months ago he took a trip to his old
home in Scotland, but. everything had
changed In the old land, so he decided,
to return to Nelson.
D. Wilson, formerly inspector of public schools in Kootenay, now of Victoria, arrived from the Coast last night.
Mr. Wilson will spend the next three
weeks in Kootenay, assisting Inspector
Gillis with entrance examinations and
later conducting high school examinations in Nelson. Rossland, Grand Forks
and Kaslo. He left for Kaslo this morD
VOTING MAX wllli  Two Years' Knowledge ol
Fruit   Farm I ii ff,   Wnntu   Work   Immediately.
Reply Bot 761, Vlrden.
���OH) STK-v.WM). immediately.   Apply Sacred
Henri Hn"p|tnl, QrggPWOOjj. ���*��� _}
0OOK -Hotel, JQO. Waitress,$35; aioiice. Phone
I WO FJ RHT-i;i.a8H ROOMS, nleam heated
[���lv housekecTier, Hrd flat, K. W. 0, blonk.
MUSS  CORNET, Two Bhankt b and a, With
Case.     For Price,   Apply M. J. D. Box 1103,
' ROOM ten HOUSK, <- loir, wllh bearing fruit
tree*, Ohnervatnrj Street, 2 doori irom Kootenay. rent 118 00 per month. Two Oood Rooms
fbovcoiirofflf?, Just the place lor riffles*-- rent
lio.u) pnr moutb. Toyed Co., Baker Street,
Nelion. B, C,
The Store of Quality
Made only  by the Maple Tree Producers' Association, Waterloo, Quebec.
Shipment just opened up and guaranteed the best ever brought Into Nelson.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Gillard's Sauce
25c and 45c
No, It's not ns Rood as Lea & Per-
rin's, but only one-half the price.
C. A Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine St*.
make our July 1st Celebration by Decorating. Every little bit helps to ad 1
to the gala appearance of tbe city and
the general air of festivity. Every
little flag or bit of bunting, or decoration of any kind.
this year which is very good. It consists of a string of 1- paper Hags, each
lixSij inches, representing the different
nations. They form a siring 11 feet
long and  sell  for 2 for 25c.
We also have
from  2 for 5c up
BUNTING    FLAGS,   for   launches,
18x36, Red  Ensign. .$1.25  and  $1,75
Canadian   Flag $2.00
BUNTING FLAGS, 28x55 $3.00
BUNTING FLAGS, large sizes for
building* up to 4' 2x9i 2 ft $7.75
a splendid new assortment of
these, all of grotesque shapes
and coloring, from.. 10c to 50c each
W. G. Thomson
SSSSSi?"* Nelson, B.C.
Phona *3-4.
Lawn Party
Tuesday. Jane 25th
Commencing at 3 p. m.
What the Advance Man Says.
In bringing the Dandy Dixie Minstrels
to the Sherman opera house on Monday,
July 1st. Messrs. Voelckel and Nolan offer what Is claimed to be the most expensive, colossal and unparalleled aggregation of colored players ever organized. There are said to be more
clevor comedians, muster musicians,
���landy dancers and sweet singers than
In any other company, while the olio
features of 10 big specialty nets, the
gorgeous, grand first part In the "Royal
Palm Grotto,'' and an original and excruciatingly funny finale, "A Fowl
Deed," conspire to afford minstrel patrons an evening of solid enjoyment. The
big company of clever colored performers, which Includes the famous Cotton
Pickers' band of solo musicians and
the Oklahoma octette; the Dixie College
Hangers In a series of 'Varsity class
songs, patriotic airs and old sweet
songs of the South, the Cnmbell Bro�����
In an original comedy musical act; Williams & Stevens, comic Impersonators;
Toney Trio, the dare-devil acrobats;
Benny Jones, the Texas Teaser, together with a buck dance contest which
Is open to all-comers and for which
valuable  prizes are  offered.
Wholesale ��nd B*t��D Dealer. t"
Fresh and Salted Meats
Damps -applied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats aud supples kept in stock
Mall orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manajptf.
A. M, Can. Soc. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Ofllce; Ilcaley Building.   P. 0. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C
Is Removmed'
to Business Emergy
Another  Snap!
FINE 6-ROOM HOUSE, all furniahed
neatly, electric light and city water. Two
good lots, level. 15 fruit tree*, splendid
garden and lawn. Large shed for chickens. $300 cash, balance $1300,at $25 per
month, 6 per cent.
Fresh  Local
Telephone 161.
Sherman's Opera House
The Dandy Dixie Minstrels
Direction of Voelckel & Nolan
The Barnum &  Bailey  of  Real   Negro
Watch for Street Parade Monday.
Seats on sale al Rutherford's Baturdaj
      Prices 50c. 75c, $1.00.
"The Little Dutch Doctor."
Hon. D. W. Illgglns is again writing
those short stories Which were so popular a year or so ago. The latest from
Mr. Illgglns' pen Is ,"The Little Dutch
Doctor." It appears In the Vancouver
World, of last Saturday, and Is quite
as Interesting us any In Mr. Illgglns'
It Is a story of old Yale.
Revised Death List,
Rochester, ,\. Y��� June 24.���The revised death list of the dead In the Pittsburg wreck Is: Emmet Lyons, 14 year*
old, Rochester, boh of .lames Lyons,
engineer or freight train, died at r,:-!5;
B. O. Droom, of Eust Buffalo, a freight
brakeman; K. McAxthur, a bridge fore-
inan, and one unidentified man.
We have just received
a consiKiinierjt of the
for which we are sole
agents for this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
And no more can be imported   Into Canada after Auau
The Americanized Encyclopedia Brittanic
In Ten Volumes
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Q
COR BAKER and WARD.       phone 81
For a Stylish Suij
Built to Fit the Figure nnd Keep Us Shape Not Only the ft**
Week  You  Wear It,  But   All the Time      Get  It  Mnde b,
Tavi.uk & Moytunrtnt, the Reliable Tailors, of Kootenar
Absolute   satisfaction   guaranteed    or  money  refunded,
High Class Tailors, Baker St., Nelson, B.C.
I Summer Clothing.,*..*
Spring i.s Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all
requisites for tlie rancher, gardener or householder. Spaa
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Folks, Tree Pruners, [
Tree Sprayers, Small Garder Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter order*.
J. H. Ashdown Ha*im
Company, Limited.
^>��~^*,**vv*B. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON'
Rvpetlrliaif iim.I .Johblnn k-kcvutc-il >vith 0*��*patch.   Si�����*��*��� >Jfl
Work, iMiulnu und Mill Muuhtnury.     Manulactur��r��t��I
<>r�� Can,  1*1.  1*1.   Contractor*' Cam*
Spring Stock lust Opened
Carload Linoleum** and Carpets
From Ul.iMjiow, Scotland.
I W��t Qualities at L,ow Prises.
Standard Furniture Compel
Complete House Furnish
.    Undertakers,    Emklwri
Maaon A Rlseb Piano..
OiterrrifKir Matin;**...
MarHhall Hanitary Maltreiae..
IKffiS Lttmber, Shingle*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window
Turned Work and Brackets. Mall Orders promptly at*
VIJWNOrV 8TRKBT   -  ���  ���   INEL.SON. B. C.
Summer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
And 8PRAY��K* }
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., *i!
Wholestle IN'EKSOIN _____^L*


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