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Array $ail# (-kmabian
I.  No. 96.
Fifty Cents a Month
jiiiiiiifs of Milling by
lease System
Sti llll) TO PROFIT
;, Fowler Discusses Possibilitits
i Limitations of Operations
by Working Lessees.
Idli Uu' genera]    renewal    of tho
�����( industry throughout  the west,
���ially    in   Hritish    Columbia,
lierhaps, to the rising valuer, copper antl lead, general
I ,i i, again being -entered on the
jlitrld that seems    to    feci    tho
1'il'siis least of all.
Ivei-Y Slocan was at one tlmo
ol Kootenay, hut for the laat
,_;. 1' liu-i heen a scene of de-
Isturbed on  rare occasions
nl rich strikes, only to sub-
m district is known to con-
al  least hundreds, of rich
Tliey  are  well   known   to
���   will   as   lo  prospectors.
,sitlier Inaccessible nor ditto siiscrale.    They are not idle
ut of capital.    On tbe contrary
-1 has been  spent on  many  and
I lissss- been adequate  returns,
itattly Uie system on which they
I been worked must ho defective,
! ihe country Is to revive a new
|tm must  lie followed.
sew system has alreatly boeu in-
led-tlie    leasing    system���from
iiiua.li Is hopetl  by   those  who
1 wstched It lit oiieration.
I 8  Fowler of NelBon  has so  far
nis.' ol the most successful  oper-
��� ..ii Uu- leasing system, and his
s uu tin- iKiaslbilltles and limits-
nf Die system shoulil hu of con-
���ruble value.    Asked his  views on
. subject by a representative of The
la'li.111. Mr. Fowlef said:
JIlii' greatest and also the most oh-
advantage of the leasing system
��� great saving of expenditure. Tho
ig operations of a  big  company
|u*arlly Involve an office  staff ot
s-isiaiit'il men,  accountant,  clerks,
it' 1 and engineer.   Whore the Bull   "i   ilu-  manager  Is   limited   It
lovolves frequently costly  delays
Malnlng consent anil approval Tor
eti si operations,
Tii.- system has been ln vogue fur
vats In Colorado and has lieen
���aaful mere.   The returns of print-
attracts show lhat the leasees pay
nli higher   royalty    In    Colorado
In bus sis  rar been   paid   III   llrlllsh
fumbla. There the companies usual-
II certain amount of development
>tk. sink a Khaft  and equip it, and
ilri^ts.    Then   they   lease   parts
_�� "nndltlon of
|lisrs' In. heglnB to slope ore.
the royalties paid, the figures
���huv,. apply to two years ago, hut 1
IM there    has    been    no    material
hm.. si,,-,,      Ta-e roynity    is on a
I'linit Hcale, from 10 por cent on tho
returns In the case of $2.1 ore
Per I'i'iil  for $2110 ore. with the
f' of Hi  per cent on  $100 or?.
British Columbia Ihe rate Is usual-
'"tly 2,-i tier cent  on  $100 ore and
���ciliated on the smelter returns.
"Tlie first   leases lit  British  Colttm-
f   were generally taken on developed
'es isy iiu-nii'r einployees. who knew
location of  small   ore bodies anil
lease!  merely  lo  take  them  out,
Ing a stuall  percentage of the re-
"��.     Surh    lessees    were    usually,
���'"iitli nol always, working miners.
"hal condition, however. Is rapidly
"tag     II  hail  many defects.    Such
���sees seldom hnd any capital.    They
��'l in work nn credit, wllh    a    mer-
���������nl sharing lhe rlHk. nnd Ihey did
development work.   The mine own-
[derived no benefit,
_   ihe new condition    Is    creating a
���bus or leasees with small capital and
������'Hilly with enough mining antl busi'
l's�� experience to satisfy lhe owners
l"ui tht. wo-i, undertaken will be well
"A riscent conlribtitlon to the sub-
r| hns advocated tho formation of
""H syndicates, of 25 miners, each
""li'lliutliig no a monlh for develop-
'"'"l- Well, %2m a month will not go
"lu develop a mine.'
Few working miners have enough
'I'ltal to reuiiy accomplish anything
"illi while. The lessees of tho fitlure
11 he men who can. afford a few
dollars. They may then
'h-loase special  parts of the proper-
will stop and their occupation will be
gone, ln many cases, ot course, where
they are sub-lessees, they have a dl-
reel financial Interest in the success
of the work.
"Now, 0f course, the system cannot
be followed with success lu all fields.
a  Dig low-grade property���In which
OPSratl-fl on B very large Hcale is
necessary for fntlu, can ,n|v bo
handled by a company or Individual
wllh large capital. Even u high-grade
property requiring big ami costly do-
*'���' ""���"! work, such as Hm lung tunnel ur iiu- Rambler-Cariboo, win never,  I  Ihlnk,  be dune  by  lessees.
"I'"1  "  su s to tne  lhal tho Hlo-
citll Is peculiarly filled nuw fur sue-
0-SSful upplieallun of the leasing system There ure ntuiiy email high-
grade properties already opened up,
wllh urj- bodies definitely located lt
nut actually In sight, and many ot
ihi'in ure equipped will, mills, or aro
near io concentrating plants of some
kind,   such properties win  probably
never he able to pay expenses or com-
puny operation wiih its costly incidentals, uml pay Interest on Investment
too, but they may give excellent returns to working lessees. If It bo
granted thai a company manager and
a wurklng lessee are equal ln effl-
clency, the latter has an Immense advantage In economy.
"With the close supervision that'la
only possible with a small force, many
olher economics* besides the saving of
superfluous salaries may be effected.
It Is possible to see that all ore taken
to the mill ls clean ore, and there Is
every Incentive to do so, as the returns depend entirely upon what is
One difficulty In the way at present
Is lhe scarcity of miners. The general
prosperity of the West on both sides
of the line has created a big demand
for labor, and good miners are hard
to get even at the highest wages.
"So far mining lessees in British
Columbia have enjoyed very favorable
terms. They hav epald a low royalty
as compared with that paid ln other
districts, and little ln thc way of development work has heen required of
them. There are no Indications of any
Increase In the royalties, but the mine
owners nre now becoming keener as
to the financial ability of the lessee
to fulfill hlB contract, and do work
(bat will benefit the property as well
as himself and give the owner a substantial return in development as well
as tho Bmall royally, which amounts
to little more, ln some cases, than Interest on capital already expended.
"With its limitations clearly understood and the need of economy and efficiency thoroughly appreciated, there
Is a splendid field In the Slocan fof
mining on the leasing system."
Work  of Construction  Will  Be Begun
at Once���Road Will Be Built
From C. P. R- t-oop.
W U. Itoss, M. 1*. P.. who left for
the cost on Saturday returned yesterday morning, says the Pernio Free
PreBS. When asked by our reporter as
to the truth of the report that the gov-
einnia-nt had decided to hold the general elections in December, Mr. Ross
smiled good naturedly and replied that
he knew nothing of it. and that he had
no doubt lhat the yarn had boon manufactured by Grit papers to make good
reading. He treated similarly the
story telegraphed all over the country
that ho was getting the attorney geu-
i__CTi vour tr.p had no poll-
'tlcal significance?" was asked. "Absolutely none," he replied. "I went
down to attend to some private business matters."
���Ts there anything new in regard to
the public building for Fernie?" the
reporter asked. "1 saw Mr. Green
about it," he replied, "and learned
thai this and other public construction
work was held up by the very serious
Illness of of Chief Engineer Gamble,
who hnd heen operated on and for a
long time hung between life and death.
The commissioner hud hoped to havo
the plans ready by this time but for
Ihis unforeseen occurrence." "How
about the Flat Head trull," was asked.
'Work on this trail will commence before the end of lite month I was Informed by Mr. Green. The department
ul liinilB uud works have come to the
conclusion after much consideration
lhal the host route to follow Is from
the Loop, near the summit. They base
their conclusions on tho fact that tho
trail over the route has bettor grades,
Is shorter, and will cost less than over
any other route There are $6,000
granted for the trail, half of which will
likely be spent this year. Later on It
might be arranged to connect from
Fernie with the Loop trnll without Incurring very great exponse.
' bus been found thnt employees
' a lessee do better work than mon
"'�� ag for a big company. Their Is
"'iinlli' object ln view. They know
"iiIobb the work ls successful It
house. Fifty persons were ln the
place at the time of the earthquake,
only seven of whom are accounted for.
Mtb. Murray, the landlady, has never
been heard rrom by Mends, and It is
thoughl that her body Is among those
found. She ls Bald to have a wealthy
daughter lu New York city.
Attack on -areet Cars Hotly Resented
by  Militia.
Atlanta, Oil., Sept. 24.���Willi Hi companies of Infantry, one battery ot
light artillery and one squadron ol
cavalry and the entire police force ot
the clly still ou guard, Album early
today Is comparatively quiet. The negro trouble, while breaking out in sev-
oral sections during last night, Ib now
ultnost entirely abated, lly order of
the mayor Bullions huve beeu closed
until lurther notice and business
places, such ub reBtatirauts and all-
night drug stores, were closed early
ln the evening.
In the early part of the night there
were several cases where street cars
were Bhot at from ambush and a few
inoturmen and conductors refused to
continue on their cars. About 10
o'clock a negro, pursued by a crowd
of aboul 50 people ran Into the Marlon
hotel, where he was shot, and lt ls
thoughl latully Injured. A negro was
shot In the hip in McUanlels street,
hut the prompt arrival of the militia
saved him. A street car conductor
named White was shot by an unknown
negro, but his Injuries were not serious.
The number of killed all told Is still
placed at 10, but there is no way of
finding out the definite number, as
the negroes carried away their dead,
in many caseB fearing that the dead
would not receive proper burial. Six
bodies are at one local undertaking
AI the request of the authorities the
newspapers issued no extra editions
More Ghastly Discoveries.
Son Francisco, Sept. 24.���Another
tragedy of tho great fire or April 18
was brought to light through tlte finding of a score or human bodies In tho
ruins of a lodging house on Fifth and
Minna streets. The lodging house,
which was a four-storey frame building, was tossed bodily Into Minna
street in a heap by tha earthquake
and Immediately took fire. II Is staled that the firo which so booh spread
to Markot   street, originated   in   the
On Technicality of Insufficient Evidence
Vancouver Judge Lectures Rotorious
Procurer and Hopes He Will
Leave Canada.
Tournament Team Will Play All Other
Members Thursday.
The last sporting attraction of the
year ln Nelson is aunounced for
Thursday afternoon of this week,
which will be the last bUBiness men's
half-holiday for this  season.
It was stated when the NelBon
cricketers returned from the tournament at Victoria that they would
probably be challenged by those who
had not gone.
Such a match has since been arranged and play will begin Thursday
atternoon at 2 o'clock.
While it is true that an effort was
made to Bend the strongest possible
leant to the coast, several ot the best
were unable to go. and Ihe result of
the match Is by no means an assured
victory for the team that defeated
Among those available for the Stay-
ai-llomos' team are Mason and Hardcastle, two good bowlers; Captain
Paiidun, a reliable wicket keeper and
a good bat; Cecil Bourke, K. H. Ley,
also a good bowler; Partington, Howe,
Judge Forln, Rev. F. H. Graham and
B, Wood-Taylor.
For the team of the tournament all
members are available except Held,
who is now in Victoria. They are;
Coppen, Crozier, llourke, Sammons,
Weiic, Tregillus, GrelK. Elvery, Rolt,
Marks, Corry, Seyeii and i-ars-eis
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Vancouver, Sept. 24.���Desire Brothier was acquitted ol the charge of
forging a medical certificate by Judge
HeuderBon this morning, but was Immediately rearrested on another
charge, that of uttering a talse document. Judge Henderson acquitted
him on the-charge of forgery because
he found that the corroborative evidence required by law was not sufficient to establish guilt, but at the
same time he handled the prisoner
without gloves on the practical aspects of the evidence.
Judge Henderson then ordered the
prisoner to Btand up. "While I have
acquitted you," he said, "I don't think
1 should let you go without expressing
some opinion on this case. You will
understand why I have round It my
duty to acquit on this charge, yet
there haa been sutricient evidence
brought forward to convince me that
you are a dangerous man And a
menace to society. A man who would
not only connive at, but actually assist In the defilement ot his own sister ss -'ins to me to have about sounded the lowest depths or human degre-
dalion, and yet 1 think It ls one ol the
glories or our law that its protecting
arm is thrown around even the like
of you. lists perhaps well that even
at this stage lt Is not too late for you
to resolve to live an honest life, and
I hope it will never be regarded of me
as a fault If 1 earnestly express and
hope that your life Is not to be lived
under the Canadian fiag."
mation of Iron, formed by the dropping of water oontainlng the ore ln
solution. A mass ot lt weighing 200
pounds was found In the mine.
The collection will give to Eastern
students a very fair Idea of the extent
and variety of the mineral resources
oi Kootenay.
Bryan in New Orleans.
New Orleans, La., Sept. 24.���The reception tendered to William J. Bryan
ln New Orleans today was ot a nonpartisan character and extremely cordial in tone. The Progressive union
had charge or Ihe arrangements and
Governor Blanchard, Mayor Herman,
the Louisiana representatives in congress mid other representative citizens
took part. Many visitors from points
within a radius of 60 miles or more
came lo the city to hear the distinguished Nehraskan Bpeak. Mr. Bryan
leaves tonight for Nashville.
Bass Fishing In Christina Lake���Continued Ore Development.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand ForkB. September 24.���W. M.
Wolverlon, who has resided at Christina lake for the laBt 10 years, ln
speaking to your correspondent last
evening about Christina lake, aald:
"About flvu years ago the Dominion
government put several thousand
young black bass fish Into Christina
lake for breeding purposes, and an order was Issued prohibiting tbe catching of this kind of fish ln that lake
for a period of five years, and as the
live years are now up black bass fishing is now the order of the day at
Christina lake. Some of the fish being caught are Bix inches ln length,
and they appear to be thriving well.
At a mammoth meeting of the local
labor union held here yesierday committees were appointed to investigate
M)e matter of Btartlng a co-operative
store here and to report with all possible despatch. It waB considered
that the 300 members ot the union
would be quite equal to subscribing a
sufficient amount of capital to start
the store. The local labor union ln
Grand Forks has grown to be a strong
organization and will yield quite an
influence hereafter In both municipal,
provincial and Dominion politics. At
Grand Forks its 300 members are
practically voting as a unit ln all matters that they deal with.
About 30 Hindoos arrived here yesterday to secure work on the Kettle
Valley Line railway. They were all
very orderly while in town.
George A. McLeod, accompanied by
Mr. Dunster, a mining engineer representing a strong syndicate in Michigan, have today returned from an inspection of Franklin camp.
The continued strikes of high grade
ore on the Maple Laeaf property are
phenomenal. No such ore was ever
found ln the Boundary before. The
main open cut on this property ls now
in 90 feet, 20 feet of which cut will
assay 20 per cent ln copper. There
are now 25 open cuts on this property, all ot which are In ore. On the
Union property, adjoining tbe Maple
Leaf, another rich strike of high grade
ore was made this week.
While doing development work on a
group of claims directly across the
river from Franklin City a big body
of copper ore was uncovered, which
assays 10 per cent ln copper, besides
paying values in gold and silver.
Tobln as president ol the union. Tb*
selection wae made through the medium of r referendum vote. The election of Hlckey, lt Is thought, will be
of great significance to the shoe Industry in America, and the manufacturers are particularly interested, as
the change of administration Ib likely
to herald a change In the policy of the
union. During the seven years President Tobin waB at the helm labor
troubles between the boot and shoe-
workers and their employers were
comparatively few and unimportant,
the only considerable disturbance being the protracted struggle tn Lynn
over two years ago between rival labor organizations, which tied up the
industry ln that city for a year. Arbitration was favored by the Tobln administration, while one of the planks
In the Hlckey platform ls, "We will
win or wo will strike."
Cs. P. R. Moins New System Of Protection
To Beat the Railroads.
Kansas City, Sept. 24.���With the
blowing of whistles and the ringing of
bells and the cheering of thousands
of persons who had gathered at the
river shore, the renewal of steamboat
traffic on the, Missouri river, after a
lapse of more than a decade, .was celebrated today, when the steamer Lora.
laden with freight from St. Louis,
docked at the wharf here. The trip
was made under the most unfavorable
circumstances, the nver being exceptionally low and Its channel unexplored for several years. The movement
to establish a boat line on the Missouri river grew out of the fight ot
Kansas City merchants for reduced
freight rates. Regular traffic between
here and St. Louis will begin as soon
as suitable boats can be obtained.
Goods in Transit Over Canadian Pacific Lines Will Hereafter Be Insured at Company's Expense.
New York Murder Mystery.
New York, Sept. 24.���Up to au early
hour today the police had made practically no progress In unravelling the
mystery surrounding the finding yOB-
terday of portions of the body of a
murdered man iu u pit at West Thirty-
sixth street and Eleventh avenue. Another portion of the dismembered body
was discovered by the police loday.
One of the missing thighs was fouud
two blocks away at Eleventh avenue
and Eighteenth streeis. lt wus strapped In a burlap bag and was fouud
In an empty freight car ln a railroad
yard near the place where the arms
and lower portions of the logs were
found yesterday. In another bundle
was found portions of a leg below the
knee. Search for the head or the missing man is being kept up.
New York, Sept. 24���The police
were busy today lit trying to trace
five men who wero seen on Saturday
night, first pursuing and later beating
a man in West Forty-sixth street, not
tar rrom the spot where the torBo was
afterward found.
This  Date In   History���September 24:
1143���Pope innocent II. died.
13112���John Ualiol crowned king ot
1064���Fort Orange (Albany, N. Y.)
surrendered  to the  English.
18011���Black Friday.
1871���Disastrous Fire In  San Fran-
1876���Hell Chitc, Hnllett's Point reef,
blown up.
1889���Eliza Cook, English poetess,
died; born 1817.
1901���Czolgosz, assassin of President McKinley, convicted of murder In
the first degree.
1904���Collision on Southern railway
near Knoxvllle, Tenn.; 70 killed, 125
Want a Speedy Trial.
New York. Sept. 24.���Counsel for
Harry K. Thaw today filed in the supreme court an application to have
Thaw tried iu the supreme court ln-
?'._. of thi? rnnit nl ��eiii."ai -*w*t_-.
The "uj(-:.' so'.;s.;u s lo. -Ain k Weed},'
trial, ih.-. tf-ci-.oi oi the general-^a-
3lotib euurt is crowdwi ._d v-e. _.aw'
case probably could not be placed on
trial until late In November.
More Russian Arrests.
Vllney. RuBsia, Sept. 24���Thirty
niesji Infonging to the revolutionary
military league, who have lieen working among the troops, have been captured here. Important letters revealing the league's workings in other garrisons were seized.
Collection of Specimens of Ore From
Kootenay Mines Made for Professor J. B. Porter.
Professor J. B. Porter of McQllI
university hns taken with hlm for the
university mineral collection a splendid representative collection of ores
of the Kootenay.
In response to his request, mentioned in Thc Canadian on Friday,
many specimens were presented to
him by the Canadian Smelters' company, by H. M. Stevenson, from the
Alnsworth collection, by A. H. Kelly,
J. P. Swedborg, nnd by the mineral
deportment of the fair ,of specimens
placed at their disposal by exhibitors.
The specimens are all of cabinet
size. They consist of azurlte, malachite, chalcopyrlte, bornite, copper In
heinntlte and varieties of free milling
quartz. They represent the gold, sil-
and carbonates of copper found In
Ono unique specimen was presented
by Mr. Stovenson from the Highlander mine.   It Is of a very peculiar fpr-
Pacific  Mall    Steamer    Narrowly  Escapes Submerging at Sea.
San Francisco, Sept. 24.���The Examiner says: "By a miracle the Pacific
Mall steamer City of Sydney escaped
wreck in a huge waterspout off the
Mexican coast near Acapulco last Sunday morning. As It was, the water-
sinfut struck the Bteamer, wresting
away stanchions, and awnings and terrorizing the passengers, who were
awakened by the shock of hurling waters. Yesterday the steamer reached
��� �����.��_,_s__>_-sass��________i_..qt their
-*-*^^^H*^^^^^^^^^^^o'ciock in
the morning that the watersapout hit
the ship. The column of water suddenly loomed up within a few feet of
lhe steamer, which lt swept with the
rapidity of a whirlwind
Christian Church Meeting.
Louisville, Ky., Sept. 24���Scores of
delegates, representing the 130,000
members of the Christian church ln
Kentucky, are gathered In Louisville
for their annual meeting and conference. Though the meeting ls possessed of no legislative power Ub deliberations and conclusions have great
weight with the denomination throughout the state. The convention, which
will be ln sesBlon several days, will
review the work of the educational,
missionary and other branches of the
church and discuss plans for the
Settled the Strike.
Edmonton, Alia, Sept. 24.��� The
builders' laborers' strike was settled
last night, the agreement being signed
this morning, and this afternoon
work is going forward on nearly every
building ln the city. The terms of settlement are In the nature of a compromise, the men working on buildlngB
getting 12.35 for nine hours' until
April 14 next year, when tho wages
will be 12.25 for eight hours. The
building exchange agrees to employ
union men only.
New Head of Shoeworkers' Union.
Boston, Mass., Sept. 24.���At the
general offices of the Boot and Shoe-
workers* Union of the United States
and Canada, official announcement
waa made today of tbe election of
Thomas B. Hlckey to succeed John F.
On Trial for Brother's Murder.
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 24.���The case
of Esther Mitchell, charged with the
murder of her brother, George Mitchell, was called for trial today. The
killing of Mitchell occurred Just after
he had been acquitted of the murder
of Creffleld, the leader of the "Holy
Rollers," whom Mitchell accused of
having ruined his sisters. Mrs. Maud
Creffleld, who is charged with complicity In the murder of Mitchell, will
probably be tried ln October.
Russian Prefect Shot.
Tambour, Russia, Sept. 24.���Prefect
of Police Tomushan of Borissogllebsk,
the home of Mile Marie Svlrldonovo,
who shot and killed Chief of Secret
Police Luzshenoffsky, was fired at and
seriously wounded tn a street here by
terrorists, who also shot the prefect's
wife and two guards who were accompanying them.   The assassin escaped.
F. H. Clergue of Sault Ste. Marie Passes
Through Nelson, After Viewing
Acquisitions In Alberta.
F. H. Clergue, the great financier
who created the Industries of Sault
Ste. Marie, spent yesterday ln Nelson.
In his party were T. J. Drummond of
Montreal, Arthur Wilson ot London,
engineer, and H. C. Hamilton of Sault
St. Marie, Mr. Clergue's legal adviser.
They have travelled weBt in their private car, Maquet.
The principal object of the trip was
to visit the lands of the North West
Coal & Coke company, near Cowley,
Alta., upon which Mr. Clergue lately
<&i&V*^A'Vizif.**.tie--��caa!iy lias
engineers ln the field planning operations, and the properties will be thoroughly developed. Mr. Clergue has
also acquired the charter of the Great
West railway.
The party arrived In Nelson Saturday night and spent yesterday visiting the power plants at Bonnington
Falls. Mr. Clergue was greatly impressed with the magnificent water
power, as he has been with the indications of immense wealth waiting for
development in all parts of British
The party returned to the Strathcona ln the afternoon and left for the
coast last night.
Mr. H. E. Macdonnell, general
freight agent of the Canadian Pacific
railway, in charge ot the Kotenay division, has Just been advised by the
management of that company that the
Canadian Pacific have decided to assume risk of damage to freight by fire
while goods are In their possession,
either ln cars or warehouses, whether
such fire Ib caused by negligence of
the railway employees or otherwise.
The Canadian Pacific ls the first |
transportation company ln the world
to assume this responsibility, and aa
lt ls necessary for the railway company to cover this risk by Insurance,
It necessarily Involves a considerable
expense to them, but lt ls ot Incalculable benefit to shippers and consignees.
An Illustration ot this ls a fire some
years ago tn Hull, Que., where enormous quantities ot freight were burned up, and under the terms of the railway company's shipping contracts,
theyl were -relieved of responsibility
by the courts. A more recent case
wae a fire ln the Winnipeg sheds of
the Canadian Pacific ln January last
There were some heavy losses, a* this
was part ot the bonded shed, where a
large quantity of Import freight wan
stored, consignees not having cleared
and removed their goods.
The railway company were not liable, aad therefore declined to entertain clatms made by the owners of the
goods. The heavy losses sustained by
some consignees Induced the railway
company to take this position and to
voluntarily assume the cost of insurance by fire losses, and It Is to be expected that the public will appreciate
their action.
Sick Man of Turkey.
Paris, Sept. 24.���The Temps says lt
learns from an absolutely unquestionable source that the latest consultations of the medical advisers of the
sultan of Turkey established the facl'
that Abdul Hamld was suffering from
cancer ot the kidneys. This malady,
the paper says, does not permit of an
operation being performed, and Is
usually fatal within a year.
Congress on Cancer Research.
Berlin, Sept. 24. ��� An International
conference of cancer Investigators began at Heidelberg today In connection
with the opening of the Institute for
cancer research. The conference will
continue three days and will be addressed by Professors Von Leyden ol
Berlin, Czerny of Heidelberg, Ehr-
llch of Berlin, and other eminent ex
Rifle Team Arlves.
New York, 8ept. 24.���Among the
puss tigers who arrived today on
board the steamer Mlnnatonka from
London was the rifle team of the
Queen's Westminster regiment.
Powder Drops    From    Shelf in Bake
Shop With Fatal Reaults.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 24.���Six entire families of Allegheny, whose members number over a score, have been
poisoned through the product of a
single bake shop. The poisoning was
caused by eating wares tbat were purchased on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week, according to a
physician who had been treating the
cases, and while the afflicted have not
recovered, all but two were last night
..ported out of danger.
The family of Dr. Gregg, which con-
s'as'j-rs of three daughters, 10, 13 and
15 respectively, and a dinner guest.
Dr. E. V. Weller, and John W. Davis,
Mrs. Davis, her brother, 84 years old,
and tour sons were among the afflicted who were ln the greatest danger.
Mrs. Davis was taken ill while In
the theatre on Friday night and last
night her physicians had grave
fears for her recovery. The other par
tlent not expected to recover ls Mary
Gregg, the 10-year-old daughter of Dr.
Gregg. An Investigation was made by
Dr. Gregg and Weller, and last night
lt waB said that the poison was retching powder that had dropped from a
shelf ln the bakery Into a barrel of
sugar. The case will be taken up by
tho health authorities.
Relieves Their Fears.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 24.���A ear
blegram was received at the navy department this morning from Commander Cutler of the cruiser Galveston at Shanghai, China, announcing
the safe arrival at that port of the
United States gunboat Helena. It waa
reported that the Helena- had been
lost ln the fierce hurricane which recently swept over the China sea.
Innisfall Has a Scare.
Innlstall, Alta., Sept. 24.���Gold has
been discovered here. A steam shovel
at work In the dry bed of an ancient
river has unearthed the mineral,
whether ln paying quantities or not
remains to be seen. Claims have already been staked and the towns people are considerably wrought up over
the discovery.
Pries et Metal*.
New York, Sept. 24.���ffllver, 68Hc;
copper, 18%c; lead, 15.75.
' London,    Sept.    24.���Sliver,    31*d;
lead. ��18 10a; sine, ��27 10s.
: i
- ��� The Daily Canadian
, STORES ===
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws- have plenty sif ihem in red tuul blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Tllose blankets an
justly ci'leliralcil fur Iheir excellence. We alone carry
litem in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mils, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best  quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
PabUlhed six days h week liy lhe
Baker St., Nelnon, B.C.
Subscription rate*, !*) cents & montli dollv&red
lo the clly, or Kt.OU a yi_i If went hy mall, when
paid lu advance.
AdvertluiiiK rates un application.
All monk's pah! ln settlement of Tin- Dally
4'auailhin accounts, either foi lubBCfiptloni or
advertising, must he receipted lor mi the printed
funnw of the Company, uther receipt! arc uot
8EPTEMBKR 24, 1900.
" By one word wu are simiellnU'S jllilnu'1 In l*e
wise and uy une word hoinelime-i judged to he
IbollHh. 1*1 ub therefore be careful whal wu
The Forestry coiiv_ntion wil) meet
ln Vancouver this week und will, in
its membership, bo thoroughly representative of those who have such
questions as the timber and forestry
possibilities of Itritish Columbia at
heart. The convention will be in no
sense a political gathering as it includes in its membership those who
think differently on question.s of party
politics, and who agree in the breadth
and scope of the subjects naturally
within the purview of their interests,
to rise above party issues and join intelligence with patriotism in the discussion of their affairs. Many of the
subjects to be discussed are of a purely technical nature and chiefly of Importance to those who are Interested
in forestry preservation and exploitation In the province.
It is a pity therefore to see a rabid
section of the opposition press choose
the convention as a text upon which
to hang a ferocious attack upon the
timber regulations in force In Hritish
Columbia at the present time and particularly to vent political venom and
spleen upon the chief commissioner of
lands and works in the provincial government. Nelson's mon ring paper exhibits Its rabid partisanship in an edl:
torial yesterday morning which is only
one of the many that are fast encouraging tlie conviction that the News
cannot be fair in its treatment of a
political opponent. Among it bilious
lubrications the following sentences
"Hritish Columbia is one of ihe few
countries that can now boast of really
great resources In marketable timber,
Heretofore little on no pains have been
taken to conserve ihis wealth. Within
the railway belt lhe Dominion government has enforced regulations regarding forest fires which have been the
means of protecting the limits situated therein, but elsewhere in the province, where the local authorities have
control, practically nothing has been
done, and year afler year it has been
neccessary to record enormous destruction of standing timber by forest
* *    ���
"It would probably be impossible lo
conceive of any system of dealing
with the timber resources of a country
more certain to result in tho dissipation of wealth than that devised or
accepted by Chief Commissioner
* ���   *
"It is, perhaps, too much to hope
that at this late hour Chief Commissioner Green can be persuaded to
take a bigger view of this question
than he hns hitherto, but at least we
may hope that the discussions will
have the effect of so arousing public
opinion that his opportunities for mischief will be speedily and effectively
To show how utterly misleading are
these statements a comparison of the
timber regulations of the Dominion
government, published as government
patronage in the advertising columns
of the News a few days ago, will show
that the system fn vogue In the prov
ince has many features which in no
way redound lo the discredit of the
provincial administration. To say
that what is right when done by the
Ottawa government, is wrong when
done hy the Victoria government ls
to display a fondness for political sophistry lhat is far from creditable.
The only persons deceived by it are
those who do not know the facts, and
to attempt to take advantage of the
natural uiilnformedness of the electorate Is one of the species of political
warfare for which the morning paper
is rapidly becoming not only notorious
but ridiculous.
When the News further slates that
no steps have been taken by the provincial government to prevent forest
fires it must be cither ignorantly or
deliberately deceiving the readers ot
that valuable paper. That it can be
Ignorant of the facts is a poor compliment lo lis Intelligence for within
a radius of less than 20 miles of the
city of Nelson during the past season,
the provincial gov-ernment has had
constantly employed a targe staff of
men fighting forest fires and the
amount of timber preserved from destruction by that element totals many
millions In this district alone. What
Is true of this district is true of all
of the other lumbering districts of the
province aud to attempt to deceive
ihe electorate by such misstatement
of facts is contemptible beneath contempt.
What the Dominion has done to protect the timber areas of the railway
lull, as it is called, is not clear though
the News seems to be well informed.
Perhaps a brief statement as to the
number of men employed and paid by
the Dominion authorities would be
convincing and could be easily obtained by those so eager to make gods ot
the Laurier administration. As It is,
the mere statement, standing as it
does alongside one misleading with
respect to the provincial authorities,
will be taken with the usual nuggets
of reserve.
While the News admits that it is
no part of the functions of the Forestry convention to discuss these matters or pass resolutions of a political
complexion, it cannot resist lhe temptation to havo a slap at the party in
power, and In misstating the facts it
Is only betraying the utter abandonment of principle which ls making It
p stench in the nostrils of people who
like  political  fair   play.
The correspondence appearing In
Ihe local press is evidence of Ilie unfortunate misunderstandings thai may
easily arise iu new communities over
rival claims for supremacy in the exhibition realm. While The Canadian
has no personal interest in the matters respecting which the Kaslo exhibitors complain it cannot do otherwise than open Its columns to the dis-
passloned complaint of the exhibitors
of District No. 2. The columns of this
paper are likewise open to those who
have explanations to offer as to how
things happened of which the Kaslo
exhibitors complain. While we do
not for a moment suggest lhat there
was any design on the part of anyone
to wrong the exhibitors from Knslo
who entered so heartily Into competition for the honors of the occasion, if
the complaints of the Kaslo people are
well founded it is evident that more
care must be exercised in the conduct
6f district exhibits In the future.
It might be well In this connection
to suggest that If there Is to be a succession of district exhibits at Nelson
or elsewhere in the community, the
directorate of the agricultural and industrial exhibit ions should embrace
membership outside of the city and
comprehensive of the varied parts of
ihe district expected lo lake part.-
We therefor hope that the unfortunate friction which has arisen will be
entirely forgotten and that both Kaslo
und Nelsou will tuke such steps us
may be necessary to arrange for u
mammoth district show next year to
embrace the whole products of this
section of Ihe Kootenays, and thai thfl
competition Will be so arranged as to
leave no room for sneh misunderstand
ing as hus arisen this year. To live
and learn is better than to live and
cherish ill will. SUQOeSB In life does
not consist iu no. making mistakes
but iu not repeating the errors. To
all and sundry therefor The Canadian
would say "Skiddool   Forget it."
It is now four days since the Liberals agreed lo choose Dr. (J. A. It
Hall ns their candidate at lhe forth"
coming elections aud not a word has
appeared editorially commending thu
choice, In the columns of the local
Liberal organ. The genial doctor,
knowing that "the publication of a
daily paper Is a business proposition
first lasi and always, may as well
make up his mind to separate himself
from some of his good money. "Ho
gives twice who gives quickly."
The Toronto Newa (Ind.) says:
"The truth Is that Mr. Horden is grow-
ing In the confidence of the country,
and In acceptance as the leader of his
party. Me has both force and reserve,
and in grasp of a question and power
of Ittcid statement no man In parliament, except, perhaps. Sir Richard
Cartwright, is his equal. He is also
developing lightness of touch, and a
capacity to deal only with essentials
in his speeches."
"Have you heard my daughter sing,
Mr. Potts?"
"Oh, yes, madam���I live only five
doors distant!"
Under and hy virtue nf the powers of sale contained in ii certain mortgage which will in* j>rn-
duoed at the time of lale, there will henffereii
fur Mle hv public tiuelinli un HiMnrduv lln* '..Mh
dav i>r October, p.m. m tin* hour of u o'clock
noon, ��t the Hotel Hume, corner ol Ward nnd
Vernon streets. Nelson, it. .'., by Messrs. Charles
a. Waterman�� Op., tbe following property, viz:
tots numbers fifteen [16) nnd sixteen tw<). hoih
in Block number ten tin), being part of the sub-
division of Lot nnnilHT ninety six, Oronp one.
iu tin-disiriei of Ko..loony, British Colombia,
and  known its tbe Hume, addition to Nelson,
B, Cm according to a iimp or plan deposited ill
the Land Registry nflireaiel numbered SUM H.
1'iion the said land fs erected h large end commodious dwelling house in flrst-class order, wllh
eiiv water, This property Ii not far from the
business portion ol the ciiy.
Termi and conditions made known at tbe lime
of stiie or in ihe meantime upon application to
Mortgagee's -Solicitor,
Daied at Nelson thelTth day of Sept, L"00.
TAKK NOTICE tbat tin application haa been
made lo  register  B. U, McLeod  as the owner In
Pee Simple, under t Tax Bale Deed from R. J,
Slenson, de-put\ asse-sor and collector of llie
Slocan  AsK.-SMiielil   Pistr'ct,  to  It. (i.  McLeod,
bearing -late tbe Bfith day ol August! A. p, Iflos,
of nil and singular tbat certain pared or tract ol
land ami premises situate, lying and being in thc
District ol Koolenay, iu tlie Province of British
Colombia, more particularly known and described as���all minerals, precious and base, (save
coal and petroleum) under Lot 3888, Oroupl, in
the District of Kootenay, "Hiiniel" mineral
Vou nnd each of you are required toconti-st
the claim of tbe tax purchaser within fourteen
days (rom the date Of the BCfrvlce of this notice
upon you. und in default of a caveator cert i ilea te
of lis pendens being filed within such pe-iod,
you will In*  forever estoppel and debarred from
setting up any claim to or in reupeot ol the said
land, and I shall register Et, <i. McLeod as the
owner thereof.
Dated at Land Registry Offloe. Nelson, Prov*
lUCO of British Columbia, this 28th d.iy of February, A. D, 1906.
District Registrar.
To Richard Beeman.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days afler
date I intend to applv tothe Hon, chief Commissioner ol hands and  Works for permission to
purehase   thc    following   described   lauds,   iu
West Kootonay District! Onnm-iieing at an Initial post planted at lhe southeast corner ol Me-
Coy'i pre- ptiou, tbenco 30 ebalus wesi to east
boundary of Lot 0190: theuce [ollowlng said
boundary south to southeast oorner of said lot;
theuce 111 chains WOBt; thence .r4J chains SOUth)
thence ;so chains east; theuce 'Ji chains north to
ooiilhw'-ht corner of Lot 233; Ihence following
west houndarv ol I.ol '.������_ to initial post.
Beptember 31, woo. D. D. Wolff,
per Khnbht W. Roiiinhon.
Notice is herehv k I ven that slxtv davs afler dale
llntend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commission
erof Lauds and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands, 160aores,
iommenolUg at a post marked John Toye, planted on thi east shop' of I.,,wer Arrow lake, about
ftn�� mile uorth of Sunshine creek, thenc*. forty
Chains east, theuce forty chains south, thence
forty chains west, theuce forty chains uorth
AloiiK lal-.- shore to point of commencement.
Dated this 18th day of .September, 1WW.
John Toy it.
Barry Gibson, A'gent.
Notice is herebv gl vent hat sixty .lays after date
1 Intend to-apply to the Hon. chief Commission-
erof Lands and Works for permission to pur-
Chase the followiiiK described lands, H20 acres,
shirting al a post marked Catherine Toye, and
planted ou the east shore of Lower Arrow lake,
near Gladstone Creek, thence .1) chains east,
tlu-nce 40 chains north, tbence IU chains west to
lake  shore,   thence south along lake shore lo
polntof commenoement
Dated this LStfa day of Beptember, 1000.
Notice la hereby given lhat sixty days after
dato I Intend toapply to the Hon. ChfefCommissioner of Lauds aud Works for permission
to purchase the following desoribed laud*, situate In West Kootenay Disiriei, ('ommenclng
ai a post marked "A, Qlrsoh's 8. B. Corner"
planted at the H. W. corner of Lot 878, about 7
miles north of Burton City and about ���'. of a
mile west of the Columbia river, thence north
*> chains; thenee west-IU chslns theuce Houtli
so chains: theuee east lu chains to point of commencement, containing Jl_�� acres.
Dated this llth day of Hcptcmber, I'm*'..
A. UtiiMit,
Per Ralph Slyk, Agent,
Sixty dav- after date 1 intend to applv to lhe
Hon. Chief CommlMloner of Lands ami Works,
Victoria, to purehase i<> acres ot laml: commencing at a post planted al the City oi Nelson's
power plant lot H. B  corner  post,  on   Koolenay
river.   Ihence 'k\ chains  souih,   tbenee wesl   20
chains, thenee north 90 chains, tbenoe east 30
chains to point ut OommeiUH ment.
Nelsou, B.C., Aug. li, IWC. K. J. CTKKAN.
Notice In herebv given that00 davs from date I
intend to apply lo the Honorable the Chief Coin-
mlssloner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchaie the following described lauds situate In West Kootenay District: Commencing
at a post marked *' K. Stewnrl's N W. corner
poit,''situated near the Junction of Lost creek
and Mouth Fork of Halnion, Ihcme south 40
chatm-, more or less; thence east so ehulns;
thenoj nortii -10 chalm>,  more or less;   thence
west bo ehalni to point ol commencement.
Salmo, August Mill, PkO,
T. II. Atkinson, Agenl.
Notiee Is herehy given lhat 00 ilavs after date '
intend lo apply to the Honorable the Clilet Commissioner of Lands and   Wnrk* to purchase  the
following desoribed lauds, 890 acres, more orient
oommenelng at a post planted on the wesl banli
of Upper Arrow lake al B point almut 7 miles bo-
low Nakusp, and marked ii. A. li ll . N K corner
posi; tbenoe 80 chains west) tbonce 40 chains
south; thence Hi chains cast, more ur less to lake
shore; thenee along   lake  shore   to  point of he-
00 ilavs afler date 1 inieml lo applv to tin- Honorable ' the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
works, Victoria, fi C,to purchase 040 aores oi
land iltuato west of Arrow lake ou tbe wesl -ide
of Whatehtin creek and joining the north boundary of s. j. Annahie application 10 purchaao,
Commencing at a post marked it J, E.8.X eor
ner and runulug w��-s* mi obalns; thenco north sn
chains; theneeeasl so chains;  thence south to
point of commencement.
���September 3ud 1900. B J. Elliot,
Notice is nercby given lhal 00 davs alter dan* I
intend io apply tothe Honorala0blefCommissioner of Lauds nml Wmks for permission to pur-
Chase the following described lands.situate in
the Wesl Kootenay dlitrlot, starting from a post
planted at the N. K corner of P. w, Boblnson's
Application   to purchnse.  thenee tn chains east,
mo chains soutli, kt chain- west, 80chains north,
���in chains west, 90 Chains nnrlh, -'"chains east. 40
chains north topotntol commencement,containing 160 acres.
Daied Ihth dav of Augusl. IWO
D, C- B, ROBimOKi
per KrhIIT U . RoHINBON, Agent.
Nol fee Is  hereby  given   that  lUty  davs  after
date t intend to appiv to ihr Honorable tho
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission lo purchase the lollowlng described
Inn I ou the west shore of upper Armw Lake and
Joining J. II. Feeuey's pr- eruption: Kunning
wesl-lo chain <; thenee iionli B0 chains, thence
east 40Chaini, to the shore ni ihe hike;  thence
south iotio ring the lake shore to point of eommeneement, containing 820 acrei more or less.
Dated August ia, looo.
H. F. Mai UtOD
J. J Kelly, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date   I   Intend   lo  applv   to  the   Honorable  Ibe
Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission io purchase the following described
land iui the west side of Lower Arrow Lake and
joining the .-outh line of the Indian Reservation:
Running west _ chains; tic uee south bo chains;
thenee east SO chains, to the -Lore ol the lake;
thence north following the lake shore to the
point of commencement, containing 100 acres
more or lean.
Hated August 20, 1908. W. It. M..i l.Kop
J. J. KlLLY, Agent.
Notice ts herehv given that   I   Intend,00 days
after date to atiply  to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of i amis and Works for permission
to  purchase   the  following   described lands   in
West Kootenay district, about the miles south
of Burton City, oommenelng al a post planted on
the east bank   of iraet C. R., ana marked "W. H.
Hamilton's B. W. c. post." and inuning north to
chaius,  theuce east  HO chains,  theuee south to
chains, thence  West SO chains toJllaOO Ol beginning, containing 010 acres of land, more or lens.
Hated this _ml day of August, p.m.
w  ||, Hamilton
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days after dale 1
Intend to apply to the 11 rahle Chief Commis
sioner id Lands and Work- for permission to
purchase the following described lands, situate
In West Koolenay district: Commencing at I
post marked "B. Conkey'* N. W. corner post." sll-
uate near the N K. corner of land applied for by
U.K., thence solllh 40 chains, more or IBM, thenee
east80 Chains; thenee north 40 chains, more or
less; thence West80chains lo point of commence-
in en t.
Halmo, August It, 1-tOfi. B. Conkev,
         T. II. Atkivsos, Agent.
Notiee Is hcrhy given that 00 days after date J
Intend, to apply to the Honor able the i'h lef Commissioner of Laml- and Wnrks for permission to
purchase tbe following described lands sll uate iu
West Kootenay district:  Commenolng ata posi
marked "R, floss's N. W corner post," situate
near the s\ B. corner of land applied for by A.
McL*>aii, tbenoe iouth 40 chains, moreorless;
thence east W chains; theuee north 40 chains,
more or less; tlience west 80 Chains to point Ol
Balmo, August ii. lMf,. r. Row,
T. H. Atkinson, Areata
Notice  is   herebv  given   Unit Sixty davs alter
date J intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Umls and Works for
permlnion to purebaae the follow ing described
land-situate in Wesl Kootenay district: commencing ata post marked "A. McLean'S N W,
corner pout,"situate near the N.E. corner of land
applied for hy A. .M'Uugblau, lbence south 40
chains, mon* or less; thence east HO chains:
thence north 40 chains, more or lens; thenee west
ho chains lo point of commencement
Salmo, August II, p.m A. McI.EaN,
Notice Is herehy given lhat oo days alter date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for per-
misson to punhase the following described lamls,
situate lu West Koolenav district: Commeuelng
at a post marked "A, McLaughlin's N. W corner
post," situate near lbe N K-corner of land applied for by P. McArthur, thence Bouth40Chains,
moreorless; theuee east HO ehalna; thenee uorth
40 chains, more or less; thence west no ehulns to
point of commencement.
Balmo, August il, 1000. A. McLuohi.an,
 T. II. Atkikbow, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that 00 days after data
I Intend toapply to the Chief (.ommlssloner ol
Lands and w.,rks Tor permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate In West
Kootenay district: Commeuelng al a pnst marked J. McArthur'a N. W.comer post," situate n_ar
the N. K corner-.(land applied lor hv ...Turner,
tbenee south iu chains more or lofs; tbenee easi
B0 Ohalns:   thenee north 40Chains, more or less;
thence west ho chains to point of commencement.
Halmo, August 11, 1000,
J. McAbthi ll,
T. H   ATKINSON, Agent.
Notice is herebv given that on days after date
I intend. u> apply to the Honorable the (lilel
Commissioner of Lauds ami Works for permission 10 mirehase the lollowlng described lands,
situate in (be Weil Kootenay district: Commenolng at a post marked "A, Tumor's N, \\. corner
post,"  Situated   at  the  N. K. coiner ol  laml ap-
plh-d for by B. Stewart, theuce south lo obalm,
more or less; thence easl Hocha.ns; theme north
III ehains, more or less;   llienee wesl B0 chains io
point of commencement,
Halmo, B.O , August ll  1000. A. .Yhnkii,
T, II   ATKINSON, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that On days after date I
Intend to apply tO the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described laml in West
Kooteiiuy  I'M'.' '   ahout seven   miles  south  of
Burton cily.  Commenolng at a post planted on
the eail bank of Trout creek and marked Mrs,
W 11 Hamilton's H. W. C, I'osl aud running
north HO chains; tbence easi an ebalns;   tbence
south 80 ohalns; thonce west80 chains to place
of beginning, containing 010 acres, more or less.
Dated this 22nd dav of Augusl. 1000,
Men. W. II   Hamilton
    W. II. Hamilton, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given that 00 days after date I
intend to apply'io the lion, the Chief. Commissioner of Lamls and Works for Permission to
purchnse thc following descrlbeil lands In the
West Kootenay dlstricl: Beginning at a post
marked It. hell's 6, K. corner, about Iwo miles
cast of tin- Salmon river, ami half a mile from
the I'end d'Oreille river, thenee 80 Huilm-i norlh,
iu chains west, KO chains south and 40 (halus east
to place of beginning.
Hated Hth day of July, I'JWI. It. H. Hm.,
Sixty days afterdate I intend to apply to the
Commissioner of LatnlH and Works, victoria, to
purchase 160 aeres ot land. Commencing al a
post planted on the west shore id Arrow Lake, at
the south east corner ol J. J Christie's pun base,
running nortii HO chains, llienee east 20 chains,
Ihenoe south 80chains, tbenoe west 8o.olia.ni to
place of eommenoement
Located May. '.it li Y.m.
A. Cakhir,
L, Gallagher, Locator.
For Unpaid Delinquent Tuxes In the Nelson Assessment District p-
of British Columbia. '     ovln
i Hereby give notloe Alton Frui.y, ilu twelfth dty ot Ootabw, a. n., UM, ��t lhe boor oi twelve o'oloei _oa_.,_t n,,. ,-������..
1). c, I -slsnii offer tor uie by publloeuotlou His- land, herelnefter eel -hi; ssl 11..- pweou in ��msl Hat hi-r.-inntii-r _et.,,,��, i<.r the- .1,11,,,,,,.      * *���
by Hid per , moo iiis- thirty-fl.il dayol December, IMS, end lor Inlereat, ooeto ud -xpeniee, lnolndln. coel of uirrninn- ,,,1,' '^'i'.1"""*
amount due la msi aooner i��nsi! lh-
l'KIIS'sN A_B_MI 11
-lioiluut, i:,l
Carl I.. II
MisMisti-ltsllli',  Bd
guaife, n.s,-
Prue-org,  Hello
Jols ,. 1   ll
K iv, iiini M
LoHaie, Louln
Miiiiiiiiaiii, Kaohel m
Wrialit, Hun v
Wolf, Conrad St iis-vsuin
Nliik-. K.-s-    	
la, sis li-    II,,sis
Aissla-rsiiill. lliti'tir
i adrat, I barlM,
Uldorada Mine, Limit.
Ai.is-mi sill Kiiitli- li. M. I
McArthur, wm
llrsssiilliiul. Rra-lne
Kl.l.,1 ���.!,, .Mils.., I.i,nil,
aiIihI'iim���-Venn, I n
llss.,mil. Quo,
. j. t.
A ss I. sir
.   Arthur
-iniiii. J
V. A. II
is.,,, i.-in Block I'.. Uii M,-, I
Block i i.,i Wi, 0 !   to acre.     	
Block.27,'��. ne, hotels, tl I , l.-i ss. n-, ,,..,
Block 7, toi 111,0 i ,-acre. ... 	
niii,'k s-j, Un M, '.i.i iaorei 	
in,sit ii, l.i ���'.' ll i . ' Has pei ...
Block IV, Lol a1-.'. '��� I   Barrel
UOacr.iln.ci   BandM Ip lla,andBec kl.Tp.IJa, Uiii_o.il I
l as i, luBectl .T|' li. Ual inc.. 'I. I 	
-.._���.[-.... Bocton U, l]> M, Usi l-la  is. I  ,.,,
ai rm in a ii .iii. i i--i nm, a i
1.01 acrei In Section 7, Tn. 17, Lot 1U8.-.1
i> [Ao  Section .' .  -  "  H  l'. 17, Lol 121s!.s.  I        	
sn Bool "'.Tl.. 17, Lol k'i-'.1,. I
a ���"������ rol its Section 90, 'li. it. Lot L'l.'       ..,,.,
ill ' - ,, rei us Boo 11. 11' Bl   Lol IMI, n   I   ,., 	
I.   .11 ,��� n - in Becllou ���' I p  31, Lol IMS, '���   1       	
JI Macro!In Bocllon O.Tp SD, Lol un. " 1
.�� -as acrei In Boell 8 end 10, Tp n. u,i i.'ii, 1,  I
31 ��acrei lu Boon ��,Tp. HI, Uiianl,- I. .    	
T.ni-ra-. sss I..-I 101,11 I
.'. rn roi 111 U.i '.''. 'i I
111,,, I I), Un "I".'.  1 ,5aorei,
l.i.l .-SI'S. ,.   1     1 SI 11 1. a
Pari Lol 5B sO.tl   1 , U if m >
Jslisrss'a 111 hot 183, '-I
t  n
3 all
0 00
0 -to
4 IU
3 Ul
It Oft
a ssr.
I. II,
a ir,
3 m
, Ml
3 HI
:i t.i
ir. 7,'s
6 in
I'.' Oil
'_.'""����� ��.."1
1 -I- Is- -
I    06
1 Ul
1 '���
1 s><
1 ',1
.' I.I   1
1 s.s  ;
HI.)    '
2 1.1
1 s.i
l I.I
2 ...
I '.I     |
I '.I
I s.s
't III
1 KI
1 1.1
��� ;
Dated at Nelrou, B, v., thia 6th-lay of Beptember, IWC
ollootor, HtUon A*
Notion ls hereby itItoii thnt HO d��vs after dmc
[ Intend to ai.nly io tbo llonorablo lho Chlol
Couiminlonorol Land* and Worki for permlnion
tn itnrohaaetbo follow inn ileeerlbod l liln the
��i-.i Kootenai District: Commencing at �� poal
marked T. It. Prenohe'a hind s k. oorner piaeed
mar 0. C. 1'mnl/. B, W. cornor, thenoo cMI hi
ohalm, thonoe north Ul chalna, thenoe weet B0
ohalni, thenoe south Wuhainato plaoe oi oom��
Dated 80th dayol July P**-      T, it. Peixch.
By AM'kKw Ami, Agent,
Kotloe in hereby given ihat no dayi aftor date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
iiiiKRhMu-r ot Landi and Worki for permlnion to
juiri'iiHtif the following deserlbed landi in tbe
Weil Kootenay district, near Burton City, com"
IlK'IU'IllgHt Uplift pltlllti'd tit I llf -n'Mln'ifl ClTlltT
oi Qeorge Efudion'i pre-emption iiniin, and
marked Harry 0.Tolllngton's K. E, c. p(.(.[, and
running wuih i" cbainsi thenoe treit 3D chains,
theuce north in chaini, thenee --a*. joiIi-iIum tn
plaoe of beginning, containing 80 acres ol lund.
more or teas.
Dated thii ���-���"th dav uf August, 1906,
HaKHY  <i. Tiil.l.INUTON.
Notloe in hereby given 'hut 00 dayi after date I
Intend tn maki* application to the Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner "f Landiand Worki for per-
in in*hm to purohaae aboul Boo aorea ol land Mm
-died nn tin- Salmon river, Weal Kootonaj dlitrlet,
Oommenelng at a poit marked B. K. Uutter'd N tt,
Oorner, piaiit-d on the west hank <���( tin- river,
iihmit t>i milea nortb oi the internr_.ttuii��i bound*
iirv.   tbence   well   60   cbalnSi them.'  mi r ha Itm
lonth, thenee east about 'k) ohaUu to the river,
thenee northerly along the rtrer io place ul commencement.
AiiKiist 18th, itwo. h. r. Burnt,
T. H, Atkinson, Agent,
Notlco i- hereby given tbat'two months after
dale i intend to apply tothe Honorable the Chlel
Coram!���loner ol (.and* and \\nrkn fnr h Lease ol
nil ihat land being the foreshore HdjoimiiK inb-
division*- 1, 8 and t ..( Lot ���'!��������. Group one(1)
Kootenay, mid being on tha aonth shore of the
Weil Ana of Kootenay lake, in Uie district of
Kootenay <
Commencing at u pout marked "A* B. Watts'
���outheast corner post"; tbenoe 80 Ohaini weat,
thence 20 ehalni north; thence *'*> chalm eait;
thenoe3t) chaini wuth tothe place of commencement; the Mid land and foreshore to he Imj lined
f<>r sawmill pnrp.iM.li.
Dated thll -1st ilay of Augusl, LS08,
A. E. Watts.
Notice i.�� herehv given that6odnvn alter dnle I
intend toapply tn the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works tor permission t"
purchase tbo following described laml in Wesi
Kootenav  DlltrlCl abonl seven  in lien iouth ol
hurton City: Commencing at a poet planted on
tbe east bank of Trout areek hiiu niarked Alex
'In -.ins N. W, c. Post and running smith 80
chains; theme  east  to chalnn; tbence  north  mi
chains! thence west 80 chains to'pnt ol beginning, loTitaliiing I'M SCrei Of lalld, more ijr less.
nated this 2-tud day of Angnit, it����
W. H iiAMii.TtiN, AgenL
Notice i.s herehy given that sixty dayi alter
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable tbe
Chief Commisaloner of hands ami Work*, (or
perraiailon to purohaae the following deicrlbed
lands commencing m �� pom marked George Toi-
lington's n. i*-- C. posti m the lontheasl corner
nl   J,   O.   Mcfinide's    pre-emption    claim    and
ninning foiith-io chains to southwest corner ol
Geo. Hudson*! pre-emption claim; thenee wesl 90
chains; thence nnrth 40 chains, thenoe east90
obalm to place of commencement] containing BO
acrei ol land more or less.
Dated thi.- nth day of August, 1806,
UIOBOl Toi.aUNinoN,
A. A. Burton, Agent.
Notice In herehy given that sixty days after
date I Intend loapplv h> the Hon- Chief Cninuils
sioner id l-andf nnd Wnrks lor peruilsslnn to purchase Ihe following described lands iltuate In
West Kooteuay distriet; Commeneing al �� post
marked J, n. vanitone'i ELK. corner post, iltoate
in the Salmon ftiver Valley, al i point adjoining
J   Meecher's laud  Ml  western   liniindarv, theint!
went HO -haln��.  thence north *i Chains, thence
(last HO chains, thenee MUtfa *0 ehains tu polnl Oi
July _lt1i, 1<*UU. J. II. Vakstok*,
T. II. Atkinson. Agenl.
sixty days after date. U Margratl McQaarrle*1
Intend to appiv to th- Honorable tbe Chief Com'
miaaionerol hands uml Work-. Victoria,B,C,
tn purchase tbe foUowlng described land, Commencing at a posi marked M. UcQuarrlo the
bank of Lower Arrow lake, thenoe to ohaini
west;thenco00chaini norih; Uionce -in chains
east; tllCncc 00 ohaini  Mnth   lo  phoe id t	
moucomont. aald to contain nm acres more nr
lou. Covering ground held hy <>- h, Anderson*!
I> I Ihis Hth dav nf Septemher. P.Mi.
Mtlu.UKn   HcQDARItll,
W. h. P��_Vffg. Agenl
Notice I" hereby given that ni\tv dan after
date I ill lend loapply tn the llommif.l,- llie Chief
qommlolonarot Landi and Worka forpormlMlon
Ui puroFase tbo following deaorlbed itimin Mtnau
in Weil Kootenay dlstrlol: Commencing at i im.i
planted   ill    Ituhert   < nrletfs   nnrth   call   cnrlier
pnst and marked A. -I'l N. W. Corner thence
oast-10chains; tnence nichtitns iouth,  �� or
less lo tin* Kootenay nver; thence 40cbalm we-t
iiiong the Kootonay rlveri  theme in i-hains
north, nmre nr less, t'i the place of commence
ment, containing ino acrei more or lesi.
siupfmher Mih P.HJth
Annik IrfOORI.
Wii.Mam Mdohk as Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that Hlxty davs after
date 1 intend to apply io ihe Honoraole the
Chief CommlSllOUer  of  Landn and   Wnrks   for
pennisHion to purobase ihe foiinwing described lands situnle In the West Knoleniiy
district,   starting   from   ti post  planted nu   the
norih hank of the North Fork of \)o* creek
thonco 20 ohalni west, W) cbalni north, oo chains
wesi, 111 chains north, 00 chains wost, �� chaini
north, '2"ii'hHliis west, 'iOchains north, Hi chiiliia
eHNl, 20 chains south. 90 chains east, 40 chains
south, 30 ehains east, iOohslm muth to point of
eomnicneein. nl. ii'iihtiiM!,:- liln acres
Dated l��lh dny or August, 1906.
KltNllST W. ltolllNM)N
Notice ts herehy given thai i'0 dayi arte, ditto I
Intend to make applfcatlOD to the Ffonorahln il,..
Chief Commluionor of Unds and Worki foriSr.
ilo-lrh-l of tti'Hl Kiiuteiiay,eim]im*ue iivhi ,, .....i
planted on tho south ildo ot Boundary croelton
iheiiiiernaii  boundary line, ono and ��� h��ll
m loi east from the Kalmon river, marked "I*:
B, Aihims, Hf.ufi Mi cornor," thonca woit _
halus. ihem,' north mi ehnins iRoeastSo
hains, Ihenee souih Mtl chains lo pluoof com.
neiieonieiit. "'
BtlHU B. Ajiams, Locator
(itp;->h ,H. Reeves. M..gS      '
Bth day of July, pm.
Dated thin
Hixty days after dale l Intend in apply to the
Honorable llio Chlel imlstioner ol l^mis mid
Wort i, Victoria, to purehaae M0 aeres of Und,
loc 1   nml   described   a-   follows:   ivtng the
northeaal quarter nl taction twenty-two, and
lbe lOUth halfnf the northWOll ���|UarlerHeetl<>li
twenty Ih rec, Tuwii-liip -ixty -nine     And /uil'u'l
descrlned as foi low*., rnuinieming ��t n po-i
marked J J. N. W corner,and i>Uine.| 40ohalns
east ni the Dortbweii i toi BecUon twenty*
two ainl running cast Hit hums, theuee souih N
ohalni! thenoe ci^t 40 eliains, tbenee south 90
chain**, thenee west n> ��� halim, theme imrih 4*1
chains to plnee of beginning,
August 'Jilt, l��UtV 'aMKS JoHNSToMt,
w. A. Calder, Agent.
Notice is hereby glvi
i that I
1 day** after date I
iutend toapply to the Honorable the chief Com-
mlsslonei   of hands  and   Wnrk*  for ;������ * in : ��� i + -1��
t>> purchase the following dcnrrllx-d land, ntluato
In Fire Valley, In the Weal Kootena) distriet, adjoining W, a. t'aitier'n pre emption, starting at a
|��ist   marked   M. MeiJuHrrie'a lOUlhwaal euruer,
runnlngNcbalni east, thenoe Wchains north,
tbence 10cbalni weet thence 4') ehains south to
[Hiint ol commencementi
Dated this nth day of September. 1908,
MaKV   MttjlAHHIR,
I. B  TaVI-i**, Agent.
tfotloe is bereby given that m den after date t
inicud to apply to the Hon the Cnlei Coramia-
sinner nf l.amls and Worki for permission to purchase (Iif (ollowlng desenU-d lands In West
Knot.nay district, province nf llrlllsh Columbia.
Commencing at a poal marked a a Unrton'i
h. w. corner, on the smith side ,.{ Cariboo creek,
aboQt two miles east of Hutlou City lOWtlSt-C,
aud nl the imrlhwest OOnUI nf Wiliiaui Meliev-
Itt's pre-eiii|>tlou claim, tbenee east ID 'halus,
tin lice nnrth 80 chains, tbence west IU ehalns,
theliee smith t'O chain- to the plaee nf l*'gln nlug,
containing '.'.u acres nmre or lets
hated this -Ith day of July. PJMV
Notiee |- hereby given thai 00 dav* Min-r date I
Intend lo apply to th.  Hnimrahle Chlel CommlS
sioiit-rof l_andi and Work-, ior permlaahu to pnrchase the following described landi, situate In
thi* Wesi Kootenay -ihitriet. starting from a j>"��i
planted at ibel v\ .oorner ol Kroesl w.Eohlnson'i
Applicallou tn I urchMOj and on the nonh l.auk
nf the Norih Fork of '*og creek; theme io cbalni
west, *��� 'hains north, lu> ehalns ea��t, io ehalns
south, kt ehnins west, io chaius xmitii to intense
tion of north llneof B, w. Roblwon'a Appllaation
kl I'lirchaw, thence 40 chains west ami J) chains
���OtttO to (Killil of eoliilticmi'ineul, eoiilaltilug fi-10
Iinlitl IHU) 'lay of August, lrtfi.
P  W   ROBinoH,
per Bumei w. Rmtwcnii Agent,
Notice Is herehv glvi-n lhat fi" davs alter date I
inieml toapply in the Uon- the Chief CommJs-
���loner Dl l-timl**- and Works for pcrtnhwii'ii to purehase ilu* fniinwing described landi in west
Kootenay distriet, province ol Hritish Columbia;
Commeneing nlapost marked -William Tnl I lug
toll's uorlhwesl corner JmisI." said post hcing
planted al the snuthwesl corner of the "t/ueeil
Mineral  Claim,"  ami  adjoining tin* east Mm- of
M. I'haii's pre-emption, thenre south twenty (Ji)
ehains   along   said   Hue,   thenee  east  forty (In)
Ohalns,thenee north twenty (0) chains, tbenoe
west forty (|ii) ohelllSmom or less, to the plan of
Hated 1st day of August, 1906.
Hy hla agent J. K. Taylor.
Notice Is given that 60 itn afterdate I Intend
toapply to the Uonorahle the Chief fnunuls-
Hlotier of hands and Works for permission tn
purchase the followlna deserlhed lands in (he
Weel kootenav Dlstrlol I Commencing nt a post
marked C.C."pojut/ Land s. B Comer placed
mar iin* pend d'Oreille river ai Boundary oreek
east ilde ot Balmon river, tbence easi wi chains
nlntiK the International Houndarv Line, thenee
ii   Tin 4H chains, thenee  west   w chains, theliee
south 4li eliains tn tdaee ot commencement,
tinted the90th of July 1000.        C.C. Povntx.
Ity A'Nl'KKW Aiuk, Agent.
Notiee is herehy given thnt two months after
date   I   Inteml   to  apply   to   the   limn.rahle   the
Chief Commissioner ol l.amls ud Works for
permission to purchase the .nih.ulng deierllajd
lands situate mi the west arm id Rootenay  hake
in the iHsiriet of West Kooieiinv;  Commencing
at a posl marked "William Kuefhy's N.W. pest!"
thence   wesl  twentv (��)  chains; thenee  soutli
Arenty  (30) chains;  them ��st twentv   <_Ji)
dbalnsf thence north twentj (3D) ehains to the
point of commencementi oontelning fon>* (40)
acres, mure or less.
I)ate<l July?. IWlfi. t.Q, NKlxoK.
Notice Is herehy given thai fiodavs aficr -lale. I
I nd in H|.id\ lo ihe Hon. chiel Commluionor
Ul l.amls ami Wnrks p.r permission to purchase
ihe hiiioumg described traol or land situate lu
Wosl Kooteuay District:  Com nolng at the
Mitithwosl corner o( Lot 7.8801 thence rumiig
n.-l lu eliains; t In-iiee nor! li JO cliaiiiv; thenee
tte-1 1(1 chains; Ihenee norlh JUchalljs; theiiee
��� ti I so chains; theliee SOUth .<> chains lo point
of commenoement, contain Ing 840 acres, moreor
Dated nl Nelson, II C.i Ihis 98rd day of Julv,
IliWi. Mahv i-m ani.aN,
per V  0,
Notice ii hereby given tbat 00 dayi after date 1
intend to appiv tn tin- Llonorablo the chief Commluloner ol hands ami Works for permission to
purobase the following dosorlbed lands situate
:n West Kootenav DTltriotl Coiiiuielictig nt I
post marked "l'. McArlhut's R, W. corner post
situate near Ihe N. B. corner ol land aji|dh'd for
by B, McArthur thonco ��Uth 40 ehains, more or
less; thence east to chains; (hence norlh 40
eluiiiis, more or less; thelieu wesl HO ehalns lo
point of (otniiiciifcmciiL.
Halmo, II. C., August llth, HNMi.
P. M' \ luiirii
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Hlxiv days afler date I Inieml to apjdv to the
Commissioner of \MntU nml Works, Vleiorla, lo
purehase IliO acres ot lalld, all uate and described
as follows: Coimneiieing at a post planted on Ihe
Wist side of Arrow lake opposite Ciulhoo ("lly, III
or near the southwesi corner ..f H. 11 nig purchase, and marked "(4, M.A..H K. corner," and
riiuuiug uorih 4ll chains, ihence west It) ehiiftis
to II. Annahie'*. purchase, theliee soutli luchiilna
moreor U-Hs lo (he lake shore, thenee along lho
lake ihore to place of hcgluuiug.
A tiiaf.isT .'..tii, 1906, (1. M   ANNAIll.K.
Notice is herehy given that f*i days afler ilale I
Intend N. apply tothe Uonorahle lln> Chief Commissioner of hands ami Works, Victoria, In pnr-
chaHU HO aCrOS of laud, Situate ahout one iml,'
east of Ihirloti C||y on tllO ctist side id Arrow
lake, ami deserlhed as follows: Commencing al a
post planted al lhe northeast corner of Lol >. ...i.
thenee norlh SO chains, theuee wesl 40 ehaitiB,
iin ue,. suuth iaic-iiniiiH, ihonooca��t 40ohelni to
plneti of heginnliig
AugUlt -Sth, 10W. J. It, HUNTER,
���'um-i- Is lien IiT flTfll (list l.l.l.,.   ,.
ii...-..'i .;. ai.pi/1!.,..,,-'S'liXt _
 ''l-.,l W-..V,.-. "l
ll.lll I
i a   .,.,���-,��� y���.  H������������b|    ,
 �����'"I Uss.i. ��s���i ��������;V,
lorebaM lha (olio���in, dauS
talkaWMtX, i,.a ,n.m,',
I.. 1'i-nrwi.irs. -hi lis. nnrtll, ahnsas ..
-I.T Isilli-M Irs.iu Us,. I't-tid',!
lr. f"
,|iisirt,-r tssll.-ss irs.ni tlla r,-is.l.|'li,,.|||,
llll-SI.'IIISt sit ,i  j-.-i  inns a.  s I'  s   i,,
corner |ssss,t, tu.ncc ni ,,,-,,,. ���	
I'lsaln. woal,  Hi.-  n L'ls.ltsi
rllsilliss ��'i"l lis isliif nl i imanouutt
l-H-at. .1 llss' lililayial Aiimi.1, im
lln��a> liumifli
Notl-I il Isi-ri'lsy Klva-is Ul��H>lij.s,_-i.t|
ill t-.-i.-l 1a. sapi|.ls ti. Us.' Ilnntirablt it, Jiff I
i,,i-i.,ii. i .,( i.��i,.l. ,sin! H���rli.(,���_Z_rl
pis r- Isssas' tin- Inl Ins. Iiik sis- rlbed o;il_l
KsKsii'ssny Dlatrlct aboul an sinl.. .,lli��\
lists I'll) : I'siiiiliu'IiL-lliK nl i�� |���..| s.i,-M-_l
i-a-l Imni i.( 1 mill rfiik ���llilltiattrli MI
IT'I S   W. I'. l',iBt its,I rsiiilillsr lotlli , -csaI
tlti'in-i- aait 80 cbalni; tbence i������u, .'u_l
tlis-liss' aa-s-.t dl t Isalli. to tin- |il.ir is! .imI
unlit. OonlallllllR I'atll assist, linir,- or:. u
llati'il till. ..'ns! slay of AsifCUFt, It,
C L ran 1
W   11  llaniTv. \���
Notlri- la lii'rislsy (flvi-ii lla-t Ci il.ya .!-t-__l
Ill1.-I.at Iss a|,|-ly I.. lha Hi rtt l.< lis, I ���.�����
liilaal.ilu-r ul 1-tn.la ami Haiti, lor ��nt_r^
puii'lsaai-Hi.- liillnultiK i!a-rsl..l its] 1,
in.'in tilt- nl a i' -.[  liiirk.-.t    1   ' lr, , i,
tier." I'U. .-.I .an llie i-aat ilior. ol l.,w��� a
Lislaaal llss-iiiirllsavi-al I'ssriiaio! J rbrli'
til li utliiti tu l-iirilisue, runlilisllUfiioea-,-
.-.hi; lbence80cbalni nortb; uon i m\
more nr leai, a..-at ti, thi' lakt'.tsn-,. sts-w-l
Issaslnii laki-alisirs' lis |.,.tnt nt s-asBsm..--, I
isiiilaliiisii, llsillain-i mssrs- ssr la,,
Dale- Usi- -inl slay ol Julv, laa.
Notice la 1,,-ra'l.y atvt-is sliat r.t.s,���,[���a*l I
ItlU-lltl Ua a|,|,la 1.. Ills-H.itiiirnMi sW'Ustlla-
Itil- rnl I alula ainl  1\ ������' 1 ���!' a iaM.1,   ,
pun-liasw His- fiall.iwltifr. ili-a-'tlla.l .s-silael
siss lliai-a-i ,111-ssl Arrnaa  1.1.   '-n-rtjlt
llio nortbeaat oornei ssl A. An-MtiMM
lln tn.' nortb forty chain.. Ui.ta nalell
rlialni, Hii-nve aoiilli  forty i'b.��ini,-rB��-l
fi.rly i-liHlua   lo fsolni ..l su.-tsaantaa
li.lisllia liln asrs-a. mon-or lias,
lissti-al Sepla.-uil.cr 1, Iwsfi.     Jaawf iialfc
pcrN. I'l-". Ar*
Notlt-i- la beroby alien tJisal fio .taj-��ai-rr-asul
liiti'ii'i toapply to tin- Hssis Chlel CnaM
..I Umla ��,il Worka lor i��-niili-loinar<n_ee .
III.' I..II..HIIIK .l.'a.TllK-.l landa, .initial i>w
Konli-Iiav dlitrlet: roiiini.titlii, ,i.r..iaKt-
..I "BKW ri, K i-oriliT." |i!asst.-i| -u tlsrilisrtM
EjOWU Arrnl. lake, atisnil mis- milt sassilk _ ,
l.i.rilull i-r.,-k (Jsilitltl,,li,ria-k,Mh'Hl.lJf,S_
i'lialna. Ih.-na-a- ataat -I slsalli., Ilnmf asmta
rlsalllt. tlii'tu-e i-aal 31 i-halts. lo pi'lsst-i��-
liii-iisa-iiii-nt. i-oliulliliii: is" asnt musT ��*_
ais.l s-.iiiiprlaltia nls-iiil<,n,-.l pre amjsii"n>-'*
Hliik.'.l Mil, .til. .lay of Auiii.l, I*- _���
II. II WisttBt*
A.N. Willi l��Tisl...tplt
Intend t.> ��|.|.ly I., tin- Il..,...ra_le flbleMe-����
���loner ol l_is.lt an.l Work, lor i��r_ii��l��i��Sfi
.Ua..' the lollowlnl deBrthed laini-..iww"'
II aat alsla- ol Arms, lake: ComBiiMW
00.1 market!   A. Ma.-lss.il'. IO-��tt-B_ft "H
���sssilli   !'-rtv  i-helna, liilli.��lll����-T��T,��f!5
boundary; iln-mi- can ilxty chilis., i��mm_\
nl i,ii-ll,al.ll Croak I iloni-i- ii��rtlilnitr'����
Uience eaat ilxty cinin. to pelm ol'i""���'
meiii,i-,inlalnliie-lOa.--|i. more or !"�����
lialiil >eptomt��i I, l'��       ��������",���',
Per N. Iifmttri., Ajelt.
Nollre la hereby alven tint60day.'/'"''"'
linens! to apply lo llie Honorable Hie ' '"V**.
IlillallilliTOl Ull.lt Hll.l Work, lor FpM��Q
pnn-liaae llle lolloirluii sli'isrllsesl '"i"1","'"���
Iriusi a poat iuark."l W. fi n.irlhai-tl I"1' J'"
lanilli is .halna. Ilsi-u.-s- ea.l ai ehalni.ib��
u.irlli tu,-halm, llii-nii- si.'.i an-hilni -il-iliij
i��.iisiisi-li.-i'iist!i|i,   cnlHliiliiil M wn-l. n��J��
len; adjolni on tbo (ui ol a. aui i ��'rPw
iissn iii purchaie, ,���._
Doled iiiia anh day ol tuputs U* ��� - tIi
N. IsraER... AienL  _
Sltiy ,1,,,-. after dale I lnlen.1 "���-if'J!*!
Ohlrl rom .loner  Ol   Undi "i"1  "   9J
Viois.rlsi. loi���p.-rssslti.lsiiil.ii.iiri'lsa.i'i'lit '"" ,,
ami .uiv (100) hit I land, """I ���" S5
 ia lolloWi!   roiisi's'-l's'i'sk' "' ",. 1" ,,   "ill
eighty(B)obali ml "i",*"���,*, 'I-","sV
riiiiit.-r't preemption and marked ' ���'-;   , m
s's'i'iia-r,"  nud   rulilillik'  oaal  <"'}      \,���M
ii.'-iies-  ii. torn (i "',,i"'-,i,:;','V,,i..."i
i-hsi thonce north tony [��)��hali	
0, K lliti-1'1'
'    7, 11M).
Notice la hereby ilvon thai " '"'"h,,.(,',,�����
I iiii loupply lull,.-II s.ilii'll" ','���,.
us hsii.siii-r.il la and Wnrkilorpcna ootj
I'"'.'  loll ��*J*r.ll^rimmeKi'
��� us tin- s-nal this- ol Arrost Inks'. ' '"','''      h(K(
ih.- louthwoil cornor ui a. Anthonj ���!",,,
 uee .miih twenty cli , i"''"' f !���,���.i
eluilm, thonco norlli .Iwenly l^',1, ""^meDK"1-
I,,, , i ; ,,i,iiiieliei'liien
taas'lity rhiilii,  In  pssl
linn is,a wi sun-., inon' ni" low ���    ,- ,, amtf,
l������e.H-,'���le,���l���T,.i;!;.N   _,��',;- 5|,i
,    ,_., all"
Nollee I. hereby alven tlial ''*,>,,,',.,1,,1'hltl
date .intend toapply to *��J��iWS!!S��
Oommlw oner of Undi and wornrarw. ,.
i.i purobaM Uio I wlni    '',,, ,"i <
ill. Ill Ihi- Wa-itl Ki.s.leli'' 'I'"!;';,"' ''J, , H
I'uiil Ainlre'a pro ini| Ion all"��> ,rt,|s���-
uiarke.l A.J. lama, N. I' cor er. 0 '>"*��� ���.l
ol l-s.w.-r Arrs.iv lako, .-(""J*_fZ,llt,m
I ii'iu-e -II) chalm ���oulli. Ini'""-',  ���n���ie
ihi .- in chaini north to P' ' ""
men'- ..   ..,  u.l. .Itsavs.!"-'?"-"1*
isa it Nol  H. I-, Illlll"1"1*} j.MiSSI,
""r',"��" w��. l-.-i.Aan.;->'""1     -
Notice I, hereby given Usui 'W, fflll��
intend lo apply 1.1 ao ">���"""���.I 1,���si.>imi��
mlaalonor ,,l linll��n. _T��!_IS__5r llinl"'."1.",'"
UllttloniT ol liiiiuiaanii '���'"-,,,���,, lanfl,, .ss"-"
purehaw. Uie lollowlnl doior >el JJHlBlW
III liic.llilrlcl ol Wi-I lv"o.e..">l V,,,-,,,nit*
7Wii.il tho woal arm nl Kootoi ay i�� mlM,��i
eltiK ul tho llilllal   I"*1  l,,l"T,'1.?,,. lint, ll"1"
i-onn-r nl l.ol 7lil, '''"'���'-     n, is.. II'**
ileal W ehalna, th.-i  sss.ul.  -;'"' ,���t.
enal 'JI I'lialnaiopsslnl,"! s-nisiiii' y���w piuOV
them 0 Bu ehalna asiulis. ioe��- - |a,nl���i I
nnlll' Ol  eolillneneeiiielit, CO	
mure or Ichi. , , ,   ,_��� .,,
Datod lho Jlal day of July tWK, A 0iMiU.t . FERGUSON & CO.
inrrv a complete itock o( Foreign Wines, Beer. Liquor.
It-_ii   Uqueun,   aod  Canadian  Wiu.i and Whliklei.     ���
It our RETAIL DEPARTMENT* next to postoffice
(iivt.NKhollIf Port,-Sherry, CUret, Brainly, (itn, Hum, Rye, Scotch,
"'""'    , ni' or any lnereaned (inautlty you dculre.    Kor family une try our
,,,_, ii ��.<>��'-_*_
��� >. o. mis Iii2(i
per iai Bank of Canada
'* Mt>_  (_.*-_.    Toronto.
Head Oflicc:   Toronto.
l,T,i   \i iiioKI/.Kr)....��li,iiiiii,iKiii. OAPITAL PAID UP,,,.14,980,000
fllA'' KKHT 14,880,000.
���   |i WII.KIK, 1'restdiint. HON. KOHKH'l' JAKKKAY, Vioo-Preildiiut
Bunches in British Columbia: '
H-iassit- i-, ��� ivi'ii mnl itiUin-Ht itlloweil ut s-urrisnt ruli-a iniiii ilutis of opening ac-
.,,inl.pili"il liulf-ywirly.
|b__ON hhan-H J.   -V-.   LAY, Manager.
K Burns & Co.
kltfketi in   K.mh1iiim1,   Tmil,   Kelson, Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver and BloaAn City.
loHiiy hraneh will have
i  HlL-fUl   Ittl.'lllloll.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Summary of Address of   Trades
gress Forming New Party.
The inevitable test of strength
which every member of the trades and
labor congress knew must take place
before the close of the convention ol
last week accurred on Friday afternoon at Victoria, and resulted in a decisive defeat for the Socialist wing ot
ihu convention body.
My un overwhelming vote of G8 to
7 the oongreiB decided that In the now
lmity   which  lt  will launch,  tho  plat
form will he that ot the congress and
not thai of the Socialist party of Canada.    Vice   President  Simpson   of  Toronto, who is a Conservative-Socialist,
Haw   the tactical  error   which  a   vote
would   be  and   asked   Delegate   Petty-
piece to withdraw IiIh umendment, but
alt hough   IMtypleeo   did   so,   Delegale
inn inn   insisted   that  this  amendment
be  put with the result   above    mentioned.
There were two speeches made during  the afternoon   which  gave an  almost, tli-amatlc  louch   lo the   proceedings, tor lhe room was packed  in an-
11d pal lou  of a hot debate, and  even
Bootoliel   Leader   llawthuriithwaite  occupied a Keal among   the   spectators.
Vice  Presldenl   Simpson,  when the Issue wna fairly drawn, made a clear and
manly speech in  which he clearly defined   his  |K)sitiou.     lie   said   he   had
taken lhe pledge of the Socialist   party of Canada and could not, therefore,
support any one who was not of that.
This formed the keynote of a reply
by the veteran trades unionist, Fleet
of Hamilton .who made a spirited attack
OD Simpson. His speech, however, did
not create any such enthusiasm as
that of President Verville, who embraced the opportunity to say a number of
things which might have been in his
mind since the convention opened. He
prefaced his remarks, after leaving the
chair,  by  the statement that he  had
The My CtnadUn
each uf th.m, and they were declared
elected amid great enthusiasm. Mr.
Simpson Is avowedly a Socialist, and
he won ail hearts by his candor and
hiB eloquence.
Delegate Gray ot Victoria was appointed vice president lor Brltlah Columbia, and the executive ot Brltlah
Columbia will be composed ot Messrs.
Sherman, Perry and Dutton.
8. H. Landers ot the Garment Workers' union wae elected fraternal delegate from the congress to the American Federation of Labor, and Winnipeg was decided-on as the next place
of meeting. Edmonton and Moose Jaw
were other places In nomination
Silver King HotellRANCH LANDS FOR SALt
_.v_- svr-KKT   NET���OH ^^.-^^^.���
Beat Dollar a daj house in the Kootenays.
Roomi an well t-r-Uhed. Table u food -i aor
ln Nelion.   B_r inppltod with good
lln nan ana clx-ri.
W. I. MoOANDLIBH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
European and American Flan
Meals 'tb cu.  Roomi Irnm -> eta. to 11
Oul- White Help Employed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
NotlOt ll liircby ntvi'ii tlittt, thirty dHVK tiflor
illltl',   1    lllllll'l    to   r_|i|>1y   to   till'   11��- T... r j, . -t --  1hr
ipMlfJ lloeoM tne.ii mnl curry awuy Umber frnm
the .'illuwiiiK .,.���- mi.i'i UiiiIh, Hllun.e In thu
Weti Kooteiiay illnlrlcl*
Nn. 1.��� Commencing at a post inarkf'l Die
to.i, n:'- HiiiiitiwcHt dirtier [KhHj ami plant*<1 on
the Wft Kl'lc nf 1 ��� 11r���'*.*tj rlvernml about r-ilx inlics
QOrthMIt of lhe went fork nf lhe Duncan rher;
tbenoe KO dialim cant, tbenea to chalnn north,
tbenoe ���'���| ' 'Imliw went,"thence (j-Qclialti* aouth to
lmim ol cninintMiceinunt.
No. I*���OontOMUlng lit a |)ONt marke'1 oi.
(Hhtk'h > ��� ii i UlWi Nl i miii. i l-i.' t.�� i ml |ilnii I- '< In ii tin-
cant Bide nf ' micali river alio ahoul w>veli mil"���*.
nottbeeet uf the went lork of Ihe l>tiiieau river;
tbenee ~*< i-tinim* eut. tbenoe hii cibAlni nonh,
thence HO ilmllii* weat, the uee ��i ehalna aouth to
j.uiii* nf cnmineticcmciit.
I     No. 8.���Commenolng   ut   a pout   markeii   Oil
Oljcrp'* xouilicimt corner pout, ami nlauici) on
I tin* eact Mile ot lhe Duncan river una about kIx
mllei (mui the wi'Ml fork ut lhe ' hihi.ii river;
lbence -to obtlni weit. tbenee UOehMns imrth,
Ihence 41) chain* cum, thence ICQ chaliiK --mill to
point of coininenccmciil.
No.  -I ���Commencing   Kt   u  poat   uiRrkeil   Ole
ui,./.'-- uniiihwcHt corner poel, end i-inni<--1 on
the eiifl h1<Ic of hum-mi river iitol uboui Blgbt
mile* northeaal of the weat fork of the lUiiictin
river; ihenee N" ehuiiiH easi, lbence wi chain**
norlh, tlience B0 cIihIiin wc��t,  thenee HO chalna
aouth to point of eommenoement
Nn. &.->���Commencing   Ht   a   .Mint   mnrt-i'il  Ole
Oberg'i northwest oorner poet, ami punted pn
tlie eaat -i-i" "il Duncan river ami about "Ix milea
lorth of the WMl fork of the buncun river,
it the mouth ot limn creek; thenee B0 chain'.
OUt] thliece to i-lotin- Routh, thence Ht)chalnn
weit, thenee HO ehalna north lo |>ulnl ol com men-
Nu, ti ��� Commencing at a pout markeii Uie
OIktje'h northwewt eorner jmikI, and plttutcil on
the eail aide uf Dunean river and about live
mlleM north ol tbe weit fork of Dunean river:
thenee Hi ehnlnn east, thence WI chain* nouth.
thenee BO ohalni weat. theuee HO chain* north lo
poini of commencement.
No.7a���Commencing at a poetnlnnted on tbe
MJt Ilde of lbe Duncan river, about four mile*
north of the went fork of told river, marked Ole
Oberg'a norlhweitt eoruer pout, llienee 40 chain"
CUt, theuee Hn ehiMnx south, Ihenee to ehalna
weal, thenee IO ehalna nortl), thenee -in ehalni
eaat lo point of eo nmetieeincut.
Dated Golden, B. C, August tttb, 1WC,
ou obkru, Locator.
Baker Bt., Nelion Proprietor!
Battlett   Hotise |
H. & M. BIRD
T. n. PROCTER    1
Real Estate and Mining
I'lrw   -ind   Ac��ld*n*
Best DoUat-a-Day House in Ntlson.
Tbe Bar la til. Hsieit.
WhlW Help Only -mploye--
JoswphlD. Bt.
N.lion. B. 0.
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest e��tal.li��hed Real Estate
B-slness in Kootenay-
Nelson, B. C.
IHEUSER    ",AND THE origina:l
KJSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
^ew Fall
joods Arriving
Imnortar ���>�� lJl"��
l.nsllah ��i.....is��
tKAI.Etl TISNDBR8, nropsrly liial.snsi'l. ail" '"'
n-.-lva-sl  by  lis.- sn.sli-r-.il, I ills I" ��s I
su-lliiil Mssuilay, the lllu-i'inli Oefo-sr "�� ��� ���'"
i-; 1 res-lion an. .,.iiiiili-iii.ii "I si I'""" ll"""i'"
',-. .peolOoatKmil ami .-..ii.n ii""- '���'**���.":
: -ontr-oi mar i... mn at ti"- ram,
Knglimer'i offl-S, VI. itofls, I. J , ��"��<
, nl theii.svs-sssiiss'iii Agent, KrtKBii �����> ������
ssll.-r tin- lllls h.-isls'inba-r ln-il
lr r   llillsat   1.1-    slillmnli;.!   ����   ��
1  ,., ,,,.  (,,,  (la,.  (1,1  l.a-r aa-llt    OIMll ���
���l il,,- l,-i���l,-r lor Hi'. Isilllilul 1'iTl""!"""'"
mpletton nl lln- wnrk. ���. , .
,-i,ilei ol ll_smm_��t-l I.-i.-l.-r-rs.     1   I.
��� l u. thorn mi thi- .���loi'iitli'ii ol thi-ioii
Iiii, i,,���,,��� ,��� an; ton_or1in( ni uut.1 ��'-
Isj 1
plbill Worki Kimlii.-i-r-
 1-ssss,1 WnrL. Densrtm.nl,
i us. B r.,mliHs-|slinils.r. I"1
Certificate of Improvements
I'issinisli,-, 1,1am,   FlrM ObanM, I'liilniliil-- Ijjj
iiansi) Mile Crsotinn mlnaml ����'">���',{!'.',
ale  111 thi   Ni-l-snu  MlUlllK   lllll.lonol Wa-ssl
tils lliarai ssn.I Hear-ri-i'ki.  ,,
T.k lls.l 1, John Mi-U ������lil<\ "<*��� ''*��   >
' s"l istlliK ���� ����""'. I"r,,:1'',""!:1', ?������*_.
sn- Miner'! C��rtl��o��s No. B5W. Inlaa9..���'��;
'ni - Iron, ilu- -.to hereoi, tosjiply _ tJjJjM"fi!
isTonier (nr Oortlflcatea o rmproyeiii"'��- ffi'
Hie purpole nl nlslnliiliiR Drown liruiiuol tl"
Jno. T\ Pierre
ker St. Nclmin, B. C.
Itoudea 8iiiin*sM*��i to theundmdined, at hts
iiiiii*.- ui the Coutl HouMi in tlu* rity ((f KqUod,
will t.*> raovlTid uii till tin* hour (iliiw o'clock in
tlie iftarnoon of Mondcy, October Ifitb. IfiQfl, for
tin- tmri'liHfi' ol tin* "BlM Kyi'-l NVllii'" MintTsl
Cltim, LotSBWd, which wit deeUnd torlcitad to
tin' i-niwii nt tin* Tax sal.' hild hi the I'lty of
Nt'iitoii on the6th ��i��v ol Novembori 1906, for d��*
liiKint'iit utu iii'iMi June:wtii, 1908,anileoita.
Tiio upiQi pHcfl upon the i��ld ntlneru claim,
wliirii InoludM Uu1 mnoiiiit of dcllnqncnl tnw*.
mnl ooiti at tin* iimi' ��f forffiliirt*. wiili liiltTi-Nt;
UXXtM wliicli luivu lint*! nt't-rui'il; ami let for
frown irftOti \x H&Q61 Which in tin* least Htnount
that will ba eomldarad n�� i tender.
Btoh tender nan w ecoompahled by hu rc*
oQptoa ohequQi peyeblc to the order nl tne Depn-
tv ComtnTtttoner ot Lendiind Worlci.it per et
VlotorUi B. 0 , for the amount tendereds
Oovernment Agenti Etolioni 1*. Q.
Dated at NrlNoii, H f   nils I'.ih
���lay of Beptemher, IWO.
ThcBigSchoontrD^.    |A
Or - Half-arid-Half "    DCCl    IKJL*
Thc only Olass of Oood Beer iu Nelson.
Hi.1,1 iii'i'i'iiiiiniiliiiiiiii- sut'tillil tn none III Hrll
i.h Colombia. i'.iss,-,i s.s i���-t ,i���y Bpanlu rate,
lu ninnllily laniinlera. Only home hotel In Ncl.on
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hill and Vernon,
two blocks trom whurf.
Rale! 91.00 per day and up.
hSttjft.      NELSON. B.C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ER1CKSON, Proprietor.
neutrally Lonatedi Open Day aid Nlghu
Bample and Bath Rooma Free.
Choice Fruit
Lands m
I Hare 10,000 Acfea
of the
Ch��ice��t Frott Lxieta to
Btttiih CobmeU*
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward ant) Vernon Struts.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company it Limited.
Ti* Sttathcona  p rchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Nelson. B.O.    '	
^^^     Nelaon, B.O.
8. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
'   Kootenays.
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen _ Hotel
_ .      -.      .   _-�� -   _ n
""Ba-er Btreet. Nelion. B. 0.
Lighted by Electrioity mbA
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Oomfortahle Bedroomi and Pint.
-laawlmi "-��� -���..-_ n-nma !or Commercial Hen.
I'mUT mnl hy vilUii'nl Hit-imwiriif wiili* roii-
i nl n.-. I lu it OOttAlU I nl- iiiiui.it MnitKaKi'.wlili'h
win boproduooO ut tin- uiiii'iif sm. -. itii-n- win be
old un Kri<iK\. Ootobor 5th, WW, at iao.clook
nOQlti liV ChMi A   VViiIitiiiiiii iV I'll., illirlUltli't!it>,
ut Btmthconn BoUl, In lhe ��-ttv of Nrtwo, in the
Province  uf Mritbh ColumblR, tho fnllnwhiK
tn in 1- mnl ]ns nn-ia, iniiii, !\
Utl  I, '-ti, 21, 92, nml ft luBliifk ', \.lilitu.ii
"A," in tlifSuii.ti-.iM if Dlsirlct l,ol ISO,Group
1, Wi'Mt DWlilOQ OI tho Kiwilfiiny I'l-in.-t itiroril-
nii*. i" a dih|> ur i-l-ah ul Mir --iii'l HutiilivlHlou ilt-
iitisltvtl in tin- I.ninl Kt'Rfsiry uilit-i ami numt.- r
\,ui i iKviiciuii- Oh Lou 90 28 thore It nld to
be n two-Hiory Knunc DwelUag, uliu �� Prune
Termi iunl  <-*-.ii- Ut s  of   iaIi-  will  lit-   ii null'
kiinwii iii iiu- time ���>{ -nu-
Kur further pirtloulan tooly u>
veodor'i BoHolton, HestlngeBt.,
i>nti'ti thin ifttii day ol Beptmnberi imhi
i �� t-riiin*HU' uf iiniirovi'llli-lll.
il ihis Hint <l��iy of July, A. 1>. 1(M��.
John McliiTt hi*.
��t ti
il.-ri.nilliy vlrliu- ol Uio imiyisra eisiiliillii-il
-.-rtiilii iii,irlKHKi', whleli ��"1 be laro,liii-i-.1 nl
ssss.- ssl lln- iflef lli.ro will lii'isn"""1 '"',' \
ilbllo iiiirlloii I.y Kl.-lmril *,��V}1��  '."
lll.sii.a-, 10  lln- ��'lly "1 lion-Ill"-'. B���   Vi".'
slay, ilu- iiili liny nl BepwmUr. a l ., I����,
is- Iniiii ol noon, tlie i-i|iilly nl ri.il.-inplloli In
slas.lri.lsli. trsiel ol Inml mi ll"' WI" A"'eJr
i, known a. Door I'nrk, ��mi nonilrtlni ol im
'��. mors, or lc����, llinl tho major issisl ol Use
.1 li'irllu-r pnrlli-nliira mill t��mtl and 00D-1-
ia isl sssiil. iilalsly tss ._,   .,
Mortgageoii Bol ollor.
lt.iiiIc ol Monlri-nl I'lisunlieri. Itonilaml, ll----
'iileil ut llonlend, 7lb Bept., 19l��.
| Old Curiosity Shop
M you want to buy or bMI W���<��
J to (he Old Curiosity Shop, i ��
klnilB   of   Dlnuerware in   bIock.
(?oU__il tIS '^.\i**1:L!*!."I."*''^"l*'iM.V,!,-i
UGUWUl ui      l-l HI i	
hold in tliuniilt'.i) nt lln- company, k. w.O.block,
N.-Imhi, H. Ui, on Tucmlny, 2nd Ootntior, I'.hh;. hi ;t
o'clock, p. m, Uy order,
W.O. BAYLY, Secretary,
discovered that there were several
brands of Socialists, and he hoped the
congress would bear with him, "because
he would not be a candidate for re-
nomlnatton nor would be again attend .
a congress
There were loud crleB of "No, no,"
but Mr. Verville plainly Indicated tbat
he  was wear yof being  criticized   by
men  who  did not   appreciate  what  a
difficult   position   he   occupied   In   the
house  of  commons���a  position  which
he  described  as  one of  utter   frlend-
lcssness.    He urged some of the delegales to make the minding of their
own business one of the fundamental
i rules of COlldUCt    He  also  contrasted
the  attitude of  true  trades  unionists .
with   that   of  the  Socialists,  nnd   snld I
lhat   although   Socialist   Simpson   was
prevented by bis party from lending a
helping band tO htm (Verville) he
would gladly go to Toronto nnd usbIbI
Socialist Simpson, because he believed
he was working on behalf of tbe rights
of labor. He also made a spirited defence of his attitude tn the bouse, particularly In the Preston affair, and
said that both sides tried to make a
political tool out of hlm. Frequently
be was obliged to slop while the delegates cheered him enthusiastically.
A   frank   expression of   opinions  in
the  afternoon  greatly  facilitated  matters In the selection of officers at the
evening aud final session of the congress.    Although    President    Verville
stated explicitly   that  ho    would    not.
again accept he office,  lhe  delegates
brought such pressure to bear upon
him that before ihey mot It was generally conceded that be would he tho
unanimous choice for president.    This
being Ihe case, the logical thing to do
was to give  Mr. Simpson,    the    vice
president, bis old office, and Mr. Draper the  secretaryship  as  well.   When
it came to the nomination of officers
both Mr. Simpson and Mr. Hungerford
declined  to run  ,the latter saying he
was  not  a   candidate  for   any   office.
This left the coast clear for the unanimous   selection   of  Verville.   Simpson
and Draper, and a ballot was cast for
Take DOtioe that > intend to apply to the Honorable tin- Chlel  t'nmint auto tier ol _ Laiulfl   and
HuliiK Room.   Sample Rooma for Commer-
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprletreaa
orablc the Chlel   (.oranti->*.iuut:i v*   ���.���
Works lor a hpedal license to-cut and carry away
thither (rom the following described lands, situate on the North Kork ot Kettle rifer, ln the district of Yale:���
t'ommenclun al a post marked "I. (.. Nelson's
northwest comer post No I," being Sll ehalns
north Irom the post marked "J McDonald'"
north**.cat corner post No. 1." theuee south Sti
chains; theuce cast 80 chains; ihence north SO
Dhaloaj thenee west BO chains lo the place ol be-
nitiu in-H, containing MO aorea more or less.
Dated this 18th day ot August, 1906.
I. U.KKI.80N,
Chas. Farnell, Agenl
The well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
Take notice thnt I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commluloner of Lands and
-���    ��� _ ... .mi und  turn
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rate- tl and #1 .M) a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Bcardero.
*���     PACIFIC
British Columbia
New Westminster
m cut*'
Spokane Interstate
September 24thtoOcto-1
ber 6th, 1906        <
GoinK Sept. 24tti, one ctay onlyi
return fare will be
Hew Westminsta or Vancoover
On sale September 28th October 3rd
inclusive.   Return Oct llth.
Going September 38-35-26-27-28- '
28-80 and October 1-2-8 fare will be |
All tickets limited to Oct. Tth.
Each ticket has one admission
coupon to fair. ^^^
Wholesale ��nd Uetull Dealers in
.imtile the Clitei imiimi��-i.uv, ��.   	
Works for a speeiiil license to cut and carry
fuvav timber Irom the toi low Inn deeotlued lands
sttui'ite on the north fori ot Kettle Klver In tin'
IHstrict of YhIc*.   t'ommencinK ata posl murked
"J. McI>oiialir�� northwest comer poit No. 1,"
planted at) chains imrth fr^m ihe pout marked
������I. li. NcIsoii'h northwest corner post   Nn. 1;"
Ihenoe BO chains iouth; thence to chains east]
ihenee 80 chains norlh; theuee wi chain* west to
tin- place of commencementi containing 640
acres more nr ten.
hnt.-.l this Huh iluv of August, I'""'-.
J. KoDonau)
Cium. Kahnkll, Agent. _^L^^^^^^^^
Take notloe that 1 intend toapply to the Hon-    T7��i/>_.1_    *\r*,A    C _ff_>#4    Mo'_.c
..ruble  the  i hid  * oinmlaslniu'i   "I   Lands and      rrCSIl    dilU     OdllCQ     ITlC-filo
Wnrks b.r a Bpeclal lleenie to cut uud curry
uvmv itmher trom the foUowina deeerlbed landi
altuate on the north fort of Kettle River in the
Ulstrlct id Yule: CtimiiH-iieini; Ul ti post murked
"p.O. Harbrick'H loutnweal corner post," planted ui Agnes Farnell'* notthVflat corner post."
Ihence Ht)   hains north; tbeuce to chaliiH easl:
thenceBpobatiuanuth| iiu-nccHOchuim west u>
plaoe Ol  coiiimcuieincnt, ctintainnig MD acres,
more or less.
Dated thll 18Ul day of AUgnit, lWK;.
It. 0. llAKIlHIl K
tiiAs. Kaiinki.!., Agent.
Take notice (hal I Intend to apply tap the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lund.-, and
Works for a special license to cut uud carry away
limber Irom the following descrltiel lands situate, ou tho North l*'ork of Kettle river lu tbe
Dlsirlct of Yalet-
CoimneneinK at a post marked "GejkrM
Young's aoutheaat comer post.'1 Plauied along
side tlie post marked "J. McDonald's northwest
winter post No. 1;" thence west HO chains; thenee
north ho chains; thenee cast hu chains; thenee
south tO chains to the place nf ln-glnning, containing M0 aorea, more or less.
Dated this 18th day of August, urnr..
i'ii vs. Kaknki.i., Agent.
Take Notice lhal I Intend to apply to the Mon-
oruble   tbe  Chief CoimntsKlnner of Lninls nnd
1 Works for a speeiul lleenie to eul and eurry away
I Umber from tlie following desert* oil lamls, situate on the North Kork of Kettle river, lu the district of Valet���
Commencing ri n post marked "J. MoDonald'l
nortbeust oorner poit So. Ht" planted tw chains
north froiii the poit marked -'1. tl. Nelsou'a
northwest comer post No. l;" thence- W) chains
wust; thence KO ehulns souih; thencu Ht obalm
east; lbence Wi chains north to tlie place of mint-
iiumeemetit, containing fr_��iaereH, moreor less.
Dated ihis l.lih day of August, lOOfl
. , J- McDonald
I ('has. Karnkli., Agent.
OnnipH supplied on shortest notioo aud
lowest price. Nothing bnt frosh and
wholoaoiim meats aud tmppleB kept iu block
Mail orders receive carefnl attention.
E> C. TRAVES, Manager.
W.    O.     QIULrETT
Cotitraotor and
Si.b- agent for the Porto Ktco Lumber Co., l,td.,
retail yards. Koufch auddre��s��d lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coust lath and shingles, rush
and doors, t'einent, hrtck and llmu (or sale.
Automatic grinder.
* and factory
For full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
A.G.I'.*..Vancouver. D.P.A.. Nelson
A- McDonald &Co,
I   Dealer- iu titaple nml funny Groceries.
Batter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
| ProvincUl   OCT. 2-6 I
Exhibition^   -�����~i���
New Westminster $16.55
On -ale September 98th to Octo- I
ber 2nd.   Limited October llth.     I
Only one night oa the road.
Clly Panr-engcr Agent.
A ll. P. A., -eittle.
���    \
li  ���
Yarsl e
p. 0, Bo* Ht
V.rniin St.. nut ot lull.
aNBlisON. B. OVli.p���0������ ,���.
West Transfer Co
GEORGE F, H0T10N, Muutgcr.
General Teamsters nnd Dealers In
Ooal and Woo..   Express aud
baggage Transfer
?"o.b_;,i�� Office: Baker St.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON,
For Ererything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported ud Domestic Opts, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thomu's Sptd-l Hbrhn?
yM/0i   '   ' !
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good Investment put your
money Into a Diamond.   Now It the time before the price get! higher,    a,
Our "lection of stones la the beat,
Book Ahead For!
Preserving Pears:
The rin.-.t k.\ _    ��������� ���"_
4  have a nice lol of  liienl Hurtlclts
ami Flemish Beauties to arrive.
Lowest market prices guaranteed,
Bell Trading j
Company        ���
Qalt Coal
Terms Hpo. Caah
Telephone 266 Baker Btreet
MALT and
:ts, per Gallon]
  sh Eggs.   Will give tho'
iT-?nie��t Market Price.
! Joy. Cash Grocery!
Cor. Joncphlnciind Mill HtK.      1'honc lit
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builder, will find it to their nd-
vautiige to une our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
CNIFOBM Bl*RNIN<i i�� the mimt important factor when bUltlng on h larnc
���cale. " Map If i.fiil" braiiil is claim*..
���uperlor Id thin rfltptfot;
OompArlwni with other mekeelarlteA,
Sola. AKa>nt. Nelson, B.C
"The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone 88. Kuker St.
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
J. S. Walsh, H. H. Carpel, A. .1.
Gaylor, \V. .1. Wiiham, C. II. Schepier,
Vancouver! W. s. Wengell, Calgary;
Mrs. A. Mclnnes, New Denver; F. H,
Edmlson, G. Roody anil wile, Winnipeg; A. Leilch and Wife, S Mallan-
ilulne, Cranbi'onk; Miss Smith. Miss
Ilray, P. W. Bterling, Montreal; A. S.
Cooper, H. 11. Gilmour, G. S. Dlltllrie,
Vancouver; Mrs. A. Hlrnie, Vernon;
A. H. Glllan, 0. F. Hurlllne, Rossland;
G. Fraser, II. .1. llyrne, Grand Forks;
Miss Hale, Bnderby; H. Ritchie, L, f.
Wilson. Capt. anil Mrs. InKlis, W. L.
Christie, T. K. Johnson, Toronto; T.
(;. llastie. Spokane; .1. S. Yen. Eholt;
.1. ti. Lugard. Denver; A. Grant, Harrison; J. E. .lenk, J. F. Crosby, Stuart
T. .1. Loonan, T. J. Drummond and
wife, ('. E. Sinllli. Montreal; G. Manlier, Sandon; W. E. Dalgltsh, Slocan;
Mrs. W. S. Drewrv, New Denver; F,
II. Clergue and parly, Miss G. Clergue,
Sault Ste. Marie; A. E. Dynieni and
wife. Thessalon, Out.; W. Moore and
wife, Richmond; H. C, Hamilton, Sault
Sl. Marie; A. Wilson. London; L. A.
Knight, Winnipeg; F. W. Guernsey,
Trail; A. C. Starrett and wife; F. W.
Sieding, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs.
Phipps, Revelstoke; A. II MacNelll,
,1. II. McNeil. Rossland; F. G. Faultier. Needles; F. F. Hayes. Spokane;
F. A. MuiLean. Jr.. Frank; A. P,
Walker. Toronto; .1. D. de Monirange,
A. D. Blanchard, W. .1. Sproule, J. B.
Porter, W. R. Mclnnes. Montreal; F.
W.   Peters,   L.  L.   Knight,   Winnipeg;
G, H. Frost, New York; R. de R. Cor-
rlvean, Oitawa; H. Frechette, Fernlo;
E. Seaborn, London.
A.  Morgan. Wlnlaw;   E. X. Sullivan,
Toronto;  C, D. .Iarvis. Procter:   F,  11.
r.   Crude.   Col.;   R.   Klulrens,   Po-
W.   I.   Hiehnrilsi.n.    M.    Devitt,    R.
Coulson, Alnsworth;  ,1. Kelly,  Kaslss;
M. Forsythe, McGulgan; A. McKenzie,
W.L. Hodges and wife, Vancouver;
���I   ll. Riley, Ymir; H. E. Campbell, Spo-
kane; L, L. Benson, Northport; M. Mc-
Donald, II.  Whipple, .1.  G.  Dewar, F.
Craig.   Ynilr;   .1.   L.  Kane,  Northport;
.1. McLeod, Bonnington; -I. W. Murphy,
Greenwood;     A.    Thompson,     Arrowhead:  D. F. Gage, F. Sadler, Calgary;
R, V. .McCormack, Seattle.
.1   F. Hundley, G. M. Paterson. Spokane;   R. Grey, Ymir;     II.    Fordham,
File;  .1. Williams, II. Powell, O. Wat-
sun, Koch Siding.
E. MeKeniielh. Sirdar; P. M. Hood,
Revelstoke; W. Moore, Sandon.
ii Lloyd, Bonnington; J. W.
inks, II. M. Slaiullsh. Rosslanil;
Alexander, Macleod; M. Koilniiia,
luver; F. B, Lucas, Slocan; F. S.
r, Bonnington; W. A. Union, Five
Polnl;   ll.  Reld,  .1.   Petrlk,  liluo
.1  ll
I Egllnton, Alrdrle; W. S. Torncv,
Bholt; ll. Reed, llonnlnglpn: A. W.
Johnston, Winnipeg; ll. Howell. Banff;
II.   Williams.  Thirteen   Mile  Point;   R.
.lacks.in. Arrowhead.
I',    II   While.   Deer   Park;   J.   Orde,
Kitchener;   L, Oandraau,  Wlnlaw;  .1.
S.  Molr, E.  II. Abbott, Procter;  J. D
lihy.  A.  M.  McDonald,  Spokane.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
DeliverlM iimde ilnily throughout NoIbou
nud Uh suburbH. Phone 148.
.Mrs.   W.   A.   Thurman  and children
have arrived at St.  Paul.
The Daily Canadian
W.   A.   Thurman   left   this   morning
for Halcyon and  Arrowhead.
Misses Maud and Mabel McCandllsh
leave lor the coast tomorrow morning.
Born, In Nelson  this    morning,    to
the   wife   of    h.    J.  Anderson,    a
A speclnl practice of the choir of St.
Saviour's church is called for this
evening ai s o'clock.
Misses Ileatrlce and Louise, und
Master Percy Gilchrist, lefl ihis morning for Spokane to attend ihe fair-
silver, copper ami lend all advanced on today's metal   markets,     Tho
American  price of  silver Is  now  ti-'/j
G. A. Hunter leaves tomorrow morning fur .Mouse .law, where lie win meet
Mrs. Hunter and family on their way
homo from un Eastern visit.
All who have accounts against the
Fair association are requested to presenl ihem for payment without delay
at the secretary's office, linker street.
Theodore Adams, manager of the
Kaslo district fruit exhibit, slated before leaving Nelson yesierday that action would probably be taken to recover the $100 cash prize, which he
claims was wrongfully awarded to
District  No. 3.
The members of lhe Canadian Society of Civil Engineers returned from
Rossland and Trail yesterday afternoon, spent the evening at the Strath-
cona and left by the Crow boat this
morning. Their next slopping places
are  Moyie,  Fernie and Coleman.
A special service will be held In connection with the Haptist Ministerial
association in the Baptist cliurch tonight. Revs. Kempton of Fernie. and
Goodflolil of Cranbrook, will address
the meeting. There will be special
music: Duet, "One SWVetly Solemn
Thought," Mr. and .Mrs. Shanks. The
public Is cordially  invited.
Police Court.
The case of William .lones, charged
with robbery by violence from Wesley
Zelgler, came up in the city iKilice
court this morning, but was dismissed
for lack of evidence. William has,
however, decided to take a trip for
his healih. Two drunks paid $5 and
The police arc gently advising several itinerant fair visitors to go to
Spokane or elsewhere. Not one case
of theft was reported during the fair,
but there was a decidedly undesirable
element in evidence and only the reputation anil the vigilance of the force
kept them in order.
County Court Chambers.
In Genelle vs. Genelle, S. S. Taylor,
K. 0��� for plaintiff, applied for an injunction to restrain the defendant
from disposing of stock In the Yale-
Columhla Lumber company, ll. c.
Hall, contra.    Enlarged for a week.
In re the Land Registry Act and .1.
W. Wesl fall, deci-ased, S. S. Taylor,
K. ('., for Clara Wesifall, administratrix, applied under section s;i, chapter
.;:. R. s. n c. for registration or
property.    Enlarged for a week.
In Kerr vs. Maybaver, ,1. O'Shea obtained an order for payment  out.
Expelled From Nobility.
Kursko, Russia, Sept. 24.���At an extraordinary meeting of the marshals
of the nobility, il was decided by a
vote of 98 to 3 to expel from the ranks
of the nobility three members of the
late parliament .including Prince Peter
Dolgorotlkoff, vice president of the
lower house, who signed the Viborg
manifesto. 1 -ihi
The Store of Quality
Don't Forget
Ft��it Jar
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary kind
Pints per dozen $1.00
Quarts per dozen 1.25
Half gal. per dozen (.50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10
.'j- MKN, nt oik**.', for work In thfl ITOOdl.   Apply
to W. K. Cooke, miwiiilll, Kiwlo.
LADY HTKNOUHAl'HKK.or poditloii limnintry.
QOOd   Ilium.'   will,   i nipl'.vri'r-   litinily        Apply
mix W.,CHiiH(ltHii office.
BI'Hil.MICN, Mill JIiitidHtitl'l I.OKk'liitjI'nlilrBi-torH,
nis--  Ki]((lm*i-r     W/dttnixir*.   l-iiuilit-r 0o.( DMf
Cranbrook, B. (.'.
The First of the Season
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica aud Josephine Sts.
The specimens you havo seen exhibited nt the Pair will give you an
idea of the beautiful work that can
be done In Pyroprapby. M la so omy
to learn, too. You can pick i_ .'.,.*
yourself in a very short time.
and a large assortment of articles in
wood for burning.
OUTFITS   COST  $4  AND  $5.50   EACH
Wood blanks come with designs
stamped, bo that all you have to do
is outline and shade them and burn
in the background. They are made in
almost every conceivable article���
Paper Knives, Match Holders, Ash
Trays, Nut Bowls, Steins, Tables,
Waste Itaskets, Glove and Handkerchief Muxes, etc., etc., and at prices
from -!ij cents  up.
If you live out of town write us
and we will he pleased lo send you a
fully illustrated catalogue to select
W�� G. Thomson
WSSSSP "Dd Nelson, B. C.
Phone .14.
Received daily frnm the
Coldspring ranch on
Kootenay lake.
2Mb. crates $1.25
Telephone llll.
After the Slugging Match.
Buffalo, Ne. Y., Sept. 24.���Folltiwinp:
a priz eflght held late Saturdny night
in the Danish hall, Woodlawn Bench,
Hlchard iMusim, 20 years of age, one
of the contestants, died early today.
Injuries to the brain resulting from a
blow behind the left ear are said to
have caused the young man's death.
Walter Robinson, colored, 42 years or
age, Muso-'s opponent, was arrested
and committed to jail. The charge
agaiufll him was left open, but today
If  probably   will be made  murder.
"The   Storm   Centre   of   the   World's
Religious and  Literary  Debate."
(II  Santo)
Cloth $US
<By Mail $f.S5.
"The Saint ls a finely-Stirring, great-
ly-moving romance, and it Ih tbe Interpretation also of a new orusade, it
is a vivid and varied story of Italian
life and of tbat Intimate and fur rearb-
iuj; Influence which Rome, as the capital and centre of tile Catholic church,
exerts throughout Christendom over
all   mankind.
"The romance of the BtiUUge and
BtrenUOUS love  between   llpuedetto and
Jeanne makes The saint a book to he
read   twice."
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
C/tf sift ffflls
WHtpt H' dinimii tpirits in di light
[>lt>  VOU   KNOW
that the 'lrlakh s.Tv.d rat our Hoila Knuuti-li)
hart   mult* proptrlieH besldu   rutreiihliiK f
We oie only rt*Hi fruit lyrupi of tiiodu^Kt
quality.      Fountain, counter, uln-M^ mid
KOeptaclei  a.L   kept   icnipuloimly clean,
Baker Bit-eel, Nel��ou, B.C.
Get  F0R Sept.
Busy    First
.Select Your Requirements early for (.rouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen's Headquarters,
PHONE 15.       NELSON   B. 0.
Trains and Boats.
('row  boat���Forty-five  minutes  late.
Sloean train���On time.
Coast,   Boundary   and  Kosland   train
-On time.
A man never breaks Into jail by at-
bendlng strictly to hiS OWn  business.
Our Piano Timer,
Mr. James R. Muir,
Is in Town
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
POR 8AUB- Wc ars' .,[!.���! Inn l.sr Hiiu ��� navcll little kanili. fs iislli.st out ���[ N,,i������, ������,,
ooulittng nl in ii.tcb ssi tba iiiis-m iruii land mi Koottnuu Ink's; in wssIit.ir���m ,��� .,',:'
uml do-i imi contain hu Ini-h ssf im,i s-ssti.  :m rn.it in-t>n ssmv iH-sts-itiK; uni it's, iwo
yeari-l-i ono'-allacrc "f Btr-wborrji i���.,,ssi-: uiu tisus <ii ,i,,,,ii irujia,
wml dwelling, lm. rfiiatered water rlglil ������! in tneliea and land m now in  '
lliisrsssiKli Blatfl ssl hiliiisllini 11 isi'i's'.Miry.   Issiiirssa'i'sl risisslii-ii on
ilsrs-u Hitis'H.   Price r.'.rssiu. Termi fTsisu.ixi each, balauoe in 6,
13 and iiiiiiisiitin, witli 1 par cent luleroct,
fAT/C   S-   *f*f\       MttnTI/ANDS and REAL ESTATE
 n im
Watches! Watched
We are Headquarter! for .������ n
American Watchee manulacture5   w
are malting every effort to Z. j!
requirements ol rallroa. men���
J. J. WALKER, �����*iS��np
Repairing and Jobbing a Spcculty
Sli.rtiiiflal Work, OiuitiiiiiH, liuildi-m' Mntcrinl nml Milling und Mill Matliinw. f
Office nnil Wnrks Koot of I'nrk St.
NuIh,,,,, || g
Starkey & Co., _&��
Whoicwiiti Pr'ovUitotUB,
Duuiiiiiou GnviTinin'iit OtttUttBry Om1 Pound Bricks noelYSd wist'kly frui
fnnn the churn,   jror sale \TJill ImdiiiK gTO-Bn.
Office nnd wnrchouse: Hooston Blddk,   Phouo 711,
Josephine Street. -       Nelson, B.C
Don't Forget
BE  WITH  U8. 1
la your furnace In ahape to start the winter with? If not, NQtJ
la the time to have It repaired.
I. H, Ashdown Hardware Co., Lti]
PLEASE NOTE���We will not lie reB|Km_lble for any furnace not IntUjie
by October 1st, 190C.
I<_|...|. !.._ mid .lohhlllic aaaxasloal with I >anpntul>.   ShwrtM-UI
Work, \is,,s,,_ ���������!_ Mill Maahlnary.    Mimulnttur-mol
Oro  C��r��,  U.  U.   Cunt nis-l <>r��'   Cera.
-NELSON,    B.  C.
PJO. Bas ti
We Wm Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 l-2c\
McDermid & McHardy
I Just Arrived!        A ,ar^cm,si*"-
|p - meill of
^i All Bizos iiiiii Lowest Priciw
I J. a. qTlker
MANUFACTURERS   f 4 c__��    JI*.*
and dealers in Lumber, ShiiigieSf
Uuth, MouldiriKs, Doors, Window*
Tui-I��d Work and I-racket... Mnil Orders nroni|.lly sHsn*^ *��
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Our stock of HAND  SAWS i��  vnry oom^
including ��rndnK to suit nil requirements, -(
If you wish n low priced SAW wo cun Hupply J*0"'
iilno curry thu l��sBt (iiuUitiiiH inudci by
Wood-VaUance Hardware Co'y, W


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