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The Daily Canadian Feb 26, 1907

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Array ��%e  Iktiltj
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<aJ'  /'
Volume I.   No. 226.
Fifty Cbnts a. Morrm
Abraham Hummell Called
as Witness Today
j Digest of Conclusions Reached from
Evidence Up to Date���Future
New Yurk, Feb. 16.���Abraham Hum-
Bel nill be a witness In the Thaw cams
.,day. He Ib the man who drew Ihe fa-
I lis.nis affidavit which Evelyn Neabltt
ITImw has a she waa tricked Into signing,
iiii whicli niaks'H various unpleasant
barges agalnat Thaw.   Among othera,
1ili.il  hs-  choked   and   whlppe-d   Evelyn
Nesbitt becattM ahe refused Ui sign a
isisment    (barging    Sianford    While
ih her ruin.    Mrs. Thaw haa tesifled
llliai slss- told Hummel ol her trip to Ku.
wiih Thaw and lhal Huniincl Ihen
|��lri'x she affidavit,  which  she  refused
1 sign because It waa not true.   A few
,s\.- .aier, ahe has tea'.lfiel, that ahe
sbiKiu d a  1 aper  about  Stanford  White
ullhsut  knowing  what It was.    Later
told Thaw about her Interview with
[ii mm 1 an 1 then rememb ri ,g that
In iiiist signed the paper for While,
��� iss iss hlm and demanded that It  be
It-turni'sl   In   her.     White   took   her   to
I'liiiini'l s   house   and   she waa shown
:  signature   to a   paper,  yhlch   wus
'������wards burned in her rjsesenee. She
si- unable to state poatlvely, however,
tl it was the affidavit making charges
-1   Thaw, bui said she did not re
h r of signing but one paper.    Dis
\itorney    Jerome   has  a  photo-
|i'j|ihic copy of the paper and will cal]
iimmel to Identify lt.    Since this pa
���r was drawn Hummel has been die-
tarred and ls under indictment for in
identa    connected    with a divorce In
slsich he was one of the attorneys.
In addition  to Hummel. Mr. Jerome
-stpsiscs   io  place   on   lhe   Bland,   the
nssgraplier   who   wrote   the   affidavit
11! Uie notary public before whom It
said to have been sworn to.    ln this
*i> an effort will be made to gel the
Photographic copy or the document be
Jrs-  the  jury.     Mr.  Jerome   has hud.
'".vs-ver. put practically Ub entire con-
���eisis inlo the case by reading from it
! asking Mrs. Thaw If ahe did not
liaise a  B'alement  contained  In  It  to
iiiniiiel.    lf the affidavit is Identified
|ii<l admitted to eildencc, Mr. Jerome
ill ask a few more questions of Mrs.
flsisu regarding It, and then, he has
uiiiiuncei], he will be through with his
riiKs-i'Muulniition, hut this will not re-
eve Mrs. Thaw from lbe stand. The
fence will probably spend aome lime
1 direct examination, attempting lo an-
ul the elTeci of any admission she
lay have made on her crosaexamlna-
ssu. He will also question her on new
utiers which may he brought out ln
s* ncs'iit examination. There Is Ills' likelihood lhat Evelyn Nesbitt
f haw's ordeal will be over before
Mrs. Wm. Thaw will be another wit-
Jess for the defence and It is believed
May MacKcndte,  the chorus  girl
���'las has been  Evelyn  Nesbllt  Thaw's
sipanlon  since  the   night  on   which
���.liile was killed, will also be a witneas.
ll la to be observed that Tliuw does
know whal the future moves ol the
llslrlct  atlorney  are to be.    lt is not
(Wd-ant    that    Evelyn  Nesbitt Thaw's
tory haa been broken to any great ex-
'���nl, lhe cross-examlnutlon brought out
In- lact that Evelyn Nesbitt lived with
'haw aa hla wife for a year and a half
afore they were married, bul there waa
attempt to conceal the fact.    MrB.
|*haw   admitted   It   without  a   quibble,
also  admitted   thut her  relatione
���bh    White    continued    for    several
tlonths months after her alleged ravish.
lent, The story that she was drugged,
Chich Bhe brought oul by suggestion,
lhe having lestilled that the wine she
frank just before she became uncon-
clnus was bitter, was made of little effect by her admission thai all cham-
ngne tasted bitter to her at that lime
thai this particular glass was not
here bitter than any other. She also
nltted that Thaw Bint cable mes-
��ges to White ln her name asking him
Interfere to prevent her mother from
"king trouble while she and Thaw
travelling together 1 n Europe.
side from the admissions, however,
he story stands practically as Bhe told
lt on Iter direct examination. Oecaalon-
���ii_ ...   T���-0me succeeded In Inducing
ally Mr. Jero
her  to  fix  dates and" make'"h".���
ments more perfect.
In Session in Nelson���80 Far Devoted
to Routine Business.
The Presbytery of Kootenay con
vened In Nelaon yesterday Ith ltev. J. C.
Ilerdman, D. D., of Calgary, presiding.
These present besides are: Kevds. McKee, Greenwood; Main, Cranbrook;
Lundle, Phoenix; DouglaB, Trail;
Brown, New Denver; Ferule, Cascade;
Hamilton, Coal Creek; ForbeB. Slocan;
Flndlay, Moyle; McConnell, Wardner;
Robinson, Ilu.stand; Simpson, Kaslo;
aud FerguBun, Nelson.
Thc Aral seaslon waB held this morning at 11, and was devoted to repoits
and discussions on home missions, and
supply of stations, consideration of
which took up also this afternoon's seaslon, together with reports on Sundaj
This evening's session will begin al
8. Addresses will be given by Dr.
Herdman and W. G. llrown. At 9 p.m.
a reception will be given by the Worn
en'a Foreign MiBBlonary society, which
will include a musical programme.
Price ol Metals.
York,  Feb.   2C���Silver,  G9V4c;
copper. 24"_c;   lead, $6.
Loudon.  Feb. 26.���Silver, 32d
ill'. 10a.
Recommendation! to Associated Boards
of Trade Formulated. Local
News Notes.
New School Admitted to
Be Necessary
Long Meeting Last Ntght���Many
Topics of Discussion���Dealings
With Two Companies.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Greenwood. Feb. 2G���The Greenwood
board of trade at a meeting on Satur-
slay laat, elected delegates for the meeting of the associated boards, scheduled
to assemble here on March 13th. A
resolution was adopted by the board for
presentation to the central board looking to certain amendments in the municipal clauses act, particularly enabling all towns to assess railway
property within the corporations. At
presenl moat of the interior towna are
compelled to see a considerable part of
what ought to be their legitimate reve-
uue diverted to lhe provincial government. It is not suppused here that the
Canadian Pacific will oppose the aug-
gssted method of collection unless it
feels lhat the provincial government is
much more lenient tax-gatherer than
a municipality would be.
A suggestion was made that another
very proper question for discussion by
the associated boards would he the
present method of api>oiutlng the police
commissioners of the vartouB towns, but
the consensus of opinion waa that this
might open up a question of party polices, and If ao it was doubtful if the
board would care to dacuss it, that
body striving to be a atrictly non-partisan  organization.
The local situation caused by car aud
fuel shoftage has in a measure been relieved aa the district's normal output
ln Uie mine and smelter will aoon be
Mr. K. Q. Warren has returned from
a two week's visit to the provincial
George R. Naden, M. P. P., has rented
his residence preparatory to removing
to Victoria with his family.
Minutes of Council Forwarded to Ottawa Claiming Reserves.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, Feb. 16,���Dr. C. E. Young,
member for Atlin
morrow   morning	
Tomorrow a minute of the council
go  forward  to Oitawa    claiming
will he sworn ln tons   provincial    Bee-
will   ... ^^^^^
provincial rights In respect lo all In
dian reserves. It setB forth; 1st���That
neither the Dominion nor the Indians
have any property rights in these re-
serves. 2nd.-The province claims
jur.sdlctlon over nny reserves or parts
of reserves surrendered or ostensibly
conveyed. 3rd.-Tl.al this reversionary
���Surei   shall be expllci.ily Jedjrjd.
A ro-adjustment of the whole qurs tion
Is demanded, lhe province claiming lhat
lhe Indian population having decreased,
he areas now under reserve are great-
Iv enlarged. Voluminous BtattsUos pro*
Ing these facta accompany the minute
of council. ________
Tralnt and Bolts.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and Slocan train-On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rosaland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
The city council broke all its own
records last night by sitting ihree
hours as council and half an hour longer
as board of health.
Seldom have so many matters of importance come up for disposal ai one
meeting of the council as were dealt
with last night.
The moat Important was of course tbe
new public school. Its necessity waa
admitted by all and the initial step of
asking for extended borrowing powers
was approved. Even Alderman Selous
expressed hlB approval of the building
of a school while reiterating his
charge that the province has dealt unfairly with the municipalities. Ab the
province la now a collection of municipalities no one suffers by the mere
change of method of taxation, and no
change back would benefi. NelBon, un-
less by Bpeclal aid not given to her slater  municipalities.
The temporary agreement with the
Ailis-Chalmers-Bullock company was rs-
ported and approved. An agreement between the city and the West Kootenay
Power and Light company tor joint use
of the sub-atation for one year was ap-
proved, and permission was glevn the
-company to use the city's lines* lo supply power to lhe Canada Zinc Company,
east of the city.
Other acta of the council were the appointment of a new foreman of the
tramway, ordering estimates of the cost
of certain tramway extensions, Joining
tbe Union of Canadian Municipalities,
and  the usual passing of accounts.
The board ot health sat to learn from
Dr. Arthur the method followed in cases
of Infectious diseases, especially as to
the city's financial obligations.. Dr.
Arthur has lollowed the custom of his
predecessors in office in assuming, tor
the city, the whole responsibility. He
was instructed for the future not to do
so unless ln cases where refusal might
cause delay and Involve danger to life.
The council came to order shortly after 8 o'clock, with Mayor Gillett iu the
chair, and Aldermeu Hume, Selous, Annable, Irving and McMorris present.
The mitiuies of the last tegular and
special meetings were read and
The finance committee reported,
recommending payment of accounts and
payrolls totalling $3466.50, acceptance
's.f the estimates of the school board
and the lire department, that notice be
published that all licenses in arrears by
March 5th be collected hy legal process,
that all waler consumers be* notified
that unless arrears are paid by March
31st their Bervice will he discontinued
The roport was adopted.
Alderman Selous, for the special com-
inltlce, reported frequent Conferences
with the Allis-Chalmers-llullock company's representatives, which had resulted in ail agreement embodied ln tho
following  resolution:
"That no payment be made to AIHb-
Chalmers-Bullock Company, Ltd., with
respect to contract, until a proper governor be supplied and operated in conjunction with the rest of the plant, to
the satisfaction of the city electrical
enelneer, for seven days, and that lu
the meantime the company continue in
clsarge or and operate the plant continuously, and be responsible In every
respect for any accident, loss or damage
ln connecttcn therewith, un'ess the company can show that it did not result
from, or ls in any way attributable to
the absence, non-working, deficiency or
insufficiency of governor In connection
with the power plant, and such responsibility la to remain until the plant Is
accepted and taken over by the city.
"Thai thc city, tn order to assist In
(he expense of such continuous operation of plant and Its utilisation of power, ln the meantime agrees to pay the
wng-s of four men covering two 12-hour
shifts al p-swer plant not exceeding a
cost of liOO p?r month: also cost of
oil, waste, packing, wood and such
o'hc* Incidental exoens->s as the city
wruld have Incurred If In charge of the
"That ns lo the wheel and generator
supplied by the company, the citv electrical engineer may, If they have run
satisfactorily for 30 days, bo decide in
so far aa it is possible for him lo ascertain and decide without a proper governor being Installed and operated; but
neither auch decision nor this resolution are ln any way otherwise to prejudice or affect the rights and liabill
ties of the parties."
Tbe resolution was seconded by Alderman McMorris and carried unanimously.
The city engineer reported, recommending 4(hat an 18-inch wood slave
pipe be put in as an auxlllarry sewer
lo carry the Stanley street sewage out
to low water.
The Firemen's association, by letter,
renewed Its request for a grant to Its
fund.. The letter was referred to tha
fire, water and light committee.
The petition of the board of school
trustees for a by-law to authorise a
loan tb build a new school, obtaining
apeclal legislation for the purpose, was
then read. The clerk stated that
the city's aasessment is 12,400.000. its
borrowing limit 20 per cent or (480,000,
Its bended indebtedness 1456,000, the
balance only $24,000.
An informal discussion followed, no
one denying the necessity for the building. The possibility of increasing the
assessment bv extending the c'ty limits was canvassed hut thought Impracticable or at least unpromising.
The mayor asked Dr. Arthur who attended on behnlf of the board, if lt
wou'd be possible to build oily a part
cf the new building this year.
Dr. Arthur replied that such a course
would result In a patched and permanently- unsatisfactory building.
The mayor���When do you want to
begin building.
Di*. Arthnr���Tomorrow. We realize
that lt ls requires special borrowing
Dowers. 0ut the matter should be In
the hands of the contractor hy the be
glnnli.a of the summer vacation.
Alderman Seloua again entered a protest against what he considered unjust
taxation. He thought that the whole
burden of the cost of educalon should
be I orne by he provincial government,
which still collects all taxes except
those on real estate.
Alderman McMorris moved, seconded
by Alderman Irving. "That the matter
of securing legls'atlon to extend the
borrowing power* of the city be referred to the city solicitor to prepare a
bill for presentation to the leglsla
Alderman Irving took Issue with Alderman Selous, as did Alderman Annable, who remarked that the city had so
fw soent p'MKlcal'y nothing for school
. Alderman Selona���I do not wish to
go on record as opposed to the building of a new school, or to special legislation for the purpose. I protest against
being taxed twice for the same thing,
as I maintain that we are for the
Alderman Selous then suggested that
the matter be left over until the session
of the executive of the Union of Mu-
nlclpalltlCT In Victoria on March 6th,
which Mayor Gillett will attend.
Alderman McMorris' re-potation was
then put snd carried without opposition.
Chief Jarvls reported, recommendlnc
a new floor ln the police station, which
was ordered to be comnlled with.
The city solicitor advised against the
navm-^nt of the coal dealers' claim In
connection with the weight acal��a. The
clerk was Instructed to notify the
A letter from L. A. Campbell stated
that he wou'd like a settlement In regard to fi" sub-station. The mayor
eviilaln' d that the delay wes accH' ntal.
Mr. Campbell also asked permission
to uee the city transmission line to sup-
nly the Canada Zinc company with
It wwas agreed that tha renuest be
granted subject to the approval of the
city eneineer and   citv  solicitor.
The agreement between the city and
the West Kootenay Power and Light
company was then read. It provides
for the operation of the sub-station by
the company be granted for one
year from Jan. 1st, 1907, to the satisfaction of the city engineer, the cost to
be shared equally; the contract to be
renewable, terminable by four months'
notice by either any time after April
1st, 1907; on the termination of the contract the compsny to vacate within 10
days without damage to sub-station or
The agreement was approved.
Application for the position of working foreman of the tramway system
were then read. F. A. Smith of Vancouver, with experience ln South Africa,
Newfoundland and Vancouver, was appointed.
Alderman McMorris then moved:
"That the city engineer and the electrical superintendent be Instructed to
prepare an estimate of the cost of extending the street railway system: (a)
on Robson street from Stanley east to
Hendryx, thence north on Hendryx to
Latimer, thence west on Latimer to
Stanley to connect with the present
line. Estimates to include all necessary
rails, (lea. wires, posts, etc., grading and
laying of track, posts and stringing of
wires, a completed work ready for operation, (b) on Baker Btreet east from
Josephine tn Cedar, thence north along
Cedar to Vernon, thence west along
Vernon to Josephine to connect with
Ihe present line; (c) alternate with (b),
using Hendryx Instead of Cedar; (d)
removing the present track on Josenh-
Ine street between Baker and Vernon;
nnd to report at the next meeting of
the council.
Alderman Irving seconded tho reso-
Hit Ions, which were csrrled.
A letter was read from the Union of
More Revelations Ottawa
Land Deals
Desiring Purchasers Held Off Public
Land for Years ior Favorites' Profits.
Continued On Page 4.)
Ottawa, Feb. 26.���Practically a repe-
tlon of the Robins land deal was exploited in the house when John Herron
called attention to the action of tbe
government in granting certain closed
grazing leases in Alberta and Saskatchewan to favorites of the government.
These leases had an irrevocable clause
which gave the lessee full ownership
for a term of twenty-one years. The
leases also carried privileges which
gave the lessee power to purchase ten
per cent of his leasehold at tl per
acre, and it waa granted to gentlemen
who did not live in the country at the
time, who had no interest in the country, and who never owned any cattle
in tbe country, and who held these
leases for the purposes of speculation.
At the same time -cattle men who had
been engaged ln the cattle business for
a great number of years, and who had
been trying ln every* possible way to
obtain leases were refused lhat privilege.
By an order In council, passed on
March 23rd, 1903, and Dec. 24, 1903, lt
was determined t-at closed irrevocable grazing leases should lasue to H.
P. Brown among others. In accordance therewith a lease was drawn up
ln the department ln favor of Mr.
Brown and dispatched to his address
at Great Falls, Montana, on Jan. 14th,
1904. This communication was accompanied by a lease ln duplicate, which
he was asked to sign and return at once
together with six months rental, amount
ing to about (600 payable in advance.
Brown never acknowledged this letter,
never signed any lease and never paid a
cent of rent. The government held the
land for him. No other rancher could
lease it; no settler could come In. Notwithstanding repeated efforts extending
over a period of eighteen months the
department was unable to reach Brown.
As Brown signed no lease and paid no
rent under the terms of the lease, his
privilege waa forfeited and the minister
had full power to withdraw the offer of
Dec. 24, 1903.
When the new minister ot the interior took office Brown was still undiscovered, but when the concession was
apparently in jeopardy, A. J. Adamson.
M. P., came upon the scene and presented a transfer of Browu'a right to the
Galway Horse and Cattle company, although tbe transfer was dated Sept. 17,
1903, a date at which llrown had no
lease, and the Galway Horse and Cattle
company  had  no  corporate  existence.
The government, nevertheless, recognized the transfer and agreed to grunt to
the Galawy Horse & Cattle company a
new lease for 21  yeurs from  Auguat,
1905.    This new  lease when  grantetd
was revocable*, but under pressure the
minister subsequently made tt a closed,
Irrevocable lease.    The Galway  Horse
_ Cattle company was composed of a
Liberal  member of the house,  and  a
c.susin of the same person, wbo were
residing at least 500 miles from the land
In question, and who never had been ln
the    cattle    business.    This company
never owned a head of stock and never
had any Intention of engaging in ranching,   lt seems as though the company
hal  p-ocurel   the  lease  tor   the   sole
purp.:s    or trafficking in  It.    At any
rale that was ceitalnly what they did.
After the Hon. Clifford Sifton had resigned, the Hon. Mr. Oliver, as his successor, came to the conclusion thai  H.
P.  Brown  must  disclose himself,  pay
the rent of lose his concession.    Then
a strange thing happened.   On July 17,
1905, just at lhe close of the parliamentary session, A. J. Adamson, M. P. for
Humboldt, presented himself to thc department and produced nn assignment
from H. P. Brown to the Galway Horse
& Cattle company.     This   assignment
wns datPd Sept. 17, 1903, and had appar.
netly been carried In Adamson's pocket
for a year and len months, during which
time     the     department     had    vainly
searched Montana for Brown, and during which   time   (he  government had
kept   out   settlers and had prevented
bona fide ranchers from entering upon
this territory.   Adamson would not pay
the overdue rental of (2400 and aecure
an irrevocable lease, but took a revoca
ble lease, commencing August 1, 1905,
paying six months rental of (650. Adam-
son's brother-in-law, Turriff, M. P.,
knew th" difference In value between
a revocable and an irrevocable lease,
got after the minister for a change and
Oliver yielded to Tariff's demand and a
new lease was Issued to the Oalway
Horse ft Cattle company with the revocable clause struck out. Within a week
tbe company had disposed of the lease
to John Gowdry Macleod, for 122,500.
Ames proceeded to speak of the per-
sonell 'of the Galway company. It consisted of A. J, Adamson, M. P., J. M.
Adamson, sister of Mr. Turriff, M. P.,
and A. J. Bell, cousin of J. M. Adamson. The company was Incorporated
apparently for the sole purpose of trafficking in grating leases. It only existed from March 11, 1904, to April 2,
1906, when It was struck off the register of the N. W. T. Its one transaction
consisted of acquiring the H. P. Brown
lease and the disposal of It to John
Gowdry. For over a year the lease wu
peddled round Alberta at sums ranging from $30,000 down to $25,000. Only
when the revocable c'ause waa struck
out was a purchaser found. An examination of the application of Brown for
the lease revealed that the magic letters
"per J. D. M." appeared under Brown's
signature, evidencing the presence of J.
D. McGregor of the Grand Forks Cattle company fame.
AM facts showed that the government permitted an area T)f 106 square
miles to be blanketed by a hogns entry
for a period of four years, during which
thne ranchers and settlers were kept
out. This valuable concession wu
hawked about the country, and 122,500
came to a member of parliament ln Invest in Cobalts in -consequence ot the
protection of one minister and the weak
ness of his successor.
Revelation of Condition* In  Port Arthur Garrison at TM** of Surrender to
Scene of Great Mining
Activity Ws Year
Results   boo    Derelopaeat
Various Pro-pertks���Operations Described.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 28.���A copy of
the secret report on the defense of Port
Arthur, which Is the bull of tbe Indict-
ment on which Lieutenant General
Stoessel, Lientenant General Fock, who
commanded the Fourth But Siberian
infantry at Port Arthur, and Major General Reiss, chief of staff ot General
Stoessel, are standing trial for their
lives before the supreme court martial,
has been obtained by the Associated
Press. It ls ot the greatest interest u
explaining the decision to try these
tbree officers and nolle prosqule the
o.her defenders of Porth Arthur.
Tha report, which was written by
Lientenant General Smyrnoff, the actual commander ot tne tortreu, Storseel
being commander of the Kwantung
peninsula, Ib sensational In the extreme
and -categorically accuses Stoeuel of
cowardice, incapacity and finally of the
deliberate treasonable handling of the
surrened to save his own life and ln
defiance of the dec'alen of two suces-
sive councils of war. The report I*
baBe In the extreme because of the moat
bitter personal enmity between these officers. It shows that the high officers nf
the Port Arthur garrison, In the darkest days of the scene, were almost at
each others throats. Only the late
Major General Kongdrat, commander ot
the Seventh Siberian rifles, had the
confidence of the soldiers. The report
explains that the sentences written in
General Kuropatkln's report of General
Stoessel explain the demoralisation of
tbe garrison.
W. K. P. A, L. Company Increases Voltage Supplied to Qrand Forks.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Feb. 26.���For the lut
couple of days 40,000 volts of electrict
I>ower have been turned on from Bonnington Falls to the Granby smelter.
Prior to that time 20,000 volts wu the
limit of power that could be used. L. A.
Campbell, the general manager of the
West Kootenay Power ft Light company, came over to Grand Forks to personally superintend the turning on of
this big power, which Is now working
In a most highly satisfactory manner.
In speaking of the rumor that his -company had purchased the Cascade Water
& Light company, Mr. Campbell said
there was no truth ln It. As a result ot
this additional power supplied, the
Granby company and Grand Forks citizens are -how enjoying good lights,
which under the 20,000 volt system,
were very dim.
J. D. Hornsburger, one of the present
oners of the Covert fruit farm is reported to have actually netted $300 per
acre from a portion of Mb orchard in
which the tree* were planted some IS
years ago.
As several cases ot smallpox are reported in various Kootennay towna the
city council ls taking precautions and
has Instructed Alderman Mcintosh to
look Into the matter.
Nearly 100 men are now employed
by the C. P. R. In relaying the steel
from Gilpin siding to Grand Forks, a
distance of some six miles.
Word has reached here today from
Cascade that Mr. John J. Genelle, formerly of the Yale-Columbia Lumber
company, has purchased another sawmill site near Oaacade and will build
a mill with a dally capacity of 10,000
Alasworth camp, which experienced
a remarkable revival laat year after a
long period of depression aad con tract,
ed activity, la certain to be oae of tte
busiest parts of Kootenay daring INT.
Work la ln progress on nearly a score
of properties and ao far nothing bat tbe
moat encouraging results have been eu-
countered anywhere.
(Bpeclal to The Daily Canadian.)
Alnsworth, Feb. 26.���The Krao la
working abont 18 men and on Thursday
cut into tbe footwall of the abaft at
the 150-foot level encountering tte
aame rich native silver ore that wu being mined by A. D. Wheeler when the
property wu sold. One piece, weighing
abont 150 pounds, wu taken out Friday,
which wu studded all through with
pieces of native eilver. Tbe abaft tea
been sunk SO feet eiaoe the work
started under tte preaent ownera
On the Mutant, under operation of
Messrs. Olagortch aad Bag, tte ernes-
cut tunnel encotmtared Ite ledge -aa
Thursday. Sufficient wnt haa not aa
yet been done to prov* lu valae, as tte
vein hu not beea fatty Intersected Mr
the tunnel. There hi a One showing,
though, la the abaft down to a depth
of (7 feet, and it la confidently expected
that thla on body will oontlaae down
to the tunnel which cnta tte vela at a
depth of 22S feet. Thla property shou.d
be a heavy shipper thla summer aad
tea a promising looking future.
Tbe repair work tm the Highlander
tunnel la going steadily on now, having
been considerably delayed through difficulty in securing material Mr. G. H.
Barnhart, who hu the contract for tte
10W-foot extension la expected tn shortly to oonunenoe work. Aa thla -extension la with a view to cutting the Krao
ledge where It croaaea tte property of
the Highlander oompany, the recent
proof that the rich ore ia oontlnuiag
down io the abaft of the Kara mine la
causing -expectation of a good strike la
the proposed tunnel work.
The Spokane mine, under leaae eo
Mr. Barnhart, la working seven men
steadily and Is taking ont Ine galena
ore. This property tea shipped close
to 200 tons since January 1st and gives
promise of continuing on tbe shipping
list througout the summer. The Libbay
under Mr. Barnhart's direction, tea two
men at work and hu a fine showing of
galena, and quite a little ore sacked for
The No. 1 is being worked by tte
Grant brothers and la returning satisfactory results. Messrs. Hardie and
Holland have a contract on the Star for
a cross-cut tunnel and have been working on lt for the put two months. Tte
Tiger is being developed by a tunnel
by two of the ownera, Messrs Otalras
of Spokane. All accounts are that tte
property Is looking well.
It is expected that the Glengarry will
shortly be started up again. Thla property wu recently held by the Csnsdlsa
Metal oompany. It la a property of
silver, lead, sine bearing ores and is
looking fine at present. A deal has
been made on It aad active development
will start abont the 15th prox. The
work on the Tariff crosscut tunnel will
be resumed on the 25th tut Thla work
wu shut down on account of the lack ot
Messrs. Wright and Murray are oper-
attng the old workings ot tte little
Donald under leaae. They have teas
engaged on development work lately
but expect to rejoin snipping wwap���1
in the near future. Mr. H. M. lew
son expects to resume work on the drift
of tte Albion, extending from tte HWh-
lander tunnel in the Albion groand, MM
fore the first of tbe month.
Morgan Buys Paintings.
Genoa, Feb. 26.���The Ooorrier Mercantile hu published a statement that
the family of the Marquis of Catsanao,
which wu In possession of 14 paintings
by Van Dyke, hu sold seven of item to
J. P. Morgan tor 1600,000. The Daily Canadian
���   ;
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID DP... ,��4,*500,0O0 BEST ��4,5OO,0OO.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches In British Colombia:
Deposits received and in(ere��t allowed onrrent rates from date of opening of
aooount, aud compounded half yearly.
inbuson branch ��J.   IVf.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
 $3,734,310    Reserve 14,207,741
Total  Assets $41,8(0,353
Accounts of firms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  In  British  Columbia.
Special   attention   lo out ot town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published (six stays a weet by the
Baker St., Mellon, B. C.
Suoacrlptlon ratea, tm ���������>.. a turns',:, sls-ltvered
In the citv, or 1)5.00 a year If -.cut by sssssl: when
pats] In advausse.
AtlvertleliiR rates ou applleattoh.
All mssiiles palsl ln settlement of The Dally
Canadian nisi-uniita, either tot KUblOriptlon, ssr
aslverttaliig, must be roQolptod fssr ssn the printed
fssrras ot tne Company, Other receipts arc nsst
PBBHUAHV 36. I907.
" By one word we are sometimes nidged to be
���wine aud by one word soniellua-B judged to ba
fcssslhh. Let us thereto��� be careful what we
With tlie approach or 8|iring the problem which ls of mosi Importance In
Hritish Columbin ls tho labor problem.
Other Issues may be dealt with more
Msurely but this one Is pressing. Sev-
erly aB the famine of laborers, mechanics ansl artisans was felt last summer
lhe Btraln will be muth more trying
neit Bummer unless rails f is speedily
obtained. Thai this ls genorualy recognizes! throughout the province is evident, but not all parts of iht; province
are taking such systematic steps (o
face and solve (he problem us Is being
done In Victoria. There the board of
trade has laken the matter up anil will
thoroughly investigate local conditions
and In conjunction wllh the (taJe and
labor council will prepare a reporl upon
the subject which will b ��� somewhat
similar to the report of a commission,
it is proposed io arrange fssr interviews
with the managers of large anil small
Industries, employersof labor In ginerul
and representative citizens, farmers' In-
s Itutos and like Institutions who aro
wil ing to go on record its lo the best
method to be adopted lo overcome the
labor famine.
As Ib now well known a petition Is
being circulated in the capital city ask.
Ing Uie Dominion government lo repeal
the Chinese head lax of JfiOO or at least
reduce it to the nominal figure al which
lt stood a couple of years ago. The
subject was under discussion ln the
board of trade at Victoria recently but
did not comeito a vote because so Important it was felt (ha( (he senliinent
of the whole country sliould be obtain
ed. Hence the formation of lhe committee.
Whatever differences of opinion may
exist between various sections of society on the question of reducing the
lis ad tax on Chinese the delay and
thorough investigsition before taking ac.
Hon is wise. It was by the mosl strenuous and persistent agitation that the
present lax was secured. It has been
in operation but a short time but It has
been effective ln checking the Invasion
of Mongolians. That conditions should
have so suddenly changed as to make
what was so urgently advocuted a
couple of yenrs ago undesirable uow Is
a matter which cannot be believed
without abundant proof. The voice of
the whole country has a right to be
heard. The question is one upon which
labor unions as well as employers have
a right lo be consulted. The Investigation by the committee, lf lt ls made sufficiently (borough, will reveal whether
or no( the fixing of the tax at $500 was
a poliUcal move or whether It was un
honest endeavor to conserve Ihe widely
varied interests of the country. ThiB
is perhaps the most Important discovery thut will be made and ll will be
awaited with interest.
In the meantime the provincial government Is earnestly facilitating the
carrying out of the agreement with the
Salvation Anny bellevelng that many
desirable Anglo-Saxon Immigrants will
be secured In this way. The first contingent Of these immigrants Is expected
to arrive early next month. These men
are certainly preferable to Chinese as
many will bring their families wiih
them and augment the supply of domestic servants, As is well known the
provincial government hus nothing to
do with controlling the importation of
Chinese but lis efforts to supply or at
least assist in supplying (he crying need
of the oountry will meet with general
approval. Thnt the demand of the
whole country will be amply supplied
from any quarter during thc present
summer Is Impossible but we submit It
ls far better to have picked Immigrants whose placcB are ready to be
filled, aB under the system approved by
the government, than to adopt any
method which will lead to haphazard
distribution of new comers frsim any
country. This experiences with the
Sikhs has been sufficiently serious to
convince us of this. Whither these men
have vanished wo are not aware.   They
have deserted our sttvets and the st'tt-
satlounl Items relating their experiences
sent in from various parts of the country ins longer appear upon our pages.
The thrilling tales of robbery, assault
and other things with which they were
charged In the coast cities no longed
slarll'e us with their flaring head lilies.
Our experience with tho/i was Bhort
but it wus long enopg ttieutch us a sal-
lent lesson on the clusmsf Immigrants
thnt will Le most uaefptp the country,
lt will at once appear t|*ial It Is better
to go slowly and sSuyjjIn (material for
citizenship fiom the iigiit Quarter rather
than to rush Into the Importation of
undesirables for the sake of temporary
advantage. No man Is ioj good foi
British Columbia, either us a workman,
mi employer or an investor. We covei
(he bes( and by the adoption of proper
methods we may obtain them. Hut ln
this as In many other matters 1( Is well
to make haste slowly.
Sludents of events cannot fall lo be
Impressed wllh (he apparent desire on
the part ol" the leudlug nations of the
world lo approach (he problem of a
world peace at (he nexl Hague conference wllh (he ull seriousness. So far
as the Occident is concerned scarcely
a nation bus allowed itself to be omitted from the categorc of those which
have expressed the hope lhat the conference will result in some substantial
agreement among nations for disarmament or at least the reduction of the
munitions of war. This disposition is
in commendable contrast with the spirit
of the same nations less than a decade
ago. The defiant If not belligerent attitude of most of the European power8
kept the world ln constant dread that
war might develop ut any moment und
Internationa) relations were kept strained, first ut one point then at another
till rumors of war were the sensations
of the hour.
All this seems to be happily passing
away. It Is tme thn( Britain. Germany
and the United Stntes are still adding
(o their navies but this Is Imperative
or at least intelligible until such time
as a genera! agreement to disarm is
reached, While we agree with King
Haakon that it Is too much to expect
(he next Hague conference to finally
nettle the question there would seem to
be no doubt, If the spirK manifesled
can be laken seriously, thai a modus
Vivendi will be arranged which will
hasten the day predicted by prophets
and patriarchs of old.
These things have, of course, not
come about of themselves. There must
be a guiding spirit somewhere and thc
purpose is evidently being pursued with
a resistless energy, u worshipful tact
and a sublime patience and persuasive
power. It will be recalled thut a few
months ago the Associated Press announced that as a result of the good of-
fices of King Edward a new dreibund
hud been formed on the European continent. Although the report was officially denied lt will not down and has
been reaffirmed repeatesliy. We know
of no monarch more likely to be the
guiding spirit of such u pucflc purpose.
We know of none more qualified to execute it nor can we at (his moment sug-
ges( anyone In a more fnvoruble position for the carrying out of such a
lofty resolution. Without assuming the
truth of the suggestion it would bo
pleasing to reflect that the King of England, a nallon which has for centuries
been first in war und whose flug has
been trailed In Beas of blood, could be
tho medium through which the horrors
of war may be abolished. And we may
add thnt lt ls not a( all unlikely that
this will prove (he case.
The commercial (reatles which are being extended between the nations is a
healthy sign (ha( (he ravages of commercial warfare can also be obviated and
altogether (he outlook for a more general recognition of (he universal broth*
erhood of niun Ib encouraging. It is not
necessary to rhapsodize upon the prospect. It la yet too far away to do those
now in middle life much good but it is
some satisfaction to think thai (he rising generalion may live long enough to
read with the same starled wondnr Ihe
B(ory of wars of our age aB did little
Peterkln listen to the tales of his grandfather und wonder what the}' killed
each other for. Thc lesson sliould bo
an Imprtsslon ln the lesser walks of
life. While nations are drawing closer
together and entering Into bonds of
peace liiillvlduuls should not overlook
the opportunities to do the sums; thing
among themselves and the world come
in have un object lesson in how ideas,
am a thing It ls to see people dwelling
together In unity.
Speaking of the approaching colonial
conference and of Canada's attitude towards any readjustment of larlffB within the empire ehe Toronto Ologe suys:
"Canada's position will be stated with
frankness. Owing to a combination of
clrcumstunces protection Is a political
necessity |n tho Domoinlon, nnd the pro.
tected Interests are no more willing to
ucc *isi competition from within Ihan
Irom wlilissut tin' empire." Ys-t the
Libs ral party Went Into power on the
effect of the slugun "We must have free
trails' as they have it in Kngland." The
Glob,' was one of the mlgbtest to contend for this particular at lhat time.
Wus thi' Globe mistaken then ur is if
mistaken now? If In the flrsl Instance
as Is apparent there is no reason lo
nttuch any more Importance to Ihe
weighl of its argument Now :, Is a
busy lime with Grit politicians and
press squaring themselves with llie
trend of events.
Ths- Dully News of Saturday publishes under the heading "In McBrlde's
stronghold" the following special from
Vietssria: "A petition is being slgiis'd
by tlle women of Victoria usking Unit
the Dominion government be requested,
to remove the head tux of $500 on
Chinese, as domestic servants are
scurce in British Columbia since (he
Chinese have been kept uut by lbe imposition ol the head (ax." It Bceins to
us that it would have been more candid
and honest for the News to have headed
the item "In Templeniun's stronghold."
The record of the McBiide government
on the Chinese question when compared
with Hint of the Lib.-ral government,
has been too straight forward to allow
such a conteniptable slur to pass un-**
The Grand Forks Gazette opportunely points out that while the opposition
press wus loud In its denunciation of
Premier McBride because he did not
(ake J. A. Macdonald with hinie to Ottawa Sir Wilfrid Laurler has no Intention of taking Opposition Leader Borden with hinie to (he conference of colonial premiers, although lbe issu. s in
lho lalter case are less political than
ln the former. Ottawa is a good put-
torn for Liberals in some things, why
not in others?
Tho council of the town of Armstrong
is considering the question of imposing
a license on firms doing business within
the municipality for the purpose of assisting the revenue Tor civic improvements. The advertiser thinks no business man would object lo such a tax in
view of the Improvements it would assure. Nelson lias long had a llcs-nse
revenue ansl we hear of no hardships
being worked.
"Companies Act, 1897.'
Pkovinck ok British Cou;m]-u\, (
No. 878.
THIS IS 'JO OBRTIHY Unit tlit* "Nftkuip Fruit
Lirnls, UiniUjil," in uuthnr lei) ami lu-iimM to
oairy on builneu within the proving of Brftlib
Columbia, md to oarry oul or effect ail or any of
the objects of tbe coiii|i*iiy to which tin* legilU-
tive authority hi iht* tegulatute ol Dritiih iml-
tiinbiu oxtendi.
The bead offloeol the eotripauy if situate at tin-
city ol Winnipeg. I'n.vince oj Manitoba.
Tlienmuiiul ui lbe capital ot the coin puny Is live
hundred thouiand uo lars, divided into two
tbOUIUd 8ve hundred shares ol U-n (H-r cent
preference stock of the par value of one hundred
llollari each, ami twcniy-flve hundred shares of
common stock of the par value ol one hundred
'lhe head ofllce of the compuny in this province
is situate at thc C ty uf NeUon, and Hubert Wet-
mop* Bennington, barrister, who e addreu 1.1
ihe same, i- ibe attorney for the company.
Given under "<>' baud and aeal ait offlce* Vic
torta, Province ol   Brilish   Columbia, thi'. Kith
r.tiy of  February, otic thousand   nine  hundred
ami seven.
(L..1.) S. Y. WOOTTON.
KeKifUrar 0f Joint Mock companies.
The objects for which  the company haw been
t'fiablixhcd aud licensed arc���
(a.) Buying, selling, leaning or disponing rl
coal mines,cualand wood lauds, [arming,grazing
aud fruit lands ano timber llmilH. uud to worn
aud develop lhe name;
(Ij.) To carry ou the lm sines* of immigration
aud colonization ageut��, make advances to
aHttixt settlers uu lamls purchased from thc
company ami lo secure the repayment bl such
advances with   Interest ou such   u-rms and  in
such manner by way o( mortgage ol* agreement
us may he mutually agrued upon.
(c.) To tarry on llie business ol ranching,
breeding, selling aud dealing  in cattle, horses,
���beepand other iiveitook;
(d.) To purchase, sell und denl In lumber,
wooil, coal, minerals, grain, provisions, nothing
and -general supplies;
(e.) To carry on trade as geueral merchants
aud forwarders;
(f.) To Issue In payment of any property
enquired by the oompany, shares of the capital
itock of the company as fully paid up and non*
assessable or otherwise;
(g.) To carry on the bn-luessof manufacturers
ami dealers in power generators and motors of
every description, to construct and operate all
daises of vehicles, iigrlcullurfil iinpleincnls,
machinery, boatl, stinincrs, barges and lerrys
in which thel-aid motors amused; to construct
ami operate boat lines and to carry on the hull*
Uess ol carriers, cartage und   parcel  deliveries,
to own and operate omnibus line** and viblclei
and boats for hire; to m*|i, luase ami supply
electricity; to own and operate electric plants,
and generally to carry on any ol thc business
Incidental to the aforesaid purposes and objects
of the company)
(h.) TO purchase, lake oil lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire oi dispose of any real or
personal property, and any rights or privileges
which lhe company may com Mer necessary
for the purposes of their Operation! I
and to sell and dllpOie of uny lamls ,,r oilier re ii I
cslate and personal property at nuy Ume owned
or con trolled by the company or any part 'hereof,
or auy control therein, or elalm thereon, and generally to do all such things iisare Incidental to
or conducive to lhe carrying OUt of the objects
of the company;
(l) To t ecotne shareholders In any existing or
proposed company, an i to promote and assist in
promoting anv compauv carrying on it lui*!m*>s
iieriiiuing to the objootifor which ibis company
I" incorporated, and which   mny prove tit.fful  to
this company, ami t�� ac.'Uiic, take over ami operate the business of nuy such company or i om
panics, nnd to cuter Inlo an nftri emenl for sbar
lug of profit*, union of Interest!, reciprocal coi]
ei'Niloiis or otlicrw Ise. w Ith au> person or com
pitny and take or otherwise acquire or bold
shares ami securities ol such company or COUP
pa ii les;
(J) TO acquire ami hold lauds byglfl or pureliase or as mortgagees or otherwise as tullv and
freely as private mdh Idimls, and (0 ndl,1ense,
inorigHge Of Otherwise alienate thc sume. and lo
exercise all the powers set out in the several
Notice Is herehv given thai BO davs after date I
iubuid toapply to the Hon. the ('hief ('omnils-
sioner of Laud* and Works Victoria, B.C., for
lie rm I sst on to pun base the following ib'HcrllH'tl
lauds in West Kootenay dlstricl: Commencing
at a posl planted al the no'it Invest corner of'ot
77IH, group I, and ru rutin 10 chains to tio- south
east corner of lot 7703, group I, ihon In an 1'iisIct-
Iv direction 20 chnins, then north 30 chains,
then west ill chain*, lo poini of eoiniinjiicelneni,
eontainiug 40 acres more or lesa.
located F**brt.*ury Uth, 1W7.
I'n imi' Wade, Locator.
sixtv dayt altar date llntend to apply lo ton
Jhlef CommlMloner ol Lands  and "orti lor
lermisMon to purchase the following   ileeerlbej
Died on ihe east side ol  An
iw lake
lu the   Weil   Koolenay distriet, aboul B mllM
above Burton i Ity, commencing at ��l"rt,W'j";
edatti.. northweil eorner ol I Barberi purehase, thei  easl 30 chains, theme n Tth ���*
ohalus, thence wesl J' chains, then ib��
cbains t<> i olni ol ��� unencemeui
ing B0 aorei more or less.
January IM, 1W7.
wi.nt.oi Pi una
Sixty  days  tiflcrdiitol intend to apply  to llie
Bon. Chief Commissioner oi Laud, an.l Works
to purchase 187 acres of hunt, oommenelng at a
post marked  it. B'l N. tt. eoruer post. Diluted at
the n, w. corner ol Q. w Bteele*i claim on the
wesi iideof Arrow lako, about four mllei above
Burton city, thence west 10 chains, tbenoe loutn
40.63 Ohelni, tbence oast to chains, Ihcnce north
40.&2 chains to idace oi beginning, contalnlni Wl
acres, mors or less.
Dated 29tb day o{ Nov., 1900,   BvitoN BtJOTOH.
J. K. ASruiil.K, Agenl
Notloe li hereby given mat two months attw
date wc inteml to spply to lbe Cblel Commli;
sioner of Landl and Worki for a lease of all iimt
lau l being the foreshore adjoining the Canadian
fn. itl.- Kitlwa*,  Bhluyard on lhe we-t. part ol
Lot -SKA, group 1, Hint belli;: oil the south ihore
of  Ihe west arm ot   Kootena.-   Lake,  lu  tbc dls
rici of Kootenay:  Commencing m the louther*
I. oorner0(1  t70M, group  1;  Ihcnce along  lhe
south westerly "boundary of lot TOM and the extension thereof, In a north westerly dlrucliou. a
distance of 420 feet; ihenoe 'it right an^ie- to
said boiimbirv   iu a south   we-lerlv  direction,  a
distance of 810 feet, more or leas, to the north
easterly houndary of the City Park, continued;
thence parallel to said westerly boundary or lot
7tSV|, in a iouth easterly direction, a dislanoe ol
.">00 feel, more or less, to the noitherlv  honm.arv
.d lot :.s.\; ihcme loiiowing ihe northerly bound-
ary of lotUA in a north easl.-rly direction tothe
point of commencement, the area being nM
acre**, more or less.
Dated Ihis Tth day of January, A.I)., I9OT.
BO day* after date I Intend to applv to tbe lion.
Chief Commiaslonei of Lands and Works lo jnir-
ohase 820 attres of and located in Fin- Valley being part of Sections ��.i and lu Township lilt, a ml
described n- follows: rommeneing at a posi
marked F. W.J. 8, Jt. corner and planted at the
northwest comer of Wm. Williams' pUlOhaH]
tbenee west lo eliains; tbence north W chains;
ihence east 40 chains; thence south SO I halus to
place of beginning.
November 2��rd IIKjG.
V, Vi. JoRIiAN,
J. E. Annaiii.k, Agent.   '
BUSCH...    Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
R. P. RITHET & CO., LI1]
nelson     �����" '*_..-;;:^.,!:;..^,r,t,"',   victoria
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
fiO days afler dale 1 Intend to apply to lhe Honorable the Chief 1 oininissioncr of Lands aud
Works, lo purchase 870 acres of land: Commencing at a post marked O.W.fl s. K eornei
post ami planted on the west shore of Arrow
lake adjoining Lot 373on llie south side of said
UH, thenre wesl ni ehalna along the soulhern
boundarv of Lol 378; Ihenoe south 46.69 ehalus;
thencecast M> chains more or less to lake shore;
thence uorth along lake shore lo plate of hegiu-
Dated '.".tth dny of Nov. IDOC.
(JEo. Y\   rtTKKL,
J. K. ANNABl.K. Agent.
Hlxty days after dale I intend to upply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner Ol Unds and Works.
Victoria, to purchaie IfiO acres of laml located lu
Kire Valley, being part of Sections Three aud
Four, Township fin, and described as followi:
Commencing at a post planted ai William
Williams* N.W. corner, and mrarsed "B. B, Wl
N. K. corner," and running 40 chains west,
thence 30 chains south, theme 'Hi chains east,
thenoe -to chains south, thence Iii chains east,
thenoe fi<l chains noith to place of beg inning.
November 38rd, l'JWJ. Hon* K Wiuiamb,
J. K. Annahi.k, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that 60 ilavs alter date 1
lutend to apply to tlie Honorable tlie CnlSI Com*
inissiiuer of Land.-and Works for penult* Inn In
purchase the following desrrihud lands: Com-
mencing at a post plaoed 30 cbains west ol tbe
aouthea-l corner of Lot K43, marke*! "K. A. Bell's
northwest- corner," theuce south IM ehalni,
Tbeuce east  90 (hains,  theme  north  'JO chains,
thenee aen ft ohalni to polntof oommenoement!
containing 10 acres, more or less.
Located thisr'th dayof Nov .law,    R. A.BKI.L.
Sixty days after date I Intend to applv lo tne
Hon. Chief Commissioner of lauds anil Worka,
Victoria,  to  pnrchase  1W> acres ol land, in Kire
Valley, weit Kootenayi Oommenolni ai n post
plantcil fi) chains west of the rt, W coruerof J.
Boblnion'i pre emption, and marked W. W's N.
E. corner, aiol running wesl -So chains, the nre
sonth ni cbains. theme cast tti chains, tlience
north ���SOehwlu- to place of beginning
Nov. Ihtli, 1900. William WtLLUMS,
 J. K. Annahi.k, Agent.
Slxtv  dayi  after ilale I intern! to applv l>> (ha
Hon. tbeCblelCommissioner of Landsand Works
to purobase U0 aeretf af land: Oommenelng at a
post planted on the Went side of Hlx mile creel,
on wagon road, about two and one hulf milea
from Kootenay lake, aud niarked "Nell Mc-
Kechnle'l S. West comer post," tbence east VI
chains, ihence north 10 chains, theme west 40
chains, thence south W chains, to plate of commencement
Located this 10tb day of November. 1BC0,
   Nim McKBCftvti
SlxtyilaysaflerdateIpurpo.se muting application to tin* Honorabl- tbi Chlel Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission  to pun base
th�� following deseriiicd land;  Commenolng at
m post pbn-c'l tl theH. W corner of I_nt IjHOU Hnd
marked "K. *!-. ��.'*" N. W, euruer, thence lollowlng the southern boundary l.ot 6000. 5fi chains
moreorless easl lo  the  west  boundary of  I,nt
0001, thence following ume south 8Q chains to
the noiih boundary of Lot OBOti theme abom 70
Chains   weat  along  said  boundary  to  Ihe lake
ibore; thenee north 80 chains more nr leaa following the lake ihore to point  of commencement, containing ^i" acres more or less.
Dated Deoember nth, nw7.
       F. fl   FAUqi'TIE.
Notice li hereby given tbat sixty days after
dale I intend lo apidy to the Hon lhe Chiel
Commissioner o( Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following deaoribed  land
iltuated in tbe Weat Kootenf-V district:  Com-
mcnctiiK at a post plunted at tbo "N.K corner
of L. Porterra pre-emption," and running
thonoe east   W chains; tbence south IU chains;
thenoo weat40 cbalni; thanee north 40 Ohalna.
to place oi oommenoement, containing im acres,
more or leu-
Heecmbcr-JO, 1W��.
iiahhv i'i'krs, Locator,
 M^H   M��'/iakhik. Agent.
Noiiee is hereby givon tbataixty daya attei
dale I undid to apply to the Honorable lhe
Chief Commissioner of Lands Hiid Works, for
jiermissioii to purchase the (allowingdeacrlbed
lauds situated in the West Koolenay dlsirlct:
Commencing ai a post   marked   "H. II   south
west corner, and north of a. h. Lueavg, pur
chase i-lMm, 00 Sand Creek] thenee north 4o
Ohalni] thence,cast 'JI chains; thenee south 40
ohalni; tlienco 20 ohalna wait, to polntof com-
im'ncemcnt, cnntainlug 40 acres, more or less.
December 20, iw��.
Hknkv Hayi>kn,
                M. H. Mri.t'AhKiK, Agent.
Hlxty days after date I Inteml to apply to tbo
Chief Commisaloner OI Lands ami Works to purchase HI'i acres of land,  located in Lower Arrow
Lake. West K oo tan ai i  Commencing at a posi
planted al tbe "N.W. corner of Arrow Lake
Indian Keserve"; Ihemesoiitli HOcliains; theme
treat ap obaina; tbenoe nonh m chnins; mencu
east HO chains, lo place of beginning
Located Mth day of Deoemoer, im
0   KKU'KM,,
Hixty dayi after Mate i intend toapply to the
lion the Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and "orkn
to purchase -MD acres of land :   Com in end nv nt ��
post marked "N.T B'leouthcaat rorner noal"
��� aid post being at lhe northeait comer ofOao
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about iwo miles
southeast oi hurton city, thence west io ohalni,
iouth DO ohalna, weal -lo chains, north U ohalna
easl BO chains,* ih J) chains to place of com-
menoomenti containing 340 acrea.
Locnte.isth davof Nov. lmw.   NrrriiT. Barn.
t'lxty days after date I inieml lo Hpply to tho
Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Landl ami Works,
Victoria, to purchnse W aorea of land, situated
OD the weat aide Of Arrow Lake, about :C, miles
below Burton, am! deicrlbed ai follows* Commencing at a post planted at ihe northeut
oornerol Lot OTMnd running nonh 90ohalnii
heme weat �� obaina,   hi nco aoutb SO ohalna
thence east 90flholni to place Of beginning.
Nov. llth. IWIb. ",|   k.W,
���L K Annaiii.k, Agent.
Notloe Is Hereby given that on itev*. alter date 1
Intend to apply to Che Honorable ti.e chief Com-
mlssloner of Lands end   Works for nermlssfoti to
purchase the following deaeribed lands situate
'"    1'1I�� ";.;'u;.[ "'!������<; < *tynj NoUon.on tho
south shoic of the West Ann of Kootenay lake,
and enmmencngflt ��� p(��Nt p|ft(.(,,] H,J()1|| jobhalni
".?ilt!,,-1"f ""���.""'"I'^M-coruerof LotSMl, marked
���H Thomas N. \V corner," tlience south S
chains, .thenee east 90 chains, them-e north 90
chains, ihcnce west 90 chains to pniut of coim
moncomunt, ^ '
Dated thu Bth day of Nov., 1000.    b, Thomas
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Oie
Fall Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qoaltty.l
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders by mall to auy branch will have
om prompt and careful attention.
Head Ofiice: NelioB.ll
Notice 1* hereby given that 00 <tavs attar date 1
intend tr spply to iiie Honorable tin- Chlel Com-
mlssloner of Unds and Works, Victoria, 11 < .,
tor permission to purchase the follow ing described land, hituated tu tbe West Kootenav district,
on thw weit side of i uhamel (or Hlx Mile) creek,
ou inner side of wsgoti road, about J1-, milea
fro jj West Arm of Kooteimy lake: Commencing
at a post markeii Mrs .Hattie I'm ks * 1 i<<r
tier, running 40 chains west; theuce 90 ehalna
south; theliee 40 chains east; theuce _*���> chain*
north, to lhe polul of commencement, containing BO acres of laud, more or less.
Dated the 17th November 1006
Mas   H*niE lins,
John K. Taylor, Agent
BlXty day* after  dale I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol l-amt* and vtork*.
Victoria, to purchase UO at rea of Imi.l aboiii tWO
miles bflow Burton City, Weat Kootenay, oom-
mciieiuit a<. a post marked **$.*t_* Iirtag'l essl
corner nost," said DMt bei ng ou the easterly end
of an IsUiid west ol I_ot6Mf,aild claiming all the
land contained in said lilaod, being about one
mile In an easterly and weatarl) dlrcettnii and
about in cbains from norlh In south.
November llth, 1SU6. J. A. laviso,
J  K. Annahi.k. Agent.
Hlxty dava afterdate 1  intend tn apply tu the
Hon. Chief Commlaaioner of Land* and works,
Victoria, to  purchase  UU acres ol land  locate.!
on thr* weet ago ol Arrow lake ami Iviiii directly
north of I-ijI WOl Commencing at a post plante.l
at the N K corner of Lot 7*70 and markso 'It B.
H K .-orner," aud running norlh 3D chains,
tbence  west \Si ehalns, Ibenee  north 3) chains,
thence west 'jo chains, tbonce aonth 10 Obaina,
thence easl  40 chains, lo place o| beginning.
Nov. Mth, 1900. Brutim UhaiiLKY,
J, E. /.knaiilk. Agent.
Notice ia hereby given tbal 00 davs alter date, I
intend to apply to lbe Hon. Chief Coi .inissiouer
of Lands ami worka lor permission to purebaae
the following deacrlbed land In West Kootenay
district: Oommenolni at a post marked Mr.*- V
A Wilson's corner post, planlcd at tbe aoftheaat
corner ol Beotlon It, Townatte 7, mnnlng aoutfa
40 chain*. Iheucv wcsl tu chains, ihcnce norlh 40
chains, thenee cast 40 chnins to place of commencement, containing Itio acres, moreor less
Dated Nov. 09, luue. Mm. v. a. wilnok.
J. Wijjkin. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that GO days aller dale I
Intend toapply to thu Honorable the Cblel I ommlssloner oi f.Hiids and Works fnr permlaalon
Ui purchase 880 acres Ofland.lltuateon the Little
HOyle river abonl 1 mile fiom lutcinatiomil
Boundary and i.'xiut 1 mile Irom .Spokane Inter
national ity.:  Commenolng at a poet marked
I>   Grant's H. K.   comer   nosi,   tlience   west  40
ohalna; tbenoe mirth m obalm; thenee east io
Oj ains; ihenee norlh iu chalus;  theme east 90
chains; thenoe aoutb Oo cbaina to place of com-
menoement, containing880 acres of inml.
Looated Oct, 90th 1900,
DaVIIL Chant.
Work* for la.MolssloD to punbi
di-scfltM-d lands lu   Kooteusr
niMiclng at a p^nt marked J. B. J
eaal comer post, uld p>nt wictw*!
side of the Utwtr Arrow .iim1-*;**/
billow Imrton City; thence well ������
tbenoe west *jo chains; thenrv uk'aM
thence west 'jn chains; tlieun nerts11|
aud 'Xi links, morn or 1cm tc.tUU
tb cm ���* eaaterlr along l��k"*irhntnia
to the plaOa  of   U-gllllllUR.  CO0UlSU(M
more or bs*
Hated this 5th day of Novrmber.'JI   _
i L��||
per K. L, Briwea F
Notice Is  bereby (Iven thai tut;Ml
date i Intend to makeapp!icatleaail|
ebli Cblel <'ouiinis��iouen��f Untiluiwr
Victoria H ��� .fin pe I in liinii to paidM
lowing dcM*rlt-��a laud, situate It Baf
Weht Kooteuay district: i ommfCfaiaj
Hunted at ihe southwest corner pf ML
Inaon'l pre-emiition, inarkiit K. I K'i&l��
post, tbenoe 4li , hains w��t, t!����iaj
north, them-e 40 i hainscaitloJftti
noriliwest corner, the no* south Df
ol I* iiii ni i uient, coutaiiiimr Ift'irt*^
Dated this ^3rd day of Nov.,l��<
On dayi after data l intend m
Chief < on mi-slonerof Umls
torliL, tO purehaso 'JI40 acre- nl
Kire Vallev and being** it.rilon -im
and Irt ln 'fnwHiihipCtf aii-lilfScrlMM
Commanolng at a post planted ��t it**
oornar of too aoutheasl 90lrt*arl
Township f.'J and marked J Q 11_
thence north 40 chains; thence vttxea
thence south 40 chains; thence -titer
���r -an! r*K.
Notice U hereby given tnaK��a��rtWjJ
Intend io apply to the Honors!'-'* |0''**J
mlssionrr of Ijinds and Work-'*"'    **
aeres of land deaorlbed as fol tot...      -
al a post planted on thc north banl*��_i
Moyie river, about 2U0 yards lr,��ma
marked    "K.    McUa'i's   8    ��    <��<5J
thenoe east HO chains, thenre inrU"?
ihenoe weal BOcbalns, thence awls "aP
plaee ol oon,uaaiiooinent,andfleil*^n
more or 1cm. .  __ ���.
Located 90th day Oct.. iw>     "'*������
Mlxty -lays afler dale 1 inteml to npply to the
BonorablO the ChiefCoinmlssioner.il Lands nud
Works, Victoria, to purchase IflO net.*- of laud
located in Kire v.iiiey ami deaoribed as tollowii
C'lnmencing at a post marked ii il. UoU'l N W
comer, ami plautetl at the louthweat corner ol
Lot 7Rl.\ and running iouth So chains, thenos
east 20 chain-,  thence north  M ehalns,  tlu-nca
weat30 chains to plaoe of beginning,
Not, ittth, 1900, Oto, b. Mcmiu.an,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
Hlxly  days after date I intend lo tipply tn the
Honorable the Chief Commlnloner of Lands and
worki to purchase 040 acres of land, located in
I'lre Valley, on wen side of Armw Inke- Coin-
mencing hI a post plautetl (0 chains we-t of the
southwest corner of J. Hoplusou'v pn-emntlon
ami marked  J  W's B,   B   comer, and miininir
north 80 chalna, tbenoe west mi ohalna  thanee
south 80 chains, Ihence east 80 cluilns to pbuc of
HOT. 18th, 1906, .Iank Wm.mams
J. K. Annahi.k. Agent.     '
Sixty days after date I iuicnd to innl-i lo tho
Chief Coinmissioner   ol Lamls and Worka tor
permlaalon to pureliase the followlni deaerlbod
lamls in Kooteuny Dlitrlet, aboul three ontirters
ul mile from Thrum's siding: Comtnenclrio ���< .1
noil idHccd at the.H. W. corner of L SOW eroun
I,   Vest    Koolenay    hislrict;    thence   wester   ���
following thc north boundarv ol 1 ?*__, _\t
ohalna] thonco north 10 ohalnii thenoo Outio
chains, moreor less, lolhe S W eornei* t
L6808; thence soutb following lhe wesi l,..,,i., J,
of L6898 10 chains, more or Wee, lo pfaite o iSim
meneement. oontainlng40acrea, moreor b.��
Dated this tiih day of December! 1906.
H. 11. I'irrs, Uicator.
Hixtj days afler ilale I loiend toanni* in n...
Hon. Ohio Commissioner of Um,']" J w' Jffi?
Vietorlu, to purehase 100 acres of land, oca t. 1,,��
tho west ride of Arrow lake, nbout   ]v. , ,1.    .
low Burton City, and doaorlbotl u follow*-r   '"
mencing at a 0'>st marked ��� K (., B's Mii'thM..
oornor,ffwdWng�� ohalna east of tha no    wes
oorner of Lot mUftbenoo north lOohai ������     .
west 40 chaiua; thonce south 40 ��� 1 V,..'} " ll,u
east 40 chains to the place ol biJi. . .    V   ' '**
November Hth, 1906. ���   Bf%_ ���������
IMiriO,       llli'll!   l<       ��1'     IUUW       ITV-r-l
soutli. t��! the polnl nf Bommonan
ing t0 acres of laml, in.ire or lew*
Ditcd Iith November, IW��-
I.wnleil livJ*
pnJoiwK. Titu"."^!
Hlxty sl.sjsss situ.r ilale 1 I"'""' '"JfJJ
Wort, lot Mimlnlon iss putoW�����',���
sls'ssirllsssil i���s���i. ,-s K us";''",',��"
.'Issu at a poit i.it.rkt-.l *'A '��,,11.
s'.sris.T poit," aal.l ps,��l !��� ill, "�� "' j,
,'ily alsssrs-nl lln- Unur Arris* ��L*', |>
ilm' IUI, (in  tills iiorll.i'a��l '���"">",?*_
9ioopl| tlnn-w north to cl "''.'Lmii
���onth 10 i'lialna, mom i r I''"'"1 ���,uuiS
thenos i..ii..w1iik aisi'l ��!'""' n *,,,t.,IT
��� IlriM-ili.n fo rlinliia niun' i.r no 'j
boglnnlni, oonlalnlni i��� tmm. U J
Datod Oil- 5Iti ilay ol Nuvs'SssbsT, i�� ,���
WlK  IaB0������^|
Ni.tli'O la liiTCliyKlvs'li llissl *l%lj|"'.',��il
lllst.'lisllss apply t" tl"' I1"" ',,,, ,l,bl��l
OT ssl Ullda sssssl Works fssr ll'* ' dl: ���
,.!....,..    ,S...    I.,II,,uinu    ill.IT!'1'I.   ',   ,;M
OT ssl Und, ami Worka (ssr lln  '��j
oliaao   Ills'   l.ill.iwlllll   dMCtlMO. i, c���
111 IUK "I  a   Mil   inarl",''    ,_**.*__
N W 1'orni'r po-t" plnnteil n} ""���.���,���,^i
bo K.   -
. unsl a-, blssi'k, Nss  *���'"
111.- K. anil *, bli.i'k, N,,  ��������������"   ���,I��|
ohalnal fenoo .ont l*�� '��';__&__
USS. (*.l* It. lllll', Ull'lll'S' ��'"���,KI i,rii-*31
Arrsssv l.aks'i Iht'tso ,��i'[<' " \���l��_
Ihi'Slss.ri'i.nliL'Arniis Uk.sls'tl" I       |
111,'lllT'tlll'tlt . ,rv  |?ffi. ___P
Iinlod Una llth ilny "I Fehruarjs . ,.jm
llH>Qi**rMiia_\ The Daily Canadian
fotice to Fuel Consumers
All orders how standing on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for auy amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
iml be made. '
Dated February 18, 1907.
|Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
fe Catty
SIckof Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Ssss; Our Varlsty ot .300 l'lutus-e�� I'nmcil In th*
l.nlo-1   -Stylo*.
\iandatd Fatnitore G>mpany
Mini A ftlieb Hanoi.
Oitermoot MntirMini
Mariiimll --.ti!'...-) Mattresses.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers*    Embalmers
'ate* Bottle Sale
2 Quart Water Bottle |1.00
3 Quart Water Bottle $1.25
2 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
[an a da Drug <& Book Co.
:�� hereby Kiven that 30 day* Rher dote I
<Hi'|il; to tin- Hon, the Chid Comum
i Land* end Worki, victoria, (or per-
ini nt aiol carry a*ay UraU'r from  the
; di ��� rlbed landi iu West Kootenay l
mencing al a p-wt planted about eighty
Ml nl the im mill of i ni<kn creek, where
Into Hume* creek, ami ou the north
ka creek, end marked H. a Laurie's
! corner i> ���������'. theuce woat fifth y rhalun,
nrih eighty chain*, ihence eait eighty
thenc* frooih eighty chalna to point ol
Mh, VW    Q  A. Ut BIB. Locator.
linmi-iicitiK at a poii planted eaat of and
: I- a Laurie'i location i��oit No. 1, and
���   A. Laurie'i toil I Invent eorner poil of
Hon, theuce cant tight)* rhaim, thencu
li tr chaloi, tbonoeww eighty fhiiin*.
in eighty chalu* to polut of coniiaeii-
Btb, rjo".
. A   l.ii'iiiK, Locator.
of c
imencing at a poel planted about eighty
uii of Kureka creek where 11 tlowa into
reek.and marked O A. 1-aurle'i aouth-
���" l pent, OD location No A, Ihence eail
lalni. thiticc north eighty chaini.. thenre
l-uin*. tbenCO aoulii eighty chalna
in. in i-liu'IU,
.'.'���th, 1VW7.   ti. A. Lai'Hia, LoOfttOr.
i'.ng  at a po*t  planlcd   nouth  of
| U   A   Lnune'i location No. I, and
���it;-  northwest coMier pout,
chalna. thence Mnth   *' chalu*.
o chains, thence north flo cliaina
Jan. 25th. int*". ti. a. latata, Looator.
niiicnclng at a poit planted eighty
Ml and forty chnlna iouth of location
Land marked * II. higc's MQthWMt
"-: "t loi al I on So. &, thence ea*-l eighty
hence norih eighty chalna, thence weat
halm,   thence  aonth eighty chalna to
|i Jan jitu, iwi.   w ii. 1'Aoi,Looator.
amending ��l a poat plauied aouth of
Inlng location No. ... aud marked W. H.
crtluveat corner poatoi  lo**atloti No 0.
u-t eighty ohalna, tbenoe iouth eighty
Ihclice weat eighty chalna, Ihence north
liHiiu t.i point of eommencemuot.
|l Jan. snft'i 1&07.      W. H. PiOB, locator.
'ociog at a poat planted eighty
ami twenty i Iihih*. aouth of locution
ini morked ti. A. Laurie'iaOulhweit
ol I'icatioii No. ". Ihence eaat eighty
i"- north eighty chalna. thence weal
ii",   Ihence  Moutii   eiguty   chain* 10
ehalna, thenee aouth elrhty chains, ihence weit
elghtv   ehalna,  thence north  eighty  chains   lo
polut of commencement.
Dated Jtn  .-Mh.lWi.   C,. A. LaVRIK, Locator.
l-l.���Pomim-iiclng at a poat planted uorth of
aud adjoining location No. 18, and being marked
li. A. Lanrle'aiouthwi'Bt corner post of location
No H, thence easl eighty chains, thence uorth
eighty chalna. thence weit eighty chaini. thence
aoutb eighty chaiua to pomi ol commencement-
Dated Jan. ttth, 1HU7.   U. A. Lai-sis. Locator.
1ft -Commencing al a poal planted eighty
ehaim norlh of location No. H audinaraedW.
II. Face'* louthweit corner poit ot location No
Ift, thence -an eighty chaini, tbence norlh
etKhty chaini, tbence weit eighty cbaina, theme
���Onth eighty chalna to point oi commencement.
Dated Jan. rtth, 1*<7.     W. II. PAOl, Lix-ator.
K��.-Commeiiclng at a Mil planted tight)
ebalni eaat o| location No 16, aud marked Q.A.
Lanrle'i south wen corner poatoi location No.
lti,   thence   eaat   elghtv   chaiua,   Ihence   north
eighty ehalni, thence weat eighty chalna, tbence
aouth eighty chain* lo point of commencement.
Looated Jan. tt, 1��0".    <j- A. Lai-rib, Locator.
n.-CmnmeucIng it * pout plauied aoulh ol
and idjOlnlni location No. 1��'>. aud marked U. A.
Laurie's m>rthwe��t corner [mini of location ���> o.
1", thence eaat eighty chatna, thence aoulh
elghtv chaiua, thence weal eighty chllni. thence
norlh eighty chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jtn. Hth, Wl,   *i- A. Lai'his, Locator.
IB.-Commencing al a poat planted eighty
ehl liia aouth ol liK-atlon No IT, and marked ��.
H. Page's northwe*l comer poal ol Incallon No.
1ft, thenc emi eighty chaiua, h nccaooth eighty
chaiua, thence weat eighty cbaina, thence norlh
eigbty chatna lo point ol commencement.
Located Jan. IS, 1907.      W. II. Paob, Locator.
Ill-Commeuelng al a poat plauted eighty
chalna lonlhol location NO.lt.tM marked t..
A. Laurie's northweal corner poat of location No.
10, thence eaat eighty ebalna thence aoulh
eighty chalm, thonce weal eighty chalna, Ihcnce
north eighty chain* to point of commencem-nt.
Haled Jan. ���-"-'th, 1907.   (1. A  Lit'RtR, Locator.
go.���Commencing at a poii  plantedabout
eighty chatna eaat of the moulh of hight Mile
creek where tt empties Inlo Inonoultln creek,
and on the aouth hank of Inotioakln creek, and
marked H. A Laurie's norlbcnit comer poit or
location No B0, Ihclice aouth 1*) chains, theuce
weat 40 ehalni. theuee north UH) chaini, thence
eaat U chains to point ol conimenccineut.
Dated Feb 2nd. Wl,   O. A. LaURIK, I water.
:i. -('ommenclng at
. ..ulna weat and ��-��'���<
No. ���>   -nd marke
l'l Jan, Utb.1907.
A. Lao MR, !.i��'itis'i.
men. Ing Hi a poit planted eighty
ft an.l eighty cha.n* aoulh ol lOOatloO
i end marked ti A LatirluV aouthweat
"-I ol location No. fl, tbence eaal
"ilia, the'iee north eighty chaiua, thence
fighty chalna, tbence aonth eighty chatm
'i< "i oommenoement.
IJitu Mtb.lWT.   tf, A. Laiihir, Locator.
ommenclng   at   a   poat   planted    eighty
'���aat and eighty chalna suuth of locution
"oil marked u  a. Laurie'i iouth��Mt
of location No. U, theuce eaat 1(H) chaiua,
north lti ehaiiia, ihenco awt liHi chuliia,
MJan 86th, 1907,  a A.LAt'iitR, Looator.
l-t'oiniiu'iiciiiK nt a pout planted about six
town Hnrtiea creek Irom the luolith ol
i < reek where it llown into iittriii'i creek
iilheaaterly direction, and marked 0, A.
��� lOultaWHt corner post ol localion No.
me salt eighty cliaiuH, ihence north eighty
, Ihence weat eighty chains, thenco aouth
|. chains iti point ul commencement.
I'd Jan. nth', IW7.   (I. A. LAtMll, Locator.
'oiniueneing   at  a   post   planted  eighty
east ol loeatiou No. LO, and marked tl. A .
MlOUthWeit corner post OI location No 11,
east eighty chains, thonce north eighty
pa, ihenee weatelghiy chains, ihence nouth
��i ciibiiim to point of coininoLcement.
fldJan.afttb, UI07, u. A,Uowg, Looator.
-'"'"""'""I'lngat a poat planted aouth of and
���J'li'ig looatlon No. n, and marked W. H.
��� >iott.iweM corner post of location No. Ill,
e eait eighty Ohaloi, thenco nouih eighty
,.',,,;"",'"'*-'��tctghtyc|],iina, tbenco north
I uialus to polntof commencement.
���1 Jan. ^tb, Wl,     W. II. pAQl, Lo ator.
t'!''l",H'I1I'H'K at n post planted eighty
Is"".*ndelgh'y Ohalni aouth o| location
Lr �����. ! �����ko? ����� A. uurle'i northweal
^ post oi location No. 18, thenco eut eighty
a   poll  planted   lorty
���luiiin wwt mi'l oi.btj s-is��iii�� ��nuii nl looatlon
* muiki-il \v. II. l'��Kt''B iionliisiiisti'iir-
niT iiss.i ssl lsss'niliui No. II, ilit'iii'is ssessl tlnlsly
Government of Canada Only Lukewarm
on Proapect.
Ottawa, Feb. 26.���Official correspondence lead;ni_ up and re'ating to Ihe
fourth colonial conference, which Ib to
be held in London on April 15th next,
wa. tabled in the house of c minions
last week by Sir Wilfrid Laurler. It
opens with the circular Issued lo the
governors of Ihe self-governing colonies,
sent out by Mr. Lyttlcton in the spilng
oi 1905, suggesting the title "colonial
conferences" be discarded In favor of
the term "imperial council." to be applied to councils of the empire to be
held at regular intervals, with a permanent representative commission to
draft resolu.ions aB su.ge.-tid by the
governments interested. The proposal
wus accupsed by Cape Colony, Natal
and Australia, while Canada and New-
loundland dissented from it. The Canadian government took the ground that
any change in title should be left to
the conference Itself, while the suggested permanent commission was regarded
by Canada aB likely to "Interfere with
tbo working of responsible government." The conference, which was to
be held in 1906, was, however, postponed until 1907.
The Canadian government endeav.
ored to have the conference of 1907
postponed until May, but the colonial
secretary pointed out that this would
be inconvenient; that the conference
should meet on April 15th and not last
more than four weeks, as the premier
of South Africa and other delegates
would have to leave for home about the
middle of May.
Australia. New Zealand and Cape
Colony, replying to a request of the
colonial secretary, submitted a list of
the Bubjects which they considered
should be discussed at the conference.
Hut the government of Canada replied
that it had no suggestions to make.
philiTihoi��� Kiiith eighty I'iinhi., tlielue com
���.Iglily sliniii.. tbenn iiurili t'llllitj* ehalns Iss
|���iml ol I's'llimclH'i'lsu'Ul.
Dmoil Ki-b. '.nd, IW.     W. H. I'.m, Ixioulor.
ffl.-cssraini'iiriiiii ��i�� pii"t planted eait ol and
iiihi'iniiiK looatlon No, BO, and markea o. A,
Uurle'i northwi'.l sssrner psm nl Ineallnii No.
���a iiieiuf MsssiisimonalnMneneeea oookalni,
thenc iinnii u-t)s'lsssin,. tisi'iis'u woat wonalniu
pnllll nl I'ssininelii'eiiielil.
DhIciI Keb. ind, l��li-   II- A. Lifim, Ixiculor.
Jj.���Comm*no|ni at apiiitplinted forty ebiini
auto'looatlon No.mud miniieii �� >i. kage'a
norlhweat oornet poit oj looatlon No. 99, tbenoe
���mull [M ohalni, tbenoe eail [ortf ohalni, thenoe
north Ito ohalni, tbenoi ����it lorty ohalni to
plllllt Of  Illll'tll't'llll'llt.
Diiti'.i Kub. md, IM,    *>V H- trim, Looator,
ai  ^mnian��o��atapoitnlaniodioi'lyriinlni
en<i and sMglny sisisiiii issntii s.i loratlon N.s. ��,
���,���l  marked b  *. Uurle'i nortbweit cornor
usim ssi  oeatlon Nn M, iississ".' mmib eljhls
l-l, ibenoc ,'i.Kt olglity s-ii��iii��. tbenco imrlli
eiihiy ohalni, thenoe weetplgnty cbaina lo poini
Duled Keb. 4th UOI,   ��. ����� Lit'iia, woalor,
���a-Uommeuriin! �� �� PMI planted eighty
oIibiiih emi sslbssaiis.ii Nn. tt, and marked, a A,
Uurle'i, norlbweit corner pint "I ".'""""/".';
���I: thenee mmib eighty cbalni, tb��oceeM
eighty, Ihenoe north ilgnti obalm, tlienoe weKt
elghtv obalm to polnl ol oommenoement,
Duti'ii Keb. iiii, mn.   a. * Utiau, Looator.
��.-Cnmmenelni it �� ptft t_*__*\ J^ffl' .'""
ami oni'iiail niihss si.ssvii Inonoakln oreek, mm
lhe mouth ol Klght M llo s'res-k there ll 111.   " I
lo Inonoakln ereek, and on th��-��*_ i, Vie".
Inonoakln orook, ami marked 0 's""'!"
northweal oorner pont, tbenoe roulh olsntj
rhalni, lbence call mhty chaini, theoco ��
eightyehuliin. iheiieu we.t oightj* obalm to pomi
Dated Kob. lib, IW.    ����� *��� UtMtt, Localor.
Take notice that I intend, thirty <lay�� alter
date to apply to the Houornhlc the Chief Com-
tntMloner of Land* nnd Worku for a apeclal
licence lo cot ami carrv away Umber from the
(ollowlng described landB, sltualetl on Sandy
(Vek, In Went Kootenay district: Commencing
at tt poat planted on the weit aide, oi said creek,
and marke * "J. F. Vt" northwest eorner; thenoe
running south eighty chains; tnence east eighty
chalna, thence north elfrhly chalna; tbeuce west
eighty chalmt to plaee ol commencement.
Hated thii 19th day of February, 1W7,
Take notice that thirty dars after date 1 ID-
lend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works at Victoria (or penntsslou to
cut and carrv away timber Irom the loiiowing
described lands In Wesi Kootanay:���
No 1.���Commencing at a [lost planted at tbe
southwest corner of limber licence No, 78*21;
thence cast torly chains; theuce uorth eighty
chains; thence eaU lsO chains, thence Routb lo
northern boundary ol timber lloenM ft'ttHlthence
west along aald northern boundary to
the north-weal corner of said license;
then soutn to the northern bouudary
of tlmtier license 7018; theuce west to
a point due soutb ol the point ojoommenctnent;
thence north to the polut ol commencement.
January 15th, 1907
Uo. i��� Commencing at the northwest corner
ol t lm l*e, license "Wl; theuce south to the northern boundary of timber license 7018; thence west
to the north-west corner of said timber .icenae
thence south to the northern boundary of Lot
119; ihence following said boundary of said
lot wesl to the right of way of the B. C. Houthern Railway; thenee (ollowlng said right of way
In h north eaiterly direction to the place of commencement.
Jannaty l..lh, 100*7.
No. 8 ���Commencing at a southeast i*orti.ir of
timber lieenafl Bo.lSu.iboui rllty chains south
of the right ot war of the U 0. Southern Rail*
wttviUieneeeast l'tiu chains; thence north forty
Ohalnii them-e west 10" chains; thence aouth
forty chalus to place ol commencement.
January Ifithi 1907.
v0. 4.���Commencing at a post planted at the
���em-ctlon of the southern boundary ofthe
rigo* "I way of the B. C. Southern Railway, and
lbe me *rn boundary of Lot BUT! thence south
to the D nthern boundary of license application
No :i; theuce taut MO chains; thence ncrth to the
southern boundary of timber license No 7195;
theuce following the southern boundary of said
license westerly about -sixty chains, more or less
to nn eastern boundarv ol salt! license; thence
south fortv ehains; thence west eighty chains;
then north to the right of way of the B C.
Southern Railway, ihcnce following said right
of way lu a south-westerly direction to the place
of beginning.
January IMh, 1907.
No ft.���' ommenclng at a post planted at the
southwest eorner dl limber license 668ftt tbence
west sixty chains more or less to a point due
south of the sotitheait Corner of license application No. S; thence north sixtv chains more or
less to the smith boundary of license application
No 4; tbence east to the southeast corner
of said license application of No. 4; thence
north to the northeast eoruer of said license
application No 4; thenee easl to the southeast corner of timber license TIM] theuce
north forty chains more or less to n point due
weft of the north-west corner of limber license
6885! thenee east to the northwest corner of said
timber license No. 6685; theuce south 160 chains
lo the polul ol commencement
January 16th, 11X17.
No. 6���Commencing at a post plautetl at the
southeast corner of Umber license 0888] Ihence
west to tlie southwest corner of license application No. &; thence norlh to southern boundary
of license application No. 3; theuce wesl to the
northeait corner of license application No. 1;
thence south to the northern boundary of
timber license Utt) thence east to the northeast
corner of tlmher license 8.. 18; Ihence south
thirty chains; thence east to lhe west boundary
of tlmher license 6b4'i; theuce norlh lo the placa
of bcKl'itiluR'
1 ��� January 16th, 1907.
No. 7.���Commeneing at a post planted at the
northeast corner ol timber license 85*t; thenco
south forty chalus,more or less to the north
boundary of timber license 85*6; thence eait 180
chains; thence north forty chains moreor less to
a point due east of the southeast eorner of timber license 8M8; theuce west 180 chalna to lho
place of beginning.
January IJSth, 1907.
No. 8.���Oommenelng at a post planted at the
northeast corner of timber llceuse No. 8ftM;
lhetice south eighty chains; theuco eaatelghty
chains; thence north eighty ohalni) theuco wesl
eighty chains lo plaee of commencement.
8    ' ' January 15th. 1907.
No 9, Commencing al a posl planted at the
southeast corner ol limber .license BM7| thence
nonh eighty chains; ihcnce east eighty chains;
theuce north IW eh"Ins more or less to the norlh
enst i orner of license application No. 7; thenco
west to southeast Corner 0l timber license No.
U18] thence north to the southern boundary of
license application No. 6; thence cast to
the west boundary Ol timber license No.
Bfitil Ihcnce aouth to the southwest corner of tlmher llceuse STil'J; thenco west
to lti northwest corner ol timber license No.
sM;; thence south to thc northeast eurner of
timber lleenie No. 854ft: ihenco west eighty
chains; thence south to a point due cnat of tho
aoutheast eoruer of limber Ibense 85*7; tbenco
west to plucc of commencement.
January 15th, 1907
No 10.���Commenclngat a poat planted at the
southeast corner ol tlmb8X license 85Wi tlienco
south eighty chaini; thence west to tho east
boundarv of Lot 812; thenc- north to the south'
ern boundarv of timber lleente No. 7018; thence
cas< totho southeast corner of timber license
'701K; thence north to the soutli boundary of Ilm*
her lleenie 85*9; ihcucO east to place of commoncemont.
January 15th, 1W7.
P. Lt'Ni), Locator,
Dam Mi'Dowjall, Agent
The Doctrine of  Liaeaez-Faire  in   Mod*
ern   Time*.
The theory of lassiez-falre In economics la that the public autnorty should
interefere as little aa possible In the
business concerns of the community.
Ii is based on the unquestioned fact
that wealth is produced most economically and amply when Individuals are
free to produce nnd transfer on mutually arranged terms. Many men interested ln the scientific study of business
conditions regard the growing tendency
of the state to conrtol public companies
as a lamentable thing, a departure
from the proved advantages to a commonwealth secured by observances of
the laissez-faire docrtlne. Every advance of the government to the protection of the public against tooagressive
companies is regarded as a Btep toward
the baseless theories of Socialism, or
even toward anarchy. Jt was the refusal of the French government to allow private individuals full freedom in
trade that helped to bring about the anarchy of lhe French Revolution.
But the conditions under wwhich the
doctrine of laissez-faire was enunciated
have changed very greatly. The corpor.
ati; company, with special privileges
and usually with great wealth, has
Telegraph, telephone, express, street
railwway and public companies, like the
railways, are "public utilities." Their
duty does not end when their shareholders have been looked after. They have
a definite duty to provide the public
with the best possible service at reasonable rates. In most caseB this is the
return they are erpected to give for the
monoply they enjoy. If they fulfilled
their duties, and carried out iheir agreements in a (straightforward manner,
no public authority would interfere
with them. They would be "let alone
to produce and distribute wealth." It
is quite useless to say because in such
cases as we have mentioned there has
been government iterference that the
doctrine of laissez-faire has been abandoned. The tendency on this continent
Is to give full freedom to the idividual
until he uses his freedom to mork in-
iury to others. Then the law Bteps In.
When public utility corporations use
their powpr in an arbitrary and unfair
manner, government regulation is the
only salvation for the protection of the
public���and the doctrine of laissez-faire
13 not controverted.���Toronto News.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price R000.00
H. E, Croadsdaile & i
Next Door to Dank of Commerce.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Foel tc Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and Ward  Sta.
Notice Is herebv given thnt at r. nmetlns of lhe
llottrd oi Uomm CominiwtonerH, to bo held after
thfl expiration of JtO dsfi, 1 Iniend to ��pp*y lor ��
traimlerof my hotel 11 lifeline fur the Qrove hotel,
at Fulrvtew, lo E. Q  Borden
Notice Ib hereby given that 60 dava alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable tlie Chief Com-
mliiilouer of Lauds and Works for a license to
frospect for coal and petroleum over the follow-
tig land: Situated two miles north of the inier-
uational boundary line and west of the Flathead
river. * eg liming at a post marked W. Letiallals1
N. W. corner post, thenee 80chains nouth, thence
wi chalus east, tbenee to chains north, tbenee 80
ehalns west to point of commeuepmeut.
Pated Nov. 14.1906. W. LbOallaih.
Notiee li hereby given that 60 days after date I
intend to applv to the -'uu. Chlel comoilsHioner
uf Lands ana Works for a -loenne to prospect for
eoal and petroleum over the following land:
Situated six miles north of the International
houndary line Jind ensi of the Flathead rher.
Beginning at n Vohi marked K. H Kurd's N. W
eorner po��t, thenre 80 chaini south, thenee 60
chains eaat, Ihence 80 chalus north, thence tM)
chains west to point of commencement
Dated Nov. 16,190ft. K. U. Hurd.
Tb' Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Biker street, Nelion. S. O.
Lighted by Electricity -aod
Heated by Hot Air
Leige and Comlorttblsi Bedroom, and Flnt*
(AaaiDining Room.  <s-niple Hooni. lor GonUMtf*
m.i Mn
MRS. K. n.nLARKE, Proprletreia
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two block* 'rum wharf.
Kates 11 .-CKCper day and up.
MiRS.'Si      NELSON. B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnii hotel has been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipments*.
Hot water heating throughout.
BATES : Koomi, 60c. upwards ; meals   26c. ;
special rates by tbe week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. Ii. C.
Tremont House
Inropean and American Plan
Meali tt ota.  Boom, trom K eta. lo ll.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Jotephlne Bt.
Nelson, B. 0,
Royal Hotel
Bated tl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarters ln Nelson
Only tbe best of Llqnors and cigars.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7: SO a. m.
Arrive Vancouver 11:60 noon.
Arrive Victoria 5:45 p. m.
S* S* Princess Victoria
S, Se Princess May
Berths $1.00.   Can be occupied at Nel
son Unlou Dopot at i) p. m.
For rates, folders and tickets apply to
local agent or to
A.Q.P.*..Vancouver. P.P.A.. Nelson
Building Lots for Sak �����������
aJ-   .!"l     _-    1   " "������"���       _~"-*    -J"   T 'T'-l C
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Solo agent for the Porto Kteo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yap Is. Bough u ml -Ire s*i*l lumber, turned
work antl br*rbetti, ('out lath and Fhlngleii.raaU
and doors. Cement, brlelc and lime for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eut of Ball
F. O. box 382. Telephone 178
M.  & M.  BIRD.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Ami
Choicest Pratt Lands to
British Cowiubta.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE li hereby given that an application
will be made to tbe Legislative Auembly of the
Province of British Columbia at Its next Kiilon
for an act authorizing the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place,construct, snd maintain,
a dam or damn, booms, piers, slides, and other
works in and across the Kootenay river ator
near Thrums Ktation (about opposite Sub-lot IV.
of Lot 4598, Group 1, Kootenay district): and In
and across the Little Blocan river; and ln and
across thc Sloean river at a point or points below tbe mouth of the Little Slocan river: for the
purpoae of driving, rafting, sorting, holding, and
���manufacturing saw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface ol tbc said rivers where necesaary for
the purposes aforesaid; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from the iald riven for log-
driving, rafiinir. and booming purpoeei; to levy
and collect tolls and dues on loci, timber and
lumber of persons using or profiting hy inch
works, clearing or Improvemenu; to enter npon
and expropriate landa; and do all other thtngt
necessary, Incidental or conducive to the exercise of auy of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, 19M.
Bnli-ltor for the Applicant
In tbe m> tier of an application for the luue ot
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 2, and 3, Block 12, Town of
Notice Is hereby given th r lit li my Intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month from
the first publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above lands ln the
name of Florence M. Hodgins which Certificate
Is dated the 2flth day ol December, Itn, and
numbered *G61K.
H. F. HacLEOD,
Distriet Kegistrar.
i_and Registry Ofllce, Nelson, B C
January Mth, lflW.	
Notice ts hereby given that on Monday, Feb-
ruarjr ftth.UOT, that the Court of Revision Ior
the Municipality of the City of Slocan will be
held ln the Clly Hall on above date, at 2 pm ,
for the purpose of revising tbe Aeaeeinient Roll
of the City of Ulocan. Those making complaints
against their assesHinent are required to have
their protests In the hands of the Citv Clerk ten
days previous to the tint sitting of the Court ol
Ke Villon.
Dated at Sloean, Jauuary 24th. 1907.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim*
Tenden addre>aed to the undersigned, at hll
office in the court bouse, ln the City of Neleon,
will be received op tii 1 the hour of 6 o'clock In
the afternoon of Monday, March Hth, 1907, for
the pnrchaM of the "Garfield" mineral claim*
Lot 4939. '-roup 1, Kootenay District, which WM
declared to be forfeited to the Crown at tha
tax sale held ln the City of Neleon oa ttm 6th day
of November, 1W6, for delinquent taxei np tin
June 80th, 1W6, and coats.
The upset price npon the said mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxes which have ilnre accrued, costi r*f adver*
tiling, and fee for crown grant (I2R.00 ) Is IM TO,
which lithe least amount that will be oonttderea
as a tender.
Each tender oust be accompanied by an accepted cheque for ths full amount of tha tender,
peyable to the order of the Deputy CommlMloner
of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B c, at par.
Sated at Nelson, B.C., thii Mth day of February, 1907.
Government Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Tenders Wanted for the Porduse of a
Mineral Galnu
Tenden addressed to the undersigned, at his
office In the Court House, in the City of *��leon,
w|il be received up till the hour of five o'clock
In tbe afternoon of Monday, March Itth, 1907, foi
tbe purchase of the "No. 2" mineral claim, Lot
3140, Group l, Kootenay District, which was declared to be forfeited to the Crown at tht tax aale
held in th* City of Nelson on tht Oth dav ol November, 1906, for delinquent taxes up till June
80th, 1906, and costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral elalm,
wblch includes the amount of delinquent texts
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest
Usee which have since accrued, costs of adver-
tiiina, and fee for Crown Oruit (��B 00,) is W94.40.
which li tbe least amount that will be considered
as a tender.
Eacn tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of tht tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy CommiMioner
of Land and Works, at Victoria, B c, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B C, this Uth day of February, 1907.
<<overnm�� nt Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Certificate of umxortiaffltii
Certificate of Improvemenu
"Empress," "Climax," "Horseihoe," "Uueeo,*
"Unlou Jack," situated in Nelion Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice tbat I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Gold Miuirg Company, Free Miner's
Certificate No B82W39 Intend, 60 days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder tore
Certificate of Improvements for tbe purpoee of
obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Nelson, 13tb Deo., 1006.
Fmni FtJtrewxa.
Certificate of Improvemenu
"Arim" mineral claim, situated ln the Blocan
City   Mining   Division   of   West   Kootenay
Where lo ated: On Bprlnger Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that I, Frank C.Greon. acting as
event for the Arlington Mtoes-. Limited1 Free
Miner's Certificate No. BlflW, Intend, sixty davs
fr-nn date hereof, tit apply to t^e Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, tor the pur-
poiicof obtaining nt'r -wii Grent of tbe above
And further take notice thst action, under
section 37, uniHt be commen ed before the
isHuntice of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 19th nay of December, 1906.
F.C __\__Xtit\ Nelson, B.C.
PRUNING AND URAITINU carefully attended to. Apply
 HlWer Kins HotsL
F. C GREEN      F. F. BURDEN      A. H. GREEK
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Scrreyors
P.O. Boi 145   FbottUlB.
May," ' B.C.," "Btrathroy " "Joy," "J
tional." and "John D Mab-iev" Mineral
situated in the Blocan Citv Mining Dl
"Joy Free
il Claims.
Citv Mining Division of
the Weet Kootenay Distriet.
Where located :-North of Twelve Mile Oreek
about one and a half miles np.
Take notie i that I, H. R. Jorand of Blocan h.u.
Free Miner's certificate No. B7&M0, as scent lor
Horace Q. Van Tuyl, Free Miner s certificate Nv.
BM31, intend, sixty days trom the date hereof,
to apply to tbe Mining Reoorder for a Certificate
of Improvemenu, for tbe purpose of ootainiag a
Crown Grant of the said mineral claims.
And fnrthsr take notice that action under
Section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of mch Certificates ol Improvements.
Dated this Srd Day of January, 1KB.
H. ft. JORAND.
G��rtlfloAt�� of Improvements
i loTonte, Oriaooo, Queen Victoria Fractional
ano Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims, situate
a the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay
Looated on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beasley Biding.
Tate Notloe that 1, Frank C. areen, acting aa
agent for Michael Egan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. BMMntcnd, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate*
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of ihe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thu 31th day of January, iwf.
F. c. Qeaaa, Nuaon, ft. c.
"CcftntCftte of UHpfortintiiti
"Portia," "Amos." -Kast Bide No, t" and "Bet-
Una Fractional" mineral elalma, situated la
ths Blocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay Dlatrlet
Where located: At headot Springer Creek, near
the Arlington mine.
Take Notloe tbat I, Frank C. Oreen, acting as
scent for the Arlington mines, Limited, fre
Miner's Certificate No. BMM, Intend, i'       "
frum ibe date hereof, to enpiy to the Mining le
corder for a Certificate of improvements, for the
purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant ol the above
Andf nrthsT lake notiee that action, vndae
seeMonif, must be eommanoed beeare the
aswa of suoh Certificate of Improvements.
Dated: his lmh dny if Deoember, UN.
r.C.Q-UK, M.Uoi.B.O, <M
j, i
The DaHy Canadian
Clocks  a a
See Our Fine Display ol
Clocks���All Nt*. All thc Besl
the Market Offers.
Alarm Clocks, each  $1.50 and $2.50
Mission Clocks, each    $6.00
Oak Clocks, each   $12.00
Bedroom Clocks, each    $4.00
Chime Clocks, each  .. .$20.00 to $35.00
Now in Use time when Joss need a siossd LMBRELLA.     Our ttoel*. 1. new Hint up-to-
date aud every Umbrella is riuarauteed.
****************** *********
ISTOP!    !
j THINK!!'
Of tin*   difference  than
betws-en  1st.  and 2SD8.
�� Canned   Goods ���
��� ���
��� Ws* s'liirv only X
I        FIRS TS       ���
One trial sst onr ���
{Tartan   Brand!
will convince yon   tbat wo       J
earn* r full stock
��� Table  Fruit
Pie    Pruit
��� Maple Syrup
'Some  Price as Inferior
��� Goods
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or Bell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Slion. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale,
ill kindB of Dinncrware in stock. Patterns.
\During Lent,
Some People Eat Fish.
Some Do. Some Den't.
For those who don't
can sell them some of
\ Shift's Bacon and\
And JOY WUI Meet You
At the Door.
Hoy's Cash Grocery
(    Oor Jost'ptitueaii-1 Mill Bt*.      Phone 19
\Vv   Hnvti  a   Spcvidllv
Selected Stock  of
for XmnH TuiJii,
Stoneware, Crocks, Bean Pots, Tea PoU, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning   Stoves,   etc.
121 East Baker St Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
rrz -JBj*"*PW ___\\\\
5^w* 'J
Cor. V-��rrton and Ward Stre-��t_��,
FRED J. HUME, Proprietor.
J. J. Mackay, L. L. Ramsay, W. Morris. G. J. Smith, Vancouver; D. Arnot,
R. E. Allen. Slocan; G. Rogers and wife,
Koch Siding; S. Collins, A Carney, Kaslo: G. H. Gilpin, Davenport; G. D.
Hell. Miss B, Leard, Salmo; W. R. Skey,
Spokane;   A.  J.  Borret,  Montreal.
J.   S.   Clute,   Ne*  Westminister;   E.
Bromley, R. J. Wilson. R. R. Lindsay,
A K. Lindsay. \V. T. Stackhouse, Winnipeg; R. H. Havitz. Mrs. A. C. Fraser,
Miss Fraser, A. W. Cluett and wife,
Mrs. U. Sutherland, Vancouver; J. Sainton, H. E. Iiirtch and wife, Calgarv;
.1. H. Willoughby, H. R. Chubb, J. G.
Hill. Saskatoon; J. L. Retallack, Rev.
A. Simpson. Kaslo; J. H. Schofiehl.
Trail; W. B. McChesney, Spokane; E.
M Hand. Ymir; W. Colpman, Cranbrook; F. G. Frost, Victoria; E. C.
Pace, Revelstoke; Mrs. Wilson. Greenwood: T. M. Knappen, J. W. Hansel,
J. C. Herdman, Calgary; T. R. Forbes,
Slccan; G. H. Findley, Moyie; R. A.
McConnell. Miss Charist, C. O. Main.
Cranbrook; W. T. Hamilton, Fernie;
S. Parker. Portland; R. McDonald. Gerrard; G. Williams, Bay City; A. C.
Cody, J. D. Keenan, Kaslo; F. A. Mac-
lnnes. Midway; J. Fernie, Cascade.
E. Murray, Procter; J. D. McDonald,
Grand Forks; S. Taylor, Fernie.
A. E. Cox.    Alnsworth;    T. Murray,
H. Waters. Kossland.
H. T. Rainbow, .V. McLeod, Nakusp;
M. Binder, Marysvllle.
F. P. Harris, Mrs. Harvey, Winnipeg;
W. E. Longhein, T. Morris, Creston;
R. J. Foley, Argc-nta; T. J. Tonkins,
Revelstoke; R. McLeod, Medicine Hat:
M. T. Murphy, Trail; C. Murray. Vancouver; L. Brandt, Grand Forks; D.
Leary, Ymir; J. McDougall, Bonnington.
W. H. Cawley and wife, Salmo; A. S.
Gray, Kokanee; J. D. Kennedy, Gerrard; R. McBachern, R. Blaekmore,
Revelstoke; M. s. Clark, Arrowhead; S.
R. Boon, Deer Park.
D. Baxter. Cranbrook;  A. McFadyen.
Fa non;   L. Cordovan. L. Cirridln, S-m
Francisco;  D. A. Campbell, Koch's Sid-
in; A. R. Veele, Fosthall Creek.
We have Just unloaded a car of
Pittity Flout
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt lt is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
lf not satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
Notice of Sale
Under and by virtue of the powers
of sale contained in a certain mortgage, which will be produced at the
time of the sale, there will be offered
for sale by public auction on Friday
the 1st day of March, 1907, at the hour
of 2:80 o'clock in the afternoon, al the
office of the undersigned, hy C. A. Waterman & Co., Auctioneers, the equity
of redemption in the following properly, namely; Lots 2:i and 24, Block 4-4A,
Nelson City, and the frame residence
thereon situate.
TERMS: Ten per cent, ol the purchase money to be paid down at the
time of sale, balance to be paid ln 20
For Information as to prior Incumbrance, and for further particulars and
conditions apply to
llaker St., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitors for tbe Mortgagee.
Datod at Nelson, B. C, this 7th day
of February. 1907
Silver advanced oue point today on
both raetla markets. Other Quotations
have been unchanged for a week.
The new Hume school will be ready
for occupation next Monday and both
class rooms will probably be occupied
ttt once.
A court of revision of the provincial
voters' lists will be held on May Oth
The provincial voters' lists are used ui
yo in Dominion elections.
"The May Queen," by Sir William S.
Bennett, and several songs from Wag*
ner will be produced by the Nelson
Choral society in the last week of April.
A conference between F. \V. Peters
and representatives of the Nelson
Wholesalers' association, held yester-
day afternoon, resulted only in an ex
change of views.
St. Patrick's Society of Nelson will
meet in the city hull tonight und decide
un the form and date of the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, which falls
this year on Sunday.
The Conservatives of Slocan will ban
quet William Hunter, M. L. A., at the
Madden hotel, Siocan City, tomorrow
evening.. Several invitations have been
received  by  Nelson  Conservatives.
With the exception of the Strathcona, Hume aud Queen's hotels, all
hotels and restaurants In the city will
raise boaring rates ou March 1st. Nelson will have no more "two-bit" meals.
:_C cents  being fixed as the minimum.
The St. Patrick's Day concert by thc
pupils of the school of the Sisters ot
St- Joseph will be given in the big haii
of the school the evening of Monday,
March 18th. An excellent programme
has been arranged.
About a year ago Toronto Saturday
Night passed into new hands, the old
company selling out to a new one, of
which Mr. H. Gagnier is the head, and
Mr. E. E. Sheppard being succeeded
in the editorship by Mr. Joseph T.
Clark. As stated by one of our ex
changes, the new management has
made good, and Saturday Nnght is in
a class by itself in Canada. Any ofour
readers can get a free sample copy by
sending a postal card to the publish
ers. 26 Adelaide street, west, Toronto
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
BiBcuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package
Graham Wafers 10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafers     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlipo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaet   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakes  (Salted)    15c
Put up in packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth it.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
A. McDonald & Co.
�������������������������������� ������������������ i   i   i.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri-i
Butter, KgjTK.
Camp and MiuerV Supplies.
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
woman BKOONO cook, mi.tw Walton ��.*v>.uti
Atonoe,   W.Fsrk'r,
TWO KIKHT-CLAB9 KOOMH, utear/i ticatert.   Applv hotiMkeeMr. ard em. K* w. c. i.iorkji
A BOY'S B EHlH, iniar corner Cedar nnd Front
ttrwu, about 6 o'clock Friday I'veiilng. The
perion mho picked it up will pleMfl telephone
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
SONG  BOOK  of its kind  is the "Scot
tish Students' Song Book." It contains
a very Urge collection of the very best
and most popular college songs, including all the old favorites.
Price $2.25
W. G. Thomson
SMS" 1U" Nelson, B. C.
I'll,,lie At*.
(Continued   Frum   Page   1.)
Canadian Municipalities Inviting Nolson
to become a member, the fee being $3
per thousand of population annually
A motion to join was adopted.
The     monthly     payroll     was   then
passed.    The council then -adjourned.
Immediately after the council sat as
a board of health.
Dr. Arthur, city medical healih offcor,
explained an account rendered Uy the
Canada Drug & Hook Co. for anti- lox-
Ine. It was for disinfecting in a case
of diptheria.
In reply to Alderman Selous, Dr. Arthur stated that it had been customary
for the city to bear all expense of disinfecting in contagious diaeafl s. and he
had received no Instriietions t i the contrary.. The same applied to runiigal-
Ing. He thought a change of thai policy  would be dangerous.
It was resoved on molten of Alderman McMorris that the medical health
officer be instructed to strictly enforce
Ihe Health Act.
WIsisli'isale .ltd KcUll UfAlen ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oimipn supplied ou fihortest notire and
lowest price. Nothing Isut fri'ish and
wholeBOine uss'iitss and lUPplM kept in Mock
Mail orders recs'ive cars'ful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,   Manager.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Bulldlni?.   P. O. Ho-
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Kuilslsrs will find it to their advantage to use our Fltah,
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
The city hotels, restaurants
and boarding house keepers
hereby give notice that ou and
after Friday next, March ist,
single meals will cost not less
than 35 cents, and meal tickets,
21 meals, $6.
Nelson, Feb. 25, 1907.
Red Cross Drug Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
llaker St., near Josephine, Nelaon. Ii. C.
No Tangible Evidence.
Chicago, Fell. 2t>.���Though a score of
detectives are at work on the case of
thi' ths'ft i.r J17!",.mill from the nub-
treasury last week, It seems as far from
solving us the day the robbery was cum-
milled. The general UnpreSBlOon prevails that the thief must have been is
government employee, but nu evidence
of a tangible nature has been discovered
against any of tbeni.
}i must be awfully nice to Iss' so
rich that you can afford to grumble
alsosn   tlu-  1 nssi'insius tuxes you  pay.
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress $24.00
The Ostermoor .Sanitary Mattress  i.S'OO
Thc Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress  1300
The Ostermoor, fitted two sides,  8.00
The Jumbo, a good two side Mattress  6.00
The Common Wool Top Mattress  4.00
Cheap Mattresses .*.  3.00
T>. J. "Robertson & Co.
2K'> doz. Linen CssIIiii-k To IW Sold ut
$1.50 per doz.
Fifty Cent Hand Bas
They are beauties at the price.
Watchmaker Jeweler
Telephone .-.,��-.
Starkey & Co., BgJ
Wliolea-mle Provlalong,
I'nuluuti, - Pruit.
Dominion Uovernn
sent Creamer? One Pound Brlokl rweivwi w I
tin- churn.   VOt wile tj nil loading gnom   ^1
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,   PhoussU
Josephine Street.      -       - Nelson, _\
Bohemian Bee
The Nelson Brewing Co.,
Wa un*
Juhi In Reodipl of u Carload af
The** nre the liuest grade of oro Sack* iti tbt-
market and our prioai am right, lf you m b
need h-i u haor frum yon,
J. H. Ashdown Hat era
Company. Limited.
ItwpHirlntf nssd .lol.l.ii.u ...tuli:.! ., Ills I iv.piiu Is.   StsMtl
Work, Ml-ninu nnd .Mill Mmottlniery.     Mlinulnclu���*
Om Cura,   U.   I..   s.,,islrsiki,���-s.'  Csura.
ituNinuNM morif
Worknuj iii��mi,
M��n In JrcHH uttiru,
Mpttr-tlitu invu,
HnndNtimtj men.
Men thut'M full of fit-v*
UNITE and ring thai  tbe impa
John T. Pierre lire ttep^jH
My lust full ihlpmenl hiwjnrt*
them it ml place your order eenyfcf
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic TalW
Subject  to  Confirmatifl
We Will Buy
We WillS*1*!
10,000 Rambler-Cariboo    ITN
r.,000 Sulllvnn   07
10,000 11. c. Amalgamated 0oal..OHn
100 Hullluin  Bondl ������������
fs.ooo Amerlcnn Hoy 	
1,000 International Ci��l
B. B. Mighton &
Drawer 1082
MANUFACTURERS   T      _-__.*__. Ci.im*tAa
AND DEALERS IN   1/flttlDCfy  Oiling*1*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windo*
Turned Work and I truck eta. Mail OrdaH J'ikii'P'1.""*
VBRNON ���TRBBT - - ���  NHl-SON. ����� ft
Our Hock of Skatei li complete ���I"
Including  the  popular
BOKER'8  BEAUTV  and  CHARM <'-���'���������"������
Wood-Vallance Uatdvratz


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