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The Daily Canadian Sep 5, 1906

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Array ���s
_lje  ���Btttlw   -Cinttbtan
!  I
I.   No. 80.
Fifty Cents a Month
1 Hundred Driven From
Pillar to Post
1st Not Discriminate Against Them
I Lest Story Goes Back to India
Giving Bad Impression.
action of a crowd of Hindoos
,,.,,, released from Iho C. I*. K.
Inn,hi nheda Sunday morning
i |M have given ground for u grout
���[ unnecessary alarm, says the
Dover Ns-ws-Ailvortlscr. About
��,:, released altogether nml, arm-
ssli |.sis ami puns, they at once
it ...it ;i camping ground.   Ninety-
' them decided to camp at the
���:,������    Stanley     I'urk    brewery,
residence of sir Charles nib-
1.    The niuyor was notified
hnilsssis  were  cumpt'.l  there
llown In |iersiin to warn then
>- not a mall In the crowd ap-
understand Kngilsh he gave
Js spalr.
ississsss,    however,    apparently
: :lsi- hint lo move and shifted
CSmp Sss Hecoml bench, where
-.-sis 1.1 light fires. Siipoiintcn
Mmi saw danger to the park in
lires, and calling iu tin- assist
si ilu- police iiini then, driven
\ numbor of    ihem    made   for
ai Hn- uorth end of  Wcstmlie
si  .ridge, and though these
sn condemned as unfit for habl-
taej piled their hiunkols which
sikinu- utensils Inside. Ills w.ir-
1.   mayor later wired to Ottawa
fin; ills' sstii-iiiiisn of the department
report in an evening paper that
I Hindoos were    destitute   and had
listing and Hearing  women and
Ires appears to  bo  greatly   exag-
'���'I    Chief    of    I'ollce    C'hisliolin
last evening that    no    complaint
1 11 made to him.     Ur.    Munro,
���Mini immigration tup-otor, also
��� ihi' following statement to tho
I Hi.- first instance," he said, "tho
iin'in made in the evening paper
|t lln- Hindoos landed from Ihe Tar-
re penniless and have no means
���alntnance    is    absolutely    false.
' is nisi  a  single mnn  that  was
|l"il Him  lias  less    than    $lfs. and
'��� "I ilis'in have as much as $1110.
'"ii ilnlliirs Is sufficient    lo    keep
ssi Ihese men for at least a month
II thej  sin  nol    obtain    work by
I' 'line lis,.i-,. is no liability of thelt
Hnlns; a charge upon the public l
'I'l'ssi'i them even if they have
' luie fssr n Hpace as long as two
i back."
bout -ml Hindoos were landed, and
rest, those  having less  than  IIS.
mill on the Tartar ajid    will    lm
"uii' until work has been found
'In in.    There    bas been    a great
" because 2110    men    who   havo
"J   ami are   prepared   to   pay   for
i board have    been    landed here.
whole trouble arises from the fact
""���y cannot find the acoommoda'
they want.     They    cannot speak
pish nml would not he received nt
' His'   hotels, and    consequently
��i'e wandering    about    like lost
"I'    II there was a place to accent-
tote them 1    am    quite   Hiiro they
11,1 I"' willing io pay for II.    H Is
a matter of n short time before
'�� can lis. found for Ihem and Ihey
I "ten lie distributed.
Wring  to    the  report     that   lhe
'or had wired lo Otlnwa about the
'"���. Dr. Monro said    he    appeared
"ave overlooked  Ihe  fact  thai the
siiulssii governmenl hns appointed a
fesentalive here, who had Tull pow-
'" sl"nl wiih these people under Iho
a'"l   any    complaints    Bhould bo
tlo him. He wiih on the spot and
��� "'iter opportunities for under
ping the Bltuation than the ofB-
_ '" Ottawa could be reasonably
"''I'sl to hnve. Dr. Monro said ho
l"l'l nl any nmo be willing to hear
complaints and do what he could
remedy thom. The great trouble
* ""' question of where to keep
111 '111 Ihey got work. They could
i, '"'pi in tbo detention hospital,
was filled now. and they could
be k,
PI on the Hhip.
ki. V ' nt ,1)fi nnestlon from "
It! 8l."n.l|inln'l Dr, Monro sold lhat
I >< Iiohi ih,. hiniie of these men,
1 ' ii'ijaiili, thnt  three-fourths of tho
I " liiilliiu tunny was recruited, nnd
I,.   "I lliese mon hnd won honornblo
I""' '"it before their discharge,
nave come out here simply bets , linvii heard from relatives
Kji'i'ii'ls that they could make more
I      "ore, and they havo mortgaged
Iheir possessions   probably   to come.
-ou cannot dlscrl iate against these
people, he added "withoul the story
going back i��� India and creating a bad
Impression there."
It Is understood that a local labor
contractor last night provided tents
[or tlie Hindoos and he savs the thinks
Be can plnee them all 111 the Interior
in ll few sluvs."
Important Substitute for Natural Plant
The Invention Ib reported in Iho
English papers of a new substitute for
rubber, which ought to be of interest
to Ihis part of the world. Tho Inventor Is William Thretlfall Carr of Wembley, England, who has patented an
artificial rubber made from cerealB. It
Is stated that a syndicate of capital.
Ibib interested in the manufacture of
tires have been so convinced of its
commercial value lhal they have offered the lnvtmtor $1,1100,000 for his
patent rights. Tlie Invention of artificial rubber was prophesied al the recent meeting of the Hritish association
and the Industrial world has been eager for IL ever since lhe motor cur and
bicycle trades threatened to exbapst
the supply or the natural article.
The proposed substitute for rubber
Is obtained, It Is staled, by treating
any cereal with pryalln, a chemical
substance which acts In solution as a
ferment, turning th,- starchy matter in
grain into dextrose, Another chemical
Is used In the process to cheek fermentation al any desired stage. This
makes li possible to produce the artificial rubber lu several different
Will Give $10000.
Viciorlu, Sept. 5.���At    a meeting of
tlie Anti-'l'iibs'i-ciiiosls association, held
last nigiii. announcement waa made by
I ir. Pagan thast Lieutenant Governor
Dunsmuir would give the Hum of 51"
null to the fund.
San  Francisco   Carmen's   Union   Will
Submit to Proposals of Company
for Settlement.
San Francisco, Sept. 5.���The conference oommlttee of the various
milium associated With the United railroads was In session today lo take action on the luti'St development In tho
Btrlke. The action of International
President Mnhon In declaring that Iho
union should have first submitted tho
disputed mutters to arbitration will,
It Is thought, speedily bring the strikers lo a disposition to meet the railroad company's proposal to arbitrate.
President Calhoun said: "The Carmen's union must cull off the strlku
and insi rucl Its members to return to
work. As soon as Ihis Is done and tho
mun have resinned their regular em-
ploymeiil I will accord their union the
same recognition which 1 have always
accorded It prior to the time when it
ordered Ihis unfortunate strike. As
soon as tho men have returned to
work 1 shall be very glad to arbitrate
with Ihem or wllh the union us their
representative, the question of wages
and hours, it ls up to the union. They
can still secure re-employment for
their members. The operation of tho
cars can be stalled In lfi minutes.
Hut I cannot watt very long lor the
men to come back. The curs must bo
started soon."
The strikers display a si rang disposition to return to their cars, .lust as
he wns about to enter a conference of
llie allied unions on strike against the
corporation, President Cornelius of iho
Carmen's union said: "1 have no doubt
the various unions ou Rtiike will lie
willing lo accept the recommendation
of the Carmen's union that (he meu
return to work and arbitrate their
differences with the company."
San Francisco Sept. 5.���The street
car men'H union voted Into Inst night
to go back to work and submit tho
question of wages and hours to arbitration.
The Kissing Atomizer.
Cleveland,    Sept.    B.-The    carbolic
atomiser of the twentieth century gin
was pictured yesterday by Dr. Rinick
N. Konrk, presldonl of the Eastern
Kentucky Normal school, in his address on "llablls" before tbe Teachers'
Granting the alarming prevalence oi
kissing and the growing public knowledge as to death-dealing microbes, Dr.
Itonrk predicted lhat the cautious
damsel will malte a dive for her atom.
Iser, and then afler lhe antiseptic per-
rormanoe the oscillatory process win
proceed as In former days.
Over 1000 Witnesses.
Cronstadt, Sept. B.-Tho trial of 200
participants In tbe recent mutiny outbreak. Including M. Onlpke, ono of Iho
Earl and Countess Grey with Party Guests of the City-Public Reception to
Be Held in the Armory This Evening-His Excellency's Greeting.'
The Right Honorable Albert Henry
George, Karl Grey, Viscount Howlck
and Huron Grey, Governor General ot
Canada, ls the guest of the corporation of the city of Nelson.
His excellency, accompanied by
Lady Grey, Lord and Lady Howlck,
the Ladles Sybil and Evelyn Grey,
and Captain Trotter aud Captain Lev-
eson-Gower, aides-de-camp, arrived in
the city by the steamer Kuskanook at
12:15 p. m.
They were met at Kootenay Landing
by his worship Mayor Gillett, his honor .lodge Forln, Rev. 11. N. Powell, R.
R. Hedley .1. Johnsiono and .1. .M.
,\s tlie Kuskanook arrived at tho
three mile point the flotilla of launches, the commodore's lauuch having
llie city band on board, formed lino
abreast and escorted the steamer to
tlie city wharf. The launches wero
beautifully decorated and well handled
and made an imposing appearance,
largely due to the organizing ability
or S. S. Taylor, K. C.
The band disembarked at the wharf
and stood ready. As Hie steamer came
Ui land the vice-regal parly wero
grated with the sl rains of "Tbe Maple
Leaf Forever," followed by "God Save
ine King," which Earl Grey acknowledged by appealing on the upper forward deck, where he was received with
enthusiastic cheering from the crowds
on the wharf.
A procession was quickly formed,
headed hy the band aud m guard of
honor from the Rocky iMountaln
Iviiiigeni. commanded by Captain 1J.
McL. Forln.
In the first carriage were I...ill and
Lady Grey, Lady Howlck und the
mayor; in the second. Lady Sybil
Grey, Captain Trotter, Captain Leve-
son-Gower ami -lodge Forln; ln lho
third. Lord Howlck and Lady Evelyn
A pleasing Incident, and one characteristic of Karl Grey, occurred on the
wharf. In lhe crowd Blond Sergeant
Thomas Luscomb-, his breast adorned
Willi the Hritl-h and Turkish medals
for llie Crimea, lhe former inscribed
Willi the names, Alma, Inkermau and
Sebastopol, and the medal for the Indian mutiny, Inscribed Lucknow. Before he would permit IiIb carriage to
drive on Lord Grey called the veteran
to him and cordially shook hands.
The party then proceeded to the
recreation grounds, where already the
grandstand was filled by the expectant pupils of Ihe public and high
schools, and the school of the Sisters
of St. Joseph.
As the carriages stopped, eight little girls stepped forward with boil-
quelB to present lo the Indies ot the
Fay Browne and Rica Starkey presented flowers lo Lady Grey: Gladys
Bosquet and Sybil Madden to Lady
Howioki Gladys McDonald and Gertrude Annable to Lady Sybil, and Margaret Arthur and Heth lngralmin to
Lady Evelyn Grey.
In performing Iheir pleasant duties
tin- children were gallantly escorted
by Captain Trotter.
The children rose and sang "God
Save the   King."
Ills worship Mayor Gillett Ihen read
the following address of welcome;
Address of Welcome.
To  His  Excellency, lhe Righl   Honorable, Sir Albert Henry George, Earl
Grey. Viscount  Howlck, llaron Grey
of Howlck, In the County of North
umberland, ln the Peerage of the
United Kingdom; Knight Grand
Cross of the Most Distinguished
Order of St. Michael and St. George,
etc., Governor General and Commander In Chief of the Dominion ot
The citizens ot the city of Nelson
welcome you.
We take this opportunity of expressing our deep and abiding loyalty and
devotion to the king as the type and
living representative of constitutional
freedom, of well ordered government,
of a renowned historical past and a
hopeful future.
As citizens of the empire we wish
to express our appreciation of his
majesty's constant and unostentatious
efforts to advance the welfare of his
subjects the world over by his personal advocacy of peace and harmopy between nations. His throne Is truly
broadbased upon the people's will
and love.
We wish to assure you that we recognize the ability, courtesy and consideration with which you have discharged tho functions of the high office of vice-regent ln Canada.
We thank you for giving us this opportunity of meeting you and, amidst
the many cares and details of office,
for undertaking this itinerary through
Western Canada. We trust that the
view of our new and growing country
will, in some measure, compensate
you for your trouble.
We alBo extend to Her Excellency,
the Countess of Grey, our hearty
greetings, and trust that she may bo
long spared as your worthy helpmate.
We regret that the official program
will nol permit you to prolong your
slay In Kootenay, which, with all Its
material riches, ls also a veritable
sportsman's paradise, and we trust
lhat at some future date you will
come and dwell with us for a season
and explore the haunts of the grizzly
bear and rainbow trout.
Nelson. R. C, Sept. 5, 1906.
Earl Grey's Reply.
In reply. Earl Grey, In a clear voice
thai was easily heard by all present,
"Mr. Mayor: II is with very great
pleasure that 1 receive your assurance
of welcome and of loyalty to tlie king
and empire.
"I note with great satisfaction that
the people of Nelson thoroughly appreciate the advantages of British
"I am pleased at your expressions
of loyalty to his gracious majesty,
King Edward, a loyalty which is shared by Hritish subjects throughout
the world.
"The people of all lands now know
and recognize all that has been done
by King Edward in the cause of the
world's peace. King Edward is, in
fnct, not only the peacemaker but the
peacekeeper of the world, and that
circumstance has rightfully endeared
him to the hearts of British citizens
all the world over.
Mr. Mayor, I confess to being an ardent Imperialist, and I glory ln the
extent and prosperity of the British
empire. It hns been a great source
of pleasure to me to note as I have
traveled In many parts of the world,
that most of the choice spots of earth
are within llie British empire.
"Thnt belief, sir. has been confirmed by my experiences this morning.
II would not be easy anywhere, I am
sure, to rival the beauty and advantages pf Kootenay, and the beauty and
excellence of the site which you are
so fortunate to possess for the city of
"I  have  every   confidence   that  the
people of Nelson will prove worthy ot
their surroundings ami that they will
rear here a race of men and women
who will be worthy by their character
their love and their energy, of the glorious country in which they live and
of the magnificent empire of which
they are proud to be citizens.
"1 am particularly gratified to find
that the children, the future men and
women of Canada, are taking part su
gladly In welcoming the representative of your king. From the appearance of such beautiful and happy
looking little ones as these 1 see here
today 1 am confident that the future
of our country will be safe ln their
hands and that honor and success will
be theirs.
"I thank you for the warmth of the
welcome you have extended and for
your kind invitation to repeat the visit and Improve acquaintance with Nelson and its people.
"Lady Grey and I, and all of us,
have looked forward with tlie greatest
interest and expectation to our visit
to Nelson. We hope during the remainder of this week to Bee much of
your city and to make acquaintance
with its citizens.
"And we earnestly hope that this,
our first visit, will not be our last,
but that we may be spared, Lady
Grey and I and other members of our
family, to come again and visit Nel
son and renew the pleasant acquaintances we have formed this morning.
"Again. Mr. Mayor, 1 thank you for
the loyalty and kindliness of your address and welcome."
The address, beautifully engrossed,
was then formally presented to the
Rev. F. 11. Graham then called for
"Three cheers for Earl Grey," which
were given with the greatest enthusiasm by the school children and tbe
crowds ou the grounds.
The procession was again re-formed,
led by the band and the guard ol
honor and proceeded to the Strathcona, where rooms were engaged for
the party. As they entered the dining
room a little later all the other guests
spontaneously rose in respect to the
representative of the king.
This afternoon, by the expressed
wish of his excellency, the party will
be taken for a launch excursion to
view the orchards of the Arm. and will
take tea with Mrs. James Johnstone.
Returning to the city later the party will dine at the Strathcona about
7 o'clock. .
This evening, beginning at 8:30, a
public reception will be held ln the
armories, where all are Invited to
meet the governor general and Lady
No ruling has been made by the recepllon committee aa to costumes to
be worn. It ls desired that all who
wish to do so may attend and greet
King Edward's representative, using
their own discretion entirely as to
dress. A reception committee presided over by Mayor Glllett.asslsted by
Judge Forln, will be present to Introduce all citizens and their wives to
their excellencies.
The party will leave Nelson tomorrow morning at 8:10 for Rossland, by
their special car, which was brought
by barge to Procter this morning and
reached the city this afternoon. A
stop will be made at Bonnington to
allow the party to enjoy the beauties
of the falls.,
The schedule already published will
be followed hereafter. Tomorrow will
be spent In Rossland, Friday In the
Boundary, and the parly will return
to Nelson Friday night to visit Kaslo
on Saturday.
Lord Howlck and Captain Trotter
will remain ln Nelson until Saturday
evening as guests of Judge Forln.
peasant leaders lu the parliament, and
50 ether civilians, began here today behind closed doors. There are over n
thousand witnesses and therefore the
proceedings, are expected lo be protracted.
Terrorists Are Defiant.
Scbaetapol, Russia, Sept. i'i.���In answer to the publication of a notice
from tho terrorists that sentence of
denth had been Imposed on Colonel
Dumbadse, commander of a rifle regiment here, the officers of that corps
ln an open letter have announced that
ln case or an attack being made on
Ihe colonel Ihey will exact vengeance
on the lenders of the progressive parties. Admiral Skrydloff, commander
of Ihe Hlnck Sea fleet and the military
commander here Is very apprehensive
of the attitude of lhe sailors of the
fleet and Hie garrison of the forts.
The annual oru.Se of the training
squadron as well as the regular fleet
maneuvers have been abandoned.
Price of Metals.
New York, Sept. 5.���Silver, C7 3-8c;
enpper, 18c;   lend, K'-ffi.
London, Sept. 6��� Silver, 31 l-4d;
lend,  ��17 17s 6d; zine, X27 r.a.
Operation of    Mill    Will    Begin Soon
Under B. Crllly.
Work at the Referendum mine and
the additions to tlie equipment are
proceeding satisfactorily.
Manager B. N. Oulmette will shortly
remove from Rossland and take up
his residence In Nelson. The company hus interests in Lardeau district
also, wliich can he reached more conveniently from  Nelson.
B. Crllly has been engaged as man-
nger of the Referendum mill, the op
oration of which will begin within a
fortnight. Preparatory work is now in
Not Used to It.
Rome, Sept. B.���Some of the older
delegates of the congregation of the
Society of Jesti3 are suffering from
the seclusion and fasting entailed hy
tho quadrlvlum. Some antl-clerlcnl
societies wishing to protest against
the growth of tho religious orders
hrm are organizing a meting for Sun
day next at Castle Gandolf. the former summer residence of the popes.
As Cardinal Merry del Val, the papal
secretary of state, is there, It iB most
likely that Ihe pope will prevent the
meeting from being held.
The Dally Crash.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 5.���A
special to the Evening Press from Traverse City, Mich., says: "A Pere Marquette train, generally known as tho
Flyer struck passenger train No. 10 at
Wallln at 11 o'clock last night. Two
tramps, names unknown, will die.
Conductor Wilson had a leg and arm
broken and four men were more or
less seriously Injured. Both engineers
were badly hurt.
Wil Stand by the Sheridan.
San Franclso, Sept. 6.���The United
States transport Thomas Bailed for
Manila and' Honolulu today. She carries a large quantity of wrecking gear
from the Mare island navy yard and
other sources of supply, which will be
used In an efort to float the transport
Sheridan, now on tho reef at Barber's
Point, Island of Oahu. Superintendent
Engineer Donnelly oft he transport
service, who will have charge of the
wrecking operations on the Thomas,
with a rigger, diver and five assistants, was aboard the Thomas. The
Bufford, which left Seattle yesterday,
carried all the wrecking apparatus obtainable on Puget Sound. Both tha
Thomns and Bufford will stand by the
Sheridan as long ob may be necessary.
Issue of Debentures Authorized���Only
Three Adverse Votes.
The polling on city bylaw No. 171,
authorizing the Issue of |60,000 in city
debentures, for the purpose of completing the municipal light and powel
plant on Kootenay river resulted yesterday as follows
For. Against.
East Ward    70 1
West Ward    39 %
Total    109 3
Majority for bylaw   106
Necessary  to  pass     68
The bylaw Is now in force but Interest on the debentures will not bo-
come payable until October 1.
Delays Energetic Campaign.
Havana, Sept. 6.���Brigadier General
Guzman, commanding the rebel forces
In the province of Santa Clara, Is reported to have received a commissioner sent him by Pino Guerra, the rebel
commander in Plnar del Rio province,
ordering Guzman to avoid any engagement with the government forces
uptll after September 16, when, unless
advised to the contrary, he must begin
an energetic campaign.
Jewish Equality.
8t. Petersburg, Sept. 5,���The council of ministers has sanctioned the
plan of permitting the Jews to open
elementary and secondary schools under the same conditions as people of
other creeds.
A Bold, Bad Burglar Breaks Locks and
Threatens Llvea Last Night���
Hounds in Pursuit.  *
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, B. C, Sept. *_.���
Lasi night about 12 o'clock a tall
man with a light soft felt hat and
moustache entered the dwelling of J.
W. Collins in the Ruckles addition by
taking off the lock from the back
door. He then went to Mrs. Collins'
bedroom and told her to keep quiet or
he would kill her and pointed a big
revolver at her. He had an axe also.
He ransacked the house and left without taking anything. Early In the
morning, presumably the same man
entered the Kettle Valley line depot
by the window and used an axe on the
big safe, completely battering the combination to pieces, but failed to open
the safe.
Today the local authorities are
working on the case and there ls some
talk of getting Harry Draper's hounds
from Spokane tc aid tn the search.
Mr. Collins was away from home. Excitement runs high here over these
"Sure Thing" Men Wanted.
Ogden, Utah, Sept. 6.���The police of
Ogden and Salt Lake are looking for
John Wllle, the wrestler, and Ed McCoy, the prlseflghter, who are charged
by Louis Seville of this city with being members of a gang of "sure thing"
men who mulcted him ln the sum of
13000 ln Ihe Seattle hotel, Seattle, between July 6 and 8. They paid all the
expenses of their victims to Seattle
and have within three months obtained O 6,000 from those they have victimized. By clevr acting they Induce
the outsider to advance money for
baiting purposes, claiming they will reimburse him, and not until the stranger has ben left stranded does he realize that he has been In the hands of
a daring gang of "sure thing" men.
Savllle, since ho was robbed, has had
private detectives trailing Wllle nnd
McCoy. The men,were traced to Ogden, but their presnt whereabouts are
An Agricultural Miracle.
Winnipeg, Sept. 6.���Two hundred
and sixty-five bushels of wheat off
five acres of laud were grown by J.
S. Armitage on his fnrm adjoining tbe
Minncdosa limits. The soil has been
tilled for the pnst 20 yenTS. Neither
was the particular piece of land summer fallowed last year.
A woman Isn't necessarily smart be?
cause she says things that smart.
Officers of Real Estate
Trust Go. Arrested
Suicide of President Hippie Leads to
Startling Revelations in Philadelphia Trust Co.
Only  tho  magician's    wife    doesn't
care If her husband Is tricky.
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 6.���Charged
with having defrauded the depositors
of the Real Estate Trust company of
this city out of many millions of dollars, Adolph Segal, a promoter of
mauy enterprises; William F. North
the treasurer of the company, and
Marshall C. Colllngwood, the assistant
treasurer, were arreBted today at the
instance of District Attorney Bell, who
has spent nearly a week investigating
the affairs of the wrecked bank.
Segal was held In 125,000 ball and
the two company officers ln $10,000
each. They entered bonds and will bo
given a hearing tomorrow.
This turn ln the affairs of the company Is only one ot the many sensations expected to develop ln connection with the failure, which It Is estimated will exceed (10,000,000, before
the receiver finishes his investigation.
The affidavits accompanying the warrant were sworn to by Walter C.
Browning, a depositor and creditor of
the Real Estate Trust company. They
aver that Segal, North and Colllngwood, with Frank K. Hippie, the president of the company, who committed
suicide, and with other unknown persons, defrauded the trust company
out of many millions of dollars, and
that they fraudulently applied the
money to their own use. It is further
charged that Segal was an abetter to
the embezzlement of many millions of
dollars and that North committed perjury In knowingly having furnished tc
the commissioner of banking In Pennsylvania false reports of the value of
the company's' resources.
Colllngwood and North are also accused ot having received money from
depositors after they knew the company was Insolvent. Segal has nothing to say of his arrest, but referred
all persons to his attorneys. Segal,
since the failure, has repeatedly de,
clared that his transactions, were regular and that be will be able to repay
the trust company all the money he
had borrowed.
Stensland a Prisoner.
Washington, Sept. 6.���The Moorish
authorities will interpose no objection
to the removal to America of Paul O.
Stensland, .resident of the Milwaukee
Avenue State bank of Chicago. A dispatch to this effect has been received
at the state department from Minister
Oummere at Tangier dated toay. Tha
dispatch added that Stensland is a
prisoner in the American legation
Chicago, Sept. B.���States Attorney
Healy today received a message from
Assistant States Attorney Olsen, who
Is now in Tangier with Paul O. Stensland, the fugitive banker, asking that
he and James Keeley, managing editor of the Chicago Tribune who made
arrest of Stensland, be appointed to
bring the ex-banker back to this country. On receiving the telegram Assistant States Attorney Barbour wired to
Governor Dlneen at Springfield and
the governor haB made a written request to President Roosevelt that Olsen and Keeley be delegated to bring
Stensland back to the United States.
According to States Attorney Barbour
no warship of the United States will
pass Morocco for at B0 days and if
Olsen andG Keeley are eiegaitod by the
president tbey will either place Stensland on a vessel coming .to the United
States or they will charter one for tha
"Kid" Murphy Killed.
Chicago, 111., Sept. 6.���Harry Jacobs.
23 years old, known in prise fighting
circles as "Kid" Murphy, .was run
down by an automobile last night and
suffered Injuries which caused his
death later.
'.���'���Ml! i
M    .i
,    :[
il -1
I    I
Many a man's ability to put on a
good front Is due to his wife's ability
as a washerwoman.
I j
li I
m The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints perdo&, $1.00
Crown Gem Jars, Quartsperdoz., 1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai.p_ doz., 1.50
Our stock has just arrived. Secure
vur requirements at these low prices
before they are a'.l gone.
1, ..... =   Wfcr-.   .?   :;   :i:.i   aad
frontispiece    thai  is to
- : 'or -4  libel  suit  aad  ind*
to "discover"    somtr    things
- -.ore  us.    The Chinese ehar-ic-
t-trs look unfamiliar, an j as we were
k war oorrespondenl
���   to translate    ihem    into    our
-    ���
Shown to a local Chinese scholar this
morning be said the nearest approach
to   Kngiish  tula   which   thev   could   be
rendered   is,   "Well   known   local   lawyers    retained,    look    after    business
some old woman."   Query���Who is the
.-������  are  su  o .���   Ib
���   d     ��� I -ng  after.
i a itteti *���<������-������>     -���   t nu
Bit.- ft    Ms i    B '
tafcwttttoa nM  I  i hbo ��� ��� ������*<'���'.
tatWM'.trli-OJii   �� '���? -���**���-   1*-':'
���ell in sevane*
Adrs-r-uslni rewa on ���;;     U
A ���   -���   :...���   **-*.: ;.*.���*���.' -       ���'���
fsnoiln  *"���
I'u*: .'*.���        *    * ,
forxas if UM '   nap-���. '   '-:���   :*   '*
gBPTEMBeR K. 1906.
hr Mi ewd "���- s*t * f*4** t''J ���**
v br k* '. if ���;.*.*> ��:���.���������
fb*_.lth     ->���:.���   :--:-!������:���    bi cnittoJ   WttSl  we
le-f."���<   a      -	
The visit to the city today
excelk-ndef. fcari and Coontesi Grej
ia an incident tvhtdi - EffesU a variety o. reflections to the thoughtful
i���_i T_e pereonal repreeentai
hit -tttjMty King Edward. In discharging lhe duties of his office-, and lo
���some ���' '   "     -% into the
the peo) sh to Etrength-
��� ���   ���- ���   ."���._..���;���  oi lhe Canadian
to the monarchial fonn ol -
which has dunne  two  Bfntnriei
the guaraDte** of our li_ ���
The latere* �����..-:.
known to :ake In    the    li���_i    '
people  o.   Canada���within   tbe   limiia-
��� ��� - nl the propftetlei Wee���
wlil mai': kta a -- -.'or. It
is not alone ia the influence which he
may  oe able Indirectly  I
the Wefc*e.-* ��� ...--. :-
to the province ol I ���-*. b Cohnnbia,
but the fac. that on his return to lhe
mother land to take pan In the counsels of the empire, he will have visited every province of the I>
will be of the grea:_est service to the
While there must   be   an Jr.*
amount of .edtoasness tn tbe continuous round of receptions and greetings
the fast tha- ;ntothe
chiidret to lost wgtm HM face ot ao-
hUlty and in after rears to f-^ei some-
thins akin fen a pnsam nal in
'.:.-: ���-���_.:.. -_.-. .-..*. . v.-.. *... .- ���._*.
of tbe compensations resulting from
soch expeiiencea. as for xhte formal
receptions and the Introi .
follow, tbey appeal ouly to certain
tjrpag ol Hbi'. n - -��� iken na ���
ina'ter of course.
From a respectful    d;*"
for*-   and through the or-miaittee of reception. The CnflU
excellent ---    ' *���.'.'
Its readt-rt. U
te hit:    majesty    the    Uag
gratification ar tbe ;���-_'���<��� taiki  ��� .-
Ity of the f-mpire.
The almoKt  ntanimoni  tote
bylaw authorizing the- issuing ol fte
bent tires to tbo a/mount of IfiO.OC I "
the purpose of oomptettng  the  power
plant was a foregone conclusion. That
only three votes against It, while 106
were cast in iti. favor is sufficient assurance that the city has Imt ono
mind In the power plant matter.
There Is only one disappointing feature of the caRe and that is the comparative smallncHs of the vote polled.
There may a number of explanations
for this, one of which is, that H being
the holiday season, a good many ot
the real estate and property owners
entitled to vote ure out of town. While
Others are non-resident. There may
also, un in U8U&1 under such drenin*
stances, have been a feeling thai it
would he sure to curry, anyway, and
a con-sequent apathy on the part of
some of the voters. At any rate the
bylaw is now carried, ratified, and all
that  remains to do i.=  to sell the debentures.
The proposal lo interest loca. small
capital In the purchase of the debentures has not  been   found  feasible on
���  of the  tad   thai  tbey are  to
md  in   blocks  of   not  less  than
As  the   hope   was  to  interest
:..  ������   wht, have  savings    in    smaller
amounts, that    hope    apparently must
���oi  be abandons*}-     In the   event of
the city  proposing further    civic    lm-
prorements   and   necessitating the Is-
��� of other debentures at some
future time, il might be well to keep
thii   point   in   mind  bo  lhat  provision
- made for small investments.
The debenture buying habit in prefer*
������ii'''' ��� savings bank deposit, where
it has heen tried, has been found to
be roost satisfactory and ciiizens who
have the habit of saving regularly, a
j>ortion of their earnings, can find no
-���������������: investment than is afforded in
ray. Not every' one ha= ��� *
ability or desire to embark on the
i**rilous career of speculation or even
- ���- ��� - rdal life, arjd a positive boon
Is presented when an opportunity is
afforded   to   purchase   gilt-edged   secu-
trhieh   pay   a higher rate  of in*
���  :���   I   than  the  savings  banks.
hoped  that   the sale
of the present Issue of debentures will
��� almost par and that Nelson will
-- own light and power plant in
successful    operation    at      least      by
��� :._s.
complaint of The Canad,-.
-    regarding ihe fitful del;.  ..
.he mails at  the    Nelson  office    has
been  partially  explained  by  Postmas-
local staff.
"...      ' aaadiao    Ml ached    no
blame  to  the   Nelson   city   office  the
explanation   given   bl    ������    genial  distributor of    first,  second    and    third
class matter may be   of   Interest
:     ffl .-   .-   statement  is that the
Bent is in no way to blaau
can take no s-.eps to remedy the mat-
���    ���    ���*::;   *_* re*
ceived with  *������_;.
far as the coa--*. paj��ers are concerned
here are two raotei
- ��� lent in-
i iter.     One   is    by way ot
-    ������   C   P. R   _aad Uie
���   and   Spokane   ovef
I ��� ;:  known,  the
connections  a*  lx��th   BestUe  and   Bpo
kane sre close, and  with  stter ffinre>
��� '   th.   mails.
trsbu   do  Wit   as a  rule
���:vai    t>f   delayed
snrdi  ere o in  u
��� '������..:-  arriv-
the C  P  li., though tbey may
be a few :our>. late, are almost always
���  ������, Brrtrs   wiUiin   reasonable ai>-
proftcft  to schedule time.
The ooas) papi n have the option of
sending their mai! over either route
and ;he superintendent of railway mail
- ". !<���<��� at Vancouver has repeatedly
called their attention to the complaints. The close connections over
the American lines, or rather the failure to connect make than route unde-
Birable. It is therefore the duty of
the coast publications to see that tbe
C. P. R. route is used, and In the Interesi of their subscribers their attention is called to thiB fact. The de-
partmen. may have no control over
these matters, but the same explanation does not, or should not, apply to
papers and letters coming from the
east. The depart ment should see to ft
that such contracts are made as are
possible of being carried oul, and
should then see that  It Is done.
Sorry their excellencies    will    have
���ttsCb B hazy vie* of thing- The b*-au-
���.- -     '���"������' appl al
day.    The finest thing tn
rill be the reception coin: Ittee,
alwaj    excepting
We    should    mm \ to    have
spoken  to Earl Qrey, If fnr   nothing
i   than just to ask if that story is
No, the    snap  shooters    were    not
much in evidi ace today.
Oh, little Aftenhomrht, I  wish
You had not come to me.
For with myself  I  otherwise
Quite satisfied should be.
V   ir-*  BJtoeQent  but  I deplore
That you should Dot have come before.
Wliy Is it that you are not prompt.
But  saunter in Instead
When all    the things    I've    done are
And all I've said is said?
Of nuisances you are the worst:
Don't come, unless you come at  firs!'
Eunice Ward, in Life.
It is Priscilla's first visit to the
ootmtry; she has heard the cackling
of th'* bens and connected it with the
laying of the eggs: she hears the cow
moo, and calls to her mother. "Mamma, come quick, the cow has laid
some more milk."
When a man tells you how you
ought to run your business just take
a look at the way he is running his
It is unfortunate that ul! men are
liars���but It is fortunate that all
women know jt.
So-Uce i�� hereby ztren that Hi dan etU
..pp.y i.i the HmioraUe the Chief Cam-
in fan   net '���( l-a'i'l- sad Worki fur permta.   i  I
dJowtBg Sefrerfbed iati.li- *-Huaif)
on iht en*'. -. - ������: Arrow Islce; ' otnmencing at
���  ���/.-.; ...rne'of A-AathoBj * pttrebue,
��� - ��� -'.:. twenti '.���h-urii-. thence <���..���.*. twenty
u Ihenee north twenty chalm tbenee wet*
haiai *." potnt of eoini ��� ������ emeal oon-
:.��r -  ..-��������� m'.*'-- ..r It-sn
- ;: -.������������      - ���       Bans H st �� utt,
vt N Paul k-. Agent
N *   ��� .��� hi n :;��� riri a Utst N _t��yi b'ut *i��u* I
.:; v. ���   the Hoi   ruble the < Wei I na*
'���.-.- ..I I-nnds hu-i Worhi tor permtsi   i I
P'ir-hAt* tbe .'>:!-. wine described l��.n'is, sauau-d
od tbe ts_: ridt ol Ario"-t ltie:   C.in.rnfcncini{ bt
��� *.���:   ana ot X. Anthony t purchate,
*.f.rth  Jorty thalm, tbenee w��t forty
-���bsfns, thent-fc smith  Joriy chaiiis. tht'Dt:** t-uet
I rty  ehstas to point '���,' ".mmfiice���em. corn-
,��� .-��� t -��� ���  teen   ��� ��� ���-
ltM.it<J .Sept*-.-. I** !,]��_*..     Jake- Y UjuCUtop
 perN. Pemew, Ageut.
s'   ieeli:.- rt . -���- - n thai oo d��yi after dite I
M',-}>ly t-s tlie Honorable Uhief Commit-
..oner tf Leri-i*. and Work*, for t*rmii*ion u> pur-
ttvttl .-.������ ���   .  M-.^f t| m tibed ihQ'it i-itiiateo on
�����-: ��idfc of Arro* ikke: Commeucinf! at k
:- ���: ������ utiiui A Maeteod i Inesuni post, tbenoe
loath f-ny ''halaa. fullowiai. w. *tafe*tessteni
tKiundary  tbenee easi rixty nulns. io east bai.t
��� ���...:. Creek; tbenee sorts forty ctutpi;
i- j  ehatns to point '.f eon
:. ��� :/ - ������ ��� non oi ten
tHied Beptembe-r 1, wa.      auqca M*': bod
^ i'er K. Iii.*.:..!-.-, An. Bl
Soti-* b hereby jiven that GO day* after Ante I
iaund to apply to the Honorable ih<- Chlsf C-oin-
: at lindc and Worki io-* pern.ihf.iori to
purehaae tbe following deftribed lands, it��rtin-{
i pott tnsrtsd W. T*s aorthwest post, thence
f.tiin i\< chatna, thenc-e (taut V, tfaaln*-, tbence
:. ������   4    .-..���.' thenee west t   bairn toi-fiint of
���* - ���:.* ': :,-..;.::.�� t#j m'-t-m. more or
. -- i., dm n tbe en* t of A. Atitb.'iiy'i appli(��-
II-.Q top���I    �����
... - J-b dav of Anpufft. 1806.
W Ton,
 y f'EMEh-, A Kent.
���:���->.'��� - Istse I intend U> apply to the Hon-
Cbtd   '        '..--,       ���  o(   ]--ii,.l-  and
Worhi  ��� ������ porebsse 646 serea .>f
-   it of Arr n lake oa the treat ilde
I as   rt ������-. and Joining "���-��������� north Ixtuud-
si ���   I    tnnable appllc��tlon  to pair-base.
ComiJien'iii)r at a po"t marte*. R I.S B. K. oor-
ne: and rspo.ng area's ehalna; tbi if'- nortb m
k        ".;..��� '-a*; 10chalna; thenee aonth to
nmsnoeiB' ot
-��� j *��� abet .'nd 1MJ6. B J  Bluot.
to ajjwy
kK, S'U'U
.-���'.'.ner o! I-an'i�� and Work*.. Victoria, to
purehaae IM serea of itrnd.  Commencing at a
ted on tba weat shore erf Arrow I*kt-. at
the aootb eaat corner of J J Christie's pnrchase,
��� ing oorth BOShalni tbenoe '���*���' ks ehalna
tiieDC4- aouth \H)tht,Uo. then'* weti i-Mbajni to
Locateii May. sth 1*��.
a   r.Knii.
 L Gaixaohsil, LocaioT.
ettrtl ���'��� .���     rebj i-n* d thai BO tkwt a."' ���
���   applj ���- ���;,- ii- noral lei
��� "f Lands and Werki v.< ���<���_,-<;, ���-
i baft  H  sen - of land, ntnate atyut one mile
easl of Burton ' Ity on the oast shSeol km ���
take, and fleaarlbed a�� followi   Coi i i ���
poet piant'-d n��. tbe northeaal oon
thsnoe nortl   -     ball        - * ���    t ��� ������ i'11 betna,
tbenei aonth Mtdttstais, tbtno eett 19-dtalni u
plaoi of beglui di
AUK-ut-t 2 lb, :�����*
J. ft. HrjcTSfc.
*.    t'f*4V--   '' .-. .       . -     ���    ���
Ap;.jcatV:-s :- KMt? -   ��
rkoft'oa   ���-  i   thi    r*>chaliif
-   - ���   ���
- - *:  .*
tfosof rsorthl.^*
��� ��������-���  :i-.-. - ���       i
���     *
.;       . i:.   I
.   -
���:-...���        -   t   ���
F. w. ;-
per E-LM3H w   !
Kotiee i^ ber-: y 9  <LeTt after date J
intend to make application lotbe PoiuHitta toe
(hie' Commfat-ioiier of Und* and Work* for w i
mlatlou 10 por-'haae tbe following deacrlbed
landa: Co���uenefui at �� ty&i planted at tbe
northwe��t eornei trfKaUe mt* andltaba* aptdlot-
tion tovonh���i .-��� '��� ������ ... iss it o*l' _ M
Mr N K - ki ������.���.;���; mi meet, vj
ctialuk a*t[itb, N daetaa east, IB ebalni north to
place of 'itViiitiL ���
% H -tt*kiii,i;,tH, le
W. A. Imwi*k, Art-nt.
July 2nd, ins
Noti" |i bointif-oventhaiMdaysaftkf date!
Intend to apply *.'. it,.- Bonoratda tbi ' '������������! ' am-
nil-tBiiiiier oi .A.tdiH.id Work* for tK-rmlaaioti to
puri'iiii-.  tbi  ! ..'.. tig     . ��� '..       ads: i om-
mcuciii* at k p-��t murked   "J   A   0   ft'8   W.eor
n.T." j, are I si thi *. ���rtheasl eorni r of (.- *. to ]
ruMiinj. to chnlni north i lbencetu* bains un;
thente n cbaltu aonth; tbenoe * t.-natna weit u>
poiir of Bonuneocement, ��-oDt-'iD:ii*- HO acres
more or leir.
Dutad the SsOst day of July 190G.
J. A. O'Rsillt.
,    . ���.   . j that I
: -' apt-l) to tbe H       ���_
���    I l-anatand tfforfca for pen
!'_,-��� .. raring r_k ��� ���..-���aa.* to
��� : Kw.u-nav <*wit
at   tbe >". t   ����;r-r*    : >   ��    B
App!tra:lotj to ponbav.
tochalm WMitfc.  3   < ba'.i r. *��� ���
��� -
���_,���������- ..-ib in point of-*.
Ine ISO aerea.
v. ���   I   losna
p. ' ' k-M rt '.\   .       ���������   *      .
Kottei .��� .  ���
date   1   miend   Ui  applj   I .',   *i   ���
���     rsnfi t .ii ������ >!*
lbe   followinir    ���    c
1   -     - ike and
jwiatng i. H.   i ������ ; I
I aln��: ibt-nn- DOTth H ��� balni
��� a*;* ohalna, te tbe sbon lal
r leaa,
ii r "
J   J    K I
>��� aftei
I**..- i intend te appli   to *������"���   Uon
[Lands a ornei
pm ��� .     ��� ���
-  .���
jo.mat' tbeaoul errotloi
.    . . - -  ���    .    -
������   ��� ..'."���   ibe ibon
polnl   Of   ���:..:.-'������������' :.'���:...'���    i
���   .��� --
Dated A.ngnsl I     O ��   B. M
J J   Ci]: ���,    Kmt   '
Notife i* bereby given that 1 inund.t-1 .IbV'
after date to nPply tO '��� H ' *-
Commiasioner of i andia:- 'A ��� rksfoc penalsaloa
to pare baae lbe following lescrtbed Undi in
(Teal K ��� itenaj dlstrW:. si
of Button Cfty, eote���enetni ���'. ���* pad ptsnted * .u
the c*it bank of ttaetC B id marked ���*%��� H
Hamilton'-r - VT.C.poct, running
fhalnt, thenee i-a��t n thi ��� K>uth to
chain*, tiieiice  weal  NO Chaini toplnoe of t*e-_in-
Dlng,oontatnlnp ���* setwoi --or leas.
Dated thu Z2nd day of Aogu**t. i��6.
H  ii Bas
Notloe li bereby given that
intend to apply to the Hon ���
.. ��� ��� r ������! Cudl and Wort
piir'baie the* following de*
f. ��� --ooteoay dletnn;
;k.h marked '*B. Cookey - S
uat�� near tbey S. corner oi
R.R., thence iouth W'-hhii.'.
��� .-��� - bains; tbenee north
lesi; tbenoe weitbOchaiLM.
in eut.
Salmo, Au-ruit 11, 1906.
���   layi afterdate I
��� i Mef Comiali-
r poxaJas-OB i.>
-.     : Landi
endng al a
w eornw pod tit*
land appl:- I *��� - by
rleai thei
v< ebalns
point of commemt*
1   II
- Agent.
Notloe li berby (tren tbat s iaya after lab I
intend, toapply to tbe Boi * btefUom-*
miaf-iouer of Lands* an i H
pan ba-** the following dei-'.*;���- ! landsaltnaU i��
i?eet-Kootenaydistrict:   I ng ��u poal
marked "R. Koae'a if.W poat, ' iftaatc
near the K. K. corner of ia:s I applied for by   .
M.-lAaii. thence aouth t ���--
thenoe eaat to rhaim; thei  -
more or le**; ibenee ���*���-��� 9 tuins to point oi
< ment
Halmo.AuguM 11. 1SKW. B   BOSS,
7   H A p.. ni.
Notice  i*  hereby  gim.  thai list]    :.
date   I   intend  to apply   to tbi   Honorable the
Chief i ammlaftonet of Las li snd Worba for
iK-riuiaaiou to pun*haae t:.-- .. irlng daacrlbed
lands iltuate in West Kootenay llatrfet: Own-
uifncing ata poll mark--i "A. McLean i S W.
corner poat," situate near thi N B     mer of land
; ;     id   for by A. M'*l-aui.hln-i, thenue Pouth 40
(balm,   more   <>r  le*i;   then ���   eait *> chain*;
north tt ehasns, more or lew; tbenoe w. ��4
"*" t hain* to point of TOOimt_ .'ement
Balmo, Auguit 11,1ft* A. Mtl-tAV,
T. H  ������.���my-ov. Agenl
Holloa ti hereby given tbat 00 dayi after date I
intend to make applicant to tbs Honorable tbe
Chief t'ommlwfiouer o( Landl and Works for per-
nn-*-.n te pnrehaa) ��� ���   ��� .* deacrtted land*.
iltnate tn went Kooti I ommenelng
at a post marled " \. "��� Lenghlln's N. W ��� ora i
post/'  -it'iht-    Dear  thi   M   f   .Mrn��rof land ap-
plle-l (or by P M ��� soutb 40 chain**.
more or tea*; tbenee eaai BO chains; tbenee north
40 ehalns, more or lesi; thenee west SB chaini to
point ol commeo ���
nalmo, August 11, UOC A  Hf LsOOIpUX.
f H   AT*.is.iiv. *.e-.-nt.
Hotice Is bereby given that fio dayi after date
1 Intend lo apply to lbe Chief Commiaiiouer of
liind* an-3 * orki for penniaaion to purchaw-
tbe following deieribed landa, iltuate In West
Kootenay dlstricl' t'otnmencjng at a pfiftt mark
Sd J M.Arthur'i K. W.corner poat," altuate Dear
the V K corner of land applied for by A.Turner,
tht-uce aouth Vt chain* more orletaJ tt ���
to chains; tbenee uorth 40chalttSi more or leas;
tb'-Lit w.-rt *ti chain* to poiut of com in ��� Di
Salmo, Augurt 11, 1*6.
J.  Ui ABTH* S,
 T^H Aammo-fi km ���������
Kotiee ls hereby given that 60 day* *.'���
I   intend,  u.  apply  Ui the Honorable';     *
I .--loner of Lamia and Worki lor permit-
sion to tun-haae the following described laud--,
*)tuate in ���*..���-��� Wet] Kootenay antritt: Comi
dne ata post marked "A-lurnpri H.>*. corner
poit." muau��l bt the  N. E corne-of land ap-
; .: by K Blewart, thence iouth -i rd
more or lew*; thence eait to chains; then
40 'halui. more or Icif;   thence wt-*-t B Bhsfbl to
I��(int of fomuiirLcemeut-
.Salino. B.C , August JI  1-06. A. T; sntl
T. H   ATKIKM'N, Agent.
Notice ia h< reby given that S" dayi after date I
iiu-;nd to apply lo the Honorable the I blel
minloner of Land* and Worka lor pennlSI
purchase the following deser&ied land in Watt
ECootenai District sbooi teen mile* aouth of
Burton ' Ity: Commencing at a p-.*t planted on
the east bank of Trout ereek and marked Mr-
W    II     Hn!;,.  '.���:.'������   -    tt    < .   Post   aii'_    I
oortbto chains; tbence east **j Miam-; tbence
aouth to chalna: tbenoe weat wi cbalni I
of beginning, * ...iiwining t'AO acre*, mon  (H
Dated tbi- 22nd day of AnnurL ISM.
MM   W. B   H .VfLTOK
W. H. Haiiit.v, Agent.
Notice b bereby given tbat BP dayi after date I
Intend to M'l*-:- te the Honorable tne i blef' i m*
mlasloner of Lands and \\nr\-.t.-r perntii
purchase thi blloirlng described uspd
tCootena   District al       six miles i f Bui
UmCit*    Boauueni ug at a post pUnted
cum bank ol Tnml cre< k and man i     ���   I   ���    ���
aft s W" <   poal and ram itb SB ebalna;
theno eaatM chains;  tbenee nortb ho ebalna:
rest 80chain* to tbe plseeoi ooamneno
ment i   QtainlogU  t ret more or leaa.
Date : thliand day of Aognst, l��
C. I. i ram
W   ||   IUmii.T'*.'., Agent.
Kotiee '* ben by gtren Out &>. day* tfter fleb I
mteG       ���.; ���        ���  ' KonoraUc the ' '������ ��� ���
���  '    i   land   In   W��jft
noote'ttai  !���;���-*: i ab  .* -..���:, mllei iouth of
B irton t n;.    ( omnu ndng ata noi   p ���
���- aaat tatnkol Trout creel  snd marked Ales
- k w C Pool and running i ���
esi   -   chains}flumes nortb *
���      alni to t--r'. ���.'.   " i nn*
Ing   ���������.'.���. r, !,,- HO acres Ol ii.nd. more or leaa.
Dialed :��� .  .-.- ���   i     '     j.-,-*    o
Ai.rx 'Hi   m:
W. H  Hanil-Tt'S, Agent.
I) ���
f.x-.y days after date J intend u. appir to t
ner of Landi and <*��.,:*.���
res of land, iltuate and ��� ���
a* follows: Comni'-ncmg ata pot-t plant"
*' ������ '���'' of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo City, a;
or near the aimtbweat oorner of t. Haig pnr-
dU-K  snd marked   ���'��� m a   ���- h. oom -,' and
Mini, ng nortii 40 ebalna,them
to H-Annable'* purebaae, tbeawi wotb t  *
eai te lbe \*k.- thore, th^iee *  n .-
.Li- ipore to plaee of btrglmi :.g.
August_ih,Wjc ��.M Anastn
toikee ll hereby glveu that W davi yiOf date I
Intend to appl) '',- ��� Honorabla tbaChkd l ommlaaioner ofi_aiidi and Works ior persslssloti Iai
Minha**- '!..- lo] iu deacrlbed Ian*'*., fitnate
in the west Kootenai li��trict:< ommencins ��i a
j����*t on the aaai Hat of Tulip Creek.on uowsi
>-row I-ak. t... isulwd "J- J Walircr'* K E.
corner," Um doc eaal w> ������halnc, Ibenee north f>
etukkpk, then"- iroal 10 ebalsSttSieneesottQi vt
chain* to point of conuoeueeawnf. containing
����' acres more or h-n.
JxfCated -lune lhth, I'M. 3. J. "���'���'.��� r.h.
T. H. Wiluajisos. AgeuU
Intend i  �����. >., ���
afUndi ���-:
the folic**.  .
K" ���:.*.��������
f.1   *BK�� -  ;���
Ittttwt An
liordon    ��� -   ^
'  ��� ���
sins, i
al i ;������'-
-   - .
i :i :: *\ fc layi site"
K. _    ��� - ���
. r permiiaii l ,
:<d Us2��   tmttktM
. - ���
'�����:-.    z. '.
*. -   ���ib   ���
rcekj tben<�� i rt
.    -
atns to ]
I    IS        L     *.*
���     -:
-   .   ���
*.  ���   .   . _      i tbal list]   layi aftei
.-. | -. able thi
' ���      ��� -I
;.  - "     �� -
. ���.,',...      cta;
north   sant ol '   "* ���    *���'     �����
>   ��� :     .' .-.'_-
���      .* .-������'.������������
���     ��� ���      a ;. ;-
���..   ���    a  ������ *
tl    ansoi
��� date 1
i and
-1 ���      -
su*   d  >^ ��� ������  Kootei ar 1
at a j-��t marked     K   Btewart*! *��   *���
1/ ''���-:���.
Pork    "f   r^ltnOU.  Ifaeot**   ���
ehains, ��� ��� I I
r .   thea<-f
.���*almo, Auguit 1
The Biggest and Best Ever.
SEPTEMBER 19,20,21
Notie*-*    i bereby | '�������� a/i*r
Iat<   , loapply to
don i ������'.   i.��i:-t�� atid Worka I
pnrebaM tbefoilowlngdei i   -     -.-������:  su
W A K :sterna-
tioDaltKiundary line, aboul four milea eaat of
the Columbia river, c-ommencitig at a \- %t\ t -."i
**d "h   U   i ���   - w   . -rn. *.    MUUBM on the tn-
ternationai boundary hu-   sti  sa    �����.*���.
Dcrof 1.S.CFnsw-land: tbeneei a--. �����chains.
'-I chajm. thence weit a. chaini,
thence south 60 chains to the place of e-o__ence-
Dtelnlng4B0 acre- tr-'-re or leas.
Date ! stftb June. l��tw.        Larsi _. P_us_tt,
F ; O'Beflly. Agent
Notiee ll herebv given that *;it> daji from
date I Intend to appl; to tbi Hon Chief ��'om-
: of Ijiiidi and Works for permission
te pnrebsai tbe loUowing !������ r:bej iandi situate in Wesi Kootenay tHstii between tbe
Pend   d'On i       DtensatfoaaJ
bonndary tine, abont three mil - fr ��� ihe Col-
- ��� cr.    r<nnrj�� in'injf at a [����t marked
t   -  < . 1 - -   u   ���   -���--���,.-    on  tne inierna-
Uonnl i"iiiiidar\ Une.abouths;f ��� ,-.-*.
tbi   east bounder] ol th    K. .. f -. Ky land*:
-��� chains, tbenei ca*t m rhaioi.
���    M it SO chains, to
the plaeeofeonusS���semen) '-"iitainloglMacrea,
. .  ri   ������ .   ���
Dated Mth ��� J. S. C. Fsa**ta,
I .>ilij. Agent.
Notice Is hereby . ti 11 y <ia> ��� f rom date
I Intend toapph u tbi Hon > biefrumraiasiooer
of Land.- tv  '. W    ; I pertnllttUttt 40 pUrchAM
. I   iands fltuat*  In Wl Bt
Kootebs] :.,ii_ tbs International
bonndary tine, about Hn sdteseastol thecol-
ouib:a rtTei coi encing at s> nasi :::arked K.
q*b8.W  eornei IstenintliHislbonndary
line at Laura M -Prascr'aaouthaaat corner tbenei
Dottb ���" ��� thenei east -tt ehalna, tbence
aouth (at ehains, thence nest -vi ebalni I
plaoe oi commencement, containing    .- sent
more or b -���
Dated .��� ��� ������ tUl_WlGll IMHt
Kotla >   ^ii.u  liiat  >-;it; dayi after
date 1 Into tbe Bon. i    11 lomiuia
net   il Landi and Work* for permtssleii
;   .���'   o- sing   described   lands   in
tbe Weal Ko lenaj dlatriet MHttb ol tbe Pend
encing at a poet marked
l   B*s 6 B rorner   iltoated en tbe trail near
Bi a: . reek about a mile from the international
boundary lenes veel *��o ebrins, tbenee
north SDchi ��� knstothe Peud d'Oreille
ritei   tbence following tbs sonth tank of the
Pend d'On lib ��� ���-' ���*) cbaina, more
or lees; then    Booth n ehsins, sore or lam lo
tbs place       i oeement)  containing  iio
a- .- -   i.-i.-r. or less.
listed Mb Julv, V*jb. (hahlr- Pic-e:
F. J.o'kieiij, Agent
Notice ll hereby given thai sixty dsysaftet
dale I intend to a;-l > totbi Bon. (.'hief Commli->
���:-.(.. r   Ol   1-STidf   and   Work"   for   pel���IsalM]   Ul
purebaae tb- foUowlog di-n-riiied lands, in
Wesl Kootenay District, eari of and ad-
loinlnx Jameab*.iuckeniie'i land; Oonunene-
ing af a postmarked k B"aB.] eorner, on the
aouth bank ..( Lbe  fv ni d'Oreille T:\t-r, )nst
��� ��� tbi mouth ol tbe Hahnon nirr. tunee
mwt 80 ebalns, tbence north w ehaim more or
bars to th. Pend d'On ;.i- nvr, tbenee following
���:��� wuth bank of tbe aaid nver ln a southeasterly direction !<��� tbe pines ot commencement.
oontainlng Ht) a> res, more or leas.
1'a-i-d 11 ��� - K71M ��� S- HyailTR
Kotl��   -       ������. _      r, ihatnixtydayiafterdate
1 Intend I Boa I hi-iiommiasioner
��� oni Works tor i- rmlsrion to purchase
Dl   '���������-; land!* m   U.->; k.-jii-nat
Diatrlcti   ithol the Pend d'Oreille river.  Com-
Dcii .- St n W'"t niarke<l K. T, M'i N. K. corner
in thi iouth bonk of tbs Pendd'OndUl river.
ah tahaU assl erf ibe mouth of Fish
B ��� ; i BS, lbence weat *
cbaina, tbenei north40 efaaitti more or lew to
the Pend 10'retU rl bi tbenei following the
- lib hank of tbe aald river in a northeasterly
direction to tbi place oi DOsaneneexeent, eon-
tamiliK i*i acre-  more or leas.
1-JbS. ELLA T. Ma'aExzie.
AftTHfl!  S HNSII.Kh    Ajrellt
Kotiee 111 .      D that 60 days afler date I
I   ipph Eo the Hon, chief I ommiaaioner
: Landsand Works for (���ermiasion to purebaae
lowing described  lands, lituate in Went
��� ��� Lena]  Dlatrlct Bootb of the Pend d'Oreflle
��� i. i  immencingatapoal marked a. p. mi B.
rnei -:tuatc at the south bank of the I'end
l '.���������.:.������ r;w r a*. I...a "I". MacKcnzie i north eaat
'���rner pOfL tbence lontfa HOchalti-i, tbence  eaat
BO chain*., tlience DOTtfa HJ ehain-* more or leai to
tbi Pend d'Oreille rtrer, tmmee west SbehalnB,
ng the bank of tbe said river to tbe plaee
 tent, containing tAO aerea, more
ii .- ���.
I>ated_tod Jul. UO A. h. kidma
AfeTHtT.  fvHSElI.EE. Agent.
Notice Ii berenynfTefl thasalntydayiafMr'Sste
I Intend to apph tothe Hon ^lef Commission-
er of Landsand Work* for i-ermisaion to pnr
following deeerlbed land- aituau-in
Dfatrll t, south of tb>* I'end
fl'On . ������ rlFcr, commencing atspost msrfced
M. ji'* n E.comer, tttnate on the south i-ank
oftbi !��� rlserat Jaanes N.Mseken-
rii in irner  tbenei -.uib haicbaint.,
tbenei .*������* - ehalna,tbenee n-mb 7u i-baini",
* - ��� '- * .the Pend *p*OrelIle rifer; tbence
follow In-/ tbe Booth bank of tbe Kaid river In an
easterly ai rtbeaateriy dlrei tion to the place
ol eoamMneemetti oontnining 040 seres, mon or
Dmb "rd July, 1906,        Mark auk? Haiuwht,
* rtbnt Behnelder. Agent.
'- ��� ��� that alxty daya after dsts
���    toannlr to tin "
���    toapply to lbe Hon, ( bbn * ovu
��������� Ejandi nut Workslorperinn*>;on io pi
DUowlng     dewrlbed      landi*     in     Weit
Kootenay District* wmtli nf tbe Pend d'Oreille
���  immencing  at a iw-et  marked  J   S.M*.
-. W. oonw I    Bitl ated on tbe aouth bank of the
i ��� opposite tbe month >.f ii
,    ibenn eaatvcbalnsj tbenee north
re or leaa to tbs Pendll'OrelUs riier,
���      ��� ��� g tbe sonth bankoi tbe --aid rfrsi
In a westerly snd Boothweaterli diroetion to lbs
-M,  containing   RQ ttttte
��� ta:
Dated M inly, U0O,      Jaxw n. Ma _eksie,
i ArthurH-'hncid'r, Ageni
Notiee 1�� ber'-by given lhat two motitin afu-r
date I intend te apply lotbe BoHorsbli tbs ' blel
��� lOOW ol Lends and Work- for a Leaat of
all that land belns ibe foreSben adjoiiutir* iqh.
dlTia'oni 1   :���. and 4 of lot S����, Oro��]
Kootenay, and t**dng on Use south sbon si tbs
Wesl Arm ol Kootenay lake, in the dlitrlet of
Commencing  at  n  prwt marked "A   K, Watts'
'-"-���' oornei p*w***5 tbenoe so chains weri
thence20 chalm nortl,*. tbenei 00 i-helnacast'
th< noe 2nehalna i mtb totbe ptaa of roi .c. t,t,.'
meot; tbe said land and fotnabore to U t^ naud
for saarmfD pnrpoaei
I>a'<��i thU ^iit 'lay oi Auguit, Ptf,.
^ J. Warn
I    ��� ���    -    tnthst ��o daya afterdate 1
intend t.. appl; u>tbi Honorabli the chief Com.
mi..loner of Leodl and  Worki foi w rmlaalon io
������������������������  Bttuata
'  "" ��� ' ���"< i    ' ommencnx at a
!""M msrki ���- irthnr'B W w rwrner non*
sftnate near lbe )<  J. roroei ul Lai    ��� ,i   , ,i'. '
)-*r;  Uienoe aaat  -v.  .-Lain,,   ihence   north in
'"������  ' H t-bainl t.
;������ lomaimonncnf
ralmo, b.C, August Utb, UDB,
_ _ ,     '* KcAtnm
7. If. ATKtKhon, Agent.
Hose Races, Lacrosse Tournament and other attractions
The Largest Fruit, Vegetable and Mining Exhibits
in the Province.
D. C McMORRIS,        J. J. MALONE,
Secretary "President
K rttel i�� herelij gifei       it 00 dayi aft*-rdale I
intend lo apply toi e Qiiaf Commls*
���    ���    r    | I*nd* and w   ���*.��� :   .- [- rmiw-:
rhaae   the   lollowlng    lei rlbed   UUMJ
dc* ol hritiih Colombia;
Pmrnnwargny st a poit    .-*   I 'WQliam
-������'���.'���������      - ��� -     I a
Slanted at the south*. ������ corner ol tbe "Queen
* laim," and ad> inlng tbeoaat tiw
M ��� pre-emption ���   itl twenty (W
ehalns along nud  line, tbenei --������t lorty i��ij
chains, tbenee Dorth twentj pQ) chains, then.-.'
well forty (��0) chatm mora    ��� .- tt, Ifl Ibe plai-e of
I>aled lifayof Augiu*     ���*
Wi:xian Toixunrron,
By hi*- age:.; J. E. Taylor.
Kottee  li  hereby giv.���:. ttxta    lmsmtlex
'.a*..-I n.'.end toapplv t.-!:.-  H   r,   Chief <
lionet of I-ands and "urS* ���   ��� ;- tnUsstOO U> pur-
i.'.im- tbe loUowing deacrlbed lauda situate in
West Kootenai ...     :ng at a post
merited J- H. \ aastane'l - f        rner posl. iltuale
In the BallMI Rtrer Vail- J   a* l ;.  ,*.*. a '.;<���'.;. :\g
.' Met .'ier'i land at wesi       * try, thenee
���- I   ��� ;.aina, thence north *' chaini, thence
lasts    sains, thei  e sonth Mchains te j-oint oi
rom mwiiimnnBit
Juir mtb. nog. Jii Viinon,
 i  if  Atklnaoi   Agenl
Buty ton after dnte llntend toapply to tlu
Hon   . hid < otnmisiioner of Lnndsand Woriu,
Victoria,   to  pun has*-  �� a-rei  of   la'i ���;
mencing at s poet plented at t40 City of      -
:   i  - plant -��>t b E eornei post, oa Kootenay
rlvei   ::���:.*-��� ��� rhalni lonth, tbenee vast ���
riuUns,  thenee  uorth  JU chaini. then-f eaat 20
chalm t.. i��-int ..f nnsiisMMJtiwiiil
Ki |��m, H r., Aug r. isoc. | J CimuS
Notice is giien that 60 day* aftt r la!- I Intend
toapply  to the  Honorable  tlie  Thief lomiaio-
aumer uf lj-.nl- and  Works for ptfteff
purebaae the following described land* In the
Vr��at Kooteney Dlatrim gatapoat
marked '    i    Pogntt  I*and  s   K 'orner  placed
oenr lha Pend d*OreUh rleer at Boundary creel
east aide of Salmon rlrer. then.. ��� a-r   *������ . r.a ;-
along tbs  International BuumiHrj  Line, tbence
n .rth 40 rbaiui. tbence wesl  s   chniai
aonth 40 chains lo place of eoinmenc. ment.
I>aled lbe *_thol July H��f.. I    i.lMMt
 By Aynagw Aitis. Agent.
Notice !���* hereby given thai tv -   -.     ���
date I intend to applv to lbe Honorable tb-
..*���!" i'.ni]i��)ou.-r of Landl and Work* for
i-erniiaiion to purchase the lollowlng deacrlbed
landi) Mtnate on the we��i arm of Kootena) Lake
In tbe Dietrietof Went Kootenav; Coi
at a j��>��t marked "William tuerbj 'i H w   poet;
tb"'ii.-e mtel twentj (log ebalna; them-i  - *.���*.
twittity   (A>) ehatns;  ttuniv .a*;  twenol
ehaim; lln nee north twenty |2ti) chain* u. the
jK.tiit ol eonimcnefiuetil. e.mlauiiiig   loft]    Vu
aerea, more or less,
lialt-d July 7, ML J.G. HS_OSt.
Notice I- hereby given that 00days all. r ���!�������� I
Intend u- api-ly to the Hon. Chief Conmlaaioni r
of I arct* and Worki. for ]>ermissioii t<- pnn base
tlie following described tract of land situate in
West Kooteuay Imtrict. -( mnm. n. *.i..g ai the
Mnitbwest corner ol I>Jt IJmt: tbence runlng
u���* tt chaini; tbence nortb ki -dwini
west 40 rhain��; thence north JO chains: thence
ea-t ��0 chain**, thenre iouth *0 chain* lo point
of (oinmeuit-iiieni, conlaining 240 acre*, more or
Dated at Kelson, H l\, tbi* iBrd dav of Julr,
1906. Mary BcAHU*,
 per F. C.Gn-en. Agent
Kotiee Is hereby given thnt ruday* after date
I intend  to appl*   to  tb,-  Honorable  1
ComiuisioDerof l,m:.:- and Uork* Ior pen
to pnrcbaai the loiiowing deserlbed lands la lbe
We*i Kootenav District:   Commencing at a poal
marked T. K. Frcuche'i Lind S  K. oomei placed
Dear C.C. Poynts LW. eorner, thesri  aaat ���*���
ehalni, thenc* north 40 chain*, tbence- tttmi Mt
chain**, thenre iouth 40 chain* to place of commencement.
Dated 'Anb day of July 19US.       T. K. Kmxch.
m By Airoajtw Apis, Agent	
Notice U hereby given tbat W dari after date I
intend to apply lo the Honorable ihe Chief Com*
mlssloner of Land* and Works for permission to
purchase the following described land* in the
Weal Kootenay district, near Burton ''ity; com-
mencing at a non planted at the Bouthesst corner
of '--eorge Hudson's pre-emption claim, and
marked Harry ti Tolllngton'e N. K <" poit. and
ninning sonth 4o chalui, thence weil 2" cbaiu*
tbenee nortl, iu chain*. iheu-*e ��-aat Jim hsiui
J'ated this Anh day of *uitum, v.nf,
Hakkv '��� Toi; HKmm
Noilce l* bereby given that 60dayi after dat. I
intend to make application io the Honorable the
1 biei Commissioneroj i-midiand -Works for par-
mliilou Uj pur< baw aV.tii jtoo aiT>-* of |and uiu
ated on the lalnum rner Wesl Kootenay dlatrlcl
oomn_em-lng at a poat marked - K Botter'i \ B,
Corner, planted oa tbe wesl bank of the rlrar,
auout i\ teiiet nortn oi the inu>rtiHiioiial boundary, tbeooi wr--t H .bain*, theme mi chain*
BOUlh, tbenee east al����ut St chains t��. the rh-r
tbenee northerly along tbe river tc place of com'
A.igmi l��th, 1006. a. k  HirrgR
1  H Atkinson, Agent.
fiity days afir daw- I intend to apply to t
Honoial.lt the Chief Cotnmlsitoner of Undi..
>\..r-. vi.-uiria, to pnnhaas NO acrssofUnd,
UK-ated and desoribei  n.t  (oUowi    Belog thi
nortbcaU quarter of Section twentv-lwo, titoi
the aouth half of the nortbweat quarter Mectlon
twenty three. fownihipMxty-nin. And furtbei
'k'rMr "\f.!.lowi: r"mn��-uclng at a poel
marked J  J >   W   corner, and planted lU.-haina
sail m the -aortfawesl oomer of Bection twenty-
two and r* tjiiing easi 40 < bsins, tbeuce south SO
'balni, theuce eait Vi chalm. thence south vo
ebalus, thenee ���-eit m cbalni, th.-nce north 40
��� balni to nsoi r,; ix-ginniag
Auguit mi, 19(16 jAMKIa JoHWItlW,
W. A-Ca'der, Agent.
Notice!, bereb-- rlron tbat 00 days after date
J.nu-ndf.aophtotioH,,,, Chief Commissioner
ofUndsaod Work* lor permission te purehaae
she fo| 0W ing dcacntn-d land* In Weat lioolenay
d  triet. *o..th of th�� |Vl..i d'Offdlla river, east of
u. **[?.*��� ��',1"i"��>"'lig at a post marked P. \\.
HsK   W   cornt-r,  abont   half a tulleoaii of the
northeast ooyna o Ui 4436,0. j��� u.enci* wuth
���Ochstiis. thenoe east 80 chalna, tbenee north in
ehalni th.-nce u.->, ��, (.,,nins Ul tin plsoo ol
Dommenwmient, oontslnlng 820 acrea, Kcwsor
Dated Snd July .mm PuoW, BtSooVtr.
_^ akthvi; Kuiiubidkr, Agent
Notice is hereby given that sl at? iltivi after date
I intend te apph lothe Hon ��� i [.-, V���t i n u -
srol Und* and Works for wrmliaton teTnur
chsae the rollowlng deacriiod ilSStin ^_
Kootenay District, wuth .be p��S3d'%rauS
rlTi I, -,1,u���,e,),,Ilg Ht ��� po,, IllH'r(k(!, ' ,'.* n w
opraw, situated at tbewuthw___tt_ioi_i*roi:i_i
4428 0 Utheneseaii iSsjEThfiKSffiTBD
chain*, thenee ��..���*. Wl,.- '
cbaina to the place of co*
IDS4tt acres, nmre or leas.
*. J. O'Reilly, Ageut.
Commencing at a pc^i marked   .
��� '. OS the aouth side i.f !-���.."_ 1
ab.-.-  tao miles east of Bnrtoi, * "'
as i al thi  northw, M ���   -.���,. ���   - tt  *.i'�����_������]
IU -   pn -. motion  rlaim.  ll
-rtl   00 ��� halni '"- I
tl>en<e a��mtb 60 rhalna to the plan I
conlaining .���*? a<-r--i m<.n ' ��� ;
Dated thfl .Mtb day of July, \*x,.
a a Btnj,
row I_ke. K..otenay di.trc t   dcaei
loan     '.<mmencing  at   a j-*:   niiLw 7.
northweal owner m tt a. CsJderi p->-*L
Ii.arL.-l "A y.-l.M *s ui] a , v . . ,'. . .' j
thence forty (*o) fbstni eait. theu-tlm
chalm north: thente forty (40) (ta!!
theocv forty (40) ehalni aoutl
comin. im. nient. containing one bunsai
tUk* ('-"���'! acre* more or leaa.
DaUsl Juue 23. 1W6 As-v - v  . ,   ,
W A C*JLM_s,imB
���  I. n bg gtres tbatttti tttthm
*'.-'..    I   Inten !   to appl;   to
-minloner of  Uml> .
tt-rmiMiou to purehaae tb< I     rtutoMM
lands r,>mni.iic|ug ��i �� jH*i niarl��l (Mvttt U
llnwten'S   N   i.  C  p.>��t.  at thr s-ctb-ait rord
ol   J    O.   Mc.rede'i    prc-emj>Uoi   eium
running arfnth �� ahalaate - i
'������ ���- Ho-daou ��� pn emptionetaUa; '-wte* wot]
chatna; tbes i north H fbaim, ittn-tt��xl
< balm t-- i Laos of eMunea ,
��� - ��� ��� -.   In ore or lew.
Dated thii Kb day of Augu��t. in.
osoHa THu
|       A    I
Notk-e 1* hereby given tba: Eg layi ite-SSJ
intend t" make application te tte fifiionbtSs
mlasloner of Landi su. Wnrubrfa*
miB*>ion t<> purchase Mo aerai of la&dal
d strict of west Kooti nay, eomnw ticingniM
planted on the aouth *lde of H..:.ndar'*��fia
rnattoaal boundary line, uat'ottki
m !��� * i aai from .-*,.��� latinos mer. n.*rt_j*ltlB
h Adama, aentbeast corner," thetictaab.
chains, thence north *ti ehalna, thfavaSi i
chains. Ihaam south tw ctaim to plan-d-m-
.1. 1,1.
KlIHI'  ��   A!>.|-.IiiM
\m-r P.  M. Reeve*, a* Agat.
I>at---I Ihi* <*th day of Juh,   li*
BUty days after date llntend t<. srairwib '
Chic] ' ":i.Tnl"*|onei ul landi anil Sutti ll
V i6t>>rla, for p-'nulasion to puphaseoD-* baadrad
and ilxty (lo'i acres of land, l.wati-d and .incrtk-
ed u�� follow- CoouneaelQg at a pwtpisiirf
��� -..tv. [80) chains east of Um N w.c.rwi^D.
Bulger'* pre-emplionand marked >' I -v *
'������: -" and running east b.r!T <*<( cbaia*,
thenoe aouth fortv (4(>) chain*. tht.-n��- ���*-�����:(*��)
chains, thenc* nortb forty <40) ihslnt tn plats al
t- .*.���  *. V,J
Juw:. f��*.
Kotlce Is hereby given that alxll day* alter
date I iniend toapply to the HouorsW the Chief
*'omrolssi<incr of landsand Work* fur prnniaua
to purr-hsM- tbe lolh-wlng deacritwd tract��!lias
la \'.-*l Kootenay district Begmnmg atapsS
tdapted at tlie north***! corner ot LotSX.oa
Dog ' reek, themr couth ��ehalna, thew *'!
4ii ehalns more or les*. thOOM north Su rbaiaa
more or leas, Ute&SI etet t" Uk>- *|it.rr. sa. to
plaoe of beginning, the same i* latsndiatate
i.ra<-e what is known as tbe lU:;--tJ pre-eir.pll.'l-
i>a ted July &, 1006. '''' tftm
Notice j. herein given tbat ilxty day. alwr
the date I intend to applv te the Chief! i-mim*-
sioner *ii Landsand Work,- Victoria, f'-rw-rnii-
lion to purchase the lollowlng dracriM l��"a;
altuate In the district of West -tootessf, w
of '.robnian Creek: Startlngst a jwint "jarias
John White's B. If. rorner. planted swell
chains south of J Malone * southeast "'H1"*
running  north W ehalni. Ibeuce cast *'rlis.B��.
tbenoe souih ao ehalns, tbence west 40eMJw��
point of commencement. JoH" "H1TI
June 11.1800. __!___ _5HL_��� '
Noiiee is bereby glrrn thst w dsyi omfj^l
intend to apply to the Honorsb> IM I SW "J
.* i -p.ner iif Unds snd W..rk'. for rrmlMT,.^
purchase the following described lands, sit isle
in tne dlatrlct ol ..<*���! K*ooteDsy.adJoW��|W
7W on the weat arm of Kootenaj '"^ ,"1!^ ,
������ing at lhe initial poat placed at "te-WW*"
comer of Ut7��.then�� north w chalna tkjjj
ireal n obaina than nli ��cb��in��.��w��"
aaai K obalm io point ol rommt i.cchiciii.
Pated Aug ibtEigM s^mntm^
RoUee is hen by given that W (layi si'�� <)**.
int. nd   lo apply  tn thi Bonorable thiOW
CammlsatenSro/ Landa and Worki  ;,r.Pr���d,
sion topnrebassUiefnUowlni ''''^ n'""','",
HtuatedT In tbo Weet Kootenay distrl t.��OJ5
-   i. pBainpn'aon Un north ai '",H;   , '���.
quartermUosfrom U��. ^nddOreillem  ,
mencing al �� poal msrkod i   '    '"',,,.,.-.#
comer iN-at. tfienee f rhaiui "���""���..;
ehalni west, thenei n ��-bain th th.m. *
chains ca-t to pla.ci wmmememeni
Notios U hereby glren th.i* lgJ'{lgiS!
Intend to spply te theHon thi * im ���*���
Honor of Landi and Wotkt tot f*���ffg&
purchase the following .l.-'Tii-������ rtl��' ;,�����
Weet Kootenay dlstricl: Beginner ���* ���JB
marked it M-lV* B B oorner, aboui taw
easl of the Hiilmou Hvcr. nnd '" ���'.''. n..rfh-
the Pend d')��reille river, theix c *- ' ia ����� t
W chalna westW chains wuth and ����� chaii��*��"
to (dace of bcgllinlliL'- ,{   ��� Wt_
Dated vr.th day ��i July. IWO ��
liter AM
Notice la hereby given that ���������>'   Jffiffl
i Intend to applyffo the Hon i '''��� ' .Vil
or of Lands anil Works for f^SffZ hn
i'Iihm'   the   followlni   dcsrnN'l  "��nos >Qn0
Kootenay IHstrlct, nouth of ""* reu��   |{ j,.,.,
river, coinineiiclng nt h poll  marsi ^ ,||(1
N. w. corner, situated on the Bouin < ���*'nwv
Pond d'Oreille river ��i .'����",s >,;". Lbeod
loutbwesl comer! tbence easi* t]ll.nre
south io ehalna.tbence weit v ' ', .iu.,.|,i.iii.
nortii�� chains to the piece pi oommw
contrinliig 160SOKM more or lorn.   *j,.atMgtJt
Dated8-. July IWO,     '''^v ;,���.* A'.*"!     .
Noilce in hereby given that-��.J��7* jSfelC0B��-
intend to spply to the Honorsble " ' lllWi,��iW
mlsHi-jnerof 1- isnd workBlOt perm
porebsse the fnllo��ius ���1,;i"'r ���*?:' ,,���, n.11"1"
���tonotafhtl t "",rk,;';r,'  f Cow* *��g
ner.'   placed on tlie--!  "''".',  (-hristf** * V _
Ukcai Senortbweatoornei of J*"%chiloi
plication to Purebaae. ninnlog i    ' ��� 4- <���"*'"?���
'.at; (liclirc ��. chains norlh: ".',|lt,II(H* I" "
more o- less, west te tnolskoibo;s.  ^^ttlt
lowing lakenhorc   to   poiUt    '!  "ino��
containing NO eOTtk ���*nH(&uSg M
Daied the _t3rd day of ��uy. *<"' ��� ff.JUf*
20 Pieces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Lew than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
* , L>       . ��'
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
llPITAL PAH) UP....18,900,000 REST $8,900,000
H R WII.KIi:, President. HON. BOB-CM JAFFUAY, Vino-President
Branches in British Columbia:
khi'WHt: A Ii,      (.OLDEN.     NELSON,     KEVELSTOKJ5,     TROUT  LAKE,
leposits raOfliTBd nnd IstpEMt allowed ut current rates from date of opening ac
Lguml credited half yearly.
|m_i.S()% bkanch *J��   \i#   LAY,  M��n��jfer.
The Dally Canadian
Purchaie  of   N.w  Park   Authorised���
Further Discussion of Water Problem���Other Council Newt.
ihe Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
iai Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils lor Preserving Timber, .
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boat Huil.l.-rs will final il to their advantage I.i hi- irar Pitch.
lelson G>ke and Gas Co., Ltd.
'. Burns & Co.
ieb Markets in   Rosslnnd,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Deuvor and Slocnn City.
'���'   lllutl loamy ).:>. li. I; Will liavc
Pmtnpl  rtllit i-iit.-Mi!  RtltMlltotl.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
-���rand Display of Fruit*, Flowers
""I Vegetables,
Kulrlea oloeo Sept, llth.    BpeoiiU
lutes un nil bunts mid triiins.
Kaslo, B.C, Friday, Sept. Hth
The bylaw authorizing the iHsue ot
S0(i,O..O uVbentures lo complete the
city power plant panned Itb Usui stage
ut ldn'1 night's council meeting, and lu
now lti force. Only three property
ownei-K voted against It.
After iiiuuy mouths of negotiation!,
lhe purchase nl the new park Bite wasH
authorise, and ll was resolved that
all obligations oi the city In Ihu mat-'
t.-i'. legal and moral, Bhouiil be fulfilled.
The vexed questions of UBe and
aliuse of clly water were again discussed. No aetfou wa�� taken, but it
was agreed that no water motors
shall be maintained after the city be
comes a pnxlucer of electric power.
Reports of variouB city officials
were received and dealt with.
The meeting was held at 8 o'clock.
There were present Mayor Gillett and
Aldermen Hume, ScIoub, Kirkpatrick,
living, Amiable and Rose. The minutes of the last meeting aud of the
sps-cial meeting of August 30 were
read and adopted.
The repoft of Chief Deasy for August showed no fires or alarms, but
four drills and many inspections. He
mentioned changes in the department
already published. New appairatos,
consisting of large nozzles, have been
reoelved, He recommended compulsory closing of all unoccupied buildings and a bylaw to prohibit the de-
poalting oi ashes In wooden boxes.
The report was adopted.
A report from tlie city medical
health officer. Dr. Arthur reported the
city's milk supply satisfactory. The
report was  received and filed.
The city clerk reported bylaw No.
171 carried by a vote of 109 to 3. The
report was received.
Hylaw No. 171 authorizing the iBsue
or 160,000 debentures, was then reconsidered, finally psssed and adopted.
The mayor reported having conferred with hi. Crow llaker while in Victoria in reference to the agreement as
to the site of the city park. Mr. Baker stated thast lhe directors were uot
anxious to Bell, having confidence in
the future of Nelson. Finally Mr. Baker consented to renew the offer already made
The mayor advocated its acceptance
as tlie clly actually requires a park
on a lake front. Mr. Baker had agreed
lo accept tf, lnBlead of tlu a month
for arrears of rent.
Alderman Irving supported the suggest lou und moved, seconded by Alderman Selous, thai the site be purchased
for use us u park. The motion was
The mayor undertook to take up the
question of tlie park foreshore at once
with the  provincial  government.
Aldermau Selous reported having
personally Investigated and discover d
that certainly on Sundays, and possibly at other times, a large amount of
wuler is running to waste at the sawmill. He suggested that a meter he
placed there. He also wished to reopen
the whole question of the use of water.
The city engineer reported that the
reservoir could easily be kept full If
motors were not run at night and
probably without sensibly diminishing
the supply for the electric light dam.
ln reply to Alderman Hume the city
engineer confirmed the statement that
much water was w-UBted at the sawmill. He knew no good reason for It.
Alderman Selous protested against
such, or any other, waste while many
citizens are put to great inconvenience
in having the supply of water for gardens reduced.
lu reply to Alderman Selous the city
engineer staled thai the two engineering works use each ubout U7H gallons per minute, the mattress factory
even more, on account of a defective
The mayor agreed with Alderman
Selous lhat ub soon as the city has
electric power for sale no water power be sold; und that until then excessive users he charged for all they
It was resolved that the sawmill,
the tale-Columbia company's be placed upon the meter system.
Alderman Rose drew attention to the
condition of Ihe Chinese and paup.r
plots In the cemetery. He suggested
that the two plots he cleared of weeds
and shrubbery, tl was resolved thut
the caretaker be instructed to muike
the suggested improvements.
The mayor mentioned the arrival of
R. C. Hullls, engineer or the Allls-
Chnliners-Bullock company, and his
Statement that the hydraulic machinery will be shipped on September (i.
He also presented a recommendation
from Mr. Bullis, the city engineer and
the superintendent of electric light,
that u fireproof isolatod brick building
lie Illllll  n.i a substation.
Alderman Selous reported a request
from R. A. Renwlck, government
agent, for permission to move the old
courthouse to Vernon street. It was
generally agreed that such request
sliould lie granted.
The council then adjourned to Monday, September 17.
Notiite Ib hereby given that, thirty dayi after
il..!' I int'ii'i tu ui'i'iy to Llie Ho no ruble the
Chief ComnilBiloner of Lati'li and Worki lor a
������["���'inl license to OU. aii'l curry awuy timber from
trie following den*'rlbed lando, H.tuate ln the
Welt Kootenay dwtrtct:
No. 1.���OonunflH0_J_I at a pout -iiiir_n.il Ole
Oberf'l fottthttttt corner pout, and plant a OD
the earn nide of iMnuam riverand about lis mflfil
northeast of the went fork of the Duncan river;
theuce m clmliiH ru*-!, theuce 80 elialtm north,
tlience Ht) chaini* went, thenee 80 chains south to
point of coiiiment'omuut
No. | ��� CoinmeneiiiK at a post marked Ole
oberg's hdutii west corner post, and planted on tbe
east Hide of Dunean river and about seven miles
northeast of the west fork of the Dunean river;
theuce HU ehalns east, thenee Hm chalnn north.
Hi. -ii. ���-��� with iin- wont thence M) chains south to
point of commencement.'
No. a.-Comtiiencing ut a post marked Ole
OberK'N houtlu'HHt corner pent, and planted ou
llie caM Mile of the PUUoan river |Od about ��!.*.
miies from  Ho- wut fork of the    uii'*an rlvari
th��II<W 40 chain* west, thei  Ml ilialiiK uorth,
ihcnce 40ebllni cant, thence lift chiiintt hou III to
point of ciiiniiifin-cmcul.
No, -I ��� CmnineiictiiK at a post marked Ole
Oherg'H sonlhwcKi corner pout, aud pinntetl
imt side of Duneaii fiw and about eight
uillcH nortbeut of the west fork of the Duncan
river; theuce Ht) chalm- cam, thenee m chalnn
uorth, thence mi chains went, thenee HU chains
ninth to point of commencement.
No. fi.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg's northweni .former post, and planted on
the cast nide of Mineaii river and ahout six miles
north of the west fork of the Dunean river,
at the mouth nf Hum creek; thenee HO ehulns
cant, thnece HO chain-* south, theliee HO chains
west, theuce HO chain*, north to point of eommeii-
No. II.���('ommenclng at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northwest corner pnul, and planted on
th* eilt side of Duncan river and about live
in lien norih of the west fork of Duncan river;
ihence m chnins easl, thuiiee B0 chains nouth,
theuce Hi) cIihIus west, theuee HO cbalni north to
poini of commencement.
No. 7 - -t'oinmeiiclng nt a post planted thi tbe
east siih- ol the Duncan river, ahout four miles
north of the west fork of snld river marked Ole
Oberg'H northwest corner post, thence 40 ehaln*
eiiJt, Ihence HU ehulns south, theuce HU chmnewest, thence HO chains north, thence 40 chains
east to point of oo nmencement.
Dated (ioldctl, B. C, August Sffltb, 1906
ni.K OHRBu, Locator.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day bouse in the Kootenays.
Boom* are well lurnlBbed.   Table a, goos! al ana-
ID Nelaou.    Bar supplied with kikss!
ltssssssrss and s lnnrss.
W. K. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
European rand Aroerleau Plan
Meala Th eta.   Roomi from 26 cts. to tt
Only White Help Employed.
Bnker Bt., Nelaon Proprietors
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber li the Fluent.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Notice in herehy giveu lhat W days irom dale
I lalcnd to apply to '-he Honorable lhe Chief
OommiSHloneroI Landsand Works for a spccinl
license to cut and carry away Umber from the
fullowliiK lands, Klliiated In West Kootenay district :
iso. 1���Commencing at a posl planted on the
nortlieast corner aboul 8 miles from Kootenay
lake on Six Mile ereek. tbenee running 40 ehatns
west, thenee WO ehiiinr- south, thenee 40 chains
east, thenee 1*> chains north, to a point of commencement ���
Dated July 19th, HOC. B. B. MiaHTUN,
per Jackson Kadcliffe, Agent.
No. 2.���CommtMielng at a posl nlHtited on the
southeast corner ahout eight miles from Koot
may like on Itx ttUt ereek, thenee running 40
chains west, thence lfri chains north, thence 40
east, thenee lfiO chains soutb to the point of com-
Dated July 19th, 1��*>- B. B. Miohton,
per Jackson Kadcllfle, Agent.
No. 3.���Commencing ata post planted on the
northeast corner about 13 miles from Ko t*
ensv lake und 18 Hiles from Slocan river,
on f-emon ereek. thenee running HO chains west,
thence 80 chalnn south, thenee HO chains cast,
tlience ��0 chains north to the point of commencement.
Dated July 19th, 1W6. B, B. Miohton,
per Jackson Rade'lffe, Agent.
TAKK NOTICE that an application has been
made to register Tariff Mining Company as thfl
owner in Fee Simple, under two several lax
Kale Deeds from H J. filensou, Deputy Asaesssor
mid Collector of the Moean Amuunent District,
to Tariff Mining Company, bearing date the 24th
dav of Augusl, A. V, IWfii Ol all and singular
IhoHc certain parcels or tracts of laud uud premises situate, lying and being in the District of
KootflUiy. in the Province of British Columbia,
more pafticilarlv known and described as���Lots
BB6 aud 686, QroUp I, District of Kootenay,
"Sliafcr" und 'Mohtatl" mint-nil claims.
You and each of you are required to contest
the claim of lhe Itn purchaser within fourteen
davs from tbe date of the Hcrvlee oi iM* notice
up'ou von. and in default of l t-aveal or certificate
oi lis pendens  being  iiled  Within  such  period,
you will be forever eitopped and debarred from
selling up anv claim to or in respect of the said
land, and 1 shall register Tariff Mining Company
as owner thereof.
Dated at Land Itegistrv Ofllce Nelson. Province
British of Hritish Columbia, thia Hth day of
Augusl, A. D. iat)6.
District -Registrar.
To Kootenav Mining Company (foreign)
Shafcr (lobl and Silver Mining Company
Or "H.lf__d_"   DCCl   tvL.
The only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hssts-I uci'iimmodallonsi sssssssiisi] tis non* In Bill
lib Columbia. Hatssss 91.0.1 ptsr day. t-psssial ralei.
to mouthly boardi-rss. Only homo hotel in Nislaon
Lake View Hotel
GttgMjF Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kutes fl oo per day and up.
P. O. Box 181.
Telephone 116.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Might
Bample and Bath Roomi Free.
F*lr�� and Ac.cld-.nt
Real Estate and Mining
Manager lor the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Heal Estate
Business in Kooteuay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district
Most of it situate on the West Arm and Main Lake,
fore yon decide to locate.
See me be-
S. M. BRYDGES, rap^_&|AHK
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward aod Vernon Streets.
Thc Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
TAKK NOTICE that au application hube&n
ma le tn regtitei Clnrenoo ilarmuu as the owner
In Pee Simple, nnder a Tna wale Dead from K. 3,
HteiiKnii, dt*i>utv assessor and collector of the
Klui'HU A-w.-sHiii'tit liiHtrict, toclari'tice Harman,
heart tie dan* tbe alht dav of July A I). 1901, of all
and Hinniilar that rerUin parcel ol land aud
premtRei situate, lying and being in the District
ol Kootenav. ln the Province of Hritish Columbia, more particularly known and deeerlbed as���
Lotm.Qronpl, District u( Kootenay, "Henry"
mineral claim. ,     ,
You and each of yon are required to contest
the claim ol the tax purchaser within fourteen
davs from the date of the service of this notice
upon von. and in default of a caveat or certltt-
catc of lis pendens Indus Hied within such per-
iod, vou will be forever estopped and debarred
trom setting up any claim to or'.n respect of the
Httld land, and I shall register Clarence Herman
as owner thereof.
Dated al Land lU-slhlrv Ofllce Kelson. Provln-
oe ol llrlllsh Columbia, this nth day ol' Annual,
A. D  IBM,
H. F, MacLEOD,
District Registrar.
To Qeorge Henry Harman,
Wilbur A   Hcndryx.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large _nd Comfortable Bedroomi aad Firat-
oltnn I) in slit; Room. Bample Roomi for Commercial Ml-d.
MRS. K. C. CLAKKK, Proprletren
The well known
Our Boer Garden is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Notice Is herebv given tluil a Ootttl Ol lie vision
and Appeal for ilu* School DlslrteUof ''region,
iluinc, rtnhuo ami Vmlr, will he held In the
Court limine in the CItv of Nelson, It. C , on
Mondav, the Wft day of September. l��ihi, at the
lioui'o. 10::tU o clock In the forenoon, 10 hear aud
deteimine all apjieal" irom thp������e��sment- made
lu the above membmi'd nchool Dir-dlcts for the
war iWOi under lhe "I'ubllc Schools Act."
Datfid at Nelion, B. 0 , this _th day of August,
Judge of Court of Uevlfdon and Appeal)
Nelion Assessment Dlstricl.
Certificate of Improvements
(.il&antlc, Qlant, First Chance, Chaliaials, ind
Twnty Mile Fraction mineral claim*, situate In the* Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay district
Where located: on I'uudee mountain, between
Wild "o.Ke and Hear ('reeks.
Take noilce that I, John MeUttehle, of the city
of Nelson, acting as agent for Joseph Sturgeon,
Free Miner's Certitlcale No 1151(1, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, toapply to thu Alining
Recorder for Cert lfi eaten of Improvements, for
tho purpose of obtaining Crown urant* of the
above claims
And further lake notice that action, under sec-
Hon :17. must be eoiumcnced before the Issuance
of such Certlflette of improvement!.
Dated this Slat day of July, A. D. 1905.
, John McLatchi*.
Hates $1 and $1.50 it Day.
Special Ktites to Regular Bcurdere.
A. McDonald &Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Oamip and Miners' Supplies.
Contractor and
Sole agent for the 1'orio R1(W Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail vnrds. Hough and droned lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, cash
aud doors. Cement, brick and lime for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall,
P 0. Box 888. Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
Gunoral Temnsters and Dealers la
Ooal uud Woo <.   KxpreBH aud
liu}.'KUK.  Tl'llllsliT
i. oPSmu. Office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit
I Have JO.00O Acre*
of die
Choicest Fmlt Lands Id
British Oolumrau
Can sell any quantity from s acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
St. Panl,
Port Arthnr
Sioux City
Kansas Citv $58.26. St. Louis ����0.00.
Chicago $64 00.
Ou sale AuRnst 7-8-9, September 8-10
Final limit October 31st.
Toronto $7��.(in.   On sale September 8-9-10
Limit November 30th.
Milwaukee $62..0    On sale August 7-8-9.
Limit October 31st.
Through rates all stations���Ontario,
(Quebec, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces ou application.
A.O.l".��.,VanoonviT. D.P.A., N.-ln...
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8-10
Winnipeg ^
St. Paul I 168.50
Duluth f W
Port Arthnr      J
Chicago 164.00
St. Louis 160.00
Final limit October Slat.
On sale September 8-9-10 to Toronto $76 05.
Limit November 30th.
Rates to all other eastern points
on application.
City pHsseiiger Ageut.
A O. t. A., 8e��ttl��.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Km* Tkamaa's Special MhrUut?
te- '
t:    .ll)
The Daily Canadian
The Store of Sweets.'
Crawford Free Stone:
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Plus!!'' IS. Baker St.
Iu lar^e variety arc now )u*
for preserving. J i
Buy while quality is
| Bell Tfadingj
���        Company        ���
'cA Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning.'
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sill anyiblng,
go to the Old Curiosity Sbojj. A new
line of Japanese Ootids usuv on sale. All
kinds of Ulnnerware in stock. Patterns.
Making Dependable
Fortunate it tbe store thai hae the
pfputatioii for dependabtUtj. Kor- I
tuna.** ta the public that haisooh *\t
r.tore in ith iiii'lst.    Kortuiiiil'- OOUfl'
d..n*.*��' between b rtore snd its buying}
Public iiM'ims growth   Thla store hae
gtOWUfBiid la growing on Jnat theee
linen.   Ho ambition higher than po*
wt^iiiK yoiircoiiliiliin*'- - otlit-r titin^a ^
art- bound to conic.
Wc want ..very trade trjuiwu'tioii to (
be natinfaetory, and if it is not Wfl
want you to tell us abont it.
If yoa have not  bou*.:))!   from 04
send us a trial order.
[Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor. JoBephiuearul Mm Bti.      Phone 19
Cor. Vernon unvl \V.��rs.I  Sts-usstH,
.1   FRED Hl'Mli. Proprietor.
I! N Oulmette, Rossland; V .1 Ryun,
0 I' Downey, Vancouver; Hoy Clothier, Cranbrook; A Lucas, K E Chip-
man, Kaslo; Dr. A H Baldwin, w ll
Wright, S|sisi,;un'; W o Casteel, Beat-
tl.-; T II Atkinson, Sulino; Mr and
Mm. Carter/, Medicine Hat.
Mrs it kllver, Bonnington; A K
Wans. Wattaburg; K l> Orde, l. Campbell, Rossland; il V Wlnchell, Minneapolis; ll Allen, England; F.I O'Reilly,
Victoria; F W Guernsey, Trail: .1 Kin-
llch and wife, Oreenwool; A l" Dudgeon, Revelstoke; C A Read, Brandon;
R ii Brotherhood, Elkhorn; K s Zings
ami wife, Wapella; Miss Allen, Bouth
Wales; MrB Wood, .Miss. Wood, .Miss
Clark, Vancouver.
.1 n wiulaw. wiulaw, a 0 Hammers,
Willow City; Mins o Jarvls, Kam-
loops; .1 II Feeney, Summit Lake; V
Pearson, Calgary; A V Gardner und
wits-, Miss .'lark'-. Winnipeg.
.1 M Campbell, Beaton; C .1 Hurst
and wife. Winnipeg; A Leetlg, Lewis-
ton; ���! A Macdonald, MaryaviHe; J
Dfdmer, Cranbrook; o n Burden,
Crawford isay; W Kinrails-. Vmir; fcl
Blanchard, Butte; R Kenny, Ferule;
C Ti|s|iiiii-', Castlegar.
B K Long, Vancouver.
It Bateman, Qreenwood; T I.ong-
hursOt. Phoenix; A T McGregor, Rossland.
1  y McMillan, a  K  Stewart, Creston;   E Beecley, Woodstock;  W Thor-
.locan Junction;  .1 R Sanik-rsou,
Regina;  J Hall. Slocan.
J Edwards, j Poston, A D Bweet,
\v A ''aisis-r, Bdgewood; T L Bloomer, CaaUeg&r; .1 o Young, Vancouver;
M Bstrol, Bpokane; 0 W Mansel, Ko
kanee;  C Morrison, Alnsworth.
B Johns .Seattle; J Roland, Procter;
���]'   OHambUn, ll Hamblln, ix�� creek;
G Ii White, Deer Park.
We are
Eteoeiving dally
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
As it  is near plCflOl'Ving tiiue we would
uiivis. y.iu to leave yonr order
with ns.
E, A. Crease, who has I**., visiting
ria, is expected to arrive home
. i poi  Ai< h' i   ol Kaslo
friendly   eail   at   The   Canadian offlce
iiii-. afternoon.
The   school   cbildren   were Biren   a
this alVrnuou  by  the  instnic-
lions of lho board of trustees.
K. M. Bird and Mrs. Bird returned
*. ���;. . ity |aat night after a very enjoyable trip to Uie old country.
\\\ Walinsley won the $35 suit in
John T. Pierre's semi-annual drawing
last evening. No. 01 being the lucky
_, As announced in The Canadian about
a week ago the fall regatta of the
Kelson Boat club has been postponed
from   September   C   to   September   13.
The September number of Wild Life
(������cHains an Inb resting story from J.
Irwin, late master ol the Hume school,
of a   bear hunt near  N< w   Denver In
Owing to other engagemtns of many
members the meeting of the entertainment committee ol the 20,000 club
called for this morning, was Indefinitely postponed.
Lead advanced four |K>lnts today on
tlu- London market and is now within
on.- point of the highest mark attained
on the recent rise, Silver also gained
one  point  on  each   market.
The death occurred in Kaslo yesti-i
day of Mrs. Esther M. Durant, moth-81
of Mrs. Robert Irving. The deceased
lady was 14 years of age and had been
ill for a long time.
An assault case that is to come up
in the provincial police court tomorrow may fail owing to the citcuinstance that the complainant is Incarcerated in the city police station on a
Charge ol drunkenness.
Several public buildings were prefc
tily decorated this morning with flowers, flags and bunting in honor of the
visit of the governor general. Thu
most elaborate were those of the fire
ball and Sheriff Tuck's office, the latter containing a notice of welcome,
Mr. E. Bimpson    Zings, editor   and
proprietor ot the Post, Wappella, Asaa.,
is in the city and called at The Canadian office today. Mr. Zlngg Is
much impressed with the marvels ot
the Weat and expresses complete astonishment at the apparent possibilities of every part of the province vls-
tled. He is accompanied by Mrs.
Trains and  Boats.
Crow boat���Two and a half hours
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Houndarv and Itossland train
���On time.
The Store of Quality
Telephone  HU.
Tlir. BXCLUnVH prlH-efs ot M\\\n9 retreth-
menu dti the BocK-ty'** grounds during tin* Full
Pair, Scptemto r I'j.j'-'Ji. No sptrlttunu li'-uno.
allowed. Tha highest "r iuiy wndot inn uacw*
Fnril.v accepted A certified cheque tot lull
amount to scoompauy each tender, address
D, c. Ui Morris, Becretery,
Nelson Agricultural and in'instriHi Association.
Nelson, B.C. Augusl 0,1908.
Gait Coal
Terms Spot Crush
Telephone _M R"'" Street
Apply .JlK-.-u l'!ltssr Hlssri-. IV. II. HsssHls.
ROOMS 'in LKT���Nicety lurelihed nml ili-niih
.opt rissmic issr iteady r_e~ti ssr iranelenu. Ap
ssly Mrs. Ms'i.HiiBtiiiii.ssvisr Pierre'i tallorsbop
B&kor ilrcot.
Now is the time to buy peaches for
preserving. They nre at their
l>est now and tlie price is as low
as it will be.
We have a fresh itoob of delirious
Bartlett pears on hand.
���JOB .iKi.i.y. Wi- iinvi- receWed
tin- whole shipment from nm- mmi
nml   run  supply your wauls in
this line.
Are coming in now in noi-d condition.   They won't last long,
We also have fresh
ContoloupwH      I/ipc ToniiitfieM
HiiiiciiniM WntcrmLlniiH
  Flowers of
Now at their best.   Don't f* 4
delay preserving. VrtJIAWS
Fine Crawford Peaches By Julia W. Henshal*
and Bartlett Pears.
Phone   your   orders,
guarantee tlie fruit.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Joss-phine Sts.
���A simple ami popular culde to the
names and _e��cripUon< of the flow-
iis Unit  bloom above tin- i-lswds."
A biKik for every to-eber, aohool and
private library, and every lover of
our  wild   flowers.
Price $2.75
Canada Drug I Book Go's
"TheTreasureofHeaven"    MiiCash Stores....
I A Kitiiinlli-i- ssf ltl''h'-8l
is just to hand.     Price,
cloth $i.VS-
This is pronounced tin- beat und strani;-
e-t iusvs-1 this fanuius anthor hai yet pro-
W. G. Thomson
_��&S����*-1 Nelson, B.C.
Phone ..-..
$J0 Down
$t0 Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value in a
few months.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
Contest for Rifle Trophy.
London, Sept. 5.���Sir Howard Vincent, honorary colonel of the Queens
Westminster volunteers, Balled for
Xew York today from Southampton on
the Bteamer Kaiser Wilhelm II., tu
complete arrangements for the contest
at Creedmore for the rifle trophy Ih_-
tween teams representing the volunteers, the present holders, and tho
Seventh regiment X. G. S. X. Y. lie-
fore the match Sir Howard Vincent intends to viait Canada.
Chinese Military Students.
San Kranclsco, Sept. fi.���Among tho
passi-iigers on the Toyeng Kisen
America, which arrived here yesterday from China, were Chen She! Ting
and Tan Kong Ten, two Chinese hoys.
They are en route to Annapolis, where
they will enter the United States na*
val academy. Accompanying the stu-
dt ins were Drs. S. W. T. Chan. Chow
Kv.ai Sang and Ho Kan Yuen, who are
en route to attend a convention of the
military  surgeons.
Oil iipcftki
WiftfcJ/< tM dmpiiHf spirit in .((light
JfycfidtA Mm rfdimm-fti mctiidtliM
tbHt the -iriiik* tmteeA KtoorBoda Foontelii
ba*1 Umle lirufivrtio* bttldM refri-nMuK 7
Wi it-f un ij* raw Iruit KyrupB nf Hit* fliieit
nuality      FnuntHiu. oounter. Kt*"*'*" ����'*
rec��.*l>tH<*l*i-H   art   k^pt   sirupulously  tlt-au-
IIAKI   1.1
BakarBUMt, kdna, B 0,
Get  F0R Sept.
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sport.iiiii'n's Hi'Utlqiiiirti'rH,
PHONB !���",.       NELSON, B. O.
Thompson & Douglas
PAI.vrBHS ami
Hl.ss   \\ s lll.iu  1.  Spoululty.
W'l.ll  I "��.p��r ....s.1 . .u.-l.ip.
g?__."WA"D   -   NELSON
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
LADY BTKNOORAPHES (nr poiitloD tacountrr.
Good bom. with employer*! family.    Apply
i.ox W,. Cauiulliiti iifllce.
Httlcfon Mm Hprlu|c-<. B. *'.
K.Ml"LnVMKNT nn ffnil  tOWh hu JfOUPg .iHpnii-
esc nmi iiiM wife.   Apply Buauyilda HdU-l
CAKl-KNTKItS,���Apply to Julia BuriiH,Hlllea nod
Wli0l6ula and P.ctail Dulari in
Fresh and Salted Meats
3500 New Members
Are added to the MABON
& EUBOH PIANO family
each ywir.
We want you to join thfl family.
We will accept you on ensy terms, and -guarantee you will never Im* tOttf
for havijifi joined iih.
Gall and K''t particular! of our easy payment Bystem,
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
omsis:   llssssiii a,
llsislsissli ts.y Block,
BUndtrd KiirnltMic Co.
Oornps Ruppliod on BboTtost notioo and
lowest price. Nothing Iral freih and
whalMome meat*and supplen kept in btook
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Must be Sold at Once!
TWO FURNISHED HOUSES, complete In all details, 2 lots
25 feet x 120 feet; 15 fruit trees in bearing. Crop vegetables.
Ten minutes from postofflt'i-.
Price Complete $1300.
Fratiier pf-rtlcnlari will be givon I <j
Fruit Lands and Real Est.-uc
One Eye at a Time!
Thuf, the wav wi- u.,
Usually th- ,-j-��� diffOT i0 lilrilt.
(,'law, which mi,i- ,���,.- iniurM il,     .' '
nnd ..liuimt-ly Ixith suir'r ��lhw'
W�� ii* urndt-rn -pnUuo-j .M ,.
ur.-al.-M  can- to avoid a misfir i    "*
����uMi,,��� y*r*,nurt,ZJl��*
J T.icph.m. aaa.
J. J. WALKER, '"a*;
JJfiEfSaSft?' THh' KAW'��K"    R*-Pairin�� *** J��bb^��Sptci.lt,
She*tmi-t-J Work, Castings. Kuilders' Matf-rinl and MininR nnd Mill Maishinfrr.
Office and Worki. Koo< nf Park 8t.
Phone   JIM.
N_Ik.hi,  11. yt
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A.Rogers&.Co.
Limited, winniptg,
\N'li<iiuHiiiu Provlaiitrw,
Dominion Qorarnmenl Oraunen Ono-Pound I'.ri'-s ttettn" wtaUjtnM
fnnn the churls,   j'nr ��ilc I.y ull li-ading nnn'crs..
Offloe and warehouw: llous-tim I'lm-k,   PbonoTB
Josephine Street. -       Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
Is your furnace in shape to  start the winter with?    If  nol,  NOW j
Is the time to have it repaired.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd
PLEASE NOTE���We will not he resiionslble for nny furnace not lndufi
by October lat, 1900.
tt-spHlrlnic (t,-cl .I..H..I..U .x-uiitc- Mills [luarmtth.   HhcetMatal I
W s.rk, Alliilns ansl  Mill Mis. hiiius-> .      Mtinulnul ssrssrsi nl
On. Cum,   ...   Iv.   c.,itri.ct..rM*   Curs.
_or_��oi-uu��_    rNELSOIN,    B.  C. t*K'*'
Maryland Casualty Co.
Which issues policies for the following:
Accident, Health, or combination of the two.
Plate Glass Insurance.
Burglary or Theft.     Steam Boiler Kxplosion.
McDermid & McHarcty
I Just Arrived!
A large shipment ot
Hart, Schaffier & Marx's I
l.i.t.sHt  l'ntteriiK,  Ijiil.-Ht Stj'li'H, mid All IIihiiIs (liinniiitii'il
K5R Ltimbef, Shingles,
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turnad Work and [.rackets. Mail Onliirs pmmpUy nt**"*' "'
  VlJMIVOlN STRBBT   -   -   ���   NI.I.SON. B. C. ^g;
Our stock of HAND  SAWS ii   -ery
iiic.lniliiig grades to suit nil roq-iraments. ^f
If yon wish o low prion.! snw wo onn imp. ly J""1'
also curry this best .|iinliliisH niiulo by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Coys
Co'y* 1^


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