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The Daily Canadian May 28, 1907

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Array H'M
Static  Ccmafctan
k I.   No. 300
anl of Trade Endorses
Slocan Appeal
Les in G.N.R. Service Discussed
-Ask Extra Accommodation
Train to Northport.
1 Nelion board of trade baa UlMD
e cudKi'l on behalf of tho dwellers
luKiii lake to persuude thu C. P. K.
Isiuy us give tbem  a  better  mall,
r ami  freight service than ul
tissaril in iliilsiiiiiss about the iid-
kg.s uf the propoted change In the
|. K Mrvl-ce, anil wants Hi-veral Iiu-
concessions   before  expressing
amatters were discussed at n spe-
ImKilug held In Ihe court house
Irri* were present: P. Starkey, In
Lair, S. M. Ilrydges, P. Q. Ebbutt,
1 Annable, S. 8. Taylor, F. J. Ham-
|sl. T 0 Procter, W. W. lloer, H. O.
, J. J .Campbell. J. M. Lay, 8. A.
|), I AJ. Nelson, A. W. Dyer, P. J.
li. J. McPhee of Slocan, W. O.
In, II. E, Douglus, L. 11. DeVeber,
president unniiunccd the object
lit* meeting lu be the considerailon
railway and sleamer service lu
[ rflueitu dlatrlct.
|. W. Dyer preaenied a written report
: public meeting hold In New Den-
I uii ihe aobject, at which a resolu-
1 puaaed euinls'iiiulug the preseul
Ise, expressing coulldence In Ute
un board of trade, and asking lhal
Nelson board appoint a committee
Icu-o[ssjratu with the delegation from
scan which will lulervlew the C. P. K.
t .). McPhee, speuking uu invitallon.
il lhal Slocan Clly wus still getting
usual aervlce to sMelsou. but thu
r lake lunula wero sufterlug 11 hard
p. A Bteamer passed every duy but
llwl only three duys u week. Ou the
ber slays Ihey refuse to accept or deer either passeugcrs or mail. He
^ghi the is-ductlon meant a serious
������tack iu lhe development of thu dls-
*�����*��� Dyer moved that a committee
'Muled to confer with  the dele's Irom Slssc.in points, who were ex-
0*1  lu   reuch    Nelson   Wednesday
ill. who will be:
Saodim. L, Pratt, 0. V. White.
Three Forks, Harry Lowe.
"���*��� Denver,   J.   Thompson,   C.   F.
Silverton. W. 11. Brandon, W. Hunter.
Slwim, T. McNclsh.
I��aldng lu bis motion Mr. Dyer ex-
"uwl, what has already beon pub-
*"1, thai the Bteamer service lias
���eu reduced from alx to three duys a
eek, 10 tin; inconvenience of the peo-
' "I Un* slistrict. He explained that
' S|ui*au people believed the local of-
la|si to be In aympathy with them,
t li) lie overruled by the new western
'Mgement. He also Bluted thut a gov-
nmi'iii guarantee Insured the C. P. K.
���ainsl l'm�� on tho Nakuap und Slocuu
��� inulliin wus Buconded by T. Q.
���lar anil curried. Tho president up-
'"'"ii Messrs. Dyer, lleer, DeVeber,
���mon and Tnylor.
wcrotary Ebbutt then read a letter
���� Maile lllll, protesting against tlie
? "' a slutlou ut Ihe Mountain, of
���JU at Salmo und Eric, nnd wunt of
"���ing accommodation! nt both, of tha
*����lty under the proposed new ached-
������ 0' waiting many hours, and an un-
J'Wn number of hours, ul night, ut all
���rau-dlute pointB. llo urged thut the
"iHised  change   of   Bchedule   on the
���v It. would menu a boi'Ious loss lo
Jlw meellng unanimously agreed to
""��������� the matter.
* rePly from ll. c. Morgan, supcriii-
will of the 8. F. & N. railway, stul-
I tbe ailvantngoB of tho cluinge, nnd
���''UK lhat nrrungetnents nro already
���00 lor n couch nl Inched to Ihe freight
'"��� to ouro for locul trafllc.
ii Nelson reminded tho board that
J'w years ago thoy had asked for a
lit service.
���J- J. Campbell, T. 0. Procter and 8. S.
���JWM endorsed the Idea that tho night
a great Improvement so fnr
�� Nelson Ib concerned.
>i, ua',    ffllt '"formed tho board that
""'i learned from Mr. H. K. Douglas
'" tin* cluinge would bo poBtponod.
I,,,.,',,-""""mind thought the guln from
,,,..  *SI!|-iiiurlBt tralHc would not com-
V,Sl,r_  "r ,lm  '�����  of the  trade of
��|,"-Siiliiioiind Rrlo.
j '��� I meter Informed lho hoard that
ugsni ���r .!"",VEUo lotter atatlng that an
���on In a '".��� N* R* w��"l'' be in Nel-
hnn of ,, l'l'-v" l0 look Into tho titles-
��� �� ��ummer hotel.
* ">ylor thought tho grievance of
NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1907.
Fifty Cbnts a Mouth
miners wub largely Imaginary. The
new schedule would save them two days
on euch visit to Nelson.
AW. Dyer reported that Ihe Sloean
People preferred the proposed chunge.
II. L. Douglas stated that the chunge
woud not lake effect on June and ub In-
(ended. He understood lhal the train
rrom Bpokane would connect with the
train from the Eaat.
W. W. lleer thought Ihe iidvanluge depended entirely upon the securing of u
dally accommodation train, ub J J
Campbell bad ulrendy inggeatad.
II. B, Douglas again explained that a
very sillght Increase of traffic would
Justify n dully nccommuduliou trulu lo
anil from Northport.
J. .1. Campbell Biiggested that the
Oompany might be urged to provide
sheltered stations ul ull polnta,
J. K. Annuble drew attenllon lo another of Mr. Hill's complaints of no
agents. He suggested telephone! at ull
stations where there are no agents, as
on the C.  P. R.
The president requested 8. 8. Taylor, J. M. Uy and J. .1. Campbell to
draft a resolution covering ull the
piilnls. i
Afler a brief Interval S. S. Tuylor
"Resolved, lhat the Interests of travellers between Nelson and Bpokane ls
best served hy the proposed chunge,
but that Ihe Interests of Intermediate
points muBt not be overlooked, lhat a
dally accommodation freight and passenger service between Nelson und
Northport would remedy all defects;
"Also, that sheltered Btalions should
be provided, and telephones be Installed
ut all stations where there are no
The resolution was adopted.
J. J. Campbell suggested that the
C. P. R. be asked to attach a coach to
the Sunday morning freight train "to
help out the Lord's Day Alliance."
The president drew attention to a
pamphlet of the Nnkusp Fruit Land
company of Winnipeg, ndvcrtlslng 6,400
ueres of fruit land at Needles, divided
into In acre lots. A cut Bhowed u lurge
city und two ateamers passing. He
thought the claims were unwarranted
and deserved attention.
P. J. Hammond staled that the land
In question waa not subdivided, very
little of It was fruit land, Ihe company
lu queation had no title, and could give
T. 0. Procter suggested prompt investigation und exposure If the advertisements are found to be fraudulent.
8. S. Taylor thougbt It better to deal
privately with the advertisers first.
J. E. Annablo stated that the Frontier
Investment company % was the Belling
agent of the' Nakusp Fruit Lund company, and was responsible for the advertisement. He thoughl there might
be no wilful misrepresentation, ub the
oompany undoubtedly had a large area
of good lund, though nol all ln the locality described.
The meeting then adjourned.
People of San Francisco Getting Tired
ef Government by Strikes and
San Francisco, May 28.���A big confer-
once was hold at tlie Builders' Exchange
of leading contractors and mats rial men
to deviae some menus of meeting the
labor troubles that threaten to tie up
the whole clly. Advocacy of thc open
shop and of alliance witli Patrick Calhoun were roundly condemned. A com-
mlttee of llvo wbb Anally uppolntcd, consisting of James A. Wilson, John D. Mo
Gllway and W. D. Anderson, wllh pow-
or to consult with the mechanics and
material men and arrange, if possible, a
definite price ou material and labor Tor
at least one year.
W. J. Kerr, representing Iho Metal
TradeB' association, explained tho flght
thut they hnd had with the metal workers, about 8,000 of whom are now out
on Btrlke. Immediately after tho flre
ull the workmen acted sensibly, but
they Boon began to demand exorbitant
wages. Their ultimatum tor au eight-
hour day when lho shops hero wero pay-
ing 110 per cent, hlghor wages than
Eaatorn shops was the last straw. Tbeu
the employers decided to close the
The committee appointed includes
good men, and It Is hoped that un agreement can be reached, lf the labor unions prove stubborn nnd unreasonable,
there will be a general lockout, aud
building will bo suspended.
Welcomed by Emperor.
Vienna, May28.���ThelntoWionalCot-
ton conference wns opened hero yesterday. Thero are over 250 delegate! In
attendance nnd the sessions will last
for three days. Mr, Macara for Great
Hritain, and Harvey Johnson for the
United States, delivered addresses ln
which thoy reviewed the efforts of tholr
respective govemmonts to put a stop lo
Illegitimate speculation. The delegates
wero received by Emperor Francis
Joseph ttt the liobrugiinil and were welcomed lo Vienna by him,
Prlcee of Metals.
Now York, Mny 28,-Sllvor, 6714c.;
copper, 23WiC.*, load, ��6.
London, May 28.-8llvor, 31*d.i lead,
��19, 17s��� Od. ./
Great Proconsul Leres
Maker of Modem Egypt Says Farewell to Scene of His Lift Work
���Advice to Natives.
Cairo, May 28���Lord Cromer's farewell speech in Ihe opera house, Cairo,
was a remarkable declaration of his
liolicy, delivered in spite of physical
weukness und the emotion of a scene
ln which all the Eurojieun and Egyptian
officials took part.
"I am leaving," said Lord Cromer,
"not for any political reasons, but because tbe hand of time has begun to
press hard upon me, and I think I am
entitled to a rest." Replying tu the
eulogies of Lady Cromer by the Comte
de Serionne, director of the Suez canal,
and Mustapha Pasha Fehmi, he said:
"I felt a strong desire to change places
with the speakers. 1 should have preferred to eulogize Lady Cromer."
Then he named those with whom he
had co-operated ln the creation of a new
Egypt, of the late khedlve, who constituted an admirable link between the
reformers, whose zeal at all times he
tempered, and the people whose ultra-
conservative fears of reform ho used
his Influence to allay. "History will be
unjust," said Lord Cromer, "if il does
not accord lo Tewflk Pasha a somewhat
important niche In the Valhalla of Oriental potentates."
Compliments to other Egyptians included a prophecy of a career of great
public usefulness for the minister for
education, Zagloub Bey, the sirdar, Sir
Reginald Wlngate Garatin, Mr. Flndlay,
and Professor Maapero were among the
Europeans praised.
"1 refuBc to be reasoned out of what,
if it he a delusion, is ut ull events a
noble delusion, that the Egyptians, at
nil events the besl among them, do now
recognize that It was the hand of western civilization, acting mainly during
the last twenty-five years through the
Instrumentality of England, that has
raised them from tbe slough ot despond.
"When 1 first came hero 1 set two
principal objects before myself���one
was political, the other administrative.
My creed of International politics is almost summed up lnx the prase Ne
rompez jamais avec l'entente francalse.'
If ever two nations were marked out by
the force of circumstances to be friends,
certainly they aro France and England.
As long as the Egyptian sore continued
to rankle thut friendship was naturally
Impaired. For years tbe two nations
looked at each other askance, 'comme
deux chlens do faience.' We exchanged
some hard, fortunately only verbal
knocks." Lord Cromer noted that "le
b**utal Cromer" had now become "cot
illustre vlelllard." One of the happiest
daya of his career was April 8, 1904,
when the Anglo-French agreement was
signed. He did not claim to be one of
the principal authors. The chief merit
lay with the statesmen and his "talented
sovereign." But the continuous efforts
by ull in Egypt to avoid friction paved
tho way.
Turning to his administrative object,
he remarked on the wild talk about the
autocratic and trynnnlcal government of
Egypt. In a splendid "passage he dc
acrlbed tho moral and Intellectual advancement of the people, the abolition
of the whip, forced labor, the accursed
liiBtltutlon of slavery, the dethronement
of King Backsheesh from high placos,
the distribution of tho fertilizing water
of tho Nile to prlnco and ponsant alike,
tho fact that the taxpayer's money wns
not spent on useless palncea, and all tho
work of education.
Having quoted the Khedive���"It Is
time to devote all our efforts not only
towards the material wefare of the
population, but towards the satisfaction
o fthoir Intellectual and moral requirements. For my pnrt, I have no more
serious preoccupation than that."���Lord
Grimier Isald: "I heartllyuwoloomethis
declaration. His Highness can
more especially do a great
deal In the way of tlie moral
advancement of the people. He can put
u stop to the scnndals of (ho Wakfs administration. He can show his co-re-
llglonlsts lhat tho Mahomcdan law
courts can bo reformed without in any
way shaking the pillars of the Moslem
faith. He can sternly repress the proceedings of t*��e self-seeking and irresponsible advli'. rs who generally cluster
round an Orleital court, and whose Influence li so detrimental to public morality. He can use his great Influence to
encourage true reformers, who have tbe
well-being of the country earnestly at
heart. If, as 1 trust will be the ease,
Ills Highness does these things, he will
earn tho gratitude and respect of every
class In this counlry,"
Despite defects and anomalies, the
present system of government must be
continued. "Sir Eldon Curst. In whom
1 have such thorough confidence I see
Is strongly advised to follow what Is
called my policy. It may be summed up
in a very few words. It has been, to tell
the truth. Never forget that ln this
country the maxim, 'Union is strength'
must be fully applied. When all nonsense and exaggeration are swept away
It will, I think, be found that the differences of opinion between my opponents, especially, those in England, and
myself are really not so much of principle as of degree. They wish to gallop.
I consider a steady jog-trot is the pace
best suited to advance the interests ot
this country. My strong conviction ls
that if the pace be greatly mended a
serious risk will be incurred that the
horse will come down and break his
knees. I hope thst what I am now saying will be translated Into the vernacular language and will thus reach the
ears of some at all events, of the voiceless millions of blue-shirted fellaheen,
on whose labors the prosperity of the
country really depends.
"I, who claim always to have been
Iheir true friend, warn them against allowing themselves to be duped and misled by their pseudo-representatives, who
without a shadow of real uuthorty
credit them with Ideas which they neither entertain "nor fully comprehend,
and who advocate k political programme
the Immediate adoption of which, while
detrimental to all other interests, would,
I am firmly convined, be specially hurtful to those of the poorest classes of
the community.
"Progress, Instead of being too slow,
has been so fast that the reforms effected have not as yet been thoroughly
assimilated by tbe mass of the population. All In favor of rational government and steady progress, be tbey Moslem, Christian, European, African or
Asiatic, sbonld unite ln resisting those
forces which, whether from Ignorance
or intention, are ln reality advocating
the cause of retrogression.
"I do not doubt tbat difficulties still
He ln the path of the Egyptian reformer, and especially ln that of Sir Eldon
Gorst: but my last word for him and
for all of you may fitly be the Greek
inscription which in former days vas
frequently Inscribed by the worshippers
of Iris in this country on their tombs,
Eupsuchei'  (be of good cheer.)."
The ladies of Carlo presented Lady
Cromer with a handsome souvenir.
French Wlnee In Danger.
Paris, May 28.���The report of the
commission, the members of which personally investigated the situation in the
wine districts of France and Algeria,
waa turned in yesterday. It shows the
situation everywhere to be moBt grave
und declarea that unless remedial steps
are taken most promptly a conditions
similar to what which prevails in the
south will arise in the other wine producing districts. The commission recommends the prohibition of sugaring
and watering wines and says the prevention of the use of chemicals is absolutely essential. It adds a recommendation to the effect that dlatilling should
be encouraged.
American Golfara Outclasaed.
St. Andrew'B Scotland, May 28.���The
American champion, Eben M. Byers of
Pittsburg, was defeated ln the second
round of the Amateur Golf Championship today, J. Paterson of the Edinburgh
Club winning by 3 up and 2 to play. A.
E. Williams of the Norwood Club, defeated H. L. Gore, an American, by one
hole. F. R. Scoulll, American, Buffered
defeat at the hands of T. W. Murray
of the Purley Downs Club, by 4 up and
2 to play. The only American remaining
ln the championship waa F. O. Hortman
ot the Chevy Chase Golf Club of Washington. The weather was bright and
sunny, with llttlo wind.
Race Troubles Continue.
San Francisco, May 28.���For a mur-
derouB assault committed hy Japanese
armed with knives on Horace Hazel, a
young dentist, and Randolph Merit-
weather, an electrician, yesterday, the
police have taken M. Tugovalka, Mike
lkioppo and S. Hamlda into custody.
Thoy aro held pending the outcome of
tho victims' injuries. Tho story of the
detectives ls that the Japanese believed
Randolph Merrlweather wns Richard
Merrlweather, who waB arrested a week
ago for assaulting a Japanese.
Liberty or Death.
Chicago, May ,28.���Private Herman
Leroy, a prisoner at Fort Sheridan, ln
attempting to escape yesterday, was
shot and killed by one man of a squad
of colored soldiers who had orders to
take him dead or alive. Leroy while at
work under guard, extracted one leg
and ran away. Five men drove the
fugitive Into u barn and ordered hlm
surrender. Ho replied by throwing
stones. A shot was then fired by one
of the soldiers and Leroy foil dead.
Canada Associated Press
Subsidized by Dominion Government
���Criminals Still Protected
and Rewarded.
Ottawa, May 28.���Attention has been
drawn to the marked difference between
the reports of the Imperial Conference
in the British press, and those sent out
by the government aided by the Canadian Press association.
A good many newspaper men und
some other taxpayers have been curious
to know what value the country gets for
the subsidy paid by the government to
the Canadian Associated Press, an organization supposed to cable news from
England to Canada. A majority of the
Canadian papers refuse to take this service, and those which do use it have
made a good deal of complaint. But the
subsidized association has during the
last few weeks made good its claim for
the continued payment of the government allowance. Its despatches have
given glowing accounts ot Sir Wilfrid's
performances. They have told us that
he was the central figure of the Imperial conference. The longest despatch of the season was the one which
pictured in glowing terms the wonderful prestige of Sir Wilfrid Laurler, and
told how he exercised a controlling and
restraining Influence over Imperialist
agitators on one side and Little England-
era on the other. Canada is also Indebted to this subsidized service for the
information sent by cable that a tailor's
trade paper has pronounced Sir Wilfrid
the best dressed man in the conference.
This alone iB worth the $10,000 to $12,-
000 subsidy.
The truth appears to be that Sir
Wilfrid has looked wise and spoken
gracefully, but that ln the council Itself
he has been a negative quantity. Following, as his custom Is, the lines of
least resistance he supported all the
compromises which have made the
meeting ineffectual. Finding the existing Imperial ministry opposed to
preferential trade. Sir Wilfrid took back
water on the preferential trade resolution which he himself moved four years
ago under the sympathetic influence of
Mr. Chamberlain. The Australian
leader, who took up the preferential
trade Idea after Canada, and who has
energetically supported it against the
recent hostile Influences of Downing
street, found the Canadian representative an impediment instead of an assistance.
Dredging contracts for the coming
season have been given out, the old
favorites receiving their share. Among
these ls the Mareton Dredging company
which operated at Goderlch last year.
Mr. Bennett brought out an interesting
circumstance in the committee of Bupply relating to thiB concern. Ho was
Informed by the minister that W. L.
Horton, who figured as a contractor, was
the Mareton Dredge company. Mr. Horton was identified by Mr. Bennett, M. P.,
as the gentleman deacrlbed by Pritchett
ln the course of his evidence of ballot
switching operation In West Huron.
Pritchett spoke ot Horton acting as
cashier in connection with this campaign.
Discussing election frauds ou April
ICth In the House, tlie leader of the op-
position read a solemn declaration made
by James Farr of Goderlch regarding
this same election. Farr swore that he
had been appoluted deputy returning
officer for Goderlch in the West Huron
by-election and that W. L. Horton twice
asked him to resign in favor of ono
James Yates. Farr concluded thnt this
wus lieeause he was supposed to he unable to "manipulate the false ballots."
Farr was sure he could do the trick and
refused to resign. Whereupon * Horton
too khlm to a hotel and Introduced him
to a man whom he called Garrett, but
who turned out to be Pritchett, and to
O'Gorman, now awaiting trial for the
London election steal. Horton and
O'Gorman left Farr with Pritchett, who
gave him. a course of lessons in ballot
switching, watched him practice the art,
handed him thirteen ballots previously
lnttluled, nnd Ihen left him to work the
thing out. which he did by switching
the whole thirteen.
new rules requiring post mortem investigation of cows and heifers as a condition of purchase, only the high-class
grades of beef were sold at the atock
yards yesterday for Chicago trade.
United States Reported to be Seeking
Danish West Indies.
Copenhagen, May, 28.���It is stated
here lhal the question of the acquisition uf the Danish West Indian ialanda
by the United States has been informally broached again by the American minister, Mr. O'Brien, in conversation with
the Danish prime minister, Count Lev-
itza. It is considered, however, that political and other reasons will prevent
Denmark from consenting to the sale.
There la little probability that the government will be able to obtain a majority in parliament in support of the proposition.
Trust Conference Delayed.
Chicago, May 28.���At the urgent request of a number of governors and
others who desired to participate, the
national -conference on trusts and combinations that was to have assembled
in Chicago today, haa been postponed
by the National Civic Federation until
September. At that time lt is expected
the governors of nearly half the states
of the Union will be able to attend the
conference. Among those who have already accepted the invitations are Governors Hughes of New York, Warnei
of Michigan, Davidson of Wisconsin,
Cummins of Iowa, Cutler of Utah and
Folk of Missouri.
Evelyn Behaving Herself.
New York, May 28.���Mrs. fivelyn Nesbitt Thaw, who has made the Hotel
Lorrane her home during the many
months her husband, Harry K. Thaw,
has beeu ln the Tombs for the murder
of Stanford White, has with her mother-
in-law, Mrs. William Thaw, taken up her
home in a house on Park avenue. There
the two women will remain in seclusion
tor the summer, it ls said, so as to be
within call of the prisoner and to await
events in his case. The second trial of
Thaw will uot be reached until fall.
Chinese Revolt Spread!.
Swatow, China, May 28.���The revolutionists uie now attacking Chung Tang
and Tung Chang, wealthy towna Ih the
Shanghai district. Many of the Inhabitants have fled to this city. The trouble
is attributed to excessive taxation.
Army of Secret Service Detectives Pre-
paring   Material   for.
Grand Jury.
Denver, May 28.���The Rocky Mountain News today says: That the federal
inquisition now in progress here involves some of the largest corporations
ln America and tbat indictments will be
returned against men wbo are rated aB
multi-millionaires, and captains of Industry, known aa well ln Wall Btreet as
in Colorado, is the latest development
in -connection with the probing of the
grand Jury.
No less than 120 secret service men
now make their headquarters In Denver. ThiB small army of government
sleuts has rented a large portion of the
fifth floor of an office building from
which they are spreading the net that
is tightening about victims in high
places. C. L. Wheeler, in the secret
service of the department of justice,
Washington, is in charge ot the secret
service men, and he expreasea the belief that there will be some startling
revelations in the near future.
Only the Best.
Chicago, May 28.���Because of the enforcement by  the big packers ot the
Smallpox  Dtacovered  Among  Steerage
Paeeengere of Both.
New York, May 28.���The steamer
Kronland, which arrived today from
Antwerp, Ib delayed at quarantine. One
of the steerage passengers is ill and
the symptons are so suspicious tbat the
health officer dreaded to remove him to
Swinburne Island hospital. Eighty of
fellow-passengers will ne sent to Hoffman Island for observation.
The Statendam, which arrived today
from Rotterdam, Is also detained at
quarantine for several hours, a case
of smallpox having been found among
her steerage passengers, was taken to
the detention station. The steamer will
be fumigated and released later ln the
"Peck'a Bad Boy."
"Peck's Bad Boy" comes to the opera
house next Saturday evening. There
will be many new specialties between
the acta, and the performance la aald to
bo quite aB enjoyable aa auy paat pre-
eentatlon of the piece.
Guatemata Governed ky
Brute Force
Theme for Anthony Hope in Four
Suicides aai Wholesale
Mexico City, May 28.���Full confirmation of the suicide of four prominent
Guatemalans and the Imprisonment and
sentencing to death of all men suspected of complicity in the attempted
murder of President Cabare.*a early this
morning, was received through official
and private -channels yesterday. The
state department received a telegram
stating that the Guatemalan people
were so Incensed at the sentence Imposed on the 17 subjects that President
Cabarera haa decided that these cases
be taken to the court of second Instance
for revision.
Pending the, action of thia tribunal
the -diplomatic corps ts withholding the
contemplated a collective note demanding that the Imprisoned men he given
According to a private telegram re-
a fair trial.
ceived here laat night the four men who
gave their Uvea because of the Incident
were Dr. Julio Blanco, Dr. Jorge A. Villa, Dr. Echeverria, and Balthasar Rodtl,
a civil engineer. All of the men were
wealthy and belonged to the flrat families of the republic. Tbey had not heretofore been identified with any of the
policies ot the country. The story of
the capture and aubsequent death of
these men ia dramatic. Aa soon aa the
mine waa sprung they left Guatemala
City because, it ia understood, they
feared that Cabarera would trump up a
charge agalnat them. .They returned
later and went Into hiding. Oen. Viva-
duery of the Gautemalan army, heard
of their return and going'to the aged
mother of the Echeverria brothers,
pointed a revolver at her breast and
forced her to disclose the hiding place
of the men. The police surrounded the
house and a battle ensued In which
Commandant Moreno and another officer were killed. Re inforcementa were
then called for and 300 of the regular
army surrounded the house. The official report says the four men thereupon committed suicide. The soldiers
took thetr bodies and threw them In
sewers in tbe suburbs of the eity. Thla
aet ao Incensed the people that the diplomatic corps waa appealed to and Minister Gamboa demanded the bodiea.
Upon these representations they were
finally turned over and later burled with
military honors. The 17 suspects were
Imprisoned and sentenced to death by
court martial proceedings.
Not Seriously.
Paris, May 28.���Mary Garnen of the
Opera Comlque, who Ib to create leading parte ln operas In the Manhattan
opera house, New York, yesterday Invited Oscar Hammereteln, director ot
the Manhattan for an outing ln her automobile ln oompany with her sisters.
While passing through Versailles the
automobile was thrown violently against
the curb, as the result of the breaking
of one of the wheels at the axle, and
Mis Garnen and Mr. Hammersteln received injuries which required the attention of a physician, tsixt, which are not
expected to be ot a serious nature.
Chargea Infanticide.
El Paao, Texas, May 28���In spite of
the fact that a similar charge waa Investigated and dismissed by a Jury
some time ago, another complaint has
been filed with United States District
Attorney Llewellyn of New Mexico, that
a tribe of Indians In that territory are
given to the worship of an enormous
serpent to which Is fed the new born
babes of a Puebla, ln which it la housed
and carefully tended and guarded. The
-complaint was filed by a Catholic priest.
Clever Stealing.
London, May 28.���Almost under the
noses of the police who were guarding
the Royal Academy pictures now oa
exhibition ln Burlington House, one of
the private galleries ln Bond street, just
around the corner, was swept clean of
Its pictures during the night. The
thieves got away with 65 canvases without leaving a clue to their Identity. The
pictures belong to an artist who was to
have opened an exhibition of t hem
1 i
', M
Miners' and AU
Campers' Supplies
TENTS In all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.  MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
Iti all these lines we offer excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
The Daily Canadian
���  ���
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .**4,730,000 REST  ��4,?30,000.
D. B. WJXKIB, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allovjed at highest   current rate from date of
opening ot account, and -compounded quarterly
Jl  M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published ilx darn a wees i.y tbe
Baker St.. Nelssisii, B. C.
Huoecrlption ratlin, OO ccuts a moutb delivered
(u tbe citv, or 15.00 a rear it leutby mail, when
paid Is advance.
Adrertlllng rates od appltrsatlnn.
All monlea palsl lu lettlemeut nf Tbe Dally
Canadian aecounti, either lor iiibicrlplloiis or
a-dvertlalog, [Dust be recelptesl for on the printed
formi of the Company. Other receipts ure not
MAV 38. 1907.
The evidence as to the value Io Canada of the Industrial Disputes Act Introduced by Hon. It. Unilciix and parsed
during the closing days of the last parliament, Is decidedly conflicting,
Prominent employers of labor can lie
quoted for and against il, and only a
week ago thu Trades untl Labor Council
of Vancouver unanimously condemned
11 as worthless.
The recent settlement of the dispute
between the G. T. R. company and lis
machinists Is undoubtedly a valuable
achievement, und a triumph for the act.
But the circumstances were spi-dully
favorable. The machinists arc skillrd
laborers, probably above the average In
intelligence, the cumpany was extreme*
ly anxious to avoid Idleness and delay,
and both sides were extremely fortunste
In securing lhe services, us arbitrator,
of Adam Shortt, of Queen's.
Labor disputes are the greatest menace, almost the ouly nu-nuce at present,
to the prosperity of Canada. There Is
not a Canadian, of any shade of political
opinion, who would not be heartily glad
if a way could lie found to make all suspensions of work by disputes impossible. And If Mr. Lemieux' bill had lhat
happy result no one would refuse or
grudge him the fullest measure uf praise
for lt.
But, unfortunately lhat cannot be
claimed for the act. We may be thank-
ful for every success achieved liy It or
through It. But there Is nolhlng to lie
gained by Ignoring Its failures.
The act had hardly been signed when
tbe trouble In the Enst Kootenay and
Alberta coal fields broke out, and work
ceased In every colliery. Peace came
at last after several weeks of Idleness
and restriction of many industries. W.
MacKenzie King, deputy minister of labor, waB credited with having exerted
beneficial Influence on both parties to
tho dispute. But the quarrel was made
up between employers and employees
without the service of a conciliation
board, and, in spite of the express prohibition contained In the act, work was
everywhere suspended for several
Mr. Lemieux' grave assurance to the
House of Commons that there was nu
strike has not yet been explained.
A strike is none the less a strike because some humorist undertakes to call
it a vacation.
Other signal examples of the failure
of tho act are ln Ihe strike of the longshoremen in Montreal, and of the bricklayers In Toronto. Doth are still In
progress, in spite of every effort at settlement.
The weakness of the act Is that it creates a new offence while providing absolutely no means for either prevention or
It is, since the passing of the act, a
crime for laborers to strike In a body,
whether it Is a crime for any Individual
laborer to stop work Is not specified.
Therefore theru was ingenuity In the
Juke about taking a vacation instead of
going on strike, in spite of the transparent absurdity of the disllnctlon.
Of course no court of law would have
admitted such a distinction for a mo-
mem Every une knew that the coal miners, over 2,QUO In number, had broken
the law.    There was no suggestion uf
punishment   The furce at the disposal
of the authorities Is probably equal lu
llie necessity of any such case, but the
Wisdom uf attempting lo punish 2,000
men for an offence created by a new
statute is more thun doubtful.
The Lemieux Act is far from perfect.
If its present defects and weaknesses
tan be remedied, and It can be made
a really workable uct, applicable to all
cases, It will be matter for general
gratification. The questions with whicli
It deals ure too vital to bo allowed to
becomes Issues of parly politics.
Ills Worship Mayor Qlllett has called
a public meeting for tomorrow night lo
consider ways ond means of celebrating
In Nelson on .Inly 1st the 40th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. The
response will no doubt lie general, and
II. may probably be tnken for granted
that a programme of sports and attractions will bo provided which will draw-
to Nelson for the day or days of tbe
celebratlou large numbers of visitors
from surrounding cities and towns. That
is the apparently accepted conception of
the celebration of a national holiday,
and Nelson has scored in so many sue-
cesses on thuse lines that suggestions
for change or addition may he unwelcome. Uut Dominion Day means something to Canada, and that meaning
should be iu some way recognized by
adults and impressed upon tlie young.
We doubt if the meaning of Dsiminion
Day is adequately represented by lacrosse matches, root races, ruck-drilling,
und the pluylng of "the latest" American two-steps and marches, whicli have
been the beginning and* end of some
Duminlun Duy progrummes.
The Rossland Miner prefers a complaint against the Nelson 20,000 Club
because that flourishing mining camp
was not murked on the railway sketch
map whicli Is contained in the club's
new folder, The executive of Ihe club
explain that all points of interests. Including Rossland, are marked on the
colored map on the back of the folder,
but that the sole purpose of the smaller
sketch was to show Nelson's railway
connections, and consequently the only
points of inlerest were Medicine Hat.
Revelstoke, Spokane, Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle. Certainly there was
no intention to slight Russland.
The importance of the Issues with
w-hlch It has been called upon to deal
lately has had a stimulating effect upon
the Nelson board of trade. There is
no longer any difficulty In securing a
quorum or in getting motions offered.
All this is highly gratifying. The board
has also won recognition throughout
Kootenay as a very Influential body.
And well It may. Within the last month
it has issued instructions to the Dominion government, and at last night's
meeting It decided to join Issue with
two transcontinental railway companies.
Part of Kettle Valley Line Completed-
Labor Scarce in Boundary.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, May 28.���Vice President
Warren of the Kettle Valley Line railway, has arrived here from Toronto on
railway business. He. is much pleased
with the work done on his grade, and
slated that the present high water had
done very little damage to the works.
He also stated that the contract for the
passenger depot would be let this week
and that the flrst passenger train would
come In from Republic tomorrow. Mr.
Warren will remain here until the gov-
eminent Inspection of the flrst 10 miles
of railway is completed, which will be
ln about two weeks' time.
J. Haulm.', the victim of a terrible accident at the Yale-Columbia Lumber
company's big sawmill at Cascade a
couple of days ago, Is very slowly improving at the Cottage hospital here
The unfortunate man had both arms
and one leg broken by being caught In
a shaft and was also Internally injured.
Next Wednesday evening a labor union meeting at Grand Forks will en
deavor to arrive at a settlement of the
labor differences between the Granby
company and Its employees, That the
Granby company Is not now running full
blaBt ls to due to the fact of these labor
differences, as coke ls coming In ln
large shipments and as soon as a solit
tion of the labor question is attained a
continuous run of tbe Granby reduction
works may be expected.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
tratolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.       Address Box 796, Nelson.
Brand New M Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm In Alberta,
will exchange for Nelson residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Baker St., Nelson.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles G. Hlrnpion, or any other person
to whom he iikiy have transferred his intercut fn
the "M��v Blossom" miner*! claim, iltuated on
Brown Mountain, two and a ht.lt miles aouth-
west of Vmlr, in the Neluon Mining Division, of
West Kootenny Plstrlrt. and recorded in the
Recorders office, for the Nelfou Division.
You and each of you are hereby Dotlfled that
I hare expended two hundred and flre dollara
(205.00) in labour and Improvementi upon the
above mineral claim In order to hold the latue
under the provliloni ol the Mineral Act. and If
within nfoetr dayi from the date of thii notice
you fall or refutta to contribute your portion of
lhe expenditure, (which II <��oe hundred and two
fifty dollan (1102,50) tor lhe two yean ending
htii May, 1907,) together wiili ���], routs of adver
tiling, your Interest lothe nat'i claim will become the property of the undersigned under
Sec. 4 of an Act entitled: "An Aot to Amend the
Mineral Act. 1900"
Dated at Ymir, B. C , Mth May, ItVJ.	
, the iimlor-slpiuvl, after 60 ,\_\v�� intend tonii-
r to Ihe BOD the Chief Commissioner of Landi
d Works for permission to purchase the (Ol*
���viiig ilescribed land: Commencing at h post
irked N. K. (' , Minuted on the west shore of
icaii lake, about twenty miles from Slocnn eity,
net weat 10 cliaina. ilieut'c south 80 chaius,
ence easi -IU chains, thcinc norlh along lhe
oreot lake SO ctiitius to polut of commence-
.ocated May 4th. Hkht Skarc,
Bhick Wiuti, Agent.
Hixty days afler date I intend lo apply tothe
Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands and'Works
for permission to purehaae the following de-
at-ritit-d laml iu Weet Kooteuay district: Commencing at a poal marked "\ C. B'l northwest
lit>rner post, rUIUlDK -10 elwUlia easterly along
the bouudary ol Timber licence No. 'Moil, Ihcnce
somberly ISO chains, tlu-mv westerly 40 chains,
thence uortti-i-rly .'����� chains along tlie C. I'. It.
track u�� the place of commencement, containing
tno huudreif acres, more or :. -���.
Located this Bth .lay Ol May, 1W7.
A, l\ Hish, locator.
Bixtl daysafl'-r dale l purpose nuking applied*
lion   to   the Chltf CtiiiNinsMniier Ol Lands nml
Works for permission lo pincbaae the fol lotting
lescrlbed land:   COBUDODotQg  nt a p0|] plUOd
I tho DortblTttt corner tif loi (M8CI and mark-
d "P Mii's.s); oorner pott," running thence
o i bains north lhetice m) chnins wett, thence so
hains south, them owichtiuiB east, to point id
ouiineneeiiietit, containing 840 acres, more or
Hated this Oth dav of Mav, 1907.
(Hil{U(*d} I'KTF.K McCri.j.ocii,
per I). A, Mctt'LLotii. Agenti
MM} daya afler date I purpose niaklug appli-
igtjon to ilm Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, for permission tu purchase the following described laud: Commenciug at a post
placed on the we.t shore of Lower Whalshan
lake, about a -U mile from the outlet of same,
and marked "li. W's. N.K. corner post,'* running theuce 8o chains west, lhetice 80 chains
souih, theuce 80 chains cast, thence HO chains
north to pjint of corameiicemeul, cnntaJulug
(Mt) acres, more or lesa.
DatM the 2nd day of May, PJ07
(Signed) H. WaBRIN,
per F. <L KAtvnitB. Agont.
Sixty tlays aftej date I purpose making application tothe Hou. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase lhe
followlug descrlbeil land: Commencing at a
post placed at the northeast ctrner of B. C��
dk'uner's application to purchase marked
"R b'n. X. W. corner post" thence following the
eastern boundary of said application 80 chalnB
lOUth, theuce running 80 chnius cist, ihence 60
chains north to the southern boundary of K. W.
Hannington's application to purehase, thence 80
chains west aloug same to point of commence-
lent, containing MO text*, more or leas.
Dated 2nd day of May, 1907.
triigned) R. Shiril,
per F.t;. KavwI'IKk, Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 inteud lo apply tothe
Honorable the Chief Commisaloner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the following
described laud-sin West Koolenay district: Conn
mencing at a poBt planted on the south shore of
Kootenay lake, and adjoining i - P. R. block No.
10, and uurked "Tom Gordon's norlhwc.-t corner
post," thence aouth -10 chains, theuce eaai 40
chalna. theuce north 20 chains, more or leas, to
Lake Shore, theuce west 40 chains to point of
Daied this ;t0th of April, 1907.
Tom (Jorixin.
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to ttie
Hou. the Chief Commiasioner of Laudi aud
Works, Victoria, B C, to purchase 40 acres of
land: Commeuelng at a po*t planted at the City
of Nelson's S. K. cornor post, on Koolenay river,
tnenee 20 chains aouth, thence wnt 20 chaiua,
thenee north 20 chains, thence east 20 chains to
point of commencement.
Nelson, B. C, April 24, 1907.       K. J. Ci'RhA.v.
Sixty daya after date I iniend to apply to Hon.
the chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for
nerinission to purchase tbe following described
landa iu Kootenay district: Commencing at a
poat marked Bruce White's N.W. corner post,
situated at the northeast corner of f. R 30 about
a mile east of Hloean river, thence south 2u
chains, theuce west 20 chains, thence south CO
chains, thence east 40 chains, theuce north 40
chains, thence east 40 chaini, theuce uortb 40
chains, thence west CO cbains to poiut of commencement, containing 44u acres, more or less.
Loeated March 18th, 1907, Hm ck Whits,
I, the underalgned, alter W drays Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of
LandB and Works for permission to purchase the
following laml: Commencing at a post marked
S. E 0. of Lot 125:i, thenee west 20 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west -JO chains, theuce
south 20 chains, theuce west 10 chains, thence
son ih 40 chains, theuce east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chalna to poiut of commencement.
Loeated March 27th, I'Atl.     M.S. McNapoht,
N. F. McNaiuht, Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Cblef Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase 160acres of land ! Commeneing
at a post planted on the west side ol 6-Mile creek
on the wagon road about -' . miles from Kootenay lake, and marked Neil McKechnie'a southwest corner poit, thence west 40 ehalna, tlience
north 40 chains, thenee east 10 chaina, thence
south 40 chains to place of beginning.
Located thia ttrd day t. f April, 1907.
Mitt McKkchnie,
R. J. Kli.iott, Agent.
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Worka for permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a post placid
at tlie aoutheast corner of K W Q Haultaln's
application to purchase, marked "K. F's. 8,W.
corner," running (hence 80 ehains nonh. thence
80 chalus east, theuce 80 cnaiui south, theuce 80
chaitiB west to point of commencement, coutaln-
lae M0 acres, more or less.
Dated the 9tb day of April, 1907.
K.  FifQl'IIR,
Per F. G. FAftjniKB, Agent.
Sixty days after date I Inteud to apply to lbe
Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works. Victoria, to purchase 120 acres of land
in West Kootenay, and described as follows:
(.ommenclng at a post planted on the east side
of Arrow Lace at the soulhwcBl corner of L7604
and marked "J. A. K's KW. corner," thence
eaat 24 chains, thence south 40 chains, thence
ea^t 30 chains, thence south 20 chains to Mose-
heimer's pre-emption, thence west St obalm to
Fauquier s application to purchase, thence north
40 chains, theuce west 20 chains to lake shore,
thence north along the iake ahorw to place of
March Uth, 1907. J, A  KELLY.
Sixty dayaafterdate I purpose making application to the Honorable the chief Commisaloner
of Landsand Works for permission to purvhaae
tho following described laud: Commencing at
a poat placed about one and half miles em-toi
Sliver Tip PoinL on Whatslimi Uke, near Christie creek marked "K W*0.fl'l. B.jE corner,"running thence hC ohains west to Join hmd located
by F. L. Hammond, aa agent, thence 811 chaina
north, thenee 80 chains east, thencu 80 chains
south to poini of commencement, containing
640 acres, moreor less.
Dated tbe 9th day of April, 1907.
F. W. li. Haim/tain,
I'er F. Cl. FAirgi'lEB, Agent
81xty days after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissionerof Landsand Works
Victoria, to purchase friO acres of land in West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post
planted about ttmiies from thc mouth of Mosquito creek ami abont one mile weat of the said
creek and murked "H.H. R'sH.W corner," and
running north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 cbaina, theuce weat 80 chains to
place of beginning.
March 16th, 1907. H. li. Rom,
J. B. Annahlk. Ageat.
1, apply to the
ds mid WnrKs
Slxtv tlays afler date I Inteud to a
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lam
to purr-haae 210 acres of land, situate on the c*st
aide of Arn>w lake, about two miles from Hurton :
Commeneing ata post planted at the S K.corner
of L 6..47, and marked N. T BV N. W corner, and
runnlug east an chains, thence south 20chalns,
thence west 40 chains, tbence aouth iO chains,
tbence wen 40 chains, thence uortb 40 chains to
place of beginning.
Burton, April 23rd, ^907.        Nellie T. Beer,
A. A. in k'i of*, Agenl.
Sixty days after date I intend toapply to tha
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki,
Victoria, to purcimse H20 acres of land in Weit
Kootenay, described as follows: Commenciug
ata post phnted up UOiquttO ereek, about eight
miles from the mouth autl marked K, Cross'8 W.
corner, tlience m>rt<> 80 chains, tbence 40 eliains
east, thence 80 chains south, tbence 40 cbalni
west to place of beginning
Feb. iith, 1907. K. cross.
3. K. AmuBU, Agent.
Commeccing Monday,
May 20tt. and continuing for 4 days, wc will
Sel! oar stock of
Children's Wear at
Special Discount Prices
Special Sale of Children's Wear
Children's Linen Dresses for   75e eic|]
Children White  Dresses for    $1.00 ,,,),'
Children's White Percale Dresses    75c Mc|^
Children's White Undershirts  5oc eac|,
Infants' Slip Shirts (rom  25.   '
Infants' Muslin Bonnets 35c each up
Infants' Cream Coats from   11.50 each Z
We invite inspection of these
Special Bargains.
Fred Irvine &z Co'y
Notice im hereby nfen that f
titer dale 1
InVeiiVl to'ap'p!) lolTieHoli.t'biefCo'mmlHsioneriuf
J-andsand Works, Victoria, lor |>erml��sion to pur-
Chase the following described land : Commem Ing
al a p-isl planted on the west side OjBlOUO leM
and about two miles norlh of Kvans creek, slid
marked <i, H. li.. southeast corner foil, thenee
norih following shore of lake UM chalne, thence
west BO chains, thence BOUtb 100 chains, tbiDM
east 60 chaius to point ol commencement, B00
acres more or Ipss.
Loeated April 20, IWI.
(iEO   B   liAKRETT, IxicatOr,
wM.OiaooH. Agant
niity dayi alter date 1 inteml toaoply to the
lion   tin- Chlel Oomminlonei of Unds aud
Woiks. Victoria, to purchase M0 acres of land in
Weit Kootenaf, deeerlbed as follows: Commencing at a poit planted about eight milei up
Honulto oreei and joining B, CroM'application
to purchase, and mnrked C. M's 8. K- corner,
thence north ��o chaini, theiu-e west 80 chains,
thence south po cbains, theuce east 80 chains to
placeof beginulnK.
Feb. I6tb, IIM7, C, Marshall,
Sixty ilays alter uate I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chlel Commiisiouer of Unds and Works to
purchase thc following ducrlbed land located
in -/ire valley dlitrlot of Weit Kootenay: Commencing at a post planted at the H. K. corner of
John BaiiKs'pre-emption, thenee siuitb 80 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 40 chains to place of beginning, con-
tainlnK Sue* acres.
Located March Hth, 1W7.
I). A. McfHEe, Locator.
J.J Kklly, Ageut.
Take notice that tM days after dato 1 intend to
apply to the Hon. Cbkf Commissioner of Lauds
and 'Works, for permission to purcbaie the following described lands: Commencing at the
southeast oorner of lot 6306, thence welt 10
ebalus, them-e south ��0 chains, tbence east 20
chains, thence north 30 chains. Ihence west 10
chains to poiut of commencement, containing
40 acres, more or less.
Dated April 10th, 15*07 F   J. Braolhv,
W. W. Hrai>lky, Ageut.
I, the undersigned, after 00 days intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissionerof Lantls
and Works to purchase the following described
land: Commencing at the N. K. (J. of Lot 7*Mt9
(i. I., tbence west 40 chains, tbeuce nortb 20
chains, tbence east 4o chains, thence south 20
Chalm to point of commencement, containing ao
acres more or less.
Located March JKth, 15W7. W. A. MILLS.
Take notice that sixty davs alter data
I intend to apply to the Houorable the Chlei
Commissioner oi Lands and Works for permission to purchase the followlug described land
situated in the West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post plauted at the southeast
corner of Lot 138, on tlie south Bide of the West
Arm of Kooteuay lake, tbence W chains went to
southwest corner ot said lot, theuce 'A) chaius
south, thence HO chain* east, thence 20 chalne
north to place of commeucemcut, cuutainlug 160
April '.'n-i. 1907- CUABLXS ROBIHTSON,
per Krneit W. Kobinson, Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend toapply to the
Hou. Chief Commissioner of I.ands and Works,
Victoria, B. C, to purehaae the following described land, situated lu the West Kooteuay district: Commencing at a post planted on the
west side of Kooteuay lake, near Khluoceros
point, and marked J. McKinnon'e 8. E. corner
post, thence west 80 chalos, thenee north 40
chains, thence east 80 ihains more or less to lake
shore, theuee aloug lake tborc to poiut of commencement.
Bigoed J McKimroN.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and
Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase 100
acres, more or less, situated in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a posl planted midway
ou the north bouudary of I-ot "6li aud adjoining
H.W coruerof Lot 80&(, thence north 16 chains,
thence west 40 chains, tbence south 40 ohalni,
thenc eeast 20 chains, thence north 24 chains,
tbence east 20 chains to polntof commencement
Located March 20th, 1*307. 1. J. BOAVUir,
Sixty days after date I intend toapply to the
Hou. the Chief Commissioner of Lands und
Works to purchase the following deserlbed
lands: Commencing at a post plnnted on the
east side of j*mon Creek at tbe mouth of thc first
north fork and marked "h. Cooper's southeast
eoruer," runuing 80 chains west, north 40chains,
east 80 chains, aud south 4o chains to place of
Dated March 20th, 1907. R, Cooper,
J. T. Tiitinq, Agent.
Sixty days afterdate I Intend to apply to the
Hon. thc Chief Commissioner of i_ands and
Works to purchsse Ihe following described
lands: Commenclngat a post marked "L A.
Tippliig's southwest corner post" and planted
ncarH. D. Curlis's land, about half mile from
Slocan City, running north 40 ehadus, east 20
chains, south 40 chains, west 20 chains to place
of commencement
Dated March 14th, 1907 L, A. TlPflKfl,
J. T. Tipping, Agent.
Hixty days mter date I intend to app.y to the
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Umls aud
Works to purchase the following described land
located In Firs Valley distrlit of Wast Kootenav
Com mencing at a post planted at the H.W, euruer
of John Bang' pie-^mptlou, theuce 60 chains
south, thenee 40 chains west, thence 60 cbains
north, thence 40 chains eait to place of begin nlng.
RidiARi) Kkkpf, l-ocator.
J.J. Kelly, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days alter date 1
InieiKi to make application tothe Honorable th��
i hie' Commissioner of Lamls and Worki, at Victoria for permission to purchase the following
dese Ibedjaudi: Cnmmcneiuir al a post planted
at tbe southeast comer of lot SUfi, group 1, thenue
soutli 2*1 chalnn, theuce east CO chains, thenee
north 26 chains, thence west 60 chains to point
of commencement, containing IW acres, more or
Nelson, March 27th, 19(/7.       AMXIfl L. Wane
        P. Wane, Ageni.
Hixty days afterdate I intend toapply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Works, Victoria to purcha'e the following dt-
icrlbed land: Commencing at a post marked
M B'l B, W. corner, and planted near the north-
well corner of lol 8812, about one mile west of
Slocnn river, and running eait 40 chains to I,ot
881, thence nor'h 40ehains, tbence west WchaWl
thence south 40 chains to place of beginning.
March 9th, 1907. Milda HaUtt
Paul Hatch, Agent.
8Utydayi alter dato i intend to apply to the
Hon, Chief Commlisioner of Lands and Works
Victoria, to i Tchase lb following described
lands adjoining the Arrow lakes in West Koot-
ensy: Commencing at a post planted at the
N. VS. corner of J. H. Porter's preemption, and
marked h. W's S, W. corner post, thence2��cnaius
north along lake shore, tnence U ohalni ea��t
theuce 20 chaini south, thencu w ehetni west lo
place of beginning, conlaining 40 acrcB, more or
April 18, 1W7. JIVKLYW W'ATBON.
T.BlxtZ_.^V"oa"er.(UtBMnteri'1 toapply to the
Hon. Chlet Commissioner of Lainls and Works
to purchase 80 acrei of land located about :t milpv
southeast of Burton: Commencing ata post
planted at the lOiithwost corner of Lot BUI, and
marked O a Hunter's southeast corner, thenoe
north 40 chaini, thence west 20 chains the oe
olta InnST "* nRe CMt M chain" t0 P'��ce
Located April aoth, 1907. g.a Huntiii.
perA.KiiLia, Agent.
a For Further Information Apply to
��� tl* tl* ll 1 1 J, NELSON, B. Cl
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.1
Whole-iaie Provl��lon��,
Produce,        - Prult.
Government Creamery Ouv-Pnnnd Ilnclm iwlved weekly tnth from lh��
churn.   Kor amlc by ull ksading (jrooeri.
Offlro and warehoune: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, R C.
Blxty tan titer naic i lutend to appi-r m tins
Honorable the Chlel Columlmilisiier ill Lelliln mill
worka, Victoria, to uurchwe this fsillssnisssf
deaerllieit laml. In Weil Kootena, dlitrlot*
lonimeissslng at a poit planlesl al llie fi.K. coiner
, .   u _,    J'.!1'" F��rI'aie   UM   aiisl  markesl
K.M.Ha N.fc cornsT,'* Hiss) niOOlOff WUth40
ehalni, Iheuce weat to rhalni, llsel.se n���rlt, ��l
ehalni, thenee eait 40, halnis tss pltt(.e 0f bc_ln-
nine and containing 210 aerei.
March Sth, 19W. E. M.Shaw,
    J.K. ANSiHLi, Agenl.
Notice ll hereoy given lhal W dayi alter slate 1
Intend loapply to the Bonotikli ihe Ohlel lorn-
minloner 0/ Undi and Worki lor permlulon
to piirrhiw about 115 asrei ol land, iltuate neat
thePeno sl'orelilc thu, Hen Kootenaj dinrl. 1,
and deacrlbed aa lollowi: Commeuelng al ,.
poit marked li. K. 1 bomlon'l N.W. soriii-r DOM
iltualeilon the anuth boundary ami ��ahalni
Irom 9. W poil nt hiI71M, theuce muth al*.sst;t)
ehalni, Ihence eail about -Jfi chalna to a point on
the weil boundary ami Si ehalni Inim H. W. [sssil
01 Uit nil, thenre norlh 70 chalui and theuee
weit ia ehalni tss th-- -' -* *���	
Mtt March, lHt/7.
-- ���-���"������>   ""�����   iissssis    ,u   ssssa 	
"S..**.!'1""" '" "'" P',ce "' heginniug.
11. K. Thisxiow,
A. IJ. I.ami, Ageut.
I, the ssn.Ierilgned, aller 60 dava Inteud to ap.
fly lis Use lloniirahle llle Chlel Cs.iuiisl.alorier ol
l.aiiil.and Worki tn purchase Use lollowlng da.
i.rlbs.s lansl s Coinnien. lug at �� r������t marks,I
N. h I , illuatc at lhe nissiith nl ,;���,, creek on
lie weit Ihoro Ol fisjwa lake, Ibensi. well 20
eha 111, Ihence ioulb M chaiua, Ihonce weat ai
chalm, thence aouth �� chalui, tlience weat 411
bam, thence aouth 411 chalna, thenre eaal no
rhalni, thence north aucha psslnl sil nm.
meoccinent '
Located March 27lh. 1��I7      t...   UtSHsVtttt,
loll&_""' *.rel��'"e<l, lilt...>,l alter Ws stay, lnai.|.ly
,,..,,n,'l^',"'''':'���,''''"'''''''''^''' "'" lollowlng
I��S.S': 1   ���olnlilelisliig at a poit marke.1
I ��� sil   ���'Jin. Jl .1   H   p   ('     .1,1 ,, in, I   .,[1 11... i..|iy)    i..,.,
5   h','::,".",,1",1.* *"","" "��*'v!* inl"". Imm lhe ll^
o ,.,    40        ."* "',*'  ""'"' ��' ehalni, thenc
Joi'meuSenl'0"'' "' """'""  '"" l�� '*"'"' "'
l.nratc.1 May 4th. T.M.Bluir.
Ch? 7 '"7 ""c ' """"I "' ��� W lo the Hon.
thief (.onilnlaaloner nl Unda and Worki, Vie-
lorla In purchaio UK) acrei oi lau Kire Valloy,
r,������, c"",c""v.'1l"rI"l',""l'll"rl""""��''HI'i��ii
Commencing at a poll marked W   II  Wrighl'i
,". , i i"""1", tlieiise imilh mi ehalna. thence
eaal in chilnitiilHaee ol bull ig, and being
llle weal uiisdialls,   lie N. jf smarter ol H,,ii���,,
&,??�����S."S?1 H' "' *-���������- H- ��'��� une.,mirier ol
Motion 8.'s In Townihlp 7111. I.
March aoth, 1907     ' w. H. WmtuiT.
n��L %���'W ��'t<!r date 1 Intend to apply lathe
Hon. Chlel Commlnloner nl Unda ausl Worki
ter���ll",?,3i!n,,"'"���"?"l""1 ln ��� Valley, Weit
Kootenay dlitrlet and deicrlbed al lollowi
commencing at 1 poil marked J. K*i H. K.
���KIS-&.H? "inning norlh an chalm, thence
eaityPA'Jfflfl "'?'"' ""���"������ ** ,*l'��l"��. ""���"I*
eaat 40 ehalni to place of beginning ssnsl iselne
he weat onchart oj the H.Y o���,,V*. Ic  anil
_U.rr.ll BOth, 1907. ' J011II _���_���_,
Inl^ll',}" "e',l'hy "'.'"'"."M m dayiafler dato7
0 no.'.. Tt'",1",' """ ''''''���' Cuininlailoner
ho1fiiSifi.. ."rk",,'"r, fiofn'Mlon in purchaio
kooina,'WJfffW'" """l��. ""-'lau* In Won
MI J  ,',? ''--"H1-**; <;i��nniiitieliiK at a poal mark.
eh..;,!" BH N* _*��� <*""<"��� "t*m "",", no
8_ioii.'.��. i?*" V* "le "-""-������"" boundary oi ll.
els. ,,.-",Pl'"C""""   '".PI'r.hs.Br;   OlMCtaitt 40
okllSI'.i'HR,"",'"' *|i*l'��|ii��l thenre weit 40
mIUH,!p_S| ���'r |^���""""*i>'>��ut, conlaining
"���led thll lllh day ol March, 1907.
1.1. Pom>,
Nuilre li herehy glren thit��'li*fiilt*r',"'JJ
intend to applj In lhe Hon. chiel CoiamtulenJ
of Lansl* and Worka Inr pcrmtut'sn lo purls���
the lollowlng deacrlbed Und luMimat*
dlilrlst. 011 welt ilnrc of 1-ower Aime .
adlniiiliig Usl N0.4H4H, on theiosslh: lit,.
al a poll marked "Harry Mcheod'a M *
Poal and ilan.ed on tlie ihssre ol I .**s*. ���_ '
Uke. at the loutheaat cnrnei of Cipt '*___
I 4!l|a, thense weit !0 chalm, tlience KtlSM
1 lialna mnre or len lo lhe norlh taiiindirT����|
Fullmnrs.-a P. It , thence "Jo chalna eail Nn
"aid boundary to lake, Ihence nssrlh iw!J
lake ilmrc jn rhalni, more or leia m pom*-*
loinmeneement. ,    .    I
May 2nd, HW7. J. D. Msinrt,
Ag.-nt for llarryMtWI
Blxty daya aller date 1 Inlcnd 10 VM.'fl
Hnn lho Ch el (.'umniliiloner nl "���".'Il
Worka, Viciorla. lo purchaie .Tin ai-ra olUitiB
Weil Ksssstenay, deacribesi aa le|lnJr*:,,���il
menolni at a poet plantesl alasssl 8 nn''17*~
Muiqiilio Creek Irsmi Ihe moulb "���''""_
"A 6." N w. corner, Ihenee molti��[_}___*
thense eaal 40 ehalni, Ihenee north *'" ,
tnenee 4o sdialna weit to place nl hcKlnjimr
Kebruary 16th, 1907. A. lull"'
J. K. ANNABI.B. A��Dt.
Hilly dari aller da'e Mnleui! lo apply to'Jjl
Hon -he Chief Coniinliiloncr of u��!"_,a
Worki, Vlelssrla, lo pnrehaae 64" aerea olll"*"
Weal Koolenay, deacrlbe! ai lollowi: "��L
laenelng nt a p.,n marked "D. B." H.�� ��"JH
and being at tho N.W. enrner ol A. <"����"U|
appllcalliin to purehaie which li ihn'i' \__\\
up Mssaqsillo Crock Irssm the moulh l"'l ���] I
nlng KI ehalna iouth, iheuce M ,h""".Tiil
Ihenee an cli.Hll norih, thonce W rhiln��"""|
l"rebr',,,'.';;',li,.���',",5n,. P, WIMM,
1. K. AHVIALI, At_______.
I ..si I
Nlily ilaya after dale 1 Intend to apel) " 'JJI
Hon. lhe chlol Cisniinlnloiior ol Lai"",;^!
Worki, Viciorla, In purchue 120 as-rcl W
,,.aa. , .is,,. .��. sn psireiiiiae .-�� .���.��� .,.,,���
ealed ou the weal aide ssl Arrow lakean.l !!"}���
directly nssrlli ol Iai! 7976: foiiimeiis-ltig it'lTl
planted al Ihe N. K. eornor ol IaiI 7H*7�� and '''".U
e.i "ll. II. H. K. oorner," and running n"i f ,1
chalm, theuce weat ao chalna, thenee noria ���
ehaim, thenco weit Hi chum thenee a"111" ���
chalm, theneo eaat 40 chaiui to point ��' ini"!
April Hrd, 1907. Biithi ii����w"*J
J. K. AHHall.", Afint,.
Hlxty dayi aller dale I Intend to appl) "''Jl
Honorable the Chlol Conimlllionor nl U""'J,I
W.srki for permlaiion tn purchue the '"'"''J,!
deicrlbed lansl lu Wen Kootonay: C"m,".",",,i|
at a pssit about one nndaqiiartermlss"- (   s1    ,|
Ussy ie Undlng, and markeslillella sSia.si 1.1
H. K. corner, thence north 2n cliaim. 'I"*""...�� I
W chilni, tlience aouth ao chalm, Ihenee as, |
chalm lo point ul cnnimenceinout. _,
March Sind, I��n7.    (Hlgnod) BllLA BaA����
li.siiiaT Rommok, Ageot.
BlXty diyi after dato llntend to apply '��_j I
Honorable the Chlel Commlnloner ol U?S"| I
Wsirki for permlulon to nuroheu ihe '����� "",�� I
ileasrlbed land In Weal Kontemy: Coraffl" "JJ I
alapsiitplunleil on the nnrth ninljOffHSSj I
Oreek, ahilitlhreo i|iiirlennf a mile Iron:mo>
ul creek, nnd niarked Kva Cull'i H- ^"J-iiS I
Ihonce north 30 chalm, theuce well 46i�� I
thenco aonth ao chalm, teence eait to cnan |
point ol soiisineiii'i isss'iit. n,_.
March aanil, 1907. _ (Blgned) jtMOOU*
Bobht RnBinaoH, Agent.
Hlxly dayi alter dale 1 Intoiul m appl>.'�� ,j
Hon. iho Chlel Commlnluiicr ol I ,]'?,'_,,_* ,
Worka Inrpermlaalisu to purchue thisl��S3
sloicrlbod land In Weit Kootonaj: _&_\H_____
at a noat planlcd on Iho mulh \anks91j������ ,j
creek, abniit cue mllo from mnuth of creei' ���
marked "It. Koblnaon'i N.W. wrner, i�� n(,
nouth 80 chaini. thencooait 40 ''"""'"'-.mull
norlh mi chaina, thonce weiltochalni top""'
Mirohaand,1907. *      __., H-.iaaoll
(Blgnldl BOMM K0����""
***lSl.f-':Vr"~:. LVl.it I
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
le BACON We Sell
Dives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured aud Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent  Also.   All Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
L Burns & Co., Ltd.
Itihber notices.
,v alven tii"' -,| '�����)'���* mi'T ditto 1
,,,'v {������ tlir Untiiirable the Culet ('om-
' Until �����tl'1 Works (or s special
n sml 'tr-r tWM timber Irotn the
n*rtU*<l l��inls In Weal Kootenay dis-
, i t'otnmi'ii'11ti| at a post planted
i tmtik ol Bl ictw-rry crook, about
,., y, creek from railway track,
iiimeut, tbenoa <w . h-in.- aouth,
nDiwe��t, llienee 40 rlialns north,
...-.*..���  thenoe ttt. h.jit- north to
,_ s.Blillt.
I*o t-Ooiiiraenoilif et a post planted
*,,.* cotnerol Location N" l, theme
ut, thence 80 chilus north, llir ea
i ti)t'ij'*c4d chains south, them ft)
_.__,;��� 40cbelni south to point of
I   ('..tiiiiu-ncing at a post planted
tttot northeait corner of Location
���OQthi  tbeuce  UO chains
< cbalni north, thence -to chains
11 iiMiiix south    tbenco 80 chains
>[ eommenoementa
f ���"
int try glren that '���'������ dars altor dato 1
kv lo the Hitimrable tlie ' litcf i uiii-
itami* and Wnrks, Victoria. Ior a
. to cut and tarn away timber
ring deicrlbed land lu tho district
���tint a pout tv   ".: seven miles from
���^TimmU creek, lu a westerly dlrec-
i   U   Benny*! northeast corner
haloi wut, thence 40 cbaini
i    haloi WMt,'tbenee 4W chains
���     hafns ���>*���'. tbenco 40 ebalns
i IihIiih east,  tbence 40 chains
0. M  Ii��*vf��Y, Locator,
/.noi i ifRKii, Agent.
I givi n tbat ��) days atter date 1
|iiv in tbe Hnuorabie the Cblel Com-
U:i*'.' ami Works  for a   special
fcnl snd carry away timber from the
scribed  landl situated  on the west
Sbftp I reek Valley)   ('ommenclng
I'Hi'Ul.r.;! miles imrth of tbe inter-
t line and about onu and a
of tht N' l��on nmt Fort Hheppard
(HDpan) > land grant in tho dUtrict of
ineiirlnic al a ',������������1 planted two
|t ul I:ik Kheep neck, kuown oa tbo
i��r y��*i. jniiiing J. K. Cranston's
<n l.i:��.'* i m ebalns north,
��� eait, tbence HO chains aouth,
*weit ui ��� ��� commencement.
iMan-li Hit, IW7.
H.i;imrt��� Mitt at a  i*..-*i| planted at thc
rorner of loealion No. 1, known as the
corner poiiof Imtilon No. 2, claiming
pouth, tin iin  B i tialnseait. Ihen e 80
Ihenee Bu i hinm weal io point of
Kb Slit, 1907,
omtaeuciDx nt n post placed ball a
of location No 2, known as thesnuth-
���r, claiming *i'|,H|iiB north, thence 80
in. ilifiiir m . imins aouih, tbeuce W
���t to i>oint of cntnmenainient.
J. I'.  -WKMiKMO. laOCtllOT.
K"   I   1* MiKLSKJIw, Agent
Ii hereby glren that W days after date .
aspplj i" lbe Hon. Chief Commission-
idi smi Worki for a special license to j
*rrj trntr umlier from the following
Un li iltnated on the west aide of Big
lei I'alley, i ommenclng about 4**j miles
uittrnaiitnial boundary line, and
He west of Hig .-lu-r-jf creek In tbe
��t Ifootenay:
Hfcaaeneini at a post planted about
aw*i nt Htg Hbeep creek, known at the
 " r i-nM. i liilmlng 80 ebalns south,
ui wen, thence ho chains nortn,
����� easl to point of com mencemont.
Bracing at a post planted at tho
11 uf loi ntion No I. known aa thu
'*���'" poat, claiming W) chains north,
w east, lbence 90 chain* south,
oi weil to polnl of eommeneement.
oenclni at a pout planted at the
"rof loratloii No 2, known as the
*r poet, claiming 10 chains north,
int weet, thonce m chains south,
dhb-i tn point of commencement.
I** April Uth, WOT,
J. P, KWXDRXHO, l.ocalnt,
K.r Kn.jkijkirw. Agent.
(Timber Limit fco.H0
���hereby Kiven <hat Bt) days after date I
�������pply to the Houurable the Chief ��'om-
J'i(f.aii,u and  Works   (or   a   aperlal
���id carry away Umber from UU
���"I laud, situated on Kooskanai
'���'teuay dlsirlct:
I  a post plantel at the north-
������*. ��� id) ber Limit No HH47,MO mark-
t<k\ Miiiiiiwt.ni corner   post,   tbenee
''""Hi*, tbenco east 80 chains, thonce
���',n|i in.nee west 80chalus to polntof
* M��N'h 2h, 1907.      H. I>. Lis. Locator.
(Timber Notice No. H)
���''iiiK��tHpost planted at the southeast
i��� - limit, ami al ihe mirth west coi ner
'ease No.  liM4fl,  thenco   north   160
-<* i-nM   40  chains  to  west line of
...  Nn   HU45,   following   line  of No.
|11'"-if, ii'iciiuinM, thence following line
tiilcenw No. 10348 40 chalna lo poiat of
Pl Hireh Q, 1907.      H. D.IA4. Locator.
.     (Miiibcr Notice No. 4.)
"'���"'���by given that Mi davi after date I
"I'l'lv tn t|)t. n���IL chief Oommlsaiouer
stui �����r|iB fnrBl gpoeUl license to cut
\{***J limber  from the following de-
t��mi��, iltuated od Kooekenex orw in
wwnay dlitrlot, and about  flvo miles
p�� knot* lulu,;
gjcjng at ii |M)Ht planted on tho north
ik i Vi' i nlK"11 llHl( K m,1�� ,rom 'r^ee,t,
jntii   I.      ***������ ���'"itbraat corner post,
J" W chains, tbence west HO chnins,
l"| ^'chnltiH, thonce oast W) chains to
r   wniBUoement
e" Mtrch Bl, iwo?.      H. D Ua. Locator.
(limber Notice No.fi.)
^uniig at a pout marked II. D. Lea's
���up i , n,'r .,,)hl' lbence north 80 cbains,
VhaV,��|,Mtnilc,,f No A lOOetton, thenco
Shu it* HmiUl w UUm. thence
ed ����.iS *5-VlIlt"' <1<��inucncemeni.
Vi Maroh 31, wm,      H. D. Its, Locator.
��� ii ,(11,,ll,,er l-tmit No. 6.)
, ' l"ri'by given thai amy days after
.       '   10 apply  to the Honorable the
llcwiaV* f 0'**ht\t aud Works for a
ii*ii.n..,ui ?u' ,in'' l'*rry away timber
l,.i! "'^MOribed land, situated about
'���reek   ,. u* ',' JL'P"r A"��w lake on Kooa-
���tieiirii,, ���, '*{ Kootenet disTict:
��� ii mi,,.   '11",Nl Plated and marked H,
I ancHt corner port, thenee east 80
* tb��M n"1 ,h H" "htlni, thenco west Wl
ij"" north 80 chains to point of com-
talW��rob 81,1907.      H.D.L.A, locator,
mi,n    JltnberUmllNo.?)
���l����.��"_ Rt " l"",t Planted at
' I'liinifd and marked II.
'��'i comer poit, thenev south 80
11   the wnt lino of ho.fl limit,
PB��*tNn.t.i     .' th��noe north 80,chains,
Pteii m    ?       l,) 1,u,nl��' bommeneement.
H.D.Lba. locator.
"' l^'MiidvL? V,,.'I "'at *) days from dete
VJ isi   f!"r ��,��P��ol��l HceiiHo to cut
l,WMu& f.rom tll�� '"l��owlnBde-
m west Kootonay dlitrlet:
banKn muW H i B Bt P'"01"*1 "" lh0 ��wt*
rV,, ii f��V>����i a'"'"! one mile and a ball
from Hloean lake, marked K Htraml'i nortbweit
4<CaItis.theme weal UH) chains, thence nortii
40 chalna to point of commenccment.
Uated this 21��t day of March, 1907.
 K. Btiuho, Locator.
i..?��li��f '" hc.rt'b7 *Ueu tn4t wa��y�� ������������d��TeX
lutend toapplj to the Hon. tbe Chief Commli-
sioner of lamli and Worki, at Victoria, for a
!KS?��i lu:i'}\*v !" ����' end carry awav timber
from  tho following described lands ln Yale dla-
No. I. -Commencing at a post planted about 10
chain* east of niafu Keltle riverand about one
mile more or less nonh of CM- K, Hlock No.
'��J7. and barked Bouodary Lumber Co'i S. K.
eoruer post No. 1. tbenco HO chalm n-rth. lbence
H chains west, thence H chains south, ihenee HO
ehulns east to the jxjint of commoncemeut.
Deled Manh Wild, 190?.
N��. 2_���I'ommenclng at a post planted about 10
chains east of main Keltle river about ho chalna
north of Boundary Lumber Co'i Location No. 1,
and marled Bouudary Lumber Co's H. K corner
poll ho. 1, thence �� chalus north, ihenee HO
chains weit, thenco 80 chaina iouth, thence 80
chalm east to tho point of commencement.
Dated 'tlml March, 1907.
No. 3.���OommettQtnf at a nost planted about 80
ehalns east ol mun Kettle riverand about 80
chains north of Bo. idarv Lumlier Co's location
posl No 2, and mark*. 1 Bouudary Lambor Co'i
h. K. eorner jum IIO.S, i&enM 80 chalm north.
thenre D cbHins west, iht ic-a 80 chains south,
thence 8u ehalns oast to tbe point ol commencement.
Da toil March Bod, 1907.
No. 4���Commencing at a poat planted aootit.
10 chains cast of the main Kettle river and about
HO ebalus north of Boundary Lumber L'o's location post No, 8, and marked Boundary Lumber
* o's 8 K. corner post No 4, thanee 80 chains .
north, thence 80 chaini weit. thence ho chalna ]
south, thence ��o chalm east to tho point of commencement.
Dated March ��!lid. 1907.
No 5.-Comraenelng at   a post planted about
15 rhalni east of mala  Keltle river and about
two miles north, moro or loss, of Boundary turn-
ber i o'i lxK*atlon-Ko. 4. and mark-M Boundary   '
Lumber Co's H K. corner post  No 5, tbenee HO '
ehaim north, thence 80 chaini west, thence 80* l|
chains iouth. tbence 8u chains east to the point
of com meneement*
Dated March X8rd, 1907.
No. a.���Commencing at a poit planted about %.<
chains easl of main Kettle rlfer on 0  i'. K   line
bloct   No. 1*714, and about 80 chains nortb of   ,
Boundary Lumber Co'a location post No. fi, and   '
marked Boundary Lumber Co's *-* K. corner post
No. 6, thence 80 chalm north, following C. I* B.  .
line block No _ni4, tbonce 80 ebalus west, theoce '
80 chains south, thoueo H" chains east to tlu-
point of commencement.
liHte.1 March iMrd. 1907.
No, 7.- Commencing at a post planteti *bouft
lfi chains wesi of the main Kettle river on ti **. it
line i.i -ck No T.\i. and about 80 chaiui north of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location post No. 8, and:
maiked Boundary Lumber Co's *- ��.. corner post
No. 7, thence 160 chains north, following C. P. It
line block No. -TU, thence 40chains west, tbence.
160 vhalus south, thence 40 chains eut to the
polut of commencement.
Dated Mareh _3rd, 1907.
No. 8���Commencing at a poil planted aboul*.
JO i hains weat from river bank and about 8milei<
south, more or lesa, of the lait east branch of the
eaal fork of tbo main Kettle river or about 18'
miles north, more or less, of C. V. R. Hloak No.
r,it, on eut fork of Kettlu river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. coroer poit No 8. thence
80 cbaini eut, thence 80 chalm south, ihonce 80
chains west, ihenco 80 chains north to tbe polntof commencement.
Dated March i'lih, 1007.
No. 9.���Commencing tt a post planted aboul
'JO chalna west from river bank, on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about ���*-" chains soutb of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poet No 8, and
marked ttuuudary lumber Co'i N. W. corner
post No. 9, Ihence n0 chains eut, thenc BOehalns
south, thonce tn chains west, thence 80 chains-
north to tbo point of commencement.
Dated March Suh. 1907.
No. lo ���Commencing at a poit planted about ���
aochalnswesi from river bauk on the east fork
of Kettle river, aud about 80 chains iouth of
Houndary Lumber Co's location post No. 9, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
post No. 10, thenee BU chains easl, thence 80
chalm south, thence 80 ehalni west, thence 80'
chains north to the i*otnt of commencement.
Dated March iMh, J*;.
No. 11.���Commencing at a post planted about
lfi chains weat from river bank on the east fork
of Kelllo river, nnd about 80 chains south of
Houndary Lumber Co'a location post No. 10, and
marked Boundary Lumlier Co'i N.W. corner post
No II, theuce 80 chalm cast, thence 80 chalnn
���outh, tnence 80 chains wost, theuce80chalm.
nortb to the point of commencement.
Dated March llftth, 1907.
No. Vi. -Commencing at a post planted about 12:
chaini wesl from river bank an the east fnrk of.
Kc'tle river, and Hbout 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location post No. 11, and
matked Houndary Lumber Co's N. W, corner*
po��t No. l'l, thence 80 chains east, thenco 80*
chains' aoulh, thenco 80 ehalus weal, theuco 80'
nortii to the point of commencement.
Dated March Hth, UOT.
No. 13.--('ommcnclug at a post planted ab'/nt
I'ichaiiiH went from rlvor bank on tho eut fort,
of Ketlle river, and about 80 chains smiit.t off
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 18, nidi
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N W. coreatr
pnst No 18. thenco 80 cbaina eut, thci'.ow to
chains south, thence 80 chains west, the nee ��
ebalni imrth to lho polut of commeucomi jil.
Dated March BRh, 1907.
No. ll,���Commencing at a post platur.il about
10 ehalns w-it from river bauk on tho eut fork
of Kettlu river, and about ho chalna iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location put No. IS, and
marKM Boundary LumberCo's N W. ���.���orner poat
No 14 thenco 80 chalna east, thim.-o 80 cbains
iouth' thonce ��0 chains west, tben��i�� 80 chalna
north lo the point of commencement.
Doted March Mth. 1007.
No lfi���Commencing at a poat planted about
10 chains west irom river bank on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co'b post No 14. and marked
Boundary LumberCo'a N. W. corner post No. 16,
thence 80 chnins east, thence fti chains south,
thence 80 chains west, thenOO MO chains north to
nolnlof eommeneement.
Pated March 2Mh, 1007.
No 16.-Commonclng at a post planted about
8 clmluB west from river bank on the oast lork o(
Kettle rlvor, and about ��) chain* south of
Houmlary Lumber Co'a Iocaliou port *n. 16, ana
marked Boundary LumberCo'a N. tt .corner post
No 16. Ihenee 80 chains eaat, Ihentjc 80 cha na
aouth, theuco 8i chaina west, thence 80 ehatM
north lo tho point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No  n.-Conimonelng at a past planted nhtmt
5 ohalns west  from river bank on the ensl OK
of  Kettle  river, aud ahout 80 chains so btart
Boundary Lumber Co'a location pos  No. lb, an4
nrked Bounder*  Lumber Co's K.W. ����-mwt
mS  No. 17,  thence 80 chains east  thonteN
miUH south, thenee 80 chains west, thMW��
ehaitiH north to tbe point of eommenceme��U
Dated March 86th, 1007.
No. 18.-Commenciug at a post plantoifl mihsxtt
fi chalus west of tho river bank oil the i'-itWl(
f Kettlo Klver and about �� o)��'n^oj; of
Boundary Lumber Co's looelloi Mg No. 17
and marked Boundary ��� umber I o a N.W. corner
��It N��!f IH. thenee 80 chains H* . ttOMO J
chains south, thenee 80 chaius ��cst tlienie SO
ohalm north to tho point or v���""^���^
Dated March Mth^ WW. ��V*
The DaDy Caiudian
Italian   Nobleman   Took   Hla   Tenants
Into Soclaliatic Parnerihlp���Usual Reault Followed.
Milan, May 28.���Duke Pompeo Lltta,
Uio last in.-inl.i-i- of an historical Lombard fsimlly, Is for the moment tbe most
dlsapiiolntcd man In this city. Eight
years ago he settled down here In the
ancient castles ol his ancestors, having
until Ihen travelled abroad. During his
wanderings ho became acquainted with
Die leaders of German socialism especially Barren Uebcl and Vollmar, and
became a convert to their doctrines.
Upon arriving at his ancestral home he
resolved to give proof of his faith. Accordingly he withdraw all bis large estate surrounding bis munsion and handed over for cultivation to 1118 peasant
families working on the eBtatu aB laborers, forming tbem Into an agricultural
colony on socialistic lines. He charged
the new occupiers trifling rents, which
only aggrcgrated $5,000 for the whole
large property.
At flrst the experiment produced excellent results, and the economical condition of the peasants improved greatly.
Duke Litta rejoiced at the Biiccess of
his altruism, but prosperity proved the
undoing o fthe colony. The peusants
grew idle, neglected to till the laud, and
began to cut down the lumber. Disagreements with the proprietor on this
subject led to the rise of the agitator
among the community, the members of
wblch were thus Induced to claim absolute ownership of the estate and to refuse to work.
The duke, deeply wounded by the ingratitude of bis beneficiaries, acknowledged that his sin*.sin has vanished. He
believes tbat the ignorance of the peas-
nuiry makes colieetlvlBm Impossible at
present. Nevertheless, he doeB not
abandon hope of a golden age in the future, and meanwhile he Is taking the
practical course of applying to the tribunals (o ensure him undisputed possession of his estates.
Stolen After Wreck.
Allentown, Pa., May 28.���Clems valued
ut about 120,000 and accident insurance
opllcles aggregating 150,000, are missing from the effects of I.ouls M. Elleng-
Bogiu of this city, a member of Rajah
Temple, and his wife, who were killed
In the wreck of the Mystic Shrlners'
train at Honda, California. The box
containing tho Ellengbogin effects was
received today by counsel for the estate,
who found that most of tbe jewelry that
Mr. and Mrs. Ellcngbogln had with
them when they left on the trip, together with the accident papers, were
gone. It Is supposed that the gems and
policies were stolen.
For Sale
1450.00, 2 lots on Latimer street,
$325.00, I lot on Latimer and Stanley.
$200.00, 30 ft lot on Chatham near Pine.
$175.00, lot on Carbonate near Park
$450.00, 16 lots on Innea street.
Weat Baker 8treet. NELSON, B. C.
Notice la hereby given that thirty <H-?a efter
tlate 1 Inten i to applv to the Board ot Licence
Coromlaslonera for the vmlr dlalrict for s trans-
lor ol the licence held by me (or tbe Fort Sheppard hotel to F. Adle.
(Signed) A H. Sriilh.
Wnucta, H 0., May 1st, 1*7.
Notlco Is hereby given that at a meeting ot the
Board of Licence ('ommlsalouers, to be hi Id alter
the expiration of thirtv days, I Intend to apply
(or a transfer of my hotel licence for the Creston
hotel, at Crcaton, CoUeorge Muad.
Uth May, 1007. 8. J. Miu.fr.
Notice Is hereby given that I will apply at tbe
next meeting of the License Commissioners,
for the City ol Nelson, to have the liuuor license
of the Silver Kinn Hotel trunalerwl from my*
������elf to Robert fralliel, of the City of Nelaon.
Dated tills 7th day of May, 1007.
Ageu'uor Bo-aodiui? Lumtiir Co-
Notice la hereby given tbat thirty daya atter
lone I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cblef
Commissioner of Lamls and Works, Victoria, for
wrmlsslim to cut and carry away timber from
l tv followiiiK described lands: Commencing at
a ; post marked No. l, E. Kioux, and planted at
t h��.northeatit corner of Lot 8688C. P K. block,
r was .the went fork of Kettle river, Yale dlatrlct,
j I. C. thenoe running 8(1 chaiua east, 80 chaina
I otith. 80 chalna weat, 80 ohalna north to point of
c oanmencement.
mated April 27th, 1907.
V> ���i.���Coinmeiicing at the northeast corner of
N *. 1, thence runniiiK eaat 80 chalna, thence
a math 80 ohalna, thence west 80 chatna. thence
ti tsrtt 80 chains to point of commencement.
AKted April 27,1007.
%t. a.���Commencing at a point about one half
in 11h. west of tbe northeaat corner ot C P. R.
II Unifc No, 3688, thence running north 8�� chains,
th e��e*  west 80 chalus, thence loutb 80 chains,
tb tame eaat SO ehalna to point of commencement.
itaMd April 29th, 1907.
I lo  _��� Commencing at the northeaat comer
of  to.*, thonce running north 80 chatna, thence
weK't-gOchalus, thence south 80 chalna, tbence
t.iisl  0* (chains to point of commencement.
Da-Md April Wth, 1907
Niv ft.���Commencing at a poat planted north ot
Con kliiiR creelt, near weat lino of C. P. K. Block
No. W0*. thenoe running west 80 chalna, thenoe
nouth 80 i'ii a ins. thence eaat 80 chalna, tbenoe
north 80 chnins to polut of oommenenment.
I>at*d May lat, 1W7. K. Kiuvi, Loeaor.
Heads of Justice Departments  Roused
to Action by Number of
Railway Accldente.
Ottawa, May 28.���The attorney generals of Ottawa and Quebec have a number of cases before them which were Investigated and submitted by the board
of the railway commissioners.
Wherever negllgonce had been shown
In the case of any railway uccldent It
has been reported to the attorney general of the province, with the request
that tbe party or parties be prosecuted.
Conductor Thompson ot Ouelph, was
the flrst case prosecuted iu Ontario,
another cuse has been prosecuted in
Quebec. There are other cases In which
no action has yet been taken. Where
tho cattes have been submitted to the
provinces the duty of the railway commission ends.
Commissioner Mills, in discussing the
matter, said that the crown attorneys
were, as a rule, entirely too lax ln neglecting to formulate and prosecute
charges of manslaughter against those
responsible for fatalities.
Mr. Mills ls of the opinion that the
law should be as strictly enforced In
the case of deaths resulting from preventable railway accidents as in all
other cases of manslaughter. Uut in
regard to railway accidents there ls seldom anything beard of them after tbe
report if the coroner's Jury. The doctor
pointed out that in the state of Minnesota tbe law provides tbat crown attorneys must actively assist ln the Investigation of all railway accidents in their
respective districts, and if negligence is
found on the part of any one connected
wltb the accident tbe crown attorney
must prosecute.
The attorney general of Ontario says
that lt is extremly difficult to get evidence lo convict, ln respect to duty
for 20 hours a day for several days, the
board bas under consideration the drafting of an order to regulate in some way
the number of hours per day an employee should be employed.
Torture Ended by Murder.
8earkeraburg, W. Va., May 28.���Word
was received here last night of a murder ln Reitchie county, near McFarlane,
In which a mother and son killed the
husband while be lay asleep ln his bod.
The victim was Harvey Yobe, a farmer.
According to tbe reports, Yohe, after
a quarrel with his wife, in which his
son John participated, went to bed; it
is alleged that they stole to his bedroom
and fired shots from a revolver, one
entering his head and tlie other his
body. Mrs. Yohe and the son gave themselves up to the autboritles and are
now ln jail at Harrisvllle. The acknowledge the murder, lt is reported,
and say they are ready to pay the
penalty. They say tbey had been subjected to torture for years.
Authoress an Orphan.
New York, May 28.���James Gorke
Duer, for many years a member of tbe
firm of Jas. King & Son, bankers, died
yesterday at his home here from contusion of tbe brain, the result ot a fall
two weeks ago. Mr. Duer was born ln
1841 in Highwood, N. J. He leaves a
widow and three daughters, one of them
Caroline King Duer, the authoress.
Detroit, May 28.���The conductors and
motormen of the Detroit United railway
last night voted, 1,002 to 237, in favor
of a strike in case tbe company fails to
comply with the men's demands for improved working conditions, especially regarding time spent by the men waiting
for "tripper" car.s and for a uniform
wage of 28 cents nn hour.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Pool-try Co., Ltd.
N.E.cor.Baker and Ward Sta.
W.   O.   aiLLrETT
Contractor and
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarda. RotiKh and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coaat lath and shingles, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and Ume for aale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eut of Hall
NBLSON,   B. 6.
p. o. Bo* VO. Telephone 178
Th* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
B-Uer Btreet, Kelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Kleotriolty and
Heated by Hot Air
Large end l.'omforteble Bedroom, snd Vint.
cleiiululus Hooia.   S*niplt Houm, for OoBUBlU.
MSI  Hstn.
MKS. K. C.CLARKE. Froprletreu
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln tbe city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court Bouse
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont Hotise
European end Anerlcin Plan
Meali �� ou.   Boomi Iron �� cts. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker It.. Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeephlne Bt
Nelion. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Ratea fl and $1.60 a Daj.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Molt comlortehle qnertere ln Nelion
Only the ben ol Liquors and cigars.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Grocerie<
Bntter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Land Registry Act.
Take notice thnt an application haa been made
to register Hugh Roas Link inter as tbe owner tn
Fee Mmple. nnder a Tax Sale Deed from Hobert
A. Kenwick, Deputy Assessor of the Nelaon Assessment district, to Hugh Boh Llnklater, bearing; date the 7th day of August, A. D. 1906, of all
and singular that certain parcel or tract of land
and premises situate, lying and being In ihe
Town of Balmo, In the Province of British
Columbia, more particularly known and deacrlbed as U>% 18, Block '-D", Town of Salmo,
(Mnp 6x2), being a sub-dlvislonof Lot-Wa, Oroup
1, Kootenay district.
You and each of yon are required to contest
the claim of the tax purchaser within fourteen
days from the date of the service of this notice
upon you, and in default of a caveat crcertiflca'e
of lis pendens being filed within such period,
you will be forever estopped and debarred from
setting up any claim to or In respect of tbe aald
land, and I shall register Hugh Boss Llnklater
as owner thereof.
Dated at laud registry offlce, Nelson. Province
of British Columbia, this 21st duy of February,
A. D. 1007.
H. F. HacLEOD,
DUtrlet Begirt nr.
Tn Mun lock A. Henderson.	
Notice la hereby given that tbe Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant (ioveruor In council, under the provisions of the " Kivcrs and Streams Act," for the
right to Improve Bykerts ereek. In tho district of
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and stnlghicnlng
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and /.iakeauch other Improvement!* as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of loKsaml thelluming ul Umber thereon
Tbe lauds to be affected are guverment lands and
Lots 251 and 252, <.roup 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, lf any,
are suoh as mav be fixed by a judgs of the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated tbls 27th day of March, A, D. 1907.
F. C GREEN      F. F. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Qvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F.O. Box 145   Fkac2f!B.
A Client Wants Us to Get an Offer for Two
Good Dwelling Houses on Cherry St
Owner lives out of town and is anxious to make a quick
deal.   Call and see us for particulars ; we can
make it worth your while.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd.
rUJv JALE river front properties
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards and rnnning water on -Bach property.    Theae properties can he pnrchaaed on reasonable terma if aold at once.
I have Juat returned to Nelaon and
have opened up at the aame old stand,
���nd now ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Acres
Choicest Frait Lands fat
British CoHMnbfau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Ha-re For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes ta
Nelson, Started In Fsfavtew, Close to the Cat Line
Large 7-room houee. Stone foundation and flrst-claas cellar. Complete water system. 10 Iota under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   Thle la a anap.   For particulare apply ta
Kootenay Land and Investment Co.
Room 10, K. W. C. Bloc*, Baker Street.                                             MOT QfYNT    B   P
Phone Wl                        f. O. Box-US.                 *         *                  WCUOUIM,   JJ. L^.
Tenders Wanted for thc Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders Addressed to the undersigned, at bli
ofllce In tbe Court House, ln tbe City of Nelson,
will be reeetTed up till tbe hour of five o'clock,
In lbe afternoon, of Friday, May slst, 1907, for
the purchase of the "Silver Champion Mineral
Cliim," Lot 8i88, Oroup 1, Kootonay District,
wblch was declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at the tax sale held in tbe City of Nelson, on the
6th day of November. WQ5, for delinquent taxes
up till June 80th, 1906, and costs.
The upset price upon tbe said mineral elalm,
which Includes tbe amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which hare since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown lirant (125 00.) lalSl.jjg,
which is the least amount that will b�� considered
ni a tender.
Eacn tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Laud and Wurks, at Victoria. B  C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 80th day of April,
flovernmfant Agent, Nelson, B. C
Tenders Wanted for thc Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to Uie underalgned, at bis
ofllce lu the Court Houn, ln the City of Nelson,
Sill be received up till the hour of tlveo'slock tn
Te afternoon, of Friday, May .'UM, 1907, for the
purchase ot the "Bryan Mineral Claim," Lot
'1699, Oroup 1. Kootenay District, whioh was
declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held in the City ol Nelaon, on the Sth day
of November, 190.V for delinquent taxes up till
June sotli, 1905, and coita
Thc upset price upon tho said mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxes
aud costs at the time ol forfeiture, with Interest,
taxe* which have since accrued, cost of advertising, and fco for Crown >?rant (liVOO.) is liMi.31,
which is the least amount tbat will be considered
as a tender
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of tho Deputy Commlnloner
of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 80th day of April,
Government Agent, Nelaon, B. 0
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Put Arthur,
St. Paul Dtdoth, Sioux City
SI. Louie |��0.00 Ottawa ��<.   58
Chicago 164.00 Montreal Ofr.OO
Toronto 178.60 St. John 1*4.00
Halifax $101.80
On .Salt Jane 6th. 7th, 8th.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions trom all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route including meals and. berths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station in Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
In the matter of an application for the issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Titleof Lots Hand
4. Block A Ut 9, Block 8tf and Lot 12. Block SO,
Nelion City (Maps 266 aud 'J66A )
Notloe is hereby given that lt ls my Intention
to lnaue a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for
thc above lots at th* expiration of oue month after
tho first publication hereof lu tbe name of Franz
Jacoby and Emit 1'ohll, which Certificate of Title
i* dated the 4th day of January, 1W-7, and numbered 4917 A,
DUtrlct Registrar.
Land Registry Offloe, Nelson, B.C
4th, April, WOT.
A u.P. A..Vancouver. D. P.A.. Nelson
In the matter of an application lor the tune ol
a duplicate of the ^ertiflcate ol Title tor aa nn-
divided ���� of lot 4833. group 1, In Ut* dlitrlot of
Kootenay (except part 12.9 acres thereof.)
Nottoe is hereby given that it ls my Intention
to Issue at the expfrnt>��-i (tf one month after the
flrst publication heiuol n duplicate of tho Certiorate of Title for the above uuntloned lands, in
the name of Malcolm Mccormick, which Certificate is dated the 19th September, 1901, and num-
bered7MA. ���
Und Registry Offlce, Nelaon, B.C., April J*rd,
ww. H. p. K*o��a6D,
District Ragiitrar
ii :
Wi ���
The Daily Canadian
We hava  just   received a line of  Fine   Canadian  Cut
Glass of Excellent value.    The shapes and designs
are new aud the prices remarkably low.
Watchmaker and Optician
,-.   Wlil.l.KR...
1 GnpctR.irss
>i<i_i.i-*��.t   rpiirty nan Tt-a.j
.- .'��� ss r> m . n ft ttttt.r,' tnisse Half
AU .re inr-he-l; arsy un*- tall-wsM to uie |*rt lis
sjhe sldbetea.    r.AQsnlB   S.  r.-sary
-Our Stock is Complete
: Here are two Soap Specials:
125  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD  $-S.5C
1/2 BARS GOLDEN WEST for J2.75
Col*. Vernon and Ward  St rewtia,
.���NELSON.   B. C.
J FKED HCME. Proprietor.
F. Armstrong. G. L Merry. A. S. Good-
eve. Rossland; W. C. Allison. R. \V.
Perry, G. P. Downey. F. K. Shelby. Van-
c uver: G. C. Clarkson, ��. Lane, Yniir:
V. Custer. Victoria; T. H. Lancaster,
Calgary; J. A. McCallum. T. A. Dins-
more. Grand Forks; K. Fagan. England:
R. J. McPhee. Slocan: \V. A. Turner
and wife. P. D. Ahier. J. K. Angrienon.
J, T. Black. New Denver: J. S. Hood. C.
R. Mnjrnev. Spokane: F. W. Warren.
Trail: M. W. Gray. Red Deer.
M Trading Co. j
me ���*iii ly GUaeA Rf
Mlt-rao-m in June.
' ��. *.*. maa**i aa*\*maaa*> a a aaaaaaaa m
p wa aw w w a w w w***> w w ww wvwvvvw w
VIC SI."it. AND URAFTING rarefullr attend
a to. A-pf.ly
HAKRY ���m.Mi-ra
flu... rrinK Hotel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
(O to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All Unds of Dlnnerware lo stock. Fat-
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
ft L Croadsdaile & &
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
AH Klnda of Heating Planta In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders wi!; And it to th-ir ad-
v��:tape to im onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
A. G. Donahue, G. A. Qulgley. S. G.
Jewett, Vuncsiuver; G. Bulmer, Montreal; .1. 0. Dufresne. Blue Hell; Mrs.
and Miss Heed, New Brunswick; H. S.
Jones. Calgary.
Ii. V. Ell-shop, Kaslo; A. J. Smith,
Vancouver; J. Maubreck, Cranbrook; A.
Msllor. Keremesss; N. Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw;
C. E. Cellatan, New York; W. J. Hinch-
cliff, I). S. McKechnle, Edmonton; T. L.
Cchurchill, S. Hughey, V. K. Wagner,
Bpokane; J. Glover. B, W. Hull, Edge-
wood; 0. Lindon, Slocan.
T. Williams. Trout Lake; A. Evans,
I). Wilson, Greenwood; F. G. Halston,
A. Trlegaa, P. J. Vlstl, Didsbury; R.
Botlierton, Crawford Hay; M. M. Calder,
It. Fimlon, Vancouver; G. Mitchley,
Gladstone; W. Clark. Cranbrook; R. W.
Qladston, Winnipeg; C. A. Forrester, W.
G. Cai-ruthers, Portage la Prairie; W. R.
Young, Salmo; H. Empson, Burton City.
G. A. Shaver, Arlington; C. H. Ever-
ley, Cranbrook; T. Polozky, T. Koskol.
ba. Northport; S. Murdoch, Slocan; J.
Thornton, Spokane.
J. McGuire. Phoenix: E. Mobbs, Gerrard; L. C. Gates. Spokane; J. Small-
wood. Ili'asley, A. Callaghan, New York;
G. Crossley, Castlegar. F. McMillan.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty,
Offlce: Bealey Building.   P. 0. Boi 434
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C.
B. C.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, ate.
1*1 Eaat Baker St.        Phone No. A��-
TWO SMART BOYS-Madl work; |<s, I s,.it. ���
Apply Mestaenner offlce.
OOOD -mart   ov ronJeUvwrolartstaP.B.
Telegraph nlllssfs.   Apply .t once ssst offloe.
Wiitreis.ISS: .tonoc   Phone
Yoa- v mto  wuh good ssffls-e experience teeki I
poalston.   Apply Pox til,. Nelson, H. 0.
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
���   VViO FfRtft-(.��-AsS KuOtfS, aieata tietted    Ap-
[     i-]T honaeiL*.i*--r. .ird fl��t, ft. W. C. hlock.
lotaaonist.   Biker Street.
atiwi-t.��-WW*-. *ji*pw.| "jtl'I'lfl��Jj_
BtmcH  OF KElS.    Return to fbaa. Lone-
.Wat. ���
i1RA*s�� CORNET, Two Shank, b ��n I >, Wllh
Owe. For Price, Apply M. J, D. Box 110:1
i SkTTr.HS. s 'dftrmen, 3 Tallymen tnsl
ftl-adm, 1 Foreman tnii-l.t.) Circular Sawyer,
fs,_.,,.r,, r.s-sKlueer. R-otss-iTiaa. sod millbel-Dol
s,ii Unas. App.y os.-,. p. Weill, Box um.
Nelson, B.C.
Fish Story.
City Clerk Warren of Trail, spent
Sunday at Kaslo and was fortunate
enough to land a 16-pound trout.
Dominion   Day.
A public meeiiug has been called by
the mayor for tomorrow, Wednesday
evening, fn the court house at S o'clock.
Fishing Spots.
Among the fishing prounds explored
on May 24th and -5th the best were
found to be the old favorites. Kaslo,
Procter and Slocan Junction.
No Slocan Maii.
No mail left Xelson for Slocan yesterday morning. It was forgotten by
the contract carrier from the post office
to the station. No post office or railway official was to blame.
Continued Operations.
The British Columbia Copper Co.'f,
smelter at Greenwood has been able to
tide over the coke shortage most fortunately, and continues to operate two
blast furnaces without let-up.
New Manager,
D. G. Maihias of Kenora, Ont.. ha? arrived in Nelson, and is now in charge
of the wholesale business of A. Macdonald & Co. Mr. Mathias has had a
lengthy business experience, and wil! no
doubt gain for himself an enviable position in the confidence of the business
community of Nelson.
Residing in London.
Wm. A. Carlyle, for years provincial
mineralogist, later manager of the Le
Roi mine at Rossland, has resigned
from the position of general manager of
the Rio Tinto copper mines in Spain,
where he has been for seven years, and
is taking consulting work in London,
where he has opened an office.
Blue Bell Mill.
Excellent progress is being made on
the new mill at the Hiue Hell mine. The
concrete work will be finished within a
fortnight at the latest. The framework,
which has been In charge of Jake Ser-
son, is nearly completed, and the pipe
line to the pen stock, more than a mile
in length, has been constructed by D.
Full more.
Drowned in Creek.
Sunday morning Alexander Grieve
and Jospeh Spatkins left camp at Lemon creek and started fishing up the
creek. They had to cross on a log at
one point. Spatkins crossed safely but
Grieve slipped and fell, Spatkins
reached a pole to him hut he did not
see ft. Running down the bank for 100
yards Spatkins got ahead of his companion and drew him out but he was
already dead. The creek at this season contains about 3 feet of water but
is very rapid and full of rocks. Spatkins thinks Grieve was stunned by striking his head either on the log or on
a rock. He went to camp, got help and
took the body down to Lemon Creek.
Word was sent to Nelson yeaterday
morning just ln time to let Dr. Arthur
catch the Slocan train. After examination he decided that no Inquest was
necessary. Grieve was a native of .Aberdeenshire, 22 years of age. His only relative In America is a half-brother, Geo.
Leask of Columbus, Wash.
The Store of Quality
Home Made
We have a few jars left and we are
aelling at the lew price of
60c per Quart Jar
15c per Bottle
Both good stock and snaps at these
K. W. C. Bloak . Phono 10
Oa    K,
Fine 5-room, all modern, close
in, Latimer St.,
$1,500      $300 CASH
���AKIR ��T.
There may lie others as good
but there are no others
better than
VTbol��nl�� *uJ KeUlI I>**leri in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp*! supplied on shortest notice and
lowest prue. Nothing but fre-sh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in fctork
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manage*.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ta.
PMO.-NK  7
Oar Stock Is Always Fresh
One of thc Most Scenic Locations on
Kootenay Waters Is for Sale.
The property comprises about 130
.icres of timber and fruit land, having
half a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Nelson.
The central portion of about 100
acres, with building, fruit trees, (lower
gardens an living springs thereon,
will be sold as a -Thole, having an extensive lake frontage io the north and
south which I win offer In acre subdivisions. For price and UTins apply
at mv home.
Our method Is to buy In small quantities, so that we never have any old
KODAK   FILMS      \
CtUuloid Trays \\ * 5> 2.5,c "CJ>
( 5 x 7, 45c each
Ruby Lamps, 50c, $1.25, $1.75 each
Measuring Glasses,
4 oz��� 15c; 8 oz., 25c;  16 oz., 45c:
24 oz., 70c.
Tripods from
$1 25 each
Also a full stock csf Developers. Fixing
and Toning Solutions, and all tlu- various sundries required in amateur photo-
W. G. Thomson
g^ofsT^  Nelson, B.C.
Phont 34.
A. S. Goodovs- of Rossland, Is a guest
at the Hume.
James Cronln arrived from Spokane !
last night.
Provincial Constable J. T. HJack of
New Denver, arrived in the city last
J. C. Dufresne, superlntend-ant of lhe
Blue Bell, was at the Strathcona last |
A. Carney, timher Inspector of East
Kootenay, Is In the clly preparatory to
starling on a trip of inspection.
K. J. McPhee, manager of the Ottawa
mine, is In the city on a hunt for working miners, which has so far proved
Ex-Deputy Sheriff W. Robinsun, formerly of Rossland, is In Nelson today
after a month spent In the north. He
is exhibiting a number of splendid
One of tbe largest life Insurance companies desires to secure the services ul
;t_ lirst-class District Manager for the
Kootenays. To ths' proper person a contract will be offered that will result in
building up an Increasing income each
year and an Income that will contlnu.-
for many years, even though the reprs^
Mutative severs his connection with
the company at soins- future date. You
have uever heard of a contract of this
nature. Address "Insurance," Dally
Lipton's Teas
Ws- are In receipt of a shipment of
Upton's Teas direct.
Half Pound Tins  No. 2  25c
One Pound Tins   No. 2  50c
Half Pound Tins   No. 1   30c
One Pound Tins  No. 1   60c
T-alephone 161.
Methodist Choir Concert.
The concert by the .Methodist church
choir will be given in lhe church bullsl-
ing tomorrow night, beginning at S; 15.
The   programme   will   be   as  follows:
C'honis   "Oreat Is the Lord **
Sol��   Mrs. Shanks
Piano Solo   Mrs. Haer
Double quartette 	
"Soldiers* Chorus"       From  Faust
Sol��    Mrs. Ilriggs
Piano solo  Mis. Hannington
Double male quartette	
���**'"  Mrs. Shanks
"Bridal Chorus" 	
 From  "The Rose Maiden"
"Ood Save the King."
Leaving Nelson.
D. M. Macdonald. who has been a resident of Nelson for ahout 10 years, will
sever his connection with A. Macdonald
& Co. this week ami leave for the Coast. I
Mr. Macdonald. during his residence j
here, has made very many friends, who
will regret his departure.
New Mains.
The pioneer says the electric lighting
company Is putting In over 1,000 feet of
new water mains, at the pump station,
in the betterment of the system. Some
of the work Is through solid rock.
Salvation Army.
Capt. Johnstone of the local corps of
the Salvation Army, received a telegram
this morning from Brigadier Howell at
Hegina stating that he will arrive In
Nelson tomorrow night and leave Thursday morning.
After Many Years.
After an absence of 5u years, most of
which time has heen spent In the West,
.Vis Qelfflsn will leave next week for
his old home In Kastern Canada. This
old man Is now s;i years of age. and Is
as lively on his feet as the average man
of tO. He was born In Nova Scotia and
came West In 1S50. Nearly all his rein-
tlves are dead. He has a sister and
a brother living In Temlscamlngue, and
there ls where he will make his first
stop. Then he will go down to Quebec,
and from there to the place where hi-
was born. He expects to b<- absent at
least three months, and his friends here
hope that he will get a great deal of
enjoyment out of his trip.
Workingmen's Shoes
The workingman's shoe should he
made strong, honest aud in s painstaking manner. The stock should be durable, and they should look well and at
tlie same time he comfortable.
Onr shoes meet all these requirements
&YAL, UillEWtCO.
jJS]��Mjti.lj.*g_)il<si _m    ...jus      _| .i    si,nimn
by Kate Douglas^'
THE PRIEST, by       -       -       -     ,-       Harold 1
THE FLYERS, by -       -       Geo. Ban* McCud
HALF A ROGUE,       - - -       Harold Md
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, ll
COR   BAKER  and   WARD.
Phone 81
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargain
Oor Fancy Vestings Must Be Sold
This  Month Regardless  of Cost
You can buy Wash Vestings for $1.00, worth $3.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00, worttfj
See them and  buy now while  the selection  is good.
Baker St., Nelson, B.C
New Spring Goods Arriving Di
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats In Stock.
Also a full range of Boots and Shoes.    "WALKOVER" our
J. A. gilkerI
iiaki:k srwi.irr. NI-L-SON.
Spring te Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock Ifl
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spai
Shovels, Kakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruuers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hutdwut
Company, Limited.
"���'TlnS? 'i-P|U ,',"bhl"�� �����"��ut��<J with l._��p,.t_l,    IDiStW
Work. Mlnlns ���"<! Mill Machinery.     Manutauturwa ol
��>-�� l~t,rm. U.  M.   Cuntructuni'  Cars.
P.O. toitr
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleums* and Carpetit
From (ilusji.w, Scotland.
Btj*t QualltltsMi at Low l>riww��.
Standard Furniture Company!
Uwitt f. Hlarb FI��no��.
<lil,-ris...Uf \l��� 1Ir,.,,,
M��r.l,��.; miisii--.) M��:,r,-M.-ss
Complete Home Fornisbtrs
Undertakers.    Embito����
AND DEALERS IN   Ltimfcef-,  SlllflglCSf
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*]
Turned Work nnd Brackets. Mail Orders proniptJjr ���***
VBRNON 8TRBBT -  .  .   .N'KUSOIM, It. C.
Launch and Boat
Ws always carry In stock and will ba pleased to mtt'tf
wants in
8uch I
Wlslu, Wiuto
Mis. .1 I-ftlnUi
Berry Htm.' Bonta Varulal)
Htc, etc.
Arctic I'UP'���'";'*
(iu Keslni OH      ,_)
(in one ��iU��n �����*"���'
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limn


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