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The Daily Canadian Nov 11, 1907

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Array - I I   ���  f ������"~~(TiT
Halcyon Llthla Water.
llalrvon Llthla Ginger Ale
Halcyon Llthla Ginger Beer.
iral, jon  Litbla Lemon Sour.
Mail.'   from   pure   carbonated   Hal
con mineral water.   Sold at all hotels
ml oatea 	
VOLUMH  2.     NO.   135
Will b* delivered    every evening    at
your doer for
III Address Resolution
to Legislature
Kootenay Members Give Assurances
of S}mFathy and Support���
Dr. Arthur's Paper.
Th.. iii." 1 11 ��� Club of Nelson, which
movement  for the estab-
,  provincial university, will
ihe government  on the
[nii.j.ii In nnticlpstlon ot legislation at
 ii   ol   iiarlllilii.nl.     The
.   mnilttee    ��iii    msel   this
.....        iirafi   i resolution which, t<>
gelbei   with     the    paper   read   by   Dr
Arthur  hi   Saturday   night's   mostlng,
! nil Is- i,rlnt,-d and copies Kent   to the
I Di.-mli. 1.- ..1   1I1.'  leglslsturs anil to the
pn^s ol il"  piovinoe.
The .lull   met   In   the   piilillc  school
Saturday   night   at    H   o'clock
I*.    M.    Fraser in the
j chair, ihe members present   being  Mrs.
!'. . . .   I.. .    1   T   Ferguson, Rev. F. H.
Graham. A  L. McKlllop, Dr. Arthur ami
11 J   Clark     The mlnules  of the  last
! nieetliic were  read anil  adopled.
Th*'   secretary-treasurer   reported a
: . ance <ni hand.
Th.- chairman of the university com-
I aittei  announced  that the  meeting of
tti*- committee had been deferred for n
Sfll    11.   recommended that the eom-
.. be empowers* to act without fur-
I thir reference tn the club,  which   was
I iccordlngly resolved,
Th.. president reminded the club that
th.- next tne..ting would he the annual
In Ar'hur then read a paper on I'ni-
it-rsiiy Endowment and Organization,
���..nsi.tii.c In part of a compilation of
rUUitlca 1,1 endowment, equipment and
operating expenses of the chief onlrsi
-i'i.- .( Canada nnd the United Btstei
litaed 1.. him by their registrars,
hi opening he quoted Prof. Lathmi.
nl Wisconsin l'liiverslty. "The chnrar
l"ri*iir institution of higher learning In
thi west is ib.- state university," a comparison in value with independent uni-
lersule. and lhe opinion that It shoal*.
I- closely related lo the general system
uf education.
There followed a consideration of
sha, constitutes inlequate endowment,
In which In- Arthur expressed regret
"'at ii|i|... iii,mi in tbe legislature had
in..I In ihe diminution by
one-half <��� r the originally proposed eu
Jowment i..r ihe lirltiHh Colombia nol-
��er��lty. Referring tn the figures fur-
ni-ii.'.l l.y Vmertcan universities and to
'I" reiwri ..t the Roys] commission on
Turiinio university, he gave it as his
"I'""..11 thai the present grant will lie
Inadequate in tl,.. need! of this province
"' ,!" "ii near tutors. Ultimately,
'" Uinitght, assets of $f.ii,nnii,iinn would
"" '"""��� Hum suftii-e lo provide revenue
1(11 Hi" university, snd a grant of land
"l;" would ultimately be worth that
"""li could I.,, made now hotter than at
nny future nm,.. Ti���. commission on
'""I"" 1 nlvcrslty has recommended
It-"'"" "f ' ���"""���(��('l> acres of land, and
BiB.OOn i, year In uddltl'in to an alreadj
��fw endowment
""    ". i* : linn ,,r one unlversiiy for
wekatcliowan, Alberts and British Ool*
",lllll;' was considered and rejected. Dr.
An|i'n holding  thnt  divided   authority
���M resulting Inevitable discord nnd In-
ejlclency  would   more  than  offset  any
"���vantage In economy.
nm of buildings, equipment and stuff
���rlea were considered, nnd II wns sug
���������tod thai lhe principal should receive
M least 110,000, heads of faculties $��.-
"��� mm professors rrom 18,1500 to $r..oun.
A�� to location, Vanmjuver as the lug
��� centre ���f population was considered
" '"B'"'!  place, nud   Point Orny Bug-
'"'"il us a suitable site.
ll( l wa" ufSad lhat present endowment
' in'ieiisiMi, ibm a board of 15 govcr
"lira  i.. .
'"   appointed   by   the   lieutenant
'fnor-ln-counoll, half of whom should
university    graduates,    that    they
'""iii I...
,.  uil'owered to appoint a presl-
1 and provide for organisation  and
''niiHMii,  ami   that  they   should   In
should he those of mining and agrieul-
The paper closed with an acknowledgment of Indebtedness to ii,. registrars uf many Canadian and American
The discussion thai followed was
brief, Consisting of   pn. ��� ,|���,   paper
and gratitude lo the sothoi .'Solution
onVreil   hy   stars/,   p    n    r:, ani.
illianlinously     adopt,., In,.
colnnilltee to have It printed iTpamph-
let rorm and dUtrlbuted to all members
of the legislature and to the press of
tin   |,rovincc.
Letters were read from .1. A. Maedon-
nld. Dr. Hall. N F. Mackay, I. H.
SchoSeld, w Hunter, Dr. King and w.
R. Ross, regretting Inability to attend
'lie meeting, Mr. Macdonald expressed
entire sympathy with Hie object of the
club ami slated lhat he favored ade-
qil.'lle provision for the luture as well
us the present needs of a creditable provincial university. Mr. Scholleld requested that he be furnished with a
copy of the paper. Mr. Hunter promised his support to any measure ln the
Interest of a unlversiiy. Mr. Ross,
whose motion In the legislature In lam.
first put the question in practical-form,
promised assistance and asked to bo
kept informed  as to the club's  rccom-
Aftet a brief debate tbe dub adjourned in December uth.
Annual   Meeting   in   Session   at   Norfolk
Develops  Latent   Hostility  to
Pre.ident    Gompe rs.
d In drnft a unlversiiy bill  to
"led to the legislature  nt the
���*�����.��.��� ,���   180g     Th() flr(jt factl,|U���, ���,
M|��nl��a,   Dr.   Arthur   thought,
Norfolk. Va., Nov. 11���The annual
convention of the American Federation
of Labor, which was opened in this city
today, and which will continue probably for at least two weeks, got into
working order before an adjournment
was taken this afternoon. President
(lumpers delivered his annual address
lo the delegates and annual statements
were received from lhe secretary, treasurer and chairman of the executive
More than KM delegates were present
when the convention was called together. One of the first acts of President
GothpsiS upon taking the gavel was to
call to the platform Messrs. Hodge and
Shackleton. the two delegates representing the Hritlsh Trades Union Congress. The two delegates were given a
most cordial reception by the convention.
The address of President Gompers
look up most of the afternoon. He reviewed at length what the Kederatiton
hud accomplished during the year and
he made numerous recommendations.
Ills references to the work of the Federation In polities, lhe $200,000 fund
which it Is proposed to raise for carrying on n labor light in Los Angeles,
the reasons for the expulsion ot Uie
I'nlte.l Brewery Workers from the Federation, and the efforts of the inanufac-
lurers' association to prevent the Federation from publishing Its list of alleged unfair concerns were all listened
to with the closest attention by the delegates, and several times the speaker
was Interrupted by loud applause.
There are Indications that the present convention is lo lie one of far more
than ordinary Interest and Importance
lo organised labor and lhe public at
large. The heretofore latent opposition
lo the rule of President Gompers and
the present executive councltl promises
t., nunc to the siiifuee und. though
there appears to be slight possibility of
an Overthrow of the present a.lniinlstrn-
tlon any resolutions or steps taken
Willi that end in view will undoubtedly precipitate a stormy scene on the
convention Ooor.
Denver. Seattle and Toronto nre contesting for the Federation of 1908.
Western Banks Sound.
Spokane,   Nov.   ll.���After a   meeting
of mi bankers of Idaho, Beastsrn Oregon and Western Washington, held to
diBcusB the general (Innncln! sll nation
and Its special relations to the movement of the wheat crop of this region,
the following statement was given out:
"Wo now find lhat the situation among
the country hankers Is very satisfactory, all of them having large amounts
of loans secured by merchandise.
Wheat and lumber In trnnsit. The country banks seem well supplied with cash
resources and the only dlftlciilty they
have had was In convert lug grain bills
Into credit, with the coast  cities."
Americans Only Bidders.
London, Nov. 11.���Tho United Stales
secured praotloally tho whole of the
n-,00,000 in gold available today In tha
open market. In the absence of coin-
Dotltlon lhe pries was reduced riom
78��. to 77a. ll'Ad.
Kaiser's Health May Cause
Long Stay
Gtrman Imperial Party Fog Bound in
British Waters���No Guard of
Hooor on Hind.
Ixmdon, Nov. 11.���Thn arrangements
fnr th** visit of the Kaiser and Kaiserin
tu the liritish court were suddenly altered Kverything had been prepared
for their departure Nov. 8. It was announced lhat (he Kaiserin would not
conn- to Kngiand and that the Kaiser,
after his court visit, would stay private
ly for a Sew weeks on the Isle of Wight
for  reasons of health.
It was explained that the Kaiserin
has been nursing Princess Alexandria,
of Sunderburgh-t.lucksherg, the liancee
of her son, Prince August, who has
been sui'erint; from cliirkenpox, at the
Berlin Castle, and Her Majecty feared
she might convey the Infection to members of the Iiritish royal family. She
is also anxious concerning her own
daughter. Princess May, who is already
infected by the disease, and hence she
reluctantly abandoned her visit.
The Kaiser who Btarted for London
on Friday, has been suffering from
catarrh, and lias been In bed part of the
time for several days. He is still un
well, nnd his physicians have advised
him to recu|K-rate by visiting tlie Isle
of Wight for a few weeks. That such
a long rest is considered necessary for
htm is causing a sensation in Berlin,
where his ailment has heen supiiosed to
be trivial, and the surprise Is not diminished by an official admission that recent events, synchronizing with a severe catarrh trouble, have had a depressing effect on His Majesty, whose general health has been injured thereby.
The indefinite prolongation of the
emperor's stay in Kngiand will upset
numerous official, military and naval
arrangements, and arouse much speculation. ,
Portsmouth, Nov. It.���The German
Imperial yacht I {oh en-col lent, having on
board the emjK-ror and his party who
are to visit King Kdward. has been further delayed by fog. The yacht with
Its escorting fleet anchored last night off
Salxa Hill for the night having been unable to enter Sandown Bay, Isle of
Wight, according to the programme.
The llohenzollern could not reach this
harbor in time to cross the bar with
the early tide and therefore the leading
of the Imperial party was postponed
until  this  afternoon.
The llohenzollern. with the escorting
fleet, anchored last night off Salza Hill
for the night, not havlug; been able to
enter Sandown Bay, Islo of Wight, according to programme. The German
emperors faith in the healing qualities
of the climate of the Isle of Wight bave
received a rude shock, an owing to the
thick fog, even the precise position of
the Imperial yn-cht was not known until
nearly noon, when it was discovered
that she had felt her way through the
gloom to tho Nab HghtuWip and had anchored there, pending a snlneient lifting of tbe pall to enable the party to
land at Great Britain's premier dockyards.
As it was then too late to catch the
tide nud enter the harbor, tbe parly
Whore waited patient ly until lhe llohenzollern ai liver. Owing to the delny,
caused.by the fog. tbe hour of tho arrival of the llohenzollern at tho jetty
was miscalculated, the announcement-
being made that she would not get
through until 2.40 p. m. Bill she steamed Into tbe harbor an hour earlier than
expected, with lhe result that nil the
otllcials and guards of honor who had
been waiting for tho ship's arrival
throughout the morning had ;.Jime to
luncheon when she finally appeared
through tbe fog.
Tho emperor apparently enjoyed the
su.p.ise he had sprung on the British
oillcialH and the consequent set amble
to got back to (he jotty in time to take
part In the welcome of the lmit-erial
After Inspecting thr guards of honor.
the German emperor aud empri-Bs and
their suites, accompanied by the 'Mince
of Waes and his suite, left Portsmouth
by train for Windsor at 2.30 p. m,
amidst the fire of a royal salute from
the assembled warships and tbe garrison batteries.
No  Peace.
Havana, Nov. 11.���The peace propositions of General  Manager Orr for  the
settlement  of  the   railway   strike were
rejected at a meeting of the strikers.
Six Day Race.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 11.���A six day
bicycle race, an event which has not
been tried In this city for many years,
was arranged to start in the old Providence railway station, which haa been
named the Pak Square garden, at one
o'clock today. Twenty-four riders are
entered, making up a dozen team^if
two men each; the race will be t n
hours each day. conrrmious from 1 to 11
p. m., the finish being at ten Saturday
night. The entries include many riders
of national reputation.
Details   of   Mrs.   Chadwick's   Financial
Operations Marie  Publir. by the
Pittsburg. Nov. 1J ���The supreme
cnurt of Pennslyvania has allowed tbe
public a peep at the famous Chadwiel;
deposition introduced in litigation sur
rounding the settlement or the esiate
of the late W. C. Jutte.
The document shows that Mrs. Chad
wick got from Hoffstatt and Friend
who are respectively president and vice-
president of the Pressed Steel Car corn-
puny, almost $S.),000 in loans for which
she put up $5,000.0ft0 in bogus securities.
Among other things contained in Mrs.
Chadwick's deposition is a copy of thit*-
To J. W. Friend���Aj* a consideration
of the loan of $711,See made by you tc
me on March 2H, 1904, and the loan of
$37,000 on the 29th day of March, 1904.
made by you to me. I hereby covenant.
promise and agree irrevocably to place
in your possession no later than April
12, 1904, all of the securities now in
the possession of Ira Reynolds, aggre
gating $5,000,000, held in trust for me.
dated March, 1903, and that you shall
have full power and authority to dispose of the said securities for the purpose and  in  the manner following:
To pay off in full the Pittsburg parties evidenced by the following notes
to your order:
Note of $353,000. dated April 10, 1903.
Note  of  $300,000,  dated February 8,
Note of $10,000. dated March 18, 1904.
Note of $23,000. dated M arch 18. 1904.
Note of $73,200 dated March 25, 1904.
Note of $37,000, dated March 29. 1904.
Total,   $798,200.
T o hold the balance of said securities until 1 shall create a trust undei
which I will tie up during my life $4,-
000,000 of said securities, and on Hip
execution of papers creating such a
trust, you. the said J. W. Friend, wil1
turn over to the trustee named In such
trust papers the amount of securities
provided In such trust, and tbe balance
of th*- securities you will deliver to me
As Inducement to said loan of $37,000
I further covenant and agree that the
said securities shall remain as they
now are in the custody of the said l.;t
Repnolds, and shall not be disturbed
until April 12, 1904, unless soo���er turned over to J. W. Friend, and said securities are in Cleveland In the active
possession of said Reynolds, and are of
a par value of $5,000,000.
Tills paper shall be considered the
execution of a power coupled with an
interest nnd   irrevocable.
Witness my hand and seal, March 29.
J90 4 .
Another    paper    was    produced    and
marked   exhibit   B.     It  was  as   follows,
Pittsburg, .Inne  4.   1904.
Mrs.   Chndwiek:
Herewith memo of your entire indebtedness to me, being promissory notes,
payable on demand with interest, from
the date of  paper:
April 10. 1903, $353,000.
February 20, 1901, $300,00.
March IS, 1804, $25,000.
March 18. 1904. $10,000.
March 86, 1904, $73,000.
March 29. 1901, $37,000.
Total, $798,200. ,
Very  truly yours.
.1. W. FUIKND.
Mrs. Chad wick said she had been
nsked seveial limes to take tho Jutte
bunds and 4laj[)oae of them. Friend
telling her "the poor old man (Jutte)
was crazy nntl not able to tuko care of
his  own  affairs."
The remainder of Mrs. Chadwick's
affidavit rob is to alleged efforts on the
port of Friend and Hoffstatt's representatives to induce her while in th" Ohio
penitentiary to refuse to give testimony
la the Jutte case.
Mackenzie King Begins
Immigration  Companies Must Explain���General News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Vancouver, Nov. 11. ��� MacKenzle
King, deputy minister of labor, opened
this morning the Investigation into the
Japanese immigration organlzaiions. It
is expected that many prominent men.
white and Japanese, will come Into
the limelight during the proceedings.
Winnipeg, Nov. 11.���M. S. McCaithy,
M. P. tor Calgary, has definitely announced that he will not be the Con
servative candidate at the next Dominion elections, owing to pressure of business.
Brandon. Nov. 11.���Aid, G. R. Cold-
well, of this city, will be the next provincial secretary and minister of education in the Roblin government. He
has been offered the |>osition and de
cided to accept It. The matter was arranged in Winnipeg on Friday, the
Brandon delegation being told that the
po.tfolio would come to this city. Cold-
well agreed to accept the position, pro
vhling he did not have to fight for his
Wipdsor, Nov. 11.���Willie Sprackllng.
a well known Windsor young man, died
in the hospital yesterday morning from
Injuries received from a gun in tlie
hands of a companion named Manson
Both young men went shooting in a
boat Saturday afternoon. Just as Man-
son pulled his trigger, Sprackllng hai*-
pened to raise his head and received
almost the full charge which tore away
one ear and left a gaping wound in the
left base of the skull.
Charlottetown. P. K. I., Nov. 11.���Con
ruination of the fears expressed last
week that the schooner Halcyon had
been wrecked and her crew of four men
drowned, was obtained yesterday, when
the news reached here that the body of
Howard Poole, one of the crew had been
found at Uttle RWer, together will:
fragments of the vessel. The schoone;
went to pieces at Brown's Cape. It left
Souris Wednesday night for George
town, 22 miles distant, but the storm
was too severe for the craft.
Battleford, Sask , Nov. 11.���Then
were 348 homesteads taken at the Do
minion land office here during October
Ottawa. Nov. 11.���The exchequer
court has reserved judgment in the case
of Bow, Mcl.aughlan A Co. vs. the shl|
Camosun, an appeal from the British
Columbia admiralty district. The defendant In an action upon a mortgage
for the price of the ship had set up as
their defence a claim against the plain
tiffs for certain sums expended by defendants in completing the ship aftef
it had left the plaintiffs' building yards
and had arrived In this country. The
local judge determine*] that the plea
was a good defense pro tnnto to the ac
Hon. From that judgment this appeal
was taken.
Big Copper Purchase.
New York. Nov. 11.���The Times says:
"A pool. In which the largest copper
consumers of Kurope are represented,
was recently formed in London and has
purchased 50,000 tons of copper. The
price paid is slt_Ut1y above the prevailing price In the market. The copper is
to be delivered in November and December. The amount involved Is ap-
proxttnately $15,000,000, which is to be
paid in  London on  delivery.
Extra Session In Louisiana.
Baton Rouge, I^a.. Nov. 11.���Pursuant
to tbe call of Governor Blanchard of
Louisiana general assembly was called
to order tn extra session at noon today
The session, which is limited to thirty
days, will consider the appointment of
a commission to investigate charges at
New Orleans in connection with tho recent strike of 10,000 levei? workers,
which is estimated   to   have cost the
state business Interests , '000. Alleged unfairness in port conr* js will
also be considered. The assembly will
also be asked to reduce the fee of State
tax collectors and to decrease their
number. Recently the state has discovered embezzlements in the tax department amounting to about $200,000.
Other subjects foK"consideration include
preparing an appe;. to congress for a
convention designe . to secure direct
election of United Slates senators by
the ]*eople, amendment to the state
primary election law and completion of
the tninsfer of maritime quarantine
from state to federal control.
Central Americans Peaceable.
Mexico City, Nov. IL���Te'.-^ratns
have been received by the Mexican government from the Central American
republic to the effect that the recent
conference held at Amalapa and participated in by Presidents Zelaya, Diviala
Figureo, will undoubtedly result in tbe
adoption of plans insuring the peace of
Central America. It was said that the
presidents showed the greatest cordiality towards each other and that they
are determined to work in harmony for
a treaty which is said to bave been
signed by the throe.
Sport in Kentucky.
Fernaldo, Nov. 11.���As the result of a
quarrel over an election, between Wm
Hopkins, son of Rev. Thos. Hopkins.
and-Frank Foley, fought a duel. Hopkins was instantly killed and Foley is
fatally wounded.
Dane Kills Son of His Employer, Then
Takes His Own Lifti���Apparently
No  Motive.
New York, Nov. 11.���The mystery
surrounding the tragedy of yesterday
morning, resulting in the death of Jno.
U. ttjorlin, and the possible fatal shooting of Paul C. Thebaud, Jr.. the seventeen year old son of the millionaire
broker, may never be cleared. That
BJorlin, who was butlpr and confidential man in the misnlficant country
home of the Thebauds, in White Plains,
where the tragedy occurred, shot his
employer's son while the latter was
sleeping and then killed himself, is apparent. Absolutely nothing as to what
led to the act. however, has been learned. The only person who may be able
to throw any light on the case is young
Thebaud, and it is not certain that he
may recover consciousness. The bullet
which fractured his skull was removed
yesterday and several famous surgeons
have been In almost constant attendance since the operation.
Bjorlin, who is a Dane, had been in
the employ of the Thebaud family about
four years and appeared to be greatly
attached to the children in the house
hold. Paul was his especial favorite.
The affection of the butler for lhe youns
man had long been noticeable, and
when Bjorlin several days ami became
morosse and began to drink heavily. 11
was believed to be because the young
man had called him to account sharply
tor some inattention to his duties.
Some of the other servants have said
since the tragedy that lljorltn several
days ago threatened lo kill everyone in
the house and told them that he had
written a list of his jn-osiieciive victims
with young Paul at the head. They
paid no attention to him ut lhe time.
believing It was only Ihe idle talk of u
man who had drunk too much.
JllfJ.?,*".'     Roller Skating.
The new roller skating rink was opened to the public Saturday night and was
open also yesterday aftuitinon with the
bund in attendance rendering selections.
The attendance the first night was very
larue. and as the grew majority ol lhe
imtrons were beginners al the art. it
was very interi sling as a spectacle.
Fulls and collisions were very frequent,
some of the greatest sufferers being
men of noted proficiency on Ice.
K. of P. Social.
The Knights of Pythias will have a
social evening in their lodge room tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock.
Collision   in  New   York.
New York, Nov. 11.���A rear end collision occurred on the elevated road at
Hroadway and 34th streets, lt is reports') that a number of people are seriously hurt.
American Mining Congress.
Joplin. Mo., Nov. 11.���Several hundred delegates, representing nearly
every mining section In America, Including Canada. Mexico and Alaska
Kathered In Joplin today for the opening
of the tenth annual session of the
American Mining Congress. The principal work of the convention, which will
be in session three days, will be to
frame ret ommendal Inns looking to Iho
formulation of new laws for the benefit
and betterment of legitimate mining in-
l tereets.
Mikado's Message to
Japanese in Islands   Reminded of
Duty to Throne and Empire
���Honolulu Excited.
New York. Nov. 11.���A special from
Honolulu says:
"Should emergency arise offer yourselves courageously to your beloved
country and thus guard and maintain
the prosperity of our imperial throne."
These are the words with which the
emperor or Japan In his birthday message saluted 110.000 of his subjects in
the Hawaiian Isles. They have caused
no Utile comment throughout the islands
and Americans are asking what the
Mikado rerers to when he speaks'of an
emergency. The position or a great
body of Japanese in the islands, a population which is rapidly increasing, la
regarded here as a source of danger in
case of war between the United States
and Japan, and the address of the emperor has not added to the feeling ot
security. The fact that many who have
come during the last two years are veterans of the RusBO-Japanese war, and
Insist ln instilling a spirit of loyalty
among the older members of the Japanese colony, does much to make the
presence of the Japanese here a growing menace. The reading ot the Mikado's proclamation from a thousand platforms has been the signal for the greatest display of fireworks in the history
of Hawaii, and Americans have never
before seen the Japanese show such enthusiasm and excitement.
Permanent Presidential Possibility Still
In   Limelight.
Milwankee, Wis* Nov. 11.���Democrats throughout Wisconsin are looking forward with great expectations to
the appearance of William J. Bryan tonight, when he will be the guest of honor at the twenty-first annual banquet
of the Jefferson Club of this city. The
banquet will take place at the Plankton and covers will be laid for GOO
It is rumored in political circles that
Mr. Bryan may make the banquet the
occasion of the "keynote" s|>eech which
he was to deliver ln Carnegie hall, New
York, and which was called off because
salisfactory arrangements for the use of
the hall could not be made. It is understood that Mr. Bryan will make his
address tonight an authoritative and
comprehensive statement of his views at
this stage of the presidential campaign.
George W. Peck wi'1 unt as toastnaas-
ler at the banquet In addition lo Mr.
I'.yran's address the programme will Include responses to toasts, as follows:
"Trusts," Congressman J. W. Murphy
nf Plattevllle; "The Tariff," Congressman 0. W. Weisse ot Sheboygan Kails',
'.leltersonlan Principles," T. E. Hyan of
Waukesha; "Wisconsin Democracy."
John A. Aylward of Madison.
Normal basis Restored.
New York, Nov. 11.���The week opened with a very cheerful tone und sentiment In Ihe financial district. The two
trust companies aguinst which there
had been several counts were transacting business on a normal basis today,
receiving deposits and paying out
money on checks as though nothing had
ever happened out of the ordinary. The
llow of gold from Europe to the United
States continues.
Snow South of the Line.
Cleveland,     Nov.     11.���Nearly       two
Inches of heavy wet snow fell here this
morning between 6 and 1 o'clock.
Colorado Sprlnjre. Nov. 11.���Two
inches or snow fell yesterday and the
lemperature today was down to ten degrees. Snow and bitterly cold weather
!a reported from the Cripple Creek district.
Birthday of Victor Emmanuel.
Rome. Nov. 11.���The thirty-eighth
birthday ot King Victor Emmanuel was
celebrated with enthusiasm throughout
Italy today. The members of tho for-
elgn diplomatic corps called al the
Qniii.iui dm'!'.", the day and presented
congratulatory messages in hcha'f of
tho sovereigns and nations they represented. A military review and a gala
performance at the opera were features'
of the days celebration la Home.
j      l
j. !.
* *
f :
Tne Daily Canadian
Clothing,   Gents*   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to an ive.
Tu about another week we will be able to offer fall lines
in these goods, and call promise you the best value ever offered in the city-
In the meantim i it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purcha e
We carry the flues! lilies of Fancy
Worsteds. Cheviots, Venetians, Scotch
an,I Irish Tweeds in tl"' wesl
Every garment is gusranl I, to be In
th" most  correct fashion.
Imperial Bank oi Canada
Head Offtc
I or onto.
Capital  Authorized    $10,000.00"Capital   Paid  Up  $4,860,000
Rest    *** SoO.000
BBl   .r.M-'KKAY, Vine-President
U. H  WILBIB. President.
Branches in British Columbia:
AKl'OWHEAD,       UOLU..-*-'.       MKlaBON,      RjrVKLSTOKB.,        CRANBROOK,
Interest  allowed  on  deposits   fr. in date of deposit and credited qiiartrrly.
RANCH ��><��    l^s,    L,/-3**. V .   ,/V�� a n niji: r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Enoorporat <i a. D.  186'j.
 $3,50G,&C0      Reserve   Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the trnnssction
of s.i   kintls of  Banking   Business.
C1AL ATTENTION given to the
iavings Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G- A. SPINK, Manager.
Pnt-UsMS iu asys s ���*������-. by tbs
Bsker au.  Nelson. U. 0
SauscrlMlon *��*���    '-'��� "      * s mrmlli   !��� .
in lhe .....   -i        *  - ���   *'   t ��   ::	
p*l*i in . ivsaos.
AdTferlitlus r*>.   SB API
All  mum.--   PSJ III   ,
Csosdlsn seoonnt..
srtTt-rti.las. must    - meet*
farm, o! the Compsjay    uth.1 .-..���:,!��� tn n.i
Monday.  November 11,   1907.
In  c :::���:.��� i. -i: r Mr
Bouia- -1 ...  i ��� ill   ''������   -���'���   '���'���'���  It
ab'.e effect upon  Don
cial   politics the Toront.
"The defeat oi  Mr. Hon::.-  ��� I I
ohasse  will  aoi
with  the  Liberal party*    '���'���
noi ezpsel nr-   othi i   rei nil       ti
(eon   was  >   itri ng   i bardl)
l.-ss effective on the |
Honr.is :i hi. ii ��� II   an I hi
pathy and support  of two u I
It is trne that the Llberay mi  -
ri'duced,  but  when  H
ihe ihe  minister   was
Bourassa the reduction Is lnslgri
���the result may carry  Mr. Bo
iu opposition lo tli" Ll
has pride as well us ... |ila
ly Intends lo be a  figure In  pit
(airs.    It will be admitted also
intellectual BQUlpmenl  and  In  pi
intekrity he Is wel! furnlshi d ....
service.     Hut   his   racial   Instinc
Strong, anil he seems to be In full sym
pathy  with  the   Ultramontane  wing ol
his church.    To Hi.- whole  programm.
of  liriilsh  Imperialists  lie Is  oi	
There seems to be no doubl  thai  bi
separation from Sir Wilfrid   Laurie]   I
pan with the deeps toil ol Canadian eoi.
tlogents to South Africa.    His atlltud
towards   Ule    Wesl. Ill    Anion,,my    Bill
wub a complete revorsal ol position as
compared with thu i-i. und he had taken
ln the Manitoba school controvert .- I ��� I
on the mnvenient for federal reglstrs
tlon of iihysicians. He Is plainly re-
luctant to enter Into u.i alliance With
the Conservative leaders, lull that Ills
desire to damage the Laurier govern-
ment steadily strengthens Is apparent
This Is the more noteworlhy when It is
remembered thut he enjoyed the special
..i   Blr  Wilfrid   Laurier and
���.. n, 11 he had  bi en faithful to
the prime minister, to have had a place
.....   ��� ���  Ii ing ago �� iih the
suco ssIOn ".. the  leadership ot Quebec
is.    Al   ieasi   hi��  course  has not
cenary considera-
:. ��� has drifted far from tho
principles     and    doubtless
: an]  movemenl towardsthe
libera. ..al i-ondilions in
."!!.! narrowly Interpret
i lions  ol   bis  people  lo  Race
and Church.    Although defeated (or the
.. n ckoned   wiih
ans cei tain that he
will n*.t  d , mors  to break the sol di  -
il th    Liberal party and to damage Sir
Dcentrating his at-
ovei ament ai Qne-
...    .....   course that be
.   uld il.  re i- some reason to
..;.��� politician
practical man of affairs.
but that :...    ., be determined.   No ont
ed   if   he   b* comes   as
i Pri ..' :i   proviii.-e   as   Is
..lay. snd as  was
irises   or DI teen  years
fui    .   ; 1,-L   COMMENT.
Thi IS ln I Irnaiio afford an
tb     . (tent  to
.   alar feeling has ' qrned swa)
....ni  the   present   Liberal  Government
I     . i     '... n   held   with  a
aln oi *.ae s.ai to the Con
...is      Two   more  are   to   be  held
ly, ior the vacancies    in    Centre
. ���     iwa made by the appoint
len   <      .i. ile C impbell und N. A. Bel-
. i. in to the Senate.   When it Is remem-
i   ed   lhal   iii   Canada   it   has   been  al-
mosi  aii  invariable  rule    for   bye-elec
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone  265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frort,
Foci & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. coi. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Wc nre bandqnarters fnr
Complete Stock in  Men's, Women*!
and   Chiltlnns
\v A CO.
I THE  ROYAL *.AS25L_-i        a
i^ -j. s> %^s,-t>^-A^-a^-*,-s>-��y%.-sV-*.-i.'V
We have a full  stock of tin.
Lime-S��lpb.er-Salt  Winter Spray
Iu 50-lb. and 1 gal. tins.
The Brackman-Ker  Milling Co.,  Ltd.
tions to go easily for the government
of the day, the significance of Conservative gains at present may be properly appreciated.
We have referred recently to the
growth of the Mormon colony in Southern Alberta a.ul to attempts of Mormon
missionaries to make converts ln Vancouver. That the sect ls making a determined attack on the liritish Empire
is further evidenced by the fact, rep..it
ed from Eastern exchanges, lhat missionaries are ut work in London, where
they have already four places, of worship and about  150.000 adherents.
English   Architect   Cc-.demns      Use      of
Rusty  Iron as   Material fcr
The following interesting communication from Mr. W. ll. Brown, ol York,
England, has been published by several
of ih.' English architectural journals:
..any writers on reinforced concrete
assert1 ihai there is no danger In using
Iron with a slight coating of rust; others
emphasise the fact and cite experimental data to prove that a coaling of rust
is a distinct advantage. Inasmuch tithe chemical action between the concrete and rusty iron forms a coating of
silicate of iron, which no: only protects
it from rust, but also removes any little
rust that may be on the Iron when
placed in the concrete. The presumable advantage is the greater adhesion
of the two materials In consequence ol
the roughened surface of the reinforcement
A vital point which will in time
make itself painfully apparent, is here
entirely lost sight of. Suppose rusty
bar (and they usually are rusty) are
used lu Cha construction of a beam and
an- properly seated in the stirrups at,
say, twenty points along each length,
each stirrup being from one to two
inch's in width, how ls It possible for
ih*- above mentioned chemical action to
take place?
"Obviously  if the bars are properly
seated In the stirrups, as they should
be to be effective, tha oament eonnot
reach the bar. and consequently no protecting dating of silicate of Iron can be
formed *-* -he points, as is proved i,\
the following experiment: In Ufa
1906, being engaged In the construction
of a large reinforced concrete factory,
and designing others, I bad ronton to
doubl ihe advtsabUlt) i��f using Iron even
partially mated. I therefore had in-
s. rted In a block or concrete a bar of
Iron covered with a alight mating of
i ust, firmly seated in a itirrup which
was entirely free from rust, and Its mill
face undamaged and anscratched. Re-
cently f have bad the bloei broken up,
iin-i And ai tha point <*r contact i> tween
bar and stirrup thai not only has the
bar continued to rust, bnt the stirrup
iias commenced to rust also, it is oblique thai in a few- years the stirrup ai
least will be eaten through, with on )
one result.' "
To Dedicate Sailors" Shaft.
San Diego, Cat- Nov. 11.���Preparations arc being made for the dedication
this week of the monument to the sailors who lost their lives in th" disaster
on the gunboat Bennington, July 21,
1906. nr the crew of the United States
gunboat iLxty-ftve lost their live
through the explosion of a boiler while
the vessel was in San DlegO harbor. The
shaft erected to the memory or the
dead is Bfty Ave feet high and is of
granite. The base of the column beats
the following inscription: 'TErected by
the officers and men of the Pacific
squadron to tbe memory of those who
lost 'heir lives fn the performance of
Geo.   P.   Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT      BLOCK.
IT      JUST      DEPENDS     ON       WHO
If some Btores were to advertise to
sell regular bang-up 50-cent tea for 40
cents what would you say? If you happened to read the add at alt you would
say: "That's a fake." And ln a good
many cases you would be right. It isn't
what is said In an add that makes It
tiue���It's who says It.
When Joy says that for the bahtnee ol
the week you can come here and buy
a pound of regular 50-cent Tea for 40o.
you can depend on it being so. So conn-
ror this Tea. Joy will meet you ut the
door at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine & Latimer Sts.
Tel. 19. NELSON, P. C. P. 0. Box 637.
Nelnon l>t.i] lUMrlcl.   lUunrl of W-*j,t KoOtSaSf
Tak"? DOtlOfl ��� tint II   WI lixmii. nr.M1pat.ni,  run
(���tier, it B. ifdi'iiivH oeonpsuon oleotrl 1_d; anil
K s I' Bin fib, iii-rii[)utii>n lumncrmaD; ull nf
Profiler, B-. , In tend u��ip|.ly f->r a,*-m*<-ir.l urn*
ber Ueesoe orer the follnwios detertbed lauda,
Commsnctng nt-. p->��t at tout thr**'- mil---, t-ni-t of
WiUoDCrwM on wotta thoreol Kootaaay l.-tin*
tb��nr*i   loo-h V   --hatua,   th   im*<-  ia��t H-i  rliali.il.
thencenorUi neb-log, thanes WMtaOeottln* t-o
point  of '���.imint-rir.'incnl, rontilnlnn* ("����� arret-,
more or It-M.
S*,pu*n,r>f r .���nth, U07, H   Wimjamk,
K. S. H -lariNOM,
K   S.  I*    -MYTH.
Nelsvon I-an*l Dbtrfet.   J)lftr|r*to( Went KootetiH}-
T, ka DQUee that tt. h. r. Smyth, of Procter, it.
'., oeenpatlon tnmbsrmsni lulntoa ui ��p**iy for
a *.p-M-i-i]   tttnl-t-r lt't'ii'r  over tin-  follow!iik-li:-
���fi-lbod land*:
N<��. l Uomraeoelns ata pest plsn*ed neat the
nnriiiea-t oornerposlol i^ot ho _4S,*>n Lemon
Creek aiei nsrkso k h y. -.yu, louthw- *���( oor
oerpoat No 1, thence w- ebetn* north niorra nr
li--- Pi about mi'lwiiy of ili�� i tulh Uoitmlary lltu.*
ni Limber licence No. WW), ibenca MctiHiim ��>a��t.
tbenPe40 (-hair.** -outti, tlieiiC 40 rbailis rant,
tbenca 10 Obalni aoulh, thenfM 80 rhnfn- went,
mnre or i--*.n m the nouln-aiii roriicr of atoreaald
Lot >'t SMS. tbinca 4" ObSlai north, ih**ii(- 4*
chaliic w -t 'n iiie point o( commi'ncemi'in.
Dated -J��lli July, f'J07 K  8. P. SMYTH,
Henry Belobort, -\- ant.
tfeiion Uno DUtrlet Dlitrlel ot vieai Rootonsy
Takenotlca that elmoa K fletalfttl, ofhailar,
tdabo, occnpatlmi liiiuh-.ii.mii. Intend! to apply
(Or a ipecla] insber Lloenoa orer the following
deavribed landa; ou the aaal al fa "f Prleat rlveri
' otiiinrni luu nt a pom j.li ;. ���- ���' hi tht- earn hiiRt
ft i rlaal river, two ami a hail mil ��� north of ii,u
tii'Tiiatloniil houndary Hue, thencu n<ir li no
chalna, Lhense cant ��-> rhati.s, th-jmc* Mmth *W
��� Ins in*. thinre wrat HO rUallia to point of mm-
mpti'-i mciit, rotitalnintf ��40 arrca. more or lemi.
Dated,Bept 14iJ1.lw.r7 simom I* S'Hirrai.,
K. W   HMJTM, ..Rt-nl
Nelaon I.ami Dlatrlet   Diatnolot Weet Kootenay
TaU-j DOtloa that Clyde H MtH-lun*. ol KilSvl le.
WtMh , oeoopation barber, intend* to apply lor
a ipeelsl tliiitx-r licence over lhe lolliiwln"- den-
Olibed landt.; On ihe eni-t aide of I'rtrat rlv->r,
two Hint a half nillt-a north of ihe international
houndary Una:   Oommenelni ��*t ����� i��*-i  - ������.:,.:
t wo nnd a half mlloa north of lhe lii((Miiailonal
t'ouiidary line, thenee eaat HO rhalTif, n.���-,,,,.
mmth MO rliMiu*    tbeiire  well HO ehaln*.   thenea
north ho enaina to ihe putut M onsauneemeat
and containing m   ii.tc-. more or In*-*
Dated Bept. i4tb, 1907.       civdbK. McCiuaa,
K. W.Mmi, Agiiu.
COMMENCING Monday wc will sum
to sell all I.allies' Trimmed and Pattern Hats at less than 25 per cent, discount.
.. �����   \
' "Felt Itondv
to- ��\. nr  Hats, Hnir
i'n. e
end !������ it Hate at oust
prti 1
All   thin    Masoo*!
styles and ootan
>!*������ om BpeoiaJ
Parisiftn Bete i<��
whiol) we  invite in
You can  buy a 10-acrc Fruit Ranch   in   the best   fruit-growing district
in British  Columbia by paying   ?io down and $10 per   month.
Even as au investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Laud has trebled iu value withiu ou year.  What will it do next year?
WAWt)  STs-iUliT,  MiLSOiN
Relson Lend D_ net. Utttrui of Weil Kooti nay.
Ta.ke DoUea that Jay IfOTOe-Ol Ht'/vilK*. Wh-.Ii ,
ocrupatton hut- her, intend* to apply for a ipvial
tlm lier licence over the following d'-ue-ibed
landn. nn   tne e��*t side of   l riet.1   river:    1 om*
Ina at a poet pleated one and a iinii nnien
Uorln   nf    lnterna.lonal   houti'larr  line,   tbettca
eaat **" 'halna, theii'-e uouth ho ehaina, thenre
��.*i-* hi 1 lialna. thenee mirth W ehaiii* to tba
point of i'nminence:ii'*iit. --->iit*tnlM*' 61" uTi ������.
more or le*-*-.
Datod S#pl   i It li. 1907. Jay BOTSS,
k w. hwith AgenL
Nelnon l>��nd Dtatriet  Diatrlel oi Waat Vooteosy
Nolle.' ]- hereby given that ��J daya a tenia.* i.
101,11 I* Bare Iberjr, mini r.ol ��I��on. n r , intaod
to apply to tin- -i   :.  the rhtef Oomm_atouer of
Lena mid VVorka for a "[-eclal UeeOCe to ml and
��� arry awav timt.- r from the following dexnlw l
LaOoaeitiia.ed   on   Hum in it  -.reek.   In   the   Went
Kn -teas) I'Mriri:
No. 1.��� ''omm-ln'im at a post  marked  J   i'. I a
timber limit, northeast corner poet, located os
west fiuk ol Bommlt eraak about t �����, milaa front
main cr. ik, Itienre running nouth ho ebalna,
thenrc   ru uii I iik wi -l W) 1 it aln-, thence   running
north 40 obalna, theme treataDchalni   Lban ���
11..; |_ ho . bain*, 1 lit-n..   running - a-   lOcbalna,
l.i 11 ' rtinnluK Kotilh *" rliBin-, tlnn-e aaat *H
chains to pU' ������ nl cnniuieucemcnt
[_m ated on tlie 2fth day ol Ai-gut-t. 1901
lojra P. SwSobbmi, Locator.
POf hi** * (.flit I'Hp k  UoDuSALO
No   '2. - Coinimii' l!ig at a p- nt   niarke-1   I    I'      ���-
timber limit, hot th waat eotoei poat, looatu i on
Went fork nf hum mil creek, abnut two mUai from
mala ereofc, ibenea 'unning loutb bo
thanee running aaat SO pbaloa, thanoa n.nnini*
north 90 chalna. thanoa mooing waat U ebalna
in place �����( < iimii ,���  . ament.
l.-i'aled OO the  /Vlh day of AOgtUt, HOT.
Jt.HN I'   gWCDI KBQ,   l-,*e��tor.
per bin agent Psios Mi lxwalo.
HoUoa i** herelij given that DO 'layi alter date 1
Intend to apply to lb   Hon Iblefi omm ml inai
of  I  tn In   and       Hilis for parmloaloo to pun linn'
tba followlog daacrlood land*, attuated in Weet
K< mte n a) dlxlrli I .   * mil in* lc IliK at a *��.--l luark-
ad by noma ai muial  poat of lhe aoutb  K. tt
branch, one hundred feet from the iuin tion of
l-o**i rn ek wltli tin- iKuitb fork: ifieii.-. one-
uuarter ml!e to the northweatOoroei poat,tb- DOa
ooa mile to the nortbcwl omar poat,tbaaoa
'���ne-qiirtitcr  mile  to   the ���OOtheaat corner poet,
ihence one mile to tbe pi 11 "i oommi "��� maai
junes~7, ro7.        Located by w��  Cossouv,
Nei ou Land Dletrletu Platrtetol ffeat Kootenay
juke notice tha' Weelej   Bovaa.ol Rliavllle,
W,.   (,   , (x-eu|iati-.n butcher,  latOOda tnappl]  lor
a !-].. 1 im 1 tl.nU* r licence   over   the   [nll'iiAiiiK ���."'��-
oiibad landa) 00 tha *a��t  tide ol Prleat river;
��� .-iint( 111-111.* ata boat planted one and a naif
1.  ..   - north 'if tho inter .allnnal   boon '-.rv  line,
thence weot JO obslOai thenee math BO eaaiaa,
thene. eaat M0 ebiiln*-, Ibonoa norih H," riialn- lo
p.lnt   of  commencement,  e   iitaiiiing  BOO BOrea,
in-in- or leu.
Dated Hept. Ulh. lHt/7* WSi  r.\ RoVSS,
K   W. -Mini, Agent
NeUmi Land D-trlct   lilatrlnt of Wool Kootenay
Take notice   tha'.   H<nry   fUl 1c rt    of nelaon,
li .. , proapaetor, In*end In apply ior a ipaclal
ilinlrr   llcenee   over   tho   following    dencrlbed
landa 1
No. 1 --('oinrni-nclhg at a pint pbitited n.ar 11.
W. norttawefll corner |����-t. lot No. TOOO, and
uiurkeil "!I->nry BalObOl t ooutb wci t corner
po��l " ttience W) ehaina north, then* e nmlmln.
laai, Ihence HO ehaina muhIi, tic nee HO cIuiIiih
weal lo the point of couimeu cment.
Oati-d Hept. tho at-tli, l.afl.
llr.NKv ftSWHSST) Locator
Nelnon Lend I'lntrlM    I>i*trlctol Meat Ko'denay
Take notice that 1, < harlen Hldney Leery, 01
Barton <'lty, ll 0 -OOOOpatlOO (armer, lnl'iil !'<
apply for permln-don to purchtue the following
-l.-hcribed iaml : Commvuelug at a poet phililed
nbnul five in 11 ��� notthwent frnm ilie mouth of
Mo-4.)ii|io creek and mark.-d "(' H L'h norlheaal
eornri," ihence aouth Ho chalna, IhanTa weat HO
chainn, thence north wi ilialun, thence eaat hit
chalna to point of commencement, eiiutuiuliig
(40 acrea.
Bept. 7th, W07. ('ha Kir.. UIDXBY  Liaar,
NeU.-n Und DtatrteL   I'l-trletof Went Kootenay
Ink- notice  that   William    Andrew    Ki>u, of
rarnta* B   0., botel-ttaapax n>u-n.i- t<. appiv for
a *.]H*' lal tlmb r 1|< tUOt nv.-r lb follOWlOg den
Crlbed   land*:    �� ���"<.m- u. \:\k   at   -v  pu-t   pl-int.-d
abontala mUaa treat of thi�� Kootenay  river, on
Corn   .r.ek.    In  Iho    fHatrfOt   Of  W-il    kootenay
and being about nix miha north of the Inu-i-
tiatt   Hal    tMOindarr    line,    and    nltuato   at  the
northaaat oorner nf ���**. ilium Andrew Ken-1 No
B ttmbardmlm, tbance north ho ohaioa, thanee
a*-'-  chain*   tbaaoo loaui10 ebslaa, thanoa
eaal *) chalna, to tha point of comineueenn-nt
1-iM'at. I Jul*. Bird, IMIT.
Dated tbe tub uf Aug   11*07
W ii ! i*m AJTDSSW K(Mui
Nelaon Ijiud l��t��trict    Otatrletid Weal Koolenar
laha notice mat Patrick Bheraa. ol Nelson,
B. ��: , OOOUIHitioii pruv|��i tor. nneti.ln tnappl*,
foranje<taI Umber ItoaOCe over the (ollnwins
laaortbed landa: �� ommenetna ��t a pntt planted
at the v\\ oorner r��e-t of lot aew, u iuk Patrlok
Bberao'a N K. coroer i-i-t rnnniog -"outh no
ebalna, Umsco weat80ehaina, thcaoa norih ai
balOJ    LhonoO   ��ant   W   i liainn   to point   of   n.in
II "111
Doiad Auguat tui, iiarj.        Paran *   itm.**-,
K-OCK KlKANIi, Agent.
rase OOtfoo that Ira F, Taylor, ClerS. of Arrow
bai I, B. ��� . tntendi lo apply fnr ���* ipaclal * nt ���
tn cut timber iturn thu following deeorlbed
s.. i 1'iiitimrti irip- ntnpi'ii plaated TOebatai
���llntaiice In an easterly direction from Cariboo
lake marked   "Ira P     a-loi'a, W   rarklnn1   S   \V.
corner,*' bounded on tin oouth by T. L No JefiS,
on   tbe   WOal   by  . . L.    . o.71.7-', lIciue   in.rib   BO
i-baloa, thanee oaof K chalna, thanoa tootb M
ehaina, thenoe we��i t*'ciiatim tr�� point ot ens
nn n< emenl
No. 2.    <<onmi'tn'lut* at a -;-���>��� t planted H.'vhalni
di'taii.- ami :n a��otarli dir-���< tlon In m * artboo
lake marked "W l'arklna', Ira F I uvlor'n rt. +'.
cmier poat," bo -nil d ' n Iho wert by T L 7f-ii7,
���outh by Ira F. Taylor1! and V\ Farklm" T. L.
No. l, tbenca norm 40 chainn, thenoe eaat IM)
nhslaa, theqee aouth 40 dholoa, thenee weat n>u
ebalna to point id ci.minei i .      el,
w  I Oottvrs,
In* F Ta. Un.
Nolsnn I.nri.I lilslrl't. DurtrletOl W.-st Knoleiisy
Tski- DOtISS Hist I, hllsiilK-lh KlTKII*"!!. .'I N.I
...11 lirlil-l, I',.Inn.1.1.1, . .'. ii|.,iit..!i iiisrrli.1 wo-
11..... Inn n.l l..nl>|.ly l,.r |, rn ls.-l.iti 10 purchss.
th. lultoHlus .I... rlts-.l Is n.l:   r.mi in,-ii.-ins sts
DO.! ).!.,,.I. .1 l.l OllSlU IVt'.l Ol III,- Snllll.t'Shl .(IT
In r ..I v. m.:i 39. Township SS, Km.lfllMy. Hlnl
iniirS.'.l ��� K s.'s N K lorner,'* rheno. wst S"
��� I.sl.is LbsOflS ..null In I lisllls, tlnn. <��� ,'m-i sn
ob.tus. ilivii't* in.rill -0 iilisltis In thsplSOS nl
...iniii,!.' i.ici.l slnl ,'otilslnltis ;ljn s.r... moft
.. .��
1 .tli I-i!-.. A   |.   I* ,     I : i/.isi n Is ..rl...��.
br W. A, i'.I.Iit. SgSSt,
N..I ..ii I. snl I" I. irl. !    Ill.trli'l of W.--1 K....U'llsy
l.k.   i.inlr.   Mi.,.  I, John  I...HK. nl N< 1-...1. II. C,
'..- ii,.,,11,>n   mliu-r   li,,.i,,1   in ..).|'ly l��.i   |, rniis-
- l.i,   tn pnr.-li....  ll..   I.ill.,wins ,l.s.rll.i��.l   nil.Is:
- ..'.III. n. In,, ..1 .1 post (.Iin.'. .1 .,! II. f N ': nf
Lot - '. .' th.SC Mil SI .1,HI lis, Hi,-. ... Mil, I, 'M
rntili.s, tliuiir'u .-,s*l-ju ,'hsli.s, Ihuui-e nnrlh '-.I
.(...in. In (-.11,1 nl .'..ninii'lli-vliiulit, t-'.n In I lllllK .U
... res in..-,. ,,r li-,s.
'���     ul.-l  ,',| 1.   VSI7. J,,..K  I.ANII.
' I* ���. i.l UlStriOl      I'l-tr rl ..I Wi-st Knuli-nsy
1*��      ,-lhnl I, llsvnl II   kiiiK.nl   N.l-ni
.'���  i   .......i|.nlli,.i ii���;ri'l,.uil, Mil, ml   In ,t|.|.ly I
t,.'ri���l.sl. ,i to purohss. Hit, I, II,.,,!,.k .It.s.rlls I
Istrl : I*.tninsii. iiiK si n p. si i.l..nu<l ��l Ih,"
SOOthWUI    ...rn.r   nf    s   atlOS    Hi.   t,,wilsl.l|i   6V,
s.i.n.' ��>...:.i i..sik...i    . ., K.'s S. W. sort sr,"
tlien. |. unrlh hn chsins, lln-iu'c ,.,..! ... ,-hullls,
Ih,.,I  ,.  south   Ml , lisllis, Ih,......   ��.sl   *n  l'h.Ills
loth,,  pnlmi.l ,,. ,.nn nt sn,I  i.nntslitlns
.I'I s, r. s mnre or loss.
If.lh July, HOI. I,AVM.U   kliBTl,
           V,   A.Osllor, sm'iil.
Nulson l.un.1 DUtrloL Uislruti.,1 ttcl K,...i.nsy
I sfcS  II i.Ioj   lllil Uom.l.Ul   ll.nni.n, ol  Al
Ions Msu . .m. ui sll..it lsniisr.liil.il.!. lo ,i>**
for iK-rtnlssiuu m punhis. Hi.- 1..I1...1I.,-* I
,-rilsnl Isu.l ...mi,..-u. Iit�� .1 ��� l��l P-snW ���'
Krsnk K. H.-.II1SI1'. S K. *..r.,.-r. ��t s r-l n.M
,*C U M K .,n.r,"si,.l ruiinln��wr,l*<i.li'.��
Ihrni-esoull. ... I'l.sin.. ...isorhsln,  i"1' ����
r-hslll.   I SOS   .1   1..KII.1.III,.   fimuinlM �� I
uires of IsnJ, mnrt-..  I.-* -
Uslsrt *-lr.l AilKiisl.lsn. fossslli. B��s*.��.s
Nel  I.ml IM.trl.l.  ""���'"'���'���''"SjWBtl
Ts.*- I...I1.-.- tl.��l I'.nl Aiistisl lsu,.
,,|,..���.i. II  C.  oetrops   ,..i"l..'i"
to sppli foi p.rmls.lon to pun !>���** ���" '    , I
III.   .I.-.-HI ��'"l*',   <������'���"*��'" ',"'��hp"t,,*bS I
pun si ii nn '">""',"r'"I,?:,.',, iT
w.y   nl    lhe    British   I'nliiinl.ls  "..""i"   ,���.t |
������.; snd hIk.ui i* ohslnt ��.-.i*Tly rrasd im ���P"
.."���:���. ���.i r.i.��.y. th. ..ii./" '*���"���; s
put j, ,-h.i,i,. tlnn.... tooth -i '*"' ,,���..[
,,,. ICO , l,n, ... Ih. DM 1...till In   In* ���'���'! *���**;{,, |
sn t. il��i.i "! 'i* ol ''1* ''r1"1,1',,"���,-ist I
goitlh.rn   Hsilsrsy. ii,*i.'.- "���������������<���' '���'��',     P
...,'l nHhl nl .w.y ^'7��"0->"5f**������*      '
listen this linn il.y ol **��g*jS�� P*""*
..... '.��.. ..I.-  i >- ;.v ;,'i.,!"t';l��i
rsii.l.ir. ol Bortoo I UT. I��"     'ffi V��
,,,,., commls.los.rol I ��'"��"'       Srisstl
mrm.H   i   ,tni...t.l...*' ii" lJ   .:,,,.:.
U,���l. -Iln.lee..l 01 I'n ���'".      J,.'" ',���,', ' .-*
post msrksa "A  a  b """",t���. %i. ., t.ss4|
hlsnte.l si HieM    ��    ''"I"',',"   i'���,";,%rbUM.
���*gMsWggr���**���  is-sr��A.ts>s-*
s,',.,-���..........in-.  ;;'";'l";;',' ."."���'-1
TsSe 11..I!.-- Hisl  Alntil,  > H ���,',",PP:jl�� I
n, "..,........psiinn Br-JBJ'1'.SX^tn'^T
���.,,���i-.i..n i- pan ii��>* 'I"'  '���['."" .'Jtrf ,i in,
5,ds,   Or-ms-sno pi^.SJS.,1 KSThlH
W.  ntilirr  I.
.  W.   inrnrr   I.    '  ,���",'" ','~:it',    h.'s     '���*"
sst  f.'-ly (-WI ih.lii.,  n;�� ��''"h  H,
.In,, ihcU'wesll'irlyl*) '���";',,'
mil, em, til.    sli'l  "OOUlOlBS
*' "Z
������'��� i
*rrd j
, ���       ��� '
.1 slity (l*ni) sen-,, ttn.re i.t It"'       M ,, i
IHo.llieple..l!,elilll. l��~        ��*"*_"
Nelsoa I-intl IMsinet. '"���^i'Z^Mit*
T.se aoUaa il..' Phi '���"'',;;;' ,'.pr.i'��
ii rj . Moapatlon isii.h.-r. m"i',    .i^ri-i
ptrmluion to por.ihsssl ;*   "p,.,,w ��� '��
l,f toil..**....   : 0T1 it,
ian" .     i iiiii"1"" ���"" ..       :
wests here nl DppM Whjj     .
II,,. -I    K   ...in.'i nl Inl �������. I"
thenee Hnlllh WI ��;*������"";���     ,'t!,,,'jh
in..re ..r less,   to  Hie ".""
. li  in. I
'Til **��������* ,
i.k.'.  Hi'il*
M r'rT.'in'. ��������
northerly nlon�� tlni ssl.l
IU   " -   .���,
or less, "to poini .1
'^awn-Si*-*. '���'���"���w ",o0"" -
Nelsnn Und Ulitrl.t.   I"1"".'   ' ���,, ���| 'IOT*
Tiike   nollee   thnt   Ha|0 ' "��'   '*' Spl, S
���|��nf,.,.,��. ....ni' L'SftJ-flS
pertnlsslnn In piireh.se lhe W ,,������.,, ,MJ
sinI: I'nminen.'lliK st s |����' ' ���|!to rrf"������
"". mile. Iroinllni .���������;'' ;'*,:. ,,'Sl.M",
���, notthesst eorner o| '��.,,".���,1 riiin"''��*,"S
msrke.l "II. 0 N. I '"''���,,",, lli.'0�� ��?" .
W.ehslll., lhe.  ��f"' "l,','," in pOtal �� "*"
-���"""';���, .���i"^,,'i"..n,i ��'"''re"'
me nee in en t, cniiiaiiinia        iai-
lisicl miih .l.y ol *��*"")'":��� <">n��i���,i
Nelson I.sn.1 nuirlil
,-....    ......      y        nil'.'"
T.ke nollee thnl ''"""..n.nil. �� -'*,'
Alton.. Msnltohs, .;<.*.' , . l,,!!..**'^,,
lor permission lo V'"'>'"' ���, . poll.?"��>w,i
orihSo .��.���i;. Oomfii  ���''��,T sppii"'.8'S3
north WI ehsllis,  thei   i '*1",, lisln*""""
soul I. *l ohslOS, the lie.;�����" ,.���, ���,r��
a���husA.Bl'"""' ������w....... ���,r-..w_rr rl l (    l  -. tl
It you knew you could buy
finest quality stumped "Canada Approved"   by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly wben it will Cost You Less.
VYc bave it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding houses
nd luiU-ls, 7- *4 aud 2,S lb' Pai',i 6o ,b' tubs'
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
lvi<;ii, Rossland Boundary
V.i>nli.'��(iii*  Provisions,
(lonrniin'iit Creamery One I'ouml Brtokl receive*! weekly fresh from the
i-lturn.    For sain by nil liiuUnj' trrocitrs.
LOITIct* min w
losephine Street
Olllf!*. nrl'i warr-house: Houston Mock,    Phone 711.
Nelson, B. C.
6_ 20- ACRE
Subdivision of Applclon Brothers'  tract.    Improvements on every  block.
I Tenders Wanted for the Purchase oi a
Mineral Claim.
_ T-rMer-* -.Mr.-*, tn thf ua-U-rr<t-t:m--l, al bin
I-* ill .in-.*. 111 in.* City .'(Ni-lr-oii,
I*. ip till tbe  luur  of IJo'rlorK. tu
|U .vlli rn... ii nf Friday, NovemtM-r 1Mb, VAfi,
I I * .,;     Una   "iTvut'li-llt"    Mlin-tiil
��� tUiR,. Lot .-��� Hroup 1 K-t-ntetisy Pwirlil,
1 - ���, ,., 1.. forfatterl to ihu frown
I .            !.��� lui-i ni tht' ri-**- ..t Kelaon oo lb*.
��� kbday ol   "���". ,   IM,   i-.r  ilvUnqiicnt  laxe* up
I' I**,   _n.t   oqaie.   Tin*  opeat
I I nl 1   Min, imi   Claim,   wiilrh   in-
I' - mt of aallqoenl uxe* and ooet
I II .,1   forfeiture,   with   intere-'l,   taxi*-,
l> Mncc accrued, costs nl advaatUlnf,
I- rCi iwu  'Irani (li'it-vi) is Wt 4*">, wliii'h
I v   ������   ���-*���: ri inn that  will   be rnUnh.t-re-i an a
I tcn-.t-r
'������: muat  in-  a< oantpenletf   by ��u
l�� ���,���!.' for tho foil  ainnum ot the  wn-
I tu, payable to tha order "(the Dapaif > >'in-
l ��� ' andi snd Work**, at V.i-ior.a, �� O.
I ��W��f
Dated ai N. Iboo.B CthUUthdiV of Ool .IWT.
Oovernnent Ag*?ut*
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase ot a
Miiicral Claim.
:r,.-,.i   to Uta  uml-'rHieiio-l  al lit*
'" ���      ���     1  niri Houe, in the CHr of Nelaon.
Iv-mI up till tha   hour  oliioVliKiV, iu
"' 1 : i.trav. Nnv, thin,   1 BUT, lor Hit*-
��� ���I aob" Mineral Olaim, i-m
.   nl nay  iM-ttui, whtsb was '������������
utrwlu.br lo-fotted  to m<* t.rowii at  the tea
��� the city of nelson, oo tha (Ufa daj oi
toi -leiiuuueni tsxee ni* ti 1 Juno
.in-i. 1 ha upaei prli-u upon tho
1 lalm, which iiMimU's tn* smount
.     - and   I'n-I   kI lh��- lime  ol lor-
in teres t,   taxea  whlih   haw   si*;-*.-
i.��u of advertising, and taolorOrawn
tirttit (j    .i),. -j;r, 65 whi-u la tbe i(*n*u unonni
tft"*tn 1 litdered a.s �� tender.
\��t must ha Mxwmp*���lsa hy -n
wfepted cheque h,r thu (nil amount of tha ten-
wr,��-.yt,hlB 10 the order ol the Uspuly Qoa-
nualooei wi Landi and Works, at virions, B.U.-
-Witt Nelson, B.O. til- mi. .Uy i>f Oof , t HI
iiov.Tiimt'iii 4fant.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Cl'im.
addreaeedto thi   underafcnW) at hi��
'j!!1;;'"""'' n .a 11 ���,..,. iu theCiti ol Nol on,
1   'I up till the   hour of hu'Oloa-a,   111
,   *������*�� n. of Friday, Nov, l.Mh, tXff, (or tha
r^1" '   Ihu "IhitlKcr"  Mineral   Claim,   l-ol
,' '; i' '  Kootona;  HMrici, wlih-h waa de
o��rea tn be forfeited to the crown at the Ux
���w hawlathe < ..-,of Nelnon, on the 5th daj
tor d llnqnant ihx.'h op till Juue
M.Mki, '*nucoiUl'   *n��e ttpeetprtea upon the
��� .' lalm, whioh fneiudae tha nmoi.nl
iHiVt    ���"""' ,">- ��t-uti i'o��t*4 at the time of for
���iire.wi,.   iinoreat, taxaa whii-.i haw atnoe
'    '.   --is of adverttalug nn-i fee for Crown
. -it J -mii, U 9-M.II5, vtli oh t- tha U-arn amount
't'7111' oonaiaered aaa tuuuer.
*i'i*�� .' ,1,1|,1,'r mum lie Kvcouipunled by un
, M'l'-i riutiue (oi tha lull amount oi the ten-
payable tothennlur of the Deputy Com
Mj5J      *��� L,l,l,lK��'ul WorkN.at Victoria, It 0 ,
D��tcd at Noiaon, B.O. thla Uth day olpoj , WOT.
Oorernment Aneut
Certificate  of Improvements
������t'nlon" Mineral  Clithn ttliuate In the Nelson
Mininit I'lviKion, of the Wi'il Kootenay l-n-trlel.
Win r.' I . ��u*��l:    thi TouU Mountain two an<l a
halt mile* irom Nelaon, it  c.
iMk" noti'.* thai 1. -*' A. Mai'.h*naM. aetlua aa
BKi-nl for Hn-sfli Suth'-rland, Kree Miner'n Cer-
tfooata No. Bu.20, luU'i.-i BOdeja from thu date
hereof, to apply to tbe Mniiii*- Heeor-ler for a
I'l-rlitl'-au* of ImprovemeiiU, for the ourpote of
obtaining a Crowti Orant of the above el am
And   further   lake   nollre   that   action,   ntiiler
Bastion .n, mum be eoeunoaoed before tha in*
Htiatace ol mieh t'ertlfleaU* of iniprnveinemH
Hated tbt**'J3r��l 'lay ol September, A   H . 1907
\V. A    MACDONAl.I*
Certificate  of Improve meats.
"HlK Hol-e PrtUtfon** Mineral Claim, Fltunte
In lhe Trout I*ke Mtnitig iMvisinii. oi West
K*Mit nay I'imrh'l, Isoenteii on I'oplar rreek,
Take notice Ih-t 1. 1*. I'a-IIcv Free Miner ������
c.riili<'Hte No. nSMft, Intend00dan from the
iiatr bereol lo apply to the Mining Keonrdor for
a. ('erilfli-aU* of ImprovemenU fir the PttXpOM ol
ohluinliih �� Crown '.rati I ol Lhe above Clai in
And further take mulct! that action nmlcr
Baotlon   .n.   mum   D0   commenced     U-ft-rc    the
laauauce ol mch Carttfloata of Unprovemante
lialcil ihlc fith 'lav ot October, I��r7.
t"    HAOI.KY.
In the im, 11. r <>f hii n!*i-,i.������*��� inn for the tsrme of
H duplicate �� . rtilli .He n! Title for part (to RCrea)
of l-ol SIS. ��i roup one. th the Dlatrfctof Koolenay.
NollOO in lu-rehy given that It in my IntontloU
tn i-sfctii* nl tlie expiration of <>nc month Irmn the
tlr-t pnhlh-atlon hereof a duplicate >t tha Cer-
tlfloate ol i tile for the above Imi'ln in lhe uaine
of Andrew MorriMOit. Which CerUScata of Title
ll dated the Mb day bl Manh, 11K.U. nnd num-
bered Meat.
land Cef-iitry 01-00, Ni'Ikiip, 11. 0 .Septcmhcr
iKlh, two;.
"11   F.Mai l.ion,"
Dlatrloi RetUtr-ar
Tend*-rs Wanted icr '.hi Purchase of a
Hin-r-ll *"l-im.
lie,,",''','!'"U"" "1' nn Hi,. I
I'i'".,, ''"'"i'll.'rl.lity, N���v
'"'���in   ,      t-'" ,"s"l��l'k"   M
ndemlined at bU
,     ihe Ciiv of Nelnon.
o'-iveii ���,, ,,,, lh,. bourofoo'clookln
I 'iu.   l'.hi;. for lhe
Mlnernl Clalin,   l-<1
-ciinv   IHhinet.   Wblon  wan  do-
���*��1-* lul t i.   ..'''���"'''   t�� lhe  Crown at the  tnx
"   ",  'tlc -'uy of Nelaon, on tha nth daj
JW.for dj-Iimntvin  ta-ei up till June
iipon t&e
^'I'Mhii'-r'Jt'!VT1"1 Thu "i>Sf,t l"i('" "t��>u u>��
���i'ioiin.,1. . . . ,t,M' "nloh inelndei thoanioun
'-Hun* J-! ,P ,ltJ ���"������<d contK nllhe lime of for
"���'criu-'l ,.,���, ""'''"M. laxeg which havo llnoa
(ir"Uitfi'>1Vk,V1"f.n'lv''r,'1,l"a. "��d fee for ��� rown
lh��' will il. . . ":l"'fi! which In the loam amount
Harli   un i'    dderod ni a toudt'r.
"':��� i'tc i,.,        niiim be a-fioompanted  by   an
,1,,r W.a,V'1'"".1"1" -h? full   amount of the ten
IT1 ���<neV,.t ,lu' ord��J of the '>puiy Oom-
���tp-ir       ' ���*����� end Worka, M VloWria, B C .
b,tt'1 Ht Srtann, B, u., tbia nth day of'VI. 1907.
1UKHY VtrtltillT,
-ovarumeut Aggnt.
in the metier ot an appKoatlon for iho laauo 01
dui-ii atoa i>i tbe CerUBi ah ��� ol 'rule lo lot 11,
U and Itsjaroapt, We t Kootenay Dlalrlct.alao
known an lhe ' Kooteuav Chief,"    Comfort" and
"Lulu" mlnciril elntui*. rcipecli vely.
Notice ia herein ijwu that It t�� my Intention
to lffUio at the explraiiou of one moufh after the
firm pu tilted if oti he; cot a dii|.llcrtte tif l.'erlttU ale
of Title o. GOOiaol an undivided HI-tout h* in
each ol the a ove lol>, lamied on the I7lh day of
May, A   U. 1888 iu Ihe ttcmOOf Jobt) 0. Ainsvfnrlh
and alio a da plica to oi -erUltrata of Title No.
8900a ol   hli   undlvidid  l�� lllthi in   each of   the
nt.ov,   hi-, i- ue.   on the   Uth day of  May, A. J-
iHbti.tu thenameofGeorgoJ. altuworth,
i and R-wiatry tiitiee, s bon, ��. c*. Am-iiKt t-ti.
H. F. MAil.aoo,"
DlaUiet Reedatrar
In the matter of an pull atioti lor the UftM of
idnplloatool ihec, rtifl���������'e o�� Titlefor lot���,
jini-i the weat half ol Lot U( blool B1�� in the Town
nf Sail
In the Matter of    the "Land    Regietry
Act" and Amendmente thereto,
In the mallef ol an appHeation lor 'he imtue of
K.lMpIl''.''*'-' ""' <vrll.l-��l�� nf 11.1.. lor ..*.-
���.'Till, Ml, sn . ''l����.   'i""'P ' . Konliinsy   IH-trI 'I
���otlo. is iht.-i.v wivi'n tiist ii 1. my iiii,.ii'!"ti
Inlss.iunt thu ex 1.11 iill.ni 01 on.month Irmn tno
IrM l.il'll.'.ill.'ii l,.ri.ol.iilni.lli'stn C.rllllc.tOO
��� ��,.      II  ������l...i..l.',i'ril.uillsiiils, llll lino';.
..    ... U...l.'il.'k  li.'.'rls.ili   wliln.i  Clltnost. I,
,ui".i in., nut ii.r "< *.ot<"t, ��������. si"' " '",,*,���
" u,',,'."R'���i��ry Offlc, ���W-^*_}.tn>' "'
A ni,,,tit   1007. H, K. MACLal'l't
0��ust*. iw. butrlot Ragiitrar.
The billy C_Muui
Murdereaa of  American   Senator  la  Ar-
raigned at Waahington���Pleade
Washington, D, C, Nov. 11.���Criminal
Oottrt Nn. i oi tlie Diitriol or Columbia
was Oiled to overflowing with  epeott*
torH, among whom were niiinorotis wo-
nun,   when   Juetlce   Smfford   took   his
ac-at on Hi' oanob t_ie morning und tha
bailiff rapped for order.   The presaaoe
of idle onlookers wan due to Lhfl taof
thai the Oral caHe in the dofikol mu
lhat of Mr��. Annie 11 Bradley, whose
trial for murder in connection with the
death of former Senator Arthur M.
Brown ol Utah, lasi December, win undoubtedly he the Staple of conversation
in Waahington for some week**- to come.
Ah eminent array ol counsel appeared
aa principal counsel lor the delense,
assisted by Attorney Qeorge li. Hoover
of ihla city. Assistant Diatrict Attorney
Clvt-ns. with govern! assistants, waa on
hand to conduct the jiroisecuiinn.
No murder cane here in years, none
In fact since the famous murder trial
Ot Mrs. Beaunisne nearly a decade ago,
has excited such deep Interest aa has
been excited in the trial that has now
eommenoed. The wealth and promln-
��� ���ijce ��if tht* vit'tim and the double ro-
maiife nf his life are responsible ln a
large measure for the public interest
In the case. The dragging in (if the
name of Mrs. Annie Adums, mother of
Maude Adams, the actress, has also
whetted the public appetite for further
d-tails of the case. Mrs. Adams is expected to he one of the principal witnesses. She has told friends that she
is anxious to testify if for no other reason than to clear the name of the dead
senator, to whom It is said she was en-
gagsd- She admitted as much when she
came here to see lhe body of the Senator after the tragedy, before it was taken west hy his children fur burial. It is
said that Mrs. Bradley first learned of
the engagement between the Senator
and Mrs. Adams a few days before the
It is now nearly a year since the killing occurred In the Hotel Raleigh,
where tile Senator was shot In his
apartments by Mrs. Bradley after a
stormy Interview. At the Kmergeney
Hospital, where ho lingered between
life and death for several days. Senator Hrown steadfastly refused to talk
and refused all the Import unities of the
Wharf 6 a. m. dnily for Knotnnay Landing sad all pnints i-ast. Close cihiiu-c-
ilons for Bpoksne. Returning arrives
City Wharf 7 p. m.
TRAIN NO. 45 for Kosslnnil anil all
Coast points, connecting wilh Stt inner
Knskitlioiik leaves C. 1'. 11. Depot 7 IS V
m.   Wharf 7.10 p. in. .lally.
TRAIN NO. 43 for Slocan, Knselierry
loaves ileiiot dally except Sands) B
a. ni. Returnini arrives is p. ni. daily
except Sunday.
TRAIN NO. 41 Tin ltnssland-H'iiindnry
leaves Depot daily except Sunday 9.46
a. m. Returning arrives Nelnon 10.1111
p. ni.
daily excepl Sunday, leaves City Wharf
7 a. m. Lftrdo days: Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.
For further particulars call  or write
A.O.F.A..Vancouver. 1> P. A.. Kelson
Tenders Wanted.
in pursuance of the order of the Hon.
Mr, Justice Morrison, dated the 15th
October, A. ��. 1907, tenders will bo received by the unilci'slRiii'd for the purchase of lota 694, 695, 717, 1848. 1841),
S848, and 698, known us the "llliie Jay,"
"Starlight No.;:," "l.asl Chance," "Silver
Coid," "Blizzard," "l.ittlo Widow,"
"Btarllsfht Fraction." and "Caleiin"
minerals clulms respectively; one hundred tons more or less of zinc ore,
whereof sixty tons are now lying nt
Kaslo. and forty tons nl the mines; and
all oilier the ns'setit of the Last Cllunce
Mining company, Limited.
Such tenders to be made In writing
to nte on or before the 1st day of December, A. D. 1!107.
The highest or any lender will not
neeesHiirll*' be accepted. Further particulars 01 the property will lie furnish-
eii on application.
Hated the 17th day of October, A. D.
Official Liquidator,
Tho Last Chance Mining Company, Limited, Sandon, British Columbia.
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't bave to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
to put It Into development. Wo
also bave tracts of DO to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the bi.'8t. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't Bee Frultvale you
miss the best ln B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
w. a.  aiuuETT
Contractor  anil
Sole BRcnt tor tbe Porto Rim I .timber CO., Ltd..
retail yurdi. KotiRli _ud dllUli him tier, turned
work <*.���,'. hriiik-'i*-. Coast lalb ami sbiugl<*s, t*asb
and doors. �� "in.-ni. brick and lime for aalo.
Automat��� grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall
.���S'lil -**��� >1N,    14. G*
P. O   Box 2f��. Ti>li>T>hone IW
police  to  make  a  statement  of  the affair.
When she was taken Into custody
Mrs. Bradley declared that she was
Justified in doing what she did, and that
all Utah knew the cause of the tragedy.
She sold Senator I.rown was the father
of her two children���Arthur drown, jr..
seven years old, and Montgomery
Brown* three years old���and that he refused to marry her, despite his repeated   promises.
The Senator had heen censured he-
cause of a clause in his will which expressly denied any claim on the part of
the Bradley children to his name or his
property. John S. Hollo, stenographer
of the state supreme court at Salt I-akn
City, declared, alter the tragedy, that
Hrown dictated to him a petition for
adoption, a decree conferring on the
two hoys Hrown's name and an equal
share of his fortune, and a oontraet by
which Mrs. Bradley was to accept a
home for liTe and waive her demands
for marriage. Mr. Hollo says he 'earned
afterward that Mrs. Bradley refused it-
sign the papers and that they had been
Senator Hrown's relations with Mrs.
Bradley had extended over many years.
and were one of the causes that led to
the separation from his first wife. Sen
ator Hrown came to Washington early
last December on business. He registered at the Hotel Haleigh. Mrs. Bradley followed him a few days later, and
registered at the same hotel. She was
assigned to a room on tho same floor.
Hate in the afternoon of her arrival,
after learning which was the Senator's
room, she went to it and rapped. After
;t short conversation, cries of the wounded man brought the hotel employees
to   the   room.
Mrs. Hradley admitted that she had
shot the Senator and believed she \..u
justified In doing so. She denied thnt
she had come to Washington for the
purpose of killing the Senator.
Mrs. Hradley claims io have found letters In Senator Hrow's apartment sho.v-
ing he had an appointment to meet Mrs
Adams in New York. Whether this en
tereti as a motive In the tragedy will
not be known till the evidence is
brought out in the trial, although at the
time of the murder, Mrs. Adams ox-
pressed dep sympathy for Mrs. Bradley, and declared that if only she cou'tl
have met her before the tragedy she
might have helped to prevent It.
Pries*   of  Metsir...
New York, Nov. 11.���Silver, 68%C;
copper.  18940.;   lead, $4.75.
London, Nov. 11.���Silver, 2fi%d., lead
The Ball of the Season 1
Will  ba  held on
Friday. Nov. 15th. 1907
���IN   THE���
(Corner of Baker and  Falls Streets.)
Tickets can be had from any member
of the Executive or from the Secretary
of the 20,000 Club.
GENTLEMEN, $2.00.      LADIES,  fi.OO.
Ttemont House
ttnr'.-Jfi-.n and Amerlncu Plan
Mift-.lt* % nr.   Koomv from 25 cu. to $1.
oaij White Uttip Kupioyed.
BafcT Bt.. Ntirtou Proorlelora
Most nomli.tlsbli' qunrlor,      Nelsou
Only the bust of l.tqttors sntl ; fusrs
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovatnil snd refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upv.ard. The
dining room Is unexcelled lu tbe city.
House heated throughout with hoi
J   A. EBIOKSON, r-i-oprlotor.
Telephone, 2i>0     OtipoBlti- Court Houss
and P.istoffice. Nt'Ison. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Rtrect, Nelson. B. 0,
IiiKht-ftd by Eltwtriclty end
Heated bj Hot Air
iainto    nd  <;om Ior Labi e n^dror.mn and Flnt-
'������-i: I'.riiiiK Room     Sample Koofl&a for (Jon-mt**
���lrs.1    *f--n
MRS    K   ...CI-AKKK,  Proprlelrt-it
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bsr tn* the ViQeat.
While Help Only Employed.
toeepbine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 anil |1.50 u Day.
Special Rat��� tn Reirulnr itnardnr.
The Sliver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
TcurterB Rd-Wm'il lo the undernlrtied at hi-.
��� ���fiirti in tin*: Conn Boose, in the nty oi
Nelson,     win     t>c*    Motived    dp   tin    Uie
hour oi r. ovioi-k,   in   iii��-   afternoon,   of Fti
day. NnvQinU-T 1st- lwn. for tht purchase ol
lhe ".lime" Mlot-iAl i'lalm, tsot f��3!V , Group 1.
KonU'iifiy I>Ixtr|**i. whl'h wns (iecl��re.1 to bo
f.irft-iteil to the Crown ut the tax ssle held in the
t-lly of Nelaon, on lhe 6th dsy ol November. 19a*>
I t noJluqUSItt I axes up till June autii, 1MB. and
���>��� upH't prit-e upon tho Mid mineral dale,
*. It U iuc.ludfs the wmount or ileltntiuent taxon
itnd i-oats at lhe tiu.e ,([ furfeliure, wilh Inlereat,
tiiie-i which liavf alii-<��� at-er ied, tost of adver
Ur-liy, nud f.e for Crown roiil ($iS lH>,) in H8S.70,
arbtt li li tuc least Hinoiiut that will be ooD_tdered
ks ii tender
Each under must bo, seeo���tpanled bv an sc
i-fplt'.t oheqns for the full auiouiu of the lender,
pftnble to (he order Of the Depntv ''onjmlsslonet
ol Lends and Works, at vietori a. h c, at par.
Dated .it Nelson, B c, this87th. day olBept
')o-,Trnnieni Agent, Nelson, B i
Certificate   r-f   Tmorovetnent s
rs<. ri'GCS
"Montreal ' aid "ijii* lti;" Mlucr-,1 Clalnia sttu
ate tu the Nelson. Mining Division, of West
Kootenay I>l-*!-i*���t.
Wiu-re liM-atcd:-Wrut braneh ol north fork id
Salmon liver, ou train Mountain, uiumi nine
mllei Irom Kite, B.O,
Iain uotli-e that I, Alfred *"rnost QsllnM. V?VM
MHht'i* Car UQ Mte No. BotS Intttid.-lxtv davs
.rum ihe date hi-rmf, to ppplr lo Ihe Mining
Reoordertors Crrttticate oi Imprnvements, for
Lhepurpos- of obtaining Crown (���rant** til Lhe
iDOvs vlalma
liid lunlier   take noMoa that aeiioi, under
seetion 91, must be eommenoed before the imi*
auee ol ��iu*h Oerttfloate ol improvemt-uta.
Datad this lath :ii'. of cJeptember, i%7.
Certificate of the Registration of an Ex
tra-Provlnclal   Company.
"Comi'a*''-'   ^'T. 1HV7."
I hereby certify tha in ' Falls t'n-ek Copper
Mlniitir ointmny, I.i-.rlt" " has ihis <:ay been
renlatered nx an ' xir**-l rovimlal Cnmpanf nn-
i.t'r the ��� Cfinipan.."* A-l, 1897/* to inny out or
effort all ur aln of th-** object a of the Companv
10 which the IfKi-lii'no HuttuTtij' of the Leisii-
���atnre ot UrtM-h Columbia t'.tieudu
he head offlMoftus Company isHlttiateat
he City ol Hpoitune. ftate ot WaihtiiKlnit,
The amount ol the ettpltnl Of  the coin lit
one   tnllii**n   live   h-imlrod   thousand    dot lata
any li
illvlted into one million five hundr.-il thou-miid
���harsi nf one dollar <aeh,
i he head ofllc'* of the QoiDpany In  this  Pro*
vii.ee M situate al kelson, ami Hlobsel 0  Mon*
iiyiuin. Miner, wl.osf f*d4lTSS ta the name, ia the
attorney of the Compauy
The time ol tho exlstenoe of the Company la
lly   llniUod  under see
iftv years from the 16th Marob, '907
Tne Company is ipe	
lion .M. of tbo above Ac t
GlTprt under mj him.I and seal of oflli*�� at
Virtorla, Provlneeof PrHI"h ColumblS. thla 15th
dav 01 May. one thousand nine hundred and
1L. I.) 8 Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar oi Joint dtock Companlei.
Lake Frontage Subdivisions
We have been instructed to ofter
for sale the following propstftlas linv-
ing first class frontage on Ihe west
arm of K-iotenay Lake and within
easy reach of Nelson. There ls
plenty of water on the property and
railway nnd steamboat communication with Nelson.
1. 8 acres or level fruit land. aJSOO.
2. 50  acres adjoining the  above,
 .*�� f45  per sere.
3. 93 acres $24 per acre.
4.82   acres,  price $2500.
5. 10H acres with two-storey house
and   outbuildings $2250.
'IKII.AI...S Al*-
H. & M. BIRD
A great many rviles have been  made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
Office Rooms For Rent
Suite (2 rooms) ol Office Rooms in Alan
Block, facing Baker St. Particularly good
McDermid & McHardy
AND DEALERS IN    LtfttlDeft   .-D-HgleS,
Lath, iWoulctinjis, Doors, Windows.
Mail Orders promptly attended to.
rVBUSOfS. B. c.
Turned Work and Brackets.
Boots at Cost
You can buy Loots and shoes at your own price.    The McLaren, .Dallas
and Marsh Boot reduced from ?5.0Tj to $3.75.
Workingmen's Gaiters from $1.96  lo $2.15, usual price $2.75 to $3.00.
GEO. m. aUINlN
41V/z Ward Street. *%
A Shoemaker wanted to take over Shoemakirrg Department.
Auction every Saturday evening. Auctioneering at Public Sales. Cabinet work and upliolstering, and all kinds of mattresses made to Older.
r    Undertakers and Embalmets.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned have submitted to tho Lleu-
n niinl-lJovcrnoo-in-Couucll a proposal
trader the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Dulianiel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) in the District of West Kootenay, Province of
Urilish Columbia, and for making the
snld creek 111 for rafting aud driving
ihereon logs, timber and lumber, and
fur eroetiug aud maintaining dams on
lhe said creek, and for constructing
;ind maintaining booms for holding,
sorting and delivering logs and timber
Ihereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lako at the mouth of said
The lands tn be affected by such
work aro Lots 7S7, 78S, 7G01, 777S, 4391,
Sill and 8413 all in Group One, Kootenuy District, and other lands not Crown
Granted, occupied or improved.
The tol's proposed lo be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judge of
Ihe   County   Court   of   West   Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, l'J07.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Notice ia hereby ��iven lliat the nnderilKHSd
have Sttlnaltts-tl 'O tlie i.i< - '"nant (jovt-nnir-In-
CuiiD'-ll a proposal nntler the provisions of lhe
������ Ki���.���***-ra nud t*treama Ai*t," for ctetrtn*- snd te-
ini'Viln: .>.��������������� ui'Ir.'.s frnm'i:>H.t I.tver Hlitl Met-
'...v.- ('reek, iu the iMtjIrlulof ft.si Kootenay, anil
im- irnkiit.; the wrae lit for raltlug ami drjv
Iiik Uhtcou lugs. Umber, lumrx*r, rulia' nil cmfla
and for er*.*ctiu>; and maintaining booms for
IniUliiiK, ttorting '��"l '*' Hverlng log*- and timber
brought down aulil i���ri-ek ami river, sud for st-
i.i* Ihiil: booms to the shore of said creek ssd
river Ior sslQ pur pose*.
Iho Imnly t" be aKe-tert by hhIi! work sre:���
I ot-t :.t>\ .'is-, <'.yJ, aim aub lota 1, ti, 11 IS, U and
IIS r>f Iah 45.-J, ttroup i, Kootenay Ulatrlct.
The trills i'i"l��"*ii '1 i" bt* charge-J _r�� un'li an
iiui'. Ih- RxM by the Jn*?ije ol the County Court
ol Weal Kuoteuaj
Dated81st July, .907.
Thx International LuhbH'V Msscamtils Co,,
Notice is hereby glv.-n that Wilton A.
MlUor, of the town of Creaton, lumberman, haa been appointed the new attorney or "The Kinney-Miller Cedar
Registrar of .Joint Stock Companies.
Victoria, British Columbia, October 27,
F. C. GREEN        F. P. BURDEN        A. It. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dcmioion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O.Box 145    Pbr-Bc2��ilB.
Mln���g ,
lNEUSOlN,    -     B. C.
tJld Curiosity Shop
It you wsst to buy or sell anythlnc,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sals.
All kinds of Dinnerwsre In stock. Ps/t-
m f r
�� !
t I"
' i'
Long Winter Evenings
Should vim he troubled with your eyes or have difficulty in see-
Ingflne prlnl m night, Kinssts will again give foil Uie power you en
joyed years ago , , , ,        .
We hnve nil the facilities on tbs premises to do this worn perfectly and promptly.
Watchmaker and Optician
The very   newest and best
goods in Wash Silks, Liberty Silks and Chiffon
Taffeta Silks.      All
the very newest
styles at
$V $5, $6 to $10 Each
All Over Net and
Lace Blouses at
$6.50 to $12.50
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo*
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <_.
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will Und it to their ad-
riutage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I        QUEEN        |
BUSH  & MATT HEW, Props.
Phone  9. P.  O.  Box 672.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri.-.
Bntter, KffpF.
Oamp and Minor-*' Supplies.
A. M   Can. See. p. B.
Mining Work s Specialty.
Office-.   Henley Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker at, NELSON, a. C.
BA.rs'i-iHi:A.r>  coal
The But Usui Oosi on tee mar-
fcionlclie.'td lirl-
qll^ tt _--
The Bi.��l  Pomeatlo I'oal.
West Transfer Co.
The tourist hotel of Nelson,
corner of Slanloy an.l Victoria
streets. Two blocks from depot.
C. W. Whlttaker, Phoenix; li. Horrell,
":]��� r  itvi     II.  Allison     and   wife,
Port Perry, Ont.
jar.^n     Jn.-i:WC,-'><,
Oof*. V'ornon   Slttd Ward Streets
nrlso.\, a. c
II. .1. Hlrsh, O. A. Kennedy. A. V.
I'at'khurst. Vancouver; .1. C. |.-'lvins,
Berlin; II. \v. Fritchmau, Miss Clifton,
H. A. Roberts, New York; C. P. Brown,
Gait; (I. Wick, T. Giendennins and family, Calgary; I. B. Ooll.y and wife, Ontario; W. it. Webster. Hamilton; W. .1.
Latimer, Toronto; w. Armstrong, Fori
William; S. Ross, Salmo.
T. c. Graham, Revelstoke; .1. It. Bd-
mondoon, Procter;   B. Carroll nud wife.
New York;   A.  Paul, Montreal.
P. darner, Harrop; Q. Btevens, Ross-
'im.l; G. ll. Paters, (I Revlere, Mrs. W.
Stewart, Miss Stewert, Ymir; I-;. Ryan,
Seattle; .1. Brown, Kamloops; W. A.
Albert, Nanaiino.
I'.   W.   Millies.   II.   W.   Millies.   High
"Ivor,  A Ita.
B.   Fox   and   wife,  Calgary;   E.   Van
Dalker,   Revelstoke;   T.   Lanky,   I.amis
End.    Kilg.;   T. Flll|i|i,   Bngland.
W. MoKenzie, B. Deane, W. O. Malley,
10 Hogan, Cranbrook: W. s. ClarK
Needles; J. Morgan, Moyie; .1. Mill. H
Selmes, Procter; .1 I.. Harper, Grand
Forks: A. i' O'Neill, Ymir; K. Beaver,
Fruitvale; l Smith, \. Orr, MapU
Creek;  li   Bumham, .\. Reid, Kootenai
Sherman's Opera House
McAuliffe Stock Co.
Prices:    25c,   50c,   75c.
a-H(;k nr I'
MM- k.   ,*|]
<.<-n.Il   , ('��
i'   Mukcrs    tli" Ti
ne-.vi | *��������** 11 '
K'lixl    timber
���- lo be Kir, Turn
i nil Oii'-h  in tht
Ppljf        O    JtlKl'pIl
���\ \NTKI> SittiHtliiii bv VniuiK ���**���<���'���.mii in (mar
rkMij willing l-> tacfelo (.nvlhtng, <'x-.*?rlerjf----'
In piifi'i-v, (fine Hii'i Ht-trit -r*..l** A<li]r*n
D. I), Dally c.ni.fitHii Office.
*.   I'AltTNKK   with f'\(**.*0 to   yurvhnw a   trnli
ranch n*_*nr Nelson   A good ipMUlatlon   Part
n��r need not l��* ai tlv.-iy -���napged on rain-li.
For partlcnlRrK applv T   (i   PBOOTKtl
I-OST-A LADY" I'MUltM.A wilh gold rimmed
1.unfile Iff* nl K 1' Hall, on nlyht o! ��th
Sept     KiiKl.-r   pl**ns--   r-'t''rn   to   rRikrr'fc   Kin-
Vf'omfortiible H-nie ior a Voiinn I.a*ly, wonM
**ii t el'li* r n-Uou) tin* hoi. or \onng lady In
t.-'*i';.*Hs In   thurify.     Addn-m   K. V. Daily
TWO FIBST-Ui^BB HOOM*-., -'.cam healed     An
ply housekeeper, 8rd flat, _, W. 0, block.
Bom   in   KairvU-w   on   Sal in day.  Nov
0th, i��> the wile nr George i\ Player, .
Serious   Charge.
\ man aOCUBOd nl' annoying women
and children in the up (own residential
districts will appear in the ponce court
Second   Company.
All wim w.hIi to enrol 99 members o\
Un- new company of tho Rooky Moun
tain Rangers art* requested io attend ftl
iho armory  Friday night,
Service   Resumed.
Tho steamer Kootenay was released
from her position on tho sand bar at
Cariboo Point Saturday night, having
been aground fur about :io hours. Tin
interrupted Arrow Lake service has
boon restored.
Instruction  in   Roller  Skating.
P. T. Thornton has been engaged b>
the manager of the Alice roller ring t->
give instructions in roller skating
Those desirous of getting Instruction
Should visit the rink in the forenoon
from  IU to  12.
The Nelson United Football club win
hold a special meeting this evening ai
7.80 in Uie Minor*-,' Union hull to arrange for lhe game with the ranchers
on the 10th Inst. All members are re-
piested to attend.
The  McAuliffe Company.
"Confessions of a Wife," at the opera
house Saturday evening, did not provi
a drawing card. No doubt the opening
of the roller rink attracted many who
otherwise would have attended the
theatre. Tonight "Dens and Palaces'
will be the bill, with new specialties.
Wightman's Express.
James Wi^htman has purchased a
new express wagon, and with a team of
horses that can get over the ground at
a lecord breaking speed, he will deliver goods to any part of the city, lie
has been in the business before and
fully understands the requirements ot
lhe work.
Trouble on   Lake Street.
Hattie Adams and Fern Smith, residents of Lake street, got into trouble
yesterday, and tho result was a fight in
which Miss Adams drew a revolver. She
was brought into court this morning
Police Magistrate Crease sentenced her
to only one month in gaol as she had
not iKjfntod the revolver at any one.
Out of  Business.
George Gunn has retired from business, having disposed of his place on
Ward street lo \\*. J. Habgood. Mr.
Gunn has been a resident of Nelson for
nine years, and during that time has
���pent six years in business. He has not
yet decided what line uf business he
will take up now, bin whatever it is, he
..ill have the goodwill of his fellow
Animated   Pictures.
The Victoria Animated Picture Co.,
Hall street near Baker, will reopen tomorrow night. (Tuesday) at 8 o'clock,
under new management. There will be
new pictures and moving songs, and the
entertainment will last 46 minutes, foi
which the moderate charge of 15 cents
and SO cents will be charged. This is
an entertainment that amuses both old
and young, and should be patronized.
Three applications, all from ouisldo
points, wore heard and granted by His
Honor .Judge Forln in chambers this
morning,     ii.   S.  McCarter obtained   an
SLJ ' I ' 1
-I-|,-I   1  '  1 \\%-
_l~ *"^9t
-��� <C_?*     - _9 ��� 1 --
4 LL     1 J  1      !. 1  1 1.1.1-���.
Of electrical work finished and charged
for from this shop will show you how
squarely and honorablv we conduct on:
Those who employ us need not worry
about our charges and as to workmanship they know it Is the best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly attended  to.
P. O. Box 156. Phone 227 A.
The Dally Canadian
-   cl'-��*2!*��-��*-iJ^--^--ii^.."^"J2Scaj
2 lbs. 25c.
i 5c.  per lb.
Corner 8illca ami Joseiihmr* Sts
pmom: -!
Xmas  Gift
In considering what you will give fur
Christmas this year, don't overlo I
Hooks are the ideal gif's and *i ��
often less expensive than Other things
that would not bo so acceptable.
Our range of gift gooks this year b*
finer and more complete than ever.
We have a-I the favorites in the
daintiest  bindings at 60c each,
Leather bound, India paper pocket
(Millions of all ihe standard authors and
many gems of literal uie beafdee, ;i'
from SGo to $1.60 each.
All ihe poets at from s'x- each in
cloth bindings up to $4.00 and $5.00each
in  rich leather bindings.
We invite you freely to come in when
ever you can or feel Inclined, and look
over our book shelves.
W. G. Thomson
,\0A0TKi^'k'-rrB "od   Nelson, B. C.
'irder for adniiiiintialion of tilt* c.sl.i .
of A. G. .Inhiuion, deceased. C. u
Hamilton, K. C\, dbtsined a vesting
order in tho townslte of Deer Park
Under the Plans Caiir.-llal inn Act, and
an order for substantial nervlco In the
case of Hank of Montreal vs.  Peach.
To   Fruit  Growers.
The Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association win jny the highest market price
for on,' box each of Hie following varie
tieB or apples m he delivered to the
secretary on or before Saturday, Nov
23. The varieties required are Northern
Spy, SpltzenlieiK. Mcintosh P. d, Y.-ll'.v
Newton, Pippin, Wanner, Rome P. amy.
Blenheim Orange, mi.I Cos Orange Pip
pin, The fruit Is desired for show purposes anil will aitl mm. dally in making
public Uie  possibilities of this district
:o  the outside  world.
Farewell  to  H.   E.  Macdonell.
Harry IO. Matdonell. general freight
agent ol Kootenay division of the c. P.
it., left yesterday inornlnK for si John
Saturday evening he km waited upon
in his offlce by a large parly of frtsndi
representative' or the citizens not .mi
of   Nelson  1ml   also of   ItosslaiHl,  Trail,
Kaslo ami San.ion. Tin- presentation
to Mr. anil Mrs. Macdonell ol t.n oak
cabinet of silverware followed, n ven
felicitous speech h> T, 0. Procter ac
bompanyjng It, ,\ir Macdonell replied
happily. Mr.-. Macdonell win leave foi
the east Thursday.
Whoitr-ali* Mini   Ketaii DsSlStl In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oaznpt supplied on HhorteHt notice und
lowewt  price Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and n.uppb--i kept in Mock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES    Manac*;-*-.
Its BusifiE55 Energy
$1.00 per Gallon
ITeh.phouH 161.
���VII Kinds nf Heating  Plants ln  Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Ooer. House.      Tel. 181.
General Job Work, Cnimney 8weep-
ng, carpet Cleaning, fixing and Clean
ng  Si.'ve.,  etc.
Tl  East  Baker 81 Phone No. ��l"
Cleared,     cultivated,     planted
with   8o  trees,  good   water,
first rate location, i|>700.
_OiVlI3  A1ND  SEE.
Liberal   Leaders.
John Oliver, M. Ca. A. tot Delta, Bi
rived from lhe coasl lasi nl��ht and Is
the Kiiesl of Ills sister. Mrs. John Hell,
Kootenay street. Mr. Oliver, who was
elected president 'if ihe provincial Lib
oral association at the convention li !���!
in Vancouver in October, will address
the   Nelson   Liberal   association   tomor*
160 ACRES���About eight miles from
Nelson. Frequent tralim. cnbin,
springs, Owner would subdivide i;
in cesaary $20 to $25 per acre
25 ACRES Near Nelson���Hood, road
Water  ri^htH.  Small  house.  Stable
Fruit   IreoH,   bushel   etc $1.(Hi0
Also land    un    Kootenuy and    Arrov*
lakes, Slocan and  ;!nlmon rivers, etc,
mow   night.     .1.    A.   Macdonald,   K.   C,
Mi-oral  leader  in the Legislature,  win
a, rive   from   KoBsland   tomorrow   morn
log. Advantage will be taken uf theli
presence by the oansmittee of tbe i^ni
v- rsity club, who will arrange if pos
si bio for a conference with Messrs,
Facdonald an' Oliver and Dr. Hall,
member for Nelson, if arrangements
can be made the conference will be
hebl tomorrow afternoon.
Real Estate Agent
315  Baker St.,  Nelson,  B. C.
s. lions, of Salmo, came in io ihe city
last night,
J. P. Vrnom. custom collector at Wan-
eta. arrived hist night.
John Klrkup. gold commissioner of
ll.'sslaml. Is in lhe city today.
The many friends of .fumes Neeland
will regret to learn that he Ib Mriousl}
V. W. Odium, of the Kootenay Land
and Investment eompnny. returned from
the coasl Saturday night
Gordon Beeston lefi yesterday morn
I'tK for Hie Ln Plata mine, for which h<
!uls heen appointed liooli-keepor.
W. Armstrong, of Port William, a
veteran railway man, Is making his firs*
\i-iit lo liritish Columbia. He Is at the
! iiime,
W, P. Hansford, formerly or Ncisoi
is ii memlier of the committee of a net*,
ly organised Young Conservative As
soclutlon in New Westminster.
Private   Greeting   Card
For Christmas Greetings
The line this year is finer
than ever.
Orders should be scut in this
week. Phone .Si for sample
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR  BAKER  and  WARD. Phone 81
R.   W.   HINTON ���
iVlA.CHirs'l�� TS
l-f ���p*�� It-Inn inul  ���lohHIi-ti- ttxeuutiKl with  l >���_-�� -.*, t ^ i,      .sii��-.t \t-t-.
Work,  Mining and /villi Miichliitery.     Manutac t -ir-��rH ,,#
Ot**   t_M"*-��,   to.   Ivf.   Contractitm'   Ciim.
Corner of Hall ���nd
Frutil HireetB.
NELSON,    B. C.
that is fashionable and durable can be I
bought now at a price that ti sure to I
tempt you. Winter stylet are being I
shown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirti, Collars and Cuffs galore. Merj- I
lum and Heavy Weight Pajamas and I
Night Shirts at proper prices.. Particular people will be pleased with our offer- |
have your prescriptions filled,
i them properly and carefully
compounded    as    your    physician   prescribes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
Is? Huk^r and JnBopliinr* Sts.
We would lik�� to bo<* all our patrons comfortable, this winter ami f�� order to !
do so wp have In stork the hoHf assorted   line of  h'-atlnK sloven and cooking
stoves and  ranges  ever  before  pres'-nted to the public in Kootenay.
We would be  pleased to show you    our Hue and before making your purchase kindly see what we bave to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Nelson Branch.
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Furniture Company
Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers.
We carry a large stock of Cere*
Cookers, Kettles, Stew and S��uM
Pans, Fry Pans, Tea and Coff*"
Pots. etc.,  etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd-


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