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The Daily Canadian Mar 25, 1907

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Array H.l'MK I.     NO.   249.
(ire's Another for You,
My Uncle"
lines   Mannerino's   Account  of
I Nephew's Attempt on His Life���
Splendid Aid by Volunteers.
'mil Maiinarlno will come sip foi hear-
at   NelBon   next   Monday, probably
remanded  again, 'and  lie  taken  to
ston   for    preliminary    trial.     Tbo
sine will  be attempt to murder hie
i., -lames Muuuuriuo,    near   Koote-
Landing    last    Thursday    nlgbt,
srls 2lBt, between 7:110 und 8 o'clock.
Tbe Btory of the crime aa told by the
ed  man  to Chief of Police Bul-
ekVYebster is as follows:
Jl.as-i   Monday, March  18th, Paul de-
lisiiileil a division of tbe property.   He
ed all the cattle and |l,iil)U cash.
si"W that hlB uncle bad $1.01)0 In
'sunk.     The   uncle  demurred,   but
-I in hs'II the cattle and give Paul
��'   and   half   the   proceeds of the
hiibject waB not discussed again
Thursday afternoon when both
In tlte garden planting beuns. The
sation wbb quite friendly, and
'istlnued* nfter supper, which Paul
111 7:20 Paul'said he knew where
���snld get a case of powder, and
Med -out.   Paul led iuto a trail
..is off the road from Kuskanook
1      tbe   trestle    near    Kootenay
__i, ding.   As soon as they were ln the
i'.sul.  stepping   behind,  shot  his
,   In the back; the bullet entering
.lull Jo the left  of the backbone,
k is rib, and Ib burled under the
-isssuisler  blade.
.lames fell he exclaimed ln Italian,
: Iss.'lp me!"
ml replied: "Hero's another for you
uncle, yoa die right here." He then
' il his revolver to his uncle's head
II red again. The bullet glanced
1 the skull after tearing the scalp
Br two and three-quarter Inches behind
Is-ft ear.
j JaineB lay still till Pnul was gone then
[staggered    aud    crawled  tis  the
Jars'lug cars of a telegraph wire crew.
..ssik him to .Sirdar.   There P. I>.
ipe, 1   drugRlst, dressed his wounds
well a>  possible  under the ctrcum-
iThe    next    day.    Friday, when  Mr.
's lister    reached    Sirdar,    he    found
... .  Mannarlno .'��' �� car t0 *"* *****
j I'ranbrooU.    He Went wlth hlm llnd
���Jii.li his declaration t* St. Mary's bos-
ssl     The doctor probed  6" &��� l,ul-
111 the back but eoulS not locate 11.
* lias decided to leave It there, and
Jnless  blood  iKiiaoBlng  reBitlts,  Jamea
iinnarlno will  be   round  again,   Huh*
tie worse for IiIb nephew's attempt on
|l-  llle.
-Mi nn while Paul Mammi'lno had pro*
flded    himself   -with    ammunition ami
Inrrlrnded himself ln t^e cabin.    Con-
table Wilson went, to n window, armed
lily with a revolver, aud had his right
ini  grated br a  bullet   from  Mannu-
I ns is rifle.   Mannarlno had Orel thrown
Ip bis banns wnen sumtnoiied ihrougli
llss* window, but leaped through a door
.. another room, got his rifle and bean llrlng, and Wilson look to cover,
'nnslable Young, who took charge of
r .    siege   on    Friday   and   Saturday.
fsi-riliL*" Its successful Isbui* entirely to
fie   praiseworthy   assistance   given   by
Ebiirles null, Charles Quaiffe and MD-
Held   nil ot  Creston, who lay  bo-
   the  enMu   for  21   hours,  without
ii  and without, shelter In a bitterly
Ini.1 snow storm. Their pereietenM
ually broiigbt the ,)>'ould-bc murderer
��� surrender.
Paul  Mannarlno.  the  wfiuld-be  niur-
..ier of his uncle, bears vevi* HtUe re-
I .'iblanee to  (he tv|ie  known  /is the
lluiii" man" in the Wesl.   He Is "below
leverage In  height   nnd one jnlwht
riiiost   say   frail In   physique.    As   be
lisirriesl off lhe boat Inst Saturday nlghl
1 s-i.nipnnv of the constables lie looked
either to the right nor the left, but in
ibiii'l    steps    rushed   ahead.    Once he
...I around its If he fenred thst tie
"Kin  lose the constables.    Hill  th'*r��
us reejly no cause for alarm In this
"sps,a.    His captors were right there
��� ll the time.    Only a few were aware
br   Ills   expected  arrival,   consequently
��" was not. an object of much curiosity.
I-I" walked the whole way to Jail, and
1-  cnslisliii. kept   alongside  of  hlm,
;* Hie w. 11. flullock-Websler nnd Chas.
goung walked behind with guns, so that
Fifty Cents a Month
if he Eta-tei
would nol
He Is . . ,.������_..,___...
meek and wlth~hlB ner'ves'liha'tter'ed'by
the strain of his two days' fight.
Rlpid   Rue   In   Value  of  Property In
City and Suburb,
fSpeclal to The Dally Canadian.)
Orand rssrks, March 25.���The latest
sign of the progress of Grand Forks and
this valley In general Ib the formation
of a farmers* organisation to lie known
as The Kettle Valley Farmers* Institute,
which has just been organized here
with the following offlcerB: President,
berger; secretary, S. T. Hall; treasurer,
Fred Clark; directors, Joe Manly, F.
Coryell, George Hansen, Tom Powers
.1. Kooke, R. Lawson and H. B. Cannon
It ls the Intention of the InBtitute to
hold a horticultural and agricultural
fall at Grand Forks next fall.
Owing to tiie increased number ol
children that ure attending the alicool
here at present, it has been found neces
sins tu add another addition to the pres
ent, large school house, making a ninth
grade; for this purpose school doben
lures will be issued at once aud th.
work of enlarging the school Blurted,
ao that, it will be fully completed carl}
uext fall.
It Is reported lhat Smith Curtis, the
well-known mining operator, wbo paid
a visit to Grand Forks a few days ago
Intends to put a good force of men to
work on the Christina property on Patli
finder mountain. The Christina claim
IB a high-grade gold-copper property
and lies close to the Little Ilertha and
the presumption is that the same lead
pasBes through both  properties.
Questions That Will Probably Come Up
for Discussion and Disposal���
Loan By-Law.
The regular fortnightly meeting ol
the city council will be held ln the city
ball tonight at 8 o'clock. The cession
Is likely to prove Interesting, and prob
ably not a short one.
Furthei* reports should be received on
slreet lighting extension, on work oi
plans for work on Ihe Stanley street
and C. P. It. yard sewers.
It Is iHiBSible thut some report ol
in ogress at tlie city power plant, and
some hint as lo the probable date of the
Installation of the auxiliary piston rod,
by which the defects of the governor
are expected lo be remedied, muv come
from the Allls-Cbalniers-llullock Com
pany's representatives.
The city engineer has promised to
present a full, wriiteu report ou posBi
ble routes, with estimates of the cost
of each, or tramway extension by which
a belt line may be constructed to serve
the residential districts of the city better than at present.
A deputation from the board of school
trustees, Dr. Arthur and A. D. Emory,
will be preaent to ask for improvements
on Ward, Carbonate and Stanley
streets, especially the bringing or the
first two lo grade, preparatory to the
building of a new school and surround*
Ing the Bchool grounds with shade
Notice of introduction of a loan by
law for raising funds to build the new
school will also probably  lie given.
If Mayor (jllletl is able to be present
there may also be a report on tlle re
cent convention in Victoria of delegates
ot the Union of llrltlsh Columbia Mui
niripa'ltleB, and certainly of tin* gov
ernmejit's promise to extend Nelson?
borrowing powers for school purposes
"My Wits'* Family."
Tbe RevelBtoke Herald of Sulinday
contains the followlug criticism of "My
Wife's Family," performance: "One of
the cleverest musl-CHl farce comedies
that has ever lieen produced In Hovel
stoke was on the boards on Thursday
nlgbt In the form of "My Wife's Finn
lly." The plot wns well laid ami carried
through with a remarkable cleverni'ss.
Interspersed  wl"1  Orrt-wtt* nwdevllle
and music. The cast Is well upper
Honed, each doing his ��l* ber part In a
manner lhat conveys the proper idea ol
the laughable eOfflPIloetlOBI through
which the piece Is bi ought. On the
mother-in-law theme hinge the main
situations, and lhe eudlesB dlfflcultlei:
entailed by the aon-ln-luw lo eject the
undesirable relative from his house, fol
low each other ih rapid succession and
aee absolutely couvulsipB In character
Ths. house was a bumper and the audi
euce was kept In a state of hysterical
1*tighter ffpgj sta" to Buls-h*
To Suppress -MpBridef
Quebec, "March 26.���Orders have been
received al the citadel for a drafl or IS
ni-n from the TL. C. G. A. to proceed nt
once to British Columbia.
Lord Chancellor Convert
to Home Role
Remarkable  Utterance  by One of
Leading Members of British
Liberal Cabinet.
London, March 25.���The lord chancellor in the House of Lords last nlghl
nald it was written In the pages of destiny that home rule for Ireland must
come. He, however, would uot reoog
nize home fills in the independent form
of parliament. One force, whicli was
working for a change, was un instinctive
love of freedom and self-government in
this country, Which deters the English
people fron' . soslng their yoke on
other count IC! siey had In the histor)
of the pass tb example of Canada,
when Bolf-g,..-*. .imeut wns given. He
agreed that there was not an exact
parallel in these two cases, but human
nature was the same lu both countries.
The result of giving self-government to
tbe Dominion, under circumstances of
considerable difficulty, had been the appeasement of much ill-blood in that
country and the reconciliation of those
not kindred to the British people, but
who were in alliance with them under
the UrltiBh crown, which he hoped
would be an tudissoluuble connection.
1-ord Lausdowhe, replying, said he
could only draw the Inference thai
something approaching the Bystem of
colonial government would ultimately
be set up In Ireland. There, at the rool
of the Iriish case, however was the un
surmountable question whether the peo
pie within England's shores would be
disposed to show good will or exhibit
confidence in the Irish people. The
I'nited Kingdom could not afford to run
the risks, which they could ln the re-
moter parts of the Empire. The case
of Canada was, therefore, not a parallel
B. C. Should Be Represented.
There is a strong feeling amongst lacrosse playeru in British Columbia that
the team which it is proposed to Bend
fiom Canada to Australia should not be
composed exclusively of eastern Can
a-lian players. British Columbia has
certainly done her Bhare in keeping
alive the Canadian national game, aud
should uot uow be forced to take a back
s at. Archie McKenzie, of Itossland,
speaks strongly on this point. To tlie
Miner he remarks:
"Take British Columbia, for instance,
when lacrosse was languishing in the
Easl lu the early nineties the game wus
maintained in this province with the re
suit that the New Westminister team
went East and gave all the best teams
there many pointers on which the}
have since been working. At the time
the Eastern Canadian papers said that
the New Westminister team were play
ing old-fushloned lacrosse, but nevertheless they won all their mathes with the
exception of a draw with Toronto, the
hitler game played under adverse clr
cutnstances to the Pacific count team
Tbey met and defeated the Shamrocks,
the Montrenlers. the Capitals ot Ottawa
(the champions that yearl and the
CornwallB. ln thc following season il
was quite noticeable that the style or
playing of the New Westminister team
was udopted by all of the top notchere
of the East. Not only that but the
leading teams al the coast are at pres
ent able lo cope with the best ln Can
adu. All of whicli goes to show If a
representative Canadian team Is lo ge
lis Australia, New Westminister, Vun
couver ami Vletssria Bhould most certainly gel h ohanue. and as there un
also a good chance In the Kootenays a
great deal ol good would come alxnii
bv having the interior represented H
Early Adjournment.
Ottawa, March 25.���A conference will
lie held between Laurler und Borden
this week with a view to arranging legislation to be gone on with or dropped
this session, so that Laurler may attend
the oolonlni conference. The opposition ls willing to fnctlltale adjournment
of lho house early If pertain govern
ment measures are dropped.
New Conservative Paper.
Kingston, March 25.���It Is rumored
that a new Conservative paper will be
slarled in Kingston after lhe close of
tbe ppesonl session of the legislature. A
syndicate is belflS tortped for this purpose, prominent in which ure Hugh
Clark, M. U A., of the Kincardine He-
view; Dr. Ryan, superintendent of
Hock wood Insane hospital;    and J. ,1.
Gallagher. M. L. A., of Harrowsmlth
in this county. They aim to secure
money pledges to the extent of 1100,000.
The programme ls to establish a paper
free trom all connection with the News,
tho present organ of the party, and a
new mme will be chosen, new premises
secured and a new staff will be selected.
Allen  MoOrav.  Taken  Into Custody at
���smldji A.fter s Long Search,
St. Paul, Minn., March 25.���After a
search of three years, Sheriff Bailey,
of Bemldji Minn., Iibb located Allen Mc
Oraw, said to be the star witness ln the
case of ' liberty" Wesley and Paul
Fournler, uuder arrest for the murder of
N. O. Dah! and his daughter ln April,
1904. McGraw wu found It Waterloo,
Ia. Tbe officers feel thst with McGraw's
testimony and the other new evidence
conviction la probable. The murder ot
Dahl and Ids 18-year-old daughter was
one of the most gruesome tragedies ln
the hiBtory of the N-aiJhwest. and for a
long time lt seemed n though the mys
tery surrounding it" would never be
Ts Discuss Panama Canal.
New Orleans, March 25.���Pursuant to
a call issued by the New Orleans Pro.
greselre Union delegates from the vari
out Southern states, particularly those
bordering on tbe Dull, gathered In this
city today to consider the Panama canui
situation and the South's Interest ln the
future trade to be developed by the
opening of the canal. Those responsible
for the conference openly express their
fear that the South will be dlscriml
nated against by the big steamship and
railroad companies when a readjustment of traffic conditions takes place as
a result of the opening of the isthmian
waterway. They hope to persuade the
Panama railroad company, whose
steamship service now runs out of New
York to divide its servico so that some
of the ships touch" at Qui? ports so that
Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston and
other cities of the South may receive
tbe benefits of any additional canal
trade thus secured.
Girl's Murder Trial Sensational.
Geneva. March 26.���At the Thuen assizes today the trial was commenced of
Tatina Leontieff, .the young Russian
girl, who murdered a Frenchman, thinking he was the Russian Minister Durnovo. at Interlaken last October. The
trial is expected to prove sensational.
as the girl Is said to have decided to re
venl every Incident connected with the
Kootenay   Fruit Growers' Association
Asks for Establishment in Nelson
of Fumi gat inn)1 Station.
An Important step ln the progress of
the fruit glowing industry In Kootenay
has heen resolved upon by the directors
of the Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association. They ask for the immediate establishment of a fruit inspection and
fumigation station at Nelson.
The Kamloops fruit growers have
asked for such a station at Revelstoke.
At present the only one is at Vancouver, an unfortunate arrangement since
nearly all the nursery stock comes from
the east or southeast, and has to go
through the town to which lt Is consigned and then back from Vancouver,
frequently involving the delay of a fortnight. All the interior fruit growers
ure agreed that such a station should be
established at some interior point.
It is contended by the Kootenay Fruit
Growers' Association that Nelson ls by
fat- the best point for such a purpose,
being central for East Kootenay. Lardeau. Kaslo. Boundary, the Arrow
Ltsks's aud Columbia river. Besides, Its
communications by rail and steamer are
so complete that detention of fruit and
slock here would cause no delay beyond
the time actually required for Inspection,
James Johnstone, who Is going tn teh
coast on a lecturing tour, will endeavor
to secure thc endorsement of the local
association's request by the provincial
organization, the British Columbia
Fruit Growers' Association, of wblch he
Is now president.
Mining Records.
Three locations and one certificate of
assessment work were recorded ln the
Nelson  mining office today.
N. J. Cavanaugh recorded tho Butterfly Frul. on Queen Victoria Hill, lo-
cated March  21st.
Fred Adie recorded the Maggie J.
on Boundary Creek, on the north side
of tbe Pend d'Oreille river, and M. E.
Adie, the Mary, both in the same locality, and located the Bame dny.
A certificate of work was Issued lo
G. Use on the Frits of Nuns, n.
Dominion Hll Would Give
Away All
Ez Premier of Manitoba Denounces
Proposal as Greatest Possible
Calamity to West.
Ottawa, March 25.--Probably the
most important legislation proiosed
this session is the Land Act explained
by the minister of the interior on Tburs
day. This measure came as a surprise
to most western members and to the
house of commons generally. The gov
eminent is throwing open for the first
time all the odd numbered sections of
land in the West where the railway-
company have located nearly all theli
lands; the area now made available is
very large. Mr. Oliver says that the
sections now opened comprise 40,000,-
000 acres of good laud and bad. The
bill provides that the whole may be al
lotted by pre-emption to settlers who
have taken homesteads besides these
odd numbered sections and have not yel
perfected their titles and to other home
steaders who may locate on adjoining
even numbered sections in future. Each
homesteader will be allowed to take an
additional 160 acres at low price, as
sumesi tp lie about one-third of the
market value. It will be seen .that the
measure gives to those settlers who
happen to he on the ground in time and
who have already secured 160 acres ol
land for nothing, the right to get an
other J60 acres by pre-emption.
The minister had scarcely taken his
seat when Mr. Greenwsy, former pre
mier of Manitoba and one of the leading
Liberals in the house, sprang to his
feet to oppose the measure. Mr. Green
way holds that the arable land In tlie
area now opened up is not nearly so
large as Mr. Oliver represents. He pre
diets an Immediate rush of settlers from
Manitoba and other settlements of Sas
katchewan towards those lands. Men
who have already had their 1C0 acres
will swarm into the new field to take
up new homesteads, and pre-empt the
adjoining quarter section. Thus the land
will he all taken without much increase
In the population. The people will be
tins :tl il. In a year or two no land
will be available for free grants to im
migrants or for young men from the
east. Everything will be secured by the
men nearest to the spot and Canada
will cease to be a field for home-seekers
without money. "I can conceive of no
greater calamity befalling the western
country," said Mr. Greenway, with In
tense feeling. The solemn, almost pa:-
s'onate appeal of the former premier of
Manitoba to the government and to the
house to drop thiB feature of the bill,
was one of the most impressive events
of the session.
In further discussion the leader ol
the opposition with Mr. Foster and Dr
Roche, Mr.Lake, Mr. McCarthy, and
other western members pointed om
some of the serious features of the bill
It gives the minister of the Interior ansl
the government generally enormous
powers to withhold or allow privileges
No less than 24 clauses give discretion
(o the minister alone. Under similut
power all the recent land scandals in
the West have occurred, and the government is extending the discretion of
transactions affecting the property, tlie
opportunity and almost the existence or
the settler on the newly-opened lands.
Ah un election campaign policy thla
measure may be a great success. It
will be iHipular among those who are'
lu a position to obtain the land. It v.-til
give the government, through partizan
officials, power to coerce or reward
electors. But It cannot be forgotten
that it retains at Ottawa the poorer
over local affairs which properly belong
In tho West. Or if, as Sir Wilfrid Laurler contends, the public domain of the
West Is the property of the whole nation, it Is tor the people of Canada at
larg_ to consider whether thiB vast area
ought tu be bestowed upon the speclul
class of people who happen to be ln a
isisrileu'ui* place at a particular time,
snd who have already received their
free grant. Nothing will be left In a
ytar or two for the sons of eastern
farmers or for future settlers unless
they buy It at market prices. Mr
Greenway says the land will be taken
In one year.   Again by allotting 300 in
stead of 160 to each larm the government Is fixing the density of population
at two families Instead ot four to the
square mile tnd thus limiting the possibilities of the country.
Consols at Lowest Mirk In Miny Vein
���Discussed In Commons.
London, March 25���In the House of
Commons today tbe government WaB
question by Unionists and other members on the low prices of consols In
the attempt to draw the inference thlt
the decline ln British credit Was coincident with the attempts of the government to grant home rule to Ireland.
The ministers Ignored the Insinuation,
but ln reply to I question by Sir Howard Vincent, Conseravtlve, is to
whether steps were contemplated to restore the national credit, the chancellor of the exchequer, Mr. Asquith, said
that while the government fully recognised tbe serious character of the decline ln consols, lt could not accept the
statement that the credit of Greit Britain was lower than ln the memory of
tbe living. Many of tbe causes leading
to tbe decline in British Government
stocks and ot other high-class securities
during the last 10 years were international in their operation and Independent of government control. On the other
hand, the enormous Increase ih the national expenditures, the neglect to mike
adequate provision for the redemption
of the national debt and the freedom
with which new obligations were created undoubtedly affected the national
credit. The steps which the government proposed were to reduce the expenditure, strengthen the sinking fund
and avoid so far as possible borrowing
for current expenditures.
Negotiations In Progress tor Many Sip
Properties���New Strikes Still ���
Toronto, March 26.���A despatch from
Cobalt, states:A nugget was found it
the Temlskamlng mine on Saturday
which weighs 276 pounds and sssaqs
12,000 ounces of silver to the ton. lt
was found on the 75-foot level. Mr.
KIngswell, consulting engineer, reports
the finding of ruby silver on the Capital
Silver Mining Co., one mile and a half
east of Portage Bay.
An appeal haa been made by the Lu
Rose mine interests, according to Mr. D
Woodward, president of the Peclflv
Portland Cement ft Parmellne Co., New
York. The head offlce will be ln
The property ot the company covers
au area of 1,204 acres.
Tbe Colonial mine is reported to have
temporarily shut down, owing to a dispute between some of the men and the
A new paper to be known as The 811-
vey City News, with Mr. Stuart as editor, is to be published In Halleybury.
It will appear twice a week.
An application is being made hy the
Silver Belt Electrlo Railway Oe. for a
charter. This company proposes to construct an electric Itne to connect two or
three northern towns.
It was a subject of considerable talk
ln mining circles yesterday that the La
Hose, University and two or three other
properties In which Messrs. Tlmmlns.
Messrs. McMartln and D. A. Dunlap are
principally interested, would amalgamate soon and become capitalised at
over $20,000,000. Mr. Dunlan, when
asked about the report, said that there
was now no movement for the merging of these properties. An -Mice will
b ��� opened In Toronto for all the prop
Destht of I  Clay.
Tononto, March 28.���Charles N. Plrie,
a well-known old-time newspaper man.
died suddenly of heart failure.
Montreal. March 25.���C. P. Sclater,
s crotary-treasurer of the Bell Tele
-phone Co., died here Sunday night, after
an Illness or 10 daya from pneumonia.
He was wiih tbe company since its
Government Changsa.
Halifax. N. 8., March 25.���There will
be several changes ln the local government of the province in consequence of
the elevation of Hon. Arthur Drysdale
t > the supreme court bench.
Prices of Metals.
New York, March 25.���Stiver, 65%c:
copper, 24\c;   lead, Ifl.
London. March 15.���Silver, SO 7-16d;
lead,   ��19, 6s, 3d.
The London price of lead hu fallen
6 points since Friday. Silver and copper have also declined.
Better Than Last
Resolution* Discussed Today���Bod-
gct to Follow���Reports Farther
Grot Improremcot.
(8peciil to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, March SE.���It Is expected
that the whole of today's session and
possibly tomorrow's will be devoted to
discussion of the premier's resolution
setting forth British Columbia's case for
Better Terms. The resolution is long-
but the preamble is mainly historical
and not controversial except possibly ln
the reference to the abortive conference
of  provincial  premiers.
It is generally understood that J. A.
Macdonald, while he may, probably
will, record a protest agalnat the
the charge frequently made during the
campaign that a Uberal victory would
be followed by surrender to the Ottawa
government, will support all the declaratory clauses of the reaolation, and
thus support of the premier's appeal
that the question be kept free from
party pontics.
After the Better Terms resolutions
are dlspossd ot, the assure] budget win
be discussed. The estlmites tor tbe
year will be even more favorable than
in the two preceding yeara.
Excellent progress has been aide oa
all the bills so fir Introduced, md
nothing now in eight seems likely ta
protract the session beyond the time
set by the premier, about the end of the
third week tn April
Before His Honor Judge Forln ln
chambers this Burning H. C. Halls application tor a final order, under the
CaMeM-ttlM at Plans Act, re Creston
towswlle wu (ranted.
J. O'Shea applied tor an order for
service ex Juris in Pass et at. va. Flaae-
burg. the defends* tn which resides at
Put Hill. Idaho. The order na granted,
returnable In U diys.
In Sturgeon ts Perry, J. O'Shea detained an order tor enbstltitntioail eer-
���ice of writ by publication hi Oreenwood and Grind Forks, tbe laat knows
phone of residence at the defendant.
In Poteeki vs C. P. R.. a one brought
under the Workmen's Compensation
Act, J. O'Shea aad H. C. Hill appeared.
The ease will be heard by Judge Forin
���a arbitrator on Thursdsy, April 25th.
Billiard Champion Touring.
Winnipeg, March Sf.���H. W. Stevenson, champion English billiard expert or
tbe world, arrived In Winnipeg Saturday from Toronto. Unfortunately; owing to the lateness of his arrival ln the
city, he was unable to give any of the
exhibitions which had been arranged
tor It the Manitoba Club rooms. Mr.
Stevenson is at present making a tour
around the world giving exhibitions with
the cue. From Winnipeg he left leal
night tor Vanoouver, where he will sail
on Mar-oh St on the steamer Aorangl
tor Bydney. From there he will go to
Yokohoma and Hong Kong, and thenoe
to Calcutta, taking ln *.ndia and the
British East Indies before returning to
London. He ls accompanied by his wife
and two children.
R. 8. Lennie went up to Sandon last
Saturday on professional business.
Mayor Gillett has recovered trom his
attack of pleurisy and is on duty today.
W. 8. Drewry has gone up to the
Blocan and will be absent several daya.
The concert given ln aid of the Catholic church on the evening ot the ltth
netted 1200.
A -������������������������-^������
Kootenay Lodge I. O. O. F. will meet
tonight. There will be one Initiation,
the conferring of the second degree and
general business.
Jsmes Johnstone bas reoelved a letter
from Earl Grey Informing him that a
brother would shortly arrive In British
Columbia with the Intention of Investing In trait land. His Lordship requested Mr. Johnstone to show his
brother whit attention he could and in-
���tract hia is to the best plaoe to invest
1    ;
��� ���               -.,.     - .���        T " ��������� n.miMMMHttmM 41
The Daily Canadian
-'      STORES =====
Two Cars of the Celebrated
A. B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .$4,700,000 BEST ��4,700,000.
D. R. WILKIE. President. HON. ROBEKT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received aud interest allowed current rotes from date of opening of
account, and compounded quarterly.
J.  M.  LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
*...- *.s* _ _f RrjssrTv
Telsl Assets
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards recel
paid quarterly instead of semi-annually
red at highest current rate and interest
a a heretofore.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publuhed ill dayi . weel br llie
Canadian puBua&nre oohfavt, tm.
Baler St.. Nelton. B. C.
of a subject ot which no patriotic Can
nd ian should have to confess Ignorance
The -iiis, for such an organization is
.surely ripe. Some one must take the
initiative. Possibly Judge Forin might
feel encouraged to try again.
Oo-jacrlpllon rater, *��� Kali a month delivered
in tbe city, or (5.001 yet If kdi by mall, when
paid ln M-ftnee.
AdTertlilni rate* on application.
All montei paid ID   settlement ot  Tbe Daisy
Canadian account., either lest usibwrlptloDi or
at-Tirlliinc. muat be receipted for CD tbe printed I
forma of the Company.   Other receipt, are not
MARCH 38. 1907.
There is no good reason why Xelson
should not follow the good example of
other cities of the Dominion by the organization of a Canadian Club. It was
advocated a couple of years ago by His
Honor Judge Forin. but Nelson was at
that time afflicted with a multiplicity
of moribund associations, antl it was
feared that a Canadian Club would go
the way of the rest.
That objection does not apply now
The only clubs in Nelson which offer
opportunity for the discussion of nation
a] questions, political or otherwise, are
the University Club and the Church
men's Club, both, from their nature,
limited In their membership to special
classes. A Canadian club need not encroach on the ground of either, but
would have a large enough sphere of ac
tlvlty for Itself.
At present If any notable Canadian
or foreigner, visits Nelson, there is no
representative organization iindei
whose auspices he can be Invited U
fijieak, a condition which has alreadt
deprived the people of ihis city of man}
valuable opportunities.
But the main benefit to be derived
from such an organization Is its educa
tional value to the young men of the
clly. It has often heen charged againsi
the people of Canada, und especlall>
thoBe of the West, thnt their acqualm
ance with political principles is limited
and vague. Their knowledge of thr
chief issues of a campaign is often ver.v
full and detailed towards the cIobo of
the campaign, but It is also undoubted);
true that the average western Canadian
voter's knowledge of lbe constitution
and political history of his country ls
very meagre. A club In which all ijues
tlons of the kind could be discussed
would be an effective stimulus to study
It must be conceded to the small
Socialist party in the provincial legislature that they have refrained almost entirely from revolutionary rhetoric, and
have devoted themselves vigorously ami
sincerely to advocating, and with somis
success, measures for the Bpeclal benefit of the class of wblch they are the
self-constituted representatives. There
is something to admire, too, in their
present opposition to a strong government. It effectually disproves the slander against Messrs. Hawthornthwlatu
and Williams of having acted from cor
rupt motives in supporting the government when their opposition might, on
one- or two occasions at least, have
caused some embarrassment.
That the accusation against the Mc
Bride government of being dominated
bv the C. P, It. company, was a mere
campaign charge, is amply demonstrat-
ed by Its utter disappearance from the
esslumns of the Liberal press since the
night of Feb. 2nd last. The more
thoughtful members of the opposition
probably regret that the loaders of
;heir party did not accept the premiers
Invitation at the beginning of the cam
palgn to join Issue on the admlnlstra
live record of the government. They
would probably have come little, lf any,
nearer to victory but there would huve
been no discredit ln their defeat and
they would have disposed of the gen
oral belief that as a party Ihey are with,
out any policy as regards provincial ad
uiinlBt ration and development.
Sir Joseph Ward, premier of New
Zealand, has explained that lie waB misquoted as saying that he knew Sir Wilfrid Laurler to be In favor of the creation of an Imperial council. What Sir
Joseph did say was that he hoped thai
Sir Wilfrid would favor such a council.
So do all loyal British subjects. But
Canadians know perfectly well that
their present prime minister cares
nothing for the British Empire, nor for
Cnnuda apart from Quebec.
The peasant outbreak in Roumania Is
not unlikely to spread through the
whole of those unquiet states which
hnve been carved one by one from the
European conquests of the Sultan: Roth
mania, formed of Wailacbia 'aud Moldavia, Servia. Bulgaria. Kounielia, Bos-
nia and Herzegovina. The people are
Serbs, Bulgars and Wallachs���all Slavs,
but resembling the Russians in nothing
but common descent, and in hatred of
the Turks. Almost their only virtue is
the love of liberty, but once attained il
ls always abused. If the fires of rebel
lion should spread the Sultan of Turket
would hardly be able, eveu if he were
permitted, lo restore order. Auy out
break in the Balkans ls always liable to
embroil all Europe.
Premier McBride has declared thai
ho expects the work of the present nt
sion to be completed. b> April -1st or
2:'nd. The statement is a welcome one
lf Mr. McBride can effect a permanent
reduction of the duration of the sessions of the legislature from three
months to six weeks, it will be not the
least of his services to the province.
The premier ls a worker, not a rhetor
lean, and his example seems to favor
ably influence the hotise.
The Winnipeg Tribune was quite
right when it said: "Now watch Sir
Wilfrid hand us extension of our boundaries���right behind ihe ear." Since the
Roblin government was returned Sir
Wilfrid has not had time Io think of
Manitoba's claim for more territory. He
Is now in a great hurry to get to Lon-
don, although every Canadian knows
that his only purpose In being thero
Is to say "No" to every suggestion.
No act open to the city council at tbs
preaent time will be so admirable an advertisement to the outside world of
faith In the future of Nelson and dc
termination to promote it. as the unanimous adoption of a by-law authorizing the borowing and expenditure of
$50,000 for school purposes.
The debate which is, presumably, tak
Ing place in the legislature today will
show to the people of the province
whether the members of the Liberal
party are loyal British Columbians or
partlzans first.
If there be one department of the
Dominion government in connection
with which there has been no stealing,
the people of Canada would be relieved
to hear of it.
Items of Personal  Interest Picked  Up
Round the Dominion from
Oay to Day.
Local option Is being mooted in Col
It Is  said   that the  Oalt-GueI|ih  electric road will be built this summer.
Three hundred thousand Immigrants
are expected to come to Canada this
Sir Robert L. Weatherbee. chief jus
tice of Nova Scotia, has tendered his;
About 4.000 men marched in the pro
cession held in Montreal to celebrate
the 17th of March.
The Orillia board of trade passed a
resolution in favor of civil service re
form in   Ontario.
There are said to be many English
Immigrants In Cape Breton out of work
and  very poorly clad.
The mother of Mayor Stewart, of
Hamilton, did suddenly at Bright, On-
tario.    She was 90 years of age.
Smallpox has been dlBCqvered in
Southwald township, near St. Thomas
Seven Indians are Infected with It.
John HolmeB. who was charged with
robbing the Dresden isostotllce on February llth, was acquitted of the charge.
Mrs. Thomas Wills, widow of the late
County Treasurer Wills, died yesterday
at Belleville, just six days after her bus
The completion of two Bessemer
furnaces at the Dominion Iron & Steel
plant   at    Sydney    Ib   expected In bIx
Amendments aimed at strengthening
the provincial prohibitory law are now
before the legislature of Prince Edward
Charles KuhnB, of Hamilton, who re
Bides on Harriet street, narrowly escaped death by taking an overdose of
Mrs. Nellie Rands Krongburg. the
well-known singer, who died in New
York, will be taken to Port Rowan Ont.,
for burial.
Mrs. Bonser, of Buffalo, while undergoing an operation for goitre In the city
hospital at Hamilton, suddenly collapsed and died.
John   E.   Boles,  of   Ingersoll,   was
t lected president at th-' annual meeting
of the South Oxford Uberal-Conaerva*
live Association.
The report that the C. P. 11- has ordered two new steumers for iif Atlantic
service l.as been denied b>* Sir Thomas
J. D. Allan. A. K Jonas aad H. B,
Bchoflald,   representing   tbe  Canadian
Board! of Trade, have arrived at Port
of Spain, Trinidad
A lot 6i> by 99 at tlu* northeaal oor
ner of Sparks and Hetcalfe streets, Ottawa, recently cbanpsl hsinds. ihe price
paid being Jill's.'sun
Ex Prssvss.-i piamlnc, ssf Aberdeen I'm
vanity, speaking ist Cults, Bootland,
claimed tliat Tomato was tbs prettiesi
city in the IX*tiiimi.'ii.
Abbe Sentenne, formerly pastssr ul
Notre Dams- church, and one of thfl
leading French Catholic clergymen 0/
the Dominion, is slead in llontreai
Jesse Ssivage, an employee ssf the Da
fiance Iron Works. Chatham, was se
verely  burned  in an exploeton  of gas
and is now iu a precarious condition.
A mammoth religious revival, to be
held in the Jubilee Rink in May. is now
being arranged by a union of 12
churches and Y. M. C. A. in London.
John R. McLaughlin and James Anderson, while driving i:s a sleigh on the
(.'. N. It. tracts at North Bank-ford,
Sask., were struck by au engine and
William Slawson. aged 18, a farmer
near Woodstock, was fssund hanging bv
a halter from a limb of a tree in his
own bush. He had suicided while mel
Hall Street. Nar Silla.
Daughter an<l pupil of ������Dr. TotliagtOD. director
Toronto College of Mumc, desirea a limited
ntimber'of pupils lo
Apply at residence or by mail.      Hox I109.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. U01
Baker 8t., NELSON, B. C.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new-
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Diunerware In stock. Patterns.
Pixtydaysafwr date I intend to apply to th.
Honorable thi* Chief rommfssloner of Landl an<'
Worku. Vlfftttja, to purehaae 120 aeres of land
ln Weat Kootenay. and deserlbed ai follows:
Comment-log at tt poit planted OD the ea��t side
of Arrow Lake at th*" -outhwest corner *>f i.Ti'-'l
and marked "J A. K's N.W. eorner," thenee
east M ehalus, thence aoutb 40 chains, thenee
eatt 30 ehalni, thenee aouth 90 chains to Muse
neii.-n.rV preemption, thenee west 31 rhtiina to
Fauquier s application to purchase, thenee north
-tnchaina thenre west 10 chains to lake ihore,
theoce north along the lake shore to place of
March Uth, 1907. J. A K*LLY.
Take nortec that ft) dayi arter -late I Intend to
applv tothe Hon the Chief Commissioner o(
Landiand Works. Victoria, for a special licence
to cut and carry away timher from the toll-owing
desenhed land, in West Koowiay; Cummenritiif
at a WMt planted at Kokanee Ending, on Hand
Point, on iouth side Weet Arm of Kootenay
river ahout Ik miles east of fralion, Ii <:., marked
"(.'. F Walmiler's N.F.corner post," thence no
chains south, thence *i chain* west, thence 80
chains north, thenes H) chains to point of eommencemen'- eontaluitiK too aerei. more or less.
Located March 16th, 1907.
Crab. F   Walmhuey,
P. Hhbkan, Agent.
BlXty  days afterdate f intend to apply to the
Hon    the Chief Commltaloner of Landi ami
Works. Victoria to purcha��c the (ollowlng tie
scribed land: Commencing st a post marked
M H's B W. comer, and planlM m-ar the north-
eeit corner Of I Ot ttl'J, about one mile west of
Hloean river, and running cast 40 chains to Lor
3X1. theneenor'h 40chains, them-e wr-.t4n chains,
thenee south 10 chains to place of beginning
.March sth, lOtf, KlLtu JUWTC,
I'Att. BAKR, Agent.
Hixty days after dat*11 Inteml to appiv to the
Honorable the ''hief Commissioner of I-andsahd
Works.   Victoria,   to   ~
described   lamls    In
purehase   the   following
West  KooteiiHv dlitrlet:
T di
(ommenclng at a post pUnttjd at tbe .�� K. OOiner
Of Wm Lot-en's purchase (,7690 ami marked
"K.H.trYa N.F. comer," and ninning south do
chains, thence went 40 chains, thence north 60
chains, thence ea��t f�� chains to place of beginning nn.] containin* ito acres.
March .Mli. 1907. E. U.ftBaW,
J. K   AMUBtt, Agent
Hlxty dan after date! inland toapply to thc
Hou the chief''orninisstoncrof Landl too worki
Vietoria, to -purchase Mo acres of land in Wot
Kootenay district: Commeneing at a post
planted about 6 miles from thc mouth of Mos-
qnttooratk and about one mile west of the said
creek ami murked 'M.H.K'sH.W corner." ainl
running north ty chains, thence east HO chains,
thenoe south ���* chaiua. theoce west Hit ehains to
II If. Rons,
J. K.Assi|:!.K, Agent.
place of beginning
March iHh.lM.
Hlxty days after d-.te I intend to applv to tbe
Hon. tbe Chief Comm Ism joner of Undsand Worka
Victoria, B.C, to purchase ISO acres of land
situate In Fire Valley. Went Kootenay, ano de*
icrtbed aa follows: Commencing at the northeast
oornar Of Lot 7SU, and running north 80 ehalni,
thencecast '20 chaiua, thence touth f-fl chalna,
lh��ni'" west '20 chains to place o( beginning.
  W  W. Bram-BT,
J   %. As-NAiit.F., Agent
March 4th, WW.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to tha
Hon. Chief Commissioner of |,an<Is uud Worki,
Victoria, to purchase 820 acres of land In Weat
Koolenay, descritied aa follows: Commeneing
at a post pi Ml tad up Mosquito creek, about eight
miles from lhe mouth and marked K.CroB' �� W.
corner, thence riort*-* *-" chains, thence 40 chalna
eaat, thence ���*���*. chains nouth, thence 40 ehalni
weat to place of beginning
Feb- 16th, 1907. E. OM
J. %. AxtastiM, Agin*
New Spring
Dry Goods
We are now showing a aplendid stock of Advance Styles in Lad' ' r ���
med Hats. Now is the time to make selections while stock li aoort J'! "v
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Notice Is herebv irlven tnat two mo&UU alter
date 0, lineud to npply lo the Chief Commissioner of Landiand worb tor a leased all that
lan 1 Wltii! the furcshore adjoiuihif tht* Canadian
*��� .!������ Railway BWpjrard ou the west, part ol
Lot ttA, group Land Win* on the south shore
ni tin'west arm of Kootenay Lake, in the dU
rici of Eootanaj ! ' omm< m-iuic at the souther
ly ear-oar of tot wti ft roup I. theliee alone the
WttUl VMfart; Noili'larv-nf int. i--*-&! and   the ei-
tonilon tn'Tdf. in a north westerly diraotion, ���
dlitancaol *2A teat] thence at ritfbi ancles to
said -M-undarv in a south westerly direction, a
dlltaop* of Hi taet, more or less, to the north
easierH NmmUry of the City 1'ark. continued;
thanoi parallel lo nald westerly l>oundary of lot
TOW, iti a wmth easterly direction, a dUUnoe ol
SCO fit*:, non ������: laat. t"> tbe northerly bouimarr
of lot .->.* : theme f.'lli>wlii({ tbe northerly bound
ary of lot .->* Hi a imrth easterly direction tothe
point ol oommenoemanti the area being 3.4
ICTH. more or leas.
Dated tins Ith da] of January, A.D., l��i.
��U days afu-r date I lutend to apply to the Honorable the Chlel Commlaaioner of I*uds and
Works, to pnrehaae 37u acres of land: Commencing at a PMt marked ii. W, tv N, K. cornei
post and planted on the west slmre of Arrow
'��ke ailJniniiiK bit -373 on the south side of said
Lot, thence WMt90 chaini along the southern
boundary of Lol 373; theoce south MJI chains;
Ibenee east *> chains more or leas to lake shor��;
tbence north along lake shore to plai e of beginning.
Date*! 23th day of Nov. 1906.
(iio. w Html,
J. K. AJQTlna, Agent.
Sixty davs aftar late 1 IntenU to applr to tbe
Hon. Chief CommliUqnarof Unds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 160 acrea of Iau-1 located in
Fire Vallej. Ihikk part of Sections Three and
Four, Towti-hip ii'i, and described m�� follow!:
Commemitik' st a -post planted at William
Williams" N W. corner, and marled *-K K. W*l
Jf. K. corner." and running <o chains west,
thence -A' cbains south, theuce A) chain* east,
thence 40 chains aouth, theuce '20 chains eaat,
thence CO ohaini north to place of beginning.
Novell :       " Koag K WiUJaita,
J K. ,.*>m*j.:.i. Agent.
Notice ll herebv given that W days alter <late I
Intend to apply to the Hon the Chief Commissioner of Laud* and Works, Victoria, fur ner
mission \o pnrehaJH the following described
land: Commencing at a pont at the intersection
of the WUth boundary ol lot 5A3, and east
boundary .if "i,olden Queen" mineral claim.
ilittiir *"ft��i ii..(_j cbaiDi. mor* or leas, to southeast corner post of lot MiS, thenee north S)
chains, mnre or less, to northeast corner post of
lot fiSU tlience east 40 chains to the aoutheast
Oornar poit ol lot '2M*. them-e south 4o chains.
thanoa weit60ehalni, more or lesa  to the ea*t
boundary ol th ���ohUn Quaan" mineral claim,
thanae along eait bonndary "OoMan Queen"
niltieral claim to point of commencement, |Q
chains, more ot lesa.
Nelson, B.C , March IS, ISH7,
John < hailtok,
I'er Wa. Tollinutow, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days afler date I
intend to applv to the Hon. Chief 1 omniiasioner
<if Lands ami Works fnr pe rot iss inn to pnrahaM
the following daMribod lands, situate in Waal
Kootenay district: Commencing at a p<wt marked J L drier's N. W. corner, tnence south SO
chains, following the eastern boundary of H.
.-clous application to purchase; thence'east 4o
chain**; tbenee north 80cbalni; theuce wmi 40
chains to point of coiiiiiniit'iiiieiit, containing
3/i acres more <ir less.
Dated this llth daj of March, 1907.
J. L. Poina,
���illxtjr days after date I intend t" applv to the
Hon. ('blef Commissioner of I-and* ami Works
for permission to purchase the lollowlng described property nr h I-..* marked ���'. M . - i:
corner," then' ��40 chains north, thenca40chalus
west, ihence so chains south, thenre 40 chains
east to point of commencement, a relocation of
the abandoned pre-emption 728 of W C Knapp
and ll the eaat half of the northwest quarter,
and ihe west half of the northeait quarter ol
���action 1, township 70, West Kootenay district, on
the west shore of the lower Arrow lakes, containing f<>" acres, more or 1cm.
March 1st, HW7. BlDMI Miltok,
V. K. Me-Qi-Ahail, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after date
I intend to apply tothe Hon Chlaf Commlaaioner of Lands and Works lor the right to purchase the following described lands; (om-
menolni at a post marked "M, J Cameron's
N VV. comer poit" planted at the fl.W. corner of
the K. and h. block, No. MEL running east IA)
ehalns; tbence sou* h 1.0(0 feet, moreor 1ms to
the Cl' R. lino, thence west Yto chains to the
Arrow Lake; thenc. north loot) feet following
thu shore of the Arrow I.akc to the point of com
Dated ibis llth day of February, 1907.
M    J. ClMXKO'V,
J. M. OUOr-OVi Agent.
Hlxty days aftor date I intend to spply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands andWorks for
pennijMon to purchase the following described
land ���. Ebtttated on th.* easl side of Arriw Uke
in thc wait Kootenay district, about 5 miles
above Hurton City, comrn��nrtng at a post plant
id at the northWMl corner of C. Bather's purchase, thanee sail %t 'haimi. thinee nertn 40
ahalni, thenea weal 2.) chains, thence south 40
chains to point of commenegia��nt and contain-
Ins >f\ acres more or lew.
January 1��. 1907.
Wluu* FtLLiia.
lixty dayi after .late 1 Intend to apply Ui the
Hon the ' b ef Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Vietoria, to purchase Rl acres ol laud, in
���    Koolenay.   -lescrlbcl   ai   follows:     Com-
menolni at ��� post pimned  abonl �� miles ni
1 Crt   '
N W    corner,   thenoi  south  Wl
ek   irom the   mouth  and  ma
���  up
thanoa eaal **o chains, tbenee north B ehalni,
thence 4-1 chains wtut to place of beginning.
February lGtb, 1907. A >>rsiiam,
J. K. AjoraiLI, Agent.
Hlxly-lays after .la'e I intend to apply tothe
Hon -he Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purchase WO*cre* of Und, lu
wail  Kootena]', deaeribed au followi:    Con*
manning at a poit marked "67B," n.i, corner
and being at the N.W coruerof A. Crnharn's
application to porebue which is about a miles
up IfoaqnllO Creek from the month an I run
iiing BD Ihalm iouth, thence ty .balni wp����
thene,. ki 1   aios north, tbenoe bu chains cast to
place of beginning
February 1Mb, Ml.
D     I I KTON,
B, AsyitAip., Agent
flltty ua)i sft'-r dale I Int. nd to hm.Iv to the
Hon the ' blel ommlMlonei ttt Uu.im and
Wo-ks. \ ictoria, to purchase MOacrtMol land In
Weat Kootenay,duorlbed u follows: Common-
(ing tit a poet  planted  about eight miles   up
ICoeqoltocraek andjolnlnj K rrtm*1 ippnceium
u. purcbue, nnd markadG, M's B V.  eottter
ihence  north  HO chains,  thence we*��t tt\ chains'
themieaouth m cbalni, them-e eut no rhalni to
placeof V-gniTiing.
Feb. 16th. YJ01. C. Maksuam.
ttxtr iajri after date I intend 10 apply to i.le
Hon, the Chief Commluloner of Undi and
Worki. Victoria, H t;. to pnrehue B0 acreiol
tend, Iltuated on the weei M'de Of Arrow lake! in
WW Kootenay, am: d.%orlbed U follows:   Cote"
manctng a a post marked ft I'i 8. k. twrrnar a  1
Placed at the v0u:bwesr corner Of Ut 7W> droun
Land running norih 40 chains, thence west 2n
rha us. Ihence south W chains, O^aul a
oba(Dj.to place ol beginning,
Marfli 8th. IWI
J. M.ASSABLM, Agent.
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry oi
Special for Camp and Hotel I
Heavy Hams
The .Very Best of Canadian Gc
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
Hit) days after date 1 Intrml lo apply to tho
Hou. CUaf Commissioner of l-amlt ami Works,
-ftetorla, B t'���u, purchase xto acres ol land, lu
i-'l.'c Vallrr, dsarribod aa 'oliows: t'oDiniemlng
at ��� I...-1 planted a) chaltis went of Walter Hull's
N W, eoruer and marked J Vi Holmes' Jr. N. K
rornvr p st. and running >outh 40 chains, thrnre
west 60 chains, thenre north 40 rkalus. theuee
east no chains to plac* .,/ t,eg!unlnc. ami being a
portion n WOtlon ��, TownahlpTl, West K<mt-
March Mb. 1*T. J   IT, HoUO, Ja.
J  K   *\ .*������-��� 1     >   Aormt.
Kitty dava after date I ; -; - making applies -i to the Honorable the chief I'ominlsainncr
dl nidi aud Works for [>ernii��siim to pnnhaM
th-- :..iiowing devribed land: Commencing at
a post plaafl sl the (*. Vi corner of U.t ��sju amf
marked "F. ti. F.'s" N. W. corner, thence follow
ir. ��� *:.-��� southern boundary I .-i <VM). a; chains
mere or leas east to the wc*t l-umdarj of l��t
(*'!. thenre following same south .to rhalni to
the north boundary of Lot flWrt: thanae about 70
chains weat along *aid Mundary tn the lake
shore; thence north m chains mote or lesa following the lake ihon lo pulnt of commence-
ment, conuinlng 317 acres more or leu.
DatM I>ereml*r 17th, 1901.
y. n KaootiiiB.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend |0 i.pmy tothe
Honorable the ChlafOonu&Iafonar Ol lands and
Works for Permission topurdiasc the following
described land* In Kooteiiair district: c,,ni
mencing at a post marked J B. Annable'* north
ea*t rorner post, said post being on the south
side of Ihe L-ower Arrow lake. Mmi two mllei
below Hurton City; th��nre aonth x> cbalni;
tb<!Hcewest 20 rhalni: thenre iouth *JWchains;
thenre weal 20 rhalns; thenoe uorth 32 rhaim
and JO links, more or leaa to, the lake shore;
UiattOI east* rlr along lake 40rhalns. more or leas,
to the place of beginning, eontainiug :"'��� arrea,
more or leaa.
Dated thla &th day of November, 1906
per K. L  Br-anrr, AgiUt.
BUty days after date I intend tn aptdy to the
Chief commissioner of Landl and Works for
permission to purchase the folluwitig dnu-rtWd
lands in Kootenay Imtrlet, about thr*f--(|tiart��ra
ol mile from Thrum's sldlag.   (ommenclng at a
ritplaoadattheS.W. corner nf MM innip
West Koolenay District; thenre westerly
following thc north boundary of I. _m. 4t)
chains; Ihence north 10 chains; thanre east 40
ilstus, moreor less, to thr N w rornar of
lattMi thence nouth fallowing the west boundary
uf listm   in rhalni. "mor�� or lass, to place of roul
maneamand containing 4o aeres. mora or lesa
Dated thll ��lh day of December  1906.
ii. ii. Pan, Looator.
Notice is hereby given thst Whfm
date I intend to make appli*v^uwiit
able Chief CommlMloner of Uo-liiaf ���
Victoria, B, C, for p��*rmlMlnn topttttm
lowing described   land,  ���;���.��������:; t-t rk't
Wi-.i   k.v.i. uy di��!ri--i    '   1v.stif.t4eta
planted at the aouthaiot   ontitkna
Inson's pre-emption, :.:*��������:!. . ii> lta
l-"M, thenre 40 rhalni west. !>yi��d
north, thenre 41 rhalnseasttr J'��tmV'~
northwest corner, thence south0(ttMB|
of '(immenrement. contain ing Ifrsom
Date.1 this 2lrd day of Not.,IM.
h 1 Ind
'"������ dav aft.*f -Ute I Kit. iM t..��i-f*"i ;-ll*S
Chief Commlsslunrr.it IjitiJ" iM *___\\\\
torts. tobnrahaH 24*�� acre* of 'sn! ��T
ttm Valfer and being a p'-rt'on sf ist
and lfi In Township** am! described ��������
CornmetirlDg sl s |h��i plafitrd tt litOl
eurner of tTie southeast 'j'lsrtrr *i et
Towmhlp 69 and marked Jo &li
thanoa north 4o chains; thenre w��t ���
tha&ai south 40 chains; theure east*****
place of beginning
Nor ember iSrd 1����.
J. K Axiuut
Pixty days after date 1 Intend fu[1��7��J
Hon Chief Commissioner of Ud<!p s��M
Victoria, to purchase IW acres of IsiwilW^
miles b��iow Burton cur, ��Vsi k ��� >a',i
mencing * a pi>*t marked **J. * lrTi^\\
corner posi," said i*tat i*tnt nn t_ ataw
of an Inland wrst of Lotr.M'.aO'i H*tl*a*DfL
land contalne-1 In uld IslaaO, Uf:i|iWJJ
mile in an easterly and westerly ':.:*tmm
about to chains Irom imrth to south
NoTrmherlltb.lw*. ; *'m
3 tlAXMiHS.*
Hilly dava afterdate 1 inW�� *fjj
ID.,, rm-lcommissluner ol laat* *��"
Vlrtorla, to purrhase IAI acres _\ war
��� ���:��� i'i- we-i Hide of Arr<o�� lake sM i'^'*
north of l��t 7-/76: Commem Ing ���t*P1*f
at tho N K corner of Uit TSH an<l ����iw
S. K jorner," and running nortii�� ���
thenco west 20 rhalns, thenre Mn����j
thenre writ *J0 chains, thenre afl*E�� h
tm-nce ea��l  40 chains, to p-**' "' !*Vt__il
Nov. Mth, 1906. "'"���".Sr1
J. K. AKJUlLt-*!*��
rdete I intend *$*jz2i
Snllee li het.tr Hlvitn lhat M dan .(Inr slut,, I
llsu-nsl to apftt;f Iss the llssis. list- ,'lil��f ('(iiuisnU-
fl.ili-ir isl Unili 1111,1 Wnrk. \ lii,,rl��, II i . for
t���-rint.i,lon In psirph.,.. Iho   fs.llowlnn donrllw]
undi in WaatmoaUma,duirteti issniminiinK
��� 1 ft |so��t I'latstsssl kt tb, nDttairatt i-,,r,s,r of lol
77(11, (frsiup 1, nnil run 11I11, airhnln, lo Um' �����ii|Ii-
srul nirnrr ssl list TTM, jrsllip I, Ih.-ll In ��n ,:���������
lr dlTMUoa 10 Bhilai, lh,-n nnrlh So ,*li.sss,
tlsfii we.t -Kii'liHln. t��� point ol i-mnm��ni**iii,.iii,
i-sssstftliilng In orr,-, tntirv or Ml,
I>irftls.,l rebrmr-f lllh, 19m.
1'Hsl.ll- W.isk, 1 .,.���,,,.
Hlit, -ur. i,li.-r ,1.1,- 1 liits-nsl lo ftpplr to Ine
Hon. l.blet OomntaloOa nl Landl fttnl Work.,
M.-tnrlft lo psinhn.i- Mi UTH .1 laad, In Kin-
V ftl Icy, WmiRuoIoii.v. nnil .|.-,orlU-sl n. lollows,:
' oisiiiii.-nilnir tt �� ,.,,., pl.nt,,,] Ht w-n,.r Mull',
n,.rtliwi.,.l oonwr Ntsil mark.-1 A, s*. B. K soroar
aad rsinniiiK miriii m i-ii��m,, ih.-ni*, ��,., m
CbalM,  thenre .onth 60 ehalni, Iheliec eail ml
rlsalnilo plaecollieKlnnlnu, ��n,l l-lnc  pari ,,|
-.elloii,3,ai���l Si In Tntrn>lil|> tl and a .orlloii
of Baenonl 1 anil 'i In Tsiwii.hsp Ut, (limm 1
March Mil. 1DU7. .1 ssillti
J. E. AUNABLK,/(le'nl.
Notict- iibereti-f mien UutWdan utn*datal
llll'sllsl to apply lo lhe Honors. 1,1, the Cnlel (Jssm-
mMlonerol Unsl����iisl Worki Inr panniallon to
�����urch��.e thc lislliswlnj slefts'rltal   i     Com-
mnicln�� nl �� poii plni.-l X)obalm *nt ol the
Kisilheail corner ol sun 1*12, mftrkcl '*H. A  llell'i
u?JS_-!i. SW'!   ""."'"   """!'   ��i chain.,
llienee call �� sjialm, thenc.- liorlh *l ehalni.
tlience weil W chain, lo point r,l cisinnicnecmeiit,
cotitnlning �� urn'., more or leu.
Locates! tbliCth liny ol Nov , lKD.   K. A. Bill..
, ���!,0'i'*. '" '"'ti>Tfiveii thai m,i��y,��ne, tan i
niisnil to apply i��� A, Hon. ChtalCoomlMonarol
Umlianil Work,, \ Ictoria. lor l'criiil.1,1.,,11��� ,,i,r.
chaijc the lollowlnl lU'.crllsesl land, illimtc.l In
the Weil Kootenay < lurid. ���i, ,i���. ������,.��� ,|,i��� ,
Iisshamcl (or SI, Mile) erck. near "��,,�� r.sasl
atsosil Ihree mllei Irssm Kootanar lake- c���.n.'
ni-neln|ata poalmarlsesi ' Jamei .1. Ilns-k',. 8 W
Poii ninnlni �� ehaini can, then,-, n s-halnj
nonh, iheiico n chaini mtt, thanoa ��_b�� ,
���onth, to the point ol commclleemciil,,���������.������.
Iuk 40 acre, ol laiisl, more or leu
I>��l��sl ink November, 1906.
��� Uss*al��.l hyJanra.1  lirca.
���p��r;o��iiK. UVLoa, A��eni.
Hixty ilayi after (
llssni, rahle Ihe I hlel'
Wssrki, Victoria, tss psirclsas
iltssateil on the we.l aid* ol Arrsi�� i�����'
nrllieil .. follow.:  fnmmeliflM"! ��� r, _,
,-i J.ir- N K noraai anl i*'��*i ''__,
��.-.t oornar ol Uii mn, nr.-op' **T
aiol raaalaa mai *' ��� haim. ib"'"JT,
chaini, Ihence eait w ��� '������'""""jwiil
thence nor'h aloisB lhe lale I'i r1"'" ?���
March ���th.ixn.      } _  .���1(1I,.P^
Hlily daya allcr.lalc 1 Inlen'l l" ___\\
ii sr'aiiie ine chief coiiiini "'���"���Ir^ai
Work.. Victoria, to parcbaii w ��� __,J_\\
 al.-l on Ihe well ilde ol *""'J,,,"
,1 rilH'l   aa   lollowi: fummenj"*:t_,
���satli"l I' .fiN. K conns ali-l I* ���'*.'���
i i, ol lha tonibwaal cornor ol ��<J>j
1, W,.,i k, .���*,,,as* ������is' * ������-.���*' I *i
Ussiiecwe.t B ahalni, """"""'Lm
Ihence call JO ehalni In Ida.-e ������> l"C A,,.��l
.March lllh. in:     ._ Am,t.,v��*_
ao day. aller dale I l��l���\'\_fl_Sr
Cbllltt iiiiiiineri'f Und;""; " _m
clou..' RO MM ssf and locaWd "''J���., , a!
lou purl ol Kecllimi 9 and n)J " * ,',,
ducrlbed ai i.sliow.s >*omroe" i��^_
markad t. M. J. i t, '''������"'''?,':'";��� esi*H
norlhs\c.l corner of Win __}<___! i,V
thonco went 40 chain.; thenee no ' ,
thenee rail Helialn.;  Ilion-co���""��"*
place ol bciinnlliK B
SovamMrSfn Wf* ,- u. jcsissiAl
Noll, e I. hereby Klvs-ss that W''��'Jr*_,t
Iniend to apply to the Hon. ' ' *��� !',�����,-*
ol Land, a.,.1 **orta*tor JffftWJffiP
lhe lolloi,lm dawrlhad laml ln_"e-'   -
ssi isiiiowiis|oe^,*f,'��>' ""���;-,., .Uriel *
d|,lrl"i: l-omincneliii al a I""'";,.,��������
A Wllion'i corner i,,,.t, 1 la-sls'J" __mmm
oornar ol S��>tlon if, 1*��nitiaJ ���"S5S|
in ohalna, ti.eu.-o ��e.i ����*"'?*��� ,Si5 '< <*M
chain., ihcnce cm -*�� '''^ ";."'. ms.r.����"���
nientcniciil, eonlal I !�� ��**"*���'" ,IU# P
Dated Nov. B, IM, . y&ijfal
"why d.yi aller dale 1 "'"'M.'jff **_\
Hon. Chlel r.sissnil<>l"t"*i- ol Iff'SZulum
to iillrchnie 117 acre" Of land, '*�����" .���,.��
pnat inillkcd lt. H- N tV' ���'!" ,.l, ,:_. ��>
Hie N.w corner ol 0. M.��___,_Mtt
'������������ -**!
lie N.w   corner nl s.. " ��� c- ���;*;,, nsilcVTiB
woal ...le of Arrow i��ae, >:���"'*", ,***$_
111.-I Itv, Ihell.e well-." ''''"'"''-kflcrWl
**..��. ehalni. them-e eaal �� s'ha ��'���    ���wl
If. .*,.' <hi,i
.'s.'sIibIiiis I" libs"*
*rea, more or Hia
Daied aih diy    fnf_ffiMmkl*** The Dally CaraBan
Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders uow standing oil W. P. Tiemeys
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
uot be made.
Dated February l8, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
e is herebv Kiven that S'l dny�� nfler data I
t-.itpplj to the lion, the <hh-| (onimis
Ol Lands and Worki, Victoria, lor per-
ul and carry aaai timber from the
*i Ih Weat Ki
im] lamls In '
neloa at a poit planted alxiut elabty
..f the mouth of aureka creek, where
1 Barnes creek, and on the north
ka t reek, and marked a. A. Laurie's
rner poet, tbence went eluh y ehalns,
li .-..-i." rhaius, lhetice east eighty
south eighty rhalni to point of
. I.sikii:. Locator.
-ii Jan Utb. IWI.
miuneiicluK at a l>ost plnnted east of and
ling t, A. ItttxiTla'a location |>ost No. 1, and
���il '1 A Laurie's southwest corner jhjiI of
location, tbenee enit eighty chains, theue��
.-Ub!*' chains, tbeuce west eighty chains.
1 south eighty chains to point mi common-
rl Jan   rdh, 1W7.   0. A. I-avhik, Locator.
Being at a punt planted about eighty
>( kureka creek wheru it (lows into
 aud marked (J   A. Laurie's south���
orner post, on location So. I, theuee east
1 In*.ins, thene* north elghly chains, thenee
gbt)   chalu*, thelue vouth eighty chatm
-. ol coinmetirement.
I Jan. Bth. Y*Ti.   U. A. Lackix. Locator.
otninettrmg at a post planted aouth _
���lining ti A Laurie's location No. 3, and
1 <��� A, laurlt's uorthwest comer ]>oat,
���u��-tSO chains, thence south ki chains,
woat �� chains, thenre north *i chains
it ol eommeneement.
' Imi. iUh, i*~.   <i. A. Lat'klg, locator.
-mux-wing at a poat planted eighty
eaal and forty chains aouth ot location
1 1 it nd marked W ll.l'age'i southwest
[������at ot location No. .">, (hence east eighty
thenea north eighty chains, thence west
'latna, tbence south eighty chains lo
:   an  26lh,l*f7.     W  II. Page, Locator.
"iiacnclug at a post  planted   south   ot
���   itinif location Ho  it, and marked Vi. II
Dorthmat corner JhisI of  location "5m  fi,
aai  eighty chains, theuee south elghtv
thenoe west eighty chains, thenre north
1 balni to point ol commencement.
1 Jan. 'JSJth, 190..      W. H. I'aub, Locator,
"iiimeuclng   at   a   HMI   plantei!   eighty
>eail and twentv ehalns south of location
to f.,and marked U. A. Laurie'i souihwest
*-t of location No-1, ihence east eighty
lanoa north eighty ehains, thenca west
mlns,   the 11 iv   south   cig'Uy  cbains to
���om meneement.
un. utith. JUU.     tl   A, l.i run. Ixicator.
neui-lng at a post planted eighty
1 and ��� i.*!,n chatna south of location
No T, and marked ii A Laurlt's southwest
���*r piict ol location fo. 8, thenei1 east
ij i hains, thence north eighty chains, thenee
eighty Chains, thenre south elghtychalns
���mt ol commencement,
i -1 Jau 26th, IHU..   u. A. LaiI'.u. Locator.
< I'lnmeuclng at a poat planted eighty
���as cast and eighty chains south of location
i, mnl marked U A. Laurie'i nouthwett
ir ot location No. 9, thence eait 110 chains,
.ic north 40 chains, thence wcsl ISO chains,
ee south -to chai us tn poim of commencement
-slJau   .'iiih, iin:    ii. A. Lavhie, I-oeetor.
i   <inainenclug  at it pm)  planted about six
,, srti Hemes creek from the mouth of
t���, -atrk where it flown inlo Harnea creek
uuth ���*���".'�����''> direellon, and marked U, *
unrest coroer poat
weit forty chains to
W  H. Pack, Locator.
i I-osi planted forty chains
outb of location Na.'iS,
English Philanhropist Urges Those Unemployed at Home to Seek Fortunes in Canada.
west 40 chaini, theoce north 160 chalui, thence
eaat 40 chaini to point ot commencement.
Haled Keb. 'tail, 1W7.    ti. A. Laurie, Locator.
.']. -Commencing at a pust planted forty
chains west an i c vim chaini aoutn ot lu -i.ti.iii
No. 2j, -nd marked w. H. Page's northeait corner poit ot location No. tl, theuce weat eighty
ehalns, thence aouth eighty chalna, thence east
eighty ebatnu, thenre north eighty chalna to
I".mi of commencement.
Dated Keb. SlUj 1W/7.      W. H. Paoi, Ixwator,
22. -Oommenelng at a pott plauted east ot and
adjoining   loration   No. 20,   and   rn,    1   G. A.
I<aurle's northwest corner post of location No-
22 ihence south 100 chalus, thenee east 10 chalm,
thence north 160 chalui. theuce west 40 chalus to
point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 2nd, VST,,   (i. A. Lai-hie. Locator.
23 i '.mum-in :lng at a post planted forlvchalns
eaat or location Nu. 22 and markeii W. if Fage'a
northwest corner pMLOJ location No. 28, tbetrce
south 100 'In. in-, tbeuce east forty chains, thenre
norlh l��i ehalni, theno - *   -      ���   ���
pulntof commencement
Dau-d Keb. *m*V*tf,
'24 ��� Com mewing at
cast and eighty chains ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
aud marked U, A, Laurlo'a northwest OornM
post ol location No 24, thence aouth elgi.lv
chains thence eaat eighty chains, tbeuce nortii
eighty chains, thenee weat eigbty chaini to point
ul commencement.
Dated Keb. 4th  1W7.   U. a. Uikik. Locator.
���tb ���Commeuelng at a pott planted eighty
chaiua east allocation No. 24, and marked G A,
Laurie's nortbweit eorner poit of location No.
'tf, thence south eighty chalm, Ihence eait
elghly, thence north eighty chalm, thencu weil
eighty chaiua to point of commencement.
Dated Keb. 4th, 1907.    O. A. Ucaia, Locator.
IM, Commencing at a post plnnted about lour
and one-half milea down Inonoakln creek, from
tbe mouth of Eight Mile creek where it flows into Inonoakln creek, and on the easl bank uf
luonoakln creek, and marked O. A, Laurie's
northwest corner jiost, thence south eighty
chain*, thencecast elghly chains, thence north
eighty chalna. thence west eighty chains to point
ii' commencement.
Dated Keb. 4lb,lWT.     0. A. LiCRlE, Locator
Take uotire thatl Inteud, thirty days alter
dale to apply to the Honorable the chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a special
licence to cut aud carry away timber from tbi
following descritied lands, situated ou Sandy
Oraek, lu West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a pust plauted on thu west side, of said creek,
and market "J, P. B's" northwest corner; thenre
running aouth eighty chains; thenre east eighty
rbalns, thence nurth eighty chains; thence west
eighty chains to place of eommeneement.
Dated this IHth day ot February, IW.
London, March 25.���The position of
women toilers seems at the present day
10 be of live interest to British women
generally, writes Mrs. K. Simpson
Hayes In the Dail KxpresK. In the old
lund lhe congestion of the labor market
bas reached what may be called a cub
uiinutinK point. Out in the new world
���in Western Canada���the lack of women workers has reached an acute
stage, and all that is required now Is
some sepme whereby the two extremes
may be balanced. How shall we give
the one what the olher lacks?
In the flrst place, let me slate thai
the woman worker who goes to Canada
must be efficient. She must also recog
nlze the dignity of work, and say to herself when she takes up the tools of ia
bor In that new field, "Well, If my work
11 not dignified, I must dignify it." That
ls all that is required, and the capacity
of success is really gauged by the wo
man herBelf.
The domesticated woman Is the wo*
man wanted at this particular hour. An
all round knowledge of housework, a
willingness to learn something more,
a desire to fill the position because the
iwsition calls for the worker, a real interest in ihe work undertaken���all this
Ib necessary, and most necessary for
success. The fact that a well-bred woman takes up the ordinary task of com
mon day will not in any way militate
against her future success in a social
way    She I1* (    sidered on her merits
*   IPES
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist   Baker Street.
Notloe Is bereby given that 80 dars after dale
I Intend toapply to the Honorable the Ohict
Commisaloner ot Landsand Works, Victoria,for
a special licence to rut and carry away timber
irom the following described plecn ol Imi I lu
West Kitotenay district: Commencing at a pott
planted 'to ehalus from the east sboie of I'pper
Arrow lake aud adjolainr block X9B ou the south
and marked "Chas. Kill's" northweat corner,
thenre south SO chains, them e eaat 80 chaius,
thence north 80 chalus, thence went 80 chains to
point uf commencement.
Dated thc hi, day uf March, 1907.
Chas  Ehi,
of location No
LhatiM ,.'��� MKbtf chains, thence north elghtv
'      ,1   ,    a-Wtt righty chains, thence south
hiv'p.iiliis . o|*?iutol commencement.
���atad Jan. ttt \m\**   ��' A- UrR,E' U"tor'
l.  Commencing etJJ {rij'mX.W
��� l',.IIS. ,'��S   ,,l l.M'Ml  *"*   *"     ''*'  *"  '    m,rfM. ,,
.��.   ,   ,1,1V cl,��l����-   I'"'"��� """"  l,1��h.1.
Ihis.. ,i���..,I..s. poim alaawBaaofiaaBt.
.UdJaa.9ttli.lOT.   *i. A. Urnia. Ixn-.tor.
ll|bu chalm t�� point ol .-ssnimonroiucnl.
Dalad J.n. Mtt, 1907.    W. H. tan, I^> .!<>'���
ll   Commaaalai at �� i*"�� i'lf!"'l','!',\'ln'
|i*lss,l,i>,...! .u.l ,-kliiv .*l.��ln; ���"��' ''* ���'",_";_]
N,, ij .,���i iss.rki'si li   a. I^uricc aonnwaii
"?*2 ;:;*'oi!h.ca.b.n so.��, g^jg&a
.���hnlns, thenre soutb clehty ���MB^SBLM
Ightr Ohalttl, thenre north eighty chain! to
���"inl ol coinmt-nccuirnt
i.ntiHij.n asib.iw:. ti ktUvtOtUaatov.
���.I north of
Take notice tbat thirty days after date I Intend
to apply to tbe Hon. tbe Chief Commlaaioner ot
Unds aud Worka at Victoria, B. C, for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from tbc
following described lands lu W��at Kootenay:
Commencing ai a post planted 20 chalus west
of the northeast corner ut Lot 812, and at the
southeast corner of Lot ~786, theuce east V
ebalus, tbence south 40 chalna, thence east M
chains, theuce north 40 ebalus, theuce ea��t 10
chains, thence north 40 chalus, theuce west Yio
chains, theuce aouth 40 chalus to placeof com
meneement, containing M0 acres more or leas.
Dated March tub. 1W7. PtTaa Lund,
Notice Is hereby given tbat at a meeting of tbe
Board of License Commissioners, to be held after
the expiration of 30 days, I Intend to app'y for a
transfer of my hotel lino-use for tbe Grove hotel,
at Fall-view, to K. <i Borden
"Companiea Act, 1897/
Notice la hereby given that thirty days after
dale 1 Intend to ajjpfy te the Honorable the Chlet
n u
nru nnrlh
, .halus, thonce
planted   eighty
I nnd inaraeo v.
II.   rnmniriirlng ut   a   posl   plan.--.   ���
u.l adjoining locution No  13, and bell g marked
i. A. Uurlr'asonthwesl corner post of _li
I No 14, theuco oast eighty ehalna,	
���elghti obaina, ihcnce wost eighty
���outh elghtv cbalU to point ol
Hated Jan. Bill., 1W7.   O. A. UtWll, Locator,
l.'i ���Commenting  at  a  post
��halniaorth "f looauon Ro-*' -���,,-_, Kn
JI.I'wK'swutliweat corner t*'*" ��'"w*tl0I'Vih
ibriire   tt-i   elabty   cha'ns,   thence   norm
��ih" ."i:ii. (i...!?.- ��*t��rto jtattOta"*
..'���sills islnhly rtialni I" rolnl oloomm.iii'emani.
Oatad iu. wiili, mwi.    w. ll. r*��'��, Untalm.
ll.-Comm��n_|if  m  u ps��t ��i��iiii*'J ft_k9
��-ls.ln�� sul ssl Inrallim So   Is-s, i llll,���'k,',",'v,*
Uurla'i skulls-*.-.! svsss.T MtotJacadoaiV;
l��,   llsi'ssise   ,',��!   tllhlj   rli.ljU,   l*;P<��,���_JS
althta rh.ln., ihi'iss-. ��.-��i alrtti i-bai ������ '"���" c
���sisills. Inlsly i'Ii.Iih lo pi."" "I pouinwB-Miinrat.
Uaatad J��n.��, lt��,   n. a. Uinua, _oe.t_r.
ni -OoBimeooioi at �� Mil |ii��ui��ii aoafli ��'
ssiml ml juiiiiiut isss'Hllun No. 111. .nil inirkcsl u. A.
sUurli!*. noriawo.1 isoniiT |h��i of location la
n, thanaa o���� oiRhiy <sh��im, ilns;"*o "��<__
slglily s-lialDi. Us...��� ��s'��l elflitr rlialm, thajeI
north olfbtj ulsiln. u point ol I'Oinui.uoomeol.
��� ������led Jan. ��tb,lW7.   II. A ' ahhii, Loealor.
18.-Oolnincnrln��   at  a   pml   l'lauteil  *____t
���i'lialna aouth of lois.llon  his 17, and misrki-sl �� .
H.I'aKe'a northweal onriier Mil of Iocaliou no.
U, Utanoaaaitanhu uhaini, h naa.uatbalfnti
.slsiilnsi, ihenee weal eighty ohalna, thenoe norm
������stall J chnlna tu psslnt Ol comniells-emeat.
LoMtad Jan. Ht, 1MI7.      W. H. I'aoa, Loealor.
I�����OomiMnolni  at a  ni��t  planted  *_&&
.'halua aoulh ol los-Bllol.  Ns. IS, and marked ll.
A. Laurie*. north��om s'l.rner |H>,t of lixsallou >o.
1��,  Ihence eual   rlihty  chalna   Ihcnce anuth
.���lKl.tr chains, tnence went algbty chains", ihen���
ns,rth eschly chain, to point ol coiismcnieui-til.
Daied Jan *..lli, 1WI7.   U. A Laiski*. InHsstor
��.���Cammanbtni  at n   poll   plaulcsl   ale.ut
elKblychasnaeaal ol tbe moulh  of  Kl<bl Mile
s'recli where H cniulle. Into Inonoiiklti oraaK,
and on the aoulh Isauk nl Inonoakln t reck, ami
marked II. A Laurlo'a norUieaat uproar poal ol
ioiiatloo Mo. 'jo, thenca aoulh Ito ehalna, ihenco
Dpi.    -ar-j.....^^^^
  Lauda aud Worka, Victoria, lor
nerinlael'sn to cut ano carry away limber irom
the lollowlng deacrlbed landi ln weat Koolenay
Limit No 1���('ommeoelng at a poat thre*-
euarter, ssl a mile up Nine Mile creek, ou Kootenay river, and maiked William Walmaley'a 8. K
coiner p*ial, thence 160 chalna weat, lbence *,
chalna north, theuce IW chalna eaal. thence-Us
chalna to the polnl ol beginning.
Located March ash. 1907.
William WALIMtBT, I.ocjitor.
Limit No. 2 -Commencing at a poat abont
Ihrecssuarler. il a mile up Nine Mile creek, on
tin- Weat Arm ssl Ksmlenay river, and marked
William WalliiKley'a K, K eorner po��l tln-liso IM
chain, waat, lbence W ehalna aoulh. iheiu'ca 160
chain, catl, and 4U chain, north to point ul be-
* Lowfid March ath, ll��i
Wll.UAM WALMaLIV, l.iealor.
P. HHBHAS, Agent.
"lake notloe thai 1 lulend, Ihlrl. duy, after
date toapply lu lhe Hon tha Ohlal Commlaaioner ol Uuiia and Worki lor a apeclal lli'ciiac lu sut
��!!���' cam -awav Umber Imm lhe following deacrlbed laud., s-lloaled on Bandy creek, In Weil
KssssU'iiav dlislrlcl: Coniiiicnolug al a po.l plantcil on thi- weat ilde nl hansly creek and inllcd
J p I'i aoiithwcit rornor -psnl, tbonce tunning
,,���l to chalm. lbence uorih ��ehalni. Ihenc.
wc.UI's'lsallia, theuce north Wl cbalni, thence
ws-it ��l ehalna, Ihclice loulh 1211 chalui lu place
nl inmincncelnent.
Ilateil thla Ith slay ol March, mr,
J. p, awxasaaao, Locator.
Province of British Columbu, j
No. 176.
THIB IB TO CKKT1FY that the "Nakusp Fault
Lauda, Llmltsd," la authoriaed and liceuaed to
ca< ry on buitneia within tbe province ol Brltlab
Columbia, and to carry out or effect all or auy ol
Ibe object! ol the comp.ny to which the leglala-
live authority ol the Leglalature ol hrltlah Columbia exteoda.
""    rl tbe oompany la s
City ol Winnipeg, Provlns-eol Manitoba.
The araouut ofthe capital of the company la live
aB a worker, not aa a noolal weight; and
her social weight, by that Western
Rculc of social justice, weighs to a hair
on the side of practicability.
Imagine a well-educated, well-bred
girl from England who goes, say, to
Wtnpfpeg, and accepts the offlce of
mother's help in one of thhc high-class
home. This is the way she is spoken
of by tbe Canadian ml stress:
"I do want to tell you what luck
I've had. Such a delightful girl came
to me yesterday���came In looking like
an apple just from the branch; actually
'hired' with me, and is the most charming 'girl* you might Imagine. My dear,
she is a treasure! Not one word about
her 'family' or her 'position,' not a word
of apology for rinding herself a maid in
thiB counlry, but doing thc work as if
she waa bom to it. But, of course,
once she speaks you can see she Ib a
A wild cry goes out to such a girl.
Mothers hear of her excellent sense*
mistresses hear of her excellent work;
society hears of her excellent common*
sense; and presently at the borne she
adorns (I use the word advisedly) she
comes in contact with the very class ol
young man whom she in former days
knew as a companion, and his own good
sense, with her own brave aenae, brings
them mind to mind together, notwithstanding the fact that his eyea first fell
on her while she passed the dinner table
on Sunday laat.
True, for a lime she may feel that
isolation which comes to those who
bear the brunt of pioneer life and pioneer endeavor. Por a time the sail
tears of the new loneliness and the new
experience may fall. For a time it may
be bard and uncomfortable; but never
for one single moment la the thought
in the girl's mind that she is not need
ed, is not appreciated, la not accepted
for what she la���a lady who accepts
pioneer conditions for a purpose���the
grand purpose of lifting herself by hei
own efforts from dependence with its
painful and pitiful pangs, to a life of
utter independence and gain.
Men in Western Canada want wives.
They do not want to be handicapped
by "butterfly** women to misgovern their
homos. They have gone there to work
out the problem of existence; they grow
suddenly wary of sham and social hypocrisy, and there Is no work offering
today ln the great West which may not
be taken up bravely by tbe women of
education, of family, and of breeding,
which will now or In tne future militate
against her social position. Women
there are at the head ot social affairs
who went there empty-handed an dtook
up the common tasks of the day.. They
proved their ability and proved their
necessity to tbe country; today they are
reaping the rewards of self-sacrifice (for
to a woman of birth and breeding It is
sacrifice), and tbey ornament the field
they broke, so to say, first ground on,
by placing their woman's hand to the
working plow.
The work Is there���the wage ls there;
what Ib wanted is the woman to accept
both. Brrltlsh women in this over-congested land, will you not consider the
matter from the Btanpoint of common
IP* St* athcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
laker Mnat, Holaon. I. O,
Lighted bj Bleotrloltr and
Heated bj* Hot Air
Large aad Comfortable Bodrooma and Flnrt-
olaaeululug Room.   Bample Kouina lor Comloei.
elal   Mao
MM. K. C.CIABKK. FroprlelrtM
Grand Central Hotel
Tait hotel bai been completely renovate! and
newly tnrnlihad with all modern equlpment-i.
Hot water beatln-f throughout.    .
ftATEB 1 Koomi, Mc. upward* ; meali 2Sc. ;
ipeclal ratea by the week.
J. A. KBIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone. 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
We Have
For Sale
In every section of this district.
Large or small tracts.
S. M. BRYDGES, Imperial Baak Block
Ttemont House
���aropoaa -and Amtsrlcan Plan
all 'JB cti.  Booma from 25 eta. to U
Only Wkiu Htlp KnaployKl.
Baker tt., HtUoa
Propria tora
Fine Building Site
Gh-aap-aat Buy
....In Town
f 20 Feet z 120 Feet
One-half block south irom Baker St.
Oaly $4,000, oo tenn.
Bartlett   House
Best DoDar*a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Fluent.
White Help Only ��mployo4
Joeephlne Bu
Royal Hotel
Bate* tl and tl.60 a Day.
Special Bate* to Regular Bun-den.
Choice Fruit
I Ha-re 10,000 Aem
dw-frTit Frvtt Lands tat
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Moat ootnloruble quartera lo Nelaoo
Ouly tbe boat ol Liquor, aud i igara.
i*l(i nolite Hi nl I inl.**.:*l tlilrtyilays afif.r date
to nj'i'i)- (- tin* iimi. 11.-��� Quirt doutalMoner nf
i.aiii.h ainl Woikt (nr a Npuclal lin-nt-o tn cut 11110
< miv nMttv tlmi.fi Iniiii I lit- Idlliiuitin ���!,���!���������* n-.l
lamli. siuial.'I iii'l ��� f Dog duet. In thu dtitrfct
ol Went Kootenay: Commtnetoi ate poptmark-
e.l ' 'Ihu It.iiiii-liiry t i!iii'��*M'nii>pMi��v'Miiirtliw��*ii
eoruer (HiMt " planted nWul a mll�� t'ant ot tint
Columbia aud neilei n r-ilhonil, ana about thruc
mil*"* ioulb Ot the H'n Tunnel, tbencv 40 chnin-.
south, thence m cbaliid cant, theme40 chainm
nouth.ther.ee 1(A) chains eMt, thenee 11) ehalDR
nnrth, ihence 80 ebalni ftuit, tbeuce 40 chalu-.
uorth, thence do cbainx went to point of commencement.
I>*tcl 4tb March, 1907. J  <;kmki.li:,
Agiint Ior The Boundary Lumber Co.
'lave notice that 1 Intend thirty dayi afterdate
to apply to tbc Hou ilu* ('blef t'ommlMioner of
Landi and Wotki for aipeelnl license tn cut and
carry awav timber irom the following described
iardi, iliuatcd on Don ���1'ceJt, lu WMt Koolenay
diitrict: t'omniencltig at a post planted on tho
aaiial ie of tbe Cointur>U and Wentern nttroad,
oti or about ten chnlni conl, nnd limited 'The
Boundnry Lumber company'* po��t," and about
a iaIIu and a liall aonth of thc BIk Tunnel, the
nortbweit corner, theneo running south 160
ehalni, thenco eait 401 balm, thenoe north 160
ch* in**, tlience weht 40 ebalni to plac* of com-
:    Patau March 4tb, IW, J 6bksllb,
The head office of the company i* iltuate at thc
 ^^^^^^" Manii
. __^ ,_      _ npi
hundred thousand do lari, divided Into two
tboutaud five hundred ibarei of ten per cent
preference itock of the par value ol one hundred
dollan each, and twenty-five hundred iharee uf
common stock of ihe par value of one hundred
doliari each.
The head office of the company In thu. province
Is -ituntc at tbe City of Nelson, and Robert Wot-
roore llannlnftton, barrister, who e addreit it
the sume, is the attorney for the companv.
(liven under my baud and seal of office, Victoria, Province of  Brltlib  Columhla, this 16th
flay of February, one thousand  nine hundred
and seven.
lL.s.] 8. Y.WUOTTON,
Kegiitra** of Joint Stock Companies.
The object* for which thc company haa been
established and licensed are:���
(a.) Buying, selling, leasing or disposing of
coal mines,coal and wood lands, farming, graxing
and fruit landi, and timber Umlta. and to work
and develop the same;
(b.) To carry on the business of immigration
and colonisation agents, make advances to
aailit settler* on landi purchased from thc
company and to iccure the repayment uf such
advance! with interest on luth terine and In
such manner by way of mortgage or agreement
oh may be mutually agreed upon.
(c ) 'To carry on tne builneis of ranching,
breeding, selling and dealing in cattle, bones,
iheep and otber live stock;
(d.) To purehase, sell and deal in lumber,
wood, coal, minerals, grain, provisions, clothing
and general supplies;
(.-) To carry on trade as general merchants
and Umviirders;
(f.) To Utile In payment of any property
acquired by tbe companv, abareiofthe capita!
���tock of the company ai fully paid up and nmi
a-BMWablO or uthcrwlie;
IK.) To carry on the bu*lness of manufacturer?
and dealers in pow*er generators nud motors of
every description, to construct aud opvrate all
clikMaeo of vehicles, agricultural implements,
machinery, bouts, steamers, bargei aud ferrys
in which the |*uid motors are used; to construct
and operate boat lines and lo carry on the bust-
uesiof carriers, cartage and parcel deliveries,
to own and operate omnibus Hues und vehicles
ami bouts for hire; to sell, leaae aud mpply
electricity; In own and operate electrlo plume,
ami generally to carry on any of the bUllnwa
Incidental to the aforesaid purposes aud objects
of tbe coin puny;
(h.) 'lo purchase, take on lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire or dispose of any real or
personal property, and any rights or privileges
which the company may consider neccasan
for tho purposes of their operations:
and to sell und dl'poee of any lands or other real
estate ana personal property at any time owned
or controlled liy the company or any part 'hereof,
or any control therein, or claim thereon, and generally todo all such things aiaro Incideutal to
or conducive to the carrying out of the objects
of tbe company;
(i) To Become shareholders lu nny existing or
proposed company, und to promote ami assist iu
prnmutiug any company carrying on a business
peri lining to the objects for which this oompany
is IncoriKiraled, ami which may prove useful to
this company, and to acquire, take over and operate the business of any such company or companies, and to euter Into un agreement for shar
ing of profits, union of interests, reciprocal concessions ur otherwise, with uny person or company ai^ take or otherwise acquire or hold
shares and securities of such company or companies;
(J)   Toacqui
Goal! ke! Wood!
Phone 265
Yak-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
F��cl & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eor. Baker and Ward
Notloe li herehy giren that I will apply at the
next meeting of the Licence Commissioners for
llie Clly of Nelson to hive tbe liquor lloem* of the
Strathcona Hotel transferred from myself to
Begloald Ueorge Webb of the City of Nelson.
Dated this ��th day of March, A.D., 1KB
B. Tonkins
C��rtiriw��t��   of Improvementa
Rio Teute, Orinooo, Queen Victoria fractions!
and Oruoco Fractional Mineral Claims, situate
In the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay
IxHiatcd on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beasley Biding.
Take Notice that 1, Frank C Oreen, acting as
aecnl for Michael Kgan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B616,inlend, eixty days from the date hereof,
tn apply lo tlie Mining Recorder for Certificate!
of Improvements, for the purpoee of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further uke notice that action, undei
section 87, must be commenced   before   the
issuance of such Certlflcatea of improvements.
" tr of January, 1907.
F. C  UftUK, NlUKW, B. C
March 29th to April 1st
In the muter of an application for tha 1mm of
a duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title for an
uudlrided 18 of Lota 2, aod 5, Block 12, Town of
Notice la hereby given th nit is my Intention
to laaue at the expiration of oue month from
the flrst publication hereof a duplloatc of the
Certificate of Title to the above landi ln the
name of Florence M. Hodglaa which Certlleat*
Is dated the JSth day ol December, UM, and
numbered i6*IK.
B. F. MacLEOD,
District Ecflitrar.
i_and Registry Offlae, Nelion, X C
January '28th, 11*07.
Certificate of Impfovemttit-s*
lea,** "Joy Frac-
���Mineral Claims
Fare and One-Third
For the Round Trip
To and from all point,.
"Maj," ��� B.C.," "Blrathroy," "Jo)
lii-snal," and "John 1).liable,*" 1	
altuated in the Slocan city Wlnln, Dlrlalon ol
tbc Waal Kootenay Dlitrlet.
Where located -.-North ol TweUe HU, Creak
about one and ia hall milea n,.
Take notie, tbat I, H. R. Jorand ol Slocan k.c
Free Ulner'l certltisete NoSJUMK, su ar-nt lot
tlnraoe 0. Van Tuyl, Free Miner a certiacate No
B4M1, intend, alxty daya Irom the dato hereof,
Us a],[,ly to tbe Minln-K Recorder for aCcrtlfleat,
s<( Iitsproremeata. Ior tbe purooae of obtaining a
Crown Grant ol the aald mineral elalma.
And lurther take notice that action undei
���Sesstion 17, muat be commenced betore the lean
ance ol auch Certlflcatea of Improvemenu.
Dated thla Srd Day ol January, Wl.
"Cempanlaa Act, 1M7."
PsovDita or British Columbia. (
Mo. in.
THU U TO CERTIFY that Ul "CoimMa-
Valley Uad Compaay." M autherleed aa4 Um-
Md to carry ea biatiasm wlthla the|ie��lm el
BrllUh CWamMi. ami I* oarry oat or aMaat aB
or slay al thi objieu ol tho Company to which
the Uttalatue aaikarliT of the I ulililaie < ~
BrttUh Columbia eileada.
the Uttalatlre aaikarliT of the LegialaMn of
"rtllab Columbia eileada.
The head oaoi af tha Company n altoatosat
thi city ol Wiaatai-f, paorlooe ol Maalloha.
Tha amount of at* eepHalol thi iald eoaapaay
la one hundred thowaaad dollara, dlfMod lato
oae thatfad ihaiai af aaahaadwd -ftaHaia aaok
Tho head oaVa of tho eoaapaay la thtaprot-
lnoa la attnaw at thi City af Halloa, and Robert
Wilmoi* Hiaakajua, baartater. whoa iddrea
���to NelMQ. R.C-lithe attocaoy toe the amjeay.
OlTon nadir my haatf aad mai ol oaoi al
Vietoria. Prorlnei of Mfttkh Columbia, thu aua
day ol Fikrnary, oai tbon-mad aim haodrod
aad aorea.
RwUlrar ol Joint Block Companiea.
The objecti Ior which thla compear haa bean
....__--_ -*n\
Ticket, on ,ale March 27th to April
1,t.    Final return limit April 2nd.
Dalad thla IMh day of January, 1907
Ccrtifkate of ImproTcmcnts
"Portia," "Arnoa,- -aaat Bide >o.��" and "Bel-
Una Fractional" mineral c'alma, altuated lu
thofls-xian City Mlolu, Dlvlnlou ol Heat Koolenay Dlatrlot
Where located: At bead ol Springer Creek, near
the Arllnvton mine.
Take Notice tliat I, Frauk C. Oreen, acting aa
" free
anil liolil lninls by ,1ft or psir-
chaae or aa issi.it,:sssi.'i'i. o* otliurwlae aa lully and
freely aa private u.sllvlilliaU, and to .sell, leaae,
mortgage or olborivl,e alleuatr tlie aame, and to
exerciae all the powera act out In tbe aeveral
agent lor the Arlington inluea,  Limited
Ml      ���   ~       "    	
Iroui ihu dale hereof, in em . ._	
uorder lor a Certificate sif Improvemenu, for the
luer'a Certificate No. BeQOtt, intend, alxty daya
Irom the dale liereof, lo appsy to the Mining Re
purpoae ol obtaining a Crown Grant ol tbo above
Aud: urther take notloe that -action, under
.ertlontf, mint te commenced before tae lasi,
amse ��l unci. Certlllcatv ol Improvementa.
Daiod  lift l,tb day ��' Iis*cember, mto.
For lull imrticulars, rates and folders
apply to
A.U.P. t.. Vancnsivcr D. P.A.. Nelaois
Certificate of ImproTements
"Emiireas," "Climax," "Horseehoe," "Quean,'
"Union Jack," altuated In Nelion Mlntn.
LoeaUd on Horcuplne creek.
Take Notice that I, Frank Fletcher, agent loi
 ng Company, Fr .!___"
certificate No. BWiM*. intend, �� days froii dale
the Active Uold Mlali'g Coapaay, Free
Certificate No BH*lfi��. Iniend, t da. _ :. _
herooj, to apply to the Mining Recorder tor a
Certificate 01 luproveaienta (or tha purpoee ol
obtaining a Crown lirant of the above elalma.
And further take uoilce that action, undei
Ax-tlon S7, must be commenced before the two
miwol such Certiflcateof ImproTententa.  ^
Hated Neleon, Utb I>ee., II
fasti*. Ftircwnn.
(a) Baying, aelllng, Uaalng or diipostw at
ooal mloea, eoal aad wood lands, farming, graa-
ing and fruit landa and timb.r Umlta, and to
work and develop the aame:
(b.) To oarr* un the buaineaa ot emigration
and colonisation agenu, make advaneaa toeaalat
a- tilers on lands pureheeed from ibe oompany,
and aecure repayment of such advanoaa. with
talereat, oa meh terma and In a��eh manner by
way vt mortgage or agn-ament aa aaay ba mulu-
ally agreed upon
(a.) To oarry on tha bnalnam ot ranching*
breeding and selling and dealing la cattle,
horaaa, sheep and ether lira stock;
(d.) To purohaae, eail and deal ln 1 amber,
wood, ooal. mineral, grain, prorlaloni, clothing
and general annpltea:
(e.f To oarry on tha trade as general march-
anle and forwarder!:
(t) To lama ln payment of aay pianiity no*
quired br the company aharee of tha capital
stock of the oompany aa fully paid up and non
aeeeesable or oiberwlae: ^^^H^^^^H
a,)  To oarry onthebnalnaatof
dealers iu	
every da*crlptlon, to eonitrnet aw, operate aU
rlaews ol v��hietee, agrt��nltnral ImplaaMana. at
. _   _ *_���^ ud brrt-- ta
rlaaeei ol vehlelaa, agricultural la
chlnery, boau. steamers, barges
which the eald moloraaranoaa; U
Certificate of Improrementi
' mineral claim, situated in tha hloean
'       Division   of   West   Aootenay
Wholeaalo aod Betall Dealera ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notloe and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail ogdera rooolTO careful attention.
B. C. TRAVES, Maaegse,
"Argo" _____________
City    Mining
Where lo atod: On Springer Creek near the
ArlltiKton Sawmill
'iuke >oiii*t! that I, Frank C, Graan, actlna af
acrut for lhe ArlfiiRum nines'. Limited1 Fren
Miner's ivrtm.-au- No. Htfuft, Intend, alxty dava
fmtn date hereof, tn apply to the Mining Kacordei
for s Certificate of Improvemente, for the pur-
jH.sc iif obtaining a Cr jwn Qrant of tha above
Aud further take notloa that action, nader
section tf7, must be common ed before tho
issuance of such Certificate of Improvementa.
Dated thla 19th aay of Deoember, 1KB.
F. C. tiamw, Nalaon, B. C.
F.CGREHI      F.r. WIDER      A.H.6UEH
Chrll EndoecRW Domfate *ai British
Col wnhia Land StirTcyors
r.O.BnI45   fleet Ull.	
rMMlMtr AND QkAmBQ caraluUy atanad
ad to. Apply
ocserala boil Haw, aad IQ-sarty oa tae aailllil
Ql��rriaM,"-J-"--" ""**         **    	
  lor hlr,; ta mu, m
aad M faaanm aad Mil, li
rrlan, eartati aad ami delinrri la
aaa operate oaulkui IUh, aad eiHala,
boau ur kin
��� oauubui ���	
klrai ta aall, taaaa sud rupply roarer,
,_ ..._ .aadiaaplyilietrl.
ellfi toowaiadifiratiilMtrleplaauaadiaa.
erallr ��> larry oa any bualaaaa lacldaalal lo ika
ateriaaH furpoeea uid objieu al Uu anataaar:
(b.) To par-rhan, laki ot law, uehaagaor
otairvlM -aoqulM -aad dlapoM ol aay raai or
peraonal pronertr and aar rlfhu aad prlTlHan
which tbi eoarpaa- -aay -ooaiidlr oeeenary Mr
lbe purpoM. ol their operation,, aad M aall aad
dupooe ol aay laadi or otaor r��d MtaM aad aar*
���oaal properly at aay lini owned or aoatrollod
by Iko compinjr, or aay put tkeraol, or aay ear
mil Ikirela or delate thereoa. aad fiaarally I
or propoaad eompaay i . . ..
la promotlai aay eompaay earrylai aa a haat-
sua perlalnln, to the objoeu Ior whtok IkU
ooM-paay ia lncorporatid and wklek aay pn,a
-aaelu 1 to th la eoapaay, aad ta -aR-i.alri.takl am
-aad operale tbi baiUOM al aay ��Mk MMpaay
or atmyanma, -aad to latir laM aaaar
akarlac paella, uatoa ol laurelt, j
tarn, nelproMl ooiinmiiai -or r"1
any aonoa or eoatpany, i���
arquMaad hold aharu i
KoUoe u hereby el-rea lhal Joka Kerkanaa
hu saadt aaalleallaa aadee Ike iinMiail
tM -'Ui-oor tamMAat, W," Mr a Votal lleaMa
Mi taa-aakMa Bold, at WklUwaMr, aad that a
aeeliaa ol ihe Board ol I Mian roaaailnair-a.
ol tba ilaawerth Ueeaei I tolrtet. wlU ta MM
kaM ilrtihlolloei la ihasalleiaiia,
w. a. i.LLocf.wn���
i-'..-'*.';T** ' .'-
gwmg i I!
The Daily Canadian
Wc can show you tho newest styles in TRAVELLING BAGS, HAND
BAGS and PURSES, and can sell them to you at moat reasonable prices.
They are atl first-class goodc. and it will pay you to have a loolc through
our stock if you require anything in this line.
J       Of Ihp   .1 !:������!n.-s    Ihi n* Is       J
��� la-l SiS'.'M    IHT     llllfl    .'ML-     Sll ���
* ���
* Canned   Gopda}
J We s-���rrv only t
I       F ! R S TS       |
% On., ferial ssf ssui- ���
���Tartan   i3r��ndj
�� *
* will oouviuue yon   thai we       ���
M t-lirrv ll lull rslnsl; ���
:     ��� r=        I
M'l'ltMti   Fruit ���
J        Vegetables J
I Pie   Pruit I
* Maple Syrup ���
I     ���     s
JS-ttme Price as Inferior*
* Ooods *{
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make  your selections  while  the stock
is complete.
S.   H.   SEANEY
Phone 206.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
tt E. Croadsdaile & ��
Next Door to Hank of Commerce.
���Heating Plants In stud;.
Victoria 8t, Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Hon! Bnild-811 will Hud il lis ihtsir od*
vtuifai.'!1 tis ii^fs our Pifnli.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
ing Stoves, etc,
121 East Baker St. Phone No. AH*
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Socialist Porty tnt'ists- m-rr-y Frdsv
evs.nllie ut �� is ni., lu li"? ''iii.Ti' I'niun Ball
All im-liivtlissl; ���nv silli- isllssivi-s] lu iul,,. tiurt id
Uu-slulsules.    I   AU.tiD.SeufOtWr,
Ct��-. Vari-totl und Wurtf Mss-bKtN
NBL.SON,   B. ���_;.
.r. FRED HUMK, Prounrtisr.
G. H. Riinw, Vumi ver; I. Al. Harris
Spokane; E. (i. Rodell, Csilsary, C. P
Bherwin, Blue Bell; L Hanna. Kaslo;
C. Graham, Arrowhead; It. W. Head,
Three Valley; li. Clever, C. J. VaUnnce,
. WiliiamBon, s\'ew Denver; VV. Mo-
Go wan; Chicago; A. W. Cleveland, Chi
cago;   A.  I,'. Cameron, Montreal.
.1. Noble-Jones, O. Payne, Spokane;
S. F. Petersen, Trail; J. 1). U'itten Dun
das: .1. Mlohelaon, Montreal; C. May
a.ul wife, Edmonton: C. A. MoKllloji
aad wife. Vancouver; A. McDougall ansl
wife, Winnipeg.
G. Smith. Mrs. C. Potter, R. A. Bel;
and wife, Calgary; J. Morgan, Victoria;
T. Gough, Ofanite;  F. Appleton, New
Vork;  T. J. Smyth, Moyie.
C. P. Conway. Fernie; T. Culver, Sil
v'rton:  P. Bukken, Nakusp, H. Mclu
nes, Trail.
H. J. Davis. Sandon; T. R. Williams.
Feruie;   W.  E.   Swain. Phoenix.
_C. Holcombe, Trail:     N.  .McDonald
Kaslo: J, A. Currier. Winnipeg;  T. A
Henderson,   Cranbrook;   F. Rimmook
Wlnlaw;   F.  B.   Hall,   Slocan;   G.   W
French,  Koch's   Siding;    F.  Campbell,
Creston;  R. Wadrlell, greenwood.
F. Rogers. Bonnington; J. H. Dalg
U'ish, Vancouver: A. Saliceo. Summit.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Telephone 101.
Contrt.cstor unci
Bole agenl lor the Porto Mco Lumber On., Lid
mull yii rs,..   Rough and dre'Mtl lnnil.nr, lunicil
worn and bratduiu, i.'iuuu imii anil iMnglM, nab
A-ttSffiSvrfisr "r'lk"""l,rae*" '���""
issrsi sum in.iiirj-: Vernon St.. eut of Bill
1VBU80N, B. c.
'' " ""*'��' T��i.Bi,������c. m
A. McDonald i Co.
Dwilem in staple and fanny Clrocerie'-
Bntter, Eggs,
Oniiipnud Minora' Supplied.
Vmi i, miu wiili Biisi.i offloentMrlenoe -teeki���
pualllun    Appsy rt.ix Hit, Nelion, ... ,:.
A 8KNSI * I*, s , UtffWOilTHV foUNU l s V
lo Ukeo :,��r��i'i,i 'in,-Khi ���r n,,,.��� ,������ ���',���,
ujlil s.i i, plain iH','iii,.������rk sn,, |,:,| pr,.,,
_J__! Ayi'y M',,1,,111,' IV.-hL. su a,,,,,,,,,,,,!
A ivisirios Ai   LhliK. bj . book keeper <mo
lis i|i. s'k mil ns'ssirnlv ��   flguris..   Aslslrc. ��y,t-
nay f Han, box w. lieu nu, s..s
WOMAN 8KCOND LOOK, WM  Waltron ��*.!>'
A! nni'is     \l   I'urkir.
TWO FiKhT-,;i.���,,s kul>M6, nienni haatad An
nlv bsii!Bukss<sis,!r. .'Irsl lint. K. VV. (;, block.
K0Q8 BUPPMBD irom tha leading rulatleaof
Para iiro'i Poultry, giianniwd true lo nam .
Ajiplyj (. Plxon,Box 170, Vanoouver���B��s��y.
nl llie Van-rosy," 1'oiiltryand P  AaaMlall.in*.
TWsl POOL TAi'LKM anil 11110 l blnall.sii llll
hard and Pool Table, gvyrvthlni aomplala
nmi in good aonduion. I, J. Mig-iiton, issbac-
i-*sntiit, uranliiniik. R. C
in-day avnnli g, bs'lwv is piMtolllr ��� and Mil n ,
by w��v ol suuley at Finder plaam return to
thla offloe.
V. Dynes, the fruit tree dealer, came
over from Greenwood Saturday.
The Nelson Chora! Society meets tonight lor practice in the K. of P. Hall
at 8 o'clock.
George Munro, the Creston hotel-
keeper, will add to his hotel accomodations. The addition will he 21x30, nnd
two storys In height
The Spokane train due here at 0 p.
m. yesterday arrived at noon today. The
long delay was caused hy ihe breaklnt
Of an axle on the engine's trucks nea:
Hall Siding.
G. Kricksnn, suiwrlntondent nf the
of the Crow's .Vest division of the C.
P. R. arrived in the city last night from
Spokane, and left this morning for the
Boundary With Superintendent J. S.
After giving the suhject enreful con
Blderation, J, F. Smith, of the .Moyie
Leader, gives it as his unbiased opinion
that "candy catches more girls than
poetry." There will lie many who will
appreciate the frank spirit In which Mr
Smilh has rendered his decision.
A. B. Mackenzie, secretary of the As
suclated Boards of Trade of Eastern
British Columbia, has left Rossland for
the coast to present to the 'provincial
legislature the resolutions adopted al
the recenl ninth annual convention of
tlie association held in Greenwood.
Bert Ilavldson relurned Saturday eve
ning from a somewhat prolonged visit
to the coast fully restored to health
Most of the time was spent in Vancoii
ver, but he found time to visit Victoria
and lie also took a run over to Vernon
where he spent a few days with some
Without attempting to infringe upon
thfl rights of the attorney genera] con
ferred upon him by the act for the
"Amendment and Improvement of the
Fourth Commandment," The Dully Cats
adittn would suggest to the school trua
tees that a good deal of Sunday qulei
could be assured to some nf the resi
dents if the public school grounds were
not permitted to be used as a baseball
ground for the whole of each Sunday.
The children attending the school have,
generally speaking, sufficient time for
play during the week, but thc noise and
disturbance attendant upon the presenl
Sunday practice constitute some whal
of a nuisance, and it is quite possible
thai all who use the playground on Sun
duy arc not scholars during the week.
V. Difo, au Italian engaged at the C.
P. R. machine shops, while working
around one of the machines, got ills arm
caught in the belting, Some of those
working near him saw his predicament
and Immediately released him. Dr. liar-
tin was Immediately called iu and ordered the man removed to the Home
hospital. He suffered intense pain, bul
an examination showed that tlie injury
wus not as severe as at first supposed
At least, so far, no iujury of an In
ternal character has been discovered.
There is a comminuted fracture of the
hones of the right arm, and the
shoulder hlude has been dislocated.
After treatment thc pain was nol so
great, and he Is uow resting as easily as
could he expected under tlie clrcum
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera      10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Kriapo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk  Toast   10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes  (Salted)    15c
Put up ln packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
K   W   C   Block     Phone 10
land      F. C. LVS
HOUSES     asl...
 ���  A��ant
W. Baker St.
3  doz.  for
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica nnd Josephine 8ts
Talking Machine
We have Jnst received another enn
BlgnmSnl of the latest disc records, both
Victors and Coluinbias.
This lot contains some of the besl
records we huve ever bad,
10 inch  Records     65c each
12 inch  Records... $1.25  each
W. G. Thomson
S&SRfe* '"" Nelsou, B. C.
Phiiiie 34.
The members of the Presbyterian
church living in Creston win erect a
church. Fred Little has donated an
acre of land for the site.
J. M. Harris, owner of the Star and
Reco mines and pluintift* In the Slocan
Star mining case, was a passenger ou
the delayed  Spokane  train.
ln the society columns of the Winnipeg Free Press, of last Thursday, is announced the first post-nuptial reception
of Mrs. Luther Lennox (nee Qertrude
tS. AI. Henry). Mr. Lennox, it will he remembered practised law lor a niimliei
of yeurs iii Nelson.
L Hannu came down from Kaslo this
morning. Yesterday he spent a short
time in the sick room of Charles .McAnn
aud he rejiorls that lt can only lie a
matter of a few days until the end
comes to the sufferer. Mr. McAnn fully
realizes his serious condition.
Word has been received of the death
at Minneapolis lasl Friday of A. Bitchier, general manager of the .1. II. Ashdown Company's retail store In Winnipeg, and one of the best-known hardware mon iu the Dominion. The fun*
e-al will take place at his old home
Berlin, Ont.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You have a perfaol righl to inslsi
upon a perfeel HI unsl perfect Btyle
when you are paying from tl
%V.i for a suit.
20th Centory Brand
will fulllll your highest expeelalii'ii,-
ausl your mosl eiaotlng demands.
They ai'i' the nearest approach lo
perfection that we Had In the tallor
ing world. We can prove these
facts to you if you will but give us
the opportunity.
$18.00 Style and Value for.. .$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'   Suits  at   $2,   $3.   $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regular   $-1.00   Box   Calf
Shoes   for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50  Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Se le of Mens' Underwear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool SockE
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, March 25th,
A merry riot of fun and music headed by
Prices BOO, 760, $1.00.
Plan ut Rutherford's Saturday,
Red Cross Drag Store
for your Preacriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonice. and all kinda of
Note the Address:
llaker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B. C.
Trains and Beats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast   and   Slocan    train���Half-hour
Boundary train���On time.
Itossland train���Ou time,
Kaslo Ik.ui- Half-hour lata.
We Lave just received a most complete and
well selected stock of strictly fresh seeds.
Come early aud get 30111* supply. Prices right.
We have
from our htudlii
d tn
vaeal 1
*e In-
ordor to 1
* before
ng we
n s
at greatly
d prices.
If you wain
bargains  iu
Furnishings drop In
see  for
Fifty Cent Hand Bags
They are beauties at the price.
Watchmaker Jeweler
Telephone 33,1.
Wholeoma-? t-'roviaaloriM,
Produi��), - Pruit.
Government Creamery One Pound Hrirlm reoelved weekly frisnh fmrii,
churn.   For mile Isy ull lending grocers *
Oilice mid warehouse: HoutOO Block,   Phone ?ii.
Josephine Street. -       -      Nelion, B.C,
2mt, do;.. Mnen Collum To He Mold Ht
$1.50 per doz.
HAK1-R Slkl   l;T, NI;LS()N.
*"'' '������-?������ ��� ��� ' ;'.*V''-lWS*^!W'.Wi��MJ,1'
Ws- are
Jnst iu Hoceipt of a Curium
oi   . 	
Th'*--* an t)n- finest grade of am Sacks in tha
market nnd onr prloei ate ri^lit. if yoo fin- iu
need lei na bear fnnn jon.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
UupsuiriiiK and Jobbltu fMeuted with n���jflnli   ��h����i Med I
>\ "��-k. mi,,1,su ,,i,.i ,miii ,m,,_ i.i,,,-,...    Mmnuttmatatrmrmol
Or�� Ciira,   U.  W.   Ci.lilru.loi-,'   dam.
LluninuMN niun,
Work 1 na mwtii
M��m lti Ur��0M* nt t ir-*.-,
Mpi it-t litit men,
Mundmimii tuen.
tWapn ttiut*M full of fire
UNITE and dug tlmt  tbe tmaartafrtf ^n
John J. Hene nro tbo proper fimur.
My Jiwi fu]] ihiptnani baajnit 07-rlvaL *��� j
tin-in and place your order aarfy T&JLwttaaW
JOHJN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Spring Stock fust Opened Up I
Carload Unoi-sumu and Carpel**
l-rom atmmgo���r, Skjotlm-iU.
Meat Qunlititte .it Low !->ritie��.
Standard Ftirniture Company
W(won A Hl'i*li I'ldiins.
OittMnoor MaMtMM
������ruul] HiuiHhrjr llattr-M
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS   T       t_ O* *       1
and dealers iN 1'timbe*, ohmgleSt
Lath, Moulding*, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work antl Braokota. Miill Ordltl ptompUj i.tini'l""0
rvrsi.soiN. B. c. -
Galvanised Igpn Work
are uncqu.-illed In thc Kootonayn. If you require air pip*
Dmoke Stacks or apeclal work ot any kind call or wril��,'��nr
Wood-VaHance-^ardware Co,, Limited


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