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The Daily Canadian Apr 20, 1908

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The  monarch   of
same  all  the  time.
bottled  at
<** Le*^e aSv
IVOLOMB  2.     No.   275
Jccu'.ive Met at Halcyon Saturday
aad Agreed on Plan of Campaign
Excellent Reports.
. . cutlve committee oi tbe t'on-
k-atlve Association ol Kootenaj met
|HaJ' ���'��" on Saiur,la). Tboss prasenl
It S Lsennie and W. A. Mac-don
k   C,   Nelson,   it.   11   MoKibben,
iland,  -N.-il    I-'     Miu-Kuy.   .\1     I..   A.,
il,,,   .1.  II.  Schonold,  M.  I.   A.  Trull.
,.. aunt; Ymir, William Hunter, U.
IA., ni Silverton, representing Blocan,
1. !.     . m  1.. A., Fernie, Horry I'ar-
M.   1..  A.,   Golden,   representing
liunibla,    !'.   Taylor,   M.   L.   A.   ReVel-
l,h.   and  1..  s.  Eaton, conservative
liter for the province.
,   -is     MacKay.    Eaton   and    J     D.
Id,     11   passed  tlirouKii  .\i-l .hi   last
t.M   . 11   route   to   KaelO.       All     were
Eased  wiiii the reports presented  at
. 111114 011 Saturday from the vail
Is   districts   of   tlie   riding.     No   one
|i'ii i" give out any definite informs
11 it was learned thai every vote
1. .wis unanimous, thai the proc 1
'. re entirely harmonious, and that
���um or publication was left en-
el)  10 the discretion of the clialnuan
convention, K. S. Lennle.
|Been   today   Mr.   Lennle   said:      "Of
-- Saturday's  meeting  was not a
.-niion.    it  waa  purely a business
ing of the executive of the aseocla-
ul   the  riding.     However,  there  Ib
ing   to  conceal   and   no  reason  for
-;   iufonnatlon.
,,.  met  to  look   over  tlie  situation
i'i consider the advisability or calUna
- ventlon.   The reports on the situu-
were entirely satisfactory'   "wing
-lie utter lack of certainty as 10 tha
of   the   dissolution, of   parliament
the Issue of writs for election we
no leason for calling a convention
,   ine, but 10 avert all danger of he
I    taken  by  surprise   we  appointed  a
.ininittec   of   three   with   authority
call a convention at any lime it may
���in advisable   The convention will be
i,i ,11  Nelson.    The date will depend
on the course of events
The  onlv other  business transacted
1    the  adoption  of  a  resolution   pro
sting against  the application to Brit-
1     Columbia     of      Mr.      Aylesworth s
nendment   to  the   election   act        III'-
n   given  to the  revision of the  pro*
nclal  voters' lists,  ihe absolute  fair-
is In  their preparation, admitted  l��
I parties, and the safeguard ol an ap-
, il 10 the bench, we considered, make
1.   application of  ihe  amendment   m
|rttl h ('olumbla unnecessar	
tv and lnex-
Visit   of   Royalty.
London, April  20.���King Edward and
...ii Alexandra left London ihls morn*
\     for   a   visit   to   Copenhagen,  Stock-
und Christiana.
Easy   to   Promlae.
Despite  the asurances ot Mr.
Mnl,. In town last week, thai he
f:,i llately  have  the  tangle  in
itters, which exists owing to th
fusion in the names of the tw<
pfflci     . el right, and thai In ful
.     ior   the   lower   town   tt
|nr.iit through, ii  still continues
sin r.n- 2*1 hours within s mile
Stall .ii its destination tl wtHI
11- u thai Mr. Rosa' efforts to 1
���things wilh nil parties is causing
I"' annoyance and dlasatlstaoui
pilch he inust expect to '"' ���'
faponslble ���Keremeos Trumpet,
��� con-
,   the
tn  in-
und  11
Id   ap*
a heap
n.   for
��� Id   re
SUje JUxihj C^nafciml
daily .ii��*^fi3r
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cbnts a   month
ness. young WhittJcck was arrested at
Iniliith anil brought back lo this city,
where, u chmistf of lirst degree murder
was lodged Sgalust him. The young
man, who is'll^ years ol age, has con-
iiiiued silent with respeot to the murder and ihe authorities luue been able
i" get little iatiataction from him. In
contradiction to Ins statements that he
was in  st   Paul on the night of tha
Crime, a number ol persons who knew
him are said to have seen him in the
vicinity 01 his home on the night or the
Califormans   Gather    to    Welcome   and
Entertain   Sailors.
Los Angeles, Cal., April 20.���Thousands ol Sightseers from all over this section of California huve viewed theshipa
of Admiral Evans' Beel during the past
twenty-four hours. At Ban Pedro, Long
Beach, Santa Monica ami ftedondo,
where the several divisions of the Heel
are at anchor, great crowds are report
iii und the small craft of all description are doing a thriving business carrying visitors to and from the battleships. This wus tlie lirst day the men
were given shore leave, aud it Is estiinu
ted ihat between 8,000 and u.f.oo of the
bluejackets visited Los Angeles. The
grand banquet arranged for the officers
takeH place at the Alexandra hotel tonight.
The present division of the Heel,
winch will he maintained until the date
for departure for Santa Barbara next
Saturday is as follows: At San Pedro:
The lirst division, consisting of Hear
Admiral Evans" Bagabip Connecticut,
Vermont, Lonlsana and Kansas. At
Long Beach: Second divisions, consisting of Hear Admiral Emery's flagship
Georgia, Virginia, Rhode Island anil
New Jersey. Al Santa Monica Bay:
Third division, consisting ol Hear Admiral Thomas' llugslilp Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Maine. At Hedondo:
Fourth division, consisting of Hear Admiral Sperry's Alabama, Kentucky,
Kerasarge and Illinois
I. O. O. F. Ball.
Tin- Oddfellows will be the hosts tonight at a grand ball in the Alice roller
New   Patrolman.
Oeorge Held has bean appointed to
the City iiolice force as second patrolman.
Moving   Pictures.
A temporary stage for moving pic
turns Is being erected In the Alice roller
Sewer   Chocked.
This morning a sewer was blocked on
Mill street and washed out some of the
public school ground.
Easter  Observance.
The attendance at all tbe city
churches for the Easter Day services
was exceptionally large.
Hospital   Ball.
Wednesday evening of this week Is
the date of the annual ball In aid of
the Kootenay Lnke General Hospital
under the auspices of the Women's Hospital  Aid  Society.
Building Begun.
Preparations began Ihls morning for
the bui ding Of Dr. Hawkey s residence
on Btanley street, south of the Congregational church building.
Marine Department Bought
All [hat Offered'
Officials in Friendship to Company
Forgot Duty to Country a .id
to Government.
In Memory of the  Bard of Avon.
London,  April   Ull.���During  the   three
|weeks    beginning     today,    Stanford on
I Avon, ilie birthplace of Shakespeare, is
11" In- the scene of one of the  greatest
I'-l'-liiiiiions   of   tie   kind   ever   held   in
[ iiii'iiiorv of the Immortal poet, in reams
litis  the  annual   memorial   celebration
Iextended   from   one   week   Into   three.
During    thlH    time fourteen of Shakes-
Mare's   plays.   Including  some   of   the
greatest   tragedle      lhe   most   popular
Mstoric plays, and   'he  favorite come*
''"    "ill he givon   ,1 the Bheakespeare
���'I'- rial  ihentie.      ��� he  pel formers will
Include such noted players as Forbt s
Robertson and m. is Gertrude Billot,
Arthur Bourohier,  Henry Alnley, Miss
violet Vatibi-ug, Lewis Waller aud iMisi
"elyn Millard.
Accused   of   Parricide.
Waal Union, la., April SO.���The Fay
���tte county grand Jury which usscm
''"(I today will take up the murder ol'
*��o Wit beck, the uged farmer who
was beaten to death In his dooryaid on
'"'' 'light of March 18, and robbed ol'
> considerable sum of money. Walter
�� iltbeck, son of the murdered man. Is
'"'lint held f���f the crime, and the wld-
|l��* Is also held  as  un  important   wit
Easter   Monday.
Easter Monday was observed as a
holiday by ibe government offices, banks
and schools, and as 11 half hOlldaVJ by
the majority of professional and business offices.
Washout at Tarry's.
���ni,.  1st and Boundary trains were
delayed several hours last night by a
washout ui Tarry's siding which undermined ihe tracks I'm- a short distance.
Passengers walked around the obstruction but mall and freight could not be
Church   Services.
The Fortv Hour Devotions, which began at the Church of Mary Immaculate
yesterday morning at �� o'clock, continued yesterday and today. Tonight
Father ' Lawrence delivers u mission
sermon, The mission continues for a
Wefeh with morning aud evening services.
The public schools will reopen tomorrow after Iho short Easter vacation.
The language classes of both divisions
of the high school will also resume bui
the science and niathmatlcs classes will
not reopen until next Monday as
Fraser is at Vancouver attending
provincial tencliers' convention
begins   tomorrow.
Polar Congress.
Washington, April 20.���Herbert L.
Itiidgeinnn. of Brooklyn, has been designated as the United States government
delegate to participate in an International polar congress to be held next
month in Brussels. The object of Ihe
congress Is stated to be to unite the
nations in planning and carrying out
some practical scheme to reach the-
north pole.
Ottawa, April 20 ie puVk itiou of
the appendices to the ��� eport ot the civil
service commission is still lurnlshing
the capital with the livesl topic oenver-
sation. One of the most amusing features  is   the   recoid   ot   the   wholesale
purchase of buoys.
From east and west the agents uf
the department began to represent that
they had uol room to store the buoys
as last us they came, while the department al Otuiwu kept Insisting thai
there should be uumeruus spare buoys
at the stations. The British Columbia
agent hoped "no more buoys would be
s.lipped to ihe coast until we are in a
position to place iliem." Nevertheless
more were seut. as, to quote the royal
commission report, "the department is
evidently determined to make the B.
l.'. agency the dumping ground for all
the buoys Wlllsou call wheedle them
into buying, whether they are wanted
ro   not."     (Page   163.J
Meanwhile some buoys were going
adrift some were out of order, aud
some were lyiug at the depot. At one
tune the Victoria agent had six of
Wiilson's gas beacons and four of his
buoys ou a C. P. K. wharf, wilh only
one steamer to handle them, and begged that more be sent, IPuge 102.J Yet
seven day j later he was instructed that
nine more beacons were ubout to be
forwarded. In another three nionlhs orders weie given to ship IU more at $���<
000 each. The department paid $0.55u
for a buoy which was sent to Prescott and remained there, apparently,
for a year. Willson then had an order
from Brazil for one of that type and
had none ready. The department kindly traded off this one for two $5,000
buoys, which Willson had on hand, and
and then paid him the difference. Tbe
commissioners say that the government
got neither discount nor bonus from
this deal, and adds "the eagerness
of some of the officials of the department to serve the company in this matter without consideration for the government was quite remarkable." (Page
165.) Hy June 13th, 1907. the department had paid $S25,650 to Wiilson's
company for 201 gaB and whistling
buoys, and $27,000 additional for 18
beacons, with other payments for material and numerous orders ahead. "It
would almost look," say the commissioners, "as if lhe I. M. S. Company
were regarded by the department as a
branch of the department of marine,
aud a favored one at that."
The officials have recommended Will-
son's apparatus to the llritish and United States governments us highly satisfactory at Ihe same time that they were
receiving protests and complaints from
Offlolala all ulong  the line.
There Is u long uecounl of proceedings reaped lug Morln shoal. The shipping federation asked for a lightship,
but an acetylene buoy- with bell and
whistle attachment, was bought rrom T.
L. Willson and placed on the spot. As
the matter was urgent, Mi. Willson
wus to have the buoy ready In thirty
days. It was delivered ln four months
Prom October 9th to November 10th
the Willson buoy was on the shoal.
The local superintendent of buoys had
reported It unsuitable before it was purchased. There were many eon,plaints
afterward, und ufter six weeks' use the
department decided to replace it with
a lightship.
A similar story Is told of the hand
Hug and repairs of the Antlcosti light
ship, which coat 186,800 In three years,
nnd was In hospital most or the time.
The commissioners say that this was
a conspicuous case of "how not to do
Our old friend. Merwin, does not fig
ure by name extensively In this report,
but it Is shown lhat Chler Engineer
Anderson has strenuously protested
against throwing out efficient light
house equipment and replacing ll with
costly Imported apparatus recommended by the department.    The engineer
plainly   suggests   that   the   cry   against
| the Canadian lighthouses hus been rais
ed by makers of lanterns "simply so
that they could supply their own more
expensive style of manufacture." The
particular order against which he protested was for about $20,000 worth of
lanterns for half a dozen lighthouses.
It should be recalled that Mr. Merwln's
iii in:- have been paid fully $100,000 by
the marine department for buoys,
lights and other equipment.
E. A. Wallberg, better known In connection with the railway contracts, is
represented by the commissioners as
having things much his own way with
the department of marine. He secured contracts without competition for
several steel concrete lowers, three of
them because he was the only person
able to do the work thut seuson. Not
one of these was finished until the following year. Mr. Walberg haa a habit
Of writing personally to the officers of
the department asking consideration of
all the authorities until Chief Engineer
Anderson again interposed with the
statement that there was no patent, and
lhat the Walberg method hud long prevailed In concrete buildings. But for
this protest the royalty would have
been added to the cost of the numerous
lowers which Walberg seems likely to
Construction  Work at  Prince  Rupert  Ib
Actually Begun���Influx of Settlers Is   Rapid.
Hnru:*' Kupert, April 20.���Tho fir-st
subcontract fur construction work on
tlie main line ol the Urariti Trunk Pacific railway In Biltiali Columbia, waa
let by J. VV. Stewart, managing member in Canada ot Foley, Welch and
rite wail, to Messrs. Kuua and Carlson,
who have just completed contractu lu
double-! racking the C. P. R. between
Kenora and F6rt William. This contract is lor the lirst mile on the road
trom Prince Rupert eastward, on which
the work will be very heavy, principally rock work, aud they have one year
to complete it.
The lirst bluff, just west of Centre
Btreet, contains about 75,000 cubic yards
ot' rock, all of which will be taken out
and used for lilliug in tide Hats and
ground used lor u.-i .ninal tracks. This
station is made up of a series of rock
bluffs, and is considered a choice piece
of work. Active operations will be begun on Monday morning, and Ross and
Carlson estimate they can give steady
employment to 200 men for a year.
Work would have been started at once
but for lhe weather, which for the past
week has been the roughest and dirtiest of any during tbe winter months.
itain fell in torrents, then turned to
slush-snow, aud terrific winds prevailed
all the time. *
The 200 Swede laborers brought here
tor construction work, who have been
accustomed to the clear, cold atmob-
phere of western Ontario, grumbled,
were disincliued to tackle work in such
a climate, and Uie contractors had hard
work to hold them. The last two days
have been perfect, and prospects for
continued fine weather are good.
The Camosun arrived this morning
with 200 passengers and a very heavy
cr.rgo, also a carload of beef catile for
L. Morrow & Co., and nix heavy draught
horses for Kltamaat, consigned to Hars-
ton and Angus Stewart, and will be
used in construction work on their subcontract. These are the first horses
landed on Kaien Island, und are temporarily stabled In a large tent on the
"Vickersvllle." In the east end. Is
(Towing rapidly. Already some forty
tent-houses have been erected, plank
roadways have been laid from the landing up Main street; a general store
opened by Fred Parker; and within a
few days a restaurant will be doing
business. Xew tent-houses are being
put up every day, several are now under construction, and each boat from
the soutb brings new residents who lose
no time in securing permits to occupy
a lot there, even though it is only temporarily.
Postal Clerks Don't Like
Civil Service Commission's Report
Followed by Advance���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Toronto, April 20.���An increase of
��� luu a year to each of the clerks in the
general post office und generul sub-
stutlon, with another $100 addltionul to
employees ln the registered letter and
money order departments, is the proposition laid before the employees of the
post ollice department us a result of a
recommendation for an advui. .a ijt
by the civil service commlss. .. '������<
clerks are not sutislied with Hi |-u
posed increase. They want th g-.vi.,.
ment to act upon the commie uj s .e
commendation of a general in..e.��-<. ti
15 to 2b per cent.
Paris, April 20.���John H. Fisher has
been renominated for the legislature by
North Brant Conservatives.
Cohourg, April 20.���John Benson,
Hamilton township, ls dead as a result
of hiccoughs.    He was 83 years old.
Montreal, April 20���Henry McKinnon,
marine engineer of Perth. West Australia, committed suicide ln St. James'
hotel here today by swallowing a dose
of cyanide of potassium. Drink and
separation from wife und children are
believed to have been the cause. McKinnon appears to have been well connected in Australia.
Winnipeg. April 20.���The annual
meeting of the Manitoba Educutlonul
association opened ln this city today
with a good attendnnce. Hon. G. E.
Coldwell, minister of education, and J.
A. McKerchar, chairman of the Winnipeg school board, were speakers at the
opening session. The convention will
remain in session until  Thursday.
London, April 20.���Not a single clue
has been found of Private Moyer, who
shot and killed Sergeant Lloyd at
Wolseley barracks on Friday night.
Moyer is an old soldier and was a private in the old Gordon High' it li n te
fought with his regiment tiir. j;.h t ie
Boer war. He also saw setvlcg jn tae
frontier. He alwuys cam d ins: r is
and it Is said he would shi )i < -i ;>. >
Company Knuckles Down.
Cumberlund. Mil.. April 20.���The
stret railway strike, inaugurated Saturday morning upon the refusal of the
company to reinstate two of the men
discharged on account of gambling in
the company's car barn, was amicably
settled last night. The company agreed
to reinstate the men upon the condition
that there would not be a repetition of
the abuse complained of and that there
would be hereafter n strict enforcement
of the rules of Ihe company against
drinking, gambling, etc. It was agreed
lhat should there be hereafter any disagreement or disagreements on the part
of either the company or the men, the
company will settle with a committee
of men.
London. April 20���"Parsifal, Parsifal,
your mother is dead. At the Grand
theatre Saturday night Miss Keating,
in the role of Kundy, in "Parsifal." was
compelled to repat the above line three
times. There was real tragedy behind
the words. Just before the curtain went
up Miss Keating received a tetegrum
from Chicago announcing the death of
her mother. The strain was too much
for her and she fainted three times.
She left for Chicago after the perform
Toronto. April 2 J.���The details of the
Olympic preliminary trials for Ontario
were decided on at a meeting of the
board of governors of the Canadian
Amateur Athletic Uuniou last Saturday.
Dates for events are May 2Srd nnd May
Montreal, April 20���Earnings of the
Canadian Pacific railway for the week
ending April 14th totalled $1,305,000. as
compared with $1,470,000 for the same
week last year, a decrease of $174,000.
The Grand Trunk for the same period
snows a decrease of $194,716. the figures
being. 1908. $694,285. and 1907, $889,001.
Chatham, April 20 ���Edward Nolan,
colored, fell off the C. P. R. bridge here
and  was drowned.
tempted an assault on a seven year old1
girl. Alter being thrown down the hillside the man made his escape. The
police  are  looking  for him.
Winnipeg, April 20.���Immigration officials report an increase of sixty per
cent, ln the American emigration to the
Canadian Northwest for the Brst quarter of tbe current year as compared
with the first Quarter of last year. The
outlook for lhe present year is that the
Canadiun west will receive 70,000 settlers from the United States.
Winter   Port   Has   Benefitted   Little  by
Trans-Atlantic  Traffic.
Llnevitch's Condition Critical.
St. Petersburg. April 20.���The condition of Lleutenant-General Llnevltch,
aide de camp to Emperor Nicolas, and
former commander In chief of the Russian army in Manchurln, who is 111 with
pneumonia, is now critical and his physicians have little hope for his recovery.
St. John, N. B., April 20.���Five more
passenger steamerB are due in St. John
before the close of the present season,
and these will bring to the port something over 6,000 persons. The season,
until the past week or so, has been exceptionally dull. Continental traffic has
shown a great decrease, but of lute
there has been signs of activity and
transportation people are of the opinion
that the year's work may after all not
show such u serious tailing off. They
think tbe summer and autumn will
bring   up   the   generul   average.
On the Antwerp-St. John service two
steamers are still to arrive. Tbe Lake
Michigan, from Antwerp, is due here
on Wednesday, with 2,200 passengers,
the largest list of any line of this season. The steamer Montfort, ln the
same service, ls due on April 29tb, and
will bring 1,300 passengers. In the
Liverpool service there are about two
steamers still to arrive. The steamer
Champluln will come in next Sunday
with 800 passengers, while the last boat
in the C. P. R. Liverpool service will be
the Empress of Ireland, due April 24th,
with 1,400. This steamer will be the
last one of the season from St. John,
sailing hence on May 1st.
The Allan line will have only one
more arrival, the Victorian, due here
on Sunday next. The Victorian Is
bringing 1,550 passengers, the majority
of whom will be landed at Halifax.
Judge Casseis Will Open
Promised Inquiry Into Adminstration
Generally Dwindles to Limited
View of Branch.
Ottawa, April 20.���Lieutenant Colonel
R. K. Scott, D. C. O. of tbe Canadian
Ordinance corps, is gazetted to succeed
Lieutenant Colonel S. (J; Donaldson as
director of clothing anu equipment and
prlncipau ordinance officer. Lieutenant
Colonel Donaldson bas retired from this
Justice Casseis' investigation Into alleged wrongdoing on the part of the officials of the marine and fisheries department opens this week.
W. G. Thomson has returned from
a trip to the coast
J. F. Langan returned from the Boundary  Saturday night.
John R. Wallace of the Fernie Free
Press,  is  visiting NelBon.
Mr. snd Mrs. W. Halg-Smellle, of
Procter, spent yesterday ln the city.
Olcott Payne, manager of the Hewitt
mine, arrived from Silverton Saturday
A Carney, timber inspector, returned
from East Kootenay Saturday night and
left for Kaslo yeBterday.
Thos. Aikman, who suffered a stroke
of paralysis last week, is not improving,
and little hopes are entertained for his
Rev. Stuart Muirhead, organizer of
the united Sunday School work ln Alberta and British Columbia, arrived in
the city Saturday night after halding
meetings  in  Vernon  and  New Denver.
J. Burt Morgan, formerly of Nelson,
has left Chllliwack for Edmonton, Alta.,
where he has been appointed to the position of District Agent for the Great
West Life Assurance Company. The
family will remain In Chllliwack until
the holiday season, when they will
Join Mr. Morgan in the Alberta capital.
One  ot  Ontario's  Oldest  Dailies Joins
Rank of Independents.
Kingston, April 20.���The Kingston
News has changed hands, passing to
the control of a strong corporation,
-came out on that day under tbe aew
management ln much improved form
jtnd with a new title���The uaily Standard���under which name it will here-
After be published.
The managing editor and director of
the paper is W. R. Glvens, a graduate
���of Queen's and of Osgoode Hall and
member of the law firm of Givens and
Glvens of this city. Mr. Glvens, however, has ln recent years.-done little in
law, having given himself wholly to
newspaper and magazine work. He
has served as editorial writer on the
Buffalo News, the Niagara Falls Cataract Courier, the Syracuse Courier and
the New York Commercial, while for
the last six years of his active newspaper work he was financial editor of
the New York Times. In addition he
has contributed largely to American
The new management announces that
the Standard will be an Independent
Conservative newspaper.
The News was founded in 1810.
Westerner   Yielded   to   Temptations  of
Toronto, April 20.���The Toronto Lacrosse club has leased Diamond park
for tbe coming season because of alleged high rates asked by ownerB of the
Rosedale grounds, on which the club
has played for years.
Montreal. April 20.���Alphonse Champagne, thirty years old, was run over
and killed by a street car In East Ontario subway  yesterday.
Dundas, April 20.���North Wenworth
Liberals have renominated R. A. Thomson for the legislature; East Wellington, McKinnon, of Erin, Liberal; West
Durham. Thomas Baker, of Sollne, Liberal; Duffeiln. C. R. McKeown, M. P. P.,
Prosecution of "Johnnaltes."
St. Petersburg, April 20.���The authorities of St. Petersburg have decided
upon the prosecution of the leaders of
the notorious "Johnnaite" sect, whose
practices have brought the name of
Father John of Kronstadt into evil repute. Followers of the supposed saint
assumed such sacrilegeous titles as the
Holy Ghost, the Virgin, Archangel
Michael, Mary Magdalene, John the
Baptist, and the designation of other
apostles. They will be prosecuted for
blasphemy and secret and Illegal practices under the laws of religion, also
forgery, blackmail and a number of
other crimes committed under the cover
of religion.
Russian Force in Danger.
Tlflis, April 20.���An alarming report
has just been received here setting forth
the critical situation of a Russian expeditionary force to Persia, which ls
menaced by a vastly superior body of
Persian brigands. The Russian commander has sent out a messenger demanding reinforcements of infantry and
artillery. The Persians who have been
joined by warlike tribes of nomads, surrounded the Russians. Yesterday the
Russians had three men killed and ten
wounded and various minor engagements with tlie Persians.
Hamilton, April 20.���After being beaten almost unconscious, a well dressed
man passing under the name of John
JoneB, said to reside ln thlB city, was
thrown over the side of the mountain
on Saturday by a crowd of angry residents.    Tbe  man  ls   said  to  have  at
Sultan Promises.
London, April 20.���A despatch from
Rome says orders have been Issued
countermanding the sending of an Italian squadron to Turkish waters tor the
purpose of coercing the Sultun Into
grunting Italy certain postal privileges
ln Turkish territory, the Turkish ambassador giving satisfactory assurances
that Italy will be accorded tbe same
treatment with regard to postofftces as
that enjoyed by the other .powers.
Montreal, April 20.���The police are
looking for C.H. Ferguson, a well known
contractor of Spokane, Wash., who has
some contracts in Montreal. He has
been writing to his wife at her home
on Windsor Hotel paper and when she
got tired of living slone and came here
she naturally went to the Windsor hotel
and asked to be shown her husband's
room, but from tbe cab stand elicited
the information that the cabbies knew
her husband well, and had often driven
"them" borne. "Them," Mrs. Ferguson
found was her husband and another
lady. She went to the house indicated
and walked right Into the flat occupied
by her husband and a lady, whom she
recognized as the divorced wife of John
Roche, a well known citizen of Spokane.
She made no fuss then, and the husband promised an explanation later. All
this happened on Sunday.
When she, not hearing from the husband, went to the flat again, she found
the pair out and took possession of.it,
and all the clothes and belongings, demolished a number of expensive pictures of the woman who had taken her
place. Some of the husband's ttwuris
tried to frighten her away by representing themselves as policemen, but
she held tbe fort against all comers,
and bas Issued a warrant for the arrest
of her husband.
Steel Corporation Meeting.
New York, April 20.���The Wall street
district Is manifesting considerable Interest ln today's annual meeting of th*
stockholders ot the United States Steal
Corporation. The interest is due largely
to the recent reports that Pittsburg
stockholders ln the corporation are to
demand the removal of William E. Corey
from the presidency on the ground that
he is not competent to be head of the
great corporation ln times ot adversity. Wall street is inclined to take
these reports ot antagonism to President Corey with a grain of salt, and ln
the opinion of the majority of the prominent financiers Mr. Corey will be reelected to the presidency with little or
no opposition when the time cornea. 1 **3 Daily Canadian
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settles
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Minefs', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Suppplies   and   tbe    Leading
We keep the best of everything, and the best only.
Our Immense business and practically unlimited capital give us sped;
advantages In buying, so that we can   sell,   and    do    sell,    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS at  prices generally charged for INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid  up $4,925,000
Rest    $4,925,000
D. R   WILKIE. President.
HON  ROBERT JAKFRAY, ^ioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
M3UO.% hkanch a1.   lVI��   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1869.
.���3,900,000     Reserve Fund     ��I4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking  Business.
,avlngs Bank Department, and
nterest credited Quarterly on
iavings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Largs, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch. G. A. SPINK, Manager.
rnblurjed six isjs s wees by Ue
fsiims rtTBUsaata t-usntti, ltd.
-- ss< - AL.  Nelson. B   '
erj&scrlf-uon rates, 'ai ctnu s rnontti delivered
:z ;te BSty, or *. Uj a year 11 sent by mall, wlieo
Ps.14 ta uvsnie.
Adr,ni*:ug rsles ud application.
All mu:.i-. u*ui lu seillemeul of Tbe Pally
CsoAdlAD acs.'jurjt*, either for subscriptions or
s4Ter*.i*i.-jg. must be receipted lor oo the printed
fonzii ot lr.e lumpajj. inner receipts are not
Monday,   April   20,   1908.
All Canada is waiting expectantly for
the announcement of the dissolution ol
parliament aud Uie ilxiug of the date
tui lhe general elections. There is a
general recognition of tlie fact that the
present parliament haa exhausted any
mandate it ever received trom the electorate, and that there can he no definite
measure of reconstruction in auy department ol Canadian lile until either
Sir Wilirid Laurier's authority ls again
renewed or a Conservative ministry ls
Installed In power.
In nearl] even constituency in Basts
era Canada candidates lor hoth parties
are already in ihe Held and the campaign is begun, which can not be lor-
iiiinaled or interrupted until it ends iu
the general campaign. This is not a
healthy condition of affairs. The responsibility for it rests entirely with the
A system often advocated for Canada
Is that by which elections should take
place at intervals fixed by law, independently of the party in power, as ls
the custom in the United States. It
His so far not answered badly where
the executive is not really responsible
to congress and acts quite independently of It. So long as Congress Is in general agreement with the policy of the
president no harm results. But several
times, notably during drover Cleveland's last administration, the executive became hopelessly out of touch
wilh the legislative body.
The Canadian system with all it.-, defects of uncertainty and of the opportunity for unfair manipulation, has still
ti,H merit of providing for readjustment
at any time in the lac- of an evident
change of popular sentiment. All that
is required to make its operation '-it
tirely fro- from criticism is that the
premiers, Dominion aud provincial,
should exercise their rlglns with due
regard for the public interest. The
business community as a whole has the
chief title to consideration.
A unique practice has been Inaugurated by Premier Whitney ol Oman.,
In frankly taking not only the legislature but tne whole province Into his
confidence on the question of the date
of his next appeal. Ot this practice and
its probable results tlie Montreal Star
"Mr. Whitney's frank announcement
to the Ontario legislature ot the Btate
Of his mind, regarding the date ot the
coining provincial elections, is an example which might prolltauly becomi
a precedent It Is true that he has
not named the date; but he has told
the house that he himself does not yet
know il���which Is something worth
learning���and has added that it will beat on,, of two fairly definitely defined
times. It Is unfortunate that his knowledge was not a little more certain on
the occasion when he broke through the
old custom of secrecy and liver] up to
his own  record for frankness;  but still
A general meeting of the shareholders of the imperial Coal & Coke Company, Limited, will be held at tin of-
flee of the Company, Room 7s, Sovereign Hank Building, Montreal Thursday, the Thirtieth day of April, 190!
for the purpose of electing directors I"
hold office until the next Annual Meeting, to consider the financial position
of the Company, and to adopt such
means as may be deemed most advisable with a view to arranging Its finances, and for such other business as
may be legally brought belore the meets
Ing. The chair will be taken at 11 a
Per Geo.  Pyke, Secretary.
it ls a great step ln advance to get even
this much from a premier before "dissolution" Is actually announced.
"We will now see whether the constitution will suffer any very severe
wrench from this revolutionary departure. If It survives this attack upon
ancient custom, it tu-gnt possibly be
judged strong enough to endure this
sort of early announcement of intention on the part of tbe prime minister
whenever the time draws near for an
appeal to the people. The example
might even spread as far as Ottawa:
and we could then escape from the reign
ot surprise dissolutions in our Federal
politics as well. There was an approach
to it last year when tne premier was
said to have promised the K-ailt r of the
opposition that there would be another
session before dissolution; but it would
have been much nearer to the Whitney
case if the announcement bad been
made openly in parliament in the bearing of th,' whole people. After all, it
is ihe people who are chiefly concerned
in being abundantly forewarned of the
approach of au election, and not the
leader or a rival "team" who is going
to plai tin,- game of politics with the
premier on  that occasion.'
Speaker   Cannon     Declares    that   Tariff
Has  Not  Made   Paper Dear.
Washington, April 20.��� lu the event
that the attorney general does not soon
show thaL something substantial has
been done to prosecute the paper trust
as a combination in restraint ot trade,
providing tbe pending inquiry shows it
,s operating in violation of the law. con-
may go into the trust fighting
busini >s on lis own account
Speaker Cannon and Chairman Haine,
of tht- ways and means committee, contend that th'- tariff has nothing to do
with tin- high pricea of paper, that if
ih' scarcity "i raw material is respon-
slble i"i ii tin- i.mil lies with tha paper
trusts who have, !,.. combining factories
and limiting the output, cut the prices
up lo suit themselves.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to the hour of 5 o'clock
in the afternoon of Friday, April 24th,
for the position of chief of the Nelson
police force.
City Clerk.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British  Columbia
LONDON $46.05
KINGSTON    50.10
OTTAWA    51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago    52.45
QUEBEC  56.00
HALIFAX    63.45
Tickets on Bale Feb. 29th, April 29th,
11)08. Corresponding low rates from In-
totmediate points.
For further Information aa regards to
rates,   etc.,   apply   to
O  B.  Mi l'HKKSON, J. MOE,
S.P.jV., wiiii,,i
o KA., Nelson
lllUI|MZ. L
C I- A . Nelson. B.C.
Take notire that thirty daya aftur
dato, I. Harry Hh.vu.ell, intend to
apply to the License CoinroisKionerB of
Ymir district for a license to open an
hotel in Kitchtnier, B. C.
Dated thin 26th flay of March, 1908.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
"April FnoV No, 2 MiiM*rnl CUiin, elMiM.-
In i hi* NtKlMKi Mirnnit I'lvui m uf VVeat KnoU'imv
Wheto tooftted; n.'!w.*��-u fruit m<J Nadir
eroejci, and a��boat ont bolt mile Irom the toot-
muM Mill.
IhI i* n'-Uff thnt I. K 0 QtOOn, H'lllij/ hh HR*;l.t
lor J. 1'. rfwi'ilbiTK, Free MIimt'b UeruflOftM No.
M41U, Intend, euiv <|>,y�� frnm the Mute htTcof,
to up ply to tin* MJnliiK RMorder for ii CtttiflOftta
ol unnrovsmenu, for tht purpose ol obtaining *
I'rowtf Omni of tin* abort '���!'. im.
Afi'l   further   tuke   Dotloc   ilml   h-iIIoii   under
Motion 0ft, unit bo oommanoad baton the in��u-
RDc.t- of Kiich Certideatfl of improvamanti
I'Hi.'.i ihu sWtii day of January, a. d . 1907.
F.ft. tjRH&N,
NslsuD.B   ft.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fael Co.
N. E. CO,. Baker   and   Ward    Sts.
We have one English Billlar. ons
American   billiard  and ont   I'ool  Table
We carry the best lines ol Cigars aud
Notice to Creditors.
In the   matter of  the  estate  and  effects
of   George   Harrison   (deceased.)
NOTICE is hereby given that ail
creditors and Others aaviug claims
against tho estate ut the said Ueorge
Harrison, deceased, who aied at Nelson,
British Columbia, on lhe 27tb day of
December, lyu7, are required on or before the 20tn day of April next to send
by post, prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, their Cbriatian and surnames,
addresses and desenpuuns, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their accounts and the nature uf the
securities  (ii any) be.d by them:
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the administrator will proceed tu distribute the assets of the deceased among the panics
entitled thereto having regard only u
the claims of which he shall then have
notice, and that tbe said administrator
will not be liable for the said assets or
any part thereof to any person ur persons of whose claims notice shall nut
have been received by him at the time
of such distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 17th day
of .March, A. D. lifOS.
Solicitors for the Administrator,
James H.  Harrison-
T*emont House
Knrou-amn snd American Plan
Me*.�� Si '.'.��.    Boom* from if. cti. to 11,
<jn:y  White Help Kmployed.
������� r Ht . NelaoD Proprietor*
BA����K ANb
Most couitorlslile >|iiarlers      Nelson
Only tl,L l,esi ofljqttors mnl cigars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur
niBhed. Rooms 60 cents upward The
'I.limn room ta auitxcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. KBICKSON. Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court  House
and  Postofflce, Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
baker Htreet, Nelion. B. 0b
i.��r,:��*    .ml    '  ,i-.i [..i ... Mi      fieri room      mil   Plrnt
.f.-   i ���'.;���:.iL;   Room.
MRS.   E.  C. CLARKE,  Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a Day House in Nelson.
The Bar is the Finest.
Wnlte  Help Only K,ni'l..yi-<1
!n��<!Phln��- Ht
*J"Isnn    H   f
Royal Hotel
un-.v ii i.mm  ictturi-:
l-lt'.l lirKTKK-S
Rates tl  and |l.o0 ft Da;.
HiiooinJ RntisB txi Rejmlftr r*W>wrW"
Tenders Wanted For ths Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders atldroused to tin- undurslKn-
ed, at his ollice In tbe Court Hoimo,
In the City of Nelson, will be received
Up till the hour of five o'clock ln the
afternoon of Monday. May 4th, lltOR,
for the purchase of the "Sitting Bull"
mineral claim, Lbl L'G!��0, Croup 1, Kootenay District, which was declared to be
forfeited to the Crown at the tax sale
held In the City of Nelson on the 6lh
day of November,  1906, (or delinquent
j Fred   Irvine & Co.
We are showing this we#k some lovely models in Ladies' Costumes for
Easter   Season.
Jackets and coats are somewhat eccentric in their shapes, one being
made of two pieces and joined along shoulder, forming waiatn with sleeves.
Buttorfly, Angel and Japanese sleeves are shown In many models with pleated
Skirts, with flare bottoms trimmsd with same wide bands of material and
strappings.     We   invlts   your   attention.     Come and see them.
Pretty White  Skirts for spring wear.      6plsndid   stock   of   Ladies'   Dress
Wore new,  lovely  models just  in   by  express.     See thsrn  on  second  floor.
New Dress Material and Silk just   received.
Fred Irvine & Co.
taxes up till June 30th, 1005 and costs.
The upset price upon ths aald mineral claim, which Includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
time of forfeiture with interest, taxes
which havo since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant
(t25.00J Is (1170 00) which Is the least
an,omit that will be considered as a
Kach tender must be accompanb-d
by an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria. B. C,
at par.
Dated at Nelson, 11. C, this Cth day
of April, 1SI08.
Gov't   Agent.   Nelson,   I).   C
Tenders Wanted For the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the underslKti-
ed, at bis offlca In the Court House, In
tbe City of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour of five o'clock, ln the
alternoon of Monday, May 4th, 1908,
for tho purchase of the "Yellow Jack"
mineral claim, Lot 2G89, Group 1, Kootenay District, which was declared to
be forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held in tbe City of Nelson on the
Cth day of November 1905, for delinquent taxes up till June 30th, 1D0D
and   costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, which Includes the amount of
delinquent taxes and ooate at the time
of forfeiture with Interest, taxes which
have since accrued, cost3 of advertising and foe for Crown Grant ($25.00J
Is ($121.75) which Is tbe least amount
th.-it   will   be  considered  as  a tender.
Kach tender muat be acconipanb',1
by an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Kinds and Works, at Victoria, B. C��� at
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 6th day
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   B.   C.
Tenders Wanted For the Purchase of a
Mineral   Clalrrt.
Tendera addressed to the undersigned, at his ollice In the Court House, In
the City of Nelson, will be received up
till the hour of five o'clock ln the afternoon of Monday, May 4th, 1908, for tbe
purchase of the "Sitting Bull Fraction"
mineral claim, Lot 2008, Group 1, Koot
enay District, which was declared to
bo forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held In the City of Nelson on the
6tIt day of November, 1905, for delinquent taxes up till June 30th, 1905
and   costs.
The upset prlco upon the said miner-
al claim, which Includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and costs at, the
time of forfeiture with Interest, taxes
which have since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant
($25.00) Is ($54.1(1) which Is the least
amount that will be considered as a
Each tender must bo accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and WorkB, at Victoria, B. C.,
at par.
Dated  at  Nelson, B. C,  this  Cth  dav
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   B.   C.
Tenders  Wanted  for the  Purchase  of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersign
ed, at bis Office in tlie Court House, in
the City of Nelson, will be received up
till the hour of live o'clock in tho afternoon of Monday, May 4th. L908 for tie-
purchase of the Yellow Jack Fraction"
mineral claim. Lot 2692. Group 1, Kootenay District, which waa declared for-
Eeited to the Crown at the tax Bsle
held In the City of Nelaon, on the 6th
day of November, 1905, for delinquent
taxes up till June 30th, 1906 and costs
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, which includes the amount
of delinquent tn.v-s and costa at the
time of the forfeiture with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, costs
of advertising and lie for Crown Grant
($25.00) Is ($51.id) whleh m the leaal
amount that will be considered as a
Kach tender must be accompanied
hy an accepted cheque f,,r tbe full amount of tbe tender payable i<> the "i-
der ot the Deputy Commisefoner <<t
Kauris and Works, at Victoria, 1; . .,
at pur.
Dated at Nelson, B. C. this Cth day
of April, 1908.
Gov't /scent, Ni leon, ii. c
Tenders  Wanted  for  the  Purchase  of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tendera addressed in the nndcralg-
ed at his office in tbe Court House, in
th. city of Nelaon, will be received ur
till the hour of Bve o'clock In the after-
noun of Monday, Maj Ith, 1808, lor lhe
purchase of the -nine Jack" Mineral
claim, Lot 2i;.Sfc, Group I, Konten.-iy Ills
trlct. which was dec! I  to Im- torfi II
ed to the Crown at the tax sale held In
the City or Nelson on the Cth dny of
November. 1905, for delinquent laves
up  till   Juno   30tb,   1905   and   costs
The upset price upon the said mineral claim which Includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
of forfeiture with interest, taxes which
which have since acorned, costs of,ad
vertlslng and lee for Crown Grant
($25.00) Is ($156,551 which is the least
amount that will bo considered as a
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full am-
ount of the tender payable to tin.- older of the Deputy Commissioner <,r
Ijinds and Works, Victoria, B. C, at
Dated at Nolson, B. C, this Clh dny
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   B.   0.
Tenders  anted   For  the   Purchase   of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed lo the undersigned, nt his office ln the Court dome.
In Ihg City of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour of llvo o'clock in lhe afternoon of Monday, May 4th, 1908 for
the Jiurchase of the "Blue Jack Fraction mineral claim. Lot 2691, Group
1, Kootenay District, which was declar
ed  to be forfeited to the Crown ��t ths i
tax sale held  In  the City of Nelson on I
tlie 6th day of November, 1905, lor delinquent  taxes   up  Ull  June J-'ti. IM
and   costs.
Tbe upset  price upon the said miner-
al calm which Includes the aninunt tt \
delinquent  taxes and costs at the tins
of forfeiture with Interest, tsies rtlet j
have   since  accrued,   coals of adverts-1
Ing  and  fee  for  Crown Grant ($25,041
Is   ($5*.75)   which   Is   the  least amount
tbat  will  be considered as a tender.
Bach tender muat be a. ouni'anled br
an accepted cheque for the full amount
of the tender payable to tbe order"
the Deputy Commissioner ol Un��
and Works,' Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nolson, B. C, this 6th it
ot April, 1908.
Gov't   Atreiit,  Nelson, fM~
Tenders Wanted for the Purchaiso'*
Mineral    Claim.
Tenders addressed to lhe underilP'
ed, at. his ollice In the Court House,��
the City of Nelson, will be rei'iveduP
till the hour of five o'clock In tlie liW
noon of Monday. May Ith. 1888, lor���
purchase o' tho "White Cloud" niiM''
al claim. Lot 2687, Group 1, Kootenai
Dislrict, which waa dec:nre<l to b�� ror-
foited to tho Crown at the tax �������
li. Ll In the City of Nelson on tne. ����
day of November 1905, for delinquent
taxes  up till June 30th  I80J nnd ci��u
The upset price upon tie- said rn|Mr:
nl claim which includes the amount ���
delinquent trues ami costs at ib'"���
of forfeiture with lulereet, ta*es wt���
huve slnco accrued, costs of advert"
Ing nnd fee tor crown Ci. "".'
($160,961 which is the least �����" ""
that  win  b��  considered ���� �� ,ell,a,
Kach lender must  be accoui|isnl��il �����
an ace..plod cheque for the fit" amount
of the   tender pnyahle  to  the order ot
the    Deputy   Commissioner    ��'    '���*"
and   Works,   Victoria,   It.   C, ��' {*'
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this U| ��"
of April, 1908. ���,,_
Qov't   Agent.   N.-lsen.Jf^-
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of ��
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to  tbs  '��1(1f.r"'R��'
ed,  at.   bis  ollice   In   Ibe   Court   Ho*" ���
In  the City of Nelson, will *'�� '"?".,.
up till the hour of five o'clock In.   M
ternoon of Monday, May ��fc '���'.'.���"
Hi"   purchase   of   the   "Battle   "r
:   Ineral claim, Lot 1047, Group L   ���
iv District, which was dSfasrW w
;n. felted  to the Crmvn on the   ������     '
ol Novumber. 1904 for deUnqueBt *����
up till June 30th, 1904. nnd ���&-*���
The upset price upon lhe "���"' "���  ���r
el  claim  which  Includes the ani��'��n
delinquent taxes nnd cists at i��<     h
or forfeiture with Interest, taxes ��    (
huve   since   accrued,   cost   of  '"1���. nol
Ing and   fee   for  Crown  Giant    ��-
IS   ($123.95)  which  Is the leas   ���   <J
that  will   be  considered  as a "'"^
Kach tender must he '"''"'"''.''....(raiit
an accepted cheque for lhe run  ���"   (|(
of the  tender payable  to ""'f'   , nndi
tho   Deputy    Commissioner   '"     '
and   Works,   Victoria,   II.   <  ���  '" , 'jay
Daled   Nelson,   1.1.   C,   this   oui
of April, 1908. ,���i,i,'irl'
HARRY  Willi'I"'   c,
Gov't  Agent,  Nelson,  * The Daily Canadian
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BUT when you buy an orchard tract you want more than soil;  more than pure water; more than transpor-
iinui;  you want A  HOME���A place to live In���THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE  FOR  SALE.
1'ost   office   with   dally   mall Service;   express trains, stores;   schools���A   home   every   few   steps.     Yt n   ;-,8t
.   comforts of civilization combined  with the   pleasure of a profitable, healthful and beautiful rural hon.3.
TERMS���$10 Cash and $10 per  Month    for 10 Acres, with liberal discount  for   larger  payments.
Write   or   call  for   Maps,   Photographs   and   all   Information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
cannoi dine ou FROG LEliS every day.    We furnish the
.   Staples
��eef,   Pork,    Mutton  and Weal
Hams, Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality iu glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
,lo, Rossland     NELSON,  B. O
D l-anrt Dmlrlrl.   IMmr.ct ��>! OfOOt Kontmay
I IsUanOtiM i hut Hurry   Bird* Of N.lwm. orcu-
,   i.**|   Kislt- KKt-nt.   liiii'tHlN   t.>  apply for
laaloa to puntuM tn�� fouowlnaj aowrtbod
('inn mi* tiring   "l "   Ppf*   plHiit.-il   nt   I lid
BUI    ...rii.T    ->'   LOl   RS,    ���..���-��������'���   ruiiiilliif
J" i linlnn,   Ihuinf   writt 20  . hn.l..��.   llu't	
jii i-ti tt tin,   ni'pn-   nr  k>M, to Hit*   northerly
i*rj   ni  L<\ 3".ft thi-Mtt* loDowliu north
irj    Lol   :t7S   to   px-lnl nl   i-iiiiiiiniu .im nt
klDlni 40 aire.,, more or leaa.
. : r.t.rui.r) IMh, I'Jtn* IIahhv ...hi--,
K. I      (iRKR**., AgOOt
U:i<1 DlatrlOt lMp.tr.tlol vVOlt Kooleuay
te notloa that Hr<M. J. ���uunona, IgtOt (Ot
i .Miner, ot Ni'Hoii. oitupalloii walfli
��� mi. u.)������ to apply lor imtiiUhMoii ft. pur-
>)������' lolIuMlng ��Ita��Tl��M*��i Uiida: <��.nun. n
��' .. poi-i ylnMi'l hImoU J1, nill-"i caul ol
���ii .[.*����� le, tlii'lici- -��U chain* in OU easterly
in*ii, thene*? 20 chain* M'oth. ilieti.c *0
.- ID a WMUrlT direction, thence ����� chain...
ti lo thfl point of eoin ine in cinent, containing
" -. more ur leaa
led Nov. 'it Ah, Ii��u7.
KitniNti k   Iohn 1 A'-'NrR.
F I   Sammonb, Ag.-i.l
"i I .ami Mitrlcl    l>.mii-i oi Weal Kootenay
ktnottoa thai   Ktart J    laliraoiUi  agent ior
eat laid, ol Proctor, occupation rancher,
��� ���ft to apply lor p.Tintaaioii to porcMM tal
���inn   daaortbod   Ian.in:    OommaoolOK at a
i ..in.'.i ..i...m ift, milataaal ol WtlaooeraaK.
������  -...nthweal Jo chain...   Ihenee iiorlhwest  /n
ibi in- ��� Dortoeai ��� *> ohalna, tbanoa tooth
*>�� tiaiii" to tha ine point oi ctonaanMaw&i
h       ik tf arraa. more or lean.
��� "���! Nov. a-th, iwi7
Ah. HII.AU>  AM.IH.ioN   HaI.1.A��P,
Ageut K J   sUHMOjra.
K��ltOD l-aml Dlitrlct.   Dh.tr.ei ol Went Kooteuay
Ukl   uoltee tliat W. A. HiuIhou, lltu00% �� ini-.-r,
' Bpokana, Spokani oountr, wnahibfton,
*���' un-1 mo*.i ntHt<'Nnf AiuiTit a. tntandi to
watnepial limber lltvnai* over the fullowiug
���-���in..',! imitla: lomiufiullig nl h pout i!.ail.e.i
J ���   '- |.lanuil on Hie north hank ol   ( orn ereek,
1 -he )unotion ol the North !<>rk oi Ooru nmi
I*��li   Uif  nut In   atn-am,   ubout   DTa   mllen   In a
���wie-h d tract loo iron oonnuaaoe of laid Corn
""H with the Kootanu rlvari thanoa north ]o
'''���"is; ih.-nce went   160 (hallo*; theliee noiilh   lo
'"oi.v ititnee eaai 100 ohaina to pointof com
B*n<-��nant, oonnUnlng Miuterea more or ta
"��i i land adjoins nmbaz limit Ni
H****nO inubi-r limit   No
Mw by tne.
uwatftd NorambarT. lv*r:*
wili iam a Hubaon, Locator
"Uoewad by Patrick G Ohlna.
I'liUred  and algncl by lhe within niimed W
* Hu.iMin on thaWtb daj o( Noroinbar, a n
��>n  the
oil lhe fii'Ulh, an lo-
'lore  me  at  H*
'*''*iintou,ohi'of tb.
 ,   ripokanu
li.-.l ItatHOl America.
nn riet.  i latttotot WaalKoounaf
notice that UaboM- I'Urce,   I Otraubon,
u inarrie.l   wu   irin,   inleii-l-   U��  npply
-   dea-
nmrrieil   w   irill,   ililcli-t
 on   to   linn i  t-o   tho   billowing
'���''W'1 inn.in:   Common    -g ��1 �� poal plantaq at
,"^l��"fneellon   of   the   ic.rtli   boun.l..ryoI   Uil
���*���. and   tha eant   boun..ury   ol   I.ol   No    81H,.,
^enc��3 ��mi 66 ohalni, mora or Loaa. to the north*
rV,��?naf ��f limber I.unit No. 7071, thenoa
"tlti sochatiiH, thence WMt 90 chalnn. more or
,'*��� ">'\ir fanl able ol WlmL-han hike, lhence
��ii. *���** ""'n*' in a aoniherlv ami taaatarl)
''"<���ti.ii. iihi ehalna, mON or lau to tho inter
i���11';'1 w"h i-olMlM6, Iheuce 85 chalnn, more oi
5[Wj��Wlll| eamerly hoiilulary of Lot KlKMo
'���*   Of eiuiinnMiceiiieUt.
"*t��d7iii uotobar. iwi7.      i,iaiikm.a Piliwh,
F. ft. KAiiyi'imt, Agent.
.'���"���I l-'iu.l IllHlricl.    Ulalrlel ol Wesl Kmilcuny
too"  ",,,hte   that    Aluxamlar   J.    KoCool,  of
r�����. B* 0., oooupatlon olark. tatonda to apply
I'^raiiliOD   to   purehano   tho   fullowl.g  daa-
l,lUi..i     t:uinmeuulug nt a pint i id <>o
x       Ji luiuij   t-l B. C, tiuutuoru   Rail
way rlghl-ol-M uy, about one and a half mllea
westerly from the iiurlhwoat corner OtlOtMOSi
���roup 1. K....t. nrtv. thenee nouth HO ehainn,
thence anal ho Ohalna��� theuce north ho ehains to
���...iitii.ru Ijoumlary ol nabl rlghl-of-wav. thenee
went mi chains along nabl aouthern boundary to
polm of commencement, and containing 600
acrea, more or lean.
Ilat.d  November 9lh, 1907
alexanhkr .1   Mi-Cool.
Nelion Uud lUntrict    D.atrict o, Weit Kootenay
t Hke nollee lhat K. H. Hur.leu, acting an agent
tor .I II Hurden, of 1'okiok, N. B , occupation
mediant.,   intends   to apply   for   permiaaion   to
parohaaa the loUowlni goaorlbod lan.in:   Horn*
meiulng al a poat planted on the eaaterly whore
of   ���-���:���'   lake ni.'! about 10 chaina north ol tlie
s. k. oornor ��i lot miiki, thence aaat BO ohalna,
thanoa north 4n chalna, more or lean, to the lake
ihoiOi thonoa wathwoatorly along tha lakeahore
to the point of eoiiiiiK-iic.-ment, and containing
H . aerea, more or leaa.
I ate.i NoTombar nth, WOT. .Umki ii Boson,
K   I*    KpHiiKN. Agent.
Nelaon I^itid Dlitrlct.   DlatTWioi Went Kootenav
Take   nollce    that    .Iohn   Jaincn   Cameron,   of
i-.rtiie, Brltaan Colombia,-, occupation oontrao-
tor, in tend a to apply for nermlnaion lo
parohaaa tb�� following deacrlbed land: Commencing at a poal planted 00 the aouthern
boundary ol tha H: ft. Southern rlghtolway
Hi-oui iu * luttoa weaterlv from the N. W comer
of lotO0t0t group   1,   Kootenay,   thance auuih ��i
chaina- tbanoa earn 411 ehainn. thanoa north00
Ohalni   to   the   aouthern   boundary   ol   Ihe   ttaid
right-of-way. thanoa waatarly along aald aouth
.'in   boundary   of rlghlol wity   to   the   polut
commeueemeui, anil containing   Jin acren, more
or Laaa
lialed November 9lh, 11)01.
I, UN   Uhi-  CamkhuN.
Nelaon Land iMatrut. I>latrlcl of Weal Kooleuay
rake   notice lhat -Iohn   Sblall. Of Needles. B.CU,
ooonpatlon ranohar, intend- to apply tor per-
mlaafon IO pttrcha'-e the lollowing deacrlbed
land; CommanOlUg at a poal planted at the
northweat corner ol Uit 7HVH, ihenee weal -10
Ohalni. thanoa nouih Ho chaina, thenee ant 10
ObOlna, tbanoa ni.rihhu chalnn   to  the   point ol
 in. ncomant, and containing a*' aerog, more
"r| otad  lHth OcKd.er. 11*07. .lAManHHlKLL,
K. i��   KAtgtMRK. Agent.
Neinon Land Dlatrlct   Dlatrtotol Went Kootenay
lake nolle,   that   Aiigua  Mcdill, (.( theClty of
Nelaon. occupation Art man, itilendH to apply for
parmUalon toparohaac tha following dcaonbad
lauda: Oommeucltig al a poat planted at the
\    VV    oornor   1-    0.   Morrlnou's   ranch,   in   Ur
���liar, th.oca north rorty (to) ohalna, thene
id   fo-ty   (|ti)  chaina,   tht'ine   aouth       .���!>'   (40
, lo  , l&anoa went lortj CtO)  ehalna olnl r>
tn ....in emt nl.    and  cuinaiiiinn   onohunditd
d aixty iioti) acraa, mora or Um.
Dtad Mpbuibarand. 1907.      AWQbi  Bit6i-U
Nelaon Land Dlitrlct.   bmtrict ol Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that Tina Bergmau, of Altoua,
Man , .j. . ti pillion wifti of <'. Bergmau, farmer,
a 11.nut, Miin., Intends to apply for permiaaion lu
purchaae the following deicrlbed laud :
* oinni..iiciiig at a pom pUmt*d at the N. E. ft.
of Hugo Carateni' application to purchaae and
running tbence weit HO ehalna thence north 80
chalni, thence east 40 ebalni, thence aouth 3
I'lmma-i.'t link-, thenee eaat 40 et.aiua, tbence
louth 71 chalni 76 llnki tu point ol commencement, containing 6u7 tAcrei more or leaa.
Charlbm Marshall,
Aguni   for   Una    Bergman.
Dated HI December IW7.
W eat Kooteuay ljind Ulitriet. I'l.-trict ot Goat
lake notice thatl.Ueorge A. Hunt, uf Kitchener, occupation tlnioerman, Intend to
apply for permlsnfon lo purchase the
lolluwlng deicrlbed land: Commencing at a
pont pUnled about 40 chains, weat ot Thompson
marked N. W, corner, thence aoutb 10.tt chains
theuce east 44.67 chalnn, tbence nortb 81.4*5
chalua, tbence west along B. C. Southern kail-
way to place of commencement, containing 98.18
Dated January Bib, 19U8.       George H. Hunt
Nelson Land District. District of Went Kootenay
lake notice tbat I, Frederick Adle. of Waneta,
D. ft , oocupatlon merchant, int. nd to apply for
permiMslon to purchaae the following described
laud: Commuucing at a post planted about 10
chalus went of the N K coiner uf lot *t-22. tbence
north 20 ebalni, lhence east 80 chaini, lhence
south 20 ehains, thenee wem 80 chains to polnl
of commencement, containing 160 acres, more or
Dated January 21st, 1908.       Frederick Ann.
Nelaon band District.   Dlatrlct ol Went Koulenay
Tuke notice thai   Hugo Caisteun. ol Winnipeg,
Man     oecupittiou   publlalor,   Intends  to   apply
for   perniln-lon   to   purchase the   following de-
ai rlbed land :
Commencing  at   a   post planted   on   the  west
oundury of ft  427lf. II   1, (about B miles from Ar
row bake, on   Mom-nlto i>eek) and 21   obalnf >t>
lltlks nouih of   theN.W. C. of said   lot, running
thonoa tragi W ohalna, theuce Moth ho ehainn.
thenee eaai W chHinn, thenee north BO ehainn lo
place or eoiiiiiuni. cinclit. coiilainlng 640 acron,
more or lesa.
riiARi.aa Mahsiiam.,
Aiictit   lor   Hugo Carituns.
llHlct III Decembei 1WI7.
Nelaon Land Dlntrlcl     DUtrlcl ol Weal Koidetmy.
Pake notice Ulftt l.evH.eorge Payne, id Needles,
it r   occupation ranohor, fntendi to apply for
oermlaalon lo pun bane Die following deacrlbed
Lo.la' Coinmencing HI a punt planled abo-it 15
U iilia tt."   ol W lialsluin creek all.I .'W.HM chHinn
1. ,      of ibc lonthwast corner ol Lot Ko' Sbw
rnnilna llietwe north HO chaina. thence weat 80
c i a Ihenee south 12 1W. ehtiltia, theuce OHat
laMphalna theuce south HI Hi. ehalns, tbence
M.4W ohalna aaat to point ��f eoniineneemimt.
���otilainiiig 4H1 acres, now surveyed an lot 8185.
Dated ill January, M Levi Uaoaoi Fax**.
Nelaon Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Marlou Isabella Crease, of the
Olty ��jT Nelson, in the I'rovlnceof British Columbia, occupation apiuater, Inleuds tu apply for
neruiiai-Jlnti to purchase the lollowlug described
laud: Commencing at a poal planted at the
hlgn water mark of tbe halmon river distant
about .;��� uiilca In a southerly .1 ir.-ci i..n from
nalmo, U ft., tbence north 40 chains, tbence east
4u chaina, tbence sou-Ail 40 chalua, more or leas.
to the higO waLer nnlrk' of the dalinou river,
lhence weat 40 chaius, more or lers, along said
high water aiark to the point of commencement,
aud containing lt>u acres, more or lesa.
Located on tne 1st day of February, 1908.
Dattat 10th K. Iiriiurv, 1UU8.
Marion Isahella crease,
Kdward Manlv 1'ktriu, Agent.
Nelson Land District. District ot West Kootenay
Take notice lhat James William Callagher, of
the City of Nelaon, In the Province of British
< olumhlH, occupation merchant, intends to apply lor i*.'i nn-sioii to purchaae the following
deaeilbed laud : Commencing at a post planud
at the high water mark ol the halmon river din-
- ii n t aooul '��� 'mii. ������ in a southerly dlrectiou from
halmo, B. ft , theuce north m ehainn, tbence
west 40 chalnn, thence south 40 chains, more or
less, to the high water mark of tbe halmon river,
lhence eaai 40 cliHiua. mere or lens, along the
aald blub water mark to the place ol beginning,
coutalulug Ioh acrea, more or lesa.
i.;i.,iii,i on the 1st day of February, 1U0H.
Dated 14th Kuhruary, 19U8.
Jamkh William (Jau.aoher,
Kdward Manley 1'eterh, Agent.
Nelnou 1*11*1
Take uotlci
Cuilre, Out
ply for perm
���..���ub..! tar.'I
east   corn.
-juuth   40   i
norm 40 elm
Dated l'��l>
District.   District of West Kootena
1 thnt I John Arthur .-coti. of Mono
.oeeupallou   farmer, intend   to ap-
laslun lo purchase the following de
t tbe mouth of miihiuii creek:
tig al a post planted at the soutb
uT lot 8781, marked N. K , tbence
nn.-. tbence west 2u chains, tbence
ins, theuce east 20 chains to place of
ut contaiuiug 80 acres.
Juhn Arthur bcott,
VV. J. Scott, Agent.
18th, 1908
NelBon Laud District- District of Weat Kootenny
Take notice tbat 1 Christie Scott, of Mono
Center, Ont .occupation married woman, iutend
to apply for permission to purchase the lollowlug described iand near Summit creek:
Commencing  at  a poit  planted al tbe south
east   coruer ol   lot   8780 marked   S. W ,   tbence
north  20 chains, tbence east 20 chains, thence
���.outh 20 chaina,   thence west 20 chains to  place
of commeuuement containing 40 acrei.
Christie Scott,
VV. J. Scott, Agent.
Dated Feb 18, ttfOS.
Take notice, that we will at the next
meeting ot the License Con-mlssionem
apply lor a trangfer of the liquor 11-
tenae for the No Place Inn on Josephine street. Nelson, from Pollard and
Wade to H. H.  Moore.
Dated at Nelson, this 9th day of
March 1908.
Owing   to   Difficulty   of   Procuring  Supplies  Close  Season  Declared.
Letters dated March 21 have Just
arrived from Ingenica this week, and
report the arrival there on March 10 of
the parties who discivered the creek
last fall, and who left here with several other prospectors with a summer's
supplies by dog tean; on January 15,
About 15 miners are now on the creek
and us many more are en route there
from Hazelton, the majority of whom
came   in   from   the   outside.
At that date no work had heen done
on the claims, apart from staking and
leeoiding. No gold has yet been taken out since the pan of the prospect
last   fall   by   the   discoverers.
A general shortage of provisions and
tools exists and miners have asked the
gold commissioner here to warn all
progpectivQ stampeders of Uie necessity
of taking wilh them sufficient provisions for the round trip. A petition
was sent the gold commissioner asking
for a closed working season this coming summer, on account ot the shortage of necessities and the uncertainty
of there being pay gravel sufficiently
rich to justify the incurring of the
heavy expense of putting in a working
outfit under tbe present difficult transportation conditions. The gold commissioner has granted the request, and
the open season has been set for June
25, 1909.
The creek on which the claims are
staked is in flood, making ground sluicing difficult. Some prospectors anticipate difficulty in sinking on account of
the wet nature of the ground. The
snow is going rapidly, making It well
nigh impossible to reach Ingenika before June, when there should he sufficient feed to enable horses to make the
Disastera   to   Vessels   of   Newfoundland
Fishing  Fleet.
St. Johns, Nfld., April 20.���Bringing
tidings of the sinking of the steamer
tlrand hake, of the sealing fleet, and
the serious injury of several others by
Ice floes, the steam sealer Newfoundland ilmped inter port yesterday, leaking badly. The Nowioundlund's bowls
and stern were crushed by ice, and
her crew of two hundred men were
forced to stand by for many hours,
pumping and bailing.
The Grand Lake met with disaster
last Sunday. She was shut up between
two great Ice floes until her Bides caved
in and even her engines were crushed.
She floated only three hours, but her
214 escaped to the steamer Vanguard,
which was close by.
A catch of 20.OU0 seals went down
with the Grand Lake. The cargo was
valed at $130,000, and was insured.
The steamers Iceland and Ranger
were also badly crushed by the ice, but
were kept afloat until temporary repairs were made.
The steamer Algerine ls also badly
Notice Ir hereby Riven that William Franklin
Teetzel, of the I'tty of Victoria, has been appointed a t'ommlsaioner for the purpose of effecting
an adjustment of the claims of certain squatters
iu occupation ot lands embraced within tbe
boundaries! -if the reserve situated on the Koot-
anay River in the vicinity of Creston. ln the Dislrict of West Kootenay, and that tbe first meel-
luc, pursuant to th*- said Commission, will be
held in the office of tbe Constable and Deputy
Mining Ri corder at Creston on Thursday, the
Brd day of April, 190-S.at ten o'clock in the forenoon.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary'* Office,
101b April, 1908.
In the matter of an appltcatlo'i for a duplicate
Certificate of Tttleof an undivided   one-uuarter
interest In Lot 87, Group One, Kootenay District,
known   a** *'bet   Her Go   fir*"
lull higher'     Mineral
Notice is hereby given lhat it Is my Intention
afier the expiration of one mouth from tbe first
publication hereof, to tssne a duplicate Certificate of l iile on the above desurlbed one-quarter
interest in tht- name oi Iohn V. Stevens, which
Certificate of Tille is dated the 6th April. 1900.
and im uiin-r.'d :*n.i"*K .
Laud   Registry Office, Nelson, B. C, March 8,
H. F. MacLeod,"
District Registrar
This  Is Your
Save  Money
Tapestry, Ingrain, Brussels, Velvet, Wilton and Alxminttar Rug* in all ��lz-
Portlerea:  $4.50, $5.00, $6.00, $10.00, $15.00, $16.50, $18.00, $20.00, $36.00, $75.00
up to $100.00.
Odd Lace Curtains, 35 pairs at cost price.
Holds Good Until May 1st
A   nice   line   of N.ipkins  from  $6.00  to $10,000  per dozen.
The most complete line of Towelling and Towels In B. C. at all prices.
500 yards Family Sheeting 40
300  Sheets,  roady   made,  2yards  by  2</2 yards, par pair 2.00
Pillow Cases, all   ready for use, 3slzes, per   pair  from 40c   to       .75
Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 In., 42  In., 44ln 35
Complete House Furnishers, Funeral Directors
FOR SALE���160 acres on the Pend
d'Orellle River, and outside the frost
belt south of Nelson, containing 100
acres of natural meadow land, balance
open land, easily cleared, part improvements.    Price $25 per acre.
For particulars of this and other
propositions reply
BOX  987,   NELSON,   B.  C.
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch ln  the best fruit growing district
ln  British  Columbia  by  paying  $1 0 dollars down and $10 per month.
Even sb an investment this ls wor th consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled ln value within the year.   What will it do ne\'
If you want Good Land
Mc Derm id &. McHardy
Lots   in   Addition "A"
We are agents for most of the lota
In the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innls, Coats & Co., and the Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars aa to prices.
terniL', etc., apply to
H.   <&   M.   BIRD
Partly Fotntohcd Modern
Residence and Three Lota
Situated on Hoover St., between Stanley and Ward.    Eight Rooms and
Easement all  ready  for furnace.    Now rents for $35 per month.
PRICE: $4,000.00.   TERMS: One-Third Cash, Balance $500.00 par year at
7 per cent.      For   full   participant   apply
MANUFACTURERS    f ���***t*.a*,A��     CUi~*.~1a*m
AND DEALERS IN    ���L'tftliDety   dtUIlgleSe
L,��tl-i, Mouldings, Doors, Window**,
Tut-nod Worlc and brackets*. Mail Orders promptly attended
VHHNON8THUU,    ...   NBLSON, B. 6. Tne liaily Canadian
-  ',
Not everyone can claim the diamond for a blrthstone, but anyone
may wear a diamond, and If you are setting one you may as well set
tho best, and in the best and most suitable setting. We keep only the
host stones, and as we manufacture all kinds of jewelry we are competent to advise you as to settings. We have always on hand an attractive
stock of Rings and Pins of all kinds Bet with this most precious of gems,
the diamond, also a stock of loose  stones.
Watchmaker and Optician
Red Ipitor
Batteries for
Hot Sparkers
phone 2-7A. P.  O. Box 105.
Three   Room   House   on   one-eigth   ace
adjoining    city. Lot     cleared,
fenced and  planted.   $350 ONLY.
BAKER   ��T.
Building Sites
comer, short distance from
car   line $1,000
75 ft   corner, ilanej excellent site
for business man near centre
of cJty 11,100
corner,  in  Fairview���near
.s..-:t   il-:   cars���g sod soil J -800
Land for Market Gardens
5  acres   within  one-half hour  of Ba-
14 acres  within  mile of cityl   would
������Ml v ;
BHsW-JsReal  Estate Agent
S15   Baker  St..   Nelson.   B. C.
The Best 2 for  25c Ggar on
the Market.   Fresh Picked.
Special for Saturday
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone   19.
CJ  ��r.    Visr-non and  Ward   Ntrusts
NELSOX..    B.C.
II. Wallace, Miss M Belmour, J. F.
Langan, Chicago; .1 Manoey, .1. Newbury, 13. L. Waddell. T. O. Gray. Vancouver; S. Mulrbead, Miss L. C. Field.
Miss E. (Jibson. Okototls: C. H Houle,
W. H. Smellie and wife. Procter; F. A.
Erlund, O. Payne, New York; A. Ross.
Salmo; D. MeLellan. Memphis: W. P.
Wallard, L. Viueburgh, M. Friedman,
Montreal; P. J Fraser, Winnipeg; .1.11.
Clark, Moose .lav,; s>. >... Fraser, 1/tUw
M. A. Fraser, J. Totten. London. Eng :
P. C. Bunce, Calgary; A. W. Davis, Sandon; H A Watson, W. 11 lliindy. Itossland; W. A. Russell, Portage La Prairie
W. H. Brandon. Kdmonton; F. S. York,
F. K. Armstrong, W. il. Ronald, Arrow-
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
F. Williams, Spokane, K. M. Steven-
son. Lettell, Alta.; W. Chey, Winnipeg;
J. It. Wallace, Fernie; F. Sweeney,
Montreal; J. Johnson and wife. Golden;
M. Cotton, Quebec; It. Rellly, 11. il.
Brown, J. M. Lawrence, Vancouver; R.
McKlbbln, itossland; E. S. Crow, E. E.
Carter, Toronto; F. J. Klossoski, Ex-
shaw, Alta.
J.  W.  Leahy, Salmo;   W. L. Brandon.
Edmonton;   J.   H.   Walker;   J.   Grundy.
Procter;   M.  Perry,  Cascade;   E.  Fison,
Macleod, Alta.;  A. Matassa. Salmo.
H. A. Hill. H. Evans, A. Wiekham, A.
Funnell. 7-Mile; H. Ringrose, Slocan;
T. Robinson, H. B. Ferebjuii. W. I .
Bateman. Winnipeg; A. G. Street, Rossland; E M. Crocker and wife, Mrs. W
.lackey, Keremeos; W. Freinby, Kendall
Mrs. Reynolds and family, Slocan.
A. Clark, Michel; J. Waller, Deer
Park; A McLean, Vancouver; J. Barry.
Spokane.; J. Stramstedt, Granite; C.
Meek, Procter; R. Chase, J. Hughes,
J. Gills, A. Allen, Ainsworth: W Ross,
J. Cleves, Salmo;  M. Brown, C.Graves
Blue Bell.
L. D. Young, W. Scott, D. Pratt, Grand
Forks;      C.   Carlson,   Procter;      R.   A.
Fraser,   Arrowhead.
By virtue of a Warrant of Execution
Issued out of the County Court of East
Kootenay, holden at Cranbrook, in an
action whereof A. G. Bowness is Plain-
tilt and M. J. McPeak and Louise E.
Mr-Peak are Defendants, I have seized
and taken in execution all the right,
title, .-state and interest of the Bald
defendants, M. j. McPeak and Louise
E. McPeak, in that certain hotel build
ing, situate iu the town of Sirdar, ll. .' .
and now iu the occupation of the sal.l
defendants, and will offer the same for
sale by public actttion, al my office in
the City of Nelson, B, C, on Wednesday, the HL'iid day or April, 1U08, at the
hour of twelve o'clock noon.
Terms of sale, cash.
Intending purchasers will satisfy
themselves as to Interest and title of
the  said  defendants.
Dated at Nelson, B, C, 14th April
S.  P. TUCK,
Bherlff or Boutb Kootenay.
The above sale is post polled until
Friday,  the lirst  day  of  May,  1908.
Wall   Papers
Our new stock Is now In.
Borders same as hangings.    Largest variety ever shown In Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of the city   on application.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Council   Meeting.
This week's meeting of the city council will be held iu the city hall tomorrow night.
S.  O.   E.   Banquet.
All preparations are complete fur the
Sons of England banquet the evening
of St. George's Day at  the  Strathcona.
Power   Plant.
According tu present expectations
this Is the last week during which the
city Will require assistance from the
West Kootena}' Power and Light com-
Raffle  for   Diamond   Ring.
Tbe diamond ring which was raffled
at the Queen Cigar Store on Saturday
last was won hy (J. Wright who was
tied by D. St. Dennis of Slocan city
but won when the tie was shaken off.
Fair Directors.
The special committee of the board of
directors of the Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Society, appointed to take
charge of the Nelson exhibit at the Calgary Fair, will meet in the city hail tomorrow at 3 p. m.
Old  Timer Dead.
Charles McMillan, an old tinier in the
Cariboo country who was admitted to
the Provincial Home at Kamloops in
November last from Sandon. B. C. is
dead. The deceased was 7i* years of
agi   and a  native of Kingston, Out.
Opera House.
At the opera house the National Stock
compauy will begin a prolonged engagement in the play "In Missouri/' If the
company turns out to be as good asthe
advertised repertoire of royalty plays,
the management should be congratulated on the engagement
Big   Shipment   of   Furit   Trees.
Amongst the many heavy shipments
of fruit trees which the Riverside Nurseries is sending out this spring is one
for Jiazeliou in the northern part of
the"province, .ays the Grand [forks
News-Gazette. The purchasers are
anxious to try interior trees thinking
lhat they will be hardier and therefore
better suited for the northern portions
of the province than those grown elsewhere.
Railway  Commissioners.
A meeting of the freight rates committee was held on Saturday to consider a
It tter just received from the board of
railway commissioners in which the
board of trade is asked its wishes in
regard to the case, now pending before
the commissioners, between Portage la
Prairie, etc., and Winnipeg. The commissioners are willing to proceed wit\
the case upon the stenographic notes
left by the late chairman, Mr. A. C.
Kiilam, but if any objections to this
course are offered, will re-hear the
whole case.    The Nelson board of trade
Car Early Rose
Seed Potatoes
Send   us   your orders   early to   avoid
Telephone 161.
jamks DUN8MUIB,
Lieutenant Governor.
Edward the Seventh, bv the Grace of God, nf the
united  Kingdom of Qieoi Britain, tend in-
land, and too British Dominion! beyond the
���--'���m*. Ring, Defender ol ibu Faith,Kmperor
ot Jii-lla.
Po ni I in whom these pretend r-hi.il come,���
W. J. Bowser, Attorney General.
Whereas by Beetlon '> of the "Game I'rntet.tinn
Act, IK1.;-.," tu re>enaoted hy srettou ltf of in.-
"Game Protection A t. Amendment Ac-t, 1006,"
it i* enacted Hint it shun in- lawful for the Lieutenant-Governor hi Council, by Proclamation to
be |itii.i!��ii.*.i in two successive Issue* of the Brit-
tub Columbia Gasette, to declare a close season
for Reoae   m   uny   purl nf   (lit* 1'rovlnce tor nuv
period ol time, mu.i
Whereas our said Lieutenant-Governor, by and
wilh the advioe ol his (executiveCouncil,has
been pleased to d]root, by an Order ln Council
in that ben all, it elose season for K>'e*f! within
the County ol Kootenay, until and including
thesis) iiny oi August,one thousand nine hundred mnl eight
Now Know Ye therefore, that in pursuance
thereof, we do hereby procla*m a close at-anuii
for gees.- within the County of Kootenay, until
nnd Including tlu- 31st day of August, oue thou
sand nine hundred unit eight.
iu testimony wnereof, we hnve caused these
our tetters to i>e made patent umi the Great Heal
of the I'rovinoe to bu hereunto affixed.
witness, Sis Honor James Dunsmuir, Lleutan*
Mm Governor ol out ssid Province of British
Jolumbia, in our City of Victoria, lu our amid
Province, thin lyth day of February, ln the year
of our Lord one thousand  a me hundred and
eight, aud iu the eighth year of our reign.
By >��� iiiniy i.
Provincial Secretary /
Do you want a new Broom. Mop.
Scrub Brush. Washboard. Fibre Tub,
Brushes, or Gold Dust, Pearline, Sa
polio,   Soap,   Soap   Powder.   Lye,  etc.
We  have  them  all.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Boys' Baseball
We  have  just   put   iu  a   nice   line of
Boys' Baseball goods.
They  are  THE VERT   BEST   QTJALr
ITV   that  can  he sold  at   the  prices
.75c. $1.35. $2.25
Catching   Gloves  at
Catchers'   Mitts   at. . .
 45c,   $1.00,   1.25,
Bats   at 20c,   30c.   40c,
Balls   at 10c.
League   Ball $1.75
Masks $4.00
Pneumatic   Body   Protector  at     .   $10.00
One   for   $7.25.
S2.00. $3.50
50c. $1.75
50c,    $1.00
W. G. Thomson
SgSSggS8 "nd   Nelson, B. C.
Phnnu ;�����*.
To fieorKt- W. Beali, furmerly of It.ibsou, B. ,...
a.i.l Nelson, B. C
I he.eby give you notice that unless you give
s gooU and valid objection thereto in writing I
shall at the expiration of 14 days from tile .late
hereof proceed lo the retristraliou of the title of
The Columbia aud Kooteuay Hallway and Navigation Company iu fee simple iu tempt 01 to that
piece of lan.l known as Lot d ln Bl.sk 8, Kobsoit
Townsite. Oroup One. Kootenay llistn.l. accord
lug to plan thereof, filed as Number 626.uol-
wllbs'siidiug tlie non-proouctlon of theCertln-
ea'e of I ltle thereof.
I'ated at Nelsou, B.C..tills 31st day of March, 1908.
H   P. MacI.koi,.
I.lstrlct  Kcirislrar.
has replied that It bas Its own case now
prepared and has pointed out th.- inconvenience and expense of appearing
before the commission at Ottawa, and
has asked whether there ls any likelihood of tlie commission coming here
in the near future. The result of this
reply will decide the action of the i.o.ird
of trade in regard to its claim for belter rates.
Quotations  on   Spokane   Exchange   and
New  York Curb.
Bid Asked
Alberta C. & C $      .10    $      .30
H.   C.   Copper       4.60 4.75
Chas  Dickens     .17!*j .19
Can.   Con.  Smelters..     70.00 75.00
Cupper King 03%        .0394
Dominion Copper  ...      l.G2$6 1.75
(lalbraith Coal     . . .27
Oertle 02"^        .03'4
Granby         85.00 60.00
Heela           3.00 4.50
International  C.   &   C. .75 .78
Kendall           1.10
Missoula  Copper   .... .10 .11
Nabob 03%        .04H
Oom Paul 04 .00%
Panhandle     .01%        .01%
Rambler   Cariboo   ... .20%        .21%
Rex io .15
.Snowshoe     .09 .12
Snowstorm           1.85 2,00
Sullivan 00V6        .01 %
Sullivan   Bonds     67.5.)
Stewart    87 % 1.00
Tamarack &   Ches'pke        .85 1.05
Prices   of  Metals.
New York. April 20 ���Silver, 54%c.
London, April  20���Holiday.    No quo.
��� a I ions.
Opening  of  Copper Quotations.
(By McDermld &  McHardy.)
New   York.  April   20.   11)08.
ABked Bid
flniriby    $95.00        $90.00
Dominion   Copper....     J.75 1.62V��.
B. C. Copper      4.76 4.25
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and furniture in
Do not put It off. Delays are danger-
,us. Call at 322 Baker street, or If you
have not time to call drop a line to
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Agents wanted In all Kootenay towns.
P. O. Box 534.
Whole-salt? Mid   Ketnll Dealer* in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oautps supplied on shortest notioe and
lowest price Nothing hut   fresh and
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
Those blocks are absolutely the best
material to be had for building purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc ,
being cheaper than brick or stone.
Tenders given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
In the in at it-r uf an api>li��-att.m for the ls��ut ol
A duplicate ( t-rtillt alt- ol Title fur loin 4. ti. V, 11,
ly, 2b, aud SA of lot syi, '.roup 'Mie. in ihe
I'lMrirt oi Kooteuay tM��p 61-tt-)
Notice in hereby K'.'vli that It ll my Intention
to ii-sue Ht the expiration of one uiuntli ottOt tht
first publieatlou hereof a duplicate tt tlit ��� tt
ttflcMeOJ Mtle for the above lnetit |..ned loU Ul
the name of Kichard l!e!iue, which < eriltleale of
nttoIs dalod the 94th day Ol N>>*. :::i...-. ].'�����.
and   uumbered B810A.
Laud Keginiry office, Nelunti, B. G , January
17th, luue.
"il. F. MacLboiV
DlKtriet Ke��i��trar.
Notice is hereby given that the QOT*
eminent Lots in the townsite of Hosmer will be offered for sale hy auction
at ttt Lock-up iu Hosmer at ten o'clock
in the forenoon, railway time, Wednesday,   April   22nd.
Bids below the upset price will not
be  received.
Terms, one-third cash, one-third 1st
of November, 1908, and one-third 1st of
May. 1909, with interest from 1st of
May. 1908. A fee of |10 will be charged
for each Crown Grant when issued.
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for the Southern Division
of East Kootonay.
Cranbrook,  80th March,   1908.
���VII  Kinds  of  Heating  Plants  In   Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Ooers House.       Tel. 191
A. M   Can. Sob. C. E.
Mining Work m Specialty.
Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker   St..   Nelson,   B.  C.
Corporation of  the City of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given tlial under the
lirovlHicins of Uy-law .No. !>0, "l'ouud
and Dog Tax Uy-law," it iu unlawful
for any portion to suffer any horise,
n.ule, bull or cow, IheOJ*,, gO&t, pig or
other cattle, or poultry to run at large
within the lln.lta of tbe City of Nelson.
Every owner of a dog in the City of
Nelson ls required lo pay annually a tax
of two doliars for each dog owned by
No person shall luffar or permit tils
dog to run at large In the City of Nel-
srjn for which such person hus not paid
the tax required of hi in and unless such
dog shall have around his neck a collar or strap to which shall be attached
a metallic plate to be supplied by 'he
city on  the payment of the aald tax.
Warning ia hereby given that any
person guilty of an infraction or violation of any of the provisions of the
above named Uy-law is in addition to
the fees and charges set forth therein,
liable upon summary conviction to a
ponulty of One Hundred Dollars and
the costs of prosecution, and lu default
or payment to Imprisonment for a term
not exceeding two months.
By Order,
VV.   E.   WASSON,
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, April 8 th,  J 90s.
W.    a.    GILUBTT
Contruclor   itni.
Hole HK'-llt for the Porto EUao l.umt.or Co., LM ,
ibUII ynr.ts. I1oukI.,.ii.I ilrcsssd hiu.lwr, i.o-ii,-.i
work Hint braOJMU, Coojl ...I, anil shinnies, srsI,
snrj doors. Cement, hrlek anil ilme lor sale
Yard aud fai:U,ry : Vernon Hi., nastof Halt
P. O. Box 282 Teiepuunu 177
Eye - . .
At a
Hi..! s tl ... way  we test      Dsually   ll yen differ ii
nit.-, one ejre Injures tbe other, ultimately both suiter    We u���      ''"*
appllanoes and the great eel care to avoid u misfit
your eyes  and  our reputation.
fine watch repairing a specialty
use modern
*   OWt   Wuulrj n���
Mail   orders     receive    our    ^
J.   J.   WALKER.   Jeweler
Wlnimmnu   I'rovlwlon*.,
Produce, - f'rult.
Government Creamery One found  HrickH irceived weekly fresh from ik
churn     Kor wile l>v all lending (fmcerx !
Office and frarehonae: Houston Block,   Pnone 7i��.
Josephine Street.        - -        -        Nelson, B. C.
���hat are just the thing for businessmen, are here in all sizes and in designs
and fabrics to suit all tastes. These suits are well cut and well made and
we guarantee the fit as well at the durability of every garment becauM
they have been carefully made with the design of pleasing our customers
and  holding  their permanent  trade.
This   la  Ihe   season  of  tBo   year   �� hen  you  devote  your attention lo IMi
OOUSenold duty. We are prepared  to meet ymtr requirements with a full llmol
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colon, Varnishes,    Stains,   Enamels,
Alabattine.    Muralo. JBJ
Everything   necessary   for   the   renovation   of   your   house.
J. H, Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Nelson Brar-A
We have opened  a  meat market   In
McDERMID'S     BLOCK,     WATER     ST..
and would solicit  trade from  Fairview
residents, also ���,, share of tbe pan..n.i .
of   the   citizens Of   Nelson.
Will  guarantee  prompt dollv. ry ���'.��.!
satisfaction in the foUowIni  lines
.lobbing   promt.'I-    attended   to.     I'lens
and I    '.mates.
Apply 415  Hall St. Box 3.15.
C. GREEN A. P. BUKDhH        A. H.0REEN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and  Bnit-.i,
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. box tl',    Phone It,I B.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity jhog
Geo.  P. Player
INO   &    SMKI.TINO   CO.
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT JILQCK-
INEUSOIX,    -    B. c.
We  make  a  specialty of
Hardware Supple
For Ranchers
Send ua your mall ordsrs.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co


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