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The Daily Canadian Oct 4, 1906

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Array _lje Stoiltj   _an<*Mcm
Voi.umk I.   No. 105.
Fifty Cents a Month
'Pennsylvania State Replaces Burnt Structure
Magnificent Artitectural Pile Dedicated  in the Presence of
t.arrl.burg, Pa., Oct. 4.���In the pre*
mi' ni President Roosevelt ami many
Hut distinguished    guests    iho now
tale oapltol���one of the most superb
of architecture   ln   conception
ml completion ever   reared    on    the
rloan  continent���waa  today  dedl-
l mnl  transferred  with  elaborate
ml appropriate   ceremonies   by   the
tate commission   to ihe   people   of
'ennsylvanla. The presence of throngs
f visitors  from every  nook and  cor-
er nf llie stale testified lo tbo pride
aken by the people in their now enp-
issl.    And  they hnve every reason  lo
proud of (be building, for ns a
k iif   architectural   and    practical
jeauty the new   capitol   lakes   rank
tb ihe greatest momuflental edifices
r tbo Western hemisphere.
In addition to the president and the
psiii.v ���that    accompanied    him    from
Wsisjliliigion,   today's  celebration   was
partlclparted in by the   governors   of
si'vs'ral of tlie   neighboring   common-
wealths, ihe members of the IVnnsyl.
vanla general assembly, the state officials,  Ihe   United  Stales  congressmen
from  Pennsylvania, the judges of the
supremo and superior courts and notable writers, men of art and scientists.
In all, more than    15,000    invitations
hud been issued for the ceremonies.
Thousands of citizens this morning
welcomed President Itoosovelt to llar-
risburg. '''be enthusiasm of the greeting was worthy ot the Keystone stale
ind ihe president of the republic.
president Itoosovelt was profoundly
pressed  with the magnitude of the
 iislratlon.     He  said   as   much   In
nils and more in actions, for he
uie no effort to conceal his pleasure,
om the lime the sps'Cial bearing tile
btlnguished guest passed Into the
ly shortly after 11 o'clock until the
esidenl left for York four hours lathe received a continual ovation. His
lite from the station to the state cap-
si wus through an ocean of buman
cos, and tho vast throng slretched
t into lbs' side streets for more than
block. Kiom centre to circumference
e clly was decorated In the national
The   Pennsylvania     stale     capitol
h  wns dedicated  today csisl   more
Ban $6,000,000.     Thc structure    con-
lists of a main building, with Imposing
cades and two wings equally linpres-
i' as lo mural ornamentation ami
���sign.    The building   Is f.25    feet in
ligtb. 254   feet In  width,  and   covers
(rifle more than two acres of ground.
fhe height  from lho ground floor In
he  top of Ilie  allegorical   figure sur-
iinsmiiing the dome Is 2112 feet.
I'ho three  requisites  for architectu-
perfecllon. form, color and propor-
iisti, have very feature of tho Inst edl-
Ice and give balance and symmetry to
' e  whole.    The style of architecture
Roman Corinthian.
In the construction of the building
1100 separate pieces of granite wero
s'd, weighing from one to 35 tons
cti. There are 32 magnificent niono-
lis in llie structure, weighing 85 tons
,ch. A total of more than 400,000
Ic feet of granite were used on the
Hor of tin- building alone, or sonie-
g more than 1100 carloads of that
put It Is In lis Interior furnishings
1 decorative features Hint tho capl-
���1 surpasses almost  every other pub-
building on ibis continent.   At the
suiii entrance are thi' famous bronze
���ach leaf of which weighs a Ion
Id Is a masterpiece of lhe arilsl and
inili'.vman.    The rotunda  Is finished
��� while Vermont marble.    A inngnlfl-
jMfDi marble staircase, with elaborate-
wrought balustrades, rises rrom the
nlre of the rotunda, and lis purity
beauty are enhanoed by the dull
er of bronze In  tracery and  mas-
ly  wrought   work    In    candelabra
d hanging lanterns nmi ilm Illumining    auxiliaries    which    everywhere
Kvery continent on the globo has
ilrlhtitei! In some way. In wood,
iciiii, marble, glass or other material,
lhe     beautiful     perfection    of    the
milling, wlille nrllsls   and    sculptors
world-wide  repute have  bellied   to
te the massive pile what  It Is to-
.   Thirty thousand dollars has been
ut  In the mural decorations,  while
1)0,1100 represents the   cost    or ihe
I'he present building replaces tho
' oapltol, which wns destroyed liy
re February 2, 1807. Prnhnhlv the
ost. striking feature of the whole
ilhilng is the inscription encircling
ie dome In massive letters:
"There may be room for such a holy
experiment And my God will make
It the seed of a nation that an example may be set up to the nations. That
we may do the thing that Is truly
wise and Just,"
Tnese are thc words of William
Penn, at once an Inspiration and a
prophecy, and eminently fitted to
adorn one of the greatest architectural
nnd artistic trlmfipB of America.
Last Week's Receipts    Below    Recent
Averages���Year's Showing.
Kor only the second time In the lust
four mouths the receipts from the city
tramway service last week fell below
$200. Tho temporary decrease may
have boon due to reaction following
Fair week, or to several days of unfavorable weather,
Tho receipts for tho week ending
September HO were $1.6.05, aglnast
$7s.r>5 for the corresponding week of
1_06. The receipts for tho year to
ilale are $5:111.05; for laBt year to the
same dale they  were $4418.70.
If even the receipts of last week are
maintained to the end of the year tho
total receipts will be about $7500,
leaving a deficit of only $1600, with
only $1100 lo bo met by the city, aud
tbat partly covered by other Indirect
revenue from Hie operation ot the
tramway spstem,
A small di'flclt for the current year
Is probably Inevitable, but this year's
results form a very promising Indication of future profits from the system.
Commissioners  Are  Slow.
Constantinople, Oct. 4.���Delay on
the part of the Turkish commissioners to sign Ihe report resulting from
the Inquiry Into the frontier dispute
and tbe delimitation of a portion of
llle  vlllayet of Adrtunoplo,  which   led
to a somewhat sharp fight recntly between the soldiers guarding the post
al Sujuk and the, guard on duty at the
Turkish post of the Dervish Mogala,
has brought out practically an ultimatum from Bulgaria fn which that
country deolores that unless lt Is
signed by October 14 the Bulgarian
troops will be ordered immediately to
occupy Sujuk. The inquiry was concluded three weeks ago.
Sentenced by Revolutionists.
Moscow, Oct. 4.���Captain Dhlanow-
sky, who waa shot and killed In a
street riot, was assassinated In pursuance of a sentence of the revolutionists. He wns the commander of a
company of the Herno regiment which,
on August it!, killed two polic-men
during an outbreak among the political offenders confined in the central
prison of Moscow. Several members
of the drumhead court martial have also bivn sentenced to death by the revolutionists.
Canadian   Lumbermen   Are   Completely
Turning Tables on American
The recent enactment of laws nt
Victoria reg&nliiiK the rebate on all
lumber exported from this province
has had Lhe effeot of Inducing mill
owners and lumbermen to erect mills
ou this side of the line, saya the Van-
couved World, and the supply of logs
has now become so inadequate that Ca-.
muliiwis are purchasing logs on the
American side ami towing them to
Vancouver and other Canadian cities;
ami iu view of the fact that thousands
of logs are being purchased on the
American side American loggers have
raised the price by fl a thousand.
Considerable has been said about the
Canadian loggers also increasing their
prices by $1 a thousand, but this will
not be done. The price of logs fluctuates with the market, and since the
spring It Is probable that thc price on
uncut logs has been a-dvanced $1 a
thousand, but ihere is no set price on
the logs. There Is no export duly on
American logs and no import duty on
logs coming into Canada, so that In
many cases it is much less expenslve
for millmen to -go to the other side
and buy their logs there. Tbe cost of
tewing the logs Ih about 50 to 7fi cents
a thousand, and the prices here will,
therefore, never lie any more thnn that
much more than American logs. Canadian dealers can go to the other side
of the line and buy any class of logs
nt any time ami bring them Into
Canada without restrictions, and (he
shortage here makes tl imperative that,
the |pn be purchased on the American side.
lly agreement, between the local nnd
the mountain lumber associations, the
prices of cut lumber worn raised $1 a
thousand all round last week.
"Play Her Again."
Among Iho many beautiful numbers
to be heard at the concert hy the Philharmonic Concert company of Chicago
on Fniday, October ll!, will be Bchu-
berl's immortal serenade, which will
be played by Karl Keidelsbergcr, the
violinist, In Ihe arrangement by He-
menyi. In connection with this most
beautiful of compositions, Heldelsher-
ger tells an amusing story. A few
years ago he appeared In a small mining (own In Montana In a violin recital of a somewhat classical nature. In
the front seat (hero sat an old cow
puncher with his hat In his lap, and
with u disgusted look ou his face, evJ-
Chief Justice Holds Railway Company Liable for Any Damages Caused
by Negligence of Agents or Sub-Agents���Many Tilts
Between Counsel.
The action for damages from forest
fires looks likely to last many days.
There Is a dispute as to nearly every
statement of fuct, and frequent controversies among counsel as to questions
of law.
A long argument took place this
morning between Messrs. I Indwell
and Davis as Lo varying degrees of responsibility of masters foi- servants,
and of principals for contractors. His
lordship held, however, agreefng with
.Mr. Davis, that in this case the responsibility ls the same. Many olher arguments took place as to the admissibility of certain evidence.
0, .1. Tultle of Fernie, log scaler,
who was engaged hy the Union bank
lo watch the clearing operations, was
in the box most of ihe day. His -evidence was entirely of fact. He had
been in the vicinity the whole time of
the fires and for some time before. He
testified as to various negligent acts,
ol omission and commission, on the
part of Qualfe, whom he warned.
On his cross-examination by Mr.
Und well his statements were unshaken, but be showed a lack of memory
about many things that occurred at
the same time.
When the case of the Fernie Lumber Co. vs. tbe Crow's Nest, Southern
Hallway company aud Us contractors
was continued yesterday afternoon at
;l o'clock, J. U. Cummings, surveyor,
was called by Mr. Davis.
lie explained ln detail the maps
put in as evidence and told of
his survey In the fall of last year and
of the conditions left by the fires of
the preceding year. There were fires
last year also in the same locality.
To the court witness said lhat the
later fire was nearly all within the
area of the old.
C. J. Tuttic was then called. He
was in the vicinity ln question in June,
July and August of 1904. He knew
Quaife and saw him and his party at
work. He saw the fires started lor a
distance of ;��GU0 feet at once.
Mr. Bod well's objections to tho evidence were overruled.
When court resumed this morning
Tuttle's evidence was continued. He
said that some trees of the right of
way were felled toward the centre of
Uie right of way, some outwards. No
part of the ground was free from inflammable material. During Uie first
tire several barrels, some borrowed
from the witness were kept in readiness. Then lt began to rain and nearly put out the fires but not quite.
Later, the fires became very active
and witness grew anxious and warned
At this point Mr. Davis anticipated
Mr. Hod well's objections and proceeded to argue that evidence was admissible as to Qualfe's being a servant of
Stewart -ft Co. and of the railway company, and that while he may not have
ben authorized to make any admissions, still u warning to him was a
warning   lo   the   other  defendants.
He quoted the judgments of the full
court of Hritish Columbia and the su-
dently bored to quite an extent with
this classical music. As soon as the
violinist, after a few explanatory remarks, commenced the serenade, the
man's face brightened up, and his
eyes remained fastened upon the player, and when the last melancholy note
had died away, as quickly as a flash
tbe cowboy arose and, swinging his
hat in the air, shouted nt the top of
his voice, "Play her again, old man;
play her again!" His request waa
Wltte on Monarchy.
Paris, Oct. 4.���Count and Countess
Witte arrived here yesterday from Germany, Tlie count, who has considerably Improved in health, attended the
theatre last night. Ills presence attracted much attention. His visit has
no connection with the state of affairs
In Russia, but he Is watching develop*
ments with the keenest interest. In
an interview Ibe former premier said:
"The empire is passing through n
great, crisis, but although I nm a pessimist I have hope of seeing eventually
evolved a parliamentary and monarch-
lal  regime suited lo the needs of the
Emigrant Steamer Wrecked.
Hongkong, Oct. 4.���The emigrant
steamer Charterhouse, voyaging between Ho) How and Hongkong, foundered off Hainan Head on September
80. paptatn Ollfton and 80 passengers
were lost. The Norlh German Lloyd
steamer Koxchsl Chang picked up a
raft belonging to the Charterhouse on
which Chief Knglneer Dowse. _:: of the
crew and two women. They had been
drifting for 43 hours.
preme court of Canada In the case of
Hot-kin vs. Le Hoi No. 2, to show Uiat
the test of the status of a servant
was supervision and control. He then
read Stewart's contracts to show that
the chief engineer of the rallwny company was in authority,
Mr. Bodwell replied that the evidence was not admissible since Qualfe
wuh not really made a party in the
case, and Mr. Davis had not shown
the responsibility of Stewart & Co.
for acts of Quaife. He argued that
neither the railway company nor
Stewart & Co. could be held responsible for Qualfe's neglect, unless It was
clearly shown that either or both had
exercised  the .right of supervision.
Mr. Bodwell read several Kngllsh
Judgments distinguishing the relations
of principal and contractor from those
or master and servant, and requiring
that actual supervision and control be
actually proved to consulate the relation of master and servant, and that
if the work could have heen done without damage hy Qualfe, the others were
not liable.
Mr. MacNelll also objected, pointing
out the special circumsUinces of the
contracts, described ati "sha-m" hy Mr.
Justice Nesbitt, In Hosklns vs. Le Hoi
No. 2. He also urged that* until It
was proved that the railway company
hail consented to the subcontract the
evidence was not admissible.
His lordshl])���In this case 1 think
Quaife was really a servant, and a
warning to him was a warning to his
masters. Stewart and the railway company. I think also that it should be
held to he the duty of the railway
company to so clear Its land as to injure no one. The evidence ls admissible.
Tuttle was then recalled. Mr. Davis proceeded to Inquire as to precautions taken  by  other subcontractors.
Mr. Bodwell again objected at length
but was overruled, his objection being
Mr. Davis ihen proceeded to show
by Tuttle's evidence that no fires were
Spread by the work of other subcontractors. Others had heeded witness'
warnings.   Qualfe had not heeded It.
Later, he saw fire spreading from
Qualfe's portion of the right of way,
no one fighting or even watching It.
Subsequently the witness spent between four and five weeks fighting
the fires so caused. He then described the extent of the ravages of the
Mr. Bodwell's cross^xaminatlon was
devoted to showing that the witness
knew little of the operations of subcontractors  other  than  Qualfe.
A long and somewhat amusing dialogue between counsel and witness followed as to ihe state of the wind the
morning of the escape of the fires.
His lordship���The witness Is not an
expert on winds.
Mr. Hodwell���From his evidence, my
lord, I think he is a wind expert.
In the course of cross-examination
the witness admitted the existence of
a saiwdUSl road nnd sawdust pile placed by the mill company, and also that
there might havo been more than four
water barrels kept   ou    the   right of
The court then adjourned till 2
At 2 p. m. the cross-examination of
Tuttle was continued. He said he was
instructed by the Union bank to
watch and see if any trees were felled
off the right of way. He enumerated
about half a dozen so felled. He did
not know just at what point the fire
first left the right of way. He first
sa-w it leave the right of way between
sections 882 and 883. He did not see
it actually crosB the line of the right
of way.
He did not know how many fires
were burning on the right of way managed by Macdonald, another subcontractor. He did not know that the
whole country was on fire as far as
Morrlssey, nor that hundreds of C. P.
H. men and others were employed
fighting fire that day, nor that much
property waa destroyed in Morrlssey
and elsewhere. He did not know that
Stewart's camp was near with many
men available for fire fighting. He
thought it wuh not so. The camp was
at Lever's cabin, near the mill, where
witness was. He didn't know now
many men were there; ho thought not
The witness' memory became uncertain when asked aa to the identity of
the three, four or five of Quaife's men
that he saw at station 920 the morning
of July 23, 1904.
He did not know when Stewart's
camp was established at Lever's cabin. He thought it was only being established at the time of the fire, July
23, but waa not sure it was there on
July It
Mr. Bodwell reproached the witness
for the misleading answers he gave,
and charged that they were characteristic. He accused the witness of
denying by implication that Stewart's
force was available for fire fighting
if needed. Tuttle disclaimed any such
intention, but admitted the possibility
of that result.
Re-examined by Mr. Davis, he said
he knew of no possible source of the
fire other than the right of way. Fires
were not being made anywhere else.
Mr. Hodwell objected to the question
but was overruled.
Tuttle sa4d no fire came that day to
that locality from any other direction.
He knew of no men being called to
aid in fighting fire from Stewart's
camp or elsewhere.
The witness denied having said that
the escape of fire from the right of
way was not due to trees being felled
outwards, although he had so answered Vr. Rodwell a few minutes before.
��� ie said there was no fire ln the
BLWeust pile, which was wet.
To tho court witness said that
Quail's burning piles averaged four
feet In height, mainly of cedar,which
bum-! more rapidly than pine or
spruce. He did not see the fire first
leave the right of way. He was at a
To s. S. Fowler, Tuttle could not
say whether or not th-p water barrel*
were full or empty on July 23. They
were empty on the 21st. Macdonald _
men had a good supply of water.
Burns and Keir Hardie Factions Have
Serious    Difference   Among
Welsh Miners.
London, Oct. 4.���The lnbor movement In ('.rent llrltaln Is at present
passing through an Interesting phase,
which Is tending to decide the future
dominance Of nnc or two sections of
the labor party In the house or commons, the Libera] section, led liy John
Burns, or the Socialist section, led by
.lames  Keir Hurdle.
The federation of Miners at n meeting hold ihis week al. Swansea took
ii ballot which, although the official
figures are not yet available. Is expected to have decided against joining
the Hardie section.
On the other band, a conference of
the railway servants, acting simultaneously at Cardiff, passed a resolution, after a long and bitter debate,
favoring the Hardie section. In spite
or the fact that their leader, Richard
Bell, M. I*., was strongly opposed lo
the railway men submitting themselves to Socialist dictation.
No change, occurred on todays metal
markets. The high quotations of yes
terday nre maintained.
Scenes at Salmo.
(Special to Tbe Dally Canadian.1
Balmo, Dot 4.���Mr. Wabuser with
three men from his mine, four pre-
emptors nnd two teams tiotn Salmon
valley, have rebuilt the government
bridge on Sheep crtsek, which was destroyed by lire. Messrs. Ross, Cla.f.B,
Hell and Gray donated provisions and
horse teed. The government and others who use the bridge and live In
Salmo and Erie, gave a big donation
or excuses, broken promises and hot
air, which was   a great help   to   the
bridge builders.
Captain Hartman and Jack Hammond have made a new strike, two
miles southwest rrom the Queen, Kootenay Belle and other rich gold mines.
Their pros|iect carries gold and copper.
A crew of Japanese and Chinese
cowboys will soon drive shingle bolts
down the river. Ah Fung Hung will
be foreman of the drive.
John Wabusen will soon begin to
ship ore. He has four feet of solid
galena In the shart.
Mr. Ross is starting up a He camp,
and will employ 100 men this winter.
Messrs. Clftflee & Kenedy are packing in tools and provisions to work
the4r prospect, which joliiB and Is supposed to be an extension ol lhe Western and Columbia ledge.
Charles Wilson, ,loe Bernard and
Mrs. Collins, who havo a bond and
base on the Sliver Crest mine, hnve
round n shute or high grade silver ore,
and think they have the largest thing
lu the Kootenays.
Foes of Liquor Meet.
Des Moines, la., Oct. 4.���Foes of the
lliptor trairic rrom all parts of Iowa
gathered In Des Moines today and began their second annual state convention. The sessions were opened in
the Y. M. C. A. auditorium this afternoon with Dr. C. .1. Kephart presiding.
Those present included representatives
or tho VV. C .T. v., Good Templars.
Law nnd Order league and various
olher societies opposed lo the liquor
Feast of Tabernacles.
New York, Oct. 4.���Succoth, of feast
of the tabernacles, which Jews eery-
where celebrate today, brings to an
end the important chain of sacred
days, Including Rosh llnshonna and
Yom Klppur, which hnve been observed during tho past two weeks.
Succoth ls tbe harvest festival, and
Is designed to commemorate the dwelling In booths of the children of Israel
during, their sojourn ln the wilderness
after their departure trom Egypt. The
festival lasts for eight dayi, but only
the first two and tbe last two days are
regarded as holy daya. ,
Among those registered at the Dominion is Miss Mabel McCandllsh of
Nelson, who enjoys the distinction of
being Ihe most popular young lady ln
the Kootenay capital. Some time ago a
popularity vote was taken under the
auspices of tho Nelson Hundred Thousand club, and Miss McCandllsh won
the coveted prise hy a majority of
over .000 votes. With her sister, tbe
most popular young lady ln Nelson ls
spending a few dasys In Victoria���Victoria Times.
International Accord.
Berlin, Oct. 4.���The delegates to the
International wireless conference bad
a preliminary exchange of general
views at the sessions today from which
it appeared that the British delegates
are prepared to go further than previously supposed toward international
accord If desirable, and their efforts
will be directed toward finding the
way to co-operate internationally,
while remaining loyal to the arrangements already entered into with Marconi. Their course will be probably
followed by Italy, who has similar relations with Marconi.
Cheaper Shipping Rates.
San FranclBco, Oct. 4.���Beginning
on October 10 the Southern Pacific
will make a 25 per cent, reduction In
its tariff on commodities shipped under refrigeration. At present the
charge of shipping perishable commodities is -fi per cent, above the cost of
the shipments. As a result of the
change of policy California fruits can
be bought at a much cheaper price in
eastern states. Larger shipments of
rrtilts and other perishable commodities will also be encouraged.
Catholics' Fierce Rejoinder.
Paris, Oct. 4.���The catholics of
Brittany have addressed an open letter to Interior Minister Clemenceau
denouncing the statements which he
made in his speech of Sunday last
and adding that the Chauvins are not
dead. "If you attempt to close the
churches, proscribe our priests or prevent the celebration of our sainted religion, we will rise against the Infamous tyranny and die with enthusiasm for God and the king of our
Price of Metals. ,
New   York.   Oct. 4.���Silver,    G8?_e;
copper, 19ttc: lead, $5.75.
Lqndon,    Oct.    4.���811ver,    31%d;
lead, ��18 17s 6d; zinc, ��27 10a.
Earl Grey Makes Suggestions Leading
to Formation of Company to Capitalize Novel Enterprise.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Initial steps are being taken In Victoria to form a company to exploit the
fruit Industry, secure large tracts of
land, clear tbe same, interest British
capital and bring out English families.
This new enterprise is tbe direct result of a speech by Earl Grey ln which
his excellency said:
"Now, what is necessary. Is to enable hundreds of selected families
from England, aye, and hundreds of
hard working miners in British Columbia, too, to become the owners of these
desirable orchards,
"It appears to me tbat all that Is
wanted Is the establishment of such
an organization as will enable you to
take advantage of your great opportunities. You have the land and all
that is required ls the capital and labor to clear or plant lt.
"The capital required, I believe,
can be obtained. I know men who
would consider lt not only a pleasure
but a privilege to advance capital at
5 per cent, to a well managed organization which would undertake to clear
and plant land and offer It for sale at
small cost to selected families. '
"There Is no Investment which
yields higher dividends, moral as well
as material, than that which brings In
a certain revenue of, say 5 per cent.,
and Ihe feeling of satisfaction or knowing tbat this 5 per cent, has contributed to the upbuilding of a nation. The
required capital can, 1 am confident,
be obtained. It only remains to obtain
the other requisite, that of labor."
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and .Rossland train
-On time.
Sbarretti Is Received.
Rome, Oct. 4.���The pope today received in private audience Mgr. Sba-
barettl, apostolic delegate from Can-
adas, who arrived here yesterday. The
pope was much satisfied at the delegates report on the condition of the
church In Canada.
John Teague, accountant of the Bell
Trading company and secretary of the
Nelson Boat club, left for the coast
lust, night. His friends say that before he returns he will have formed a
permanent partnership and will this
year have more than usual reason to
celebrate Thanksgiving day.
Fwly Slamps lo Operation at Ymir Mill.
Manager Hand's Purpose Achieved
After Months oi Preparation���
Cpal Strike Cute off Fuel
The Ymir mine, once the biggest
shipper In Kootenay outside of Boss-
land, shows promise now of recovering
its former prosperous condition.
Tbe discovery of a big, rich ore
body at 1000 feet depth and ln new
ground, has completely restored the
confidence of the owners, and their renewed interest and support have enabled the present manager, E. M.
Hand, to make many Improvements ln
details, effecting in the aggregate very
considerable economies.
While a general policy of improvement was being followed and the new
ore bodies were being thoroughly explored and their extent and Importance demonstrated, Manager Hand
was preparing for a forward move.
In spite of numerous economies he
saw that nothing could decrease the
relatively high cost of treatment unless a considerable Increase In the
tonnage bandied could be made. The
task required time, aa much of the
machinery had been long disused.
Preparations were never allowed to
cease, however, and yesterday morning the mill, for the first time ln near-
Ip five years, was run at Its full capacity of 40 stamps.
Manager Hand arrived In the city
last night, having travelled from Ymir
to Five Mile Point with his brother,
formerly manager of tbe Payne mine,
now of Butte, who bas been called to
examine the Krao mine at Alnsworth.
Asked aa to the progress of the Ymir
Mr. Hand said: "Everything is going
well. We began this momlug to run
the .whole of the 40 stamps. For some
time, a very long time, in fact, only
20 have been run.
"We han-e had some good rains lately and can now run the mill by water
power instead of steam, which mean!
a saving of 160 a day In expenses. Ordinarily that should be possible (nr
eight months In every year with Um
water aupply now available.
"Our supply of coal ts already cut
off, I suppose, by the strike In the
Crow's Nest coal fields. That forces
us to nse cordwood again and doubles
the jcost of fuel.
"We are still short bsnded, also. It
'seems Impossible to find enough miners In any part of the country."
Only Slight Adulteration of Ooeda told
In British Columbia.
Additional bulletins have been received from tbe Dominion authorities
containing ine reports on the examination of food products sold in British
In the line of canned meats 322
samples were secured from all parts
of the Dominion embracing borne manufactures as well as products from
tbe United States. Out of the entire
lot only four were found to be decomposed. On the test for preservatives
boric acid was found to have been
used in a considerable number, although In no case waa tt In excess of
tbe amount allowed by the English
parliamentary commission. Tbe British
Columbia samples numbered 32, all being taken from Ihe stocks of Vancouver wholesalers. All were classed as
good, but five contained traces of boric acid.
Another bulletin reports on the quality of honey. Four Bamples were taken In Vancouver, of which three are
pronounced genuine and the fourth declared to be adulterated with glucose
syprup. In Ihe ntlre Dominion 54 samples were examined, of whlcb 44 are
pronounced genuine, nine declared
adulterated, and one noted as sold aa
Governor's Narrow Escape.
Slmblrsky, Russia, Oct. 4.���General
Slarynkewitz, governor of Slmblrsky,
hnd a narrow escape from death today. A bomb was thrown at hlm,
wounding hlm lu the head and leg.
His Injuries are serious but not fatal.
First Oflclal Visit.
Copenhagen, Oct. 4.���King Haakon,
Queen Maud and Crown Prince Calaf of
Norway arrived here today. This was
their first official visit abroad since
their majesties' coronation, aud it was
acordingiy made the occasion of a
great reaction. A crowd of 1000 per
sons lined the strets from the railway
station to the palace, which was brilliantly decorated. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We have plentv of them in red uud bine,
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Those blankets an- jnsilv celebrated lor their excellence. We alone curry
them in Ibis city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillow: Co.viforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubber-.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and pric?::  sus-prising ly Low.
Published nix days h week by the
Baker Bt., Nelson, B. 0.
Bnburlptlon rates- 80 cents a month delivered
In iho (.'lly, or $6,00 8 year if tent by mall, when
i��Mui iu advance.
ArlvertlsltiR rates on application.
All ninnies paid In lettieniont of The Dally
Canadian accounts, either for subscriptions <*r
advertising, must be receipted fur on the primed
forma ol tne Company. Other reeelpta nre not
OCTOBIiU ���** I900.
" Hy one word we nre sometimes Judged to he
Wlie end by one word sometimes Judged io be
foolish.   Let us therefore  bu oareful  whal  we
���>'   tn
In the three provinces of Canada
where Conservative governments are
in power there is manifest satisfaction at the policies which are being
enforced. Ontario is being rapidly redeemed from the rule of graft and corruption which was for so many years
a disgrace to the province Premier
Whitney hns completely reversed the
conditions obtaining and has already
won laurels front all classes excepting
the hardened and unscrupulous opposition press. The unfair methods
which have disgraced the relations of
the opposition press to public (pies-
lions has at last called forth the rebuke front Ontario's premier which
they have so justly merited. While
criticising the government's method of
administration, they have been publishing paid advertising matter entirely contradictory of the editorial matter ln their columns. While a newspaper has the right lo sell its advertls-
inging space for any purpose, excepting an admittedly or avowedly Immoral one, the opposition organs in Ontario have not done themselves any credit
by their misrepresentations of the
government's policy. In Manitoba the
case is almost similar. There has
no attempt lo fairly criticise the government but all manner of insinuations and inuencloes have been indulged in with a view to discredit the
Conservative administration.
But it is in Hritish Columbia lhat
the opposition press is driven to such
extremes that positive disgrace Ib
fastened upon it in its endeavors to
malign   ihe   provincial   administration.
ilnce the advent of the McBride ad-
inislration there hus been nothing
too crude or coarse in the way of
political warfare that has not been
indulged In by the political organs opposed to that administration. Fictions
and fabrications without number have
disgraced the opposition sheets and
wholesome criticism, always the function of a decent opposition press, lias
been forsaken for blackguardism of
the vilest kind.
Lofty Journalistic ideals have been
forsaken an the utmost scandal-mon-
gering has been substituted. It does
not appeur to these opposition organs
that there is anything like political
dishonor in their methods, as they appear content to invade the sanctuary
of public confidence by violating every
known obligation to truth.
The result of their malign influence
may be little or great hut It is certainly not In the Interests of Hritish Columbia to have a reptile press engaged
in a warfare of defamation of its chief
ministers, especially when these are
free from blame in the administration
of their various offices.
The desperate haste to attain power
fs not creditable i to the members of
the party that is out and when the
press descends to the level of inventing scandals  and  persistently  repeat
ing them there Js need for a more
healthy moral tone among journalists.
Scandals that cannot be made to stick
should be abandoned for all time and
when men in pubic office are true to
their trusts they should he free from
serious allegations of wrongdoing.
The practice of inventing "rumors" to
discredit public men has reached its
limit in British Columbia. There are
three papers who have been the chief
offenders in this regard and that they
will receive the execration they deserve at the hands ot the public is already begining lo be apparent.
When the Conservative press of
Canada charges the Liberal administration with corruption it makes good
its charges, hut, so far, all attempts to
manufacture scandal by the Liberal
organs has ended in discreditable
liascoes. And there is no province in
Canada that is more free from cause
of complaint than is Hritish Columbia.
Sol until the arrival of the Hedley
Gazette, aad the publication in yesterday's Canadian, did the inhabitants oi
the.city ol Nelson suspect the real
purpose uf the recent holiday of the
editor of Nelson's boastful morning
paper. .Many were the surmises as to
why he touk his holiday just at the
time he did but the cat is now out of
the bag aad it appears ihat the doughty
editor was iu search of a political field
for ihe exploitation of his political ambitions. Having once tasted power,
like the lion who cannot forget the
taste of blood, he is apparently seeking for a constituency, weak enough
to induce him lo offer himself upon
the altar of the country's opposition.
While wu claim no credit for tbe
shrewdness with which the Gazette
sizes up Editor Deane's chances for
election iu the Similkumeeu country
wo are of the opinion that thai paper
is right in regarding him as a political
impossibility in that district, ln fact,
as a political possibility, Deane is a
hack number anywhere. Not only has
the conduct of his paper put him out
of the running, but personally, he is
nut much in favor with the people who
control the funds of the Liberal party,
'flits has he amply shown by the frantic appeals which the Daily News has
made foi* public support during the
last six months.
That the editor of the News intends
to seek the nomination for the Simiikameen diat rlel will come as a matter of small surprise to his friends but
that it will be "stood for" hy members
of his party is another matter. Politics is sometimes a short way out of
trouble but whether it will be so in
the case of the News* editor is not as
yel  a  settled  fact.
There cun be little doubt that Mr.
Deane's friends In the Liberal party
will wish themselves "good-day" before
they endorse ihe candidacy of their
Belf-chosen candidate. When it is
known���as haa so repeatedly been announced���that the publication of a
daily paper is "tt business proposition,
first, last and always" there may be
some hesitation on the part of Liberals
to pay the required price.
Takee Hearst's Measure.
Here is an estimate of Mr. Hearst's
Character from the pen of the editor
of the Norlh American Review: As a
jniirnu'list, though keen, enterprising
and resourceful, he is a burning disgrace to the craft; as a politician,
though shrewd and at times even sagacious, he is no more scrupulous
than the basest of those whom he has
stigmatized as criminals; as a partizan,   though   earnest   tind   efficient  in
appealing lo lhe masses, he is a traitor; as an officeholder he is pre-eminent In shameful neglect of his duties; as an agitator his delight consists
in reveling in the incitement of evil
passions; as a dual personality, though
possessed of many engaging qualities,
lie is so utterly devoid of character,
so unsteady In even his own recklessness, so faithless to his professed
ideals, so .scornfully disregardful of
moral responsibility, so addicted to de-
testable practices in efforts to gratify
his ambitions, so sinfully persistent In
stirring the caldron of discontent, envy and hatted, as to he a living and
glaring reproach to American civilization.
Growth of Democracy,
No careful student of current affairs fu the churches today can fail to
be impressed by the growth of Democracy lu all denominations. And
with that is coming a more real sense
of (he church's opportunity and obligation as regards the whole round of
life in tho whole circle of human re-
la lions. Blunderingly sometimes, bewildered sometimes, aud yet In the
true spirit of sympathy aad helpfulness, the church in one form or another keeps iu touch with the crowd.
Hy that touch both lhe churc.t and the
crowd are saved, the virility of the
crowd going into the enterprises of
religion, and the vision of the church
saving ihe people from decay.���Toronto News on the Methodist conference.
Coatcoal Foundered.
Lorient, France, Oct. 4.���The mate
and sole survivor of the French steum-
mer Coatcoal has been landed at Genoa His mime is Texier. He declares
tbat after the vessel sank on the night
of September 86 the crew, numbering
1:1. clung to floating bits of timber,
but one bj one their strength gave
out and they sank to their death. Texier was the only man able to keep hn
head above water until picked up and
taken to Genoa. The Coatcoal left Lo-
rlent September 16 for Newport, Eng:.,
and was never heard from since.
TAKK NOTICB that an application ha* been
mdile to register It. Q, McLeod as ihe owner in
Pee Simple, under a ''ar Bale Peed irom k. J.
Stenton, depot; assessor ami collector of the
���.locan Assessment Dittr'ct, to R. a. tfeLeod,
tearing .iau- tlie 86th day of August, A. l>. 1906,
of nil and singulanhat certain parcel or Intel erf
land and premise! iltuate, lylni ami being fn the
I'l-trictof Kootenay, In ibe Province of Brltlab
Columbia, more particularly known anl described at- a.'.', minerals, precious and base, (save
(���oul and petroleum) under Lot *_HH\ <v**..i*ji 1. in
tbe District ol Kootenay, "Buniet" mineral
You and each of you are required to contest
lbe claim nf the tax purchaser within fourteen
days from the date of ihe service of thll notice
upon jou.andjn default nf a caveat or certificate
of lie pendent l>eiiig tiled within such pe-intj,
roil will be forever tf;topped and debarred from
Ks'tting up nny claim to or in reipeci ol the said
land, and 1 shall register K. Q, McLeod as ihe
owner thereat
bated at Land Registry Office, Nelaon, J'iov-
tnee red Brltlab Columbia, thin astb dav of Ket.ru-
arv, A. h. 19-tf.
H. F. Ma-LEOD,
Dlatrlct Registrar.
To Richard Set-man.
Tnder and by virtue nf the power*- of sale eon-
tamed in a certain mortgage which will be produced at Lbe time of Bale, there Will be offered
for sale by public auction on Baturdav tlie 2*jth
day of October, im. at the hour of IS o'clock
noon, at tlu* Hotel Hume, corner of Ward and
Vernon streets. Nelson. B, C , by Heasrs. Charles
A. Watermen A Co., the following property, viz:
Lots number.- fifteen pi) and -sixteen (Hi), both
in Block number ten tbi), being part of the sub
division of Lot numl-er ninety six, Oroup one,
iu the district oi Kooienav, British Columbia,
and known as the Hume addition tn Nelson,
B. C . according to a map or plan deposited In
the Land Registry office and numbered _s. B.
toon the said land Is erected a large and Commodious dwelling house in Brat-class order, with
City water. This property is not far from the
business portion ol the eity.
Terms and conditions made known at ihe time
Of sate or in   the meantime upon application lo
Mortgagee's Solicitor,
bated at Nelson the 17th day of Sept. 1906,
Notice is hereby given that B0 days after date I
intend lo apply to llie Honorable the Chlel Commissioner of Lamls and Works for a special
license lo cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands, situate nn 81* Mile
ereek, ln the district of West Kootena. :
No. t.���Commencing at a post planted on su
Mile creek, about seven miles from Kootenay
Ink", and marked H. B. M's southeast corner post,
tlience running BQ chains north, thence80ehatns
west,thence ho chains south, thence BOcbalns
ensi to point of commencement, and containing
UIO acres more or less
Dated this 12th dav of August, 1906.
B. h. Miohton,
per BBOOB Whitb, Agent.
No 2.���Commencing at a post planted on hij.
Mile creek aboul nine miles from Kooienav lake,
nnd marked H. B. M's northeast corner post,
thence ninning BD ehalns west, thence hii chains
south,  tbence BO chains east,  thence 80 eliains
north to the polntof commencement! containing
Q4Q acres more or less.
Dated lliis 12th day of AugUSt, 19(6.
B, B. Miohton,
per Baucis. Winn, Agent.
No.'.,��� Commencing at a post planted on su
Mile ereek, abonl ten miles from Koolenay lake
and marked B. B. M's northwest corner nm:.
thence runiilliu Ko chains  east,  theliee ft t hmns
so nh. thenee BO chains west, ihence BOcbalns
north io polnl of commencement, and oontainlng 610 acres more or less.
Dated this 12th day of August, 1008.
B it. Miohton,
por Hum: WHITS- Agent.
No i.  Commencing at a post planted on six
Mile creek, about   11   miles from Koolenay lake,
and marked b. h  m's southeast oorner post,
thenco running B0Ohalns north, tbence80chains
west,  thence BD chains SOUth, theliee 80 chains
past in the point of commencement, and containing 'ill' aeres more or les*.
Dated this l_th day of Augusl, 1906.
B. fl. Miohton,
per Bhitk Whitk. Agent.
Take notice that 00 days after date wo intend
no-kin;*, application to the Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wnrks for a special
license to on I and cany away Umber from the
following described lands: Commencing nlapost
plauied near the north boundary of I.e.* loofl,
West Kootenav district, running tlience 180chains
uorih, thenee -0 chains west, thenee 100 eliains
south, thence lit chains east to point nf commencement.
Dated March 9th, 1000.
D. Tuomey, Agent.
Nntice is herebv glveu llinl..1) davs afterdate I
intend to appl.** to tbe Bon.-the Chief Commls
sioner ot band, and Works for a special licence
toeut and cany a��nv timber from the following
described lands, situate In Weat Knotenuv district: Commencing at a post on Kobinson creek,
tl)roe-quarters of a mile northwest of Lurcher's
pre-emption, thence west -i'i chains, thenee north
Hll chains, thonce easl ttt) chains, theOCO south HO
ehains to polntof commencement,
Located July _��th, 1906.
(iEO. 1ISNDKH80N, Locator.
Notloe i�� hereby given that sixty days af
date I intend loapply to the Hon. Chief Co
mlssloner of Lands and Works fur permissl
to purchase the following described lauds I
uate In West Kootenay District, Commend
at a pnst marked "... Illrsi l.'s H. K. Conn
planted at Hie S. W. corner nf Lot 878, aboil
miles north of Burton City and about \ ot
mile wesl of Uie Columbia river, thence not
80 chains; Ihenee wesl 40 chains ihence toi
HI) chalus: theuce easl to chains to point of co
meiicemenl. containing U0 acres.
Dated this llth day of September, 1906.
A. Hlltsill
Per Ralph Blyb, Agent.
Notice is herebv given Hint 60days afterdate, i
Intend to apply to tbe Hon. chief Commissioner
of Lands anil Works for  permission to purchase
the loiiowing described lands, situate on the
Bast shore of Lower Lake, aboul one and one
half mile South of Edge wood, B. C. and ad
Joining J. T. Seattle's application to purchase,
and commencing al a posl marked Donald Wil
sou's Bouth West corner, tbence running Nnrlh
si��ty chains, thence Last forty chains, theliee
South, sixty chains, tbenee Wesl forty chains to
11 lace of com meneement, and containing HI!)
acres more or less.
Donald Wilson.
M. R, Mi-Ui'AiiHiB, Agent,
baled this 86th day of September, 1906.
Notice is herebv given ihat sixty days rrom date
I intend to applv tothe Hon Chief Commissioner
of Lands and \\ orks for permission to purehaso
the following described lands, Starting at u po-l
planted on the North West comer ol UtlttOt,
Ihence running Iwenly chains South, theuce
twenty chnins West, thence  I'oriv chains Nnrth
thence twenty ohalns Bast, thenco twenty chains
Booth io polnl of commenoement, and containing Nl acres more or less.
W. .1. fOi'S, Agent.
Dated the 1st day of October, 1906.
Sixty days alter date 1 intend loapply to the
Hon. chief Commissioner of bands and Works,
Victoria,  lo  purchase   10 acres  ol   Imid:   ("oin-
inciicing at a posi planted at toe City of Nelson's
power plain lot H. P. corner post, on Kootenay
river, thence ki chains south, (hence west 'JO
ehnins, theuce norlh  80 chains, thence east 'JO
chains lo point of commencement.
Nelson, B.C., Aug. tt, 1906. E, .1. Cl'URAN.
Notice in herebv given that BO days from dale I
inteml to apply tn the Honorable the chief Commissioner of Lands and Wnrks for permission
tn purchaie the following deserlhed binds situate iu West Kootenav District: Commencing
at a post marked   * K. Stewart's N  W. corner
post, situated near the Junction of Lost creek
and souih Fork of Balmon, thence south  io
chains, more or   less;   then CO   east  B0  chnins;
thenej north to chains, more or less;  thenoe
wesl Ho chains to point of eommeneement.
Salmo, August llth, 1900.
E. Stewart
T. II. Atkinson. Ageut.
Nollee ls bereby given lhat oo 'lays after dale I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief I'out-
mlsstoner ofXands ami Works to purchase the
following denrlbed land*,890 teres, more or less:
oommenelng at a post planted on tbe west bunk
of Coper Arrow laKo at a point about - miles below Nakusp. and marked <!. A. B. II., N K corner
post: thenee so ehains west; thence 40 chains
south, thenoe .to chains east, more ur less to lake
shore; thenee along lake shore to point of beginning.
bated tbis5lh davof BeoL.1906,   0. A. B. HaU..
60 days aflt r date I intend to apply to the Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, B. C , to purchase 6to acres of
land situate west of Armw lake on lbe west side
Ol Wiiiitchan creek and joining the norlh bound**
ary of S. J. Annable application to purchase.
Commencing at a post marked K. J. E. 8. E. corner and running wes' so chain-; thence north 80
chains: tbeuce east 80 chain*; thence south to
point of cnmmeiicciiient.
September Jnd ]9(t6. R, J, Elliot.
Notice Ii tiereby given tbat 60 davs after date I
intend to apply to the Honnrak* Chief Commissioner of Undsand Works Ior permission to purchase the following described lands,situate in
the West Kootenay district; starling from a post
planted at tbe N. E. eormr of F. W. Robinson's
Application to purchase, theme 40chains east,
SO chains south, 20 chains west, 80 chains north,
JO chains west, 20 chains north, 20 chains east, to
��� hains north io point of commenoement,contain*
tbi 160 acres.
Dated 10th day of August, 1906
Ii. c. e, RoBunov,
per Erkkst w . RoannoH, Agent.
NotfoelS hereby given lhat sixty days after
date  I  iniend   to apply   to  the  Honorable  the
Chief Commisaloner of Landiand Works for per-
mission to purchase the foUowlng desoribed
lan I on the west shore of upper Arrow Lake ami
joining J. if. Peeney's pre-emption;   Banning
west 4*1 chains; thenee north so ehains, theuce
east40Chains, to the shore of the lake; ihence
south loUowing the lake shore to point of commencement, containing (JI acres more or less.
Dated August 19, 1!WG.
II. P, Haclbop
J. J. Kelly, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to appiv   to the Honorable the
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works (or per
mission to purchase the following descrlbeil
land toi the west side of Lower Arrow Lake and
Joining theSOUtb line of the Indian Beservallou ���
Kunning west 30 chains; ihenee south ho chains;
thence east'JO chains, tu lhe shore nf the lake;
tbence uorih following ihe lake shore to the
point of commencement, containing H50 acres
more or less.
Dated Augusl kl, Pm. W. B. fcUCIJton
J. J. Kkli.v, Ageut.
Notice is herehy given that I intend, 60 days
afler date to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of ��� ands and Works for permission
to purchnse the following describe, lands lu
West Koolenay dlsirlct, about five miles south
of Burton city, commenolng at a post planted nn
the east hank of tract C. K-, ami marked "W, H.
Hamilton's H. W. c. post," and running north so
chains, ihence east Ko chains, thonce SOUth fto
chains, thence west N) chains tn place of beginning, containing 640 acres of land, more or Icrs.
Dated this 82nd ���lay of August, ['*-*������'.
W H   Hamilton.
Notice is hereby given lhat Wl davs after date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission lo
purehase the following described lands, situate
in West Vootenay district: Commencing al a
postmarked "B.Coukey's N.W. corner post," situate near the N E. corner of bind applied for by
U.K., thenee sonth 40 chains, more or less; Ihcnce
east HO chains; thence norlh 40 chains, more or
less; tlience west 80 chains tn point of comment IO*
f^almo, August 11, 1906, B. GONXBY,
T. 11  Atkinson, Agenl.
Notice Ik herby given that lid days after date 1
Intend, toapply to the Honorable llie Chief ���'ommlssloner ol Landsand Works for permission to
purchase the following described laiidssliuale In
West Kootenay district:  Commenolng ata posi
marked 'H. floss's N. W corner post," -fiu-ite
near the N. B. corner of land applied for by A
HeWn theuce sooth 40 chains, moreor lessi
tbtttce east ko chains; thence north 40 chains
more or  less;   lbence  wesl  B0 Ohalni to point of
Balmo, Augusl 11, 1906, R. Boss,
T. H. Atkinson, Aecnt.
Notice  is  hereby given  lhat sixty flays after
dale  I  Intend  to apply   to  the  Honorable  the
chief Commissioner of Lands ���mi  Works for
permission tn purchase the following described
lauds situate in West Kooteuay district* I'nm-
inenelng ata pnst marked "A.MoLeon's N W.
corner post,"situate near the N.E. corner nf land
applied fnr liy A. McUughlaii, Ihenco south 10
'���bains, mote nr less; thence east 80 chains;
ihenee north 40 chains, moreorless; tbence w-SSt
80 chains to point of commencement
Balmo, August 11,1906 A. M0X-SAK,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days aftr-r dale I
Intend to make application to the honorable ihe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for per-
mlssoii to purchase lhe folluwiitK described 1 Is,
situate iu West Kootenay districti Commencing
ata post marked "A. McLaughlin's N. W corner
post," situaie near ibe N. B. corner of land applied for by I*. McArthur, thence south40 cha-ns,
moreorless; Ihence easl HO chains; theuce north
40 chains, moreor less; thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement,
Halmo, Augusl ll, 1906, A. HoLauoHLjUI,
 T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given lhal 00 davs after dale
i intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate In West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked J. McArthiir'h N. W,corm-r post," Situate near
the N. E eorner of Iniid applied fnr by A.Turner,
thence south 40 ohalns more oi le��si thenc* east
XOchiilus;  thence north -Hichains, more or less;
thenee west wi chains to point oi oommencement
Halmo, August li, r.'i-o.
J. McArthur,
T, If Atkinson, Agent.
Notice |h herebv  given that  mi davs after date
I intend, to applv to the Honorable the Cblei
Commissioner   >f Lauds and  Works lor|>erniis-
smn to purehase the following described lands,
situate lu the West Kootenay tflitrlot: Common*
otng ttt a post marked "A. Turner's N.W.eorner
post," situated at the N, K. corner nf bind applied for hy E Stewart, thenre south 40 chains,
more or less; thence east ho chains; thenee north
���10 chain,, more or |0U|   thenee west Ml chains to
point oi commencement.
r-aliuo, M c , Augu'l ll 1906. A.Tikmiii,
T. H Atkinson, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 00dayi afterdate I
intend io appiv to the Honorable the Chief Com-
..,lusssl,...���r  ,.f   I  ���,,,ls.  ,....1     IV,.-L. l   '. ,r  H_Mlllil<-���   I..
.1 -IKUBVj  IJW.
Mas. W, H. Hamilton
W.H. Hamilton,Agent
Notice is herebv given that BO davs afler dale I
iniend lo apply to the Hon. Uie < hief I'omniis-
���doner of I.unds and Work*, for permission to
purchase the following deaerlbod land" in the
West Rootenay district: Beginning at a post
marked R. bell's .*-\ K, corner, about two miles
east of the Balmon river, and half a mile fnnn
the I'end d'Oreille river, them-e to chains north,
40 chains west, BO ChalUSSOUth and lo < halus east
July, Pm.
K, H. Hell.
Sixty days afterdate 1 intend tn apply tothe
Commissioner ol Utnds and Works, victoria, to
pu-chafie 160 aires of land. Commencing al a
p.i-t planted on the wesl shore ol Arrow Lake, al
thf south east corner of J. ���' Christie's pun base,
running north tO chnins, thence east  'kt chains,
tbenee south 80 chatna, thenoe west 80 chains to
place of eommeneement
Located May, ath I'Joc.
A.  f'.U'.lUK,
L. GAUifiiiia, Locator-
Notice Is hereby given that two months gftv
date I Intend to apply tothe Honorable Chief
Commiasioner of Lands and Works for parmls*
sion lo purohaae 640 aores of land, deeerlbed as
follows: Commencing at a poHt planted al the
southwest of >. c Mon tain's  ranoh  in  Fire
Valley,  West   Kootenay district,  marked "J. B.
Monro's northeast eornerpost"; tbencesOchaios
west; tbenoe 80chSlna south; tbenee so chains
cast; thence s>> chalna north to the place of commencement.
Dated llth day of September, 1908,
J. Ii. Mt'NBOE,
W. A. Calpeh, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days alter date I
intend Uupply to the Honorable tne Chief Com-
mtsslonerol Landi and Worku for permission to
purchase the following deaorlbed lands in lhe
Weal Kootenav district, sear Barton Cltri commencing at iposi planted lit the southeast eornei
of George Hudson's  preemption claim, and
marked Hurry U. Tolljugtoii'H N. R, C. post, and
running lOUlh 10 chains, thenee west90Ohalni,
tbence north  10 chains, thence m-i in ehain- to
place of beginning- containing ho acres of laud.
more or lets.
Dated this 10th dav uf August, 1906,
HAliftY  <������ TOI.LINQTON.
Notice In hereby given that GO days alter date I
intend tn make application to >he Honorable the
Chlel Commiasioner of Landiand Works for per-
mission to pun base about 800 acres of laml nim
ated on the Salmon river, West Kootenaydistrlct,
Commencing at a post marked S It. Ilutler'e N P..
'orner. planted on the wesi bank of the river,
about 4% miles north of the international bound*
ary, ihenee west 80 eliains, thenee 80 clmiim
south, thenoe east about 20 chains to the river,
thence northerly along the river to place of oom*
August 18th, 1908. S. K. HrrrsR,
T. if. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice [1 hereby given that two months after
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner Ol Lands and Wnrks for a Lease of
all that land being the loreshore adjoining subdivisions 1, 8 and . of Lot 30*>, Oroup one (1)
Kooteuay, and being on lhe south shore uf tlie
West Arm of Kooteuay lake, lu thu distriet of
Rootenay i
Commending at  a  post  marked "A. P.. Walts'
southeast oorner post"; tbenoe 80 ohalns west,
11,������ici  .!" clii.ni*-  north;  Ihcnce Ml chains eaai;
tbenee So ohalns souih loihe place of commence*
ment; the said   land and loreshore to be tie used
for sawmill purposes,
Hated this -1st day of August, I9fl8.
A, K. Watts.
Notice Is hereby given thai 60 days a/Mr date I
Intend tn apply lu the Honorable tlie tlhlef Commissioner of Lauds and Works fnr permission (O
purchase the following df scribed laud In West
Kooienav  Diatrb"  about  seven  miles south  of
Hurton citv:  Commencing at a post planted 00
the eusl bunk of TrOUtCreek and marked Alex
i'h. vii.i'i N. W, C. Poit and running south 80
chains; theuce east Ko chains, llienee north 80
chains; thence west 80 chain! to post of beginn**
ing, containing 040 aeres of land, more or less.
Dated this aand day of August, 1'JOfi
VV. II Hamilton, Agent.
is   herebv
11 lhal slxtv days aller
date I intend to apply tn lhe Honorable lhe
Chief Commissioner ol Lands mid Works, for
permission to purchase the follow Ing described
lands Commencing ai a poit marked ueorgo Toi*
lingtoli's N. I_. C. posl, nt the southeast corner
nl J. O. Mei,nidc's prccinpllun claim am!
running south 10 Ohalni to SOUth West curlier of
Qeo Hudson's pre emption claim; tlience went DO
chains;  thence  north   to chains,  tlience easl'JO
elm ins to place ol commenoement, containing 80
acres of bind nmre or less.
Haled this 8th dayof Auguil, 1908.
A. A. Hurton, Agent.
Hlxty days aller date, I. Margrett MeQiiarrle*
inlcud to applv to the Honorable the Chief Com*
mlllfoncrof Landsand Works, Victoria, It, (.',,
to purchase the following described land, Of in-
mencing at a post marked M. Mct.uarrle, un lhe
bunk uf   Lower Arrow   lake, lbence 40 chains
west; thonco80chains north! theuce 40 ohalni
east; thence 00 chains  south   tu  place of emu
meneement, laid to oon tain 160 acres more or
less.   Covering ground held by c;, M. Anderson's
Iiiiied this Hth day of September, IMI.
MAlloitKiT HCQOAllltin,
W. L, I'aynk, Agent
Notice Is hereby given thai r-Uxly days after
dale I Inlcnd toapply to lhe Honorable lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to nurchase the foUowlng described landi iltuate
in West Koolenay dlatrlct: Commencing at ��� ������,*,*
planted ai Robert "orlott's north easi curnor
pnst and marked A, M's N. W, Corner  thenee
oast40chains; thence 40 phaltis south, mure or
le��8 to the Rootenay river; thenee .0 chains Wesl
along   the   Koolenay   river;   thenee   10 chains
north, more or less, In thi* place of commencement, containing ino acres more or les*>.
Kept ruber llth 1908.
ANMi: Mooick,
William Moore as Ageut.
Notice is hereby given Unit  Ui> altrr date 1
Iniend in make apjillcatlnn lu the Hunorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission io pun base 840 acres of land in the
district of We-i Rootenay, commencing at a posl
plained on the south side nf Itouudary creek on
the internal! il boundary line, oue and a half
mllosaaal from the Salmon river, marked "Kllhu
B<  Adams, southeast  1 orner,"   theuce   wem   BO
chalnn, ihence north >mi chains, thene ,-i so
chains. Ihence souih -" chains tn place of eommeneement.
BUBO K. Ai-am*, I-ocator,
per ll.M. Reeves, as Ageut.
Mated this flth day ol July,  HAW.
Notice is hereby given that slxtv davs after
dale I intend lo apply to Hie Honorable lhe
Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Work! for
permission to purchase lbe lollowlng dc-
BOTlbed lands situate In tbe West Koolenay
dlstricl, sorting from a post planted on the
norlh   bank of the  North   Kork  id   Hug  ereek]
thence 20 ebalni west, n ohalns north, A chains
west, 10 chains north, ki chains west, WchaJui
nnrth, 20 chain* wesi, DO chains north, so chains
east. 20 chains south. DO chains east, 40 ehatns
south. 20chains east, 40ohilns south lo pomt of
oommencement containing mo tern.
Hated IStfa day uf August. 1908.
Kilty days after date I Intend toapply lo lhe
Honorable the Chief Commlnloner of Lands and
Wortl Victoria, to purchase 940 aorei of lknd,
Incited   and   described   as   follows:   Hetug the
northeast quarter nf Beotlon twenty-two, and
the smith balf uf the nnniiwest quarter Section
twenty three,Townsblpsixly-iiine. And furthei
described as follows: Commencing at a posi
marked J J. N. W. corner, aud planted 10 chains
eastolthe northwest comer of BecUOO twentv-
iwo and running eaat 401 hains, tbenee south 80
chains, theuce east -lo chains, thenee south DO
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 40
chalus to place of beginning.
August -'1st, 1906. Jamks Joii.sstoni,
W. A. Gaidar, Ageni.
Notice ls tiereby glveu lhal 80 days after dale 1
intend toapply to ihe Bonorable the chief Com*
mlssloner of Lands  and   Works  for permission
u> purchase the following described land, situate
in rlre Valley, In tne Weal Kooteuay district, ad-
Joining W. A. Calder's pre-emption, starling at a
post marked M. Mctjuarrie's southwest corner,
running 80Chains east, thence to ehains north,
thence, 80 chains west thoueo 40 chains south to
point of commencement.
Hated this nth day of September. 1908.
ftunv IfoQtuuug,
J. K. Taylor, Agent.
Notice is herebf given that 80 davs alter date I
Intend to apply tn the Honorable l)hief Coinitils-
���ioncr of Unds and Works for permission to purchase the following deaorlbed LandsTsttuate In
the West Kooteiiuy diiirict, Starting from a post
planted at the S.W.conierof Krncst W.Kobinsoii'H
Applienilon to purchase, and oil the north bank
of the North Fork of I'ogpreck; lbence 40 chains
west, go chains north. loo chains cast, 40 chains
south, DO chains west, sfO chains soutli to Intersection Of north line uf K. W. Koblusoii's Application
Ui I'urnliase, thenee 40 chains west ami do chains
south to point of commencement, containing mo
Hated 18th day or August, i:<��;.
per Kknmt W. Hohinson, Aguut.
Notice |s hereby given that 80 'lays afler date I
intend to apply tn the Son. the Chief Commls*
hi. net nf Unds and Works fnr permission to purehase the following described Unds In West
Rootenay dlstricl, province of Hrlthh Columbia;
Commencing atapost marked "William Tolling-
Urn's northwest corner post,"   said  post being
& ladled at the southwest enrner of the "QueOfi
ilicral Claim," ami adjoining the east Hue uf
Mcl'hall's pn-chiptiun, lbence smilh twenty (ki)
obalns along said line, llienee eaat furty (40)
ohalni, theuee imrth twenty 120) chains, thence
west forty (40) chains more or less, to thu place of
,,f AiiL-ust. 1906.
By bis agent J. K. Taylor.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend toapply totho Hon. Chief commissioner of Lands and Works for permlnion to
Rurehase the followlug deserita'd lands, lu
est Kooteuay Distriet: Commencing at an initial post planted at the southeast corner of McCoy's pre-emption, thelpe DO chains west lo east
boundary of i,ot 6199; ihenoe following said
bonndary SOUth u> southeast corner of said lot;
tbenee lo chains wesl; ihence 80 chains south;
thence 80 ahalns oast) theuee 30 chains north to
southwest corner of l-f��t 933; tbenee following
west boundary of l..d if.1.*- to initial pusl,
Beptember 21,1906, D. i>. Wolpp,
per Ernest W. Hoiiinson.
Notice Is hereby given that six I v davs after dale
I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Com mission
end Lands ami Works for permission to purehase the following described landi, 180acres,
commencing at a post marked .inim Toye, planted on tba easi shore nf I^>wer Arrow lake, ahuiil
one mile north of HinisliHie ereek, Ihenc forty
ebalns east, theliee forty eliains souih, lhetice
forty chinos west, thence forty chalus norlh
along lake slime lo poim id eoiiiiiieuceiiieiil.
Haled this i.ub day of September, [906.
John Tovk.
Saury Gibson, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given lhat Ooilavs afler date 1
Iniend to applv to iho Honorable ihe chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands situate
In West Kooienav* District! ('ommeucitg at a
post marked "���_*, McArih-ur's N. W. corner post
situate near Ihe N. P. corner nf ImimI applied for
by & McArthur thenee south-tt chains, more or
less;  tlience  east   KO   chains;   theuce   north   In
ehnins, moro or less; tbenee west HO chains to
point of mm meneement
Halmo, 11. C, August llth, IWO.
P. MiiAHTHI'll
T. H. Atkinson, Agenl.
Hlxty days after date I Iniend to apply lo the
Com mlssloner of Landsand Works, Victoria, to
purehase 160 acres of laud, slluate and described
as follows: Commencing ata piiHt plnnled on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo t'lty, at
or near the soiiliiwesl eurner of B, Halg purchase, and mm ked "O. M. A., H. K. corner," and
running north 40 chains, theuee west 40 Otfalni
lo II. Atinable's purchase, lbence souih 40 chains
moreor less tu the lake ahure, theueealuisg the
lake shore In plaee nf beginning.
August BSth, 11)06. 0, M. ANNAHMt.
Notice is hereby givon that 60 days afler date I
Intend tn apply to tho Hunorable the Chief Cnin-
mlsslutier of Lauds and Works, Victoria, lo purchase HO acres of land, situate about une mid-
east nf Burton city on the east side of Arrow
lake, and deserlhed as follows: Commencing al 9
posi planted at the northeaat eorner of tot8M0-
thetice north 'JO chains, ihenco west 4'* chains,
thence south DO chains, thoueo east 40 chains to
placoof beginning
AugUlt -��th, 1900 J. lt, HVNTIR,
Notice Is hen by given lhal 80 davs after daw
intend  te applv to the Honorable the Cku
omuil-hoero/und-.and Works for perm*'
sot  to iiiiii-base tho ollt,w|ng described   lan.U,
liial.-l lothe W csl Koolenay-llslriel. Mdioiiiin.
1    L, Pearson', on n,,. ngrth. a n olio and _���__,
quarter miles fr the Pond d'Orelllo river eon.
meiieliig ai a poM marked C. K. Caldwell'sH  K
corner   post,   llienee  Nl clntltis   north, theliee 411
"bans west,   thence   ��, chains south,   lhel.ee 411
'Imlns east  lol,luce ,,f commencement
Located the 1st day of August, I'.SKI.
llKHHAN KkaI-KK, Agent.
Nollee is hereby given that 00 dHy-- alter data I
Intend toapply to fhe ItonorabloifiS Chiefrd!i
��%___f.%ui��S?1 differ l-mfitolto
pureon-ethefo low i,g described   I,,*,,)   |���   We.t
Kootenay District abont six miles south of Bur'
ton City: eoramonolng at a post planted ..n tba
oasi bunk of Pronl oreek ami marltod C. 1,. pMl.
ers.S Wi.. Pomi Hto I runiiluif sooth xn chains 1
Iheliec eii<.i so chain,,;   theuee   north   so  rhalil-**
ih.-i.ee wesi ��u. _,.,���,(��� place ol commoW
ment, containing Mo aeres, more or ten.
Hated this BDliil day of August, tWM>.
c. p. Puma
W. H, Hamilton, Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that 80 dart1 .tfter date 1
Intend toapply m thr Honorable the Cnlei Com-
misalonerof Landsand Work* for permission u>
purchase the following des'-rll-.t   lamls:   i���m.
ineiiiitigataiH.it marked *J. w p's 8, .. eor
per," placed oo the east there of Lower Arrow
Uke at the northwest corner of  J. Christie', lr
plication to Purohaae, running theuee 40 ehsint
easl; thenco80Chelttl norlh;   theme 4o ehalin
moreor lass, weal to tbe lakeshotoi thenee W
lowing bike shore to point of commencement
containing BlOacrai noire or U --
Hated the Zhd day of July, p-jue.
J. W. Bates.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 davs alter dale I
intend toapply tothe Honorable the Cbfef Commissioner of Liiiidsiuid Works for iieruilssleii in
purchase the following deicrlbed lands sllosted
oil ihven_i side of Arrow lake: ComiJieii.li.g at
lie northeast corner of A. Anthony a pun-hate,
tbenee norih forty cbalni, then.',, west fi.rtv
���'halm, thenee south forty chains, thenee aui
forty chains to point of coinmeiieeineni, containing IUI acres, more or less
Dated September 1,1908. Jjjo$ y. aUOLMifi.
perN. DOOM, Agent.
Noilce is hereby given that 80 days alter date I
intend to applv to the Hon. Chief Cmiinilssinner
ul Unds am! Wnrks for permission io pureliHsr
the following described lands, situated in thc
Kooienav diitrloi: rommeneing at a poat marked "BRW8.fi. eorner." planted on the shore nl
Lower Arrow lake, about one mile souih ol
(lordon creek {.lohnnton creek,) tbence norlli ��'
chains, thenee west IB) chains, theuce south D
ebalns. theuce easl W chalus to polul of commencement, containing 180 acres more orient,
and comprising abandoned pre cmpltoii No. 6W.
BtaltOd this Hth day of August, 19M.
A. N. Woi.vkrton, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given (hat 80 days after dati 1
Intend In apply lo tbe Honorable Chief Comiul��
sinner of Lands ami Works for permission to pur
chase the followlni described lauds, situated on
the east side of Arrow lake: Commencing at u
postmarked A. Macleud's location post, theme
souih forty chains, followi ng W. Tot 0*1 eastern
boundary] thence easi sixty chains. 10MB) hank
nf Qarlbaldl Creek| thanee north forty ohilnii
lbence east sixty ehalns  to  jmliit of cumiiiellce-
ment. eontainlnCi-O acrei, nmre or less.
Hated Sup tern lie r 1, 1906.       Ai.kxa Maci.kop.
I'er N. DnnRa, Agent.
Noilce Is hereby glyeli lhat 80 daya after df'e I
intend toapply tr> thfl ilniiurable the t'hief Coin-
missiniier uf Lands and Wnrks fur pennlaalnli In
purchase thc following described lands. ���tarUtU
from a poll marked W. T's north West post, theme
south 40 chains, thence east NO chaius, theii'e
norih 40ohalni,thenoe west 80ohalni to point uf
oommencement, oontainlng jjo acres, more or
less; adjoins ou Ihe easl of A. Anthony'* apptlCI
tion to purchase.
Hated this 28tb dav of August, 1906,
W. Toyc,
N. Dkmkiw, Agent.
Nntice is hereby given lhal slxl v.bi vs after dale
I inteml to apply to the Hon. chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following deacrlbed lands, 820acres,
starting ai a post marked Catherine Toye, and
planted on the en-t shore of Lower Arrow lake,
near 1,lad-Mono  Creek,   lbence 40   chains easl,
thonce 80 ohalna north, ihence 40 cbaina weal to
lakO   shore,   thci.ee  south  along   lake shore 10
poim of commenoomont,
Pated this 1:111* day of Beptember, 1908,
IIakhv niitsoN, Agent,
Notice is hereby given lhat 80 days alter date I
in lend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Cun
mlssloner of Land.'and Works for permission h��
purchnse the  following described lands slluilled
on the cut aide of Arrow lake: Commenolng al
Hie snuihwesl corner of A. Anthony's purchsH'.
Iheliec south twenty Ohalni, them e east twelilv
chains, ihcnce north twenty chains, lbence wesl
twenty ohaini to point of commenoomont) cm.
la 1111 UK KO acre*, mote nr less.
Dated Boptembot i. low     Bnsta m,hti*ai-t.
per N. Hi.mchs, Ageni.
Notice is hereby L'tveil thai siMy davs afler
date I inn icI lonj'ply to thellouonihle tha Cblel
Commlssiniierof Luiidsninl Works for permis-iiou
to purchase the foHowiug described lands, Situate in (he West Kooteuay dish let, ami adjoining
Paul Andre's pri-emptinii, Marling al a posl
marked A.J. Long, N ft, COI tier, on the west shore
of Lower Armw lake, lbence k) chains well,
tbenee 40 chains souih, thenee '.'0 ebalns east,
thonce 10 chains nnrlh lu poim of f��iiiii.ii*ncc-
ualed al Nelson, h.C,, this Hth day of September, UKO A. J. bOHOi
Wm. 1'oi.LAlin, Agenl.
Notice Is hereby given lhal,60 dayi irom date I
Intend to apply to the HouornblH the Chief Cum
misslnuer Of Landl and Works, for permission to
purchase tlie following deserlbed lauds, slluate
In me disiriet of West Kootenay, adjoining boi
71H)uii lhe wesl nmi of Kootenav lake, eoii.mcu
dug al Ihe initial pus! placed at the lOUthWOll
corner of Lol 790, thenee north 20 chains, lhei.ee
west '20 ehalns,  lbence smith 30 chains, tbeuce
east'Jo chains in poim of commencement,
luned Aug. lAthi 1900, .Iamks i*'u.a/.i:ii.
Notice Is herebv given thai.110 days aftefrlbatO 1
intend toapply to lhe Honorable the CltW Com-
mlssloner of Landsand Works fnr permlaalon 10
purchase  ihe  following  described  lai,.dw:  Com
menolng at a posi marked "J. a 0. it* S, w. eor
ner," pboed at ihe northeast corner nf Lot 8901
running 80 ohalns north t thenoe 8a chaini aaiti
thonCO BO Chlllll lOUth) thence KO chaius WOSttOi
point of comtneooomenti oontainlng <ho aoreij
more nr loss.
Dated tho lilat day ot July IWO.
m m *-BB|nnnMHH i;*^ ���MM   MM The Daily Canadian
>r Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Nel-son Aasesament District, Province
of BrltUh Columbia*
I Hereby give nollee that on Friday, the twelfth 'lay of October, A. I)., 1906, nl the hour of twelve o'clock nunn, at the Cuurt Hoime, Nelson,
Ic, I shall OHM fnr sale by public OUCtloU the lands hereinafter Set OUt Of the persnns iusaid list hereinaltersetOUl, ior the delim-iient taxes Unpaid
laid nersuiis as on the thirty-first day of December, 1906, and for Interest, colts and expeiii-cs, imlizdhig OOll of -Advertising said sale, if the total
.lint due la iioUooiier paid:  	
���sliiut, Kd  	
Ilamlaiuc, Kd	
Iiaile, Thus  	
Kleberg. Belle 	
���,, P. w 	
Inny, Oleo M,    	
ll'aKe, Lonlmi  	
JjrmiiKh, Kachd M	
friitbl. Harry    	
"    ionrad A De vault, j. p.
IliK.  Ken
"arns, Henry	
idaraon, Oscar	
dral, Charlea.  	
lorade Mines, Limited	
lerlcan 1'ai-le cm. Co	
Arlhnr, W.., 	
Dad foot, Krskine	
lorade Mines, Limited	
babiiseH-VeUllH  Co	
_&, Aribur	
|l< k, Arthur 	
Illinium, J	
fcllv. A, H     	
III neres I li Hioek 10, Lot Hl_, fl, 1	
Itloek 1, 1-olKd, <i. I., 10 acres /	
Jil-.--kn.-7, _W, fi>, LotSlki 'LL, iLilaeren	
Itloek 7, Lot WH,(I   I , '2 acres	
Itloek fit, Lot 89}, 0, L, io acres 	
Hioek 11, Lot899, ti- Li 8.48acres	
Block 19, Lot809, ll. !., .0 acres	
itk) acres in Hcc. -...and H",'Ip. 11 a, and Hec Sl.Tp. I'_a, UillXtt, <i I
1 acre liiHeetlon H, Tp  II, Lot I_f��7. 0,1	
EKU9 acres In riecton H, Tp. U, Lol 1218  H. I	
f��aereslnH��;clloii;iO, Tii. :H5. Lot LSOl, li. I	
Ill) acres In Section 7, Tp. 17, Lot 13*2, U. I  	
49.78 aorea in Section 97.88.0,84, T. 17, Lot 1943,0.1	
:m.7*i acres in Section8,Tp, n. Lot 1949,0.1	
h '_o acres in Boation 20, Ti. 17, l-ot 13*3     	
61.08 acres In Section 84. Tp ai. Lol 1318, 0. I	
1780 acres In Seoilon 83 Ti>, 81, Lot 1948,0.1 	
87,96 aorei In Section 10, Tp BO, Lol 1344, (i.i	
'���it 20 acres in Section 10 and 80, Tp W, Lot 1944,0. 1	
:ii 43 acres In Section 85, Tp 81, Lot 8881,0.1	
78 acrei in Lot804,0.1	
fi acres In Lolftlti, 0. I	
Hluek I), Lot619.0, 1,, 6 acres	
Lol 2919, ' i   I , CO acres    	
Part Lot6060.0   t.i 60 acres	
30 acres in Lot 883, <I   I  	
86   ���
4 to
ti 08
:i ko
4 .fin
0 (HI
13 uo
���Tosta and
8 2.00
12 HO
���1 00
10 -10
2 00
2 IN)
2 66
a. ao
���2 00
2 00
lo .0
2 u0
4. IHI
2 00
2 00
fi. lfi
fi 70
2 (Nl
:, c
2 Kll
2 00
Habd at Nelson, D. 0,, this oth day of September-, 1908,
Collector, Nelaon Assessment Histrlet.
Carry a complete stork of foreign wine", Beer. Llqnori
and   Liqueurs,   and   Canadian   (Vines and   Whiskies.
You can hiiy ONK bottle Fort. Hherry, Claret, Brandy, Oln, Itum, Rye, BootObi
Ale or Mont, or any increased ijuanlllv you desire.     Kor family use try our
|TI!I.I!I>H(IMI  2".<>.
P. O. BOX  I020
lb*. Burns & Co.
Rates Not Fixed, but Understanding Is
Reached ��� Proceedings    of    Last
Night's  Council   Meeting.
Brunch Market* in   Kofwlftnd,   Trail,   Nolson, Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver and Slocan City.
Orders I.y mail to any branch will havo
.���ii prompt and < 11 rein: attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importwi- nf   rinw
t -.f-tlfliMli   (baalH
Jno. T. Pierre
Hnker St.
INel-son, B. C
Though the city fathers sat for two
hours and a half last night, they finally adjourned without absolutely fixing
rates for power. The evening was not
wasted, however, as, by the efforts of
the city engineer and city electrician,
the mayor and aldermen finally attained a working knowledge of the
subject of |>ower plants in their commercial aspect.
The difficulty encountered Is complex. It Is essential lhat the revenue
from the plant shall prove a fair return for the city's Investment; the
charge for power must not he too
great for the consumers to pay; the
bylaw passed on 1902 has fixed a rate
which cannot be adopted. The solution
will probably be found ln the adoption
of a schedule, not violating but Interpreting bylaw 122, and meeting, as far
as possible, the first two conditions.
The council met at 8, Mayor GIHett
In the chair, and Aldermen Hume, Selous, Irving, Rose and KIrpatriek present.
In reply to the mayor, W. P. Dickson gave 750 horsepower as the requirement of Uie city for all present
purposes, including motors now in use.
A. L. McCulloch gave 1000 horsepower as the immediate capacity of
the plant, allowing for every possible
loss. The final capacity of the four-
unit plant would be 6000 horsepower,
according to the accepted plans. Calculating depreciation at 2% per cent
and 5 per cent., according to material,
he estimated the cost to the city, at
the substation, on a coat of $200,000
for interest purposes, at $29.07^ per
year, plus $3.75 within the city, a total
of $82.8236 per horsepower. He allowed $7000 per year for operating expenses at lhe plant. His estimate
would be affected by a victory {pr the
city-on appeal to the privy council,
and also by any increase In the number of horsepower produced by adding
other units.
If 1000 horsepower were developed
anil used, Mr. McCulloch said, the
cost per horsepower would be $20.87Vis
per year. He expected that three men
would  be employed  at the plant.
A long discussion followed on the
siriking of rates. It was suggested
���hat $.i per month be fixed. There
was then a gttestion as to what proportionate charge should he fixed for
users for 10 or 12 hours a day.
W. P, Dickson had prepared a schedule, which gave $4.90 per horse power per month for a single horsepower
motor, wiih a graded scale for larger
motor users.
W. P. Dickson���lt will pay the
smallest motor user to take electric
power at $3 per horsepower per
month as a minimum rate. That is
far below the Spokane rate.
Alderman Rose���And then make a
slight reduction���say 25 per cent.���
for those who use It only for part of
the time?
W. P. Dickson���Yes.
Alderman  Selous contended that $3
a  month  should   he  the minimum  return to the city    per horsepower   for
the ordinary 10-hour day.
W. P. Dickson���That is a very low
rate. There is no ground for any one's
expectation that Nelson can sell power cheaper than all other places. There
need not, however, be a very great increase for longer use In the 24 hours.
Alderman Selous moved that tlte
rate bylaw be Interpreted, for a 10-
hour service, n-s follows:
Per month.
First h. p., per h.  p  $5.00
Additional h. p. to 5, per h. p...   3.50
Additional over 5 to 50, per h. p.   3.00
No vote was taken, as It was thought
some  modifications  might yet  be  re-
j quired.   The mayor suggested that the
J city  clerk be instructed  to communicate with present motor users and ask
how many horsepower they would take
respectively  at    rates    approximately
those suggested, and to intimate that
the city would not be prepared to furnish   water   power  after the   electric
power plant Is completed.
With such an understanding the
council adjourned until October 15.
ckai.kii tknuhks, properly lodorsed.will ba
U    received  hy  the  Unaenlgned up lo mim) lil-
cluilliiK Monday, (he llfleenth Ootober next, for
tbeoreotion ...id completion ol a Court Rouse at
Nelson, U.e.
Drawings, BpeOlfloatlOOl and cotidllh.il*-> of tender and  contraet  may   lie   neeii at   Hie  I'uldie
Worki Engineer*, office, Vlntorla, B.C., nnd nt
tin* ofllce of the Qovarnmoni Agent, Nelaon, B.O,,
on and afler the llth Beptember next.
Knci. tender must he accompanied  with a
murked obeque Ior five (ft) per ceni. of the a-
 noi of lhe tender for lhe faithful |.t-rtnriiiau--f
ai.d completion of the work.
Tbechoqnea ol unauoeeaaful tenderers win be
returned to them on  the execution of the. on
The lone-1 or any lender nol neccNSiirlly a0-
I'lii.ih* Worki (Engineer.
Landiand worki Department,
Victoria, B, c.,Kih September, 1009,
Certificate of Improvements
Gigantic Giant,    Kirs! Chance, ChahaliilH,  ami
Twenty Mile Fraotlon mineral eiaiuiH, -diu-
ate lu the Nc1m.ii   Minim; Division of West
Kootenay dunlet
t wW^_JoloCRl_l.0n "�������)���'-��� mniiiiuiii, botween
I Wild Bom ami Hear ("reek*.
1 Take notice that I, John UoUtohlo. ol Ihe city
of Nelson, acting asiiKent tor JoMpkmurgoon,
in*.* .Miner*. Certificate Ko. H:��in, intend, aixly
days from the dale licreof, loapolv In thu Mining
Iteeorder  [OD OoTtlfleatOI of  ln.|irovcnieiitH, (or
the purpose of obtaining Grown Qrantaol die
ahi.ve claims
And further take not Ice thai acllon, under Motion 87, muit he o neticed lief,,re Hit* Iswi&nce
���of such I'ertiflcalc uf Imiirovetiietils
Pated nils Slat day of July, A, P. IDOfl.
John HOLATOnm.
Teiid*-i.s addressed to die undersigned, Ht his
olti.-r 111   III,���*'. I   Hnll-e,    III    tllU t'lty llf Nflsoll,
will lie received up till the hour of five o'clock tn
the mieni....ii of Monday, October 16th, I'**'*, for
the pnrobaie of the "Blue Byed Nellie" Mineral
claim, Utt2fMi which w*s deolued forfeited to
the crown at the Tax Bale bold lu the city of
Nelson on the Sth dav Of November, llKlfi, for delinquent taxes up till Junrt 'MXh. lUUfi, und obeli,
Tbo upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Inch-idea the amount of deUmiuenl (axes
and cost" al the time of forfeiture, will. Interesi;
taxei which have llnoe accrued; and foe for
crown grant, 1* 968.05- which Is tho leant amount
ihat will be considered as _ lender.
Bach lender must  he accompanied  bj an accepted obeque, parable to the order of the Deputy Commlulonor Of  Land-, and  Works, al pat at
Victoria) B. 0 . for the amount tendered.
Oqyernment Agent, Nelson, n. 0,
Datod at Nelson, B. .:, thi*- i-_t li
dav of Beptember, 1006.
Certificate of Improvements
"Eniipso Ko, 2," "Ve-vey," "Happy Medium,"
"International" and "_. tu [fractional" mineral claims, iltuated in the Blooan Ciiy Mining
DIvlHlnn Ol West Koolenay disiriei.
Where loenied:- North of 'twelve Mile creek,
Tulic notice lhat I, II. It. Joriuul, of Hloean, H.
C., Krce Miner'K erlifleate No. B7B0OO. as agent
forL. ..Colo, Preo Miner's Certificate No. i.-kn,
inlcnd, sixty days fr.un lhe dale hereof, lo tinp y
to tin- Minim Kecor.liT for u CertificateoTlm-
provementii for lbe purpose ofobtatnlng a Crown
(ir.uit oi ��id minora] elainiH
And further tnka   notlco that action, nn or
Beotlon *J7, must h_ eommohued bi'foro the luu-
iince of BUeh Cortldeftto of Improvements.
Dated ihis 20th day of September, iumj.
U. tt. JORAND.
Under and bf virtue ol the power of sate con-
tiilne.t lu a ccrtiilti Indent.ircof MmU'iiii-', which
will he pnul need al the I line of Mile, there will ho
old on Friday, Ootober 6th, 1'Jnfi, ai 18o(eloek
noon, by Chai, a. Waterman A Co., anottoneeri,
nl Slrail.eoiut Hotel, iu the cftv of Nelsou, hi the
iTiiviiicc of Hriiiab Columbia, the lollowlng
lauds and preinlses, nnuielv:
Loll 1, IU, U, '22, and *-'.(, In Rlock 3. Addition
"A," in the Hm, In i-i,,i! nl nistrict I.ol ir-JI, 1 irouti
1, vv. ,,1 Dlvlitonof the Kootenay Dlitrlet, aeoorn-
(UK to 11 in -if ��� nr p'nn of the Hind Huhdlvlsloii deposited iu the iniiii Reglitry OfDeoami numbered 849,
Uii 1 ii vacant. <>n i.ois 30 SS there ii gald to
la- a two-Ktory Frame Dwelling, alio �� Frame
Terms and coudltloiin of sale will lie made
known ul the lime of sate,
Km further particular! apply to
Vendor's Hollcltors, llaitlngi Ht.,
,.      ,   , Vnneouver, B. t'.
Daied this 16th day of September, 1006,
lenders will he received up lo October 11), 11XKV,
for ihi* oonlliination of the Highlander tumid
at Alnsworth, Hritish Columbia, foi a distance
Of 1.000 loot. Tunnel to bea eroascut nttd seven
and one half hy II vo aud one ball feel In the
clear. I he luinicl Is now in J.iiuii teei. Pipe and
rails will  )h' fiiniished by lho company.   An
power with 7.r> ii.s, prcs-ture available Coutrno-
torn bidding must giro iltlifaotnry assuranees
of the comidetlon of coiurni't. fildl may Ik. for
oltlutr hand or maohino work. Pull particulars
upon application,   The lowest or any tender not
1 cssanly accepted,   tlronud may be Inspected.
1. M. Kteveiisou, Milliliter.
Ainswmlh, II, f. MO
ANHEUSER    ���AND ���E v*1���*1-
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON       8"'- Ai_r_S,_?_frtttah    VICTORIA
Silver King Hotel
Beat Dollar a day house in the Kooteuays.
Boom,��re wellf-ml,---.   Table ai good il .bj
id Neliou.    Bar >ut,plied with good
llonon and outart.
W. K. McCANDI^SH, Proprietor.
The Musical Treat of the Season! 1
The Chicago
1 Concert and
Orchestra Co*
Under the Auspices of Nelson _ 20,000 Club
Tremont House
Ktiropoon tod American Plan
Motll 36 oU.   Boomi frnm 25 oil. to 11
Only White Kelp Kuployed.
Baker St., NhImq f roprietore
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House ia Nelson.
The Bar 1. the Fl-isul.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeephlne St.
The Big Schooner p_._.�� 1 A/��
Or "H-If-__dHasT'    DCCl    lUC*
The only Glaus of Oood Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel tu's'issiisii'ssliitlssii,. M'i'sisssI to none In Brlt-
1.1s Columbia. k-lo.fl.Uupertlay. -pedal rate,
to monthly boarders.. Only borne hotel ln NeLon
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   WW     J*      WW     DfDT_
and examine our list.   Ot   Ob*   JLTJL*   OKm\\JL*9
riNsuwANCE!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company. Ltd.
Nelson, B. C.
Oldest entabllnbed Real Estate
Btuines- ln Kootenay.
Lake View Hotel
(.ornf-r Hall anil Veroon,
two blocks from wharf.
KiiU-f 11.00 per day aod up.
P. O. Box IM. fJVT C/}W    R   f
Telephone 118. iVi__UJiyiY/   Dm *U#
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Bample and Batb Koomi free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
T^ Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Actes
of the
Choicest Ff��tt Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get thc ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Oood   Sample    Room*.
Queen _ Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Eteotrioit; untl
Heated by Hot Air
I strisr and Comfortable Bedroome and Pint.
.i,._ ''siting Room,  -ample Room, lor Cotnmer
SSlAl   JS,'SS.
visa   K   0. CT.ARK-, Froprletrea,
GV_ /"Yl/C The well known
iCJVIl Suburban
(or Kootenay Landing, Hain Line Connection Orow'it Ni-st Bonte.
TT^**|^p*i*yT       Our BeerGarden is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
October \ 2th
Rates tl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder..
Wbnleiale and Retail sDeelen ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Cituipa -supplied ou shnrtoBfc notice and
lowi-Mt price, NothiDf; but fresh and
wholefwino uieatH nnd KiippUw kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
for Kaslo aud Intermediate Points
to Lardo and Trout Lake.
For time tables, rates, berth reservations for lioiits. standard or tourist
sleepers, apply to local agents or write.
A.U.F.A.,Vancouver. D.P.A., Nelxon
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Hull' Hpi'tit for the Porto Hlro Lumber Co., I,ld., ���
retail jhhIh.   KoiikIi hikI dro^aud IiuuIkt, ttirneil
work iiiul bntcke-tN, i'ukhi itttli nud HlilngleH, Mish i
nml d-Kim.    (Vincut, hrii'k and Hint] for hbIo   '
Autoiiiiuh* trrhntcr.
Yard ano factory: Vnriimif-U.. OHitof Hall,
NHI.MON,   1.4. C
P O. BOX ��!, Tulcphooo 178.
A. McDonald &Ca
Dealers in staple and fanoy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp nnd Miners' Supplies.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters anil Dialers ln
.Coal anil Woo..   Express and
hugftniro Tnuisler
SWK5*iB  Office: Baker St.
Thorpe _ Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Thlrty-iecoB- Anntul Coorei-oa
American Bankers'
St. Lotas, Ho., Oct. 16-19.1906
Round trip rates to St. Louis
and Chicago on gale October
12th to 13th.
St. LouU   foO.OO
Chicago  64.00
Going transit limit ten daya
from date of Bale. Final return
limit November 30th, 1906.
Found Trip Rates to Southern
In effect October 2&th, 1006, on
aale dally, limited to 3 months
from date of sale.
os Angeles and Santa Harbara.   StS.eO
Pasadena ,  m.so
Santa Monica  8o.30
Riverside und Hau Barnard ino   .. a��.i0
Bedlunds  t9*70
For Further Information Apply to
City Passenger Agent.
A U. P. A., Seattle.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use^at. this      ;
aoopa eALLBO por
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
For Ererything Good
to Smoke.
Imported ud Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know .--num. Special Hlxtwt?
BAKES ST. '���:
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good Investment put your
money Into a Diamond. Now is the time before the price gets higher.
Our selection of stones is the best.
The Daily Canadian
MAJf-.AOT.T_NQ JEW-I.1.KR 7���
"The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream,
Book Ahead For!
Preserving Pears:
Tho right kind axe Boaroo,   \v<
have n nice lot of  local Hurtle! I.,
aud Flemish Beauties to Brrive,
Lowest market prices guaranteed.
Phone 86. Baker St.
Bell Trading:
Gait Coal
Term* Spot V&th
Telephone ��& Baker Htreet
Ci)i-. Vernon und Ward Streets,
J  FRED HUMK, Proprietor,
H. Olegerioh) Kuslo; D. Morrison nud
wife, Eholt j Lewis Hand, Three Forks;
D. Arnot, Slocum; C. E. MoKoen and
wife, Quebeo; W. B. Hudson, EJrie; Mrs.
E. Emerson, Orient; F. C. Fnenhain,
Balmo; Oharles Dickson, Kuslo; E. G.
Richardson, J. G. Wilson. Vancouver;
W. T. Cl-oate, Eholt; .T. K. Jackson,
E. Jacobs, Victoria; C. Dempster, L. A.
Campbell, Rossland; L. o. Genest, Winnipeg; W. J. C(X), Oalgary; E A. Cunningham, Lethbrldge; Jos, Griffin, St.
Louis; K. C. Burnet, wife and family, R.
Bowman, F. Whighte, M. 0. MoBratney,
Vanoouver; Fred Sppers and wife, J. 0.
Ryan, Kaslo; Mr. and Mrs. Brt.*r_in, Cal-
gtiry; K, C. Murdock, Montreal; J, G.
Conner, E. E Hanson, London.
J. Hoyuid, Rossland; J. R. Cranston,
Hall Biding; Wilson Kendall, A. Lawrence Spokane.
Mra, B, M Silver, West Rolwon; C. 0.
Vanoamp, M. MoAnley, Erie; Gus.
Schwlnke, -Salmo, G. G. Moir, Winnipeg;
P. Campbell, Ymir; D. R. Brookmau,
Lee R. Seli-en, Spokane; W. Beveridge,
Vancouver; .T. Culhatie, Halcyon; A.
Stuart. J, McDonald, Phoenix; H. Wart,
P. Mclntyre, Creston.
W. J. McGregor, 0. C. Mcintosh, Rossland; J. R. Norton, R, Thorjx*, Meyer's
Falls S Taylor and wile, Cranbrook; P.
Hope, P. Genelle. Cascade; J. D, Hons-
berger, Rossland; T.J.Graham, West-
ley; J. Williams, S. H. Logg, D. Dwyer,
J. Grant,  G.  "Weaver, Regina; J.  0.
OompbeU, R. Elliot, E Elliot, Cranbrook;
G. Smith, Creston.
J, Diote, Central mine; W. R. Graves,
A. Barber, J. Skelton, England; A. Hay-
den, W, Hayden, P. E. I.; A. Johnson,
W. Sutherland, Qerrard - B, Bhary, Phoenix; B. Hampten, Ponoka. .-���*��_    _Z��Ma\\
W, H. McLean left for Spokane this
morning ami will spend a lew days at
the Interstate fa*tr.
C. E. Henderson is in the city, looking alter the Interests of the Canadian
Gazetteer. The next issue ol' Uie Gazetteer win appear next February.
The teachers anil pupils of the public and high schools arc preparing for
the annual field day on October 18. It
is not likely that a concert In the evening will be attempted.
The attendance of spectators In the
court house ls still considerable, indicating either very keen public interest j
in forest fires and responsibility for I
them, or a chronic and epidemic disinclination to work among some classes
of Nelsonltes.
The cricket club's flannel dance on
the evening of Thanksgiving day is going to be one of the social events of
the year. Cricketers are always enthusiasts uud are never content with
half measures. Irwin's orchestra Is
engaged, the armoury will be decorated as never before, and the reception
committee will be there for use not
Edward Brown, who was operated
upon Tuesday for appendicitis, died at
8:20 this morning. Deceased was I.S
years of age and was born at Blenheim, Ont. He had lived in Nelson for
a number of years and was held in
high esteem by a large circle of ac-
Quaintances. The funeral will take
place Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
with Masonic honors, and will be conducted" by Rev. R.  Newton Powell.
In the program to he given by the
Philharmonic Concert company of Chicago, we are going to have a touch of
grand opera, when Miss Fanny Ferguson will sing "Elsa'fl Dream," from
Wagner's "Lohengrin." perhaps the
most wonderful aria ever written.
This number is especially fitted for
this beautiful singer, since she does
not only sing tbe pari but looks it as
well. It was this song that won for
Miss Ferguson the diamond medal of
the Chicago Musical college.
Another good house greeted the Sutton company last evening, when
"Triss, or the Struggle for Gold" was
presented. The performance was
equal lo any of the former ones given
by this company during its engagement in Nelson, and the specialties
wore novel and entertaining. Tonight
the "Siege of the Alamo" will be giv
en, wiih specialties between Ihe acts.
Friday evening a "Husband for Sale"
will be the bill; Saturday matinee,
Family Affair," and the company will
conclude its engagement Saturday
evening  with   "A Ragged   Hero."
German Dill, per quart 25c
Sweet Gherkins ** 50c
Giant Olives, per pint 40c
Have just received a new ship-
ment of Swiss Cheese and
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Cm Am Benedict
Comer Silica and Josephine Sts.
PHONB   7.
Watches! Watches!
are malting every 0-ort        eac   we
requirements of railroad  men
1 T_l.phon�� 333.
u    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Hlieciiuctal Work, Castings, Builders' Material and Mining and Mill Machinery
The Store of Quality
40 Cents pet Pound
In order to clear ont this line
we are reducing the price to
40c. We only hnve a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
SVA^r*.*   IN ItL'VINfl   ~��
��� ��� ��� ���
Yon consider QUALITY first, und then
PRICE. Yssu look for tbe lino thnt will
give the BEST RESULTS, ansl then of course
you will buy that line where you ran get
ths' befit price ou it.
marks tlie highest point that baa yet been
reached in Oarban Paper or Ribbon
QUALITY. As to pridS" they don't cost as
much as -some other brands that are no
bettor, if ns pood.
"Ideal" Carbon Pipers cost $3.75 per
box (100 sheets).
" Ideal" Ribbons cost 51.00 each or
$10.00 per dozen.
We also have a really pond Carbon
Paper for $2.25 a box. Special price ou
Our "Quaker" Stenop. Note Book at
$1.45 per dozen is a favorite with stenographers.
NOTE���We can supply any make of Carbon Paper or Ribbons* on the market.
W. G# Thomson
Zg88S__��* "n<1 Nelson, B. C.
Phones ���4.
Canada Drug t Book Co's
....Gash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froft, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Phons  304.
Ofllce and Worku Foot of Park St.
Kootenay Agents
R. A.Rogers & Co.
Limited. Winnipeg.
\Vlic>i��-*��Hi Pro��'i��ion��,
Product;, - fruit.
Dominion (.overnins'ut OrefltnorT une Pinmsl Itris-ks reoelv-d weekly fresh
from tin' churn.   Kor wil.' by sill leading gtooera.
OHice and warehouse: Honiton Block,   Phono 711.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -       Nelson, B. C.
Deliveries mnde daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone 148.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Victoria, 1st October, PJ00.
Pertoai intending to offer thanuelvai h' the
examination' to he held this tail, fur Provincial
Aiteyere, nte reqnuted to notify tba anCeteign'
ed, and in the event of a sufficient number offer-
iiir, an L'xnmituition win u* arranged ior nl
I well as at Victoria, B. ('.
Deputy MiniMer of Mines,
Nelson, B.'(,',
-low   Ahout   Your
Guns and
Wf* hnve Kley'a, Kynock's, Winchester, nnd Copswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Don't Forget
I. your furnace In -hap- to .tart the winter with?    If   not,   NOW
li the time to have It repaired.
J. E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responsible for any furnace not in shapr
by October 1st, 190C.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Uox G31      Nelson,
r~^~"*~>~~~B. A. ISAAC R. w. HINTON ~-~~v^va
���"���swag Mfi,^".ficfi5rs��5S,T.^ Dias__ ��h- ���*���
'Jornor nl Hull and
From streets.
_ - f/lt Sift l/ll/i!    .
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder.; will find it to their advantage to une our Filch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Hat tbe firin its nerved RtonrBottftFountiUJi
hao toolo properties bettdei relreehUigT
We nie only rt*ni frait tyrant ut the finest
quality Foil in mil. L'otintiT, glMMI and
r0C6pttdQI art   kej't  s'TupuI'mr-,!}* ci.an.
ST.. R
BfHHMHN, Mill Hand:
hImi    hllRitK-IT
Cranbrook, ti. t
pt, tor w-irk lu tlit*
Ite. gawmlll, Kaalo,
HTKN-lKiKAi'Hi.H toi p<
*���"  ��� witii employer'
sdian i,m��-f,
Put up in2Ib. Tins
35 cents.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZE-)....$6,000,000, CAPITAL PAID UP... H,3K0,u00
KEST 14,380,000.
D. K. WILKIE, PresidHnt. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vico-Prraident
We Wm Sell
500 International Coal
tO Marconi, Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay.Ice
Telephone -v>
P. o. Boi 17:.
- $2.75
- 9 I-2c
Telophoui) 181.
roodi.  Ajijiiy
----- -..ml U)L'Kiii(fC(,iitrH(t��lr>.
"atubun Wunbcr Oo., oeai
MKl.i' lor bouee on Obeervatorjrstreet,
family uf two; do cbildren; can ileep ��i bome
U preferred. AjiplyMn Hurt,QneeoiHotel
HOAItl) *M�� KOOM f.trmit'ortM
doors eaat of Club Hotel,
Apply }<ux til3.
Apply two
OIRL.    Five   I'liildrcii.
MART BOYS, good wngea.   Apply
next Royal hotel BO
ten) on Stanley lUeoi
uile jut dozen.
One Week
Commencing Monday, Oct. 1
Sutton's Big Show
30 People 30
TlsurHdRj-"TheSelgeo' ti.e AImih..."���
Htrsss'l isarissk' slisily.
I'rls'es. 26n, sWss ausl 700,     Hs-tslfs ssls ssalss Hsstssrslssv
Ht Histtis-rfsirsl'ii.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or nnil anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese (lositls now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware ln slock. Prt-
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowod at current rates from slate of opening account aud credited half-yearly.
ixblsoiv brainch J.   1VI.   LAY,  Manager.
Our Piano Tuner,
Mr. James R. Mair,
Is in Town
McDermid & MchUtdy
j Just Arrived!
A large consigu-
nieut of
All Sizes nnd Lowest Prices
,vM,^fii,i *^X|,"/"fT"t;v r ,'*c""''ro s'r"��� ��� ���''u"''  H'''y"iv'v'~' ' yy^
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Two Oottagea ou Mill street, completely famished,   Ten minutes postoffloe.
Price oom pie te |1800.
ClottagO on Silica street, olose in, nil mortom coiiveilieiines.    Price $!��K).(10.
Bauy tonus.
Oottege on Mill street, flue location.    Everything about tbe place is rtriotly
up-to-diiU1,    .Pniit treos.   Coal shed.   Price $1*800.   Gun (jive terms.
2-1 Kuod city lots for sale.     Price per lot $!M.O0.
TOYE & CO., SSffi
MANUFACTURERS   T  ..mt._     Qf_��__��__
AND DEALERS IN   LfSmtetf  ODltigleSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Bracket.). Mail Orders iimni|itly attended to.
VKHINON BTRBBT  -  ���   -   NBI.-ON, H. O.
Our stock of HANI)  SAWS is  very  oomplfltB.,
includiuK itrndes to suit sill rcjuirumcntH.
If you wish n low priced saw we can supply you.   We-
also carry the best siualities nutde by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y. Ltd
' I llll���I


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