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The Daily Canadian Jan 25, 1907

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Array 5-Wltj Canadian
le Conservatives Sure
of Election
Fifty Cbnts a Month
..did Reception Accorded Tatlow,
twscr and Dr. Rowe���Finance
Minister on Slander
snivor, Jan. 24��� Last night's
ssi'cling rinully buried Molnnes
In r<> Keports from all parts
I'ssvince are to tlie same effect.
��" aptly described laat night's
uf the thinking people ot llrll-
imbla in Iho present election.
.. supporting tlie McHrlde gov-
il," lie said, "because 1 want to
- iirovlnoo run from the inside.
'h'   Dominion government goes
 king at the doors and ring-
ti lis of provinces for favors of
iiissi ss   it is time to put a man
: .nth a loaded gun.
- 'tils attempt to break Into the
ai  -storehouse  for the   purpose
si.Iiik a railway corporation that
it.-sli Columbia public resents.
Is tis'cause Mclnnes and Mac-
are parties to that attempt, and
nly ������riving from inside to aid
ssili of the federal government
Grand Trunk Pacific that they
x'riflced any chance of securing
|li- ins ii who would betray the gar's throwing open the gates tothe
in mil likely to have any large
. si a politic community."
s" r made the Bpcech of the eve-
sii'I the applause which greeted
ts rnnces Indicate the failure of
" rats io Injure his personal cam-
in the city.
ii-sked for a renewal of public
in*'' for Ihe McUride ailmiiilatra-
is lis record. He briefly re-
the financial work of the gov-
' :snd pointed out that by Its
three surpluses had been pre-
io Ihe province during Its term
I'll" Instead of the deficits which
I.uss, i,.rlr.ed Ihe previous 17 years
ImlulBtration in British Columbia.
ibis government had been given to
���"intry and the confidence of cap-
n it as a place for investment had
"���fused lo Indulge in the promise
ng si|>ps'u)s of Mclnnes and Mac-
11,   and    quoted   from   the   utter-
a nl these gentlemen to show they
simply   attempting  to film  flam
lieople on tho eve of an election.
Jposed the Impossibility of Mac-
lil  carrying   Into   effect   his   pro-
si'"   in favor of the working peo-
>li<h he painted In such glowing
- "ii the platform and after prov-
tl" lonnectlon between the local
'   following  of   Mr.   Mclnnos   and
| Moral administration, he Bhowed
usuild result lo this province by
|liis! such :i man as the ex-governor
awson In power.
Uow said  ln  part, "Wc  promised
In when It  wns iiosslble to do so,
|w.siiM reduce the taxes of the peo-
."ii). and In a measure we have
ily done so.
 t the charge that the C. P. R.
the government $760,000 ln taxes,
"f Ihe lines of the C. P. R��� the
i bla H  Western  and Hritish   Co-
11'.i  Southern,  received land  subst-
1* 'in this province long before we
Inlo power.   A condition of these
i wns in one case no taxes were
collected for 10 years after the
ng nt the grant, and In the other
that   the landB  wero  not to  be
I '111 tliey were    alienated by the
"*  s'fimpany or used by it.
"w In thc case of the Columbia &
'in. two, three and four years will
before the land Is taxable.    In
"her case, the land Is not taxable
|H Is alienated or made use of by
railway and It has been provided
I " It Is sold, the terms of sale must
-easonable. 'There is not a dollar
'*-'   io   Itritish   Columbia   by   the
I'lian Pacific Railway.
Iliiss. chnrges that taxes are owed
fhe C. p. R. aro made In the hope
by branding us with the C. P. R.
' lhe electors may be made to be-
that the C. P. R. Is behind us in
'lection. 1 want to say from this
If'irni lonlght, that the McBride gov-
Tnent has never received, nor does
rvpr  expect   to receive, one dollar
f 'he C. P. R.   I wonder If the on-
limn can say the same of their deal-
w��h the Grand Trunk Pacific."
���e only reference made at the meet-
'""Ight to the corruption charges
made agalnBt Mr. (ireen In connection
with tho Telqua Valley lands was re-
coivetf with tremendous applause by
the audience, showing lhat those present, were well content to await the ex-
planation of Mr. Green and nny statement which the government will make
afler hearing from the alleged beneficiary of Caron.
Tatlow said, *'I want to say one word
to you tonight about the charge made
agalnBt R. F. Green, former chief commissioner of Lands und Works, by the
Victoria Times and The Vancouver
World on Tuesday ovening. In so far
as there charges are made against Mr.
Green personally, he is quite capable
of answering them, and when he Is In
a position to do so, I have no doubt
will answer them. (Applause) I wired
about the matter lo Mr. Green at Kaslo
but I have received advice from the
C. P. R. telegraph office that he Is not
at Kaslo, but at Trout Lake, and as
the wires were down between Kaslo
aad Trout Lake, my message waB undelivered aud I do nol suppose that at
this time Mr. Green knows of these
"I ask you to wait for a few days
till Mr. Green Ib heard from. But I
promise you this���I promise you that
when his explanation comeB, and when
within the next two or three days
thereafter you receive ours, you will be
perfectly satisfied that not only has
this government not received anything
from thc company referred to, but that
not one acre of public domain has been
given to Uiis compapny in that connection."
Real   Issue la Autocracy Agalnat Self-
Government���Strength of Clericals
and Socialists.
Berlin, Jnn. 25.���The voting in Ihe
reichstag elections began today. Emperor William called upon the chancellor, Prince Von Buelow during the
morning, after which the chancellor
drove to the polling place and voted.
There was no disorder.
The general election, precipitated by
the action of the kaiser ln summarily
dismissing tbe reichstag after Its refusal to pass the measure which Involved a large rvote In the Interests of
his colonial policy, has aroused more
popular Interest than has any similar
contest since the foundation of the empire In 1871. The nominal Issues of colonial maladministration and German
military prestige bave been lost Bight
of by the people. In the opinion of the
average elector the real Issue at stake
is whether the emperor is going to lead
the nation or the nation Ib to rule It-
The real duel Is between the government aud the Centre and will only
occur when the new reichstag meets.
If, as anticipated, the Centre, which
commands three oul of the eleven million votes composing the imperial electorate, returns with undiminished numbers and becomes allied with the Social Democrats, it will be strong enough
at any time to upset the governmenl.
If on the other hand. It returns weakened, it is expected that a period of
reaction against the autocracy will set
In, which will only accentuate Ihe
feeling of pessimism In the empire, arising chiefly from discontent with the
heavy pressure of taxation and the
agrarian tariff policy. Consequently,
whatever Ihe result of the elections,
grave dangers and a new and much
more Berlous crisis threaten the empire's domestic peace.
A prominent feature of the Bltuation
In the popular resentment thai the 11-
tramonlanes. who acknowledge the Vatican's Biipreme rulo. are able to exercise a carting vote In questions of national Importance, thereby forcing a
dissolution. The Moderates and Fr��
grcsslsts havo combined to tennlna e
the Ultramontane power, bul tne ���
tramontanes are confident of undtato-
ished success in tomorrow s elections.
The Roman Catholic populatIon of
Southern Germany assures a ���n���
tion approximately of the present numerical strength of the party.
Assassin of William Whltely Still Liv
In-g and May Recover.
London, Jan. 85.-T"he police-have
Identified the murderer ol William
Whltely, the aged merchant who was
shot yesterday, as Horace Ototsem ���*���*
ner. He Is supposed to have been a
schoolmaster but recently was employ
ed and lived In a cheap hotel nt Bloom*
bury. He told the proprietor of
place that he was thc son of a.wealthy
I_ndon business man, haling i ora
Yorkshire, from which part of the con-
try tho late Mr. Whltely came. Tha
murderer was operated upon this '�����'*'
ing, hlB injured eye wna removed ano
the bullet which he fired Inlo his rate-
head was extracted. The doctor believes he will recover. The motive lor
the crime la still a mystery.
Railway Companies Owning Goal Nines
Report of   Inter-State   Commerce
Commission Contains Drastic
Washington. Jan. 25.���The Interstate
commerce commission today transmitted to congress its first re|iort on lis
investigation of discriminations and
monopolies under the Joint resolution
of congress of March 7, 1906, known as
thc Tillman-Gillespie resolution. The
ivpnit deals with the bituminous coal
district, bounded on the west by the
Ohio river and interior, on tlie south
by the Norfolk & Weslern railway, ou
the north by Canada, and on the east
by the Atlantic seaboard. The roads
involved are the Norfolk & Western,
Chesapeake & Ohio, I). & O., Pennsylvania. Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg,
Beech Creek division of the New York
Central & Hudson River, the Pittsburg
& Shawmul, Buffalo & Susquehanna,
and Western Virginia Central & Pitts-
burg, now the West Maryland.
The report Bays that all the above
companies own, directly or by stock interest In other companies, large interests In coal isnds. The report is practically a summary of the Information
gleaned as a result of the investigation
thus far made, together with tlie presentation of facts pertinent to the general inquiry. The reiiort concludes
wllh these recommendations for legislative action:
First���Thnt every common carrier
engaged In Interstate car distribution
put Inlo effect upon its railway and
the several divisions thereof, rules
showing how the equipment for coal
service ls divided between the several
divisions of its road and how the same
in times when the supply of equipment
does not equal the demand is divided
among the several mining operations
along each road*, and that the carrier
lurther be required to publish at stated
periods, and a t each divisional headquarters upon Its line of road, the system of car distribution In effect, and
the actual distribution made to each
mining oiieratlon under such system.
Second���Tbat where the capacity of
the mines is the basis for the distribution of equipment, a fair, just and
equitable rating of the mines be required and that provisions be made for
the representation of owners of the
mines at the rating thereof.
Third���That after a reasonable time
carriers engaged In Interstate commerce be prohibited from using individual or privato cars for the handling of
coal traffic.
Fourth���That carriers engaged in interstate commerce bo forbidden after
reasonable time to own or have interest directly or indirectly In any operated coal properties except such as are
exclusively for their own fuel supply,
and that ownership either directly or
indirectly by officers or employees of
common carriers of any coal properties or any of the stock of coel companies along the line or road by which
tliey are employed, be forbidden.
Jury in Thaw    Murder   Cas? May Be
Completed by Monday.
New York, Jan. 26.���District Attorney Jerome and the counsel for the defence in lhe trial of Hatty K. Thaw all
express themselves as gratified at lhe
progress being made in lhe selection
of the Jury. Five men wero in the box
when the court adjourned yesterday,
and, as Ihe examination of jurors so
far developed, is not nearly so aeyere
as was expected, the prospects are
gosiil that the additional jurymen will
be obtained today. Some of those connected with the caso predict that thc
jury will be completed by Monday
night and that tho trial proper will begin on Tuesday. Thaw himself took
more Interest In the proceedings yesterday and two additional jurors would
have been secured had lt not been for
His interference. A talesman had
moved acceptable to the district attorney and to Clifford Harbrldge, lead
ing counsel for Thaw, when there was
a sudden gathering of heads over the
table at the end of which was Harry
Thaw. The juror was about to be
sworn when this occurred, and Mr.
Harbrldge stopped proceedings to hear
what Tha whad to say. When the conference ended the prospective Juror
was challenged for cause. The proceeding happened a Becond time during
the day.
Thaw again objected lo a talesman
who was acceptable to cunsel. Thaw
seemed pleased with the day's work.
Ab he entered the Tombs he aald to
the keejier, "We got three ln the laat
half hour (meaning Jurorsl. and they
are good men, too, I think." The dlatrlct attorney kept np hla hammering
on the "unwritten law," and a possible
deviation from the written law governing the criminally Insane. Yeesterday
afternoon he added another feature to
his plan of examination, asking the
talesmen If they were capable of withstanding appeals to their own emotions
and feelings, and whether they thought
they could pass on the prisoner's case
coldly and calmly, according to the Instructions In the law they would receive from the Judge. This was taken
as a sign of the district, attorney's anus i|iution of the promised appeal from
M. Delphaa, of counsel for the defence.
Preparations for    Withdrawal    of   All
Ruaaiana From Manchuria.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 25.���The Russian government has decided to withdraw Its troops from Manchuria immediately Instead of waiting the date,
April 16, fixed by the Russo-Japanese
agreement. The governments of China
and Japan have been notified of the
decision and of the steps already taken
by the Russians, assuring tbe completion of the evacuation at an early date.
Overwhelming    Majority    of    British
Workmen Against It
Belfast, Jan. 25.���The labor conference today overwhelmingly rejected the
proposal lo transform the party Into
an avowedly Socialistic organisation.
The opponents of the proposition declared that it would create Irreparable
dlsBension, as the trade unionists were
opposed to pledging themselves to
Enthusiastic Reception of Conservative
Candidate in Big Eaat Kootenay
(Special to The Daily  Canadian.)
Moyie, Jan. 24.���McGregor hall was
packed to the doors last night to listen
to J. A. Harvey, the Conservative candidate, discuss the issues of the campaign. H1b address to the people
showed that he Is a thinker and a convincing speaker more than a magnetic
orator; self-controlled, a fearless truth
leller, and sincere. He was pleased
to have Kelly, the Labor candidate, on
the platform with him, as throughout
the campaign he had found him a fair
opponent and a gentleman. He had
Utile fault lo find with the Labor plat
form, and said it was similar in moat
respects to the one he was running on.
But British Columbia needed both capital and labor and the legislation for
one needed to be as well safeguarded,
as for Ihe other, and the two must
work In harmony to bring about the
best results for the province. He pointed to the excellent record made by
the McBride government, and gave
ample reason why It should bo re
turned. There was no doubt In his
mind about the government being sustained, and in view of this the Cranbrook riding should have a government
member in the legislature. Mr. Harvey was at his best and he did effective work. His remarks were punctuated throughout with hearty applause.
Thos. E. Kelly, the Labor candidate,
spoke for almoBt 40 minutes. He fell
lhat labor was entitled to representation and he thought tho arfalrB of the
district woqld be safe in his hands. If
elected. He read his platform and said
he would stay by it, and further that
he would not affiliate with any of the
political parties that have been, or may
he. represented in the house.
Thos. Caven made* a few happy remarks and made It plain why he was
supporting Mr. Harvey. He , also
pointed to the fact that lt was Impossible to defeat a government which
had brought ahout such prosperity.
Mr. A. P. Macdonald waB chairman of
the meeting.
Relief From Japan.
Tacoma, Jan. 25.���Several cargoes of
ooal shipped from Japan will be received at Puget Sound within the next
week to help relieve the fuel famine.
Liberal Candidate Sold to
Admit Defeat
Opposition Chiefs Angry and Divided
Over Conduct of Campaign���
Angers a Failure
(Special to Tbe Dally Canadian.)
Cranbrook, Jan. 25.���The fact paten!
to every man of the three parties now
in the field for the Cranbrook division
ls that the widest possible line of cleavage exists between the Labor party and
those supporting Dr. King. This can
be attributed to the utter want of tact
of our present representative ln hia
speeches in Cranbrook, Port Steele and
other places and the still more glaring
Indiscretions and stupidities of his
spellbinders. Angers especially, and the
mouthtnga 'of his rooters around the
saloons and street corners. Dr. King
personally admits the hopelessness of
his campaign, and when this is backed
np by a like admission from the man
who haa the largest personal issue ln
the fight, lt Ib no betrayal of confidence to give the public the benefit ot
this absolutely uncontrovertible Information.
It was hoped that by securing Angers
as a stumper and general booster the
vote of the French-Canadian lumbermen would be secured. Angers has
proved as great a failure aa Mclnnea
and so far from securing the labor vote
he waa booted and ridiculed at the labor meeting here last evening. An absolute riot has broken out in the King
camp. The Llberala recognise that
their organisation has fallen Into the
wrong hands and that a whirlwind of
talk In the opening of the fight was
merely "sound and fury, signifying
nothing." The moral of the political
situation here may be summed up In
the expression, "King Is out of IL"
This may be attempted to be refuted
as a campaign lie, but those In the Inside of the Liberal camp here know Its
truth In all IU bitterness and tbat bitterness is not soothed by the internecine warfare among the Liberal chiefs
who, liiidlng the set of public opinion
against their man, are squabbling
among themselves as to who fs to
1,1am i Ior the Impending catastrophe.
PROVED AT ��75,000,000.
Estimated Value of Estate of the Lata
Marshall Field.
Chicago, Jan. 25.���The executors of
the estate of Marshall Field yesterday
filed in the probate court their Inventory of the estate. No statement is
given showing the present cash value
of the securities. It ts Impossible,
therefore, to make an estimate of the
value of the estate from the inventory,
but counsel for the executors place the
total value ot the property, described
In the inventory, at $75,000,000.
Company Flourishing.
At the annual general meeting ot the
NelBon Brewing Co., Ltd., held yesterday afternoon, the manager, William
Gosnell, presented a statement upon
the affairs of the company's business
here as well as at Princeton, where
there Is a branch establishment. The
report was adopted and a dividend of
10 per cent, was declared. The following officers were then elected for the
ensuing year:
President, J. J. Malone; vice president, Aug. Thomas; secretary, J. M.
Lay, auditor, E. K. Beeston. The directors for the year are: Manager \V.
Gosnell, W. R. Thompson, J. Blombcrg,
C. Walnisley and L. P. Nelaon.
Burns' Night at the Theatre.
Tonight being Burns' night th eSurn-
mers Stock company are presenting an
appropriate bill in J- M. Barrle's great
comedy success, "The Little Minister."
in which Mr. Summers will be seen
iu his favorite role, Thomas McLain
mand. Special scenery Is carried by
the company tor this production and Is
correct In every detail. The company
are making themselves favorites In
Nelson by the clean, up-to-date performances they are giving and by the
promptitude with which they are carried out.   Tomonow,   the last day of
their engagement, they will give two
performances; matinee at 2:30, when
they will present by special request the
screaming farce-comedy "Because She
Loved Him Bo," In which the company
made such a decided hit on Wednesday
evening. Tomorrow evening tbey will
close with "The Plunger."
Following Lead of Franca Against tha
Church of Roma.
Madrid, Jan. 25.���The cabinet haa resigned aa a result of dissensions between the Liberals and the radicals.
King Alfonao la consulting withe the
political leaders wltb regard to the for
illation of a new ministry. The present
cabinet of Spain waa formed on December 4 last For some time there
have been Indications that lt would not
laat long. The principal point at laaue
Is the proposed anti-clerical aasocta-
tlona law, similar to the French law.
King Alfonso ia understood to have
decided that unless the Marquis de Ar
mijo ls unable to reform the cabinet,
which resigned yesterday afternoon, he
will call the Conservatives to power.
Rone, aJn. 26.���The tall of the Spanish cabinet caused satisfaction at the
vallcan, where it is considered that the
return to power of the Conservatives
will mean the abandonment of the anti-clerical programme In Spain.
Children Suffocated.
Johnstown, Ja, Jan. 26.���Two children, John Machak, three yeara old,
and Mary Machak, five yeara old, were
suffocated during a fire last night as
they lay ln bed, while their mother
was shopping.
After 17 Yeara, State of Minnesota la
Protesting Railroad Merger, and
Watered Stock.
St. Paul, Jan. 25.���Attorney General
Young today b?gan proceedings ln the
supreme court to compel the St. Paul,
Minneapolis & Manitoba Railroad company to show why Its charter should
not be forfeited. This company, formerly known as the Minnesota ft Pacific company, la really the parent of
tbe Great Northern Railway company
and the Great Northern to joined in
thla issue, as it ls the owner of the
Manitoba company stock. The complaint goes into alleged details connected with the forming ot the "merger"
known as the Great Northern Railroad
company. Mr. Young charges that the
St. Paul, Minneapolis ft Manitoba Railroad company since Its transfer to the
Great Northern on February 1, 1(80.
has ceased to perform the functions for
which It waa created. It ia charged.
Further, that in the alleged purehaae of
the property a large amount of watered
stock waa iaaued by the Great Northern
company.   Mr. Young continues:
"It seems that the Great Northern
company was created solely to make tt
noaslble to Inflate the capitalisation of
tbe system bv making a sale ot proper-
les to the Great Northern at a price
in excess of their value. It la eaay to
see why, under the circumstances, the
Great Northern company should pay a
premium of five million dollars In purchase of stock of the Manitoba company."
Klagaton Must Bear   Its   Own Loaa '
Stapa to Ralas Fund.
Kingston. Jamaica, Jan. 25.���There ls
great consternation here as a result of
a cablegram from London saying that
all the insurance companies decline 11-
ability for losses Incurred aa a result
of the earthquake and fire. Even the
maat sanguine say that this precludes
the possibility of rebuilding the city.
A committee of resident Americans,-
of which the United States consul, W
H. Orrett, la chairman, and C. S.
Chamberlain, secretary, haa been formed to solicit contribution funds to
make good tbe loasea sustained by
Americans here in the recent earthquake. It la requested that all remit
lances be sent to Mr. Orrett.
Spoliation Resisted.
St. Anne's, France, Jan. 25.���There
waa a fierce collision between 600
troops and the populace led by the Mar
quis Danglade, during the eviction of
the seminarists of SL Anne's, Duray.
The crowd cried. "Long live the Prussians." and during the fighting many
persons were Injured on both stdea.
The Marquis de Curverville knocked
oue the eye of a commlaaioner of police
with an unnibrella. The Marquis Danglade was arrested.
Watching tha Tariff.
Now York, Jan. 25.���At Its twenty-
second annual meeting yesterday the
American Protective Tariff League recorded Itself in favor of a dual tariff
provided that t he minimum tariff upon foreign products shall at all times
fully represent the difference ln the
coat of production of all nations which
discriminate agalnat the exports of the
United States. The officers elected
were: Prealndent, Chas. A. Moore; secretary and treasurer, Wilbur F. Wake-
Rest MeeiiBi ta Blstory
if Venn
Duncan Ross Had Eaoofh aad Did
Rot Appear���Price HHsoi's
Return It CwK*f-f_
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Vernon, Jut. 28.���Premier McBride
concluded hla tour of the interior by
addressing last night the largest, mr
lltlcal gathering ever seen in Vernon,
700 people being present Duncan Bon,
who received a severe defeat in hia attempt to face tho premier the previous
evening, did not appear. Dr. Macdonald ,the opposition candidate, was unsupported on the platform by any speaker for his side. Price Ellison and Macdonald had several little encounters ln
which Macdonald came ont second best
The premier reoelved a moat enthusiastic reception and, aa at all other
places, the people listened with attention while he dealt with various Issues.
Macdonald claimed ha had a telegram
from Victoria contradicting the pre-
mier's statement ot the previous evening that no ooal or oil leases had been
It-anted In the Peace River distriet. to
the Transcontinental Exploration company.
The premier dealt with this subject
emphatically .repeating that no such
lessee had been granted In the Peace
River oountry, and that Qreen had not
done anything In hla position aa chief
commissioner ln this nutter that waa
not In the public Interest. The premier
added that the government courted the
fulleat Investigation, and nailed thla aa
a campaign He.
At the conclusion of his address th*
oretnier received a great demonstration and lt la conceded hare that Eau-
aon will surely win and have a majority
double that In the laat election.
C. Hunter-ford Pollen Asks W. C. Walla
to Leave K. C R. Alans.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Cranbrook, Jan. 25.���The attention
of C. Hungerford Pollen has been can-
ed to an article la thc Wllmer Outcrop
of recent date la which W. C. Wells
advocates a moderate form of governmental assistance for the Kootenay
Central railway. In the Interests of
hla oompany Mr. Pollen today wired
Mr. Wells as follows:
"I should consider It regrettable
should the Kooteuay Central be made
a party natter, because all Interested
la Bast Kootenay maat Irrespectively
admit the urgent necessity of the road.
The only opposition to because tho Canadian Pacific la supposed to Intend
building. I have ottered to co-operate
with the government ln every way to
secure Canadian Pacific assurance ol
heir building, but, failing thla tho only
other curse must be assistance snCB-
ctent to put my company's hoods now
unsalable on a fair market baals, aa
outlined by you. In thnt ease only can
the building of the road beyond tha
ten miles now ln hand be continued,
and the present disastrous uncertainty
be ended."
Eaay Diverse Arranged for In Franca
by Now Law.
"Parle, Jan. 25.���The chamber of deputies today adopted the bill providing
rfr automatic granting of decreea of
divorce tf each party persists in a suit
for three years. It was charged that
the measure meant the disintegration
of society, as it would make the family
tie practically dissolvable at will.
-Saunter's ��� atemsnL
W. A. Galliher haa written a long
letter to The Dally Newa re hla relatione with the North West Coal ft Coke
Company, and The Daily Canadian's report of a meeting of that company.
The Information waa not furnished
to the Canadian by any director. A
member of The Canadian staff happena
to be a stockholder and attended the
meeting. Mr. Galllher's defence need
not be discussed now, aa It to likely to
be the subject of legal proceedings.
Gunboat Total Las
Tangier, Jan. 25.���lt was announced
today that the Moroccan gunboat Bldl
el Turkl, which ran ashore during a recent storm near here will probably
prove a total loss. The crew waa saved.
Funeral Tomorrow.
Late this afternoon lt waa announced that tho funeral of the late Henry
Ward will take place ai 2 p. m. tomorrow from D. J. Robertson ft 0_'a
undertaking parlors.
V-il s
The Daily Canadian
.  . Just Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 21 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
::.- .'. ���      ���;*-;.E-:ii.r_:        7"
��*. = ���   -:t'*     ��c:   ha..   '_i.*ii?-*d  __*-o-*____:-��
'  *_-   j :   =ys-.e__    ��_k_.  M:    M_c:  :
- r.._     -IV-Is       -rlCV"     __-?     �����_'--���-"
���-���-L.- ��r   :!  *'_:*������.   vary:-*  '-.:
7*^ -per eO|t of the total in tb* poor**:
nira! districts to aboc* -55 per ceo*, ic
some of the cities, is do* borne by the
_____:c:p_.:_ie_ T_os U a step in the
direction of more local s-etf-goremmen..
for which a. one time Liberalista was
supposed to stand as champion.
Mr- Macdonald's lead has been fo!*
lowed by Duncan Ross and Willie Mc
lnnes. bat it is quite evident from
their remarks tba: neither knows any
thing at all abont th* school sys.ein
no**' in force, or the act they pretend
to criticize.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
D. K. WILKIK. Prarfdem. HOI
BEST H,5*00,000.
. ROBERT JAFFBAY. V_e-Pr��ident
Brioches is British Columbia:
Deposit's nntraA and internet alio-"-:-: current rate* from dale of opening of
aioooot. and OMDpoBDdid half yearlj.
NELSON BHAW8H ��J��   M_   LAY",   -sVlanajjer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital 13.7.4,310     Reserve	
Total Ataett W1-860.353
Account,, of flrrnH and Individual's oiK.-ned  on the moist favorable tenmi
Thirteen   bnadbet  Ifl   British  Columbia
Special   attention   to out of town busluesa
T. E. KENNY, Pres, Halifax.       E   L   PEASE, General  Manager. Montreal
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelion Branch.
Pobllsbed six isy* ������ wets t>y lbe
Baler h; .   Nelson, B. 0.
���Subscription rates, '���*) tents a month delivered
in in-* OUT, or 16.00 a year 11 sent by mall, when
paid la advance.
Advertising rat* - on application.
All tnonlei pal'l In Net tie ment nl *I h�� I>ally
Canadian awounu, cither Inr lur-s-.ripUnriM or
advertising, must f - receipted tot on the print .'1
J. rms of trie Cnrnpeu/.   Other receipts are not
UANUAHY 3��. 1907.
���* By one word we are sometimes Judge--, to bf
wise and bf oon word sometimes Judged to be
foolish- L*l un therefore be careful what we
The Liberal attack on tbe n.w pnblio
flchool acta, introducod and carried by
the McBrid. govcrnmon'. in L906, and
amended in 190-fi, Ih nnigu*. In several
In the firm place li l�� thc only attack on a eonHtTijciivc meat-jure which
ha-i been accorded a place on thr- Ub-
eral.eampafKn Ilia. True, it oecupleH
a very Hubordlnate place. No alander
Ih too popptty or too ohvloiiHly ahHiird
to take precedence of the only lOfloaf
attempt made by the Liberal! in the
IciKiHlatnre to perform the real dnilen
of an oppoHitlon.
It l_ unique fn another way. The
Kovernment'H chief, If not itn only oh-
Jwi In makliiK the bhang*, wa-, frank 1 >
to tranflfer Lo the inuuicipallLief., and
put within their control, a function or
government which constituted a large
and rapidly-lncreaHlni. burden upon the
provincial revenue, and on-.- of which
nearly lhe whole amount came under
the heading of uncontrollable expenditure. Whether by mere chance or
Hheor pervorfllty, ... A. Macdonald,
erBtwhile Liberal leader, hat. attacked
the meaimre uh Htrlklng at the efficiency of the public HehoolH.
A curious parallel Bii-KKe-BtH Itself. In
England quits recently an Education
Bill hau panned tbo bOQM of commonB
and been rejected by the lords. Its
object waH to replace a real Education
Act passed in 31*02. The second bill
really differed from the present act only in respect of rollgloiiH Instruction.
Bo, an alleged Education bill merely
provided an occasion for strife between religious organizations.
In   British   Columbia,   a   Bchool   Act
was in reality a financial measure on
J>. It. did not. affect the school system
In an,, particular, either in theory or
in practice. It left the curricula unchanged; it did not change the qnaiifj-
catfonH for teachers or trustees, H retained the system of Inspection, the in-
ppeotOTSl districts, the school districts.
the relations between teacherH and
trustee, and between both and the provincial  education   department.
Its sole purpose and Its Hole result
was to transfer a part���and a very
Hmal! part.���of the financial responsibility entailed by a free school system
from the provincial treasury to -the
municipalities, which were clothed
with new powers of levying rates for
that, purpose.
Let It be candidly admitted that the
change caused at first a Hale confusion, as the financial duties were new
to a majority of the trustees���to all,
Jn fact, who had not served as school
trustees In other parts of Canada. But
Quite as much difficulty would have
been created by a change in the mln
ing laws, or In timber regulations, and
far more by a change in the 1* d registry act. Some trustees, either from
mere Indolence or stupidity, or actuated by partizan malice, refused either
to perform the now duties or to make
way for others with sufficient Intelligence. But. Hiich a childish attitude
could not he long rnalnlalned and, a-H a
matter ,of fact, the school trustees
throughout the province are now performing their duties faithfully and efficiently.
Two Liberal memlmrs at once attacked the bill, .John Oliver and J. A.
No one, except himself, ever takes
John Oliver seriously on any subject.
But ,1, A, Macdonald chose to regard
the bill as a serious innovation on the
school system. Why he did ao Is a
mystery, unleR. It be that he felt he
ought to figure at leaHt once as a ser-
Ioiih  critic of  the  administration.
It Ib hard to underntand how hfs
advocacy of "slate education" and the
evident suggestion that the present
system Ih not state education, can pam-t
the scrutiny of his own analytical
mind. If by "state education" ho
meanK abBolu,.* control of the schools
by the central provincial authority, he
must, for consistency's sake, advocate
the abolition Of school boards and direct administration of all the schools
For an exhibition of utterly disen
geuooo*. pleading, the leading edi.orial
In this mornings edition of The Daily
News has had few equals during the
First there is an explanation full an-i
fair enough, of the News' ridiculous
misunderstanding of C. H. Bonner's
telegram, c!ostng with the following
"The Daily News, therefore, wronged
Hi Macta;- tfl saying thai he had refused lo make a faatemen*. As a matter of fact, he has had no chance, for
the mesaage from The Daily News has
not reached him. The same thing being true of Mr. Green, the silence of
tnese gentlemen cannot bf taken as
damaging evidence."
Then follows a comment on t he explicit denial of the World lies by Granville Cuppage. who wa? accused of being a pan/ to the bribe, steai or what
ever is suggested by the World. Then,
curiously, is the following:
'The denial given by Mr. Cuppage oa
this score is accepted; but it scarcely
alters the situation; the only denials
that can be of any value must come
from Mr Green in the firs' place, from
bis colleagues in the second, from Mr.
Macka:- in the third and, finally, from
Sir Adolph Caron "
Now, the News has already stated,
in the aame article, that the silence ot
Mesirs Greea and Mackay is fully explained by their being away from tei**-
graph communication. Messrs. Mc
Bride and Tatlow have already given
the invention a straight denial. There
only remains Sir Adolph Caron, who
is presumably home in Quebec.
It is har-J that a number of honest
men should hav*- to combine to undo
the effect of a slander manufactured
and published by a vile Journal that
has king nince given up all pretence of
honor and decency.
There is a great outcry from Liberal
orators and editors because the McBride government did not remit all ordinary taxes Oj the people of British
Columbia and take the whole revenue
required for the administration of the
province out of the railway companies
The argument of course is a favorite
one, because corporations are always
unpopular and railways in British Columbia, on account of the prevailing
high passenger and freight rates,
especially so. Everyone knows that
British Columbia presents greater
cfTTficultles to railway construction
than any other part of the North American continent. It required liberal aid
ln money and land and exemption from
taxation, to induce anyone to build. It
Is a question If any railway company
has made a profit to date out of any
branch In this province. Of course, as
population and production increase
these conditions will change. In the
meantime it Ih neither right nor expedient to put Huch a burden upon the
railways as will prevent the possibility
of a balance of receipts and disbursements on their lines within the province. Even corporations are entitled
to fair play. For years the railways
paid no taxes at all. The McBride government has Increased their taxes &00
per cent, and by the School Act ha��
made them liable to taxation by the
municipalities. Isn't that a fair beginning? Incidentally the Liberals have
carefully refrained from saying what
they would do about It, If In power.
The Innate goodness of human nature
Ih Illustrated by the remarks made
on the latest story about Robert F.
Green. It will be remembered by many
that at the close of a trial in Nelson
of a charge of attempted murder, the
learned Judge, In spite of the evidence
or two eye-witnesses, and abundant corroborative testimony, held that the offence was so horrible that no man
could have committed It. In the present case the view la expressed by some
that the publication of such a story, it
false, would be such a blackguardly act
that there must bo some truth In it.
They don't know the staff of the Vancouver World.
Charles Wilson is standing for election In Cariboo, his old constituency,
becuuse any Conservative can carry his
Ccar. :��r:;
Soc. Labor or Ind.
Dr. Tonas	
Cap. John Irrinssr
Albert*    .
Wn. Hanson	
Okas- Wilson. K. C
J  Cartwrijht (Soc.)
l r.: ���*:- ���
i A. Cawler	
C. W Jlmnro	
Dr   W.J. Curry  iSoci
H G. Parsons   	
W C Wells   ....
W. H Ha-nrard...
J N.Erana	
J._.. Harrer	
Dr. Kim	
Tho?   E.Kelly  (I_bi
F.J McKenxie	
John Civer	
R McBridr	
K. Jardin-.	
John Jardlne	
W R.Ro����	
W H Dicken...
W H Moore   (Soc 1
Gran! Forka	
E Miller	
H W.Gregory ..
John Mclnnes ISoc I
EG Warren	
G. R. Naden	
��� Dynes (Soc.i
A. E.Mc ���':.:.lips...
T W Paterson..
W.J Ledingham ISof.l
f. j. y_:���_	
J. D. Swaaffon	
N. F Mackav   	
John Ka:n	
A. McDonald	
M Eiftieson	
Dr S. B O'Brian...
H Sheppard	
J. EL Hawthornthwult s Sss
J. A. Kirkpatrick..
Dr O A B liai:..
Frank Phillips (Soc )
J. W. Cairns	
G. Tnomas  	
P.Williams (8oc.l
New Westminster
T. Gilford	
D. Ihump-ou.
Dr Macdonald...
J W.Logli (Soc.)
Thos. Taylor	
R. Caley	
WW*. LaFeaui (Soc.)
F. l_ Carter-Cotton
J. W Wean	
L. A. Campbell ...
. J. A.Macdonald..
Archie F. Berry (Soc.)
D M.Eben*	
John Piorcy	
L w, Shatford	
Smith Curtis	
Geo. E Winkler (Soc.)
W K. Lord	
Dr. Ke.-jran	
Wc Hunter	
A. B. Docksteader
V,   Davidson (Soc.i
R. G Tatlow	
W. W.B Mclnnes.
E T. Kingslev.
TF. Neelands...
R. P. Pettiplec" (Soc.)
A. H. MacGowan..
..P A.Gilchrist..
A. Sttbbinps (Soc.)
, J W. DeB. Farris
K H. McVety (Soc )
C. Toasel	
A.G.Perry. F.Williams.
Hon. R. McBride
R. L. Drury
Dr.Ernest  Ha'liLabor).
A. B.Tccmpson
W. G. Cameron
A. Johnson (Labor).
H. F. W. Eehason
J D. McNIven
Aid. F Davie
Rlciard Hall
Chas. Srmlin	
S uart Henderson
J. H. Schofield  ...
J. Fred Home ...
J.Houston (Ind.)
seat in Vancouver, while oniy Mr. Wilson possibly can redeem Cariboo. By
the way, why is Smith Curtis running
in Simiikameen? Isn'. it to avoid be-
int associated in any one's mind wiih
J A. Macdonald and Wfitte Mclnnes?
Smith Curtis could certainly be elected in Rossland. where J. A Macdonald
is gome to be beaten. He would be a
for more formidable candidate in Ymir
than J Fred Hume. But Smith Curtis
wi*h whose political views we do not
agree in the slightest, is personally an
honest aad honorable man. He hates
and despises the Ottawa machine as
much a.? any Conservative does, and he
has rightly, nothing but contempt for
W W B. Mclnnes. the tool of that machine, and ior J. A. Macdonald, bis
half ashamed accomplice.
Our morning contemporary has a
high Id*__. of journalistic honor and honesty. It la quite certain that If the
London financial News was not bribed
by Mr. McBride, it praised his administration merely as a favor to R. K. Gosnell. The conception that the article
was written as an honest expression or
opinion by a reputable financial journal seems beyond the Xews' intellectual horizon.
It is something refreshingly new in
journalistic enterprise to announce the
arrival of a man on mere hearsay evidence, however bona fide, and then impute fear or some other equally creditable motive for his failure to keep the
appointment made for him.
Would The Daily News mind directing a lot of Ignorant Conservatives to
the hiding place of that C. P. K. campaign fund that its clairvoyance has
located. ,
60 'Jsv�� -After date I inu-n . to tpplv to the Hon
Chief CommlmloDer of Landa and Worbn to pur-
phaMJSDaaei ol an<i looated lu Fire Vniiey ha
Ing part ol Seetloin 9 and In Towmliip M. and
described a�� followH: Commeneln*< at a post
narked F. W. J. H. JC. corner and plmited at the
northwoat eorner of Win. WUHaiii*.' pu chaue;
thenee weat 40 ehalni; thence norlh -HO chains;
tbenee <�����*.*-���. 40 chai mi; thenee Bouth 80 chaiua to
place (���( beginning.
. _ yw
November 23rd f90fl.
K. w. Jordan,
J. K. AN.NAiH.r*, Ageut.
Blxtv daya afterdate I Intend to apply to Ihe
Hon. Chief ('ommlaaioner of Lands aud Worki
to purebaae l***'- acres of land, commenciug at a
poat niarked B. B'n N. K. corner pout, p!Muted at
the N.W. eorner ol 0, W.Steele*! claim on the
weat Bide ot Arrow lake, nbout four milea above
Hurton city, thence went 40 chain*, tlience south
48.M chilli*-*, thence earn 40 cluilns, thence nnrth
46.52 chalna to place of beginning, containing 1H7
acrea, more or lehs.
Dated 29th day of Nov., 1906.   Byron Burton.
J. E. Annable, Agent.
Notire ii herehy given that two montliM after
date we Intend toapply to the Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and Works for a lease of all that
land being the foretdiorc adjoining the Canadian
-Pacific Hallway Uhltiyard on tbe wesl, part of
Lot toA, group 1, ami being on tbe lonth abom
of the went arm of Kootenay Lake, In the dis-
rlct of Kootenay: Commenciug at the northerly coruerof l"t 7064, group 1; Ihence along the
���outh westerly Uounuiiry of lot 7064 and the extension thereof, In a uorth westerly direction, a
distance of 42.. feet; thenco ut right ancle--* to
said boundary in a south westerly direction, u
distanceoI315 feet, mare or less, to lhe norlh
pasterly boundr.ryof the City I'ark. eontfntied;
thenee parallel to said westerly boundary of lot
7064. in a south cas'erly direction, a dtstanoc of
600 feet, more or less, to the northerly boundarv
of lot 58A ; theme following lbe northerly boundary of lot 58A In a north eaaterly direction to the
point of eommeneement, the area being 8_H
acres, mnrc or leas.
Dated this 7th day of January, A.D., 1907.
60 days after dale 1 Intend to applv lo the Honorable the Chief Commissione* of Lnnds and
Works, to purchase 870 acres of land: Commeneing at a |K>at marked 0. W.B N. K. corner
DOtt tna planted on tho west shore of ���*. rrow
lake ��� .joining Lot 373 on the south aide of snld
Lot, tbenco westSO chains along the southern
���boundary ol Lot 873; tbenee souih 46 Wl chains;
thence east 80 chains moreor lesa to inke shore;
tbence north along lake Bhore lo place of beginning.
Dated 3-th day ol Nov- 190ft.
Gko. W. Ktf.J-.i-,
J..K, AntABU, Ageut.
-"Lity days alitr date I intend to appiv to the
Hon Chief Commissioner of La od. and Works.
Vtciona, to purrluue 1W acre* of land located In
Fire Vallev. fc-^ier part of Section* Three and
Foor. Townatlp __, anl desrribed a* follows:
L'ommeacioif at a putt planted at William
Willi anu' V W. corner, ami mane-J "R. E, W'i*
S. K. corner," anl running 40 chains west,
thence a. chain1 *octh. thence 20 chalus east,
thenc*** +.- rbains *��outb, ihence Ai chains east,
thence (. chains noi'.b to place of begianing.
November Srd. 1906 Koei E Wiluims.
J. K. *.v...i*  Ageut.
Sotiee is h .reby glveu mat W days atter date 1
Intend to ���_.;���;.. v to tb*. Uoonrmbie toe Coiel Com-
tr..**M >[���-*.*- of Lauds and Worki for permlaslon to
pnrchase tbe following described lands: Com*
mtaciug at a post [���.*.��� - *. A) caalns west of tbe
southeaal eoruer cf Lot ��>*-', marked "K. A Bell's
northwest enrner." tbence south K" cbains,
tbence east '��'��� disit*. ihence nortb 20 chains,
tbence west iOcnain* to point of commencement,
containing tu acres, more or less.
Located this 6th day of Nov ,1906,   R. A. Bill.
.-.!������ days afler date I intend to apply ln toe
Hoo Chief Comm Irs iooer of Lands and Works,
Vic ton*, to pun-base _*) acres of laud, lu Fir.'
Valley, West Kootenay: Commencing ata posl
planted 60 cbains west of the S. W corner of J.
kobinson i pre-emp'-ioo, and marked W. W's K.
E. corner, and running ttetH 60 chain*, tbenee
south EC) chalus. theuce ea>t 60 chains, thence
north SO ebalus to place of betflnuing
Nov. lath, 1SW. William Williams,
J. E. AmiAuLK. Agent-
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Comm is..iune rof Landsand Works
to purchase 160 acres of land : Commencing at a
post planted on the west side of Hix mile frees,
~   "HLOD  road, about two and one half miles
from ftootenay lake, and marked "Neil He
Kechnie's B. Vicht corner post." theuce east 40
chalus, thence north 40 chains, thenre west 40
chains, theuce south 40 chains, to plate of commencement
Located this 10th day of November, 1906.
Nir HcKichni!
Hixty davs after date I purpose making application to ti - Honorable the Chief ('ommlaaioner
of Landsand Works for permission io purchase
the following described land: Commencing at
a post placed st the K. W corner of Uit (WU) and
marked "K. O. F.'a" N. W. corner, tbence following tbe southern boundary J.ot 6900. 6. chains
more or lees east to the west boundary of Lot
6901, thence followlog same south ��i chains to
tbe north boundary of Lot 690z; theoea about 70
chains west along said boundary to the lake
shore; tbenee north % chains more or less following the lake shore to point of commencement, eoutatning 317 acres more or leu.
Dated Decembe   17lb, 1W7,
F. ���_. Facqcim.
Notice is bereby given tbat sixty days nfier
date I intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lanosand Worku for permission to pnrchase the fo.lowing described land
situated in the Weet Kootenai* district: Commencing ata post planted at lbs "N. E. corner
of L. J'orters's pre-emption," and running
theuce east 40 chaios; liienee south 40 chains;
thence west torbains; Ihence north 40 chains,
to place ol commencement, containing 160 aeres,
more or less.
IIakrt fr u.-. Locater.
'������'.   K   Mc-Wi'AkRiE. Agent
Notice is hereby given that sixty days alter
dale I lutend lo app'y to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, for
tx-rinlflslon to purchase tbe following described
landH situated in Ibe West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post marked "H. H south
west comer, ' and north of A. ii. Lucas's, pur
chase cl-slm, ou Hand Creek; theoce north 4m
chains; tbenee east 21) cbains; thence south 40
chains; thence 'Jt chains went, to point of commencement, containing 40 acres, more or leu.
December-.), 1906.
IlKHRY HlTni>*,
If, it. MoJpAjtrtiic, Agent.
Hlxty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissionerof J��mls ami Works to purchase 640 acres of land, located in I-ower Arrow
Lake, West Kootenav: (.ouimencing at a post
planted at the "N.W*. turner of Arrow J-ake
Indian Reserve": Ihenee soulb HO ehains; theuce
went HO chains; tlience uorth HO chaius; tbeuce
eait HO cbalni, to place of l>egfunliig.
Located JOth day ol December, 190fi.
Sixty days after dnte 1 lniund toapply lo tbe
Hon theCM.<r Commissioner of 1-andHand Works
to I'lin-iiiiM* -Mo acres of laml: Commencing at i*
post nmrked "N.T B'BSouthoast corner poat"
said post being ut the nortlieast corner of (Jeo.
Hudson's pre-emption cliilin, atMUit two milea
southeast of Hurton City, lbence west 40 chains,
BOUtb 'JO ehnins, west 40 chains, norlh 40 chains,
east HO eimiiis, south '20 ohaini to place of eommeucement, containing V4o acres.
Located8th dayof Nov. UM,   Nkttih T. Berk.
Hixty days after date I Iniend to apply to the
Jon* nhi-1 Coanmlwlotier ol Lands ami Works.
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of laud, situated
-,,.     ...     ft-.,...��� -'     .��   nvil-n Ul   HUM),  MIUHII-'l
on the west side of Arrow l_ike, about*}_ miles
below Hm i..ii, and described as (u)Iowh; Commencing at a posl planted at the northeast
coruerof Lot 7970, ami running north'20 chains;
tbence �������������������� i 20 chains, tin tine south no chains,
thanee OUt 30 chains to plaoe of beginning.
Nov. Ilth.I-Otl, 11  E.DIL-.
J. K Annahi.k, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days ntler date I
intend loapply to the Honorable tlieohief Commissionerof Lands nnt\ Works lor permlsBloo to
purehii-su llie following describett lands situate
Liiout K) miles tail of thu City of Nelson, on the
south shore of the West Arm of Kooteuay Lake,
and cominencug nt u post placed ahout _t) chains
suuth of the -southeast coruerof I-ot zvu, marked
"H.Thomas' N. W corner," theuee south 20
chalna, ^thence east *jo chains, thence north 20
chalus, tlience west 2o chains to point of commencement.
Dated this fltb day of Nov., 1106     & Thom_i.
BUSCH.-    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
���Solo AgantM lti HrltiasH        Vlr***rr_rii _
C.U...>��>!... Vl-Lil-UKIA
The HaU Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
^^^ Rossland ^^^
Winter   Carnival
Fire   Days
Feb. 12, .3, U, .5 and .6
5 (irand Trophies and IAUOO iu prizes.      T\w> Bands lu Attendsucr
HOCKKY���-InUTniitioiiHl nnd liittT-I'niviuciul . hatnpioiishijw
SN< iWSHOElNU���(Jhuiitpinii-hip of Britbfa Oolnmhia
TOBOU-UAN INO���A milt< a minute down tht-' ZIP
SKI-INfl���Jumping nnd HrudnK.   CluLmpiou.ibip of Cuiintia
SKATlNtr HACK*.-���Kur Chninpioiwhip of Britmh Columbia
CURLING���A Provincial Bonspiel
llorse-Kaeliuc.       Mn- i'lendlng.      Tuns-of-Wsr and -other iutcrcsiln*< event*
Reduced railway rates on all lines.
J. J**. C. Fraser, ('resident
for flintier particulars app'j t<*
��� llie KlUK K. A'11*.:.*,-, -��� *.L*r*
Notiee ts herehy ulren tbat (*> <lavs atu-r dale 1
Intend toapply to the Houorahle the Chiel t ommlssloner of Lands and Work*, Victoria. H. *!',,
tor permission lo purehase the following deserlhed land, situated in the Waal Kootenaj district,
on th* west side of i uhaiuel (orKU Mih) creek,
on Dp er side ol wagon road, ahout il-_ miles
fru-fl West Arm of Kootenay L_ka: OOBUnaiUJillg
ai a pott marked Mrs Hattie Duck's N.I eoruer running 40 chains west; theuee 20 chains
south; thence 41 chalus eaat; thenee 'JM chains
north, to the polut of commencement, containing w aeres of land, more or less.
Dated ths 17th Noremher IBOfi
Mrs   HaTtik Duck,
JOHM K Taylor, Ageut
Sixty da}* after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. Chief C'ummlsslouer of Lands and Works.
Victoria, to purehaae 1(30 acres of land about two
miles b*low Burton City, West Kootenay, com-
menf-ln* at a post marked "J. A. Irvtng's cast
corner post," said post being on the easterly end
of au island west of Lot tv*!., and claiming all the
land contained in said island, belOf about one
mile tn an easterly and westerly direction and
about 2o chains from uorth to south.
Norember llth, UM. J. A. btVLHO,
J  l-   Ankarlr. Agent
Blxtrdays afterdate 1 intend toapply to thc
Hon. Chief Commluloner of Land* and Works.
Victoria, to purchase iai acres of land located
on the west side of Arrow lake and flog directly
north of Lot 77.*- Commencing at a posl planted
at tbe N.K. corner of Lot 7��7<i and marked "B. B.
H- K corner," and running north '.*) chains,
thence wesl _u chains, theuce north ���' ������ < 'inn**,
thenee west 20 chains, thenee south -to e.ialns,
tbenee east 40 chains, to place of begiuniug.
Nov, -*.tli, V*X>. Bkrtha BaauutY,
J. E. ANW18LR. Agenl-
Notice is hereby given that 60 davs aiterdate. I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Coiamisaioncr
ol Lands anil Works for permission io purchase
the following deaeribed land lu West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post marked Mrs. \
A. Wilson's corner poal, planted at the northeast
coruerof Bectlon 17, lowusite7, running south
40 chalus, thenca west 40 chains, ihence north 40
chains, tbence east 40cbalns to place of com
meneement, containing ICO acres, moreor tens
Dated Nov.'__, ]�����_. Mrs. V. A. WiiaoN,
J. W'tiaoN, Agent.
Notice li hereby giTen that -SO days alter date I
inteud to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase 280 acres of land, si tuate on the Little
Moyle river about 1 mile Irom lutetuatlanal
Houndary and sbout 1 mile from Spokane Interna llnual Ky.: Commencing at a poat marked
D (-rant's B. K. corner post, thenee west 4<>
chnins;Ihence north 40 cnaius; ihence east tf)
chains; thence uorth 20 chalus; tbenee east fiO
cbains; thenee south 60 chains to place oi commencement, conla-iilng2tM) acres of laml.
. ���.-. . ���t^TuiV.
Danibl it ram
Located Oct. 30lh 1
Sixty days after dale l intend toapply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, lo purchase ISO acres of land,
located in Fire Valley and described as follows;
Commencing at a |K>st mar ked G. II. M**M - N.W.
corner, and planted al the southwest corner ot
Lot 781(i, and running south Ho chnins, thenca
east 20 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 20 chains to place of beginning.
Nov. mih, nm. Vtto. B. McMillan,
J. K. Anmauli, Ageut.
Blxty days after dale 1 Intend to apply lo the
Houorahle the Chief Commissioner of I.hihIk and
Works tu purchase 840 acres of land, located lu
Fire Valley, on west side of Anow lake: Commencing al a post planted 40 chains wu t ol the
southwest corner ol J. Robinson's pre-emption
aud marked J. W's 8. K. corner, and running
north 80 chains, thenoe west -80 chalna, thence
south 80 chains, theneo east 80 chalus to place of
Nov. 18th, Ivoii, Jane Wh.i.iahh,
J. K. Annahi.k. Agent.
Blxty days alter dale I intend to apply lo lho
Chief Commissioner of Lands nud Works for
nennlssioii to purchase the following deioribed
landi in Kooteuay Dlitrlot, about threVquartari
Of mile from Thrum's siding ��� Commeneing ata
MWtulaoedattheH. W. corner of L -����. Lun
, W_st Kooteuay Dlsirlct; thenee weneriy
following the north boundary Dl L4_M -IB
chalus; thonco uorth 10 chains; thenee aaat40
chaiiiN, moreor   lens, tothe   N.  W    corner nf
__^___T_K__i__th followll,/t the weelbouudaiy
of U8M, 10 chaius, more or less, to Dlaca of oom.
mencemeut, containing 40 acres, mnre or li.����
Dated this 6th day olWemWr, l8J.
 __> it. Pitts, Locator.
Sixtj days after date I inteml toapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner or Lands and Worka
Victoria, lo purchase K. ���n��Ol lan.l l ,.ate.l,m
tbe west side of Arrow lake, abom tlv mile* i.
low Burton City, and described n�� follows ��� i'��V���
mencing at a post marked "F, (l U's saaLhSSf
wrnor^MdhetngMcbalnseMtof theaoj iiwm
corner of Lu'-mu;, thenee n0^40obai^tSe___
went 40 chains; thenra south (0 chainai ______
east 40 chains to the place of begiuuiu^' ' u,*ntu
November Hth, lw*. ^     ?\* _yKn
blxty days after date 1 intend to apply ua]
Honorable the Chief Commlsrtoc.r of i*:i*ti*J
Works for permlaslon to purchase thefo'h
��� !��� ".������-il.-*l   iaods  in   Kr>ot��usv   district:
men.-ing at a post markeii J. ,'��� Anusttle'ii
east corner post, said ptwl betiiK ou Ibea
side of  thu Lower Arrow lake, about two I
Udow   Huriou   < liy;   thenee  south K ttt
thenee west 20 chains: thenee wmtbDdtt
thence west V) chains;  theuee north Ht
and   20   Unkr.   more or less lo the
thenco easterly along lake40cbain��. moriw
lo the p'ace of bcglnulng, cuutammiflutM
more or leas.
Dated this Sth day of November, IM.
J. B.Anui
per K. I. Birntt, m ::..
Notice Is bereby given that sixty dsyi ���
date 1 intend Ut make application to the M
able Chief Commissioner of Lands sod norfefl
Victor 1*. B.C., for permission to p_I__UlgV
lowing described  land, situate in Pin VaT
���West Kootenay district:   Comm.nrlD|i1if
trlanted al the southwest corner of Jcskati
iii-Mii - pre-emption, marked K.I. k ���-1. ��. _
post, thence *0 chains west, thence * a
north, thence 40 chains east to Ji>-iusKubUi
northwest corner, tbence soutli +1 chain!Is*
of commencement, containing UD seres, 1
Dated this 23rd day of Not., 1��6.        _____
Oo days afu-rdate I Intend toapply telbtM
Chief Commissioner nf Unds ���������������    WorkyL
toria, to purchaao '-MO acres of land locatal
Fire Vallev and being a portion ol terlWJl
md id In Township fly an-! deaeribed u toy
Commencing at a post planted at the ��'Jbt*
enrner of   the southeast uuarter of see
Township  I-,   and   markcu   J. 0. * *
ihenee north 40 chains;  theuee weit ftl cm
theuee south 40 chains; theuce Mil ���-.��� ���.niis*t|
place of heglnulng.
November Brd llMJ.
Notlco is herehy given mat hO aan froa"
Intend to apply to tlie Honorable the l ow*-**.
mlssloner of Lands and Works to parduM*1
acres of land described as follow!-: t'ommw
at a poht planted on lhe north bank of mm
Moyle river, about _00 yards from mimtfcJL
marked* ��K.   HcUan'i   H.   W.   rornfr W
thenoe east 80 chains, thenee nnrth *"^
thence west 80 chains, thence soutli tttMOtm
place of commencement, and coutaminj��������>������
more or leas. ��� ,,.-���
Ixx-ated 80th day Oct., 190f>.      Hokt Ucia*_
61xty days afterdate 1 lutend to %ti_\
Honorable the Chief Commissionerof Un��'
Wnrks, Victoria, tn purchase 100aattjU
t-OQAtadand described as follows:   lommei
at a post planted at the southwest
mi M
Kobinson's pre-emption in 1'ire VHllcy.sn-irra
Ave miles Irom Kdward Lending. w��t �������
Arrow lake, and maiked F. O'l S 1- u(^h__l
runnlugwest ��0 chains, thenee south ��"jS
ihence east W chains, then<*e HOU _____
thence cast 40 chains, thence mirth ������������������
place of heglnuing. .,,,,��� I
Nov. Mill. 1��06. FRi-1 ^mi
J. K. AKNAiiLE, Afenl.
Notice Is hereby giveu that 60 nays smn
inlcnd toapply to the Hon. Chief ComnWW*^
Undsand Works. Victoria, for permttWj'W
cliaso tho following described land, ��""Tj
lhe West Kooteuay district, ou the well ��������
Duhamel (or Hix Mile) ereek, near ������/"Ja
about ihree miles from Kootenay   "^--iB
meuclngalu postmarked '���Jami^J. 1 'u**'zjt
poBt," tunning BO chains east, th'"i*'e*^,
norlh, tbenco K> chains west, ihenn��� ��'
south, to tbo polntof commencement,"*"
lug 40 acres of land, more or less.
Dated Uth November, 190". __, ���__\
Located hy.lAawJ'ina'I
per JOHN E. TAVixia. Attn^
Hlxty days after dato 1 intend tOlPgJM
Honorable lhe Clilel Comniissioner ol **____
Works for permlisloii to purchase the ����*_*
descrlbetl lands in Kootenay dlstr et. ���""731
dug at a post marked "A. J. DW'i ��� ; "JJ
corner post," said post being ��n ;11C "Villi
erly shore of tho Lower Arrow lake ino ���'g
duo east, on the northeast y^}\vJ.,' w eh****
Oroup 1; ihenee north 60 chalus; -������**��� .yjiJa
south 40 chains, more or lew, to the !��"���
thenco following said shore 111 *H*'U'"^_1
direction 60 chains, moro or less to th* �����",*
beglnniug, containing IW acre*-, m*** "
Dated thla Sth day 01 November, lJV j. pfljj
per K L. Bt'RNKT. AgiDl^
Notice is hereby given that
allaiws norinni-r.' ��� ���������-���-. r
"aid post being on the easterly "l*','-' ������.ni_;#l
siNlisrly sllrs-llssss Wl olinlii-. m"ri* "' . ra0(,��
1'liss.o ol iK'Klsiiiliiii. isolltalolut HO ��'"'���*"
U��l��i1 llilii Mth i.y 01 Oclobor. HW- W4tUfl,
By hu ..is 111. Knoinii I- l)UIU,,'*
A ^Wm^'.^y
The Ddiiy Canadian
meless Threat Against
It, of Dominion Council Directs
fttlsh Columbia Government
to Surrender Rights
io Thi' Dally Canadian.)
is c, .imi. M.���The attempt
iiiiiiisn goTenunent to forci-
uthoritlea to give away the
rights or rcvcralunary Inter-
liiiliiin  reserves utlJtiininK
]s sssi'ii Qrand Trunk Pueifu.- tern-
:,: Kaien lulmi'l ure the Bubject
iik ist ansl ImliKiiaUuii hero Htnce
���i-  have heen dlaolOMd,
mils' of the council of the Otta-
vemment   lias   been   publlshcil
shows tin* nrRiiiiients advanced
risiiiH's'  the  local  government  to
sl- privileges to the Qrand Trunk
(���   which   tlii'   local   government
are nol warranted and which will
Hi-siiil   to    the   end by the Mc-
administration.   The     minute
:,:, follows:
will lis- In the public Interest of
innnion as well as of the province
i.s Qrand Trunk Pacific Hallway
uss should be allowed to acquire
iss'l fssr terminal pur|M>seB thereby
in : ;s greai benefit to the people
Dominion anil the province gen-
, as well as enhancing the vnlue
��� lands adjaeani thereto and in
s'lnlty thereof and of the remain-
missus of the reserve comprising
at ut aboul 1*1,000 acres, to such
ifiii as to realize a sum equal to
���ati-r than  the  present valuation
��� reserve as now situated, therein1 province should be willing to
anv interest lt muy claim in the
;sji|slls'si   for."
- held that this argument did up-
ill'  Kaien Island transaction for
the reason that the establishment of
terminals there has added enormously
to the value of the lauds t.djacent thereto reserved by the province. Hut It
does. not hold good In the present
Instance. The province has no land adjacent to the Indian reserve In question: it would have no part of the
shore line and would not share In the
acreage contiguous to any townsite lhe
company might eBtabllBh on the lands
It wants to acquire.
Before the government sold to tho
Qrand Trunk Pacific Its present holdings on Kaien Island, the lands thereabout were valueless for any purpose
save that of a railway terminus. They
were unfit for agricultural purposes
and were not known to contain mineral
The government therefore could look
In one direction only for a customer
likely to purchase and whose occupation of a part of the lands would add
value to thc remainder. The government had to deal with a railway company.
Hut railway companies seeking Pacific coast terminals were not by nny
means Bhut up to this or any other location on crown lands: and if the
Qrand Trunk Pacific decided to deal
with private parties whose holdings
were crown granted prior to 1897 the
province could claim no interest in the
tinder the circumstances the govern
ment would have been justified ln of
ferlng very strong Inducements to procure the location of a railway t- s minus
on theso lands. It cannot be denied,
therefore, that the termB of the Kaien
Island deal were the most favorable
the province could hope to secure.
Ab a result of lt, however, the province has ln addition to thc (10,000 obtained from the company 2500 acres of
valuable city and suburban property,
in nnd contiguous to a seaport terminus of a great transcontinental railway; one-quarter of the water front of
the said city and 30.000 acres of land
In the Immediate vicinity thereof.
If, on the other hand, the deal proposed    by    the    Ottawa    government
force any conditions as to its rights
on the water front or on the land adjacent to the townsite that would be
thuB established, and the company
would have the absolute monopoly of
the coast line in that vicinity���say
aboul 80 miles���and of the lands adjacent thereto. In short, the province
would lose all It had gained except the
$10,000 by the Kaien Island transaction
and the company would absolutely control Its terminals and all the lands adjacent thereto.
This contemplated raid on the province of course fully accounts for the
extraordinary activity displayed by the
Ottawa government in the present campaign. The company failing In Its attempt to cajole the premier into giving
away the people's Interest in the coveted lands callB in the aid of Its good
Mand, Sir Wilfrid Laurler, and he and
his government have the hardihood to
embody the demands of the company
in a formal Minute of Council, a copy
of which opens this despatch.
This action is probably without par-
cllel in the hlBtory of Canada for even
the Laurler government, subservient as
It has always been to corporations and
other greedy friends, has probably
never before lent itself to any other
equally barefaced attempt to despoil
the public.
The reply of thc provincial government shows that the premier was fully
alive to the interests of the province
and was not to be intimidated hy the
Implied threats of the Ottawa Oordor-
In-Councll, for there was such an Implied threat. When a Dominion government undeitakes to tell a provincial
government that the public interest of
the province require the latter government to pursue a certain course of action, and when that action is avowedly
Tor the purpose of furthering tho Interests of the pet coriioratlon of that Dominion government, It does not require
much sagacity to Bee that the refusal ot
the provincial government will bring
against It the full political Influence
of the Dominion government and the
full financial power of tho corporation
in question. The premier fully appre-
should  go through,  the  value of this j elated  that fact and  knew lhat if he
suffer defeat by defending the property
of his constituents rather than to buy
Immunity from Ottawa hostility with
the heritage of the people.
His estimate as to the result of his
refusal to far as the activity of the Ottawa government and the railway company is concerned ls fully justified by
events. Sir Wilfrid cannot afford to
to refuse Messrs. Cox and Hays anything they want and as he could not
fully satisfy them with concessions
within the gift of the Dominion government and falling to Induce the premier
to fatten the potlatch with provincial
properties, his emissaries have been
Bent out to persuade the people to defeat the government which has been an
obstacle in the accomplishment of the
plana devised for the benefit of the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway company
Tbat lt Is necessary to his plana
that he should be able to control the
legislature of British Columbia is evidenced by the fact there there ls the
spectacle of judges, governors and
other federal officials, resigning lucrative positions to contest seats in the
provincial legislature. For it ie not
sufficient to the purpose In view that
thc new legislature should contain a
majority of ordinary Liberals, but It
must be dominated by those who have
been trained to feed from the hand and
to yield absolute and unquestionionablo
obedience to the commands of the boss.
The only kind desired are the "machine" variety, and all otherB, In every
instance where It has been poBBlble,
have been turned down.
The question before the electors,
Iherefore In this campaign is not only
one as between the government and
the opposition, but as between a legislature controlled by citizens of BrltlBh
Columbia, and one dominated by
greedy eastern corporations, through
"machine" politicians, who know no
higher law than the command of those
by whose favor they hope to obtain
what would be impossible by their own
unaided exertlonB.
Tfc* Sttathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooma,
Queen's Hotel
Baker streel, Neleon. B. 0.
Lighted by Keotrioity and
Heated by Ho* Air
Imtm* and Comfortable Bedroom, and Flret-
elaaeDiulug Room,  Bample Booma (or Ooaemer-
flat  M.n
MRS. X. C.CLAHKE, Proprletreai
Tfemont Hotise
Bnropaan and American Plan
Maaia * ota.  Booma Irom �� eta. lo ll
Onlr White Balp Imployed.
Beker Bt., Nelaon ProprWtoti
province's Interest In tho townsite and
water front and of the lands retained
by It would at once depreciate because
the company would be at liberty to establish Its present terminals at any
point suitable to it on the landa it pro-
lioscsl to acquire.
Secondly, the province could not en-
refused to satisfy the demands of the
company he would have to ccntend
agalnat all the power of that corporation and all the power of the government
it, controlled. To his eternal credit be
it said he chOBe to fight rather than to
sacrifice the Interests of the people of
this province, preferring, if need be, to
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
******* *********
Millions   of   Dolkfs   in Alberta   Oil Fields
***************** ********************
Alberta    Government   Proceeds to Set
House in Order.
Edmonton, Jan. 24.���Tho following is
a synopsis of the Bpeech from the
throne read in the legislative assembly
of Alberta, which opened today. It re-
'era to the unparalelled development de-
Western Canada, particularly In Alberta. It gives thanks for the bountl-
fl harvest of the past year and for material prosperity. It refers to the conference of the premiers of the various
provinces held at Ottawa as a result of
which It is gratifying to observe that
a fair basis of division as between provinces and Dominion was arranged. It
also refers to the bill giving increased
represesntation to Alberta in the house
of commons.
The province haa been honored by a
visit from his excellency Earl Grey,
Lady Grey and family. Attention is directed toward a measure for the establishment within the province of courts
ot Justices. In creased activity In railway construction makes it imperative
that provision be made for uniform law
governing railways within the province.
A measure providing for a complete
system of adminlBtratlon of insolvent
estates upon most approved lines will
be submitted.
An act respecting the custody of Insane persons and disposition of their
property Includes a scheme for the support of the Insane out of their own properly where possible.
A bill for the protection of game nnd
game birds, and one for provision for
further encouragement of secondary
education. Also measures for taxation
of lands in the province outside of
original school districts for the support of education. An act for the protection of public healtji and an act for
the assessment of corporations concludes the list
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HaadOfikc: N_kn_.B.C.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Vancouver, Jan. 24���The Conservatives of this city held splendid mass
meetings here last night and this evening. W. J. Brtwser, M. P., was In hla
best form. E. D Cuvies, late assistant
to tho eitineer of the Transcontinental
Exploration syndicate, is willing to
make an affidavit denying the statement in The World tonight that Cuppage spent his vacation laat summer
going over tho alleged leases on Telqua
river. Cuppage was not within 10
miles of the Telqua lands or within
400 miles of Pine river.
Carter Cotton spoke before an enthusiastic audience In North Vancouver
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* i
:i il
1 1
For detailed information apply to local
NOTICK la hereby given lhat an .ppHcatlon
will be made to tba LegUlative Aaeemoly ot the
Province of Brltlah Columbia at it. next eeeaton
A collection of all the Latest
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smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
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Price R000.00
H. E, froadsdaile & <__.
Next Door to Bank ot Comm*_*_o.
lor an act authorising the Patrick Lumbar Company. Ltmlted, to place, co-attract,-nd maintain,
a dam or dami, boom*, piers, slides, and other
worki In and across the Kootenay river at or
neat Thrums Station (about oppoelte Sub-lot IV.
ol lot -MM, Oroup 1, Kootenay district): and Id
and across the Little Sloean river; and In and
aoroaa the Sloean river at a point or pofnti below the month ol the Little Slocan river; (or th*
purpose ol driving, rafting, sorting, holding' and
manufacturing ww-logi and timber; to occupy
the a ur face of the uld riven where neoeaatry (or
the purposes aforesaid; to clear, improve, and
remove obstructions from the aald rivers -for log
drlvi! '���" ''      ��� ~ ���""
and ��
lumber of person: ... _    .
works, clearing or improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other thingt
necessary, incidental or conducive to the eier-
elte of any o! the above powers.
Dated tha 19th day of D-eeember, 1100.
-Solicitor for the Applicant.
vine, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
1 collect tolls and dues on lots timber ann
iber of person*** uulng or profiting by such
Certificate of ImpcoTcmcm*
Ccft_UC__tC Ol _JXlpCOTUI_Ctt__U
' -���Btrathroy," "Joj
 .He-lev" Aim
"May," ���I.e.." "Biraihroy," "Jot," "J*f fn*-
tional." and "Joh�� DHablev"4laeral01alau1
aituaud la IkeHoean Ollf Hlalaf DMateao.
tha Want Koolanay Dlatrlc
When looated :-Norih ol Tmlve Mtt* Qnsk
about one and a halt milea up.
fake nolle j that 1. II. B. Joraad ot Moaaa *.u.
free Mlner'a oarUOeate Mo. anno, aaaj.nl Mr
Horaoa o. Van Tnjl. rras Mlaar a oartdaat. Ko.
M-ttl, inland, ility daya from the date iMMOf,
to apply to the Hlnlni Kaeofderlor a OartUaaMa
ol Improvement, Ior tha pursoe* ot oMai-taa a
Crown Hrant of lha aald mineral elalma.
Aud Im Iber take noilce lhat aeamaaetar
Section tt, muit aa aommaaoad hate* Ih* l**m-
anise ol aueh OartMattaa ol Impioiameula,
Dated thla Ird Day ol January, HR.
CcfUueate of
"Bmpreea," "Cllmai," "Horaeahoe," "Queen,"
"Union Jerk," ittuatad in Nelion Bluing
Located on Porcupine ereek.
Take Notice tbal I. Frank Fleischer, aaenl lor
the Active Gold MlnlfR Company, Free Miner'.
Cerillieale No B82JS9 intend, N days Irom dale
hereof, to apply tn the Mining Recorder lor a
Oerlllicate ol Improvemenu lor the purpoae ol
obtaining a Crown Grant of th. above elalma.
Aud further iake notice thai action, under
Bectlon tt, muit ba i omaienoad before the Ihu-
anee of sussh Certificate of Improvements!.
natesl Nelton, llth Deo., IIH.
ra-m Fuicaai.
When looaMdi-OaTaaAawwitaia.
Take Notice lhat LMka 1
aa��at lor George A. earner *
Wheat. No.
date hereof, _        ._
a CertMsat* ol Improve
data hereof, to apply lo tha I
obtaining a Crowa Graal ���
Aad further U** '-
wetton tl, mint t
S��3S. S__W UftBBW'-
 - :
The Dally Canadian
A Few Suggestions
About Smull Olftsor Prizes
Binall Piece** of China   ..*a_B.,_-��,24BLM
(ilus Hon-pon  Mshcs.  140* LN
Silver Bon-Bon   Spoons LM
riouvenlr Spoon* LOO, L2S, 1 5-ri
Sltvtr  Embroi'Jtry.Sets L00,L_9
Gllvtr I'enrlli  60c. 90c, 1-fiu, LM
['���per Knives	
Toilet Bottles    .  .
Hair Fin Travs
C'lt     -ilaas       anl
Button Box
Old I'UiedJewtl Case
  75c. 1 00. 1.2ft
  . Mc.
Sterling      Collar
tO -i*sr cunt, DiHtfount on Ev-er-ythliiK for One Mors Week
Of  tbe    differs nf-   then-
between 1st. ami iras
Goods *
only 1
We carry
F 1 R S T i5
One trial of oor
earn- a fall stock
Bran dj
will convince .von   that we       *
iTubl-   Fruit ���
Pie    Fruit
Maple Syrup ���
fSame  Price us Inferior*
��� Cinu.lt. J
) ���   ���    '      i
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Patterns.
\Now My Friend \
Wouldn't you like something
these cold mornings; something
that would send the blood through
your veins and fill your heart
with Joy?
Now, tell your wife to buy a
pound of thai good coffee that .Joy
sells, and serve some, good and
not, for breakfast. After drinking some of tliat coffee, things
will look rosy all the day, and
\��foy Koill meetyouatthedoor i
j Joy's Cash Grocery
Uor.Joeepblneaml Mill Sts.      -Phone 1��
We  Have a  Specially
Svlectud Stuck  of
for Xm���� Trade.
Stoneware. Crocks. Ban Pots, Tea Foil, Elc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cloning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stovee.  etc.
121 Eaat laker St. Phone No. A114
We Have :
Cough *Drops
Tfut   Will   Relieve
the Whooping Cough
Choquette Bros.
Cor. Vernon and Wars!  Htreata.
���Sfil.SOSN.    IJ. C.
FRED J. HUME,,Pronrietor.
II. Taylor and    wife,    J. R. Glaster,
Winnipeg; J. A. Gregory. North Hattle-
ford; J. A. McMaster, Vancouver.
... E. Jessup, Trail:  J. H. Ferguson
and wife. Massachusetts; W. E. Church.
Des .Moines;  W. Clayton, Thrums;   \V.
Picken. Vancouver; A. Pfau, H. C. Bullis, lionnington; E. D. Gates, Red Deer;
ll MacMicking. Lethbridge;  Mrs. Nelson, Montreal;   G. H.  Wilson,  Pincher
R. C*.  Sheedy,  Spokane;   C.  B. Dun-
nos and wife, Alnsworth; A. Murray, J.
W. Ayarte and wife, Vancouver.
H.   Hall, Gerrard;   C.  A.  Pack,  Milwaukee;   R. J. Herbert,  Midway.
Mrs. J. Mack,    Spokane;    Mrs. J. J.
Caulfielil, 0.  Radcllffe, Greenwood;   J.
W. Davy. Ottawa; R. w. Cobb and wife,
Moyle: J. McLaren, Carson.
W.   C,   Knapp, Fire  Valley;   J.  Gibson. Edgewood;   .1. J. McLeman, Rossland.
E.  Langland,  J.  Campassod.  Salmo;
J. D. Clark, E. C. North,    J.    Murray.
Shields; J. Kickards, Phoenix.
G. Kelly, Ymir;    C.    O.    Van Camp,
T. Johnson, Farron;  P. Shea, Eholt.
Notice \t.hereby given thst on Monday, Feb-
ruory-Stli, 190., that tbe Court of Kavlafon lor
tlieM.ioiclptiityofthe City of Bloean will be
held in tbe City Hall on above,date, tt 9 p m
for the purpose of revlBln* the Aiteument Rolf
of the City of Blocan. Those making complaints
anion their aMamment are roqturOd lo have
their protests In the hands of the City Clerk ten
<lays previous to the II rat sitting of the Court Of
Dated February 24th. 1907.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
iry the
20th Century Package
Vanilla  Wafers     	
New England Ginger Snap
Kritpo Ginger Wafers  	
Milk  Toatt  	
Dainty City Soda  (Salted)
Saratoga  Flakes  (Salted)
e t��
Put up In packages and
ever  fresh.    It  costs  IIU
give   them   a  trial,   and
prove themselves worth It
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
We have just unloaded a car of
Ptttity Flout
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt It ls the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
The metal quotations today show no
changes   from   those  of   yesterday.
The rs?gnlar weekly choir practice ai
St. Saviour's church will not be held
Owing to the inability of several of
the members to attend lhe meeting of
the board of school trustees called for
this evening has been  postponed.
The body of Henry* Ward, who was
killed in tne snowslide at the Columbian mines, has been recovered and
���brought to the city. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.
Benjamin F. Whiteside and Miss
Margaret A. Sutherland were married
in Nelson last evening, January 24, by
Rev. J. F. Ferguson.
A meeting of the Conservative party
Is called for 8 o'clock tonight in the
committee rooms. Reports from both
committees will be received and dealt
with. The business meeting will be
followed by several short speeches.
The work of removing the buildings
Irom the site of the new Bank of Commerce building has been begun and
will be rushed. The laying of the foundations will begin as soon as the site
is clear.
W. A. Macdonald ,K. C. returned
from Fernie last night. He says that
there is no doubt as to the return of
W. R. Ross. In Cranbrook he found
the friends of J. A. Harvey also confident of success.
The line-up of the Rossland hockey
team for tonight was received at 3 p.
m., as follows: Goal. McCreary; point.
Deacon; cover point, Howarth; rover.
Keating; centre. Brown; left wing.
Nell; right wing. Dixon.
A. Sullivan leaves tomorrow morning
for Revelstoke to attend a meeting of
the executive committee of the Provincial Teachers' Institute, of which he is
treasurer. The annual convention is
to be held ln Nelson at a date to be
determined by the executive.
A. Lean has now secured anil completed the Interior and exterior views
of the city power plant. Today he Is
getting views of the substation. Tomorrow everything will bo handed to
E. K. Beeston to be forwarded to Victoria, and the long-looked for 20,000
club folders will soon be ready.
The old rivals, the Nelson and Rossland hockey teams, will cross sticks
at 8:30 tonight at the Stanley street
rink. Nelson's line-up will be: Ooal.
II. Bishop; point. R Sharp; cover, L.
Steel; rover, E. Bishop: centre, A.
Bishop: right wing, M. Clunis; left
wing, Joe Thompson.
R. Macdonald received notice today
from the coast that in the case of Hal-
pin vs. Fowler, both of his appeals
from the decision of Judge Forin are
allowed by the Full Court, and a new
trial ordered. The plaintiff sued for
damages for breach of alleged implied
terms under a mining lease. The defendant counter-claimed for damages.
Al the trial Judge Forin dismissed the
counter-claim and gave judgment on
the verdict or the jury- on the main
claim, in favor of the plaintiff. The
first appeal was against the dismissal
of the counter-claim, the second against
the verdict and judgment on the main
claim. The re-ult of the appeal is entirely favorable to the defendant on
the points of law; R. M. Macdonald for
appellant, E. P. Davis, K. C, for respondent.
Train* and Boats.
Crow hoat���One hour late.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Price* of Metal*.
New York, Jan. 25.���Silver, 68 l-2c;
copper, 24 l-8c; lead. $6.
London, Jan. 24.���Silver, 31 B-8d;
lead, ��19 17s fid.
TWO FIB8T-CLABS ROOMS, attam healed.   Apply hoiiaekeeDer. Sr.l Hat. K W. C. block
A FOHTKK al tbe Hoyel Hotel.
KXiilNEEItand BtlBHMRN at WamlmrK Mill.
near Cranbrook, B.C., alio Btiahmen al Prooler
WaUabuw. B.C.
Hy virtue of a Warrant of Kicvutlon loaned out
of the County Court of Went Kootenty, holden _t
Trout Uke, nt the suit of A. Crawford, I'lalntlff,
R-zalnnt W B Tool, Defendant, and lo mc direct-
��d. I hav* seized and taken in Execution all the
right, title and Interest of thc iald Defendant,
vv. H. Pool, In aboil t -S,-8f> shares, more or lens of
the capital itock of the Ureal Northern Mines,
Limited, and will sell tbe Mid sharers, or as many
thereof as muv be necessary to satisfy aald judgment debt and coita at Public Auction, at mv
offlce, near th*; court bouse, ln the Citv of Nelaon, B.C , on Monday, the 4th day of February,
1907, at tne hour of eleven o'clock iu the forenoon.
Note |��� Intending purchaier-a will satisfy
themselves as to tbe Interest of the said W. if.
Pool, In tbe iald sham of the said Capital Stuck
Dated at Nelaon, B.C., _8r_ January, 1907.
8. P. TDCK,
Sheriff of Houth K mil ������nay
W.   O.   aiLLETT
Gontrnctor and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Rough and dre��i>ud lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, rash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory*. Vernon St.. east of HaU
NHLMOIS,   B. 6.
P. O. Boi 282. Telephone 17-8
Only a Limited Quantity
C* A* iBenedict
Corner Silica and Josephine SU.
Do You Taint
or on CHINA.
We have always-: in stock
Windsor & Newton's Oil Color*
Windsor & Newton's Water Colors
Fry's Verifiable Colors
For China Painting.
Sable, Camel's Hair, Hogs* Bristle*.
Water Color Paper
Sketch 'Blocks
Academy 'Board
Pallettes,'Pallet te Knives, and nil required
We cAlso Carry
White China For Decorating
Wood Blanks for Burnt Work.
W. G. Thomson
8bt��a��t.okn_eE8 "* Nelson, B. C.
Phone .14.
All waited on. alike after the election
at  tho
Red Cross Drag Store
Uaker St., near Josephine, Nelson. Ii. C.
Sherman's Opera House
J. M. Harrle's Great Success���
At 2:30���
Prices���50c, 76c.
Matinee���Adults, 60c;   children,  26c.
Plan  al. Rutherford's.
'���' ������  .��� -��� ��� and Retail Dealers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp*. Bupplit-1 ou shortest notice and
lowe-Jt prio**. Nothing but fresh and
wholesomp meat* ami supples kept in stock
Mmi orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fael & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders! will hnd it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Uull.lng    P. O. Bo?
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
On and alter December l��t my heating and
plutnblnK business will be locate*, in my new
shop, two dOOn Uit Ol opera Iioubl*, ou Victoria
Itl. 181.     S. A. WYE
A* McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Orocerios
Bntter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
F. C. GREEN      F. F. BURDEN       A. II. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145   Fhone Ul B.
PRUNINll ASI) OlumNU c.reliilly atuad-
ed to. Apply
Hllrisr KluuHoWI.
When yon compare yonr freights yon will buy in NelHon
D. J. Robertson & Co.
WUI continue for ANOTHER WEEK
J. a. gTlker
Fifty Cent Hand Bags]
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone 333.
&Co.t [K5!_is
�����__.   v-v,       Limited, Winnipeg,
________ Provision**,
Produce, -        fruit.
Dominion Government Creamery One Ponnrt Bricks received weekly Irak
from the ehnrn.   Eor sale by all loading grocers.
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       ...      Nelion, B. C,
Bohemian Beei
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lti
A Word to the Wi
Thi�� year tt* hav*. nppnx*in.��l the wants of ovt*\\
UauoM ainl have pa-Med into utock tbe
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This Htove in adapted (or hard coal only, and isttt
anteod to givo Batiitfaction.
J. H. Ashdown Hard wan
Company, Limited.
Uvpiiirliiu ninl -Jobbing _ixwwutwU with D__tp��te_i.   Mh����-t Mrt-I
Work, Mining mi-! ...Ill Mauhlntry.     Mii.iulnwt.ii_t. of
Or*   ___tr��,  K.  t*i.   Contractor*'  Gar*.
irnerof Hal ami
oot Street-*.
"NELSON,   B. C.
Ts-li-pboDt i.
l'l'. Bill���:
UNITE and slug that  tho   imi--iimioii' i
John T. Pierre are tho proper tiling
My last fall shipment hau juit arrived   Sll
them anil plnee ynur order early fur Xmasso*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
l-UmiiieMM niun,
Working men,
Main In dreu .ittlrv.
Sporting men,
Handioma inun,
Mwn that's full of flrw
Subject  to  Confirmation
W�� Will Buy
We Will Sell
5000 Diamond  Vale    $0.27
500 Alberta Coal    i.no
too Rocky Mountain Oil  30
3000 Sullivan    07
5000 Nicola Coal Mines    ' 'o6
2000 Rambler-Cariboo         .. '26
2000 North Star       "' 'J7
2000 Giant (Rossland)   '.'.." 02
2175 Canadian Northwest Oil.J   Si
0 Canadian Smelters  1��*J
200 Dominion Copper      '*
MOO Denoro Mlnea  	
3000 Carlboo-McKinnny .
1000 International Conl .
5000 American Boy  	
100 Western Oil Con...
B. B. Mighton <& Co.
Drawer 1082
I'liolis* H��
MANUFACTURERS   T tL ���*4 ��       1
AND DEALERS IN   A"ttttlDZtf  S_____gleS7
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work: and Bracket* Mail Orders promptly ntten����"
Our itock of Skater, it complete and varied,
Including the  popular
_\_i_',f  BEAUTY  and CHARM (Ladle.)
Wood-Vallance Ha*dwa*e Co1]
>VholMal�� j


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