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The Daily Canadian Sep 8, 1906

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���Slje 5Vxil# ��anafctcm
IVOLUME I.    No.  83.
Fifty Cents a Month
Lteable Weather Con-
���First   International   Championship
Lost by Americans Observed by
Multitude of Spectators.
Putney, Eng., Sept. 8.���The weather
LijuliiissiiH were IdOAl when Harvard
Lnsi Cambridge turned out early ln the
was issr a few brief practice starts be-
jt,. their final appearance for the
-*! i.ssssi race which has caused ub
men s M'lii'tnetit an was ever aroused
Great llrltaln by nuy contest over
, historic championship course from
,si,,.s t,, Mortlnke. The sky was
mill, ss. a IIkIu bate haiiKlng over
. riv, r The breeze was from tho
ahwesl and although against the
an li was very light in the early
H sl ihe day.
Uakn,   Sept.   8.���The    newspapers
:.: -silng devote many coluiuns to
:��� . ; vard-Cambrldge    boat    race,
m iheir  readers   all  the  Infonua-
���    ilsh' on every   point of intor-
".,���  items of leading oars men re-
ss- tn the outcome of the cunti'si,
pictures of men who will row, and
-���'lii'i- do their utmost lo make lhe
,Mini a greal  success.    All of lheni
il  Lhal   ihe  rune  Is  an  Inipnrtnat
Is"   llie  majority   pick  the Cam-
is,' irew to win.    The Tribune de-
Y'r.i-s that It  desires to see the race
annual  fixture, adding, "one gtoM-
i instance makes us all akin today,
fb, Mn] ut sport ls silrresl to its very
! uthS by this race. It Is for no medal.
|si|s sir trophy.    The  whole sweetness
ft ill" flghl is in mere honor's sake."
-porting Lire declares that "thecon-
|(-i suit decide the question of the su-
macj nl the English and American
'���s ur rowing,"  and  strongly advo-
b "making lhe contest at leust bl-
inl.    We  must   not  always expeel
llf  American crews to come to Eng-
lad." ih.- Journal    adds.      "There  Is
"siml truth In    the    climatic   theory
"I II   is  neither junt.  nor sportsman-
���" is.r nil the races to be mwed In
England    Oxford ot Cambridge must
'.niiiii,' iheir athletic   confreres   and
Isll  America In lurn."
Hi,- race between Harvard and Cam-
li^iisss- is.day over the famous old Put-
ptey-Mortlake course  on  the Thames,
narrow winding waterway four nnd
three-eighths milea In longllr. wns the
I'lisi dual collegiate    race   mwed be-
I1""is American nml Kngllsh crews in
:;~ years.   In I860 Harvard sent a four
'<> Putney  to meet Oxford In n dual
1 test    Tlie   Kngllsh   crew   was   victorious i,y nearly four lengths.     To-
liss's race was lhe first between British nnd   American    university    eights
;"nl  apparently   hm.  opened  lhe  way
''"' many  similar contests In  the fu-
lure     Interest  in  lhe    rowing    event
Ilm* I n heightened   by  the  faol   that
Illai varil's crew earned a decisive vie-
���r Yale al New London In June
|l��st, while Cambridge was Ihis year's
l��i r ol' the nice wllh Oxford.
In tlie race the two crews were rep-
''X"il tn live id lhe  best   college  lowing
Ibil'iu nl' ihe two countries and 'the re-
|f'in has lieen awaited with the liv.'ll-
ml Interest,   Tlie Harvard eight In nil-
Bitted is, i,e one of the best aggregation id college oarsmen ever seen  In
mi American .hall, and every follower
1,1 'i'i' spssrt hns been confident that In
U"'   International    struggle   on    the
| .'lames,  America's    rowing    strength
ilB typically  represented In the  llur-
iii'l hunt.
The race wus brought nhniit through
l"i" cfrtu'tH or r. C, Lehman, ai mem-
"t" parliament who wns Instructor
11" Harvard  crews  for two yearn,  his
"'��t visit io Harvard hsdng In 1S1.S. rt
lw:'s agr 1 ihai Ihe Iwo crews should
I'"' as nearly as possible lbe same as
ilhoso whs, meed ngnlnsl Yale and Ox
|iiinl, I'BBpeotively,
'i'he excitement over the contest pre-
ivalled throughout    provincial   centers
I"inl even musl of the sporting coinmu-
j'liiii's nn the continent, judging from
lili" lelegratns asking for early anil full
With the Slurs and Stripes and liar-
11'1"'! crimson OonaptOUOUS everywhere,
me crowds begun  moving toward Ihe
'"iiras. early in the .lay, the railroads
'"lining  specluls   nnd   every   available
|"'"iii line was taxed lo Its utmost cn-
1 '""'by.    Marly  in   the  afternoon   the
jen  banks  of  the river were   lined
l**llli people te an extent which prom-
lls"d the greatest pouring oul  of peo
ple ever wllnesseii at ��� boal race here
Although naturally the light colors ol
Cambridge predominated the Etarvarf
crimson ran them close up while f
numerous contingent of young enthusl
asts unable to make up their minds nl
lo which would win had donned readies or ribbons combining the blue
or Cambridge and the crimson of Harvard.
The members of the American colony In London ami hosts of American
iis-ilssss lo the clly were early In Ihe
field, biking up isohits of vantage
from which in enliven ihe American
crew, wllh Harvard's college yell. The
majority or the expert opinion gave
the rinal verdict In ravor nr Cambridge. The Cambridge slock was up
to as high as 1311 lo 80, but most ol
the betting was done at nearer even
Ab ihe afternoon advanced crowds
gathered nt the starting point and,
sin Idling along the banks a�� far as
the eye could reach, the throngs were
wholly cosmopolitan and cheered wllh
the usual enthusiasm at the appearance ol either the crimson or Ihe blue.
The breeze freshened some when tho
time lor starting the race approached,
Description of the Race.
As lhe challengers, the Harvard
crew took the water first and Cam-
bridge closely rollowed their example.
The two boats Quickly got inlo position and it. 6. Lehman, the. starter
and umpiro, administered the usual
caution, and a moment later, at 4:28
p. tn., a pistol shot sent the two racing shells away to an admirable sluii.
The nose or the light blue boat Immediately showed to the trout, the
drive being so strong and the recovery so prompt with slightly quickening pace, while Harvard reduced their
stroke and the light blues had gained
a further advantage al the end of lhe
rirst minute's rowing. Though Ihey
lost the advantage ot a lead at the
slart, the Americans showed no signs
ol being disturbed. They kept up a
slead pull at the rate of about 35
strokes a minute, which suited the
crew. More than a length separated
the boats at Craven slip, but ou
reaching the nlile post the bend ol
tbe river on Ihe Surrey side gave lhe
Cambridge boat a great advantage. A
head wind sent Ihe tide rolling down
this reach, making a broken sea of
which the Americans got lhe full
brunt, while the Kngllsh were sheltered by the river bank on the Surrey
side. Hy the time the boats reached
thefCTab Tree, about a mile and a
hair from the sturt. the Cambridge
stroke had taken his boal over two
lengths to the front. The Harvard
Btroke. Filly, at this poini called on
his men far a greater erfart and they
responded quickly. Tbe quickened
stroke soon told, the light between tho
boats' wakes was sensibly lessened,
and when Ihe Cambridge shell shot
by Hammersmith bridge the Englishmen wire barely a length and a quar
ter ahead.
Progress of the  Race.
Pushing on past the lead mills,
where both boats were lining 37
strokes, Cambridge Increased their
lead and appealed lo be rowing well
Within themselves. As she boats
turned the bend and entered rougher
waler Harvard again Bpurted, A magnificent effort seal the American boat
up in its opponent foot by foot.
Oil' the Doves, although Harvard
lost ground through wide steering,
Btuarl kept up In his steady stroke.
At chiswlek the Englishman Bhook np
his crew and*began to pull away rrom
Harvard. At the three-mile pnst Cambridge wan over two lengths In fronl
and on reaching Devonshire Meadows
was Iwo und a hull' in three lengths
ahead, and  lhe race    wns    practically
Cambridge  Won by  Two  Lengths.
Harvard, however, spurted again,
gaining a length, but 11 was too late
Isi retrieve llie fortunes of lhe day
and tin' Cambridge men passed the
winning posl easy victors of a gallant
race bv two lengths,
Time.  Hi minutes ill seconds.
Mining   Outlook   in   British  Columbia
Was   Never  Brighter���Week's
Stock Quotations.
The week in mining hns afforded
fresh Indications of ibe sti'ndy nnd
rapid Improvement over the whole
Held id llrlllsh Columbia,
I'he Boundary and itossland output
remains at Its record rtgiii'cN.
In the Sandon disiriei the chief feu-
,,,,-,. |,as heen lhe resumption of work
on the American Hoy, a properly rich
in zinc as well ns In high grade galena. The work will be done under
lhe direction of W. K. Zwlcky, manager or the Rambler-Cariboo, who
planned and accomplished Hi.' fatuous,
long tunnel on thai property. Meanwhile, lhe extra 400 tool of drifting
on the Rambler has begun. II will
lake some months but tlu'i'i' ta no
doubt now of Hie result
The luineowners ol' Ainswoi'lli nru
preparing u record mineral exhibit ter
lhe Nelson ralr. Work on lbe Ma i
and Hulled continues to meat witn
the mosl gratifying results, und otee
properties are Ukoly to display Blmt
lm- finds in the near future.
In the north, around Camborne ami
Poplar   aotlvity  is  greater than over
before. The amount of quiet development work accomplished during tho
presenl year has astonished even
those whose faith in the dlsirlct has
been most consistent. The old beliel
that, the richness ot Poplar and ilapld
creek properties was entirely on the
surface has been completely dispelled
by ihe demonstrations of ore at. depth,
lu His' Sheep creek valley the tangles are being gradually straightened
out. The bonding or ihe Golden Belle
for a large sum by a practical mining
man like Harney Crilley Is certain to
have u good eHcd throughout the district.
The slock market for the pnst week
though having no sensational advances
In any one stock, showed great firmness and activity iu several different
securities, From some standpoints a
steady, llrm and active market Is
preferable to the rapid falling und rls-
ing one, as It creates more confidence
and in consequence larger tradings nro
The Spokane market is very active
nnd un Increase In business is expected rather ihan a decline. Eastern exchanges reported business lively, hut
expect a still larger volume of trading
sb lhe season advances.
Dominion Copper held very firm after lis rapid rise and no break In this
stock ls now looked for. Sullivan,
loo, exhibits great strength after Its
rapid advance and Is now holding firm.
I.a Plata is in demand and has nil-
vanned several points with no shares
offered. North West Coal, since the
meeting of ihe shareholders, is held
firm, with but few shares changing
bunds. Nicola Coal has advanced, owing to the general demand for this
stock, and parties on tlie inside declne
to sell at prices considerably higher
than are now offered. Norih Star and
International Coal are being traded In
freely and are very steady. Rambler-
Cariboo is gaining more strength and
while a sharp advance Is not expected,
still a steady demand will undoubtedly
increase lhe price gradually. Brecken-
ridge-Lund Coal. Western Oil. Rocky
Mountain Development. Dlnmond Vale,
Pathfinder and Denora mines remain
The  following are  the  approximate
quotations for the week ending today:
Asked.        Hid
Alberta Coal Ill .12
American Boy 08       -02
Hri'C.-Lund Coal 60 .04
B. C. Copper   10.50      9.B0
Beatrice 27       .25
California 02%      .02
Consol. Smelters   ..   .130.00   120.00
Denora Mines 08 .07
Diamond a Vie 20 .17
Dominion Copper..   ..    5.00       4.50
Eureka Copper .10
Giant 02 .01
Inter.  Coal    65 .6*
Jumbo  (Rossland)   ...     .19 .17%
Lardeau  Mines 01%      .00%
La Plata  Mines 20 .17
Motile  Crlsto 03 .02
Nlcalo Coal 06 .04
North Wesl Coal  ....    1.00 .75
Pathfinder 04 .03
Rocky Mountain  ...     .68        .60
Rambler 36 .32
Sullivan    09".      .07
Virginia    04 .03
Western  Oil 21 .18
Anniversary of Galveston Flood.
Galveston, Tex.. Sept 8���ll was six
years ago today, September s. 1900,
that lhe disaster incurred which tor
the (line being Wiped lhe city of Galveston orr Ihe map. In Ibe evening nl
Usui day ihe entire Island mi which
lhe clly is situated was under water
and more than 5000 lives had been
blotted out- t.lke the presenl year,
September s in 1000 rell nn Saturday
and the flrsl news uf the awful dlsns-
ler reached the outside world not until Sunday morning, and It was some
days later before lhe lull extent ot
lhe calamity became generally known.
In the six years Intervening the city
has fully recovered itself. A man..
moth sea wall, one of ihe greatest
pieces ,if work ol Its kind ever accomplished, protects Ihe clly rrom- n
repetition or the disaster, while ns a
further precaution the level of the city
has been elevated from six to twenty
Construction of Promised
Line Begins at Once
Experts and Engineers Already on
the Ground Checking Reports
of Promoters.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Greenwood, Sept. S.���Ralph Sinalles,
who has been representing the promoters of the Midway and Vernon
railway In eastern and European
cities, returned to Greenwood last
evening, lie was accompanied by Mr.
ti. M. Ulce, a well known engineer and
construction export. There ls an expert of a large eastern construction
company already on the ground checking up the repurts of tlie promoters of
this railway line. Ample European
capital Is known to be behind the
latest enterprise and It Is confidently
expected here that construction will
be commenced at once.
To Consecrate Archbishop.
Halifax, N. S., Sept. 8.���Many prominent prelates and priests of the Roman Catholic church are here to attend the consecration tomorrow of the
Rev. Dr. McCarthy bb archbishop ot
Halifax. Among those expected to
lake part In the Imposing function are
Archbishops Duhamel of Ottawa, Bru-
chesl of Montreal, and Begin of Quebec, and Bishops McDonald of Char-
lottetown, Casey of St. John, Barry of
Chatham, N. B., and Beaven of Springfield, Mass.
Romantic   Story   Connected With Ao
cession of Sovereign Who Celebrates Tomorrow.
Claim Britain's Protection.
Therhat, Persia, Sept 8.���The ba-
znrs here are again closed and people
nre once more flocking lo the Hritish
legation In protest ngnlnsl the delay
in signing the revised ordinance proposed by lbe clergy relative to tho
projected national assembly. The
clergy rejected the ordinance drafted
by the grand vizier und submitted one
of thetr own, to which lhe shah has
not yet assented. Al a meeting ol
clergy and merchants yesterday the
merchants decided to close up business uml proceed to the British legation, where Ihey declare Ihey will re-
main until ihe shah signs the ordinance and expels the late grand vizier
and others who are opposing reforms.
Novelist on a Tour.
Ilanrr, Alia., Sept. 8.���Tho private
oar Plymouth Rook arrived today
rrom Vancouver, having on board Sir
Arthur and Lady .lames, Henry James,
the well known novelist, and Lord
'laiwther, speaker of the house of
commons. The party have toured Ihe
northern portion of the United States
and will remain here a few days and
Ihen proceed by wny of the PaciNo
coast cltloB to Mexico.
to the police stati..' lie was entirely
unable to communicate with anybody,
having no power of speech and no ac-
ipialntance with either reading or
writing. He fell Into charitable hands,
and gradually was taught and educated, whereupon by degrees he became able to give some account of
himself. From this It appeared that
he had been kept like a wild beast ln
a dark room. This existence continued from the time he could remember
until the day he was placed, blindfolded, In a cart and driven to the spot
at the gates of Nuremberg where he
was subsequently found. The memories which he recalled of his childhood were of such a character aB to
give rise to the belief that he was no
other than the missing son of the
Grand DucheBS Stephanie. A meeting
waa arranged for them, the mother being convinced that the youth was her
missing son. But within a few hours
of the time appointed for the Interview he was mortally stabbed by somo
unknown Individual.
Berlin, Sept. 8.���Advices from Carl-
sruhe state that preparations on a
most elaborate scale have been made
for tomorrow's celebration of the
eightieth anniversary of the reigning
grand duke of Bu.ten. Frederick I.
The celebration will be general
throughout the duchy. The advices
further stale that the Grand Duke is
particularly pleased and gratified by
lhe visit ol' a delegation from 1'lttsburg
bringing wllh (hem a message of congratulation from the Grand Duke's
former subjects now resident lu
The Grand Duke of Hadeu la ln a
way nils- of the most notable figures
among the rulers of Europe. Few
people have played 11 more important
rule, not only In the constitution ot
tho German empire, but also In the
maintenance of Ub Integrity. It was
he who. aa one ot the independent
sovereigns or Southern Germany, conducted ull the negotiations that led to
the election of King William of Prussia as German Emperor.in 1870. And
il was he, too, who since then bus
been the principal factor in smoothing
away all those many ditterereaces.
some of them of a very acute character, that have arisen betwen Prussia
nnd the other states ol the confederation.
It Is something of coincidence lhat
the presenl week murked the fiftieth,
year of the reign of the Grand Duke,
lie owes his throne ln the first place
to the insanity of his elder brother,
who died under reBtraint after being
deposed, and secondly to the romance
in connection with the Bon of the
Grand Duchess Stephanie of Baden.
Stephanie an adopted daughter of the
first. Napoleon, waa a devout Roman
Catholic nnd a Frenchwoman by birth.
She bore to her husband five children,
three daughters and two sons. Ono
of the sons died in Infancy. Concern-
lug the other son there always has
been a mystery. She herself went
down the grave firmly convinced thnt
her little boy had been stolen by tho
adherents of the now reigning and
Lutheran branch of tho house of
linden. True, an Infant was carried
to the grave with all the honors due
to (he remains of a little prince of the
bldnd. But Ihe (IranQ Duchess always insisted that the llttlu corpse
was not thnt of her child, hut was
thai of a little boy who, moribund, had
been substituted by her enemies for
her own healthy offspring.
Years afterward a young man was
found fainting with h"iiger at Ihe
gates  of   Nuremberg,   and  wns  tlkon
Society of Jesuits   Co-nplete   Election
of Black Pope.
Cowan, a stoker on the Empress of
Britain, and Domlnlclt Corrigan of the
It. C. A., were formally committed to
stand trial at the criminal court nexs
month, the former on a charge ot
manslaughter and the latter on a
charge of taking part ln the affray.
Captain  Matteray Swims 400 Miles in
Air and Alights Safely.
Rome. 8ept. 8.��� Francis Favler
Warnz. a German, was today elected
general of the society by the congregation of the Society of Jesus In succession to the late Father Martin,
who died last May. Following the
election a messenger waa immediately despatched to the Vatican to inform
the pope of the choice, which to become effective requires the papal
Rome, Sept. 8.���It la learned that
two ballots were taken before the final choice was made. At the conclusion of the decisive balloting announcement that a new general of the order
had ben chosen was communicated tu
the outer world b the ringing of a bell
which was the signal that the meeting was at an end. Thereupon the
rector of the college, upon whom had
been placed the responsibility of maintaining the seclusion or the conference
hall, opened the door of the council
chamber. Formal acknowledgement ot
the election then was first made to
him by a secretary. At the same moment Father Alfred Martins, procurator general of the Jesuits, who had
been especially appointed by the congregation, started for the Vatican to
Inform Pope Pius of the company's
choice. He waB received immediately
by the pope, who expressed great satisfaction over th' selection of Father
Wernz. "He ls lust the man fitted
for the position," said the pope. He
charged Father MartlnB to take to
General Wernz the apostolic benediction and also an affectionate letter of
greeting which he wrote to the new
general, ln the meantime General
Wernz was receiving congratulations
from members of the order and many
others at his own home in the college,
where he went Immediately after the
announcement of the  election.
Father Francis Aver Wernz was
born at Rothwell, Wurtemburg on December 2, 1842, and at the age of 15
years entered the society of which today he waB chosen head. In 1863 he
received an appointment as professor
ln Ihe Gregorian university and has
been rector of the university since
11W4. He ls Bi consulting member of
the congregation's ecclesiaBtic extra-
ordinary alfnirs and index council nnd
is recognized as a progressive man
and  extremely  energetic.
High Taxes in Montreal.
Montreal, Sept. 8.��� The finance
committee of the city council today
received a letter from tho Hemming
Manufacturing company complaining
of the tax of $5 per year levied upon
them for their electric motor. The
company say lhat they recently moved
to Montreal from Toronto, but had
they not invested largely in plant, etc.,
they would move back to Toronto or
Hamilton, because thoy find the coBt
of rent, power, light, labor and small
purchases of materials greater here
than there. They warn the council
thut If Ihey persevere in raising all
klmls of taxation on manufacturing
industries they will soon lose some of
the city's important factories. No action was taken on the letter. It is
doubted that tlie allegations of protest are correct.
Titular Archbishop Consecrated.
Rome, Sept. 8.���Mgr. Avers, apostolic delegate to Cuba, today was consecrated titular archbishop of Surdts.
The ceremony was performed at the
castle by Cardinal Merry del Val, the
papal secretary ot state, assisted by
Father Kennedy, rector of the American college. The antlpex clerical society hud prepared to make a demonstration at the function against Cardinal Merry del Val and the policy of
the Vatican, but tho police interfered
nnd forced Ihem to hold their meeting
in private.
For Readers With Good Mem Ties.
Quebec, Sept. 7.���At tho preliminary
Investigation Inlo the matter of the
fatal affray on Louise embankment in
July last, wub concluded ln the police
court hore yesterday yesterday, when
Wolverine, Mich., Sept. 8.���Captain
William Matteray, a Chicago aeronaut,
who drirted away, from Oconto, Wis.,
ln a- helpless airship Thursday, landed In a swamp about six miles southeast of here yesterday. He was suffering from exposure and fatigue hut
rested here and expects to return to
Chicago at once. In his flight Matteray traveled a distance of nearly 400
miles, passing over Green Bay, Wis.,
crossing Lake Michigan In his grand
traverse, and flying about IS milea
Into the state of Michigan before
Nelson People's Property
Proves Rich
Col. Topping Gives Account of His
s Work-Valley is
Future Dairy Land.
South's Philanthropy.
C. J. South ,the agent for the home
for wayward children, has been in the
district for the past week, following
up his great work for humanity. It
there Ib a man on earth who la entitled te the name of Christian th .t
man Ib South. One only has to see
him In his work and know what he ls
accomplishing to realize thiB tact���
Cranbrook Herald.
Brewery Workmen to Meet.
Toronto, Sept. 8.���Delegates from various parts of tbe United States and
Canada have arrived to attend the annual convention of the International
Union of United Brewery Workmen,
which is to begin a week's session in
this city tomorrow. A number of Important questions relating to the union
are slated for consideration and action by the convention.
Smelter Loses Heavily.
Denver, Colo., Sept. 8.���Fire in the
refinery plant of the Argo smelter
last night caused loss estimated at
over $300,000 on the building and furnaces. Bullion and partly refined
metal valued at $75,000 were melted
by the flames, causing a loss of several thousand dollars.
Hot for Hobbs.
Montreal, Sept. 8.��� David "Mustard" Hobbs, the ex-Canadian Pacific
railway cuBtoma agent, was today sentenced by Judge Choquette to four
years in St. Vincent de Paul penlteu
tiary. Hobbs fled from Montreal
about a year ago after stealing about
$60,000 from the Canadian cnstoius-
Cornering the Sugar.
Saginaw, Mich., Sept. 8.���The formal organization of the Michigan Sugar company, which will take over six
sugar beet factories, waa completed
yesterday. The capital is $12,500,000,
$5,000,000 of which is preferred stock
and $7,500,000 common.
Steam Up All Night.
St. John, N. B., Sept. 8.���One of the
boilers in Calhoun's sawmill at Jac-
quet river exploded about 3 o'clock
this morning, badly wrecking the mill
and killing Noel McEachern, the night
Ottawa,  Sept.   8.���The    government
today  fixed  Thursday  October 18,  as
Thanksgivlug day.
J.��. Ij1mrTaY DIE
Difficult   Operation   Successfully   Performed by Surgeons of Medicine Hat.
(Special  to The  Dally Canadian.)
Medicine Hat, Sept. 7���A very difficult operation whs performed on Engineer Glover yesterday afternoon in
the Medicine Hat General hospilal by
Hr. C. F. Smith, assisted by Dr. C. E.
Smyth and Dr. Woodlands. In the
head-on collision here last Friday
night Glover's back was broken and
the spinal cord mangled. No hopes of
his recovery could be entertained un-
Iobb tho cord could be repaired and
this operation wns undertaken yesterday, the Bplual cord of a dog being
used to take the place of the original
ono for about an inch. The act Is being watched with extreme Interest by
medical practitioners.
The operation has been successfully
performed  twice before.
At latesl reports Mr. Glover was doing well.
Dates of the Pall Fairs.
Kaslo���September  14..
.Nelson���September 19, 20, 21.
Vernon���September  19, 20,  21.
Kamloops���September 26, 27.
New  Westminster    Provincial���Oct.
"I knew a year ago I had a good
prospect; 1 know now that I havo a
good mine." Such ls Colonel E. S.
Topping's summary of the results of
his summer's) work in the Tel-Kwa
valley at the copper mlnea.
Colonel Topping arrived from the
north by way of Vancouver last night
and ls at tbe Strathcona. He has a
number of splendid specimens of copper ore which will be asBayed at the
Hall Mines smelter.
Speaking of his season's work Colonel Topping said:
"I have had te make 8000 feet of
trail and I've done about $2500 worth
of work. 1 haven't met with a> single
disappointment. Every shot put in
sent up high grade copper. The group
contains at least two mines, either ol
which alone would warrant the building of a smelter.
"In the one from which these sa_t
pies are taken the vein ls 11 feel
wide. These are fair average samples. I wasn't looking for show pieces.
1 merely wanted to give the owners
some idea of what we have.
"I have had lots ot vtaltorB during
the summer. They were all taken
with our showings. There is a lot ot
work being done ln the valley of thd
Tel-Kwa and along the Bulkley. Mr.
Mclnnes, A. Heinze's manager. Is
there, and Mr. Seal Ion, president of
the Amalgamated Copper company,
has a big force on. Mr. Mclnnes has
splendid showings of coal.
"Altogether there are about 125
men on the Tel-Kwa, prospectors and
ranchers. They grow fine vegetables
and raise splendid stock. There Ib no
part of the province better fitted for
Colonel Topping may be induced to
reserve some of his samples for exhibition in the mineral department ot
the Nelson fair.
He has a robe made by Indians of
marmot skins, which, he says, beats
anthlng he knows as a sleeping robe.
The marmot la the favorite meat in
the north, where there are cariboo. It
Is a species of ground bog, living
amon the rocks above the timber line.
When cooked the flesh turns pink,
and tastes like spring chicken.
The colonel has spent a pleasant as
well as profitable summer. His plans
for the Immediate future are not def
Dictate Terms of Peace.
Havana, Sept. 8.���General Menota
declared today that the leaders of the
rebellion ln the province of Santa
Clara had Intimated that they would
negotiate for peace on a basis of new
municipal elections, a new general
election, amnesty for all Insurgents
and the appointment of a special commission to investigate the death of
Congrescman Vimuendas, the national
Uberal candidate for president, who
was killed last year ln a fight with
the police at Cienfugos.
Havana, Sept. 8.���Two mora bridgea
on the Western railway were blown up
last night. One was situated 12 milea
east of Plnar del Rio. near Puerto
Golpen depot, and cutting oft railway
communication with Plnar del Rio.
One Chance Left.
Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 8.���Dr.
Jacob Force, former president of tho
Northwestern National Life Insurance
company, must serve three and a half
years at Stillwater prison at hard labor unless the supreme court grants
him a new trial. Judge Brooks of the
district court today denied an appeal
for a new trial. Dr .Force was charged with having expended for his personal use large sums belonging to the
insurance company.
Sentenced to Be Hanged.
St. Petersburg. Sept. 8.���The court
martial which tried Senlde Konopllan-
ikovo, the woman who assassinated
General Min on August 26 at Peterhof on August 26 at Peterhof, today
sentenced her to be hanged. She main-
ta'lned hor composure and Bmiled on
receiving the sentence, which is to be
subject to commutation by order of
Duke Nicholas Nlcholatovitch, commander of the guards corps.
.fa a
i.fS   I
���   I
i ill
i "Wt
r *
<S'ii The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     Tliey will invite
pleasaut dreams of
We have plenty of them in red nml blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Jnstlj celebrated for their exceUence. We alone carry
them in this ciiy.
LUMBERMEN.--Pillows. Comforters. Gloves and Mits. Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing. Sweaters. Miners' and prosofctors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Published ilu day. �� week nr lbe
CANADIAN ITBi.lsilllN" ctiM. ANY, Ltis.!
Bnker Bt., Kelson, B. c.
hn.icriptl.sn rates, .'m s cuts . month delivered
In Ills' clly, it MO ss year 11 sstnt Is!' mail, when
paid la asivHUie.
Advertising rates on application.
All monlei paid sis leltlcmenl "I 11" li'si'i
Onnsislisin account!, etthe. lot subscription, nr
ad.ertiiingi iniiii be receipted tor on the printed
torus.. ,.l iin- Company, oilu-r receipt! ssr, si"i
������ nv ,sssr word wa are Hometlmei Judged '" be
vise and uy one worn MMnellniea j,.-i��.-.. tss be
ttisslHb. Usl nis tnerelore bt careful what lie
uy."���Co. rociua
The Associated Press sent out last
week a brief announcement that the
Standard Oil company is making an
attempt to Becnre control of the distilleries ol lln United .Slates. The
announcement waa brief and lacked
detail, so that, while sume curiosity
was aroused as t,, ��hat possible use
the Standard Oil company could have
for distilleries, the matter was not
treated seriously. That it was of tremendous significance, however, now
turns out to be the case and further
information shows that the same sinister Influence is at work fsir its own
protection, ansl the further ramifications of its own interest, that have
been ever characteristic ol Standard
Oil.    The  Province discovers  what  is
probably tho true significant ( this
new i nterprlse and wisely remarks
that "tho reason for iis desire ns operate ibis Industry is not far to seek.
.Inim n. Rockefeller, with bis well
khown prohibition views and socalled
religious proclivities, will nol be credited with the ambition iss manufacture
tbe popular product which Inebriates
but does not console. This is not bis
aim, but if in the pursuit of business
he finds il necessary to take a hand
lu the whiskey business he will hardly be expected to refrain. Aud It so
happens in this case his pocketboob
is threatened unless be is able i<> control ih>- distillery industry. Ji����� i.-t���.
fore the Standard Oil company has
had a monopoly on benzine, ous- sst Its
manufactured products. Under an act
or congress placing denatured alcohol
on the Tree list, benzine will have a
competitor In the aria and trades thai
threatens to sup. rsede ii. Alcobol is
a product of itn- distilleries, ansl the
desire sjf ihs- Standard Oil combine to
control tin- whiskey industry is therefore rssadlly apparent. The reporl
conveyed in ihs- despatches is thai tin-
oil trust has made au offer tss purchase all ih..- principal distilleries in
the country, and th" oTf.-r is occom-
panted with a threat that, in ihs- event
or nonacceptance opposition distilleries win be erected."
Thus It would appear lhat while
John It. Rockefeller is panic. Simsiay
school children on the heads ansl coyly suing for popular acquaintance, explaining that tin- world dsss-s uiu really
know him as he is, he has his emissaries and agents at work extending
the tentacles of lhe horrid octupus
ihai has its clutch on every state in
the Union and mi Canada ns well.
Probably the lust tiling fur the world
Is tbat it should thoroughly know the
Standard Oil magnate as he Is, and
not as ho would wish to appear. II
there wore one spark of philanthropy
or protection tsi society guaranteed in
the proposal to acquire control of the
distilleries, there might be some excuse for this new crime, but there
enn be no donbl Hint the same flinty
and unrelenting avarice that control!
Standard Oil is the Inspiration of the
Tims who are inclined tn watch the
development of ufrairs in the Orient
have been Impressed with the awakened spirit with which the Oriental
nations have adopted or adapted Western iiis als to some extent In their national lite. While tills lias been mark
idly noticeable in commercial an,
military aitairs ibe close observei
will have observed lhat a serious
strain has been placed upon the attachment of the Orientals io lhe rell-
uii ns systems of Iheir ancestors.
Prom the first, against great opposi-
tion, iin- Christian religion has been
winning its widening way till rumors
have from time to time reached the
Western nations that the religion of
Jesus has made a profound Impression
upon all classes, but more especially
upon the heads of religious societies
and systems in Japan and China.
Singularly enough Christianity has
mads- miss! headway where its advocates ami missionaries have confined
themselves to the teaching ol its ethics and morals, as well as to lln- communication of its spiritual trains
rather ihan where the teaching has
been doctrinaire.
Buddhism and Brahamanlsh have
both felt the influence of lhe new religion and it has been closely exam-
Ined and analyzed by the more Intelligent priests and teachers of these
older types of religious life. Now
comes the stand.ig announcement
ihai a very conspicuous writer in one
of the main newspapers ssf Peking,
himself a Itiislslliist, lias written si
startling article in which bs- advocates
iii'- establishment ol the Jesus Church
iu China. His argument is equally
ih- begins ii> calling attention to
iin- present trend toward radical re-
iiii'iiis. Then he notes that all important reform movements emanate rrom
lln- Wesl, and that when traced they
are found to crystallize about a man
i-i group of men; ihat these reformers,  when   they  are studied  as  to the
ource ssl their Ideas and inspirations
are round in lis- imbued with the Jesus' religion. And so tin- writer con-
cludes ihat iin' surest way to pro-
mote reforms is io introduce and foster ihe Jesus Church and faith. Bin
also concludes ihat tin- reform
work can only Ins successfully carried
mi in China hy natives, not foreigners;  and  sn lie logically argues that
'He < miiicn! man must connect himself wiili    ih.- Jesus religion,    under-
issii.i iiii abonl i>. ami Hun become
ihe representative head of li in China;
" that all thai is isusssi aboul Hi" re-
i s;i"'i in;..- find in a native Chinese
���vhn has ihe confidence of llle empire
ami people a proper leaderl
keep their work down to lhe capabilities of the local printing offices, and
perhaps it they had no more enterprise than those who condemned
ihem they would do so. We hold no
Is: iff rrom the club to deal with the
matier, but It has occurred to us that
the proceeding of those who voted so
unanimously for such a resolution was
rather high-handed. If there were any
practical printers at the meeting they
must have overlooked the case for
the club and permitted the resolution
io pass undiscussed. If there were
none such presenl the interference of
the labor unions with tbe affairs of
the Twenty Thousand club smacks ot
Al any rate, nearly all, If not all or
ih.- committees of the club buy their
plumage in .Nelson and pay for it,
while we will wager it as a safe guess
lhat if those in the lalssir meeting who
have bought iheir staples from Baton's
ami Simpson's departmental stsn-cs
had been excluded from voting, tiio
vote would noi have been sn enthusiastically unanimous.
li is inn- thing in run a Twenty
Thousand club and quite another 'to
ise consistent when voting resolutions,
There musl havs- been some sinisto
influence nt work in secure lhe pass
���is;,' ssf a resolution at ihe meeting ol
llle trades and labor Council nf Tllllrs
slay   evening   lis   Ills-     effect      Unit    the
Twenty Thousand chili have all Ms
printing done In the city or else snr
fer a boycott by iss-lng deprived ol the
suppon nf the members nf the luixn
unions. Wo cannot but think tbe rat
olutlon was Ill-advised, for u momont'i
thssiighl   would   show   lhal   Iher ay,
or must arise, dcoaslonj when tin'
Twenty Thousand club win require
work done which ls beyond lbe possibility or local production. The lai'lll-
lles for special work are mil unlimited
in Nelsou aud lu several Instances ihe
club tins hud no choice hut to order
iis work done I.y outside firms. II Is
Hue lbe members ol lhat cluh might
The farmers ol Ontario In their annual convention al Toronto voted resolutions on  tariff    questions    ami  ssn
.,- is-  prsslsls-ins thai  aiv ihe  bane
and worry of Un- statesman's life wiih
a sangfroid and Innocence that must
have been truly refreshing. The tarns.rs ur Missouri in session yesterday discussed commercial fertilisers,
lhe railroad and ihe fanner, drainage,
plant breeding and seed selection.
That it what makes the difference between farmers who farm for the
rarm's sake and those who get too
swelled up for their jobs and want to
run the country. The Yankee has
some characteristics that strike a Canadian as peculiar, but when it comes
to farming give us the Yankee farmer.
Ik- knows his biz.
One of the neatest and most attractive advertising pamphlets that has
come to our desk is one recently issued by the C. 1*. R. and entitled,
"Impressions���Victoria, Ii. C. The
.Mecca of All Tourists." The beauli-
ftil back cover is headed "A Hit of
Old England on ihe Shores ot tbe Pa
ciric." Inside, ihe photo-engravlug-
are chaste and elegant, and while they
do justice lo some ol' the beauty spot,
at and around the capital, they do uo
more than justice. It is a pity thut a
similar class ol work could not be as-
enred tor Nelson, as the scenic beamy
or the Kootenays rivals that of the
The Cranbrook Herald indignantly
rejects the orrer or The Canadian to
rind it a Chinese purchaser and Intimates that when the time is ripe lor
it to sell���that is to say when the
right price is offered���It can complete
iin- dial without the Intermediary offices of any ageni or middleman. We
are sorry in read ihis lor two reasons.
1'irst, we should be very sorry lo see
such an excellent paper as the Herald
pass into the hnnds ot the Chinese;
nnd. secondly, we are sorry to learn
that our respected content, is so chummy  wiih  ihe Chinks.
Certificate of Improvements
Qlg&nttOi 'iiini,   First Cbau-1*. Chali��!dis, and
Twenty Mile Fraetl.ni mineral claim-.. ��itu-
ate in thf Nelson  Mining Division oi W tjt
Kootenay (listrk*t
Where locale-.: on Dundee mountain, between
Wil.I H..rwiin.i Bear Creeks.
Take mil fee lhal 1. John Mi-Lati-liie, of the t lly
oi Nil--i.ii, actios uagenl foi JqaepnBlurgeon,
Free Miner'." Certificate No, B610, muiid, sllty
tiny* fnnn tlie date Jure* if, to apply lit Ihe Mining
Recorder (or Certificate*, ol improvements, for
the purpone of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above elaimi
And furth.r take notice that nelion.tinder MO-
tion 57, must be commenced bei..re tbe [nuance
nf iu< h Certificate "( Improvement*
Daied [hi,- Slst dav ol July, A. I'- 1900.
Jons* Mi I.ATI If|tr.
00 dan after date I in lend lo apj.lv to the Honorable the chief Commissions, of l-and- ami
Worka, Victoria,fi c.to pnrchase M0 acrei of
laud situate west of Arrow  lake on lha Weal side
of Whaiehan creek and jointut; the north boundary of s. J. Annable application to purchase.
Commencing at a post marked k .i. k ,b . k corner and running wea' ni ehains thence north ��n
ohalna] tnence eut 80 chalna; theme south to
polnl of commencement
September 2nd iwo. R. J- Ki.uot.
Notloe fl lie-ebv given Hint M dan after dale I
ini.n.i to applj totho llouorale chief Commissioner of Lauds and Wnrks for permission to por-
chaae the following deserlbed Landa.situate in
lhe West Kootenav district] starting Ir a pOSl
planted   at   the S. K   enrner of F. tt . RoblpROO'fl
Application to purchase, iheuoe 40 chains eaat,
i*o chains south, 20 chains treat, -JOohalns north,
40 chains west, 20 chains north, 20 chains east, 40
chains north to polntof commencement, containing H4) acres.
Rated I.Mli day of Augusl. 1900
1). ('. B. ROBINON,
per Kt'.ST.sr tt. llOBINSON, Agent.
Solfee is   herein   niv.ii   that   siMy  days   after
date  i   intend   to apph    lo  the  Honorable  the
Chief Commluloner of Lands and Works for permission  to  purchase  the  following deserlbed
land mi the West shore nf lip|��I Arrow Lake and
joining J. ll. Feeney'a preemption!   Running
west 40 chains;   lbence north  SU .huiiis,   tlielic
east 40 chains, to the shore ol the lake; thenoe
south following Uo- lake sl to polul of commencement, containing 32u acres more or less.
Haled AuglUt 19, 1008.
j. J  Kki.i.v. Agent.
Notice la hereby given that sixty days nfier
date I  intend to npplv   to the Honorable lhe
Chief Commisaloner ol Land- und Works for permission to purchase the following described
land nn the wesl side of Lower Arrow Lake and
joining the south line of the Indian Reservation:
Kunning weat20ehalns] thence south B0chains;
thence eaat20ehalna, to the -bore of the lake*.
thenee north following ihe take shore to the
point of eonimeiieement, containing 100 acres
more or lesa.
Dated August 20,1906. tt". It. tfacUOD
j. J. Kci.i.v, Agent,
Notice is hereby given thai I intend, 80 days
afler dale to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of i amis and Works for permlaslon
to purehaae the following described lauds In
West Kootenay dlsirlct. altout five miles south
of Burt..u t'lty, oommenelng at a posl planted on
the '-ant bunk of trad C, K . ana marked "W, 11.
Hamilton's S. tt*. C. pot.t," and running north W)
chains, thenee easi Hu chains, thence south B0
ehulns, thenee west 80 chains to place of beginning, containing 640 acres of  laud, more or less.
Duled tills .'-'nd dny ol   \'i_"i-l. 1**<6
tt   il. Hamilton.
���^   SchOOl-hOUSe," will In; received by the under
<dgnci up io noon of Thursday the nth September, 1006; f..r the erection mid completion of a
IWO-rOOm   frame School-bOUBC  at   Hume,   Ymir
electoral District
Plans,specification, contract and forms of tender mav be seen on and afler the lib September,
1006, at the ofllce of the ftnvernmeni Agent,
Kelson, and ai the hands and Works Department, Victoria, H <;.
Bach proi.o<al musl be accompanied by easti t
au accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit
nu a Chartered bank nf Canada, made parable to
th<- undersigned in the sum of lion, w bicb -nail
be forfeited if the party tendering decline lo
enter   nil" contract   when .ailed upon in do so.
The cash, cheques or certificate of deposit of un-
successful tenderers will )����� returned to them upon the execution of the contract      Ihe successful
tenderer will bo required lo furnish a bond, him-
selt and two sureties in the sum ..f ll/OOeaeb,
{nr llo due fulfilment nf lhe work cnntracicd fnr
to the satisfaction of tbe Honorable Chief'.'om-
mlssloner. Upon Lhe execution of the bond the
om*li.cheque or certificate of deposit of above
mentioned ��in be returned tothe contractor.
Tender- -.till not be considered unless made
nut un lbe   forms   supplied   and signed with the
actual signature nf ihe tenderer.
Tin* lowest mi any tender iml necessuillv a<*
Deputy Commissioner of Und*- and Works
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. ('., Mist August. lSOO,
Notice is hereby given thai 00days after date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commls
sioner ot Lands and Works for permission to
purchase ihe following described lauds, situate
in Wesi Kootenay dlstricl: Commencing at a
post marked "B. t'onke)'- N. W. corner posl," situate near llie N B. corner ol laud applied for by
K.K., thenee souih 40 chains,more or less; thence
cast ."Hicham-.; thence nortii to ehulns, more ur
less; ihenee west sochuiii- to poim ol commencement.
Hal mo, August II, 1906.
B. ConkEV,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is herby given thai 60 days after date 1
intend, to apply to the Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner ol Lands mid Works for la-riulwilou to
purchase the following described landa situate iu
WestKootensydistrict;  Commenolng ata post
marked "R. Ross's N. W corner post," situate
near lhe N. E. corner of land npp.k-d for by A.
Mciyati thence south 4') ehalns, more or less;
thence cast so chains; thonce nnrlh In chaius,
more or less; tbence west 80 chains to point ol
BalmOi Augnsi 11, 1906. R. Ross,
1. 11. ATKINSON, Ai'ciil.
Noii.e |i hereby given thai sixty days after
dale   1   Intend   to apply    tO   lhe   Honorable   the
chief Commissioner dI i-mids and Works tor
permission to purchase the following described
lands situate in Wesl Kootenay district: Commencing ata posl marked "A. McLean's N w.
corner post," situate near the n.k. corner ol imid
applied   for  by   A. M> Uughlaii, llolu us BOUtll   10
chains,  more or  less;   tnence  cast BO chain*;
theiiee north 40 chains, more Of less; thence w.-i
nj chains to point o[ commencement
Balmo, August 11,1000 A. McLkan,
t. H. Atkinson, Agent
No'.iee Ib hereby given that 80 day* after date 1
inteud to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for per-
mlason to pnrchase the following described lands
situate tu Wesl Kootenai distrjei: Commencing
nt a post marked "A Me'LauehlIll's N. W enrner
post." situate near lhe N-E. eormr of land applied for by P. McArlhur, thence south 40 chain-,
more or less; thence east tW ehulns; Ihence imrth
4d chains, more or less; thence west Wi chains to
polut of commencement,
Balmo, August n, I1.**.. A. Mrl..u<.m..*.N,
1. II. ATKINSON. Agent.
 0 is hereby Kiven thai a Cntirt of Ucvhlon
and Appeal foi the School Districts of tireaten,
Hume,   ruimo   and   Ymir. will  be lodd in ihe
Courl House in th.- Oily of Nelson, ILC, mi
Honda; , the I7lb day of September. I'-Ofi, hi thfl
hour id 10:90 0 .hick lu the forenoon, to hear and
determine all appeal* Irom the assessments madi
iii the above mentioned Hchn.,1 iiMrict- for the
vest 1900, under ihe "Publlo Schools Act."
Haled at Nelnoii, B. G , IhisVWth day of August.
Judge ul Court of Revision and Appeal,
Nelson Assessment District.
Kotlce li bereby given thHi 00 days after date
I Intend to applv to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and *OMI for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate in West
Kooteiiuy district: ('ommenclng at a post marked J. McArthur's N. W.corner post," Sltnate near
the N. K comer of land applied for by A rurner,
tlience SOUtb 4li chains nmre or leiSJ Ihciic least
B0Chains,  Ihenee north to chain-, more or less;
thence wast 80 ebalns to point ol i ommencement
Salmo, August 11, 1900.
J. Mf'Amm k,
T. II  Atkinson, Agent,
Notice la hereby given that no days after date
1 inteml. io apply io tlo- Honorable the (Thief
Commissioner of lands and Wnrks for permission to nt relume the follow ing described laild-,
Situate In ibe Weat Kootenay dlsirlct: Commencing at a post marked "A,Utuners N.W.corner
post," situated at the N. S. eornc of laiidap
idled f.��r by B. Stewart, Ibenee south 4o chains,
more or less; theuce easi BOChfliUS! them i> north
tO chain*, more or less!  thenee west swcbalT- lo
point of commencement.
Halino, li CAugiMll   190f>. A, Tresm.
T   11   ATKINSON. Agent.
Kotlce is herebt giveu tbat 60 davs alter dste I
intend toapplj i�� the Hon. chief Commissioner
Of Landa and Worki for permission io purehn��e
the following described lands, situated In the
Kootenav distl l "niiiieii.'iiig at a puSl mark
ed ������BKtt .- t. corner. ' planted on the sbon ol
Lower Arrow lake, about one mile -i-utb ol
Cordon creek (J..button creek,) thenee north s'
chains, thence ivest 90 chains, thence south 80
chains, thetue easl 80 chains to point of com-
meneement, containing 100 acre- more oi leu,
and comprising abandoned pre-emption >o 870,
Suked this .nil day of August. 1909
it. it. WoLveatoK,
AN   tt OLVKBTQW. Agenl
Notice is b.-r by given that sixty d-tn after
date 1 intend te applv to the Honorable the
chtei Commluloner of Lauds and Works for
permission ta purchase the following described lands situate In thfl West Kootenay
district, starting from a posl planted on the
north bank ul Die North Fork of Dog creek]
theni c Jo .baiii- west, 10chains north, ft chains
wesi. 10chalna north, 20 chains west, ��chains
north, 20 chains west, an chains north, no chati
east,  -an
h-ill-s South  to JMllllt
commencement, containing ��'-it) acres.
Dab d i -tii day of August, 1900
Notice Is ben bj given mat 00 days from date 1
intend tu apply to the Honorable Ihe Chief Com
ini.-slom-r  of binds  and   tt'.irks  for  permission
in purchase ilu* following described lauds sit
uateiu West Kootenai District: Coirimehcing
ut a post marked ' K. St-wart's N tt. corner
post,''situated near the Junction of Lost ereek
and Smith l'ork of Salmon, thenee south to
chains,   more   or   less;    thenee   easl   "-n   chains;
tbenoj nortb 40 cbaina. more or less;  ihenee
west Bnchains ta poim of commencement.
Salmo, Augusi nth, IBofl,
T. ll, Atkinson, Ag.nt.
Notice is herebv given lhal si*!v days afler
date I inlcnd to applv to lhe Hon. < hief Comm is-
Sli r ol   Lands and  Works for permission lo
purchaao tbofoUowlngdescrlbod lauds situate in
West Kootenay district, adjoining the interna
tionul boundary line, alwuil four mllei cast of
the Columbia nver. commencing al a post marked "i. M I's B. W. corner," situate on the International bonndary line, at ihe southeast corner of J. u.e. Krascr'sland; thenceeaatttchains,
tbenee north 1tl chains, tbence west80 chains.
thence south ihi chains to lbe placeof commencement, containing 480 aorea more or leas.
Hated J.'.ih June, liSSl. I.Aim M. Khaskk,
I**. J. O'Keilly, Ageut.
Notice la herehy given thai it ity days from
date i Inteud to apply to tb.- Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lauds ami Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands sit-
uate in West Kootenay District, between the
Pend d'Oreille river and the International
Ik lary tine, about three miles from ihe Columbia river. Commencing at a poat marked
J..-'. C.F's B.W, corner situate on tbe interna
tional  houndarv   line, al��.ut balf a mile east of
ihe east boundary of the N.&F.&.R7.lands:
thenee north 40 chains, thence east no chains,
thenee south 40chains, thenee west B0chains, to
the place of commencement, containing 820 aeres,
more or less.
Dated Jtlii .lune. l.HX>. J. B. (*. PEUSB.
F. J. O'Keilly, Agent.
Notice is b.rebv iriveu thai slxtv days from date
I Intend to apply to the tton. Chief Commissioner
of Land.- and works for permission to purohaae
the foiiowiug described lamls situate In West
Kootenay District, adjoining the international
boundary line, ubout the miles cast of the Columbia river; com moneing at a post marked k
q'sU. tt  corner, on the inte roe tional boundary
Mioal Laura M 1'ru-er'.-southeast corner, Ihenee
north Ni chain-, theuce east to chaius, llienee
south  ni chalna,  thence  west   to chains to the
plai f commencementi containing ;t_jj aores
more or less,
lulled 21.Ill June, I.Hifi. Kai.ni iin i.kscik
Notice is hereby given that slxtv days after
date I Intend to npplv to the Hon. Chief Cnmuii**
-ioiier   ol   l.ami-   and   Works   for   permission   to
purchase lhe following deaeribed lauds in
the Weal Kootenay dlatrlet, south of Uie Pend
d'Oreille river; Commencing at a postmarked
C. B'S 8. ��, corner, situated   on the   trail   near
Hear creek about a mile from the international
iMiiiiidar*. line, tbenee west W> chains, thenee
m.rtb su chains more or less to the IVtul d'Oreille
river- thenee following the smith bank of the
i'end d'nreille river Southeast SO chains, more
or leas; ihenee south 20 chains, mure or less to
tbe place uf commencement, containing *>*>)
acres, more or less.
Hated 6th July, l'JUt,. CHAfcl.K-. BttSKL,
F.J, O'HIelly, Ageut.
Notice is hereby given that t'si davs after date 1
Intend toapply tothe Honorable the nitlef Commluloner of Lands and Works fur permission to
purehase tbe following deserlbed laud m Weat
Kootenai uist'i.t about seven miles souih of
Iturton city:  Commencing al a posl planted on
the east bank of Irmit creek and marked Mrs,
tt   II.  Hamilton's ��. W. c,   post and  running
north��0 chains; thonco easl ho chains; thonco
south 80chains; thenee West W chains to plane
of beginning, cniitninlng IHo acres, mor    le���.
Dated thlsXtnd day of Augusl, 1000.
Mas. w. 11. Hamilton
tt', h. Hamilton, Agent.
Notice is horebyglven thai 00 days after date I
intend tn applv to the Hon. tbe Chief Commls
Sioner  of I Is  and   Works  for  pcrml-sb-u   lo
purchase the following described lands in the
Wesl   Kooteiun    district!   iici;llilltng   ill   a   post
marked It. Bell's B. K. eorner, about two miles
easi ol the Balmon rfver, ..ml half a mil. in,m
the I'end d'Oreille river, Ihence mi chains UorLli,
ill chains wesl, Hll chains south and 10 i hains east
to place ol hck'tmifug.
Haled '/7th day uf July, 1900, K. li. Mm..
Sixty days after date I Inteml lu applv lu the
commissi r uf Lands ami Works, Victoria, to
purchase 180 acres ol land, situate mid described
as follows: CummitnclOg ni a post planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo City, at
ur near the iouth wesl enrner of H. ttatg pur-
chase, and marked ������*.. M. A,,S K. corner," ami
ninning muth 4b chains, thence west40 chains
lull. Annable*. purchase, thenoe south in chains
more or lets to the Uke shore, theuce along the
lake shore to placoof beginning.
August 25th, 19U0, (i. M. Annaiii.e,
Notice Is hereby given that Sixty days a.'ti-r
date 1 Inlcnd toapply tothe Hon.chief commli-
sioner ol Lands and Works fur permission to
purchase    the    followlug    described   lands,   in
the tt'e.-t Kootenay District, east of and adjoining JamesN.uaekensie's land; Commenolng at a po��t marked A.ri's H. E. corner, on the
soutb bank of the Pond d'Oreille river, Jum
above the  mouth  of  the Salinun   river,  theuce
west 80 chains, tbence nortb 00 chain* nmre or
less to the Peud d'Oreille river, tbenoe following
tbe aouth bank Of the said river in a southeasterly direction to ihe place of commencement,
containing i">o acre-, more or less.
Haled lib July llstfi ..rtnil'K .-' KNEIDER.
Notice is herebv given thai sixty days after date
1 inlcnd toapph to the Hon. i blef Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permlnion to purchase
tbo following described landstn Wesl Kootenay
Dlstricl -outh of lhe I'eml dnrcille river. Com-
mencing Bl tpost marked B.T, M's. N. K. eorner
on the south bank of ihe i'end d'nreille river
a bmi i H mih- ami a half easl ol the month of Kl-di
creek theme sontb 60 chains, tbence wesl BO
chain-, them" nonh Hi chains more or less (u
lhe  I'end du'i.-ilie rher.  thence  following  the
sontb bank ol the-aid river In ft northeasterly
direction to the place ni commencement, containing Ni acre-, more ur leaa.
Hated 2nd July I'jofi. Ki.la T. Mackenzie.
AltTllt'R .-��� IINKIDP.H, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 days after dale I
intend to Hpi.lv to the Huu. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Woiks fur permission to purchase
the following deserlbed lands, situate in West
Kootenay Disiriei south of the I'end d'Oreille
river; Commenolng al a post marked A. B. M's. N.
tt, corner situate at the smith bank of the Pend
d'Oreille river al Klla T. .MacK.n?ic s uorih east
corner post, thenee south SU chains, tlu-nce easl
so chain--., thence north KO chain?, more nr less to
Ibe I'end d'Oreille river, thence west So ehnins,
following the hank of the said river to the place
of commencement, containing 010 acres, more
or less.
Hated 2nd July lSOO. A. Ii. Mackenzie.
..KTUiJf BCHMMtngR, Agent.
Not ice is here uv given that sixty days afler date
I intend tn applv to the Hon Chief Commission'
er of Undsand Works for permission i��� .���ir.
chase the following described binds situate Hi
tt'e-t Kootenay Dlitrlet, south of the I'eml
d'Oreille river, COmmenelDg at a post marked
M. U's N, !���;,comer, situate on the souih bank
of the Pond d (ireille river al .lames N. Mackenzie's southwest corner, thenee souih 100 chaini
tbence wesl so chafiis, lbence north Tn chains
nmre or Ic��� lo lhe I'end p'Orellle river; theuce
following the south bank of the-aid river in un
castcrlj and northeasterly direction to tho place
of commencement, containing 010 acres, more or
Date 3rd July, IflOO.      Mahuahet HftkcoDmr,
Arthur Schneider. Agent.
Notice i- b.rci.v given that sixty days s'tordate
I in len.' toapply to the Hon. chief Commlnloc
of bunds and   Works for pernilssl
the    following    deserlped    iai
Kootenay District, smith of tbe Fend d'Oreille
river, commencing atapoai marked J  N M's
tt, tt'. corner, Situated on lhe souih bank of the
i'eml d'oreiiu, rfver, opposite the month of lfi
Mile Cre.k ;   them-e caM hO chains, thence north
m> cha,w more ,,r loss tothe Pend d'Oreille rher
thence following the south bank of the-aid river
In a westerly and southwesterly direction to the
place oi commencementi oontainlng KQ acres
more or less.
Dated Brd July, 1900.      3kktm n. Macxbhus
Arthur Behnelder, Agent.     '
Kotlce  I- hereby   given thai two month* after
date I inieml loapply lo the Ho able Hie Chief
CommtUfotlor Of (.amis and Works [or a Lease nl
all ihat land being the foreshoreadloInlhBinh.
divi-ions I, :i mill I of l m 800, Croun one n
Kootenay, ami being on the soutb shoro of tha
w.-i Arm ol Koolenay lake, in the district of
Kootonay ���
commencing h|h post marked "A. E. Watts'
southeast comer pnil"j ihence Oo ehalns weat,
hence20 chaini norih; ihence (10 chains east
IhCliee '- i cha'ns south to lhe place ���| cunncne,.-
ment; tho said land and foreshore to be ba uacd
f.i -iiwinlll purposes.
Haled Mils .-.Isl day of Angtist, lOufi
__ B. Watts.
Notice IS hereby given that Oo days after datn i
Intend loapply to the Honorable tlie chief iUom
mlssloner >-f Land- and   Works bu ncrmlulnt. 1
purchase the following described   and-. I     .
In  Weet Koolenaf nisoiei:   CommeSSni Jt _
poal marked "<tf. McArthur's N. w corn?-     .
situate nesr the N. K. comer of hmd anntind i
byfl McArthur thonco south SehSff,mow SJ
less; thenee easi *gn chains; thenco north _
ohalna, no. or leas; thence wesl hu chain, t
P'dntof uimmencemout "" l"
BalmOi B. c, August nth, Usui.
T. II. Atkinson, Agsnt,
ure baae
Notloe is hereby given tbat U days after date I
intend to applv to the Hon. thei blef' omml*-
sioner of Unds and Works for permission Ul pur-
.bait*   the   following   deserlU-d   land- in   ttest
Kootenay district, provlnea of Hniish cimnbia;
Commenelng at a post marked "William Toiling-
ton't northwest eorner post," said post being
planted at tbe southwest corner of the "Q,ueeu
Mineral Claim," and adjoining lb.* east line of
MePhail's pre-emption, tbence south twenty (3l)
chains along said line, then., -aaat forty (40)
chains, theuce norlh twenty f��) chains, them.
weal forty (tn) chains more or less, to the place oi
Hated lit dav of Augusl, ivsjfi.
Wfll.iam  TOLMMOTOKi
Hy big agenl J. B. Taylor.
Notice is hereby glren that sixty days after
dale I intend loapply to ihe Hon. i hief Commls'
il r ol Lands and works for nertnisston to por-
, hu-. the following deacrlbed lamb, iltuate ln
Wesl Kootenay dlstricti Commencing sl s post
marked J. II. Vsnstone's ELK. enrner post. lltUAtfl
iu the Balmon Rlrei Valley, st a point adjoining
J. Ueecher*a land at weatern boundary, thenoe
west80 chains, theme norih Mt chains, tbenee
eaal B0chalna, thenc. south ("'chains to polntof
July Mth, 1900.
Notice is hereby given
nonpi li hcr-.'Pv wivfti Lhal Sfl . ^_
ihtcud to apply \*Z   ,|�� SABfttU
sioner of Landi and w,��� t, h*SSW ..3
i  ii  Atklnj
n, ah-nt
BUty days after date 1 Intend to apply to tba
Hon. cbfef Commissioner ol bands and Works,
victoria, to purobase U aorea of land: Commencing at a posl planted ai u.e City of Kelson's
powet plant lot H. K cmer  post,  on   K.-ot.nay
river, thence J' chains south,  thenee wesl 3D
chains, theuce norlh  Jo .hains. (hence east JI
chains to point of command mint
Nelson, It C��� Auk &. I**6- B. J- Cchhan.
Notice Is given lhal W days after date 1 intend
loapply   lo  the   Honorable   ihe   Chief   Comi/iis-
sloner ol Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following deacrlbed lamls in the
ttest Kootenay Hfslrici: Commencing at a i-osi
marked ('. C. povntz   Land   H. K Corner  placed
iieartio- Pend d'Orelllo river at Houndarv ereek
east side ol Salmon nver. Ihence ca-t ni chains
alotiK the International lh>uii,|*_r\ Line, lhetice
ii rth in chains, theuce west m eham-, lhetice
smith tu chaius to place ol colliniciiccmeii t.
Hated thc2Uth ol Julv !!�������;. i\f. I'ovntZ.
 Hy Asi'KKw Apis, Ageut.
Notice is herebv given that two months aftei
dale 1 intend to apply lo the Honorable Ho
chief Commlsslom-r ol band-- ami Works for
permlnion to purchase tbe following described
lands altuate on tbe weat arm of Koolenay Lake
in the Dlatrlcl of ttest k'>..ienav* Commencing
at a post marked "William Kuorby'sM VV. post;"
Lbence west twenty (30] chains; thenee south
twenty (20) chains] tbence eut twenti (JO)
chains; tlience north twenty (301 chain- to Lbe
point of commenoement, oontainlng forty (hi)
acres, nmre nr less.
Hated July 7, Wf,. I. (J. Nilhon.
Notice I- berel.y given tbal todays after date. 1
intend to apply to ihe iimi chief Commissioner
of i.amis ami Works f..r permission io purohasu
the following descrlla-d tract of laud situate In
Wesi Kootenay District:   Commenolng ai the
southwest comer of Lot 7,:��i0; theuee Milling
west  40 chains; thence north 80 chains; thence
west to chains; them-e north30ehatns; tbence
east SO chains;   llienee south   .'> chains to point
nf oommeneement, oontainlng M0 acres, more or
Hated at Nelson, H ��'., this Srd day ol July.
19U6. Mahv minus,
|K*r F. ('. (ireen, Agent.
Notice is herehv given that60 dan after date
I inteud   te apply   to  Die   Honorable  the Chief
Commisionero. Lands ami Works for permission
to purchase the fnllnv. In* deeerlbed lands in Hottest Kootenav District! Com tn cue Iiik at a post
marked T. li. f'rciichc's [And B, K. corner placed
near ('. C. PoyntS s. W. corner, thence eait wi
chains, theme nnrth in ehalns, tbenoe west m
chain*, Ihem-e south ID chains in place of commencement.
Dated flDth dav uf July l'JH6. T. K. PUUfCM,
Uy Akdkxw Adik, Agent
Nollee is hereby given lhat 00 davs after date 1
inteml to applv to the Honorable the Chief Cm,.
mlssloner of Landsand Works for permlnion to
purchasa the following deeerlbed lands in the
tte.t Kooteuay dlsirlct. near Burton * ity; commencing at a post planted at the southeast comer
of Heorge Hudson's pra-smpllon claim, an.)
marked Harry tl.Tolllngton's N, B, C. p.isl, ami
ruiiuiiiK south 40 ebalna. tbence west90chains,
thence north M chains, them-e east .0chains lo
place of beKiuuiug, containing 80 aeres of laud,
more or less.
Haled thiH-joth day of *UfOSt, 1*1**1.
Notice Is hereby given that M days alter date I
inteml to make applleatton to the llouoinble the
Chief Commissioner 0| Uiolsand Works for |H>r-
misiioii to purchaie about *J*~i acres of juiid -itn
ated on the Saluiou river, tt'esl Kootenay dl-IMct,
oommenelng at a poet marked s. K. Butter's N h.
Corner, planted on the wesl bank of the river,
about l\ miles north of the international bound'
ary. theuce weit GO chains, theliee Nl Bhalns
smith, lbence eait about _SJ chains lo the river,
thenee northerly along thi river to place of com
August IHtb, 1V00. f. R- Hrni:H,
T. II. Atkinson, AKenl,
Sixty days after dale I intend toapply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purchase MO acres of land.
located and described as follows: Being the
norlheast  quarter ol  Section   twelity-two,   and
lhe south half ol the northwest quarter Bectlon
twenty three, TownshipSlXt7*nlne. Ami flirlhel
deicrilM'd as f'dlows: CommelielUK at a posl
marked J J. N. W. corner, and plauied .OohalUi
easl of the norlh west comer of Bectlon Iweiily
two and runnmii east 10 i huins. them.- smith HI
chains, thence cast 40 chains, tbenoe SOUth 90
ehalns, them-e west so chains, UieUCfl north tu
chains lo place of t.. einning.
AugllSl 21st, W16. jAMKs JoiissTOSK,
W, A. Oalder, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that �� days alter date
I intend toapply to the Hon. Chief commissi,.tier
of bands ami Works for permission lo purchase
the foUowlng described Lands In West Kootenay
district, SOUth of the I'end d't Ireille river, east of
Fish creek, commencing at a post marked V. W ,
H'sN   \V  corner,  about   half a mile eait of the
northcasl corner of Lot 4488, G. I., tbence south
IU chains, ihenee east 80 chains, thenee imrth 11
chains,   thenc-  west  Ml chains  to  lhe place of
oommencement, oontainlng 830 acre-., nmre or
Hated 2nd July lfl06, Phv.u W. Haihoci-.t.
Aktih-h BcmriiDKB, Agent
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after del i
I inieml toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase   the   following  described   lamls  iu  ttest
Koolenay nistrict. .south nl the Pond d'Oreille
river, commencing al a posl marked A. F's N  W
comer, situated at the southwost corner of Lol
4436.-3,1., thence eut B0 ehalns, thenoo south ou
chains, thence west B0 chains, thence nortb 00
chains to the place of eommenoement. contain-
iiik I"1 acres, nmre or less.
Hated 2Kb June, I'JOfi. Avnik 1-ka*o-h
Notice Is herebv given HihI tin davs alter dale I
intend loapply lo tbo Honorable Chief Commissioner of bands and Works for permission io pur-
chase tba following described i i-, situate in
the Weal Kootenay dtslriet. Starting from a l.osl
planted al the B W.comerol Krncst W Roblnson'l
Apphcaiioii to i urobase, and on the north bank
Of QlO North I'oik of < og creek; Ih-nce lu chains
west, ko chains m.nh. 100chains east, 10 chains
south, 2ii chains iwsi, is��chani-.*-ouih io inters	
lion of north lined K. W. RoblnBon'sApplloatlon
to Purchase, thence 401 bains went antfwohalns
iouth to point of commencement, containing 640
Hated 18th day uf August, 1006,
K. W. HoniNHos,
 pergMfMtW. itoiii.ssoN, Agent,
  I Intend to ap
Lommisslnner nl Lands and Works vi
purchaselOg a.-n-s ol land.   Commencing a'
post planted on the west shore of Arrow Lake, at
the soull, OU  comer of ,1   .1  Christie's pur. base.
runningnorthWobslns, thenoo ��*hsi Jo chains
thonco south SO chains, thonoe west .hu. hains id
place of cnmiiienccmenl.
Located Msy.otb looo,
A. ('AlititK.
I.. 'iAI.I.AOIIKH,   Loclilor.
Notice Is hereby given Hint IHI days afler dale 1
i'Hend lo apply lo lln- llo,o.rable lhe Chief .'on.
uiissiouei of Lands ami Works, Victoria,to nur
-base Hu acres o     and,  sl.ual out one mile
���asl   of   Burton Clly  ou lho easl  side of  Arrow
kc hu,Jd-awrtljMMlollowa: Commenolngat5
posl planted at the northcasl corner of t-ot MM
ihence north 20 ehnins, thonco (real (tohnlns
,"���' .-V'-l'^Woiins,  ihcncecasl'IOehaus
place of besjlntillijt
AugtlSt H'th, ltt��, J.lt. lll'NTKU.
Notice li horeby given that 00 days after dole!
" tend toapply te ihe Honorable tho Cblel 0 -
u.eh'_.,r m lTls ,,",| w,,rkH f,,r PormffifS to
n mo      h'; r��'lowl"_  (loscrlbed lands: c -
, ,'nl !,LV i.,l,llll"'""ihc���si comer of Lot ('.inl
[  , m/ _   l   '.""" nnrlni ^eiieoBO chains SftSti
[henceW chslns south i tbenee 80 chaini west to
ffoSforl��;.mm"Cement' '"""-'"'"K l"�� "�����
fated thu 21st day of July itm.
ks for ta
se the following ,i ' rr;��l'^ '
dcnaydlstrbt.pV.n, ' 'Lu1^1" _
mneuciuK at a^mt m_ L- 'a^'^iI ���_
H. tt corner, on the south sif,., ft A- BurCt \
about  two  Oilei east  of H ,1,   '   "'���l00c3? I
Hated this 24lh day of Julyl'i'stf,
'uiii^. I
Ins, containing wo ��,.ri.h l(| u,,ii mV."1 ["<]^-''
KotlM   I.  IssTs'l.y  sdvfli  tl,Ht���T,/7    ^_i
��� l.i.   I i.,.,.,���l  lo -noli .,  ii,'ii'1''', .��.|
' hlal 0 tlmutufy u���'i. ,, n;,","|sl
permuaon i rabtnUu ,,,,,"!'''��� *�� I
'���"nli, I
"��' T* f
Uli'l. s,,i���iiis,lii''lliK rTb ,,',',;'! ii'O'il''^"
llnxton'i s i ,' |������i. '���, ,i .'".���,
s,i J. 0. MoOtmda. pn ,,���,,,!,���,?""''
runnlni nuth W obuni i��� is/nn,,,,, "* L_
!.,������ II lislion'i pre ssraptlssn eliia: ih�� ?""""* I
.in.i.i.; iheoce north 10 chiiS ,&**��������
'I'll ipUOeOlC, ..''isnill,,,, ,,���"*����J
UMollui moraorlwi      l""',""i��iiiii���j
Oftlfl 11,1s, Bib ,l���y o| Aogoit, las.
,   !���>'"������"'��� i;uK������
 a. A,ii���, tt..m",
Nulls,' U IssTi'b) Kls.i, that,]) lin-n_ ,
li,l.'ll.ll���s,ls,k��np|,ll,��,l,���, l���lh,llZ���"
il 1 1�� ���>������,, Work,
��� "I Isssul'lil
I"""' III, ,| ,
s in, i Commlwloi
ISllHSllsls     1,1     JtSIKlsH
���lisslrli'tssl Wt-.l K,���,i,n
plum,,! on lie ami- ilde
'.MMI, I
His- ltiti-nis.Ui>,lit! Ii>,islnlis
--...., I
mil s lr be s��i,si,,1, rtver.'_s_rt,_i.,__!
1.        l.llllll-.    M.SIIISS-SS-SI     I ,���,���.,"    II,,,,      '    '*.
..  .,..      .,     ...    .  '.   ssi'si'- a- .
...I ., |
'"HrnKsit f
i-iisiliiss. iisi't,,-,- nortb
,-iiaiiia. tbence .-.>..11, ni ,
Ki.im t: ai,
|��T II. H,  M..I,.
Dtted ll.s-''lis .lis, ,,l July, IM
Hmy  .lay-  ssflt-r slat.-I list, is,1 t ,,.      ,
Chlel Commtaalone,  ���l Ui���l. ��si,i ii,,. ���|
Viei.Tl,., loriw ���i..iit.,pnr.'lia,��,,n,l,3j,.l
s-.l st�� ltsllsss,��:  meneln, ��s �� mt-iSI
elibly(HI)ehelues.il .,( the K.W.Sn��a_i
Bsil..-i'. pi,-,- n.ls ,.i,.l������,tL,,|,. ,- r,, , I
oorner," and ns sm ,.��.s i.���ss s,,s,, *'|
thenee nulb Inns (��) chain., ibctWtiH
chelne, 11,suit north Isnty itii)i.|i,sii.t���i_a. I
Sii-vlisiiliist 1
Julv 7. !����. c. E.I..
.Nsitlfe  1,  IsLTtstsy  K1V.-.1  Usal .lily fa
,1���1,' I llili-lssl to ajsply lis tlss'll rKl.srb.ll_r I
CommlMloner ol Uti.i. ami \v���rk, i���,
ii, purcbue ik- bUovlni .U'��<tiIh-.| ,r.t_ 1
In  Well KissiH-tniy sll,lrtii: Hiutsssjis,,,-. L
lilanliil  at tilt' insrllswi'sil inriierssl !.,'_?��� 1
bssi. Creek, thenee iouth *iiiiHisi,,th^n��l
lis s'liitiii. more sir leee, tbence nnrsl tlm \
more nr lea, thent-c t'a.t tn lak's .hoa.u,, 1
plas-e nl Isi'KtniilllK, the ssssiiii- 1. InMn-MMJ I
11 tare wis at Ih kltntvtl U till' 11 ass,ssli J'ts^ntli. |
liatcl July's, 1H06. 010.1 Im "
Kotiee I- bereby kIismi ttsai ,11
tl,,. ilat.. I Intend m apply to toe i __io
���loner ol Lend, ami Wnrk. VlclorH ins:,:
���ion to purohuo the tbtlowtng 'i-swriw
���Ituete in the ,li.irlt-i ol Wml Kmttu,,
nl s.riilitiiHis I Ts.s'k : Htartlnital , :��.ssst mai
j,,im White- ��. w. oorner, Muad ���_,
chalna Mmtfa ol J   Malni,
rnlitiliic mirth Itflrlialna. llss-ni'' s-.su .,���
thenee arotb sas chain,, iiicm
IHisiil til ciiiiiusclicvliieut. Just's stim
Jum-II. ilia. J.Ik.us- i,.:::
Notice I- her, hy ttivcii that i*.i,1.t. imi.lusl I
Intcutl lo apply t'l the II,.si,r.sl.,..':,, s :,���:-�� j
uii,.Issuer nl l^ml, anil Wnrk,. list; - - ������ sss I
[..is  I... ,  it,,. liiliiiultiK   :....!;'������:   ....,> I
III tne ill,trill ���'(  Weil  K- ���...,':   ::t\* I
7s,ii.is Hi., st.-! arm nl Ki.tit.-n_. Ut..ta
i-lsiK at ll 11.nl   |��i-l   ]ilai'ii! at UirMSlM. j
situ,rn! l.<.! Ts.i. tlienet nnrlh 3il s-tiiSH-M
ss.-i .i. ��� Iniiii,. (hence .until 'Jssiliisntlnt,
t-asst JU s-halli, lu lailnt sif cuustsss-lu ssr.^.-.
Dnted Aus: is'.ih. n..l. .lAiis.r_n.
Nntice I, hen by nlven lhal ',s sl.y, ,ss��_ll I
Inland  tn apply lo the Hsuinr.tiie i_i_b
iStuninlit.loncr nl Lnndl ansl Wisrki [ot pal. |
.Imi In pssn ha,e the fulliswliii, ilc-iltd ittb,
.lluatcil lu tbe Wi-.l Ksssili-navill.lrSil.i^lrt*,
s    I.  I'enrami'inn llle north. atsssntsuttusJa.
quarter inlle, Imni tliel't-liilil''irs'iilonrsr.��a- ,
menolng al it lin'H mark,..! C f. talilw.ir.__ 1
enrner pss.t. thence wi s halls, iissills.lh.iwe I
shain. met. ihenoe *i ehauu *,,uth.ttwnai��� |
ehalllss ca.t to I'lace nl ciiinliiillicllls'nt
Located 11..- i.t ,lay of Aukii.i, I'M
Hf.rmin Ur.Ai'm, .Ipnt
Ni.iiss- I, bereby irlieii lhati'.i'l.i..IwUel |
Intend toapply lis lbe II rable lie Ctwll
mlailoner ol Land, .smi ��,.,.- lor tanmj_
psiriha.c tbe I..!!..-suit dc rib.il land In '" I
Kootenai IMalrlcl ab.uil ��l\ sssil.. uuslls ss! B�� I
nm CU,: commenelni ,,t�� i-"-i |,iai,i.J m �� I
,...| bank of Troulcreek ami tss.rk.il I LFn--l
er'- N Vi. 0, I'l.s-I ami russlillik' >s'Htli ��' rf"1* I
Ilini ailKl ehuliih;   the-oe sssistli ai.ls.ini.
thence iici.1 sass-isaini tothe plaeeol enwea
iiu'ii 1. ('.HitalnltiK stliSMsTi-. tss.is. nf 1. ������
Issue.I tbla .Jml slay ul Asis.'11-l. I'"'        nl
hereby fir i��i,l>l)'"!'"l",rJM
I Intend lo apply & the ii,,n.('hlc t'eaa"" 1
rol Undaand Worki lor penolmm ��JH
base tb.' foilsiwlim deeerlbed Und. �������"
Kootenay Dlitrlet, iouth ol lbe igtWJH
river, commenelni al a poil snarks-'i �����-"__, ,J;
K. w. corner, iltnated on the ���outi ';��"'",S
I'eml d'Oreille rl-er al Jamei N.Mirkrjnji
���onthweet oorneri then. ail ��'���.��. j *
���on.) ball... Iheliec   ��e.t ." .-l.alllsMheaja
north us chalm lo tho phi I i i��eo����"l
essnlrlnliiK IM aire, ssssir.' sir ll ���-              ,,,
lialcl :ir,l July lliwl.    Husai.ii II. ��.'"""
AHTHt'K B. BOUOn. Art'nl	
Nollee la hereby lilv.-n thai 60 din '"'''WjJ
Inland lo apply to ihe Honorable ibri i��j ��
,���l.,l,l���.r���l'l.'.���,.l,al..l Work, fssr 1*���'**' ,,"
pursba-c ihe (ollowlnj daaaribad ���>"���. "
menolna al a poll marked J " [������ ��� , mt
ner," placed o"ntheeMl ibm/.ffiJS
bsskeat the north wot comer ol J 'nr,. ,.,r.i_i
plli-sstliui It. I'ssr. ba.e. rniinliiK "i"
cassis, ihcnce Sn s halms nnrlh: tben
more or len, not In lbe lake .Iso'c
lowlna lake ibore to psuni ssl coma-���
contalnlni HO acre, more or i'-->
liiilcd the'-Inl slay ssf July, W* ; ���, .,-,
Nutic,, 1�� hereby Klvtlllhss. I"'''��V"����';;;1';.
1 ml lo apply I,, the   lnii..r..l.      '.,,;,>.��
miaaionerol Un,-, mid ynrti wg'S'SSi
purohaH the iollow.ni doicr        ,.���,.������ ,i
on the eut ado ol Arrs.s. lake..'    ;>    ,.._
tin- wuthwul ...rner ..I A Ai nlmu! ���I
theuee .nulb Iw.'lily eballc.   I  ' '",
chain.. Ihcns-e ntsrl 1 livellll ' I""",';,,
..,,,���, luiln.  IO  pt.llll ul'"I"'"""'""*
tiijnltiir Htl sicre.. ,ns,'e or Ic        ^ >i,Hlii��T.
haieii Beptember I, I'J''',
per N
Noll,,' la herehv IITetl th.
llll tt 'I'll tt. II,,- ll"."
minloner <>f ��� ssmi. "ml "��
purchaie the lollowlnl deic
on theesut ilde ol Arrow We: comjii;
 tortheutoorner ol .   An      >���,,,,
 ii,-,. north forty ebalni, I be��� ���   ,���.
..,,., Sin.     ll..uu IS   f'Tls   Cl"1"1"'1..,.,,,
l,,r iH-rnsWI''"?
,   I, ..ll'""
���halliH, lhetice Ntiullt  fssrli
(ssrlv   shiiliia   In ps'lnl "I  """
limi'liiK IUI at-ri'i.. ��>,0���gr    htm t M��w0<''
Ilalcl Wcptclllbcr I, WOd.
Per*". '"
Nol 100 It hereby liven Uml SMiKl*
iiiiemi toapply ns ih.' ","":'.���,..mni"I""
���loner nl Undi and Wort;'"'"," iunilel..
chue ilm lollowlnl tloicrllic'i i".���������,ncl��i_J
lbe  ell.l   able uf  Armw hike     '""    , ,|,,p-
 t marked a. Macleod ��  "'���"'!''! '���,��.�����
asssith  f.iilv chnin-, fs'l "��'"��  ,���.' i,,...tl��*
Boundaryi then ���"t��l��l! ������h'f��trtWH
nt Uml.ll Creokl i '", ",  ,,,,.,,i��is''>���
thenoe cut ility ��h��l��' "' ; !',',j,..     ,
Illf.il lililllil.ie-JJilierc". ill".' ,vA M.'1 n P
Bated Septet rl.lW.   ,���:;,',,���, A,, sit,._
 Ji���- n,.ril'"
Nn.lee la hereby R1"'" "^'i'.'ffi.M^
 "" .ifllU,
intend tn apply to Ills -
iiilawlonerof Und, ism' "
ptircli tbo l"ii"��!"R;. '���"
Ir s poll  rkedW.1 'aI
as.sslh .sl ehsil
litssth ... 4-l>��� Iti
e 111
rllsnl hs
r"w eat�� ohaim Ul��
VadJoinion'tlieoMI ol*
"' '"'""iSii'Sir.
'���'"���"'.''iiii day ol Auguil, lW' w.Tori.
ljr.lt the bitty Canadian
[WET nm .ALE!
20 Pieces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
0 (?==*'
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
IpiTAL PAID UI)....*41,IK>0,<100 RBfST 18,900,000
Ii ll WII.KIK, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioii-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits reoeivefl and Interest allowed at current rate's from date of opening ac
ffllmd credited half-yearly.
Im-lson hmanch ��)���   IV1.   LAY, A_anag:er*
Christ's Answer to the Sceptic on the
Meaning   and    Obligation!   of
The Biggest and Best Ever.
SEPTEMBER 19,20,21,1.0.
Horse Races, Lacrosse Tournament and other attractions.
The Largest Fruit, Vegetable and Mining Exhibits
tn the Province.
)*}. MALONE,
\ Burns & Co.
Tomorrow will be the thirteenth
Sunday after Trinity. No saint's days
or other holy days occur during tbe
The gospel for the day contains
the story of the good Samaritan. The
story waa told by Christ to Ulustiate
the meaning or charity or lore of fei-
lowraen in reply to th<; akentiu lawyer's question: "And who is my neighbor?" The lawyer had alreai/ shown
perfebt familiarity with ih i letter of
the law, but his question betrayed a
disposition  to equivocate   url  quibjle,
showing that the letter, not lhe spirit
of the law, appealed to hi.n.
There Is added point iu th : story in
the circumstance that the man who
"went down from Jerusalem 'o Jericho anil fell among thieves.' fou id
his only friend in need in lite person
of a Samaritan. There was a feud between the two districts. It vi*. the
woman Ot Samaria al the well who
told Christ. "The Jews ha/3 no dealings with the Samaritans,"
The mention of the priest and the
Levlte���the tribe of Israel cons crat>
ed to the priesthood���who passed by
the wounded and disappoints I traveler, there is undoubtedly Intended a
rebuke to the Jewish prlestlunl of the
time, who were so adsorbed in lhe
-ceremonial observance of tb" letter of
the Lertttcal law that thev Ignored
the obligations of charity and brotherhood, and whose religion, wi'h its
spirit dead or dying, had become meie
formalism, the perfunctory s>>tnni/.a-
tion of rites whose meaning had long
heen forgotten.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow In the churches of Nelson:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; thirteenth Sunday after Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer and
litany. 11 a. ni.; children's service,
2:110 p. m.; evensong, 7:'JO p. m. Rev.
F. II. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, S a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria aud Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:'Jit p. nv; evening service, 7:110
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. ni. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:;i0 p. m. Morning subject, "The Army of the Triumphant
Christ"; evening "Pull Yourselves Together."
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvtatlon Army���Barracks on Victoria street, wesl of Josephine: Spe*
clal services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at. 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at S p. m.
thence SO chains weal, thonce M chain, iouth to
point of commencement.
No. %.���i.'ommem-lng at ft poit marked Ole
Oberg'i) southeast vomer poit, and planted on
tbe eaat side of the Duncan river and about six
mlier. (rom the west fork of the ' uncan rtfer;
tbence 40 chains west, tbence 100 chains north,
thence 40 chains east, thence 160 chains south to
point of commencement.
No. 4 ���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg's southwest corner post, and planted on
tbe east side of Duncan river and about eight
miles nortbeut ol the weet lork of the Duncan
river; tbence W ohalni (.-ant, lbence W) chains
nortbi tbenoe W chains went, thence Wl chains
south Lo point ot comm* neetnent.
No. 6,���CnnunOnollig   at  a  post   marked Ole
Oberg'i northwest oorner post) end planted on
llie east Hide ol Uimmti river and uboui rU miles
norlh of tbe weet fork of ibe Duncan river,
at the mouth -if Hum creek; thenee 80 ohelni
cant, thiiece Hll chains hoiiOi, ihenee ft(l ohelni
west, thence 80 chains north to point of common*
No. 6 ���Commencing   at  a   poet   marked   Ole
Oberg'i northwest corner poet, ami planted on
tlie east side ol Dum-nii river and about five
miles north ot the west fork of Duncan river;
lbence H\ chalus east, tbence HO chains souih,
tbenoe80oheUU WOBt, thence HI) chains north Ui
point of oommencement.
No. 7. - Commencing at a poet planted on the
cast side of the Duncan river, about four miles
north of the west lork of said river, marked Ole
Oberg's northwest corner posl. thence 40 chains
easl, lbence HO chnins souih, tbence HU chains
Wesl. thence HO chains north, thence 4o chains
OUt to point of eo niiiciii-, in.-nt.
Dated Golden, B. 0., August 29th, 1MB.
oi.i oheho, Locator.
Beet Dollar a day bouse In the Kootenay".
Rooms are well furnished.  Table as good ea ana;
ln Nelson.'   Bar supplied wltb good
Honors and clean.
W. E. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tf emont Hotise
 WHO-jBBALK and retail	
Noti'-c Is hereby given that W days irom dale.
I intend lo i.j-i.lv   lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ol I*nde_uid works for a special
license to CUl and carry awav liinluT from the
i.,l!..v\iio' Imul-. -inon- ,| lu West Kootenay district :
No,'!������Commencing at a post planted ou tbe
northcasl corner about H miles from Kootenay
lake on Six Mile creek, ihence running 10 cbuiiis
west, thenee  li'-O chains SOUthi thenee 40 ehnins
easti tbence 160 ebalni north, to a point ol commencement
Dated July l'-'th, WOO. B. IJ. Miohton,
per Jackson Radellffe, Agent.
No. 2.���Commenolng at a post planted on the
southeast corner about eight miles from Koot
euav lake on Six Mile creek, thence running 40
chains ffttt. thenee lfin chains north, thenee 40
east, thence lflO chains soutb to tbe point of commencement.
Dated Julv 19tli, 1900, H. B. Minimis,
per Jackson Kadclllle, Agent.
No, 8.���Commenolng ata post planted on the
nortlieast corner about 18 miles from Koit-
enay lake and 18 lilies from Btocan river,
on Lemon creek, thenee running HO chains west,
theuce HO cbaina south, thenee ko chains east,
tbence hi) ehalna north to the point of commencement.
Dated July l'Jth, 1808, B. B. MIOHTON,
per Jackson Radcliffe, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that .to days from date I
Intend toapply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot L-t_idr_ and Works for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands, situated in the West
Kootenay District:
No 1.��� Commencing at a post planted on the
northeast corner, about thirteen miles from
Kootenaj' lake, and fourteen'miles from Blocan
river, on Lemon creek; thenee runntug 80chains
south, thence HO chains west, thence 80 chains
north, tnence HO chains east to the point of commencement.
Dated July 19th, 1806.        Jackson Rati:...ite.
No. 2.���Cominenelng at a post planted on tbe
northwest corner about fourteen miles from
Kootenay lake and about fourteen miles from
Klocan river, on Lemon creek; thence running
H0 chains south, thence 81 chains east, thenee 80
chains north, tbence 80 chains west to tbe point
of commencement.
Dated July mtb, 1906.       Jackson Radcliffk.
Snropean and American Plan
Meals 28 eta.   Booms Irom 26 cl*. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   Hotise
0-0. W. BARTLETT,!
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The B��r U tbe Flnent.
While Belp Only Kmpliiv.,-.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kooteuay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Josephine Ht.
The Big Schooner D.,** H C\r
Or "HaH-and-Half"   DtCL    JUL*
The only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel accommodations second to none In British Columbia. Kates $1.00 per day. Bpeclal rates
to monthly boarders. Only home hotel In Nelson
Notice is herehy given that within two months
from the flm publication hereof in the British
Columbia QasettOi I Intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following desi'rllied lauds, situated In
West kootenav: Commencing at a post planted
on the south shore of Trout Lake, about one-half
mite below the mouth of fife Mile Creek, marked "Leslie Hill southeast corner"; thenee west
1U0 chntUM, thence nortii 41 chains, thenee east
100 chains, thence south 40 chains to the point of
Dated 8rd August, 1906. I.ksi.ik Itiu..
Lake View Hotel
Corn��r Ball and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates $1 00 per day and up.
Rice nnd   Aii_.l-ltt.it
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Bat.iu.eHH in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
P. O. Box 161.
Telephone lis.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICRSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day -nd Nljht.
Bample untl Bit- Room. Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tte Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Notice Is hereby glr.n that 3J daya after dat"
e Intend to anoly to the Honorable the Chief
CommtBRloner of Landi and Worki for a special
License to cut and carry away timber from the
following described landi: Oommenelng at a
pout marked O. K. Caldwell about two and one
half miles from the Fend d'Oreille river, on the
end side of Fifteen Mile Creek, thence 80 ehaim
easti theuce 80 chains south, thence n0 chains
went, thence B0 chains north to place of commencement.
I^n-ated the 1st day of August l'JOfi.
C, V. OAi.nwEi.i.,
Herman Reaper, Agent.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Rooma.
|niii'li Market) in  Kosslnml,  Trail,  Nelson, Kasln,
Denver ami BlOOM City.
Siindon, Tliron Forks, New
1 ussy 1,rat,i'l, will liftvil
ireful itiiisniisiii.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
All ennity purse is no evidence of an
empty head.
Wholesale mui Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oatnpa -supplied on shortest notloe and
lowest prion. Nothing but fresh ftlid
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in stuck
Mnil Otdera receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair
l Mini Display ot Fruiti
and vmjebimoB,
Kntrlesol.se Sept, utii
'.nil's im ���11 i���mrK nnd trains
TMBO. P. ADAlV*fj���,
Kaslo, B.C., Friday, Sept. 14th
Gait Coal
Termi*. 8ih��i *:wb
Telephone MB Baker Htroet
N..t].*-��� in hereby given that :��> davs after date
I intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ot l-nndi* aud Works for a speelal
license i'i eut and carry away timber from the
Mltiulug Cleeortbed lands: ruinmeneing at a
poat marked Fred Adie, Ir,, about one and one-
Imlf miles from mouth of I'end d'Oreille river on
the .ust side of Fifteen Mile Creek, theuee BQ
ehains north, thenee 80 (dialns west, thence 80
chains Bontht thenee SO chains east to plaee uf
Located the "-"tii day of July, 190K.
1'uku Aiiik, Jr., I.oealor.
Notice Is hereby civen that :t0 days after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable tho Chief Commissioner 01 Landl aud Works for acpccial 11-
eense to cut und carry awuy timber from the followiiiK described lands: Commencing at a post
marked Herman iicaper, ahout two ana one-naif
miles from I'end d'Oreille river, on the cant side
(d Fifteen Mile Creek, thence BO chains wesl,
thence Hi) chains south, thence 80 chains east,
thence BO chains north to place of coimnencemcnl.
liOCRteU the let dav of August, 1906.
Herman Reaper, Locator.
Queen _ Hotel
B��ker BtiMI, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
m aifi
LArge _Dd Comfortable Bedroom, ant) Flrit*
claw Dining Room. Sample Roomi lor Commercial Hen.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Froprletreu
St. Paul,
Port Arthur
Duluth,    Sioux City
J. CROW,   -
The well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
-  Proprietor
Notice is hereby given tuat, thirty dayi after
d-tc, I intend to npplv to the Honorable the
chief Commissioner ol Landi nud Works for a
Kpttinl license to uut and curry away timber from
the followiiiK described lauds, slthate ill the
Wesl Koolenay dlitrlel:
No. I.���Coinni0tiult.il at a post marked Ole
Oberg's SOU I It West corner post, and plant don
tlu* easi Hid*, of iMni.'iui nvcrand about six miles
noilheii-l  of the west fork of the Dunean river;
thenco s- ehains east, tbenoe w> cliaina north,
thenoe ft) chains west, thence m chains soutb to
point of commencement
Ko, I ���Commencing at a post marked Ole
niicrd'Hsiut Invest corner post, mid planted mi the
.���aRt side of nucan river ami about seven miles
northeast ot lbe west fork of the Duncan river;
thence 80 chains oast, thence 80 chains north,
TAKK NOTICE that an application has been
in title to register Tariff Mining t'oinpatiy as the
uwner in Fee Simple, tinder tffO several lax
Sale Heeds from It J. Stenson, Deputy Assesssor
and Collector of the Slocan Assessment District,
h�� Tariff Mining Company, bearing date the24th
dav td August,' A. D. lwB| of all and singular
those certain parcels or tracts of laud and premises situate, lying and being in the District of
Koolenay, Iu the Province of Hritish Columbia,
more partlcularlv known ami described as���Lots
BM and M6, Group 1, Dlatrlct Oi Kootenay,
"Bhafer" and ''Bobtail" mineral claims.
You and eaoh of you are required to contest
tbe claim ot the tax purchaser within fourteen
davs from the ilale OI the service of thlinoUoe
upon yon, and In default of a caveat or certificate
ol lis pettdebB belnt: tiled within such period,
von will lie forever estopped and debarred from
setting up anv claim to or in respect of the said
land, ami l shall register Tariff MlnlnKCompany
aa owner thereof,
Hated nt Land Reglstrj Office Nelson, Province
Urillsh of Itritish Columbia, (his 17th dav of
August, A. l>. 1906)
H. F. Marl-Kon.
Dlatrlct Kfgistrar.
To Kootenav Mining Company (foreign)
Shafcr tinld and Silver Mining Company
TAKE KOTICK lhal an application has been
inn le lo register Clarence Harman ns <he owuer
in Fee Simple, under a Tax Kale Deed from It. .1.
steiisoii, deputy assessor and collector of the
Slocan Assessment District, to Clarence Hnrinnn.
Bearing date the 3UI day of .Inly A D. 1001, of all
nud lingular thai certain parohl of land and
premises situate, lying and being lit the District
0( Kootenay, lu the Province uf British Columbia, more particularly known and described as -
Lot 724. Group 1, Dlsirlct ol Kooteuay, "Henry"
mineral claim.
Von and each of toii are required to mutest
the claim of the tax pun-baser within fourteen
davs from the date id the service of this notice
niiim von. nud In default of a caveat or certificate of Us pendens helng (lied within such period, you will be forever estopped aud debarred
from setting up any clnlm to or In retped of the
mild land, anil I shall register Clarence Herman
as owner thereof.
Dated nt Land Kek'lslrv Ofllce Nelson, Province of Hritish Columbia, ihis 17th day of August.
A. D. UM.
II. F. MarMtOD,
District KoglBtrs.r.
To (leorge Henry Harman, ,
Wilbur A. Hendry*.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.60 n Day.
SpecUl Rftten to Regular Boarders.
A. McDonald& Co,
Denlers iu atapl�� and fnucy Urot.erioB.
Butter, EggB.
Oiunp and Miuera* Supplies.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor  and
Bul Id* r.
Hole agent for the I'orto RlCO Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Hough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath nnd shingles, r*atth
and doors. Cement, brick aud lime fnr sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard ninl factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall,
P 0. Boa WI Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
General Tomnpteiv and Denlem in
Ooal and Wins i.   Express and
k-ggniti! Transfer
Office: Baker St.
Tt'lt'lslsisill' 33
P. (I. Box 11(1
Kiinnos City $88.26. St. Ixrais |60.00.
Chicago $04 00.
On sale Angrut 7-8-9, gseptember 8-10
Final limit October 81st.
Toronto 176.66.   On sale September 8-9-10
Limit November 80th.
Milwaukee 163.80   On sale August 7-8-9.
Limit October Slst.
Through rates all stations���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces ou application.
A.G.P.��.,V_iieouver. D.P.A.. Nel.on.
Yade-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
T>livorio8 nia.le daily throuRhont Nelson
ami its suburbs Phone 148.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Last of Eastern
Oa Sale September MO
Winnipeg "1
SK-P1"*-1 \...i. I6-..50
IWuth |
Port Arthur      J
Chicago |84.00
St. Louis 180.00
Final limit October 31st.
On sale September 8-8-10 to Toronto $76 66.
Limit November 30th.
Bates to all other eastern point-
on application.
City Fassenger Ageut.
A tl. P. A., Seattle.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
And  B-.l_IVBt.BD PRB8
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You -now T-tirm-n's SpecUl Hlxtutc?
k��t i
I. *
si      ^
, i I
i   :
, ���;
s      I
i   '���
s n
111 The Daily Canadian
These prices are only for ONE WEEK,
Mnil orders receive prompt ninl careful attention.
I Crawford Free Stone:
* In large variety are now iui
for preserving. *
Buy while quality k
Bell Tradingj
'cA Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning!
Kootenay Coffee
"The Store of Sweets.
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone .1',. linker St.
Cssr. Vernon Rtisl YVmi-U  StroetM,
NBLSON,  ts. e.
.1  PEED HUME. Proprietor.
Si Clair Balfour, Hamilton; C. \V.
luisti. Thirteen-mile; N. 11. Serek, Cal
miry; A. .1. Prockter, Montreal; .1. I
Johnstone, Westminster; J. Jones, Vie
toria; VV. P. Dimphy, Arrowhead; W
(;.  ItiiKs.  E.  Richardson, .1. J.  Burns,
E. Potter, Mr. nml Mrs. A. J. Roak,
Vancouver; J. I>. Well, Xew York: h).
il. Lewis, J. 11. Boyd, Revelstoke! M.
Miller, Toronto; P. B. Coombe D. K.
Tait, Miss Dynes, Greenwood; It. K.
Oliver, .McAclnni. X. B.; Mrs. D. D,
Munroe, Qrand Forks: K. Patrbridge,
II. J. McKlbbon, P. !���:. Armstrong,
Rossland; A. s. Barton, Victoria; C.
H. Dashwood, Willow Point; (i. o.
Buchanan, Knslo: Rev. W. I.. Juincs,
Wnlos:   Col.  E. S. Topping,  Tel-Kwa:
F. 0. Ellis, Calgary; \v. Williamson,
Bear creek.
A. Morgan, Wlnlaw; F. A. Machines,
Midway; M. l). McKee, Greenwood;
x Lundle, Phoenix; T. tl. MacLeod,
Qrand Forks; T. It. Forlies. Slocan; .1.
Perole, Cascade; A. E. Cameron, E.
I ml,-n. Ymir: ('. C. llrown, Vancouver;
nis.- O'Brien, P, Qenelle, Trout Lake,
I.. Lindsay, 0. (Irani. Fori William;
.1 Mutch ninl wiir. Regina.
P. Swong, G. Smith, It. Rosol, Uer-
C. Queswell, Moyie; A. Stylus, Poor
'isnii  mint'.
w.  Wood-Taylor,  Five Mils';  .1.  Adams, T.  Wilson, CranbVook.
x. Duhee, J. Sampry, Vancouver; .1.
Fnii-.'ll. .1.  II. McHugh, Qrand  Fssi-ks;
M. li.slii'i-ty. .1. Mulligan, Toronto,
A. Stylander, Pernio; J. Taylor,
Cresconl Valley; .1. T. Freeman, Erie:
I.. I.. Brown, Northport; E. Mitch,
Cranhrook; .1. .1. Sullivan, Winnipeg;
I. ('. Kinsli,nn. Victoria; A. McLean,
ll- Kin" i. w. McLennan, Eholt;
W. (!. Carr, Revelstoke;  R. Johnstone,
Koch's Si.lini:; .1. Kllnowskl, RUVanko,
Pernio;  T. Dallalre, Rossland.
���I. Babbitt, Procter; (', Schwar-en
liauor, Door Park; .1. Atkinson, Lardo;
R. Mel I. Alnsworth.
Wc nre
Receiving iluily
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
\< ii is near preserving time we would
nil, ise yon In leave your order
Willi us.'
Telephone mi.
$J0 Down
$ JO Per Month
will purchase io acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double in value iu a
few mouths.
Arc you  grasping the
present opportunities?
George Thurman returned lost night
from Winnipeg, after two months' absence.
The University club will meet in
the club parlor this evening at 8
Alex. Dow leaves tomorrow morning
Tor a  (rip to  Harrison, Out.    (Ih  will
be absi'nt for six weeks.
At tin* evening service in the Metho-
ilisi church tomorrow there will he a
solo obligate hy Miss McBride in the
anthem "Seeking th'* Lord."
Two residents of tin* c iv tt. flats
were fined $l.m�� and rusts each In the
city police court this morning for al-
towing chickens to run :it  large.
Silver iidvanced two points in London and three in New York today.
reaching on ihe hitter market ilu*
hinh price of 68V6 cants, the highest
iu six years.
The funeral or the late w. H. Adams
will tuko place tomorrow ai l! p. in.
The services will be conducted nt the
bouse. Victoria street, by Rev li,
Newton   Powell.
Archil' Held hns returned from
Rapid creek, where he and his partner,
Dick Roberts, have slruck it rich on
the Champagne. Archie has brought
down some rich .specimens for assay
and bis hopes are high.
At the BaptiBl church tomorrow
evening the choir will render Hierley's
"There is a Fountain," wiih solos by
.Mrs. Shanks. Subject of sermons.
morning: "Things thai Help"; evening:  "The  Enduring Life."
The timetable <>f the steamer Moyie
for Thursday, September L4 the day
of the Kaslo fair, will be the regular
one. The Kokonee will leave Kaslo
for Nelson at 7:.'I0 p. m., for an extra
trip. Fare and a third has been
granted from tlie nth to 15th, inclusive.
The secretary of the Kaslo fair requests that entries be made as sooa
as possible. Exhibitors aro requested
to make entry of any variety of iruit,
flowers or vegetables, other than
those enumerated in the prize list.
Where sufficient entries of one variety are made, prizes will be awarded.
The medal for the best mineral disiriei exhibit for competition at the
Nelson fair, by E. W, Wlddowson, is
now on exhibition in J. O. Patenaude's
window. It is in the form of a miner's pan, containing nuggets supported
by pick and shovel and surmounted
by ihe Canadian heaver. It is made
of gold from the Second Relief mine at
Will Stake Claims.
Peterboro, Ont., Sept. 7.���There [fl
considerable excitement in Haliburton
county over the discovery of silver on
ibe land of a farmer named McKulft
Twenty years ago McKnlff bought the
land from the government and has
been fanning il ever since wit'u i_
discovering that it covered rich .-.fiver
deposits. A week ago an -\meiican
prospector found thai the property
was rich with ore.
Room at the Top.
Knowlton, Que., s< pt. 7.���The Liberals of Ilronie yesterday nominated
W. v. Vilas of Oowansviiie, as candidate in plnee of Hon. .1. ('. McCorklil,
elevated to the bench.
The Store of Quality
Now is the time to Imv ponohea for
preserving. Tliey nre nt their
best now and Hn- price Is ���b low
UK  it Will list.
Wo have h fresh Btock of delioioi
Bartlett pears on baud.
FOB JELLY. We have reoelved
tho whole shipment from nun man
nml run supply your wants in
lliis line.
Areoomine in now iu good condition,   Thoy won'i lasi long,
We nlso have fresh
Cantaloupes     wipu TometoM
Its. is sins.*. Wului-multins.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. 0. Block . Phone 10
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat liuildisrs will lind it to their advantage to iimi our Pilch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
Prunes   -   -   .80
Per 2olb. Box.
Peaches - - $1.75
Per 2olb. Pox.
Tomatoes - - 1.25
Per 2olb. Box.
Pears, Bartlett 2.75
Per 4olb. Box.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine StH.
A Snap
Loose Leaf Memo Books
The advantages of the Loose Leal
over ihe oh] siyie memorandum are
too well  known lo heed  any  telling.
We Have Too Large a Stock
and to reduce it wc make this ofTer*
Size   3x434,   open   side 90
size  3x434,   open   end 90
Reduced from $1.50.
Size 3'/4x5!/4. open end  $1.00
Reduced from $1.85.
Size  4x6'4,   open   side   $1.25
Reduced from $2.25.
W. G. Thomson
?fflg���� ��" Nelson, B. C.
I'hiinc ,14.
From the factory to your
home direct. Canada's High-
grade Piano.
We are offering special inducements
during the f.ill months to intending
You save nil commissions to agents,
travellers, tuners and warehousemen
by buying direct.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Get  F0R Sept
Busy    First
THE EXCLUSIVE privilege of lelllng rt-frcsli-
menta mi the iocdety*a groundi .luring ilu* Kail
Pair, September IB_-2i. No ipfrttuotti liquors
allowed. Tim liitjh.*."i or any tender not neee*
tartly accepted, a certified cheque for full
Kiiiiiiiiit in accompany each tender.  uitilrvMn
I). ('. McMoRBIB, Secretary,
Kelson Agricultural and Industrial Association,
Kelson, B.C. August 6, IflOfl.
-Mint PREMIER TYPEWKITBB for rent orsale
Apply liUL'-c'U <'lKMr Slorc, W. II. Smith,
ROOMS to LET- Nicely furnished ami eleanlv
kept rooms fnr Bteady guests or transients. Apply Mrs. McLaughlin,over Pierre's tailor shop,
liukiT sired
���Vi MEN, Ht once, fur wnrk lu the woods.  Apply
to W. E. Conki*. Miwmill, Kaslo.
I.AUY BTENOQRAPHER for position In country.
Good borne with employer's faintly.    Apply
box .V., ChiihiIIhii office.
Halcyon Hot Springs. B.C.
EMPLOYMENT on (niit rsoob by young Japanese and hii wife.   Apftly Sunnyslde Hotel
CARPENTERS     Apply tnJnliii Hurii-.Sllna mid
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���One hour  late.
Slocan train���On time.
Const. Boundary and Rossland train
������On  time.
Price ol rvtetals.
New York, Sept K.���Silver, (is l-8c;
COpper,   .Ne;   lead.   $5.75.
London, Sept 8.���Silver ::i B-8d;
zinc.   E2C lis 6d.
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Oar Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sport.-men's Headquarters,
PHONE 15.        NELSON, B. C.
Oie sift cftlia
Wllbe&e (hi dmiiing spirits in ddink
that lhe ilrinkM Served nt nur Bods KouiitHlu
ha'1    tonic   prnptTllnl*   txnldt-N    it- [r.- h n.i; '
We use only real fmii syrnps nf iheflnest
quality Knliiitufii, coiilil.T,   k I hum** an.j
rooeptaclos an- kepi Bnipuloiiilj clean
linker Slr.-rt, hs'lssins. II. r.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of Pines
i ��n glial, c lo.iti*m
Jno. T. Pierre
P. 0. Box 08. Notaon, B. C.
Mason & Risch Pianos
It hnH heen Bald more than once tbat the Individuality of these Instruments tind the speoial improvement and Inventionsfonnd in them from
lime to time have been a source of * mnhition throughout the piano in-
fhiHtr}'. Call at our show room and learn aboul our easy terms of purchase
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
(slIls-S'S     K,,S���ss  B,
Ilsisl.ssii Bssy lllsssk.
Hiaixlanl Kiimittiri' Co
Wis hove for wills a pleon or Nolsou property, III mlautOH walk fnnn
poBtoffloe! contain. 50x120 toot of grottnd.,' two-mail oottagss, oom.
plotely fnniwlii'il; also Isl fruit t.ni'a nnd rrop of vegetnblea,
Price $1300
lUlCa \j\J*m BAKER ST.      NELSON
One EyeaU Tk|
Tl.iit'��il���.w,ly W(!,
IJhuiiHv   thi. waa am
glau wi,i,i, Siu___iTr �����*%������
we tu. modern B__h_--_       I
Ki-fntiiHt ,������,.,, ti ��v,.i7u,sr,Td��.l
would hortv,,ur,y,,unnm0��^|
Telephone aaa.
MANMK*.'. I111KKH OF THI I'llAWKOiili D,,,!,l.��� ,.l   |  ,,,
akkiai, ticamwav. Repairing and Jobbing a Spccialw
Sltoistnii'tftl Work, .*iu.I1iikh, BuUdm' Muti-riiil tuul Wining tuul Mill Mtnh'
Ollioe uml Worku Koo. of Purk Ht.
I Mo,nu    _. 1.
^"."..H,   1|. y
&Ct\      r_;00*te��aY Asenl��
Whol.wiiie PruvlaloriM,
'roduc*! - f-'rult.
lliiniiiiitin I luv,���nun,-nt (!ri.niiii-n* Oiio-Piiunil Hrii-kn rs^-i-ivi'il wi.'Uy tn&
fnnn tho oliurii.   Fur sitlr by ull Ii-mliiiK (,-iioi'rH.
Offloe and warebotun: Elouton Blook.   Phone TS.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C ,
Don't Forget
Ii your furnace In shape to start the winter with?   If nol.
It the time to have It repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ill
PLEASE NOTE���Wc will not be responsible for any furnace not insbipt
by October 1st, 190C.
R.   W.   HINTON
Itsipulrlnii nnil .lohhinic _sx��OUt��d .villi Iium|.���I.Ii.   ��hc,t ���.!���_-
Work, Mining und .Mill Mi.ct.lnurv.     .Yfnn_if,.t_tur-r-ol
Or�� Cssi-s,.  IV.   Iv.   CniHi-iictura'  Ciira.
""""""""'"""    lNELSOfN,    B.  C. Kff���1
We Will Sell
500 International Coal     -      *1
iO Marconi, Canadian    -   $2,m
WOO  Yale-Kootenay Ice     -  9 111
McDermid & McHardy
?���������"?��� ���<".������>..
1 Just Arrived!
A large shipment ol g
Hart, Schaffier& M..���'*
Lateal Pattern!, IjiIchi Stylee, ami All (1ihh|�� Ghutaal I
MANUFACTURERS   T *L C*L*    -_.l^_.
AND DEALERS IN   -Ltttllbeff   dlUngleSf
Utith, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Braokwta.          Mail Order, promptly rttm^'l
"ni' ���!...!.  s.f I1AIMO  SAW8 U  very ��"��Plel('
luolndlng grndsi in suit ull requlr-menta,
If you wish n low prloed saw wu can supply.v(,u
also entry tins |H,Ht qnnlltlee made by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, M


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