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The Daily Canadian Feb 4, 1908

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anjpay more, but can not
purer or better minkkai.
k  than "HALCYON."
UK   2.      No.   2o6
DAILY 1 ^*^**JlAN
be delivered    every evening    at
door for
|l iii-tie.s in Portugal
latioas  for  Funeral  of King
uuwn Prince���Pretender
Wili Not Interfere*
;    Tha condition uf King
���hot >u  Uie anus and
in  1 .mi   ini-; father and brother
Baturdaj. .h Improving.
.1  urgan, in ita Imu of  to*
thai   Um  tunarnl  ot   the
.. ii Prince will be beld
Mli .a .-j o'clock in the morning
,p,' I ii nt 1 >   possible,   at   the
I. >.,    "i    Sl.    Vinrt-nt.      Tho
BovereJ,  tbe  minister  lo
iriiuin, baa left here tor London.
.i.sHiUents  voted  to*
1 in   new government on
ull political prisoner* be
. iilen be  permitted to
10   Portugal   and   their   political
\      -   to red, and ihm all existing
iii-.im-s contrary  to liberty
.1 . .1.
Koya]  Pantheon of St. Vl���csnt,
I . i'i.tl  ubsOQUleS of the  late
; he Crown Priitos will
_\ Saturday,   in   a   m;iastTS
in what i.-i called the OrlentaJ
, ol  l.i.-l.oii.    ii  (a now the uhVial
������   ol   Mi<- Cardinal   Patriarch of
���������*   ii    quarter    heiuB
��� 1  \o   garde-as and  vaulted  curls-   huge Pantheon proper,
1 I'   Hi.'   uod(ei   uf  the   tnonarehs
t Portugal finally repose
h  in  Uie new   PortUffUOM  min-
>wed  each  Other  in  huch
Ion today thai it hns been
��� ��� p  track of Ihein or know
:..il   coiupotJltlon  of the cable be.    Tho ministry that was
��� r  hy   Admiral  Ferrelra
si   wuh  inperssded   by  another
s   morning  in  which three  of
.I   y. sii-rday  were  retain-
1 his     cabinet   was   offlolall]
A    lew   hours   later   a   third
waa  announced   aud   this   luni
declared to be final.
been  no recurrence uf dis-
ihla city.
latently rtunored bare that
: Pranoo, who was thought 10
��� ��� Spain, lias taken refuge on
ilrlUah cruiser anchored off
llfteen miles west of Lisbon,
*���> ihls means he plans tu gain
"i-  England.
I���'��� I..   1���Thu Petit Parisian da-
thal on Baturday night at
..1     til.'    council    Of    Htllla'    nf
I'remlar Franco guaranteed to
""i.i if he "rare given full
and    allowed  to  deport  three
"ll*.     It.'   wan  aivai,',  how-
iiat ins rsQueat would not ba
��� .rn.1 ii" ,.,,us, ,|u,-niij preferred
and leave tha country, n is
ii..' paper oontlnuas, ihat tha
oi iii,. British governmeirt, in
���Jii. . 11 Amelia, was ninluly In
"'���uuil iii oausfng tha dlotatorshlp
'   tO   lit'  allst-aantltllla'al.
""a, Fob. 4.���Don.Miguel ,1a.. Brat
pretender  toVtha  throne or
';"'. ita�� curtailed his stay In
Italy, and is now on his way
'" Austria.    '1'lils st.'|,. lt  i.s t,-,,'   r-
1   taken on the a,lvi<-<* of relatives
1  'ii.' pretender to avoid any ac-
���l could, under tbe present clr-
"js|;uiri's, ba lu any way mlscoustru*
|H<*utea ii,. onm-o, Spain.���Reports
'" '" bare thai a Portuguese re
| '' Iiiih been proclaimed ui Oporto,
'llul it provisional government has
1 Btabllihed In that city.
iio,  Fed.  4.���The  spocini funeral
ai Hit, Vatican in memory of tin'
f    Carlos anil  Crown     Prince     Lull
"ti  postponed  and  will   ho hold
f  tho  milt'
> days from ,,H, (ln((, 0
. ��,  Feb.   l.-An offlclnl noto  wns
ii'ii here today denying tho alle-
l" made ina German newspaper nnd
'ne*thal tho fall of Premier Franco
rrom power was ,ii���. ,0 ,i,0 Interveo Ion
of either B-ranoe or Oreat Britain, ���, i���.
���tatament declares:
"That  neither  Spain   a���-   Italy   Intend
tu Intervene to bring about pa-aco in
Portugal Tba powers win ,*.*H|.<.ct the
rights of Portugal ta, deal herself ..mi
inr own Internal affairs."
London! B*eb. 4.���The leading Porta-
guese hank ia London has received Uie
foilowiug telegram rrom Lisbon, timed
i a. in., Fih. 4.: "Absolute tranquility
prevails throughout tin* entire oountry,"
Lisbon, Fuh. 4.���Ur. Jos. Maria Al-
lauim, chief of tin. Progressist Dissl-
dfiits, has ikd I rom Portugal In an
automobile. Ue disguised himself In
order i<. be able to cross thu frontier.
ih' is now closa'ly watching thu course
or events in Portugal irom Spain,
Fifty Cbnts a month
Austria     Perfects     Plans    for    Railway
Throuyh  Turkey.
Constantinople, Feb. I.���An Imperial
decree leaned yesterday authorises tbe
survey of the Uitrovltaa Novihaaar
Baron Von Ahrenthall, thu Austin
Hungarian minister ot COrelgn affair)
reoently announced that plana had beeu
made lor thu csiubli-SSbiucul of direct
railroad connactiona between Vienna,
Salonika, anal Alhuus. Laler despatches,
from st. Petersburg Indicat-yd Uiai a
suriotis eonJHot was pending    between
llussia anal Ailstia��-llungury over thu
construction of this raiaai which would
hu tba connecting link of thu Austrian
Una through Bosnia, With the Turkish
line to Salonika, and Mltn.vilzu, traversing tin* buffer district of Novlhuzur.
The l.iilldillg of this lino has long
been    a    Cherished    project   of   Austria.
Russia's  attitude of steady  opposition
has pri'Va-llted tin' execution ot tha-
Masons to  Seduce  Per Capita  Tax.
Albany, N. Y., Feb. 4.���The Qrand
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons began
its annual convocation here today wth
delegates present [rom all parts of the
slate. The Grand Chapter has accumulated a large surplus fund In lis treasury and as a conseaiueiu'e il is aspect:
ud the convocation will art favorably
on a praapositlon to rednoe tin* (i.t
capita lax of tha'  chapti-rs.
"White League."
Johannesburg, Ken. 4.���A movement
was Inaugurated n, re today at a largelj
attended meeting to boycott Asiatic
bailers and all employers of Asiatics,
II Ib an outcome ot the recent antl-
Asiatic agaitatlon In the Transvaal. A
"White League" committee was appointed to further the movement throughout
ihe colony.
Desperate  Remedy.
Bebastopol, Feb. I.���As the outcome
of tha. recent attack hy revolutionists
Upon th.' i-a nl i i.s on duty at lhe arsenals here, Rear Admiral Wren today
gave orders rm- ail sentinels to fir.*,
wlthoul calling, upon all suspects found
in iin, vicinity ..I tin' arsenals or store
houses between the hours of f. p. ,���.
and '', a. m. Pattola are Inatruotsd to
volley any person who attempts to es-
Accept Increased Taxes.
Tofclo,  l'Via.  4.���Attar  a  hot  debate
lasting five hianrs, an Increass In tlie
taxation on Hugur, alcohaal. beer and
kerosene was passed today iii the diet,
The governmenl had a majority of 84
in avsrj ansa'. ..xft.-pt in that ot kerosene
on whleh lhe majority Vote was -I.    In
ih,. present Bnapolal condition of Japan
tin- premier said  be believed tbat the
whole people would he willing lo pay il.
Russi.i  Faces   Famine.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 4.���A bill appropriating |8,56S,000 ror famine relief
in addition to the stun already voted
by the Duma for this purpose, bas been
submitted to tin. cabinet  and soon  will
he introduced in tlm* Duma, The estimates of ailianillts na>a-ala>il for 111.- relief  dining  the  coming   yeur  are  In*
Churchman's   Club.
Tomorrow    is    ladles'  night at ilie
('linra'liuiiin's   eluh.     The   other   attraction will be progressive whist.
Chief Oevltt's Capture.
\V.  .1.   Devlll,  Chief of  provincial   paa-
lloe, lias effected a notable capture at
salt Lake City, IiIh quarry being Fran-
elsea,   (Vdio,     alias     Franlt   ralnhlani'.
wanted    for   murder oommltted near
Qrand  jorks on  Nuv.  is.  1906, whsn
he wrecked a hotel with dynamite, The
ohlef lin�� I n wanking on tho case for
a long time.    It   is believed  Hint Cedlo
win waive extradition,
-..���si.lily on aeeouiai. of the un-
favo.    .. ii.'ws regarding the condition
oi   iiii   ,   nler crops which are reported
to  be almost  a total  loss.
Commissioner  Says  There  Immigration
Has Been a Failure.
Chicago, Feb. i��� "Bulgarian immi-
Kiaiion lo lie- United States is a failure.
Bulgarians had better stay In Bulgaria.
They an- better off theru than ln Am*
Srica." Thai Is the substance-of a suml-
oHlcial report to he made to thu Hul-
garian government by P. T. Uaskaioff,
editor of thu Vetchel I'echta, a leading
nsyapaper or Bofla, who is touring this
country for lhe purposu of studying the
condition of l'ulgariuns hero.
The Bulgarian government recently
passed laws In restriction of immigration aud ou seeing Mr. Daskalofa's re-
port probably wai. latte sun turtliei
steps to detain thu Bulgarians at homo.
"1 have Investigated the condition of
raj countrymen to this country and I
Ilu.I Bulgarians have not betterec) thein-
s-i Ives l.y coming to America," said Mr.
Daskalota yesterday, "in the lasi four
years about ninety thousand Bulgarians
have come to this country and lii.s large
U..-S  has  laa'a-.alii.'  a  mailer ol   a-ianeern   lo
the government.    The total population
of Bulgaria being only fonr millions."
Survivors   of   St.   Cuthbert   After   Many
Days  Fight  With  Flames Are
Saved   by Cymric.
Na-w fork, Feb. 4.���A wireless de-
spatch t,, tli,- Tiian*s from the steamer
Cymric gives details of the burning of
the steamer si. Cuthbert,
Soon afler thu Cymric sighted the
burning vessel the steamer Cambrian
also came up and the two ships lay by
for several hours awaiting a chance to
safely lower boats. The terrific wind
which was blowing at the lime making
it Impossible fan- a boat to leave. Finally
St SS o'ela.ck the Cymric got a baaat away
in command of the lirst officer anal with
a crew of six iiia-n. After a hard light
with the waves the boat, which was
brilliant ly handled, succeeded, aialed by
a quantity of oil which had been spread
on I li*- watur, fn reaching the side of
thu burning ship. Kor tun minutes they
lay before n heavy figure was lowered
Into llle boat, followed by a Seconal.
Then ten men made their way down the
ladder and into lha* boat All were
flight fully burned. The bont returned
safely to Cymric and the raasctud were
ha.isia'al aboard. The same crew then
made a second and third trip back to
lhe burning steam,*r rescuing tliirty-
sova-n in all. tin thu last trip the boat
was   driven  in   by   a   wavu   and  barely
reached ths Cymric in safety.
The officers und the cruw of the
Sl. Cuthbert had a terrible story to tell.
At midday Saturday the sue was first
discovered, pmoke being seen emerging
trom a ventilator. The lirst olllcer
rushed lo thi' bridge where the captain
was io tell him of the lire, when almost
Immedlati I a terifflc explosion occurred.
blowing aifT ail lhe batches In the forward pan of the ship and destroying
half of the bridge. The captain was
thrown to the deck baally injured and
blinded by the names.   Tin. wheelman
was al ri v* *u away I'rom Ills post.    A boat
was Immedlated lowered inn was smash-
a'tl and Its orew of llfleen, including the
third oiiia*rr. were drowned.
Pot thirty-six bonis tin. crew fa,tight
tha' llamas with hut small success. The
foremasl itu-lta'al throwing a staawaway.
wllos  Was hhl.len   in  lha' i*l'owsnest, Into
llie flames, which Iiiul by ihls tlnie
burned through tlie forward deck. There
wars uina' stowaays on the ship anal all
wen. caught iii ilia* forward holds and
burned to death without a chance of
rescue, AfUr th.' fall a.r tha mast the
lire was partially checked, hut tho
pOiBOnOUS   fllllla'S   ail'   tlu'   I'llil   aill   made
lighting almost Impossible, The ship
was loaded win, fusil on, matohes, rags,
willow wnri. and other Inflammable mala.rial. The orew had put up a gallant
light and were rescued only just lu
times as the lire was rapidly gaining
iH'iidwiiy. when  tha' Cymric was  dually
enabled  to  put  orr tin. rescuing boat,
All rosa'tiod nuMiibers or lhe crew were
eared lor on the Cymric. Although
many of them were badly burned, it is
though! all  will  recover.
The   Downward   Path.
Chicago, Fob. 4.���The Inter-Ocean today   says:    "Hubert   Smiirtln,   formerly
secretary   and   treasurer of Columbia
University;   now   of  the   George   Washington University at Washington, U. C,
was arrested ya.sta.rday.   lie is charged
wltli the embezzlement of $2,100 from a
Chicago llrm or whoesale carpel daalsrs,
by whom he was employed.
Council Decides in Favor
of Tramway
With Zinc Company and Allis-Chal-
mers-Bullock���Prohibitive Price
of West Kootenay Power.
The council had another long session
last night, continued as a board of
health meeting. A satisfactory agreement has been concluded i*vith thu Canada Zinc company, and a satisfactory
provisional agreement with the Allls-
Ctialiners-Bullock company, but the
i. ims offered by the West Kootenay
Powur and Light company were thought
so high us to preclude consideration.
Ii was unaulmously decided to begin
preparations for installing a second
unit of the power plant, lt was also
decided to continue to operate the street
car service.
The council came lo order at S with
Mayor Taylor ln the chair and Aldermen McMorris, Steed, Patenaude, Kerr,
aud Hale also present. The minutes of
the last meeting were read and adopted.
The tiiiuiielal committee reported recommending that the city clerk be empowered to employ additional clerical
help when he deems necessary, thut
copies of all correspondence of heads of
departments he filed with the city clerk,
and that a new typewriter and llle be
purchased. The committee also recommended for payment a BUbstation payroll of $81.65, overtime of tramway payroll, $14.01) and 118.00, total $17SI.��6. The
report wus adopted.
The trumwuy committee reported
having curefully investigated the revenue and expenditure of the system.
The city electrician had advised them
that tlie system could be operated at a
net Iosb of not more thun $1,500, und
they therefore recommended thut the
service be continued.
A letter from Aid. Procter, who was
ubsent on uccount of Illness, wus read,
strongly endorsing the report of the
committee, and suggesting that the
boat club be asked to move their club
house to the park site, the city giving
ail   necessary  facilities.
The council went into committee of
lhe whole with the mayor In the chair.
Aid. Steed explained that thu committee were strongly of the opinion that
the damage to the city from closing
down the service would be out of proportion to the saving effected, as they
hoped to reduce the net deficit to about
$1,200 a year. He also thought that by
slight changes In the hours of leaving
terminals a considerable increase of
traffic  might result.
The mayor suggested that If the re-
caauiiiiendatlon were accepted, there
should bo quarterly statements of revenue and expenditure published. He
thought that lt Ihe deficit could be reduced to $1.2011, or anywhere near II.
then, would be no question of thu advisability of continuing the service.
At th,' mayor's request the city clerk
furnished  tha'  faalhiwlng  statement  prepared  by lilm for the committee:
Repairs, maintenance, stock..$ 1.768.94
Insurance...        670.23
Printing  und advertising..   ..       100.00
Telephone  36.90
Power      2.412.00
Wages     0,362.53
Total $10.3110.60
January, 186.BO; February,
$147.25; March, $396.55;
April. $550.30; May, $590.40;
June, $662.70; July, $1,044.65
August, |1.018.80; September, $890.05; Oct., $618.60;
November, $510.15, und December,   $540 (16 $ 7.058.90
Which   Includes   for   advertising   und
sale of wire.
Repulrs,   maintenance,   Including   61,400   for  stock $ 3.279.GG
Insurance          711.40
Printing and  advertising        198.73
Telephone     48.00
Power        2,109.00
Ropnlrs to road bed     2,467.30
Wages        6,822.66
k     Total
Jin nary,  $365.90;   February,
371.60;       March,       $182.90;
April, $848.90; May, $791.50;
June, $902.15; July, $1,194.25
August. $958.70;   September,
$920.95;     October,    $687.05;
November,   $541.50;   December,   $571.40 $ 8,399.30
Which includes for advertising $259.50
and   parcel  tickets, $82.35.
To the mayor. Aid. Steed said that
the estimate on which the report was
based, took Into account the requirements for repulrs and maintenance.
R. A. Brown stated that reductions
had already been made in expenses In
accordance with the estimate.
The city clerk gave the revenue for
January, 1908, as $497.50, which is an
increase of $130 over January, 1907.
The committee then rose and reported progress.
The report was then received and
adopted. It Included a recommendntlon
to purchase supplies.
The flre, water and light committee
reported, re.-ommending:
(1) That, as soon us a bylaw giving
necessary authority be passed, permission be given the Canada Zinc company
to build a high voltage power transmission line through the city and to own
and operate it for ten years provided:
That the company build at Its own
That the line be operated exclusively
by the Canada Zinc company for the
use of their smelter, hut not necessarily continuously.
That the line shall be 45 feet above
the ground, the poles properly dressed,
and ail proper precautions taken where
the line crosses other lines of wire.
That the line ls to be a 20,000 volt
line, the voltage never to exceed 25,000.
The company ls to he responsible for
all damages due to their negligence and
to Indemnify the city. In case of flre
the city may cut off the current or
wire, the company to provide a cut-off
switch, the city ulways to give notice.
(2) The committee recommended
thnt the Canada Zinc company be supplied with 50,000 gallons of water dally
for use at their smelter, the rate to be
fixed by the mayor and chairman of the
flre,  water and light committee.
(3) Tbe committee have approved
plans for the power plant tail race and
instructed the engineer to secure tenders for material.
The report, after consideration, clause
by clause, was adopted.
The board of works reported that the
construction of the sewers recommended would be costly in proportion to any
present benefit. They recommended,
however, that the sewer be built from
the lane north of the Bartlett House
down to Baker street.
Tbe engineer gave a detailed estimate of the cost, totalling $213.50.
The report was referred back to the
committee. *
An agreement between the city and
the- AUIs-Chalmers-Bullock company ln
regard to the restoration of the draught
tube was reud. It provides that the
company ls to restore the draught tube,
repair lt If necessary, nnd secure lt,
working day and night for the purpose,
tho plant to be shut down ln the meantime. The city undertakes to supply all
appliances. The cost ls to be shared,
the company to pay for replacing the
tube, the city for securing It. The
agreement Is not to affect any contract
rights except that the city will accept
tho draught tubo when so restored as
complete according to contract.
A letter was read from ta. A. Camp-
hell conveying his offer: To prepare to
supply the city with an emergency light
and power service for $3,407.76 per annum and 2 cents per kilowatt hour
whenever connection Is made.
R. A. Brown explained that the additional Charge meant $150 a day.
' Tho mayor���Such terms are of course
Impossible. Then thero ls no use signing this agreement. We can't consent
to a shut down until we make other arrangements for supplying our customers with light nnd power.
The mayor then stated that ho had
located Mr. Campbell In Phoenix but
failed to get him by telephone. He still
hoped to secure a temporary supply of
l��wer that would enable the city to consent to a shut down. A second unit
must he Installed as sooon as possible.
He urged tho engagement of a consulting engineer to look over the whole
The whole matter was referred back
to the flre, water and light committee,
with all correspondence relating to It.
The mayor was authorized to communicate with W. H. Smith of Winnipeg,
or R. S. Kelsch, of Montreal, engineers.
Chief Deasy of the flre department
pNionted his report for January. There
were three  fires,  and  the  usual  drills
and Inspections. The owners of the
opera house were again ordered to comply with the fire bylaw.
The chief asked for two more call
men and an Improved call system. He
asked tbat the team of the health department be always available when an
alarm Is given, recommended extension
of tlie flre limits to the lower side of
Vernon street. His estimate for the department expenditure was $6,805, but
he presented a request for Increases
for the permanent force.
The chief's report was referred to the
flre, water and light committee, the
men's request to the finance committee.
The city's customers for water and
light In Lot 182 petitioned to be served
ut the same rale as residents of the
city instead of 2b per cent more, they
u.'reeing lo pay ln advance or in the alternative pay the extra 25 per cent.
Aid. McMorris moved thut the petition
be grunted, to apply to all suburban residents, exactly on the terms asked.
A letter from F. Burns & Co. asking
for a guarantee of electric power for
the cold storage plant, or for permission
to secure such power, elsewhere, wus
referred to the fire, water und light
A letter from Charles F. Morris
stating that he wished to build on Baker
street and asking to be allowed to violate the building bylaw as he asserts
ex-Mayor Gillett has done, was answered that all bylaws would be enforced,
after the attack on ex-Mayor Gillett was
described as "cowardly" by the mayor
und Aid. McMorris.
K. A. Brown submitted a list of material that he wants purchased which
was referred to the tire, water and
light and tramway committees with
power to act.
Aid. McMorrls gave notice of u bylaw
granting certain privileges to the Canada Zinc company.
On motion of Aldermen McMorris and
Hale, the position of the city auditor
was declared vacant and E. K. Beeston
wus engaged at a salary of $25 per
month as auditor and also to advise as
to preparation of quurterly statements
of accounts. The appointment to date
from January 1st.
Aid. McMorris suggested that no proceedings ot committees should be published until after Its report to council
The mayor entirely agreed.
The mayor remarked on the unsatisfactory condition of the cemetery arrangements especially in respect of
snow shovelling and telephone connection.
Just as the council was about to
adjourn Dr. Arthur presented a report
of another case of small-pox developed
within Ave miles of the city. In view of
the prevalence of the disease in Ontario
and throughout the United States he
urged that every possible precaution be
taken, Including, If necessary and legal
compulsory vaccination.
To the mayor, Dr. Arthur said the
case /was quarantined. He believed It
bad  been contracted  in  travelling.
The council then adjourned to Feb.
10th, and sat at ouue as the city board
of health.
Dr. Arthur admitted that he doubted
the authority of the council under either
city or provincial health acts to order
vaccination. The case is reported to
him as a very mild case. Tbe last case
ls still ln the Isolation hospital, a man
from Duluth who developed tho disease
10 days after arrival. Tbe latest case
Is of a man from Prince Edward Island
within a week of arrival.
The mayor suggested that In view of
possible danger the board recommend
that all In Nelson be vaccinated, and
that the city medical health officer attend at the city hall at 4 p. m. on and
after Thursday to vaccinate all who
cannot afford to pay.
Dr. Arthur undertook to procure the
purest vaccine   possible.
A resolution was unanimously passed
In accordance with the    mayor's    suggestion.
The board  then   rose.
Fielding's Insurance Act
Druce Myth Exploded.
London, Feb. 4.���-Almost the last
prop was knookud from under the
Druce myth yesterday when the master
In chancery dismissed G. H. Druce's
civil suit for the possession of thu estate uf the late Duke of Portland.
Nelson   snd   Scaler.
Los Angeles. Cal., Feb. 4.���-Tbe first
of ths, series of tights which [tattling
Nelson has mapped out for himself In
his plan to climb to the top of the lightweight division again takes place here
tonight, when he will face "Kid" Scaler for a ten-round go. Scaler has
ahown himself on various occasions to
be a tough proposition and his frioads
believe that his fighting abilities may-
cause tho Dane's plans to slip a cog.
Both men are In good condition and,
whoever may be the victor, the bout ls
expected to be a very fust and lively-
Revelation of Favoritism in Administration of Timber Limits���Canada From Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Feb. 4.���Tbe commons banking and commerce committee held its
first business session this morning for
consideration. The committee has four-
new bank charters, six insurance bills
and a government insurance act. It
waa expected the Insurance bill would
come up for' consideration today but
Fielding suggested dealing with all the
private bills first. He intimated that
he thought it would be better not to
dispose of any of the other insurance
bills until the government insurance
bill ls passed. In this way any changes
in the general Insurance law can be incorporated in whatever private bills are
passed this session. The first bill taken
up was the charter of the Northern Flre
Insurance company with headquarters
at Winnipeg, with capital ot one million
Ottawa, Feb. 4.���Returns relative to
the disposition ot a small timber berth
on the Athabasca river two years ago,
have been brought down in the commons. The area was three-quarters ot
a square mile. John Hall, Edmonton,
offered $50 for the berth, he being the
man who had asked that lt be advertised for sale. There was only one
other tender, that of James Smith, of
Kamloops. who offered $50, and the license was duly issued to him. He
was required to have the area surveyed
by October 10th last, but Smith wrote
to the department in August stating
that he was interested In berths 1330-
36, held by Alex. Smith of Ottawa, and
to save expense Jamea Smith asked
���(hat he be allowed until January 1,1308,
so that all berths could be surveyed together. |     aft
Ottawa, Feb. 4.���Hon. 3. M. Gibson
has introduced a bill ln the senate proposing to eliminate from the Grand
Trunk railway charter the provision requiring the company to carry third class
passengers between Montreal and Ottawa at two cents a mile.
The city council last night unanimously passed a bylaw reducing hotel licenses from 71 to 67 and shop license from
31 to 26.
Tweed, Ont, Feb. 4.���The works ol
the Ontario Powder company here were
blown u pby an explosion ot dynamite
this morning. No lives were lost- The
explosion was heard at thirty mllea
Winnipeg, Feb. 4.���Michael S. Saunders, engineer In the Richard King sawmill at Kansack, met his death yesterday by being caught In the driving
wheel. He was badly crushed and hla
right leg was torn out at the thigh.
Death was instantaneous. Deceased
was about 23 years of age.
Guelph, Feb. 4.���The tuneral of the
Into Rev. Dr. Torrance yesterday was
largely attended from all parts of Ontario.
Montreal, Feb. 4.���Estimates place
the loss on Molson's warehouse, Notre
Deme St. East, gutted by flre yesterday,
ut $160,000. The warehouse was used
as a storage house by the C. P. R. and
contained 20,000 bags of flour belonging
to the Lake of the Woods Milling Co.
The loss Is well covered by Insurance.
Millionaire Dying.
Chicago, Feb 4.���A despatch to the
Record-Herald from South Bend, Indiana, says: The condition of James Oliver, the millionaire plow manufacturer,
who Is seriously 111 with heart trouble,
ts such that lt Is feared he cannot recover."
Dementia Americana.
Boston, Feb. 4.���During a period of
mental depression Mrs. Frances Millers,
or Dorchester, killed herself and two
little girls, aged 9 and 11 years respectively, by means of Illuminating gas
last night. She left a note' saying "Ood
forgive me for what I have done, lt wan-
a case of insane people again."
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��� ���
I 3
!__. Da_y c__adia_
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
.'-   I'/. -;���.   -_ ". *    ���        .: ' -_-
is H ' ��� -      ���- : -    i.- yz: _     . -. .   .   . ���
V.: -. * -l .v. i - ';_:.-._.���:
-. . *    v   ���������_. :    >-      ���_�����-    ui    __ i -   -    -.:    r -      i
- . '"���*:*
��� : :..:.: - -' _:
v"i_        I      ,_L
-.--       .,'       i_.**-"t
ft ���.     - ���:: -      -i-x .: -       * :**��!*.;__ :
���     -    ttu   _Lr
_*-**_-._   :    '��������� s___*-_3**_._if  i.   a IM-**-   IiJLtftfC
���- _��__*# sru-iii - .- .14 .:_    _,.   i-tar. -*c*
jaurm: 1* X_e _ * ���zit���iar u.* - .-* _*���-*-* t > i. I -.��-**_*
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Hdl ���' ������***-'im, -_*.*���_ ��_r*r _ ���-_*__*- u im
riin:ju-m**---Bt��x:'. _ur. *_i_i*._.-_r W
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ii-.i .:.-- i_      :,-      ���- .   ���:...:
��� - ���
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���   i''_
:     .*'     -      ��� -r*-i . '
"- -     : : .._.: .i
���      i    z . ��� *.   '-    ' ���*,
- - -������*-.
- - . ���
of   Iispra'-errietits-
Imperial Bank of Canada
*U *.-���--*   A.*r-.---r-sr-
Head OrLic*:   Tor-r>_ao.
H.05-   fc-0��_."ii"  .Arriv-T   T1**:-*-^-.-.y
��� ���    �� :��r����i_-.T
. ���       ���_*..: 7
I ft ran _���*  J-t-wr -
" tj -   ;. -     : i ' i.       --*��-* ur - ".
. . - -_* .^i*   *��>!.
t ?t rran. t_t o_m- _an__
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*u    _.-.   u*-i***-ai*a*-s*<"   t-tr-_e-   ue__r   .ii,    ;_;__   j**���-
l_J��aei:.   14    *_-*     UI7-U W_T    -UB=_--r   l'   -
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ni���itfr    _,**-_**-! *Htstxu. ���   *_si__j��   li    ll*-    UU____B
jVa_Ut���>*7    '-> i     i-    in    2trft    Uu-uti    *****    ***
ft.* IT*    \i,t:*,*y     _l*~"il     _     ''IHnllM.      -*a--*llM     *���_'. _
t___1_   al   tUl    J*ll_I.   UL'    "ITTT' P ���**���*��� "f1"" ���'  ���Ut   Clil
it.^.:i4 Ml  fcLTHfc Bim   u- �������
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_t*-_.ltui   Ni    " iintn.'-l      st-|   a-    .
_J       -   i .: si���    *_n���r    *on**| :_.   ^u��;
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,*-.iiJi _,( _���_���_( . .-_-.it-.-*' I v
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���_-1a_i1_     ii.-just   *���Pit  _  ctiM,:im     Uit-*ia*-- ~��B-   �����
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-      Oi      S I.HliMI Mill       1     fe ��� .���   It. HieSjjSt     *3aaari.   W
-j__U- as   ���.��� vu._   tr    * ��� i^iitaineBitflu.  ttOi*- ��ii
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_i*-j_:*if*L Ni. I    ^an_Li*-_  .14 ���*���   ��� P'*    ��� -' - ���-���
s-    .Li*:    -��Ul:il W_C    **-*-_���_--    y-_i_l|.     .;.���
_     a.   - *i     Um    ���_**���* iPBI        ��� ���-]���-:-   u.  .    f-_ti!- 1*
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it .a   -taa        ll��*��Vi-ia.     B(H_Lll     _    ���   I-tf,    *M '-Iwlila      ��-_-{.   Ba
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i.   - I        at     -!_*    til*-^l*_ML.    D__K   U-   -    J *___* *
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l__a_|    _i'-.l   �� L..L...1-.      s_.t3i-jr    v-asi.  ����
. (. . -      ...".it-j*.   OaWttO   _    *_M__I    MM   ������. _
;.��,_i-i-   .i   __��� **<u__   ur   ""-tt i-."ii-s***i*-v'   _Ui esu-j
-s��� L^j-t t*4t  __-_.   H111T*   1 j-   sas*.
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BB -- "    .._;.     _r.~        -_��..���7    V --^.j. .
- is .��..���   >;,.-   .      __JjL     a-..    *ur_.
I_-**_""*��Xj  -A-wT
���-*-_ _-ft-i*sei_7 _��_,;  -.'jr.-i-.s;    ;���__-__ :r V *m:
-��. **!>����__.;
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_B i. -.>��__. u_-^t_    __a*a(   i"-t.-    _*t    ttftln-si __f
...   .  . ...       .......      :-.-���;--*;--
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; i*   < * 7 : - *   :*--*:
r"s     1   i   '������   :;^.**.' '���   ':���   "rte'i
***\tM*vot*4**4t  retumnm, to *\0\u*zk   up  as   prices
��*e   i:t:        ���     :���*���        At    -��.5-r    ���-*-*   at-
���*���**:-    ; - r     - ��: ��� : *   : -
_sauwiuu_D     >o
^ra-tv-j**  .iWANtM
_!���    -VI*.    L.-A\  ��    .Manajfor.
.   1 a ; _KT
' ���   -a    '-.
��� -UJL���Lt:U-l**f  K.'  k.   1*U>B-    Ji__ ie       g-S
���wriicr   *_.*jni-;. n_t run   i-i.   .    . . t
*>1    <**��-   M���C ^MMC   litmj*,     !-���_.'-.      ..
.,;���!.��.    l*.''ft_Ii_--.-7'    __*_.     lls**li**t    Lli-U    *1
_MOs*_   bv-L>'_
. _M
1  fcC���l
M   *-��*_^;
The Royal Bank of Canada
;_-r.-*^-vr_Vr:   A    _    . - ��� .*
head o?y::^  11 jntkjeal.
        U-VXZTX     ��.��*e**/t  F--c HJ-Mb
- --*'4^i-****;   ��.*. 1
- --���-.. 1 *.   .      K
Z.     _B__l*-*_*_fc4 _: I, sj-_r   jiu.1 ---   (..   __t  *    V
���*���. -l****    k-s-it:   _   ��*ii**-:���*���*   1*.������ ���.:     -.)_    :i t   ���-.   ��*
-:.-��� _ js*_b_ux J��u  _    Ui*a>'Jt *ji*-sii 4, ���-_���__*..
s_*-r*j*-t   e_i;'. __   ' i.sv.iss.    _i.��i  -   >   ...*���-    i-t__i.
_.ti-'Jt     ��� tUC    ���4     *Il,l*.'li��     ..... . i_ _r*S-_'Jt-
z<:   u. !-'.*_-llij 4*1  *_.--�� .     .    .-st-_Lr
;*.*���__-.. I *_ a ;- t    , .*-���- -*--:   *.. __t -    *i
--���*-*    tu*-....    **    -,_��-_ li*     -..-.1     ���._     .it    -     �����
���**���-__'   I**   -'rf>jm.I^OL >��.    -    "-la* ^*Jt     lai**-_l   *     M(-__._-ft
-���j---.-*  -B-A-at'.   *i**.    '''H**      .: ��� 1* 1    -.. . .-.   4k    ��� : ��,   I.rf
I J* c____   W   j#vi-i :   s_,    *-��r-tt_tct: _oe-
: - "    ���
. tt-: '-la* -
C ***rr.^�� ��� *si  *��*,    t**��
- ;   _.i * -iv
���SUE   *sA��   ��. S;   B*��- *' 3   ' ." i-t*:
L*. ' �����-  ;-t : i-<    ���-?    i-i
1 s.  ��� ��� ���   !_t     *��t_-
-   '.*r_Dr ��tf t_* I**^cty U>m*
������������.*: t I    -1 ���    1     ��� v.*Mk_l, 2ft, C.
-�����-.' ;-ur
-^ H_fc_l   V'KKIT.
���. -1   -
hamOaKeot *���*- t  *s*
rm^C.  **   f-g���.Tl-     U**J
�������*-.   jK   t__._a  .
-. I -*    1    1*  ML  ��.    ��� r*
i---_    :|i.i;-.i.
��� >..:���.   t-_��_i_   *,   -
".*"   -'.**-_as.il    >t  *    -: *
*r. --.-i ��� *��� �� ---���   -_.��_
��������*". JM   *-���TT_r   Ot
_  i -_f i*.  ��*..-���*
t - *- ���_   1
Nelson Bracch. G. A. SPEN'K. Manage?.
bacHi ���_-> -
���'.   1   :   ',;,   ft  ��-**   '-7 "-A*
.��.-i>r   Lri
^^^^^ -ft ^.
*.     . - i   j- . : -..���     ft- .    ...
~.'.s.1i,    f-.i-.i-/   -    ���-.:
'. -     t*'-���' /. A--    ���/ '. . ��
���::...     -.-.*    ,L��-iL.-.i   ���..'     ^*:   -:i-.*.
 .:     ���
ataxia*****   as   SK.r*
;        .:.-.*-    ��.-.-.    >--..- -.   _.��;������.-    .i.
nrs-tsarev   Us  ova   loron   ssgcudoa
a��: e:.Sirx>4L   -.it    reaconasesdaUr/o of
.   rJ.-L'>Ae   that   Sl
-  - ���      . .     ���
'A*-   -..-.-       r.    ;.*:   sdsrtsistrmt-oa   of
th* est) > affair��� IMMBy la lm-
Bt We -.*aTLU/TJj��
ed,   tbat   Uie   :
ill,;:���>.t-l S    ar.
necessary and bs MHtAare,
bat no or..; ,->i.  .
>./**    (Of    -��� . -    Wf/ul.l    ,-.
ctmreja t<, ��j. tbt vorld U,*
that Nelson.  H.e Queen   r^f   ���.
nay's,  the   rn'-st  suSMttanti..
p-'.f.'.lsInK city In the  V_ie
Itntiab   ColumMa,  hua/l   Ijrst   faj'h    ai.*!
'I r.':   f.t;,irnr, quoted   and   th.   -
sdduwi  at last  nights    ,;a<:<*    ,a;    ��III.
���tie   ti*l.e-re.   ha'jhf>    all   that   l.y   n.la.i
nilzliu;   the   outlay  and   iner-a.u'   lhe
revenue   by such slrof!'--  tn
of   tb*   sfcrrice   as   are   SOCC**ted,   the
r.el I'jas on the r,p.aratla,n of t*���.- svstem
*;an aai'hiia tfae prenen, year US I
to a sum tbat na, one will coin, I      n
Aid. Proctor's sasssstloa tha* >h*
elly's aUractlf.ns Sb'l means ol re,a;.
tl,.!, ai.a] pleasure be, as far SS PC
c/anwr.trated at the city park, Iks ea��
Urn ti-rmlnal of tbe line, is ��n aim r-
u; le one and not at all lmpri;iicable.
eS. gk***m est
.    ��� : .     - -
Or ka��t ts rriev. and t�� bew ssas-tcl
CertdiCAJte   of Impro vemeat*.
, _ *   .. - ,
, L     , I   *
��� -
fta: ��.-. -�����
Ll_f a: . p**l. ; -
���*H�� '-A* *   A
-, .: a .^jw. ;a: -_ L .
.   '  ft  ^...-   ..   ft  ft
_- ft  _-i  ;..*i -.: sa.
* * L   -    ar.4    ���    -^,
E-  ".s-.-L   LLSLCWUEST.
Ts* resycaslUe *&M*r 'A  ti*
,r ���   na*7   bar*  a   .
a:    - .:   l.-.    ft...    r---*..a%    rerj   ..l'.
hat   no   oi*   is   rnai-.    .
.     *
meat Bsd�� . . of oeaaseas at
coatet2.p*.>.L.uASy  .--    -
baa    ��� sts ihaa a
He haa  bsea a bs
I.  no*, a iAan. woman or cnlld
Mr.   ivj��aer'a   word   Atj*lnal
to Boss-.
I ��� Iscr and *
BI I '/  ..������a:th a.-e d.rec-.ed not to
St dSSSCf   trtjt  to  ward
off  a  iwBils  danger.
*.   '    >.       ���
. - ���_, *-. ft*-.: l y-jr .--.-l.   ;  SveS*
.   ��� a" 0     ft - '
.   ���
-j*   -ft ^   i.��-^-y v, a>-
- -   : -aav-r  v*
:    * -.. ���*      '       . -* -.  i_j
���   .   ^T*
.a a - * .���*
a j  if,..
7fta*. r.-. . ^   '.L-ft: '.'   .*-
a-aA-Ajia.:.   '. aa A_ utrr~a*tM*  U
u. ^-L   -    *; .   ;  '��� ��� t r^a- -a-  L-E.^.
.-. ��� 1.       *   -,  :**-r.s^i   -ar.'_.
. ;< ���*    :   , . -. z.   - L    : ft -. 1
ft ..  > :.ft-
a ��*. Wvj.jez.a,
Eleventh Annual  Md
Winter Carnival   E^
From    Toesday    Night
Until    SatarsUy    Night
Rossland    Carnival
Prtl 3ert
FEB. 4 to 8
For b     "
aad G**iier_l Hi*'
SNowsHoi-r races!
n��,a|,,a.ll> at iae ri
Mil l*w_.
1   .��.'
���".-Li-*ia a   H- yftoa
It  is   dlfflcuit   to   ��jL*ak   pattest!*   '>.'
the  menatK.*rs  ot '    |
1 .tflslature  who  'aant  to call   u;-
lieuteraanT ^o-,.a.'rjor   to  justify   bis   con-
'S'LCt. '1 .'.'   f
Tak'.-   riotl-;-;   thai  I   will,  on  tht*   M_
day of March, IMS, app.y EOT ��� tl
of _M l.-j j-^r Uoa_M for tlM
t.o'*-.,   r\ ***%%*%   0_   J/U   llfll   '7;    _:.']
Bicbt   'J3;.  la   Block   TOT   U0J    on   the
���ottd) H.'i*; of Bad
of  H>tM**om\ ftoma  llot*ert  Uulzle.1 t/,  my*
LKW-.d at N��-ljion, li. OL, this 20th day
of Jaauary, A. D. Y*Hi%.
M_ I   t  c   *;-_.*;
* _MM.  ^_"_ ���   ���      -     -     . '��..��..,_��-
t _tt paflai UM ;. _. W   esaa-rer. i_te_-i to .p-
p*y Iw a rpv.-jA- .jrxutx Ui ret a��->*:  ta-rrr rtwftj
-     -���     ���    ���  v*.   a.   -�����   .     .*-.: _-_-!-..:<���..
a pfj**:****.-��� At,-. L   ���    ina;  iivr.:w*r. confer
a *_ta-��_   ��o��-i.   Uh��-4   -��ri��-t*r
u -^*.-. iit*tst-i t<i:j citKw  iaorui_.tx.--t
..? '.xaiij ---*: *a yub--�� ��<  Mf_*,:a{. *->--a
4  ���-��   ��.  ���  ��� ������>������������ s,-,:���*-.   ��    : 1..
���Mr   . **ftct  iMr-Jtk  i.a:  aa-K. *->t-^
4.    -   -' - *   -��:-  *-..*_.   al    * .
s-      a    *. x- f a  ����.*�����-.*  *ftjts.i>-irr .^ait
���u-jsrt   --���--  -���.�����.  .#*"
I- W. fe��_T��_. iMMff^
a   Ha. Asm, t*go**Xa
y-Ha��-a Laa4 L-Kiic.   \sjr..rs-*. ���/ *���-**���. Zrsr.
4 ���   .��������� l_b_��r.  -X J__��.
*  1        ��- >i*a*-rr   Ma_��a ��-��/ ca�� Mten
���-; .
- v. - -. -r .     a  ;��� *        t -
���.   -    -       a    ' ���
m        ������     ayt)     mtstt    of    _.- ._-   i
* .     .    - v *,*-**���*. ?    ��� ��   -
...        -.-..���.������;..''     *-   t
��� t - -   -.
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.- .. ---�� - .-.- -.*���   ra,
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aorta *����� -a_ia��. :fc*_-* -_*: <��� -^
-a*s:    ��a-3    -xAiaiaiaff Mt
,   ��� . ...
--*-*��*#�� J*ta. Iir*.
;awo* tit-Hex*,   -xatar.
I    ' -vo-abciM-iac at a v-wt itaa-ia'l
--.--���-  fc-tit---  t**s  MMm    ^---��:
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'*/���-��-!? ������/' 1  >';���&!-..'*��� .�����-> I Laeatasa  *a1  ��*���
.' f ���    - - 1 s earaar, tfaatMtt aorta Meaaiaa,
*-*-**- *r  '-.-.:-,j,   :a***-�� ao~_> McaatBc,
ta��a��v *-**��� * >*rt_t o-f ��o_u_a_ea-
. / "-���(I evcrom, ottTTt or Uat-
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inn # untaa, >/��!��,
I^yratior. Va S   ' ��� --���.-.��.���*.--...-- a< �� pw'- ��laa**^
-     ���        ��� <    ��� - *  -. ������, ,*   ,-..    '.-. :.*    a-jfTta  '-'
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- * tieaaoc aa wru. *s-*l
alvyat .foo/ d,��m ���*��*-.; m ta�� t*tAomt/*a\ o*4
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Oata*s l***jcti*:��-   '
J ami* rrttsKA io*~AU*r
fy/cation Uo. 4 f.*stnm*\u*���,T,g *>t ft. \**t p.*n\��*A
nt tb* rs'/rtb*-r����i 'v*-rD��r Vetriji; tb* IDUUI p*>��t
i/l ��/-..'.i I/, tb* -f-ratawtr-it 'L'ttrmt **A i. fituot'**
Sf. % ufAtJ'.n aad nan---j J. hriMfi H W-
uoruote Utottf*: **,<.\n ��* -;-.*:����� t>�� tb* a,jft>ar_
booiatlan a. I P K lal ��-**,, tbaiM* ��a��t *
fb-tma   ��� ta Ki   'haj-M   ta*&-**  w*-tKi
ebaiu*. to ta---*-*li)t of ooa-imatiair���ks*rataB4 aa_*
t*ia-f MO -a--r*.#   wf/rt ��r l��t.
X/tatad _*t*^tar l*ib. iaVl.
- AM.A.  FlaUtAA. k-CatOT
-t*��   wit*:,   wfeiet   n,   fci*.
hV-7   *"*�����*. -�����*��**  U��_-
Irtrt-T-ct of Vtn
. 7. L. Lbfa.,  vf *vwpvr*
tr .Ks-ra-a <s>-t*r u>�� j_csUo���.
���xiaimtii-f ac a ���**���-��:
���at*   aa   e_ataa   to   faiat af ������������nia-tct.
���-  .'_  i.-/ ���-->   ��.������*-.    .--.-.-.r�� -,r '.*������
; k^sr* >-,i*-i->-r -r^at. 19tr. T L Lc*_��,
���^OLi-f -eatrrv. acet.'..
���(*-_-/��� l__v-j MMstMC  Uiaruuxot Waat X'x-^aa-r
7_��* aou-j* the* I. ChaAat I/avber. ;oa-]
u. .VV-1 lor a ��*-*: _.. umbar Ika-aoc, to est aad
tarry away *..-*�� Iro�� 4* acrea of iaa-l Om��.
*x a. > . ^j*-. -u-av-t li it��*_ ����-���-. : ���.-.-
Kiy/veaar tiTttr, ol taa _or_1 ��tda of iMsjz.-.'.trj
-.rata aad _cana. ab<iad)aoeaisto uat>-rr Immh
UM, aad <-*���*��� au aorta *-f laa ixiLer-aaitoaai
tvoaadar-f line: ��a_,aaaadas at a poat -_a-ft>*i
��� ^ara��a tntteaftr ��� aoatawcai oorcscr, U**-\,'**o,
caalaa aarta. ix��ac�� m eaalaa aaat, -ta-f&caHi
taaita wan to iLt piAct
f Mt a-.rta. mon or ******
���fl x*s%u,u.z.*   '^i-_jat_a
!��_.'***< >or<r-ac-str jata. HUT.
caaai���a I/tTta��*
a-e-at. *aort of <*-*_
Uo 1
_ at ��� F-t-at mart**. ��� -.��.-._
��-*--aat   -s-fra-*r. mtuv-a M> '-_u_t
^^^^ -      :.a.'i9   si*s��t. *.:.*:.���* *��.   .,--*....*,
Klaal-D-,, 04*a woax tn*n r*4actLt ra EEfetf -m*
!_���__ __.it, a*^  w��taialaf Mt, _ �����  _Vr* vr
:ua otr .. t.
r-ai  ���> inrrcaaa Ix-*ator.
"** I f>-iaiMr.'it-f at a *> :*r.*-t��*: ' - -.- ^
l*o\su*tT'm r*orila*9*3*n tjxsrt,*: e<*4 aooi.: it mllea
waa* of _.* Ko��t--fur rtroi v* th. aorta rVM ot
-B-z-sa^ar/ - rsjBjrt -s&i -aortu at,-1 ad>a*-*n.i ta **m.
bar itact*--* it*0Ui. tbaaaa aoutb M ihaiiri ,h��_r_
aa#t*> -__��aa. tbaaca aortb tf.u.aJaa. t_*aea
w%*n*-.ta:w |�� usa  a-** ���TWm__h   S
u��wi novoabar lata, \ur,
c_a_ua I/tTTcaaa. Lcxav-r.
Xo. 4- OhhhmMI at a poat aaria4 Cbarlaa
���^���-������*��: 1  c-*��naaa��i   fsK-raar. taaaaa ���c-nu av
���:.*.::.*    .   -'.-*���   ���*.*' *���   *; a ���     .   ���   -
*f:T.'.-t   '���'-���^r-   -/ '4    iv   -   ���    :
!>'-��-.*': >' - T-t ��� -> -   ��� -
(.'____�� iTTOitt. _��� a
Uo **.   --joaam-rtetnc at a j-ott  t--.*t- a-
:     .        _.a- t    a-        1-.--L--        ���   *.   - - ....  :      .      -
ia'.-.L    i:.*z.'t -  '.-.��:_���   ������������.    ���--    1
���M Ck    Urea ** H * _���__ aaat ta ta* tiara cut t-s-
B_MK_K, nal___Bf ���*< arrra. aort or Waa
Laeated Softtmutr lath. !��"
f. RitLI*   I'T���    Htl       .     .       ���
Ko *. Co��ia��i>rta< a*, a poa: ���.art--:
I>atca��r'i ao-atba_it *mont*r. :*,-u-. :.
e-alaa. t_��*a--* caa: -.     ���
caataa. tbasca weat * caaioa to ib** fsiao* of M
*   '       -..- ���  -  :.! *-*   a - ���-��   ��� ���  .-��.
Lrrat-y: !Ce--/��jarMr l��th. ia-.
CM_a_K�� i-i-rc-KE. Lorator.
-���0 iJ     ****. i   *-r   T ���-'--- t
If*-.pod Laai I-U'-rx-t    utatii 1 of ��*at _-*ot-_a*f
TU( ftotir* Uiai I   -rV-t-tjr.   Pair     1
���. C^ ooc-pet'.oa  lumt-trmaji.   int--t ��-.)
for a ap**-!***. ms;-*' .. -     ��
daaentad Uada: (obimw inj al a pwi p.aa*.-^
aaaatSatilea up iba ���eat fort        >
aad aUrat aa cbaiai trom tba U*&�� of aaM ���eat
fork, aad aiarked  Joerpa  1-ttWft * -   *
taesaee *sr��atab cbai_a.  tbeaoe aarta 99 *-aaiaa,
taa&��* aaat W t_ftia��   thcar%  -cr-utb Kcaa
pota 1 af *x>a*_��aoeateat, aaaiiit-lac M�� arraa.
aore or i-taa
liaied l*����<-aft-er Sib. HA     x-a-ara P*-int.
I  J  LM1   ���*���    '
���Ho. J4      ���*���>**: I   r��   rW '���**��*
Utstrrt. Laad 1/W.rlrt   t>����tr*rtof WW K*-o*jsraaj
Tate aot*��--e  tbat J'***po   In-      �� >#-;*-, n,
B C . oatraaatk-a laxntermao. lataads loaaHl
���for ��� ax-arlal ti_at#ei ii-*are orer taa laUawiag
aaatTiaad laada: C*-*am*o*-Ug iu .--��� , .
aboot two efaaiaa -::��iaat. aud ia aa aa-nerlj
c.ra-euoa fiota ioeauon So. :i a. r -.-��-:
*/aaaa_   -Patrttta a. a.  f*.ra*f, tbeaee eoata �����
��� .. -.��    :..*.-. -   ���-���    *
ebataa.  lbeaoe #a#t 10 rba._*  v��;-   ..t ufc-av
-seoreaieai. ooataiDaaa MO acr**-*   1
I^fttad tf*-e*m*T**:T left  .***       .' on Parmica,
I   J. LPCU   a-reat.
MU.   0T**n fork, rile ereat.
>-dannLaod Ul��:r. *.     i*;*:r    : -.; *>#: K-oieaar
Take aouee tbal I   ;->-f.-.   r-��*.rirt. of KeiMM.
B.C.. O���CTtpation '.: a, t**r r c aq . jaiea-2 to apt-)-*
!'/r a aae-rtn tuat-tr  Uanaea orer  ifte   h
-I-rai-sri-a**-*, la^,*:* -__"-*j'-it--* at a *���**"-*���*. piaa-i*-*-!
about ����� eftaJai -._:a:.: aad la a *-/f-s*_�� t.y aire**-
tioa froiL tbe ���***: fore of f.ft -*r��rh in*, tftaan
% ��!>��� froa. t&o.*.;. -,' eraak, aad a��araed Juwp:.
fatnt'a S E ooraer ���:r-s'r.--e w��r-i M��flfta__^
tbe��"�� D'rr*>. t -��� *.nt. tbeoee eaat lab eaaiai
tbeo'-e ea*oia frti tbaiaa to \s,.u\ of t-o-a*aaase��a-
atal  f-outai-iac Mb acrea. more or Us*.
��>ate*d -iJcotcitier tiL. nr.rt        iuim*vv. Yata    ,.
I. J. l-ccja, tpaM
Jfo 1*.   (ju-tai creem
Belaaa Laad M-anet   OUtrKt of *'eat Kor-teaar
Tata aatk��  Ubt I, ioarvb  Pairfk  o; ���
B ';.. or-eapaitoa le-atx-rmaa.  late-ad   to 4M   <
I   * �� ���*-**���,*. :int*>r  It-ea'*  o*r*r   tbe  (ol.
dat'rtaad laada*.   ��� o*_-f*;i��*'i���� at a f-*-*t alaate^l
���boat 6^ ���iiiea ap Wi*-,--:,* , r��*-r��  ru.*; to al   >
-lirarttoa   froa  aoatb   of  * ***��    a       ���  *-��> ���
ir***>ph   J'at-rtct'a  K   E   *-ora*r    iu- -  -    ���
tahalaa, taeaee wtatati -.-taja��.  -
raalaa , U-e_--�� eaat a*- '.-.a,at v* \w
-.ozLi&acifteeiaaai, eaataitiac *t*v, vt*-*
Datod -tiaeaaber >rd. lttrr.     ioatra Yatokk.,
Li   Luu. -AgMI
Too can buy a l'Vacre FroSt Rs.- ����t   fruit  *ro�� S
lo   British   Colombia   br   pa>ir.-   j: ������ aia-la-t down anal I
as an lnv.-.,nient ih..- Is  a,*ar*h consideration
SFrutt Land h^-i '. Ili the jear.   What vO!
f'  *a I "
��������� >'��� 1
>l   I..S,1>
1..    :��*
ad iuulob ��� Ltimber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Wlntlo^
Turned Work nnd Hrttcketa. Mail Oe**s-lnf-a wiu u t> *tM*l
v.ik>(�� 0I'HCU9T   *
Mail Or-it^r**. pr
-   POTLgQM, n. v
J��o n.   Hverea* *^*��*
XeJaaa Laad m-rtnf.   I-;*tri-t M Waal K v-te-*��y
Tat<. antl*-*  tbat I. Jo-M-f-h  Pairi' kc. N->t*,.a>
���h ���     '�����������-; *,',..:-   luaberi   at :   ** ��� appijr
i   r ti ty -     - *
daarru- I   ���      �� . oaeactai at a poal ,
-.    ���
Ce.ru      .-.*.     ..'���    warfcad Jaaaaft Patrtot*��%.W.
r-s-��-_er. ibea-y  n,*n/.  ���*������ etiaiai    taeace c**t K>
1 w-utb ���*�� (Mw,i   Uiaaq  weatM
.:.Cjeo'eai*--nt,   cootainiof
X>ated i>tsr-ernt^r li 1. **/.       loMTfl r*Taitk,
L J Licia, *meoi.
n.. n   ->i-t��ii traaft.
Xel-aoa I An-J Da ' gal Kcs*r��ienar-
a    I        a	
���_. .. - -������,an,   laund    *-> art.tr
���- ' ������-in><ar|u��ala |��l i.lanl.4
���  ���.-*.��. aod  atxrat-n
' Has weak.sad
'    ���  ���   '���    ���    .-.,...,.   lh.na,.
aaats    balsa, ,hrn��*
... ra.l *��� ah.ln. I., win, a>t
,'��� -' '   " .'��� ���   o�� mu ������ a*-,  mora o,
!>���..-! IVmi*, **a, iso,.    lomrn l-.Taica,
K. ,.   , i J I.txrY, acta 1
So IS    Sdrreoa creek
���     laMHaMM   In.trict ol ��>.i sooian.T
J"** I.'.:: ���-:...: I     |.��.,,,,   I'.iri, ,. of *���
; ,r:.i*naan. Im��-u" laa apply !
i_^_*_?,*"-'T'l*:r ll^or* 'nn, it,. toUoarUf I
aa^nsao latial..  Commanclnf ,mi a poiiplaijied
a*k.u: 4 mile, n]
Ko U "la itae ,..aalft    '���
l-Blrul'.  X   W   ,*>., r,.
*,a��    I'.-
Ibcnre north an caaaio. to ,���
mem. r-aanuinxar SSI a. r. .
Dateal t>ec-.a>a��r tr.a
No. 9S    Wc, (..�����   a
Nelaati, I4.11 ', i.���tr,a-l    Pliirl.
I.lr ia.���ta*e Iba, I,
.. atloa lumtft'ip...
*a��r ��� melal uoibe,  ll,**n?,-    -
al��^riiw*a ..���.;.
fttft.ail 1 anil., up Uia w��al lorl
.1-...I .V 1 haloa ra.ril.
J>"*ph I'. I a I.A'. .S t
chain. Ihenc area, -
a-h.in��. lh���n cart -
naeu. ,m. 1,1 cnlvll", ' '
I..U-1 l>ccema��r 1,1.
1   J. I
Ho. 11     ��mi lork. . ' a
Nelwail lala.l DUlrtrt
1.1.  S0H01 lhal ,.
1,   ,    . . . t-a,a.ftli���n   la.
I'.r . ,| .-.-ul umUr  tl,
1 1.11.I.r   t'01.1
aUout 4 n.Uc'i. a.p ibe I
plauicl ..11  |.,e  i,, ail,   sank aa
m��,t,'.l  Jsaunb   l-.is* k'l
-    1 balsa, ili*-.
n.-rtb _o cbats*      is
ol ronmet   , 1 ,-aai. ea.ataliiu.*
Ualaal l>ecombft.r Mb, WS-
. '��� ��� _
1. ��<*\
"*'��� ���
-,., - . The Daily Canadian
iu cannot diue on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
,eei,   Po*k,    Mutton  and Weal
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest (Quality in glass and wood.
P. Barns & Co., Ltd.
1 ,, Rossland     NELSON,  13. O Boundary
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
' b i
Dutrlet.   Liifclrit'l o! Went Koolenay
tbat Frad. sT. flanUBCAi�� ����� *���.���*_��� m IM
laoaer, ol  Nelaou, oooupaUoa  watch-
;.. appl]    Iat   \**-tuilinu>ti tO l-nr-
..-. in_ ���!��� - rlbad Laad_   Comman*
^1 an tad   abont 2\% mllen eaat ol
���   tt  I'ltaliiiH  in   au  e-uti-rljr
...    H nh-sTT-F   wiiith, theti'-e *o
.,.-;. .lir-'iiioii, thanctaWahalaa
pniiii nfiiiiiiiiiitaoaintni.OMita-'nliig
.    ]   th, VAfl.
KKBUttl' K    ��OHN   TAfWXs*;
Y  J. BaaaoM, Agent.
M'D L_D*ll DUtrll t*   Uutricl oi Vt e��t Kooteuay
tbal   Kre-IJ-  Hammona.  anent tor
.]   Prootori 0*> -u pal Ion   raucher,
in:  --K-riiiiailoii in [-un base the
1   landa:    t;omiiirr.fiuK at ���
boat 1*, iiilleteft.it o* Wilnon ereek,
. nalii*>.  theme northweat XO
qui Un -mh I*' ehfttoft, tbeuce nouth-
.:,.   point nl eonimem-euient
ftlBUig to t* no, more or leaa.
mi'.] Not ��� ��� 1
A ki HI HA 1.1*  K**U0A��O*i   BALLABU,
..������nl   K    J    bAMMOKl.
..u ijtii-i imtrli       iMiitncvol W09t Kootenay
a. ..,��� .\ a. Hii.i-oii, tfatbai' tvX9or_
lOty,   Wantltnntou, one
iflMft, luiemla to ��p|��ly
. ti-.   oral laa following
ii...1 Un;        ' ..m-iD*-i.i-lugftl a pout inftrkea
ii  liiirUi bans.: ol torn ereek,
ilu- .North lork ol Corn creek
:.'!���- main   **ireai-u, about   Ave   mllea   lu ft
s from eontliieuee ol ial>J Corn
Kltti un Kootenaj river; tbenoe north -to |
waat   1GO chain--; thence nouth 40
Mat   ICO ill alto* to polut of BOBl-
.t--.in.iir MO aATM more or leaa.
djolni iintbar limit No 7 on tho
. i  limit  No. b ou the aouth,
row Lake, on Mo-k-ulto (rtekj anil 21 chain*- 7o
UnkaKoiKhof the N W. C. of -mi*! lot, running
tbeaes ireal 10 ehalns, thence nouth 80 i-.ii.ili*-,
it,, dm . .,*.* K��i i-haiiin, thenee north 80 cbalnn to
place of iiuiimeueeiiieiu, cooialuing 640 acre*,
more or ten. ���
t'UAHl.Ktt Mik-HCi.,
Anetit  for   Hugo C��r��teni.
Date-l 23 December 1*07.
Nelftou La io! DUtrici.   I>i��tnctol Went Kootenay.
Take notice that Tina Horgtuan, of Altoua,
Mau , eecupatioo wile of (.. a--rgtuau, farmer,
Altoua, Man , luteudn in apply for permumou to
pareheee the following .le-urib-*-., land:
i omtuniK ing al a jioht plaute-1 at tl.e N. K 0.
of Hugo (art-tens' application lo purchaae ami
runuiug theinse weat ��t�� chalun theute norih no
rtiaiim, thenee eant 40 chalim, then<-e noiitb H
���-hftiui: Hi links, thence eaat 40 coalnn, ihence
aouth 71 I'iiain*. 7., tiuki lo polut ol oo_imeuce-
m���i.t. containing 607 acres more or Jem.
I   H.-.K. .1-   M.O:-,ll,.i.,
I'm;,  i n December I
Agent   for   Una   -ttergmau.
i lo-
.. in K-r 7, IWl.
Wilmam A. Hi-iwoic, Locator,
i.v Patruk C. r->hlue.
.    ! r-lgiie-l hy the within uarai-d W
,.   Iba Vtll day of November. A   D.
:-   me ��l rtpokaiit-,   S|x>k��ne  County,
��� 'U.oneo! the I ulle-i Slate* of America.
Pasta ** c .-iui����.
iintrlrl.   Iilatnct ol Went Kooteuay
���   thailfwU-lia IMen-e,   f Straaabur**,
..in.ij  itiiiii.ti,  Intend- to apply
 ii   to  purchane  the  lollowlng  *lea-
UdBUnaBOlns -- ��� ���*���"������ plauteil at
lob   "f   the   north  bomulary of  L*ot
. um oonndary  ol  !-"���>  So   Bub,
*.    - . Oslo*., note oi lev. to the north
-.      i   jiuilwr   Limit   No.  WH,   UUBOt
,*-.;:*.-,  U.iii.e ��<nl Ai chalun. mon.'or
���a>ii-it*e of wimuimu  Lake, tn����oe
ae   lu   a   aoutherlv   an.l   wenlerly
halun, more or lean to tU Intel
,    ,,t nSt thenoa :t,'�� chains,  more or
wing  eaaterly   bouu-Ury of -Lot HIM to
'   (immenoMDeaU
Uotober.iav7._    inAnict.LA pikrci,
k (.. KAi-gt'ieK, egent.
, i i.utrlrt.    Uiatrlutol WeatKootcnay
ihat   Alexander  J.  KflCool. ol
, oooupaUonoJ^k. lnten-l- to M\y
ut   purW.a-.M-   the   loUowli.g   rte*-
i ommeQOtng [*��� -* iM'"1 _**���*���* ��?
 tndail   ol B   I    -outhern  RaU-
s    : way, about  one au-1  a half mUM
Un    norlhwent corner of lot mm,
I t.'iiii),     in.'.i'c   ^���";���'    ^  Wj��iu>.
halng, tSeneo norm W chalni to
adarj of aald right ol way, thwue
tiftiosaloni laid aoulbern i*-.u��.-Ur> to
,    ,, , Biwxt,    ami   contaiulug  600
i lens.
AI.BXANI.-kk J    HOI tan..
i   lllslit.t.   limtriliol V-..-1 Koiilena)
. i_a( V  p iiiifteii, aotlag ���*���*��� Htf-'iu
u   ,,1  Poklok-  N- -��� ��� ,"'' opauon
lutendi  to apply for permlaalon  to
',.   lollowlni 5 rlbed  landa:   Ooin-
��� -i i-im planted on tho aeatam appro
,ko mm,I ahout J0 "hrtiiin north o| the
'  i.i  h*t UM, thanoa aaat xo ehaina.
i io ebalna, mopaorleaa, totneiaao
i' i- nonthwenterly along the lukmhore
.I , -iiffntiieiifoineut,   ami   colt tHlulug
i  ��� ���, mora or leaf.
... nil., f IMh, IW/?*  JAMKftll    KrHOKN.
K. J'.   HllHhKN,   Anelit.
- I na.1 Dlnlrlcl.   IHatrlel ol West KooteUttT
.   '      lhat    John   Jami-h   Caintioli,   Oi
Urluaa  ��'ulum Mit,   occupHtlon   coiitrac-
Mjuiid***     (o     apply     lor     periniBMjon    lo
ia*  iin* inn..wing deaorlbea land:   com
"hik  Ht a pont  planted  on   ti"* -.outiierii
of   iiii-   It:  U,   Houlherii   rlghl o(-wny
io chalna aroatarlf i*"<��u- thuN.\\  ��o*_>_��
roup i, Kootenay, thence louth W
��� ��� noe  cHHt   40  flntiiiH,   tbanoa   north Mi
to   Lha   I0Uthorn   boim-lnry   of  the   nanl
1 ' "f way, ihi-iiie wcMcrly   nhmg hhM   noulh
honiidarj   ol right ol way   to   the   point
uo no -in, andoontalnlne MOaoraai moro
1      ' November Oth, iwi.
J,  UN    lAWI>   1'AKHIOI*.
���' I.km,I Dlatriot. Dlatriot ol Went Kootenay
 loethatJobn Bblell,ofKaedlea,B.0m
>pation ranober, Intenda to appl)   lor per*
11   tti purohaaa tbe following   4��*orfbed
I 'iiHini-ni-iiig  at  a   poi-l   jiliiiilcl   t>t  the
iweal   L'ornOI   til   l*ot  ~HV\1,  thence  west  40
iih, thenoa   lOUtb B0 bbalni,   thenco  rHntlO
����. loenoe north ho Bnaini i" tha p��nn ��i
"" iiceinenl, and eoutHlntUK UO hitch, more
' aied isth Ootober. 1*07. J am an BBlBU.-
F.q, KAUgi'lKW. Aaci''
l,,;lMl��' I'Huu Dihtrict Diatrict ol Went Kooleniiy
��� '"I*>��� liotloe (Inn Angim MoOlll, of Ihu city of
fi1 -on, occupation iln-mnn, Intenda to apply lor
ayrinshl.,,, i��� pun-hane the lollowlng lUncrlbeil
ji"in: Uommenclna at n pont planted at tba
������ w, oornor I. C. MnnlHou'n ranch, In Kir
""'V, th, ������-.,. north forty (40) Ohalna*; thene
"���'>   (40) ehulns,   ihciu-o  nonth     ,,lty  (4n
II ��� i" <��� W0B1 loriy (4U) cholUH olnl 0
,, ' ''"'im in, ni..l eoiiialnltig one litindreil
Ii, i ^ (   "^ acrea, more or lena.
r ' '"" "'"'���"����������������� '���*"���       Altoun   Mif-'li.
|;".,!,,,n Und Dlatriot* DlatriotOj Wont Kootouay
iHka nollce that Hugo caratena, of Winnipeg,
,  j,l,������.'uP*t'on pnbllabor, intenda to apply
Ml,,',I 1 V'"' '" P||r*''"1'*0 Iho following de
��� 'iift-nclug at n pont plauled on the weat
J-uy of L. 4'27n, Q, 1, (about 6 ullei Dom Ar-
���elaon Land lautrict   DUtrlot ol Weit Kootenay.
Jake notice :hat LoTtQaom i'ayne, of Needles
B. c, oct upatlou ranoher-. intenda to apply iur
permlailon lo purr-hane the hdlowlng ,l, -
IftiiJn: Common, ing at a post planted at-out 15
oUftlua went of WhaUhau crook au,l 33 ai4 ehainn
���outb of tho ���outh-Aenl euruer til Loi .No fbtS
ruuuiug thonco north MO enalna, thenoe wont ��0
chalua. thetice mi uth IS1H ehainn, thenee eant
���22..'tt>H ehainn, theUeo noulh 67 b*_ ihalua, theuce
.���J7.41S.I chaiun eaat lo point ol oommoU'-eiuool,
ton tain log Inl a, res, now nirn veil aa lot HlB*i>
Dated Mh January, i>-v Levi viaoaoa rii.M,
West Kootenay I-and Dintriol. District of Goat
Take notiro that I, George A. Hunt, of KiL
i lii-iii-r, occupallou liiuoormau, luteuil u>
apply for permln-iloii to purchaae the
following dcit-ribvtl lai 1: Commencing at a
l>oat planted about 0 W aim, Weat ot 1 homj-nou
luarkod N. W. oornar, li.wice aoutb lO.tt** ehtiinn
thenoo eant 44 e7 enali.a, tbenoe north 81.45
Ohalna-, thenea weal along H.C. Southern Kali-
way to piftco of (-ou-iineneeineut.coiitaiuiug tmAH
Dated January 8th, I9utt-       '��� t-paoa 11. Hunt.
.N'elnnu Luii,|  Diatrp-i     Dlatrh l of \\\-*l Koolenay
I-��a<* notice that 1, Kre-ienek  Adla. of Waneta,
it. 0H oeonpatlun mete���ant. Intend to apply ior
pvrinintiioii lo purchaae the following denunbed
lati.l : Comuianclng at a jK>at planteil ahout 10
chalna weel ol lUo N 9.. otiitierof lot r*,2l, thenco
north Al i-haina, tnence eant no chalua, thenee
aouth '2U ehaiua, tbouee weat 60 chain*, to point
���il tsoiiimoiieemont, CJ^laining lou acrea, more or
Dated Jauuary Xltil, 11108.        Fn-DBRK k AB1B.
Notlco iu h. roby given  that tho Klu-
_��7-Miii��r Cotiur uompany,an exua pro-
vin-jiiti company duly rt'Kiaiorod, as
auch, and authorlzc-d Lo cany uu bubl-
ucba witiilu the uroviuco of liritish Coi-
iimtda, and having lis head Oflxoe at
Cic-otuu, in tno said provmco, uianul.it-
lui'oib, have by doc-d ot assignment,
dutod iho 14th day ol liecembor, lWi,
ussignod all its pi-rsonal property, real
ohtato, credits, and oilecis, wliioh. may
be seized aud suid under execution tO
me, Charles U. Kodgora, of Creston,
Uiiti.-sji Cuhimbiu, lumber manufacturer,
tor lh��* general benefit of its creditors.
A meeting of lhe creditors will bo
held at iho Office of K. U. Macdonald,
barrisui at law, oorner itaker and Stan*
io> streots. Nelson, li. C, ut tho hour of
three oclock in tho afternoon on Tues-
day, tho aist day of December, mu7, Cor
tho giving of diiectiuna   with  releiouce-
t<> ttie disiKittiti of tho estate,
Aud turtlior lake uotiou that all credi*
torn aro required on or before the 88th
day oi December, i.*u7, to Ue with me,
the assignee, fun partlonlari of their
claims duly verified, and tlu- nature of
the security, if any, hold by them.
And notice is hereby given that after
tho S8th day ot December, 1907, 1 will
proceed io distribute tho ussets amongst
the creditors of whose debts or claims
1 shall then huvo received notice und i
will not be responsible for tho assets,
or uny part thereof, so distributed to
any creditor of whose debt or claim 1
shall   uot  then  have  received  notice.
Dated at Creston, B. C, this Mth day
of December,   11107.
To Whom It May Concern:
Take notlco thut J. Ij. Warner Is not
now und has not been since tho J-Stli
day of November last employed by or
In nny  way  connected with  thu Hradley
Engineering    and     Machinery    Co.    of
Spokane, Waihington.
Notlc-o tfl hereby given Hint ull taxes
for the year 1908 Wider the Assessment
Act moo and amending acts, and under
the  Public   Schools   Act,   are   now   duo
and payable. ^_cy ^ G__AZ_Hi
Collector of Revenue, Nelson, B. C.
NolBon, 13. 0-i -"d Jan., 1908.
Easterrr Criticism of Attitude Taken on
Oriental   Question  by   British
Columbia  Members.
On the Oriental question und the at-
tinnli of the British t'olumbia members,
especially of their self-elected spokesman, Mr. McPherson, the following from
the Mall and Empire probably expresses
accurately the opinion of Eastern Canadians;
The attitude of the Hritish Columbia
Liberals on the subject of Japanese immigration is somewhat amusing. In
Parliament, the other day, Mr. Mac-
Pherson, who is their spokesman, entered a fervent protest against the passage of what is called the Natal Act by
the legislature of this province. This
entleman holds that a measure which
restrict.** the Japanese influx by imposing an educational test would he offensive to .lapan. At tho same time Mr.
Mael'lierson, speaking for his friends in
the west, denounced the Government of
Hritish Columbia for not resigning
when the Lieutenant-Governor withheld his BSSenl from the Natal Act pas-
si d at the last session of the legislature. 0
Now, if it is not desirable that a Natal Act should be passed, why should
the Governor of British Columbia be
blamed Cor not assenting to the bill ot
lust year, aud why should the McJiride
Government be rebuked tor neglecting
to resign when the assent ot the governor was withheld.' The idea that a provincial government should abandon the
trust reposed in it by the people simply
because the governor Calls to make op-
ei aiivo a bill which, according to .Ur.
.Uuel'hersou, ought not lo become law
is preposterous. When u governor reserves a bill he does not kill it. liis
act simply means Laat the measure is
transferred to Ottawa for the action ol
the Federal governmenl. ll the Federal governmenl approves the  bill, it cau
call it inio operation by notice formally
aud:eased to the l'rovincial government. H follows then that if the action of Governor Dunsmuir in reserving the bill was in any way contrary
to the public interests the Ottawa gov-
einmeui wus bound to remedy the error. For not taking uctiou, tlie Ottawa Ministers, and Mr. Templeman in
particular-, are responsible. They are
the b.aim-worthy parties. Hut aside
I rum that fact, what safety would there
be for the people if a government were
forced to resign whenever a governor
chooses lo hold over a provincial act
for the consideration of Ottawa? A
government is elected by the peopie
and has a majority in tlie legislature.
A governor appointed by the Ottav.-a
ministers, who are hostile lo the pro
vincial government, can ut any moment
wlhhold his assent to a provincial act.
If a government must resign whenever
an appointee of the Ottawa administration withholds his assent to au act of
the legislature, there can bo no provincial government except as the federal
men approve of. All that the Ottawa
politicians would have to do in order
to produce a turnover in Ontario, or in
.Manitoba, or in British Columbia, would
be to telegraph to the governor, saying
that they hear he will reserve such and
such a measure, and asking if they can
rely upon him to do so. With this hint
before him- the governor can withhold
assent, whorvupon, according to the
MacPherson doctrine, tho provincial
minister's must  resign.
Fefe*ft*ai*y 4 to 8
RATE���Fare and third for round trip.
Tickets on sale Fob. 3 to 7 Incluslvo.
Final   limit,  Feb.  10th.
Coirespondsnoa invited nnd cheerfully  nnswered.
Cull on or wrlto
A.U.l'.A.,Vam'iilivur. D I'.A., Nul.00
The constitutional lore which makes
the elect of the people in any province
subject to the whim of the Ottawa
politician*,, through their representative
in the gubernatorial chair is too absurd
for consideration. Besides, it Is well to
remember that the provincial governor
is the officer of the federal government.
It Is that government, and not the provincial government, that must hold him
responsible for his act, and must punish him If he goes wrong. The appeal
to Hritish Columbia to refrain from
pausing the Natal Act again because Japan has undertaken to restrict immigration into Canada is, however, the most
ridiculous feature of the Liberal situation in respect to this question. If Japan ls going to restrict the movement
of population into Canada, the Natal
Act will be very helpful to lt. Why not
back up the policy of our ally by enacting a law which makes that policy successful?
"Jim Crow" Law in Oklahoma.
Guthrie, Okla., Feb. 4.���This Is the
date fixed for the so-called "Jim Crow"
law to become effective in Oklahoma.
The law corresponds in all Its essential features to the similar statutes prevailing In the various southern states,
requiring the railroads to provide separate accomodations for negroes on all
trains and at all statiuns, aud Imposing
penalties for all violations of the law.
The leading railroads operating in Oklahoma have made the necessary provisions to comply  with  the  law.
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store
Wednesday, Feb. 5
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
We have a large assortment of second
hand furniture, new mattresses, couches, granite and tin ware. Our goods are
on view from now until day of sale.
Don't miss this opportunity. Our goods
at your prices.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vsrnon Street.
No. 331.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company" has this day been registered as an Kxtra-Provinctal Company under the "Companies Act, 18U7,"
to carry or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of
liritish Columbia extends, except the
construction and working of railways,
and lhe business of Insurance.
The head office of tie Company ls situate at Portland, Cumberland County,
The amount of the capital of the
Company Is one million seven hundred
and fifty thousand dollars, divided into
seventeen thousand five hundred shares
of one hundred dollars each.
The head office of the company In
this Province is Bltuate at Nelson, and
R. S. Lennie, barrlster-at-law, whose
address Is Nelson, 13. C, is the attorney
for the Company, not empowered to issue and transfer stock.
The Company Is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of UritlBh
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
one thousand nine hundred and eight.
[I..S.] S. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The  objects  for which   this    Company has been established and registered are: ���
To acquire, hold, Improve, lease and
sell timber, farming, grazing, mineral
and other lands, and the products thereof; to mine or otherwise extruct or ro-
maavo coal, ores, stone anal other minerals and timber from any land ownfed.
leased or occupied by the company, or
from any other lands; to buy, build,
construct, maintain and operate plants
and works for the development of
such lands, and for the handling, preparing and rendering commercially
available of the various products thereof; and to buy, or sell or otherwise to
da-al or to truffle in wood, Umber, lumber, coul, stone, ores and other material, and any of the productB thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
consisting, thereof.
To engage ln trade and maintain
To buy, build, hold and lease or sell
nil kinds of houses and buildings, and
lhe lands on which the same may be located; to buy, own and hold, with a
view to Its Improvement and snle, any
kind of real estate.
To breed, raise and deal ln cattle
and live Btock of nil kinds: and to manufacture, buy, sell and otherwise deal
ln   all   kinds of dairy   products.
To construct docks, sllpB, bridges, machinery, Bhlps. boats, engines, cui'B unal
other equipment, elevators, water
workB, gas works, electric workB, viaducts, aqueducts and other water-ways,
and to sell the same, or otherwise to dispose thereof, or to maintain and operate the same; to construct and to mnln-
taln and operate all trams, rullronds.
spuds, switches, locomotives, cms.
trains and equipment for tho purposes
of the Compuny only, and not as a
common carrier, that may be necessary
or desii.'a.,.,. iu transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and ln transporting
the manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; to log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dls-
P'- -e of any bonds or other securities or
evidences of Indebtedness created or
Issued by any corporation or corporation, association or associations of the
State of Maine, or of any other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership:
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capital stock of any
other corporation or corporations, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and , while the owner
of such stock, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership. Including the right to vote thereon:
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, improve or
enhance the value of any such bonds
or other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company is from
time to time to do any one or more of
lhe acts and things herein set forth;
and it may conduct its business in other
States, territories and possessions of
the United States, ln British Columbia,
and in foreign countries, and may have
oue office or more than one office, and
keep the books of the Company outside
of the State of Maine, except as otherwise may be provided by law, and may
hold, purchase, mortgage, and convey
real or personal property, either in or
out of the State of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the board of directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal ail
by-laws of the company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect the election of directors and officers, and except when the change of a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by statute expressly dependent upon action by
or consent of the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorise the corporation to transact business in any other state, territory, or
foreign country, contrary to the provisions of the laws of such state, territory or foreign country, and that nothing in these purposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by the
laws of the State of Maine to corporations organized under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
only ln states and jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding ln
the construction thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to be carried on only ln states and
jurisdictions when and where permissible under the laws thereof.
Tremont House
Snrooean and American Plan
Seal. 86 eta.   Boomi from a eta. to n.
only White Help Employes.
Baker St.. Nelaon Pioprlslon
Moit cnmlortable quarter!     Nelion
Only the beit o 1 Llquon and cigars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. Tbe
dining room ls unexcelled In tbe city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. ERICS.--SON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court Rons*
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelion. B. c.
Large  *tDd  Comfortable   Bed room ��� and Flnt-
olaaa DiuiiiR Room.
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House In Nelson.
The Bar M the Flneit.
White Help Only Implored
loaaa'i.tilu,. Ht.
Nelion, B. e.
Royal Hotel
We have for rent the office ln the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied by Mr. E. A. Crease.
H. & M. BIRD
Rates (1 and (1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 seres
of choice land situated on Howser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must ba
sold at once.
For  full   particulars   spply
If you want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardy
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Notice ls hereby given tbat the undersigned have submitted to tbe Lleu-
Uaiiant -Governor -ln-Cuiiiicll a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) in the District of West Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia, and for making the
said creek fit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of sold
The lands to bo affected by such work
are Lots 787. 788, 7601, 7773, 4894, 8411
and 8413 all ln Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such ns may be fixed by the Judge ot
the County Court of West Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
A. If. Can. Sea. C. E.
Mining Work s Specialty.
Offlce:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C. Blk.    P.   O.
Box    434.
Bsksr ��t, Nelson, B. C.
W.   <_!.   QILLETT
Contractor  and
Bole agent ior the Porto Rleo Lumbar Co., Lid-.
retail yardi. Kougli anal alreaaad lumbar, turned
work anal bracket!. Ooaat lath and ihlnalai, Mas
and doon. Cement, brick and lime lor aale
Automatic slimier.
Yard and laotory: Vernon St.. aaat el Ball- ..
p   o. Box 232 Tsiapkoas us
In tbe matter ot an applloatlon lor the laaneol
a duplicate ol tbe CcrtlfacaM ol Title to Lots
1, A. and 0, Block 6, Nelaon City, lubdivlelon ol
part ol Lot 182, Group One, Dlitrlct ol Eootenay
(Map ISO). *
Notice li hereby given that lt li my Intention
to usue at the expiration ol one month altar tha
Ont publication bereol a dnpllcate ol tbeCertll-
a Hta- oi Title to the above mentioned lota in tha
naiucol Pattle Ithodei which Certificate la datad
tbe It'.tli day ol May, UM, and numbered Me7-k.
Loud Kemnry Ofsoe, Nalaon, B.O.. January
24th, 1��08. H. P. MacLSOD,
DUtrlot Baslatrar.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice li hereby given that the reaerva over
certain landi in tJouth-Kaat Kootenay, notloa of
which apyearvu In tha Brttlili ColumbiaGaeette
ol the l Uh ol Auguit, 1SH0 anal bora date ol Annum 121 h, Ihwi, ii hereby cancelled. Tbe above
mentioned l&ndi will be open lor location uadar
Ibe Land Act on March SO, IMS.
Deputy Commlnioner ol Lands aad Works
Landi aud worka Department,
Vletorla, B. C, neceuiber Mth, UH.
*:;,   i
: >;������
��� ',:
,    a\i ���
Ine i>_fly ten-ftd_m
���   ' ���
*..   I
--'-'* ��� '-���
- .   :
*-    rtri
L -. .   : - :
���  .11
TIJ          ./IT
--. i  : :���:
i - a*
-.*. a-,-..'.
Jj_V    .^1-rl"
...   ���..*->������
-   i -. . - - r.
L.i- . L . -.-L.1 "
I- ��� -.1   ;   i - ;
'       L I
_'. ....       .-.-.  L- *    :      ���   i.!
-'      L :.-..-      -  -    -  . L        - ���      i.- , -L
-      - ��� L -'    v
���       - - - .
saLrf ib���.Bret Sfctr lhe r-*ar *t-wtl rf .Sha
���   L    -   - - *   - .     *   -        --
-���:.-��� L - ' v   ���    .--    -., :   ���     ;_!
I   *���1>  L
Wheat Flakes
for Breakfast
* _Ui_*_*��   *LX*��    -t-* .
Fresh and Salted Meats
?���**__ TH   ftTLpTi���****:    i    '." ''���-���*   "
ir*w-**m  ytTalt* >"   ��� __   _;       .-
^r^_H_ia**_* _���*_.��� __: ��� i:���.  ��� t -
_L__ atri*r�� r*o��r-t  ���__>f-_. ur
has ca^red U�� rniuMmue of *p. i_
���   .;.- '    '*'
D.amondt.   S.'lrtrwift.  Clocfcv
A~-.ea-.tan   and   Imported   w,t-..���
Sl    -    Cll   :   i -.d    S     .;-    .t*:-.
Ornament*.   Table   C.���-*,,' Ett
r,tl   to   yon  a cnrlia
Uon to eosa.  and f-Tssilnr oar rtoek
E-  C  TRA\_S.   .���*___���?_.
5 lbs. 50c.
C, A, Benedict
Otr-n��- B-i_ an.
���. ..
0 - -
of Dr) G.:::. Milliner/   sad   Ladies'
?:���:���'���;-::- Wear
r .
'-.--���- -.
'��� . -
- -
.'.   -LLL_i-!
(   :: - .    l        .     _L -
"':-..'    L-L*��-T-r
' r-LB-SAfc
.... -   ��� - -
-       v  l-t
a L.    L "It.
paal     *��_��������_���:  pas.
L        "        - "       " -
-   -        .-���������-��� - -    v  -.-r
7':       -    . l '. -. i
"   ��� ������       .   '.-���-.-.;--. i    ��� ���
.-'--'-    . ' L    v
_ ...    .     .     .   .....    ..,..-    ���-.,--.
'-. -    - - -   -    vi-    ��� -. ,-   r._-~    .       -    _��-:
��� --    -_-���   ;���-.. _���    ��������   *-l   ���   . ���   .   . l ���
___ ___  S*~*
Mc-���ry  oo   Tsslks_g
Mi.-b.*7iennj al Ta^k���g
M_-iVh*af    G-aSXKJS
rr.-    ��es   -.;   w-llt    -at.
BES_.A-.SE   ���*._   btl    .      -_. i -_r   K
ODal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice.   Froff   a.-;
Fori Co,
ll rr. r
��L��.lKf   a-��   Wai   Sta.
Geo.   P.   Player
OB   a    BOBLil
C*^aa   It,:���   St    i    EL
���  L   L
E. a-.-   P-.:
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
.        BI m k s.
Ee-sssr*'-.'.; Prices.
-���-l "    ��.{*.:      -as-jj,
Cll - ���s.a   G-^?-,^c--&--*a
��:: :���:  tst: *.  ju >-. ;
i s :���
NELSON.     ���     B. G.
:..-(   ;-lli;- .    --_.-:   : :   i.-.s
sad Estimatts.
.; s   Wi. ;   PM-i-'i������->_   ti:-      *-. _ j*.   _.a     s._
Bex VA.
IS-'   *i: _.
W. G. Thomson
?^^:Js"'-   Nelson, B.C.
       Phon. 3-*.
:���:.-.   :���:���. --..:
H E. Ooadsdaile & _:
$J.&0to $J0.O0.
Wt3cwr,4  ?,';?!;>: Snivisi.-.j
all fc?A.'o: o? .:..,>_.
Queen Cigar Store
fcC'.M A\ MATT HEW, Pr-.^a.        J
We have just received a
ment  of  Heinz  G'yxls  in   following line.
1��<L.Z.   BOttlS   IV/'jr   Ktesd    l'k:kl'-��
14-oz. SBotUa Bssst llii^d flillss
14-<rt. Iv.-���     '.      . as lv;kles.
Plot Ha.ttl^ KsCstrap.
. -   -
...      _ .   .
Deatt   -.'
'       ' "      -  -  - ���:
i.' :
������.*.  I*
i te '1 _e.
     '. ���-..-. ������- ������- ������ ----- -- -.?
���--���-.    ��� =-  -.-_���-   i- '.i  ,'.-..   : ��� -���<*���
....    . - ���        -     .       . ���    . ���
-���     ���   :,4--. .
��� ...     '-..- "--."iLawa   ��*ftr. i,*
_re ij.  rr^nxi/n. ���serliissat.it
 L     L--       "     ���- i-
sit __rt*aa to i una In vrcr la Calgarr
****** has**, sastters is
ttrnmstrrjr** with isowi **rr*ryi   Wkea h*
r%a��ta- ilia uosbkr 4er��lope4
B��y Now
We have a Good .Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
ALLj-.-ae baring a good farm for sale
:s *A'es--srs C-~.-Sa ::._.;   . :.       _- -
kV   ��Litlag   a*,   one*,   gh
deacrlpdon.    to     Buyera     Co-Operative
Cc-^par/. Ml_.i. .^;- . -
SA.MLIil-   A.   WYE
MEAT >.r,  E'.C  '.EEP
ids of H*��*_'il,j5 Plaeu Is  Bo-.s.
Victoria St-. Nr. O-.--. -��� MS
-.     ���:���
II 'im.la    'at* 'ft. Jtft.^       j."   .-.^fiv//
.^    r^      Apti'T I'' 1 ���  DaSS]
TplwpbOD^ HI.
.-.  ft-i^.
rCKKISMED la'.'a.M   '.'<>1  Isaalloa.    A4��r
H  Pany Canadlaa
TWO ri HHT-i;i..��*i fcaXiMa, .warn i.-��im    .1
[...[...-.wlftaiAl  K.al flftt  K   W. C black
More Colds
Ate Again
Fortify jaaurs'-ir i,y pvcbssliis
(BSd    lla,x,    will    laialak    I1J,   U   a.'alal   In   21
liaaurH.     PrlOS   SS"'.
a.ajlll,-H  1,1   *ajf;.   bOttlSS   lala'l   QSlOkl]   CSf*SI
any oonAb
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
BaadL   KoT."li.-'   Tb-jradar. *jvX Ba-tsr-
da/ tT��ftif����s.
M-/rr.lu?j!,   afurnwwns   and   eT��m!nga,
* -.S.drea lie aduSu 2Se,
I :-a->,
ITllWlsn with band, irxoeyt Sa'arday
���nentDY.M, i'te, Including skates.
-:i.- srealaf, t��nd and ar��cial
aUrscUons, v> 11 o'.iock, f>c, Sn udlnj
���kaUaa, avh'Hj.'jirt 2ic.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop)
-jTf-T*'��� '���  '.a'-fmi���iftrl'i   --
I.'. r��^ "...   '..-.-���  :-. was round  nec-esaa.T
>**r-S  ; v.    ���:-.       -i-.oa   there    *:i_.
'���*a   -fe-  .   '--   ���'-'���   . L...   La-Sa-grarr.    Jotta
S'-.'-i-'.-.s-a - i* v.--. -,<-sr Ottawa eiity-
S.ft- jea,n aj?'. kid waa relat*d to the
O.. --at fan-LL;. tie millionaire lamber-
.: Ca.'iev>n Place. He Ured for
Kiaija ytATt Is Manitoba, and au In
���.ie aerrlce of -be Dominion government
li oOTisecUoa with their ���urreyi He
cams to British Columbia in tbe autumn
' ��� ��� -..-.: . -.< .*._�� .-��-_. ;<--.'- : ��� -<���
w�� btuiflr engaged In tbe work of bis
^rofeastoa. He leaves a wife and grown
tt Uiall?- st Ottawa. Tbe death of
Jobs Mel���tcbl. win be de*p!y regretted throughout tie whole of Western
Canada. Ia r.li ^rofeasion hla name
was a pMM at honest and efficient
work Anyong bia fellow citizens generally oo rr.e- ttOOi bightr Sa Ikt PoUtC
est*em and regard The sense of personal losa will be mort general than Is
Liuuajly felt In tie death of a man wbo
haa paaaed his pelr:.e.	
CAPITAU   12'..VSj.Vj   In   2SS000   aharea
of 110.00 each.
MANAGER, r;ra��ler W. Bourka.
OFFICE, No   Z22 Haker 8t.  (Croasdalle
* Co |
SEE the cement blocks displayed In the
.Standard Furniture Co.'s window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are Invited
PARTICULARS and forms of Applies,
tlon may be obtained at the Company's office, or from H. A. Stewart,
bollcdtor, Nelson, h. C.
Real  Estate Agent
IIS  Baker  SL,  Nelaon.  B. C.
r. c urns     f. f. Kuan     a. h.ofees
Cvil Engin��:rs, Dotniiiion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box US    !*:---< 2llB.
NICKERSON, the Jeweiery Manufacturer's Agent will sell you goods from samples at 25 per cent. lesg than regular
prices direct from the factories, in .
dayB from order. Everything In the
line.   Order now.
J Y Griffin, of Winnipeg, with his
wife and daughter, are at the H.mi'.-
F. P Burden leaves tomorrow nia',.
Ing for a trip to his od home n Nt-w
T   H. Long, chief of police >af   It
land,  was  in   tbe city  again  last  tl. ht
on secret service.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Wheeler cain.i
down from Ainsworth ye*teraliy anal
are at the Strathcona.
Mrs. Messurette and MIbs Me. iiir.ite
arrived   from   Orand   Forks   la���'
and are at the Strathcona.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Fisher, of Sew
Denver, are guests at the Stnibcojd,
��-n route home fra.m the east.
J. D. Honsberger, the well known
fruit grower, came over frajm tiie
Boundary last night and is at the
**"d OrV
NN'hoiesans Provisions,
��� a-        tmm
Cr*assr.rrr O*
V o* out
; ****��" weekly freah -na,, fc ]
Office aod w-ar��-baj,
lost-chine Street.
i; m
:   ��� c    :������.. ���_ -.
Nelson. B. C.
We   have  StSU u number   of
suits that wi.] -be sold at the
*���* ���
do to we have
stoves  aad   ran
���  -
to se�� all our pstrosscomfortabSe this winter and la
stock the best assort ed  ltoe of besting stores and cal
-   **fore presented to the public lo Kootecay
ileaaed to show yon    our line and before making year
bat we bave to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwar,
Company, Limited.
Pure and Cheap
Wa* have 1000 pounds of
which we will sell at  a bargain
5 lbs for 1.00.
Special   prices  for  larger lots.   Come
In and Inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone  258.
THE  Up-iiOsle  Bakers
Alberta I r'-arn' ry butter In 3lb., T Sl.
anal 11 :b. blaxks at 37c per pound.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Filberts. Almonds. V. . ���*
nils.   Apple   CM, r
Iwin   AppS.
and Malaga Grapes.
A  large   assortment   of  Xm���� '
Wuola-sale and  retail price*  j. nl"-***
S. H. Seane]
Phone 20a.
Cor    la,
id Mills Sis.
Prices   of  Metals.
New York, Feb. I���Silver, M^feC
London.  Feb    I    Silver,  2S%d..   lead.
��14,  10s.. Sid.
Opening   Copper   Quotations.
New   York.  Feb.  4,   IMI
(My MtDermld A Mcllardy ,
Aak.d Bid
Granby    I'-. ;
Dominion  Copper....    tjt*t l.��7'/��
B. C. Copper     6.00 4.0
W,.   have   still   a  lara;.'
.SKI"1' j
ment of heaters to cl
Alao n  few  odd utiiv.-.**  wlili't' ��'.j
will  sell  AT  COST during ��"*-' I
Ws would like you to i'.'11 "   I
Inspect   aaur   Btock.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*


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