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The Daily Canadian Jul 18, 1907

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Array -Sttje   SUxtlg   ��cmaMcm
)LUMH   2.      NO.   38.
Fifty Cunts a Month
lericans Watched Work
in Cities
Reports on Municipal  Operation of
Hfoblic   Utilities  Conflicting
���Control Is Favored.
New York. Jni>    lr��       Mniiu jj.:i|  u|..*ia
tlOB of   inililic   utiltii-M   in   Cr.-iii    lititMn.
.���# Observ.tt   li>   a  ci-iiiinit h <���  ul   fxp.-rl.-.
Mat  BhrniHl   hirst   y.jir   by   thr   Niiilunal
,;; Ctrtc Ft'drNitiuu, in iivai"(| m J.-n^:h  In
��^'aMrieH ul   reviews   l.y   111.minis  ul  ih.*
.���WBinlttt'i-   which   nu.'   made  public   lu-
th\f. Thin,    ifvit-ws of   the  experts'   ,���.���.
POrt��, wiiii.n  h>   Milor   Mulibh-,  WaUOD
Clark, vice  pM'siilfin uf tin-  rniti'ti Cas
-iBJprovi'in. ni   r.niipuny   of   Philadelphia,
ft��4   Chuiic:*    Lei^ar,   president   ut   the
XHOOn Kierliie \- I]Iu|tiIIKttill*^ eoinpliin
Bff Boston are divided in opinion as tu
'thft Miece.s-i oi ihe under laKiiiK-s an a
WfcoW- Mr Malihie i., UMl. ,,( the nn in
bOr�� of the newly (TWited public Service
OOHUBUhIoii fur (JrcattT New York. The
���body ban the widest powein and gTOBt-
��at nopuUHlbllliies of any commission
to Which the re-^uliLtion of coipoiatlons
has been entruHted up to this time in
tho   Uolteu   States.
Mr. Mni'l'ie spent six mouths in deal
Bfttal.1 OuIh-i t I'-ine. ib,. unik ut the ex
pOft   AOCOUlUali!:,     and    eUKitieers. lie
���Oyo that nmnlcl.ial operation of public
OUIItlOO 111 titeat llriLaln has passed the
���mMfUneni.it HUi^e. If, declares Hint
-gOO had-fleet 1 i<- plants operated by mu
alofphttUeH Ken e mi I y give a superior
BOnrtflO U' a relatively lower cost as
fed with tlii! privately owned euiu-
TIiIh rt'HUli ho tlntis to he din?
pftadpaUy to the hltfh rate ul interest
had profit and the kieater amount of
liabilities ol tit.- private companies, l.y
far tbe must Intel est! uk part of Mr.
Hal tbl eV cuiu'lusiun, however, is tliat
aotual uwneikhip and operation is not
BOeOBHai > tor the micci-hs nf tin muni
Olpal ownership bb-a lie sa\s that the
power to operate, if necessary or do
pliable, iu many instances has been as
OtfhOtlve an actual operation, and the
MOrO fart tbat a elty has tbe power lo
���top In and operate au undertaking
I often make , the exercise of this
|ir unnecessary. "Il has boon
In Groat Britain that no system
Of control or regulation is complete
���Without Ihe power In tlie hands of tbe
polpalities to purchase mid opcr-
suya Mr. Malt hie. "If one coin-
1 may he succeeded only hy another
|Bhl>' hedKeil a hou I hy restrictions
thOfo come ilmes when action, not re
pr���leu, is wauled, and then no remdy
la adetjuate unless It he In ihe power of
ttlO   City    to   step    In    ami   operate   the
andortakinr itself. Hut the mere lacl
thpt It has lhe power often makes Its
ptso unnecessary and what the 1 lilt
desires Ih not the universal adop-
of   some   method   of   proem inc.   re-
���aita   hill     lhe    Ic.-UlH.s    lllelilHe/ves "
Tbe    reasons   that    have    led    to   the
ritlsh    inutilclpaltzaLlon.    Mr.    Mult hie
. hadB,   are    main I'irst    aitinm;    them,
althourb not the m.iHt general nor ihe
IDOBt linpuilanl. in the desire to secure
lOf Ule public the llnaucial prollts id lhe
���UadOrtnl-. hir second, there is the de
) to keep tho city from heliiK mule-
h> u private company; and third,
general detniLlld for hotter Hervlce
pwer rates. Me mentions also a
|h cause wlilcli htiH played a jirnini-
part In the t'tilted States, and
Is not unknown In (ireat ItrlVaiu,
Ply, opposition of privately o pent ted
Mc utility companies to the welTaie
���the cit.y, A fifth factor was the
of that municipal operation would
nit tho eo-oporatlon of public; serin a way that Ih not possible
���re different services are operated hy
"iii- companion.
(tsars.   K'lrni   and  Dark   favor some
of    regulation    of    private    emu-
rather  than   the  adoption of lhe
^llclpal ownership Idea. They declare
Hfe he  plainly   proven  lhat   niiinlclpal
tflHttrship   Is   productive   of   many   and
aadous  ills  with   little  or  nu compeusa-
i ting good.     It   Ih  hold   tliat   Ihe  solution
'of   pros�� nt   difllcultien    Is    lo   be    found.
ttOt In   municipal   ownership  and   opera
^B of public utilities,  but   In  the  clcc
of municipal Of&Oafl who will pro-
the   K"verniiient    ar.ainst    Injustice
It bo  part  of   Individuals   or   eorpora-
McGurk, last night broke the neck of
Joseph Hrenuan, a miner, in the house
of Annie Vancll. Hrennan died before
physicians reached him. McOtnk telephoned the police what he had done and
the ofheers arrested hirn. He refuses
to  talk.
Crazy   Speeding   Responsible  for   Death
of   Three   New   Yorkers.
New York. July IK���While rushing al
expiess    train   speed,   two   automobiles.
ruled with merry makers returning
from Coney Island, crashed head-on
early today on the dimly lighied ocean
pai k way, and as a consequence, one
man is dead ami two others are fatally
injured. The dead man. Thomas F.
Donovan, of New York, was Impaled on
the spokes of his own machine. The
injured are Chapman Hopes, of Moore-
lowwnw, N. J., an dan unidentilied man.
Donovan waws trying to make a speed
record with his machine, which carried
no lights, running along at CO miles un
hour. Donovan determined to take the
other side of the road. He did not see
Chapman Hopes, driving a powerful machine, approaching In an opposite direction and running at 40 miles an hour.
The two machines were upon one another before their drivers realized what
had happened. With ft fearful crash the
machines collided and were reduced to
scrap Iron. Donovan was thrown from
his machine and the s|>okcs of a broken
wheel pierced his breast. Hopes and
his companion wwere found beneath the
wreckage. Donovan died iu tha his-
pital and physicians say lhat the two
wounded men will probably die. A third
auto, which came Hying nlong the avenue 1 in media'ely after the accident,
nearly  collided   with   the  wreckage.
Prices of Metals.
New York. July 18��� Silver. 68'/fec;
copper,   81)40;   lead,   $5.26.
London, July IS���Silver, 31 %d; lead,
Witnesses    Leaving   Boise���Surrebuttal
Evidence���Then  Many  Day*
of Argument.
Itolse, July IS.���Ai. exodus of witnesses In utti-ndnncu on the Haywimd
trial eom.nenceil In enrneBt today and
liy nlKlit most of tli.'ii. will have left
town. Since tho .'an*' commenced It la
i alimateil lhat at least 500 have hcen
In town in different time. The force of
detectives will also he reduced. Aritu-
nient on the admlssitljility of certain
evidence will occupy toduy's session.
JttdgV Wood has asked counsel to present views as to certain evidence hear-
ln�� on the action of certain citizens of
various towns in Cripple Creek district
of Colorado In deport Ins strililiiK* miners
who refused to work and those who
took part In preventing the nonunion
miners from iicceptliiR employment In
the .nines. The defence probably will
light hard to keep this evidence in the
record as it makes a considerable part
of ihelr claim that conspiracy oxluti d
between the mine owners and the ['Ink
urtoiiH to annihilate the Western Federation of Miners. Another point on
which the court hat asked counsel to
present nrKi.ment Is that iiorlion of the
evidence connedIhk Haywood with the
allotted murder of two mon In St. Joe
county. Steve Ailnms iu now In jail
churned with one of these crimes, which
Diehard, in hla teslln.ony, swore was a
part of the neneral conspiracy. It la
now expected lhat the case will no to
lhe Jury about next Wednesday or
The defence rested Immediately after
court opened this mornliiK- The Jury
was  not   lirotiKht into court.
Killed With One Blow.
flof-Midi    III.,   July    IS.���Will,    one
or his list no  the Jaw,  Hurry  Mc-
n  prize  llghler  known  au   "Hod"
Secretary   W.   J.   Brandrith'*   Reply  to
Local  Criticism.
A few days a^o n prominent fruit
grower of Nelson wrote W. .1. Hrlllul-
rlth, secretary of Ihe II. C. Krult Growers' association, in regard to'a published
statement thut lhe enforcement of rtileu
uu to weight of berry boxes lay in hla
illHc.retion. Ills Idler found Mr. Brand
ilth ut llevelsloke. and the Following
reply arrived In due llino:
T. Motley,  l'lsi|.. Nelson, 11. C.
Dour Sir:���The article In the Dally
News of Tth Inst Is Itot. 1 huvo nothlxK
whatever to do will, enforcing or otherwise tho "Htnplu Coinniodltleu Act,"
1 *aw Ihe article before I left Nelson.
We, I. 8��� lhe 11. 0. PrUlt drewcm' usso-
cliitlou, lire prcpurlnx a memorial to
the u;(ivoiiinr-.;enoi-iiHn-counc11 laklng
thai Brltlah culumbiu be exempted from
lhe operation of those clauses in Ihe
act referring to small fruit*, <>r which
you will hear more anon. Yours truly.
llevelHloke, II. ('., July  Hill, 11107.
What Laurier Will Have
to Investigate
Criminals Helped Out of Country to
Escape Trial by Money From
Liberal Party Fund.
Ottawa, July A.���After the formal receptions to Sir Wilfrid laurler are over
his first task will be the filling of cabinet vacancies. One vacancy Inevitably
suggests the London election trial
which has been so often postponed. It
la generally conceded that the premier
must face the task of convicting and
punishing the corruptloniats, a task he
has so long shirked in Bplte of earnest
protests   from   the  opposition.
Last session but one, Mr. Borden,
took up the mutter at the first Btage
possible and moved another reference
to the committee. Meanwhile he had
obtained a confession of J. G. Prltchett,
who hud instructed the deputy returning officers of Hrockvtlle and Huron in
the ballot switching art. This affidavit
was read in the House. Here was Sir
Wilfrid's opportunity to bring a group of
ballot switchers to Justice. The premier
rose magnificently to the occasion by
calling upon the majority of the House
to vote down Mr. liordeu's motion, thus
burking the Inquiry altogether. Sir
Wilfrid promised to appoint a commission to investigate the whole matter,
l-ut no Inquiry ever took place and no
further exposure was then accomplished
and no one wus punished. The members for whom the Beats were stolen
remained in possession.
liui tho yeurs have brought exiHjsures
in unother way. Lust autumn James
Farr returned from exile and made a
sworn declaration of his share in the
West Huron ballot switching enterprise.
The following are the esaentlul por-
tlona of his confession.
I, James Farr, of the town of God-
erich, in the county of Huron, and province of Ontario, carpenter, make oath
and Bay as follows:
1. That 1 was deputy returning officer at polling subdivision number three
In tho said town of Goderich at the
election held between Robert Holmes
nnd Robert Mil..an on February 21,
1SU9. for the west riding of the county
or Huron.
2. That I had been deputy returning
oflloor In former elections ut the said
pulling subdivision.
8. That on the duy preceding the
election ono, James Yates, division court
clerk lor Goderich town, came to ray
house anil asked for the ballot box aud
papers and ballots which I hud received
from the returning officer. He wished
mo to resign my poBttlon In his favor
iiiiiI askud me to do bo. 1 concluded
that it was concluded that I could not
manipulate the false ballots as It wus
Intended 1 should. W. L. Ilorton. of
Goderich town, had previously asked
111*' to resign.
4. Alter the said James Yntes hud
interviewed me and left my houae after
I hud refuaed to grunt Ihlsrequesl.l went
down to the neighborhood of John Mur-
lln's hotel und I there met tbe said W. L.
Horton, who ugiiin requei"tod .no to resign lu favor of James Yates, which 1
refused to do.
fi. After the lust mentioned refusal
to give up my ballot hox and papers,
the said W. L. Horton asked me to go
with him lo Craig's hotel In Qodertch
town, which I did. Hoth the said Horton and I went upstairs in Crnig'B hotel
together and I wiib then Introduced to u
man by the iiuniu of tlanett and also to
a man mimed O'Oormun. Theae two
latter persona were introduced to me
by tho Bald W. L. Horton.
��. After 1 had heen Introduced by
the said Horton to the snld Gnrrott and
OOormnn, the said Horton nnd O'Gor-
man left tho room und Garrett and I remained nlone.
7. The said Garrett then Instructed
mo to switch ballots and I practised
Ihe method or doing so with him for a
short while.
8. Tho said Garrett gave mo thirteen
ballots mnrkod for Robert Holmes, and
I placed them In my pockot. However,
beforo doing so, the snld Garrott placed
my Initials on all the thirteen bnllots.
These ballots had no counterfoils.
0. The Biild Garrett's Instructions lo
me aa lo tho method of switching was
ns follows:
1 waa told to keep theso thirteen
bogua marked ballots In my pocket- so
that. 1 could readily have accesB to
them, nnd 1 was fimher Instructed to
alwnys put Die .oimterfolla In my pocket
so thut I could tnke out a bogus ballot
when 1 desired to do ao. without raising
suspicion.    When a person came in  to
vote, whose hallot I desired to
switch, I would take from my
pocket a bogus ballot, which the said
Garrett had provided me with and
would keep this ballot hidden under my
left hand which would be resting on the
table. When the voter would tender to
me hlB ballot paper with the counterfoil pro|.erly attached thereto, I would
place this good ballot under the left
hand fingers as if for the purpose of
tearing off the counterfoil and with a
sudden movement of the right hand the
genuine ballot and counterfoil would be
quickly removed together and placed in
my pocket and the bogus ballot marked
for Robert Holme* would be quickly
deposited in the ballot box.
10. During tbe hours of polling on
said election day, 1 was present in the
polling booth as deputy returning officer and succeeded in switching the
thirteen ballots which Garrett had given
n.e, marked tor Robert Holmes, and
placed in my pocket thirteen ballots
marked by voters for Robert McLean,
Instead of depositing the last mentioned
ballots in the ballot box.
11. About April 10, 1899, after the
aald election, I went to Toronto city and
worked there in the employ of the W.
D. Thompson company until July 12 of
the same year.
12. Just prior to quitting the employ
of the said W. D. Thompson company,
James Vance, the Liberal organizer,
came to see me at my boarding house
on Church street, in the city of Toronto,
and there interviewed me as to my going to the city of Ottawa to give evidence before the committee on privileges and elections aa to the West Huron
election inquiry.
13. I know that certain parties were
attempting to serve me with a subpoena
Issued by the said committee to give
evidence before them, but I did not attend, having for a considerable length
of time, evaded service.
14. The said James Vance provided
me with a single ticket for Hamilton,
North Dakota, United States of America, which was the place I told the said
Vance I wished to go to. If 1 left the
country. He, the niil Vance, also gave
me some money, but I have forgotten
the exact amount.
(Sgd.j       JAMES   FARR.
Sworn before me in the city of Toronto, In the county of York, this 8th
day of December, 190G, after the same
had been read over to the said deponent
and explained to him and t-ead by him.
(Sgd.)     ARTHUR   D.   GEORGE.
A notary public tn and for the province
of Ontario.
The man Garrett mentioned by Furr
in paragraph 5, and in subsequent
clauses, wus J. G. Prltchett who seems
to have been Introduced to the returning officer under a false name. Prltchett
himself in the confession read by Mr.
llorden gave an account of the ballot
switching operation which agreed with
that of James Furr. Prltchett has since
given testimony In tbe Toronto police
court in the London conspiracy case
and his 44ta.te.ment covers not only West
Huron but llrocKviiio, w��.t Elgin, South
Ontario, North Grey, Hastings and otlter
ridings in which similar operations were
carried on. Prltchett explains three different methods of switching. Here is
one of them:
A. I think I can explain the thing.
I am acting as deputy returning officer
and two gentlemen aid running of
course, one a Conservative and one a
Liberal, and It I am working In the
Interests of a Liberal, why 1 empty the
ballots out; we see they ure all Initialled
and then I drop the ballots Into the box
and If it Ib for Mr. Denlson, I call out
somebody else.
Prltchett acted as returning officer
under a fnlso name In one of West
Elgin polls where by this simple method
he changed the Conservative majority
of 11 to a government majority of 27.
Here Is his own statement of the case:
Q. And you did this In the West
Elgin  election  yourself?    A.    Yes.
Q. With the Conservative scrutineer
watching you? A. They were there to
watch me.
Q. They know about you? A. I
don't know.
Q. You switched how many? A. I
think twenty-seven. I think it wai
twenty-Beven difference.
Q. You switched twenty-seven. That
would be. I suppose. twenty-Beven of a
difference you made? A. No, nineteen.
Twice nineteen is thirty-eight. The majority was usunlly from twelve to seventeen the other way anil I put it twenty-
seven the wny I wanted It.
A second method, which was the one
thnt Prltchett taught to some half a
dozen Belccted deputies at each poll,
is thus described by the witness:
"Ho ttho deputy returning officer)
would have them (the bogus ballots) in
his pocket, keep It In the palm of his
hand and when you tear thu counterfoil
off, you will leave the substituted hnllot
there, pretend to take the counterfoil
and take the whole thing, the elector
thinks ho sees his ballot and It Is dropped In the box."
Q. How did you get iheue ballots, the
ones you had ready?
A. I would usunlly find them In n convenient place for my use.
At a later stage Prltchett said that he
sometime* found a bundle of bogus ballots ready lor him under the bed In his
room. The custom was to pay the ballot Bwllchlng returning officer f& for
each genuine ballot marked for Con-
BcrvutlvoB which he produced to show
that he hud substituted thut number.
These were hla vouchers.
A third method deacribed by Prltchett
wns for the officer to put a bit of lead
under hla thumb nail and mark with It
a certain number of Conservative ballots which would miike them bad. Thla
was done In counting at the close of the
poll. The returning officer was paid $5
for each ballot so destroyed.
Ultra-Liberals' Manifesto
New Party  Demanded  Reform of
Church Doctrine on God. Creation and Revelation.
Rome, July 18.���The first, move of the
Vatican against the ultra-Liberal Catholic campaign, in which, among others,
a secret international league is said to
be included, has taken the form of a
decree promulgated by the Pope last
night, sepciflcally condemning 65 statements taken from the writings of leading Catholic modernist writers, whose
names, however, are not given. Among
the statements condemned Is one approving a total disregard of the prohibitions of the Index expurgatorius and
of other Roman Catholic congregations.
The three last articles of the syllabus
setting forth the condemnations are as
Article ���3���The church shows herself
to be Incapable of guaranteeing the efficacy of evangelical morality for she
remains tightly bound to a doctrine
which cannot be made to agree with
modern progress.
Article 64���The progress of science
requires a reform in the conception of
the Christian doctrine on the subjects
of tlod, the creation and the revelation.
Aarticle 66���Modern Catholicism cannot be made to agree with science if
it cannot be transformed into Catholicism thut is non-dogmatic, that U to
say. Protestantism, large and liberal.
The greater part of the propositions
are such as any other Christian church
would have condemned as a menace to
Christianity. The Vatican will follow up
the syllabus with vigorous disciplinary
measures against all priests refusing to
subscribe to  Its decisions.
Ex-Professor, Accused of Murder, Shows
Great Control.
Karlsruhe, Germany, July 18.���The
trial of Karl Hau, formerly professor of
Roman Law In George Washington university, Washington, was continued today. Hau uppeared In the court room
looking as cheerful and confident as yes-
teiday. He surprised the court by making Important admissions concerning incidents of which he had hitherto refused to speak. When the presiding
judge called handwriting experts to
identify Hau's writing In thu despatch
sent from Pails calling Frau Moiitor to
lhat city, Hau anticipating the testimony, arose from his seat and said that
In order to expedite the case be would
admit that he wrote this despatch. The
Judge inquired whether or not he sent
it off, but Hau declined to answer. He
also refused to say whether his wife
wus awure thut tills had been sent.
Philip I'hlig, a merchant of Frank
fort, had seen a man at the railroad station, wearing a false beard and mous-
tuehe. The judge here asked Hau to
put on similar disguises and I'hlig then
recognzled him ns the same man. Anna Leroli, who left Washington with Mr.
und Mrs. Hau in tho capacity of maid
servant, testified that when Hau left
1 .uiulim to return tc the continent he
cautioned his wife to keep his London
address secret. The wife asked If she
might write to her mother and Hau replied:  "Of course."
C. A. Knitter, a newspaper mun of
Constuntinople, testified thut while Hun
was In the Turkish cupltal ho plnyed
the part of a capitalist. He spent money
lavishly, chartered a yacht, organized
revels nt a hotel with dancing girls, and
boasted of his wild life as a student.
He claimed to have an immense income
and showed a passion for collecting precious stones. Frau Mueller, a sister of
Hau's Htepmother, replied thut she uc-
enmpunted Mr. Hau, senior, to London.
Upon hearing of the atrust of Hau she
had nn interview with him In prison.
Hhe found him much altered and In a
state nf great mental agitation. He
mive her the Impression of a crasey man.
holding his arms rigidly to his sides
und then touching his foreheud in a
similar manner. Bho suld to him: "Are
you guilty, Karl?'" To this the prisoner
nnswered; No; I didn't do it." Hau
boarded with Kruu Mcllcr while nttend-
lru; the clnsslcul pruparutory school at
Treves. She snld he wus a good boy
and a model student, hut that he commenced to show slgna of amatory abber-
rnllonus soon tl he left school. Referring
to Nun's elopeiiHMit with Linn Moiitor,
the witness snld the couple went lo
^Switzerland where they were visited by
Mr. Hau. senior. They soon nfter ran
out of funds and were In despair.  Sho
was informed, the witness continued,
that the couple Intended to commit suicide and that Hau bad shot at Llna,
but missed ber heart. Llna then requested Hau to shoot a second time,
but the man's courage failed him. They
then planned to end their lives by poisoning, but the project was abandoned.
Upon hearing of his son's trouble Mr.
Hau, senior, decided that the couple
must marry, go to America and start
life anew. He undertook to assist them
froviadftl Ubimry; .Must
Never Be Used.
The Hague, July 18.���The American
delegation has presented to the peace
conference the following proposition:
"If for any reason, a captured vessel
cannot be tried, the vessel must be
released." The Peruvian delegation
has presented the following amendment
to the American proposition regarding
the collection of contractual debts:
"The principles established by this
proposition cannot be applied to cases
arising from contracts between the government of one country and the foreign
subjects of another; when the contracts
provide, differences must be submitted
to the judges of local tribunals." The
Venezuelan representative presented a
proposition on the same subject, making the addition that in case of contracts existing, all diplomatic means
of reaching an understanding must be
tried before recourse is had to the permanent court of arbitration. The Venezuelan declaration ends with these
words: "It is understood that said differences are to be settled througn
peaceful means without recourse to coercive measures implying the employment of military or naval forces."
Sailor* Drowned.
Copenhagen, July 18.���Fourteen per--
sons are reported to have been drowned
at Marsland. Sweden, by the capsizing
of a sailboat. Only one of the party escaped.
James A. Dale,    Murderer,   of   Carmi,
Hanged at Kamloop* Gaol
Thi* Morning.
Kamloops, H. C, July 18.���With the
same Indifference that characterized
his residence tn Nelson gaol James A.
Dale ascended the scaffold at 8 o'clock
this morning and waa haha*ed. Notwithstanding* the fact that petitions had
been In circulation for some time praying for a commutation of his sentence.
Dale had no hope that he would escape
the death penalty. Those who were
with him to the last unite In saying that
he had little concern in the outcome of
the effort made to save his life. It Is
quite certain that he would have committed suicide had the opportunity presented Itself, and for that reason the
guards were vigilant In their last watch
over the condemned man. The gash In
his throat, caused when he attempted
.suicide with the table knife several
months, ago, gave a great deal of trouble up to the last, and If he had not
suffered death thla morning, his misery
would have only been prolonged by a
commutation of his sentence. Throughout his incarceration he never expressed sorrow for his crime, and no
doubt, under the same circumstances,
he would have repeated the crime that
sent Peter Oodereau and Joseph Celle
to their death, near Greenwood, last
October. Ills father was In attendance
upon the son until the last, and it was
only during his meetings with the old
man that Dale showed any si|;n of emotion. His last night on earth was uneventful. He slept soundly and exhibited no signs or nervousness at any
stage In the arrangements for his execution. Dale had some good qualities,
but a bad temper was the cause of his
Take No Chance*.
Paris. July 18.���United States Rear
Admiral Stockton states thnt Japanese
sailorr. will not be Invited to the entertainment arranged for tho American
sailors, and that shore leave will soon
be curtailed while the squadron is at
llrei.t In order to avoid all chance of un-
ploasunt incidents, which are always
possible when blue Jncketn ot different
nationalities meet on shure.
Plead* Heredity.
"Jim" Pouporo was telling stories of
Ms construction camp last night. One
of them illustrates hereditary tendency
to crime. A young American had n
wordy quarrel with a Swede. Neither
seemed very angry. The American
quietly went to hlB tent, returned with
a butcher knife nnd killed Ihe Swede.
He was nt once arrested. His only plea
tu that he couldn't help It. It was
learned later that Ills grandfather* *vus
bunged, and his father Is undergoing
Hie imprisonment, U.th for similar of-
1 fences.
Nominal Independence Is
Nearly Over
Abdication In Favor of Weak Prince
Will Mean Absolute Control
by Japanese.
Toklo, July 18.���As a result of urgent
representations by the ministers It is
very probable that the emperor of Korea will abdicate In favor of the crown
prince as the first step toward reform In
Korea. This will most likely be followed by the calling of a new convention, which will keep Korea's national
existence Intact, will limit the sovereign power in some form whereas the
ruler can exercise his powers only with
the consent and approval of the Japanese resident-general. The present ministers In Seoul are actuated by true patriotism and are determined to place
the Korean government upon a' firm
basis, and free from court Intrigues and
selfish plots.
Seoul, July 18. via Toklo.���Placards
were posted in one of the thoroughfares
calling for the death of all Japanese officials In Seoul. The ministers are
strongly guarded and every precaution
has been taken to prevent riots and attacks on tho officials. The emperor Is
reported to be too worried to sleep but
thla report is considered to be ono of
his usual manoeuvres to enlist the sympathy of the public
Seoul, July 18.���The cabinet ministers. Including the newly appointed
household minister, have resigned. It
is reported that the emperor is very
angry at his ministers on account of
their having advised him to abdicate.
He said to them that he occupied the
throne by right Inherited from his ancestors and that his subjects hda no authority to advise his dethronement,
much less to do so with ths support of
foreigners. Marquis Ito, In compliance
with the emperor's urgent desire to see
him, even for a short time, proceeded
to the palace this afternoon.
Seoul, July 18. via Toklo.���Tho emperor's loss of loyal adherents, of a
large portion of his subjects, will, it la
believed, result in the gradual development of his policy to always play one
minister or faction against another ao
as to prevent the concentration of a
power In a single body. The emperor
himself Is constantly distrustful of all
about him and haunted with the tear
of an attempt on hla life. The Chlng
Moi, a progressive association claiming
a membership of over a million, Is now
openly hostile to the emperor and it Is
doubtful If the few now standing by him
will continue their support until the
last. ,    j
Bridget.   Houses  and   Churches  Swept
Away���Traffic Tied  Up.
Wheeling. W. Va.. July 18.���Despatches la.it night from Orafton, Tun-
nelton and other towns In the Tygarta
valley In northern West Virginia tell
of terrific rains followed by the liver going out of Its banks nearly its entire
length, causing property losses that will
aggregate nearly a quarter of a million
dollars. At Klklns the rainfall reached
the remarkable total of five Inches and
was nearly as heavy at other points.
Fifteen or more bridges are washed out,
railroads are washed out and at Orafton a church was five feet over tho
Baltimore & Ohio tracks and several
houses were washed away. At McCoras
tho wuter came In an Immense wave,
wrecking tho house of Mrs. Mary Ballard, carrying off three of her small
children, whose bodies have not been
recovered. At Orafton traffic on-the
llBltomore & Ohio is tied up. A railroad bridge passed there but It la not
known where It came from. It is feared
many other lives have been lost as tho
flood came without warning.
Stenographer'* Suicide.
Chicago, July 18.���While talking to
friends on the 15th floor of the Masonic
Temple Miss Anna Normoyle, a stenographer, deliberately walking to an
open court window and without a word
o fwarnlng threw herself to the stone
pavement of the rotunda, 260 feet below. The girl wns mutilated almost beyond recognition. No euii.se is known
for tho suicide.
James   II.  Bchofield.  M    I..   A.,    has The Daily Canadian
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Campers Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weiahts
UNDERWEAR   at   all   prices
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HAY,   FLOUR  and   FEED.
In all these lines we offer   excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Mead Office:   Toronto.
Capital   Paid  Up    $4,825,000 Rest   $4,825,000
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches ia British ColumbU:
Deposits received and iutere-st allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of aOOOtmt, and compounded quarterly.
%J��.   IV1.    LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.   D.   18C9.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Capital. .
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking   Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
hlished bYx day* it ween tiy the
anker Bt..   Nelson, B. C.
in rater., Mi coin* a monih delivered
r-nr*D�� vnv, or to.uO a year If sent by mail, when
paid in u-rivnnee.
Advertising rules 011 application.
All monle< paid in settlement of The Daily
Canadian aoeountCi either for subscriptions or
advertislni;, must be receipted for on the printed
lonnii of tlie Company. Other receipt* are not
Thursday,  July   18,   1907.
still seeking to di-s;nut attention
irom the wholesale iteollng tn every
deportment at Ottawa, from the carnival
of bribery personation, baUot*switchtng
and ballut-bux hi tiffing by which Mr.
' Hyman's seal in London and a score ol
pthen throughout tin* oountry were
stolen from the electors, und from the
BhameleHB muclilno voting in the Housr
against every motion for Investigation
of conttiBHod fraud, Liberal machine
organs un; asking. "What inw the opposition done to Justify Ub existence?"
For unblushing Impudence the Question probably takei the record in Canadian political history. Pew Liberal editors would bave the effrontery to submit it, if it hud not been dictated by the
The Conservative opposition under
R. h. Borden bus, of course, put no teg
Islet-ion on the etfttute book. Their failure Ib not due to want of intelligent
effort hut to the callous rejection of
every motion offered, usually without
any attempt at Justification by a responsible minister.
it in deliberate falsehood to Bay that
the opposition has not protested against
the extravagant ex-jJendUure of public
money nor pointed to specific Instances.
They have never been guilty of obstruction or of opposition tor opposition's
Bake. They have assented generally to
the policy or increased expenditure for
public works to keep pace with the
growing ceeds of the country, especially of the west. Bui they have never
ceased to protest against extravagance
and dishonesty. They have proved on
every occasion allowed by the brute
majority In the public accounts commit fete, that a large proportion of the
money spent is not goin^ into development at all but Into the pockets of contributors to the Machine campaign fund,
and  inti. that  fund directly.    The  pur
chase of sites for stations for the Intercolonial were Jnvariubly made at
prices far in excess of the value of the
property acquired. Large accounts ot
the Grand Trunk Pacific company,
passed by the finance department and
qtiestioaed I*? the auditor general, were
withdrawn rather than have them examined by the public accounts committee. For the first time in the history
of the Canadian parliament, requests
for information and evidence were refused by the minister in charge, backed
by  a   servile parly  majority.
But the greatest insult to the intelli-
genoe of the people of Canada is contained in the taunt that the Conservatives have no taiiff policy. Their tariff
pulley Is still in iorce, substantially as
it was framed in 1878, Unlike their
Liberal opponents they do not execute
a volte face for the sake of opposing.
Liberal!) could advocate at the same
timfl Unrestricted Reciprocity, Free
Trade, Commercial Union, Tariff for
RSVI nue Only, aud Free Trade an They
Have It in Knglund���five distinct policies, and their record hai proved them
insincere aud dishonest In the uilvo-
eacy of each one.
What is tlie Liberal tariff policy of
today? Sir Wilfrid Laurler lias never
retracted his iamous vow, "never to
rest until he had wiped out the last vestige of the iniquitous system or protection." Israel Turte was dismissed from
the cabinet for having the honesty and
the courage frankly to avow a protectionist policy, Sir Wilfrid has accepted
and still keeps a Cobden Club medal for
his udvocacy of Free Trade, and at the
jame time appeals lo Brltlfeh audiences
to reciprocate In the matter of preferential tariffs. If Hubby Inconsistency
could go farther, no example has yet
been shown in Canada. Conservatives
may not, Indeed, be absolutely unanimous as to the last detail of a protective tariff system, but the reproach from
Liberal! is delicious. There is no difference of opinion on the subject, among
Liberals because there is no opinion at
all. It is easy for men to agree who
have  no  principles to  conflict.
If their work in the House of Commons had been robbed of all its value
by suppression by the Machine vote, the
Dominion opposition has still rendered
Invaluable service to the cotifttry in
protesting against the organized lying
and stealing of the Machine and lis
creatures, and in fairly presenting the
issue of tho People against the
The date of the next Dominion campaign is still the chief topic of political
discussion in the Kast. It is conceded
Lhat the money stringency, the epidemic
Of labor troubles at Cobalt and elsewhere, aud the general expectation of at
least a slight interruption to the good
times, are circumstances that make nn
appeal at B very early date advisable
in the Interests of the Liberal party
The trial of the London election conspiracy cannot be much longer delayed,
its revelations are not likely to he
creditable to the Machine. There are
two important vacancies in the cabinet
and none available to fill them. All
these things seem to point to an appeal
at an early date, but it is said that Sir
Will rid Laurler gave his personal
pledge to Mr. Borden that there would
be another  sessional
The proposal to establish a real
estate board in Nelson is one that will
no doubt meet with general approval.
Some citizens have occasionally had an
uncomfortable feeling that the strangers
who are buying fruit land in the district are not getting value for their
money. But those in the best position to
know maintain that at prices now prevailing Kootenay fruit land is the best
investment on the market, and that the
price per acre is destined to rise steadily for many years yet. The organization of a board means the creation of
a responsible body which cannot afford
to be guilty, collectively or through any
of Its members, of anything resembling
The Manitoba Free Vress of July l"��th
devotes nearly a page to a protest
against detective mail service in Manitoba. The Free Press is the leading
Liberal organ in the West. It is not
unnatural that postal facilities should
have failed to keep pace with the extremely rapid growth of Manitoba.
There will be no criticism from any
quarter if the postmaster general sacrifices his hopes of a surplus to satisfying
as far as possible the legitimate demands of the West.
Quebec     Independents    Secure    Strong
Following of Young  Men.
Montmagny. Que., July 18.��� Had
mads and threatening weather did their
very best to spoil the Hourassa-Laver-
gne meeting at Montmagny. The town
itself is devoted to the Laurier cult, but
the county is strong for Independent
thought, and this afternoon fully 2,000
people assembled in the triangular plaza
Banked by the church and school, which
forms the public square of Montmagny.
The crowd stood patiently for hours,
ut times beneath a hot sun, and ut
times beneath a shower of rain, and
��av*> the speakers close attention und
loud applai)*-"-.
Mr. Lavergne spoke with unusual
force and vigor. He was loudly cheered
when he said he was not a mannikin
and no voting machine for any government.
"They  say  I am excommunicated hy
For Sale
50 ft. Lot and Cabin on Mill St., $275.00
16 ft. Lots on  tnnis St. for $450.00
6?4 Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable for market
garden,    Terms given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good springs, first-class railway   service $3,000
Real   Estate   and   General   Agent.
West Baker Street. NELSON, B. C.
Fot Sale Cheap
One 60-inch illiirnotnr, by 1Gft. Sin.
lunn, underflred, return mnlU-tiiliiiliir
holler. In fair Condition, Kluhty-two
���i'^-ln. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-6 In. Bteam
dome. Boiler Is Rood for hhiIiii; to 150
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 90 lbs. MountlnKB consist
of safety valve, Btop valve, water
gauKes, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of Are bars and hearers.
One 9-ln. diameter x 141 ii. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Knglno
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and Is lu good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhntmt
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, 10'/4ln. diameter with openings
for 3-ln. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes Inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining -St Smelting Co., Ltd.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler." said Laverglie.
���Ii  will nut be the first time tbat the
niiml   faithful iidherent  lias lietyi exeonl-
munlcated. K.xeonimunieated From what?
From tin' Liberal party? No. 1 am still
il true Liberal.
"Should Canada be made the dumping ground Of the slums of Europe'.' No
Immigrants were asked to coin,, here
fretu the fruiga] peasantry of Krsuu-e.
or lilt' industrious French Canadian
laborer* of New Bng]and.
"Keep out the French, the Belgians,
the French in New Kngland." thai wns
the 11>
He had proposed to the House an
amendment phrased in Hon. Mr. Oliver's
own language, which, if adopted, would
have assured equal effort being made
for all desirable immigration without
regard to the religion or nationality of
the immigrants, Because of this Mr.
Oliver hud called him a fanatic.
The English-Speaking people of On-
tario were fair-minded. They were
Willing in give their fellow citizens ol
Quebec ihelr rights. They would do
it without question, except for the
cowardly Liberals In Quebec, who clamored to be led like lambs to the slaughter fur the imaginary gain to their
Mr. Ilourassa is, if possible, more
fluent in French than in English, and
stirred the crowd to great enthusiasm.
He paid an eloquent tribute to the
people of Ontario and to the British
Mr. Ilourassa did not add any news
to the rumors respecting his entering
provincial politics. It is clear that he
intends to do so, and it Is said that he
will contest Terrebone against Hon.
Jean PrOVOSt.
A large crowd came from the city of
Quebec and Levis and it Is generally
admitted that many young Liberals of
Quebec will support Ilourassa and
Lavergne against the Oouln government
Another Gift to Oulda.
Rome, July 18.���The minister of public Instruction. Signor llava. has sent a
large contribution to Louise de la Ramee (Ouidal. which she has accepted
most gratefully.
Nelson Land Imtriet. DiltrlOl o! West Kootenay.
Take notice thnt William Andrew Hour, of
Fernle, B ('.hotel keeper. Intend! to apply for
a tpecial timber licence over the followltiK den
crtued lands *.
No. 1 ���Commencing ui a post planted about
three ml ei north of the international uouudary
Hue, and about eight mile" went of the Koolenay
river, and about two mile* north of tlie nortti-
wesl rorner of timber licence No. 8".V7, thence
north W chain**, tbence cast (JO ehalni*. thenee
sonth 80 chains, theoce west 80 chain* to point
of commencement, and eontalntng 0*0 acres,
more or leas.
Located 12th Juue Iftrt.
Mo. 8.���Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of William A Koss'- No. 1 claim
und about two miles north ot the N. W conn r
..1 timber licence No. 81157, thenee north 80
chain*, thenee west 80 chains, ihenee south BO
chaina, tbeuee eaat Ho chains to the point ol commencement, ami containing tilO acres, more or
Located I2tb June. 1907.
No. 3 -Commencing at a post planted near
Hrldgw creek, about one mile east of the noriheaat corner of William A. Kohc'si No. 1 claim,
and about five miles north of the international
boundary line, tlience north tO chains, thenee
weat N chatus. thelice south HU chains, theuee
eaat HU chalua to the point of eommeucement.
anil containing MO acre*, more or leaa.
Located Uth June, I9U7.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post pliiited near
Bridge creek at tne eouUMBtt corner ol William
A hois' No S claim, thenee north HU ehains,
theuee east HU ehalus. Hh-ih e south HO chalm,
Iheuce west HO chains to the point of commnn*'"-
ment, and containing Oti) acrea, m��a-�� ***��" ���*''*��.
Located l-ttU Juiw* i*"**'-
No, 6,���Commencing at a poat planted near
llrldge creek, at the southeast corner or William
A. Boss' No. A claim, thence south HO chaina,
thence west HO cbalus, tlience north W) chain*.
thetKc cast 80 chains to the point of commencement, and containing Mu acres, mere or leaa.
Located Uth June, UW7.
No. 0-Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek, at the southeast corner of William
A. Rosa' No. ft clulm. Iheuce south HO chains,
thenre easl 80 chains, thence n- rth HO chain-,
thence west HU chain**- to the point of commencement, and containing ��� i   acres, more or leal. ��
bOOlMd i-'i'i June, 1'Aff.
No. 7. -Commencing at a ���*���--��� i planted about
one mile south uf the southeast corner of William
A Boss'No ft claim ami about two mllea uorlh
of the International boundary lint, thence nortli
*o chains, thence west BO chains, tneuce ao-ih N
'���hains, thence eaat ni chain* to the r*>lnt of
commencement, and containing M0 aeres, more
or less.
1-ocated the 12th of June, 1507.
No. M, Commencing at a post planted at tbe
���ou heast corner of William A. Ho**' No. 7 calm,
thenee north HO chains, theuee ea��t HO chains,
thence M��uth no chain*, thence weat HO ciialns to
point of commencement, and containing 640
acr<'H, more or leaa.
Located the Wih day ol tune. 1909,
Dated thi* tth day of July. 11W7.
������������ 11... i am Anurrw Koss.
Nutter-* |a hereby given that tin day* after date 1
Intend toapply i    Hon. Chief Commissioner
of l.-m-U atid ���-' *.tk- tor [ ��� imi---iit-.il tit pun base
thf following described lands, situated In West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a DOfct marked by name as initial poat of tbe Houth Kork
branch, one hundred fuel from the Junction of
Lolt creek with the south fork; thenee one-
quarter Dill to the northweat corner post, th-IDM
oue mile to the horllicait corner post, them e
one qaarttt mile to the southeast coruer posl,
thenee one mile lo  the place of commencement
June'/?, 19Q7, touted by Wit. Connolly
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay.
Take  notice  thai   William    Andrew   Boas, of
Fernle, B  C, hotel keeper, intend* to apply lor a
"I- ������ -hii Hmi.. i licence over the' following ties
eiiiii-d land*:
No. 1.���Commencing at a poal planted about
80 chains east of the noriheaat corner of timber
licence No. BOT8. and about NO ehalna north of the
northern boundary t)f timber licence No. HO?*.
und aDOHt 18 miles west of the Koolenay river,
and about two and it half mile* uorth of the .lu-
i' i i,i.i i-.fni: boundary line, In the Diatrict of
West Kootenay, theme south 80 chain*, thence
weal M0 chains, thenoe north 80 chains, thenre
eait 90 chains lo the point of commencement,
eontaltilng ��*> acres, more or leaa.
located Mth June, I'siV.
No. *���:.-Commencing at a po*t planted at the
nortbeaat comer of William A. Boss'* No. 1 claim
and about one mile north of the northern boundary of limber licence No. &in'2, thence Month HO
chains, thenee east 80 chain*, thence north HO
(haln*, tbtnee wettSO chain* to the point of
commencement, and cuntalng 610 acres, more or
LoOftted Mth of June, 1U07.
Wll.l.lAM ANM-.KU-  Hh-h
Dated thl*Mh of Jii'y, lltU7.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice th.it tieorge Alexander, ol Kaalo,
B. C , Intend* lo apply for a apeclal timber
licence over the f Mowing described landII
Commencing at u post planted at the northwest
corner of H0etlou VI, !ow!i��h!p7, Kootenay dls
Irlet, being abonl om>-!hird of a mile south of
the south boundary   line  of  the Indian reserve;
thenee antiih   about   :ir.   chains  to   II astcrly
hank of Kooleiiuy river; thonce southeasterly
along Kootenay river bank about CO chains to
the aoulh boundary of Hectlon 12, Township 71
thence easterly ab.,ul fio chain* to Die northwest
cornerof LotWt) ��� BttQQ norih N) chain* along
the wc��t boundaty ol Lot hVl; thence westHO
chaina to the point of commencement, mid containing 09) aete*. more or U��n
Dated July 4, ivuv. Ueohujc ai.kx am.iu,
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
Sr&Si^ 25c Each
Furniture Stock and
Premises for Sale
TENDERS will be received by the
under^iRiieii up lo lli o'clock uooii on
the lith day of July, 1907 for lite i>ur-
Qhasa of the stock in trade of carpets,
furniture, etc, belonglns to the estate
of the late John K. Wood of Hev��'l��toke,
and also for the purchase of the property lately occupied by him as a furniture store and rooming house, situated
on lot 25, Block 2'\, Flan 6.itJA., Revelstoke. Separate U nders may In- made
for the stuck in trade and for the real
estate or tellden made for the stock
and real estate Loesther.
Thi- highest ot any tenders will not
necessarily be accepted. Btock lists
and ih.* property to be sold may be examined on application to the under-
Revelstoke,  June  12th,   l*m7.
Official   Administrator.
Contriitlor   and
Sole agent lor tint- Porto Ktro Lumber t'o.. Ltd.,
retell yard*. Rough end dreeeed iumb*r, turned
work and t-r*< k��-u, 'nut latb and *hlugle*, Rtah
and doom. Cement, i ���;��� k and lime for amle.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory : VernOO St.. eaat of Hall
P. O. Box 2Si Telenbone 178
Corporation of the City of Trail,
Applications will Imj reMtTed by the under-
llgned (or the ponltloi.ii of city clerk, aaavt-tor,
mid chief of police (combined), of Trail, or aj<-
idi'-ntloni) will Ik> received for ��� ���*��������n ami city
clerk only, and chief of j...in . <���>-.:���. Applicant*
to ���<������.!������ age and BXpenenee- All appllraOonii
imiht he in before "���>������ **">th Umlaut.
* W. J.nEVITT,
city Clerk* Aseeaeor-i  Col lector  bun-eotee of
Health atld iTettiiBra, ' '��� ��*.���������' ������f " ' LlceuavH,
Provincial ('otiiUble, Chief of Police, rtr.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rlvere and
Streame Act" and amendmente
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice la hereb} given that 60 daya after date
The <.anadinn Paiifl.: ' irotter Company, Limited,
intend* to foihtnlt lo thy Honorable Chief Com
rnttHMiner of I���t *. aud Worka ^ pr< po��al Ubder
the provUloui of the "Kivera and Htreami Act"
and amendm*'..*- ihurelo, for the n.'i/ to improve Trout ereek and  Ht Irlhutarlea from the
���ouroea ol nee creek uud trtbutartea to the point
wli-re the ����uu- flow* Into Trout lake lu tbe I>U-
trlet of Wait Kootenay, and to remove ob-atruc-
*������-.- Diiti-p..in Htid make the aame fit for driving, hlorlUK. Korllnir and troouiing i"*.:��. raft* and
era ita, uud tlieflnmluK "f lumber thereon, Qao
(or the right to collect toll* thereon
The laud* affectel ire iruun landa and Loin
770, la-*). -ySl, 77**. 77) 7t��, l��l and 1W>, all In
Group 1. Weet Kootenay.
Dated thleWth daj of Mar, MOT.
compAiry, limiikh,
by their hUoUoi, R. M. Macdonald
Notice l�� hereby (riven thalafUr the expiration
of Hlxty day* from tho dat" h��r.-ol itn- Pairuk
Lumber Company. I.tuiitud. lnt��nda to aubuiii to
the Honorable Chief ComrniaBloner ol l.nr.'l- ��ui
Worki ��� proposal under the provUlonn nf the
"Itlvcri and Btreama Aot" and AneodtSg Acta,
fortherlvht to Improve Ihu Slm*m rh>r ln>u>
the mill dam of �����|d company (altuate about
three mile* above the junction of -ai-. Kloeau
river wllh tlie Koolenay rlverj lu the mouth of
the Utile Hlueau river, aud lo Improve Ihu Llltle
Hloctiii river and branched thereof to the northern boundary of ��ub lot 8, lot :inn. and *uh-iut l,
lot 71t,i uroup one, Koolenay dlmrlid, and lo
improve ihe tributaries of *ald rlvera; and re
move obetruotloni from nald rlvera and trlhu
tariee. nnd to make the aame til for drlvlitK. tilor-
Iuk. HorlliiK boon ln*K and laiilnjt loea, timber,
lumber, mft*, and iraftn; auto for the right to
collect loll* thereon.
'lhe Inii'U to be aRceU-d are ll,. following: (a)
Lot* ���Iii*|, 7*Jfitt, 64AU, tWAl, Mbi, JWdll, BHV7, M��, NM,
7i.':i, 7M6, :thA), WIS, all In uroup one, Kooteuay
dlMtriet;   alno   lauda   r-overed    by    pre-*ainptloiin
numbered 4fi, iui, n\ V6b, n&, im mid Vtoi alio
land* t-overert bt* limber HoeseM llitmlKsred .r.Kft6,
���ViM.f. .v,ii. ..,-.,. ..f.wi, .Vn7, Mid  t/itsn;   alao IkiiiIh of
the crown.
Dated thin Oth day of July, v.*r,.
by Ita tolleitor. I. W. Hanhinutoh,
N'Ih.-u Lt.ii.l IUfdrll't. llMih-lof We.4| Kootrniiy'
Take n.itlce tliat dviiiK'' Hltirin, of IIHIiiik*,
Montuna, 11 H, A., ot-i'iii.tuioii, mercliant, lu-
tSQuI lo apply 'or perinl**ion topurcha*e the
follofritiK deacribed laud: ComrnonelUR at a
poxt planted on the weat nhoru of L*pp��r What*
*hiin (Cariboo) lake, and at the north weat corner
of i Ot BIN,   tlience  weat W ehalnn, thetiee south
io chain*, thsoM eait90 ohalnti thenoe m>nh vt
chalua to polut of eumm-uncument, and contain-
iriK so gerei' more or leaa.
May '29th. 19417. QBOgSS RUM,
NelMni Land Dlatrlet.   IMntrlet of Weat Kootenay.
Take D0ttp| that Walter McNeil, of HllHugi,
Montana, c. h a,, occupation merchant, lntenda
l�� apply (or pi-rmiaalon lo pundiane the following ueeortbed laud; OommenciiiK '*��� ,l poat plant-
ad on the weit shore oTv ppet Wbateban (tlariboo)
lake, and at the DOrtbwefct cornerof Ixit BIN,
thenco weit .-ii chaina, thence north HO chalim.
itn-io-e 4-.I-.I vii ehaltm, thcote aouth Witdialna to
point of commencement, uud containing 1A0
acrun, moro or lean.
May .11111., 1907. WaLTKa MfiNglL.
I, the nnttStllgnsd, after 60 day* intend lo apply to the Hon. ti'et -hii-f < 'uiniiiixHioii-rof Landa
and Worka to purchase the following deeerlbra
land: OommeuOlng at the N.K. <;. of Lot 7f.:itt
O. L, theuco went 4u ehalni. thenco uorlb '2ft
c)imI n��, thence MUt to chaina, th��n<M conlh 20
ehalha tn point of cominencemunt, eontainlnK H0
acre* more or leas.
.Located March mh, 1W/7. W. A. MlLU.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Hlxty dayi after date 1 purpuae mafcioK appir
cation to tlie Hon. Chief Commlaaloner of 1 .midland Worka, (or pannleslon u> purchaae the loi-
unrlng tleeerlhed land:   Comnienelng at a pom
Klaced on ihe weat ahore of ls*iwer Whatihan
ike, aU-uta1. mile from tbe outlet of aatue.
and markeu "If. Wi. N.K. coruer poat,'1 run
ntng thence tw. chatm wrtt, u.. tr -��� ao chain**
���outh, ���:���:���.������ ���*> ehaiuB . �����;. UtettoaSO ehalni
uorlh to point of coiunieucemeut. containing
My acres, more or lesa.
Haled the 2nd day of May. I9U7
(Mgned) II    WatBSff,
p��r V   O. Kil*��i in, Agunt.
Sotlre ta bureby given that AO day* after date I
InirUd to apldv to the Hon Chief < otuifllMlouer
o( l.Mii 1. an>l Work* for permiasl-oii to purrhaae
tl,-  following deacrlbcd tract of laud, altuate  In
weet Kootenay dtetrtetj Comnteuetns at a poat
plante.1 on MMVanelu Deaf tt�� c-oufluem e with
nummil creek, marked Margaret Mel ���*<:���,< b'.n n*-
N K corner' tbenev aouth -Knhaln**, thOAUM <*��� ��l
Mb <ihaiua, Iheuce north 4u chain*. tbeUev eaat Ho
(halni to p!a'-.' of lomineu'-t-meul.
23rd May, )*.�� ��� v ,��>������.. *    m   ! . ���    malt,
William Bakhoi a, Agent.
Nii',> (lay* after date I Intend toapply to the
Hou. the 'hlef Comnil->��louer of uuoi and
Worki to pure bane lAOacrfiof land : t.'oininenclug
at a (������������' planted ou the weat able ot 6-Mile ��� reek
on lhe wimiiii road about J1, mllea from fcoot-
euay lake, and marked N>ll MeKe<-bitle'a aoutb-
weat euruvr poat, thence weat 40 cbalu*. lh��!irc
north 4*i f halna, thenc�� eaat 40 ebalua, thence
*> ��� . th 40 ehnlnn lo place of be*iuuina.
1-oeatvd Ibl* n*Srd day of April. 1��<T
'���ii    McKa* tifiK.
R. J   KLUoTT, Ageul.
1, t he underpinned, Intend mii-fi.-u*.*. toapply
to the Hon ike 'hlef > 'niiitiii-Minii-r ol Lands and
Worka for permiaalou to pure haae the followtua
��� 1.'- r it- *,1 laud : Coin tnt-ui-iug at a I��.��: inarkrd
T. M. Sharp'* H K C. ha-ated ou the weat abure
Of HlcN-aii lake, atiout twelve Uil|c�� from the head
of Hlocan lake, theniv wit 40 chain*, tin toe
Uorlh 4'J cbalm. thelice eaat 40 chain*, thct|C4>
aoulh along -h.,ir-* of 81oi'aU lake to {HilUt of
I.o.-at.��� t May tlb. T. M. Hhamc.
Nelaon Lead rHitrtct Dlatrlet of W'e*t Kc-)tenay
Take notice that Kdwant 1'etera of Ymlr, Hrlt-
i*ii Columbia, 04-eupaiion, miner, inteuda to apply for p-crmlMtou lo purchaae lhe (nllfiwitig
��� i.-m. r Him land: i^ommeneing at a po*i plained
on the norlh bank of l^Mit ereik, alxmi threw
mllea eaaierly fn>m the Junction of |��*t creek
and Halmon river. In the Ndiun lan<l dlstrk't,
tbence north On ehalni., thciie�� weat Ao elAalnn
thenoe aonth Hu chain**, more or 1cm, t-' I .���1
Week, thenee eaat toilowtng  -.,..1  creek to point
oi coini,.. v.,. \ ���   and containing 4ho >.-,, -.
more or lean
Haled June life, 1SM7 Ki.**.������ * t-.u  1 , .. c,
Dlstrlet o| Wert ^otensr*
Take notice that William Havld Anderaon, of
Htrdar, occupation brldgemau. Inteud rto apply
for psrmlaglon tO purchaae the following daserlh-
ed landa: Coinmi-uciug at a pert planted at the
north aide of Hummll creek, marked H. W.,
Ihenee mirth '20 chain*, lheiie�� eaat 4b chalua,
Ibence iouth '20 cbalna, tbence west 40<baliia
to point of commencement.
Wm.iiam Iia vru ANr>KR.*oN,
W. J.HtXiTj, Agent
iiiviie-r w< a*, uo cuallia tnence aoillli ho it,���*ii-
inore or leia, to 1 .,.1 ereek, Ibenceeaat tollowiui
aald ereek to puliil of eotnmeueemeiil and ��� oil
Ulnltig 4Mb acrea, more or lesa.
Haled June Mb", IVOl
John I'liiLiiihT.
Nelaon Laud lUalttct. iMatrbt of Weil Kootenay
Take notice that Frank Melionald, ���( Nelaon.
Brltlah Columbia, occupation miner, intend* to
apply for iiermiaalon to purchaae the following
deacribed laud*: Coinmcte'Hig al a poat planted
on the north bank of l.-.��t creek and abonl one
mile eaau-rly from the Jutnilon of iA,*i ereek
and Halmon river, lu the Nelaou land dlatricl,
thence north ftd ehalni, thence ea*t r-i ehalna,
thence aoutb 60 chaina, thenee weal (Ml chaina to
point of commencement, and containing !��vi
acre*, more or lea*
Hated June fttb, 19"?. Kkaxk MrI)or*Al.b.
Notice li Iiereby given thai HO daya alter date I
Intend lo apply to the Honorable tha Chief Com
mla*loiier of Landi and Work* for permlialon
U> purchaae the following deacrlbcd land, nlluato
In West Koolenay d|*trlcl* Commencing at a
poil plant'd at the wast boundary ol l,ot WV2 01,
and aUiut 10 chain* aonth of theaoiilh liouudary
of the right of way uf the It. ��-'. Houthcrn railway, and marked P. A. l*'s aoutheasl corner,
thenco we*l 1<��) chains, thence uorlh to the aouth
boundary ol the Hghf-oi-way of B. O.Sonthern
railway, thenee (ullowltig itald boundary of aald
right of way in an eaau-rly direction to Ihe weat
boundary of I.ot ��&i 01, theneu south to place of
commencement, coutaluliig lot) acrea, more or
Hated this 14th day of June, 1907.
Nelaon I^nd Histrict.   Hlalrlctof Weat Kooteuay.
Take notlee that Kdward Fraser,of Hilling*,
Montana, D. H A , occupation wool buyer, hi
tend* to apply for permlaalon tu piirchas*i! the
fallowing dcM't.beif lsnd: Commencing at a
post planted uu tho weat ahore of Upper whal-
ihau (Cariboo) lake, and nt tho amilhcaat comer
of Lot HID9, them'.- weat'20 chain*, thence south
OOci.aluH, thence east 20 chalua, thenee aonth 20
ehaltifl, thenee east 40 chain*, more or Icki, to thu
weat shore of Cppor WhatMian (Cariboo) lake;
thence northerly and westerly along the nald
shore K0 ehains, more or leaa, to point of (Ol ��-
mencemeut, ami containing ���..���u acres, more or
May itvtb, 1907, Kdwahp Krarbb.
Hlxty day* aftet date I purpose making application lo the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Worka for perm 1**1 on lo purchase the
following described land: Commencing al a
poat placed at the iiorlheasl c< rncr <>( 6* Oa
Skinner's appll'alion to pnrehuse murked
MR H's, N. W corner post" thonce following tbe
eastern boundary of **!d application B chaina
south, thence running Htl cIihIus enst, thetiee ��o
ehalus north to the southern boundary of H W.
HaiinltiKton's application to purchaiio, ibniee ho
chains west along same to point of com menu-urn-out, coutaliiliiK 04o acres, more or less.
Hated 2nd day of May, 11*07.
(Signed) K.HuikLL,
lair K.u. Faumiusu, Agent.
Hlxiy  daya after date 1 intend  to a* ; *    :���    ���
Hon    Chief fomtnlaaloner of Landa an-1 Wtrb !
for   i-rii)'.*.*.01 u��   purchaa��   tbe   foi low lu *J��
acrfU-d  land   in   Wart  Kooteaay dUtrlrt: ^m
men.-lug    at  a   poal marked   A. C. H'a n-nrtka-ai  !
UOrnei   p<<at.   rtinnlng   ��0 chalua eaaierly .   .( '
the boundary of Tlmbtr I lee ore No Wt, ih����� '
southerly "*> ebain*. thenc* ���eetetfi 40 rkuu I
thanee   northerly  bo cbalna  along Hie C f I
track to ti;.   *. .��...(. .on tn. 11.. in. nt. ������ 1, t.-.-.f 1
two hundred twrv��, more ur leaa
Looa-ted thla Vth day of May. 1W7.
A, C. Ht -e   LocatM.
Mlily  days after data I Intend toapply u *t* i
Hon  Cblet C<immi*alon��r  of  l*udi and Worn |
to ;��� ;f- I,"-  -" immi of land loraund about   c �� ;
--.���������-;   uf   it-n'.i.n       Commencing m a pa.
������.-.���.������   ������ .1* the aouthweat rarorr of I ������'. Blil.u4
marked ������   A   Ilunier'a anutbeast i-orner, :������������������
north 4o ehalni,   ihro-re   waat 'A rbalni, ���������.*��� !
south 40 ehalna, fhenr�� east    20 chain* to |Mi
of U-glnning.
1.. -.'���   1 April '20th, )9rn. U. A 11 "Tit
par A. Kiiiii AgeaL
Notlec li hereby given teat eo flava after diu ���
lnu-Uil to apply to the MuDorable Uie il-!1 :
'.-������! of : -:. U and Worki tor permUal.-ii ������
purchaae the followlug ilr-wrll-.l trari .������ n*
situate in West K<>.-w itn) district: �� i'tui/it U .'.f
at a *|..i��: planted oo rfacer ereek, near tu w��
flnem-e wiib Hummlt ��� r<. k. uarkau Wlltaa
Harbour'a N. W* corner, ibent* south 40 cbitu
thofleeMet 40 thalas,   ���.:.. u.*e  north **.:.*�����
thenos worteo ahaim to place ot eoaaMeaweS
IM May. 1907. Wi,;i.�� Bassoci
Notice 1* hereby given thai eo days allrrdiu -
Intend lo apply t*. the Hon. Chief routni*ai��^
|>I Un-li and Work* for permlialon uipurtka*
the following described laud In Wral CovWM)
dlatrlet. 011 weat ahore of lx>wer Arrow 1**�� j
adjoining Un No. 4MS. on tbe aoutb i Heftitiaist
at a [���������*; marke��l "Harry Mi-Ir.-r- Nl con** |
��al ami planted ou the ahore of t>**wft Artfi
ike. ai the aoutheast corner uf Capt I "������ w ''
i 4:��1M. Ibence weat *U chains, tbrm*. Ml *
chalua more or leas to the north bouodan "' k
Kullmore'a P. H , thence "Jo chain* eait ai��� ��� ."���-*
aald boundary to lake, thenee north alrnai *���
lake ihore   20 chalm,   more or leai to ]������'���������
May 2nd. 1W7. J. 1'   M     -i
 Agent for Harry McLeo^ |
Hlxty day* after data 1 intend to aptuj* u> -J* j
Hon.   lhe   Chief   Commlaaloner   of   1*Q'�� **
W'orka. Victoria, to purchaae  ISO acres of ���*>* 1
;.������>.',. 'I ou the weit ilde of Arrow lake ��� ad '"*f I
directlf north of l ������; 747e: Commencing si ap* I
ptented at the N. K. corner of lani 7976 and tart
ed   'li.lt  H. K.  eororr," and  running nor'-" ��� |
ehatna. thence west '20 ehalna.  thence  nont ��
chain*, thence   west HO ehalni   tbetiw Ml ���
chains, thence east 40 cbalna to point wi t*l��
April Xlrd, 1W7. Hbmtha HaAStit.
i. K. Akhasi s, Agant
Hlxiy dayi after date 1 inteud u>apptyjo* I
Hon Chief ' ���'ii.mia-i.it.,., of I-andi and ���*�����** I
VleU>rta, B.C., to purchaae the follnwlDl ���"
a. rlbed land, situated In tbe Waat Kootenai* .
irlet: Commeuilug at a post planted <a��JI
weal aide ol Kootenay lake, near Khla."*^*
point, aud marked J. Wck loiion'a H ���t'rt'i2l
post, thelice weat 80 chala*. thenee aorin ��I
chalm, thunce eail HO chain* mora or ���l**���* '��� 1U' ,
ahore. thenee along lake ahore to point e< ���* I
mencenient. ,,    I
dated April 4, inn. Signed J   Mcgiw����_ I
Noliee la hereby given that ai xl J day ' afb ' '**
I Intend to apply to the Hon  (hfcl t oiumla-'^ 1
of 1 ��� i,,i    and   Work! for t>��rmi**lon to y--   V 1
the   following dcacrtbed trail of land all*��w�� I
Weal Kooteuay illatrlct:      Commencing �������
lilanled atMiut one half mile north from !<"�������
.���>iiiniull  crwtk,   marked   Jean   , iinamii ��� !*   .
coriiwr,   1 b-.ii..    eaat  40  cbalm,   thenee nor n �����
chalua, tbence   weal   40  chain*,   thence n'U"1 *" |
��� halna to place of foinineurcinenl
M May. 1W/7 iK*\H * abSW"*
William luanoia. **r""^_^
Notice is hereby glveu that sixty day* *����*, I
date   I   intend   to apply lo the ffMorfcW 22 |
t omml.aioner of Uud* and Work* lor tOtW,
lion to purchase the following deacrtl-c'1 trs"��
laud, altualed in Weit  Kmil'-nay dlatrb t     ,'T
tnenelna   at  a   poet   planted  on HummM snap
hi t one half mile northwest from f"rkt �������
edJ.H   MeL'aN   K. oornor. theuee weal Wrk*��*
Ihenee  soulh   40 chain*,   thence  eaal *','1*"V
Uienc�� uorlh to   chalua to  place id ctnai"*0'
inenl. .,-
2��rd Mav, WO. John H. N��.L*t'"'u''
William BAkeoua, Agtui. ^_
Tako nottee that Harry Williams uf ����|J*-
B C , rauchui, lntenda to apply f,,r !M . uj* io 1
lo purchaae lhe lollowlng dcicrlbed l����u
Weat Kooteuay dlslrici:
Coinm *������ net tig al a post planted ��dJM&-aart' S
louthcHHt corner of f^*>l ��ls lhon��ainl ���'"*,��� ,w I
red aud dghlyflve [0MB), Hroun OOA 0o\ZZ ���
dlaliict, thence aoulh twenty (*>) C
llirn'* .
dlaliict, thence aouth  twenty (*2u) ca*J����< ��� * .
west une hundred and alxty (teO)chsliia, t�� .
north twenty (JO) uhalui. theaee ea*t PBS ��'
red aud   ilxty (IHO) ehalus tn the pOJSl�� '%,
meiicemetii and roiitatntng OM aorw. �����"
Iiattsl the 19th day of May, 1907. ..t*Mh
I, the undar*igned, after 00 da��s ��bi��'u'1,,.Difi I
ply Ui the Hon   ihe chief C*u��nilsslii��t""��ln7p;
and Worfci  for  permlaHlon   lo  pnrehaie 01
lowing   deacribed laud:    CoUimeiicltiR_�� ��r>j
marked   N   K. C ,  alttlated   on   the weal *��"a.
hi,..an lake, about twenly miles from Hba-sn    -^
ihenee west to chains,  theucu "��"��'*',:.- E I
thenre east 40 cbalm,   thence norlh ���'"'���.,, J
Hbore of  lake HO chalas In point of coi-n"
meui. _       uuiir.
Uicated May lib. MP -^*"
Bavrs Wnrra. Agent.
Hlxty .lays.ftiT rUtu i pnrpos.)
tlon tn tliu tllilcl I ,.mnil..li'li'
Works Tor iiurtnlsston to piiri'lias.- tho "J--��j^ I
��� 1 ,��� >,-rL 1....1 IhihI : (.'iimmonolii* st *..l"t", ���,,il I
st tin. iHsrihwMii'oriiur ol loUi**' ' *""'.wnK I
i'il -r MlC'sHK nsrui r |Kist," rlinuln* '".,.,��I
HohalM north thcnci.au ih.lns west, "**,���, ol I
chsins south, thenco WI chsins cssl. 10 FJS ��i I
cnminouccuitint, cunt.lulnfi 641) seres, i"
IlKtoil l his nth liny olM��y,1907.   ���_���,ii(xb
(HI��n��Ui I'*t��" ��<<*''.',
��   iliivs Hilar il.te I Intend to ���l'l,l"f u'ni.i !
Hilcl roiuinii. H i  ol l.��nii"s ���  ,
Hlsty  ill
Hoi.   (1,1,1   uniiinnsMoiii'i   "i   '�����    t|,  .
to imri'linso MO ��cri>s ol Unil, sltuslc on u     ���,
ildo ol Arrow l��kc.nbouttvromllo" '"''"J l���rii I I
K-il st tin- �� "���;'J ,i ' |
''���"NW,r; "si,"1
uiiiiik  enst sn chHliis, lliolira ��<��1'1"-J ,|���||- j
ih.-r  4v.-��i  40 clmlns,  tlisli.-e ""!";'���,.i,.igil"
llioiicc west 411 chsins, tlM'iicc north w illn
plsno oMiuglnnlnji. ���    .,..r icft,
A. X. BUM-OK. *��*""*
tniiiuni-lllK st .. poMl plHtitcil *l io
I. *>M7, Ml msrlccil N. T H's N. tt
llni Ion. April '��� The Daily Canadian
U $fy
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ie BACON We Sell
|Cives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Hams  Are
Excellent  Also.    All   Are Canadian
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Burns & Co., Ltd.
Dlatrlet. Dlatrlet ol We*t Kootenay
��� that lieorge Alexander, ol Kaitlo,
���.linn tnlue ni-iuii,'. i Intemls to af>-
""��! linilM-r liceuce over the follow
 '    Imid:       �� iitiini.Ti.WiK   at   a   pout
Ommv    ii..rlli--ii*Kt    I'orioT   ol   l...t   \o\*>.
^^teiiity   Muriel,    thence   we*t   fio
*ouih  -tu chaiud,   thenoe  east 6"
uorlh  io chains  to  lhe point ol
it, and Containing -iW acre*, more
907.       Qnones aluamuk.
DUiriit Dlatrlet01 WeetKootenay
j that George Aloxander, of KaalOi
itlon mine nuwa-ger. Lntendi to an*
"' .1 timber licence over the follow-
_ land*: OomnenCtttg at a poat
the southeast corner of Lot ioQA.
lU-nay Dlatrlet) theuee norlh fcO
B weet >*i I'lmiii-, theuee Houlh HO
m tta*l 80 chaiutt to point of cum
and  containing  MO acre*, more or
'Jomo'aG. l:*r..
�� .K'.li'.K  AUtXAKUBK.
^Dlslrici. Dtstrtet ol Woet Koou-nay
that tieorge Alexaoder, of Kaslo.
ion iniiif managrr,, Intends to ap
jUl timber licence over tbe follow-
id   land*:     Commencing al a   post
the M>uthea*l   corner   ,.t   1 --��� i   lOOb,
>tenay   Dlslrici,   iheuce    north 80
H-t  fin chain*,   thence aonth W
.-i  60  chain*   to  the  polut  of
ml. and coutainlug 4ao acre*, more
27, un.
iDlslrlct.   District of West Kooteuay
!*ta*��ttee thai '���������orw,-   Aleiaildei,   ol   Kaslo,
"LCfceeeesetlon mine managi r,   luivtid*   to -'���
���Slfctei������' "���   -���
1*1 iinit-i liven c
d  !
er the
 _��    District,   thenee   west   40
iuu'ililm'  chaina,   theuee  east 40
rth lfaO chains  to  the point of
ml. rtti-i   contaiuing &W acres, more
-fratMl-lnae 27, ivr.
iPlslrlil.   District ol West Kooteuay
1 that tieorge Alexander, o! Kaslo,
On mine manager, luteuds   tu ap-
���  tlmtar  licence over tin- follow-
llan<is-    t'oinmeiiclng  at  a  po*t
-"-eouthwest  comer of Section   13,
Kooteuay   DUtrlct,   thence  north W
I   soulh    bouuitary   of   the   Indian
See   eant   about   Iu  chain*   lo   the
-     of said Indian   RetetTO, thenc*s
  thence   es��l   about 7��> ehalus to
the weet houndn I-.   of i.oi mj, m. nee  m>uiIi ��i
���Ke  wesl  mi chains   lo  the  point  of
ISnt, and  coutalulng Mu acres, more
lOU* 17,  1W7. tiKOIti.K AI.KXAKURH.
Helena I nnd IMi-trlri.   IM-lfl' -I of Went KtHiU-Uay
.TWteneUW-Ui.it   '.i-irfi-   AlixatiiUi.  ol Kasli ,
���,O..OOlttna��on ininc   itir.ti��([cr.   intend* to ap
ftoreieeclal hiiiImt   licence over the follow
rteepfim t   Ihii.i-        commencing   .it   <���    l'""i
lit   the   nil- in rll 1   U.e in.rlh   .Ule of
Si. Town-hip 7, Kooteuay District, and
tltneol th. '-i.li.iii It. MT\e, tlience south
Ltheine eap.1 ah.ml ~0 chain* to the west
To! Lot 812, thence north wt chains,
ktabout "t> chains to the point of eom-
Kft, and couialniug MM acres,  more ur
June J"   It*I.
'.EOItoE   ALIXASltlH.
Iiand District.   Dlstrictof Wc*t Kooten*v
l��eew>t'ee   that   <icurgr)   Alexander, of Kaslo,
5U��ee��pail..ii  mine innh.^er,   int. ii.th   to  ap
"- ^^^t-Ul llinher licence  over   the follow-
_Ibed   lands:     i-ouiim ncing  at  a post
���Sthe intersection   of the south   line of
��� Township 7   Kootenav   Ulstrlat,   and
Hne of the Indian Keserve.  theme eaat
fefclhs to the weit  boundary of Lot MS.
Tth 8i>   chains   to  the   south   bank   of
,   thence   westerly ��o chains along
of (ioat river   to lhe west line ol said
tl..-ue-  south  0o chains to  polnl   of
���in. nttiii'i  containing  Mo acres, more
inne 21, 1107.
Oinm;k ai.i.x *m.kk.
bnd District    DUtrlct of West Kootenay.
teaotlcc   lhat   lieoTK"'    A lc sander of  Kaalo,
^Bopatton   mine manager, intends to up
Oipceml   timber   III cine ovor US follow-
lerihcd   lands:     Cmnineticlng  at s post
��l the Bouthwestcorner of lxjt b20, Uroup
mav   district,   tbence  south   100 chain*.
���ut   -i  chains to the uortheant uorner of
llati i.���nerve: thcn.e north about :wchain*
Xrlvi'r;   then.v westerly along lhe south
jf Ooai river nln.nl   l.:> chain* lo 'he  south-
eotUCT   of   I.ot   '.-il;   iheuce north about .��)
into tin-   northwest   curlier of   Mthl l.ot 4'Jl;
���ast   about  71   chains   to   the   southwest
OfLot >c*>l;   thence   north about :t'> chain*
theaat coruer ol i..>l '������-'��. thenoe west 40
iO tbe polut ul commencement, and con-
TtiO acre��. more or less.
June J7, 1907 (iKOHtlN  Ai i t a x li it
Notice  I*  hereby    given    that M> days
te I intend to  apply to  the  Chief  Com-
ol    Land   and    Works,   lor   a   *pee|iil
$0 cut and curry timber Irom the   lollow-
Ibed iMli'U,   situated   on   the southeast
Halmon   river.   In   the    dUtrlct   or  West
j:    L'oinmi'ticlug at a post  placed almut
* -  si of Hose I.. ��l creek marked "R. M
rthwest   corner,"  theme HO chain*
_|h4)UccH0  chains  east,   thence HO chains
i,thence H0   chains   Went   to   place   ol   t'OUl-
"   oi the llth day of June, 1007.
It   M, Kbkvkb, Loi'iit'T.
kg,   Notice  Is  hereby   given    that  no dayi
b 1 Intend to apply  t" the Chief Coin-
,  nf  Lauds  and  Works,   lor  a  "-.pedal
to out and carry timber from the foUow-
icrllM'd   lands  situated ou   the  souther-mi
rthe Halmon river, lu the   dlstrictof   West
lay:   Commencing al a poet placed about
ds went of Hose Leaf creek, marked "K   M
2 southwest   corner,"    theuee 80
uorth,   thence HO   ehnins   easl,   thence 80
sonth,  thence 80 chains west to place of
ate.I on the 10th day of June, 1907.
li. M.  ItRKVKI, l.ociiloi
fclAiul Dtstrtet.   Dlstrictof Wesl Kooteuay.
Notice Is hereby given  that thirty days  alter
* TBi ���'* ''* Hwedhorg,  of   Nelson,   It. (' , miner,
^1 to appl>   to  the   Hon. tho Chief t'onimla-
1 of   land',  and Works, al   Victoria,  for   a
llconsu  to cut and   carry a*>ay  timber
tho InllowltiK descrilied laud*, situated ou
Sit creek, In the Wen Kooteuay district:
���^ffj.���' omniencing  at a post marked J. V. H's
Inher   limit,   uorthca*t corner po*i, located ou
let  lork   of   Huinmll  creel;, about 2 uilleri from
WLcreek, thence rnuulug soulh M0  ehalus,
running west-to chains, thence running
[40 chains,   theuco  west  10 chains, thence
[80 chains, thence ruunluu easl 40 chains,
j running  nouth  10 chains, thence east 40
I to place ol commencement.
��tl this .-ib day of Juue, \\nn.
J. I'. Hwkuiixttii, Locator.
>, 2.    ''oiiHiieiiciNK   ut a poit murked J. I'. H'h
���r limit, northwest corner po*i, l... utcd on
rk ofBumtnll creeS. about two mllos from
neck,   ihenee   riinniug   *otllh   HO  chain*.
in iiniiii'   cast   80 iliiiln-.. thenco running
Ho uhalns, then be ruuuiuK westflo chains
e .ii   I'lilinii.-iit nil,  |||
��d the Mh day of Juue, 1007.
J. T, UwauuKKU, l.ocalor.
NStBOfl Land District    District ul Wcsi Kooteuay
Take notice thai WalU-r Kdwards, of Ferguwin,
II. t'. occupation  cook,  intend*  to apply  tor a
speetal tnmher licence over tho loiiowmg dee*
erltwd land*: Coiniuencim: ai a po*t planted
IU nilse up a croek ruunlug Into the hea*! of
t'arlb'iu latte, on the east side of Cariboo lake
and marked "Walter Kdward's northwest corner," thenee south 80 chains* thence eaat 80
chains, thenee north 80 chain*, thence west 80
chain* io point of commencement, and txjuiaiu-
Iiik API acres, more or less.
Dated April *J7ih, 1��<7 Waltbr Edwards,
by hi* agent P. C. Makmno.
Nelsou 1-aud
Take until
11 C .oeeupa
Hpeclnl tlmbv
cribed land*
up Htevens t
Kvan's cortif
Kdwards I u��
40 chain*. ':,-
40 chains, th
or leas.
Dated M
District. District ut West Koolenay
. that Waller Kdwards, of Ferguson,
tioii i-ook, lntendi to apply for a
r licence over the fallowing des-
: Commencing at a post A1*, mil-*
reek, and a !�� mile ��a*t from A.
r poit No. 9, and markeil "Walter
.rthwest corner post," thence east
-nee soulh 160 chains, theuee west
ence north 100 chains to point of
-ul, aud containing 640 acre*, more
30th, 1U07. WaI-TKB KnwARDa.
by hi* agent F. C Manning.
Nelson I and District. DUtrlct of West Kootenay
Take uotlce that Walter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B. <-., occupation cook, luteuds to apply for a
special timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a ixjet planted
about �� mile from the bead of Cariboo lake and
one mile esst of said lake, and marked "WalU-r
Kdward'* nonthWe*t corner," theuee north 80
chains, thence eail 80 chains, tbeuee soutb 80
chain*, thence wesl 80 chains to poim of commencement, and containing 040 acres, more or
Dated May 80th, 1907. Waltir KnwAaiw.
by his agent F. C. HAggftMS*
Nelson I *.n-l r>lstriet.   District of West Kootenay
ThSe notice that Arthur K. Kvaus, of   Beaton.
ll. ��' .j.an.* ii i Tii-. .-, Intend* toapply for a
special timber licence over the following described lauds: (Tommenciug al a post planted
about .r) mile* upHtevens creek running Into the
east side of Cariboo lake marked "A. i\ r van's
Fouthwesi comer post," theuee north-80 chains,
M..-ii'-e east 80 uhaios, thence south 80 chains,
tbence west 80 chains to p.lnt of eommeucement. and containing M * acres, more or less
Daleil May It'th, ItsTi. Artiich K. s.vaks.
by hU agent F. C. Manmm..
Notice la hereby given that thirty day* after
date I Intend toapply to fhe Hon. the Chief Commissioner of l-.in.l- and Works for a special licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following deMTlbed lands In West Kootenay
dlairiel*. Commencing al a \---\ planted on the
ti- M!i bank of Ten Mile creek, al>out one mile
and a half from Hlocan lake, marked 11. II I'llt*'
northwest corner post, thence east 1W chain*,
thence soutb 40 chains, iheuce west 160 ehains,
thence norlh 40 chains lo place ol commencement.
luted this -���''th day of June, 1907.
H. H   Pitts, Locator,
A. W. bTlTBUH, Agent
Notice 1* hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend lo apply to the Honorable
Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works at
Victoria, B.i... lor a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
lands tn weet Koolenay district: Commencing
at a posl planted on the west bank of Hinelter
creek, about oue mile south of the City of Nelson,
thence south 80 chains, ibence wesl 80 ehalus,
thenee north 80 chains, tbence cast 8u chains to
plaee of commencement.
Dated this llth day of June, 1907.
0. C O-ark, I-ocator.
D. BcotM, Agent.
Nelson Laud District. District of West Koolenay
Take notice lhat John I'hllbert, of Nelson,
British Columbia, saloou keeprr, lnteuds to
apply for a special Umber license over the following deaiTilled lands: Commencing at a post
Elan ed about three miles up the first rtirhi
and branch of Lost creek and about Ave miles
distance aud in a southeasterly direction from
the junction of -nil ���'-ust creek and the south
fork of Halmou river In the Nelson land district,
thuuee north So chains, thence east 8o ehalus,
thence soulh 80 chains, thenee west 80 chains to
point of commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Dated Juue 12th, 1907. John I'hii.hkkt,
Nelsou Und District, DUtrlct of West Koolenay
Take notice lhat Johu I'hlltiert, of Nelson,
Biltlsh t'nlumhU, saloon Keeper, Intends to
apply for a Ipeetal Umber license over the following described land*: Comin-nclng at a pO*t
planted BO the north side Of 1.0*1 creek ataiUl
*ix mile* distant aud In an easterly direction
from lhe junction of 1 ��� ���������' creek and the south
fork of Halmou river lu the Nelsou land district,
thence west 80 chains, theuee south 80 chains,
ibence easl 80 chains, iheuce uurlh 80 chains
to point of commencement, and containing MO
acres, more or leu.
Dated Juue lJlli, 1907. John I'll I l.nartT.
NeUon Und DiUrtct. District of West Kootenay
Take uotlce that John I'hllbert, of Nelson,
British Columbia, kalooii keeper, Intends to
apply for a special Umber license over the following de-. nl,.-.l land*: Commencing nt a nost
planted nn the north -id.- ..( l.o-i creek about
lour mile* distant aod in au easterly direction
from the Junction of said Ust creek and tho
south fork of Halmon river in the NuDon land dlslrici theuee west Htiehalns, Ihenee houth 8uchaln*
thence east 80 chain*, thenee norlh 80 chains to
polnl ol eommeucement, and containing 040
acre*, more or less.
Dated June Pith, 1907. John Phu.bkkt.
Nelson Laud District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Johu I'hllbert, of Nelsou,
British Columbia, saloon koeper, Intends tu
apply lor a special Umber licctine over the following descrilied jatids: Commencing at a post
abOUl one ninl one-half miles up the fir.t rlaht
baud branch of l.o- t creek, and about four tntlcs
dlstaut and in a hou tbeasterly direction trom the
Junction of *aid Uist ceek and the south fork of
Halmon river In the Nelson land district, thenco
north 80 ehultiH, theuco east 80 chain*, ihenee
south U chains, thence wesl fco chain* lo lailtit
of commencement and containing 040 acres,
more or less.
Dated June Vila, 1907. John I'hii.rkrt.
Nelson Und District. Dlstrictof West Koolenay
Take nOtlOf thai lohu Filbert, of Nelson,
Brlll*h Columbia* saloon keeper, Intends to
apply for a special timber llccuso over the following described lands: Commencing al a post
planted atioul two miles up the right band
branch of I-o*t creek and nboul four miles distant and in a southeasterly direction from lhe
junction ol said Lolt creek mid the south fork
of Hiiliiii.n river in tbe Nelsou land district,
thence aoulh 80 chains, tbence east W) chains,
theuee north 80 chains, thence west 80 ehains te
pn.nl nf commencement, aud containing 010
acre*, more or less.
!'��i. .1 Juue Uth, 1907. John Pini.naRT,
Nelson Und Dlstrlet. District of West Kou'ctiay
Take nollec lhat John 1'lcli..- i of Ncl*on,
Hi in- li Columbia, *i*tlooti keeper, Intend* to apply for a special Umlier licence over the following .1- '���.���Mlie.t lands: Commencing at a
pout planted on (lu*. norlh spin of laud enck and
about four miles dinlaut and In an easlcrlr
direction from the junction  of said   l<ost creel
Hnd ni nili fork of Halmon river In  the N<l
son land iliNtrh t, Iheuce ta*l 80 chain*, thence
south ho chatus. Ihenee west 80 chains, thence
north 80 ehalni to the point of commencement
and containing <-i<< acres, moro or less.
Dated Juue 1'JtU, 190L John PHILMST
Steps Towards Partial  Control   of   Railways Advocated in America-
Roosevelt Opposed.
Washington, July 18.���An entirely
new and extremely radical proposition
for control of rallrouds has been advanced for the conHideratlon of rivsi-
dcni Roosevelt. It involves partial ownership of transportation lines by actual
purchase of slock.
The suggestion has been made In a
seml-olliclal way, but whether President
Roosevelt would adopt the scheme,
which Is so nearly Socialistic in its de-
veloximent, may well be doubted. Jt
has been stated, however, that he is
actually considering such a recommendation, and lhat it is part of the prop-
usjtinn to bring; the railroads to time
by securing receivers for them.
The two schemes fit into each other
Iierfectly. It would be practically im-
Iiossiblo for the government to secure
the appointment of receivers or to control in any way receivers after they
were appointed unless it had a monetary interest In the railroad. If It
owned stock, no matter how small an
amount, It would have a standing in
court, the same as the largest creditor
of 'in* road.
The Idea of purchasing stock is a
practical one, but it is undeniably government ownership on a small scale,
and Inevitably would result In actual
ownership In the long run. The theory
of those who ha\'e advanced this
scheme for the consideration of President Roosevelt in that by a comparatively small investment in the stock
there might be a small measure of government ownership, but without any
government control, so far as the running of the road Is concerned.
It 1b not believed here that President
Roosevelt will give the new scheme favorable consideration, lie has declared
himself against government ownership,
by which hn meant ownership outright,
of railroads. He suggested that this was
Socialistic In its tendency.
It is easy to see that by the purchase
of stock in a railroad the government
would be in a position to secure much
better control than is now possible In
the first place, as previously stated, a
stockholder has a right to appeal to the
courts for redress at any time he considers his interests are Jeopardized The
small stockholder In this way indirectly
Is given some of the control of the railroad, although, of course, he has nothing to do with its actual operation.
The plan officially given out through
the department of justice the other day
for the appointment of receivers was
fatally defective, because the government would in no case be financially interested nnd would have only a precarious standing In whirl. The proposition to hny stock is sft necessary to the
Nelson L*nd Ptslrlct   District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that William Andrew Ross, ot
Fernle, B C , hotel keeper, intends to apply (or
a special timber licence over the following described lands:
Ko. 1���t'ommenclng al a poet planted about
five miles west of the Kootenay river, on Corn
creek. In the District of West Kootenay, and
being about six miles north of the International
boundary line, and about two miles west of Mm
ber liceuce No. 064S, thence iouth in chains,
tbence easl HO chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west ho chains to point ol commencement
and containing OiO acres, more or less.
Located 1 .ih June, 1��D7.
Na 2���Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of VV Ilium A Koss' No.' claim,
theoce soutli M cbalna, thence went so chains,
thence north HO chains, thence east 80 chains,
to tho point of commencement, and containing
640 acres, more or less.
Located l.Mh June, 1W>.
No. 8 ������ Commencing at a poit planted about
two miles west of the northeast corner of William Koss' No 2 i.Uiin, thence iouth Ml chains,
ihenee east SO chains, tbence norih 80 chains,
thonce west Hnuhaini to the point of eommeucement, ami ooutalntng 640 �� res, more or less.
Located  l.'tlh  June,   IW7.
No. 4 - ..mii.-nciiu-r at at a post planted at
the northwest coruer ol William A Hou'No.1
claim, thence north 80 chains, thence west SO
chains tlience south 80 chains, thenee east W)
ehaius to the point of commeucemeut, coutalulug tilli hit, p.. more or less.
Located tMli Juue,lW7
No b. commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner ol William A. Hon' No aclalm,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 ch-ilns. tbence east 80 chains to
tbe point of commencement, and coutalulng 640
acres, more or less.
Ln.-Hted  l.'.tlt   hine.lWlT.
No 6, Commencing at a peat plauted about
two allies west of the northeast earner of William A. Koss' No. I claim, tlience south HO chains,
thence easl wi chains, thence north 80 ohalus.
thence wen 80 chains to the point of commencement, aud containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located 1Mb Juue, 19177.
No 7. Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest coruer of wpilam A. Koss' No.lclalm,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thenee south 80 chains, thence west HO chains to
point of commencement, and containing tt40
acres, more or leus.
Locau-d 1Mb June, HOT
No 8 Commencing at a potd pi-1tiled about
40 chains south of the northwest corner of Wll-
Hhiu V Kohh'N'o 6 claim,thence north 81 chains,
theuee west HO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 ehalus to the point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located l.Mh June, 1��07.
No I ���Commencing at a post planted about 40
chains south of the northwest corner ot William
A Koss' No. 6 claim, thence south 80 chains,
thence wesl fri ehalus. ihcnc ��� north 80 chains,
thence esst 8o ehalus to Ihe |mln' of commcuoe-
ment, and containing 640 acrus, more or less.
Located 1Mb June, 1107.
No 10 Commencing at a tmst planted about
two iiiil-K west of the northeast cornea nf William A Koss'No. 0 claim, thence south SO chains,
theucu east W chains, tbeuee north 80 ohalns,
thenco west 80 chains to lhe point of commencement, and coutainlug 640 acres, more or less.
l-nciitc.i 16th June, 1907.
No. 11- Commencing at a post planted about
two miles west of the northeast corner of William
A. Koss' No. V claim, thence north 80 chains,
thence east W chains, tbence soulh 80 chains,
thence west, so chains to the point of commence-
meut and containing uio acres, more or less.
Lociited 15th June, 1907.
No Vi -Commencing at a post planted about
20 chains south ol tlie northwest corner of
William A. Knss' No It) claim, thence south so
chains, ihenee wist no chains, thenee north so
cbnlns, Ihenee -oast 80 chains lo point of coin-
uiaucemciit aud containing 64(1 acres, more or less
Looatea imu Junu, iuo7.
vo. D Commencing Ht a post planted about
A) chains soulh ol the northwest corner of William A Koss' No- 10 claim, tnence north W
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence soulh 80
chains, iheuce caslW) chiilus to the point of comC
men.'.-ini m and containing IHO acres more or lesa,
Dated this Tub day of July, 1907.
William AKuaaw Kum,.
Bcheme for the appointment of receivers that it Is almost evident President
Roosevelt cannot indorse one in hla
next annual message without taking
them together.
It has been suggested that In certain
cases the government might pursue ita
purchase of stock to a point where it
would have enough to entitle it to at
least one member of the board of directors. With a government director in
the managing body of a great railroad
it would be less easy for the QtHitToBtnt;
element in the road to resort to secret
means of financing or operation.
The government would be in position
to secure all necessary information as
to traffic arrangements, stuck operations, and consolidation with other railroads.
There are a great many people who
make a strong distinction between
these two things. They have no objection to a municipality or the government owning railroads or street car
systems, provided the actual operations
are intrusted to private hands. One of
the strongest objections to government
ownership has always been the manifest danger of creating enormoas political machines, the employees in turn,
on account of their political strength,
practically1 dictating the terms of their
own employment.
The suggestion haB been made, therefore, that President Roosevelt might not
object to government ownership to almost any extent, provided it did not involve government operation, but merely
still closer supervision than that which
now can be exercised by the interstate
commerce commission. The new scheme
is Socialistic, but even among those
here who have received it with something In the nature of a shudder it Is admitted that it would in the end put the
government in the position of being
able to dictate the general management
of the railroads of the country.
The same scheme might be applied
to big interstate corivorations. To purchase even enough stock to secure the
election of a director in half a dozen
different railroads involves the expenditure of an enormous sum of money,
and Congress would have to appropriate
millions upon millions, although in
some cases the government would receive its dividends the same as any
other stockholder, provided the railroad
was properly managed.
There are those who remember, however, an unfortunate experience of the
federal government in connection with
the Pacific railroads. They were given
enormous land grants and bond Issues,
guaranteed by the government, and In
return for this the United States always had a member on the board of directors of these roads. It is not now
remembered that this government's representation had any tangible effect in
the way of reducing rates or keeping
the railroads from violating the law in
any way they saw fit
It Is evident that the government
cannot control a railroad until it owns
a controlling Interest any more than an
individual can do it. When It owns a
controlling interest there is complete
government ownership, and it seems impossible to work out any theory by
which a controlling interest in a railroad would turn over Its operation to
the minority interat.
The result seems to be that the purchase of a small amount of stock would
necessarily be followed by the buying
of more and more, until first, government ownership, nnd then government
operation would become Indispensable
to the protection of the enormous Investment made by the government.
Masonic Jubilee.
Ottawa, July 18.���Elaborate preparations have been completed for the jubilee of the Masonic Grand Lodge of
Canada In Ontario, to be celebrated here
In the latter part of this week. Grand
Master J. K. Barrett, K. C, of Pembroke
will preside, and about one thousand
delegates from twenty-one districts and
five hundred lodges will attend. The
visitors will be tendered a civic welcome and royally entertained during
their stay of two days in Ottawa.
Challenger's Triala.
Toronto, July 18.���A lively interest
Is manifested in the trial races for
Canada's Cup challengers, to begin tomorrow on the nine-mile course outfilde
the island. With three new ones and
the Temeralre and Zoraya in the going,
the trials are expected to be unusually
Interesting. Five hundred dollars In
priie money hangs upon the result of
the trials.
Baseball Gossip.
Now York. July 18.���Tommy McCarthy, Newark's heavy-hitting pitcher, has
been sold to the New York Nationals.
He will play out tbe season In Newark
and Join the New Yorks for the closing
games in the big league. Reaides getting a money consideration, Newark becomes the owner of Mullen, who has
been playing second baee for the Bast
ern League team.
More Loot.
Paris,   July   18.���J.   Plerpont   Morgan
has acquired a most valuable 16th century   manuscript,  comprialng etoriea  of
Queen Margaret of Navarre.
Take notice that 0 <��� Clark, ol Nelson. H. <���.,
saloon keeper. Intends to apply for a speetal timber llocuca over tbe (oUowfng described land:
CommenclnK at a post plnntod OQ Morning
Mountain, about one mile wast of Hmr-tter ereek,
and adjoining t' 0 Clark's location for timber
licence No 1, and about one mile south of Nelson, thenee west 80 chains, thenoe south 80
chains, tlience east 80 chains, thenco north M)
chains to pi nee of beginning.
Dated July HUh, i'*'. C O. Clark,
Davih Booth, Agent.
Nelson Land Dlstrlet.  District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Kvan McClelland Fraser, of
Ferule, B. C , clerk, Intends teapply.for a S|*eclst
licence   over   the   following    described   lands:
t'ommenclng at a post planted about seven
miles west of the Kootenay river, and about one
mile nor'h of the in'cinsllohal boundary line,
and about oun aud a quarter norlh-easWrly from
the north-east corner ol timber licence Nn. H0.Y7,
thence south 80 chains, thenee west M0 chains,
theuco north KO chains, thence east M0 chains to
polut of commencement, and contaiuing Wo
acres, more or less,
Uioated uth, of June, p.hit.
Hated this Mth of July. 1Wj7.
Queen's Hotel
B*k*r Street, Nelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Hasted by Hot Air
Large end Comfortable Bedrooms end First-
C1...4.1II1IIK Koom.   Btrnple Rooms for Commer-
etal   M.n
MM.   E.  C.C'LABKK,   -Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Kooins 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Rouse
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Ttemont House
Snropesn end Anerlcin Pl*n
Meals aft eta.   Boom* trom aft ot*. to tl.
Only White Help BmployM.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietor*
Battlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson,
The Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Nelson. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and |1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder*.
Most comfortable quarters in Nelson*
Only the best of Liquors and l-lgara.
A* McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Egg*.
Camp and Miner*' Supplies.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
- To ('ImrlL's <��. Slmnsoo, or any other person
to whom he msy have trnnsfetred his interest tn
tin- "Mav Blo-uom" mlner*l claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a halt miles aouth-
weat of Yml**, In the Nolsou Mining Division, of
Weit Kootenay DUtrtrt, and reourded in the
Ue^order'ii office, for the NeUon Division.
You and um-h of you are hereby notl6ed that
1 have expended two hundred and five dollars
(juvtiO) in labour and Improvements upon the
above mineral claim in order lo hold the same
under the provision** ol the Mineral Act. and if
within nlnetv davs from the date of tbla notice
you tall or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which 1% one hundred and two
fifty dollar** ($ltrj.o0) tor the two years ending
Kth Mm-. 1*7.) ingi'ili'T with ah Costs of adver
tlHlnc, vt'iir interest in the said claim will be-
come the property of the undersigned under
Sec. 4 of an Act entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1W0."
Dated at Ymlr, B. C . lftlh May, 1907.
Notice Is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to Hla Honor the
l.luuienant tiovernor in cotiucll, under the provisions of the "Ulverit nnd Htreams Act." for the
right to Improve Kyk<>rtn creek. In the district of
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and atralghtoulng
the batiks thereof, and to construct damn, booms,
slides and chute*, and makciuch other Itnprove-
ini'iii- un mny be uocesiary for the driving and
rafting of logs and the (turning of timber thereon
Tlie lands to be affected are govcrinent lands and
l.niN 'j--1 anil -'.'.-' uroup l. kootenay dintrlct, and
the tolls that htc piopoacd to be charged. If any,
arc such as mav be fixed by a Judauof the county
court of West kootenay. ���
Dated this .nth day ol March, A, IK 1W17.
Jn the tn Alter of an application for 'he htsuo of
adupllcslu ol the Certificate of Title lor Lots
16 ani 17. Mlik '.v.. Towu of Nelson-
Notice Is hereby given thai it Is my Intention
to issue st tbe expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certtfl*
rate of Title for the above ixils in the name of
Frsncos K Day. which Certificate la dated the
19th Heptember, lWHt, and numbered **515(>K.
I .mid KtKlr-iry   unite,  Nelson. B.C., 15th  June.
19OT. 11. F. MacLKOD,
  District Hr>efstrar
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265!
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fratt,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E.eor. Baker  and   Ward   St*.
We Hive Been Most Successful  Vfa^^iA   f  ��Mji��,
Recently In Selling Our   FttHX   l^anCIS
We tell only good selected land*���and at reaaonable price*.
8.  M.  BRYDGES,
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200
Prices will be raised 15 per cent, after 1st August.    Buy while they ar*
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance in six and twelve months.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
.    of the
Choicest Fruit Lands In
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes in
Nelson, Situated in Faitvtew, Close to the Cat Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and first-claa* cellar. Complete water system. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In large, bear
Ing fruit tree*.   Thla ia a anap.   For particular* apply to
Something for the practical man.
Juat lnv**tig��te!���That la All we
a*k of you; and you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
WARD ST.   -   NELSON, B. C.
on  1600   acres,  south   of  Burton   city,
for sal*.   Apply to
The H. & W. Land Co., limited,
A. M. Can. Sec. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON, B. C.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46.20
To Port Arthur. St. Paid.
Duluth. Sioux Gty
Chicago SS4.00 Montreal $84.00
Toronto $78.50 8t. John $94.00
St. Louis, $60.00 Ottawa  $8235
New York $100.00 Boston $8530
Halifax $10130
On Sale July 3. 4, 5.   August 8, 9, 10.
September 11.12, 13.
First Clan Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
CorreapondlnK reduction* from all ���
Kootenay point*. Ticket* available for
lake route Including meal* and bertha
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
B. J. OOYLE,     J. B. UAHTER,
A.Q.P.A..Vancouver. D. r-.A.. Mulson
AND IN THE MATTER OF th* plan of
th* Townslte of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301.)
Group One (1,) Kootenay, of record
in the Land Registry Office at Nelaon aa "626."
F. C GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. B. GREEN
Oil Engineers. Dominion and British
ColumbU Und Surveyors
r. 0. tax 14S   FkMC 241 B.
Take nrttlre that nn Ifee -J&th day ol July, A. D.
I'.nn, at tin- hour of 10:90 o'clock lu the forenoon,
at tha Court House iu tbo city of Nelson. In tb.)
Province of British Columbia, application will
he mails to the Juitge of the County Court of
West Kootenay, by the Columbia and Kootenay
Hallway anil Navigation ('ompany for au order
tbat tbe plan of the said Townslte nf Robaon, of
record at Nelson, In the Province ot British
Columbia, aa "6 *" be camelled, and that the
eppllcant may enjoy the lands comprised wit*.
In the said Town bile free from any easements
or ilKht. of any person to open any land or
lanes, street or streets, square or square., park
or parks across, within or upon .aid lands.
1>i4l<-.l at the City of Nelsou, In the Fruvlnce of
Hrll.Kh Columbia, tblsZTth day of Jun., A.I).,
Agents for LoiiKheed, Bennett. Allison, Taylor
it MeLaws.   Solicitors and agents tor tb.
Columbia .v Kootenay Railway A Navigation Company, applicanta.
DO  YOU   Know  VVIitut Tl-ils  Is     ���
It Is the Royal Standard Hying uver at my cnnip. With it good, ordinary pair nf eyes ii is plainly visible. If you cannot see II come down
to my offioe  and  Bel   Btted  with    proper glasses.
$15   to  $60.00.
JEWELI.IiW- ���--
Watchmaker and Optician
��,*,*>*.*.*.*.�����- -,<���-; ?���><* - ���--'-��� 4iv;. <; .' i  i ���*
>0ur Stock is Complete |
Here are tAio Soap Specials:
��gS   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C ���
���72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75
Bell Trading Co* |
Thin store will b<- Cloud  Ev
ry Thnrf!.lH\
Afternoon in .lunv. July ami August
PRUNINCf AND GRAFTING carefully  attend
lo. Apply
MI-NT Kinr? Hnlcl.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
AU kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Pattern^	
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Comraeroe.
All Kinds of Heating  Plants tn  Stock.
VIctorl* St., Nr. Ooera Hou��e.      Tel. 181
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat BniUan will find it to their ml
vmitn^.- to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stove*, etc.
111  East Baker St. pVione No. A114
in punnfMtarod 'row 'he Quail thhoppo. mm-
rlpfut'd mini tiow-hwvouucil.    Jtv nil!'), fall-
flavored nrnl eooL    A tohiii'i'O you
otiKht to try.
[obacconist.   Baker Street.
SootAllst   I 'upty  tneeta eron   Friday
���" niiiK nl 9 p it. . In tiie 3d inert* Union Hull
aii are .nviu-ii: any one ftUowfi to take pun [n
the debates.   T. -Austin, Beoretary.
Patronized by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel In Nelson
Apartment. RleR-ant.    Cuisine Choicest
Civility and cleanliness.
Supervise,! by proprietor and wile.
J. D. Benjamin, wife and sons, To-
ronto; ii. Jones, Calgary; w. J. Trethe-
wpy. La Plaia; .1. S. Findlay, Rossland;
ll. Craig, Winnipeg; J. D. McDonald,
Rossland; N. J. MiipArthur, J. H. Stout.
Menomonle; J. T. Lawrie. \V. R. Mogor,
\V. .1. Karrer, Castlegar; H. L. Miller,
C. II. Miller, \V. T. Wirktiam, A. Fern-
well. J. G. Stewart, J. H. Ilenfleld. J. H.
Whilehuuse,      A.   VV.   Dymock,     R.   W.
Vaughan, Robson,
Cor. Vernon   and Ward Htreuts,
Mil.SIIV. B. C.
.1.  II. Thomas,    \V. Riiarlinrr.    J,   w:
Storey, Winnipeg; N. K. UcNaught, Sll-
verlon: 0, E). Melllsh. A. O. Richardson.
Vancouver; 1).
Kerr,   13-Mlle;
Forks: Mrs. K.
Creston; .1. H.
Uudsreon, F. B.
Clark.    St. Paul
Hoss. (ireenw-iHjd;
R.   W.  Stayner,
.Mallanilalns. R. J.
Wilson, Spokane;
Katy, Revelstoke;
;     C.  H. Pollen,
J. D.
A. F.
L. C.
brook; R. M. Kelly, Edmonton
Mallandaine, Miss Mallandalne,
ria; .Mrs. E. Mallandaine. Creston; J.
Clark, Ymir; G. II. Cook. Minneapolis;
J. P. Connolly, Harrison; R. Lang.
Coenr d'Alene; A. I). Lee. Spokane; J.
Aunsie, St. Paul; R. L. Price, Iowa; G.
T.  Whir, Trail.
D.  Stephens,  W.  13ell, E. Rawllnson,
Winnipeg;  C. M. Crouse und wife. Mid-
way;  I. 8ager, Somus;  Mr. and Mrs. G.
C.   Rochfort.  Frank.
B. Carr, Salmo; F. Edwards. Waver-
ly; T. A. Davis. MaryBVille; U Dickson,
.1. Kerr. Koch's Siding; A. .1. McRae,
Winnipeg; W. D. Fin. F. Fussell. Phoenix; (i. ll White. Deer Park; J. Mc-
Caskill,  Weatley.
11. S Hi'tulall. Vancmiver; N. Hansen,
Trail; P. W. Knight, Edmonton; Miss
sneli. Brampton; T. Sellar, Winnipeg;
F. 10. Clements. C. \V. Hourke. 13-Mlle;
I'. Barber, Beasley; G. Borablsd, New
Denver'; W. .lanoe, Careion; E. Brook.
man. Rossland.
.J. II. Burton, It.  L. Thomas, Slocan;
P.  G.  Lonsdale,  Kossland.
A. Button, W. 0, HlKKlus. J. S. McAllister. Ymir; M. D. DUksiin. Taglilm;
A. I-'. Mi-Hue, .1. Donovan. Cranhrook;
fi. Gartland, (l. Stewart, M Kosikor, J.
Koszkor,   HnHHland;   C.   Thames,   Taeo-
Hi;, ;      IO.   McLaughlin,     Revelstoke;     M.
Wright, Toronto;  E. Langdon and wire,
.1. C'ulhane,  Phoenix.
50 acres in the Crawford Bay Settlement. A part or tho old location** and
on��' of the be-at. $*J5.(iO per acre, Term
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
INEUSOIN,     -     B. C.
1'Allt Ol" HAKK HM.'K (lOWIJ.KH, on RakiT HI
Will Slider pli'H.,-l.-svi-I In-ill at tho Hua.iMi's
liny stor* iiutl neatv* *   ruwaril
HMAIIT YOIMI MAN for iilUi-n. Hun with knrnv-
l*dn nt lUmoaraphy MidiyMimtliM prulur
red,   w,inii-v*iinni'i!Hardware 0a   i.ui.
tiiuii aini
loytM,   Mm. H
'. ir. ni Mel 1 p
. B.
,i mil.
, Him
Chili ii
TWO Fl KMT I!l.AHH  III,1 IMH   steam he.led.    Ap-
plr iiimsckouuoi. Srd n*i, it. w. o, block.
The Daily Canadian
Born, on .July ir��th, to the wife of
Hamilton Hyurs, a daughter.
School   Board.
The regular monthly meeting of the
board of school tTUBtees will bo held in
tho secretary's ofttce at 9:.!0 a. m.
IS. W, Widdowson found a lady's
plain gold ring, which the owner can
have  by  calling  on  that  gentleman.
Band Concert.
The weekly band concert at the Ward
atreel bandstand will be given this week
Saturday  evening instead  of Thursday.
Winnipeg   Exhibit.
A wire from Messrs. McPhee and
Hyslop says that the fruits and Bowers
are arriving  in good condition and  the
Ush in ice are excellent.
Meeting Today.
The Ymir license commissioners are
meeting today. There is only one matte!* be tore the commissioners���the
transfer of a license for a Ymlr hotel.
Al leged   Assault.
An alleged assault growing out of a
dispute between the captain of ono of
tht lake steamers and a waiter will
be heard early next week in the provincial  police court.
I,  W.   W.
The flrst moonlight excursion from
Nelson under the auspices of the Industrial Workers of the World will be
given this evening. The steamer leaves
the city wharf for Procter at 8 p. m ,
with tlie city hand on hoard.
Gazetted   Fire  Warden.
H. J. Long, of Creston, has been gazetted tire warden for that district. Mr.
Long has also been appointed license
commissioner for Ymir district in place
uf James A. Kelly, deceased.
Beam Collapsed.
At o.il'J this afternoon the big beam
in use with the derrick on the construction of the new court house, collapsed
with a big load, owing to the breaking
of a guy  rope.     No one was injured.
Cause of Mourning.
There is much sorrow among former
citizens of London, Ont., now residing
in Nelson over the calamity that visited
tbat city on the IGth by the falling of
a building. Many of those who were
killed are  known  to citizens of Nelson
Before His Honor Judge Forin tn
chambers this morning R. S. Lennle applied for judgment in Hank of Montreal
vs. Thomson; IL 0. Hall's objection was
overruled. In Isaas Vb. Miller a joint
order was made. Administration was'
granted of tho estate of Carmine de
Gisi, deceased, which was sworn at
|1361. Kxamlnation for discovery of
the defendant in Lindsey vs. Hrydges.
Marks  vs.   Marks.
The appeal to the full court of the
plaintiff Annie J. Marks, of Michigan.
from the judgment of Chief Justice
Hunter dismissing her claim to be paid
$&0 per month from the estate of A. -�����
Marks, has been dismissed, .ludgment
was handed down at Vancouver this
morning by Justices Irving, Martin and
Morrison, Martin dissenting. II. Coast-
dy, K. C, appeared for the appelant,
S, S. Taylor, K. C, for the respondent,
Susan K.. Marks, and L. A. Crease for
the estate of A. J. Marks.
Railroad   Building.
.lame Poupore was in the city last
after a long absence in the Snake River
country engaged In railroad construction. His contract is completed and he
leaves shortly for Montana, where he
has another contract on hand. One of
the other contractors on the Snake
River branch has 85*000 yards of rock
work to do. The country, which Is considered the best wheat belt In the northwestern states, is rapidly filling up and
existing roads are utterly Inadequate
for the traffic offering.
The Store of Quality
$2.00 per Crate
Fresh in every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
Rob* M* Hood & Co*
K. W. C. Bloik  . Phone  10.
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mr*.  Winter  Every 8aturday
Mm. Winter holiln enrtIdeate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte pluylnK
and HlnKlnK- Certificate from Trinity
College, London, IOiik., for theory of inutile. BcholurHhlp of the London Conner,
vatolre of Mutilc for hIiikIiii'. and piano
playing. Address Box 70S, Nelion.
T & B
Everybody who uses our coffee
once won't be humbugged with
anything else.    Just try a pound.
We Sell More Coffee
in proportion than any grocery
store irr Nelson.. So it MUST
C A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Bt*
Owing to delayed shipments our lines
have been low for some time but
we are again able to show a complete
line of the Hoxes and Tablets that have
earned for themselves .such well merited popularity, viz.:
Fabric finish, per box 35c
in cream, pearl grey and Swiss
Fabric  finish,  cream  and   tints,   65c
Fabric  finish 65c
We have also a very beautiful line of
Children's Boxed Stationery at 60G and
86c a box.
W. G. Thomson
ZftflSSil*"'   Nelson, B.C.
Phonit ���3-*.
Successful     Garden    Party    by     Young
Ladies   of   St.   Saviour's.
The annual garden party of the Altar
Guild of St. Saviour's church was held
at \V. Irvine's residence yesterday afternoon and evening and was one of the
most brilliant and enjoyabi* wr held
In Nelson, th- ^rounds were beautiful
ly decorated and Illuminated, the tables
were prettily arranged, the service
good, the band was out in force, anrl
nothing was lacking. The attendance
was very large and the result! satisfactory.
The officers of the Guild are: Honor
ary president, Mrs. Ooepel; president.
Mra. Applewhaite; vice president, Miss
Clawson; secretary, Miss Ebbs; treasurer, Miss itenwlck.
The committees In charge were: Refreshments, Mrs. Applewhalte, Misses
Cummins and Brett; decorations, Rev.
K, II. Graham, Miss Corry; candles and
flowers. Misses Middleton, Renwick.
Ebbs, .Johnstone, Gore, Allison, and
N'ickerson; advertising, Miss Renwlrk;
entertainment, Mrs. Goepel. Those who
waited were: Misses Cummins, Brett
and Corry, assisted by Mesdames Monk
and Crane and Misses Gore, Deacon.
Greta Macdonald and Louise Allison.
The ladit'H desire to thank Mr. Irvine
for kindly loan of his grounds, the band
for generous services, Mr. Horstead for
service at (he gate, and Mr. Ringrose
for aid In Illuminating, as well as mnny
more whose contribution! aided In making the party a success.
Vocal leleetloni were rendered most
acceptably in tho evening by Mrs.
liriggs, Mr Victor Evans and a quartette consisting nf Messrs. Orlselle,
Crane, Meacbara and Hlnton.
A small   merry-go-round   was lUCCeia
WiiolcHBlu tun!   K.-i**ii H.'nien lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing hut  fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in ht��>ek
Mail orders receive direful attention.
E.   C   TRAVES    Manager.
Its Business Emergy
3 to -Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500.
Easy   terms.
5ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit trees, etc. $1,500; one-
half cash, balance $15 per month.
6  per cent.
6-ROOM  HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and   a   half   blocks   from   car   line.
$8 50; $375 cash, balance easy.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Af*nt for Trupcott I-aiiucbt'i
aii'i tVUTborci Cihhk*****.
Fluent :.���!��� nt  Boats in H 0.
Foot of Josephine 9A     Tci  aih
Telephone 161.
fully operated by Misses Mildred Irvine
and Mabel Atherton. The Altar Guild
realized over |188 by tho entertainment.
Duncan Hoss, M. P. for Ynle, arrived
Irom  the  Const   lust   nlk'hi   and   leTt  for
Greenwood  this  moraine.
II. P. McCraney, QoUeotOT of Inland
revenue, Uossland. arrived last (light
ninl |eft for Kasl Kootenay this
Charles Traves, of Kresno, California,
Is vIkKIiik relatives In Nelson. He is
accompanied by ti party of eight, who
.'ire visiting Nelson for the llrst time,
and are highly delighted with Ihe city
and surroundings.
R. W.  HINTON ���
RwpulrlMu artd Jobbing ���xecuted wltti OaHpntch.    -Mliuul M��tnl
Work, /VHnlnn nnd Mill Miichlnvpy.      MiHiufucturwrM of
Or*   Cnr-M,    I**.   1*1.    Conlriiutoi-M'   Car*.
ornor of Hu I ind
ODt Win-. In.
NELSON,    B. C.
Tel up hone L.
I'll. Urn 1069
MANUFACTURERS    T  ^^(.^     Cti^^fAm
and dealers in t^txnvoztf Shingles,
Lath, Atouldlns-s, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and ItrnukutH.
Mail Order* proruptly attended to.
NUUHOIN, 13. ��s.
KODAKS And An Accessor^
���     ( Fresh Stock Twice a Week
This is the season  for taking photos of
Kootenays unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,   We can supply you with
anything in the  Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd|
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone   81
155 Acres
Good Fruit Land
Railroad runs through the property. 't^fll
For quick sales we offer these small parcels at    "x��"'v !
Per Acre���on Terms.
II you want something good and cheap this is yourchaact
Brydges* Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
2-piece sum
HAKIU Slkl.l-r,  ���NI-.l.'SOIN
W|-ioic*win�� Provlaloir,
Product), - Hrult.
OoTemment Oreampry Ono Pound Hnclm rroelved woekl* fr**h from U"
nhuii..    For aiiiii liy all Ii-iuIiiik grocer*.
Office and wttrehoaiw : Hou��t.)ii Block,    Phone 7B.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Spring 1*8 Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.   Spa<ks'l
Shovels, Rnkes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt  attention  paid  to   letter  order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwatf
  Company. Limited.
Galvanised Iron
Our (UUltlM for tttmlnf out (.iitvanl-eoil Iron Work ofevcrT
ili'ii.-i-iiiilnti uro iiiuiiiiiiilled In Iho Kixitonuy*.
Eve Troughs, Conductor Pipes, Smok��
Stacks and Furnace Work. etc.
Wood Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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