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The Daily Canadian Dec 11, 1906

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[mil Industry Threalen-
erj by rests
11, Cunningham Asks Aid ol Press
Denouncing Unscrupulous Work
Of American Shippers.
Thomas Cunningham, chief prnvlii
I rial (mil i" ' ' ' '��� tf.'' Icepl busy
I   .. sis.    Importation   from   Ihe
I Bio diseased plant*, ot
Bbb6 particular!)  tiail collection he hum
������ 1'ii.i.ii
c .-.   trom -luiin
|: Floral    Park,    New
| J Intended  for n gcnllo-
In Vi sss.   Isiit   fortunately    tor
| tills is-  ssi'.   s.i    ; .-.-   lhe   Knoils,   lol
��� tb-> *M [" en mated with oths-r eon-
|*niji,..i i ...    -.is Saturday.
"Chllili tin sl- limed thin province
Villi illiisirat.'I catalogues uf hl�� stock;
II und artistic are lhe lllh-
ltwru[iliii. isi- on.1 plates uf (hi- goods
lthlcli Oil!'! professes to propagate
liBdiiiniliii. iml it goes without saying
Illlll II hiss iss: erj park Ih In the con-
|din..ii shut    iiii.-  scale-Infected    plant
ii   is ^^Pferdlngly   nn-
I: '     I ssi un- or this  prov-
I. uld in. permitted to do
!is  sin   people,
* ..,'���  would Hi'iisl out lo an
s    plants   convoying
��� si.sn   should   lie   pun-
W wiili  sli..   utmost   severity;   hut
fortunate!) ...   have no ootftrol over
which  ho oaten  for
dangerous   because   It  is
���tae iiiM.-'is suiii peopls who suspect
-  ���    i *. . .ui. not rruii growera
j- ul  ladles who are anxious
I' itlful and  rare plants.
the   packags a   from .this
.        through th.. mull or BJ
those  passing through i'"st-
Interior are liable to sup
! ���'-'-'i    si..:, erved, anil    reach    the
-Ii.s may  be unconsclously
I" i trlbutlng this and Other
W ms iii    our   new settle-
1    are being opened up.
Impo  ilble   lor  our  olliemis.
careful   ihey   may   be.
mptrvlae ull such business.   There
. nough  mi   lliis one  plant
Itiim.Ti ii,.    ntlre settlement of Sum-
|Dtriaii,i ,ir Pentlcfton.
*ll   lhal    I  can  do Is to  raise  a
[timing v,,|,���   .||.ainat   ,|lu. dangerous
or is lini;   plains   by   mall.
" ���������"} bs   ii lotigh in Vanoouver
Dominion officers aro
* .''���"''"'' a posible, inn there is
j*. one Vim.,,nver In the province!
ssss.r Ib ln the Interior,
m the region which we are most
"Mam to prelect
"1�� lira ,,f  ihi9    0|,Ject
���iioniilv ajvls|1  _-- p^-pfg
���' '"'��� s��is. or ib,. country
���  ���'  v    kiiIii   by
>'���""' throuRh the malls, and  by  an
J��n�� cancel all orders llinl may hnve
" s"m. "i thai Ihev may have con-
; �� i.'lllll! lo C'hllsls,
i", I would ask Ibe press
province to give as wide
t'osslble lo this Incident.
lesson, I
lo roregu
lln- small
' I'urth.rm.
fit s,|...r ���,,.
iiu,.  i���   contemplation   a   plan
|   *"' I think will net aa a deterrenl
"����� mi. I, offenders as Chllds. Hint ls
,,' ���Hcution  of the  names ot an
'" ii'.i.n,  si,,, provisions or the HOT-
S'l"1   Act,   and     the     regulations
���,' ll"1"1      l    Ihlnk    It would be a
|ri|.|     *v''**non.  and  Ihnt   I   have   llie
Jii-n   '" "*0 ,l" ,"wful means '"  l"'(''
Itiiiiii'"' '"':""' busorupttlous men who
I inr I   B"''anB6r Hn* future or our trim
I      ���1iii...iaiv gain,   it is our business
Id.!,.   "*'' Columbia   to   defend   our-
���      s against all possible danger.
,ar, *'""*' lhat    a    moro    thoroughly
Tan,,i :""' f8arlegi man tlial Caplain
'<��� never irod lhe soil or lintisn
���on hi    j '" Wils(>n and out of sea-
|n ��is advice and Instructions to mo
j,, "protect the rmit and agricultural
s��� ,|'' H "' the province nt any coat.
lhal li ''  ""   reason  to   believe
ln   '"' will mil be In accord with me
���ealnn. ��?r y   ('xl,nsliiB   transgressors
,    "�� tin* provisions of the Hortloul-
iler   2C ,'""' ""'' regulations thereun-
8'��!liiiei"i      �� s��08 wllh tlle flrBt ln"
ti������A'.''*'"' ill:it concluded the lnspeo-
11..,,, ., !l ���hlpment of nursery Block
p. ti** Brenandoah Nursery com-
ohauandoah, Iowa, out oi
condemned no rewer man
. .,".';'j;d finit trees and 190 bush-
In all.
Static ��anafcrtan
Fifty Centb a Month
our interior nurseries ami iaiiW;*i
reci ion sufficient to Infect not oily
the nursery, bin . very customer who
mny purohaae  itook  therefrom,    Tin-
danger is an iiiBiy Mrunt and in ex-
posing lbs. infected nnrsery i am doing only wlial Isi iU|r In our own peopls
Fumigation, nis mailer how carefullji
done, would have no effeol whatever
on trees Infected si thosa wore;  the
only  rem,..Iv  Is rire.
"llrlllsh Columbia has laken Ilu,
highest possible award al Udlnburgn,
ami nosv ws liavi- iti, glad news that
we    captured    the    lirsl    prize  (gold
medal), end 1 her silver and bronze
medals, hi i sinn lasl Monday. Sure-
1> II Is our duly In proleet iiiieh as
industry ul any cost."
was  shipped to one 01
Live  Chameleons  Crawl   From   Moutn
ot Expiring Actress.
Omaha, Neb., Dee. 11��� As ths result of swallowing live chameleons aa
nu advertisement, Louise Douglas, tor-
merly ��� coi Uenne, died here yester
il. y. An hour befofe her death two
llttls- cbameli t ia crawled from the
woman's mouth, and physicians say
her body ls alive wllh ths little rep
Two years ago Louise Douglas,whose
real    nalne    was    Mrs. Harry K. Lee,
swallowed a chameleon and received
much advertising therefrom, but soon
afterward she began  tailing on  ami
left tlie singe. She lias been Iii a hospital In Omaha for over a year.
The Shah's Condition.
I/)ndoii. Dec.  II.--X0 news ras been
received here today tending    lo    con-
firm the reporl lhal Ihe shall of Persia
la dead.
Constantinople, n<-<* 11.���An official
despatch from Teheran .Persia, dated
yesterday, says tbal the Oerman spe-
siaiist who is attending the shah has
priinoiiniijl the letter's condition te
be hopeless.
Substance of Rev. W. Rochester's   Iwo
Discourses  in   Nelson   Churches
Last Sunday.
The llev. Mr. Rochester, Western
secretary or ths Lord's Day Alliance.
reached town on Saturday evening
rrom Ihe norlh on his way east from
Vancouver, where he had heen In attendance upon the annual provincial
council, in Vancouver. Mr. Rochester
occupied the pulpit or the I'reBbyienan
church In Ihe morning and the Methodisl church In Ihe evening. On boin
.suasions ho s|K>ko upon lhe Lords
Day Question. He al8(1 addressed the
Sunday schools ot ihese two churchea
in the afternoon.
Speaking In the morning Mr. Rochester drew attention to the message
of the prophet Isaiah to Israel, assuring prosperity upon condition of fidelity to the Sabbath, lis- showed that
lu the prophet's Judgment the Saohalli
was a foundation institution, vitally
related to the people's general well-
being; the l'w�� "I the Sabbath would
mean not only Ihe loss or it but ot
much else Ihnt we hold dear and that
Is Inseparable from personal and social prosperity. The words of the
prophel were not sss much an ultimatum upon the question as an invitation
to all to prove lor themselves lhe virtue of the Sal.bath In their own life.
Nothing was so much needed today ns
personal enquiry inlo the merits or
mis Institution and the awakening 01
personal appreciation of its value,
Thnt the Lord's Day as an Institution did nol now reoelve Jusl consideration rrom many was owing to various causes, among which were mentioned   lbe   preoccupation   of   men   in
material pursuits, obsourlng or shutting out the value of institutions tlial
minister to our higher nnlure; the persistence with which many regarded It
as a law or tho church or ot religion
rather Ihan of lire, a specifically religious rather than a human institution;
the reaction against the austerities 01
olher days, forgetful ol* ths. fart that
perversion la no rmson for casting out
or what is good; and, finally, the tendency lo regard Ihe day ln its negative
rather than positive aspect, as taking
something out of, rather than putting
something Into us. restraint mid obligation being emphasized rather than
privilege and  freedom.
in u.e evening .vn*- Rochester emphasised the danger ot blindly following
the example or others of being carried
along by the tide of worldly sentiment
and nraoOoe, Conduct should be based
""on  personiil  conviction,  intelligently
".In brfth occasions Mr. Roohester appealed  for a higher degree of regard
Hiss Lord's Day and of etiort on
Its lijiall. thai may be abb, to keep 11
in Its Integrity as a most beneficial
ami  gracious  provision    of    fiod    for
man's happiness and prosperity,
Phenomenal   Discovery   of   lli:,ss i.s.nic
Ore on the Mavis.
(Special  to The Dally Canadian.)
Qreenwood, Dec. ll.���The Mavis
Claim, JUHt east or town, is creating
considerable excitement bore at prea-
eni. Jusl a llttlo over Iwo months ago
two young men took a bond on tno
properly and aftei pulling up a cabin
on lt went to work looking ror tho ore.
Some work bud beeu done on lhe clulm
last winter, bin tho lead could not be
located, The present holders did uot
do over three or four feet ol work before Ihey opened a reniarkalj*,' fine
spool of ore. They have taken out aim
shipped one car or high grade ore anu
havo another In sight. The ore iu very
liberally sprinkled with free gold. 111
Shipping the ore Ihey observed lhal
about two or three tons of It which
showed Utile free gold appeared to be
a lellurlde and they had an assay made
by Assayer Hook. Tbey were surprised but delighted lo gel a returll ol
$2'.ini.40, ull lu gold, per ion from their
sample. Tbey have' decided to slop
sloping ore now and are going lo sink
ou the property. The works on the
Mavis are only about 400 feet from
(hose on ilu- Ilay, out of which very
rich ore has been taken. The Hay was
Incorporated lust autumn and Ib uow
b'lng vigorously worked. An electric
hoist lias been  installed  thereon.
The B. C. Copper company has had
no trouble In reopening their mines
and smelter here with the very best
type of help. Aboul 20 more men are
now on the Mother Lode payroll than
there wire when Ihe mine closed at
time of the strike.
The company has lis third furnace
now in operation and everything is
working very satisfactorily.
Wholesale Vendetta.
New York, Dec. 11.���Calvntore sve-
laze, 28 years of age, while silting ln
lhe hack room or a saloon In Sorley
slreel early this morning was shni ami
killed by nn unknown assassin, who
lired a double charge of heavy bullets
through a window. The murder closely resembles one which occurred n
week ago only a block away. Hotn
victims are Sicilians, and the police
think there Is a wholesale vendetta
atoot In the neighborhood. John Mar-
rolla. a Sicilian, was arrested as a bus
poet today.
Panic Ice Break.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 11.���The Ice 01
lhe Neva broke last nlghl while several hundred working people employed
al Theriiiton'B factory In the Nevaste
quarter, were returning to their homes
across the river. Many of Ihem were
precipitated into the water and wna
rumors ol' great loss of life wen- cn-
oulatod, but according to ihe manager
or rhe works, there was no such loss
Law of Associations in
Force May
Trawler ln Trouble.
Chrlstlanin..    Norway,  Dec.  11.���The
steam trawler Foraogot has heen sunk
In a slorni.    All of her crew, numbering 12 men, were drowned.
The Play.
"Oirotle-Olrofla," with Us graceful
measures and smooth-Mowing harmony,
was admirably presented al the opera
house lasl evening by lhe Rosclans.
When the excellence or the performance Is taken Inlo consideration 11 is
a matter for regret that the audience
was not larger. Nelson Is very rarely
visited by a company possessing (he
merit of the liosclnns, and It Ib nnlor-
lunate thnt the patronage is noi aucn
as to encourage other merltorloiiB or-
ganl/.allons lo keep Nelson un their
Circuit This clly has gained considerable reputation on account of tha encouragement bestowed upon musical
organizations, bul lho attendance Inst
night seemed lo Indicate thai there
may be some danger "f that reputation
being sacrificed, However, mere are
three nlghta left In which lo regain
what was loat last nlghl. The plol ot
"Olrofle-Oirofla" Is familiar to all opera goera and does not require lengthy
description. Reference, however, lo
tbe musical numuers cannot be made
loo often. The company presenting it
lasl evening failed at 110 time to bring
out the besl that waa in the opera.
Without Indulging In invidious ciimpar
sons 11 may he said lhat Miss Nola,
Miss Crowley, Mr. Wallers and Mr.
Hoffman were at their heal. The wine
song was admirably sung by Miss Nola.
iiiiii in fact bulb solo anil chorus ��ork
were beyond criticism. Altogether lln*
performance was one lhal will long be
remembered by those who were fortunate enough to be present Tonight
"Martha" will he presented, and II la
lo be hoped Ihnt the attendance will
he nt leasl commensurate with Iho
merits of Iho Kosclan company.
Formerly Four Religious Communions
Recognized���Hereafter State
Pays No Salaries.
Paris, Dec. 11.���The law of association, providing for lhe separation 01
church and state In France, formally
went Into effect today. The climax
of the long and bitter warfare between
the republic and the Calholic church
has thus been reached. Contrary to
what might (be expected, indications
are not lacking that the public disorders that have been provoked by the
strife between state and church win
now subside In a measurable degree,
if such proves not to be the case lhe
onus will be placed upon the church,
as tlle government is unmistakably disposed to leniency iu the enforcement
of the law.
The atlltudo of (he government will
not go to extreme lengths by closing
the churchea to public worship. It
congregations delault lu the formation
of associations religious services will
come under the law of 1S81 as public
meetings. But as services differ In
many points from nioeiings, the prelects have beeu instructed to adapi
the law, where it la necessary, Iu order to lacllltate in every way lhe currying on of services, and notably the
clause of the iaw by which previous
notice of au intended meeting la exacted. It has lieen decided that oue
notice stating the hours ot services
shall suffice for auy period.
The congregations musl establish a
bureau, or body of men, who will bo
responsible lor the  purpose and  goou
order   or   meetings.   Representatives
of the government must be present at
ull meetings, but cau only dissolve
them 11 iho bureau tails lu lis duties
and disturbances ensue. Priests may
receive and dispose of moneys taken
in aciual collections at such meetings,
but all other contributions and Incomes
will belong lo tlie state. Cures will
be merely occupants without legal (me
in the premises. Tlle Churches and
olher propel lies will bo handed over
lo associations If they are formed with
ln u year. If then taken hy the state
they will still retain their previous
character until a contrary decision la
Tho going into effect of the law ot
assiclattons marks an epoch in the history or the French republic. It means,
in effect, that uo religion la now recognized hy tho state. Up to January
1 of this year the Roman Catholic
church, the Reformed church, the Augsburg Uonfeaslon and the Jewish Religious community were so recognised.
The relations between the slate and
the Roman Catholic ohuroh were determined by tlie concordat of 1801 and
the organic arllcles of 1802. Tlie relations between the Protesthnta and the
jewa wero determined by different
laws anil decrees of the same period.
The ministers of these creeds were
paid by the stale salaries and were 111
many respects dependent upon Uie government These relations are now completely  severed.
According to tho  law  promulgated
jusl one year ago lhe entireties are sep
aruted from lhe state, the adherents ot
all creeds may form associations tor
public worship, and the state, the departments and the communes are relieved from payment of calaries.
Aa transitory mensurea. ecclesiastics
over CO years of age and over SO yeara
of service remunerated by the atate
are entitled to if pension enunl to
three-fourths ot (heir salary. Proportionate ailowaaees nre made (or all
other ecclesiastics. if the associations comply wtih tho provisions 01
the law thoy are to be allowed the
use of the churches, dwellings, seminaries and other properly. No religious establishment ib to be allowed
in exist without a special law In eacn
particular case.
The grants paid by the slate in the
last year ot the old regime amounted
lo 37. 528,0i'.l francs, anil those paid
hy departments nud communes to 7,'
555.042 francs The pensions and allowance lo bo paid according to the
new are estimated thus: Flrsl year.
29,5113.871  francs; second year, 28,948,-
829 franca; third year, 21,829,061
francB; fourth year, 20,018,328 franca,
Parle, Dec. 11.���-This is a historical
day ror France, the struggle which begun In 1880 with the banishm.-ul OI
the JesultH ending today with the legal
rapture of the bond which for practically looo years had united church ami
The clergy rend Ihe regular ofricoa
tor the week as usual, without referring to Iheir Illegal status tomorrow.
Nevertheless, the depression or tho
Catholics  was manliest-.
The government continues fo present a calm front. Receivers havo been
appointed everywhere to assume
charge of the sequestered property,
anil three policemen will be atatlonen
tomorrow at the doors of all the
churches lo reporl law violations, bin
a.! such violations can only be Iried
In the police courts and as Ihe penalties are only 15 francs fine and 11.
days' Imprisonment, with the right 01
appeal, sterner measures are necessary.
Progress of the Grinders  in  the  Six-
day Bicycle Contest.
New York, Dec. 11.���There were no
changes during the night in the number of ti'iims contesting or ln their po
sltlon in the bicycle race now in pro-
gresa at Madison Square Garden. Now
and again the thousand or so ot spectators who remained all night were entertained by an occasfual apurt, hut on
the "whole the night waa uneventtul.
A few spills occurred nut all were able
lo continue the grind.
Walthour caused most of tho excitement ln the early hours, especially
when he made a desperate attempt 10
retrieve the lap which he loat when ne
was compelled to change partners alter tho accident to Hugh McLean, his
original mate. Try as he could, however, the other rldera hung to him ano
attcr a time he was compelled to desist. He Is conlident, however, that
eventually he will Bucceed. Walthour
is cheered and encouraged by hla
young wire, wiro la at the track side.
John Bedell, Walthour'a partner now,
ia a strong rider, so tbat the combination ls feared by the other contestants.
Every rider remaining in the race appeared to be ln good condition today.
They are a fast lot and it they let
themselves out could reach a record.
They are, however, reserving tuelr
strength for the trying days at the eSd
of the week. The score at 7 a. m. was
816 miles and 5 laps for all teams excepting Walthotir-Bedell, who were one
lap behind the others. The record lor
tills hour Is 640 miles and 4 laps.
At 10 a. m. thc 12 leading teams had
covered 670 miles 6 laps. Walthour-
Uodill wero one lap behind at that
hoiir, the others were 27 miles 6 laps
behind th- record.
Accident  on  Southern   Railway  Leads
to Murder Indictment.
fcWansvllle, Ind., Dec. 11.���Great Interest ts manifested in the trial ot
William Auherry and Shirley Brwln,
alleged train wreckers, which began today ln the Pike county circuit court.
The men are charged with first degree
murder ln three counts as the result
of the Southern railroad wreck at
Mauren, Pike county, on the nlghl 01
August 15 last.
On tlie day of the wreck a number
oi miners boarded a freight train for
Oakland City, and trouble developed
between them and railroad detectives
on the train, In whicli the miners were
worsted. Al 3 o'clock the following
morning a freight train was wrecked
by spiking a switch, and the wreck re
suited in the killing of three or the
train crew and the destruction ot 18
cars. The trainmen's association cm-
ployed detectives, and a month alter
the wrock Aubrey and Brwln were arrested and charged with the crime.
The authorities claim to have a strong
case of circumstantinl evidence against
the men.
Toronto Cat Show.
Toronto, Doc. 11.���The purring nris
tocracy of the country met loday iu
Droadway hall in a friendly competition for Beverul thousand dollars iu
prizes. The event Ib the fourth annual
cut show of the Royal Canadlau cat
club. The show has called together a
collection ot several hundred mgn-
bred felines from many parts of Canada and the United Stales,
important Decision Coming.
Washington, D. ., Dec. 11.���The interstate  commerce  commission   Is  expected to announce Its decision tomorrow  as  lo wholhor or nol   atcamship
companies that Issue through bills of
lading from foreign jiorts to poinis beyond the ports at which they land In
the United Statea are under the Jurisdiction of the rule regulation act. '
Two Thoussnd Workmen Quietly Uuit
and Walk Out.
Scheneetndy. Dec. 11.���The 28UU
members of thc Industrial Workers 01
lhe World employed at the General
Electric works, who ceused production
at 2 o'clock yeBterday altemoon anu
sat around idle until quittiug time,
went hack to the works this morning
and at 9 o'clock walked oul ln a body.
They made uo demonstrations aud
were at all tunes quiet aud orderly.
Most of the men went directly to tUetr
homes, while the executive committee
and some of the leaders went into secret conference at the headquarters ot
lhe  Industrial Workers of the World.
The company employs 16,800 hands.
The majority of them ure affiliated
with the American Federation of Labor, which Ib not concerned In tne
present trouble. There haB been bad
feeling the 1. W. W. and the A. V. of
U, for some time and tt is understood
that the federation has volunteered to
tbe company to fill lhe places or the
strikers at short notice. There Is a
large crowd of men at tbe employment
office of the company today looking
tor work.
Calls In the Students.
Paris, Dec. tl.���After a meeting ot
the cabinet ministers tolay lt was announced that on December 14 Premier
Clemenceau will ask parliament to suppress the pension of the clergy, to liquidate the public property of Catholics and to distribute the presbyteries,
seminaries and so ou. War Minister
Plquart has ordered the recruitln:; ot-
licers to require ecleslasltcal students
who number 5560, to present their certificates. Those who fail to do so by
December 20 will be ordered to join
the colors on January 7. -
Secretary of Nunciature    Arrested on
Order for Deportation and Will Be
Sent Across the Frontier.
Paris, Dec. 11���The Republican
press aaya the temper of the people
torms a more hostile attitude toward
the Vatican. The Replicque Francats
declares: "The time has passed when
a posse could successfully threaten to
release French subjects from their allegiance. Defiance of thc law will only expose the priests to being regarded as the subjects of a foreign iwwer,
by which they would forfeit their
rights as Frenchmen."
Rome, Dec. 11.���Signor Mirabelll,
Republican, today iu the chamber 01
deputies introduced a resolution which
was adopted congratulating France on
its anti-clerical policy, as tending to
secularize the state and render the human conscience independent.
Paris, Dec. 11.���Mgr. Montagninl,
secretary of the papal nunciature here
since the recall of the nuncio, was arrested today upon au order expelling
him from France and will be conducted to the frontier tonight. The residence of Mgr. Montagninl was searched by the police.
May Get Liquor Until Midnight.
Huston. Mass, Dec. 11.���Municipal
elections are being held in a number
ot thc larger elites of Massachusetts
today, ln addition to choosing members of the city council Ihe citizeus ot
Hoslon are voting on Uie question of
granting the additional privilege of
selling liquor on week days in hotels
trom 11 until 12 o'clock midnight. The
excise board, if the proposition carries, will have authority to lasue these
midnight licenses, coating $500 apiece,
to 29 lirsi-elass hotels. The chamber
of commerce and business men generally are supporting the proposition in
the belief that lis adoption would prove
a benefit to the business interests ot
Ihe city.
Oxford Defeats Cambridge.
London, Dec. 11.���Oxford, in the annual Rugby   football   match   at   the
Queens club, today defeated Cambridge
by 12 to 3.
Earth Tremors.
Plymouth,    Dee.    11.���Two      slight
earthquakes were  felt    last   night in
Pemlgewasset valley.
Valley of Foslli.ll IM
Next Excitement
Nearly  Level Tract  About  Five
Miles Square, witli Every Advantage oi Soil and Climate.
When a man makes a fool ot himself he uses cheap material.
A bank roll may be n roll of honor
���and then again It may uot.
Even the covering ot Kootenay witn
a pall of snow has not affected the
eagerness with which Intending settlers as well as investors and speculators are Bceklug for new lands. Winter Is the holiday season of the Canadian farmer and there are few who have
not heard of the wealth of Kootenay
fruit lands.
Even as late as two years ago, when
thc fruit growing capabilities om small
strips of bottom land were admitted
perforce by the most sceptical, few
even of the staunchest champions 01
the new industry had any idea of the
extent of the orchard land available.
Since that time the shores of the outlet and Kootenay river, of Kootenay
lake, ot Slocan lake and river have
all or nearly all been acquired for agricultural purposes, and the latest comers have had to explore the shores oi
the Arrow lakes and of the streams
that feed them.
The fame ot Fire Valley, of Burton
ity and Deer Park and the richness of
the soil at those places are well
The next land excitement will be
farther north. The valley of Fosthall
creek is likely to prove the best and
biggest find of all. Posthall creek
empties Into the Upper Arrow lake
about 12 miles north of Nakusp, on the
west side. The land of the valley
slopes gently from the lake shore for
about halt a mile, attaining ln that distance an elevation of not more than
100 feet above the lake. From there
it Ib almost level for more than tive
miles to the southwest, and for a
width of more than four miles. A
wagon road runs through the valley
for four miles and a half, and a trail,
built by Nela Demers; goes to the
head of Mosquito lake.
Fosthall creek valley was one of the
routes examined for the proposed railway to connect Vernon with the Kootenay system.
An old settler of the valley, who does
not wish for any personal advertising,
described to a Canadian representative
the new district which ia causing a
flutter among Kootenay land speculators.   He said:
'Most of the land that has been taken up was staked only last spring, lie-
fore that there were few settlements.
"Everything will grow In the valley
It has rich soil and a splendid climate,
and is not as high above sea level as
Nelson. Where fruit trees, have been
planted���and BOiue of them are six or
aeven yeara old���they have done splendidly.
"For fruit growing on a large scale
Irrigation may he found necesary. It
It is there Is water everywhere an.l
most conveniently situated for the purpose.
"How does It compare with Kire
Valley? I think Fosthall creek Is nwny
ahead of It for the growing of everything hut vegetables."
Many attempts hnve been made to
secure options on big sections of the
laid, but aa a rule the fortunate ]n-
crtora refuse to nart with their linld-
Incs. Fosthall ereek vallev will certainly he heard from next summer.
Mining Records.
One transfer, three locations and
one certificate of assessment work
were recorded In the Nelson mining
office today.
H. B. Campbell transferred to Donald
McLeod for |2600 a hnlf interest in the
Suokane, on Wolf creek.
Harry Rippen locnted the Tunnel
Site on Bear creek, a mile and a half
northwe8t from Beasley Siding, on December 7.
C. C. French located the Leader Sit",
in the sarnie locality, on December B.
John Danieliion located the Ullden
hord, on Bear creek, on December III.
A certificate of work was Issued to
John Danlelson on the Bno-Sld.
* K
1 ���
i I
:; t 'I
L -
A one-sided affair ls all right If It
happens to be a  bright side. HUDSON'S BAY
l  ..-..,    .      -   -     ' lit ��� ��������� \    t\ l(|   Slit ll.
 �� ,*.!
11 : iv...... ��.-��� a   n. .  , .v. .- J *.' ,*-.. |M..
, v*,.. .....*    ,   ���*..       .->���������        *���'.'.*.. ft
..... ��� >��� ���	
>.    \��MV    ���*-..���.- ..   >.*V     I..*
,     .     .            .     .         ��� -.��-...->
. W.~.,.
....         .         t . ..-��**���
Iinp_ri.il Bank of G_n..d.i
tU.>   .**'.. '. .*.--.*... .-.*
.   ��:.s  .......   ��� ,     ss, v, .)- .        .    Vt
IU  ��...  -     - ,VS .   ��� \ . t   *���       - ���   .
>.    .. ���  ��� .' .    ..   '..
k��,).. .....       ...       - \ . V ,\
? \\\\*V VWt      -   .     .
Si\ .N\.���.***. PfWf v^   V: \ \
,tfV-*���'�����     -     - -
-__���| ��� M
lhe Royal Bank of Canada
The Daily Canadian
lllll s.s.-ss    III    .,  s.s    sss.
���    l|    ���   ���        �� -.   '..'I    Itl ���   ll
. .....   ��� .        ... .      .-.    Iss   Use
.......... .
- IllVW.l
���       ..I 111.'
 le *i��.i��> -    ������	
- .
.   . ..I.S.       ,
���  .
-    .
���       ���
x*...;* .-.* * . ���
<. ��..
\     **    ,\
..< \ v < ..��. \ \ .v ���' ,\:w>;\:
ilMrlhMIt   ilu    .   .
nm      lb,   In.., .
l.i Iks in   ... ,si II-,,-
i-iiii-.Ii  I.nib, s   sss-	
���     . ��� \        . ..
11.-. l.-S.   .tSAISJf    I    .
i ...'.���.        .
.'      .'	
tv    IV, ,
.   . .        ...
... >   A   t .-  I
v rl.) (I.       II ��> *-' ���'������'��� ��'*
1011       I, .    .,
.s..l. ..,.'. u     .- i.r io.
.  * V-��i placvd ���
,  . . 1,    .  ss i .     . s.
,     nt*
.....     I- ..... v ,   ...  ���
.,   ,1 , ss
s. -       v
-���     .
II*. '
* ���
fcvi   *M1
-   ���
���*>**.*- -                     .     -
-  t
Am I ��   .*     ���*-���-.
. .\. ..:__.
K   liiai.i
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finish, iu light tweeds and plain cloths. ���
4> Prices from $10 to $25 each f
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Snow is Here
&& " A Speeder Sled ojjutt,.
\\ *   M.i*.*.    I  --t*   --���.   nt   All   'PrtwstK.
Standard Furniture Company
UHMnii -. _        __ *
.    .    v  ...
teemt tb* ant o* ���
- . ���.-_-,
. v...."
1    .
-   -
iw-^ atttar
\ \
STCin mlm
%\ a witli i. -*��-;
.  4 ���        ���    *���       ���
.     t    -.    .    ���*.
Mi      ���*���_' V V
���J   OHia* mm  tvi-ru   omtmaiU.
���  ���
���       ���
��� ���-...  earn*.
.       7
' nan ^ i
-insA*? n~n   t!����
*_tr m- ���
: . i . ?*..   .3.    -   I*
'���'    - '--'. it- i...
c.    in*_i*ji
mmmamtt,   mam
M    -���      ..'
'.-.....in.  'Mh
il.   Icarus.-,, s.
*   w - .        i \
The Daily Canadian
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LAUILb' IHIMMtD HA IS at leal Hum ooal  Choice. $1.50
Moita in,.-,...)-���i,,.��� Duuarortol ucvi��i<sn
"�� *PJI"     11 Hi']. OTi-lonSoltl Ais.riM-
.,.".'."., ',', ''^."nli'l AisssrisSlim As-Us, ���ii,; 11,.-
1*111,11,-h.li������l, Act" will Ih, lulsl in i|R. (.���urt
i.'.si*.-, iss ibe r.iy oi Nelwu, oa Thundmr, Da-
���''���S11I..T -Ills, ISI..,, ��| llie |������lr ���| !��� o'clocl 111 llie
oreoooii, !,.. n���. .,',.|,���n As.-, -.sss,.in,II.iri-l, _n,l
ta ii.inj.. r.,-i���ir,i Dlsirlct, Vmlr B,ii,..si Distriet,
ruliuo M.|n,,.| lintrls-l, .11,1 l;r,,��!���n B,:l�����,| 111,.
lil'-t,.:..iilBiiii-.l tlst-reln.
Jii'lKtuf Cs.sirt,,! ILvs.luii and Ap.��� ul.
Dsi.-.l at Mion, B. C,
itiiss uii ,tay nt Daonnber, 1906.
Km IC! ii hereby glvao in��t the Coortpf "�����-
\lalot) l<> corraOl ninl rtrvlHi* the Voter**' Lint Iur
Ui. feu I-SU7, Ior Hm-huM City of B-uidon, u pi*
|>*f��il hy Un* I'lerk t<>  lln- I'oiiriell. will iiii*t*t in
lha Council cjiuihUt, (uy Hull, Ban.ott. h. C ,
-ni Kri_��>*, DeeemMi Uat- IBM ��i Bo.-lock, p m.
Dtted _(-Hii.ii'u.ii i'., neaenberiOtn, iw*
('. K. I YOS.,' . M. <r.
TAKK NM| irK Unite rmirl of Ki-rinloi. of tlie
v rn' LUt of lbe City of Kaelo will fit mi tlie
viit any nl Deatmber- LUOt, el eleven o'clock,
h. in , (local iiini*). mi'I eontlotie from day to 'liy.
il NMUlsfte. al lhe fount *il Chambcra of the ('lly
Of KhkI.i, It. C.
Dated thii. loth -Ihj ni December, um.
Clerk of iin* Mutiiciptihty.
Uate w ���������������������?��������������� ^--������������������^
Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       ��""' AS8$Z,J&t��"tM>    VICTORIA
P. Burns &
ssliuul,   'frail,   N> lwin.   KilsIii,
Denver and Simian City.
Siiiidsiii, Three Knrkx, New
TAKK NOTICI llmi   a r,,.irl s.1 B,vIk|..ii rsl
ti... Vi.i.rs.'' 1.1 ..1 it... rity ..[ Unsnbrook will -u
on the Slst -���" oj December, UD>, nt n o'clock
(l.Mstl issns-s   in.I i-.isilliiiii- Irssiss .lay t" -lisy, If
r.-'|tii.lli-, fit llss- Online!) ITsasssl,s-rss, rrassl,r���..ls,
11 .:.
i.ai.-i nil. fill, sissy ol Daeembor, iww.
Clark si. Hiss MtsIliiJS|sallly.
Kotiee Le bereby pvao tbat ID dJtvi after (Ute
I Intend tn anply to the Chief Ootxunleetonor
nr IjiihI*- hikI worki (bra apeciUU licence toeuj
and carry away Umber from tin- r--lli*v.ii)*-rd*.*-
icrlbed Lracti of land, tUn_.ted on Ue Pend
O'Welle river In Uie dlitrlot <>f Weat -Utotenayi
Nn I���Commend ne at a pott plaoed on the
gurt aide of Plah '*!>��� I;,<>ii tbeeonrhbanlcof tbe
Petti O'Blelle river, nmrked Fred Aide Jrv
nortbeul   oorner;   tbenoe imi chaini eonUi,
tin ik*.*  10P-halne went   them-e IfiO chain*, liorlh,
tbenoe 10 chain* east tu plnee t>f commence-
Looated Non M, vm.
Kbeij Ai��ik, Jk.
Ko.S���Ooramenolnt atitpoat planted on tbe
eeal Ilde nt Fish creek, nn I dc Miillh hunk ������'. llf
Pend O'RIelle river, nmrked Prod Adle fr*e
DOrtbweM corner poel; theme 160 chains smith.
tin*  in ehalna eait them-e lOj.cbalraa nnrth,
tbenoe 40 ehaiiiK went to place of -.nnmencc
FlCKli Al'IF.. .lit.
���TAIteh Will hKVe
* -.ti.-nilno.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Inti  I pnr|>onc mnklOL'eppli-
^_."'"!l ' luefCitmiiiiMliiu.ru. Lmdn
M      ' i >n   t"   ptirchi-.se   thf   (t)l*
-   idl       C-inillli'Ill'lIIK Ht <*> |HIBl
P ��������� -i .nrtier ul J. tihlfH'R Bp-
������ ,   iimrkcd ' It. ti'ati. K. Cnr-
80 cliKtuN nnrth, tlience**)
e 80  Cltullic  POUth, tli-tice HO
������ nom menoement oontaln-
'���' ��� ��� lea.
f October, mm
It. Hhiki.i.,
per J. BHtm, Ab��-iii.
.;������ 1 purp-jee mskdn: iippll-
I* * .1 r-onunbatoner of tindi
iRRlon tu pun-haw the  fol-
If     Commencing at a poet
,;. rthcait comer oiB.8hlell_
'��� nee, marked"M. K (HiBTK.
In in*,* hit hums nnrth to the
l   I. MSI. theme HO vbalnr
lm not. 1 fa, tbenoe ����� chaini
imenoement, contalnlni M0
*��� of Ootober. ins.
M. K. QMBKraU,
per J Hinei.i.. Agent.
ite 1 pnipn-c maklni appli;
ui-jarl ii "     l,1�� Chief Comml��ioner "i
""' - f>tr per-alulon to purobaM Ui��
1 >-d   Until    CninmriiHiiK ��t  ��
Notloe I" herehv (tlven iliat W dayi nfler dete 1
Intend to !.]���[���. tu *:.. ii-.ii-"*.: '������ th�� ' l.i.*f Cuiii-
iriiw-Ltrier of 1-tinds n*, ! Worki Tor pertnlEiion tn
purchnse  \U��� Inl|nUltiK  dcicrihed IaD.�� 111  th��
Weel Eootenajr dlitrlet: BeclnjilnB at a pnst
iiinrkcd "Alexander ftamtt*�� N W. corner," end
Platiti-d on the .���.'������ Hhore of the uarruwA of
HhaisliHii (t'niihoi.) laJte, Ht the 8- K- enrner o(
It-rnliar-i   IIinch's    ajiplieHtluii    lo   purchase;
tbenee cant 40 ahalnj; tbenee watb so obalni;
Mimed weet -tncliaiiiii, more or lesP, te tbe ibore
ol tbe narrowi; ihcncn i mui- the aald shora
In a nortlierlv tilrectitni so nhalim, more or led
tothe point of rniiiiiitneeni-L'Ut, OOBUdAfng NO
eeree, more nr leis.
oet tttbi iwm. AtKxASPKB nusnt
by F. L. BudnMbi ACeul.
Hlxty days aftei date I purpose makinit appli-
cm ii-ui 10 ihe Hon. <i,ift Ooeunleitoiier Of '-mcl*-
kihI Works fnr pennlttlon to9_robiM the following deeerlbed lands:   CotameneliMl at the
n..i:i.. ..-*. eurner of C, ],. HanitiiiKtnn'a nppllca-
tion to purchase, marked "K. A. Ca H. K. eorner,"
lunnlnu theneuH.elialunnc.rtli, thenco si)chains
WOlt tlience Kti chalnn south, thenee NJ chains
���������vat In ptdut 'if emnmetieeiueiit, couttinlu-.; iVtO
No.I-Coiriineiieiiitr It n pOfel   placed on  the
smith    trunk  of   lhe   I'eml   it'Klcllc.   np|HiK|u*
Twelve Mile ereek, marked Fred AdleJr'eN.
K enrner pi-i*. llicnc* 180 chains souih. theme
*' chains weet tbenoe IfiOolutJiu imrth. tbenoe
40 cbalni cast to place of oommencement
I>.��*ated Nov.-JJi, lWMt.
1- l'"KKI) AlllIT, Ju
No. 4-roiiiineiicitiK at a nnetphioedon Uie
st.mii hiink of the ivnd Q'ftJeUe, oppoelte
Twelve Mile creek, marked Kred Adle .lrh N.
V\. corner p-ist; thence 40 .���hain"loath, ihenee
U0Chaini east, thence 4U chains imrih, thene.-
I K'si chains west tn place uf entnim'iieeuienl.
*      1/tcttted Nov.ai, IttJll.
Fkkh Ai'iE. Ih
Nu ft.-Oimineticln*j.r at a post placed on lhe
souih hank ol the Ivmi O'Kh-llerlver.ahniit t,j>-
poelte Fifteen Ulleon^c marked Fiid Adle Jrt
N. K. oorner poet; thenee 411 chains weet, tbeuce
liin chains smith, thence 4d chain*-, easl, tbence
lwi chains nnrlh U> plaeeot eomineneeineiil,
Uieated Nuv.-JI), ItWC.
FitEi> Aiiik, Jk.
s���. B���Oommenotog at a post piaeed on ihe
smith hank of the I'.-nd O'Blelle river, ahout
DpIMMlte Fifteen Mile creek, marked Fred Adle
,tr's N, Vi. corner pMt; Ihem*'* tUU chains smith,
ihcnce 4u chaius cast, ihenee ISO chain- north,
tnence 10 chains wesl to place or commencement
Located Nov. 90,1908.
Fhkh Auik. .lit.
d on the
tr, about
11  creek,
1, 7���roiiimeiielrit: at  .*i POll  I'll"'*
hhanli of ihe i'end O'Blelle rly
Noiiee m hereby given that 60 daya alt
lend to apply toUe Hoo.CblalOomn
���I nu- Junction o( Barnei and
mid cart of K. .I.Flllull'**' HI'
marlted "VV. N l"��- ���*_- *���
H.enneSOobalni north: theuee
* neeHtiuhalniioutb; thenoe 80
��� nt I'leoiiiliicliceiiieUt; colituin-
 ber, mm.
Vi. N. l'onir,
Pet J. Statu. Agent
1  purpih
fl Chief 1
iinikiui: appli
ihfii-.iMiier of
a purchase lln*
undi;   Oommenelng at a
I",, ui corner ol U. K.Uren-
puielni.e, inuik. 11 "V. H's,
���miu Ihenee BO i-halna nnrth;
'������"'  m chalm. cast;   thence mi
:  ' hiohalni weet tn point <'(
�����. ('Utililutng WO acrts, more or
tll,,l*t* ulaj oKVioher.lBOO.
,V Ihitin
Per J, Ihlelli Agent
:; ' '   ''"te I pui-pom* miking appli
'    ' *i>\iuiiiiMiiiiicrnr l-_11.lt>
'ir dirrli   ^'""iMfon   In   purehHM' tbi fob
'lu,,.,/,   '   "'   ntiuls:    t'luniueneltiK   at the
"J"  oi   V    Dodd'i  appllcatlnii   In
"     "'.I.. It's N. K. corner," run
, ,. '     w chalm couth, thenoe 80-ohiini
Itiiui",,       '''"'I'm imrth, ihence 80 i haiuM
'    '���' ��� -1 .irinciieuneiit, eniitnlnliig
W,|m l��l��day of Ootober, 1000.
0 L. IIannisuton,
pur j Bmittti Agent
teres, inure or Ivm.
Dated the 1 tth tiav of October- woe.
per J. Pniki.L Agent
.Iter date I
__ ._ __.. unisBioner
"I i-amis mi'l Worku for permission to pnrebaie
the  fnllimliix  deKTlbod  lutnh altuated  In  the
Went Kootanav dlinict:    Begdnning at a post
marked "Herbert warren's R,X*.oorner,"and
planted on the Wist shoreof \\ hat��hau (Carihun)
lake, about one -Quarter milt north Of the southern end ofthe lake: theuee west BOchalnii theme
eoiiiti - >. 1 nut-, thlnce east hu chaini*, more
lesa. to u hai .ian creek] thef,n*
norih along thfl creek ud lak<
mnre or ten, to pniut nt eoi
tatning ft40 konii nmre nr lesa
Daied n.i- Bth dif of Ootober, UM.
f. L, Hahmunh, Agent
��� tlu
marked Fred Adle Jr'a N. fc.rur-i.-r ,�����*,., i,,,-,,^-
4H chains wcsl. thence  100 t hains smilh. ihence
40 ebalni eaat, tbenoe uoebalm nnrth lo plaee
Aslls- J.'S K. H . i-orni-r jss.sl; Ihenoe U0 s-lisiiiisi
���outb,tlienoe<0 oliatnieut, tlienoe 180 .-luiim
north thenoe luriiiiins trait is, phne m ,i,m-
Looated Nov. 27,1900.
Pred Aslls- .ii"�� uorthwee tier post; iis.-m-..
NI.-lssilliB DMUUlanoe Ml.-liiilli>  sss.lilli. lis. lls-s-
BDobulnewon, Uss-m-s- mi i-iiiiin�� nortii Ifl pUio��
shnre Nl Chllni
iimeiieeineilt. cun
'"v Kiven tliHlNi days after ilate 1
l-mcUn , u ,Ul" """-'hief f'tuiiinl.. inner
, (���[!,;;;; uJ"ks,nn,eni,issinn In purehHM'
"���' Kin,!,, r,,   n,    "'   bimlfl situated in the
""���"1 "\, i "i 1'*v*rl'l: MeKinniliiE at u poll
���!.,,���,��� .^""'"lelte Hlroh'l 1*. li. corner," ami
" hi ���',, .'",', ''"in' "I Whatshan [Cariboo)
" -.,,.,   ��l,,lei,,l corner ol the Hid lake;
., ,,, ,    ' w ciiulns;  ihenee weat 4ii chain .
,'' ";" Blu re nf Whatshan creek*.
kl' hi ��� ���... ,u-; 'u" "tore line ol -mid creek ami
"" Ni -u ,V    nu��l'eFly and eeiterlv dlreo-
..�����....   "'i'i . mora (,r \mit, to pa)lU ()f (.()Ili.
of land,
. HtljOlDlIlK
dlzty dan aftsr dato i intend toapply t>
Honorable the Chiel Ceminl*.-loner of I."���'
Works, Vietoi-if*,   to  purclmsu  1K0 at���
Located nn the wrst sidtfol Arrow lak'_
Lol 6111 ninl del .rlhcn a_< (m ,a\ - ComineiieiUK
ul a poll ptHiited on the went houtidary of Ia>1
M1��, ahout '2il iIihIus imrth Of the H. Vi. corner of
mh. i lot, tbenee weil 80 ebatns. tbence lonth 00
ehains, tbenee eul *w ahalns to the western
boundary of pitMmptlOIl No. S7s, thenee uorth
Uee of
FiiKti Ann*.. Jk.
No 10���Oommenelng al �� pwj
north bank of UtePend p Rlelli
qnarter of amllejVpm tbfl tarn
river,  marked    Fred   Adle    .Irs
pneL Uienoo B0 chnlna eaat, Um
ihcnce ni obalns v
eU ih.
il lo plu
icated >
Of I'll lllltlflll-
U-eiedOcl.-All^* MK.WAU.-y,
*'oiru^ R J. Ki.i.rorr, Aicnt.
tinehi.lna to pit
Uh im.
""HnInt:  I0U acrea, uitue nr lees
lu.   .,   .     ,_ ANTUINKTTK flllU4t-.II,
��i f L, Uakmono, Agent
rlotbN Is hereby fflren that fin .lava after date I
intend to make app'.!i?altuu to the llotmruhle the
Chlel 00_aH__BlOUBr of J-am! <- ami Works for per-
liilSMiou to purchiu-.- lhe lollnU-liu; descrihed
lamls: Cniiurencini: at a posl pleoao ahoul otic
���ft. ���.-t t)( whatshan ennjk and nhout three
th of W'hn: * im n lake rmiiiUK *i chains
���vyw, ...eneeHUehn.na went; llieneo SO chains
north: thenc. 80 cl aini easi, tu point of com-
lneueomeiil, eontalnlns: 040 acrea moro or loaa.
i atedOctoterUil-OS,
Parka .McNa-oohtun,
Tiy IiIh Igetlti K��Nia*T W . BOMHIOH
Blxtv ilayaiiHer-lati'1 purpose inaKiiiR appli-
ration' to ike Hon. Chief toinniifaioner of .Landl
and Works inr peiiii!t*."u to paroban tbe (oi��
inwink* doserlh-d land: i*omiiienciuK it a poit
idaceil aboul 100 jrsrds west of thfl Whawian
fake trail ami iihni''. tw" milea South of What
ahnn lake- murked "if. C. S'sK. I. oorner poat,"
running ihenee Hn chains a��Mitb; ihence flu
chains west ��� thenei��� Ml eliains north; tbenee SO
ObunsflHt, io polnl <>r commencement; eoutalnliiK 040 ueres. inure nr less.
Per K, Bniitu, Agent,
^^^^^^^^mmmm-^^ X|,IK   Jr*
Noilce  mai  thirty  tlayi   alter dnie  I  intend
maklna application to the Uonorabla the Ohlef
I niiiniissiuiier of  bauds  ami Wnrks for u s'pei lal
lioeoH lu cut and carry hwhv tlmbei frum the
foilowitiK denrlbed land, iltnated on the ri^hi
liana of kokanee creek, ahout HvemileB from the
lake, commencing at a pout marked "Bruce
White, H. K. eonicr." Theneo north 80 chains,
thenoi Will W obalns, thenee north Wiehalns,
tneneewetl -> chains, Ihenee south -Sti ehalni,
thenee tasl 4n chains, ihence south Cu cli tin*,
Ihenee easl -III chains tn point of coinineneeineut
llarcrs Winri, bo'-ator.
Dated XoTk-M-bi woo.
Notice is herehv glren that BO d-Ul *��ftM date 1
"'^l^^^^^Klrritaate-- �� Uh
ISllOU to pureliase
I sllualed  in  the
Beginning at a poet
the followlug
West Kootenay dhdrlei.    .... __ _.. .
��iurke<l   "Willlain   Keil'r-t   N.   W,   enrner,"   and
phttik'il tih.nii ..ne mile suuth of lhe north end
of Whalshan (t'arihnn) lake,about twentyehalns
west (if lhe west shore ol said hike nmi on the
souih huiimlary of l�� K. Keil's application to
nurobasol theuce anuth 80 chains; toincfl cast'20
chains, more or leFs*. to tlie snid Inke slmre*.
thenee northerly along thc said shore Wi chain**,
more ur less, to the said Hnlitli houndarv of
K It. Keil's application to purchnse; thenee "west
20 chalus, more or less to the polnl of cnmiiicuce-
ment, t'ontalnlnj: 100 acres, more ur less.
"������'��� -t ii. i   i ���  : ��� '��� Wtt*L_-N Kkii,,
Dated Oct, 1-. B
;    BUty day
i  Hon thefli
j topu
By K. h  Hammomi, Agent.	
after date I inieml loapply to thfl
t(*ommi*'*'ionerof LaniUaiid ������* ork��
.rner post "
.rner of Geo.
, thenei
pt)sr.n'iiri.e.t";'N.T U's
said  |K)B|  It'dng at the
Mii'lrsoii's  prcetupttoii
anulheaft of Hurton f.il
south'ill chains, west 411 ehalns, tuir
east 8(1 eiiaim. M.utii 90 eliains tn place ur em
inenceineiit, eontainlng 'iin acres.
I -ocaten Hth day of Nov. 1000.   Nettik T. Hkkh
t  two mlU
sl 111 I'haiur,
Hi lo chnins.
Mayor Gillett So Assured City Council
���Long Meeting  Devoted  to   Many
Matters of Interest.
'lho hKHurance of Mayor CHUett that
the power plant would be in operation
by December 21 waa the must Important feature of a council meeting that
hinted two and a half hours.
Other mat.tors dlHcuBBed were the
monthly payroll, a loreshore lease, two
byUtWB, the lire chief's monthly report.
Hit* ponding appeal or the famous in-
jiiik tton cane, the proposed amend-
meniH to the municipal clauses act.
The council convened at 8 o'clock,
with Mayor Gillett in the chair, and
Ablcrrnen Hume. Irving, Annaljli', Hose,
Selous and Kirkpatrick present, lho
minutes of ihe last meeting were read
and approved.
J, G. Millings addressed the council,
by permission, on the subject of the
Vale-ColuHibla Lumber Co.'s request
for a lease of the* foreahore, and permission to f'll iu.
Alderman Hume, chairman ot thc
board of works, explained that the land
in quesiion could at present be of no
value to anyone else. It. liea between
the C. P. H. right of way and the land
now lu use by the company, about two
and a hair acres.
On motion of Alderman Kirkpatrick
ami Alderman luring the lease asitea
for was granted, to expire Oeccniuer
31, 1910, at. a rental ol %\Z per year.
The finance oommlttee reported rec-
omm-anding a construction payroll oi
I4S0.6S, which was passed.
W. Ebbs then addressed the council
on the subject of the transfer or land
acquired by the city for peslhottse purposes, only part of which is required.
The mayor waB instructed to have a
plan of the land in question prepared
for the next meeting.
Chief Deasy reported two fires Tor
.November, with a loss of $10, and the
usual inspections and drills, lie reported that there were no horses m
-Nelson available for fire use. A re-
qaesl from the Kiremnn's Relief association was referred to the fire, water
and light committee.
A letter from .1. A. Forin called attention to the dangerous condition ot
Maker street created by the excavation
of a bear pit.
The complaint was referred lo the
mayor with power to act.
A request from A. Allen for a fortnight'., leave was grained, from December __, Mr. Allan to provide a substitute.
P. Hums & Co. asked for definite assurance or electric power from December *Q* or for permission to make other arrangements.
The mayor remarked that 'he wes
convinced that the plant would be in
operation by Dec. 21. He was told
just before coming to ibe meeting by
telephone from the city engineer that
only counecting work remains, the hydraulic machinery being all in place
and concreted.
There was a question whether the
new machinery would be running
smoothly enough by thai date to carry
a full load; but. if necessary .the Irani-
way service could he interrupted for
a  few days.
Another engineer of Ihe Aliis-Chai-
mers-Tliillock company is en roule to
assist H. C. BulllB in completing thc
electric installation.
The matter was left to the mayor
aud   the  city  solicitor.
The Communication from the League
of Municipalities, laid on tbe table at
thi- last meeting, was then taken up.
Alderman Annable���This league proposes lo draft a new Municipal Clauses
The mayor���Yes; aaid suggestions
are asked fnnn all councils, whether
tlH-y belong to the union or not.
Alderman   Kirkpatrick���Do    we    he-
long to the union?
The mayor���Yes.
Alderman Annable*���Who has authority to older a strike?
The whole mailer was left lo the
Alderman 'Selous ihen moved the
���first reading by title (if Bylaw 17a,
amending the Pire bylaw. M was also
read a second time by title. Bylaw
174, Kire Prevention bylaw, was also
read twice by title.
Bylaw 178, amending ByJ-aw 74, was
then taken up in commiltee. M provides for the removal, at the owner's
expense, of dangerous buildings, Bylaw 174 forbids false alarms and olist ruction of firemen, gives right or
way to the fire brigade, forbids leaving
or depositing Inflammable material, or
placing ashes In wooden receptacles
nor within 10 feet of a building, unless
contained in noncombustible receptacles, forbids use of unprotected
lights in buildings containing inflammable material, unobstructed aisles in
nnd exits from nil places of assembly,
with a minimum of three feet for central aisles nnd two Teet for side aisles,
nud forbids bonfires.
Tho two bylaws were then reported
and received their third readings. The
Una! notices were given by Alderman
At Alderman Hume',, request permission was given for the laying of a
pipe under ihe lake to the north shore
nnd the use of city water.
City cheques were ordered to be paid
December 24.
The council then a-djourneil to ��)o
cember 24.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Roomi are well furnlihed.   Table u good u iuy
iu Nelaon.     Bar lupplled with good
Ha uon and clean.
W   E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Ktiroix.au aud American >*laD
Heall 28 OU.   fioomi from rt ru  to II
Only Wlille Help .Employed.
Building Lots for Sale
H.  &  M.   BIRD.
llaker St.. Nelaon Proprttton
$a*tlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The Bar li tbe Flneit.
White Help Only Employed.
Joarphlne Bt.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall anil Vernon,
two blocki from wharf.
Katei I' OH {ier -day and up.
������T m       if ���**!*�� ��� TO   TAKE OUT   AN ���
lN0WlSthelimeAccident insurance Policy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Old.it Company Doing Business In This Line.
F. 0. Bui 161.
Tel.:|.li..s..' 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally L-o-at&l. opeu Day and Night*
Sample and Bath Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Sheet..
.D* Stt athcona
NelBOD, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrea
el the
Choicest Froit Landa in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Bsker Street, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity am
Heated by Hot Air
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Large snd Csinf.srlalile Bedrooms snd first-
isIsm IMiiliii: Room.   Kample Kooms (or Commercial Ken
MBS. B. C. CLARKE, Proprietress
Royal Hotel
Katea tl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Reimlar Boarders.
Winter Excursions
Nelson To Montreal, Toronto
=====_ An. All folds West Thercol
In Ontario and Quebec.
Most cnmloruble qtiarlers in Nelson.
Only the bait ol l.l,|i].,rss end . ii_ri..
t a
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofiug Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage tss use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Quebec, Bt. John Halifax, and Marl-
time Provinces rates on application.
Tickets on sale daily,
Round Trip. Rrst-Chss, Three Months'
Limit. Old Country Rates
$89.25 Return
.Halifax or St. John.
Saloon, $95; Second, $76; Steerage, J54
And up, according to steamer.
For detailed Information, sailings,
ocean steamers, first class or touriBt
��� Is-ups-r reservations, apply to local
ngeat or write
A.li.l*. ...Vani-nnvcr. P. I'.A.. Nelson
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists caJtvto
To Toronto, Montreal
and points weit ..-,
ST* $ 78.25
Corresponding low rates to
points east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Good for three mouths
with privilege of extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
stsspovsrs allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers ��
allowed east of Detroit and _\
Port Ilurou.
For  further  information  call
on or address
City fumniger Agent.
Wlnilfn-_.lt> and HuiHil DvhNih in
Fresh and Salted Meats
('.mips Kupplii .1 ou shortest, notice nud
lowost prico. Nothing but fresh uurt
w hi ilrs' iiiiii ment h and supples kept in btock
Mail onlern receive ciu-efal attention.
E. C. TRAVES,   Manager.
W.   CU   aiLl_.BTT
Coiitruvlor and
Hole igen. d>r tbfl I'o.u> Mao Lumber Co., Ltd..
r-clnll ym.lv Kmi-fti am] iin--._���_�����! lumber, lUI-IM
wurk nnd brr-u-k-ulit, Chim lutli mnl -hiunit**-, *-it**-li
mi'l doors.   Content, brtuk nnd lime lor haIm.
Aiilnriiiuic ���rlii.I'T.
\ in.i mi,! factory:   .union tit., vast ot Hull,
P. O. Hox _;i_. Telephone 178.
Certificate of Improvements
"HMUnn" 111 IHtTKl t Illllll    l-llllllfil  in   the   Nf I BO II
Miiiinn niviHion of Weet K-oUraay dlatrlet.
Wlivre loORtOdl���6_ Toad mounlain.
Ttike Notire tbat 1, John M(*).iitchii' Acting ai
agent for tii-orge A. <'ampbell. Free Mlner'n Her-
lifieate No. b7077, intend, aixty da\K from the
date lii'ri'of. i'i ui��� i��� y in the Mininif Beeorder for
a Cortlrlcateof hnpruveiiient^forthupuriioavof
iilitn'.iiitin u OtOWn Urant of the above elalin.
And further ink* notiee that action, un or
Keetlon "J7, iniiKi be eommeiiced lieforc the lusn-
anro ,'f sin li Certificate of Improvement.*.
Datod thih 17th duy of November, um.
John MctLatchic.
Certificate of Improvements
^^^^^^^^^^ mineral elaluia, sllitule
Trout Lake Mining DIvIkIoii.
Lin'iitc-d on 1'oplar creek.
Tade Notlca tbat I, Bruee \Vhit��- acting an
agent for the Bpyglaw Mining ��� o., Krec Mlueru'
CurtII!rate No ll W'0, Intelur, ftl d��VB from the
dale hereof, to applv U> lb" Mining Recorder tor
a Cerllllcate ot Improvement!! for the pirposeof
obtaining a Crown ti rant of the above claimti.
Aud furthur take notico Hint action, under
faction H7, must be commenced before tlie Issuance of audi CerllRente of Improvements.
Oatcd Wilt October, lfHMi. BJTtKfl Wiiirt
"Hpyglans" und "Qlobp"
In T���
A II.P.*A.,Rflirtl.r^'
PfIiiS0N &,
I'ltUNINU AND .ItAri'lNlJ u.ralully utlcnd-
esl Ui. Apply
Kllvssr Kllif Hotel.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free''
smoking aud most satisfactory pipe. '
w* cA. Thurman,
Tobaxcooi&t.   Baker Street.
, ���'        " ���������*���*������ ���   ���
Noiiee is hereby given that at a meeting o( the
Board of Meeime CommlHlouen, to be he'd *.n
[he Chief <'m��UbIe'*�� ofllee, Nelaon, ou the Iflth
December, 11W., I Intend to apply fo- a trannf.-r of
mv.lleeu��e for the drove Hotel, Falrvlw, Nelaon,
lo 0 K. Watmf-dey.
Pated IStb Nov., MM. J VV CROW,
pe- WM. t-.Q8NKI.l-, Attorney.
No Ice Ih hereby glveu that at a meeting of the
Board of License Coram Im'one t a, to Ihi mild In
Ohte. Constable's offlce, at Nettuiii, on 15th lNM-e.ni-
ber. 1WW, 1 lutend to aiiply for a Imnafer of my
hotel llcenne tor tbo Palace "   '""     ���������-���-
Archibald.. l>avin
Mb November, UM.
dace hotel, al Vmir, Ut
y, Rs*
�����! rr
The Daily Canadian
OIK Si'KClAl  I bAOb-K
i it*, ban      We
i : it bas     Jt.V
' ��. k s,   .
-      - \
�����".. \i.. i   ��� (j **.
1 .. *     -*������_* Ik    ?���-' '***���   ' W**5
'       *.   1      >.t. .     -IU      **     J3
"���>.*�����,   a-*-..*. ���
>     A
: _   a -t -:  . * _ *.
Go__l tind
Tel^hcw^ To5
_."*^��'^^ > *** >-. %�� *��v ���*-.   ���^ -^ ���-������ *v **
S ___,_��� Wc** Bociv
H__J S_.a_��:
u     i_U(^t_ii<>    '.'V)'    -">*..--- IM
_**-_��*     ii   *Jcv^r_.iu    -*i* -.*��� _.**<-
Jam lamx
*\t  _a��ii/h.iu   ft'i?    __..   ..'Jir **,.��
V   X/QMM-.      JI    itVL'luuJ    Jltiy    '_*���*���*__
_ha_r   m_i   . _    j:**-,
fwmM    *iA\t***.tt>+x*      i.r-       .0..'.;- u
BL j�� L R?_Ioi 0__>
ton! 'JK.   .-��.,.,1   ,-lsj >��u.t_.
-J ji *. DoUeO .-!..��� ii -..'
-AiiD awka toe ^.'. *
lev's (ash focgn
*_, X'*-.-^.   ^*^*^��
/%*%_%%%%-��%V%%%��%��%*��%��_%*\       ��).
'--���--. V :
.  .... ���. ���.
-  ���    \ ���...     .       -   -
* v
I   -
..*-.-���   S...
.    -.      ��� .
....  s .
-. . BS tmat
'�� . V.slll.ii,,
bssxpm *
. .*���.-.-    - . i...
I    ���
*���*.      >        ���::.��� -.*.���.    -.
..       .
\ S -   -
M     :-.       -   I *���   . -.'
v ���   aw-ru
S   ���   .���     ��
..     .
m ttmt
- .        -
*   -
-   3. -     .
H    |
- *     .  *.
��� i '...   j ;.*-*..    ~
���   ,    -
} ,  *.
Xmas Goods
Ov'C   ^ mir Or.lv'.������-. (fl
*tC.��rl\   i'.m-
N_>-V Fruits,
Nuts*. PigS,
CiiM_ii��_*K, lUc.
I  HAVI   *  COMPCCT1   sr.v-v   M
\\i*s j..'..-    cuvie
A icu "odd lines" to
be cleared (ss:
Tonight and Monday
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone 333.
Manv Useful Articles
at half price Starkey & Co., __$��&
C. A. Benedict
Omim H *���-! wi -'**1i m M
PIK3_NM  -.
*      -.      -v
*. - -
-   ���
),-!���<��� i   t Manna
i..  ,  *
��� i*.*   !.* ���    . .
SM, HW   .-no    v
'        * ���
���      . ��� . .
)     I   ���*.
���     Ultif
���     r.     am
. - w  i -
U_ I..* "is...*!>. |   ���*[-.;
.    ������ ��� : ���    ���    ���
Coal! ke! Wood!
Phoac 265
.*.*.-.d    ���.'���..*.    ,i:e   ^ivJ.
a     ghl - .JJSISTMAS
don-t buss this clean
up sal;:
NVhoic-s.ue Provliiiona,
Produce, ��� Fruit.
-Vima^s.HS ti-.-.Tfra2i��n-i Cr��n:--rT One Poand Bricks r��-r.i_i w^-.v fr-u,
frum Ehe .-ham.    F-.t ��U�� br all i.��__jig mutm.
0_5�� ia.i ��r-rvhoo.��: Houston BI��:k.   Pb.-.r.-- '���
Jos*phtne Strert. -       -       Nelaon. B. C.
YaV Kootsfnay lot, Fra.t.
FM & Poultry Ca*^ Lti.
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....W Stores,...
.   ��   .v     i���'. \ |
Don't Forget
���   -
. ���
i,   .  . . . , .
ill    _.; 3lost 7'.Ci;^* V. - ;-s ;r
x"'->" lad Bhfi-k 5l::-_s.
"!���������   -t.i.j-i-    ���   :> ��� .-_���   i .*in 3Ba '���-*
i   ^1    Hand   ���������: W   .-uuiiu  5uu��i  la  >__j
���JVC,   fot;   i,)U   j��  ij   $   -*aJ.
M*.***.**.     \N.'u*.   > .
Guns and
Arr .tt .unition ?
'.V     _,, -   -     v
|   .    -    i ������ ���     ������ ,-N-.,-,..    ft
Loaded Shot Shells
������..���-;... ...      .-   ,-_   ���
'. <'i:: vivii
R-__!e xcd Pi__t-o_ Cirtr-igw
.:   * *   ���****. *A'ui:nu
MR   ':..:-, Mtt
sflQ Hardware fa
ill :ss populas: jj^vxii
s - i-._ ri.ui*_T
F.;i:r__*j iad ]occ*_:? i Scculr?
������li����m����. **" ti    h��-__y.. EnilsisT. ��->r__; iai J-'oicir iai H��� Ki _:_-tr
-*���' *H *a! W rt. Fit' :f r*arit 5��.
���J->r--.i��-t^    > u��.
M _N *(.*-;w.
N��lai.u-..   (i. v;.
A Wotd to tie Wise
T^itf t__x ��'�� anvr
i;. t-- --jir-
Gc-cd Cheer Ait B___ Burner
.- i:'.t:T.*-:    t oar:  ������*;��_.  'n-7  ia_ j rar
* ���:        .        -j
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
C: ___.?lav. T iMftrfi
Id '���>    9_tm
.'   *   Imm
��� *JC'.
s _a
S   23
s .. ���>
BOtt      .. ���*    :       I
SSieniiafl's Open tta
Cammescag Monday D��c. 10
_S 7*.'...__J ;__?i
*i-   1.    "S^^O R.  W. HIIHTOIH-
I    MWrntymtir���!-**_ mr^*_ J*?tyr*ir*_ m.^m**.tuCMuJ T��-crt _>��.���_.~-l��c�� -     **-*-*_ic vi-��t��i I
V% ���oi-iw.   Min'ruj mxtMi   >����ll   +lm*t.int~mnr-y .      +^r*M*tm��Z-iT-
iyrm  **:^--��.   W.   W.    w.*->-*c/*����--j,��:osf*��"   w_n~w.
> r_fB_B    It
W. G. ThoniSOtl   Tonight���MartHa**|
Pg-e 5r:r_ <:i Qu__::7
. .:t tod   \.\<r
������������*..*���-�� _(-���.
-i:,    ���Til. 11     -'LSIlu.
:**     fcHwiflmi
.   r. mi.
."ii.;   i.   Iknilurbmr. Su
MiictJ*+��jr*^��%i  '^**��i*.
uni   *iuj��   _aun   car** r
Xuun r  Pt__3M ith Al p
_. - iiMtr ";ul .hinnn-nr nu. ^sri  I ~
dten uiii  )i:u*�� ".iir iraT mr:
-0   Grats C.T   ?-*_nttJr*i
Wcsx i mat_m Co.
iiSIKIjE  *'    .Ui**(.N. lUiitrr.
.*s.uhrm   C-HiiiMiin*  :au  "jHaier-.   u
.'*J��i   .UU    V     , :;;-..P -_   ,uu
.. . ...���   **-sslM'-s-
M_9n     *'K   .-��-_'!.,..   J1L   ...
_a_.*.r ^t.
JOHN T. PIERRE,  A-rustic Tailor
.'jininLnumf ~-.iz.''. Dkioidc I *th
ao .v.*.iroa' TLiini;'.*.
!l:     i CHINA HALL}
���*...._._    *��_���-���_ i<   U_
Ji_*yv*ii_ i,_) :Hit..iv ,.<
lor  V ����**.����� ' r.-cMlMo
r:r_ Ontario Honey
J"   *T'iunwf   w'juw   S     '_:
Ii  _B__I  'i ;'(���__��� mt   Hi.   ins
IM      tyh  f-w   in*��� -��  imitwi
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