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The Daily Canadian Sep 20, 1907

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Array She
Ul'MR  2.     NO.   92
Fn-TT Cbnts a Month
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
|ue Story of Grand Trunk Pacific
Dal Coming to Light���House
Deceived by Premier.
Bepl. 20.���Sir Wilfrid 1.;1111tit-r
. been playing  foal   and   looaa  with
.    . , 1.    . rr    iiif    Japaneae
. I,  ].,. ,tli- ih.. c��ns..qticnc--H.
lni., neither allowed  nor  positively
I vinclal leglalatloa for tba ix
1,1,am��� ... Asiatic immigrants.    Mat-
\ ...11 permitted tu drirt.    Ita
C ,1 irabln   Sir   Wilfrid's   Ml Ddl
...    !,���  1   th.-   I.1.11rler   govern
��� a, favoral ,   ... exelusion  policy,
fceral members "f parliament ir. Brit-
���i.iiinii.ia wit.' loudaol at home 111
tgalnil oriental l.-glsiu
In. iirr when parliament wag In Motrin id. a Irrr.l nothing to say.
ItMui-hlle Japaneaa contlni.e.1 to rp
They hat . been oomini faaler
^ti . v. r ri"i onl] from Jap in l.ui f om
I Rawatln l.landa. Tha not ,, Vanity,-evei is the natural result of tl.<-
'-naiii iitiliriri.' uf tha- covornmeiit at
lawn Tli.' |xs,[.l.. know what to exit fnrin th.' iirovltirlal ininlBtry.    The
Y        '    ' ,:;' ::r   l.'.iv.'rtltuellt  mid   logls-
|ii" bare gone an  far as  they  have
rr. excludlnf Asiatles. if the
i.-h ('..iumlila  people   hnd   h.-.-n  dls-
'!> an.l firmly lolal  what they might
.'t from   ilie    Laurler government
aa.iiiil bave adapted themselves to
) ciniUtioiiH.    Hut  year,  of  evasion
Hy ahully huve matle the people
li'-      or easily  the InBtrunients of
|i--,    characteri  from  th.-  United
Iti.   Vancouver   riot   with   the
��� ...   '..:���-km.: ..[ .Ia|ianes<- houses
liti. rasull aif determination to bring
liirs 10 a ha-ad.
pi nun sir Wilfrid is doing what
lniiitlii na w.ii have daino years ago.
p�� trying to bargain with the Jap-
si government  to  restrict the exo-
"f Japaneaa i pie.    Japan standi
Iner rl*hl to send her subjects to
-'���1. .in.i properly demand! that they
1... protected while the*, are bare,
1 as Britain would insist thnt British
fJ'.t.-i sl...11I1I not he abused nor In-
1! 1:1  their   peraon   or   property   by
f>i in Toklo, Th.- Japaneae are our
���''- riri.l its.- only power which can
:!.v I'l.vi-ni .lapanest. Immlgru-
i" 1 ins country is Japan heraelt
iniisl l���- the basts ol a future
atujemenl An agreement on thin
f-iiii'' mlghl have been made baton
"""try iunl been disgraced by tbe
-""in.1   outbreak,
1''in when the Japaneae queatlon
p have been aottled hair the dlffloul-
"'" remain Hindu laborers are
l"��l 1.. Waati in Canada i.y tlmus-
No laaa than nine hundred cam!
|" ��'��� k in nn,- trip, They aru our
���ubjacta, many of them are
r''���"'"' havi served in the wars of
"|.ii.' I'll.', in,, entitled to con-
I ' " .""i sympathy, bul tlley are
l��"l__ adapted to this country, and
|*lrlliiaUon, Their presence miens
J'"����� mi.1 .11111,-nit social problem!
f* ihould i��. avoided. Tho looner
"' koUon Is ink.-n 10 pi,.vent or re-
Immigration tha eiutlet- will
"'��� W'lll.-lllenl   of   Ihe   trouble.      Mr,
'""s platform demand! a more caru-
[���""wtlon ..r th,. .ouroaa of Immlgra-
urc   rigid   Inspection   or   Im
fl*'"'""    1" ��bori   a   policy  which
I   ntolude  undsalrabla  Mttlera,    if
nil" i�� applied generally it win not
ll'.'l,.'"SlV" '" ""y '"'''' '"' �����>''�����>���    Mt-
l'''"" pollo-t |��� tie ������,, wbto_  must
''"'"'���'i ir wa ure to eioapa this oon-
"*������"���  tavertlng  trouble   and   avoid
n,.1"'"""" '" '��� 'ice which linve ills-
'" >omaol th,. cities or tho United
1 '��� .no* have been introduced into
""j*"* thai tin. expendltura upon the
,!���,"''"'!' "'"' "r 'lie Orand Trunu
.-,. ,,,,   ���0OD>lng st, larga us to pro-
frl llli'i'i"' n01"8" r'"' ,hlH """">��� *""���
I'lin Is .'i  "'"' "f ""' <"'K""H liriiBt-nts
-_.      ''" """i"' of an Interrogation,
r.,11,,1       w"'"'1  -***���  1""""11  *>�����*
m  ""or. have ���ald  If tho (Invent
��� Qn1.11 ",.""'" '""' H"i||"��'i-v allowed
I       ���"'���  ''milt Hallway to uu,Ia ,���,���
f     tlii
1 11,,.
the West and carry ull the products
along the line to a foreign isirt? They
would then have been Justified In Bay-
Ing hurd thliiKB." The >mggefti��] Is
lure mud., that the (iovernment of Canada wan Invited by the (Irand Trunk
to allow It to build Into tlm West, and
to carry all tho product- n ' -elgn
port.    It Is also inferra-d /"��t7,
eminent declined this  proposu..       ''*'//
that for tills reason we are face to faa.
with   the  immense   drain   upon  our  financial   resources   at   the   present   moment.
Thla version of the atory of tho
(Irand Trunk Pacific is untrue. When
tho promoters of lhat great enterprise,
Mr. Hays and Sir Rivera Wilson, approached Sir Wilfrid Laurler with a
view to getting a ehurtar for the ex-
1.-union of the (Jravud Trunk westward
from North Hay, they submitted a written proposition. In that proisoaal they
s aid:
"In order to provide for connection
with the Atlantic seaboard all the year
round, anal through an all-Hritish territory route, your petitioners will be prepared to enter into nn arrangement
with the Oovernment for an interchange of tjnfflc or other satisfactory
agreement with the Intercolonial at
Montreal, or to consider Btich other
proposal as tho Government may
What the (Irani! Trunk wanted to do
was here made very clear. It wlahed
to have the right to build Into thu West
from North Hay, and II offered. If grant-
a-ai that privilege, to make its new transcontinental "all-llrltlsh," and to send
the products of the WeuU to the Bea-
baiard by the interca.lonlal Hallway
from Montreal. That isjlicy would have
been the making of the Intercolonial.
It would him* given truffle to the road
and .lone away with the deficits. It
would also have saved us the great
expentlltiire ntjw being mnde. The
(iovernment therefore was not met with
a pri-posal to allow tho (Irani! Trunk
to carry Western products out by a for-
a'lgn port; Nor bus It undertaken the
llf.ti.oon.OOO of expenditure In order to
encourage transportation to u Canadian i-ort, for under the Qrand Trunk
pro|-osal truth, would have gone to a
('anaalian port by agreement, and our
own railway would have got into business.
Here a chapter of the history needs
to be related. During Ibe discussion of
the Orand Trunk Pacific propoaali of
the (iovernment, Parliament did not
know thnt tin- Graud Trunk had made
the proposition cited above. Sir Wilfrid l.aurler wns aska-d during the debate to produce ali the documents bearing upon the question. Ma' brought
down every one but tills one. and represent...I that no such offer as this wus In
axtatenoa, a year later the document
was given out by accident. Sir Wilfrid
then alleged that he had resorted to
falsehood ��n this lsiint because the
Grand Trunk had not given him authority to place Its offer before Parliament. That the Incident produced a
painful Impression goes without saying.
Attendance Yesterday
Was Over 4,000
Surprising   Dlaplay of Courage by Bengal  Student.���Antl-Brltiah Out-
breaka Frequent.
Calcutta, Sept. 20 .���Extraordinary
sceneB occurred In the Calcutta Police
Court yesterday.
A large mob of student! who had deserted their classes In spite of the protests of the teachers gathered ln the
balls and corridors to hear sentonco
passed on two volunteer! who were nr-
raited1 for assaulting the police at a
boycott    anniversary   celebration.
The students created such u disturb;
anre. shouting "Maude Miitniaiu"
I "Hall Motherland!"), and Bplttlng and
Jostling lhat lhe police proceeded lo
clear the court. Many of the students
retaliated and scuffles look place.
The mob wiib finally driven headlong
Into the street. Here further opposition
wns shown. Finally, mounted police
charged the mob.
ICven then tin. stiidentB fought with
lists nnd teeth. The determination
shown hy the students was very striking. consldiTlng lhe nccpled Idea that
the Bengali have no courage.
l.nter on further excltemenl wits
caused by the appearance of llellll Fill,
the KxtremlBl lender, lu Ihe witness box
In Ihe sedition case against the llande
Mat-ram newspaper.
Ilelln Pal obstinately refuaed to
aiiBW.r any question! In spite of a warning from the court, and he will nppcni
today lo answer a charge or contempt
of court. The excitement that provnlla
throughout Caleulla is Intense,
Affalra I" I'-uBleru llengal are also
not Improving. "**We '��������l""al���m'"!"-
ta....-s unshed Civil Surgeon Comlllln Into (he river at Chandpur and he narrowly escaped drowning.
Tlie pluming community i" I'1'1"' **
Incensed at the Calcutta High '.���>��>*��
selling aside tho doulh sentence on the
me., who killed tho planter, Mr. Bloom*
Held with latha.
Good Prof rarnme Arranged for Fourth
Day���Winners oi Mineral Prizes
Make  Geierous  Gift.
The Fair of 1��07 has excelled ull Its
predecessors ln the matter of uttend-
nnce. The last single duy'B gute receipts last year were $947. Yesterduy
$l,f.;is.50 was tuken in at (he ticket
ofiice. When allowance Is made for
the number of those who have membership tickets, and the officials, attend
ants, exhibitors and performers, lt Is
certain that there were considerably
more than 4,000 people on the ground!
yesterday  afternoon.
lt has been decided to continue tho
performance until Saturday night, although the dismantling of tbe booths
and the removal of exhibits will begin
Saturday morning. Extra horse raceB
will be arranged and the Nat Heiss Carnival company will be doing business
all day.
The following programme for the day-
Is  announced.
��� aeeeeeea. �����������������>��*_
Spaclal horae racei.
Special  platform  attraction!.
Mardl   Ora.   and   ma.ked  carni-  ���
Indian war dance*.
Indian    wreatllng    matche.    on
Tepee sitting..
Confetti battle.
In the mineral department all the cups
are available for next year. The Nelson
and Ymlr districts cup was not awarded. The Boundary cup was won by the
Dominion Copper company, the floss-
land cup by the Trail smelter Hoth are
returned for competition next year. The
Slocan cup won by Sllverton was handed over to W. Hunter. M. L. A. The
winners, Messrs. Brandon, McNaught
and Aylard. decided to offer it also for
future competition on the same terms.
The cups are all handsome and valuable, and it is unfortunate that competition is not keener. Tho management
desires to convey lis thanks to tho winners for offering them as prizes nexl
In the fruit competition the Shuugh-
nessy cup was awarded to James Johnstone, with John llyak.p Becond.
The -haughneeiy   cup   is u ipectal
prize presented by Sir Thomas Sbaugh-
naaiy. president C. P. 11.. a trophy cup
valued at $000, which Is to be awarded
for the best display from any Individual
ranch, of exhibits of frull, field and
garden vegetable!, grain. grnsBes, etc.
The prize is lo be given in perpetuity���
that Is, the exhibitor winning it this
yenr will huve his nuuic engrossed on
sume. To which Is added by the Boclely
prizes in cash, 1st, $25; 2nd, $16.
President .1. II. Wutson, wllh Chiefs
Knight und Footc, left Nelson lusl
night for their reBpuclive home!, A
number of the visitors still remain lor
thu conclusion of the Pair. A special
train, donated by tho C. P. It., conveyed
the chiefs und visitors to llonnlngton.
where they met Manager lOlwell and
wore shown through the new plunt ot
the West Kootenuy Power und Light
company. Later In tho afternoon they
visited the lower falls and were taken
through the former light Btutlon, thereby noting the changes made during the
paBt year. On their return a voto or
thanks wub tendered the committee of
tho 20,000 club, consisting or Messrs.
Deano, llceslou nnd Noble, lor tno Interest taken 111 securing tbe train, also
to lbo press, mayor, firemen and ail who
bad aided to Ifielr lucoeeiful meeting
The Fair maiingement, through Secretary McMorrls, plucud complimentary
tickets at the disposal of the delegates
and their wives, for which the thanks
of the association are tendered. In
every way the chiefs appreciate the
courtesies extended, and, through the
secretary, an invitation is extended by
Chief J. H. WatBon, of New Westminster, to attend the next meeting, which
will take place in the Royal City. Every
Kootenay chief at the recent convention
Ib pledged to return the visit of the
coast delegates, and the second convention of the 11. C. Association of Flre
Chiefs and Firemen will attract a large
number of fire fighters.
Boom in Building of Warships���All Nations Want Them.
London. Sept. 20.���British shipbuilders are experiencing quite a "boom" In
contracts for warships.
Brazil has recently given contracts
to Messrs Armstrong. Whltworth and
( ..inpriny and Mwsrs. Vickers, Sons
and Maxim for the building of threo
battleships and two cruisers.
Japan has ordered two submarines
of the Holland type from Missis
Vickers, and the Argentine Government two powerful cruisers from
Messrs. Armstrong.
The Vickers Company has also secured an order for two battleships for
China, which country is also In the
market for twenty shallow-dTaught
gunboats for patrol service on the
Yangtseklang. the announcement being made that tenders from British
firms will receive favorable consideration.
Tenders are also out for the 33-knot
destroyers, provision for which has been
been made in this year'B navy estimates, and shipbuilders on the Admiralty list have been asked to tender for
the constructios of torpedo boats, which
are to form the basis of the new Australian navy, but as a hitch has occurred In the negotiations there will probably be aome delay ln placing them.
New Brick Addition of Over 50 Room.
to  Be  Built at Once���Include.
Modern   Features.
The new hotel for which the Nelson
board of trade has agitated on several
occasions iB not yet in sight, but the
next best thing Is now assure In the intended substantial addition to one of the
existing first class hotels.
J. C. Bonneuu has purchased the
Strathcona hotel from R. G. Webb, who
is now rapidly regaining his health in
Vancouver. Mr. lioniieau is the nephew
of J. A. Bonneuu, former proprietor of
the Clarendon, aud now of thu Palace
hotel, of Winnipeg, und one of the chief
stockholders in tbe new $500,000 hotel
in K.'iia.rri.
He has extensive plans for the Strathcona which include a six-story solid
brick addition facing Victoria atreet
west of the present main building. It
will be 120 feet by 48, will contain over
50 guests' rooms, und a plunge bath ln
the l.as. iu. ni An elevator will be run
from the basement to roof. At the top
will be ii gltiSB domed dtning room. It
is estimated that the Improvements contemplated, anil on which a beginning
will be made at once, will cost ln the
neighborhood or $40,000.
It. B. Noble, the present popular and
efficient muniiger, will rciuuln. He announced at midnight IubI night that the
deal then went into effect und thut
hereafter ha. represents not R. G. Webb
but J. C. Bunneau.
Edmonton, Sept. 20.���Premier lt.ith.-i--
ford left this morning for Toronto to
attend the 'vanity convention. On thlt;
occuslon tlie degree ol doctor of luws
will be conferred on tho/proruier.
Winnipeg, Sept. 80.���Grain receipts
nl points on the lines of the Canadian
Pacific ate now daily Increasing, although the rush Is not on. The receipts
on Thursday amounted to 80,000 bushels.
Of this amount 72,000 bushels wan
wheat and 80.000 bushels other grains.
Tho total receipts since September 1st
have nmuiinlcd to 2(17,000 bushels unf
wheat and 82,000 bushels of oHier
Follow Montreal.
Chicago, Sept. 20.���After invest! -,a-
lion of the "pay as you enter" now In
use In Montreal, the Chicago city lull-
way has ordered threo hundred of that
type for use here. They have proved
so successful that Cleveland, St. Louis
and liuiTiil.. have also urdered cars of
this   pailern.
Two Constables Suspended From Duty
Aggressor in Street Quarrel Was Rot
Arrested���Statement of Gute*
by Mayor Gillett.
Two members of the city police force,
Constables McBeath and Young, were
suspended yesterday by Mayor Gillett
ln consequence of a complaint laid by
J. O. Bunyan. The matter was considered last night by the board of police
commissioners In camera, and will be
further gone Into tonight.
This morning two cases were tried In
the police court.
The case of J. G. llunyan, charged
with disorderly conduct the night of
Sept. 18th came first. Through his
counsel, K. C. Wragge, he 'pleaded not
guilty. Chief Pltchford conducted the
Constable W. H. McBeath deposed that
the accuse had been making a noise on
the street, that one Matson had complained to him that Mr. Bunyan had
caused a disturbance in the Nelson
House and had broken up a card game
of which he, Matson, was In charge.
Matson remarked that If he did that
"on the other aide" he would "get his
head knocked off." He advised Matson
to have Bunyan put out. A few minutes
later Matson and Bunyan came out together. After some words Matson
Btruck Bunyan, who then called Mr.
McBeatlv'a attention to It- He, McBeath.
then arrested Bunyan with the remark
that he had caused enough disturbance.
He did not arrest Matson. He took
Bunyan to the station but let him go
on condition that he go home quietly
and appear next morning. He, McBeth
had been on duty 20 hours. He was
using his discretion ln arresting
Bunyan and not Matson. He had no
animus against Bunyan*.
Constable C. W. Young knew nothing
of the proceedings until just before the
Mr. Wragge���Then his evidence haB
nothing to do with this charge.
The Court���But for the purpose of Investigation we want all the facts. Your
objection is well taken, and lt you press
lt, 1 sustain It.
Mr. Wragge���I withdraw IL
Constable Young then told his recollection of the arrest. He was with Mr.
McBeath near the Bodega. Matson's remark about what would happen "on the
other side" was made tn Bunyan's
presence. He heard both parties swear
ing. Bunyan told him that he would
lay an Information agalnat Matson for
running a game. He replied that permission had been given. He also told
Bunyan that If he did not keep quiet
he would have to arrest him. Then there
was more strong language and Matson
struck Bunyan. Constable Mclloath then
arrested Bunyan and later let him go.
To Mr. Wragge the witness told or
an incident that occurred ln tho evening
on the Pair grounds. He, an officer on
duty, had been struck with confetti. He
told the crowd tliey should huve more
sense, and remarked that If It happenetl
again he might hit sorao one. Bunyan
had stepped out of the crowd and lol.!
him if he wanted to get mad to take It
up with 111 tn. He had told Bunyan thut
was no way to talk to an officer ou
duty. He had remained on duty after
hours partly because of that occurrence,
thinking McBeath might need assistance
He had no animus against Bunyun. The
arrest wus iiiade by  .\acltoi.tlt alone.
Frank Walsh, Stuart Campbell. Frank
McCoohan and Curtis Griffin, who luu!
had been with Bunyan all evening uu
animously testified that llunyun hail
not yelled or made any noise on the
street. The only noise made by any ol
tho party was once when McCrohan
called to Walsh, wtfo was some distance
awa. Then he had gone into the Nelson Cafe for supper, nnd from there lu
to the bnr. They did not know thut
there wns tiny trouble. Walsh saw
Matson beckon Bunyan to go out ami
The case of S. Matson for assault
eiinio next. He pleaded not guilty
through A.  M. Johnson.
J. G. Bunyun was the first witness for
the prosecution. His story only dlfrer-
ed from those of tlie constables ln that
he denied any noisy or disorderly conduct. He had told Matson, who was
dealer In a card game, that he looked
to him to* make good $'! which he,
Bunyan, had laid on the table. He denied having been noisy, abusive or
violent. After he was struck he called
on both policemen to arrest Matson.
He was positive that both officers bad
seized  him.
At the conclusion of the case the
magistrate fined Bunyan and Matson
each $10 and costs.
Seen today, Mayor Gillett repudiates
a part of an Interview ascribed to him
by a mo:rung paper.    He says:
"Yesterday morning I asked Chief of
Police Pltchford for an account of the
trouble. I received It. 1 asked especially why Matson was not also arrested. The only reply Is that McBeath
used his discretion. It was on that report that I suspended the two officers."
To Become Subject of Study in School
and University.
Berlhi, Sept. 20.���The Colonial department here is corresponding with
the governments of the various federated states with the object of bringing
Colonial affairs more prominently before
the school authorities throughout the
empire, and of establishing regular and
defined courses of instruction on the
German colonies in all the public
Authoritative text books for school
use have already been compiled, and
these are recommended for general use.
It Is further suggested that this instruction should not end with the elementary
schools, but be continued In a more advanced form ln tbe universities and
other high schools.
Tbe suggestion also Ib made to the
various Federal governments that they
should devote considerable sums of
money for tbe establishment of travelling scholarships to German colonies, and that these scholarships should
be especially available for school teachers and university professors.
Such endowments already exist for
persons wishing to prosecute research in
Rome and Athens, and for modern men
it is recommended that the study of
Colonial affairs Is equally necessary, if
the coming generation is to be Instructed regarding the importance of Colonial
C. J. South, of  Society for Prevention
of Cruelty, Tell* of Recent Work
at   Home.
C. J. South, secretary of the provincial socltetieB for the prevention of
cruelty to children and to animals, and
director of the children's home at Vancouver, Is ln the city today. Mr. South
has had a very busy time lately, and
the population of the home is now 146
with more expected soon.
His mission in Nelson is to secure
two children, girls of eight and three
years respectively, named French. They
were lately brought hero by their father
from Creston. Their mother is dend
und their father hus deserted them.
Another child, an infant, is being cured
for ln Cranbrook. Mr. South will take
the two little girls to the home, leaving
for the coast tonight.
Three little girls from tho west const.
north of Vancouver, were lately taken
into the home, their father, a Slav, having been committed to Ihe provincial
asylum for the Insane.
Another case arose lately on the west
coast of Vancouver Island, in which only the prompt uctlon of the provincial
police eared 'he lives of several children. A father with nine children suddenly became a victim of religious
mania, and was about lo "sacrifice" two
of thu children. He was taken lu
Charge by the police and taken to Vlc-
toriu for medlcul examination, which is
certain to result in his commitment to
the asylum.
The homo Is now quartered in its new
building near Hastings, oust ol Van
couver. The work is growing rapidly
und Mr. South is now forced to spend
most of his time uwuy from headquarters InveBtlgntlng complaints for
the protection of abused or neglected
Missed Shot at Coal Creek
Claims Two
Scotch and Italian Miners Hortall-r
Injured���Each Leaves Wife
and Family.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.!
Fernie. Sept. 20.���An unexpected explosion of a missed shot in No. 9. mine
at Coal Creek this morning at 4.15,
caused the death of Peter Johnson, a
Scotch miner, and the serious injury
of bis working mate, an Italian, by the
name of John Battattistl.
The shot had missed and they did
not wait long enough before returning
to the room. Johnson, who was about
26 years of age, was badly mangled and
died at six o'clock in the Fernie hospital. He had sent a ticket to his wife
in the old country, and she Is now on
the way to Fernie to join her husband.
Battattlsta leaves a wife and three
children in Italy. Coroner Bleasdell has
summoned a jury to meet at 2 p. m.
Card of Thanks
Thos. O. Skatbo desires to return
thanks to the many friends who sympathized with him In his bereavement,
and particularly the members of tha.
Independent Order of Foresters for
their many acts of kindness during the
...in week.
Boer  Premier of Transvaal State. Hi!
Policy  and Eloquently Pleads
for Unity.
Johannesburg, Sept. 20. ���General
Botha, the Premier, today visited Stan-
derton, where he was welcomed by the
He declared that be could not adequately express his fellngB concerning
his recent visit tu England. In spirit
Englishmen meant well to the Transvaal. It was a spirit ot friendship and
brotherhood, and he hoped that the inhabitants of the Transvaal would foster
that spirit. He had set himself the
task of Inducing concord between the
two   races.
Addressing the school children, General Botha said that feelings of suspicion should be dispelled on the
school benches. All should assist in
building up a great nation under the
Hritish   frug.
At a meeting or hi! constituents, tho
Premier stated that he regretted the
attitude of many members of the Imperial Parliament, and he wished they
would allow the T ransvaal to mind its
own  affairs.
Some members of Parliament looked
on the people of the Transvaal as their
enemies, and it was high time that such
a state of affairs should cease. Tbe
Transvaal would not allow them to take
away one iota of the privileges received.
The education bill was a compromise tending to tlie amalgamation of
the two people, who would take out of
the past only that which wus great, and
would co-operate with the view to forming a groat nation.
Referring tu the loun, General Botha
said he had told the Imperial Government that it would be impossible to
develop the country without such un
advance. The opposition had cried out
that a bargain hud been struck, be hud
discussed the lean In the clearest manner, and there was no question of u
He was strongly convinced that Clt l-
nese labor was unnecessary. The l���formation ut the dlsposul ol the Government showed tlint there were thousands and thousands of Kaffirs In South
Allien In excess or the number required in the mines, and during thu lost
year 110,000 more than wore wanted had
applied for work, while the Government was receiving applications from
thousands of other.. The Government
Intended to put uu cud to the repatriation   debts.
Aftor mtiintiilning that the presentation of the Culllnun diamond tn the
King was most correct. General Ho|i|;>.,
ln an eloquent peroration made a plea
for reconciliation. "We are." he snltl,
"only a small white population, and we
must take the hand of brotherhood In
ihu murch uf progress."
, i*. .��� -
��� S:,0
t "
I   ?!$,
<v. i.g
1 i k
Tli. $
I % I
���!- \
The Daily Canadian
Will close at 1 p. m. on the
Wednesday and Thursday, but
 ���' ���
Boa-flea ��
--     '
,   * -       .     ,*-**.    X*}
���. ���   - y ���   ���.
*:*i     *. n '.*���.-���____.     ���*.*,' 1.   ��� �� . .
-n. l*-*-**  -J**r*_w-   -*������������__���   ���_*,. *���   : i   :������
Imperial Bank of Canada
He_i Oflict:
I -. .'/���/*,'/.���'.
h WBJBM Vmtxtmt
......    Mu.'.'.
HON. M*tBB_H"*?-_n*_sVT   YVrsvl-T**-!*-!
Cap'taJ   Pad   Up   ..
��.*>'. (X*
Znacba, in Urithb Columbia:
___K>WHKAIJ        'fJl.VKS.      SKL.-fjS       hKVKLtrf-KJ*
VA*><*/ji;V).fc      VI'.-J'jKIA
t   '.*..:   -.-.   >;av/��..-��   !���-.��.   .�����<: ���,' ���:a->/.r'. a--!'-
-.in J
.".    I.KA-UI
.1.   .M.   l-AY, jM
hi ������a���tas t-* -ti**
the *-c_i aw-_    It   ��_��  _-.
(__���    Sfc_-    Sata. tke Ai
I. V.  ;���     .     .   ���        LL..       >     >i     .    --.     "  il-
V.   * '     '     - *-���-      - , ���   *-    - ��-"'      - * a     I . '
v - - ��� ���
���    ia.1   fXUUi   t-_*   th*   t_fft
.    i     .....     .
.'. -  i - ���   .    a '     ,- ...--���������.  '
..... ���       ���  :     -    , -- T"  .     ;-..������-        '
 -    ������ ' '* -
... * - - a ,���_..-.'       .
- prvrls������. h__x**T. ta a__*arm
��� ��� ..-���- ��� i .      ���     ���   ��� 'a
-  '     .   ' ���-.  '.L    ��� '    .    '    -     t.' '. '. . *       .- ���
pal    ta    a-chwl doth to v_r_ras
-.   ���    - -.-
Aa-r L't_-~lafc    -led,    lea.
a v     A.'*r_���_   strdart     a    i.-iw:   *.-
.   ii.   T-j]-*-���t���s,  other,   in   I
'.a     a .        ���
tHudc-Jiy very v-to-bie di-x-u-d. vrblc-i
.- :.c.;_ ���*���t<a. ha. -"*���-
.--.-- ���   ;-;s��a.
11���41. whkii 1. un���i>V '</ .'irretv:- ���
'/JO*-   D-tli   *-*   at'J-1   )>*_l   'olta-U-
��� ���-.-.. m '-���*   svj     ���     ���_._���I al all lh*
brsalnt   tw ��_����� -.--n-anry t*-
.-   ���    . ���:     ���*    tiJattW.    oTer  "
Haeaar*! at vaat in India    *
It   it.   u-j.;---    -  :    .'.a-   cu���4*   a-.r.-.a.      *"   ���
tot .���
cAik p-dces i-L ii-u <>���. �� thahi; si'i:ciai.tii--s and stai>us
��A> :- a   ��� ������k_�� I
and tr_gt*-r Hal
W���-   Mf.s.���.    \r.thlnif   a>f
'.la.-.-ati. .nait.lc  <^ui.llt>
aad rnattaa. t_ I__n_e* w_d
t :mtD*_**���   .m>ii launii   of f**Jl
.1 Fa*,c-r aad Staple Dry Goosla.
Ma__ Order. I>n.mpt|t
Att.niJtU  1����
- -       -i -    ;���_���*-���.
-  .
- -./
v*.   I
���'jmn jmn of* T
i r-_wl   iltaj-jr k*-_Ai
��� .   ��� ���
... .    .    ���
'.   ---
.���    *- ���
.���*���    *"
���SU li M*��tt Vi [iT1l<iBIil
. - / Jt__,, iJJB
-     ���      -.t .   .
The Royal Bank of Canada! Fo** Sale
laaorporalad a   D   UH
X'.V/i.'y/j      Rtwr/t   Fund
I', ���:'-/_ '//.
Une/r-elled f-i'.ilitirt for the  tran*a'.-lion
of all   -���  -':. of   f'-'���'���*  ���* y   Buiin����%
��5-fC��'.)/-L   ATTSMTION   given  U the HOME   SAVING*.   BANKS   Furmehed
'i*/'-!-,- K*rilr* Dep-a-rl'r.errt, and
Intereet c^ediled Ouartefl/ on
Sa-ringt  Ban**  AMMM���.
i-n  Application, in  Laryc,  Medium
or  Pocket Htt.
Nebon Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
;-    ���    ,���.*/���,  r;/-.a;��  ���   -��-*r   uy './,*���
fMtfmtrtOF   rrHt.IHUlt*'�� i.'tMt'AttY.  iJtu.
KmMTt *:      ftK.mrrU.   H   0
Dmmmn rpff   (/' **-f.'-i �� tw/f.o, *.+.\v.t*>)
i�� tt-�� Mir, ���/�� **--���/' * r*-** <��� ���*�����! >*r -*-������    ���
t**.**" ;.* *4*��� ���-��� --
A-". ��!������;-. ���.*��� ���-���*��� '*>. a-,;.   i'4-.'Wf.
>       ������        ��   ;-;-:   lJ.   ��-���<������.���-���   ��� '    .' ��� ���   '�����'  ;
'.a,'.*/:;��'.   ���-������'.   ������*    * '  ������''*-'';-	
,,..', ,--..��- ���    ytluUrA
���������->,-j Ji    ���,/���>   U'/t
���/��  Om
luivvf-r   Cm
Ff.d*/.   MftDH-D.    -''-.   1W37-
tif. PA M f Ml f��T      or      A-*.PICULTURE-
-������/rj   wm   tPioor��d   on    ���',<���:-
v.11/.    it*.     j,f�� ���-��� (.'-    :������    tf..-    Y-.i'.t   >,1   i[(.-
prwnl  -..'���.���.<���* tl  fiiiriih'i ���  of Agrtcttl
luu-.   llDfl    K    0     ' ii'I'jW,   nfj'l   ;i   Efl
ji.*-.I_*. r      Hon      J      M      'I 'i in" r,     VtU'tH*
wotM ii* M>n>HaVnDfml tol tho prtrviiun
In lii'-f*  fi.itfly  j-J1I��*.1  LO t_M d*p-rtOMDl
of ��k* )--ii'MM- Ulfll]  ;i*i-   OtlUM
wiiaiin r   paftJam  f��*noi "*-i>   dl4
ijiti- ou itti  maltjooi  ������! _m tdmlnfsti-
tl.ifi   ',f  -.thi i   'l�� |f..f t ifi'-lilw  '*f   'In    |if-v1fi
r*��i  K'��*" ran* sl   H  li oot  d. ttl4 d   b ���
ftfl|TO_M   "������'' tb-l 4- :������ ���""!< nU <<f n��Kil''ii
I Uf �����     I.JIK     I,.  >   ll     * ll-.'   I >      ill.'!     '   IT,'  ii   fi! I >      il'l
mill I Mtt f i-.1,    iihii     l)i;ii     tin-     ;i(//1< i|| I ii r ft.
\qJmtooIo,  i ������ ['���' i-'H.   tba   frnit vrowfn_
Jii'luitii y,   luiv-   ., .,..,, i    ....       [HDWlbll
iB-riiUnn*. iti Lhe wu> of wAv\a   <u mon
Mliuil'Mi by MCpVflllsral iiti'l Ih ii'Uvi-
ttuliMtiini hil ii .'I'l'mi'.* Iii iMcurioi tmu
pOfUMton fii-"lii'i*�� iiii'l in r'ttiJn' nhtti
iih of fruit rrom Um proflnot nt lurgi
uii'i   from   ui'iivi.iiiii  dli uii in io  lh.
fruJI -VXpOtftlOlU "' �����'< hi I'.rl.'.ln win i ���
rOpUtMtiOOM ��"' hiii'l-
Th<- srwUl   r"''  "llM  K'ih""in iiikI  fin
HtF.iii'-'i pottey i��t 'i'1" ���1'H< to '>���" rolnU
ttl   ami  IiIm  roll'-UKiH-H,  tihil  Moondly   t"
Un- mifKi t-m-'i'-'it dDptitj mlnltler, .1 it
AiuiciMfiii. WIh'Uvit li in ff.nr.1 of l��-
iniiiii- iii frail kiowIhk HMfi a torn pion
Mil wiuil inlvlri- iih tn rirlttlM ami
imkUmhIh Uik (li'IiiMy liillilHtci Ih muiU
In   vIhII   Uu-   (IIhIiIiI    In   |ii<iHnli,   lUUftll)
im'iiii|iiuili-t.   liy   ' xpiMt   iiilvliii-i    ni,
MmIiJi-iIm i-iilli'il In Un* n-i|illM-im-nli* nl
tlir illMlllil A i-tniill Im) illlrl' Ml OOrp
i��r Iiih|h��Iiiih Ih nlwayH lit  wink pii'HiTv
Ink iimIiiimIm from thi ipfWW t��( pMti
lint)    lllM* HHIM,   liml    llinlirUMK   Hi"    pMllllr
rriiin Um Iraporttttlon of InfMUd firuli
ll   Im i'M|nrlully   wllliln  tin*  Innt  Ihn'i
yciiiH Uml  Um il'-|iiu UiM'tit, wllh Un- 00
iiih nitiiii) ni  mi   Turner m   [__mdon
linn  lii'i-ii  nlilliiK MiIIIhIi  Cnluiiililii full!
OJOrWOTi  U)  BftflHi   WttDfttflTII   In  U**-   I,**/i.
')'jf�� mMtomto, aii'l l��tao '-y dM HMM
-/. ��� ;��� n >��� ta f/ * J n *.* j: i)��i h h CofomMfl a�� a
bOSM tol  MDDll farr/i'Tx lo Ui'- StltDiiOfl
of   Un-    FKHtMl    j-uMIi*-.
In   M;ir'in   Hurr��-1   a/j'I   R    M     PttUM '
- r.'    b-fl   IQCProd    two    f/M-n
DbDM   mHMOOM   lor   Ui��-lr     ixhk    will      Ih-
'l'i'-*.Uori�� 0 by MMM     Mr   Pfstimi-r inta al-
r�� ii>J*/      *.-������''<��������"���:     Mt.:��-ridt'l     M-rvlM-     uli'l
b_e  [.--.'j*-ut.-   -'��   wore  tbofDogfe   kAov
;."���,'���    -*f    U.i-   ' 'tihtii'-rt lal   pl4i   Of   dM
ti .,��� ,".'.*vir,t<    ladDatry  of  u.<-   vbolo
prortoci  ibDfl  aii>   om   omi      Mr    I.ur
roll   Im   bimootf   a   ff uJt Kf''W*-r    M   thlK
pfi/i- iiv.f nt ti,<- Noteoa y*>r ���������
t--NiH       Hi   In   al*''    Uiif   IBOOl    W\mODJPj
;.h'l   OODYfOOiDC   H|/*:ak��-r   In   dli   KooCi
���.   i.( '���< -   Ml   'oulfl   b���Yi   Ixn-n
r<. md to it ii dii British pobtlfl -��r tbe
**��� ai ii or   Kiln prottaM  In  troll   sad
fiui* taad
Mst-Eft. MwiU ��-r <
��� - ,- JUU..MT
** aiiii-M-if a* a ���**���������*. ;.��.
cm_I ��Mi; ^�� _i_a
*-���-.-.'-   K t-a -___<r��t  crwa   -
'���.*-*- *��� -_ I ___��ra*--, Hn *
��   :i>��akA IH
���    - ��������-. Uitai-t  IM
��__��- m-i i�� -^_a��_t vT - ���. -
.-     L     I**." .    t- I
**-��--awi la%*4 Irmxrvr.    . - ��� *-*aay
> vU'* ia -M-reOj {Hca Dm '  4��e
a ���
���       ���
J ft���i Vtmpryiy u, _.��
-     a-4   Wi
���.-. ���
��-���-���   a ���������l)Bk��   Ifva.
L'.1"  f*    k>t  ���*.   -"a.-'y-rja**-   Bt
&4  ft.  l/*t on   I-;if!r���*-T  Ht..
and  rij)tl'rat*��1	
CoCtaco,  *i
rooo-i,  rtoefrtc  liKbt,
.$7:/' W
M( e/r*-*-�� within ODi B0i of city;  isui*-
���Mi for rnark't fgnlDIi    TofSM |ff*>
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate   and   General   Agent.
310   Baker  St.,   Neleon.   B. C.
Our    OOOtimporsry    *>��** r 1J y    /IlKtiili*K*n
;ii: roporti from dM Mil of Um orntoi
Uml ln'liH'ri-tloriK of Mr, Ayl<-HWoiU.
wMrh if K* n'ty ill-Hi iim-h iih riti-'
BtOfimO,** tt am-juri-H 01 Unit Mr. AyU-rt
woi Ui   nail]   DOtblBfl   In   rOMTTO-M  lo   Mr
Eiofdan ��� I'l'-tion nun roqnirod tftboj
���polony or '-x'tlanaUon hut Mr. A>I*-m
Dorttfa h'ImiIIh Unit Im- did aii'l imnli-
pOblin I ���'[���lafiallon of Wbil bi mi-ant
tO lonvi-y, ami om lOOb I point wi- prt
fir Mr. Ayli-Mwoi th'H aiiUioilty ** v**n to
UUU   of  Ott]   rnnt'-mjioiury.
Wi- pirilit in iiyinK to billivn thai
��� mr i cmtomporafT*i   DitfrtprMititatstonii
an*    wholly    unlnli-nllonal.     iff)   Hiiyn
Tiny i onUtlm-f] a tlni'-ly uml ��� M
v i ��� 11 ��� ribuki of Mr Mordi'ii, who Ih lia-
vi'llln-j- rouml Un* rounlry n-IIInK ot tht-
���oormltlM of Um- llborali anil, in partln
uiar, obargSng nnaaoi MIniitit PiUUnc
with OfDOfcad work In i-h-rlloiiH, ahoiil
whlrh hit (Ilotili-nj OOllld know nolhliiK
Mr. Ayh'HWoMh vi-ry properly iiolnli'd
mil   lhat   If   In-   ObOM   lo   iOOipl   iih  QOT
cm ..ii tin- hioiU-h bi beard or orookad
work  In   Halifax   to hi-ciiii- Mi,  Bprditt'i
election in- optttd any thai M> Fiordan'i
raoord   vviih mtt   of Um  liiHi, ami, mon-
nvi-r, ir Uh-hi- Hiorii-a Dara lubntantlatad
Mr Dordan hlmaalf, thi npontle nr ihh-
tly, mlghl In- illHiMiullfli-il Hut Mr. Ay
h'Hwoi'lh fl'M-H DO) IndtUgO In thai klml
Of raiii|ialKiilliK "
It f| ilillrlitfiil to In- (oh) that Mr. Av
iMWOrttl iIih'h ami dOif noi "Indulgi
111 thai   klml of caili|UllKulliK "  Hut  Hiiro
���jllO PER aMONII-l
IO  ACkl 1��
We olf��-r   yam    l,��-^t.    fruit   l.-mals:
I..-HI    tJrrniH;    lH-ht    |a-ratla��n;    bMt
alltr.ata- Al(��.,luli-      tilli-K. Ya.ll
dr.n t liav.r tit uw: ail of ytaiir tria nni-
it. t��ayltiK fair lt.n-1. W*.- want yam
tfi poI It. In'o d��-va-|a,jmii.|it. *A'i-
aim, tiav.r trt..rt�� of r,H to MM aa nn
lirla.a anal t.-rnia tl...- I'lm! Wa- aawii
ItiaM   iniiala Umi  iian.il..  naalliliiK  on
a '.llillllHMlaitl.
If   yon   don't   ��.-��   FrtiitTalc   you
DlM IIh- I..-.I In  It   0
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Btreet,  Nelaon, B. C.
*��� *   ' '-��aa*_rt__f ai a f
O    W    '',-r_ff, JUaeiVj��;_t *���*..: >    *-    r-*. f "*���:
I    -       K.a-4     .     * Ll
vt-tHcMlM -   ���   *.   . *,uai u��
|   v .-.- t=- :_���-__.-.. ,���*/����������
' vu_itDitlLi i '     '.fn-rrof H
���bar n_e b��   * *���    '.aajea,
UM--**  tmat m ctuuiu   -. -   I.   -  -    to ��� aaiui.
- - -   ���>     _a.t.�� ,   .  . a-uaw-iriil
- a      -. ; _���; .������- .  . �� ���-*   ���* ���  ���
I   0   ���> liwnr  ��j-  is******
H*bb   H wm I   n   AMI
;-i*ri ;-_iy att nm
���        -    I^.fa^   DtArtBl       J.-.!*.- **���-������    ' -.V
Tak* f>oli.* ��� -. a ;   j*.     -     ,    .*   .** ..-*��� i.. *A Kit-
��� -.t-rjj--,   hi.- -       ���
��; ;. *   *--r * ��;-^-   ��. :..:     - ��� rtWU tt.* lol-
.��;!.�� fU^e"riUt< l_��������I       OWMMttl  ��l I IK*'.
u.atuue/* at t_.<- **.-���.:_ -   -��� ���-: ���urT-i-y-w -ot
nea-a-t-iiaa_m ��� ���.-*' beaaiety
</!   i:*ti_���r   ii.-*- .   ��� -    ���:--���-   tw*m\  to tbe
a**t aisru-.r ol ���* ���    .�����**i.-t. tben~��
.���/r.J-.' r-i tifj'.i    . -   ���-iiti.���t
-     t ���* :_r-      *���! .-   *�����-���* u> tbe
,   ���   r a��y -,f t*.t  antur. ��   -
���aflwaj MrlacaaJd r_fbt-*.f--��ay ta a
��� aaiarty  *'.-**
���tat aa>e eon i���to tf ejp aenDi ___t-n ������-   ���-���
tmtU i iuJT/!*���*. IWi?.    PaCL Ar-Q��n Pari-v>a
.���-t.*-_ L��_4 IHpIj a L   l��K*wn ��t W**w Co
Ta.��_c*Cter ite:  '.i*��H* AhammAta. <d Kaax*,
I --__t_>  i��  a#-f4y   far  a *--    *
taw    iJ_r--.au:   ��-��
... a -_*-������   a
-���*���    ��� -s. - ���     ...        ��� -..-   ; "    a ���   ���   ���
>   ���.!-   ��*���     :      ' * '*.-_���-- '
:-.,.--    .- - -- :���    .������*---���
itn-t*   M   -r-zuU-M ������� tb�� ���_-,��-������1y
otf K��oCr*ay  rt*rer:   iJbware ����c Unwierty
....-���---._..���.        ������       ,     *   -.
UM _���.LL   b��ia4t- ott tWja-TlnM IL Tawi *
i * -.    - ���      ...        i  ��� ��� *-**
e*r*>-o< Lot A3: ieaaiw   mmn%\ ���*-**_���_��� ��ea|
... . ���_ .."a
.     .        ��� - :���    - -.*���-���:      -.-. : -   -
'���<  :���-��'�����  ���     * ���*���
-a_Q-rtto rr-**
_***B-e   o**rf   tbe   l��<l-~a     r
r.  - ��� e **:   ��     .���  ���       : �����
Mil* H*r-k <4 the   �������-.���       "a
, -    -    a    . -    a T    ���   a a *   *
���'._.   -**>'  -...'��������' ".  ���-
UK-act iKHKb D- t���a M
rtb * '-bt'ti*   *
mtm. ����re of -eaa.
-. -1 j*ne ��>f ioae. u-tr.
*��*�� Mi"
I>at��1 tbla fttb of J��Jr. 1-V--
Tai:** aott'* tbat ��J. C. CHrt. oi  V��ft-)D. B  '
aalat-jq k**i*vt. lat��_4a to apj-ir In* . tpartkxl ila-
���--       - *. ��   .jv*-f Un-   loilwcm.-. *    ---   La-wl :
,     a       ��     *.    ���-        -���     --.���..-���; Mr -��� V
M-v-atsUJ*.   abo*a1 -'*.���- m:.��* -   ��� "
' ut't'i Ifj-siioii  tor  t:xDb-tr
,        , -. - .   -    .   -.     ��� -      ��� ���..
���on,   tbeo*-e   ��-*.!   w   'b��u���i.  tb*-a��**   ���o-atb  M
'.*������_��� -.������"' r.balfta.  tbenrv   nortb Ht*
* _-lm ui j>.a��*�� of be-Klttal-Mt*
'     |    ' Utl.
Day�� ar-om. Areot
I>at��d J-aly 1Mb.
a��iao_ Laad Inaulet-  Inatneto* weat K-joteoay
Ifcieae-lea ���..-.���.t :. .->   f. Wall--*, of
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I .
���4_1 _��te��r, la-entf to apply for a ��pwlal
��� tllomlut  ���!���- * ���- I
-. li b**r��-i.jf -[jt*!*. *..*.-.-. H Ianettcrdeee I
itiVri. 1 Ut app'r i/- ilia Boe   ' haari I'/mmtMrtooa-r
I  f_1t-tll   MM   ie��l__B lor I-*--,   ���-.rj V, p-jft-baa*
- .   ,   . - . Landi   ���  ��� .*t-^l  in  W��a*t
ILaO_M*| ilotl '.- iLit* ��-. ���*. *j-*��i mara-
--��� \,j ttnu.f   -_*   nutUj   j---t   ol   u.-   -.--.tii   IVorh
bfmbcb, oea faomdrad MM trom *.m- taneDeo ot
t*t*\ emeu  *��� .i~ Um ioa*���i  i��rk.   omo������ one-
, neitef i/iii*: f. il*- u---:.���.*��*-������ mm i p"**
>./��; mil*-  ui tj.��   BortaaaM o*tom* *Hat*flwaei
I lartei laOa u. Um **���. i -.*-���_��� i ��� -**.r i-j^r ���>.��*���..
paa trili-; U��   tbar  *.'.W*- of 1 Oirit|j��r!i' ���
j *.:,��� r.. iw/7        Laeaied i.j �����*.  Oeaaour.
n- jmju i-ai><i DMr* : DWHM D w ������� BaeaHay
Takt Dettea ibel Uiftrf.. K��-p--:** a ��� o , <-f Ou
lau'J, parfj.-j '>-������ '.[--it.on ijLfjt-*-rirjfcu. laiaadi t"
-tppi* Mfaapeete] ttjabaa iiren<��- aw tb** foi-
lowiuK daaenbMl laaii CoaKeaaaala-| at *p<(*t
irlinieit oa Hoaantfn ��� ra.*. a -._i ti,^ -���**��� meet
AiToa j*��^, t-U'i aboal eaa naif nOa ��----t of tb*-
>o'itl-i **eit M#rDerof llciLatrr Unilt ho. 4/tTi. _*���_. a
It-Tflh W fhalB^j tL**ii'*r w*-��i 0 a���a���Mi lbeu<*e
feoatta tt < baiaa, ihani ��� i aa, i    baUM hi i-tint of
* man ��in--iit. m.n-1   ".nUinlUK MB MMf, -nor��*
or l��-��i
Oai--yl 1Mb. Juir, IW7.      Mooaa, KBI^ik A Co.
-OM.** a. * *Lai��"* aj* ui
.W-aene*   ��rer    tbe
i    Qbd���M���etae etapeat i*laj_i<-a*i aaaal ior_r
���       ���      '      ���   * -itr-rr  kd<1   one  mite
D-Ttb of tbe ia*->rn_.uo-.��   t*--uniiaf v Haa  t.-it-a.-a
���* a.-.���, tb��-oe>-  -_#t  ���� c__;t-��.   tbenf-a
*    -      -*.���  t._:*j��.   ti.*>s'-��-   weat ������ <*-balt.B   to  tbe
���*  r.,m--tni-tBt:i'��� -uDtalobn�� *t40 arn-a.
ioor*r or leaa.
"Oate-i faty ar-t. iv.r.
& ��� *r.m��'D'!n�� at a po>t pine w-��i at tbe nortb-
weat *-*>rnt( -���; U#**ai;on -Ho ], '..|.*-w�� wjuth SO
���Lain* ta_eaa ��*-t **j t*naln��. tb��n'-�� nortb HO
ib��r.<* aaat ��- -_*in- u�� lbr point of
epMBeboameiat. ���-onta'inti.a* *-*' u*raa. more or
I'ated Jvlr BM, llw:.
ptaniM at north*
1.   ItirQf--   I
rbaint,  tb-fD'-a-  -   ������ *    'aai i<    *.*
'baina. tber-<-*   ��-a*t   *-t/   ��� t.ain*   W   tbe   [-jilnt   ol
'-otnm-'D(a*-ment,  f-u-iUlomK 6*i a/-r��-��    more  or
Daa | j iiy ard, ia/:.
iiffl-ntorioc at a poat plant--*! at tb*- north*
a prwtpli
In thO tnallir "I hu apiill'-ation i''f tti
dutriteeleof ibaCRrtlAi-ata ol Till.
am* tti
of N��li
Kt "
wi-at half of lol VI. Mi;
',**,'   ol
for   lot 22.
k HI, in thi-Town
toilet Dberab-fglren  thai it t* mj inu-ntion
(���mi** at Ihu t-Hi-fi at Ion  ol on*, month aftw lhe
tirut pnblicauon baraol r 'lupicau- of UieoertlA<
oateef tin* for tbaabora Utnii, to tb�� ttaneol
l.r-lla Hltlrl'la. whl- h OartlficTaU U'laU'l thi' /���-'
*1ay of lit-.-mi-i r,  I'aH), aii-l f�� ���- tfj l>-r**-l '.Wl K.
���II   V   M*�� UOOp."
iMmrl'-t uVOjttltOt.
Not... m hereby liven that tin- int'tiT��i,-*in-'i
havi* Hiitiiiil(U-'l in tin- i ..,���-i.niti (,.,-... m,..i in
linili'll n i,ia.|-.-... litldai thi- provlalom of *'"
"Itlvcm an-l Htn-iiifi* Art," for .���h'-.rlriK ah'l "���
mot Ink ohnlrii.-lloii-- tinm '.oat Klvir aii'l Mi-n-
��� Im . Cri'i-k.hi Un- i" ������ rid ul Went KooUmay, nml
formaltliiK Um "aim* lit for raftlnir ali't 'Irlv
Intt IhiTvuo lo(*��. llfnUr, lutiih-T, t-Hfla r ml !��� rafla
iin-l for ���roetlDI uo'l iMnliiiiilnliiK Ihioiiii- for
hohlNiff, Horllinc aii'l <h*llvi-rlux i"i'    ami   llmtwr
brongnl.dowb a��t<i ereafc enii rivi-r.ami (or hi
nf    - -i   rri'i-k   ami
��������� hiiitf
r foi  -i. il  pil'pom-a
Tha iiiini- in In* nr.-i-ii'i  hy M.i'i work em
tl- MR, MH7, Ifiett) uml 1Mb lol- I, II. II   1.1, II nh'l
ir.ni udi4_VB, Ureup i, Kooteney inmrii-t.
Tin* ti.Mr   propMHi-il lo   t..- . ��.,.*_.*. ��� 1   am   nn-li ���*���
iiuiv i><- iiii*-!  i��y Iha Judge ol ibe �� nuaiy Conrl
of U ��� -i h 'lni',
loin 'I Hint July, If��i7
Tin ItiTatanATliirui  I.I'Miirh A Mihi amtii.h Co ,
Tin- fiotj*-*. ihat *' 'layi after late / Inn-mi lo
apply to tb�� Hon. the <.hl*-f ( omnn*-l"ij*-r of
l_��rt'l�� um aTorka, '. t< u*rl*, for p**rmla*i��n to
'tjt   an-1   'arry   away   !,mt-*-f Irom tb��- fo..oaring
daaer-JMi laad, la wagl a.o*,i>uay i
ho 1. i ..-'.io' '.��� log at a -*o*i planU-'l at tbe
Mfjttewaat -of*,, r .,[ timber llctuae K*4*., tbeo*--e
afgaCWeaatai    Lbaaoa hmi-1.  *��j ih������*-*"] laaetg
-*a��f WJ i Lain.   ���:,.       ..   DOftb *J r-lialoiI Ut pia#-�� Of
e-jmmem*-i;.' :it
t/ii'ilMi) .1   ivr:        J  *i   hraotiw, Jv***a*or
J   v.    i oi.ai aa. Agent,
Ho, _ Oi-ni/ieni-in-- a< a poat planle*-! at th*-
tOtlt���eaai aofbar Ol appl Nation fo I. thence em��l
M eeaUia, thaaei uonn Mekalagi tbem-e weat mj
abaloi   Umh t lOQiti w ohataete pie*** <>f geei
lii--t.' *  Oi'-Ot
I>at4-rl Ma; 11, IJOJ, j    f    Hraoeaa, I./'��Uji,
I. W  i OKDODi Ageut.
Tun noil" thai lobe koaa, of fernie, It ' .
hou-i *��-��-������*��� r lniao4i to apaty for ti*wi*l um-
M-r IteesM ovai Uu [ollowfai <ie-rrih*-'J laaag
1 ��� QDneaeing at a po*t plant*--l In the Dla
irnt of Deel Kootaaar. Kalwa Mining J>iri*ton,
on th*- north fork of tba touth fork "t /-"at< r**-i.
abeet ire mllM q| -real* from graaretwo fork*
mmrt ah'l ah*.'.1, ���!��� m!l--i north of the Inu-rna
llofial    Bo.iO'lary I,|j,.     ami   aU.nt   twt-nlj  algbt
mi il** ������������t of K.-tj'. i,��y Hirer, ihenog aaal a.
chalm. ifnii"-   north   wi i-haim, tb��-hi��   aaat O.
ebalni to bank of *apl< raafe, iheaai eewe itteap
t*( plaee "t ��� on an net Rgeal.
J. Ko*���. Ixt*-ator
2 CoBinU 'i' lag at a ; ��� -t planted al th*- MVth
meat (orm-r or ' koai'a No I lo--alloii, tbCbm
mst-O  ebalni, Ibana    norlh  Wi ihalii*. Ibanoa
��� �����' -���' ' halna rnor- or 1> M to Ittank of ���"���*' ' r< ��� ���
n,*-n. ���- down it ream io piai-u of goaen��noem< nl
j. Koaa, I.K'iiJir
n Oommanclng at a i**>at planu-il ai or naai
IbegeaUtwMirornarol J. h��ai'iN�� I looatlon
thtrhie v��iatnn ��� liaina, Lhenea Mill a) -hain-.
Ihitm-" I'Mi-i no ��� liiuna. mon-or leaa. Ut nal'l ��� n< a
���hum*- up """' **"' io pla-r of trtgliinliia
/T l.o-"". I-""''.'
4. Oonmanalni   al   a ��������-*_I plauteil   It   or   mar
ihi- lonibwMt nornai ol I Roan ae. I location,
then ���- aaat m ebalna. theuce aouth w ebaina.
thenre wmI go ebalni, more or leM. to hank of
vai'i craak, tbanoa up uream  u> pteegofoom*
S   Worn*, Loegtoi
ft.    1'oiinm in imr ni a J-..I-1    plalite'l   almut two
mluwu'Uib ol tba eoatbwgel eorae* of J. Homi
No I I. < anon, on Hit- north lork of lh*- umith
fork of I. ft sraak, an'l atxmt '" ' mil'" up
atriain. f'om wln-ri t(l,. two forki on<��*t, iht-n-i-
��� aat Ht ��� IkIiii Muni., north HO chain*, lh--u-i-
ni'-l"*"   uheiim.   mon-   or   ton.   to   hank   of   *�����.,���,
iri.k, tin-mallow n mi nam io place ol omnmenoa
j. itiwi, boeelof
g.  Oonmanelng ata poet piauu*<i gLornagr,
(tag tonih wait eorner ofj  Ho��i> io 6 looatlon,
on   !���������   iK'n,   thanea  ���<������-< wnliaina.  thgnoa
north tm i halua,   Ihwiiii' wiilialo- Ofttt,   tiion*  or
\tm, to bank of aald orggk. laeaee nowti ilraan
io piano -.1 '"iiiiiii-iiii-mi-iit.
Cneated Atb >um-. it*./7.        i. n***. Loeeter.
Tim�� lor gdvertUlig estoaew-d \>y tha a��ii��[.um
Ni-Unn I Mini IKi'rht.   I>intri*'t ol Wggt KoOtOBif.
Tnki*  noll'-i-   that   I hoa    K.   I,  l/igiui, of   hou
i p�� iion painter, in tend ��� io apni
nl   Mlllhir    III
ilaaortbed laodai   OoiaagoelDi ai *��� i"*"i pleo
on iIn-"outh   ���'������'  -.i ii -i."    ereek, ahout
i of Uie Ko'il
i- llicmt* -oulh
i,   ilii-ii' ii north
��� iir-oiiM-iii. ami i
ir |geg,
nauil July nth, wn.
��� *n.,*
III'*   VV
fiiay 'ivi-r, thanea wail hu
Ml chain*-, Hn lu-�� �����������! *vt
Wichnlmi lo Un* |Miliu of
olilalnliiK i'l" ac���-������,   more
'I mom*-* K. ta l/MIAM,
aelao- Las I I*_i_-j-<n.    In-Ftevrtof Weat Cooteaay
7a_-  _m_m  tbai  Vi;:iaa   Aalm   tow. of
f����a,B   C      bote! keeper  tat-ada to appiv tar
a a-a: i:at*��r Jteeaewore-r tba toilowlag 4��**
ert-ed   Uada     CiiMllllllag  at  a poat   p_u_u*4
��o��t-t a-.x _o���*-�� waa *M tb��-  Kootemar  riTar, wo
la Um   inatrtrt  of Wirat   Ka-MMeaay
aad t-.*_a  a boot -cut  mUc*  Xk&rtb  oi tke  iatei-
- ���'    ���-*. -    ��-7    llae.   aad   attaat*  at tbe
a-wtbe_��- '���'.������_��*r of WtliJaaa   Ao-dnrw   lUw*'   No
.  an, tbeivw aortb  BD ctaloi.  tb*o<~-
waat to ��� nai-a    tbeafv  tan-ath Ott ebalai.  tbenew
���    '"tr-iiifT   -iiaia  !���������!
I*- ��   - y iDrd. J*9T
I>**--1 L_m "ib of *og    IDT
Witxiaa -KDUVtea
g- ��t   ggraw "f No     *    ..-.aU'-ii.   thenoe   north
��� f.��m��T.*-ti'i ��_at W -.-balm, tbem >.- -*>uth an
ebalni, ������!,' ii' a mil �����* cbalm t 0 Um patel of
r-ornm-rnnt-mrni. oont���Intrjg Mo arr*-��. morr or
I��a*--*1 inly Zlrd, I'.��7
' ommrnctng at a poat planted about 1*0
milea north ami   '-. mllr   *-aat   of   th**   nortb waat
��� or���t of .'- atloe   ia. I, thenee aouih io i-haloa.
- *-aat aoihair.". lben**-e norlh -��� r-haim,
th*-nr*�� w*-a>t **> ( halo. Ui the point of <ommeaee-<
m* nt. eonuiiiitig **��t -u.-re*. more or leai.
I'atad July M, UDT
���-   Ommm' Ing at a   poet  planted   at  norih-
-'������   'ormr  ol  lot-atum   No  I. Ibmng gn
ehalaa,  thenee weat ao rhalna. ih*-nr-�� nortb *�����
i halm, taaaaa ea��t ai chaina to the point <<f 1 *im-
���aeaegauat, ��� ���mmining **rfco av.-rta more or ������ ���������
I>ated July card, 1V/7
1 ' omni-nelni at a poal planted at th<- north
wt-at eorner  of   location   No  b, theaeg  aoltb   **>
rain*     thenee  weit HO ri-alna, thi-m .  .., ,ih   Ml
��� baiae, thrnoe eaat ��j iitiali*** to ih��* point ofeoag-
- ��� nii-iil, containing Mn a* rca more or .*���������
Hated July Brl. 1V07
x ' mnmtuf intc at a ifiat plani. ! at the north-
w-al   corner of   Jobation   No  I.   theOM   nortN   �����'
ebaiaa, tbeaeg aaat M ofealaa, taeoea ��fimh go
ebalna, inenre w*at **i. iiain* t.i ligg i-oint of one
mc n< I'w.Hii, boo tain toe ���<*��� geeM mora or leaa,
l>ati-*l July _3r'!   1��/T.
at   a   poit   pian*-"'   it-out   S
jorthweat   I'orm-r  of   location
No   I, tbenci   *<>uth no  ebeHw. ttieeet  --a-t ���**��
chalna. thiri" north Ho chaina. th*-m��- aria' M
etaatai tO tha point Of coriiinrnccmeut. ati'l 'on
lalnltir ''V' ai-rca moif or leaa.
UaU'l J ily aWtti. ion.
li Comnitaetai ��t a poit planu-l at the
nort h ���?������������.' or mr of loeetlon Ko. I, tbaaea noith
M) ( batna, thi me eait HO  chalna. laaOOa aouth -->
abaioi   tbanoa  weat ho chaina to tin- petal  ol
gOtneien'emi-ht,   containing   MO  acrea. inun
I'at.-! J-ily Mth.  1HOT.
11     1 ommenclng   at   a   POM planted   at-out   1
j ni ' ��� iat af tbe aorta-'gel eorner ol location
No  't ami   ai..,iii', niih-   aonth   tiereof.   ���
lOOttlB-  chalua,   them..   . --t   HO chalua,   Ihenne
iiortii  111 chalna. tin-in-!* weat   HO   chain-,   in    (,.-
���x.ifii of ci>rnmeurom--Tit.  cntilaluing  Mo
mora or Ivaa
I'at. .1   Juljr 24lh.  IVn
ll * ornmciuiiiK ata t>oat plantc<1 at im -north
���*-��tioriter of lo*-atlon No 11. then., norlh bo
chaina, theme eaat no chalna. thi-m-c aonth Ho
'halna, thenea weat HO chaini Pi the point ,,f
-   .ji irii'iiceinclit.   eoiltalnlilg   MO   airca,   ni.oc or
Oated July *f4ih, wn.
U       * Ollimcii. |f,K at a pOgl plallti 'I ri I the liorlh
we��t comer of looailoa No II, iin-i... north ho
r-balOf. them-e acal "��i chnlua, tbenoi aouth ho
'hallia, tbeaeg ������aal HO ehaltll in tin* point of
' oiMiieiiccineut, conlalnlNK '.In acrea. more or
Dated July Nth. UOI
It 1 omifieiieliiic ata potl plnnl'-'l al lhe nnrth
weat corm-i of location No 11, thODog iiuitli HO
-halna, theuee weat go chalm, theneg mirth ho
-halna, thenee eaat HO chalna to the point ol
< 'imriieiieemelit, enutalhing Mo acri-i, more or
J eaa.
Dated July Mth, wn
i'i Oommanclng *t a poat pianh-d alxiut two
m ilea norlh of north weat corner or l<M-atlnn ol No.
II, theiif �� aoulh * chalua, (hem ���- ggjf km chalna
��� ion'1- north HO chain-. 1 hence weat an chalna
lo the point of comun-in-i-ineut, contnlnliiK MO
aerea, mure nr leai.
Dated July 24th. urnr
IH, OommmiptOg nt i j-oal platUad hi lhe uorthweat eornei of location No I'., ibeneg north hu
ehalna, Ihence eaai HO rhalna, llicnce -oiilliHo
chalua, Ih-itice -ggg| Hn chnlua to the pnln'. t.f
"Miimeiiiement, ��� on t��| n i in- Mu hit. ��, niuro m
Haled Juiy Z4lh, Wn
17.  Oommenoiae at n poat planted ni Uie north'
wi-at corner of hn ntlon No 15, lhi*ncc norlh Ml
'hallia. Ihence v\eat an ehiil ll". tln-U'e aouth HO
chalna. thenee eaat HO ehalna lo Ihe |m|ut of
comm..|ic..ineiit,  i-oiilHliiinir  oio acre*, more  nr
:_aa 1 inatrtrl-   inatrtrt of Weat I
"ai -��� t���n i. traci Wrmmm, to r��msw. ik
i * la apply ior a rp-vrlaJ timber Ikceaaa
���wtaa Are * b-      a     ���
i     ���    v.--(-ti-*ii( al ��� :���-   pta   tod  at tbe N   K
-, anjea north ol tbe laleraatu'r,
al boat--'?��T   !:t��e and abo-ut ll mil*-*   ��*���)
.' ��� --1  nn*   mile   aortb  of  tbe
aortb   boaadary   of  T.   L   Ko    OtTI)   the_*w   M
eaalaa aaatta,   tbea*- a. ��-baiai  weit  tbenrw eu
a tbaaac kg ekuOaa eaat to tbe place
of betrtti ti: itj:
iMtcd July Hat. 1MB.
2.    < on-meacin* at a poat   planted at tbe K   E.
corner of lor*lion No   1. tbeixw   aoutb to <baina,
-  -a**"-"  rfaatni.   tbravrw  nortb  *���' ebaiaa,
theac* w--"t -a- rhaina to tbe plaee of  beginning
Data-d July mi, lay:,
1.   Commt-raclEor at a p-wt   planted at tbe Tt   K
corner ollorativ-r. Ho  1   then***  north  Ho. baina.
theace eaat HO chaina.  tbeuee  aonth  no  rhalna.
tbence weat -so chalm to p.a**- of beglaning
I>at-i J ��� ���
4.    CorameR<-ang ai the I*  E  c-rner of loeaUoa
Ko. 1.   thente   north   m rhalna.  theace  weat  90
cbatna.   lbenee  aouth ao chaina.   theoce  --���at Ho
ebalni to *."-*���* tla'* 'i t**gtnniog.
I>at***d July ilit. ItWT.
S    i or-B-D.-i-i  *'  *  poat  planud one  mile
eaat ft :��� ��� .**   >   aoraat  -.( it^am-o Ko i  ���abrfto*
- ���*-   'halna,   tbence   weat IU chalna.   ibrnrr
- ���   thence �����at HO chalna loth*- pla���e
of beginning
Iiatod July Bat, 19T..
> -mmeacinr at a prtrx planted al tbe N- a.
corner of Icaca- ** ���    :...   -outn to cbalm.
thcOra* eaa!   Hj t ' ��In*,   lh* r..*   north   HO   *ha:ri".
ibfo-<*��� waat HO < ham- to to.  place of i^glaning
l��atr*i July rut, l**..
' - mm dtrinir at a poal   platm .1   at tbe N   K
eornei of        itkni Ki   s, tanea  n.rth �� cnaina
I tb  w) ehalna.
then*-*   �����������". -o rhalna lo Um   pl-Or-of   bcginniog
Date    Jul-   .'Ut. MM
a    '    '-iBi'i.' ifig it a poat   pian'-t-l ai th��* K. X.
anraei  dlaanil   i He ��� ���.��- nartbafgaata���.
ibgara   waat M cbatna, tana en loath w�� aba ing.
Ibaaoi      a��i -      bain" to ih-    pla>i-������[ t-<--glanina
I>aU-l  Jul) .Mel. 1W7 Ku-tl. I,.- ator
J' -in     aown. Agent.
Deled July '.Mih, 11107.
('omini-liclii--   ni   a     poal
of loon-Mil Nn
orlhwi at i
plnntcd   nl   the
Ift, theuceaoulh
-"iih ma   theuee weat HO chnlua, thence fmrth no
chalna, Ihi'liec eaat HO ehnllia to Ihe iiollil of com*
mem ement, containing MOgortM mora ur leia.
Haled July 24th   litn  I  K. Wai.ivk   t.oe-itnr.
JOHN nn...,-,, AguUl,
--*.--���     a..----.       ,   - I
��� ���*���'  f.   - .  a   -,.  -.       ;.     f
"������a. tail, ing il acrta. mm
J aaa T. tOK A-mrra A__t hn ���
DUA-aa A-oaai Bzii. j^*
sluwatui-it <_��_��_��� uJm*;.
-1  -wt-m-m   -~-n.   Un,,   wn-.mm'
ta.**��� -mu a ���������- -siianTTxa
Um-ik*  aortk ���> cs-vln* u, n. -a       **
_*�����- _��j mauaaiam������ J^
J�����.t.���WT "rr-r.-saL,   ���
Vl-la> Al-.a, ���__. __k
"-***jl-v* -"-*' *--o-.��**i��*i��������a1,_:l
Vlrusrta. a C . u> a-r>__. _, __5_I8j
�� rltad U*J. .lira---] .a .be ��M rjUwJ. "J
inn 0_ms._-a-._T u . m ^u_r_Zl
*���*< ..-). el Kdo���-a���r __.. m_- *-- **a
^ralat. *n- ��*ra*al J -rKl.M.-. . f; 3
;- -i th.t-.* *.f*t ���a rtaaa.. t�����_^ _-, -ai
a ,'a.tu.. UM���t. n���* ��� rk.I.. _������ _ _, * j
.a���**. !_���.<. alon. 1*.. ��..-*. - ._>- '
IMbsd A tart! ��. 1���R.
*,������-. . . a!
Unl iMaire I    1'latrlrtof Weat K'-.tenay
Take notice- tbat I. Klliabeth ferguBon. of Nei-
aon, tirvi-n Colaaibla, oeaapgUea marri-.*<i wo*
UHead to appiy for permlaalon to pun-La*.*
���iinwlng dea.-nt-1-d lam'
' ommemina at a
Um (allowing
poat [-Ianleaf 40 chaina weal of the aouthcaal cor
Ml of togtlea a. TnwnihlpW, Kootenay, and
marked --E F'i S. E rorner," thenca- weat an
chalna. lb gam muth *) chalna. thtm-c eaat H
ebaiaa, theni-** tmrth 40 ebalni Ui the place of
commencement ami  containing  MB MM more
15th Juir. A. Ii   !*#>-.
Ki.i/4-ntrn Faioi :...-*.
hy W. a   Calder, agen
Nalaon I_inr| DlgtT��et    iMatrlct ol Wtit Ko. lenay.
Tike notice that I. David  <��    Kurt-, of   Nelaon,
B   i      om , upratloa  Wieri-hant, intend   to apt.ly for
ngmtaaton to parehaai the fniMwlng dei-~uu*d
�����"'���      ' omioetii-ing   at   a poat    platite-I   at   the
���otttbarget nornar of lection m. towmhlp <w
Eootaoay, ami marked "U <J K 'a ti. W, corner,"
thence north -Dabalna, thence eait 40 chalm,
tbaaea tooth �����> i haina. thence went 40 ' l.aina
to the potnt of . .itniri.ni erneni and conlainlng
0 ���   -   - mora or leaa-
la-ith July, l>f*
DanaG Knn,
W    A   raider, agent.
Teka ootleg that I. Thorn na Harry Wjlaoii. Intend to apply for p4Tini*a|on to purchaae the Ml-
low lux -lea. riljed land I om ineii' Uik at a poat
planle-1 at the H K eorner of l..t IVwaii 1 mark.*-1
.*-. K corner, thenee aonth lo rhalna, tbeoog
-*��� *'     ��� belni, Um met aouth  lu chaina, thanea
1   'halna. Uiein-e aotith   M  chalna. .hence
-���'������'  io rhalna, tbenoa aouth io chaim, thence
aaal 10 ebalna, theme nonh 4o chalui. thence
''i'l I" ehnina lo point of commencement and
��� oiiiaiiilii-t Kit acrea, more ..r |aaj
Julie 7, 11*17 1 Hi>tfan HrNlY W|i.��oN.
William \ :���-������/������. *ir  , -   ftgaal
il   -ni I.and I-lalrtet.   IMatrlct nf Weat Kootenay
lake notice that I. John 1-ntlK, of Nelaon, H, <-..
nation   miner   Intend   to apply for   pgtnia-
hnw* the following fVacrttird   landi:
a   poat   planted at   the   N   K   of
���aat  ."o   ��� haini   tlieiice   aoii'h   20
chalna, tin nee   m cat 20   'halna, theme   north *_0
chalna io point of coinnicni-eineiit. contaluliig 10
a. ret, moro or n *���-.
AuKuaf/nd,   1U07, John I,_no.
��� Inn
i ommonotog nt
i-.i >*m. tin
Notice la nereny givoii trial no daya ���
letead IO  n|.ply to the Hon. Chief f'ntnmiailoiier
of l.nuda   nnd Worka lor   r
herehy givt'li that to daya liter dale, I
Un* following deacrlln-d   Inml   In   Weat Kooleuay
porrnliaton io purchaae
(llatrlct, on   weat   ihiro   of   Lower   Arrow   I^k_
liljoinlilg I-ot No 4��iS, nn the aonth: Mcglnnllig
nln [mat innrkcd "Harry Mcl��od'-i N.K corner
im-- t ami ��� Innted on the ahore nf l^iwer Arrow
Like, nt the anutheaat curnei   of ('apt   I-'ollnnd'l
i4wiH, theneg weat w phglng, thgnog aouth jo
ilihliia more or leaa to (he iiorlh l-oundary of It.
Knllmorca f. H , thence _*n r-hnliin eaat along the
anl-l lioimdnry to lake, thence north nloug the
Ink- ahore 00 i-hnliti, more or lem to point of
i.om in en cement.
May _nd, liW7. J, I). Mnort,
             Agent for Harry MrU-otl.
Neuon Lead Dlatriot, DUtrlotol WcitKouicnay.
lake notice Mini 0001*0 Kulua Carter of Hlrdnr,
occupaUoii, lirl'lgcinnn, lutenda to apply for per-
mlaaloii to piirehnac the following ileacrllicd
lend: ( otnmgni lug at poal nlnnu-il at lhe north-
weat corner uf   It.  Rohm' npplleiltloil   M  fiiirchaie.
marked    1   W.,   th-i    north   4(1   tliitlna. u	
eaat 40 ihalna, ihence aoulh tit ehalim tu A.
' urry a pre . n. ,.i,,,,,. thenco weat 'JO chalm,
tbanoa -ouii, _n , i,���i���.   thanoo w��*i yu ehuiia to
PIMM of coiiiineni-emeiil cotitnlultig 120 acrea
more or leaa.
Daled July 12, I��n7,       UioiniiK Hvron Cahtib,
W.J. loott, Agent.
1, the nnderalgiied, nfter 00 daya intend to np-
ply to the ||on, Uie chief ComniliiMlii.rnl I.nmla
nod WorkNlii ( -.=-. i.......  the folMwlng deacrHa-d
endt  Coram -mg ��t n,,. n. k. c.of tot TMH
V VI ,?_?*_ W9��\ 4t> ���������l-Dia. lh. me north 20
elia na (hence eaat tu chnlua, tlieuce aonth 'Jfl
chalna to point of eoinninnccraout, cuntalulug HO
acrea more or leu.
Um ate    March Will. 1907,
NeLaon L_nd IHatrtrt    Inatrvrt of a��K *;��
Take   aottev  that  Edward P-_��*- w ���� i
Montaaa.   V  ti A . ort-npnttoa  *���-
imda to appiy   he  prranrvwa a
(oliowing  tUmti-imA _*���:     .  *
pr>at p.aated oa   tb* wait that* i
���aaa (' artoo..) Sale, aad at ta*?
of   Lot  "I3TV,
���0 eoalna. ''
ebaiaa, th*?oi   _
waat ihore of I'pper Whatataj. ���-_-_
tbenra northrrly and weaterty m__-
ahore 00 chalna.  more or leak la \mm
t. and <.-nlatBL&K An ���-���-��_, ma    \
-iL_ua.>j iuf, avi ai ua
T*     :*mtf~ M^i J    ���
���Ojku      a.-.
,i-Qami-. a.' -*ia-aa i
May mh.lOOT.
Slaty dayi after date l intend ta nniM I
Boo    Chief c,oM��iaBki_er of __*-_._-   tn I
lor pera-lnaton to  purrhaat  the Mxt-uim h i
arrttwd laad   in  Weal Koeteaay ttmnti E�� 1
menriog   at a  poat auu_ed A C liarttaa f
norner  poat.   running  Oi chalm ta-rv- un I
the boundary of Timber iw-x-t St. a�� __a
lootbariy *����� ehaloi.  then-re ve_ter.-a _am
tbenre   northerly   *���  rhauu  aktf i*��    f t
ttaei u> the plaee of roa-t������***������ _�����*. - rang
too hundrmf acr���a. more or laaa.
IxKaied ihU Ith day of May. UK.
a i * - < ��� lama
Notice li heraoy glren that �����*���*- l-#t��1
intend tn apply to the Hooora*-.-1* _��� tgia
latuiooer  of Landa  and   Worki ���- *-__���
to pur* hale the follo-Urif dea��*rite-r   .     i"__
in   ��>��t  Kootenay  dutrtct.   i onmnafgl
poat plant* *1 at tbe   waat hour*!��- yk:l!i
and nt-u-it 10 chain* aouth of thews- bokff
ol   the   right ol war   ol  the   B  VM__-?i_e- |
way.  and   marked   V   A    ft *�� Va�� �����-��.
th'-ncv weat ho rhatna, them-<��� Dor-t v"-*ai
taiundnry of the  riafai of ��av of I < *-.*s._--t
railway, iheoee following aal-1 l-r*��._.*T a*__t
right -nlwii in an eaileily d i r���i *_*-t *a _w ������
1-iu-i-lnry of I_a��l OO Ol. IT).-*,-* aooU v;�������
commencement,  contaiuinic  Maera.Batv
Datrd thla Mth dai
if Joai ror.
Pal- At��_r��T?ini��
Nelaon Lond Dlitrtet.   Dlalfi-t nf *at
Take notice thai I'aul Avcmt *^-*~1-__t
chener. B- C .  n-erupatlon  luahenaia. mm J
toapplr for perralMion m purrbu* ik�� ���***
Ing   deai r I tied   landa:     t'ommei ft** -��V*J
planted at  the aootn  boundary of ��* no*-, .
way   ot   tbe   BrltUh   Columbia tokOmr. ea^
way and alamt na ebalna weaterly fro- ����P
$2 on an 1.1 railway. thenieioQih J-*-*��������*������
���i-n r-rt*��
eaat  JO i-balni, theuce  aoulh �� I ,
eait CO chum, theme north to lh�� aaO��
ary of the right of way of the Brital ***lfc-|
l*."ilhen.   Hallway,   theme  weaterlj ua     |
���aid righl-of-way to place of cotnaea
DaU*d thla 2i��d diy of Auguat. *��������
PlCL Ata���
Kelaon I_nd DUtrlct.   DUtrlclof Wafta'-*** j
Tnke   n9llea   thnt   deorge !-turni.   f- "*_���}
MmiUni,   D     i.   A.,   occupation, mrre-ia ���" I
tenda   to  nppiy   *or   perniiaai"n I" r"-?1
following   deacrlbed   Und:    <om~tBrp
poat plnnU-tl on  lhe   weit ahore ol I PP*
���lian(Carllxio) lake, and at lhe n..r-_h��e��.
ofiotHLW.   tbence   weal   ��i chaini. Ih'tir
40 chalm, thenre eiat _n chain*, ihen ���* ��
ehnina to point of comuienivmenl. ani
tug Hu acrea- more or leai
flay Alii, lal
I.KltOf *
ielaou Lead Diatrict.   DUtrtcl of ���*����� --J**
Take notice thnt Walter   McKefl efoiai  I
Montana. B   HA .OOOOpetlOO "lan^t;
P> apply   Mr   peimlaaloii  to poreMJt t-"
lug deacril-ed land ��� 0o��wenrittf ol-M"
���."on lhe weal ihoreoirppertt hati ii"
lake, anu   at   the  uorth��i-��t cor
thence   weal   Ml  chaina.   th'm**
���hence eait   JO   'hallia, tinH"
point   uf   comiiiememciil.   *
acrei, mure or leaa.
May B��U1, IV'
norlb *     * J
t o
,1  rutiiiinlM
,-r detelArtbei  J
moh.r. of Burton Citr. "1"I",'1M ' ^ *' li
hief coraratt-lonerol I nn. - "'J     \SM
>rla, 11   C . to purchaae   In' I" i  ��'  ;       .,,
laii.N-ltnaleenal 01 Bnrh.ii    J   n   ^    *#
poat  marled
planted hi  Um* s     > I"
running north WiehaUin.
i),..ii. .. South 'io chain-, t.
place of (omnieiiccnielil
Auguat lit. 1W"7
MlthWMl  ^".u
then ����;  ��� "^1
,  |,t i     i" ���"  **���'
Nelaon I-a nd DUtrlct.   .-
lake   notice   Hint    Bwjfl* "-t-
Manltohn.     fnrm-r       inn n  ���    h
IVrinlialon lo purchaae the   M"�� OM
land:   CnmineuiUnt   ���>'  ^,'   ' M/t..iiiti'''"��-;
i>,-.tn�� t .f��--i K-wM-wr j
IS,  Oi Al
""rHJ |
,'ae-e-M    "
f Mc*
wven mllea from Un* ���������"'���;;;��� .....h.atl-* ~i
nt northeiwt corner of ihti V' 'iiinr^-1-
rnarked-H.'- N.K eornor. .���^SKlSP
Hi. chaina, then.M.��i'it wichnliii.iy^^rtg.
gbelni, Ihcm-eceatsOchan ' 1-",m
menccmeni.eoiitilnlngfilli ^*
Ualcsl-iOth day of Auguat���,,-';,, ���.rK.vv
AKTII.lt A. I" ��^.A<fri,
iVmtrict ol Wtit
i "���>������������
Nelaou Land UUtrlcl.   .-- ���
Manlloha.   hrnker.   1 hu"|,llBlB, M
V     ���..i   nil*!"1"j
ami rui-n1"1 Jtaf
noVVhrniHiVln^ thence wjjt*^i^pSffi
aouth H-ohnlni, ,l,,''V';   .LTiiach'-'
rnniraetiiwranit, foninl.ih B ���Jjaw
Union ani. day ol *-*MJrJ2ft r.ftfjjgi
fur i.tTinlsill
rrlt,���l li. ..-I .'ami
thu sa,illh*ast''.'l,|i
llva. ... Ill's (rntll til
tniirka..! K K.H H
W. A. Mll.I.s.
Ni.lsnii laad lllstrlrr
T��k���  tlnllra-  ll.nl   '
t,..i��   M,1il.....-irr|.illl..i. Iiini
Fof |.aanillsslilll   t'l   f�������',""'
Frank K. gaaman's 8, J.i       r    ��ii����5 ..
��� ���<:. B.N K mm"''   ���ll'1       ".,  """it.
tl.a s.alllll *��� <�����*<""���  ���   ";,���_;.   I'l.l.'*""''
,.|mllis  I.,   fl...'.' _���   INK'""'"-'
aiTias nl l.nal. in""' "I.i'J,  ;.�����>iil.li" H"",
���"o.io"i 'j��r.i *"��"-1^;j:,,a' ''",.����.le"1* The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satislacticm, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  .Smoked.    Our Hams  Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
. ��� ad Dlitrict. luitu-tol Weit Kooti-nnr
-'.',' ,.- -hat ('atria.. Bheraa. ol Heteen.
I1 ������' |MtUon   proapacior,   iuu-ihIi to apply
����� ��� ii'-   "v.t  the   follo-slnij
���r*    ' ���.l.       i -..i.iiiieUi ltlkf Ht a Ootl 1'lallte.l
. omraendnf nt a punt nlauted
r .... rial ���>���.* bolni Pai.i'i
* i ,. ���   poll     rniiniUK   nouth   Wl
,,.' ihenoe awii no rhalna, thence north to
,   eaai   HO rhalna   lo j-otut   of  eorn*
g    . J   -Q8t Mil. 1907. I'ATm.Kt-HaaiK,
Ban i BTa_a��, A��eiit.
Dutrtn "i Weet kaoteney
.   Lh a I   I'eter  Lund, ol
ipatloO  lutnlM-rinnii, tnti-nd*'
r ��� K��peotal tlmbei Ui-cnco over tha
r, -   it    commenelae ut a
L I at Un- north enat.rls   poatOflOtSl.
a.  . ii   ofilwher fieenee Ko* 701*,
T thenoa real *��� ehnina.
loo chaini, thanoo went 10 rhnina
| ...,., ni. in, and   eoutainliiK
��������� r-:. Pane uovd.
\ ]>:-trij-1 ol Weet KooUfiny
.    no Ui <    that   IVt��*r I.und. cm
ii luinh-'rtnnii. Inlenda
| tlmbat   lii-eint-  over   the
*i , ..,.     .      ��� i  iindi:    i ointiiein-tiiK  nn
m an east   houii.la.ry   of lol tU'J, 100
, !��� ��� if i- 7011 and to .halua
- * *iin  No. l, tin-in o north
l .'.,.:.��� w i batita, tbenoa a.mth no
i  . >.-!-*' rhalna t<> tho pc&ul "(
 tainlng  ���'***' *u:rv*. more
h.te.1 JulT - ' * I'-rran I.cKi*.
I Ulltliei Oi Weal K.nvenar
v *       that   l'elor Lund, ol
I [illluil llllllllOllliail. lutenda
h ibar iit't-n-'o over the tol-
t(bi   ��������� Conunenebu at a peel
I ui-ail  l-tiiiidnry of lot Mi, HO chalna
��� i" -'   ' .Willi    Nil   2,   Ihi-Il'-e
p.1 such..* - ��� h-i   m  ehalna.   then. ���
thenre weat���) it'll WW   to point
��� in     and  lontnlnlnR Mo n-rea.
��- or Im
(_*..-- a |      tat, "'���"" 1'rrra UVD
nt Ira P. Taylor, vtcrk. ol Arrow.
: i- ��� li to apply for a ���peouulieeaco
f. ram   Lhl    folIowliiK   deicrltM-d
b. 1   <''i_.i--.ti uik at i (>oit pinnted Tuehnlni
i> "Mv   dire.'tion   frmn   Cariboo
�� /    inylor'a, W. Parkim' ti  W.
-i thfl Minlh  bj T- I-   No  TfiM.
L_�� a-^i ,.-  i   1.     c*0  70*1*2. ineaoo   imrth  NO
I- pmi  10 chalna, theneo wmth a��
��� *'. 10 'halna t,( point   ol  coin*
'.tc tt a poat planted HO aha lni
itn-anl in ii ..-.Tl*- direvtloii from Carl boo
lairkial ������*   I'arklni',   IraF   Tayliar'i ti. W.
*   00 I he weit br T. L, 7��VJ,
i i-v Ira K. Taylor'l   aud   W.   rnrklna'T. L-
MH*.    thenee   eait   JW
���     *    t   ri.Riiii,   ihenoe   wwt IK)
I' ��� '    * ��� o|   in.iM-eincn-
Ji'ii Land Dlitrict.   PUtrtOt of Weil Kootenay
( .���'���������n that :��>dnya after date 1,
% < ��� ��������� it* rit, uniicr.oi Kaleon, o.v. . Intend
WTtotheH l,     i hn-f   ('ommlialoner nl
11 arid K'orkl '-if * -tie- lni  licence lo cut nnd
Irom the lollo-vltif de-M-rllteJ
������:iiit..!  ,.ti   -mninli   creek,   lu   the   Went
''ommaiirini* nt n poal mnrkel J   1\ B'a
limit, I,-,',....t oornor i��>ai. looetal oa
| ii-n.i . r.-ek   atM>tn two mllei Irom
��� I ihence running -..-uth no chalua.
F ' 4>-. Uaiiia, thenea ruuniiiK
[ thenee  weat to ehnina,  thenoa
u *    B-rtni   ���:.- ii'-e   rnnniui-   eaai 40 chalna.
���til"  ��� haina.   thence emtio
]!��� li'TlliCDl.
���' ������������-.'���   :n\ ..I Aiuru.al, 1W7.
li HN V, -wi niiKBi.,   I-t>caU>r.
per hi- -o.-. i,i I'll, a MclioNii.n
��� Inrat a poat marked i V.ti'r.
I, ���������! i-orner   poal, located on
li"rkn|--iiuimii ��� taak, nhotit two mllea (rotn
V- reel thenca rnniiin-. eontta **��� chnlua.
P��*-nintilti,-: Mat mh halna. theuce running
r -UU    th��m-a   ruiitiliiK   weat NO chalna
U*"' "i eommaaeement
eteO on ib. .-jth day nf Annual. Iflff.
ion*, p  Bwiuneao, Locator,
pei iii- if am Pkioi Mcu-okai.ii.
l"aUD'i DUtrlct. DUtliot of Wool KiKiteuay
B'joUa thai i k r. su-wnrt, oi OolUnS-
�� Bi.,oceupatton lumU-rtnnn. tnlendi to
I nwaipe. ia! tinboi llaanoa over ihe lol*
E. ind��    Connanetni nt a poat
[ Z'"," "S?"41 ���'"���Km nl i one mile   tOOlb
E ��� ihe beaU aatanpf Oren-
l -   i:   i*   Utewart'i N   K. Annie
I th to < halna, thenca   wen  to
I w.illh Hn chalna,  theme   weat  '20
���d��. ihem
' '*>'"'    !��� ' li��iua,   Ui.'liee   eaat   H0
i     , *   rth ���.. , Uatue,  theno>  ��
I  ment, coni*lnlnK
[ JAMK*.  K    r   HTKMANT
f,,'T|'-��u! Dhtrlet.   DUtrlct of Weit Kootenay
t' that J,R. 1     ���*t,.wnrt.of  OotllBl
| lunharaan, inteuda to
|. b         rai  lbo fol
Tie'.., i "'' '"    Coramom lni m n pool
I oi aatnell oveeft due
| Me i i �� mine, al'out ai
fartve i" '"""''     '���������i*   utarkad J. It K.
--o'��� ��� ...   -,ur'' ! i theneo eaai �� ohaini,
-1'   i l.aina. then..-    Well 90 '-hallia.
ill     thi n ������ weai hi chaini.
��� ' "���"- thi nee anal h�� ohaini,
f'I* Und Dutrii t. Diatriol ol Wool Kootenay
iii'   _W-^iU_'   '���    -lexmider   QUloeplOi el
I.,  i,  ;       '    "ten | to apply foi napeoU]
In-  ���''   Hi.- loifowniR doOOrlbod
P'>SS����,[i*t.a ,,,,M planied m ihe .-on.
I    ..    ..������������"'' tor\ of Com ei.-ck ��uii Lhe
fc'iii. *, l "'"'""" helm, theneo wool
L wraih in, tinlna. thenoe cut
n__tw< more or Imi "'' '" KU,"lll��* ��'oiiiHi;iiti**
in nth  1901
��� northrMS-!."',",""" Weaied on tho bank
i"-'..iil ...,���,.'f .1,,r,l,.'r,-'k --h"1" lour inilea
Dhalni, ti,,-
with tin* Mainortek,thenoe
Mohnlm, thenoa
"Ink  MO  UTHi  more
b uorti it, l   i   " ,,"v, flentod on tho bank
lu������-uiihie.,, "'.'' ",''-' ehoul ���""��� ntHeo
'"-"���iiitna   t !      h -llu Mnl" oroek, thenco
'' *' chaini ,1,'""' *eai NO chnlua, thenee
' "' l'"L-iii���i,, "'" '',"" M,) chnlua to Ihe
��,. "inn. OonUtblni MO acrea.  more
etod Aiif-im, ���(���,,!,   |g_
Al-��XAS-i,KHUn.i.ino'iB, LoOAtOta
a   Ua, kbtt, Aj-enl.
EritSl"^  "���"'MctolWeiitKootonnv
1; E-^l^lerAniSSR R-ShMf��<,[ N' -*������i
Kl!;'" "" Hi't ..-, ;     H|'i,1>' -up R "i^'iHi
rw,"H'i,.���rt  ,,���'   V >, H,-��y Hini-a.r  from  the
['"'���"it!irnor l!!,fitt^W- P-A-tafl neat the
ll ';"r M""v HohartiPW lll'l,,,"<' Nn' l-m*
lv'   i      l  ��J ueri  h. ff,   eorner   poll  of
f'V)    "���"'>   l',,,;,"'''1"*!" I-i'inou creek nnd
l,''1 nn (-hktSrrLl0"-heaii oornor pott
Ki" mi ,-      " S'ortb, thanoo W ohJuaa
I I ll,1J,"iiiti.f        ri"1, -elttl HO  rhaliii
No 10 OoninieilOtffig at a ),..*��� planted ahout 20
chaina more Of leaa aouth from the north-
weat comer of 1...1 Ko _..i * ou main \a-uu.u
Break end raanted Henry Ratehert eait eorner
poat no 10. thence-tO chalna north more or leaa
U. Hboiit midway of the ninth boundary Hoe of
11 lube t licence Ko ���*-_-.., theuce Ii*u chalna well,
theuee 40 ehalna aoulh, thence 160 chaini eait
to point ol i-orametii-eiiieiii.
l)aU"l July -_7lh, 1907
Ro. II ('oinmeneluft at a poit planted on Monument creek, aboul 70 chaina, mure or leu, loulh
from where Monument t reek, etoptyi into Lem-
iMi QfOOki and near Henry k-hheri northeait
corner poal nl timber Im-atloii Ko N, and marked
"Heaiy Keichert uorthweal corner pott ko 11,"
lliem-e lou chalua M-uth, thence 40 chain* eaat,
thence lfio ehnina north, Iheuce 4o ehnina weit
io the point O* commencement
liat.d July/7th. 1W7.
lliNiv Beii hekt. lx��cator.
Nelaou titnd District. Dtttrtet of Weil Kooleuay
Take notice that f, Harold N. Edserorabe, of
Fertile, B. <".. clerk, Intend tn apply lor n apeclal
ti.-,'.-. lieeuce orer the followlnit deacrlbed
i omtnenclna; at a |>oit planted at the con-
lliience ol the north lork nl Corn creek about
��������������� mil'- from Hi ci-ii!'������'���:.��� i- with the Mnlli
nook thenOO aouth *0 chalna, theuce weit 100
ehalM, thonot north *0 rhalna, thence eaat lfiO
Chaint to the place of bcglnnliijf, coutalliilif' 640
ni-rea. more or li-aa.
Loeatad AiLguai nth. 1907.
ft. t'ommeni-intc nt a pool planted on the bank
of ihe norlh fork of Torn creek about two mllea
from im > ontlueuce with the Main creek, them-e
-���������--��� chnlua. thenee weit -i ��� lialna, theuce
north nn chalna thenc- ennt DO chalui to the
I'lliv of beglunliiK, contnliUnic 040 i ere-., more
or leaa.
I.... *���*-.. Auicuit 17th, 19117.
I. roiuuieiictuir. at a pon planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about four mllea
from Ita confluence with the Malu creek, thence
aouth Ho chnlua, thence east 80 ebalni, thence
north NO Obelaa thence weat to cbaiua to the
j-'m . of bofUiniUK. ' -iniaiiut-K 640 acrei, more or
ljiK-aled Auguat l7lb, 1*17.
6 ('ommenclna al a poat planted ou the banK
Of tht north fork of Corn ereek about 6 milea
Irom lt> couftueuce wllh the Malu creek, thence
north ai chalui, tbence eait 100 chaini. thence
louth 4o chains, theuoe weat 100 ebalni to the
ptaot of u-KiT.i.-.k'. contnluinK 040 acrei, more
or leaa.
l-ai.-.i Augni-l Itlh, '.������<���-.
A ObaimenclIng at a poat planted on the bank
of the north fork of DOTO creek about ilx ml lei
from ita confluence with the Main creek, theoce
-������;���;-��� chnlui, thenee eait 80 chalm, tbernv
north HO chalui. thence weit 80 chaini to the
place ot beginnlnK, contalniua: '������" ncrei, more
or |am
Loialed Aiitfuat 1Mb. 1907.
7. OOBUBaaattg it a poat planted on tbe bank
of lhe north fork of Torn creek about ill mllei
from Ita confluence with the Malu creek, thence
tenth WJ chalna, 'hence weat MO cbalm, thence
north ki chalui. theuce eaat SO chalm to the
place ol neet���lLiag, couuiniug M" acrei, more
or leu
I-oCated Auguat Kith. 1907.
II.  N.  KnOBOOMHK, Loeator.
A. Hackktt, Agent.
Nelaon land l>iitrlct.   Dlitrict of Weil Kootenay
Take notli-e thnt we, Archltiald Hremuer and
' 'eorge Yniiuc. both of the city of Nelaon. in the
1'roTlnce of Hrlttih Colombia, lumbermeu, luteud to apply for apeclal tlraoer Uceniea orer the
fullowtng di-w-rluea landi:
1 Commencing it a poat planted about 2M)
rardi weaterly from the junction of ihe uorth
and main forka of tin mini I creek, a creek flowing
Into Kootenay river ���outh nf tbe aonthern end of
Kootena] take lu the dlitrict of Weit Kootenny,
which Junction ii about 18 or JO mllei from the
mouth of luch creel, thence tenth 40 chalm.
thence eait 100 cbalm, the line north -10 chalua,
Ihence weat 100 chain" to the point of eommenee-
Bteai ��nd containing 04U acrea more or -eei.
Ak.HiHAl.it Ukiukkk.
Dated thla &ih dav ol Auguil. UU?.
2. CommencloK   at a poat   planted   about   '2M
Jar l- weaterly from the main aud north forki of
ummil creek, a ereek flowing into Kootenay
river aonth of tbeiouthern end ol Kootenay lake
in the dlitrict Of Weat Kooteney, theuce loulh 80
��� ��� ..in-   thence  weat 40 chaini. tbence eoulh ai
��� halm theuco weet 40 chnlua, thence uorth 80
chaina, theuoe ea��t 40 chalna, thence north 40
.-halna. thence enat oO'ehalttl a*__Bt point of com-
aenaement nud eoutaining ����o toret more or
-..���a,, liEoaut Voinu.
Hated thliMh day ol Auguat. 1IW7.
I ('ommenclng nt n pOtl planted about 200 feet
aorta Inun the batik of the main Biimmfl creek,
Ud about a mile* weaterly from the Junction of
the north lork aud ihe main fork of mch creek,
���, eraal Mowing into Kootenai river aouth of the
a.MiUiern end ol Kooteuay lake In the dhitrict of
Weai Kootenai, thence aouth** chalna, thenre
eaai NO ehi lni. Ihence north 80 chalm, thence
wt-atNo .halua lo lhe point ol commencement
ii ml coiiialniug M0 acrei more or leu
Ak< HlBILn Hkiimk
Dated Htlt -"'Hi 'I")' ol Auguat, 1*17.
4 Commencing al a poat planted about -' mllei
up an unnamed creek (lowing Into Hummlt
i reek from the aouth at auo-il 22 mllei from the
mouth of Hummlt creek which latter ii a creek
ilov-lng into Kootenay riter aoulh of the aouth*
ern onS S Kootenai lake in the duirict of ffejt
fcrsounay, thonot north NO. halna. thence tut 10
ehalna ihence aouth m�� ebalni. tbanee weat NO
chalna to the tNilnt ol coinmeuceinenl and con
tiunlug -.'. acrea more or le...   ^^ ^^
Dated ihli Mh day ol Augu.l, IWJ.
5 Comiuenclng nl n poat planted two  mllei up
anunxtemed week Oftwlni mio Hummit creet
from tb* -ouih m about p mile- trom the mouth
ofsnmmil .-reek, which Inlter , \ creek flowing
in to K.Miienav river aouth of ihe loutheru end
of Kool. nny lake in tbedMrictof Weat Kootenav thtnet tonffi tiCt ehaln-i. Iheneo tttt g
chi na, thence uorl FO chalna, thence weet HO
clialna tO the point Ol conimeiicenionl nnd contain i na MO aeret more or lewi.
milling �� iv. io !��� AHiHIBAI.D  BKf-IHItK.
Dated t li in '��ih day Ol Augual. U0T.
I c.itiiniem-init tie PMI pinned about one
end I . I nleHiipil.I' north lork of Hummlt
* eek   n cre.k llowtiiK into Kootenay rvcr aouth
.(th. eouthern cud ol KOOtenei lelfo in the dlt-
,',.,.,[   Weal   Kootenay. theuce  ��nal  80  chalna.
tnenot tOOth   tl. ehnina. U.cnce out�� Oh* ni.
thence   aouth 4n i'hH in, thence   we-1 to   0ha na.
���    i north 10   .liiilni. thence   WOtt-lO  chaina.
theuoe north en ohelnt to tbt polnl ol oommtnoe
me, M���d i-onUlnthg 040 , urea unin-or .ei..^^
Dnted UU-Uth del -ll '-"Ku-it, 1WJ7.
7.    Comin.-iieiiiK   ttt inn.1 $}***>*}  *,-����* 	
hemT. oatteo   ��� ��   ����' "eiitli   lo chaina,
:    . , SSh\ Si clmlna to the POlal o) emmeuce-
!,;.,';, i���,|   eontni.Ungf.IU acre-   more or lea.
fraty&tt��thdarofXn-n^im ^^^
.1 .,.,���.������ anutIi'-eTchnUli. thence weal to chalna t-
tSJT��."mi ol commen-cmcut, and emiatttU rt,u
nerim, more or leaa ,,��,��
Data- tin. oti. .lay ..i *��*-����� *gjj���. ytmao,
��.  uommenclnf al a -H..I plant*!  about a
Where Indolent  Millionaires of the  Me-
tropolia Will Avoid  Caret of
New York, Sept 20.���The new Plaza
hotel, UU latent addition to New York's
long list of palatial hostelrleu, Is to be
formally opened next Monday morning.
The bulldenj of the Plaza claim that It
In the costliest and finest hotel ln
the world. An Idea of thp enormous
sum of money spent In the erection of
the Plaxa may be had from the mere
statement that Its cost was more than
double lhat of the magniflcont Hotel
Astor which was completed only two
years ago.
New York contains not only the largest and most luxurious houds of any
elty In the world, but also more of them.
ranging In cost from $1,000,000 to $12,-
G00.000, which latter figure represents
lhe cost of the new Plaza. It is to be
further remarked is the same connection that the most luxurious hotels are
by far the moBt prosperous. The present
effort fa not to be economically, but expensively���to crowd as much laxury as
possible Into hotel building, for the rich
New Yorker can be counted on to make
the most lavish expenditure a profitable
investment. Counting permanent and
transient guests, the five score firsi
class hotels In the city of New York
take care of atiout 60.000 people every
day. At that rate the receipts are
$352,500  a  day.  or  $114,002,500 a year.
The actual  cost   of the  new   Plaza  in
uarter ol a mile weaterly Irom the north fork
of i-tuinmlt creek and ahout three mllei up nui-h
north lork from it* junction with the main Hum,
mit creek, a creek il.iwlnitt Into Kooteuav river,
���ninth of the aouihern end of Kootenay lake ln
the dUtrlct Weal Kooleuay, thence weat 80
chalna. theuce uorth so chalui, theuce eaat KO
chalui, thence loulh SO ebalni to the point of
commencement, nud containim* 640 acres, more
or leai.
Dated thli6ihday of Augual. 1807.
Aa< HIBALD iii.KW��*Fl:.
10. CommencniK at a poat plauted about a
(juarter of a mile westerly from the uorth fork
��>1 Hummlt creek and about three mllea up inch
north fork from Iti juuctlon with the main Summit creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay river,
louth oi the aouthern eud of aootenay lake, lu
the dlatrlct ol Weil Kooteuay, thence we��t 40
chaini. thence aouth I'M chain-*, thence east 40
chalna, theuce uoitb lfiO chalua to the point of
commencement, and containing W0 acres, more
or leai.
Dated Una -nth day ol Auguit. :�����':
AaniiHAi.n i-'rr- -im k
11 Commencing at a poat planted about hall a
mile eailerly from the aouth fork of Hummlt
creek and about one mile io ith ot the main
Summit creek, a creek flowtUE into Kooteuay
river aouth of the aouthern end of Kooteuay lake
in the diatrict of Weat aootenay. tliance east HO
chalui, thence aoulh **������ chain**, thence weal 80
chains, thence north SO phuini to the polntof
commiui-emenl and i ou tainlng M" acrei more
or leaa .* kchibau- Bkkmnxk.
Dated thla '.Mil day ol August, 1W7.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal*' and ������t'uebec" Mineral Claltai altu-
ate in the Nelion Mining Division, of Weil
Kooteuay lifitrlel.
Where located : -Weil branch of north fork ol
Salmon river, on Craig Mountain, atiout nine
mllei from Erie, 8. OL
Take notice that I, Alfred Bnieat Uallupe, Free
Miti'T'i CertitlOMte No. BM9. intend, sixty <laya
Irom the dale hereof, to apply to the Mining
ltecorder (or a lerllflcate ol Improvement!, for
thepurpos- of obtaining Crowu i.rauU of the
above ulaluis.
And further lake notice that action, under
���cotton 87. must be commenced before the Ibu*
aucc of sneta Certificate of Improvement!.
Dated thli 13th day ��' eleptember. 1907.
In the matter of an application for the IsKue ol
a duplicate Certlflcate ol Title for part (40icr��i)
of Lot tH. liroup one. In the Dfilrici of Kootenay.
Notice li hereby given that ii is my Intention
lo lame at the expiration of one month from tbe
flnl publication hereof adupllcala ol the Certificate ol 'title for the above landi lu the name
of Andrew Morrlion, which Curtltlcate of Title
is datad the 6th day ol March, 1S0U. and numbered -W-K. _
Laud   Keglilry Office. Nclion, B. C.,8optainber
-H   P. MAcLeon,"
Dlitrict Keglitrar.
i-tti. i*n.
In the matter of an application for the issue of
duplicate! of the CerUfieatti ol Title to lotill,
l_ and 1.1, group 1. West Kootenay Dlitrict, also
known ai tlie "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort" and
"Lulu" mineral clalma reapectlrely-
Notlce ia hereby given that it la my intention
to lime at the expiration of oue month after the
llrat publication hereof a dunllcaie of Certlllcate
of Title tsa. tWOlaof an undivided HI HUtbi In
each ol tho a*Mive Iota, i:.-ti,-,t ou the 17th day of
Mav, A. D. 1HW'. lu the name of John C. Ainsworth,
and alao a duplicate ��-l certificate Of Title No,
MOaol an undivided l-liwtha in each ol the
above loU, limed on the 17th diy of May, A. D
IHHn.lti the name of Ucorgc J   Ainsworth.
Laud Keglatry Olllce, Nelson. B. I' , Auguat Bth
"H. F. MA(Laoi),"
District Heglitrar.
Wa have them in 61b  and 8  tb  Sizes.
Quotations  glvon on    tiny  Ulcctrical
Heating Dovlce on tho Market.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mre.  Winter   Every  Saturday
Mra. Winter holds certlllcate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and llnstagi Corilficnte from Trinity
Oollegi-, London. Kng., for theory of niu-
hIc. Scholarahlp of tho LondOD Conner-
valolre of Mimic for alnglng and piano
playtag.        Addreee Box 796. Nelaon.
Bald to Ik* alightly in excess of that of
the Waldorf-Astoria, heretofore considered the largest and most luxurious
hotel in the world. When the Waldorf-
Astoria was projected, almost everyone
said it could not be made to pay. Yet
today It is a very profitable property.
It is hard to Imagine a house with 40
magnificent public rooms, more than IV
000 giK-Bts' rooms, and accommodations
for between 14,000 and 15,000 people,
being practically filled all the time, but
these figures represent the Waldorf-
Astoria's accommodations, and it Is constantly crowded.
world, it would be necessary to add $4,-
the old hotel of the same name at lhe
corner of Fifty-ninth street and Fifth
avesue, opposite the entrance to Central park and directly across from the
Savoy and Majestic hotels. The builders figured at the beginning to spend
about   $8,300,000   on   the   structure,  but
later it was found that in order to
place tbe hotel In that state of perfection which the management claims cannot  be  reached   by  any   hostelry in the
The new Plaza occupies the site of
000 ,000 to the original estimate of the
structure. And this additional h;iiii was
added without the  slightest hesitation.
Already, the management uf the Plaza
announces, a large percentage of the
suites have been leased. The hostelry
will have as its permanent guests some
well known people, among whom are
John W. Gates, Mrs. James Henry Smith,
Alfred C. Vanderbilt, George J. Gould,
C. K. G. Hillings, Mrs. Oliver Harriman,
Julius Flelshmann, John A. Drake, Mrs.
Wallace Shillito, A. EC Moore, Richard
Mrewster, Jackson Gourand, and Mrs.
Young Hayworth.
Some of these will pay $75 to $100 a
day for their rooms, exclusive of meals.
For the famous royal suites $500 a day
will probably be asked for short periods.
Though these rates seem enormous to
the majority of people the price paid in
reality is not in excess of what it would
cost to maintain a Fifth avenue home,
while the worries are less and the accommodations better. It goes without
saying that the Plaza will be essentially
.i home for the rich. I tmarks the topmost notch in the luxury of metropolitan life for men and women with large
Incomes who do not care to undertake
the responsibility of keeping a city
house of their own.
As may readily be imagined the payroll of the Plaza will be immense. The
general manager will have a chief
steward and half a dozen assistant
stewards. There will be sixty cooks,
fifty chambermaids and an equal number of housemaids, forty floor girls,
sixty bell boys, 200 waiters, seventy-flve
laundresses, twenty.five porters, twenty
bartenders, ten wine cellar men, fifteen
barbers and about 150 women of all
work in the kitchen and elsewhere, who
may be said to look after the immediate
personal comfort of the guests. The
chief engineers and his assistants, electric light men, elevator men, plumbers,
locksmiths and general repair men will
easily number 250 more. Then there
will be the office staff and the accountants' department, making all in all very
nearly If not quite 1,500 men and women
to be paid off every week or every
month, as the case may be, aside from
the private servants engaged by the
guests and who work under the general
directions of the hotel.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Onera Houea.      Tel. 181.
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BUKDEH        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers. Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145    rhone 241 B.
Notice li hereby Ki*ren, lor the Imformatlon ol
tuteniling KtttlU'ri- nid -itlicri, lint selection hai
been audi oMhi-8.��>��,000 ncrei ol lan-l iltueted
in the Pence Kiver Valley. Province of Hrituli
Oolontble, (rented i�� the iiomlniou<JoTernme--t
under the proTli.oai of Suction 7 ol "Aa Act
n-liiiiiiK tn lhe Is'iu.l hallway, the Graving
Dock iii.'i Railway L>enai ol the Province," ana
mch land li not "!*" '" entry under the land
IRW-; of the province
1_e Mock ���elected li dewHWd aa loilowi:���
Commencing Ht i point Sn'., miles lonth of the
Peeea Kiver ou tba IBOth Meridian, being ihe
cHsicni boundary ol tbe province, thence wett
lf< mllei aud *tK M chain*, thenco noith72 mile"
and :''. c:i --iii'in . tneno- eait 78 inilee and 38 f_
chaini, thence south to the point of commenoe-
ment following the 190th Meridian and oontalnlng approximately 8,000,000 acrei.
Notice !��� alio given thai, with a view to
hall I t��l Ing ictileincnt In the vaileyi oi the
Peace, Parsnip nnd Pack Klrerfl, the following
belt of laud 40 mllei In width and extending
���20 mllei on each side of lhe Peace, Parsnip and
Pack Kiver*. h��" been resolved for actual ���ettl.ii>
to be acquired by pre-empt-On only under the
Land Act, inch laud not being open for lale,
lease, llci-noo or other allenatton under the laid
Act except by pre emptlon:���-
Commencing at the Inicnoction of the western
boundarv of tho bio k ol land aolocted by tho
��� om I n ton Government with the Peace river,
thenco following o<- Peace Kiver and Parsnip
Kiver to Iholr confluence with the Pack Rl*r��r
and thenc* following the Pack river to ll u
point! where *nld Pack Kiver leavea Mcl^.-
Lake, and extending for a dMs-nce of 80 mil ��
on each Bide of paid Kiveri and approximately
170 mllei  In length.
All lands oul<-hU- the boundaries of tbe Dominion Government Grant and 'the it-serve
Kin.w deicrlhod ne open tor location under the
Inwa of the Province.
Acting Chief Com in JKsionernflAndB and Works.
Lands nnd Wotfts Peparlmeut,
Victoria, Bopleoilicr 18th, 1W7.
Royal Hotel
Rate. |1 and |1.50 a Day.
Special Bate, to Res-lax Boarder.
Queen's Hotel
Baa.r Stnwt, l-alaon. B. O.
LlKhted by Kleotrlolty and
Heated by Hot Air
I-lje aaa Comfortable Bedroom, aaa Tint-
claasDlDln. Room.   _unpl. Booms Ior Commercial   M.n.
MBS. B. C.CLABKB. rroprletr���,
Bartlett   House
Best Dnfhr-a-Day Ho-K in Nelson.
Ta. Bar I. th. Flne.1.
WhIU IMp Only Bmploya*.
ephlne Bt.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renorated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIORSON, Proprietor.
Telephone. 250.   Opposite Court Rouse
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Ttemont House
European .nd American PI���n
a__. at eta.   Boom, from at on. to (l.
Only WhIU Help Implored.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietor.
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Seaaon.
See the Coast
at Its Best
Return Tickets 110.05.    On  sale  Sept.
20th to 24th.     Good until Oct. 3rd.
WE8TMIN8TER   FAIR, OCT.   1   TO   5.
Return ticket. $16.55.    On sale Sept.
27th  to  Oct. 2rrd.    Good  until  October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair may be
destined Vancouver it desired.
For further particulars call of write
A.lt.P. A.-Vani'iHiTi-r.
D. P. A., Nelson
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Aki-iii for Truacott Launchea
ami IVtcrhoro Canovs.
Finest Lol of BomU In B.C.
H.   U.   LrllNDSA-Y
Foot of Joaephlne St.       Tel. A18
A. H. Can. See. C. B.
Mining Worn a Specialty.
Office:  llcaley Building.    P. O. Box 434
���ak.r St., NELSON, 8. C.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Regi.try
Act" and Amendments thereto,
in the tn. I tor ot an application lor lb.1 Issue ol
a .lut.li.Ht.M.I the 1'crtlflcate of Title lair Lot.
jrian. ���jrslj, sn.l .'".:.   Mroup 1. Koa.tctiHy  Illstrlct.
Notice Is hereby given tti.t It Is my i.n.r.i.....
tn Issue nt the exj.lri.tlni! of cue month from tbe
first publication hereof . alupllcatp Certtfl'Mte nl
Title to tbo .hnve <lcsi<rlbcat la.tals. in tbenatuenf
James Koaleriek Ka.bertson. which IVriHlrtit is
.tata'.l tlia- '"Hi .'.>��� of August, 1K...M. and Is numbered HOfak.
I���nd Keglslry UIBee, Nelson, H.I .. Slst of
Allans-. 1D07. H. ��. MacLIOU,
Ul.trlct -.glslrar.     I
Extra special values in every department for Saturday buyers at
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery -will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care -will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Flre, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insurance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,     -     Nelson, B. C.
$1000 Cash anal the balance tm extended imyntentswUl buy a six-
rtiomed bouse nnil Ave lota; pood
location,   price $2,500
$600 cash tin J tho bf lnncc on extended payment�� wl'il buy tin eight-
roomed house and lot '% block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the ba'antje monthly
payment- will buy a ulx-roomed
house and lot oii Silica street,
price $130(1.
$1100 cash und $i-5 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price. .. .$1800.
':>**' ���"
:'!*w'\.|''1!. '��'������
: r
Ii) ' ;S
! I'l ��� m \
if- 1 i
I     ;
; -I
���'(is   ]
I*he Daily Canadian
Ow Alarms will never Jet you
versittp. $1.50 and $1.50. The
erj- -jest.
��� nrtT- ���-���      -       ���...-'���-.���*- ta*--*   ������_.-
*-,>,-, '   ' -   VJ-*-*---*-**- Jf-H.
���_���. tr*r
f'/b_c_ot_*t.    E_i*r Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootrmay  Ice, Fruit,
Fuel  tt Poultry Co., Ltd.
OfWt* **.
N. C. c��.. Baker   ���������(I   Wsrd    .U.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
IO Acre. Blocks to ttoo
Acre Blocks.
licdrotk Prices.
Buy Terms.
H. L Croadsdaile & S_
Neii  |j<x,r to Hank of GoGim-rc*
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
CrCMOte, Oils ioij
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Patch and
P-O-t I'.IJlMer* will Bad U f< s_*_�� b/1
va.il���f/a. tv, tu*-. .im Piu.h
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
-. , ���
������-��� .-.-.. ���-'/
-���--j. (Ml*
C   hHjtta*!,
J    I.   Kef-Hark   ar.a)   wife.   Mrs   W   J
-.,   (���>.. -     ���-   \,   .'. .,.-a->r an.| .!!���.
I   V.    A yer��.   Uovalana"
If   s-i<-��a-*   Ottawa    rafi*   T'l'ka-
V,'.   VI    Of���. - i-     A    C    MeK'-n
/.a       K     U     r. .   I Ml        II     C     MCs-ftl
rjresn iro iVIIcoi   CW���co. T. A
Alrey.    Bwltrw-rl; I     Mm     ana!
Hit,.'Walsh    Vi.-v.ria.   K   A   Walker. Ta,
r.inu,;     C    Mar/ahali.  J    '.    IsoaAb.   Vata
if   V   _-_-*���, J   '.'ana-ll, H   C   Miller
Tabcr;    U    Murphy,   M     MeHwejn.   T��-
r.,r,ia,,      C    C    Isrown,   K.   Davlaliv.ri    J
f'ourley.     Vaiir-...i-..-r       F.     J      Hlile'da.
M'^wi"   Jaw.    II    M..r*lrr,a-r ______   M'/n'
I l'atarv,ii SOtl wlfa-, Trail; Mrs.
Haallay. Mini. Smith. RobaDB; J V I'ur
vlai.ee   K   Taylor. lyaomls.
It     I     l��^!d,   Hllvertota.    I!     Faithful.
Ijenva-r.   It   BIflkOP, J. OKrlon. Kahlo    A
1    Dsrla   sad   ��i'a-.   is mil-:   Was   w
MaKitmori, C   A    McKlfinoO, Hl.xran.   II
'v.,*.    1  Haas  Aiaawortb; C   1  .s.m.
Vrir,.,, ,-.. r , ll liraflda/ri. flllva-rt.an. L J
ilurm.-r. I'.i.riua i* Kerry, It MePha-r ion
anal  wife. New  Ijeri-.a-r
\v. IHiiaaiilHsTli.    K     Hardies, B m.
hairy; H Silver and wife, Vat,"....-���
Mil K It atvlJuA. Ml.r, R ll..r ,.-,.
rU-SWOT-l; A Wtneler and ��IN-, ('r.-.-e
���rood; I A UcLatod, Train, J Mel-Ma,
'.nr Re_M Bbows, I _____Ul"! ���' K
. '..r. na.r   it. l.yol.i.,  Maha.
h   I'ni'sia-y, Bi__4on,  J-.
M   1:.'-
P. Wil'..ami.. Ahaatrortli
"���-ko-nii Huiist anil 3 I^its, OIj-
servatory street. House
well plastered and in good
���hape. $l,(MJO. Good
 BAKER   8T.	
O.n.r.l Job Work, Chimney Svvc.p-
��*.g, C.rp.t Cleaning, Fixing and Cl.an
teg  Stove., etc.
Iti  Ea.t Bak.r at. Phone No. A114
T   NIch'.lM.li. li   A     >'rk   Kl.l.lda. Mr.
M.-Klnnon, Aliutworth.   Mrn   Klrhy,Trail
T   W  Patar���oo, Spokaaa; -I  Tb.ti^. an.l
��lf.-. WyallfTa- W II Tialta- and wife.
W. Umklwln ;   W   II. Hllv.rton. Wyrlllfa
W Walorf. W ���twtl, We.a��klwln,
MIhk Mason, Mini. T.irry. A MoCaakat,
ii   MePaai���, Oiaam-uud;   -i   ii   Ka��i,-w
anal wlfa-. H|.aikai,.-; .1 MelOtOSB, C K
If.n.r...ii, EtamKlar.al. fi It Willi*- anal
wlf*.. f'imtleKKr; .1 K Farra-ll. Manise
.law.   .1    Hal..*.  .1    Hlley.   Klre   Valley;   .1
Tbarst���a, Bpoksr.~
A. McDonald & Co.
Dnulnr. In atnple and fiuiay (ir.srt.rlns
Hotter, Kkk��
(Isnii. snd Mln'ir.' Hupiilli*
���.   w^a'rt..
. .���    ���-    tir*-   l^*-li   a?T>r���vtl.    tl���rr.-i."- :
ulcJ Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or .ell anything;.
go to tho Old CurloHlly Shop. A new
linn of Japanaaa O-O-l now on kale
All klnda of Ulmiirrw.ro In stock. I'M-
tarns. *      	
I *����� O.
AnnlvtrMry of End of Temporal  Power
of \>r\* Popeg.
ROIIWi H'-pl 20,���Thi- nniilvi-rw.ry (if
th��- fall In lh7'* <��f _M l��-ni|K)r_l pOVOff
(if Hn* |**i|i**-h, flm- lit fl.i- i-ntry of lh**
n.'iiiiiri irdHipM in Romd, *hh Mlabrattd
ilii'>uir*fh(��iii Um klnr'lnrn today. Of
ganSM-  dMBomtnUioni  v��n  h<iri   %x
rnimv polnlH an fl rf-nult of the rtOMll
ru'ii-vi lOfl nf t)f anil C\otl< al  party,   !��ur-
inK ihe (ia> ttionaaiiili oi persona vin
iU'd ihe iiimoric Portia I'll* und othora
dapooHad wr.-dihH on the montunMita
(pf   Oarlbaldl.   Cuvour   und    Victor   Krn-
Tin- Ooranunaol adoptod atrong mca-
miim-k U) pnviTi! dtaOfdOTai AmonK ih'-
other praoatttloaa a inlHtury cordon wiih
dl-WO aboul the Vatican and palace
and KroundM. to prevent lUOipUMatbU
orowdM from appmiuthliiK th(* papal
rcHldi-ncc. In addition lo thla the
whnlo Vatican garHaon waa kept under arnm, and nil poaalbla preeMttona
taken t.) prevent dlHtiul-atK e of iho
Popa  and   hlH ��'nlotiraKe.
ParadM  of So<-lallHlH and  oiher nnll-
('lerlcal eleiiienlH were held Iii all purtH
i.r  itome     tik* oalabratioiui  centered
al Portia IMa OiroiiKh which the Hal
ian   mi��ldl��-ra   entered   lhe   f-liy   In   1870
Qraai   orowda  were  oonsfogatad   here
thidiiKhont the day. There wiih centln-
iioiih Hpeech-tnaklni:, all of It violently
antl-Clcrlcal and much of It uf a nature
r.i < ��,ijiied lo Inflame tht*  populace.
tmoom mopmm.
W   H   M'-LAai. hat*  r*^arn��fe-*i taom
��� Tf��-J48 ttX SffTlrAo, V* " *
4-*-.-*r^-fc_fc_,    pOMMMM    4*.
iL**Max.   win,   3-D   iaUrrest-fUE   ofMr      Mr
mmtammu tiia-ad    PMaalaaaMa, 7  -
* - -  -    . * ���   . ���    -.;���
���mm a
Mr.  Bcr6trr'%  Vttjj-
Tb*- Opvaan-tfTaa of NHaoa a*-   :��� '
ir^K  r*-a*-dy   for     tb��r     r*-*-* : *
\ttfrT    *���      ��       *ddr**��   *,   '-
do  tb*r evaamg     '  "
Mr   Pordaa  h-*  mv��--i   _rK__   t?j<si  *
t!or_K V-Mircrav b*:  ha*  rlaltod, aad no
doubt his *cD*��Ktru5  in   PM-Oa   *.
bt: oar *;x<-*?rjtUjn Ut the rule.
Nei��on'�� HMpitality.
Tb*- cftfaaaai of Nebson ma-
pau*doa_biy prood of tho prt_Htot
uocapf in ti_e -rwt-v��e_j of rJ*-ltori *
Fair     It ha_*   ^j^-^n  a  BMttOf  at  ?
HBBOrac rbiitorB thai th<   |
'    .��� Itoa ba��   _��*-*vn  *tf.enero��ai
��� ���.. ry  r*r%7LT<\     KoChfag wa.*)  left ud-
- ��� add I    - ���.   -   ���
-   -   -
���.'��-   'j'-rins;   tlu   >"atr
tlUti    BeXt   .'-a:   ���*.<-   r. i:ntj*-t   ol
will I/-fe increased.
Credit Due.
Tha id'-a *���'  v.*-  trlj
���Kblch the vliitinj;    tXnmhtm    rank firht
uai-ti-4 the faatiiirn of 'heir eo��~aatlOai,
aatad wldi F  J   Pfona, and it waa
ha "*--'' apyoaled u  B ..     ' ndanaai for a
apecial  train.    Tha   iaq���I   waa   saada
Bl   very   (short  notic*-,   hut   the  C.   P    K
r*/��e   to   f_t*e   oeCMlOB   and   it\fn*-'
granted   more   than   wan   a>.lced      E    K
Ileenton   and   It    K    Nohle.   Mr.   I��
c'*!leafc,'*_e*j   on   the   ffBtiTTfllfmaen'    '   '������������
.    Mi  club,  alivj  a
r. BMa���tflg tba trip enjoyahle. Mr. Nobte
nuppiied the exoatalfl-_ala  with t
A   Winnipeg Vmitor.
John   Toy*-, for  wveral   years   a   *���
ilanl of Walaon.  but  latterly of Wlnni
jj-��-t'.  l-s  vi-mins;    the     Fair.       Mr. Toya
*;���*(--  *hat tbOTO Ih  very  little d<..:
Wlnnl\t*-%  la tha    way    of  roa I i
;���** ulation, and there [>, not much proa-
pool erf any 1-hnitgf in thfa raatpact for
month* ti> cume ru-thw IthHtandlnt- bo
neaa wan n��-ver hattar In the prairie
eapltal The nafduata are hu>in��
fre(-ly nnd the dullneHH in th��- real M*
ImtM market haa n(>t rauKed any Bloomy
fee|lnK�� amonKHt thoaa fff_tffgM in bunl-
aaaa Mr Toya arlB return to Winnl-
l>-'K In a few dsyi
Hiatoric 20th
Todfty In a double annlveraary, of
araata tKjth ytorloua In Britiah military
hlatorjr 0_ Hept 20th, ixr.t tha alttaa
dafaatad tha Elaaalaaa at the Almu in
tba ftrnt land hattle of the Orfniaaa
War, the victory balaf due mainly to
the    proaaaa   Of   tba    ItiitUh    infantry
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bongbt for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Rectfiuimend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Hest Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. C. Illnak  . Pbont*  ta
I/lHT-AjHiir   of   lone, toOWfl    Klnvcn,   betwfr<*ri
VMu>ru uml c.iriif-r nf  Huiil.-jr mid CarlxiiiBtc
lUri-eli.    K-liirrt Ui OmmIiii OflW.
(JOMJ (rllAIN, lx.tw-t.ti MtMiver Biid Vernon
���tnwU, HiiitnMc '���������..--���: wm i���. ,���,|.| for Ita
rfliirn.    M'l'i-riiilil A Mi Hnr-l-r.
A IMiCKK'l (ioni.  conuinliiB a alKUetl etiwjue ol
iin- Kfeomi 10 ii(ft MiniiiK Coin pant 1 pprabls
U�� V., ��;.  Wadf,  nn-l   inter-.     KHi-f.-r   kindly
leftre ftt No 1*1-" ��� Inn.
Green   and
Purple  Plums
at their best now. Don :
First class stock gaxnutttxA.
mmuUt mat Ok*��M TW_i_cn M
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp. Kpf-Md an sbaness boom sod
-nr*-* {--_- XcaUunjjr Un   fr-Ui snd
whoaoaxzae bh-U and ��l��i-*- ajpp. is .vci
li���_ arc**. f*arti* t���ref _l sn^nrkw
E.  C.   TRAVES.   M_a___g��.
C---!-_��r Blllea _oi Jc��.;b.r;^ 8*J
pmove 7
Is Remow/ied
Its Scenery
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
M-W-rtara- W, __
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon RikWj
"V.m S" co,or* ��*k) fa-
all D_kea of type-rterv
Remtico Parmgon, Red Sea]
and Billing Carbon.��� of
different weights wiited
for all classes of work.
.Ml Remtico T-rpewriter
Supplies are knov,-n as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Mad Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone S1
Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited
If you want  to   p * oat  of
yoar  That to town    :   .. ���   .    ���   i**/ti*x  to
ri��lt oar titore.    Mi rely a        -,:,_T'*-r of
-���  the many beaatif .. Uu and
ttJaa diaplaye'i. <-.   ��� ..*  Ktore
will well repay yon.
Wa make It a polal l * alwayn ap-
to-_att, and If poaadbte *_ date ahead.
If there la any n'-�� article or new
/ In the ratio.-, tinea we handle,
tha'. IfcM n-ertt, we on pretty sure to
have Ef
Bava laat opened u; a fcbip_n-*-_t of
beautiful   good*  that   vou   will   want   to
fa not excelled a:.;- -*.*.���-��� 'or richne*B
and elegance We bav-- **.e very latest
PUBCTB Etc. In Church iJookji. PBSft
BR BOOKS, in rich and Ilia all fill blnd-
taga wa have the lateisf and finent apart-
>*. rh*- hinder- art
WOOD BURNING) we have the outfits,
and a full assortment of materials frir
��e bava Um raqalalta natartela���WhHe
French Chlaa, Fry's Faints for China
FaintlngH. Wlndu^ir and New-ton's Oil
ind   H'at*r  Coiora.  Urushes,  etc., etc.
IN BOOKS our Khelv*-s are stocked
with Um very l>*-iHt of the new and re-
'���������nt fiction, jxh well as all th��- loading
ataadarfa. if you are a hook ksrar yon
Khould ask to iaa our Laatbar Bomid
India Paper Facket editions of tht-
ataadard aothova. They gtra an adrtod
Beat tO the delights of  reading.
TIONERY we haVfl th** world famed
Batoa-HB-ilrat Jin*--���NulT said.
V^-~a _---*_--��_.  ��_   ISAAC R.  W.  HINTON--**~Vv-jv
I.HP��IHn|  Mr.���  .1, ..,.,,,-<tf *.>.������ut��Mj aalth D���_aa__r_1H.    Mi.,1 \,.t.
Work,   ..llnln.  aai.J   Mill   M���^l.i...ra.       M.t.iiiliialur��f.,.r
Or���   i^..rm.   H.  M.    c..ntr..a.t..r.'   (��� mrm.
Plums, per basket
Peaches, per lb	
Pears, 2 lb. for	
Apples, 3 lb. for	
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for
Telephone 161.
W. G. Thomson
BOOKHKI.I.KS   ,n ���
Nelson, B. C.
I'll. ...-1-4.
On Bapt 2'nh, 1861 tlu, Urillah haallg
.th anian <i E>elbl, ilia, centre of th..
lira-iii Mutiny     Oreat Mutiny.    Tb.; fall
laf   Ijarlhl.   tliar  antlllil   Ma.sjal   caplt
Ilia-   lia-KllinlUt;  til   till-   a-ti.l.
I> anal Hnlaa-rtH wa ra. Iiolll at l>rlhl, tha.
Iiarmi.r a captain of Infantry, thf- Inn. i
I lla-ula-riarit a,f artlll.rry. Sc-rgt. T. I.iib-
a.arnt.a. of N.-lH.an has modal*, for IhiiIi
III'- l.'iin.i-ri rar..| tha- Mutiny.
J. I.. Ratallack, of Kaslo, is ������ tin.
Iltimiihr.ry Anii.'.l.la- of Talx-r. Allserla
Ih In tba City, :i coast at the Hume.
II Morlliiia r l.ninli, of Moll'roal, for
rtra-rl) a,f Vltrtoria, la a guest at tha-
A. IJ Whcla-r uml Mm. Wheeler have
ri-iurnail from Aitmworth anil are at the
Ven. Ar.-halea.ron Deer left, for (ran
brook till.-, morning on inatterH oonaeel
eii with th.- dtooasa.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cot
tages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. (1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. Q Dally
W.    Q.    GILLETT
Hr-le ����������! for th*- l-'orv- Klrr, J.nmt-T Cd . Ud..
r<-U-Il jtxr'lu K-iaigh an-l ilr*-wn/<l iurn(/--r. tnrtit-tl
WOT! -n'l brsckeU. Coast Uth mii'l ���hitiKi**-, -*-!.
��� :.���*   il'c.r*      * -t.'.i ii'.   brl* k   and   llrtj*-   (nr  Mtt
Auutmsui'- grtador.
Yard nod tuVUtrj   Vernon Ht.. eut of Hall
NBLsSON*  ts. G.
P. O   Hoe 2S2- Telephon*- 17K
The Srlver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The beat 35 cent
meal  in the city.
11/K! P   .',*-l.-
M..I SOMlOltSM. aiuartrrs       Na-l.,.,,.
Onlj. ihn tK-.t ..I l.latunrs ati.l < I.Rnu
TWO  FIRHT I.I.ArtH kt.OMH^ si.-.m l���-.t,-a1      Ap-
t,lT I ���- .<���<���!* .   Hrrt flat, K. W. .:. til.M-k.
WAMTK"    ��   ll.llsl.la-  (lln  air   Venn.  1-al, tor
uaaSs���) Hi.us..wt.rk.   Apply ll.-x 10,t'r.nl.raK.li.
A   I'AH't'NKK   Willi   UtflCB  I'-     I-...- I.ns.-   .   fruit
.sin I. ... i.i Ni'lsaan    A .artMl . |m-.-i, I m 11..,,    l.rt
Transform your kitchen into a cheery dwelling hou.e by in.tailing
Thai Ik a factor you mum keep In mint], and  Iho new coma* lo Hilili.li
Columbia (rants a stors thai suits ail purposes,   iinnm any fnel; brlghtens
t !���������  klla Inn;   uuika-H (rooking eaay ami  a-a 'iinomleitl.     lluek'H  Merit   Ham;
the best for all ..miking or beating; tha itronxast, the ban���last, moa
pe_dabls ami iraataat fuel ��aver.
... . ... . .1 tn.. t., s. Ila.ii a-i,��i.^i .1 on ratiarll.
.ply T. U. Tin ,rl Kit.
I'.-t l��.i r I. ..Is., appl
nnge,    .
t dc-    3
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete Hou.e Furni.h.r. and Undertakers.
Agent.  Maeon  o\  Ri.ch  P.ano.
���Srr��rU,u.'-,"J      NELSON,    B. C.
re l-r.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead. Copper and Dry Ores.
S?SS_ Ltimbe., Shingles,
L/.lln, Mou I clings, Doors, Windows.
Till lis.ll -A'.jrl. nnd bracket-. Mail Order, promptly atutM*
\  I   l/N. >>   HIMIilil     ...    .-SKI���SOP*. B. O.
Wholaaaia F>ro-.*isslonci,
(Iovernment DratmrrT One Pound Hnes. r*c��tvwl weekly fn*ib trim it"
.hurt.     For __e by all leading irrocera.
OIHceand warebouae : Houaton Block,    Phone "fl.
Jost-phine Street. Nelson. B. C.
-i  ���
We would like tn ��ee all our patrotmeomfortuhlo thin wlnhr ""'I ��� |
do no we have In Bta.rk  the Im-hI  tlKsort e.l   line  or   _eatt-l  Klians  r"1" "
stovea and  ramsea ever before presented to th.- publlo In K.".i''"��> ^i
We would he  pleaiaa-il to nhow  you    our line nn.l U-fora' iiinsli'h* f
a.haKe kindly k.-i- what wa- hava- to offer.
J. H. Ashdown H*t&**3
Company, Limited.
for All
,.nt "f "<"*"*
We (lurry tin ABKottuii'
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Tools, Bulldffs' Hardware,
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-VaHance Hardware Co., Ltd.
Ret til
2 in*-


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