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The Daily Canadian Feb 7, 1907

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Array Lr I.   No. 210.
ins Detriment to
linercial Morality
I Britian   Tackles   Evils
|knsive Tipping System-
Issue io Doubt.
_u  Feb. ".���Within recent yeara
grown up iu many businesses
: Hritain a system of aecret coin
which ban operated to the delict commercial morality and to
trad-fin who refuse to enter
ctions which are in their es.
tirrupt.    In  1899 a special com-
\ftl the Ixindon chamber of com
appointed    to    investigate
|orl nl this committee aald:
nnimlsslons ln various forms
talent in almost all trades and
nis  to a  great  extant, and in
isl,-is the practice has increased
ncreaslng, and they are of the
that  the practice is producing
il. alike  lo the morals of Ihe
sstl issiiiiiiLiuitv nnd to the prof-
|ssiii-m   tiaders."
pmmittee further re|torled that
Is often given unwillingly and
^isnit ul ron-sclencc, as a result
en t-isnipelitlon In trade, and
'ear. too    often    well  founded,
iss- given other less scrupulous
ill    i.'s,in an advantage.    The
(lasi, of cases are those lu which
plent exiorts the bribe from
io have established business re
villi his principal. This prise-
i-nilt-red mure effective and o|t-
hy a combination between llie
tiers.    The servant    ur    agent
ands a commission und falls
It uot infrequently warns his
|n   (lie same    position    in tho
tiilnst  the  honest  trader,  who
sis himself thus shut oul from
with a whole circle of firms.
I bnse at last became so thrent-
at a new act for the Better Pre-
of Corruption haB been passed
ptiillsh parliament.     ThiB    act
is force on January 1, and there
speculation as to its operation.
|may he summarized aa follows:
agent who corruptly accepts
fns, or agrees to accept or at-
o obtain, from any person, for
or for any other person, any
onsiderution as an Inducement
Snl for doing or forbearing to
act tn relation to his principal's
ir business will be guilty of a
mini- and will render himself
II indicted, to imprisonment,
ssli Iiohi hard labor, for two
It ui a fine of IMHi. or both.
ft> person who corruptly gives
�� or offers to give any such
s suisLderation  renders  hlmaelf
---similar  |H>naliir5.
I person who knowingly gives
��� gent, or any agent who know-
with  Intent to deceive his
II. any receipt, account, or oth-
tiient   in  respect of  which  Ibe
1 in interested, and which con-
statement wlilcb Is false or
oi defective ln any material
ami which to his knowledge
<l lo mislead ibe principal, al-
Orns-s liable lo the like penalties
The   expression "consideration"
valuable consideration of any
I'lil" Includes any person em-
by or acting for another;   and
Includes an employer.
IpiTBon serving under the crown
V any corporation or any nm-
| borough, county, or district
or any board of guardians, is
int" within thc meauing of the
provisions of the act  seem    to
1 net pretty wide, but prosecu
J only he begun with the consent
attorney general or solicitor gen*
Jii'llnnient has wisely given wide
|of discretion  to these officials,
such absurdities aB an Indict-
giving a Christmas gratuity
Boatman or the office boy.   An
Ing point appears to be in the
pal Ion of the word "corruptly."
pi ll will be construed, In part
hy  reference  to  the  general
of the act.   An Illustration of
* workings of the secret com
ystem might be found In many
louseliolds. and. perhaps. It Is
nown in   Canada.     A case In
lhe    giving   of    presents by
pn to servants with a view to
-itance of short weight or qnal-
Fiftt Csnts A Month
lllea inferior ta those ordered. The
new act makes Illegal thc giving of
presents in order to secure or retain,
through favor of the cook, the master's
custom. The same system operates
more extensively in Ihe business world
and inflicts serious dliiadvaniuge on the
trader who refuses to adopt It. The
heavy rash payment to the war chest
of a government by a contractor who
receives large favors from the works
depuriiin-ui would come uuder this act,
bill, of course, proof would be exceed'
Ingly difficult. If the dishonest traffic-
er and the corrupted agent slick together. II Is hard io Hee how sufficient
evidence to convict could be obtained.
Vet even If the acl proves capable of
little direct application, "It must not,"
says the Morning Post, "be dismissed
as useless, it will infallibly help to
set the tone of business morality.
Whether it be applied or not it stigmatizes -certain acts as criminal which
are now only 'sharp.' ll will strengthen
enormously lhe hands of those who
fight against all corruption, and will
Ihs the tnosi jiowerful weu|>on of all for
those who desire to bullsl up u healthy
public opinion. Hooks have been written as to ihe Influence of public opinion on legislation. The undoubted
Influence of law upon public opinion la
a subject worthy of almo stequal consideration."
Icebound Steamers Rescued.
Chicago, Feb. 7���Afler battling for
36 hours with Ice and wind six miles
off tbe mouth of tbe Chicago harbor,
the steamers City of Ractne and Iowa
reached port last night with a combined
list of 00 passengers. They had been
rescued by thc tug Morford, which
broke lhe ice from around Ihe boats
and ispsnesl a lane by which they entered Ihe river and discharged their
passengers. The Iowa left Milwaukee
Monday night and Ihe City of Itacine
departed from Grand Haven at the
tame time.
Lone  Star and  Washington  Propsrtits
Now Heavy Shipper of Ore���General News Items.
(Special io The Dally Canudlan.)
Grand Porks, Feb. ".���Magistrate
Jennings of Danville. Wash., was a visitor in Grand Forks yesierday and says
that lhe l/w Star und Washington
properties owned by tlle British Colum
hla Copper Company are now work-
lug u good force of men and making
regular shipments to the company's
smelter at Greenwood.
The Minnehaha property near Dun
villi- Is also being steadily developed
preparatory to shipping, the nature of
the development work being done on
this property being that of ruuning a
long tunnel, which it is expected will
lap the ore body at u considerable
depth and will practically demonstrate
thc value of the property as a shlppar.
Mr. Jennings says that although these
two properties are the only ni ws work
this winter in thc Immediate vicinity
of Danville, yet in the early spring it
is tully expected tbat several other important properties on La Fleur mountain will start up, including the old La
Fleur mine, which has been known
throughout this district for the last 20
years for its immense surface showings
of Peacock copper ore.
One of the most bitterly contested
elections ever held, in this distriet was
terminated here last Saturday, and although there was considerable bad
feeling between the three political par
ties while Ihe campaign lasted, now
that lt Is over the best of feeling prevails on all sides, those who are not
satisfied with the result accepting the
situation as the inevitable and all will
uow work for the welfare of Grand
Forks irrespective of politics.
Word has reached here loday from
Camp McKlnney that the work of pumping out the water from the deep shafts
and other workings al tbe Cariboo
mine Is still going on. there being a
much greater quantity of water than
was at first anticipated. It Is fully ex*
liected that thc water will be sufficiently lowered to permit of the mine be
Ing worked by the middle of March.
Diplomatic Relations Broken.
San Salvador, Feb. 7.���Diplomatic re
lations between Nlcarague and Hondu
ras have been broken off ns a result
of trouble between Ihe two countries,
owing to the recent invasion of Nicar-
aguan territory by Honduran soldiers.
Consequently, the two governments
cannot reach an understanding in the
matter of the disarmament of the
forces on their respective frontiers, us
decided upon by the courl of arbilru
tion now In session here, and relations
between them are growing more strain
ed every day.
President Esulen of Salvndor Is trying to act as mediator to obtain fulfill
ment of the ruling of the court.
Prince to Visit Canada.
Toklo, Feb. 7.���General Princo Fu-
shlinl, who is a cousin of the mikado
and ono of Japan's most distinguished
soldiers In the recent war with Russia,
departed today for England to convey
to King Edward the mikado's thanks
for the Order of the Garter conferred
upon hlm lust summer by Prince Arthur of Connaught. Prince Fushiinl,
who Is U'- 'uiupanied by a numerous
suite, plans to visit some of the leading American cities' and particularly
the cities of Canada, -.n his return from
England to Japan.
Penitentiary 6    ding to Be Offered at
Rare Bargain Price.
New York, Feb 7.���If the Chicago
party who attracted attention some
time ago by declaring his intention to
build a private prison at Joliet because
the authorities would not Imprison hlm
In the regular slate penitentiary will
visit Brooklyn tomorrow he will have
an opportunity to buy the genuine nr-
tide at a bargain. At 11 o'clock tomorrow morning the Kings county penitentiary building and all its fittings will
be sold to the highest bidder.
By April 1 the historic old prison,
which Ib a conspicuous figure of Ihe
landscape aB it stands perched on a hill
on the way to Coney Island, will have
become a thing of the past. It was
built so long ago that the exact data
of its erection is In doubt. At that
time the location was an isolated one.
But in late yean) the city of Brooklyn
has grown so rapidly that hundreds of
handsome houses now Bland within a
stonesthrow of the sombre old edifice,
and it finally became such an eyesore
in the community that the authorities
were prevailed upon to let it fall in
tbe march of progress and public Improvements.
Since the demolition of the old
Tombs the Kings county penitentiary
has had the unenviable distinction of
being the most historic prison in the
vicinity of New York. It has held
many notorious criminals in its day.
But now the old prison has played Its
part in the history of the metropolis,
and il will soon vanish, leaving as tbe
only reminder of Its existence Innumerable stories, in some of which tragedies are strangely interwoven with
Zion Will Be Deserted   and    Left    to
Dowie's Creditors.
Chicago. Feb. 7���Zion City is to be
deserted by Wilbur Glenn Vollva and
all those over whom he holds sway.
A new Zion City is to be founded,
probably on the Pacific coast and Dr.
Dowle and his creditors will be left to
fight out the question of supremacy
here. Last summer Overseer John G.
Speicher was sent to Los Angeles to
assume charge of the various colonies
on the Pacific coast. lt was said
Sjieicher waB to select Ihe site for the
new colony. This was confirmed yesterday by Vollva. The existence of factions in Zion is one of the great contributing causes of the change, together
with the hopelessness of making the
religious leader supreme to both temporal and ecclesiastical affairs so long
as tbe heavy debt hangs over the
"Not political, but Christian socialism," has been the text of many of
Voliva's sermons. He believes such a
colony founded in some warm climate,
where fruit raising, truck gardening
nnd agriculture can be engaged In
would prove a success.
Sir Wilfrid Calls for Resolution Previously Tabled.
Ottawa, Feb. 7.���In the house of
commons yesterday Sir Wilfrid Laurier
moved that the resolution of Herron
(Alberta) be called. He did this, otherwise It would not have been reached.
This resolution was for the appointment of a committee of nine for thc
purpose of inquiring into the price of
lumber, which Ib regarded ub excessive
in tbe provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Also to be permitted
io send for papers and examine witnesses on the resolution. The resolu
Hon was carried.
Ralaed Five Per Cent.
New York, Feb. 7.���A general advance In the price of diamonds was announced yesterday in a cable message
received by Importers who buy the
Deber stones in the rough from the
London syndicate. All grades of stohes
are raised about 5 per cent.
Sentence of Nebogatoft.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 7.���The emperor
has confirmed the sentences passed by
the court martial on Vice Admiral Nebogatoft and other naval officers tried.
Nebogatoft will be kept ln thc fortress
for ten years, and others for varying
The Worth of Menay.
London. Feb. 7.���The rate of discount
of the Bank of England remained un
changed today at 5 per cent.
low Reconstruction
In Victoria and Stand tj His Rural
Constituency   of Dewdney���
Eberts Attorney General.
Victoria, Feb. 7.���Premier McBride
is still resting quietly at his borne in
this city, recuperating from the effects
of the strenuous campaign just closed.
There is much speculation ns lo how
the cabinet will be readjusted, ln the
best Informed -Mrcles the new slate is
mode up as follows:
Minister of Mines���Premier McBride
Minister of Kinaoce���R. G. Tatlow.
Provincial Secretary���Thomas Tay
President of -Council���F. J. Fulton.
Attorney General���D. M. Eborts.
Speaker���A. E. McPhlllips.
Chief Commissioner of Lands ant
Works���F. L. Carter-Cotton.
Premier McBride will in all llkeil
hood resign in Victoria. Eberts contest
Ing the constituency as attorney general.
France  Forbids Formation ef Associations rf Pedagogues.
Paris, Feb. 7��� A new phase of the
question of tbe right ot the public employees to orgsiuise after the fashion
of trades unions, has arisen 1 nFrance.
The school masters of several districts
rave formed associations upon the instigation of the radical socialists and
bave joined the general labor federation. There Ib no attempt to -conceal
the fact that tbe true purpose ot the
organization of teachers waa the pro
pagation of the doctrine of anti-mill-
larism as expressed by Herve and his
followers, internationalism os preached
by Juares, and the general Idea of the
solidarity of the interests of tbe workmen as against those of the capitalist
The government promptly forbade
"teachers' syndicates." Mr. Briand In
announcing the decision to tbe deputation said: "Because of the nature of
your services the state can never permit you to act as other employees do.
You are not working tor an ordinary
employer but tor the state, and revolt
against the state ls revolt against the
country, whose representatives vote
your salary."
Congress to Be Held in Calgary In the
Early  Spring���Area  Exceeds Territory In Whole United Statea.
Calgary, Feb. 7.���Calgary was visited
by a Chinook today and active work in
thc building t rsdes began again today
In earnest. This Is the first warm day
experienced since January 23. The
railway trains are still very irregular,
but the coal famine seems to be at an
end. .
At a meeting of the public works
committee held today it was deided to
recommend to the council that a street
railway be constructed 12 miles long,
with 12 cars. The cars would run from
one end of the city to the other with
a loop from Main street each way ln
tbe middle ot the city.
John E. Bull, manager of the Bell
Telephone company, in an interview today admitted that tbe Bell Telephone
company was seriously considering the
proposition of Invading the city of Edmonton, which bas a private system
of telephones, but would not* say definitely that auch action would be taken.
Arrangements are being made for a
big Irrigation congress in Calgary In
thc early spring. At the present time
the Calgary district possesses a greater system cf irrigation than any state
In the union, and In Alberta the irrigation area ls greater than one-fifth of
the irrigated area In all ot tbe United
Worthy Substitute.
New ork, Feb. 7.���The congregation
ot the Methodist church at Nether-
wood, N. Y., are having the wife of
their minister, Rev. Elmer Lakin, act
as his substitute.    Mr., Lakin became
III with appndfcltls tbree weeks ago,
before the Sunday morning service and
Mrs. Lakin held tbe services, and even
preached. Afler lhe Bervice she was
assured by the pleased parishoners
that It would nol be necessary to obtain
a substitute for the church during Rev.
Mr. Lakin's illness, as she had proved
herself so capable.
Negroes Dismissed Without Honor Now
in Court.
Washington, Feb. 7.���The Investigation by the senate committee on military affairs of the Brownsville affray
began today. A score of negro soldiers
of the Twenty-fifth infantry who were
discharged without honor were present,
but only a limited number were permitted to sit in tlie committee room
during thc committee hearing.
Attorneys were barred, the negro
soldiers having no representatives present. It is undei stood Senator Foraker
will look after the interests of the men
If they are placed In jeopardy.
Senator Foraker called former Sergeant Israel Harris lo the stand regarding the happenings ot August 13
and 14.   He said:
"On that night we had some disturbance, some shooting, I mean. I
waa asleep In D barracks and about 12
o'clock I was amused by the noise of
guns. Then there was the sound to
arms, and company D got dressed and
we started tor our guns."
The witness then told of getting the
guns in the dark after racks had been
opened. He described tbe racks and
showed that there Is but one key to a
rack, and that this key will unlock
only one rack, and tliat the keys are ln
the possession of noncommissioned officers. The witness said when the company formed outside, Captain Ivon sot
D company was present and immediately called the roll and personally counted his men, and that none were absent.
Calling for the guns furnished to the
committee by the war department. Senator Foraker had first one gun Identified by t he witness as a new model
Springfield rifle, and another as the
Krag-Jorgensen rifle. The former was
In use by D company, but the witness
waB familiar with the Krag.
He testified that a gun cannot be
cleaned to pass inspection without the
regulation rod, and that only four such
rods are provided for each company.
He said that one shot would put the
gun In condition to require almost aa
much cleaning as six or more shots, his
inference being that It would have been
impossible for any guns of D oompany
to have been in use ln the shooting up
of Brownsville and to have been cleaned surreptitiously so as to pass Inspection when the racks were unlocked and
the guns Inspected the next day.
Senator Foraker developed the fact
that the trouble had previously occurred between the negro and troops
and people in Texas.
Old Settlers Will Arrange for Co-oper
stive Prospecting.
Toronto, Feb. 7.���An Important
scheme Ib on foot with a view to proa
pectins tor minerals on the many acres
of land held in Northern Ontario by
veterans who have been awarded grants
for their service to their country. A
number of veterans, assisted by some
capitalists, are organizing a company
which will shortly be Incorporated with
a capitaliaztion ot one million dollars.
Their object is to secure the mining
rights on 100 claims. In return they
are offering the veterans in the first
place $100 of tully paid up stock in the
company. In the second place. If minerals are found on the claim the company agrees to give the veterans $1000
of stock and 10 per cent, of the net
profit derived from mining the said
claim. Thc company will be known as
The Veterans' Prospecting a. Mining
company, and they have already secured options on about 40 claims.
It is argued by the promoters that
there is a splendid chance of locating
minerals on some at least ot the many
claims, and thus all would benefit. On
the other hand, prospecting on the individual claims would prove a costly
Well Known Nelson Citlxan Denies Severity of Winter.
Calgary, Feb. 7.���J. H. Drewe, manager of the J. H. Ashdown Hardware
company, at Calgary, seen at the Royal
Alexandra yesterday, expressed a more
hopeful opinion ot the situation In the
Western ranches than recent telegrams
would lead one to expect. Recent reports, he says, are a good deal exaggerated. He has within.tbe last week or
two been over the ranching oountry
along with bankers and his customeis,
and he, has come lo the conclusion that
the losses up to tho present at any rate
are not serious. The losses may amount
to about $200,000, quite a amall. proportion of the total value of the stock. The
losses are mostly, among the "dogles"
or Imported cattle, tne native-bred cattle knowing better where to seek shelter. Cattle never stampede In cold
weather but drift before tbe wind till
they find shelter In coulees. Many of
the imported stock, however, have drifted 100 miles from home. Another feature Is that the losses are principally
among the larger ranchers: small
ranchers have put up sufficient hay
for their herds and their losses will be
no greater than an average winter.
Calgary haa not Buttered from lack
of fuel. Being near tbe source of supply it has never been in want although
the stock has at limes run low.
The Aashdown Hardware company
are going to build a large wholesale
emporium at Calgary. It will have four
floors with an area of 60x120 feet. This
goes to show the prosperous condition
of Calgary and of the provinces.
Dastardly Deed.
Chatham, Feb. 7.���Michael Ion, aged
18 years, wss standing at a street corner Tuesday when he was accosted by
a strange rwho asked him to show him
the way to the railway station. When
about balf way there tbe stranger aaked the youth to stop Into Hadley's
lumber yard, where he produced a bottle of red liquid which be claimed waa
a new medicine which he would like
lon to sample. The youth hestitatlngly
tasted lt and while he was doing so the
stranger gave the arm a jolt, which
made Ion swallow a lot of It. He did
not remember anything afterward till
he came to his senses ln the lumber
yard, feeling dlzxy and ill. He managed
to find his way to John-son's livery
stable and the proprietor helped htm
home. A doctor waa called, wbo found
It necessary to use a stomach pump to
save the victim from death. The physician's verdict wss that Ion had been
Every Foot of Oil Landa In Manitoulin
Already Cinched by Capital,
Says Gamey.
Toronto. Feb. S.���Every foot of
ground on Manitoulin Island ln which
there Is a probability of oil being found
has been leaaed by American or Canadian Capitalists, said R. R. Gamey, M.
P. P., in the course ot an interview laat
night. "All hitherto waate land baa
freen taken up, and the possibilities for
oil development therein are being vigorously explored." Continuing, Mr.
Gamey gave a review of tbe oil development on the island as follows:
"Quite a number of wells bave been
sunk ln the eastern section which are
said to be producing a fair amount of
oil. Last fall a mile west of Manlto-
wantng a flowing well was struck
which ts capable of producing 25 to 30
barrels of excellent oU per day, and Is
owned by Benjamin Trees ft Co.
"ln the west end, in the town of
Gore Bay, Slater ft Co., of Leamington,
associated with a local syndicate, bave
drilled tbree wells to a depth of 300 to
4*00 feet, though these have not yet
been "shot." Pumps for testing purposes were put on the laat one of the
three and for ten days the production
was 20 to 30 barrels dally. Thla oil,
300 barrels altogether, ia at preaent ln
tanks. The company haa moved the
drill to an adjoining property with excellent prospects, it ls aald.
"In the centre of the island, back of
Shequlndah the Manitou Oil ft Oaa Co.
have a flowing well with a capacity of
10 to 15, barrels a day."
"What capital Is Invested ln tbe oil
Industry?" he waa aaked.
"So tar," he replied, "not more than
$50,000 has been spent tn testing and
wlldcatting. but I am told there were
never better resulta with th esame ex
uendlture of money."
Repudiates Slander.
London, Feb. 7.���Victor Castile, secretary of the church army, speaking to
the Canadian Associated Prats said his
attention had been called to an article
in the Vancouver World of January 6
which Indicates that the church army
is peopling Canada wltb gaol birds. Tbe
church army does not Include among
emigrants men who have been in prison or are of bad character. Among
the 3000 sent out in 1906 there waa not
a single man or woman who had been
in gaol. "Tbe class ot men and families selected by us for assisted emigration are of respectable antecedents,
and honest character. The fitness of
each Individual applicant is aacertained
by a searching inquiry, and where
doubt exists by a strict system of testing."
Critically III.
London, Feb. 7.���Sir William Howard
Russell, the veteran war -correspondent
who described tbe battle of Bull Run
for the London Times during the Civil
war in the United States, la critically
Associated Press Keeps
Tab oo Toklo Affairs
Ida Hut Japan Seek* War With
United States b Pronounced
Rldicoiow���Quiet Reigns.
Toklo, Feb. 7.���A rep-art from tho
United states tbat tbe privy council
had met on Tueaday to consider a despatch from Washington is received
wltb tbe greatest surprise and with
some Indignation here. Tbe Associated
Press is In a position to state that the
subject of deliberation was tbe amended Imperial house law, the result of
years of bard work by a special commission under the presidency of Marquis Ito and vice-presidency of Baron
Miyoji. Marquis Ito was assisted by
several prominent jurists.
Should American relations assume n
gravity warranting a special meeting
of the privy council the fact will not
escape the detection of press correspondents, as has been previously
cabled. Quiet reigns deeapite alarming
reports la America. The idea that Japan <
would seek a war with the United
State* la considered ridiculous.
Strict secrecy is necessarily observed
In regard to all matters submitted lor
consideration to tbe privy council, but
in order to clear up any doubt or mis
apprehension at this critical time tbo
Associated Press is ln a position to
state tbat tbe subject of deliberation at
the meeting of the council on Tuesday
last waa the amended Imperial house
law. This measure is the result of
years of bard work by a special committee under the presidency of Marquis
Ito and tbe vice-presidency *of Baron
Miyoja. Marquis Ito was a ssisted by
several prominent jurists.
Newchwang, Feb. 7.���Land has been
bought from tbe Chinese here under
military compulsion by the Japanese
administration and handed over to the
Bouth Manchurian railway, extending
its concessions. This toad will be under military rule wltb ten councillors
to be selected by the governor. Tha
Lao Tung railway la extending its concessions at all stations where it will
injure foreign concessions.
When a woman neglects to put her
bands to ber back hair occasionally
she hasn't much to lira tor.
Distinguished Career of British -Public
Man Haa Ended.
London, Feb. 7.���Right Hon. George
J. Ooaehen (Vis-count Goschen) died
suddenly this morning at his residence,
Beaeox Heath, Hawkburst, of heart
failure. Hia death was quite unexpected.
Viscount Goschen, who wu born in
1*31, had a distinguished public career.
He waa chancellor of the exchequer in
Lord Salisbury's second administration
and afterward flrat lord of tbe admiralty, serving in that capacity for five
Leader Gets Busy.
Toronto, Feb. 7���George Graham,
the new leader of the opposition, will
move that in the opinion of the legislature the time haa arrived when tb*
government should make thorough Inquiry Into the question of life insurance by fraternal societies, with a vlaw
to establishing a safe and equitable
table of rat**, which table of ratea ahall
be tbe minimum to be charged by the
fraternal societies under any provincial
licence or charter.
Canadian Editor* in Session.
Toronto, Feb. 7.���Leading newspaper editor aand publishers from coast
to coast are gathered In Toronto for
the second annual meeting of the Canadian Press Association, which begin*
todsy. Th* programme of the meeting
extends over two days and 1* replete
with Interesting features Ir the way of
papers, addresses and discussions on
subjects ot Importance to the newpaper
Will Become a City.
Toronto, Feb. ".���The standing committees ot the legislature decided 104*/
that Fort William shall become a dty.
The -application waa tawrably aett-t
*B��*- .      .  ..._
[i '<
_______________ .
I li
The Daily Canadian
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Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....f��.5M>,000 BEST *A.,500,000.
D. K. W1LKIK, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
aocount, and compounded half yearly.
J.   M.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital         13,734,310    Reserve	
Total  Assets H
. ....207,741
Accounts of firms and  Individuals opened on tbe mo.,t favorable terms.
Thirteen   branches  In   British   Columbia
Special   attention   to out of town buafness.
T. E. KENNY, I'res., Halifax.       E. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published six 'lay* a wttt by tbe
Baker St., Nelaon, B. C.
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paid In advance
Advertising rates on application.
All motile* paid in settlement Ol Tbe Daily
Canadian Ki-cmitilH, etihet tot subscriptions or
edverlltdug, muni i"* ree-*ipled tot on the printed
formi ut the Cnmpany. Other reeelpls are Dot
"By one word we are sometimes judged to be
viae and by one wop* anmetlmeii j li-Jk**' to be
loollsh.   )��t im therefore be careful what we
A Jrwrai fiT'v organ under the above
caption a_k_ y question whh ihe ap.
par**a* ittaoipi ->r Rflftoasaesa rhat has
\tfi-i, iiainfully abatfli from hn sdUo*
rial column* for ;t long time. "Hia or-
gaa Ifl qseaUofl atfmita thai tba limita-
ISoaa or tbe ifcBrfdo BdnrinlatraUon
i -sea they eame Into power hare been
���afc*n__Mfng, bul cJafma tbal thoy aro
now ov<*r am) thai the gorenuQtni win
have to give au account of itself unlike
anything which has bo tar character'
i-/.'*(i hs hiHtory Tbe general proaper
tty of the country whh thf surpluK In
tho treasury as a result of tho wise ad
n.lutBtraiion of afluirn, is admitted by
the Grit organ, which wo Khali loavo
unnamed, but the future of the govern-
meni is put before the public in a
Horlts    of    intentionally    embarrassing
questions, <>f which tin- con-Qjttdlng par
at.raph is a fair sample. Tho organ
siya, speaking of Premier McBrlde's
letuin to power:
"His opportunity has come, and with
that opportunity he must feci* the first
real test of his capacity as an administrator and legislator. If be rises (o the
��� occasion ami proves that ho i.s big
-enough man ro handle the rapidly growing business of lhe province* in a statesmanlike manner, no one will mora free
ly accord him tha full measure of credit
lhal will be his due than will the loar
fr of the opposition. But ho must first
demonstrate his ability, it will be wiih
Interest keener than usual, then, that
the speech from the Hi rone whh which
the session will be opened���the official
statement of the government's legislative proposals���will he awaited." *
It ls quite unnecessary for The Ually
panadlau to anticipate the speech from
thi thrcne or to outline at this stage
the prospective legislation of the gov-
emment The utter Ignorance, help
lessneSB and despair of the o;>|>OHhlon
is already confessed In th.- few sen-
t nces quoted above. The unqualified
endorsatfap of the record of the McHrlde administration by the people of
the country has already struck terror
to the hearts of the undisciplined and
incapable opposition and, realizing
their own weakness, they await only
the discovery of some new evidence of
aggressiveness and progress on the
part of Ihe government upon whicli to
base a new criticism of the government's policy which shall be of an obstructive character. The determination
of the opposition to sh in judgment
on every proposal of the government
| and to obstruct every act of progressive legislation is already apparent and
there must be some well understood
arrangement between the opposition
and their organs In order thai there
be such early announcement of" the op
position program.
What lho opposition may do is not,
however, the tpiestlon. What will ihr*
premier do Is a question much more to
the point, and we nre thankful to the
organ in question for raising the issue,
The answer to the query is easy and
i:* suggested immediately by what the
.McUride administration has already
done. The country has spoken in un*
mtatakeable terms as to the past rec
ord of the government, and by so doing so has already expressed Its convict ion of what is in store under a continuance of the same regime. For the
Opposition press to play tho watchdog
and announce thus early that it will
spring at the throat of the government
on the first occasion is no way by
which to attempt to rehabilitate the
confidence of the country in the opposition. 11 is apparent] however, that
(Ik same tactics which have made ihe
namo of Liberalism iu lirillsh Columbia
Odloufl to the electorate are to be resumed Immediately upon the reading of
the spe'-ch from the throne on the meeting of the house. We can, however,
await whh calmness the future dls
c'osures of such tactics and deal With
them ns occasion may arise.
McBil.le will Introduce legislation
which will guarantee the advancement
of every Industry in the province. He
will, with his colleagues, give this
province the most progressive govern-
mem it has ever had. He will neglect
nothing that Is in the interests of the
sovereign people, and he will maintain
the equality ot people and corporations
iu tbo eyes of the law with* special
privileges to nom-. but equal opportunities to all. He will be the slave of
no faction in the house or out of it, and
his past record is the best guarantee
of this. He will not spend money to
buy constituencies, hut he will not
Withhold nny in order to vent his political wroth upun the recalcitrant. In
���bort, be will give  Hritish Columbia a
government which win be the pride of
Canada and will justify what the Orit
organ in question published in its news
columns of the same day���a justification of a laudable ambition to become
tho leader of tie* CqjMU native party ol
It Is quite true that Mr. McBride'fl
opportunity has come. That he will
fail to make good is not to be supposed.
Should be do so there will be no
more disappointed people than those
who believe In hlm today, but that his
star is iu the ascendent can no more
le disguised than that he lives anil
leads his governmenl. The Liberal
press may prepare to squeal and whine
as it has always done, but the whole
dtama of the opposition will degenerate into a more comical farce than has
anything so far transpired and the an-
ticipa'ory wail of the Orit organ is only a sample of what is anticipated by
the aggtegation of the faithful followers of the moribund Ottawa government, who already see the beginning
of the end.
FOollsh, indeed, are thosr* poJfVinns \
who excite hatred    hi the   hearts and
minds or voters against (he opposition i
candidates.    Then-   never  llted a   pa* j
triot of any html who    had    f...lowing j
enough to got  a nomination honestly, i
who would uot ln case of necessity to i
choose, .land for country first and pur- I
ty   afterward.    There  lives no  honest j
man, however ignorant, hut If he la in
a   public office,  would do  his  best  to j
fu'fill the duties of that office and be
a patriot, regardless of party.
Puny differences should arise upon .
principles oT administrative government j
and ihnt party which can show lhe best ]
mode    and    operation    of    government
should be placed in power, and it usually is.    In local governments whore tbo
character  of the  candidates  is the issue and their fitness is or public Import,  the  best   niun should  be  elected.
It is very wrong to slander, villi Ty
and besmlrk the character of a candidate. He may be elected, and If you
art of any Influence you have made
rebels to the government at heart, If
not in fact. After every election patriots will forget party, remember principle and work consistently for the sup*
I ort of the government.���Th'* ('nasi.
Sixty davs after uate I intend to apply        ��������*
CUM rommiaatonei   -f Undi   at-.!   ���    ���
i,frrun**fonlopurf case the lollowtng   del
laml*   Bl uatedonih-* eeal side of Arn.��   -   i
io the   Weet  Kootenav diitrict. about
above Burton Citv. commencing at a pos' pieu
fl at the nortbweM ranter of < - Btctitr -
chaae. ibenee eaai j- chain-. unaee
chains, thence we-M  31 chain*.   (MUM  ���
chain* to point i��( nfuuitUrtiBtut  Md  BOOtalO
ing feu acre* mere ol Mn
Wli.ium Finns
ary IS. I1*..
The action of Governor Swettenham
in ordering the retirement of American
sailors from Jamaica after the effects
ol the recent earthquake had become
apparent, created but a temporary sensation in international circles and has
since died an early and easy death as
aii event of International importance.
The misunderstanding over the action
of the San Francisco school board in
excluding the Japanese residents from
the native schools does not, however,
SO easily down, and whether it be that
yellow journals are magnifying the
event into undue importance or that
there is really some international complication behind the affair, the latter
Incident keeps the limelight.
There would seem to he a dual com
plication underlying the San Francisco
incident, the first feature being the
rights of lhe state as against the federal union, and the second one a racial
question which has always heen a
vexed one where racial equality has
been demanded. As between the individual state and the federal union
there could never he anything hut inconsequential differences such as might
he easily adjusted, hut the pride and
perhaps the vanity of tho Japanese
puts a different light on the situation
from an international point of view.
The Japanese moral code, while equal In
many respects to that of the American
people, differs essentially in matters
of se._ relationship, and It is the opinion
of this paper that the exclusion of
Japanese students from the public
schools under the circumstances which
exist in San Erancisco was. and is, per-
fect'y Justifiable, In saying this we
make no necessary reflection upon Japanese morals which will, we believe, on
ihe whole, compare favorably with
those of any other nation. The question is one too delicate for open discussion, but it is well understood by those
who appreciate the pith of the contention of the American school  board.
While we should be the lasl to look
lor war or other serious trouble between these two great nations over a
question apparently so simple, the attitude of Japan, her studious politeness
nnd extravagant, wish to belittle the incident look ominous on the surface.
Tho diplomatic Importance which has
been attached to the questiou has,
moreover, a significance which is indisputable, and thai such an affair
could hold the hoards for so long aud
be for so long tho matter of diplomatic
negotiations, denials and affirmations
is not to be overlooked.
Thai the state of California will recede from its position is not for a moment lo be anticipated, and lhe attitude
of Japan must determine the exact international significance and impor*
lane:; of the Incident. Under these circumstances ll is impossible to foresee
what may be Ihe outcome, but h will
be just like Japan to keep tho matlor
in diplomatic cold storage until such
lime as the nation may see fif to strike
when there may arise complications bo-
iween the. East and West that will
mean another CeloBtlaf affair, with re-
stilts little less costly to America than
Iho late war whh Russia. It Is no use
belittling nffalrs which persistently
keep diplomats busy, as has been the
case of this unfortunate San Francisco
event. Fortunately Canada has no such
trouble on her hands, and we hope It
may bo long years beforo she becomes
implicated ln such uncertain Incidents
The teamster���we do not mean the
Deemster. Immortalized by Hall Caine-���
we mean the teamster immortalised by-
nobody excepting himself. The literal
slave who toils abnormally long hours,
not that be may profit from his toll,
but thai his fellows mny not feel the
pinch of want or cold, ln all weathers and in all hours braving the elements that someone in need of something only he cau deliver, may have
cans? to thank Qod thai be is not as
other men aiv. And when he comes,
cased In snow and smitten with frost,
who thinks that perhaps his own home
is hi need of the very comforts he has
biought to Our friends? It all goes to
show how Integral Is every part of society and how dependent the whole Is
upon tacit part. Perhaps tbs teamster
needs us. but not more than we need
him. When your house la warm and
cosy remember what It may have cost
a multitude to make It so
Take notice thnt thirty (lay. afu-r date I inteml to apply to the thirl Commissioner of
Landi ��nd **ork�� at Victoria tor Denotation to
cut tnd carry away timl>er from tie- (ollowlng
described landi ln Weal Koolanay;--
No 1.--Commencing at a post planted at the
���nuthwent corner of timber licence No. Mtt;
Ihence east torty ehaim; thence north elghtv
cbalns; thence ee*l Ml chains, theuce south to
northern boundary ot limber license SMSttbSDCfl
west along said northern boundary to
the north-west corner of iald liceuse;
then south to the northern houndary
of timber license 7018; thence west to
a point due south of the point ot commencment;
ihence north to the point of commencement.
J*ntiary4..ih, 19W
No. 2 ��� ('ommencln* at ihe northwest corner
oi timber licence 7821; thence south to the north-
urn houndary of timber license 7018; thenre west
to tbe north-west corner of aald timber .,.*(*us.
tlienoe aou'h to the northern bouudary of Lot
H12; thence (ollowlnf said boundary ufnald
lot west to tbe right of way ot the B.C Southern Hallway; thence following said right of way
ln a north easterly direction to tlie place of commencement.
January toth, 1907.
No. !��������� Commencing at a floutheast cornor ot
timber license No. 7821, about fl fly chalnn south
of the right oi way of the B C. Houthern Kail-
wty;thence east 160 chains; thence north forty
chalns; tbence west lfr> chains; tbence Koutb
forty chains to place of commencement.
January l.'nli, 1907,
*"o 1 Commencing n\ h post platited at the
intersection ot thu southern boundary of the
tight of way of tbe U. C. Southern Kailway, ami
ihe eastern boundary of Lot 5)87; thence south
to the northern boundary nf licenne application
No 3; tbence east UK) chains; thence ncrthto the
southern boundary of timber licence r>��, "19..;
ihence followlug the southern buundai*-. of paid
license westerly about sixty chain.--, moie or lesi
to an eastern boundary of said lloonte] tbence
south forty chains; thence west eighty chains;
then north to the rUht of way of thc 11 r.
Southern Hallway, theuce following said right
of way in a south-westerly dlrecllou to the place
of beginning.
January 1Mb, 1*307.
No 5.���' ommenclng at il post planted at the
stuthwest corner of tlm.>r license 68861 Ihcnce
went sixty chains more or lean to a point due
-outh of the southeast corner of licenxe application No. 8; thence north sixtv chains more or
lesa to the south boundary of llcenxe application
No 4; thenee north in the northeast coruerof
Utlfl license application No 4; thence eost to the
southeast corner of timber lieentte 719*.; thence
north lorty chain* more or Icbk to a point due
weft of the north-west corner of limber llceiitie
��'���<'..; ���; tbence eut t to the nortlnveHl corner of -��i-i
timber license No. 66801 thence sbutb lfti chains
to tbe point Of eommeiiuenient.
January 16th, 1907.
No. G,--Commencing at a post planted Ht the
���OtUhttlt corner of timber licciiKe W86] thence
west to the aouthwesl corner of license application No. 3; thence north to Houthern boundary
of license application No.-J; thence west to the
northwest corner of license application No. 1;
thence south to the northern bouudary of
timber licence a.*'.; thence cast to thc northca-vt
corner of timber liuenie BMSj thence south
thirty cha In w; thence east to lhe west boundary
of timber license 8612; thence north to tho place
of beginning-
January 15th, 19(0.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of timber llcuusu B0t**i thence
south forty ehains more or less to thc north
houndary of tlmher license IMS) thencu east ino
Ohaittii tbence north forty obaina moreor less to
a point due east of the southeast corner ot tlm
her license B-ilH; thence west 1GU chains to lhe
place of beginning.
January 16th, 7007.
No. 8.��� Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of timber license No. BB48]
thenee south eighty chalus; tbence east eight v
chains; thence north eighty chains; thonce west
eighty cbains to place of commencement
January l'lth, i.K.
No 'I. -Commencing nl a post planted ut the
southeast corner of timber .license 8.47; thence
north elghtv chains; thence eaat eighty ohalns;
thenee north 130 eh" Ins moreorless tothe north
eut iorner of license application No. 7; thence
west to southeast corner of timber license ^.
8..I8; thenee north to the southern bouudary of
license application No, 6; thonce chhi to
ihe west lonndury of timber license No.
I'll..'; theuee aoutb to tbe aouthwest corner of tlmher license K6I2; thenee west
to th mirtliwi-l comer of tlmher license No.
M-'it'c thenee Houth to the northeast corner of
timber llceusc No. s-'-r*-: thence west eighty
chalnn; theuce south to a point due east of the
southeast corner of timber II entc 8647; thence
west to place o.' commencement.
January 16th, 1907
No. io.���Commenclngat a post planted at the
southeast corner of limber license 8719; thetu-e
���souih eighty chalus; theuce weat to tlie citit
boundary of Lot 812; thene* norlh to the southern boundary of timber liu^nae No. 7018; theuce
east to the southeast corner of timber license
7018; thenre north to tbe aouth boundary of umber license 8649; thence eaat to place of commencement.
January 16th, 1-07.
P. Lu. u, Locator,
Din McDot-OALL, Agent.
yixty days afterdate 1 intend to applr tothe
Hon i uie! i mural* iom :���������'. I and- ar, fl ���:*���
to purchase l��7atr��* of iin-'., C0��lD��KlB| **��� ���
po-t marked B. H'a N. E. rorner I*wt. planie-1 al
the N. W. corner of O. W Btee��_ ��� laim on lit
weM*ideol Arrow lake, abom lour miies abote
Hurton oity, Ihence ni tt Chsini. theme M.-uth
�� ..2 ehalns. tnelice �������?���( 1" rl aim. ll..*.**.-* noriti
tf ttt i hams to Place of begin urn-*;, containing Wl
acre", inur* or less
Hated 2-lh day ol Hot ��� IW.   Byhos BSSTOK.
J  y. AN-N.im.1. *gent
Notloe la hereby givon tnai tiro nonlbi ��������
<1n-,. %>.,-  inti-n.l ui Hiiplv to ilie Chlel '
Horn     I Landsand work* [orOleow ol
Ian t ���������< mn th.* fonahore ad/Jinim* the Cone lun
la. i    Railway shipyard ou the we-t. pan ol
l-il '.-A, group l.alid Iteingnn  the south  ihflfC
Ol the we-uirm id KouU-uay  I-****- in  ihe dis-
riot ol Kootenaj : Commencing ��' the - i itl i
lv comer ��<f lot 7'um. group I; ineow ehw UU
iouth weiterly _oondaiy o( lot TOM and the aa
teiininu thereof, tu a north weiterly direction, a
distance ol 43B feet! theuce at right answa lo
said boundary lu a south wemrly dlwetlon, ��
distance ol th* loot* more (,r loaa, t<< Uie north
eastern* boundary of lbe City Park, OW tinned;
thence parallel to said westerly bonsdsryotlot
70tl4, in a smith easterly direction, a dlatanOe ol
BOO feet, more or less, to the northerlv bourn.ar*
oi lot GBAi then* c following the northerly bouudary of lot UA in a north easterly direction to tbe
point Of   commeiiceinint.   tbi   area  being 3.S4
acrei. more or less.
Dated this 7th day of January, A.I).. l<*n
80 flaw nfter date I intend toapply to the Hon
Chief Commissioner of Land* and Works to pur*
cbaao 830 aorei of end located In ftra Valley be-
lug part of Section" '��� and in Township ���'<. anl
deacrlbed a�� loUowi -Coiiimencmg at a post
marked F. W. J. 8. ?. eorner and planted at the
DOCthweit corner of Wm. Williams' pa-chase;
theuce wesi 40 chains; tbence north no cbaina;
thence eatst 40 ehaim; thenee south 80 ehains to
place of begiiininp.
Novemt>er'-.r.| 1*>��..
F. W. Jom.am.
J. K. AKNaBLK, Ageni
60 days afler dale I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief ' ��� -Miussioiier of l.ands aod
Works, to purchase 870 acres Ol land Com
meuclng at a post maik.d Q. W. 8 N, S. Oornei
pOltand planted on the weal shore ol Arrow
lake adjoining !_>t r:i on the south side ol laid
LOL thOSea west-flu chains along the southern
boundary of Lot 37.1; thence souih 4SA9 chslns:
thence east 80 chains more or less to lake shore:
tbeuce north along lake shore to plat e of begin-
Dated _*9th day of Nov 1906.
(igo. W.8TIKI,,
       _ J   K. ANN4HU. Agent.
Sixty dayi after date I intend to applv to the
Hon. Chief Commissionerof Lamls and Work1-,
Victoria io purchase 160 acres of land located In
Kire Valley, being part of Heetions Three and
Four, Township tv, and described as follows:
i.'ommonclng at a i��ost planted nt William
Williams' N.W.corner, and marked ������K. H. W_
N, X. corner," and running 4't obnlni met,
tbence -U chains south, tbence 30 chains east,
thenre 40 chains soutli, theme SO chains east,
thence 60 chaitm noith to place ol beginning.
November ttrfl, 1906. Kr-t B Williams,
J. K   AXNAHI.K. -\i-i-i,'
Notice la bereby gHen tost 60 dayi alter date 1
Intend toapply tu the Honorable the dual Commissionerof landsand Works [or permission to
purchase the following described lands: Cora-
uit ncing at a post placed 'JO chains west of the
southeast corner of Uit -'MJ. marked "K. A Bell's
northwest corner," theuce south v> chalnv
thenee east -���" chains, thence north 'Al chains,
ihence west no chains to polntof commencement,
eontainiug 40 acres, more or less.
Looated this 6th dayof Nov, 1906.   R. A. Bkll.
ANHEUSER    jf�� ������ ��^m
BUSCH.,.    ��udweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       8,,l�� A__ru.Ur:.."r't'"h    VICTORIA
The Hall Mining and Smelting)
Company, Limited.
!*lxty days afler date I intend to applv to ttie
Hon Chlet Commissioner ol I*tutu and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 4H0 acres of land, lu Kire
Valloy, West Kootenay: Commeuelng at a po.<u
planted 60 chains we-st of tbe d. W eorner of J.
Kobinson's pre-emption, and marked WW's N
K. corner, and running west 60 chains, theuce
���out!, ttt chalus, thencu eaat GO chains, thence
north BO ehalns to place of beginning
Nov. i��h, UOB. wiuum Williams,
J. K Awnahlk. Agent.
Hlxty dayn after 'Ute l intend toapply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
to purchase IW acres of land: Commencing at a
post planted on the west side of Hlx mile creea,
on wagon road, about two and one balf miles
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Nell Mc
Kechnle'a S. Wait cornor post," tbenco east Ifl
chains, thence north 40 chains, tbence west 40
chalus, thence south 40 chains, to place of commencement
Located lliis 10tb day of November. 1B06.
 Nan McKirRN 1 ���
Sixty days after date 1 purpoie making application to the Honorable the Chief CommlRUoner
of Landsand Works for permlaalon to purthase
the following described land*. Commencing at
a pout placed ��t the 8. W corner of Lot 8900 ami
marked "K. O. F.V N. W. corner, thenee Jo'low-
ingthe southern bouudary Uit 6900, tv, chains
moreorless eaat to the west boundary of Ud
'-.--il, thence following ume south 3o ehains to
ibe north boundary of I-ot690*; thenre about TO
'iniiii- west along said boundary to the lake
shore; thence north SO chains more or less fol-
1 >wlug the lake shore to point of commencement, containing 317 acres more or less.
Dated Uecetnbe   17lh, 1907.
 F. (i FiL'QtriM.
Notice lu hereby given that sixty -Jays alter
date I intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner uf Latins and Works for permis-
"ion to purchase tbe following desert lied laud
llttUted In the West Kootenay district: Commencing at a pom planted al tlm "N.K corner
of L. I'orters's pre-emption," nml running
tbenoe east 4(i chains; thence soutli 40 ehalni!
thence west 4t) chains; thence north 40 chnins
10 place of eomiticncemint, criutat-jiug HVi aeres
more or less.
December so, isott.
iiahkv pg nu, Locator.
   _M .It.  .MclM'AKKlK. Agent
Notice Is hereby given ihat sixty dayn alter
date I  Intend   to app'v lo the Uonorahle the
"-hief Commlnloner of Until and Worki, for
iMTinisHinu to purchue the following ducrlbed
land* iltuated In lbe West Kootenay dlitrlot:
Lommenoloff at 11 post marked "if H sotiih
weit corner," and north of A !t. Lueeva, nur
ehasoi-l-lm, on Hand Great) Ihenee north 4o
ehain.; thence eut 90 chains; thence nouth 40
obalnil tbence _U chains we-t lo point of commencement, c.iiitaliilng 4n acres, more or leM
December;*, lm.
Hm-r-RY Bar oik,
 _]_LJ!__M'__lr*"fllK* AK��nt-
��__3__.**���*_! K**1 ,Hu'' i,llt-''"' '0 applv to the
chief Commlnloner of Lands and Worka lo nur
chase 040 -UTMol land, locate -over Arrow
Lake. Wwl Koolenay. Comtnonuing at 0 put
darned   al   thc  "N.W.  corm-r  of Ar*ow  Uke
Indian Reserve"; llienee south tt obalnil lbence
treitjp obatmr lliebofl north 80 cbalnii lbence
east HO chains, to place of hcgintiimt
Located "JOth day of December, IIK?;;
'���   HlWILL,
Sixiy days after date I .mend lo ft|tp|V io the
Hon lhe�� hiefComml-ssioncrof Landsand v. ork5
to purchase 240 acres of land: Coiiiiiic'icIiib ��t h
poit marked "N.T B's nutbeeij'rorner loS "
-aid post b-lng at Ihe nortl.cflht eoruer olt'ieo.
Hmlson'H preemption claim, about two mllei
southeast of Btirtun City, tbence weit40 chain*
loutbJO chains, weit �� obalm, nortb��obaina
cast (to cbaina, south 90 chains toinlaw'3^Oom
moncement, coniaining 24ti acrea    P
LocHieu8lh day of Nov. llHai.   NgrriET. Bier.
Hlxty days afler date I Intend to apply to lhe
Hon. Chief Comralii oner ut Landi and w_rin
ViclorlM.  to  purehase 40 aorJTS&nTlItMted
on the west side of Arrow Uke, ��'        ' S
bolOw Burton, and deioribed ai Em? 8o��!
mencing  at a posl  planted  at the northaaa
coruerof Lotiirft.and running borffiaoohaJS
thenco west N chains, thtnoe WoSSSffl
.   ,.   , H E.1>ili���
, _."������_Anm*blb, Agent.
Notice Is herehy given tii nt 00 days; ^MTatM
Intend toapply to tin- Honorableli\Oblef <!___-
mlssloner of Unds and Works Ior MrmlllloS ta
purchase he following described at V rittuM
about 10 mllei eaai of the t ity of Nelaon oi. thi,
south ibore of the West Arm 0  KoS;    Ae
and commencng at a pom placed al___t_o___i__
*B Jbotnaa N. V* corner," thencfl nouth __
chains, 'thence east 20 chains, tbence imrth 30
Dated thii l^b day ot Ho?., VtOt.    a Tmoku.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
tenth   Rossland AX UAI
Winter   Carnival
Five  Days
Feb, 12, 13, 14, 15 and .61
I (irand Tmphlei and 12.0110 in prltes.      Th,. Bands in Altendame
HOCKEY���International antl Inter-Provincial chainpion.ihip*
SNuWSHUElNli��� Chainpioiihliip of liriti-.li Oolomblo
TOBOQQAKIKO��� A mile a minnto down tbo "ZIP
SKI IN(i���.lumpin-K and Racing-   ('lianipion��htp of Cannda
SKATING BAOB8���For Championship of British Columbm
CURLING���A Provincial Boupfel
lorM BiflllHi      MaMjueradlng.      Tn-js-of-War and other intereiilng imd
Kednced railway rates on all line
J. H. G. Fraaer, President
For further particulars app'y to
Qod -*'��������� the Ktng K. Adami, Heeretsrf
N. .in ��� ia hereby given that ftj uavs alter date 1
nend to applv to lhe Honorahle the Chief loin-
mtskioner of l.andH and Works, Victoria, M. <
rmlMton to pureliase the following deacrth-
ed land, situated lo the West Knoteuaj dlatrlct,
on the went side of 1 ubamel (or Six Mi, i creek,
on no er side of wigon mad, about i1*, miles
fro ii West Arm of Kootenay lake: t'ommencing
at a l-oni marked Mrs Hattie Duck'a (���. H corner running -w chainH weat; theuce JO cbaina
���outb; thence 40 chains eaat: thence 20 chains
north, to the nolnt of eommeucemeui, containing tw aerea of land, moreor less.
Dated tbe 17th November Hat.
lias lumi Don,
Jomh r   'livinH, Agent
Sixtv days after date 1 intend toapply to the
Hon. rhief (.'ommlssloner of 1-aim-*-. aud Works,
Victoria, to purchase ISO aerea of laud about two
miles bWow Burton City, West Kooteuay. commeneing ai a post marked "J. A. lrrlng's east
��� orner post," said pott being on the easterly end
of an island west of I,..t <'.'.|7, and claiming all the
land contained lu aald Island, being about oue
mile In au easterly and westerly direction and
sbout '20 chains trom nortb to south.
November llth, 19U6. J. A. Irvino,
J K. Aknarli. Agi-nt.
Sixty days afterdate i Intend  to appty H
Honorable the Chief Commlnloner of t '
Wotka (or permission to i ��� tr��� :..-,- thtMIg
demKbad lauds in Kixnenst diitrict: (
inenelng at a post marked J li Aumbl��.M
east eoruer post, aald pom being ��n U*a
side of thu Lower Arrow iak��. awii
below Hurton City; th. :,-* ::n su rt
thence west :*" rbalns;- theme muthSA
thenre weat At ehalna;  thenre  :.."������ firt
and ao links, more or lets to.ibe ti
theme easterly along lake tOehalBI. mm*_
to the place of beglnntng, (vutalDinfiaa
more or leu.
bated itn* Mb day of NovemUr, IM.
per K. ti H1 itt, Igdl ]
Sixty davs afterdate 1 intend toapply to tbe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands aod Works,
Mctoria, to purebaae 1J0 acres ol land located
on the west side ol arrow lake and (vine directly
north of Lot "��76: Commencing at a post planted
at the N K. corner of Lot 78*76 and marked *'B. B
S, E ,'orner," and running north 'Ai chains,
tlience west 'Ai chains, lbence north 'A) chains,
theuee west 20 chalus, thencu south to chains,
ihence east 40 chalna, to place ol beginning.
Nov, 24th, HX*. r   BIRTH* HlUDLiY,
J. ��. ABKiBLK. Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that 60 daya alter date, I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chful ('oiamiaaloner
of Landa and Works for permlulon to uiirehaj'e
the following described laud lu West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post marked Mrs. v.
A Wilson s corner poat, planted at the northeast
oornerol Hecticm 17,Townsite7, running south
io chains, ihence west 40 chains, theuce north 40
chains, thence cam 40 ehaim to pure of commencement, containing 160 acres, moreor less
Dated Nov. 29, 1906. Mas. V. A. WtUQH.
J. Wilbon, Ageni.
Notice is bereby alven thai >,t**t -3��ji
date 1 intend to male application to the ���
able ' 'hti I Commissioner o| Laud* and wm
Victoria. B. C., lor permission to [������.rchaatiljK
lowing described land, sltuaie in Finn!
West Kontenay district:  CnmturtieiD|itlB
planted at the southwest corner ol Joakeilf
iummi'i. pre-emption, marked H.l k'li* Itr
poat, thence th ihains we��t. tlmnrelOe
nortb. thence 40 chainsea��i to Joihtt*!
uorthwest corner, Ihence Mouth - ,-i,*itiaMjj|
of commencement, oontainlng lft> scrM,i
I'ated this 2Srd day of Nov.,: ������
Go days afterdate I Intend loapply totMl
Chief Comalationer of iAnds an I wor-ttJ|
torla, to purchase 240 secret of
Kire Valley and being a portioi
and 16 tn TownshipM and described M k
Commencing at a post planted ��t tbe I""���
corner  of the southeast quarter nl ttt_f
Township 69 and   marked  J  0  U'
thence north 40 chains; lbence weit a*
thence south 40 chains; thence ��s��i a am
place of beginning.
"  "IM-.
Iouth Ow
J. ��. Aim All l, i**M
November &r<l DOS.
Notice Is herehy given that 00 dayi alter date I
Intend loapply tothe Uonorahle the Chief Com-
tntsiiouer of Landa and Worka (or permlaalon
to pnrobaae 880 aerel of land, situate on the Little
Moyle river about 1 mile from International
Houndary and i--out 1 mile from .-p kane Inter-
imllonal Ky,; Commencing at a post marked
I. Oranl-. B.X, corner -post, ihence west 40
< balm; tbence north 40 chain*; thence east _0
��� hainn; theneo north D chain*; thenc,. ,.aat 60
"hains; lluiii e lOUth DO chalnn to place ol tom-
"iicucemciit.coiila iiliiaJHOacirsol  land.
Located Oct. Will l!Mt.
Hasiil (iHANT.
Hixty days alter date l intend lo apply io tbi
Honorable the Chlel Coqunlnloner oflindi and
Works \li-torla to purehaae 160 aerea of land,
ncated in Fire \ alley and described aa follows
Cnmineiiclng at a post marked (J. 11. UoMTl N W
corner, and planted at lhe lOQthweil corner of
lot 781... and ninning souih flo chaiua, ihenci
raH Al chains, thencu north W cbains, thenca
Weit�� chalna to place ol beginning, 1MC,"-'��
Nov. IStb, 1906. ago. B. McMillan,
J. K. ANiuuu, Agenl
Sixty days alter date 1 Intend to apply t0 fet
lonorable the Chief Commisaloner ..f Ikndl aud
Worki to purchase 640 aorei olhod, located tn
lire Valley, on west side ol Arrow lake* Com-
inenelng at a post planted 40chalna we-t of the
louthwftt oorner o( J. Robtnson'i pre-emption
aud marked J. Ws S. K. corner, and run g
Uorlh W) chains, thence west 80 chalna, theii'5
south 80 chains, theuce east 80 chains to place nf
commencement �����������>
Nov. ISth, 1906. jANE WiLMAMi
J. K. AknahLi, Ageni.
Hlxty days after dale I intend to apply to lho
Cblel Commissioner   of Lauda and Worka for
neruiisBlon to purchase lhe following deHcribrd
lands lu Kootenay Dlitrlot, about ihree�����___?____
of mllo from Thrum's siding ���   Commencing ,it _
|iOHtiil__cdatth��_.W. corner ofT����!�����
1,   West   Kootenay   IHstrlct;   theme   ______ I
following the north boundarv or L4MII Jn
chalm; thenee nortb 10 obalnil thenre aaataa
hains, moreor  leas, tothe   N.  W    corner of
L8N8] Ihence aouth following ihe west bounfla..
nrr_t__Q   m,..,..,.. .noreorU.tooKT.,*.?
_         laa;to
Hated this 6th day of December 1906.
of Ufee. 10 chalna, more or Tess, to place o com
meiieoment, contalnlnx4o aorei, morn or lou
H. II. I'trw, Locator.
Hlxtj davs liter date I intend toappiy to the
Ho'i. Chief Cnumlailoncr of Landi an. ��1
V letorla, to purchase 160 aorea ol land, looatart �����
the woat side of Arrow lake, about live , ,n!. i J
low Burton City, and deaeribed aa followa" rJ���
meuctnjg Hi poat marked "P.g. B'sa,,u'ih��I_i
wet>t 40 chains; thence muth 40 chainitth____
east 40 obalns to tho nlaoe of bwiBnlna 0C*
November Hth, IS*. ^     Sr^j ���-���
Notice li hereby given tnat ou dari it
Intend to apply to tne Honorable the C
mlsatoner of Lands and Work- to pare
aorea of land deaarlbed as loUowi: toia*
at a post planted on the norih bank ajt__.
Moyle river, about 200 yanis from noollj
marked   "R.   MoUan's   8    W    eo'1"^
theu��e eaat 80 chains, thenca north ��r
thence weat 80 chains, thenre south wcw
place of commencement, and coDtainlnrH
more or leu. ., ,���,���
Located 80th day Oct.. 1906.      Boir. ��Q"1
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend lo *9f__\
Honorable the Chlel OomnUilonarol ""���,[
Works, Victoria, to purohaae200e"5_5
loi;aled and deacrlbed as follow* Comae
at a poat planted at the eouthweat m*f.
Kobinson's pre emption iu Fire V��lif��.��aL
Ave miles from Kdward Landln|i tat m
Arrow lake, and maiked K. O'l N M*2"H
running west 60 chains, thence ���n��*?5a
theuce east ro chaius, thence wajk-XH
thence east 40 chains, thence nortb vctm
placoof beginning, ._..__t
Nov. 18117, 1906- Fa*.��0��**
J. E. AKNauli.AIW^
, Ageo'
Notice ij herehy atven tbal 60 flinsggl
Intend toapply to the Hon. Chlel i,.mmliw-
Undsand Works, Victoria, for peroHWl
chaao thetollowiog described land, "'"J,
the Weat Kootenay dlstricl, on T! r wr*lTii
Hubamel (orflHi Mile) ereek, near iw"l
about three mllei Irom Kootenai ���"., ���
menctng at a {mat marked "James J ' ��*u
post," running ao chains eut, ii",'"'e BS
north, thence 80 chains west, tbaM��*"a
soutli, to tbe point of commen**emen''w'
ing 40 acres of land, more nr lei*
Hated 12th November, 1906.
Located by J
per Johh K Tavlo
Wtxty dayi after date 1 intent ��'*��fl'lj'*
llonorablo the Chief OonualMlouirpf 1M|
Worka for permission to pnrohaMtM gg
deacrlbed lands in Kootenay dlitr ft. ��H
elng at a post marked "A. J. DHIJ IJJB
corner post," aald post being on tbiavjfl
erly ahore of the Lower Arrow l*",Tfi5
duo eait, on the northeast enrm*''"' ^
Qronp t; thenoe norih ao chains; ���u*,7|fi
south 4u chains, more or ic-r- -'������ "^Ti-rfWB
thence following said shore In **SKS|
direction i�� cbaina, more nile��WST5 **
beginning, containing l*> ����rss, woni
Hated thii 6th day ol November. Itw-^ ^
,htK   L. BPHNtT. AMD' j
Notice ii hereby given that w ��gJ$$i
I intend, to apply to thu ��""*���""{;>
Commissioner o. lands and WorksNrjH
atoa to purobase Iho following dosertw _,
Kooteuay district*. Oommonoiai! �� ma
marked '-J. H. Wallace's nortbweitM***���
aald poat being on the euterl; ��"   jk
Arrow lake, and at the ���P-at""*U8H
1'ortor'a pre-emption claim; thence ea*'^
thonce aouth �� chalna, thence *J"L2fM
thence aoutb �� chalm, A��%*1?imB
more or leu to the Arrow lake, W������&m
eaaterly directionOOchalns, W_*__\&tM
place ot beginning, containing 140 w""'
Dnted thll Wth day ol Oetobu^y,klUt>
'���"���'-������ -j.
���������-���* - | ������-.���i*.,,.***
-a Tht Dairy Ciftadiari
To Consume*s of Coal
and Wood
undersigned beg to notify the public that:
!On and after the ist February, 1907, orders for Coal
Wood will only be executed when accompanied by
This course has been rendered imperative owing
largely increasing list of our customers and the
that we pay IN ADVANCE for all fuel (including
llit). We find we must either adopt the CASH
ITEM or RAISE the price of fuel���the latter course
re reluctant to pursue.
I Thanking our patrons for past favors and trusting
Dutinuance of friendly relations,
We are, yours obediently,
B.C., 31st January 1907.
.^.i Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
riotv ol .TOO Wctur���� Fram-ad In th*
l.al..t Styl...
Jandafd Fttfnittire Company
���>!.*������ 11 A Klseh Pianos.
ruioor Matireaaea
)(m -tuul Uanltary Mattresses,
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers.    Embaimers
es* and Chlldre'n Club Snow that*  1175 per pair
|w BOOK by a well known Canadian journaliat, "The Camarona
rucc." by R. L. Rlchardaon *1-_>*  portage 10c
Our Mall Order Deiiartrtient 1a at your eervlce.
inada Drug & Book Co.
The Coaat, Wilhelm'i Magazine, Dealt
With  the   Fuel   Famine���We  En-
dorte by Reproducing.
Tlie coul famine In the NorlhweBt In
not only a disgrace to the Northwcet
as great as it Is inexcuaable, but lt is
a blot upon the Integrity of tho mine
owners  anil ihe  government as  dark
and deep as it is uncalled for ami humiliating.    With mountains filled with
coal and men willing to mine II, cities
anil districts are compelled to see Iheir
families suffer apil their homes freese
for the lack nf It.    Driven to desperation, men have been compelled to he-
come highwaymen lo secure sufficient
coal to keep alive.    In days of pros|>er-
Ity it seems strange  tbat   lliis should
be so.    It Is true because of the control, or [>ossession, of the mines in the
hands of or under the dlreclion of the
transportation   companies.      No    mine
s*wner Is permitted to succeed at the
business of milling coal unless he bows
tn the dictation of the transportation
company which hauls the product from
his mine to the consumer.   This places
both the operator and thc user at thc
Btercy of the company hauling the coal.
If    the transportation companies do
not have facilities to get the products
of the  mines  to  the consumer,  they
should provide them. Instead of distributing the earnings of these companies
in dividends.    The railroads  have  ns
much a duty to build new lines, double
track, etc., to    keep    pace    with    the
growth and development of the country,
as they have to maintain service over
the lines that are already built and it
ahoultl be made a penal offence to dissipate the income of a railroad in div
idends and uncalled for speculations.
If, during the coal famine, the mines
wero not being worked to their full capacity, because the railroads could not
or would not haul away the output from
the breakers, the famine should be
blamed upon the railroads. If for lack
of equipment, or trackage facilities, Ihe
railroads were unable or unwilling lo
transport coal. It is the railroads' fault
a coal famine could exist.
If, however, the famine waB caused
by unscrupulous operators wbo only
worked their mines al half shift In the
autumn when they could and should
have worked full time to supply orders
they already had on hand���as was
many in-J.inc'.- th*. ease���then it ��a:i
the pint aud nebcinn of a hand of pi-
lutes more to be 6w\ilnetl than the
gagging cat or sniffing dog that races
through back alleys.
Any mam, or set of m-en, who would
plan and machinate to make an unusual
and unwarranted profit by contracting
thc supply of a necessity, thereby
causing pain, suffering, sickness and
death, should not only be put out of
business, but driven from Ihe earth.
Their names should be forgotten and
their nosseaaions should be stripped
from them.
The fair name and reputation of the
West has been sullied by the coal famine. The liberality and free hand of
Ihe WobI has been stained by the
blighting touch of thc miser. May
laws be passed to blot out. forever the
possibility of bucIi an occurence again.
Tho Play.
The English -company ot artists who
arc visiting Oanada for the first time
prior to their trip to Australia and New
Zealand and are to Introduce them!
selves to audiences bere at Sherman's
opera house Monday and Tuesday next,
Is somewhat of a mystifying character,
and the various comments upon their
peculiar title are invariably followed
by such enquiries: "Is it a musical comedy?" "Is It a burlesque ?" "It is a concert party?" "lt is a melodrama?" "Are
ihey conjurors?" "What are they?"
That ls the mystery. This excellent
company secured an immense success
In London. It consists of two tenors,
a baritone, a bass, two very funny and
first clans comedians, a lightning art-
humorist and a pianist, who for some
years have heen delighting English audiences by providing a very bright, romantic, musical and artistic entertainment, full of fun and genuine humor
and sentiment, but at th csamc tlmo
quite free from vulgarity.
Caught a Coal Thief.
Kort William. Onl.. FtJb. 7.���Uokos
Dimico, who keeps a general store in
tht- coul dock dlstricl, was arrested
lasl night charged with being Implicated in the recent robberies of freight
cars in thc local yards of the C. P. 11
It Is alleged tha' the prisoner employed
a number of small boys to break into
the cars and then purchased from them
their plunder at a ridiculously low
price. The man has been under police
surveillance for some time. The arrest
was made in Port Arthur at the instigation of the local police and the Thlel
Detective agency, who have been employed by the C. P. R. to unravel the
many petty thefts which have been
made of late.
T*e StfAtkcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Roonu,
Queen's Hotel
Btk.r Btreet, Nelton. B. O.
Lighted by Kleotiioity end
Hasted by Hot Air
stable Bedrooa
temple Roomi tor Oommer-
HRS. E. C.CLARKK. Proprlelren
L-ar-ce and Comfortable Bedrooms end Hnt-
���a*. Dining Room
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rates II OO^per day and np.
P.O.Box IH.
lUcplionc UK-
Grand Central Hotel
rniji hotel hai been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern cquipmenti.
Hot water heating throughout.
Building Lots for Sale
H.  i&  M.   BIRD.
______ T. G. PROCTER ______
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
RATKS : Rooms, 60s:,  upw.rtl* ; me.U   2fic.
���jsei-ial ratei by lbe week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. 11. C.
Tremont Hotise
luropean and American Plan
�����li �� ata.   Roomi from �� cu. to 11.
Only Whlta Balp Bmplorad.
���saker It.. Neleon
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.*] |
The Bat ll the Pineal.
White Balp Only Employes!.
Choice Fruit
I H��tc 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frott Landi in
Dfllllfl -LsOumODIA,
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc if.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Ftttt Stocks
Jaeophlne at.
Heleon. B. C.
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
llions   of   Dollars   in Alberta   Oil Fields \
Notice of Sale
Royal Hotel
The Canadian Northwtit Oil Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
iti the centre of the Known Oil Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres-Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share m
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasuresinto the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developement only at 50c. penh"? *�� be
paid iu four instalments-2S per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
Send Applications to
INot more than 5,000 or less than 100 will be sold to
Under and hy virtue of the powers
of sale contained in a certain mortgage, which will be produced at the
time of the Bale, there will be offered
for sale by public auction on Friday
tbe 1st day of .March, 1907, at the hour
of 2:30 o'clock In the afternoon, at the
office of the undersigned, by C. A. Waterman & Co., Auctioneers, the equity
of redemption In the following property, namely: Lots 2:1 and 24, Block 44A,
Nelson City, and the frame residence
thereon situate.
TERMS: Ten per cent, ol* the purchase money to be paid down at the
time of sale, balance to be paid In 20
For Information as to prior Incumbrance, and for further particulars and
conditions apply to
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, thiB 7th day
of February, 1907
A. M. Can. Soc. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo*
Baker St, NELSON, B. C.   .
Bates tl and (1.60 a Dr*. -
Special Bates to Regular Boar-den
B.C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Wfatteftsh
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Float Quality.
P. Barns & Co.. Ltd.
Order, by uil ts ear braaek will bete
om prompt ud cental attention.
Hess Ofncct NctaoD, B. C.
Moat comfortable quarters In Nelion
Only tbe best of Liquor* and cigars.
will be made to tbe Lac Illative At
Province of BritishColumbia at
mblyof tbe
  _        it* next teuton
for an act authorising tbe Patrick Lun ber Com-
. pany, Limited, toptace,ooastrnct,snd maintain,
-j- a dam or dams, boomi, piers, iltdei, and otber
worka in and aeroai Uie Kootenay river at or
near Ttammi Sutton (about opposite Sub-lot IV.
of Lot mtt* Group l, Kootenay dlatrlet): and In
and acroaa tbe Little Sloean rWer; and In and
acroaa the Slocan rlrer at a point or points be-
Sloean river: lor the
low the mouth ol tha Little dso.mii ������*��, *�� �����<���
purpose ol driving, raftins, eorttng. holding, and
manufacturing saw-logs and timber; to occupy
if the aald rivers whare necessary for
tha purposes aforesaid; to elear, improve, and
remove obstructions from tha said rivers for log*
driving, raiting, and booming purposes; to levy
~ collect tolls and dues on logs, timber and
and collect tolli and dues onion.timber eni
lumber of peraoni uiing or pr oft tint by such
works, clearing or Improve:
and expropriate
A* McDonald & Co.
Dealera ia staple and fancy Grooeiins
Butter, _na.
Oamp sand Miners' Bap-plies.
any one person
Notice li hereby given that oo days alter date I
intend tu apply to the Honorable the Chief Com -
lutmloiier of Landi and Worki for a license to
firoipect for coal and petroleum over the follow-
iig land: Hituated two miles uorth of the International boundary Hoe and wast of the Flathead
rlrer. beginning at a poat marked W. LaUaUali'
N. VV. corner posl. thenee Su ehalna south, thence
so chalus east, thenoe W chaini north, thence 80
cbaina weat to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 14.1908. ^^^^���
Excursion Rates
Rossland Winter
Fate and One Third
For the Rocmd Trip
 ��� _ Ton-enta; to enter upon
 lands; and de all other things
 ,ry, Incidental or conducive to tha exercise ot any ol the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, 1W6.
Solicitor lor tha Applicant.
From Revelstoke, Fernie and all intermediate and branch line points.
In the matter of an application for the issue ol
a duplicate of the Certificate ol Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots J, and 3, Block 12, Town of
Notiee ls hereby given that lt is my intention
to lime at the expiration of one month (rom
the tint publication hereof a duplicate ol the
Certificate of Title to the above lands tn tho
name of Florence M. Hodgios which Certificate
is dated the _Bth day of December, l&��, an.l
numbered MSIK.
_*nd Registry Offloe, Nelson,
January __tb, 1907.
CcftJfic&tc of unpgovymffiTis
 ., _a,v., * "*Btrathroy," "Joy," "Joy Fractional," and "John D.MaMey" Mineral Claims,
situated In the Slocan City Mining Division of
the West Kootenay Diitrict.
Where looated:���North of Twelve Mile Creek
about one and a half miles up.
Take notie j that I, H. ft. Jorand of Blocan a.u.
Free Miner's certificate No. B7M0Q, ai agent for
Horace O. Van Tuyl, Free Miner s certificate No.
BM21, intend, ilxty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Reoorder for a Certificate
of Improvemenu, for toe puruoae ot obtaining a
Crown Grant of the said mineral claims.
And further take notice that action under
Section 17, must be commenced before the issuance of auch Certificates of Improvementi.
Dated tbti Srd Day ol January. 1*907.
Certificate of ImpforcmeatB
District Registrar.
Nolle. !��� hereby |lv.n that on Mooday, Feb-
ruerr s��th, HOT, that the Court ol Res,Lion tor
tb. Sunl.lp.My ol tb. Clly ol sloean will be
held In tbe City Hall on .bote date, at 3 pa,
lor the purpuw ot reviling the Anewmeut Roll
ol the City oINooui. ThoMmAklngcomplelbti
agalMt th.tr aawaient .re requiHd to have
lE.tr prot.it. In the hand, ol th. City Clerk ten
tl.y.prevlouitotheflrit -littlBf ol the Court ol
Dated at Sloc.li, Jiuu.r; Mih. HOT.
For detailed Information apply ta local
W. LlGil.-.ills
Notice li hereby given that Wday, alter date I
Intend to apply to tbe Hon. cblel ConuilHtouer
ol Land, and Work, for a ilcenie lo proa-pect for
coal and petroleum over the followlag land:
sitiMted ad mile, north of lha international
boundary lln. and eut ol tba Klath-Md river.
Bcgtanlng at a p��t narked I. H. Hurd'. M. W
corner po��'_ __ ., ^
ch.ln, Mai, th.noe an cbaina north, th��ce 80
t, tbenn K^chaln, ��ulb, Ih.n-M ��0
A.Q.P.A.. Vancouver. D. P.A.. Hrl-wn
w.  a.  C11L_,L_,ETT
Contractor and
Bole agent lor the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and fhlnglei, tash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime lor lale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
"Impress," "Climax," "Horseshoe," "Queen,"
"Union Jack," situated in Nelion Mining
Located on Porcupine ereek.
Take Notice tbat I, Frank Fletcher, ageut for
the Active Gold Mining Company, Free Mlner'a
Certificate No. _W_fflft. intend. 60 days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements lor the purpose qI
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
ieetten 17, must be eommeMed before the laeu-
anoe of such Certificate ot improvemenu.
ri_i. x rurrennn.
Dated Nalaon, Uth Pee.,
Gmrtlfflomtm ot Improvementa
Rio Ttnte, Orinoco, Queen Victoria Fractional
and Oraoro Fractional Mineral Claims, sltnate
in tho Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay
Looated on Queen Vietoria Mountain, near
Beasley tiding.
Take Notloe that I, Frank C. Oreen, acting aa
agent for Michael Igan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B_ 15, In tend, alxty daya from the date hereof,
toapply to tho Mining Reoorder for Certlflcataa
of Improvementi, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above elaims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of son Certificate* ot Improvemenu.
PRUM1NU AND CIKAPTINU carefully attended to. Apply
Silver King HoUl.
chaini w.it'tqpoint of com-mMcemeal
Dated Nov. If, UM
P. O. lu J
TMWhsa. 17*
r.CGHEBI      F.r.WIWH      A.H.6MEH
Civil Endo-tos, Domiata aad British
Cwmntta lasi tmntyan
"Dated thiaath day ol Janury^ HOT
, NtLKiH, B. C.
Certificate of hapiovtaainta
"Hatton" mineral elalm. .ltuaMd in th. N-alioa
Mining DlvUlon ol Waal Hoot-may dutrlct.
Whare located:���On Toad movnteln.
Taka Motto, thai 1, John MoUtekla, Mtlug aa
suantlorGaorie A.Cnpb.ll. rn*aUWaOaf-
Uloate Xo.BWn, Intend, ilxty day. Inuath.
data hanol, to ulUt t* th. M lulag BaaoXar Mr
a Canllcat. of r-BproTwaanu, lor th. pnnoaa *t
obtaining a Crowa 0-nat of th. abov. clala,.
Aadt* nrther taka aotle. that aatlaa, valar
xOuMl, aw ba eaaaaaaaead Ulata Ike fan.
mtlawlf. wu, ba ����aaaaa��ead Ulan Ui
r. 0. lag us
i Mia
1 ������������-<���
�� .
S -ia
The Daily Canadian
Vour Old Jewelry
Will v.- worth MaMtblns t.s :���"*��� �� nw bring it to ba fixed up Ux.k
alter your gunsi. St.- ihat they are lo perfectly -safe condition. We can
replace the claw?, or give you a new setting thai will show the gem to
ih- b. hi RdTROUce.
*************** ****,
STOP!    I
��� ���
t       Of the   difference  then- is       I
��� between  Ist. ami llie   in       ���
��� Canned   Goods X
* *
* W.-.-arrj* otilj *
|       FIRSTS       |
4 One trial of onr ���
ITartan  Brand}
I ���
* will i-onvinr-e yssu   that we
* sanv ��� full mmk
*.T_iblc  Fruit
Pie    Pruit
Maple Syrup
[Same  Price u�� Inferior-j
(itlOllM .
A *
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to huy or sell anything.
go to the Old CurioBlly Shop     A new
lino ol Jupan-a-Be (looiin now s,n nale.
All klniln of Dinii'-rwun- In Block. Pat-
I tenia
iNow My Friend]
Wouldn't you like Home thing
tfcOfQ oold morning*; something
that would tend tho blood through
your veins und fill your heart
with Jojft
Now, tell your wife to buy a
pound of that good coffee that Joy
���sells, mid MITa Home, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking lonu of that coffee, things
will lo k posy all tho day, and
(_T��y tb'dl tried you at the door i
[Joy's Cash Grocery
OW Jo**-[ib I ue nnd Hit! HU        PbOM 13
W.   Huvu   11   Mi-iui-IhIIv
ftclttlvsl  Nl.^k   of
for  XmHI 'I'r.idw.
Slow-wire. Ducks, fa*n Pots, Tea Fob, EU.
Munroe & Nelson
Cor. v.rnssss and Ward Streets,
NBL80.N.  B. C
FRED J. HUME. Proprietor.
P. J Gallagher, Summit: A. W. Mc-
Kenzie, Portland; A. 11 Stiles. Seattle:
I) A. McLeol, Ymir; E. W. Rawson, R.
A. Simmons, E. W. Horsfall. R. Weaver. Victoria; W. R. Ross. Fernie; E. D.
Ross. Vancouver: W Henderson. A.
Keyes and wife. L<-tb bridge; F. Gerald-
ine. Carstalrs; Mrs Howau. Mrs. Find-
lay. Calgary; R. D. Wood. Moyie; Mrs.
Fred Ritchie, Winnipeg: H Brown, To
J L. Re;allack. Kaslo: J Williamson. 1. H Schofleld. Trail: J. H Watson. L. A. Campbell. Rossland: F. Van
de Can*. .1 D. McDonald. Calgary; Mi.
anil Mrs. J. Weeney, Greenwood; W. M.
Clayton. R. \V. Rees. C. F. Schrott, A.
E. Hawkins. J. S. Shaver. Cranbrook;
Mr ansl Mrs G. M. Robinson. Leth
bridge; Mr and rs. McEaoh.an. Pinch-
er Creek: Miss McQueen. Kenora; G.
C. Humphrey, Spokane; H. L. Bowness,
Ilandley.   Ymir:    Chas.
Hamilton:   D. J.   llrown.
0 J
Miss Jacobson.    A   I). Coplen,    Spokane;  J. T. Johnson.    11.    Golden.    M.
Stabler,    V.    Crawford.  Calgary;    W
Yyneh,  Greenwood.
W. .lohnMon, Ynih : J. Crosby, Ross
land; T   Mason, Cranbrook
A   I.   Suinnieis. J. Allison, Kaslo;  T
Murray. Greenwood.
M. Scliiesl, Rowland;  11   Kirby, Nakusp;  J.   Richards. Iron  Mountain;   F.
Holden,   Pueblo
F. Us,yen, Bonnington.
W   Harris, 3. II.  Pinchbeck. Blocan:
T.   I. 'Rock.  Eureka;   D. .1. fur. .1.  .1.
Goodrean. Plncher Creek;    w.   Claffy.
Balmo;   A,   Paterson.  It.   McNeill,   Movie; W. .1. Carr, Creston: 0. liuvls. Foi
n le;E. McCabe, Rossland
We have Just unloaded a ear of
Purity Flour
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt. It Ih (he beat flour on
tho market. Money refunded
If Dot satisfactory.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stovea, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Telephone 1(11.
Sherman's Opera House
Two Nights Duly, Monday & Tuesday
February Uth and 12th
Mr   K'lwunl BnUMHRbfl |>ri-HCIit-�� tlir* fnrnium
"Scarlet Mysteries"
Prom   Umrlo.,   Knjrliiti-l,  prenentiiiK  ttie  later!
[.-u-thlnn NovfltUf Id Refined MuMml 'orm-'ly
Price*; 000., 75e., $1.00
Bi'sU on H��li< at Infertord*! finliifUy
All Kinds of lleatliiK Plants In  Slock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Homes.     Tel. 181.
KNs.lSHH: unsl IllKHMKN III WmUMIrn Mill,
ls,*HS  Cr.llttl-Ollll , il 1' , ssl,.,   lis: .1, ��������� ���   at    l',.,,Uf
Welti!,!!-.*, Hi
.       ail   i   mil     si iai    fin.   ���
TWO FIRtlT.Cl.AM ROOMH, hi-aii, h��at��1      Aj,
PIT lissam-kistslsit. 3rd llll, K   W. C. hi..,.
���H | .._
Born, in Fairview yesterday. February ��;, io the wife of .(. Gilleit, a
Stiver (k-clitifd two joints on Uith
metal markets today. Lead has declined three points in London mnre the
Lasl quotation
A fir.* which began at *'��� o'clock this
morning by t he igniting of woodwork
from the heat of the furnace, totally de-
Btroyed 'he C P. H. station at Castlo*
gar.   The buihting cost ftboill (3000.
The receipts fronj the eity tramway
���service tor tbe four weeks of January
amounted to only |308 i". a very low
average, dur* chiefly to interruptions of
traffic. There were no receipts during
the corresiiondiug period of li->i>5. as the
service was then entirely suspended-
E'ections have* to a large extent dls*
tracter attention from sports. The
hockey season for Nelson has heen a
fairly successful one so far. Resides
local games there have been five con
tests with outside teams, four of which
have been won by Nelson. The senior
team has won from Rossland and lost
to them, and won two from Phoenix,
and the Nelson juniors have defeated
Thursday. February H. should be a
busy day in Nelson. The fact that it ls
St. Valentin's day will probably cause
little excitement, but there are a few
o'her fixtures. There are the Rossland
carnjvgl, to which manw Neisouiu-a always go; the adjourned annual meeting of the 20.000 club; the monthly
meeting of the board of trade, and the
last before the annual meeting of the
associated boards; and it will be the
second day of the convention of thje
Provincial Association of School Trus
With the  Curlers.
By hib victory over Richardson by
9 to 5, Mclntyre passed Forin in the
scores of the President vs. Vice-President series. As both are on the vice-
president's side these two rinks will
not rm'ft  until a later series.
The standing now is as follows: Mc*
Intyre, 112 ]>olnts; Forin, 110; Cavanaugh, 103; Wallace, with one to play,
it:.. As no one else is within striking
distance and Wallace needs 19 to tie,
it is practically certain that Mclntyre
bas won.
In Hpite of the present soft weather
the ice Ih still iu fairly good condition.
The following games are scheduled for
B p m.���No. i. Fox vs. Blackwood;
No. _.', Drew vs. Nunn; No .'!, \Yftllaee
vs. Bird; No. 4, Walley vs. Richardson.
Trains and  Boats.
Crow train���Three hours lale.
Coast and  Slocan train���Late.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On  time.
Boundary train���On time.
Trial of Battleship.
London. Feb. 7.���The battleship
Dreadnaught is to lie given a severe
���speed test, according to official reports.
During the trip to Oilbraltar from the
Strand of Trinidad the big ship fs to
endeavor to maintain a speed of 17
knots over the entire course. The machinery of the battleship is In first-
class condition for the test.
Lost Winter Crops.
Madrid.  Feb.  ".-The    intense    cold
weather  which has  prevailed  in  Spain
recently    has    destroyed    the    whiter
crops in  several provinces.
The Store of Quality
If you iike nice, cl^an. crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Por Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lemon  Cream   10e
Vanilla  Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10e
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Kriapo Ginger Wafera  10c
Butter���Thin 10o
Milk Toaet 10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakea (Salted)    15c
Put up In packages and its iik
ever fresh. It costs little to
give ihem a trial, and Ihey
prove themselves worlh It.
K. W. 0. Block . Phone 10.
Vtoerfaard WEST K00TENAY
Oliver ware     BUTCHer co.
at Cost
Wbuif-ialp mv i  Kct��ll Dt
I have a few tines of Silverware
left from Christmas. This must be
sold BS once.
At Cash Price
Knives. Forks. S|��son��. Tea Sels,
fake Plates, [ns, oi Jai-s. Napkin
Kings, elc , all Triple Plated Ware.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Campa Bupplied on shortest notiOfl ami
lowest price. Nothing but frt*h and
wholesome meats and supplea kept in btOCX
Mail ordeil receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Filing Cabinet
which we offer at reduced prices because we want the space to complete
another line which we have taken  up,
Is an upright Cabinet consisting of
six files, cornice and baae. lt
measures: Height .Mn.. width I2ln_,
depth I61n.   Value 126 00
We Offer it for $18.00.
consists of two units, each containing nine files cl files wide and
:; deep,) I.e. is files in all. Also
cornice and base. One unit is fitted
with acme lock, Tho whole measures*, height a.tin., width 3*_*%ln..
depth IfV4*in.    Value S-U.liii.
We Offer tt tor $28.00.
W. G. Thomson
��__________* "* Nelson, B.C.
Phone .14.
Coai! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
**__*��y UPWARDS
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking aud most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Bik.r Street.
Three Furnished
or Unfurnished Rooms
or Part of House*
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builden will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Room 1, Hudson  Bay Block.
Newfoundland Legislature.
St. JohQB, N. F., Feb. 7.���The New-
itmndland legislature convened In rog-
uiar session today. The consideration
uT matters relating to railways, rinance
and ship subsidies promises lo make
the session one of more than ordinary
interest and importance.
Death's Harvest.
Omaha. Feb, 7.���Count J. A. Creigh
ton died here this * morning. Count
Creighton was stricken early in December with double pneumonia, from which
ho never fully recovered. Later, kidney and nervous complications arose
Mis esiate is estimated at $7,000 000.
Red Cross Prog Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Baker St., near Josephine, Xelson, R.C,
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E, Croadsdaile & ^
Next iioor to Bank of Commerce.
,    Price of Metals.
New  Y.sr,i. i-vi,   7.���silver, t,H   l-4c;
opper, 21 3_c; lead, $6.
London,   Feb,   T.-flllver,   81 VIM:
Is ail. ��18 Ills.
Wheu yon compare yonr freinlits yon will lmy in Nelion
D. J. Robertson <& Co.
Semi-Ready Clothing
^ For 1007 Is now to hand
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsj
They are lieauties at the price.
Tclcphon*  AAA.
Starkey & Co., *js&
.Vholestue Provision*,
Dominion Govs
ioverument Orseainery One Ponnrt BncU raoelved weekly da I
from the ehnrn.   For ��ale by all leading grocera. 1
Offlce and -warehonse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.
�����-      Nelson, B.C.
Bohemian Been
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lti
A Word to the WSi
Thu yrttr we have appreciated the want* of �����
tomers and have posted into mock tbe
Good Cheer Ait Base Burnol
Thi- stove in adapted for hard roe! only, moAtp
ant��-i*il to (jive aatisfaction.
J. H. Ashdown Hardv
Company, Limited.
Repairing and Jot-shins cxicuttd wit li Daapateh.   MhMt ft
Work, Mining and Mill Machinery.     Manufacturer*ot
Ora Cara, R. R.   Contractor*' Cara.
NELSON,   B. C.        J***"
Bualneaa man.
Working man,
Man In dreaa attire.
Sporting men,
Maniiaom* man.
Men that'a full of fire
UNITE nnd hii_k that  the ImparttWl
John T. Pierre are the pmj��r thing. J
My last fall shipment bas just nrmed.
them and place your order early for Sna*
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Subject  to Confirmation)
We Will Buy
We Will S��ll
lO.Oftn Ramliler . arlboo    11%
5,000 Sullivan   07
10,000 H. C. AnnlB-jinaieil  Coal. .Offer
100 Sullivan  Bonds    M
6.000 American Boy  	
1,000 International Coal  	
B. B. Mighton & C(
Drawer 1082
Phone 1
AND DEALERS IN   Ltttnftef f SH-Hgl^f
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turned Work and Brackota. Mail Ordon promptly *m*_
VBRNON 8TRBRT  .   .   .   NUUSOIN. H. C.
Our itock of Sktt-H ii complete >"<>
Including the popular
BOKEB'8  BEAUTY  and  CHARM (Ladlei.)
Wooi-ValUace Hardware CA


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