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The Daily Canadian Aug 8, 1906

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Array ���glctUw QfrmoMan
I.   N'). 56-
Fifty Cents a Month
loii nictated His New
Ion Condemning  the Spoils
���cm Voted Down by Solid
Liberal Majority.
li u
1     When   Sir   Hi.I11111I
1   1:   Jackson   to  the
intuition    nl    comtherolal
 In,   hiss   colleagues, the
1 ,   \ii   Sutherland, BpeaAc-
,,.. where Ihe parties were
iM-t-u ion    lo    repudiate
is  iiis-  matter, <|.
1 departmental af
.-ii   itifiuiril Cartwiight'B
acu    Sir    Richard  Curt
iii-si upon to defend thai
officer appointed
. 1  with  un  election
I! to    assist   lhe  lute
hold 'in to office.
Liu ikii Mr. Jackson had of-
;. -ui 10 procure evl-
ijiis.'ui    tlie   lllelii-
Tk' iniiii approached hud
nm    near    iiy    two
.11 si tin- proposition,
su.-    two  paragraphs
disclosing  the cons'' ; 11 general conversa
���is ss.isis.sl  me    to    sign uu
uni in divulge the oonver
:i  I   refused    to    do,  nml
im]    tn   kuow   how
io gel I'im evidence to
I nil.    I  mill  lilm |6,UU0
|lls;il   ststs  suit   of  the   quest Inu.
that   he   thoughl   .600
|si is  aildltional ii the .vi
si      .11. 1. in   tss   iinm-ul   Silt ll
ed   him   whal   class   of
Is" wanted, whether Mse oi
|il he said  li  muttered   not to
;'li' 1  il   was fills eor  true so
In- could  iinsent   Sutherland
Ih.- would lose IiIb gown If tliln
|ui"ii uas divulged.'
who heurd  tho election
frhlch    included    evidence    ol
II )i efforts to procure perjured
p>.  1 -1 ��� t��� 1 ���    the   following   Hints'
court;   "Om' of the  dlfBcul
ivi- in Mils ensi- Ih the knowl
'lie  Improper  nnd   reprehen
-ana nml    jnrge    expenditure
ive been proven to huve been
I"   absolutely Impropi r pur
B   is impossible  to follow  tin
ftluiiK ssi sueii an expenditure,
tlealing  with  the  last   cuho  I
|j;' 1 ism s.f my mind the psissi
Hie coura ��� ssf the Inquiry huv
affected by ihe expenditure
lo' large sum of money.    Here
I        11  n lawyer In tngersoll
ibis  niun or the very   lowest
character, iih far an  appears
flint has  heen  sstltl  alioui   him,
knows ssf ihe desperate e.
lal have been made to  prove
Nothing wuh ever heard
IM" ninl'.. before like it."
ls "iniiii) after these proceed
" Mr .Jackson received lhe up-
'lint he now holds lu ibe
"I'liriiiieni Hint Mr. I're.lou Is
!' in.
' 'ssiirei. of ih,. debute there
:"l resolutions pnsseil by Inlnir
"���"��� urging strongly "that Mr.
should in- removed"; another
'I'"'; the dismissal or W. 'I'. R
: n third, declaring "thai the
" now arrived when the _er-
��� Vi. 'I', it.  Preston should bo
,' "iih by the Dominion gov-
Investigation  was  promised   by
'rainent, hm  the Investigation
happened.    Mr.  Preston  bus
|'| disinlssed,   11 ehas been pro-
III He charges made against
;i n Mr. Oliver promised to In-
''��� nre true, Mr, Preston sliould
1 I"' removed from the office
��� 'ml debarred from any "the
" H"' gift of the country. There-
acl or   the   governmenl  Is
I     liieach  or Ilie faith  or pur-
""'I or its own supporters.   It
[';'��� esse of obtaining a vote ln
"�� mi false pretences.
t,   " -view   published   in   Mini-
""' In" promotion Mr, Preston
1 "mi  the change In In ac
'' wiili his own desire,    He bud
1 iisuvn in ti���, government thai
r"'ii in retire from his presenl
,    faking this  statement   as
would appear that the gov-
""I   uecepted   Mr.   Preston's
J��� Instead of Invejitlgating bis
sin,   .'"">'  be  well  thai   since
. " Atlantlo  Trailing  company
i"j nut or business in conse-
he luiHt session's exposures
r..'. ""' Arundel company musl
,., ���'"'�� the patronage list, mid
"''"���i-    friend    Leonold  has
been banished from th enelghborhood
of the governmen, offices and has
been discredited on both sides of the
water, Mr. Preston has less inducement to remain ni Charing Cross than
lie had before these matters wero
brought to light.
Change! In Yukon.
Otawa, Aug. 8.���An order in coun-
ril has been passes! establishing regulations for the grunt of waterpower
rights on the Yukon. These regulations provide thut application may be
granted upon the report ot the government mining engineer that tbe
water applied fur Is available and nu
oilier vested interests are affected.
The leu for hucIi grunts Will be us
hi.sowh: For 50 miner's Inches or
less, $1U; from 50 to 200 inches, J.:,;
from .uu to niun Inches, ?;"sii; for every additional 1000 Inches sir fraction
thereof, $.0. The grant curries wn.i
it uu tihligmtlou lliuf u certain amount
wui he expended upon development
within n year, uml lhat lhe work he
i-oiup.eieil within ti certain date,
fssr power distribution ure t.:
same, and location ditches are made
subject to the approval of tin- commissioner inr Yukon.
Development   on    White    Bear   Giou^
Stops   Until   September��� Brake-
man   Injured.
(Irand Forks, Aug, 8.���Hank Wailin,
a pioneer mining inau uf this rtiHtrict,
tins just returned from doing development work on the White Bear group
.ii Kruiiklln camp. The work uu this
i.roup will be resumed ago! non September 1. Tlu* While Hear group was
recently bonded by an Dngliita company for $60,000. Mr. Watllii corob-
boratea the report regarding tne free
gold find on the A spin claim und says
ihat  he discovered    this    property  in
he year LVuo, but owing to the frequent appearance of galena In the pre
lid not like its appearance, but now
.���egrets that be had nut tuaked it
a hen he ttrst ...-trovered the claim,
tie now admits that it Is very rich
ni free gold und that It is purely a
���lamp mill proposition troiu tbe graaB
litis MoQarrleon, a brakeman on one
if me small engines at tlte Qranby
.illicit*t, had tbe misfortune to break
.us teg a couple of days ago while on
the works. He was removed at once
to the Cottage  hospital.
L A. Manly, vice president of the
Provincial Vintner's association, has
iet the contract for the erection of a
(15,000 dwelling on an ideul building
���die on the gentle slope of tbe mountain -directly east of lbe North Kork
Great Northern Ticket Agent Stephens at Qrand Forks has accepted a
ilmtlar position with the O. P. H-
it Nelaon, l*he vacancy caused by
iis resignation at ihe Oreal Northern
lepol   will  be  filled by  Mr.  Buy.
No. 2 furnace at the Qranby smelter will be blown iu today after its
icing enlarged tu a capacity of fauO
tons per day. The work of enlarging
No. _t furnace from 350 tons to 5UU
.oris  will  start   at   once.
At the regular meeting of the city
council held Inst evening lhe new peddlers' by-law was laid over until the
next meeting, while tho by-law pro-
,'nitng for Ibe erection of the fourth
it reel bridge was advanced tb its ft-
nal stage. At this meeting a resolu-
Ion was passed appointing Alderman
ii. Legutme acting mayor during the
absence of  Mayor Frank Mutton,  who
a leaving tomorrow on a visit to
EDaatern Canada.
Milwaukee Bank President Has Been
Looting for Years.
Chicago, Aug. K.���The Tribune to-
lay says: A slate of affairs more
itartling and  ahOCktng than  hud   been
previously hinted at In connection
.vith the collapse of the Milwaukee
Avenue State bank was revealed last
iilghti, when it became plain lhat
through   barefaced   forgery   Preswlient
Paul 0. Btensland had plundered bis
own bank -systematically through a
period of years.
The question aroae whether Cash-
:er Henry W. Herring profited to any
Extent by Ibis plundering. ill;.
friends ,;ay be did not, though ue
kiuKwledging that he may have
known of whai B tens land wus doing,
At any rate there had been dlcsov-
ured    in    President  Stenatand'B   salety
deposit vauii box a memorandum detaining how the bank was looted, tbe
i-.unouut thus taken being set down
in Stenaland'a    own   handwriting at
The money went to BUpPOft his
read estate speeumlions, his "Co-op-
"rntlve" building and buslnes*.. nml
his fine household  In Irving  Park.
Meum  et Tuum.
Ch lengo,   Aug.   8. ���The   fl rat   fa mil y
strike  to be   recorded  ln    the    labor
movement in Chicago began yesterday, when 260 janitoresBes voted to
go to the aid of their husbands, to
win an increase in wages demanded
by the window washers ln large
buildings down town. The vote was
practically unanimous In favor of
laying down mops and brooms In
twenty   skyscrapers   today.
Literature     of    the     Day     Arranged
With   All   Conveniences.
P. Lftmont has Installed a new feature ln his establishment All the
books have hi un gathered together
from all parts of the store and placed
in a very neat library formed of
Wernicke cu-ues In the lower half of
the store. The cases art; so arranged
as to make one large room and several smaller ones. The books are
sin. divided into classes for tac convenience of customers. The library
contains all the reference works
most in demand, Ihe standard poets,
historians, biographers and novelists.
lu a few weeks a Special apartment
will  be devoted to school texts.
A   considerable   space   Is   devoted   lo
recent wnrks, among which novels are
most numerous. These arc in tlie
tftrgesl apartment, and a willing table
is arranged beside them.
Among the latest books, published
just before the summer season, U
Guy Thome's 'First It Was Ordaiu-
ed," dealing with the race suicide
problem from the author's conception
of the  religious  point of view.
The most that can be said of It
fr��m a literary point of view Is that
It Is not nearly so bad as the author's
first   venture, "When  It  Was  Dark."
The book ts quite readable and
touches a problem which is now of
more than academic Interest, and is
certainly worthy of attention as a
contribution lo ihe discussion of a
subjeet of which ihe American magazines are  full.
For  Emperor's  Cup.
('owes,  Aug .S.���Eight   yachts started  this  morning with  a fine easterly
breeze   blowing, in  tho   race   for   Km-
peror   William's  cup  Which-  after   the
contest   for   the    King's    cup,   is   the
event  of the  greatest   Inlerest   during
the  yachting week here.    The  yachts
crossed  tho atartlng line as follows'
l.espernnc.e1,    Salanitn.    Creole,    Curl-
aande,  Cetonla,  Hetty.  Adela,  Clara
and  Nyrlad. A Bpeclal race was sailed
between   the Navahoe    and    white
Old   Banner  Camp   of   Kootenay   on
Eve     of      Revival���Mines     Being
Worked  With  Goad   Results.
Tho revival In the mining Industry
of Koolenay Is shown '��� favorable
reports coming iii daily fro mseotions
���.fiber unknown as mining districts
or which huv eheen left unworked for
Bight or nine years ago Alnsworth was one of tho most active
camps in the province. In the years
of depression that followed, induced
by labor troubles and the fall ln the
price of silver, the camp was neglected. That period has passed and
Indications at present point to a revival.
(i, ri. Barnhart is in the city from
Ainswortb, where he Is operating several properlies which have beeu idle
for seven years.
Asked as to the prospects of a revival in the district. Mr. Barnhart
said: 'I think the prospects are excellent The properties, many of
them nt least, around Alusworlh, are
very extensive an-9 contain large bodies of ore, which, though of comparatively low grade, will pay handsome
"The camp has been neglected for
-vi Ions 'imp without any sufficient
reason   for  it.
"There Is a lot of activity there
now and the mines are being worked
economically,   and   are   paying.
Prelates on  Board.
Cartagenla, Spain, Aug. 8.���A diver
participating In the salvage of the
Wrecked steamer Sirio says he saw
70 bodies In the Interior of the Sirio.
Subscriptions for the* relief of the
destitute survivors have reached the
sum of ��28,000. Theaters everywhere are givnig benefits In behalf
of the fund.
Boniface Mattar, lord abbot of St.
Mary's abbey, Ituckfastlelgh, Devonshire, and another prelate belonging
to the abbey, were on board the
wrecked steamer Sirio. Aa nothing has
been heard Oi them ull hopes lha.
ihey have escaped have been given
Former Report Being Now
There   nre   some  people   who   never
ihinU of heaven except  when they see
a graveyard.
Terrorists are Still Pursahg Policy
of Robbery, Rioting, looting
and Murder.
New York, Aug. 8.���AJ cable dispatch to a morning paper Irom Vienna
It is rumored lhat It is the czar's
intention to abdicate. The circulation
of this report is ascribed? to the reactionary councillors violently opposing Premier Stolypln's reform scheme,
which tbe czar Bupporls. The story
adds lhat the czar will appoint Grand
Dukes Vladimir and Nicholas Nicola*
veitch   as   co-regenls.
Warsaw, Aug. 8.���The terrorists are
continually attacking and robbing
postqfflces, govrenment spirit shops,
treasuries and the mail.} The governor general has ordered that henceforth the inhabitants of Villages, communities and cities in or near which
crimes occur shall pay the losses resulting from such  robberies.
Premier Stolypin hn-s gone to Peterhof to secure the emperor's approval
or the appointments of Prince Vassil-
chlkolf as minister of agriculture; M.
Fil< isi iff. as minister of commerce,
and M. Iswolsky, brother of the foreign minister, as procurator general
of the holy synod.
Sosnowice, Russia, Aug. 8.���A bomb
was thrown today InU] a crowded
waiting room at the railway station.
One man was killed ind inany were
wounded. A pan.c en_rtl*t}, "restfhlng
in injury lo many other persons.
Women falnled and children were
trampled upon. The thrower of the
bomb escaped.
Moscow, Aug. 8.~-The strike here is
virtually ended, as most of the factories at which strikes were declared
have resumed work. The prefect of
police has ordered the proprietors of
factories to refuse to pay the strikers
for the time Uie factories were closed
Asked Little Peterkin.
L4_i8 Angeles, Cal., Aug. 8.���Harrj
Baker of San Francisco, amateur
leaiuerweight champion, and Frankie
Neil fought 20 rounds before the Pacific Athletic club here last night,
and Baker was awarded the decision.
Tommy Hums refereed the bout, and
...a verdict in favor of Bnker was
loudly cheered. When Ihe decision
was announced against him Neil
Mood in the center of the ring dumb
founded. He then rushed to his corner loudly protesting against and de
uouncing the decision. Neil showed
severe marks of the encounter. His
right eye was badly battered and
swelled and his left eye and his
mouth also showed evidence of having received hard punishment. Bakei
showed no marks at the conclusion
of the fight. They were both strong
The  fight   was at  catch  weights.
Only   Routine   Business   Transacted���
Reports Are Generally  Satisfactory.
Tho Mountain Lumbermen's nsaoct-
niioii hold its monthly meeting today
la the usssnt'iiitltin office. The foil i\t'-
ing were present
J. A. Ddwar, .mir, chairman, F. R.
lcker, Calgary; P. Lund. Wardner; A.
F. tCrappel, Dlko; A. Leitch, Cranbrook; D. B. _)ulniiigo, Cranbrook; M.
Avery, M. P., Arrowhead; C. J. Arc.ii
bald, Salmo; Leslie Hill, Nelson; .7.
(J. Billings, NakUBP! W. B. Robertson.
Nakusp; H. B. Benedict, Mayook: M.
II. King, CrainbrooU; F. E. Pine, Revelstoke; D. R. (iates, Wyollffe; A. 12.
Watts. Watt-burg; W. C. E. Koch,
Nelson; J. Mowatt, Enderby; Jeo. P
Welle,  Nelson.
Only routine business was transacted, Including tbe presentation of reports, which wero considered satisfactory.
South African Supremacy.
London. Aug. 8.���tt Is being suggested thnt a small party of American
colored preachers, who have been advocating the Ethiopian propaganda,
"Africa for the Africans," sliould be
deportesl from Soutb Alrlca. Tbo governmenl has not yet taken any action
ami  It Is a question whether It  will.
Th eagitatlon against the preachers
has been revived by tne recent trouble
at Cape Town, for whlcb they are
held' by certain papers to be partially
responsible. Tney have made no secret of their mission to South Africa,
advising the natives to use their efforts to secure supremacy ln that part
of the world.
Mineral  Development Continues to Be
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, B. C, Aug. 8.���The
week has opened very auspiciously ln
th high-grade belt. On Monday a
most encouraging strike was made on
the Prince Henry and the property is
rapidly showing the earmarks of a
mine. From the 170-foot level a
drift waa recently started north. At
a distance of six feet from the shaft
a body of solid antlmonial silver ore
waa struck. The lead ls from four
to ten inches wide and assays from
$200 to $��.. per ton obtained. This
vein Is believed to be identical with
that near the surface from which a
smelter test of ten tons of unsorted
ore yielded $100 per ton. The working force will be increased at once
and   stoping  begun.
From the 300-foot level of the Elk-
hom a crosscut is being run to catch
the lead. At a point ten feet from
the shaft the drift is all in richly
mineralized rock, and the company's
management expects to break into the
lead proper at any moment. From the
upper leads of this lead the company
shipped $75,000 worth of ore nearly
two years ago. The new management
abandoned stoping there, preferring
to deepen the shaft and open up stoping ground below. When the Elkhorn
was on the shipping list its ore from
the dump averaged $100 to the ton.
The policy of the present management
is to keep development work well in
advance, but when tbe lead is openedd
on the present level the mine will
again go on the list of regular shippers.
Bank Merger Proposed.
Fredericton> N. B., Aug. 7.���.It is
rumored here that the People's bank
of New Bruswlck is likely to be absorbed by either the Bank of Montreal] or the Royal Bank of Canada.
Price of Metals.
New York, Aug. 8.���Silver, 66 l-8c;
copper, 17 5-8c; electrolytic copper
slock, 18 3-8c;  lead, $5.75.
London, Aug. 8���Silver, 30 l-8d;
lea..,  ��1C 3s ild;  zinc,   ��20 15s.
Circular to Mining Men���Good List of
Attractions  Secured���Lacrosse
Matches   Arranged.
The fair directors are sending tho
loiiowing circular to representative
mining men;
"Being desirous of making- the mineral exhibit at our annual exhibition
in September next a record one, anr1
at the sarnie time affording visitors an
opportunity of viewing an exhibit fully complete and comprehensive as
well as typical of tne varied mineraj
resources of the district, we ask your
co-operation in the matter, and would
request you to undertakj the collection ot exhibits in your camp, or a
recommendation from you of some
one who you know would give the
matter the time and attention required to secure a fair representative
collection. For this work we are
willing to allow the sum of $25 to defray expense. The transportation of
ine exhibit from the nearest railway
or steamer station to Ni .sun will be
paid for by the association.
"Any further particulars required
will be furnished on application to
T. G, Procter, .Nelson, B. C, chairman
of the mining section, or the secretary
of the as8ociatoln."
The attractions committee have" arranged with the National Theatrical
exchange, Chicago, for the following:
The Mikado's Little Jugglers; John
A. West, musical Brownie; the Brothers  Long, trapeze comedians.
There will be daily balloon ascensions .with the parachute liberated by
a torpedo.
Mrs. Melville Parry has promised to
prepare   several   choral   specialties.
A merry-go-round will (.'�� on the
grounds, several sideshows nrranged
for, and pony races and lacrosse
The Cranbrook team nnd its supporters are understood to be willing to
come. They and the Lethbrldge tenni
have been offered all expenses and
medals for the winner.
Church and State.
Pnris, Aug. 8.A rumor Is prevalent
that instructions from the jxipe to
French bishops relative to the law of
separation of church and stat ehave
been received here. It Is declared
lu a .well-informiul quarter Ihat the
Vatican considers tho enactment of
'iiis law to be a dead letter, and doee
not recognize the principle that lav
associations have the right to govern churches. Te Vatican overcomes
the difficulty, however, by permit
ting for this purpose the formation
oi Catholic societies under the bish
Mrs. McBride It .Free.
Paris, Aug. 8.���The civil tribunal
of the Seine today confirmed Its decree granting Mrs. McBride, known
as tbe "Irish Joan of Arc," a judicial
divorce from her husband, Major McBride, who was a prominent member
of the Irian brigade of the Boer army
during tbe war in South Africa, but
tne tribunal refused to grant her an
absolute divorce ou the ground of her
Irish nationality. Mrs. McBride was
awarded the custody of her child
uie major's cross bill was ovei
A Missionary Drowned.
Vermillion, AJta., Aug. 8.���J. A.
McQueen, a Presbyterian "missionary
20 miles west of here, and a student
of Toronto university, was drowned
in the lake near this town while bathing. His age was 22. His parents reside at Beaufleld, Ont., coming from
Manvllle three months ago.
J. G. Gordon Say�� It It in Very 9��4 \
Condition���Important  Discovery
of Hematite in Alberta.
J. G. Gordon returned last evening
from a trip into Southeastern British
Columbia by way of Alberta, and,
when aeen by a representative of the
Canadian, he made a statement of
what he had seen on his trip which,
summarized,  is as  follows:
"I went in and came out by way of
Pincher creek. The crops in Southwestern Alberta will be much better
than they promised1 to be in tbe early-
part of the season, thoug hthey wil)
not generally equal those of last year.
1 found four machines at work, boring
lor oil, and a fifth being set up for
Uurt**i��urpoBt' on the souih fork of Old
Man's river, Alberta. All of these are
in Alberta except one, the chief
stockholders in the company operating being Greenwood people. The
load or trail into Southeastern Brit-
.sh Columbia from Alberta is for some
dozen of miles an exceedingly bad
one. Some work has been done on it
on both sides of the mountains, but
the work on the western slope ceased
just where the worst part of the trail
had been reached. It would appear
from the place on which the work
thereon had been done as if the intention of those who did this work in
British Columbia was to select uie
part of the trail where the greatest
show could be made at the least cost.
On both sides of the mountains the
trail is for these dozen miles very
very bad, and on the British Columbia
side of them it is almost impassable.
Horses almost mire there when going
over or through it. Proper trails and
roads should unquestionably be made
Into this part of the province and
without delay. The present state of
things is greatly retarding the development of that country, and I feel
sure that if they were known to and
realized by the government of the
province the matter would be taken
In hand at once and remedied. A
proper road should be made southward from the section house at the
uoop and the trail from Oil City���the
part of It in this province���should eb
made a good one. As it ts, if one
were to go in there to examine a
property, he would naturany come to
the conclusion that the governments
concerned were strangely indifferent
to the opening up of that country, and
he would be physically in capable of
doing justice to tbe property In ques
"What is represented as a very
large deposit of hematite ore has been
discovered in Southwestern Alberta.
which, with abundant coal near at
hand, will have a great Influenc*.
should It prove to be as extensive and
valuable as represented, In transforming that part of Canada into a manufacturing center. The iron deposits
of British Columbia are believed by
some to be extensive, but they are entirely undeveloped. The discovery of
good iron in large quantities in Alberta will have a very marked effect
on the manufacturing industries of
Western Canada7
Summary Treatment of
Poachers in Ma
By Agent of North American Commercial Company���Reprisal-
Are Likely.
'   Menagerie   Sold.
The problem of Eaat nal;or atreot.
which him Intruded itself into three
coiiiij.ll meetings anil worried the
chief of police nnd tlie medical hoaJth
ofl.cer with visits of Inspection, Is
Last night Fred Bosquet disposed of
three bears and two coyotes to Burch
,'i Reiss' Circus company. The price
paid. Mr. Bosquet says, was quite sat
isfaelory to hlin, and heller thnn Im
expected to obtain. All that Is left
of the menagerie ls the collection of
New York, Aug. 8.���A special dl_-
patch to the Herald from Dutch harbor, Alaska,. says:
"Five Japanese were shut auid kill*
ed on the island of St. Paul, of the.
Pribyloff group, by order of tha
agent of the department of commerce
and labor on July 17, as the result
of a raid by four Japanese schooners
on  the  seal  rookeries.
'"The revenue cutter MeCulloch
reached here today from St. Paul with
12 prisoners, two seriously wounded
who were turned over to deputy mar- I
shat Harmon. The raiders were dls- -
covered lying near the northeast point
of St. Paul by native lookouts of the
North American commercial company, which leases the seal privileges
irom the government. Word was telegraphed from the patrol station near
the rookery for which the raiders
were aiming, and the special agent,
Lempkie, ot the department of commerce on duty in the Pribyloff Islands
arrived on the spot as the Japanese
reached shore. He ordered the boat
crew to surrender, which they did.
On climbing the promontory at the
end of the cape overlooking one of
ihe larger rookeries a schooner waa
seen close in shore. Looking straight
slown over the cliff the patrol was a
dozen or more Japanese skinning a
great number of seals, which had
been  slaughtered   indiscriminately.
Tbe raiders refused to surrender
when Lempke reached the scene and
tried to make off with their booty in
small boats, several -of which were
drawn up on shore. The agent then
ordered his guard of natives to open
lire. The Japanese offered no resist*
ence, being without Are arms. Three
of the raiders fell dead on the beach,
a fourth was* seen to be thrown overboard from one of the boats that escaped, and a fifth body drifted ashore
later In another boat. The men had
killed more than 2(io seals, many of
...em cows. Those who escaped carried away more than 1.0 skins. The
raid is believed to have been a concentrated effort by the Japanese who
tave been hanging around the island
for months and giving the revenue
cutter much trouble.'
The Tokwa Maru, a schooner, was
overhauled by uie cutter Perry on
July Bth, off the New Volcanic Island
which rose near Bogoslogo, 40 miles
from here, last March. She was
crowded with Japanese but no seal
skins were found aboard. The suspicion of Casptain Donwoody of the
Perry were aroused and he proceeded
to the Pribyloffs at once, but a dense
fog set In and lasted until the Perry
returned here on July ICth. The Mcculloch reached the island on July 20
.and took charge nf the prisoners.
Beside the Tokwa Maru the schooner Bosbo Mnru is known to have been
En the raid lain autumn. Japanese
were found fishing and trading with
natives  on   the   island    of  Attu,  the
westernmost in the Aleutian chain
ind were routed by the Perry. The
raid Is the most serious that has ev
Or occurred in the troubled history,
of the rookeries. The last attempt
to raid the island was made about
ten years ago by a schooner flying
the Mexican flag. She was intercepted by a cutter sent out for the
purpose and many prisoners were
tnken after the raid, but were ail-
lowed to return to their vessels, as
the guard was considered insufficient
to control so. many. The prisoners
buried their own dead on the beach.
In trying to return to the seal Islands with Agent Lemke on July 22
the Perry broke her cylinder pump
a mile from shore and was put com-
nleli'ly out of business. This leaves
the patrol short of vessels and the Islands unguarded.
Going Back Home.
Milan, Aug .8.���The Italian police
are observing carefully the arrivals
at the frontier, It havlns been re
ported that a number of dangerous
anarchists from the United States
are to ontor Italy.
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AUQUST ��. 1906.
���By one word we are lOiaetlmei judged 10 be
wise and by one word lomutlmei judged to be
foolish. Let us therefore tie caralul wnal w -
���ay "���toKTOOlos.
No sooner wan the Lord's Day act
passed by the Dominion parliament
than it was discovered that an error
in the text vitiated the entire effect
tveness of the aoi and an extra edition of the Gazette contained a re-publication of the clause with the neoes
aury corrections. Since that time the
uct has lieen closely sorutlnlsed bji
competent critics and it lias been
found that as a piece of legislation
it excels anything that has yet been
turned oui at the legislative mills ot
Uie Dominion capital. It is impossible
to for ma conclusion a-s to whethei
the phraseology of tbe act is deliberately Intended to defeat the ends
for which it was presumably passed
or whpther. in the multitude of the
counselors who devised the not, there
was not wisdom.
Not ouly is prosecution under the
clauses of the act impossible without
thu consent of the provincial attorney
generals, a thing which in Itself is as
good us malting it Inoperative, bul it
hub been discovered tiiat Lhe Dominion act confers upon the provinces
powers which they did not possess be-
before the act was passed, and which
the privy council decided wen- ultra
vlreB of the provinces. Clause 2 of
the act reads as follows:
"2���It shall not be lawful for an>
Person on the Lord's day. except as
provided herein, or in any provincial
act or luw uow or hereafter in force,
to sell or offer for sale or purchase
any goods, chattels or oiher personal
property, or any real estate, or to
carry on or transact any business of
his ordinary callitiK. or for gadn, ie
do, or employ any other person to do.
on that day any work, business Ol
As the Toronto Mall-Empire remarks, that may be sound, alright,
but it really means that "It shall bu
lawful for any person on the Lord's
day, if u provincial law, now in force,
or hereafter to he passed, so suvf
to sell, or offer for sale or purchase.'
aud so on to tlie end of tlie clause.
Glauses 5 and d are equally Inter
eating, nnd read:
"5���It shall not be lawful for any
perSOQ on the Lord's day. except as
provided in any provincial act now or
hereafter in force, to engage in an>
public gome or contest for gain," or
to give any entertainment at which
a fee  Ib charged."
"0���-Il shall not be lawful for an>
person on the Lord's day, exoepl as
provided in any provincial act or law
now or hereafter in force, to run eon-
duel or convey, by any mode of conveyance,  any  excursion."
Thus.- under the terms of tlie act.
any province may pass legislation allowing games and excursions and
many other things which at first
sight it would appear that the act
wa-s  Intended   io  prohibit
It is lidle wonder, in the light of
these revelations, that the cartoonists
ai. funny writers of the eastern papers are describing the uct as n gold
brick, and. apart from any moral aspect   of   tbe  question,   it   would   eeem
ilia I after lhe strenuous debate in
the house of commons and the pleasing intimation that under no other
than a French Canadian premier, and
particularly a Liberal premier, could
such an act have lieen secured. Next
session of the parliament will probably see amendments to this act. and
we sincerely hope that it will be
amended In some such way as shall
give expression to right ideal upon the
ouservancL* of- the day called Sunday
As it is the act is being correctly pronounced  a* farce.
ihe provincial legislature was subjected to every sort of abuse at tlie
hands of the opposition press of British Columbia because it passed a
school act which In a few minor
points was advisedly amended. It
will be some satisfaction to them to
be  told  thwt   there are  others.
At the recent meeting of the Colonial congress in London two resolutions were adopted which were particularly gratifying to Canadians. One
of them carried by a vote of 104 to
11. was favorable to the adoption of
n scheme of preferential tariffs between ihe colonies and the mother
country, and the other looked to the
formation of an imperial council. The
urst of these provides for the rtul-
justment of all trade relations and
will undoubtedly place Canada in a
much more favorable relation iu mat
lers of commerce with England than
she has ever enjoyed before. The difficulties iu the way of a realisation
of this scheme are not so great with
respect to Canada as with some of
the other colonies, but as one of the
.speakers wisely remarked: "They
may be left to look after themselves."
meaning probably that when they discover what terms will best suit them
the tariffs can he adjusted, even if
they differ from tlie Canadian nr
The credit for the proposal to establish an Imperial council belongs to
Mr. K. Alexander of Vancouver, and
In speaking to the resolution he urged
upon the government and the governments of the colonies the appointment
ni an Imperial council, to consider
questions of imperial interests, espe
dally those tending to promote International trade. He regarded this as
a natural corollary of the motion carried at the morning session. The first
resolution was a declaration of opinion; the present proposal, ir adopted,
would be a means of giving effect to
that opinion. The council suggested
il would discuss the requirements of
the various colonies, and find means
of adjusting any differences which
might he found to exist between them.
It would be of great value in moderating extreme viewo, while serving to
bring about n consolidation of the
Hritish empire,
Home of the other speakers went
even further and thought that it was
high time to look ahead to an imperial parliament when all the col-
onien should have representation in
the discussions and decisions of an
imperial house. That may not Boon
come, Inn it goes to show that the Imperialistic idea Is taking rool in all
the colonies. Some few years ago
there was a fear that the empire
might break up. but thai danger, If
ll ever existed, is Beemlngly past.
The mother country will have from
her children that solicitous care for
her welfare that is such an admirable
Ohorracteristlo of the human family in
all iis relations. Having given being
to the colonies, bone of her bone and
flesh of her flesh, they will nol, in
her old age, stand ity and see the
mother country Butter dissolution,
i ue younger members of tlie great
family are willing to share in all the
worries and burdens of ihe mother
land, and none of them is more pre
pared to display its loyalty than is
Canada  today.
That the city of Nelson is a thorough-pacing example of admiration
for the manly sports ls again to be
evinced in the arrangement now being
perfected to send a- cricket team to
the coast to contest for ihe champion
snip at the full exhibitions there. The
game of cricket is one which appeals
much more io ilie participant than
usually io ihe spectator, but thi re art-
some characteristics of thai form of
recreation that distinguish It from all
others. Without making odious comparisons or even comparisons that
may not be odious, the special feu-
lures of cricket are such thut a reference to ihem ma\ interest many
who al the present time, because of
iheir lack of knowledge of the game,
may become enthusiasts in years tu
come. Recvntly tbe Toronto (ilohe
uad occasion to make some comment
on the gentlemanly features of that
game, as distinguished from tlie caddish manner in which ii is played by
some professionals and amateurs who
seem unable to rise above ilu- characteristics of Ibe cad, uo matter in
utiai amusemenl they may indulge.
Speaking of th'* gentleman's game, as
played by such, tin* Globe says: "Golf
and tennis nre games for ladies and
gentlemen. Cricket is a game for
gentlemen. Rut it takes all sorts and
conditions of games to make up the
world of sport. Th normal object of
a game is enjoyment for thos-j who
participate, an enjoyment that may
���be shared by interest ids pectators
The slowness of a game of cricket is
redeemed by the keen, healthy enjoyment of the players. It beams from
their faces at every turn of the game,
and nowhere more than in their eag
erness to applaud the good play of an
opponent. Every clever cut or draw,
every magnificent drive, every well
taken catch or sharp return from the
field wins free acknowledgement. The
spirit of contagious good-fellowship is
in the air, and the game ends with
the highest mutual appreciation. How
uinerent is tlie game played with a
grim and paramount desire to win! It
is nol that the < rickoter is indifferent
io tbe result of the game, for he III
eraily glories in a victory. But thai
love of victory is always kept subset-
vlent to his spirit of fairness and to
ins gentlemanly regard for the rights
and feelings of his opponents. A true
cricketer takes the keenest de'ight in
a victory, hut would take no pleasure
In winning dlshonstly nor by any
means that would prevent his opponents from doing their best." When
Nelson sends her team to the coast
it will he with the confidence that so
far as the local players are concerned,
nothing that would discredit the name
of a gentleman will  be  tolerated.
fC/u sip (Jim
ymbctk (he drtepmy spirits in de light
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��''*��       CHOQUETTE BROS.
sixty dan after date I Intend to apply to the
Hun. Chlol Commissioner ol Undsand Works,
Victoria, tu pnrebaie ai am** of land: (nm-
mencing nt a posl planted nt tin- city <>i Nelwn'i
tS.Es. cor or poit, on Kootena; river, thence 20
i*liMil., mmtb. tlience wesi Wdhatni, th.- nortb
a-.-hs-.ni-. tin- '������.! 20 chalna in poim r,f eom-
nii-in-- ment.
Nelion, n I ���-. Aug 8,19W. K J. Cdmiak.
Notice in hereby ifivan thai HUflayi alter Hi te I
i "'1  t- Hpniv i.> th,- Honorable the Oh let
ronimiNHlnter of land* and Wnrks /nr permit*
sion to purchase tbe following deonrlbod Units
Ht u a ted in iii<> Wesl Kootenay district, ndlolntng
r b. I'oanmn'i on tin- north, ahoul om- and one-
quarter mill's from the I'end d'Oreille river nom-
 "��'l"tt ��' a post imirki'il c  P. CaldwcirsB. I-:.
oorner powi, thonco mi chains north, Ihence 40
chaini iv,-si, thei so ahalns sonth. thenco 40
chalm i-ii"! to mace of potnmencetnenl
Located tin- 1st day of August, l��*n.
Notice Is horoby givon Umt Bo days alter date l
Intend io apply to the Hon. the Chlof CotnmM*
SlOhOr  of hands   ami   Work*   Iur   periul.-dun    lo
mirahasc the following dcsorilted boots n, the
Went Kootenay district: liculniiini: m n noil
iin.irk.-it H.Boll's B.J.. corner, aiinul two miles
������nst  nf  tin* Salmon rtv.-t, nml  Imli a mil,* from
tin- ivmi d'Oreille rlvor, thoncoB> ohalni north,
4ll chili ns west, NM-hnlns SOU 111 nm) lo , Iui Ins ,-aM
topi i of beginning,
Paled 87th day of July, pjoti j;, h, uku..
Notice is given Unit so days after date I Intend
toapply io the Honorable tho chief Cornm!**
Hlouur ot Land1* ami Worki for |H>rini_uiluii to
purohaae tbe following described landi in
Wesl Kootenai District',  commencing at h i
marked U. CFovnts  Und H. K Corner pla
near ibe Fond d'Oreille rlvor hi Huundai.
east side otfialmou river, thcuei cast wi obi
aloiiit the International Bouudiry Line, the
ii.-.rih 4i�� chain.-., then,-,   worn '���' chains, the
SOUtb 40 chalna to place ot com in, m- men I.
Dated tiic'Jfiih of Jul. ���'���**������        (    '    |,'"'M
Bj  AMUim    .DIE,  -gOUt.
Nollee   is   herebv   given   Urn! Si <- ty daj -   ailci
date 1 intend to applv to the Hun.'  ftommls*
sioner of Lauds and Works tor permission to
purchase the following deitcrtbed Uiiitiss-tuate ln
.Vest Kootonay district, adiuinlng the international boundary lint, about (our miles out p!
the Columbia river, com men cm i: Stapost marked "I. M ft K W corner," situate nn the In-
tt-Ttiatiunal boundary line, at tbe southeast corner ol J.8.C. Fruiter's laud; theiuceast'Micbalnii.
thence nortb 6u ct-aiiia, thenco west 8o chain',,
thence south tin chain* to the place ol commencement, containing4fi aorei more or less.
Dated i'ltli J une, IJKHl. LaVHa M   KlusEit,
F. J. O'Ki'ill.. Agent,
Notloe i�� hereby given thai sixty dayi from
date 1 intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Com
mlssloner nf Lands and Won,- im in*rinissioii
to purohau tbe following described lands nil
uate ii) West Kootenay District, hot ween the
Pend d'Oreille river end the International
iMiiindarv tine, about three miles from tho (-ol-
nm bin river. Commencing ai ��� i"'-t marked
J, S, c Vt B. W. oorner situate on the International boundnn line, about half a mile ea-t of
the ensi boundary ol the K.A I. ���-. i:>  landa;
tbence  north  4u chains,  ihcm-c ea-t BU chains,
thence soutb 4n chain-, thence weal tui chains, to
the plaoeofoommoncemBntiOontelningtuuacres,
more ur less,
Daied Mth June, 1006. ���'��� B. ''��� Phaser,
r. .i, Q'Belily, Agent.
M\ d.l
om date
Notlco It borobj given Mini
I intend to appl; to the Hun Chief !'oiu miss ion ur
ul Lands and Works i.t permiaslou i" purchase
the following described land- situate lit West
Kootenay Dlatrlct. adjoining no- International
uouudar) lino, aboul live nilleseasitil the Columbia river: commencing at a ooal marked H
a'eB, v, cornori on tbe International boundary
lineal Laura M Fraser Hsouthcasl oornur, thonco
iiurth ni ehalns, thonce earn i" chnins, tbeueu
south Bu chains, thence wesi in chains to tho
plaoe of commencement ntaitting
nr le:
'nli June, 1900.
V.a. I'll Oil . ESI'IK
Notiee is hereby given that sixty daj
dale l intend to apply to the Hon. Chief ti mit-*
sinner ol Lands nnd Wnrks for perinliwion i"
purchase Uie following dewrihed land- In
th,- W.-i Kooteuay district, smith nf the I'end
d'Oreille river; Cuinnieiictm- Hi n |HM| marked
c. lis ,-. k. corner, situated ou the trail near
Boar creek about a mile from the International
I udar)   line, ihcnce west -,i ehalna,  thence
north mi chain- more or less to ihe I'end d'Orelllo
river- thonce following lbe imitli bunk ol the
Fend d'Oreille nver southeaai *����� chains more
nrlen; ihence smith M ohalns, unirvui leas Ui
the  place ul    cuiimici nieiil,   contain!
ore or lei
Duled ..in Jill), IMS,. CtUKt._H  lilK-Ki.
K.J. O'lUelly,  .gen I
Notiee is hereby given thai slxi; daysaHor
dale I intend toapply to Lbe Hon, I liiel I ommls-
sionex ol Lands ami Works for imrmlMion to
purchase   the   following   described  lands,   m
the   West   Kootenav   Disiriei.  easl  ol   and  ad-
joining James N. Mackenzie > land; Commenolng at a post marked a.s-- ... corner, ou the
.south bank of the I'end d'Oreille river, just
above the mouth of the Salmon river, Lbence
weat 80 chains, tbence nortii 60 ohalns mure or
less to tbe Fend d'Orelllo river, tbenee following
the smith bank of tbusaid rivet lu a loutheaet-
orlj direction to the place ol com mencemont,
Containing _tN aero, nmre ur lean
Dated ith July PWti Arthi ii -i iiNEinBa.
Notice thereby ni ven that sixty da   - nfier date
I intend to apply to the linn < Uiel ��� omml__doner
ol bauds and Works inr p-niu-ion tu purohaae
the iolluw ing deserlbed land- 111   West Kootenav
Dlstrlol bouui of the Pend tl i ireille nver. Com-
menolnrat anon marked L, i M's. N. B.corner
.-n the south bank of tbe Pend d'Oreille river,
about a mile and a half easl ul the month of Fish
creek,  thenee  south  Sll  i-bain-   thenee  west HO
chains, theuce mirth 4i> chains more or less to
the Pend dO'rellle river, thenco iniiouing the
BOUtb bank of  the mild   nver  in a northeasterly
direction to the place ol nommenoemsott containing 4.*v> a."res, mure .ir lea.
Dated 2nd July p.m..       (_lu t. UACKmotnt,
Aktuik Eh hm:iiikh. Agent
Nut lee is hereby given thai 00 da* sailer dale I
intend tu apply to the Hon i hief commlaaioner
oi Landa and Wnrks fnr permission to purchase
the following described land- situate in West
Kootenay Di-nrn-i routb ul the Pend d'Oreille
rlver;Cummenclngata i-n-i marked \. li M's, N.
W, cornor .situate ut tin south bank ni th,- Pend
d'Oreille river at Kile I MacKeosle's north eul
enrner post, the ��� south sii chains, tbence  east
mi chains, thence mirth so chains timrc or less to
the Fend d'Orelllu ri.er, tbenee   west  mi chnins,
following the I-link ol the -aid river tu the place
ot oommencement, containing two acres, more
ur less.
Dated 2nd July 1906. K. It Mackknzo:.
..HTHr!:  Si HXKIliKll. Agent.
Notice is hereoy given that .sixty days afterdate
I Intend to apply to thu Hou Chief dommlsaton-
er of Land-and Works for permlaelon to purchase the following described lands situate ln
Wesl   Kootena)   Dlitrlet,   south   of the  Pend
d'Oreille river, i mencing at a pnst marked
M.H'sN.!-;.comer, situate on tbe smith bank
ni the fend d'Oreille river ai .lames _\. Maukeu-
sle'a southwest comer, tbenoe smith 100 chalm,
thence west w obelus, theuce norih 70 ohalns,
more or less to hie Fond p'' ireille river; thence
following the south bank ot the said river in an
easterly ami uortheastertvdirection to tbe place
of commencement, contiuntng MO-Mtres, more nr
Date Brd Julv. 1000.        Mah.-akkt Hah, ucut.
__^       Arthur Bchiiaider, Agent.
Notice ia hereby given tbal sixty days after date
I Intent* toapply to tbe Bon. Chief Commissioner
nf Lands and Wnrks forpermfsaion to purchase
the following deserlbod lands in West
Kootenay District, smith of the Pend d'Oreille
river, commenolng at u po>t marked J K. M's
B. W. corner, situated un the south hat.k of the
I'end  d'OrcillM  river,  opposite  the mouth uf 1,.
Mtle Creek; thenee ea-t ni chains, tbenee north
lu obaina nmre or less to the I'end d'Oreille river,
thenee following the iouth bunk uf tin- said ri\ er
in a weeterlj ami southwesterly direction to the
place ol commencement, tmnmntng B20 acres
more ur less.
Dated Brd July, non      Jaio> n. Ma, kkszii:,
Arthur Bohnelder, Agent
Notice is herein given tbat si\tv dnvs after date
I Intend to apph to th,' Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Land- ninl Worka for permission to purchase the following deaorlbed lands in West
Kootenaj Dlatrlct, south uf tbe Pend d'Oreille
river, Oommenelng at a pnst marked A, I-"-- X   W
enrner, situated at tho southwest corner of Lot
l-li'i, t��. L. thence east ho chains, thence south tin
chains, thence west H*> chains, thenee nortii Wi
chains to tho place of oommencement, containing 480 acre-. luuP- ur I CSS.
Dated 20th    tun. IHUfi. AXHU PRA8KR,
P. J. O'Reilly, A gum.
NotlOO is herebv  glvQp  that Mi,lavs after dale
I intend to applv to tlie Bon Cblel Commissioner
uf Landsand Works (,t pormlaslon to purnha-o
the following described land- iu West Kootonay
district, loutli nf the Pend d'Oreille rivet, oaal .if
I i-ii creek,a Iiolng  at a pnst marked i. W.
lis N   W  enrner, aboul   half a mile ea��l uf the
northeasi corner ol 1x114436,0.]., thenee sonth
-1 i chain-, tlience cast B0 chains, thence north 1 ���
OhalOS,   tlience   west  M)  chains   tn   the pl.ne of
commence nt, eoutainiiiK tttt acres, mure or
Dated iml July pjlii KuKli W, BaBCOPKT.
Notice lahorebj given thatsixtydayaalter date
l intend tu apply m the iimi Ohio! Commission
erol Lauds and Worki for permission to purchase the following duai-ribcd landa in West
Kooteiiuy   Di-triet, smith of the  Pend  d'Oreille
river, C -ticing in a post marked   D K M's..
N W. enrner. -itiiaied-nii tlie smith bank of the
Pend  d'Orelllo   river  at  James   N. Mackenzie'.;
���outhweal comer; thonoe east 40 chains, thence
south lb chain', theuce   west  4�� chains. Ihetn-e
uorth in chalus to Ihe place of -. imenoemont,
contrlulug ino acres re or less
Daied 3rd July 1000.      |hiHAl.h It   MaCKBMIK.
         AutiiI'K HrnNKiiiKB. Agent.
Rlaty days alter date I Intend to apply tu the
Commissioner ol Lands and Wnrks tu purchase
lim acres nf bind, near Norton City, commencing
nt a post planted at   the HOtllhenst  enrner of Lot
No. mi, and marked J, D. Me's southwest oorner,
and running north in chnin-. thence easl 40
chains, tbence south .0 chain-, thenee west In
chains to,dace n| beginning.
July 18th,.900. J. n MoonttoCii,
A. A. Httrton, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that two iiinutl.s aflei
dale I intend to applv In (he Honorable the
Chlol Commissioner of Lands and Works for
iiermlsslon to purchase tbo hdinvviug described
endisltuat) lhe west-arm nf Kootenav Lake
in the Dlatrlcl of West Kootenav: Commenclnc
al a post marked "William Kiierbv's N VV   post;"
thence west twenty (an Ohalna; thence south
twonty  cjo) chalus; tbonce eaat twenty   tai)
chnins; thence north iwclitv (_li) --liuliia tO tin-
point of cmniiieucemeiit, coiilalniiig forlv (Olj
acrcji, more or less
Dated July 7,19u0. I. U. MHJOlf,
Mids-mime. Bargains io Prints, Muslins and Ladies' Ready-
To-Wear Good..
LADIE8'   DRESS 8KIRT8,  worth  $4.75   for  -
LADIES'   DRESS  SKIRTS,  worth  $5.76   for |"   .'
LADIES'   DRESS  SKIRTS,  worth  $7.50   for "|    '
Ladlei'  Tailor-made Sulta  regular prlcet Ju��t cut down to coat.
All   Ladiea'  Trimmed  and  Pattern Hata at Half Price.
New Fall and Winter Gooda arriving every week.
Llueatoi I"'
���-. islis's
tgei s Buttorlok Pattern,
_llli.<ITl|lllii|lt. I
y,.:,: <i 110
Fred Irvine <& Co.
Notice is Hereby given thnt 60 flays Irom date I
inieml in npplv in the Honorable tbe Commli
m ,m-r of Lands and Works Im pernil-wlnli to
imv im--ih<- fniinuiiiK described lands, sltuite
in the West Kootenay District dtartlug from a
posl marked " llllam Krnesl Davison's n. K. po��i
about two miles easi >���/ Ueer \m- on tho Armw
Latkes thennc-lit chains south, ihenco In ohalus
west, thenee IU chains north, thencpca-xt to point
of, nneucemunt, containing aboul IM aora,
Duled tlii. 8th daj of June, IfloO-
Notice is herebv given thai M nays after date i
intend toapply to the Honorable tlie rind U ���
mlssloner <���( haiidi mui Works for purmlss  to
purchase the following described lands in the
Uesl   Knnlelmv   ili-l'lrl:   ciiniliielieliiL'   lit  U   |msl
���narked "Nathaniel Melntyre's B. I-: comer,"
plauied rn, the weal nlde ol Lhe Columbia Kirer,
iihnni; tulles north nf Mnrt  |{\. >ui-l h" ehulns
north nf ihe -iitili wesl corner of Lol 878, theticc
north 80 idialns, tbeuce wesl 80 chains, thenee
Kuuth W chains, thener cual hu ohalni lo polul ol
e, illllll, ���lleellielll,   i Olltallllng M0 IICreK.
Dated ihis IStfa daj ol  l_U(l
'i  I   Maklnson, .Agent,
Notice In hereby given tbat 80 days nfier dale I
Intend to npplv in ibe Honorable the Chli n
inlssfouoi ol l^indi and Wnrks for permission to
purchase the following deserlbed inn,is: font-
moneing ��i a posl plaeod on tbe north shore oi
tin- west arm <-( Kootutia) Lake, al ihe northeast
enrner ,,( John btranki" preemption, that	
vreal 10 chains, nmre or lesa, iu the southeast
corner of Lot No. 7.08, thence north 40 chains,
thenee CSS I 10 chains imu'i ,,r loSS, Ihence north
In Ohalns In He   I mill nl enmili' in cuiciit
I'tite-I June 18th, 1108.
NoUei ts bereb] given thai BO days atlei 'hue 1
inieml in npplv ie tn-   lion  thi Lhlcf Commls
il i nt Landsand Works foi permission lopur-
r-hasc the following dc* rlbed lands In Wesi
Kmitcuay dlstrlut, province <��f Mrlu-h < olumblai
Commencing al a post marked ���'William Tolllug
lon'i uortbwesl corner post," said poal being
planted ni tbe muth wesl cornei ol tlu "Queen
Mineral Claim," and sdjoiulng the east Ilm- ������(
Vel'llitll's pre.elilpllnll,  tin tne BOUlll  tWeUt)  l-l')
ohalni along snhi line, thenee ensi forty i��i)
chains, theuce north twentj VJO) cbalni, ibenee
in-! fort) [4U) chains reoi lees, to the plaee ol
hateil isi day ut Auguil  1808
Ity hisagetil .1   i- Tajrloi
Notiee Is bereby riven thai BO dari aftor dale I
Inletld tO npplv In 111,   II rtiMe tin   I'hirl ��� mn
mlssloner of l.i.n-ls nml Works tor permission to
purchaao tie  following do rrlbed  Undi -in,
Kootena)  Dlsti leu   Beglnnliii nl i
of the L
Hi  in th.
posl planted
ArroH   l���k-  ;.:��� .ni  40
 in,hm  ol i   f h I...i  Ifttw, Marked  H   a  W
s k oomar, ihence west tu chains, thence north
BU chains, thenee ea��lH>ebBlni nmre oi leas to
i ,k. shore, thence In a south westerl) dlrviHIon
along inke ibore in polul ol comment*-; meul win
lalUlng ion aorei more ,<r lose,
hot ated June a, Itssi.
II    *   \. rn VIgTOK,
A. N   Wnl VKHT'iN. Agclit.
Notloe Is hereby given thnt I intend B0 duys
after dnle to apply to iii" Chlel Commissioner ot
Lands and orki for permlaslon to purchase
tbo following ' escribed lands, situate at fin
Valley, Kent, nay istrlet, OJimenclng ai n
pOSt (marke < L '.ulingher���fitiiitu wut enrner)
plriced nt tin south went corner ol wet ion :...,
township66 thence north mi chum* tn the nnrth
wesl enrner  ������'   -m-,I  st���tlon  :��;   them-,. v����t   Hi
ohalns, thence south ���*�� ehnins to the nouth
boundary of said section U, and tbenee wesl ������"
ohalns in the place ol beginuitiK containing 3.1 ���
acrei,. und being the westerly  half Of i.ntrt   section 88, township 8e.
Dated nt Nelson, H r. June Bth i��xi.
Notice is herebv given Ihul BOdHVI Hfter ilttte I
intend in apply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
mlssloner "i Landi ninl Works for permission to
purchase the following described lundr- situate
in the West Koutt-nay cTlstriet: Commencing ut c
post marked  M, Metl. t,. W   crner, pimitd .u
chains wosl "f L C Hortison's northwest eorner
nt hi- crown granted laud in Kire Valley, run��
uiiiR 40 chains i-a-i iu ehalns north, .n chains
Wat,40chains south in plaee ol oommencement.
M   UoOaitnUiK, Locator.
W. A. i Ai.iiKU, Agent.
June Juth, 2B06.
Notloe is herb) ki<*,-u thai 1 intend,60 days
after dnle tn appl] tn tin- Chief CommlWiollBT of
I-ninl- nml Wm k- for |H-rinlss|ou tu purobase the
rollowlttg described lauds sitimie at r ire t allev,
Kootenay d isi net. Conunemdng ai a post [marled Oeorge Voung v',,rtli wesl corner) placed nt
the nonh wesi corner ol notion * lownshiu le;
thenee east so etmlus to lhe north east corner nl
mti'i section 28; in, ut��� sou h 4n chains, tbence
west >*i chains, thenoe north 4n chains to the
place ,,f berinniug, containing 888 aores and
being the northerly half of said .notion 2h. town-
' at.-,l at Nelson, B. V. JtU��5tfa IB B
QgOBOl VoiMi.
Notiee in hereby given thai two mnn*bs after
dale I   Intend  to appl) hi the fl- ml,Ic Chief
Commisslouei ol .Landi snd Worki toi penols
sim, t<> pn-i-hase sli hundred and tort) (040)
aores ol land, deaorlbed si follows l ommcuclug
m ��� pnst planted al the uortbwesl enrner ,,f L.
Claltagher'aapplication to pur, has,- in Kim v,ii
lev, on th, weet side ol Lowei Ar >����� Lake, In
Kootenay district, marked "W A C'iN.j doi
ner"; thenee runtiiiiK eighty inii chainswo-st;
thenee   alffhty   (w��l  WUtbi   ihem,   eight)   li-'l
chains eaat; thenee eight] (80) ohalns north in
pine,   ,,f cmNli.-llci-incnI-
W    A. ( Al.Of.K.
Dated the -nd day nl July, twnt,
NoUei is hereby given that 80 dayi from date
1 intend   In   apply   In   the   ilmm.uhle   the  Chlel
Commissioner of l.ati,lMind Woiks (or jH-rmis
nfnii to pun-haw the following deaorlbed lands.
In the west Kootonay Dlstrlol, easi sldi  ol Col
iiiuhia Klver.ahoul :- miles imrth "( Hurton City.
Commenolng at a poal marked I .en M Winter's
B   W. corner, at the h.W. enrner of H   II. imilh'ii
preemption chum, tbence north 4u attains more
nr b-ss i,, the smiiti hniimlnrv   ,,f  Mn,..  LarrolI'S
preempt hm claim thence easl 80 chains, thanee
Holitli 4(i chains more or ie-s in the Norlh hound
ary of h ii  Pmlth'i preemption claim, thencw
west *i ohalns to paint of oommeneement. con-
talnlng *' aeres more or la-
Dated IbU Jud day of June, UDB,
UK)  M    WlNTKH
lui.rii hi.vk. Agent,
Notice ia hereby Riven Hint I Intend, 80 dan
altei date, i" apply In the Chief I  ml er nf
Lands aii'l Worku for permission In i utTbase the
followlug deaorlbed lands, situate al Plre Valley,
Kootenay Dlstrlol. Commencing at a post (mars
ed P. 11 O' Connor  south cam corner) placed al
the north east mriierof SeOUOU 82, township 8��J
tbenoe wesi 4u ehalna, thenee north hi, chains,
: thonoe eaal 4" chnins, ami tbenee sonth 80 chalm
I in the piaee ni iM-tfinniiiK. containing BgQ aorea,
Dated at NeUoti, B. C. Juue ..th 1808,
I- II. ni oiwoa,
UMWJg Yoi so, Ageni
Notice is inrein given that 80 dan after date, I
intend to apply to tbe Hon. chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works inr permission to purchase
the following described tract ol land situate In
West Kootonaj District; Commencing ai the
southwest corner <>r Lot TJBOj thence runlng
wesl m chains; ihence north SO chains; tbeuce
weal 40 chnin-; thenee north 80 chains; tbeuce
eaal 80 ehalns; thenee south 40 chains to polnl
ni commencement, containing _mo acres, mor,- or
haled iii Nolson, B C��� this 2Brd dav ol July
per F  C 'ireen, Ageut
Notice Is hereby given thatiio ��lavs after dale
I iniend t,. apply to the Honorable the Chlel
Commleionerof Landsand Works inr pormlaslon
In purchase Mi,  hdlo-,. ing dt-cnU-d lunds in (he
Wesi Kootenay District: Commencing al a post
marked T. H l renclie's l.tml 8. E. corner placed
near C, ('. t'oyntz H. W. corner, thence eail ni
chains, thenee north in ebalns, tbenoe west sti
chains, thonoe lonth 4U obalns to plaoe of oom*
Hated Jith day nf July |9m, T. R, Fiii-m ji
by Annum Anit;, Agenl
Notice In hereby given bat 80 dayi alter date I
Intend to make application to 'be llnimmide ttu-
iliicf ('nmniiHNioncr oi Landsand Works for permission lo purchase   the (niiimiuic deserioed
lands; i:emiiieuc:iig ,v n pngt placeo nn *h, east
shore nf Lower Armw Lake, adjnintii^ J BatOI1
pre-emi,tl,,n   ull   the sou'li wesl tua.-ked '-T   ���> .'l
N. W.e rnerpOkt."  Thence rnnutng ni chalm
OUt! thence Hn chains routb; ibenee unchains
more or lesi, went lu the lake shore;   thence foi-
towing lak- shore to point of oommoncement
,-oiit^ tiling MO aorea, more or leai
,   , . Tuo* Kisauan.
Dated this Tth dsv id .lune. 1800,
Notice is hereby given lhat 80 dan all rdate I
intend to make application to the Honorable tbe
Chlof ('om mlssloner of La mis and Works fnr per*
mission to purchase the f-,Mowing described
binds:    Commencing   nl   n  poll  placed  mi   the
uiiiiheani poroer oi 'i Kinaban's Apph,uti���i, Ul
I'lirchaae.in rked "H. 'i r i o-m-r posi " riiuiiitiL'
80 ohalni ea-t; thenoe 80 chains south thenoan
chains weit; iiiem-e followlug T Kluahan'sosst-
ern hminda y to poim ut cummenuetrti nt con-
induing ou aorei, mor, of less,
Duled this "ih day of 'un,*, 1 Wi.
Notice is hereby given thai 80 ilaTl afi-*r dale I
Intpn 1 to iiiak- ftppj ,.tl,i()l) u> the flntioruhh- the
thief ( ommhvlonerol Landsand w.irka lorrw.
inlalloo to pu.chase the following described
amis. I nniiiuiieiiig al a pout placcl al the In*
tvsuetlon of  lbe east houiidarv of J   Bates' Dr
emotion ami the north boundary nf T Klnahan's
Application In t urchase. marke | "T. K .Ir's 5 W
comer posi ��   'I h in-c following .1 Hales' saitarti
boundary,40 ohalni uwthi thenee Soobaluiaut
theuce   lo ohalni lo   the   1,0 tl.ern  l���, i
Hannah ���irncyv Application in Pnrahasa'
���hen,., following the norther], bonoda*vof2S?>
i,,,.l   in,r t   I ...I    ...   ���(���    <���;      , "   V" """IC
ooul.ming Km uro, iin ssr !.���.��. " "
llBlf.1 11,1.711, slnynl J,,,,,,. l,2��,k'NUUK'J"
Nislli's- |, Umo y kh-ii llissl I mi,.ii,I is,, ,t���...
filar,|��,,., lo.rplj to il���- C.lol l .,,,;;,',",",
!���'���  sintl Wsirkl  [ssr imtissi.,1,,,' .     "   '   V
���In; ' ssvliii! Ue.orli���   l.iiu,,,',,,,,.',"";''
Vttll.y, K������i,.i,���y lit, i     i,,   ,;.','   "    f,lr'
pla��Nl��l  ll���. isssrll,  ,.������  ,.',,,'���,"   .'"", ���."""''}
I.ss>i,��lil|,r,a; Hi. ,���,. ���������!, ut,.!,,,,.,, ���,, i,.'".'.,"f
���tsst s'lsriii
s iissin.. thenoo n..rii. kii,.
UlS'llHlllS,  It,   till'    ||SH,.,.    ���J
���1.) SK'tS-t,,  1111,1   |.,.,|||.   t|,,. .,���,,,. , -       .m
Usui 89,1.,, ini,,,, ia,     """"ij ImllolislilMiP
n.ie.1 ��iNelnun, B.C. JuneAth iwo.
III. Its tilt-Ms,ll  ||
NothM b, tisT.-t.y Kivfts llsstl rtssliiv, [rntn ils.ts- 1
lisli-sssl toapply ts. Us,. H,st,���r,,l,l,.|lt,. sli, : s ,���,,
InlMl r s.1 LaPdl ,11,1 W���rlt. f,,r psrminion Ul
ttisrs isss.s- the lollowlna -eeerlbe- insssi.. in the
"'-'   a sissy   llnirlil      s-sslnl   ls.lan.1.  Its   the
Columbia Hirer abonl i mile, nssnii ,i Hnri.,i,
i Hy; s.11 ssi .,1.1 l.iniiil islsssf,. hiitlt water l�� itm
Iliasrss, inorts sst Is-m.
llulytl Ihtss Isst lissy .,1 .lisisf. lsjsss,,
Frank Nihv.\
T I' M.KiSNiiN. Agent
BUtj slays, alter dam I Intan. to apply to the
i oiiiiiil,,lnis..s ol Land, ...... Worki, victoria to
1SISS]|S1"S- HISS   BOrel   S,f   ISSIISI.    t ,S|SIIIU-1II ii,k   hi   i
poit planted on the weit ihoro o[Arro�� Ul,. al
u,. iouth eait oorner nlJ J ChrUtle'i purchue,
risiisiliii; its.rtli ni,.|i,i,���. ti,,.,,,.,. ,.������ ���.��� ,.!,���!,,,
thenoeMutbB0chstini,thenee w.-nt H,uimii��� t,,
Plaoe ssl snistliissiii'sniriil.
Loeated Mny. '.tii mir,.
,      . A.  1'AKIttK.
I.. i.Ai.LAiiHiK. Loeator,
Blxtj -lav, after ii.w I Intend i" apn_, ui the
'""'iii'" ir "I Undi and Worki to purohaw
n hit.- ol land, iltuate about one ml ��s ,.s
Bnrtt.u i sss, and deurlbed  ... Followi   I om'
 nolni rn a poil planted sm the northw -..r-
ner ol 1..1 HU anil tiiismit sv,',t w ohalni, thonoe
north is. ohalni, thenoe ml n ohalni thei	
ssssistii ai<sitK lot 6fl8o to plaoe ofbeglnntnn
July . tl.. !���--. J. It. IIimi:,,.
Notiee i. bereb; slvoo thai ilitj ,i���,.���i,,.r
u������l in.";!"1  ] tot! s, Chiel" ,.
���I'.iht ssl Ijtj,,(. ���n,i \v,,rls. lor nermln  ,.,,,, ,
'.'"'V,'1"',1 �����'"!.���  or ' land, ,���,���,    ,'
Wei  Kootonay illilrt't; s inliI ���, ��� .���,,
marked J ll.Vs, ���,> s K  ,������,,,.���" i���   .��� ,7,
..-;,��,,.'i   !',,""' ',r"' J" '''"'i"  'bonce
out SO ohaini, thenoo iouth 10 obalm m nl ..(
.-..i nuement. ' 	
Juir-ah,hub, ,i I, i,,.���.M
I    11    Alltt,,,,,,,. .\K,.���,
Notiee li hers Iss gives thai 00 dav, Irnni ,iai��. i
1,.,.....,,,.,.,.,.],,.,,,,.. i,.���,���J���,.l.."*i,,.!' '.,*'. ���
minloner ol lj.tt.1, ass.l Worki. I,., ,.,.���   .,���, ,   ,
purchaio tl,,- i wing orioed 1..1 . ,
ui'.'.',-:,;;,,","tf' !".'���'""iM'���"���"'''���"'''������ ".""';
.fr .   ���,     . ,        k"""'""'   W'trlnl     .1 in
W il ?_*��.-. P?,*"?""""! "I a I'"-' marked
s.   tt   r s. ��. ,111,1, Itit-isi'i'iis.-tls Ji. ..I,,u���. .,..,,.
.-.���..���..-'i,,..,,.,,i���.���, ������,,:,,.,,��� ; Ui, ,
UMtaoehalui to polut of commencement.
Dated mis. 411, ,in, of June IWO
William Barry '1:11:11..
W11.1.I.1U j.Tsill:     OIX1
.-..���I.-.. 1, horeby givon UiiLOOdan 1 1 ,i��t,. 1
'isis'iisl to apply ���. ii,,,, ,,���|,| ,|���. (���,...''
muiloner ..1 Und, md Mnrk. fornermluion ta
I'llfl-llSl.r    I.IH'TI', ���f  [mi'l   ���.    ,'. ...
I., the A rrow Uko, in the V,.',;,; ,',',���',' K?*
tJ.ir.,.  ... ........  .....   . .. l.i.'... .'   t"   .'lilt,
minis is. point ruoommeno nl
Dated llita-ltlt tltsy.il.ini,,. ],,,,
. Aisriiiii Jitns- LUNi,
 Wii.i.iam .1 Ts.yti.Atti.nl.
Nutlueli hereby vivon ihu nn,i���-B���.    ,
1 n-ii....i.i.iyr.. 11,,. 1, ,',I      !   ���,
inarkod M. MS), N 1  ,��������� ,,'"'���' ,1,1,1 fl I*""1
 1.1111...h.w ,,,, 11,1'1""   ,' ';l1"""
.���'in 11 in 1 irovssii.v,I,, ,1',;.,;;';:: -.��������
hi ch'i I iin W1..1    iii ..1.       ""'iiiiig 'im nm iin honlh,
..hleeofl'.nnn'en':;:.; "'MOohalns, m
Mabu McCAMnhnm.Jincaini
" ������ I .u.ni;i(, Agent
June aoth, two
de."lt iouthosli ' "' "... rlc.-.l A. W  Inl
running ��ui two, y ena"iM��,,% _.,!i11',1"'
wi'ni twentyolitilii.,, . ��� s"""i '""> s'lisiln,,
li en,.,.,,,,.,," ' "'""' '"rl>- ''l"""�� ". I ������
Daiod Julja, io,��.
Notloe  !���  Iisrs't.v  ssss.. ti is,,, ,_, .
.I..'.' nd loippi, ���";'.'5
CommlMoiiei nl Unil 1 �����.,"'">�����,
���Ion Hi purcliua ill  hunemi ,'
........... 1...... .1 ......     . .   ' """ '"isi,
......, ,���..,��.,. .i".-��.r,i,'...,';,",;;;1'j-,';^"")-
al   a  s.i.,1   plants.<l  al  t],.. tsonlm ,'
LjOallajrhort appllcn , l��� Ln��
'""������i'; niiiiii;,"_!
I*i  .1 ',,.._
"1. HwJj
...out, cimlallillit! ill bun.lnd .51
li'lsi) luroa, iti.tr.. ..s Im w"
Dated thu Bud of July, IWO
...lfi- ,il. ,
stthls tailislsalli. svs.-l
north    'l...-ri. ol|lity
Notice li bereb) ssss
*   i . sn.it, ,���,;,"
1 '.[-.ine
���' I " mak. appll ..��� ,.,������..'u2_>
' '."   ' '""I'n��- ' "i I...II.I- sum it,���,,J
""-   i"  1'iis'ls.i... in,. iMli�����ia,T.
Iltllsl,:   1 ',11.11 IsiK al  .,  |.,,.    1
nnrlhwa.loor..�����fU '^riWi
- *-lreV���||M  ���.,.,,.���**
""���1��K   U> I'm.,, J
Ml Itl K11
," run
lion in jmrch
Mi    N    h   i-ori....
chains soutb, 10 cl, -.,���: ,     g
I'i.i' 1  nl l ..iniJii nc-iacni.
I I Ho LNnuis
W   A  CiUllLj
ihllj  -ml. iw��..
Nol let, li h. -, l,v glvfli Ihai 1.   :
Hit. ml loal'l'lv lolhe II,.ii.,rHhi, _
mUstoner nl Uiioi* and tt,,.u f,,r i-f._3
,-ui. base thr foi low ini d,-. ������;-���,! \.,\}^__
It, the HVki K,���,1,mo di.iiii 1   < tt
|h,m nn lhe eaatsideiif Tnli|, rT���.. JB
Arrow 1-nke, and imirk. .1 i . , .,,
corner," ilo-nc   uatl "" ��� i,:,in-  II J
chains, lheni e ureal *' chains, iiivi, ~
I'halus t,. polnl o| rommem ��� tneni
mu anras more nr lees
UK-aled June ihmi. liw j. j hJ
T ll W'ai umi
Buty day- after dab i luittnd io��w
i'hicf t nmmJaatoner ol  Land, nn.i '
Viotnria. inr iMTiiil*K|on to pan bsseotu
and ilxti (WO) stems of land looaicdssd]
ed u follows;  Cotannncfni ��t ��� iw*
elKhi) i^1) ehalns anal ui in,  v   ���   .��� .m
B   .     - i'i- -emptlui] in .   ,(���
comer,"   and   rntinnn'   ��� .   J
thi'iiea loulfa lortjr (��)) chalm i ,~m
cbalni, tbenee imrth torty ,**n ��ii.ci.^i^l
bealnnlni I
Jilll 7, WC 0 I.crukI
Sotic, i- hereby given lhat i'>
intend to apply to the lion
sioner ol Uinds rttoi Wurkofm i>- rmif#��ajj
ii.x-'   the  lollowlng   de* -H-!  i-vi-u %
Kootena) dlatrlcl, province ni ItrlttidGdaii
' tiiiiui.il. mi ai ��� poit marki    I I b
H \\  Burner, on I ith ildeo! �����
almiH   iwo milea mui ul Hnrhii
alld at the  llorlliWeid eoi    ��    -loVfl
ill'-   pre-fin {���( mn   claim.  lh>-u<-,  ��������*: e-a^l
M.-ll'.     Uorth    '���"   clmlll-.   111. III.'   "rarlAnJ
Ih, in '   -nuIII Ihi ������halli- In tl,.- |,Ur. ,  ^ilK. ^
, llUlalll uu.   'I" acrea moTV or '
llatud un- 'Hii dav o.Julj,..-
  A X iSW. J
Koike i- hereby riven tlnr tn.ie-. nisi
,|al>   I  Intend  tn apply InMi,  Hi.tVnl.kl.-tCJ
' "ii Hlonernl Cstndsand v. ��� ��
In -iiirt-liaoi- the   Inllnwiiii; ,|,-, rlbri 1*DJ***
���l,   in   Plre Valh-V nli lln   K-i-lll
row   1-B.kc,  Kontciiay dlitrlel    .- * -_
lnwn:   Commenctne ai i posl plant--,! a|
imrthWi-Ml corner ol W. A, ' iUdcn l-f-nSM
marked "A. -Mcl.'a southwosi reraeriM
in.-m,    lortv  ftnj  chain--  ��� p
,-haiim north; iti.-iiee inn) rtf) chJriiiS
thence forty (iui nhati mli t.- <)���.- tm
'���niiiniein cuielll,    BOnUtnlUg   OUI *������
���1st) QflO) aeros more <>r im
in.te-i June-.���_;. 1KM A��n��McUceBB
V    A   I AIJ'IU    li i
Notice U bereb] Klvea thai ��� j ,,-'|
afler dan- loapply In Ih,  Cfll, : I DI I
i and* and tti��rS�� fnr pertnlM
loltowlni deacrlbod land- snd pi
al Kire -. apev. Knnlt'iiii' '
ai a p��l unark-ed P. ll. u't'onnoreertfiMf
ner) pla-ci at the
-'i, township��; iio-n-'c sootli ��> 'ii��is'.w|
west in i-hainx. them,  north f' <-h��in< wu.
northerly houndtry of ��ail rftetloalllUiq
ri' nil in ohalni io ihe pi * i f iH-miitini-*'
Ininlny tUai res. ami 1��|U| tbt i""''!1 "���"*"'
ijliartcr of ,m<i HKiOO -i   townihlp* '
NcUon, It  ('. June.'ilh UU.
p. H oi n"
 Okohuk V"f'    i-
Hixty dayi after dat* l Intend i" iWjT w*.
comrolaiionoi ,,f Lands ind fforks-yw
purobaa-j Md aom ol Und ill
a- followi   Commencing si ��� i������' (���
thu eail shore ol Arrow Lalti   ; ���
1-alnllliK   at    the   SOUtfa   W-BBl COflwr e
O'RUeyV prc-emptioii ami marked ��������-
cornor; thenoe eaat 00 uhatns, ihenee ����y
, hains. thanee weal SO chains lo Umumm
thonce north nlosfl the lake ihen '- rm
June 2oth 1100 yutm
\\   CAUilK, l.-'ii'".^
Nol - hereby elTcn ihatm ^P'^jjL
Intend toapply to the Honoraldi lhe��?S_l
minloner ol Undi and Worki toi v" "SI
pnrehan the followlni deserlbed U'',f <*
mencing at * poet muted �� Hft -' ,.,
planted nt the N w raraei ol �� \**"
pr,-,-ii.pii,.ii   in   l-lrc  Valley, -inmuiik *"�����
north, iochalnswiail, ID chain th. #"">
eut i<> place ot commencement
W   It. Md iMMJIH.liM
Vt    A  f M.i.KU. A^rclil.
Nothfti Is hereby given that*l*VjW*Sfl
i;,:.1;1:;;;;:;'!::;.;:1:.      f     ;
;;;:":::::"������:::��� 'T^'t:.;-.     .
r.iK�� mTmTS^
l..-,��...   i ��',., K,��,l.;i
��� Is  I ...ss-l - "-'���
I i-lugtholontlierli I ���'���'���":,'���, -
"n 'Iniiii-   in.st     Iu��   In    "'    "��� '     ...
is,.. .,' ufd I...i ohm '��� i   "" ",,
���...nli  J"  I'lial ro ni   la" '" '    .
erly boundary ��l n �� On""-'1      '
I'urolnurei sis..  .���!..i. rl; "'ll"�� ;".'���',',,,.
orlj bonndary ol I B �� Balhseb'iW!
to Pnrohaie J��.Bn .i...ti.- ni;sn "r ' , ,m.
���hore of WU ' TO-I H"' !'"     ,,]'. Jl*
.sails "I l|���. ���,|,| .Isi.ss. Ill .. HU' I'  '""',  ���,,!,,�����
ui.n 70 chalm more or lea. intln"""
iss-i ssf ,ai i Ufll Ttsanis I; tlient'ss I
Ins ins' weitorly boundary nl w
LIMB ohalni mure or le�� lo I'"1"
Dated Juno IB, ''"��'��� *'
iv day.."
,1,1.' Il'"1'^
Notice i" hereby ..
HO I nils.ml lo apply to ll','
.I., nm.. j.pii i.. ul ,!i',,r,r;,,r.,,,.ii��*
,.ni,s|.,l..is.'i.,.1 l.ait.l.iiii.1 ""'V i,,'.,.|,iim*
purchimi tho I ��l"f*T,_i. lliji
��,.,i Koolenay dliirM: ll".'"1" ���\x.*i
,,,..  inirlliss..
k, Ih-I  mull' ���'.Jjlj,j;*,Vlt.
I.MSi". IVllllI  I, U
Paled July B. ib*
Nollco ll III
,1.11.. I inl
..    si'1"*
.. il nn'.
Mslll'l'   K   Ili'li'l'S   H'1        , |,,,|l"ll	
"sinn. I Intend n> anpl; i; ";' ' t,.ri..r��i'
mar ul Undi ��nd Wnrki) Ic" ''"���, i^i Bjj
���, t��� nuroliiue tho ulhwlw''���*rwW,_j
ii  "',
., ���  I nrloi ii   v
i.li;r..lmiisn 'r.-.-k: Btiirllins
John Whllo'r b. ��   coni'-i.  I'"',,., ,.����������
i.isssin�� a i .i iiahnifi "";.;,'., ,ifi.i
nisinlntt  lis TO..lialnB. I        | (i,|.|inin'
thonoe �� li BO ohalni, Hie'"' "."���, ii��i��
I'S'lSllllll IIIISSIIlOIIIUlll. '     .gall.
June 11,11WU. J.Huim. The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
The kiml that puzzle the average opti- X
s i.i ii nix- the very ones ue are after, there- ���
h;  demonstrating om superior ability and W
skill. Come and see what our eye specilist
Ii Mecklenberg* M* A*
.in do for you.     Nit charge unless we
.11 satisfy you. Prices Right.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y- Limited
iperial Batik of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
tAL PAID _T....SMOO,000 REST *H.!H>0,000
111 W ILK IK. Prestiilent HON. '{(iBKHT .TAK.'KAY. Vino-ProKiilent
Branches is B; tish Columbia:
p'.Vlll.Mi,      ".(ILDKN.     NBLBO .',     RKVELKTOKK,     TBOUT   LAKE,
iDepositfi rsreivs'ti nml inttTi'Ht allows -l ul current nil.'H from dnte of ojiouiug ao-
|niin credited half-yearly
in isiMNs s, J..   M.   LAY,  Manaser.
ie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
-oal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boot BullflST. will liutl it to I liuir advantage tn Dae our Filrh.
^ison Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
"What'i the Um?"
Stori_��   are   noiiiing   but   clusters  of
Uciidiii.   is   utilising   bul   loukiug   ut
Money  u  nothing���folks  throw   it  at
Pictures  ure  instiling  but c_.or uuil
Dlnn'ers are nothing but something to
Walking  is nothing but moving  your
What's the  use'.'
Dancing   Is  nothing but  prancing   ln
itidlu. is uotliiug but moving along;
Blseplng  ib   nouuug   but   wuliiug  too
Singing   is   nothing   but   talking   u
Playing ib umlllng bul fouling uloiiuil;
Boxing    Ib   nothing    but    leurnlug   tu
What's   tbe   use?
Working  is nothing  but   earning  your
Loafing   is   nothing���aud   harder   to
Biteuoe   is   nothing   with   nothing to
Dressing  is nothing   but    garment
uml shoe;
Smiling is nothing bul  twisting your
Movlg is nothing Inn   changing   your
What's the use?
Willi!   Is  thi-   use  or  it'.'   What   lb  the
BmokJng is pumping stdM into pour
Having your way  is  to kick  like tne
l-'aiiii-   is   a   ladder   with   grease   ou
the  rungs,
nut   Is the sense of It all, anywuy?
Whal   is   the���Why   Is   Hit���Hang   il
usl I!     Say���
What,   the   use?
Summer Waists Denounced.
Portland, Ore.. Aug. 8 ���The girl
who sports u peek-a-boo waisl had
better begin to sew up tlie openwork
or else tiny senwible linings, for a
storm is brewing that threatens to
devolve into a regular whirlwind ot
disapproval. All up-to-date girls like
odd things, to be sure, and like to be
considered characteristic, hut members
of the W. C. T. D. ure sure they will
nol care to be pointed out peek-u-buo
girls alter the organization puts tha
slump of its severe disapproval up
on this Bouth sea isluud mode of
dress. Uowu in Los Angeles the
ol ner day, where ii Ib bo hoi thai
the temptation tu wear Ice cream
(slothes is strong, the state oonven
tion of lhe \V. I'. T. D. formally took
up the ipiestion of women und gir.s
wearing llun and openwork waists,
which show pretty necks or alluring
lingerie, nud strongly condemned the
whole business. Now il is Portland's
The staite convention of the Oregon W. C. T. I', will not be held
until September, and there is still a
month of comfort ror the summer
girl, hut If the ipiestion comes up at
this convention, which it is very
.ikely to do. the French laundries
will probably have to close up for
wunt  of  business.
"it's not bo much the thin waists
as what they wear under them,"
stuted a strenuous temperance worker lately. U wns suggested that whin
tile girls did not wear under tlie thill
waists hati more to do with the qnes
Uon than otherwise, nnd, after ma
turo consideration, she agreed tlial
thai   was  more like il.
"I'd hate lo say what 1 think of
tnem." said another, who was attending the regular meeting of the Central W. C. T. U. "I wouldn't use the
word immoral lu connection with
anything ol the kind, us so many of
our good people wear them, but I
really do not think they aire modest."
And these waists that button
down the back!" lidded a companion
worker. "The women who wear such
ridiculous fashions bad better be sure
ihey are buttoned  before they go on
the Btreet. The Idea ol a grown
woman wearing anything bo ridtcu
"Another thing I don't approve of,"
stated Ihe first speaker, "are these
short sleeves which show a woman's
elbow. They may look all right in
front, but 1 think It lookB Just terrible to see a pair of bare elbows
sticking  out  behind���"
"And bo many women have bony
elbows, too!" added the other.
Mrs. L. F. Addlton, state president, frankly stated that she considered the style of thtn waists worn by
women  at present Immoral.
'"The W. C. T. U. standB for purity
In Its Btrongest and highest sense."
shei said, "and Immodest forms of
dresB are condemned hy all our organizations moBt severely. Of course,
we cannot take any action toward
preventing the wearing of such gar-
incuts, but we can express our disapproval and put ourselves on record
as ��� ngaiiiHl   such   Immodesty."
Notice ih lic.i-l-v given tlial wttlilli twn ninnthn
[nun   thr  lirsl   publication lu-roof in 'lie Brltinli
Columbia Oasette, I Intend ii,���,.,.iv tn the Hon.
chief Commluloner 'if E*n<U ami Worki fur k
rpeolal lioonu tn eni nml carry away timber
(mm the following described landi, ilnuted in
Weil kdtiieiiav:  Commencing hih poal pfentad
nu Die Month Ibore of Trulll Uke, al-nlit one hull
mile below tin- mouth of Hve Mile Creek, inark-
e,| "1-eslir Mill -'.iiMieii-', corner"! llienee went
UKi ,-hiiiiiH,  thenee  imrlli   .1 i-liuHm. UitMii-e east
ISO cbalni, tbenee aouth tf chaini to the point ol
Dated Brd t-Vuguit, lew,. Lnua Efo_u
Notice in hereby giv.-n tbat 10dan altar date
we ini-Miri io anitiv lo Un* Honorable the f'hifif
< miu mi- mum,.i ot (.kiiiK nnd Work* for a Bpeclal
llaeiiH to cut an,i carry awar timber from the
following deaorlbed landa; tfommenaing at a
poat marked C- V cablweli about two ami one
belt milea from the Pend d'Oreille river, ,m the
eMHt ilde el fifteen Mil,- Greek, thenee m chalna
emu,  theme BO Ohalni BOOtb,  thence nil clminn
n-ei thence unchains north to plaee of common*
Located the Ut day of Am*u*-t. iwmi.
C. F. Cautweu.,
Herman Ke&|ier, Agent
afler (late
ihu ciD-i
Silver King Hotel
Bust Dollar a day house in the Kooteuays.
Roomr* are well furnlibed.   Table ai good aa rut
in Nolioo.    Bar nupplled with good
llauoriaua clean.
W. E. McCANDLISH. Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kuropean and American Flan
Meali 26 oti.   Roonu irom 36 eta. to 11
Only White Help Kmployed.
hakei Hi., Neliwn Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ii the Pineal.
White Help Only Employed.
Notice i*- hereby glvo that '.Ht -Jarn
I tiit��'i.i toapply lo the Honorable
CommltHioner of Landl and Worki fl
heeiisi- to cut ami carry away tlmbe
toUowtiiK dworibed landa: Commen
poal marked Kreil Adle, Ir., about on
half niilii from mnnili ol l'cml d'Oreil
the i>h*i ilde of Fifteen Mile Creek,
ehaltiH  north,  llienee Hit OhaltU  went
chalnn nouth. thence BO chalm* en
Loeatctl the 27th <1hv o[ Jiilv. 19UB.
KitKD AniE, Jr., Locator
I'tiiK at a
d ami mull- river on
. thenee BO
���-  thenee HI)
to place of
Notice is hereby given tbat 30 dayii after date I
Inland toapply to th* Honnreble the Chief Oom-
jnlfiNioiier ol Liii-I* aud Works for a vpeiilal li-
eeUHe l,> '-ut and carry away timber from the following deacrlbed IuiuIf: ��� ..nmn-tn-uit: nt u it,,-'
marked ilcrman Reaper, about two am) one-naif
mUeafrom I'-rtid d'Oreille nver, on tne eaat ilde
of Fifteen Mile Creek, thenee Wl cbalni weBt,
thenee W) ehalns nouth, thenee 8(1 eliatnK east,
thence HO chaiuR north to place of coinmeneemeni.
Located the 1st day of AUgOlt, 1��06.
Heruan Kkai'EK, Locator.
. Burns & Co.
Mnrttetoin   RobhIuihI,   Trnil,   KilflOU, Knslo,   Sandon, Throe Korku, New
Dauver und Blooan Olfcy.
���"allI to any branch will have
111" "H'learehil alleiition.
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
SKAl KnTKNliKKS.tr-arVed "Tender fnr Timher
l.imllw, Woodbrry Creek," will be received
by th - unqoralgned ii|> lo noon ol Buturday, the
utbdayol ngolt, IWO, Irom anj poraondealr*
iuii to obtain special tlmbor llcenoei to cm and
carry away timber irom the fallowing dearrlbed
landij Blttmte tra the North Kork of Woi dberry
Creek. Io tlie AiU worth Mining I'ivlsionoi Wojl
Kootenay Diitrict:
l>oi l.f-Ci mmerolng at a stake plantcil on the
North l'ork ol Womlherrv Creek, abnut five
inilex Irom Kootenav Lake; thence south HO
Chains i tliemewest NO chain*; tbenee norih KO
ehalns; llic.ee east BOcbAlnitO I In- point of com*
L��t ll���Coiiimcliciuv at a itakc p'an ted on the
North Kork of Woodberry creek aboul Mix mile*
from Kootenay Luke: thenoe mhmIi ho chaiuM:
tlibiioe woat BOchaluii tlience north ho ehains;
lbence ua��t HO iiinins to lhe (toiiit ol eonimeiH-c-
Lol 8. -Comiii.inclne at a stake planted on the
Nortii l'ork Ol Wnoilberrv Creek, aboul seven
miles from Kooleuav Lake! thoUCO south 40
chains: theuce went Ho chains; tlience north 10
chain.--;   tbence  ninl  Kn ebalns    to  lhe polul of
laii I -Comnieiiclnp al n stake planted on the
Norlh Kork of Woo bi-rrv I reoa, aboul el-rfhl
miles from Kiolcnav Lake; theliee BOUtb fW
chnins; tbenee Well HOchii.ns; lbence north W
ehniiio; lln-ncc east ho chains to tbe point of
couniif licemctil.
The ihthoii nfferiniMhehlKhcstcn-'h boiitm will
be elllillcd lo spceiiil   licences  QOVUrlllg the Ilm
its- renewable Tor twenty-one iucpoiiI c.vents.
Kadi tender must be accompanied by a certified cheque, mane livable al nu- in Vlclnria 10
the undwralgned, for the mnount, ��MM.00, ol the
tlr-l veiir'* Wet for Hiirli na-clal licence*, and tin-
HmoUlll of Ihe bonU. tendered, an I al**<> i' ccrll
fled ciici|iie fm'Wililo for cosl of adVBrtillllg said
Deputy Commluloner ol Landi and Works.
Land* and Work* Department,
Victoria, U.e , July lttlh, lft)0,
The Big Schooner |J..#  f (\r
Or ������_Ulf_.od-H.i_r    DCCl    lUCa
The oni_y GlnsB of Good Beor in Nelsou,
Hotel accomniodatioii* second to none In Ilrit
tub Columbia. Kate* |14)0 per I lay. Sp.-.-m! rates
to monthly hoarders Ouly borne hotel iu Nelson
Lake Viet*
Hall ind Vonon-Sts.
Two blocks Irom
EateB 11.00 per Doy
and up.
Teltiplisstie 118.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
iinsl-wanc&   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest iwtnhlishi'd Kwil Entn.e
llusiiiss-s lu Ktssili-iiiiy.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district.
Mont of it situate on the West Ann nnd Main Lake.   See me before you decide to locate.
7 Dl.U*v.I_.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Notlfifl l" herebv (iVflD thai, thlrlv davs after
���Ute, I Intend to hpi��i>- to tin- ii. n,,-__>,.. the
Chief Cniiiinlssliiiier ol Lannl and Work* for a
Rpeelal IImMO to OUl aii'li-arrj- away timber from
tbe lollowlng ileseribeil lamls, situate on l-emuii
i-eek tn tltedlttrlol of WmI Kimti-nay: Oom*
menutug n a \xttt plan eii ou  Lemon ere k,
eleven (11) mllM fiOU) Kiinteoav l.uk,-, mljnlntliK
Uit 3ft4S, nmrkeii -ti. \v�� ^. e. oorner poet";
ihenie fi.rn (.o) chaini wot; tbenee eighty (wi)
muth; thenoo tor|y ri"i ehainn easti theuee
eight; (��" ohaini north in p ilot o( oommtttra*
ment,ooutatnlug three handiwLand twenty (3_��)
aereM  mure or less
Dated tbeHOth ilav nMnne, a.Ik. i-<06.
Brook white
Notice if hereby given thai :w Hays alter dale I
Intend to apply to the chief Oonunlnlonerol
Landa and Woru for .������ hjmh ial Ueenie to eut ami
oarry awuy umber from the [allowing deeertbed
lanOl, siltiiiieil In lhe West Knutenay alftdOtl
No. i.~Commencing at a poet marked o D,
Hoar's muthwesl eorner post, and planted on tin-
east bunk uf iMmeitti riverand abioit jtol-4 milea
northeait <���( Weil b<rk nf lbmeati river; theliee M)
ohalna eait. thence Ho ehatn.s south, thenee ho
ohaini wait, theme so ohalna nortii to pnint of
No. Br-Commenoing nt a poit marked O. l>.
Hoar*! northeail corner poit. and planted on the
east Hide nf Duncan river, and about _v 1-4 mllei.
nortbeul "f wut '����rk of Duncan river; thenoe a)
ehaliiB wesl, thenee M'-hums norlh, thence HO
ebalns east,  llienee BO ehains  south tu  put ill nf
No 8<**->dommeneing at a poit marked O. 1>.
Hunr'H aoutbweit corner post and planted uu the
east stile uf iMitiiMii river, and abonl  Jn l-_ iiiIIoh
northeail ol the west forlt <��f Dnnean rlvor;
thenee *i obaina north, tbenoe 80 ehalns east,
thence 80 obalni lontb, tbenoe 80 ohaini weet u,
point uf eoinmeneenieiit.
No -4.���Commenolng at a poit matkefl o. I>.
Hoar's sniithwes. euruer poal and planted ou the
east bunk of Duneau river,and anoni _l l i inii.->
northeait of the Wftlt fork of Dunoan rive ;
then :e >'������' ebalns north, thenee ��n eham* eaat,
ihem-e ho chain, ���onth, thenee BO ehalna weat to
point of eoinuietieomeut.
No. ���"��� ���Com in one Hit; at a poat matted O. It.
Hoar'- southeast euruer pout aod planted on the
oa-U ��ldl ot Unni'ii river, and about .11 1-4 idUuh
northeist ot west fork uf iMinean river; tbence80
ehalns north, thence HO ehaitis eait, thenee SO
ohalni'onth, llienee Ho ehains west tu polut of
i-iiiiimeiu ���ement.
No (>.- oiiimenciiiR at a pnttt marked U. ]>.
Hoar's southeast eorner posl und planted on the
ea.il side of the liunniu river, and aboul '22 1-4
mil s northeast of tne weil fork of Dunoan ilver:
llienee HO i ba.iia north, tnence Ho ehalns eaut,
tbenee B0Ohaini south, thelic. Huelmtna west to
point ul eoinineiieeuie.it.
No. 7.���CouimenetnK at a post marked O. D.
Iloitr's soulhwest eorner poit and jdanted on tbe
east s de of Ibineau river, and aboul _-.. 1-4 mil b
Dortheaat of the west fork of Duncan river;
thonoe H1' ebalns east, thence HO chains south,
tbenoe 80obaina west, thence ho ehains north to
polul of commencement.
Nu H. -Cammonolng at a post marked 0. D.
Hoar's uurthcust eorner post aud planted ou the
eail side nflnuiciin r ver, ami about LM l-l miles
soutbeaai of west fork nf Dunoan river; th noeSo
ehulns west, thence HO eliams north, theuce Ho
Cbalm easl, llienee HO eh Ins smith to point of
No. It���Commencing at a post marked o P.
Hoar's southwest corner posl ami planted on
the cast side of I mican river and about 'J:' 1-4
miles northeail of the weal fork ol Dunoan river; ibenee HO chains cast, thenee HO chains south,
tbenoe80 obaina west, thence no ehulns north to
point of commenoement
No. io.���Commenolng at n post marked o. ]>.
Hoar's northeail corner post and plauied on the
east side nf Dnnean river ami aboul _TJ 1-4 miles.
northeut Ol the west fork of the Duneau river;
theuee HO ebalns, wesl thenee 80 ehains north,
tbeuce Hfl chains east, thenee 80 ehalns south to
point of commencement.
Nu. Uf���Commenolng ut ft a post marked 0, U,
Hour's south w est corner post ami plumed un the
eusl side of Duncan rlvei and about -.i 1 4 miles
northeast of the woat fork of the Duncan river;
tbenco ho ehains eaat, thonoe no ehains aouth.
thenee HO chains west. Ihetii-e 80 chains north to
point Of commencement.
No 12.--Conimctu-.lnK at a post marked O. 1).
Hour's northeail cornor post and planted on tbe
eust side of Duiu alt rlvei and u In itl 'J.1 l-l miles
northeast nf the west fork of the l>uu> an rlvacj
theliee HO chains wesl, ihence 80 ehains north,
theuce 80 ehalns east, thence tti chums south In
point uf commencement.
Nn. 18,���Commencing utaposl marked ���(�����'.' D.
Hour's soutbwesl cortur posl and plauied on the-
eait aide Of lhe Dunoan river nnd about _M 1-4
milea northeast of the west fnrk of the Duiu-.u
river; llienee Hi ehulns east, theuce HO chains
souih, thenee HO chnins vve-t.  theuee ni eliuius
nortii to point of cnninieuceuieui.
Nu. 14.���Commenolng ut u poert marked O. it,
Hoar's noil Invest corner pent aud plauied ou the
east side ot luucliuri er and about *J4 1-4 miles
uorlbeusl oi the west forko! ihe Duucan river;
thence Mi chains west, theliee 80 chains north,
IheuceHOi'liHlus eusl, llienteHO eliuius south to
point of eoiuuioiieenteui.
Dated June Dili HKH>. 0. D. IIoak, Looator.
Ity his Agent, Ui.k UBKHU.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Bample aud Bith Rooma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tbe Strathcona
Nelaon, B.C.
8. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fruit Lands ta
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Oood   Sample    Roonu,
Queen's Hotel
B_kei Street. Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electrioitj and
Heated by Hot Air
L_rgs' and OoinlorUble Bedroom! and Pint*
clans. Dining Room, .ampin Rooma lor Commercial Hen.
MRS. K. C. CLARKE, Proprletreu
The well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
-  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Winnipeg Port Arthur
St. Paul,    Duluth,    Sioux City
Kansas City #..*>.'-���"���- St. Louis fm.OO.
Chicago *fi4 (X).
On sale AngnBt 7-8-1), September S-10
Final limit October 31st.
Toronto |7��.(!5.   On sale September 8 8-10
Limit November 80th.
Milwaukee *o_..o.   On sale August 7-8-1).
Limit October 81st.
Through rates all stations���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, Now England, Maritime Provinces ou application.
Bates $1 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Bates to Begnlur Boarders.
A. McDonald& Co.
Dealers in Rtnple nud fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Onmp nud Miners' Supplies.
West Transfer Co.
General Tenmsters and Dealers in
Coal and Woo i .   Express nnd
Hnggage Tninsfs-r
I', t). Ilu. Ull
VV.   a.   GILLETT
Ciintnictor   .1.11.1
Boletkffent for tho Yurtu Blob LumborOo., Ltd,,
rmull yHnln. Huugb uni) ilrt-dt-d lumber, tin lu-il
wink Hiii) brm-kelN, CofUl mill mui BtuUflU, .���null
uml dmirn. Oanenti brifk mui time for Mil"
Auloinntlr tirludur.
Vivnl mui (milory: Vornoii Bt., ����8t Ol Hall,
���xni-sorv H. P.
1'. O, Box MSI* Tttluptione 178.
P.P.A., Nt-lHon.
Yalc-Kootcnay Ice, Ft* tt, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
aud its suburbs. Phone 148.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nelson at H :80 a, m.
will arrive at Nelsou at 7:8o p m.
will leave for Knslo at 8:4S p. m.
will arrive at Nelson at 9:10 a. m.
City Pt-B-HJiiger Aguut.
A ll. f. A., Seattle.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
And  UBL.IVBi.l30 PRBB
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know T..toad's .Special Nbrtore?
BAKER SI. The Daily Canadian
Wc are offering exceptional   *7/T/��
value in Cut Glass. / Jv
For a pair of Cut Glass Salt
and Pepper shakers. Sterliug
Silver Mounted.
Peaches j
AND ���
Peach Plums  \
Musk-Melons ���
Watermelons     ���
Apples        |
Pears |
W"ill he coming in
regular shipments
from local and ()k-
anagau   Shippers.        1
Bell Trading |
Company        ;
4c4 Tip" for a
4 Canadian Morning!
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
"The Store of Sweets/'
Fruits, Confectionery and
let Cream.
Phone US. Bnker St.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want lo liny or s"l! anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Patterns.
Need Any Q
Frtiit Jars ���
We have the NEW Mason Sealer
with lhe All Glass Top.
No metal to get dirty nnd corroded.
The must up-to-date sealer on the
market.   In pint mid quart sizes.
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We also have the  Crown  Jars in (
pints, quarts and half gallon
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
[Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor.JoMptitneaDd Mill Sti.     Phone W
Gait Coal
Termi Spot Cub
Teltsplions. Kb Baker Btreet
Cor. Verisitii Hittl Wnril  Streets,
IVr--___iOIN,   U. C.
.1. FRED HUME, Proprietor,
C. F. Olsstu, Ainswtirth; H. M. Bnrritt,
3. fissurhiy, (t w. ..dams, Vanoouver;
B. J. Mophee, Slooan: It Benedict. May-
ssssk: Al. B. Kinjr. Miss McLean, Uruu-
lirooki A. J. Knipfi'l, Klkn; U B. Yates,
Wyellffej W. Fraser and wife. Phoenix:
A. H. Efcipperi (iruiid Kssrks: Miss M. L.
sidler. England! F. Adle, Waneta; Luuis
Pubst, Lethbridgt..
(i. W. .Inches, Sandon : J. L. Retailing, Knslo; J. Betahel, Vanoouver; F, D.
Becker. Oalgftry; A. R. Onnuiug, Eng.
]������ itd; B. A Patterson, C J. O'Toole,
Winnipeg; D. B Dulnmce nnd wife, A.
I citch, Oranbrooki P Lund, Wnrdiier;
A. K. Wntts. Wattsburg; E. Kelly, S|tn-
knne; J R. Donovan, V. A. Moi-gun,
r.etbliridge; E. 1). McLaren, Toronto; J.
Miiunt, Enderby; F. E. Sine, Revelstoke;
T>. Mi'Dciirttiid, Ainswtirth ; J. B. Win-
law, A N. Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; A J. f'his-
liislin. Mnyiie; K McMurnty, Armwheed;
H. J Vandervoont, Fort Steele Jet.; H.
I.'  Merrn, I'nilibrook.
Mrs. Funic Ehnlt; N .1. Patnn, J. T.
Smith. K. (J Meade, Wlnlaw; W Brok-
ensbire, Rossland; C. H Harmau, Send
�����.T. Henish. Trail; W. Benlc. Ornnitp;
Mrs. Sanson, Lacniubc; S. Warren. Edge-
,T. Wnlker. Vancouver; P. Sullivan,
Winnipeg; W. J. Williamson. Ymir; .1.
.fanning, Fernie; R. .1. Anderson, Calgary; W. Mcrciiiit, Rossland.
IfJ. M lliiil.sstii. W. A.Talbot, R. Dando.
1'. W. Swain, Michel.
A. K Bnrnhi ni. Cork mine; R Sined-
lev. Rossland; 11. Snilthsou, .1. Kerr,
Crawford Buy;
E A. sVisit. Spnkano; B. Winter, Sen-
forth; H. 0. Marion, Ortmbrook; A. McDonald, (ileugnrrv: V. P. Brown, jr..
New York.
,T. Mnrnick, Bonnington; B Dupmever,
Wesiley : B, Colburn, Oasoade; 0. Faulk,
Farriin, J. Gfleudinnlng, Oasttegar,
Wholenla and ltt-iaii Dealen in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Dumps supplied mi shortest notice and
lowest prion Nothing but  fresh and
wliiilcMitnt' meats and supples k.*pc in stork
Mali orders reouive oaref.il attention.
Th* regular meeting nf ihe board of
trade will be held in the board rooms
tomorrow  evening at   8:30
Silver advanced 4 points on the
market today; copper declined 1
point; lead advanced 1. and line Is
Mrs. J. Laing Stocks and Miss Cool-
ing have left for Jamaica, vi aBoston.
After spending a few months tcer*1
they   will   proceed  to England.
.��i, Avery, Conservative M. P. foi
Frontenao, who la operating a lumber
mill at Arrowhead, i* in the city, at-
tending the lumbermen's month.)
'ine Eagle's moonlight excursion
to Pilot Bay win leave the city
Wiiarf tonight nt 7:18 p, m. sharp.
The city band will t��e in attendance
and Irwin's orchestra win provide
music for the dancing at ihe pavilion
al   Pilot   Buy.
E. C.  TRAVES   Manager.
riu. BXCLU8IVB privilege ..f -.-.Hint? rafresb<
menu mi th.- ncletr'i groundi ���lurtuu tin- Knii
Fj.tr, September J MOW,   NoiplrltuouiHquon
fillowed,   ,li��- blghe��t orsni tender mn nect-.-
rsiUy accepted,  a certified cheque f-r lull
Hiiii'iim to��ecoropai_ye��eta tender,  sddrati
D. C. McMomui, Beeretsrr,
nh-.-h Agrlcnltursl end [nduitrlal -u-focfotfoa
NiIm.ii, B.C. AugUfl It, 1906.
COTTAC.K, ol iii rooms, beautifully iltusted on
double corner; nice lawn autiaomefruH; gL.--j.wi
itiali, balance us rent,  Corner Stanley and oh
iitnry streeta.
Tin: OPlfJCK SALOON, Baker utreet.   Apply to
ci.irk & Thomson. *
BOA I A good rowing canoe, titled with -.-ill ami
iifrt oars. Kor particulars apply to ll. W,
KrtlPnner, iiiiindiaii office.
Burch & Reiss' circus was well pat
ronlted yesterday at both the after
non nnd evening performances. Lov*
era of dogs and ponies were charmed
with the clever and evidently humane
training of ih<* animal.'-. The me
nagerie, though small, was I'ahU rep
resentatlve, and the whole performance  was  clean  and   Inoffensive.
Norman Macleod, who is spending
some days in Nelson, was lately at
lire Valley looking at land. While
he was walking along the trail a bear
cub appeared and ran along in front
of him quite tamely. On the road tlie
female bear was waiting for Itfl
young, and the two trotted off into
the woods. Mr. Macleod had no riile
with him.
The secretay of the board of trade
has handed to ihe secretary of the
20,0{IO   club   a   letter     from     Wills   &
Burchard, of Philadelphia, general
bookers, containing a request lot
views of -Nelson, and views and in
formation about  Poplar Creek district.
��ue recent rich discoveries near
Rapid creek have attracted a great
deal   of  interest.
We have the remedy. Our
expert optician is Riving satis-
faclion. We guarantee to satisfy you, if you give us a trial.
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
J. J. WALKER> ...optician
Have You Seen It ?L",lV��*r0,dc'w,,h"'F��'
Makes work easy.    Ask to see
them.   2se each.
Cherries and
Now. ns ihi- season l�� closing, nn.i I will
sec lhal your order Is Ailed wllh lhi>
host fruit in lip bad al Ihe lowest market price.
Haz!.?wood Ice Cream
C A &��_���</._���. S.H.SEANEY
Csirri.'r Silica antl Josephine Sis
PHONB  -���
Phone 206.
^i OFFER f
Red marking Pencils ',' for 5c
Uhte warkiug Pencils 9 fur 6o
Bine and nd marking Pencils      3 for 6o
Black Lead Pencils���Johanu Pabers
and Topaz, regular 10c pencils for 6o
Thompson & Douglas
Sii.'" Writing ii Spcclnlty.
Wall l'iip��jpnnd liurliip.
On Monday, while the C. P. R. Arrow lake steamer was at the wharf
at Nakusp, Captain Fraser and Jacob
Dover were in conversation on tbe
second deck, when a member of the
crew slipped and fell into the narrow
space between the steamer and tbe
wharf. He sank at once. Captain
Fraser plunged in and after some
minutes' diving succeeded in locating
the sailor and bringing htm out safely.
Georgia   Minstrel^.
As big and as good a vaudeville
bill as has ever beeu seen is presented
by Richards A; Prlngle's Famous
Georgia minstrels, that come to Slier
man's opera  bouse  Tuesday  next
There is no "headline" act,, each
and every one is strong enough iu
be featured with any company oi
vaudiBVllle   theater   In   America.
Like similar organizations it bas a
"first part," but the "Qeorgias" give
one that is different  from all others';
The Store of Quality
While They Last
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Blonk . Phone 10
tlOOM���Pronl bedroom in nice cottage, on Mill
Btroet, near Josephine.  Bui table fortwo'geii*
I lumen; references required!   Apply Canadian
RtiOM   Large front room: alls
drew Dully Con ad Inn,
inveniencea. a<1-
m MEN, m once, for work in thfl woodi.
i<> w.k. Cooke, Niwralll, Kulo.
LAOY BTENOaRAPlUCHforpoiiUohineountry.
Good home with employer'! family.   Apply
bnx VV., I'tilltulluj) ultli.-.
Tuesday, August 14
a Highly Mingling s.i tho Ulniln I HirvcUl
Richards &, Prlngle's Famous
G.orgia Minstrels.
Twenly-olghlh Annual Tour.
IU   IsiipsrlKl   I-ss si   MiiI.it.   lis.
I'miuI prlOW   Si'ats tstl sstlf Miilnliiy .1 hiillsiT
Tlu'si' iin* "t'litis" nf lilts.- ws- have ceased
tss tsnrry unit which s\s- wi.lt Its
t-leur uut.
W. G. Thomson
gojjgyp ..,s. NelS0D) B_ c_
Phone .14.
*"dV1 ...Tails
This istlic minnow season.   \\'e
have a full stock of
Pails at $1.00, $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
We have the greatest variety of Spinner*
ever shown m any tackle Htore.  Drop
in anil look around   and see for
Nelson Hardware Co.
Telephone Ul,
ll Is full of bolsteroui, lively fun mn!
music, with lots of ginger. There
sire no "tlunimy ends" or '"chair
warrwrs" in me circle; every one is
a worker, and If you wanl to h.'i.r
lhe last.'st this is the place lo go. An
entire new company is presented this
season and fnces for Ihe first lime
In  this territory will  be seen.
Wlllla mNlchols has charge of the
largest and ties! orchestra ever with
a .minstrel (how, Professor Pred
Bimpson has charge of the big street
Nelson!   Rossland I
Thursday, Aug. lit
Recreation grounds
Commencing 2 p.m.
(Admission  and Grand  Stand
Fifty Cents
Trains and Boats.
('row boat���On  time,
sio< .tn   train���On  time.
Coast, Boundary ami Rossland train
-On time.
$10, J2.50 and $15
Our LONELY Sale only
occurs once a .year, and is
now in full swing.    These
suits are
All Fit-Reform Goods,
the best clothing on the
market, made by high-class
workmen. Come in and
take a look.
AKitiAi. tuamwav. repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sheetuietnl Work, C'nstitiKB, Builders' Wnteriiil nnd Mining and Mill J|n,,i ���
Offlce nntl Works Ftsot of Part Hi.
I "lions.   3(14.
'���Inon, u-c
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd,
HlS'iMsslsliss Tn II. KKISTKKhlt \ CO.
,.|   Hi.lllMI.  isl
MltllllfstrtlltST. ol
Fin. Lager Betr and Porter Every Known Variety Soft Print.:
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
I*. . ). it. ��\  -1...
WM. GOSNELL, Managt,
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
WholuMin. I'rtivi(ti(ni��,
I 'rodUMi
Doialnlon Goyernmenl Oreaniery Ono-Pooiid Briobs reoslrtd weekly iri.li '
from the e'mris.   Fssr Mils- is.- nil loading grooMs.
(Uliee ninl warehouse: Etonston Block,   Phone T9.
Josephine Street.       - Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
I> your furnace in shape to start  the winter  with?    If   not.  NOW !
is the time to have it repaired.
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Lfi
1'l.EASK NOTE���We win nm be responsible f.sr any furnace nol [whw
by October 1st. lyilll.
l-t.p.,1, h,_ nnd .1,,1,1,1,,. _xUcutcU \\ 111. I .t-p.n v; li.   Sl.ccl MstSl I
\*<>rk,  Mlnlns ...nl  Mill  .Mssilsl.sirs.       Mssss,stsiits>iii's.,il
Ure  Curs,   U.   U.    .siistriiclurH'   Ultra.
'������'���'   !'"u'"1    NELSON,    B.  C. '
if The Latest Arrival at). L Gilker's is the 1
Superior in make and quality.
J. A. gTLker
MANUFACTURERS   f^  4 Cf.*        _���
AND DEALERS IN   *^iitX\.XiZt*   OllinglCS,
Lath, MouldinK��, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Braok��tsl. Mail Orrten promptly attended to
VBRNON 8TRBBT  -  .  .  Mil..st)\, B. C.
We Will Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDei-mid & McHardy
Onr BUrk  nfMANIJ   -SAW-- U   very  coutp'oW"
inolnding grades to suit nil raqnlroments.
If you wish it low prtocd Baw wt> OIU) Hiipply \""
also euiTy tint lmut qnnlitles uiade liy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'^ Ltd


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