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The Daily Canadian Sep 5, 1907

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VoU'MH 2.    No.   79-
Opinion oi Hon. Mr. Oliver
on Western Outlook
Gow uops and Prices May Restor:
Coafiatence���Municipal Works
At a Standstill.
Turoni", Sepl   6     Ths ToronlO Olob���
pnotUhea a   long  interview   with   Hon.
}'.,,���.     rr ;,, :     11.     which    among    ������til. I
be refers m Uu money  scai
. the Immigration.     Mr.  Oliver
nald a marked   Unsocial   stringency  In
., \.HIi municipal fluauces anil
peratlona  prevails  practic-
| , ighoul   >!���������   prairie   provinces
ring ihu banks ami other
itlons   of   ihu   east   de-
��� .!... lime bad coma whan the
Hurtiirr expansion o( credit in oonnao
tion ��n!i real estate transactions and
I municipal Unanoei   must ueceaierity In-
..���ri  nl  credit on ordln-
J cms     Combined ac
tion was taken, and without warning
I upon   which   real   estate
I men and munlirlpallllea depended were
1 shut ol I Ilia naturally created a con-
I tidentilc amount of unfavorable com-
I ment, and caused a stringency In liuau-
[ws.hK!.: il ppad liuihcr advances
IIn the prit.- of real estate and aLso
I mlcipel   enterprise.     No  one
��� can lell a^ yet how Kraal the conso-
jquenws ol this action will be. While
���atarygsj (greea Hint It Is deairable tliat
Ireal aetata slmuld not lie boomed be-
lyond i.ri'sent prices, on the other hand
Itktre ii uu iiiiuir. that man) operations
liavi- Ut u oadartalu n whose auncaia tie
1 iu I) un a further advance
lln price, r.r,: rallura of ihese opers>
I ��� .:>�� to lhe actluu of the banks.
���will no doubt result seriously lo the
Ipirtles Immediately concerned, and how
���fir kyoml uu uue can say.
Th.- diUkiilUeB    which    the   inunlri-
|palHles Snd in disposing  of   their  de-
Knlures I;..- nr several cases  compelled
lhe nupensloB of work already   under
Tills leaves them In a very un
���fortunate position, and it Is Impossible
|to ��a> offliuiul Just how i li.- various dif-
Bei mii be adjusted.   On ihe other
mid. il is generally    conceded     thai
���money rur ordinary  bustni-sa   purposes
p available  In   Buffldenl   volume,   but
"fre Is nu doubt   that   until   the   crop
"JndlUoni are   settled   for   the   season
"ere li an appreciable t.mdeney to re-
jiwcr credit ami iu stiffen rate*.   ThlB
applies iu loan companies  as  well  as
1 oanks.     if t[1(.  preaenl   crop   comes
' '" BKXl  ibape, as il  very well may.
M wit!, pteaent prices, ilnundul con-
Pdence will  no   doubt   be   entirely   re-
f-subhahed u lar as ordinary  business
I """-Is ai learned, bill  It  may be
P1"''!) taksn i..r granted thai  ihe em
' "wtlntis i. adranolni prion of real
I ���   I  tol   ;. nine.    The re estab
""""'���t ui munldpal oredll   win da-
,"'1 PMtlj  Upon lh,. results of the crop
Partis  upon  whether  real  eetat*
"iirlaliu il�� present  value or  becomes
I"',:.  .,,!
Ilwii.sr.a.l inrrles |lilvi.  not   been  as
L""'"""1   lhl��   sins,,,,    ���H    |���Ht-   ,,w-lnK
"'"'I''") t��� ��� tuna, on |n thG lllov<..
r""ii the United Stales. The re-
I'"' "' fuel and transporuuon oondl
r ��'"'last winter had an effect which
��� iceetituated by ulu lk,.���p (,r ,i���,
W'��'"^ Hi the spr|11K, ������|| b, ������. ���,
L,r, ni"a "" '���"' <""*" running
J-.IU,. ,"'""""" '"'""'Inly ns compared
livl "'ul" ,"""l"i' sonthwesterlv to
Pate a 1  ""' BortnWM��  I'��rt of which
*'^t.iz.,r'Vi,,',,',i''' ""h """" """���"">*,">
"�� touniln, """ '" 'r"'t"K '��"��' ���>:�����*
K   h   !", "'   "�� U��h PrtoM to
llrrrv, ,'            ''V"W""'1   Canadian    lanilr.
' " ''m >   lhe  railroads  ami
|Ud oo
'ihe Invest Ing fiirm
r"lteUiiii,.i u '"vesting r.uinei
F-nn-wtMii "'" '"'���' lhi" ����� can
I'has,. ,���, ,,d, '"""'"'   I Hon   and   pin-
ror��"��h,. haa   K,|,,i"^ or as much
l'Mioimi^ ,,", ",l:n")' '�� Pay for. at u
|l'"'4i.llv ���i
�� condillon  la or.
"">' ailriieilv,. i,   '    '"'
' M] out In ii,    ,.   ""'" wno ����� n|i'"
������r1-*'" ami  J'" ,:"""" ��"��*"��� M high
<-<iUlvu.,, ���   """   '"*���   able   lo   (a
piices so thai Canadlun binds have
ceased to be as attractive as formerly,
anil  many of Ihe agencies who handled
Canadian lands In the states have transferred their energies to northwest Texas.
So that where two years rko there were.
say, a thousand agencies of different
hinds In the lulled Slates booming
Cands, for the sake of a commission
on Canadian lauds, the same agencies
are now using like endeavors to secure
a a ininlsslon on the sale of Texas
lauds. Notwithstanding everything,
however, the moveimni from the
Doited Stales has been entirely satisfactory In amount. With lhe present
crop prospects It m:ly be expected lo
Improve next year.
Fifty Cunts a Month
United States Has Leased
Speaker of Canadian House of Commons
"Wanted" bv Police.
Winnipeg, Sept. 5��� l,asl Friday night,
while the people of Winnipeg slept, the
police of Ihe city were hot on the trail
of no less a personage than the lion. It
F. Sutherland, speaker of the Canadian
house of commons And what could
the Winnipeg police want of the first
commoner Of the land, the gentle, court-
.oils, estimable Hubert Franklin Sutherland?
The police did not know. They were
simply acting on the Instructions of
Colonel Percy Sherwood, chief of the
Dominion police. Ottawa, to ascertain
the address of Speaker Sutherland and
wire the Information to the capital. He-
yond having a good description of Mr.
Sutherland and carrying [sisillve assurances that his previous record was
good, they were acting In the dark.
It transpired that Speaker Sutherland had fully 4S hours' start of the
liillce. and was at the time of receipt
of the telegram somewhere In the
neighborhood of the Rocky Mountains
aboard a C. P. H. (Iyer on his way lo
the coast.
No, Justice was not foiled. Sir Wilfrid I.auiier was simply Inconvenienced.
The premier had plugged the gaping
voids of his cabinet by the uppointtnent
of Hon. William Pugsley and Hon. ll. o
P. Crnhnm. and wished to bring on Ibe
bye-elections. He wanled to locate
Speaker Siilherlaud for lhe issuance of
the writs.
Whether Ottawa has been successfully clucking Bntherland In hla westward lllght. or whether It Is possible
for that gentleman lo Issue election
writs from a sleeping car running at
full spiM-d. so far remains a myBtery.
Aside from Its tiolttlcal significance,
how. ver. the incident Is important as
the first authenticated Instance of a
speaker In the Canadian house of commons being "pursued" hy the iiollce.
Obelisk   of   White    Marble    Erected   in
Buffalo   to   America's   Third
Murdered   President.
Remarkable Report from Berlin���Big
Programme Laid Down for
Evans' Squadron.
New York. Sept. 5.���Some Interesting
Informal ion bearing on the despatch of
Admiral Evans' battleship fleet to the
Pacific Is published In the Times today
ami is crediU-d to a high authority. The
admiral, it is staled, docs not mean to
confine the Beet's movements to the
Pacific coast. The president's plan Is
to send lhe warships on to Hawaii and
then to the Philippines after their visit
to California pons. When orders are
issued for their return the route designated Is by the Sues canal. Thus the
fleet will cfTCle the globe. The flag
ship of the new !leet will be the New
Hampshire, a 16,uu0 ton battleship
whichis to be ready for commission
early in January. As soon as possible
she is to be Joined by the Mississippi
and the Ohio, two first class battleships
of lU.OOu tons each, now under construction by the Cramps, and nearlng completion. These three powerful vessels
will have as consorts three veterans of
the Spanish war, the battleships Iowa,
Indiana and Massachussetts which are
now being modernized.
*s mm advanced their
"'     tWi
llulTalo. Sepl D���The monument to
be dedicated here today In memory of
Wm. McKlnley was erected hy Iheslnli
of New York on a site provided by the
city of lluffalo. It is In tbe form of au
obelisk of white marble 111! feel high
and Is situated at Niagara Avenue. The
obelisk resls Upon a p. destal fl.'ti I n
feel high. Ihe base of wlllc Is twelve
feel above the slle.i level Tbe whole
Is surrounded by a tessellated pronieii
rule embi Dished with ornate pnrnpetr
and balustrades und splashing foun
On four Bides of the base of the
column are lhe following Inscriptions:
"This shan was erected by the state
of New York to honor ihe memory of
William McKlnley. twenty fifth presi
dent of the Doited Slates of America "
���William McKlnley was bom al Miles.
Ohio, January 19, IS Ir.. was enlisted In
the twenty-third Ohio volunteers, June
11. ki'.i. as a private, ami mustered
i ul July 2(1. lSfi.1, ns major by brevel
for gallantry under fire " "William McKlnley   was   elected   to   oongreu   as  a
representative of Ohio in 1878, '80, '88,
'SI, '88, was sleeted governor of Ohio
In 1K91 and 1884, and president of the
United     Sillies     In     188(1     and     1DIHI."
"William McKlnley died in Buffalo,
Sepl. Uth, 1901, lhe victim of a trench
erous assassin, who shot the proslileir
ns he was extending to him Ihe hnnd
of ccurtesy."
The monument wns built under the
direction of a commission composed of
r.  Buehler  and  George  B.  M��tthew��,
or lluffalo. John fl. Mllburn or New
York, formerly of Buffalo and at whoia
home President McKlnley died, and B.
A. Curlls of Predonia. Today sees nn
end lo their work nnd Chairman Butler
forniullly hands over lo QoYemor
Hughes a work romiileled In every dotal!  and of nire .irtlsllc beauty.
Berlin, Sept. 5.���A special despatch
from Shanghai Bays that the Cuited
St.ilos lias taken a five year lease ol
Norvlk Hay. south of Vladivostok, am;
has also leased for next winter the
floating drydock at Vladivostok.
Washington. Sept. 5.���The navy de
pari ment has practically decided ti
christen the 20.UUU ton battleship No
29. a sister ship to the Delaware, th.
"New York." This can be effected by
changing the name of the armored
cruiser of that name to the "Saratogn."
Theodore Stefaink, Leader of Rutheniar
Colony in   Manitoba.  Devotes
Himself to Task.
Winnipeg. Sept. B.~-"More education
���less crime." This has been the funda
mental keynote on which Theodore
Stofanlk, now superintendent organizer
or Kuthenlan schools In Manitoba, whe
resigned today Ironi the police force,
has persistently worked since he first
stepped on Canadian soil in 1S95. In
that year he could not speak one word
or Kngllsh, but this defect did not In
the least deter him from a laudable
endeavor to enlighten his fellow 'countrymen who had not been so favored
as he waB in the matter of education
With keen perception be saw what
Canadians could not see���that the for
elgn element of the province, which wa:
gaining an 111 reputation owing to the
frequent appearaaee of membere of
that class In the police court dock.
were "drunk with freedom." I.Ike
a spring wound up to the hlghesr
notch, tlmse people, oppressed for generations ni'iilh the Iron heel ol bureau
ei-acy, became, so soon as restraint wa-.i
withdrawn, elated by Ihe thought or
nhsolutu freedom and In the ecslncy of
their new-found liberty, rar beyond the
anticipation or their wildest dreams-.
they scarcely knew how In drnw the
line between order and disorder. Thus
their frequent outbrenks which have appalled tho peace-loving and more staid
citizens who have not the rainiest conception of how II feels lo be suddenly
re'eased rioni the bondage of Oppression to a liberty never known before.
Realizing this Theodore Slernnlk set
blsmselr   to   the   task   or   learning   the
Knglish language, in the meantime doing his utmost to advance the causa
or education among tha foreigners win,
had made their homes III the new land.
He worked ns a common laborer on
railway construction. In mining, nnd at
various other employments, coming Into even closer contact with the men he
wished lo benefit, and the more he
rubbed shoulder to shoulder with them,
the gtronger became his desire to enlighten their minds which had become
dwnrrted nnd perverted during their
long years of oppression.
In a little while ha had gained n
sufficient knowledge of the English
language to enable him lo commence
work al his trado and In 1901 he became
nn employee In the Winnipeg locomotive shops of Ihe great transcontinental
railroad. There he remained until No
voinlicr, 1904, when his hold over the
foreign element of the city being so
marked, he was culled to lhe work of
detective on the city force; there he
distinguished himself In no small degree.
He did not, however, relinquish his
uctlvlty among the foreign classes and
was aiways prominent in the national
movement of the Ruthenlans, and was
the founder of all their local societies,
It was for these reasons, therefore, th��t
the Kuthenlan Teachers' Association,
at a convention held In September,
selected him as a fitting man for their
head and so strong was the association's recommendation to the department of education that Thedore Stef-
anlk was appointed superintendent organizer of Ruthenlan schools In Manitoba. His duties will be arduous in
the extreme, and many out-of-the-way
places will have to be visited and much
discomfort will In all probability be his
lot, but of this he thinks nothing, being willing to make any sacrifice that
might redound to the benefit of his
countrymen. He will take charge of
his new duties on Monday, September
Theodore Stefanik speaks six languages. He was born in the year 1880
in Hrycewola. Austria, and received his
education In the normal school In the
same place, learning the Ruthenlan,
Polish and German languages. In the
year 1893. when thirteen years of age.
he started to work as an apprentice
In Dornwal & Co.'b machine works In
Praetnyel, Austria, and in the year 1897
he passed a stiff examination for locomotive engineering In Lemberg, Austria. He then visited all the prominent
machinery shops in Austria, Prussia
and Germany, and in the latter country-
was given employment in Krupp &
company's machinery works In Essen
In the fall of 1898 he emigrated to
Judgment Reserved in Case of Lindsay
vs.  Brydpes���Conflict  of
The hearing of the suit of Lindsay
vs. llrydges ended at noon today. The
morning session was entirely taken up
with the addresses of counsel. At the
close Judge Forln reserved judgment
intimating that he would give lt In
writing as soon as possible.
The taking of evidence was completed
yesterday afternoon. After the completion of the cross-examination of W. F.
Mawdsley, Mr. Lennie addressed tbe
court moving for a dismissal of Lind
say's suit on the ground that the two
sales, to Maddock, and lo Fisher and
Hamilton, were really parts of one and
the same transaction, that Lindsay was
really a principal in the contract and
therefore could not properly claim commission as an agent.
The court dismissed the motion on
the ground that as tbe first sale was at
$1K and the second at 825 an acre, they
could not be considered as parts of one
Mr. Lennie then made a second motion on the ground tbat Lindsay, as a
partner with Fisher and Hamilton had
c. ncluded an agreement with Brydges
releasing him from any claim. On this
point judgment was reserved.
Mr. Lennie then entered as evidence
a part of Lindsay's testimony on examination for discovery, and called his only  witness, the defendant.
S. M. lirydges' evidence on direct er-
amlnailon generally traversed that of
Lindsay. On cross-examination he denied having promised Lindsay 81,000
commission on the sale to Maddock.
He also said that Fisher's discovery In
his office of the two prices was purely
Argument began this morning at 10
Old   Peasant, Approaching, Emperor  of
Auatria, Taken  for Assassin.
Vienna. Sept. 6.���It Is reported here
that an attempt was made to assassin-
ato Empeior Francis Joseph this morning, nut Imit tie escape unhurt. The
scene of the attempt is place at Klag-
enfurt. a town of Austro-Hungry, about
forty miles from Laibach. The would-
be assassin is described us un Austro-
llungarlnn laborer, and the time dt his
attempt Is said to be 9 a. m.
Vienna. Sepl. 5.���1.3U p. m.���It Is officially slated that there is no truth In
the report of the attempted assasslnu-
tlon or Emperor Francis Joseph. An
old peasant, carrying a cane, attempted
to approach tho emperor for the purpose
or presenting a petition, which led to
some confusion and the circulation of
tho rumor that an attempt had been
made on Ihe life of His Majesty. Private Information on the subject corroborates the official statement that no
attempt was made lo assassinate the
Roots Were  Not Deep.
New York, Sept. 5.���Florence Byrne,
a solf-tyled healer, who was released
rrom prison last Saturday for having
allowed her six year old daughter, Violet, to die without medical attention,
publicly rptidlated tho Christian Bclence
raith last evening during a testimonial
meeting In a church devoted to that
creed. Hynie in his address said that
while ho was Buffering under the cross
,of punishment for the faith that ho held,
at a lime when he most needed comfort,
the members of the church had disowned him and had denied Hint he was
a member of their creed. Ilyrno came
from Kansas City a year ago.
Portfolio of Railways and
General News of Dominion���Events
of the Day from Ocean
to Ocean.
Ottawa, Cept. 5.���It was learned in
officials circles that Sir Wilfrid Laurier
offered the portfolio of railways and
canals to Hon. Rudolph Lemleux, but
the postmaster general refused it. Ii
Is understood that his reply was to the
effect that he would prefer to remain
at the head of the postofnee depart-
n?"*" ich he now thoroughly under-
stoou, ��u 1 make his administration oi
it a success. Besides he had proposals
to make in the near future regarding
labor interests to which be intended tc
devote much attention.
Ottawa, Sept. 5.���Representatives ol
the workmen and employees on the con
dilation board In connection with tin
Valley held strike having failed to agret
upon a third party. Minister of Labor
Lemleux has appointed Hon L. Fortin
at one time M. P. for Laval, to act a.
chairman of the board.
Maple Creek, Sept. 5.���Victor Chirset
a Frenchman aged 25, was found ilear.
on his ranch 2& miles north of Mapl.
Creek, in tbe bottom of a well. 11-
was subject to fits and probably fell In
and was drowned. His parents live lr.
Portage la Prairie, Sept. 6.���Augus.
Grant, of High Bluff, finished cutiin:
bis wheat yesterday and the grain is
now all In the shook. He is probabl>
the first farmer in the west to finish.
Grandview, Man., Sept. 5.���Franl.
Nichols, who was In the employ of T.
A. Burrows here, took carbolic acid by
mistake last night and died this afternoon.
Ottawa, Sept. 5.���A well known real
dent of Ottawa passed away yesterday
at his home, 460 Somerset St., in the
person of Thos. Borbridge, who formerly conducted a large dry goods and
tailoring business on Sparks St. He war,
79 years of age. About twelve years
ago he went to Brandon to manage the
branch there of S. and H. Borbridge,
harness manufacturers of this city. Ha
was quite well known throughout the
west. About six years ago he relume :
to Ottawa and retired from commercial
life. For the past five years he has
been In declining health and last wee::
suffered a Btroke of paralysis. To
mourn his loss he left a widow anl
three soub: Thomas, manager of the
Calgary Saddlery company; Edmund,
of the Hugh Carson company, Ottawa,
and Walter M., commission merchant
of Brandon. He was a brother of Henry
Borbridge of the 8. and H. Borbridge
Brantford, Sept. 6.���T. W. Clark, of
Salnsvllle. was Instantly killed yesterday by the falling of a bridge over
which he was crossing with a traction
Toronto, Sept. 6.���An emphatic expression or entire Independence wai
unanimously carried by the Canadian
Independent Telephone Association, assembled yesterday in Its second annual
convention at the city hall.
Belleville. Sept. 6.���Mrs. L. Butler of
this city now lies In a very critical
condition from blood poisoning, the result of scratching a small pimple on Ihe
back of her neck. Four operations
have already been performed.
Windsor, Sept. 5.���Governor Harmon
Is his own prisoner at Sandwich Jill.
Judge McHugh Issued an order recently,
directing him as governor to commit
himself, and for the next twenty days
he will fill a dual role. At a prisoner
he may be tempted to escape, hut ns
jailor he will be required to keep ;-.
close guard ovor himself. Before Governor McHugh received his appointment
he was a Windsor marble dealer and he
left the business with one or two deb's
unpaid, among them a bill to the Mc-
Oratton Marble company, of Novu
Scotia. He did not repudiate the dolit
when he became a government official
aa he might have done, but felt unable
to meet It at once and asked for time.
The company pressed ror an immediate
settlement, however, and secured judgment In division court.- On his rallure
to rollow the Judge's direction to pay,
the order to commit him for twenty
days was Issued.
St. Thomas, Sept. 5.���Section men
found the body of a newly born infant
which was badly mangled, lying on the
Michigan Central railway tracks near
West Lorne Tuesday. The Infant had
evidently been thrown from a passing
train. Thi remains were interred in
V   it Lorne cemetery yesterday.
1 ���� to, Sept. 5.���The executive com-
mittet *^<y" the Farmers' association and
the Dott��^>i Grange yesterday decided
that these *S(1 bodies should unite into
one associat. */. T the purpose of organising an agL' *ve campaign in the
interests of tbe .    *. -a.
Winnipeg,   Sept.   .. nk   clearings
for the week are S19JD....895;   190C, JS,-
832,707. -
Morton. Sept. 5.���Samuel Herman, a
farmer residing three miles from here,
cut his troat on Tuesday afternoon with
a pocket knife and is now in a critical
condition.    Ill health was the cause.
Niagara Falls, Sept. 5.���Jaques Erlan-
ger. the man placed under arrest last
week on a charge of attempting to procure possession of nearly 1,000 letters
to the Rogers Silverware company, alleged to contain money orders, by fraudulent schemes, has been released and
ordered out of the country. The authorities had not sufficient evidence to convict him.
The despatch from Fort William, announcing the death of Mrs. Burns
mother of Pat Burns, was shown to W.
J. Wilson. Mr. Wilson says that Mr.
Bums' mother died about 20 years ago
Mr. Burns' brother, a railway contractor
is near Fort William at present, and
his wife has been In poor health. She
may be the lady whose death Is recorded.
Fort William, Sept. 5.���Mrs. Burns,
mother dr Patrick Burns, millionaire
cattle king of Calgary, died on a sleeping car on a westward train near here
last night. She was en route (o Calgary
with her two grand daughters. The
body was taken off here, hut will be re-
shipped east. Heart failure was the
cause of the death.
Watson  and Company,  Winnipeg,  Suspends' Business���Financial Crisis
Left No Alternative.
Winnipeg, Sept. 5.���Watson and company, one of the largest grain and stock
brokerage houses In existence, suspended business today, after making an,assignment to W. F. Newell, manager of
the New York office. This Information
was received from the head office today
by J. D. O'Brien, manager of the Winnipeg lirun.ii, which conveyed the unexpected news and Mr. O'Brien has no
knowledge of the causes that led to
the suspension, but he thinks that the
stringency or the money market rendered it Impossible ror him to secure
money to swing, their extensive and
widespread business, but there was no
other course to pursue than to go Inio
liquidation. Mr. O'Brien believes that
the company Is solvent and that nil
creditors will be settled with satisfactorily. The company had offices In
Minneapois. New York. Duluth. Fargo,
and Hot Springs. They have been doing business here for twelve year*,
maintaining an office in the Grain Exchange. Mr. O'Brien, who is very popular with tho local trade, was the recpl
ent of many warm expressions of regret
after lhe announcement was posted In
the Grain Exchange, nnd all hoped that
the company would soon be In a posl
tlon to resume business.
Big and Little Chiefs.
Oyster Hay. Sept. 5-���President Roosevelt today appointed Lety Tiger aB chiof
of the live tribes of Cree Indians to
succeed Chief Pleasant Porter, who died
at Muskogee. 1. T., yesterday.
Borah's Trial.
Boise, Sept.���The date for the beginning of United States Senator Borah'*
trial has been fixed for Sept. 23.. He Is
charged with conspiring to defraud the
federal government by securing Illegal
entiy of timber lands.
Flyer Derailed.
Topeka, Sept. 5.���The Colorado flyer,
pnssenger train of the Atchison, Tnpel .
and Santa Fe railroad, was derail, i
near here early today. None oj the passengers received more than brulBes.
Manufacture of Cement
Local Syndicate Has Arranged for
the Beginning of Enterprise���Good
Proipects for Market.
A new and important industry will
soon be established in Nelson. A small
syndicate of local men. whose names
are for lhe present withheld, have concluded arrangement* for the installation and equipment of a plant for the
manufacture of cement blocks.
The company has control of several
available and suitable sites for the purpose but has not yet made final choice.
The machinery has already been ordered and is exepected to arrive in a
few days. The mixehs and block-making
machines have been ordered through
Isaac & Hinton. of the Nelson Iron
Works, as agents, and the Canadian
Fairbanks company. The plant will
have a capacity of 13.000 a day.
The promoters say that cement blocks
can be produced in Nelson at about 50
per cent., or less, of the cost of bricks,
and an even smaller proportion of the
cost of stone.
It Is expected by those who are _.
hind the enterprise that they will be
able to secure at least a share of the
contract for the new theatre. They
confidently expect that the progress of
Nelson and other Kootenay towns in
the next few years will be great enough
to provide them with a convenient and
profitable market for their product.
One of the Directors Repudlatee Company and resents Use of Name.
Editor Daily Canadian: ���
With regard to the importation of
several Scotchmen recently through the
British E. T. C. Society under alleged
false pretences.���being personally acquainted with the Rev. E. H. Tlppett
of Montreal, one of the clergymen mentioned as being connected with the society, I wrote him on the matter. I
have received the enclosed reply, which
in fairness to Mr. Tlppett. I trust you
will b^ good enough to publish.
Yours, etc..
Nelson, 5th September, 1907.
Montreal. August 29tb, 1907.
P. G. Ebbutt, Esq.,
Secretary, Board of Trade,
Nelson, B. C.
Dear Mr. Ebbutt: ���
Please accept my thanks for the
copies of your local papers, and also
for your letter of August HOth. I regret,
however, that I have been unable to
take any steps to prevent another party
going out, as I have no connection
whatever with the British E. T. C. Society, and I am surprised to learn Hint
they are representing me as a director.
I have never Invested a dollar In the
S'Clety. nor ever possessed a single
share in il, nor did I ever have any say-
in Its management, and the Information
received from you Is the first I have
known of their sending men to Nelson.
I did consent for my name to be used
last January for organization purposes.
as the Bcheme outlined to me appealed
to mo very strongly as one worthy of
help, nnd the Rev J. L. Brooks being a
man of standing, having aecomptlshed
so much in connection with the homesteads at I.ingfleld, Surrey, but not bo-
Ing entirely satisfied. I withdrew my
name last May. and forbade them to
use it In any way whatever. I have received men from them and placed them,
as I have done from other societies also,
but this was stopped some months ago,
and, as I state above, I have no connection whulever with, and am In no
wny responsible for, any of the doings
or the said society. Perhaps, as you
have this matter In hand, and as my
n:imo has been used In tho local papers,
you will see that they make a statement to thlB effect.
With very kindest regards, I am.
Yi.irs Sincerely,
j ��� *n
JHttV-all 1
il !
',��� !��� ������(   I
The Daily Canadian
i -if
���    '\
- ��� ���* ��� - "'"
We   are   now
opwdng up"Largfl
bhiptm-ut of   ���
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   so that   you  can   select  any  pieces   you
prefer and  make  up to  your taste.
Hilfl-ie-��t Quality ��t Lowest  K>rit*s��.
A carload of 5itwe. .'
has Juat arrived.
These  goods have advanced  slightly,  but  we  offer then
treasury but to the party campaign
fund, the Caisse Electorate, as it is
called In Quebec. It is in the "heelers' "
protits that explanation will ultimately
be found of the more thnn trebling of
the national expenditure within eleven
Our contemporary suggests that It Is
a sign of weakness Tor the Conservatives of St. John to permit the return of
lir. Pugsley unopposed. It hius almost
become a custom in Canada, however.
to allow bye-elections to go by default
In the present circumstances there are
several reasons why Conservatives
should not waste their energy on a
fight In which a victory would yield no
particular advantages. Mr. Pugsley Ib
not expected to be a source of any
strength to the Laurier government.
His election now, even if conceded, will
entitle him to the seat for only a few
months to the next general elections.
There Is no valid reason at present for
opposing the return of either Dr. Pugsley   or Mr.  Graham.
Nelson Land Dlatrlct. Dlatriot of West Kootena
Take notice tbat K. 8. r. Sinyili, ol i m, nr. H.
i , on ..pull,,11 iuinU-rtnt.u, lul-n.ls u. . pelv (or
. special tiuihcr licence over the lollowmL- ,lc-
m ribeil lau.la:
No. 1 t ummeliclng at. post plan led Dear lhe
northeastcornerposl ol l��i ,v��� .IMS. en Lemon
I reek au.l luarkeil K. s p. sraTii, ioulhwe.1 nor-
ncrpost  No   1. li  I,. ehallu   ,���,rn,    ������,���.   ,,r
leu i., .horn midway of ihe somii bouna.i . Una
ol tlinl.fr lloenoo No. Mm. tb.no. ����� ch.lns nit,
thane, tu chain, south, thence iu chain, aaat,
lb.no. 40 eh.ins south, thviioi HO chalna wait,
more or less lo tho simlheast corner .,1 alor.s.10
Lot No A*..J, thenee 10 i-haln. north, th.no. 40
chains west lo lhe point ,,| Imencement
Dated Joth July, i��u7. k 8. i' -��vth.
Henry Kelclierl, Akcui.
Nelson Land lllstrlcl.   District ,.l Weat Koelinay
No. S
lake uotlee that J. R. F Blew.rt, ol l.illlllK-
wooil, unl., occupation lumoeniitin. iuleiiils to
apply lor .special Umber licence ever the following described lands: Oommenelne m �� p wl
plan tea about .V> chains soulii anl 10 chain, waat
of post No. 2, marked J. K P. Stewart*. N B. eor-
tier post, thenee south 160 chains, thanea a/sal I11
chains, thenee norih lso chains, thenoe seat 10
ohaina to place oi oonunnncemeut con!aruiiii:t>40
lores men <>r less.
July 24th. 1MI7. Jinn.  R. P. BrlWAIIT.
Wiliam Crossman, Mayor of Cordiff,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up.      4.830.000
Kest           4,830.000 ..^
D. B. WILKIE President.
Branches in Sritish Columbia:
Interest allowed on deposits  from date of deposit andcrcditedquarterly.
issusorv branch    J.   M.    LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.  D.   1869.
Clpltal $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
8avlngs Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
Unexcelled facilities fcr the transaction
of all kinds of Banking Business.
HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published, six days a wee. hy the
Baker 81.. Kelson, B. C
BuoscrtpUon rates, VI cents a month aellvere.l
in lh. city, or 15.110 a ye.r 11 Bent by mill, when
paid In .dv.nce.
Advertising rates on application.
All monies palil In settlement ol The Dally
Canadian   accounts, either  tor Biib.crijilloii.s_ or
4Tertl.lna. tauit be receipted lor ou the prjjit'
forms ol  the Comp. ~~
Other receipts "are not
Thursday, September 5, 1907.
The annual expenditure of the government of Canada han grown in ten years
from $30,000,000 lo about $110,000,000
Liberals apologize for this by pointing
to the Increase of population and increased volume of busineas M juMily-
Jng   conditions.
The defense Is a curious    one    and
-north  examining.  The    population    in
18��6 was over 5,000,000.    Now it may be
about   6.500,000.    The   Increase   Is  lesn
than 30 per cent.    Still an the growth
of population has taken place chiefly In
new   districts, unsettled    or  only   vary
thinly settled In 1896, It  was to be expected that the cost of administration
might  Increase in  a  little greater  proportion than the population.    Howevei
local  administration  Ib almost entirely
under control ol the provincial governments,   and  the  Increased   cOBt  is  covered by the increased subsidies to tin
provinces from the Dominion treasury
The other argument, that the Increase
In the volume of national business hu
required an increase in the government
expenditure, Ib decidedly curious.    If il
means anything, it  can only  mean thai
the buslneBB interest of the country can
now   stand   heavier   taxation   and   thai
some outlet muBt  be found lor the in
creased revenue.
It is true thai the opening up nf new
OOtfntry   POCton! t�� tap    expenditure    i'n
post olllces and ouatomi houses., pos
sibly also lor public works though the
Dominion government's chief contribution so far in that direction has been
the guaranteeing of the bonds or tin
Grand Trunk Pacific, which constitutes
an Immense future liability, but has noi
as yet appeared in the budget in avc
count  for expenditure.
One of the many parrot cries nf thi
Liberals before llielr return to powei
In 1896 was "Tariff for Revenue Only.''
Chronologically it came between Commercial I'nlon and Free Trade as They
Have It in England. Tariff for Revenue
Only of course was meant to condemn
il,. principle of protection, "tin- iniquitous system of protection" which still
flourishes In all Its Iniquity, although
Sir Wilfrid more than 11 years ago
registered a solemn vow "never to rest
till he had wiped out the last vestige"
of It.
At that time the Conservative ministers were really maintaining a Tariff for
Revenue Only. At leasl that was the
practical result, although of course they
welcomed Its protective features and
were nut committed to any silly confusion of economy and religion. To describe either free trade or protection
ns iniquitous is cither wilful deception
or Imbecility. The admirers of Sir Wil-
Irld Laurier may choose their Interpretation.
Now,   It   Is   Hue  that   the   volume   of
Canada'! foreign trade has Increased
enormously, especially the Imports.
With the maintenance of lhe same tax-
Iff as before that has resulted In a great
Increase of revenue, lr any of the Liberal pre-election pledges bail been sincere their coure was plaint they should
have reduced the tariff; lower rales on
a greater volume of imports would have
produced the same revenue. Instead of
doing that they have maintained the
old tariff, collected a greatly Increased
revenue, and sought new channels for
a is probably not "deliberate misrepresentation" but only honest confusion of thought which led to the state-
iiretii that increase In Ihe volume of
business neeessttutes Increase In the national expenditure. Except in the small
matters of Increased duties of customs
house and post office officials there is
absolutely no connection between the
The reul explanation ol the enormous
increase In expenditure whs given lately hy Mr. AyloHworth  in  lhe course  nt
ruie   nf  llmse   frunl;   defences   el   "graft"
which surprised his old Ontario friends.
Mr. Aylesworth said it wiib less trouble
and Just sh cheap In I hi' long run to pay
double prices for everything that lire
government has in buy than to attempt
a   scrutiny.
Perhaps lt Ib. Probably 'lie lucky Lib
era!  purveyors  in the  governmenl   ri
turn   a   percentage   of   their "rake-off."
but Is relumed not to    the    Dominion
London, Sept. 5.���A mason by
trade, and a self-made man, living in
the humblest style. Cardiff's lord mayor
is a popular figure in the city, but few
expected that the King would honor him
with a knighthood.
Sir William Crossman, as many in the
crowd noted, is the first labor knight.
The knighthood undoubtedly formed
the most interesting feature of the
visit of the King and Queen to Cardiff
the other day. Great was the surprise
when the King took a sword from an
attendant anil, addressing the lord
mayor. Councillor W. S. Crossman, said:
in closing this function today, I have
great pleasure in conferring upon the
lord mayor of this city the honor ot
This unexpected conclusion arouBed
the crowd to the wildest enthusiasm,
and it shouted itself hoarse with delight.
The lady mayoress of Cardiff, now-
thai her husband has been knighted.
Is Lady Crossman, and lives with Sir
Wililam Crossman in a house rented at
$10i) a year. Although only a working
mason. Sir Wililam la one of the most
popuiar anil respected men in Cardiff.
This is the first occasion on which a
title has ben conferred on a working
man slill employed at his trade, and it
will give a new and honorable meaning to the phrase a Knight of Industry.
The Cardiff chamber of commerce has
$5,000 left over from the sum sub-
scrib bor the decorations and Mr. Clifford Cory, chairman, will propose a resolution at the next meeting of the chamber that an annuity should be purchased for Sir William Crossman with
this money.
Nelson Laud District   Dlatriot of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that Henry Belchert ol   Nelaon,B.
C , prospector, Intend, to arplv lor a -pedal 11-
01 ni-e lo em aud e.rrv .wity Umber from lhe fol-
lowing deseilhed landa:
No 6 CommenclnR- al a post planted near the
northeast corner post of Timber Licence *'o S2bt)
aud marked Henry keichert uorlhweat ��� nruer-
post No 6, Ihence (k�� chalus south, theuce so
��� nalhs east, tbence SO chaius north, theuce BO
chain, west to place ol eomnieucenient.
Dated July 2blh. 1907.
No. 7 I'ommencing at a post planted near the
uorthwest corner posl of timber licence No 'Jj&h
and marked Henry Keichert 3. we*t corner post
No 7. thence 160 chalus eut, Ihence Pi chains
uorlh. thence 160 chains H .-it. tlie.ee 10 chains
south to point ol commencement.
Dated July 26th, 1U07.
No. 6. I'ommencing at a post planted on Monument creek about 70 chain- more or less Iroin
where Monument creek empties into l.einou
creek ati-1 marked Henry Belcher, northeast cor-
uerpost No 8 thence 160 chain. south, thence II)
chains west, thence 160 chain, north. Ihence -10
chains essl lo place ol comrucm erneut.
Dated July 26th, lis/7.        HiMtv KsicHnrr,
Selson Land District.   Drstrr-t or West Kootenay
Notice Is hereby given tb.t 30 davs alter date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lauds and Works for pcnri]"8lon to cut aud
carrv away limber from tin- lollowiug described
No. 4 Commencing at a j.,-1 marked H.,vs.
N. W corner. 200 ehalns eut ������[ the N- E. ccruer
���I lot No ,12, post marked K.B. N. E. corner,
thenee east M) chains, thenee south 80 chains,
tbence west ho chalus, thenee norlh SO chains to
place of eommencemeut I ontalnlng too .ores.
No. a   Commencing at tie- N. w . corner of H
A 8. limber claim No   4, thence north Bo chains,
thence  east so chains, thence  south  BO chains.
Ihence west 80 chains to piles of commencement
at location pjst No   5, eoutaining 610 acres
I    li.   -    ;, I    - ; ,.!     i:-.    I ���,, rttor
ejeo. Huscroft, Agent.
Da led July 8tb. 1HU7.
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We arc showing our first importation of Ladies'
Coats. The very latest and nobbiest styles in cloths
etc. Now is the time to make your selection when
stock is complete. No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
Nelnou l.miil IMhtrltt. Dill HrtofW
Tnlte untie--- Ui����t Ueortl AW*��n
B.C., Intend! lo am-Ly tor �� -i
licence ovit the tnlinwliiK <i.'v
ComuietuliiK nt a pom plutwd n\ :
corner of rtt.*<tiiin 12, nwimhlpT. K
trlct, bciriK aiw.ui one--third
the aouth t*u).i<lnry  Hue
thence h -iuh   about   Si
Nelaon 1
."tK.-in-nay. I     Tftkl
, r, .1,   K..r-lo,   !   \tkn,\t \
- "-I   nuibcr i  H.,,,iy |
Ibed    lalit.a:   j   i.'w),^
ul h.fitrt'-t.  I'.*
rli-t fit Went Kooti-nay
���iay ilia-
. mile aouth of
f tiif Indian raaenrt;
tutUi* I" the eaaterly
bank of Kootenay river: theuce -.���uthon-n-My
alon* Kii.it.imy rivir baUtt a1 out Wchftini to
th.- south boundai? ol Bee-Ion W. Umiahip <;
thence BMterly about 6a chain* i" ih*- northweit
Comer of l.ot *M:    I'mlife   t,..M ti Ni . It itttif. ��'�������
the weM i.oim..Hr\ ������( loi fi.!. tbenoa w--"t m
chalim to ih.- p..nn ..( .oiPiiirui'ciii.-ut. and con-
turning MO ��'��� . ^, mora "f l- ���-
Dated Julv 4. r�� " i,kok-.i>: \iaxaxt>ia.
Xelton ! and It
Take uotpc \>\*
Kernle, B C
'  -���      ol * --' Kootenay.
ran   M��'   1- lla"d   Kraaer, of
w. tntenda ta apply for a m-eclai
....'  f.ii nv.itiir   daaunbad   laud*:
Oommencini; at   it    l-.-l    plnin.-d   about wvetl
miles vtcM Ol the Koottnaf rfTBr,   aud about one
mile nor-h ..( ii.-' In exnalional botmoary line.
ami about one and a quarter north-oaateriy from
the nor'h t-aj-i < orner of iiinlier Itcenoe No. HOfpT,
thence wm th mi eh ami, ihence ��i---twi chains,
thance north 80 chaine. thanop eaat to '-jihiiib to
point "f loniineii'-vment. aud i-ontulnlnK *>Wi
acres, more or lesa.
Located 12th. of June. 1907.
KVAN McCl.ILLAN   Fair*��R.
Dated this ��th ol July, 190".
notice that Moore Ki Dpta .<. Co - of Ot
cini,, occupation   lumbermen,   intend
r it special   timber  licence over the   fol
1. ��. ritM-ii lands:    CoinmencliiK Ht a j-ost
n the e/eel ��raa "'
l on Mtisqutb
a rrow lake, anl ulxiui
���outhweat corner of tn
���..���uth mi ehalns, tht-nr
Iiortb *-> ehaias, tbenct
t uinini ticeinent, and  ���
' Hated 1M1> July, 1907.       MooBl, KEl'l*L��.v Co
inn-- K.CALKina. a,, i, ���
hall mile west, of the
ht limit No. 4X77, thence
west HO chalus. thenee
���net hu chains to point of
tiialutiiaf o4U acres, more
Kalaon Land I'lstrlct,   I'l-trlctof West Kootenay
Take in,tu*,-   that   William    Andrew    Hnm,  of
Fernie, B  C . Uotel-kaepet Intenda to appl? for
a iparlal ' Im btf llirnce over the followlntr d<-��
lands: �� t'liimenclnit at at i��>i-t planted
, lu.ut -iii miles west of the Kooleuay river, mi
i urn creek, in the District ol Went Kimtenay
nod belnif about RU milt- north of lhe inln
iih'.i iin. bonndaty Hue, and situate at the
northeaat corner of W ill mm Andrew l:..--1 Nd
a timl" r ��� litiui, thrnre n.irth SO chains, tbence
ercatBe cbelna, ihcne. h.niihrvi chains, theme
eaat ���J| chalna. to the point of eominaneanianl
I ... n!-.| Julv 2��n\. 1&07
Dated ihe nth of auk   r-nn
Wili.uk  VMiriw Koas
Nels,,,, I^nd District.   District ���( wMt KMteBl1   I
Take  notice   that   John   Ptillhert ���i ��� ���
Hrltlsh <..lu.i.l.U.occ..,1M,l������, s.|,"B kL,***
lends  to  apply   (or   i-niii-sl,.,, Ul ",?^-�����
lollOWlUK     de-MTll^I      lnt).1 l   ..,������,.. ' ��"'   Lt   I
poal planted on the north bank  [SttSS,y '
said creek  Xn p���l���,  nf   COn^^camw^ffiS
tMlntrjfc 4*1 acres, more or less m- l
Dated June 5th, ��W7. joh�� rnnan
Alfonso is Rash.
London, Sept. 4.���King Alfonso of
Spain, according to a story published
In Truth, has been lectured by his ministers against personally driving the
royal motor car at excessive and dangerous speed. His secret motor expeditions Into France have also been condemned by them, The king recently
took a trip from Madrid to Bordeaux,
and this caused the French police to
protest that they could not be held responsible for the king's safety unless
they had notice of his intention to visit
Nelaon Land District District of West Kootcnav
Take notice shai I'aul Aukum 1'aula' li. ol Kit
'ht-ner, B. C, occupation lumberman, Intends
to apply forasj-eclal timber licence over the fol-
lowinij, described lands : Commencing at a post
planted at the douthwest corner of surveyed lot
rZIl-G 1 theuce aouth to the northern boundary
nf timber licence No. 7018, thence west to the
uorlhweat corner of aald Umber licence, thence
south to the northern boundary ol lot ��12. thence
following said boundary, nfsald lot wef t to the
right of-way nf tbe British Columbia Southern
Hallway, thence following said right-of-way In a
north-easterly direction to place of eommencemeut, anfl containing 6|Q acre*, more or leas
Dated Julv 2nd. TJU7.    Paul AnoutT Pacij*on.
Notice is hereby given that ou :.��� > - alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
ol 1-ands ami w'orks for i-ermissioii to pun Intse
the following described lauds, Mtuated in Walt
Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing at a t-oist mark-
e<l by name as initial post of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feel from the Junction ol
Lost creek with the south fork; thence one-
<]uarter mile to the northwest coruer poat.thenc*;
one mile to the northeaft corner po��t, thence
one-quarter mile to the southeast corner post,
thence one mile to  the place of commencement
June/;, 1J07. Located by Wm   Comkollv.
Take notice that 0.0, Clark, ol Nelaon. B.C.,
saloon ke<*i>er, lutendi to appiv for a special limber licence  over the  following   described   laud:
Commeni-itiK at a n��t   p'--nted   ">ii   Morning
Mountain, about oue mile w.-st of Sim Iter �� r* .K.
and adjoining C. 0 Cla'k's location for tlml-er
licence Nf. 1, and atsuit one mile aouth of Ni-!
sou, tbence west wi chains, thence smith ���*.'
ihalnu, thence east m cbaint. Uteaoa north s"
chains to place o( Wgtunlug.
Date-1 July 16th, 1907. C   C. Clark,
David Booth. Agent
Nelson Land District. District ot W
Take notice  that   I, S.  F.  Walla-
M K'-'denay.
Nelsou L*nd District District nf Wej>t Ko-ttenay
Take notice tl^t 1. Kll/alK-th Ferguson, of Nei-
���on. Hrlti-h Columt'ia. occupation marrb.l WO
man, intend to apply for p rmlsslon Ut purchase
the |t,ilowing daserlbed land : t'ommem-lnv at a
|K'St ; ' ,i u 1 ��� ���, *���> chains weat of the southeast cor
ner of section 22, Towimhlp (19, Kootenay, and
marked "K Y.'u N K corner," tbence w.st ho
���n:.- thence aouth 4U chalna. thence east Hu
chains, thenee north 40 chalus to thi place of
commencement and  containing ���*"-*) acres more
1Mb Julv, A. D. 1��/I.
NeUon Laud District. District oi Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Moore, Kepple A I o., of Garland, Penn .occupation lurnherinen. intends to
apply lor a special limber licence over the lol-
towing daasnbad lands: Oommsnalng at a post
planted un Mosquito creek, on the west side of
Arrow lake, and about oue half mile west of the
south west corner Ol timner limll No. 4X77, thence
north HO chains, theuce west 80 chains, thenc;-
south HO chalna, thence east - * chains to point ol
commencement, and containing M0 acrea. more
Or lesa.
Dated 16th, July, 1907.     Moor*. KbitleA Co.
John R. Calkin*. Agent.
-.1   dhi
One of Nelaon'a Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooma, aittlng room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large baaement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
eaay term.. Certainly a anap. 3 lota
75 x 12E. Apply to J. B. B., Dally
lu the matter Of SO application Ior the l��sue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for lot '*%
and the west half of lot 21, block U, In the Town
or Nelson.
Notice !����� hereby given that it la my Intention
to issue at the expiration ol one month alter the
iirst publication hereof a duplicate of.the certificate of title for the abov< lands, in the name of
Lvdia Shields, which certificate Is dait d tbe Hist
day of December. 1900. and numbered :t99l K.
"H   F. MacLeod."
District Registrar.
Take notice that ^) days alter dale f intend to
apply to the Hon. the Chief CoromlsHloner ol
Lands ami Work*-, Victoria, for permission to
cut and carry awav timber from the following
described land, in Went Kootenay:
No. l. Commencing at a post planted at the
southw-M cornel of timner license HMG, thence
west 80 chniHs. thenee south HO chains, thence
east HO c hatha, thenee north HO chains lo place ol
Daud May :,1, 1907.       J. T- BrROatwi, I/'calor.
J  W. colhckn. Agent.
No. 2 Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of application No. 1, thence east
HO attains, thenca north HO chalna, thence west HO
chains, thence aouth Hu chains to place of commencement
Dated May :,1, 1907.       j  T. Burokhb. Ix^ator,
J   W, Colhubn, Agent.
Take notice that John Ross, of Fernie, B. C,
hutel keeper, Intendl to apply for a special limber licence oyer the following described lauds:
L ���Commencing ata post planted In the Dlstrlctof welt Kooleuay. Nel'on Mining Division,
on the north fork of th*- aoulh fork of I>*��t< reek,
about five mile* up creek from where two (oiks
meet and about Mx mllea north of the Interna
tlotial Boundary Line and about twenty eight
miles trest ul Kootenai River, thence gasi BD
chains, tbence n< rth ho chains, tnaoce west M
dial tin lii bank ol -apl creek, thence flown stream
to place uf ' "in iii'-ini tueut.
J. Bonn, locator,
2. Commeinlng at a pOflt nlanied at the southwest corner of 1, EUms'sXo.1 location, tbenoa
west so chains, thence north m chains, thenoe
east m c balni more or less to bank ol aald creek,
thence down ntream to [dace of commencement,
j. Bote, Locator.
���.Commencing  at a post planted ator   near
the southwest corner ol J. Roes'i No. i location.
thence west ho chains, thence south HO chains,
thenee east ho chains, more or lesa. to said creek,
���heuec up itream to place of beginning.
JT Roan, Locator.
4. Cc
the I-
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
P. C GREEN        F. P. BURDEN        A. II. GREEN
Civil  Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Sox 145   Phone 261 B.
immi'iicing Ht h iKml planted at or near
ilhwest corner of J RoaTi No. l location,
then e east BO 'halns, thence aouth 80 chalna,
thenee wei-t Wi ehalns, more or lean, to bank of
nald creek, ihence upstream to place of coin,
j. Boat, Locator,
ft.  Commencing at a post  planted about two
miles south .,! (be southwest conic ol J BOSS I
No. 1 location, <m the north fork of the aouth
fork of L st creek, aud about four miles tip
stream, from where  the  two forks meet,   thenee
easilOchains, thenoa north ho chains, thence
went tit) chains, more or lesa, to bank of nald
'���reek, thenoa down stream in place of commencement.
J. IIosm. I/tcator.
menclng at a post planted at, or near,
went corner nf J. Boei'e No ft location,
List   cress,   thence  weal HOchalui,  theuce
thenoe BO chain* eaat, more or
.   aid creek, thence  down   stream
to place of commencement.
Located .'Mh June, lytrt.        J. Koas, Locator.
Time for advertising extended by the Assistant
Nelson Land District   District of West Kootenay,
Tnke notlOS  that Thou   R.   L. Uignn.of Hnn-
ner'i Kerry, ooonpatlOD painter. lntandi to apply
"��rasi ul Umber licence over  the  following
desTlbeO In mis;    ("oniiiiciicing at a post planted
on the tomb side of Boondarr oreea, about to
miles west of the Kootenay i Iver, thence west HO
chaltih, thence south Wl (halns. thenco east su
chains,  thenee north   HO chains   to the  point of
c'lnmeinKimiu,and containing-640acres, more
or ,e��s,
Dated July 6th, 19U7.       Thomas k L. Loosk,
Uth we
st orses
Hlj i halli*
f   Kernle,
B O.,hotsl-keeper,intend to appi> toraspeelaj
timber   licence   over   the   following  described
1. Commencing at a post planted about lour
mllea weat of the Kootenay river and one mile
north of the International boundary line, thence
south So chains, ihence east SO chains, thence
north HO chains, theuce west *o chalna to lhe
pnint of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or lesa.
Hated Jniyard, 1907.
2. Comiiieucingata post planU-d at the north
west corner oi location No 1, the ice south HO
chains, thence west ��J ehalns. th�� nee north 8"
(bain*., thence eaai HO chains to the point of
commencement, containing tilo aire*, moie or
Hated July 23rd, VJ0T.
:t. Commencing at a post planted al north
weat cornerof location No. a, thence north Ho
ebalna, thenee West so cnalns, thence south m
chalni, ihence eaai 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing 640 acrea, more or
Hated July 2��rd. 19OT.
4. Commencing at a post planted at the north*
west corner of No- 1 location, thence north Wi
chalna, thenee east HO cbaint, thence lOUth N
ebalna, thence w- at w chalua t o the point of
commencement, containing CtO acres, more or
Hated July 23rd, U01
B.    Commencing   at a post  planted
mllea north and   \ mile east  oi   the
corner of location   No. 1, thence south vt cnaina.
thenee eaat Ho chains,  thence   north  ho chalus,
thence weat HO dialn- to the point of i-omuience-
mi'ot, containing 040 acres- more or less.
Hated July X-ird, ltf07.
6. Commencing at I post planted at uorlhweat corner of location Ko.6, theses south Ho
chains, thence west BO chains, then-e north ho
chalna. tbence cast w> chalus to the point id commencement, ( oiitnlning 010 acres more or leg*.
Hated July Brd, 190*7.
7. Commencing at a poat planted at the north*
Wl H corner of location No. ft. thence north Wi
cnaina, thenee ucftHO chains, thence south Ni
ebalna, thenee east HO chains to the point of rom-
mencement, containing Mo acres more or leaa.
Haled July ilnl   1'.��J7.
H. QommeMCing at a |>osi planted at the north
west corner of location No. ft, tbence north HO
chains, thence iHst HO chalna. theuce south HO
chains, thence west HO chains tn the point of com
mencement, containing mo aerea more or leaa.
Hitled July 23rd, 1B07.
���4. commencing at a poat planted about 2
miles west of the northwest corner of location
No v tbence south ho chains, thenee eaai '���*���
chains, thence north Ho chains, thence weal HO
chain" to the point of commencement, aud eon*
tttitilng Mo acres more or leu
Dated July 24th, lBW.
JO. 'ommenclng at a poit planted at the
nnrthweat corner of location No. it, thenee qoi th
sh < halns, thence east HO chalna. Ihenoe aouth Wl
chaius, thenee west HO ehalns to the point ot
eoiiimencetiiunt, containing MO acres, more or
Hated July 24th. l'J07.
11     Commencing   at   a  post planted   about   1
* ���, mllea weat of the northwest cornel ol looatlon
No y and about U mile smith thereof, ihence
south HO chains, thence east MO chalna, thence
north *i Chains, tlonce west HO eha|o��� |o 'h,;
point of commencement, containing Mo acres,
more or leaa.
Hated Jnly24tb. I��r7.
lit. Commencing ata post planted at toe north
west corner of location No 11, thence north HO
chains, thence cast Ho chains, thenee south Wi
chalna, thrjnee west HO chains to the point of
commencement, containing MO gores, more or
Hated July Nth, 1*JU7.
13. Commencing ata post planter) Ht the north-
went corner of location M> II, "hei.ee north Wl
chains, theuce west ho chains, thence souitiHO
chains, theuce east HO chains to the point of
commencement, containing  M0 acres,  more  or
''Hated July 24th. 1WI
14. Cum menclng ai a post planted at the northwest corner of location No. ii, thenoe louthOO
chains, thenoe west SO ohaina, thenoe north ho
diaina, thence eaai 00 Chains to the point r.r
commencement, containing Mo acrea, more or
Hated July Mth, iwn.
1ft. Commencing at a post planted aboql two
mllea north of northwest corner of location nf No.
11, tbence south Ho chains, thence cast km chalua,
thence north Wl chalna, thenoe west ho chains
to the point of commencemeiil, colitalulng M0
acrea, more or leaa.
Hated July Hth.UOT.
16, Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of location No. Jft, thsnCS north HO
chalna, thence east HO chains, theui-e south ko
chains, thenoe west no chalna to Ihe point of
commencement, containing 640 acr. h, more or
Hated -hny Mth, 1907.
17. Commencing atS post planted at the north-
weat corner of loi atlon No. 1ft, thenoe norlh HO
chalna. thenee west HO chains, thenee south HO
chains, tbence east ho chains to the point, of
commencement, containing 040 acres, more or
Hated Jtily2Uh, 1907.
IH Commencing at a poll planted at the
northwtat corinr of loca'iou No lft, thence south
Hn chain* theuce weM HO chains, tbence north Hi)
dialiiH, thence eaat HO chalna to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or lean.
Dated July 24th, 1907. B. F. Wallack. Locator,
John Bhowy, Agent.
KU/ATSTH flfOtU*?*.
by W. A. Calder. agent.
Nelson Land Hlstrict.   Hlatrletol Weal Kch.i--nay.
Take notice that I, David Q   Kuril, of   Nelaon,
B. C, OOCHpaUon  merchant, intend   to apply for
rmlaaloti to purchase tbe   following   1. ., rll-   l
" iinnieneing    at   a post   plained    at    tbe
i corner ot section ��. township ev.
Kootenay. and marked "l> <i K.'a H. W. comer,"
tti.n-e north SO ebalna. thence east so chain*,
thence aouth ho ehalns, thenee wvit 40 chains
tn the point of commencement and containing
:Wl acr* ���> more or lea*
lftth July. 1907. DaVtnG   Kran.
W, A. (aider, agent.
Take notice lhat 1, 1 hoinas Harry Wllaon, Intend to a| ; > for permission to p-. :��� ���.��.-������ the follow ing nasonWil ia no .   Cosassenelng at a post
planted at the K K. OOTOei of ..���: ' -��� -i, : marked
.V   K.   corner, thence   south    lu   chains,   theoc*'
���rest 10 chains, thanos sooth 10 chains, thence
���reel to chains, thence sooth 10 ohalna. thonce
west   1"  ohaina, them e   -onth   I" chalus, tbence
west lo chains, thence  north   40 chalna. theme
eaat 40  ehalns   tO   point   Ol  comtnenceujeut and
containing ho acre**, more or leas
June 7, ."��� : l n- �������� *- Hknrv Wii>.��-<.
NV'ii.ilam AUiNli Miixh. Agent
Nelson Land Dlatrlct, District of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that I. John I ang, of Nelson, B.C.,
occupation   miner   imcn:    n apply foi  pt-rtut*-
sloti to purchase the lol! �����, <% described lalida:
CommencioK tit a !�����-��� ptati ed i I the N. K. of
l��t mr/i. thence east 2n chain*, tnence nnith 20
��� Iik1u��. Ibeiice  tscst Jo  chains, thence   north 20
chains to polttl of oounenoenient, containing -to
acre*, more or leaa.
August 2nd, 1UU7, John Lahu.
Take notice that I. Arthur Alex. PitrhfortT
tend to apply for permission to poTShui ik'i
loafingdcM-rlbcd g :    ro,nn,V,,,,n*V.'i
planted at lhe H. K. corner o| Ul rSsiSaB
Sd S   K. comer,   tbenc   n.-rlh 4n ch* n.   ,K
wta\ D chalna, theoo* south *o Sataa SS
aaat SO chains to point oi H��menessASBL3i
containing *�� aerea. more or les. ' ���"
June 7, liarr Arthi-baict  Pit, up���,
Taae notice that I, William ti .       ..i
to applj tor peruilMlun lo purehsse ilu Z f
itiK d. -crllM-d lands Cntuiut-ii. ma n ,\L
planted at the H. K comer ol Loll*:* tmiJZ
�����.! northeast corner, thence we��t ��n -!,..��� L
thenee sooth �� chains, thence ea,,. ��, r.^r I
theiic. north 40 chain, lo point of extern**** I
ment. and containing I do sem mor��? ot lira
June 7, iwn, William Kk.ikauj.-aith
WlI.I.UM AL. no MIL!*, Agist
Notice i* hereby given that dstresTitfeseaj I
I intend to apply to the Hon Chief 4 ��� if-J I
of I^nda and Works lorpsiislwlou tepogtai I
the following described tract el lsnd ������/. .t* 11
West KtMitciiay dlatrlct: CoBBM DCUf Him
planted atMiut one half mile nortti 1mm lortia I
ftnmmll creek, marked Jean . ameruo'i a * *
orni-r. ihenc* eaat 40 cbaiu*. thfiira mttsl
ebalna, thenee. weal 40 chains, t!ieo.Tiouti�� I
chain* to place of commencement.
23rd May. 19U7 Jr*5 rniK,
William ItAawMB. Acnt.
Nelaon l^tnd Dtstri t. Dlatrb t of W^t Koum I
Take notice that frank Mcl>onal4. ���! -��� i*t. I
Hrliish t'olumbla. occupation nUtn-r. i��i*alie I
apply for pamilaston to purchase tkt Illllljl
dea,, riu-i lands:   Cnmmciiciug at * t��i haiSI
on the north bank of 1...... eress ao<i ������,: al
tulle e����tcrly   from   the  junction of b*t n��ll
and Halmon river. In   the   Nvlsoo land diarkLl
tbence   north AO i-hstua,   thence rui * tula.
thence south SO chain*, tbence wall ttttUtt*
point   of  commencement,    and   eoouiniig ��� I
aert��. more or lea*.
Dated June .'.th. 1907. Pkask KrDaaiiA
-i*-". daya afU*r .'si. I !��� ���- :.'. i >i* . a I
Hon Chief Commlasloner id I*!. ;���.:������< -a |
Victoria. Be, to purchaae the ������������< _
���eribed land, situated in ihe West Ki��''(-iuf6>l
trlct: Commencing at a poat planH oivwl
weal side of Kootenay lake, near klisirtwl
point, Ntid marked J M, Klnimria ��� fc of*rt I
poat, thenee west m chain*. Ukw* swta ��� |
chain*, theoce raat m chains iimr*- .:���>������� UU
shore, thence along lake i hore tn poit'.ol tea-
Hated April 4, 1907. Hlgned J Mittim
Nelaon I^atid Hlatrlet.   Dlstrlctof WailKwtoi!.
ta  notice
.    laua,   V, H
tenda to apply   f<
Notice la hereby given that ��0 daya alter date, I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief t ... ���,..,-��..:.. :
of Lands and Work- for perinlaalon to purchaae
the following deacrllad laud iu West Kootenay
district, on wtst alnre of Lowej Arrow I>ake.
adjoining I>-t No. 494K, on the south I Beginning
at a post marked  "Marry   Mcleod's   N.K    corner
I.,ht and i lauted on the shore of Lower Arrow
-ake, at the sou t beast OOftMI of 'apt ) u: ���. -
. 4'IH. theuce weat 20 chalna. tbence sooth 20
chalua more or lean to the norlh boundary of K
Knllmorc's 1*. It . tbence 2o chalna eaat ahuur tbe
Bald boundary to lake, thence north along the
lake shore Ai chains, more or leaa lo |xilut of
uim mencement.
May 2nd, 1907. J. D. MOOTS,
Agent for Harry M. I ���-M.
Nelaon |j��n<l Hlatrlet.   Histrlctoi Weat Kooleuay.
lake tiottcf that f.eorge hufu* Carter of hirdar,
occupation, brtdgeman, tntviida to apply for per-
ml--u.n to purchaae the following deacrlbed
land; ' omuii'li'lilK at t��>st planteS at the north-
went corner of B. Bow* application to purchase,
marked B.W., thonce north 40 chalua, thence
east 40 (bains, thence aoulh Ai chalua to A.
Curry1* pre-empllou, thenee weat JO ehalns,
thence aoulh 20 chalna, thence went HO chains to
place of commencement containing ]Jt> acrea
more or leaa.
Hated July 12, 1907.        Okoror Keren CARTln,
W, J. K*ott, Agent.
Nelson IaikI Hist rPt.   DUt i Id I of West K ootenay'
Take   notice   that  OoOlgf  Htur
.Montana.   0     H.   A.,  ��M-ci|palloii,
ten.in io apply lot permission
following   deeerlDod   land:    Coi
faint planted on   tin
shall (Cariboo) lake, and at the
tn, of Milling*,
merchant, Into purchase the
nmsnelna at a
of Upper What
of i ot 8l.t9, thence went uo chains, thence south
tn chains, thence eaat 20 ebalna, thence north 40
chain* to point of commencement, and containing so teres1 more or lesa.
May /9th. I9u7. OgOBOg Htprm.
Nelson Land District.   District of Went Kootetiar.
Take notice that Walter McNeil, of Billings,
Montana, II. H. A., occupation merchant. Intelula
to apply for permission to purchKse the following described land ; Comineiu Hik at a post planted on the weslnhoreot (pper Wha tali an (Cariboo)
lake, and at the northwest cornerof Lot tlM
theme west B chalna, thcncg north m chalua,
ihence east 20 chains, them e south Ho chain* to
point of commencement, and containing IM
acres, more or lean,
May 29th, 1907 WA1.TKB MCKSll..
I, the undersigned, after 00 day* intend t
ply to the Hon. ttie Chief Commlaaioiier of 1,
and Works to purchase Uie following described
land: Commencing Hl the N. K. U. of Lot 7BM
(1. 1., theuce weal 4ti chalua, tbence north 20
Ohalna, theuce east 4o chalua, Ihence south '20
dialiiH to point of cojiifiH'ucemuut, containing HO
acres more or lens.
Looatod March 2Htb, lttn. W. A. Mills.
Take   DOttoe  that   Kdward Kr***r. u! t^.ap.1
Molilalia,   V. S  A ,  occupation  wiol bup..B>i
O apply   for  nrrniiasion to pQnkwai|
ng  Qeeerlbea land;   comm-uny ui|
post planted on   the w.-m ��'ii��re ol'pp"*h��i
shall " kiii ) lake, ai d ��i - r-��- totittisar tiMM
of   I>ot H139, tbence w. ������   i        atDi Oi*L'**��jei
SOeealns, thenoe east an chalna, thono* *"^*i
chains, thence eaai 40 chalna. morr'-r l,--a>-��*,I
weat ahnrc of t'pjirr W hatshan I1 irllej *���������
thenc,. northerly aud westerly *]>(.l iMsal
shore 80 Chains, mom or lesi, to p-iPtolias-I
mencement,   aud  conUlnliig ���� arrt*, b����|
,etB ^ ��� r
May BJUt, ion. EpwaW ruSS. |
Klaty days after date 1 intend to *W':!lf*l
Hon Chief Corn ml ma) oner of UD'1-�����. ��� *���|
for i�� rinUaioti to purchase the f(i!l<s:E( �����
wrlbad laud in West Kr-ucnay dlatrlct: ����� I
���������.:.; at a poat marked A C H i aorJ��|
uorner post, lunning 40 chalna wtyf-r *"*|
the boundary of Timber licence No *���'��� �����,ri
southerly bo ebalna, thence wester? *'W��|
thence northerly VI chains along ib��l ������*���
tracJt to the place of commencement. renUJaiajj
two hundred acrea. more or less
Located tbla 9th day of May. 1*"-     I--(A .
A c. Brw.to**!
Notice In hertny given that ��) daji att*f
Intend to apply to the Monorsiic oir   -������-;jM)
mlsaioner of Lands and   Works for P*���5
lo purchaae the following '!<"' rit-i !��'  ��� ' !^
...   ia...,   v    .ii.tr...i -   coinnii'tif.alJl.
udaryol l*< ���"���!'���
railway, thel.ee   lollowiug aald ���'���'lll,''VIu*t
right of-way loan easterly ��""^SsB
in   West   fctootenay   dlatrl
poat plant, d at the   west 1
and about lo chains south oi tin
of  the  right of way  of  the B   l   tjoattm
way,  aud   marked   I'.   A.   !"��� ���"��'h^,fcS
tbence weat lui chatna, thence rinrlh o��"^
boundary of the right of way ol �����*-���"_
���  -rowing aai't laiundarr"
,u.rly diPHdion��i��
bonndary ol UotldtOl, theme aoaui ��J3J
couuneiiceinent,  containing   H-0 ���'''���*'
' Hated tbla 14th day of June. 1907. -
I'Al I. Ali'l*1 "*���
Notice is hereby given   inai   ���"*>   '*\','w
date   I   intend   to appl)   I" ���'"' H'*1'    . ;.-**���
Coiiimlsalotier of  Utidn aid  "'    -i -i "f11���
slou to purchase the following <l<i
SlIll.Bl' "5|
Intnl. sltuali'l III Wi-.t Kn
in-mum ac . post |.ln.il..l ��;���ff,ifl
al>.,in���iii-hall mil.- n,,nIn.-" ""i" ', ",,ul��|
>..l J.H. Mrl.'s N  Krorncr. lli.ar.��"s       .
.,      ...  ..,._,.,.    , 1,,.,,,. rM\ .     .�����
till-Ill'.     .Olllll
ilivuce north  I"
aril May, 11��*7.
.halns, lh.��M rr'"�����r*|
,-hallts (0 Ms.. "I ."""    B
rr.ua I
���. ,,,,-n.,- snlllt
in. i >   ��������� ���!.��������� ���>���: l}\'T.y'",m,r
Kotloa lataaratn giv.ni nun Wain attar data i
iiii.m.,1 to appl. t,,ti,i. Bon.01.lal Coonilaalpiui
01 l.an.ls au.l (Vnrks fur |,.Tinlssli,n tn pttroEiaa
ih.. fniliiwi.iK daaortbad tract olUnd, sliuaiu in
waat Kiinu-iiny iiisirh-t: Oomiaanoltig at . pn.t
planted .m flacwroraak. n- ���.!!  ...nil
Riiiiimii craak, nurkad Margaret MoUuMblaa'a
N   K. oorna,' lliann- south tin liHlns, thvnra wvst
Wl tliiihis. Un���!, nrlh    hslns   lIurti.T fast Wl
rliiiln.. I.i pl.i I rinriini-ii, fiiii'iit.
fflnl May, llsiT. Hi.ao.ln Mii.ainm.in,.
wn.t.i.vi BaJnorjB, ak��iii.
���lit; ���!��>�� nll.T ilnt.. 1 Arlhur Allun   lluriiili,
nnoh.r, ol Burton I'uy  ,..,.-,..��� n, ���,,]iy tr. o,,,
' iiii-i Comrolaaloner ol I nu.is .ml WdTta, V&
Inrla, H   <; , iii iMin-l ��� it,,. |i,||iiwIiik drarrllaM
lini'lssltnsii. ni-i ni Burtotl     Cnniii .MiiksIh
pnslnmr.nl  "A   A    11   snulhwi-st   oornar*r iunl
pl.lili.il al iIiln   w   .���iirnur i,f h,l an.j i.    Land
rniiiiiim north no ohalna. thenoa eaat 40 Ob all a,
ir.'-ini. snirtli l,n i-hsliis. tluuii'i! west VI .In, im- In
pluci! nf riunini'ii i-ineot
Augu.t 1,1,11107. AaillUlA.BUlTOI..
then��� West ��l chains In pla.'l
/llr.l May 1SIOT
W,..l.l.�� B"^
,, tta.t(**l
���* v.i.
Kalaon Land ui.tn.i- DUU1
T��k,.nnll..elh.ll'aulAu��i.-l ' ���",���, |H
Phener, B.C. own pat Inn I n'��' |bt |��
li, atii.l, fur permission i" >'"', ������ .1 >,
In, M riheli landa:   ' """''^   '"'"'
pl.iriteil .1   lh.-s, i  '"",""','" VnUhM!,
ivsy   01   the   llrlllsh   I "l"'"''.'",, ,���,���, inll��;
wsy mill ulniiil H rhains "''*",[ ^ulis'li''
U uu ..PI railway. lli.'",','*",r,li��rii;'^,.
east 'JO i-halii.. thi-iiee  ��'.'!.".'..;,,. ,oolb*F'
-K.l III ilialus. then.
Vh'uii ���r snn.h ��>
I th. Hi"'.-1'.,,..*
rv of ti,,., lein ...f-w��y "i ' "���,! Jriy ��i'l"
nilhern   Hallway,  lh'0"   "���r,mi.|iiTO*"''
ihl rliiht-of-wsy to l>'��<J' ���'��� ' ,   ej),        ���
Dated this 'Jn.i .i��y ol *����.',''\;,,���in r"'n ���
Nolsnn I*nd Dl.trlrt.  IM.tnrl n *''$���*
lhat Krtvranl I 'u '    ��� .���!�����5
Take mil lee I
Ish (ulilliihla. ���
plv  lor  piTinlssInn  in p
aaacrllMd landi  ��'""""'',.
on il rth i.snk "' l;*
miles easierly Iroin  the.l
iunl  Halinuii  rlvi'r, m
th.-ii'.w nnrtli In chain
llien.e ..mill  "II 'haln
i-reek, tue]
nl eomlnelii'eini'U
more or lea.
U.tod June fltli, 1K0.
, im*
�� ft*:i
���.!..... !�����" ;.h,i;
HI '���"''*; ir��
moemant, ami """"
.4 .
rs* The Daily Canadian
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It Give*. Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Hams Arc
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P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
. ��,l���n Un I Wstrlet
��� thai W    lu    Andre
lllstrlcl ol ��e.tKont-usy
w   Koss,   of
,������. .,1. lo .nply  fur
, .....   i.ulowlug des-
1. . ��� ...   norlh �����>  chain..
,   ii    nlcom ..-..���" t
, poat  I'litiiu-'i *t the
:i,   \    Ho.--*   KO. �� rlHlin
I   ���
IU.  .
Ul     thenee   iv.'.l   V)   clmlri
���,-     ibflQM   "k-1   Rl  OhftlDA,
;    -111.    MM    'oIlt-.lll.IIK
U  ���      ���
v ..-   nt v. post   platUct   fcbOttl
I.   northeaat noriMt ol W U
.������mil mi   .hslns,
���    rhtvlni,   thenee   north   *���   ebJUttt,
-  �� hftlOl lo lli>- (-.-till of  ioiniii. in e-
a.0- ��[) ���        ' | 640 aV r,*.. more or lr����.
���;, Jam . IMV.
I    . : ��r   -..  *��i  ���   post   plantt-d   at
St)   ��� ' it int.   the tire   -enlhfl
haloe,  Mi"]i. <  <-��m M
MtMl     ���������  Jin.",   i oiBUH'tirj-Mneut,   contslu-
laifct a n ���
ILMttdlHItiniH     ���
| :������ Ill-rll.'ltir    KI    �� pO*t      plfttltfHl   ��l  till-
���A)    iAtii A   ROM* No ... Uini,
���."!-,    1ll.*n��c     W��-��t��)    r-li.tlii,
.- ��� im ���   VMI '���i i Imllli Ut
I.:-.������!!'* III. Ill,  Slid    COli talttllig (AO
.    b'   n    pOaft    pIslIlM   about
Itmojiliei �����-        th<    DOrtbMM   roMirr ol   Wil-
. ��r; A K ������ D   I '"U'.li hii chains,
thenoe   DOrth   *U chain*.
'..   --..int ol i ..inmeiic*.*
���cat, id'. .   ��� I   ���,   r.-i, in ore or leu.
' -Coinmtrjrwig st a poet   planted   si  the
ml*      -���������  \   I'..,*., .v., ftt-uim.
thence  i*K.��t   hu chain*,
���-���"������ ���   aresl  BQ chains lo
and    containing oio
Nelson l.aud District,   iMatrid of Went Kootenay
Take notice that "David Baarj Telford." Hu-
kaitiaoii, Kaak ,, (M'cup��Uon iuiiitnTtnan, Inivi.da
to apply fur a *p��<-ial Umbr-r licence over the fol
lotting .IcMcrlU'd lands:
No 1 'oiHineticliig at a pa,��i planted about 3
chain* north of the nurllmwU corner of Timber
I.Hull -111. west branch or Utile Moa.au river.
West KooU-nay. theuce weal W chains, thence
...uih wi chain-.. thenee eaat ft) chain*, theme
north ft) (-bain* Ui jxilnl of commencement au.l
containing MO acre*, more or leaa
hated July vth, 1��)T      Davii, IfEKKY T��t.Folio.
No. 2. ('omtneiiclna a poat planted on tin-east
It.iik of < ont-'-r creek. nnd o:i llie north bounl-
*ry of tirntx r limit M*M, weat branch of Little
-loc.nl river, thanea north MO chains, thence
aaat40chain*, thence aoutli IM) chain", thciicc
Meat 40ch*iu* to place of 'oiiitiiinceiiienl, and
conlttining *>*) acre*, more or lea*.
Dated July 10th. 1W7. 11 * v 11. Hemhy TKivord.
No 8. i.'oinm* iphik nt a |��.��t planted on hank
of Kui��!e creek. s-.Im.iiI ���&) ctialiiK aouth of the
aouth boundary ������( tfml-er limit ��l47. weat branch
of Little Hlocan river, thanea weat Ho ebalna,
thence aouih *�� ohaina, tbraea eaat ��o chalna,
tlwn.-c north 00 i'b��iii�� to the |-oint of com-
incii, .incut anl con tainm* MO acre*, more or
Hated July 11th. ttOT, Divn. IIbmiy Tai-ioat)
No   4.    I'omineiiciMR at a [M.nt planted thOQl 3
Chainaaaal from eaat bank 04 KumIc creek, and
on the tt.-t boundary of limit B,  thence  weal hO
chalna, thanea month ho chain*, thanea i-i-i ->
ahatna, tin. nee north ho chalnx to point of com-
iii.-iii-i-meiit, and i-oiiUituinK *-���" acre*, no,re or
1'ated July 11th. 1IKT7.  DAI DB HaShY 7 BLFOBIj.
No. M. 'omnienemg at a post pmiited aUnit
60 chain* weal of *ioo*e i'reek and alniut atx
Bkflaa from Ita mouth al H|oc��n Kiver. aitlil poat
la aboiit iu chaiiio ttt-at from D H Tel ford'��� timber application NO. U. thanea eaat V) chalna to
tlnbat applir-atlon N". It. thence north lt<0
rhalna. thenee weal 40 chalna, thence aouth 160
chain*, to point of commencement, and contain
in it mo tin ���. mora or le*n
Dated July nth. luuL DATtD BhVn Telford,
No. 14. Commencing at a poul planted al tbe
aouthweat corner id No. 13. IhenJ I mat 4-ichalna,
thence north HO chain*, Ihence eaat 40 chain*.
tbence xiuth 160 chain* lo point of commencement, and coniMinlug AtO acre*, more or leaa
i alod July Uth, l*1?   I>*wi> H��nry ISLFOhn,
A    MlLToK, Agent.
Earl   Grey   Lays  Corner   Stone   of   New
Buildinga of Canadian  Military
Toronto, Boot 5��� "Ah tha maple loaf
Ih tin- foundation <��f r.uisuiiati tad lm-
|M��rIal rtrongfh, bo I hope that the atom*
laid by meaim of thlH luRtrtiment will
b" tha foundation of an Institution
which win lend Itaelf t<�� promoto tha
I'liich-nry ni orsantaationi   tor   the d��
lonco   (if  our   country "     So   opoke  hlh
Kxrollcncy     tho     Governor-* JontM al     <il
Canada :���� ho tappad with his trowel,
thapad Uka a mapla loaf, on tha corner*
���tone of tho now library nnU muscuin
or thn Canadian Military IuHlHuie. and
declared   It "woll  and truly  laid."
The ceremony, which was the* occasion for the convening of a large number of prominent military men. took
place in front of the Military Institute.
on University Avenue. Earl Grey arrived, accompanied by Col. Hanbury
Williams, hia military secretary, and
GapC Newton. A.D.C, and escorted by
a squadron of Royal Canadian Dra-
BOona, commanded by Lieut McHrien
As he alighted from his carriage, the
trumpet! sounded tbe salute and the
guard of honor, drawn from the city regiments and commanded by Oapt w. J.
C. Hrown, presented arms.
Ucut *Col. Hamilton Merritt. president of the Institute, opened the proceedings by reotUns an address to his
Excellency. He expressed appreciation
of the honor conferred on the members
of the Institute by the Governor-General
iu allowing his name to be engraved on
the corner-ston*- of the new building
Tho laying of the corner-stone was recognized as "a happy manifestation of
the spirit of broad Imperialism." which
had been the signal characteristic of
his Excellency during his sojourn in
Col. Merritt informed the Governor-
(1'iit-ral that the purpose of the Insti-
i ut ion was the "promotion of military
art, science and literature." That Its
membership comprised some 500 officers ami ex-oflleerK of Canada, and that
It possessed one of the best military
libraries on the continent. To preserve
these valuable books a lire-proof library
and museum was to be i-rected. It was
fell that when complete it would attract
Other priceless relics now scattered
umong the people. The construction of
lhe building was rendered possible by
the co-operation of the city of Toronto
and some of its leading institutions and
Earl Grey, after declaring the stone
duly laid, thanked the members of the
Institute for the privilege of performing the ceremony and expressed hlB
pleasure In attending. He was glad to
know the high purposes of the new Institute, and that the new building would
be the storehouse of the records of the
doings of Canadian patriots, whose lives
Aouhi serve as an inspiration to others.
The history of Canada was a history
Of noble sacrifice. HIb Excellency re-
rered to the unselfish attitude of the
United Empire Loyalists, the struggle
of the early settlers against the savages, and the indomitable iptrit of the
h'-roes of the War of 1812, The same
spirit existed today. His Excellency
hoped that the Canadian Military Instl-
tnte might serve all the purposes for
which it was intended, and that every'
man in Canada might realize that on
him rested a share of the responsibility
for making his country's defence as
sure as possible.
Queen's Hotel
Baker street, Heleon. B. 0.
Lighted by Eleotrlolty wd
Heated by Hot Air
Lara, and IJomlorUble Bedrooma and Flrat-
olaMDlnlng Room,   ttample Room, lor Commercial   Man.
MRS.  I. C.CLARKB. rroprlelraau
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly reno.ated and refurnished. Rooms HO cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ER1CKHON. Pmorletor.
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court House
and Postotflce. Nelson. B. C.
We have had placed in our hands one of the prettiest best paying
Thin ia til. fur a quick sail, on account of owner's ill health. Call and get
full piirticulnrs. If yon have $11,000 we can make a good easy deal with yon
for this property.
8.  M.   BRYDGES,
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Tf emont House
KnropMn and American Plan
���*�����.!��� as eta.   Roomi from 31 eta. to H
Only Whlta Help Employed.
Kttea Ijiml Dlatriot* Dlntttt of Weil Kootenay
Take notice thnt we. Archibald Brum nor -trul
'teorjre Young, both <if the r|ty o( Nelnou. In the
1'roTliii-e of Britifth Columbia, lumbermen. Intern! to a[itily for Mix-rial timber license* over the
following ii. *..*,���.-.'. lauds:
yard.*,  we
both ��.f the ��� iiv ol >���.���"'-.. in lot
ritlsh Columbia, lumbermen, trior -; ��� ��� i-i ��� timber license* over the
������'-���-.������������'. lauds:
iiM'iitK st a poM nlanted about 250
lerly from   the Junction of  the north
ilHtfe Inna,im
ln| at a   l��ost   planted  about
��� *-.-.. rthwoat oornor ol  wil*
��� ���   i1 No 6 claim.thro,   north -i ebalna,
r -ii. e MMtth H Bbatna,
be i"'int ������( BomnMsa
I am acraa, man or ItM.
I ni  iwi.
b  ���     ' ��� .nif..-n--ItiK at h poat planted almut 40
|i reet i nmai "' \Mlllam
v Vmt  Ko, t rtalio,  thenoe M.uth &�� ehalns.
|m ��� ��� *���- v .   ihence nortn  (D enatna,
ui i.i tin  polA' of  rommuotK-
MtufteralalolnaaHOai r-��. more or 1i*m.
: ,���-. i jo,
[ Ing at a poat   planted   about
|t*omi>a- northeaat cornaiofWU.
'�����' a I. . '.    i claim, thenoe aonthnchaSne,
* nee   north  ������" rhalni,
OJ 10 Lhe  J-*  lUt   "I inniliiill' ��� "
���tttt.mil i'(.:,:���      ��� .- M ��� k. re*, in ore or Ues.
law       ��� . lone, IWI.
s   '���'���   Comment D| ��t n post planted about
I;* --..fit.. n..nli. .tft . oruer of Witllani
*��� fcj*!   ' Ibew ���    north   Ml  i-haltis,
gtMeom - lenoa eouth 10 Ohaina,
iWi italni to the point ol oiimmeni-e-
Bi-ntiti'l containing ��� tn acres, more or leai.
LanteilMli Jim.
_*��� "tnnn ni'ing at a po*t planted about
J�� ^M-ist  lentil   ni   the   iiorthwei-l   eorner   ot
|*...i-tu i. Kom'No  lo claim, thonoa south M
wbams, tti^tir.. W,M ro chalna,Uwnoa north M
I .-���,-, hnnio   lo ]...iiil of  eotu-
IB* ���*''"����������� i" stfl '-on tinning OtOaoraa, more or less
-wiu^HMti Jane. Wl.
��� o l".  Conuntnctni ��t a pom planted about
T>��ttiniB��iHh oi thi d  rthwart corner of Wtl-
|iwd t K..��- Mo. lo claim, taonoa north w>
KJjiDi. ii,. [,,v ���,,., m, ,.[,,.,nB( tnene<'south BO
Jr������ ��� eaii -i. balm to tha point ot i-om
��� ,vl?t,*'i "ii'lioiitaimiiHtHn -..���resnioreorloaa;
��� WU4 thntth day of Juiy, tsOT,
William Ant-hew Km**..
���Kciiuu Und IlUlrlct.   Diltrtet of West K.MiU-uay
he i
LJSV11?**08th"- ���' H K. rttewart. ot Colllng-
sM<ri ��� ""'"I'lttoti lumberman, intend* to
WJJoraipecial timber li��oDoaom the fol-
S^��fawibed and.: rjommanaina at a poal
n ���"������!"���. B.���i��� stream about one mile Kmth
tpSS^11^" "��������' the bead water*ol Oran-
;,., /k n tried J R, \\ rttewart'* n. k Angle
Eum iS.01 ",,ri" *" ohalna, thanea treat 40
��n- tteace south oo chalna, thence  west a��
.,".'.������ ,    I*  . -.--ii.s,   I M.i,,.-   easl   hi.
north <s. ohaina. thanea ��
;     ���   of oommanoamont
in oi leu
-, u' -'���' Jami*. k. f ktewabt,
, *B U,H Owtrlct.  Dlatriot of Waat Kootenay
Itntiejt. in hereby gtren inat 60 days after datel
Intend to appiv to the Honorable the Chtof i'��m-
inisiioner of [.ands and Works for a speeial
UeaOJe to -ut and earry away timber from the
following deterlbed lands In Weat Kootenay dls>
trb i
No. I ���"otnmeining at a pout marked W'tiham
W'nimi-li-y. planter!  at   Kokvnee Oraak Elding on
ib,.  Pi-ootaf axionalon, on the west side of ixit
BOB "ii ibe south side of the Weat Arm of Kooleuay lake, eninnu-iit'liiK at tbe N    K   corner post
r'Hinnm lontn ">" > haiaa, vroatt*) .bum-, north wi
ohalna, aaat mi ofaain* u> plaee of beginniug.
Uiiaie.1 M June, lwr7.
WtLiiAM W'aijuley, Ux-ator,
jAHRt*  H run* HO ��UI Age"t.
Nel-M.ii lAOd I'l-t: .< t District of West Kootenay
lake notice that Paul Aiigui<t Paulson, of Kit
clit'tnf, H. C.| iK'i'Up -itlfin luiiiii.-niiaii. Intends
to apply (or a ��p*a��-iN.l tlmlter Ut-ein-e over the fol-
lowlUkt described lands: �� ommeu<-|ng at a Dual
planted at the ���OOthWOai eorner o( Purveyed lot
nil-U4( tbenoa ooat 40 ohaina, ihem-o north*)
ruaiui, thenceegat to taaaoothoait oornorol said
b.i, thonoa north to tb<* oorthaaat oornor of *aid
lot. theuce east to tbe west boundary of pre-emption No. W2, thetiee south to the north boundary
of llmU-r licence So ���*������>��, theuce west alotig
���aid north boundary to the DOIthWOal corner ol
said licence, thanea M.uth to the north boundary
of timber licence No. 7010, thenee WOat to a pOtM
due   south   of   csiininciK-enieiil.   ttience north to
I i  <>t   commencement,   and  containing   Sin
aero*, more or le*��.
Dat��d July 2nd. lWf*.    I'At:L A rot* it Paiijion.
Ni Ison Laud l-Utrbt    Dlatrlct ol West Kootenay
Take notice  that   Henry   Keichert, ol   Nelson,
B  <;., prosj��eelor, intends lo apply   tor  a special
UoanOotO cut and  carry away limber  from  the
ist planted near  the
thonoa eaat too chains, thence north 40 ehalns.
thence |*M ion ehatits to the point nf commence*
men-, and rxnitalulng &4*i m-ret more <ir 'e��*.
\U(Hl��Al.D    I'M VM>K.
Dated tht* .''���th dav of Auguvt, 1W7.
3. Commencing at a post planted about '-ISO
yards wenterlv from tbe main and north forks of
���ummll creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay
river south of tbe southern end of Kootenay lake
r UK.��a    Hi,.n-...u.iithHl
Bakor 81.. Nelson Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Plnett.
White  Help Only  Employed.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers* Liability Inaorancc
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Joeephlne it.
following described land
Dated this Kb day of August, 1907,
a I'oiiinicttcing at a j��o��t planted about Jio Eaat
north from the bank of the main Hummlt creek.
������.nd alMint 2 mile* westerly from the junction of
the uortn fork and the iumiu fork of utich cr.-ek,
a creek (lowing into Kootenay river south of tbe
southern -nd of k ..���������. ���:,���> Uke in the district of
iVr.i Kootenay, thenee nmtn ��" chains, thence
������-.���I-." .iiHiii- thenee north *H) chains, thenee
uesttvi chain* to the point of commencement
and coniaintag MO acres more or lew.
Dalcd this .'.ih day of 4llLfnJt, WW.
4 Commencing at a post Planted  about'2 miles
p   an   unnamed   creek   tlowing   Into   Summit
creek from the south at attowi 22  milet from thi
month of  Hummlt  creek which   latter I* a creek
itm?iS J"   "!"lUi
airit mh,
���ll T,
ri-,k   in.rki'il J. It. F.
'������-I. to. ast Jll i linliis.
iftln., thanea wi-.ijii i-halns.
sins,  thanoa wt-sini i-lmlns.
"���ins. ti.'.i .i-i hi) ohalna,
-"  ' linliis (,,   ,,i ,,,.   ,,( ,,���uui,-in.,.
>!* '.in .ere. m��ri. or looa.
'OIK-   It    K   HHKWAIIT
Uo�� DUtrl.i.  li,.,,,,., ,��� ���,.��� Koown.y
*����� i''".,',','.",,""" ���l",",���,���  ".aatti "i Inokana,
'l'"'��! I'm   . , i','" '"""���I- llll.'llls in  appl, l"i a
���"""������i s,,,\.'.!!'���""��� orar lh. lollowln, da
'"���iiism,ni, ���i,',"""" '"'"'K al �� poal pUnted ki
No. V, theuce *> chains north, thence *>
west, thence >*o chain*- wouth. thence Wl
east to the point of coiiiiih nOenitM.t.
Datad July -*7,190T.
No. 10 OoaunanOtng at a post planted about 20
chalus nif-ru or less south from the northwest corner of t^ii go i'>-t:- on main Lemon
Break and mam-d ttenry Kalohart east corner
post so. ]<>, thenee to clialux north more or Leai
to about midway of the south Ixiuudary line of
timber   licence No    HM, thence   Km chains went,
thanoa w chains aouth,thanoa 160 chain* east
to potnl of oommonoemant.
Hated July 27lh.l*n
mo. li Commencing at a post planted on Mnnn*
incut creek, al>out 70 chains, more or Lea*, mi-ui ������
from where Monument trefck, empty   *"*" '���w
into l>ein
to the potnl "��� oc_
Hated Juiy/Tlh. 1^^,^. Ul ��� HKia, Wator.
��� K-'Ikjii [
Wi, thence wnt HO ohalna,
theu-e   ensl  HO  chalnn,
���S��'an.l ",'.,t.i;ill,,"i,,,-"1.'"  I-"" ���" .���'���������imcli
J ul y an, und""1" '"' aoraa, mora or loss.
"t:'::;:,:.";;-���' ";-���,.��� WLsiKnuiouM;
.'"at   l.   Alexamlir
Nel��on Land District.   District of Weal VooUHMtJ
i. line, h, c . olark, inland to applfl ior �� ipoolaj
Dmbor   licence  over    the   lollo��lng   described
���2.   Oommanoinc at a poll planted at too oon-
llucnceof\he north fork ..'��� Com creek about
two mile* from Its eonfiUOnM with the Main
creek     thenee   south 40   chains,   thenee   west l��i
ohalna, thanoa north 40 ohalna, thence aaat 160
Uinlng MO acre* more or lesa
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (.JgoBOK YOONO.
Dated ttlll HU day of AugUBt. lW-
ft Commencing at a post planted two  mllea up
,n * omnia-in      a        Bowlna   Into Hummlt   creek
V\l the      uthZSh  u   2^2 mile* fro.,, the month
SX?A?S^wSlOJl latter U a creek UOVtU
V,.i, i.", o eiiav river south of the  southern  end
ofEt^WlakiJS thedlatrtotoi   VVe.t Koote:
American     Railroads    Allege    Coercion
by Republican Party.
Philadelphia, Sept. 5.���The Reading
company, the Philadelphia &. Reading
Railway company and the Philadelphia
& Reading Coal and Iron company, have
filed remarkable sets of answers to the
suit of the United States government
to break up the anthracite foal trust.
The answers or three concerns of which
George F. Haer is president, characterized the government's charges as
"impertinent and scandalous," and declare that the defendants were coerced
by the late Senator Marcus A. Hanna
into buying their peace with the striking miners in 1900 in order to save the
Republican   presidential   ticket.
All the companies make the same
answer to the government's charges
that they entered into an unlawful combination to control the production,
transportation and sale of coal. It Is
stated that as a result of this advance
in wages it was found necessary to Increase the price of coal on all contracts.
Harriman Hard Up.
San Francisco, Sept. 5.���E. H. Harriman arrived here today and after a
short delay proceeded east. He said
that the condition of the money market
would not permit development work,
but expected no uneasiness over financial conditions, predicting speedy Improvement,
Royal Hotel
Rate* |1 and |1.G0 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder.
Most comfortable qu.rtcr.      Nelson
Only tbe best ot Liquor, .nd ulf.n.
hiins thenoa"north m imams, mcuco west*
.-liiins'i" tha p..mi "' oowmanoamfMil and aea-
Hstc.1 till" ���'���lh day ol Ai.k'im. !��"���
* I'mniiieinlng   at a post   planted   .Ijmitone
..d . hall   miles HP th
_ north  fork nl  Summit
, . ,,!,'s"il"wrr,rc Into Kooten.y river south
<rf ih. southern .nd ol Kool.-u.y laku In the dti
TVe'i��� ll art iootanaj., Ihenee ..st l��l eh. us.
,'l?Ji���e south in .halns. thenoa cat ��1 ohalna,
SEZl KnS 40 ohalna, thanea ��e.tau chain.,
Sis"    * ebalna,thanoa, ��e.nu ���hair..
i��, ,   e n .rlh ...rh.lnauitne mint of commence-
5S5 ..... oonlawim mo��."������- ��y��-�� 1^
Datad tti t>v tttti flay olAuftiit, iwn.
7.    C��,nni.-iirint-   ��t npo.it   rlHllte-t   about	
tnlio an��l * l'*U
AH Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oocra Houae.      Tel. 181.
north   fork   nf Hiiminii
t iH'f-iiitiinjt. oontalnlsi wo
I^ ��eR t��Vr A uk iiVt i71 h. 11��07
-j.   Commanolpi nt a poal pIhukmI on ttaba^nk
uh,alna t��. tha rIm
aorea. mora or taw.
p| tha north fork of Corn  I'm k  abont twO mlli-a
-ie v*iih Un* Miiin iToek, thence
) 'went hoiIiriiin, thanoa
R    nr!     W    fllHlllH    til    till'
UiniiiK  (Uu  taraa,  more
Olllaapla, <���(
. ,...   (or a i>| Ih)
"���at   tho following daaeribid
���JWnoini ��t a
S�� -i^ii.?^,;,1.?1'','!:!. t��.7M*r_ter" a apeotai
r    hBI,,N Ui-t J 1        '  "   ,'1"1" "��� tliiMine went
TS^��o��torS3    Mh'r1,,1i1u��- ������onumiiiK
f ll'" north oJJlt0Jitff'"'", i'i��"""i on the bank
1 '".'""-'"iiii ���,,.Mm " ,;r,,,'k "out fourntilaa
i '^himii. '    *  ll,,H' ��tnoraak,ttiontw
SJSJ" ohalna. tJSS!  *w ��>oh��Iiw. tEonoa
'r.",��*'' "'���   ""HiillUTlH    I.ID   wrasu.   m..r.i
���'"���'aiiii ��.
In ��rth
"I li
....   '''���', 1.-07.
"ti Forko?nH ,,,,n i'''''"'"! Ofl tha bank
i����.i..__   �� **Ofn en-i'k about four   mllen
mi the Mam oroak, tbenoa
- weat Boobaluai theooe
,..... . } ** nh*ini to the
'-'ntaihinniVAOaru-N,  mora
AUBU��1 Uth, 1907
a. tUoKVR, Agent.
from tin ron.1
aottti) wi obaina, tbanrj
north hi chains,  thctic
place Of hi-KHiniUK.   0O1
or laea
IjOi-aldl AiiKllft  I7th, l"!-7.
8.  Ooamauolni ai a poal planted on ihe iHitit
of the north fork of Corn ero-'k   ulinui four ih1I->h
(row it* cniiMiieiici* with the Ham oreak, thanoa
Hoiith Hi) I'lialilH,   thenoO ea<it   Ko  clniins,   I he lice
north80 obaina.  ihcr.ee w��k( h<> i-1ihiiin to the
Kl'i. c uf hcitlniiiii'i, con lain inn CIO acre.s, niortMo
l.-icatcl AugtiBt 17th, PKI7.
6 Uoniuifin l'i�� hi it po-t planted on the hank
of ihe north h'rk ol torn creek about 6 tnUoi
from ii- eotilliieiiee wllh  the Main Ortek, thence
iinMli  i.'r'.ninh,   thenee   eanl   lftOi'halUB,  theuce
BOntfa 40 chalim. thence   ��t-i   ifit) chaliiK  lo  the
plaoa ol baglnnlng, ootttaittini awnortii more
or len��.
Ihile.l A^J'-I  lf'.th.ldOT
 ik, a oroak flowing into Kootonay river aonth
of the aonthern eml of Kooleuay lak**, In ltn-
dlatrlct ol Went Root.-nay, thenee north 40chainn.
thence weiu *i chaliiM, ihence north tu chain*
iiicii.'.' i h-t HU ehalnn. thenee aouth 40 ehalni.,
thenee eaai 40 Chains, thenee UMilli 10 chalna,
thence weft Klohalui to the p-ilnt of commence-
ment ami oontalOlnR ftl*' aoraa, more or ie��a.
Hated tin- f.lh day "f Aiitrnat. \^n.
H.   t'ommoncitiK  at  a  DOBl   planted   ahout  a
qnartar of a mila vraataru Irom tha north fork
i.fHiinimit creek, und nhout IWO niilea and a
half tip Mich north fork Irnm it�� JnnoUon with
the inalii summit crock. a creek flowing Into
Kooleimy river, notith of the isoiilhern elid of
Kootenay lake ill thu district ol Weat Kootenay.
ihence north hu ohalna, thence eaat ��> obaJna,
thanoa aonth ho ohalna, thanoa west ho chalna to
the point ofcomnteii'ienient, and contalninn; 6-10
wcrea, more or leaa
Hated thlaUlh day of AumiBt,H907.
BHMI Yorso.
y    ComincitcinK   al   a  poat   planted    about  a
uarter of a mile  westerly   from   the north   fork
of .Summit crock and about three, inilys up Mich
norlh Cork from IU Junction with the mall) Hum,
Mitt creek, a creek tlOVlOf   Into   Kooleuay  rivor,
���konthoftna aontharn end of Rootanajrjaka in
ibe district Weat Kooleuay, theuce. weal HO
Onalna.   thence  north KO chain*,  thenco  east Ho
theuce  south  Hu chalus  to the point ol
ccinenl, and coiitHlniUK' MO  acres, more
Nelson Land District.  Diatrict ot Weal Kootenay
Take notice that I. Evan Fraser, of Kernle. 11.C ,
clerk. Intend to apply for a apeolal timber licenae
over the [ollowtun ileac-ttxM landa;
1. Commencing at a poat planted at the V E
corner about l1*. mllea north of the international bonu.larT line and about 11 mllea weat ot the
Kootenay river (about one mile north of the
north boundary ot T, L No 8072) tbence 80
chains south, thenee 80 chalna weat, ihence 80
chain*, norlh. tin ii> > ni chains eaat to the place
uf heitluiitns
Dated July :iit. 1907*
2. Commencing at a poat planted at the N. K.
eorner of location No 1. thence south 80 chains,
thence eaai M chalna, thence north HO chalna.
theuce went Hu chalua to the place of  beginning.
Dated July Mat, 1W7.
8. CommenciiiK si a poat planted at the N. E.
corner of location No 1, tbence north 80 chalna,
ihence east 80 chalna, tbence aouthSO chalua,
thenre west HO chains to place ot beflftnlng.
Dated July Kit, 1#'-.
t Commeiiciuir at the N. E corner of location
No! 1. thence north HO chalna. thence waat 80
chalna, tbenoa aonth Ho chalna, thence eaat Ko
chalni to ihe plrtce nl beginning,
Dated July 21st, 1907.
6 rommeuclug at a poat planted oue mile
cast of the N. K. corner of location No. S, theme
aoulh HO chains, thenco weat *0 chalna, thence
north HOchalux, ttience east n> eh ulna to the place
ofboilnnlni ._
Dated July 2lat, 1��7.
a Commencing ai a poat planted attheN.K.
comer of locHtlon No. 5, thence south 80 chalna,
thonoa eaai W chalna, thenoe north 80 chalna,
ttience weal Ho chalna to tho place ol beginning.
Dated July s-l-t, PJ07.
7 CommenciiiK at a poit planted at the N K
eornei of Iih'hIIou No. A, ttience north 80 chalna,
theuce aaal ho ohalni. then e anuth 80 ebalna,
thanea treat N chsins to the plane of beglnulug.
Dated July .list. 1*fl
8. ComtneticiiiK at a post planted at Ihe N 1.
comer of location No. 6, thence north 80 chalua,
theuce west HO chalua. thence aouth 80 chalna,
thenee  oust 80 chains to the  place of beginning.
Dated July Slat. 1907 K. KKAsaa, U>cator.
John Hr wn, Agent.
W.   O.   aiUL,ET|T
(Sontractor  and
Bole agent for tbe Porto Ktco Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards Rough and dreaaed lumber, turned
work and bracket*, Coaat lath and ahluglea. aaah
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for Bale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. eaat of Hall
NEUION,   8. C.
P. U. Box 23i Telephone 178
In the matter of an application lor the laaiie of
a duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title tor Lota
16 and 17, Block 30. Town of Nelaon.
Notice la hereby viven that It la my Intention
to laaue at the expiration of one month after tbe
fl rat publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for tbe above Lota in the name of
Frances at. Day, which Certificate la dated tbe
19th September, 181)9, and numbered WOK.
l.aiid Kef it-try Office, Nelaon, B.C., 16th June.
1907, H. P. MacLKOD,
Dutrlct tbtffiatrar.
"lUSt-a Karat i-tu, iwi".
norm no cum.---. ��.���	
place of buglnnliiK, containing  CIO  acres,  mo
or lean.
Located Auguat lt-th, l��u7.
II, N. KooacoMut, Uicator.
A. EUckbtt, Agem.
bntad thlsCth day of August, 1907.
���""��� ABtlllllAI.M BlUCMNKll.
10. CommenciiiK at a post planted about a
,,�� arler of �� mile westerly from the north fork
, Viimmit creek and aho.it three miles up such
or f .rk iron, (is junction wllh the main Hutn-
,. .reck, a creek flowing ttttO   Kootenay  river,
Hoiith oi the aonto-tn) yml "' K������t'-1|1--y i��ke, in
lhe  cllatrfot   o(   West   Kootenay.   thonoa   WCM40
chains;   hence  aoutli IN chains,   thence  ensl 10
��� sins thenco north IM ohalna to ihe point of
commcnccmoul, and eoutaining OI0 acres,  more
OIDat��d thlgSOth day nf Auguat, 1907.
1/1 Aariiiiui.u Brimskr-
11 Commeneinir al B post pi in ted ahout half a
mile wtettrlT from the aouth fork of summit
"reel* and about one mile soith of tb�� main
HMiuiuil crock.h crck (lowing lOtO Kootenay
rlVer aouth ol th. southern end of Kootenay lake
im tha dlatriot of Waal Kootonay, thonoa aaal ho
chalna, thanOO   aouth Hu   chains, thence   west HO
������  -nee   north 80 chalna   tn the point of
neiit  and containing  Wl aerea more
,r Wtm AHllUHAl.il BKIMNBR.
Dated thia ^-lat day of Auguat, 1907.
Nel on I.Htol Dlatrlct. Dlatrlct of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that 'amoa Kctth, of Hpokane,
Wash occupation, miner, intends to apply for a
special thiibur licence over the following described laud*: Commencing ata poat about IH
rods north of the center of the north ahorc line ot
B.iundarv Laaa -b,^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^
Timber Limit No 8074, and marked James
Kcelh's 8. W. t'orncrpost, tbence north 80 chalua,
thanoa eas' HO chalua, thence aouth 80 chalna,
ttience west K0 ehalns to point of Commencement, and containing M0 acrea, mora or leaa.
July 80,19 fl. Jambs Kim 11.
Notice la hereby given that the undersigned
have Biibniitted to the Lieutenant Governor-ln-
Cuuncll a prupoaal under the provisions of the
������.livers and siren in* Act," for clearing and removing obatruetlons from Uoat River and Meadow Creek, in the District of Weat Kootcua v. and
(or making the same fit for rafting and drlv
Ing thereon logs, timber, lumber, rafts c nd cruft-
and for erecting and maintaining booma for
holding, aortlug and delivering loga and timber
brought down aald creek and river, and for attaching booma to the abore of aald creek and
river for aald purpoaea.
The lands tn be aKeeted br aald work arc:���
toll- :w.'. 1S187, 4.v.f.!. and aub lots 1, 0, 11, lit, 14 and
16 of Lot 4592, tiroup 1, Kootenay Dlatrlct.
The tolls proposed to be charged are auch as
may be fixed by the Judge of the t'ounty Court
of West Kootenay.
Dated Slat July, 1907.
Tub International Lunula tk Mkrcantilb Co.,
Notice la hcrebv uivcii ihaiafter the expiration
of sixty daya from the datn hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company. Limited, intends to submit to
I the Honorable Chief Commissioner ol I .nnd-* and
Worka a propoaal under the proviafous of the
���'Klvera and Htreama Act" and Amending Acta,
for the rlitht to improve the Slocan river from
the mill dam of aald company (altuate about
three milea above the Junction ot aald Hlocan
river wllh the Kootenay river.) to the mouth of
the Little Hlocan river.and to improve the Little
Hlocan river and brancbea thereof to the northern boundary of tub-lot'2, lot 7180, and euh-lot 1,
lot 71A1   group one,  Kootenay dlatrlct, ami to
.. _  .r_.._���  ._- _. ���*  _n(j r(!.
Tako notice tbat Ira I-. Taylor, cterK. of Arrow-
bend. M. C , tntuuda to apply for a special licence
to cut timber from the following deacrlbed
No. I. c.i ni men 'ing at a poat planted 70 chains
distance In an eaalerly direction from Cariboo
lako marked "Ira V I aylor'a, W. Parklna* B. W.
corner,'' b .unded on tbe aoulh by T. L No 768A,
oil the weat by 1. L. * o. 7B72, thence north 80
chHlns, thence caHt 80 chalna, thenco aouth 80
chalus, thenco weat 80 chalna to polut ol commencement.
No 2. 1'ommenclng at a post planted HQehalna
dlatatic*. and ill a eaalerly direction from Cariboo
lake marked "W. Parkins'. Ira F. Taylor'a H. W.
corner posl," bounded on the weat by T. L 7G07,
south hylraF. Taylor's aud W. Parklua'T.L.
No. I, t hence north 40 chalna, thence eaat IH)
chalua, thonoe aouth 40 chalna, thenoe weat 180
chalna to point of communcumant. ,
improve the trlbuta.lea of said rivera; a
niavc obatructloua from aald rivers and
tariea, and to make theaame lit for driving.ator
ing, mining booking aud raping loga, timber,
lumber, rafts, and vrafta; alao for the right to
collect toll�� thereon.
Tho landa to be affected are the following: (a)
UitK Hli:i, 7:��l'J. I'.i'-t. iVtM, lV4.'iV, :i��ilo, ��HV7, :>mi. HAOU,
7A23. 700&, .-th20, 4812, all in Group one, Kootena>
diatrict; also landa covered by pre-cmptlona
numbered 46, lo:t, lis, 185, U.'l iMmm ;������. also
lands covereO bv timber licenses number, d ���������""''.
AM3, flA84, .Vtoo, ftAM, 6(87, and froHS; alao lauda of
the crown.
Dated this 8th day of July, 1907.
by Ita solicit- r, H. W. Hakminuton
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrea
of the
Choicest Frolt Lands la
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 25000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,     -     Nelson, B. C.
The honae contain* two bedrooms and hall npstain, dining room, parlor, kitchen, pantry and hall dowuBtairB, hot and cold water. Electric light in all rooms.
Two luts In a good poaition.
PRICE $I900.       Terms can be arranged.
H. & M. BIRD
���ifIO DOWN
-$10 PER MOIVri-l
We offer you best fruit lands;
beBt terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
in paying for land. We want you
to put It into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If   you   don't   see   Frultvale   you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C.
Paci pic
To Winnipeg snd points in
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, Aogost 6th, 9th
and \ Oth, September J lth,
12th and *3th.
For Sale
25 ft. lot on Carbonate St $175.00
50 ft. lot on Latimer St.. fenced
anil cultivated $450.00
Cottage,  11  roots*,   electric   light,
water    $750.00
6% acres within one mile of city;  suitable for iiiiirkil garden.  Terms Kiven.
H. B.  LYS
Real  Eatate and  General  Agent.
315   Baker  St.,   Nelson,   B. C.
Full particulars as to stop overs, etc.,
on application.
Splendid New Soo-Spokane Service,
I51 2 Hour* Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
All Pointa Eaat.
Daylight service between Nelson and
Spokane Including 50 miles on Kootenay Lake in elegant new steamer Kus-
���.iuiimk. Fare $6.60. Return $12.45.
Uood for 30 days.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
Rocky Mountain resorts unexcelled In
the world.
A.i J. I*. A..Vancouver.
II. I'. A. Nelson
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Ilulldlng.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C.
In tbe m.ttor ol ... uiuillcntloit for the Is ue ol
duplicate of the ct.tlit!cal.'s ol Tlllelor LolsH,7,
s. ,1,1.1 17, Block -J. rown ol Kitchener ("aplM*)
au.l I*.I .Ml?  Ilroup Hue. tu the U    f ntof Koote-
Notice Is heresy .riven that It my Intention
to Issue at the expiration ot one month alter Hit
first public.Hon hereof. ilii| llcatcs ol rcrllllcsU's
olTltleot tltc above lots In the liamcof Joseph
Walker which cerlltlcaies are ibue.1 JJntl ,Iay Ol
June, lflnH an.) ntuulk.rc.1 'JIM A ami iM-J A respectively.
L*nd Reaistry Olltee, Nelson, B. C ,D3r.1 July,
���H. r. MacLeod,"
1'Imik'I Kcuislrur.
Piano and Singing Leasons
Given by  Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Itoyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nelaon.
I��� tho matter of sn applit-ntlon for tho lasue of
���lupllc-Htea of the Certltlcatta of Title to lota 11.
VI au.l 1:1, group 1, Weat Kootenay District, alao
known aa the "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort-* aud
"l.nii;" mineral clalma reaped!rely.
Notice la hereby given that It la my Intention
to laaue at the expiration of one month aftrr the
il rut publication hol-eof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title m>. 6!WU of an undivided M 100tha in
each of the a*-ove lota, laaued on the 17th day of
May, A D. lHHti in the name of John C. Ainawortli,
and alao a duplicate ol Certificate of Title No.
6W0* of an undivided 19-lC0tha in each of the
above lota, laaued on the 17th day of May, A. D
IB86, lu the name or George J. AInawnrtti.
Land Kcgiatry Office, Nelaon, B.C., Auguat oth,
"H. F. M*cL��OI.,"
���       ^Lm Dlatrlct Kegiatrar.
I !      1
3 '  1
.   1
��� a.-
* ���'������
f 1
m :i
The Daily Canadian
Y .       T7" (~T~ I      i lie   liirtlistoue
LeSt       YOU   cJOrget    for    September
;"    Take a look in Patenaude's Window  and see those Fine
Sapphires, $2.00 to $45.00 each.
Watchmaker and Optician
1. m.nul.cliircl Tom  toe   "na.l  t';>'��"'": ���"��*
rlDStwd an.l <1ew-s*ectcne,l      it s mlln. Iiill-
Savored an.l cool     A tobacco you
ought to try
tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & ��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils ior'
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will nnd it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
5-Room House and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered and in good
shape. $1,000. Good
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, etc.
111 Esst Baker St. Phone No. AIM
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Bntter, EgKB.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
I   ������'-P^L^ta t-tfin-ij- ���,.
Cor. Vernon   pno  ��'urd Streets
M'.:.so>, a. c
S. A. Jaoksou, Brockville; A. B  Bnci-
worth, Yimr;   K. W. Benediok, Mayooki
Mr. mid Mrs. Hallett, 18-Mfle j K B. Oh p-
tti.jii, Kaslo; 0, V. Jones, Vanoouvar; V .
H.  Brandon, Silverton; J.   M.   Douovmi,
J.J.  Hit lne. A   MiUigan  and wifj>.  11
Rosenbanm, D  K   Pothnalr. Toronto; F.
W. Cmilii", J. O.  Vivian. Winnipeg; A
i;.   Oreelman,   N.   I-    Mrlnm-.   Grand
Forks;  T.   Knight   and   wife,  Mt-dlcine
Hat; A   Lucas,  Kaslo; J. Ctoegrove, Oal-
rary;   It    L    Beid,   Vancouver; K. J.
Wnlk. Umiiiliim.
Patronized by Earl Grey aad Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
gbest Locat.d Hotel in Nelson
Apartment, ku-s-bih    Oniitne Choicest
i iviiry sn.l Cleanllnea
Under the inHiiHK.-m.-iit ol K k. Noble,
l.ic ol Toronto,    ii.vvh hi, 1
Sarnpson Aider, Montreal;  W*. White,
Bit.,. Mr. mid Mrs Ailiu:.-. Boston;
Bars. J. D. Elinor, Kmgsijiit ���; Mrs L. II.
Vunii'r. Sastport; V il Frants, Milwaukee; Mrs (j. \V Gillespie, Greenwood:
Sirs, t .A Blatt, M Olson; <; Moore, St.
Marys; W. H. Oallicote, . hoenix; ti. J.
Booth, Vanoonver; C B\ Hooper, Bpo-
kirn,-:.!. Walsh mid wile, Miss Walsh,
S.  Lancaster, A.   Bowles,  Ainsworth;
E. Dawson, Fernie; J. II. MoNeiee, New
J. B. Brown, Ka.-lii; H Burton, Slooan ;
L. B. Young, Rossland,
Mrs. M. Call, Colville; I.. A. Omrisnn,
Mrs. A. Hall, Spokane; G. More, St.
.I.E. B glinin. Kaslo; W. McDowell,
H. I'l.ni.li. .1. McOarthy, A McGibles,
P. W Ohorley, Kooh Biding I G. Christie,
B-MUe; B Ohase, Blooan; K.J. Roeve,
Westley; W. Pla?g, 0 B. Westgate, P.
<��� Westgate, H. Cuming, 11. Mason,
15 F Bnrlege, T. Bnrlege, 1) Stebb, J.
Brown, Siiyward; 11. Wataan, Seattle;!'.
D. Anderson,-J. Travis, Cranbrook; vV.
M. Yuill, Taghun; A. B. Thomas, Allan-
ttoi W. Tagyne, Bowser; O. s O'Rourka,
Salt Lake; J. Barton, New York; J. Me-
Allisli, Naknep; W. K. Jawett, Edge
wood; L, J. Parent, Van-!-.tireu; P
Mania. File; J. ll. Ilituini.anl, Beaver;
Mrs L. Young, Ea.-ip.ut; Mrs. I) .1 El
uier. Kingsgate; W. Fangye, Bowser; B,
H. Fiiistiii, Sp'.katlf.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Ak.ih (orTruaeotl l.Hiiiniu-s
iunl Petefboro ��� .no...
Finest Lot <���!   MoHls 111 n c
Foot of J'Wt'pnllir Bt
\11> perSOD havinK lost a stick pin
with monogram oonslattiUE of three In-
Itlali, can recover the stune by C&Uinf
nl Ih.rf office.
Collecting  for the   Fair.
Fred Btarkey ami cv w. Husk have
beea otll collecting fnrn.n for the Fair.
They report IirvIuk met with gratifying
BUCQ   ^W.   lhe   citizens   having   n-sj-'iniit'il
generously   tu the call of the collectors.
New  Football   Club.
A football club is being organized in
connection with tie Young Men's
Union. Those int* rested will please
meet in the basement of the Baptist
Church tonight at S o'clock for election
ot uflicers.
I/��BT    A piur  of   long, brown   glorei.  between
Vioiorin nnd i-oriicr of Stanley Mid i: rbonati
street*.   Rot urn to Canadian Office.
GOLD   CHAIN,   between    Ho r   iunl    Virnoii
Btreetl     Bui table r-wiifl will be pMi-l for lt>.
return.    McJvriiii'1 A Mi-lfunlv.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or nell anything.
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale
All kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Pat
13. C
a KiCttHTBOoK containing aMgned eheqneaf
ibe Second Relief Mining i'<hiii-hih, pMynblc
to I ��'. Wb.1i', ilikI R-lUTri. Plnder klmlly
P-nvf Rt No p|tn c Inn.
TWO FIR8T-U.uaiffl UOOMBj u'.enni heatfd     Ap-
ply lioiini'ki'.ixT Hr.l tint. K   W   c block.
A   PAKTNP.R   wllh 12,000 lo   purchaH k   frull
raneta nrHr Kelton   a room ipeculatlon   Pttri-
ner need noi in.- actively fnnBgi ���! on i-itich.
IPorpartienlanapply 1   <>  PaOC'i i:
AT  (iNCK.      A PEL I.   BOY       Appl J* the  HlriUh
wan     i'   by young i-ngnauinan, job wttb trull
frtrmrr   where   he ciin   llioroiiKhly learn   tbe
btutneii     ai preeant in W'iniupi*K but would
rotne "i nnee.  Add ret* H. "-. "hPj- Canadian*
TKAOHttlt   m Mitadowe      ��W por montt/    W.
Bpratlay Beoretary, Brln, P O
Hose Team Practice.
Tlic hose ti-ani will be on*, for practice
lor tho first time tomorrow evening.
Tin- team is short one ('ood runner,
und anyone who can fill the hill will be
act i.miundu'.d by calling at the fire hall
Prize for the  Fair.
The Beldlng-Paul Silk Co.. through
their representatives, Fred Irving (K:
Co., have donated several special prist >
for the Fuir. The prizes consist of
BOVt ml pb'ces of cut glass purchased
from  J.  O.  Paienaude.
Old  Nelsonite  Heard  From.
,1.im-'s Nclands has received a letter
from A. H. Ckments who is visiting his
old home at Creemore. near Colling*
wood. He savs that Mrs. Clements nnd
himself are both well, but he must get
back to San Diego before the cold
Real  Estate  Transfer.
L. K. Larson nn<\ I. G. Nelson have
disposed of their ranch across the lake,
four and a half miles from the city, to
lames Johnstone. The price is noi
given but it is understood that It is the
b ghest yet paid for land in that vicinity, and indicates a strong upward ten-
d"iicy in real estate values.
Vocal Duet.
A few nights ago a unique musical
entertainment was provided for the
gu -ts of the Hume hotel. A well known
and popu'ar insurance man who makes
that hostelry his Kooteny headquarters.
was deliuhtinK a throng of admirers in
ihe hall with a well rendered solo, when
B lenior outside the Vernon street entrance caught the spirit of the thing
and contributed an unexpected accompaniment.
Will Take a Vacation.
Provincial Assessor Lucas has been
^ranted a three months leave of ab-
bi nee beginning September 1 -J. which
time he will spend with his family at
Vancouver. During his visit Mr. Lucas
will attend to all the sittings of the
courts of revision, and give his atten-
' d '<> other matters connected with
his otfice so that there will be a complete roll for 1908. He will return to
his duties at the beginning of the new-
Y.  IM. C.  A.
A meeting of those Interested In the
organization of a branch of the Y.M.C.A.
in Ne'son was held in the court house
last night, F. M. Illack presiding. There
was general agreement as to the expediency of such an establishment at
ih��- present time. Committees were ap-
po nied tn consider all aspects of tIncase. C. U. Sayer. travelling secretary.
promised to submit a plan for a building
suitable to Nelson, on his return In
aboui a monih. Meanwhile the financial
problem will receive attention.
Cheap   Fares.
On account of the Victoria exhibition,
Victoria. 11. C, September '24th to 28th.
Lb ��� O. P. H. will make the following re-
dUCI d round trip rate from Nelson
119.60. Tickets on sale 2uth to 21th
and   guild   *<>   return  October ;lrd.     For
lie Provincial exhibition. New Westminster,  October     1-2-3-4-5,    round   trip
atefl from Nelson $10.55. Tickets on
sale September 27th to October 2nd.
good to retttrn OctObS  loth.    These are
nice cheap rates to the coast.   Round
trip tickets at less than single fare. Call
<.n local agent for particulars.
Game   More  Plentiful.
This mnrning Ills Honor Judge Forin
��/aa amused from bis slumbers at his
In.me across Ihe lake by the call of his
little daughter to come and look at  the
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Picked in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown���Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
KOK BAI.K- Six-ronmi-.l   Cottage.  Httinley  Birccl
ne-tr   Mill     Updorn   tmoroTonkenta.    $1,600.
Terms given    Apply m-h lUson.
BOLL  TOP  0PF10K   UKHK   aud  Office Chair.
Apply I'liMui Slmlikfc.
K. W. C. Blink . Fhone 10.
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ta.
for   keeping    Deeds    and    all   Valuable
Documents, also
in all styles and sizes.   We have a good
line of these
Cash lloxes. :i'^ x .*,*���. x 2', deep
eaeh   4Iic
Large  Ca.sh  Boxes  up  to   $8.25
Document Files in Metal Cases *6. |6.2.r,
Deed Boxes SH i U i C>4 deep. SS.00
Deed Boxes, 12M. x IS x 8 deep M.60
Deed   lloxes  12  x 18 x \l%   deep    $7.50
W. G. Thomson
lr0A0-/i^LKLBEE ������"  Nelson, B. C.
Phon. ....
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned, will lie received up to G
o'clock p. in., on the Inh day of Sepiem-
her next. Ior the supply of: (11 Groceries for use in th,- city's hoarding
house at Ihe power plant, for the balance of the year. <2i Hardware and
sower pipe supplies for the balance ol
the year,
A list of the supplt.-s on which tenders are required may he seen at the
city clerk's office.        Hy Order.
W.  E.   WASSON,
City Clerk.
Mrs. Walker, of Cartmol House. Tun-
stall, Staffs, Kngland, would be pleased
to correspond with any person who
knows of the whereabouts of either
Kdward Walker or his friend, Hugh
Macltae. Mrs. Walker has not heard of
her son since last October.
chickens In the front yard. Ills Honor
at once concluded that Uiere was gatnc
In the wind, so he grabbed his shot
gun and with unerring aim shot a brace
of line grouse Yesterday morning Clly
Clerk Wasson discovered a deer broils-
Ing on one of his line apple trees at
his summer cottage. This was more
than Mr. Wnsson could stand, so he
brought down his gun and shot the
trespasser. Game, lt Is said. It getting
more plentiful  nil along the  lake
Important Vl.lt.
The visit of lion. J. H. Turner, agent
genera for Hrltlsh Columbia In London,
to this province Is really a matter lhat
should Interest every one. During Mr
Turner's residence In I��ndon be has
accomplished wonders in the way of
interesting capitalists and settlers In
the advantages offered by this province
For the flrsi lime a really Intelligent
effort has been made to bring British
Columbia before the outside world It
Is Mr. Turner's Intention to visit Nelson
during ihe Fair and It Is desirable that
a committee of those Interested m
fruit growing should meet him and plane
all the information they can secure at
the disposal of the agent-general. As
has been suggested. Mr. Turner should
a'so visit lhe Kaslo fair, where he
would certainly see much In the way of
fruit  product   tbat  would surprise him
TTholM1.lt an.l   K.-uil Ik-uliTi. In
Fresh and Salted Meats
OainpH Mipph'-'l on HlinrtnHt nntu't' ami
lowis! price. Nothing but Erosh und
wholesome mentHHii'l gapplM kepi in ttook
Mn.il orders rereivo rnrefui attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Is Pehow/ied
Telephone 227A P. O. Box 155
Plums, per basket  35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for   2.5c
Telephone 161.
W. il. Brandon, of BUrwrton. is in the
city  today.
a. lucuh, provincial usm-Hnor, return,
��-d MiM ntmhi from Kant  ECootenay,
V L. Mill.nes. arrived from the
.i<ninq>ry la.si nit-hl und Ih hi (he Ilnme
K. D. Ohipman, gold ooiatnieaioiter ol
KuhIu district, wan in the clly laat nlgtil
Mth. David Proudfoot   and    children
have returned from a lengthy visit to
relative ��� in the emit,
Mrs.   c    Archibald   and   hoii  have   re
turned from a visit to hei nuaband i
parent! at Kemptvi.ie. out.
Fire Chief Graham, of Coleman. Alberta, paaaed thrmiKh Nelnon last
evening an route to Ntoota valley.
it. L Held, of th<- law Ann of Bowaar
��v Held. Vanoonver, i�� in the city looking, alter his extensive properly Internet! here.
Blaze   In   Antwerp.
Antwerp, Sept. t,.    The fire wl.h h was
started   In n   lumber yard  l.ml   night   by
11 iters, neoeiiltating calling out troop!
t-i anslst the firemen In fighting the
names. Ih htlll hutntiiK Hilts morning,
threatening the deetruetion of the inm
b r and warehouse dlatrlct of the clly.
Help has been Hiiiiitnoned from lirnH
Hells and Ub,ent.
Call at our large atorerooma on
Baker Street, and tee the largest stock
of Furniture, Carpeta, Ruga, Linoleuma,
and the celebrated Buck 8toves. Our
Fall stock is now opened up.
During Fare week we pay freight for
50 mllea from Nelson,
Complete  House  Furnishers and Undertake!.    Agents   Mason   4  Risch  Pianos
All   the authorized Text   Books for
Public aud Hi^h Schools.
Mail orders promptly filled.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone  81
sn^~~~n^b    A    |SAAC R.   W.   HINTON
kopiilrlng   ���������nl  Jubhlnu uxttutctl with  l>VMpHts;h.    Ntii-ot  \i���
Work, MlnlriKand Mill Mau��htne>ry<     JV<��"ui��ttLir��r*V,-
<>r*-*   Osri|   IV.   K.    Contntctom1   C
'l[    lit    1    Kll.l
NELSON,    B.  C.
Lumber, Shingles,
L,oth, iVloulcilnjijrs, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work and tiruckcts.. Mall Ordnm pminjitly aikuMic I
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
WhoicHinc  Provisions,
"Government CreHim-ry One Pound HnrkR nnielvinl weekly fresh from ll"
nhnrii.    For mile lry till lendlnK tfrocem.
Oflloe and warehouse : tlonRton Block,    Phone TV.
Josephine Street.       ...       Nelson. B. C.
Our shipment of these has been delayed in transit but we M
them now, and in order to clear before the season is WO
far advanced we are  Belling them at prices thllt
should place oue in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwart
Company, Limited. Nslton b��^
Gttns and
-   If yon are thlajdng of buying 11 Hide or (Inn lhi�� ****
iunl Inspeol our st.K'k.
��� nil
We iilm I'niTy all the heat nmknB of Aniuiunilioii, 1"''1"''
Dominion,     Eley,      Kynocb,     U.M.C
and Winchester.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limit
u//.������-_-1. iuaa��i   s-2 * \i%j A��*rJ-'


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