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The Daily Canadian Aug 24, 1906

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Array ffl)z pa\h\   .cmafcicm
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W ���
Fifty Cents a Month
II Hon. I Templeman
is In the Cabinet
III have to make good
Hi Information on How the Laurier Administration Selects
Its Ministers.
Hu. fislssnlst  who sIkiis
ll   v    and who haa evident-
n |��� r   * ""I' l1"' ll""''
���r hi.   i.inirii'i' ailMiliiiHiiiiil.nl.
nl   Uml   paper  am
.,.  T. mplomgn cam. to be
hed im uss- poaltlon ni mlnlnet
line     Al  ll>''  "-a - ol
uii  nro   watching  ihi'  'I"
.������.���, ���|   ||,e  alfai.K  of the Otta
.mnieiit, we    reproduce    tha
iicatioti, which    will    be read
SIX    llllllllllB   Ills'   Tlllli'S
.: iis belt to prove lho
sslil    adage    regarding a
fortune of Its owner In
lasi    the    handout   for
ul so long wuileil on Sir
itep,  has  awakened  in
very emotion save lhat ol
man. Victurlain milled to give hlm a
lilt because they knew ir they failed
hu would be dead aa a mackerel and
that Laurler would lind in thu murder ot hla lieutenant a convenient ex-
ou��e to deny cabinet repreneiuatlon
lo Brltlih Columlila.
"Uut Mr, Tumiilemuii und tlie Tlmm
must riiinonibor thai next lime It will
bo dlffi'ivnl, lhat when next he cornea
before thla contttliiionoy lie will havo
to miike good siisiiii hii mi.'i'lta; that
nil oomldaratlon tor hlm aa u citizen
bus In en n.lide ImiioBBlble by the malevolent spirit inniilfes'ts'd by hla paper.
"Forgetting the pli from which he
wna digged uml the fiiclurs that lua.li'
his exhumation possible, lbe Times
list act si as Ihoilgh lis owner had Iti
himself issui' title to the illsilncilnu
nn- which ihe accidents of politics la
big body Httrmniiiiii-ii by a good look
ing bead of hair) ami ihe unappredai
i<ii consideration of his political oppo
neuta) are alone reaponaible,
"When the tin." cornea Mr. Templeman ami bis paper will Iimi that IIiiihi'
who use the sword will perish by lhe
"Mr. Templeman will make u good
looking corpse ror his friends, and ills
leader will lie relieved or   n   burden,
which  fact   will ilnr^iieii sinuewbiil  Hiss
jsiv oi Ills dpponenu
"inn dead he will be, dead as Pha-
roan, killed by his own band, nnil be-
cause bis heart bad no room fur gratitude and Ills editor bad   nn  capacity
im aught bui slander.
Has its Own Adulterated
Food Problems
Paris Morning Paper Calls Those
Responsible For Awful
.is.nisj. ���;   in   Staff    and    Curricula
Nelion���Reduction of Work  ll
Ordered   by  Truateea.
f political   isiipiirVi'iitB   whose
��� ns necessary  t"  Mr   Temple-
enjoy nt ur  the  sweets of of-
I i baa had nothing save vliupera-
nd Bland, r.    True   to    lhe    tool Hi,   Ill-condlOoned  tramp it
Hi.'  lulu-factor  through   wbuse
fiiiiilile    Inclination!    II    haa    at
Hi si full  BlomaCh.     I'nroi'liinaU'ly
II. Us-   lini Is overlookeil thut nulls.   Iramp, it musl seek lis next
|nl in ib.  banda i.r the outraged nuts   preaent    repletloni    and
goei    without    Baying thai
|iurla Conservative! have memorlei
enough   in   prevent   their   rcpi-tl-
I   ssl   III,,   fully    of   lusl    .Mlirell   wll'll
ir sympathies    iiverbulunced    tlieir
gmeni ami ihe mendicant whine of
Tl s Inlluenced them mon' than
sin' reasonable und convincing arum s.i the I'lilnuist.
[The circumstances which combined
"I'M Mi   Templeman*! way to cub-
aak were nut ul bis cn-atlun and
|si nisi i,Hindi- nny Intellectual umil-
lon��, i.s.   ih,.   inner  did  nol   und
it exist    lie. lisswever. happened
I." physically  lhe most  presentable
'is., governmenl    supporters    from
flush Columbia, us in other reapeota
wen ail equally devoid of states-
us-ilili> qualltiea���the  flowing lucks,
'i- body ami the benign ciniiiien-
���  Him might in' mistaken tor ibe
. "I s. strong nnd affable man, won
ih  Wilfrid could no longer Ignore
mblii,   nnd
8 Intellectual strength among bl"
llowers from this province, he at
>l . ��� ninl iu put In charge ot a do-
irtmenl a man of whom be bad more
mn .'ii<-<- expressed the opinion was
''li hiilisls.nl and incoliipelenl.
'"iiu' premier, however, was careful
11 is. entrust ills unwelcome colleague
"li ���! ili'iiarimenl ot uny great lin-
artance, or iu which he could do
inch harm by his tendency to pro-
fastinate or his woeful luck or pubs' sagaolty,
The vacancy existing nt the time
aa in the department of marine nml
'herb's, u position llinl shoulil Hutu-
'll! ko to one living on the const
"a. and thus Familiar with tbs' mat-
"���   thai   are   in   Its   cine.     Hut   Sir
I'lifrid Insisted that Mr. Templeman
Hi'uiii content lilinseir wiih the de-
Isni'tinenl of Inland revenue. The
li ml ut unit department is a sort ot
in cl nix collector    whose    duties
in iformed by his subordinates, lie
draws bis salary, takes care of lho
lalthful In the mntter or appointment!
tuul signs his name to documents pre-
���d by bis staK.
Hm issssltlon Is usuully given to a
loiing niun 0f pollticul promise���who
In ii is expected to qualify lor one of
Hn ii nvier departments, in the pre*
"i1 iiiMisnce It fui'iilsbeil Ibe mean!
"t lalting care of an administrative
"i""' |i"iont who happened to be a po-
"Heal necessity.
ii.eauiio   Mr. Templeman   wub   a
Sooil  loyal    Qrlt    when    (lilts    wore
Hritish Columbia, he nchlev
Today Is tlie lasi dny of tlie hull,
slays. The public aud high school! of
Nelion, and those of the rest of the
province, win reopen next Mondaj
morning at 9 o'clock.
A new school manual has been issued from lbs- ���provincial education de-
aitinepl daied .lune, lllOl's. Ill it tho
fourth Monday in August ts rixeil aa
lhe regular date Ior the end of sum
mer vacations. Few other chuniroH
sue uniiouucs'd from the reitulaliotis is
.lied  li y
lbe   stair   Is   again
Lienors. I'rluei|sal
iiom his siinuner -
W. .1.  I laird ani\
On   lhe staff  of  ihe  public
Miss   Miinily'st   place   is  taken   by   Miss
I).'   Baa,  uml   Miss   Wiuli
polntse, win is- assigned to a lower
tlivisissn.    Miss Tbiilil, Who Is al liisine
in   Uiissell,   Man.,  is  nut  o\|i
return   Iur  n  v/eek,   bill
I'nr a substitute.
The curriculum of the
is entirely  unaltered.    .
school the policy  resolved upon by the
board of 'trustee!
lion or tbe
at once.
jhr.'uli   llie  Nel-'
. tilth school
reduced    to    two
Knitter    rot timed
camp Inst nlK'it nml
id Irom his home ln
New York, Aug. 24,���The Parte cor-
reipondenl of a local morning paper
culls attention in a dispatch to lho
ia,-! ibai the Paris newspaper, Matin,
published yesterday in a leading ur
Lids'. A map showing lhe cblel supply centers ssf nil France und declaring tluu tlie elementary produce rur-
ntshod by ibe majority or them have
been   of   u   deauwteailng eharaeteri
I'be Matin points ont that tills horrible condition will be remedied by
law, lhe eiiaclineni or which will bu
secured by M. Ruan, the minister of
agriculture, hut the paper does not
hesitate to say that the people who
furnish these productB havo been developed tnio two classes, whom he
frankly describes as thieves and as
The Matin characterises the thieves
as llioso who have been selling oleo-
margarine us butter, shop sweeping!
us pepper, and horsemesit us lark pie,
and in, assassins those who have been
selling skimmed milk as lhe antlse|>-
liclsed article, thus robbing mothers
gnd murdering Inluuts, the latter to
lhe number of rsO.Oiiu a year. The pa.
pes' says Hint of the :'.8,UUO,dOO French
!n-i'li!i\ .'',:i.i'ui0.i��ut have known no pro-
lection against the food adulterators,
who have enjoyed n liberty that lias
been nothing less than charming. The
Matin muni's 16 elites which have
municipal laboratories for testing
food ami calls attention to lhe fact
llinl Ihe following large cities are
without tin m. Marseilles, Bordeaux,
id.ueii. Nantes, Caen nmi Amiens,
Tbe Matin givrs the reassurance,
however, Hint n.s iu ibe case of murder, mnl r American lnwn. the Insneo*
Hon of canned meats for Prance's
hitherto unprotected 38,000,000 will.
under Mr. Kuan's law. be safe.
pending Hie New York manager. Mc-.
(iruw was suspended for using improper language directed at the umpire
during a game between New York and
Chicago at the polo grounds ln this
oity several weeks ago.
In  the statement which he lssuud
today  President  l'ulllam said thai In
view uf the serious nature   of   the
charges against McQruw he had gone
im.!"  thoroughly  into  the case than
any  he hail decided  for yearB.   "My
conclusion," says Pulllnm, "Is that Md
Oruw used lhe most violent  language
one  mortal  could   uae   to  another to
Cnipire .lohnslorie on llle ball field nnd
well  in.'siieil    hiB    removal.    I  regret
Hint I ani unable tto Hike th elnisebitll
patrons  Into  my  confidence nud  give
them Hie evidence before tne. tint the
laws of Ihe United States and the vigilance or one  Anthony  Comslook   prevent  me doing ho.    Tlie proper penalty In the case Is not In my power to
decree,  the socailed , baseball    assets
nre zealously giuirded.    Some day the
institution  ilseir, the    game    nml  the
tongue will take precedence over all."
Insurgents  Scattered.
Havana, Aug. 24.���The first encoun-
Merchants In Valparaiso
Are Supervised
ier in Santa Clara province occurred
this morning. A detachment of ruwU
gimrtlH attacked an, inmirgent band,
commanded by Manuel Gonzolez, between Santo Domingo ami Colon. The
insnrgentH were scattered and some
of their arms hnd ammunition was
A EA��lSTffllTE
San Francisco Aids Sister City With
Contributions But Chili Has
Sufficient Reserve.
that it will be necessary to pull down
the ruins and rebuild completely the
wnole Almeadral quarter, from Vleto
ilu aciuuru to Ellclas avenue, and from
there to the sea, and as far as Cerro,
>n order to regularize the ruins
Gigantic Reclamation Project.
Kan Francisco, Cal., Aug. 84.���
Bouthern Pacific officials state that
the Salton sea In the Colorado desert
is rising less than an inch a day now
nml that Ihey expect in a few weeks
lo begin work on the plant by which
the Colorado rlvor will he once again
iiistiiri'il to Its old.channel. This will
probably   cost   the  company   $700.000.,
The eiiKlneer says thai once lhe
river Is sent back Into lis old course
the waler iu the Boealled Salton sea,
notwithstanding It is _0 fel deep In
ninny places, will through percolation
nnil rapid evnponilion under the terrific boat of the desert, all disappear
within two or three peara.
Arrow Lake Country Is Now
the Favorite
rled   to
puhlle  school
\l    the    high
on the recommend*
stalf  will   be  carried  out
Artillery   Line   Up   Expecting
and   Decisive  Contest
its opening :n January, 1901,
fhe   high   school   has  offered   to   pupils
instruction   lu any  branch  of  learning
ii-*sin*1   am)   preparation   for   au\    ex-
That 100 generous policy
labor   to   tho
riculum   will
The pro-
pi Is  for  pro*
'���'l prominence, aud aB none   of   lhe
!r*ew standard bearers have shown any
acity   for  the   legitimate   duties of
u-dr noaMon-a,  the  mantle of  leader-
: Jhlp remains on  his    shoulders.      He
"<^ lived through moro years and has
doubtless  voted   the  Grit  ticket  moro
f'vqiientiy than his associates, and as
nonn <y iv- latter could show as good
J��� Ml-- to distinction;  and, as none of
" ''   ns t have said, are    as     good
looking as ho, Sir Wilfrid wsb practl-
t:i,,y confined io a Hobson'a choice.
"Hence tho elevation Of Mr. Temple-
lias   Involved   increasing
members or the staff, and during the
ast year  necessitated    the    appoint
<-��&����� ��*��-a third- **"
Hereafter  only  one  enrr
bi   followed, the one pn scribed by tlv
provincial education department
loss of opportunity to pupils
is more apparent than real.
vi tidal      examinations,     hit
ar��> accepted, In  all  subjects covered,
as equivalent to matriculation  by  the
leading   universities   of   Canada.
While the college examinations are
as a rule less uncertain, they come
thoy Involve expenses to pu-
siding exnmlners, and the
curriculum changes yearly, thus offer-
lug greater difficulty than the department's   examinations     to     pupils   who
have once failed.
The Hiiiy change In the high school
curriculum is thai    students   m\
lowed to offer French or (.reek a
iptlon instead of physiology,
The compulsory subjects fo
year's course are now: English litem
lure, grammar and Composition, history, geography, arithmetic, algebra
nd geometry, botany, physics, and
chemistry, drawing and Latin. An
Option Is allowed of physiology, Greek
or French. As before the time allowed for covering the junior course Is
���WO years.
Tho Intermediate, or third year
course, which is accepted for lnatrleu-
Intlon, contains till the junior subjects
xeept drawing, adds Grecian history
nnd substitutes German for physiology as the optional subject with
'ireek n.id French.
The senior, or fourth year course,
Which Is equivalent to first year unl-
trerstty work, substitutes Roman for
Grecian  history   and   trigonometry   for
There is a fifth year course
tho  trustees    hav
Havana, Aug. 24.���All eyes In Tuba
are turned toward the provincial capital of Plnar del Rio, for upon tbe ability ut' IMno Guerra to capture the city
of Quanes depends, It is believed here,
ihe outcome <>r the Insurrection. The
occupation by the insurgents of tho
towns southweslward of 1'inar del Uio
is regarded as only preliminary to a
ment on Plnar del Uio. The
depends on the loyalty or
Guerra    Is
Meeting   Will   Be   Held     Here     Next
Monday and  Will   Be  Addressed
by Professor Shutt.
Tho   Farmers'   institute   meeting   to
which   the Canadian    made    editorial
reference  on   August   11  will   be   held
here  on   Monday   next, and  will   hold
two sessions, .one iu the afternoon  at
���1 o'clock and the other in the  evening at S o'clock.    At a recent meeting of the institute here C. S. Moore,
vho had been secretary of the assoct-
itloa for some time, resigned that, of*
lee  and  G.  G.   McLaren was elected
n hts.slca*d.      -���
Th" institute here has a membership roll of over flO people, and enlists
most of the ranchers and fruit grow*
. rs in  the  surrounding district.
Tbe meetings on Monday will be at-
tended by J. U. Anderson, deputy
minister of agriculture for Canada,
���ml Professor Shutt, who Is the de-
| isirtineutal chemist of the Ottawn
central experimental farm. The gath-
orfng will convene ln the hoard of
trade rooms and the meeting will b��
ip. n to tlie public.
Gomez a Captive.
Havana, Aug. 24.���Jose Miguel Gomez, who was a candidate for the
presidency last fall and who was ar-
a Short | rested on August 21 al his residence
near Raneti Shiri'tus. province of
Santa Clara, arrived here from Rata-
bano on a special train early today
ana had been escorted to the city jail
before his arrival in this city became
Santiago, Chile, Aug. 28, 10 p. m.���
t Delayed In transmission..���The ocwb
received here from Valparaiso continues to prove the worst impression of
Ihe situation there. As a result of
Ihe strenuous measures taken to preserve order ul least !f>0 robbers have
already been shot. I todies are still
being taken out of the ruins and thus
far about 700 have been buried. It
i.s staled that an epidemic is almost
certain to occur at Valparaiso as a result of the unsanitary conditions existing there.
The houses here are being more
and more damaged by the continuing
earthquakes, in addition to the one
which occurred at about 10 o'clock
this morning there was another
shock this evening.
Triples the Guard.
Odessa, Aug. 24.���Robberies and
murders having become frequent here
the citizens have petitioned the governor general to double tho police
force and compel every proprietor of
a house to maintain three instead of
one armed t>ort��r.
Coast Cricketers Organize���Nelson  Included���Victoria  Plays All Comers  Tomorrow.
the first
disloyalty of the peopl
gathering hundreds of veterans and
others under his leadership, and it Is
impossible to estimate the sincerity
of the people in Plnar del Uio who
have been looked upon as likely to support the government. A detachment
of 20 Cuban artillerymen from Havana
have reached Pinar del Uio, whore
ihey will CO-Operate with the rural
guards and volunteers. These artillerymen, however, can only act as infantry, as Ihey have not been trained
to use field guns.
A hospital corps and other details
are following the artillerymen in r
iness for what is expected to be
short and decisive campaign
province of Havnua is quiet and no
Conflict has yet been reported In Santa Clara province, in Santa Clara and
Montana! provinces the rural guards,
police and many volunteers are prepnr
lug to resist the insurgents. Considerable sympathy Is developing in Havana for General Gomez, now in the
city jail here, who Is commonly believed to be too broadminded a patriot
io mix himself up in revolutionary
schemes. Gomez In the jail told a cor-'
respondent for the Associated Press
tbat he wns In no way concerned ht
the conspiracy, and added that he had
been urrested because many of his
friends wero in camp.
si a
ed.   but
.hat mo wo,-k Bhaii not i.o""',;;':";';���
ivhili-   thf  stnrf  Is  -omn-aeil   "I onl*'
two ma-t-rs. iin,���
P,-i,u.||.iil FraBB* cx|,���i��   hat there
svlll 1���- thla year hat ono pupil   ���      ��
Intermediate, about is In tho
form, ami trom 20 to WS l�� the nrst
form, of tha Junior 6���<ie-
New  York  Baseball   President Is Sus
New York, Auk. ii,���In announcing
loday lhat tbo susiiBiision of Manager
Mcdraw of tbo   New    York    National
League Baseball club is lifted to take
effect   tomorrow  nt   Cincinnati)   Preal/
dent Harry 0. I'ulllani of Ilu- National
leaiiiiss further approved the notion of
[ action  of    Umpire    Johnstone In bus-
Havana, Aug. 2-1.���Orestes Ferrani.
who was the campaign secretary and
manager of .l_se Miguel Gomez anil
��� bo was with hlm In Now York sev-
'tal months ago, after Gomez gave np
his presidential congress, was arrest
s-d In the city of Santa Clara today on
a charge of conspiracy. Ferrera li
suspected of trying to secure arms
and nmmunUion from the Unite."
States for the use of the insurgents.
Has Time to Take Interest In Spelling
Reform   and   Gives  Order  for
Important Changes.
Oyster Hay. N. Y., Aug. 24.���President Roosevelt haa endorsed the Carnegie spelling reform movement. Ho
issued orders today to Public Printer
.JilllltnKs tbat hereafter all messages
troin the president and all other document.* emunatin;;" Irom the White
House shall be printed in accordance
..'ith the rec-mimt-'udatinn of the spelling reform committee headed by
Brander Matthews, professor of Eng
lish In Columbia university.
- This committee has published a list
ol 300 words in which the spelling ts re-
lormed. The list contains such words
aa "thru" and "tho" as the spelling
for through and though. The president's official sanction of this reform
movement is regarded as the most effective and speediest method of luau*
���'mating the new system of spoiling
throughout the United States.
English Prisoner's Release.
London, Aug. 24.-Ti.e home Becro-
titty has decided to release upon .tho
expiration of one year of his sentence,
\u-.h Wall, the financier and ex-mem*
bar pf parliament, who on December
21 last
penal  serv
was sentenced to five years'
���itude for having incited
nis  to  murder  his  divorced
Valparaiso, Aug. 21!.���(Delayed ln
transmission.)���About 10,000 workmen
are employed in clearing away the
ruins here and in searching for bodies who were lost. In the ruins o��
u house today workmen found a child
alive In a barrel which had protected
it from ha-rm.
The naval school, which It now appears was only partly destroyed, is io
he reconstructed and it Is expected
that cadets will be able to resume
their studies there in about two
The sale ot articles of living by
mitt-chants here is strictly supervised
hy the elty and government officials
to prevent amy abuses in the direction of increase iu [trices. Merchants
detected in the act of selling food
above the fixed prices are compelled
ut close  their  stores.
A complete drainage system has
been constructed at all the sivots
where tbe population is living In tents
so as to guard the people as much as
possible fro msuffering during heavy
rains. President Hiosco has visited
.ill the. tented parts of the city in his
efforts to do everything possible to
encourage homeless people. The commercial houses and the banks will
pay their employes tomorrow their full
month's wages in order to assist them
in their present hardships. The government will also pay Its employes
Ihe same day.
Depots for the delivery of Tood have
been establish^, the main features
ni' which are Immense cauldrons, from
which, under the supervision or young
women of the highest society hi Valparaiso food Is distributed to the poor.
Manx of the highest families of
this city have decided to go to Europe
and stay there during the rebuilding of
Valparaiso in general and of their own
residences in particular. Material for
the construction of temporary homes
or sheds are being distributed by the
local authorities here, and by the
Chilean  government  officials.
The ���jovernmunt of Ecuador has ordered thf! commander of the Ecuadorian cruiser Marauou to disregard his
order to cruise along the coast and to
place the vessel at the disposal of the
Chilean government to transport refugees from Valparaiso to various
In addition to money received her;1
irom various parts of Chile for the relief or the sufferers, $:15,000 has been
received from San Francisco, Cal. The
government of Chile in reply to cable
messages received from Chileans
abroad offering to collect funds for
the relief of tlie sufferers, has thnnk-
ed lheni but has not given them any
authorization to collect in the name
of the government, as Chile has sufficient reserves to care for the home*
Icsb. v
With the exception of the Merctirlo,
which publishes a small sheet one a
day. the newspapers here have not
yet been able to resume publication.
The Amirante Cochrane, ^on.r^r.id-
od by Admiral Pere?., which has been
uflvi aa a depot ship tor yearf hero,
i-rrived at Talca.iuaua, pro 'IftOt. of
Conception tcdny with a large number
of homeless people aboard irom Val
The bishop of Conception organized
a committee of prominent women who
provided the refugees with food aud
One of the worst features of the
situation Is the fact the supplies 'i
chloride of lime used in the disinfection of the ruins are exhausted and
some time must elapse before fresh
���.implies can be obtained.
The minister ot the Interior believes
Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, Aug. 24.���The cricket tournament is still In progress. This
morning the Washiugtons are playing
Oregon, the latter having scored 56
lor the loss of four wickets. Nelson
and llurrard will play this afternoon.
A grand smoking concert was held
last night, everyone having a good
The tournmrtieut has resulted "n the
formation of a Pacific Coast Cricket
association, a tournament to be held
annually, Seattle has been selected as
the   place    for    the
iu�� ,,...~-_ .... _ tournament uext
year, providing suitable grounds are
available. Falling this It will be held
lu  Vancouver.
The big match or the tournament
takes place tomorrow, a combined
eleven trom all players meting Vlcto*
ria. Iloure, Greig and Held of Nelson
have been selected foi1 positions on
Ihe  team,   Howard  being reserved.
Excitement and Curiosity as to Location of Franklin Camp.
Grand Forks, Aug. 24.���As a> result
of the refusal of W. A. Cowperthwalte
oi Monckton, N. B., to accept the position oi' principal of the high school
here, to which position he was recent*
ly appointed, the Grand Forks high
school may be without a teacher for
some little time. It Is, however, understood 'tl(at. arrangements will ' be
made to secure the "services of a
temporary teacher so that the school
may be opened at the regular -time.
George Henderson, one of the fur-
uacemen at the'Grauby smelter, had
his baud badly crushed on the works
Miss Ella Wekell of Tacoma is visiting her brother Here, Charles We-
ell, tlte master mechanic at the
Graiiby smelter.
Fire Chief A. E. Savage will leave
here on Saturday for Calgary to attend the convention of fire chiefs for
the West, which will be held in that
city ou the 2Sth Instant. Chief Sav-
ag eexpects to be gone to days.
Provincial Auditor General .1. An-
Anderson arrived here yesterday on
an official visit and shortly after his
at rival he received a telegram which
Informed him that his daughter had
been taken to the hospital in Victoria, so Mr. Anderson left today by
*ihe  first  train  for  the Hoyal city.
The recent announcement that most I
of the Fran Up camp mineral belt ls,
Instead of being in the Grand Forks
provincial electoral district, in tha
Vmir district and in the Dominion
electoral district of Kootonay, has
caused not a little excitement in
("irand Forks. Since this report has
beon made public maps of Franklin
camp, as well as district maps, have
It en In great demand, especially by
those owning mining properties in
Franklin c.Mnp, who have had them
recorded at Grand Forks. It Is expected that the provincial government
at the approaching session will read*
lusl the boundary lines or these electoral districts, go as to keep the
Franklin camp belt In the Grand
Forks district, and thus protect the
records of Franklin camp mining
Price of  Metals.
New York, Aug. 24.���Silver, 66%c;
copper,  ISc;   lead.  $5.75.
London. Aug. 24.���Silver, 30 15-16d;
lead, ��17 8s 9d; sine, ��27.
Latest Phase of Boom in Kootenay's
Orchard Area���Agents Baying
Large Tracts to Hold.
DonllK In Kootenay fruit lands, ae-
cordlng lo local agents, baa lately
taken on a new phuse, and one ot
visiy considerable Importance. Though
It will Involve a diminution of prof
lln to Nelson land dealers It will probably mean a much more extensive and
rapid settlement of the country by
The available fruit land along tbe
shores of Kootenay arm and river are
unready practically all under cultivation and out of tbe market While
some ol the owners may be willing to
sell they will do so only at prices for
proved and developed properties,
which prices do not offer hopes oi '
large returns to Investors.
But it has been gradually been dem- .
onstrated that the estimates of the
extent ot fruit land ln Kootenay,
made as late as two years ago and
characterized at that time by many
as wild exaggerations, are far abort
oi tbe actual facts. More than bait
ol the land bordering tbe Arrow lakes
l_ splendid fruit land. As the total
Is ngth of the lakes from Arrowhead to
itobsou Is 117 miles, and as for nearly half of that diBtoncc the shores are
low and slope buck very gently to the'
ridges, some estimate may be formed
oi Uie total area available for culUva-
tion under fruit.
l'rospoctive settlers still prefer, and
will probably for sonie time, continue
to prefer locations along the west
arm. The proximity to a market and
io ai resideutlal cily, as well as the
better climate, und the natural beauties of the arm, all contribute to tbat
rissult.    .
Hut there Is a large class of Bottlers
w.th whom such considerations hardly
count. They want the best land tbey
can get, and in fertility the shores of
ilie Arrow lakes arc at least not Inferior to those of the arm���and they
want it us cheap as they can get it.
Kor those solid advantages tbey are
willing to forego tbe superiority in
ollmate, scenic attractions ad the social allurements of Nolson.
It is to this class that the newly-
discovered orchard lands specially appeal. Hut to reach tbat class, whose
present habitat is ln Eastern Canada
mil Ihe Hat ii in states, has proved a
difficult matter for agents and Owners
resident In Nelson.
Eastern speculators have been slow
to see and avail themselves of the
opportunities thus afforded to tnem of
sharing In the enhanced values. The
testimony of many visitors and the irrefutable evidence given hy Kootenay
fruit exhibits In London and Winnipeg
liave convinced them that at present
nrlces Kootenay land Is a far better
bargain than Okanagan
They are now ouying or seeking to
buy Arrow la'ke land ins large tracts
for future subdivision. Already the
prices are rising. Even a few months
ago such land could be got for from
Vi to $10 an acre. Now $10 is the low-
Rst price considered for anything but
bare rock, nnd for choice locations
is high as $50 is asked and given.
The settlement of the Arrow lake
country will mean a great deal to
Nsilson If Its business men are vlgi-
'mil In securing Ihe territory for
ivlilcli they hnve nianv advantages
ner all  possible competition.
��� < t
������v. :
��� Cti
Whitney and the Army.
Lnodon. Aug. 24.���Hon. J. P. Whitney, premier of Ontario, speaking at
Bath gave two reasons why he- supported the Salvation Army both in
his Individual and representative position: First, belief In tho good influ-
-noes of the Army, and second, because in its emigration work, instead
of dumping emigrants down on the
lecksi the Army saw them straight
'n'o situations. The Army had a
-ipallor percL-ntaBe of failures than
any other organization engaged In
'���\\i} work.
This belnir the truth he said thnt
the truth should be told. Mr. Whitney
also referred to the importance of the
work as It affected Canada, which he
'1 --scribes! ns tbe great auxiliary nation
of the British emnlre. Dr. Payne accompanied Mr. Whitney on the visit
to Crewe and Bath.
Havana, Aug. 24.���Campos Marquette, a radical Liberal, member of
congress for Artenia, province
Plnar del Rio, has Joined the insurgents.
1 The Daily Canadian
:��� STORES ��� -
Crown Gem Jars, fata pu tot* $ 1.00
Crown Gem Jars, QMmjwdo*, 1-25
Crown Gem Jars. Half Gal per**, 1.50
stock      -    isl i' "mv;    S.x'.-i-
^    e the.  ��re .1". gone.
*���������>. abad i**   i * ��� * ��� '
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paroau md ntHrtu on a good bUra_
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Big  Nam* C��u��f$ Arrcit.
Merlin   *iU|   M      1'h.   Loka]   VtuoiKei*
toda)   annonnoed  tho arreal  b<  Hmb*
burg  Vt-.sterda>   Ol a  UM  Who dOOCrite"
od himself tis Baron Bantoa km Do*
broaaU Doonomnark, -aald lo ba ��
metal worker uiiin.'d Konrad, who
manitd an Amoricau |irl of |OOd tam-
il> in Manila OU Ma> 4 and ��*bo is
charged wuh havlai recontl] doaartad
bar la Porta, taklni w,th "nu J**olfy
helonsius to her valued at 1*8000, and
also a sum of money The man's ar*
-est is reported to be due to the
American cousul at Hamburg. It ll
added that the greater part of her
jawolrv was already disposed of by
the Baron." but that the police se
cured the remainder
��� *>���*#&# Imignt en Policy-
LOtt-JOi, Aug Ji���Thi prebendary
Oi tho Carlisle church arrhv. speaking
a; Ffaolbpnrti said it wa* propoood to
so��d JiVtKH> paopla to *.'anada In 1*07
ami to do m IftOO.OOO would be oooded
T%tjk ��as not a puro!> phtbtntilropla
���cbaaaa for oeor) obi ami oal hjd
- ga .i bond to rofond tba nonoi
BtjvaaiC vl
at a pn.i marked r Btavwt^ Viwrnf
(���oat*"ill iat< I - ' :""| ,,f y_�� ?��**
Said ���& --.n Fork nl Mlnoa, <*����tV _ ,.
chains, mow - ' ** U����noi '���*-- ��� ���';��'��'���
than** nonti w i-h-siiH, morl "r wsai thfin-**
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aca ���o'js'.a *..-��   ���
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Ebaab 19   T^baaM   SN|aMto
0��    ���'���-      I >t-      M      v     jriYa.tf
D   aflM ��iT  _��.
I   -  ��� '        _, .  jaa  M
- .. -fctntn bMa  tmra t_ba rvv-
jL-vyt,'.-1 ���    - ,   m      14.-
'���1     i.      tM   ��.;     >    .
ta  ma   . -   mh*4i0   wtth   sh _.
a_ -.*.: ���    1       .    i
���atfl    "���;���.     pM MM]    4jd i.-^    i"(
:.;*���--���" H MB ".ai.
I   ��� ���      1 fa
��� 1 Ml i*t# 1
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���   ���   -*;..��a to
1    ���- -      1
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ur bo��:.    rfraaM
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��� M MK
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pt'ia*. o.
'�������.���> ;_m  m,9
��� - ' ( |�� Uii
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- ill J IW. JI
1.1   . v��---*:i!.-'i
..    ,,     �� ,
WI   - �� *      .    .       ._    j
������   -      antta ai �������.
..   ��   1
ijuit-im*.  o   -if.>n,��.n .
-*... ...
���-a*  *o��i    ua.  >.i ih ^
-     �� 1  I-.        v. ,   , , , ,
>     .     ��������   :
. ���      ���     -      it ,,.|,-���-.,
-    1 .     - ...
���    �� ��
��� ��� in- ��td
1      Lit
-.   - D. OH
I       ���     H .     . ".
f     ��� ��� 1    1 .       tmnga
I I    ��� ���      - IlBtUB        uii'��OV
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NoUob b harabj jltan thai sixty dura ���
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iKMia! tKHitid*rv line   atwut  (our niUe* ��ast ol
ihe Columbia rUor i-.��!anienc:ng at tixwi mart- ;
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thane* north to chaini- thanca w*at *' chaini-
th*net wuth W chaini to the p!ac�� oi coa=��=f<-
ment. coti!a:n:n*j ������� tcm mor* or laaa^
Dated i5th :'une. \*$.        Urai X runt
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SuOce !��� hertby titan ihat iltiydayi from
dtt* I intend to apply to the Hon.ChitKoa
ratmiouar of Undi and Woffct for rermiMioa
to purchata t2�� (oltoaiai Ja��or,t**.l .andi iltuate ta We�� Kooitnay PtMflet, Veiwttn thf
PtnJ d Orilllfl rt**r tnd tha internat'ent.
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th*   **..-���    si .-      *   fto-J a��i-
.    . l ���   . ���    uad    i.aorti:-
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eft*!   i - *.*���_ al ��t-.<ai_a*Q��-��ai��ai,
1 . ���   -.T  '.<*W.
I'��:*i 1'' ������ HTH'I   SN1IJII
Vntlf* !��� h*rfh* firfn that (W dan after date I
uitcu.l tonpi'lv i" ih* Hou. itu<' hivf rntnmu-
��i,.ner i'f I*n-l�� m n ��� t Worka (or p-rinl-*>Mii to pur-
rbaae the loll..wnu_ ilriu-Hbe'1 luinle In "'���at
Kootenay dlatrlct, proMBn o( Hritl*h ColuMblai
t'ommeoctni m * poat marked "William Ti.llfng-
ton'i Dortawaat eormr PaiV Mid i"1*! t"'!"!
i.unu-i r*t tti��* ���ouibwiit aoraaroi tna'���Quaan
���Juu'ral Claim," ���.'"! adjutmnii th** i����i line of
\l   I'liftil"* pre frnptl-'li. theme ���oiilh twei��t| (W
rbalat ��l"nt aw l����e, tbenee raut tort/ (*��)
chalati IbaDM nonh twenty iai) ehaloa, ujaiUM
tri'ii I  rly (40} rtmtii* mure or I ens, to the [ilm e o|
vouim*. lieeraenl
I'fttfit litdarof Ait|iiat. IW6
Br    .. mifiit i   ."   ]'.:-'.:
S.Mivf :�� hereby tfen that 00 daya after data I
intend toippiy to tha llonorabla the C'hlaf' cm-
mmiontr of Lan'li ard Worki for p**mt����lon to
purvhaat the foI>win| at crlbad Undi iltu*
..-1 ���-- K ���������-��������.v : tn ���-���t. Btttnninf��ta
- ������������ pltnied on the north ihon of the Lower
am* Uke about 4C chatm weit nf 'ha weit
V'-jndarr of C f a Lot 4S��. Marked H a w
_ E corflar, theRf* weat * rhatoi. tbence north
10 .-htiBi. thence east K ehatoi mora or >��> to
:*ii ihort thanit in t iouth trtitfrly direction
i.'-*l!ake uan 10 point of cCnmtflcamcni.ron*
M " "f W acr ��� m. r* of leal
Located jusl*. .*��
H A Wol��Iitojc.
A K WtXimtM, Agent.
VfMi * *j htlvbT ilrea that two mnn'hs after
date I laten-l to apply to th* HoooraM- chief
iVoDiwiix..' i>( Lai I* fto-t Worki for pt>rmli
��ton to tm-.hftw iu h'lBlrfl ftod forty {Mo)
MM wi !��nd- .te-M-rttw-l mm lM.owi: < cmmftnlnf
tt ft ptwt pua;.-.) ftt lite northwest ourrirr of L
��� ta.ftgh*. �� app^iiftll-tu to ["ir> lifter tu Kir-' VftJ-
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tbrn-r   ri<b:j   [HI  l '   B��   .iftity (W)
ibftm* <*����t, Iben-r clgtht.-' |S'I ��� h��tu�� north to
I �� >   ���:  noisj^u-f ait-at.
H   A CatMEi
l%:^l the .'a-! l*t M >at]  HM
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(.'tHUtBLMi-'at" vt t*a-S ��s.l W,>rt*. *B turU   to
p��'i tiM.*r ;*.- anaa of Und    * ��� mrio tn ing at ���
pool pi��ote>] o.-i ..���.- we-; ��h >f-- .-I Altoa Uke. ��t
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Ilaafi *.'ma ���**.aftiat. tbeu.v wr*t *%i.b��iti*i to
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CaauaMdaattf M taiiOaaM wn.k* ti> pur\b_--
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: ^_��_ ftn.t rtiaiDK ���'*t Mebalaii tb--n>-*
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Juiyisib. i*��. J. k. Bwiaa.
I a hereby gtrea ihai ititr iayaaflat
. Mad loftpply M���a ti -a Chief ��� ..aim*
atuoer ei UsUa ��a.l Ifarkt Mr ;t-r��UMU_ to par.
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.   .       ���   H  trut^ce'i'' K       'Urr p��_ft(, iiiaate
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in-in. ill.-lil.i,.,���.������ ?_'.!    ,""' W.sisslS
Nolle* U _��rebr given ih.i m��    "���_
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Chit; ComniMiontf ol um S ."nil
million io purch.i. S. i',��i*��liffj|
Un.i: Comnen-m, ,, , JSfSM ��1
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II, H. k. corner," runotn. ., pVWtH
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Notter ts hereby gjteu th��l fiu .]amj
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then--*-   north  H.   ibiim
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l^Al"! thu-ttb Jn; ..f July.imt,
ot L-ia-i- i ���-���        aaai etk    i    - .T-*n*j��f
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aiifn.*!3j_ *   ��� i". ��� 11. r   M ���   S   i t-i.ra-ir
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raab -     teteut, *.a**ae��* w*-j: *
I     ��� -��� .   M    ���.   ���-.-     *   .-*������*   *.-.���
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wuia b*. . i      -���. ,c :n s our:a.�����;���*{*. >
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- ��� i   ���                      - * i hi Hhaia,a. La��*a*?f na
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i-;nnw    *_tH   IfM      ���
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���:>.! a tMtj a ���_a BaaatabM taa <
m&wioear of Ua'li ��a.l Worta for p>*n_it,*Mk>o to
pi_n.._t_t_* :fc��  foiiowiag mettettttti  MMa la lb*
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D*'"a   w   p��atrtt��Mr   u-   f. .. ������.-ig
...; i aaMwrnataa ���* ��� paM maakaa I a �� 4.
:-- 1 - rMbaaal -ora--r arartMa Kt r_��_fi.sbip *��.
|MM|lM rweaty eb*laa wi*jib forty et__��init.
1 aa    *-j;t ..-a*_a. aurib Maty ebaiss tu p-.****
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*���      ���> -.       -     :fitr*uaii.
HaitiM 11* a       - --  la *.w    A raii
*inl  NnsuHu     ia . .���-,   ,,    _k!.j ft_i,i
���''������* -'���������     ^    '
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a ��� in   >-, 1. -.1   u   .,u 1��_
"     . *-.
Id..-   r...n       .... ,,- H.fr?iY   n
-..i"     '.������.,:   af   -   �����     ,
-  ����� 'i.n -l- n im  UaJ   ��    uu   ���-;���. 1  m
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I   ���*
���    M ta batabr �����**��> *�����* * ^-lE Sal
*   IM '        --raB*
'.'���uninuaiuriwr ot Laaif* ��ail   * ""*'' .lll.^jjli.
���too M o��;n*b���� UW iVtilnwin*   i-'wn^*nOI
* - rsiraea���t :n tba ���**���� Katifana ��� H*J,r'       * , ,ar
..   - .
i i..- ��� ��� u ;-s   - in   . ���
rf at a : ��� .. i
Mrn��-r  Baal   MMI  ���*"  fbMll"  i"        .������Qo_l
"mn* aaat   Mhbn a    i '
rtaatttg   a
... Fm m   rf>aa
S��tteaMbMwbf gtvwn    tat
tncaad t., ��p,nr ai tM �����"'   "      ;,. ,.������ a
��iiiii'-r   ii Laaibi sn��I W'
���\  ..   ,    ���., mi
i a*"
~ iBaina mil V ibamaaaaUi *miJ ��� niM
in itaf-f nUaaf nania ,, H. bill
SiMtoa  abataaytfaan     i |     ���'���
unfa ���..! WatMjor  ^gjft
lowioi   *bMJ*jad   a"    r0t*ill*
rivur. -*.iiM*iti-iti''rig st s '��'��'  'i"*-\'' .,-   ,i -v
X W. -_-.r*t-*r   *('-taIt��i  >n *' ,
.'������n-l  VOrwiUa  :rv��.r si ibmta ���   lrt-��
-"i   i ti.-t    ..r-if-    MettC*    '  ��� ,��� [ft��tf*
lata       aaa *at *   !,, iifiiiwa*"'*
i-.fi  aiiMiam- ta   ii-*   ilat*M   "I    "���
���-iiitnning  Mi����n-�� n��r-- "��� <���" Mtnift. The Daily Canadian
20 Pieces Brusiels, Yelveti
and Tapestry Len than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
.penal Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Im, paid op,
wii.kii: i'i-
. .a'l.'-HHI.IMMI
-iili-nt        BOH,
KK8T ID.WKi.ooo
IliiHKItT .lAKKItAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
HOLDEN,     NELSON,     HKVK1.S'1'()1.1.:,     TROUT  LAKE,
it s-urri-iii ratal fnuii ilntc of opening ac-
M.   LAY,  Manager.
��� r. .in
ivetl nml iiiti-n-isi iillnwi-i
linlf y.-nrlv
\t Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
rchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
)al Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oila for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boal Builder, will tlml il lo then advantage to me onr Pttoh.
lelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
'. Burns & Co.
The Old Courthouse.
Tss tlm Editor or The Dally Cumuli-
im: 1 would like lu ask a question
anil our question leads us Into a fluid
Ol thought anil Ideas. What will be
done with the old courthouse when ll
shall have to give place to the new?
.Sow, we learn through the columns
ol The Dally Cauudlan that at last we
are to have a stately and commodious
building that will be a credit not
only to our city but as a hall ot Justice to the province as wall, Now,
sir, I think 1 see an opportunity for
our civic body to Immortalise themselves by securing the old courthouse
ir possible tor a public library and
n puhlle hall, On this question of a
ptilillt! hall 1 Imp space to make a few
is-iiiiti-ki..   i bava .fun thougbt this
mis* ii  ilmi'll ni-edcil went.    II. Is lino
sve luivii llie opera  liimms  nnd   Fints-r-
nliy  hall,  but  thoy  bi-m,  not   always
available, and mora   thu   that,   the
reu Is loo high wllh all the vailed In-
teresta that ko to make up not only
our  civic  lire but our provincial  und
national,   vvtlh its rollgio-a, political
ami   Industrial   Interests  1   think  that
mir city stands ln need ��r sume good
sited hull thai    will hold    u   goodly
niiinlii-r. uml Ihis In be owned by our
. Hy coundl.    If we had a hull on this
plan often some ol the talented men
ssf ..in- country or wny other country,
believing they had u message for the
iss-sipis-.  ws-  would have the  pleasure
ol listening us them,   our Indnatrlea
are growing and will continue to grow
mnl  are  musl   look  and   build  for  the
future.     A    lecture   on   agriculture,
I run, ranching and so on is well received here, Iml there is no place for
meeting unless wo dip Into our pock-
��� Is lor J.ii or |80, Now, I think if we
had this public hull 11   minlit be free
tor all  that goes to make  up our social  lire.    We want lo    get    all    the
knowledge lhal we can, all lhat makes
lor  good   and  makes  us   wise.    Then
ihis ball could be used for entertain-
moots or for special bodies where ull
are  not supposed    to    come.    A   fee
could be charged, and the price being
reasonable no one   or    body of men
would   object   to  pay   for  a   hall.     In
tills way a revenue could lie derived.
There in aucb a variety of meettnga
and the need of such a hull Is apparent io anyone   ol   observation,    nm
can we get tills library and hall'' Can
we  Secure  the old  city   hull'.'    Have
we  tried or will we try?      11    is al
li-asi  worth the effort. Lei no opportunity  slip  by  us.    Perhaps  It  would
nut In- too much to   ask   a generous
government to make li a gilt to the
siiy. ur ws- might gel  ii  in  a  veiv
|ow  figure.    However, li  la an open
question;   open   for   debute,   aud   you
court   discussion  1111   iill   public   questions.    Now, will some one  els.1  lend
;i hand anil see whal can be done In
ibis  matter.    I  Ihlnk the majority  of
lhe people will see the necessity of a
public hull.    Can we get It and how?
heavily anchored against any further
drift Inshore and ls believed to be safe
from danger for months unless In
case of storms. I'he steamer's bottom
being deeply Imbedded In the reef Involves great possibility of her braking up quickly during a northerly
storm. Captain 8annders and the
agents of the Pacific Mull company,
are. however, sanguine of being able
to save tbe steamer.
Mountain Wild
Fiowets of
By Julia W. Henshalto
Silver King Hotel
Bo_ Dollar a day house iu the Kootenays.
Roomi are well furnlKbed.   Table kh good ��* Knr
lu Milium.     Hnr HUpplled with good
llauori awi cl��ri.
W. B. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
guiopssn snd Amnrtcaa Pisa
Hssls K cti. loom) from it cu. to 11
only whits Blip implore..
Sttsr St., Kellon Proarltiois
"A   simple  anil   popular pulile  to  llle
names ami description, of the How-
s-l-s  Ihn'l   blOOm   nbove   the  clouds."
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House In Nelson.
Tins Hs.r II the Klu.-Nt-
Whlte Help Only Kmployed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
A lioolt for every teacher, BOnoOl and
private library, and every lover of
our  wild   flowers.
Price $2.75
Canada Drug I Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. ill.
A By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light and
Power Plant of the City of Nelson.
liMHsphltie SI.
The Big Schooner T)-__, <A.
0r-HiIlanJll.il"    DCCl     I UL.
The only Glass of Hood Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel Hs-s-isniiiiisiiHtiiinii second t.s non. in Brit.
lsli Columbia.    KbIi-h ��1.UI persUy.   BpaBISl rStS.
to monthly bosrders. Ontyhomehotsllii N's-lsson
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hull mi'l Vermin,
two blOOkl (nun wliurf.
Hati-* II 00 per i]ay riii) up
P.O. Box 161,
IVI.-phniU! 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J   A. EIUCKSON, Proprietor.
Mir* and Aculuont
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
I ililest estnhllshi-d Real Estate
HustuoHN iii Kooteiiuy.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Fruit Landi in this district.
Most of it situate ou the Went Arm nnd Main Lake.   See nie Toe-
fore you decide tn locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, ""gfej^
Ceutrally Located. op*... Day and Night.
Sample and Bith Room* Kree.
"���l" Market! iu   Rowland,   Tniil,   Nelaon, Kiwlo,   Sandon, Thro.* Korku,
Dearer and Slogan City.
nv branch will have
������I'll   Hit I .-lit 1.111 .
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Really   Meant for  Alfonso.
Madrid, Aug., 24.���The newspapers
of this ciiy yesterday printed the report of the examining ma.glB.rate in
tbe case of the coronation botuli
throwing, The police maintain the
charges against -hist t'evrer, director of the modern jeh��il of llarcelonu
and lliiuiineo. who Buttered damage
to property from the explosion. The
Magistrate awards |8?70 damages.
The report of lhe magistrate adds
lhat by the explosion 25 persons wero
killed and 109 wounded, of which latter number 14 are still convalescing.
The reporl says that the evidence
proves that Morales sent bombs from
llnrceliino to Paris to be used In an
attempt on the life of King Alfonso
while lie was ln the hitter city.
nl iti'tuii potion in
fresh and Salted Meats
"Vim supplied on Bhortest notice ninl
'" P'ice. Nothing lint fresh uml
"'""me meats nml supples kept in stock
'"-'let's receive careful attention.
C TRAVES,  Manager.
Certificate of Improvements
lilKSllltll'    (illllll.    Klftst  UlllltlCf,  rilllllll'silis,   .Ull
Twinly Mile Krsvlliiii mineral nlflni., MtU;
nu- in tin- Nelson Misiiiin DlvUlonof Wo.t
WIiIms'Vsi'isIs-sI I  llll ISlSlllll'CIIHllllllllill. IsS'tSVl'l'll
Wild riorw snd Bear Crooks,
T_ks notice lhal I, John Mi-Uiti-lsiss, of llio clly
ni f.Ui n.iiiii! ssagoni tor JowpliBtitrgooo,
Kroe"Wnor*. fifttlltaSs ��S. DSin. Intend, sijty
.!��,. bum I IHO- H.-SV..I. Is. apply to thO M il.ll.|!
itsTisrsiss for f.Tiiiii-iiii-is nf improvement.. f<sr
His- purno.0 ssi obtaining Crown annum ino
" A_i.'iirt_.'r t��ko nollco lhal ���'*��� ���"n",��� V'.'--i....*.*."���
iissn :i7, usual Ik- eommonood before Hn- Imusiioo
Olllloll IVlllll Sll.'s.l l"'l',r',*'"'i"'l'!"',g,a-,
A Union Luncheon.
Toronto. Aug. 24.���The -sweltering
Ueat, which made dignity and comfort
Impossible, failed to ��i">il the luncheon given by the Ontario branch of
ilu- Dominion alliance yesterday aft-
ernoon, which was a notable event tn
the British Medical congress prbgram,
Tho luncheon WAS held in the university gymnasinm and brought together
many notable temperance workra, as
well w dtstlngntBhed physicians from
Great Britain aud the United States.
Declarations made by the leaders of
though! that alcohol is coming baclt
iu medicine and surgery were nu
plauded  by  the audience.
Gone to  His Long  Home.
Seattle, Wash.. Aug. 24.���The gunboat Princeton arrived from Victoria
lust night, bringing lhe body of Rear
Admiral Charles .1. Train, late of tho
Asiatic squadron; who died at Chefoo,
Admiral Swinbourne, commniiding
the Pacific squadron, went to Victoria
aboard the Princeton. Tho body wan
shipped east.
WHBRXA8 ii prMtion h <f tiw-n pr*Mnted to
the Munniiuil rOUndllpl Uu- i nrimruUnii of tin*
CttyofNelBOD i.tKiit'"t I.y tho owners nf Kt least
nif-tiuUi nf the va)ut> nf the real pmperty in the
���-iiiii city *�� ihown hy the lnHi reviled MWMineat
Mill, reoimtlDR th" uaiti Oouoril to lotfoduoe
**A   Bv-Imw   io  raise |A0,0t0 OS for tbe (uirpnie ol
��� ..ii. [.i"t 1:1V lhvcnrt'*triie.(lni) of theK ettrle Light
mi-i Power 1'ir.iii mm b*ingeoattrueted hy the
t'lty of Nelion at tbe Upper Bonnington Fell*,
t ootonty Klver, iiri*i-ii Culntobla.
A NO WItKti-AS H is -.Untitled expedient to
���omplete the bleetMu MrIh and Power plant.
AND WHKIt*>.\s for the purpnsea llorwsld it
win be neet-aauy lo borrow llie huoi of Fifty
itminaiiil l��ii)l*m (ITmi.iiOU.UU), and tnl mi" rieheu-
lure* of the t'lty ol Nelson fnr the purpoieol
iliHlim r*ald atiionnt.
AND WIIKItKAS ih-, whtile amount of the mt-
Kble Imul ��f the hhIiI   elty, aeeonlliiK   to  the
Uni reviled Anenment Knii, li one million two
hundred anrt sl-tlvtlireethoiin&ndelKhlhnndreil
and forty dollars (9I.SB3,MO)
AND wiiKitKAH ii win be remllii'e tn ntie
uniiHiiliy by rate the **uni of Pour TIiouhhtnl One
ttnndred ami Beventy Nine DaUen (l-t.na.uo) for
paying the caid debt nml iiiU*reit ,
Now therefore the Municipal Council of the
enrpnration of the Oily of Nelnon enacts as
1 ���It shall aud may he lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation ol tho City ol Nelson to borrow
up in the eretlll of the said Corporation, by way
nf the ili'iioiitup's hereinafter mentioned, from
any perion or ponona, body or bmlles eorporate,
who may be wilUng lo anvance theiamesea
loan, a lum nfmopey not ezeeedlpa m the whole
the sum of Fifty Thnu-aud Pollara (liO.OOO tw.i
mi 1 to eame itli suoh sums so ralaed or received
I i be paid Into the bandiol the Treasurer ol tlie
���iii-l ��� orporatioii  for the  purpose aiut with tho
object hereinbefore recited.
S.���It shall lm IhwIiiI fur the Mayor of the said
Corporation to cause ant number of debentures
to be made, executed ami Issued fur such sum or
sums as may be required for the OUrpOM and
object aforeealdinotexoeedlnshowav r. the nun
uf Fifty Thouiand Dollar*! (r*,otw.oo), each of;the
said debentures being Ol the denomioatlon of
Une Tliuiisand l>ollare(,*UI(kXUK})and all such debentures shall he sealed with the seal ol the Cor*
poratlon und signed by the Mayor thereof.
3-The said debentures shall bear date the 1st
dav of October, IBOff, and ahull be made payable
iu'twenty years trom the said date In lawful
in.iin'*- of t'itim In at the i'dice of tbe Bank of
Montreal In Nelsou aforesaid, which said place
of payment shell be designated by the said debentures, and shall have attached to them coupons for the puyineut of Interest, and the signatures to the interest coupons may be either
written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
4 -The said debentures shall bear interest at
the rate of S per cent, from the date thereof,
..liidi Interest shall be payable s. ml-ainiually at
Bald ofllce of tho Bank of Montreal in Nelsou
-.foresaid, tn lawful money of Canada, on tbe
Ilrst day of April and first day of October respectively iu each ycardurtbg tho currency thereof;
and it shall be expressed in satd debentures and
coupons to be so payable
fi.���It shall be lawful for the Mayor of said t' r-
poratioti lo ne*.Hind' ami .-ci: the said debentures or any of them fnr less than par. but in no
i'u.e shall the said debenture* or any of them he
negotiated or sold for lesa than  ninety-tin* per
centum ot their value including the cost of ue*
(.dilating hii 1 sale, brokerage and all olher hid
denial expenses.
tl.���There shall be raised and levied in each year
during the currency ol uld debentures the sum
ot Twenty-live Hundred Dollars 03,600) (or payment of Interest and the sum of eixtecn Hum!-
red and Se etity nine Dollars tU.ffftl.pQ) for pay
meat of the said debentures by rate sumolent
therefore on all the ratable land   lu the aald
7.���It shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Council lore-purchase any of the said debentures upon suoli terms ns may be agreed Upon
with the legal holder or holders thereof or
any part thereof, cither al   the lime of sale nr
any subsoqnen' time or times, und all debentures
BO re-purchased shall forthwith be c.ucclled aud
destroyed and no reissue of dehenturesso repurchased shall be made lu cousct|Ueu<-u of such
H, I'hls By-I aw shall lake effect on or after
tho 6th <iny ol September Had,
It. -This Bylaw inav be cited for all purpose*
as the ritvnf Nelson Klcclrii- Light Loan i-y-l-aw
No, 171, 1*9011.
Done aud passed in Council  Assembled thin
��� ��� September 1900.
Opposite Court House and Post Office*
Cdrner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th* Strathcona
NelMon, KO
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy uow and get the ground floor price's.
Nelson, B. C.
Oood   Sample   Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
B.kcr Btreet, Nel.tra. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot Air
K..1K8 ,2  1KR DAY
Large end ComluiUble Beslromn. .nil Klrat-
cl... IliiitiiK Kssssiu. Bample Room. Ior Cominer-
dial Wen.
MRS. K. 0. s'l.AKKK, Prnprlotrci.
The well known
Our Beer Garden is
tho Finest in tho
st, Paul,   Duluth,
Port Arthur
Sionx City
Kiiiisns City |B8._6. St. Louis |(l0.00.
Ohicu^o ��B4 l��.
On nalo Aui;ast 7-8-H. Septombpr 8-10
Fiinii limit October Hist.
J. CROW,   ���   -  Proprietor
A Saguine Captain
IlisiHslsilii, Aug.    88,  10    a
wvockcil  Bteamer
Mniichuiin   l��   now
Royal Hotel
Toronto *>"��(>*>���   On fale September 8.9-10
Limit November 30th.
Milwaukee 168.20.   On sale August 7-8-9.
Limit October 31 st.
Bates II and tl.CO a Pay.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders.
A. McDonald &Co,
Dealers in staple nud t&tiioy Qtoctttiot.
Butt*r, Eptn..
OlUtlp and Miuerw' Supplies.
Tako notlco iimi the above is a true nopy or Uu'
prottniiei] By*Uw hihui wlid-li tha vote of dm
Miiiilcl|>aUlv will 1��- ttkrii ut llie t'lty o[   Ni*l>on
on Tuesday the Uli ��hvy ol ttaptemher. next. be.
iwccii the douraolfl o'i*lofk ��.m. and 7 o'clock
p.m., tor tii" Kant War-ii at tlu> t'lmncil Chamber
nt the corner o( VlcUirin and Juxeiihino sin-ela,
mill lm llir W.'si   Ward  Ht  the   Hoard  ot Trmle
Kootniat tho eornorof VlrturU and Koot**nay
City Clerk.
Ni'ldou, B. Di AUKUHt -Jlut 1DU6.
Gon-rriiwtor nnd
Sou* ujit'iit (or the Porto Biro Lumber Co., l,td..
retail yanU. Rough i.ud dro ten" lumber, turuod
work and liracki'ln, Coant lath ninl -lii't-lis. -��-li
mid doors. Cement, t.rl**k nud lime for snle
Autoiimtic crinder. **
Yard nud factory: Vernon St.. *-*nst of Hall,
NtSUSON,   B. Q.
p o; Box 'in Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Ooal and Woo .   Express aud
1'aggaKo Trnnster
RKi�� Office: Baker St.
Through rates all statious���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces ou application.
A.a.P.*., Vancouver. d.p.a.. Ni-isun.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mud's daily throughout Nelson
and its snlnirl'H Pltuln- 1-1H
The Last of Eastern 1
On Sale September 8-tO \
Winnipeg 1
St. Paul I t52.60
Duluth I
Port Arthur      J
Chicago $04.00
St. Louis (00.00
Final limit October 31st.
On sale September 8-9-10 to Tor-
oulv KO C.'i.
Limit November 80th.
Bates to all other eastern points
on application.
City t'aflfetHiffer Agent.
A II. P. A., Hualtle.
Thorpe^ Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Koow Ihurmio's Special BlitoK?
W. c4* WURMAN,
i i
���:Si.il I
The Daily Canadian
We aro ofiering exceptional
value in Cut Glass.
For a pair of Cut Glass Suit
and Pepper shakers. Sterling
Silver Mounted,
'The Store of Sweets."
Frvits, Confectionery and
lee Crttm.
Phone IU Baker Ht.
KELSON, 11  ('.
135 Cents a Bottlei
'cA Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning.*
Kootenay Coffee
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or s��ll anything,
go to the Old Curioalty Bhop. A new
line of Jupam'si' Goods now nn salt* Al!
kinds of Dinuerwaru iu Block. Patterns
Need Any O
Fruit Jars "
We have the NEW Hison Scaler
with the All Glass Top.
N.s metal tn gat dirty ..ml odrrodad
Tho   DlOSt   UJi-tisilnti'   aeilli-r   nu the
iiuuir ���     lu pint uml quart sizi-n.
Pint- per Dozen SI.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We iilsui liavi- tin-   Ornwn   .lars  i
pun., qaartl anil lmll gallon
$1. $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
; Joy's Cash Grocery!
Oor.JoMphllUJUtd Mill Btp.      Phone It*
Gait Coal
Termi dpot Cuh
Tseleplioue _r.;>
auei Street
The finest non-aleoliolic   *
beverage anil stimulant   *
Bell Trading!
Company        ���
Cor. ^ oi-M.ni t.M>.s Ward sn-wii.,
.N. .l._��O.N,   ... C
.1   1 ltlJD 111 Ml-., l'luprieliir.
l; Walker, Quelph; VV It Watson,
.I..i.ii Watson, Kaslo; .1 Jones, Vlcto
ria; T A liriuiv ami wile, A. F. Brady,
,. .1 Bell, ll I: Barker, Montreal; Mrs.
i: Rntbven, Chewelaii; E it Hum. s
r Cullerton, Mis* Heresmund, Spokane; Mi=s MeLehnan, Ymir; ti W
Mason, .1 Thomas, tl Thomas, F
Sands, E P McMahon, Coeur d'Alene;
G (luiss.-. Greenwood; K F Wood, J L
Ashley, New York; A P Turner, Cop-
Cliff; i'. Richardson, Vancouver;
Mr ami .Mis- Qraeeer, Berlin; H w
.-sli,s,i and daughter, St. John.
John Shaw, W II Faldlng, C It Ham-
llton, Hi ssland; W l Trethewey. La
Plata; r Leavlck, Mr ami Mrs E C
Thurston, Denver; .lean Patterson,
Now Westminster; W E Davison. J
:-l Donovan, .1 C Hersey, Toronto, M
i Thornton, Spokane; W I. Curtis,
Buffalo; .1 A Samson, Winchester, F
i Rhodes, Seattle; F II .Ihiil-s, Moll
Ireal; Mis D Whiteside, Qreenwood.
i A (irlfliih, Trssm Lake; tl Clem-
��� in, Mis.s Hudson, (Jraiul Forks; Mi
and Mrs VV .1 Halril. Clinton; Mrs
trmstrong, C Scott Armstrong, M I!
Sinclair, Cranbrook; Mrs A H Pike,
Hoj Qrove; Mrs .1 W Wballey, Eglin-
ton: R M N'orboe, Meyen Fulls: ba
be!  Robinson,  A  Robinson,  Msgagva
llisS I-
11  Crowe,   Molly    Gibson    mine;
"iiiiiiii-.  .1   Bavage,   Vancouver;   I
Mullen, Vniir;  T Hansen. Robson.
ROYAL.    ���
���<  A  McLean, Kamloops;  li
Bproule Creek.
i   W  Wsi'k.-s-   Wellington;  .1
Miss   V   Engel,   ll   Kim,.i,
lliirsl.  Rossland.
Johnston,   V,    H   Anderaoi
H   Adrew:    Nakusp.
Harrington. Hunter    V
��� ]s-;s:
N"   Ha
mine:   ;
Williamson, Trout  I.ak
W R Klpp, Bpokane.
B W Robertson,   .1    Pettypiece    G
'��� m      We ��� .-������ :  F Si Glair. Com-
apllx;   M   A   Sullivan.   Revelsiuke:   11
One Week, Commencing
August 27th
"The Pringle Co'y"
in n si-ln-t ri'inirtoire.
Opening Monday, August -,7th iu
"Thi-  Convict's  Daughter."
Prioe. BOo ami ;.y. Children US.
S'-iii- ii' Kiitli.-rtiinl'y	
THK BXCLU8IVE prlviles. sii smiling Hfnuh-
!'."'"' lae ss'sss. is'. i,r,s.iii,|, UurUM llss- Kul l
iall September isi_m.i.  Norplrlruoui liquor.
iillsj��..l     l|, ���,null...i���r bus n-ss.ls-r nm Dei...
���nils unptod.  ��� corllfled cheque lm mn
minimi! l,>st.r,,in|i,iin iihs-Ii tender,    astslrs-sss-
.. D i    M, Moulin., Ss-i-n-iarj,
V-l-us .I.n,  illilrul sili.l Iii.Iii.iiikI Asm.K-lHtllsli.
Ns'l..,js. I: I    aiiuii.i ss. I'm,.
IIDUHB   llx r._ins Hint balli;   lurnllh-d com*
raei i innderii conveniences.  For t��rms apply
' ll'lli-K   lll-.-.IIKVIIAh PROPBRTY  on  8IIH-II
riivs'iiu-iitss.   Ti-rsssss
���l> 'Ills-en rii.iii-.Sl.sri-. Vi. II   snnl!.
BOOMS to U5.-Hlc.ly (siniiiiiiisii ami cleanly
kept roomi fnr sli-n.lv guoitl ssr traimii-iilsi. As,.
ply Mr-. MiT.sni|��lillii,iivs-r I'k-rn-'ss tallnr sslsssi,.
Hilks-r street
.'sll MKN", HI OUCe, (ssr STork 111 tin- wssoslis.   Apply
lis W. B. I'ssssLs'. Mssriiilll. Kaslts.
1.AI1V STKSlllilu I'll Kit loriioillls.il In country,
linssil Inline svltli employer*, fauilly. Apisly
Isox l\., i silin,linn office.
ih��* Mcti.oUisi Bundaj ichoQ] plaolo
mi tlir Tramway park jreiterday afternoon wus vei*j well attended ami tin*
ohiJdren were ^ivi'ii a pleasant time
playing mui feasting.
Sliver advanoed l*:i* polnl mi each
metal market tutla>, tlu* American
closing price being tiii7* cents an
ounce. Lead gained three points on
the London market. Copper and line
quotations arc imchttimi'l,
Fout prUonort; appeared ootovc
Manintt'Hle ScloiM in tlie dity police
court thin morning Thi-Hf drunk*" paid
$5 each toward reducing thf city's
overdraft and one viiffrant was strongly  advised  tn pet   wnrk  out  of  town
VlUlOUt   il"llt.
.lamefl Qundook, �� P. It. operator,
who was Injured in jum plug ofl a
train noar F*leld aboul a \M*.*k ago,
aud was foubel near the tract* tlu* nexi
morning delirious, died  in  the Home
hospital at   i   o'olook   this   often	
i.miIi   i-; known of him looolty, exoept
Mi a i   he   is   Iiiiiii   I'^istiTii   C;t mulu.     A
brotlier  i-^ expected in arrive tonight
Lest Ye Forget!
Our Pure Maple
Syrup Is Going Fast
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
ll i�� buttled tight and will lteep.   Lay in    Now, aa Die season Is closlun, ami I will
��ee that your order ls filled with thu
best fruit to be had at the lowest market price.
a supply before it.-, loo late.
Quart Jars   -   70c
U2 Gal Jars $1.35
���The Convict's Daughter" will he
s *i'ii i.y tin* Pringle company mi Monday next ai Bhermim's opera limisi*.
The eaat is saiil to he unlformlj excel
lent, and each charactei in the plaj
lias u dtatincl Individuality. The an
uouncoment is made th.it pleasing
specialties will in* Introduced *M several point.s in tin- preserftatlon Tie*
sale t��r seats will begin tomorroH
morning .
The 20,000 olub dance at the pavil
Ion lasi night was as successful] as
any of tlie former ones. The attendance hroke the record. Tin* BChot*
contest brought out manycompetltors.
The judges were .Miss Fuller, T. Peck
und R, Walker. The ctnitest wai^ won
bj Walter McCandiish and Mi.ss Carson. The entertainmenl commits e
win meet tomorrow evening to decide
on a program for the lust dance. The
choice lies between a minuet contest
and a triple contest, including waltz,
two*atep UllrJ schottischt*.
Baptist   Picnic.
The annual picnic of tlie teachers
ami pupils ui the Baptist Bundaj
school, held yesterday afternoon at
Shannon's park, attracted a large attendance ami proved a very enjoyable
Besides the UBual picnic features
there was a well contested athletic
tournament Th.* events ami winners
ar.*  as  follows:
Fuoi races. Miss Clunls' class. 60
yards, hoys���First prize, adjustable
mounted pencil, Tom Moves; sivou.l
prise, pocket comb and case, Clifford
Mr. Oliver's class. 50 yards, girls���
First prize, ad J ns table mounted pencil,
i>ora Jordon; Becond prise, cream
pitcher,   Essie-   NorriB.
.Mrs. Duck's class, girls. 25 yards���
1 ir.it prise, leather purse, Minnie An-
dorson; second jirizu. fancy penwiper,
Ida  .McColm.
Miss (.'ooliiigs class, misses. 50
a:ii- First prise, gold brooch canoe,
Winns Bills; Becond prize paper
knife, lx>ttie Nagorrsuti.
Primary class, hoys, -Jf. yards���First
prize, dime savings bunk. Herbie Jordan; second prize, police wliltie, Perch   Jordan.
Primary clas... girls, 86 yards���First
piize. leather purse, .Myrtle Palmquist,
second prize, nicK- ! savings hank, Agues Lawson.
Mr, Stock's class, young ladies. 50
yards���First prize, maple leal stick
pin; Mabel Nagonsen; second prize,
book, "Hull Hours With Christ," May
.Married women, 50 yards���First
prize, enamel stick pin. .Mrs. Bteeper;
second prize, c<dluioir| Ijoukuiark. .Mrs.
Egg  race,  hoys���Prixe, baseball,  Fl-
The Store of Quality
��� ���*.
We want to clear it out as we haven't
room for a large shipment coming In,
and to do so we will sell it at
$1.45 Pet Sack
Every sack guaranteed or money refunded.
Hood & Teetzel
K. w. c. niock   Phone to
Hatlewood Ice Cream
C A* Benedict c tt cp AMUy
r.srm.r  Hlllni.   sili.l    l,lB,.|ihin,.   Ufa *J* k *V*  L/L.1  U  " i���"   k
Cssriis'r aillra nml .los.'iihini' Sis
hone  20h.
W.-'n- right ill 1 �� illi :i full sli.'li.    Ws-
bar. ii sp-clul offer in mulu- mi LKA
English Grain \!' jn^ ^fc
T   ��,f       r, 12 Inch 75c
Leather Bags 113 inch 80c
These luifrs will  outwear the ordinary
split hnlher Uik many times ever,
und etwt but very little nmre.
Peiieil sharpeners at 10o,
100and Bfic each.
$10 Down
$10 Per Month
will purchase to acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double iu value in a
few months.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
W. G. Thomson ^^    pqr Xpi.
Busy    First
BOOK8BU.KB   -I'l      V,.lc,,tl       W     P
8TATIONKB. .\UM)U,   D. L.
IMlSSSSl:   .14.
Thompson & Douglas
pAlNTBVtS and
Si��'>   Writ lute   **>   Hpeululty.
Wall   t'lipuriuul  ft.irliip.
We ar.-
HprisivillL' llllilv
Select  Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Oar Window
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen's Hsadqttsrtaa,
PHONE 16.       NKLSON, li. 0.
As it is iitiir pmorviug time wo would
��� uiK i.-* y.m tu leave yom order
with us.
Telephone 161.
inisr Anderson,    (lirls.  prize, celluloid
iiisiskiiiiirk. liiira Jordan.
Obstucle nice, buys -Prixe, iinuknt
cnillli and (-;tH��:. Tnlil lliiyi-s. l^irls, eel
Inluiil  Imiikiiiurk.
Fruit txhibit Returned.
TIih coliiciinn of preserved fruli
seni in iiu- Winnipeg and other Western fairs was received last nlghl hy
l. EL Annable, secretary of the Koot
'���liny  Pratt Orowers' usoclatton.
Tin- mammoth strawberrleB, rasn.
berries, gooseberries, ciirnmiH ami
cherrlos an- all In Knuil condition, .Mr.
Annable is thinking of taklim or sending il lo I.a.lii lm lln- fair there oo
Friday, September 11.
Mining   Records.
Thrs-e locations were recorded in
iin- Nelson iiiiniiiB office today.
N, llariiiiaii anil I, Walduesor ro-
corded the Bolma ami the Verona, sli-
uateil elghl mlluH frnin Salnin. located
August (i.
(luy Lowenborg, agent for Alice
Broughton, recorded the John Peel,
sltiniieii on (ioai mountain, 3 H miles
north of Creston, located Aii|?nsi   11.
Trains and  Boats.
Crow boat���One hour lata
Slocan  train���On   time.
Coast. Boundary and Rossland train
���On time.
Olt li/> cj tilii
WilllMtft lit d/ii-'i.i,; Spirits ill tltlight
iHt/fnJti< i/lii rlti/tam-ficHXMiluslti,
\so\i\ C
inn VOL)  KNOW
tmsi   lunli- prupt-rllf. In-, il,-.   reires.liiuK r
Wemooniy iohI imn ^ynsiis, ui ibsflnmi
sisssility      K.simiiiiii. emiaifr. sluwt snd
reosptsolu  art   kept   miii|iiil,���i.ij. ,|L.d���
���>���'���*"       CHOQUETTE BROS.
Itrecti NfiHtui. H. (',
3500 New Members
New Comet Discovered.
Cambridge, Mans.. Aug, !!l.-A cable
gram has heen reoelved al the llar-
vani poi lege observatory from I'rofes
Bor Kresiiz in ihe Kis-i observatory,
annoulnclng that a comet visible
through a small telescope was discovered by Professor Ko|ienfof of tin;
iiehleiiierK university sm August 82,
ai 5:17, Greenwich meantime IVVed
in-siliiy evening in easls-rn Standard
lime) In ascension K hours III mln
tlmel ln right ascension III minutes
42 seconds ami declination plus I <i.���
grae 23 mlnutea. The dally million
OTH given as minim no minutes 4t
seconds, and In declination no degrees
ami 2 minutes.
Are lidded tn the MASON
&BI8GH PIANO family
Mob year.
We want you tn join the family.
will accept you on easy terms, ami gunrnnti e you will never be m
fnr liuviiijf jnini-d ns.
Cnll and get parlic-nlnrs of our e.isv payment system,
Mason k Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
^e Eye at a Tii
glass whicf, ��ui,s ���.,,. *;'������.J
���mil nltiiuiitel,. l�����h mff'"' ��..,
KnJ!_; ca'r,.''i::'',;:!,iHap*������'Mii
 i.i i..._. :    ' '""idHmimi,  y*
would hurl yuur eves
��� muni
' onr bM
1 "i-phon. aa__
J. J. WALKER, ��*����
Repairing and Jobbing a Spt J
Bbaetntatal Work, Castings, Bolldnt' Mnlei-lnl ami Mining uml Ifm v
uitn I
Illllee mid Works Pool of 1'nrk Si.
i��i,,,,,v jn-i
MA> \< II .U.
&{* Kootenav Al
^v#*        Limited. Winnipeg,
VMiiilumii. tJr��>\-l��tloi-iM,
I 'I'll.Ills.
Dominion Boverun t Oreomen One-Pound liriets reoelved *mUtm]
from the cliurii.   Kor Nile try all lending gru-en..
(mils.nmi warehouser* Houston lili��-k,   PbonsTI
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C
Don't Forget
It your furnace In shape to start the winter with?   II r.
Is the time to have It repaired.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co.,
PI.EAHK NOTE���We will nol.he res|ioiislble for any furnace no! lulls!
by October 1st. 190(1
B.  A.   ISAAC
R.  W.   HINTON'
Mupi.lrlnu ���nd .l..l.l.li._ ssoiaMMItad wltll llaMpnlcll.   ���li��et*HW
>\'��.rk. Alliilnic i.i,.! .Mill AliKhli,.,-, .     Mi.nul*.utiir��rMiil     '
Or��s Onra, 1.. iv.  Oontraatonr c��e��.
fNEUSOIN,    B.  C.        Wk%
I Just Arrived!
A large sliipmeiit ol
Hart, Schaffier & Marx's
Latest Patterns, l.uejii Btyles, ami All (imsis (MarsoM
and dealers in Ltimbef * Shktighs*
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
I uruial Work ftnU llruckctH. Mail Orders nroiiiptl.v .lllrnW|,
VBRNOIN KIMHIII    -   .   .   Nlil.NOIN. H. C.
SMALL COTTAGE on two lots, on (.me ^
Garden in excellent shape and planted with V|,��
tahles. For quick sale will dispose of sam- '
$700.00, part east, balance on easy terms,
McDermid & McH&ti)
Our Ktoek  nl MAINU   SAWS i-   WT c'mf'"
Inilndlng Knules to suit all i-eiiiiirenieni*.
If yoii wisb a low prieed saw wu t-a�� ISWlf .v"u'
nlso carry the liest qtmlities made by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y* ^


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