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The Daily Canadian Aug 2, 1906

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Array _J)e  paUy Canadian
No. si.
Fifty Cents a Month
jpors and Miners Stand
off the Artillery
Ie forts are damaged
i, i   and  Strife   Continue
I Spread Terror and Create
Panic in Russia.
August   2.���When     the
miH-ntk'ni "' ""' Associated Press
,.(i here thle afternoon from   Bt
burg, tho si mat ion wan prai tl*
i ii     Tbe  mutlnoui nrtil-
,n vm it still  holding  iho  rort.
|) hj  tin.' regiment  or tappers and
which had Joined Ihem in the
Ttiratifihoul   the   day   an   ar-
..as fought between the
nnd Houth hattertei of the main
3>   i . irg.    From a place   of
���g,       i i-Hpondeni   was   aide
iiccaslonally strike the
Hs ami rortiflcaiions, causing
I I he  mutineers at that
I ,.i have the upper hand,
�� Th--   Russian     onmmander     was
I io flee wiih 2,000 loyal infantry
. farthermost  part of the south*
nelion of ilit* town of  BveabOfg,
��� he was holding out.    The Svea-
[H   composed  Of    seven
Ids. nf which  Sveaborg Island  is
���entrc     Half  of   Sveaborg.     with
of Sandham Island, were In    the
i 'if the  mutineer!,   artillerymen
| ind  miners, with Ilie gov-
eni forces commanding  ine other
ft   Sandham    and     Sveaborg
|dB and the whole    of    Lan&orn,
slaa aad  Harakka   Islands.    The
idi ii    rortlflcatlons   OB   Sveaborg
il   wi re   badly   damaged   hy     iho
exchanged between the com-
It is clahm-d thnt the troops
[ island*   the   nearest     to
II could silence the guns of
mutineers, bul the soldiers refused
An   "ii   their   comrades,   although
remained faithful to the govern-
t. Tin' mutinous artillerymen were
fortified, Dot only being able to
I Uieir positions, but seemingly
ing the upper hand, and the large
nch nuns In the bands of the gov-
ment torceii did not seem to have
���lightest effect on the earthworks
I by   the   mutineers,   though     the
and   brick   foundations   suffered
" correspondent says that a
" ��� of the government infantry on
��� org island was repulsed by tho
l-oeers. The Infantry succeeded In
'v'��K up to a Spot near the Itns-
ii church, keeping well out of sight,
���' finally they  made  B  rush  at the
��� :i- held by ihe mutineers. But
������'tacking  party   was   met  by   the
��� machine guns, nnd they ai once
' ;iiul fled, leaving many dead and
"irtcd on the ground. Not Infre-
l,,J   shells   weut   over   Meisingfois
' many bullets fell  in tne cily. re-
n-I     in     several     persons     being
h'd     Reinforcements of govern*
nl ''"iiis arrived here this mora*
'"iisistlng of two companies of
'��� "(>ai  reglmt nl    from Si.  Peters
;'  '   n versa tton   with   a   member  of
Imenl   of   sappers   and   minors
; ie  correspondent   learned   that
��������� noi the first trouble   In   the
'". but was tho sequel ot many
distui buncos.     The     sappers
tiers on  several   previous OOQfl*
11 refused   to obey tho orders
II ir officers,
��� ivernment oommanders expect
'le to iiKsemble troops  tonight
���all peninsula near the ,fortin-
���'    occupied   by   the  mutineers  in
'}'  ������ id  rear.    The  latter hnve  but
'/'���''I left, and if they do not sue
II replenishing    their    supplies
''  v win be una bis to bold out.
���his despatch is being written (ii:M)
'ie sound of the firing of btfl
11 unces that   the struggle, af-
:i short Interval of cessation, has
fmn  need,
','l,r excitement prevails here. The
" R��ard Mho armed Socialist le-
"" "odor the command of Johann
, nr-i appealed to the Finns to
(," In support of the "brave heroes
1' ttiaslan revolution." but n gen-
strlko Is regarded ns impossible
yrosi in.
���' i nm11 wns torn up for sov
��� ini'ps  near  niihlmnkl  to  prevent
i" ' tuents of troops from nrrlv-
,.'"' hut the railroad men have
r'' ! ;! in effecting temporary re-
n ,Je��raiihle commiinlcallon  ba
v" -flsingfors ami st. Petersburg
k.p'u- '"it ti railroad wire is now
���"���g. The rail.ond Officials declare
I that the railroad men have no desire
| lo go out on strike.
St. Petersburg, August 2.���Th-* wildest rumors are in circulation, one of
which  is  to  the effect  thut a   mutiny
aas  broken out ai  Cronstjult    This
has caused the utmost alarm, which
has beeb increased by the fact that
telephone communication with Cronstadt Is again Interrupted. It is asserted thai four mutinous warships
nave arrived at Oro&ttftdt und that
the  guns  of   tho  fortress  have    been
trained on them, but thai nr<> has not
yet  boon opened.
St. Petersburg, August U.���During
���he night mutinous sailors, soldiers
and sappers and miners seized Fort
Constantino at Cronstadt, but were
subsequently dislodged and compelled
to surrender, after heavy fighting with
the royal regiments. A hundred mon
were killed and many wero wounded.
Including Admiral Boaklwlsheff, Some
of the mutineers succeeded In boarding a steamer and escaping to Finland.
Ttflir, Caucasia, A-Ugusl 2 .���Upon
the arrival of a detachment of Con-
sacks, the companies of the Samurr
regiment at Deshlagar, commanding
the famous iron gate at Derbent,
which had mutinied, surrendered and
handed over their ringleaders to the
Cossacks' commander. Telegraphic
communication   with   Deshlagar   has
been  restored.
Edmund Rousse is Dead.
Paris, August -.���l-dmund Rousse. a
member of the French academy, who
acted us counsel for memebrs of the
commune in 1871, is dead. Ddmnnd
Rousse was born in Paris In 1817. Ho
attained distinction as a lawyer, and
aftor the uprising in Paris of March,
1871, devoted himself courageously to
the defense of tlie citizens, who appealed to him for assistance. He vainly tried to save the life of Gustavo
Chaudick, the lawyer and journalist,
who was executed May 25th, 1871. The
generous < onduet ot M, Rousse won
tor him the cross of the Legion of
Honor, lit! was elected a member of
the   French   Academy  in  1880.
Bishops to Control.
Rome. August 2.���It Is Intimated In
various quartan that ihe pope's Instructions to the French clergy relative to tho law providing for the separation of church ami state in France
raises objections to the new regime
and proposes n counter project hy
which the bishops will control lho
Dr.   McRae   Tells  of   Summer's  Work
of  Canadian  Alpine Club-
Joke  on   Swiss  Guides.
nt. A. O. McRae, Of CalKiiry. whose
views on the Chinese question nro
Quoted elsewhere In this Issue. Is an
enthusiastic ineinlier of tho Cnniuliiin
Alpine Club, which wns formed nt
Winnipeg less thnn a year ago.
lis' was ii member of the party of 70
or more who spent a part of the present summer In Yoho Valley, near
Field and climbed Mount Vlce-l'rcsl-
slenl. 10,000 feet high.
The doctor expressed surprise thnt
more Interest In the club Is not Inken
in British Columbia which is bound to
ho Ihe scene of most of Its activities.
Of tho summer's work he said:
"The only qualification tor membership is to have ascended 10,000 fssol
above sen-level. Mount Vice-Presi-
dent just meet! tbat requirement and
is besides a good training for novices,
as while it presents no great dlttlonl-
(1*8 It offers greal variety. An ascent
Involves working through limber, over
rook, now, glaciers and moraines.
join. Von can't travel far in this country without rising several thousand
feet, uml mountain climbing is tbo
grandest of all sports."
"II Is glorious work anil mosl exhilarating. A day of 18 hours nl that
elevation is less exhausting than a
iliy of s hours at ss>a level.
"Our Swiss guides are splendid fellows, absolutely fearless on a niiiiiii-
inln side. They will calmly bend to
look over a cliff ninny thousand feel
high, where an Inexperienced climber
win hardly approach   on bands and
"Bul they provided ub with n laugh
nt their expense on the return Journey. We had Iii oross ii stream on n
log. To mil Ives of Eastern Canada
that lask presents no terrors, bul our
Swiss mountaineers were as helpless
us babies.
"Next year we aro going to Paradise Valley, near l.nggiin. and going
to attempt  higher altlludos.
"Tho club bus now u membership
of about  150, all enthusiasts,    I  think
there shoulil be ten limes that number,    Kverv  llniish  Columbian s'liuild
Prairie   Prosperity.
Winnipeg,   Man..   AuiruBt  2.���Anions:
the homestead ontrlos last month wero
705  for  Battleford  and  4B0  for    13d-
montoii.    Building permits Issued    In
July at Edmonton were $207,000. The
total for Ihe season was pas! the million mark. The city's assessment
this year will  increase by  $11,000,000-
Steady   Progress    in   Development    of
Mineral   Properties.
(Special  to  Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, August 2.���R. H. Hewer,
representing eastern capita'., who has
been la town several days, has secured a bond on the Greyhound, In
Deadwood camp, and will begin work
at once.
Some French and English capitalists
were after this property last year; but
for some reasons failed In Iheir plans.
Some very good ore has been taken
out of the Greyhound, and Mr. Canlp-
bell, who very carefully examined It
for tlu'-ss- gentlemen, formed a very
high opinion of Its possibilities. The
claim is about Iwo miles west of town,
and is regarded by mining men as very
likely to become a mine.
Mr. M. M. Johnson, of Sail hake,
consulting engineer lor the Dominion
Copper Company, arrived In Green
wood Monday evening to await the arrival or Mr. Samuel Newhouse. of New
York', president of the company, who
is expecied in a day or two. These
gentlemen are presumed Ui be Intent
on the- examination of some mining
claims lu lhe district.
A car of ore from the Duncan claim
al Borverdell Is arriving at Midway
for shipmeni to Trail. This car of
about 26 tons is expected to yield a
value of $6,000.
The provincial government Is ar-
ranging to begin work on a new substantial brldgi' across the Kettle river
at Midway.
Independent   Witness   Advocates   Employing Coolies.
Bishop Hanwell. of the Methodist
Episcopal church, who has just returned from Africa to the United States,
says that there are now about 50,000
Chinese laborers In the gold mines at
Johannesburg, The number will soon
reach 75,000, and probably iu the neai
future 76,000.    lie adds:
"Under the Immigration laws, which
return the labor.rs to iheir homeb at
the end of three years, unless they
desire to remoiii another term, thi-
ebb and flow of the Chinese tide to
and from the Transvaal will mean
much to the laborers and to ChinaMt-
self. The already enormous demand
for labor in the Transvaal ts sure to
increase far beyond the supply of native African labor, and the employment of white laborers as superintendents in Ihese mines, to any large ex-
tent, seems Impracticable, There are
nuw alsiui 100,11110 native laborers ln
the mfncB. I recently visited Johannesburg ami studied the comiilions of
these Chinese laborers. They are
well boused, well fed and cared for
when sick, and they are learning their
Churches Unite.
Rev. Dr. Sutherland, genera! mis
slouury secretary of the Cnnadian
Methodist church, state.-* that on May
1st, 1B0T, Methodist missions In Japan
will go out of existence. On that dale
the first general conference of "the
Nippon Methodist Kyokwal" (Ihe
Methodist church of Japan), which is
lo take the place of the missions, will
he held at Tokio. This Is the result
of the agreement reached between the
various Methodist cliurch bodies of
Canada and the United Siab;s having
missions In Japan, at ii meeting of
representatives held at Buffalo lasi
week. They will continue, however,
to support the work in Japan and Co-
operate with the church there.
Railway   for   Dawson.
The Nanainio Free Press says: "On
July 5th Ihe completion of the lirsl
step towards connecting Dawson with
Uie out!hie world wub celebrated ut
Dawson, when the drat official train
was run over the Klondike Mines rail-
Way from 25 miles below Bonan'/.ii lo
"Tom lleverldge. formerly of Nana!
mo, was al lhe throttle, Joe Siengle al
the lire box. and Billy Rogers worked
Ihe ticket punch. The train consisted
of Iwo coaches and an observatory
car. Ihe lutler a flat ear with seats
of lumber.
Divide Their Vacation.
Paris, August 2.���The Judge of the
court which Is to hoar Ihe raise of tbe
Countess de Gas tell ane against her
husband for divorce has granted a pe-
tlllon of lbe count for the custody of
bis children during a curtain portion
of the count's vacation. For the remainder of their vacation the cuslosly
id the children is grunted to the count
Winnipeg Citizen Dies.
Winnipeg, Man., August 2��� R. J.
Rs'ld, dealer ln wholesale stationery,
died Ihis morning. He came here sev-
eu years ago front Montreal. sMr. Held
was a highly respected citizen.
Inconsistency Manifested
in New Appointment
Conservative Leader Borden so Stigmatizes Excuses For the Traitor's New Employment.
Two significant things happened In
Connection Willi the North Atlantic
Trading Company, both of which are
condemnatory of llle government responsible for them, nays the Colonist.
Our reaslers will remember that the
members of lbe government in parliament and their supporters out of parliament defended! the contract with
this nebulous corporation as a good
one, and in the best interests of the
country. Notwithstanding lis virtues,
however, the government cancelled the
contract, which had still some years
to run. The significant thing about
such a procedure is that the contract,
in such circumstances, should have
been cancelled. It would certainly be
as great a mistake to cancel a good
contract as it would be to make a bad
Bearing on the same question,, we
have the fact that W. T. R. Preston,
who was largely responsible for the
North Atlantic Trading Company, was
declared to have been a most zealous
and successful Immigration agent He
was backed up by the Liberal members of the committee before whom
the investigation of the affairs of the
North Atlantic Trading Company took
plgce. ami stoutly defended ln the
house by Liberals from Sir Wilfrid
Laurler down. Long articles in his
tis'half appeared In the Liberal press
extolling him to the skies, aB the greatest immigration agent Canada ever
The second significant fact to which
we hnve reference fs that with such
testimonials lu his favor by those in
power he has been removed from the
office he held and has been transferred
to a post in the department of trade
and commerce. The scene of his future operations will be in Japan and
Corea. Now it must be manifest to
every reasonably minded person that
to dismiss a man who was an efficient
und successful servant was an act of
ingratitude. If .Mr. Preston is as good
a man as his political friends say he
is, the government should not be
afraid of public criticism of his acts.
There is only one of two conclusions
to draw from Uie actions of the government in this matter. Either the
members In council assembled recognized the Indefensibility of the North
Atlantic Trading Company and Mr.
Preston, whom they had endeavored
to defend, or they have been actuated
by crnven cowardice and bowed before the storm of public opinion. Either conclusion Is decidedly discreditable to them as a government.
But to return to Mr. Preston. He
has entered the department of trade
and commerce under Sir Richard Cart-
wright. The latter haB a penchant apparently for succoring men of Mr,
Preston's class. It will be remembered that he gave an appointment to a
Mr. Jackson, whoso actions in endeavoring to unseat a local Conservative
member became notorious. It will be
remembered that Jackson had hired
persons to secure evidence, true or
i'ulsc, to unseat Mr. Sutherland, and
thus relieve ihe Ross government from
the crisis of a majority of one. Jackson was severely censured by the
courts, hut Sir Richard Cnrtwright
calmly assumed the responslDlltty, The
minister ot trade and commerce had
no criticism to pass upon Jackson's
errors, except that he had been indiscreet; then laying down the doctrine
lhat the only requirement for promo,
lion in the civil service of Canada Is
that dishonesty must be practiced so
tbat II cannot be proven. It was of
Ihis that Mr. It. L. Borden said ut lhe
time: "There never was ln public
llle of Ibis or any other country a more
damnable doctrine mure unblushliigly
It was a decided Bhoek to the sensibilities of the country and lo those of
parliament Even the ministers felt
constrained to leave the house while
lhe explanation was being made. Sir
Richard, being In  Ihe senate, will  no
doubt again assume the full responsibility of Mr. Preston's appointment to
a place under him.
Mr. Preston this tlmo has been
placed as far us possible away from
tho centre of affairs. Ono cannot very
well Imagine what sort of trouhlo he
can create for..the government and
himself In Japan and Corea, but Ills
mischievous    onergy    and    Ingenuity
may be depended upon for sure results
Booner or later. Mr. Preston has not,
by any means, exhausted his resources.
Notorious Swindler Said to be at Last
Readers of The Canadian will remember the meteoric career of Rev.
A. J. Day, who posed as the advocate
orphaned Macedonians, and who sue-
ceeded ln swindling the good people of British Columbia, Alberta nnd
elsewhere out of about $20,000. He
offered for a consideration to place
children, whose parents had been slain
by Infidel Turks, among Christian
families, and collected in advance the
cost of bringing them from Asia tu
this country, where they could grow
up amid good influences. Rev. Day
was a swindler, pure and simple, who
put on the garb of the minister in order to prey the better among good people.
Chief of Police Jarvls Is in receipt
of a letter from the coast, which states
lhat Rev. Day has been located; thnt
he is now in Persia, where he has settled, married and is living like a nabob on his ill-gotteo gains. It ls stated
that he is safe from prosecution for
hla offence, as there is no extradition
treaty between Canada and Persia,
and that he cannot be taken away
from his native land and brought back
here to answer before the courts for
his felonies. It Is said that the only
way in which he can be punished Is
for the Canadian government to furnish Muzaffer-ed-Oin, the shah of Per-
sia, an account of his misdeeds, and
perhaps he might elect to punish him.
The shah of Persia ls an absolute
monarch, and might think It worth
while to arrest and cut off Rev. Day's
head for his misdeeds In Canada and
confiscate his gains. This would he
profitable to the shah, but would be
rather disagreeable to Rev. Day. The
shah has the power, and the question
which is agitating a number is, will
he exercise it pro]ierly In the case of
Rev. Dayi It Is certain that such an
outcome of the case would not he received with tears by the many victims
of the oily Mr. Day.
Curious Medical Methods.
A physician has Just returned from
China laden with stories of Chinese
medicine. Medical consultations are
carried to their extreme limit ln China, he says. There, when anyone becomes seriously 111, a consultation of
15 or 20 doctors is held. The doctors
fill the house with their arguments.
They make as much noise as a political convention. But such a consultation as that would be considered small
and futile if a great man���a mandarin,
say, of the third class���were to be Ul.
To consult on his case at least 100
doctors would gather together. A
member of the royal family was taken
sick while I was in China, and my
Chinese host told me, with a good
deal of pride, that the largest consultation known to history had been held
over the sick man. No fewer than
316 physicians, he said, had come from
every part of the kingdom to study
and discuss the case. The royal na-
tlent, I afterward heard, died. This
mammoth consultation had been held
in vain.
Steamship Arrivals.
Cape Race*August 2.���The steamer
Philadelphia, from Southampton for
New York, was tn wireless communication with the Marconi station here
when 431 miles off Sandy Hook at
1:24 a. m. today. She will probably
dock about 1 p. m. Saturday.
The Bteamer Celtic, from Liverpool
for New York, was also in communication when 120 miles southeast at 0
a. m. She will probably dock about
7:30 on Sunday.
New York, August 2.���The steamer
Majestic has arrived from Liverpool.
Deadly Dynamite.
Spokane, August 2.���Four Swedish
laborers working on the Cul de Lac
oxtonBlun of the Northern Pacific rail-
wa ywere blown up last night by the
premature explosion of a delayed
charge of dynamite. Three of the men
were Instantly killed nnd the other fatally Injured.
To Lead the Senate.
Toronto, August 2.���It Is reported
Hint Hon. O. W. Ross will go to tho
senate ns leader of that body to succeed Hon. R. W. Scott O. P. (Iridium.
A. O. Mackay or N. \V. Rowell will
probably bo Ross' successor nt thu
head of Ontario Liberals.
VanHorne on Labor.
Selkirk, August 2.���Sir William Van
Home, who stopped off here on Tues
day to visit his farm, salsl in discuss
Ing for a few minutes tho marked
strides In the Canndlan railway situn
Hon that it was nothing to be sur
prised at.
"Canada Is like Kipling's 'Ship thnt
found herself.'    Only Canada has nol
quite found herself. What we want la
population. Labor is required from
the Arctic ocean lo Pategonla throughout North and South America, but the
governments of other lands are nol
Biich idiots as we are in restricting immigration. Let them all come In.
There is work for all. Every two or
three men that come into Canada ansl
dp a day's work create new work for
someone else to do. They are like a
new dollar. Hand It out from the
bank and it turns itself In value a dozen or more times in a year.
"I quite believe that within a year
we in Canada will be in a very serious condition as a reBult of not having sufficient labor."
Wages In York State.
���According to official figures given
out by the New York state department
of labor, the average earnings of the
first three months of the present year
of 333,000 workmen employed In factories, stores, hotels, railway service,
construction work and other occupations were (2.33 a day, or $212 for the
quarter. These figures are considerably above the average earnings of
wage earners generally, because they
relate chiefly to skilled workmen belonging to trade or labor unions. No
women and few minors are included,
and unskilled labor Is feebly represented. The average wage for a day's
work in this period was %'i, which is a
large advance on the wages of previous years. Last year the average daily wage, calculated by the same methods, was $2.85. Quarterly earnings
have increased even more than daily
wages, owing to steadier employment.
A year ago the average quarterly earnings of organized wage workers were
only $187, a3 compared with the present figure of $212, and last year the
average duration of employment in
the three months was only 66 days, aB
compared with 71 days this year. In
no other recent year has the average
number of days of employment in the
first quarter exceeded 68. The extraordinary demand for labor is not confined to the building and construction
industries, where it is most marked,
but is characteristic of nearly all the
industries of the state.
President  Is  Dead.
New  York, August 2.���-Edward Uhl,
president of the New York Staats Zei-
tung corporation, died here yesterday,
aged G3 years.
Bank  Clearings.
Edmonton,  August    2.���-Bank  clearings for the week ending today were
$596,346. -^   ��� ��� ** ���/
Strike  In  Finland    Proves    a Failure
Owing to the Falnt-Hearted-
ness of the Leaders.
St. Petersburg, August 2.���The collapse of the mutiny at Sveaborg, coupled with tbe break-down of the plans
of the revolutionists to secure possession of the Haltic squadron and promote an Immediate rising at Cronstadt, greatly changes the situaUon.
The spirits of the government officials
have risen, and those of the revolutionists are correspondingly depressed,
and tbe arrangements' for ordering a
general strike on Saturday may be
countermanded. The strike in Finland
ls already a failure, owing to tbe fact
that the more intelligent of the Finns
did not support it, ub they realized
that by placing themselves at the
head of a purely Russian revolutionary movement, they might justify reprisals and Jeopardize the newly-made
grant Ini their liberties.
The latest reports show that all the
rumors to the effect that the Baltic
squadron was In the hands of tho mutineers were untrue. When the mutineers, who were led by agltutors from
the shore, and who believed thut tho
squadron was coming to their rescue,
found thnt hope in Hint direction was
crushed, dissensions broke out among
ihem und they turned their guns upon
each other, those who had determined
to die rather than surrender shooting
Into tho ranks of their more fainthearted comrades who hoisted the
white flag.
Scarcity of Labor Being
Felt Everywhere
Rev. A. 0. McRae oi Calgary Discusses Demand ior Free Admission oi Chinese.
An Uninviting Invitation.
A new expression has been found
for Inviting a friend to quench his
thirst. Professor Metchnikoff is a
groat student of the white cells of the
blood. Ho believes thut they eat up
Iho microbes which would otherwise
eat up the man. But at tho Pnstotir
Institute it Is discovered that a rabbit,
after taking nlcohollc drink, cannot
bo rendered immune from anthrax.
Mb white cells, or leucocytes, had lost
Iheir appetita and tho enemy won.
"Thus now," writeB a doctor, "when 1
offer to a medical friend tho various
alcoholic liquors which I keep for my
friends' 'benefit,',I simply ask. 'Would,
you care lo paralyze your leucocytes?"
Parliamentarian   Dead.
Romo, August 2.���Hon. Charles Car-
inlchael died here this morning after
a long Illness, aged 52 years.
Rev. Dr. A. O. McRae, principal ol
the Western Canada College, Calgary,
was in the city last night or. his way
homo trom a trip to the Ssmllliameen
Dr. McRae is a graduate of Dahl-
housie University, Halifax, and of
Leipslc and Jena universities, (ior-
many. He was Presbyterian minister
iu charge at Greenwood and Phoenix
for a part of 1900 and 1901, and has
definitely thrown in bis lot with Western Canada.
He is profoundly Interested In the
labor problem that confronts the west
at present. Having read the report of
the fruit growers' action In yesterday's
Canadian, he said:
"One cannot help sympathizing with
tb edestre to keep Canada as a home
for white men, If possible. But 1
doubt very much If It be really wisdom to retard development and cripple
every "Industry rather than avail ourselves of tbe supply of really efficient
unskilled labor tbat we can easily and
readily obtain by simply treating all
foreigners, including Chinese, in the
same way. ,
"I believe that the labor union men
are allowing themselves to be frightened by a shadow. There can be no
danger of tbe Chinese obtaining any
ascendancy in any part of Canada, ol
of really competing wltb white men.
On the contrary, there is no doubt In
my mind that a supply of Chinese labor would make possible such development as would permit tbe employment of far more white men than at
present, and on even better terms.
"Moreover, it cannot be-ignored that
are at present face to face with a
very serious problem. The building o(
railways, the clearing ot lands, opening up of mines and general development ot resources Is creating a great
demand for labor, skilled and unskilled. So tar all efforts to meet that demand have failed, and enterprises are
postponed ln consequence.
"At the same time the pinch ls being felt perhaps even more acutely in
another direction. Domestic help is
not to be obtained on any terms. The
consequences of that are obvious. It
is certainly preventing settlement and
postponing tbe attainment of the
means of comfortable living.
"That ls the aspect of the question
that appeals most directly to me. In
the college domestic help Is an absolute necessity. We cannot obtain
white help at all, and by the exclusion
of Chinese we have made that help
costly and uncertain, and provided for
its gradual destruction.
"The exclusion Is not benefiting the
labor unionists whose agitation secured It, and It Is Injuring the whole
country, probably the laboring classes
most of all.
"We ln Alberta are suffering from
the dearth of labor as much as you are
in Kootenay. I am very glad that the
Kootenay fruit growers have had the
courage to go on record. I fear there
Ib little hope, however, of early relief.
The question ls, I am sorry to Bay, almost certain to be treated, not from
a national, but from a political point
of view. " N
a      ���	
Gold Output In Rhodesia.
The Rhodeslan output of gold for
the month of Juno was 47.CIM ounces,
the Inrge-t amount on record for a
single month. This total was 935
ounces in excess of May, and 11,004
ounces above the output of June, 1905.
For the six months of this year the
production amounted to 263,460 ounces
���an increase of 66,174 as compared
with the same period of 1906, of 149,*
1161 as compared with 1904, and 145.-
169 us compared with 1903. The halt
year's output Is already within 6,000
ounces of the full year 1904, and al.
most 32,000 ounces In excess of the
full year 1903.
Knew of It Early.
St. Petersburg, August 2.���A reactionary newspaper of Moscow published the news of the murder of M. Her-
zenstoln Tuesday morning, more than
twelve hours before the perpetration
of the crime.
Treaty of Commerce.
San Sebastian, Spain, August 2 ���
The treaty of commerce between the
United States and Spain, tbe protocol
of which was recently signed, was
finally executed last night.
' ���%
-. j
, n
;��� ���,:
41 The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $ 1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gal. per doz., 1.50
Our stuck has just arrived. Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before the}- are all gone.
Published ilx il.;,- .i woe* by thu
CANADIAN I'llti.HUIM. coMi'ANY, Urn.
Baker Hi.. Nelson, B. 0.
Subscription, rates. W tx i- i mmuli delivered
|q the city, or *6.uu a yeir If ��nt I.y niaii. wlit-n
paid in rwranci
Advertlsim* rules on application.
All monies paid in uttlement of The Dally
Canadian accounte, either toi mbieriptloni or
adTerttilng, must tn receipted for on the printed
forms ui the Company, other receipts are not
AUGUST 3. i��wk��.
������ Hy one wanl we ��ru lonietlmei Judged to be
WlM ami by one wor I  muiuUtiif!*  judged   to  be
foollib.   t*t ns therefore be careful whal w��
���ay "��� COXFBCtoa.
The practice of passing Inadequate
sentences upon criminal offenders, as
is the custom In several of the rural
districts, is becoming a matter of sunn.1
embarrassment to both police and gaol
officials here. Recently al Grand
Forks a knifing affray look place, and
the offender was charged with "stabbing with intent to kill." He pleaded
guilty tu the charge, and the magistrate who tried the case sentenced
the prisoner io three months in gaol
at Nelson, with an additional penalty
of one hundred dollars' fine. If the
tine la noi paid, the offender is to
serve an additional three months.
While The Canadian has little disposition to criticise the administration
of justice In Hritish Columbia, ii must
be apparent thai BUOb B meagre sen
ience can have but little deterrent ef
feet, and because of lis Inadequacy
will leave room for the suspicion tbat
life can be held as cheaply in Canada
as it is held iu the border states of
the union. When the facts are clearh
established by evidence against the
shrewdest defence that can be mad*
in the courts of law, it is the custom
in most places to impose penalties
that are at least an approach to even-
handed justice. Even when there are
extenuating circumstances, as does nol
appear to have been the case in   the
prosecution at Qrand Forks, th*- prac
tlce of police magistrates has been to
insist thai the us*' of the knife cannot
be tolerated In Canada. When a man
pleads guilty tn a charge of assault
with intent to kill, he must be u dan
geroUB character in the extreme, and
the option of a fine iu lieu of a longer
sentence seems to us to fall far shori
of meeting the situation. Nol long
since, a colored woman in the restricted district here committed d griavftis
assault upon another person with a
knife, Tin- sentence recorded against
her was 88 months, and this without
nny admission or evidence that tii
wounding was with intent to do grlev
o'in bodily harm, much less to kill.
(Jrand Forks in experiencing s boom
nt the present time, which is giving It
wide and enviable notoriety, and it
consequently attracts the mual horde
of adventurers and loos i t baraoters
thai make one's persona] safety a se
rious  consideration,    Under  the   hi
cutnstances    nny     slackening    of   the
reins of justice or failure to place emphatic emphasis on the sacredness of
human life in not the best way to ex
elude  the  Criminal   element.
Another practice of some of these
bonier towns is the common ono of
sentencing vagrants and tough characters to serve three weeks in the
common gaol here. They are escorted
to Nelson, their fares paid, they are
housed and fed for less than a month,
and finally emerge from tlie prison
financially broke and only to be a menace to the good reputation of the peo<
pie of this  town,    It   Is often  a   pity
thai a tramp must be sent to do time,
nnd the lot of the unfortunate some-
times Induces vagrancy. It Is a blot
Upon our civilization that we seem to
have no other method of dealing with
such cases than sending them Into
confinement; but if they must be sent
to gaol, some regard should be paid
to the welfare of the community into
which they must emerge ou the ex
piratlon of their terms.
Thf attorney-general might wisely
give instruction to stipendiary magistrates and justices of the peace tu
have regard to these conditions.
The passing of the influence and
power of John Alexander Dowle is one
of tbe lew psychological phenomena
which suggest so wide and particular
a sphere lor the study of human na
ture. That a meeting of the faithful
should be held In SSlon City under the
direction of the courts for the purpose
of electing a successor as overseer of
Zion's industries is In itself a crushing reminder of the uncertainty of human power, and that the meeting
should be held and its work done
without mention of the name of Dowir
ls a sad reflect ion on the man who
once heldf the faith, confidence and
even love of thirty thousand people
in the hollow of his hand, Dowie's career has heen as marvellous as that of
any prophet, or false prophet, but tho
ignominious oblivion in which he now
finds himself is a striking study in
contrasts and an unfailing indication
of the modicum of divine sanction
that  was  behind  his  fanatical career.
A tew years since his name was the
synonym for sensation, ami no king
or potentate more fully played the rule
of cynosure than did the self-appoint
td restorer, The indomitable perse,
rerance, tie- amazing vitality, th.- bus-
iness ability, tin- originality, the aggressiveness and the lighting power
of Dr. Dowle were���despite the suspi
dun of his motives, which he wns
never able to overcome���the aUniira-
tion of the world.
Thai he was a fakir those who knew
him most intimately never doubted,
and It is nothing to their credit that,
believing mis, then- were not wanting
those who, for the sake of a share in
the little halo of his glory, were equally willing to share in his duplicity.
Now he lives, a poor man, deprived of
ali that he strove so heroically tu gain,
''��� pendeni upon the cold charity of n
lew friends who plt> bis downfall,
Kveii his ecclesiastical crown has bei n
Irreverently placed on the head of another, and his office Is to be filled by
one who has been anointed with bolj
oil io stand in the shoes of the proph
Broken in health, the victim of a
lingering disease, a soiijen for pathos,
,"" refuses to di,., and even the king
of terrors avoids him. The worker
of miracles Is himself In ninny ways
the greatest of his miracles, aud without the sanction of similar Clrciim-
stances p ma) be aald 0r him. as was
ut4d ot anothei) "He saved others;
Himself He cannot save." aie transit
glorhi  mundi.
While we nre dealing with tho subject of justice. It is interesting to nolo
the speedy retribution that was meted
out to a colored criminal lu Kansas, as
reported in the news columns of Tho
Canadian yesterday. A charge of assault, the arrest of the victim, his Incarceration In prison for one week, his
trial hy jury, a verdict of guilty, nnd
an   execution   concerning   which   it   Is
reported that "the man was pronounced dead within 50 minutes after
fhe jury was sworn." While such
summary justice is better than lynching, it leaves the uncomfortable suspicion that in spirit there is little to
choose between such hasty execution
and the manner adopted by the mob
Sgainsl which civilized countries havo
been so long crying out.
The case Is the more striking be-
cause of its contrast wit., the tardy
ami dilatory methods adopted in the
United States to bring to trial and to
the gallows criminals in high life who
have ample means placed at their disposal to conduct a lingering defence.
Without ruference to the color line.
It Is just such inequalities before the
law and in the matter of public sentiment thai give the anarchist his
Btrongefll weapons and make ihe Socialist agitator almost a aeeea it\.
The crimes of the rich are not dealt
with as are the offences of the poor.
It Is not alone thai the mills of justice are in the hands of the money
powers, hut it is a sent intent thai la
Ingrained in the public mind, and M
will lake ;i long ami stirring educational process to eradicate it from
Advocates   Chinese   Labor.
Toronto. August 2.���Premier Walter
Scott, of Saskatchewan, wit,, i.-- in the
city, thinks ihe admission of al1*com
its into Canada is lhe only solution of
the scarcity of labor problem. Whilst
admitting that Asiatic invasion has Its
bad side, he points out thai certain
lines of labor are readily givon ovet
by Canadians to the foreign element,
and work Is being done with good re
suits without injury to anyone.
"We are going to have a lot of work
between the lakes and mountains in
the next ten years, and unless we get
foreign labor there will be great dlffl
rallies in the way."
And Builder
Side agent for the Porto Rloo Emmber
Co , Ltd . retail yards
Rough and dressed lumber, turned work
and brackets, Cimsr lath and shingles,
sash and doors
Cement, brick and lime for sale Automatic t rinder
Yard and factory Vcnon. St..
east of Hall.
Teleptyms m.    Nelson. B. C*
Ti'/A vtdfc thedwfiag spirits in udight
}j(</:-';a'tilt Utorfdiium-lkbiUcut*Wk
pint tin- drinks rorvad atourSoda Kountaln
had  tonic properties bes'dci refrublugl
Wc ii eonly rea: frnll syrup-, jif tin-ilu-isi
quality Kniinlain, conn:, : L'i>i-s��� and
recepiaih-s  an    kept   .erupuloiisiy dean.
linker Street, Nelson. B, 0
N,��in-.-1. bereby given that 80 dun utter date I
Intend to apply t., the Hon. that hief comtnii
Moiir- ut Und i  ...TV. foi permlMli n  in
purchase tin ini:.,,, nH' described laud, ill tin'
Weil Kootenai  dtitrici;  Hi-ginning ,u ��� ullM
nmrkr,|  K.Belll  B.-K   mm.-..  ftUotfi   two  miles
.���Hut of tlir salmon river, and huh a mile from
iin I'eml d'Oreille river, thencoNudum mi,
10 chaini watt, 80 chalnaioutl 1101 bainieeit
to place e( beginning
liate.l '.'TH, .!..> .- hih    1000 H. H, ||KM..
Noii.,' i. jiereb]   nli in Dial Hxt) dan fitter
dut-l i ml toapph (utile Hon i It lei i Dinmli
nonet ul Landi mut Worki for permlulon in mir
abate thf Following described landi iituaiu in
Weil Kootenay dlitrlet; Com tielne nl ,i noil
iimrkcl .1 II Vain ���'- - l-   ,,,i ,,., ,���,Mi ntuati
IntboHalmon Itivei UU poll [joining
J Meocher'a land ai weiforn bouudary, theuoe
weitao elulni, thence north u> chain*, Ihcno
eait��) chalm, ihenco south mchain* lo point ol
oom men cement
July villi, 1000. .1. ||. Vannt.in.:,
i   it   Atkinson, Agent,
Nollco i" hereby uheu tiiat oodarn afler date I
intend io iipi.iy i., th<- Hon. t'hlQ. (.onimlMtouer
of Londe wid Worki for oermlnlon to imrchan!
lhe following doicrllwd tract ol land altuate in
Wei Kootaua) Dlitrlei: -Conimanelug Mt the
���outhweit eorner or i.oi t,:mhi. tbonce rmiin"
wett -rn chain-; thence north -t> chalm thenoe
weil 40 oh aim; thence north 90 chains: thenco
easl m chalnn ibencosontb 40 ehalns to polnl
pi I'oninu'iiceniftit, containing M0aorei, more nr
Dated at Nelion, n 0., this Mid day ol Jul**,
h**1' Mitiv KqaXUK,
per i   f prosD. Agent.
Nollco is hcrcl.v hUcii that iHl davit after dnie
I Intcmi m apply io the Honorable Uie thief
( omiinsloiicrof IjiihN ami Works inr ]��*rinf<>��itiii
to pDrohaso the following dccrihcrt ia,���i- in be
Wes Kootona! District: Commencing at �� post
marked f. 't- frencho's Und 8. ��, corner nlscc.1
near L.O. Hoynti B, w, corner, tlienoo oast hii
chains, thenco nortii ���u* chains, thenoe watt m
ohalns, thontw south 40 chains to place of com.
Dated Wtll day of July 1000,       t. R, Ihk.m ii
lly Am.bkw AjilK, Agent
Notice Is given that 00 dayi after dato i Intend
tnapph   to Uie  Uonorahle  the 6l||0f Comwla-
shiiicr of Lands and Worka fnr permission to
purchase the following described lainl" In the
West Kootenav District: Commencing al a poll
marked U. C. Points Land .- I Corner placed
near tlie Pond d'Oreille river at Boundary creek
east side uf salmon river, theuce easl 80 Chains
along tho Inieniatmim] Boundar)  Line, the	
n ;rll. 10 chains, ItiOliee  WCSl   BU chains, Ihence
south -uiehftiuti m place oi commeueomdut.
Dated the 90(h ol July i.hm..       r.c. Poyhtz.
Hy a'm.uku aoik, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby, given that ilxtj daya after
date 1 intend toapply to the Mon. ChiefCommls-
slonef "' l*��ndi and Work- for [icrmlsslnu io
purchase tho following deserl be i landas'tuatoln
wesl Kootenay district, adjoining Ihe international boundary line, about foui miles east of
the Columbia river, eommencfnt) al a posi marked "I. M 1'"* 8, W eoruer.' situate ��iti ilie International boundary line, at lite iouth easl cor*
ner of J. 8 C. KruserMand: iheuceeaatSOcbaina
thenee north t>i chain-, tnence weit Su ehains,
ihence south fm chains to tbeplaceof commencement, cniitainiiiK-i*'acre* more or leu,
Dated ttth June, IBOti. LaOIU M. I'kaseh,
F. J. O'Hellly. Agent.
Notice ll hereby given that -i.tvdays from
date I intend to apply to the lion, chief
mlulonerof Land- ami Work- inr permfui
t<�� purobaM the following deicrlbed lands i
uate iii   West   Kootenay Dlstr
Pond d'Oreille river ami the International
boundari lint, about three mllei from the Columbia river. Commencing at I uoil marked
J.8.C P*s 8. W, corner situate oo the International  Ix'iindarv   Ino, ahout halt a mile cast  of
the ea-t boundary ol the N.AF.s.Hy.landi:
thence norih 40 ehalns, ihenco eaat Sti ehalns,
theuce south 40 obalm, thenee west Si chains, to
[he [daceoi commencement, containing :t-"acres,
K.J. O'Reilly, Agent.
Notice is herehv mven thnt slxtj days from date
I Inteud toanply u> tin lion Chief Commissioner
oi Unci- ami Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands sltuato In Wesi
Kootonay District, adjoin Ins the iuieruatloual
boundari line, about ftre mUcscastol thcL'ol-
uniiioi river: commencing at a post marked It.
U's s \\ corner, on the Intehiauoual Imuudar)
llnoal LauraM. Praier*asoiitbeasl corner, theuce
norlh  nj chains,   theuce easi  1" chains, theliee
south >-, chalus, Ihence wesl  in chains to the
plii i co encemcni, t-ontaliilng   S_ acres
faied ESth Jane, IflOd.
Hit ill i.i;    i:-iii
Notice  is hereby  given   thai  sixij  day�� alter
date [ intend toapply ("tin lion, ft on -
llotiur ol Lands and Work* for penni-si.ui t,
purchaao the following dem-rll-cd lauds In
the Wesi Kootenay tlistr.ct, woith of the I'end
d'Orelllo nver. Commencing ai a postmarked
c, B's f. K. corner, situated on the trail near
Hear crock aboul a mile from it.,. International
bouudarj line, Uieiic<_ wosl hu cbalm, th. nee
north SOohalm morcorlesttotbo I'i ii<l d'Oreille
river- thence followlug the iouth hunk ol the
I'end d'Oreille nver southeast 80 chains, more
orlessj thenee holllh '.1' chain-, more or IcnS tithe place of   commencement,   containing   560
aeres. more or ten,
Dated 6th Juh, 1000. diuiujb BisutL.
 F.J  O'HIell)   Ageut
Nutict.' l- hereb} given thai ilxty daysalter
date I mi tend to npplv to ihe Hou. Chlel < ommi-
iloner ol Land.- ami Work- for permission to
purchase  the   following   described lauds,  in
the   Weil  Kootenav   District,   east  Ol   and   mi-
joiuiup James n. iUscketutc'. land; Commenolng at a pu-; marked A.S'st (..corner, on the
���oath bank of the I'end d'Oreille rlvei
above the mouth of the Baluior river, thenee
west SO ehains, thonce north Oo cliaina inure or
less to the I'eml d'Oreille rue.-, tlienco following
tbe south bank of i.e.-aid river lu a southeasterly direction to the place of commencement,
containing M0 acres, more or leai
Pated tth July I1.** . -..r.y.  -��� hnkiiiKI!
Nnlie.-isherebvfjiveii th.,; - ���.  - if (er date
I intend tonpplrtothelfou.i hk-fi ommlsslonei
ol Lands and Worka for ix.-rnii��sii>ii to nurchase
the following described land, in ivesi uootouaj
Dlstrlol wutli ol the pend d'Oreille mer. Commencing at -i post marked I . I  M - N, i. corner
"li th ih bunk of in,   Pend d'Oreille mer.
��i i a mile and a hall sasi ������ the mouth oi Fish
creek thenee south -so Chains, thelio- WCSl BU
Chains, thence north 4o chain- more or lesi to
tbe Pettd dO'rellle river, thence following the
south bHiik uf tlie said ruer In a uortheastcrl]
direction to the place m commencement, eon
taiiiiug*J>' acres, more or lass.
Dated 2nd July uoe.       t....-\ v. Um kshui.
 AHTIirH BCH��gin_tR| Agent
Notice is hereby given tbl laylafter date 1
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief < ommtwlonej
of Landi and Work- for permlnlon to pureha-e
the following described lands, situate In Weil
Kootenay District lout fa ol the feud d'Oreille
river j Commencing at a post marked A. n U's. n
u corner iltaata at the south bank of the pend
d Oreille river at HI la |  MacKenale'i north easl
comer poit, tbenc Hiuihtai cbalm, them ut
K ehams, tbence north bu i halus morejar len to
tin- i'end d'Oreille fiver, tbence west Bacbulus,
follimiug the hank ol the said nwr to the place
of commencement, ���-ouiniuing (Ho acres, more
or Ion.
Dated 2ml Jul) 1900. a it fcUot-eni*
ahtim i: -��� MNKiitKi:, Agent
Notice is hereoy given tbatslxtydayaafterdate
I Intend to api i, lotlu Hon ChiefOommlaslon-
er of Land-and Worki tar permlulon to um.
chase the following described lamls iltuato in
West Kootenay Dutrlot, wiuili of the I'end
d Oreille river, commencing at a pint marked
M. It's N.E. comer, situate on the mhiiIi bank
ol the Pend d'Oreille river at James N. Macken-
���'l uthwest corner, thence Miuth Wo chains,
ihence hoi ni ehaiii-, ihence norlh Tu chains,
more or Ian to the ivnd p'orollls river; thence
following the aouth bank of the-aid river in uu
easterly and northeasterly direction to the place
of commencement, containing out acre-, more or
Date Brd July, 1906,      Masouuh Bxncaunr,
 Arthur Bchnelder, Agent.
Notice ia hereby given tbat si.xtv days afterdate
I intent toapph loUiellon. Chief Commissi uer
,,f Land- and Works for permlulon to purchase
the following doecrlMo hinds in \\,..r
Kootonaj District, south of the Pend d'Oreille
rn, r. commencing at a post marked J N. M's
8. \\. corner, situated on the south bank ol the
I'end d'Orelilw river, opposite the m-xiili of lfi
Mile (reek; tbeuce easts) chains, thence nortb
tucjiain- more or lea to the Hendd'Orellh rlvei
thence following tfaosoiith bank of the said river
in a weiterl] and louthweiierl) direction i ���
place ol commencement, containing B20 acrei
more or le--.
Dated Brd Julv. IBO0.       Jami> N. MACX_tMXII
Arthur Schneider. Agent
Nol ire I- hereby Ki ven thai mx ly duvs after dale
I Intend toapph to the lion, thief commission
erof Land- ami Works for permission to pur
������ha.- ih, following deserlbed lauds in Ue-r
Kootena) Dlitrlet.south ol the Pendd'OreMle
nver, commencing at a post marked A P's N \\
corner, sitnaicd at   thonUthwest corner of Lol
442fi.a. I., the easi So obaina, thonce south tu
chain*, ihence weil 8" chains, thence north ai
chains to the place ol commencement, contain
mi: I,*-" acres, more or ten,
hated -Jin11    une. IikhI. A��KII FtUm
ir.J.O'HolHy, Agenl
Notiee is hcrei.v i_ivon tiiat 00 days after dab
[Intend toapph to the Hon I hiefi ommlsi ��� ne
of Laud- and tt ���rk- for permission lo purcha e
the foi owing described land- in Weet Kootcim!
njatrlel nuthol the hind d'Oreille river, easi m
Klinicreek,commencing ai a post marked i w
II s n tt  corner, iikmi half ain!!oeait of the
u-Tihea-! comer <��f Lot 4429,0.1., thonco h
Mil balm, iheueooasi no cbalni, tbenee north i
" ,-" theuce west ni chains lo the pla	
commencement, containing Ol acre.., more ���r
Dated 2nd Jul) ukm        KmdW, lUacoum
Ainuri: >, iixaiiigB, Agenl
Nollee Is hereb; a .enthatslxtj days after ditto
""tend toap ij C. the lion Chief Oom nissiJii
ei of l,an,|- ,(l,| \V���rk- lor j.i-rnns-ion to pur
abase lho following  described lands In We-i
Kootenay  District, south ol tbe ivi irollle
river, commencing at a post marked n it M's
n W.Mrnor. situated on the south bank ol the
Pend d orellie rlvei hi .lame- n Maokenxlo'H
���pnthweit corner; thonco oasi �� chains, ncc
miu i w chains, ihence well ����� chains, thenco
nortii 40 chains to thi pia. i rv.mmoncotn_.nl
contrlnlnp lOuurcs moro or leu.
hated Brd July 1906,      HonaI.o It   HACKINglg
sixty dayi afterdate I Intend to apply to the
ommissiuncrof Land--and Workatopfircl	
IIH. acre, of land, near Iturton Clt) , i-uiiiiin nclltK
ai a poll plained ai   n,c Koulheaxt corner of I 01
No. tbo, and mirkodJ.fi.Mc'aiouthwest corner
and running north *i chains, them ui ii
���' ""'i'. the ��� iouth -iii ohalni, tbenee wait 40
ohaini to plac beginning.
JnlyWth.lOOB, .i.i. M.nuoi'H.
A. A, liurloii, Agent,
N-ticelslMTchy uim, lhat two  month*  allci
hi I i.miu.-isi.inj.r of   Kami    Works l���r
"���hawthe following described
'��� weil arm of Kootonaj Lako
i Vvesi Kootena;
in tlie I
.,. ...-��� munii iii ut-t Knnienav;    <'loiiiiieiieliiir
a/ a poll marked ������William Buefby'lNV-V   post K
[banoo wosl  wenty Am ehalnsi thenco aonth
��� a   :H:.    ",V ,lu'1  '',l"1  l,l,"nlv   (��)
,    ,',f     '    ""r,h lwen*y (,-,,, ,',,"l"'' w lho
acre-     ' ;'.,,;|_|1.";I|,','"I,'"L ''""laining forty (40)
cres, more or Icsh
Dated July 7, HHXi
1.0, NihsoN.
Midsammer Bargains in Prints, Muslins and Ladies' Ready-
To-Wear Goods.
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   wortn   $4.76   for %
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   $5.75   for |     '
LADIES'   DRESS  SKIRTS,  worth   $7.50   for '     '
Ladies   Tailor-made Suits rep_'ar prices Jutt cut down to co��t.
All   Ladies'  Trimmed  and   Pa:.ern  Hats at Half Price.
New Fall and Winter Goods arriving every week.
Bllbicrlpll'slli. f,sr llellns-'Htiir (oi OM
yi.,sr ii.oo in advance
Ailonl (nr HssllsTlik l'.siu-ri|.
Fred Irvine Sz Co.
Notie, li hereby fl?an thai Ddari trom dau I
Intend to apply tome Honorable ihe Commli
si mer Ol   LaUdl  ami   Work-  for  |��riiilniiloii   to
puniiasc tii. following deacrlbed lands,altuate
in tbe Weil Kootonaj DUtrlci tltarting from a
poat marked William Krnesi ii.ivn>,m'-. ���*.. k post
ahuui two mllei aail ol Peer park on the Arrow
Ijike- thence 40 chalm iouth, then** 4o chaini
weit, tbence 10 cbalni north, thenco eaal to point
or commencement, containing about 100 acroe<
Dated thi. Sth day oi Jnni, IWO
William BXHlfT DaVtaOK,
Notice li horeby given thai ounavi afterdate l
Inh nd loapply to the Honorable tlie Chief Com-
minloner ol Lamls ami Worki for perm union to
purohan  u Ilowlug deacrlbed lamls in the
Wi'si Kootenay dliiiiet; commencing ai a (toil
marked "Nathaniel Mclntyre'i B I corner,"
plantfi! on iho woil -hie m Uu- Columbia Rlvor,
ai i: mllei uorth ol Burton City, auil �� cbalni
north of th-' iouth west, orner ol Ul -Ta, thence
north hii chain-, thence Weil 80 ,hnln-. theuce
south So chain-,  Ihem-,- eaat 80 chain- to J".In I ol
commencement, i oiitniiitug E*W acrei
Dated tins uth day of June, IW8
T, c .faklnaon, Agent,
Notice i- hen by given tbal GO dayi after date I
Intend tn apply to flie Honorable the Chiel Com
mlaaloner ol Landi mid Work- for permlailon io
purohaae the following deicrlbed land n-
mencing al a poai placed on tbo north ihoro oi
thi woal arm ot Kootenay Lake, at the nortbeul
eorner of John btranka' pre-emption, thonoe
west to chains, more or leai, i" im- tontbaail
cornei ol Loi No 74U thence north 40 cbalni,
theuce eail 10 cbalni mon or ten, tbenoe nonh
40 obalm to the point ot commenoement,
I>aie<l Jum lAtii  WOO,
0. B Arri.i*TON.
Nolle is hci.-hy given that   I   int.-ml tin dnv��
after date to apply to the i blel Commtntonar of
Landl  aieI   ' orks  for   ivmisiilon   to  p'trcham-
the   following   - e��crlbe,l   lauO-, uttualc  h!   Kir��
Valley, Kootenay ' istrict.   ��� onmenolng at ��
poitfmarkei L Gallagher���iouth was) corner]
placed at th-   -outh   west  corner  ol   ���,-, hou   ,i.i.
townabip N ihenoe north hi ohalni to the north
weil cornei ol raid Motion Bi Ihence cast to
chains, then"- south h>i rhaiin- lo thf south
boundary of laid aectlon n, and thenoe weet to
chaini to the place of beginning cont-nmng t3D
acres, ami being the we��lerly hall ol sniil aectlon n, township 09.
Dated at Nelaon, B C. JuncfiMi iwr.
L, ',Al i.AUHtH
Nollee i- bereb] given that OOdavi aft,T date I
intend toapply to the Uonorahle tne' blel i om
mlMlonei ol Landi end Work* for i>crmi��.��ton to
pur,'im-..- do iuloivune described landi. ��iti]aic
in lhe W��| Koot. nuy iliitrict: ('umriieiiciii-r at .���
post marked M. McC. f*. W. eoruer. planted 40
chains wei' "f I. C. Slor'lwn'i northweit eoruer
of hi- crown granted land In Fire Vallev, run-
iiirig 4�� obalm eaat, *�� chains north, -rn chain*
west, 40 chalm wuth to plaooofeoimnanoement,
M   tfOClxntUB, Loc-Htor.
W. A. I ALIiKR. Agent.
June-Qth. 29Qf.	
Notice is berbj given that 1 intend, 0o day*
alter date m apply to the Chief Commluloner of
Landl and Wo k- /or |�� ruii-sioti to pijp-hii-~ the
fo low) in; dMcrll ��� 1 laUdf situate al fire Valley,
Kootenay dlitrlel Commenolng m n. poet (marked George Young- ��orth went comer) plaivd at
tne north weil corner ol notion M townabip _v;
ibeno ��� ail SO i balm to the north easi oorner ol
���aldiection 28;tbenoe eott'h 40 ohalni,tbence
weat (to ofaaim Ihence north 40 1'halus to im
place of Irt'clnni-ig i ontatlillig ,'(2*J acres ntid
'" Hjk im- iioru,.     . hall id fald *.**ftlmi :-  (own
'ated at Nelson, H. f. Junc.th IW
  Oloaog Yopna.
Notiee is herchy gi> n that 60<laYK after dam
We intend to annlv to lbe Honorable the i'hl-t
i oaimiMioner of Landl and Work* at Victoria,
H C. for pernils-ion   to  pun-has.-  the  tollowloi
ducrlbod land-, iltuate tn West Kootonay dutrlot.    tommmdog at a posl planted at Tlioma-
Jeromo'i N h poet, aod marked Petat Deaell
and a Ohoquette N w. Corner: thoueo 90 ohalni
eait    theOCC 90  , haine  south, thence so chains
wait, tbence 30 ch ilm nonh to the commencing
poit, containing 10 aorei more or lea*.
Dated Slay 95.
A. rnoypKiTK
W. A. JujiEa. Agent
Notice-li, hereby given that sixty dam afler date
l nimtid i.uipplv tn the Uonorahle the Chlel
CommlMloner Ol Undr, ami Works, Victoria, lor
permlulon topnrchaM the following denrlbed
lands in We��t Kooicuay. (oinniciirine at a poet
marked K<it;.ir W. I yues snUlh  west eoJtier m-ar
to��arnet oreai ami ahout j miles south oi Hoe-
,|Ult..eieek and about 4 miles well of i olumbla
Klver;   tlienoo north m -hains, theme v*\ni  V)
obaina, tbenee lonth bo cbalni, thenoe west tu
chut iih  lo plaee  of eomniememeni, eonlaiillng
'.ai acres, being the same mon or leu.
Dated June 4, 1900.
ElsiAll W   JlYNgS.
_______^^   V. I Yfcrs  Ageut.
Notiee Is hereby give
'hat I
days after date 1
Intend to make application to ihe Honorable the
I'hlel Commissioner ot Land-ami Works lor permlulon fo purohaae   ihe toiiuwiiiK described
lamls:   Commencing al n o- si placet]011 lhe east
���hora of Lower Arrow Uke, adjoining J Bates'
pre-emption on the aouthweet marked "T ".'a
N.W.c rnerpoil."   Ihen-e runnl.g ��d chains
eait: thenee ni i-intui* wuth: Ihcnce m ehains
mor.' or less, west to the la-,   ihoni   lloliee lol-
lowing lak   snore t<, point of oommencement,
containing 040aorei, mor, or less
Dated this .ih dav,,| In
Tiios KifUIUN.
Nolle- is hereby given lhat BQ   ay. all' r dale I
intend n�� make1 application lo lhe rablotbe
1 lil'l l ommlssloie r of l.,i int. .Hnl Wniks for ier
million i" purohau   tbe   following deurlbed
lands:  Canmenolog al ��� poil placed  -
northeait corner of 1  Kiuahan'  Appl lea Hon to
Purahaae.tn irked "li  1 1 rpoii " Mitiuim.
m chains e��. 1; tbence 80cbalm 1 bi tbenoe��
ohaini weit; thence I Ilowlug 1 Klnahan'ieaai
em i.minda-y 1.. polul nl ci mtnetttfemeni eon
laming 040 acres, uor, 01 h ���-1
II .NN4II TiKa.si:v.
Dated thlilih day of fniie, 1 06,
Notiee li hereby given thai ao a*�� after datTi
Intend lomaki appl uatlon in the Honorable the
i hief ommlnlonerol Lsmisami Work- for ner.
million to purcbaie the following deacrlbed
amis: t ommenoiPg at a poll piaeed at the In-
te section of lhe east boumlary of I Batei1 Ott
em pi Ion and iheiiorth i>oiiu'atv ��� f T Klmthiin's
Application to ' unhasc. niarke',i"T, K. Jr'H - W
poraaj '/' 7|1 ,lr*' wUoiriai J, Batu'eaatern
boundary,40 ohalni norlh; thencwBuchalnieait:
"���'"���'���i' ohalni to the nn ihem boundari 0
Hannah     l-rncy'i  Appiiention 10   Purohaae
ihence following the northorV boundi vol sam,
,u,;!""rll,u'My1,,l,,n ry  Ol 1   Klnahan's Api   |-
cation 10 Piirohaie, to pol 1 ol eommenwmen
con lain log No aeres. more or len,
Dated thi-llhrlayof  lune   :k  " ""V '1;'
Notice is here y given lha) I linend.tVi davi
fiSSe _S>dlVBE! V ft,:hl,,f r' nSSBoSa
une 1 nmi  worki  for  p< ��� n. .. ,,,,   ,., .,IM|.iaa
�����,.ilmni. J   '.""v"'1       m-li'lliK  III   .,
��.".%_ __pt. Itrz'tiiiv.tzrx
:r,",,:/,,;,ra: _s !?��L����ATS��iiffi
east toner of said sect on Ki thenoe wui 10
chalna, ihence nortb m ohaini and    ������!,,,
Hon B2, loMishfpOU. "Mi ��i mini mi,
Dated al Nelsou, B. C. June6th IlkW.
Uaoaua Vuiho,
Kotfee 1- ben try given thai 00 -lavs after dale I
intend to apoli m the Honorable the Chlel
1 ommissioi er of Land* and Works (or permission to purohaae the following doiorlbod muds.
���Ituated   in aloean  Dlifrlol    I ommem Ing >.i
north east eoiie't posl of Lot 88*0, ihcme mini
1 ig iouth to chaini, tbence eaal to ohelni, thenee
north 40 chains, 11 <e weal BOebaim tn C P. K.
right-of-way, lollowlnl same aouth weal to a
polnl Intercepting uorth line ol Lotmo, theuoe
aiit to polnl ol commeneemenl. oonnuniug 190
acrei more or leu
Mav..mii 1908
('.  L I' AS-NKl:
Notice 1- bereb) given thai DO dari aftei dati 1
Inland toapply lo Uie lluiiorabh thi Cblel t'om-
nilialonerol Landa ami Worki for permlulon to
purahaw th,   followlni d< Bribed  Landi iltu
ated i" tb<   Ko uaj   Diit'lot.   Bcglnutni al a
p,.si plauied on the nortii ihore ol the Lnwei
Arrow __akeaboul 10 chalm west 1.1 the west
houiidan   Ol   C  f H   Lol   IV". Marked   II   A   W
H K comer, tbenei weal W ��� ham-, ih-m-,- north
GO chalm, llienee eait tn chaini mon 01 !������-- i"
lake ahore, thenco In a aouth weatcrlj dlrrctfitn
aluug ink. -leu, io p.ii'n of commencement.eonlaliilng WO acrei more 01 len
Located June :-. 1900
A. N   Woi \ WKTOtt,  Agent.
Notice is hereby given tlial two n
date I Intend to apply 1,, lhe Hon
< om minloner ol Lands and  Works
sion topurobaec *i\ hundred and
aorei ol land, denrlbed u follows: 1
��l a  poll  planted at the northwest
Oallagher'iappHoatlon to purcbau
ley,  on   the   wesl side of   LOWOI   Ar
Kootenay dtitrtct, maritod "W A C
ner"; tbenoe running eighty (Wj 1
them. eigbty (W) south: them ���
��� balm Mitj thaoci etehty tsoj , ha
plaee ol comine||, elm [It
W   A
Dated the .'u.1 day ol Jolj   190
ior permit
forlj (04oj
ommem Ing
eorner ol L.
in Kire Val
,.w Lake, in
. \ . .,,���
halm wui;
eighty (wi)
111- iinrlli  to
Nntie. la hereby given that 80 dari from dale
1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the 1 blel
Commissioner of Umisuud Worki lor pennu-
ifon to puruhaie tbe following deacrlbed landi,
Ut tbe wut Kootenay i'i��tn t. eaal si,i, ,,j Col
nmbla River,abool i mile* mirth of Burton (*ltj
Oommenelng at a poal marked lioW Winter's
H W, eorner, at the N.W corner of H  B. Smith1!
iTfinpti -laim. tb.-m. nonh m cbalni mon
or leu to tho aoutn bounder) ol miu- carroll'i
preemption olatm thenee uil 80 cbalni, thence
���outh 4u chains more or leu to the Norih boundary of it 11 Muitb's preemption claim, thenoe
west v abalm to point of cottmenoenunt; containing ni *crt}* Hon or less.
Daied thli iml day of June, 1906.
L.B0 U    WlMlCH
Ralph rii.vs. Agent,
Notiee la hereby given thai 1 iotend,60 davs
altei date, lo apply to tin- Chief t'ouimtislonur of
Lands Ka,\ Worka (or permlsilon to 1 urcbau the
billowing deaorlbed landi.attuate .it Hm- Valley,
Kootenay Dturlct. Commen'ingaiBpo-ttma'k-
ci I'. H o' coiuior-aouth aail eornerj placed at
the north rail 1 orner of section tt, township na;
thenee west U chains, thence imrth w 1 halm,
tbenoe easi 801 hains, ami thence wuth ��' ehains
to the place of beginning, 1 olilallilliK t.n aeies.
Daied at Nelson. H c. Jun.  8th 1908
tiCoMlR  Voim.. Agent
Notice || hereby given that ft) .|��vs from date I
Intend toapply to the Uonombh tne Obit 11 om
in is-Inner id Lands and Works for |- imi-|,,n [,,
nun bam> the following deurfbed lands, in the
Wui   Koolenay   Dlslrnt      Ignd   Island,   in   the
ColumbiaUlvarabout4 mllei north ot Burton
'Ity. all of said Maml above high water, t-ciug
In acres more or leas
Dated tttli Isi Day of June, looti,
PUJrg  Ndrios
T c ifaxiraon, Ageni
Slity days afterdate 1 11.(end to apply to if,,-
' ommiulnner ol Undi ami Worka, Ifltorla, to
pir-hase ifio aeres of laud   Conunenclng at a
posl planted on the west ihore of Arrow I ���ke, al
Ibf south easl eorner of.I  J  Christie's pun h .-
running north 80 cha im thenee .-a>i _o cbalm
theme souih ho. haln-. thenee w��at 80Chaini lo
plaee ol i ommenrament.
loeated May, sin imw.
1.. llAlLAilllXlt.   Ia
A   Cakiiii:.
BlXty day after dale I Intend to applv to lhe
commissioner of Und- mm Worka to purohau
*' aeres  of  laud, slluale abniil our nn B Wat Ol
Bnrton City, and deurlbed u followi t ,������.
mencing al a posi planted on the northwi il cor
nor of lot 8860 and runtngwui s chalm, thenee
north 40 chains, ihence eul BO rhalni,thenoe
souih along lol 0050 to plaoe of beginning
JiiiyMh. ma;. j. r, n-.,, L,
Notice is hereby given that 00 dan aller dale I
ini(*i<i loapply to ihe Honorable tba Chlel' om*
mluionet of Undi ami Work- f->r pennHMon to
purchase the following duorlbed lands. -Hualed
In the dlltrlCt Ol Wesl Kootenay adjoining lot
,-S'onttie Weil arm or Koolenay  Lake    t om-
men ing alan Initial pool placed ai the iouth-
Weil corner of Lot Wo; thefiw north W chains.
thenee wen to chalna, thenoo south n ebains
theme.win lu chains to point ���l comiueiii-meiil.
Dgt4M) May at, iwo.
Jam. Kiia/kh
Notiee i�� hen h> given ihai 80 davs from date I
intend toapply to im n���hu_ai I* the Chief Com-
""-", ' ot Until ami Works ror porml n to
purohaae ihe lollowlng il nm-i lau-is, simate
at be mouth oi Uutehlaon oreek on the Arrow
IjlkesinihcW.it   Ki..,!.11,iv   District     About Ml
i.'rn V.' J"u'l; """""'"'"'k ai a poi rked
w  11 r h t\. poit. thence no th loahalm 'hen*
"   ' �����'   "'��� halus, Ihcnce Miuib In ObalOl   Ihence
wfsi Jn chains to polnl olrommenecincni-
Daied nils tth day ol J 1900,
wii.i.mm Raggy phtim.
Wll.l.IAll J.ToVK. AORNT
Nolle 1   hereby given thai 80 days from dale f
intend to apply to the Hon ,tabi ibe Cblel Com*
milllonei oiUutdsaml Works  for {H-rinia.liui lu
puretumr lisi acres ol land a'  Van  Moisten ereek
In ih** Arrow Ukulnthe Wui Rootenay Dutrlot. starting from a poit matk*d A  ' 1. n \v
post,   thence   4o  ettNills   east,   llirnc"   -III   tthllni
���',11 h, Ihelicc 40 ebalns  nest, thence 4" chains
north to point itfeommeneeneni
Dated this tth day of June his;.
Authik ,Ioiin Iom,
Wiujam J  Toyg, Ageni.
Notice Is hereby given Mini 80 dayi afler date I
luieiid loapply to the Honorable lhe Chief Com
missioncrof UfUJaand Works for permission io
Pup-hue the followlnj duorlbed lauds n, iho
Utat Koolenay dlsinct: CommenelUfl Itl 1.!���1
limrkcTI  M.Mel'. N   K cornel    Planted  4   clo
north ol thei, W corner ol \\f .l.i abiU-s 'r.
emotion In 1 ire \ aibv, running 40 ohaini iouth
40 chains weat. ��ohafni north,40 cha in 1 eaitto
place of eonuiiuueetnctit
Mai:i,k McpAMotmi,Locator,
june 20th, 1008.        W ^M". Awni
Nolln l�� Isssrs-lsy Ktvii Ihnl 00,issyss Iflsi _���_ I
 mi iiiiiiisks-ssiii.11,.,111,,,, ,.,,,���, n,,,���,., i.i,.!.'
OhlalComn in.rol -undianslwor-ifo"till
inissssissii  i��� parolian u���. (.flowing .i(-��,-rii���.j
i"1",1"1 ' ""' "<"���>* i iii,irk,-7i A. w
.lur'ss sssiiiilis'isisl corner, sHctlun li Torn >lsln !s_
rsilllllllKs-isssI lis,'lily Ohsllni, lOUth l,,rlv ,!  , ,,,
ws-ssi iwi-isty obaliu, nortii fortv chain. |_ d_
li ll'ssllllllCI ,.|lt. ' l"  1'1M"'
lMlfl Jill) .1, 1000.
Issll.v  Jl.s.-.s.s
Notice  1-  li.-ii-l.-Sj-  ssivi'is II..S s_.
date I intend toapph  Uiihl&S
commlul  ot iV,;,i. anil Vi5!H*a
sion io purohaae su   hundred
acres of laud, daacrlbed ru ���
al  a  ia,sl   planted  al  lhe i..,iii1u.Vr:":"!"l,_
I*.Ualtayber'e application ,��� ,���;. ' , I
������D a  tfae'iaoutfiea-i ton��r���iSSj_5B
eighty (Nl) cha.n -i;ih, ,���,-,,',    "'^
north;  in.-,, olnht)  [�����   ,,.,;. ,
eighty (wi) eham- i i, i��� Mi.. J_Z' ]*****
(040) a, i, -, more oi Ion
Dated tbe mid Of July, lUOfl
...    .      " A  "��
tt   \. Vium, i,
N ��� i- herebj gin u thai to dann
Intend lo makuappllAallon b'lin-��� ,������
' in- Commlutonei ol i-'in.|sniiii\\lfft
mlufon to purohau the (ollowhu
laiiili Commeiiolna at a (n.-i ->[,,���,,
north wui eon erof Mat.i, bet ���ndlkln
ii.ti to pureh,,,.. iti Pin Valley, mn
Mi '��� I e,oner." running bi thaia
eham- -ouih. io ehalua eul, 40ckatn
plaee of iommciie.1,11 ni
8  U   Mci '������i'ii.n.i,.Y
W  -^ ( iu��u,Wa
lul, 2nd, [900
N'otleeli hereby given thai eot\tn_f^__\
in'eiul lo apply lo Hie Hoiiorahii  I _
UlUllouer n( Landa and Worki 'nr Iith-Jo.
pun-haH'  the billowing d--.rlU-,l iRrsaSJ
ii. ih,   Wesi KiNileiiay disin, t   i ,,i!: .       '
po-i  on the caul ilde ol Tuli|
Arrow   Like, and  mark, d "J
eorner," theme east m cbalm,tbuitafl
, halm,  llienee wwl ��> rhain   i
chalm to |Hiiui ��>( eotnmenei ment,
.i.-o aeru more ,,r ieea.
1 a .it-'1, 'one 18th, i'-. J, J
I    II   U'lLLUl
.-i uv   days   after   da!.   ! Jul- |      |
1 I    ��� I ommluloner ol landi ud w��
vieiorta. torjpennlulontonui
and il_��ty ii'*'! leruol Ian I    ��� ated _ ,i;,
��� ������1   ai   (Ollowi!   I'Minmcii  Ini
eighty (Ni)ehaiii i ol u -  N a ...-i. .
m ...'    - pre-emptlonand tuarki an tt
corner," ��iiil running i ���-
Uiem ���- iouth tort]  (��J ��� hali
chalna, thenee north tortj [4tij
Julv 7. I'-i. i"  | C���
Kotia i- hereby given tbat ������
intend tu apply Ui Ibe Hon ll .1
sh.ner ,<( l.-u,,l-au>! tt.irs   ,.    1   r    ���������-,}*
.i,as<- me follow ina di* - ��,
K ia) dlatrlet, prorinw ol linii.iii'��ial
(kun mencing al ��� pool marked \ a tune
M W   eortn-r. O0 lhe louth lldi       I II ������ -it
about two miles eaat of Mum
md ai the northwett eornei id
ir- prr*emptlon claim, thenri iwihidhI
thi na   nortii 80 cbalm, thenee -,.���#<_��.
tbence iouth 80 ehains to the pi��<vu:ipiaf,
contain log 940 acre* more or len
Dated this _!4th dav of Julv. U��J6
 A. A. Bm
Notln   is hereby given thai u->month.tl
dat'- I inl'-ud to apply t,, the D  ��� i
CommtUlonerol I_aii.lsaud W..rkiforprruial
to purehau the foiiowinn -i. -nt^i i*n<Krt
aN  in   I in  \ all, v ,,n Uo  Wi -
row  [_aJke, Kootenay dlatrli I
Iowa:   I ommem ing   at   ,,   poll
northwut corner Oi w a Cald      |
marked "A.UcL'i louihwuiconwr*;ri
 nv (to) . hnlns eaii: I \
��� hams norih;  tbenu forty t*"\ naitw ttm
thenoe forty (40) ehains ioou b
��� ,ii,iiii,-,i,.-uiciil,   i-onlatning  OM  tuinJfelUj
lUty fHW)aeru more or leu
Dated Jnnovia, im. Am iMeUmoB
W   A   l  U-l'tM. AjrDl
Notice i- herab] given thai   :   101       ��� ���   ���
after date to apply to tbe Ohtel' omadw mi
i ainla ami tt,,rk- lor permlulon 10 p '
following deaorlbed lands and prem-w ��� ���������������
ai Kir.   \ ���| ,-\   Kootena) JMilrtcl    icimanKat
at a posl i marked P. II. \>'i oini-ir nettbeM |
ner) piaeed a) the north eul cornei '-; �� ���"
.'I, lowiishil.b''.  llienee   nouth   4"  clillDs. lk��l I
weil 4" cbalm, tbenee mirth #i rhain* t.�� u |
uoriherly boundary ut aald aeetlon 21: and tua- I
ceeaai Hi chains to the plee.   i I begiui
laiuiug ItOacru,and helng thi i"1"' ''���'' mt i
quarter of said section 'i, fowoihfpal
Nelion. B. O.June0th iom>.
P, 11. O'Oonaa ]
 UgOBOK Vol Mi. A goal
sixty daya alter date 1 intend to apph    *|
eoniliilssioiier of  Imnd-   and   tt.irk*. \ l-l'"t�� M
purcbau IM0 aeru ol l-and iltnatc aii.l,li'��-tw* 1
as  follow-     Commencing al a peal pU��M _\
tbi eait ah ore ol Arroa ut,. .,pi--U' ���'���"' '"
lauding  at   ihe    ih   weil rornci
O'KUey^i preemption ami marketl 1 1   ,1 ���
corner: thenee eaal 80 .'ban.- th ���>"���''
chalm, thenoe weal 80 chain! in un
���th along the lake ibon  lo piw ��
begin Mil
��� 111IM' J
'JJtb lIMi.
p UMttpA
w. O&Lnaa, t^witoj.
Nolle is herein given 1 idayiiMwe>��l
Intend to apply to th-- Honorabl-' Uiei kM*-"*-
mtul 'ml lands uml Works for i-mwami,'
purebaae lho following deacrlbt^l 1.1*1* ����� ,
mcnclngata poal marked W  u Me c �� ,
planted  al   H���.   N   W    enrner of tt    ���   '
pre-emption in Fir.' Valley, rtinnlm -
north, loohalm wut, BOchalmiMiuili, >"'"""
'���a"i to i>ia f oommeneemeni
\\ it McCAirnuin.h-UWi
W   A.I 1 Am'"1
Inn. .ini,  puk',
NoticeUherebj ilven ihai -��� ��� ��� ,t^;��;^ |
dale  I   intend   to apph   lo Ilu   HolioriW   ��
chid c mUilonir ol Undi   ''    " "
permlulon i" purchase lhe followlni  '
ira.iof land: situate at Qiieelu   Ha) oi Hi     "
il I Kootena) l^ke m the IMiiri
r. may, Provlm 1  Brlllih foi '
contaiMiig by admeainremeni >'" ' ���
lhe sam.- more or less, whi, h parrel "i"1 '   :
more pnrllotilarly deecrlbed 11 Wlowi   �����
im io -Nig at a polnl  on the  WWteHj   '���"',l���'r'lh
U Tumo (i   1 Wu( Kootenai   Dlitrki   "'i'",',. 1
luuthe riiei ��������� I 8W0 1  tbcinvimfW
following th-southe-h boundary ��� ' ' '"" ' ���
w'i'balui more or leaa lo the suull
ner   of    l   Ui   Mil   tl   I- ll" �������   "':' '
souih   in  ehalna   more  or   lean   lo   '
������rly boundary, f h it Balhwh's  Mi      " .
I'uroliawi ihci aaterly .loll.'" nig un '"   .
erly bonndary ofiald D. It. Balbwh ��� ������pi'1
io Purohau 3_l.m nbalni more or I��-m w
ibore ol wt,cens' Bayl lheni' folloWlM  "' ������
o��lu ,,f tin-aald chore In a north uitcri)   ���"
Hun fo chaini moro or less loiheiouih w�� ,
1101 "1 ul' Un\ .11*11* I; thenee nor ih erly"��� .
in" the woaterly iioumlarr ol ial'1 I"1 ���"��� ,.i(
I "iw chains more or Itvss to point "I <'",,1,m
'"i'l'leil  .lime  1-1,1008. Bj M   _*H*��
Notice is hereby given lhal ��**��?j'VJpfi
dato I intend lonpph lothe HonorableUHJ-n"
1 oi ���rtoneroltftodaand Works mri��''" , p,i
to Purohau the followliia dcOtorlbcJ^^ffl
in Weil Kooteiuiv dlllrtct: "eglin im: '!'".'������
planted at (he northWUt com 1 nl un ' ' ���...
Dog cr...-k. lbence soitlh 40chalw, 'Clire"-,
4ii Ohalni more or IpO, Ihenoe north WWW,
more or leu, thenre eail m l"k' ''"^'i ,���,ri
niacoof beginning, lbe umc 1- iiii"1"'' lPfl
braoe whal li knnwnaathe Hamuli pre    >
Dated July 6,1KB. '������'
Non,-- Ih hereby given  that aixt* JfCLgJ,
 Into I Intel pplvtothei '"''    '  .1*
���lonor of Lands and Works Victoria. ��� rif mij
aiou to purcbau the following durriwn �� ,
lituita in the dlitrlel "t  Wui K'"V��t marked
of lirobmaii Creel, :  Marllugat  a  poim        .,
John While's B, w   pprnor,  pi*'1'1''1 ,,,���,'���
chains souih of J. Malono'i ���0,l,hrtmiLiW
riinniiiB north BOohalue, thence caai 1        u,
ihcnce iouth 80 ohalni, thence wui *�� : ,fl
poim of gpmmanoament. *'"'.' ������,[
June 11,1000. j.KHAiaa.Ageot.
:JlLz^. The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y* Limited
.... jALl I
Extensive    Publisher    Makes    Valued
Suggestion to Land Owners.
Goldine, regular price $3.00 special    $1.50
Nickel,        " "     $3.00 special   1.50
C, 1 slil filled, guaranteed 5 years, $5.00.special 2.50
Cold filled, guaranteed ro years, $7.50 special 3.50
Cold filled, guaranteed 15 years, $8.50 special 4:25
Cold solid, guaranteed, $10.00 special  5.00
We make Toric, Lenticular and Invisible Bifocal
iLenses. Your eyes thoroughly, properly and seientifi-
Icidiy examined, tested and fitted with the proper and
I S to suit your eyes.   No matter who has failed
Come and See M. Mecklenberg, N. A.
1 :k eminent eye sight specialist.     Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y�� Limited
Mr. Herbert Myrick, the president
and managing editor of two Important American publishing companies,
arrived in Vancouver on Sunday from
Bkagway by Uie steamer Spokane. The
half dozen magazines controlled by
his two companies, the Orange Judd
and the Phelps, circulate freelj
throughout almost the entire union, to
lulling nearly a mi.Hon subscriptions.
Tho magazines are agricultural and
domestic, their constituency beim;
mainly compOMd oi iarmorn and their
families. Ak Mr. Myricl. visits nearly
all the states and territories of the
Union in th eaourifl of hi,*, annual
round of inquiry, his views on lhe
subject of Hritish Columbia proved to
be very instructive. Ah this is his
first visit to Alaska and Hritish Co
lumbia, hl�� impressions are purlieu
larly   vivid.
One suggestion made by Mr. Myrick
was to the efTeci that all arable land
suitable tor mixed farming, whether
owned by the crown or by individuals,
should lie pooled- The exploiting of
the joint property could then lie carried out to much greater advantage
A bureau could be established to answer Inquiries from intending purchasers, and this bureau would bo in
a position to offer great range1 of
choice in land and to meet the requirements of the purchasers much
more exacliy than they were ever mel
at present except by good luck. The
control of ihese great bodies of bind
would also justify the employment of
itinerant lecturers and the press in
the country to the s'luth and south*
east of the province. These agencies
would be too cosily for individuals or
small groups of owners of land; but
the burden could be easily borne by
the |mji ' As far as he himself was
concerned, the publications in which
he was Interested would be available
to co-operate with any recognized body
In the work of exploiting the agricultural resources of Bri'iSh Columbia
He would not touch anything in the
papers controlled by him whose absolute reliability he could not guarantee
to his farmer readers all over the
States; but lie felt no fear,as regards
this province. He had been able to
guide many hundreds of settlers to the
Canadian Northwest, and lie hoped to
do the same for British Columbia, of
whose future in agriculture there could
be no doubt.
have more building projects on hand
than they can find men to carry out.
The Midway and Vernon people, of
course, might stipulate a condition,
but conditions are not often taken seriously from the fellow who is in the
last ditch. If the G. N. R. Ib the buyer
the road will he built as soon as they
can find the time and men, neither of
which seem plentiful to them at present. If it is the C. P. R., they might
shove things along pretty lively as
far north as the mouth of Wilkinson
creek, but from there they would be
very apt to dodge off westward to
Penticton and leave the rest of the
route for after consideration. The
Midway and Vernon people have made
a bad mess of things. In 1902 they
had people who could and would build
the road, but didn't know how to
treat them.
Alfonso is Travelling.
Cowes, isle of Wight, August 2.���
King Alfonso und Queen Victoria of
Spain arrived here today on the Spanish royal yacht Geralda, escorted by
the armored cruiser Hrincessa de Aus-
uirias. Salutes were exchanged, and
there was a great display of bunting
afloat and ashore as a welcome to
their majesties, who will remain hero
over Cowes' yachting week. King Alfonso intends to build a racing yacht
to compete here in 1907.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Room, -re well (sirnlihed.   Table m good u aa.
,.sited wl"
Uauon-Qd claarl.
In Nelion.    Bar inpplled with good
nd clgari
W. E. McOANDLIBH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Mealii -A cu.   Booms, from 28 CU. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelaon Proprietor!
Stabbed for a Quarter.
Now York, August 2.���During a
qiuu-rol at their h u.n in Hiirlem to-
slay, Marian Sclinabel, 40 years old, a
mail wagon driver, probably fatally
stabbed Ills wife with a carving knife.
Sclinahel tied, and has not been arrested. Mrs. Schnabel said she asked
her husband for 25 eents to repay a
loan from a neighbor, and the quarrel
The Wires Cut.
St. Petersburg, August 2.���Cronstadt is cut off from communication
with St. Petersburg. Both the telephone aud telegraph lines were severed during the night.
Returned   from   Cruise.
Swineniuende,    August   2.���Emperor
William returned here yesterday from
his four-weeks' cruise In northern wa-
it-i-s on  board  the  sleamer  Hamburg.
iperial Bank of Canada
li  WILKIE, President
Head Office
JA.TRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
is. potUv n
| and credited I
ivi-rt mill interest allows ���! at current rates from date of o|iening nc-
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
If yearly
"he Hall Mini* g and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
The Midway and Vernon.
(Hedley Gazette.)
Boundary papers are trying to make
themselves believe that the Midway
and Vernon is to be built this year.
All the reason advanced for taking so
rosy a view is that the charter has
been disposed of to either the C. P. H.
or the G. N. R. Now there iB an alarming indi'.liiitenoss about thai. Neither
does the mere fact of purchase by either the C. P, tt. or O. N. R. companies
necessarily mean that tho buyer must
build   forthwith.    Roth  of  those  roads
A full line of Crnvkury,
China and Qlamwam.
A.��o Second Hand f-nodsof Every Deicrlp-
tion.   Wo have vol the gondi and sell at
Lowest Prlcei in Town.
Baker "t., next lo r.P.R Ticket Ofllce.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House ia Nelson.
The Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
The Big Schooner TV^       1 A _
Or "H.If_nd-IIaIf"    DCCI    \ \JL*
The only ( Husk of Good Beer in Nelson.
lintel rtsss'ssnitnodsilioiiss secor.sl tn nnns' 111 Hrlt-
lsh l.'islumblH. Ksitesill.OiljserilRy. Spes-lssl raless
lis iiiiinl Isl;. tsosirils-rss. Only lintste hotel in Velsson
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale��on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
l"ir-c   nml   Aucldtmt
Real Estate and Mining:
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Olsls-st established Real Estate
I'llsilll'SS ill   Klslsll-llllV.
Nelson, B. C.
Lake Viet*
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
Rates $1.00 per Day
and up.
P. 0. Box 151.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
|Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils lor PreservtaR Timber,
Roofing Pltc i and Paints.
Boal Bnilden win tad it t" Ihstr advantage to dm oor Pttoh.
dson Coke acct Gas Co., Ltd.
Burns & Co.
tirtcdb in   Roulnnd.   Trail,   Nil.nn,  Knulo,
Duiivi'r mill Bloonn City.
Santa, Three Forks, Now
O   1.1 ml
liv thp mult'i
ll'thdrty "1   '
ing u> obtain
carrv iivwiy l
Woodbffrji UraBk," will beneelvM-
i noon of Saturday) tho
Irom any pinonaulr*
liT IIOMCU !" ''Hi AHil
fnllmviiiK ilt'-rrtbfil
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bith Roomi Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
posmoN is
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district
Most of it situate on the West Arm nnd Main Luke.
fore yon decide to locate.
See me be-
S. M. BRYDGES, wp^ck!ank
We wm Sett.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDer mid & McHardy
Th�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooms.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelaon
nud its Buburbe. Phone 148.
*t trom Ui
i thi'
' Ini
td on lho
A tn* worth Mining imvi-i
lay Diitrlnti
i. -('���iiniiificitiK tit ti siakc planted 01
K.-rk o| Woodberry OraoV, abonl Dw
from Kootaua; Lakai thence south wi
i; tbence wesl whihIiik; tliemv north so
; thenee sail BO ohalna to tho jioiut ottxun*
ol  Hi
nay Uk.
BQ ohalni
*>. bain*
ciiit ni it itako <' nii
rry Cr
i Ho
ce north
|Hlltlt ol
e_j on the
MX  ItllUv.
���41 chaini)
��i chalna|
j.k.i ;i.  Uommenotng nt a itako planted nn the
North   l'ork  ni  \\ oinlln-rrv Oreel, about m Ten
mllei irom Kootenay uuc��] thenee south hii
enalnil thenco weat 80 en aim t thence north 40
ohalnii thenoe t.-nst *i eimitis to the ootnl ol
Lot  I   -Ciiimiii'iiclliK 'il ii "lake ] i.uili >1 on l\\v
North  l'ork of WooOHrry i mm, iitiout   ��1kIu
mllei from  Kootenai i*��Ml thence iouth 10
cliattiti;  ilo'ii.-' wevl Hoehtiins; tlieneu north Ht)
onalmj thenee muI N1 cIhUhn to the puim of
The nemoii offerliiL'UiehlKlieHlirtsh bOtlUIWUl
Uo entitled toaneela. tlooncei ooTorlng the Hm-
II.' renewable for twenty*onc inocenive yeari<
Bach tendor muil be accompanied bracera-
flea ehe.jm.', uirt'te juvtihie at i��ar in VJetorhi to
ilieniiii.iMini.il, for lhe amount, lltkUM, of the
Urn vear'o few foixuch ipefllal lloenoeii and tho
amount ot tho bonui tendered, ami alaoaoerU-
n.'.i oheqne (or fw.00 tor ooit ol advertlilng said
Deputy ''ommlMlouor of Lutdl and WOntl.
Lands wrt Worka DoDArtment.
Vlclurla, B. 0 ..inly Iflth, 1006,
40 Acre Farai
A vnlunble fnrm fnr sale, slttmteil In
Ihe heurt of the fruit growing country.
40 acres, :! acros well cleared and about
70 frail trees planted, are bearing somo
I Ills year. A good cabin, rool house and
stable on the property, nlso a nice
Hlirlng. The Innd Ih of the very best
quality, and can be all worked. II ls
beautifully slutated on Howser lake.
Wesl Rootenay, one mile from poBt offlce nnd store and two miles from C. 1'.
R. branch to Trout bake. Splendid
fnrm for potatoes, There have been
four crops In succession without manure, and the last crop was as good as
the first.
$800 Cash Takes It
applv to joHN CANNING,
Qrand Forks, B. O.
Or to Wm. Simpson, Howseu.
Queen _ Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands ia
British Coltunbtau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE, Nelson, B. C.
Large and Comlortabto Bedrooms, anil Flrsst-
clami Iiliilai; ttossm. Sample Booms, tor Commer-
eul Hen.
MRS. E. O. CLARKE. Proprletreu
The well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
-   Proprietor
uml  Kriiii! Dimlcrs In
nH'iiiiv 1.mncii will have
���uu ruredil titLeiittmi.
Hc^id Office: Nelson, B. C.
TAKE MOTtOM Hint I tui.ii��l lo apply ai the
11 -.i siinnn- ni thi' ������...ml of i.ii.'Mi'iun Dommti-
lil.iliiTf 'or the Cily of Nt'Unii. for a iransffr lo
(KMirKi1 Hurilcoii ol "'Ulnon. H 0. of my UCQUH
lo H'lM (������riuoiilcd nml ipllitttOUl liquors on tint
im-mUfN known un ti.t* Imki' Vli'\v Motol, Vitiuui
ftti-ft, Nelion. B. 0
DiUimI the Itlnlnyof July, l!HW.
Wittu'ou, W. A. Macdonald.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oniniis supplied 0D shortest notice and
lowest pricn. Nothing but fresh nud
wlioliiKOine meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive curofnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
A. McDonald & Co*
Dealers iu staple nnd fancy Uroceries.
Butter, Kiinn.
(lamp aud Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of Japanese tloods now on sale. All
kinds of Uinnerwure In stock. Pattern!.
St. Paul,
Port Arthur
Sioux City
KnnBiis City tJib'.gii. St. Lsmis tW.OO.
Ohicagn *li I 00.
Ou sale August 7-8-1), September 8-10
Filial liu.it October 81st.
Toronto *7rt.fl5.   On sale Soptemlier 8-9-10
Limit November ..Oth.
Milwaukee |88.M    On sale August 7-8-11.
Limit October Jllst.
Through rates all ftntinus���Ontario,
QnelMp, New York, Now England, Mnri-
timo Provinces ou application.
E. .1. COYLE,
H.P.A.. Nelssoll.
First Class Heating Plnuts und Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181. Opera House Blk. Box 401
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurnun's Special Hixt-irc?
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nelson at 8:80 a. m.
will arrive at Nelion nt 7 :SR p m.
will lenve for Kasln at S:45 p. m.
will arrive at Nelson at 9:10 a. m.
Olty PaMcuger Agent.
A. (I. P. A., Seattle.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers ln
Ooal aud Woon.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
Office: Baker St.
Telephone ml
V. O. Bo. 116
i " ' I I
The Daily Canadian
We are offering extxption.il   *7/T/��
value in Cut Glass. I JC
For a pair of Cut Glass Salt
aud Pepper shakers. Sterling
Silver Mounted.        ,
.,IAN1'. ai"iUH1NU JSWXU.-B.
******************* ********
1 Jellied Veal
Is just the thing for
a  Ready Luncheon.
Is a clean Canadian
pack. Is fast making firm friends.
One Pjuud Tins 25c
! Two Pound Tins 40cj
| Bell Trading |
I        Company        ���
cA Tip' for a
Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nics* conl drinks       Lunches
put up a spiviulty.
W.J.Walker,   Stt
Need Any
F*ait Jars
We have the NEW Mason Sealer
with Ihe All Glass Top.
No metal to gi't dirly and corroded.
The most up-to-date Benlor ou the
market,   In pint mnl qnart sizes.
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We also have the   Crown   Jars  in <
pints, s{uurts nml iudf pillion
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
[Joy's Cash Groceryj
Cor, Josephine antl Mill Btl.      l'houe 19
Montgomery _
Tbe Leading; Ice Cream
Parlor of Nelson.
WHlll.K.SAI.K   A All   IlKTAII.
'The Store of Sweets/
Special attention to oiders for
parties and picnics.
Fruits, Confettionety and
Ice Cream.
Phone 'Hi. Baker St.
Cor. V-si-non and WarsJ Streets.
NtCLSt/sN.  a. i_.
,T. FKLD HUME. Proprietor.     .
Archdeacon Beer, B K Ohlpman, \V
B Strathearn, Knslo: tl II Ayoord,
New Denver: R Stewart, I. Camp, C E
Melllsb, P ii Simmons. Vancouver; N
T Huichlnson mnl wife, Lethbrldge;
c W Orchard ami wife. \V A Stewart
Moyie; s a Sutherland, Ferguson; w
C llaywarsl, li Marshall, P MaoLaugh
Un, Vmir; Mrs. A McLarty, Portage la
Prairie; A Hogg. Xew York: Mm. E
Kesler. Greenwood; S Baxter. Victoria; (I E Blee. Revelstoke.
Mr. nnil Mrs. Moore, Procter; tl O
Buchanan, Kaslo; P J Meade, J F Gallagher. Cleveland: H C Cornish, .1 1)
Anderson, Trail: E P Hays. Spokane;
Mrs. Q P Holden. Deer Park: It A
Rowe, 13 Jacobs, C II Macintosh. Vic
loria; 0 C Rose, Kelowna: C J Wil-
Bon, Greenwood.
Ethel Blaekman, Mrs. C Loomls,
Rossland; T D Woodcock, Slocan; J ll
Robinson. Minneapolis; .1 Mahon, La-
nydon; J Birtscli. Cranbrook; Mr. and
Mrs. Gammon, Montreal; H Smith. .1
h Hawthornthwaite, Ymir; a d West-
by. Sandon.
I. Rsslslnson, Bohnlngton; \V E Morgan. Trail: Miss M Wlgen, Miss H Ha
g-'n, Creston; .1 Reid. Grand Porks; F
B Lucas, Slocan Junction; C Necomen,
Kaslo; H Jackson, J Brean. Ymir; J
Grant, A .lohnson, Greenwood.
.1 White. A I. MacNelder, Spokane;
T Wilson, Phoenix.
Moeiia. Denver; S Rnwe. .1 Brooks,
Smelter Junction; T Harris, Nakusp;
11 F Poole, Shields,
.1   Gallagher,   Wlnlaw;   D   W   Black,
Arrowhead;   S  Farnell,  T  Harris,   F
Wensley, Nakusp,
G Hanson. Westley;  A Gray, Kokanee; .1 Chipman. in Creek; A Crellmer,
Trout   Lake.
I) Dye, Kokanee:   B  Wraith, Silver-
Ion; J Boyd, Spioiilcs Creek;  I ilenrik
Bon, Rossland.
Telephone nil.
Gait Coal
Term* Spot OMh
Tel9phone *_.-. Hater Htreei
COTTAOK ut lis romim, licautlfiilly xltiml."! nn
double canter) bloa lnwn ami loroe fruit j &**>
cash, baUucou rent. Corner Stanley auu Ob
MTVMlory MtlVClB.
Horn to the wife of John  ESHoksoa,
Granite  road, a son  today.
In tho city police court this morning
one Intemperate was ass .hs.mI the
usual amount,
Mrs. !���*. a. Starkej am! daughter lefl
yesterday to spend the remainder of
the week  in camp at  Nine-Mile point
Silver declined Iwo points today on
both metal markets, closing in Xew
York at 04 ::-4. Lead lost three points
in   London.
The August number of Wild Life- Is
lo hand, tl contains an Interesting
article from the pen of (\ Hil'-Toui.
of AbboUford, on ihe folk lore oi the
Skqomlc   Indians.
The entertainment committee of the
Twenty Thousand flub announce a
single fee of 50 cents for tonight's
dance al the pavilion, which will iu
elude car  fare  huih   ways.
Many merchants nnd their assistants took advantage of the half holt
day and Si. Saviour's Sunday school
picnic ihis afternoon, and took fishing
rods and other necessaries to Procter
Tne weekly hall holiday seems even
more generally observed today Hun
usual. The Institution provides a need
cd and much appreciated opportunity
fur enjoyinenl of climate ami scenery
under circumstant es more favorable
than those afforded by the cily streeis.
The children of 3t. Saviour's Run
day school turned out en masse this
morning for the (inn uni picnic The
start from the city wharf was made
shortly after 9 a. m. with the band on
hoard, with ample provisions against
picnic appetites, and with a very good
attendance of adults, especially ladies.
Some of lhe campers a!on�� the Slo-
i an river have had nn Interesting time
fighting hush fires, which are of frequent occurrence, hut apparently unknown origin. Principal Fraser, of
Nelson high school, and \V. S. Pearcy
spent a whole day last week checking
(he advance of tire towards their
camp.    Their efforts  were  successful
Ex-Governor Mm kintosh arrived in
the city from the east last night, and
is spending today at the Strathcona
greeting old acquaintances. The governor has returned to the newspaper
business after many years of detachment. He has organized the Canada
Inter-Ocean, which is now published
in Winnipeg, hut which will also appear sfmullanooii-dy in Toronto nnd
Vancouver. TiiH governor in in his
usual   health  and  spirits.
The Baptist summer assembly will
end next Monday. The meetings have
been fairly well attended. Rev. C.
Padley preached an excellent sermon
last night. The pn achers on Sunday
will be Rev. n. Mclntyre, of Pincher
Creek, in the morning, and Rev. Dr.
S. A. Northrop, of Los Angeles, in
the evening. Dr. Northrop is so
charmed with Nelson that he has engaged T. Ci. Procter's houseboat for
August, and will spend the month
here with his family,
The lawn social given on Father Al
thoff's lawn yesterday afternoon and
evening by tlie ladies of the Church of
Mary Immaculate was a success socially and financially. The grounds
were prettily illuminated by strings of
electric lights, the city band furnished
delectable music, nnd the weather
stimulated a demand for ice cream
that was gratifying to the hostesses
The function wns largely attended
and all were  pleased,
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���On  Ijino.
Slocan  train���(in  time.
Spokane train���On time.
Const,  Boundary and  Rnssiand train
-On time.
The Store of Quality
Its Quality that Counts
That's Why
We Sell More
Than xny other Tea in our store,
if you ha<ven 7 tried it you don't
know 'what you are missing. If
has iobe tested to be appreciated.
The nex* 7ea y0ti ou., Mg f^i u
Hood & Teetzel
K. W, C. Block . Plusne 10
Wc have the remedy. Our
expert opticiau is giving satisfaction. Wc guarantee to satisfy you, if you give us a trial.
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
These are small washboards for use
in smalt basins. Just the thing when
you don't wish to use the wash tub
these hot days. >
Price 25c Each
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
C A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
PHONB   7.
Fo* i5c
To Clear Them Ot��t
We have still a few copies of
" Mother Earth's Treasure
by   Percy   F.   Godenwrath.
Now, as tin' Benson is closing, and I will
see Hint your order is lllls'.l wllh thi'
hest frull In hi' liml nl Hn' low.e-1 mar-
lts't  price.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
Phone 206.
It [s a description cf the Boundary,
Southern Okanogan. Similkameen and
Nicola Districts���their rescources &c.
It is richly supplied with photographs
and maps. The book came out last
January, and had a large sale at 25c
a copy
To clear out what are left we offer
them at 15c each.
W. G. Thomson
SiSir - Nelson, B. C.
Phona .14.
Thompson & Douglas
*sii��ti Wrltlnji it Specialty.
Wuii Paper and i-uriup.
_.&���.N.WARn   -    NELSON
Mining Records.
The records In ihu Nelson mining
office today consist of three transfers,
one hy bonsl and two by bill of sale.
Bella Deviin. II. Ainns und A. Pool
have a bond on the Nevada, Columbia
mill Edward I)., all situated on Sheep
creek, to C. Olmstead, of New York,
lor (80,000, payable In three equal in
Btalments, on July I9ih, 1807, January
Huh. 19IIS, and July 19th, 1808. Thi'
lessee agrees lo keep two men ul
work continuously, lo do 200 feet of
tunnel and shaft work, and lo pay 15
per cent, of the net smelter returns
on all shipments to the lessors.
T. Dennett and H. M. Hillings transferred a quarter interest in the Eldorado, on Sheep creek, lo O. Schwlnke,
lor nominal consideration,
T Mitchell iransferred a 1-lClh in
terest in the Myrtle hydraulic claim al
Hall Siding in J. I'eiro, for nominal
This is thf minnow season.  We
have a full stuck of
Pails at $1.00, $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
Wc have the greatest variety nf Sjiinner.-
cver shown m any tackle Btoro,   Drop
in and look around, and see for
Nelson Hardware Co.
Laid to Rest.
'I ne funeral of Robert Irvine Hums'
look place from his father's residence
ihis afternoon ai 2 o'clock, Its v. Ft.
Newton Powell conducted Hie scr-
vices, and the choir of lb,. Methodist
church    attended.     The    pall-bearers
were: F. Walsh. R. Sharp. 0. Ms--
Lochias ami L. McBride. There was
a very large attendance of friends, iii-
eluding nil members of the council and
clly  and  governmenl  officials.
Inland   Revenue.
The Inland   revenue colled Ions    for
July were as follows:
Licenses $    2'i.Ofi
Spirits o.:iTI nn
M*t      780.00
Raw   leaf tobacco        87.20
'''gars      24..;!.)
Price of Metals.
New York, AugiiHl 2.���Silver, lit Ml
copper,    n Ml    electrolytic   cupper
Slink,   IS  :|.S;*|ead. ��r,.7S.
London, August  2.���Silver, 29 IB-Hi;
lead,   _1C Ills;  zinc.   CL'i;  Lis.
Commencing today, we put on sale
all the odd lines of Men's Suits���those
in which there may be only one or two
Buits of the same goods. This is certainly the best chance you have had
for some days. All new patterns and
the very best of make.
Every suit has the price label, and
it is only once a year that this opportunity Is offered.
This Lonely Sale
means that all
$15, $18 and $20
Suits will be sold
f 10, {112.50, $15
V 8 MUf.
Repairing and Jobbing a SptJ
Sheistinetal Work, CantiiiBM, Builders' Material nnd Mining nnd Mill w
Oflli'O uml Works Foot of l'nil, St.
Plsssilis    _(>-��.
N��l��on, n,c
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd]
Brewtsn tad BotUon ol
Fine Lager B_er and Porter
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer.'
Mssiiiiln.iisrs.rs ���|
Every Known Variety Soft M
&Co., psuntl
****-   NrfV.t        Limited. Winnipeg, I
Wliol.Hiiiu I'niviHiiins,
Dominion Government Creamer; On^Ponnd lirieVs moelv-d weofclrM '
frssm the s'hniii.   For sale by all leading grocers,
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Blqok,   Plume Tt.
Josephine Street.       - -       Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
BE   WITH   US. 1
Is your furnace in shape to start the winter with?    If  not, N0l|
Is the time to have it repaired.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Lfi|
PI.RASR N'OTK���We will iml I,,, responsible fur anv furmiee nnl igfcp
by (ii-iisber Isi. mm;,
��� ���^v*^v~>a-a B   A   ISAAC J. A.  HONEYMAN'~~~v,V/V>V>viM
RaralrlriB and Jobbing axscut*d �� itt. i s. -,���,(_i,.  shMl Mstd
"�����, Mliilnu sind Mill  Mutlilswrv.      Miiiiulncliss'isnisl
Ore Bars,  W.  R.   U.,,,t,-,,_(.,,,-������   Cum.
ZlVr'..!'.:."""    NELSON,    B. C. f-9
The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilker's is the I
Superior in make anil quality.
j. a. oTLker
W&HLW**^��Hf&c^J*��K   '"J       ' '
MANUFACTURERS   �� _ c_��       1
AND DEALERS IN   lsittTlDttf  OhtflgltS*
Uath, Mouldinjfs, Doors, Windows.
I'urnwcl Work anij Hrn.k.tH.
Mnil (inlsTs promptly atten-rfU
iNBuaoiy. b. >...
Modern Translated Means:
Methods of Human skill where it excels
Mechanical skill where it |S
best   combined   to  make  the
perfect garment.
111.,I,  i ���!....   T'..;l  .     ^^  . ....
Ilii;li-t'lnss Tailors
linker Hi., Nelson, it ('
Our stnek of HA1NIJ   8AWM is   very cmiiP1''"'1
Im linlinij grades to suit all requirements.
If you wish n low prioed snw we cun supply v"11-
nlHounrry the boat qualities uiAde hy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, Ltd
 '������' .': ,:v.


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