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The Daily Canadian Nov 3, 1906

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Array *���_% ��VtUi} CaraMim
I,   No. 129.
eai, liisiaiices All His
lortr Turns Back From Search
F���r World's Axis���Home
in Ten Days.
-The    ITnit.-.i
,n iiiiiv holds tho *'    'nl ��f  "i-'tirili
Ns.nli.    VT    degrees,    (i  minincs.
I,,. r,,ui   ssss    nccotnpllahod  liy Qatar
1       s 1:   I'eary, of the United
is lm telegraphed to Her-
���n 1, iiiisimnan,   secretary   of tho
���ary Arils' 1 lull, as follows
Ubrador, (via Twllllngnl.
, ,1 11 ,i  ml    November  **,  to  Her-
fl  I,   III is!.: SUSHI.
s\innjeil   on   .the   norlh
issss s>r (iistntland, somewhat north ot
s .       -/inter quarters. Went norm
Kebruary,  via   Ileckht anil
islsssnlsiis    Ivlnyed liy open water be-
111 m .uii -'. degreea. Beyond 85 nix
slisruptod     Ice,   destroyed
chs    ' i*  till    i-siiiiiniuiicntlon    with
ipportlng iMHlles and drifted steadily
gtward     Ili-turnlng  ate  elKht  dogs.
-,s;sl.    delayed     by   opeu
sl   mirth   coaBt  of  (Ireen-
.������ I conditions.    Killed
���r. ssx.-n anil returned along Greon-
1,: cun '   'o  sliip.    Two   supporting
11 mi north coast of Green-
ssl   (ssi,. is-ss'iied me In starving con-
ll--11    An-i   sine   woek   recuiioratlng
Ituisevelt, --li'il    west,    completing
irih const ssl Qrantland and reached
it lunil near 100th meridian. Home-
irsl voyage Incessant battle with ice,
t'l head    winds.      Roosevelt*
s   us- Fighter   and   seaboat.
- nr illness- in expedition.
n is,
"1  fs-s
rk,    Nov.    3,���Herbert    L.
secretary of the Peary Arc-
as ss proud man last night
sin   exhllsltlng    Commander
patch to the reporters Who
1 learn ot the achievement,
Ni-w York Sun today.
thai  It is useless for me to
1I11K  to wliat    the    telegram
Mums for itself.    The  part
ith tells ssf (ig vatlng of dogs  Is
siuls us show lhe hardships that he
Imagine that Lieutenant I'eary
In- liuiiie in New York In 10 dayB;
*���!' lis- less, lie ran take the Rooso-
slown is, Sydney and then come
��ti in :;., hssurs on a train. If he
In* would probably let the men
'InK Hi" Roosevelt down here aud lay
' un in New York, where she be-
Tlial i.s ihe most natural tiling
l"iii t's sl.s The crew all are New-
'iwtllanders and could return home
I'vlilent I'eary has iiail the,same
"i getting on grinding Ice
carried away from his goal
explorers have had. Prob-
Hi'T man living would have
1 ss. 11 as psary has. llo
iss-lf  ssn   Ice   that  had   been
Ills  <
It   ||
11 up
Isy  storm  and   wns taking
�� contrary  direction.
WW I'earj  ever make the attempt
I il's nol   know,    although    It
lil lis  tin. newspapers wheu he
lllal   if lis-  fulled  this  time ho
I never try again.   Ho never told
;,":" ;""l I was quite close to him.
iiiiiiniiiler    will    undoubtedly
>' "nli lilin a wealth of scion-
iiiiii geographical matter.    I con-
nur  |||ir
hiii 1
iih 1
""'��� ssf the wonderful fea-
'Ism expedition is fhe fact
Roosevelt    Is coming    home
party, despite the hard-
Ul i
lis they have experienced.'
'"hns, N. 1.'., Nov. 3.-The fact
,��� '"""""'h-r   Robert   E.    Peary's
. ,,    ; "oosoyelt,  was   damaged   by
ul, 111,, ,'" '""�� lril�� ���" <ho Arctic
v fr... 1" ,'"'1'* wnB reported toll,',"" Moravian mission station
len. 11,,', i; "" '���"' l-uhrailor coast,
I, ���, ' KooBevoll has arrived. The
inn,,,,,,,,,,,'"'    'hiniage    is    unknown.
' .���-^nte,,,oT,cStha,
The    following
ngratulatlon    for    Com.
ulatlons upon  your splendid    achievement.     (Signed.)     w,���.   s.   I)ruc
Mr Uruce wus the leader of tho
Scottish Antarctic expedition and
spent two years exploring Antarctic,
regions with the Seolla. Mr llrlilg-
man said today that hu did not believe
Commander Peary's sleamer Is,,, ,.���
seriously injured by Ice ,������ ihe explorer WOUld huv,. said so.
Mr. Ilridginiiii said Peary would
have no difficulty |��� obtaining coal
In Labrador, lie expects [0 lU'iir
from  Peary next at Sydney, N. s.
New York, N0v. 3.���Mrs. Roliert T.
Peary,   wife  of the   explorer,   received
iio- following message from Commander Peary, dated ni llopedale, Labrador:
"Homeward voyage Incessant battle
wllh Ice. storms and head winds. Propeller damaged and progress very
slow. Walling here for coal from
mail steamer. Have no anxiety; ex-
poet wire from Chateau bay. Am perfectly well." ���
Mr. nridgtiinn said that Commander
Peary's men. in of Chateau bay might
Indleale that he expected Iss touch
there on tin- way to Bydnoy. Mr
ll-l'l'-min believed thai he obtained
c s���l from tho mall steamer tbat carried his nu ::is,-s! to the Wllllmate,
Gallant Warship Rammed.
Norfolk. Va., Nov. 3��� The United
States battleship Virginia was rammed today lu Hampton Roads by tho
Old Dominion liner Monroe. Itoth vessels came afterward to this port. The
Monroe, Inward bound from New York,
landed her passengers at her pier,
while tin- battleship proceeded lo Norfolk navy yards. One set of the bat
Ueshlp'l davits were turned inboard,
while two six-Inch after guns and one
three-Inch gun were twister. The Mon
roe sustained a bad twist of her steel
proof.    A  survey  will  lie made of Ihe
two vessels.
Row Over Cards.
Kansas City. Mo., Nov. 3.���A de
spalch to the Times from KI Paso,
Tex., says that negro soldiers of the
Twenty-fifth Infantry at Port ltllss,
five miles from here, fought iu a saloon outside tile reservation last night
Private Mathews was killed and Private U-wls and Alex Johnson, the saloon-keeper, were wounded. Other
troops from the fort have been despatched to arrest the men. Advices
concerning the origin of the trouble
are conflicting, but a card game is
said to have prompted the affair.
- Aii'llc ,.|
nan, N
secretary of lho
w Yorli,__v
I'eary. caro Hrldg-
ery hearty congrat-
Asiatic, African    and    Hindoo    Races
Races  Will  Soon   Overrun   America, Says German Professor.
Berlin, Nov. 3.���Professor Theodore
Schlemann, in his monthly review of
foreign affairs, makes some interesting speculations in regard to tho
changes which will probably have
taken place In the world by the time
the Kaiser's grandson, who was born
on July 4, ascends the throne as William IV.
The professor thinks It Is clear that
tho peoples ot Asia and Africa will
Increase In iwwer and strength. The
victory of the yellow Japanese has
stirred them and European civilization,
which is Imparting new knowledge to
the lower races, will Inevitably produce far-reaching effects. It will be
far more difficult, the professor says,
for Great llrltaln, France and Russia
to maintain supremacy over the Asiatic and African races than now.
The Hindoo llannerjl was recently
crowned king of Bengal. Tin* English
laughed at the taot, hut none can
deny lhat there will In- real rule by
a nutlve king In Bengal afler two gen
orations. The Influence of Japan's
victory will also extend to Persia anil
Afghanistan, and a pan-Aslntlc movement is becoming possible in India,
China, Persia anil Afghanistan, in
fact, all Asiatic peoples are looking forward to a termination of European
ln tlie sain ewny In Norlh Allien,
throughout the area from thc Mediterranean west to Tinibiietoo, a great
pnn-Islamlc movement Is gaining
headway, while at Ihe same lime an
Ethiopian movement among the negroes in South Africa Is steadily gaining strength, nnd Hie only white race
with n future in Soulb Africa is tho
Professor Schlemann P~0W*}��, ��
argue thai surprising <���ha.iges wiII take
place in North America. Boft iho
111 Ited States and Canada are in danger of losing their Anglo-SMonlsm
and becoming a tower of 1 < >'
Germans,   Irish.   I^llans,   Spaniards,
�� %T^lSe  'cm, =
wars and  revolutions  In Europe J*
e &srw��? &__
are also probable tn Austro-Hungary
and Russia, but ln general Europe will
Presenl the same appearance when
HI Ham iv. ascends the throne that
Il docs toslav.
Issues Upon Which Decision  Between
Hearst and Hughes Will Fall.
New York, Nov. 3.���The tiolltieal
campaign iu Now York closes tonight
wllh many m��tlngl on both sides und
predictions of success by both tho
Hearst und Hughes managers. At best
the result is purely a matter of guess
work. Supporters of Mr. Hughes, the
Republican candidate, are conlidently
claiming his election. The same confidence Is shown by the followers ol
William ll. Hearst. Betting still favors Hughes, but nol much reliance ls
to be placed ln this speculative feature
of the campaign. Briefly put, the result of next Tuesday's election in this
state may bo suid to depend upon tho
following questions!
How will the Tanner vote?
What wilt Tammany do In New York
Will the McCarren forces hull Hearst
In Urookilyu?
Has Hearst gol the labor vote as
thoroughly "0111011011" ns Ills receptions
In the manufacturing towns seem to
How ninny Republican labor votes
will Hearst get up the state?
Has Hearst lost lhe supiiorl or the
municipal ownership crowd?
Has his deal with Tamnmny Hall
lost hlm thc support of his Independence League followers?
New York. Nov. 3.���The Evening
Journal, William R. Hearst's paper
here, today estimates that Mr. Hearst
will be elected by a plurality of two
hundred thousand.
Toronto    Globe      Announces    Liberal
Pledges Will Be Broken.
Toronto, Nov. 3.���The Ololie publishes the followlug editorial:
"The Interest taken by the whole
country In the election trial aud subsequent campaign, will now be replaced by a deeper and more enduring
Interest In the coming tariff discussion In parliament. Mr. Fielding's
name Is already associated with one
of the mosl successful attempts at fiscal legislation ever made ln constitutional government. It has been followed by continuous industrial and
commercial prosperity, and has been
productive of persistently buoyant revenue. Great public works have been
undertaken and carried through without any large Increase in the public
debt There Is no reason to assume
that condlUons so satisfactory will be
Inconsiderately or gratuitlouBly endangered. There is no need for collecting Increased revenue. The extensive and profitable operations of
manufacturers are proof that the pro
tection provided by the tariff Is adequate. The preference given to Greal
Britain has so far served a useful pur-
isise both there and here. All this Indicates that the course of wisdom will
he to 'let well enough alone.'"
Through Hope Mountains.
The Great Northern has decided upon Its route over the Hope mountains
from tlie Sitnllakmoen to the Fraser
river. At a conference recently held
In Keremeos at which Chief Engineer
llongland, locating Engineer Baldwin,
and Divisional Engineer Kennedy were
present, it was decided tb go np the
Tulanuen from Princeton to the headwaters uf the Conuuhalin. and thence
down that pass to Hope. A staff o��
engineers Ib now engaged In running u
permanent location line by this route.
The route rrom Prlncton to Otter Flat
has been riled at KamiKiops. Construction Is proceeding al Keremeos,
and now lhal the route over the Hope
mountains has been decided upon, it ls
expected lhal construction will he vig
umusly pushed In tbe spring.
Innocent Childhood.
Now York. Nov. 3.���A World specfnl
from Allantlc City says a letter addressed to "Mammle in Heaven" cam."
to Atlnntic City In thc mail bug I'nni
Philadelphia last night. It contained
In n childish scrawl the message:
"Dear Mamma, please come and see
your lioys and bring papa too. We
pray for you.    (.losle nnd Georglo.)"
No clue ls given ns to the home ol
the childish writers or their Identity
and the letter will bo forwarded te
Signed the Bills.
Paris, Nov. 3.���The cabinet hold a
meeting today under thc presidency of
President Falllores and approved tho
ministerial declaration of policy. The
president then signed the bills to be
Introduced Monday ut the reassembling of parliament for the purehaso of
tho Western railroad und the abolltton
of tho death penalty.
Slight Advance Reported
Over Last Week
Eastern Markets Absorbed in Cobalt,
Market Quotations For Week
Ending Today.
Laool stock brokers report that the
stock market for the past week has
been very steady throughout. The
slight depression shown lust week was
dispelled and all the stocks wero
much stronger, with slight advances iu
most of them. Eastern markets continue to be absorbed in the Cobalt
shares, consequently there is little demand lor shares of this district on
that market at the    present time.
International Coal is more in demand
than any other stocks dealt in in this
vicinity, and advanced several cents
within the week, with a demand coming from all over the district. 11 is
believed that tlie lop price Is not
nearly reached yet, and investors are
looking for 75c within a month. There
are rumors afloat that this company
have acquired other coal lands near
their pr.ip.-rty. whlcb it intends ojien-
Ing up at once.
Sullivan opened rather weak, but
immediately advanced 3c or 4c tier
share, hut has again dropped aud Is
now holding at about He per share,
with very Utile business offered.
Consolidates! Smelters and Canadian
Gold Fields Syndicate remain at about
their quotations of last week. The
closedown of the Trail smelter has effected these shares, but not to any extent, but bas deterred speculation for
a while.
Carlboo-McKlnney Is in great demand, as is also Denora Mines, but
there was very little business done ln
these stocks at the present quatatlons,
there being all buyers and no sellers.
Diamond Vale ls more In demand at
the present time than has beeu the
case for several months, and should
the company acquire other coal lands
ln their vicinity, for which they are
now negotiating, a great advance in
the stock of this company will undoubtedly lake place.
Dominion Copiier, B. C. Copper and
Granby remain almost unchanged, with
a slight weakness being shown.
Nicola Coal Mines weakened slightly, but Is much firmer than many consider it should be, with the result
there is very title trading being done.
American Boy weakened again until it now stands at the low price of
two months ago. Another advance In
this stock will undoubtedly take place,
and It would not be a surprise to see
this upward movement in evidence
within a fortnight.
The  following  aro  the  approximate
quotations for the week ending today:
Asked. Bid.
American Hoy 02%        ,02y4
B.   C.   Copper    14.50 13.75
Beatrice 25 .16
II. ('. Standard 20
California 08 .Otity
Cariboo McKlnney.    ..      .07 .04".
(Inn. Gold Fields 08 .07
Consul.   Smelters..   ..137.00   130.011
Denora  Mines 12 .08
Diamond   Vale 21 .08
Dominion Copper..   ..    0.50 fi.00
Granby         14,25 13.50
Giant 02 -��l
Inter. Coal 117 .05
Jumbo 67 .05
I.n  Plata Mines 21 .18
Lardeau Mines 01
Monte Crlsto 04 .02
Nicola Coal  Mines   ..      .08 .06
Norlh Star 20
Northwest Coal   ..   ..    1.50
Eureka Copper 10
Pathfinder 04 .03
Rambler-Cariboo   ...      .35 .32
Rocky Mt. Devel 60 .50
Sullivan 10 .08
Van  Anda 06
Virginia 06 .30
Whito Bear  (9c paid)      .05 .04
Makes Endurance Trip.
Pltlsflold, Mass., Nov. 3.���Weather
conditions for today's aseeuBlon or the
balloon Centaur from Plttsfield ware
Ideal. It wns planned thnt Iho as3*n-
slon should bo made at 10 it, in. Thoso
to make the trip were Captain Hointr
W. Hedge, president ot the Aeronaut
club of America: Lleutenint S. M.
Butler and Uio Stevens, pilot. Captain  Hedge said    today's    expedition
would be an endurance trip, the plan
being to remain In the air 12 hours. It
was expected that automobiles would
follow the balloon at least part ot tho
British   Thunderer   Draws Comparison
Between Political Issues.
(From the London Times.)
Another instance of thc misunderstandings arising in thu present condition of our imps-rial organization is afforded by the remarks made by Sir
Wilfrid Laurier In Ottawa on the subject ot home rule. We may suggest It
ln passing tbat we doubt very much
If Sir Wilfrid Laurler's statement that
every true Canadian Is a home ruler
iwll commend itself to Protestant and
Orange feeling iu Ontario. But the
real point at issue Is this���the Irish
question Is essentially an internal
questiou of that part of the empire
known as the United Kingdom. The
breaking up or modification of the
Union established over a century ago
is a matter in which the other portions of the empire have no direct
concern, just us here have no direct
concern with those Internal relations
between the Dominion and the Canadian provinces which nave been occupying Sir Wilfrid Laurler's attention
during the last few days. A formal appeal from British Columnla to the Imperial government In connection with
its position In the Dominion 'would, Indeed, have to be carefully considered.
Bul lt would certaily not be desirable
for a British minister at a public meeting to deliver himself of the personal
view that British Columbia would be
better off as a separate state, and that
such a separation would conduce to Imperial unity. Moreover, the question of
home rule for Ireland is not a merely
abstract one of centralization as against
autonomy. It is the question of giving
power into the hands of a set of persons who are frankly and avowedly
hostile to the British empire and te
all Its Ideals.
Paris Adventuress Makes Fortune by
Swallowing Coins.
Paris, Nov. 3.���A new trick bas been
discovered by the police which has
been practiced in the restaurants frequented after midnight by the better
class of people. Last night in a resort on Montma'rte, where city officials and opera stars are well known,
a lawyer drew a louis from his pocket
to pay for his refreshment, whereupon
a young lady of engaging manners approached, and announcing herself as a
fetishist, asked permission to bite the
coin for good luck. The lawyer was
complaisant, but tbe girl instead of
biting the coin, swallowed It
Despite her alluring smiles the lawyer's resentment wae aroused. He
called a policeman and the girl was
arrest ml. At the station house the
com ulssary ordered an emetic, when
to the consternation of those present
there came into sight, not the louis,
but two ten-franc pieces. The com-
mlBsary urged a second effort and tbe
patient rid herself, not ot one, but two
coins of the desired value. Then she
was locked up. The police have learned that she has been practising her
game with great success. Most of the
victims have smiled when the coins
have slipped down her throat, while
the others kept their anger tn themselves.
Austria and Italy Reconciled.
Vienna. Nov. 3.���An official note Issued today indicates the new Austro-
Hungarian foreign minister, Baron
Von Ahrenthal, Intends to dissipate
Italian distrust of Austria's intentions
lu the Balkans. It Is stated that there
has been a very friendly exchange of
vlewB between Baron Von Ahrenthal
and Signor Tottinl, the Italian foreign
minister, resulting In a mutual determination to cultivate close and cordial
relations  between  the two countries.
Japan Is Covetous.
Now York, Nov. 3.���According to a
Manila despatch to the Herald a Japanese captain of engineers, disguised,
hns been caught sketching the fortifications in the Philippines. The Japanese government has been communicated with regarding the deportation
of tho offender.
Looting the Treasury.
Washington. Nov. 3.���Acting Secretary of the United States Treasury
Keep today stated that a shortage of
$61,500 had been found ln the St. Louis
subtreasury, but when the shortage occurred, or who Is responsible for it, be
declined lo state, saying that the latter was under investigation by the
treasury officials In conjunction with
those of the department of Justice.
Newfoundland's Test Case.
S. John, N. F��� Nov. 3.���In order to
avoid tho  possibility  of any legal defect or technicality vitiating the  proposed test cases which the Newfound
land government Intends to bring
against colonial fishermen employed
on board of American herring vessels,
to determine whether the modus vivendl arranged between the United
States and Great Britain is valid or
otherwise, the government will send
competent legal counsel to the West
Const to arrange for the prosecutions,
to draft the necessary papers and to
oversee the enforcement or the bait
act. It Is the purpose of the government to carry these cases to the privy
council If necessity arises.
Tha Daily Blase.
New York, Nov. 3.���Hundreds of
men were thrown out of employment
and money loss ln excess of a million
dollars today was caused by a fire
which destroyed the piano factory of
Jacob Brothers company In West Thirty-ninth Btreet. The fire started In
the cellar of the wholesale store,
where varnish and other combustible
materials were kept and worked steadily upward until the flames burst
through the -oof of tbe seven-story
structure. Fifty firemen who had been
sent Into the building during an early
stage of the tire were forced to flee
for their lives when barrels of oil and
paint In the cellar began to burst All
of them escaped and from tbat time
until the names were put under control the riremen fought the fire from
the roofs of adjoining buildings.
Rusalan Fuel Shortage.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 3.���A confer
ence was held at the ministry of commerce today to consider measures fof
alleviating the fuel crisis. A project
for the abolition of the duties on fuel
oil, In order to permit the importation
of American oils to compete with the
Russian fuel resldium, the price of
which ls now almost prohibitive, was
discussed. The abolition of the duties
on fuel oil ls advocated by the minis
ter of commerce and the Central Russian industrials, who claim that oil
can be imported by way of Llbau at
rates 20 per cent, below the present
prices. Tbe representatives of the
Baku oil interests oppose the proposi
Price of Metals.
New York, Nov. 3.���Casting copper,
21%c;  lead, $5.76; silver, 70ftc.
London, Nov. 3.���Sliver, 32 8-16d;
lead, ��19 Es.
Supreme Treasurer of Danish Brother
hood a Victim   of -Stensland's
Bank Operations.
Chicago, Nov. 3���J. Christian Eskil-
son of Chicago, the supreme treasurer
of the Danish Brotherhood of America,
Is missing and it Is found that from
$40,000 to $60,000 of the order's fun-Is
is gone. Eskilson has not been s;en
since October 22. H. H. Oooght nf
Davenport, Iowa, supreme president,
and Martin Larsen of Racine, supreme
vice president, yesterday concluded au
examination of Eskllson's accounts
which they say may reveal an Immense shortage. They declare that
practically all of tbe reserve fund la
gone. Several thousand dollars of It
is said to have been lost In the failure
of Paul O. Stensland's bank.
Mrs. Eskilson, at her home last
night, said tbat Bhe wnuld repay all
the shortage that may be or that has
been found. According to reports
from Racine, where many prominent
members of the order reside, she has
already turned over $15,000 worth of
Chicago property.
Eskilson, who has been a resident
of Chicago for more than 40 years,
was assistant business partner of John
J. Whetler, doing a general roofing
business. According to Whetler, Es
k I Ison complained on October 20 of being ill. He left a note saying, "1 am
sick and tired. I will go to a sanitarium for a short time to rest und recuperate, until I get my strength back."
Anarchists Let Loose.
Malaga, Spain, Nov. 3.���The local po
lice are advised that suspected anarchists have suddenly disappeared from
Barcelona, and consequently the most
vigorous precautions are being taken
for the protection of King Alfonso and
Queen Victoria during (heir stay here.
AU the houses ln the street and (hop
oughtares through which their majesties are to pass have been carefully
searched. The Carlist committees
throughout the peninsula will celebrate
the name of thc pretender, Don Cor
Iob, tomorrow. A squadron of British
warships arrived at Malaga yesterday,
and King Alfonso and Queen Victoria
aro expected there today.
Steamship Sailings.
Montreal, Nov. 3.���R. M. S. Mlowera
left  Brisbane Wednesday, October 31
for Vanoouver.
Fifty Cents a Month
Confer Id Peace Wi
White Brotbers
Will Probably Accept Proposals of
Government and Return to
Hunting Grounds.
Butte, Mont, Nov. 3.���A Bpeclal to
the Miner fro mSherldan, Wyo��� saya
the latest report received at Arvlda
says the conference between the military and the Ute Indians was still ln
session last night when the' messenger
left. The conference is being held between tbe soldiers' and Ute camps 16
miles northeast of Moorhead. Tbe
chiefs in attendance who were sent by
the band with power to act are Red
Cap, Unkuapln and Ponnap. Chief
Black Whiskers stayed with the Ute
band. Before leaving for tbe council
the Utes danced in the open air and
solemnly diB'cussed the situation.
At the conference the chiefs were
offered transportation for the tribe
and its ponies back to Utah and rations during the winter. A promise to
consider the matter of allowing them a
new bunting ground next spring was
also made. The Indian chiefs hesitated over the matter of hunting grounds
and wanted a deflnte promise that they
would be allowed to return to Powder
river ln the spring.
During the council the chiefs would
frequently leave the circle and talk
between themselves. The Indiana are
favorable to an agreement, aa they
seem to be yielding to the arguments
of Major Lerdaon, Colonel Rogers and
Captain Johnson.
It Is stated on the authority of the
white residents living at Sheridan now
with Major Oriersrm on Buffalo creek,
that for two nights and one day the
second squadron of the Tenth under
Captain Johnson was secreted In the
hills north of Moorhead, the colored
troops being held in fear of thetr lives.
No fires or lights were permitted during this time and the horses and mules
were escorted to water only under cover of darkness. They remained there
until the arrival of Colonel Rogers and
the Sixth, when thetr forces were
deemed sufficiently strong to combat
the Indian camp nearby ln case of attack.
The hurried trip ot the Sixth from
Fort Mead established a record ln the
movement of both bodies, 146 miles being covered in 22 hours.
Sheridan, Wyo., Nov. 3.���A conference between the Indians and troops
today resulted in an agreement on the
part of the Utes to return with Colonel
Rogers to Fort Mead, to be taken care
of there by tbe government, while
Chiefs Red Cap and Black Whiskers go
to Washington to talk the matter ovet
with President Roosevelt. The Utes
will go over with the troops of the
Sixth cavalry. The Indians have not
been disarmed snd will not be as long
as tbey make no threatening actions.
Finally Places   Religious   Orders   an
Basis of Equality.
Paris, Nov. 8.���The minister of public Instruction, M. Bryand, today announced In an authorised interview
that thc government did not regard
the Catholic church as being In revolt
against the law providing for the separation of the church and state. The
Catholic church having simply declined to take advantage of Ita privibge
under the law as the other religious
orders did, would forfeit $900,000,000
worth ot property and thereafter would
live under the common law. There
would be neither martyrdom nor persecutions of the faithful.
The churches, as state and communal property, would remain Jpen for
Catholic worship, the object for which
the Republican party In France had
struggled for for 30 years being
achieved. The concordat was at an
end. The state would no longer contribute to the support of any religion
and priests would no longer enjoy privileges. In both their duties and obligations they would be on an equality
with other cltlsens, or ln other worsts,
tho state at last was neutral toward
all religions, and would permit the exercise of all of them with special favors to none.
Settled at Last.
Berlin, Nov.    3.���Tho    International
radio-telegraph treaty was signed this
���  Hi.
_____ ^^^^*\*^^^^^~*~^
The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     Tliey will invite
pleasant dreams of
W-. hav- pls-nly .if tie mi in ii-d and blus'.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated r.sr their excellence. We alone carry
them In this clly.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillosss/s. Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Cloth ng, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
REST t-l.aso.OOO.
D. K. WILK1E, President.        HON. BO BEET JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at current rates from date of opening account uud credited half-yearly.
NBLtSON BRANCH *J_   ML   LAY,   Manager.
The ^oyial 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS. 5.39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms anil individuals opened on the most favorable terras.
Thirteen  branches in  British  Columbia.
Special   attnition   to out  ot town business.
T. D. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       B. I.   PEASE, Genera] Manager, Montreal.
c.. W. HYNDMAN, *___*����� NELSON "BRANCH.
Put-.lii.neti bu daya u ..���.. i; by tbe
Bnker St.. N-.l-.t_i*. B.C,
���Subscription rales, &0 eaotl a month delivered
lu ilie citv, or to.00 tt fees tt tent by mail, when
paid la advance
Advertising rales on application.
All monies paid In settlement of The Huily
��� uuu I.:.*, accounts, either toi lUbocrlpU mi oi
ad-terming, musl be receipted (or on [he printed
forms ot tlie Company.   Other receipts are nol
"By oue word wc ure Hiujetlmi*. judged lo be
wise and by one word Bometlmei Judged t_ be
loollsb. Ju.'t uk therefore be earelul whit! we
say."Com.-' ii>--
Thc value of judicious and continuous advertising is now a generally
recognised fact and the necessity of
keeping ones business in the eye ol
ihe public has long since come to be
understood to have the force of an
axiom. Whatever the method adopted,
and thc choice is limit].ss, the results
which follow tlie steady pracUoe of
acquainting the people with the char-
acter of the wares held for disposal*
thc attractions offered for the diversion or the many or tii" bringing to
the attention of ail classes the new
und interesting contrivances of the
age, advertising is now recognised I'he an exaci it nol an expert science,
There i.**; no better advertising mad*
imn than the daily [taper because 11
goes reguiarl] Into the bands of a
large olass of readers who familiarise
themselves with Its leading feature)
and are quick to notice the changes
which (he ever varying  pages display.
A product or the district one mlghl al'
most say creature of the circumstances]
the daily paper affords die moll satlsS*
factory medium with which to reach
and maintain public attention.
ll. is however, not so much lo the
advantages of advertising that we direct attention as to the manifafl evil
which  thc  praotloe, In  common  with
all other good practices, suiters at the
hands of those who over-advertise, lly
over-advertisement we mean the pub'
Jicuiioii of announcements   and   the
promising of specialties which cannot
he performed, (lie uttering of slate*
ments which while specious ami sxag
geraled, offer a temptation to the
reader, to yield to which is often to
We  speak  with particular reference
lo the growing practice of advertising
the performances of travelling players
and entertainers of one class or other
who reap a rich financial harvest from
the pockets of a gullible public, lt is
iu this sphere of advertising more than
iu any other where the evil of over-
advertising is practised. The public
who are expected to, and themselves
expect to patronize entertainments pro
vided for them have rarely any othei
guide to the character of the performance than that displayed In the advertising mediums employed to bring
this class of attraction to the attention of lovers of diversion. It is perhaps this circumstance which occasions the temptation to over-adverU.*-.*,
but the fact remains that rarely If ever do advertised performances of opera, concert or entertainment fulfil the
expectations that have been raised by
the use of printer's ink.
It Is true that an advertiser having
bought bis space can legally put It to
any use he chooses utiless such use be
a perversion ot public morals, but ordinarily the advertiser of such performances relies more in the effect or the
reading notices or advance press no-
tioos which he receives, for the effect
Upon th��* public, than he does upon the
display he makes in the space he purchases, ii is iu ibis respect thut thu
evil reaches Us greatest proportions
because I" B large majority of the
reading public what uppeurs in the
news columns of a reliable paper is
regarded as carrying the endorsement
oT tlie paper itself,
Commercial advertisers are obliged
to rely wholly Upon their display ud-
verlisements lor which they pay al
cotttracl rates. ' The whole business of
advertising would soon go to pieces
wen* eaoh advertiser entitled to a generous amount of reading notices as
well ns his display, and It is hero
where the advertiser of popular enter*
tainmentS has an advantage over ordinary commercial advertisers which is
scarcely fair. This, however, Is scarcely a matter with which the editorial
OOluntna of a paper need concern Itself,
and it is to the evils of overstatement
that we again draw attention.
Nelson has had during the summer
and aui niun months, a plethora of entertainments of almost every sort and
these have been generously advertised
in every conceivable way that would
catch the eye and nail the dollar of tho
unsuspecting patron  as well,    it may
be doubted If With a single exception
any of these affairs lias measured up
to the expectations of those who patronized them, undoubtedly as a result
of the advertisements, and It is a
tribute of the highest kind to the
usual reliability of an advertisement
that the people though often gulled
will full easy victims to the next spec!
ously pleaded cause.
The evil is more far reaching thnn
the ordinary gulling of the public and
the consequent disappointment It tends
to depreciate the proper estimate of
home talent.
We speak but the truth when we say
the city of Xelson has among Its resi
dent citizens many whose capabilities iu
art und music are equal if not superior
to most if not all the professional elements that have received such generous praise from ihe press. Yet it
would be impossible and iturnoi -si to
portray in advance the capabiluies of
these as Is so flagrantly done in the
case of strangers who do not as u rule
make good.
Moreover, there is a targe section of
society which must take Its 0*4*9 lium
some authority on questions of both
music und art and where else do they
look for authorilive deliverances than
the press? A play may be positively
wearisome but such a statement rarely
finds its way into the columns of the
papers, being for some occult reason
quietly suppressed.
We think the time has arrived when
the artists uf Nelson might '���ell take
some steps to provide regit! _rly such
entertainments for the people as would
not only keep a large amount of the
circulating medium at home '.id would
provide a much higher order of entertainment than is usually afforded by
travelling companies. There should be
no reason why local talent should noi
stage plays of a high order and provide at frequent intervals, musical fee
tiviiies of the very best character.
The Canadian hopes to see some such
steps taken by the array of local talent
and it can well believe lhat the loyalty
of the play goers would be such as to
obviate much thai we complain of.
The re-election of Hon. W. S. Fielding in Queen's-Shelburne was not unexpected from whatever point of view
ft Is observed. It is the usual thing
for the government in iwwer to carry
a bye-election though the Liberal party lost heavily in three of its Easiern
strongholds a few weeks ago. Again,
Queeus-Hhelburne is hopelessly a Liberal pocket borough and it was a display uf llie greatest pluck on the part
of Dr. Weldon lo try to wrest the
sceptre from his opponent, ln the next
place, while it was decided that the
previous election of Mr. Fielding was
secured by corrupt practices on the
part of his agenls it is too early yet
to discover what purl the same iullu-
ence may have played in the last. All
Ihese considerations weighed well
have prepared the country for the re-
turn of the finance minister.
The mutter is one upon which the
Laurier government may be congratulated for the defeat, even accidental,
of the finance minister would have
been the most serious of the many
hard knocks thut have fallen to the
Laurier administration during recent
years. The desertion of the cabinet
by some of tlie strong men, as for instance lion. C. H. Fitzpatrick auJ I *e
compulsory vacation of it by Sifton
with other cabinet chunges have left
the administration where its weakness
would be painfully apparent if the last
strong  man  hud gone  down  und   out.
We ure not sure that the country
ulso Is not to be congratulated for
while the Laurier governmenl is in
power the country needs the very
strongest aud brightest men that are
available for the resj>onsible positions
in ihe star chamber. We can scarcely
conceive how Mr, Fielding could have
been replaced and now thai he Is���
for the time being���back in his familiar station we may expect the tarfff
revision lo proceed apace and the olher reforms which were so seriously
promised lo be carried into effect. No
one regrets Mr. Fielding's election and
If he will make good bis promises
there will be still gieater cause for
For contemptible journalism commend us to -Nelson's morning paper.
in a prominent place in Us news col*
umns this morning it said:
"Mayor Gillett w-as Informed yesterday by Rev. W. W. Baer that he had
had been awarded the contract ror the
construction of the new court house.
No official information regarding tho
contract had been received by Mr.
Gillett up to lust night."
There are just three falsehoods in
the above eight Jlnes. In the first
place there is no longer any llev. W.
W. Uuer Jn Hritish Columbia, that
gentleman having resigned his commission as a clergyman, the fact being
duly announced in the Daily News.
In the second place Mr. Baer did not
inform Mayor Gillett yesterday or any
other day that he had  been awarded
lhe contract for Ihe construction of the
new court house.
In the third place the Dally Canadian
published yesterday the announcement
thut Mayor Gillett had -secure the contract. This Information is correct and
being correct the public are no. ci-n*
cerncd whether it is offi'jnl or {.bet-
wise. The contemptible momiagsneet
has no longer a monopoly of scoops
and it might as well gracefully accept
tlie Inevitable, if grace were in any
sense a possibility in its case.
Mr. J. A. McDonald and Mr. Duucan
Ross have been travelling in pairs
through the Simiikameen district
again, this lime addressing meetings
on the political Issues of the day. We
ure Informed by the local organ of lhe
opposition thai tin.y were gr< eted wiih
thunderous applause at almost every
point where they deigned to address
lhe electors. This is good news hut it
Is overshadowed and chilled by the
probable fact that not one of the enthusiastic electors knew what Uiesu
spellbinders were talking about. According lo the local organ, Liberals do
not understand political speeches, and
it Is now up to some authority to tell
us who directed these Bimilkuuieen
people when to shout.
Duncan Ross, M. 1'., and .1. A. McDonald, M. L. A., have beeu touring
the Simiikameen district. What a fas-
cinaiiun that section ol ihe country
has for some grit politicians. Not long
since a local aspirant went through
there to "acquaint himself with labor
conditions," it was said. Think you It
is likely io transpire that there are
mineral or land speculative possibilities In that district that would come in
handy for somebody thai has n pull at
Ottawa and cau gel next?
Notiee is hereby Kiveu that60 dayi after date _
inteini to apply to tin Honorable Chief Commissioner of LaiidK and Works for permit Ion to
pimhasethe (.Dottingdescribedlau.-.In Wett
Kooteuay: Commencing at a post planted hi
llie northeast enrner of i ot 4:i.*,'j, G. I., murked K.
Fletcher's   nnrth we-t eorner,   tlie nee south   -so
chain*-, thence east iu chains-more or lata, to
the  tregteTO boundary  of  Un '..������(���. Q, I ; tin rue
nortii 30 r'lmiiiH to Kooteuay  river; thence wesl
following ".aid river to point of foniUH-nccineul,
Containing hi acres more or lens.
lf>th October, J!KM>.
Frank Flst-turk
Nottec is hereby given that 60 day-*- alter date I
Intend to make application in tlie Honorable tli_
Chlef (-omuilhMoner of Und* and Works for per-
mf anion to pnrehaae Uie followinK deaorlbed
lands: Commencing at n poet planted on the
northeast do -ner of rater MeNaugntoa'i application tn purchus , following the eait houndarv nf
fame ni ehains south; tnence W 'IihIu*. east;
thence 8.1 chains imrth; theuee KO chains*, west lo
point ol commenoement, containing mo acres,
more or less.
Doted Oct. IS, 190C. ALHEKT Kl.U'.T,
Hy Mb agent Kiinest W. ROBtKBOK,
Notiee is here-by given thatsi-.lv dan alter date
I inteml tn appiv to the Hon, chief Commlaaioner
of Lands and Works for permlnion tn purebaae
the follow ing described lunds In ihe We*-!
Koolenay district: Uoginnlng at a postmarked
"J. ti. fcfiinineo's ti. W. corner." and planted ahout
one-half mile east of the shore of Whati-han
(Cariboo) lake and about 'I mllei north of the
namms of the said lake, aud al lhe... E corner
OQArthur Warren's, application to purchase;
ihenee east W chains; llienee norih ft)chain*;
thenee west K'i chain* to thc northeast oorner ot
Arthur Warren'sapplicetlou to purchaiei thence
souih 80 chains tn point of commencement, containing M0 acres, moi. or lens.
Oet. 18th* llKX*. J. 8. StwiNKo,
I". L 11 am mux i*, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat 00 days after date I
inteud to apply to the Hon. (,hi.f Coiumlssiontr
uf I-Hiidn and Works for permissinti to purchase
llie following described lauds situated in Ihe
West Kootenav disiriei: Beginning Ht a post
marked "O. I\ MecMicklng'l \. U. conn r,- and
planted on the west slmreol \\ liatshmi Cariboo)
lake, about three uiil.-s north of lhe -Upper Narrows of the sanl lake and onDositt* the islnnd in
the  -aid   lake;   thence  soiUh 80 chains; thenee
east 4ii ehnins, more nr len, i-�� th>* lakeahorei
thenee Inllmung the said shnre in a northerly
and westerly direction im chains, more or leaa,
to point nf oommencement, oontainlng wo acrea,
mnre or Icm.
Oct. 13. I'JOti. O  !'  tfAOMiaCIKO,
By F. L. IlAMMOMt. Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that 00 dav* alter date 1
intend to apniy m the Hon. Chief Commlaaioner
nf i.ands ana Works for permission lo purchase
the following deacrlbed lands situated iii the
West Kooii nay dtsirict: beginning ��t a poi)
marked  u Herbert  Warren's  S\ K. co-ner," and
planted on the w itahoreol Whiuhan(Cariboo)
fake, about one-quarter mile north of tic iouth-
eril end of the Uke; thence west SOcbalOli tbence
souih 80 ehatns; thenee east Mi chains, more or
less, to Whatshan ereek; theme loUowing
north uloug tin* creek and lake shore HO chains,
mor or lea, to point of commencement, containing Uo acres, mnre or less
Dated this 8th day of October, 1906.
F. 1.. HaMKosij. Agent.
Notice I- hereby given thiil GO davs after date I
intend to apply to ihe Hmi. Chief Commiaslonei
of Lends ana Worlu for permii-loa tn purcbaie
the following descrlbea Jands shunted ln the
We. Kootenay District: lieginning at h pert
marked, "Antoinette Mireh's fl. K. corner/1 aud
Planted  on   Ihe shore of  Whatshan (Carll ;
iake at the southeast corner o( lhe ����id lake-
thenee south 40 chains; thenee wet Ot chains,
mnre or ten, Ut tha shore of Whatshiin oreok:
theme following the shore line of laid creek and
lake in a -general northerly nnd easterly direction h*j ehalna, mors oi leas, t.i point of oom��
mend inent; containing 160 acres,more nr lean
oet. _:.th, low.
Antoinkitk juitsin,
Hy F. h. If ammonii, Ag.-ni.
Notice is hereby given that HO davs liter dnie [
intend to apply tn the Honorable lhe Chief Com-
mlssloner of hands and Works, Victoria, lo purchase HO acres of land, slluate about one mile
easl of Hm tor. lily ou the east side of Arrow
lake, and deaorlbed as follows: ('omineni.iig nt u
post planted at lhe northcasl corner of i-oi BWO,
thence north *J0 chains, thenee west V chains,
thenee lOUth 2o chains, theuce east -to ehalns to
place of beginning
August .th, PJ06 J. R, HtlNTKK,
Hixty days after date I purpose- making appli
cation to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Worki for permission to purchase the foh
lowmr described lands: Commencing at the
Dorthtteel comer of v. iindd'.* application in
purchase, marked ������(. L. H's N. K. comer," running tbence Ro chains south, thenoe ��o ohaini
west,  thence  HO chalnv  norlh, thence 80 < hains
east tn the point of commencement, containing
���Mn aorei, more or less.
I>ated the l^th day of October, 1906.
(' 1.. Hanninuton,
per J  HlllKl.l. Agent
Blxty days alter'late 1 puriM>ne making application to the Hon, chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for periiiHi��ioii lo purchase the following described lands: Coinmcneirig at 11
post placed at tlie northwest coiner of "K.
A. Creese's application to purchase, murk- d
"K.K's H. K.eoruer," running thenee W chains
north,  theuce Ki) chains west, thence W chains
s'.utii, thence 80 chalm east to pomi of commencement, containing tto acre- mon- or less.
Pated lhe 13th day of October, I9_5
K. KobrkTnon,
per J. Sn ibu, Agent.
Notice is herebv given thai i�� davs after date I
intend lo make application to the Uonorahle the
Chief Commluloner Of Uttdl ami Works for permission to purchase the following described
land*- Commencing at ft pott placed adjoining
the southwest corner poit of U-mi Wiu.-nn's Ap
plication to Purchase, running BO ohaini northi
tbence40chafuiwest; thence ��u chains iouth;
thence io chain- oast, to point of commencementi containing 8J0 acres moreor less.
Dated October Vi, 1906,
Kins Wivtkk,
lly hi-agenl. I.iinkst, W. ROBtWQM
Notice Is her. bv given that SO day- niter date I
intend to appiv to the Hon, the I'htef CommU-
���loner of Lamls and Worki for permission to nur-
chaae the following described lands In Weal
Kootenay distriet:   Deglnnlng ai a post marked
"Otto HirSOh. N W. corner"' and planted on
the went Ihore of Wal-diim (farlbonj lake, nl t
one-fourth mih* west of the narrows ol wtmishau
Ink.'; thenee smith S" cliuin**; theuce eSSl 10
1 balm mora or leSI to the shnre of the Narrows;
thence following the tald ihore In a general
northerly nni westcrlr direction 130 chaini more
or len, to the polnl >-( c menoemont, oontaln-
Ina   ��� ��� acrei more nr leai
Pated this Btfa ilaj of u. I  . L00.
OTIo Hit.-*-- H,
K  L   .'I1MM11M1, Agent.
Notlci la hereby given thai sixty days alter date
I intend b'apply lothe Hon, < hief torn 111 Ittlom r
of Land- and Works (or permis-si'm to purchase
the following deserlhed lands In   Went Kootenay
dlitrlet:   Beginning ai a posl marked "g, K
Aldcti's H   t*    corner/1 and  planted  ou the east
ibore ,'( Whatahan (Cariboo) lake, about one
mile   north   of   the   southern  end  of  the lake;
thenoe north BO chalna; 1 hence west tt ohalns,
more or IBM, In the shOXfl uf Whatshan lake;
thenc-loiiowing -anl shore In a general south-
erlv  and  easterly direction loo chain
leu, in thfl polnl of a
NO acres, more or less
Datod this8th flsjrofOcl .iwo.
K   K   ..I.I'K.v,
V l. Himtowo, Agent
Notice is hereby given that sixty -lays after
dute I intend toapply tn the Hou. Chief Commissioner of I-ands and Works for permission to pureliuse the following deserlbed lands in the West
Kooteiiuy district: lieginning at B poll marked
"Bertha Hlrsoh'i N IT corner," and planted on
the east shore of Whatshan (I'nribon) lake, at Ihe
osrrowi nf the lake, and about one mile iouth oi
Arrow lake trail; thence south B0chaini' thenee
west tto chains more nr leu to tbeshorflof the
narrows;  theuce following   the  said shore iu a
general  northerly and easterly  direction i_��
chains more or less to the polntof oommencement, containing MO acres more or less
Dated this 8th day of Oct , 190))
BlBTHl HlKsru'
F   I.   llANHCMi, Agent.
100   ohm union,   nun or
meneement, containing
Sixty days niter dale, f Murgrelt Mcl.uarrle.
intend lo npplv tO the Honorable the l.'hief ('om-
misslonerol Landsand Works, Victoria. Il, t\,
to purchase the following described laml, tv m-
mem ing at a post marked M. Me-Quarrie, on the
hank of Lower Arrow lake, ihence In rhalns
weat; thence00chains norlh; ihence -to chains
east; ihence 60 obalm south to plaee of com
meneement.aald to contain lfio acr-s more or
less.   1 OVering ground held by <;. U. Anderson's
Hated this llth dav of September, 1WW.
Makoi-eit UOQtUBUl,
W. L, P..VNE. Agent
Sixty day--after date I purpose making appli-
cut inn tn tin*  Chief Commissioner of l-amls nnd
Works for permission to purohaae the following
described land:   Commencing at a |>ost marked
���'K.F'ss k corner,''and altuate about one mUa
from Hilv.r Tip Point, on What-han lake, and
near Christie creek, running thence BOCnalni
north; thence Hi chains won: thenc- hi chains
sotiin, following the lake shore; ihenoe hi chnins
east to the point of commencementi containing
Olo aciea more, or less
I'ated the llth day of Angii-t, ]'."��>.
K   FAi-gi'iER,
^^ PerF (i   FAi-yitiB, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given that 80 dftgl after date
1 inteud to applv   to  the  Honnri.hU'  the  Chief
Commissioner of Land-- ami Works (or permission to purchase the following described lauds;
Commenolng ai a poet planted on tbe northeait
eornei of Pet.-r UOKaUgbtOD'l application to
purchase, running Wi chaini west along the
northern boundary of same; thence no chains
north; them-e HO chains east; theme so chains
south, along the west boundary of John Elliott's
application lo purchase, to point ofcommenee-
ijh nt, oontaLningOtt aerea- mor* or less.
Hated Oct. Kt, mO. Thomas bUTB-
lly his -Ageut, KhsEst VV. Robinron.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date I
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lauds and Works, at Victoria, Il.-r.,
for permifstou to purchase the following described lauds, situated In the West Kootenay
di-irlet, south of Forty Nine creek, commencing
at a post marked "L. U ChoqOBttO'l 8. W. corner," thence -it) chains east, thence 40 chains
south, thenee 40 chains wesl,  thence 40 chnins
north to the commencement post, oontainlng iwi
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B. C , Oet. 16th, li*W.
W. A. Jon ei, Agent.
BlXty dayt afler dnle I purpose miking applies-
tion to ihe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works or permission to purchase the following described land;   Commencing at a post
placed at thcsoinhwesl corner of K w, Banning-
ton's application to purchase, marked "L. M. fi.
H's ti. R .corner post," running theuce HO chaini
west; thence HO eliains nouth; thenne 80 chaini
cast; ihence 80 chains north to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or lesi.
Hated the lOlh day ol October, 1!K>6.
h. M. H. Hannjnoton,
ti Per R. frHIKLl, AgenL
Hixy dayn after dale I purpose making appli-
cation to the Hon. Chief commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the following desoribed laud:  commeneing at a post
placed on the north boundary of lot No. KM ami
ahoul tun ehains cast ol Whatshan creek, marked "M. S>. _. W. comer," running theuce 40
ihains east; thence 40 chain- north; thenco 40
eliains west: thenee 10 chains south, to point ol
commencement, containing lfiO acres more or
Hated the loth day Of October, I9<ifi.
M. SlUKI.I.,
 i'er K. I. in km,, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty ilays afler date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commission
erof Lands nml Works for permission lo purchase the following described lands, lljy acres,
commencing at a post marked John Toye, planted on ihe easi shoreof Lower Arrow lake, abont
one mile norlh of Kunshinc creek, thene-* forty
chains east,  thenee  forty chains south, theme
forty chains west, thence   forty  chains   north
along lake -.hore In pniut of commencement.
Hated this Uth day of September, I'JOB.
John Toye,
 llAitav Cihson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days alter date I
intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Linda and Works for permission
to purchase the following described land, situate
In Fire Vallev, in thc Wesl Kootenay district, adjoining W. a. * alder's pre emption, starting al a
post markeii M. McQuurrie's southwest corner,
running Wi chains east, tliclice 40 chains norlh,
thenee mi chains weal them-e 4t) chains south to
point of eommeneement.
Hated this llth day of September, I9W
Makv Mi-M'Aititia,
 J- K. '1'AVUiR, Agent.
Blxty dan alter dato I purpoae making appu-
Oatlon to the Hon. chief Commissioner of L Is
and Works fn>--j-.-riiiinsW.il to purchase the fol-
lowing des.-ribed Und: Commencing ..- u *.o-*
placed at the norlh cast corner of B.C .-Manner'*
application to purchase, marked "II. D'l N.W
e.-rmr po-i," thence following the cast bonnd"
ery ot same 80 chains tooth i tnence running so
chaini euti thenre 00 chains north; tbenee no
chains west [0 point 01 cnmuieneemeut, containing 040 acres more orlcsi.
Haled the loth day ol October, lOofi.
II   L'oi-ii,
 Per IL BmgLU Agent.
60dayi after dale I inteud to npply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud
Works, V lot oris, B C , to purchase 040 acres ol
land situate west of Arrow lake on Ihe west side
of Whatehan creek ainl Joining the north boundary of S, J. Amiable application lo pureliase.
Commencing at a post murked K J. K. H. K. corm-r mid running wis* m ehnins; theuce north so
chains; thenee en*-t wi chalm; theuee south to
polntof commenci ment.
Beptemb-W 2nd looo. it, J. Elliot.
Notice is hereby glveu that Wdavsafter date, I
Inteml to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of bands ami Works for permission to pnrchase
the lollowlng described landa in the West Koot
cnay Dlitrlet! Beginning al a post marked "W
H Mvidges 6 W corner," and planted about
one-quarter mile wesl of the west shore ol Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, and ubout one and one
quarter miles north of the southern end of the
lake; then-e north HO ehulns; theuee east 4<i
chains more or lens to the shore of tbfl Whatshan
lake; theuee following said ��hore fn a gciicm!
southerly uud westeriydfrecllon lOOChfllU! more
or less to u point on   lhe  shore  due  east  of the
post of commencementi thence west so chaini
more or les-. to the point of eommeneement eon
lainliig:_n acres moreor less
Hated this'.'tb day id Oct., mm
W.b. Klviiwi,
F. L IIanuokp, Agent.
Stamps,    i.im-iis,   cu.iii���
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Vol ne iv herub-. gnen ihat fO days alter date I
Intend tO apply I" the Honorable Chief CoirIII in-
ilonei nl Landi and Worki lor permission to our
ehase iht* f.'ilowing deaorlbed lands, situated on
the ' n-i sub* of Arrow lake: Commencing at a
poll marked   A. Macleod'l  location P��t�� Ib-vme
���nuth forty chains, following w. Toye'seastern
boundarv; thence caet slxlv chains, loeast bank
of ija-ib'aidi Creek! thenoe north forty chains;
thenoe east atity ehalns to point nf amenoa*
ment, coutainlne_JtQ acres, more or less.
Haled September 1, l_0��i.        Alkxa MaCLIOD.
POI N. DlMSRS- Agent.
bereby given thut 00dan alter date I
Intend lo -.pplv to the Honorable the Chief c��in.
mis-sioner of Undsand Works for p< rmlsslon to
purchase the follow ing deserlhed lands, -Ituated
ou thu east fide of Arrow idle: Commencing at
Ute northeut oorner oi a Anthony s purulia.e,
thenee norih buty chains, theme west forty
chains, tbenee south forty ehalns, thenco east
forty chains to point ol ��� ommencemenl, eonlaliilng 100 acres, more or less.
Haled BoptS-OMI L( UOfl. JAJflU K. Macleod,
l��-t N   DmtUS. Agent.
Notice is hereby given mat ilxty days after
date i intend toapply tothe Hon.Chief I uramia-
sioner ol Landl and Works Ior petmluioo to
purchase    the    followlug    daaeiiWH   lamls,   Hi
West Kootenay Dlstrlol: Commencing .i an Initial post planted at the lOUtheail <<>incr of Mc-
Coy'i pre-emption, thence 301 balni weal to oast
boundary of u,i OIW: ihcnce followlni mid
boundary south tosontneast corner of said lot;
thenee io chains west) ibenee B0 ehalns sonth;
thenei Ml 'hains cum;   thence J" chains north l"
���OUthweal  corner of  Ud  KBj  theme b,!lt>wing
WOSl bi-nndarv of hot **._ u, initial pint,
-September D, iwo, D. D. Wolff,
I*er Kbnkst W. BovtMOK.
Nmice is hereby given that 00dan afterdate,]
intend to apply to the if ,n. chief Couunissloner
ol l.amls am) Works for permission to pnrchase
the  following described   lauds, situate on   tbe
East ibore of Lower bake, About one and one
half mile South of BdgeWOOd. II. i and ud
Joining J.T. Heauie'r. application to purchase,
and commencing at a poM marked In.ualil Wil
Kn'l Bouth West corner, Iheiice running North
suty I'haiiu, thenee Kaat forty t haimt, thenee
South, sixty ehains, [henc<- Weal forty chains to
place of eommeneement, and containing .oi
acres more or less.
1W.NAM'  w iison.
If, ft. MctjiARHlE. Agent,
Hated thliSBth day ol Beptember, i-a/
Hot-lea Is liereby given lhat tWO months aller
tlate I inieml to apply to tin* Honorable chief
Commissioner of 1-aiids and Works for p.-riuu-
ilou to pureliase 040 aeres id land, described SS
follows: i',,,(, ji,, inni|/ ni  k   |-  -i   plantcil  nt lhe
southwest of i. _ Morrison's rani n in Hm
Valhy, West Kootenay dlatrlet marked -J H.
Munro ��� northeast corner poi t"; ihence so.hai os
west; thenoe ao chaltu Mntb; tbenee ao ebalni
east] thence 80 chains north to the place of oom*
Hated llth day of Hcpteml*er, PJ06.
J. ti. Menses,
W. A CALbSh. Agsnt.
Notice Ih hereby given that 00 'lay- after flat'* 1
Intend to apply lo the Hon. Chief i ommlsslplttf
of [.ands and Works for permission to purchaM.*
the  following ���!���-,������  T���--��� 1   lauds, situate n, U'e-l
k i,. .1 .-in. l    ilit-Ps.   T !���:. ���.. i ,, i, ��� .   ..    ,. t   u   >_,.- __-.,. I
Notice is hereby given thai sin, ,
"late  I Intend P�� apply u, ntl. w,,t'A .'���*-
inlchlonerol Land, antl  \\���._. ," '"'"''�����
to purehaae the lollowlng .h--,-,,iJ,m'f*
uate  iii Wen Kootena)   l.st.ui    r,mt*
at a  po-t  marked "A. Hirwh'i'H 1. ,'l,_
l>lanicd nt the h tif, corner of i V        ������
miles north of Burton City and -i
mile  west of tho Cnlnmhin  river _2__?
90 chslnsi tbenoe wesl to rhai
Ni chain.: theuce cast ��ehaim to u.uT,
menoement, containing no scrm
Hated this Hth day ol Beptember, l!��,
 ______"�� BtT^
-ut-     i'-,i-    .. i , n;    IMNHVW     inif un,  PI lOBII-    111    ff ,*'
Kootenay district:   beginning at a ts>.t marke
���Arthur Warren's ti. W. corner," ami planted on
the east shoreof Whatahan (Cariboo] lake, about
O     milea    ixirtli    nf   tl,i>    i- _ r r..-.. .   ...    ll ���  ..,_i   -..
uie f��.[ unore oi �������� r-ni-r-.ui (i aritHmj taKe, about
two miles north of the narrows of Whatshan
lake, end al Ihe M K corner of W Secoinhe's application to purchase; thenee east 10 chains;
theuee north ft chains; thenee west W ihains;
thenee soutb ao chaiua to point of commence
ment; Containing ._�� acres moreor less
Dated thii Bth day of -Oct UM,
Akthir WAJOUOr,
F. L, lUXNiiMi, Agent.
Ilxty days after tlate I intend to apply to the
Commissioner of Unds ami Work*. \ ictorla, to
purehase 160 acres of land, iltuate and deaeribed
as followi: Commencing ata post planted on the
wesl ilde of At row lake oppoMte Cariboo city, at
or near the southwest corner of H. Hnjg purchase, and marked "O. M. A , S. K. comer," and
running north ��w chains, thenoe west40 ehalni
t-o If. Annable's purehaae, thenee south in chains
moreor less to the like shore, thenee along the
lake ihore lo plnee of beginning,
Auguit ��th, ISO.. 0. M. Angina,
Notiee Is hereby given lhat suty day* gtttl
date I inteml to applv to the Honorable the
Chief CommlSlloner of Unds and Works, for
permission to purchase the followlug described
lands in the West Kootenay district: Heginuiug
at a posl marked ������Jameiii Fraser'sN.K corner.r'
anil p anted 00 the east shore of Whntshan
(Caribou) like, a Unit one half mile north of
Christie creek; thenee south -to chains, more or
less, to the north U.undary of W. Beoombe'l ap-
bllcalloii to purchase; thence weal along the said
boundary -IO chains, more or lo-, to ihe shore of
the lake; thence following the said shore In a
general northerly ami easterly direction HO
chains, more or leas, to point of commencement,
containing HJo acres, more or less.
Oet  131 h, 1906. JAMBA (->. Kkaskh,
F. L. IlAMMosif. Agent.
Notice  Im  hereby given  that lUty dayi after
is data! intend to apply to the Hon. the Cblel
ommlssloner of Lands end Works for permis-
irohase the following described html
sion to purchaie the-following described hm
in the West Kootenay district;    Il.-giiiiitnr-. al
post   marked "E   It, Kofi's N.K. comer," and
planted ou 'he shore of Wluttslinn (Cariboo) Uke,
at the northwest comer oi laid lake: tbence Sn
chainswatti thenoe-10 ebalni souih; Lbence 40
chains east: theuce to chnins south; thenre east
���Hi BhalOS, more or les. to  the shore of tbe .aid
lake; tbenee northerly along the said hike shore
00 ohalna, more or lees, to thj point of commencement- containing I-,, acres, more or less
Hated Oet. It, itm. K. It. Kkii,,
K. I. IIaiominu, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given that isidays nfler date I
Inieml to ap.dy lotbe Hon. Chief Commissioner
of um. nml uork. for permission to purehase
the following deserlbed land, .ituntttl m the
West Kootenay d 1st riot:   he inning m H ���(1>l
marked   "WltUnm   Kell'l   N    W.   oorner,* Sod
planted alio ie mile south of lhe north end
of Whatshsn (Cariboo) lako, about twenty ehalni
west of the weit shore ol iai_fF*_k��snd on the
south boundary of k k. Keil'i application to
pur.-bahc; (heme *-oul|, hu chains; thenee cast ���_���)
chtlns, more or loU, to the saidlako shore:
Ihenoe northerly along tbe laid shore �� cbain-
i"��iV _.-,ri..U^' !',' ft"  "��10��nUl   boundarv   of
E R,KeU'sapplication topurohasoi thonoewesl
H ehalna, mor.' tir less to the poim of COmmenoe
juent, conuinlng IM acrea, moreor lau  """-
Dated __l.li.lV_5 Wiluamkkii,,
 ".V V. U   IfAMMOM), Agent.
Nollee Is hereby given that 80 dHTef li~M*fiioI
Intend to apply Eo the Hon. tbe Chief Commu.
iloner of Uu.i. and Works for p.'rmI��M|on r
cha.e  the  loiiowing described  land   In   M' sl
Kootf.my district, juovlnce of Hritish Columbl,
Comment* uk .i n i���..i ���������, i ���u*.i,  -,-       '"'
-omiucufiug nt ii n
ton'*, northwest et
Planted  at  the  soi
Mineral  Claim," nnd 'adjoining the c'asl line
tarked "Wtiiinm Toiling
r   post,"   laid   post   being
wcsl corner of the "(J
ifePbaii'i w��^��,^.i". H!l,J',il,1"K th? |,��"(�� in
,   ',"fl" \ l"1   enipllou,   Ihence souih tweiitV .'JI)
ohetoi slnng laid imv, tbence wttorS m
wi-*'..;, ^.;*.' ,,",.lh ,w"'">- pS oStni .til,. 1.-2
Hated Ut-layof August. lif_6.
-Hy hie agent J. K. Taylor,
' k o ,'.r JiU' r"!l*,,"Khl.,l"r ���'< We and
deeerih /_ "lft? "" '" R3rchM' ,ll,; m'-lowlng
: Psh v : /"l��,,,VIMfIt,f at H PMtmtrkefl
nri* ,in iV, ,""M'r ."adjoining the eait bound'
nlt.-j th.tfiS_S \"l;pM''��llo,.  to purchase, run*
weittiS.       '"ll',', H"lltli; WhenceWohalus
acres moeo l Mm,D���0*'*-|n**' '""'aiiiliig mn
'���'d the llth day of Augusl, LOQQ,
Noiiee i. hereby given that00dayiifl_r__l
inteml loapply to Oie lloni-rnhleli,,.?,1^*1
missionerof lamls ami Works forts   "'
punhai-.e the following descrlbad Un
from a {ant marked VV. fs DorthWt -��� ���
south ��i chains, thence east so ctai
north -I"' batnsi theme ttt it 10 bi ��� ���
eommeiicemeuf, eonlaliilng ::-i ,'.,,, .
less; adjoins on the east of A. Aiu....t|.-,rSj
lion to purchaw. "     "  '
Dated this 2.th day of August, 1906.
  N' 1)K,,ER-,, Aft-l"*
Notice Is horebyglven that slaty dariiitefj
I Intend to apply fi the Uon. i hMtStSM
erof Lends uA Works for permlishn toi
chase the following deeeribcaj Isi
starting at a post markedCetberinew3
planted on tl ast shoreof U<wet trt��a
near Oladltone Creek, thence it, Hum, 2
tbenee 80 ohalns north, tbence nicimii.fJS
lake   shore,   thenee south Hh.ng lakr *hmt
|H,tnt of eommeneement.
Dated this nth deyoiSeptember.uoa
flARHV t.n.soM. ABeut
Notice is hereby given that ivi -tuy�� *-,. _\
intend lo npplv I'i tin  11 ml.:
ini-Mnii.T ol Paints ami Work, for prrmijiM
purehase the   following ib-.i-rib- d IwhIi tern
oil thc enit .hit* of Arrow ink,- 4
the southwest  eoruer of A. AnllmiiCi i-nnS
Ihen, e UOtb twenty eh4In-*,   ll    HMM
chairs. Ho BOO north twenty chalna. ihetxci
twenty cbalni to point of comma
mining hi acrei. more or Lesa.
Hatf.) Beptember I, (Sn      Hb*.sik m stm
per N. DmiRai, ai.bl
Notice 1. hereby glvell Hint Billy .in Ot
date I intend loupply tothe H<,Te,:tti-i--tb(-_l
Commi..s|..ncror Laml. and w ���..,..��������� ^ ���-���,_-
io pnrabasi the following describe, im]. $t
nte lu thc West Kooteuny district, atel t'if'sm
Paul Andre, pre-emption, starting ���* tpm
market) A.J.I/t.ng, N k. eormr. mi tin ���m A
,d U.wt-r Arrow Uke, tin in <��� Ji . !,��;���.. ti
llo nee 40 ehalns soutli, tle-m. U (MM
theme 40 chains north to point of r>im
haled ftt Nelson, B. (,'., tills Mb day elSrfB
ber, hmi ,u itm,
W��. PotXABD, A|��AL
Not lie is hereby given Hut r-liiv >Uti sfk
tlate I Intend to apply to the H,,il-,ral>lr tli-.ru
CommiiisIotH'rof I.t-nd-. an*! u  .���.-������;.���- .;i
to purchase the (oDowinf deeiitbeA :������ '*������'..��.
In West Kootenay dUlrlctiComiiietieiu-tritip
plan Iml at KoU*ri Corlett'i m-rtli t-tit *ws
l* -i ami market! A. M's N. W, CortM :IhM
east 40 chains; thenee torhalns south DM
less to the Kootenay river; thenei ttetudMfL
ahiug   the   Kootenay   river;   lhetice  10 ���__���
north, more or less, to tbe place of "iinBew
ment. con'     :.:.,   11*0 Sere! more or leM-
Hepl-mlHT Mth HD6.
A.-.fll kOOIl,
William UoOM a. ..(tut
Notice Is hereby given that Wj day* > tier-lit* ���
Intend to apply to the lini.*. thc Chiff i,.mas
sioner of Lamls ami Worki for p*milu��Dl
purchnse tht- following deserlhed lamb IB %
west Koolenay district: Kegiuning si ��P��
marked Q l>- h\H and It, IMdPsH. K. mrnMid
about 2 mile, east id the Balmon river and im
|, mile from the i'end d'Oreille river; IheKtJ
chain, north; thence 40 chains wesi: tht-Dt-tl
chains south; tbenee 4'jcbnlns east t�� i-Uni
beglnnl* g-
Hated the itnd day ol Bepteinla*r,lW.
ft. HILL,
B. M. Kiebvks, Ageni.
Hlxty days afler date I DUTpoee inakiiK iff*
cation to tlie Honorable thc cht< f	
of I .*-..! ��� and Works [or permission
lhe following de.erili-'d laud, i oi
a post marked "H. I"s H. VV. eorne
K  Faiiijiilc-rV application to pnrt Imst. runtuj
thenee eo chains northi thence se
thenee nj chains etrqtbl tlience BO 	
to the point tif commencement, containlM"
acres, more or leas.
Haled Die llth day of Augusl, t.s
I'er F. (i. KAi-yriKH, Agll
Nolle, is herehy given that go darn *lw_
Inteml to apply to the Honorable thcChiiM*
miaaionerol Unds ami Works to pun*iiw*
following t!esrril��*��llaii'Is.8_0 acres, mortOfM
eoinmeiielllg al h tiost plautetl on lt:e wwt ����
pl I'oiht Arrow lake at a polnl nh'Hit: mllttlj
]owS'ak.-.p,��i.dijiarkWl-_A. B. H.. N i: ;���*
post; theuce wi chains west; ihemc-H'rU"
south; thenee rt) chains easl. nmn -*r !������' i";"
sbon*; theme along lake sh'ire to pel nl nf*
DatedthlsOthdaTOfBebt.lOOB, Q.A.B.Hg|
Notice Isllereby given lhal slxl\ llsyi
llntend to apply td the Hon ChlefCoi
of Lends nnd Worka fur permission to
lhe following described funds.'tar' ui
plautetl on   lbe North West crier..I
tbence  runiiiiig   twenty  ehalu-  BoiltlL, -
twenty cbalm West, thence lorn th-on*-^���
thei twenty ehalns Bast, ihcncciHentjii'*"
Bouth to poini of commencementi snd c-'ii*^
ing ho acre, inon or less.
PlomhcbBi* ���������
\\  ,1  Toil, All*
Ihtled lhe 1st .lay of Octolar. 1806.
h'xiy tbiys afterdete)porposemskli
cation to the Hon, chief Commission.-!
and Works for ]h<mii|h-,Iou  to pnrelissi
lowing described land:   Com me >���
placed al the touthwest eoruer ol ^i ��'
pllcaMou to run in,-.. murked "1   I *
ner," running thenoe HO chains mui'>���''
chains w.-st; thence Ht) chains nulb; tu-
chains east lo point of cnmmcnieincul, "'m**
lug .'ISI acres more or less.
Dated the loth -lay of October. 1MB.        .-
per b.'siiiiu
Inieml ti apply 'to"thei Honorshle tbi *3j|
CommlMloner of Ijuj.Is und Work- M I"/",.
BlOd to purchuso the following d-at-rlbefl i��""
ln the West Kootenaydlitrict:   ��t( L'""
Noilce is hereby given lhat nod
|H.st maikel "JUeanor Hlr��ch';
ami phini.d on the we<t shoreof i
Whalshiin (Cnrlboo) Inke, ahout ot
mile, south of Arrow luketnul; ti""*; -,    ,
ehnllis; thence east 10 chains mon "'  ",   ,,id
Shore of the Narrows; thence foil"" i"�� ���",,�����
ahore In a general southerly ami *e-tc'i!
Hon Wi chains more or less to polnl nl ������"'���-������"-"
ment, containing IM tores moro or ������"������,_,,i
Dated Oct. mil, looo, tttutot. iu**��
b". h. lltMMUHV. Ageni   t
Noltcel.'. lii-reb v given thllt si.XI.���')��>>'"l,t,���'.U*
I IntBIld to apply fothe Hon Chi
er of Landsand   Works for nerml--i"" "'-t^
chase the following deserlhed lumls inih ^
Kootenay district i   Beginning ai a i"'"1 ���"[*
"VV.Hicoinhe'sH   K   comer." ami pl"'"'""%
easl   shore   of   Wlntlshan (''uill J'tfAJH
two miles north of the narrows nl "M*',f,i
lake; thenoe north WI ehulns; I-"'1" hu,*
ehulns, morn or less, to the hike *-���>""' ,.r|f
following the said shore lu n gciicm!��"' ' ,���
and eaat.rly direction uii chains.'""" , .'��� i*.
lhe point of eoniineiicemeni; conta"'lu"
neres, moreor less,
Dated this flthday of 0(it., looe,     mvU*t.
F. L. Uauuoxo, A��cid
JT7 HE hall-mark of a good
j      coat   is   its   concave
shoulders.       ""~~~~
All "hand-me-down"
clothing, and all cheap tailoring, has the typical sloping
shoulder, and bulging collar
on left lapel. '
Ik-cause, it takes skill, and
patient needlework, to mould
these parts into the high-
grade expression that only
high priced tailors give it.
You'll find that expression fl
permanently fixed in "Semi- fj
Ready," aud you can try-on
the suit before you order it.
Finished according to your
own ideas, and delivered the
day you select it.
Semi -ready Wardrobe, J. A. Gilker, Nelson, B. C.
I- ftei    :���-.*.<��� I ptirpo-e making appll-
ii  M,|, (' oinmissioncr of Unds
iWtirfci       i' rmtaston  tn purehaae the   fol-
l-���. : landi    Commeuctiy at a post
I no. nt ilu MtiMhweat corner of J. Bhtetl's ap-
;  ,-���. marked ' R. K's H. K. cornet -vi chains north, theuce HO
-��� ciiHius aouth, thi-nce m
i  intol commencement,contain-
lr ��� oi tees.
I thda) uf October, 1900.
It. Hhiki.i..
pW J. MiiIBl.l., Agenl.
'late i purpoae miking appit-
lion Cbh. Commissioner ol Linda
rmiMlon tt> punu__.ee ihe toi-
'il-      CoitirnencttiL'at a (nisi
v.ntMUl   the   le.rlJo-ast lornernl It  flib-ICa
hai , marked "M. k w*h.v..
it   lheni. an chains north to llie
ol   I   I. MO,  ihence HO chtlns
w chaini wuth, thenoe no chaiua
 lencement, containing t>4o
(vi. Bore nr lesi
i   da) of Ootober, 1908.
M   K. (.hrNrrli.i.,
P-r J Mi,*,,     Agent-
h\u���-!��*.. *,<*.    lit. I puriaise making appl)
If -ii  tt...  Chlel 1 -'iiiuil-rtliiner of
n'Uaut] .v- rL- for |>ennlasion to purchase tbe
-i*l   land:    Commencing at a
ul the junction of  Harm-n and
  snd .*ast of It. J. Klliotl's ap
in [  marked "W. N  Ft, H W.
thenoe80chains norlh; thenee
���   *��� -v.. balni south: thence ho
,  int oi eommeneement; contain-
on "r l.--s.
la] ol n. tober, IKS.
W. N. P.KU.K,
I'er J. Hhiki.i., Agent.
S Isu] purpoae uinking appli-
'    '���   lb"  ( hief Commissioner of
- - for permlulon to purchaie the
��� ��� !"i lands:    Conirneueing at a
������������ **o ut beast corner o( M. K. Oren-
��� n'l'.ii to purchase, marked ���_). D'l,
inulii| thence 80 ehalna north;
nee Ml chtlns east; thenee HO
im* >vi chains vest, to point ol
contalnlni Wu acres, more or
1    laj of October, UM,
I> Dood
I'er J. Shlell, Agent.
given that Ml davs afterdate 1
���fl'iuiinakeappiioritiou lothe Honorable the
"net ,.i l.andiHud Works for per-
"',|! '   i     '  iho following deeonbed
'; ,   ' Ing at a post on the north
t MM and alKiul '-'chains eaat of
���tilling hichalnaeasl; tlience
I" chains west; thence to
[aifni nt oommenoement. eon-
"-'   Dl iBSBs
wadOctobsi IH.llsKtf.
��� I,r on Wat-win,
 hr M* agent, EJUfBei W. Ki.hij-w-.j-i.
'JJ dari aftei .ale I purpose mas ing appli-
' ' Inef Commissioner o_ Unda
fcn. h     '*'f lTnn,M  1" I'tifbase the fol-
laud : Coruiiit-iiellig at a post
��_._!���_ '"" ���'"���"���'��� **���*������* "I Hi*1 Whatshan
""Hand aboul iwo miles aouth  of What
��� "i   B.i  ssn h oorner poit,"
"   ehalns   south;    theuee  Ml
nee BOcbalns north)  thence so
bled i
seluth da
r U\..
nl October, 1008,
I) C. Nkinnbh,
I'er It. Kliiitl.l., Agent
"*.*     I    M
���I-, till
kitmui .i
Vile-, I
late I Iniend to apply to the
' < ommlssloner oi uandi ami
> 1'iircliase iwi aerea of land,
i aide of Arrow lake. a.IJ..tiling
t'l'ia- follows:  Commenelni
���ii iho west boundary tn i-oi
i* imtili of iheH. V.. corner ol
��i -mi chains, thenoe south 00
:������;������"��� ��a��l  W chnins to the western
"y '��'    r' ���''>[  N.��-:t7K, thence muth
,'" l,l,","N"<Uiiiing.
'���"*' ,M   K. Wai.i.kv.
It i. Ku.loTT, Agenl.
|;,'ti',1'; ll"*-'l'J Riven   thai   slaw days after
inmiJL    .    ".* J hi ihe Honorable Chief
DtnpS    \\*nA ������������� w?r** rbrpermls-
 ���! I!,  .;';;'"���" '"Howinit doscHbed Ionia:
'������' i"-i placed tin tbenorthw hi
'   ' "���"It'sappllcaUun lonurchase,
 "   oaal ab'tig tio?   northern
 ���   'Ion.*,,   sn  chalna   imrth;
i ,h| ,    ����� *w��i ihouoesooneinssouihito
-orivai, "'"'"���"���'"������"ni. oontainlng040aoros,
'*l*10et   IS   I'm
** lll����_enl.ERj��ttTW aoBiiteoN.
I ,... ,     . -  *
il|l'I||l"tMi,t,iV',...h'Ml H'HKWdiiya afler dale
Uii,1*hi.   ' \  :llll"ll,"l-,,l'i"r<'"niniiHsioner
'""'���ttltiii i,' , '"'' l"'n��iH��toii to purchase
.������,, ��b: leii rlbed lands in West kootenay
"i !h   T;"'����� ������ ",1'uki marked,"Borrf.
 I-.. n��-nal r,u'r'. V1"1 Panted on the
*,. ii,,,,,,,,;1 "-^vsof Whatshan (Curib.a.)
'in ���. ��� ' ���"" m chalu-.;   thl-1    west III
.'""'lice (..How.',,10  "!. Hll"n' nf  Whalshan
llhcrI) and      if o"1'1 f'10" '" �� gooeral
'cm, u, ,. ������ ",'   ly '���""oifon 130 chains nmre
,"" ��� iieui ,,,��� ..'"""neneemeut; eoutalning
"m����Ulll��y0| Ooi, m
H-HN-IIAIII,  Hiss., is,
I'. I.. HiHHONO, Aus-lit
l>ls,|,v. "	
Eli' ""' "ism ;''i',i,'! V"r|"""' ""Mui ujspli.n-
l   """'s-s i",,    ''"' l����lon��r_n*n-i
���   J ,.,|    |'|'   "'"'"'""���'���'���ISIIMI- llll- I.SIISIW-
T",1'1'" His- iis.-i.,,,',   ,  """ "'I"��-  al   ,i  |ss,ssl
l;""i 'ss,   I,;    ""!"r "' "   I'ss'lsl'B HI,-
I ' !"��<."",,,Sffi """k"i "B ir.ffiaw,
������!::'" **" ��� I'-.ir,-.   ,":, l"'1"''' ��>'���Iinlli, n.srl Is;
I "* ''iin.n, w!:,' "'"'���'��� tn ishHiiisi nuth!
.���i,.'i",'['"llll"si'in,, ," """" "', ''"iiimi-nc.-
f h*'#u_^ijr
,u    1,'L W   Hannimitoh,
ihtK.biiibu, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given mat 00 day* afler dale I
intend toappiy to the llouorable the Chief C,*.m*-
mlaslonerof Umls and Works for permission to
purcha*.c the loll..wing deserlbed lands jn the
West Kootenay district: Beginning at a post
marked "Alexander eraser's N. W. corner," and
muted   on   tha  east   Ihore  of  the narrows of
Whatahan (Cariboo, lake, at the B. K. eorner of
B.rnhard Hlrsebs application to purchase;
theuce east �� chains; thence south m ehains;
lh"tice west-lo chains, more or Ws, to the shore
of the narrows; thenee following tne said shore
In a northerly direction hii chains, moreor less
tothe point of eoiiiiiKnceiiient, containing 830
acres, moreor less,
Oct, llth, 1108. AI.KXANHKB Fkaskr,
by V h. Hammono, Agenl.
BUty ilavs aftei dato I purpose making application lo the Hon. Chief CominlMiloner Of Umls
nml Worki for |�� rmi��.|,,n U) purchase the following deeerlbed lands: Commendng ai the
northeast corner of C. I.. Ilauningtoii's application to purchase, marked "K. A, C's R K. corner."
luuufug theuce ao chains north, thence so chains
west, thenee Ho chaius Huilb. thence BO chains
eaat to polnl o( commencement, Containing 640
acres, more or leas.
Dated the Uth day of October, 1906.
 per J Shibu, Agent.
Notn-e is hereby given that 80 days alter date i
Intend tO make application Io the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works for permission to purchase the following deeeHbed
lands: Comnteming at a jaist placetl al>out one
mile east <d Whatsuaii creek and about thr-'
miles south of Whatshan iake. running 80 chains
���south; thenee HO chains west; thenee 80 chains
nortii; theuce HO chains east, to polntof commencement, containing 810 acres more or less.
) ated October bt, 1808,
By his agent. Krveht Vi, KoBINson
Kitty days afler date I purpose making application to  the  Hon. the chief Commissioner "'
Landsand Works foi permission to purchase the
following duaerlt.d land: Commencing at a
post placed about hair a mile west of Panic***
ereek, ami about one mile north of lbe mouth of
the sama, marked "J. - - H W. corner," running
ihence HO chains norih; thenee Si ehalns east;
the nee HO chains south to the north boundary of
Vi. N. Poole's application to purehase; thenee HO
chains west to point of eommeneement; containing 0*10 acres more or less.
Iin ted the 13th dav of October, 1906.
Slsty dan after date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissi?ner Ol Land*
and Works for permission to purchase the following described lamls: Commencing at a post
niaeettalmnl half a mile wesl of the lower end of
Whalshan lake, marked "V. D_.il. W .corner,"
ruunlug thenee HO chains south; thence HO chains
cast; thenee-vi chillis north; them-e HO chains
west to point of commencement, containing 0)0
acres, more or less
Dated the l'.th day of October, 190tf.
V. Doon,
Per J.fiittBix, Agent.
Sixty days after ilale I purpose making application to the Hon Chief Commissioner of Unds
nmI Wo fc- f.,r permissi..!] to purchase the following deaeribed lamls: ��� ommenclng at the
northwest corner of K. A. Create's application to
pnrehaae, marked "W. (j. (i's. H W. eorner."
running Ihenee HO ehains north; thenco HO
chains easl; thence HO chains aouth: thenee HO
chains west to point of eommeneement, containing 0M acres, more or less,
Dated the Uth day t�� October, ift*.
Vi, (l.lill.LBTT,
Per J. SlilKj.L, Agent.
Klxly days after date l purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds
ami Works Ior MrmlislOO Ui purchase lhe following dcscribe.1 lamls: Commeneing at thc
northwest eorner of V. Imdd's application to
purchase, marked "M. t*"'a B, W. corner," running
them-e Bo chains north; thenee ho chains, mor.*
or less, Ui the west shore of Whatshan lake, followlni: U BOCbalm BOUthi   theuce 80 chains,
moreor less, east to thc point Of com incitement,
containing 6-tOHfi's, more or less.
Haled the l_Ul day of dctohcr, IW��.
M. KAtgriKR.
per J. hhiki.i.. Agent,
Certificate of Improvements
"Bfrrtlff" mi'l "Qloba" mnss-rrti oltlmi, "iiimH-
III I'rs.sil l.sikisMluliill IMvlnlssil.
1^1,'sitviii.n Poplarcrtok.
l-��.li-  N.slli-s-  llissl  I.  Brilii'  Willis-. IU-UIIB
Is.r lln- S|ijr��l������ Mllsllil," is, Krs-
MllllliK' is.,
lisls'iiil. fil''I
iiSSi'll'   ,..,   ��� "���      , ��� i
l.rllll.'ssls- So ll W-��. Iiiiii,"!��� Kftfl ,71 ., ,
.SU) Issts-ssI, ls.si|.|slv li. Ills' MllllllB Rs.s'isr.lsT llir
,, ConlflOtft .sl hislsiMvi'iiss'lll. 1st Ihi' P"T��" "'
silllllllsllSU II CtOWO ISrs.111 sif lilt' lllssiS'C S-IHIIIISI.
Ai'si ismiisst Ea. .....i.'.' i1"!1,"!'"""!,1,1:""
B,'.li.sii :s7, muni I "inii1' ' l"'f"is'l"s ls"s'i-
���,���-,- ,.r .sssls Csrlinoss I lisi|ir.svs'iiii'iil��.
Illlt.'.l i III O.I..,��jr. IHI*. IIBI'S >: Wihtk.
Certificate of Improvem��nts
..v   IS..,.   SSln   ', "   "V'.'V.'V "   "Mss|s|ss    Ms'sllSIIII,"
��    U? s.l'.lml" ��li I ***. '�� l-'iss.'.ls.iml" .nl"-
e��loffi'u"i"i���.!.*.o M..,;,,.,n.)Mi,,l,.��
blvlil i Wnt ICoot��ii��y dlitrlot.
Whom loo��todi_NortU otlwolvol otwk,
ulsnlll Iw.s Illlll'SI HP. ,.���..
T��.cii,.il.'.'in��i 1, H, "'"""'l-m,iflmni
Intend, sixty ill���'*���"""'"',,ttl  ''���'
U�� lho
(Irantol aaiti mineral
And further take  ���>
tk'ction :n, must bo cm
aneeof such Ceil I ttileof lmi,r"      .
*_:��i!*-tU.ro<*-i"< _:_%���,
S.Votv, free ji����-   " ��� ���   ��� **. ,     , |.(H1II1 v
JS,?h-pu*S_"U. ����Oro����
i]ial  action,  DO -er
���.,..! before the biu***
men tii
The Daily Canadian
Memben  of the   Royal   Famly  Grace
Nuptial  Occasion.
Loudon, Nov. 3.���Mis. May Caven-
diBh lieiuhick, _auB-ter of MrB. Qeorge
Cavuiidish Hcntlnck, was married to
John .'ord, first secretary of the British legallon at Copenhageu, In the
Cliapel itoyul today. The semi-public
marriage attracted great popular interest, attended as It was by members
of the royal lauilly uud a host of other
BotabiM. The bride wore a white batln
driss lu empire slyle, with full court
train. Among her bridesmaids were
lhe Misses Mills tlludys Vanderbilt and
Jean Held, lt ls said tbe wedding
InescutB represent au outlay of fully
a quarter of a million dollars.
The bride ls very pretty, ciever, well
educated, and a particularly charming
type of tbe Anglo-American girl. She
is a niece ot Mrs. Ogden Mills of New
York, who Is a twin sister of her
mother, Her father is head of the collateral brauch of the ducal house of
Portland. John Ford, tbe bridegroom,
Is a son the late Sir l'*ranc!s Clare
Kord, who died While llrilish ambassador at Borne,
The Dress Coat Suitable for Any and
Every   Occasion.
No costume thut Is ut present in general use b) men presents more advantages than the Crook coal. It shows
off a good figure lu advantage, while
coueeuling the defects of a psjor oue.
I'ccausc tbey make 100 frock coats
every week, the Semi-ready frock coat
is better made than any custom tailor
making lu iu a season can jKjssibly
make one. For $25 oue cau cau buy a
Semi-ready frock coat, vest and trousers, made iu fine black cheviots. Silk
linings uud facings make the suit cost
a little more. Dress suits aud Tuxedo
jackets made by tfte Semi-ready Company are equally good aud reasonable
iu price.
J. A. Gilker, tho pioneer merchant
ot Nelson, has secured the agency for
th.- incomparable Semi-ready tailoring,
In the Labor World.
Tile' general executive board of the
H'sisi aud Shoe Workers' International
Uniou has declared the recent referendum election illegal, and ordered a new
one held at once.
Accordlug to the Labor Gazette, published in Ottawa, the labor outlook ln
the Dominion never was brighter.
The American Federation of Musicians claims to huve been the first labor
organization in the United States to
advocate tbe municipal ownership of
public utilities.
Recently published census figures
show that every fifth child between
the ages of ten and fifteen iu tho
United States Ib a bread winner.
Two Years of Panama Republic.
Panama. Nov. 3.���Celebrations were
begun today in honor of the second anniversary of thc Republic of Panama's
Independence. President Amador held
a reception at the palace and special
festivities were given in Panama. Colon
and elsewhere.
A, McDonald &Co.
Dealers in staple nud fancy Groceries.
Bnttw, Kg(fs.
Gamp and Miners' Supplies.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Kelson
nnd its suburbs Phone 148.
Nntice In liereby given Mini SO tlayit nfler date I
Inteliil tciH|ipl) tn the Hon. tlie (hUT CdIiiiiiIh
ulimer nf I-hiiiIm and .V-irkd.orn mm-c'iiI lieonvu
to eul mnl oarry ���*��� uy timber from ihu r-.ii.nvii...
dcsorlbed lendi: i-ommein .ng ai a poel marked
"T. J. .He-Hi.air*siiuioeaHtcorner," planted uboui
live ei ll<-- up 1-f.nntui ereek. wli Mi t-ni plies ul t
one iiiiii' weetol Nelnon; llienee hth I .ii ehnhiN,
ihenee nnrlh 100 chain---1; Ihenee sail 40 ch-ilim;
Ihenee smith UO CifiMUl to point pfcomm.nc*-
ment. _,,  t ,
Diiteil Oet 80. 1M8, T. J. BOAKUM,
W, j. m.-Kimm, Agent.
Thirty daji afler date I Intend to apply tothe
Hon  Chief t.'iniiiisi Inner <>(  l.nii'1**  ami   Worku
mraflpeclel lloeiiee lo cot and carrx awuy tim-
lier from Ihe following ���IcmtIIhiI lind: Com-
inenelng at a pe��t marked "(leorge M. (lunn _
gpnlheeet oorner," planted about three mitei up
OromaU ereek, whhh t*ini>iioi about one mile
went of Nelion] thenee went W ehatns; tbenee
north ifitieiiaiti*-: tbenee rant Oi ebiius; theuee
aonth IHOehaln-i l<> tiolnt ( eommuncemeiit.
Dated Oet   .'KI, I'.MNl. IlKiKHK M. (ItINN,
W.J, .Mt-Ki.-.-, Agunt.
Where and How the People Will Worship Tomorrow.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow ln Lhe churches of Mel
Church of England���St. Savlour'B,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; twenty-
first Sunday after Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. dl; morning prayer and
holy communion, 11 a. m.; children's
.service, 2:30 p. in.; evensong, 7:30 p.
to.    Hev. F. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and MID
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high ma.- a,
J0:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p, m
ttev. Father Allboff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p, in ; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. in. Hev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. in,; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
ing service, 7:30 p. ni.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. iu. Rev. E. II. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Axmy���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.: %
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meetiog at S p. m.
The Mikado's Birthday.
Tokyo, Nov. 3.���All Japan was en
fete today in celebration of the birthday of the Mikado, who was born Nov.
3, 1852. Tht- emperor, accompanied by
a bri'Iiam suite, attended a mammoth
review of troops and was enthusiastic
ally acclaimed by the populace.
Thirty second  Anneal Convention
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 16-19. 1906
Kiiuinl trip ratea to Rt. Loiita
nnd Chicago on Kale October
13th tu Uth.
Kt. Louis $oO,00
Chicago  64.00
-Going trHiiMt limit ten d��ya
from date uf Sale. Final return
limit November autb, isos.
Round Trip Rites to Southern
In effect October 35tti, 190_, od
Bale daily, limited to 3 moiitha
from date of sale.
oh Angeles mi'l Santa flarbara.   $85,60
Pendent __./o
Santa Monica  St.30
Klversfde and San Barnaraino...   39.10
Bedlanda.  49.70
Fur l*"iii���(her Information Apply to
city PnHHeliger Agent.
A ll. 1*. A., Scuttle.
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Dally.
TORONTO, Wed., Frl., Sun.
MONTRKSAL. Tue��� Thill*.,  Mon.
HOSTON,   Salurdiiy.
Weit from Revelstoke
Dally Standard Sleeper
For licrllm,  rates or detailed  Information a|i|ily to local agents or write
A.U.I'."..,Valii!ouv.r. D.P.A., N.liou.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a daj house in the Kootenayt.
Rooms are well furnished.   Table as good u ��ny
in Neliou.    Bar supplied with good
llaunra and claert.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kuropc.D _Dd Am->rlc-Q Plu
MMla M Mt,   Boom, trom A cU. to 11
Only wiili* u.ip Umploytd.
ttktr Bl., Neliou Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House In Nelson.
Thi, il-r la the nneal,
Wblte Help Only Kmplojesl.
Joeepblne Ht.
The Big Schooner Dy��/_��� f A-
Or-'H_ll.nlHill"   D.C1    1 UCe
Tbe only Gluss of Good Boer in Nelson.
Hotel iss-s-issisiiisislisi issis. wscotiil lo uone In Brlt-
ss-ls ''..lisiiil,lis K.il.-- ��l is*. i__-r,|uy. HpeclMl rele,
to isi'iiillsl s i,iiiis,I,i . I sssly In,ssss. hotel lo Nelaon
Lake View Hotel
Corntr Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rat��a $1 00 per day and np,
Tel_phone 118. NE*LtSON*   ��0.   C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally I^>at-d. Open Day and Nifbt.
���Sample and Bath Roomi Free.
Opposite Court Hotise and Post Office.
Corner Ward! and Vernon Streets.
Tfc Stfathcona
Nelion, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
B��ker Btroet, Nelion. B. 0,
Lighted by Klectrioity and
Bested by Hot Air
lar." and Comlortable Bedrooma end Plrat-
clss" I'siiluf Boon. Sample Booma for Commer-
eu s 11 ssn.
MBS. K. C. CLABKB, Proprlelreu
The well known
Onr Beer Harden is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and 11.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Wliolenalu and Retail Dealera In
Fresh and Salted Nats
OumpH Hiipplicii on Hhortt'Hl. notice nud
lowoHt prico. Notliinj* but fresh nnd
wholoflouie luoats nud Hopplua kept in btot^k
Mnil onlfi-H reoeivo careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Maoager.
W.   O.   CIIL..L.ETT
Contrtautor and
Sole iiK-iit [ar tlii? Torto lllt-u l.iiinl,.i Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. IIoiikIi mid ilri'-Nuil lumber, ttiriietl
work and LrackelH, CoaHt lath ami ��hlnt;l.>M, chhIi
ami iliniTH. Cement, brick ami lime for aale,
AiitmiiHtli* Krimli-r.
Yaril ami factory: Vernnn Ht.. eaat of Hall,
P. O. Hon VB, Telephone 178.
West Transfer G>.
General Tenuisters and Dealers in
Goal and Woo-1.   Express and
Bskksko Transfer
WStSTiS Office: Baker St.
For Sale....
J^oST^rSLA Modern Residence
and patt of three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. <& mTbird.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About .00 Fruit Beating Trees: also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings, Hay Sbed, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nlee
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply  to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrea
Choicest Frott Lands la
British Cofombi*.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi* Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
- $2*75
- 9l-2c
McDermict & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
busch...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON       ���0,*A__J,Jr.._]^r,t,"h    VICTORIA
P. Burns <& Co.
Branch Murk.its iu  Kowuand,  Trail,  Neliou, Kaslo,  Sandou, Three Forks, New
Denver and Slocan Oily.
Orders hy mall lo any branch will bate
our prompt aad ��*n r-*fn] attenilon.
He%d Office: Nelson, B. C.
Nsstliss la Is.Ts-lsy  Iflvs-li  Hint   llsss pmrtnerglsl|>
Iss-ri'lssfssrl- ssiiIjnIhIisih bsjlwe.sn ua, thc tlllilfMlKn-
eil, hv hotel keept-ra In thc l-swis uf Ktif.lt. Hrltlssh
I'sslssssslilH, litis tlilss'l-y lstseissllssNsilsi.il l.v siisstiml
IlKlesI llslss Till, ,lssy of Octolwr, inon.
JAM KS 0. Moll BA UK,
WHH.'-ss:   Alex. Btesuart, Phlll|s I*. MiKlallnm
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wut to buy or mil anything,
go to tbe Old Curiosity Sbop. A new
line of Jnpaneso Goods now on sale. All
klnda of Dlonerware In mock. Prt-
Potter & Cummings
________ The Daily Canadian
A ��/> f\((o*>ina  Better Value thau ever, with
i_l6  Ullvririg  a great variety of designs in
Cut Glass, China and
not too early to buy for Christmas, and we can help you out in
your selections.
******** *******************
* J
I New Season's Pack!
Bell Trading
��� Company
I *
Coal and
Telephone 265
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch.
Creosote, Oils ior
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builiii-rs will linsl il tss (belt advantage to dm onr Pitok
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
l lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box-   30c
These good* aro us line u thfl more ex-pent.ve
kinds, tin.* only -lifferem*. i* the package.
Phone SB. Baker St.
Nest P. Burns & Co.
Thorpe's Lithia |
Thorpe & Co'y,
Cor. Varnoss usssl Word  Streets,
.Nl_L.SO.-S*.   li. O.
J. FKED HOME, Proprietor,
C. C. Snowdou. Calgary; J. F. Bar
narsl. Minneapolis; A. J. Benton, J. J.
Thoopson, W. A. Allen, A. J. Botes,
W. B. Rop, Vanoouver; A. Lucas, S.
II. Green. J. Smith, Kaslo; D St Den
is. Slocan; A. . Astlcy, A. Astley. Xew
Denver: A. Burnett, Montreal; D. R.
Whitehead, E. J. Wills, Toronto; 11. P,
Bayk-y, Chicago.
G. 0. Buchanan. Kaslo: P. W. C
Lawles, Vancouver; Col. Davison, M,
Tlioniei, .Midway; II. P. linker, London; A. G. Main, Toronto; Miss Hazard, Denver; Miss Erickson, Winnipeg; 11. C. Athelston-Cornish. Trail;
Mrs. A. Rnnd, Miss H. Rand, West
T. 1). Woodcock. Slocan:  A. N. Win-
law, Wlnlaw;    W.  II.    Covert,  Grand
]���". Cun is, Winnipeg:    S. H.    Jones,
Portag els Pra|rle;    ii. Crawford,   a,
Peck, J. Murray, Carlisle.
li. Kenny, Kitchener.
J. Jackson. Fife; J. Van Hooke, Ore-
hill; J. Tumbull, J. T. Gregg, W. Barlow, J. Brooke. W. II.    Summer   and
wife, J.  Malani. G. Malum,  II. .Malum,
F. Harrison and wife. C. Harrison anil
wife, D. Muneh, J. Brown, P. Jack, C.
Taylor, Winnipeg; R. Beaton, Salmo;
M. Ramsay, Detroit; .1. W. Brown,
Nevis; Mrs. M. Sclilager, Cowley; R.
J. Moffatt, Kaslo.
J. Shoni,  A.  Humphreys,  Ymir;   ll.
A.  Bell,  R.  0,  Belle .Erie.
J. Jaokson, Winnipeg; J. Winsor, W.
Sniith, oak Point; A. Jones, Brandon;
J. B. Davis,  Enterprise;   A.  Hoiiinson,
Ymir; J. Bell, Oastlegar,
L. Hendreson, W. C. Harrison, Cran-
Isrook:  11. Hamilton, Granite; A. Mac-
Bean, s. S. Kokanee;  li.  Williams, R.
Weekly. C.  Clemo,  Duluth;   J.  F.  and
G. C. Bowman. Ilbeita; A. Rolseguine,
Creston: .1. R. Cookson, Spokane;
James Says-rs, New Denver; W. Laurie,
Casile Mountain; Eli Buckley, Salmo;
W. D. Ingomar, Fernie.
G.  Wiilkins. .1.  It.  .Marshall, La Ap-
|ss-lle;  A. RobogllattI, Moyie; 0. .1. Cot-
Ion. Grand Forks: a. Young, Qerrard;
Thomas Davis, .wison; Gladys Brown,
Pearl Givy, Vnncssiivei ;  S. P. and C. A.
Cawley, Chilliwack.
best.     Try .i pound with
your next order.
Money  refunded if  not  satisfactory.
). k. IRVING & CO.
Telephone If.!.
We're particular to have only pipes
that we can guarantee���QBD, BBB, je
���made from the finest French briar.
curved or straight stems, amber or vulcanite mouthpieces. All sizes: $1.00
Tobacconist.   Baker Strut.
Again there were no cases at tho
city iwlice court  this morning.
For the Jast evening or two some
folk have been surprised at hearing
the fire bell ring out shortly before S
p. in. This is the curfew bell ringing,
as Its winter schedule is 7:45 instead
of 8:45.
The meeting of tho Anti-Tuberculo-
sis society did not take place last
night, only three ladies, Mrs. Arthur.
Mrs. McCulluch and Mrs. Storms Smith
arrived, and as ihey were not a quorum no business could be done.
Constable Stewart of Kossland yes
terday brought to Nelson a man nam
ed Adams, a hotelkeeper of Itossland.
who has been committed to gaol for
three months for assaulting a police
P, Burns & Co. have so far found
only nine of the cattle that were turned loose on Hallowe'en. These were
found away up on the hills at the east
of Cottonwood creek, near the snowline.
During the week just ended winter
has come upon us. There has been
some hard frosts aud some heavy rains.
But times are good, the merchants report good business and one of them,
a leading storekeeper, says that the
volume of business not only keeps up
but  has never been better.
The tramway returns for the week
ended October 28 show that 2545 persons were carried against 801*7 for the
corresponding period last year. Thu
receipts for the two periods respectively were $127.75 and $84.20. The aggregate traffic from January 1 to date
is as follows: Passengers carried, 1*906,
108,495; 1.05, 87,44:.; amount received,
$5864.16 and $4752.40.
Communion of the Lord's Supper at
the Baptist church tomorrow morning,
and fellowship of new members. Sermon by Rev. C. Padley. In the evening the pastor will preach on "Tho
Chosen of God,' and Mrs. Shanks will
sing "Dream of Paradise," and the
choir will render "Jubilate Deo," by
Ashfortl. Strangers in the city and all
others are cordially invited.
Last evening Ziuu's Musical Travesty company gave "The Telephone Kx-
change," a piece of no dramatic merit
at all but which serves as a means of
introducing many well executed dances
and some comedy acting. Whatever
merits or demerits this company may
have, its members are always well costumed and the use made of lights is
clever and effective. This afternoon
there is a matinee and this evening
the "Sultan of Morocco" will be performed, at which by special request
Miss .lost. Brown Will repeat her clever Highland fling and sword dance,
which were so much applauded the other night.
At the Methodist church tomorrow
morning there will be the monthly
children's service, when Rev. R. Newton Powell will give a blackboard talk
to the children on the subject, "About
Birthdays."    The subject of the even-
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
wo an* reducing tlie price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering it you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
BOOHS,   Box J , Dally i.'anslisllau sslll���
Klu.mi.   llou-1 Iltimc.
.VI MKN. ol ssIliT, Issi work 111 tho wssssslis. Amily
lo VV. K. Cooke, uwmlll. Knslo,
l.AIIV STKSDHHAl'HKK lor r-ralllsm 111 i-iiimlrv.
UOO- lissms.- wills employer'* fismtly. Apply
ossx W��� ("Hnss'llssu offlos.
B06BMKK. Mill Ba_dl__dLo��lngCoittract~!*,
Hlsso Engineer WMtsslssiru Lumber I'o., near
israiitsrooli, 0. IS
COMPETENT   NTRKS   GIKL.    Five   children.
Apply Ixix r,18.
Apply Ilil. Ncclanda.
Good Tea
If you want a cup of
real good tea try our
T&B Blend
at 50c per pound.
Our 35c blend is tlie best ou
the market for the mouey.
C* A* .Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sti).
Here Are
Two Snaps
A Parlor Billiard Board
tt��&i_V__ g'0-00
A Large One
8 ft sli ft          $20.00
Worth |45.00) tor ���	
These Boards are gooil value at the
original prices, but tliey are loo expensive to sell, and we have put these
reduced prices, which urs- away below
cosl, on them, to sell them. In all lhe
range of parlor games there is nothing
to equal these Milliard Hoards. They
are as well made as a regular Miliars!
table, and you can play practically as
good a game on ihem.
Thc more you  play  It the  more It
fascinates you.
W. G. Thomson
_$____* ""' Nelson, B. C.
Phone 34*
Sherman's Opera House
Zinn's Merry Musical Travesty Co.
and Famous Dancing Girls.
The greatest girl slum ymi ever saw.
Prtctt 50c. 760, fl.OO. Matinee tf-V hii-1 600.
Sale uow on at Rutherford'it.
ing sermon will be, "The Divine Vision." Tbe sacrament of the Lord's
Supper will be administered at the
close or tbe evening service.
The officials and workers of lbe
Methodist church are busy making
preparations for the church annlver
sary, which is to be held a week tomorrow, Sunday, November 11. Kill)
particulars will  be announced  later.
Trains and Boats.
Crow's Xest boat���Two hours late.
Slocan    and    Boundary    trains���On
Will Be Told at Sea.
New York, Nov. 3.���The manage
ment of the American and Cunard
lines has made arrangements that
their passengers on the I-iiladeplhia
and Tmbria, which lenve New York today shnll receive the result of the flection by Marconi wireless od Tuesday
night from Cape Uaco.
How   About   Your
Guns tind
Ammunition ?
We have Eloy'fl, Kynock's, Winchester, ami OonweU &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's. Wlnoheittt aud
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knivs-s, Wading, Bells,
Coats, Pantv, eto,
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       NelMin, B. C
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug t Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Ymir License District
Notice is hereby given tbat E. E.
McArthur has made application under
the provisions of the "Liquor License
Act, 1900," for a* hotel license for a
building to be known as the Northern
hotel at Salmo, and that a meeting of
the Hoard of License Commissioners
of the Ymir Licence District, will be
held to consider such application, at
the Chief Constable's Office, at Nelson, on Wednesday, the fourteenth day
of November, 1906. at the hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nelson, B, C, ..Oth October, 190G.
American Free Speech.
Seattle, Nov. 3.���For speaking fn
the streets in defiance of the police.
15 Soc'inlist speakers were arrested
last night, lodged in gaol-nnd denied
ball. Among those taken into custody
Were candidates for election to the BU*
preme and superior benches and other officers to b evoted on next Tuesday. Two men were arrested for inter*
ferlng with the police. 	
Talking about it will neither put a
piano into your home nor bring back
the days*���valuable days���your daughter Is wasting. IjoX us tell you how
easy we will make it for you NOW to
give your family tbe piano they have
wished for so long.
"Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Swell Modern 6-Room Cottage for Sale
Close to centre of city, all modern
conveniences, one of the finest properties iu Nelson,
A new range of these good just to hand.    The very low
prices will interest you.
Telephone 333.
Starkey & Co., Bftgc
Wholetuiiu Provlalon-i,
Produce, - fruit.
Dominion Uovi-rniiicnt (tronniory OnnPouml liriokn reoeived weekly fn��h
from thu chum.   For khIo by all 1< niliisj.- Ki-ocorw.
Ofltoaand warehouse: Hotuton Blook,   Phono 7!i.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
BheetmeW Work, (Jastinuis, Hnilders' Mnt.-i.nl nml Mining nml Mill ItaeUan
Offlc-n nnd Works Foo' of Park St.
I'hDMO     JIM.
Nol-Non,  It. c.
A Word to the Wig
      ���       ��� ���'        ��� ��� '���--" ���'   ' -A
This year Wfl ..five- .ipprwint**.. the want** of OOM
It .n.-rti and havo [i:i.-s>*'l into stock thr
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
���This ttkjtt) Ig adapted f.��r hart! ooal only, ..luiispB-j
nntfoct to pivf Mt_Hfi.-_t.ou.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
R.  W.   HINTON*
Rcpiilrlnir luisl .lobbing %>xe_sut_s_t with I >��M.-s..t��_li.   Shcul Mfftal
Work, Ml.line ��rul Mill .Mn.hliu-rv.      Munulacl urn ~ ol
On Corn,  H. R.   Csssslrnclsiri.'  C��r��.
SonR.dBa.aX       ]*NELSOIN,      B.    C. {���'V,1",..."*
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Import��r of  I'ltitw
l_titfl.itli   OocmJs
Jno. T. Pierre
Baker St.
INelMon, H. C-*
1 Just Arrived!
A large cou?iK��-
meut of
AU Simw nml Lnwi-M I'ririm
j. a. gTlker
MANUFACTURERS   �� 4 c_.<       i ���
AND DEALERS IN   l^iSitiDkltf   _>___ngleS-/
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Bracketn. Mail Onlnni prumptlv nil"
  VKRNOIN 8TRH1JT   -   .   .   INIIUSOIN. B. C.
. _________
Kootenay Ranges
Why do wo handle the Famoua Kootenay Rang-*7
Because we cannot procure a better, taking i"t0 *
ount dealgn, workmanship, cooking qualities and pri'
We will  be pleased to show you Ita good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co)
Wholsaala NELSON. """


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