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The Daily Canadian Aug 26, 1907

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Array ��Ij��
r3        AUG 30 1907
VOLUMK   2.      No.   71.
lany Pupils Absent on
First Day
FRAU    HAU'S   8T0RV.
Her   Suicide   not   Due   to  Conviction   of
Husband's   Guilt.
irollmtnt Below Last Year's Monthly Average���Three Classes
Under New Teachers.
|Tbe public and limb sehools reopened
\,r tlu-ir long vacation this morning
I u o'clock. As usuul ou such occas*
i a oonslderabl* proportion or the
lillt who will intend were absent. If
(intending pupils were present on the
miiig day the principal*' task ot
isllying and [..milng divisions, uud
i teachers' tatk ol ot organizing: their
kses, would be greatly siiniililied, but
kt (nature uf tie* ease never occurs to
be ol the children and their parents.
I a total enrollment which should
ich at least 45u only 3SU was record*
*!ay fur the two schools.
It the high school IB pupils present-
BhemnlTe*, one for the senior class.
hi (at Int. tin. dint.* und tbe remulnd-
Juniors, 1; ut whom are new  pupils.
Ural division,    1'rluclpal    Kraser's.
1 contain lu pupils, tbe second, Mrs.
Irey a. will contain  UU.
|t the public school .'On pupils  were
ent, many ul  them   beginners.     As
average   monthly    attendance last
was abuui 380, and only- 21  buve
jibe aetiuul by   promotion  and   very
f by removal, lt ls obvious that beeu 30 ud I1' more will be enrolled
Iin the neit fortnight.
task waa further complicated
the fact that the three changes
pis staff that bave occurred since
cloning of the school ln June, nil
It tlie primary depai tinent. I'nder
prcumatance* it will ts? some time
a satisfactory organization can
senior divisions   are   unchanged
[will   be  taught  by   the   following:
tti., A. Sullivan; 2nd Dlv., Miss K.
Ban (quartered in tin* high school
llnsl: 3rd Dlv., Miss E. 8.  IK' Hon;
v.. Miss L, Thomas* 6th Dlv., Miss
Wade;    8th   Dlv.,    Miss    M.   L.
the new teachers, Miss Taylor
Jt-eils Mrs. IVnrcy In charge of the
(division In the central building;
Milligan succeeds Miss Harbor In
F**' of the 7th division, quartered
n- basement or the Baptist church,
IMiss McVlcar succeeds Miss Aber-
Jlili* ln charge of the 10th division,
ll'orarlly-- accommodated In Krater-
Thorn   ]H   nhaent   on   extended
''mil her return Division �� win
charge of  Miss Oliver  as  silbsti
Chances of     Fighting      Between
Cantral American States.
["-liltigii.il,  Anr�����/���Conllleilng re*
'"���"gely     iinollUiul,     conllniie   to
'���'"   "f continued   outbreaks   In
f��l America.    Aeeordlng to reports
"aval  offlcer*,   the   slluatloii   ap-
1 Wtot   nm there is nu underoui
"' instability attributed mainly to
"*��"l attack by Xlcnragiiii mi Sul
^- Willi,, the reports ure discredit
1 'he opinion of those who have
I on ii,,. Krimni, ,B (llllt  |lu,  n,la
IMtween the two countries are still
|lviiilnr l��� smarting under the acllon
" Nloaraguan* In sending* un ex
"" "WlMt It several months ago.,
'tne Monotombo landed at Acajui-
P�� Md more or less damage.  Dlreo
will he given to comniaiiders ol
���MM vessels |��� report prompt li
l���������al happ,.���,���gs and .0 sure-
P American Interests. The cruiser
I" ,,ct' lln" "'�� K'tn boat Yorklown
K Hi'io';!!���r',',"'rl::un wuiun ��n **
���Ue       and ihe DubUQU* Is on (lie
Karlsruhe. Aug. -iii.���The case of pro-
r. ssor Karl Hau, formerly 0r Washington, 1). (;., convicted ol the murder of
his mother-in-law, Krnii Monitor, at
linden linden, Nov. 5th last continues
to  develop    surprising    feature*.    Dr.
Delta, counsel tor the prisoner, has Just
published   11   pamphlet  giving  what   he
terms his moral jiistiiication for appealing tbe ease.
The   lawyer's   representations   made
the   Miloide  ol   Frau   I Inn,   wire   or   the
condemned man, appear in a new light.
Dr. Iit-itz snys he bad lour hours talk
with her May I'llh, when she made
known ber Intention to commit suicide.
Answering his  argument   that  it   would
create the Impression that she regarded Ik r husband as guilty or murdering her mother, Frau llnu said repeat
edly that the motive which prompted
her to take her lite was lhat her husband was in his rlghl mind, and that
without her knowledge he went to London and 11.ideii linden to meet her sister Olga, stating lhat It was not the
question of whether hi* was a murderer
but bis unfaithfulness lo her which Impelled her to commit suicide, which It
also was her duty to do. Frau Hun ad-
d.-d tbat she hud at various times
prayed to Ood to Induce Hull to commit  suicide  with  her.
Cimorra    at    Homeltalian    Government
Resorts to  Strategy to Capture
Head  of 8-ociety.
At  Muldoon**.
t*BY,!',rk*..A"S' ���"���-Secretary Root,
Wlil    ""l-luo'--��   W��l   cure   ran,,,
IdZ I'"; "?��� lH  BteAtaaHnA  llnely
P    ���� '<' Muldoon  who snys he will
Home, Aug. 16,���A batch of arrests
which have recently been made In
Naples Illustrates the strategy that the
Italian authorities have to exercise In
order to combat the C'amorrn and other
criminal organizations. Tbe occurrence
which led up to the arrests took place
as long ago as last June. Il was a
mysterious double murder In Naples.
Investigations showed all the signs of
a t'amorrlst plot, and tt was rortbwltb
determined that au effort should be
made to capture the criminals.
During the lust live months ten members ot the Cnrablnierl. a highly trustworthy,   courageous   and   trained    body
or  men,   have   b 1   living   In   disguise
among tin* known criminals ol Naples.
They took up u Ule or crime, and were
piomlsed immunity tor anything they
might do. short or murdering responsible citizens, so long as they got Into
touch with the edicts or the Camorra.
In accordance wllh the programme,
they started a career or thieving and
highway robbery. Some of them were
arrested. In the prison they met members ot the Camorra and made rrlends
with them. They were Initiated, and
showed themselves so proficient and enthusiastic In the ninluvlta that they
were taken Into the favor of tho chiefs.
Finally, the plans ol the Carablnlerl
were all complete, and 20 arrests were
made, among them persons or fashionable society, and thu grand deputy ruler
ot the Naples Cumorra, a Toledo named
tlenuaro de Marlnls. He was a regular
rr. qui liter ot the Neapolitan theatres,
and drove a magnificent rour-ln-band
fluttering all over with gems, he was
one or the most notable sights on the
t'orso, and wns adored by society
ladles. He ls known In the Honorable
society -the olllclal name ol tho Camorra���as "II Mnndrlere." lie slarl etl
ln life as a cattle drover, driving oxen
to lhe slaughter bouses. Then he be
wm* 11 butcher himself, (letting Into
the Mnlnvlla, he made und saved money
nnd became a sort ot ct Itiiliiul eupililllsl.
Ills    ostensible    pursuit    was    lending
money al usury, but in* was besides
receiver-general or stolen goods for nil
lhe crooks  In  Naples      lie  was In Hit
iiiiL>it ot boasting thai he kept a firm of
Loudon tailor* exclusively employed In
attending to his enormous wardrobe.
Tug Sunk by  Steamer.
Baltimore,      Aug*     2li.���The     UrlllBh
Mourner   llnnisln'ilo, Captain  Davidson.
from l'ort Antonio for Baltimore, lase
lost nlgbl run Into und sank Ihe tug
Gerry, Ciipliiln McCoy or Wilmington,
Delaware, in the ship cuiiui of Sparrows
Point, Maryland,    Five men. members
of the crew or the dredge Standard. In
eluding the captain of the Btandard, are
reported drowned. The tug was In the
river engaged ln lowing mud scows rrom
the dredge Standard.
1 111!
o'oT^X ���"��'!���   'I'   work   "the
lei-   t,"!"1   '"   '���"*�� .1   It
f       '�� two weeks ,,,	
wo weeks more.
Mr. Borden at Mlddleton.
Mlddleton, Aug. 20.���Two thousand
people assembled here today to hear It.
U liorden. while two thousand more
wore unable to obtain admission. It
was therefore decided to adjourn to the
athletic grounds, where the audience ns
sembled wus one or the largest over
seen In Mlddleton. In bis speech Mr.
liorden snld be believed administration
or the intercolonial railway by oommls-
alou would give siillsfucloiy result".
NELSON. B. C, MONDAY* \UGUST 26, 1907.
R. 0. McPberson, M. P.
Not so Vigilant
Had No Word of Protest When Government Passed Japanese Treaty
���Here Gallery Play.
Ottawa. Aug. 26.���Mr. Mcl'herson.
M. P. ror Vancouver, is still firing telegraphic proteBta at Sir Wlltrid Laurier
against Japanese Immigration, when lt
Is too late. Had Mr. McPherBon been as
active last session when the Japanese
treaty bill was before parliament as he
ls today, possibly the Japanese might
not have had the right to come and go
In ra mlda as they now poaaeaB. Under
Ibis treaty, Canadians and Japanese
have exactly the same rights In both
countries, but Mr. McPherBon had not a
word of protest to offer. According to
reports which bave reached the department ot trade and commerce, tbe arrivals of Japanese at Victoria for July
totalled S5H, ot whom 179 were males,
and 11 remales. Of the total arrivals,
1157 were destined tor Victoria and 201
were In transit to the United States.
Other Canadian ports received -18 Japanese Immigrants. The net Influx ol
Japanese Into Brltlah Columbia last
month was, therefore, about seven
hundred, considerably less than some
press desijatches from the weBt seemed
to Indicate. In a telegram received last
week by Sir Wilfrid Laurler from Mr.
McPherson, the latter stated that since
.laim.ny last over 4,i*uo Japanese had
arrived In Hrlllsh Columbia. 233 had arrived last week, and two thousand more
were en route from Honolulu on the
Bteamsblp Indiana. During July 133
Chinese paid the poll tax of $500 ror the
privilege ot entering Canada, thus adding $G6.5(I0 to the Federal revenues. In
addition 44 Chinese nrrl-e<** who were
exempt from the poll tax. being merchants, or returning ufter less than a
year's abBence from Canada.
Ottawa, Aug. 20.���Reports say that
llrltlsh Columbia parties will urge on
the grounds that some of the Japanese
entering that province have broken the
Alien Labor law. because they came
there to work after entering Into a
contract In Japan or Honolulu, be deported to the United States. Consul
Nosse, asked today as to the truth ot
this, said be had no word from the Japanese consul at Victoria, 11. C, and did
not credit the rumor.
American     Battleship     Squadron     Will
Take  Winter Cruiae.
Oyster Bay, Aug. 26.���The Atlantic
haul, ship fleet will start for Ule Pa
cltte next December, according to an
olllclal statement Issued tonight by Sec
relary Loeb at the direction of President Roosevelt.
The statement was mndo following
a conference this afternoon between the
president and representatives of the
navy department.
Tho conference was held to decide
some or the details In connection with
the Beefs going to the PaolBC. The Heel
will consist of sixteen buttleshlps and
wll! start Borne tlmo In December, going
through tho Htrults of Megallnn and and
Io San Francisco, and will probably also
visit Ptigct Sound. The question of the
route by which It will return hus noi
yet been decided. The destroyer flotilla
will leuvo for tho Paclllc about tho same
time, but tho fleet will not accompany
Comptroller Uneasy.
Wachlngton. Aug. 26Tho comtroller or
tho currency today Issued a call for a
statement ns to the condition of national banks at the close of business, August 22.
Got Home Safe.
Now York, Aug. 26.���Tho throe Ar-
menlan Sarkln. lOriiioylaii, John Mournd-
Inn and Paul Sarkaslan. wanted for the
murder of Father K as par Vuitunluii,
hnve beeu located, it Is stated today, lu
Varna, Bulgaria. They escaped from
Ibis country via Mom real und lied to
Marseilles, but eluded the police there
and went to Bulgaria.
WANT8 WITN :SS..c .6.
 7     "r .* *,
John  D.  Rockefeller    Earn.      SI.50  by
Attending   Chicago "Cou-
Chlcago, Aug. 26.���While * ttas; fsovern-
ment has not collected the S2*)-.240,OOO
which Judge Landis imposed as a fine
on tbe Standard Oil company, John D.
Rockefeller has completed arrangements to collect f73.no from Uncle Sam.
The amount Is due him for his appearance as a witness in the proceedings at
the rate f 1.00 a day as witness fee and
f72.40 as mileage at the rate of 10 cents
per mile for the 724 miles traversed In
reaching the court of Judge Landis.
The necessary documents have been
filled out and sent to Cleveland for tbe
oil king's signature. Then a cbeok will
be mailed. The affidavit from Mr.
Rockefeller detailing hie expenditure of
time and travel was received from J. P.
Wolf, deputy United States marshal
Plan of  Building  to  San   Francisco  or
Even to Vancouver Denied at
Q. T. P.  Offices.
Montreal, Aug. 2��.���A report published ln some western papers to the
effect that the forthcoming trip of Mr.
Charles M. Hays, president, and Mr. F.
W. Morse, vice-president or the Grand
Trunk Pacific. Is to look Into tbe question of building a Grand Trunk Pacific
extension down to the Pacific coast
from Prince Rupert to Vancouver, and
thence to SauFrandsco, was described
as wholly Imaginary at the Grand
Trunk   Pacific  headquarters  today.
The projected line from Prince Rupert to Vancouver, whlcb has been tbe
subject of discussion by western capitalists, may be again brought before
the attention of Mr. Hays, but it is considered highly Improbable tbat any action will be taken in that direction before the completion of the through line
to the coast.
The idea of a line to San Francisco
In connection with tbe Grand Trunk
Pacific, Is scouted in Grand Trunk Pacific circles as a fantastic dream. Mr.
Morse will leave on his western trip
next week, and a week later he will be
Joined by Mr. Hays at Winnipeg, but
the trip ls primarily concerned with
the contracts now In progress, and tbe
terminal plans at Prince Rupert.
Ottawa, Aug. 26.���Evangelist Camie,
aged 19, has been found dead near the
railway track at Manlwakl.
Ottawa, Aug. 26.���The largest gathering of marksmen ln the history of the
Dominion will be at Rockcllffe range
this week, competing for prises amounting to f 10,000 and with cups.
Blythe, Onf.. Aug. 26.���William J.
King, a prosperous farmer near Bast
Swansea hanged'himself by placing a
rope with a running noose over a beam
and piling two empty barrels on top of
each other. He climbed up and put the
noose over his head and then kicked
one of the barrels away.
Montreal. Aug. 26.���When Phi lias
Moran came home from work last night
he was ihlrsty. going to the sink be
took up a ginger ale bottle partly full
and thinking lt contained a good cooling beverage, took a good drink. With
a scream of pain the unfortunate man
made known to his wife tbat he had
drank carbolic acid. He was taken to
the western hospital and lived but an
Victim of Car Collision.
Toronto, Aug. 26.���John T. Mollis.
hack driver, died this morning at the
Central hospital as a result of Injuries
received In a collision between the hack
ho was driving nnd a street car at the
corner of Itoxboro and Young streets
last night. Two ladles, one a resident
of Rosedales and tho other a visitor
from Washington, wore ln the cab. Hol-
11b wna attempting to cross Yonge street
from Itoxboro west when he saw that a
north bound car was coming rapidly up
Ihe hill and lhat he would not havo
time to cross. He tried to stop his
horses but was unable to do so, and the
next Instant the car struck the carriage,
swinging It violently around. One of
tho Indies seeing tho danger had Jumped. The other was thrown from the
cab and her dress was badly torn, but
neither of them were hurt, though both
are suffering from nervous shock. Hol-
II*. however, was thrown directly ln
front of the car which passed over his
left leg, severing It above the knee. He
died about 12.30 this morning.
Saturday's Lacrosse.
Montreal, Aug. 26.���Playing In a
downpour of rain the Shamrocks defeated Toronto 14 to 1  Saturday.
St. Cntberlnos, Aug. 26.���St. Catherines defeated Buffalo 14 to 2.
Toronto, Aug. 26.���Montreal-Tecum-
sebs played an exhibition game at the
iB'aml Sattirdny, Tecumscha winning 17
to 4.
President  Roosevelt's
Jaw* Snapped
Suppressed Portion of Prorlncetowt
Speech Contained Reference
to Predatory Gangs.
Provincetown, Mass., Aug. 26/^Vresl-
dent Roosevelt, whose address was the
principal incident of the ceremonies attendant upon lying the corner stone of
the Pilgrim Monument here, made it
perfectly plain that the trust-busting
campaign of the administration is to be
carried forward for at least eighteen
months more, no matter who cries business Is being hurt.
The president fairly snapped his Jaws
as he said with the utmost emphasis
that he cut out the words: "Once for
all let me say that as far as I am concerned, and for the eighteen months of
my presidency that remain, there will
be no change in the policy we have
steadily pursued."
Tbe president said be had received
countless requests to do something to
esse tbe stock market, but that be believed most of the disturbance ln Wall
Street was due to matters not peculiar
to tbe United States, and the remainder
to matters wholly unconnected with
governmental action. He was certain
financial stress had been brought by
certain malefactors ot great wealth ln
an effort to discredit the policy of the
government and bring about a reversal
of that policy. It was lost effort, tbe
president Intimated, as there would be
no let-up while be was in offlce. Mr.
Roosevelt said he was sorry that a few
heads ot predatory trusts could not be
jailed, since they were equally guilty
with their corporations, but thst it was
hard to get juries to see things tbat
In the original copy of his adddress
sent out to the newspapers, the President bad nothing to say about the stock
market slump, nor did he Bay so bluntly
that there would be no wavering ln the
policy of the government toward corporations- suspicion, especially tbe railroads.
Young Englishman Meets Death In New
Form In Toronto.
Toronto, Aug. 26.���While the body or
Thomas Davidson descended down tbe
elevator shaft of tbe Trader's Bank
building, his head rested on a cross
beam on the ninth floor, having been
severed as though by a guillotine by
one of the heavy weights of the elevator.
Davidson, who had been but a short
time ln this country, was engaged at
the Trader's Bank building about two
weeks ago to do general work about the
building. Saturday afternoon about
three o'clock he was washing windows
and cleaning about one of the elevator
shafts, snd to do this he had to stand
on top of the elevator and move It
down as he cleaned. He had reached
the ninth floor, when In some way he
stuck his head too far out and the
weight of the elevator In the next shaft
struck on the back of the neck. His
head was severed by the blow and hla
headless trunk fell down the shaft while
tho head remained on a cross beam at
the ninth floor. Nobody seemed to be
aware of the accident at the time It
happened, but a young man who sells
papers In the building on the ground
floor heard the body fall to the bottom
of the shan and gave the alarm. David*
Bon was 23 years old.
L. D. A. Change*.
Toronto, Aug. 26.���Rev. Albert Moore,
at present secretary of the Ontario
Lord's Day Alliance, has been chose to
succeed Rev. Dr. Shearer as secretary
of the Dominion Alliance. Rev. W. G.
Hanna, B. I)., presbyterlan minister.
Mount Forest, has been nominated to
succeed Mr. Moore. The above appointments wero made at a special meeting
of the executive boards of the Lord's
Day Alliance of Canada and of the Ontario Lord's Day Alliance. Rev. Dr.
Shearer, It will he remembered, accepted the office of general secretary
of the newly organised temiierance and
moral reform association of the Presbyterian church. The changes all go into
effect Nov. 1st.
Result  Paltry Compared with  Loss Entailed on Both Sides.
Toronto, Aug. 26.���Advices received
rrom Cobalt are to the effect that the
strike of miners will be ended ln about
ten days. The men seem now to be
mainly holding out for recognition of
the union. The ��� -*���**; mpanles are paying the usual un. ��*fr, ���> of wages and
the men are going **<v singly. The
pickets of the union o. -"*,. illy Induce
some of those who have IA back to
cast In their lot with the '���'������y. �����. but
the leaders or these are havin,. ' --ulty
in keeping the men from work, ��� "��� sir
funds are now becoming low. i. . .
early part of the strike the leaders .d
not stipulate for the recognition of their
organisation, but In the case of the
Foster sent the strikers back when tbe
company agreed to pay the union scale
of wages. The Erie Mining company
succeeding ln preventing a strike on ita
property. In the meantime many of the
miners are installing machinery, and
when the unrest Is ended development
work will be vigorously prosecuted.
"As an example of the union methods," said a mining broker, "these men
have long been idle in an attempt to
secure a raise of a few cents sn hour,
while they have been losing wages that
it will take them months of arddous
labor to recover. In most cases, even
where the higher wages are secured. It
will take them years to regain what
they bave lost."
Aim of New American Syndicate Formed to Develop and Operate Mexican Oil Fields.
New York. Aug. 26.���Arrangements
have been completed for the organisation of a f50.0O0.000 American syndicate, according to an announcement
published today, which plans to develop
several million acres of oil landa In
Mexico. It 1* proposed not only to supply the Mexican market, but to ship
tbe product to Central and South America and to Europe and Soutb Africa In
competition with the Standard Oil company.
Tbe syndicate will take over the
Mexican Petroleum Company, Limited,
which now operates extensively ln tbe
southern republic. This concern was
organised In 1902 under California laws.
It Ib capitalised at $10,000,000. The
company, lt is stated, owns approximately 1, 000,000 acres of land In the
ststea of Tnmaullpas. Vera Cruz, and'
San Louis Potosl.
More than one hundred flowing wells
are reported to be on tbe property. Att
the wells are of gusher variety.
New Zealand Legislative Council Dares
to Right Women.
Wellington, N. Z., Aug. 26.���The women politicians whose cause wss championed by the House of Representatives of New Zealand received scant
consideration from tbe Legislative council, which, without a division, rejected
tbe bill providing for the election of an
lipped House by the House of Representatives. According to one of the
clauses women were to be eligible as
members of the Upper House. When the
measure passed the committee stage In
the House of Representatives, Aug. 8,
the premier and the cabinet ministers
who were present voted for the clause
referred to, which was on that occasion
adopted by 37 to 26 votes.
The legislative council ot New Zealand, or I'pper House of the General
Assembly, now consists of forty-four ap
pointed members, some of whom are life
members. The House of Representatives, or Lower House, Is composed of
eighty members, elected by the people
for terms of three years.
Germany Will Not Oppose
Von Boclow Assures Cambon of Gocd
Will in Effort to Restore
Peace and Order.
Kenora  Man  Missing Laat  Companion Charged With Asssult.
Kenora, Ont., Aug. 26.���Tbe remarkable disappearance of Jno. Ross, a well
known Kenora man, had Its sequel Saturday when James McLaughlan, a farmer, was brought up before Judge Moore
and charged with an aggravated assault
on the missing man. He was remanded. At the next hearing evidence will
be adduoed to show that the two men
were last seen together on Friday, the
16th instant, and that both were under
the Influence of drinK aad heard to be
violently quarrelsome, Koaa, who ls of
sllgher build, would saye* no chance
against such a birtbi opponent, McLaughlin, who is Whown fad avoided
by iBji on account of his ���ghtlng prowess. The latter called oil Mrs. Robb on
Wednesday Inquiring If Jack had been
home and whether his tools bad been
found, but his question* were put In
such a dazed manner aa to grouse sua*
plelon that something had happened.
Berlin, Aug. 26.���Jules Cambon, the
French ambassador to Germany, returned here today from Nordenay, satisfied
with the results of his visit to Chancellor Von Buelow. The ambassador had
three long conversations with the chancellor, covering the entire field of international politics. Most of the subjects
were touched upon somewhat lightly,
nothing In the way of fresh proposals
or serious suggestion* being made.
Possibly the moat interesting subject ^��
to the French government was the Moroccan situation, upon which the chancellor talked freely, through the foreign
offlce at Berlin, namely, Germany's willingness tbat France should use her own
discretion at Casablanca, with tbe
knowledge that Germany will not raise
embarrassing questions or seek ln any
way to place difficulties ln her way or
binder the French work of restoring
order and securing the future safety of
Europeans In Morocco. M. Cambon
sent a long decpatch by courier to
Paul Cambon, tbe French ambassador j
to tbe Court of St. Jamea, ls visiting
his brother, Jules Cambon, here for a
couple of days while making a short
tour or Germany, Including visits to
Dresden. Nuremburg snd Prague.
Parte, Aug. 26.���Premier Clemenceeu,
who returned from Carlsbad and Munich today, has assumed active direction
of the Moroccan situation, which developed during his absence. He conferred with Foreign Minister Plchon.
War Minister Piquart, and Minister of
Marine Thomson, who met him at the
station, and tomorrow wtll go to Ram-
boulllett to see President Fallleres. The
Journal des Debuts In an editorial on
the effect of Clemencau's return on the
Moroccan situation says that "He knows
tbe sentiments of the sovereigns and
the dispositions of the chancellors. He
ought to know that politics not only are
most uncertain but alao most costly,
and that calm and conservatism are essential-
Advices received today from Casablanca show no change In the situation.
The troops are anxious tor a decisive
engagement with the tribesmen, but
France's determination not to penetrate
further Into the country, prevents pursuit of the fanatics and results In a
waiting game. Meantime Morocco's Internal affairs grow worse. Chaos reigns
snd the government has degenerated
Into a mock administration.
Mulal Haflg, the newly proclaimed
Sultan, who Is reported to be marching
toward the coast to fight the French
and Spanish troops, has appointed to
the ministry Mulal Sldl Mohammed, another brother of the actual sultan who
Ib now held a prisoner by the sultan at
Fine Them a Million.
Ottawa, Aug. 26.���There Is every
probability of the Ottawa allied trades
and labor council following the example
of their colleagues In Montreal and
moving towards some action on the coal
question, ln Ottawa there has been an
all round Increase of 50 cents per ton
without any apparent good reason for
It. It Ih -alleged that there is a combine
and lt 1* quite possible a formal legal
charge may be laid against some of
those concerned.
The Strike
Montreal, Aug. 26��� The Valleyfield
strike waa settled and tho men returned to work this morning. On the whole
the Montreal Cotton company bas won,
as the men abandoned their demand for
a 10 per cent. Increase.
W. Little's Body  Found.
Winnipeg. Aug. 26.���The body of W.
Little,  of Winnipeg,  drowned,  waa   recovered   Sunday   uiteruoon   a   mile  out
In the lake.
Price* ef Metals.
,  ���
.'*':��� i
���? ?1,;*
. ��� 1  ,
��� ���
11 *.
���     It-
* ,t*i
i ���
New Yor, Aug. 26.���Silver. 6S*14c:
copper, n%c: lead, fn.25.
London, Aug. 2(1.���Sliver. Sl^d.;
lead.   LIU, 5b. 1    I
* ;
'   \
'   r
!   !
il I ill
ii  '1;
it  t, {!
j 1
* l
The Daily Canadian
Wo ore now
opening upa large
shipment of
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   so that   you  can   select  any   pieces   you
orefer and   make  up  to  your  taste.
HiK'i^^t  futility at  Lowest  l>rioe��.
A carload of
has Just arrived.    These good* have advanced slightly,  but  we offer them
-*. AT RIGHT PRICES ..    . I
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000
riest    ..
D. R. WILKIE  President
Capital   Paid   Up          4,830.000
Branches in British ColumbU:
VANcourr.K,  Victoria.
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NOLAON brawh  J.   M.   LAV,   Manager.
torn of speaking frankly and fearlessly
to their own leaders. A Liberal editor
who censures his party's machine of
course thereby commits political suicide, and he cannot understand why it
is not so with Conservatives. The really
saddening feature of It Is that in pointing sleeiully to evidences of Conservative Independence, they are publishing
their own degradation, ami cannot see it.
The Montreal Star is selected as a
sample Tory newspaper which criticizes
Mr. liorden. The Star is owned ami
edited by a gentleman who has been a
lifelong Conservative. He has fought
and labored for the party and its cause
aud sought no reward. Ho has every
right to express his opinion and It is
entitled to all respect as the opinion of
an individual.
The Winnipeg Tribune, edited by B
former Liberal who was expelled from
the party for daring to think, is also
among the critics. The Tribune Is Independent to such a degree that it is
opposed to every government and every
organized opposition in Canada, aud apparently to everbody else except the
editor aud proprietor of the Tribune, lt
remarks that three of Mr. bordeu's
plauks are also planks lu Sir Wilfrid
Laurier's platform: purity of elections,
clean administration aud civil service
reform- The remark is quite correct
as fafjes it goes. Uut eleven years
have taught the people of Canada tbat
Sir Wilfrid's professions were rank hypocrisy, aud Mr. Hordeu has proved
bimself a man of bis word.
It is gratifying to record that the
Toronto News, which is independent
and not merely a destructive critic,
gives its whole hearted approval to Mr.
isorden's confession of political faith,
and such, we are confident, will be the
judgment of all the intelligent people
of Canada who are not beneficiaries,
present or prospective of the Ottawa
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1869.
 ���,3,900.000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Si��.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publlabert m rt.ya . wees oy the
B.ker 81..   Kel��on. B. C
Saowrlpllon r.u-i. SO ��nu ��� month Utt-nm-1
in the ittj. or HAW . leu H ��*n�� tti m��11* *""**'
p.l.1 in ft.lv.nee. ,,    .,
AdvertmOTt r��u>�� on application.
All motile, pftl.l in aitUi-mcnt ol The Hally
Oana.ilftn ��>-. ovum, either loi .ublHTlpllon. or
adverualtn. m.m be r. * ci|*-* I lol ..n lhe ?""'<;���
lorm. ol i'ie I ..mp.uy- Ohm reeelpl. are not
Nelson Land l'l-trn i, District nl West KnoU-utt)
Take notice thnt K. W. Smith. Krank l-'lana-
1**11, ami A. rt. Elder, of Spokane, Waah., OCeup*-
ttou ranch ith. intend to applv Ior . special
timber lloenoe over the following deicrlbed
lands: (.'ommencing at a post i >. * ��� : ut the
nmthwei-t corner, about eight mllea from the
Kootenay river, on the weit side, and hIhmii
three ml.en north of the international houndary
Hue. on the west bank of Brldg oreek. on the
north fork, thence north 80 eliaiiin tbenee easl
>o chainn. thence nouth M0 chains. Hum-' wesi ,v��
chain���*��� to point of cotnmencemeut. and contain*
lot "��" acres, moie Ot leaa,
Daled July li��th, 1W7. K. W  Smith.
A. H   Kl.luR,
K. W. Smith, Agent
Nelson Land lMatriet.   Dlatrlet of Weal Kootene
Take notice tbat R. B. f. Smyth, ol 1 rooter, B.
C . occupation lumherm&n, lut-iiil** to apply for
a special timber licence over Ibe following deaorlbed landi:
No. i. Com menelng at a poat planted dsu the
nortbeaat eornerpoat ot Loi Nn 2643, on Lemon
Creek and marked K. 8 P. Smyth Southwell COT-
nerpont No 1, thence 40 ehalna north more or
lean to about midway of (he south boundary line
of timber lleence No, 9966, theiue BO chaina eait,
thence 40 ehalna aouth, theuee 4>t ehalna east,
thence Mt ehalna mhi t h, them ��� no chaina west,
more or lesa to the souibeast corner ol aforeaaid
Lot No. i%43, theuee 40 chains north, thenoe40
chains weat lo the point of commencenn'Ot.
Dated -��lh July, 1907. R. S. P, &MTTH,
Henry Relchert, Agent.
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We are showing our firs* importation jf Ladies'
Coats. The very latest and nobbiest styles in cloths
etc. Now is the time to make your selection when
stock is complete. No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
Kelson I*nd Dlatrlet. Diatrict of West Kootenay
No. 8
Take notice that J. R. F. Stewart, of roihng-
wood, Ont., occupation lumberman. Intenda to
apply for a apeclal timber liceuce aver the foi-
lowing deacribed lands: Comm-onlng nt a p >at
plauu-d about ba chains south and U'l-hains weat
of poat So 2, marked j. R. F. Stewart's N- E. corner poat, thenee aouth 160 chains, thenoa weat 40
chains, thence north 160 chain***., thence eant 40
chains to place of commencement oon talnlng MO
acrea more or leas.
July 24tb, 1907. J ��mk-  IL F. Stewabt.
Monday. August 26, 1907.
No  public address  delivered  in   "'an
atla taring the lust fifteen fATM bhi ut
traoted    so    much    tttentlon   us   the
���pMtib ut Halifax hint TUMd&J night
hy wblcn Et i< Bordnn, Conservative
h mloi, opened his campaign.
'Ihu rircninsiaiift's an us ivmarkuhli-
ab tho Ipeeoll. Thfl great majority ol
ih.* -preaent Canadian electorate grew to
matihiMi.l during th>* IO&| H'BIiih' Ol Bll
John A- Muclunahl l-'ur m-urly thirty
yt-ars liter Coufadaratloo tha toTalop-
ni'-nt of Canada hmi prOCedAad OO t'on
senrfttlva lines and Under Conservative
leaders. Ths brlel sad undeservedlj
disastrous ministry of i;ion, IJexandei
MoKensle was too ephemeraj to in
Buenoe the Beneral oourse. Canals was
growing slowlyi steadily nnd healthl\y.
in population and In wealth. Under tho
moderate  protective  tariff,  which was
lhe   economic     basil     o!   the   .National
Policy, Canadian Industries were <i*���
veloped and the country attained to ���
position similar to that enjoyed by tho
Dnltefl  atateH of producing  practicaly
all U beaded and afToiiliUK uihan tnar
kotg for UKrieultural pmdut;ta and rural
markets for th(> producis of city and
town inunufacturinK Institutions.
During all lhat period the policy 0l
th�� ConHcrvatlvoH was opposed hy the
Liberals with ipparenl sincerity. They
especially attaoked the  tariff  features
of the National Policy and clamored for
oloser trade relatione Wth tha Dnlted
HtatoH even, iih many Of tha leaders
frankly declared, if tho 0OSI were oIOBST
poiitioai relations with tha republlo nmi
a loosening of the tlou that liltul Canada
io the British Bmplre
Had no other Question ever clouded
the Issua. ti"' Oonservativa party, in
���pits of abuses, thai seem inssparabls
from long tenure of power In Canada,
and   Which   W-vro admitted  to   eSlst   to
wards the lust, in the Conservative administration, would  still  have held   the
alliance of the  great  majority.    But
a   collapse    followed    disunion,   and   a
Liberal  administration  was  the result.
BlnOQ 1896 there has heen a complete
transformation.   The Liberals have dis
carded    entirely    every    profession    of
their thirty years tn the wilderness,    ln
their economic  policy   they  have  been
content, and  wisely   content,  to  be  the
reapers    uf    the    Conservative sowing.
This  is  nut only  their  admission,  lt Is
their boast, and lt  is their chief, if not
their  only, c'aim   to   the  Confidence  of
the  electors of Canada.
Of  the  old   champions  of  the  lost
Cause   many,   including   Mr.   McKenzle.
ars  dead, others.    Including    Bdward
Blake ami Sir Louis Davies, have re-
litvd  from  SOtive   warfare, some  iuclud-
iiik Mi   Patterson    ana   Mr. Fielding
have silent!) admitted Illumination, and
others, like Sir RiObard Cartwright, are
not dead but Bleeping; Wo refrain from
OlSsSlfylng Sir Wilfrid; his only tnein.ir
able utterance on ths subject, that ha
WOttld not   rest until  ho had  wiped out
the last vesttgs of the iniquitous system ot protection, precludes sune comment.
Since 18.tr> there has been something
In the nature of an obliteration of old
lines. The Conservative cause hus tri-
limphed completely even with lis tip-
ponenta In control. The one point at
which ll is resisted by Sir Wilfrid
ls in Us declaration of unalterable allegiance to the Hritlsh crown und Kin-
plre, and Sir Wilfrid's resistance there
Is so cautious and timid that by many
it is not perceived. They explain his
lavage bark at Lord Dundonald as a
temporary aberration.
The result bus been thai in the last
ten years there hns not been, until Mr.
Borden'l recent apeech, uny declaration
of policy adapted to the circumstances
of present day Canadian poltlcul problems. That hit* utteruuee would be Immediately analyzed by the l,iboruls In
a fruiwled syacroh for weak points, wns
a matter of oourse. That some Conservatives should he tuken by Hiirprlse and
not entirely prepared for acceptance Is
not to ba wand' r*>U ut. If Mr. Borden i��
Open to blamC U any particular,* Is
because his campaign of education has
been tod lone, delayed.
it  is amusing, though not pleasing)
to see how delighted liberals are that
Conservatives  retain their ancient  cum
Our kindly morning contemporary
gently rebukes us for mentioning that
a Liberal government increased tht
subsidy for the Crow's Nest Southern
Hallway from $4,000 to $11,000 a mile
without stating all the terms of the
bargain- We would humbly explain
that we only mentioned the part that
had a bearing on the subject with
which we were then dealing. As our
aforesaid kindly contemporary has added u little more we would suggest thut
he continue if he thinks his readers are
interested. If his memory Is vague, we
can help him to a few more items of
the treaty of alliance, Buch as : G. A.
Cox. now Senator Cox, contributed $30,-
000 to the Liberal campaign fund of
1-S;t6, the Dominion government, after
the election of 1896, transferred its account from the Dank of Montreal to the
Dunk of Commerce, of which Senator
Cox was president. There were other
items of course which our contemporary
Is doubtlessly familiar with.
Nelson La nd DUtrlct    Dlstrictof Weit K<'on-ii*y.
Take notice that Henry Retchcrt ot Nelson, B.
C . prospector, lntendi to ftpplj* for h "p-t-rUl licence to cut nnd cftrry away i:mi��*i from the following described landa:
No 6. Commencing at a post pUatcd ucar thi;
noriheaat corner poat ol Timber Llcenee ^o VAbO
and marked lleury k. *.. ;.�� : * ������-..-��� corner-
post No 6, thenee HO chalua Math, thence SO
cnalns e&at, thence **>- *.-���-.������.- north, ibence -"
chain***-, west to place of couimenct-meut.
L>��ted July ��th, 1907.
No. 1. -Commencing ata pont I'lnmed near the
northwmt corner poet of timber llcenoe No yJ65
and marked Henry Relchert i. oaat eorner post
No 7. tbence 160 ehalus Bait, thenoa *i chaini
nortb. iheuce 180 chains weat. t hence 40 chains
bouih to point of commetnemeut.
l'AU-l July .t *.:���,. iun.
No. 8. Commencing at a post planted on Monument creek about Toi-!**.:.* more ur les* from
wbere Monument creek ompUai into l-emnu
creek und marked Henry ki-u ht-rt uortbeastcor-
uerpott No. 8 thence ICO ehHinn xoutb, theuee 10
cbaini wei). thenee 160 chains uorth. thence 40
chain* eait to place of commeueetuent.
Liu.lvA July "ftitli. 19U7 HBNBY HEICHRBT,
NeUon Land Dlitrlct.   District <>t W est Kootenay
Notice is hereby given tbat to days after date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ot
Lands   and   work-i   fur   permlsaton   to cut  and
carry away timber  from the following described
No. 4   Commencing   at a post  marked   11. A S.
N. W   corner. 800 chains en<.t of the N   E. ecrner
of   lot No   81i, -post marked   K. H. N.K. coruer,
thence easl 8o chalua, thence south  ��0 chains,
tbence west SO chains, thence norih 80 chains to
place of commencement ci'iitalulng ttO acres.
No. 5   t.ommenciug at tbe   N. w. corner of H.
A S. timber claim No   4. thence nortb BO cbaini,
thenc��  east 8U ehalus, theuee south   to i-batua.
tbence west 80 chains to piftce of ������-.���..   ....������*. *.
at location poil No   5, contaluim; &4o acres
1    G.   M HKKMCI  :     :  -.    l .*   .*.'.,:
beo   Huicroft, Agent
Dated July 8th. 19UT.
Nelion Land District District of West KoOtentT
Take notice -hut Paul August Paulsrii. ol Kitchener, B.C., occupation rumberiuan, intends
to apply for a special timber licence over the (ol-
lowing described landi: Commeiu-ing at ntwit
planted at the southwest corner of surveyed lot
f.m.O.1 thenee south to the northern boundary
of timber licence No. 7018. thetiee west to the
norlhwest corner of said timber 1100000, them-e
south to the uorlheru boundary ol lot IIS. then<*e
following said boundary, of saM lot woi t io the
right of-way of tbe British ('oluti)t.!a BontboiD
Railway, tbence following aald right of-way in a
north-easterly direction to place otOOttuaenoe-
meut, and containing Rio soroa. more or lem
Dated Julv 2nd, lyiff.    I'aul. AnoWT PacumjN.
If it Is true tbat March next has
been selected as the date for the next
Mniiiit.ii ii elections Canada Is in for a
seven minths campaign. Mr. Uorden's
declaration of policy and his political
tour ure attracting more attention than
Ottawa just now and the interest awakened will not wane till the battle Is
won or lost. In the meantime the Dominion cabinet remains wofully weak,
even with the prospective addition of
Mr. 1'ugnley and Mr. Graham. If Mr.
PttgBley accepts office It can only be
construed as an admission that he, Mr.
Kmmorson's counsel, hus no faith ln his
client's ability to vindicate his character.
Notice Is hereby given that Wt -tlnyi alter date 1
Intend to apply lo the Hon. Chlel Commissioner
of L*ndi and *orki for permission to purt.hate
the following described lands, situated in West
Koolenay district: Commencing at a i��iht marked by name as initial post of the s>uth Fork
branch, one hundred feet from tbe function of
Lost ereek with the south fork; thence one-
quarter mile to tbe northwest corner post, the net-
one mile to the northeart corner post, thence
one-quarter mile to the southeast coruer post,
thence one mile tu tiie place of commencement
June'27,1907. located hy Wm   Connolly.
Notice ii hereby given thai 3u davs afler dale ,
Intend to make application to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of l^nds and Work*****, Victoria. H. ('.. (or a s[>eclal liceuce to cut timber on
the following described lands in West Kooteuay
dlstrlct: Commencing at a post situated on
Blueberry creek, about four miles from lis mouth
and adjoining the N. W. corner of my appllen-
llon No. 1, Iheuce south SO chains, thence weft
80 chains, ibence north ���) chains, thenee east 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dttled May 191k, r.��: K. .W Robinson.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. 91.600, 9900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 126. Apply to J. R. B., Dally
Nelson Laud District District ol Weit Kooteuay
Take notice tbat Moore. Kepple A l o., ol Garland, Penn .occupation lumbermen, Intends to
apply !'T a "l-'i'in. t;i:iU-r )i.*eine over the following described landi: Commenelng at a pot.t
planted ou Mosquito cruek.onthe weit side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile w<*��st of the
iouth west corner of tlmoer limit No. 4H77. theuee
nor tti no chalos, tbence weit HOchalns, tbeoof
south 80 chains, thenee east So chains to point of
eommencetaeiii. and euntatnlng ���>*�����" acrei. more
or lesa.
Dated l&th, July, 1907,      Moosr, Ksi'i-i.R A Co.
John k Calkins. Agent.
Nelson Land Dlitrlct. DlsUWt ol West Kootenay.
Tiiku notice that l.eorge Alexander, ol KhhIo,
B C, intends to apply tor �� ipeouU timber
liceuce over tbe lollowlng described lanus:
t'omiueuelug nt a pnst planted at the nortOWMI
corner of Ht-rt to ti Vi, ow*nsblp7i Kootensj <iii-
trlct, being sbout one-third of s mile tooth oi
thesouth boundarv Hue of the Indian reserve;
thence s .mh aboul ;(5 cbalus to the easterly
bauk o( K.',>t��uay river; thenre i .uihcaeterly
along Kootenav river hank sbOUt 80 i*I.��ini to
the south bit uud ary of BeeiloD 11, lownstiip 7;
thence easteriv about .Su chain ��� tn lhe iiorlifwest
corner of Lol 01; ihenee north M) ehalus along
tbe wett bound* 17 Ol I-<��l BUl lb��uce west B0
chains to the point o| etniim--ucemeut, aud containing 6U) ae:i -. more or leu
Dated Julv I. 1W7 GsOBOl   \i.kl��Nltta.
Nelson I nnd Dtsirlcl.   Listrt t of Woat Kootunay.
lake uotn-e (lim   KTS9   Me* b-Hand   Fraser, ol
Ferule, B. C . <l-rk. LnU   d�� iw apply for a social
Uoanes  over  the  (oiiowiug    rJssurtbed   land*:
Cuuinienciiirf Ml u post planted about seven
mites west of the KooU-uay rlv��-r, ani SbOUt one
mile uor'h of the lu eroatloiial t'ouiiiary line,
and about one an I a quarter north ��� ��-'.erty lrt��m
the north-east corner ot t tuljer licence No. 8067,
thence south W chains. Iheuce went (O chains,
theuee Uorlh Hi cb����Us, thence SSSt r*J chains to
point of commencement, and containing (Wo
acres, more or less.
Located Uth, of June, 1907.
Evan McCI-ILLan Fsasss.
Dated this sth of July, 1907.
, 4^__ . . ���	
Take notice tbat V. C. Clark, ot Nelson, B. C,
saloon keeper. Intends to apply for a special timber Iteinre over tbe following described land:
Commencing at a p ���**��( phinted on Morning
Mountain, aboul one mile met of Bmelter creel,
snd adjoining c. (' ciark'a location for tlmtn-r
licence No 1, and about one mile south of Nelson, thence west W chains, ihenee south M0
chains, thence east 80 cbaini, thence north MO
chains to plitci' of beginning.
Dated July 16th, 1907. 0. C. t.'LASk,
David Booth, Agent.
Nelson Lead District.   District ol Weit Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, a. F. Wallace, of Fernle,
B i ., hotel keeper, intend to apply for a special
limber liceuce uver the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted about lour
miles west ol the KooU-.tay tiver and one mile
north of ttie international boundary line, thenc*
iouth SO chains, thence SSSt 80 chaini, thence
north HO chains, thenre weit *��� * chalm to the
point uf commeuevmeut, cuutalblng &4u acrei,
more or leu.
Dated July J3rd, 1907.
2. Commencing ,*,��� u post plante-d at the northwest corner ol location No 1, thence south (W
chains, ibence west SO chains, thence north 80
chatus, thenee eaat SO chaini to tbe point ot
summeucement, containing CU) acrei, more or
Dated July 23rd, 1907.
S. Commencing nt a poit planted at north
weit cornerof location No. 3, thence north 80
chslni, thence west 80 cnalm, thence south HO
chains, tbeuee east SO chains to the point of
commencement, containing M0 acrei, more or
Dated July Zlnl. 1907.
4. Commencing at a post planted at the nnrtb-
weit corner of No. 1 location, theuee north HO
chaina, thence east HO chaina, ibence south SO
cbalus, thence -������-��� 80 chaina t o the point of
commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Dated July Ztrd, iy07
b. Commencing al a post planted aboul two
ml lei north and '���;*.:- east ol the nortbwesl
eorner of location No. 1, thence south -������ chains,
thence eaat Ho chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence weat 80 chain* to the point ol commencement, containing MO acres, more or leu.
Dated July tfird, 1007.
8. Commencing at a poat planted at north-
went corner of location No. 5, thence south Ao
cbaini, tbence west 80 cbalna, tbence north 80
chains, thence eaat 80 chaina to the point of commencement, con tain ing $40 acres more or leiv
Dated July *3rd, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted at the north-
went corner ol location No. 5, tbence north 80
cnalns, thenre *ee1 ��n chains, thence south 80
chalm, thence *a*t 80 chaina to the point of commencement, containing 640 acrea more or leu.
Daled July '��lrd. hw7
8 Commencing at a poat plauted at the northwest corner of location No. b, thence north 80
chains, thence east  ho chains,   thence soutb 80
c tin ins, tbenoe wwi n obstnaio the point of eon*
mr-iicemt-iit, - on;*-* In itig r,V) acres more or leu.
Dated July ttrd, 1807.
y ��.'ommencing at *, j><>ai planted aMmt 2
mile* w.-tt <-r tin- nortiiweit corner of location
No ft, th.nc.- no,ith HO chains, thence east 80
chains, tbence north Ho chalua. thence weat MO
chain* to thi- point of commencement, and containing Mo sorei more or leaa.
Dated July ,J4tli,, 1SW7.
10. Commencing at a poat plantetl at the
northwest .-<.rner of location No. (I. thetiee nmlh
ft) rhalni, thenue east 80 chains, thence south no
chani�� thence west W) chains to the point of
comment ement, containing Wo aere*, more or
Dated July 24th, 1907.
11 ''ornmcnring at a ftoil plauted al>out 1
Jj -mllei west of the northweat corner of location
Nelson Land Dlitrlct. District of West KtHtlenay
Take notice that William Andrew Hoss, ol
Fernle. B C, hotel-keeper Intend* tO applv for
a special Umber licence over the following described laudi: Commencing at a post planted
about mix mllea  welt of   the  Koolenay   river, on
Corn creek,  iu the Dlitrlct of w,-*t Kootensy
and being about ilx miles uorth of the Intel
national h-ouiidar-T Hue, atnl altuate at the
nortbeaat corner of William Andrew icons' No
8 timber claim, iheuce north nu chain-, thenoe
weat 88 chaina. thence south Ho chains, tbenee
east 80 chains, to the point of commencement
Located July iSrd, 19u7
Datetl the Hth of Aug   1WT
Wi: : i ," AMirkw Hi"*"
Nei*on Und District.   Dlstrictof Weat ��
Nelson I-and District. Distrlcl of West Kootenay
Take notice lhat I. Kllralteth Fergu*ou, ol Nei-
iou, British Columbia, occupation inarMi-d *ta
man. intend to applv Ior permission to pun Iih-.
the lollowlng described laud : ConimencliiK nt a
poit  planleo 40 chains weat ol the southeast
_-_    ..��      - ..I,.���     �����    T >. ... ��-V, l .. t\,t       V ......... ��� ���
ner <tf   aectlon  22, Township 69,  Kootensy
marke-1 "K K.'i  N. K   corner." tbence
tbence   south   40   chaini, then
lake   notice   tbat   John   Phllbert efltSf
Mrilish t.dnmhla  OOOUpaUOQ. ��&��!
tends   tti  agpljr   to^Ptnnlulnii to purt-h-wiJi
���mtneDi'lD-f .: t
lollowlng asscrtbed land:   .,  ....
|M.*t planted on the north bank  lx��t
il.out two ami one quarter  mllei
the luii.ih.ii of Lost creek and Halmou"mit
tbe Nelaon lsnd distrtet, tbenee oortVto WS
tbenoe west eocbama. theuee M)Utfa eZJ
-.ore or leas, to Loat creek, thence easl t��nS
l!?.t:re*.Ll?_??.l,l.t oI t'ommein-eiMBt tal��.
Johk PHiutr
Dated JuneSlh. 1907.
Take notice that I. Arthur ahTx. PiirntorTu"
tentl Ut apply for ptrmi*alon to purchaae th*u.
loerlUI di-neribed lauds: Comui.-ii.-m*, at.i���
plsntMl al the N, K. corner of Lot ICNTfe-SAsS
ed 8. ��. oorner, thenre nortb ttabstsi S
t m chains to iMiiut oi  commenremtBLiS
ore or leas.
containing ��' acre
June 7. 1W.I7.
ASTHl'SALtl   iMTrirtu
WlLLUM ALONfnJlii.iji.Af.Bt
'balm,   thence   north  40 chaina to   Ibe plat
commencement aud containing -tJO acn-s more
15th Julv, A. D. 19��.7.   KLIEatstii fMMtJVtATM,
by W. A. Calder. agent.
Tase   notice that I. William K. Jarvi*i   i0Kkj
U> applj lor permlaaion to purehaie the folio*.
ing   dt-M-rlbed   lands.     Commeiicini ai a am
eat   Wi      planted at Ihe H. ��  eorner ol LotlCf aa-! am
L*a*l HU      ,H|   northea��t    corner,   thrnce   wett 40 Ot
weal 40 tkaba,
Nulson Laiitl District. Dlatrh't of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice tbat 1. David Q Knru, ol N�� U.-n.
B. C, -������ ��� i pat ion merehaut, inteud to apply for
permission lo purehaie the following deOQflbed
land: Commeuclllg at u poal planteil at lhe
southwest corner of section 84, township ��'J.
Kootenay, aud marke<l "li. ti. K.*a 8. W. corner,"
theuee uorth 8u ehalna, thenee east MehslDS,
tbence south 80 chains, thence weit 4*1 I hains
to the fM.mt ol t���"������mifiii ��� 'iin.-iii aud coniaiutug
'."i acres more or leal.
15th July, iwn. DaTTOQ   Kt'RT7.
W.  A. Calder. agent.
notice '.hat an application hu been made
to register Arthur 11 ami)ton -Buchanan a"
the owner In Fee Him pie. under a tax iale deed
from K J. 8temon, Deputy Ameiiorand Collent
id the Hlocan Aisesament Dlstrlet, to Arthur
Hamilton Huchanan. hearing date the 7th ol
November. A D., 1*906, id all and lingular that
certain parcel, or tract, nfland, and premlaes,
situate: lying and l>eiug In lhe Dlitrlct of Kootenay, In the Province ol Hrlllsh Columbia, more
particularly known and deacribed as:
l.oi ii.iiiil.ri nun- hui.'iii-d and seventy fV?0),
(���roup one (I), in the Di*trtct ol Kootenay, -'Hun
net Mineral Claim.
Vou and each ol vou are required to contest the
claim nl the tax purchaser within fourteen dayi
from the date of the service ol litis notloe upon
on, and tu default of a caveat, or certificates nf
Odena being flle*l within such period, you
he forever estopped and debsrreo from *ct-
ttng up any ilaHn to, or In respect of the said
.nn ' and 1 shall t. *.-'-'. r Arthur Hamilton
Buchanan ai owner thereof.
hated at I,nnd Registry Office, Nelaon. Pro-
vlnce of Riitlih Columbia, thli2&th day of April,
A D., 1M7.
H. F. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
To Hit*.* aw in K   luvtsa.
The Min-t't   Oold   ���   HDver   Mining   Company (lorelgn).
Tako notice that au dayi alter date 1 Intend to
apply tothe Hon the Chltf Commiiatoncr of
Lauda and Worka, Victoria, for permlaslon to
cut and carry away timber from the following
described laml, lu vt eit Koot  nny *
No. 1. Commencing at a Poit planted at the
noutbweil corner of tlmoer license ObAO, theme
weit 80 chains, ihenee soutb SO chains, theace
east SO chains, tbence nortb 80 chains tu place of
Dated May 'tl, v*x 3. T. Bosons, Locator.
J  W   CoLBtm*. Agent.
No. 2. Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast comer of application No. L tbenee east
80 cnalns, thence north 80 cbaini. thence west 80
chaini, tbence soutb SO chaini to place ol commencement.
Dated May 31,19177.       J  T. Bcboem. Locator,
J  W. OOUtUMM, Agent
Nelaon Lsnd Dlstrlet District of West KooUmay
Take notice that I'aul August Paulaon, of Kitchener, B. C, occupation loml>ermiii, Lntendi
to apply (or a special timber lloenoe over tbe following described lands: "om menelng at a pool
planted at the southwest corner of surveyed lot
7221 <f,1, thenne eait 40 cbains, tbence north 80
chains, thenre eait to t* caoutbeaitcorneroj paid
lot, thence north to the northeast corner of said
lot, thence cast te tbe weit boundary ol pre-emp
lion No. W2, ihenee south to the north boundary
of timber Lloenoe No. 8648, thence west along
aald norlh houndar/ to the northwest corner oI
said licence, tbence south to the north ho'jn<iary
of timber llcenoe No 70IS thenee west lo a polnl
due iouth of coramerioement, tbence north to
point ot commencement, and containing ���.:
acres, more or leas.
Dated July 2nd, I9fn.   Paul Acgcbt PAOUov.
Nelion Land Dlitrlct Dlitrlct of Weal Kaotgosj
Take notice that Moore. Kepple A Co . ot -"-Jar-
land, Penn , occupation lumberm-tii, intend to
apply tor a apeclal limber Mcenee over tbe foi-
lowing described landa: Commencing al��i��j��t
planted on Mosquito creek. *n the west ude nl
Arrow like, and about one half mile areet, ol the
southweat corner of timber limit So, 4H7V tbeaee
���outh 80 chatni. th��nce west HO ehalu��, tbeoee
north 80 rhiloa, tbenee eaat 80 chains lo point of
commencement, and oontalulun WW acres, more
or lesi. _
Dated Uth July, 1W7.      MrxtSS, Kri-m ���'��� CO.
Joms it. < ali :*a, Agent.
No <* atnl   ahout U mile  iouth   thereof,
�����*mlh 80 chalua,  tnence eait 8
* went of tin- northweat
.   then
HO chaiui,   then
north H r-batna, tbenet; weat   SO   chaina   lo the
p��iint of commencement, iuinialning 640 acres,
more or Lass.
I'ated Jul)*24lh, 1907
11. Commencing atapost planted'at the north
w-at corner of location No 11, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 ehalna, thence south Ro
chaini, thence west 80 chains to the point of
commencement, eonlalnlng 840 acres, more or
Dated July Hth, 1907.
13. Com menelng ata poat planted nt tbe nortiiweit corner of location No 11, thenre north 80
������hains, thence west 80 chaina, thence soulh HO
'.halri*. tbSOOS east B chains to the point of
'���ommencement, containing 640 acrea, more or
Hated Joly Mth, 1907
14. Commencing at a post planted at the northweat corner of location No 11, thence south 80
r-halni, tbence weal 80 chains, tbence north 80
*?hatni, thence eait 80 chatni to the point of
enmmeiu<ement, containing 640 acrei, more or
Dated July 24th, 1W7
l.-V Commencing at a post planted about two
Stuse north of northweat corner ol location of Nr#
11, thence soulh So rhalni. thence east -** chalm,
in. rice norlh 80 chains, thenco weat 80 ODSlns
tothe point of commencement, containing 640
acres, more or less.
Dated July 24th, lWff.
16, Commencing at a post planted at the north*
west corner of location No Di, thence north 80
���rhalns, tbenee eait 80 chains, thence aouth M
ciiiim, thence west 80 chain* to the point ol
commencement, containing 640 acrei, more or
i'ated Juiy 24th, 1907
17. Commencing at a poat planted at the northweat corner ol location No. 18, thenee north M
< Lain*, thenee vest so chains. ih>ic. south m
cbains, thence eaat htl chaina to the point ol
SOtnisensSWSftti containing rtio acrea, more or
Hated July 24th. 1907.
18 Commenelng al a poat planted at tho
north wi at cornerof toes'lon No lfi, thenceaouth
SO chain* theuee weat Oi ehalna, thelice norlh M)
chains, thenee east Wi chaini to the point ol gaga*
mt-u'crncnt, containing WOsMgl more or leia
Dat-wd July 24th, 1907. H F Wallack. I>ocator.
Johk Brows, Agent,
Take notice that I. Thomas Harry W llson, intend to ��pply Ior permission to par-obese tbe MM-
lowing   descnla-d land :    Commencing   at a p-oat
81�� nt.-'*! at the B. K. corner o{ lot T.Vw and marked
. K corner, thenoe south 10 chains, thence
weit 1��> chalua. thence south 10 chains, tbsnee
weat ii cbalna, thence south 10 chains, ihence
weat 10 chains, thence south 10 chain*, tbenee
weat lo cbalna. thelice norlb 4ti ehalna. theuee
eaat 4o chains to point of comuiein ement and
containing 100 acre*, more nr leas
Juue 7, 901 liiojia*. Hknrv Wh.��i��m.
WK.l iam   \ ��� o*-/    MILLS, * gent
Nelaou Land District. District ol W��St Kootenay
Take notice lhat 1. John !.aiig. of NsISOO, H C,
nr*i;|inii'' miner Intend io Spply for permission to purchase lhe lollnwlng nooorlbod landi:
Commeiiciog at a p.--: plaiitt-d at ttie N K of
Lot HVffi. ibence east 20 chaina, theme south X
chains, tbenee VSSI D chains, tbsnee north ���*
chaina to point ol commencement, containing 40
acrea. more or leii.
Auguat 2nd, 1907. IOTOAaUN
Notice Is hereby given that GO days alterdate, 1
lHleu'1 to apnlr to the llou. Chlel (oiamisslouer
of Lands and Work* for permission to purchase
the followlug deacrilx-d laud in Wesl Kooti-nay
diatrict. on wesl shire of l-owcr Arrow IJtke,
adj-.iiiiii*,: i ���; .No. ; **������ on Co- -mth : Heginulng
at a (wist marked "Harry lleLeod-s N.K corner
po*t aud planted ou the shore of Lower Arrow
Lake, at the south) a*t OornSl '���' CNpi l-.mi*! *���
14948, thence west 30 chains, tbenee aouth 20
ciialns morn or leaa to tbe north boundary of K.
Kullmore'a I'. K , thence i cbalna east along the
aairl boundary to lake, thelice norlh along tlie
lake ahore 20 chaini, more or leaa to point ot
May 2nd, 1907. J. D. .M<��irl,
Agent for Harry MoLsod*
Nelaon Land Dlatrlet. Dlalrlctof West Kootensj
lake notice that tieorge Kufil* Carter of f-trdar,
occupation, bridgt-man, Intends to apply for t*T.
mission to purchase lhe following m-scrlbcd
land : Comment-lug at post planted at the north
weat eomer ��i h Boee1 application to pnrebsss,
marked R. W., thence north 40 chain*. Ihenee
east 40 chaina, thence aouth 20 chains to A.
Curry's pre-emption, thence west 20 chains,
ibence south Ai chains, thence weat ro chaina to
plate of commencement containing 120 acre*
more or leas.
bated July 12, 1907. QSOHI KfKt�� i   ikim:,
W. J. KtoTT, Agent
Nelson Ijind District. Dlalrlctof We-t KoOtSDt^
Take DftUOS that (ieorge Bturm. ol Hillings,
Montana, V H. A,, occupation, nnrchatit. lu
lend* to apply for permlailon to purchase tht
following deacribed land: Commencing at a
poit planted 00 the weat ahore of Cppvr What
-han (t'arltKio) lake, and at the north weat eortict
of lot 81-19, thence weal KO chains, theme nouth
-tochiiiii*. thence eaat so chaina. ihenoe north i>
ehalna to ptiitit o( couimeui<*-inviit, ami contain
iiik no aire*' mor* or U -*
May 29th. 1907. URoror RtI'RM.
NelsilU Uud Diatrict.   District of Weal K,a,t,-iiav.
Take notice that Walter He Nell, of Hillluga,
Montana, U- H. A., occupation merchant, intend*
toapply for permission to purchase the lollowlng described land : Commencing at a post plant
ed on lhe weat shore of Cpper Wbatpdiau (Carit )
lake, and at thu northwest cornerof Lol 8l:t9,
ihenee weat 90 chaina, thence north no chalua,
iheuce eaat 20 chains, them e *ouih tm i hains to
point of commencement, nnd containing Iflu
acres, more or less.
May 29lh, 1��07 WaLTSR MCNRIL.
1, tbe undersigned, alter 00 days hi tend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commls*ioiier of Lands
nnd Works to purchaiu the lollowlng described
laml: Commencing at the N I. r. of Lot 7M��
U. 1., theucu west 40 chains, theucu north 20
chains, thence eaat 10 ehaius, thsnos -ouih 20
chains to point ol commeucumeui, eonlalnlng 80
acres moru or less.
Locate' March '28th, 1907. W. A. M 11 i -
Notice la hereby given thai r,o day* after date I
Inteud to apply to the Hon. Chltf i ommissiouer
ol Lauda and Works for permission to pDTOhSSS
the following 'If- Tii-.-d tract of mini, Kituatc In
West Kooteuay dlatrlet:  Coinuieiiettig   at a post
Slanted 00 WSOSf creek , near its continence with
ummlt creek, marked Margaret McLauchlnn's
N. B. comer' thence south 4oc.halns. thunee west
80 chalm, thencu north -Hi chain* thence uaat 80
chains to place of eommeucement,
Bra May, 1907. MariiasBt Mi I.At'i m.AN,
William Hariioiii, Agent.
Nelion Land Dlitrlct    Dlatricl of Weal Kootenay
ulr, Brit.
ds to a p.
. planted
Hit ihi.'-i
Take notice that Kdward 1'clers of Ymlr, Hr|l
lib Coluinlda. occupallon, miner, intends to apply  lor   permission   lo  purchase   the  folli     '
described isnff    -
Mlmd land: Commencing
on the north bank of 1...M creek,'
miles nasturly from the Juticttou of Uistcrcuk
and Hal mon river, In the Nelson laud district,
thunce north <Vi chsln*, theuco west I'm chnlti*
theucu aoulh ho . hains, moro or less, to lost
creek, thenee ca-Ht following said creek to point
ol commencem.-nt, and containing 4KU acres,
moru or less
Daled .luue Mh, 1907 BtTWABD I'STKBh
Blxty days after date 1 Arthu i   Allen   llurum!
rsnohir, ol Bnnon Oiu. intend to spplsr to ths
chief uommlselonerol I sndi and works, vie
lorla, li <;., to nurehiifc the lollowlng dcscrlhud
lands situstn east 01 Burton Oommenolns SI ��
postmarked "A A H *oiithwe*t corner'riiml
planted at tbe K. w corner ol lot Soft (( I an.I
rutming north nil ehalni, thencu easl 40 chnllia,
thenee aoutb An chains, thunce west 40 ciialns to
Place ol eoniinuiiicinent
AugUSt lit, Wt, ASTHUS A. auSTO".
i  40   chaina, thenre eaal �� tkasa
i ID ShslU to  point of Bh^E
point ol "���mB'Ve
tbenee aoutb 40
thenee north t
in   Tit. and t'outalning )8o ai:rea more ot^��"
June 7. 19o7. WILLIAM KbtjiKaLd ;��ira
Notlee Is hereby given tbat alxtydi)*) ktinOM
1 Intend ttiapplv to the Hon t'hifl CumsiUsa^
..f l.ati-1- and Worka (or ^-riniaaioti hit urrUs
the lollowlng drwrita-d tract of land ittutiS
Weal Kootensy diatrict; CottBUttStej uix
planted about onehalf mile north froB f��r��if
Hummlt creek, marked Jean vamerun'i & I
corner, thenc* eait 40 rhalns, ib-eiir* Kant I
ehalni, tbence west 40 chalm, thwm wntt I
chaiui io place of toinmencemiol.
-   ��� '��� May. 1907 Jrar Cum
William iui--* ��, a,.-
Nelion Land Diitrict. Diitrkt ol WeM KMM
Take notice that Kiank McDonald, otAtpo.
British Columbfa, oocupatlon mio��r. :;.���*;.<*���*
apply for permission to punhaai th* iniwt*
described lauda: Commencing at a Doit-.asm
on the north bank of I ������"t creek ana ikuriNi
tnllf ea*terly from ihe )uiiciIod -: u��: --wt
and Halmon river. In the Nrlioa Ut-! dismt
thenoe norlh AO chains, theiu-e eaal ��� MH
thence south 60 chains, thrnce weat ������'ti.it*
i* . of commenct-'ment, aud rontaiDlaf ���
acre*, more or less
Dated June Mb. 1907. KrarI UttNSiU.
HUtv days after date I Intend la ipp-rio IM
Hon f'hluf Commissioner ol Landi .- * s -ti
Victoria, B.C., t.. purchase tl ������ ! ., i'n >
serltH'd land, sltuate-d In the Weat Ktxiuujto
trlct: I'ominenclDg at a poal plantad MlM
weat able of Kootenay lake, Dear Rhis-yMM
polut. and marked J. McKinnoo'i I l<trm
(���oat, thenee west 80 cbalaa. thenoe mtt\ 9
chalua, Ihenee eaal B0 chalm more or ��������
ahore. thence along lake i bore to poolt\ M*-
Dated April 4. !'���'���. Signed J McClWi-
Nelson Land Dlilrict. Dlitrlct of W��t KoeRW-
Take notice that KdwaiM Fram.of BlBa^
Montana. U A A., <M>ciipallon *��">1 b*cj��r.��
tell'Is to apply lor pe'tnlfitin to -pur-iba*'*
following di��.TltM-d had. t omni*Fw:i| St
n of I'pp" *��>
p-.��t planted ou   the v
shan (< ariboo) lake. a> 0
of   lot HIS9, theuee wo.
'nslns. thence east J-
t thi	
at '���.eaoaifce-Mt'eiy*
_*y . :iain>. lb*tn.*s*S
i halna. thcD-rf *"'������ I
ehalna, thenoe eaai 40 chaina. more or leaa.
���st abort-   of   I'pper   W hatuhiD (i'an!-tl***j
tbenoe northerly and wi-si.-rly alesi torn
ahore ajj  chalua,   more  or  leaa. lo pointol ��*
menoement, and eonlalnlng xAi tcm.amt [
May mh, 1907. InwiaD Fu��_
Blxty days after dste l intend to spr-?"* I
Hon chlel Commissioner of Und*aBJ�����
lor permlaaion to purchase the nuif**1!~"
scribed land in West Kootenay dbtlW '���*
menelng at a poit marke<1 A C. bseero*"
uorner poat, running 40 chalm ^aaU^iT "J
the boundary ol Timber licence >o ��* 1M^*
ntherly 60 chalna.  thence weatenj
thence  northerly   '���" chalua along Ikt
track lu lhe place of comni
two bundrv.f ai-rei, more o. ._
Located thll llth day ol May. HOT,
mist, roiUJ*-*
AC BliH.!^'*
Notice is hereby given that �� dayi ���JJJ.C
iut.-nd toapply to the Honorible the t D"-^
mlMloner of Landa aud Worka for pe���S
tO pnrohsse the following dearribed l***-,*^,
in Woat Kootenar dUtrlct: commenrtssjo
POS1 plsnUd at Ihe well boundary el""33
and alHMit 10 chaina aoutb of theaoulh h B^
of lhe right of way of the 11 *���'- *>ul*f*.��
way. an.l marked I*. A V a *w��'h��lJ-3
tlifii.e weet hi) chatni, thenee north fiwj;
iH.untlary ol the rlght-of way ol H V;!Tjgg
railway/thence following said '"'''"'Vlluf*
right olway In an easterly dire* I - ��jjSg|
dary of I>
'���oinmeto tinetit.
ut i. t.>p**i:
ii.i.*.i mi. Utb l.s o��/����-A'5iB r.na*
Noili-i. 1. hrr.hr liven lli.l ����'>jKCffl
.i��i��, i iiii,.ii.i lo .pply m th- ";�����"Ki..
��� '������miiil.aliiurr ol U  ��n.l w'.������i��n*��i*'
alnii lu plirrhi���
l.ll.l. allu.l.-.l In IV't-.t  Koul , ,.,.
mi.������.*in��� ��i . p..-i pi����""i ;���" 'f"-;",..��
uliinil i -hall mlli. iiorlliu"! I"��   '���U]
HI J.I   Hlvl/aN   K.n.rll.T. tlii*li'*'��l";,.hu
Ihi-niT .outh   *." rhuliia. Iht'iH-' *���"' IB���,B
illiultli ���
*" a
  . ...untn'1*1*-
ni*o uorlh -to   il.Hlu. I" plw*���
B��li��ol*��. *��"'--
T.ko   ii-*lie-   th.t
ll.rrj ��l'"""   m	
B   0., r.nilu.r, IDUndl to arl'l      "f|lB����
in   piinlma,.   111.' lolln��llm St****
������>i.��t Kooleunjr.llalrli'tl        , ...mr.l *������?
r..ui.n..ni-lim ��i �� P"��i I*!**��'   niwUMt
Jiithi.��al i*nriu*r ol I-ol 'J* ,',''",*,',���,. (II. I"*!
m..ui.|.ra..iil ��nS"ronUlnl��I ���> ""''
Vntort tho mih il��>- "I M,Ir* Jj"";,T VTlU-JiE-
Notlo. I. her.1-7 ll*^"' BftS f'S/X
lnlon.1 in .puis- i" th" |n��"r*'���,'���"^rniiKf.U
���Maal,.,���*roM..".-Hl..lWorti '"',7,.rt ��
N-JUtritHi -ffill
Ftum; ""A'��� Villi"'
purobMt lh. ("liowi.n t^tlrfit^uM
allii.n* In Wtat Kootoll.
��t   h   poal pUnloil on PI
lliwm'o  wllh   Hiimmlt <''J��*       , ���
ll��rl...iir*a  N. w. rnrimr. Hi    " -  ,��� ����NB
UltDIXUII 4H ili.lli"* ll ,"'.<..i"..miiirii��2l"
thinim Wu.l40ohBlinto|'h"
Xlnl MaiylWI. ,
, Waal a*'*""'
Wilton Una lil.tri.'t. Dlrtrloto "'    y(J
lonppl'. lor pnrnil-	
In.   ilfarrlhi*.!   li
in I
,-|, m SB
"   "���"Tn'Xrn**.'SM
��i """."'Ham',
wii-ua" ' Prospectors
Who Want a Good A reticle Will Buy
The BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and   Smoked.    Our  Hams   Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
|s��� i notice t- hereby -given that no day*
Let data i Intend lo snplrto ths Ohlel Com-
llillonir,  Ol   Land   anrl    Work*,   Ior  a   *p��;<lal
���,: unil turry iIiiiImt Iroin tbe   follow-
rdncrlbed lsndl,   *ltnatc��l   on   lhe   ���outhfa-*t
ml o| Salmon riv.-r. in the   dutrti't ol Weet
1,,,,1,-i.s) roiniin-n-diig *t a pint placed about
TuTiinl* west nt Itti*c 1---��f creek marked "K. M
Aran nortbwesl oomsr," thenee 10 chaiui
Knit) thenceW chain* vu*l. thence HO chain*
TJuj, theuee ao chaina went to place ol eom-
���Ux-ate'i uu the i- - ��������> ol June. itnn.
k  m. iii*. i- Loestor.
.      .,  Notice is hereby glvon   thai :to dayi
luir 'UU- I intend to   *.ppl>   I" the   Chlel  ( Offl-
TlMioii-r. nl Lsndi end  Work*. Ior a apootol
>nn* to eul au'l carry  Umbel Irom tlie lollow-
f dMcrtbod landi ntuatci on the ���otttbusl
K ol the Balmun river, ln the dUtrlct ol Wset
Vtttn-iy r1(|,iine:it Itig al * |h**1 pUMWd ahout
ir-.* 1- wt-ilol Rom I^-af creek, marked "ll M.
It,,*,  So.  .. :imi'M    rorner,"    thenre ��>
Cidi north, thence SO chalm eait. thenee*)
���aim Krath, theaceio t ham* west to plsee oi
���rimrN'-t-inent , tnn
ml* . on the loth <l��y ol June, 1907.
R. M. Kievca, Ixwator.
llainLaii'i DlltliOt   I'litrlt-lol Weil Kootenay
tike  notice  tbst   William   Andrew   Koaa,   ol
buic b, c, hotel keeper, iatsadstn apply lor
Rwnal tiD)t'*-r llieiit t-over the   lollowlng   des-
e.i landi.
j. 1-t t.tninetii trig  at   ���   poit planted about
mile* **e*t <>f me  Koolenay   river, on  Corn
_k. in  the   I>l*trnt   ol   Weet   KtMiienay,   aud
ingatwui i.i mile* uorth ��l the inieruutloual
itjdsrj line, and sl-oul two in I lei weat of tlm-
llcencD No   M4A, thenee   iouth  80 chaini,
goceeait -' cbaini. tbenee north ho chain*.
nog wesl to chatni lo point ot oonunsoosntti
oootsinlsi '41* n< roe, sure or lean.
tested l-Mh June. 1907.
a 2���4'ouiiihmh inn   at   a poit   planted at the
gttiweit rorner ol '^ illiam A  Koai' No. 1 claim,
pn-tnTH'miiNi ehalni,  tbenee weit 90 chain*,
x uorth at cbalna,   thenco eait HO chalua.
i point ol coin in --ni ement,  and   containing
irate trior* or leii.
i tti I -.-ti lase< i*n.
. I.���CommenctUK  at a poit   planted   Shoot
tnllea weit  ol  Ltal   OOTthSSSt   corner ol WU-
f Ki���' No 2 ���labs, thence aouth ni   chalm,
eait MO chuiin    ihenee  uorlh  hu  chaini,
rati cbaini to ths |H��int ol commence-
It  ud eoutaiutiig 010 acre*, more or leia.
Viicl l.'lli Juue, 1907.
I ���>       mUMa lug   hi  al  a   poll   planted   at
���orth weit oorner "f w.niam  I   nnse' nn I
m,  Ih.tiee   uor 1 li   so   ehaltil,   thenci-   wt-l 90
gm tsenoe Krath K oheine, thence eaat wi
* to Hie pun: ol i ���tinnu-uceiiienl,  contalu-
D acres, store "r loaa.
(rated IMS June, \jgg[
is. nComnienclni at a ]K��*t   planted at the
p��e*t cornel ol wii limn A. Ko**' No S claim,
i iouth90cbaini, thenc.- treat90 shslns,
i north BO . I,,|u*. tbence eSSt ������� chalua to
>tamencement, and containing M0
I. in .-.   i <��� ,. .a
Bsti       tb luos, litfl.
it   nomntnelng at a jm-n planted  about
���aille'   weat of tbe   northe*��*l  corner ol   W||-
���^a p.... v, claim.tbenoeeonth90obslna,
"��� mat B cbaini, tbenee north so shstnsi
i rest ao chaini to the point of oonunsnosn
gt, an 1 ���-���utti.intiig 540 Keren, more or lea**.
���*���**.- I ; tii Juue, iwn
1   ��� emmeneins m a post phtntsd at the
����itroniwrt>( William A   Koaa' No.ficlalm,
��� BOrth 80  chains,   Iheuce  eaat  HU chain*,
��� ������������ 'in. in ohslns, thsnee weat hu chain* to
gi m commencement,   and   containing ��iu
���.more or tees
plod lath June, iwn
>J <'omtneio-liig at a post planted about
Ulna a.��uth of the northwest corner ol Willi K...�� N0 e rlnim. thence north wi chainn,
ire weetBD osslne. thsnee wnUtSO chains*,
mmatmo ehalni to the point ol oommenoe-
t **";''���''"1��"iitig mo aoree, more or lesi
fated IMh June. 1907.
11   Cpsupensini si a |h.*i plsnted at.out 40
pi*"U" of th,- northweat comer ol William
C- ,'V '1"u"i theme Honth so chaiui,
p w*f��t s,K-hnin*, thi-uce north HO chalm,
ri .a��t Nn halm to lhe poln* nl rommeuee-
L? i 17;j,tf,nl,|s'l*0serwi, more or leia.
fHfl Utb June. PJ07
I1" Cemnteneing st sjhmI planted sbtm-1
Pa u    'V ,,( ,f,(- northesst eornw of WU-
��� a .hou   No '"1mm. thence aouth m�� chain*,
TeJ-.V, *--..'""u*<   "','1"'"-   ""rth   Mi challia,
fWeetV pbslni tO ths point of commence-
lit. ii ;;,l'nl,l,"�� ,,*tl ����'"*i. more or leia.
����^-*l UU) June. IUU7.
L1,!,. ' ""'inetichu Rt H poat planted about
k-\ *T o 1P ""rtlien*t i-onii-rol Will|��m
Et>Val*i M, '���'���,l11- IhiMiee north Ho < imliu,
fce��   \-   ,',"t""    thence aoulh  HO chalm,
��� aad!   ,   ' hMl"" |n M *' l�� t ol cninmciice-
tt"      '  lV"ln,t."" "* more or leu.
p>*-'i Iftlh June, 1WJ7.
LuiB <-."!',V-;"'l"'",�� *t " i""1 rtaated ahenl
bin a ,h. J." tho northwssi oorner ol
ki ii,,, N" '" "l"tl"' ihenee wulb 90
E v. , w,'���"��� N' ohslni,thsnee north no
benta?*��". T oh*J?1 '" P010' "( ,'""1-
SltL ,o A,     n<M."K Hl R I"'"1 Pliote.l atitoit
Ia  ito-..*'' v* aorthweet oorner of Willi iiien,. olstm, Lnonoo  north hi
Ii IL,. "''"l   S"  '"haiu*,   tin nee aouth M
faa-or^5*-t80e*h*ln9 to the point Ol com
P*��l"-��Uida*jriif July. HKr7. '
William Anurkw Hour
lUndDlitrlet.  I'iitrlctol Weit Kootenay
','utU.Hv!,,;1i,i'-u'.F-M,tl,Wl,rl- "' Oolltns.
liim',, ' , ", Ittmbsnnen, latondi to
'U"-�� A ,       h,.lher llwaooorsr iho lol-
'I 00 ii nn.ll.i_' ''"'"iiiFncttii; at a poal
"n la It 1.1 "H'V Kb,,,lt -,m' '""'��� """"'
�� mmSF "7/ I "!L,"""'1 ��'��ie.ao| ilran-
biio ,\' lV Hlewart'a N. K.  Angle
tli ..,,.        Ul    4"  OhSlni.   thence    ttHTla
!    .;: B��i4 , thenos wUtg
,ii���.,u ' ' �� '���"l1i"��. thenos esst ho
i" i> �����,. \t u "' ,,l��"'��' thenos ws9t��
���i. more or?Uf ""unnosmsnti oontslnfni
-���M.hxn. Jamiwk. k htswaht
'-"��'> Dutriot. DUtrlct ol West Kooteuay
t to* a *i,..  li V    '"'"'"Tm.it., lntendi t.��
11 ! -309   ..ver   the fol-
iniiicnclng at a pi
��� or ,i ho -'������������eiMi  rami
���n*' "ll III,. ,���.,,,-, ' " 1.-M.-II1K   Hi �� pual
I"' lli. M���   ,,��Imu '"," "'""l1 "<"���*  ��!������'-
I" ��'����i in & M.''i.l.���� mine, ahum nn
S!'�� N   K  ������*r   ',''","!f!'"k   ninrkml J.  U.K.
������' "inilli Hftc'l       i"*    "'"'"   ��*i.��l��l I'liiilna
9>' iii mM,"   '":, ","'"" ������i"n i|ii��ni"
S'-'H'iHiiiiiim*,. ,. !     '''  "' oomienm
S -I'lli. nan       """ .'"������"��� ���" w>.
rua in��ri. nr loa..
Jab.b K  K. Hhkwaiit.
C ""r'n HU rl,..,.: a:z-VB watt ml i
* lorilli a.7   ."Ulna, I ifn  n  ..���u,   u.,  ,
Notice   la herehy Klveii   lhat  thirty  tlaya alter
Ists l Intend to spp>7 to ths Hun. thcrhief <;om-
inJnnioiiur ol IjiiuIh ami Worki Ior a apeclal 11-
Oenoe   to ent  and   carry   nwny   Umber from the
following deaorlbed  UmU in  Went Kootensy
illstrlet: CointueiK ing at a i . *. plui)l��d on the
ncrlh hank of len Mile croek, about one mile
an.l a hall Irotu hUtetm lake, markeil li. II l'ltti'
northweat  corner   poat,   thence  eaat  lhO ehalni,
thenoe couth to chaini, thenc weit 160 chain*.
thence north   40 ehilni  to  place ol eommeucement.
Dated thla 'Mth iliy of June. 1907,
H. ll   I'itti, IxM-ator,
A. W. HTtlBlW. Agent.
Notice I* hereby given that thirty itayi afler
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable
I'iitcf t'ommlaalotier ul i *..���!*- and Worki at
Victoria.   K. i>., lor  a  apeclal   liceuae to cut an.l
carry aw��>* Umber from the following deacrlbcd
lamia In Weat KiMiteiiajr .ll*trlct: Commencing
at a i-i>ht pUiiti-,1 on the went bank of Htnclter
creek, about oue in lie iouth ol the City ol Nelaon,
th. j.. e aoulh HO ehalna, thence weat HO chatni,
thenoe north SO ohslns, thence eait Hu chaina to
piSSS 'if comment ement.
Dated thla llth day of Juue, 1WI7.
c. c. ti.ASK, Loestor.
D, Doont, Agont.
JaHKH Ksei-n,
Nelaon I^ntl Dlitrlct.   DUtrlct of Weit Koolenay
Take noliee that "David   Henry Telford," Haa-
kal.Kin, Sask., occupation lumberman, lutenda
to apply for a sji-i IhI timln-r licence over the foi
lowing ilt -..t ���<*. l landi:
No I Couimencing ata putl planted about 8
chaini north of the northweat coruer of Timber
Limit nut, went bran-h of Utile Slocau river.
Weat Kootenav, thence weat Ml chslni, tbence
*utilh HU chaina, thence euat HO chalm, thencu
north SO ShSlns to point Ol commencement aud
con tit I nlng* 64o acre*, more or leaa.
Dau-d July 9th. i> *     Daviu IIksmy Trii.n:j,
No. 2     Comiiicncing �� poat planted on the eaat
bank or Coug-tr creek, and on thu north hoiin I-
aryortlmbei   limit  "144,   weat   hranch   ol  l.lttle
Sl.K-aii    river, thenco   north   lfiQ  chatni,   thence
t-a-t 40 chain*, thence  aouth   1W chain*,  ihenee
weat -tOchaliia to plaos  of  commencement,  and
containing 6*i aerss. more or lew.
Dstod July loth. 11W7. Da-rai Hshby TtUOB,
No   ^    Coinnieiicfng nt a ���..<���*! planted on hank
of Kuinle  creek, about *A> chain* aouth   of the
eonth bounds**] ol timber HinitMU7, wen brsneb
f>f Little hlocan river, thein-e weat hi chatni,
thsnos aouth ni ffhgilnt, thence eait N) i-IihIiii,
Hi- BOO    north   HU  chaiui   to   the   point  of  com-
msnossssnt snd otmtnfnini *������>< acrei. more or
l>ated July llth, 1907. David Henry It:: i,.i*.i,.
No 4. Oonunsnotni at a poat planted about 8
chain* eaal from eait bank ol Kuwde creek, aud
on the WSSt bouinlary or limit S,   ibence  weat wt
ohslns, tbenoe eonth ho chsins, iheuce eaatnu
chain-, tbenoe north ho rlialiiii to point or com-
ineiii-einent. aud eonlalnlng 04u acrei, more or
I'ated July llth. 1907. Daviu Hesky TEi.roan.
No. UL c,>mineliclng at B poat plantc.1 sbOSt
60 chain* Meat of -Uihim* t'reeE and aboul aix
mllei from Ita mouth nt Mocan Klver, aald poat
I* about 40 chain* weal Irom |) H Telford"! timber application N... II. thonOB eaat 4tl chain* to
limta-r application No. II, theuee norlh 160
Ohslns, thonee wnl 40 chatni, tli.-ti,-.- aouth IM
chaini. to point ol commencement, aud contain
ItiK MO acre��. more "r IsM
DstSd July lith. ID07. Davu> Hknkv Tbi.koko.
No. 14 t'ommenclng at SPOSt plantetl a! the
aonth weal corner id No. lal, then' e weal 40 (halni,
thsnos north IfiO chaini, thence eait 40 chains,
ihrtii-f M-uili Itio chain* to point ot commencement, and containing 910 acre*, more or leaa
i ated July 17lh, i ���*'.    luvin IIenky IKlkohd.
A    MlIToN. Agent.
Notice |a herehy given 'hat 6o daya after date I
intend to apnlv to 'he Honorable the Chief Com-
1111--1. in-r of I.ntidB and Woiki for a -i~ clal
Uoense to mh and carry away timber from thw
lollowlng deicrlbetl lauda in Weal Kooteuay dlatrlet:
Nu. 1 ���Conunsnolni at a ni>*l marked William
Wiilmaley, planted at   Kokanee Cieek Siding on
the Procter extension, on the weat aide of ixit
ornri, on the iouth aide of the Weal Arm ol Kooteuay lake, commencing at lhe N    K   corner poit
run mug Mm I h Hti chalua. went HO chalua. north 90
chain*, ca*t nn chalua to place of beglunlug.
LoOMSd ;ird June, 1907.
Wll.I.UM   Wa1.MII.BY.   Iiiiiilnr,
JAMKM   in i'  vi ii aa Agent.
Neleon Lsnd Dlitrlet Diitrict oi West Kootensy
Take notice that lame* Keeth. of Spokane,
W*a*h . occniiatlon, miner, Intend* to apply for a
���psolej tiinhwr UoenoeoTOr the following de-
ac ribed lsnde:  Commenelng ata poat shout Ut
roda north of the center.if the north ahore Hue ol
Houndary LsJtS and it the lotllheaal corner ol
Timber -Lintll No HU74. ami marked Jamea
Keelh'n S. W. Cornerpo*t, thence north HO ehalni,
thence pa*t HO chalm. thence Honth HO chalua,
thsnee veil Hin-haliiH to point of eoniinencu-
incui. and containing ��40 aerea, mom or Ivm.
July HO, iM, JAMM Krrrn.
Nelaon LaihI Dlitrlct IMitrlct oi Weil Kootenay
Take notice that Henry Kelchert, of Nelaon,
B C., prospeetOfi Intend! to apply lor a ipeulal
licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following ib i.rllicd IsaflSJ
No. 9 Commencing at a OQBl planlrd near the
BOrtbeaxt cornel poal of timber licence No. 9*264
nn, 1 near Henry Kctrhert H. \\. corner pout of
timber location No. 7, on main U'lium creek and
marked Henry Kelchert aoutheaat corner pint
No. 9, thenco ho chalua north, thence HO ehatna
went, theme HO chain-* SOUUt. Ihenee HO chaina
I eominenoeiuelit.
BBS! to the point ol eon
Dated .July 27,1907.
iiuincnettiK nt a post planted about '20
chain* more or lea* aouth from the north-
Weal corner of hot No 1MB on main I., in.ni
.���reck and ninn-ted Henry Keichcrt eail corner
poat no 10. thence 40 chain* norlh more or 1SSI
to about ml-1�� ay of the lOttUl   boundary line ol
timhsr licence no   B9SA, thenoe ifloenslne weet.
tbenoe   10 chalua   aoulh. theuee UO chaini   eaat
to pomi of eommettesmenl.
Dated Julv *27lh, l'.HI7
No. 11 Coinmr.ni'luk' ��t a P'��il pbinted on Monu.
ment Oreeki about 7l> Ohstne, more or leaa, Mouth
from where Monument : reek, empty* Into Lemon creek, and near llelirv liclehert northeast
eorner poal ol Umber location No   H, and marked
"Heii'v Keiebert northweil corner post no n,"
thenoe190 ohsloi iouth, thenoe40 ohslni esst
tbei 180 ohslni north,   thence 40 chainn  weat
to the point.��' oommenoemsut.
Daicd July BTthi ITO.
Heniiy Hkiciikio. I.ocitor.
Nelaou Land Dutrtcl, Dlolrlct of Woit Kootenay
Take notice Unit Frank Klaungan, A H. Klder,
and K. W. Smith, of Spokane, Wnah., occupation
ranchers, Intend to Spply foraipeei.il timber
licence   over   the   following    dsiqrlbsd    landa:
Oommenoins si 9 p����*t plsntsd at the 9onthssst
comer, abont *ix mllei from lhe Koolenay river,
on the went aide, tlicnce north HO chaina, thonce
weit hii chaina, theneo iouth HO chslni, thenco
eaat Ho chains to point of mminciioemelil, and
containing Mil acre*, moro or leaa
Dstod July Wth, iwn. FlUNV ^fuiieS'
K  W. Hmith, Agent for AppUesnM.
Hon I.atid Diatrict. Dlitrlct of Weat hootenay
IKS nOtlOS thst Krank KliUiagHli.A S Klder,
| K. W. Hmith, Spokane, Wnah., occupation
chera,  intend   to apply for a ipeclal   limber
nos over 'he foi "owing aesortb-sd isnoej
iinicncii.ciU b pirn planted one mile north
I ono mile Bill ol DOB* No J, which poit1 19
ul aix nillex from the KoonTliay river, on the
t aide thenre north BOansiae. theuco weat ho
Inn thsnos BOUtbU olmlui. ibence en*t.80
in*, to point of commencement, anil coiilulii-
010 stree, more or leu.
ated July IBtb, WW. niw^FL'*mtSt!:
A . n.  r. 1 I 'i-.il,
K. ft, SmiH, Anonl Ior AppROHlW.
The Pally Canadian
Will   Accept   Unanimous     Invitation   of
Old  Supporters and  Take   Part
in   Next   Campaign.
Sir Charles Hlbbert Tupper returned last evening from his trip to his old
home In Nova Scotia. In conversation
with the News-Advertiser Sir Hlbbert
intimated his willingness to return to
political life in response to the appeal
of his old friends In Nova Scotia. Sir
Hibbert confesses that be went east
without the remotest Idea of returning
to political life, but so cordial was his
welcome and bo earnest the appeal that
was made to him, that he will take
part In the next Dominion election,
either on tbe Btump as a private citizen or as a party candidate. Which it
hhitll be be has left to Mr. Borden, the
Conservative leader, to decide. Sir Hlbbert says he sees on every side in the
east, the signs of a strong reaction
against the Laurier regime.
"I went down," said Sir Hibbert, "on
u very natural and modest mission to
Nova Scotia, where I waa last returned
to the House of Commons since 190U,
having sat continuously for Pictou
county since 1892. After a lapse of
seven years since my last return in
11*00, I-went back, because I had never
bad an opi��ortunity of thanking them
beforo for their support and continued
confidence. When 1 reached Truro I
sent a note to a couple of my old
friends in Pictou. I stated that I was simply coming to thank them, und had no
Idea that there would be a largely attended meeting for a purpose of that
kind, but when I reached the county
tbe next day I wus amazed to find that
the heather was on fire so to speak.
At New Glasgow a number of my old
friends met me and gave me a very cordial welcome, at the sanut'iluie informing me that nt Pictou, the capital of the
Take notice that John   Ran, of Fernle, B   C,
h-di-l-k.'.'|...T. lntendi to spply lor b ipeclal  tlm*
ber licence over the following deacribed landi:
1. Commencing ata poit planted ln tbe Dlitrlct ol Weit Kootenay. Nelion Mlnlns Dlvlilon,
on the north fork of the aoutb fork of Loitcreek,
ahout flva mllea up creek from where two foiki
meet and about ilx mllei north of the International Boundary Une and about twenty-eight
mllei west of Kootenay River, Ibence eail no
chatni, thence north 90 chaiui, thence weit 90
cbaini to bsnk ol isld creek, thence down itream
to place of eommeucement.
J. Boss, Locator,
2. Commencing st a post planted at the Bouth-
weit corner ol ���'. Kou'n No. 1 location, thence
went HO ehalna, Iheuce north SO chalm, thence
"��-t HU chains uiore or le****-* to hank ol aald creek,
Ibence down itream to place of commencement.
J. Koea, Locator.
S. Commencing Rt a pout planted at ur near
the southwest corner ol J. Iloia'i No. 1 location,
thence weit HO chaini, thenoe iouth 90 chalm,
thence eHit 9u chaiui, more or leu, to aald creek,
��� hfiire up itream to place of beginning.
J. Roaa. Locator.
4. Commencing at a poal plantod at or near
ihe south went corner of J Rosa's No. 1 location,
then c - ii-.-. 80 chains, theuee south 90 chatni,
ihenee went no chainn, more or less, to bank of
said creek, thence up atream to plaoe of commencement.
J. Robs, Locator.
5. Commencing at a poit planted about two
rallei iouth of the nouthweit corner of J. Rom
No. 1 location, on the north fork of the iouth
fork of 1. ft creek, and about four mllei up
atream, from where the two forki meet, thence
east B0 chaiui, thence north 80 chaini, thence
H'i-i 80 chalm, more or leu, to bank of said
creek, thence down itream to place of commence-
���tint. _ ���
J. Uoss, Locator.
e. Commencing at a post planted at, or near,
the iouth weit corner of J. Koii'i No. 5 location,
on Loft oreSXi thence west 80 chalm, thence
north HO chaiui, thence HOchaini eait, more or
Ichi, to bank ol aald creek, thence down stream
to place ol eommeucement.
Located 2.1th June. 1WI. J. Ross, Locator.
Chtim No. 1. K ....       ���
N< lion Lsnd IHitrlct.  Dlstrictof Weat Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, R ('., occupation, carpenter, Intends to
apply for a ipeclal timber license over ihe following described lsndl I Commencing at a poit
planted 40 chaini iouth of 8. K corner of T. L. 7.-
.. 1 ' thence iouth 80 chaini, thence eait 80 chatni*
thence north 8U cbalm, thence weit 80 chalm lo
point   ol commencement.
Mine ���'Mh. I'.*i7.     A RTHl*K LaI'HSNCS KKADINU.
Nelion I-and Dlitrlct. Dlitrlct of Weat Koo*��nay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrow-
head, H O.1 occupation, carpenter, intends to apply for a ipeclal timber licence ovar the following deicrlbed landi: ('ommencing at s
pout planted HO chaiui south of A. L. Reading's
coruer poll No. 1, ihenee iouth 80 chains, thenee
�� ait HU chatni, thence north 80 chaini, thenee
���west HO chains, to point ol comnieneentont.
Juue28th UOT,    Abuhhb Laikbscb Rsaoing.
Claim No. 3. ni _
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrictof A'est Kooteuay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B C, occupation, carpenter, Intenda to
apply Ior a ipeclal timber license over the following described landi: Commencing at a poit
planted 60 chaini iouth of N.K. corner of A. L
Reading's claim No. 1, thence south 160 chalm,
thence eait 40 ohalni, thence north 160 chulus,
thence weil 40 chaiui to polntof commencement.
June 28th, IMT.    ARTHt'H LArKKNCK Rsammu.
Claim No   4.
Nelion Land District.  Dlitrlct of Weit Kootenay
Take notice that A. U Reading, of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, carpenter, lntendi to
apply for a ipeclal timber liceuae over the following deicrlbed landi: commencing at a uost
planted 40 chatni iouth of N. K corner of A. L.
Reading's claim No 3, thence smith 160 chaini,
thonce eait 40 chains, thence norih 160 chalm,
thenco went40chainn to point nf commencement.
June -Hill, 1907.    ARTHUR LAURSNCS RKAntNO.
Claim No. b. J
Nelion Land DUtrlct.   Dlitrlct of Weit Kooteuay
Take nnttce lhat A L. Reading, of Arrow-
bead, B. C, occupation, carpenter, Intends to
apply ior a ipeclal timber liccnie over the following described landi: Commencing at apoit
Rlantod 40 chains south of N. K, cornerof. X.
eadlug'n claim No. 4, thenoe south 160 chains.
thence cast 40 chalm, thence north irtiehiiini,
thunee west 40 chaina to point of commence
ment. _ _
June '29th, 1907.    \ki m �� Laurbncb Kbaiunu.
Xlalru No. 6. 	
Nelion Laud District.  District of West Kootenay
Take notice that A, L. Roadlng, of Arrow*
iifini. R. O.f. occupation, carpenter, Intends to
apply for a ipeclal timber license over the fol-
owlng described lands: Commencing atapost
plnn'eil 40 chains south of N K Corner of A L
Heading's claim No. A, thence south 160 chalm,
thence uaat ����������� chains, thenoe north leojchalm.
thenco west 40 chains to point of commencement.
June 29th, I'H7.    a hthi*it I.acukm 1: RB4niMn.
���Claim No. 7.
Niisiiii Lninl District. Dlstrlot bl West Kootenay.
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead
It. Q,, occupation, carpenter, intends toapply for
a special timber licence over the following de-
m-ribed landi: Commencing st a post planted
-70 chains south of N. K. corner of A.L. Reading's
claim No 6. theucu south 80 chains tbence cast
mi chalm, tnence north 80 chains, thence wust 80
���chaini to point ul uoinmencement.
June 29th, 1907.   Arthur Lauhsmcb Rbakimu,
county,   I   was  to he   received   at 4:30
when the train came in.
"When I rached the town, I was surprised to find that all the Btreets were
dressed in gayest bunting, and the
platform was thronged just as If an
election were on. I found that a reception had been planned for me in the
assembly hall in the evening, and when
I reuched the place it was packed to
the doors, fully 150 people being unable
to get in, and the enthusiasm reminded
me of election time when the fight was
hottest. The enthusiasm surprised not
only myself, but all the oldest political
warhorses there. In all the years I
had represented the county, I had never
known anything to equal lt. Men, women and children thronged the meeting and the enthusiasm was marvellous.
"The next day I went out to what is
called the citadel of our strength, the
coal mining dlBtrlct of Westville. The
reception I had there beggars description. The leading Conservative paper
said there were three thousand people
there to greet me. My own calculation
and that of my friends, looking over
the ground from the verandah of the hotel, was that there were nearly five
thousand. Certainly it was the largest
audience I had ever seen in Nova
Scotia. Not only were the miners in
evidence, but from districts twenty and
thirty miles away my old friends came
to greet me, and all this when there
hud been no opportunity of advertising
the meeting In any paper. I have been
with different chieftains, with Sir John
Macdonald and my father on different
occasions, but that reception was the
most enthusiastic I ever saw.
Old memories were revived and from
every quarter came the appeal to me
to come back to public life and help to
redeem the fair fame of the province
by rescuing it from the thralldom of the
present Liberal regime. The Grits
swept the province in 1904, and there Is
an Intense desire among the Conservatives to bring it back to Its old position
us one of the. banner provinces in the
Conservative fold."
"1 had not the slightest intention of
re-entering political life when I went
there, but such an appeal as that I felt
I could not resist. I went to Halifax,
where I waa entertained by many old
friends, and addressed a hastily gathered meeting of the party in the committee rooms. Here again the same pressure was brought upon me, and the result was that while I would personally
have preferred to enjoy a rest from the
activity of political life, having served
my country in that capacity for twenty
years���I yielded to the pressure to this
extent that I promised (and I Intend to
redeem that promise) that when the
campaign opened I would take off my
coat, so to speak, and join actively ln
the fray of my native province. I have
had an offer of nomination in many
counties there, but whether I shall take
part merely on the platform or as a
candidate la a matter for my chief, Mr.
Horden, to decide."
"Would you take any part in the next
Dominion election in this province, (Sir
Hibbert ?" asked the reporter.
"Well, I could not," replied Sir HIV
beit. "There are eighteen seats in
Nova Scotia with a Liberal government
in power. Here there are only seven
seats with a Conservative government
In power. I am firmly of the opinion
that we can with proper organisation
carry a majority of the seats in Nova
Scotia, nnd I feel that by devoting myself entirely to the fight ln that province. I can do more good for the party
than 1 could in this province, which has
just shown Its predilection for the Conservative cause."
Sir Hibbert said that both in the
Maritime Provinces, In Quebec and Ontario he saw signs of an unmistakable
reaction against the present Liberal
regime, and he had little doubt of what
the result of the next election would be.
Whatever might be the result with himself personally, he had no Intention of
living anywhere but ln British Columbia.���News-Advertiser.
Take notice that Ira F. Taylor, eiers. of Arrow.
mds to apply for a special licence
from   the   following   described
head, B. C., intends toapply for a special licence
to  out  timber
Mo. 1. Cmnitieii.-ing at a post planted 70cbalns
distance ln an easterly direction from Cariboo
lake marked "Ira F. laylor'a, W. Parkins' B. W.
corner." bounded on the nouth hy T. L No 7666,
on the west by l\ L. mi. 7672, thence north 80
chains, thence eait 80 eh Ins, thence south 80
chains, thence weit 80 chains to point ot commencement.
No. 2. Couimencing nt a post Planted 80chains
duteous and in a easterly direction from Cariboo
lake marked "W, 1'arklui'. IraF. Taylor's B. w.
oorner post," bounded on the west hy T. L. 7667,
south by Ira F. Taylor's and W. Parkins'T. L.
No. 1, tnence north 40 chains, thenoe east 160
chainn, tlience south 40 chains, thence west 160
chaini to point ol commencement.
Nelson Land Dlstrlot. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that K \\. Hmlth, Frank Flanagan, and A. H Klder, of Bpokane, Wimh , ocou
patinn ranchers, Intend to spply for a special
limber licence over the following described
lands: Commencing at a post planted at the
southoast corner, snout eight miles from the
Kootenay river, oo the west aide, and about
three miles north of the International boundary
line, on the west bank of Brldg creek, on tbe
north fork, thence north 80 chains, thencu west
80 chains, thenoe soutb 80 chaina, thence east ho
chains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated July 19th, 1907. K. W. Smith,
Frank Flanagan,
_   _   ��� A. 8. SL11BS.
K. W. Burin, Agent.
All Kind! of Heating Plant! In Stock.
Victoria St, Nr. Ooara Houaa.     Tal. Iti.
Queen's Hotel
luir Btroel, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
a*TK8 ��a PBB DAT
Lara, .ud Comfortable Bedroom, and Flnt-
clauHlnlOK Room,   temple Room, lor Commer*
clal   Mao.
MBS. B. C.CLABKB,  Proprletrem
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court Houae
and Postofflce. Nelaon. B. C.
Tfemont House
Baropesn snd American Plan
Meals U ct*.   Rooms from 20 ota. to tl.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
But Dollara-Diy House in Nelson.
The Bar U the rineet.
White Help Only Employed.
JoMPhlne Bt.
Nelaon. B. O.
-...-...      m . ...    ....���,.
Royal Hotel
Ratea il and $1.60 a Day.
Speoial Ratea to Regular Boarders.
Moot comfortable qnartera ln Nelson!
Only the beat of Liquor, and clgara.
In tbe matter of an application lor tbe Issue ol
a duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title lor Lota
16 and 17, Block 36, Town of Nelaon.
Notice ls hereby siren that lt la my Intention
to issue at tbe expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title for tbe above Lots ln tbe name of
Frances K Day, which Certificate ls dsted Ibe
19th September, 1899, and numbered 23SOK.
Land Kegl?try Office, Nalaon, B.C., 15th June,
1907. U. P. MacLKOD,
District K-fffiatrer.
Not ce ts hereby Riven lhat alter tbe expiration
ot sixty nays from tbe date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, Intends to submit to
tike Honorable Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
works a proposal under the provisions of the
"Rivers and Streams Act" and Amending Acts,
for the rltbt to Improve the Blocan river from
the mill dam of said company (situate about
three mllea above the junction of said Slocan
river wltb tbe Kootenay river,) to the mouth of
tbe Little Hlocan river, and to Improve the Little
Slocan river and branches thereof to the northern boundary of sub lot 2, lot 71S0, and aub-lot 1,
lot 7161 group one, Kootenay district, ana to
improve the tributaries of said rlvera; snd remove obstructions from said rivers and tributaries, and to make the aame fit for driving, storing, sorting booming and ratting logs, timber,
lumber, rafts, and crafts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The lands to be affected are the following: (a)
Lot* i)UR, 7**69. 6450, 6451, 6453, 8610, 6S97, 5446, 8600,
Ib'ZH, 7065, Hh'JO, 4812, ali In Group one, Kootenay
dlstrlot; also lands covered by pre-emptions
uumbered 46, 108, 115, 185, 148,164 and 570; also
lands covered by timber licenses numbered 5856.
bbH&, 5564, 5565, bbMO, bt91, and 6588; also lands of
the crown.
Dated this 6th day of July, 1907.
by Its solicitor, R. W. Hamninuton,
In tbe matter of an application for tbe issue of
duplicates of the Certlflcatts of Title to lota 11,
11 aud 18, group 1, West Kootenay District, also
known as tbe "Kootenay chief," "Comfort'* and
"Lulu" mineral claims roapectlvely.
Notice Is hereby given tbat It Is my Intention
to Issue at tbe expiration of one mouth af Ur the
llrst publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title mi. 6IWU u( an undivided 81-looths in
each of the a hove lots, Issued on the 17th day of
May, A D. 1886 in the name of John U. Ainaworth,
uml *1mi s duplicate ol Certificate of Title No.
ii9uoa of an undivided 19-i00tba In each of the
above lota, Issued on the 17th day of May, A. D
I886,ln the name of George J. Ainsworth.
Land Registry Ofllee, Ntlson,B. C. August6th,
"H. r. MacLbod."
District Registrar.
In the matter of an sppltctttlon for the ls*ue of
duplicate of the ccitlilcates of Title fot Lots fi, 7,
s.and 17, Block J, down of Kitchener (Map688]
and 1.016187, Group One, In the DI r ut of Koutenay
Notice Is hereby given that It my Intimtlon
��� o l-Mic st the expiration of ooe mouth after the
11 rst publication hereof, duplicates of Certificates
of Title of the above lots lu tbe name of Joseph
Walker which certificates are dated i-Und dayof
June, 1903 and numbored 2481 A and 9482 A respectively.
Land Registry Offlce, Nelson, B. C.,9trd July,
"H. 9. MacLbod,"
District Registrar.
In tho matter of an application for tbe issue of
a duplicate of tho Certificate of Title for lot '*%
nnd tlie wust hslf of lot 21, block 61, in the Town
of Nelson.
Notice is hereby given that it is my Intention
to Ikmic at the expiration of one month niter the
llrst im hi i en lion hereof ti duplicate of the certificate of title for tbo nbove lauds, lit tbe name of
Lyilla Shields, which certificate ts .lui.-l the 91st
day of December, 1900, aud numbered HD91 K.
"II. F. MacLkod."
District Registrar.
* We have bad placed in our hands one of the prettiest best paying
This is up for a quick Bale on account of owner's ill health. Call and get
full particular***. If you have |6,000 we can make a good easy deal with yon
for this property.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd*
Fire. Accident, Life and Employe*-*' Liability Insorance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Home* In
Nelson, Situated to Fatrrtew. Close to the Car Line
Large 7-reom houae. Stone foundation and first-class collar. Complete water system. 10 lots under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   Thla Is a snap.   For particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tba
Choicest Fruit Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity Irom 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The house contains two bedrooms and hall upstairs, dining room, parlor, kitchen, pantry and hall downstairs, hot and cold water. Electric light in all rooms.
Two lots ln a good position.
PRICE ���I900.      Terms can be arranged.
H. & M. BIRD
$10 per Month
We offer you something practical���something that will make a
real home���something that will
yield an Income. Every tract surveyed. Every tract near the town-
site. Dally trains; serviceable
roads; absolutely good soil,���snd
all these In a community, not In a
Kootenay Orchard
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
iiavt-r submitted to the Lieutenant Oovernor-ln-
('ouncll a proposal uudor the provisions of the
"Rivers and Hlr-fams Art," for clearing and it -
moving obstructions from ('nat River and Meadow Creek, ln the 1>IKt-rtct of West Kootenay, and
for making the same lit (or rafting and drlv
fog thereon logs, timber, lumber, rafis'nd crafta
and for erecting aud maintaining booma for
holdlug, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought down aald creek and river, and for at-
tai-hma booma tothe ahore of said creek and
river for said purposes.
The lands tn be affected by aoiA work are:���
Lots aoi, 6187, 4,'iftl, and sub lots 1, ��. 11 18,14 and
IS of Lot 4b9i, 0roup 1, Kootenay Dlatrlet.
The tolls proposed to be charged are such as
may he tixed by the Judge of the County Court
of Went Kootenay.
Dated 81st July, 1907.
Ths International Lumber A Mkkcantilb Co.,
F. C GREEN       F. F. BURDEN        A. B. GREiN
Civil Engineers. Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r.0.BoxU5   Pho��24!S.
To Winnipeg and points in
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, August 8th, 9th
and tOth, September I ith,
S 2th and 13th.
Full particulars as to stop overs, etc.,
on application. '
Splendid New 8oo-8poksne Service,
45!/i Hours Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
AU Points East.
Daylight service between Nelson and
Spokane Including 50 miles on Kootenay Lake ln elegant new steamer Kus-
1 anook. Fare $6.60. Return $12.45.
Good tor 30 duys.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
Rocky Mountain resorts unexcelled tn
the world.
. 3. COTLB,
A .G. P. A.. Vancou.er.
D. P.A.. Nelaon
A. M. Can. Sec. O. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Dakar St, NELSON, B. C.
I    |
' .is
V ,. ������
! ���:>'
'l-w sill
if* i *
���*s (i*i*i->a *
"1 avrll The Daily Canadian
' :
it  l
is the uow style we oi-e showing in
Among the new articles just
opened up are: Bread Trays. Nut
Bowls and Candle sticks, besides
Jugs, Bowls and Nappies.
Don't fail to get our prices on
these goods.
Watchmaker aad Optician
ii nianufii't-ire'l 'row   me finest  tobacco, won*
ripened and lew-eweetene-d     it's mild, full*
flmore-1 aud c<*ol     A .oba-juo you
ought to try
fobaccanist.    Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel A Poultry Co.. Ltd.
N. E. eo.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. froadsdaile &
Next Door to Bank of Commerce
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vintage to u*e our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
5-Room House and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered and in gotd
shape. $1,000. Good
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing. Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing  Stoves, etc.
1*1  East Baker St. phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealere in staple and fnncy Uroceri.i��
Buttor, Esk"*
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
CJlcI Curiosity Shop
Socialist   Party  meen even   Friday
e-PfinnK at 8 1> m.. ID Hit- Miners' I nloo Hall
All art* Invited; am ,.ue allowed to take part In
the debate..   T. AustlD.-Secretary.
CZor. Varnun and >Vord Straeta,
T. S. Hardy. Toronto; E. R. Cchoo-
maker. Limestone; .1. D. Granster, Sher*
Brooke; H. C Martin. Toronto; G. H.
Adams. J. A. Tepoortun. W. H. Wall.
Vancouver; A. McRae, Phoenix; F.
Steizi, S�� attle; J. Goodwin and wife.
Toronto; K. W. Law, Winnipeg; M.
Herger, .1. Christie. Montreal; K. M.
Palmer. Victoria; T. McNeish. Slocan.
F. H. Ni-ttlcton. Salmo; .1. R. Waldo.
Winnipeg;; J. R. Randall. Trail.
Patronized by Eirl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel in Nelson
Apartment* Elegant.    Cuiitne Choicest
Civility  nnd ���rieauHiiei**'.
t-'nrier the management of  K. S. Noble,
law of Toronto, Ottawa an-l
A. BuQer, Victoria; A. Carpenter.
I'hicaKo; W. H. Jones, Calgary. D. S.
Inglis. C. J. Whitten, Winnipeg; W.
R. Moore, Wm. Lambert, Hamilton; C.
Collins, Dundee; J. E. McAllister and
child, L. Hodge, Greenwood; Miss
Bruce, Cochrane; S. J. Wright, Swan
Kiver; F. S. York, Arrow Lake; E.
Grant and   wife, Uossland.
M. Koksi. Salmo; U. S. Eta I, Calgary;
J. H. Edwards, Spokane; ,1. Robertson.
Scotland; Mrs. M. L. Rnrton. Nanalmo;
L. C. Longk'V, Montreal; C. Gooch, Vancouver; Miss MacGregor, Miss E. Black-
man, Rossland.
G W. Robertson, Winnipeg; J. H.
Laurie, Hevedgi mine; W. Laurie, W.
K. Brown, Creston*. W. Graham, To-
ionto; E. Sweeney, Fernie; G. W. Ix>ck-
huvt. Koch Siding; P. J. Huckney, Trail;
.1 Pole .Uurton; Y. McMaster, M- Tait.
T    .Inhrison,   M.   Beaumont.   Granite;
A.   Fruz<-i.   R.   M.   i'admore.   Rossland;
Win. S. Thomson. Winnipeg;   F. Culvee.
Silverton;   Wm. McLennan,  Eholt.
It Chase, Slocan Junction; K. David,
ideal Amusement Co.; F. Edwards,
Wjiverly; A. Watland. Castlegar; E. P.
Wheatlyy, llresaylor; J. W. Livingston,
Lo:ansport; C. S. Johnstone, lionning-
ton; H. Greenwood, Rossland; Wm.
Barluw. Creston.
T.   Wright,   Creston;   H.   Akens.   Sandon;   W.  J-   Harrington,   Salmo;   J.   D.
White, Silverton.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent tor Tnmcolt l.aunchei
it u-1 PeU-rtioro 'aiioen.
Flnent Lol of  Koala in B.C.
Fool of Joaephlne St.       Tel   Alh
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curioelty Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale
AH kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Pattern*.  .
(SOLD CHAIN, between Hoover and Vernon
Btr-Mtl KullHblf rt-wanl will he paM tor Ht-
return.    MoDtrmld & MrHarrty.
A I'oi'K KI itlj-'K euntiili.lug a slgnetl cheque ol
tbe Second Relief Mining Comj��BU), pavable
to ��. 0, Waile, unil lettera. Finder kindly
leave at No Plaee lun.
After Many Warnings.
Adriver was fined $5 and costs in the
city police court this morning for trotting his horses on the city wharf.
Council   Meeting.
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the city council will be held in the council chamber this evening at 8 o'clock-
Hume  School.
Hume school reopened this morning
with an unusually large attendance.
The number attending this school has
nearly doubled during the past year.
TWO FIRST-t;i>AB8 M.i'M-, uteam heated     Applv houaekeeber. Br-d flat. K . W. 0. block.
INELSOIN,     -     --3. C.
A FAK'l'NKR wit!) f'l.OOO to piircliaat* a Irull
r.ni'h near Ni'l.ou A ffood a|M*("ulatlou. Partner m*.**l not U* aHlvelj enRagt**'	
Kor parlli ular. apply T. O. PHI
���- - ou ranch.
An  Electric Sign.
.1. O. Patenaude. the Jeweller, will
place ln position a new electric sign.
The sign was painted in Montreal aud
is a creditable piece of work.
Work on the Cambrian.
The last pile has been driven on the
tramway into Moyie lake, where the
shaft of the Cambrian mine is to be
sunk. This has been planked over and
everything is In readiness for sinking
the casing to bedrock.
Masonic Service*.
Despite the very unfavorable weather
the Nelson Masonic lodge, with several
visiting brethern, attended divine service at the Baptist church last evening,
when Rev. Mr. Shanks gave an Interest
ing address on the Bible���the First
Great Light.
Marks vs. Marks Appealed.
On behalf of the p'alntiff in Marks vs.
Marks, the Michigan claimant of the Intel est left to his widow by the late A.
J. Marks, R. W. Hannington has appealed from the decision of the Full
court of British Columbia to the Supreme court of Canada.
Ram  Lal Tea Race.
The Ram Lal Tea company, through
their local agents, R. M. Hood & Co.,
are offering prizes for competition at
the Fall Fair as followB*. Race for married ladies only. 75 yars, on Thursday.
Sept 19th. on the Fair grounds. 1st
prize. 5 lbs. Ram Lal Tea: 2nd prize,
3 lbs. Ram Lal Tea; 3rd prize, 2 lbs
Ram Lal Tea. In addition to which
each contestant will receive one package of Ram Lal Tea at The Store of
Borden's Tour.
The Conservatives of Cranbrook aro
making great preparations for the re
ceptlon of R. L Borden, the Conserva
ttve leader, which will be held on the
evening of October 1st in the new opera
house. A general Invitation has been
extended to every Conservative association In Southeast Kootenay, and the
C. P. R. will be asked to grant special
rates from Kootenay Landing to Cranbrook and from Hoamer to Cranbrook
It Is understood that Premier McBrlde
will accompany Mr. Borden on his tour
through   llrltlsh   Columbia.
The death occurred at 9.30 last night,
at his residence. Hoover street, of
Thomas Henry Drinkwater Jerome, Deceased was born at Reading, Berkshire.
Kng.. ln 1837. resided at Absegele.
WaleB, till 1886, when he came to Canada, settling at Kempvllle, Ont. In 1900
h* came to Nelson and han since resided here continuously. He leaves a
widow. Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes Jerome,
three sons. Thomas, A. E and R F..
all residents of Nelson, and two daughters, Mrs. E. G. McNellly. of Nelson,
and Mrs. R. Roberts, of Eholt. The
funeral will lake place tomorrow at 2.30
p. m., from St. Saviour's.
Changes In Armory,
The alterations proposed to be made
in the armory include a room for the
men���the officers and non-commissioned
officers being already provided for In
that respect���to contain a locker for
each man. The room will be placed In
the basement which is to have a new-
concrete floor. Drains will be repaired,
and the bath rooms will have hot and
cold water connections. The gymnasium
oquipment will be Improved and Increased. An Esdale target will alsa be
installed In the basement for rifle practice. II is self-registering and requires
no attendance. Over the firing station
will bo placed an exhaust fan to carry-
away   lhe   fumes  of  the  powder.    The
The Store of Quality
pointed in other Coffees but you
<will ntjber be  disappoin ted in
AT OM K A BELI. BOY ApMy the Btrath-
WAN I ED���by young Khi'ii-mhuii Mb with fruit
farmer where bt can tlioroUKhly li-aru the
bunim- - At i>r<'H4>iit In Winutpeu but -would
come at ���onee.    At\t\Tetn H. !>., r*i*ily Cana-UaU.
TRAi'IKK nl MemluwR. too \tvr inoDlh. W.
Hpr-Uluy. Bert-maty, Erie, P.O.
FJR PALK-Hix-roooibd   cottage, (Stanley Htreet
tiear    Mill.     Modem    improvement*.     91,601).
jeriu* given.   Apply Mri Bwon,
Ram Lal Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We btake Our Reputation on
the Quality and "Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
SOc per lb.
T. <& B.
K. W. C. Block . Fhoau ta
C. A. aBenedid
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ta.
During the next two or thro,* weeks
we propose to offer vou The BARGAIN
OPPORTUNITY of the year. We have
bought freely this year of goods for
Fall and Holiday trade, and we begin to
realize that we will have to take
measures to make room fur the new-
stock. To this end we are overhauling
our stock and laying out a lot of odds
and ends���lines of which we no longer
have sufficient quantities to make a
showing. Most of them articles of practical use and value, and marking them
at merely nominal prices t.. clear them
We arp putting Ihem in our window
with price tickets on them. I-ook in
our window and see what vou can get
NOW for 10c, 15c or 25c
Remember always, when we Bay bargains we mean bargains in thu truest
and fullest sense of the word.
W. G. Thomson
ESSES*"**   Nelson, B.C.
Phona 3*��.
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal in the city.
alterations will probably take about .six
weeks to complete.
Effects of Rain.
The heavy rains of Saturday night
and yeBterday have washed away a part
of the road to the mountain station and
left it Impassable. Along Hoov*?r str**et
east of Hendryx also considerable damage has been done, gardens of parts of
gardens washed awny and cellars flooded. Immediately behind the high school
a small creek has choked Its outlet,
overflowed and torn out a new channel
to Latimer .street across the western
end of the the high school grounds. On
all the streets running down the hill
the wash has been heavy and there is
a proportionate deposit of sediment on
Baker street crossings, Stanley street
as usual being the worst. The damage
up the hill began above the mountain
station where the flume was burst by
the volume of water, which then flooded
the yard and came down the hill by-
many channels.
The Last Act.
The final scene in the affairs of the
"Ideal Amusement Co.," at least bo far
as the engagement In Nelson is con
cerned, was enacted this morning at the
city police court, when Police Magi***
trate Crease sentenced Kdward Rogtn
to one month s imprisonment with hard
labor for having assaulted Mrs. Vivian
Jenkins after the jierfnrmance Friday
evening. Rogers, It appears, was the
manager of the "vaudeville" show, und
in order to enforce proper discipline
he called Dpon Vivian Jenkins after the
show and proceeded to chastise her in
a manner that did not altogether ap
peal to the woman's husband. Ha not
only said bo. but he also picked up a
pitcher and broke It on the head of the
offending manager. Then a charge wni.
'aid against Rogers, and this morning
he   appeared   ln  the   police   court   and
W.   Q.   aiLLETT
Contractor mtttl
Bole tgent lor lh�� Porto Hfoo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yardi Hough and dr��i��%d IimhIm r. turn.-*]
work and bracket*. Coant Uth and ���limul***. ttxth
and doon. ivm. iu. brick and lime (or aale
Automatic (Krlnder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. eaat of Hall
TNI 11 .HON,
V. O. Box 2H.
B. C
Telephone 17��
Wholesale and   KclaU Dealon ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but  fre*ih and
wholesome meats and supples kept iu stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up UU noon Monday. Aug
26, for Lhe position of sales and ware
house man for the Kontenny Frull
Growers' Association. Applicant must
state cxperlenoe sod salarv required.
D.   C.   McMORRlS,
Is Remoymed
ts Business Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, peT lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for  25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for . 25c
Telephone 101,
For Sale
COTTAOE���3 rooms, water and electric
light, woodshed, chicken houses, fruit
trees, i*^ Mock from car line. For
quick   sale.     Terms  given.     $750.00.
%% acres within mile of city. Suitable
for market garden.   Terms given.
LAND on Kootenay aud Arrow lakes.
Slocan, Kootenay and Salmon rlvurs,
etc.    From $10 to $45 per acre.
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate  and   General  Agent.
West Baker Street. NEL80N. B. C.
Piano   and  Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.  Winter   Every   Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing (Vrtlflcate from Trinity
College, London. Kng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing Address Box 796. NeUon.
plSSded guilty with the result already
slated. Bsfors the prisoner was tak-So
to tli'- provincial gaol he affectionately
saluted htl wlf-p, a pronounced brunette,
who hhed tears while her husband was
bslni led to the dungeon cell. K. M
Mficdc n;iId. who was prosecutor, was
deeply moved with this manifestation
"f affection, but ht- sternly per inneil
his duty. He declined, however, lo prefer a more serious charge than common
F. If. Nettleton. lessee and manager
'pf the Kootenay Hell mln*', came in lust
iilk'ht and is at the Hume,
K. M. Palmer, head of the provincial
bureau of Information, arrived from the
coast list night and left for the Hound
try this morning.
.1. O. Olllls, Inspector of Kootenay
schools, and Mrs. Cllllis, have returned
from the coast where they Spent the
summer, nnd have taken up their residence on Carbonate street near Cedar.
H. F. Tolmle, deputy minister of
mines, who left Victoria Saturday night
to Investigate the coke shortage in
Kootenay and Houndary, Is spending to
day In Grand Forks and Greenwood.
lb- will visit Trail tonight and arrive
in Nelson tomorrow morning.
Hay uml Tlmlinr Ijinil���About 1(1
iici-ph of Imy unil CO a-cn-H or tlmbi-r,
ili'lit Ix-Hlrln a It. It. ulnliiK and only a
Bliort distance from Nvlaon. |S0.00
1>*T acre.
Baker St., Opposite Queen'* Hotel.
All  the authorized Text  Books for
Public aud High Schools.
Mail orders promptly filled.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phono  81
Rapalrlna and Jobbing .aacutad with IMapntch.    MI...I M...i
Work,  Mlnl..�� anil  Mill Alnul.liia.fy.      Tf-mifaottliM."V**1
Or�� dr.,   u.   U.   CmUractora'   Cara.
Corner ol Ha:t and
Frimt Mr*.i.
T*l��-phou* it
CO. Bqi KM
Lumber. Shingles.
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Wlndowa,
Turnsd Work and HruukutM.
Mail Ordera promptly attend*! te,
miilson, ts. c.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
NELSON, B. ��.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
IIAKI   U  mmOBT.  IN 1.1..HO IN.
Wholeaam  I'rovlalona,
, OoYernment Creamery One.pnnud Hnoka received weeklj fwah from UK
churn.    For aale hy all leading frrocera.
Office and warehooae : Honaton Block,    Phone 78.
Josephine Street.       ...       Nelaon. B. C
Our shipment of these lias been delayed in transit but we 6a
them now, aud in order to clear before the season is too
far advanced we are selling them at prices that
should place oue iu every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. NciaoaBr^
Guos and
It you nn. Ihinkinn of ImyiiiK u Rifle or Onn thi�� ****
and iiiHiMM't our Rtock.
Wo alao enrry nil tho bait mokes of Animunlti"". ��lllD
Dominion,    Eley,     Kynoch.     U.M.C
and Winchester.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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