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The Daily Canadian Jan 22, 1907

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*_Uje JUtUy  GTrntaiMim
Ik I.   No. 196.
Fiptt Cknts a Month
il Champion Speaks
on Himself
B. Mclnaes Praises Himself
buses Opponents-Speeches
(of the Candidates.
|Mclnnes has at lass addressed
audience aiul a fairly large
|cvidcutly representative of all
Ills speech was largely perls voice loud and distinct, and
decidedly vivacious.
ceeh cannot be described as a
s'.uiributlon to debate on pres-
|lc:il  isBues.    It    was    largely
with defence of his own car-
lust the Socialist speaker, J. 0.
and against the gallery.
^k. 's far more noise than J. A.
but. says far less, und mere
| soon becomes tiresome. Many
lull long before he hail finished
sting was preceded by a band
Soon after 8:30 G. P. WellB
: chair.   With him on the plat-
Ur. Hall, J. A. Kirkpatrick
|\\.  ll. Mclunes.
Veils, chairman, mentioned the
ukers   of the evening, de-
|W   W. U. Molnnes as "the rep-
i of all that Is best in Lib-
���s youth and brain."
Ill was the first speaker.    He
his   pleasure  at  having  at
od W. W. 1). Mclnnes.    He
I was  constantly   being   aBked
J was going Into  politics.    He
ihat.  though  be   ran   as  a
f there   were many  things he
Dt "stand for."    He Intended,
to demand more for the ln-
au It had hitherto received. He
|flth a specla lappeal for work-
Kirkpatrick    thanked    the
(In  advance for the  favor he
should  receive on  February
|fins bssre detailed discussion of
with which he knew all were
llliar.   He urged them to retain
progressive government the
has    ever    had,    that    has
{prosperity  and  surpluses.
Mortimer, speaking for Frank
J said:   "Yes,  give Dr.  Hall  a
limine.    There will be no rest
als or Tories in the next Leg-
Then followed a denudation
J Smith a pseudo Labor-Liberal.
Ihis attention to W. W. B. Mc-
promised immediate accept-
|a  recent challenge.    First he
Tshed    between    Conservatives
ferals,  the  former  honest  and
|t defenders of capitalism, the
pocrltlcally patronizing Labor,
ktuntly betraying Its interests,
look up the record of W. W. B.
flu  tho    legislature    showing
jt.es recorded against labor In-
pe went over largely the points
the words of the speech he
Saturday night.    He told of
J attempt to become a Socialist.
[It. Mclnnes expressed his dls-
ent at his two former failures
ent.    Ho replied lo Mr. Mor-
chnllengc to him and to
wthornthwalte to meet him In
For some time Mr. Mc toil enganesl In answering a run-
of   questions  and  remarks
audience,  with  vurying  forehanded that the last work
|J.  II.  Hawthornthwaite    was
(corporation spy.   He said that
nont that he hnd npplled for
hip in a Socialist organization
put foundation.   He offered to
fit could be proved.    He    ad-
pvlng made a present of $10 to
Infant organization.   He also
; he had given money to save
ami a man who Is now a So-
Ilained the disallowance of the
; by the Dominion government
Instructions  from  London,
���mill-rial stragetic reasons.
Jdenmcd the McBride govern-
not hnvtng sent the bill up
' disallowance,
wted the charge of C. P. R.
with the government.
|ii turned again to the subject
13. MeJnneB.. He explained
DOO a year In Yukon was equal
���bout 13000 ln British Columbia,
pxpects to be a cabinet nslnls-
nlso modeBtly compared his
[with that of Sir Charles Tup-
pn askesl why Charles Wilson
pit F. Green hod resigned from
pet and hinted many dark pos-
proeei'dotl to prophsey Llb-
Itory In every oonstluoncy, re
marking that In 1903 "circumstances
had been adverse."
He repeated J. A. Macdonlad's complaint against the 11,000,000 loan at 5
per cent., and the refusal to tax the
B, C. Southern lands���which are exempt by the terms of the charter.
He then hinted that if he were allowed to "get down to business' there
need never again be taxes in British
On Ihe question of Better terms he
repeated J. A. Macdonald's theory that
Mr. McBride prpescnted bis case ln the
wrong way.
He closed with a denial of connection
between the G. T. P. syndicate and the
Liberals of British Columbia. He assured his hearers that no subsidy
would be given to the G .T. P. by the
Liberals. He claimed to know of private negotiations between Mr. McBride
and F. W. Morse, and of many secrets
of the cabinet.
Mr. Mclnnes then gave his usual
Author and  Editor.
Chicago, Jan. 22���Josiah Flint Wll-
laril, whose experiences as a t ramp
ai.thor and sociologist, under the name
of "Josfah Flint" have given him a wide
reputation. Is dead of pneumonia. He
was a friend of Ibsen and Tolstoi. He
was born in Appleton, Wis., in January,
ltstl'i. He was a graduate of the University of Berlin. He had bes.-si staying for several months at the hotel
where he died, while writing a series
of articles exposing gambling.
tensing. Mich., Jan. 22.���Franklin
Green Churchill, former editor of the
Elmira (N. Y.I Gazette, and founder
of the Wellsboro (Pa.) Gazette, is dead
at his home here. He was 74 years of
Liberals of Grand Forks Cease Working���Riding Omitted from Leader's   Itinerary.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Jan. 22.���A Hindoo died
here a couple of days ago in th eCot-
lage hospital. He had been employed
on the Kettle Valley railway grade. To
the surprise of everyone tbe friends of
the dead man applied to tbe local undertaker to bave tbelr dead friend burled in a grave ln the public cemetery.
Great disappointment ia felt bere
among the ranks of the Liberal party
over the announcement today to the
effect that W. W. B. Mclnnes will not
visit Orand Forks before the election,
it Is generally believed that the decision of Mr. Mclnnes not to visit Grand
Forks moans that the Liberal party
have practically thrown up the sponge
In this riding. The Liberal party here
is completely disorganized and the utmost dissatisfaction exists In their
M. Verge, an employee of Wall &
Creelman, bridge contractors of this
city, was a resident ln the West Indies
for some years. Mr. Verge ls well acquainted with the city of Kingston, Jamaica, which has recently been the victim of earthquake and fire. He Bays
that the country all around Kingston
has beon subject to various disasters
for years past. At Port Royal, a few
miles from Kingston, it is Bald that the
ruins of old buldlngs which were submerged many years ago by an earthquake can still be seen in the water.
A meeting has bien cal d for Janu-
uary 2D, ln the Athletic rooms, for the
purpose of reorganizing the Grand
Forks Rifle Association.
Owing to the great depth of snow and
bad roads, development work on all
the Franklin camp properties has been
dissontltiued for the winter until about
April 1. In the meantime extensive
preparations are being made to put several properties in that camp on u sound
sh'pping basis In tbe forepart of next
summer. Among the early shippers
will b*> the Olouster, M. 8., MeKlnley and Maple L *af. ,
Dispute In Manchuria as to Liability of
Mnki'en, Jan 22���Thc \lcerny ol
Mnkilen and the foreign consuls have
been unable to reach nn agreement on
tho opening of Mukden to torelgb
trade. Tha dispute Involves the whole
commercial control of Manchuria. The
viceroy declares that foreigners Importing foreign goods only shall be given treaty port treatment, Inside of tho
foreign concessions, but pending Ms
location there, the viceroy demands
the payment of Llkln. The Japanese
and American consuls declare that the
commercial treaties of 1903 open to all
of Mukden and the consular body refuses to recognise the rights claimed
by the Chinese to levy Likin nnd restrict residents. GoodB Imported by
foreigners are not taxed in the foreign
concession, but foreign goods In Chinese hands are Btibjuct to the tux.
Warren's Candidature io
Popularity of Conservative Cause is
Steadily Growing���Other News
From the Boundary.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Greeewood, Jan. 21.���The Conservative meeting in the Auditorium on Friday evening last was a pronounced success. It was in many respects the best
liolitlcal meeting held here for years.
Premier McBride aud W. J. Bowser
were present. The meeting was called
tor order at 8:30 by Dr. Spankie, who
presided, and continued until 11:30. A
patient hearing was given all the speakers. E. G. Warren, the Conservative
candidate, was the first speaker and
ln a brief speech frankly and tersely
stated the grounds on which he sought
the sutfiageB o fthe electors. G. R.
Naden, Liberal candidate, consumed
his allo.msnt of time lu criticism of
the McBride government. He was not
ln very good form for argument but
h e presentation was pointed and g.n-
t eir.anly.
E. Dynes, the Socialist candidate,
made a vigorous speech of 20 minutes,
chiefly in arraignment of Mr. Naden
and the Liberal party, although some
of his criticisms were directed against
the McBride government.
Mr. Bowser, who was suffering from
a severe cold, waa able to stir up considerable excitement and questions
from al] parts of the house were hurled
at him. His good humor aud willingness to treat all parties courteously
and answer all questions fully won the
audience, aud when Premier McBride
rose to present the case of his government the voters present were in a mood
to give him an attentive hearing. He
went carefully Into all questions of public policy for which his government is
criticized by the opposition and the
profound silence that pervaded the entire house during his address showed
at least that all classes of the people
were carefully weighing his words. It
Is generally believed that the meeting
made votes for Warren and the government. Although all parties tn the
contest claim the election of their candidates assured lhe present indications
are that Mr. Warren's election is a cer-
On January 1 W. G. Gaunce, who has
been temporarily editing the Boundary
Creek Times, retired and Alex Robinson, who has acquired an Interest in
the paper, now wields the quill. He
is conducting a rather vigorous campaign sheet A slight inaccuracy lu a
recent issue was made the occasion
for a vigorous onslaught on the paper
at last Friday night's public meeting.
Tbe editor had stated that the Miners'
union had sent Mr. Naden a vote of
thanks for his services in connection
wltb the settlement of the recent strike.
This was an error, thc resolution of
thanks having been passed in connection with the strike last spring. When
asked If the Btatement of the paper
wob correct, Mr. Naden frankly stated
it was not, but for some unexplalnabte
reason did not suggest that the editor
had got tho two events mixed.
Patrick Dermody, until recently superintendent of the Providence mine,
and Andrew Sater have bonded thc Riverside and Budger claims at Rock
Creek and will begin early work on
the property. Tho Riverside and Badger are owned by Benjamin Perkins,
who has done a lot of development
work ou them. He has a tunnel many
hnndred feet long Into the mountain
from the level of the Kettle river, and
his last work-was on a galena load
nearly three feet wide. The price of
the bond haB not been made public,
but is believed to bo In tho neighborhood of (50,000.
An Active and   Sincere   Champion of
the Labor Cauae.
A telegraphic announcement of the
death of D. J. O'Donoghue, which took
place at Toronto last week, was re-
Ci ived with sincere sorrow In Nelson.
The deceased visited this city several
times during Ihe past five or six years
and always received a hearty reception from old friends who knew him
years ago in Ottawa. Dan O'Donoghue
was born iu Kerry, Ireland, in 1844,
and with his parents emigrated to By-
town (now Ottawa) when he was only
8 years of age. When 12 years of age
ho became an apprentice in a printing
office. After serving his time he became actively identified with the Typographical union, and in fact a leader
ln all local labor movements. So prominent was he in this connection that in
1874 he was elected in teir interest
to represent Ottawa ln the Ontario
legislature.   /Again ln  the election of
1875 he was returned to the legislature.
In 1879 he was offered, but declined,
nomination by both parties, and was
defeated. While in the legislature Mr.
O'Donoghue was an unswerving supporter of labor legislation, such as the
Mechanics' Lien Act, Master and Servants' Act. an act exempting $25 of
workman's wages from garnishee, and
others. He was seconder of the first
resolution ever offered ln that body
on manhood suffrage at elections, a
proposal which he has lived to see an
accomplished reality. Owing largely
to his trades union principles, thelimlt
of his employment became very circumscribed, and the spring of 1880 foimd
him working ln Toronto, with which
city he has since been associated. Here
he became attached to the Knights of
Labor movement and t he trades council, and was secretary to the legislative
committee of that body. He was always a strong advocate of technical education and has .represented the Toronto trades council on the technical
school board of that city since Its creation In 1889, and was also chairman of
sa'd beard In 1897.
Workers of the World.
The first meeting of Nelson Local
Industrial Workers of the World will
be held in the Miners' Union Hall tonight at 7:30 p. m. All charter members and those wishing to loin the organization are eornestly requested to
attend. T. HESLEWOOD.
Lack of Proportion.
There must be something radically
wrong In the tortuous political career
of a fight-loving spellbinder who devotes an hour and ten minutes, actual
time, of a two-hour apeecb. ln replying
to the ten minutes criticism of a neo-
phvte who makes no pretence to political prescience. Willie was evident-
lv hard hit by the SoelallBt propagandist.
Dr.  King's Device to Secure Appearance of Enthusiasm at Hie
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Cranbrook. Jan. 22.���The fight Is going steadily against Dr. King here.
Last night he achieved another frost
at his meeting at Fort Steele, where
the last man of Liberal tendencies was
drummed up for days In advance by
the doctor'B most able lieutenants.
They were all In the Fort Steele locality during the end of last week and
when the crowd got together In the
hall last evening there were exactly 50
present, of whom 22 had been brought
over from Cranbrook. Audience-making Is now growing to be a necessity
for the Grit supporters. The labor
representative twitted the doctor on
bringing over sleighloads of applause
to punctuate the remarks of the Liberal aspirant. Frank R. Angers, the
present spellblnder-ln-chief for the Liberals, address s-sl the audience and proved, whnt needed little proving, that the
la. or vote is now practically deflected
from Dr. King. C. II. Dunbar and the
doctor spoke at great length and succeeded most admirably ln saying nothing. The meeting began In a frost and
ended lu n blizzard.
Party of Mounted Police In Far North
Not Heard From.
Edmonton, Alta., Jan. 22.���On December 22 lasl, Constables Smart and
Shand, of the R. N. W. M. P., accom-
panled by Sam Adams, left for the
Grand Eddy on the Mlllo river via
Lac Ste. Anne and a bout 500 miles
distant front that place. Thetr mission was to capture a rancher named
Horneback, who had reached there
with about 60 mares from Cochrane,
and who had gone insane from loneliness, losses of his horses and the cold.
The report of hie nodltlon bad been
brought to Lac Ste. Anne by an Indian
who reported that tho rancher refused
to eat and was ln Immediate danger
from starvation and cold. Since thetr
departure uo word has been received
of the constables, and It Is thought
they have gone aatray or failed to capture their man. Yesterday afternoon
Corporal Munroe and Constable Dowlen
left in search of their comrades. Tbey
will be joined by a guide at Lac Ste.
Anne. It is not thought that tbe first
party aro in danger for they were well
equipped. They should, however, have
been heard from before this, and thetr
long silence has caused some uneasiness.
Meeting of Frait Growers
Annual Gathering; of Members of
Provincial Association���Visitors
From Coast District
The annual meeting of the British
Columbia Fruit Growers' Association
will be held in the board of trade
rooms, Nelson, tomorrow afternoon at
2 o'clock. ThiB will be tbe first annual meeting of that body held outside
the capital.
W. J. Brandrith of Ladner, H. Kipp
of Chilliwack, S. Bartholomew and W.
Major Upcraft of Summerlaud, arrived
in the city last night to attend the
meeting, and are at the Hume. James
Johnstone, who is one of the vice presidents of the association, will preside
at the meeting.
Part of the programme will be:
{Regular business and secretary's report
"Best Varieties to Plant," James
"Injurious and Beneficial Insects,"
J. W. Cockle.
Addresses will be delivered also by
mbst, if not all, of the visiting members.
The meeting Is open to the public.
Same Here.
To the Editor:
I have not yet pledged my vote to
any candidate ln Nelson. I have been
waiting to hear tbe policies of tbe
three parties and compare them. I
have heard the Conservative policy
from Premier McBride, and the Socialist policy from J. T. Mortimer. I hoped
and expected to hear the Liberal policy
from W. W. B. Mclnnes. I was present
at the meeting and I have read tbe
long report of his speech ln this morning's news, but I am still no wiser as
lo the purposes of the Liberal party.
Can you refer me to an authority on
the Bubject, personal or documentary?
Ne'.Bon, Jan. 22, 1907.
Not on Brltlah Soil.
New York, Jan. 22.���Mail advices to
the consul general ot Venezuela Bay
that the governor of Trinidad will prevent any gathering there of military
forces for the invasion of Venezuela.
He Is Informed that It has materially
affected the plans of General Parades,
stopping tho hostile preparations he
had lieen making on the island of Cha-
cachai and at Tienta Bay. The men
assembled there have been dispersed
hy the police and are being watched.
The curiosity of the people of Nelson as to the character and calibre of
W. W. B. Mclnnes had been aroused
by the frequent advertising of his coming. The opinions of him expressed
today by a few representative men of
these wbo saw and heard him. all of
them selected because they are without
party affiliation In Nelson, may be of
A clergyman: "According to British
Columbia Standards, distinctly a good
speaker; not great, even crude, but
ready and fairly effective."
A transportation official: "Not a
vote-making speech at all, rather oue
to confirm the impression among neutral people that there ls no Issue at all."
A business man: "Very much alive,
ready and sometimes clever, but obviously Insincere aud therefore unconvincing."
Another business man: "Oh, very
tltesome; the same old list of chages,
roared instead of spoken."
A civil servant: "I was a close student of political battles for 20 years. 1
have taken part in a few. I never was
sn much disappointed ln an advertised
orator. It waa roaring without scoring."
A professional man: "I expected an
orator and waB disappointed. I listened
very carefully end tried to analyse tho
language and style aa well as tbe matter. The matter was Ill-arranged. No
speaker should devote half his time to
his own personality.    Besides,  where
he seemed about to score a point, he
always became Indefinite and inconclusive. His rhetorical questions were
very weak. Such questions should never admit of other than one anewer. In
respect of atyle and language my disappointment waa even greater. Wherever he bad a choice of words he Invariably used the wrong one. He bas
no regard for dignity. 'Humbugged,
buncoed and gold-bricked' may do for
bar-room argument, but before a mixed
city audience It Is vulgar and feeble
because of its vulgarity. Some of his
phrases were very poor: 'Vast gravity'
was a new expression to me; 'coughed
up' is vulgar and not particularly expressive. His emphasis by extra loud
shouting, by whirling his arms and by
clapping his hands, was nearly always
misplaced and meaningless. Mr. Mclnnes may be effective In coal camps,
but he will never be an orator."
Services Appreciated.
Chief Deasy received a cheque from
the Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel A
Poultry Co. t hla morning with the following communication:
Dear Sir: We wonld be pleased If
you would kindly add the enclosed
amount to the brigade's Benefit fund
as a small token of appreciation of'
your prompt response at onr recent
fire. vours truly,
W s'_WILSON, Manager.
City   Council   Organized���Committees
Struck ��� Few    Changes���Only
Routine Bush
The first meeting or the council or
1907 was a short one. The standing
committees do not differ greatly from
those of last year. There was little
important business before the meeting,
which was adjourned for a week only.
The mayor oiled the c uocll to order promptly. Th"re were present besides tha mayor, Aldermen 8*lous, Irving, McMorris and Annable. The minutes of the last regular meeting and ad-
meeting were read and approved.
The mayor reported the following
Finance���Aldermen Rose, Selous and
Board of Works���Aldermen Hume,
Irving and Annable.
Fire, Water and Light���Aldermen Selous, Rose and McMorris.
Tramway and Health���Aldermen Annable, Rose and Selous.
Fire Wardens���Aldermen Selous and
The mayor named Monday evenlr_
at 8 o'clock, fortnightly, as the regular
date of meetings.
All recommendations were accepted,
the meeting to date from next Monday,
January 28, aa suggested by Aldermen
A small payroll was reported and
An offer ot 1200 a pear for advertising privileges Inside and outside the
cars was received from G. Horstead.
It was r. solved that Mr. Horstead be
given the space Inside only it 116 per
A letter from the coal merchants asked for regular Inspection of the city
weigh scales, alleging considerable loss
through defects, and sending their several statements of loss. The question
of tre city's liability was referred to
tbe city solicitor.
Aldermsn Annable was Informed
thst the court house was In place and
the foundation will be completed aa
soon as the ground Is comparatively
free from frost.
The mayor mentioned the Invitation
of H. C. Bullis to the council to see the
test of the power plant. He saw no
object In accepting It
Consideration of annual reports was
eft over.
O. Boyer asked for more light st night,
snd early In the morning. He waa assured relief as soon as possible.
The council then adjourned until
Monday, January ig.
Storm Lessee Heavy.
Niagara Falls, Ont., Jan. 22.���The
loss to the Gorge route as the reault
of the windstorm of Saturday night and
yesterday will reach $10,000 and Involve the closing or the route for at
least six weeks. The roadbed ls almost
all washed out Into the river for about
a mile between tbe G. T. R, bridge and
the whirlpool. The loss to the Maid of
the Mist docks and buildings on both
sides of the river will reach 16000; to
the Hydraulic Power company and
Electric Railway Incline, $5000. The
loss to both power companies will lie
small, the heavy stone walls of works
and fssrebays having withstood the
strain of the rushing torrents.
Kingston Shaken Again.
New York, Jan. 22.���A deespatch
from Kingston says:
"A heavy earthquake shock was felt
heer at 3 o'clock this morning and a
still beavler one 45 minutes after."
Slrofgle Over Issu of
Ambitions Programme Prepared for
Representatives of Party In
House of Commons
Belfast, Jan. 2.���Tbe Labor psrty,
which has to be seriously considered
politically since tbe unexpected success of Its candidates at the last general election, begins Its seventh annual
conference here Thursday evening.
The chief Interest centres on the
amendment proposed to the constitution of the party, making the organisation Socialistic without any reservations. Some of tbe unions affiliated
with the party will propose that the
vote of all union workingmen be taken
on the proposition, It being their belief
that the workingmen as a whole are
not Socialists. The executive will also
endeavor to have tthe conference Instruct the members of parliament as
to the stand they shall take on the
government's temperance UU, which,
with the Irish question, ls expected to
occupy the attention ot the commons
during the coming session. Other legislation, which It la expected they propose to instruct the labor membera
to support. Includes old age pensions,
aa eight-hour day for all workers, ���
law to stop "sweating" la the tailoring
trade, adult suffrage sod the equality
of the sexes, establishment of national
sanitariums, the substitution of arbi"
tratlon for war aa ��� preliminary to universal disarmament nod the establishment of labor papers. A resolution will
be Introduced In support of a national
education policy which Includes state
maintenance of pupils, scientific physical education, complete dlsassoclatlon
of these reforms from poor law administration, education to be under full
popular control, tree and secular, from
the primary school to the university
and intellectual and technical education for teachers, the whole cost of the
system to be met by the Imperial
C. P. It. Plane for Accommodation of
Growing Traffic of Weet���Big
Montreal, Jan. 12.���Vice President
William Whyte, having concluded bis
conference with Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, It ls announced that six or seven millions will he spent next year,
and that tbe Independent line from
Winnipeg to Edmonton via Saskatoon
will be pushed ahead, with all possible
speed. A number of branch lines will
also be built and, although it Is not
stated, the belief Is general that the
C. P. R. will parallel the Grand Trunk
Pacific through tbe Yellow Head pass.
The principal additions to this new
mileage will be the completion of the
new trunk line across the prairies by
way of Saskatoon, which will give the
system an alternative route trom Winnipeg to Edmonton. A good deal of
building has been done In connection
with this, but there are several gaps
to be filled up. There Is every reason
to believe that the line will be completed ln time for thla year's harvest
all the way from Sheba, the present
terminus of the Manitoba A Northwestern, to Wetasklwln, on the Calgary A
Edmonton branch. Another line tbat
will be extended to the point of junction with the one just described ts the
Pheasant Hills branch, which Is now
completed as far aa Strassburg. These
will give the company control of the
regions of Saskatchewan and Alberta
and make practically three Canadian
Pacific systems through the prairies.
It haa also been decided thnt another
60 miles shsll be added to the line
which Is being built ta �� northwesterly
direction from Moose Jaw to the Saskatchewan river. . Ttm management
hope to get through the whole of the
heavy rock work that has to be done
ln connection with the double-tracking
between Winnipeg and Fort William.
The distances between the two points
Is 416 miles. It Is expected that SM
miles of the double-tracking will he
ready for the taking out of the HOT
crop. The Daily Canadian
. . Jtist Arrived . .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....$*,sV!0,000 RE8T $4,500,000
D. R. WILK1E, President. HON. ROBERT JAPKRAY, Vice-President'
Bunches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
account, and OGmpounded half yearly.
J.   M_    LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
 J3.734.310    Reserve $4,207,741
Total   Assets $41,860,353
Accounts of rirms ami individual-; opened on the most favorable terma.
Thirteen   branches' in  British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. K   KHNNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L.  PRASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published iti aayi a aatt by the
Baker St..  Kelson, B.O.
tinbserlpllnn rales. 50 rents a month delivered
in tin* city, or $&.00 il year If sent by mail, when
i.-ti<i lu advanoe.
AdvertiKiuir rate*- on application.
aii monlei pai-i in lettlement of The Daily
t'jiuntiun account*--, either foi subscriptions or
nivci tiring, must he receipted im* on tbo printed
formi oi ilie Company, other receipt.-- are not
-JANUARY _t_t. ICH>7.
" By ono word we hto sometimes judged to be
win* "and by one word hometime*. judged ;n he
foolish. Le' ns therefor* be earefnl whai we
ity."���Con ncir s
It is unfortunate that the provincial
political campaign has beap allowed
to get down to Its present level. Nor ls
It entirely creditable that while each
side is publicly accusing the olher of
the gt osteal corruption, privately the
protagonists remain friendly and perfectly and good-naturedly familiar.
Either thi' charges arc a matter of
form, for the entertainment of parti-
san audiences, and are not believed by
th'ir own authors, or���a far worse condition���political corruption on both
Bides is laken as a matter of course,
and In not considered of sufficient
Importance to affecl personal relations.
Who Is responsible for the character of the campaign?
The bandying of charges of theft and
bribery began With the attempt to discover a scandal in connection with Ihe
transfer of the Knl. ;i Island terminal
site by the government to the Orand
Trunk Pacific Hallway company. That
attempt sliould have ended wilI' the
reporl of the commission of investigation appointed by the legislature, ff
J, A. Macdonald was dissatisfied with
that report and really believed thnt
the charges of corruption mado hy him
c uld be established, he had a perfect
right to appeal lo the electors of the
provlnoe on that issue. Hut he could
have done so, If he had the material,
in the culm, judicial manner that he
has used on other occasions. Unfortunately he lost his temper while addressing a Vancouver meeting on the
subject, and denounced as "a hand of
adventurers, male and    female,"    the
group, consisting of Peter Larsen, railway contractor, E. V. Bodwell, K. C,
his solicitor, James Anderson, business
associate of Larsen, and Mrs. Anderson, whose only interest, in the affair
was that of her husband. Every circumstance of the whole transaction is
now matter of public record. The
charges of corruption have not been
withdrawn but have been silently
dropped. All that is charged now Is
that the deal was not a good one in
the interest of the province.
Had that been the original charge
there had never been any excuse for
personal v 1 ficat'on. Mr. Macdonald's wantonly and foolishly offensive
phrase is solely responsible for the introduction of the language of the gutter into the present oamnongn.
The downhill path is easy. The introduction of slander aud imputing of
corrupt motives did not stop with the
end of the Kaien Island Inquiry. The
same tactics were at once employed
in connection with every other Issue
before the legislature.
We do not accuse Mr. Macdonald of
complicity in the Pendray lots slander.
That lover of filth, the editor of the)
Vancouver World, needed no inspiration. To hlm abuse and dirt are as
the breath of life.
When dissolution came and Mr. Macdonald deliberately elected for a campaign of slander, ho could not, as a
matter of expediency, have done better ihan to summon to his aid \V. W.
B, Mclnnes, who is undoubtedly an expert In that peculiar style of fighting.
While he was a mere boy Mr. Mclnnes was branded by the Toronto
Qlobe as a liar and a slanderer. His
political victories have all been won
on Vancouver Island, in constituencies
where the majority of tho voters were
and are still employees of James Dunsmuir. who has always been unpopular
with Ihem, whether deservedly or not
Ih Irrelevant. Iu those campaigns Mr.
Mclnnes' only weapons were abuse of
James Dunsmuir and appeals to the
bitter class prejudices of his coal miner
ennst'tuente. His certificate of character from the Toronto Globe, and his
subsequent di'igent development of hla
only talent imply justified Mr. Mac-
drnald's clitic . His c urse during the
present campaign has afforded further
All the time that Mr. Mclnnes could
spare from praise of himself was de
voted to making or repeating charges
of dishonesty against all his political
J. A. Macdonald. who knows better,
i.s following the same unworthy course.
On thai issue���a tissue of siandeious
falsehoods���he has chosen to rest his
Now, it is true that a charge somewhat similar, is made by tlie Conservatives against the Liberals. It, however, does not Include every Liberal In
the province nor even every Liberal
candidate. We believe that Dr. Hall
is perfectly innocent of complicity ln
It or knowledge of it.
The charge is that the Liberal campaign is financed, and as far as can
prudently be attempted in Hritish Columbia, controlled hy the Ottawa machine, and that the price of that financial asHs.tano i is obedience to the machine, whose interests are those of the
(irand Trunk Pacific Hallway company.
The machine Is so powerful that not
only Mr. C. S. Hyman, but also Sir
Wilfrid Laurier. is powerless against
it. It provides the money and the men
that have corrupted constituencies
throughout Canada In both Dominion
and provincial elections. It is hardly
safe to send "the dark-lantern brigade"
into Hritish Columbia, but the money
is here; its influence is patent even
in Nelson.
These are the fac's c nfronting the
electors of the province; the charges
of corruption against Mr. McHride and
his colleagues have been openly investigated and disproved; the evidence of
the corrupt control of the Liberal party In the province by the Ottawa machine can be seen in every constituency, and even more clearly in the gen-
eial conduct of the whole campaign.
Mr. Mclnnes denies that there is any
truth in the story of his having offered
himself as a candidate for membership in a Socialist lodge. E. T. Kings-
ley and scores of other Socialists, many
of them professing to speak of their
own knowledge, say that he did make
such application. It Is no concern of
ours. It Is between Willie aud the Socialists. As we are not in the secrets
of the Nanaimo or any other Socialist
lodge, we are of course unable to offer
any proof or disproof of the story. We
have reported Mr. Kingsley's statement; we now report Mr. Mclnnes' denial.
W. W. I!. Mclnnes Informed his audience many times that he loved a
tight. It ls lo be hoped that all were
duly Interested ln the great man's self-
revelations. If he is really (ond of
fighting���of course ho meant with his
tongue only���he has neglected rather
n large number of opportunities In his
ten years of notoriety and lime light.
The Toronto Globe offered him a rare
opening in 1896: Willie skulked away
from Ottawa, As a member of the Mar-
tidite opposition he had a glorious opportunity for a fight against odds���the
only kind that appeals to a real fighter :but Willie went Into camp with
Joe and supported James Dunsmuir,
whom he had formerly abused with all
the might of his disproportionately long
tongue. After 1903 he had another
brilliant chance for a fight on almost
equal terms and with, possibly some
chance of ultimate success: he cowered
away to the Yukon, knowing that his
seat would be lost and the position of
the government secured beyond any
danger. Willie is no fighter. He iB
fxacly like Alex. Henderson; he "has
no use for opposition." Where the pickings are, there his heart is, and there
will he be found. Willie is but one
more of the class of Liberal politicians
llge Hug-the-Machine Preston, who
have made "politician" a term of reproach In Canada.
"The reliability of the Liberal press
may be Judged" from Its remarks ai/iut
tlle Conservative nomination in Nelson.
John A. Kirkpatrick was nominated in
the Conservative convention by the
gentleman who had rirst mentioned the
num.. of R J. Clark In that connection.
That gentleman did so at Mr. Clark's
request. Another member of the nominating convention, who had declared
his Intention of nominating Mr. Clark,
was prevailed upon by Mr. Clark not
to do so. At a meeting held before
the nom'nation Mr. Clark spoke on behalf or John A. Kirkpatrick and has
supported him loyally throughout.
There are personal and private matters
of no special Importance that should
not be Inflicted upon the public at all.
There Is no good excuse in the paragraph In Tha Dally News of this morning's date for the personal reference,
and the suggestion of "defeated aspirations" is not only false but silly, even
babyish. Is envy contagious or does
The Dally News editorial office contain morn than one whose aspirations
for political tame are still unrealized?
WIlHc offered his hearers last night
tho original information that he ls
"not an utter fool." Then why, In tho
name of sanity, did he ask an intelligent audience to believe that thc Lib-
Grand   Korks....
New Westminster
Dr. Young	
Wm. Manson	
Chas. Wilson. K. C
L.P.J. Champion.
S. A. Cawley	
H G. Parsons   ...
lt. Grant	
W. H. Hay ward...
J. .A. Harvey	
F.J. McKentie...
II. McBride	
I'VE. Pool.-y	
W. It. Ross	
E Miller	
E. G. Warren	
A. E. McPhllllps..
P. J. Pulton	
N. F. Mackay  ....
A. McDonald	
Dr. S. B. O'Drlan..
' J. A. Kirkpatrick.
J. W. Cairns	
T. Gifford	
Thos. Taylor	
Richmond     F. L. Carter-Cotton
L. A. Campbell ...
D. M.Eberts	
L.W. Shatford...,
W It. Lord	
Wm. Hunter	
H.G. Tatlow	
J. F. Garden	
A. 11. MacGowan. .
W. Dowser	
Dr. McGuire	
Hon. It. McBride
AD. Thompson
H. F. W. Behnson
Aid. F. Davie
Chas. Semiin	
J. H. Sehofield ...
Caii. John Irving
11. Brewster	
II. Jones	
H. Gorston	
C. W. Munro	
W.C.Wells   ....
I. II. Dennett	
J N. Evans	
Dr. King	
John Oliver	
R. Jardlne	
John Jardini;....
W.M. Dickon...
II. W. Gregory  .,
ti. It. Naden	
T, W. Paterson..
J. D. Swansssn. ..
John Ks.^n	
M. Eagleson....
II Sheppard....
Dr. O A. n. Hall.
g. Thomas 	
F. W. lloway....
Dr. Macdonald..
R. Oaley	
Soc, Labor or Ind.
J. Cartwright (Soc.)
Dr. W.J.Curry  (Soc.)
Thos.  E. Kelly   (Ijib.l
W.H.Moors  (Soc.)
John Mclmu-H (Soc.)
K. Dynes (Soc.)
W. J.Leillnghum (Soc.i
J. II. Ilawthoinlhwsiit (8c
Kruuk Phillips (Soc.)
P. Williams (Soc.i
D, Thompson.
J W. Logic (Soc.)
W. W. I.u Foaux (Soc.)
J. W.Wcart.
J A. Macdonald..
John Piercy	
Smith Curtis	
Dr. Kergan |
A. I!. 11 ��� ksi a Ier
W. W. B.:Mclnnes.
T.F. Neelands...
..P. A. Gilchrist..
J. W. DeB. Farrls
C. Tossel	
n. L. Drury
W. G. Cameron
J. D. McNIven
Richard Hall
Smart Hcnd.srssm
J Fred Hume ...
Archie F. Berry (Soc.)
Geo. E. Winkler (Soc.)
W. Davidson (Soc.)
K. T. Kingsley.
It. P. Pettlplece (Soc.)
A.StebbingB (Soc.)
K. H. McVety (Soc.)
A. (i. Perry, F Williams.
Dr. Ernest  Hall (Labor).
A. Johnson (Labor).
.Houston  (Ind. Can.)
eial party In British Columbia has no
conns ctlon with the Ottawa machine
ami the G. T. P. Everyons- who knows
Willie knows that ho has never saved
any money, thai he is nol now travelling at his own expense, nor are hla
expensese being met out of any campaign fund raised In lliltish Columbia,
Ra'ph Smith and W. Sloan have not
bun led to Vancouver Island al their
own expense. Alex. Henderson has
not corns- out of his safe and comfor1
table obsourity at his own risk. The
working mm ami business men of Nelson are not fools, anil all Willie's bellowing, gesticulating and band-clapping
will not make them believe that Willie
is running any financial  risk.
Willie Mclnnes inquired last night
for the whereabouts of Robert F. Green.
Mr. Green ls in Kaslu riding���where
Mr. Mclnnes In spite of an urgent appeal, decided not to go���working for
his friend, sVell F. Mackay. Mr. Green
has no Inclination, possibly no ability,
to bellow and wave his arms on a platform . bul his quieter influence will bs'
exerted throughout the campaign. If
Mr. Mclnnes believed a lithe of the
slanders he hinted at last night, hi*
has missed a rare opportunity. Hi'
would have the night of his life bail
he dared to breathe his dirty���but perhaps natural���suspicions to a Kaslu
W. W. it. Mclnnes denied nearly every offence of which he has been ac-
cus.'d. It is worthy of note, therefore,
that he did not deny that the oionto
Glob* called hlm a liar and a slanderer
ami that he swallowed lt.
Willie has generally been credited
with a sense of humor. It must have
been temporarily dormant while he
compared hlmse'f with Sir Charles
"Windjammer" was the verdict of
the great, majority who heard the effort of Willie Mclnnes last  evening.
fin day** after date I Intend to apnlv t.o the Hon.
Chief CoinmlaBloner of I.ands ami Works to purchase .'{.ii acres of and located in Plre Valley being part of -Sections U and In Township 09, and
described a*- followi': Commeneing at a jiont
marked P, W.J. H, K. eorner and planted nl the
northwest corner of Wm. Williams' pu*chase:
thence wrat 40 chains; thence north 80 ehain*.;
thenei* en hi 40 chain*; thence soutli -HO chaiua to
plueeof beginning.
November-Gird 1906.
K. W. Jordan,
J. fi. annahi.e, Agent.
Sixty dtya afterdate 1 intend to apply lothe
Hnn. Chief Commissioner of Lunik and Works
to pnrehHHQ 187 neres of laml, commeneing; at h
post marked B. B's N. R, corner post, planted nt
the N.W. eorner of Q, W. Steele'* claim on the
west side of Arrow lake, about lour mllen above
Burton city, thence west 40 chains, thence south
te.b'i chains, thenee cast 40 chains, thenoe north
���in...:! < hm tii - to place of beginning, containing IH.
acres, more or less.
Dated 29th day of Nov., 100(1.   Byron Hurton.
J. K. ANNARI.E, Agent.
Notlco ts hereby givon that two month* niter
date we Intend to apply to thc Chief Cominls-
sioner of Lands and Works for a IftSM of nil that
land being the foreshore adjoining the Canadian
Pacific Railway Shipyard on the wett, part of
Lot68A, group 1, anil being on the south shore
of the weat arm of Koolenay I-ake, in the dis-
rlct of Kootenay: Commencing at the southerly corner of lit 7061, group 1; thence along the
south westerly boundary of lot TOM and the e.x-
tension thereof, tn a north westerly direellon, a
distance of 425 feet; thence at right angles to
said boundary In i south westerly direction, a
distance ol 81.. feet, mete or less, to the north
easterly boundary of the City Park, continued!
thence* parallel to said westerly boundary of lot
7064, In a aouth eaaterly direction, a dlstnroe ht
BOO feet, more or less, to the northerly l>-iind-trr
of lot .WA; thence following the northerly bound*
ary of lot 6H *���*���*. In u north caitctly di reel Ion tothe
point of commencement, tlte area being Z.'il
acres, more or less.
Dated this 7th day of January, A.I)., 1907.
60 days after date 1 lutend to Apply to thc Honorable the Chief Commissioner -,-> |.unds and
Worka, to purchase '������it' acres of In ud: Commencing at a poat marked O. W. 8. N. E, corner
post and planted on the west shore of .-rrow
lake adjoining Lot .873 on the south *-.<..��� of said
l-ot, tlien.'t* west 80 chains along the *inm.hcru
boundary of I-ot :.:i; thence south 40.83 chaiua;
thence east 80 chains more or less to lake shore;
tbence north nloug lake ahore tu place of beginning.
pated 39th day of Nov, 1906.
Gjh. W.Btiii.,
J. K. ANNAIII.K. Agenl.
Sixty days after tlate 1 intend tn npplv to the
Hon. Chief (;onimls*>iliiner of Landi and Works,
Victoria, to purchase luu acres id lauo located In
Fire Valley, beirig pnrt .-f Section*- Three Md
Knur, Townabip "'���', an.l deFTlbed a* follows:
Commencing at n post planted at William
Williams' N. W. oorner, and marled *'K. K W's
N. K. corner," and running 4*" chains west,
thence V" chains wutb, tbeuce "ii chain* east,
theuce <(�� chains south, thenca 2n chains cast,
theuce -so ehalni noith to place of bejruiniiiK
November ._rd, 1906 Koia K Williams,
J. E. Annaii.e. Agent,
Notice ts hereby given mat 00 dars alter date 1
intend to apply t>> tlir Honorable the Cnlel Commissioner of l.rtuds ainl Works for permission to
purehase the following iie*crll>ed lands: Com-
m.nelug at a post i-luc.-I -"U caains wesl of tbe
southeast corner of M>t 2,"-.'j, marsed "K. A. Bell's
uorih west corner." thence south jm chains,
thence east 2c (halui'. tnence north lm chains,
thenc.' wett B0chaini to poini of commencement,
containing 10 acre*-, mnre or less.
Located thisGth day of Nov.,1906.   It. A. Bull
Sixty days after date 1 intend to applr to
Hmi Chlel OonunlesJOner Ol Lauds and Wi
Vietoria, to purchase .NO acres of land, in
Valley, West Kooteuay: CommeiiclUK at a
planted no chains west of the ��. W. comer <
Robinson's pre-emption, aO'i marked W. W'
K- corner, ami running mil 6" chains, th
south Hll chains, thence east fin chaius, th
north So chains to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, 1900. William Wii.ua
J. E. Ahnahlk, Agent.
of J.
'a N.
Sixty days after due I intend to apply to the
Hon. tho Chief Commts-iioner of Lands and Works
to pureliase 160 aeres of laud:   Commencing at a
poll planted ou tin* west tide of Btx inUe creat,
on wagon road, about two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, antl marked "Neil Mr-
Kechnie's S.Weit corner post." thence east V)
chaluc thpnee north 40 r hai tit., thence west 4ti
chains, tlience s,,uth *to chains, to place of commencement
Located this 10th day of November, 1906,
Nan. McKat'HNta
Hixty days alter date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief Commlasjioaer
of Lands au I Works for permission to purbhase
the followlni described land: ('ommenclng at
a post plared <*t the B. W  corner of Lot 8900 antl
marked "F. _, K.'s" N. w. earner-, thence following the southern boundary Lot 0900, 65 chains
more or less east lo the west boil ndary of Lot
6901, thenoe following same souii; .'to cliaina to
the north boundary of Lot 690*; thence about 70
chains west along said boundary to the lake
shore; thence north ;10 chains more or less following thc lake shore to point of eommeucement, containing .117 acres more or less.
Dated Decern be   17th, I9U7.
F. (i. Kau.ciir.
Notiee is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend lo apidy to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to pnrehaae the following descrllied land
situated iu the West Kootenay district; Commencing at a post planted at the "Iff.�� comer
of L I'ortcrs's pre-emption," and runniiiK
ihence easl 4n chains; thence south .ij chains;
ihence west m chains; thence north 40 chains,
to place of commencement, containing 160 acres,
more or luia.
Harry I'k'Krs, Locater.
M. It   Mr-quARKiK, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that auty days alter
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable tlie
('hief ('ommissioiier of Lands and Worka, for
permission to purchase thc following described
land, situated iu the West Kootenay district:
Commeneing at a post marked "II. II. nouth
west corner," aud north of A D, Lucas's, pur
chase chilli, on Hand Crecit; theuee north 40
chain*; thenee eaal 20 chains; thence south -10
chatna; thence 2D cliaina went, to point of oommeneement, containing 40 acres, more or leaa.
December 20, 190ft.
Henry Hayoen,
M. It. McQlJABRlK. Agent.
Hlxty days after dale I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Luini-mi.! Works lo purchase 610 aerus of land, looatod in Lower Arrow
Lake, West Kootenav: Commencing al a post
planted at tin* "N.W. (orner of Ar.-ow Lake
Indian Reserve"; thenee south ftOchatus; thuuee
went HD cha'ns; thence north SO chaini I thence
east WJ ehaiiiK, to place of beginning.
Loeated 26th day of December- 19m,
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to thc
Hon the Chief CommfsHionerofl .and* anil Works
to pureliase 210 acres of laud: Commencing al a
posl marked "N.T B'l southeast corner post"
said posl bring st the northeast corner of Ceo.
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about two miles
southeast of Iturton City, thence west 40 chaini,
south 2(1 chains, west 4n chains, north 40 chains,
east 80 chains, lonth 90 Bbalni to place of commencement, containing 21'i acres.
Located Hth dayof Nov. 1906.   NtniK'l'. Hkv.h.
mencing   at   a poit   njah'tfld   ri "i'i.."."   ,c���\
'Hows':" Com-
: v  i. iik, Dill,
                     "������E Anhaiilk, Agent.
Hn.itl, more nt ti, v, ,', 1   >   IS"'',""'"". "'**
iouth ol tbe lout_eu{_o,nI?tS,i" "!-' ��� "h,ln"
"8. Tho-JIM1 N.    V     ,,rj;'rr."', *?  -''������ ""���""><'
Hindu, -thena ,.t ;,S,������,''','"," """"I S
.���isaliis. Uito-i. ���,,. _. ,.y,'iV,'"* ,llllMI'*'* "will 20
munwinisnl '"*'"* ���*? l*'��tol com-
Dr.t_ tht, 8th d,y ol Nov., IMC      B. .������������
ANHEUSER    "f*>�� owsq
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beerl
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Hol_>  AjjL-ut-H  Iti Ill-It ImIi
The HaU Mining and Smeltu
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
tenth   Rossland ANNUAL
Winter   Carnival
Fire   Days
Feb. 12, 13, 14, 15 and .6
"> 'irand Trophic* and fi'.oou In prlres.       . ��<> Hands in AlU-mlane,
HOOKKY- International and Inter-l'rnvinrinl fhftnijjionshijjs
SNO .VHHOKING���ChtunpionsJtip of l_ritif.lt <..'oln.nl.ia
TOBOGGANING���A mfla n initiate down th.-' ZIP"
SKMMi��� Jumping ami Raring,   ���f'liMhiDinii-.iii-j* of Qamttbi
Kl-ATINU KA(<KS���For Chain plon nh ip ol Hritbtlt Colombia
CURLING���A Prtrvincial Uonnpicl
llorse*Kfti<iii|f.      Maaq Band tog.      'i>v-'*i U'��rm,.| other Intere-'-.tiiK mD_
Kodnoad railway rate* on all lines
J.H. C. Fraser, ('resident
For luttlier particulars ippty tn
t-l Bare the Km* K. AiUn^.HwreUrj
Notice Is herehy given th***! C��i OaTI niter .Ute I
intend to apply to The Honor-*.Me lhe Cblel < wui*
mlssloner of Lands mnl Works, Vietort*, B, C
lor [H-riiil---lon to purchase tin* Inl low ini; deacrlbed land, (.Hutted In the West Kouteiia* district,
on thv west side ol I uhamei (or Sli Mih J cne*���*���:.
on un er side ol wagon road, alxnit %t\ Ddll-M
lm 11 w'eit Arm o[ Kootenay Lake: tlomniencing
at a post marked Mrs Hattie Muck's "��� i corner, run iiiim 40 chain-* west: them-u 2�� chain*-
���.outh; theuee to chains oaal; thence '<!�� chalus
north, to the point ol commencement, con tain-
tug twatraaot laud, more or less.
Dated the 17th November 1906
Mas Harm Drat.
John K. Taylor, Agenl
.���.littv days alter date 1 Intend to apply t<> the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of l.mi-1-*. and Works,
Victoria, to purchaie 1 ���'���**��� acres of land about two
miles below Hurton t lly, Wist Kooteuay, com*
men im. at k [Mist mnraed "J. A. Irvine's east
corner no��!," said |H��it being on the easterly end
of ah Island weht of U>t_M7tud claim inn all the
land contained In iald island, lying about out
mile in an easterly and wc-Merly direction and
about So ehalns from north to south.
November llth, IWO. J. A. lavtso,
J E. Annahu. Agent
Hlxty davs Hfterdate 1 intend to apply to the
Hou. chief Commissioner of Lands and Work�����.
Victoria, to purchase BDaCTWOl land lo-atcd
on the uentsldeol Arrow lake mid iviug directly
north of Ix��t 7ST_: t.'oiumenctn*< nt *i \w%% plr itcd
at the N, K. corner of Lol IW, and marked "H. II.
3. E jorner," and running noith 90 chains,
thence west 90 chains, thenee ;* i '. '���'< irihs,
thenee west 30 chains, thence south *kJ < iiatn..
thence east 40 chains, to place of Iwginnlng.
Nov. Min.inoc. Hkktha Hkai>liy,
J. K. Annablk. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that ftt) days alter date, I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
ol 1-ands and Works for permission to purchase
the lollowlng deacrlbed land lu West Kooteuay
district: Commencing at a post marked If!*.'.
A- Wilson's corner post, planted at the northeast
corner of Hcctlon 17. Townsite 7, running ninth
it th,1111 . thence west 40 chains, thence north 1.
ehalus, theuce cast -to chains to place ol commencement, containing 100 acre*, moru or less
Dated Nov. 29, 1900. Mas. V. A. WmioN,
J. Vi iuon. Agent.
Notice Is hereby glren tbat 60 dara alter data 1
Intend lo apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner 01 Lands and Works for permission
to purchase'J80 acres ol land, i\ tuate on the Li 1 tie
Moyie nver about 1 mile from International
Boundary and (.bout 1 mile from Hpokaue Inter
nati'ina! By.: Commencing al a post marked
I) '-rant's H. K. corner pobI, thence *we��l lo
ch.ii.is; thence north 4o chains; theuce vh-i k0
ehains; thence north 20 chalus; thence east (10
cbains; thence NOnthOQ chains t*. pla<*e of com*
meneement, couta'ulug 2��0 acres of land.
I^K-ated Oct. %th 1900.
Huty dm aller date I In ten 1 to .|i,,*>
Honorable tin- < lile|l'oinmlBsl"in*r ol U0-*a
Works for itermisslon to :��� .;��� ���'.*.���*������ tlie tcAkntf
d-scrltx-d   |hit.|-   In    K.h.Ii'Iik..    lii-in-!     U|
tceiHiiig at a post marked J. B- Anii4bl*.'iufl
eaat  corner  posl, aald posi  being nu th*ll_r
side of  tbe Lower Arrow lake, about taoikj
bi-low    Hurton   Clly;   thenee   smith Surfed
tlittncewest   .*-* chains;  then"  ��� '-.Hi J-ciul
llianee west -M chains;  thenee norih S d
and   20   links,   more or Uh t.i the Ultra .
tbenee enKtcrlra|onglakc4"ehain.,norvMri
to the place ol tM'glnulng, aHrtctnug)_��^
nn.r ������ or 1'*--
Dated this Sth day of November, 1906.
J. B. A\*<iU|
per K. L BtitNBT, Aj.-el
Notiee !��� tiereby given thai sixty nay. tl
dale 1 in;, nd to make applieathm m tii-- Ha
able Ohlal Commt-vsluiu-T ol l*nd�� and WoibB
Vietoria, li. C.for pennlsalou to purrbawtbew
lovfing il.-'Mii'i   land, altuatt- lu Fire V_r
W��im K-notctiay distriet:  Comintncin���ttij
rlanirdat the southwesi corurr of Joihuil
in-t-ui's pr��-emptlou, marked H. 1, K'oS.K.eMi
poll, theuce 40 chains west, thenre �� W
north, thenre 40 chai n.i east i. -.i*.'.biuR**_:n_
northwest .���������tu,",. thence aouth i 'chain* u>|M
ol cot^menccineut, containing It'iarrti.iiiinl
leas, ^^^
Date.] thla *_8rd day of Not .JM.
k. I.Kiu*M|
fio days afterdate 1 Intend toappiy ' ��� "���r-
1 !,!������! Commisaloner ol Lauds aid ViailiW
torla, to purchaao 24u acros of land located I
PlM Vally and being a portion ef rtclWlt
and ft In Township01tanddescrll'>-it at Mkem
Commencing at a post planted al Hie toaMH
eoinor   of   the sotithettflt quarter ol -   : * -I
Township   r.ii  i,ud   marked   J. u. .����� i. m_\
thoueo north 40 chains; thence w<it 60 fkiHl
llmnon south 40 chains; theuce ������������. wuj:_'|
placoof beginning.
Noremher a8nl 1906. _
Josini Qaatm
��� J. K. ANN'iBLt.aftBl
Notice Is hereby given tnat 0D dan tmm _*l
intend tu apply to the Honorable th**-hl-jlo*
mlssloner of Lands and Work- t.> purchaxa
acres of land .(escribed aa followi-: 1 uro-ang
at a post planted nn the north batik ol thru*
Mojfe river, ahout BOO yard* from inooik.**
marked "It. McLean's 8. tt. curtwr B*
thenoe-east 00 chalna, Ihenee nortb _"��*��
thmice'west 80 ehalna, Ihence soutli ���virtulM.*
plnee f.'t rutuuciicunciK.anricontaiDlugMi---*
more or leaa.
LoeatOd SOU) day Oct., 1908.      Bout. Mfilrf I
BUty days alter dale llntend to aplaj <**!
lonorablo iho Chief Comtniaaioticr of "'���"'S
Works, Viotorla"" to pureliase 200 acrw
1 .J
Sixty days alter date I Intend to apply to tho
Honorable the chief Commissioner of i.ui"i�� and
Works, Victoria, to purchase IflO acres of land,
Ipoatod In Fire Valley and described as followa:
Commencing at a poet marked -ti. II. MeM's N.W.
corner, and planted al lbe southwest corner ol
lot 7815, aud running aouth 80 chalm, thenca
eait 21) chains, thenei- north 80 chains, thenoa
west 20 chains lo plnee of hegluuiMg.
Nov. 18th, liUKi. UKO. B. McMillan,
J. E. Annablr, Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend m apply to the
Honor* do the Chief Commissioner of _.and. and
K.!M___ PurchMC ��0 aerea oMnnd.loeatel in
Fire Valley, on west Bide ul Ariow lake* Cm .
mcnelugBtapoatplRiite.no chains we l'of t ,,
Bouthweit corner of J. Roblnion'i pre -um1 1
and marked J, Wl 8. K. corner an 3lr !
north 80 ohaini, thence wesi ��\____t [ 1. .,,.?
lontli 80 chains, then,,. vM 80 ,hSffl "a plJordl
coinmoncomcut Iin<( m
NOV. 18th, 1900. J1NK WIU.UIM,,
J.L. Annahlk. AKeut.
_iffi_Mi___r" .___���* dR,,' ' tatW-a t���� ai.idv in tbo
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka f__
normisBlon to purohaae tho followlna doiorth?_
lands in Kootenay l.istrlcl, almnt (���..,���
of mllo from Thrum's siding:   Conn non JnoIt a
rut Placed at the .. W. eorner �� 1    R "l A
Weil Koolenay Dial?"* the >'<- i' _fn.p
following the tlr.rth bou ���U v > JBTll
cha np; -Thence north 10 chains; thonoolS'tS
chains, moreor ess, tothe N w ,_���-�� ,
LMMj theuce south lollOTT Ing the w est wf'.[ ��'
Of UM, 10 chains, more or less to , \" ' f, >'
meneement, eoriUining 4n acres mo , , .
Datod this Oth day 0l_K__15_!lgJ     '" ""
      H* H* I'lrrs, Locator.
8ixt�� days after date I InlPinl in.hM. .    ..
Hon. .hief Commisstoner   .  1    ,',' ", I" v,,to ,'lt'
Vietoria, to purchHselW) aeres   fn, )0,r,c',���
the vt Mt side of Arrow hi*/��    ,;''''     p(|1'''
low burton1 City, and dowSboS u     ^S^"
inenelng at, a nut marked "p ,,','' '""��� ^ m"'
���infri-ii* "nml ln>(itif Wt ,.l,..i��� .._.���..   h ""Ul beast
oorner, ,Tand being 20 <-tint a*'1
oorner of l_n t 2711>; 1 h ��'��J" �� or ti, -j .1..,, B, ,lf;y ^;; .7.^
.,_,_... ���..���_, BUS*Ji ;"<; DofuTwSt
west 40 chalus; tbence IOOth��ChSn.i.!ffi__508
���%___._*__?!-_? n.':_,!.,|n(!�� f>f bcgin,,1IlK   ' thanco
NovemberHth, 1Wh>.
located and deserlbe-il as lollows: inramfHl
*t n post planted ul tht soiithwf���>: u-tiirf- '���
Kobinson'B preemption iu Kire Valky, anit��W|
Ove miles from Kdward J_uidin>.*. ����'���*"<���
kttom lake, aud msrkod V. O'lH B terwria|
running weit ��0chains, thenee souih*'�����������
ihence eaat 10 chaius. them-, soutb �� �����**���
tnOsDOfl east 40 chalus, thenee nnrlh Wcb��I��"P
place of beginning. _ 1
Nov   18tli, 190*8. Fww-'""1!
J. H. AtmaiiLK, aienl
Notlco Is herehy given that Wdayniwj*J*i
Intend to applv to llie Hou. t1iI��'ftonuulMlnB����
UiuUand Works. Victoria, for per lulssl-"1';'**;
oblM tbc rollowlug deaoribed land, i��m*5
lbe West Kootenay dlalrlcl, ou iliewert*'*!
..^....���.jy dlitrlet, 1
Dubamol (or Hlx Mile) creek,	
about three miles from  Koot. nay Im��V,
inenelng at 11 post marked "Jam. 1 J. "U^V,���|
post," running _o chaiua eait, tin m'o *�� "*!|
north, thonce Wt chains weat, iiu-un' ���jnr^|
Bouth. tn the point of t!ommeueemem,*M"��'|
lug 40 Hcrcs of hind, 111 tc or less.
Dnted l_t)i November, 19f>o . ___.. 1
Locali'dlivJawaJ.w*1 I
per John K. T_Yi.ou,Aitent^ ���
, winy daya after dato I intend tu iW'-J^Jjl
Houoraldo tho ChUdl\mimisHloiirr ��f ����"���_���
�� orks for permiBSlou to purehase the |?l^!2|
deaerlbod lands m KooIcubv district: �����"!���i|
'dug at a post marked "A. J. DM1 <-*��<hJS|
corner pool," said post Iwfng on th" ,"!1'n!���B|
erly shore of the Lower Arrow lake ainl,-*1-;;,!
duo chbi, on the northeast corner 0
Urotipl; thence north 60 chains; enst --,hnft|
south 40 chaliiB, more or less, to the i^'^l
thenc�� following said ahnru In a��''��M ,'l
direction _o chains, more or less to ibol'i<��� _
beginning, containing 160 bctds, more or ���
Hated thla bth day of NoTDtnbvr, !->���������    pu I
ner K L. Huunkt. A��oni.
t Notlco la hereby glveii that M **#*$��$&
I  intend, to apply  to the  Hoiiorahle is  "
Commissioner of Unds and Works for *r
Hoii to puroliaio the follow lug d ������- nt��<'<M��  .
Koolenay   dir.tr.ct:     Commem in.;   ��' " ;,;
marked . J, If  Wallace's uortbw���--���.
snld pott being on the onterly l,i|1'' ''���_���,,n\
Arrow   lake,   and   at the   -'oiiibwi'Si <'" " ||rti
1'orler's pro-omiilloticlaim; 1 beiucenst**}*
theneo Bouth 'in chniiifl, thenee well *"J.,-||
llienee SOUth a) chalnn, Ihenco west ��'WJL
more or les* to tbc Arrow Inke, thenee ns
easterly iltreciion 00chains, more orl"���"rf|,j
place of beginning, nun lal ulna. 140 acres, m<"
UaU'd thla'29tb day of October, iw��...,i|UCl|
By bu agent, Kenmkth L. aiiwtw-
_________ i-  V "*   -II
The Dally Cana^an
Balance of
the  Week
Sherman's Opera House
Tuss., Jan. 22
Saturday Matinee at 2.30 p.m.
The Summers   Stock Company
Tuesday Evening in "MRS.   TEMPLE'S   TELEGRAM
A Screaming Puree Comedy
^  17 PEOPLE 17 ::
'rices: 50c 75c : Children. General Admission 25c ; Matinee: Adults 50c : Children 25c   Plan at Rutherford's
ific Coast
Nelson 7:30 a. m. Daily.
Vancouver 11:50 noon.
Princess Victoria
rrive Victoria 6 p. ni.
ae Night En Route.
{Connecting with
Princess Beatrice
idard Sleeping Car
1.00, can be occupied 9 p. m.
uni'isiiver. I). P.A., Neleon
TWO FIBST-CLAHS KOOMS, _t.sum lieatod.   Appl; h.ssssss kes'wr. Sin U.l, K  W. C. block.
l:V.,!NMKH -n.i ,.l HUMKN ���! Wttteburg Mill,
near Cranbrook, B.C., hlso Buihmen at i'ns. ter
Wetlcburs, B.C.
I'OUTKI'. sl tbe K..J-1 Hotel.
Mos.t_nointorteble qnerter. In NeLon
Only tbe bestt of llsiuor. anil s liter..
Contructor  and
Hole agent tor the Porto Kloo Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yiinlh Hough ami drewed lumber, turneil
work ami brarkelx, '.'omit lath mnl BhingieH, rauli
and doorx. Cement, brick aod llrao lor tale.
An tomalli. grinder.
Yard aim lactory: Vernon Bt.. eait o( Hall,
P. O. Boi 2R_. Telephone 178
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Goods of Quality
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is a Synonym   of   Quality
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^ THE s^ t
���outhern AlbertaOilFields \
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the  World
ions   of   Dollars   in Alberta   Oil Fields
MMMMMMMM************** ****************************'������
Tha Canadian Northwest Oil Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
in the centre of the Known Oil Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present pi ices. The Stock
is uow being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share in
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasures into the lap of those who seek, we nt.w offer a limited
amount of shares for developement only at 50c. per share to be
paid iu four instalments���25 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
��� ********************************************* rn************************
Send Applications to
Not more than 5,000 or less than tOO will be sold to      |
any one person. X
������*������������������������.*������������������������������������ �����>������������������������������������
Sketch of Numerous Rich Properties in
and Around  Hedley���No  Costly
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Jan. 21.���The general
Impression prevailing that it takes
vast sums of money to develop the
gold and copper properties of British
Columbia before they can be put on
a paying basis is entirely exploded, at
least bo far as the mining district of
the Simiikameen is concerned. It is
only necessary, to substantiate this
statement, to refer to the fact that on
the Sunnyslde mineral claim which has
furnished a very great portion of the
oris that has gone through the stamps
of the Daly reduction works in the com
pany's mill at Hedley during the past
two years, there is no shaft or hole
deeper than 30 or 40 feet, the ore being quarried from a surface glory hole.
Miniiii: in tlle Simiikameen dates back
to the placer days, when considerable
gold wan taken out with rockers and
the stream platinum which accompanied the gold was thrown away as valueless Most of the placer diggings
were found at Princeton and Granite
Creek, but while the ' placer diggings
themselves were soon worked out,
they pointed the way to the rich har-
vent of lode mining which was to follow, and which Is already being gathered in at Hedley from the stopes and
The    points    on    the    Simiikameen
where valuable deposits are known to
exist are at Copper and Kennedy mountains, One Mile creek and  Five  Mile
creek on  the  Upper  Simiikameen, at
Hedley and ln the mountain range between Twenty    Mile    and    Keremeos
creek, in the Middle Simiikameen and
at Keremeos and Shuswap creek ln the
Lower Simiikameen.   Copper Mountain
is known from development work done
on the Sunset group by the B. C. Copper Co., and in Volgt's Camp, done by
Kmll F. Volgt for himself and associates ln Tacoma.   The operations of the
1). C. Copper Co. were carried on exclusively under a bond which they had
from the owners for about a year, when
a disagreement as to some of the details  relating  to  what  claims  should
pass to the purchasers caused a cessation of the work.    Much of the work
done by the B. C. Copper Co. was by
diamond drill, and as holders of the
bond ln    all    probability    retain   the
cores, so that the results do not appear, this circumstance doubtless had
much to do with preventing an understanding being arrived at between the
parties.    The oxcellant   character  of
the ore on Copper mountain and the apparent quantities as shown both on the
Sunset  group and from the extensive
surface prospecting carried on by Mr.
Volgt. leave no doubt as to the bona
fides of the camp as a field for mining  operations.    W.  C.   McDougall,  a
pioneer mining  man of Orand Forks,
deserves grent credit for showing up
One Mile properties as he has done by
faithful and diligent work. The Nlcklo
Plate, together with   some    IB or 20
more claims owned by tho Yale Mining company, which is a sister corporation of the Daly Reduction Coo., of
Hedley, Is a mining property on a scale
which will make thc Simiikameen district a great mining camp for generations.   At this point the Simiikameen
river cuts through an areas of metamorphosed sedlmentaries  very much  contorted, folded and altered.   The whole
region from Twenty Mile creek eastward to Keremeos creek is a vast mineral region in which Is contained not
only  the  scores of claims  on  Nickel
Plate    mountain,    but   those    around
Twenty    Mllo    lake,    comprising   the
Golden Zone group, Rlordan mountain
properties and those on Stray Horse,
Independence,    Pearson   and     Green
mountains. On Independence mountain
Is situatod the now well known Apex
group, which has heen under bond for
the past year to the llrltlsh Columbia
Copper company.   This mining district
of the Middle Slmilkamieen may be said
to include the   properties   sometimes
c'assed  with those   down    Keremeos
creek.    And it Ib safe to say that a
large percentage of the mining properties ot merit   in   the   great   mining
camp of the Simiikameen are holdings;
whloh are poor men's propositions, as
they can be opened up and put on a
shipping basis at a small  cost, quite
unlike  the  average  gold-copper properties    in     other    British    Columbia
Victoria and Esquimau Seats Safe for
Conservatives���Dr. Ernest Hall
Exposes Lying.
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 21.���It developed
tonight that the Liberals have hopelessly alienated the support of the laboring men. As your correspondent wired
on Saturday evening overtures were
made by the Liberals to Dr. Ernest
Hall, one of the Laborite candidates
to take a position on the Orit ticket
for Vlctoriai City.
The Times this evening said the suggestion of such a move came from Dr.
Hall himself.
The latter in an interview with the
Colonist, which will be published to-
moorrow, says such a statement ls absolutely false. It was the Liberal executive which made the proposal to him,
begging him, iu fact, to take a place on
the Liberal ticket.
As a result of this row amongst the
Liberals and the Laborltes the former
have lost all sympa.hy of the working-
men and the small chsjnce of getting in
a single member of the Liberal ticket
ls being now hopelessly shattered.
. Hon. C. E Pooley addresses a splendid meeting of the electors of Esquimau this evening. His election is assured, his opponent, John Jardlne, being of the mushroom type who is not
taken seriously.
Unllased opinion Is that the government will have a majority of all the
Island members.
Building Lots for Sale,
H.  &  M.   BIRD.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
ior sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
Cbotast Fruit ���ata In
OrtttBD   *wO_VflBtMa_>��
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to -1,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Heavy Hams
Increasing Scarcity of Wood and Coal
Extends to Winnipeg.
Winnipeg, Jan. 21.���The local fuel
fuel situation is still serious. Dealers
are still dealing out coal to customers
i:i ha I*-ton lots and the wood supply Ib
for the present practically exausted. It
la n sw generally conceded by dealers
that the re ls a serious shortage of coal
at Fort William and that before winter
ls over Winnipeg will be very short of
Several country points wired for coal
this morning, but none of them aro
in actual distress. The C. P. It. Ib
Bending out car shipments to most of
these points. A few cars arrived in
the city over the C. P. H. yesterday, but
not nearly enough to supply the demand. The C. P. R. ls giving coal the
right of way over the freight, except
perishable goods. Very little ooal
orde.ed from Ilu'u h has reached Winnipeg as yet, and dealers here are be-
g.nnlog to fear that most ot their shipments are being stolen for North Dakota, where a bad famnie prevails. In
this case lt is hard to tell what the
outcome of the situation will bo as the
local dealers depend a giod deal on
getting coal from Duluth at the eud
of even the normal season. Very little
wood ts arriving here at present.
Freight traffic seems to be completely
(led up and very Utile is expected.
E. C. Brooks, a prominent rancher of
Maple Creek, arrived tn the city from
Calgary on his way to Montreal yesterday. Speaking of the seriouBnoBS of
the cattle situation on the Western
ranches he stated that he had taken
considerable pains ln ascertaining the
causes of tlfts heavy loss and thought
that while extermely severe weather
was of course an Important factor in
some districts actual carelessness of
ranchers themselves were largely responsible.
Most economical for Camp and Hotel use.
Large shipment just received from W.
Davies Co., Toronto. . . Also Davies'
Po Burns & Co., Ltd.
Order, by mall to aay branch wUI have       TTs     I e*Vli ��� ��� s   st.i���       n   g.
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Oetermoor Ms.ttnn.isi.
Merehtll Sanitary listti
Complete Hook F____ji
Undertaker*,    Emhatmus
Ladies' and Childre'n Club Snow Shoes  (1.75 per pair
A NEW BOOK by a well known Canadian Journalist, "The Cameron*
of Bruce," by R. L. Richardson I1.H; postage 10c
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Canada Drug db Book Co.
Sounding Governments.
Berlin, Jan. 21.���Prof. Demartens,
professor of International law at St.
Petersburg arrived here on a mission
trusted to hlm by Emporer Nicholas
for enquiring personally who the principal governments of Europe concerning their views of the date and pro-
giamme ot the second peace conference
at The Hague. He lunched with thc
Russian ambassador today, find after
a formal request to he received at thc
government foreign office reoelved an
appointment to meet Ambassador
Tower tomorrow. He has developed
-that the United States has proposed
that the conference discuss the limitation of armamvuts and the Drugo doctrine.
NOTICE li hereby siren that tn application
will Lis made to the Legtelttlve Amiably ot the
I'rssvlistse of Brltlab Columbia at lu next eceilon
for an tut .authorising tbe Pelrluk Lumber _om-
peey, Limited, to plaoe. oooBtruet, nnd melotaln,
a dam or dome, boomi, plere, elide., and other
work, ln end aeroee the Koolenay river et or
neer Tbrum. Station (ebont oppoette Bub-lot IV.
of lot 4sMS, Oroup 1, Koolenty dlitrlet): and In
endecroii tbe Little Blocan river; end In and
ecroee tbe Blocan mer et a point or poinu below tbe aonth of the Utile slocan river: for the
parpoee of driving, rafting, eorting. holding, and
mensstaeturlni eaw-logi and umber; to occupy
the lurfeoe of the Mid riven where neceeeery for
tho purpoees eforeeald; to deer, improve, and
remove obetractlon. from the laid rivers for lot-
driving, letting, and booming parpoeoi: to levy
and oollect tone end dun on lose, timber and
lumber of pereoni nilng or proltlng by sneh
worki, cleerlng or Improvement.: to enter upon
and expropriate landi; and do all otber thlage
neeeeury, Incidental *t oondnelve lo tbe exer-
slab of any of tbe above powere.
Dated tbe 1Mb day at Deeomber, tne.
Solicitor lor tbe Applleent.
Certificate of ImpcorementB
"Anpries," "OUneax," "Horseshoe," "Useen,"
"Vnioa JaeaVnituatsod In Nelion Hlniag
Looated on Porcupine oreek.
Take Notice that I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Bold Mining Company, TreeHlner'i
Certificate No. DCBN. Intend, so daye trom dele
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for e
Certificate of Improvement, for tbo purpoee ol
Obtaining e Crown ilreni of the above clelml.
And further take notice the! ectlon, under
Bectlon ��7, muet Iio roumenced before lhe lenience ot au.'h Ccrtlflrateol Improvement..
' Iietcil Nelion, lllh Dm., IOM.
raarn Kiarcaxs.
Certificate of Improvramts.
notice t
"*�����.", "��.0.." 'Mft*&ati: "*��." oJerfMi.
tlnnal," and "John D Mebley" MineralllalM,
���iiueted in tbe Sloean citv Mining Division it
the Weet Koolenay Dletrlel.
Wbere located :_Xorth of Twelve Milt Oreek
about one tnd a half mile. np.
Take notlci lhat I, II. ft. Joraad ol Sloean *e,u.
tt** Mlner'e eertlflcete No. B7O00, te ta-nt lor
llmnwe 0. Van Tuyl, Krtt Miser ��� ooriUTeMe M:
BM3I, intend, ilxty dayi Irom Ike dels hereof,
toapply to tbe Mining Rouorderfor t Gertlleosee
of Improvement., for tae pnrooie of -'ttaiatng a
Crown "rent ol Ire itl.1 mineral olelmi.
And further take notiee that aeifoooador
Section tn, mut M commenced before the Met-
anoe of aueb Certlflrttee ol Imscovemeate.
Dated thii Ird Day ol Januery, tin.
Certificate of Impaxm mtnti
"Helton" mineral claim, matted la the Neleon
Mining Dlvttlon of Wait Kootenty dUtrlet
Where located i-On Toad moanlala.
blirn, lntond, ility d_?a from tht
urea. lor Oeoi
tlBoite No. bum. Intend, ility den I
date hereof, to-apply to tbo Mln Int P eeot-du tor
��� CettlfleaM ot Improvem-tati, for th* purpoM ol
obtain ini a Crown Urant ol Um flr-bm ���_��__���.
ah. further tafc* no-Ueo that eattea. -fl"*?
���tot-ton rf, muit he eommaneed btfuro tM Imu*
mmoImuoIi Ctrltfleawol inprovoanMa.
Da -stdTtkia ltth day *      ��� The Daily Canadian
A Few Suggestions
About Small Olfts or Prizen
fimall I'iecei of China      Sl.2\ __>0, _..T0 IM
i.Ihis lion-Eon  I>l_-lien. 1.M- U��
Hilser Uon-i'on   Spoons IM
noiivf nir Spooni , .1.-0,12.5, l ���_->
Silver K'tihroiflery Seta LOO, 1.25
feilvtr I'en'llB SOc 80c, IM, LOO
Paper Knives "fir, 1 00,1,25
Totift Bottles 80c.
Hair Pin Trayi 1.26
Cut     QUll       and    Kterliug       ' "liar
Button Box   .   100
(ioM Plated Jewel Case ..   138
IO per *_.nt. Discount on l-ivwrythina for One More Week
���**��� 2
* Of tin'   difference  there is       X
* between  Isi. ""'I tors,  in       ���
* Canned   Goods ���
* ��
9 Wl- oarry only *
X        FIRSTS       ���
* One trial of our ���
ITartan   Brand!
* will t'onvince you   thnt we       J
i-arry n lull stock
(Table l-ruit ���
[        VeKetttbltss }
I Pie    Prult *
M<ipl<_- Syrup*
���Same Price an Inferior*
ClootlM f
______________________________________ ���
_  :
| Bell Trading Co, |
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or still anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Bhop. A new
line of Japanese Gooils now on sal*1.
Ml kinds of Dinnerware In stock. I'at-
\N&w My Friend \
Wouldn't ymi ilks1 sometliicK
these cold mornings; something
that would send the liloosi through
your veins anil fill your heart
with joy?
Now, tell your wife to buy n
pound of that good coffee that Joy
sells, and serve some, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will look rosy all the duy, nnd
\%foy H>il( meet youat thedoor \
Joy's Cash Grocery
\    Cor.Joaephlneaml Mill HM.      Plmne 19
\V��  Have  n   Spud-ally
Mulautetl Stuck  of
for Xmu.s iniJu,
Stoneware. Crocks, been FoU, Tea Pots, Ih.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your NeH>  Year
Choquette Bros*
Cor. Vernon fend WsarU Streetn,
iNBi.sorv. i��. o,
J.FRED HUME, Proprietor.
T. Vf. Storey, A. K. Martin, Mr. aud
Airs. Haagrave, D. O. Smith, Vancou
ver; D. St. Denis, Slocan; F. Ritchie.
Mr. and Mrs. Mowat, Kossland; F. T.
Greene, Hutte; F. B, bailey, Spokane,
S. Bartholomew, W. M. Upcroft, Sum-
mi-rlanil; A. H. Stiles, Seattle; J. H.
iilllman, Cranbrook.
1). Whiteside, L. A. Mix, Grand
Forks \V. Picken, A. D. McDonald, B.
E. Neville, Vancouver G. Ayres, Revelstoke; I.. B. Van Decar and wife, Cranbrook; F. N. Corby, E. Darcy. Ross-
iaud; A. Pale.v, II. A. Vaigro and wife,
K. t*. Morse, E. Norman, Miss Mas, J.
Johnson. Spokane.
R. T. Evans. Rossland; J. C. Carruth-
ers, Trail;   Miss M.  Tedron, Midway;
Mrs. Humphreys, Shields.
F. Curtis, Brighton; li. J. Ridley.
F. Jensen anil wife. South Africa; R.
O. Patterson. B. A. Williamson and
wife. RosBland; R. H. Metge, Victoria;
II. 1'. Annable, Moose Jaw; II. E. Barton, Untie; J. Irvine. Vancouver; E.
Cookson, Phoenix.
C. Blackburn. Ynilr; G. M. Marshall,
R. W. llardenn't. Bonnington.
C. A. Peck. New York; F. E. Clements, Victoria.
J. H. MacFarlane, T. Henderson. C.
Hunt. Revelstoke; F. Smith, Phoenix;
s. Wilis, Coykendah'; R, Leckeie. Snohomish.
G Fraser, W. Christison. Procter; J.
Norcross. Granite; A, H. Hastings, T.
Bssrden, Montreal.
Tremont Hotise
Kuropean aod American Plan
-oaii 36 cti.   Boomi (rom _S cti. to .1
Only White Halp Kmployed-
Barer Bt,, Nation froprlatort
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber le the Flueet.
White Help Only Employes).
Joeephlue Bt.
Lake View Hotel
Comer Hall hh-1 Vnriiiui,
two block a from wharf.
Kitui 1100 per day aii-i up.
*-_&*&���%      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J . A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Osntrally l.watosj. open Da? end Nifbt.
Hempluensl Belh Roome Krtse
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets-
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker street, Neleon. B.0.
Lighted by Kleotricity and
1. rated by Hot Air
lArae and Comlorteble Bcdroome and Kiret-
clati Dining Hooni.  Mample Booms lor tlommer-
s!aI  Hen
MBS. E. U.ULAHKK, FrsprlMi. n
David Wadds came down from his
ranch this morning and will be in the
eity for u few days.
The only change on the mital markets today Is a decline of three points
in the pi ice of silver.
James Si.-hofiel.I went up the Crow's
Nest line this morning and will visit
ih" electors at the various jKiints
along the route.
Thomas A. Brydon of Victoria, president of the Hritish Columbia Fruit
Growers' Association, ls expected to
arrive from  Victoria tonight.
Mrs. R. W. Jamieson of Winnipeg arrlvesl in this city this morning on the
delayed Crow train. Mrs. Jamieson is
visiting her brother. William A. and
George Thurman. tf
A special general meeting of the
Kootenay Fruit Drawers' Association Is
being held in the board of trade rooms
this afternoon to arrange for the annual meeting of the provincial association here tomorrow.
11. E. Lemon, warden of the provincial gaol, has resigned his office, the
resignation to take effect at once. Warden Lemon has lieen ill for some
months, and his present state of health
is such tbat he cannot hope to be able
to attend to his duties for n long time
to come.
Incident of the Game.
Chicago. Jan. 22.���A despatch from
Lawton. Okla.. says a negro riot created by lane Dixon, colored, reputed to
be a discharged soldier from the Twen-
ly-fifth infantry, at Fort Reno last
night, resulted in the death of Mat
Marshall, colored, the wounding of
Dixon and several other negroes and
the arrest of 50 negroes. Marshall,
owner of the gambling joint In which
the negroes had congregated, and Dixon engaged in a quarrel over a crap
game. Their fight drew others in and
a pitched battle resulted.
English  Sporting   News.
From a return issued by the Football
association It appears thai no fewer
than 1160 letyjues and combinations
havo been sanctioned this Beason. In
London and Mlddlesez there are 160,
in Kent 60, Lancashire 20. Yorkshire
48, Sla'fordshlre 22. while Birmingham
and District association has affiliates!
I;', Manchester association IH. and Liverpool association 21. To obtain an ed-
equate idea of the multiplicity of foolball leagues it is necessary to remember that organizations not affiliated
number probably twice as many as
those sanctioned.
The M. C. C. opened their campaign
In Now Zealand on December 14, In a
match against Auckland, which ended
in a draw, while that against Wellington also ended in an indecisive manner.
Picnic for Nine.
Ottawa, Jan. 22.���The government
has decided to appoint a parliamentary
committee of nine to investigate an alleged lumber combine In British Columbia.
Tralna and Boats.
Crow train���Nine honrB late.
Coast and  81ocan train���One
Rossland   train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Price of Metals.
New York, Jan. 22.���Sliver, OSc; copper 24 1-Sc; lead, J6.
London. Jan. 22.���Silver, 31 2-8d;
lead, ��19 16s.
Popular Price Show.
The above appellation is often given
to a certain class of travelling companies that make the small towns their
slumping grounds and inflict on the
trusting public a very Inferior form of
dramatic performances, thus earning
the name, and justly, too, of "cheap
show." This evil has grown so In tho
last few years that really reputable
companies, giving performances of
merit, are put to serious loss in attempting to break into new territory,
and it ls with a certain degree of doubt
that the public view a new name on tho
bill boards. The Summons Stock Co.,
for years the representative Canadian
stock organization, whose successes in
the Majestic theatre, Toronto, of two
years ago, and its more recent successes in Ottuwa and Hamilton have placed
It on the highest plane of public opinion, is a very prominent exception to
the above. This excellent company is
composed of ladles and gentlemen of
reputation in the dramatic profession,
and the plays produced are of the
highest class. George II. Summers,
who for years was a star at high prices,
has no equal ln his peculiar line of
comedy, and It is generally admitted
that one of thc best stock actresses in
America is found In Hello Stevenson.
The supporting company Includes such
well known people as Ofrln T. Uurke,
louis E. Appell, Fred Dorltty, Miss
Gertrude Stanley and Miss Florence
Natol. The vaudeville features introduced between the acts are of the highest class and altogether refined. The
Valpos, in music and mirth; the French
troue LaVern, in plastic poses, a wonderful exhibition of slatiie posing nnd
works of art; the latest pictorial melodies, Interpreted by iho clever baritono,
Chas. K. Morse; Wolls and Sherley,
sketch artists ,ln a jumblo of uonsenBo,
and the captain of ull comic singers,
George H. Summers. A moment'B ro.
view of Ihe plays produced by this
clever company will convince the moBt
sceptical that they aro the best procurable, Including In the repertoire
such successes as "Lendr Me You
Wire," "Carmen," "A Prince of Tatters," "Because She Loved Him So,"
und others. Their opening bill tonight
will bo "Mrs. Temple's Telegram."
Only a Limited Quantity
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Do You Taint
or on CHINA.
We have always in stuck
Windsor & Newton's Oil Colors
Windsor &   Newton's Water Colors
Fry's Vitrifiable Colors
For China Painting.
Sable, Camel's Hair, Hogs' Bristles.
Water Color Paper
Sketch 'Blocks
Academy 'Board
I'allisttes, Piillntte Knives, ansl all required
We cAlso Carry
White China For Decorating
Wood Blanks for Burnt Work.
W. G. Thomson
gggffiP "" Nelsou, B. C.
Prion* .��-��.
Houses to Rent and For
Fruit Lands, Improved and Unimproved, at Reasonable Prices.
Town Lots.
He E, Croadsdaile & &
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
We have just unloaded a cur of
Ptifity Flour
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without n
doubt It Is the besl flour on
the mnrket. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Wholesale ssss.l lu-mn Deali-n Id
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps -supplied on hhorteet uoti< .* and
lowest prico. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders noeive lurelul attention
E. C. TRAVES,   Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. cor. Baker  and   Ward   Sts.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Prcserviug Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will iimi it to their ad-
vantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Uealey Ilulldlng.   P. O. llo;
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
FKUNINll AMI UKARTINl, earolully attornl-
Wl tss. Apply
Stiver King BotSl.
F- C. GREEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. SREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145   Phont 2.1 B.
On unit aller Dawmber l��t my huntlnit unsl
plumliluR bii��lncssi will lie totaled In my ntnr
Ihisp, two ilonn cant ol opera home, on Victoria
Tel. 181.     S. A. WYE
A.McDojiald& Co-
Donlors in staple anil fancy Uroowie-
liin i. i, Kkkb.
Camp ami Milium* Supplies.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes aud Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Will continue lor ANOTHER VVliBK
J. A. ofuKER
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone 33...
&Co.,   pE_!R
tu*.   v_vt        Limited. Winnipeg,
WholnaaiB Provlalona,
Produce, - Prult.
Dominion Oovnrnmont Orunincry One Pound Bricks received wsseklv fn,],
fnnn thu churn.   For snlo Isy oil lending (frocers
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 78.
Josephine Street.      - Nelson, B. C.
*V/*-%/\ vvnA/\vs^!
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd
A Word to the Wise
Tliittymr wi- htfS iippr.vinU .1 tbo tnnt* "f oorc��|
toman iuhI haw pn.-.v -1 into rtooli the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This itove irf inliipi. il for hnnl <���*��!*! only, nnd iigorl
nnt-i. .1 (o kivo MitiMiti--tlun.
}* H. Ashdown Hardware!
Company, Limited.
***P2l!r.'jiyt 5B2 ,Jo,��t>l"�� "x����ut��cl with DaaiMtch.   NHc.l M��WI
Work, Mining and Mill Maehlnary.     Mis.sulsis.lur.r.iil
Or* Cara, ti. U.   Uvntractorn' Cara.
Corner ot Hall tnst
front Htre-U.
Ti'ls-plsone t
I'.o. HuW
UNITS ninl siiiK that   the  iiui��irt��tioni i
John T. Pinrm nre tho pro|nT thinn
My lust fall suipinont has junt nrrivwi. 8*��
tlii'in and place yonr ordor curly forXmiuBS
JOHN T. Pierre, Artistic Tnilor
I UiHliic-i*-. niun,
Worklnii r.__tn,
M��n In *JruN.s ettlru.
Sporting men,
Handtomi m��i-..
Men that'* fun or tiro
Subject  to  Confirmation
We Will Buy
We Will Sell
5000 Diamond vni..  in.27
BOO.Alberta Conl   ,,,, ion
500 Rocky Mountain oil ... :m
:!H0(i Sullivan               " '07
6000 Nicola Coal Uinea .......'..'.' or.
2000 Rambler-Cariboo
2000 North Slur  '.'." i?
2i)oo uinnt [Rossland)  .[ .02
2175 Canadian Northwest Oil.J    1>
tl Canadian Smelters   I'*"" I
200 Dominion Copper   IM .
3600 Denoro Mints      ���"���
3000 Cariboo-MoKiniioy        ���"��
I"00 International Conl       8
5000 American iioy   ���'
100 Western Oil Con  ti
B. B. Mighton <& Co.
Drawer 1082
NEL80N, B. C.
MANUFACTURERS   T ���__ *?>4 *       1
AND DEALERS IN   -Lttfllbef,  ShltlgleS.
Loth, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work unci I trnckata.
VBRNOIN ��trbi_t
Mail Orders promptly attend*-1'��|
MstUaON, M. c.
Our stock of Skates Is complete and varied,
Including the  popular
BOKER'S  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladles.)
WoocUVallance Ha*dwa*e Co'y


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