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The Daily Canadian Apr 2, 1907

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3%e -Daily  Canadian
Volume I.   No. 255.
First Day's Session of
Attendance Is Good���President's Address and Three Papers���Nelson Staff At Home.
About to members of tlii> Provincial
Teachers' Institute ssf llrltlsh Columbia
assembled In tbe armoury thin morning.
Mure arss expected to arrlvo tonight.
The vlsiturH come Irom East Kootenay,
Rossland uml Trail, tbe Boundary, Kas-
lu and Ibe Blocan, tbe main line, and
Okanagan. The coast la represented
only by Inspector Wilson and the staff
,,t tbe nssnnsil Hcl11j.1l.
J. S   (lisrslssn.    II. A.,    inspector    of
schools tor Yale ami Cariboo] president
nf the Institute, opend with an addreaa
nn "Progress  in Teaching."  He  doalt
wllh  ilu- difficulties  of  beginners, tho
problems ol discipline anil of Instruc-
linn  in lit- faced ami solved, and  thu
gradual mastery of the art.   He urged
his bearers never to cease to be students, never to he satisfied  with  anything less than  perfection, to be sympathetic, patient,  earnest   and   persistent, and  above  ail   never  lo  rest  on
achievement, for tbat meant the beginning of decline.
Thc enrollment <sf members and other
general business followed.   The foNsiw-
ing committee* were appointed:
Nominations���I). Wilson. Miss K.
Bcanlan, 0, A. Thomson. \V. II. M. May,
Miss Atkinson.
Da.-Koluiiuns���C. M. Fraser, J. C. Rob-
son, J, T.  Pollock.
Questions���J., I). culls, c. li. Slsamis,
J   I)   lius-Finnan.
Auditors���Paul Murray, L. Bruce. C.
.1 I). Buchanan then gave an address
sm Die teaching of geography to pupils
lu Intermediate olasses. He urged
constant reference to reality, lhe use
of familiar natural surroundings In
leaching, and tin- formation of ideas of
things   rather    than    ilellultlons    nnd
This sifts.rnoon's session wiih taken
Isy papers mi Grading uf City Schools.
J>) A. E. Miller; and Drawing, by L.
Tonlghl the Nelson staff will he At
Home lis visiilng teachers In the Ar-
Tils- programme for tomorrow is:
Section Work���Wednesday,   April   3rd.
10 a.m.���Language Work In the Primary Grade���Miss a. Ilewton, Grand
Forks. Discussion opened hy Miss K.
llissiii. Nelaon,
Nature Study and the School Garden
���IJ. WllBon, Victoria. Discussion opened by W. Elley, Itossland.
- p. m.���Address, w. A. Mclntyre,
Normal Bchool, Winnipeg,
Language Work in ibe Intermediate
''"'"' Miss BS. Atkinson, Revelstoke.
Discussion opened by Miss L, Thomas,
Section Work���Wednesday, April 3rd.
High Siliocii section to be held in
nigh school, c. 11. sisaons, chairman.
���*��� i*. Kniiiii, secretary,
in a. in.���Latin���R. D. Fullorion,
'��� mild links. Discussion opened by 0.
A   rhomson, Kossland.
I'linniiv Work In Botany���0. McLean
fisisei*. Nelson. Discussion opened by
C- Fulton, Vernon.
in '', m*���Should lhe study of Kngllsh
' "���nilur,. i��� |,i(.|, atilmola be extensive
or intensive?
,���.'' ','��� ">������Can high schools of one or
," "'"('l*"rB be expected to give satis-
'wwry InBtruotlon io pupils beginning
' M   school work   1,,  January   without
dents?       thelr   niore   R,lv<lllc':"1   "'"���
m-��a_�� ''', m-���Assuming the Junior
".de worli of iho high school to extend
*���J a period of two yearB, how much
"lie ilnsiilcl be allotted to each subject?
" .it subjects of the courso might stu-
iiir- i'i . |,>;l",clod to study with com-
watlvely uttie help from tho teacher?
"N��    fsillllnl     ,������..���-'     ���_    -j.,     _,ISS
be ki
papers or addresses will
a at the afternoon session ln the
hut all   nieinls mis
nr* si-hool session   ��� ���
fciiuesu'si tll ���reimro for dlsciHsion
"i the tiuesflnns.
Public  Meeting.
,\*.'l-ii,,,"'7.'l''"'sa* lu'v- **��� "��� Grnlinm.
No���'?l'__J._.��penshlp-Wrai Hums,
'"al School, Vancouver.
through a German llrm at Tien Tsln,
2,000,0110 rllles for the uniform equipment of the Chinese army.
German Strikers Attack English Longshoremen on Wharf.
Hamburg, April 2���Fifty- eight F.nk-
llsh longshoremen were badly Injured
and many others slightly hurl In a light
Inst night wllh local locked nut long-
shoremen. The Dngllibmen had been
ou an excursion, contrary to warnings
Ihey had received, aud were ussalled
on their return to tin- wharf where
Ihey were housed In order lo keep tliem
from gutting Into cunfllci with tbe
leckeil-out men. A mob of the latter
fell upon the Knglishimsu with stones
and u strong force of police had to be
hurried to the spot ln order to rescue
the Imported labourers.
Rifles for  China.
Il'Tlln, Apri, 2._Accordlng ,��� -   ___
Z  Ohta._.lV_S h6re  ,rom  Shanghai,
0 th'n��e fovernment has ordered,
Roumanian Peasants Bound by Oath to
to  Keep on  Plundering.
Bucharest, April 2.���The Metropolitan of Bucharest will issue shortly a
pastoral leter releasing the peasants
from the oaths which they took on enrollment in the- Insurgent forces. This
Is expected to assist fn fhe work of
pacification, many fanatical rustics saying lhat they could not desist from
plundering until released from their
oaths. Quiet prevails In Moldavia, but
the troops will be under arms until the
peUftnti resume their vocations on tho
Empire Club Urges for Mutual Preference in Spite of British
Toronto, April 2���The annual meet
Ing of the British Umpire League waa
held last night, tlie chief Item of bust
nose being Ihe consideration and adop
tion of the reiiort of lbe executive, ot
which Col. Denlson is president, and
Mr. George B, Kvans honorary secre
At Ihe outset In the report ll was held
thut a System of preferential tariffs was
best designed to weld the different portions of the Umpire together; the trade
of every part of the British possessions
woiilsl be thus used lo a great extent
for lhe benefit of each portion. Thu'
movement toward this end In Canada
had been most successful. Both political pintles were equally In favor of the
"Your committee," the ref��rt con
tlnuea, "are gratified that another Imperial conference will be held in London
next month in accordance wiih the resolution of the conference of 11*02 in favor
of periodical meetings, and they express
Iheir uiitlsfuctlon that Sir Wilfrid Lnu-
rier will be in a posilion once more lo
press upon the Imperial government his
offer of mutual preferential tarlffB. The
offer bo wisely made In 1902 by Sir Wilfrid Laurier and held open by hlm for
the last live yenrs. apparently hns nisi
met wltb any response by the home government, inn we earnestly hope that at
this coming conference something may
be accomplished in tliat direction.
"if. however, the Imperial govern
ment Ib kiih unprepared to do anything,
your committee would urge upon our
representatives at Ihe conference to use
every effort to secure an agreement for
n system of mutual preferential tariffs
among all fhe colonies���leaving Great
Hritain out of the Arrangement, until
she expresacB n willingness to unite
with the outer 1-lmplre In such a |>ollcy
This would he the moBt dignified course
for the colonies to adopt. In view of the
fact that 274 membera of the House of
Commons have petitioned Australia nol
to give any preferenc in her tariff to the
Mother Country.
"Tbe organization of lhe outer 1-lin
plre for Irade purposes would be u great
step towards Imperial unity nnd would
bulid up and unite British possessions
and add greatly to their strength and
Influence both ln Ihe Empire nnd In
their relatioufl with foreign countries.
"Your committee also expresses the
hope that the principle of holding con
Terences at fixed periods will he renf
firmed and that the outcome of Ihese
conferences, which have been held dur-
Ing th.e Inst 20 years will be fhe estnh*
llshment of an Imperial council, and
that In any case nn Imperial bureau
of Informal lon will be formed to give
continuity to tho work of fhe confer
After expressing Ihe hope thut the
Imperlni government mny do something
to lower the poslnl charge on newspapers find iniigii/.iiiess, sent from Grent
.Britain to the colonies, lhe report concludes: "Your committee hns for years
lieen led to expect some definite action
towards the formation of a naval re
s-rvo    in    Canada.    Sir Louis Dnvlea,
when minister of marine, was favorable
to lhe Idea. Tho Hon. R. Prefonlnlne
wub keenly alive to (lie Importance of
Iho subject nnd wns negotiating nhout
It In London wllh Ihe Imperial government, when hla lamented death rl*
prlved U8 of a good friend and caused a
delny In the arrangements. Your committee ngaln urges that Ihis matter may
be finally arranged by the governmenl
of the Dominion at an early date,"
Fiptt Cunts a Month
Liberals at Ottawa Cover
Up Frauds
Policy of Muzzling Investigation Is
Steadily Pursued by Servile
Party Majority.
Ottawa, April 2.���Not even the approach of the Colonial conference, or
lhe gallery play of Mr. Bourrussa, can
divert puhlle attention from the fact
lhat the whole BesB|on has heen marked
by allegations of fraud, and that all attempts to invoBigate have heen rendered futile hy the stubborn and cynical
refusal of Liberal members of committees, a majority In every case of course,
to order or even permit the production
of documents or reply to question which
seemed likely iu Incriminate members
of the government or of nny department. The whole political history of
Canada shows no similar system of organized protection or fraud.
The climax was readied In the public
accounts committee In connection with
the Halifax land deal detailed In yesterday's despatches.
A discussion of great Interest to farmers was introduced on Thursday by E.
D. Smith, M. P., for Wentworth ,who
demanded greater 'attention from the
department of agriculture to cold storage transportation for perishable products. Mr. Smith pointed out many defects lfi tile equipment now supposed to
be provided on ocean steamships for the
protection and preservation of dairy
products, meats and fruit. He dwelt
also ujHin the necessity of a complete
chain of cold storage outfits during laud
and water transiHirtation from the producer In Canada to the consumer ln
Great Brltuin.
Mr. Armstrong, of Lambton, and Dr.
Cbisholiu. of Huron, continued the discussion, shuwlng the enormous loss* to
the termers and fruit growers through
tbe destruction of tender fruits and
other perishable articles, which might
tind a good market if suitable coo)
transportation were available. Mr.
Armstrong spoke also of the great financial loss inflicted on the Canadian
fruit growers by the closing of the German market to Canadian products.
Dr. Chisholm on this occasion ns scv-
eral times before, set forth with great
force and clearness, the enormous advantage it would he to a higher agriculture ln Cunada if a complete and adequate storage and transportation system were devised. The opinion prevails
that Ihe minister of agriculture Is giving too much attenttun to spectacular
administration nnd not enough to systematic and practical development of
the policy which his experts recommend-
After long delay the minister of militia hns brought down the official papers respecting the Ross ride. The
communications received hy Ihe minister tell a ghastly story of accidents to
the weapon and sometimes to the men
using it. Whntever may be said for
or against Ihe design of Ihe rifle there
ls n strong expression of opinion thnt
tlie material and workmanship in tlie
rllles supplied lo the dcpnrlmont ure
not good. Tiie minister bas Informed
Ihe house that payments to the con-
traotors down to March ISth amounted
to $1,128,282.
Mr. Colllngwood Schrelbcr, chief engineer of ihe railway department, hns
explained to the public account committee how he came to certify the
Grand Trunk accounts for lobbying and
promoting ns If they were part of the
Grand Trunk Pacific expenditure for the
actual work of construction. He said
that "preliminary expenses" of this
character were allowed to he charged as
cosl of construction on subsidized railways. Now subsidies are granted by
tho Dominion on the basis ot and ln proportion lo actual construction and expenditure. So it. appears that tho contractors have been obtaining subsidies
for the lasl eight or nine years on certificates which permit promotion and
lobbying bills nnd all manner of organization expenses lo he charged as actual
work of construction.
These fads were brought to light
With great difficulty, ns are nil disclosures In the public accounts committee. Mr. Henderson wns willing to
fell but the examiners wero headed off,
obstructed and Impeded by every Im
aginable device and objection. Half a
dozen lawyers on tbe government side
nre fruitful ln their devices for the suppression of Information and obstruction
of proceedings. In tbe Grand Trunk
Pacific Inquiry with the assistance of
a complacent chairman, and a majority
ready to support the cbalr in such cases,
they have been able to shut out tbe
most Important and essential evidence
respecting the outlays for the Grand
Trunk company for "preliminary expenses." The company Included these
bills In fhe statement of "construction"
ex|H-ndlture to be covered hy a governmenl guarantee. Of the original bill
certified hy the Grand Trunk manager
and his leading officers, and accepted
as correct hy the department of railways, some Items were not paid. This
disallowance ls made the excuse of the
minister of railwu/s, the minister ot
finance nnd their eager Bupporters to
shut out inquiry Into all suspicious
items. Now It Is well understood that
the hill as presented contains from $60,-
000 te $100,000 of promotion and lobbying expenses. These items, which the
government was asked to guarantee
were concealed largely under* s general
voucher without details. Such vouchers
as were presented have been carried
off by the Grand Trunk people and de
Tbe prices paid by the government
for this land was based on the valuation of Mr. Henry C. Read, who waa
selected by tbe department of railways
to make the valuation. Mr. Read stated
on the stand that he was an uncle of the
minister of railways and had valued
property purchased by the department
on many other occasions. He admitted
that he did not consult the previous
owners of the land., but made -certain
Inquiries around tbe. neighborhood. If
he had gone to the -persons who the
month before had sold the Velth properties for $7,678 they would not have encouraged him to fix the value at more
Ihan three times that sum. As it Is the
country pays between two and three
prices for the whole property while tbe
late owners, some of whom are orphans,
and all are persons ln moderate circumstances, received much less for'their
estates tban the Intermediaries realised
lor the brief trouble of buying and selling. It should also he stated that Mr.
Henderson and Mr. Pearson did not
have occasion to advance the original
price of the land. Mont of the payments
were made by notes which were retired
after the government cheques came to
There was an interesting little In-
qulry Into the cost of a little vestibule
placed last year inside the main en-
trane to the parliament buildings. The
bill for this structure was $950 and an
experienced contractor, Mr. Askwith,
testified before the committee that he
could bave done tbe work with a sub-
stantlal profit for a fraction less than
half the money. In this case the work
wsb done by a company of which Senator W. C. Edwards Ib the president. It
may be remarked that the Edwards companies and firms received last year some
$8,000 for supplies to the government.
It may be said also that ln the senate
chamber several references have made
to the connection of senators with public contracts snd with corporations having close relations with the government.
Only the other dsy Senator Davis and
Senator Gibson, both former Liberal
members of parliament, accused each
other of appearing in the senate In the
Interest.of respective railway corporations.
Melba Gone.
New York, April 2.���Mme. Melba, the
grand opera singer, sailed for Europe
today on the steamer Kaiser Wilhelm
dei Grosse.
Citizen Protests That All Attempts to
Keep Lawns or Gardens Are
Made Vain.
Nelson, B. C, April 2, 1907.
Editor The Dally Canadlan^In a recent Issue of your paper, when referring
to thc question of extending the city
limits so as to include the suburb of
of Fairview, you stated that one of the
advantages which would be gained by
the residents of that locality would be
immunity from such nuisances as those
of stray cattle and chickens.
You surely spoke without knowledge
of conditions as they exist. In theory,
you are doubtless right, but my sad experience as n taxpayer within the city
limits Is that It ls the most difficult
thing to get common justice In this connection. The pestilence haB started In
again with renewed activity and all appeals to the responsible authorities appear to be in vain.
In your Issue of yesterday you say,
when again referring to this subject,
"some salutary lessons were admins!-
tered last year In this connection." You
are of course entitled to pour own opinion as to what may constitute a "salutary lesBlon," but my opinion Is thnt
tho very small fines Imposed by the police magistrate last year were frivolous
and utterly Inadequate penalties on
those who knowingly nnd persistently
Ignore the JuBt rights of tholr neighbors.
Surely those cltlsens who take pride
In their gardens, and Incidentally to
aomo extent beautify this city of nn-
kept streeta. Bhould receive that consideration which their contribnatlons to
the city trensurv. nnd the by-lays of
tho city entitle them. Yours truly,
Publication of Documents
Is Begun
Paris Papers Gloating Over Find in
Office of Papal Nuncio at
French Capital.
Paris, AprlI2.���The Figaro today returns again to the documents that
came into the possession ot the French
government at the time of the expulsion from France of Mgr. Montagninl,
the former secretary of tbe papal nunciature here. Tbe paper said these documents are all in Its possession and It
proposes to print separate papers from
time to time as seems suitable. Today's
publication consists of tbree documents,
the substance of which already has appeared ln the analysis of all the documents made by the paper. The first
document is a report to Cardinal Mer-
Ily Del Val, the papal secretary of slate.
It begins with reading the visit of a
lady, "of a certain age," who desired to
sell compromising letters from an archbishop to whom the nuncio had given a
little good advice, which the archbishop
had promised to follow.
It then goes on to rehearse the substance of tbe conversation with M.
Jacques Piou, president of the Liberal
League, including a statement of the
readiness of M. Clemenceau to be
bought. M. Piou came to this conclusion after a two-hours' conversation
wltb M. Clemenceau, held at the conclusion of a lunch party at the house of an
American woman wbo acted as intermediary. This report concludes with
remarking upon tbe barm that M. Piou
caused by certain expressions and
some lectures.
The Becond document also is a report
to Cardinal Merry Del Val; It takes up
many subjects, but principally tbe opposition to the Liberal League met wltb
In religious circles. A most Interesting
portion of this document refers to the
efforts to secure the appointment ot
Bellamy Storer aB American ambassador to Paris In succession to General
Porter. ,
The third document published today
ls a letter from Cardinal Merry Del Val
to the archbishop of Lyons, Instructing
him to interfere with the league of
French women to secure Royalist candidates Instead of the Catholic Republicans. Referring to the Liberal League,
Cardinal M#rry Del Val says: "If They
want to spend money In electioneering,
let them hand it over to the archbishop
wbo will consult with M. Piou on the
choice of candidates snd the best use
of the money."
The Figaro considers that this letter
upon which the government relies to
prove the Interference by tbe Pope ln
French politics, simply shows that the
Pope was acting only ln the interests of
religion, as was his duty, and in no way
supporting anti-republican ideas. The
Figaro concludes with a threat to publish certain documents containing alleged conversations with diplomats unless It Is sure that the government will
not publish them.
Mrs. Eddy's Son Demands Accounting
of His Mother's Property.
Concord, N. H., April 2.���The bill In
equity, filed last February by "George
Washington Glover, of Leads, S. D��� and
others ln behalf of Glover's mother,
Mrs. Msry Baker C. Eddy, against a
number of Christian Scientists to corn-
lie! an accounting of her property and
to bring abont the appointment of a receiver, was returnable in the Merrlmac
county superior court here today. There
was much Interest In today's proceed-
Ings, but according to tho attorneys connected with the caae, a hearing by the
court at this time was not anticipated.
Under the laws, the defendants are
called upon file a document in reply lo
the hill In equity or else for an extension of time. Former Senator William
E. Chandler, chief attorney for the
plaintiffs, Is In Washington, and will
not come here until a hearing In court
Is held.
Suevlc Partly Saved.
London, April 2.���A despatch from
the Lizard today announces that the
White Star Line steamer, Suevlc, which
went ashore near the Lizard on March
17th, was cut ln two yesterday by
means of the extensive use of dyna
mite, and that her afterpart wae finally
severed and towed Into port. Her forepart was firmly fixed on the beach.
Man from  Missouri Gives Five Years
and $500,000,000 for Panama.
Kansas City, Mo., April 2.���Representative Edgar Ellis, who has just returned from the Isthmus of Panama
said last night: "In eight years ships
will he going through the Panama canal. It will cost $500,000,000, but we
will build lt. The army has got hold
uf it and can do It. I was always convinced that It could not be built by contract."
Japanese Cruisers Visit
Aden, April 2.���A despatch received
today from the Island of Perira, ln tbe
Strait of Babelmandeb, the entrance of
the Red Sea, announced that two Japanese warships bound for Hampton
Roads, passed there this morning.
The two Japanese ships referred to
lo the despatch from Aden are the
cruisers Chilose and Tsukuba, which
sailed from Yokohama February 28th,
for Hampton Roads, under the command of Vice Admiral Ijuln, assistant
chief of the general staff of the Japanese navy.
Butte Elections.
Butte, April 2.���Jos. Corblnat, a Re-
publican candidate for mayor, was yeaterday elected over Jerry Mahon, Democrat, by a plurality of about 300; the
Democrats carried Great Falls, electing
iheir entire ticket.
Record  Vote Being Polled for Mayor
and Council and en Many Pub-
lie Questions.
Chicago, April 2.���Not In many years
has there been held in Chicago a municipal election so important and far
reaching in its effect as that wblch began at 6 o'clock this morning at tbe
1,250 voting precincts in this city. Besides the election of city officers, the
people will vote on the street car question, which has kept the city ln agita-
tation during the last 10 years. This
election also will be the flrst by which
city officials are to he selected for a
term of four years, as against a two-
year term. Tbe polls wil close at 4
p. m. and lt ls estimated that 360,000
citizens will express by their ballots
their wishes both as to candidates and
the various questions of public Interest
that will be submitted to tbe people
American Sugar Trust Sued by Rival
for ��3,000,000.
New York, April 2.���The answer ot
the American Sugar Refinery, Henry
O. Havermeyer and John O. Parsons,
to the suit brought against them by
George H. Earl, as receiver for the
Pennsylvania Sugar Refining Company,
to recover $3,000,000 for conspiracy
under the Anti-Trust Law, haa been
filed in the United States circuit court.
The answer ls a general denial to each
and every charge made by the Pennsylvania Surgar Refining Co. After making a general denial the defendants al-
allege that none of the acts mentioned
in the complaints comes under the antitrust laws, and even if this were true,
they are now barred by the statutte of
limitations. Tbe complaint alleges that
aa a result of conspiracy on the part
of the defendants, the big plant of tbe
Pennsylvania Sugar Refining Co. ln
Philadelphia, although completed over
three years ago, has not been operated.
War  Cloud  Between  Servla and  Bul
garla���Town Burned.
Belgrade, Servia, April 2���It Is reported here than a band of Bulgarians
have attacked the old Servian towns
of Rudlnick and Topoltcb, by burning
30 bouses, killing seven men and maltreating a number of women and children. Increasing bitterness Is being
displayed hero toward the Bulgarians
owing to the belief that while the pow
ers have called the attention of the gov
ernments of Servla and Greece to the
atrocities perpetrated by Servian and
Greek bands, they have made no protest to the Bulgarian government
against tbe action of Bulgarian bands
Inland Revenue. t
The collections at the Nelson Inland
revenue ofllce for March were as follows:
Spirits, $2,806.09; malt, $360; raw
leaf tobneo, $116.60; cigars, $325.36;
licenses, $315; a total of $3,983.64.
More Argoment on Thaw's
Prices of Metals.
New York, April 2.���Silver, 65%c;
copper. 24-%c;   lead, $6.
L-mdon, April 2,-Sllver, 30 7-16 d;
lead,  ��19. 8s, Ud.
Expected Report to the Cowt oa
Thur*_ay���Wttaettes Stem
to Declare for Sanitf.
New fork, April 1.���DUtrlct Attorney Jerome will strive determinedly today to have the Insanity commission
in the caae of Harry K. Thaw, permit
Hr. Jerome to preeent auch expert tes-
tomony aa he wished, to prove that
Thaw bi a paranoiac. It waa only after
strenuous argument at the latest session of the commission Saturday that
the district attorney was granted the
right to -call his alienists to the stand,
and even then he was instructed thst
his examination of the experts moat be
limited to showing what the present
menial state of the prisoner la. but Mr.
Jerome Inlsts that he Is empowered to
question these medical men aa to the
prisoner's mental condi tlm prior to
White's dseath and at the time of lt Mr.
Jerome's -contention Is that Thaw le Insane. Justice Fitsgerald instructed the
Jury ln the case to report tor duty again
Thursday. This Is taken to mean that
the justice expects the commission to
conclude Its labors by that lme. tl is
reasoned, therefore, that the commission will not spend much time hearing
the state's alienists. The commission,
purforae, must decide that Thaw ls
mentally sound, or tbe reverse; lf the
former, hla trial will be resumed and
each side will sum np; lf the latter.
Thaw will have to be committed to
an asylum.
There ie some conjecture as to Mr.
Jerome's motive ln having Mrs. Evelyn
Nesbitt Thaw subpoenaed for appearance at the session today. Bhe waa
much disturbed over the move; she wss
afraid ahe would have to testify against
her husband. Mr. Jerome wonld not explain why she was summoned, but the
probability la that she will be asked
only a tow technical questions.
District Attorney Jerome had a large
array of witnesses awaiting the pleasure of the Thaw lunacy commission
this morning, among thhem Mm. Evelyn Nesblt Thaw. The young woman
was dressed In a dark brown cloth suit
trimmed with leather of the seme
shsde. She wore a black straw sailor
hat and automobile veil. Tbe costume
still maintained she schoolgirl eftect
because of the flat linen collar caught
with a brown Windsor tie.
Dr. Charles F. Bingman, the Thaw
family physician from Pittsburg, also
was present this morning, having been
subpoenaed by the dlatrlct attorney.
Other witnesses Included Frederick W���
Longfellow, the attorney formerly employed by Thaw, Dr. Allan McLane
Hamilton, Dr. Austin Flint and moat of
the other alienists wbo appeared either
for Thaw tor the state during tne trial.
Dr. Frank Magulre, the Tombs physician waa the flrst witness. He said he
had sen Thaw two or three times a
week since laat June. Dr. Macgulre
said he had also seen Thaw every day
of his trial.
"Was his condition such at any time
during the trial as to attract your attention?"
"No, sir."
���You bave talked with him In tbe
Tombs since the trial began?"
*' Yes, sir."
"Waa his talk sensible?"
"Yes, sir, very sensible."
"Have you ever heard the defendant
say, or aeen him do, any Irrational
"Do you mean since the trial," asked
the witness.
"Since the trial began," said Mr. McClure.
"No, air, nothing."
"Have you at any time seen him do
anything irrational?"
"No, sir."
Dr, Magulre waa aaked about the
book In which he kept a record of the
prisoner and which Mr. Jerome pro-
duced before tbe commission on Saturday. He satd the book contained
mostly hearsay matter and but few
original entries by himself. Questioned
by Mr. Jerome. Dr. Magulre said he hnd
never made a apeclal examination ot
Thaw to determine hie sanity or Insanity. He also said he had been refused permission to he presenl at
Thaw's examination on June 28th last
by the alienists for the defence. Dr.
Magulre Bald he had not talked with
Thaw regarding his trtsl or Ws mental
oonditlon. Thetr conversations had been
confined to ewrraot toplfld. The Daily Canadian
Mlni-rs' and AU
Campers' Supplies
tfnts i-i ��n t it* tnd *-����'s}t't��
m.1 users and Oft. S^*-1* clotmino.
OVER*|l S  .���'it JUMPERS.
VNPEHWeAK   jt  sill rn.-**
MUMON  '���'��� *���*���   a' '."'"' ind CANADIAN blankets.
tttam t I*  || Pvunds.
WO    r\ Ol F| Mid FEEO.
ttt fell these hues wc offer  excellent quality at vetv
RMo&tbk met*.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Oflw**:   Toronto,
oapiX��I rui'Vf     B.WMB UR femjm
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>H.*t\ i>kv>*cii ��'���   M-��   L.AV,   ,\\nrw*s��r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Man ** mtttattm
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fMvxn BnuA G. A. SPiNK. MAn*s#f.
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all Klw efforts ol ettiaotu to bttttUft
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iho il>:ht hand on tho Bible
Tho looat option by-law of Mono
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Th* r*tuoval of tho !amUu>; of large
DttMdl stoaiuor-* fr*.HU Kuuonskl to Quo-
hoc l�� uiooUhI tu tho lattor city.
It Is piOpond ti import reiuiUv* h-OBl
Norw.iv   to  UUtfidor.    Tho BOYonUttttl
has laid by |j,tKH) for tho puriK-^o.
OOitaNHI   rocoipu   Ot   Toronto   from
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tht- ofllo* of aswwsmicht conuolu nmi
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Eastet Millinety
We have just received another shipment of American Pattern Hats which were too
late for our display but aro uow ready for inspection.
Tho -ar .--.hortaso at Yorktoti. ffillfr. ts
WriOOH \ ni-'jcu uush^ls ol train Uo
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BRhlM to tho laud ol frooJoot.
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tttml at Ottawa tn tht offovr. r.!-
" - ���'*��� * HtatoH h-xs  ���" .-   io wt'h
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Fred Irvine <& Co'y
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,  .  , ���        -,.- ire ��to tii*
tatt_ta*)t  ot   lUMM  *a-l
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
y ���;.��� L. _*��t>? ^it*_ -.n-t fn-.y a��^ _,���.��
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.     .        | *   . at  ( :      WM*,!   ���������   *
km L. w.oc
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D��M Dat-aaL-a*; n__., 1*17.
Old Curiosity Shop
tt yea waat. w ^o,v or sot! aj_?t!L'j__!C.
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��� , -      mimr*- silajm.
��� ��� ,    .   :���   -.  ���-   w    ta  to'i.b
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,    . i-      ��� .** ��� pnrtal
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...;.-,.-,'���,���. HM Aa  *H*t
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. :,.*���..���    t      tj       ., .      ;.      *  ��� i. ---.i- ��� '    ,*:-'*Q '
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:   *������   -ivJK.��f**��-
PVC ��� ">    ItUOMOM   A*��BL
A. McDonald & Co. |
\   ���       .,.    :.:.-������.*       ; .      ���������       I     -  I
, UN " U U   -
.  , * ,-���-.*.     *    * pnifftftiw
*,   ���     *. -��,- - *i - H* -     ' ��� -i W��t
,   , .    | , :���*���:..,  i    i pW   -.lAS'l
.-..*, \   a   iuntar, eaanun *in-ji��
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<-^   CaouBBBinaii ���    bu atwfeoaw
*:���.*, '.-t*..
���' Umitrm ni< in, 'Sum 'TaonNxjH^i*
���      * .  :i   1.'  ���   ;
. , ���        tm
v VAC**. MH
1 ���     ':'���    .   *������*���    *      UH I .,.;
������   V"i   ��� '         Vi
trnteaattatt    ��� n ���       .:,,�����,*
*�����"�����   ��    .11 -ik   a. ;.-   wrh   V*
���    -   ���    ���       ,    -       ...
'iM* -.lisiH h ti'vut*. mam
IftftJftiHMM -aro mm    MG   -1- 1   Mft,
**.*ntf  *�� irm!"* r""*:   hal   ����� Mft'ftfl
aw��i: i> i.-ii,"        >*-
Wfcftwuiii   *? trta,
���^B**     ..'I' ,*".-���   ,t;
Bm v -1 ����� ���     ���
sm     'I    "i-:. __       _,,
.   ._.,  I* I"
.n-   '���'*'    1        1,1  -,;
1  MM ���*���,,- a
wmnt  itiw t.  . ���     ��� .���     ,hl.
- 1. 4 imv  JlMrtJWtl        .:i.,.. '11, .. ,
5WW'*"'     "'nnl����     -' I*   -It      �����!
���   r"��    riMicf .mi-iuhui
ami*, ft tftaii.ii u wmnwmitrei_T��i. ���-takiua-
Jljl ��< m-rm 11 Bi*. t t.  ,1   lnx
imtmi _*ia HmMtat   JWk
MM ir .*����..., inns.
.���� Jme *. y*:.-Zmus__ _��inni.
.     ��� IT,     Di
���  '���
���ino,  \or
aaaat   ���-
;;..,*��� ' ������ Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
Nnldce ll hereby glren Unit Wdavs alter (late I
iti'ii-nii inuM'b u> iii*   Uon. tbeuhlttf Commit'
iloner ol  Land" ����<'  Works,   Victoria,   for   OW-
mission to eut and carry a��a* timi.ur Irom the
lollowlnl described landi In wort Koolenay:
i   commencing rt i port planted about ciKhty
cbB-Uit mtt oi thfl mouth i.i Mircka ereek, where
.. H(,Wi |uto Hiirii.*- creak, iiu-i nn the north
bunk DfKurekacroek, and marked*;. A.ljiurie's
southeast corner pout, tbenee west eighty '-hains,
.   uor1|,   ,.tnh1y   .-haltis, th.'licei.asl eighty
clialiis. thena* south einhty chain* to pointy
....  Ql p-|ll(*llt-
Dated Jan 26th. ItCtl.   <������ A. -Lai-hie, Locator.
2 '"outmenelng ui b I'tiht planter) sutot untl
adjoining ������ a Uurie's location pom So. J, and
marked u, A. Lnuue'n southwest oorner port ��f
location, thencweasteightychain*, thene*;
iiurlheiKhlv ihuliih. th.-nce went einhty chains,
tbenoe south ciKhty chaini to point o( eommen-
IllCllt ,      , .
Dated Jan 25th, WW.   '.. A. Lathie, Locator,
i ommenclng nt a post planted about eighty
chain! BOUtb ol tfurckl .-reek where It llown int..
Barnes creek, and murked 11. A. Laurie's south-
well ,,,!!.: ji i-t. o:i ini.illon No, 8, tbenei; eaat
eighty chains, thonce uortb eighty chalnn, thenee
v..-..! , sl[hi] '-In ���"���*. iii-ic*** south eighty ehalus
t.i point oft fliimciiceihcni.
Dated Jan. Btitb, IW!   '<��� A. Laikii. Locator.
4 -Commencing nt k post planted  south of
and adjoining (i   A   Uuh. - location No. a, and
uiiirLi*: ������ a. I,*.-.*'- ii.-rUiwert eorner poat,
IheuceenilHU i i-hihv [hence noutli Wi chain**-.
thence Weil (W phalliB, thenOfl  tiorth  _i iIikiii-
Iii [nslii! nl '���iiiii:;;'*iis*,*i:icHl.
Dated Jan ifflth, 1W7,  u. A. LiPMi, Lo-oatPTi
,*. ���Commencing    nl   ii   |��.Ht    planted   eighty*
chains east and fori) chaini south oi loosuon
pout No 4. mnl nm rked w ll. Page's southwest
corner post ol location No, A, thence cant eighty
rliiiiiu, il.ence north ��� iijlily chain**. Ihence went
eight] chains, thenee south eighty chain* to
point of commencement
Hated Jan t&lh, 1907.     W.H. l'Atia, Locator
B ' ommenclng at a port -pinoted moth of
ind adjoining location No, \S, and marked w, ll.
Page'l  DOrthwetl corner poat of  loeiillmi Ko fi,
thenoe nut eighty chaini*., them-e notfa eighty
ohalm, tlience wen flighty chains, thence norlh
eighty chain* to point, d commencement.
Dated Jan. %Vh, 11W7.      W. H  PASS, Utcator.
< onunanolni  at &  pout plnnted  eighty
chains Baal and ",m:,:i rliuiii- -..iii), .i! li.ii:i.,r,
port No I, and taorkad Q. A. Laule1! fonthwart
corner JhcI ot   -Juration No. 7, Iheme eaM elLtity
cbauu, thence north eighty ohalni, thenot weel
eighty ehalni,   thenee   south   cignty   chains to
point oi oommenoemont
Dated Ian. Bth, juu.    t. a. Lannt, toeator.
-   Commencing  at a i��nt   pUntafl  eighty
elinliiM enst and ctglilv chains f-oulh  ol location
port Ko, 7, and marked Q.A Laurie's Mothwwt
corner   pott   (.1    iocutli.n     No.   h.   ihence   cant
eight] cbalni, thenoe north eighty chains, thenc*.
west elghtv ohalna, thenoe south eighty chain*
io pomt of oommenoement
hui.d Jan. '2&tht imn.   tt, a, Laujuk, Looatoc
B I uniiiencing at a post plante.l eighty
ehalni enst mid eigh tv chains south of location
**��������� K uu.i uiHrked ., a. Laurie's south west
corner of location No. B, thenct east iui chains,
tbence nortb W cbalni, thenee wen lfio chains,
tli-iic. m.u tlHtichainslopointo| ruiumeneement
Dated Jan Klh.lWT.  ti a. Lai'hik, Uwator,
10 Commencing atapoet nlanted abonl six
miles down Hnrms sreek (rom thc month of
hnrckacreel where it Bowa late Barnes crook
ns southeasterly direction, and roamed '.. .\.
UUpes southwest corner port ol locution No
ID, il.iin, .hM eighty Chains, thence north eighty
chains, thence weit eighty ehain*. the.ice south
otgnt) chains to point ol eommeneement.
listed Jan. 38th, 1907,   <i, A. La rat a. levator,
theuce north EH chains, thence went -il) chains lo
point of commencement.
Dated Keh. ted, 1W7.    C. A. UfKIK. Locator.
���J-l���Commencing ut a pnst planted forty chains
east of location No. 'il.ini marked W. H, Page'l
norlhweat corner oust of locution No 21, tlience
aouth lift) chaini., thonoe eaat lorty chalus, ihenee
north ltrfi chains, thenee west lortv chaini to
point of eommeneement.
Dateil Feb. and, U0L     W. H, Paijk, Looator.
M ���Oommanfllng ata port planted [orty ebalni
caul and eiglity chains soutli ol locution No 23,
am) nmr-tci! G, A. Laurie'* norlliwesi cofar
post  of locution   No   24,   thenee south efgi.tv
chain* thenoe east eighty ohalni, thence norul
eighty Ohalna, thenee westelgbly chains io point
of coiiitnt-ii'*, uieut.
Dated Keh. 4th 1WT7.    G. A. LAt:K[E, Locator.
'Al.-Commencing at a post planted eighty
chains easl ol ligation No. *24. und murked (j A.
Laurie's northwest corner port Dj location No.
- , thanae south eighty chains, theuee east
elghly, thence in.rth eighty chains, thence west
eighty ehalus to point of eommeneement.
Dated Feh. 4lh, 1807.    Q, A. LiUatB, Locator.
2C.���Commencing at a post planted about four
nnd one-hall miles ilown Inonoakln creek, from
the moulh of Klght Mile creek where It flows into Inonoakln ereek, and on the tart hank of
Inonoakln creek, and marked t>. A Laurie's
northweat (���orner jMiMt, thenee nouth elghtv
chains, thence east eighty chains, thenee north
elghly ohalna. theuce wesl eighty chains to point
of oonunenoemant,
Datad F��h. 4th, 11W7.     G. A. Laukie, I-ocator
Take notice that thtrtv duys after date I intend
to apply to the Mon, tie* Chiel CommiMioner of
Unds und Works at Victoria, R. ('., for a special
license to eul and carry away timber from the
followlni; described lauds in West Kootenay:
<oinmencliiK ai a |K>st planted '20 cbains west
o( the northeaat corner of Lot 812, and at the
���ontheaat corner of Lot 77N6, thenee east B
chatm, theuce south 4tl ehalus, thenee east 40
chains, thenre north 40 chains, thence e**t en
ehains, thenee nnrth 40 chains, lhetice west 12tr
chains, lbence south 4�� chains to place of com-
meiieemeni, containing W0 acres more or leas.
Dated March tflh, IW.. Ytrree l.vttu,
Notice ts herehy given lhat thirty dayi alter
date 1 intend to apply to tht Houorahle the Chief
Commissionerof Lauds aud Works, Victoria, for
IKirmlsslon to cut and carry away Umber from
the following detcribed land's ln West Kootenay
1  district:
Limit No 1.���Commencing at a poit three-
(Miartert o| a mile up Nine Mile creel, on Kootenay river, and marked William WulmKley'aH. E.
comer post, theuce 160 chains west, tbence 4u
chaius north, thenc* IW chains eaut, theuee 40
chains to the point of begtuuiug.
)..s.*aM-si March Hth, HM7.
WilmaH VV_La.ii.EY. Locator.
I'. KttBRAN, Agent.
Limit No. 2.���Commencing at u post abonl
three-.)narters nf s mile up Nine Mile creek, on
the West Arm of Kootenay river, and marked
William Walmsley's N. K corner post, thenee lfio
chains west, lbence 40 chaius south, theiu-es IfSO
chains eatt, and 40 chains north lo point of be-
Local, il March sth, 1W7
William Walhilcy, Uientor.
Y, KlIKRAN, Ageut.
IL   �� "Uim-iK-iuR   at   a   jH.st   planted   eighty
otialni eut oMneaTion Mo Ki, ami marked iT. a
Laurie t touihwem corner posi of loeatiou No O,
hence eail eighty chains, thence north eighty
then - ��*s, eiKhty chains, the-ace south
eight) chum to point of oomm��uoem��Qt
Hated Jan.-ath, 1W7.  G, A. UtJftO, Ixn-ator.
1^    ' ..mm.-ncine at a post planted south of ami
1      uing   ocatlon  n���. Ui lUui marked W. ll.
i?5,���   m,r1tllw*'M ,,,,rm!r 1"'M "f location No lit.
' '^l'*i|il,ty(hlHli,H,  theuee  south eighty
!��k*''''��ee a eat eighty chains, thc.ee north
eightj chains io polnl of oommaneemeut.
1,,u"'i'��" wtu, ymi.    w. n. Pais, latatat*
_," | ��t'imei.ci1IV ut a post planted eighty
1 ���* Qi east an a eighty chains south ol tooaUon
c. ���,:,,':  i","*'"1 ()- *��� Uttrte. oorthweil
ehatns o ' ""���"""h ?:<> II. thonee east eighty
,.','���'," '"'' Mlllll' "drhty t-halns, th. nee west.
rs.. t ..I """"���' Wonoo north elghly ehulns to
pointol "('tumeticcnient
^tedJanHth,WW. 0 a.Urait, Locator.
M,  Oomr
Take notleo that :iidays afler dato 1 Intend to
apply lothe ri'.n the Ohltl Commisaloner of
Lands and World-, Victoria, for a ipada] licence
to cut anr) carry away un.'.cr from thc following
described Inml, in West Kootenav: Commencing
al u Mat planted at Kokanee Hidfug, on Hand
Polut, on mutti side Weal Arm of Kootenay
rlver about ll miles east ol Nelson, H C��� marked
"(', F Walmsley's VR. corner isist." theuce to
chains south, thence HO chains west tbenee KO
chain* north, thene-Mi chalus to p* *a of com-
men.-cmeut. containing WD acres, more or leai.
Located Manh 16th, mr,.
cha.. F. Walmhley,
I'. Hhkkan, Agent.
Tak��> notice thatl inteml thirty days afler date
. to apply t . the Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of
l.au.i,*-, and Works for a s|��*eclal license lo cut and
tarry awav timber from the following described
lauds, situated eaat uf Dog creek, tn the district
of West Kootenay: Commencing at a post marked "Tho Boundary Lumber Company's northwest
corner post " planted about a mile east of lhe
Columbia and Western railroad, and about three
miles sonlh r.f the Hfg Tunnel, thence 4u chains
south, thence BQ chains east, thence 40 chains
south, ther.ee lou chains east, theuce 40 chaius
north, thence Ht) chains west, thence 40 chains
north, thence MO chains west lo point of com.
Dated tth Mnrch. 1W7. J BWHT.T.1.
Agent for I'he Itoundury Lumber 0a
_     ---   |-....,,  ...    -ttiu,Hii;ui;i;uivi
"��'<*sl Ln. mth, IWI.  0, a. Uoni, tAUtol
��� llss,        ,'  ",","���' ��' �� l"'��l   Plti.tv-d i-icluy
11  ���'_. '".'; ,"1 '"**��ti"ii No. ii iuui aaim** W.
niilii   ,i   ���'"'. '!'*"'"1'  <*li��Hi��.  th.-iii-i-  imrlli
*-sssiii,,.i .,"""* "''��' i'l��hly rhHlim, lUo.ii'i-
n ,  , ,   ' '"""" '" imlul nt rismmtliisHiiisnl
I,." V,, ""''"'' '*"*  w*H* ���''""��� l*".*��i"r-
'"-'ng  ri  h pssst ,isinit.il eighty
i*ii,in......    ,   i- "i  . I""*1 ,iiiiiis-si Bwnn*
I.,,",���,I', .! " '"'���"il"" N���. I,',, Him murks'il is. A.
ll   ii,,���, i'""*'*' '���'"iii'r |n-(st ol I,., iisn.is Nis
'���Wis .* ,s���77, "'*'">' ,*'".|"��. i '*'* ttortt
������i.siti,,',.,,,, ',' "'"'���'��� ��*i*��is*i 'iur i-ii.iii,is. thi-ni'i-
"ssiiss .���lissius, I;, jH,|m ,,[ t'Olmnsnt-tSllll-lll
Tate nntls-s- iimt 1 Intonsl lhlrty days, nfuir dati-
to apply lo thf Hsin this Oatat CommiMioner oi
Lands, and Works Inr a apt-rial llct-issss- tss cut and
tsarrr awav limber from the followiiiK ds-sss-rllsed
lands*, altuated on Ilog eriHik, In Weal Kootenay
dlatrlct: iisssssiis'ssrssiL at a poat planted on the
eaat aisle of tht- Columbia ansl Wealern rallrsssssl,
on or about ten islialui, eaal, aud marked -'The
llounslary Lunsbei- eompauy'a I'ss-s. ' anil about
a mile and a half -issstli of the Hsk Tunnel, the
uurthwesst eornor, thence ninninn ssouth 160
db ains, thence oaal ,0 sjiaina, theus-e north 160
ilniiii- ihenee wesl ,u chalna lo plana of com-
Uniesi March 4lh, MW. J QmttUM,
Located J,su. a
0. A. i.ssisil. locator.
Take notls-e tbat I Iniend. thtrlsr slays afler
date, Iss niiplv to the llisu the cblel Cssmmlsiusin.
or ol Lansl, anil Works for aspeelal Its'cnso lo s-ul
an^ eariy awav limber l.-ulii the fssllowUut sle-
sirilH-sl lansls. sltsssilesl on Handy ereek, 111 Ws-sl
Kssotemsv district: s ,.ss -Issis Bl a post plauteil ssu Hi- west aide ol Hainly s-rs-ek unsl salleil
J. P, ��'s southwest eornor post, thenoo rssiiuliiB
east His I'halns, thonVe north 40 chains, thciuse
west 40 chains, thence nortii mi sshalns, thenee
wesl 40 chains, thence aouth l*As chaiua Iss plas-c
ssf I'ssmineiiceiiuint. 	
Duted this 9th slay of March. HW7
J. P. BwEKlsnusn. Locator.
Hi, 1WI7.   0, A. latum, Locator.
^mI'i"'",''1."*   "' �� J"""  Planted  clnhti-
,������...' ,""' loi'sllon  No 17, and murked W.
IS. Us..,,,...   '*..*"��� ''orner psssl ot l���i:.ilissn Nss.
.'halm"i.e '"''"''ly ehalna,   li necsoutb cIrIiIv
I'laliivcs,..!,,1 ."''"'elKlily I'hislns, tbence north
��� ""."stopoliiioleomnieneoment.
,""|"'11 '*" *"���'""!.      W. H. 1'ao��, Locator.
i'liisliiss,'!!!i?'","l,"l(  "l �� J">Bt  plauted   eli-htr
'  Liiisri,'"   ,""'"""" Ko. IR, ausl marked tl.
ll,  tlss'ii,'.   lnrUlw,,sl s-ssrner pssst of location No.
1'inlilv sl,,.,,  "..  ''i^'lity  chaloB   thonce  hoiiUi
��nrth'i�����i, ,"1',1"'"���' ftl "'Ightyehalus, tbenoe
I'isl",! I.    H'SI"' I" ps'lnf ot coissuioncometil.
^  -o.iuu _.>th.mn.   il. a  LiliHit, Lssoator.
''IrIiivi'.'i'i.!',','''"'1"^ '" " I10"1 Planted about
'���"���'���k��;l,?,l ,':*"" "' ""' mouth uf Klghl Mile
"'"1 mi il,. '' "".Pilea into luonoakln crook.
iiissrk.li, , "."" I'HUk of Inonsiaklu ssreok, and
'"'ssllsisi s,', .,'''.'""'"'s ii,sills, usi corner post of
We,l Iiiiii,..,,- ' ' '"ii'se boss Hi list) chalna, thence
easl III,),,,    ' , "ii'iiee norlh  Illo iliuliis, thenco.
Iiiili-d f..    /"l'l'lnl ssl '.siuinieiu-ement.
,"' "' -'"I. IW. ll. A. Laukik, U.cator.
''hiiins u".!,1,"!1!";1"8 . "l " I"'��t planted forty
Nss. ������.��� sim"''',^".1,) ebnlllaaolltn of looiltlon
'"'i iisim! ,.i , !, w. II. Pace's niirlhs.uBtcor-
������'"'I" he,,m1'1*",''." "".-l.tl'.'ii'*.* wcsl elghlv
'������iiini* si ".',""' ''"-''"S' '���Isullis, tbunecoasl.
,,*;;-;..he,,,,u,i,,rtb  elghly chain, to-
aaiod I'���h, a���j, ,,���,.     w, H t4__ Lm,ulor
"'lloinlng .SSS*'.* -W P'"'"'*(> ��o��t of and
Ls.'srl,.., ,������,"_' '"   '**"��� -*11.   ��"'d   murke.l ��. A.
-- tUluwnntiri_..V"':1,,t-r.,et>��tof locsitlou ^o..
��� "oulh ��0 chalui, tlience aaai 40 ehalni,
Notice Is hereby given that :�� days alter date 1
Intend Isstspply lis lbs- Hisisssrahle the Chief Commissi,slier ssl Lands ausl Works for a special
license toeut and carry awuy timber from the
fssllowlnc descritied lausls Bltuated on the well
Bhle of lllg Hhccp Creek Vallev: Commencing
alssnit three and u balf miles north of the International Isoundary line and about one and a
half ln ties weBlof tbo Nelson ansl lisrt Hnepptrd
Rallwav company's laud grant In thfl dlatrlot ol
WeBt K'osstenay:
No. 1 -Commencing at a posl planted live
miles west oi Hlg Sheep creek, known ns the
Bouihwesl corner post, lolning J. It. CnioBton s
Umber elnlin No. I, claiming *> chains north,
lhetice ssls-tsalnn cissl. ihssnce US' ehnllis BOUtb,
thenee HWciiiiuiB weslto point of eoinineiu'emeul.
Located Mureb ilsl, Win.
No 2 ��� Commeuelng nt a posl plauteil at the
Bisssthwesl comer of locution No. 1, known as the
northwest s-oriier poitol Isscatlssn No. 2, s-lalniing
��0 chains south, thensse ml ehaliiBeasl. thens-e 80
chuliis norlh, theniio ��u ehalns west to polnl of
Located Murch 2lsl, 1IKI7.
No. II��� Commencing nt n post placed half a
nsiio west of looatlon No I, known as the Krath-
ssust comer, claiming ��i cluilns north, thenoe wi
ebalns west, Ihenee 80 chains soulb, thonce HO
ehalna caHt to psiul of eoiiinieiicinncut,
No. 4.-(*ommciicing al a post planted nt the
louthflMt corner of bsoatlon No 3. known ns the
northeait corner, claiming 1*30 ohfliM Ml J .
theuco 4J ohnlui weit, tlience 00 chains nor ,
ihcnce tochalna oaat lo point of commencement.
U.oo.0,1 M.��h lllflt, I*. Bw_ij_._8 ___.��_..
K. T. IMIUUU, Agent,
The Datty Canadian
Queen City Rebekah lodge holds its
regular meeting tonight at 8 o'clock.
The annual meeting of the Cricket
Club will he held at D:_C Friday evening
In St.  Saviour's  church  infusion  room.
"My Wife'K Family" company drew
a crowded house at the theatre last
nlghl for the presentation of "A Double
Elopement," a fair indication that their
first production in Nelson was appre-
Olatefl by the public. The play is of
thc roaring farce variety, the fun in
obvious enonffh to appeal to all inteili-
gfiH-is, and the players were apprlprl-
atalj rewarded with loud and continuous laughter and applause. The spe-
daltiee between acts, and Interspersed
through them, were, as promised, all
new and Inoffensive,
And the Welcome to Call for a Copy
Ib  Sincere.
What a well-known society lady of
London, Kng., has to say about men
and men's dress, is given in the summer
book, "Dress and Address," published
by the Semi-Ready Company. The
chart on "Dress Ethics" is another part
of the book which will be of interest,
and the clear reproductions of the new
"Semi-ready" tailoring styles will be
worth attention. A copy of the book
will be mailed to anyone asking for it,
or to any friends whom the reader
would like to have it sent. Just step
into the Semi-ready store and ask J. A.
Gilker for a copy for yourself.
Notice li hereby given tbat 30 days titer date 1
lutend to apply to thc Honorable the Chief Com-
mtinloDur or hmi.i- and Works lor a Bpeclal
ilOBllM to ��ut and earry timher Irom the lollow-
iuR danctbed Lsnda, aitinitet] m the valley of
Btp Bheap ('reek, ci.m mencing 3}^ mtlen north of
the internal ion nl bonndary line, joining the
Moras nnd Fort Sli ppord Hallway ('oini��ny'B
land grunt in the dlallist uf West kooteuay:
No. I.���Commencing at �� ptmt i.lanted at the
DOTtluuft rorner <n .\ D. cbrivtie'ii vre-emptlon,
elalmlug 40 BbalDi wmlh along tbo L-aul bound-
ar> ol A. 1). Chrimie'b pre-emption, tbence oaat
60 cbuiUN, to Neluon and Fort Sheppard Bnrver
line, tbenee nortb m clialnn, theuce weal 100
rkattiB, Llienee Boub 40 chalna, tuenuc eut 4U
t'U, rn- to point of comjieiicemunt.
Located March 28rd, 1U0T.       J. 1'. 8winMBa.
Ro. t,���Commeneing at it post plante.1 at the
Boutbwent corner of location No. lon the eaat
bauudary line of A. II. (MirlKtie's pre-emption,
i amtiin: 1641 r-l-Rin- tioutb along tbe eu��t tmund-
ary Une of 1. K C'ranKton'B pre emption, thence
4Ucb,ilnBca.n. to Uie Nelton and Fort Sheppard
inrvcy line, thence iGOcbainn, north, thence 40
chains weit lopotn' of commencement.
Located March 9Srd, 1WT.
J. Y. SwgiiBlBO, locator.
Notice \�� hereby given tbat 30 i.h\> from date
1 intend U)apply Eo the Hon. Chief (.'itmmi*����loner
of l.ini'l-tui-i VVorkttlor a apeclal llcensf to cut
and carry twav ttm bar from tho following de-
KcnlN-d land�� in Wert Kootenay district:
t'ommciicitig at a post planted on tbe nnrth
bank of 1 ��� M lie craek. about one mile- and a half
from Hosts lake, marked E Strand's northweat
comer pott, tbeuce cant 160 cbains, thenee aouth
4-nclmlus. theuee west Y*i rhalni, tbence north
40Ohalni to point of commencement.
Dated ihi. thtt day of March. 1907.
E. BTKANn, Locator.
Notice in hereby given that 30 dayN alter date 1
intend to applv to the Honorable the Chlel Com-
miwiloner of Land*- and Works, Victoria, B. C,
for perroiidion to eut and carry away timber
from the lollowlng described land in West Kooienav :
Commencing at a pout planted Sbottt eight
miles Irom the month of Coat creek, and where
It Sows nun the Hloean river and about bU
chain* from tbc cicek upon the toutb bank, and
joining C. H. Hittle's lo<*aii..ti on tbe west line
nnd marked F. llatie'B wm theaat corner i��Bt,
tbeuce wett 160 cbuiiih. theuce north 40 chains,
lbence oa<t ino chalus. tbeni^v Kouth 4ii cbaina to
point of commencement.
Locatafl Marth Mth, 1W7.
3atr. Batv, ixm-atoe.
perC B. Bittle. Agent.
Notice is bontW given that 30 days alter date 1
intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner <>( ljindB uud WorkH, Victoria, for
iiermifNion to cut ami carry awav timher from
ihe following described land in West Kooteuay:
Commenciug at a post plume.! about six miles
from the month of Boat creek and where it Howb
inlo Blocan river, and shunt 15 chslns Irom the
eroek, upon tbe aouth bunk and maraed C B
Hlttte'K southeast corner post, thenee west 1B0
chain', theuce north 40 cbains, thence east 160
chains, tb-mce iouth 40 chains to point of com
c. B. Hit.li, Locator.
Notlco If hereby given tbat thirty duys after
date 1 inteud to apply to the Uon. the Chief
CommiBsi.nnr of Lands aud Works, al Victoria.
(orappMlnl Uoenaetooutand carry away timber
rrom the following dMCribefl lands in West
Kootonuv, that is to say: I ommenclng at
HiiHcroft's and tk'b or mer horn's post No S,
running thenco cast 60 cbains. tbence iouth B0
chains, thenee west 80 ehulns, thence north B0
ohalni to point of commencement post No. S,
containing NO acres of land, more or less.
Dated at I'rcrton. B.C., this ttotl day of March,
A.1)., 1007.
J. C. S<:eie��iierhorh!	
Notice is herebv given that thirty days atter
date I intend tOWPtf tothe Hon. the Chief Com-
misHlouer of Lauds and Works, at Victoria,
for a special licenw* to ent and earry away timber
from the following dMOrlbert lands in Wert
Koolenay,  that is to  any:   Commencing  ut a
RDflit HO chaius east of the northwest coruerof
useroftund Schermcihorn's post No, 1. running aonth -10 chains to wist No _, tbence
etirtSO chains, thenee north Wi chains, thence
wost HO ehains, thenee south 80 chains to place of
com mencemont post NO. -- eontainiug 640 acres,
Dtted ui Cmton, B.C., this Wnd day of March,
A.D., 1007
Oko HuKRorr,
 J. 0   gpHKRMKRHQBN���
""Notice is herohy given that thirty days ufter
datal intend to upply tOthB Hou. the Chief Com-
lUlBsioiicr of Lunds aud Works, at Victoria,
(or u special licence to cut und curry away timber from lhe following described lunds in Vtost
Kootenav. that is to **y: Commencing at a
post planted 40 chains east timaamm
corner of block His. (port marked 812 k S ,)
thMOO running OMt 80 cnatns, tbence south m
chalnn, theOOO went 80 chains, thence northiW
chains to location post No. 1, containing 640
acres ot land, more or less.
Luted at Creston, B.C., this SUtid day of March,
A.l> ,11W7.
tiio. Huhoroft,
Take notice thatl inteud, thirty duys after
date io applv totho Honorable the l blef Com-
mtaioDOr Of Lands and Works for u special
licence lo cut und carry awny timber from the
fnilowlng aeiortbotJ lands, situated on Hundy
(Tech, iu West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post planted on tbe went side, of said ereek,
und innrkei "J- P. H's" northweit corner; thenoe
running smilh eightv cbu.nsj tbenco oast eighty
cbains, thence north eigbty chains; thenoe woat
eighty chains to place of t'0ml,,u',u������JI"^ll0
Duted this 10th day of February, 1WL	
Notice is hereby given tliat W dayc afler date
1 intend toapply lo tho ��$o��W�� tiM OUtf
CommiMioner ol Lauds and Works, \ ictoria, for
0 Bpeclal licesoe to out and carry away timber
from the loUowing described pfec* ol land in
WeM Kootonay iistrict: Commencing at a posi
planted iio chains from the east stioie of Lpper
Vrrow Inke aud adjoin Ine block m on the aouth
and marked "Cbus. hhl's" northweat cornor,
thonce south 80 elialni, tbenco east* �� nhnliia,
lbence uortb H0 chains, thenoo west 80 chains to
polnl ot eommeneement.
1 Dated tho 4th day ol Match, IW. ^^ ^
Veitry of St.  Saviour's Church Agree
to Enlarge Building and Buy
More Groudn.
The annual meeting of tbe vestry of
Bt. Saviour's church was held in the
mlHsioii room lsst night and was very
largely attended. After prayer, a hrief
address by the rector and the reading
of the minutes, George Johnstone, people's warden, presented the following
annual statement.
Choir collections    I    13.08
Open collections   1G69.90
Guarantee  fund     1141.10
Special collections      178.35
Sunday school       65.00
Church account (Loss)      392.94
Salaries    $2441.50
Printing and  stationery     31.30
Fuel     63.25
Furniture (Depreciation)    187.10
Synod   146.70
Rectory     22.07
Taxes    59.60
Insurance  35.00
Light     81.00
Repairs     56.50
M. S. C. C  242.05
Diocesan pension fund   12.35
Bishop Blyth's mission   26.25
General  expense     65.70
Reports were presented by various
other church organisations, all showing
satisfactory work and standing. A special vote of thanks was tendered lo Mrs.
R. R. Hedley and Mrs. H. Harris for
their services.
G. Johnstone, F. Irvine and J. M.
Lay were elected lay delegates to the
synod. F. Irvine and G. Johnstone were
deetected rector's and people's warden
respectively. H. Dird was reelected
clerk of the vestry.
It was resolved to authorize the pureliase hy C. W. Busk and others, in
trust for the church, of two lots on
Silica street east of the church property.
The rector reported $2,100 collected
for the chancel fund, and building was
The following building committee was
elected: The rector and wardens, W.
Irvine, L. B. De Veber, C. W. Busk,
E. A. Crease, W. F. Mawdsley, F. A.
Starkey, R. J. Steel, E. K. Beeston, V.
Eperson, F. E. Morrison, G. A. Hunter
and M. S. Parry.	
Certificate of Improvemente.
"May," 'B.C.." "Btrathroy." "Jot," "Joy Fractional," and "John D.Mabler" Mineral Claims,
Hituated in thp BJocan Citv Mining Division of
the Woat Kootanay Pistrict.
Where looated:���North of Twelve Mile Oreek
about one and a half mllei up.
Take notie ��� tbat 1. H. R. Jorand of Slocan feu.
Free Mlner'a certificate No. 1178300, as went for
ll oraee t<. Van Tuyl, Free Miner a certificate No.
B4fi'21, inteud, aixty daya from the dato hereof,
to apply to the Miuing Reoorder for a Certificate
of Improvemenu, for tne purpoae of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the aald mineral elalma.
And further take notice that action under
Section 87, musl ite commenced before tbe iaeii-
ance of such Certificates ol Improvemenu.
Dated thii 3rd Day of January, 19OT.
Certificate of Improvement*
"Imnreaa," "Climax," "Horaeahoe," "Queen,'
"union Jack," altuated in Nelton Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that 1, Frank Fletcher, agent for
Company, Free MinerV
Certificate No. Bh&m intend, 00 dayn from date
the Active Gobi Mining (
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvemenu for tho purpoae oi
obtaining a Crown Urant of the above elalma.
And further take notice tbat action, under
Section 37, muHt tie commenced before ibe laau-
auee of auch Certificate oi Improvemenu.
Dated Nelaon, IStb Dec, Wwi.
Funk Fl_tch_b.
Certificate of Improvements
"Argo" mineral claim, situated in tho Blocan
City   M inlng   Division   of   Wont   S ootenay
Where Ur ated: On Springer Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notleo tbat I, Frank C.Qroon. acting as
agent for thc Arlington Mines', Limited' Free
Miner's Certificate No. B4606, intend, sixty davs
Irom date hereof, to apply tothe Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crswn Grant of tbe above
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must he common ed before tbe
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvemenu.
Dated this linn nay of December, 190*1.
F. C. urkk, Nelion, B. C.
C��rtlfle*t��   of lmprov��m��nta
Rio Tent*, Orinoco, Queen Victoria fractional
and Oruoco Fractional Mineral Claims, altuate
in tho Nelaon Minimi Division of West Kootenay
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beasley Biding.
Take Notice thatl. Frank C.Green, acting as
affcnt lor Michael K-can, Free Miner's Certificate
So, B516,inteud. sixty days from tbe date hereof,
toapply to the Mining Recorder for Cert ill cater
of Improvement*, lor tbo purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants ot the above claims.
And further take notleo that action, undei
aectlon U7, muat be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvemenu.
Dated this ��th day of January. 1907-
Certificate of, Improvements
"Portia." "Amoi." "Kait Side No-1" and "Bet*
Una Fractional" mineral claims, situated in
th-a Blocan city Mining Division of West Kootenay Dlitrlot
Where located: At head of Springer Crook, near
the Arlington mine.
Take Notice that I, Frank C. Greeu, acting aa
agent for the Arlington mlnea, Limited, Free
Miner's Certificate No. BMOO, Intend, alxty days
Irom tho dato hereof, to apply to the Mining Be
corder (ora Certificate of Improvementa, for the
purpoae ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And( urther take notleo that action, under
aectlon if, muat ho commenced baton tM Inn
anoe of lucb Certificate ol Improvementa,
Datad hlaltthdayntDoMBbar^wc
F, C GRUB, Neiaa_, 1, a
IP* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
TTte .Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreel, Helwn. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot Air
Lara* and Comfortable Bedroom, and Pint*
QiaMS,1U1SSK Ks,,,,,,      :���ssipl; ILosjisti, lor i tsiiss ..���:-
eul Usui.
MRP. K. CCLAKKK,  i'rssfsrletMsM
Grand Central Hotel
Tills hotel has boen completely renovated and
newly furnished with ali modern equipments.
Uot water heating throughout.
RATES : Booms, 50c.   upwards ; meals   26c. ;
special rates by tbc week.
3. A. ERICKHON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson, B. C.
Tf emont House
European and American Plan
Mnali 36 cto.   Roomit from 2fi ou. to ti
Only White Halp Employed.
Baker St., Kelion Propnatori
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DolIar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
Tlie Bar U tho Flnelt.
White Belp OUT Employed
Joeophlne Bt.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and $1.1)0 a Day.
Special Rnt-an to Regular Boarden
Msssst csouslortable quartens ln Nelion
Onlj the bostt of Liquors and -Ugara.
March 29th to April 1st
Fare and One-Third
Foi* the Round Trip
To and from all polnta.
Ticketa on aale March 27th to April
1st.   Final return limit April 2nd.
Por full particulars, rates and foldere
apply to
A.G.r.��..Vam!imvisr. D.P.A.. Nelion
Wholesale and Retail Dealera In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampa supplied on ahorteet notiee aud
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats und nipples kept in stock
Mail orders roceivo oaref ul attention.
Fine Building Site
Ch-eopeat Buy
....In  Town
120 Feet z 120 Feet.
One-half block south froln Baker St.
Only $4,000, on termi.
Choice Fruit i����� ��>���� Ac��
ol the
Choice* Frott Lands in
British Cokmbu.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to r.,000 in one bloc..
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C
For Sale on Easy Terms
10-Acre Blocks at Thrum's
Being a aub-dlvlalon of tha Manhart Fruit Farm. Firatelan Fruit
Land. Practically cleared and free from rock. Plairty water and a depot
and postoffice right at the door.    For particular* apply to
"Companiei Act, 1897."
E. C TRAVES, Manager.  WS
Provixi'e of British Columbia,  \
No sns.
THIB IS TO CRKTIFY that the "Nakaip Frnit
Lamls, Limited," is Hiithoril'Ml ami liueuneO tu
cu ry on business within the province of British
Columbia, ind tn carry out or effect all or auy of
the tbiei'iK of the comp >ny to which thc legion-
livu authority nf the L-egiilatuic ot British Col*
umbla extendi*.
Thc lioml office of the compauv in situate at the
City of Winnipeg. Province of Manitoba.
The amount ol the capital of the company is tive
Ii ii ml ral thousand do lars, divided Into two
thousand Ave hundred shares of ten per cent
preference mark of the par value of one hundred
ilol'urs each, and twenty-five hundred shares of
common stock of the par value of one hundred
���lobars each.
The head office of tho company in this province
Ik Minute nt the C ty of Nelson, and Robert Wet-
more Uunnlngtun, barrUter, who e address is
the same, is the attorney for the company.
Hivni under my band and -seal of office, Victoria, Province uf British Columbia, this 16th
nay of February, one thousand nine hundred
and Ht'ven.
ti..s.] 8 Y.WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock companies.
Thc objects for which tbe company has been
established aod Hocused are:���
(a.) Ruyiiig, selling, leasing or disposing oi
coal mines,cosl and wood lamlti, farming, gracing
and fruit lauds, aud timber limits, and to work
and develop tbo same;
(b.) To carry on the business of immigration
and colonisation agents, make advances to
assist settlers on lands purchased from lhe
company and to secure tbe repayment of such
advances with interest on such terms and In
such manner by way of mortgsge or agreement
as may be mutually agreed upon.
(o.) To tarry on the business of ranching,
breediug.sellliiK and dealing in cattle, horses,
ibeep and other live stock;
(d.) To purchase, sell and deal in lumber,
worn), coal, minerals,grain, provisions, Clothing
and general supplies;
(e.) To carry on trade as general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To heme ln payment of any property
acquired by the company, shares of the capital
stock of tht- company as fully paid up aud non-
asMtsable or other win*;
(r.) To carry on the bii'lneu of manufacturers
and de-alert in power generator** and motors of
every dencriptiou, to construct and operate all
clttNHi's of vehicles, afcricultural implements,
machinery, boats, steamers, barges and ferrys
in which the nald motors am used', to construct
and operate boat tines and to carry on Ute business nf carriers, cartage and parcel deliveries,
to own and ope ate omnibus lines and vehicles
and boats for hire; to sell, lease and supply
eloctriclty; tnowu and operate electrlo plants,
aud ecuerally to carry on any of tho businets
incideutal to tbc aforesaid purposes and objects
of the company;
(h.) To purchase, take on lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire or dispose of any real or
personal property, aud any rights or privileges
which tbc company may eonslder necessary
for the purii-ses of their operations;
and to sell und dt>poto of any lands or other real
estate and personal property at any time Owned
or controlled by thc company or any part 'hereof,
or any control therein, or claim thereon, and generally to do all suoh things un are Incidental to
or conducive tothe carrying out of the objects
of the company;
(1) To become shareholders In any *x1*"ftg or
proposed company, and to promote and assist in
promoting any company carrying on a business
pertaining to tha objects for which thla oompany
is Incorporated, and which may prove useful to
thin company, and to acquire, take over and operate the business of any such company or companies, nnd to enter Into an agreement lor sharing of profits, union of inu rests, reciprocal concessions or otherwise, with any person or oompany and take or otherwise acquire or hold
shares aud securities of suoh oompany or companies',
(J) To acquire and hold lands by gift or purehase or aa mortgagees or otherwise aa folly and
freely as private Individuals, and to sell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate tke aame, and to
exercise all the power* set ont U tho aeveral
"Compinleg Act,  1897."
Province of British Columbia. ,
THIS IS TO CftRTHY lhat the "Columbia
\ alley Land Company," u authorised and licensed to carry on business within the province of
BrltUh Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
or any ol the objecu of the Company to which
the Initiative authority of the Legislature at
hritish Columbia extends.
Tbe head office of tbe Company in aituato at
the city of Winnipeg, province nf Manitoba.
The amount of the eaplt'lot the said company
is one hundred thousand dollars, divided into
one thousand shares of one hnndred dolUrH each
The head office of tbe company io this province is situate at the City of Nelson, aud Robert
Wetmore Hanuiugton, barrister, whose address
1b Nelson, B. C, is the attorney fur tke company.
Given under my hand and seal of offlce at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 8th
day of February, one thousand ulna hundred
and seven.
Keglstrar of Joint stock Companiea.
The objects for which this company hat been
established and licensed are:
(a) Buying, selling, hasing or dispoalnir ol
coal mines, eoal and wood landa, farming, gras-
lngand fruit lands and limb.r limits, and to
work and develop the aame:
(b.) To carry on the business ol emigration
and colonization agents, make advances to assist
s.ttlers on lands purchased from the company,
aud secure repayment of such advances, with
interest, on such term* and in inch manner by
way of mortgage or agr- oment -aa may be mutually agreed upon.
(e.) Jo carry on the business of ranching,
breeding and selling and dealing in cattle,
horses, sheep ana other live stock;
(d.l To purchase, sell and deal in lumber
wood, coal, mineral, grain, provision*, clothing
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry on tbe trade aa general merchants and forwarders:
(t) To issue in payment of any property acquired by the company shares of the capitol
stock of the company as fully paid up and non
assessable or otherwise >
(g) To carry on tbe business of manufacturers
anu dealers ln power generators aud motors of
every description, to construct and operate all
i')asi��en of vehicles, agricultural implements, machinery, boats, steamers, barges and ferries la
which the aald motors are used; to construct and
operate boat lines, and to carry on the business
 '-rs, cartage and parcel delivery; to own
irate omnibus lints aud vehicles and
of carriers, cartage and parcel delivery; to own
and operate omnibus lints aud vehicles and
boau for hire; to sell, leatc and supply tower,
and to genet aie and sell, lease, and supply electricity; to own and operate electric plants and generally to oarry on any buslneos Incidental to tbe
aforesaid purposes and objecu of the company:
fh) To purchase, take or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dispose of any real or
personal property and any rights and privilege*
which the company may constder necessary for
the purpoae. oi their operations, and to sell and
dispone of any lands or otner real estate and personal property at any time owned or controlled
by tbe oompany. or any part thereof, or any control therein or claims thereon, and generally to
do all such things as are Incidental or i* onduct ve
to the carrying ont of ihe objects of the company:
(I.) To become shareholders in any e-Mfltlug
or proposed company and to promote and assist
lu promoting any company carrying on a bu��t-
ue��* pertaining to the objects tor which this
oompany ls incorporated and which may prove
awful to this company, aad loaequirs, take over
anil operate tbe business of any such oompany
or companiea, and to outer li*io engagement* tor
shoring profits, union at Interest, fofut adventures, reciprocal concessions or utnewlw with
any parson or company, and take or otherwise
anqtitrv and hold shares and securities of snob
^tapsny or companies.
Notice fs hereby given that Jas. H Goodeaough
has made application under the provisions nf
tbe ������ Liquor Licence Act, 1W>." for a hotel llosans
hit UM Whitewater Hotel,at Whitewater, and that
s meeting ot the Board of Licence Commissioners,
of thi* Alnsworth Licence j .strict, wlllbebela
to '-nii'lder Mich application, nt the Kaslo floiuL
at Kaslo, on Tuesday, the Mtfc April, IMV. tt the
huu of eight o'clock in tho altoruoos.
Chlel Usenet Inspector
Nelson, B.C., tttk Hank, MI. 1 itfaily Canadiitaa
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N. McCowan, New York; G. Ht Noble,
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D. C. Caldwell, R. O. Purely, F. R. Anderson, Cranbrook; M. A. Robertson;
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Wanota: ,1, li. Rowley, Ymir; N. Mor.
rlson, Slocan; H- B, Latham, Mrs. \V.
Latham, Halcyon; 11. LnH'Wlo, Golden.
Miss Bruce, ,\llss Hewton, Miss Chalmers. R. D. Fuller-ton, W. ft, VtM, Orand
Forks; M. P. Sinclair, Cranbrook; J.
Farin, St. Paul; C. B. C'ottam, Slocan;
Miss E. Atkinson, Hid M, llcI.iiil-.-n,
Miss C. E. Murray. Miss 11. Brown, Miss
0. Manson, C. li. Slssons. J. 'I*. Pollock,
C, McKlnnon, Revelstoke; Y. Newell,
New York; J. P. Hall, Spokane; Miss
M. VS. Qrentell, Miss Patterson, J. L.
Watson, F. SV. Mcl-ainc, Greenwood;
Leslie Uruce, Miss Miscocks, Miss Mllll-
Kan, Miss Twaddle, C. M. Thomson,
Rossland;   A.  King and  wife, Seattle;
D. Wilson, A. Hald, Victoria; H. C.
Mcltranti-ney, J. 0, Phillips, Toronto;
J Cook, Arrowhead; H. P. Hamilton,
Calgary; J. Davie, Grand Forks.
W. L. Brldgeford, Salmo; T. D. Wpod-
cock. Slocan; Miss Nicholson, Cascade;
Miss M. Johnson, Michel; Miss F. B.
Johnson. Elko; J. Langon, Cranbrook;
A. G. Miller, Revelstoke; J, Craig and
wife, Gerrard; A. Hanger, Poplar; F. S.
York. Deer Park.
II. White, Erie; A. E. Kelly, Butte;
A. C. Naylor, C. C. Naylor, J. Campbell,
H. Cole, 3. Butler, Tl*l��ll; F. E. Clements, Victoria; J. Anderson, W. C.
Sloan, Vancouver; R. C. Affeck, Winnipeg.
W. T. Ennis, Winnipeg; F. E. Boucher and wife, Molly Gibson; H. Pen-
dry, T. Hicks, W. J. Minisb, M. McDonald, .1. Ssmthworth, G. Stolil, H. Beck,
S:ocan; W. J. Iluges, Ymir; J. Ferry,
Calgary; R. Fitzsininions, F. P. Drum-
moud. Salmo; C. Gauser. L. Gauser,
H. Maki, Covkandabl; J. Kneewass-
scn, T. Dyer, W. Reid, Kock's Siding;
.1. Ki .ly, Slocan Junction; C. Morgan,
Procter; D. M. MeKenzis-, Vancouver;
II. Btlrzaler, Knslo; 8, Peterson, L. A.
Lee, A. Swanson, V. P. Holland, North-
port; J. McPhee. T. Lyncher!, R. Mason.
Moyle, J.   Reid. Cranbrook.
f. C. GREEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyo-s
P. 0. Boi 1-15   Hir,n< 261 B.
COOK-Hotel. SH. WaUnH,n��at0nW   Phone
vsltli enttil i
lti, Nisjaou, h. U,
A  POSITION A- ' l.tltK. I,) a book keeper wlso
lis iMsis'k ssn 1 is*- ssruts is   lissisi, -    AiMs. -- 8ytl-
s.s-v f BsstU, box AS8. Bea na, Bft'k
WOMAN HEGOND LOOK, fto.uo   Waiireu S3.-s.uo
At oulse     W. Parks r.
TWO FIR8*I'.s,-1.aS9 KoOMS  ateata beatesl.
istv hooaakeeMr. 3rd flat. K, \v. c. block.
EOQS SUPPLIED Jrssm tlte le-ulitsg varletleaof
1-sss-*- ltrt-sl Pssssltry, Ruaraisteed true to rsansr.
Apply.I 0 Olxon. Box 171',, Vancouver-See*)*,
ssl the VssnS'Oiiver Pssssltry and P   AHBOclatlon.
TWO POOL TAHJ.hH and oneComblnatlen Bli-
Hard iiusl Pots) Table, Kssrvllilsis- complete
anil In t: ...l dsiisHtltsii. B. J. Mlghton, Tobac-
s.snlat, CrHllt���s,S)k. B.C.
W. H. lltillock-Webster left for Cranbrook this morning to secure completion, if possible, of the evidence against
Paul Mannarlno.
Among the visiting teachers attending the convention Is J. L. Watson, B.
A., principal of Grenwood public school,
formerly of the  Nelson stuff.
Nel) F. Mackay, M. L. A., whose sad
duty as Kaalo ended with the death of
C. W. McAnn, hlB partner and friend,
left for Victoria this morning.
The receipts at the Nelson customs
house for March amounted to $19,778.44,
an Increase of nearly $4,000, or more
than 25 per cent over those of March,
A meeting of the directors of the Nelson Agricultural and Industrial Assoeia-
Oon will be held In the city hall next
Thursday night. April ilth, at 8 o'clock.
The sub-committees will report their
recommendations for amendments to
the prize lists for the fair of 1907.
T. G. Procter explains that the alleged Interview with him in The Dally
News was constructed out of a jocular
remark of his that It was too bad to
bave orange peelings on the sidewalks
while tbo city ls honored with the presence of so many lady school teachers.
That Is not exactly the way Tom
said  It.
N. J. Cavanaugh has gone to Sandon to view the ground in dispute in
the Slocan Star case, where new work
has lately been done by order of the
full court under the direction of W. E.
Zwickey. Mr. Cavanaugh will return to
Nelson and Wednesday and start for
Victoria Thursday morning, lo give evidence at the nuw trial.
The Ice ou the south side of Baker
street was dug up today so that the
blocks, many Inches thick, into which
it in cut, might be exposed to the sun
Possibly the sight may enable some
people of slow discernment to guess
why the mayor and council do not immediately order the streets to be
Two bills of sale were recorded in the
Nelson mining ofllce today: F. T. Morrison, J. McGary and W. .1. Murphy
transferred to M. C. Monaghan the Elk
Fractional, Wlnstead and Moose, on the
north shore of Kootenay river nine
miles iwest of Nelson; C. Olmstead
transferred to J. Noble Jones the Edward D., Nevada and Columbia, in
Sheep Creek valley. Uonslderatlon In
��ach case was nominal,
The Store of Quality
Finder retu-a to thla ofl.ee and receive reward
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafer*  10c
Lemon Cream  10c
Vanilla Wafer*     10c
Society Tea  10e
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera  10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaat   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 16c
Saratoga Flakes (Salted)    15c
Put up in packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth it.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Sole Bgi*nt for thp I'orto Klc-o I-iimbcr Co., Lid.,
rctiiit ynrilB. 'Rough Uld tlrcRtfri hiraber, turned
work and br-vfci-ta, C|i��Mt litlh and ���^hlnKlt-P.mhh
Mid dirftra, Itetntwi, hrfc* t&B lime for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard aud factory: Vornon Kt.- eaBt of lull
P. O. Box 7X1. Telephone ITS
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bo**
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
For Sale.,.
In Fairview, 2 Lots, a corner and
adjoining lot. Enclosed and cultivated. $350  cash.
NELSON,    -    B. C.
3  doz.  for
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Hts.
Are   most  heartily invited  to  visit our
To Interest you we have: ���
BOOKS���The  bent of new  fiction,
the favorite standards ami classics in
beautifully bound pocket editions, at
from _5c to $1.2f> per volume, according to binding, Ale.
SOUVENIRS���A splendid range at ai
most any prico you wanl lo pay, from
_5c up.
LEATHER GOODS��� \\V have Rome
beautiful things, and the latest designs, in Hand nags. Purees, &c.
POST   CARDS���One  of   the   largest
and best selected stocks in B. C, frum
3 for lUc to 15c each.
We are always pleased to have people
come in and look round, whether they
buy anything or not. so don't deny yourself the pleasure of a visit to our store
just because you don't want to buy anything.
W. G. Thomson
SSSf""4 Nelson, B.C.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
Ysni have a perfect right to Insist
upon n perfect 111 and perfect Styla
when you firs- paying from $15 lo
$25 for a suit.
20th Century Brand
win ruliill your highest expectations
.ussl ysstir tnssst exacting demands,
They are ths- ntars-st upprouch to
perfection thai we lind In the tailoring world. Ws1 (.jln provo these
facts to you lf you will but give us
the opportunity,
$18.00 Style and Value for.. .$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'  Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regular  $4.00   Box  Calf
Shoes  for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Sole of Mens' Underwear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per  Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socki
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Fine 6-Roomed House on Silica
St. New foundation last year.
Plenty of small fruit. Best location.
Price $1500.   Good Terms.
Men I
i :.Htntu
W.  Baker St.
Miss McLdlan, who will assist Miss
Bate at the Hmnt school, has arrived
from Wilmer and will begin her duties
next Monday. With the additional
teacher, the 7_ jui|iils now enrolled may
attend  regularly.
Small boys nearly started a conflagration in Fairview this morning. The
old Castle Brewery building is overgrown with vinvs. A match applied hy
one of the boys set the whole mass in
(lames. Men rushed to the upoi with
huckets of water and saved the building, which suffered only a scorching.
The parents nf the young hoodlumns
should not forget their duty in tho
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd,
N.E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
The session of the county court held
this morning was the shortest on record. Five aliens, whose names and
nationalities have already been published, were naturalized as Hritish subjects. The case of Wilson vs Horden
ended in a judgment for the plaintiff
for $25; Macdonald & Hall for plaintiff, Taylor & O'Shea for defendant.
The evidence brought out a difference
of opinion between two medical practitioners.
Card of Thanks,
M. Schuster, tm behalf of himself
and Mra. Schuster, desires to convey
his thanks io the fellow-workmen of his
brother-in-law, Hermann Mucin man, to
D. .1. Robertson & Company nnd to the
people of Xelson generally, for kindness and sympathy extended lo them in
their loss.
Traini and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and Siocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On  time.
*  IPES *lou
A collection ot all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smokiug and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Telephone 101.
We have notice from our landlord to vacate our store hy April lal. In
order to reduce our stock heroic moving we will sell goods now In stock
at greatly reduced prices. If you wont bargains In Clothing and Gent's
Furnishings drop in  and see for  yourself.
We have just received a most complete aud
well selected stock of strictly fresh seeds.
Come early and get your supply. Prices right.
Whol��Milti Provisions,
Government Creamery One-Pound Bricks received weekly fre-sh from tht
r-hnrn.   For sale by nil leadinK grocers.
Ofllce untl warehouse: Houston Mock,   Phone 7lt.
Josephine Street.       -       - Nelson, B. C.
28Q doc Linen CoIIiii-n To lie Sold fit
$1.50 per doz.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Koiks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to letter  orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
+*r~~~*B. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON /*-��~*w^\/v
l*��pitlrlM|f and JobhlrtK wxcuutei) -with Uvupittch.   Shcttst Metal
Work, Mlrtlnu und Mill Machinery.      Munufaeturvm of
Of* Cara*  R.  W.   Coiitrn��tor��'  Cara.
Spring Stock Just Opened Up!
Carload LlnoleumH and Carpets
From Ola*njow, Scotland.
Mc��t Qualities at l.ow Priaet*.
Standard Furniture Company
Mainn ,v Itl-i-h I'laiios.
On ter in oor Mnlirt*i'e*i
MtmhRll Hnnltnry M��n p*��f'�����,
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers.    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS   f   ..m(,.,    Cf.__.~t_...
and dealers in JLttttiDe*t oiungieSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work nnd Brackets. Mail Orders promptly BtMmW ��
                VBR.NON STRBBT  -  -   -   KKL80N, B. C.
Launch and Boat
We always carry In stock and will be pleased to supply P"
wants In
S-Jlltl-I   IIH
Mlsss-st Taints,
Ks-rry IHim.1 Hosts Varnlali
Kit:., etc.
Allsmsv 'tresssss'
Ars.lst- ftilillrsssc
(IM En-flpe Oil ois'
V-U.-UIIH1 Murine ����W.>
(In ones unlloli out*'
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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